Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 6, 1856, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 6, 1856 Page 6
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL iOlkV HilRKRV. Tuesday, Feb. 5 ? 6 P. M. The stock market wa- very buoyant this morning. At the first bo . u I here weie large transactions, ge nerally at better rices. Erie bonds, 1875, declined 4 per cent; Nicui gua Transit, Cumberland, 4 New Yoik Central ' 'b advanced J per cent; Penn sylv&nia Coal, 4; Ntw York Central Railroad, 4; i Heading Railroad, j; Hudson River Railroad, J; Mi chigan Central Railroad, 4; Michigan Southern Rail- i road, 4; Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati Hail- | road, i; Galena and Chicago, 4; Cleveland and To. ledo, 1$; Chicago and Rock Island, 2. Illinois Cen tral bond* were in demand, and firm at our quota tions. Erie was steady, with a limited movement. The de? line In Nicaragua Transit created Borne ex citement to-day. It opened at '22 . . and closed at 214 per oent. The sales sum up more than two thousand share*. There is evidently an important meaning in this si dden decline. We have expected for some days that lower prices would rule, and have no doubt a further depreciation will be realized, but it will only be preliminary to a rapid advance. There are parties inter -sted in this stork who cannot, or rather who will not, permit it to run down to any thing like previous poiuts. Michigan Southern was in active demand to-day, but the sale* were not large. It opened at'JlV, sold as high a-* $'1\, and closed at V4 per cent. The impression has now be come pretty general that there is some movement in this stock. It evidently is not in any way con nected with the street any further than ia the making of pure-buses. It is an outside affair entire ly, and so far as we ciu learn, emanates from parties intimately acquainted with the history and future resources of the read. The movement commenced with the completion of the contract for ooustructing the Detroit connection, and the importance of that extension to the main line lias attiacted a class of purchasers entirely new to Wall street Before this matter was consummated, before the Detroit con nection wae secured, the Michigan Southern Rail road was a substantial ten jer cent investment; but now that it will soon have a terminus that will com mand the bulk of the travel via the Suspensi n Bridge, it must become much more productive, and rank as one of tne most complete lines in the Western country. A careful examination of the whole map is sufficient to convince any one, of the gieat superiority of the Michigan So .thern route via the Northern or Southern shore to Lake Erie, over all ctheis. to and from the West. The fact that eve; y eO'orl wits made by the Michigan Central Company to prevent the Michigan Southern from forming the Detroit connection, is sufficient to show how mi:ch importance they atta lied to it. For a time these efforts were successful; but the pawago of a general railroad law by the Legislature of Michigan gave the Southern road the privilege, which special legislation had so long deprived it of. Reading was acthe this morning, at better prices. It is a good investment at prices 10 and 15 per cent above thete now current; but if a man buys it on speculation he may I se by the operation. A prominent bear purchased largely of Cleveland and Toledo this morning, at prices higher than have ruled for some weeks. There was a marked im provemen t to-day in Chicago and Rock Island. Alter the adjournment of the board the following sales of stocks and bonds were made at auction, by Simeon Draper; ? $10,100 Ohio & Miss. RR , E. Mr., 1st M. .lot. add. 60 ?2,t00 do. do 2d do 86 6,000 L Er ie Wab. k St. Loul* RK, 1st M. do 64 6,000 Chic. & Miss. KK , Iu:ome<, 10s do 38 S Pacific Mail Steamship Co f>2)( At the second board the market was a shade or two lower. Reading fell off 4 per cent; Michigan Southern, I; Cleveland and Toledo, |. After the board higher prices ruled. The amoant of business transacted this afternoon was limited. The steamship Africa, from this port for Liver pool to-morrow (Wednesday), will take out about $200,000 in specie. 0*ing to a change lately made in the Board of LI rectors of the Ohio and Indiana Railroad Company, some delay occurred in making arrangements for the prompt payment of the interest due 1st instant on the first mortgage bonus of the company. The interest is now in course of payment by the financial agvate of this company, Messrs. Winslow, Lanier & Co. Tbe following table, showing the amount of capi tal, ntmbcr of shares, par value, when semi-annual divi lends are paid, amount of last dividend, and latest quotation of the stocks, of the various fire in surance companies of the city, is taken from the February number of the United States Insurance Gazette and Magazine: ? New Yoek Fir* Insituscb Stocks roa Fkbbcart. O iv''li 'Hv'dt Latest \arrvt Capital. A'A'j. Par. payolAe p e. pric. All.* $ J(l OOi) 4.000 $M) Jau k July 8 104 a 105 Aiciic .3(0 < 00 5,000 60 .Inn A July 5 ?8 a 100 Art* 160, WO 6 000 25 Fe > A A <g 5 90 a 90 AtUbtk 1;0 000 3,000 50 Mar ft ^pt 6 108 a 110 Hwkmu ... VOO.OOO 8,(<00 2f> JulyA Aug 7 90 s 91 B?>wi-ry 80Q CfO 12 000 26 .IucpA Dee 10 190 a 193 Broadway ....'.00 000 8 oco 26 Feb A Aug 6 102 a 101 Brmkljo 10 ,000 6,000 17 Fej A Aug 0 90 a 95 CI Meet'*' 1?0 Oi'O 7 500 20 J :n- k i>?: 10 1H7 a 168 a>7 210 OOo 3.1)00 70 h k A'isr 21 136 a 146 Clint* n '.60 000 2 f>< 0 10" Jin July li) 95 ? 100 CntmnbiH . . . . i'(,0 0< 0 4 0' 0 50 J? 5 98 a loO ( ' 'AO I 00 4 000 f>0 Jutt- k l>?e 8 105 a 106 Co?n'Bwei?J'h.2Wi 0< 0 2, COO 9o llay S<rr 6 96 a 100 Coaticenlol . . MN) <)00 ft ( 00 100 J*u A Jaly 5 100 a 101 Corn hxcb'ge 204,000 4 OoO ?0 -<*?p*. A Mar 6 1<J6 a 109 Eagle 300 ( 00 7 600 40 May k Nov 10 120 a 125 ?>-' T.tver . . . W,000 10,000 15 May ft r>*c 5 8^ a 81 Finnr.'Cttj ..2CO <K)0 2 000 100 J?a A July 7 101 a 105 Kii^l'ior 'AO < 00 4,000 !0 J.ti A July 10 98 ? loO Eut?rf, i . . . 150 0">0 6 000 It tv.i 4 Aug ? 60 a 62 Flrfcu..n ? 04,000 :,0 o 17 Apr "st 17 li4 a 136 Kulu.i l.OOoo i,0 0 25 aw A ?B(. 6 90 a 9< Giwuwt. n. ..2<>0,0o0 4,0<i0 26 FVb A A g 10 186 a 130 Gioeera' .... 'JOOUOO *000 W M?r k vpt 8 a 100 Hatriltnc ....(50,000 HHOO 15J..oAJaly? 52a 53 llai mooy . . . . ItO.'KiO .,0 0 6'> Jin ft July 10 95 a 98 lluxivr 160 Ooo <H0 f;ft J?n A July 10 100 a 10'J Hwe 600,000 6 .< 00 10.> J*. k July ? 96 a 96 Howard 2 60, MO 6. COO r.O M?y A Nov 15 Ilea 143 Jrrir* 200,100 8,60) 2 > Jan A July 6 100 a 102 JHTti?o> CO( (lOO fr,607 J O Ma A ? t 15 138 * 140 hoiclif b c'r WO 000 7 OOo 4H H-j i Nov li 116 a 1:5 lA'arg* ... .160 000 3,000 '?OJii A /a y 4 70a 76 If at 160, <?0 6,000 i.6 J.n A July 6 8r, a 88 I mil ?r-' '/<<? 000 8,000 26 Feo. A au%. h 106 a 108 Ixng IfUn ..'.i?C00 2,000 lOu Jao A imylO 1S8#'1W Maaba< ? *i>. . (<00 6 000 60 Jnoeft two 10 124 a 126 lw?,.b ATmV'.fO 0C0 8,000 2) Jan. A July 6 95 a 96 Mareas 1> . . . IXO 0< 0 4.000 60 Jan A July 6 90 a 9:, ltf f 0*1 0 ' 00 4.0?O 60 J?d. ft July 8 100 a 105 ketioiK.iiai. .:o?>,oro 3 0< 0 loo May ft ^'o*. 6 02 a 96 ?t*rki< '.00 000 2 < 0 . 1. 0 J?n. ft JolylO 08 a 100 ^ aim 11 l.'O'oO 8, 0) 50 Feo A Aug 12 90 a 02 National... .160(*0 4 OOo 3"; H May A Nor. 14 174 a 175 N Air?'tni1?ni.M,.C'Of> 8 < 00 2/. J?i>. A July 6 100 a 103 N. Y. FquuV.210 (>00 6 000 06 Jao. A Juiy? 180 a 137 N . Y V A Ha.2f O 000 2 0 0 100 Feb A Au< 10 160 a 152 Ktafa'* 'OO.UOO 4,000 6w ?>??. A Aug 10 106 a 108 N. An/erica -.WW ,"00 5,0<10 60 JjimA Ihw. 8 110 a 120 N<r h h va? .8# ?,(?<) 14 OiiO ?5 Apr ft f?ct. 8 136 a i:?j t a>Jflf, i<X OiO 8,0 0 25 *tay A Nov. 10 104 a 106 I ait 100, COO 8,0(0 100 Jan AJ>ly 6 90 a 95 l-eopfe'* 160 Of'O 8 Ooo fO ,!?n ft J ily 6 96 a 9rt In r Ou. t?r 110 KW 7,5C4> -0 .Ian A July 6 80 a 85 Ifeoix '.'00 0(0 4,000 SO Mar ft -W 8 100 a 10J K?pur>.<o If-OKiO 1,500 H? Jan. A July 3X^-2 a 94 Ku .(f*- 2n>,000 8 000 26 Jan ft Ju<y 6 90 a 91 KAlhf 160 000 3 000 50 Jan. ft July 0 10 ! a 103 Ht. Matt'*.. .160,009 6,000 26 F?b k Aug. 5 90 a 91 St. Mebola*. .160 MK> ?0M) 26 !?<">. A Aug. 0 fil a ?12 8toyTf*ant. , .200,000 8,000 26 Feb. A Aug 5 98 a 100 Ualtwt f*at?a.2?0 000 10 000 26 Jau. A JulylO 1)0 a 112 Wa*hiDgtrD.. 