Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 9, 1856, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 9, 1856 Page 5
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of Ai taMWd wat> plaeed la the O ver n'jr's rooat, and uikiiguueiiu cl m-n * ehv<acte.~ made that ail who d? ?bod vuld 1 ?ok at 'he mat <-f the dead. rb? coM.i, vbtch >h one of rosewood, ntudlei with silver nti.s, Mod the top the fallowing iowiipilsn: ? IKoufcKT *. DIXON. f IHed Feb. 5, 18V). j Ag<-d 24 years, 8 asoutbt ati< 1 5 days. ; Ik lid <>t the cfliD culU ui I the d?e i:a,? the decei^d ?n en the d?y ?? ioju eo. a trumpet and other iu Higma of th? i'lre ImparUuent. rhedewatted was d'u*??d Ui tte icgalia ol tct Order of Onltoii Americans, of which t-o4) he was a monitor. Mayor Wood, acaoapanied uy the tover&l of Departments, die Aluerinen and fcunciiwen, pri>cen<'e<l U> the Governors' room. wh"re the i*T. Spencer L. Kinney delivered an approp 'ato and afleeiirg addriahg. after which a prayer was offerel up, and Ibu (service elated. The bod; wa-, then taken to t'je nearae. and the procen> ion mova-1 in the following order, ttw b?Us tolling niournfally mean while: ? Order of Catted American*. *ew Vork Fire Department. Seek and Ladler Oo. jnE.nH, i Hook and Ladder On. Mo 14. - } J No. 14. Relatives of ihe defeased, in carriage*. [ti? Honor die Mayor. Members of ihe Common oouncll ajid lleade ot' Departments, tn carriages. The body w?n taken to Green wool Cemetery, by way of Ifhitehall ferry, and them interred jrlth beoomlng cere scales. AcmiENT os tbf Harlem Raiuioad.? The freight train Aran New York to Chatoam, on Thuriday, when Mar Dover Blaine, ran off the track on to a bridge, which, breaking ?adcr the weight, let the engine down a distance of thirty Jwl into the water. Tho e.ngisebr, Lewis Killer ( is se verely Injured, and tho fireman, Giles Oapron, slightly, fhw bridge being demolished, no trains can pass until an ether u, constructed. Woiux's Hospital Axmvkesahy ?The anniversary of tils astneiation will be beid at Clinton Hall, at hall-past raven o'clock thin evening. Some of our ro>M respecU ble citizens will be pre^en", including, it is hoped, Dri. Mutt and Bond, who will lend the aid of their advocacy ?e ibis oharity. The New York Weekly Herald. JfTWfl FROM EUROPE, MEXICO, ETC.? CONGRESSIONAL AMD LEGISLATIVE PROCEEDINGS, ETC., ETC. We Weekly Herald will be published at 11 o'clock this ?nerniug. Its eontems will embrace news from Kurope Mexico, Cuba, South Anierioa, Ac.; Editorials; Congressional and Legislative Proceedings; Financial, Commercial, Hell (tons, Theatrical and I'olitieal Intelligence; Latest News by lelegraph, As. ; tsgeaier with a variety of Local and Mlssella i items. 8 ingle copies, in wrappers, ready far mailing, i be had at the counter. Price, sixpence. 8ft Large Size Anibrotypes for oO cents, Iii oladtng a fire care.? JUBB, tte celebrated ambro and daguer seetyplft, of 88 Miwery, is the only one in thin city who is fur nishing his custodiers with this late and beautiful discovery, at *? above low prices. J U DK, 83 Bowery . tMM'i Large Size Vagnenreorypea IMP 50 ?stored, and in a also case, twice the sixe of others taken . sent*, and equal to those made elsewhere for J& AMSON'B. 689 Broadway, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. Cameo. Psgne neoty pen, ~Fur theie Benotl fcl and flattering miniatures, cross tho ferry to 2 49 Fulton ?(root, Brooklyn. 95 Cent Dnguerreotypeg were In Extra De mand yesterdfty. 549 pictures went o(T, adorning the go*l tooks of the jolly vUiters a' the establishment. Plio^raphi also come In for admiration and patronizing favor. Rosmi 2S9 Broadway. Colburn & \oali.? Plur.os and Sfeloilcons for aaln and to let. bolhnew and old, lower tiian any other home. To lot from to IK! per mon.b. Kor sale :'roui 418 'm 85J0. COLBlJRIf & NASH, agents, Bi-oadway. Bookkecping??Tlie Salxtcilber will Re. ooivo new pupi's dally , this month, lor double entry bookkcep aat 810 to 819, tor a thorough course of lnstruclon. i'unils haie until the first ol May to complete their studies. VKK iS. GOLDSMITH, 302 Broadway, corner of Franklin Wedding and Vlxltfng Cards, Wedding ?ovotopet 4c.? The latest stylos engraved tn the most elegant Manner ean always be found at BVhHDKLL'ri,30! ii road way, ^nier Buidie etreet. Mr. Kverdoll's is Uie oMestaitd best gownjilwe^or^rd engraving and printing la Broadway. ftothlng at Wholesale? We bog to Inform flanftiern and Western merchants that our stock of spring and "?nmer clothing, just manufactured, contains the largest va ?tetf ol choice styles for men's wear ever got. up Vy the house, tnnrtaig from the low priced up to the finest articles In the torn. All got up in our usual superior style. D. DEVLIN <k 00., 2UL 2W and 240 Broadway, corner Warren svrtot. ?ageifi Sewing Hachlne?.-UI Fertwtu cte wish for terormaiioD In regard to sewing maebfnes- am obtain It by applying at our ofllce for cotiies of "T. M. Sinifor 80t,'a tiazerto," a paper devoted ontireiy to the sowing n? ?Mm imerooM. tJopies supplied gratis. I. M. BINCIKB & CO., 323 Broad wan. We Call the Attention oflhwe AfUi<-f?<l wltti dlseasea to t!ie advertisement of PS|fB8BOB VERGNiiS, tn another column. Hhlik?r? or Koaitachea Forced to Grow to sis weeks by my inguent, which will uot stain or injure the pkin. SI a bottle; sent to any part of the country. K. >}. OltAUAM 586 liroedway; Briggs. 37 State street, Albany: Cslfcsr, ii South Third street, Philadelphia. Christadoro's Hair Dye, Wigs and Toupees qscMs admiraiin among all conr.olFsenrg la art. A suite of stagant private apartment* f<>r applying Ms Incomparable dye, MuTovij reliable article ot ita kind, wholesale aad retail at OBJMEXAPUBO'B, No. 0 Aator House. A Perfumed Lwly or Gtn? tmoma wsuld remain undor the curse of a disagreeable breath, gien by nalug die * Bulm of aT'aouband Flowers" as a den ial hi 1 1 would not only render It sweet, but leave i'..e teeth white aa alabaster 1 Many persons do not know tbni.* breath Is bad. r the snveetb so delicate, their friends will sever mention JPsur a i?n&le <liop of the " Bairn" on your tooth bii'iih, ?od wash the teeth night and morning. A lifly cent bot'Je will tost a year. For sale by FKTK1DOS t CO., pr-jprieiuri, and Mad an druggto's. Bac helor's H?Ur Hyc.-Wlg* stud Toutie?s~ ?fee best in the world. This unrwullcd and original dya In ap plied in twalve private rooms. Batchelor's wgs and toapeas fcv? improvements iver all others, bjliit; ch ;f <T euvrss ot eie ?n - and dorab Uity . peculiar to th'n establishment, PATCilKLOR'.S. VZ Broadway. The Fat Id In the Fire Always by the Old process ol brnlliig, but me new gridiron finds a better use f >r u; browns without burning your steak, drives tbe smeke, not into your rooms, but up chimney, and costs irom 12 to $3. Sold nt the Amci lr?n and foreign Patent Agency, 7& Dilute street, 100 feet east ol' Broadway. Sauces of Various Kln?l?? Lexicographers tell us there are various kinds of sauce, soiwe at whleh are ex ceedingly appe lzing, while others are dlllicult of uist ,;tlon. The via colonl-.tR, ana even our modern Yankees and VirgttU ans, speak in their quaint, rustical way of " garden saas," un der which term they include all cadnary vege'ables. Bat there is another kind of sauce which, deriving Us name from a pslatablo roudlment. in yet, In itself, dire :ily the reverse of ria'atible; we mean the sauce of a pert young gentlemm or Forward miss, in whose education manners have been neglected. The third kind of sauce is the best of all. inasmuch vi It gives ze-t to the languid appetite and flavor to viands which need its aid. These sances are variously prepared, wad are known under dltlerent m> tnes; but tlie one which Is the most cetobratsd tor ita tonic and invigorating properties. Is the Worcestcrshbe sauce, manufactured by Lea A I'enin, and sold by then agent?, JOHN DUNCAN A SONS, 403 Broadway, New York. ?Baltimore Patriot, Feb 5. Holloway's Ptils? A. Cotemporory States that the London Medical Review considers these mils to have vanquished the prejudices of tbe faculty, and the Lance' con cedes that tiiey have per'ormed seemingly miraculous cures A few dofes a". this season will i egti'a'o the system and give tone and vigor to 'he vita! funcUons of the body. Every Mother Should Have a Co* In the house handy, In case of accident to thechildren, of REDDINQ'tf Huf >ian salve. It la a Boft-jn remedy of thirty yetvV standing, and is rccommendec' by physicians. It in a sure and speedy sure tor bums, riles, bolls, corus. felons, chilblains, and old scree of every kind; for fever scies, ulcers, itch, scald he id, netUe 1Mb, bunions, soro nlpn'es (reoommerded by uur*e?>, whitlows, sties, fentcrn, (lea tilte?, spider stings, frozen limb*. Halt rheum, scuroy, sore ami eracaed Hps, sore inse, wart*, and tleah wounds. it Is a most valuable rctuody and cure, which can be testified to by thousands who have used it In tbe city of Bos o n and vicinity for tt'e last tlilrty years. Tn no Instance will this salve do an Injury, fr Interfere Willi a physician's jtrft orlpUons. It Is made from tbe purest materials, from a recipe brought '-itm Russia, of article* growing In that oouu try; and the proprietors havo letters from al! classes? cergy ?en, physicists, sea captains, nurses and others? who bars used It themselves, and reoommeud it to others. Bedding's Rnsrl\ salve Is put in largo Un boxes, stamood on the cover with the picture of a borne and a disabled soldier, which picture to also engraved on the wrapper. Price lift cents a box. Sold at all the stores In town and country, or m?y be ordered of Barnes A Park, or any wholesale druggist. KEDDtNO t CO., P"oprietor?, No. 8 biate street, Boston. Cold Fc?t suid Chapped Ilauds? By Rul?