Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 22, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 22, 1856 Page 3
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?with little offering. Oat Mil were steely, with sates of 1M |nti?n, taoladlng shouldsrs it 7Vo. a 7){o.. aad bMM at SKe. a 9e. Lard vu firm, with itlM of 360 Heroes and barrel* at 10>*c. a 10% c. Butter and cheese ware ia moderate request at uaahanged prices. Rk? ? Hales of 226 casks were reported at 4a4>?e., aad tome prime lots at 4fcc. a 5>;e. Brxuas were firm, and the market cloned at an advenes at %e. a He. Since the receipt of thi Cahawba's news, the ealss embraced about TOO a 800 bhdi., including common to food Cuba muscovado , at 7M?- ?8>?c. ; Now Orietns do., t\e. a 9o., aad about 30 a 40 do. Porto Riao at 834 ?8Ko. Whkot ? The market was firmer, with sale* of 400 a MObbU. prison at 20c. Rxu. Ehtate.? House and lot. Ml Fifth street, 20x78, $8,600 ; 204 Fifth street, 20x97, tt.tiOO; SOS Eawt Broad way, 24x78, 80,600; 428 Grand street, 21x70, 80 450: 24 Attorney street, '40x40, $8,660; 03 Sheriff street, 21x100, 82,400; 10 Hubert street, 26x100, $10 460; 1 lot, corner Lexington avenue and Thirty ninth street, 24xlU0, 13,800, 1 adjoining on avenue, 24x100, $2,800; 1 do. 24x 100, $2,800; 1 do. 24x100, $2,800: 1 in rear of above, ?n Thirty ninth street, 23x90, $1,800; 1 adjoining, 23x99, $1,800; 1 on Third avenue, near Thirty-eighth street, 21 x??^$2,0S0; \ adjoining, 20x90, $2,020; 1 do., 20x90, imummm ekhkwei btbrt mi. rMHAWf BBeitniB. FOURTH 8TBERT, BETWEEN SIXTH AVENUE and Washington square; the upper part, with baot basement of said home to let; will be repainted throughout aad -rsa put in. Kent $220. Also, tbe store and back room 20 1 JS'lSSSSl^il DSSf U'eecker. Kent $180. Inquire of JOHN G. MOSEMaN , 200 Woofer street, near Bleeekey. A PART OF A HOUSE TO LET? WITH IMMEDIATE A peseestion. 914 Broadway, bet we in Twentieth and Twenty first streets; in all Are room*, in nloe order, with pan tey oleset, bath and gas; yearly rent, $200. 201 ?9 FIRST CLASS HOtJSE TO LET ? WITH ALL THE modern improvements, at 300 Seoond avenue, batween Mghteenth and Nineteenth streets. Inquire of Boohraeh A Pratlow, 16 Cedar street. The houie can bs seen from 12 to 1 o'clock. AFUBNISHKD HOUSE TO LET? WEST OK BROAD way, b?:ow Fourth street; thirteen rooms, with all the nudSni Improvements; yearly rent *eW, with lease. Two per sons, a gentleman ana his wife, wtu be permanent boarde. s, allowing $1Z per week. Possession lmmeciately . t'oasesslon lmmeciately. B. W. BIOHABDS, 30 7 Broadway. A LADY ABOUT TO GIVE UP HOUSEKEEPING, would like to rent her furniture to a sm*ll private famU It, for the or n&lderation of occupying one room for herself In their house, without board. The fUrnltare, though not new, is tastefnl and In good order, and can be seen br adilreising box 1,220 Post office. Best ot references given. A SMALL TWO STORY AND ATTIC HOUSE, HIGH /V stoop, to let? with all or part of tne furniture for sale. The bouse Is plessantiy situated in the oentral part of the elty. Rent $400 per annum. Apply to ?. BttdtiON, Mo. 16 South William street, between the no urt of 2 and 3 o'clock. COAL YARD TO LET AND FIXTURE? FOR SALE. The el-ove yard It one of th > olden and best located lu the city, aod the fixtures are in complete order for carrying on a succe?kful business. For further particulars apply to W. M. BCGK.KB, 208 Broadway, up stairs. GENT* PL DWELLING HOUSES TO LET, WITH ALL the modern Improvements? Noj. 210 and 215 Tenth street, toree slorv . auic snd basement, 2d feet front; Mo. 12 tit. Gear <e's ?lace, Thirteenth street, near Second avenue four story and easement; No. 226 Ninth street, tour story, Kng.ish basement, 12 X feet trout. N. W. A R. STUYNKSa.VI*, Mo. 9 Wall si House to let-at 78 west thirty-first street; a handsome brown stone three story and basement house, Matty finished, and with all the modern Impi ovementa. Kent House to let, in bleecker street, near Broad w ay- Two story and a tic. In gerfect repair. Gas, feath. Ac ; tapestry carpets, embroidered curtains and a portion of furniture tor sale; about $t,fiOU will purchase. This will be found a desirable opportunity for a respectable family. Ad dress M. J., box 3,164, Post office. Labgk boarding house to lease.? a new bui dicg, four stories and basement, 70 feet front by 66 feet deep, brown stone tront, situated oorner oi Fourth and ftDMh Fifth Streets, Brooklyn, (lata Williamsburg,) will be las sell io a good tenant for a boarding house, or private family Mel. The house is arranged with all the oonvenienoes of a Mhl v . s By, aa high ground, sod within five minutes' walk of four for ms. There is no other bouts of the kind In 'hat section of the ?Mgr. sad a number of private families are now ready to take rooms. Terms moderate to a good tanaant. Apply to WM. WALL, 220 ? ront street, B ew York. VTOTICK TO CABMEN.? TO LET, TnE HOUSE, SI) SCAM J.V me' street, from the first of Msy, with stables In the rear, suitable lor tout hones gateway and oouri yard In front, with room for carts to be drawn from the t treat, all Insloied lo the ^selling. Suitable for two families. For particulars, Inquire at6?6 Grand street. /?VFFICE TO LET-THE FRONT OFFICE, FIRST FLOOR, V of No. 19 Bearer street. Inquire oi SIMPSON BBO THBRS. 18 Beaver street, up stairs. QTBAM POWER, WITH ROOMS, TO LET ? IN THE IO Harlem snd New Haven Freight Depot, one door from Broadway, Inquire ot PH. BKNwETf, corner of Franklin and Kim streets. TKaM POWER. -WELL LIGHTED ROOMS TO LET, ' with steam power, &os. 29 and 31 Oo:d street R. HOE A CO. s OTORF. TO LET? THE VERT DESIRABLE FIVE O story building, No 4 Stone street, at $2,3)0. Inquire of SIMPSON HKGT11KKS, So. 19 Beaver street, upstairs. STORE AMI CELL A R TO LET.? THE FIRST FLOOR end cellar ot building Mo. 3V South WUllam street and 19 Stone street at $900. Inquire of SIMPSON UROl'HEctS, U Beaver street, up stairs. ?WO LET? TWO THREE STORY BBICK HOUSES ON A Fifty third street, between Fourth and Filth avenues; will be let to good teoauta at $300 each. Inquire of C. A H. FOIL LOW, 224 South street. rpo LET-TWO THREE STORY BRICK HOUSES, HIGH A stoop, sub-cellar, Oroton water and gas, 202 and 201 West Fifteenth street. Can be soen from 10 A. M. to 2 P. M. Apply at 100 West Broadway, up stairs. mo LET -A NUMBER ?F FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY X hoasee, ta Ashland Plaoe: also, the house 67 Greenwich . avenue, rent <300; also, the adjoining house, rent $1,000: also, to let, a atimber or offices in buildings 304 and 200 Broadway. " r to B. ULOOMKK, 2v8 Broadway. mo LET-TWO FINE LARGE OFFICES, DIRECTLY J. opposite tne St. Nicholas Hotel. Inquire of JOBB ORA BAM #16 Brosdway, seeond door. r LET-OFFICES IN THE SECOND, TSIBD AND tourtb s orles of No. 643 Broadway, corner of Bleecker street, tuitaoie tor architects, Ac. Apply on the premises, to JOHN W. KlfCH, Architect. mo LET? TWO SPLENDID HOOSK8 AND STORES, IN X a first rate buriress location, on islghth avenue, Nos. 497 and 407,' >, between Thirty-sixth and Thirty-seventh street*, i he atores ace six;; feet deep, and the houses contain fifieen rooms aaeh, with line nasements. Urn: on water, io? Ac. Will be let at a moderate rent to good tenants, Po*?