200,000 4 < 00 60 Jan ft JulylO 113 a 116 Wm'ab'g City. 160, 000 3, OoO 60 Jan. ft July 6 90 a 91 The Orange and Alexandria Railroad is now the only connecting link with Richmond, Virginia, and the Bouth. Tbe river rouio baa nut been open for the part two or thiee weeks. Tbe ice boat, being enable to continue her tripa, now lays frozen op at Washington perfectly oselew until warm weather ?hall open the river. Passengers going south of Washington had better not pay their fare beyond that point, as they will be obliged to change their route to the Orange, Alexandria and Virginia Cen tral Railroad, to reneb Richmond, the trains of which daily make tbe connection. It is fortu iato for the travelling pnblir, and also for the govern ment, thiM )ii e of improvement has been made, as the tn?n*p?itatb>n of tbe whole Southern mail is dependent npon this route. On its completion to t.jnclibuig, it will I e the great through road to the ^outh and Houtlvurt. following ati,u?ir,ent of the ssles of land* and r< i ;f tPt>. ",r Illinois ( entraJ Raiiroad Company, 1 ' r, i taken ^je r 'peart circular of De C ; ' Cb;? IlU-voib Cuvthai Railboad. The of the road la rvprwMted bj Couki uotkm Band*, r?dMui ?ble 18*0, mortgage on the ratd Acrtt. Valur. ai.a on donated Uudi 2,000,000 $17 000 000 KreeLunii Bond*. <*<ni*ble 1840, hoc on i^onatrd Und* 346,900 3 000 000 Tke lhteirftt Fund bu a special mortg?K??? 260,000 _ Total e*?ate 2,506 000 Capital ol 149,256 share*, 40 per ct. p^ld in. 2,586.120 t"o*t of tie road to da4* $22,586,120 ?Salet <tf Landt in 1866. In making their **ie* tti? company revive* In payment note* falling due yearly, fr. m I860 to 1801!, with ttro per c<*tt inieiet-t per annum. Salet* alter 186S carry three per cent itterwit. Salts of Construction Landt, Ori'.xnal Remain Acrn. ValvCn Un*<tUi. 60,010 $60, of which 7,388 mM at $40 00. 42,t>li ?60,0?0 i0, of whish 84,800 Hold at "0 00. 20ft 140 l,3?i0 100 8, of which 2.8, *62 told at 10 MA 072 7*?i 300.014) 5, ? 300 000 2,000.000 219 600 1,680,606 Suits nf It rr land Bond*. 346,000 $11 54,ol which 7B.770 208 2 imermt Fund Lan-it. 2(0.000 pi which i-old ai t- 60; 100,591 acre* pri. ?1 lifted to be 1 epurcaaf "t ?t '-hat price, wbich hold at $11 '.0, 16 Wi 13 ','>83 2 64.6,000, til which 528 8t l *11 2,086, U9 Jh'cCi 1 ft* WHO* 'lie irptnuvj of tioad. JflltM Jflfc'J Mivthi. fiV i;/.*. Chpttutl. J Month*. RtcnpU, Open#i. Jnuuary .. .. $57,088 4?1 .) ly $1 >0.0:10 627 l-HOicaiy... 69 8.4 f>i-?3 Augu*i 16S, 878 627 Mnrob 92 fl''3 600 S>etinHt...lW,910 6J7 113 414 6?H October 209, W 62f 121,434 660 Kuvetabw. . .176,379 ?U7 Juu?, 123,4-1 660 iiecfiujer.. .1u3, 71 627 Tot.l $5,352 118 Of which fn'tii ger? $'193 048; freight, ? :?0,9.J4; mictJUnfous, $208,130. The above is a c< ndcnrtJ statement of the annual detail* d report 01' the company published a few days since. It enables those interested aiid the public generally to eee at a glance tho laud operations of the company for the year and the productiveness of the road. The last (seventh) annual report of the Milwaukle and Miw-issippi Railroad Company is very volumin ous, and full of important information relative to the progress of that liue of internal improvement. The President, Mr. Catlin, has made a very elaborate and comprehensive ieview of the work and its pros pects; and to tho.-e not familiar with the .section of country through whirl) this road is constructed, or its local resources, it must be highly interesting. To the stockholder- ? ch a report is invaluable. It gives a tery satisfactory exhibit of the company's a/fairs, and is not over-sanguine regarding the future productiveness of the road. We have made lilerui extracts from the report, that tbose interested may have the facts and figures from an olficial source : ? Mjiwaukis ami ilissisctwi Hailhoad. The h ng'h of load. including Hide th-.Kh, to be built by tlie c ntractor?, la ab'Ut ?ce tuu'iiec miles, at ? c>nt id th? ci nipaoy of $2,Ul4 600, payable aa f How-: ? $1,230, 0l!0 m bond* ' f the c mpany, $260,000 iu mortgages or stockholfHTi* takm in pa> ment of strcek, $100, COO 1a c.inh, ann $434. 5C0 in the sick of the company? all being taken at par by the cutiacto *. ? ? ? * * Twe'ty-two huoU'id tons of rait* were deliver# I at Milwaukie iu the mi Lta of Oct >ber last, aod seven thou chtifl, tight hunilrvd tons, weighing filtv-tight p?5und^ to Uie liufol yHni, mfficieut to iren tbe io&u to frairie da Cljieo as well an the chairt and spikai, have b?en par chai-f<i end wul fee delivertrd at Milwaukit* upon the open ii g of navigation. From the report of the r'ejretary, it will be seen that the total hmouut of stuck paid ia, to tae 31et Decern >er lax , u $l,82i'>,4?? 61. and that <h" fnn'ed debt of the cooij au) at the same time is $2,4S>O.OCO, as follows: ? 974 000, 10 per cent ooo(?s, psyabie 1961 62e,000, 8 " " " 1862 660 000, 8 " " " 18U3 600,000, 7 " " construction 1859 160,000. 8 " " sinking fund 1877 $2,400,000 Ail ot tbefe, except the $600,000 construction bonds, are secured by aor sage upon the road. &c., and ot these the company hare now cn hand $ ,8,500, and $12, 000 h%TtJ been converted into tie ato.-k of the comoany. The total amount ot expenditure-, including the Janes ?iiie brunch for all purposes whatever, to the 31st De cember last. is $3,678,767 80, ot whi h $636,242 80 have been expended upon the line beyond Madison, and $20,. 319 12 in the purchase of the right of way from Janei ro le to Monioe. and of depot grounds at those places. 1 he estimated coot to complete the mala line to I' alrie dn Chien, and the line of the Southern Wis consin read, to Monroe, according to the contract* let, is $2,179,258 And -he resources are as follows:? Uncollected stock subscription*, including amount unpaid on 2 828 shares of stock held by the company $822,401 Farm mortgage* unao d 401,300 Construction oonds 38,600 Stock charged to contractors for which the con>| any hold securities 200,000 Gash on hand, pioceeda of bonds ao.d on account of contractors 256,106 Finking fund 8 per cent bond* 600.000 Milwaukee city oonds 300,000 Ac d ties paid <? r and rtght of way pur clwed beyond Man ison, to be refunded by contractors 36,000 Add first mortgage bonds, which may be issued on line (f Southern Wisconsin read, between .laue->ville anc Monroe, at the rate of $10,l0o per mile 350 000 ? 3,002,436 Total expenditure tc 31st December last en main line and Southern Wisconsin road, including the eight mi es now operated trom Milton to Jsnesville $3,578,757 Amount leqtiirtd to complete main Line to 1 rairie ou Chien ana S. W. K. to Monroe 2,179,258 Total $5 768,016 Additional equipments contracted tor, in anti cipation of the completion of tue r./ad 241,985 Total cost of road $6 000,000 Length of train liat 195 mi es. " of line southwest to Monioe 43 " '? of side tracks 30 " Total 268 mile*. Art rage cost of road, including sUe tracts, equi j:nem, dnp'.t g: oun * and bu king.", an..' all other expenditures, $2^,400 ]?r mile. We tave eslinate I the gr^ss saming* of the main line, the (iff t year afer it t-ha'l hare reach* d Prairie du Chi?n, at $1,600 CC0; and though we are warranted la esttmit ing the eat nil g< of the Southern Wisconsin road for the flist >ear af er l'-s completion to Monro* , at not less than $.00 COO. yet to provide against ail contingencies, we will consider 'he first sum as the total earning* of bo h lines. Es imating the operating expenses at 50 .. cent? about ter per ceut above the ai'.u&l cost thus 'tr ? it will leave for net earnings $",50,000, equal to 12S per cent upon the a hole cost of the road ol six millions tf dollars. This per cents go Is upon the supoositlrn that all the funded deb* of the company is convo.-ted into stock, and that the entire cost of the road is tepiesented sy stock. But s( this will pr ibabiy not be the ca*e, and as a lar/e port'on of the cost of the r: ad wi 1 be represented by t>or ds bearing an Interest of eight > er oent, the dividend -will be increased in a cnrre-pondlug rati ?. The gro?s esrnl'gs lor tbe year ending 31st December, 1866. were $*91,843 94, being an Increase of $234 979 16 on the raisings of the prt-vious year, although no aidi ti.*> *1 line of road wai operated. The opera ing ixp>n-es for th? same time, as will ap pear in detail in the Superintendent's report, ware $273,707 06, or forty per cent of the gross earnings, leav ing <417 443 73 for net earning*. the gross earnings for the previous year were $466,864 78. and the net earnings $ )07, 662 41. On the 30th of June last, the diiectors dsc'arcd a oath dividend of five per eenl, from 'ho earning i of the six previous months, ard on the 9th lust, a further dividend of fire per cent, payable in cash, and seven per cant in stock, making a total of seventeen per cent for the year endir g 31 -t 1 ecemher last. Net eainirgs for the yea' $417,443 I?es interest on funded debt $166,676 " July flhld?nd 42 M7 1 January OivVetd, fl?e ner cent, cash. 47,791 " " " itrwn " st,ck, $60,000 of which represents the sum da posited to ciec U ot -lnling fund. M, !HW 313,922 Purplns for the year , $10>,52l> To -ohich add surplus set aps't ibe pr^rt >ia year of. f 4,013 Mskirg a snrpiu? fund atthl^tlreof .,..