> Htng night and morning with IiR. TOBIAS' wonderful Vene ?ao liniment, no one aeod havo cold feet or chopped bands. A sore warranted ot tire moat- v returned. PriOS on'gr :0 or M eeria. boid by all the drugtistt. Depot, GO Cortlaudt st. Chaps. Chafes, Rongh, lemli r Fli>?h Pim ples, freckles, eruptions, te''er nnd all skin de'irmlUes nosl IJvely currd tiy GuC BAUD'S Italiasi medlca'?d soip. rou dr<? subtl'e uproota hair trots low foreheads or any part of the body. Liquid roti/e, lily white, hair dve and resior.tuve, at Uie old depu', 6" Walker street, Ur .' store from Broadway. The Remarkable Weather of this Winter Ui producing colds, oeughs and pulmonat? omnlalats, utlbrds all au opportunity to try the wondeiful cSdcts of l'arka' kA.nkm ot wild cherry and tar. Ita Sensiltlal effects, even In con firmed cases. Is tested by a single bottle. Sold everywhere. BARMU8 A PARK, 80t Kroadway, eernerof Duane st. Rostettsr? The larpHaing KlRct ?f Hot tetter's vtgetable stomsch bl'ters In rernoving bile, Imparting Health and tone to the system, foirlug an apoetlte and curiti? dyspepsia, Is truly wonderful. I very n?rvotu, debillteted, weak and emacla>ed person should trv It at once. Sold by all drnggls's, !;? '.'Is, grocers, Ac BaRNKS A f'i Klv, wuole ealc agents, 3D4 Krnad way, corner of Onaue sreet, XUteuntntlhin, Scrofula, ttt? Hyatt's Life balsam ir. 'ha most ccnaio remedy lor the worst cjt*e? ot the in and all diseases n. ising lrom great Impurity of tbe blood. It curcd Mr. Jodu MeOarty, No. 66 avenue D, of severe inilatn matory theuaatlsra, asthma, bronchitis and kiduey e/itnplainl, t^ter he had been coudned to his h.juao most of two years, and Us Hf? despaired of. It cured a lady Ui the fmlly ol F. W. Ollley, Ksq., (of the Bower) Dry Goods Store, Vo. l'J6,) of a teiribiesaseoi scrofulous ulceration, of nine years' standing, after the, ca>e had been treated an I abandoned In despair hjr home ol our mo*t eminent phytic ans. Principal office 'JiV> frand street. Seventy -live rents per bottle. For sale by druy jjitts, and bj Mrs. Ilaye?, 17a Fulion siroe', Brooklyn. Hernl?t?-Oiily Prlste Medal Awarded to Marsh A Co., by the Industrial KnhlblUon of all Nations, for their new patent radical cure truss. Also, iho Fair of the American Institute aaaidedtho first pt en. lum u> Uils truss In 18M. References as to its superiority- p, erasers Valentine Mott, Willard Parker and John M. <"arnochan. An ex'onslve fist ol name* of mercantile and other gentleman rured ny this truss, may be seen at MARSH A CO. rl, Mo. V/a MaMsn lane, Jlew York, and Marsh, Corllns A Co 's, No.n West Fourth sireot Uloclnnati, Ohio. Open from 7 A. M. until 0 T. M. To Many of our Readers It Must he a Great rebel to know that pulmon ?ry consumption can be perma manently ciued In many cases by the wild '?berry prepara ratton of Dr. ?fI?TAR-tlist itch C'ir?s have been cfTo: ed, Is twyofiri ? wintry Wind* nuke Ch>|fl 17m UruniBxmd'l Amandine; Ike beat article of the Mod be fere the public. S.|I)RUMhOMl>, Apo'iieeary 307 Broftdway Married. On Wednetday evening, February 6, at the Church of the Kpijjiuiny by tee itev lyottjii-e*. W*. Lows, Jr., to Maria E. BAtMirr, dtu^hter of the Ute George Basaett, all vt this city. A'. Kmac iel chnrcb, November 27, 1865, by the lie*. Mr Leonard, Mai mjau Kertsu.n to Mrs. ?Jiclk.n M. Shu tiilll, both t<f thin city. Un I hursday, Keor u?ry 7, by the Rev. Win. .Morris, pa<-U>r el 9^ Hiiilip'a chureU, Mr. Wu. Uknky (Iabbmov, of Norfolk, Va., to Mind Mahv Kij.'.aiu.tu B.urnii.* of tan city. U a Ihur-?lay evening, January 24, by the Rev J tines L. Shock, Mr. Jamb* A. Day, of thl? city, to Miss Mahy II., daughter ot Cap* ain N. lloey, of Brooklyn, L I. OML <>n Friday, February 8, lice. Catharine B. Sherwood, in the .ri&ih year of her age. The relative* an<l frii?n<:n of the f.ioaOy are respectfully invited to attend her fuDeral, fro n her late residence, ?7 Fiizaboth street, eorner of llerttr, to-morrow afteru >oo, at half -part one o'clock. On lhursday, February 7, ?udden[y, Hkvry Liww 0. Palmer, sou of Gilbert I'almer, aged 1 year, 1 month and 28 days. The friends and relatives of the family are respectfully requested to attend the funeral, this morning, at 11 o'clock, from 166 Third avenue. Oil Wednesday, February 6, Mr. John Ilintnr. of Hal ver'town, parish of New Abbey, canty Kildare, Ireland. Bis friends are most respectfully invited to attend his funeral, to-day, at twelve o'clock,' M., from his lata resi dence, 260 Kant Twentieth street, ooruer of avenue A. His remains will be Interred in Flatbush, Ohio papers please copy. In this city, on Saturday, February 3, of scarlet fever, in the 7th year of her age. Aurti Miuijlaton Bmx, daugh ter of William and Sarah K. Be 11, of Richmond, Va. On Wednesday, February 0 of scarlet fever, Charles Cuoo.n Hku. infant son ofWlllLam and Sarah E, BelL Richmond, Lyohburg and Liberty papers pletse copy. In Brooklyn, on Thursday evening. February 7. at 10){ o'clock, utter a severe illness. Mary Ays, wife ?f Barnabas Ilaliock, in he 44th year ol nor age. The relatives and friends of the family are invited to at tend her funeral, from her late residence, 184 Dean street, this afternoon, at three o'clock, without further invita tion. On Thursday, Feb. 7, Mr. Patrice Leahy, of this city, aged 84 years. His friends and those of his brothers, Lawrence and Joseph Leahy, his brothers-in-law, Messrs. John Kelly and Patrick Mulvehill, and also of hia father-in-law, Michael IJuitrsn, are requested to attend his funeral, which *ill take place this morning, at ten o'cloek, from his late re sidence, 213 East Broadway, to St. "James' Church, J.taiM htreet, and from thence to Calvary Cemetery. On Wednesday, Feb. tt, in Brooklyn, of consumption, Angkllna p.j wile ot Win. S. Bennett, in the 36th year of her age. The relatives and friends of the familv are reij^ctfuHy Invited to attend her funeral, this afternoon, at two o'clock, from her late residence. FUtbush avenue, near the junction of Fifth aavenue, Brooklyn. <)u Thursday morning, Feb. 7, in Jersey City, John T. Clapf, in the 36th year of his age. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend his funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at half past one o'clock, from his late residence, eorner of Grove street and Prospect place, Jersey City. Hia remains will be taken to Greenwood for Interment. On Tuesday evening, Feb. 6, Sarah, wife of Thos. C, Taylor, in the 78th year of her ai<e. Tho tela tiveg and friends of her husband, her son-in law, John L. Buckley, and her daughter, Mrs. D. Croaker, are particularly invited to attend her funeral, without farther invitation, at St. Paul's chapel, this afternoon, ,at tbree o'clock. On Wednesday, Feb. 6, Maria Lot' is a, wife of Benjamin Totals. The friends of the family, and those of her father, John C. Zimmerman, are invited to attend the funeral, at Oil vary Church, Fourth avenue, come.' of l'wenty-flrst stieet, this morning, at ten o'clock, without further in vitation. In this city, on Thursday, February 7, Mrs. Mary E. Oi.dkv, daughter of the late Mordecai Ogden, Esq., a ged 30 years. On Friday, February 8, of congestion of the lungs, John D. Kokfp, aged 44 years. 2 months and 10 days. The friends and relatives of the family are resnectfally inHtod to attend the luneral, to-morrow afternoon, at one o'clock, from Lis late residence, '258 Greenwich street, comcrof Murray. His remains will be takes Ui Green wood for interment. Ca ilornia papers please copy. 1 On Thursday evening, February 7, Mr. Michael Ken nedy , aged t 8 years. I His friends and the friends of the family are respect fully invi'ed to attend his funeral, which will take place from St. Mary 's Church, Grand street, this forenoon, at ele\ en o'clock. His remains will be taken to Calvary Ce metery. Boston papers please oopy. On Friday, February 8, of remittent fevar, Rosa me, only child of John E. and Italia Fitzgerald, aged 11 months. The funeral will take placo to-morrow afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from 109 Forty-third street. The triends of the family are respectfully invited. On Friday, February 8, after a few hours Illness, Mi <8 EuxAiiKTn W. Cbopsby, in the 18th year of her age. Notice of her funeral will be pubnsned in the papers. On Friday. February 8, Maroaret Hora.v, ayoi 18 years, daughter of John Horan, of Muilingar, Ireland. lb" friends and relatives are particularly invited to at tend her funeral, from the residence of her lather, No. 10 Front street, Brooklyn, to-morrow afternoon, at halfpast one i 'clock. Suddenly, after an illness of lorty-eight hours, Nicol Sam okd, in the 39th ycaT of his age. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invito to attend the funeral, from his late residence, 183 Christie street; cn Monday afternoon, at orie o'clock. On Thursday, Februaiy 7, Tobert Ciuseurouuii, In the &0ih year of his cge. Tjn friends of the fatally are respectfully Invited to at tend his tuncral, to-morrow afternoon, at htlf J>ast twelve o'cloek, from Mm late residence, 210 Tenth street, between First and Second avenues. On Fiiitay evening, February 8, of consumption, P. H. BtwuAx, i a the of his age. The friends and acquaintances of the family, and the members of ChriMie & Wood's Minstrels, and ail those in profession, are re -pact. 