Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 15, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 15, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 7199. MORNING YORK HERALD. EDITION-FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 1868. PRICE TWO CENTS. ABfESTISEMENTS RENEWED ETi&Y DAY. KKW I'UBLK ATIOVS, AN IMPORTANT STATIST!- ' \L WOKK. D. APPLETON A CO., 346 and 3<8 Broadway, pub - n?b th is <1*7 '1U KF.AB BOOK OF Til*. WATIONB. FOB 1*M, By E :ht Buruitt. 1 vol., 12000 : c-iotti. 60 rent* Kb cctintiTT house, USr?ry or werfcshop should bo vri'hcit this laviiuable bUHbUi hJ comp-.oioi'. It contain the monies r> t sU nations, the balance shnei or the worltl, Income and et pendj. ire, population ?uu progress, l be agricultural resource* tit the world, Ac , Ac. bueb information toukl not be routi elsewhere to a hundred volume*. A CARD.? MI8B JEANNKTTK HOPPIK, BY M ABEIAOK I XI Mm. George W Taylor, begs to announce that she ha* Just published a brief outline or bar e*rlj lite, 'he causes of < tier oruoi tamily parsocu'ion, bar years of i>t?d?ringb And trial*, wtta the full name* of tier persecutors and beoeiaetors. Her edition i- very small I'upitg c *ti Oi ly beo'jUUoid by being caret" il to address, enclosing $1 ? i'ii pnstAgu starae, Mrs. Jeaonett* H. Taylor, care of Aaron 8 war is, lOtu . , Ohatnatu ?ignore Po?>l office. XflLEGANfT ILLUSTRATED *ATIOI>AL WORK.o.NOir Ji pub.jshing In numbers, by D. APPliftT OS * COMPANY. "4o or.d Broadway.? Publication days on ih? 1st ?nu 14th ?j? each m jn'.n. I. General o? the Wohlo ? To bi ecmp'Med In thi y Mi wml monthly part*, V, cents cach. Kaeh mm tier containing two maps. >o. S no* reudy. Ta.; PicOM w. Cvn?p uoia or - Illustrated wVb W er six h mired steel and wood engraving*. To be completed 'iti twen'y three semi monthly parts, at 25 ceuu> each No. 1! now reaujr. III. Thy. a-? Covrt; ob, amerm a* Socu rr im th* Daitjo- Wamiim.toi? To ne puMi hed lasemi monthly parts, *aoh firt to be il'ustiateu with a superb steel etgravin^. Mo. 3 now ready, IV. Thk WriRSi of Tiir Bhitimi Porra-Cunprislsg all the Bri tish poeU trtim Heti Jonson to Hcolt . with b'.o^aphicai and critical DOtices of their Iti uud work*. By Dr. AlKett To be ?-uiup.eied in forty seven parts, at 2.'> cents each, with two steel cm-avirpt ;n each part. .No. now ready. 1he=e a. u the most desirable books everoflered to U.e public ia nttmier*. Upeottnen numbers will he rent, or subscriptions will he ??e ceived tor .1.1 o!' the numbers. pent pmntHly b<. mail to any add:. -M in the I'nltei Htatei. posipold. on i jceipt ol' are ce covering the numbers that mnr D* f fired. Oood annate wanted In tvery town In the Cm ted States. For full Information ia regard to tUe- books uddrnss J. 11 FORD, bo* 1.41(7 N. V P. O r.rcnt f'>r the piiblUhers, Xo. 9 Appieton s Ruildln;;, New York Library of wit. u> mince ant? ra( ikehs, be lng trAnjlatlons from the French Mew editions beauti tally i'h^-'.-?ted. Catalogues bent tree, on ewlcjin^ u three < rrt b'nm > tn 'I. H. O. Wmlth A Co.. box i/JVJ ?ost ott ce. LtBR.t.tY OF LOVE.? THE MOST RFC' HE CHE, FT qu. i tety amorous eltasioas ever penned. Three neat !ilnio. / Humee. 91 SO ; separately. SO oents. I. Ha-tta The KiS(< s ot Fecutdaa and Bouuetons. II. Ovid's '?rt of Lovj, Remedvot lAtrv, Amours, Ac III Drydoti's l'ahhits, :rom Boccaoio and Chaucer, heat bymtvll. C, bl aKOHAXD, si Baasan street. I>KOPLS S EDITION OF COOPER'S KOVF.LS HOW BK M>V, THE TWt^ A UMIRAI-.* Relug ViIuie? XXX. ofthe new and lmpi u o1. entire woris of J. FEKNIMOKF TOOPP With aT his lite corrections and revision Tiir. peui'Le'.s Kiurto-%. A volume wi'l be published on the 1st ?u<t i ?! every tnonth ta>U >oe scric-3 (lUrtj four' lscomplutL i. F..'?' prin'ed on aunerlnr piDer, n-r.cut i-ed fortius edition, and bound In emborsed cloth tn a uistetui jintl inll'orui at v ie. Price of each vrlume. one collar. The vol imes already bsued ure:? The Pi'ot, T'n- Brvvo, Ths Spy. Wing act Wing. WUb tou-Wict. WyACtXte Home as Foiled, Water Wi'cb, Lionel I.lnco n. CLoiu Bearer, .luck tier, Tlie HeodtmiL-i. Afloat and Ashore, MI'es t*niliutfcrd, Rfd Pkios.Tte Hleidenmanir, Motrklus, Ned Mjers, 1 lone ward ^Hound, fea LIoua, Mert edesol ilastile. Travei: ng Cooholor, Pioneers. lAKt ol the Mobicsns. Red Rorer, Puthflnde.-, If er w!?yer, SBiaa^to*, and t'rater. STblNGKR A T )WfrstEVD 2JJ Brnalwftv. Orders executed by nllthe principal booksel t-rs, findrualle J on reoeipt ol yrice, free of pottage. "nrns a work has already won tor :Tsr:r.F vv a widel.7 ex eoacd reputation, the reviewer *to, hi a e?me?!iat subsequent period, is cvletl ot t? srcV c lj truetits, iVcd.1 himscli sometbu.g ia the predicament oi a cler fn inan who bas been requested by a matron to rive t-plntuil to 'my liuie pirt,1 and finds, to hts astonl hmeat, that Ihe 'litt e Riri' Is a dashing b , 1 1 e , vslv. has hordtiout ? la us kjat in the gay world. All tha- is lc It for us to of ISOBA'S CUILD. niter the de'.uge of fiattcr> and liomtge wtl -h Bhe ha? rerrived from ia.> ef!" ire fraternity of the quill, la, that she verj nearly deserves i.'" Tbui *.a% 3 the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin ->f ISOKA S CHILD, The new ariil popular romai;e. By Mrs. H vkuiett A. Oirort. The hixtli edition is just ready. From many rsv lews we uuote the following ? " As a story, ? Isora's rhud' In uotlceable lor ^reat dramaiie power u.'id a force and oousistenoy of charactert7(t'on which none of our female novelists have ever exhibited . It* lessons are not obu-us.velr stated, but they are singularly just an.t Btrlkin.'.'"? Home .lournnl. "A* a 'uerary work, this book is pronounce! by comoetent otitis'!! to be ?uF#!-ior to any novel tnat has jeec publlshe t during Oe ^rfstnt year, and it will, without doubi. f:aai lot author a reljbritv second to note atLocy the 'argr band o( brtliian! write n who liave appeared before tna Aiaericaa public."? Boston Courier. ?' 'Itora's C!ilid' bas|materlal enough to enrich a tc/en of the runem novels, ard It Indicates In its aathor the pt -setwiou of quite t? tveftt Darrative aud Idea power rrmt- ced r.s \ ?ither simiiar per'ormance or a lad/ author, written In ibis country. We are compelled to accord it a rsnk it tie very -first class of ^e works to which it belongs. With a sense of the oeslrtin c? o:diD?r> reaoers, and the mr.rcos of thou- pra.ficu tlon, we are rorfldent that 'lFora's Cli Id' must have an an equalised succcsp."? X. i. Daily Express. Ssvs the Augusta Age -"We nevise our lady pnpulnUon, .(spet' toe unmarried portion, to become psweseea oT iie bf ok and itN r.on*ent? iustanter.'' Occ larie 12m -SI 25 DtdBY A J iCKSOK, Publishers, ?Ts-v Tort Aid for sa> by All booksellers. KEAVSPAPKRS. CAPITAL CUT, YOl'.VO AMERICA. No. 7. Bow ready, showing how "Llv? Oak George wis tied. And who lield the dbti, betides other thuii ,, "excocxlUgly tnetTie ma verrie funnie to behold." ALL FOR MXrEHCS. For sal? by all news agents, and bv T. W. STRONG, Publisher % Nassau street. MX" SIC Aii. AUltr, AN ACCOMPLISHED SINGER A.VD riAAIHT, and '.borough Inatructresa in both the piano aud staging, ot the Italian school, wishes to obtain board and leaving for herkcli and husband. who Is a Parisian, and woiUi' teasu the French bui;ruage In the family , where their services 1.- tuition wouJ'l he taken partly In compensation therefor, La' Inr a (splendid piano of her own. Address Emma B. , I clou ?] Liars Tost odlce. AW. FADD ? CO.'B PARIS FIK6T FRI'MIUM 1'IA ? nos? Ihfse plane srcr-lved the first prei. mm, overall other F..uare plaros, both Kuropeau and Americac, at the Paris IuduMrtal F .hlbltlor. oIlsOS. ('&KHaKT NKKDHAM A 00. 