Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 13, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 13, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW TORE HERALD. ' ' ^ ? - V. /.Al' j WHOLE NO. 7107. MORNING EDITION? WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS. ABYERTISEMKKTS RENEWED EVERY DAT. JALB8 AT AITCTXO*. LBF.BT U. NICOLAY, ADOrlOM?KR.-AB?*OLirr* ?ale ot l'iftoen jurn1 lease ol Uie building No. 21 Wall ?*., ,_cr of Broad. ALBJCn T a. NIUuLAY will Mil oo Wedneo r, fakruarr 18. 1804, at U o'clock, at the tforokint*' Ex mfB, f>*w York Wail aud Broad *U - t he 18 years' uoox -edit as* from 1U r, of Uus eHgio'e premises knowa aa Jlo. 21 Wail streot, comer ot broad. Condition* <X laaaa are a* tollo?*?? Yearly runt for mn ttna Are year*. I'-l.'Jfid, payable Quarterly, and Orotou water lax; attar May 1, 1861, thoa a l of*S,?50 paraiuuin and wator lax, and toe leeaee to keep _ bul'dtDj tn g od :?p*ir. I'm property bow reiiU tbr .6,000 per annum and oott d easily be made to brine 18,000. For aii Inveauneni. Bulbing c .u a oe illeied whtoh pa>* ao t a pr oflt aa IhU letao Tim* an apportir lly It piesenled m to be mat with, an; should he a nbraend by taoae *oak _j a *tft profitable an.; ;>?? maaeui investment. F. rstcia** ity bond* and mortgngei will "? takoo for one -half the pur _.haa* mooav. for lull particulars apply to ALB&KT H. |B 1001 AT, MflUsMOr, Ho. 1 Broad at. ALBhRT H. KICOLaY, AUCTIONEER -VALUABLE oorner Iota at Yorkvtl e, a1- auction. Albert U. M loo la) ?will aaU. oa Wednesday, Kb 19, at 12 oMIook, at the Mer ?chanla' Exehaogu, two desirable loU on lh?> northeast oorner of ?Second avenue MM *l#h'y ii/Ji street No low offer greater ?inducement*, aa the Mgood A?enuo Railroad roue or this ?property. Term* easy ant title Indisputable For full par laeuan app'y to ALB&KT H, NIOOLAY, Auctioneer, No. 4 ? Broad slrve'.. AO. TCTTLE. AUCTIONEER? OFFICII M BROAD ? war ? AJsigaee's b? i' ot' '11 ton's patent Improved gul - tare and violins. A.- O. TU t'iLK will Mil on Friday, ai 10)? o'clock, at It Btekman street, up stain, about 100 Hitoa'i pa teat Improved guitar*, varying tu coat tram SIS to $160; alio, 80 Improved vtottna, *iw>n*?t will be found a tew Ure _ mooaa, costing 9178, the akola U oe eoM ny order oX theaa ?ateaee. la lot* to Hit aiwlwin and dealers, for oaak. Also, | work beaches. Mia, office lurnitore, Ac. Catalogue* on the morning of aale. I A LUDLOW, AUCTIONEER? SHERIFF'S 8 ALB? THIS A< day, Kebrnary in, 1-5(1, at II a, M? at 612 Oraenwieh at teat, horws and carta, together with the oomenti ol a coal I yard, lurnlture and ilxiurea JuUN WILSUN, Deputy Sheriff. Auction balk or- fur*it:jbf\ hod?ekhi??inq artlcic* Ac.? UkUROK COv K, Auctioneer, will tell at 10.S o'clock, thla morning a 100 Broadway, opposite trinity | church, a general *?aoiiu,a to. new and elegam rosewood and mahcgan> wardro aa, bookeasc*, p;u lor suite*, sotu*, chatra, | bedstead*, bureau*, hsu-ia-d. centre, tide and sofa tabled; | axutaion dining tab'et, mirror*, ma ire****, psltlasae*, Ac, bale positive, to pay advances. ASSlONKk'ri SALE? W T. BOYD A CO., ACCTION errt Store lt7 WlUlam street. W. T. Bull* A CO. will I aeil at* Iriday.reb. 15, at lb), o'clock, oa lue premise*, tte bulidliigv, to^e bt r wlib the eaae fur aeven year* tt' the lota aud lock ai the loot of hori> eiKhth street. North river, now occu pied aa a lime and plfi?i*r yatd. Also about 100 barrel* of time and plaatw, ana m lot ot sand; also the oOloe turnl'ure, Ut?*ala deaks, chair*, Ac.; also carts, harness, lumber, Ac. MaTU iN MHBKT, K*q? Attorney Tor Assignees. *15 Broadway. ASSIOMfK'S SaLK.? a FINE STOCK OF MaHuOAWY acd rosewood parlo* suit*, covrred In French brocatel ai d velvet, manur*ctur?d exptetsly tor city custom; also a choice beleciion of dtiilng *nd chamber furniture, selling at re duced prirea to c^Mo a concern. Inquire at 31 1 dud- on st. Auction notice -thos. bkll, auctionekr-by lk'U A Bum Tbl* d.iy, at 10' 4 o'c o k, in the sales r<* ni*. No. lihorth V? ililara utreet, w 1. be Hold, in continue tion, tne meek of dry gojd* and tanny store, tine lot of clouting and Bents' fXirnlnhltig goods; ntmnants. sb>ris, hoalery, watolie*, jewelry, Ac.: al?o, to cloa^ *sle, by O'der ot aaslcneo, tne ? ho ice slock of boots tud shoes; 1(10 pair ladies' gaiters, boys', youths' and oilier >md snoes. Sale positive. Ihuradsy, aalc ot vtiuable furniture. Auction notic*. -by kdward hcfienck, ho. is Wall stree'. On ihurrday, Mf**ri it, at 11 o'clock, precisely, sup?rlo* wine i. brandies, Kardtnes, lea, chocolate, ?so., ftoa an iinportii'/; house wbo never i tlore sent gkod< to aiioilnn; o.ii t>. S. U I'., Kenan t A 'Jo. fl nee'. A Co.'* brardle*. In catcs O'eia iittJ lt?nnc* ey. In domUohn* and oa*ks; AtnootllJado ard I'o illla shfirries, I'age A Co. and For realer's peris, fte'pf' ui-tdeira. -lolland gin Jamaica rum, 'Scotch, Irish ami Houib m and Monounbela wblskeTH; Havana hrgars, Ar. We reae ve ih? >t<*)ds MM lir-at haiWM \uo.ud ai oe aoltctted trom tluj.-o uuyuit; lor prlvaui use, as well us the tratte Auction noticc.-openimj mprinq sale of c?bu?i fuimiure. piano*, Jti- RL'?*r.LL> <t 1>aY, ano tionrei*, will bo d Ulrlr In ?t spr'ui; sun ut furni.urn, at their exieuHie a* lei roooii, 85 a ass^u street, uo <toira irom Fulton, on Thursday, (to mot -row) at I0)? o'clock, when will be oflerou a large stock of cabinet furaltura, o>miiri*lng rich ro*e*'oo l suits tor pat lor, enamelled aud other ctianiber furniture, book cases, wardrobes, sofa? chairs, mirrors, ranrila top tables, mahogsny and roiewood bureau*. wa>b*ta> d*, mattrostes, NMp dinlrg tables ? Ion sutck inutt be positively sold to pay advances. Bargains unv be ex?>bCied. Also, one ma bogan> pianjiorte aud soxirni h.tnd Mri i.urr, AUCIICN NOTICK.-F1RKAUU4 HARDWARE. CDX lery, Jic.? J unr< r Va? a? iffHiRl' will sell, oil 'Ibursday Ke?. H, at 10 o'clock at J05 (troa tway, by onler of trustets (lie entire i emainl g ttock of the Marston nrearm-t t'eapkpy, to r'ob? tbe concern, oi slxilnv tu u*rt ot gun*, pistols, mles, (ran eat**, p. iwdcr llaiJt*, percussion cant, fine C1 t'et; A'-. < aiaioijuts no* ready. Terrr.?, *Lx mouui*. jD A- CHILTON \UCriONbER ?TWO VACANT LOTS JO. of aiovnd on Canal (U'u Walker) sirMt, adjoininK the :.r>r?bwrs? corier o Ailon streei. Ct?Ls: A CHlLroW will seilM auction on WndnMMtiy, fob. 2D IH.VS, at 12 o'clock, at Jim *let chants' Kichatife, the aoove two valuable lot*, well Calculated lor buslota* or mauulactiirlnc purpose*, or for btuMilng taut-tnent houatu thereon, naving a live foot alleyway leading fW-m Allen *ireet. Kor term* ajd m*p* auidy to the nucHoneers 45 Nassau street. This pro(>ert]r ran be boaght at private nle en application a? abova. C10M IM AliON BALE-BY ORDER OK TUB A8 I nig t ee. KDWaRD ScHRNCK will wli at auction this dav, at 11 o'c oc-k, at bl* *ale>rooai, No. lli t'.'al I street, a an ptrb Invoice of dlamoud jewelry and ?-ut.hes, MUM| In part of diamond pin*, rln?*. earrings. Ac.. In cia?ters, slugle stonrd. bur ling and open faced watches, doible time keepers, indepei dent second*. Ac., by tbe be*' makers; at*o, Flnren uue si-d r. 'inan m< sUc*. cameo ami olbet bMMMkM jewelry. Sale pos?the.y without rearrve. DW FIXING HOt'SK ASt> I.OT TOR BALI: AT A1TC COB.? A J Hl.KKCKKK A CO. will Mil (to-morrow), Thursday , Feb. 14, at the Merchants' Rictiange, *i 1 1 o'clorn, the desirable wid substantial three wary, high basement, brick bonne ud lot, 90 Mat Tturtv urat airect, be sveeo I.eilng ton A.'.d ? l>:rd avenuos; .'lot 2U*Jn;'J, house tiM. Possession Isi M?j, and W 000 can remain on bond and m 'i tgage. All modern improvements, except furnace. DP. HOUGH, AOCIIOWKKR-KI.K'UNT FOBNI ? hue ? Auction *ale of durable and cicgan t rosewood and malicgtny and walnut furniture, costly o d oil paintings, roeewood planofrrte, reive) carpet*, *llver ware, Ac , Ac., to mo>row (Ttuu*da?< morning, at o'ol ?k?. M., at TO Mm rayatreet. The vale will cjmmeaca wlih a lot c( basement and ki'chenlumiture. after which the on lor-, containing an elegant rosewood 7 octave round cornered phnofurta, of* very superior tote; one rich and coatlv rosewood naelor suite, In green and cold French aailn damutk. also one do. In crlm?oa audguen, French brocatcl, both sultabeln, upiiolatered and liutebid throughout Id the moat perfect mauno. ; costly rose wrod ctegere, hnlefced In plate mlass; beautifully covered 1% dies' parlor reception chairs, lady * ro*e wood n?