'ally iuv'ked to attend his fu n<tval. from his late residence, 86 Forsyth street, to-mar- 1 row afternoon, at two o'clock. Iu Brooklye. at the residence of her daughter. Mrs. El win Smith, M? s. Mariiaret i'oitTEn, reti :t of tho late James Porter, of Middletown, Conn., a^eil 80 years. Her friends, aul those of her son, William Porter, and irrarxlsons, E'win P. Smith and Johu S. Allen, are re spectfully invited to attend her funeral, at her late rest. oen.'C, 101 Sands street, to-morrow afternoon, at two o'clock. Middletewn, Conn , papers ploase copy. Cap'nin Mujia BkaCI. was lost overboard from sfheoner Thomas Halcomlie, no. the voyage to Savannah, Ca., Pei-emher 20, 18o5, at 11:30 A.M., 1at. 37 30, lou. 73 fcl. He Warfs a wile and boy in this city. Hart!, rd, Conn., New, and Columbus, 0., pa pers please eopy. Cn Tue-.di.y, December 7, 1855, at Sivannilla New C.rnnada, C. A., after a short illness, Mr. James Atiiudob, cf this city, in the 31ft year of his age. iMESTISEMTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. PKRStWAJU C1H ARLFS F? BOWKN IS INFORMED THAT HIH BRO. J tlier is in tills city, and wlihcs to see him at Dr. Welling ton's. Five hundred dollars reward.-missino pmce Ft idav morning, Febluaiy first, a young man ugeu elghteed years, five leet tour incnes high, stout i>iillt, tiiil la.e, light coaipieUon, light hair audi blue oyes; drowned in black frock coat, black panta, black velvet vest trtromcd with geld oord, black cravat patent leather boots, black felt hat and gruv sbawl? had on gold watch andchtin, diamond l.rea t pin and diamond linger ring. He attended a party at the residence of Mr. l'eckham, Twenty-first street, be tween Broadway and Fourth avenue, rjid left there about S o'clock to return to kk home, 91>4 hart Twenty-ninth street, since which time he has not been heard of. The above r#w i, J wLl be paid lor his recovery by his lather, S. A. Fierce, il> Li berty St. IF RUTH, THE WfFE OF JOHN DUNN, FORMER ly uf Birkenhead, England, and afterwards of Astoria. In the Mate et New York, will forward her address to the under signed or call at ihr address men'ioned In her lust letter to her mother, she will hear ot ?ome thing to her advantage. J A3. GILL, Solicitor, lllrkcnhead, England. INFORMATION WAWTKD-OF ELLEN BTROKS, FROM the parish uf Dooeratl >, county of Cork, Irelaad, who left home about four years ago. Any information will be thank fully received by her auti , Mrs. Nagle, 134 Thirty eighth street, between Second and Ihlrd avenues. TN FORMATION WANTBD-OF DR. SAMUEL R. M\R 1 phall, late ot 32 Kivlugton gtreot. Apply to, or address R. H. MatUsou, No. 3 Nassau street, third floor. TTteTTdy who- left" a " cert a in hot en on i'.rotdway, about the 3d of UstJanuary, Is notified kindly to attend to the !?? letter nddri used to her. and win; a ujre ex pliclt publication. Alexandria. T~IiK OENTLKMAN WHO TOOK BY MISTAKE FROM the dressing room of 27H Tenth street, on the evening of U>e Uth Inst, a black cloth surtont, lined with alpaeea and red silk, is requested to return the same to 61 Beekmaa street or 08 St. Mark's place, where he will be liberally rewarded, and receive the thanks of the owner. RBUGIOtlS NOTICES. fTHE RF.V. PR. ACHILLI, OF ROME, ITALY, TRANS JL later of the Italian Bible, is expected to preach to-morrow (Sunday, 10th; at the itiecckcr street Qhurch, oornsa' Downing etieet. T_ 11R OKBWAN IllTHRRAN ST. JOHN'S CONQREUA Won, Rev. A. II. M. Held, will bold scrvica in the large chapel or tne University, Wavcrley place, corner of Woosier, oppo?lte Washington square, at 10)a o'clock A. M. ami 7 '? o'clock P. M. GEOHOE NEANDBR, Senear/. T_ HK REV. A. II. WRIGHT [TILL FREACH HIS FARE well discourse on Sabba'h evening, In tho United PrnViy U rlnn rhumb, West Twenty tifth street, between Seventh and Ktfhih avenues. At the close of the Mirvlces, a uolleetion will be token up and given to Mr. Wright, as an expresnion ol affec tionate regard from his congregation and friends. KllEIGnT TO CALIFORNIA. VOTH'ETO 8BIPPBR8 TO CALIFORNIA? FREIGHT JL\ at reoueed raies, via Panama RaUro^d.? rhe I'acitio nail steamship OR&GON will leave Panama the middle of March, as a special freight steamer. Through bills of lading wbJ oe issued by steimer or snlllnf vemel from New Tork in connection, and at vet ) low rates through. Inquire at tho office ol the eompiny, 84 South street. POST OFFICES N OTIC KM. POST OFFTCK NOTICE.? THE MATLS^FOR WlOPK, via Southampton aud Havre, per Unite : Hutes steamer Fulton, will close at this office on Saturday, February a, ?t lo'i o'clock, A. M. ISAAC V. FOWLMil, Pjsfmaster, _ POLITICAL. I IV* OAK CLUB NO. 17, OF THE TWENTIETH i ward.? A meeting of this club will beheld this evening, February !>. lhfiO, at 1% o'clock, at their bead quarters, No. 4tw Kighth avenue. Members will please atteod, By or aer- ? w A " OAVIK?, President. ?]> IL SCI T. ??5T5<*'7, ?FECIAL NOTICBB, 4 MMUCaN LAD 1Kb1 ASSOCIATION FOR THE BENE A dial ABerictn Orphan UlrU. l he recent charge made against me, a* Pre?d?nt?es* of thu coctoty, reude a It proper for mt to make to the public a brief ?tuemea', whloh 1 Khali p-obabiy have no other opportunity of Baking. ftae association ?ti 'irganized on the lsdi of M?-?, V <56. Fium thatume fir abuut tUree mouths, I travelled over tie cltv , distributing circulars and coiw'-itut 0 is, no an to causa ?ur Ma-let* to l>e known. Hur ng that Ume I received in do nation* til 10. (id no more. In (lie middle ol August my healih n*v* out. and from that time 1 have not myself sjl'.oltea donations. bu'. 'hat work hag be?u ptrlurui-4 bv other mem bers nf the s,icleiy, aasitied by such of the recipient* aa we considered worthy of tidal. Ihe aiuouut they have ooi e:'?d they hiive accounted or and paid over to me. In this mumer the fo lowing amounts nave oeen paid over to me: ? Prior to 17th August 91'- 10 During the residue of Aiixuat 31 85 In September 125 32 In October 3'>i 14 In So'etwer tAi JO In December 53-1 Making ? total In cash receipts of $1,121 02 We have, beside* tills, received doua'iona of ar Iclei ot rural tore, books, provisions, sewing material*. Ac., Ac. Since our organl/ailou up to the lit January last., our expenditures have Leen re loi.owa: ? Way, I860 $2?1 00 September $23 50 June 1!) oo October 3M 93 July 18 00 November., 115 00 August , K) 61 Making a total of miscellaneous expenditure*. In cash, of $1,138 23 At the time I was arrested, I had ou baud, belonging to the society, a eash batanae of. 120 00 Beside* this, we had other expenses sot enterina' into the above account, lor Instauce: ? Table expense*, for victual*. Ac 170 51 Light* 5 73 Stare fare and dinner for soolety agent* 171 00 Cartage on donations lu kiad. 10 25 Expenses tor waahlng 5 18 Total ca?h expenditure*... $1,620 96 Thus making an expending ot $400 94 over and above *ti*t baa been received in dwauoux. 'Ihe foregoing statement* are from our txok, which contain* all our Items, and which shun * everything that I have ever re celvee. We have allowed to our collecting agents lor iheir aer itaM $1 per day, which la not la the aoove statement, and whe ther ali the money paid to them liae iu ail instances been ac counted for I cannot know. A part ot our expenditure* ha* been for home rent $250 00 Repairing die house, fitting the upper story for lodging room*. Ae. 2Vi '.18 for furuitare for house 42) 25 Ihe whole nurubdr of orphan girls whom we have received and aided ha* been twenty eight At the time of my arrest we bad eighteen, and hive now fourteen. We had nttedour home lo nocnmmtdue fifty, and wonld have done so if we bad had the menu*. Our plan is to receive a girl when destitute and out ol employment, and ailbrd her a homo until she obtained employment; and then If she ooatlaued wlih us. she pay* us $2 a week. In this manner we have re ceived $81, and we have given In board and clothing $190 32, and 130 out of door assistance. Tin Is a plain, brief, out truth ful statement of our transactions. Our bonk ia open to the full est examination, and we have solicited the Mayor and many of our respectable citizen* to inspect ottr establishment and judge fcr themselves of oar Udellty and honesty. I ?m myself the mother or yotu>g girls, and 1 know well what it is for such to be without homo or protection or employment In this city. To supply that want Is our object, and to do so we must depend ou the aiu oi the charitable, l'bat aid we ciunot expect unless wo are worthy of it, and lo prove our worthiness It h that wo mike ibis explanation, and entreat ihe closest scrutiny into nil our opeiations. Mrs. L. A. LINCOLN, r resident. NfcW York, Feb 1, WW. Kxkcxtivf. Oommittkk.? Mrs. C. Nesti-ie, Mrs. C. Cards, Mm. L. Hyde, Mis* T. Curtis, Mis* II. Lincoln. Nkw Yohk, Feb. 1, 1856. T certify that I have examined the account* and books of the above mentioned society, and am satistied tint the foregoing statements are just and true. J. W. KDWARDS, 293 Fifth avenue. American coterie.? the members of the ai;o\ e are no ilied to at'end a meeting of the same to be held at Frank Fentland's, corner ot Division and Rldrldge streets, on Tuesday afternoon, at 2 o'clock. Punctual at tendance rconeHiedi W. HANSEN GWYN, President. ThkD. P. Wmlkler, Secretary. REGULAR MEETING OF THE STOCKHOLDERS of the llalh and Gretn wood Railroid Company, Mr. J. L. Ee Camp was called to the Chair, and Mr. J. rtlcbard-ion wan appointed Secretary, it was unanimously adopted that the Company commence their operations ou the tirst day of March next, and that the road s'wil be in complete operation by the 16th of J une next. The curs are to leave Hath and Green v k*1 every fifteen minutes. I he road is to be built wlm an endless rail, and the cars are to be upou one of the most magnificent plans, superior to anything In this country, with spacious saloons atd seats outside. Upon the whole, It U to he oon structed upon a plan which cannot full to liferent tin a'/eution of the public generally. J. L. DE CaM '.