Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 11, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 11, 1856 Page 3
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?ere not ms4e mora eomp>?t?, tad mot* i? *oaformlty With th* ????er*i ia'ereat* ot Europe. J Bat the urMV^Mf proposed in regard to th* flnt two point*, *ven if th*y ?*>* a bo tloWMa sufficient **d gatisfactory in th?p?eive-i, could uot bo con?td*H>d a* secured to Eaiope -o long a* thooo guarantee* tor their continued observance which Might have btoa pro vided by a satisfactory arrangement on the third P?*n*? continue to be pertin c'ouaiy cec lined by Rui*'?. ? " not enough that Rut U should stipulate that she will no lower seek authoritatively t? interfere in the ?W'" ?* th* Principo lilies and f Servla ; it la not eaougli tut ?ho ahoull convent to delegate by atipulatloa to a com mission oomponed of representative* of ths several States interested in the navi*a*lou of the Danube, the tMt ot keeping clear the channe's f that river and ite commu nication with the Ulaek Sea. The ins*r**ts ot harope Tequire, oyer and ab ??" 'bene arrangemiatt, that some Valid security ahould be oo'ained that Russia ahoolil no longer possess that orerwe rnlug moral and political in fluence in the irinclpalltte* which her preponderance ia ?he Black Eea baa hereto'o e enab ed her to exerdio; and .tbat a he ihould not, by a com cant maritime superiority in that aea, have the mean a? supporting by her the march and invaai n of her a'my. and of Uus stnkiag a mortal Wow at the bear' o tbat empire of which the Principalities aie only the e'epen'ent extremities. EtboT therefore, an the first two points, the enjoyment ot any advantage- wbioh might be obtained mnder thoee p< iota wou.d "o precaiaua, ho long aa the ripooddrftfico of Russlt in th0 B'aik Saa fM illofftd continue But wue i- e ci ect b?arlr,g of that pre ponderance ou the gioat q u?- 1 i- >n on wluoh the war^has Z>( en undertaken ia confid- ' ed, the refuaal of Rus->ia to conpent to ony meam es whleo would effectually put an ci. i to that preponderant ia a warning which Europe ca..uot with safety di" and plainly show a that Russia is not prepaid to I y aa?de her long chtri*ned ?view* of aggression on l'u ke> ; aud it affords a maniles j); oof that the at>x;e y M *v the Po**rs of Europe for th* integrity and independence ot the Ottoman empire las a juat and Tali u. Rue-Bia baa aswed 'ha a '*gsrd for her dignity pre cludes her trum acce irg o th? term i proposed by the allies on ihc third po nt But tne dignity ot Ruaaia cannot require that abe -h uid seep up in time 01 peaoe, and on the immcdKt* tlwe bold of hur weaker neighbor, ? foroe wholly un?*ceasar> for purpose# ot se J defcnce. j&ut enabling her. at tne ?horteat nonce, to subvert the independence of that (.eight* r, and to change the terri torial distribution of Eur. pe Vet such Is the posi'ien ?which Ruaaia has malntaioe In tue Black !*a, and which the baa even now pub ic'y avowed her dotermioaiioa aot go renounce. . ? , It 1a needicNH to dwe'1 on the ab-enc* of any motire or telf preservation to jus'lly this determination on the ?part of Russia. It wou-o be a mockery to pretend that nhe han anything 'o ftwr from the hontility of 1 urkej ; and while turkey is at p-ac? and fieo troia threatentd attack by Kuasla, ano ?.hi e the Straits between the Xtditeiranean and the Black -tea are closed exoept to a Mnalland liinitad DomtHir i?f ebipH ot W+t of tne went ?rn Powers. Russia hue nothing to fear from the natal lorees of England and Eranc*: wh'le on the othur hand, the pioaent state of 'hlegs in the iilaec Sea demonatoites that when war exuta b '*eeu Hui-ia and Turkey, and ?when tho Straits aie consequently open toal! the naval fi rcea of the Sultan's atHei , England ajd Erauoe, If aufb cient time be afforueu 'tiem. can collect ia the Kuxlne a j, aval aimamcnt s'rong enough io sweep from the waters of that awi every rhlp bsarn g th? tltg of Kus.-lv Rut-aia haa indeed allied hat lie p- eponaerauco Thic.i Srl.?o wiitbRi to k I'D i&it i<> tbe BUck is MWQtiii for ibe security cl the turfcish einpue against the anrres fiiana of othrr l'owers; ou'.it is uot fioin the hostility ol the Western Power*, but, from the traditl <nJ and, it ia not too much to say av- wi-o p iicy"cf Hus4a, tha*. tho Turkish empire haa aauger to appiehend. The prmcnt war nan be. n uaderwken to provide ?eea ii fs affatnat thone amhitious Cesi .ns of Ruaaia which me nace the safety ot Ta key and toe future repis-e of Eu lope; aud, in short, t ? qu< te the words of a ruceut Hum aian proc atration to pn-veiii, as tai as Tutkuy Is c^n crne 3, the aicomplishiuent o' the wishes and t le viewo ?1 Peter, of Catherine, o Alexander ai-d of Nicholas. Ths western Powers, iu coDjonciieu with Austria, lave considered that -.bin o-j-rt woulu moat elfeatually ?be secured by re-trictiug 1 bin lea^onable bounds toe -r.ower of Ruaaia In tt-e Black Sea. Tuey wculd have pro . ierreo, as th? nioat, oeitaio meaua t > tliia end, that ?>ia and the Porto should both reno inee the right to maintain in tbe Black Sea any naval force beyond what might be required f -r the me e purposes of polls*; but the Western Powers were willing to acquiesoe in the maintenance by Russia of a limited aud speclUed am iunt ot naval force in the Black S?a. reserving to themselves the right of roaintaiulug io thi aggregate, on their own i,ait ia tbat sea a cor to poncing amount ot loroe; re quiring, also, however, aa a ?eaurity for the observance of such a stipalailon, the fiutaer rig at to establish c'jnsals in all the Ruatian por s to tr.e eastward of the Straits, But the Western Powers, who now hold exe'uslre pn session of the Bjwk Sea, where the Km da a flag dares not show itaeir, had no Inter tl m of proposing to Rush-.a conditions derogatory to her dignity; and they never pre tended te as aert tbat Russia eh >uld be bound to accept as consul every individual whom they might think proper tc appoint as such and that she ahould be precluded from exercising tho usual discretion as te withholding ?be exequatur from any person against whom well rounded objection could be ra'sec . . ? , ? Russia, however, has rt-fused to subscribe to these rea sonable proposals; and In their place she has offered two echemee of moc ideation of the treaty of 1841, the practi cal effect of which would be that, whichever or the two schemes tbe Western Pcwera might accept, those rowers ?would be obliged to keej up perpetually in the vicinity of the Daidanel e? a la ge naval force prepared to act in any contingency which m'ght occur. For, according to one scheme, Russia proposed that the straits between the Mediterranean anl th- Black Sea should at all times jbe open to the ships of war of all nations, and therefore, of course, to her own Bla' k Sea and Baltic fleets. lhe effect ot this scheme would have been that Con stantinople wouli at all Umes have been expooed "o alt the dangers wtich mlgh' have arisen from the sudden appearance before that city of aa overwhelming Russian armament, while the traoqutlU'y of the Mediterranean, and all tbe great interests in that sea, would have bean liable te disturbance by the action of a powerful Russian sallying forth at an* moment, from the Euxlne. Toguard against thla double dinger the governments "of Eng'and and l'ranoe would have been compelled to xcaintain in tbe Mediterrean war establishments in the time of peace, and permanently tc station their arma ments at a great distance from their arsenals and re sources; so that a peace concluded on such conditions would have been nothing more than an armed truse di verted ot the security which is the essence of peace, and "Unsccomoanied by that cessation of expenditure which gxight to follow lhe teimlnation of a war. According to the o-ner plan proposed by Russia, by ?Which tha Straits were to be oosod, while Russia was to remain at liberty to maintain an unlimited naval foroe in the BjacW See, there might at all tlmea have been in that sea a Russian foree equipped for war. and available for a a sudden (taecent on tho capiul of the Turkish empire, keepirg alive the apprehsn^ioui of tho Porte and giviug constant anxiety to Europe. This sciieoae wouli have squally impe ded upon the Western Powers the necessity ot maintaining in tbe Meoitorrawan a force suttieioat at all times to hasten to the protection e.f the Turkish em pire, at any moment when the l'o:te might require ita assistance. Her Majesty's government wonld appeal to what p?a;>e<t in tbe tweltih conference, as rec irueil in tba protooolit, as evidence to show h >w well f >und?A w?