$167,654 Whtch has this da? been set a, art and appropriated by the direc ors to the ie'a)ing tbe tra- lr as -nay b? equired, to meet ci nuiigenclrs and the paymeat o! the construe tl n bonds paya'>le in 1869. *??*?#*? In the last annual report tb* earnings tor the year junt closed were estlrca'td at an Inere.. of 26 p?r cent or $i14,S1B 19 overth^seof the precs<1iog jev, wher?a? tbe actual it ci ease has been $i'it,97'J 16? or 51 per Cont! Modi Kichsnga, Tt WIUT. Fftb. 5, ISM $1CC0 Tent's 90.... 96 "M) shs Krie HK. ... 1,3 IftO Virginia f's. . . P6 3'K) do b60 61 SOOO (ibJo ?'? '60. . . 10">i 100 do s60 63 U UlO do 103 !i0 do s30 6.5 . fOOO Missouri 6 >.. 86 % 200 do...,,..a3 h'.u 10<0 N York 6's '62 101 100 do *60 f 01)0 Har 1st M? bd? 81 100 do slO Mu 40t 0 do . , bfO 81V 100 ffarlcm RK..b80 18 lfttOKriebs. '75.fc80 88 400 do 17'? fi< 0 d 87 DO do b'iO 17 % Hi 00 d" 87>^ 66 fTarlen 1'rel.,., 39 1000 Hnd K '.d Mtg b 100 I, Isiand Kit. . bBO lOtON li.d bd* 18r3. 7!>^ '.00 do sl? ttpt OOOIilCen RRbs?8 8 ? yt KiO do.... b60 .3 10000 f*o ,3 8." % 100 do 1,1m 83 U !)??/? do ?.?:?< 20 NH h Hartf'd... 1 8 f000 Co c 8!!^ IfO Heading RR. . . h3 87 U r?0 do....- t'O 8rt 232 do s3 87^ fCOO do ,,.f:.0 8!l?.4' ho do b!6 88 l(?/0 ftl free'd h w o 87 340 do c 9734 7<0 N York Ten 6's 86^ 200 do.....bflO 88W ir<0 ef.^ 9:: , 4000 do 80* 100 1600 N York Cm ?'? 101 ?W 10M) N v Gen Bob ba 81 700 lOCO T H ft A1 2d M b 76 300 10 klu. Iter K* Rank. 10.', 100 do b30 88 do. >30 87 \ do 87V do b80 88 do ?:io 8** 12 Bank of N Atuer. 102* 600 Bndaon R KU.M0 31 10 Hamper Bat k . . . 9 > * ?* 6 ( oi n tx Bk enf 1CW? >4 100 50 Oomii Bank tH) 160 1p k HudCa Co Ki 121 200 ( biiiqi.e CI (J.H3. 26 100 Mc TrmsHt Co b3 2v* 100 160 do 22 1166 ICO do b?0 2?* ?00 1(0 do blO 22 6-6 100 do b3 21 * 60 f,60 dc ?8 21 X KW 3C0 to blO 21* 160 700 do 110 21 * 600 do blO 21 * Jji 0 1'enn t'oai Go . . . . 101 * do ?1 do ;$0* 26 Mlcb 0<w KK. . .. #0* SI do MM ?() Mloh3fc VlaKR.aS 91* d>> 92 * do 92* do biO 92* <!0 *3 92* do b'>0 92 * d) h3 02 d > *3 92 106 lUuaro* RR 100* 16 Clara. 0 ft Cto . . . ttu* 30 (?'& ltu? ft Cuie H:i lO.t* SCO do boO 101* lio do HO 4<0 Cum Coal Co.. .(8 2i\ lcO CterftTo'e Rit.,3 74* 410 do ?t0 100 .'(0 do ?3 23* 100 l>0C*nUn Co.. . .?-3 2 1\ 200 100 do bM> 23 10 1167 N Y On RK.i ]<k i?0 101* )tu hrto Ralln ad. ,r3 63 * 1H20 ECO iO do f3 &??* dj ?10 63* '.6 SEOONI* BO A HI). 6 Mui Coti'lo'l B'nk U& 3< 0 Fit t k icy Jt b;0 do *3 74?^ do *30 74* do htSO T6 do b;ii? 75 dJ blO 76 do 1 >0 Ciii&Rosk I KB k3 89 do. 89* x bo Nic Iihc . b 10 21 ' 1(0 I ;oo , ICO to 1 f.o l?>0 S00 tli- M S ft \'I RR 91* bO Panama Kmltoid ll)ri j tO do 10"-, .blO 21Ji 2' 0 Clave ft f ,1 KR.. U*4 21 * S00 ao 74 * lOOCdntm (V> !00 Erie -tailroad .. 6 ? s 21 '?? to b: 0 blO H<\ do 21 * do MO 21 * 60 Chic ft R 1 RR.bS 8u lOOOimOoiiCo..?M 28* 160 Jte?oiv^ Km ilru*d P?>4 100 do ..... .b3 8" \ 200 00 bOO 87* 6u0 do boO 87* 200 do bfO 61* HO d) Hi 63* "00 do sfl'J 63"^ 60 do 6 * 1.0 d > :tU< Ui* 100 do 63 t'i'x 200mCntr?.IRR ... 0; hGtlftOWasgoRR 110 CINCINNATI STOCK SaLKS JJy Jltwicn and I Mi r,?t. Jjr the Week Ui.dxti) January 30, I80O. BO- 1)1. $',OCO T.I t Ml% Bit Co, 6 doi ot bil*. du?lR83, ^r<d int. 79 3 OCOOhio 4 Ml* RRCo, 7 |?e ct-nt 2d uiortj: v>?jds.. 46 1 f(0 Innl ft ( it. KK Co, 7 per rent.. dt? t>-n<1s 70 7 (CO Cuv k 1 ?x I5h Co, 7 per 01., 2d mt* bda, ?0'; int 04* 2 000 d'>. c 0. do. do . . . 06 1,P(.0 Co) k X n'ni RRTo, civide-d b ur1- WO 1,196 l i tie Mtatnl RR Co, o?vi(i?ud ho.-' p. ol 1 88 (Co le Mi mil lil! Co. d'vi eDO ne# HO 700 Col, I'lq ft Ind 1 R Oo, 7 ore, doj> bB da?1858. 14 crrocho. 304 ?hs Ohio ft MI?h RR ?nd iut. 7* SCO do. co ....nudiut. 8 2i 0 do. do and int. 8* 111 do. Int. 9 JOO do. do Midiat. 9* ?15 do. do and iut. 10 S3 C< luinMii ft Xcria 83 I0?' l.ittV Mlau.-t 90 17 CoTisg(<-<> ft Ltxlcigtuu a*dini. 19* 24 do. do ftodin;. 19* 23 do. do and iut. "20 fO Indi?n?pol(? ft Cincinnati ItR. . . 60 1(0 Mad Hirer ft Like Kiic 2 1 4fi Ut?le Miami 90 '*5 ObioCectial 20 2C0 I >jtxi & Michigan 4* 100 C'liio k Miai-iat-ii pi audint. 0 108 do. do ....and iut. 6* CITY COUMERCIAL REPORT. TtJl&DAY Fp o. 6 -0 P. M. Asum ? i-'ina 1 sal?s wore rr.a e, of pot-1, hi $0 75 a $0 8", snd peis'l- at .$7 75. Beeadmi vk8. ? Flour ? The market was again eisier, ?nd cl< eorl at. a decline. Tee trao-ias'iou.i embraced about 3,000 a 4 000 fibls., in luded in which wer>? c mm on u> ext a brards cf Sta'?. at >7 60 a $ 7 7ft; West ein mix<v', fancy aim extra bands. a' $7 60 a <8 75; Canadian whs inactive, with sales of about 300 a 400 t>bls.. at $8 a $10; !?oatbe;n brands were in f?ir cie rr nbd, with r*!ea ot about 900 a 1,000 b>U., at $8 50 a 18 76 for cmmoii to clioioe. a' d $8 87% a $10 26 for fancy and extra. Rjeliour and meil vera unchanged. Wheat ? The market wax inactive; pi to1) lots were t e.d at full prices, without transactions of munent; prims white Missouri wan held at $ 2 15, which was above the views oi tujern; red fenoessue wiih at $1 90, and 1 000 bm-Lelsgoid Western lei sold a: $1 00. Corn ? The sales en/braced awut 16 000 "mane's, included ia whica wsre 7.000 bushels Southern white and 3,700 bushels good mixed <?o. at 86a. ; Jersey yell >w at 79c. a 80c.; 10 600 bushels of old Western mixed, being chiefly locked up in store, ar.d its deliver' prevented by ice, the sales for immediate delivery were limited and prises nominal. A rale of 10,000 Bushels of Western mixed was made, deliverable io all the mouth of March, at 80o. Rye was quiet; sales of 1,000 bushels were made in part at $1 25, from the railroad depots. Oats were dull and freely oileied at 41c. a 44c. for Jersey, 44c. a 48c. for State sod 49c. a 50o. for Western. Conn. ? About 800 hags Rio were sold at ll>?c. a ll?c., 100 mtts Java at 14j^c.f and small Biles Bahia were made at 10c. Cotton.? The sales included about 3,500 bales, the mar ket slosirg firm at about 10c. for middling uplands, and lOifC- * 10J?c. for New Orleans do Freights ? The Ice sti'l iuter feres., with grain engage ments. To li?e-pool? About 1 6W> bbls, Hoar were rn rsgea at 2h. a 2* bd 60 ) a ( 00 bales square cot'ou at 3-16d . while some xtfbuU demanded 7 -SZd. . an<* 108 bales Pea Island were tske'i at J^d ;.0'i tierces lard were takea , at ?&*., and '. ftO.packageb bar on at ?5a. Tu J?ad< a? 300 tierces lard were eng?ge<l it 40n. per ton. To dune? 400 bales of co'tec weie -rg?g4d it ',c ; flmrwa^t | 7fc., grain at 16c a 17c., are a. he -HQ To Bieinea? 15!) bales of cotton were *ng?g?d at le , 250 tlerses itee at 37s. 6d., 40 tons measuietreiit g'>ods at 35s, and 30 tierces honey at p. t. To California? Rates averaged ?bout 30c. per foot measurement Hat.? Ihe rrarkst was flrra . at 11?<j. per TOO lbs. Moi-AFMR ? Sales ut 200 bbls. Ne ? Or ea^s were mvlo I at 4Sc. a 44o. a 4tSc. The lat er figure for prime quality and 100 bbls. of lezas w-re tol l at p. t. Naval Fronts were quiet, aiid without change of rao inect In prices. { PKOvisioHB.--Pork? The market wai heavy mi! lows-; i the tales em s raced ab>ut 1.100 a 1, 00 bMs , including mess a'. $15 75 a $16 87>tf, *nd ,rii ?? at S>14. Iletf w*t 1 1 active and sales light. beiLg c-nfin-d to ab tut V50 fcbls, Including ciun'ry prime, a* $(? a $9 76, and coun ry tress st $10 a $10 25; repnckel Westarn was at $11 a $14 50; prime mess was at ?19 J5. Reef ham-,? 600 'i? row soli at. $11 25 a $14 50, and 50 do. at $15, whleu was en 1 outskie prioe. Bacon was steady at 9>40. a iO^o Cut men s were in fair demand, with sales oi 400 a 500 packegee, Inducing shoulders, at 7^c. a7>4c., and h?ms a' 8>,c. ? 10><t. ; 10,000 lbs. dry salted shoulders were fold, 'or export, at 7>^c. cash. Lard was heavy; sales 340 blls. were made, strictly prime, at 10\o. Butter wsh steady, at 18:. a 23o. for Ohio, and at 24c. a 28c. tor Sta'e. He.?l EfT/T*.? Hnmeand lot on 23d street, 124,100; on 3(ith si reet and 8th avenue, 25x98:9, $3,600; adjoining, do , $.3,lC0. In B,-<>C'kly& house and lot on I'acifle street, 12 l-et, $4,400; s>'jolnii>g. do., $4,460: house and lot N^. M0 Wa'er stieet, extendirg Iwck to Cherry street, 25x126, $15,0t0; 8? in ^6>h street, 20x't9, $10,750, 113 duilivau street., 25.