*, Chairman. J. Rit tiAituso.N, Secretary. Ntw Yokk, Feb. 8, 1856. HUNTER'S MEDICAL SPECIALIST.? THE FEBRUARY number of the Specialist abounds with the remarkable in terest which has characterized previous number*. The meat experience and suc:ess of the editor in the treatment ol'dii easesol" ihe thrcatand lungs, by medicated inh .lation, and die lucid exposition ol his views glveu nionth'y thi'OUfih this perl - oaical, have already gained tor it a popularity not heretofore enjoy eu by any medi.:al journal. N. H.? Ail communication* for Ihe editor shou'd lie addressed to R. Hunter, M. D., 8? Broadway, New York Yearly au'jsrriptioo for the tipediliat, $1; sii gle copies. 10 cents. Published and for sale by SHERMAN ? CO., Astor Hoiue. (So. I Veaey at ) MOSHER ESTATE.- OWIVO TO THE SHORT NOTIOK given of the postponement of a convention of Ihe heirs at law ol liugli, John and Ur.uiel Mosher, called for the 6th of February mat-, some for'y of them were In tbu city and held a meeting at the Collamorn House on the evening ot that day, and appointed the following a committee to call a convention of sa.d heirs 11 deemed advisable alter receiving a report frcm the agent, who hit* tone to'and to investigate die mailer:? George Halyht, 30 Vesey street; Caleb Mosher, Jr., 199 Tenth street; S. Mother Barton, 14 Cortlandt stt-eet; Charles A. Dunham, 31 Chamber* street; Joshua Mother, Punches let-; N. L. Bennett, 191 Henry B.reet; Dr. Wm, Mosher, Astor Place Hotel, New York. NOTICE.? THE MEMBERS OP TUB NEW YORK LIVE rv Stable Condiment) Uulon Hencvolem Society aro re quested to atiord the regular monthly meeting, at the I'clou bimdtp, Bowery, on Saturday evening. Feb. 9, for the purpose rT electing officers to serve for the year 18S6, and otber mittci s com ected with the noddy. All members in good standing are rey i.ftedto attend. By order of the President, ?ewabi> Andkhkon, Secretary. IIUGII McDONNKuL. \TOTlCK IS HRftEBY GIVEN THAT A CERTIFICATE J.N lor twenty (20) shares of tlii capital stock of the frvm< t ire Inau-ance Company, of the city of .New York, numberea three hundred and iorty three GUS), wai ljator stolen irom the f-ubw:rlber on the evening of the 2ittidayof December last, !Kf5, about 8% o'clock, and advertised on the 2&t'a of sa'd month; and he intends to apply to said Irving Fire Insur ance t ampan v for the cancelment of said certificate, and for the Issuing to him of a new ecrtlQcate tor the shares designated in .-aid lost or stolen cerlMieate. ANDREW CLARK. t?. Dated Mew York, Jan. 17, 1856. 1JOCHE BROTHERS 1 COFFEY, ti9 SOUTH STREET, XL corner of I'ine, passenger ageut? Mr the BUak Ball I. toe oi Liverpool packets Hailing to and from Liverpool on the 1st and ltith nf evh month. Drafts on toe Royal Kauk of Ireland find i a London, payable In every town In England, Ireland and Scotland. In order to guar 1 tlie publta aguiiHt misunder t'trdli k we beg to slain iltal wo are lu no way connected Willi aii.v o'.ber bouse lu this city using the name of Roche; i;n<l we refer, by permission, to the" Most ttev. Archbishop I in ghes, of New York, and Kt Rev. Bishop Loughlo, of Brojklyn. Pleat e recollf ct the name and address. HOCFK BROTHERS * COFFEY, 69 South street, near the Wall street forry. CPKOIAL NOTICE.?' TUB UNDERSIGNED havino IJ ooen absent Irom tha el'y some time, the co'lec'-lon* for tickets to '1j3 festivul of the National Club, on the 8th Januarv last, have been neglected, 1'e-sons having demands against, the .National Club, will Dlcase present them forth with. Thoje who a<-e iu arrears for ti. kct? w! I p'esse make returns as ear'y as convenient. Every do' la - of arre i ages wi;l be paid. BENJAMIN VAN RIPEK, Pre" dent of National Club an.l Chairman cf the Cumuiittuc of Arrangements, 105 Orcli irJ street. The new york and Brooklyn res company, having secu'ed a stock of ice, of a quality superior to that put up by any o'her company this winter, invite independent drivers and shippers to call upon them at their olDoe, No. 261 Brcadway, and make iheii contracts for the ensuing season. GEO. E. SHERWOOD. President. J as. H. Snntcra, Secretary. TO SOUTHERN-ERR, DRINKERS OF CONGRESS WA ter.? We are reliably informed that mineral w iters ua der the name of " Saratoga" water, and salts under the name of " Saratoga'' talte, are extensively imposed upon the pablio In the Southern and Southwestern states, where persons bid ing these articles desire and think they are purchasing "Con gress" water. Ac.; whereas at Saratoga there are waters of :JJ kinds, irom Congress down to ditch water; and the articles tin poeed In this manner on the putlio are mostly artificial com pound, entirely worthless, and of'eu dangerous to parsons do ghicg tlie eltect of Congress water, the effect of them behig MO Uroly diiterwit from that of the genuine Congress water, ire queutjy producing griping pains, vertigo, Ac., sometimes re suiting In serious pt riiianont difficulties, by weakening the d i geu'lve powers, and destroying the tone of the stomach and bowels, ctten rendering o mild case ef ilysp?pdia Incurable? the eBVct being in no wbe different irom that produced by sa line cn'harUcs dissolved in ordinary wa'er ? while Conines* watet prm'.uces neither grjplng or injnrious effect in any caae, however debilitated the patleat may be, It being tonic as well* * turatiie. The Congress spring, as It well known. Is the spring which, during sixly-Uu-'w years past, has bulit up the, repuia tinn or Saratoga, vet some ltave confounded the name of tne spring wttli tliat or ihc place, thus affording the opportunity for swindlers lo foist worthless articles upon tlie public on the strength of the repu atlon obtained by the Congress spring, la ? long wins of years. Thelnjurv thus indicted upon Hie puWc and ourselves is double, for on taking tliese spurious arucles, and (Uidlng either no effect or Injurious etl'eein from their use. they in fmnre refuie tho genuine Congress water, supposing that they have already tried it. i. X. not a xufliolent guarantee of ite genuineness Dial It Is In bottlei and boies, hearing our names, as the old bottles snd lioies are greedily bought up by counts- rfelters for the purpose of flUiug them with their value less article, and selling it aa Congress or Sarstog* water ; buy only of those yrai can rely on? (tongress wa'er and none other ? and be certain thai the cork Is branded, as Is the oork ot every bottle of g?nulne Congi-ess water, vl?. ; " Congress Wa ter? C *W" Ifwithiut these words, It Is a v;.lue'ass, dan Serous counterfeit. As to the compounds called Saratoga pow ers. -artui^ii salts, Ac., they are not only valtelesa, but lain rtous ? not possessing even tlie virtues of the eonwiqji ReliUlt* powders of the shops. That It 1s hnunsdhle to HirtTn^Vigtw wa'er annutally, we have the sutlio.Uy of ihe oclebrttiJ ofiern ist, Sir Humphrey Davy, as foBows " It is linpossloTo to re combine the ingredients so as to make an article of equal qtm. Kty, tlie effects of whleh will be the r?m" as the natural witar ' On writing us, we will send you a list of prices, sizes and paofc ?>g< s; and by ordering from us direct, atitflbstpij draft for the ?ononnt ordered, ytm can have It safely forwaffled to any pari if the world. We reiterate our caution, to buy die genuine t^aasress water only of teuable peraons, antl to examine the IvnrVtfj of the cork brand. CtAlfKF. A WHITE, Con# reus spring, Saratoga springs, ant No. 13 Thames street, New-York city \y OMAN'S HOSPITAL ANNIVERSARY.? THE FIRST Tf annlveiaary of tho Woman's Hospital Association wH lie held at Clinton Hall, Astor place, on Saturd ly evening, Jan. 9, oommencing at o'clock. Addresses are promised from Drs. Francis, Mot', Stevens, Deianeld and Horace Green, of the Medical Board; Rev. Drs. Hawks. Alams. Osgool, All lette and Milburn; also, from several oi out most distinguished eitlzons. 'I he venerable Drs. Mo# and Bond will be present. In person or by letter. The alms of the aseoclatlon appeal to the highest impulses of our nature. I From tho Home Journal. I In every profevion there Is a raeugni/.ed lomllng mtn? one whosa rre einltu nee is so decided that nobody e-vlM it in nues A, I!"W> Who tJ'.ieli the art o:' wrttfnif, Oliver II (loldsnillh la Just iliai Indltputahly pre eminent person an-1 rccognlsied head of the profession. Ct 1 r;h ? HPKCI All Wf lTINil OL.VS^F.^ FOR LAD1RS. I *.)''. MH l'Al '-ii , dei-lror* oi ciiending and bringing tli? benefliof his instrueti m within the reacn ot a't, Is lorm ng rpeetai < at f 1 .10 for ton lessons, ineludlng sialione'j , bookkeeping and arithmetic. Price* reduced. Academies,

