Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 21, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 21, 1856 Page 3
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qnMMMflm imiewp itert pit. " nwAggraaBiir?, Tf QQ GREENWICH BTRKKT, NEAR BANK.? TO LKT. i OO a three story Hd ' sue menl house. wiih under cellar, tbsee ream* deep on first floor, hju gas, bath room, <*e. Rrn1 ??w. Apply ? *[>ore. rjrro bboadway, wkab ninth strkbt. ? to let, 4 I o two large, well lighted roonn on the neiond lioor, Mflnbla (or a doctor, der.tltt. or any tight business; also, thrre NOW M the third floor furnished or unfurnished, with all thi mailers Imprevetueuta. water, oa'h and lit. Poiaeaston lm roerttalsly. Cj^Cn ?TO LET, TUK SMALL THtiKB 8 TORT KLK wUlfVi gent biown none tront, English dwelling bruise. M Went Twenty seventh struct, nearly new, replete with every convenience. Will he pit la beautuul or der and the t ?o firat floor* covered with e.egant tapestry car pets, to nut a firttclsMi tenant., address, or apply to ai. BKBT ffUJJt No. t> trinity Buildings. 1QQ GBFIi*WICH BTRF.KT AND 10 GBKHNWIUIl J OO street to tet; fourth loll In brown atom buiidlDg, oh it Merchants' hxchange Bark, corner of iley 'treat, with a food akyligbt. Apply oo piomlaes, or at HaaLY'S laaay store, 173, ? " 1 door jolow. A FIRST CLASS FOUR 8TORY BItOWV STONE BASE tnebt r.oiue to lot, on Kaal Twenty eighth street, near Fourth avenue. The hoiut la in line order, weil bulit, and ad mirably arrvugee, rent 91,200 Alan several at fcOO, (9ou lui $1^80. _ K. H.KIN8H1MISB, Sl'J Fourth avenue. A FIRST OL\BS HOUSE TO L" iSE? THAT WILL AO commodate 100 boaners; location cettral and very de airable; the sltuallou la oca ot taa best In the city for a r,mail genteel hotel. Restaurant and lodging houae, cirpets, otl etotfaa, As., may be purchased y ^ry l iw, B. W. hUa iKPg, 307 Broadway. A SEAMAN'S B6ARDINO HOUSS TO LET.? THE beuM baa been established us a aoamtn'a boarding hou v> the laat routitwa /ears, and has al ?>}< buJ a iirat rate run of DMNtrt; the house hat bwU ts>UUe'ent to r.uonminoda'e seventy pertooa. and irors ?d The lurnituve wlU be ajlil be low eoat and live years' iauae given to i? irood tenant. Apjly to JaEBB Pi;GH, S44 Water street, N.B.? The proprietor U aboot to retire from the business, and la willing that tho farni Hv? shall be valqpd by referee i appoicted for that purpose, if not disposed of onierwlse. A FAET OF A HOUSE TO LET? WITH IMMEDIATE .A possession. 914 Broadway, betwe-n Twentieth und Tweoty-fliat street; to all live rooms, iu uiie order, with pan try eloeet, bath and goa; yearly ren:, $ S30. A FIRST CLASS HOUbE TO LIOT-WITH ALL Tn? J\ modern Improvements, at soo Seoond aveuue, between Eighteenth and Nineteenth aU eota. Inquire of liocluaoh & Praalow, IC Cedar street. The bouse con be aeon from 12 to 2 o'clock COAL YAH D TO LET AND FIXTURE* FOR 84LR ? 'the above yard u one of th i oldest and beat locnted In tha city, and iha fixtures are In comyle& order lor carrying on a succepaful business. For further partlcujtrs apply to W. M. RCOKEUS, 208 Broadway, up stairs. FrRNIBHRD ROOKS TO LET.? TWO ROOM8 ON THE aeeond floor, to gentlemen only, witlio-U board. Hltuaiion quite near Waabingtou square ? Oai and b?th la the house. He Mranaea required. Apply at 302 Fourth siree. FURNISnRU HOUSE TO LKT? FROM TE1E FIRST OF Ma; ; a four atory brown pione basement house, furnished eomple e throughout, toge^er with all tbe modern improve men -a. situated No. C4 ihirtyfllth s .reet, between Lexington and Fourth aveuoes. Apply to J. t?. CEaI J, National In auracce Co., 58 Wall street, or to C. THORNS, 112 Leonard st GENTB?L DWEU.INO HOCSKfl TO LKT, WITH ALL Ihe modern improrements? .Noj. ^i0 and lil.l Teuth stroet, tr>ree story. atUr and baaemunt, 23 tiK front; No. 12St.Oeor?e's ?lace, Thirtaenth am et near be<x>nd avenuo tour atory and Basement; No. 226 Ninth street, lour atorv, Kng isli baseTent, 12>4 feet trq?>t. N_. W. & h. STaYNK8AN r, No. 9 Wall at. Houses to let ? a smvll ohsteel houbh, on Kaet Twelfth airtet; %tM. Also one on Ka*t Twen'ty-flfth street, SA30 Alaooneoa Lexington avc uue, and one at liW, Alau 60 Otl>e< houses, at rcoU lVoni SrOD lo $1,200. E. B. KlA'hIIlMEM, S19 Kottria avenue. HOUiK TO LET, AND FURNITURK FOR SALE.? AN elegaiit b own stm? h iu-e, with all 'he mol>>rn Im pT<ivenient?, with a fine ya<*d In tbe rear, ) >-0 fee', loop, In an eieereni. ne'itbborhooi in South Brooklyn, to let or lea^e; pos aes'iun any time before May. Also, for sa'.a, all the furniture n the house, it U very rich, a'ld nearly new, and will buaoH on reasonab'e te'ms orevch<.ng jo tor securities or real estate. Address box 1.533 Post oUlce. HOUSF TO LET-AT 79 WEST THIRTY FIRST STRRBf; a handhorae b. own utoue three story and bateuent house, neatly flnlched, and with all tbe modern Wnprov<)mer>U. Kent ?SOO. _ HOTEL TO LFT.?^ THE HCTiL DE L'?CS->PK, TOR nerct Crosby and Hoostoi. uueets, will be ieasul f?r a bote), or lor a school or manufactory. 1 be building is i>> fi'et fro:.; on > ou?ton street and loS or Crosby street, and 1? * e!l aiti attd for a hotel 0/ any other bu.-mess. Apply to iv B0 on Uie piemUes or to W*. C. Kl B6EL, 10o Broadway. T ARQE BOAEBINO HOtTHE TO LKaSE.~A NEW JLJ bui ding, four atorles and baaomerit, 70 feet front "uj 66 OMtdeep *>rowL atone tront. situ tied corner ol fourth and ?path Fifth streets, Brooklyn, (late W Uli^jnsburg,) vrtil be jHtaed to a 53td tenant for a boarding bouse, or private fatally hotel. Tbe house la arranged with all the oonvenionoes ol a Mian imlit house, furnaces tor heating, gas tliturea, Ae.. An. This afloi da a dt-alrabie opportunity to co^amence a good , taidnetK. as the honae la sltua ed lu Uio plea: antes t par. ot tbe afty, on high ground, nod wltbla five ifiiu^w' walk of four f?r W Ihsre is no other hou w of >he land in hat snollon of the ?%, and a number of private families are now ready to lako rooaaa. Terxua moderate to a good tenaanv Apply to WM. WALL, 220 I ion*, au-eet, Now York. T AROK BOA RL I NO HOUSE TO LET AND FURNI XJ tore 'or sale ? At 101 Chrystle street, corner of Orand. TOe location la one of tte best in the central part of the city. Las oean for tbe laat twelve years always lull, doing a good btuinesa, and U only offered on account of the severe illness ot tbe propr e or. For terms inquire as above. OFFICE 10 LKT- THE FRONT OFFICB. FIRST FLOOR, of No. 19 Beaver aueet Inqulrt of HlMPdOM BRo 'J HKltH, u> Beaver street, up stairs. ?pOSBKBBiON IMMEDIATELY. -TO LEASE, FROM OJK JL to ten je?rs the whole or part of he lour story building ndjotolng the Pantfl] Bank and Insurance Company, 1U wand strre* 25 by 10H; ?n excellent sltuaUon tor a ?ma!l ho trl, store, tbowtnoms, architect, tailoring, clab room*. >r any ?'her kind of buslnrs*. Oas and Croton complete. Apply on Ifce pctmises. or to R. E. OLOYER, No. 3 Laawrtlne pta^e. S'~TBAM POWER, WITH ROOM?, TO LET-IN THE HaiUmtnd New Haven Freight Depot, one door Irom Broadway, inquired PH. BENNETT, corner of Frank lu aid Kim aueet i. STSaM POWERS-WELL LIGHTED ROOMS TO LET, with steam power, Ncs. 29 and 31 Oo d street. B. HOE A CO. OTOBK TO LET? THE VERY DK3IRABLE FIYE O Moty building. No 4 Slone ttrcel, at $2,;t)0. Inquire ot MIMPBOM h BOTHERS, No. 19 Beaver street, up ataira. STORK AND CELLAR TO LET.? THE FIB8T FLOOR and of buLdlng No. 39 South William street and S9 fitroe street, at $900. In<iulre of SIMPSON BROTHERS, 19 Beaver slieet, up stairs. mo LIT? TWO THREE STORY BBICK HOUSES OS A Fifty third street , between Fourth and Filth avenues; wis fcetet to good tnaanla at 1300 each. Inquire of C. A R. FOIL VON, 22 ? South street. r I JIT? TWO THREE STORY BRICK HOUSES, HIGH stoop, aub<eUar, Oroton water and f.t, 202 and 201 West Flft earth strait, t.'an be seen irom 10 A. M. to 2 P. M. Apply at IPS WW Broadway, UP stairs. rr? LET- A NUMBEB OF FIBST CLASS FOUR STORY JL hotaKH, l? Ashland ptaae: also, the house 61 (troenwiah a venae, ran' fSOth atsn, the adjoining house, rent $1,000; also. In let, aouxn'i er of oOlona In buildings SIM and 20ti Broadway. Aypty to B. MI.OO MhR, 11. 8 Broadway mo LKT? TWO FINK LARGE OFFICES, DIRECTLY JL opptMim '.be HL Nicholas Hotel. Inquire et JOHN GRA HAM. 616 BiotO way, second floor. riTO IBT-THS TWO STORY AND ATTIC HOUSE NO. .1 493 U<e-? wlch street. Apo y to F. JOHNSON, Castle Garden, or 'art Washington str? nt, BruoUyn. rpO LET? FOR OVE OR TWO YM VR3, A THREE STORY J. modern 'mlit h <use, ait ? nt-d in Mtfooath street, belweea ruth and hti: h avenues, with s i ilia modern Improvements, and faiolsbed throughout, tiie wsoin bW .g In perfoot order. Bent $2 soo per annuc , payable qu trtorlT. A sin ill fatnllv preferred. AiVress box 1,129 Post otlice. Posaesalon in March or April, If pteterred. ?f?0 LKV? OFFICF8 IN THE SECOND, TURD aNI) A Coo nb s-orles of No. 643 Bro wlway, corner of Bleccker street, suitable tor urchttects, 4c. Apply ou the premise*, to JOHN W. KlfCH, Architect. fpo LKT? TWO SPLKNDIO HOUSES AND STORKS, IN X a tirsi rale business loci' Ion; ou KUhth avemte. No*. 