Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 14, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 14, 1856 Page 3
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I )y Incensed iplut tboM who were on the above lid tnmIi. and the J beld a counoll mJ paaaed * reeo fu -to shoot everyone of the pert/; bat the Governor l-foted, end the aentene* wn? revoked. B. Adams waa a whaler belonging to thla port, and , wben seized, two hundred ba.rela of oil, which nthoritlea at that plaee took from her. Both vet* jre now in the hanla of the Governor of La Paz, aod not known what be will do with them until he re in* ordera from Mexico. informant states that the port of Cape St. Lucas ia . again to all foreign vessels on account of the (Mi lling partlea that have cruised off thsre lately, and _ ' of the people are Keen talking to a foreigner, or I versa, they are fined the Hum of fifteen hundred dol each ! TDK MPXIOAN ACCOUNT OP TH8 AFPAIR. El PetitamitrUn National, of the oity of Mexico, we the following humorous account ot the doing') of the ??diticnlsts under the command of Captain Zerman la Paz. It ia contained in a letter received at Mazat ?from La 1'az, dated November 20. The writer says:? ?tbe lart twenty-three daya that we have been la thia ftched territory, we have Buffered a thousand ilia, in Sequence of the alarm caused by a d ? d piratical ex |tion which appeared off the coast. uuder the command "r. J. Napoleon Zermau. who called himself a Mexican 'rul On tbe 29tb o' Oct , our great Admiral landed a St. Lucaa with 80Uibus'era, tor the purp'xe, aa the ot waiting the arrival of two vessels attachwl to h . Here be chartered a whallt'g bark or preaaed it in jervice, and with it and the Hestaurodera, came to the lifion of making acescent upon thin port. On the 13th folic wing month the two barks cast anchor at I'oiat i, and cn the following day Captain Zarraan opened |uiunication with Blancaite. He at drat demanded the place should be surrendered, in order that he it establish a provisional government. loarte gave ordera that the barks should not be al to paaa the Calavera, and threatened that if they takeaa prisoners every Derson who c-ime on shore. Jian eould hardly believe this, and immediately settin last anchor in the creek and endeavored to pass o f lurlous credential* upon Blauoarte. As may be sup . the result of this wan 'hat the *oi dtiam Admiral taken prisoner. Negotiations were then opened (Captain Dennisten, but without result. the following morning three nhota were fired at the aradora, tniinAiing the propriety of euriendering, Mult of which waa uhe dea'h of one or the fllib'n land Hie wounding at two others, ihe Are was not (ned by the bark. Dennlston then offered o aur r. on oonditlon that his bark should be delivered up ) Mexican government. Blancarte refused to honor rs so tar an to treat with them, and the filibuiMrs made an unconditional surrender, and were taken iers. dlanoabte's proclamation. m El J'ttuamietUn National we translate the f>l decree. iasuec by Biancarto when tbe intention ot peditioniata who had arrived at Ia Paz was made nation Political Cms? op Lowkr California to its wta>tb: ? Blow Citizkhs ? A band of men, without honor or na eentiments, have dared to present themselves in <rt wi'h hostile intensions. necking under the name Excellency General Alvarez to take possession of >untry and to establish their Vandal la *4. Honor e defence ot our nationality, menaced by a horde jagers, imperatively call upon ua to defend it to the ?op or blood in our veins. Californiana, the mo jia* arrived to show your decision and patriotism Mng in unisi n with your friend and chie* Viv t the lity of our nation? death to the oppressors of our ry! JOSE MAKIA BLANCAKI'E. t of La Paz, Not. 11, 1866. News from Oregon. following is the war ne ivs, which we take from the (tan of Dec. 22 : ? steamer Belle hag juit arrived, with news from the field, in the Walla Wrlla country, to December 15, being seven days later news, the brief import of ws ia, ;hat the Indians commenced another attack i Oregon Mounted Volun :eers on the morning of h. We copy from a letter of our correspondent, i in command ot a company. Particular* of the |ip to the night ot December 8, were published last 9th the battle again commenced on the same 1 ci tbe day previous, which was a hot contest un c. Our loss was, in waunded? Ira Allen, Ci K, aad nith, Co. I. On the 10th the fight cummmwd ore nesperately on the iart of the enemy, and, if >le, with mire determination on the part of our to drive tbe enemy entirely trom the field. Be ak they bad fallen back to the groani occuoied oy he night ot the first day's hgh'., t-videntiy badiy M. Our loss was in wounded only n?? Lieu., id. Co. F. In the evening. Capt. Cirnellns, with and part of Yamhill Company, arrived, oa the of <he Uth the hilis aod plain instead of oeing a with the dusky forms of our savage foes, were not an 'ndlan in sight. All the cispo**bie force in purtuit, but returned on the evening ef the lay, without being aole to overtake -.he llylng not anticipate the official report by particular be gta.ions and the deeds of vab r of the different lies or ot iocividuals, but must nay, that ( have inoe* before ft loud on the bit l? fleid where on j tnou>auda were engage 3, aud I n?ver saw braver I, determined men eugogod in deadly strife. Paere ot Img than SOU wari iora against u?, occupy lag I of tbeir own choice; a pari of them among the nd Petite undergrowth along tne river, and the extending .heir line aoroes too plain in the gage tall nan J hillocks, the remaincer in the ravines and rolling liilis t" tbe northward. i Fletnming, of Company A, died of hid wound on inlog of the :a .h. making our total of killed, one one Lieutenant, and tour privates. Woualed, ip talus, i/B? lieutenant and thirteen privatos. i killed and w unred twenty- three. !un* of 'he enemv is very great? according to their nfosinD? I th<uk rom seventy to eighty|killed and jjy mure wounded ? not less tuau one hundred and | all. l'? e-pen-mox- nrx is dead Stock Whitley sh it beck and through 'he hips, and many of t'.eir m >st tual aud hi avert warriors killed. 1 believe they ueired a blow from which they can never recover, pre** did not Uave on the 15th, as was expected, ves to- night. To-day we moved camp four miles river, where we siall remain for the p?esea*. ovens is ta'e and will be here to-morrow nlgat. tea in the rig it tone; he goes In fo.- giving the red | thrashing that will be a lasting one. rounded ot the command are all doing well, and ' recovering, l'he Multnomah boys are all well I One spirits. ftUowirg abstract of a volunteer's journal is co mi the Statesman: ? ? ndirns mace their appearance In the morning Ibttt'e ground, but not haif so thick asthediy be Cept a continuous firing all day. but dolog little Ion, as the boys were getting pretty good at dodg bspc" beys t>ok the hill and atter two hoars' Ihooting. routed the Indians oat of their trencnes, it tbey hsd due, leaving guns, knives and olau At ti e same time the In iaos were seen driving off |ock :>p the river. Mormno 10th ? A few Indians presented |Ue* on the hill: filled up some of our trenaoes t tew ones of their own. <fas'io boys on 'he hiil |iu joys aiorg the b'ush; fought on the hill for sn two, when 'he Indian -i tegan to retreat. Major rdered a charge. wli?n Linn ?Qd(Wasco pitched ran the devils past their upper camp? hree In I'Ueii. As we were coming back ih?y fired a lew ns. but. no tne was hurt during the day on our It dusk the enemy had all disappeared. fl'cl -.ok. ? I'hree hundr. d and llfty men. under illy, mounted on horse->a:k and pursued the ene rtilowed about forty miles; tuund consider sole at not one Indian. All 'eft in 'he direction of i?er; supposed to have crossed over 'o the o her -nake river. From the appearances in 'he Indian gtM or ter, miles above Whitman's eta .ion there ive been (1 'teen hundred or two thousand Indians. Irere <>ce hundred and forty lodges, some were live and thirty tee', long, and others only targe to con'ain elx persons. 