>Mton given immedi ately. Apply to M. voopkk. lit Chambers street. mOLST-1 Bi? STOBE AND FRONT BASBMBNT Iff THE J. tew bitUl u,; on toe ncrtliwest corner of Spring and Oroi by streets; en evcei'eat location (or buflnew purpose*, in quire m the building, o: Aaaon House. fpo LEI? ON E OF 1HE FOUR BEW BRICK HOUSES, JL ha j tug Ixol balconies, No*. 404 to 410 Atlantic street, Brooklyn, very dtjujjii'e far a resilenee or a respectable bua'neu; tent u> a goad tenant two. It contains a neit store and bawmed' floors, end ei?Bt ic tin over the same; kai yard. ?o)t watf, p*i pipe#, Ac. Inquire 01 vV?. SH11H, sjjij HO > uJton street, New York, Iioju ? to a I' M. only. mo LtT-Al hRW KOCBK. LK, *KOM THE FIRST OF A April n^x'. a 1*TC! cii' in good order, ccft willing 12 room*; pat-lot* b*vp uia^bie mm el<?, ^ntm, Ac.; unoer rooms large acd ;t ?ifioJ ({?j'Um... nol beiuu.utly slt'iated, between tLa dapot it.4 Btetunii.*". lauding. 'lhe furniture in the bouse w ill be sold if required. Apply to H. F. "Niai'tJN, near the cepo'., or :o J. C. liAsL KTT, on the premise. TO IET-1B BROADWAY, FOR LI0HT BUSINESS purpose*, 'be Uou*e tiol; wtll t>e let in suits, If required. A'so, rooou ia tuc hou.e 049, suitable for dsntls'V or phy-u etaii?' ofllcw Ibey oon'aui the modern improvement*. Apply ?t Bo. 3 Ctinion puce. rUT-A PaRT OK A 0ENTEKL HOUSE, Willi A gatceo, containing a variety of fruit 'rei'j; I* one of the most deobaSie icrttiOLS In Brooklyn, and Is within fifteen mi nutes' nde by car of Fulton lerry. Address 1). K. B., Brook lyn Post, office. rLRT-ON ltlTH STREET, BRTWBRN THIRD A1TO Fourth avenues. two veil finished ootlage houuM. Mght rooms av.cli , ren'. glUO per, wita large yurd \nd gard ea. Inquire no the premie*, house nearest Fourth are M. Fosses lo? given immediately. rl.P.T? A 1WO STORY ATTIC ABO BASEMENT brick h'i'i'e, 145 Heine jcv street, la ths boat of order; rent 9600; contait itg 13 i" in> inquire of Klchard Tyler, 73 Waih Ington street, or in the comer store. TO LET- IN THE CITY OF NEWARK, N. J., DRY grcds ot'?,e, lf-J Bread street, with fixtures. Kent WOO per am urn. Fo*v?*ion 1st jf March. Al*> two three story store), with dwelling, 7 and 9 New street, with fixtures; rent $155 p?r aucum, po* ? <u<o 1st of April next. Inquire of uEWlj, OAR1 HM ilTlS A CO., S9 Chambers street, TO LET -Pi >SflK5AION OITRN IMMEDI ATKL.T. A targe convenient house, furnished or unfurnished; it baa gas and bssboen recently tint In good Older; the furniture tow, in coo.'.'quence of the 111 health of the present proprietor. Plaaee inquire ui the house 66 Fulton street, Brooklyn. r LET- LARGE AND PLEASANTLY LOOATRO TWO tiorr sad atuc bouse, J6 feet by 100, locate 1 between CbrUtopiier a: d Amos in Fourth street, No. 126. Kent 9000, -with use of g*? flctures; or $1,000 If painted throughout. For further pait? < lars inquire of .JO HN JAMISON, 117 Fourth street, second floor above aiuos. T, LET? A1 REDUCED RENTS, TO SMALL AMRRI raaf?ml.te< II <ors through, conslmlng of Ave rooms, with bath, Crtum vater. Ae . In ike new hotuen In Weat Nineteenth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues. Apply at the offlee on tbe pm ">>?** No. 140 weat Nineteenth street, from a toS o im tbe ptf n dock i(P? i mo LET? A FODR STORY BROWN 8TONB HOUSE, IN A f btrtr el^hto streol, fourth bouse from Fourth avenue, with nodrrn improvsments Also, one three story brlok boum, SH4 Zpr vg mreet; and one t>ffl ill home, J88 Spring street. Inquire ol T. i L. KOsfl, '/J Pearl and 62 Stone atreeu. mo LK'r-OfFlOSJB, FOR DEALERS IN JEWELRY, A niche*. , fn. 18 John stfeet, from the 1st of May ntxt. Alterations will be made icmutt the tcnanU. WM. H. HMira, No. 2 Maiden lane. mo LET-IN WEST FOURTKF.NT1I STREET, THE A three story brick dw oil tog, situated on the southerly side cf Fourteen tli sin e .flrnt houee west of S'iMi itventie, replete with every couvnilei CH and now in pertect order. Apply cnl| tej. W. I IS A HONS, 131 Front street. mO LET? TBE ROOMS, IN THE SKCOND STORY OF 1 Clinuxi B..U. as lor pltce, suitakle (or assembi.M of rell gtooa worship or other w? letle?; one of which will re>U .VX) per aoBa,an&two>uiauei ones. Also, oglcfs in the third storr. Apply toliaiu.tinT.on the premises, or to HilMUND OOF FtN.SO Bn?iP?ti -et. moLMT-PART OF TUB DWRLI.INO BOUSE, Frij J. Ion street, t ear Su pafii'n onnch. a good opaortanlv Pnr a ?mal t i-uali * who wlsh.a genteel reaUdeuce down town. App r oil the prem' ws. T> Lit? t UK THRRF STO'tY AND ATTIC UtttCg: bn ise, t o. 14? Bin h stroe', between L'rovlway nnd Fourth Avemte. It l?^s the l i?to?i water, ?.lt<4wn range, \r. Ac. I'an fceseen r^om 12'0 ! I' M. ftppl* t?<r. J, CuODlNorON, If WaU sl?K ?f;nd *orv, frgat ndlce mo LET-FUBNISHEE, AT 139 FBINCK STREET, WE3T 1 ot Broedwey. a large room, with pantry, km. *c., oo se rood floor, to genUemeo only. without board. Boat ?xoeai tngly low to a good taut. rpo UT? THE rivt STORY BUILDrNG 104 CENTRE . '?f workahops; also etore and basement, U>6 and 108; ?1k)4? adjolnl t>g building, 110. fitted up for a board log bouM aaddiniig sa'ooo, with steins cooking appara'as, with or without the giore. Apply at *6 Hose street, bwimi. T? PABT OF ? HOUSE, TO a SMALL BI A speclable family; but one family tn U>? tutu**; also two houses tn Williamsburg, near the ferries. Apply at 333 Broome Kreet, flrat bouse east of Bowery. r LET -DWELLING PABT OF HOUSES OK FOURTH avenue, near Twenty -seventh street, consisting of Hires atones above the stores, with kitchen, large yards, 4c. The bouses have gas, oaths, dumb waiters, contain twelve rooms, end have no connection with the stores. Rent $500. E. B. KIMSHXMKB, 310 Fourth arenoe, only 8 to 10 A. M., and 3 to 7 P. M. ' TO LET-ON FOURTH AVENUE, NEAB TWKNTT -FIFTH street, twoor three nice three story basement houses, con taining twelve rooms, tn good order; modern improvements Ac. Wood location for physicians, dentists, architects, or private residences. Rent WIOl), Also, one or two small three story houtes on forty-third street? $360. K. B. KINHHIMRK, 319 Fourth avenue, only 8 to 10 A. M.. and 3 to 7 P. M. * TO LET? A BROWN STONE FRONT HOUSE, WITH ali the modern Improvements. Kent $700 oroton water tax and repairs. Apply at 89 West Thirty sixth street, near Broadway. r LET-IN BROOKLYN, A THREE 8TOBT BRICK bouse corner of uonoord and Jay streota, suitable fo- a boarding house or pilvate dwelling, wt h sixteen roons, base ment aid cellar, we>ll fiolshed, with marble mantles, grates gss. and within Ave minutes' walk ot Fulton ferry. Apply to a. McAVOf, on the premises. r LET ?THE DWELLING- PART OF BOU8E T7 WB3I Broadway. Inquire ofH BLANK, in the store, or of J. JOHN BON, 209 Washington street. Brooklyn. TO LET? 45 WHITEHALL STREET, JUST ABOVE THE South ferry and opposite the Battery; has oeen occupied for a boarding and lodging house, with a barroom, for the Ust ten. year*. There are also two small h o.