1U7 and 44/7 S. between thirty sixth and thirty-seventh street*, the stores are sixty ;eet deep, and the kouios nntolu flfteeu rooms oaeh, with line baaenieuls, Croton water, .to,, Ac. Will be let at a moderate i rut to good tenanis. 1'oh esstoa given Immedi ately. Apply ta M. UOOl-nK, irJ< Cambers .rest. TO LIT-IHE STORE AND FRONT BASKMEVT IN TftR new bu'.duij on tue ucrtbwnst ouinor of hpnng and Cros bystieets. an cical ?nt loontlon for buslnen purposes, in quire id ne bul'dmir, ol Asson House. rLRT-A HOOhTl ANI) STABLW, NO. 1 1 8 VI HQ plHM Fourteenth >trPM. Too aiiim o ri*. uat twenty firs rnoM, ?ad U ?tu<Able f'w a nrivata clan, a >.JAr,Uu.<i ho i-e, ?r far a ph/aiaan, directly oppoalu? the Operi and 44* 11 Hi ??*. Also, two nf.Ot- ??. he * , well lhUsled. and will suit either lor artuU, aeloo'a m olub rojnu. Apply At "5 i!?it fourteenth a TO LKT-THE STORE NO. 18 BOtfhRr: B VSKMKNT Ut do , c?Tuer?tl Pell *trori, atiro 4S Ohr>ati? ftroet; eti' pou ter'* ?1m;' 48 Ubrvstle "tree l; More corner it I Vinson and t tm ton atie**, * ote Mil Divlaion atree'; tltroo atory dwelling I4.'S Clintooilr-et, throe itory ?. welling 'Mi Brooms a'roet. at 214 V+il f?<caiway. r LIT? ON II <?F TI1K POUR ?.EW BKIUK HOWES, huriDrf iron bnlBonie*. Son. 404 to -111) Ai Italic atroet, Brooklyn, veiy dea r*b!e for a riaiJoDcn or a ro-poruMe bua>OP?', '<? >t to a co *1 tenant JWO'i. . jt con'^ln a tie*'. alora ai>d ba*eui?n' U001 a, unit eight rooms oro: the nitre; lu< ya-J oof! walff, '?? p pe?, <frc. Imiu.reo! \\>. tli, joi'd 11.) Fuilofi a'rrti, N?w York, from* to C I' If. only. rro i.> r? at juaw rocheilk, fhom the first or A A fin 1 n a Iwyi* roi j ;0, In good order, rcmtlnin^ 13 room* Ui?v? utarbie ruan'eto, |jr?te?, .to.; uoper room* iaraa ard pleMMM, a tfxxi ^a4<lou. aiil OtjAUUIilfl/ ?Ituat/-a, l>o?wo*a Ibe iMpot (ltd Meombuot lamJlo*. The liuxlturo m tne Woo ?|i| !.?? oU 11 required, 1 poly to M. K. i'f.MON, nor th* '"f.t 'i , or o .1 . 0* . hAH^l f( on lUe promise*. TO T K f i> BROADWAY, FOR LIGHT BV8UfM9 p?jTp<?c*. tholK.iiso (581; will ool' t tnanltj, it ren'iired. A'm, rontn* ,n the U.m?*. ii-tH, imltaolft for dwittitfa' or ptiyft eiaui' <>f!i r?. ibr.v oon'ain u>* inodoj a Ini^jroremoat*. Apply At Ao. 3 0 it urn nice. TO I.KT-A OTTAOB AND FOUR LOTS OK ORO0XO, MT '??! between Fil-v aev?mli an t FKU-etrfbtb aUecta; u' 11 a laige boo**, rontatnl'.g Rbo it lAlrtv n.o*H, on ihe (?*?< n?or, b?lwe*n Klftyfourih and Fifty ?lith ?U-e?U, with ?bot?t '/.I li la of mtacVi'; a'H'Mi ttiree ?to-y briok oarpf :i'??r ' ?> a'inp, on Tblrtl<itb aireiH, 100 :??t woj' ol' Third ?roouo. apply at Frcnch'a Hotel. TO IJtT A PART OF A GKNTKM, nolTPK, WITH A g*r('"i, rimniminn a vartotv of frnlt ?r?o?; I* OHO Of the Bioa' de:.i"is - i-onilot a lii Brooklyn, an.l i* wlttln iil'won ml nutr?" Mdf l>> car ot Fulton l*rry. Addma* I). K. B., Brook ljn PoMofTi' .? ____ TO LKT? TPK TTIRFK STORY AND BAfliTVHNT BRICK holt** r>" (W White si reft, oitl , RO foet weat of Broadway. Atao, be f tir anry irlok dwo'line houae, with sloro on flrjt floor, No. 419 Mirth avenue between Twenty fltlh and Twetitv Aj'fl/ "> CHACNOEY BARN AK1?, ?s Broid way. mO I.ET?TIIE UPPER PART OF THB HOUSR SO. ,"W J. Heury to aimall and re*poctable faml1 7 Inquire on the prem >??? TO LFT-THK THREE STORY ANO BAS4KMPNT dwelJlu* No I'fl WnatTwerty *econd atreet, oppoaiie the olturcb t a > 'i# aeen from ll) to 12 V. M. Haa ranie. lm ha Ku Ae ami U In eie?i>nt or.lflr, beln? new!/ painted ronaho'.' Rent "> ?? *ppm?i ?? lerant. ftto an.l water t?VM AMUBR ICUI^H KftDT, "V4>i Pin# Aroet. TOWAMW aKGISTBR. IO LIT-THK THREE 8TOKY BEIOK HOUSE, asFHBT front. thrt e roomi deep; alt the modern ImsDVeaaanta: beautifully situated, opposite the Thsoiwjtcal Seminary. 2W We*t Twentieth atrewt. between Ninth end Teatu avenues. U11 tie 1KB (torn 10 to 4. Inquire on the pretnlaea, or IT4 W? ter rtteei. TO LP.T-A I WO STOR V ATTIC AND BASEMENT hri< k h'-nse . 14a Delancey afreet, In the bent of order: rent tut : tonUu !tg 13 rooms Inquire of Kiohard Tyler, 7S Waih tngton atreet. or in the corner More. TK? LET? THE EXTEHSIV8 BUILDING, OVER WX1. !e/' s > n] 00c, "13 Mi out way, cozJaiaiag twenty nloe room. Ren', $2 800. Inquire of W. HE.NRY WaLLKR, in^hestoie. TO LET-IN THE CI1Y Or ftEWARK. N. J.. DRY good* tlo:e, If i ltroad street. with fixtures. Kent 1600 per an> urn. Poasenion lit jf Month. Alio twa three storjr store i, wlib dwelling, ? ami 9 .N'ew au-eet', with fixture*; rem <165 par oimutD; poesetsloii lit of Aixil next. Inquire of LEWIS, OAETHWA1TK A CO., fc9 Chambers atreet. rpO LET? POSSESSION GiVKN IMMKDIATKLY. A 1 U rje convenient house, furnished or unfurnished; h haa ku:' and has I een recent'y put In good order; the furniture low, In oonsf quenca of the 111 he?!th of the presout proprietor Piease Inquire in tie house tki F uiton street, Brooklyn. TO LET . LARGE AWE PLEASANTLY LOCATED TWO ttory nuJ attic houao "6 fent by liK), locate i bet ween C hri tonnerrsd Aroor in Fourth street, ho. 12(3. ltent $900, Vrlth une u>' gas fixtures; or ?1,0m If pai'.t-jd throughout. For fuifber particulars inquire of .JOHN JAMISON, 117 Fourth street, second door above Amos. rno LET? AY REDUCED RENTS. TO SMALL AM"RI J cai. f mi'lest flco>? through, consfaiing of Ave rooms, with tHtb. 1 rotou vatcr, An , tn the new houses in Weat M tetnenth afreet, l-etwe*n Seventh aod Eighth avenues. Apply at the office on 'lif premise*. >o. 110 West Nineteenth ttreet, from 3 10 0 o'clock P. M. 'HO LET ? "> HE STORE ASD CELLAR CORNER OF t ?>rten aich and ( hainbc is streets, now occupkd as a gro W] Ala \ 1 he two story brick dwe'lliiEli-.u a. 176 1 h miners street, near U.ecnwloh. Inquire of JOHN MONEYl*hJiNY, 10ft Cual Mreet. TO LET? A SMALL MODERN BUILT TWO STORY AND naiemert br>u*e in Twenty third street, one hundred feet from kerond a\enue; It bus bathe, ta* water clojets and all modern ocnvcnieuces. To a *Of rt tenant, the rent will be rea > oua'j'.e Abo, at 1'.* Ber street, the two office* on first floor. Apply to A. LIVINGSTON , 62 John struct. r|>0 LET-IN BROOELYN, SEVERAL TWO STORY A< meat and tub cellar brick dwellings, marble mm te's. giates, alldicg doors, pump, Ac , In Ailelpbi street, near Ftillco avenue; rert$:'00; part of a fl*st class houae, near City Hall $T:00; sh-o 1SSK Divlaion sheet, ?ew York store and dBellinu, $400. Apply to A. RaINKTAUX, lj'.l Broadway, room No. 4. rVO LET? 1 HE DESIRABLE MODERN BUILT THRKK .1 M'firv house? old No. 7 ; new So. 1.1-uear Soveoth avenue with bath, gas, oil clota, chandeliers, Ac, Neighbor hood good. Bent, $700. Inquire on the premises. rro LET? A SPLENT1 IDLY FURNISHED PARLOR, TO i one or fwo single genlleraen, in a private house, with all the mcde.-n Imp'Ovements; also a slncle room, with grata and tias. Apply a'. '.Hi Prince street, a few doors west of Broad way. rpO I.ET-A FOUR STORY BROWN STONE HOUSE, IN A Tblrfv-civhui street, fourth house from fourth avenue, with trodrra tmp-ovemei'ta Alv>, one three story bilck house, 2l? Spring strea; end one emill house, 2SS Sprlag fUee Inquire of T. A L. ROSS, '.'J Ptarl and 62 Stoub atrtrta. rpo LET-OFFICES, FOR DEALERS IN JEWELRY, J wn'.thes. #c , No. !8 John atrest. from the 1st ol May next. Alteration* will be mode to suit the tennuU. W M. H. SMITH, No. 2 Maiden Wne. r LET- V ART OF TUB DWELLING HOUrfR, 193FI7L ton sfrt et, near St. Pau.'s Church. A cool opportunily for a iiral! lanllir who wish.* genteel residence down town. Apply 011 the premise*. TO LET-IN WEST FOURTFENTH STREKT, THH Ihree s'nrv trick dwelliug, *ituated on the *outii;rly side of Fourteenth siroe', f;r*t houa weal of S'xth avetne, replete with every convenience and noir In perfect order. Apply only to J. W. EJIGS A SONS, 131 Frout 3tre?t. 1^0 T ET? NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS ON FIRST arid S'XOod atoiy, in a quiet honsfl.i 111 Oraid street, a few doors west ol Broadway. Also, front room in batemeut. suitable for 11 u office. PersotLi looklny for apartments will plijaae call. 1 orirs moderate 10 LET. AT HOBOKEN? A FEW NEW FIRST OLAtfJ li'te? ntory aii.l hmsrocat liotiscit oa Kiv;r tcr-ace. live mlnu'ta' wn'k to the fen ry; havn S'lh celli.-s aid f-t)Lt court ja- de; Bri motcm bi ilt ttott nd, repute ihrouihtiiu eith ?Very C"*verJeao?, rn' wa er Va'hs, wi. 'iLsj irorst lq a jiM! ind eMnrnftB'' n > vie v of 'be hirtor. Appl; at tbt oliiceeou'hflai t orrini oi Ifudara and tv:>?oJ s.: ? is. Ta L".f. OP. LEASE - ? T CLTFTOri. STAISit XltiA.VU, a ti, baa-o. tt..iiatei, it .0, **, .*c? *e Inquire at HERON'S Express, South fe r y; ar at K BAki's a'o-f. Vaa''erlii.t Lntkd%ig; 3.1. To LET OP. LV \S"? A Tinri1; STORY A XL ATTJC li<r? ' fF*? W Op"- 1,*? Mrrc'.) ? I', the *r. l*rn pr '?WEcat?. Inquj-e at 253 Bread way, from 'J to \0 A, M., or at ;2 An.:i; k'tse*.. TO 1 ET Ott t?KASE? FOR MASONIC OR I. O. OP O. F. iltjt rooi.i?, the burt'a and fifth ot ?