6 )\ y. ? Oolonel Kelly and companv returned; ? with them thirty or f>rty Ionian hor cs, saw I number ot cattie and horses an 'tbey were passing ralley, but on account of the fog could not find tbey returned; found a valuable c?cne deposited tier; houses nearly all burned; grain, hi., de bj th- Itdians. if tub Kiu.wt >mi Wotrsnn) It is supposed gene kt in t> e four days' battle we killed ab ut sixty . and wundea pr bab'y about the stme number. Iot our kllied aiid wounced Is as fo lnws: ? in WiUon't Oomiiany? Mortally wounded, K. B. md Capt A V. Wilson; slightly wounded, F. Da 7. Smith, and I. .Stud i van in Uumaum't Company? Mjrtallv wounded, lesse i Hfnnett'l Company? C?pt. Charles Bennett, Miller, Ira Allen, and A .Shepherd, woun"e<). %n /.ayton'i Company? Killed, Jotin M. Bu-row? Jury Crow; wounded, Capt. Layton 1. Miller, i Crabtiee. T. J. i'ayne, C'asper Snooks, Nathan A. M. Artditg'on. lin Mowtm't ompany ? Wm. Hagerman, killed at uia W?l!a, an.- Wm Andrews at Fort HeLrietta; b, Capt. J. H. Monson and J. B ftmith. lin i ortuiycr't tUm\iany ? John Jarvaise, wounded. |<utoed ail tpoear to be doing well, fhe weather last few days has been oold, with occasional gusts ?tid enow. nsnt Fellows, of Marion company, was nnani elected Captain, in place of Captain Bennett, the ab- ve the>e bad oeen no fighting. The ere watting for supplies, preparatory to a urther 0 c 'lie Indian country. n Correliui. lad been elected Colonel in place of ^eemlth Irgtminn of the lvfth say Governor Steven*, of too TWrlt ry, ?ad krii >ed at the camp of the Mono'ed Volunteers, aud made a sp^eah to the t, ni d svoneit if dMt?rnilnation to nrge a con < rf th" w*' until ever) bos i e indnnn snbausdj ??'!' K tesie a -qulrnd, ?j tnat treaty stipulations 1 all tlu.e be oii-e' ved. 'icle in the Orri/nnian or the S h in an article HovOcee on 'h0 W-?r>" ws fln< the lo'to-in*: ? Lei that 'be finite A St. tes tro>c<, who are ..aid It g, ?nd wh' hive twen >ent h< re at tne expense 'tnernl governaen' io roiec the pe 'pie, are at 1p in good. ?a-m winter qua'tets, etting, drin< tnskit'g merry, while a few bareriH> el bal *olunt<et'S. wh ? caui* r*ere at their own ex ie In the flald Huhtlnw 'he Mattes of thet, In every flgh-. norto. A t oome mt firs-, on Ititol buildiuK *? -al'-in h ts b-en en.l ely rteo [.up ""'"d O be the Tirk if ?.w I eeiilto. y. fiil'mUl llb-aiy ??? en'lrely con <umed? value about or (8,000. Th# torai >o?a of ball - library will not fan mnrh abort if (tu 000. Th b<^ Jouraal- o' t.e srneent. ses-ion we e destroyed, Hiy ar.d wi 1 oc. ail n great in vnvenleoce to the > In ite further du ies Itwe from W??hli.(t?n Tuiltery. igei Sou id owrtrr of I 41, *)?! ? l uif rrmd that tie Indians nave com nenced the i. erjiictloolo 'hl?vir-t<t'r,bv burning he h mse t >]?0|i of aWernan si'ua'ed >n whst is luofa I'lilp plains rh's hnus was'eq a*>ou ' six n -hi" pleee, and n >?. m.>-e thsn a mlie rrom K'n oo?uptea by other families. Jin* U, coubt Ian. but the beginning of tkeir work, which rill ?>i doubt, be followed ap on ?wrj opoortanlty. Toe ktt'j tim tar which Mru Mi* pral le to the eastward U peeu liarly favorable- to predatory incursions by these mi - cietati, and we shell not M surprised to hear of tha burning of all the houaas Lb this portion of tha prairie So littla bu been done in pros touting the war lately, or meaoii tak'B as far as we are iafjrmed, to bring peac<* and security to tbe country n thU aid* of the Casoad**, that there 1* nothing or note to record la connesti'in with the operations of the troop*. Tlje rrgular* are moeilr at Fort Steilacoom; compaLy D, W T. V.. at camp Bradley company B at Cham-wrs' prairie. Too lncleuo^ut state of the weather has, no deabt, prevented much active aer ?ice, though small parties are continually on the lookout on the plains for the enemy, where, rumor says, they are seen nigatiy. On the uight <>f the 28' h a number ot Indians were seen about the fort, and oiie >t them ia suppoeod to h tve tteea ahot while in toe act et levellit g uis musket at one of oe sentries. Be was lmmedta ely picked up and e-rrtmi nit by the others an when at a sate distance one ot them returned he fire The garrison immedia cy turned out but did not succeed in capturing any of ths red tkin*. Blood was said to have been seen a short distaao* off, teliirg of the effector the hall discharged from the gan try's musket. We have heard from some quarters, whetoer jmtly fnuaoeo or not. talk that the India' a in tkN vf -.laity were re?dy to make peace with the whlt-s; ati<i fart ier, that 'here has beet on toe part o.' s>we of the official* an effort to bring abou' a "talk" wt'b tucin. On i uesday morning last, as a caanou wat bet g lo?d ed at J. B. Wecber & Co 'm wharf, it acileuWliy dig charged, severely woundiag the inan <I)ul>ltn wh > ??? ramming the car. ridge, mainlng his left hand si tha amputation ot the lii.gers was necessary, burning hi. face quite severely, so that for the present he is blind and aiso burning his o'o hes. FMOM CRKSCKNT CITY ? THRP.K WHITES KILLED? E8 CAPK OF THE INDIANS ? UNITED STATUS THOOi'S HTB8DBD. By tbe Columbia we have received the Crescent City Herald ot the loth Jtutuuj, from which we mate the fol lowing extracts : ? About New Veai 's day a small party of wbi'e* disco vered a bead > f Indi ns on Appiegt'e creek, some twenty five or thirty rales tr m Jacksonville. Pre doling to be olners on a prospecting tour, tb-y managed t?> remsio ?a the ci eek, im?i)Kpec'?-d hy the I. dlan-, un'H tuey oou d send word to ihe nearest settlements. Thes- IodUo ? <tp peared to M d( to tbe o&nd tha'. commi ted t-ie deprn daions on the upper Klamath, as they pretence 1 1-> en tertain hostile fee i. g* agmiix. the wiltes In tn*t region only, aid did not cate tj fight the "Bostons" about Jack sol n He. As Foon as information of 'heD whereabouts was re ceived in tne valley about 150 of the troops, ani many citizen volunteers, to k up the lioe of marck for Apuiogue on the id of January, carrying ne of tha mountain how itzers aloig. Wbeu aoont t?ro mile- from Jacksonville, Mr. Marin Angrl and Jolin McLaughlin passed ahead of a tioop of thirty soldiers, and wtthtn a distance of only 400 ?rds of th?m weresoo' a . by the Iudiaus. Vir A gel's orse took fright, and <rhi e can'&riog off tbe trail th-> In dians succeeded with several more sbots to kill b >rae ?nd rider, and then stripping them, taking Mr Ange 's t w? revo vets and tide Angel's c mpsnion. M -Laughlia, succfedod in rej iin iDg ihe soldiers, who immedi >. ?Iy loaded tbei' guns, and then advanced toward tha spot w tore Ang-l fell. They came so in enougu to make the Indiann ha' .en their es cape and drop some of h? pi .naer, bat Ang-l wai already dead. Mr. Henry M Hutching, our in ormant learaei that on the same morning Mr. 4ull wa.s out hunting with his bod, when the latter was killed by the Indians, and it is thought this was done by the same s. out which kilted Angel. On the 3d of January pursuing their march towards Applfgate, the solr.ler* had tha mis'ortune to mse oue of their mules, louded with ammunition for the howitzer, and consequently bid to send hack for a ne>v supply, which came odIv on 'he 5th. M?au ?hile a portion of the tcrce of the whi'es hud got u > to tbe Indi-n oamp, which consisted of eevera iog cabiud, fornierly occupied by miners, but now changed luto f >rts, wi .h numerous aper tures, through ?bich they fired in such a manner that several whites were wounded at a distance ?f