2S3 (trand ?(feei, Hew York, and ItlH Fulion street, Brooklyn. INSTRUCTION.? A LADY, WITH A OOOD PRACTICAL education, and capable el taking charge, of the English de partmenl of a seminary or public school, Is denrous of an tm mediate fDfSfit'mi nt, ? itherln New York, Br/> >Klyn, .Irrtey rttv or Hoimken. > '"??? ti'Wi';sn ?Kaae, WiuMu ?>*? UUU AT AUCTIOM. OOl BROADWaY.-BTORE FIXTUEW-HEHRY H. O&X LKEDB A CO., will Mil at auction OB *ue*Uy, F> r> ruary 12, at lo)i o'clock, all thoee eostiy Aud magmdoeu" fix tures- ccun.cra, cutting boards, oixki, rich gill iu chan la Hera, new rosewood pianoforte, olIcloUM, carpvbi, piate uliss mirrors, prate glass show windows, with silver oar, *ash frames, Ac . Ae. Uie property and t>y ordur 01' George P. Kov, lei-nee of ml prrmisas. Also. O. H. KOX'ri recorded leases of Hon. 300, 3JI, iiai^ ao? ;^3 Broadway. tin: in vsici a.n's ( kmti?1s*te. 1 hereby certify ihat Mr. Geo. P. Fox. by reason of debtlt'y ?i. d "io I \ eeiidliion ol the body, 1* i ecoinmended by me to go ttouih lor a period. And I further advise Mr. Koj to abstain from a 1 business transactions, to ihiow oU' ail ea-en iad anxie tiei and loseek checrlul scenes, ?ud to as ocial wl h lively companions. il. F. ()., M, I). Ne w York, 13th January, U66. ALBERT 11. NICOLAY, AUCTIONEER. ? ABSOLUTE ?le of fitteeu yea?V leiw* of the bunding No, 21 Wall it , omarol Broad ALHEaT H. NICOLA Y will Mil on Wednes day, February 13, Itlfci, at 12 o'clock, at die Merch-?nte' Kx change, New York Wall and Uroad *u ?The 16 years' irvex Slredleaee from May, ISM, of the ehgiule premises known as o Q Wa'l street, corner ot Uroad. Condition* of lease are as folio**:? Yearly rout for Uie first Ave years, 12,040, p?va3le CrUrly, and Croton water tax, alter May 1, ltjul, Uiea a t of W;250 per ai num and water tax, aud uie lessee to kneo the building in g od repair. The property now rente for SO, 000 per annum, and cou.d easily be made to bring $8,000. For an Investment nothing eouid be tillered which pa h ?o greet a profit as this lease. Thus an opportunity is pre Milted seldom to be met with, and should be e nbracnd by those seek ing a ?*fe profitable ana perinaneut investment. First cia*s city bonds and mortgages will be taken Tor one half the pur r-bsne money. For full Darticulara apply to ALdKKT U. NICOLA Y, auctioneer, No. 4 Broad it. A LBERT H. HICOLAY, AUCTIONEE R.? V ALU A ULK ii corner lots at Yorkvtlle, ai auction. Albert U. Ntculay wtti ?ell, on Wednesday, Fe>. 13, at 12 o'clock, at the Me> ? chtnta' Exchange, two desirable lots on the uortheaat oorr-r-r of KtoOftd avenue ar4 Klgliy fifth street No lots offer greater inducements as the second Avenue Railroad runs b> thu property. Terms fa?y and title ludleuuiajle. For full uar lleulars apply to ALUKRT U. NICOLAY, Auctiooeer, No. 4 Broad alrcet. Am SBIOMBE'B KaLK.? W. T. BOYD A CO., AUC tlonecre? etore 1U7 William street ? W. T. B. & 0 >. will sell, on Frldav, the lath lost , at lu^ o'clock, the buildings, to gether with the uaae for a term of yeai s ot' the oU on the oor ner of Kortv elchth idrect and Eleventh avenue, now OMOptod aA a lime ard pluHter yard; also, a <inaoUty of lime, planer, cement, Ac.-, a' so. ail the office furniture, desk i, iron lala, tr.; the whole to he sold without reserve, t> not previously dtaiKmed of at private safe. X. NKeBIT, Au'y for Assignee, ?>& liraod'y A CCTION NOTICE. -MORTOAOK SALE OF THE BAL d ance ot stock of a dealer In new and second hand rural tine, comprlflng bureaus, bedsMsils, mat'resscs. chairs, ml ? rors, Ac. PhTKR P*kKB, auctioneer. ?8a va^B x Parks will sell, this day, at 10K o'clock, at their st ire, 314 tlr.udway. au asfcoitinent of nen- and second hand furniture, ot the usual variety. Also, gas chandeliers and lljttiues. Alsu, tfiit framed mirrors, paintings and engraving'. Auction notice.-m. doughty, auittionebr, will sell on This day, at 103 a o'clock, at the auction roums, 27 Centre street, the entire turnltui'o of a family, re moved I t convenience of otic, tanes ry ?n<l H"itssels cs'petfl mabo^any sofas and t hau s, eeuire. plei' and extension (MwH, hedsumds; maii-esKV, mln-ors kltclien utaoslla, coppec pans, cut glass ware, china, Ac. Also, the balince or a ciblnet maker's stock, by order of assignee. :-alo rain or shlna. Auction notice.? w, a, n artkr, ArcrioNEER, will sell tliis (Saturday), at 10 o'clock, at .No. SO Green wich street, lor account of concerned. 2"> bbls emra Sjutheru Hour; 20 dc. prime rice; 10 do. pilot oread and crarkers, par tially damaged on the voyage; dried aoplei, brandy, druggist glass ware, Ac. Auction notice.? tiiomab bell, auctioneer. Hv HELL A BUSH, this < ay, at 10! i o'clock, tn the sales rooms, 12 North William street, the balance stu^k of ? genera) dry giKrds store aud millinery articles; also a fine lot ot clothing, hosiery and gentlemen's furnishing guoda, trimmings, needles, buttors, thread, ribbons, delaines, alpaca, p.ipliis, linens, ladleb' hats, ball ornaments, jewelry, taucy articles, line watchep, and other goods. At 12 o'clock, by order of the Mar sliiil. furniture, flue wardrobe, jota, ten eoaah beds'eaiU, and oilier articles, for cash. One gold lever watcn, two show ciue.M, Ac. Auction notick.-j. bogart, auctioneer.? by k. Bogart, Jlotiduy, at 10>| o'clock, at tie auction room*, corner Franktort and W 11 Ham strei'is,Cou?table's -a'e of house huld lurniture, coutisiing of the usual variety ot parlor, bed room and kitcoen furuliure. Auction bale at ping sing-on kijbbuary 16, at 12 o'c'ock, on the prcmLes, a neit coitage of ten ro juis, and one otiartei* aero of hind, la the noiiheaiterfl part ot the vlilaue flr'.een minutes' walk from depot. Terms, t?n per ceut on day ol' Bule, J1.000 on mortgage, residue BY l;nWARD 8CB?NCK, AUCTIONEER.- EDWARD 8CHENCK will fell at auction this day, at 11 o'clrwk, it his salesroom, 15 Wall street, a urge invoice of gold watcher, dlomouds and jewelry, comprising watches of all kinds, dli mntids, and an assortment ol liuhlonabls jovelry. Kale per emptory, for ca?h. DD. NASIT, AUCTIONEER, NO. 208 BROADWAY.? ? Mortgage sale of sMe'. sweeping mac Jlues. on M imlav, Feb. ifi, at II A. M., In Eighteenth Mreet, betweeL Seventh ami Eighth avenues, consisting of 11 pairs wlieeln, 2d o?rt?, 27 machine carls, li sweeping machine t, 3 dirt carts, 3 wa'er e i-ls. 23 cart boxes, 14 cart box covers, 32 nets cart harness, 9 horse collars, a lot or shovels and forks, 4 br dies, 4 pair haraes, and a lot of hlacksmllh tools, consisting of anvils, bellows, suv^bf and dies, vices nnd benches, drilling machines, portable force, aud a large quantity of old iron. EXECUTION SALE OF HOBdEH, Ac? .JOHN W. Pi MERINDYEE, auctioneer, stire No. 20 North Wlllla.u street, will sell this day, at 10 o'clock, at No. 201 Ninth street, bv virtue of an execution, six norse >, three coaches, three sau ol harness, butfalo robes, Ac , Ac. JOHN B. FARRINGTON, Countable, G1.0R0E COOK. AUCTIONKER.? THIS DAY, Saturday ; at 10% o'clock, .'it No. 100 Broadway, between Pine at,d V alt streets, <?? large and fashionable (Uick of furniture, manu factured expressly tor Broadway trade, comprising, iu pari, rotewood parlor miles, sofas, lookers, ehvrs, lllriry bonk cases, bedsteads, bureaus, waslistands, marble top eeutre, tide, ler ncd fancy taolee, extension dining do.; enamolle.l chaTi er furniture; miittressea, paillasses, bolsters and pillows; oval and pier glaises, Ac. Catalogues now ready. IMPORTANT TO LUMBERMEN.? ASSIGNEES' SALE OP valuable real eatalc, at Zilwaukle, Sarlraw on., Mlcblg*u. Tbe following described property will be dispoaed of at ptibllo auction, by W. 11. FRANKLIN A SON, at the Merchant-.' Kx change, In the city of New York, on Thursday, the aith ot Feb ruary, lbfiti. at noon, unless previously disposed or at prlvaie aaie, by order of ibo asiignees. First? One large steam s-i v ini) 1 . known as the Cing or Mammoth mill, about :>0 by 13ft, tn eluding a gang 01 21 saws; two muly Paws, w th sidlni; and edftaff machines; engine room about :?j liy 70 feet. The who e driven by the most powerful engine on the rirer. Se:ond ? The mil: known an ilio Shepherd mill, of about 42 by 64 feet, con sfstirf ct two muly saws and edging machines; this mill ? Mid to be equal to any mill of lte size on the SatWaw river; both ot the above nuilxaie in good repair, with larije aud eommodlou" wbhrfs, lumber curs, i all wavg, booms, la fkc.t ill tbe necessary appolnmcnlg ot llrsL class mills. The above nulla were in opera tlon lor about three or lour months the last season, and "gave tbe utmost satlsfuc'lou In regard to the quantity and quality ot lumber cut. Tbird ? About 400 village lot i in the village of Zllw ankle. In which there is a Urge hotel, 40 by 00 fee', two Bh rles high; a new shire, 49 "by ti<) feet, oiUce- aud boarding house, and u number of other dwellings to acoommodito the families of those employed in the mill*, and the general busl ness v.antfl of the place. ZilWniikle is sl'iived on thn left bank ol the faaflnaw, fourteen miles Iroin its mouth, and live miles below die county eeiit oi' Saginaw county, with which It is enu necied by a good road. 