<Tutolre and cabinet <oml/ined. In roaewood Inlaid; rosewood work tables, i one wood do. i>e*tl ii,lald, with secret drawer*; inlaid papier macho and roaewood atanda: heavily carved roue wood centre ta ble* v. Ith Metuary opt: rosewood book and ctrieralaods. furor naui'Mf. or music; elegant French p:a e put and oval mirror*, atmuibtrof large and very fine oil paintings, embracing a vreat variety M subjects; tine lace window drapery, pearl aud blue brocatei Co , uptsard* of SOU yards of e'egant velvet ta pestry, <r grain carpets; al? > stair do., hn<lisli oil cloth, Ac.; an liq ue OoilTic inlaid timepiece*, run one year; elegant china vares. bca .tlfully painted and decorated; also bisque and Fa ? rian figure*. Inning rooms nod bedroom*? Very line and heavy mahoganv extension table*; also ainlag and tea table*, linen covert; costly china dinner set, perfect; al*o several china tea sets plain and decorated; cut glass tu nbla.-?, wines, lemonades, goblets, preserves, salts, caraflW, i'arian pltcheri, Ac. fine silver plate c-istcrs, tea services, salvers, spoons and fo' ks cake basket*. Ac. ; Ivory cutlery, ooinmou crockery. Ac., Ac.-, and in bedroom*, elegaut heavily carved rnnewoja and mah gany bedsteads, ot modern and antique at vies; aim mar ble top dressing bureau* and washstand*, lo match; china toil et set b pure bair mattresses, bolsters, pillows, counterpauM, and mahogany sola* acd chair*, cam; scat do., Ac., Ac. Hale positiv a. TOUGH* I'. H PKaNKI.IN, aCUTiONKKK? ,IY t'RANK XJ ho A Kicools On Tins morning, l.'iili lustan., at III'. o'c.otk, at store 79 f? assail street, large and peronit>u>ry sale ot lie w and second hand furniture, pianoforte, plated ware, French I>;ate mlirors. hair mattresses. palli*?cs, china and via* ware olt paintings, iratmxl engravings, fancy g ?d?, Ao.: rtiM> one fUpei lor li?* octave rosewood p nuotorte warranted lorthree years, andacveral invoice* of entr* ilulsbed callnet totnilnre consisting of roeewoou parlor suPa, bookcases, wardrobe*, eitenjlon dining taoles, oedrnotn furniture, Ac, w bleb ? lll positively be sold to pa.i advance* rhl* sal" la woiinr the nttentioo of city and country purchisers. fl. B.? ncods ca/aluliy packed on the premises. G1XECUTIGN BALE OF BOOTS. -.IDIIN W. dOMl.Rtff fu djke atietlone*-, will sell thl* day, at lu'j o'clo< k, a' store i. IV forth William street, i.lui'haro, iiy virtue of ao <? sccui on, 25 pair men's pegged and nowe 1 biNits. VaHNL'M a. i*ll.l,.H, Ooasta'jle. r,1AKM AT A0CTIOW? WILf, BK HOLD AT FPHMC AVC. A ? tioo at the United States Hotel, in the village of flewbur*, on Wednesday, February a I, IUJA, at 12 o'clock M., th* tirm formerly occupied by Jame* Darraob, on the mad leading u> Waloen, about nine mLes wustoi Mewsnrg. The farm eouialns about seventy acres of excellent land, on which arc g lod build ings, and upward* of (WO choice fruit trees. For tormi and former particulars, apply to Jame* Dairach, at Aesr York llosp.tal, ?1K Broadway, or to K. A. Brewster, at New burg. I*. Slfiaitrt, Auctioneer. H- KNR Y T I,F.BI)S A (10., AUCTION M<BS~KIiltO AN T tu usehotd furniture, rooewwd planofore, Ao., ai auction at tbe rerideoce M4 Broome street, a few doors from Broad way.? Henry T. Leed* will *nll on Wednesday, February 13, at I0l, o'clock, the entire elegant furnituro of the abo\e hou*e, all In good order, and nearly new, con rlkttng la part of two solid rosewood suit* of par lor furniture, eovered in French crimson and blue and maronu broeatel; two large oval mtrnrs, smill do., pier nnrt other gluees, rosewood etegnres, with glaxa front* and oack*; om large sized do, lined with saLlntvoiul; rr>searood centre, side and sofa tables; music stands, booksuinds. corner stands, light staid*; rich tapes-ry, Ingrain and other cirpets; rosewood Omhlo f.edstcads, btircauK. witstistands, m'ihoiiny .Jo., walnut do ; one richly painted suit, with rairnle top*; hair BiMtlf ?**?*. feather beds, Horary bookcase, eight day clocks, one inlaid. 2H oozen claret, rich French vmc?, tea sate, china ornatnan.'a, candlestick*, nxtemlnn Ubie raMWOod marhln top bat Maud, oilclotli, rug*, cane seat chairs tourist's easy enair, sofa liottom: chairs, ?oh? bedsteads, with a large lot ot crockery Nl.vcr plated wa-o, Inlaid ^nlvbs, froca'el and rich laeeenrtains. wflb a large lot of furniture too numerous to mention *.-ge and amall oil painting*, Ac , Ac. KSRY T. I/F.RDH A OO., AUOTIONKKRS? UAROI-; ? ? m *5 ' u *n<' costly household lumlture of iarolly declining hcu*skoeplng ? Hp endid Froacb mantel and pier mirrors, roaewood planotorte, elegant parlor (tilt* In bro cade, oil painting*, rioh ve vet and caoesti ,- carpets, elegant biour.- and ormolu clocks, gi.lo band china dlaner set, rich sli ver w? e and pearl cutlery, Ac., contained in the flrtt class bouceKTS We*t Twenty slxtb streJjt. HwNttY T. LKEDH A OO. wi 1 ?el, to morrow, Feb. M at 1?K c'.hjk the entire mag oil'cent lurnlture, Ac , without reserve, of the above house wh'.oli w?* made to order ao<) ha* poen in usi hut a short time' cop sluing in part ol large r??ewnoP eiegeres, marolo tops with p ate glass dr*)rs and beck; e 'Kant roHew,>.*| se.;rot iry book cases . rrstly par lor suit*, carved ro-,e 'in i sen're w,fls and aide tab>?; roeewood reeopUen ana Voltaire c.ialr*, elegant rtrh ? it.dOIT corfalr.s nhadi-*, lady'* es?e*tOtr? valuable oil p%' and psrlnr ornament*, bn.nte and urble cloeu C <ilv -lec.TRtedchi.ia v.ises Ait. Otmag room ' u?i. envision thl. ii I chair*, flei'iMii gn.d band ehloa dianer et of IHK ot in dcroraieo chln>'ia a1 I cn.Wt- ^e'<, g!i?s ware, rl h m v?i wolf. Ivory i pd 1 1 *rl cutlery, with nn ele '?n' varies oi twew nd and wwoi-'any ch'iober ntfplt . c ,rv.> i rose vool led- eiegani rosewood bureau ? wl'h ? laro!* toos, do. wi ?li*ia.. is to match, elegaot decorated c'.ilr.a toilet net*; i?n ot bale ?*t' ii ?* ?t be!' ?u I b, .J ltcg, rrtinnu uuigpeat c-"vl"', ' iting?H. r -cklt.'; a:iJ ",aa? 9 .al;-s, ?I tist f'lin 1, CCrlJ'h, ??*lT0aT?' H tX" SALES AT Al/CTIOSl. JOHN L. VANDKWATBB. AUCTIONEER, WIU. BELL on This clay, Feb. 13, at 10% o'clock., at (ha salesroom. Maiden Una, a large assortment or diamond jewelry, con fitting of fioger rings, broocies, gents' pins, braoeMs, studs, Ac. Also, a line of gold caie watches, 18 earat gold oh it at, ? nether wilb a line ot fine goid je vein, consisting of hrooahes, linger rings, alceve buttons, bracelet*, plna, Ao ; the whole terming a rich and varied assortment. Jm BOQAfcT, AUCTION*, ER-BY fl. BOO ART. -THId day , at 10% o'clock, at the aueuoe rooms, corner of Frank Tort and William streets- Coualato'e^ a?le? 3 crates crockery, in lots, lo salt purchaser*: 40 look Ins tgiaases, large kitcbe labies, bureau. bookcase, feather beds Brunei*, three pi and Ingrain carpels, ol cloth, Mgars, Ac. B. U. MMtStntLL, Constable. LHabqe sale op valuable ground and watku ? rights on the MM rtvor. ? ANTHONY J. HLKKCititit A CO. will cell, without reserve, to the highest bidder, on Poo. 20, at tbe Merchants' Exchange, the Inflowing pr >pert > r? The two blocks ot ground lying between Third and First avenues at d ninety seventh and Ninety eighth streets, mating in ail 10U iota, carrying with them the very valuable water right*. 1 bin presents to capitalist* an opportunity for profitable Invest ment rareiy met with. Tbe ground can, wHh a litUe Improve ment, be made to pa/ a good present Interest, as it is well cat ciliated tor ship, lime, brick and ooal yards. The water Drirl lege carries with it the right lor the formation of some ltW or mere lots. The water tn front is of sufficient depth to accom modate the largest sisedvrsael or lifting dcek. The aisesimeot tor the Central Park will be paid by the present owner. Tim me? Ten per oent on day of sale, 40 per cent at the expira tlon of thirty dais; balance can remain on bond and mortgage from three to five year*. For maps, Ac., apply to ausUooeers, Wo. 7 Broad street. M^m DOUGHTY, AUGTIONKBB, WILL BELL, THIS DAY, ?. at 10% o'clock, at ? Centre street, by virtus of a mort gage, the entire furniture ot a family: reeewoo* (Km, stooi. and large mirrors tajisstryearpsts, three pty and tagrsln do . kite ben utensils, ohlna. Ac ; alga, lo pay advances, a very large assortment of new furniture mahogany chair*, bnoknasns. French bedstead, curled hair and spring mattresses, bureaus, Ac. Sale peremptory. PMHILIP B. W7LKIN8, AUCTIONEER.? DHSIBABLE dwelling bouses on Twenty sedond street at auction.? Philip B. Vfuklns will sell at auction, on Wedneaday , February IS, 1866. at 12 o'clock, at tbe Merchants' Exchange, the four story brown stone house and lot, tn West Twenty -second <treet; three house* on the north side of West Twenty-second street, commencing on the northeast earner of Tenth avenue. These houses are all located between the Ninth and 'jonth avenues. Tbey were built by days' work, in the most siibstan Ual manner, with modern Improvements, and replete with every convenience; and being located In one