- the determina tion e>f ' be Westo n Powers >o tnattt on the seesatiou of the prepoudeianne of Huksi.t ia tne llta^k S'-a, as alone oflfiirg any real security for Turkey aud f .r Europe against aiiy ulterior designs on the part of that oggrae tiivo Pover; for In that c nierenoo lhe |ileniioteutiaries of Russia insisted on subatita'ing, ?a tie part of Rus sia, a B-ere.'y moral lor a material p tarantee of th? tentorial integrity nnd iudepeudenoo of tho Tuikish empire, and t.iey refusod to bs parties (<? an engagement which the other Powers were prepared t ? contract, not oily tbat ttiey shoi lei themselves reipcct, l>ut also that tbey shoal i cause, ai.d, In c ise of uesd, J)j force com [>el, that tn^'epemdeuoe and that territorial intsgiity to be respected by others. tin, idusal of the Russian Plenipotentiaries to ac(|tii ei-ee bs any arrar>g ment >y which 'he objects cmt?m plate*! by the third point cmld '>e elf'-ctually secured, n> ce-sarily inte-rupled 'he conference ; atd, accordingly, the ftiurth pidnt Ci 1 not come fornul y under discission. Tbe inteteot which England and F -ance hare unliormlv taken la the welfare of tbe Chrift^an subjects of tbe Sul tan is, however, a sufficient guarantee as to the Fplrit Iu -which the two Powers would have enterel upoa the dls cussioo of the fourth point; and, though circumstances beyoud the control of those Powers cloied the door againct that di-cussien, it is with no small satisfaction they have sevn that, since th" commencement of the war, and sinee tbe interterenco of Kuasla In Turkish affairs le* bees made to cease, the Sultan has continue I to give effect to hla benevolent intentions in favor of his Ch'ls lian subjects, whoso condition has "flate b:?en materially Improved by the wise and spontaneous action of their own sovereign. ? , I cannot, howover, wholly jass over an observation which tell from tho Russian Plenipotentiary, and whicb fla recorded is the protocol of tha eight b oon'oren-e, tbat ghe question iavotved in tha fourth point was one of eon Mence and not of policy. It would, Indeed, have been fortunate fir Europe ifthls nlea oleonscienoo had not been used as an Instrument for flfeetroilrg tbe political independence of Turkey. By the treaty of Kainardji, it U provided that the Sul tan shall protect tbe Christian religion and Ita churcties; and It was upon a complete misinterpretation ot the ?reaty, *>ut without oven an allegation that its stipula tions hud been violated, that Kusata chimed a right of interference between the Sultan and 10,000,000 of the t-ullan's christian subjecta. If the claim had been field ed to and 11 a great wrong had thus been perpetrated, the authority ot tho Falun within his own dominions Arnold, in a great degree, have b>en transferred to a foreign I'ower, and an Important step would have been taken towards th* overthrow of the Turkish empire and tbe establishment of Russian supremacy on ita rains. Europe, then, is indebted to the ti.nely and energetic Interference ol the W estern Powers for Its preservation from tiio dim fit run a con*qnenc?n with which iueli n eatastropba must inevitably nave be- en followed. The Confere nces ot Vienna aro now closed, under cir eumstanccp. which preslude all speculation a<i to th* period at which negotiations for n?ao* may, with any jroepect of kuoross, be renewed. But when that period ?half happily arilvs her Majesty's gtirernment will stea dily keep In view the principles which have guided them throughout the past negotiations; ai d while seeking to provide tor the rcenri y. the welfare and the happiness of the people of Walliusnla, Moldavia and Servta, and to Insure the removal of th* obstruction* which have ren dered tbe navigation of the Danube difficult and preca rious, they will negleet no moan* of obtaining for tho Turk if h empire, and far Europe at large, sufficient fuaraLtees against the reonrvence of the danger which it jn tb* object of tlie present war to avert Ia the neauwliile. her Majesty's government have rea aon to ex'ect that the Sultan will inako liberal aud #tTec1nal f rorlsiems for the privileges and Interests ol all fcis Chilstlsn subjocts. You a e authotlzed to rsml this .le-pitch to the Minis ter fru Feieign Atlalrs of the court to which you are accredited. .. 1 am, Ac., CUREMllOS, REPLY TO THE GERMAN POWERS. At the uirc time, Russia, in a note in reply to diplo joa'in approach s from the tierman Powers, defined U(^r fKxd'lon still mote cl arly, and explained tho grounJe of htr refusal to come to terms Tbe despatch of Con ot N*t?*S rode re errel In Ho flret p'aoe, te nefetlaUoos which bn token piaee daw the AunWoIraahian *x*maHom. Cuarfa, it Mid, ku aaaeoted to th* greataet part of th* eccotdbiona dematd*d, so'ely oat of ragard to th? inte rest* ot Auetrl* ana Prussia. In atcedlag to th* trwu tion o' the Principalities ah* bu lUnimi her military poaltioc in TurLey in Europe, wnlflh permit* Mr euoiN tc employ thou forces against bar In Asia, and up* a th* territory of Rut-sia. She h a net pat forward aa y ra p rocal c aim, the baa boea centeat with exprMsicg the vieas she entmUced when Austria India* ted the guaran tees which she was abb to offer, oo her aide, to K issia. | the is convinced that tt ww not possible for Aaitcii to g've to Ler toe ass-jirua<w of aa annia'iee, but afce did de si e to know before band i', after the evacuation ot the Principalities, Auatria wou'd ot would not separate her stl' from the coalition which baa been formed for the pur pose of humlJatlng Russia. 1 uriher, Russia haa declared herself willing to nego tiate upon the bull of the protocol of Vienna of the 9th ct April. Austria haa not made any direct reply to Rusiia in re lation to ihere proportion*; but she immediately ad oreascd hersalf to the Western Powers, up m whom she zi.e.ln her decision to depend, although is oeuld not be ex pected that ifcty w?uld be .ready to eater upon the path of conciliation. seeing that they have allied them*e ves together in o dor to enfeeble Russia by a prolonged war. This ha* been confirmed by sommucioatiooa madt by the Austria* Ambassador to the Cabinet of St. Peters burg? that is to say, ay the Austrian note of the 10th of August. The ecnd'tiona required by the Western Power* are un acc-eptaolu in to pect to their substance ( (meur). aa well as in for.n, principally oecause thwt, according to the avi.wal of the French g< rernment itwl', wist they tztc: ?ith the nMeuet 'le purpose of maintaining the Kuro i>ean equilibrium is nothing less than th* cestruo l?o ' t o Rurs.un marine and the power of Russia la the B aok tea. Aus'ria la recommending these condllons, has added i that the Western Powem have still reserved th* right to make oilers, wo:-h renders it perfectly u?e<e*s to subbait them to a de'ai'et examination. Beddes, oven if they shou d not be changed, their acceptation would lead tt >o be supposed that Russia is reduoed by war to the last de free o! e ilifcu Uou. Although the Emperor haa adhered to tbe principles enunciated in the protocol of Vienna, he cannot enlarge the meaning of it as much as others have done, because the immense sacrifices which Russia haa made In the tnterea s of Austria and Prussia woud ra re afn without so> compensation. In the place of tiniing in those conoesi ions a motive for redeeming those o ?ligv tuns, Austria has drawn closer its alliance with the ene of Rusela. Consequently, the Emperor infinitely regrets that he lies u-. t been ab e to accept the last overture* mads ay Austria. He c npidei s mat be has mads every conoessi >n compatible wi h the honor of Russia, and, as he has not Yil'lijraivn ary of the>e advantages, it only rn mains for li'ci U> do tbe fame aa bin enemies ? that ta, t* i j ho eventualities ef war in order to arrive at some solid heels ot negotiations fur peace. \ Th* Encpeior has di eoted his General iu Chief to re pays the Pru h with his troops from strategic motives, and Rus-ia will krep herself upon the defensive within her (rotors, until more equitable conditions are offered to bin-, ".he Fjcpeor. on his side, will avoid increasing tlie c mpiicaUciiH of tbe war, but he will repel with th> gt >a'etl e. eipy all attacks against him, from whatever quarter they may proceed. THE PEACE PROPOSITIONS. Ic Auarist, 1864, Aastria, a a mediator, proposed the following terms as a basis of negotiation : ? TDE FOUB GUARANTEES. In order more exact'/ to define the sense which their jovmitLents attach to each ot the principles contaiuedia the four a> tides, hut reserving to themselves as tney beve always done, the r?f(ht of making such other special coi onions r s nay, id addition to the tour guarantees, be bv t ?m di-tiied oeccEsary for the genotal intores'. of Europe, aud lor preventing the recurrence of the present complications, the representatives ot Austria, France, at.d GreaL Britain do declare 1. Tbeir goveriiments, being of aocord that it is neces sary to abolish toe exclusive protectorate exercised by Hubsia over Moldavia, Wallachia and Servia, and In fu ture 10 place uoder the collective guarantee of the Qve Powers the privileges secured by tne Sultans to those p??7li>cea, as dependencies of their empire, have agreed slu do #gt?* tba none of the former treaties bstween Ruaai* a: d tbo Porte, searing reference to ths said pro vibces can be in force when peace is ooaciudec, and that the arrangements to be made in respect to them shall ultimately be such as to be in lull and entire acoordanas with the tights of the n.yetuin l ower, with those of tae three Principalities, and with tbe general in wrests of Europe. 