Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 16, 1856, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 16, 1856 Page 5
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yaBee, i>4 submittei oa record by Mr. Benjamin for the ?fpeUaats. M?rk?t?. raiUDKLTHlA STOCK BOABD. PniLADMMlA. F?t>. 16, I860. Meek* are steady? quotations as follow*:? Penasvlva wm 6'a, 84 X; Beading Railroad, 46; Long Inland, 17; ?nrtoO aaal, 16*; Pennsylvania Railroad, 44}<. FBILADELr B I A IRON HiUIT. I'HiLADBLimiA, Feb. If, I860. We trenf actions in pig irou during the p?it week foot M 1,200 wni at ttrm f rioes. We quote No. 1 at >27, Me. 2 at 926, end No. 8 at %i4. Bar* ud rolled axlee are hi demand at 170 and $86. Kail* firm at $02 oath. Other description* firm and unchanged. St w OKLti.NH, Feb. 14. 1860. Ootton hae declined )?e: sales to-day 6.000 bales, at a t^e. for middling. Ohio floor, at 81 60. Mixed tin, 62c. Freight*? Cotton to Liverpool, 7-164. Charijbton, Feb. 14, 1860. The cal*s of cotton for the pant week add np 13,000 bales, at an advance of %e. a Xc. on the p Ice* of the previous mtk. stock cn nand 10,000 bales. We quote good mid dling at ?Xc. a 9%c. Hunter's ledleal ?>8perlall>t"-The Pebru ln number of the "Specialist'- abound* with the remarkable tote rest ?hich has characterized previous numhe-s. Tbo treat experience and suneess of the editor in Uie treatment of diseases of <be broat and lnngs, by medicated intialMion, and the lucid exposition of bis views given month' y tnrougti ihti periodica), have already gained for it a popularity not hero leiore enjoyed by any medical journal. N. B.? All oomrauui r ions for the editor should be addressed to R. burner, H. j 828 Broadway, Mew York. Yearly subscription tor the "Specialist" 81; single copy, 10 cents. Published and for sale by HilKKMAN A CO., Astor House, No. 1 Vesey street. Willing at Wholesale. ? We beg to Inlbrm Hawthorn ana Western merchasts that our stock of spring and ??uner clothing, just manufactured, contains the largest va ItaW of choice srvles for men's wear ever got up bv the house, (?aging from the low priced np to the finest articles In the bade. Ail got up in ear aeual superior style. D. DBVLIN A ?9., 268, aw and 300 Broadway, corner Warren street. Superior Ready Made Shirts? A Large assortment always on hand, sizes warranted. 1 hows goods a ? made In tbe best manner, and cannot fail to give entire sa'u fcetion. Wholesale or retail. lit A FBBKOO A SON, 61 Naasau street. To Promise in Print what he does not tnlfll in practice will ruin any tradesman. ORUEN, No 1 Astor House, having guaranteed that bis shirts shall always 1 1 satisfao only, insures the result by careful and scientific mea surement, and takes care that every order is completed at the time promised. Thomas McLaughlin, 29% Greenwich strer | corner of Chambers street, would respeotfully announce a bis friends and the puolic generally that he is now receivl g seme choice patterns ot fancy shirting i, of which he is pre pared to furnish, to measure, shirts of the finest lit and style. Shirts wholesale atd retail. Altnro & Co , No. 105 Bowery, would Res pectfully cai' the attention of the public to their intensive as sortirenl of tew, coflee. sugars, wir,es, 4c., which they are eelllng at the very lowest possible prices t'or cash. House keepers will find a saving ot at least 25 per cent, by making their purchases at the above number. N. B.? Best Orange oounty batter retailed at wholesale prices. ?at Binding AUcMbm^I. JB. linger Si Co. feeive ready for sale Machines for binding straw hats and all ?(her kinds ot hats. The machines do the work 6u- bettor and fader thaa any ethers. Call and see them at No. 333 Broad way. Col barn & Nsih?Plsno* and Melodeons ftnr ?ale and to let, bot new and old, lower than any other house. It let from S3 to $10 per month. For sale from SIS tc $euo. COLBuBH A Na3H, agents, 428 Broadway. Large Blie Ambrotyfe* for 00 Cents, In ?kid Ids a fine case.? JUBE, the celebrated ambro and daguer reotyplst, is the only one in this city who la furnishing his cus tomers with this late and beautiful discovery, at the above low prises. JUBK, 83 Bowery. r Little Slachlne Portraits for J85 Cents? Lai ? size, CO cents, inlcaiea, complete, comprising the ambrot ] lampratype and daguerreotype, all beautifully taken. Ph. I graohs second to none in the Union for S3. Depot 289 Bro.. i way. Herring's Patent Champion Fire and Bur glar proof n?fe, with Hail's patent powder proof lock. Both received prize medals at the World's Pair, London, 18)1, and Crystal Palace, New York, 1863-'M. SILAd C. HKBKiNO A OO. , 136, 137 M-d 139 Water street, If. Y. The Smithsonian House? Broadway. Cor ner oi Houston street. New York.? Single rooms SO cento, 73 eentaaidSl per day. Parlors, with bedrooms, g 160 to S3 per say. Meals extra, and as ordered, l'his new and large hotel Myites the attention of travellers. H1DNKY KOPMAN. A Pet rumen Breath. ? What Lady or Uen Meman would remain under the curse of a disagreeable breath, when by using the "Balm of a Thousand Flowers" as n deu Mfiee would not only render It sweet, but leave the teeth white as alabaster? Many persons do not know their breath Is bod, and the subject la so delicate, their trlends will never mention & Pour a single drop of the "Balm'' on your tooth brush, aad wash the teeth night And morning. A fifty cent bottle will hsta year. For sale oy PJCTBIDOK A CO., proprietors, and ??druggists. Hill's Hair Dye, Four Shillings a box, black or brown. Sold at HSUKMAN, CLARK A OO.M 273 Broadway; also 45 Nassau street, and at the depot. No. 1 Barclay itreet. N. Y. ; 176 and 247 Fulton street, Brooklyn, and at drug and tancy goods stores generally. Batehelor's Hair Dye.? Wigs and Toupee*? As best in the world. This unrivalled and original dye la ap Msd lit twelve private rooms. Batehelor's wigs and toupees ?are Improvements over all others, being chef d'oouvres of ele ?aase and durability, peculiar to this establish stent. BaTOHBLuR'B. 233 Broadway. ChrlstaduiuHjllalr Dye, 'Wtjgs and Toupees ?sake sdmiratlon among all eonnoisseura in art. A suite of shgswt private apartments for applylngthls incomparably dye, Ike only reliable articled Its kind. Wholesale aad retail at CHBIklODOBO'B. No. 6 Astor House. Venlc Quassia Cups.. ? Gabaudan Si Hill's tonic quassia oops have given general satisfaction wherever they have bVBi used. The medical faculty (highly approve of and recommend them as a most efficacious and convenient tonic bitter for dyspepsia, len of appetite, debility, Ac. Klther wateror wine partakes instantlylof thetr properties. N. B.? Bee that a facsimile ot our signature is on the label. Sold by druggists generally. Wholesale depot, 47 Maiden lane. GABAUDAN A HILL. Sprains, Bruises, Rheumatism, &r Kh wafting is now dangerous, those who are suffering from S rains bruises, Ac. are invited to try Dr. TOBIAS' Vene a liniment, and if it Is not superior to anything else the aoaer will be refunded. Sold by all the druggists, ait 29c. and 60c. Depot No. 60 Cortlandt street, Chaps, Chafes, Rough, Tender, Flesh, eruptions, pimple*, freckles, tetter, tan, Ac., positively cured by OOUBaUD'S matchless Italian medicated soap Poudre subtile uproots hair from low foreheads, or any part of the body; rouge, lily white, hair dye and restorative, at the o'.d de pot, 67 Warker itreet, first store from Broadway: Calender's, 88 South Third street. Philadelphia; Bates', 129 Washington atrtet, Boston; Mrs. Hays, Brooklyn; Post, Bocbester; Duck, Hartford; Bau ch. Providence, Ac. A Good Medicine.? The Oxygenated Bitters is the best remedy tor dyspepsia ever discovered; tor proof of this, read the certificates from Members of Congress and other wall known citizens. Hollo way's Pills.? Perfect Digestion and pure bile produce healthy bK'od; and If the Inactions nt either the s tomach or the liver are disordered HOLLO WAY'S pills will assuredly repair the mischief and enable them to supply the channels of circulation with an unronta minuted Uuid. sold at the manufactories, No. SO Maiden lane, New York, and No. 244 Strand, London ; and by all druggists, at 26c. , 62} jC., and SI per box. The Remarkable Weather of this Winter In producing colds, coughs and pulmonary complaints, atJords aQ an opportunity to try the wonderful effects of Parks' balsam ef wild cherry and tar. Its beneflelal affects, even in con flrmsd cases, la tested by a single bottle. Bold everywhere. BABNKS A PARK, 304 Broadway, corner of Duane st. Hostetter.? The Surprising Effort of Hoe tetter's vegetable stomach bitters in removing bile, Imparting health and tone to the system, forcing an appetite and curing dyspepsia, is truly wonderful. Kvery nervous, debilitated, weak and emaciated person should try it at onoe. Bold by all druggists, hotels, grocers, Ac. BaRNBS A PARK, whole sale agents, 304 Broadway, corner of Dunne street. Every Mother Should Have a Box In the house handy, In ease of accident to the children, of