of the be it streets in toe city, and in a first class neighborhood, are very desirable lor those wishing to purchase moderate houses for their own occupancy. Maps of the property oau be hadat tbe office ot the aucttoaeer, >o. 11 Wall street, or Mo. 2 New street. P PAWNBROKER'S SALE OF WATCHES AND JEWEL LS ry. ? a. M. OR1HTALAR, auctioneer, 2S Bowery, will m 11, ou Friday, lath inst, at 10% o'o ock, a large asaortment of line goid plna and earring*, broooftes, gold braoeletA, dia mot d rings and pins, gold and silver anshor, lever, leplne and English verge watcher gold and silver chains. Mi-tonlc em biems, silver ware, dirks, plftols, large lot of carpsuter's too s and bevels, and a large lot of other articled. By order of 8. U. Moss. 74 Oatht rlne street. Russell w. westcott. auctioneer.? eles ant household tumtture, rosewood pianoforte, Ac., at auc tion, at tbe residence. No. 72 Eigh'h avenue, near Fourteenth street.? U W. Westcott will sell, on This day. PebiuAry IS. at 10% o'olock. the entire elegant furniture ot the abovx bouse, all in line order, having been used but lour months, and to bo peremptorll v sold to the highest bidder, without regard to wea thor. consisting In part of elegant rose wo xl put no 'or la, stool und cow; rich tapestry, Wilton at d other room aud stair car pets; one elegant suit rosewood parlor furnltore, nine pieces, covered in rich brocade with slip coven; one do. solid rose wood, covered 1 1 green velvet, nine pieces; two .'arge Preooh plate mirrors with slabs and brackets French shades and oor njces. rich lace curtains, rosewood centre and pier tables, with statuary marble tops; rosewood marble top elegore, mirror doors itnd backs; rosewood reception and arm chairs, rich lir**don mantel vases, ormolu clock, card and sofa tables, oil paintings, bronzes, Ac.; solid rosewood and mahogany bed steads, eleven elegant hair mattresses, feather beds, blankets, ccunterpuntb, rosewood and mahogany dressing bureaus with mai uie a, us, ?ashstands to match; china toi'et sets, mahogany andrrenc-h chairs, so'as, tute a teles, rockers, o?*l mirrors, library, bookofcse, Ac., with a large variety of bedroom and basement furniture, one ermmel'ed cottage suit, dining and tin tables, rich cbina sets, rich out glass war \ silver ware, ivory cutlery. oiitclolli, hat s'and, A c. Purchasers are assured that ti ls F-ale is iierenptory, and the goods nnut be removed l /timed lately. Catalogues on tbe morning ol sale QHKKIFT'8 SALR.-W. C. AI.BUR1US, AUCTIONEER, O * 1)1 "ell, on Wednesday, Fobraary 1.1, at loc'ciock, at 19 O urt ftreet. Brooklyn, rosewot.d, oak, mahogany atid black wamut turniture; also cue rosewood pianoforte, stool, Ac . Ac. By order. E. LOT 1', Late 8h8i iff. E. TiurucK, Depuly. rptlNIS MOBRELL, AUCTIONEER.? FURNITURE AND J. tegar sale ?This morning, at 10% o'clock, at til Nassau street, a l*r<e variety of household articles or good quality, new und second band; also twenty different kinds of se^ars, g<* d article tor private use, and sold tn lots to suit Satisfac tion guaranteed to all buyers. He prompt to the Ume. TEBE30E BOYLE. AUCTIONEER, STORE NO. 46 Ventre street. ? Orocerte<, on Thursday. 14th instant, at 10% o'clock, at lt>9 Christopher street, near the Uotiolren ferry, coisistlngot the usual aswrtment kept In a retail store; also wines, liquors, and all the fixtures: one grocer's wagon, nearly new: together with the leas* of mar years unexpired from May rextol store and rear building, at the vary low rent of 1400 Per annum. til II, MAM IRVING, AUCTIONEER. ? KXKGIT TOR'S IT ??le of household furniture. ? W i 1,1 .1 AM IttVlMQ A CO. will sell nt auct on, on IhurtUay, I eh. 14, &l l'J o'clock., at No. H Allen street . a general assortment o I iruhogativ parlor, bedroom and dining room furniture, Brussels aud Ingrain larpttu feather beds, balr matt ? esses. counterpanes, stanketa, bedding, Ac. ; china, crockery and glass ware. mirrors, paint ing* and engravings, together with a general assortment o kitchen furniluta. h'old by order. H. Q8TRA.NDPR, Kxeoutor. WILLIAM IRVING, ACCTIONBKfU-MORTO AGE fale i f handsome househo'd furniture.- WK.LI a.M lit VINO A CO will sell, at auction, nn Friday, February 15, at 1CH o'clock, at 12 Netlson place, Mercer street, noar Waveiley place, ibe enlira furniture contained In the a,ove h >u ?e, c.>n ?lating, in part, of Brussels and ingrain tartieta, suite of io.'b wood parlor furniture, French plate pier and mastet mirrors; rcsewcod and mahogany marble top pier and centre u? es; i oeewcod^ti ' , octavo piano, made by uoyle; window curtains anil bhade*; mantel clocks and ornaments; tjtegercs. mthoga ny French besteads; marble top dresslna bureaus and ?r?atk stands; mahogany wardrobes, black walnut and maple bed rtjom tumiture; china tollei sets, hair mattresses, feather be Is, ??niters and pilbws, bedding, blanket* and counterpanes; ma Uogany extension dlnlr.g tables; china dinner and tea sets, crockery and glass ware, silver plated ware; mahogany tea tables, side hoards, mahogany solas and chair* in haircloth, of J? loth, blaclr walnut and maple cane sett chairs, Ac. , together with n large and general nnorimeut of kitchen furniture. Sold by order. J. B. Bh.NSEL, Attorney for Mortgagee. P. MKLLOR, AUCTIONEER.- BY HOUGHTON A ? MELLOit. To morrow^ Thursday, at 10>{ o'clock, at w 113 Nassau street, elegant cabinet lurnllura, oil painbn'fs French plate pier and oval mirrors, nctv ntylo Irajws; rioh and costly suites of parlor furniture, covered in brocade, bro catel and plush; carved oak beaufols and extension dining tables of the roost approved pHt'crns; carved oak dining room chairs in pltt?b: mirror door and back ?teg?re?; walnut side boards, marble tops; richly carved rosewuod centre tables; side, pier and fsncy do.; card rabies, chamber furniture in great variety; rich enamelled chamber suits; lmdsoipe, painted; ?olid rosewood bedsteads, bureaus and washuands to match; walnut and mahogany do.; curved rosewood and ma liovauy ware robe* mahogany exUs anion dining 'abler. eight. ten ami fourleer feet long, wltii dining roam cbnuv; curved oak. mahogany aid walnut hats tends: rarved rosewood, walnut abd maliogkny bookcases se< re arlcs; mirror dcors, rloh easv and rtxUnc chairs; corner stands, spring sea' parlor ( hairs, ehina tea sets, mantel vases. Goods can be packed tor rhipuirt;. Also, at 12 c'cluek. live rosewood C.S and 7 octave plai.otorte* of rich tor.e and flnisb. It I0W AliDS. |rA RF.WAUD.-THK STORK OF THE SUBSCRIBER i?uW having been entered by burglars on wunoar morning, -be luth Inst , aud robbed ol a j?old hunting watch and chain, a let of ?l k bai dkerrblefs, stock? aud clothing stolen fierctrom, the above reward will be paid lor1 the recovery of the property. 1 3R A HI hahNBu, ti.. Chatliam street ??. - RFWARD.? STRAYED OK STOLEN, ON TI1K SD OF ?, ? / February, a black Newfoundland dog, marked with ts'n ? on .us breast and paws, uImj a white stripe on his note; si.?wrt? to ibe iam? ol Neji. The finler will receive the abu.e few ?rd ly leaving him at So. B West Sixteenth street. Sr. RSWARD. LOST, ON THE EVENING OF THE <?TH ? J iiixt , Ir. ji ,'i hast Twenty sivth street, near Third ave mc ? Newfoundland cog, blank, with white breast, and Ibe toreleet spotted its* a scar on bis nose. Any person return In* the ?s'd di k 'hall receive lite above reward, and no qiiw tluns asktd. to RKW A RD -LOST, A I. A ROE WHITE HALF BREED O bul. dog, with a collar and th,in auaebed. Wo will pny tite above rewind oh returi ing the same to 3M? Greenwich street. aOaM '? A CO. b LOST A!*l> roir?). WIUNI) ? ABOUT TWO MONTHS AOO, I!f THB f.'AKT river, a row lM?t. The owner can have it by proving prop* riy and paling etpemee. Apply on board the steam ,ioat Ihoiuas Klley, at the foot of pier no. 4 K. K. TT'OtJND ? IN ONK OF THE BROADWAY STAOE9, A V ponemoniuile MMl some monev und papers. The owner will piessede?crl!