-es well suited for any li&ht business. The whole will be rea ted to a good tenant at a talr price. Apply to J. W. ODIOfr , 81 Broad street. rLET? A TWO STORY A*D BASEMENT HOUS*, containing nine rooms, 102 West Fort) -ninth street be tween Broadway and frlxth avenue; rent >250. Inquire of J. O. HANSON, 89 West Broadway. ' _ mo LET-STORE NO. 90 CHATHAM STREET, AND 1 fixtures for sa'e; possession at once; bouse 86 Forivth, {400; 189 Madlwn. $712; 170 Lewis, #400; 133 avenue D, $SJ?; 135 avenue D, $600; 30 Houston, $J76; low corner of West ant Troy, $1,000. Apply to J. COVERT, 73 Wall street, at 12, or at 200 Clinton street. rTK> LET? TUB FIBST CLASS DWELLING HOUSE, 25 A feet front and rear, suitable lor a boarding house or pri vate 'amily, situate No 270 Smith street. Apply to ROBEKT STUTVKflANT, No. 9% Merchants' Exchange, office on Wall street. TO LET-A TWO STORY BASEMENT AND ATTI0 bouse, tn Greene street, near Houston, to a small tsmUy; the owner, a single gentleman, reserving the second story for bis own lodgings; rent $350; possession 1st of Hay; reference i required. Apply to T. T. MERWIN, 39 William street. rpo LAT? HOUSE AND STORE. CORNER OF WEST A H road way and Franklin street; house 110 West Broadway, or per part of bouse, 7 rooms; rent $360; also the upper part of a tenant house, 16 too ma; rent $420; also house down town, suitable for a carpenter shop. Apply to S. C. SMITH, 15 Molt street TO LET, AJ>D FURNITURE FOR SALE? A SMALL, convenient three story and basement hoiias, on the eaat side of the city; location unsurpassable, with water, gas and Bcebee's range, In good order, ana possession given on the first of April. For particulars Inquire at 369 South street TO LET, AT HOBOKEN? A FBW NEW FIBST CLASS three story and baiement booses on River terrace, five minutes' walk to the ferry ; have sub-cellars aid front court yards; are modern built, well finished, replete throughout with every convenience, gas, water, ba'hs, sang as. he. They front on a park, and commend a lma view of the bv>or. Apply at the office southeast corner of Hudson and Se?nd streets. TO LET, OB LEASE-AT CLIFTON, STATEN ISLAND, a furnished house, beautifully situated, with stables, Ao.. Ao. Inquire at HURON'S Erpreis Office, South terry; or at E. Blake's store, Vanderbllt Landing, S. I. rLET OB LEASE-A THREE STORY AND ATTIO bouse. (No. 698 Hou^tju street,) with all the modern im prover- ente. Inquire at 263 Broadway, from 9 to 10 A, M., or at 32 Azzilty street. TO LET OR LEASE-FOB MA8ONIO OR I. O. OF O. F. lodge rooms, the fourth and fifth stories ot a brown stone building, 267 Bowery; also basement and under teller. Ap ply to GKO. W. DEAN, 286 Bowery. TO LET OR LK ASE? THE STORE, 90 WILLIAM STREET, between Maiden lane and Piatt street, being furnished with eas fixtures, fire proof sate, Ac Apply between 10 end U o'clock, toB B. HUTCHINGS, 36 John etreet. mo LET OB LEASE? THE LARGE, SUBSTANTIAL A bouse, with a three story addition, 463 Brooms street west ot and near Broadway ; contains all the modern Improvements, large yard and the lot being extra size, say 26 by 110 feet. Ap ply between 12 and 2 o'clock to A.L. LEVY, 75 William M., up stairs. TO LEASE-THE OLD ESTABLISHED COAL YABD. hoe 33 atd 36 Stanton street, with scales, stables. Ac. To pertif s In tbe coal business .this offers superior inducements for a faw-able lease. Apply to M1LL.KR A MORRId, marble building, 11 Pine street. mO LEASE? A THREE STORY AND ATTIC HOUSE, A with stable In tie rear, situated in Clinton place. Eighth street, Ne. 48, near of University plaee. The house has been lately pui In thorough order; naa gas. baths, Ac. Posses sion given immediately. For further particulars Inquire of JOHN URaHAM, 616 Broadway, second floor. r LEASE? HOUSE NO. 7 THIRD STREET, FOR three years. Inquire on the premises, or at 90 South street Van be seen between 1 and 3. B. REYNOLDS. TO LEASE-THE LARGE, COMMODIOUS STORE, COR ner of Houston and Wooeter streets, for a number ot years, with or without dwel tog. It Is wcli adapted for any business requiring space. Kent for store, toe good tenant only. $500. Possession given 1st ot May. Inquire ot C. H. MOottK, 165 Woe ster street, np stairs. TO LEASE? FOR SEVEN YEARS, A LARGE HOUSE in Prince street near and west of Broada*. Its proximity to all the leading hotelefenders this location particularly de sirable for nubile or busiress puroouw. Lot 36x101. Apply to JOHN H. KRLflO, 62 William street. TO LEASE FOR A TERM OF YEARS? THE FIVE story brick building 81 Weet street, enure, or the itore, cellar and lofts, each separately. It Is favorably sltua ed for a flour and provision store (hip chandlery, agricultural warn home, Ac. Inquire on the premises, third tieor, rear offlctfT Lead pipe*, iron bath tab, copper boiler, Ac , and a theodsli'e, a line Instrument, tor sale there, at a low price. TO RENT? A NEAT THREE STORY HOUSE, 94 SACKET street, Brooklyn, th;ee minutes' walk from the ferry; has n srble mantles, grates, sliding doors, and gas fixtures with chandeliers comolete; will make any al'e ration to please the tenant Rent $326: posse sion Immediately. Several other bouse* and parts ol house* to let F. M. CURRY, 208 Broadway. r JEWELLERS OR OTHERS.- TO LET? THE FIRST and s?rond tofts ot No. 61 Nassau street, one door from Maiden lane; or will be leased live years. Apply on the pre mtaesjto IRA PER EGO A HON. The subscriber offers to iease the pre mires on which he now resides at Ma>peih, L. I. From its nearness to the city It projects great airant?ges to milk-nan or gardeners; It eontatos3A acres ot Rood Land most ot which Is now tn grass, with 14 acres of sal', meadsw; the buildings are large and commodious, with every convenience. Including Ice house, row filled, with tnl k room adjoining, pleasantly si' uated on tl e p'wtk road, surrounded with fruit and shade trees, render ing k a dee rabie residence for persons doln j business in New York. Apply to JOB. II. Van MaTkR, Jr., on the premises, or u> JOHN LLOID, 15 Nassau st , Commonwealth Building. TO PHYSICIANS >ND DENTISTS.? TO LET, TWO e>gant mils of cMces, on the first floor, In the first class private residence now orec'inglu Nlmh street, third door west of Biond *ay. For particulars address box 1,131 Poet offloe. TO OEOCBR8, BUTCHSRS OR LIQUOR DEALERS.? At<y perron wishing t > gtt a six years' lease of tho finest ru re snd oeet location in Brooklyn 'or either of the abovo bu Fif'.ecH. wtlh tbe lowest re .t, can call at 08 I-aureace street, Brooklyn. Kow ocoupled as u first class market DAITCnrO ACADBHIM. MLI.K. CAROLINE VKZIEfc'8 DANCING ACADEMY, No. ?1 Howard ttreel Is now open for the uiion. C]???d ruri-t Tor the Instruction ot ladiea and gentlemen at 3 o'okxk F. M. to A, and K to 10 In I he evening. tor practice, Crard dancing soiree every Saturday evaaicg l'rora 8 to II. Adniinion, SO cer.ts. i ' " HOBSB8, CARRIAOEI, AC. CARRIAGES OFKVERYDE8CRIPTION AND WEIGHT, from 100 poinds to 600 pound* wl'.h and withon' tops; two seat extension tops, and two seat open, at the Hrooklrn light carriage manufactory, 14 High st. DAVID 1>A1,Y. ?M)R HALK? A SPLENDID CHR8NUT MORGAN HORSE, elgbt years old with Hug tall; Is sound kind, true and gentle every war. Would be recommended f>r family u-ti. or world be an elegant parade horse. Apply at H. JONES' *at'>(137 Mercer street. For sale-one gray, and a pair or matched bay horrea. 16% bands high, sound and kind; either one can trot a mile In three minutes to a road wagon. Must be s< Id. Apply at 93 Hurray street, at half-peat 11 o'clock. NEW YORK TATTRRSALLS.