'J'iie location i? considered bea'ibr; leas sickness has prevailed In that than any other village on the river, according to the popuia inn, since Its settlement; it is a: the heed ol navigation for loaded ressels b mad from or tn 'bu lukef, and is considered one ol the be- 1 coin's for inanufactu ling of lumber ou the river. Alan, about not) acres ol good fanning laud on Cnas river, In Tuscola county. For further paitkuTara apply to i>r, CllAKI.KN r. DI8BROW, (Cast Sagi liaw, Michigan, or ROUT. CaRNLKY and ALIOX. M. LAW It KNUK, Assignees, No. 11 South William street, New York. JOIIN ILOYD, AUCTIONEER, 15 NASSAU STREET, Con tnon wealth Building. ? John f.loyd A Sons will soil, at suction, on Tuesday, Feb. 12, at 10, 'j o'clock, all the house hold furniture contained In house H.VJ Broadway, consisting or ttjbbogany chairs, tete a teles, marble lop tables, curtains and cornices, lookini! glasfes, mahogany French bedstoads, bed ding, marble too buieav.s, washi-'ands, ca-petlng, Ac. Cata logues will bo ready tbe day previous to sale. J MORI ARTY, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL, THIS ? day, at 10 o'clock, at 173 Chatham square, a large as s- i tmeat ol second hand furniture; also, from manufacturer leaving the city, a large assortment; also, oue mangle; a lot of drj foods, cutlcrj , feather beds, minora, clocks, and 200 b>xes sardines, , Tunis morrelt,, auctioneer.? pealkrs oppor unity to purchaEO lurnlture, Ac.? This (Saturday) morn inp, ?tllt)a o'clock, at 81 Nassau street, c:msisltng o! 'a>'2>! Trench plate mirror, oral glasses, oil paintings, rosewood ano mr.hoganr bookcases, bureaus, wasbttands, cent o a:,d sofa tsMen, lete-a (eteiq easy, rocking and parlor ch ili s; suporlor ro.-ewood planolirte, pure fcalr mattretses, be<h. e.icU, w*r,l r.ibcs, wlas, extension dining tables, iron safes, oountlng desks, port it le de.sks and lancy boxes Also, ic-^inl hand articles from family. To be sold without reserve. Not any underbidding. Thomas veitch, auctioneer? stor,-: no. hi Spruce street ? Sheriff's sile of piauoe. rises, lumber, *e. ? ihls duy, (Saturday,) February 9, 1W0, at 10 A. M.,iu. the auction rooms, consisting ot planus, eases, legs, veneers, lumber, Ac. H. CKOMBY, Deputy Sheriff. THE LRCTUHE SEASON. IOWEI.I. LECTURES IN NhW YORK. -REV. MR. J Milburn's fifth lecture on the "Mlaaisslpnil Valley, Manna in the WllderneBs; or The Old l'reachers and lueir Preaching," postponed on Thursday evening, on accouut of the sudden ill nessof the lecturer, will be delivered on Monday eveulug, Ken. II, at 8 o'clock, P. M. I>oora open at 7 o'clnek. 1 1 '.ko'.-i, 2f>cenle, for aaln at the principal bookstores, ai the Librarian's desk, Mercantile Library, and at the door. VyF.W YORK, FEB. 1, 186fi.- PROF. ELIE CIIARLIER:? i.1 Pr.Ae Sin- The undersigned, hiving heard tint jou con templated the preparation ol ac-mr^e of lecture i on d's'ltiguish cd Fjench women, respecthi ly request you to deliver a series on i-o liiier?stli'g a subject, and one which you are so well adapted to diM USrt before the public, at such time and plica as win beat sin' jour convenience. Yours, Ac , Howard Crosby, Bcnj. N. Martin, Gorhaan O. Abbott, Isaac Peri ls, Wm. R. Kenw'ck, S'epheti H. Zyug, Chas. Kiug, Wm. Bcrrlau, Ww. Adams, Horatio Allen. Naw Ynita, Feb. 8, 18!WV ClMi.r.MF.!<? I thankfully acknowledge the rerfipt <* your invitation to deliver a course ol lecture1" on distinguished French women. It will give tne great. pi*asuro to conform to your kind request during thn present m 'nth. Respectfully yours, ELIE CH.VRLIRR. lo Prof. II. CHoear and others. tiik n a i.i j Grand fancy and civic ball -at tiir rh quest of ids fi lends and the public, M. PKRACHIO will *!vn 111 ,lle ("y Asaembly Rooms, on. Wednesday eve nlnf, February 20, 1R>6. Tickets, a imutmg a gentleman and Jaoy, W; ext>a la/ly's ticket. II. A splendid band will attend. Tickets for sale alius Broadway. EXPRESSES. FRMMAN a CO'S RXPRESB? FOR CALIFORNIA, Orrgon und Sandwich Ialanda, Ao.-Onrneil expross, is shove, vi:i .* Icarapia, will be despaUilmd r?r steatner Star of die West, on haturday, ffebrnarv 0, at .'t o'clock P. M , In clurgr of a special messenger. FREtuM AN A CO , S0 Broadway, PAC IFIC EXPRKSS COMPANY 1^4 BROADW V Y? FOR (nllf rnla, Oregoii. Sandwich Id* d< and Chlni, this day, Fc b. 9, per steamer H'ar of the Weat, via Nicaragua, at " o'clock. In eh irge of a ?peel?l ire?s<"uer. FrcUht aud sni'Vll parcels rccelvtd uutll 'lie latest moment Initsrs, tint! 2', P. M._ WM I IK A U? _Agou^_, UlU'otdway. ri aw ci yet hcape an ?c w. * ADODWORTH'S PRIVATE DANCINa ACADEMIES, ? No. 800 Broadway, New York; No. I.'T7 Montague olac ?, Bro. klyn, are r-nw opeo for i>a acts in Piiflls c*n cuiutiwn ?? at ary time. Circulars ejpialnlr-g lime and terms oan be h 1 1 al the a< adctnlca. DANCINO ACADEMY. ? M'LI.F. r'ABOMNE VRZIF.N'fl Dancing Academv. No. 21 Howard street, la now open lor the season. Classes meet for the InatruHion ol" ladle* and gentlemen, at 3 o'clock P. M., and at 8 tn the erealn" tor imtt:cc Cr.uid Mwwia every oainrtfaj eveclnj pigr ct?i* imUflONf WAITED. ARESPKCTa 4LB FRENCH WOMAN W18HB8 A 8ITU aikm, m child's nurse. Inquire At 76 5U? a venue, troo? o tf o'clock. ABE8PB0TABLE VOUNG GERMAN LADT WISHES a all nation in an American family, to wall on gro to ohtkdren, or to do light cuawberwork unit sewing. Best cf rc ftrei>oea given. Inquire at M Wt..iam at. , room M. A SITUATION WANTED? BV A MiPlOTABUi . j oun# Pmtestant woman, to Co the ch un >er?vO' it or -be J in uaework of a small pnv?ie lirmiy 1* a go?d aiuy and 1 inner Kent of city rtiereuce. ?. all a1. .W 1'iuicc street oi the fc>i>aeiueni, Brooklyn. A PERSON 18 D KM ROUS OP A HI TUATION TO TAKi? charge of a cake oakery, who uud?r-,taod? oraamaiiing tnd Iceing well, alao paatry. Apply utlu2 Howry. A PROTESTANT GIRL, 16 YEARS OM), WANTS A siteMlon, to do rhawberwork, or tni ml euiidreu' wages not ho much an object aa a percnaneut hom Gall for uu<j week at No. 2 Delanc-ey at., curner Bowery. A PROTESTANT OKRMAN GIRL WISHES A blTUA* lion as chambermaid, plain sewer and to do houieworn, lu a ?muli private lanilty. Pieaae call at Hi Sullivan s1., tir. tloor, 1or three i!ay?. ? A YOUNG AMERICAN GIRL WiSilES A SITUATION, Jx to atiend in u fancy aloxe. Relurence given If required Apply at aws W. 21 at at. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTED, A.S c.bam ei msld and waller, in a small family; she mail as sist In washing and ironing. N?ne but those liavi ug gojd City reference need call. Apply at 54 Doinluick at. A FRENCH GENTLEMAN AND HIS LAOY ffHU FOR an engagement to aUmid to a sure, the geuu'eman is wt 11 veiacd In the confectionery line, aegara and un-y g -ofls, and the lidv in military, Ac ; they both speak bngiUh and Spanish; they have resided in lata oily tor tiie last three y ears, ard will give the beat reference!. Addreis P. E., Broadivuy Poet office. AN AMKRICAN YOUNG MAN Wants a SITUATION an porter In a store, or to drive a h u se and wagou. Good referf nee as to honesty given. Please address D. >1., Herald office. AN INTELLIGENT YOUNG MAN, FORMERLY CLERK In a mere. .utile bo.isr, with unexceptionable city reU-r ences, wishes any kind of employment, where he can make himself generally uselul. First salary no objec-.. Callat or ad dress Dr. LlarotL'a office, 70 Franklin street near Brotnlwftv, from 3 to 7 P. M. Bookkeeper.? the advertiser is desirous of meeting with a sltutthm lu the ab >ve capacity, or ai cor responding clerk, be has had several years' experience in keeping books; Is thoroughly conversant wiih th? French and BllgMiy with the Spanish language, and can produce lite best testimonials bom Lis last employer. Address X. i. Herald office. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, as cook or cook,w?sherand Irouer ; she i< an exce lent broad baker, and a very good laundress. o objections to go in the oountrv. Can furnish good reference, Pieaae call at or ad dress No. 24 Third avenue. TO FARMERS ? TWO REfPECTABI.B AND JNTELLl gent boys, juat from s shool, aged 15 and It! years, are desirous of learning farming. Their parents wiil apuracUoe them U> a respectable farmer; uo object! m (a Hie Western States. Address, stating conditions. box Ml Herald office. TO THE MERCANTILE COMMUNITY. -A GENTLEMAN, thirty years of age. who speaks the French, English ai.d Spanish languages, ana has travelled in a commercial caoaclt v, tfcroughont the West Indies and South Amet ici, bein,' aoout io return to those countries, wishes an engagement as traveller, ?or 4 respeciable foreign bouse of this city; has the hen re ference. Addtess A. 1$. , care of Mr. Leroy, chemist mi drug gist, 791 Broadway. rpo MOROCCO MANCFACTURER8 AND IMPORTERS A o? skin*.? Watted, an engagement, by a practical man having a (Borough knowledge of manufacturing In city or coun try, eotild select stock, seU, rack, Ac., Ilnlsh in stor?, sjid ire paie goods for market. Heit ef reference given for honesty and ability. Address Morocco, Broadway Post office. TO UPHOLSTFRER8 AM) FURNITURE DEALERS. ? A salesman at d mnnager jt tea yo-irs' eiperleti'-e in a tirs; clrtss establishment desires n situation. Hpe?ks tCngH^h, French and German. No objection to any part of the Union. Unex. ceptlonable references. Address kor 3,170 Post offtie. WANTED-A SITl'ATION, BY A RFSPECTA UI.E Wf: man, rs a first rale cook; can mako jellies and pastry J has lived el*ht years iu her last place; go id rel irencei. At) ply at (19 2Jlh at, , between Cth and 7 th aveuues, in the rear, ft>r two days. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY AN AMERIJA.N L4.P who re* <le with his parents. 17 years of age. In nn in . por'tting or commission house. Salary not so mucn an objeel as a fiertnanent situation. Address A. B. 0., Herald office. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN. AS TT wet nuree; good relercnee given. Apply at io7 Ew ? Itlih st fun be aeeu for hvo days. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY AN AMERICAN Wo man, lo do the general housewo k of a s null private I'amll v, or lo do cooking, wa-dmig and Ironing. Can be aesn until Monday, ut 11 Bedlortl St. WANTED.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, WIIO HvS lost her Infant, wit-ties io take one to her own liousu to wetnttrne. Inquire of Mrs Goodwin, 330 Dili at., any d.c,v liii week or the forepart ol next. |I7"ANTED? A SITUATION. Bf ANAMKRICAN YOUNG vT girl, as seamstress; understands <1 ?ensm-ikiiir. Please call at tiio I'Mldence of her present employer, 4;t't Second in e nua, cone i of Twenty seventh street. WANTFD? BY A YOUNG GERMAN GIRL, WHO speaks the Kngllsh language, a sltuaiiou, as nur*e and ceamrtiess, or ehambernmld and seamni ' ess, lu a family in ?ending to go 'o (..'alliornla. 8 he understnnds dressmaking and every kind of sewing. Apply at 4^ fUiaton e1., o. adii-ess W. X., Broadway Poet ollice, lor two days. TTTANTED-BV A YOUNG MAN, TWENTY-ONE YEAR* if of age, a situation as bookkeeper or clerk, lie is per fectly well qualified to take charge el a set of books by double entry, and his the bc-'t of reference #<< to a thorough kmw If dge of tie vooation and general deportment. Adclres" i'nme aiaiely, II. 8. P , Herald office. WANTED-A finUATIOF, IN A WHOLESALE STORE, b> a young man, who Is willing tj mi-ko him<elt gene rally ufeful; geod reference given. Any one wanting >uo!. pleuse address .1 . B., Herald i lUce. WANTED? A SITUATION, AS OUT DOOR CLERK', porter, o: it. any respectable c.jpscily, by the. subscriber, who ean give 'l.e best references as to lit- ability, Ac. Mo-le rate wsj/ea v. <11 be no objecfleu a' , rcsi>iit. A lina adlreaava ,o40i Allantlc h . Brooklyn, will be thank, ally attenJe ! to. THE TRADES. AGRRVAN OARHFNEP.. A WIN'U.E MAN, W1NT.; A situs 1 ? ? With a R<m!einau vsbo Weeps a greenhouse or fori suk Km ? . FInn addreu Jo* pt? UcrnM(tr, caro ot MUhhInm Rkq., Aibati;. . AOBIM PP.TNTBR V "? NTT.D ? FO 11 SATINETS; A coaeiu vn will lltd a g.oJ jo'> a' ) Oreenirlciift o. w. wrofir. M TO HOPS ? ATPKNTRRB.-A GOOD, STEA f>Y. healthy youth, li years old, Is 1e4rou? o'.' indenturing himself to Huiie maiter carpenter in thUclty, Brooklyn or Jer sey City, wtere be could obtain a : iunwlr-irf" of Uie business; !tai worked one year a'. i>. Any boss in want of rtich may address J. A. 1}., Hot aid office, a id it will resell e Immediate att< uilor, "\J) ANTED?A SITUATION, AS OtRHEN'ER, BY A 1 V jounfj man who has hsd a lunjr ?ud pi nctletl eipartenne in the management of hot and cold vlncrit , stove-*, gre *.n hontea, flower, fruit ar.d vegetable garden, Ae. Advertiser has hnd nearly sixyears' evperlatice In this ountrjr, end pre viously oervod Ms lime In one of (he Vet horticultural sehoo's In Europe WU1 leave his present slfuati o on tho tl.vt of March. Address W. J. R., Wesieheater, N. Y. IITANTBD? A .TOCRNrTM ? V B VRHPR; MUST I'NDKR iV stand his business thoiciugbly. Hlghe-i! wa^ea given and s'enuy fmplryruent; muni sp: ak good ti gllsh. Apply a' 7?'i Hoiuton stiect, near Cannon, TA/ANTF.P-A SITUATION, AS GARDENER, 11 t a t t ilng'e uian, who luif hnd uvcuty >eir*' txpwleneo in all lis branches In ibis country. Iiest or referem < if iwi ulred. Please ca 1 on or address 1'. M.,c*rcot Alfred iridjman, florist, corner ol E'shie-tuh street and Broadway. TV ANTKP-SIK RPICE OH TOBACCO TALKERS, 10 Tl pack a similar artlc'e. Also feyera! aetiv- ??le imr.n, to sell u i.eiv article to grocers; ru'es rapid. Call a; 143 Cherry mrect, b moment. 8' EDICATIO^. >TATR AND NATIONAL LAW St HOOI., POUCH ? kc i*!e, New Voik. A i nn s\'<tem; training In the prac ice ? l'b courts, witnesses, juries, kc. ; extemporaneous speak tuif (lul 1 1 ; protest limal badness taugh'. JNt at term o. Miimen'es mi (he Ath of May. 6" on Henry ilu<ah, an eminent lawyer, has accepted a prolesso. ship. J. \V . Kow'.t r, Kaq., oratorical ptofe'sor. Testimonials:? "Mr. Fowler is the most accomplished orator ror.h of Mason A l.ixon's line."? Henry Clay, "tho ti lain arrl arguments and general speaking of his puplU are truly wonderful."? Boston Journal. Sy ten Improved I'e grees of ltachelor oi conierred. Soud lor o.?'JUivtie to J. U. Folic t. THE MILITARY. PMB MAlilK Gt7ARn.-OOMPA.Vir OBDSft KO, ? . The members of this corps aro hereby ordered t>> me" a' headquarters, lion-ton street, ccreer of Crosby, on. Sunday, February 10, at 3 n'c>ork In the afternoon, to Like action on thj deutlioi Mr. OrvUle C. i'e Voe. <!EO \V. JACKSON, Commaidan'. HISCKJXAJVKOtS. 048 ?>?' A Art ? WANTFO TO r,')AN, |t'?,400, IN hUM3 TO i(i)n,TUU< suit, on sho I ti.n : gi*?l a id tanglt-.n s?>n?ity iriiuli ed? gold watches, diunoBd*. iewov-y, alive-- ware, plar.OH, tlrai hmds and mi, Jte. l'art!i>fl U..aied lioc ral.y. Apply to O IlafcDMAN, 10 linrc'jiy itrott, live doors faom the AstOi1 llo ise. BROADWAY.- TWH BU1TF.B OF I'RONr HOOM< on fcci.nd aad Ihlid tloo we I fm.iiyhe 1 au l liavn ? limy be b id with ti !i Soir.l. \>?o, one good ro-jm to- ' i gle gontienen. Dinner at a o'clock. iqn FBANKI.IN STRCTT, CORNER OP VASICK.-A .lOv" nicely fn.-nlthed frcnt room.sni iible :nr agtntleman ?ud wife, or lor n aiaglc getiUem%n. lte'e-oncee re.i'ilrc.l APARI.OR AND B' DROOM, OR 1ASOE PARLOR and boa d for a lady, wanted, where tbsi-e are iinn-1 bcardera, we?i nl Broadway and below Fourth s'rw. Toi ni nnift be moderate. Pay wenkly, in odyano. AddiOM Ind-j ; eiidtnco, lie a'd oliiea, stuir % terms. L1ABMR FOR BALF.. -FIFTY IlKATtTIFlfL FARE'S IN r Orange county, v. ith every (acblty tor t!io dairy Ou.u :-s. Also, a large runib-r of other fa> vis, IVo.n te i to thlr v u : e< from >ew Voi k. Also farina ami country seats, to exchange for>ewYoik < r liroikljn proputy. Priteafiom to Hi to ia. C. H. Oi,I\ *P., Sixth aveinir raiuer riirUo'h stie?.. LI ASl A?l) t IX1TKKS OFIjlORL 135 5PRI|I<) tiPBEdir f u> sate, w; h Inir.ediato poss.'.^M >n A ti- t r.i'-. in. i ? rtfj good-i, laving <io ie a successful btu'uei* for tttri? < **r<. Ap i|y at 197 Rprli.g a'.rcct. O Tf RK TO L^.T-WJTn IHMi;r?IATfi I'.j. K:l?'ON. OX O the cotw r of Ctar'e* and Oreeowlen revn. A iir<i itj Klaud for a tea s ore, aroti ry uicicbant, t iilo. or drv i^xi ? Apply at 107 spring street. CAMD61 SALTRnKrW RKMKOY. O Siillersis fi-rm c 'i , ' v. c.upllve dl o .st?, 'happi 1 b i.U ano skin, should Bl oi rem it to this vnliuble rn^lio're wnk'o Wl'l sMedl'y re'.'tye tbe worst symptoaa of Umsi dlatreaainf complaints, ana In a btlel ^ period c mplcie a i I'l tlciire '. re pared and iOid by A. II A 1>. S IND1 DtanfUtf. No lip FuU^n alr^ . TIIOSP WIBniNO. A LIU UT, IN DOOR BU.sI N l',SS wheieby a good living can b" mida, a'id asaulloipll U lemdred, may apply a? 11 I'eck slip, up staira. TO LKT AND POPS KSSf Off OIVRN IMWEI>UTF;r.r ? The t?"e? "lory hrlek honae and store. Mo. 1 III U .'Mil St., 2d house W?wt in hiu?l )f.-y L .. . | gtm. Ax-pU tott MOl,?iAX,IMflm4wv. I utr VAfiw. LA 1)1 WANTS A FIlHT KaTB JTDRHB aXD BBatf. sti em. Call immediately at Mo. 87 IWiy sliibsu-ee;. A HERMAN GIRL WANl!1 D? IH A PRIVATE FAMILY* J\. to oook, wash anil iron ; must be a good plain c?k, ?4 WW her Aid IrenerJaU'i und.-rnaud Kagiiah. Apply at BO W?et ?tb hl , between tSrn aud 7 u avenuta, eighth aoor west ?l(Ua . TbDUet. ADRCG OLPRK WANTBD.-tlN* THOROUGHLY AC gnawied with '.be reuil hnslaaee, a id can cone weil re. omiuriided from ber lasi,e/, may address B.J. E, It. i aid (Be '? _____________ Aman wakted-to encuok in a light, plba sant lii'l. or business. must bare $6 10 f Id oapiial. *111 be found au eicelieut opp t unity for a smart man to re al! le 912 to f.".0 a week. Apply at No. 6 Catharine street, reo-a No. 9, up iia.n). A GENT WANTED ? A OBNTLBMAN TO ACT AS J\ ug at and conduct the fur a Judy who inteaaa stvlni a series of 3bi>k?(.r*an readings in Philadelphia, Bos ton and Niw York. ..ddress tor three days Oewkn, Brcadwajr I'nnt ?Aic wi'h i am*, r?feren?e<, Ac. .'cm need answer Ucle^H ..bit io glveihe hUues: ie> umontal* a* to character, ability, Ui'Lthty, Ac. BOOKKEEPER WANTED- ONE WHO HAS A TBO rougli pra. ii. al km. *le<i:;e of oook keeping in all Ite detai>, aiwlls earera), qmck and correc* Kalarv mnet be moderate. Good city reierences required. Address boa 4896 Poet e*0?>. CARVER AND 0T8TBR MAN WAXTBD-ONB WHO understands carving ar.d oo^nlug ovstere. He jBnet Uiorouchly understand butn branch* < of the fcnalne*, led fdT ir Auplj at tbe lTnio? Hottl* 277. 279 and 2fcl Hudson street. DfcUG TLERK WANTFI-ov":. WHO IS THOROUGHLY competent. Appiy at 927 3d avenue, between 69tt> aid Mb f>t*>. RY GOOD? 8ALE.SMA* W aNI'ETj.? APP1.V AT 26# Gi etnwicb street. D Lithographic cglorists w astro. -girls Ac customed to working in Inula in*, preferred. WIUuuc aoc'i, SID Pullec st , Brooklyn. SALESMAN WAMtD? IN A WUOUWaLB PAPER harglngt store; ot>8 C'i'i*tnl?d with the butlnoee pre* tVrred. Address box i 628 Poet .-.fliee. stating quan ucutone and untile oflasi Muployer. r MILLINERS? AN BXPtSRIEVKDIT-LLIVBRWANr. ed, a: oOO Fmi'ih ???. Apply from 11 A. M. to 6 P M. rpO TEACTIERP.