SOO yards. Iheir cump was. however, surr ounded am the ? ucoees of tbe ? bitec de tended up ,n their ability to keep the In dians iii position La e In the afternoon of the M b the hoiri'zer was git ready, fired, and the ahot fe'l directly upon one of the cat Ids, killing three In laus. Several more ehotf ware fl id be'ore eight, but wi liout effect During ihe night the Indians, judging discretion ta. be the better part of valor, broke through the guards ot tbe whites and et-csfwd. We learn with great regret chti in this untoward affair, our fri-nd Dr. W. Vfye.'i, of thin city, it as killed, and never *1 others wouooei. The disappointment o the puDlio, in hearing of the la g'orlous issue of tbls movement is the more a lately felt as from the previous success on Butte creek. It <is confidently expected that the troopH at length had made up 'heir minds to go at it wi h a will. The eeiape of the Indians remains to many inexplicable. Five weeks earlier frrm 400 to 500 joojix withdrew from bef>re 160 Iudiiins at the " Big Meadows;" now 33 Indians eluded the vigi lance of eijcbt Times their number of whites We are to'i remote from the Be ne ot action to judg* correctly of the merits ot tbe case, bu1 this much we might iut'er the paat?? that it takes a 1 ?ng time to whip 200 hostile Indians. Lvier from diUt Lake. We bave dales fr.m Gieat Suit Lake City to the 28th November. On t>e 2d and 3d cf N'ovembe*, a vtolenS east wind bad canted much damage at North Willow Creel, Weber county, cauMng greai destruction of probity. It blew down some hu>es and nmroofed others; blew off car riage tups and wagon beds; scattered haystacks, chaff and at. aw pU?e, aid hurled gravel si ones like bullet*. Granaries were unrooted, and the wheat hurriedly so wa broadcast, striking wicdow glass a hundred yard* distaat With the force and clatter of small hailstooes. The walla of the large new ic ooihou-e were almost entirely levellsd to the ground Tbe same gala b!ew fieioely over the whole distance from Cache Va-loy to (Session's settlement. In Farmings. n and Cen reville. house roofs were blown off, ant portions of walla blown down. The Deseret A ewt says:? Tbe grasshoppers, brought and hurricane may ?erve as a gentle hint that neither we nor our pos'erity are secure, even in th'se chambers of the mountains, except through faito and the good works which How from strict obedience to tbe command ments of the Most Higa and the counsels of his ser vants. On the 2d November two traius of sixty three wagon*, laden wi h goods, arrived at Great Salt L,*ke City. Tbe walu cf tne Court H 'Use in Great Salt Lake county were finieheo, aud the w -rumen were busily engage 1 in putting up the rrof and dome timbers. Hundreds of peo ple were at work at tne Big Gottenwood canal. Other im provemeiita.were rapidly progressing, and peace, pleo y and prosperity, says the Nact, continue to attend tbe onwaru and rijhtcous course of Utah. His Excellency Got. Young, and the Great Salt Lake county members of the legislative Assembly, were to start tor Fillmore on the 3d oi Decern' er, to be in time for the openii g of tbe session on the 10th. B?*uti'ul stick and iiour ot sulphur had been refined from the sul phur bed near Cove Creek, in Melland county. Owing to ibe high pure of candles and tallow, a Brother Lttw bad prrposed to furLish ale hoi from p tatoes, at a rate wtich wculd greatly reouce tbe expenditure for light, and have a direct ten ency to lessen the price of soap. Our Philadelphia Correspondence. Philajklpbm Fei. 12, 1856. Trade Pr:rpects for the Spring ? lhe Know Nothing Na tiunal Council? Political Entanglement*? 7 he Reading Platform ? Manifesto of the Black Republican Wing. The town is becoming more lively as the wea her mo e'era'es. After an embargo of ice we are beginning to thaw out. There is now. at least, every appeirauoe of dry streets and an open river in the course ot a month. Merchants my we shall have an unusually good spring buklnees, and judgirg from the beginning o< arrival* from the West and Sou to, we think with great reason. As you have been apprised, the political cauldron boils rather fit rcely at the present time, par iou'.arly among the Know NotbiDgs. Ibe party has, indeed, got into ? snarl atid a tangle, which the N'atnnal Council, to mm here on tbe 18th, can onlj uaravel. You know the course o f the aboliti nists at Reading last July, and of the sp it which they caused there. In o'her woraa, the majority of the State Council ? ma<_'e up principally of del*gsles from Alleghany county ? ignored the twelfth section of the platform of ihe National Council, and built up a staging only large enough to hold the Seward and Wtleon sec tional party. This did not salt the national men, who were in the mlno-ity; hence they repudiated the repudiators. and re-organlzed the State Coun cil, In order that it might be made harmonious in l<tter and spirit with the national body The inovemer.t began with a very few, it is tru<>, but it has since gathetea urength from the many, or masses, until it now embraces a large majority of the partv ia tne city and State. The Executive Committee of Phila delphia, under the national branch, has legitimate dele gates from all the councils in the city, with two or three exceptions. Indeed, a* appears by a re port oi a commit tee of that bo.iy, la e'y publi'hetd in Our papers oaly lour old cbarter councils endorse the Iteadtng plattorm tbe joint vote of ex Governor Wa, F, Johnston, and Mtwrrs. Ecie and Todd; the two last members of C n press, who did their utmost during tbe ia-* trial foi speaker to fefeat Heary M. Fuller end dec ; N f. Banks Jr. I notice 'hat tbe Kiecntlve Committee of the Johaua > Sbd Todd Of black repub ie u wing, consiiting of oaly ? bout 'hir'eeu legitimate delegates? not enough t ? form a iiuoruni ? have just limed a very rsmollng and vsgae o??bmetit in tbe shape ot prtanible and resolution* ? bt? eltn, eo Ihr as I ostt translate it into fair Kogdsh t sseer's tbat She officer* of the Natl ??* Council are in c *te-poo<ienoe wi n tbe officers of thei spurious eory by wb < u it U alone >ec galled: tba ne t a'u n?l n ?n, fr?m wli m the* aeeed d at Ketdtug are ?itrO'gafcliers, with a S'a'e Omhcil n,ii?gn chi ?>, tu hattfcej ? the Maflk reputiiloans -in nit < o inn sli ts, out O'efer 'he t on. Kenne h Rtynor's platform, i.jeeteo by the NaHou<l Counon; .at the Hi <i 'kn ?. or Nation* S'e*? Oot'B' ll ".?? si ts of '< n icsi/nitt :* . " bad, and a few who b?ve join, si ihem sin ? their a'ie^ed is veisif>n a ?<eadiig; aun thtt the u>n '? l^ntui'' te catfe 'hej c >u d not aopyort tbe claims , f G?org? L?v h^ii es n?r>y f iber equs,l> m? n<.t/ous t.hlugi 1 %ili btiell; notleu some ?t th?*e points, leaving ot lers t<> the tste ebi'b heir own lidicul ius atsi'y nlt,ms #r tl.? id : ? His , a coi teepvodenc* with oIBo?ts > hi Nt tin al ' <?? n' U . I' !? be 4rue? and I I oolt . ?? to t.lilti* ic I eot. at Uasl, In i. enner and f rm , row ml? d ^0^ the Isnt make the ar.tti n f 'hs Na !???* Anietinaa, or II in e'rlier h'a'e (otn cil, any l?ss l?gitlm?t'-f R-tcsme t?? ' Hirers ot ibe Na'lopsl iJounml %'e 'si-e to tn?lr rin < by coosottiiig ai-n a oody of nn-n *b<> i*ve h-- 'O In c *n leinjce wl h tne ran pat t biaca iepuo ioaa letdus, wbo eoterad readily into the plan K Henators 9?war4 Mil WlU n tor tbe holding of a Northern or oaoiioaai ociivei tien at Cincicnaii- a tiziie by he way? wn re pudiate <be authority of die body oy whom they vera honored with position, in open definaje of their obliga tion* to ft*j ltu body In all matter* of na 4oa*l p >11 c>? doe* thi? act, I eay, tend other 'ban to the diifrtoe of iheae cfflooref Huoh unrpatliD. in the iplsua ot your c rrai|?D<)?Dt will bo severely dee > iriih n (!? c< mlug nulling of he National Council, e?rt?