3 melodttwoc 019 Broadv ay, tit. nlcholas hotel. J(TU!?OK k MFNGRR. ARflKRiffiWf (1.&32 Post O3ito. ^ 4 of reM^Vriu'^ bot I For sale?a fr ench or<;an ci.ock, W;lu5 5tops 3 of pipes and 2 of trumpets, ahi J barrels, play? \i (li'lerert pieces and olc opera, a:;d p.ajs every time ft strikes; nahogan? caae. 9 1! inches high, :ifeet6 inches ?wide. Free *400. cost >?Hi. Can te sesn at 137 William "?wet, comer o( Spruce. 1 1 . RAT 8A0RIFICR.-A 8FLBN3ID VT,i ROBEWOOB VT tan o for aalo for $180; superior toss and ca*?; warranted ta f erjr respect by the makers; not besn usod three months: r>wn< r Is ulck.and must sell it. Can be M?u ibis week a? d0 wKtiretrcei, beforu 12 o'clook. MIS.s NOKTi, PK0FE88OR OF Ml'SIC, A*I? A FITI'II. of IUuct and Thys, of Saris, has an opening tor a lew more p. pis iw the piano, 93 Crosby street, between bp nag aid Prince. PIANOS AND MF8IC -WE LEARN THAT HORACE WATERS, of fto. 333 Broadway agent for tie wiled man > Ol lue >n >s' celebrated makers ol piano# and meloiieomt MOtrernc 'hem at prices which we advise all who det*ire to purcbs?e to avail themselves <if, 8* an opportunity not likely ifteu to occur. He Is al?t> selling hie larto and well knc.rn rata lot "f- of ti'isic at one-third otflromlhc regular prices, and * 111 foi w & a toe same by mall, free of pottage. Ills offers to tbu Dade teachers, ana schools arc of the rapt <uvorab e eharacte-, all of which he will be a >le to till to the lttt?r, be ?havin-i w.sely adopted the cash system. The Horrxo Waters' />iano? are knnru as among ihe very ben . We are enabled to ppeak ot tie?w lnf-'.rumcnts with s?ne degree of coalitience, irom personal knowledge of their cicelicnt tone and dtirab.e ?jua.;;y.? ft. V. Evangelist. SOHTTBKRTH A CO., MCSTC' DEPOT, H9 IiROADWAY Ne?- Yu-k, publUnars mnco thirty years, at Ilatubarg ?nd Leipstc, oner a s'ook ot one million works, ths largest fa the Uni'ed HtaUsa. T'<wse who *u'. good mi^lc, at low .aiM. (lease to calL wsTEiJfnojr. d!l f\ BOOKKK.EriNO , WRITING, ARITHMITIO ?J1U. t?\i*ht a' Mr. PAINF'S, 233 Grand street N. Y., and lri>; Eiiltfm street, Brooklyn. I^wlle^' day and even nz writing clause1.. >i SO tor ten lessons. "Heme of Co.. M. F*lne's pu tt 11a who made mere n.u1 es ami scrawls befote *.o.>ing i>ow,jrr.u- a very handsome li?nd, after OLly twolveir?o?ons.''? HciaiJ r.f Use Tunes. Ai) KOR A OOUR8K OF MERC AJfTTLK AND EFlrtTO ?J >Zt lary writing lnnludlBti slatlot-ory. Apply immic'laiolf at the acadmntes, J?>? Rroa<tway and 277 FuUon, Beunk Jyu. Pnvale lustraotlou glren. OLIVER R. GutiOSltlTH. I ICom the notne Journal. ; In every ptjpfes^lon there la a recognUod leading man? one ?whose pre eminence u so dselded that nobody calls It tn oaes (ton. Atwm? those who ta.\ch the art of writing, Oiivnr 'B. Ooldiimith Is javt tliat ltiditpn'asly pre eminent yersun aad recognl/Lvl head of the proiusakm. REN( "H~I, A NgVaoe.? PROF. p. I.AGROIX, VO. 3? Hroadwav, continue* to receive new pupils fortiujrough liutructi'>n in the J rench laaguage, im partial; to them, by an ??any and eiTiclent manner, a practical kno* ledge ol it. t'.y a new plan the conjugation of verba Is mo MmpRiu'd ua to be rcadliy understood and ac<|uired. Turms reasonable. OfXniSH AND ?RRNCH_LA Na6AOK?~i'tlOF. A. FlhitRA can receive a few pnplla for Instruction luthe above languages. Terms very moderate. Address 7n Willo elreet, two doots trom Broadway, (torn 12to6o'e1ock r. M. KDUCATION. State and national law .school poron keepsle, New Yoik. A now system; '"aiiun* In the prar Uce withco'irta, witnesses juries, Ae. ; e.vUimporanii.nis speak big dally; professional bu.lnets taught. Nexfter i> commoocet on the Mk ot May. bon. Henry liooth, an eminent lawyer has accepted * protectorship. J. W. Fow'er. kaq., otatorloa) profmsor Temmonlal*: "Mr. Kiwl*r is therncHi ?onompli.,!?o<l orator rorth of Mason A Ui*on's ltne."?Denry O'jiv. 'The trialsaod a'gtunents and general speaking of his pnptls are truly wntidertul."? BoMo? .Journal. Sfs^tn Improved jm (rees Uf Itaohetoc o( LkW> OOat'urvML, 4?b4 l?f ,? T,ar?a?i. i ARRIVAL OF THE ST. LOCH. New* from Australia. Feejee Island CfciK Pern, i: undor and flew Granada. HIGHLY IMPORTANT FROM THE F??iE? ISLANDS, Bombardment of Five Towns by the Sloop-of-war John Adams. IMIXI'STDG LMERYIE^ WITH 8A\TA ANNA. Hlii lif?) of the European War and thr Uuited States, Sc., The cleam -l.ip Pt. Lcuta, Capt. Crocker arrved at thl? port je=t?rday evttsirg from AppinvraU, whence she ]Vb. 6. Tho J~t. I.oui? left New Vork far Arpin 'nil in the 21s , ulv., aud lier :<us?eoger3 and ma lis went fir war i by the Coidea Gate, r'rom I'a;.aina, within nino d?y .. C. Bjrne died oq board, on the -5tU aj*., of delirium ucic'.tw. 1"if ;ol3owlng is her TREASrUK LIST. l':ob t f: Kc'.rert/.h?g*n >t 3uO II. Sirybjjss 8,000 Lhistsr A Co : ,000 II . King k Pons C .000 Aiphum iiaidy A" t'o W. Ilcl'.er 8,000 I Inzer 4 Fieigenbaum, 17, SCO J. r'taiUM. Bro ?v Co 12,005 Morjrun, HuihawBj Jc Co 10,^93 i<cbclle '?v Bro?> I - GCO Irea^ell ,V Co 7,000 Chambers k\ IIeiFPr 5,238 .?no. Pursnd & Co r.,0!>5 .'as. Patrijk 26,000 M. Winsor, Jr. & Co *,200 ) ancan. Sherman A Co *6. COO hugene Kelly & Co 20, (too How land A A? j in wail :.0,000 1'rtxel kV Co 2UJ.000 Kc?s, Falooner & Co 47,076 Hani; cf Amor; )a ;.3 !i7b Vre?ir'in Jt Ci lu.OCO Wm. Hope A Co 102,720 Wells, l'argo A. Co 102, *00 Metropolitan Batik 100,000 McvqucraACo 8,400 Free i. Kapji 270 Mcl -.*8Ti ?v jjutz 1.000 Thomas J. MaxwfaU 1,881 otal $1,023,028 The John !.. Stephens, at Panr.tra c i the 3th of I'?l?ra ary , al.-c hid 1200.071 fir England. Wc ire indebted to Parser No;- eg, cC the t?t. Jtoiie, nnd the d.fferent express companies, fertile* of ^bpcre. The St. Lonls brings w> sonie vnry 'nterehtia# marine now.) fr :m the Pacific pcrts, which w;ll be touuC. in our .-L-ij. new columns. INTERESTING INTERVTBW WITH SANTA ANNA. OIB ySW GBANAPA COBBF, ?HPON PHVOK. Calaxab, New Grants !a .".an. II, Hi 6. Trip f rum Cartluitfena to Turban, -m roun. or Hoyatx?Vitif te> ,Santa Anna ? Thr. Ho use he Livts in ? Appearance of ii ? F.-.-Dictatcr ? Hit View: on the L'vrr>ptav. War ? Xl'lwl H; Ihviki <jf the UniUd State*? ?ALanlvr.m<.iU of J'uUtr dr. We were disappointed, if i* usual in a" Sparlsh coun trieH. !n getting onr horses to leave Carthagera on the e veiling of the 8th: but they ariivc>d curing the u'ght and before sunrise on the following morning we were in the ?addle. Obi luggage was also placed en the tacks of hows and ap-es; and ap several friend* accompanied us a 'ew lesgtics, a cavalcace that looked nitre UkeChauo<>r's ? anterbury company translated Into Spanish rede forth from ;Le ansient looking city of Carthageaa. We are bcut J .or Bogota, the capital of New Granada, ami our etcij'aii} consists of General Mosquera ? o: wh#si I hsvt> already tpoken ? two deputies to Congress froaith s pro vlnce, a physician, a jour 3 gentleman returning home from a tour in Europe, your humble servant, and *6vera oth r people's servant*, wilh the usu&i atun< acoe of carrier? tnd drivers for the bur leu beasts. 'aclui ing ftie lJ? uud atu.uJants there were ajt Jess t)<aa nfty horsemen "a the party, and a* we re'e through tie city, gal he,* 'jig who were on the point of difartare, the fair acquaintances of each waved their handkerchief And sped oh on our way with mary an idiot Sroin the overhanging baleorie*. Among the animal? ws \ one little Jacl &$?