'i. In order <o give to tbe free navigation of *he Danabe ail the Ccvelopement of w <ich it is capable, it would oe proper (coHnnablt) that the Lower Danube, beginning trim the p.-int at which it becomes common to the two States bordering on it, should no longer be subjected to tbe territorial jurisdiction which exists in virtue of the third article of ths Treaty of Adtiaaople At *11 eve at* , the free navigation of the Danube would not be secured unless it should be placed under the oontrol of a " syndi cs!" authority lnv B<ed with the necessary powers for destroying ihe obstacles new existing at the mouths ot tho river, or such as may subsequently be formed there. 3. Tbe object of the revision of the treaty of July 13, 1841, should be more completely to attach the existence ot the Ottoman eruplre to the European balance ot power, and to put an end to the preponderance of Russia in the U'uet Sea. The arrangements to be made in this matter depend too immediately on the events of tbe war for their bapos to be settled at present. It is sufficient to have Indicated the piinciple. 4. Russia, by rcnoundag the pretension to exercise an offioisl protectorate over the Chiistian subjects of the Sultan who belong to the Oriental caurch, as a matter of course renounces the ' revivification" ot any of the conditions of former treaties, and particularly of the treaty of Koustobouk Kainardje, the erroneous inter pretation of which has been the principal cause of the , present war. While assisting each other to obtain front i the Ottoman government, of its own free will, the eon fir- j mniien and observance of tbe religious privileges of the I different Chris ian communities, without distinction of scct, and while mutually taking advantage in the inter est ol the said communities, of the generous intentions uiunifested respecting them by his Majesty the Saltan, they (the Powers) will take the greatest care to preserve tie diguity of his Hignens and the Indopcnience of his crown intact. RUSSIAN PROPOSITIONS. Tbe above declined by Russia, the P.ussian plenipot ju tiaries at Vienna proposed the folio vrtag in their place:? 1. Abolition of the exclutive protectorate of Ru*sia in Moldavia and Walla?hia, the privileges recopotwvi to tbe.?e provinces by the Sultan being placed under the guaranteed of tho live Powmh 2. Fiee navigation of the Danube, according to the principles entabliiiied by the aoU of tbe Congress of Vi etna, in tho article on fluvial communication*. Cuuy-ol of a mixed commitfaion, which wi.ula be invested with the nfcecKarj powers to destroy Uie ob-teaies exist iug at its mouths, or which might at a later |?nod be formed there. a. R< vision of the treaty of the 10th July, 1841, to at tach mure sompletely the exisleuceof the l.tomnn Km pl'C to the balance nf Europe. 1 do not refuMO to caroe to ari iiixlerstau iir.g in t'ouual oonfeienoea for pea"C, on the miaiw which the three courts may prop"se to put an ciil to what tluy call (ht vreporu' 'a ric- oj Hum la in the black Ma, on omdiii^n that, in tht < twice of thor ??(?*, thrrr If not <mc qf a nature to infringe iijtm the. rights ot sovereignty oj my avgnst master an hit oitn territory. 4. A collective giiirau'ee of the 15 ro l'owers (tubsti tutc J lor iho < xolosive patronage poi-sewe 1 liithortu by H* n e ot them) for the conimcra1 ion and observance if tho religious privilege* of the < iflerent I'hiit'ian c^mmnni t'CH, without, distinction of fo m of worship on condition tbat the realisation of the BOletnn promves made to ihs> furs of the world, bv th?< gieat Chri"ti?n 1'ower* shiil! be a 'j iou* and conscientious work, and thtt tne protec tion | rcn i ?{?d shall be ? flicaciouH. and nit a Tain word. In the coursc of the dei>a'? at . Vienna, however, tbe KuJsian plenipotentiaries abandoned the (list two of the.- e point-, and adopted the original proposition!* of Austria. Ah they adhered ti^uily to the third and fourth | the conference* broke up, a* alreaJ; ineutloned !n the oiplcmatic notes. AUSTRIA'S LAST PROPOSITIONS. J/. The* next step wu the tender of new proportion* by Auntiia through the Ceurt Valentine IC-terluizy, in the n.onth of January last. They are aa follow*:? I? I?AKCBIAN PRINCIPALITIES. tonplete abolition of the Russian protectorate. The Panubian Principalities nhall receive an organizatioa con formable to their wishes, to their wanta, to their iuter eeta; and thin new organization, respecting which the population i'p-lf will be consulted. shall be recognized by the contracting Powers, and sanctioned by the Sultan ax emanating froin hie sovereign initiative. No .State shall bo able, under any pretext whatever, under auy form of protectorate, to interfere in the question of the internal aduiuistration ot tbe Principalities; they Hhall adopt a lettnitive permri jent sy-item, demnndtu by their geo graphical p.iei'lou, i.nd no impediment can be made to iheir fortifying, in 'he interest of their satety, in Much manner as they Hay deem advisable, their territory againat foreign aggreesion. In exchange for toe atxotur placed and territories occu pied by the allied armies, Hiwela consents te a reatiU cation of her frontier with Turkey In Europe, It would commenoe in the vicinity or Chotym, follow the line of iho m"un-ainn, which extend in a southeasterly direc tion, and terminate at Lake Saslk. The line (trace) shall l>e definitively regulated by tho general treaty, and the conceded territory would return to tbe Hrlacipalitle* and o tbe suzerainty of the Porto. II.? DAfcCB*. T e freedom of the Danube and it* mouth* ahall be efficaciously assured by European institutions, in which thr contracting Powers ahall be equally represented, ex cept the particular positions of the lord* of the soil on tie bank* (<te$ i Cxrmin*), which shall be regulated upon the principle* eatablinbed by the act of tbe Cengro-u of Vienna an regard* tbe navimtlon of river*. Each of tbe contracting Power* ?hail have the right to keep one or two small veMtel* stationed at the mouths of the rirer, deetlned to assure the execution of the regulation* rela tive to tho freedom of the Itanube. III. ? NEUTRALIZATION OF THR BLACK SB A. . Thi* nea shall be open to merchant vessels ? /.insed to war navie* (marinrt tnililaira). Consequently no naval military areerael* shall be created or maintained there. The protection of tbe commercial and maritime Interest* of all nations shall be assured in the ro<pe<vive port* of the Ulack Sea. by the establishment of institution* c?n fciitcable to interrational law, and to the customs sane tione>! in such matter*. Tbe two l'owors which hold the coast engage themselves to main tain only the number of light vessels of a Itxed force, necessary for their en*at service, ibis convention, eoncltioed separately t>etween these two l owers, khnll lorm part a* an aunex of the general treaty after receiving the approval ot the co* 1 1 acting parties. This separate cor. vent ion cannot be ar>nu)i>d or mowifitxl without the consent ot tue signi taries ot the genersl treaty. The closing ot the >traits will admit the exception apt licable to the stationrry ves sels mentiontd in the preceding article. IV. ? CHRISTIAN SCB.1KCTS OP THT POHTF.. Ti e ininiur-lttsH ot tbe Ksiah suhj'-ets o( the Ports ??liall be religiously preeervod. without In'rinprenient on I the iafpewlense and dignity of ts? ttaltaa's or***. A* ktiocj urt taking piaoe hetwiea An?ttia Franc*, Great fati din, aud the buolime Pj'to ta imut( ti tkl CfarU Ua aubieeU of the Sul'au th*ir ndiff>u* aad poli tical nghta, Kuwfia nbali ba iuvtted, wuta jhm U mate, to aatocUU heiaeJ thereto. V. TV bfUigermt Pov resent to IXtiuJnxJ (he rtpht whuh appertain* to thm i o] producing in a Eur?i**n tiv fcrerf, tpreuu cwndt/ioru otter and atwre Wk fourpuarnntm. [ THE CZAK'S KEFUSAlT TO ACCEPT THE ! PROPOSALS. Vht Oar's flr*t Impulse, as t attu, ni to reject them. Tblfl is the statement of that w?U informed p*por the Lotion fwt in January 14. It aay- : ? We can rtat? with c undent* that the K?s-t%a reply ta tae Au-triaa ultimatum haa been nc?iTet at Vieaaa. Ru?*u rtj-ete the tecum elan** or toe hr*t prjpwal, vie : the -'racufliwtion oi her fronUer ?l t Turkey. " bi_e a to i? jce ? the fi* h prap<iMbl ?y which a righ*. of Mtxlnoin? si?<Jat conditl o* la reeerveo to th*b luge>eat 1 owern. ano in vtrti e of wbieh ikiy eo?4 OeoMd the eBgegtbeat Lot to rehailo IWmaraunit. Ktwla accept* tae iHt of Uie ultimatum, ine'uttng the eeu rauzaaon ol the Mack He*, wi It some na 4 A Oe'iota. It exebange for the Rtroqg p aeea aad tarrf tertaa oeeu pit?] by the ai ies, Ubaeia piupnata to teatere to U?? Porte Lars aid the ter-i orieaau* haa m*n bom Turk ay la A i* ix> ti e iM-.^aapaign. We 1 a?e nwnu to behove that Aoatrit kr*p? her faith with ua. and will net receivo ihlit counter pritp'wlUaci. Au>Tia, Lowever, give* 'he Qatiiae. of Jit feteneuil tbetoenrfl of the time she ha4 already allnwet, nut ih?roft*? Ru.