< ; n?.-n bu ld'cj;, 2f7 Bcwerr; also bassmsnt and uuder jailer. A'i ? pb to cy> W. PEAN, 36S Bowery. TO LMT OH LEASE- TUB TWO BRICK EC USES EI.' gibiy tftluaf.-d. 120 and 122 Broome street, aear Brovl wr<.y. 'ih# uiope.-t,i ?ii: be sl'.orrd fci suit the p ants of leal : - at le 'ecanfj. Apply to SAMUEL D. ADDISON, 164 Fulton st:eet, 1 ear B-oadtray. TO LET OR LEASE? THE VERY SUPERIOR TWO 8TO ry and attic flnlrhed brick ctwelliog. No. 12 Harrixm stieet. Ihe above Is one ct the best and most modern buit* dwelliogs in the lower part of the city Inquire of J. CAMP BKLL, Jr., PaciSc Bank. Rent $90N> per aunum. TO LET OR LE *SE? THE STORE. 90 WILLIAM STREET, between Maiden 'ano and Piatt afreet, being f'lr.iisied Wiih iu ai?u> oe, an j>rocf ?*!?. *c Auply betweca It and 12 o'clock, 10 3. B. UUlCHLNUb, i6 Joanureet. rpo LET. OR IWO YKARV LE1S*: FOR SALE? THH A bnilainf kaown as Oonatltntion Hall, (iWI Broadway, ajei alpierents* a carriage repaeiiory. A capital plaee fur any bnsii-c*. For particuJars apply to K. F. GASMAN, l,tJ33 Broadway. rLET OR LEASE FROM THE FIRST OF MAY? ONE of those large four alorv brown atooe houses aitua'ed at No. 122 Twelfth meet, between Secetid and Third avenaea. Said htiuse has all the modern Improvements, with bath, gas, chaD-Jelte:*, 4c Apply to J. S. UK AIO. National Inaur.iu:e Co., 52 Wail street, or to C. HIORNE, 112 l.ootiard street. TO LEAPL? THE OLD ESTABLISHED COAL YARD" No* ;;3 acd :;5 Stautou street, with scales, stables Az To parties in the co'*l buslnnes ,thl? ofl'ers superior indttcemen's for a lavo'iilile Iris*. Apply to MILUKU A MORRLS, ran rule bulding, 11 Pine street. "zjrtsfc'"" fivn TO LEASE? A TH&EK 8T0KY AND ATTIC HOUSE, with siahie Iti Cie rear, situated In (llittton place. Eighth 0rfpi, No. 4 H, near nt llnlversttv place. The hoim has been lately put In thorough order ; uaa g%i. hathi, Ac. Posaai afnii given immediately. For turlher iiartlculara inquire of JOHN ORAHAM, 613 Broadway, seo<>n<Jt llunr. . 1^0 LFASR? HOUSE KO. 7 THIRD STREET, FOR three jears Itqitlre on the pKaiae'. or at '.W Sou'h atreet. can be teen between 1 ai.d 3. B. REYNOLDS. ?TIO LEASE ?A BARGAIN FOR A COMPETENT PER. A con. A boarding hou?e and furniture, In this city, which will accommodate 100 board'rs, ar wlil be sold, and nearly ail the .'urrhase aonej lett on bond and mnrtgu^. Aupiy to CHAUNCKY BaRNAKD, <J8 Sroadway TO JEWELLFR8 OR OTHER?.? 10 LET? THE FIRST and aecond ofis ot No. 01 Nassau street, one dour 1mm Vcklen laee; or will beleaaei Ave jcara. Apply on the pre mises, to IKA PEKKOO A SON. rpo PROVISION DF.ALERS.? TO LET OR I.EASF, THE A new four story fl-e proof btlek store, No aww*?hl'ig tonstieet. bulldlnj Is f"rni?hed with smoke house at.d Ice house, and contains every lmorovement suitable for the buaine?s. I*, vill be let at a reasonable rate on application ti S I1V.-TA, S3 Amos street, or to E. D. NELSON A OO., 290 West afreet. TO PHYSICIANS AND DENTISTS.? TO LET, TWO e enar.t suits of cffieca. on the first lloor. in the ftrat c'n u private rev.deuce now erectlLgiu Mn'h st, cet, third door w i?'. i-r Bi osdtia 7. 1 or fsriicu sts r.ddresi boi 1.131 rjetoiUte. HORSES, CARRI/YOKS, StC. /I A RB IAG5.S OF EVKR V DESCRIPTION AND WEIGHT, from 10(1 pi undi to COO pounds wl-h and wlthou- top? two real utenfloo ops, ai. I ; w.i pen' open, *t (Lie 8r ?lJra light rtniage manufactory, 1 1 rtl^li at. f.WHi DAt.Y. |J?OR SAI.K.-A VERY RTYLIrUl TIROWX HOK9K, If :, I hiidi h'*h. nt.d <viii ffntast; ib.iiit nlcfl ;.e?r< >14 fart tie "t e ?> a 'he Club stab>. In Pactlio street, corner jf Court, Hr<vUvn fi?OU f'AI y.~ A SPLENDID ("TIR3M.T MOHO VN rORflfc elgbt;rara old wMti tl?g tall; i? eovnd k'uii, ln?e and ?r (.. > c. i tj way. Would I ? rrOMurendxt f*r lamtly wvKltl br an Pi?e?-t pai*<l ? fcorse. Apply at H .llthKS' sable, 1 7 M/:cei atfme'.. tilOR SAL' -OS? GRAY AND A PAIR OF MATf'HHD P ba> boiara, 1AW bands blgb, sound atd kind, aiMx-rom* c "r ot * nslle 'n :h.-?e minute* to a toad ?nyiu Must V ?< ic Apply at '.>2 Mu.ray street, a' halt-pas! 11 o'clock. HORS1 S FOR SALK-A BKACTIPai, PAIR OP DAP plo ?rn / aarrloge turses aoTen and eight ; nan >IJ, siyi ?h driver* wamuted sound and kind, the property of a P'lv-* ?riit'.euniT). al?o currlH.'o.i harness, Ac. laaulre of J ri. Ht'RLBl'l , Bo. UK) Walker street, up stalrn, ??mnd story. CTORAfsr: TOR riFTT PINOI.S SMI JUS, AT FJV0! O dtiilais a ie>ir, can be Uad by applying '.o A. t U. i't-H. HI HU ??, No. 27 Otaa* i,!reet, Itn.oklyn. WSTRl'CTIOM. A +HF.Kt II YulJNO LADY WP?UKSTO BK K\IPLOYEJ> ? ? a teacher ot the fmtb .3iijf'i9;:i) anil the pianoforte, ins boarding schorl tn the clt/, or in an American family. The Stat ol' re^ercnees -will be ?lrea. AddreieL. 0 B., Herald ol ce. ( 'IlKAP AND RAPID IVPR07KMKNT IN WRITING, V.y lookleeplug acti arlihiceilu Kai :i pertacUy taught tn tve'va letwoca, br H. 0. HOwK, 341 Hr.mtlwaj. Age or <1? flc't my nr> :nipcd(n>cnt. Clares opru day and evenlo? In ft uctioua at :ba residence ot pupila. as usual. Wedding, fit itlng cards, and ornamental writing etecuted to o-der. QPAXTSa CI.ASB -PROPF8SOR A. PIF.RXA TS I'ORV M Inn * new ev.-nuiK class. Only f iur p'ii>l!s aitmlttel. leruia per month. A few hour* lor prtrate inttritetlnn In th* aliovo 'aniuage aud in Trench, Apvl, from l'J it i o1*, 'of k P. M , at 7? Whl'e strcal, n?i.- Broadway. ltELMOVS X OTIC ICS. Dedication.? tub broad miikpt MKtiioDr?T I'plsropal church, (Newark. N. ?!.,) will be dedicated t ? ihft wot Uip ard Mrriccoi Almighty God on Friday Febrnary h the anulrer'Hry of WaoUaKion's bi< thday. ttwrtcon dar ing tie day. In the fjllo\MUg order:? At M1. P. M.? Pr?:atl?nj{ and dedicatory ??rv!cci by tin Rev. Bi-bop M S uip*?n. f? I). At P.P. M.~ PreacLititr by B?v. Bi?hnr> O. F. \'<?rct, 1>. D , of the M, K. church. South At 7 P. M. Preaching !>y Rev. Btshop F.. Li .lanes, D. I) 1 he Irieudsof tUi? eulei ;irtoe, era r, where, are .,>oi ti.i!iy ln?lied to a'.tcnd. H. COX, Pastor HOTELS, fPHK Ot.OBK TIOTEI. COBBER O? FRANKFORT \,VD I Wtl lasa sUett. rn itaiolnjc SWI rj?n.? . Sei < n -wiy'l't-,! ' p, '? |inipat?il to furnlw siucle nmut at a? nect? per aight, o II "si ->pr w??k. OH' 1 of er all elyht W??i* a? viS *i ? J h. ??. e:iartB>ent4 tor 'amJUi's, otatlr fi'teit "p JACtAU J. fRRffCff. 49 ?oou>nrq ua mmro. OA Q BROADWAY-A LAROE A WD WKLL FUR WIS? UtO ad front room, on second floor, alaa, two tul'ei of front room*, and one room tor it sin*!* genUemu, all supplied gam may be h?<l with tali beard. Dianer at A l^OIHOBTfl STRKRT, OPPOSITE THE MKB0AMTIL.K i l <' Library- Two gentleman may have pleasant r x>au, with boaid. MURRAY 8TRFET -BOABDING FOB A GBXTLIC uuo and wile; Oroton water and gu la the room. A loo turn tailed roomi to let, with or without board. M GREENE [BTRKBT, EF.AR OAN AL -BOARDING. 1 wo gentlemen and their wives. or single gentlemen or la<ue?, can be p!ea<antlj aocmnnod* ed withrooaa, coaula|ng gee and Croton water, good cloeeta, Ac., Ac, where but tew warders are taken. leans !o*. A LARGE 1'ARLOB AMD A COMFORT ABLE BED room adjoining, with commodious closets and water ooa venient, will be let, with board, fire and gas, to a married cou ple, lor *2S a week, or to a single gentleman, vrlta breakfast, lire and ligh's, (or VIS. Inquire ta person at No. H St. Mark's plaoe, near 1 hlrd avenue. AGEKTIRMAN AKD LA.DT WISH A ROOM, W.TH board, In an American family, mfeere .here art but lew or no hoarders, the Tenth or thirteenth ward* preferred. Piea&e address, stating terms, which must be very moderate, A. B. 0 , Herald office. __ AY THE "BOARDER'S EXCHANGE," NO. 2 APPLB ton's Biii.aing, 346 Broadway, yoa can obtain "de liable boarders," where you will be charged for tno boarders ac tuary obtained, and not monthly dues Peraoua aeaklng boird politely olxected (gratuitously ^ to the most desirable houses In 'lie city. a, H. SMI IB A 0 J. An elegant suit OP unfubnished ROOMS, with board, ottered to a small family of respectability, la a pi Irate house, on a stage route, near Union square; location unsurpassed; references indispensable. Proportionate terms expected Address X. Z., Pi toe's bookstore, Everett Hou<e, Union square. A gentleman or QUIET HABIT8, WISHING} a permanent liome, can obtain a nicely furnished, large sized pnrtor, having grate, closet and gas, with use of bath and piauo. Terms >6 per week, or with partial ooard. S7. Loca tion below Bleecker street, west ot Broadway. Address Mrs. H. Herald office. Keterencee exchanged. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR TWO SINGLE OBN tlemen, can be accommodated with pleasant rooms, with board, in an American family, where the comforta ot a home may be sound, at No, 100 Eldndge street, near Grand. BOARD.? A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE AND TWO OB three gentlemen can be accommodated with hoard at 80 O'eene sueet, near Spring, aad within a minute's walk of Broadway. BOABD-IN A PRIVATE FAMILY; TWO OR THRRB single gentlemen can be accommodated with partial board at No a) cottage plaoe between Houston and Bleecker streets. Nona but single gentlemen need apply. Terms moderate. Board? a gentleman and wife, ob two single gentlemen, can obtain roemi, with or wuhoat t oaid, cti very reasonable terms, in a private family, at 63 West 1 hlruenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avanties. Ke terencea required. Board wanted.