<, who.'e burden to the uaused eye wes strange enough. Two stiiosgly nail id boxes whick a? bore carried four thousand dollar 3 in silver, being a r-i littaaee to ; [id? or\e at Bogota. A pleasant ride cf two hoars brought us to Turbieo, whe'e our Mtfcdc, who were to return had orCered a sumptuous farewell breakfast. This village, r'jnr league? ,'rom Orthtgena, is the present rend mice cf 'Itaeral t-anta Anna, ex-Plctator cf Mexico. After wo had du'y houored the prcpaiatioiw wlilch oar frier.ils had male fur us, and fcr whleh oar rid* had gtv?n us keen appetites, about a dozen of us lighted our sogers an 1 p >cetde4 to call up?n the n>an who has played so c urplcuous a part in Mexican affairs. HI j b- uj=!?. which 1p a large one stsry ptcne building, in the old .-'paciih strle, W'th colonele, carriage enraaceand gardens, has a .cry agreeable aspect in the midst of the poor '.hatched hou-??* cf the people among whom ho lives. We v -e uslered into the great pail-jr, which cifiupies nearly the entire frcnt of the hca.-e, and the 1 eneral *a.s informed c- our arri , al. Tha wallh were papered to th'. height of about five feet from the rtoor, with an e'e gant .. reach paper, gold figure oa a blue gnuad, with cr arson boraer, and the wnlte sp*ce above was relieved, ty beveral colored I'rench pr.nts in jlaiu frames. A r'effweed piano was ntanding rj. i, w.ta ?im loose elic?t.< of ic.i.-ic on it ; two or three eofa^ and a do/en of acahcgagy cane 1 eat chair.- wore ranged arouad. and ac cM. the centre 01 vhe room, betn eeu the two great door?, cpealcg one upon the sirtet and the other upon a giacn swaid court yard, ttood. facing cach other, t*ro rrws of aisa and rcokirg chair with a ma-bla t?;? ceu*.e table between them, upon which ntocd a vabe of Sower/<. lite whole arrangement had an air ot ju;et simplicity nnd tropical cainfort that was very nteannif. Ilie e->l>ictator appeared aim at ir;?>. uialeiy. I had 1<30wn him ten years since, in Htraaa, and hau e tpects i to 3ad him much changed; but it th?ie was any altera tion it -a as for the better. He has all the npp? of a well . reserved man of fifty, about live feet tenor eleven inches in height, with a large robust person, erjrt anl sen. ev, hit ro.iind; his eyes are dari, ?nd the prijecting brow gives tliem a sunkea appeaiaace, making their color changeable with the varying Ilrht; complexion a Dte cliv??, no wlufkors or mostache, and, with tb? excep tion of a few crow's feet about th? corners of tiie nep. ti? wrinkle- are to be seen ab?ut his face or brow his ta r is of a light iron gruy color, tut I an tolr* he hp s a ijo for it. He enteretl the rccia siowl/, walking with some apparent labor and quite lamely, using a cane. Hit dress wan that of a plain fe'eutbern gentleman panta loons ol a ireall check on a brow n per jut'l light veoti t-iln brown csat, loo. e neckcloth and well tcaJs b'?ots. The only ornann nt was a pin of large brilliants in his bo* i;~n. hiiio his reference to date* during the conver ?a lion, I deduced his at? to be tifi,/ nine, and in t ?ply to the iiie.-tion, ho told iue that his birth d iy was of February. lie receivesi us with all the stately courtesy of a Fpan ish hidalgo of the old school, saluting ar.d shaking hands with person, and tkea inviled us to te seated. His conversation was adar-Msed principal ly to (Jen. Mos'iuera, who listened with polite attenticn. thoufh with frequent frank dlsaent, staling that he was a thorough democrat in principle and In practice; and he -esmed to expres? his Hentiment.s with great frankness A"' ! baa addressed him in Spanish, and mentioned the but of :ay having met him in Havana, he probably mis look me for a Cuban, and I was afterwards informed that he expressed a regret, on learning that I was an Ameri can, that ho had spoken ?o freely of the United states. As he only expressed politics! sentiments which las whole public career Has exhibited to the world, I had no g: ouiid for 111 feeling, and believe that I am not infr ng iog Upon the rules of gentlemanly courtesy in gi lag your readers a short sketch ot his remarks. His first Inquiry, after the outer bark of conversation hail worn off, was in reforence to the news fiom Kurope, and he e-presscd the opinion tnat the pre?ent hopes of peace wers fallacious. He spoke of tne contending par ties * 1th what seemod to ni" good judgment, ana re narked that Ru?sla did not feel the weight of the war to the same extent as do the Allies fn their resources, although th" Faeriflco of life and treasure had baen im mense on both sides. He askad if the people of the Ittlufl ccaUaiieA w eaWfUia l ?or RomU ?'?"? for the Allies, ui remarked that it wn ' trange ta he* democracy and autocracy thus sympat il ting. The conversation soon turned to Mexico, and be ?pcke of bin own career at some length. He enter* 1 tii# hpaawh a any m a cadet ia 1810, at the age of four teen, and served for ten years, daring which time the re publican forces under Guadalupe Vlstoria and C-uerrera were entirely cruahad. He had riten ia rank and ?>? taiusd Rome distinction, when In 1821 he joined tbe or gsruaation that procla'med the P' J* tl1* a7j*eii abject of which was tc overthrow the Spanish col 'dial government and place home European prince up cu the i adept t. 'ent thrcse of Mexico. I The pUa w*? eworn t? on Chrl?tma? eye of 1821, and I Iturli'e w '-?t to the West to pronounce, and hi- to ttJ -out a tc /.ye tha echo . -he movement wan compla'-el* sue e?r*f".l ted 'n nine months the Spanish forces, uumber icg e:shty thcuaard men, wera enaihi'-ated. Be siated l.? Vi < IA to join this mo7em?nt by his Ir-vt for hi cou at: T an 1 the persuaaicn of bin trends, who urged "him to" it, b?j ug that he wculd become the Washington v . -.i~r ,u 1 establish the happim ? cf hi? net re latd VS'heu It - rbi'Je crcwceii himselt, to th<* surprise* t tn*s7 if cot all of those whe had tuppcrt?d tim, b>- wan -lis- . BppoL^teo anl chagrined. Hi* friend again came to h".m, oiii that h- was the hope of Mexico, and again in 8l?t?d tb?* h' was to be her Washington. The plan of a f. i-.*l Ur.:n was formed, an: he determined to lead the forces c* the nation in its support. "I w.w ycuotfthea," , m, J !i9, "and the mistake I made w*s the error?!' my youth, ml n?t cf my heart ' He triumphed, and an "atte npt wad made to form a confederation or States ait-ir tb- manner ct tha United State*. "But," sail he, "Miiieo has been -trivirg to imitate the tederal system with vet ! acting* hat federation I', and the attempt -ias ?!*?. ? feoea ? vain ore. Tt.' old Spanish system, which ?i.., a sp?df? of confederated provinces, forming the Vice Po it*. ? of New Spain, was abendoned, and each state en dfdvcrtd to become an Independent sovereignty. Every thing win turned into little congresses (r onrireritM), and all waited jiize und pay, aud mileage atd money ." He want on to say that this had been one of the great csu/es of the difficulties and dissensions of Mexico. They want*l to imitate the United States, without reflecting wha' the CiiiU-i States had done. Tnere thirteen eepa rat ? colonies had joined iu a feicral Cnion to :orm a unity , wbt. ?) the unity of Mer.-io w&-? d eetroyed in orlcr to rnato rracy petty uatienh. The American colonies tended W ward a ccmrccn centre, and created strength, for unioa U htren^tb. while the styeml inct.-rend^ncv 8 of Mexico | d>eri<?i tram the co-nmoa cantrc, aud this bron^ht ili- | vii.os and weakr-e^. Tha result ww thit ^ten a foreir? *?m7 in?