>n y if the n-jj et-e te lveo embrace any considerable n imo-?r of dflrgmex rum the ti >ath. whose p-nc? a ai? republic f i lm Keutru. The p*rreraify ot the oilier* of tue Va li-nal C uncil canm t ?teo p perjury up >1 the * >al? of the tauDrlcker <r uatinal men, ana If the Ni i?atl council re u -es U muttm t -no la to- o, it tgaoree Its ova ews, wium ? ut itr naiionali y, turn* it* ban up .a tae oil > true liiends it has in Pei n<yJvanla, and very nearly de* treys f never the Amercan party in -he K~j stone btate. An hI i : Tbif spurious Executive Cmm^ltte* ray 'hat bur ?va'e' ouncll ban the only charter thatl lfgitimate. "lliey h< id thi? charter I grau , but ?ro*g*ui7< It was iu ihe |k #??? inn ? f Mr. (illT >rd, their Seoieary, and he woii d lot #ivt- i up if rw|ue-ted todo ao. Chey de-t oy rfi th* vitality of t e initrumt ot wbea hey rnpad ated 'be auth"iity by which it ira- glv-to. 1* right. y belong* to the Huti?ii'k*-r m?-n, 'h-i, though not in pi-?e ?ton o the djcuncn , consider Hit th<-y ?re acting uod?r it? an lo.ilty and m?ai Tbe Htin*lck*r Council profe-iae* t le tbe ~"l} i? which 'beubarter wan giv?a. Why abou' it atuKifj itsell by net-king -n ?tber, or make any etf Tt t obtain it* own pi ope <y other*!-* 'han torough the re gi<l*r channel, or the Na i nal Council, at iu omnia, Our tpuriouHExecufve Committee *?/ farther, th*' the action at Reading may carry out th* will of tae iu*j irlty ot the feui>tiylva"ia e'ega ee in the national ?> *dy, wvi preterrrd the p ai -farm of tae Hon. Kenneth Rtyu r bow gnsaly false t \<a I hook a', the tacts By tb ir woiki- w judge them. The loll iwiacr wan t.hf d <c rine wbi*-h 'he f turn crammed down the th *oats of the mi noitty, toith rowdy elamor " l hey n! ruck ut the iwtl'ih section of the m*i 'n* pla form, ?ed in 1 u of it inner ed a ae-tion which <ie cla *d 1 the rejieal of the Mi.-murl v>m jr jmii-e 1 1 be <ta a IrHftinD o' the |ilit(lired tut f n o' he oa i >n. and thit i' el .o? d be readied, and <? at if etto'is to that end xhould i fill. Oiimitfai- abould refute to admit any *t?te tole'atin^ xiftTt-ry whtcb hhoubi he firmed >ut of auy portion of the terr tory trom which alavery was excluded by tha*. cnmen ml.'r.' " Now, b? * doea thin doctrine compare wi h that of Mr. Rnjn<ir, whl h, eivsoiding to the language of the comoait te - itceli, ?ici irtd '? all ? ibj?cte no. originally embraced in tbe American creed t" 1 mil1 f >.ut hat i~ td? > f the leaders of the Keading -a ct-dern have lecently oeeo tryiur to cr-ep out ot the abo litirn company, oy a pretended favor i g of Mr. Kaynor'a r.oD-ii-rerVft-rion policy; o ie of them, indeed made a dHnrtn-tia i'in of 'hm kind at ti e Cndunatt tizzte. tie anr bin ooa paoinnN however, caau t epeedily rub ou' It??nin(?; ibv peculiar b'.iucjuet ot Afiica eoj >yed by it will click to them with provoking pertiuastty. Ado ht-r -.if-e-ti oo ut the 8pu>?iou? Exfoatire G ?man ttee ik, vh?t the HunnlcKer S'a eCouoc 1 c nno of en men ? 'iucignilii aui."? who have beeujoiued oy a tew ktulred diMogkiiiH is. Wba aie he (ac r here? Nothing more n?t l?-? *bau 'h ttbe tew who joiced the "inDgniti:aat" ten in 1 l/il-trielpliia emorace at ieaa' two tbirix of the Am> ilciu tiiacHfa, Including allot' '.he < ld chaner coan oiln ex>v.p itig foiir. A^i en ind'cati'in of "?.he few" who have joint-d th*m, I will h?re:y intima'e? what fa .ure nvtntf w'll pr. ve- t>jal atHfa i"g WUere the ten net tbe ball in m tinn t-very council out one auKt,?ins thena. Again, the ^ingre-sii nul oiatr ct, of wnicb old d-miicra?.i; I-u-rka lormH a par', han elected on*- d*ieiratH to tae Nati onal NnminKtiig C.nveD'iot., viz. J nn A. Bank<i. K q., (liber ci'uu'it-H and diatrlcU can be named the true head, if "leir," bave tbeir fE"4. Trial of tbe Gamblers. Bef - 1 e Ju ye t'apron. COURT OF GENERAL SESSION'S ? THIRD DAT. Tbia court rooui wa> moie crowdoa than u?ual yester day, by all forta of people, t> hear the cases ot the in. d'o'rd gambleis. Judge Capion took his feat at 11 o'clock, and tha court wa? oj.eitM3 ' y tbe crier. Tbe Ihmrict Atwirney arose aod argued the motion to qoatih 'be tndicment in tbe ca-e of Joteph S. Hall, and apokt- ab^ut one hour, fae counanlfor Mr. Halianswnred the T't trict Attorney, and Guiahed a few minutes before two o'clock. Judge Capr.n thfn Rata that up ra an argument of such l*rgtli he could not < edde immccia.ely out wool-' take 'the papera in the cat# and reserve aid decLi .n till Monday mm nirg nrxt. W1LUAM AND EDEN N0KRI8. Mr. Merwitj R. tiiewer appeared as counsel for Willi tm an<t Eden Norria. aisc indicted i r gamnliag. Mr Brewer xaid be w. aid enter a plea rf gutlty in beball of 00"i h a c ienta. Both he. e gentlemen tvoald promise to quit gauiblicg fin ever, ti v.-.e Cour would su^-iea j.idgmeat. Juc^e (.'apron taid he w uld take all th*ge matts ra into confiiiwa i n and declce on Monday nex . and in the mtianilmr he wuu.d like to have papers handed in to him that be Uiisrat knew what we e th? an'.eoedents of tbeee gtn lenen. Tbth ct.dfd the gambling ca-es for the day, and after the trial < f some pet y cases, the Court adj >arn?d till tLid motnlrg. Frkhoh Emigration to Buenos Aybes.? ' Th (lit, he 'fguiar packet from R?vre to Bueno.i Ayre", to. k her departure ou Tueaday, 'he '/2a of January, with sevei ty tmi^ran a on board, fhlr step, saya the Uouruir itu Uaire, Is the o mmenrement of a considerable stream of eniigiatiou from our port to Ia Plata, which the government nf Rutnos Ayies is retolved to enoourage as much aa tits In their power. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. M09TBV MARKET. Wednesday, Feb. 13?6. P. M. Quotations for stocks still tend upward. There was not so much activity this morning at the board, but the demand for all the leading railroad stocks continues brisk. The corner in Michigan Southern Railroad stock has run its course, and the defaulting bears can now take in their shorte at lower prices and fullil their contracts. Several of them have Buffered some, and it has exposed the real rottenness of several houses which have heretofore had the cre dit of being solvent. It would be well for outside operators to exercise the utmost caution in giving their orders and in depositing their margins. The bears generally have been much weak ened by the losses on their sales within the past week or two. Tliere is a great scarcity in Wall street of regular commission brokers of houses con fining themselves exclusively to the buying and sell ing of stock for a brokerage, where both parties will be protected in their interests. The recent rise in stocks has not been so profitable to the smaller class of oatside purchasers as they had reasou to antici pate from the duily improvement. Many of them touLd, upon calling for their stock, that vlic con tracts they held were almost worthless, so that in' atend of making their two, three and five per cent, they had no'hing but a claim for differences against some highly honorable memlters of the Board of Brokers, who, by the consent of his associates, is pemiitt* d to retain his seat, that he miy, at some futuie time, carry on the same game again. At the first board to-day, Indiana 6's advanced j per cent, Illinois CeDtral bonds 4, Harlem j, Reading Railroad 1, Hudson River Railroad ?, Cleveland and Pittsburg J, Panama 1, Milwankie and Mississippi .J. Canton Company fell off J per cent, Nicaragua Tran sit j, Cumberland 4, Cleveland and Toledo Michi gan Southern opened at 98 j and closed at 94 j per cent, with sales summing up about twenty-five hun dred sha-es The transactions were principally for cash This decline is no more than might have lieen aiiticiputed from the completion of the cornering operation. The sales to-day were pMbibly on ac count of the early purchasers , and as they must have bought their bulk of the stock below 90 per cent, it follows th it they have made a good thing of it. The stock will soon from 95 percent upwards, and become one of the most substantial dividend paying securities on the market. At the second board the market was very hnoyant. Eric was the favorite, #nd dosed firm at 69 per cent, an advance of 2] per cent on prices current at the first board. Cant in Company went up J per cent Nicaragua Transit, J ; New York Central, % ; Cum berland. j ; Ilarlern. | ; Heading It .ilroii, 1 ; Hud M'O Railroad. 