-FOR SALE, BY ORDER of the administrators of the estate of Jerry B. Dan, the trottiog mare known as ine Yaikee; mare to be aoen at tbe above plsce. Inquire ot O. demons. STORAGE FOR FIFTY SINGLE RLHITITH, AT FIVE dollars a year, can be had by applying to A. & Q. POL HfcMUH, No. 27 Grand street, Brooklyn. WANTED-A GOOD SECOND HAND COUNTRY stage. Apply at No. 09 Greens street, la the reti', room No. S. HOTELS. FENTON'S HOTEL, 8T. .IAMES STREKT, LONDON ? K. H. FENTON begs to acquaint Cm nihility aad gen try that baring completed the repairs of his hotel. It I* re-open ed tor the icceptlon of visiters. lie also takes this opportu nity cf Informing them that he has built a commodious smoking ro m, apart from the hotel, for the accommodation ot gentle men. HOLDRFDOrS HOTEL, 75# BROADWAY, CORNER OF Clinton place ?Superior sptiimeatA for families or indi viduals son now be obtained, with or without board, bj the m> a: or werk, served In dining or private rooms, at reduced pi ices. Baths free. Rooms rent from t'2 to 1ft" per week. WM. IIOLDKKDOK, Proprietor. mflE OLOBE HOTEL. CORNER y mwd I wmtam street, can ro>ms at 35 eetiu per night , LkvSS** to K?--rve4at?i ZSt? lor families, ????j "ggjflj; FRENCH. KBITAVRAKTI. RIP VAN WINKLK.? THE BIRTH DAY OF TSE Father of his Country wl 1 be celebrated by a sumptu ous rolls.1 Ion, at Ibe suMcriber'a nous*, corner ot Houston and Crcehy streets, where be would be happy to see allhls friends, And those participating In the borwrs or the day. GEO. W. JaCKHON, Proprietor. Messrs. A. H. Trenchai d and P. W. Ward vl'l do the honors of tie oer?nlon. sum deliver their cefebra'Ad Stump -poeches. 1 isn(;h every dsj from 11 till 1, and every evultg at oviectt Pip Van Winkle House. M0 Housfon tli get. corutr ot Crosby. fiAU BROADWAY- A LAKO* ANU WELL FWB WISH UIO ad front room, oa aorond toor: alao, two suite* ef (tat rooms, Md one room tor a Mingle gentleman, all luppbed wttk gu, may If lad with toll board. Dinner at 6. OA/J BROADWAY, CORNER OF LEONARD BTRRRT^ Ot I Very neat furnished room* to let to permanent fen - tlemen, for *2 par week. Apply oa the premise* after II o'clock A. M. QQ1 GRRENWICH STRUCT. ?A. FEW GENTLEMEN OOi can be acoommodatod with board, at Mn Taylor's. Teima, >3 and >8 60. 1 n c win fourteenth strut.? two familjn* 1U?J and a single gentleman. can And rooms, hi suit or ata K, in a 0m elaae hou-e, 10ft West Fourteenth ctreet, oppose AnauncthMon church. Behrsncs required.^^ AX GBOVR STREET. OKB DOOR FROM BLRRCKER.? aU Handsome parlor* er tret aud seoond Hours, to let. to gentlemen aod their wlvg-s with board. Howe tlrat clam, cot taming all the modern Improvement*. Also haodajme apart menu, with board, at 16" Uleecker street, opposite Bepaurow. OK OBBBNK STBBBT.-A GENTLEMAN AMD HIS AO wife, at two tingle gentlemen. eaa be aooommedated wtlh hawUomnlj furniahad rooms, with fall or partial board; hot and sold baths; good table; torma moderate. References exchanged. A GENTLEMAN OF QUrKT HABITS, WISHING A JX permanent home, can obtain a nicely furnished, large nixed parlor, having grate, closet and gas, with use of bath and piano. Terms (6 per week, or with partial board, 97- loca tion below Kleecker street, west ot Broadway. Address Mr*. H., llecald office, heletenees exchanged. A SMALL PBITATB FAMILY, RE8IDIN0 IN THE vicinity of bad ton and Thirteenth streets wish t-j take a family or single persons to board. Home good fur. liars would be takeu In part payment. Address Furniture, Hudion street Poet office, for one week. A PLAIN, RESPECTABLE LADY, OB URNTLRM AN and wife, can be accommodated with rooms, furnish I'd or usfurnb-hed, with or without board, in an English family of two, at 126 East 24th St. A LADY, HA VINO A HOUSE DOWN TOWN, WOULD accommodate two ladlei and gentlemen with board and nice apartments; board for the ladies only. Address Mrs. Low, Broaaway Post office. BOARD.-A GENTLEMAN AND WIKR ANl> TWO OR three gentlemen can be accommodated with hoard at 80 Gi eene street, near Spring, and within a minute's walk of Broadway. Board-in a private family; two or threr single gentlemen can be accommodated with partial board at No 20 cottage place between Ueuaton and Bleecter streets. None but single gentlemen need apply. Terms moderate. Boabd -a back pablob in sroond st<1byof house 46 West Washington place, to let, either to a faintly or single gentlemen, with full or partial board; hjuse contains the modern Improvements. Betereneea exchanged. Board- at a countby seat, on the rastrivjsr. a private family, occupying a large airy conotry home, delightfully located on tbe river, hiving well shaded grounds, vegetable garden, bath house, Ac., wish to make per manent arrangements to board a famllv and a fe ?r gentleman, btable and carriage room ean be hat, and parties ma/ provide for their honei. flr preferred. Gentlemen doing busltteai in town will tine this a very dea<rab!e and convenient summer residence, being only six miles from the City Hall, and aoon? slble at all bourn by t-ecoud, Third aud Fourth aveuue cars. Addieaa Country Seat, Herald office. Board and two or three unfurnished rooms wanted? by a gentleman and his wife. In a private family, either In this elty or Brooklyn. Pns?eealon required 1st of May. 1 erma must be moderate. Addreaa (i. AW., Herald office, stating all the pariisulars. The gentleman la only at bome to dinner on Sundays. Board in bbooklyn.-grntlrmkn an? their wives, or stogie gentlemen, ctn be accommodated with board at 13S Joralemon street, between ttouth and Wall street ferries. Board in Brooklyn.? a gentleman and wife. or two single gentlemen, can have lull or partial ooard and pleasant rooms at 02 Bai.da ctreet, In a small private I'a mll> , only a few minutes' walk from Fulton ferry. Teniu moderate. Board wanted-for an eldbrly grntl?;man. in a respectable private family, where inatruoti m in tie pianoforte and singing, by an experienced teacher, would bo taken as part pajmeut. a piano furnished, If required. Ad dress, stallr g terms, Ac., A. B. P., Herald office Board wanted.-a gentleman, wire and daughter dealre board In a private family. Th?ir will fur nish their apartments; they will also require a room for their servant*. Address, naming particulars, Advertiser, Herald offire. . Board waited.? any bmall private FAMfLY, living In good style, ( not extravagant I wl thing to reduce their expenses oan make very fair terms with a qu'et family breaking us housekeeping? gentleman, wite, mother and two li tantr, with servant. Prefer to furnith their a ivn rooms. Ad dress Cash, aerald office, for one week. Board wantrd.-two young okmtlkmhn- de flre ooard, and a furnished room. In a private family preferred. Location between Fourth and Fourteenth streets. Partial beard for one. Terms must be moderate. References given aad required. Addreaa J. AW., Herald office, Imme diately. Boarding.? a gentleman and wifr. or two gentlemen, can be accommodated with a pleasant front room, neatly furnished. Also a small roem, suitable tor a sin gle gentleman, at XI North Moore street, near St. John's park. Baths in the house. Boarding.? a single gentlf.m an can be Ac commodated with a pleasant room, with breakfast aid let, In a private house located between Houston and Fourteenth streets. For particular*, addre** J. 8. X., Broadway Post office. Boarding.? a farlob and bkdroom on first floor, suitable for a family, with a private table If required; alM) * single room for a gentleman, la a ilr?t claw bou?e, No. 49 Wrst Twenty -second street, between Fifth and Btxth are Dues. References required. FURNIBHOD APARTMENTS TO LET, TO SINGLE gcrtlemen. ? A parlor und bedroom, handsomely furnish ed, on the second door of boute No. 5 Greet Jones street third door from Broadway .(with every modern convenient**. Refer ences exchange*. FURNISHED ROOMS.? POME HANDSOME ROOMS ARE now to let In the bouse No. 1 Great Jones street, corner of Bicadway. Board can be furnished If desired. NO. 7 W008TER STREET.? GENTLEMEN AND THEIR wives, or tingle gentlemen, can obtain furnishsd rooms, with full or partial board, by applying as above. Every at:en tion given to make it a comfortable borne. Oai, baths, Ac. ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN CAN BE AOCOMMO dated with a furnlrhed bedroom la a quiet family, where there are no other boarders; reference required. Call for one wtekatZTJi Madison street. TWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED with board and furnished rooms. In a small private family, In a nost respectable nelghborhood/Cree from all the annoy anoe* of more orowded tooroughtrn*. None need apply tint Ibnee who c?n appreciate a ccuifortable home and produce sat Isfactory references. Apply at 34 lMMniniok street, between Hudson and Yarlck streets. TWO OR THREE GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACC0MM9 dated with handsomely furnished rooms at 18 IJapeoard street WANTED? A SUIT OF FURNISHED APARTMRNTS. tor ? private family, consisting of three adults. Infant and nurse, with or without board. Address, with full particulars, F. A. Heiald office. WANTED-BT A YOUNG GENTLEMAN, A NEATLY furnished room, with breakfast, near Broadway, anl no higher up than Oam.1 street; with a German f ?fnily pi efei re.L Address for two days, with lull particulars, Edwards, box 1.9, Vi t oat odice. MIMICAL. AW. LADD k CO.'S PAKI3 FIRST PREMIUM PIA . noe.? lhese plaros received the first premium, over&K o'ter square plsnrs, both European and American, at the Par's Industrial Kxhlbitlon of 1M6 UaRHaRT NKKDHAM A CO.'s melodeens, 619 Broadway St. Nicholas Hotel. JUDdON A MONGER. IT OUR SECOND HAND PIANOS, ROSEWOOD AND 0 mahogany, of the very best city make and la thorough repair, will be sold exceedingly cheap; also. one melodeon. Orders for either ttt'l be honorably executed. Apply at 103 West Broadway, to A. WKHKB. Great sacrifice -a fine toned seven op tave rosewood pianoforte, by one of 'he best makers in New lork, will be sold for $120, lr taken this day, as thw owi er is obliged to leave the city immediately. Can be seen at 102 Twenty -sixth at., near Seventh avenue. eREAT SACRIFICE.? A SPLENDID $375 ROBEWOOV piano for sale for $180; superior tone and case; warranted in ? vim y respect by the makers; not bean used throe month*; owner is sick, and mint seU It. Gen be seen this week at AO Walker street, before it o'clock. IBKQ IE AYR TO OFFER MY SERVICES FOR IN etiuctlon In thorough bass, the pianoforte and staging, on reasonable terms. JOSEPH G. KOE jl'LKR, teacher or nrt sic, 441 k oustou street, room 14. MUSICAL ? WANTED. A SITU kTION AS ALTO IN A choir, by ? young lady who read* well. Address F. A. it. , Herald office. VfUSIC.-TO LET, A ROOM IN A DESIRABLE LOCA 1*1 tlon, hi the Immediate vloinlty cf Washington square, in rxrhange for Instruction on the pianoforte. Apply at No. 194 Fourth street. PIANOFORTE AND SINGING.? A LADY, PUPIL of the meet eelebrated vocal and I astrumental performers that have visited the United States, and posset sing great na tural abilities for Instructing otta srt, will give icsons to lad e.i in t nglfrb end Italian singing, and the pianoforte, at her resi dence, 216 West Thirty M'.h street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues, or will atteni at residences. Terms according to the times. PIANO*. MELODEONS AND MUSIC.? HORACE WA TERh, agent for the nest Bo. ton and hew York pianos, is uow se' ling, at 333 Broadway, an entirely new stock of supe rior planes, melodeons and all kinds of mustoal merchandise, at greatly reduced prtcee. No better opportunity to secure great bu gains was ever offered. Music by popular composers at a large discount. PRFMIUM PIANOFORTES ? Q. A H. BARMORR, 348 Bleeck* r street, having been extensive manufacturers tor iwenly pears, ofler a large asnortment of elegant pianos, st reduced prices ; also the advantages in buying from first hands, and to examine ihelr grand diagonal piano, superior to any la use. Rare old violin for halr-priok rs,- may be seen at HAINKft HHOTUBKH' pianoforte earerooms, corner Third avenue and Fourteenth strset, between tho boors of 3 and 6 P. M. rBiroilT TO CALIFORNIA. Great reduction in rates of express Irelght to fean Francisco. WELLE, FARGO A OO.'E CALIFORNIA EXPRfeSS, orncx 82 enoAnwAV. We send forward our neit express to nurORMA OKBCON. SANDWICH ISLANDS, KTO., On Wednesday next, Feb 20, Via Panama route, per United States Mall Steamer GBORGH I, AW, leaving at 2 o'olock, P. M.. and by the Nicaragua route, per Steamer NORTHERN LIGHT, On Monday, February 2?. leaving at :i o'olock, P. M. Freight to Han Francisco, weighing eighteen poundx and over per euble foot, teken at Twr.NTr rtve csnts fur pound. Freight must be very strongly parked, and wa'er prW. Freight positively not received after 12 M shipper* ^vtU'ih Ige us by ha\ln?( their freight ready (when possible) on the day pre vlon? to WklllnR Hma l parcels received until latest mimeat. N. B. ? Milppors will please diserve that owing in roc int In *trnotlor.s ftrtn the Treasury I eparttnent at Wathlngten must lie furnished with vtMWlodire of roa'enu and tlm value at aU express packages when delivered u> us D. N. BARNEY, P-esldeat. geriwtlh tha Baited Stales mails t* Bnrope. powwlrc Baturdav. Marrt I, ? 12 o'clock, M.. fro?s bar berth at lit* foot of ftoinl itimt. For freight or p? rago, htitef oaogqiUad aoeonaodAUooa torntafniH or ooLLINS, 56 Wan street. Paaeengars in reqpeeted to be on bwrf k< 11 *?*? (shippers wU' piaaia taka notice that the sblpeof thla Mm oaa Modsocmfeabendof war. _ .. Ail letters moat paw through tbe Poet office? an r other wDl btraMnad. lha maamahlp Baltic will succed tha Atlantic, and teavw ea Marsh U. lha steamers of (hit Una. to avoid tha danger froiwthe lie, will not croat tha BaUca north or 41 degree * until altar tfce lat of Aaguat next. . PASSAGE TO LIVBBPOOL.-THK SCBEW STEAMSHIP CANADIAN, l.tSO toua register, will aaU Cor Liverpool about March 1. First olaas cabin $75 8teerage paaaage (including cooked provisions) 30 Thla vessel la built ot Iron, and ha? alt separata water-tight oompattmunts. An experienced aurgeon on board. Apply to OILLEBPIB, OkAti ? CO., Ao. 3 BowllagJJroen^ QTEAMER FOB LlVERPOoL-TO BAIL IBT M4BCH. O Ihe eplrnltd royal mall steamship CANADIAN, capt. Grange, will sail promptly aa above. This favorite atiainer poetesses al tha mooern Improvements, uur'e* a aurgeon. and has six water tight coinpartmenta, for the better probation of psa -tenders. First clua cabin passage, $75; steerage. In cluding cooked provision* S3). For passage, and to secure