**1 Mexico, and when he iiad ex pected *hat even *ha ill womau and little children v>ald riJh to reprd the ft*, he fonud that the national ieeling w?.i deal.' The people cf some cf the States said they wou. i *ait till the Yankees caine to their own io-irs, ami thee they would itpel him: others would bend to the fe d-.-ai gcvemmtat cniy a pact of their conilc^ent of n?n aru m-cey, while many Mi-ricaas wen- found iljuting v?:tiis Ajnericacranli-. "Ihus,'' paid'ae. ''Mexico, a c :untr-- pMseaslnff eight million/" of pe'T e anl rich ia wettth il l material resourcw, was conquered, to her re p: uach and *ii*n>a. Than has the ntgro, Al??r?f come into notoriety. "i lie stated that vthea the country i -tertnincd to '?are pta.e aA. any price, an I refused to contiibute to *isWa tho war, be doteimin'id to leave it, for h? would r;en to nDptaos, u?r w?uld he t-main to wilnesf the de g'adallca ?C Mtxico. Ife was acimated with tie raaie spirit as th" Carthsgeaians of old, ^ho swore their children upon the aitars of their gcd.i to ar. eternal enm'.t; to F.ime. "The V nit'sd SUtes is tho Poais of ancient and tae P.uj-sia. of modem days. They are the emrnies c{?ut ccunt.-y, n#ligior?, and our race, and will f-wal'-ow up and eat cut cur citir.tns, as ttfey have iu Cali fornia ted H.-W Mexico. Thefa prjvitoes wero obtained by a eo cslieC peaceful eees-ion; but it was a ;>eut?'ful ce^lcn with tbe rifle at our bosoms, like the stalwart nifczi by the icai side, who, pointing a hluuc.crbm-s at the u.iwiiy aui unarmsu traveller, ask' ajns for the love of G net enV* hate, bit I abho- them ts a nation," sill be, "oaii all my Ufe ha- borne testimonT tc this ?.n:iment. I dj not f-pesk cf individual Aneri cans, fir I do cot know that 1 have a nlngle j^rfrrpal enem/ who is aa Am.-riciai, on the ooatra r?, I actertaiu a high regard for mauy Aicericans whoui know, tad wh o I was in the United States I received tc^a ' ?very many? pet3cnai attention. . was well re - oeived everywhere; General Jackson ?are me abamiuet at the VCtl'e House mar.y ci irens oi note iuvitt 1 me to their hones arm thtir hearths pnblie b?dles everywhere rendered me hoa ;rs, and agc/irameat ship conveyed me from N orfolk to Mexico. But the spirit that arviniatss, and the polioy that ini^.es. the An eiicsn pe-iple are antago | ill tic to my own country, anl lean ru.ver ;ie d to its | eaerr.-? any ether feeling than that w ilch springs from i a love for tnj aatlva land. Tais I evinced on my- , ieiu-n to ysxico, after the ^eace. I l^und Aawrican m>aey circulating everywhere, heme iwt? aiul a half rr.iliicns ol'dcilar..-, whica Lad beei left by tho army, were usatterei aiucng.-.ur j>eo.'>l9 corraptiag our yonth, aai ;air.i.lar':?iDg .them to iStt r-iffht of the American etgis. My first decree we? to banish it from th'* cou.-iUy, ! dro76 it out. I will hareaoae o' them, dd.- their principles, ncr tven their cion.-y.'" Hp we. t on at .ome length, oottment'ng upon the re sults of tie pease. "What his it br- <ghr" raid Ihe. ' 'Another attempt at cc&iederaticn, whlih has resulted in greater dimrionand c?rfusio?. ani ton fTTei-icos ajain? aU wish to command, and nons to obey. All fee* u be petty s-irere^aa, ln.stea.1 cf cne g'?at riat-os a ad the rscources of the coun;rv ere scat tered In jircvialng ;>ay ai.d mllea? for count V-.S depu tefc Tj"-e Cotyrej-vs have co.'t Mexico moTe treasure tban woaid suttlce ta lale a-1 tLe c. carts in there public. ' j s The ccuT8r34tic!a pooa took a general tarn, during wh ehhe rernarked ttat he had new don# with publii aStiis arl closed bis carter ai a puhile man. We soen after took our leare. At Txl-aeo I was- told he I' O^r.g much good; itimu >a ' ? Oi - Iniu t-y of the people, and loaning them small of money to buy stock, t , undertake new p!anta Uon.> Ki to fa ;>ro?e their I resent ones. He.sendeo TC- bt to have a turnpike constructed from the village to the fit- of Cu thsr?- "d i, .aid ta have offered t. con tribute ^ ) 000 ? two -thirda n its estimate* cost-towar^ 'h w ; . I tavp omitted to mention taut <iuring the interview he stated that he had been ??on <i^d he dii not to to the I nited states to rclde. ''Hut, Fild lie, -not only will I not rocMe an ong them, but not even whe.-e they are; and If thsy ccme her^, 1 will g; part, 1 fear the "universal Yankee" will He a hurilnun to tiy from in the present ege. He^heie ror a number of your Hew Vcik capitalute have already te?^a the work of re opening tbe canal of tar 1hag-4 close -P ? bU hW,S' uan'?? ^ en th- Msgdaiena r'ver. in advance 01 hloi, . nder the most favorable aabp'.cw ?nd ^ith nbundant r? tun,, tor taeir enterprls.. The bwiae.* U and ?,-v> to lall* On lenvlnx ?arta Anna, we mounted, and a ride oi a lew leigaes biought us to Arjcna, where we ?leP^(.0 IMPORTANT FROM THF FE.TFF. ISLANDS. CBVttl of tbi: trNiTF.n ptait.s was hi,oo>' .ioii> At>A*S? ISSC1T0 or TBI NATIVES FtrMSHgP? J' ITS 0? TDKIR TOWMH r.OMB VKT'ED AVD BTftNKO ? Am: .11 C VN THi.1T* Willi TUIBITI, TDK XI Kb OK THX fl.TET?. j'Krua the 1'auama Hcrali, Feb, 6 ] Tli? I nitod State* Hoop of wir John Adair*, K. B. Tloutwe'.l cfnoninntfer, nrrircfl at thil port nar'.y on ?uit aij n.oraipg, (U,) from th>) 1 ejM Ifla um, riu T?l parairo, T\e foilflirfnjr is * ll*t of her officer* ? E. H, Pout we It, Commander. I?. R. J a:"fcert, l?t X-o utenant an! ctecutife t> H'or. J. R. . g^ie.-iton, 2d LentiuuU F. H. Baker, ."-d Co. R. H. Oafcley, Kb do. T. R. Totter, burgeon. Henry Mjer?, Rnrier. J.. T. Cliaiar 1. Captafn'* cleHT. William M. Mahoney, Haymaker. W. 6. Hatch, fiu no er. C. M. I<eoch, Roat^wain. Wo reipet to learn that wimo of th<* office'* aa 1 tnen of the Jo>n Adair.* are ob'.iprM to retnm to th'?l'nlt((i W?' In 1 al health, owIdr to the hurdshtjM they hart to ur.Jerg? wliiM at tfce V*jc<s Inlands. Tls-t fcllcwii/j arc the uauies o! the officer* of t ie Johu A.ituns w fco c?iuc Intat on 'he *t**ner St. I?ul? ? I^rut ?!?attucw, I.; cut, j&ttorl, Litut. Biulifer, Mr. Cuatftr.i, CnpUin h Clerk. Tim loUovlaff iatoreit^j particular* hare reached fkt Cai*4 'M'mi lUlp Jjfca A da cm left UU4 pott ia Julv ltat, bound to the Kejee i?land* to inqatw Mfci reparation tor many crnelt-es cmmU?< by 1 14 a? tive? inhabiting thcM utiacda, anl to dinuii Ini* iul '7 for the plunder of m reral Aitei.can rttif* trallc? tt.J fibbing In the Fejeean arch-'pelago. lilt! obfltinate and retrac-orv nature *f lhei? ??r?(ie? dewnndincr the eterctoe of vigorous Mid har-th m >* hur??, the commander of the John Ai?nu deeocod it ?Tp?dleat to teach thex their oblig?Uon? to the hatnan race, and dil so in a Banner th>.t ' made i-cisa impression upon them, and wluch, it to to be hop?i they will loi,g remember. Dunug *ii ? or wirings of the John AJaa..r in tlie Kejee group of is'-ance. Ave sharp enffagtmttits took piaee between her crow and the cannibal* of Polynesia. in which Amercar, valor aiway* ?icU>rioua. Tive of their largest t jwm were burnt ac 1 all the htuj?f-? therein reduced to arfhtxi. W>' karri that an important treaty ha* been rallied betw?Ki C'omjtani'eT H:utwell aut Tui Vtw or Xh -kam bau. the Ki:g t-f Ftjee, 01 beh^f of thd Asoricao g ?r trnmtnt, the parLcu ar* of wnich havo no' transpired TLe vltil of the nhip to the 1 ejte"J.h.?tcL- Uai* resulted a rt-etthblleiiiLg cr>r aid teaicrug the confidence or