1 ; Cleveland and Toledo, 14. The bears will find that stocks are destined to touch higher prices, whether they are " rotten eggs " 0 not. l'lie ft real bear of the street has failed to fulft bis contracts on Michigan Southern and Erie, and if our last news from Enrope is confirmed, be wil fail on many other stocks bef >re the present " ueuted term" passes away The losses of the shorts mn * have bi-en vory great within the pa*t two weeks and if they have not more backbone than we give tb< m credit for, there will be some compromises be lore many weeks elapse. The Assistant Treasurer reports to day as fol lows l aid i n frferary ?ecount $42 477 8'< OD dO 135 I'M > hi it fli> l,0T0,8.'0 I t its 'or A'mv ffle* a.'? 3'20 5 I N 1 11 c fbnrfi f rh*ek? 4: 824 7 The warrants entered atjthe Treasury Department Washington, on the 1 1th inst., were as follows : ? J'.ti rh? r?d mp<loD <,f $| 1H7 UH i- or Ice Iu'elor Itapur'iumt 2S 2.1 0 K 1 Ciii. "n ? s,4 ib ft' W?r Wm>*< tp >*ceiv,<l 1 mi entsrod (umiiO Kron> n? ? niH 8,8;l_' bo Jr. o< 182,:t/6 1? Vron ml?'S i-nenn" *? uroe* Ul.'lOJ 8.1 On scoount of the Nsvj 10 000 0J Albert H. Nicolay's regular semi-weekly auotton ?ale of stock** and bonds will take place to-morrow (Thursday), at 13J o'clock, at the Merchant)' Ex change. The Niagara Fire Insurance Company have de clared a fcemi-annoul dividend of ten per cent, pay able on the lbth inst. A letter from the engineer of the Wabash and Lake Erie Railroad states that nearly all the ties are { on the groond for the road to the State line. The track is being pressed rapidly, and the road will open to Loganspoit by the 1st of March, and possi bly by the '25th of February. In the Assembly of this State, yesterday, notice was given of the intention to introduce the follow ing bill, "to prevent stock gambling Sec. 1. All atucok, trhetW Suite "ticks ar bonds, or Ike stocks or tx-uds ? foil portion* or association*, watch shall be ?' In at the M uck B<.aid tn the ei'jr of N< ? Yo.k or oiherwiaa, shall at d'-livere'l to lbs wuroaaasr oa tbe day o' sale ur ou uhe fo.lowii.g oar, ?r such 8a le shall Se vuto. bee 2. A1 con vac a for 'he sale or delivery of tush s?<i-k? or bo?. <ln a' auy otfter tim* than taut which is i r?v1de?< id the act, are hereby declared to be v <id and fraudulent. Soc 3 Any pen-iu violating tbe provision* of thU act shall b> lubie u> Iodic nient nef .re a ijr court of rejord Id thla ^r-te. ?nd -u c?avicM?ii H ia.i he subject to a pe naii y of for nu i offeooe, ana to imprisonment at -.he oiscretioc <4 he Ourl. Stir. 4 AM ?cl* or ;arta of acta Inconsistent with this act are beieby re,e*le.'. * t-ec 6. fl I- act fb?ll 'ake effect iaimeJiately. The Boston Journal of the 12th inst, says:? sock liai t ten lenoy during the whole of last week, until c^a urday, a<ter the pablioation of tbe foreign news when without muci Increase o' bmiieHs, (Here wan a aecioed alteration fit tne bete- la tbe gene ral tone Ot V e mark**.. The inoet sAiinu^ decline to be n< ted in in rail ?ay hi. area which, in several insttaC"*, are from 1 to 3 per cent lower than at the orgmnluir >f last week . B stun a> o Maine, tro n 78 >4 , hts fallen to 76; Yr- videooe. Ir> m to 60; woi e in Old COlouy, East ern, Western and Fitcbbirg tne dejiiue In smaller, but the came Le?vj feeling lau operated agalnat '.hem. Fwj or thiee ioao? have at the sa.ue tiu>e advance!, bat mainly ir c n. eque ?e of t-ioiilar movements in tbe New

Yoik ma kit. Michigan .antral, pitr'liular'y exaiolta a marked iiun ove nent, closing at 93, bid, a gain of neaily f ur per cent ouriig m* <retk. Bank auares are c mpaialiv-iy scarce at. quotations, and eh?w nigner pilcm, with scarcely an exception on the iNt. Tne taat that tbese stocks a e n w selling wi'.h n-ariy the fb.ile April ditideu<i e*rued, is an a'tradim *ea u - e to pur chasers and 1 q ite likely to act still more favoraoiy a* the skiing opens. K cu.iies have not oeen active ao the beard bu>. are qui e Qrm. We notice more inclination to ttaon in the fancies uno even among outsiders ibire aie signs of rtiurntug lateitat in stock operations. The m> st prominent oi Friday and Saturday w?j Vermont and Masf-achns-Us Railway, which fr .im 0%, went up t> 10>t, witc cmdoeraile transactions for thin mtrket. I'oltee was mire lively. ab>o at a aligb; advance, and (a<e Boyale >n demanl a" 12. Tne bids ror G?at B is on, Cary, Kidgewortn ana W?v?i ey were ucui-ual.v cpiii ed,and but forih? leluotance >1 boldera of these stocks to meet tbe uatke , a fair buslueas would he ihe result of tout sew imptb-e. We gave a few days since the round figure < of the land sales of the Illinois Ceutral Railroad Company in Jannary. The Hales amonuted to ll,4Si 3(1-100 acres, averaging $15 24 per acre, amounting to $175,057 46. It is, We learn, the intention ol" the company to sell during the present year its lands mont remote from Chicago, so as to throw as much business at as early a day as possible over the great est extent of road. Tue lands nearest Chicago are increasing in value so fast that the company intend holding them as long as possible, so as to derive the greatest bencQt from the improvements going ou about them. There are valuable tracts of land lo cated near the junction of the main road aud the Chicago branch, and it is the intention of the com pany to bring these lots into the market at once. The object is to get settlers on them, and to get them under cultivation, for the purpose of ex tending the company's traffic operations. Under the administration ot Mr. Osborn, the President, tbe most comprehensive policy has been pursued throughout all the departments, and we have every guaranty that every resource will be made available to its fullest extent. In the early stages of this company it was badly managed, and for a time it was doubtful if its immense landed estate would realize the expectations of its friends. Fortunately better men assumed the management, and wiser counsels prevailed. The government fell into the hands of yomng, enterprising and practical men, and the company now occupies a position equal to all that could have been anticipated. Its landed estate will net a sum far greater than tbe company's entire indebtedness, long before maturity, and the stock holders will have a magnificent property iu the rail road, at a email coat. The following statistics, taken from the records of the Boston Custom House, will show the loss in the trade with Rtissia which Boston bas sustained by the Eastern war. During the two quarters ending Dec 31, 1663, before the war, there were imported iuto that port direct from Russia, goods to the value ot $613,647. For the corresponding quarters in 1855, after the war commenced, the imports amouuted to only $68,40!), showing a decrease of (425,238. None ot the goods entered in 1855 were from Russia di rect, as her ports were closed, but the whole was re' ceived thiough England and Prussia. The annexed statement exhibits the condition of the banks of Massachusetts on the 4th of February, 165C, according to returns made to the Secretary of State:? Hanks or MAS*Acnu3irrrs Liatnlitifl. 1(6 City. 133 Country. Total. Caj.lti.1 $31,000 000 20,027 000 57,987 000 Net circulation 6 462,084 12 469,0-,2 17. 