berths, apply on board, pier 10 E?>t river, or to D. C. A A, ThN EVUK.. 67 Sooth street. STEAM BETWEEN NEW YOBK AND LONDO?, CALL lug at Cork.- Out of the following new aud powerful screw eteamers will be despatched monthly from tills port lu London, calling at Cork to bind passengers. | The BBENDA, Geo. H. Hmlih, e juuuandur. The MINNA, do. Ibe Breuda will sail from here on Tuesday, Uie lat of April, and will take a limited Lumber or tint, necood and third class passengers For freight or .paaaage apply to A. G. BOHINSO.V, St. Petersburg steamship office, London; Or to ABRAHAM BELL'd hUNn, 26 Park Ho*, Near York. FOB SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVBB.? THE UNITED Stales mall Steamer ABaGO, D. Lines commander, will leave Cor Havre, touching at Southampton to land tha malla ai d passengers, on Saturday, March a, at 12 o'clock, from pier Ko. ST North river, foot of Beach street rnioa or fAS&tcz. WreteaWn $130 Beoeud cabin*. 75 Bazgage m wanted during tl>e vo>?ge should be sent 00 boardtbe day before sailing, marked "below." No freight taken after Thursday, March 6. For ft eight or passage apply to MoBTIMfcBLlvinGSTON, Agent, ( .. 53 Broadway. ? N. B.? The PnHoa will sacoeed the Arago, aud will gall AptalB. British and NORTH amebic an royal mail Steam Packer company Line of dteamers between HAVKK AN1I NEW YOKE DIKKCT, W Uiout touching at any Intermediate port The English Admiralty, in comddcraUou of the perfect con struction and great i-peed or tha screw steamships Ktna and Jura, has authorized the company to dlspatoh thomaemail boats with the mall for the United .States, in place of their pad dle wheel steamahltis should it require to do so. ETNA .Capt. toil er. KM c.'U Oapt Small. JURa '? Wlctunaui. LEBANON.... Cook. OAMBBIA, (paddle wheel) Capt Brown lets. The Cunard Company begs to inform passengers and ship pers of gocda to the United States that iho lini and splendid new screw steamship ETN a. W. Miller, Uommaoder. of 3,000 tons, and 1,000 horse power, win sail from llavrefor New York duoct. without touching at any intermedlaio port, on Tuesday, Feb 5. The 1 atea of freight will ^e % per cent and 10 per cent primage tor watches and jewelry. iNOpertonof 40 attblc tent, a id 10 per 00111 primage for guiaa which are oharg.'d in the tarilf of the Union line 01 sail ing packets, at fix, $lu a.d ttt. And $.0 per urn of 40 cubic feet . and 10 per cent primage for goods charged in tha above tirlil. at 16 and under, exenp'. lor the tour loUowing de'crlptlousot jjood?:? Worked good* in car tons. Woollen g ovoji, nu buiK-aut. Fine poroeiala, and living plants, wliich will te taken under i-poeul agr?em*nt. Heavy gcods will likewise be la ton by special agreement, Ti e agent reserves the ri^ht of giving the preference to goo la pa> tng ine highest rates ol t.eigbt. 'the Kti a wliuh ha,i ample and splendid acoomtnolatfotu, will take tirst cabin pacseni;e. s only. J'be price of pa?sage Iroin Havre to No w York, will be 5i\ fraticp, Including provlaiots and ate ward's fee? wines and llouo,.> extra, to be procured on joard For freigh', parage, or any other Information, apply to BaMUKi. tiUNAitD. Ilallia*. H. b. LEW IB, BoRton. J. B. FOdRD. 62 U d Broad s'jeet, London. G. & J. BUBNb, Glsago#. BUKNti A MAU IV an. Liverpool. n/oirii n nitoi? rp ( l'srls-^Boulevart des Italiens, 17. DONALD OUBKIL, J ^.Orleans, 21. Or In New York to E. CUWakd, No. 4 tijwllng Green. From new yore to Bremen? via Southampton ana Havre.? The United Mates mall steamihlp W.idH l^GToN, K. Cave id/, (Mmuiander, will (all tor Brunieu, touching at Southampton to laud tbe mail* and nvixengers (or K'uglana and Frauce, onha"irday, Feb. 2i,:atl2 o'cijuk M., from pier ho. HJ, North river. rutcit or (-.image ruo? new tohk to soorrmifi'Toii on BUKM1.A. In fl'st cabin, main saloon $130 In Prst cabin, lower saloon 110 In seoood csblii otJ Aii experienced surgeon is attached to ea<<h steamer. Spr.cie dr. ivered In Uavre or London. So parce'a received, on the day ot calling All letters must pasa through the Pout office. For paaaage or freight, apply to U. H. BaND. azent 11 South sweet, l'bo steairer Hermann will suoceed the Washington, andfaaft March a. mHE LIVERPOOL AND PHILADELPHIA STEAMSHIP J. Ci^mponr Intend sailing 'heir favorite steamships? CITY OF BaLTIMOKK, 2,367 voua. Oapt. Kobert I^ltch. CITY OF WAaHIAGTON, J,3n0ioia, Ca^t. Wm Wylle. CUV OF DAM HKiTKK, l IWtona, Ca*it P. C. Polite. Ba'non (00, $n6 and $56. according to state rooms. A limited number q> third class passengers will be taken fraan Phi adetphla and Llvarp xiL and found lu provlatans. Fix.m Phl'asi*;) hla &0 | From Ltverpoot 940 Par ilea wishing to bring out Utelr friends can obtain certifi cate* cf pasfage and di a.ts on Ltverp'iol la sums oi ?1 sterling and upward*. App;y to JoUN G. OALK, Agent, 17 Walnut street, PhlUdelpMa. FOR CALIFORNIA.? GREAT REDUCTION OP FA.RK3? Mew York and California bte&mship Line, under the alrec tioi 01 C. VanderPlit, tor the asceesarv Tcnult Camptay at Nicaragua proprietors: fifty pounds of baggage free; nil over, ten centa par pound. 1 >ay oT sailing changsd U> 9tl? and 2 lih or each month; through in tdvaaeo o t the mails, and 500 shorter than alt vthor route. Ibe splendid d 'tthig engine steamship NORTHERN LIGHT, 2,500 tons burden, C<ti>i*tn I'tnklopMugti, will lesre pier No. S North river, at three o'c:ock P. M., tor Pnnta Arenas on Mrnday, Feb. 25, connecting with the steamship Uncle t&n>, 2,000 tons burden, ovur tbe Hicara gua Transit route, liavtog but twelve miles oi I uid traaip uta uon by first c aw cariieges. lh? proprietors can now manure the public that the political troubles tn Nicaragua have cs?*!d, and not th? slightest interruption tn toe transit Between the oceans need be apprehended. For |yf-?rra?iM y> or passsge apply to JAMES M. CUOBS, at the only nOloo of the line, M>. I Bowling Oreen. blasaped letters taken at 6'* eents each. SUTTON ACO.'H DESPATCH LINK FOR BAN FRAN Cisco? Sai log legutarly an 1 posltlvel; on or before the day advertised. IMipper ot Thursday next. 2SIU February inf., the splendid A 1 first class eloper ship HIKRRa NKVADa. Ptnl allow, Mauler, Is taking lu thejasi of her c*r*o at pirn- 28 East river, and will posit veiy sail ai above. Shippers deair jus of the first and very oest conveyance, wl 1 fiud tne Sierra fie vads presenting tbe greatest possible Inducements. No freight tskeu by tlie vessels ot this line after ibe day advertUod. HOTTON A CO., S8 South street, corner of Wall. THE ITKW GRANADA CANAL AND 8TRAM NATIOA ttom Company wit: despatch their fine t'eamsblp OSPRF.V on her second trip to 8t Mnrta and Cirtbajjeua, via. Kingston. Jamaica New Granada, tcom Pier SO north river, oo Bator day, February 2S, at 2 o'clock. p. M. riitc'K or nssAUi First cabin, to Carthagcna and St. Maria ff?) Second cabin, M Go Siee.ia<;p, " 40 For pcruage acply to WILL) AM B, ROLLO A CO., B William street For freight apply to MOSQUE RA A CO., JBtf Broadway. For Havana and n kw orlkans.? tbk Ufrir<to (states mail steamship >TAU ASVttA, J. D. bullock. Com oiandt-r, will cotmrncj receiving freight on WedDemJay, Feb. W, and Mil for tbe :i.y>vepoi'j oo Mon say, Feb. 23. at 2 o'clock u ucieety, I'rom pier No. 'il North river foot of Ko?in>on street LIVINGSTON, t.'R'jOHkRON A CO.. agents, 12 Park place. FfR SAVANNAH AND FLORIBA-UNITBD STATES Mall Llue.? Hie new atd elegant a'samer AlJGLMr A, Cap'..ln kThos. Ljon, will leave on Saturday, F.ibrui.