-eia haa till the 18th last. tj notifo to C unfc E'teibacy bar acceptance er rtjictlw, (th a. o>acU tiiw, o< the Austria j vinitnUum If Huft-ialfelupe, or if at diet date nbehaa nnt aioepted the Austrian ultimatum "ppr at simfiie," a*uut E*'?e ttazy - baa tUtiuo ion-, te 'lib draw trona St Petersburg. On seoond thought*, however, aa the pablie it aware, the Czar accepted these .yropotiiiona aa a .oaala ef uego i ation. ANIMUS OP THE* BELLIGERENT SOVE REIGNS. n THB CZAR ALIZAHDH, On hie accession, i^tutd tee following manifoeto, to ex. plain tu> purpose* atd policy:? By the grace of God, Alexander IT., Km per >r and Autocrat of all the Uufteiaa, h.i*f el Fcttad, A t. ii c., Tc all our taiibfut aubjeota make kn >?rn aa Mi >w?: ? It itu* |,lfa?rd ttu Almighty, in hta iBhCrutable deaigua, o liililc < v u" a'l a dew a? terrible aa it wa* uaex^ect eo. A^cr a t-hcit b-it teritoa Uloeaa, whiofc, djirtng tae l*i>\ lev. da>K cu,?tlt>jied lUBlf Wtth uiheara of ra/Aoi-y, our aelle'otei M i^efc flbe fenporoi Nlchelaa Fau'o viu-h, diet txt?.T i v i March). A o worda can expre<a our grief, tcLicu *?.: be a. oo that qf a J cur falchfuJ auv jecu. We. submitting with re< ignation to tae i wpone'ra b)e ilbwa of bmue I'tovi wee, eeot ler ouumiU tion in it and only look to ir. alone C*r the Hireog h HKttbuy to aupi?rt the load waieh haa uuw tneu Isiipohed on ua. In the saipa way ax the eel vei parent, wboeo lose we dcpl ire, a<rr ited ail hi? cffoiiB and trery moment of hi* l'e tJ the lab ire kLd carra cal ed for by thu tefa o i tatr surjoct?, we aloo, at tt if piuntul but ft iou? and aoleica at imeut, ie &t>ceb Jii-g our kereditazy lltrane of the empire if hasua. aa well aa ot the kin^ia jm cf I'oland aad of (he gra d duohy olOFmland, which ere inseparable fi em it take, in the to oh t f the inviolole God, always present our 1 e, tae wiitn-Q eog^genient to ndver have any other objest In view than a t prosperity ol our coun ry. (l*y l'<o?i denoe, which ha* ca ltd us to this htgb mi^sua, gnat ti r , 'tin ugh its guioaru e and proUcion, wc iu.j c >a ? ohd?je Rusi-la to the higlMt degree of powe ? ana glory ; ar<o teat b) ua may be accomplished the views and do elrce ei our iliuatii us prede<?ssorv, Peter, Catha loe, Ahxat derthe weU-beltTed, aad oar august icthtr of lm peiishable mrmi,ry. By their tried ze?l, by their prayer* united with our o*,u before the altar* of tliu M"?; ll'gh 0'ir oeloved sub jecs will cine to our aid. We invite tbern to duso, orOcrixg tbem at the atno time to take tre o?ta of ttdeli ty to us, *8 well as to our heir, hi* Imperial HigbnetM thu Ceeareviteh, Grand Dcke Nicholas A exsnnrevTnh (i''ven at Jst. I'etersburgh, this !ic day cf llarcti, 1<?5, aiitl the first ot our reign. ALiXANDSIi OFFICIAL EXPOeiTtOK OF ALEXANEB&'B VIEWS. This was further explained in a diploma. 1c cit su *" of jNt-felrode's at th? game tine ? , , . 8' r^BTBBSBDHO, Feb. 26 18t>i My despatch ofthelfith of February will hare informed you of the ascetsiion to the turoae of B. M. Alexander H. ? ? i ? eame time, the honor ot' transmit in* the <n>I?rlal rnamftwte published oa the flist dsy of tiwreiiru Of oui august sfveiM^a. * This document expresses the pr< found OMTieUw with M recognizee the importanet> of the duliae he U celled ujxm to fulfil. h.3^"! Imposed upen him by Divine Provi dent* in the midat ot events well calculated to t#?t the grea-pees of bis courage. On attending (he throne of his ancestors, the Emperor finds Russia engaged tn a struggle 01 hiit0I7 b"e Borer before pro sen td at tha common cement of a now i* gn. sovereign, in full confidence on "he Almighty accepts this trial witii a sentiment or reliance Inspired by the wwhakjn devotednese of his people, and with the r? ^ tbe wuuoty of his venerated lather. With filial piety, he acoepts as a part of hla inheritance two outiea, both equally caered (n hi * eyes. Ihe first require* that his Msjegty should dispose of the entire foroe it has pleased the Divine will to fcrSntir1''107 tbe detenoeof Ihe second requires that bis Majesty should apply isanrawa surass-s iaK 1 l^the IjDperor Nichols*. " Faithful to the idea which prevailed throughout the jTir8,.0 au?ut>t father, ihe Emoeror haa re ^ .the fi nil powers of and confirmed the instrustion* forwarded to the Russian pienijiotciitiarles as far back a-t the month of December last, the epoch designed for open ly the conference at Vienna. ^ By this course, the intentions of the Emperer Nicholas wul^ be CunsCienUsuB'y observed. Ills object having ^JIo reader ths bl?atjigs of jieaco to Russia anl to Eu (i??rkC'i'e t'1<> liberty of werahip and the prosperity ol " ta (hto ^ V'"ilh0"t dUUiction 0f :b? 1>r:"itaLlie* undtr ? J?ooS^ar^ioB tf th:- i,anub< ia * To temiinat(|tbc rivalries of (he great Powers in thn *rlll t? ?r?a8? *ith the said Powers for reW-i? tbe f3 Uimitifs of war, would cal/ ujwa on the uew rutu the benediction of all nations rt'?n Russia, however, is profoundly feasible, a.?d all Eurene will ac knowledge that ar y h-ipo for the re-establisb-neut ol ft ate nuflt be vain tfc uli ihe conditions to be uiwoii :i'Sl {?u"0,3iI ie? Within wuich thu^L. J" 'P*. ^e dignity oi tbe crown ban Irrevocably coa firec tbe retiaiutiar.K of our august toverc<im tllldST' *???? tbe maulfeHtAtloo of HPdinjr tiews of th<?-e cabinets whoso dutvuin in ' f'tioiri with Ku' 'la, to .esi'.VB a que. 'ion fraug ,Vw'i h tbe renerat int. rerth of Chri.t, ndoi. Our auglt m m ^t'-o^d* ????us debueratiun in a kin jore . pint of nad^liv ^Uhrf :friW"i7bICnV exPr8f* 10 'ou '?> ttojunio aobyo.der of II. M. Ibe gi'Duiai Whiructirm* vou ba^ received wl 1 prescribe tbv patb you are to foiioi 0H H ipriiroct cocm,uu:u?uon mth cheg .vern n.tnt to wbich you are acsrcclited. rJ.t,,ti?,irr<)r'vt.V,nl"Jm(",c ypn ,n ,he P?Ht trhich vou reCMved tbrourh the good wiil of h.s august (ather ro I l)f? on your r.eal and bd?'li'y. b ' fu kJi If blH tu,oull,m ,h* you testify en thlj occasion bo b by y.;iir conduct and ianfruagB, Oie lovajy wi:il Jli'fc 1 0,""rT('h the oblii-auou arising from 'he Jai h oi treaties, her cuialrnt ?ie?Tre to Ine on an amica ble tooting with all 'iletidly and allied Powers, and finally hex- resect 'or the in^olabillty 0f the rlgllu of mct - tate, ae also her firm resolution ta maln'mn and <* ,m ^0M' r,gh,v wlllc'1 LiTiue Frovid?nce has ?r!rt r TL i th< j^Kror. by cjas . g him tue giurdian snd proUcror ol the national honor of his country haveLTtt/i.^ tVe<u",Bt government -rhere you have i had the honor to represent the,; NlohoU* ..S- ,,:us and venerated memory, w-,h tbo pr-sent de NE3BFUW0K. TM HMPKHOR KAPOLBON cxpmted ni* rl?ws ia tlie following speech at the clo-e ot tbe Paris Exhibition:? CenUemen? The exhibition which is about to close ?f? ? to the worM. iK. t aU P",n^ cf universe th? man most tUstingi.ished in ?oienoee, art* and industry bare floated to exhibit their production*. Taat oonton-se under such cf rrumstaacen iaoelng, 1 trust, to th?tVe^ n!^,^n>totl?n LUt ^ *?' thu? tt^Tto.en on'y iT nared those who had prorufced it, that it wa prosecuted n if aferaJ turo''"' *? far HJeing tor ?h? future, considers it rather as a Pi? t i?! e 008 seeulty Nevortht>leis at tbe shfht of so many wonders exposed before our eves' th? first is a desirw C^ I^ftl'oie t?< aevel<y^ "tlU ?ore fthose remarkableferoduc il?i!!Hil!Tth fW' Xou "IUAt eoeordlngly all desire, aa l do, the speedy coucUi*i"n of a durable pea*. But _(n order to be durable it must dlstine ly solve thi qv? ntionwhieb oauoen the war to be undertaken. That f .r^Withtuteth?'r,CCnSjU<W,<1rKur0pe Bluat d?cUre itself, f^r without the pressur* of general opinion s rumloil betwwn treat Powers threaten to he pronged ; wh^t :J? wotrary ,/ Eunpe on<* uko "rijih/ mulvfie it nrong, it u-iU be a qrmt ttrp m*le umnrnttomMvm A t tk? present period olSrnul U.n the successes of armies, however brilliant they n*r If ' ' H* .'emporarj, and It is dennitiTely public opinion that always gaujg tbe last victory. Y<fu, then *b''*I! ke|to*e that ibe progress of the ^rlculture it tinstry snd oooimeroe of <me nation con lrftouUM to the welfare of all the others, and that the more mutual r?v atlons are multiplied, the More national prejudice* ttnd to di^ppesr. tell your fellow cittaens on ynnr return to r? 'ir country that Franee bas no hatred lor any narion. 'hl,t 'hT eympathleee with all those wno wish, 2 Cf *D<J }"<*?? Tell or . m mlshi, Iltw's ">u-t opsnly ex UTLSS Wishes eithw for or ogamst us. for amid a erave lB',ar,;rrTl?* ^ ? l>?d calculation and suenee en error. As for us, who are alii?l for the triotoph ot a K'eat cause, let u% tuaniifac^are arms bJ ",,r (Bdu-try or labor? let us i?, ? ? of !"*?? ?? ?? sre by those of war? n r.^1 thlt??! ?Ur Uni,>n "n'' ?>lHC* onr confldenee "vert-, me tbo diftlcultie^ of (lis pre hodi m a tli? chancer of futuHtj. N'ArOT,!;ONIC VIEWM OF AUSTRIA. A further stream o! light wss thrr.wn on the feelings tin I mperor by the famous pampblnt published at Biu* ?c!fl by a prn.-rftl ofllcer, who is popularly supponod to b the Faaperor'i eotula and heir. Tbi wH in the peBpbJet wa?; ? 11 i?rc a la ion od whnrt c-ificwioui ifiHiUcei, or on * ha-e c- mpiete neutrality, at b-ast H *il? ?-8M UkVr a iigut to rkeaon, it *aa eec alaly Ul? Austria* iiauaa . It-H ( ??> a<i(rfat <*fll without *00 mu'h preeump 10a. , b?i n U.*t <Im chief of tnat empire wtueb ha b.d .aved ? em mu?, t-ati aett 0<J c* itc ah?iieu Inundations, b *a l> ih?tM Uio mosaic) uf itc lifciuouae service* ietMere 1, ki< wi un u. w turn sgainBt !*? *bat eword which, ?-*