\lo0, $11 5< 0 . four lyts corner 7th avenue and 2*d street, sold together, $14,:-.60; leasehold property in Varick strtet, near Clarkson, $3 060; one lot on 7th av .. nee, near 54th street, 26x1(0, $1,6J0; house and Ijt No. 28 Htt street, 21x1(0, $4 250. Rice was quiet, and without ohang in p-^oe1". ftlCB.? Hve cases No. 1 nuini<-gs ? r<j sc.U) a'. ?nd 10 cases at 95c ; and 5C0 hales cloves at p. t., ann 275 b?es p<meuto at p. t. >C(.Ahfl were quiet; ssles 50 hhds. New O-leani we-e iraee at 8c. a 8>tC . and 287 do. mu-cavalo at private terms, sdppcsed to have been at about SJfc., for rofiotng ToiU< ( o is in tair request, bo' transactions oitiCned, on scti unt o< the ?e^ere ;old. Tte sales included 42 hbds. KeDtueky a: ll)ic. a lJc ; 29.; able. If <vana, 22c. a 27c.: 80 cr- t uba, at p. t ; 180 r?sei. se?<) leaf, 10^. a l'2J^c. ; 8.) do H< it 'a. -tc. a S^c ; 114 croons South Amer^an, for exp' i, a', p t. tV'HBarn-, ? ^?]?s of abon ', 400 bMs of Ohio *n l Prison weto n id' ?t cz>ic. a 04c., with mx* 1 a'. 34)?c. Foreign Markets. Mata>7.ap, Jan. 27. ? Freight* are extremely dull, and or fara- r is full of vessels, laying here on demiri(.ge, Io-- wi loli iJwrte rers r* n't tin] employment. Ruling r?'ei ate viz : to United ates, 75c. per box, $4 perhbd. sugis, anil $1 X per 110 gall ms molMsea; Europe, ?3 15s. a f t. (Scarce y hny produce has c -me into the mbiket, as vol end owlt-g to the late heivy rain-i it will be loog Iwfir* we bnve ary'hing like a slosh. All Import articles are veiy (foil. AWBTBElgMli imfP HUT Bit BALKS AT AUCTIOW. AI.BK.RT H. NICOI.AY. AUCTJOWRBK.? AB30LUTK Bale of ttHeen gears' lease ot the building No. 21 Wail st. cotoir ot Bn sd ALHRhT H. NICOI.AY wtlTsell on Wednee Any, Februar* ML ltflfi, at 12 o'clock, at (he Mrrcli mt*' R* cbsrae, Hew Tork Wall and Hroad hu ?The 16 jears' une plred lease from May, IhM. of the Migiole piewlsee known . i No 21 Wa'l street. r0rner ot Itmail. Condi ions o' lease are n i folio* Tearl- rent Tor 'be Hn-t five years, $Z,H6<), ptvab c ijusrteil/, and Cro'on water (ax; alter May 1, 1881, men a rent of $V* peratnnm and wsiei tax, and Um lessee to ken -> (he bui*'' rg in g od repair. The property aow rents fo V.OOO per annnm. and co u d ea?lly be made to brtng VI.OOO lor an Inves'mert no'blnK con d be offe?ed which pas so great a pre.fll as (his lease. Thus an opportunity l<i p e^.n'e.' ? eVcm (o be met with, an i should be e ot rared Dy tho< seek I | rgastfs profitable and permanent lnve<tment. Kirstc'4? eh) bonds and mortgagee will be take i for one hulf the p r base mnrt'. For full ptrtloutnrs apply to A I. i.'.n, r ll M('(JliAY, auctkmeer, No. 4 Bread si. AT AUtmOH.-AMHog V J. HI.KfCK KB A 00. wTu, sell at nubile anctlou on Wednesday February 6 at li o'cloelf. a: the Mercbsnts' Kirhenge, the following valuable iroperty vjz:-?id Forty lirst street? Thrrg (bur atory first c!a*s leremcnt bouse*, sRuated on the north side of Forty fir st street cooUMneUg 26A fset eest o( i bird avenue. The h> uses are es^h IB leet h In hes be 4ti fee' In demh flriNb"d la >.ood stjle 1 be lot* a e each IB 8x72 to !isf,et <i irxbes in dep'h For maps, terms and further particulars, apply at i tbe office o. the auc'lor ears, ho. 7 Broad street. | a N1HONY J. BMKCKKR Al f *T ION ?K.? V A LU A BT.E J\ pioparti on Fast Twenty e'ebth stree' ? Antbonv J. It eerker will sell, at auction, tols day, Ket.rnary ti, IR'^s, "?t j j o'r.ock, at the MercbanU' sxchar re. tno tb-e? lour storv ?et i met t home* known a* Aioe. 113, 116 and il f east Tvnnty elgh b sUeet, on the north side belnjr 118 teet east of Tliinl hv tue. I he lots gre each i"/ feet ot Urt feet g mehel; aeipth of I I ( iv es, 60 feet Terms oi ?*le srid m*ps of the property aan ? hp hsd by applying to K. II (TPl.ll'P, 119 Nassnu street, or at ihe ' Dice of the auotkmeer, N t 7 .' road street, A LUDLOW, AOmOHRBh-dHrfRlFF'S HAI,^ ? Coat rsnai boats, hor*e?, .. - this day F,*n, c, st II A. M iwo canal boats, st 111 'o it of Kln? stri-x' - Ml rrinr.eitlatrly nfer. at 613 Oreerc slt -et, 7 horses and 'srtsardtbe rcntentsot the 'erd l;? ,irsa. Ac ,ind a?t tlie "Mentsol 'be cralyard and ftx ure-, \ 'iryo vve,t Foetv hth street ?IOHN Wll^HiV, Keputy Hhi-ritr," . ( ( HON NOTfCW -hrHPF.IX t. (.AY, Atf'IIONRKRfl /V itnrev-i5 N??soo street, (Iwo door i frr, n Fiilfm street 5 I I if it ?ve lo acquaint the public hat *e will commerce o ir ? auction sales rf fnrnl'nre, planofo'(es Ar , or. Tb'irs d>. I ebma>y 14 and conth M the Mas, ev?rv Tuesdav and I ' '' av. dtirlr* ihe *pr1rp. H>crin's mo'lnsve a?d m ''i re '?! v. |,?r ies de? llnlri? Inni-ek' eprnu anCothisr soles ?? reiver, er re.wnaJ altj.illon A/I *?ir? mi'te by onr w; r' ptiUi ij| tett'fld, iaijm at Atvrooar. AUCTION NOTIOR -TBOMaH BKU. AUCTIONEER. b j VflX A BUfeH, this day . at UHi o?clook. to the mm MAitnit 12 North William (treat, variety win of furri 'tiro bed aieada. bureaus, beds, bedding, M>fa bed*. Ao lot of e< od clotblig, drv pMnl*, htaUTy fan "V ar lo'es, wale i<w, jewe ry; ladle-' amichi'dri-n't. fati?rs.rubi>era shoes awl b>j'a; it otol urooejies, teas, liquors, Ac ihuraday, sale of i iegaul furntuie AUCTION NOT ICR ? J. BOO ART, AUOtIONr.BR.-BY a 8. lit gait, .hi* day H IU)<u'coci, at the auotl >u rooms, oon er of I rat.kto. t ai d Wii laoi ?ueets o >ns abV? sa e, con fU-ili K of 1st Hock a d fixture i of a groier* and liquor alore, tUuid C'U-m bar rom tef, fiiti:rfn, lamp, actlei. wotrfhu, b'and.sgln sugars, bar puutp. relttrerator, Krooerie-i .to lsAAC JuNKo. Uuosta'jle. BOTH N NOTICE. ?J. TO J ?RT, AUOt lONtthB- IIY

'* J. io.;ir uila day, at 10, V, o'i look, at ihe a>i'?t on room*, tt-ri ?* ol r . ai kii rt > d Wlhiam ?t iron, b y drills of sever*! Uocttlnw, ln.u-elu>ld furniture, tables rlnlrs be.1si?eu, cl< set* l<i >kii g glastea <ai yeia, fftather Mda. vanes. bu-eaua, c'wi, iiBjcu dtcka, uoa (-ale waigb, wsgim Ao. MU!H\KL U'>ODY, Constable. AIao, by Virtue of an exeoution, one g'aa? case, stive ?u. R. it MaHSHjiIL, L'OuM't'j is J> 'ao, on arcouct of former purchaser, one ohet' o trp unr'i \c*> k, t?o chairs. iotaLotela, Ac Also, to pay exptmaea, jue txtmk clothing ASMOII.'r. SALE ? TBiE ENTIRE STOCK OF KOURN inn g?oi1i in tlit* Mure U' 1 Broadway, for aale for cub. A pply io li. I-. ijUI'.A.i, Assignee, 60 aud tU Uiutiubem ?lr et By EPWARD 8UHKNCK, AUOTTONRKR.-JtDWAR "> t-CHEM K will f-e'l atauotina. huh day, at 11 o'cloit, at Lla tali s rot ai. Hi Wall at., antnvolMot diamiaoa. witcba.i a?u jirv. tir> , constating lupin o iiiaiiiOnd iiraoe,e'.s,earitngs, stuus cnwri p im ?!.ti r itrfs, t{< ? J ??(? bea to buutljg and u ?n cases, 1 no 1> >t tutors; alsnataiije in ii,*nlli--?iit a. bOi tuieul ct fei-biotable jewelry. Male poriuve, lur oaah. -.1JJ UM) bnttoLf DIi, AUCTION* Kit. NO. 29H HliOADlVAV. ? t Bertiiage Kft.i- o< hiM ft' HttrteplUR tuaa ou M wd.t?. I it' 18, at II A. H . I.i Ktgbtte tb au-eM, bet wet. Merenti anil l'.ljLib aveunea, Ccu>i?tit|{ ol 11 paii-a wlie?>, Jo o<ri\ 'It IL>acblix> oarta 1'. nwiftin ; uiacbu c? . Udlr^carut .H wa'ei-o rla, tart boxea, 14 cart box (MVfra, ;\i ?n?ttri barue'H, '.lliirw Coilat it h I. ' or kl.nveU ?, it fonts 4 br nit*, 4 i air litmiM, a'id h lot at b ht kmil ti totd* ci r-iM,rg of ai'Vila bellowa, iwln ?nd oiea, vli t.B ui.d bei chfic dtUlmg mactaiat-a, porlab'e forge, atid a large qtiauuty ol old it on. El'? KMC B. PRANKUN, hUOTJOIIRKR.? TO Us h')Ll> liy ffiaNKLlti .V mi HOi.n at their mnrn i9 f a -jta itiee'. ci. Kridny, February b at lt)J? o'cbw-k, one <dd j cbrono av'tr, for ibc eelateof c<? rad Joio>-n. de^nttfed A, SMll'il, AdmtnU'rator. pi K AaKON. /CCTIONEKR, WIJLJ, StfLL, THI9 D VT, JCj. at It 'a o'clock ai 157 i'dmoiu su-eei, a Hi/leodi-l a:i.<tir; n mi ct lad iet>' ano ttrnlk men's line sold watch -a. of the m >-t i-eJtL'ia.'eit tunltdrb; alM), neb ilamond tu>d goid jewe'ry. Al! the watchca art wariiuiittl Itr Untnand quiiity. Hale w.lhou'. reserve. U RKDI<B1CK J. WOLBKRT, AUCTION K KB BY K. O. r Wt I.Jtliii r A BBOTUKIt Ktun f3 i tnltr ?trwt, netr Bmadwkj, ? auction i.oii'.'t? Innluoed lo aa a tbU d.y, oota nu nciriK a> 1U o'ciook. will be touud aueniual a-a^rtment of t fMr.Oilt ?pu< g staple and tancy dry oonaistlMj o' em brotderlea, rlbtioiia t-ilJtr- Kitui'lt gni<,lia7>?, iln?u h tudker chicis, lac?~, rtik trltumlngo, dc ; plated ware, C^uiprictng eix, 'nhle i tort tea Fpoout>, tor K - , .tc ; a!