-y 23, from tiler No 4 North river, at 3 o'clock P H- Ht'.lsif lading signed on board. For freight. apply ou boinl; or for pistafM, to 8. L. MtlUUILt., fo. 13 Broadway Cabin pn^nge to 3 i vaursh, f26; for Florida, through t'cksti from Now Yoric to Jiicanouvlile, till; to Pilatka, fe3 L*rge a ad c:>mui >dions Hteamers leavf) Savanrah for Florida three UTiei a week, cjr. - neciing with the ateaman from Mew York on Tuesdays and Saturdays. yOR CHARLESTON AXD FLORIDA.? SKMI WKRKLY United States Vail LI' ? ?The new and bemitifu! gtetmer JAkuii AIMiKK, 9. O. "lu nor, oorotuatxlur, will leave pier No. 4 North river, on Saturday. Kebm^ry ZJ, at S o'clock P M.. precisely, tor frtlnht. appl; on board, where nil billaof lading will be signed, and for paasage, ?t tbe otllco of St'UK KORO, TiLHSJ UN A CO., 29 Bread #a?. The SUDTiiKRN KK will suoceed, and leave on Wednesday. February 27. Caoin pa?K?gi.. $2? The favorite stoumer t' A.tOLI Va uiake<< repiultr trips fo the vai lout landings on the Ht Joht/s river. Florida, onnecting with the steamers from New Ynjc, and leaving Charleston every i o'clock P. M. Tnrotigh tickets to Jacksonville, $.11; to rilalka, $.13. ^ For norfoi.k and Richmond? vavio a uon open.? The lulled Stales mall n earn ship ROAN01CK Captain Thomas, will leive for the a'>ove "lac^s on haturday, 23d Inil , at 3 o'clock P. M the lea In 1*1; ?? rlvor having broken up sitBlclently to allow her to go I'l-utich to Kichmond. She wtU arrive at Norfolk on Sunday n(Wn?on, ? Ld Lt Petersburg and Kichmond on Moa<lay momlog Pas sengers for the South will proceed by the great mall line, without delay, to Charleston, Augusta, Savannah. rBVwgs and Ikre to Norfolk, <8; to Richmond and Petersburg, 910: steerage half price. Apply to LUDL.AM A PLKASAMT8, 3'j Broadway. ' BDVOATIOI. STATE AND NATIONAL LAW HOHOOL, POUOH keepsle, New fork. A new system; training In the prac tloe with courts, witnesses, juries, Ac ; exteraporaneout spetk tog dally : professional business taught, aext term commences on the 8th of May. Hon Henry Booth, an eminent law< or. has accepted a profeisorshlp. J. W. Fowler, Esq., oratorical professor. Testimonials:? "Mr. Fowler Is the most acorn plished orator north of Maura A Dixon's line "?Henry t: ay. '?The trial* snd arguments and general ipe iking of his pup! a are trnly wonderful."? Boston Journal, byslem improved. Deareea of Bachelor of Iaws conferred.? Bond for catalogues to J. M. FollsU MISS FISHBLATT'S BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL for young lad es, 218 West Thirty filth street, between F.ighlh and Ninth avei.nes. Pupils received, at any time No vacation. Terms moderate. MATRIIHOKlAIi. A OERTLkMAN OF RB8PECTABILITY, UNRXORP ? tkmable addresr^tnd appearance, wishes to form th^ ac qutiotanre of a lady with a view to matrimony. He desires as a partner a lady not over t?enty-two of good tteore, a finished education and accomplishments, sufficient toaJorn the circle In whloh be moves. Those answering this, who, by e lu nation and associations, are worthy respect, shall at least receive a respectful reply. Referenoei ot the charac ter given and the same expected. All communlcatlm* ad dressed tn Albert H. O.. box 273 Uiv'on eqnare I o?t office, strictly confidential. Noue but the tincere uecd respond. A YOUNG GENTLEMAN, AGRT) 21, NOBLE LOOKING, six feet high, member of soue oi *he lirst insilintlnns In the country, thoroughly eJucnlod. s"iit membor ot a Chrlst'an chtu-ch heir to consblc'rsble p- operly, but tt >w poor desires to make the acqusirlaren i : |som* reflnivl and wexUbv yo-tn< ladv with a view t<> jni it'invnv. Ac lady posvessmg wca'th will find Iti tie wrltr r eve-y tr.lrg 'bat s>ou d a lorn a rail gen Uemnn. Addt ess Francis, fli '?klyn Post otll 'S \f ATRIMONIAI. ? MAllhW HRLI.K EMrT.E VIM.KTTR. WJ pro e?sor ot su'o'/rn^n i ( >r reining ot character bv a person's hnndwrlttngi and rpl ltn i' erl'ln< milium wilt, up on tho receipt ot twerit. fltuccn < (or equivalent la pns'vre stamps: and sp<*i;lin?u ol har.'lwrtilr.g, srnd t> a:i<- person a (all (Jeilrea'lcn o( Ibelt char te'er 1 >ve success ilesilny, Ac ; al.*?, n itojer'.uC -n of the "n* tbe> l >m or wi',1 mir. v. Ad dress (with relrtro po<ta,js) Fm ? VI Ic'e R'aviv;ay post of fKe. N. It. VTFBLOTS QABDV*. l-j . fiotr Briraw, Fee. 8, MM. Lehman'* aewpiece * jml hit? TMtKtjr BXMS: dP. trial/TH AMD POTMBTY. ttm woMDMJLrvi^^yitL Family. Produced ragvtlMa of expeaee, with um and extraordina ry triota, changes, tranafonnaltoafl and afteeto, new ueimy, properttoa, accwMrte*, coaunaM ramla, grouping*, dance* MilATU fflUORj : ? "Jf** aomm b**m HpMUlo.. gambler. Franco!* Bevel Tha Baron Hautaipaa. u?val Angela, an art* iMUeiaagto TheraeiiM) u~- kamUI Ouptd La Petite Adete Manettt The entertainment* to ?eteaaenc* wiih the oootlo pantomime of rHM SCUOOLJLAdTIflt. ^ Ltoaracter* by lie - Bevel Famit* ruicia or adukmoh ; " TUJk^ti. , jq oeato 1 he only aeaU that can be severed In Orefce*tra fceata, each Private Boua, each Deoraopen at6>,: p*r<brmau-*fcisomtneac?a< T% ?<c?|l I Bos ofllceooen dally from 8 A.M. for the sale *? Octet* an* ?ecnrlug Oraheatra Seats and Frit Me Buzna only. The kavels and the Kit King every night. AURA KBSMK'S VARIKTM8. Qhange of time ? Door* open at SV, perfenaaMea oom nmMat7k praaiaaiy. Tbia even la* Feb W? BALANCE OF OOMrOHT. Mr. Torrlogloo Mr. O. Jordan Mra. Toning too Mia* Laurar Xeene NOVfcLTY. A novel, rhythm leal musical, political, aoenlc, dramatic, ar tlktic, aeriocomlco, rational anl national ex ravaganza, I? (lit* Act and taw Tableaux. Tbe Directreea. .Miss L. Kaene I Novelty Mlaa B. Durand Fatfiion Ml a* Le^darnierl Fortune Muj RelgnoMa THK LOTTERY TICKRT. Wormwood. Mr. Johnston I Mra. Corset. . . .Mlaa M. Walla Charle* Mr. Howard | Hman Mis* Annie Lee WALL ACKT THEATRIC, BBOADWAT, NEAR BROOK* street? iioor* open at 6 yt o'clock; to eomoaenoe at T. Ibis evening, Feb 22? BUK 8TOOP8 TO CONQU1B. Young Mario w Mr. Leetor Lumpkin Mr. Wa.oot MMlow Mr. 8'oldirt Iiardcaatia Mr. Phillip* fUlogo Mr. bavere Heating* Mrtfctewart Mrs.. Hardca?t!e. Mra. Vernon Dlggory Mr. O. Ho land Mlaa Bardcaatle . . . Mra. Hoev PO-CA-HON-TAB. CapL John Fmlth. . .Mr. Waleot | Pow-Ba Tan. .Mr. Brougham H. R. H. Frlneeea Fo-Ka Bon-Taa Mlaa Ueorglna tiodaen BUCKLEY'S 8BP.RM ADKR8, KM BBOAUW A MON day eret ing, February 18, and every evening daring thla week, the popular burlenqun on LUCRBZIA BOROI A. Preceding the open? MvOJtO MINSTRBUUr, of a reporter order, new song*, dances, Ac. Oommenoea at TS o'clock. Admlralon 20 cents. Htmca? Pesfaem'* fourth enterprise gin Bcketa are rooelvto <tbr the admlmlon of tour peraona) to our entertainment* Fat aale at the box offloe irom 10 A. M. to 10 P. M.; prise V at eleven for 110. Extra advertisemknt.-laura keener va rietiea.? MOST ATTRACTIVE BILL I rou THE BENEFIT OF MMH 1.AUKA KBE.VK. Batnrday evening, Feb: uary 2S lt06 - MtJOH Af?U ABOUT AOTniNO. BeneOlct Mi. O. Jordan I Dogberry Mr. Bass Cleudlo Mr. C. Clarke I Verge* ? Mr. T. B. Johnston Bee rice Miss Laura Keeae io conclude with the new burlesque of NOVBLTf. The Bos Book la open. Extra advertisement.-laura kekne's va rleilet? WASHINQTON'S birthday. Friday evening, Feb. 22. IBM, new burlesque ? NOVELTY. Tk? Tablfavx.? Tcodlca? Raohel? Undtne-Mr. and Mm. Bariiey Wllliitma? Pau'ine? Kl<l?uaimer Mght'* Oream? tthnkspere -Unole Tom - Heme, the Hunter ? and WASllLViJTUrf. NOTICB.