It 1 b!m | wtviM bnv? be?,u ine?i'?biy shattered t >y to? rfDuun In 'hp oouaetln nf 'he yocag Keiperor, gru'ituce knu <1 L-ve had ? pi and * v ie? Tbe oia 1 uct i f tut Au/'rifcu C*l? net ?u bead's, really sack ?i. >0 ??rieo'. tipectali n 1'-* incacuire pol CT ?v i<MI LM*igi>ig tab tutuie, and Inert u> ltn **<1" tbe e? in eo'?Le pin. t.t b;r ft of ia-'efii-ite agree ts Ihe-- WW at Vienna an inoeesaut wo ? '*?*? of prrcoc l?., of pn pe,t:ti je>, of sol jti 'H*~, wh ch bta < Dly i ue ?>j ?t Dam* y, V- gim time and to leave to isi-.c ja* ?uh? the uiu ot ginug bit tin tJ a tatrorabio opI? ftin'fy lor acti?e intaivtrutim:. Au'iii psyec a ft uOfcot game, end advanced oo>y ? f . Inbit e piecau'n na - n tbbi poliu al gr-iund, sown With tuub 1 ibte ai-0 with peril" at evry ?tet>; end, to tae lit'i * 1 'to imperii '? ouunrel ocb, tt rnunt b*> 'bey lave eoi. iubtj tun <. *g~d. up to l*e proaeut uu?e, tu aviso au the quiekt-efcoaef their amrsgunu* p ? iii >a eod to s fef-ua <t, wi'h ut ffxripr mi-lug fl la aug'it, tiio ia ft tl.c imp?r<tl Ot n.rfh7. Hie ?j of Aufctit* In the c?u -e of the WeM-ern I o-eib ?frp ooubtioih u A ootataec ihro^gfe p ?lititA 1\>l" c?ukc *h> tLk< ?f the iiidnpen enoe tt Tu'K-j, Mid the p?rf eipatiob which Boe oigb' fc?> >blt ?'< U>lie lu tht p?r*i>ion o( that uniortumite et u?'rj made he hivl a e but ohe had H?cre* ?n'i ?? ilnt-i k^kilW1 the Ct?l. lb Uiu. mktler kho f lloviMl the t kdniKh f tlib policy t f I*rit ce tfette-ui ill duiiog tbe ?k< o( 18 t-U, iu thic" tue labliet of-Vieooa oppneed m g-y the p- : jecut of the Ceat witn reaped *o Cotftarti DOpl? wb'lut '1 0 caSinetr of Pari-, Loud ?? and Berlin ? 11 *or Hie Kuxt-ia*. a n'y ?o pa<<xthA Haiit n, and R<ai it to in po c on ine subline Porto the humiliating Ueaty of Ad'i?ito{ik-. The moi? powerful were, at the preeent moment, the oltliva'iote ? bich AuHtrta bad oontrac ei ia|lM?; ho n.uch !bo grea'er ab-o wan hei im?tU<uce to f>e? he aeli an outpoua gratituie. rhioh b?<id*d her with a m jt of prottcUti ate khicbrhe endurod an a hatnlUk'i in. it ?a? an crldenoe 01 her woakneii in the p?nt lid ot uDoei tainty n the future. Aut-tiia waj> eei-iiirg aa ocoa?i'>n to realize tho?e woida of PitDoe Bcbwari??be.ff? " We will one day anoninh the w tlJ (? Ibe greatuen of our Itg aUtu^o." Metuor able wort a. the couuo > i whi ;h appeafk not to hare yet oorTinoee tho e t<, whom they were adoreaoed. Tte |reeent cttcunuitencee appeaiee made to prorjke th t>xjil ?f n fif tb? iiigiatli ?de. Auktiia. wliuited by tlo giiternment of the Cjnoeror NapoVsun and by the Cebiiet of Windsor, gradually c wooireo the d#?ign of Ib'Mtt-iiig "he < n a?y prr?eo?e whatever a id tf m giKg huFtlf the Bide of the Woitorn Powers, t>. ?wit n. ihi loUii-enU^a waa oti.tu.e?l to b? more U;al then uwful, aa facta toavo oeoiobbtia'^d. I be Lnip^rot of Auatila pe<sonally, and from tbe be finot?(i, l^aiied towards the union ot France and Ecgiand. ?.1 hi youtg of a spirit nold awl rtuh, ol an adroit ir?u? anc (Ltvaliouk t.ha'acxir, d et'.oui o' uiixing up hid na?e in tr* ol mlilta-y a-ti< n this priuce on hksUnod t< b fak off tbe 'u'einge ot the C?ar, and to pr .-eii:, by tht tirant-wn-f ti? altitude, ?giaix->t the di?caintul iinil pat?o. .litii g ana of >he oouit 01 .St. I'ofer-butg. hit. UmitiUik wi-ie or ft like a ind but thi-ir oftlolon waa lv oWcrl% and din lontlj n ?tlie\ eiauKi in surveying Ui< ijuth.uu trooi a gtia'e- height tlu-y fores** better aU ?? lu wlucb it uiignvg tu rine. llji-re bi-d rl^-n in Austria. Own be O ihubi if tho ra rent iiRitaiii-ns. an ieflnenoc on which it. was nrce?sa*y to rait u a'e? otn.'. y, tn*t U the Viennese tniaoie tluses ('he bou.yeo-.fle), h uU.e to the Czarc. and bokti o *bi?e ah 'O the tlft Aui>*ilan *ib?tociacy, vhose politic. 1 he l ikfe ct'Tf t?xl, ?no wh to p>o Hu'?ian tot denciun it bv ^ if 1 1> ici uKfl, denouncing tbe uupafrioKc rolaHous wi h tli- s. istccrsoj of St. l eteobutg. Au&tiiii ciehin^, All. to detach itflAlf from RuflbiA, bewut-e tue eecnachnimts ol tost Power wete a p?r rtftei t n eneee to the Geifntn K nptre. The ?x>i??.i?n of the Icwm I^tubt bv the Uasfl^ns was a slixokle apon lb c* rontf^ri? in the fci?-t nod io tbe Bltc? Sea. berldes, ti e hert?l atv pr< joct ot the suveitigna ot Sc. Pctctg iurg vse pnloctl\"uhdersto<x? at Vienna cooitKttafr it due* lp lii*Dbibiy atta)hlig tj trtni the I'snularic popula te 1 b ai-o tJl tlie GiCeLo tf t'.o Otlomau em, ire, auu ol tl jh txteoding Its ?wny to the AdiUtiti by m^aos ot tie clisino! the koltlo-Wsliaohian. Se.vian ai.d Monteuegrine ptoplw. l'vu remeeibfted that otft cay tie Ciar nad f xprei-pec the idea of w-Utlihhlj/g a Buosian port ereu at Gi.taiy, on the 1'almt'ian f f ntiar. fjr tho purpose o! so cujinp by this n-oaitt his tuQaeoce anl preponaeiance is tl b Aa-iftUo? tliat tea wliiUi may be termed aa Amtiian Utci. Sucn wete the principal ? tivfs which Impelled the F.nperor, his minis! era. ana ihe Vieccose bouryansie to enUT into the Wee^etn ftliin: ce, ano to pron:>unnesg-ti'?sr the C'Ksr, in spite ot the obligations contracted In 18<6 ax<i 1840. Bfit the alli&nee prof>?ntod aluo more than odc dinger ? danger serious anc hard to a?oii enUiey. We haTe also teen wt'h what mownws this adheelon, pronase<l Irum the ctVitiM-nornitiit te Franoe and Kogtand, wt>s otratohfd out, openly and nndisgui-^ly (aw grand jour). That wfts teeaut e Austria untie this adhesion dependent ucon conditions which wftie calculated to render it unac cenaole, and to ctmpromUe it in the eyea ol' intelligent ptople in Fiance ard liit^'an ). I-bt- entered into tho ooutcut only to modily esss.iually la rh? rac! 3r, views and conduct, and to substitute for the defence of the principle ol independence and Utter ly a j<>litical war, without principle, without motive, ct ft character lli-^efioed, ftnd of an issue tmp.stlb e to foresee. Austria fov in iatvltftble d&ngtr in the noighborhood of French ui ifornw on the Rungaiian frontier* and at but a short cistance tram Polano, this proximity might iilve hcpes to the 1 fttioaal Hut'gaiian party, ana migat provcko ruirgs powerful enoagh to uaak 1 to its roots tbe cardly re-planted t'ceef the Auhtrlau monarohy. Already the Hungarian and Polish exiles were in moretneut; they ?ere fo: ruing ltgi' us, aestlned to j in the Allied I'ow ets, and to oomoat the Ctar, in whom they taw tbe pen-roifleaticn of abKolutisn and of tyranny, la tLe midst even of tho irench ftimy, there wete Huagnrian am) I'olmh retugc**. Bat 'hit which Auftrli denrel to svtid at every catard. waa the appcftranoe of a Frcuch tenter en ber Ilunr-auaB fif Biiers, and the agitation which might result therefrom in proviacet a'w?^a ready for istune:tion. Fer ac hn-ion W as cnado on this condition ? ?nd on this witjCitlpn, as we have alioad} Rali, it ou^ht to DOen inarceptfthle. Aud j et it wtu a:oepfed. Ihe loiperor Napileon IU. bell oat li ul 11 lj vo t^j ' Aurtiian alliance; lie had pariicula. ly at heir', a* wa linve alrewly established, to oiu^e li'mself to be recog nised ard accepted an peer ?nd ally, by the !a*t ae?cea tuui ot tlto aiiticu', house of LIai .ou;g. Tofti l?o al llltfl end, the Kmf?eror N'apolon HI. wax quite reaoy to sa^iilice the principle in the n.ameot' whioo he bed taLon up &rms, sn<l to traos'orm tas strife ot.the weak sfra-nft tbe strot.?, of ibe oppressed agninst ih? op preasor, lcu> ft ooaiition of soveiel;jN?, iott. a conflict. ??( [iieiioncerance nrd of autho lty. IIo attached mush moie ln.p<'t'<auce to a pcwerfbl and c idsi :e.a') e u.1'1 ?nie. the \re?ft of hi." pert-oc.l genius, tlisn to k tiium^b wore ts[ ia?nri lew bs^Bidi us, \?bich inf^u: hav^ btru only Ihe wcik ot war iujQ of chaaf.e. Alre.idy he bad i b.ttin'-d the a ll^nce rf I'tip and, and this public aei si'emn ipcff tutionof theKmpm- by Jieat Uri ?ic, tt.o t-oul rf tbe f>M ecali'ioos SK?iait Kit.nv, ?n imrrerFie tuPfe";". With tl>e support of t'? in n'ly, !? ranee might diaw the nword vt h iut oM hurope p'o'ev. ?g, ard cctttiitg iUt ll metiajod by" pvt'jects ol c.i.qu^t rsiutal'y atiribnltd to tb? heir til the name noil f *t me ol N?i'oleon tl e bust. I ro n the ni nnent io wb. ''i the baigltsh tinl'oro g'ed in our runis, 1he ni ?1. taw .u ai.c', justice of our cau.-e bicuiae iuoouiontible, eveu o .ue . Ulie t ptejuuioeti ii.iudn. But tliat was not autlicient. ftje pittance 'if A i-t:ia was s4!ll cecestfcry ? nfce?rfti-y above all. It w.? n?ce fftiy tj tliiow to the t'zai t-t a t-fianoe tne difeattiin of fht'aily f^n ?b<? b> hatt the mi st r'glit to c? c ilt It aa* necet iuy that Furope ?houl 5 be able to i av t > Its if, ?'Aufttia ?ft?- b urtl by the m?nt iuvlolsblu U<vh t-i the rtittsv ol Meutilah the i 'irHt, and tn*'.te law- sb** lift* tr"d itec tindei foot, lor <he ?alfe t f exsocia iug herne.i aith .he fortune nnd th get.ttis of Napoleon the Third." | I iom the tini'y of the '/1st June Iiave sprung all tlie di-aeters expei leuc-d by tue armie . ot France aud tog land, In the generous strife io whish they oatl eagag"d Hgxlnat Ucshin in the wme cf right, of Jmtlew, of tbe in de iieadence ot Turkey aud the >i x?r?