92 1 001 IVfx Bit* 15,091218 6,091 654 21,182,772 1'ioU s on hand H, '.49,3.x 2.087 6:t4 6.658,870 Total 966,462 038 47,276,010 103,728,648 Betovrctt. No?m. oill# ex., &?. ..$62 210,231 46,690,496 97,800 728 tfMBN 3,623 200 1,064 380 4.077,680 lUalextate 019, 207 032,135 1.250.348 Totil *56,462,638 47,270,010 103,728,6)8 The following will exhibit the condition ot the boL Us of that State on the let day of January last:? LitibtlilUs ' 6 Vxly. 13y trjf. total. Opi'Rt $31 ,960 0C0 26. -IT. ,000 68 187, uOO ,n* tir dilation.. . . 5,6)5,9(5 12 5M.827 18.057 762 ie?oM?* 14,769,353 6,960 866 20 780 217 I'roiiU on bfttii 3 482,092 2,613 878 6,9'?,0'? Total $56 767.870 47, 213,670 102 9 0,949 Ifntourert. Koi-n kill*. ?XC.. &c. $61, 062, 720 46.6f0 150 01.^27,876 gperie 3,476,446 1,022 285 4 497 781 .^eai e-late 619..07 631 136 1,260,342 lot*!,., $65,757,379 47,21.1,670 102.070.949 The above statement exhibits, upon comparison with the 1st day of January last, an increase in the i m ot deposits of $452/<55; of loans, $577,850, and ot specie, $17!?,H4n, and n decrease in the item of net circulation of $135,756. The Chicago Prut of the let inst. gives the an nexed statement of certain manu'actu ring establish ments in that city, the capital invented, the number of hands employed, and the value of manufactures, during the year lNr>5, and a comparison of the ag gregates with li-64: ? Mam kaitckks of Chicago 1865. Valtw of 'Capital Hands. Uiinf lrrt? work* machinery, ke.... 1,102, 000 1.J96 1,920 500 A((i1<uHur?l h 454 000 480 64'.), 790 <k< I 0Ar?, AC 7a0 000 """* ? 000 ,noo _ . 000 leec pint- k&., 20 000 lan<D? mi le, "*?h factories, biiU*. k-: 374 0'. >>ne' funjMU'e, ke 3'O.W MhjW ht* utiira 678 *tii,kr>, am. porter, bee-, ke,. 397 <nl?, ? ip, <1k?, ke 801 flu, coke, ki , NaU.m 150 (M'O li-.Uk 56, #00 : W ,'<tlfry 51 ,<VX) MUmuai timtr. menu... ... 10,000 t.g. ert?- tj fcf pb-tflffr'hn, ka. 43 Hi to .,? rlrv tuvir plating. ke. 77,000 it ink I'Bie... 80.(100 (W'Cil'.O* 2< 0*)0 ??re 80.000 V.IK ?I> n ? hfoow kti .... 00.' 00 T'l-f.n b<? k?, boot binding, &o... 20.504 I' iet* ... 80 OH) '?'Bf 1" 000 |ii|. bnl'Olp* 50.0 "0 ).??? c?p* ka 17 COO ? 111 .1. t*0 5, l?W link* 50 oOO , iih^mphy, ?rfr?ving, ke ... lo.ooO y *01 h' 0,000 6 00.) n?mt? ?' <i elothlnjf ml it ne> j , V h*?<-o rnirke'-, tcead, c> (toe ?rd *n rIc?1 in fiiun'O tn, fca . 508.500 1,800 1,054.006 $0 2')5 0w> 8 740 It l> <?. 191 RFMpimmttoo of 1854 4 220 OOO 6.000 7 870 0 10 Increa-e Ou'ing 1855 $3,076,000 3,740 8,161,491 draw, in. cpt? wate k?. 142 I rJP"; p- inter' ' fo-nub'ng ke.. lh i ?rr'nge<-, w.gotL- ki 417 1 There ia not another city oa this continent of three times the population of Chiofcgo that can show anything like this. A few years ago Chicago was but a village. It now has a business equal to a po pulation of three hundred thousand inhabitants. We understand that about one hundred trains of cars arrive at and depart from that city every twenty four hours. The condition of the Planters' Bank of Tennessee, and its branches, on the 2d of January, 1866, com pared with that of the 2d of July, 1866, was as fol lows: ? I'LA.VISBS' Bams or Tkkjiimkex AND UHA.Nl IMS. Awix. 'hi July '66 'Id Jan. 'ill. Notes di c anted $090 ^89 04 1 ,123,488 74 Domestic bills 813,312 30 1,306.776 A k-Ufpendea oebt. 120,612 01 129,820 26 Re*l estate 110,360 03 127,614 48 Turnpike stock 260 00 ? Due (root banks 796,837 88 1,031,044 90 Cfcob? >0' ?s of other banks,., OU 867 00 00, 85 2 00 dijla and silver 429,465 67 410,601 18 Total $330 880 63 4,236,607 02 LinUlitia. Ckpt'al s ock $1,366,400 00 1,345.400 00 livideud declared this day. .. 67,770 00 67,770 00 I 'ivtdends unpaid 1,536 00 1,121 00 Boduc due the t^ate ? 7,500 00 Profit and loss, surplus prolits, 232 624 28 263,488 67 I'uetobaiks 15 412 36 67, <60 60 Due depositor* 412 102 90 6'O828 70 Circulation 1,246.136 00 1,853 222 00 Total $3,330,880 63 4,220,697 02 The bill to incorporate the Bank of Mutual Re demption, at Boston, is under discussion in the Mas sachusetts Senate. It has been amended so as to provide that the bunk may organize whenever 1600,000 abell have been subscribed, and commence business when the snm reaches $1,000,000; also, that the circulation of the bank shall never exceed twice the amount of specie hell by it. The fi llowing statement exhibits the extent of the trade oi the port of Oewego with Canada during the years 1854 and 1855. The value of imports and exports was as followB Commkkck or OswEcio ? Tkask with Canada. Value of imports, Value of exports. Total trade.... 18f>4. $t,?HO,?92 , 1,178,925 1855. $0 119 743 6,870,04) .$2,869,217 $12,010 60S 2,8*0,417 Increase In 1865 $0,141,446 The Oswego Times says: ? Tt'ifc rwt Increase in ou<- Canadian trade In ou season, under the opeiatlon of the K-ciprocity treaty, i* m ore ex ptesbivo of he won erfui ell'eot* of fie measure tbao any innguBtia we could use. Kr ira 'bin exhibit the pu till: can judge of ih*> ln'eune activity tha'. would *?e imparted to ur On adlun trade ?ere the rettiprooal principle ex tended to entire free tra e It Is a source <>' gratifica tion to us that >he first season's trial <io ful.y justifies whet we ha"e claimed end predicted ror theetlecti ot the mtaMue .hen advocatii g its ad ptioo. The Washington Union, under the head of " de pal tment newB," publishes the following information relative to the financial condition ot Auatria:? We have recei ea Intel igenee from a correspondent. te theeffeut hat the Auxt'ian Kinan .a Department, under he management of Baron Biuok, is now ma&lug every ellori to increase the v lue of g .veruinent at <cka and go vei tnoct bank notes. I', ia gent-ra ly .bought torongbnut Auntiia *ha , 1? any one cau effect this object, Baton B. Is the fiao However Austrian securities have been coD iuualiy falling, and, un'iltbe oanks have been placel iu a eiuan< n to out specie in o ci: culatl jo, this state ot things will continue to exist. fbe establishment ot the Austrian Credit M biiier and of the Hypothecary B.tnk ? two specie paying institu tions? did not have the good effect* that were antici pated. The capi allsts being obliged, in order to ?brain sjieci", to throw their Auttii&n necuri'iiM into market, produced a iur'her tendency to depredation in all ktnd* ?t stock* ; and It Is asserted by some that no permanent change fur the better can take p>acs un'il the termini- < lion ot' Uie KaMein wa> , and then only in tae event that Aus'iik i ball have e mtinue- neutral In 1811 Au*tiiao??d paper monqy and public effects to the amount of 1 060 000.000 et florins. Austrian eur- I reccy, (about $614,000,000,) and tbe umpire became lankiupt. The paper money was educed to a tlfib of itsnocinal value, and the in ereet was also reduced to < i e-halt ot what it had een, it belLg paid in paper morey; so tbe interest on the public debt was iu fact, recucetl to OLe-flfth? but taking int . account the reduc tion of tbe value of paper money, the public debt was brought down only to a twe..ty-tifla part of the original liability ot the g ve nment. In 1818 a certain re-establisment of the former deot waa made, and the ancient obligations were to form a kind of annual lottery, tbe fortunate ticket holcer reoeiv ng th? funrer interest, on bis m mey. But tblB was no relief to tbe th< u sands who lost their money by th'a br-ach of trust in 1811, because it vas ound tbat tbe ancient s?orkshaa passe i into the hands ( f speculating capi tallsts, who were the only gaiaera. Shortly after thl 'he Aus'.rain Bank was f.iunded. It wwi to be thoroughly independent of govern -nent 'here wet e origlnaliv 60 000 shares, tor wbich 100 florins la caeb aud 1 (00 tloiin* in paper m ney were paid on etc a. Bu tbe bank immediately reimbursed itself