>e the eootents, and address where It >?n be sent , directed H. B H., Herald office. IOST-ON SUNDAY T.A8T, IN GOING FROM F.Li: J ventb street, up Kltlh avenue to Calvary church, a chain bracelet with lockei a' t ached The finder will be suitably re warded l<; leavlug it at 106 West Kleventk street. I OST-ON THE 6TH IKST., IS GOING FROM WAR J ren street, Hr< okljrn, to Mnth street. New York, by South ferry and Broadway ai d Fourteenth street stage, a imall gilt and enamelled breastpin, set In pearls, and containing lialr. n boever will bring the above to Nkaat* * Noyes' offlc.', No. (i Front Hreet, will be suitably rewarded. IOST? FEBRUARY 12, IN THE TRAIN FROM MOR J listnwntn New lork, a black leathcrcarpet bag. con til n ni; a few articles of wearing apparel and two mlnta ures, of t o value except to the owner. I he Under will be bandsome 1) rewarded on returning the same to Mr. Coles, M VS Broad *ay. I OPT? A RED ANI> WHITE RKAD PURSE, CONTAIN J ing fourteen English sovereigns and two hall sovereigns, between St. Paul's cbtireb and Slswart's ury good , s'ore. The loser is a poor man and a stranger, and was all he bad in the worlo. A reward oi 96 will oe paid loany one returning the above amount to the Herald cfllce. Money found-in a sixth avenue stage, a purse containing a small sum. Apply at I W Hrnad street, corner of Front. T,iK BA1,1-' XtAWN. ' Grand fancy and civic ball.? at the r*. quesl ol blsli'iends and the puhUe, M I'ERACHIO will give a ball at the Cltv Assembly Rooms, on Wetlnosday eve ning, February 30, 1W Tickets, admlUlng a geotiemao aad lady, 92; extra ladi's ticket, 91. A splendid band will attend Iiekets M sale at BM Broadway. Masonic BAiJ,.-tnE tenth annual bai.', <>t be M. W (irand Isslge of the State of New York will be fteid at the A i>ollo saloon nn Thursday evening, Feb. Il l?i i 1 tele's J;? to sdmlt a and ladles -may be oh'ained ol the (<rsnd Secr#!arv, James lle/rh g, ?P0 Krna lway or of lit W Nftth. F Waring (leor^e L Thatcher, an ? tlie.'ulfleer* of 'or'ys lo Hrookl? o, <* Dr U Funchtwanger 1 l. Manot foi Isaac Pli'lMps Robert Roberts , W W Neise^ Heary 1 r- sfein (he officers of bulges cnerally tn New York. SieVrfn 1 ?ed -nid Westehe?ier notin'y, a*, tbe prinslpai m -si <'?)res at; 1 notifij, *tud a*, the f'oje. THE TRIAL OF THE GAMBLERS. EflorU jMjmI* to Poatpoae? Jadfe c?pr?n Re ftMM, ?nd M?ys utu Kwrai What H? U Abonu" COUHT OF OKNBBAL 8ES8I0MB. The Coo it of Sessions was igtin orowded to overflow ing yesterday. to listen to the trial of the gambler*. During a portion of the da/ Attorney General HoBmia ww in court, and Recorder Smith sat upon tha bench witb Judge Cspron. MAlKEWH A.\D U.A0U1AK. The cam* ot Maiuew* and Blackman was first called and Mr. Buateed, thur oouusel, answered. He Raid he bad a Action to make, and an affidavit to read. Be then read an affidavit by Mathews, testifying that ltr rhomaa, in important witness im his case, wan in Wash ington city, and upon this ha moved that this- ewe go over till the March term. Mr. Hall ? I shall ask, then, that tiio counsel disclose what he expects to prove by this witness. Judge Capron ? My mind is inado up in this cas a. 1 requires but very little legal knowledge to dispose of the<e cases. Either your client did keep a gambling boose, or be did not; and this Is all there is in the question. Now, what do you expect to prove by this witness? Mr. Buateed ? I cannot antwer as tersely as yoar Honor may require; but it 1 did, I should say thai we wtl prove tiai my oiient sever kept a gambling boose. Judge Capron ? O, you oau't prove that. Mr. BusJeod ? Well, we think we oan; at alleveots, tlu* id what wo expect to prove, fie Insisted ufoa a post ponement. Mr. Ilall ? In reply, inasmuch as your Hnwrhas stated that your mind is made up in this matter, there is no ne cessity for answering the esunseL Judge Capron ? l?et your client swear that be expect* to prove that he never kept a gambling bouse? that he never leslt at faro, &e? and taen I wut pass upon it. Mr. Bustet-d? We will make an affidarit of tali, eer talijly. (The counsel then proceeded to draw up an affi davit.) Judge Capron ? Muka out you r affidavit that he swears positively to prove this, and not that he "swears and oelitves." I know what I am about now. (Laughter.) Lot him swear posltiveiy. Mr. Busteed? We can't (wear to that. It would be putting my client in a position taat you could send him to the Tombs upon the slightest oh&ige. Judge Capron ? This is what I want. 1 want him to pit himself in this position, or he must stand nil trial. He may swear that he believes the moon is made of green cheese, (laughter,) but this would not make it so. Let him swear positively, or I will deny tbe motion. Mr. BusUed? No client of mine shall put himself In this position witu my oonceut. 1 believe your H mor in tends to do right. l)id I not think so, I should sit oown in despair. Ju<?g? Cspron? I approve of yonr course, Mr. Bnsteed. You are doing just right for your client. But I know what I am about, and I am not going to postpone this on any pretence, (daughter in court.) fUMCBL BDITU*. Kx-Keaorder Tallmadge? Let me bere have one mo ment's attention. I move a postponement of the oase of Samuel Suydam, on tbe ground of ill health. Tbe coun sel bete read a oer'.ifioate from Br. Quackenbos, tbe phy sician of Mr. Suydam, ratling forth tbat his patient was unable to leave the house. This cas6 was then postponed. WHTTHUDK AM) MICHAta. NMITII AND (UflniAND. Mr. Holmes ? In regaru to Mr. White >ida, Mr. B-ady is retained for him witb me, but he U en^agtd with profes sional business, and uhuble to come Into court. Ifr. Brady wttuld make a m.tion ti qutsh the indictment. In regard to Michael Smith, Mr. John Mirrissey, au Important witness, is out of town. (I'hs counsel read an eflidavit to th's effcet.) M?. Illyhl&uri is vary sick, and bis physician will make a rtb'ement to thin effcot. He would also enter a plea of abateraen* in this case. Hut client wan initic\e<i by th* mw of Highland, and he resd an affidavit tlifc* it ???< llylpmMi. Judge Caprcn? I grant this plea. A new iadictineat can t?e found in t*n riinutes Tbe ease of Smith, then with consent of tbe iJlstriat At torney, was laid over till Moedity next. In regard to Wfcite?l?e, the District Attorney sal I he could not grast tbe motion in this cami being cba'ged with favontisnn. Judge Capron? I would glally oblige Mr. Brady, but 1 don't think we can (rant 'his motion. If the IHstrict At torney ccnac nt, I huve no objection. JOt-KI'II I.. 1UX. The coursel in this ca?o said he would make a motion to qaufc the indictment tub bBAXTi jvhx touKa isto rotrirr. While the con awl for Hall wan spetking upon the mo tion to quash tbe indictment, tbe Grand Jury came into court aod liandel tome pippin to tbe Court, which were kept strictly piivate by tbe .ludge. MR. MATlrrWS I'lJi.? tiPJLTT. Mr. Basteed then rore and read an aaditionat affidavit, saying that he expected to prove by the witurca Thomai iliar bis client dtf not ketp a taro bank, and asked that tbe case be adjourned till tbe March term. Judge Caprcn refused tbe motion to postpone. Mr. Busteed then asked that a commission be grant ed to examice absent witnesses and this also was refused. Mr. Busteed then a*ked Mr. Hall when he intended to try the cane. Mr. Hull Fbid be should call It on an men *.? 'bis a'gu ment to i|uaah the indictment \a the chm? of Hail was CM eluded . Mr. Busteed haiJ be weuld then enter a plea of guilty on behalf of bin client, in connection with which, he said that Mr. Mathews had been lor tiie past nine months en gaged at work on bin firm cn Island, where be bad redded, and where he lired now. During that niz>e months he has not been in New York more than once in two or three montha, and though be entered a I If ? of guilty to tbU indictment, yet the defendant bad never been guilty of gambling, further than by playing caids it titEPK, and had never been guilty ot keeping a gambling bouse. He therefore asked t hat the Court sus pend judgment in the case of Mr. Matthew*, and he, a a counsel, would uy that If Mathews was ever gailty in the future, he would interpose nothing to rare him from the reverent penalty of the law. If the Court desired, he would j a'ce in his jiossfssion affidavit* corroborating his statements in reference to Mr. Mathews. The Court slated that if the fact-t as stated by the counsel, that the accused wu engaged in fArmiog, and bad discontinued all gambling, it would weigh very grea'ly with the Court In forming ita decision. He would let tie case slaiid over nU Tuesday morning when he wculd give his decl?loa in the of all those who had entered the plea of guilty. THK CASK 111'' HALL MiOTMlQI. The argument on the motion to unash the indictment In the case of Hall w?r then resumed. The counsel for Hall closed his argument about three o'clock, whea the Disttict Attornej said he wau'.d rea pi.nri in the morning to the motion to qaasb. Hie Court thtn adjourned till this morning. Police Intelligence. CH4ROE OF PASSINtf COtJ.VTEKKKIT MONEV. Join ?mith alias E4ward Vaster was arrested on Mod day night, by officer MeCennell, of the Sixteenth wa J police, on charge of having parsed a counterfeit $10 bill upon the Merchants' Bai.k of Near Bedford, to James Archibald, dr.r goods dealer, of hizth avenue. The ac cused, it is alleged, offered nnother of the counterfeits to Mr. I.yman Andrews, dry goods merchant, of .Sixth are nue and lourlcentli .street, in exchange lor some trivial