BEDDING'8 Bum Ian salve. It is a Boston remedy of thirty years' stand log, and Is recommsnded by physicians. It Is a sure and speedy sure for burns, piles, boils, corns, felons, chilblains, and old sorssof every kind; for tever sores, ulcers. Itch, scald head, nettle rash, bunions, sore nipples (recommended by nurses/. Whitlows, sties, festere, Ilea buna, npi ler stings, frozen limb*, salt rheum, scurcy, sore and cracked lips, sore nose, warts and flash wounds. It is a most valuable remedy and cure, which San be testified to by thousands who have used it In the el'y ot Benton and vicinity for the last thirty years. In no lnstanoe Will this salve do an Inmry, or Interfere with a physlclau's prescriptions. It is made from the purest materials, from a recipe brought from Russia, of articles growing hi titat coun try: and the proprietors have letters from all classes -e'ergy men, physicians, sea captains, nurses and others? who have ?sed ft themselves, and recommend tt to others. Bedding's Rossi* salve Is put In largo tin boxes, stamped on the cover with the picture of a horse and a disabled soldier, which picture Is also engraved on the wrapper. Price 23 cents a box. Sold at all the stores In town and country, or may be ordered of Barnrs A Park, or any wholesale druggist. BEDDING A OO., Proprietors, No 8 State street, Boston. A Valuable Institution.? Yesterday We Vi sited the Kelemen Healing Institute, 1,074 Broadway, corner of Thirty -first street, and were agreeably entertained by learn ing the many combtned advantages It possesses for the allevia tion of disease. 1 he lower portion of the building is devoted to pharmaceutical purposes, contairlng the principal medicinal agents of all countries. The upper stories hava a number of well furslsbed apartments for the reception of patients, so-ue of which are exclusively fitted up for the accommodation of la dles durir g their confinement, who have the advantages of hy glnle and medical attention, as well as all the comforts of a Emm. The Institute has had exoellent success in the treat ment of chronic and female diseases We enumerate especi ally consumption, scrofula, rickets, epilepsy, deformities, ul cers, tumors, cancers and diseases or the skin. 1 be baths of the institution have proved to be Invaluable adiunets. particu larly the Oriental and the chemiov aquaus, thus possessing the benefit of a hydropathic Instltutlcn, without Its excluslveism or Its objections. Kach department is complete In Itself, and, where It is necessary, a proper medical graduate is lo atten dance. The assistants and nurses are urbane and attentive. The Institution Is under the control of ATTKLLA J. KKLK MEN, M. D, a gentleman of exrellent scientific attainments, msnts, having the a^antage of being a graduate of oneot the first medical colleges in Kurope and also In America. Dr. K was educated ss an allopath 1st, but he 1s free trom all medical sectarian prejudices; and being master ef ail the various medi cal's} stems, he avails himself ot them when. In his judgment, uieir use Is Indicated by the condition of the patient. In the es tablishment all modern languages are spoken. There are many who desire the knowledge of rich an Institution; and If, by this Information, I can confer health and comfort. I nm coo lant CITIZEN. ??JtbWfc ^ifJaSEi M?PaSli; UM'[ tte Amerionn Blaster, 0 i a daughter late ot Kid, ler Married* In Brooklyn, on Thun-day, Februtry 14. by the Rev I>r. Canflold, John Mti rirr, 1 sq., of the (Irm of Ho/an k Murphy, New OrUans, to Maut Virginia, daughter ol' the iate R. M. I'Anson, of Baltimore. Paltimore and N'ew Oi leans papers please copy. 4>n Thursday, Feb. 14, by the Rev. Mr. Joseph r?<v \fr Jaskh A. !? ox, oi tliin city, to Miss Euiusmn J Vori'ih of Brooklyn, E. D. On Thursday, Feb. 14, by the llev Ixit Jones, vfr. JortAt Ht I'tLi'ij Ivtusmw, of Stockholm, Fwsden, to Mis? daughter o I the lata Tm A. Thorn**, fawtrly of Brook IfTL 1. Ob Thursday mooning, Fab. 14, by the Be*. Mr. Bee eh. Jim *iiLKi| Jr.,' rapzMeBtaklre of the FIT y first Council Hitilct to Iuiilu. second dtuihiw of Iimui W. Cbrtwrigbt, oil ot this elty. la Brooklyn, on Th*rs4ay, Fob. 14, by the Be*. Mr. Hmrod, Mr. J Ann C. Calvin to Mn. tl""? M. Johs bon, both of that city. Died. On Thursday, February 14. of eonauasption, Sahaii lin, widow of Thomas Smith, and etooat daughter of the late Robert Cochran. Her friends, and those of her brother, Robert Cochran, and brower* in law, J?hn Vender oil t and Rooert B. UU. liaxd, are invited to attend her funeral, on Suadty after noon, at 2 o'clock, from tbe refinance of Kobert B. Hil liard. No. OS West rbirty-flrst street. On Friday rr. or Ling, Feb. 1&, Henrietta Aimii, young eat daughter of Henry and Sophia A. Clauaseu, aged 1 year and B months. Tbe relatives anu frienda of the family are reapectfnlly invited to attend the furetal, thin afternoon, at 2 o'clock, frf m 67 West Broadway. On ft fray, F?h. lb, of consumption, Miciuel Fox, in tbe Slit year cf bia age. Hia fitatda atd acquaintances are requested to attend hi* fuLtral, from ti e residence of hia brother, Th >maa Fox, 107 East Thirteenth street, to-morrow afternoon, at 1)6 o'clock. On Thursday, Feb. 1?, Grovkhia Odiu. Crowxll, daagh ter of Martin L and Eliza A. Crowell, in the 5th year of her cge. 'lbe friends and acquaintances of the family are in vited to attend the funeral, to-morrow afternoon, at two o'clock, frrm 130 Charles street. C'n Thursday, Feb. 14, Hiram Dihbrow, son of Richard Bullwickle, aged 12 jears. The irietds or the family are respectfully Invited to at tend bis funeral, from the residence of his father, 101 Filth street, to-morrow afternoon, at two o'clock. On Friday morning, Feb. 14, Irvin Cornell, infant son of John A. and Frances L. Harriott, aged 16 months. The foneral will take place on Monday, at one o'click, frc m 1C7 Tenth street. The relatives and friends of tne family ate invited to attend. In Hoboken, on Friday morning, Feb. 16, Lccaa A. Vxs Bobkircx. a(ied 36 jtars. lbe relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, to-morrow afternoon, at two o'clock, frcm his late residence, 51 Washington street. On Thursday, Feb. 14, Jon* H. Sajudkrh, aged 4 years, 6 months and 1 day. The friends of the fiunily are Invited to attend the fu neral, to-morrow afternoon, at one o'clock, from No. 7 Hudson avenue. Bergen, N. J. His remains will be taken to Greenwood for interment On Fiiday, Feb. 16, Iraac Brow*, Sen., aged 75 years. The relatives and friends of the family ate respectfully Invited to at'-end his funeral, this afternoon, at two o'clock, frcm his late reiidence, No. 14 White street. On Thursday, Feb. 14, Mart A., wife of John B. Con- , key, aged 30 years. ) Friends of the family are invited to attend the fanera services, to-morrow afternoon, at 1 % o'clock, at her late resilience, 70 avenue A. On Monday morning her remains will be taken to Troy for interment. In Williamsbug, on Thursday evening, Feb. 14, of consumption, Dams. Dodge, in the 64th year of his age. The relatives and friends of the family, and the mem bers of Covenant Locge, I. O. of O. F., are respectfully invited to attend the funeral tervices. to-morrow after noon. at two o'clock, at tbe residence of hit brother-in law, John|Weaver, 196 South Fourth street. His remains will be taken to Hempstead, L. I., for Interment on Mon day morning. On Saturday, Feb. 0, Howard, son of John and Cornelia Freelan, aged 3 years, 2 months and 10 days. The relatives and liiends of the family are respectfully invited to at'.end tbe funeral, to-morrow alternoon, at one o'clock, from H street, Greenpolnt L. I. At O amel, Allegany county, N. Y., on Tuesday, Feb. 12, Ciurlks H. Stilwill. in the 32d year of hU age. The friends ef the family are invited to attend the fu neral, from the residence of his father, 8. B. Stilwell, 73 Henry street. Brooklyn, this afternoon, at two o'clook, without iurtser notice. Interment at Greenwood. On Fiiday. Feb. 16, Ella Bell, youngest daughter of Jeremiah and Margaret Simonson, aged i years, 8 months and 2 days. The relatives and frienda of the family are invite! to attend her fune al, from the residence of her parents, 139 East Fourteenth street, to-morrow afternoou, at 1 % o'clock. Her remains will be taken to Greenwood for interment. On Friday afternoon, Feb. 16, Johaxna Maria, daugh ter of John (Friederich and Helena Heddersen Balling, aged 2 years, 6 months and 25 days. The fiiends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend her funeral, to morrow afternoon, at one o'clock, frrm the ret-irtence of her parents, corner of Thirty-se cond street and Second avenue, without further Invita tion. On Friday, Feb. 16, Joun NKrnjiTOjr, of this city, aged 62 years, 11 months and 4 days. The liiends of the family are invited to attend his fu neral, to-morrow afternoon, at one o'clock, from his late residence, t>9 Cliff street. On Friday, Feb. 16, Ciiarlkh Pieruow, son of William A. and Matiida Watkins, aged 4 years and 6 months. The fiiends of tke family are respectfully Invited to at tend the funeral, from ICS Madison street, to-morrow af ternoon, at two o'clock. On Friday, Feb. 16, Mart, infant daughter of Thomas and Mary O'Biien. aged 6 months. The friends of the iamlly are respectfully invited to at tecd ber funeral, this ternoon, at two o'clock, from tbe residence of her parents, 156 I?eonard street. In Brooklyn, on Friday, Feb. 15, Eliza, wite of Geo. W. Little, in the 49th year of her age. The relatives and friends of the fiunily are respectfully invited to attsnd her funeral, from her late residence, 120 Natsau street, Brooklyn, on Monday afternoon, at two o'clock. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. PERSONAL. GIVEN AWAY BY MISTAKE? A BROOCH, SET WITH white paste stones, a family relic, and of no use bat to the owner, the lady who received the same in place ot her own, will please return U to 262 Spring street, and reccive her own. IF MRS. LOUISA TRAVERS, PROM SAVANNAH, OA., will call at Sherwood A Fisher's restaurant, corner rfroud way and Walker street, on Monday next, at one o'clock, she will hear something lu her advantage. INFORMATION WANTED OF ELIZABETH, BRIDGET, Mary, or Anne Eerigin, of Ardahif, parish of Innis MoSalut Bundoran, County Donegal, Ireland. If they will call at Patrick Kelaghan'a, 1S6 Mott street, New York, they will hear of something to their advantage. INFORMATION WANTED OF HORATIO TOWNSEND, of Massachusetts. Address box 1,324 San Francisco Po?t office, California. INFORMATION WANTED- OF THE FOLLOWING SOL diers of the war ot 1812 (or heirs), whoresked in or near New York in 1820:? George Anderson, Garrett Goodrich, Jo?!ah OsNirn, John ttiabtp, Thomas Gerety, John F. Prtlla, DavldBangn, John Giles. Thomas Pitta, Joshua Bailey, Fam'l Holdenburg, John Paul, William Ball. Christopher Hand, Benjamin Penny, Peter Barnes, William tlorton, George Ki< Uardaon, John Pentlsy, Arthur Tlnghes, Jnahui K^eers, Benjamin Cornish, Isaac llalf, Peter i'iker, Lraei Conklin, Jesse llanklns, Edward Sweeny, John Carl, James Jewell, Jacob Utioe, Ben.|(<mlnDlsnukes, Oeor/e Kikok, Thomas Sly, Daniel Dudgeon, Joeeph Kldson, John B. Travis, John Davia, Peter Leroy, Jacob Trayer, William Dillon, John Merana, John Van Allen, ,Ii hn Dierfee, Orson Mcsnard, William Wilkinson, William Forsyth, John Moore, John Wheeler, Peler P. Fiiklns, Tbomas Marih, Peter Wnite, Joseph Foster, Charles McLean, John Wbltaker, John Fitz>!nimoni, James toclulsh, George Walker. Henry Faber, By aupl* lug to MATTISON, No 3 Nassau street, third floor, will hear of something to their advantage. LD.-A LETTER WAS LEFT FOR YOU LAST ? Wednesday eve ning at the same place as before, to which 1 anxiously await a reply. Please write me as soon a < pos sible, and oblige Frederlok. Last Saturday night? sevfnth avunue stage, Twenty -third street. Send address to H. H. D., Union square Post office. MRS. ANNE HARRISON, WHOSE MAIDEN NAME waa Anne Bradley, living In or rear New York; her hus band, sinter and mother were burled in Greenwood Ceraotery, near New York. Any intelligence resDCcttag her will bo thankfully received by Wilson Hunter Lydla street, Albany. R. HENRY VKWDRYE'S WILL FIND A LETTER OF importance for him at 54 South street. M POST OFFICE XOTIGEg. POST OFFICE NOTIUE.? THE MAILS FOR EUROPE, per United States steamer QCAKRR CITY, will close at this ofllce on Saturday, the ltiih day ot February, at 10K o'clock, A. M. ISAAC Y. FOWLF.R, Postmaster. T I IK LIiTcTL KK MAIM. Matrimony-rev. i. s. inskip will df.liver a lecture in (be Centenary M. E. chureh. Brooklyn. Monday, Feb. 18, 7 V? P. M. Subject? The nature, history and advanta ges or the institution of marriage. Tickets 25 cents; lo be had at the door. Children half price. MR. GOUGH'S closing lecture will be given atlhe Broadway Tabernacle, at half-pu3tsovcn this evening. All who wUh to hear this eloquent man will do well to Improve this opportunity. Tickets 28 oents. Mercantile library association.-mb. geo. W. Curtia will cemmence his course of lectures on " Con ten porary English Fiction," cn Monday evening, Feb. IS, ju 8 P. M., at Clinton Hall, Astor place. Monday .Feb. 18? Old FtogUsh Fiction. Friday, Feb. 22? Bnlwcr and D'liraeti. Wednesday, Feb. J7- Dickens. Friday, Feo. 29? Cbarlo'te Bron'e (Carter Bell). Wednesday, March 5? Charles Klngsley and the Novels of Reform. F rlday, March 7? Thnekemy. Conrse tickets to members, fl DO; non-members. 12; sin 6e tickets, BO cents; oan be had at the Library, at the down wn office, No. 2 Nassau street, and at the door on the evening of the lecture. R. H. TIMPSON, chairman See. Com. TKAVKLI-JSKS' GMDE7 For boston via sandy hook.-thesea steamer DELAWARE, John H. Cones, Commander, will leave pier 1-1 N. R., foot of Cedar street, on Saturday, the lrt'h init., at 4 P. K. ; returning will leave Foster's wharf, Boston, on Wednesday ihe 20th Inst. Freight received until time of sail lrg. For freight apply to KuWARD B. THORP, Agent, tlfllce on pier 14 North river. Hudson rivf.r railroad-trains lravb Chambers stieet dally, for Albany and Troy, on and after Mm day, Jaruary 21. IHS6, the trains wlllrun as follows:? Express train. 7 A. M., connecting with Northern and Wet,' em trams; through wa* train 12 M.; express P. M.; tor Poughkeensie, at 9 A. M. and 3:30 P, M.; for Pcekaklll, 5:2 0 P. M.: lor Flnr: Sing, at 4 P. M. The Sing Sing and Peelwktli 1i nlns step ai al 1 the way stations. Passengers taken at Cham bem, < lirlstopher and Thirty drat street*. Sunday mail tiain, at 4 P M., from Cenal street for Alb tny, stopping ?t all mail 'tatiens. M. L. 8YK1CS. Jr., Supei intendani. MLmCALT tTvK~OAK CLUB no. 17. OF THE TWENTIETH 1 J ward. ? A meeting ot thu c.ilb will beheld this evening, February lfi, 1886, at iji o'clock, at . lirtr headquarters, >io. 4tm Kir bib avenue. Members will plea."- it-end. By or der. A. II. DA V IKS, PresMeut. J. H. Moit, Secretary. umt un> poron. CAM TO THI PBBMIBE8. OUT THB 13TH FEB , A large Newfoundland dog, which the owner cm hive by prorlna propeity and paying charges. Apply at 69J? Bowery, il|ir ildi. LOST- A HTML CLAfPED MOROCCO CASE, CONTAIN P*Py <? no value bui to the owner. Five dollars re Jon.. 78 ka?t Fifteenth street. ' will be piMbr recovery. P. C. T&KaHWiXL. , Lost- on wkdnkbday night, in laiott stkekt, or 1 welfth street, a broad gold bracelet, vrtth a gold claap. If brought to 28 Laigbt street. the fiuder will be liberally re warded. LOUT- ON TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 12, IN OOINO through Greenwich 4 venae to the Eighth avenuo, then * to Twenty eigh h at. tod back, a Hudson Bay marten mini. 1 he finder wlil be 11. eia ly rewarded by returning the same to >io. 3Char.ts street, Warren place. LOBT-LABT EVENING, IN BROADWAY, NEAR Eighth street, a gold bracelet, with red stone? with the name of 8. Olenrh on the claap. The finder will be satlsfsr lorlly rewarded by leaving It at the office of J. B. Nonea, 1)* Warren street. LOBT-A PAIR OP GOLD EPAULETTES AT ABOUT 11 o'clock Thursday nlyht. 14th Inst. In Broadway, between Amily and Fourteenth street*, lhe tinder will be suitably rewarded by leaving the same at the office of W. J. Steeie, 53 fcatsau street* Lc OST-AT THE LIGHT GUARD BALL, A OOLT) J badge of the fie w York State Military Association. It ti id the owner's name engraved on one aide, rbe tinder wlil pleasd leave It at Mo. 73 South street. LOfT.-A BLACK AND TAN iCHIEPLY BLACK) KINO Ubarles dog, on the morning of February 15. The tiaJer wHl be liberally rewaided by returning the same to 212 he cord avente. LOST- ON WEDNESDAY. 13TH INBT , FROM 13? Greece street, a black and tan terrier, cropped ears, long tall; bud on a leather, with buck'e and ring; also, a ver* hmnlljsieel rli g attached to a lar?e one. )'be tloder will be liberally tewardedby returning to above number. LOFT-ON PEB. 13. BETWEEN CLARK'H HOTEL AND Lmsne -areet, a pocketbook, contalnlig three cbeclu, drawD by J. S. A J. D. Stout A Co., payable <o H. TnthUl; al-to two or ibree notes, amounting. In all, to some 91,000. The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving It at 19ES Duane st Lost -ten dollars reward, on thurbday evening. February 14, at the Light Guard Ball, a ladv's Honitcn lace nai dkerchief. 'I he tinuer will receive the abive rev ard and the thanks of the owner by returning the same to 197 Water street LOST-ON SATURDAY EVENING, A BLACK THREAD lace veil, either In Bioadwar, Fourteenth street, Firti ave nue or West Twenty third s'reet. lhe Under will receive flO reward by returning it to 115 West Twenty third street. PURSE POUND-IN TWELFTH STREET, NEAR Broadway, which tfae owner can have by calling on Jas. T. Hmiili, 267 1 earl street, STOLBN-A LOT OF SILVER, MARKED ' HOWARD," consisting of 60 salt spoons, 26 mustard do, 12 sugar tongs, 300 napkins, from lhe liYiBg House. mHE FOLLOWING ADVERTISEMENT APPEAJiHD IN J. the Herald of the 14th Inst.: ? '? Lost, on Monday, the Uth Inst., about 11 o'clock a. M., in a Broadway omnibus, a porte monnaie, containing between thirty and foitj dollars, and sundry papers, amurg which was a receilot fbr a carriage of L. browor A Fori. the finder will be Ubetali v rewarded by .caving it at No. 5 West Thirty first street " The Under of the lost portemonnale called at No. 5 West Thirty -tirat street, and the lndy of the botise dented a krowledgeof any such loss. If the lo.