> ot Kuro|ie. 'i lils tresly Is too well known to render it neses^a y for ?h tc place lta wxt under tho ?ye- of our reader* By this treaty ihe Cabinet, ot Vienna satisfied its ?e!f love by proving to tlie Czsr that it was dete tnlLol to act without ..iui, anC if need be, sgiinst him. It f;ati at tbe i-oae tin e a : iiUffsc'ion to the Wecte-n Power', and pre vented tbe attempls wlJeh they might have one imaged, ?;r at least tolerated iu Italy. But by ibis saine tresty, lite Cabinet ot Vienna closed a^aiost tfie Augio-French 'iags tbe route of Moldo-W ailacnla and of BetHriOia. While keeping fiom ira Hung"rian trrntlsra every revolutionarv menace ? that whtcb oou titu-ed a great advantage to lu prolM? it made Kuaii* par ticipate in the benefit cf i>? pat iHc Intervention, and permitU'4 ber to coieentrate bet force- upon what e-er point we tn'ght tliink lit tomeoaoft. Whilo aeeurlng by this proof of good will those ot tti p*?se-?iun 1 which attained the most insurree'ionarr elnmaata, It ers red between us and the Kusxlans a ?jrt of Chinese wall, un opr whose shelter the latter might dlroet their o;7jt t< < n all the other pars ol their frontiers, an I enjif'ltlly on Odessa ftnd Sebe ht-? poi, ot which ftt thu time pe. ple were . beginning to spcah. Avistri i unl to Turkey? "I will pro'ect you." She said to Prance and to Knglanj ? ' j iuh with you, and I conipell tbe Kuanans to reerots the Prut'j." Si ? said to Kuwia ? 'I commit an act of btwMlttj sg cf, you in appeararee oely You are now ires to de isr (h i sea and teOaetopol, and to give a smah le^onto 'Li ?1IK^.w I I e grief whieh the noUfiiatit n of thi tnsttv of tie .' th June caased among the genera a an' ??perlor ? M- ? t tr.-t of tbe army la indeaoribable. Pnnce Napm<"0 mani l'e> 1 'V. tbe moat lltely indignation at It. In a ftmiiUr ot i.vorsation with one of hi* lYlenda, colaaei ef one of tl rcplJnenta of hia dlvinion, who afterwarda >i?d a d tt euity with the Marshal. General Botquet made u?e of the txpreftfioa, "treason." l eneral Canrobert himself, who bad watehe I tue sy? tera of dlpltnaaey, expresieti hie dlspleii<nra *t ft. Tli ? turhs actually understood nothing ot it. Tie Bdg'l'h -*i re t-llent, and did not express their opltilon, tht. be.iw their military custom. Ueuaral Scarlett, was ?polt?o to i d the t-ubject. aatuted bis Interrogator eoldly, unler I i-etenco ef urgent buxioea". It wi? o?el?? t'> ioterro _ite on thin point Lard Uaa'.an and the Ihike '.it oridgef they would not liars replied t? It. Ma-ihal J Arnstia wss radiant wl'h joy. It might have b ?n said, run the ?.atlpfactli<n wlsieb he mautlested tha th"- te plorahle frt-aty was bin own work. He coin lltncaved .HeM'hid l at hs upon It, aad renewed to M. da hrnos e relicitatlohB which be had already presented to Hi n on tin attitude, troie and mora deOned, of his govern usat. tut: private wishes of tub emperou Unally, still more loforaiaU n with regard U? the Km l*ror's views or those of his Court, may be derived from .1 cart fnl perufal of the otber famous pamphlet, whio t apptared In Paris a few weeks ago, and reeommentlel * 1 in of ran Congress It wss said to be from fie pe 1 o Dtouja da I'Huya, nnd to h*ve received tbe -.aac ion of ' Um tafirx .. U may, therefore, M regard#* m frith tudj perraytng tb< private wiabes of t be Imtfrn ror Rikia Die 20, IBM Aec'rdiog a* tlie protavilitiM ef a pvtflo aoluU >o a* tunu-gr ate colhj er>cy, certain ontun .* b? tfaglish tiifh* fcrti nxje.voru-g t>y irnuung ortie ? < to ? nrtaager ti? of tUaap: rv c utiuu- and of the cam ani tv?e?l Uea.linig ve-nineoU 1" mt>repn?eii ung tht 1 in and th? cbtnc <? r of a d?e ul <ui Wltcb ill lit duty of the ptrucf to Keep a*oiet, a ink ia run of otfeoeing *he I'tjwtr whlco turafw l a? tppluo ?o tor conoemlona, wti?t the iute<e?tof all la W facl itaa Uii husxhl ct * L? itioct^UiKuownB't.fl oil It would b?-??r.^le*a to Mippi t ibM. *w * a'osman of G vat Britain cac behla otherw o b?ji with tee aevpest r?gi?t, thi iueuc.iio*iat?> hue oi tma ?. Li <fc*plka? of ar-angi '-i.-nt not fn r uraeo' nipatia ti<n, d?>m ha* any ilea of h-jroibaoog ttiusla or de prtcia'iig tbe just sLkre ol iiiUjHuoe and authority which *Le ia caUed on to pr^erto in the cucbcI'.jo. Ku rt pe. lTkuoe and Ecglaod bave un tad tgc.her fur a just war, B '( < ulj bechutb it ?as ajm i oae tut nec.auaa ,n<?lr 0 ? 1 1 b'i ory pn.VeO to Rus-na -.hat ahe could yield with out di hl'MT, L?. bt)^:?Dd and Fran* God themselves lowered or hu nxlUttd !>; tueifciuruti u in which u?j were pt?cad, tbe U?*t to r*-c gtiiac t e Independents of 'tie Lai ed iv*U*, and (be nevoid to renounce tbe conqueaw of tbe Id |Ah i ? M ? ol beiirpiief Ibc reeult of tbe prcaent etrugijle prove* the contrary, let lo-n tbeee oeoctm.n* weie wreaued tion tbem by lucre arn.)-. It itu France wa > conn rained Eugiaud toab?&d<n her ooloniea in Norb America, aa it wm 1 tifiltDd who, In a gr*? er degree thai any other uatioa, o< utMMiltd l(> detach from ibe French tcrri oiy He gluoa ana tbe Rbeniab Pro>te-.?a; j o Fiaaoe and Eagiaad ti> at prt??ni eU**ly united. 1 i-jud cf taair low r.e-uolob, thay urartdly b t* a rigbt U. pn claim tbat in makiif at pr?>a?at tan ha'jrfice o' a (<o i'y iocf?roi*Ut)le wi'b tbe p ace A tbe wurtd, Hui-atk eannot do ittce in public ectimttiuB ; mt ib?t on h<- eontr. ry, fbe mu?t inereaee ia *ba coafla nee and eate?a< < f bur. pe, and peihapa pr- pare hmea.f fjr a not dUr an' future ol Lew aua p ooiouu aiiaa va. t ibat Fltuatii-n tne outy ?,f toe ar4team?n ia it aeek owt u oer what torn and in wnat etrcumn aucea the ao quueceme of Kuaaia will btat be recoooilMt with (be (igni'j cf a Kre tign who, tbe d.y on wutoh be ill have Hlgued peace, will find in his entiniia of tne day be fore uo'bing elue tb aa brother*. Since tbe Coagrtea of Vienna fire great Poweri i vte g \erncd Europe with oomoion aecarx To-day (Line of tre-ie Poweie are at war, and the a^onlaueoud icteiveu ?ioo if the remaining two, eflbot in aa inula tea mauner or in ocnfe enree, tafia to iecoocilo tham n it, tbea i>urpi Imi g ttat tbe ordinary proceealugN are .n*uUfcieat to tem.uia e a co. II. c of ao novel a nature.' Oi.e Lunri?d aut twrn'y niil'i'iae of ilea are eng?j;?d in tbt etrti^gle: on '.oe rude they are eying for tbtir faith, on tbe otrei, tui juatice. fbcuaanaa of caunon are tbuticeilrg aMer forty p?-ace, our tlijunmd aiil iiont- of franca have beea ccnnumed in leea tuan Qneea mi nibs, and Lurope araita, (too tbia iaet i u icaun of biu<? and gold, a ;*?.-? watch aba'.i have uo eud. t-usb in -be p'e-ent war I V ben in-eieeu ho noble ani gigantic are at stake, can tbeiHottuy chanec or roouniiiTug tue the *>eliigeniat I ar'iee, otherwiae than by a enngrene t Aud is no. tbat ii'iat-ure jiui'ifi^d inoreoier by uu ino>nte*taiel-ot,that ?t tbe a<- e atnouxotmeut of tbe dour-tea1 ion of a c ia gieiettie oillerc-ut pcpulaiiuns w-iuM consider con c ud?- t And wbv in ihieai icipa.od Toofiden'* t It la beea tao I I U igtit ia<it t:ifti vbo ?5la tiffiouliy is to Qad a on clUHiiii ?oi~tb> ol U'O eti o(.g'e, atKi t ba.. ilier the fall of trnbaatopol and ibti ue?trucu..n of tbe Black i4ca Heet, Itaue b*cau>? poei-itl" lu lacl, a uew waa etea ?*<j by i bin event, and it wa* uotnted ? 't with eieirneiia in tne n die<-t> a?)r?ei>d by hapuienn 111 .to the eibibi iojs, hnJ in thootlicial (apei s of UL> diuloniacy. A . long aeacecbire huccwi h<ul not neeu obtained the ullitfc oou.d only 'liink of luoreetii g tu>-ir forces on the fii-lc e# battle, la pit lining, at tae pu?e of e!?m/u? na 3>ibcct-,a reeol' wbicB would turn to the a'lvantage of all, 'he; coulu not aiuiit that neutiaU'y had a uaefui mluLn to fulfil. but m I ng'aiH', Crstice, Turkej and Sardinia Lad ?nf llcd for be la-k. a< d oh tbe p -Oixired aim wa-> at alaa-J, tbe p(6i iun of neutraia could be lookod at in a more fa vor at le l'ght. I' wa? 'hen th?t the l->np?ror, making a solemn ac peai to tb? pre-aure of public opiut a wl b ibe view of <er ciitating the wai', ex Jailed, \Lti Laropt diciae ami declare uha u tr. thr. nrjit end who u in the urirrut, for Hum. uHl be a ffiauii tt<p uua*clt a toirui/m." tie proclaimed with conviction and truth that, In the prteent epoch of olvtlizatlon, thf hu ?&><?