American c.i.zeiu rsiicinjr thare. NEWS FROM AUSTRALIA. I.ABOR W \OKf- OOOJJ ? FAVOR ABI.K HI NINO F WORTS ?CROPS GOOD ? FLOPR BIGH ? QOLD PRICKS AXI? KXFORTS ? PROVISION MARKETS. Captain E. Walt* re, late commander of th) Ameri can bark Terror, hold at Melbourne, has btiM us fltes of pjiper , dated oa the 'J)th, aail Sydney 13th NoiemW. Captain Waitc.a *i rived ha-" last evening in the St. Lou. a trem 1'anan.a, bear ng despatches for the soveinirent at Wah'a'jjgtoc, uoic the United iiiated I tTat'or in Lima, Peru. At Melbouu.8, v:i 15'th of November theprioeof joid *?i ?' l?i ?<1 In all uepar' uiarV cf labor wsge? were fair, and the market* scantily cvppUtd, lie reports frcm the mxeu wen favorai.' ? lath? I sgislstive Council, in t'ia Ifcth of November, lie bul for general t-fcearu postal cotutnukicatton wan i eaC it >ui Jm? aud pa,i?tl tumu^ti coma;. 'to* die c nvibmioa tor the colony being fixed at ?20,000 for five yeeri. The proml of the cropi in all parts of the country wai. staled to I vc;y good. Ihe paptis lepor; Uis discovery of a mine of ipsom salts. At Melbourne tbe goli escort! '.'rota Iteash worth rived o.i the 10th Not., and br- ujht the follow tag ra. t'j.n.. ? From B^och worth, 10(1'.J2 1 1. 10 Iwtn. ; Cram Buchlaii 1 river, 979 w. . f;um \ i^bauiondaL, 81 <y/. Ihe Melbcurae Bernld, of N 07. 1!*. g.vea tbe annexed tieui". . ? The banks alw-.ed the raxes of er chung 1 ttic morning, reducing it one per ?en'; e*:h way , the;, now i.> ?ue dnwts < a I.< nic u at par, a-.d purr-base i,t two t'-r ctat discount. The price ?,f gold has 'ec.ined ia ccn? qti?nce of tab alteration to ?<i 14s. 9d. to uoi Km. The eutries for "hipmsat at the Custom B(n?e to- | day cr.v red cf li.filC or. for Sydney, 1^73 or.. for Liver pool e.n.'t 1? c for Adelaide. The Sour market is much the name The first arrival ' of the new c-rop trcm Cali-'orriA tool: piece yeeterday, when Ift" 'Mb* arc :vvd by the Pathfinder l'roa; lieeloiig we lea:-i that tbe price m ?49 a ?50 for Chilian, with no cficoial n the c.a: jet. W? n.'ve receive i the Van Plerrea'a Lt-nd paper < to the lTth. a;;. the prr-e c' :lo:.' e^ntit i'Cd at xte \o ?.3, uiiaougb jirirate letter^ had teen received from Mclbou;-. e a::it.t.g that prices were giving way. TIj* Twaai. tan Paily N-?'t rtutes that ergagemente h?v o Leea eat .-reu iato by Home wheat growers fir ta.'U grirwil^' :i jpd at 10s. per liu.'bfl. T b'i Hotirt "own Mzrin-y vf the I6ih report!.? Vhe R.'aic aa? is a meat paraljzed, waitU./ iute hgence from Melbouise. la tbt lacanUuie the p.ic<t 0. fl ?ur h&H ucvacced froai if l to ?08 per t.a acd wheat rule ? *3 at our loibt Jt,., irojxi 'Sis- to -'H. '?>!. per btutel. she g( vwamttt tend ere ha- ag lUe price it Um fifUTr- tr?i tae pte^eut. Wer pnet to 1- uto tbat, ahouto ,ths ns?f iron. J'e'bourne pnn'e dig?*t ocjI, 'he j rice ?f fl jui ntll Mivicce w a vety higa figure, ?) high that we ?will not veatuie to aan.o it. Iha Nat?j M rat j mentions that fix tonj of Bn^ar, frwja '.he bf r ingtieic mill, were Uttuy f. <re. led f-? pub li j ^alc- i.t Miaiizfrutg. A rtont apph atloo of more rieJicato ead p^rtaci with reference ts the propir tiefl aal pU'. cgth ?4 th> pacchuiat juic.-* in *hi Natal ceae, hae. lavs the Mtrrun/, fully established tae oor rectiiess o! pftvicus calculation.", p acing the fact beyond tie poncibuity of ujubt, taat oar cane Is uot surpassed by t j?t of may f-u7?r <xvuct:y lu the world. Tne r?iiai:ir. Utrald, of Fetruary 0, sayt : ? AJgeiitleman i.< now in this city ca hU way frora Mcib<?arn.? to the I -utel atates, for tbe p-oipc ? of esiitashicg a direct oteam^Up liz>e between the f rom plaw and faa^ma. From what we can !.-?rn the eompany is aliearly fo:m?Jl in M ^bourse, and alrea?.y Home ate'im' ddM > >w tlu.'. ','a^kee eit?rp..?? iuu taken this iicportact m^.ttt r up, ??? ta*e Uttlr J:abt that the oemp*ay will put it *b:o'igh ot c-.ce, aithough the British have been thmicug ortr it lor years aai done ~othia,{ yet. MPr.ROPn NF GOLD CIBCtTLAR. Ma^u'w. Nor 17 ? rbr- price ha< been st^adj during the week at "fi?. 8d. per ousre, witu a 300a ?uf ply ant! fair demand for .. jivery cut week, although *t>w p*.r rjils have been actuai.y t.'&n&iVried, e tcspi d ose tor bjuaty. Hu-re '.3 erv iittl? cr iap.rtance to note freto the uune* "A ? have t* ; a inforir.ed Uuit a new tield has been o.-oovpr.>d abou t titty m;ie- from Aloe 'ten, on ttie Nictiol soa rivtr, inOipts I and. This wi.i full further teni to ovtn thai beautaul but aegi- ctt 1 country. M&ny per fc< ca a him gold is t'ousd alaiost uii over that portlnn U \ ictcna. The C'akuorue diggia^a are imtntmag V tint Btaciwcod is nut dcirg vr ,1, ?s the Cctek his not I t >iin(s? eut x well n eipected. anuthouf anus o: mine, s h .76 been titterlj dl?OT pcin'^d. A nugget hus, how. tri;, ,eea purchase ) by uf. >f l?lt J. we!gt.t or so id gold fihith has rewarded une paity of the workers. A umall p^rc^k of ti -n copper or * ha:s been forwe.r.itu to ub from the AiasauigX'r?si ohtftined fiont a cUun se.ent/ teet in depth. Thi? e<e:rts ^ror.jht 51,601 cnace-. 5 dwta. liOLD lUKiRim DtHUJU '.itawstlt. O. r. Diott. V or H..n,T Kotjg, per General Blanoo 176 0 1 ? >t bydr ?_? per CI ,y ot Syrtney R,'.0!> 10 lor I t int <1? Galle, ";>er t.lenrcy 1,72? ;> For (Calcutta, per Kcmicgton ii,140 9 Do. do Xtoyal base a ",WC 1 Total 'J0,&4ti 19 WILLI AU CLAlth-F., gold broker. UABKKTB. Mwsotnur-, Nov. 17 ? The entries of geld Just for ship ment to-a&y comprised only a few ounces. Tbe pa*t wee . has \rarx even more dirll than Itn ;irede ce>i?cr, wac-a th<: races were sttp*>oe?d to cUeok biuinef-. No decline in prices ta.?, however, cccurred, aad with the i re^btt unusually low iat*? for ca'tage we have to doubt that orders .rem the diggings will improve trade very fbrrtiy. The nriee oillour is giving way, and carg:es" which* wrte h-il iart week for ?28, are now uca. M-Iy worth ?4C. Ih: l'ca Bicardo * (-.arjo aa? ctiutged hands this mt.-nAig. th? priea, we believe, to he about ?14 10. The fUck ot fcott e ;>orter is re'iorted llgh., aad prices on the advance. A i-iinilnr ler.jirL applies to claret wine, j The s brought fcorn Adelaide jester. lay by the Hr.n.ah inform as tbat si our has advanced about Oi to ??per ton. cw.rg t.? the current octLsumiilioi. r ' the to Irov gaining grourd upon the dehvetien from t tie milhi. Th? b arrest nts, I'owever, faixlv commenoeu, and portions r f th ! ix?w cto;> will pocti be at&iln V.e. Itc ir ? S'ai-;s rc icrreO t.rf '2,000 ir. *aiL.s drraestic, for esj<ort, at ?7 ! j, 1 'J'O.lo. to. ut ?7 about 3, '.00 nr. urt . enri.tic, raricus brands, in jobbing ous, nt $; to ?; To. NKWB FROM NEW GRANADA. ?FAITH OF THU If TH WITS? TRADE IMPROVTKO ? FOOP AND IvMBKB MARKETS? UAII.ROAD I> ?001> OUSI ? ROW with Jamaica ^mk?ua.\ts Ar as FXJiWALI. ? THK WKATHBB. '. rum New ii.ana la we have liles dat.'O at i'unami and Asplnwali ca l ehruary 5. Th ? Tatiaaia H rjUd o' the 6th Instant ha? thi follow ing summary cf lrthmuw a.ftiir^:? Since the sailing of tho lf=t stCfroer foT tfe Unlfd Ptat;*, we ha- e not had a hirf'1) t'oower, ani the weatho. {.s now peTfectiy cbAimlng. lie Jitbmu never wa more healthy ifcum at the pre sent sat aaett. Not onlj have ve neither eidlerr.ic nor coni^giort, bjt tiie pL)-iciantt have acarocly one patient among them Jtusine-H ij Imtrotlig, although everything 'ooks dull i^t l" . V. e look Rtrward, however, to :hb opening of the Central Arreti^tn 1'ne o- et??mer? to gtre a nesh imp"lu.s to trade her*, which mu.t liave a very beneficial effect upon cur commerce. f ce aad coin are unn; nally scarce in our market, inS scarcely pr-oeurable at any price. Ir lour, preserved meats, betf and por'c. Arc., are fur nished to the Panama market almost e\ciu*lvcly from A^p.uwali, bot prioes vary so much that we <lare not even % ettute npt.n 'inotatic r.s. We may state, however, 'hat gocd brands <>f Mour in small I0V1, fresh butter, l?rd. cheese, creclers, han-.?, sugar, &c.. always tind a nmrket here, hut care sfou'.d be taken not to rend out too largo c .sui'T'iy. f cmbev Is row worth JlOO a J1C0 per M., although ic uo great demand. The nOrtmd is now (n sup?iiOT n ''er, and trains pass over gtneraliy two or thr?e times daily. Althovrh tlieie is ronslderable di*t urbane* In Mie in tnicr of u?.