-er wl I leave his name and other correct particulars ot addre-s, directed to M. M , Hera'd office the lost article may b? obtained, on payment of the cost of this advertisement. REWARDS. rrm reward.-b. l. schmidt>s store, ko. 46 V*J U U l)ey street, w*r robbed, on the night 01 the 14th, of a large amount ot lace goods, kid gloves. In., mien as Brussels, application, Valet eleLiies la^es, point a l'Ag utile, lace collars and handkerchiefs In applique and guipure; black thread lac n ard collars for trimmings and Uouncings. lbe ihove reward will be paid lor the apprehension of the burglars und the re covery of the goods. *1 ? REWARD. ? LOUT, AT THE ACADEMY OF MUSIC ?PX?J on cccaslon of Light Guard ball, on Thursday evenijg. 14th inst., a portion of a bracelet, consisting ot a large tnad emerald, encircled with seven i mall diamonds. 1 be finder tnll receive the above reward, and the thanks of the o rati-, by re turning it to the At tor House. |1 n REWARD. -LOST, A BLACK THREAD LACE J)iU veiJ, on Bioadway or Third avenue cars. The tuner will receive the above reward by culling at T8 East Flfieeu'.U st dfelll rewamd.? lost, a stekl CLASPED MOROCCO i|flU cue, eoitaiiilDg papers of no value but to the owner. Ten dollars reward wlu be paid for i ecovery. F. O. 'i READW ELL, Jan., 78 K?m fifteenth street. dj-| A REWARD -LOST, IN BROOKLYN, ON WKONE-i ?JpiU d?y evening, 13th lust., a mluk vlcwrlue, while goeig trora idvngsun street to Sujl'h. along Smith to Flllton avem.o, down Fulion avenue to Picrrepont B'reet, throuijh Plerrep >nt to Hicks street, oppuilte Love laue. The tinder will receive the above reward by leaving it at 129 Livingston slreot, be twecn Smith and lloyl streets. REWARD.? LOUT, ON THURSDAY, A PAIlt OF told spectacles, sliding arms. The abore regard will be paid on delivery at Mo. 23 William street, attend floor, Lack office. 4 n REWARD.? LOST, A FEW DAYS SINCE, A HEAVY mP<-' gold pencil case, with W on stone bead. The above re ward will be paid by leaving it with W. H. Arthur A Co., stationers, 39 Nassau street. REWARD? LOST. AT THE LIGHT GUARD BALL, ip*-' Academy ot music, a gold brace et. The finder will receive the above rewara on returning the same to 569 Broome street. ffl?C REWARD. -LOST, JAN. 26, A LARGE SIZE <V*J pocketbonk, containing sundry bills a?d letters, with In surance >crip trom tie Sun Mutual insurance office of $40. As tie f aperS are of no use to an} one but the owner, the above reward will be paid by leaving it with Messrs. Be rati ton and lallman, 19 Old slip. REWARD.-LOST, ON TUESDAY, 1JTH IN8T.. IN THE neighborhood or Madison avenue and Thirty-first street, a blue Scotch terrier slut, with cropped ears and tail. On re turning the same to 122 Madlsou avenue, the tinder will be liberally rewarded and no questions asked. STRAYRD OR STOLEN ? ON THE NIGHT OF THE 14th lest , at 2 o'clock, a large red ox, weighing 900 los , little white on the (ace. J< ny Information reapectltg it will be liberallv i awarded at the daughter houce In Thirty-eighth street, between 9 and 10 A. M. FKED. KbiLLKK. 08TRUCV1QB. *9 FOR A COURSE OF MERCANTILE AND EPISTO lary writing, including stationer. Apply Immediately at the academies, 362 Broadway and 277 Fulton street, Brook lyn. Private instruction given. OLIVER U. GOLDSMITH. [From the Home Journal.] In every profession there is a recognized leading man? one whose pre emlnrnce is so decided that nobody calls it in ques tion. Among those who teacu the art of writing, Oliver B. Goldsmith is just that indisputably pre eminent person and recognized heud of the profession. French language.? prof. d. lagroix, no. 2*9 Broadway, continues to receive new pupils for Uionmgh instruction In "the Fienoh language. Imparting 10 them, by an easy ami efficient manner, a practical knowledge ot it tiy a new n^n the conjugation of verbs Is so simplified as to be readily understood and acquired. Terms reasonable. GOVERNESP.? A YOUNG LADY, EXPERIENCED IN tuition, wishes to obtain a situation at the South as resi dent governess. Her course of instruction comprises Kng llsh In all lis branches, French ami music. Unexceptionable re'eretccs given and required. Salary not so much an objeot as a comfortable home. Address Kmuia, Herald office. Spanish and French languages.? pkof. a. PI KB R A can receive a few pupils for Instruction in the above lai gouges. Terms very moderate. Address 70 White street, two doors trom Broadway, lrom 12 to 6 o'cloek P. M. isiTiNG govebnesp.-a youngI lady~who"1iar bad several years' experience in teaching, wishes tor a lew more visiting tuitions. Instructs In music, French ana English. Reference to h?r present employers. Address Te*ch er, Union nmw l*Mt cAe*. WTOESjWm Li4i;ons. A CHOICE SELECTION OF BKANDIBS, SHHRR7. mac elra, port and claret wines, Jamaica mm, Holland ?ln, schnapps, old Monongahela, Seotoli anil Irish whiskers, <ondon ana Dublin porter and Scotch ales for sale at IT Nl> t! II HILL A MATTKBaOM'S, 430 Broom street, corner of Crosby DEXTER'S iTROY ALE? ? A PVRE EXTRACr~KROM malt and hops, containing from twelve to fifteen per cont more stock than any ale In market, and no doubt, the best ale brewed in the United States. C. WARD A CO., Agents, 110 Murray street. IV It OAK CHAMPAGNE? THIS NEW* BRAND OF champagne, from the vaults of Billeesrp Salmon, is of fered lor ssle by J. MKYER, Jr., 14 Broadway, sole importer lor the Coiled States. POIHKBN, OR "MOUNTAIN DEW" DISTILLERY, HO Crand street, below Fourth, Willismilurg.? To dealers, pure Fpirits und re distilled cin. by the barrel, at lowest mar ket ices. Five pci cent oil' for cash. THOMAS A. DKYYR. WE MAKE THE FOLLOWING EXTRACT FRO M~AN advertisement which appears In a recent HaVeni pa per:? To I.lnunr 1 enters.? A fresh Fuprly of green and vellow grape snd cognac oils, one ounce of wbtch is sufficient for 2 (10 gallons* plrlts; most natural imitations of 'Jamaica and it. (>olx rum; Monongahela and Irish whl.kev; giu. port, sherr* cnde'aiet wines; likowlie, coloring for all those liquors and explicit directions for use. Please address O. Millard, box 8, Cincinnati. Ohio. FIN! ARTS. PRINTING, PRINTING, PRINTING.? MERCHANTS, storekeepers, tradesmen, societies, oommlt'ees and all other* who wish their printing elegantly done, on the cash prin ciple will find the printer. THOMAS V. SUTTON, at his old stand, 142 Fulton street, Between Broadway and Nassau stre?*. PAJVCrVQ ACADRMRS. MLLE. CAROLINE VtZIEN'S DANCING ACADEMY, No. 21 Howard street Is now open for me season. Cissies meet lor the Instruction ot ladles and gentlemen at 3 o'erck P. M. to S. and at H to 10 lo tlie evenlug, for practise, llrsnd ("ancltg soiree every Saturday evening, from 8 lo 11, A !mlsf ion 60 cents HKOARS. SEGARR? CASH PURCHASERS OF FEGARS CAN procure bargains, and have a selection from a s'ook of nearly a million imported Havana, domestic and German. The principal portion or the<e segars must be sold ImmedUtelv, to pav advances. Operas as low as $8: German segars from 13 SO upwards. O. CHBKKS, 31 Broadway, up slain. REMOVALS. TO MERCHANT TAILORS AND CLOTIIIERS.-R. | POTTS begs loave to mfcrm his customers and the trade that he has removed from No l(t9 F ultra street to No. iV9 Franklin htreet, one door west of Broadway, opposite Taylor's Intercatlcnnl Hotel. Thankful for former patronage, ne so licits a continuation of the same. rUMITlRE, /COTTAGE AND FANCY FURNITURE WABHROOMS, V' at 514 Broadway, opposite the Hi. Nicholas Hotel. ? G. M A TP RWH otters for sale the most extensive avortment of fnncy . college, enamelled and French furniture In the United States, at reduced prices; every variety of mattress ns, paili imh, pillows, bolsters, 4c., at manufacturers' prices. THE BALL MEAHOV. CEAMC* BALL. ? MR. PERACHIO INFORMS HI5! O friends and tbe nubntj In gsrer >1 that be wi!l give ? gr ind nn cv di e?s hall at the ( ity Assembly Ho'>m? on Wednesday evniliig, Kebiuiiry 20, llfi? Tl- ket?. admit ting a gentlem in and lady, tj; ladle ' exti.i, II. Sfraub'? nlendid band will hI tend. nilW PUBLICATIONS. Ahcmb book. LANMKBK. _ Bt Km Jwa C. A. Do?r, Author of Farmingdale." 1 vol.. l2mo. Price 11 15. "In t he delineation ot character Mrm. Dorr la ataiaat equal vo Clifier Beil. and nothing can be more true to nature than her drawing ef Mr*. Alllaon, Margaret, and the bewitching Jessie." ? Buflalo KepubMc. "Ihe style of the wore la certainly beautiful? at time* It al most melts the reader 10 teara by lta pathetic ilMcripttoos, and eapuvaiea by lta uuthiulnea* a nature.**- Hudson Mar. "Wekni w of on ehld heroine*. even among ihoaeot Dickens, mere aelleatcly drairo tban Beanie Y. tve. Mirror. "'Lai mere' la no ordinary produilloa; aside from the iut?n*e Interest ibe story mint create in the mind of every reader ? aside from ihe natural and ingenious manner In which tbe pi jt la developed, aud the fanh'u portrayal ot characters, whose exact counterpart!) exlat In oar very midat, there la a deep mora, wblcn will find an abiding place In every heart."? Boa ton Yankee Privateer. " a apiendid domestic romance, Ulual rating the odlcea of na tural g( vernmeot, and g'vloir uh a greater teaat than in her former essay.''? Boston Intelligencer.