*o, por e'nfiiiit.e. lAti Bei- nung'a t e?dlea. fancy tlruei nutlona, pearl shirt s thin ' oMiuix, 4c. ; alio, bUauce of utock of a retailor, now lobe -oM u' cotmieucemout of sA^e. tiiuupiea and otta loguet reidv George cook, auctioneer.? pkrk?ptory8al? ot nev. Htiu t-li uatit furnttiue. on lhui<-dav, February 7, t.t 10H o'clotk, nt IU0 liioau'-ay, oppon.te Trimly ohurch, o m bittli'g of parlor, tnanKr ana dlntng mo.n fcUitai ?ia i nof*-i, cbaua VHrdrol e?, bor k atea, dm-ks. oeutre brd/teadu, t Ultr aua, Va Lhtubds, Ac. JOTl. L V NDKWATEH, ACCTIONEKR, WliX 8ELL, ibin dity. (W'eflneBflaj ,) 'eb. 6, at lu>i o'emck, al ihe aalaa room 12 Ivi^Klei ibim, Hi b mamo >d j?nve;r) , coi>tJ(ting ot c u< t?r Mini Hii.dle etonf- Olnnu nd bit ocbes, puns.floiit-r rings, atuds, do., nil >et in 'lie late.-t mj :???. ?ia>, a ilno ot l" c. r*. ^o d.! -ne vai( ht?. paten l^vtrs dupicx cbrnEometors, <vc , wit.i in <ve Uiei ib ot u i li - si quality niaiti* by the jiiwt oeiebraL d in ik?r- . A to 18 c?iat gold nut, lob and guard ch?tn?; tl'io. a hue 18 carat g"ld jt-we ry lava aatl cameo briwobes, Uuter rlugr, muds, aiewe buttcna. Ac , 6c MPOUOH'I Y, AUCTIONEER -AS3(aNEE'S Stl.R OF ? ti e Block ol a ti-w uti?i ftend hantl furniture da >1 -,i~on 'ibiftray. a' 10>i o'c ock at V7 Of.ntre Btreri : i?cutj rose wood a?tl ltial.o) ?'i> oiat ti'e top centre tables, twenty do^e i nitht-fkHtiy spm.g M>at cliafa, oak and walnut exteu Jon and diiiioji talj.e , bookrarea, ddelnHutb w>tan and BO'a iieti eads. lout. get., It c.; two di)Z*n cnbi and cradle- office desks and chum* w lili s 'argf UbMiritiietii of medium cla-a ai d seo'iod Laid furnlturt-; albO, l>y \irtur of at' txtca'lon a lotnloo.trd Irg houie fun bu?e flfu-en feconi hand i;tum*ls and Itigraia chipe'e. bedsit ads, hory cutlery -t.d plated ware, aeu, crt cktry, cbxa, Ac tafe peremp^ry. MOBTOAOK 8ALE.-JOHN W BOMERINuYRE, AUO ll^neei^-tl<iie Utl Noitb William atreet? wi 1 sell, on hrlday, hcb. 8 at Kyi o'clotk at 1V3 in oome street b> ri.-tue of a cha'tel mortgage, the oontema ol a di?Ml.. ry oonalsting of crpfer ketics, oonbltra. columDS and chargere, copper worr.R wbh wooden coudenbtri, wooden tauka, iron b >xttn lor cbarcoal. copper audi In meaaurea, atoamgaug *, iron pipes, li> dronif !??; t, Ac, Ac. JOHN W. tjOMEBINDYKE, Attorney for Mortgaijoe. XfOTICE.-FBANKUN AND NlOhOLB, AUCriONEERS, JJl 79 >BbBau s reet, will hold regu ar aales of farnl tttre, at tbeir atom, on Wedn'.adaja and Fridays of ntch week. Cort-lgmnents of second band ftunlture aoiiolted ad vatc^a tnaae when requued, and prompt returoi in all ca>ep. OPENING SALE OPTBEFEASON.-fXTENSIVB AOO tb n ra e of superior euitom made furniture, pianoforte, Ac. Et'OENE B. KRaAKLXN, Aucaoceer. By FR.VNE LIN A NlC'BOLS. ou WecnesdB) morning, bth Instant, at litK o'clock, at tltelr salesroom, 79 Naabau street, near John, will be sold, suits ot rotewood parlor furniture, in plasli and aatln l.rvcatel; do do. , In mahogany and black walnut- sofas, tete-a ten, lounges, bed leunges, easy chair", arm cbairs aud rockers, lu; ge and (.mall, carved rosewood and mahogany walnut bed titesds bureaus, dress log bureaus and wa^hnlanda, with mar ble tips. K rexcb plate mil run; butt Kngliah plated ware, rajn?sgs, rn^ravings, French china rases, pure cur ed hair u/auieetrs, pailiabses, rosewood, mahogany walnut aad oak llorsry and tecretary bookesaea; wardrobes, etegeiea, corner aur.da, b < kbtands quareti lab.en, pier, card, centre and ao a laoirt' worktablca, papier macbe tables, teatrays, in t-ets, clock', dining room extension Uthlee, in oak. walnut and tr.thogary: oak dining chairs, enamelled chamber furniture, with and without marble tops, Ac . Ac. Also, one superior rose wry <1 1;^' octave pianoforte, warranted. This sale Is well worthy the a t. ntlon of persons In want ol good furnit tire- Ooods pack ad ard s< rurely shipped at a reasonable charge. Catalogues on morciog of sale. Tunis mirrkll, auctioneer ?free bale or fui ailure. minora, oli paintings, silver plated ware, b? g?rp, lutir anc >prlng uatlretses, iron s?fea. cour.tlnshouse retka ba.-uw are, Ac., this uornlng, at 10H "'clock, at 01 N'as f?u t eel, ? a.' drones library boose iaes, tele a V'itu, rockers, c; a r? no camera, solas, lounges and bedstead*; mahogany bed Head* and *H?bstands, extension dialng tables, stiver plated coif u;n? and tea set*; roswwood planolorte, splendid turned, Ac. ulij wartacted and will ue sold at \2 o'clock; 46 000 H? vuna ai d German i-egara. at commencement, wl h various oiher ?rili es i.o. enumerated; 1 urge K reuoh plate pier mirrors, oval miners, 14 oil paintings, gilt irames, by catalogue. w M 11. FRANKLIN, AUCTIONEER -44 DESIRABLE "I 'o'? ol fiound In tbe cily of Brooklyn.? WM. H. FRANK I.I.N l m J* tail sell, at auotloo, on Thursday, Feb. 7, at 1;. o'clock, hi the Mtrchanta' fckctange, N. V., the following deivable 1< a i i ground, vlx.: ? I n Monroe rtrcni, 12 los be tween ton p i ns and Marry avenues; on Mad lion street, 22 lots, t o1 ? teu Tompkins cud Mercy avenje?; on Putnam are. nne, lu lo's, between Tompkins and fam. avenues. A ItrRe portico of the purobaae money m?y remain on ootid and mort gnge N B.? Ftitnam avenue la opened through to MvNioo aeti.ue. 1 til* propert) Is part of Uie iieBrvoiae farm Maps al :be i Bice of ike auctioneer* So. 6 Broad street, f. V. nr B. MFLLOR, ADCTIOl* ti*B.? BF HOUOHT ON * m ? MM,I.()R,to morrow (l':iui>da)) >u u5i o'clock, at t!i? naif* ream, 11 3 Nassau ft. Superior ens' > umaoec ibineifurnl tore hi auction, being h* entli e t-to. k of a t?r;;e first class city cabt? ftmanulacturer, eiery article < f winch is tully warranted tie mine a* when [i rttn.Mii at prtvae file, consisting in I art of iLe most tarhiouati e t- le, ri.rved rosewood, mahogany, oak at d wait ut parlor, drawing room, rc.optloo mom, library aid dining if cm fnrr. tore of every vadet;, finished m oil iu <1 Fieneb poll l ed; d'nlng tabif ?, corula'lujr ol ten ol the inxt a;> pr> ved paUeii k, 12, )4 ai d lb leei long, ot tbe various ch ilce wi<)i s. viz : r imko m, blrce, mahogany, -v&lnut and oat, v lib centres; rosewood parior i utiles are covered In co?m runnel, *.11 rilk brocade satins. brocatcll. plu^h and 1 alielnth, uphiilo'sre"), p am and tufted; 30 various patterns of huitaus, wi'h rluhtnaible 'ops, and wa, jaunts toma'ch; 30 Gothic, French and cottage, severa of wblca are rery vslust>!e and elaborately rarvud; ateat at' le? ot etegeres, beiu lea sideboards, rich secretaries, ladles' writing ??a')ln?w, lil?bl> flnlnbed work table; lolld rosewood pier, centre Cird and aide abte?, plain and with rasrblo tops. Also, an lfge wr.lltg tables, four dozeu arm abaira, atove; aigaa, coooa mat tin*, beirg tbe fnrnliure of a writing teacher -Ua^, seven n aewi od pianofortes, of 1 Infleman, Ulit'ert A Co , tjlann, 1 owel A ?.o., and other makers t'ata'ogues on the morning ot tale. UTCUItANCK. OFFICE OF THK A" LAMT1C MUTUAL IVSURANf * Companj, New Tork, Jan. id. lbS6. ? The Truatress, r cosfornd'y wttn the rh*r'er o( ihe company, submit the folloi ing fiAiembni of Its affairs on tbe .'list i/ecemhnr, 1S55;? 1'remlunr. receive! on marine risks, trom 1st Jan - vary, I'M to 31st I*eeeu>ber. 1855 f3, 189, 29b 76 Prinuutns on jo lo es not marked offlst Jan., I?U. l.MlflSfi M 7 otal avoti' t of rn irlne premiums 4.451,127 lis No poiiol"* l a e been issued upon li?e risks, nor upon Are e.eVa diMONi tciesl with niarlnt r isVs Fremlinw in rked off from lit January, 18f5, to n?t Ltcem'#', IB*" 3 196 041 70 I o. se? paid duilr.g 'ho Sice pe-l*l $1,774,905 32 I'.etu ls of { reuiium and cxptsu?ea. .... 486,7^4 fH 2 IKS) JO The ortrtipany hare the following aaseta, viz; New York city berk stocks, state stocks. *nu i ?n? on Hate ard other stocks, drawing Interesi 1 274 t gj 9 r l!. . <is at d mortgages and real estate jr.j ol 1 ? 1 .iW'.cnds on su cis, In'erest on lionds and mort ? i^.es and oiber loans, sundry notes, re lamraica, ui-d other c alini dtie the oompany, estimated at. 76./t4!l 03 Prendun: nntes and bills receivable 1,9*10,718 Hl? ( ash Is bank 173,022 W> Tetal amouni of assets W.737.C92 3H The 'nard ol Trustees bave resolved to pay an inte -est of sli per cent ru tbe ouutand'ng oerMlloatos of prolts to the Iviidars thereof, or their legal repreaenlaUvee, on and after fiiesd. Uie 5ib <*av ol rebruarr nest Tbelitisues alter ret or vln* one rnllliou oldol'ars ofprallr. have further reaolved that all the outstanding oer' iiloats? o' the r ?.ftbe Issue of 1863. sn l 6(> per cent of the i*<iint of lhM be r? deemed, and paid to lha holders thereof, or their le gal representatives, on and alter Tuepd.iv, the 1th d.iv of Feb niary rieit, Irom wheh d*te all Intsrnst thereon wrlll ceisa. The em |t rates u> lie pioduc<d at tbe t meof payment, and nan ce, led to the erent psd. ...... lb* ' iiard have also declared a dividend of 30 p<tr oqnt on tberet eai r ed r remlnms of th- enmoary for the ;e?r enlfasr Htst 1 reember. 