- a gbntlbman, wipe and daughter desire board in a prlvavo family. Thar will fur nish their apartments; 'hev will ?1ao require a room for threa crrvaiiU. Address, uaintng parttuuiurs, Advertiser, Herald office. Board, and an unfurnished paklok and ted i com, wauled, ti; a gentleman and wife, lu a private lsmliy , nceupyli g a buiise with all the modern lmprovamenta, hi d lu a pleasant location. Term* must be moderate. Ad drew, aistli g terms, location, Ac., box 1,179 Post office. Board in brooklyn.-genilp.mkn ani> their wives, or single gentleman, can ne accommodate1! with hoard at 136 Joralamou street, between south and Wall street lairles. BOAPD IN BROOKI.YN.-ONE OttTWO OFNl'LFWPX, or a gentleman aad wite, cm tm ttccouimttdated at 47 ( ooci rd street. Al*o, one siug.e room. Lot. attou oo lvauiaut. 1> inner at u o'c'ook. BOARD IN BROOKLYN -PLF.A8ANT ROOMS T9 rent, on second auj third Moors, famished or unfurnUa-id, st.l able for (ji-ai'-meti anil their vlves, ?i>o two small room* lor bt92'e frtit.rm<fn ilia uouse is heated throughout, auJ IviBKud ta 'vgr? room. Term:! nrioder?v? and every lion'* ccm-o.t wia tie rouod A:iply a. ioti tfashlng'/ia stioet, uoa. t'll'otiaad Wall ?treet ( uries. BOa^u- WAJif&D? BY AMABRiBD LADY. &OH UEB te'r' vd ctoil l .la a prtva'a family Terms mu,t oa mad-a i<se I'.ca, <? wldn*w a. B ti-oadway Post office. I>0A23 WANTRO? FOB A GR BKMA>', onFt" M'D ?> Fe?v?.i*?|iai-.ial !ioard lor '.li'i jjailatnau Ltjra ion ba twie^ B?cii It . -(.ad . otiuil..enUi slretta vei'. uid?. folern Uno- -Temuti's la'lL-petsaMe T-jcmii not to axoeed 115 per w:-k. Addces-i with ps-rtto .arn. U uuooCG W tmlmA Co , 3^ Brjadmi WAi Tar- -".70 kop atzEDacoMs, ?oa i ?er.'l?aiij . iiji ? .-re d^u^kter. ai-l : >-g cU-df *u? o.e ,1V; ytr t> a. i, tli.? tU ar auu.'.'jiui. ivlth ficcooiai jdaliaa io: nurse en li.:ivll#go <)'. v^tslvng Oinoar at six o'cliuk. Loo '.lion not be ow Frnr h, an-l riotab jve TwvAj !.hinl au-eet. auo, one lar : .? scd two mal, rooms fur ;w? vltos and oae seot'oman. le.-mamtwi; emulervi?. AuU-'ssbox '. S20. 1'oit ai&ce, whioh wti m?et wtitt immiHllate isttoc lot. Board wanted? fob a? sldebly ob:-tl?mai?, i a f eeiidotab' a o.tvaUa tamuy. where InbtrucU in in the pt sa-.tocie and suglag, bj an sxpencnced teacher, n 'sii'aaspui'. pajtcaat. A iiiano furnished, if nqim id. Ad a?a, stati.- g terms. 4a . A. li P., Herall ofllce. "OOARDING.? A GKNTLKMAS AND WIFS OR TWJ J J gentlemen, can be accommodated with a rdasnant fr-int rut m. neatly lucntshed. Also a smill room, sultaole tor a ain ela g?nt>man, at 2; North Moore street, uaar St. John's park. BfcUu in (he bouse. Boarding ?a gentleman a>d his wife, ob single gentlemen, can be accommodated with aioimat lis West i wenty second street, between r itlh and Sixth ave nues. Linner at six o'clock. Boarding. -babbment to lrt. with a bits room and bedroojn on (be second floor, with or wltheu' board. 1 be bouse has all the modern improvements. No. 259 Greene stieet, three doors from b ighth. References ex changed. Boarding ?a single gentleman oan be ao coaimndated wiih a p ea^ant room, with breakfast aid tea, lnaptlvate bouse located between Houston and Fourteenth sirteta. For partioulaia, address J. 8. M., Broadway Post o fll/e. BOABDING EXCHANGE, no. 4 ASTOR PLACE, NEAR brcade ay ?Private ism tiles and bearding houses may here be supplied with boarders. Persons wish lag rooms and bran." directed to suitable houses gratuitously. N. B ? A city btgcsge and package express Is connected with this office. DKMaRKST a basset. No. 7 WOOS I ER 5TBEF.T.? OENTLEME* and thhi* wives, or tingle gentlexen, can obtain furnlshad roims, v-lih 'nil or partial board, by apply .ng as above. Every at eo t.on givcu to make it a comfortable home. Gas, baths, Ac. PR1VATB FRENCH BOABDfNO HOUSE, WITH ALL the modem Improvements of the age. .'or tha ar-cvauiodt tinn of tumllttH and single geut'emen. Mo. 5>. Hoiuton street, near Broadway. PERMANENT HOARD WsVlED-BY *W O GHN'TLK inen, between Union sqaare and Fourth street. Terms moderste Address Thsta, Union s>|?are Pout office TWO PINOLE ORNTI.RMKN GAN BE AC<70MMODATBD with board nnd fnrnishrd rooms, In a small private family, iti a cost respectable neighborhood, free trom all the annoy ancoaof more c-oavdwl tnorough's r?s. None need apply hat 'iioee who ewi appreciate a c mlortab e homa and produco aat l?fact ?* ) references. Apply at Jl uomtoick streat, between Hudsim and'Yarlck streets. WANTED? BY A TOUNQ MARK1KD COOPLE. NOW on their way from rtwtl7.-rland, a nicely turnls&ed apart inent In Brookl} r. i.r up town, in a French lamlly, wh?re ttiare ere do other hoarders; 'u'l bo-jrd for the lady. Kefereucet ex efcsngvd. P'eaie eddre-.u box 4 SW. Post i.fll:e, New York. WANTED A SUIT OF F0R5ISHHD ROOMS, WITH TT b-^id. tn a strictly private qu'et family, where there are oo otber bos.-deis. tn Ho-.nh Brooklyn; Icca'lon this aide or Court street preferred, by a gentleman, srlth two daughters ut 1.; and 4 vears of ai?e. with snrvant. Kefereucet exchanged l'.ea?,e adrtrees R. a rt., Heral.l office. TIT ANTED? A SUIT OF FURNISHED APARTMRNTS. vT lor s pdvate fvnily, ronslsil'-s of three aduH?. Infant aad n<<r?e, with oi wl.bout bosrd. Address, with full partlculvs, F. A. Herald cfllce. WANTVD? BY A YOUNG OKVTLEMAS, AN UNI'UP. nls ed trout r<*)m, with partial heard, with a smsll / nueriean tsm'iy, whe e there are but few or no boarder". I.nrauon between Broadway nnd >eco:. J avenue and no' a >ove hlgliteenth s'reet T *rm.-< must be moderate. Beit ol ntereroe ?ivi n an-l required. Adlre-s, staling location an 4 terms, fur '.wo da}S, H V. N , Broadway Post office. RHITAVRum PIOPI.K'8 0T6TKB S?LOO* AND aJITAURANf, comer Tv eniy third atrMt and Slith avenue. Mea'afur DMtfd at nil hour*; alio, board luraifibed b; the weak. M? cnanlcV ho.ird, $1 per week; extra board, $4 30. the he1* of rrftnrt mud oj&rr* conatantly oa hmd. Rfmnmb.r he p,*ee, eouliiwest corner of Tvrenir;Uird ?U ? >t ami S xt!i M. 8. fALXiK. COAX. OH.. KF.RfWE.VE, OR 00 All Olt. Sccured !>y patent*. The undersigned beg lea re to cull the attention rf Ibe nubile to the anc?\ed certificate of K. N. Krat, Kwj., chemtm, ana perfect aim ?"'r to tbe cow univeraal question, " What ehatl we use lor ImM !" Al/ST?.JIH. Agents of "Fhs N-rth American K eroeen i Co.. 67 Hetver atrret, tf Y. Laboratory, 110 J >ha ?tree', Ve w Torit, Feb (>, lriOrt. Tba North American Ker'.*eii?" Company:? aeitiem'jn--! l)jiv*r<nlc* careful phoU>,t"al eiaui'uation of your k*u aene oil, in oottpariao-i with llin vartoiM kind* of oil bunting 11 -kit and coal gaj la uae In thia country, wt'h tbe following re *nU?: - M?ierial. K?i:<?et.e. . lamuheoe. Sylrlo oli.. Rapi'd oil,. Whale oli.. I.ard oil . . . Sperm oO,. ^jui gilu.d. Lamp. KWMMt.. . Camphene. , Rotin oil . . . Merhaoloal . Polar )'olar Polar. Larg? wick is.?o fi.62.-i 1.190 B.9W l.(Wf 3.02T.I 55.1 if! fll 9 lii! if 2.4V> ?.*? !rt> 1.660 H"*3 700, 850 .100 n la ?s ft $110 4 K5 ? o? !? 00 12 00 17 70 2!* as i; 87129 00 Material. PI asg m e? 3 ! S"? K* m ? II : 2 Keroeene oil! Ut>99|l,S? gr?| ?1 gal 344 KWofllo. C?U*aa..,.| 4.9701 # O. ft.|l8.7# 0. ft Ifri M. U 12 109 . fie Firm tbe above statement, It will be ween that kerosene pro duces the inocl light, at the least co*t, and that bu><nln<{ tlntd produce-. tin leact lliht at the greatest coat. I have alio mad* ararnlnl analysis of >onr keroaere oil, and find It to here mat k.?Hy yi re and free from nil wihffamr** which wou'd other wine rei-.ier It uiifl- tin- burning in lamps. When tini* purified by tho pr<>e*M I ow Ui me. It to Dot eiploaive, even whun beat M to -1- de?. V., and lic-h a much lew volatile tha., namyhene, It L* rot lial'ie to moke In view of the- above facta, 1 am ainauine that jour "p'lrlfled kerrxtene " It deUt? d to nHrntlH w h.M (hU or liuiuiOK il.ildn, a, a aoiu oe et light fnravUflrlal it lumltistloo. ai d w(?Ud rt commend i' na tbonoat valuab'e ma itrallbrlMirarvcft with wtilnh 1 am acquainted. Very re ?rec'iuUi, yoiir wbedieat ?e r?*?t, K"WA,KD ?. KKffT, Obmut. 8HIPHWO. r? LTrTOPOOL-UMfTEnBT ATM VAIL BYBAMSHI" ATLAJfTIO. Cep? James Wat T Me stoimsMp ?.ifc part wtlh the Unit*! States mails tor Burope, pnsKivelv ? Hjtorde-, trom her berth at -he foot otOmIMM. Fur freight or pwin bsrvtng uneqi.eliM eorraMaodattoos for elegance or ooafurt apply to _ KdWako K. COLLINS, M Weti unti ?Jf"!'" ? nqiiMM (o be on bwd at 11 A . a*. Shippers will please Me nitiee that Mm ships of this Itao cm f ?rrj ??>/ goods contraband of war. ^ All letter* moat (*?* Uuough the Port ofBoe? ear other will be re.umed. Ibe steamship Baltic iriU succed (be Atiaatu, anl leave-on Mvoh 16. the stesmers of thii line, to amid ?-he-dtsnjer 'mm 'he 1 <e, will doc crosi lh? binkg north of 43 ddgree:* untu aftar t&o Ut o f August next. THE BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL V ill. steamships ? _ - r*OM NEW roKK to UTKUrOOL. Chief cabin 91.W