-Ti-E SITUATION OF PRXBIDIN.? 1 leacher of the branches, In ? young ledlets' sebo" ', will be vacant February It). M ar;' ttOu and eoarc. Addreaa A. ll..boi 414, Philadelphia 1'o.t oClte. TV ANTED? A NEaT TIUY U1HL, TO DO TEE WORK * T ef a small l'am'.ly. including tiie washing: ouc who eaa ?ew ptele.'fed. Api'iy tola lu.iriiiug at 170 Hiree'. tTf ANTED? A GOOD ? ASHP.R AND 1BOVFR. CKB u who will make ber-elf gene aiiy useful can tlud a eitu ation by calling at Xt .-ibingdou ptace. WANTET!? A FROTKRTaNT WOMAN', AB OOOK, ONB who thoroughly under tands ber buslnew, and &ui br'.i < uncepiWuisile ' itv refnien ? as to chai ucter and uapablli Jg may apply at 66 Troy s ., beiwjen 9 and 12 u'oiuci ?-ANTR])-A YOI'NG WOMAN, A8 NURS)1! i*B T? FeainatreM, in a small private timily; one who nooer stands the care of a vounir bahv. Oiry refenwe requked. Call lor two days al 28 7th urenue, between 12th and liib sta. WANTED? ONE GIRL. TO WORK GROVER A VT1 Baker's sewutg machines; ulso, one for baat in*; a>?o, one fur caps Apply at ivi 9th st., between ?vist'?a B and 0, first Moor, back room. TI^aNI ED- SEVERAL GrRl-S, l'O -EW ON MANTih T T las; good hands cat. have constant woin ?nd good wacos. Applr ai 28 Orchard et. YJT ANTED? GIRLS TO WORK ON M -NriLLAB, FIRfT tT rate hands only t,ood wiigt-s aud eoiuitan'. work. ker U, TV ANTKD-A GftOD COOK, WaSHPR A*D 1 BONER; Tf must excid in the e departinru d, asd oe wklttng to t?ko charge of 'ae dlilng riom. Mus' hare Huperio- r^eoo.meud a itons. Sunn, and 110 other, may suplv, this day only, between 9 and 1 o'clock, a'. 296 West 20th TV ANTED- A GOOD PROTEFT AST 03 COLORED If cock one cai able of 'ak tw entire oliar^c of the cookJnit In a small b >tr<llnK bou>e; aisn, u g< oil launX'esa. Ap{>ly at 7iTt est Tw enty :nird street, :ur Uiree dtya. 1X7" ANTED ? A RESPECTaWLE G1BL, TO DO THE 0R r t ncral work o: a .sma'l family, mun be a good plain cc-*. a good washer ami iroutr, n-al au : Oteaa, and ;oire well re commended. Apply at 27 Morris ?t., Jersey City. TI7 AJiTKD IMMKDI VTRLY? ONE HDNDRMD GIRI.S. TT to do embroidery und tamhour work onafk goods, Noi.o but Pipert haudi ncci app y at 369 UraLd st. W A NTED ? TMMSDI ATELY. 80 FIRST R \TE MANT1L TT la inakers; conMani employ meat wtu be given to good hands: aone others n.'ed aeply at 10S t^anul st., w?i tiory, over Rosenblatt's lai.oy store. T\" \>TRD ? AN AMKRIOAN OR KSGI.TBH WDKA'f, V T to acfcUr sn Invalid lad:- tvud uo plain sewing; good rtie rence requued. Apply atth? l)ey Street House, 91 Dey st. TIT ANTED ? TWO RESECTABLE TIDY OIRIfl, 0HJ5 TT ?s jook, washer aud irouer; the other as nur*e abd l? sew. bu?t come well recommended and on *i un^ and obHg ? Inp. German girls pre'erred. Apply, between !0 and 14 o'< lock, al 84 ChriiU>i>oer au TV KT NURSE WANTED- ' tiBALTHY WOM*!*. C*1 TT r^spccuoie character, nbo l.'wt a trrsh brea t ot milk and has lost ber child, may *pp'? at 77 'J", la on strte^ Brook and has lost ber child, may ?pp lyn, or at ?? bro.tdway, N. Y. TVANTl'D-A COLORED W.'.MAN, \B OOOK OVB TT whpperV-i.y winiersta a- be> bu?1 ew may app.y ai 146 Ninth it., near Broadway , l-asejiew door. TV ANTED IMMEDI VTHLT-PVPSOVfl OK BOl 1>IX? TT to ,e?n. a beauUtuI art, omy thre-i w-..j|ui diseovereJ; pays fS arid upwards a day profit s?4e? ie In town ac<l city In the llintud Stnie?; cm be do- o m rou' r. ra trwm. For leims of iratldOR and cpeeiioen* of tot a_*L apply in .^ereoo at the office, 44 Fiudsoi: st., tlrti floor. TV A v TWO FOUR AOKNT8, WHO CO* G1VKGOCD TT reierercc, lor 2,'j :nooll'. ?; iwo ni-t-i be we 1 acquainted In New Voik _ity, and t*o "-el! uc; .. doled lr broek.yn. Ro ntnteratlon $600 ?ach >o capital required Por addrers C., mdHim iiuu Ho is.', fioi lirotdway, or appiy ia person from n to !> A M., or m*'a 6 to 7 P. M . TTT ANTED? IN \ RETAIL I.llY GoOPS 8TORE, I>f tT Br'?d?u>, a llratrate ?al(wmHn, o-e who baa a pe'fect ki.0M.icd, . ot i. .1 Je dep'irtmcuis, ario ;s ncc'ialated with u.e Broadwi-y tia^'e, ail c.mid i?te m piei't .n of first clerk. Cnquetllcnable m'.aretieeti requlnd. /id -*?s. with real name nod iclVr.uces (u'tie hers wi ; Ve uc.a.ed# boi 1,7 <1 Post ( 01. e. TV AN ' .-.i'-A BOOKKEEPER. 8\T.R3KA>' AND PCR ?? irr IB r. llnU 0 irrpo'itng vine. A noto eneloelne f , and dlr*C?Cd 111 iliutw Po?l oflltv -srlll r?( . re ut+C'.M'. Mot.f j .?( turned unlets tin' ?ppUt'tc! If ai tep'c ? TX NTvn-A f"'RA nr M t H, T ") T A H m et glr.e and roast cofiee. 4 Stiofc oti'v letter tc hot 2 . t J Boat oflice. w TjlTANTFi)? A SMART YOVJNG M vN AB'Jflf PfU'ti. Ft teen o a<i hteen jet * old. in a whol'aalg and -els t m lincry e?U;iiliabmeiit; one prelVrei who hss mn inaMBA Mit'iier-r before. Uood city releJMtice requlreu. Airly ?i W. Opcnhjtu i, 21 iiiviiduu at, TP ANTED- TWO II BIT, IN* A BCS1N*J>3 HV WuIClI Tr itey can make lo CtC v" vetto. clear of eatwafe*; aUo one nl'h a o.?llt*l of #103, lo take ch -rt-r of ?o old em*, bliffced bii?lin f,h; iry $4ii i tw m in-'Ji. H'rr p?ru; ?4?r?, ?p ply a: .134 Btoidn ur, room No. II, up aWors. TyV.NTKP-A BOY. ABOI T Tb'IRTEilJI OR FOUK. TT teeiijeaiit old, lo,icam auJ u-.n*nen.k pn?t' r. Mutt ti It k -ptilBM-iis of drmvlng. .to . aid Ni *'.lt|iw ;o "uil ihdn -oiveH 'i> !e.arti tio trade. appl? a'. fi"jer * OrabaM'a e?(*ti!l5fnj?i nr. M and 97 Wuare ir. IA>sr AJVD VOVXD. Iokt? a promissory note made py ahptim ? J Co., and payable to 'he Older oi Jaron B. Uoeruoa, da"\l Jan 19. twomonlh? alVr 4?t?, foi ? 1,000, was Vnt jastertltc, the t'.i h Ui?t. ThJ public m o cnu'.d c?i(Ote?' ,.g e->d note, as Jit payment be on itc;>ped. Losr-nn ct? iswT., M*ni>o.s avesc w, rr we- n 1 wenty eight!' *:.<! 7 hi. *??<#??, a pair o' ?. 1 1 tbnuiider wUl be rcward?4 on lotvinrf ivu it. Si Mndifioti avemi-j. IOff-OX THURSDAY. THE 7TH I>'BT . RBrWFT if J fcJmoiiI.ioS Ho'r', Wil'inm ? >ee: an.l N . Wai h a citfr iurd iving p't'f-\ Any ?oe llo<! lt.(r I', and rtt'waag Uto Hatrucl 8mlih'?otice, '16 iVi'l ?trc?*, *J1 oe ?uitabJj ? warded. ? ivsT-iv i:irr srftPKT A oraww bv jor.-* Lj i on.nh, wtoitd to our oraur, dated ?ept 2, 1HM, at hia monlhff, flit *.'1 a, }.%_ I ?>(? h t ,;i tirlffital < k>? note i-, wlthimi rain#, am t'rir ??? hwtoc hi>"ti "topped The flrw. ? er will receive a reward; tf 1 8<i uii cii. hj ?nvtnt; It at Uie effire. PATfESO.V t PFt'-K, lol front Kre?i H?WARD<I. dfO RT^WA.TP ? l.OPT, OK WEOHESDAY, BETWFKW T1' 1^4 Rasi l l.i1 leenlii jiref' tuid i turd avenue, cr i ? tween Nln'h und Thiri?-?ii;h avenue, two dlaiuo.)<Mk unn white aud one )e lor-, with oo itiW la the lame pap'-.r. Whoever rt.tii'iis Ui' *an.o'.i :.-l h: il*ay jewelry ?Sre, w. It rei-elvc ihe almve tewiid and tho. tbaob of the leeer. ? lv> an pnipli.; e, nu I i" t.i?prnr llile for wtctt. JcweilMn Hd pawn fcroVie ?< lia.e hetn notified. JjQA ABTl.-l."i.'T, f.N i=\TrRDAT, ?jP^U Pejii iiary J. on lh? fm.tefrtnn2>t:i Seoood ati-er^ i-o 'be corntrof Tweti .y nlxdi I'. . t aud f lra! aveniM, a pvcal ?oi latnii'K !a4ieV tirwi" nnntlll.s, Imndiei'^hlei, r.^Hon?, Ao.,e?tli Mtlrie having a la viand nnnner on It. Ar. f p rJOV te.'ii ntnit it lo l?> Kan T ' enty a'tui Hreei, will rec _?? he aliovnreWKrd and tio qnethona a*ked. r? rrward.-i.ost. inthp ;tAT * pa-stsco- o :rc vl' I train on iht lii dWD Hher Rallri'Ml, on rharedav- >l>0 ?'?t a dark (r-c^n tent jfr i>a/: with a atecl elaec, ct'iUii. ng a gold elialelalue ' aineo plu mid chr.r.uqnlea. The t.ndw vfll rfoelve 'he a*i e rowHXit and 'fci Ji ..iki of the ?w:.ei. by ?fiturninc die same to the Irving'on depot, or No. 68 Preot it. New York. RRWABD?rtTR AYRI). FROM BROaDWA*, OW irj'' 'lie l?ih of .Un'u-y, an EngHah hull terrier #?, ffhlte, with yellow ?pom on tin '?boeka and MMk; welgnt 18 pound*; ha1 or. a leaJfr coll*'. The Under wflj reeelre ib? ?bo\ t> rrw a.d *>y r*ti:rnn< h? Joe to J Wright 213 firrt avet.ue. N B.? A? ihla ta tli- las' utae 1 ?B*nto adv?rU?e fr.r il l* d'ir I w ill ghe $6 fo mv .r. 'i tn ulon >, iiermuif ?l?, aoi} I B 'u advifif the person iba' ho'da hun to b.log htm r>aok, per l"il it ?. c old 1 e a* weU <0r him. J. 'JSin REWARD.-LOnT, Oh ^ATl'ROAY NIGHT, FEP. iplw v > while poiidie djg di.iweri tj ife ? n*m? ?> J*k. ? hueiei "111 return ? ud ung to No. f Hector at reel ?ID ne'e the aheve irward. _______ ? r ri ^AVD.? i,?isr. ii>)i.*o ksom w:ujA*jbrH(7, ?pt ? TMtb Oram! ferry, to Nr ? Y irk. Aroug ? ltr*u i h , 1 1, i:i ^i i j atid . ' tc r ( 1.. ? ? j orcooi ? e. ?p- y a' 1.5 and 1. I i"io I'm. una, A-fi; p!a ?. i?* VTRI HOSl At. \f mi .OVIAT. -M VI). M'1 .^?1, I BMIl.* V.l.r.Rn M wll'. n ih?i re -etpt of t." nt. llteeerUi, ??a'd to *ojr per*, r a .?II d~ll'if ellett 1 1 bet' 'rr by UWlr tiaO'- wnWi , . iddrean. with return itimp, Broad^av l*o?t oflke. MAfHl v'-MAU-A WfDOHKR Wl rn'flfHKK ?> ,| dren v.-itil" a wife oomretei.t to tnke eh age of thru I f.t.n, olC '?'he mint he nude .' Jtlrty ie\rs of ?pi. ? lilt lo'elllgctit, lo erahlf ??o>d hxikU u. and p waea?eu in t<? r own rlgh', or at lea?t twenty thou-n:, l dolH-a. Anv on? o ? ?e ng the a'?ove una ll\e?tron? and ""e^roua 3f the poaMi-i, will l >le??c aJd'e"* T. P , Herald 'idice. ATfllMONlAI -11' TURK K MR AMOM fllf : ?* ? ore yotw r la<!y, not over twonly twa veam if ?,??. <1 nr. gutrted for "weeinoaa ol temtier, beautv of mind an l pe ? and *ho hellev'i that abe f?i\ly Cn-nare die *i#n tv . ..k> ? the wort! it truth, flile^tv atid e>n?!an?y? ?r|!l ?b? hav > -e rott'nire 'o n<rt> k eo-rMoofiden <e wiJ, ? ).><>t tun , , .-r "*