" One cannot tbe from lta perua&l without feeling that ihe heart baa heen put In closer and bunpler cummunii) with bu rner lty and heaven."? Boston Family Visitor. "Bra. Dorr excels in her illustrations of Yankee character, and ' Debby.' ihe talthfuJ, tldv. and Industrious housekeeper, will be Instantly recognized aa a genuine study trom nature.'* ?New York Kvening Post. " It la written in a sty lu of oalm beauty, and yet abounds In vigorous th >ught and in excellent lesson* which are fitted at once to lmpresa and improve tbe heart."? Boston Puritan Recorder, " It is a story rf New Pngland domestic life, to'd without exaggeration, lull of gentleness aid sweetness, and ail man ner of delicate refinements."? -Philadelphia Inquirer "A dellghUul book? one that may be rest with pleasure and profitaround the home fireside."? bailn?etl (Me.) tiazede. Published by MABON, BROTHKRrt, Mew York. A great pookbt guide fob the meciianio and engineer.? Nearly ready lor subscribers, the Mr.ruisic's, Machinist's and Kmsinkeii's Practical BOOK OP RhPnRKMOE: Containing tables and formula; for use In superficial and solid mensuration, strength and weight of material!), mechanics, ma chine ry hydraulics, hydrodynamics, marine engine1), chemis try, ai,d rriscellmeous receives, adapted to and fcr the uw of all classes of practical mechanics, 'ogether with tie ENGINEER'S rIBl.O BOOK: Containing formula) lor the various methods of runnine and changing lines, locating side 'racks and switches, Ac., bible of radii and their logarithms, natural and logarithmic versed sines und external recant*, natural sines and tangent.1 o evirv degree snd minute of the quadrant, and logarithms of natural number* from 1 to 10,000, By Charlss Has lett, Civil Engineer. Edited by Charles W. Qacklky. Profe:-eor of Mathematics in Colombia College, ft. Y. In one l?mo. vol. pp. 621); bound In morocce, gilt, pooketbook form, with tuck*. Price $2 60. As a book or reference the engineer. the architect, the shipbuilder tbe mtoon, the car penter, the joiner, tbe agriculturalist, the manufacturer aud artisan in Iron and every species of material will find ru es and recipes for all kinds of estimates, computations, emstrue Hone, mixtures, Aa , which will exoite surprise at their num ber, novelty and value to every one. For further Information those interested will learn lta varied character and utility by consulting the con'ents. furnlthed on application, free or ex penae or postage. Published by STmINGKB A TOWN8END, No. 222 Broadway, And will be sold only by subscription. Enterprising agents wanted, in all sections ot the ununtry, to canvas* for this t;r?at work. N. B ? Mailed free of Doetage on reception of the price. < A CHARMING AND TOUCHING STORY."? ATHK ./V ntcum. | I). APPLETON A CO., Stf and 348 Broadway, Publish this day. from early sheet*, A new romance, by Julia Kavanagh, entitled RACUEL URAY: A tale founded on fact. By Julia Kavanagh. One volume, llmo. Paper cover*. 60 cents; cloth, 75 cents. The London journals al), wl'b one accord, unite In giving praise to the talent displayed by Julia Kavanagh lu this new iale. Ihe Athena.-um, one of the most tastidious ot critic*, says: We heartily recommend the story, and shall rojoice when Miss Kavanagh will give us another equally good. BBi some or the opinions or the English press. [From the Lor don Observer I Miss Kavsnagh has surpassed herself in this ta!e. We pre fer it to her "Nathalie" and ' Madeleine," clever and attract ive as they are, [From tbe London Pont ] "Rachel Gray" is a well written story, full of life, passion and sentiment, ai d abounding In interesting adventure. [From the London Sun J Tbe attention Is riveted by the manner In which the events ?re described, and the sympathy awakened by the fieiiuu e characters brought forward. [From the London Athentpum ] ' Rachel Grav" is a charmirg and touching story, wrought from the humblest snd simplest of material*; but tha interest U genuine, and the story Is narrated with grace und skill. A joiing seamatrsas. neither beautiful nor clever, is the heroine. Tlioio is t, either love nor the shadow of a lover In the whole book? the hertlne begins und ends unmarried; yet the Interest is sin tallied, end tbe teader'* sympathy never falls. The som bre, y details amongst which Kaehel's lite Is passel are mace btautmil. ard almost saintlike, bv the gentle, single minded ob?dlct.ce with which they are fulfilled. No one can read the storr r.nd not fee' a go M inlluenoe from it. 'J bo character* oro vigorously sketched, and have a lifelike reallt'. ?ho brisk little French woman (Madame Bote) brightens tbe j:ielu>r> al- J ores, Ac unfortunate tradesmau? hU ho,>e? , mi struggles, aud sorrows, wiih his love for bis oe^vl'b, tlckly daughter? has a homelv. tragic pathos wo have seldom teen excelled, i hat sick daughter, too, as a slight sketci is ndtn I'lilt, V, ? heartilv recommend tb<* story, and shall i?jo!re Miss Kavanagh will give us another equally gi <k1 Now ready, new edition* of the following works, by tbe s*me author:? <*MaCE LEE. 1 vol. l?mo. Cloth, $1; paper oovers, 79 cent*. Nathalie : a uie. 1 vol. i2mo. ciotu, $1. DAISY Bl'BNS: A tale. Price SI. Madeleine, i vol izmo. 75 cent*. WOMEN OF CHBIBTIaMTY. I2mo. 75 cents. Astahtlinu ROMANCE ! Equal to the belt pi od action of ecgenb sue. A thrilling romance by the author of "The Creole Wife: A Page from the Black Book " entitled 1HK RaXH of THK SEINE; or, The Hirer thieves of Parts, will be commenced in TI1E HEW TORK XEHC17RT or Sunday, February 17. Lovers of romance should not full 0 perure this most excellent production. The general contents of to morrow's Mercury wlli be found of the most interesting character. All the current town topics 01 the week, local andforelgn news, Brooklyn and stiburcmn correspondence, and other attractive features. The Mercury is the largest three cent paper In the world. For tale everywheie. OWITT'S HISTORY OF PRIESTCRAFT I* ALL AGliS and Nations, 75 cents; Who Was Jesus Christ.' Being a Short Inquiry Into the Gospel Story, 12 cents; Fame's Work-;, 3 vols., Ill mo.. $1 ?0; The Creed of Christendom: Its Fotinla Uons snd Superstructure. 12 mo.. 91 25; Feucrbiich's Usscnce of Cbristlanltv, $1 25 ? "The most profound materialistic wotk ever written."? Strausa. The Lire of Jesus, critically fcx amlned, 8 vo., pp. 901, $8 50; do. in 7 number* at 60 cents ?act>; No. 1 now ready; will make, when bound 2 vol*. 8 vo Compte'H Pofitive Fhi:o?ophy, 8 vo., pp. 838, 88; Vestiges of Civilization, SI 25. Scut bv m?U. C. BLaNCHARD, 82 Nassau street. MAGINN'S misckllanies l'uoltsheil this day. February 16, THE SH?K8PKARB PaFKRS, Of the late Wm. Vaginn. LL.D., (vol. 3, of Miscellanies,) annotated hy Dr. McKen/.ie. in one vol. 12mo. Price $1 . Yet another cummentator and critic upon hoakapeu-cl Ihc late Lr Map inn. whose name is Msocimted with the early succcssof Blackwood's ucdFraser's Magazines, who hud long prepared for a new edition of BMksoenre, only realized a portion oi his purpose. His analytc crtUctcm on the leatilng characters of Sbakspeare's piavs, and his arguments in pro-it' of the lenrnlng of "Che bard of time," which are well remem beted, are here collected by l)r. Mackenzie, and torm the third volume of Maginn's miscellaneous works. Much ingemuty of reasoning, great scholarship, and many suggestions as to nenr readings ot Sbakspeare, characterize this interesting volume. J. 8. REDKIELl), 34 iieeicman street. OW RKa I)Y? kOUNO AMERICA. ABROAD I Thk Adventures of Mr Cousin Smooth. By Timo hy Teu'pleton. ot Tewrs mry. '"Mr. Solomon Smith is it repiesentative of Yonng Amerlc t, who makes his way to Washington In starch of a'plaro Tue oi a he obtains trom Mr. Pierce Isa sort of roving commission, as envoy lr general, whhh takes him to England ami Osend, among other i>la< es, to see bow the diplomatists and employe* ot Ll cle Sam do their duty. 'J he plan is not a hart one for ex hlbitlng .American place hunters at home and diplomatic | agents abroad, nor is It wanting in acidity."? i.oi.dou Hpi'.c tator. ? This work is destined to create a decided sensati'm in the national caiitaL the Cabinet ?ni throughout the country. It is a most withering tutlrc on the pruaent administration, ari<l contains, also, some sly and wel. dliccled insinuations on the mat ners of John Hull snd his North American Colonies. 