iirtlcles purchased there. Nnith was taken before Jus tice Kiai.dieau, at the Second District Police Court, where l.e was committed for trial. The prisoner Is a bar tender I >y occupation, and i-ays be is a native of Connecticut. WILP ANIMALS ITNPOPPI.AB. Frederick Sylvester, proprietor of a menagorie on a small scale, situated at No. 2t'8>i Kighth avenue, was taken into custody charged with keeping a disorderly tmupo, by Thomas K. Bu'hnell, of No. 2fl8 Kighth avenue. The complainant, It appears from his affidavit, is strongly prejudiced ajraintt tbe introduction of wild animals int> thii city, ana lias no admiration whatever for the melo c ious s'rains ol a powerful band organ which is kept con tinually g'>iog by the indefatigable owner ol the premises. The magistrate Were the accused was conveyed held liltii to bail In tbe nan of $o00 to answer the charge preferred against him. ALLEGED DISHONESTY OF A CI.KBK. Michael Collingham, a clerk in the employment of I<nckwood k Henry, of No. 161 Bowery, ni arretted by iflicer RUey, of the Tenth ward polloe, on charge of eteal irg six dozen handkerchiefs Irom his employer*. Tbe ac cused was taken before Justice Brennsn, at the Third liialrut l'ollce Court, where he wu committed for trial. A? the property was stolen In small parcels, and at dif ferent times, it ix not likely the prisoner will be oonvicted ol any more grave offence than petit larceny.

CHABOK OF QBAMI) f.ARCEN V. l'eter knipetlere, of Centre market, preferred a charge of grand larceny against nermann G. Bruck, wherein it Is alleged he stole thirty-two tubs of lard, valued at tlfl'J from tbe complainant's store. The defendant says that he wa.-i a partner of the complainant, and had a perfect tight to dispose ot the property as he thought proper. Tbe accused gave in bail to answer the charge. AN AI.LXOF.D FUGITIVE FROM NEW OBLKAMS. J. W. Robinson, formerly a mate on board one of the New Orleans packet ships, was taken into custody venter day, by Rufus Hunt, l?eputy SheiifTof New Orleans, on a requisition from the Kxscutive of loaisiana. The ac. ctiwd Is charged with havfng stolen about $1,500 worth of cotton, ana placing it on board a merchant ship, had It ccoveyeu to thla city, where It was sold. The prisoner was taken to the place from whenee he ea me, In the steamship Black Warrior. CHAROK OK ROBRF.BY. Iieniii* Sullivan was taken Into euatody by oflioar I.eader of the Fourth ward police, In charge of having, in connection with others, knocked town a man namtd V llinia I 'orson, while he was walking through Sinth Slon lay night, and robbing him of $1 A an i a stl v'r watch The prisoner was bro-ight beftre AH. ( latcv , at tli" I ower Police Coort, where he wa? Cim n*u?<t for trial. ('or?on was locked up ?? <% % '??<? . Al'.b ??'(rb tbe p > i1"* emle?.V" to anest ftuxiv < ? ' < *.'. i i . , ?. J ?? UU.K.J . t ?mm or Ten OoTrmori. Hoard met at 4 V K l- meat, Meatr*. Draper (chair), Smith, Dugro, (.untbtr, Town/tend. Beil, Taylor kud Olirrr. ?>.s'a I'iKTIIBAT. A communication wsa received from a committee of *Jw Order of Unit*# Amtnc&w, icrtting the Gevernor* to par. tieipate With them In th? celebration ot Washington's birthday, nhiah tu iv-.cepUxi TM* 00MHtOl.lJ<lt AMD THK UOVBUNOMS. Mr. T hatkb called ths attention ot the Biarl to th fact thai Mr. flagg had refused to honor a requisition o ?lbO.MIO, drawn on him for the support of the depart menu It appears the Comptroller, when c idled upon by Mr. Corwto, the chief clerk, naid lie wouia on pay it, and piii toe requbiton in his posket, no sutli eieut rebMOn Hit doing eo. Mr. Draper characterised hi* conduct as "ispudent," and inferred that itw&a dam ? noklyfor the purpose o( b lrgtng odium on toe Botrd. He (Mr. Draft"-) wan nut going to submit to thU ioso leiM. Mr. Klagg was not ro oe a judge of their cooduat and ospendit'uee. Tnat was for the public and the Le gislature to eonsi :?r. Mr. Ouyvb was eorry to find that the public gave Mr Hogg Srvcit for a great deal of htnevj, and wa< kl w&jt lUfilotow ct eweiy department that wax sauboed by him. This was wroy, as Mr. Fugg's whims brougit uojunt tette?t.ions cm tor hc.nest as well as toe dish >ne?t. Alter some further ceba e the matter was referred to ?he Finance Committee with power. 1U* lUkmVTLSHT BOflRTAL Dr. tlnugii sent a long oommuatcaUoai to rsfareace to the amouat of food ?a*a to the IWtto'isry Hiepi *L tt having been charged that the amount Wis exeeiaiwe, the Dooor argued that the class of patten c he had, beta# riom the poorer dittoes, required lood rather than modi oln' , indeed, a large portion of tbem cdeA rem oou ?B'i (/lion. ?ii. Dvke referred to the last yearly report of Dr. S*n g?r, and showtd that the word cocsuaaotion did not occur; hut it was discovered that the word pJUkitii pni monalu did occur, whioh amounts to the same Ui.og IjiW over. Mr. bnAMai gave nitics that tu woold shortly rtoim mtnd an of the salaries of keepers, matrons, ni^ht watch, ki-, in ca>-e the c imiuittee who had the nutter in charge aid not report. HTATK AMI) WTT KimXIJITURKS. Simeon Drai-bb called attention to ths speeoh or Judge Foot, In the Anoembly, who said that too ;o?uaitt-e? on thin city shou d oe eomposed oi three member* from the country and two from the city, as. in his opinion, 1200,000 per year could I* eared in the Alash rase de fa'tment alone, by having honest countrymen to take cha ge of ci'y matters. Mr. Draper hoped th?t Judge Foot would come and givs the city the boned ? of his ad vioeand assutsnce; for bis part, he thought i< was too bai that countrymen, who kn?w nothing of the detai a of our city buBluesfc? who bad never been on Bitot well's U aa'l or into any ot our departments? should apeak so contl ceo'ly, ktd in a manner to infer iha* all oily ofll:Uls f-hould be tent to iState ptiioa. He (Mr. Draper) did not went to be put in the same boat with Mr. Kbling and other alleged corrupt official;) . Mr. Oijvkk wished to know if Mr. Draper ohvgid Mr. R llLg with being corrupt. Ha wanted to take care ot his Know No hlng friends. Mr. I'KAMat would not be understood as charging that ratUiman with corruptisn. He knew nothing about m. Ac jouinc<i at a late hour. WKEKLV 8TATKMBNT. Number remaining February 2 6,616 Roceived i. ince 1,017 Tctal 7, dlC Died 23 Discharged 942 Sent to i'enitenitaiy 82-1,047 Kenuinicg February 9 6,6St Decrease SO Ntitnber of familiod rectivlug out door relief in money 2,052 City Intel) l/;-?nre. What BaooMjs ok tit* Monky'.'? Policeman very g?aer a]!y ccmplain of the recent older of the Mtyor suspend ing them fro* pay in cm* k ba> glsry should be commit ted, or riot etire on their beat, and no errest be made by (htm. Th?y Hay 'hat it in impossible for them to be om tijuetcnt; ana in day time, when ten or twelve men hare to guard a ? hot* round, two or three fight* or robberies aught transpire, aau a vigilant and faithful officer might l>a wholly igoorant cf them. Without c incurring in i.heat ?-tr1ctu:e? of the policemen, as they are unquestionably m-ut ated witne-fes ia the ease, U must be confessed there i* fone leaeoi in ft complaint they make ia refer - er.oe to th > nieney retained from them when suspentnd frt m pny . Every year the Cow stroller ask* the Common Council Tor ? appropriation todetray the ex ,?eubes of the (tolice department, but, eay kho officers whose pay lj?b he tii stopped, no mention in made of the disposition o' our (-<il*/ iee . Now, what besomas ot the ml wing mo nej V Who known There are a number of very rayate i ic us circumstance* trani>pire in this city, but the great est n.jH'.try of aii ia what becomes 01 the $tJ,000,000 rniecd v earty for the government of this municipality. This J ollce business in in keeptog with nil the rest. Wnat becomes ol the inoLvy V Who k_aow? V MyottjuucP a.nd JDklicatp C.uot. ? Wo hear that a young woman, rettticg at Waehicgton, P. C., having been sednoed, cave to Ifcis city, and, by the adrioe ot a legal ( lead, placed herself under the charge of an abor tcnist. Peritoneal inflammation succeeded his treat ment, and the young woman died. A resident physiciaa certified that her death wan caused by congestion of the lungn. Further inquiry was made, however, and it ap peared, oc a post mortem, that the lutgs were healthy, and that there were grounds for a tuspicion that death was caused by an attempt to piocure abortion. We hear that Coroner Hill is investigating the matter, and we shall get the evidence probably in a day or two. All the parties me " veiy re-petstubie.'' Nhri.y Fko/jcv to Death ? Last . night, between 11 and 12 o'clock, a colored wan, in a state of intoxication, was found in Anthony street by officer (Jreer, ot the Fifth ward, lyirg on the sidewalk. lie was conveyed forth with to the station bouse: t>oth hands were found frozen hi iff. The proper remedies weie applied by Lieut. Mar ?in, aj;d soon after the man's fingers appeared to regain paiual circulation. pASGHtOt'S SlWfWAT.Ki'. ? A Wova.x Beokk Hut Lwi.? I oft evening, at about half past teven o'clock, a Mrs. Blake, wife cf a laboilng man residing at No. 3 Harrison street, i- lipped on Mure ice at the corner of Anthony street nr.ri Wrst Biosdway, on the street crossing. When pick ed tp, it was found the poor woman had fractured her leg just above the arkle joint. She was convened to tne Hlih ward ?