* ol anniei is but t-mporaiy, and that defioitiruly It U public opinion that <a:r ito away the tart victory. TIjuk, in tbatbou^btri of (he alliel gorernments, ths laat vietoiy will be the cjocluxion of a peace. And it is public o .inion in Europe which will have tue merit ai.3 tne honor, provided it interleres in the negotiations, iin-ik* at tbc'r various riha^es, bnd officially pronouncos rfl aH the miner difficulties which may iwue from the diaouHiioni). A ccogteis eon al-mc o5er lie opportunity of doing thin. TLe rtad.neM with whibh Un Beojn iary States havere plitd to tbe Invitation cf the Empei or of the French proven thkt Europe la prepare-1 for that great spectacle. W hiUt S<fO(i<3n v an ougagiog ber'-eif by a treaty, tbe govc-ruffienV. of Central Euro < ,lof the first, second and evtn of tbe third order, were ad)re??tng to the Court of Itvabia filenclyrepreeeotaUons, by no means c<->m mina tory, but expieeaiijg in tbe elearen manner toe necessity of traicipg conceeiione which would guarantee to the Western rowers the fisat that the object of the war was really acq&irtd. At the i-ame time each of them informed Fia: oe and Fi glaod of the steps which it had taken, and i& them to receive with moderation the proposl'i ins that RuMia might make. The msjority of tbe sovereign courts are oonseqner.tly co operating at this moment In tbe negotiation*. But their coo peration it isolated, non ofl ciai, and without force. Theirs are local opinl>ns, and dfij'. ihled; it ia not tho geterul opinion of Europe whi:b tliej t-ipn-M. In that the general opinion he rendered Useful trc imposing, tbat it m?y carrjr away that last victory which scall definitively endow the world withpeaoe from tbe laet tbat it will leave behind ft neither victore nor vanquihbed, it must ne^enearily be manifested solemnly, in an awvobly of tbe representative!) of all the states, wbere variouc tnrdes cf thirkiug may bo confirmed in oca i.ea, and wli?e the will or all may have but one voice. Ia ft corgrese, Euroi* wlU be repr-e^nted and p? ->onv -W. Airjiunrf. ?;u nstrainc menV. mind'? r viviSed; abtto all, over the P*wen> will be raapendod a supreme authority, whiob win ennoble the nacnllMH, give to ope ration the cba alter ol uiug&aiiimi'y , liiipui-u ? salutary rfHtrtiiit oti religiou* or national exigencieg, oror-excited by the aoutect and render to each gcT^rcwect a perfect Lb*)*y of ao.lou with re>p?ct to rU subject*. It wnu'd i ? n.ost dfsii-?Me were the i".ea of a congres* to prcfCad Irom Ruf;-Ia. and if, taking iato couvid?rttion an a bo.'-is of negtf Ut>oai the prop jhu:odm c .rriod to St. I eten-l.oig by C. unt EHterhazy, ube viere In propone to deliWiote i n !bem not onlr in a etmple conference, bat in an aeteuibiy ot all the mvereiicPK, and after Helena Mid rineeie declaration on tut orgin, the character, and (be r?t-u'tH of tbe !?uob an overture would be a mo o certain in lie t'i in < f the jxtciiic cinpoeu-.o^d oi the t'koicel of St. .a tore - ? a puie and simple ac ot au u.tuna tini ? hit li c.igti: ha\e no o'her ai.11 than to relard the . o-all of the Auetriau aaib.?iMauor. It wi ll be rei.iouiOti j d that a rfivrlar ae-eoeptiuiOe preceded the firnt c rafer ' enctM at. Vretna. and did not p' event their lailure. If ! Hue->a irw# boidiv to adopt tbii step, her language e? t.'. t Ltvr a ikHMUr OT frltlMH Ntlf (MWU abich, tu freeing bet diu'.omatWtH 'or 1 VJr from the r# 1 to'wK i t duvl.oi'.y, wouitt materially lac 1 11 a tho uon i of p. ace. It If only neoewary to o:w*n oootexp^rauwu.'* but try ?t> eompielienfl that Alexander II tn> y enter cn th:a path without Luu.i latu g I'.u* -:a; uud ki Or coohtdorn the much gifkUr tacritli*" ?c cli the other Pownrn have b?.eu ciro <x>i ed to mtiit tcr the proge?.?? of civiliz.-ttioa. be will MeuiGvd tor liavivg ie-*.?txl t<> ton pe ipte, in a -imiltr crtai*, ? privilege* ;ioh *(ou Wren tm hour o' Amori i-oii lt'dapencenc* eoundtd. .ri^tiuid bad n? idea that the hiiDlbi.a' ton of her old eo'oni.u policy wad for In r c nn ce ana ber i.?vy the geiin ot 'ia unlimited 'levelon*; 10* ot. At the moment ? 1 eu coaler oe 1 Ku.opu made N*. r poieonian Kraace violently return within the ; s o -hu 1 lrt moomcby, no one could t.irei-eo mat (be r?Ku?cita:od 1 mplre would lint in the 'Onuiica,?ti ?o of ber e:?ni,ue-;U he n.e?n u o' expending ever the tree ^taton of Kit rope tn nil .etc more potto.iul loan thai or Louli X I V . or of Vgfrfleon I. ll ha- beep cecewarr tnat the naHocal h.itnr of the '.wo ootinttitp should hjller nearly lull a century of hu u:ilia ions before they cou'd clearly we In .o their no# ? u?tiri?'b and frankly retign t h ? m *!??>, one ti thti lo<* ot bier North American porbeHHir>m>, and the other of tne 0"Lqt<e?tn Ot the republic and the en-pire. l'.ut Rtiiuia. alter a peace of fori? yeai*" wbleh hai chknged the face of the world, aofiewd mannern, and brtiugh. raVioiiH together ia amity, enj >yed a beiter Ute lD>me< I lately of'er ttie struggle r.uewan nole to appreciate and appropriate the renuTtJi ol it: anil at tlie very* mo m*nt at which she renouoees hei old Ka<tern policy, xhe feee that that policy doe* not 0 le ? t ba*. it L* regeceratMl^ and that in el Tilling her^elt a/te trlnraph*. What idea animated l'eter the (Jreat. with re?peet to ?Vnctsntlijople "r An if'ea a^ geoerouo and m hoty ai ?hai whieh condurted the King tla>nt Lotiin, Richard of Ireland, and l?opold of Au?tna to tne tom'j of Christ. ( an we eel rerprtee that thin idea, a living tradition t icurnx, ebo?ni bare been enveloped in tnyntery, have grown in the dark, and that when tt appeared ia open ofcy, tuBy anned, it Ruceambtd aod beiame trana foimed into ft coefiict of gianteT ko; for from tl?e mo ment it f cmcrived it had that destiny It waa ex cluiHe and iucotup.rte. '.or it only aimed at the entran I'lifeenent of the Grevk ot>mn union. It w?a ar|fr?-t?l?a and enccoarblng. for tha entranchinement implied a ter riterial tt arrangement ol r.uro|e. ltut Kur.ipe. which tl?e erentor of T'.tn-ia hai onli ?eea eKclaalveiy otinin ercijJ a* London and Amsterdam, ir ic.'igloua and|! diamilute at the tourt of the Regent, and \.hictt r<iuia not comprehend hia great cone^ption, waa' 1 c-t that '.ime nnJergoing a grand tnn>lbrmatiou.' WhiUt < atbnrine and Nlcholaa were ?Inw y oneaing the road to .,lV>n?tantino|i!e for the armies of Ruaaia, the old feudal edl jt.naofthe We-t waa crtimbling away, and on It* rulna , Nap< *et* waa ftundirg the txtae of a new policy and a , new oociety. , At a distance of o?e hnndred ami fifty j iwrn the ieeae > ? i I'eter tl e (irvat have found before them a regenerated ' I uroj*, nraw'rg af'er it al.-otdy the Auitern w *kl 1 iu? it> piinciplee ol order, juKUco and h leranoe, by tha^ole a1trac*lot> ot the wondere of cirliizVion. aod rklnmg nlof*. the Ooea in tl? metrepolin ol i-Uroiain. The will of l'eter the Greet waa from that moment ?ec :wpiii4ied. And when, In the nineteeeth century, RiimW directed ' er nrmlee and fleet* on Coant?ntln<<pie, ahe commit ??l ie (.-raie ar. error ait II Kngland or Kranoe h id re-cm ar?! ceA the crueadea. But let hnr admit that error, and rennmne her ay item of inotated proi>agan>lt<m; let her 1 la?m her ahaie in the collective protectorate which ' hrtitiar. Ku rope ban achieved, and thin claim will not be refU'ied. le l'urope Ignorant cf the fact that ttiee> i-el dlor.lete of the Runet vn people eotnp-we three <|uar ?ern ot the population of Tnrkey; that the ill feeling of he ( rd Ht. Teteiibarg can create there enormous ? ill.cnltioa. ?Bd that ita ?Incere co <npera!lon wonW, 011 he c? ntrary, b< come one of the moat, ea-^n'ial eeamnta of jiecibe 'egereration ot the tittimvo empire!' hich la Uie truth tui *0 toe origia, tbi obaraoeer aod the retnlt* of the utrugjie. Were itaaa U to accept thet* views ao4 the negotia tion* ol the tifntti to idijt at odm inspiration* as liberal; ware a ?< ngrcts to meet wi b auch sentiic.?ate of fraiknees ami honor, were the ooa?ie?ee of * .ve rt-jrou wo a <J co operaU with the talents ?f Cip ca.?tut? to recorsiraet with kolidltj atd jiutiae the euaXlihilm Of Kurope, who euuid <i?re vo doubt ? nicoein' Mo (?IrOb. IV-psreO t<? agree, as in a fatr-l'y d? iteration before tbolr pews tha be.llgerent Powers w.juld be authorised to ccnchid. an atmL-iicu us a proof of tbe lfgi ioiate hopes which woulJ proceed from the new form jf orgo Hatioos. tfocs ail tb? difficultly would oe smoothed aw*r; for it caruot be admitted that a cvircrea* of sovoreifji, united to "tYtilatt', Id tbr> nam* ol the common weal, not otkif t- e l-MterD question, but all the other diffiea :tien which hid Kruiig up uuee toe C-oegTees of Vlenra, wou.d tail to it l-ffl'T*%. Ih here a Kicg'e interact which would not durire beae fi*. from the inue lis e pscifica'iea of hurupe > Ate liotfroMia and Austria impatient to recover the eta>e of ii'flowjc w icb tat ??come m >ra and m-wecum pioc i*mj \ij the unavoceea of 'heir *ITorUf Ik** Dot Kutu-i* a*pti e to resume the course of ialeraal pi" "peri y , sod to liquid*!* nonorably and g-aadly tae tr*ui 11*1 (,< a policy which ?as genbrou* at the epaeh when it wai, coocived but which haa beea cmdemced aa icudequai* by ihe pri-grtuw o< civniiatlua, aad wait* aha w uld have t?eo corns*. l?d to renounce sooner or later j in hni owu iutwiest, aa ia that of .t e wo, Id t Tbe Anglu-Kteuch allUaoe in eternal It will attate it* o> ject asuidat the days of mtsortueeas tn times ef proep*ri y But would it t>o' kf? it a stroke of tortuaa to t ioioji'i a. that period of Uie w?r whan, having a j tbli g far her to few troy ttin the Baltic fleet, the ia ta res! ?? & ? d ideaa of the two qk iuu migtit be Drought laie ? appofiti- n ? I l it ally , it the secondary How?r? of Europe attribute ' fo a dnec' maimer to re-e>tabii?h it K.tirope ia ta ( debted to tntm in i-ome deg ee for he c imiaeaceineat ef ' end'eer labor., f r toe rtt'ornu >nd Mn?Hti which rUI ?nf<u? fjnii that grand event, will n?t. a aiaiUar aerriaa iMcered prove a MM-tar gu*rai>tee tor auch .ntatwfraaa the evat><ua:it aa or the (mate thao any protectorate* The aaeemblinc of a C<>ngre-a will tberefero be for the brneftt of all. The ne<seM>ity for it reau t < from the At* grta' rowei a belbg usabie to eotae to a precise aader h'aodixg. ltd tcriba ioa haa beea ia embryo aiaoe Mm appeal made to the sene>al opiaioa of Korupe by Napo l<o 111. It?e wua for it iaa aires erery breaat, aad taa official pfoiiotd'ioa which wi.l he male >or 1 will aeither n.