Second cabin psssage 75 VKOB OtMTON TO UT?KJi)DL. Chlel cabin passage 9110 Second cabin passage 00 -J}* Sostnu caii si l ahtai. ?i ? Capt ins. CAP/>.1?A, Capt Lang, .r.. '.*? ?-apt. J 8 tone. AMKKICA, 0*cL sntunuu. ABIA, Capt il <?. Lott. NIAGARA, Capt Rvrl?. AFnlCA, Capt Harrlon. RU no I* A, Capt J Leech. These vessels carry a clesr white light at mast head; green on starboaid bow; red ot. port bow. CamaDa. Laog, leaves Ronton, Wednesday. Feb. 27, 1356 &*}*?? k*? _ . " New York, Wednesday. Mar. 0, " Moston, Wednesday, Mar. 12, " AFRICA, Shannon, " Mew York. Wednesday, Mar. U, " Berth* not secure 1 until paid for An etperteoced surgeon on board. The owners 01 these ships will not be aecountible for gold, silver, bullion, specie, jewclrv, precious atone* or metals, un less btls of ladli g are signel therefor and the value thereof therein ex .ceased For freight or passage apply to K. CUN'ARD, No. 4 Bowling Green. PABSaOK TO LIVHRPOOL.-THE SCREW BTK 4.M3HIP CANADIAN, 1,700 Km* register, will sail tor Liverpool aoout March 1. First class cabin passage 976 Steerage passage (mclud ng cooked prorisions) 30 This vessel Is built ot iron, and hat six separate water-tight compaiunouts. An experienced surgeon on board. Apply te GILLESPIE, DEAN A CO., Ho. 3 Bowling Oreen. FIRST SHIP FOR LiVF.RPOOL.-THK FAVORITK packet ship ANTARCTIC, Captain HtnuNer, having Men unavoidably detained by the weather, will go to sea to morrow morning at 9 o'clock. For passage aopty on board, pier 11 hast liver, or lo BABUL A CUKllti, ifi Broadway. FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE.? THE UNIrKI) B tales mall ARAOO, D. Lines commander, will leave for Havre, touching at Southampton to land the malls and passengers, on Saturday, Marsh 8, at 12 o'olaok. (rem pier Mo. 47 Mortn river, foot of Reach street. rxiox or rAMAa*. First cabin 91<W Beoeod caoia_ 79 Baugago OA wanted during the voyage shouid be sent w board ihe day before sailing, marked "below." No freight taken after Thursday, March d. For freight or paiiaatfe apply to ltd RTlMt.R LlVlAOHTON, Agent, S3 Broadway. N. K.? Iha Fulton wlU saoceed the Arago, aud will sail April 0. British and north axerican royal maul Steam Packet Company L'ue of steamers between llAVKK Afil? MOW YuRK DlKtt T, Without touching at any intermediate port. The English Admiralty, in conHideration of the perfect eon - struction and great speed ui th? screw tlWlhllM T**H tni Jura, has authorized the company 10 dliqpatch them as mall boats with ihe mail for the tnltrd St i es, in placc of their pad die wheel bteamshiiis thc-uld it require to do so. KTHA Capt. Mil er. r.MtCU Ospt. Small. JURa " W'lcltman. I.KUaNoN. ... Cook. CAMRRIA, (^addln wheel) t'apL Browntesa. lheCvnara Company iu uilorm psa^eiiKors aad ship peisofgocils to the U ailed mat* * tlmt ilie last and spteudid new scr*\, hie unsfclp K'l HA, W. Vtller, Commander, of 3 UOO Ums, ?n:i l.t.'OO horse ))0*er, wilt nail from liAvrefor New York duv.i, <?> .Uiout uiiu.hjug at suv mu-rmsdiate port, oa Tu'id iy, Feb !>. Tho latus ot fieiylil will us per tent auJ 1U per ceai ^Hiuakh Co.- watches Mid jewelrv. 940 per ton of 40 oujie feet, au.l 10 pet <ieat prlJiige lor gjoaa sre charged in Uie urUI of the Uuion line ni Mil Ubg i ackets, a. 9l'<i. iiO aou $rt. and 9v0 per wjq of 40 otnco feet, aud 10 per rent primage tor gooli charged f e tb..- al?ove luilf. at 96 and undor, eicofn for Uie tou- foilov >;ig de ??riniHinsoi go.>a?:? Wm ked ?>ods in ntr tona Woirilec g.oves, eu bt>ucaui. Fine porcelain, and ilviog plan'4 which wli te t?L?n under spoctal agreement. H1.1v.' r ois i7t:l be tAien oy spei-ml Hf!ree:n*nt, Tlie *^entrc?.*rve? the rkht of giving the preteivoce t<i cools ,ia. mg fjhrt highest rates ol Ue'jlit. tbo Ktoa t?.ii! -h has amp.e aud splendid aisommolalions, ?i't lake flrit ik'.iin pa-nent'.-rs only. The prtci- oi p? -nv.t" 'rom Havre to New Yijrk, will be 52# U<M.o i, incl'iduv proviitoi 3 and steward's Ice? wines and li(]:>o.?#xtf*? u> b? procured on for trelg h , pava^e, or "tuy other lufcrmaUer., npr'y to iIaM'JI'li CC'PahI* Itaa'ft'. M. i. Lit W 1 8, Itosion. J. H. F(>< Kli, f'2 ti d Broad slxeet, London. r> ft J. ntR? Oi^gow. TOtitiH S. J<aC IV nit, Liverpool. rwi?,. -l rro r. , i l'ari4- Moitlevart des lulinos, 17. ?> ct... . .. J UaTR^lltl d'ur^aua, 21. Ortu York t? H. OlL> AitO, No. 4 Uiwlme Oreen. X-BOK (?KW YORK TO UREMKN? VIA SOt'Tlf i.Mt*TON 11? ftod hav.s ? Tha Doited States mill ste^imihlp WaJH l?. C*vetid?. Commander, wlH nail tor Bremen, 'ouoiihig at .ionlbampton to land the mail* and pssseiigers (or Rugtaod ar.d F-arue, on Saturday, Feb. 23, t at 12 o'clock M., tnwn p?ei- t'o 37, North river. phioc or psMMi* rttou kt w tokk to noorrH ixrroN or uiwuf. Cn rt-at ?abin, man mUooo 9130 In (bH- cabin, '.ower saloon 1 10 in second cabin W An exp^rteticfd su'Keon is attached to rach signer. Specie de.ivei?d in Havre or txindon. fto pairels lecciywl, nn tho day of 'aiiing. AU letters must pass through the 1'nat uffice. For passage or freight, apply to C. H. HaaD. ai;cnt, 11 Kou'h street, the steamer Hermann will succeed the Washington, andUafl March 39. THR LITRRPOOL AND PHILADRLPHIA HTRAMSHI1' Ooosanr lntrnd sailing iheir favort'e steamships - CITY t>? BALTlMOtti!., t,'Ml tons. Cap). Robert Mtek. CITY OP WAfiHIfrOTON, J.-'WO toss, liapt. Wm. Wylta. ?*? apt. P. 0. Petri*. UHM. W-tT Of MA-1CIH*jTKR, 2 100 teas, Oapt Saloon 990, M nod M, ?? i? ding ta state roi ? Umiled number (k third Ass pessangei ass passongers win 9e Be ana found in provisions. frw Phi adslphia and Liverpool, and fot From Pbbadsicbia Jb) | From Liverpool 940 Partiea wisfcfng lo bring out their friends oaa obtain eertifl ealea cf pessage and dra-Uon Liverpool la sums ot t, 1 sterling and upwards. Apply to JuHN U. uaLK, Agent. 1? Walnut street, PhiUdlphk. FIR CALtfORMI A-ORKAT BBDUOTIOK OP PARKS New York and California Mtesmship Line, under the aireo ttoi oi 0. Tsndarbilt, for the aaeessorv Transit Oimpanyof Nicaragua proprietors, fifty pounds of baggage free; ail over, ton cents par pound. Bay et sailing changed to 9ta and 24th or each month; through in sdvanoe of the malls, and 000 ranes shorter than any other roote. Ihe splendid arable engine steeauhip NOBTHKRM LIUHf, 2^500 tons burden, Captain imklepangh, will leave pier No. S North river, at throe o'o ock P. M., liar i'nnta Arenas on Monday, Feb. 24, connecting with the steamship Uncle Sam. 2,000 tons burden, over the Nicara gua Transit route, having but twelve miles of land transporta tion by first class carriages. Ihi proprietors can now assure Ihe public Last the political troubles a Nicaragua havd eeased. and not the slighteet Interruption In tlis transit oetwecatUc oceans need be apprehended. For information or pacings apply to J AMBb M. Okchm, at the only office ol the line, Mo. 6 nowltnx Green Stamped letters taken a* 6^ coats each. SCTTON A CO.'S DESPATCH LINE POR HAN FRAN ttfco? fcai ing tegulai iy and poniiivel/ nn or before the day advertised. Clipper of Tnurrd*y Text, 28th February inn., the splendid A 1 urst elans cl.pper ?hlp SIkKRa .IKV'aO 1, Pti>) allow, Msr'er, is taking in ihe}astof her cir^o at pier at ksst river, end w'il posit. vely sail as above, shippers desirous of Ihe first and very oest conveyance wi I find ine Sierra ><e vsda presenting the greatest po*sli)le induremeaii No Ire'gh; taken by the vessels ot this Itne alter the any atlvertlwl. SUITOR A CO., 03 South slree', corner of Wail. The new oranaoa canal and steam naviu\ t orn Company will despatch their line ate\mshlp Mdi'ttKY on her seonndirip to St. Maria and t-arthaeena. via. Klnrsion. .laoiaica New Oranada. from fw 30 NarUi rlvar, 011 Satur day, Frtiruary 33, at 2 o olncx, p. M. i'UU K or V4.-U ma. First cabin, to Carths ;<>na and St . Marta 9H0 Secondcabtn, h ?) Stealage, " 40 For passage apply to WILLIAM w. ROLLO A CO., ti Wffitoto street. For freight apply to MOBVlUSftA A CO., 9RU Broadway. k OSTBAIJA INDICPiilNDSNI LINK.-ThE SPLRNDiB /V A. 1 eilppor ship H l'?:- iHI ,?N. 1 600 Ums burthen, aiii have imsuediste dispatch tir MeiboiirnM: her v.-o-i">!i*K)?. ttons for pMscrgeni In first and >?ecoud cab. a tanrnt b?i sur Sawod, Itx which o&rly appl'ca'ton must be ms<to. For ei^lit or pHSKage apply to OtHiOeiVK, ARKKi.l. A EL LUjI, 88 Pearl street; ?r, tor paevige, 0# board, au pier 12 Saat river, to 0. BAR .iY. Australia inbepfvoe* r LinE.-Tr:* a i cmi?. per ship KATUAY will nave promptds.'palob hrljiMT direct, hav.'i', already over >?iree fo'irt'js of 'i?r earirii on^a^ea. For pasbsge. or ba anos 01 rspat ltv, apply ?' once m OOt'DEVK, ARKhii.l. k f>.id>IU1. SH l-.;irl sreet Fok hayana and k kw oblkanb.