1H55, for which cenltlcates will be issued ?n sr.d af er Toetday. the Jth day ol feliruarv netU Ihe prr flta nl theocmpany, aseer aln,-d irom the 1st July, 1842, to the l?t day of January. IKyi, for which CHrttfloates we e ts'usd, amornit to 16,464, 19J Oo A^O'l' nal nroflts rrom 1st Jannary, 1855, to 1st Janusry, 840 760 00 T^'al nrofllf foe thirteen and a ha f .ear* t>; ^ The oe.rttoestea of IH44 IH45, IRt#. 1W7. I8W. IH49, ItfO, 18*1 and 1861, and M per cent of Ittf 3, have been redeemed by ea.,h 4, MS 073 30 M farnlnr* remaining wiih the company on 1st Jan' try.lffif.i.odlttlllillll Int.. i. 842 -76 nj By r>i6ei of the lioaid Vf. TOW.ShKND JONES, Heoretary TRDSIBM John P Jones Caleb II%r>tow, Ohnr'e* Dennis, Thomas Tlleaoe, A.I' I'lllot. Deni is Perkln i, Henry Pott l?entiardo 8 Hnare/, Jos-ph (Jalllard ,fr Will. I! Flfke s?HI, l-*roy M Wiley, K. Ihi'ge A iiKtlftin A vt rill, Menr. W t-icks, Mort|inerLlvi?-stoi< l.ew is t urtle. Dsniel 1 Miller, Wn, Pm 8. Weinnore, 8 T. Nleoll. J Henry Burg/, < harles II hnseell, Joshua J. Henry, Cornelius Ortnnell 1.1 well r.olbriak, f^.eo W. Riley. Henry w ?r^a-er Robert <!. Oondhue. Ilevld l.a'e Wait* ->heim\n ' I' A Psriiotis, James Hrree, Edward ri Bi!i } evai fians, Wm 8'nrirl-. Jr., K. ?. \f.,rtfS'i I ' iverd I' nillllen H- ry K i'ogert, B J. tl'iwnn l ;tsm ay ki, A a tow, Beni li^b^ne* Jt?'"N I). JONgg, President CitAmrp Vle-? President. ft. H. Jtoont, 2d Vice PrMkfeDt. BOAItlilNU AID liOllUIIO. mBKOAllW 4 Y oFFIMITk aHIOK PL a. iK.? BOutaS in Nltt, sincle rmntn *pd parlors, furntahrtd. \ -a, two larte (iui< re with elutets and bndn>io?? aHacliH' , utifue Elslied. to let wi bom boud. U?, grates, hath, 4e Tbeao ro -run are very desirable. and turmahed m* ihruuguoui. No moving <?o Oral o I May. Reference required OQQ KBOOBF. 8TBEET.? TO L8T, A VtBY OOMFOBT OCO able room, with two pantries, to two Kentlemun ><r a k<i>ten>ao aid his v lie, with or without board, between Ifroadway aud Bow cry. mFOUBTB HTBi.KT ?A OBKTLKMAM A*D WIKK, uri ne or two geu'l-ruiea, can e atxtaicoiaUid wltn ruisx, kid full or i anal board. in a prirve ianlly, de ilrilila kiattlon, lu the immediate virinlty of W*?hir>gt?D ?n >1 iTfl aud Fuih aveiiuo. references exchanged. Apply %? above. |tn WAVfcBLHY PI-A?. K ?SUIT OF VUKS.HH "D I ? 'O nodi, on imn tl lloor, lor gentlemen and th-J*" wive*; n)eo single room*. Llouic contain* bala and gas. Dinner at six o'clock. n WIST FOUK PFKNTH 3TKKKT.? IffC FAMILIES, ?? and a tingle triilleman i^mi llnd ro una In a nit or sis g<e, In a flr-arlis- lirtn ?, lufi Weal s'ourteeuib -treat. Ok>DO*lte tilt AniiUUtlMiou cuurch->, required 70 WFST TWfNTY-THlBD MtftUBT, WEAR SIXTn <0 umiilf - Wry pieman auite* of ratlins, togelhe* o se parate 10 leit wl'li I'oanl. nu the Kecori f ||<i m* trout; a ho, a lew single 1001S8 tor gun letnmi. i)wu be hml on ver< adv%n t/iper u?< fern ? by imnienlata application. ">4s, ba'h, As !<"? Dniioii pleataxt hi d convent- nL A line of stagus pass lbs door. Beierebres exrtuu ged l Q WBST KOUBITFNtH BTRKK1'? THt HOUSE, UO beautifully loca'ed, ana nexriy turaUhed, 1* now la readme** to rerelie peraiini-nt at.d 1-nns eai hoa-rt?r* Hubs <>' rt limn lor lau-iit?B. hi. a roaum tor nlnijlfc ^eatlemeu. ro ly bu secured. L>r FAST RBOADW.tY?HOABDIMO? * FRONT P VR v)*J Inr nice y farm -bed puiialile lor a ?eatiem*i and wl'e, B"ii nne lai|.e ;r n room, ?i b u fire nlaee, for two smalo ijiu lep'fti. and one ;? ngle jrom Tmiw m Klerate 10 A Q MI.BKAY 8TRKRT.? BO *Bl?THQ POR Oi^VTI.K i <> n eti anil ihe;r wive*. atiu nlti/jle gmtiHinea. /\tw> t'u M htdro mn t ? lei, without l oftrd a'ho, a i-fn 'lid !lo:ii* f oot rooui. wlih or wttbout bonrd. The b uie has all thd inuda. n loil'tovemeiita. MGRc.KSK KTRICI'.r ? PI nvs \I*T PUONT RfllMS fed tioard, with oloteti. wa rand (^+^, may bf ob'alm'd by h j>ent'eu!&n and wife, and two ?ln*le gentjemua or l?aiiu. 'J i imn model ?U A FROKT I' Ah LOR AS 1) TWO BKDftROMS KRWtY :\ furt ifhei), to let, wl h pa-'l-il hoanl. 11 rwnnrea Inaprl v le I. mil j wber?too Inr bu,. rdirn n rt- k!>pt, 1 mi .11 Imi Ilkeckcr m d hudn.if blreels. AddnM S bo* -.861 1'oai offloe \ G1 NTLHUAN >NI> HIS WIK" OR A Ct>1Pli8 Of J. M pic i!?-n' i n-en ci.*i ^e accomm ?1 lied with Hon d. In h private fhiniiv . in a Iioiim w lih p I the m dcm (nin'ovoiuenu li qu le at lit We^t i wenty seooud ^i/eet, between tJutu aud s 1 vtnlli sveru(-R. A LABOR BOOM, WITH TWO PANIBIKS3. OR AST i V gas, to let, with board, at ill S uids ntreet, Brooklyn. A GJKTLKMaN, BH?n FKH.SOU OOBBSPiP'iNl) J\ t-h n fa wi ll known btiHlres-i (n 1 hi' city, would wi*b to fit d h dun ck with partial brard, in a* ge- leel family, up to wn, where no other boarnern are talen, a d wbernte D l?b> ecjoy tin' com'orts of a 11 me lb order to ^butin ui x u taie U rn n te would Of willing to enp ov one or li 1 r. <, hour* by teacbiUR Ms la-i^uage liuexoi>nttott*ble rei-r ence- given bo to. re^peotabblty. Please addieaa byi li>9, herald (Bii e. A Ft BMSBKD ROOM TO LBT. WITH OR \TR AXD /V 1 entry, to 1 ue or two gentlemen The room front* 03 liiuBdu ay, ?r <1 w i 1 be lot w?h or without a tunill room cotn u.unlcAlliig. I' eafce ap^ly at 341 4th :,t. AOSK1LKMAN AND WIFE, OB THBRB OR FOUR plnglfi Feiitlcn.en, can l.e accoii.tticdai?*d with p'evwit turns anil pai ii*l bn;u il at 1 21 Kast 1 welt'ih ntreet ihe D >'i 0 lu tu tidstnu .'y furtib-hed and txtnUiing all the modem I en pro v.. n.tntt. Agemtlfmak and wu'k wxsurso hand^ombly lnininlied iwimi. with modrt-n lm iro etnen <i, and board n a private family where tliev o?n enjov home coiufo'ia may ?l pl> , for two da>K at lil 1A averley place Also, two itlugle gi.iiilemeu can flr.d a good home. AVfll'SO man wants a fleas ant room, and pur lal homd. In a privam American family, doiva town; tern* 1 will be paid In advance If aealred, Addreas Ametlcau, Herald 1 flloe BR YOU LOOKING FOB BOARD?? DIB KOTIONS 1 wi!l be given, free of charge, to the bent families la thw city tatlng der- !'e mh b winhlng boHrdera surn n <ii in vited to call at Kb Bioadway, where all i<ucb are promptly and politely attended to. b.. D. UOOUvVlif. BOAaD.-Gli.NTI.EMRN AND THKIB WIVES. OB single gentlemen, c..n be ar-commodafed with pleasant furniH'ned 01 unlin rlshed, with full or partial board. Un ite Las iroilern lmpro vemeuti. Apply at 48 llenry street. BOAHD ? A VERY DB&IRABLk FltONT BOOM. WITH grate and large c'osen buna- 0 tor a gentlsman ana wife, or tdrgle ftentlemeu; al?> two small roo ug, tor gea He, 1. en, ai f.H bo per week; full or } an lil board given. Apply at 434 8i.di-.on street, oornerof Morion. Boabd.-a pbivatk family, ownkb of MODKBN house Ju<t Weht lhli-ty-aecond stieet. near pth aven<ie, (sod two b.oclts from Bioadway.)? beautiful location? irtll ao c mmodate a few single gentlemen, or genlinnon and wiveti tooDtt furbished or unfurnlthed. Keterencea exchanged. Turns moderate. OARD.? A LARGE FUBNISHBD FBONT BOOM TO let, wi h board, to two gentlemen who will room to gether, or to a geiitieman and his wife, In a private American family at ?0 hliflh avenue, near itdghth street. B BOABD CP TOWN.? ONE OB TWO FUBNI.-4BKD rtotrs to lei to a gentleman and his wde, or to single gen Uemen with board. In a private l&mll/. Houie hai uie modern Improvement*, bath, hot and co;d water, gas, As. Apply at 17a B eet Twenty eighth st. BOABD IK BBOOKLYN.? TWO OB THBBE GENTLE men can obtain partial board with il -sirable room J at S3 and 93 60 per week. A gentleman and his wile can aim obtiiu a pleasant park r on moderate tera a. Apply at No. 4 Sands sU BOABD IN BBOOKLYN. ? ONB OR TWO SINGLE gentlemen can be aoeommodated with partial 'board, lu a private family, wttbout children Location gold. Ten mlnu'es' walk trom Faltoa ferry. Addresa 176 Adams streei. Board in brooklyn.-large and small rooms communicating, In the modrrn and pleasantly lo cated houss, No. 47 Sands street, near Fulton ferry; terms mo derate; references exchanged. BO AM) IN BBOOKLYN.