* htate, this part of the country 1< perfectly quiet. A crod d^al or agitation apf iri to exist at itcgota re spect.1.3 th - oosriDg i "residential election, aad it is bj- no ueans unprotable liiat we may hear noon of another revolutionary n't vement there. There was r.enriy lieinf? a Vf-ry serious collision at As p'; wall on .Saturday tvenirg, I ebrtmry between the native- and Jairalr.<tna. Both parties turned otit very i'tr iig sndforml ably armed, but o'?ing to tho tinjtJj' interierence of Coloct1 Totten and Getu-ral Pin-ida, the dL.'ur Lr.nce wa* quelled beloie any mi <ehief happened, lie scboorer Jvftfa sailed fr. ra anajJia on the 4th instant for 0, with a foil carg) of assorted mor cbus<ii*e, purchased in this port for the Mexican nia. Let. Xhe Asptnea 1 Vrniric)' of l ib. fith. *a y ? ro<re have boon but vers lew and very scanty showers during the part fortnight in thin vicinity 1hr> news from tbe different mining eoropaaies on the isthmus is bigbiy cnoouregirg ti them. The people o( tht. lsthir.uc warm.y welcome the report ed prigteas towanU an Atutraiiaa tins, vl* Asptnwa'J aid Parana-. and in common wi b nrvst ot the residents a'ongthc prebable route, the y word. r tbit the eyew ef th; YAakoe? art net m?rt fullj open to ita (mportftsce? tc the Ima-eLfie acvfcut?j?4 th* j can aecur? la the sale of tbeir prtduco vU miaui *ctur*?, cr*r European dsaleva. On Uie C"tb of J an CtpUuii TaekleSury. tte wharf ?u pfTi*>rvkat in the e?pl?y of t^ie Waited State* Mod K<am?hp Company ?> Ajoinwall, luuncheo a boat of ?tsi? twenty tons, was chr.attned the Frederick IV. liouro. Thi* afair. so uduhua! is thin port, waa ap propriately eclebrated by tb > enterttuiuneut c* * party cf trien&t by Cent. Tacalebury BEVOLUTIOS IX LA.VILI A. rFrrtna tin Panama Herald, FaaniaryH.l Our btiy vi i kept la ?jui<e a *tav> of ?>fv.t?m?at all ye ik-r it y, >.n tscount ?! the demand for mi.; I tie to pro ceed to I.|, villa vlth tt; Governor, to wsint in patting down the rb70lutionarr msveoientii there. lhe Gtvetiior uc Cc onJ! Gu'ierres w * learn started for tio iiceu* ci action ywterday evening, with About Arty ???r."d rnen Already" * toleia^ly !n-ge for;* has been ru.i-CMl in Yetiguaa to'anuit the g< voram +nt. We fear that g:t?t Ut'ib.? will jet b-e experienced in th&t district, xxoktat prompt and decisive dtep* ar# taken tha r'c'ai 3. [Froir the A'piawall Courier, Feb. 4. J Ooufcl'erkVIe eiclt?n ?i,t has txen caused in cur raidt.t Currg th? raat we'-k t7 a sort o' revolutionary mive n.96t ;r the eepn rtme&t o Herrera ia tbu fctate o< I 'ana c.* . There Living be*n coaficerabie rr.anieataticn of di ; ?Ui-:aet;a? w -h he :'otw?ti03 %,ttL8 gt*>'<?. made by" ?*?" hi?t? in the v emlty qfflbaid 'hat was sup p- ??<! tc l? the Cfc.u.'-e of ihf difBew? ? But we arc con ,traicf o t: fceilcve that {e/'cn.l aUoaoslty betw<*eo lead ing 5.0V. K:au'.< U iu<* teal ciigin o' tho u<il.jreak. Ooe thin:; ii certain? the apparent movem ent \>u ?g?inH*. the constituted authorities, ?.E?i thfcy were diivsn from their pott*. T.iir ceir? refcchitg the feat of government, preparation* wtro irsi'e by the txecutiv* po?Pr tc go t?i th? Buprea eien ct the ot!*.bj<>nk, eel it was i?por*Xd that he was *.o 1?? te Panama to -'at. We .-iDcerr'j hope that (iitfcitlctu, nn"1 upn')3Ci;ie cer?gogiiii'ta will te emrt lived in thin icfnatPta'e. It bw b pn the great ob<-tnrV> tn tbe pro tffiP ard p*cepe.-ity 1 r tf>? icpoblic fr ?n its earliest (i j?. An we h?v?' befi*^ raid we third: the difteulty h n.'i r=-u.ted ?r in p^r?oua! hont/H*: of rone of the ? . at?" to mm Ot ib l,Jl ." We hope ft may be prctiiptty -rnj uhUj settled. To aid ir tc- necessary r ;t? " c '. r ;n?nt neon the reN- lio 1 tbe I'.-e'ee*. o* thin depr'-frLent was calied to f'^ntiKa ar>4 8r. Jo-e M T 1)1* ven .>3 ar 4,1 ec? in r u ile^li 'a tb's cuarkec mut ?k"'* at J e 'a'-ve ri?cn No other chaL^flsjAii re poited. vfwb mow rHinriitri. [>'rrr> th? I'aotin.a Feralrt, t>b. 4.' Vl' bare often rpi' ri xcy btgLIy in f?vo- of ih? b??au tia^i at! leocurcf rf the Proviuc-e of Chitiqaf, and we cow g've, with uiu''h plMiaure an extract from 1* letter jtt-r r> r*hei from an o.J snc eiperieocd trav?Jk*r, who w at rrtv^t pojooming then He ? ?y?:? W-l! cow for a tew wed' about the country of Chiri f|ui. Ae y,u are aware, 1 bav? be^n over a considerable part r' ixulh Anj.-rt.a, bur, l xcunt uky tuat in all my >amt) ?? I have n?vtr wen a country bo r>h ?? regaras it' soil, eoad, co the who'.e eo tnUT beautiiVl a.i u the t*U'VirHV? o! Ctbiri-ici. What a p.ay it n ?hnt the rRi.lro^i couM not hav? been eret.-^i acrr^s the Irtturnf a'mnt the (ioifo fiulc*. Tbeae n?viaca? nre woith the u.a e? ot C?no l'aseo for the cul;:vatJon o'' oottin ari ccflee Go^\ God! what a country rv'pl-t bp wade of thin witli thi\.?s tbunge laiied, i.e., capita , isdtftrj ana ibteUigonee. An. ^b r letter eajh ? A Pi Tehr. an, jmt a ~ive 1 from l'anta A:?naa, t'of-tu Rica. uUh u ib at tlw boi<o1 a*?an>er Unr tie las Andes) b'ew i;> at that port, thrmgh the ne<cllg"ac? cf he r?'j??.T, li"'!ir 3 two men one ot th?ca a native of ITciV. A rv' ? p,d in e.bont to t? bn'lt frri> l"nata Arenas to Sen Jc?*, fol' owing tfc" coureo cf the Rio Grande. lT*t couotry t.; jr? aiiead TIere we si# t-erioui-iy tt inking of ccoamencing the ei;It vstirn ci co't^i. Mr. B. thinks the quality importer, !?ad vculd bru-g the high, it p">e. ' NEWS FROV THE SOUTH PACIFIC. ^3 British mail ?t?wr Vat Itrfi r-acheii I'?usr? on the B?o*n'.n? of he 5th int., with ?. ?.tos f.orn Valparaiso to th; lttta ani ii.Ljt'j 5j January S#. caiu. Several 8tw bed ?"carr^d in VtHaraico, causing loss of .life ar.i property. A I'uruTiaa, accused ?f iocon (.iaiiis, ?M haag ca tip '.nil. A tclegrsphic line or -00 a 'lei has teco commenced. We take the foUowisj summary of Chilian aewe fr?nt tb? MTCvrio, of Valparaiso:? Ti c occasion n^ursllv direct.* oar attention, the alms and the results of the 7 ear. The ra public K?mr re po-ir,; far ? nr meat, at ? is clo?e, tame*1. aad confluent to co ukw the ne-v j%ar, whi*h Is at Iimn", v- prosper o-i -Iv ac<! peaceefully a* it h&a gone tLrough tit last. '"jrlr? the 'ertnigbt the extra pen. Ion ot Coagre*B ha t?i cloW. Ths '?wi pa* -ed haw recewii the ..xecu ?tw ravcion, aid benr promulgated. S<?vtewing th* *ear. i nay be g?id cur Mil* are In tsnltg .a c vcxj iii action. Tho Valparaiso aad bant, ago !;* rlj jej ih naraucix>< in length; and ax to tto pait al ??u> y in operation, the company hare titaort > rue cecdfd in tiuitiig *mux <J ar.d sptedto the natialactlon 0.'ihe public. The ra.lroad proposed from ira.itia,*otoTalca, 200 mile*, h*a to-.n ?jini.iKuai'.iy cotuneiAied Is. Chevalier, *.he erglueer appoint ;<i I,' the directors to the nurvey, ha? aixtalj pinc<:tei tb.'firft suivey a> Jar as mai.eagoa, ac ?oicpaclf.l b. the Minister cf th* Interior, a* will a* by other tog MM, 1 1 1(> r pert ih evtr.' *.?