>ati..n house. I>r. K 11 bourne examined the traelure, and directed her to be conveyed to the New York Hospital. Braxtto a Blac witim Shop Between 6 and 7 o'clock the alarm of fire in the Second district was caused by a lire in a blacksmith shop belonging to Mr. Mchenna. Damage about $15, 1-".rji in a Sronr. Wnroow About hull' past 8 o'clock Inn eve nii, g a fire occarrea in the window of the store lfSO Ninth avenue. 7 'a mate about $A0. If was occasion ed from thegss burner. TO THK KIHTOR OF THE HKBALD. In your paper of Monday, under the head of "Police In telligence," you say that Mr. I>enny R. Thomason it the bgent cf the American and Foreign Kmlgrant I'roteotive and l.itijdojment Bocie'y, whish is not so. Mr. Tho mson's co:ioe:lion with that society was dissolred by the action of it.! ilxecutive Board on the 1st of last Oc tober. since which time he has had no eonnectinn with it. Will you, sir, pl?Mse make the above oorreotion on behalf of the society? AN 0* FICKH OF THK SOCIETY. Coroner's Inqneat . Si t?rt Pp.atii op oskoj tot Vktkrass ov 1812 Coro ner Gamble was called upon yesterday to hold an inquest at the New York Hospital, upon the body of a man named .lames R. Howel, a veteran cf the war of 181'-, who died from fracture of the skuU, supposed to have been receiv ed by a fal). The deceased, it appeared, resided with his wife at No. 76 West Broadway, and was constantly in the habit of attending the meetings ot the Veterans, and on Saturday night last he went out in company with two friends to attend a meeting of his comrades. On his re turn heme, which wa.i about 10 o'clock, his wife found him iii a very weak and somewhat delirious state. There was blood issuing from a wound in the heai, aud de ceased seemed much stnpified from liquor. Mrs. fiorel and her son in-law, thinking that it was necessary to b*ve tlo Injured man convoyed to the Hospital, he was ml, en there and placed under charge of Pr. Thurston. He lingered for two Cays and then expired. I'oon an ex airitatim of the body it was found that the sknti was fiactured, apparently by tome blunt substance. Verdict, urath firm t.actu?e of the skull, produced by causes un ?"j('Wn to the jury. I>eceascd was 00 years of age, and was bom in this city. Court of Common Pleas. bctore .luoge Daly. Ira. 12.? John Fii-yatncl: rt. tke Sromd A>fnu? Mail man (\mpany.? An ac'lon per assignee of Charles Devlin, ior rtoonipense for work and labor done by him in dig gii g out iota at the corner of Second avenue and Fifty fourth street. It appeared that some person connected with the abeve company employed Devlin to dig out the lots, at a cost of sixty cents per cubic foot of roek, and ten cents per cubic foot of earth. Devlin claimed to re cover by hia assignee. W4'J, with interest. The defence 1 was that the person making the contract was not autho rised bv the railroad directors. Ihe fconrt charged that if the company knew that Dev lin was digging out the lota and did not take measures lir.irediately tc not a stop to his woik, they could not i,o w rt( aci'ate the contract. \ erdiot 'or plaintiff, $1,004. Obituary. ?,o\ernor Wise, on Friday, comtnunieated to the Vlr flui* leniaiainre news of tie death of JneapH ?. Caiikli, ? *r s?srelate of .lefferson in f?unriinf the University ft Vltsrr'%, with wliloh irstitu'lmi he wsi pnnneoted at tf. e i rH? <* ?'.>!, ?s a m?mb?T of the Bsard ot Vlsit r *' ' ! . r ' ? ?, f*r s?(l?nt cf the '. - -? , . 1 1 ? , U , ? , , *3 \ ??? % if t. ieuA u ... .? 'uUv,'.. ?>?*- 'Wnn^li'glon Corrmpot d?nr?v W*j?i.\uto.n, Vo* 11, 1851 Triy to J*napcHi? Senatorial Elr'i on tn Sfirylanrl?Tav iluiatM B'f ?- '/ie Ijtyit Hlurr ? ffwi. II. W Pttni? r/oit . J M PtUrid^' Chairmar. nt Committer ? TTir Conimt Bill ~-G fat Ktci'tm'W. ?Hon. Mr. V nninglors timl rh' Cmmitttc of Way* am! JUcam i y \ ir'g t be sbvrt :ece'4 of the t* > h'. u*es ot C>ngrh*? 1m'. wtek, yo\L~ correspin-rent mtde * flying visit tc tfc? &i c:t fit ti'y c ( Ann'ipol!*, to watch for a U ? ro'???oti l he <!jj tug-, and dc:;gn cf tbe Uh jlan! Lt,jislature, (tad report tbe aw for the column* of the Hhrald. tt? Legiflfttuie havt;:,j determined t.> gr into the election o I'm fid SUta* Sri* tor on Thi :t3?} next, the 14th (nit , of oou rae tbe ekctiua vat ?h? ?il-abvrbiag to fie of coo venation. No pe-non baa ;et been ajjre'd upurt by tae Americtn par'y as tb'ir cacdlda*e, who, of coutho, wll be the Senator, as they hive a majority of fifty- five to Dine'f.o in 'he Bt we of Del'gatt a, and twelve to tsn in the Senate. To e folio wirg gentlemen are ta nomination tor tie candidate Hon. John P. Kennedy H*a. J. Dixon hoo-an, Hen. H. Winter Davis, Hon. Wm. 1'iise, Anthony Kenotdy, E?q , Coleman Yellott, Esq., Niiran Plnkney, Esq., and Wm Bradley Tjler. I found it utterly Impos sible lo asceitain who would be tbe nieunte, but found tbe eon'ett would be between Anthony Kennedy, Ilooan aid Fife, with tbe chance* is iargr of tha last ' Based gentleman, who ta widely known throughout tho State an a d'gnifiid and co::teoua gentleman, j al)!<> and energetic, of fine manner and Senatorial ap pearance. He has always been opposed to extreme me* Mil ei ? a conservative man ? n?'?ier**.p but Ortn. Hit e ac tion 1 found would give unqualified s*Usf*etk>n. The 1 Bra. J. P. Kennedy is not k menber of tbe American 1 Older, or he would stand at toe bead o t the list, being the ablest and best known. Mr. Anthony Kennedy, bit brother, I fcucd to be a geniiea&aa who would also do c-eoit to his (.arty ard the Stat-i He <4 now chalrmia of rfae tee of Ways and Means in tho lower house of the Legislature. Tbe Hon. J. Dixon Roman has served in the Coigrett of ti e Uni ed States, end his claims are strongly p rested by tbe Western men, who will support him fijst, aad thea vole tor Mr. Pr ce. Tne Hon. H. Winter Davit stood the bout chance, although but a young man, until his late rote la tbe election of Speaker He utill has coasiderabi> strength at his back? but many of hit frienns are dlesa ti-Hed wirh bis penlstirg in h tending on the American platform and going down with tlia wreck wh*n all others nad deterted it. Hit vote is upheld by very mtn< friends se a consistent but not a politic one, iu Tie# of his posi tion befote the Legislature. 1 find the Uglslatuie baf b?f.'re tr-ajr important bills: the revision and Aimpliftcation of ploamngs aad oun vejandngs, the abolition of the stamp t*s (a most unjast and odio'ia measure) ; the co> iflcttiou of lavs and mxny other intei eating ref jrm.i ? whiou are now before the ap propriate con m: titer. Th? Hot . J. Vt. l'attidge, a youog tnfmber from tbe Monumental Ci'j, pre&lCes over the Committee on the Judiciary, and is one of the ablext and most influential members of the House ot De'egates. Ho was one of ?h? committee appointor by I'resident Fill naoie to proceeil tc Mexico and investigate the " Gardner iraud." He is destined to make his mark iu the poUieal annals of bis country. A petition wae presented, a copy of which I herewith ei>clo?e you, asking an inspection of "Prisons for Women, called Convents," wbioh occasioned a terrible flare-up. A motion was made to lay it on the table, ?' because it was disrespectful to \ he Houre," which trio fcu prtvailel by a cloee vote, and the storm passed off with but little taoiajie. I *m requested to say that Mr. Planing ton hts never aspired to the chairmanship of the Comnii .tee of Waye. ar.d Means in the House ot RenrftHen' V ivee, oor would he, uuder say oircuinAtano**, come in coiiisisa with the Hon. 1> ?i? 1). Campbell, to whom thin pohitioa Kleins to bb as i-'gtcd by common coDscnt. My despatch, hjwerer, w*s True, in which 1 rtatrd that Mr. l'enntogion's friends thought be shoull have been placed over this committee. E. Our Alabama Correspondence. Momijt, Feb. 6, 1866. lf\t Sfceakmhip?lht American Convention at Montgomery ? bt/it! Aid J or Internal lmprmvmente?SeiTity of the Winter? Deaths from front, ifr. Ihe news of the elcctl > n of Bank*, ao long conliiently antic! pa'cd, has ranched us at last. The strugtb tor the Sp-wkerohip causal oo excite neni here, and consequent ly 'be result wis reared is en unimportant ocjurrer-ce. XLe people netai dttponei tu await the threatened on slaught upon the ?cnsHtut!on aid their rights and in terests; tDen will came the hour for resistance. In the meanwhile, the cuunt-y will ii'.t forget to arraign those representatives f.