by paying tour tlotii h in specie for ten <1 Tins In paper money, the g- ve nn ent became directly Indebted to the Dank, aud tbui s'a'e rf affairs bas continued ever since In 1846 this < ebt was 1 ,087 mil Ions of florins, and dur teg ti ls year tbe Aus'rlan government reduoed its ex penses within be limits of its inc ome, (he receipts smovu ed to tbe sum o' 164 230.000 florins, and the ex pend ltuies reached 163, 106, 100 florins. This promis ing condition if Austrian finances, however, did n?t last. lOtlf, The political and commercial c -isls ot 1817 g*v? there securities a eriihle blow, i-lnoe walch there has teen t o >eao ion, and In 1817 tbe Income had 'a leu to 161 coo, 000, ana tbe expenditures had reached 108,000,000 o florins, Luitng tbis and tbe following year tbe Austrian Bank bsd 73, 060.000 of florins, but wnon tbe new* of the re volution ot February, 1848, was received a ptulo ?el?rd tbe whole community, and In the befflholog <>f April the specie bar fallen to S&OOOOCOof fl trin*, wheu 'be gv vemment prohibi'ed tbe banks f orn rede-mi'iff tbeir note*, and also prevented the exportation ot' -pecift fa 18A4tbesum advsnond to meet the neaeseitios of war tmoun ed to 192,000,000 florins, rveside w ich the' e wsre vi9 000 000 o' treasury ^ills, making a II xi-iug debt of 411,000 000 of florins A decree, iseued In the same year, <?<?!>, pe ilen tbe ba- k to retire from c'rcila i >n $148 000, (00 if trea-uiy bills, an another created the uatioaal iosn or 600.000 OtOot florltis, the in'e est i n whlcb wan << he paid in gold ano silve'. With tbis loan, and *!<h tbeproouieof tne cui-tcns, which were t > be paid tn specie it was in* ended to nrlrg 'be clums of he bank sRalost. grveinment oown t > 80 000,000 of 11 ir'cs ir lFi8. but i' ?n? sonn discovered 'hat these d?cre?t could tot >c carried into effect ai d in coos^quenje of thi.i state r f affairs In October. 1865, the government was obliged to ?Hen*te cown ands Ixcludve of tbe large floating deit, the present ii reb'edness of the Austrian g vernment Is ?e down at *b? eoormous cum of 2,036,000,000 mllions florins. V60 sU U?iemRtV?;0 mi 1<0 o<?v 100 Heading R.K 220 v. biX f.CtO ' ft" Hiidaoa RlV?H - Kt.0Hu^Walbs ^4 l60 d? *00 34 $1000 Ind State 6's.. 85 v!6C0 to c 85 HQ00 Erie vd uitg Ms W J 00 hr eOin bds '71 8't ((00 do.... !<)(.( o id Oea KK bds. 87\ 200 do WW 87 >, no )ou>o 10)0 '0(100 ?600 15000 1(6(0 100C0 ?Its 0 111 Kr bs witb pv 80 >4 100 MJ?fl do ... .... 89 160 U?OtiN YCeo 7'i..o8 101H 100 lOt il Tr Ht&Al 2<-m bs 78^ 460 10 hr %in cbatts' bk 142 60 I e k H Cal Co.s? 124 10 Am Ex Bank.... 117 i6 Baik ? f Com.... H0X 10 ^aseau SO t f0Cen?onCo 2t-^ 750 .00Ni0TranCo..b60 22 X 360 h.O i*o 22>i 200 1(0 do s60 2'H 1?W 1-<?t 1*?nr. (V>al Cn.opg 101 10$ f 00 Cum O ai C?..sU0 24 \ 200 Pi do. do 34 % bflO 3i\ 87H 100 Torre H**efc Rich 05 do"".'. '^0 87 ? 100 riev *a>lttH KK sa 66 H do .... 87V a4Clev, CoI&Ctn.. 10 H. ac " 87 H 126 Mich Cen RR blO 95 do':::;;., n* "*> ?? 9i, to : .. . .S(50 87 X 150 Mich So&No laRR do.... ..b.(0 98 do 9T do c 06 H do M ?? do #3 95? do 9ft >4 do t>30 95 do b3 91* do M do b3 95 do dn s3 B4J< do ?*X do.. b8 MK 'anatua RR . ? * ^ do sflO 104H do b30 105 1.4 Gal & Chic RR... U3 60 50 100 60 .2(10 do e?0 24* ?00 .. c 24?< 860 d? 25 do W0 26"; 20-1 do... .b0 1,0 m:o 100 noo .00 '00 200 ?. CO 1M? 1< 0 New C?e.kt'-?in'? KOOari 'r G?'d Mine S ut0 ID... ... \ ttitt N Y Ce< tial RR . *?:? V? 40 to "a* 10? ? V 7b Rrie KK 00 do.. .b00 6C.J4 6('?Z **? **> u, 1A V &!4 ClmY i? . ." ' 6/? 1/ 7 /*? '*>0 ft.,'; oao i . * tint) do ' HH. ll*X ' ooo ,7* hot " ''Ac ?o do , .b-*0 o .....saO 6( \ 183 Milw'ie ft Miss R 84* ?. 100 100 ffOBailwiRR 100 do... .bU> 8BCO.SD BOAKD. $100011' Con RR bs. . SI* tt Oo Frle bde ?'i '76 80 i(0 hhr Car' on (,'o.t>10 24 10H do 24* 800 do.. ?60 2 ;* 200 (a bio 24 S 160 do 0(0 21* 100 do... h3 2<S 60"i do .... btO 24 1, d? M0 78* do >>3 78 do bflO 78 do 77* d> s'tO' 77* 60 Chic kfLl RK..sS $1* M0 da ..;.,0# #76 do MO 96 do. 4tft 260 fOO 200 rhs Brie RR 68* do 68* do.. ,sl0 68* do blO 68* do 60* do s60 68 M* do $9 00 Her -em RR.... trf 2J do 24* VflO d ? *2 d > 24* 1(00 Ra.dlng HR.bOO 91 St H00 do 08 90* 1(0 1(0 00 t'O von !(*> 61 ' Me Co. , do VON Y( I2d 41 M50 X)* 400 do. ,s3 90* 61 Hudsor R RR. . .. 36 76 Mirth s*d HR . . . Ut> (! Mi. ft Mlee RR... bf* 160 M'c-<ofcMeKR s*0 96 5 0 ( un>b C"sJ Cc . . V6* 100 do.. 96* 00 < ii 1(0 I 0 '.00 dn. 50 d. brfO 20 C60 Fite lUi 68 do 16* 100 fWma R<..s?k 1 ?$ do MtO t$* 700 III Cea RR. 97* dn... ?0 '.6 200 (lave fc Tot RK.. 70 d" ?30 26* ROO ili. b;D 79* .si 26?i 100 di *9* ;?c>M Rstlroad*. . .at 8ilH X00 do. , h09 ' 93* to th Korrom of ran hkbald. As the stock of the Rate log Kailroskd, liks tha Caasfaa and Am boy Now Jmqr Transportation Coaaaagr, Delaware aid Hudson, u4 nott of the Ptnu^nak roads, is now In the hands of ptrMoi who, luMviif tte value, we unwilling to change It for uj of ths uade lined stocks of ths ooun try, it will be understood that the sales reported at the biard an* but the oontraota ef the parties ? *WT then, and, therefore, are under their control. At the closure of the books, previous to the lata dividend, there were but 49,000 shares In the ot%f of New Tork, and they in the hands of 262 pores?. bince that period the holders, knowing the feet -kaaw ing, too. that five eighths ot the whole number (214,000 sbares) are out of the country that, since "the opea iug " sJl the loose shares nave been taken on f >r?m? ordtr; that no individual, except one, holds over *2,(108 shares, and that in the hands of speculators, the sales ?very dsy fbr cash aosorb the lot, they are not disposed to relinquish what eanaot be replaced. They, be sides have read the rejiort ot the manager^ and b<-iag satisfied that no contingency can ? prive the stockholders ot eaormous dividends, -tni frvm the letter of Mr. Steele accompanying toe rep -t they not only reaiiae the superiority of the Reeling, ><it they are enabled by it to determine the value or the several roads in existence? of those under way, ar of those )ue?*niibg " imperative advantages"? with inflk knowiecge and nieh facts tognver'i and direoi their judg inert, It is n-t likely the holder* will throw their xtoefc on the ntsrke tor the purpose ot gratifying thetr ctiari table frieiu s. The history of "toe prnlj" tho bogaa stoiiee to nourish ano sustain it ? Is feeh on their minds) and now. woeu the object Is teveaied, aud the sufferen are yet lingering uncer its effects, can It be possible or is 11 colsis ent with ordinary judgment, that a sacullaa should be iqade, when the value in at leant 120? Uxttf on call is plenty, ana it only temains 'or the speculator, ?' the flyer," or the party who buts for invexuneat. to demand tht transfer, when ihe shares will a<cend to their proper po i'ion. A 16 to 20 per cant stuck at 80, with the New York Centra at 9M)?. is ra uer a re 11 otkm on the ssgacity of " rur shrewdest opeiators " if bo an evidence of the gullibility of our heavy capitalists. S. Cll'Y COMMERCIAL. RBFOttT. WkunrsDat Keb 13?6 P. ML Ashes ?The market wet quiet and unchanged. liHiuufTiiTw. ? Flour.? -rho market was steady ead without quotaolu change in prices, there was a fair ba hii eee done, the sales bav ug reached aiout 6,000 a 7,000 bbls., inuludii g common to extra State, at $7 60 a $7 G2Jg; Western mixed, fancy and extra brands, at ST (0 a $8; aa4 good txtra Illinois and Ohio, round hoop, do., at $8 87 K a $U Csna' lan was quiet, with sales of SOU bbl? com mon to extra at (8 a #10 with some sa^es at $a Extia (!? netee was unchanged? $8 75 a $10 J6. Sou ','iera was s esuT witb sales o< 1,6* 0 hbls., a $8 76 a $'.? tar gwd common to choice, ana $9 12 a $10 37 >? Or Uaiy and ex'ra. Meal.? Sales of 2u0 bbls. wore ume ? 