7.W pp 12ruo. 60 cents paper, 75 ceuts cloth. SPIRITUALISM VS. THRISriANITY; Or, Spiritualism Trrodgblt Exposed. By Rev. J. W . DA.Mt.Ls. "We have to contend a/ralnst our own fanaticism; for I as sure you, from my own experience and observation, that the fa.-einaton of this intercourse ls|so great, that its temdenoy Is to lead wen away from their proper judgment, and loslll a ? pirlt of fanaticism most revolting to the calm and natural mlid."? Judge Edmond's Lecture, In the Broadway Taber nacle, February 16, 1855. 1 vol. 12mo.. Illustrated, $1. LATELY PUBLISHED. Mr Roxdace Ann Mr Freedom, by Frederick Douglass, 401 pp. 12mo., steel portrsit. $1 29. liFNnr VIII. and His Htx Wives, by Henry W. Ilerbert, 441 pp. 12mo., 7 steel portraits. (1 2T>. Catherine It. of Russia, snd Her Successors, bjr Samuel V. Pmuck *r, 338 pp. I2z<0., steel nortr-ilt, $1. Henrietta Kobiksok, by D. Wi:?ou, Esq., 330 pp. 12mo. , stetl portrait, 75 cei?ts. M1LLKK, oRTON * MULLIGAN, Publisher*, 76 Park row, N. Y., or 107 flen?sec st. Auburn. 4 W iiKRi: roskthkIiolntains, there to him V? were iriei.dt " TBE GREAT FIONKER8 DANIEL BOONK AND TriE HUNTERS OP KENTUCKY. By Wm. II. Itogart. 12 mo., Illustrate*. $1 25. A SI W AND HELt A til K BIOOKAI'HV Of the hold hunters ana the noble men who, by bold and per sistent contests with "wild beasts and with wilder m-n.'' opened the Great West 'o the pr gress ol civilization a^d the aria. Dr. T. Romeyn Beck says of it: ? "It Is n popular work, and at the same time well worthy of Its popnlarl'j. I p'aee It atuoog the tire side books ot' our country. " Single copies sent by mall, tost paid, on mcelpt of price. Address orders to NILLF.K, ORTON A MULLIGAN, Pub lisher*, No. 25 Park row, New York, or No. 1(?7 tlenesee su. Auburn. NEWSPAPERS. ' COIJ N OILMAN DIXON. -A FAITHFUL PORTRAIT, (toman ambrotypc, beMUfully engraved, will bo pub lished on Saturday morning In FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUS TRATED NbWsPAPKR, with twenty other engravings, 'lo be bo<l at all news depots. Frank leblucs illustrated newspaper. No. 11, issued ihls morning, Feb. Ul, contains tne following HPLkNUID ENGRAVINGS: Great national two-page picture, in honor of the Anniversary of Washington's Btrihday, Feb. 22 1856. Portrait of R. S. lilxon, late Foreman et Hook and Ladder Co. No. 11, lite new United Plates steam frigate Merrimoc, on her trial trip Celebration of the first Anniversary of the New York Wo man's Hospital, Clinton Hall, Astor place. fjDrtraltaot Dr. J. W. Francis and J. Marion Sims. M. D. New City Assembly Rcn.cia, Broadway, New York? Indus trial Fete given by I. M Singer A Co. I'uildirg temporarily used ru> the Woman's Hospital, No. 83 Madison avvnne. The Olant's Cau?eway, Ireland. View of Blarney Castle. View of the Ruins of Oashel. A House In the Suburbs ot Bucharest. hetllecce of the t.'rsnd Itoyard of Wallaclila. A Young fl'otnanof I'nchiirnst. A UUle WMer Carrier O Bucbarrsl Portrait of Oscanjan. the Turkish lecturer. t'ostumeof a new Tri'>e or Esquimaux, discovered hy Dr. Use In Victoria I .snd. The Ganges "'anal, Roontee, Indli. Pt.rtrali cfW. 1'alirer, tho l>npiUh poisoner. CLess, by on expe.-ienced editor. rontinuatkm of the thrilling romance, "Tho las' of h s Ritce." For Kale at. all news depotiL /. lth I'ICaY1.>K OF TO DAY IS FULL ' F i un. ir 1 ccntAlns a tellln/ earluatnee on President Flerce's v:iton tine from Mien Colo.nb.a Nine cornlc tllBStra'kma, ?bTnin? lo what Snse uses the Am< rican eavle Is eoaf antly put. Lari^e eu1 on bttyir.g valentine*. Caricature on tbo high boot ?? mi ??/- ubo is in the imot!' David Dufflck* continue I Pro'. Jniiiis Cn-?ar Hnnnihal. Wrecked In Besides in tinumal smountif sptoy edRorial parodlei, Ae. Ftni enough 'or a who'e we< k Pri?c three ceuts Ho.'d ?: all the netvr depots m the rnitfd Ptalev ?FECIAL NOTICES. A P. A.? GRAND CELKBHATIO* op WASHINGTON'S ? birthday ,bv MaJdense Lodge No 9, In the Broidway ?rnacie, on February 2 1, u 7H P. M. ab addre*? will be dattvcrwt on WmIiu>|iod end lb* Kavuiu'Jun- by the Re*. T. L Cuy ler, and on Wlll'am the Third and bla Glorious Achieve menla, b? the K?v. J. B. Pin ey, LL.D. Tieke e Meentoetsh. j*B *!? ^ Wm- Ha" 1 Him', xs7 Broadway, and at the door, In the evealng. By order. PMc^mlKlW^^raUrr, | 01 Committee. A*L!!4TJ'AX1 SJAXKMKNT ok THK BUBINK88 AND CON dltloo ol the Manhattan Life Insurance Company, of New xork. January 1, 1866 Capital (trek $100 000 HO Reserve of January, 1854 82 648 35 Balance of business of 1866 " luHjas 68 Amount ol premium* received during U?y?~r-; ???? $156,221 03 ? lutereit and discount 31624 7 5 ?' dividend, annuities, Ac. . . . 7.i? 02? 1194.030 80 Balances dne sundries, tor dividend of IfcM, agents' balances, Ac 10 392 88 *otal $496,27051 UBsBUMSKJIHia. Claims by death $72,018 00 Expenses, taxes, ralarica, commis sion. Ac 25.536 21 Be Insurance and purcnased policies 9,04'J Dlvklenda cm capital 7,6o0 00 Total $114,703 84 ASSETS. Bond and mortgagee on property in the city of New York and Brook lyn. with double tho am't loaned $168 800 00 Premium loans at 7 per cent interest 156,602 88 Agent's accounts [for premium* in coune of collection A transmission. 30.420 42 Cash in bsnk ai d on hand 6.330 68 CJty botids and storks..... 4,860,00 L Her red premiums, accrued Inte rest and 'multure 14..W2 6*? $496,270 SI The director* have, after appropriating a provisional fund of two hundrt d and seventy one thousand one hundred and ninety three 87 ltlO dol ars ($971,193 87 100) ovrr %ud ihive tbe capKal iU>ck of oue hundred thousand dollars, UO'1 lured a dividend et six per cft3t on the Rcrlp f?r profits decla rod Jan 1, 1864, ol Interest payable to the Holder* thereof, on Ut? ad justment of the prem'um* for thu current venr. C S. Wuti'LK, Mccreary. N. D HJKOaK, President. AT THE ANNUAL ELECTION POR DIRECTORS OP the Kecond Avenue Railroad tXtmpan*. held at the c >tn pan) V oflice, at Forty second street, on Monday, February 4 1866. the following gentlemen were elected for the ensuing jear: ? Dbnton Pkakhall, William Coi.kmab, William L. Yollk, D. J Hiieuwoop, Ohablxs Millkk, A. B. Rapklvk, ?F. C. Pkadkn, R. H. Oorr.i A. W. Youle, Zophab Pkabjall, E. P. Roukks, Jamks B. Muluuaw, Charlies H. Hawki.n*. At a subsequent meeting of the Board of Directors the fol lowing gentlemen were unanimously elected as officer* of the company lor I he ensuing jear: ? DRNTON PEAR8ALT., President, WM. L. YOULE, Vice President, W*. COLBMaW, Treasurer, P. C. ROQKR8, Secretary. B DT A PKW DAYS MORE Remain till the clotting of the books of the COSMOPOLITAN ART ASSOCIATION For their second annual distribution It will positively take place on the ?8th Inst. Subscriptions renewed for ail the $3 magazines at the Knickerbocker olllce, 348 Broadway. Florence and keyport joint company.-re port of the present year may be had at the ollioe, No. S3 Beaver street, hew York. THOMAS LOYD, Treasurer. MaYOR'8 CFFICF, NEW YORK, FEBRUARY 16, ISM.? Notice.? No ice Is hereby plven that all persons who re quite to be vaccinated will he attended to oromptly, wt'hout charge, by application at either of the dispensaries, where physicians are constantly in attendance; and tt is recommended that all nho have not been vaccinated should avail themselves Immediately of the opportunity thus offered. The New York iib-penaary is located st the corner of Centre and White streets. The I- astern Dispensary, in Lud.ow street, In tho rear of l Issex market. The Northern Dispensary l? loca'ed comer Wnverley plare and Christopher street The Deinllt Dispensary la located at 371 becond avenue. Ihs Northwestern Dispensary is located at 611 Eighth avenue. _ FERNANDO WOOD, Mayor. VTOTICB TO CREDITORS.? NOTICE 18 HRRE BY GIVEN J_\ according to lav, to all persons havtnif claims agairut Charlotte Osborn, Ute of Bellport, In the town of Brook haver, anc county of Stiflolk deceased, tnat thev are required to ex Libit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscribers, ite executors ol the last will aud testament of the said de ceared, at the dwelling house of Edward Osho-n. one of the executors, st Beilpnr> aforesaid, on or before the IDlh day of August next. Dated the I2Ui_day of F?"b?u?rv. 1856. KOWaRDOSBORN,) WILLIAM KBVAnIs Khutors. Notice to the members of Doric looge, iu>. ;Stv K, and A M.? Brethren, you ore ronpefjt'uily in roimed (bat ihe lodftc) has renolred to oclu^ra e Its annusl '(Clival on Tu?>day evening lit it, the 11Kb iust, ul I'ytlvi,: >p, , Ha'l, So. 197 Walker street. near the Rowerv. You are tra terr.aUy Invited to be present. By order ot committee llEMtV BRKMUR, 1*. M. H. Al'PLIfH JFF. J. MINEUAIT. P. TAYLOR. National hotel, wAFiriNTON.? ttib public are informed that in consequence of my recent indisposition, occasioned by over exertion in opening ray Hotel in WasulnK ton 1 have been detained for sotro time from the activc duties ot the establishment. but beg leave to In'orm them that my health belnpoow nearly restored. I hope, 'n a lew days, to re sume my charge at the head ol' the National WILLIAM GUY NH OTICE.