-A GENTLBMAN AND WIFF, iind a few single gent'emen, can be accommodated wit 1 good board and pheasant r<'nm, by aoplylnH at No. M 8ia e s: , c.trntr of Garden St., three minutes' walk from the South ami Wall st. ferries. Board in Brooklyn.? a few desirable rooms to let, with board, in a newly fitted and lurnishedttrKt el'tss home, puttable for pontleiren and their wires or single gentle men, at modei ate prices, couvtnient Ij the ferries. Inquire at No. instate street, Brooklyn. Board want*d-by a young lady, in a rr cpfrtaKe *amlly up to?-n; befit of references given and requlnd. Addrers. elating terms, which must be moderate, C. A. M.. Herald oflict. Board wanted? in a first claps protectant Irish family (a private family preferred, or where tbe-e are only a few first ola-<? boarders), by a >oung man, a stu deLt; must aouve Fourteenth street, treat of Fourth avenue. Aoilress I'aul, Herald olllce, tor one week, strict attention wUT be given. Board wantM/? between tknih and twenty third >'reet*rnd vmi.''h nod Klghth avenuo<, by a ?nuu? ?n?r. Tern* not t<> tx etd 14 per week, lor l>re*l fast an l lot with on fcunday. Address W. C. O., Her*id I IHCO BO/I<I> WA?-'TICI> ? BY A WIDOW LAOY, IN A PR1 v.i'e ' ?>>!? ii> i>j ? till a widow lady preferred ; a comforia Me tfi tn wt'ii permanent moid required, terms must tie mo dei at. , references e? changed please address 0. J. T. An drews P< s' iffloe, HOARD WANtBD-WlTH A PRIVATE family, in I? Iheelty, ii> amird eaged gentleman. Terms must oe o-tdeiac. P ta?i> addrt -s Koberiecn, box 1,771 Poet office. BOAR1. V,.NTf5D? BY -v. 'iKNTLRMAN WICK AND obi d !n a pri<a!e "aMly or where there am but few board* is, r?n' . ociu. ? tdtoj * and nan'rlm, on Hie s-jond tloor wermd; modern improvement*, and oonvenlent to Broadwa*. nnm must be moderate. References ex dha >ged. Address W. P., licra'd office. Board wa ni f,d ? a young lady dksirks board in a family where but few other hoarders are taken; terms notto exceed *12 per month, dosi of rel'erotoes given. Ar'dress A. R , Herald office. BOARDINO.? TWO GENTLEMEN DAN BR AOOOMMO dated with p'.easatt single rooms. newly furn'shod at 27 Si, u Moo re su-tel. Baths in the liOu.-n. Boarding- a suit of rooms for a family. and rooms for single gentlemen with board, om be had at moderate rates, In Fourteenth street, near Union square. Ad dress L. U. Herald office. Boarding. -two or three young mrn of respectability can be accommodated with board and 'origin*, at CI fa?t Broadway, If appiied for toon. Referencee exchanged. No nvivlng at May. Boarding two or three young mrn can bk accommoria ed w'th e?od board and plaaxant rooms, iu a ? lain private famll), at M) Broome it., bot ween Orchard and odiow Ms. Boarding ? a rk peci ble youno l?dy, wno is engaicd durr.n be rt?o , * ant* board ina quiet private family. reslcli x ac ? n town; rlt reference given. Address H. A. , llerald < stating p-riliulara Boarding, jo tmo kjijare. ? rooms, inbuits cud single v ?a*Ttl) alio Utd, with all necossary oonve nxiioea. Apply as ai-ove _____ BROOKLSN.-A GFWTKCL English family desire ihree or ft ur gentlemen as partial boarders. Bouse on lrookljn ( eights live minutes' walk from Wa 1 and Fu ton fen >*. Rooms newly furnished. Good table and a homn offered. References exchanged. Tonus moderate. Address J., 2,249 l'o.-t office, New York. FU'RNIBHPD ROOM, WITH PARTIAL BOARD, WaNT i<i In n private French family, by a single gpn'jeinan. Ad dr- ks S. H. C., llerald offioe, stating terms, Ac. FlOR iwd PlftOlE OBNTI.MEN, ONK L VRGR DOUBLE frost r<" tn, la a private iarnllv, wtth partial or full board. Thr hou?e ar.ri fnrr iinre new, and fli>t class, wlih all tin tM' c ii iinprovi meuts. Apply at 119K Ninib strcot ilredoo? we'iil Broadway. FCI R OF.NTI.FMEN CAN BR ArOOMMO!)ATED WITH well fur idthcd noma ard board, In a private fimity 24.J Wf8t Nirint/eii'h street The home o nUins every couv?n; 1 inner at A P. M, L'OR RENT, WITH BOARD? THE SECOND FLOOR OK L a t ouie in I'rook'^n, near one or ihe frrrles, Oocupl d l.y a centlca on urd wreJwitho it children; the rooin-t >v )u!d bn lei lo a gentler' an at d liiswtfe, or to four single Keatmmqn with I ? ard on rriideint* term< Adrirens, post paid, J, II. A ' nnt 1 Mi Post i tlce, ft r one week. GRAMRRCY PARR-RO..MS, WITH BOARD-TWO r'ums, tor single soi t emeu, with gai., a'si, convenlenoe for fire roaj now be Obtained by applying at 100 l.a-it Twenty lirst /1EMLF.MEN CAN OBTAIN ROOMS WITn BRRVK IT fsst ard let*, in a private tsmily, at 101 Hpri ig stn ei, tlrjt b nek w?st of Broadway. PERMANENT BOARD WANTED? BV TWO GESTLE men snd 'heir wives, also two single ladies Tnr>en"it iv Hirtlihfd roou s, In the virility iT ( anal street, wev of hrenriway Thoee wishing reap-o.aMe I oard?*rn, at a lair priee, miiy at "?&* W , box 1,1U(> Post office for two days. nj o I.KNlL>VfCN.-A PRIVATE FAMILY 1 SUtK ? TO I l? t, u otcnr <wo cent ernen, a neatly tarnished roon <n rrronri flnnr ?i-t ma ot hath room ?(ijotning. ,\Ki.ido;ipo fmdtv for si t gw? erran wshing a gr ntesl apartn ent Apply a'ytl Pons' on *ti ret, ni>A<ii)Uf? juro fi?o i k r-i ?air of cMrcKNinnxo k?h>m8. vaat 1 dPtlmt. t for a tier ?l-umu and wife who wit a a n'llotruiW dt lie* inqui'c ?i i ll I ourih avenue TO LRT? WITH UB WITHOUT BOAttU IB TJK V iUK Nallons 1'uUi'. lift w 1 ? lilted up,c Trier ?? H-nnuc aud 'S dl eiicis ii|nrui t-uiii for mm In tent emeu anil ta vibes. Mnatd at nil bourn. 1- ivi.cli cookuirf, ?..d term* u.<k lec ?> rruilii N FuB IIOAIU).? A L I?V IS U-fllU >U8 OF J Uieetli'g wi h an i-grcfadc f mil y, :e?idi?ig la * e* torts, to ftive intnuctinna in ni>i? o (? ro ich and tue E'>{lt?h brtuuhns. for which uc.v t> Miooa'iop (he ollei- her services .is hh oi'ilv ;? lent The bt*t of relerencs give . Ac J.- -a, l'eaaow, >o. 1.0'.* ,, i uvl?' lijoinoiii. W ANTM)- BV A YOBJHG LAKY, A MOOtf, WITU V ? bosrd 1 1 i qni. t *HU<lli , ECiir I'nittdWAV. 'lOKWHft'i KmiiW Mb sod i> n uj stri e;s. Board not to eicwti So per week. Ad dre. s 'i. X. Y., lu i d office. fX/ANTKU IN A F1B8T CLA.-B BOAHDINO H'.UdK, In Brookljn, one or two gent'e* c? and their /tret, on wooed h lie third floor c; alto ore or two singio geutnnait. I all at IUK Assrau street, within eight mlnut?*' watt of t'ul loo, bridge or UaiherlLe strett ferries. |*7AM Kt>- BY TWO ORNILKMfil*, A KOOM, Willi partial board: leuu'lon in lie betweeo Kigbih ami Kou' e?n'h sine's. si.d between Kin li iii'1 Mchth avenuea ?erin? mil* bcniidcrnif. Address, stAtiug lull pavtiouhirs U.tK, bog tffi Post ofbee. nrANTHi- fob a gbbtlkman axo q'? y I wife In a pru ai? famll> ; lo -at Ion ui t li glier tbt.'i I! ?'?Mil* er strtei or loatir ihaa < ?u&l. Address 1\ B., licrald office, tutiirg terms, which must tie mode ato. ?V?aS?KD BV TWO FBEMOH GENTtiHMBtf, ON TUB *? flr,t oi March or Aprl.. aoitrlnients, wbh bo%rd. In a mini private tatutly, it. iha upper phi t of ibacll , no. ? -i 'o Fll'U'h uliri , a siable at'iirlid U 'ti? ooim- nr iimi' n Is r? C|iiin rt m 1' C ?dv> 'tl <-r' l?>?r> * tiirwe ??r.d eirrl*K? Termj t oi to n ucli ol ho o'.jeei, ovlde*.) toe 'oinfort" ot a t>niu? i|ff hi f> ud a lea' cntiftiie. wl'li Burden, preterred iti-fern-i ie? tiflmbjed. ArtdjcK, i? W., of lo<)'? tlottl, 2< Broad wa>. HOCHfiS, BOOS1S, 6X^ WAST10IV a>0 lW)n -IOCKK WaHKI).-W A.NT Bl) TO ''OR f O.U''v. cha#, # bouart u. <1 lot in ? good lnn?'l>o m >i w i < rk fin ubirb it HO0 iu lots al>d truin UOO o IW Doll li cii'h wilt be gl vi u :ri axobavge. Address, giving looa tou aud I rice of boute, M. 0. herald >111 ??. ? NT P/BBON HaVINO A I)K?IRAB(-K UOinK TO A iel, fm i.Hierl or uiJurui-hiai. luago >J 1 e? Ion. o*n Bi d a cond rermnt, l>> anplvb.g to B. I) QuODWU", ieale?l?>8 ag?nt, Kb Broadway, neur Ornoe chinch. Apply noon. TjaBMhllH) IIOUSK WA'vTt'.D? A O ftNT LB VI A N lN[? J? ?lte w?.uld iae ? Ken'e^i fur. i-Jied nouso, oy ibe I* of Mfrcbnrl'tty ^eiweeu Kourte* utb aud 'I'nirt tiim -iriKiui, K-i 1 'I bird hl* Hjtth a - on urn. rfi.y ono wbo Wftttts a r<woon i- i'l< let lii' di d pi-mipt )'?y, .?<?'. re<-, ilernd olll a, nanus loralU'ti on me ?nd tri e per year. HUSK IN BbO<>KL\H.-W.\N fK^. a uood iiou^b o c>.e to the tooth "r Wt>l utreet lor-ies. iieol about fjiKJ a lease rieleriec. \ddreks AJpbt, Herald ofllce. f 1 <jVCK WAM Fit TO hll>l OB rCR011?Si<, Iff HO J 1 boken or .1 eri e v ( i 'y , n t airtnlol not iw f-iyi u*r ".11 i.uto, ooiiiliruouK to li e terry Any p? hoi having a hou?? u, it- or In mie o h - (it d a i!