6i 12 >4 for Brsndywins; Jersey was held at$3 87)i. live ll?ur was dull. rVhest. ? Ihe .market was iu*ui>vet and without change in p ices A smalt lot ot Ten nessee rn! told at $1 90. Missouri wnite was at about $2 10 lor prime, and Canadian do. wa-i at about $2 a $2 06, ami Upper l.ske was at $1 76. t?'n, wa< inactive The sales em Draped about 7 0<>0 bu-beis, including Southern mixed, a 80c.. *lii>? atl )>liow co ai 8o ?. h 8'c., nud Western suix-a wai at 80o. - a 83c. Rye ? -?1*? of 6,0t>0 bushels were made, from rail- 9 rt*d ana c-eiivered, at $1 26 a $1 28 Oats were dull, at 46 a -lflc for State and 4',M. a 52c for Western. CotrsK. ? A canro of 6, W0 nags Bi if a cold at lGJ^o., hav'ig beet ta*en on spe-u a'ion; and 600 begs Vfaracei bo at il}?c. a 11 ; 80 bags Java and 12a an. at 14Kc. U/rroM ? The sales reached trom 4,000 a 5,000 bale ?, | par in t'an'itu. Ihe market closed firm. | FHUtiUTO ? Kates were Uruer t > Eoglirh >orts, but he return < 1 bcvere colu weather had a tendency to clieok er g?hen,eriiK. To Liverpool abo t 20 000 bushels whoat, iu rh.p's bags, weie takeu at 8>,d. Flour w?. ?o^ag-?d at 2s. " %C>. l'rovi-locs rsnged from 27* tid. a 30?. ; aad 500 a 600 ha es of ootun w. i e taken at t^d. To London rex m was scarce ano ra es were Arm. Kates t j Havro and to (Ja i ornia fere uncuatsed. Gunny Cujtii was flm wi'n sa es at 12Jfc. 1m)m Kliuhb ? A tale of 50.000 lbs. List India wars h ?Or at p. t. Bat ? Ihe market was firm, at $1 12 a $1 18 for shift Bent Ihom was firm. Scotch pig was selling in small lota, at 34c a 36o ? fi months. JloLAS^ia. ? Salec of 300 a 400 bbls. New Orleans was made, at. 40c. a 43c. a 44c., and a cargo of 1'orto Rico ao d at about 43c. Naval Stork were quiet and unchanged. Oils ? Ki/g ish 1U s^eo was cull at 92s. Whale aad sperm weie uncha. geo. 1'BOMSIONS ? Pi rk ? The market was dull, with lltnlud transactions. Sales were ooufiued to about ?00 a900> bbls , it cludW mess at $15 75 a *16 81, and prune at $14. Beet continued du 1. aud sties we e c ?ifl?od to about 126 bbis., inducing nuntry prime at $9 a $9 and ciiuut) v mesa at $10 a $11. Repacked Western vas at $11 a $14 60 ano p hue uie~s at $19 a $21. Biion w?a heevy, and sales on tue spot limited. Saie* of l,t00 b ixes waie mare, delivera'de in Balwimore in April, at 9c Omi mea a ww e nt changed , 126 packages were soid at 7^c. a 'Xc for shoulders and 8>^c. a He or hams. Larc waa in lair demand, wltb sales of 600 bbU. at lO^gc. a 10 >^0. Bator sad cheese were unchaugad. ltK .1. 1'ktatk ? Ho i-e sno lot 692 dnuston street. 2te (8, $8,700; ro. 44 Ltspenara street, 23x94, $12,500; doim and lot 9" Attorney street, $0 150; do. on K ghty-<oovii4' street, near Fourth avenue $1,860; water ii<ht. betwe^a. Eighty -second and Eighty-third street $29 800; 1 lot oar ner of Second avenue ann Eighty -lif h street. *1,750 I da. adjoining on Eighty soooud street, $1,260, lease of h"u*e and lot 21 Water s'reet, $14. "50; plat tf ground on Gold street, between John and Fulto \ atiuoto with bnii'ings. 97x126 #3.:.700; housn and lot 26 M street, 2fx62, $5,100; 142 East B>oad rav 2T by half tla Mock, $3,460; -0, Greene stiee 26x100, $4,700; 41 8 ad str?e?, ?6x94. $11,260; 63 Uleecka'- stieet 27x106 $11 660; 103 Forsyth street 26x100 $7,?00; 112 Chrystls s reet, fxlOO, $6 060; 106 Kid idgs street 26xllfy U 660; 83 KivingV n street 26x60, $>,076; SI do. Jix&O. $S. 626 1 Fifth street, $7,000 . 3 Firth street, $6 900; 05 ani 97 Washtrg on street 20xfU $10 000; 66 Bowery, t m84, $10,400; stores and lota. 239 and 241 Bowery, $16, nM; leas* of honse and lot 63 Pike street, $3,250; 1 ot ?? Tweti'y-. Ightb s trier, near Sixth avenne, 24x98. $6,300) 1 adj<ining, 24x98, $6,460. 1 on 1'*entj-ei<ntl s-reat, sear Broa? way 26x98. $6 7#0: 1 near ab-ive, 2oxJ8, $6, 900; 1 adjoining 26x98, $6,000. Brooklyn? 1 lot aa'sHs tear Su.i'h s reet, 25x100, $',000, 1 do. oa Tumpbias place. n*ar Harrison street. 24x112 46 500. Kkd ?Sales ot 1k0 tierces weie ma e at 4^c. a i%c. Pcesn 8. ? ihe market was wl'hout fartbe- coaoge, while transactiom wee %ht. Sales of aiout 80 a 90 bhds. New Origins were made at 8'^c. a ; 60 a. old crop Cuba at7>?c. ; and 100 <*o. now crop Cuba st TJ?e. a "Ho- ; and a small lot of clarified was repor'ed at 0a. NEW YOftK CATTLE MARK15T. Wh>.vrsimt, Pea, tS, 18M. The funeral cwdition of beef catile on anle at ARer ton's, to-d ay, was a decided improvement upoa the oflVr higK here for several *w-k? pa it. and with a prut')* ge- d demand, without aa excesi-ive supply, faU prices were re alized. Some very caolre bullocks aold at a alight Improve ment upon last reek's prices but thit fact does not "rap rant aa in quoting a general improvement. The proaat nent railway routes are it till very much obstruct*! ag ice and si< w, and the increa*e<l cost of tran> p >r attow c ntii-'U in some degree o strengthen th?mark*>-., and acme of the be*' int rmea dealers in eat' In predict an ad vance in prices next week equal to lc. p-r lb anticiufttasg li^at receipt in ermedUMv. T' ranged front 9 to 12 cent* to-day. averaging ah >ut lie., and tn? pr?ba >ilitg wantthatibo supply would be exhausted at the cleea. Cflwt and ca'Ti'K sold aA $;J0 a $60; suppl" mod irate. Veal calxes aoie in good demand, nut a* the ge* e rail j was rather inferior, no improvem-nt re alized i'rices range troin 4 to ?i>, cent* t ir ioieriar to gcod and 7 t r extra. Swine were unchanged and the demand good. fri>*s. Beef cattle, extra Quality, per 100 lbs 911 60a ISM Do. good quality ? a lid* 1)0 cornim o 10 00 a 10 99 Do. interior 8 So a 1M Cows and calves, extra- 56 00 1 M H Do. good.. 40 00 * 60 09 Do cunmsii 26 00a36'0t Ve.l* 4c. a 6 Ho. 1*>. extra 7c a7)fe. Sheep and lamba 200a 8M f-win?*.? ? 6 00 a 6 4#* Uo. net 7 60 a 8 99 The followiag table shows from what part of the coea try, ai-d by wbat jon vejatice*. tbe supplies came:? Ohl< ? lte?Ve< 3'J8 Hudson Hit? lndisaa. . 60 Sheep and lamba. . 74* Virginia 294 Swine 4N New Yoik 902 IludH?n KR? Be* vim. . . 460 Connecticut 38 Swine 99 H ii ois... 100 Brie KR- Beeves. ... ... 614 Ha'ieroBK ? Cattle.... 071 Swne 64 Cowa and calve* 34 Ne* Haven RR? Btevea M Veal caJie* 162 On toot? Cattle 984 There we* only a fair supply ot stock at Browniag's, ai d |.ii<ws were kept irp well ? aoout j,?. advance a* g"?xJ heel ca tie was obtained. Other ?to k ii sUdmI olisnge. Tbe nales w re4 aa follow*: ? 308 b?ef cattle mt 96 60 a 911 60: ,8 co ?? a and calves, 946 a 906; 66 f?t cs ves, 6%c. a < He. ; 1,193 sheep and lamba, average 96 16. ?a ee made bySamut 1 MeGraw, at R-owning1*:? ft" sheep k lambs. .9<7? 76 .to steep k lamba. 9149 99 do lf? uo 33 do 116 09 107 do 1K B 70 16 do 164 90 89 do 6*0 00 , ... 363 91 9 0 7* Average p?r head 96 U Also, 44 ??all le a? from 8)^c. a 11 fcc. M. morsadum of aa es ay J- met MoCarti , at Brown ing V:? 91 sleep k lam be. .92*2 00 10 sheep fr lambs. 99# 99 10 d.i 105 00 207 do 1,419 79 76 do ;m? 00 0 do 81 94 4 do 28 <10 ?8 de ?af M 100 do..,. 600 H0 C8 oo 320 00 668 98 44C* Average per head.. 96 H *lete wa? iui> a f<lli"g ? (Tin the reoetpta of eatt- et Oan b*iW<n'r, bo' the??i<p<) was about equal te Mm d*ov?i'<< I'riesabeai' hertsit. The sales were a< h ? ; < att.e 96 a 910 60; 47 cow* a>>d eal'M% 9' 6 a 9(6 2 937 sheet' aid lata bv, ft a 98; 94 veal ea v?e (live ?eight) 6>|C a7Kc here wae a very soi?li supply eg; beef cvue aa O'fcriet.'s wbieh sold at fr m Be t" He' Ther.- wa.< a 1* gw> i-upe y of cow* and ea ves than there has been ei cn? tl*ef?^ a year paa'- ?*Hoea aoo it 9* ???r -ieai9M than est week:- 14? he>v<ta, 99 a 911: 1M cti at! aalvw, 929 a 980; 134 vea l-eat?e , 6<s. a 7e. RiiurmnjiHM. <bu? and TmI SVf M< fleet*?. Cabvt. Cmltx*. Lambt. Allertm'a 2,1?6 ?4 161 749 fl|V ^Inys'. , ? . ?""9 73 ?6 1 194 Chanit?i lam's 868 67 8t -,WI U'Kiuns '47 1W 1U - Tomi 3,034 ?0 *46