} u-iH'ajtorv, ah respect.. u.- CaiiilUes Ck cv-ii'.rucu^g the WorU. We hoar b?t or it? hare been forwarded to t'uropo on account of the company The Cacbapoai bridge which the road is to pi?<. if to be receo'trueted The aim :n to celebrate the n< tt :,nniTc:nary of tisir indepea lenca In September, l?tO with the opening of a portion ct this roac Aprieulture has had a year of prvperity both as to qui'. .'7 aid quantity, aad especially in thj return*. Comncrc . ha* also engaged a year cf fair animation otrbiiC J wi h safety. it 1 tegular cour.*? has been dis turbed by n<> ciislti. " Dis-X)unv.. ins <id of lining, an in t.uropt, have remained at unna ratis, and, if anything, hbv; gro v-. more cmt rather thaa mrro difficult. Mitisg in c.e?w air the only one* that we must giro a j-00:. arvouatof, aud tha; htT? not uad? a marked ttd< v*r.ce duia.'^ the year. Hot?tver, tae whjie yield has not teeu ?r joh 1" i? ihan Of fctTier year*, although we ral tre not yieiO'jiii Ot late a company for ex pleration ha? been formed, and ha.' (Tone into the moun tains, uo ur the direction of George, to examine scaie deposiU of ore d>cOrei*d !<y hinj. ? ?>ur ff-.i>?r miccs becotna daily more important, and ne? ytar will be wrought with rertoubirt activity. ?ihe" new enftoro house ?*I.;ation of ruvrchandii-e im porte i wti? til e t"ect on th* 1st January aext. Val;'?rauo had been vvired by a ointrMiiag fire. It cccur^cd on Ciuihtaiiu day, about five o'clock in the afternoon. It was near tbe ban Frarci?co church, a?nv from Uxe eca. Water was tiwrefcre scarce, and" tho houaes teioj trams bull ling* mostly, the Humes mad* rat 4 rr0!?r?M- The engine* ot the city labored mo t w j.uutnuly ? 00 the hook at, I Lhdd* rCempacy, the eaptalun ot i-hiim of war, llug li.vh, )r lencli aod American, rent m?t 1 on nuoru promptly use jraercu?ly, 1 0 aid in checking th-.' tame*. Tt>a or kMiv" ed'flce:', howcYer, vrere df-trojt>? And a more fttiw ing tact if. the toss 01 live o als Htcp o( foreign ' Sku-* fr ?'? cUi/cnh, who exportxl theuonilveH bra7eiy to f tanatb., ic oiuer to ai.-eBt tne ilrvo-ui ng eiemont. *al ' pt- 'aj < Teco?c'.v?* ?n inrr'n d-'?*. of ob igntion to these thip? 0: tmr o? friendly ne lions, that btiye rendere'l huch valuable jnceor :n mou'cnts of peril aud tn-Vortune. Vr e are happ., to be able to rtat* that a nstv treaty of amity. c.tmo,( ree ana navigation ha? been fenced by Mr. fyhe'tre Oeh'^avia, appoinW Minister to this goTern n* erst a?l h^-, an! hia Liceliency 1 >avi'l Starkweather. Minister MtiJpotenUaiy 1 cm the goTrmu-.ent of the I'tltfd fetaV'h ' This iiaroitan. docunient the terirn of whioh are f yet tit known, will be preeented to Ihe Cor gnes or 130%, which n?eti In.lune. lul tbeult will probed* l^main out of the rea:h of th? public. Uer iiii'anair lieje^ty 'u corvette Alarm, guns, ctme in cn the 10 "h iu^taut, lOo dayH froto Iiig'snd, hsr ng toucbiHl at IUo aad FaUiand i.--lano. . She will re' lev p the l?(<io, h joa ui return to ta gland, a*/ by the end of January. PFBt . ?ern *a* vary unsettled and full of dN.iat'-iSact^on A r? v( lutlrn ssralnat t'a>tUlo m?y so-m be looked tor. i'ri ai Jjeuador we hare nothing worth cot cing. GUAVAyril. Tit AW STATISTIC*. During th j*ht ltfia tlwre was tihlpiea lr;m the port Of G iaya.uil for*:pn pcri?, flfteen miljoas eighty Llr.e ttoitfar.rt **veu hur.drai and fittj-thfe pounls ot eaocia, a* follow n Cm a*. U*. 1 or fp#!n 1) luSnburg ? i'rance 17,.lt (t. 14, COT IS Chile ( the gnat >r part for axjicrtatlon). T4,.'07 iDiicaSia M 7,644 4 C ntral Amcric* !-.4?; ;.i? Mexico f>, 410 "0 i m.auia ^tlif greater part for Barana) ... 4,?2ti 78 ToUl 186,tSW 20 '.t is latter envious 10 notice that not a pound luu boo a ?hip! ?d in Gri*t Britain. ) MCh <arr.a wt igfc- 81 lbs. Tbe folio <iag Is the total 'jxportatioo of prrvluea and iLai.utactu:?a fioui tl.e same porta during the past year C'ocoa, lb? 15,0H0,75.'t Orchils, qtls 4,000 lists, do*., 778 Lark 7,740 'l?ur.ed hides, m)S 2*1,246 Timber, lo,'s >8 Tabacco, <|tls.,.. 3,e50 Cum,,,., 78, Ml Sai ?upaiilla t67 Mansion 6,H60 Tamsiintfs t.'MJ India rubbor 706 Co'.e.. VtiJ lle'.ovr we give a tabu'ai H^atement of the export of co coa tium Gnajaqull during the past ten year.*, which will be found interoHting. ? It*. Ua. IRJf. ll.SO'-'.W'S ISfl t>.?ri7. OtW 1. 47 12,678,018 IS, "2 13 !W.,r48 1848 21,007,305 1M3 1J.24JI 024 h,:m -ra 1864 10,002,141 1860 11, 06*', 066 1855 16,080,753 MAKXKTg. Vativmuiso, J?n. 15. ? In busineis the transaction* of tli torvi igbt esdiBf Itl*t Iteiiember produced more ani raatloo ihan ttieprevinu* on#. Nnme'ous sales ot dry HO>,cs for Bolivia had been effected, ano large orders for mertoandiie for the Argentine ropublia had been exa ou?e'1. ihe etpor; 'ra<le Is at pre?ent iinuted to silver and topper, in ores and bars, the high prise of wAMl Md fl j ttr pryvenUtf ?peculaUon la tint hr?aoU. I INTERESTING FROM MEXICO. moqb mvolotionakv attbmftb ? lmiuni tf call ITCMM* BON TO Tin TBHOMB SiAHTik ANNA'S PBOPBBTy IN COCRT-HIB Jj?" 1 cCdBD OF ILLBOALtT SEUjJNO THB PTTIttIO LAMB (t iOBi th? l^anam.* HaralJ Fat. 6. J - By way ot Acapulco we hare <Ut*? from tee sapltnl He vico to lie ltth >>l January. . Twc attempts at new r-yc lut.OM h*ve 1 or- atteaiptlng to establish, for the thu * . parial g veriinen:. aud caDii ? to th* throoe Ijrf ei** **n<: h? dec???*ea lutperor, I>oa Aufiuatujlto ii", tni ia the evett of Lie fa.luie Nenor Hnro J ???"*.?? M'mintet of Stat a, in where pesseeelon docu**o? been <j:?ecv?red rwletinp: to laia aubjret. Tli 'j object ef tii ? olhtr in to dep jmj Gmkh UiBonwi frcni the Vtei'.icncj, aid te ??iaUli?h the etatute lew' anl privilege*" which >b< A-var--' tevoluueu d nx*L?lwe teal peseta rir^ndv beea baniebtd. with ? view it v-vsccve-ug the n-vVtr ia tusne rtiToiuUona, a?* aa>< r>g Ilea fvaor H?roy Taar.tri'. . . . Ihe mi preme gnveroaifnt has niuHl a derre* eu?|?e* lug ZJen ^n'oniolicpfct ae &aa?a Aiaatothe det iuie? ? the Suir.-me Court it Jan'-lce. ;'or iiannii v>A tkf ncJimt* '.in I', far vA hjvinj r.<i >>?. t. ir >ti>j of Uni'Ut U *; in jp^rttm n' tiu Co"ti-.~ V it >ipp?wi9ierf t? Miwy ,i , j.r' ?r the indernnifioatioit. and for h'ninj iirdtml 'he ?ltrvcUien u.Vi.' ? rr- cvmmt&M. tn ln? ?'!*r </ the JWfc ami ot Miltoeuan. . ,.v ? , - Tt-? nrvi-er f ci Fan', a Anna roiraisi- <.t toe duposul ?r tht Saprdfii Court, subject to ths dec.) ion ct tbssrt U,?be ex-Sinister* ex Governors ac Commaniepi Cy era1, of tbe dictator, are au?i to be similarly ju .?ed. Ma ' military < hie<r? wh" have ? r=oi?:M exto-uoiu or hah*. , Boaa aots *!??/> lbenr tre cth?r item# u* tte ce?re.'( o.a. of m icJ? i? ^Th^CTte fca. bfen it- )W* at the yrjeat demaad of Ifee cacple exi ia or ier t? ?a?jfy puliw CP?'- to:iv *f^t "J** fctn Ti-.-ued nuoe tUc* tTluinpa of the AjuJa Tbf ?? kxrer l'a an a an y-t at 1 ^ rt?bi ary, with t .nrtwn p&f -Dgors and >w >n afasto fro id Mi -at Ian. Tli ; ?crf,er icpoi'Ud as f.Uowa.? ?? raclflc Marti Jrte?n>i!bip foiupar-y ? ?'e?iuor 1 anama, K R. CPmrnnEier. from ^an 1 rautisco Jau 1- ftr rive ? at Maiatiac Jan tO; l?ft ?ane Jay at OP. Mi*' ! rivrd 'J-id at fcan HI*'- f auad tn po' t tbe Arvhrtal* at j Be'r? cct A ?ms; tLe ^ Tf l?tt fan e ettiilnj, *nd juri^ad on tbe _UI?at ^ ' ^Oo th*5^i arri.el *t Acapubo, and I?K rame daf far pAJaOr.d. ? Kcwfi from AllRIVAt OF TLIK ?il'AK3? CXTT Tb i ~!u.W .Ha'es mail steamship Qtw? City, R. W. t&ufe'dt. ?:oianianC?r, fr^m Mot.Li the bth, aa4 HaTan? at eleven o elook. dh th? nwn ng of the tb, arrifel a* tbe light -hip on WeODe#d?y evening, ?t aeren o -l?