-om the South who went into Oongree ? vi'h the shackles ot ivfng (Aliens on. The American convention In now in opin ws?!on a Montgomery, bnt the news at this writing it ao vagu and uncertain that I am unable to form any re'iao! ? opinion as to the course it will take. The objsot ior which it li?h convened in to take seme action in leterence to the National Convention, appoint an electoral ticket, and otherwise prepare for the Preeidenrial r*ee. Home ex. Vrcsaioti of preference as to the man who s*all be pu'. j rward for the Presidency, will probably be cxprested. 1 nuall adrhe you an soon a- the proceedings rsach me The quentuu of State aid to works of internal improve ment is bPtoajztg t>n important feature in our State poli tics, and to the political jugglers a very tr?uhlnin one. A majority if the present *1 Assembly was elected in f>n|j0tdti<>2 to it, but by one of thuse marvellous change* of a day tbtv p?m to to in favor of it now. The pub lic has the benefit of any number of conjectures as to the ?MS* of thin re nark ble <;onve-ni >n; some wisely aver that there are more Knew Nothings in the Legislature than acknowledge the faith and act with the party. The (iovemor, however, unfalteringly places the gubernato rial ban upon all el these magnificent schemes; but it only t>nj? to picking the cession, lor they are all passed when they are returned. But thsao troubles do not end here : they threaten to disrupt parties. In the Demo cratic Convention, for instance, a resolution was offend t)bdorsing(<'ovetne; Winst< u's course on that subjeet, wtiich prodnoed great confusion an.l was finally with drawn. The c cniing Presidential contest may restore harmony. The wea'her has been vamarkbly coM for a month past, the thermometer frequently standing at 30 deg. Far. I have heard of several mttaueei of death by freezing. Our planters take it as a hopeful indication of another abundant crop. MACON. Front the British i*rovfnee>. We have received Halifax papers to the 'id instant, and Sydney to the 26th nit. The legislature of Nova Scotia assembled on the fist ult., and the hesaion \sas opened by the lieutenant Gov ernor wtth great pomp. Hie Kxceiiency was received, on bis arrival at the Province House, by a guard of honor -with presentee arris, and a salute of tbiiteen guns tired by the Haifa* volunteer artillery. The Mmniiig Chronicle fays: ? The weather was remark ably auspicious, snd the attendance of citizens, of all ages and both texes, was more numerous than perhaps on any similar occasion during the last twenty years. In deed, the bustle and good humor of the crowd, eon pled ? uh the merry jingle of thousands of a'eigh belli, an 1 the high snow banks on the stieets, reminded one of old t me*. Nearly all the members of the House were la at tendance: and if tbeir wit and words, worth and utter ance, are at all commensurate with their good looks, tne present Assembly will certainly form the most efficient I ? dy that his ever ye* met In oar legislative halls. On the arrival of his Hxcollenoy in the Council cham ber, he opened the session with a speech, which Alls only about halt a column iu a small newspaper. Be *ay?: ? '-The revenue, though somewhat diminished in productiveness, when compared wi'h that or the pre cedirg year, as was anticipated, from tbe reduction of duties and the first effects of suddenly expanded commer cial freedom, is nevertheless amply sufficient to meet all demands upon ? It, and affords satisfactory eviienoe of the ine eased energies and growing prosperity of the people." The Sydney Ifeu w rf tlie 26ih ult. says:? The Ilev. Hugh McLecd, tnuuater of the Free church in this piaee, arrived home yesterday, after an absence of nearly four months, during which time tbe rev?ren<l gentleman visited several cities and tovns la the I'ni ed Statee and tn Canada on buttress connected with church accommodation at Mire ?the locality of a large portion of those under hla spirit ual care. We believe that Mr. Mc I <eod succeeded satis factorily In obtaining aid to the object of his mission abrrnd. _________ Superior Court. Before Judge Woodruff. I"ki,. Il.?Jofrph Krrnnchun r.<. the Boto^ry Inntmnre tV>ni/><inv ? "n tn# former trial of thi? case It ?u folly reported in tbe Hiould. It iu a suit to reoorar the ?mount of a policy of insurance cffec'?d on house* in Cliff and I'ear I stri-et*. Kor the defendant* it Wan alleged tbot the condition* of the policy were violated by the plaintiff not having given the required n?Uoe o( his Ichn, the notice having b?en given by the Metiira. Cool ledne, who were ?ot the persons insured it appeared that plaintiff had sold the premises to Cooledge, and takes a mortgage on the premises i'or the purchase mo ney, and agreed with tbe Messrs. Cooledge to insure th?m for their benefit and his <nn. The Court charged the jury that tney must determine whether there was such an agreement between the plaintiff and Cooledge, and was it known to the de'endnnts, or was it material that they ahonid know it? If the defendants had reason to know that the premises were insured for the benefit of the mortgagor, or that their not knowing it would not induce them to charge a higher premium, or prevent tb"m from granting the policy, the plaintiff was entitled to recover. Verdict for plaintiff, $3, <>60 61, the amount claimed. Before Judge Slosson. Wm. Hiflmanrn, Marshall 0. Robert*. ? Thin is an action tn recover about $30,000, which plaintiff alleges to have lopt in the sale of the steamship Columbus, through mis ininraaation, or withholding of int .rmation by the de fendant. Tbe plaintiff owned six twentieths of the Colum bus, which was employed in trading and carrying pas sengers on tb? I'acific Ocean. The oe'enriam wa? agent foi her owners, and it is alleged withheld from plainillV a correct statement of h<r earnings, which Indued the tlaintiff to part with his Interest tu her for t'll 000, and ia share ot her earnings for $13,000, which was con slrterab'v below Its value. It being aliened that Oeorge low and others, who assumed to b# owners or the vsss^l, h*d, frior te the plainMff ha?lnp partet wit* hl? sh*-<> r*" j V -f "< ' '?> V.I ' ? " r 0121 Th* p >. ? Uj.< w<upj '.!?? tit mv >???! d*^a. PrartM?allMi of (he ppt?ldfnt. Whetaa. liadica'ion* exlet thtt public tranquillity ?uj the euprtmacy of It* to thn Ter-lcory of K?#iw ?" (Ddvi^fred by the lepretonalble act* or purpoaa* of f*? - ?r'U>, 10'h Willi iii and without the ?am?, who propose t? , <li <c* kid c ntrol it:< poli ie*l org*nii?tiou t> fare* it | appearlrg thtt eomlme ion* have been formed therein to r?rtxt '.hi- execution uf the Territoiial l?w?, *t-d thai, hi effect tubxe't by wiiecceaU preeent constitute cal and Ugal e'llUoilty : it ?;>o Hppt*Arivg tbdZ p&rHovti rt?lding without *he Te:ii:o?y, but near it* borderb, contemplate arn.el laUrveu.icb iu the affaire thereof : it alao appear - 'j>g that other i>er? na, inbnDitanta of rem)ie SUM' ere ?rl!<c ing nu>aey, e> g-gimi: ?? u and piovioiog ar<n* far th - tSK purpoof ? ?: d it turttn a|<pet:lcg that c?nbi t.a'irik wiihlu ih< Territory are eud?aT>ria(r, or the ?gtu?j rf fu.l^viu h.\6 o'h*rwt*r, to indue* iadiridUAl btatee of the I'liiv'ij W j jj Vi v.- t.e ic tae alfairs thtrtif, It virlat'(,u of the coo, lta*ion oMLe Par.?l State*. And, whereas, all such p'atia for the dete intns loo o' the futur- iu?tituti< os of lift Terrllo'j, if carried into aeWuoi frf Ui wi bin the name, will onu?i utetke tact of inearcee tion, too if from without tiiat of invasive aggresitan, end will. Id ?itti?r ewe jus'.Py and requite th* finable inte-position of the whole power o' the general govera ie? n', a i- well to mala tin the Uws of the Territory aa tbow of the Uniou ? Now. tberefo'o, I, Frock tin Inert*, Preadoat of iht Ci ited State*, do ianue ?bin ay proclamation to --mwaitl all persona ergnfled la unlawful eoahlnaU im again at 4m constituted author! y ct the Territory of Kausaaor of the UoPed Btaten to diapers at.d retire peaceably to tnair respective abode*, and to warn a 1 ansa person i thai Hf a' tempted inaurreetiou in aaid Tetritory, or aggrtaalw* intrusion into the tame, will be reflated not only by th* emy??y***t rftlw loral ?tM ia, >? ahu to that at any avail* ?ie torce* of the United 8 ate*, lotbttal of m ui.m unity from vio'erce and'ull protection to the percent, property anc civil righto of aU peaoelul and law aldfting itfaabitantc of th* territory. if, inaty part of the Uni .a. the fury of faotton or Una tici. ui, uitlameu into dmregard of the great principle* of popular tiiyereigtitj, which, un er the conntitutlon, tit func'smental In tbe whole structure of our lsititutioa^ ii to bring on the country the dire calamity of an arMt rac cut (.1 atmr in that. Terrl ?rr, it shail M between la wl<?? Tiolcn e on the one aide and conMrratir* foro* oa th? otbe>, wielded ty .egal nutbority of the genoral go Tfinrent I call on tbe citizen*, both of adjoining and of diataot Sta :<??, to ebi-talu from unauthr/rized intermeddling in th* local concema if the Territory, admonishing thorn that It.' org?n*c ltw it to be executed with in partial jostle*; that all individual acts of illegal interference will iocar ccnr.ign punUhment; and that any endearor to later - rer f by cgaolrt-d force mil be firmly withatood. I invoke all good citizens to promote order by ravler irg orediinc* to tbe law: to aet-k remedy for temporaiy e\ix by (>e*cefut ruean.'; tt dii-c nu'coance and re u'j? the oc>un?