-thr u>iren Mate- mall Meam?hlp 0 MIAWll n, J. O. bu'.l./ek, C'jiu maud. r, will commence receiving freight on W>dnt:S<<aj, Feb. an, aul rail tor the above porta ?n Mou ihc. Feb . %'<, At 2 o'clock pt?ciielv. tVoin pltr No. 27 Not lb river. foot ol Roa?n#on *<reot. UViNOrfTON, CBOOHKttON A Ot#.. .vgenti. It Park plane. r)R SAVANNAH AN II FLORI WA-UWITKJ> 8TATKH Hail Mns.-lhe n-w and e'egant s'BMncr AUllUSI V. t'eputip Thoa. Lyon, wl'l leave on .-taturriay, Fabrn*rv XI, from plai fto 4 Borth river atil o'elock P M. UI'Nul luliujc algned on hoard . For freight, apply on board ; or lor p ta**g4. lot). I. MlYt.UILI., l?o. 1.1 Hrtadway. IVnn pa-mage to H ? vanish, *?A; for Florid*, through t'ekau Irom Ne.v Yor* to Jackaonvltle Kit; to PiKtka. $, .1 Large aid cjntiu vjio h Hl?Mni-nt lea ve Havann.ah for Florid* three ttire 1 * week. eon nrcUng with the ateamars from flew York on Ticadtya and (Ml to rat}*. OlOR rfTARI,F?+TON A NT) FLORIdT^-VkMI WKFKLY v l'n/ed htalea I'm I ?The ue? nnd iieiiicrul ateanier .lAlfKX A1>?>KK, 8. C. Turner, c Knniander. will tare pier No. 4 Norih river, on Saturday, February 8, at 1 o'clock r. M.. precisely, for frrl^hl, apply on hoard, where all bill* of lading will be elgned, and for raaaage, at the ofllee ofhl'OF I'ORl', TILRhWN A CO , 29 llnadwav. The kocTUFKN KK will faceted, and learn on Wadnnu'ay, February I"?. Ca?in pvuiit. 9&. The lavorite steamer ( A SOLI N \ raakai regular trip* to the vai ion< tamlinga on the St John'a river. Fliu Ida. connecting with the ateamera fruni New Yo-k,an<l leaving l lltflftion every 2 <Vclo<k r. M. Through ticket* to JacksouvK'e, %3l. to PHatkt, Rill. KDUOATIOS. VjtATK AND NATIONAL LAW SCHOOL. POUHH O keeprta, New York. A new system; training In tiie urao uce wlthoourta. wl'nenae*, jiirfea, *o. ; extemporaneous r.peak Ing delly iprofeaMonal huilnea* taught. Neil term nommeneea on the 8th of May. Hen. Henry Booth, an eminent lawyer, baa actuated a professorship. J. W. Fowler, Fsq., oia'ortcaj profeaMr. Testimonial*: -'"llr. Fowler Is the moat a*Jomp?Kh?d irator north of Mason k Dion's line."? Henry Olay. The trial* end a-gnmenta nnd general apeakiug of his pupl.a ar? truly wonderful." ? Hostoa .lourral. Ry?to?i Improve! De areea ot IlacUelor of Ltwi conferred. 8end for oal*jig?e la V. W. FolUU MATRIMONIAL. AI.AbY WfRHKS TO MFET WITH A OKNTLFMAN of wealth and reapeetahUlty, with a view to marriage, l lie lady In youi ft and of prenopemlng appearance. Addreaa Anna Jervta, Hudaon sUert I'oat office. AORNTI.KMAN OF~REaPECTABILITY, UNRXORP tlornbleaddrenn and appearnnce, wiihe* to form I he ac <lu*inlaDce r.f a lady with a view to milritnony. He d'slrea aa a partner a lady no1 oyer twenty-two of good figure, a flni*l>?d t diicailon and acoompllahmRnta, nultnlent to adorn the circle In which be move*. Thnae anawerlng thla, who, by eln cation and a?aooiallon*. are worthy reipect, ahnll at least receive a recpectful reply. Rcl^reneea ol the hl^heat eharar ler Riven anil the mime eipcc'ed. All eommunlc?tlonn id dreaied to Albert H. C., l>m 27.'l Pnloo ?in*re Poll offl. a, atrk".;y cr nfldantla). None but the ainnere need renpond. MATRmONIAIfc~M *I?F*Or.SKI,f^ KWII.K VrLLRTTK will, upon the receiptor twenty !!?? oofi", aend to a-jy person a lull dallneatlnn nl" their character by their hanl wriUng. Addrea*, with return *t*inp, Ttroadway I'Mtomoe, Atrowamm oeoiDWAr ruAMK-a bom ' " Um?; W. K. Make. (mams Anger. Door* open at , " ?* ",el'?ck. pertormaaoe to oammeoee at T preci?elr., 7Md cvMuig, Pet/. XI, the graed leaer.darf eqaMlrlM dnat t( i rati hitntkh, AUptedand arranged (fiwin AinswortVn btetvrtcal rwM cf > lodtur Quito") eipmoty far thia theatre, la wtoeh the ?tad of Mtasrs. Uinra A M \ -rt. v-w.awtinc at lrw., ? TWENTY FOUR BKMItTkiTL HOBgfM. Including the wonder! ni trained ?ii*nv F I ft K F L T. I v-tll MM ar. Heme, the Hunter if, <-?. _j< Maud i>y awood Miae. PooiM thbatril-propmetor andmawau<-S: M?r.a*er, W *. Waed| Ma ?P?? ? 6>i, pertoraaaeato be (la at 7 preoiaely. Thursday. *eb. Si. <fi grand bur'osqaa of l'HK FhMaUC KIJV1K l>lTi, YK8 HBKMK. THE BUNTICR The Demon Horse by the beautiful hot ae Rxwtos. 1 rained exortMBly for th e occasion by ths oeletxalad E'ium Uian, Mr. W. J. BMXTH. ' BURTON'S OHAJMBHR8 STRUCT. A GREAT Hff - St. deniable success of the great Shakapereaa revival. THE WINlMt'S 1aJL.K, Becet vf it with cb?et? of genuine applause by the public, aad the encomium* of a l the paper*. The rrenery la cf the moat magnlfioent and beautiful deaortp ttoo; the costume* ell new rich, elegant and aoprooriate The ac lag by the beet artiaut of urn day, and the whole forming ? U RAND SHAKoPfcitKAN TRKAT, Worthy the warm attention ot ever/ appreciative lover of the drama. leuntes, Mr. H Perrv; Hereuone, Mm A Parker; Fleriiei, Mr. liejooldn; Aulolycus, Mr. Burton: Old Shepherd. Mr. Moore; Clown, Mr. hetcbell ; Perdlta. Miss Emily Tnorne 1 he new scenei/ consists of a Ye*ttbule tn a Sicilian Palaoe. with view ofY.oun' Etua; the Queen's B-mdoir; the Ternulo or Apollo at Delahos; the Voiouio to Krupllon-the ralaoe of l<eout?*-. the Sea Shore during a Storm; Appear ance of i tine, bui rounded ny cloud*; the farm Urotinaa: Par dlta'a <'-oC age and View In BoUeuila; the Pklaoe of the Bohe mian King; the calr^i-ated Statue Seene In the ilolliaa palaoa. ?*R8. OUARI.Ktt HOWARD. th? j- Btly lamou* and popular comedienne and' vociiUt, la en gaged, and will appear on Monday next. Broadway vakiktiks, ho. <rt broadwa*. (l,?.'e Mechanics' Hall, between Gra- d and liroomr ata. J H. Wood Lessee and Business Manager. R. O. Marsh. bUure Manager . ADMIBSION TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. 1 hta evening- - 1UK W(H>D * MARSrf .IOVKNILE COM.KDIAHS, tn their grand operatic gpocUola? TI1K MaIA * QOKKN ; On Thii Nmrits or 'fnn Rutirc In which the whole troupe will appear. Doom open at 6 V o'e'<ck. conroencee at7>{ o'clock. GEO. CHRISTY i WOOD'S MIS8TRHI-S, IfRW HALL, 444 Broad way , below Oraad street. ? OPkN KYKRY KVRM1KO. Bualneae transacted by IXenry Wood. Btage Manager Uea Ohrt?ty. Ptrthlaweek ? Krhlopiaa Mtnatrelsy, concluding wtth the new pleoe ot the HAPPY MAN ; Or. THK TRKATT WITH .1 APAW. JuUtia Qtiacket'huah, Cot k on board the U.h. steamer l'o?bat<tn Qeo Chrirty Notick? Doors opeu at 6, and the cut tain rt*es at 7>? o*oleck prenaaly. Admlaalen.. 26 cenU. AH EXCURSION TO CHINA AM) JAd'AN, Kor 1 WBffTT-Kitrs Uarnn, AT AOADKMY HaU,, Ho. m aROADWAT. Doors opeu at 6H o'clock; passengers start at " ^ u'elock, P. M. 1 wo afternoon trains? on / ednerdar, at .'!k, and 8atnr d*y, at a, 1' M. Conductors- O. K. WaST, w? 11H1WK HAVK YOU SEEN THE ELEPHANT AT THE ROWE ry Tbeairef? Kverv right, with the ureal burienque ot the PKMAI.8 FORTY T dlc V^'S find the in igniOcent tpecta cleof HKKM?, THE HUNTER. ritHK?PIAN DRAMATIC ABH^OI AT ION? AMATEURS 1 dt^ltous of joining cut apply ?uy fniUy evea<ng,atli o'clock, al Utc co'tnmi^ wareliO'ise. fib Priuco street . NoUoe Kl<-Ht iehears?l on t a'urda; evening, I'eb 21, at the Bro -kl n Museum. Every member, lady or Kbntleinan, must be pre sent. It Hoi mance on 1 Uetday , Murch 4. ("iO AND SEE THE ANIMALS IS THE BEAUTIFUL J burltfcqtie of the KKttal.K FORTY TllIKVrtl, with the f<reatent ot all spectac'es HKilNE, THE HUNTitR, at the Bowery Theatre. SMITH A OO.'S MAMMOTH PANORAMA. OF CALIFOR NIA- now t.n txbibtilan at ticpe Chr, p?l. 711 Hr>milw?y? pow attracting untrt nee aiidlorcin, will rei.-alti this week, llcketa ?S ce tta. Ai'e>iioon perlormiwoc to e jmmeitce at 3 oMock; in the evening, at vM o'cUioa. The bo we?y theatre ihk only place tohke tbs great eptc'nc'e ? ( 11KRNK, 'J'MK EJUoT^K, lose >b<-r v ith tac excoUent fcurieKtiue ot ths FKMAI.ti FuK j Y TB1BVK8. METROPOLITAN BAIL, ISO OR AND STREET. WIL l!ami>i'iirg.? F.e>pec'ab!P rotnp.oies ot" Ethiopian mla sti- la, mttgenon. vocalists or dramatic artUt-v. liberal ar recrement* ? I! be made The proprietor wl-hes to lame this eli t concert room :or tbe setsoa, ivetkl low. Apply at 163 Otano e'rett Wi .tatcabti B OVERT THIrATRE - PERFORM ANCE ON 8AYUB Jay aHerm t n. Donrg rpea i.t IS; to commence pi 2. FKMaLE FOltTY llliKVEa aud df.KM^ THK I1C. ITER. PKRHAM'S FOURTH ENTKBP4UE OIFf TWKET8 are received for admission Li the- d?<et talnm3nu elvtia hv BUCKLEY'S MKRKNAUKRS, 5 Hf) BROADLY 4.Y. TICKETS ON h DOL!-\K,t( OS U FOR ff . each of which wlU admit four pervtoaito BUCKI.i'.t'S Ol'Kft A. HOUSi; and ttte narwhasm reoelvea as a tree si1.