~THE MEMBERS OF THE LIQUOR DEALER*' Society are hereby notified that the undersigned w now ready io receive their respective dues, up to the 1st tout. , at hi.i oflle-, Odd Fellows' Hall, dally, from 9 til' 12 A.M., and from . till 0 P.M. M. SOHWARZ, Clerk. PBOPOSAL8? OFFICE OF THE GOVERNORS OF TflK Alm-hou>?, Feb. 15, lHiti ?To Carpenters ? Sr.aied pro posals will be received by the Governor* of the Almshouse, *t their rfflce. Rouuidn Park, until So'olork P.M. of the 21st ln*t., for tl#ortDg vlih Ik inch narrow yellow GeorgU pine plank, the lower hall ar>d recesses of the Lunatic Asylum on Black well's Islurd. For further Informt Uon In relation to the work, parties ? istiLig to estimate, apply, to (J. C. RUTHKR FObl>, Vcq., at the asylum. ItHE MF.KHERS OF ANGLO-SAXON LODOR OFF. AND A. M., No. 137, are hereby summoned to attend a special meeting ol that lodfre, on Tuesday evening, the 211(1 1 Itwt., a' 7Ja P, M , to take into consideration the propriety of changing their placo ol meeting. J>y order of tiie W M. THOMaH T. OCTr.RURIDGE, Secretary. Brooklyn, Feb. 16, 1S50. TJLT ASBINGTON'B BIRTHDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 1S66.? II Banquet at the Astor House. A rr._nd c inner In honor of A\'n.?hinptnn and his principles, will he given at tbn Ar.tor Houre, on Friday evening, 1 eb. 22, 1806, at S o'clock P. M The ticket* arc already nearly all taken. The remainder mav be had at the ud.iourned meeting to be held at the As'or House, on Munday evening, the ISth last . , nt *}? o'clock. All friendly to the object in view are Invited to attend without further notice. By order of the C< malice of Arrangements. WII^LIAM E. BOKiNSON, Secretary. KISCELL AXEOl'S. 1??r: CANAL STREET, NEAR VARICK.-W. A H. iU'J VAN NOTE'S grate and fender, kl'ohen range sum mer range and stive waremom We have a laryre astortmact of tho asove uamea articles for sale, on reasonable ierm?. Orates and ranres set, lined and repaired. Btoves lined. Jew ellers' and brass founders' furnaces built. Bbidgewater paint.? -the Bitsr article known for rcol'n of houres, decks and bottoms of vessels, an.', outside work generally, being a perfect pro action ajalns"'. the action ot the ?nio.pheie. For sale at the company '? de pot, 90 Water street. BRf8UE8 OF EVKRY DESCh BPTION ? AT THE RRCRH ffcetory 3S7 Pearl street. Franklin square All artlclei ?old at the lowest factory prices. Paint brushes of a superior quality constantly on hand. Machine brushes r.i-wle to order. JOUX K, HOPPEL.. CLOVE ANODYNE TOOTHACHE DROPS ? The eiernciating torment" of toothache can be speedily re II ?\ ea b j Ihe me of ihil remedy, without Injury to the gums or tenth, It acting solely upon the nerve. Eminent ilentlats have a high oplnioc of it, and consequently recommend it to their pa tients. Prepared and for sale by A. 11. A D. KaNDS, druggists, loO rata street. Poidby drugtijUt generally. Fowler a kmffin, grocers amd tea dealers, 4S8 Greenwich sireet, would retoMtfully Inform their customers and the public in general t nm tiey have re opened then- store, with a choice stock of fresh family ^oooerius, teas and provisions, in all their variety, ail of which having been bought at the cargo and Importers' sales, will he sold at unu sual low prices. Wholesale and retail groocn and country dealers are invited to call. J. O. FOWLER, 260 and 438 Greenwich street. G?OI?S COMPOUND EXTRACT.? THIS ESTABLIUHKE medicine is still offferod to the puMia as the most ratta'ao tory remeor f?r certain diseases. It is a suiCL'ilfie prepsratloD of articles celebrated ter the cure of thcae oacmlaints, entirely vegetable, beautifully solidified, and lotA? daviiM of ta<? ao2 sme.l. It wiU uot dlasgree with the mort n*4le?ta stamacli, ii nonvenienttn lorm, and may be taken without a*t<looraect irem business In aay weather, aod witliout alter* a?n or Price f 1. Full dir-ectlona accompany each jar. e>o:d whole sale and retail by the sole ng'-nt. fl. DRUMMOND, Apothecnry, 307 Broadway. Machine leathrr belting, of Tmi bra r quality, nu.nuliictured by I'HILtP F. PASliUAY, No 26 Spruce strest, M. Y. Superior lace loaiher aiways on hand. VpffW PATENT SPECTACLES.? nntY IMPROVE VI IN sion, suit tor hfe, change to greater maeniUong uower> not required; neir and distant ohiec'-s sM>n distinctly throng* one pair. FRAN KM, lecturer on the eye, patentee and maker, No. 2 Park raw. oppoMto Astor House. AUeadaoce U) A. M. tot P.M. Rats dovt die in thftr holes, hut come out and rile, by u?irg COBTaK'S ?ff?ctual rat, eockrosch, Ae cxtermlrator. Wholesale snrt retalKlepot, No. S88 Broad way. Not dangerous to the human tainlly. Roman rye balsam. For wrak eyes and Inflsnted eyelids. This bai< nn Is the very best prepCTation that oaa be ut ?d tor lnllammatorv dli eases of ihejejes and evelid*. Wiien the disease is confinert to the erternal coat of Itlie eyeball and InUTii'il lluio'c ot the eyelkl, it acta almost Uke magic tn allaylog nil lrriUuioa aud Infl.immaUoo. Price 26 cents per jar. For bale by A B. A. V. HAND*. Druggists, 100 Fulton ft. rpHE rNDERSIGNED BEGS LEAVE TO INPOP.E 1 druggists knd dealer* hi leeches that he lias eeaslantly an hand, and at low writes, leeches of a super' * .tu?llty. Orders for any qaantltv from any place In the United States will be promptly atteniod to b/ C WinttHK, Importer ot lee^ea, 75 Warren street.. 1 warn the public te beware of pettrtrs using my name, af I have no travelling agents. THE BE8T DOOR SPRING Yl-T INVENTED TS WEST eott's. recently patented. A psmp'.e cm be seen <m Brooklyn Post office, or No. ? CoriUodt street. Right* for Fair, any orders lor putting up promp?Jy attended to. K. H. BAKCOCK, A Tent. WATCinEtt, ncWBLRTTwl A CHRONOMETER FOR PALE.? A RARE CH VNf'E.? A superior t- i gllHh diaoromc'er, forwhloh the o* i?r lias do lurtne, u<e, will be sold ata great ssrnllee. Inquire at ihe rtore Of itcasra. GRElGHTuN A BLACK, 42 Fallon ftreet. RELIOIOt'H ROTICES. S( ' A M)I !? A Vlhll OU I >ST.TE N ESTB.? ON HO V D> Y NEXT, the 1 7 tli intt.. at H o'clock I" M.? tne 1 ??- il^li V(n!?t?r. K<'v. Mr ^ inrtin u . will ncijln rcyul ir div i rvlj" In at Matilda's i i.t.reh, Wa.ker slrt ot, below Elm atiru^ainl iiro . Iwsj. ~~ rpo rNCTNEPTtS, Ac -WANTED, AN INTEl.rjGETT J in. iii, of Rood chars cter prsc'leally familiar with steam n I bun i y and iimMm to i II patent i itrhtit for a \ aiuable im pi vun'iit. Attdicss W. 1. P., Post otti Ci SITUATIONS WAITED. ARKSPKCTABLK PROTK8TAWT OIK.. WAITS A situation, m chtabcnuld and nmhMn and aastat C tba WMhmg aad itoolng . Can bo *? a for two day*, at bar last employer's, In the store, 179 8th avenue, Iron 10 to i w' clock. ARMPBOTABLK WOMAN. WITH A FRESH BRICaBT of milk, wants a situation In a respectable family. f lease call at 17t a*. A. Can be seen tor two daya. Awatchmakbr, a yocno man op trmpe rate and Induatrloua habits, who understand* the boat re.#, would like to get a situation where be would have steady eroplevtrent and receive liberal wage*. Will gi to any part of tee United btates. Addrea t Louis a Tana, Marganvown, 7a. A REAPMCTaBLB MARRIED WOMAN WISHES TO A obtain a tltuatlcn In a Mghly rc?p*ct?hla amlly aa -et nurse. Oood oily reference can be I iven and can pioduce her marrlsge I cense. Pleaae call at 36 Odd ? treat, Brooklyn, lur two days. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A 8ITUA Uou. a a >:ood plain conk, a fir?t rale wanber and lroaer, alto a flrst rate baker, aid Las tbe beat etty references ll re quired. Pleaae call at 19 State street. Brooklyn, a*sond floor, front room, for two daya, If not engaged. A bookkeeper wants a SITUATION? HAS had reveral yean' experience. Can give good city reftrance. Address B. K., Herald office. OITUATION WANTED ? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS O chtinbeimald and plain fewer, and to help in taking care on children. Can be ?eeu at her prevent pla;e No 99 Stale ? Ue>-t Brooklyn, on Haturday and Monday. Oood recommen dation* given. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. a* oook warbrr and Iroier, or would do houee vork for a rata 1 family ; she is an excel ent haker of Kread. Ac.; she la a'ao a very good Iauulress. Cau uroduc? good reiereoce from her lait place. Please cal at 24 3d avenue" for two days. TO FAMI< IBS OOINO TO ECROPK.? A YOONO LAI>Y, ? dura I'd in Mi gland Is dextrous of accompanying % family to Europe, new or t.olore the In ot Mav, either aa <XKnnann>a to a l?dy or a* nu'sery jsovenie-s; would be willing to take the entire chart e of the children; ?p?uks French, and understand* a little German, 'the most ui doubted references given and ? equired. Aodrets Adeline, Herald oilloe. WANTED? A SITUATION, A8 A FIRST CLASS COOK: understands baking in all Its briucbes; la a trooo va her and Irorer. and la willing to wake herself erteallj useful: no objectlors to the oountrv; good city references. Inquire at 2>'4 Wet tltitb St., m ar 9th avenue. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN, TO do up itairs work and plaits sewing Uood Apply at 373 I'd avenue, between 23d and 24th sta. Can be tern lor two days. "\l) ANTKP ? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECT ABLB TV voung woman, to cook, wash and Iron, or to do the general housework of a small private family. Has the b-st city reference. Pleaae call at No. a Spruce at, in the base ment. WANTED- A SITUATION. BY A* YOUNO LADY. TO at'etid a store; can write a good hand; or would like to travel with a family to California; Is a good sewer, Addresa R. W., Broadway Post office. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, as cook; undei stands all kiiv'aof cooking, both Alter lean and English; baa the bent of city reference* trom her former employer. Apply at 348 bixth avenue, between 2Ut and 22d sta., for two day a. WANTED-BY A BBSPKOTABLK WOMAN, 4 BABY to wet nurse at her own bouse. Oood reference pro duced. Apply at 2"i Fast l.Hth at., between 1st avoaue and avenue A, second floor, rear building, for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION. IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, by a respectable young girl, as nuo,e and seamstress, or chambermaid and nurse, or to do chamberwork and waiting. Can be seen fur two davs at ber present place, 140 Woji 3 lib at., between 7ih ana 8 b avenue*. WANTED -A SITUATION, FOR AN ELDERLY MAN, either in a stare or office, country or city, or any otner occupation where tho duties would he light; a moderate com pen-athin would be sufficient. Address J. B., Herald ufflse. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A GERMAN OABDBN er. a single man, w ho thoroughly understands the culti vation o' vegetablea, and particularly Uowors and fnilt. lie can luinitth the very best of recommettdat ions as to caoa'illlty , honesty and sobrletv . any person wantlug such a man wni timl him at 105 Madison av., whei e be ia now employed. WANTED-BY A MIDDLE AGED MaN. A SITUATION, aa shipping c.erk in a hardware store; hu been engaged in roe of the largest houses in New York dtate fir twelve Jears; heat references gives. Addrcsa aline lor one week to . Bowen. 162 Fulton street. WANTED-BY AN ACTIVE YOUNO ENGLISHMAN, em plot ment as porter or o'herwlne, In an Imoortiog house. Address for three daya Englishman. Herald oflloe. rtfin ?A GENTLEMAN WHO HAH JUST AB iPtt"?V/w \J . rived Irom England hiving theabive amount at bis disposal, wishes lo meet wlih some employment da has been acct^tomcd to the ijroce'y biulnasn. wbulenle *.od retaH: writes a good band aDd has a tb"rou?,'h knowledge of sct'ounts. 1 be best reference" can he given, if required. Ad dress J. D., Poat office, Brooklyn. HELP WASTEB. A LADY, HAVING LOST HER INFA?T, DBSIRK4 THB services of a bright, tidy Rirt, In i or twelve \ ear* o' ako, who can make herself geuerally useful. Apply, Immediately, at 134 WeatS4th it. A BOY WANTED- IN A BROKER'* OFFICE. A OEN teel, intelligent lhd, about 14 v cars old. App'y. on Sa int (fay, at No. 2 Hanover ?<[uaru, between 11 and 2 o'clock. BUSINESS MEN WANTED.? TWO YOUNG MEN, OP energy, address and resneci&biltty. will nnd a pe-manent situation and good pay. by apphlng to l.yon k 11111) er, 112 Pearl street. Parties unaccustomed to aouve outdoor busi ness seed not apply. COOK WANTED ? WAM)1), IN A SMALL FAM'LY, a woman who in a good p a'n cork and a good w?<t?r and Itonei; she must have tbe ulost satisfactory taettmooiai* tor rapacity, sobriety, honesty a ad good c induct; a ProiesUn, E referred. Such a one mav apply at No 9 &. Lake's p ate, ero> ft., between Bedford and ttudaoa ate. COOK WASTED? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. MOST BE able to get mcala as nauted. One having h-ul experience In a hotel or bearding house preferred; no oiijection to a s> lured man: reference mutt be of the besi character, a dare* 9 Park, Heraid i nice. POST OFFICE CLERK AND JO CARRIER BOYS CAN have steady employment with o?; none need apply with out first clur a business t elerence and good eecurttr. Metro politan Krratd and Carrier Express Companv. 11 I'ln-i street. h. M. Ill.NKLKY, President. WANTED? A RBSPRtrTABlJ! MIDDLE AOED SCOTCH or English woman, us nurse or seamstress; one thoroughly competent to take charge of a very voung infant. Hen of oily refeitncex required. Call at No 32 East 24ih at., netween the hours of 10 and 1. WANTED- TWO GIRLS; ONE A9 CHAMBERM VID, waiter and laundresa; the other as nurse and Muimit/ess. Apply at 122 9th at., from 1 2 to 2 o'clock. w ANTED? A COMPETENT MfLLINKR. titi John st. WANTED? A COMPETENT WOMAN, TO ATTEND TO children and do plain sewing by a family golog so'iiti. Apply, between 9 and 12 M , at 9K) Wen Slat st. Tir ANTED? A PROTESTANT WoM*N, OF STKADY II and worthy character, who l? a good sfmnstrfss and seeustonied to the rare of children; sne mm' be wl'llnf, ob tRing and of kind disposition, spd capable of n sing entrtuled with household airaira. Apply at 33 Sidney place, Brooklyn. WANTED- WAITERS, COOK AND ASSISTANT 'TOOK, tor a refi clot y In the lower part of the city. A up! v at t2 Vestry itrcet, 11) in the morning. Alio a boy to open oj stcrs. T1/AN1F.D? A GIJBL, TO DO THE COOKING, WA*H f > In,;, Ironing, nnd to assist In 'he tip stairs w>nk of a tuiiill lainlly. Also, snother girl, ot about fifteen years of age, neat in her perron, and who ean do plain sewing. App.y Imme diately, at 93 niark meet, Brooklyn. WANTED? A QIRL TO DO TnE GRNERAL WORK Or the kitchen. Must be a good Dlain cook, washer, ironer, Ac. None need apply without the best recommendations. Apply at No. fi Wooster st. WANTED? A COOK; F REICH OR SWISS PREPKR ed; none but a most competent pers jo need call. Apply at 21 living place. ANTED-AN K.XPERIENCED SALESWOMAN. AP ply at the lace and embroidery s'ore 409 Broadway. WA> TED-IN JERSEY CITY. A CLEAN, NEVT, TIDY girl, as good oobk and washer an" ironer; must and ?r staid her business perfectly, and be fond ot ohil<'?ao. None n>ed apply without tbe vest of references. Ca'J at loJ Gr.'on wich St., befrre 12 o'clock. tlTANTBD-A COMPETENT FRKNCJ WOMAV. vS Vi feairstress and dre">maker; abe mint perl?*M? under s'and rutting aid fitting Indie*' and children's clothing and also teach her own language to children. Apply at 10<J East 14th st. w w WANTED- SUPKRIOR VEST HANDS TO MAKE FINE white Marseilles vests Sumple reqnlred. lhe nest prices paid. JaS WH.PK, Jb. A CO., 27 rark place. TATA NTED? FINE MARSEILLES VEt-T MAKERS, bV V T Baldwin & Slarr. l'a-k row. TiTAKTKD. IN BROOKLYN? A PROTEST AN f GIRT. TT from fifteen to eighteen \ ears of age, lt> a small l.tmlly. Ore who can produce good recommendations will And a plea rant home. Nonn bnta l'lotektant need applv at 361 carletoa a/enne, ninth home south of Fulton avenue, Brooklyn | ANTED- A CLERK IN A DRY GOODS STORE. AP ply at 238 Bowery. 7AN1ED-A YOUNG MAN, AN AMERICAN, AS ' elerk and bookkeeper Is a gas fitting and tlxfue estab lishment; trust be acquainted with the buslnnsa. Appiv be fore 9 o'clock A. M., for three days, to W. 11. SUllmari, l,u3i Biond way. WANTED-A BOY. IN AN OFFICE, TO RUN Eg rands and make himself generally useful, talarv first, roar, $60 Apply, at 10 o'clock A. M., at No. 7 New v.reet, third floor. WANTED-A BOY, ABOUT FIFTEEN YE \RS OF AOE, In a hardware store;l.e must besmart, active and mtel Igent, and wlll'ng to make hlmtelf generally useful; goo l ,-e c< mmendatiotis as to character will required. Apply at 70 tith avenue, corner of Waverley place. TIT ANTED? A sSlART BOY. ABOUT l/? YRaRS OLD: v? one who can com* wall reoommesded may oail at 729 Broadway, after 0 o'clock. J AME.j QUaY A uO. ANTED? IN A CLOTHING STORE, A YOUNG MAX 18 cr 20 j ears of aje. Apply No. 1 James slip. WANTED -A COLORED LAD, TO WAIT ON A 0*N tlemsn; also a vonng girl to lake care of children. Ap ply to F. A. Abbot, 70 Wall street, basement. ANTED-A SMART BOY, WHO CKS READ AND write. Apply at the factory, 134 Crosby st. TjrANlED-A DRUG CLERK. ONE WHO UNDER ft stands ibo prescription business thoroughly, a?d who ct n bring the best of city reference as to uha rooter and ability, n.ay hear of a good situation by applying at 1(13 Broome st., eoner of en Hoik, In the drug store, at fl o'clock in the evening W VN TKD? TWELVE ABLE BODIED YOUNO MEN TO ge as retUers In the honth. t'aesace free. Applr at f RKNCH'S Hotel, corner of Park row and Frank, to. t street, form No. 102, between 11 and 1 o'clock^ "IV' ANTED? A SrOTt H CAFDENFR, WIFE AND 7TO TV chl'di en ; t'oee others need apply; V? iro twelve nr four ten miles in llie coui.try . one who pra?-tlc\lly ucd?r-'ands hla ? n.'it c?e srd can give ?atlsroclor^ referen-e. Apply, in th? evctiing, ui4< ^aet IMihsi , near Madlion atenue. Zl .J) SHIRT FINIs- HERS, SlITCHERS AND BUTTON hoe wnrters wanted, attireen's shirt ma-?nfl?etory. tin 1!'3 Fo'.trti slieet. N< re teed apply hut the very neatest of sll'ile.s tit d best of sewer*. To these oensukit employ Bflcl a"d the hlghwt prlo?s pai4. ^ w w