*lH and the inniiga'iona of agitator* and of oia otgasizera; and to testily thblr attic umeat to their country, their pride in it# greatue a. their appreoiat'oa of tbe bleeainga they enjoy, and their determination I hat iei>ublle!tn inatitu lore i-hitU not fail in thoir handc, by co-operatmg to uphold the icaj-'Sty of th* law* and m Tic icate the lanctity of th? constitution. In teetlmony wheroo', I have hereunto *et my hand, and caused tbe seal of the United States to bo affixed to thfae pieaent*. D' De at the city of Waahingtm, the eleventh day of February, in he year of our Lord one thouaaad eight hundred and fifty- aix, ! and of the indepeodenee o' ,h* IxiteO States the eightieth. KRA.NKLIN PlKROt By the Pieaident : W. L. Maroy, .Secretary of State. Appointment* by tlxe Pirildcnt, HY AbD WITH 111* AP? 1CB AM) CONSlf.VT OF TUM HIV AT*. Oeotge 1J. Srarburgb, of ViigtbU, to be Jndge of (bo Court of Claima, in place of Joaeph 11 lAimpaia, deihnnd. A. G. teaman, of tbe Diatriot of Ci/iumbia, to feo bu jeiinteadect of the 1'ublic Printing. Appointments at the Capitol* Mr. CnUom, the CleiL of t .o lloui-e of KepretantaMva*, made the fol'cwing aj> ^ointment* . n Monday: ? WltiiaiD P. Ingram, of Kentuoky, ta plao* of Wuliaaa V. McKean. Jobn M. Barclay, of Indiana, reapxioted. Doriel Uurk, ol Vermont, reappotuled. It man wKelb llniia, o' Georgia, roappoiu'ed. 1/ai.c S'joha, of Ohio, in place of John Bailey. "Wliliam HaMe4, of Pennsylvania, in plaoo of WUliwa Jamir. C. Walker, of tbe Watrict of Columbia, in plaao of Jotin Onlptn. N. B. Mnrkle, of lix'iet a, In place of Robert S. Sproule. K. A. Acton of Nww Jerivy, iu plica of K H. Doraof. I'. B. Tompkins, of New York, in place of W. 0. Martin, .lohrj Ilaivey, of South Carolina, in plac* of John A. Huooicut. C. B. Atlasis, of C>nnecUrut, in place of Matthias Mar tin Rcbett W nare?, of the Dis'rut of CoIawJia, (mi? ger ) in pVce ol John II guwtn. V H. lilicuct *. of Viiglcia, (mewtenner,) la plaoe ?< Franeia Retl^y. nj'aiie ln iu?. i am) avniS, i^dm rwoi.ction or maw 4, 18-18 A. F. Parker, fraugbUznaa. ?Villiam Bai ey, of t eoneylranla, in plaoo of Vfliatt Flian. J C. Giet-nlrase. rf Mi/eouri, in plaoo of J. PWRf backer Ji>?eph N. (.onden, of .Mart land, in plaoe of Andrew i. Bitgina. H>liiam D. Washburn, of Wiaconain, in plaoe of D. L. I>tUon. Kufua Prentice, of Michigan. In plaoe of Wn. k. BteeL Cuthbtrt P. Wallach, ol the Diatiie'. of ColuaUM^ in p ace of John C. B^yer. John J. Burnett, ol Alabama, in piaee of John 8. HoMa man. I'barlea F. Uiulbut, ol New York, in plaoe ol Lawts Piltu SeMl from the Rio Grandr. [From Uio New Oileans lleayune, Feb. 6.] The bieemthip Nautlius. C*ptain Thompson, froea Brt /oh Santiago, 8 mTwl la->t evening. The Nautilus lefi Bum harbor on the 1st Inst , at 9 P. ii., and aaehorec our?ide tbe bar, waiting tor the stager willi tbe mail, specie and passengers from Brewae vine, t1? Point Ia&bel. Sent up an express by boat at S P. M,, and oue again at 6 I'. M. At haJ'past eight P. M. the express retarded, static g that tbe atagea were doom, but those haying chaipe r if u sod to let tbe malt, fcc., come down unless the Nautilus would retain Inside the harbor, which it was impossible to do. there being a* water on tke bar, but the croeeiog wa< perfectly praotl cable for tbe pasceuger boat. The Nautilus therefore, at 0 P. M., left tor this port without the mail, specie aoA passengers. Tbe pass* ngers who came down by the rirer root* re port nothing new along the whole frontier. A Mexican steamer from l'ampico had been to Matamo ros and taken in a lot of military stores, and iett (orTaai pico on the l?t Inst. The schooner SI inn* Hcheffer left the Brasoe on the 2SHfc ult. lhe schooner Panama, from Mobile for Aranias, twea ty -eight days out, arrived at tlie Braros on the 29th nit., in distress, ^he had attempted to enter Araaaat foot times, but bad been blown out to tea and been com pellet to throw overboard her deck load of lumber. Oa arriving at the Bratos the waa condemned. No vewel except the Panama waa In port when the Nautilus left. Piom Northern JKexlco. [From the New Orleans Picayune, Feb. 6.1 We have received the Monterey BrManiraAor dr la Mr Itrtad of the 8th, 16th, and 22d ult. They are princi pally occupied with government deerees, all of wbiah have already teached us from the capital direct. They alto ovmpiise the proclamation of Traga, witfc tbe inVitation he addressed to Vidanrri, and the reply ef the latter. Altogether they occupy over Ave ooiaoae*. The jlan is in the lirst instance signed by Juan J. Jime nez. (if course it condemns the conduct of tbe actual government, and makes magniloquent professions about liberty. Jimenez higns ostensibly a copy of tbe original, which purports to emanate from the "Territory IM forces rf fierra Oorda," sttd proclaims the conatltutteo o< 1821, with tbe retorms subsequently mm e to it, aaA I rsga as General in-Chief. Uraga then accept* this nomination, declaring himself ready to support the law, the sovereignty cf the people, the army, the clergy, and the church. In hi* aduross to Vidanrri, Inviting nW support, he enters into a long explanation of his plan, and declares his abhortence of civil war. Vidanrri a&akaa a very courteous diplomatic reply, speaking la very tlatteriog terms of F rage's position and person, bat de clines joining him, inviting Uraga Instead to eonte and visit nini, and cooler on what they can both beat de to benefit the country. A conspiracy la said to have been discovered la Kaaate can, and two parties arrested and banished for cnanss tion with it : Fray J. Ulsuarra to Charcas, and Fray Mi guel Tovallna to rurango. Hravy Damasks fok Hi.andkk. ? A suit broosM by Miss Mary Dohcrty against John L. Brown, in whieh she claimed >.*>,000 damages for alleged gross defiamaWoa of her character and reputation, and whiih ha* beea am trial in the Superior Court for two days east, was decide* this morning. The jury found a verdict tor tbe pteintlfl for M. The defendant has long been known m keeper of a Mlliard saloon is reputed to be wealthy. ae4 has been married to two of the plaintiff's sisters ? MM Ti antciiyl, Fib. 9. ExicmoN or a Nrvno in Virginia. ? Tbe ne gro deorge, sentenced to death at WytbeviUe, fbr as at tempted outrage upon the |>ersoa of Mrs. tttone, waa hug there on tbe 8th inst. He was attended oy both Protee tant and Catholic elergr. At tbe lirst flail of the drop, tbe rope broke, and the doomed man agaia meanted tho steps to the platform with a firm step. On the second trial, the rope proved sufficiently strong. He had ac knowledged bis guilt. Personal Intelligence. ARRIVALS At tbe Kverett House? Capt. 0. H. K. JndkttM. n/ral null steamer Persia, Cast. Warlow, ftupertntee<iont Orttnaane l)< ? pnrtmenL, Wooiwicn, Knsiand; Mr. Mtlner. tuiNUad: Mr l>e lancy WaUtns, ScheneeUdv. R. Artioln, France; J. r. While, Chicago; T. H. KeeUnf, Boston; Mr. Mailww*. OnumMa, 0.; Kdward I>eev1U, (Ireat Harrington, 3 F. White, Keen . I". 11 ; Mr. and Mrs. Hodges. ?ngtaed; l.lenl. W. B. Kensh.4 v? I H. N.:H. Mason and lacy. Providence. From Savannah, In stoaeiah lp Aiijrusta? John Beifc. N K Barnttm. J M Bpier, J B I?avla, J JKai*'f>r. MJMeM'tr*. John Kyle, M P Mils, O K Thatcher. B M "ksl, K M llro? J l^wls Cutler. R P MnAvoy, N FHtnlth.J H l,?.is<.n U| 7 Miss A A Abbott, J H Berrien, Miss S t, B, rrten. Mis R . / Berrien, Mrs Otttnger aud daughter, Ml-* Watk-ey ? , i. Wakeneld, W tM?an<y, Mrs Brink e'ho!T n d sou Kr ell, Mrs Hhaw. Miss (Iray, Mr and Mrs 0 (V.ilve ?> , Mrs Barnes and son, Mti* A l>?au L ?c -? Pst s. J N riodiwalker. W Woicotl, W !' ItatM' - ee?Me I ? ! - 'In i ? ? ? . : : :