<vt ?iih aa adver?ary nor a pers on inaitfereat ve it trom the very day wheo a s^rereign oourt shall hava as sumed the initiative. THE HE ICE RUM0R8. [Fioui the U ndon tie ittla, Jan. 22.] We may shortly huta up all toat is knawn a? to tho prt-Mrrt nate of ?ffaii?: Ru t-ia has aot arc?pted aoy do tailec pmpobali< either if be allies or of A us ria. Sho hMsgioM to enter on ogotia'iuos oa the bania of a documet t drawn up in such a form as to be precise aat pi tmrt- in tor* ing to ail the requiremeatf >r Austria^ bul i*. lectly yaguo and indeflnl'e npoa thuee point* upse which (ranee ana Kngland must ito-i-i. Wuat speoiaa m sanction the Cabin-ts of Paris and L, >K)cn have given to that document we Kie not informed. 1% M ars on the ta e of it a sta'emea1 that it 4aaa vat eoDiaia all their demands. Before they eonar ut ?n legislations they ar? ib >u'. to aeitd, ar have seat, to Rui-eiii a H'a eir.en of their deaiatdr. We protest va cacnut fbk e la tl>a b&ngui*.* so i.Jpat?oas oi tl">?? who se? io Ht>ch a state uf thiugn any soiia proapeH that the niMilsW nefjo'ia'i' OB will tormioa e in poaga. Tfca doiy o! our g iverumeot, aud of every Ei-gn-thmaa, m tx vr jutin. We must mil pe mli Hu.ssia to e?ea|>e hf eny ar'lfl ? ot diplomacy 'rom terms hat wili offer auaao htpeeteao* a reepi/o from tier ?e?lgna; above all ww in unt not listen U> any pr poeal that will tolerate the cicntion or maiatenance of a t-av.l or military arssaat in rry port, river or c eek froui which a navy could be flo*<ed to the waters of the Kuxina AKNOBKOEMKNT OF tUH M.W8 TO TUB COUNCIL Or Wik AT PA8J8. [ParfK Correspondence ol Manchester Guardian.] A tew ti e M-t? af'er receiving the cespwtoh, the Km petur ? the council ol .fur of that 'lay, or rather Uo ente.t*l tlie couiicit ro< iu, before every una, as ii tha custom, nut <lie other members wei? Lutrodu Ad. As but n a# l lib Dulie of Caaab.idge appeared, Xapo'aon Ua t bred to him a paper, and then turning r?und to tha otuer* gave them the news. If I am tru y ln'orined, iUr Harry Jotiea west no far an to exclaim, " Can I ha vs heard rightly, or in there bom? mii>tnk" f" Upon which the Knupeior in aaid to have smiled saying, " Tom Me the re can be no mistake, for l hare thia Hiatal given the ut* patch to the Duke of Carabn.tge." It U tuitber affirmed that the (few line* of the despatch one* rffc.i aloud. 8ir kdmund Lyons, crumpling together la his hanu some paper* he ? otd, took hie hat. ob-ervtag, that he had nothing mc.e to do there, and left the coun cil room betore the Fsnpe'or had risen or ueciareu tha (tiling at an end, whish has been commented upon eve* t ince b# the persona attached to the court aa one of the nn at txtraoidinary breaches o( etiquette ever ocas Bilvted. In a subsequent letter the same writer adds:? Apropos to the account i gave you yesterday of Sir EAmoad Lyoae at the la*t council of war, 1 obtained last evening asms really cuiious Infosana ion, beeaose It uoea, as the Kreaeh ghiaeeis, ''put the cut* upon all the I's," In a French cute, last night. 1 heard, amongst other vary late rating oonve: patiens, name of whkdt I will relate to pa by and by, an explanation given of the Hngiiah Admiral's bthavior by one ot hi* own sollesgues of the oooaell, a French commanding officer: ? The mistress of the hetue had related to him the anecdote I gafe you, aad his im ewer with a am tie was, ?' Weil, 1 kuow where that caaae frt m ; from the corridors and antechsabers of the TuliertaS; a aa, interpreted us the hangers oa ot no matter what court alwfcyit da interpret tuese kind ol things, it oer tauly does become a breach of etiquette; but," he nst onto cay, 11 1 nay it waa mi?interpie:eJ, because, though Sir hamond Lyons did crumble up some papers in bis bancs, sl<), I rather think, did nay that ' he Wi nothing more to do there,' he went out so very Unfit betore the Kmperor bad raised the sittio|, thill ' wad made my exit after his Majesiy. found Uun sill ia the pata:* vtntibule; so that it wita in fact only aa ineideat tor a pack of courtiers to make a noiae about." This same gentlt man added, "1 do not think Sir bdmuuA was in a remarkably j?vial mo d certainly ; for hU last wirda to rue, as we separated, w?:c ^eu hj? fellow. yoa acd 1 had need make tae be it of all thto? you hare t ot*x prom?Unn, hud I siia.ll have no opporto u.Jj tit aiHiih^uiahicg myaelf mure; for yon and L rely upon it. hard wi'-nensed the last war that wil ever take ] Kce in Europe " Now, I told you there ?are ptfcvi int?*?tic$ things in my evening visit of y*. M-day. 1 be great attraction w&? thit M. do Setback ?Bom if waa present, a^d atayed a good hoar and a bal'. that Lie whk mi rounded by tvery one, talked at b> every ( tie, au> pap-d at on all bands, I need not ted you; nether need 1 Nay that he waa more than usually e -'oce ? nddiicreet barei)^a word to escape hi* iipa. Onoe. however, and wi h cue person, he allowed liini??lf to ea*er into wnat might be term-d a C 'uveraa tii.n, Mealing, howeve-, of ihe Czar, lie repre sented :he latter a i< genuinely preoccupied with the aut? ject* pmnusl out in M. de NeareLrtte'a circular, aaid ha wuH neifuu-lj lient upen reformaof the raoet comprehei* a'M- kir.da 10 the Interior an?". that peace w?h, ot c iutmi, I' if di a'est wiali, \1 ii wai to 0 r. Kul w Ihout any humilia Ifun to Uv>.Ha. ( 'ne reira'k of M. de *eb*co'a deserves ni tiee. A' of ? great flnanrlal enterprise ia 1 ranee, wlioin I do not (eel auth trUed to designate mora clearly, a ked inti with nioi-e 'rauAUeas, perhaps, tliaa aood bref. irg. "I^o yen rs'nlly believe that we shall Uhvm peace i ' U. de i^eeba^h very quittly and gravely spited, 4,I am perfectly convinced that we have it slieany," ? (an liupercepCble pauae)? '-II (host uho trial tm lh Htumia really 1 oith it." Whether this pliriihe atiu j* un moie than it de-erv-.i to do, I caaaot of roura? aaj , but it did MriUe rue very laush. Auo .her thii>g too, 1 c old not avota remark tnif, Ue<iaiise 1 was, I ciufeaa, ou 'hi- look out for it : ? VI. de ^eebacu did not n.euiion either 'be name of l'jiglaad or of Austria^ hat ? i?t the vh 1. U aJTuir at tlunujli in foci Prance anil Him 'ia w* i Me tmly tvx> nmhtutinff f artist. H1h piai^e ef Ia ura N?p leou wa- eveu, it ntruck aie, a little affec and as though he bad aome object in it? 'Ihe ?a' couni its have be?ti brougut to a 01040 by eaeh I mcuilier bavini; Wiitten hit repirt. These dosutueate bate been copied, aod <vDlh? deposited under seal bath la Haiis and Lou 'on. Ihe al ied gvvemm-n a will ia tha I * vt ot of war pomj on, tnoa be 111 pocrfe-sion of the views or the beat and military commanded wm have tNken pact in the pteaent atruggie. li?VERTISl:MLNTS BEMWEI ETfitI DAT. iioKSJMI, CAJR.KI AoilT M. 1/OR SALK-A V KEY UaMirnOMK AND hTYMW F b ?ck p, elgb' yewa old, ao'infl aad kind, caa '.(Ml to 2.:t to i?'e. and in 2:00 *i<utle <0 rood w?g' m, time will ha vtown; price I8J0. AdUreaa It. U., Cn<oa aquare l"ost othia. For balk-a pplendid cdcpk, hade rt woo* A 1 ooiilDfon . tu pert .el order and but little uaed. >ps<g to fm. BL Ml:aa, M aad M West .Vneteenth streec L^OR HALE- SIX DRAUGHT MORSES, TODEU, HOURS r aad klnd,alao on- ro?d harre; also on* team of rants*, wui be sold aheap, if applied for immediately, at M Waal klgta'?euth btreet. WANTED lKlf KDI AT ELY ? 4 PAIS Of STtOtd w irking horses, to escfc.iDge for real estate or saleable Bierehandlxe. Enquire of O. M. Kt u(i, ttavery'i Hotel, aaat to'ltmeH otLoe, Heekn aaatrcnt. BILIJARDft. 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OeiUamsn fmrt of this laiarasl tr>s and baa'thtal ammement will And all the ?aiM>lntmeBle W Ibis esienaive Miahilahiornt 01 a high order. t??e nedee of iha opening r ight wR1 be given. fLOTHBIG, ?C. 4^ ftAA fiigtii'oi' kew CAfT ore cm>thtvo Ct)." *U1 ? WFCieS. ? rtxmw l?. r<nm?T. ltoanaail to bi? ?lothin# of every daaurtptlno . Oea'lemeu bavtng large or aiaall . , Ms to dbime of. wttl reeel- * Hir highe*' P'T.efor them be/ ?i eal Ing at the nor* or addreastae IHOMAS D. OOE 80 K, t' LkJ Pa art str*. u ^ / 1LOTH1RO.? L/riPS t>R GENn.HKRN HAV'EO A *. I J to dl'ipoa* ef ean receive ? fair eaah prna hy new dm; the aioren, No II Ij? rena r reel near Oanal.erMa M * A " Rioederay, or leuerbr post. Indies attended by Ml 0 >.<>?? ?L / tjtffOff fXOTBINO ?A LARGE QUAWTTTT P f\trr \ ed-aMmttwn thnuaand dollar* eorlh; In lota of f. - - - at! flf parn etit to ma thousand. Por snpergM eWUiZZ th>- full value will Ha II .nrallf given tn c-uh. J.'.B! ."' MORON e. Y , 1KM illter street, ni'ar i.futre. 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