*? lour da vp ac I eight hotixn t'roos the latter port, hat <m noeou at ot the tee wa? prevrnted lrom. conaicg up tha bay uatil yest^may momiii? < iwit ar to t>>? iorr tftaofe C t ie '?ater in Ifobtle bay , Quasar City was unable to cro,a the outer bar untol tew o'clock rn the night cf the 5th Cro*Hng the QuVf ska enrounwre^ a continwm gale cf win! froia the eoeW wa: J and eai-twsrd, accompanied with baayr rala; tw trained twenty fmr hours in Harana. From that *art htre file experienced very a?Tere weather troat Ik* northward and we-twsrd From Hayara we learn that tne eo- itanA rainy weathor Is fa?t 'ieatroy J?g ail hopw o' a large ? agar crop fraaa Ca'ja; the pretrwl catc will do*, dry, Mi for want W p-oper fuel more tbaa out-half of the cac* would be U? fUua^ ia the lieldr, thf plaaters being unahla to griai; The carnival this j eax wan lijptup wi!h grsat apMt. >?ve:al ta?cy?nd mwfctd tall* we? e fjivmi hf 0?P ttlrtir&e"al and oUier Jatbi uat'e^ of IAwtaa. AU tea Hiviti's prijr to the actual coninsa'Wmaut of Lent waca ?to cfeso tn tbe lOtu iojt., with a praad n-asquerada ba> for th^ Vt sotit cf the Orphan Atyluin. Au u-u-uii larg? number of fctraugvrfl from the llaitoA States htv~s been hjeediog; the w riter In Havana and o? tbe L'lsui. Frery faci'-ity hat- been afforded tteaa U render their visit agreeable, egpecially hy the Spani* offiiUu. A< th- Quaker Ci'j wa - ccmiog oat of the har - bor ah? pas- -ad at.?, n'oop of war purposed the Cyaoafr goinj up to her anctorags. t* a Fj^iiiih mail Hi^tfltohlp I*<^, troBa v er* Crux, ar rived at Havana on the Jrh. (>o the even in.fof tin "d, (.wjral Concha held Wa annual review o' tha !)iacipifaie4 Hon# Militia, o* tiw CamoM Maxte. fii an aadrona tanad art aa th* "uea flcti arl were h!ghy congratulated by th) Captate OeoeraJ rn tb* i.'Ofieet?e?# ?;?' thfir evolutiona and ?# L Th? follow Uig ch ver stviiidl* ia ralated by one o*" oar ccrwponi"jte. will l>? reineoiberiri that on ner laM trip item Uavann, the North SUt wn obliged to put back it'o jK>tt, in orcrr to ;iut od ?"h ??o a uian who b?eti secret* ! re tian*. with .ut a pa. sport. fccta cifcoectid with hi* attempted escape are tbaa*- ?A lawyer cf :.amrd I.iira, waa detndiDg a Uwsu*t which bctt- tbj ?x<ftkT%zce ot tens *e-y expewitve turn. , t lens duration. To N-nr r T ims, the man found ow baard the North Star win\ aad statid that he was a? tho-'red ty the ii'.aintiff 'a the suit, fo c?ttle it tor a cou alderatira. 1? ?, g>? 1 to get l.k :l>tt out c> *a "Or lawt-.iit. agrjed t> u.<et tne rcan louad ou . hoard wm North ftar, at a muse in Callc- Malc.;i. aud did ?e. ller? $4,000 was ??re?Hi to \* paid aa a fall saitlemeut of tbe law-uit of which -.itn *'">(>0 was paid down, aua the hj lancepro?>M ?t a not distant day. Laaa departM; but en ^ttctr.ia7 to tbe hrui>e ia i? 'lay or two, the found on beard the N rth -At wan rwn at imrr^wj, Md the reop!? *t the houie denied all ru^wled^e or, or i f e^er Ua 'Dg teea ban; whereu'ion Henor lima weat t? Reneiai Concha with his com-ilaint; C?aeral Coaeha ve?y pro j"-lv gave orders that all vesoels leaving the port 1 Rhou l 'be ca- efuliy searched ; Vut the tellow managed to seciete him.-ell on i.oard the North Ptar, where, haviag beea di.rcov?r*d ear'ier than he had anticipated, w verv proTterl t brought bac by Captain W amach, and ?? U tTow to iau to answer for his swindle. The facta ?C this matter do not speaV very highly lor ths cutenona eC '^he Carn val had com rreaced with a number of bril liant balls aoocgHt the '.ashicnable so.-iety of Havana. The project ol crionir jig Cuba with African jooliae iw ugain levived. it ia jropoae l them vc eight years, an! to pay them four dollars a r.iouUi. Hoaid of Aldermen* The Board met at tie u* jal hour, the Freetaeat la lh| Chii--. m gcyiixsvo rs M.irrsn3. The p%titl iri* of several perpoan for re/ieion of ki? were received; al*o oi counsel of partiee aiweeaed far laa I frr Centra'. Ivk, tr i cctr.pbioing of the awards. A communication wait receive! Irom JoftepL S. Tayler, street Commas. oner, nubrr-ittir sr 3or continuation on tracts for flagging, fillixz ? ink-u iota, builifng a pier at foot cf Tweaty-eighUi etreot, North ri^cr, fcc. Cga tlrmed. The annual report of the . for Savin, ^a in the at? of New York Win reccivel eal o. dared ol file. A communicat ion wa* fioiu Mr. Morton, a* Inspector, proposing that the Common Ouncil efltabNeh a rule goTern'ti* thi height at wh!ci the curb and gutter trio-yen rball be ret at the intersect'on;. cf atraeu aal atenne- . l>fertcd to Ccuuuittee on Ordlnanote. j Petition of Nicholas Poeprist atd others, to hare tfc? tnarjular ;>iece of land u rweiit; necond v arc, l>ouoAed hy Fo-.ty *'.Tth treet an! fc'erenth avenue, and f-orty flfih f!wt ?i Froedway, conTerted into a, 1' ark. In ferred t<>Coimr. '*1ee on j anj - and Flaxen. The rejoi : of * >><> I irance Committee, concurring with the Bcai'l of C'i tincllmen to donat? $;'.00 each tc sevenA ial school, *i . etnrurred in. Ct ->ftxte, to dn^te 91,200 to the .New York J ureal* Asylum, was concurred fn. An ordina ice in relation to the epprtntcnent of trar veycrs wan referred to Comm.ttie on Ordinance. the report of ae Coioirdttee on Fire Ptpa.tment, ta lavor of concur 1 in j the Board of C'r.nnc Urret t? build a new hce carriage tor Hose Cor pan/ Xo. 47, wan oonenrred In. Ihe report of 'he Committee on I'ire Department, noo coccuriiDg with the Boaid of Councilman to appropriate ?-,000 for the | urcha?e o< runner" for engines, Ac., aoi appropriatlrg #1,: iO .'or mch purpo.-o wan adopted. The report tf tne lire l'epartn ent Coinuittee to expel Augustus II. Tyler, foreman of Kjyrizut (kimpany No, 14, for an assault, crtated a i.ebate. Alderman Clancy avb rnitted a minority re pott egalrut the exrulaicn. The minority repoit was adopted by a rote of if to CI. The iolluwlug n suluUou wan offered by Aldermen Fox:? Rosokert. That the Hoard of Aldermen hereby gi?e notice t? tie Honor tlie M?t< p tHii1 they will mee* .n oonveuKrnon Mm day, the 26th day nl Fehriiarr Ian , at ' ovior* F. M.. '? Uw? chamber of the Hoard of Alaonaen, tor Mti purpoee of eeleet irg ;i noltee clerk to till the tsrancy oans>il by tie deatfcol W in. H. Cimiff, ?nd lie in res i.ej.i' :/ivlled to be (ireMDt, m providrd for by law, Adnpied Sfereral report* from tne Councllmon, f<jr eon? bructlo? of tewerc, sc., were referred to wpectlreeommltteee. A resolution approprlaMctt $0,000 '."or the p-intinc of the Board of Aldermen, and 9&.000 for the printing of th? lio?rd ot Connciltren, wii referred to Cc umittee. Alderman Tt ( krr mored that 10 much of the Mayor'* me?."?ge a* relat?d to the lh-ick (but eh prorerty be !*? fei te-1 to the Committee on 1- itance. Carriwl. The Beard adjourned to Monda.v mitt, at hre o'clock. Naval Intel lUrent-r. The United stated eloop-of war Pt. Mary*, arrired at Valparaiso on the "4th of I December. Court Calendur? ThU Day. Brmw^CVrKT? Cirjnit ? Sot. 116 W| 2,237, l.MK 1,059, 1,064, 1,262, 1.081, 1,127, 1 1.10, 1,7 4*. X,7W |W 2, US, H.1M, 2,281, 61#. 410,1 458, 706, 1,805, 1, Wo. a.J74. S m^JtlO, 1^041, 2,216, "1184. ' ' ' ^ ^ r. P. I' fORKT corn.? Noe. 34, 88, 89, 63, 40 to 48. SrtTKK'R Cocm? Noe. CM, 806. 5ft.', 646. 660, 06P C62. 6S2, 066 to 660. 673, 677, 678, 680, 683 to 888 ?tl to 705 ComiD* Pt-tAfl? Trial Term? Part 1 No*. 302 to 407 Inoluriva. Part 2.? 00, It, 211, 6f, 68, 101 ??t. JtlL ?71j o7?. 374, !!?, Wl, 1?, 131, !?, Im.'ih, Wi' *