*" a ?triaa??e ?? A&re izi 300,000 COSTLY ABli YALDdiftLS (3li TA. Tickets for sale at the principal hotali aal aw stoma, and at the box r Hlce ot BUCKLEY'S SEREKADER.1, 5W BRO.VDWA7. Direct all order* lor ticket*, by mail, to JosIaII 1'MRBAM, Adair s House, Boston. Look out for the champion belt to be pbe tenled to tbe beet dancer to nlcht, at White's Opera Uotiee, 40 Bower/, opposite the Bowery theatre. rpHEAl RICAL NOTICE- TO MANAGERS.? MR. O. B. 1 COLLINS, the well knowa acor and equewlas, h now prepared fwlth the best trained aud n>oat beatiUfnl horse u> America), to negotiate with Managers for the prod notion of the ?aeatteeatAMoUele cf "Herae, tbo Hunter," and other equestrian dramaa. Ad?.'i eas ho. 34n Eighth avenue. Look out for mazippa-now in active pre. paration- will be produced next week al Charley White's opera House, 49 Bowery. The best equestrian burlesque ever attempted 'j y ai,y company ia the world. CLOTHING, AC. nnn WORTH of nkw cast off CLOTHiva CWiUUv wanted.? Thomas D. Couroy. U noosed to bnj clothing of every description . Gentlemen having large or small lets to disToaa of, win raoelve tbe highest, p.-icefor thaua by eallDg si the store, or addressing THOMAS D.OONROY, ?H Pearl street. ftO Ann WORTH OF OAST OFF 0(.01?l:<u want ' ed ? At Ho. 1*2 Walker slree'. OralWman can obtain the full value In cash for !ar*? or small lots or eood Irft off or superfluous c'othit g. Addret.i >r caH o:t JAMKS itO RONEY, 182 Walker stiefct, a tea doors eaet ot (ientre street. CLOTHING. ? LALIES OR CEr-Tl.EMEN ntVINO ANY to olHpo^e of can receive a fair c >>h pnce by sendiag to tbes<orei. No I'.' I^urens street, near ( ana!, or Mo 62 west Broadway, or letter by post. Ijtdie t al'^ndrd by Mrs t<ohen. k. COUKN, SKCiARS. CIGARS.? CASH PUBCII A8IR8 ( F! KHARS CAN PRO O cure hsrca'n? from a stock of up ard<of one million ae Bani; imprrte.1 I'avata*. d-'menlic eu-I tlerman ffte larger proportion ot tht se (?raar* nu?t l e sold Imniadlatel) to par stivtnees. Opera.' and upward; Germti, ti 10 ami up wsids. O. t'Hr.t.KS, Broadwa;, up lUtrs. MKOICA.I-, ClOf F1DEM IA1. MKDIl!AI. AND aURGIOAL OONHUL ) tatlnns ? Dr OOBItETt , 1 J Datino htreot. member of ths New Yotk I'clvenlty, tnev be ronsuMe-l on dlacase-*. Ttven ty (even jeats In hk aperUllty rual>le* Him o 'nake parraa i.ent cures Cbsrtea mud?rate. DR. OOOl'ER, 11 DUANE STRS'ET M VY B* Cr>* sulint u ith confluence on (li^eai-e*. T we ty six yeart tn one eperiality tiiables hliu to make pnrrmtnefit ctrej wltnout irerturj. Dr. lakmobt's pabh and ixjndon mrmoal Adviser and Mar'ta^e littide. It'ti paces, 75 co oretl Atones; c.oth, Jl. Aiocnu itsr )Lte&ls I ? the ant omy <if he rcxttnl t> r^uus of th? ma'.e am lrtnWe, ail their oiae.i'As and weatnerKM. latest discoveries ui rcoitMlncflon; quaoks. their receipts ana ?oecltin* ; nervotxde ilHty, loia' and Reiural, trom e?re*? sr d lndlerrrtton In youth The atvhor's Parts aid Ij)tnliii treatment trom 11 to'z, and ti tot! P.M. il Kca le ftreft, corner ot KH) Itroadwsr It Y.atd also -t222. We rrcotiimend l>r. Ijurmout tt Be affllrt'd? tJotuier des Et\la L'uih, htaatnZcituu^ National I>emocrat and i?ay B>ok. Dr. WAX'. 1.13 FNFORl U* ATK'8 FHIK.Nli, AND OTt2KR ur. rivaled reined***.? The tti'e rure o ocrtiiti dlseaiss ?lUlckrr urd morf conplf tr I1 an j e' <e 1 te itllired wlio ob'aln a pe-m?nfiit and fpee.) / cure, hhould e.nne in.o etiweiv (o me I ?????? litndred-. iiwUltlv. tifllr.'ar rUifidiuiMlpiK'nntido '?? meet. tjtii.'k elfti -inal and mu fnlJiBR medical aid retdejed. My unfortunate's fiieid citrei s'w: r In n week o'lenlu iwo'tam *)l#btct*e*. eonrn iurinj, in tv> live h..ur* Oflico, Canal kiree', c?ru.<r 01 Hroasway. MhDlOAL? HE. KENT, FORMERLY PHVSIOIA* AV,? surcwm >othe Ne v Vork l>lnpeu?*:v, 40 Howsrd eweet, cirr.cof Hroadway, cur.* qni'klj -in. I rh-?p Wo ahirgeto ?he poor. }>RIV.\TE CONSCLTATIONfl.-Dn. WaT'ON ?ON b'? prwrttre to one c*>i?? of dn#*?e, In '.vlilo'i he hs? Ir-itled more loan tweotj thuoanl eaes, ?1lhoii iw? ias'siine of failure. The fmsdle* uv mfd. and de not keep Um tri m tusliesa, or eipoee him to detaelion, while In r? rent cva<'8 there la a cure In twenty-four hotira. I>r. Watson desires lo Hate lhat. n? many hsve Iwen denelved hT the prnr:.?es of certain < liArHt<ms and been inj irea by drusa, i.Btiocl? are rtspectfnliy Invited n Mil to the llrst pl?M, u there I* uo oliarce lor oousultaNnna. ^ WILLIAM WATiON, M. D? Maty jtvi surraon to the Lock Hospital: author of "The Cdn.a and fure." numerous p.'ates, 91. Office 60 Walker feel, near Broadway. ______ RIGORD'S PRACTICE IN A CRRTAIN c ?? ol diseases. Ar.--t>r. 0 I) HAW A** B-oeJwajr, opposite tf.e Bt. Nlchoiv*. rtikir 5,< dei.tlally, In hi* S|>eniallty, at his ooive^lenif ?5? i "f* 00?** Ofli? hours from ? to I and f ran A to H dlji? "noma. OaUyTlmee, Mining rim* MFIMCAL PILOT, HT DR T O. H0TCHINO*. 1 Kvery family should possess lh(x valuable l>n? k. it treat* on evet v it #et.?e; contain* :t24 patje* splendidly lllnatrated and bound. To be had of the author, 483 Broadway, second Moor, ot potl free. Prico $1. TPIFS?MA?-THH GREAT KOBOPBAN HTSOOVERT I'loteded by ro?al letters patent of Knglan.l and secured l>> the seal* of the Keole de Pharmaole de Paris, and the Im perial college 1 1 Kedlelne, View* Tkivskmab No. 1? Is the remedy for general debility. The svn'cra would not become Impaired, even In the decline of life, if Trieimar No. 1 were universally adopted; all uhydeal impe diirenta vanleh Uke magic beiorelts Influence, thus rendering Its use Invaluable to those entering the marrlnge stats. No. 2? Completely eradicates all those disorder* Which oopavta and cubehs have so long been thought an anti dote lor, lo the ruin ol the health ol a vant portion ii our popa la"on. TmrsritAit Wo. 3? Itdlbegteai European re*ne<ty for that class of disorders which, unmrtunatelv, the KnglUli phvslclan treaLs with mercury, lo the Inevitable mMrtictloii of the patient's oon stltuilon, whioh all the snrtaparilla jn the wurid m?nnotren?ove Tnit^axAR Nns. 1, 2 and 8, are illkn devoid of taste or s no I, and all nattseaHng nnalUles. Thoy may lie no the toUet table wllhoul their tue bcW detected. Hold In tin canes at fV or four raeei to nneforW). which sarM $8; end In f27 caees wherehv there Is a saving of ft>; divided into separate doses m admltintered by Valpr..uL Wemand. Rotn, Ac. Wholesale and rcta". at d ft rwarilealo any part ot the wortdby H. A. HARROW. M. I)., .11 Oreene streat near Canal, New York, who Is appMnted by lie ptlanle* to giv* advire to all patienu In America, llonsnltationtee, Ifby letter, jtt. A mlrule description of case, s'artng acre, ha' as and ar.i cation, are teee*sarr. Attesilaaee dally from tl A. M, tUI I P. V. , and from 4 u> * P. M , (Suadarsetaepte.lj nnlesa iy pre yWnMAppotcuu*!'. No. M (Jreeae (Vati, mv 0?mL, *nraKitnm. _ Tujuuif Rruiao. Tm. M, IflK. Leh&ao'r new plcoe out? TdJt EL T K.XHO; Or. WEALTH AMD POVERTY. Prtodpal Characters by THE WONDKBFUL BAVkL family.. PNoMH regard lees of expense, with aovel and nr rnnilH? ? ry tricss, chsuges, Uan*formatotu and eUeels, new iwm.|, properties, aooeesories. coatume. mu<ia, groupings. 1mm DRiliTIt riMOIJ. PunanfoUy, ? merrv vagabond IntMic Is i< Epedilio.s gambler Fraosols Ravsl The Uvw Haotarba* Jerome M axST" Petite > dels IbnMt The entertalnmrnts to comments with the ootaio paaiomtaB* ?r THE SKCRfcT MAjtHlAOK. Ohamctera by th? B???l * ???** rajcr* or iowuioK : * lhe only seats Uu> can be secured to adyanoe srst? Orebmira Seat*. Moh Priva'e Boxe*, each ? ? - ? & Door* open at 6H; performance U o oas-neoow at _7^ stomas Box ofle?N?ii daily bom 8 a. M. for the sale ?f AoMMa nenring Orchestra Heats and Private Buses only. Tte u?*els and the Kit King every nl|tt. LAURA EBRRK'8 V ABHCTU68.? (tbanMa of ttms? Uoori ooeo al 9V: I MMtalTK preelsaly. Ihm evening Feb. 21? _ 1 UK mjNl UHACK. Master Waiter Mr. Conrad U Sir 1 homas Clifford Mr. O- J? Itosel Mr. Howard | Fathom Mr Jol Julia* Mlaa l-?ura 1 Helen.. M'm Kate I la couc.ude whb a new dlvertlsemeot.nv.led the JUDUMKnt or pa His. Venus M'lle V. Praadk Juno -..M'ReN.T rail*.... ..... Mom. ' WALLACE'S THEATRE, BROADWAY. NKAR street.- I>oors open a* 6 H o'clock, lo mm '?anon alf. This evnoii g. Feb 21? BENEFIT or MR. H. PLA01DM? the corned / of JOHN BULL. Hob Tom febuffleton. ......... ? Mr. Thornberry Mr. PlaeMe Brulsruddery .Mr. Hrouihtm Peregrin Mr. Dyott Pan . . Mr. Q. Hoilat d ?rank Boehdile. . Mr. No John Burr ..... .Mr. BtoMart lAdy OaroJtne.Mn Brougham ?WMH . Mary MHn Ra<.. Sir Mao on Mr. Phillips | MrsBrnlgruddery.MraVi THr. PIR8T NIGHT. Mens. Achllle Talma Irufaxd Mr. H. PlasM* OUOKLRY'H KEREN ADRR8, S3* BttOADM A a. MOW 1> day ev?* lug, February IB, and every evening dartag Ms week, the popular burlesque on LUCbEZIA HOROIA. Preceding the opera? MiORO MINBTRBUTY, of a superior order, new songs, dances, Ao. Gommaaoes hi flf o'clock. Admission 2T> cents. Nones? Perham's fourth enterprise gift tickets are raseM for the admission of tour aereoosi to our entertslnmsate. mm sale at the box offloe trow 10 A. M. to 10 P. M.; price V at eleven for ?10. LM. OOTTSCHALK'S * HUT H PIANOFORTE SOIREE WU1 lake place at Ikrfwer h's Roooms, oa Friday ereateg. Fehfiinrj ?? Kor particulars see proKrammeit a\ the osuab aiorea, Hud iu the dally papers of the 22d Inst. NOIK'R.