<<od and oenua"t>ni inuaut or par i baser fiuDi ilift t.rtit ol May next by udiliefalii^ Frederic, Veralil ofllca, staling ioca ion ano Usirn-i. HCl SK WANTh.ll? BV A &MA1.L FaMILY; A TWO Ort ibire s'ory bouse furnished or uufitrnl'hod, between Lexli gloo ?r d hlvb act nil*-*, Kou le nU> atd I hinietti s re-u. in a dneiybborhood, at? mooeiaie rent, aud AUb "ui nc u u porro-HW.ii. Ai'drefl * R1 stiiiiS piMlcuio rs, l ox H64 Post olli ie. HOI'^K WANTED ON ).UT OF MABOII? TWi> oa Ibree li ccks trim Broadway, below lemh alreel, * medium ii?e<i three h'ory hou^e, ai about ITi'O ran'. Any piny I aving nich i home n let on let of Parish wi'l flod n t,ood 'eusiit uy applying to i<. it. KIN^IUMUK. H1J 4 b ave. VfKWAFK N. J.-WANTKI) FOB A LI iHl' OM TS8L XI fanny Lu>luer.e with pasMWftou by Miy t, a ? ore *tui a g'iodi-hcw window Id front, Ioc^ipi! on fM we-it "He of Itroad at/eel, beiwe-n Market etr ut mid ifco re.w Ouitoin Uoi-a. Any perion havlkg fucb a *ti.reto 'et can hea- of a i^pinl b.:e and pertrnnent -ei an' b^ aodreMitng bo* 1,945, New Yolk Bon. ofllce, stating location and terms PART OF A HOUSK WaMKD-I* A BfiSPHOt a.RL? Leipbborhood, by a family of three persons, where t?o? see<.|on could lie oi Klced iri.nit d nie>:i and not be onli^ad to move 1st of -Vay. LorhUoii preferred between Brosdwar and lludemi street and not aoore ii eo '.ker. Address, with loa* Uoti, terms, Jtc., for three days, B. B U., Herald olUcn. WI ANTED? A OOTTAOK ON STaTKX IsLAdi), FOB rr (he Dim mcr motitlis, lurnisbed preferred; s'able and coach boure must be attached to tie bongo State rout ant location. Addrtme K., box 769, PwitolUce WANTED? BT A OKNILKMaN. WIFE AND OHlLD, s room and bedroom, wilii good pau'.rieH, oil the ?usoond floor; modern improvements. and c ?nvnolaul lo Hmad #?/. A dcJrc-H ti 11., Herald oilice, Mating terms, whlob murt uo moderate. Beierenco exchanged, n? AMT1D- ROOMS SUITABLE F<iR P'JOTOOK APHIf V purposes, within three or tour blocks of vster plaoa| A ddresj O.K., Herald office, * tauog price aud place. WaNTFD ? ONE OR TWO SECOND HAND SKWJUfa machines, (W,) in working orler? Orover, Baker A Uo.'a make. Inquire at 102 Broadway. XtJ ANTED? PART OF A MOUSE. A FA MILT OF M three adul h desire lo find home other tamlly with wham (hey might advantageous y cooperate in hiring a house, be tween 1 vielftb ai d l'wentr -fourth s'reelHaud Fourth aud FtfA avenus a i.ote, wt'h time and address addressed 1L M. , Ileia.'d office, will be immediately attended to. TIT ANTED? A MODERN BUILT HOUSE OF TWO OS f V three stories, In tie vicinity of Four.h and rhlrtab streets and between Fourth and Seventh aveuuea, In a reape* taole neighborhood . Any one bavirg such will hear of a dsH'-a ble tenant? family coneisting ot two person*. Would not objec t to a cottage p'easHnOy situated. Bent iram WOO to Wot). Poa session on the lat o May. Address 0. L O., Hera'd ot&oa WANTED TO Pl.'RCHASK-A TRACT OF LAND, WITS good aspbaltum, or where asphalluw can be fouud Ap ply to M. Toefl A Bro., paint store, No. Hi Bowery. WANTED TO PURCH ASE? \ SMALL, WELL rifctLT house, about 20 teet front, with a I the mo<l?rn improve meets, situaied between Bond and Fourteenth mntMi aud Fourth ard blith avenues. Addtw, giving full particular*, tioo. L. Brenton, Union tquare Poat office. WANTED-TO PURCHASE, FOR CASH. A LIQHT LU. cra'Ive business, which can ne shown clearly t>b* a navti.g concern, noi to exceed $2, SOU principals only need to aire". Adore** statti g nature of business with fall particular*, J. U, box 13* Herald office. WA*TKD TO LEASE? A FIRST CLASS HOUSE, WItH all ti e modern Improvement*, in the neighborhood of Filth avenue, be ow Thirtieth a reel. The advertiser would be will ing tto toard a gentleman or small I vail v owning >uoh % how, in part paj ment of the rent Address Merchant, herald office. WANTED TO LEASE? FOR A TEBM OF YEARS. A two story houpp, fuL lot, between Hudson and Hovvr, and bt low Spring street. Address J. Stedetor, 614 .troad way. DRY GOODS, AC. inert ?NEW 8PRINU FASHIONS, 1856.? lOOO. MANTILLAS. Moltrkcx Bill's awnopno h.wem* To the Wholesale Merchan t of the liniQD. OliK.'t.NAL SULFA AXH niStONS. MOLYM.UX BELL, 88 CaKiL 8TRBI5T, Respectfully Invites the attention of Wholesale jobbers and merchants, from all section* ot the country, to his large iwportod and miuuf allured stock of L,U>IKV MnM i.Bd All his own exclusive sti lee, and patterns the most unique and ??khu oa Je ever exhibited Id thU 3iiy, Embracing all the moot distinguished and latest style' for Che coming neasi/D. Black and colored silk manilllae. Embroidered scarts and mantles, a lending art! i s. Bltirk and colored moire nomine and lace, la endlen* Varletf. 1,000 black applique, fiom $2 911 up 1 he tartest s'ock ot chsntltla lace mantillas to be found la Ute irrde. While embroidered mns'lr man'les Real guipure iaje mantillas. at all prices, a verylarglM sortment. 1 be undersigned FollcHs a cat' from merchant*, and gtur autces that bis slock is all sew, and of the IHObt kLCIlKI'CllV HtKCitPTtOS, And premises the most prompt atu onon and liberal 'eras MOL.1N*' X 68 U*n?l street, i.ov lork BAHOAINS IN IRISH LINENfU 6t0 pieces t-4 pure Uax Irish linens, prl >es fio.n 26 to 4b o< nt* per rnrd. N. H.? 1 htse g JOd i will be set apart from <he regu'ar ?to>y. .. T. i.TBWaRT ft U'l ll-o*dv?v, Chamber* and Reade ?? km* CORBrTS. OuRSfc P-WRa. O A fNOH WILL fcr ta'e or %>oida>. 4lk ln?'*o' lOi. doie0 Kreno i Jvk eta, at 10?. kt d I2p. pur p?ir /?!??, a I*. g? v?-ietj o? her a?ih brstrd t let ' b wo\? cornet1 . 4A '? hird awiue, near Teo^ stite , ant it ! f Ixih a.enne tear Seven ten h , treet. 1) AMA?)RD 1/BI.E Oi tHIIS - TR laVIC RMOltlTRD A 'Ot it ibea'iose f/o-n IJi u? ?? a wh ob we bar? i , , . ?' " " * ? .?? .? ? k i;w wa iani pin ced bv tlx m?eiV' a, and ui?,lieJ th^re I > p.'aln tlgura* their (tlces, Which will be louirf" much under ih ?i<- real value. _______ J. C MILulUEf 7*d llrwtlway. Foulard !? a-^d. fiPRIftO STVL?"(I, Prlnied In "sria, on i i ih ck?t> ?, 6 cas?n reeelved <t -r^ steamer Balti;, will t e ?p?i<e<l at real oc M<n<l?.' Fel>r. Mjt A. T STiiW vB?- t OtK, Bro?dw*y, i baiu: O'S ?ii'l Kaade nr. eta. Linens. 8Heeti,vsl'. u imxnks. *apki>x ings, flannels, loo ft okMu, rttmluej, nrlllia ,i-n an. ,v . -a. uaiportedtv ^ Al.KX'a t. STK'.V aRT % CO Maru\vc u ed aud se ected exprei*:y f.jr 'h-ilr Ir'AVlM 1 it A Oh BiOHd?>a> , I .bftmboro ana -in tin j.rf.x i. CPRIKO MANTILLA H. 0 The subscriber h?i J'u' oi.ered lilt nr* s'.y on of KI'HI*Q MA.NTli.l.Ab A ?</ TA1. .'A-i The assortment is upsurpati i i O'Vji In i ?j im. , ea'letv embracing rich ard elegant r.i" fae|? mane I'.r.e m a rt'k (oo^s. In tBtlrely new pat cms. al A, main uDtipieFsly for the ion ilig trtule llnjrrs firm all rectlons a-e re?iue<f?l 'u 1 0' am oximim the stock, ns thn> will be otfered al low p.l -m ?'id on thi iU'I 'avorable terms. K H 1..LH, Ho*. 80 ?n?t H2 OfcwlH rs straoi, WILSON IO. HUNT A CO., l*roPT*x? */t o jonnnKit or WOOLLKN AM) UOODU ad?nted to men's wear, Ho* 80 and 82 William street, cornor c Maiden la**. DAACI1WO \C\HRSI1 W ? IX)I)WOBIH'? PRIVATE i?Al*(!IN(l ,K Iff, , XV, Bo. fc06 Broadway, New York; No. 137 >'.i ?>laguo pla >, llrooklyn, are now opeu for Uie *en?nn. Pip <ct lom vii ? a; an y lime, ttrcular* explalulng time i term., c .n tig h*> at the academies /^tBANu FaNCT AND CIVK; HALI^-'.t 1'HK IKQURVi' \JI of her friends and pupils, M'l'e tl VitOLI N >?; V e./l ?11 give a srsnd I'sncv end civic jnll u her dcnclitr > 'A Howard street, en Ihnrsda) evonltig. Ke i 7, d cuuo.i <uoa at 9 o'clock, tickets tl, fur H KCnUeruan and ot>a ifr<7 PR^FEHfiOR BAR A COO'S DtNClNU ACaL i V1? Fourth sirce', in the fa.oii e re??e or ihe aii^tocr.. ?/ fr u nil part" of the L oiou; a fashionable and i^'oel circle H I- ?ry evening bis mtf ^i t ro' tn/t. Mnhfci Ipiionf f?r t1" . .?n. Clam for pi nctlce mot. Ing and evening. Pi Ivs ? sai all hoar*. TR A VfclIJi <UUll> . HUDPOB R1VFR RAILROAD.-TRAI*- LKAVK ( lisml ers sttee' dalN, for All so v and Trov on %til af ter Morrt*y, Jsruarv 21 IK'rt, the Ira i s will rut. a, 'ollo.?r?t Estress tisin. 7 A. M., connr cttn* wlih Nor liern and tislr.v thtongh *?f t.sln, M ; express train. f> I*. M.. r?r I'onsi keep'le ai ? A. v and :-t:3n I'. H.; 'or l'eek.?klll 6:JH 1' M . tor Urg Mirg. ??' 4 1'. M. The M < Nlnff ?od I'eaxs I HI trains step st all t? wa sia:ioo<. Pi'wnger? takei at < 1 1 mhi r* ( i ln .bu pber slid i hlrtr-ftrst streets, hu.'d iy rsail tri-lr, at 4 P M h m'tan st?eei fit. AR>?ny, stopplug a' at trail Hallo:.*. M L SVKKt, Jr., HuperUii?od?i||