-TUK ROMAN BROTHERS, MURK AW Ho:laod, sre not engaged for the travel l<n? mmw, i purUd by time managers, but are to let U the hLgUaat Ml JOHN H. MURRaT, ORORQR HOLLAND, National Theatre, Boatoo, ] SPJRlTUALIf.M KXP09KD, AT TMK TABRRNACLE, TnnUfi>Ar KxDiIhu, tun 21. Prof. 9PRNOKB will Rlre bktonlshlnt; demoustratioiis, wUb persons from ?be audleroe oompleiely prorltg the taliaoy ef moOtrn Hplrltiia'iMn, table tippicgH ta9led*DRing. spirits nado vIk| i|e, iten thrown orer in cbalrs by the spirlls. SI ,U00 to a^y ire lutn wbo ran more* table at the Tabernvcie without oouff* tact. Doors open at CK; I<eeture al 7%. Admls^loa 25 ceuts MUBU'Al M ATINKEH -MAHON AND BT'RtMANvJ Kourth < la??lral Matinee will be gtren on Tuesday, Pab. Vti. at I) <xl worth's Aeademv, K06 Broadway, at 2 o'ol ck P. ML TheTr'oby Kubihtelri will he ri pealed, and Hsob'n Tri|ils Oorcerto, :or t>rt eplfi os, will be flayed, for the llrst time ta New Yoilt, by Messrs. Searfecberg, Tliatn ana Mtaoa. Tlsk tie for etc at the mus.o ktores ana at 'he 0o>> Great kxcitkment Tt> mokt at whktk'r opb ra H?a>e, B-.werv. for 'he Hereflt ot ,T. Nell, o? whtdh ocevioo a treat varte 1 7 01' ueformiiiee will be (men, it oiixi inK tie great piece called HOP OP PaoHION . Adauasna th? saiue na n^ual. MOROAN'ji THIRD PIANOFORTE BRulf AT, WILL take place at Dodworth's kooais, thli ereninr at 8 o'clock, assisted by MUs Annie Kemp, Mr. Prazer an) Mr, *, V. Alden. Btvca'e, Bee<horen; Auelen e. Tha<berg; itant, "1 be SaCor Mgh.i ' Knife; ?unr. ' Prtend ot the rirarar" Ca roti; Selection from Mande.'s?>DD'n mur* *ltV>ut trardas Bal'ad, "Oft as Dewy Evening," r'ra 7rr, A' ia, ' O ih noa va lor," Doalsetti; Trio, "lo morrow, old lime," Wallace; L* Oascaife Pa rier and Minuet, by Moxirt. I?K) CAPITA LI8T8 ? A ORE A TJBAROA IN" ? TITR BOWRftY JL e tor aaie, with the lots upon which tte sama Is Mis-* att d, comprising six and a half lo fa of ground seventy six M froot on the Bowery , by HI % feet oa Elltabeth tlre?? aad Mt tine', deep, together with the exie-tlve stock ot wariliobe. aaea erj, prcpertfea, 4o., in the >>uiMing. The property wll W disposed ol upon the moat liberal term*, and 's, wiijout msgj tton. the hem Invnotmenl In tbl? oity that Is oOhred to aa# toUfte The build ine and proptirJf - ooutd be levwd at any n? ment, for a rent of $15,000 per annum, the establishment la doing au eioeilRnt hu^inesa. The proprietors offer tbe pro pmr ty for sa'.e, to close their respective Interests In the eameu Aa plytoM. a. OMRDHEY, Wo. ? Oity Hail pine. National theatre, wa^hinotov. d. o.-tob lease rt this magnificent eatabllshneut from the lit of March ecstiirg having been tendered In and acoepted by Metsra. EunkeT, Fold A Flojd, the subscribe' Is prepared to treat with start far nUhily, ti ( weekly or weeklv performaam. JOHN T. t ORU. Bow Manager? aho of Hollaay st. theatf. Theatre to let.? Howard athk-x-rttm, nniifWL Mass., by the week, mooth, or for a term ot yeas*, thea tre now In complete eider. Par terms, apply to FAIRBANKS A BRARD, Boston. Exhibition room to let or leasb-knowv as the Empire Hall, 006 Broadway; It is also wed nsli alstsi for aayboalBess requiring apeee. Apply on the premises. FREIGHT TO OAUVORRU. Great reduction in rates trelsht to If an Francisco. WftLLB, PAkOO A 00.'S CALIFORNIA KZPRK8S. ornoi 82 broadwst. We send forward our nest express to CAUrOBNU OKICOK. SSNDWIOU ISLAKDS, KTO., On Wedoendaj next, Peb. 20. Tla Panama route, per United Mates Mali Bte OSOROK LAW, Ixavtog at I o'clock. P. M.. and by the Nlosragua route, Mr Btcamer MORTHEKN LIGHT, On Monday, February 25. leaving at 3 o'clock, P. M. Freight to Ban Frascisco, weighing eighteen pounds aadesW per enble foot, token al Twrnr nri cunts rr.r. pottwd. Freight must be very sirooglr packed, and water ptvsC. wiuoblgs vlous to aallVog. Fraa'l paroels rtoelvel uotU'latost rnimeA N. B.? ehtppcrs will please olMerve that, owing to reosatln structkii s fr m the Treasury l.'enartaient at Washington, w* B'r.'i he furnlsbod with knowledtre of oon'ents and the valandF all express packages when de'-lvced to us . D. N. BARNEY, PresMeeA Freight positively not received alter 12 M hhlppetnw us by baring their freight ready (when possible) oa the NitTIOK TO SHII'PIIRS TO CALIFORNIA.? FRRiaar at reduced prices, via Paoama Hal .read.? The 1'aaUto moll s eamahip ORK(K)N, will leave Psttana tbe ntlddleer Ms rib. a* a special tW'Igbt steamer. TUmv?h hi Is ot ladtoc will ne Issued by steamer or pal It or vessel fro 1 New York, In ounnet i'on. and at vet > low iw'es through. Ii quire at thedS ftco of Ibeoompaay, 51 South si reel. D4IO0G ,1CADEH(B?. A r,OM A. mli?? r.OP WORTH'S PRIVATE DANOIJtG AO AOS. No M16 B-oaklwar, New Tork; No IJT Mon'agoi' piane, Bro.^lu so, will continue open until the l.?t of Juna, enah ing lltotm ?|to commerce a' th,- present time to cjrnp'etrt a full quarter. Tmm olanes w( fo ai rsaced that beglnnera can ecter al any tea with cqtial advtntaccs. ACAPkMY H \LL. NO. 06.". BROADWAY ? SOIRFH T? r.lghl ? Mme eed M'Ue KWMA S AUVAtJR AO hare removed their dancing academy to Aeademv tlall. 6.11 II read - wit, o[ po ru- Bond street, where they have fitted the largest sa'le in i>ev York 10 receive their trienas and patraos. 0#en ever j day aud evei in;. THA VKLX.KRS' GlltlB. Hirr.BON RIVER RAILROAD.? TRAINS LHtri tthambereaiieet dally for Alhaa/ Mil troy. ttoaaC after Mardar, Jar nary 21. W. the tiaiua will run ki follow*: ? Kxorree trau> 7 A. M . ro ureating with Northern end Wtmmm train; wu train 12 M , exprwe* tr?ui,5 P. M . far PCHitfhkeepsW, at 9 A . M . and J JO I* &., to PenkaUU 5:10 F M for Mo* Hln*. at 4 P. M. TUe King Sing and 1 (t*A train* atop at ail lie vmy ataUnM. ''aawKHjnr* taken* Okaaa bei a, Canal, tthriatophrj and Thtrt/ftf?l nirre'i. Hitoday **aM train, at 4 P. M., trim Canal atrrnt for Albany, stopping at?A Mil iWIoh. M. U. 8YKMJ. Jr., Hiipertnteuda*. iramcUa Dr. HCKTKR'3 NKW MKP1CAI. WORK, THR Ti HtCDH. frlrtng the Iondon, Part* and Vienna Mali S00 page*. full ol colored plataa. Prlre 4 ihililnga: i had of I)r. HUN IKK himielf, N?. S DIvMon at, Rtow York. long and favorably known to th? public ; he may h* consulted gratis at hta old established office where ha haa pra^tUed tn one branoh of medletnn f* the laat twenty low ?rcara, and made mora curta than any other man in the n man/ Instance* of penoni considered Incurable, aooaa af which ba baa permis?loo to refer to aa herclotora. Oharaaa mod* rate, and in all eaacs a cure riuu~ Mitred Caution? W? erf *1 remedy, Henter's red drop, that care* without dry lair it* potion tn the blood, ran be had aa rtxrej prtoe H m makes a speedy cure without the leant reatrtcUoa la BMl dtlnk einnaurc or ehange tn application to buaiaeaa. On boU'e will ourathanoat inveterate oaie. Muxy are owed tna few hours DR. RALPH'S OFFTOK norjRS? 9 TO 12 A. K, ? to 9 P. M , Sundays excepted. 643 HmuUn street, aaar Wooatar. TJIFFICACrOOa OXJRR FOR OORJT8, RCNWKIB, QM+ Hi loett'ha, nolle growing tola the Oeah. aod erary dtaardar 4f tea teat, by a new and peeutor method, wttboat cutttog, a* without causing the aUchiaatpatk Mon?teur LEVI. of Ho. 80 ft* ffoa da RItoU, Pwn*. tmt V?? Ounantt ? treat, Recent street, London, Haaan OtoropodH IB the Rmparor of Francs and the Royal Family of Rowland, hnr Ingbeen epeetaUr teTlted ? New Tbrk to attend ago* M% gtnehed families Intends r?7i ad datty, Monday* excepted. at Re. 01 Rlavauth atn*m, b oona* or ramnnniiia. i T rem hi* impart*: Majeety, Repeieon lit, F ranee.] Jeoert'de qua K- La?1 enter* lei i anraayae ?* a,tbl eM Loot* Nsrowoit Bomr, rFmn hie (Iraaa the present Ouke nf OlerehmR.1 I eertli r that Mr. b?ri baa ecttr^y cure d my atMm. (tiiehed temUiei (nlrnd* remalnti^t barn, antf may be ad daily , Hunday* axeeptcd. at Ma offlda, flmatlOHH at Ra. 01 Rtavauth atraet. between rtf% and^^M Ci.niM?o, M *. Jama* aquare, 1 I Ror * _.;ad LuMaiMtwmi, S3 Berkeley ?jii ? |Fran the Mwi Noble the Marq-'ia </ laMtadawM I Ht N. l?vI eivractad a cora f.y m? with periapt teatawr MB (From Robert FnrRiieon, Req , U I) , Phyelelaa to her Maieety of Great Brt>ta. ] Mr. I.erl ha* nu?t ud'fu'K attrw ted two eonu rraaiaa ?het'wiOirmt ?ivin? tue the ell?bt?i? p?to. ? Rout Faanvatw, U> ?> ? Queen (treat, Ray Pair, Ltmdo-i. tfarch 3, Ml [From A. J. feftne Rmi I _ ^ ruHtllslied by Mr l*f1, I Se? leare to tariff tn IHmi ftit nktll la hayfaft perteoUr retired a large hcnfcm. * ?ti- iidmc, wlthetH cauiiTit any patn, H. 4. rmjrxm, riilln.letphia, Jnly WTSSt . ** * la addiitw to the atorra ant??e?itlea<ed ?eiHuarwtola. ?m ttMiueanda more le hi* poeee^lor. (iimoair whlw are MWei trnm ladle* of the hlfhee" rauk) nan he mm by Mm with a call at hta odMe. 01 Fie*etith atrtat, btowwaa PVtfe mm Sixth arenaea. Raw T?*. Jl, Mo proiiarii' ?al eonaeetton with ?kt iihi>. LF DOCTItTR HITPOLTTR. FROM PARIS, PUP*L OF Blcord. after *lx yea re' pj vtlce with Rlconl lnbn lx?e?? taLtreata di-**aea In either eex. houra, from T j? II 4, M., ijt0 9 F. M., W WhH?al;?F, iiewBroB4 :/*f