-TUE ROMAN BROTHKR8, MURRAY AND Holland, are ro> engaged for the travelling season, re ported by eome maca^sra. but are to let ts the hlgheet bidder. JOHH H. MURRAY. OKOROK HOLLAND, National Theatre, Boataa, Maw. i MCBICAL M vTINEF.a.? MA80K AND BFBIMANN'3 Fotuth Classical Matinee will be given on Tuesday, Feb. 26. at Dod worth's Academy, B06 Broadway, at 2 o'cl ok F. M. The Trio by Rubiatein w ill be repeated, and Bach'* Triple Omioerto, lor three pianos, will be played, for the fit at time to New York, by Messrs. Scartentatrg, Tinrn ana Mason. Tlok cta for aaJe at the mualc stores and at the door. WONDERFUL? DON'T BR FRIOHTENBD.? PROFES SOR BLAIR la not the devil, alltough he fire* a m<ts ke4 ball Inlt an apple ou a man's head every night this week, at < onUcenta! Hall, corner ot Klghlh avenue aud Thirty fourilt vtroet. Admittance 12>i oenta. lioors opsu at 6% o'click. NhWIORK DRAMATIC SOCIETY -MEMBSR3 ABE , hereby rotlfled to attend rehearmal at the Brooklyn Mu reum this (Friday) evening, at 7 o'c'ock Performance on l'utkt'ay eveniux Fe:>_j(t. f AUL PRY and L>OVr. A LA MOIiK will be portormed Tio'cet* may be procured at 480 Bn adway, New York, atid 180 Fulton ?treet, Brookl-n. No tickets sold. Qeutlemen unaeoompanied by ladtes not admit ted. ladies and gentlemen wishing t / become member* of the Bocietj may apply at their rooms, 4h0 Broadway, on Saturday evenlnga ? ladles by letter, T. S. NIMH, PreaidenL J. North, Eecretary. Temple of the moses, sic broidway -perform anrea twice every day, comoaencicg at 3 in the afternoon and at vX !n the evenlug. N. B.? This is tha only p^ce now open In tbectlj where the Model Artistes are exhibited, with other entertatnmei ts. National theatre, wahhingtob, d c.? thr lease rtth's magnificent eatabUahtaeut fro-n tha lit of March eoauipg having been tenoered to and accepted by Meiwn. KuukeT, Fold 4 Floyd, the subscriber t? prepared te treat with atara Or nightly, til weekly or weeklv performance*. JonN T. FORD, t'ole Manager? alfo ol Ho!icay it. theatre. Theatrical notice- the national thkatbe, Boaton. wll shortly be opened, under the management of Mr. URiFFjTHH t tar* treated with on liberal terms. La die* nnd gents of talent wishing engagements will address as above. A corps te bullet wax. ted. Theatre to let.? howabd athevi xuh, bostok, Mass., by the week, month, or for a term ol year*. Tfcaa tre now in com plete order. Fur terms, apply to FAIBBANKS ft BBABD, Boston. Exhibition room to let or lrabk? known a? the hmptre Hall, S90 Broadway ; it Is also weil calculated for any buclnej* requlrlrg space. Apply ou the premiie^. BILLIARDS. (CORRECT IN PRINCIPLE AND PERFECT IN ACTIOS. J Ihe model billiard tables an I combination cushion i. in verted and deigned by me, are pratecied by letiera patent, and for sale otilj at S9 Chambers street, up alalia. MICHAEL PHEL4.N. MISCELLANEOUS. "|CC CANAL ETREET, NBAR VABIOK.-W. A H. lUu VAN NOTE'S grate and fendt ?, kitchen range, inn mer range and atm-e waremom We have a large aajortmdnt of llie asove named article* far tale, on re?snna?>ie lor ma. Orau<8 and ranges set, lined and repaired Stares lined Jew eller*' and brass fnundera' furnaces built BRUSHES OF EVKRY DE8CKHPHOH-A1 THR BRUSH fa-iory :<:i7 lei 1 itroK. Franklin Ei|'iare. A. 11 articles sold at the Inwcrt factor} price*. Paint brushes of a superior <iuallty constantly oo hand. Machine brusne* made toorder JUttlt K. UOPML. / 1BINE9E POl'ATO, OR DIOSCOREA- GRNUIXE, " J sound, and of Ameriew growth, can be supplied lurne disteiy, In sealed tin cairn, thai con go note!? by express nod la parcels etjji to $0; or for rrtniltancea made now, they will bo retsiued trd sent In A??rcb, eithe ? dry or groivitij in pot.*. Ap plications uiusl be prompt as ttio supply is limited. A treatise on culture (herewith. > . 1!, ? There are do outers for sale In the Blale, and toot recent advertisements are a fraud on us and on Ihe public. WM. K. PMNCK A CO., Flushing, N. 7. HOWABTH'fl ORIENTAL TOOTH PA8TK? AN KT.R gant preparation for cloacstr g, preaereinK and b<?aitti(jr lug the leetn. Bold by moat respi cia-ile druggists and per fuiners In boxes, at twenty live cenu each. All orders ad dremed to D. How&rth, box ZSl Poet ofllse, Brooklyn, wfl) receive prompt atu ution. "IMPORTANT 10 BOUBCKKEPKRg AND COAL OON L sinners ? A new and Improved anli sifter, on. Ike any other hcre>olore In use, Ik now ollered to the public. Ha stugn*r merits aa nn a/h sifter and coal *s -tr must soon bring it Into (?cn? ral use. ltcan be seen at most of >be principal hnu to fur tiHMrg snd hardware stores In the city, and at tin snoscriti t r's, 81 Catherine street, * here it is manufactured and told, wbn.isa'c and retail, a liberal discount wl'l be mnee to deal era. M. B.- Papers are tiled in the United Statos Patent Office, securing my right to ibis Invention JOHN MClLVAMY. 1 S'PORTANT TO GROCERS, SBIP CHANDI.KRH, *o ? L Hum*, shoulders and bacon, city cured and smosed, siid at ih* lowest prices lor cash, at tin new city caring aud paoking Iimiw, 461 (lieenwlcb street, near Canal Prime lard la tuba n d barrels. R, y. KKRR CO. "IMPORTANT TO GROCRBS, SHIP CUANDLKB3, Ac - -L t'ltj cured anil smoksd hitmi. shoulders and bacon sold at the lou eft n.arkel pt ires for cinli, at tiie netvclty curing and lacklt'x l oose, 461 Uieenw'.cti street, near Canal. Prims trd i 'o1j? and larrcla. Provision* rep-ickcd and smokod by R. T. KEltB A CO. _ I AWT C tl AN OB .? H iv. VK YOU SUBSCRIBED f-THR J distil ui'jco of the Cosmopolitan Art a ooclaloa will po kitivsfy fska p ace on the into Inst Isvery subscriber to daf cf the S3 rasnazlnes recolves a certificate of membersMp. Unlnv is dangeroui. Call at once at ine Knickeroooker olfloe, :M8 Broad way , and enter your nam-. IAPIF.8 WHO HAVE BEEN DISAPPOINTED IN HAT i in* llelr hair badly coloretl ran have It correo'ed by using I)r Ital ard's hair dye, wbiuh Is llie only article Hat will color brown or black. For snle cr npphed at 800 Broadway. Machine i leather beltinq, op the bbst nnauif. maonfasturetl by PHILIP K. PArtyUAT, No 2Sf prttcc streat, N. Y. Hatctlor Uoe leather atways on band. RW PATENT BPECT ACLRS.? THBT IMPROVE VI ?Ion. suit for life, char m to greater magnetizing sowers not reuult-ed: cesr acd dlstaut objects seen 4lnUo?tty amugk one pair. FKANK8. lecturer on theeje, patentee aad maker. No. ^ Csrk row, oppnelU; Astor House. Attendance V) A. M. to tiP. M. 0~u7a -A. P. A.- MASONIC, I. O. O F. RKOALI 4., . jewels, co-Unmet, Ac ; also, masks, gold and silver IrlmmiiiRs tor tneatrlcal and tancy dressos military and naval eiplr outer Iti/. flags, ball badges, s'ars, tasne's, Ac, at the COM Ho* old establishment, 244 Grand street, near the tfoirery. P~A RTT R8^ ~ DI NNRR OR EVE N I N O URNfSHHD >ld b?n<t Fronctt china, allfer, B'sw?lljhts, ronAk? tlonery, cooks. alters and all other things aiioertaltrfng tbeteto; a' so, v lolls, harp, pianoforte or anr oilier inatrti menta rei)Ulred, b> PRTh R H. BTh.VEN8, ISO Crosby street, near Honston. Pl'ACOCK A Kn^BUOH \N'3 COMPr^ITION FOR SHIP J' bolliims; the best prssorvallv# knoirr against r irrnlon and fouluig on Iron and other ships. Applv at the M.inufac'0 ry, Pnulhampton Docks, Kngland. An agett wan ed tor New York. R" OMAN KT E BAMAM, ~~ \> t-i-k ejus sua lndnmed e?elld*.? Thl4 balsu n Is the vei> b?<' V'epsratu n that can be u?ed for Inl^nm-itory <t|<. ? s.??o: tbc?je?snd eyelids. When thedisea<ie Is oonilned t<? die i lie nsl Li'-ttt of ll e eyebsll and linln< of the eye Id, it acta it'tiit >t I ke inaglc In sllavtrg all Irritation a d Inil i.nioat on. Price 25 cort? ner ,i?r. For sale hv A B i l> UaNDH. Drngdsta, 100 Fulton stree'. SRWINO MACHInV^? TIIB ii K A P. E* 1 1 UN I iRKD9~oV tewing machlnca In tola olty, supposed by the o#ueri, to be "iio go, ' ' which are capable ot being put into porfe :t run ulng order. Oeo. II ogl vy, lor man> ve*"H fon>mm to T. M. fhutr A Co , will Hive nil particular atta-.tlon to ibis branch of the businesa. All owning machine* of tn's d^scrlp Uon mat entrust them t} him ?vtfi perfect eoMl't'.nre, GlCii. If. (niILVr, room -t> tit w Umcti Hallrou Buildings, Frank lln hircet. mi* htTTRH BAzTar"" RKMOVED " TO KO. 2 ASfOR I t m e. where amateWI will, s* nvi -tujiplleii wi'h geuntre '?tirklsh to'iacro. an,>er<or q-Hl'ty ti ti>e at-'lon i frlce; t.l o chUMWka. narri 'e<, ?m" r mmtU pUn-ea, I'ujjf fr*e<, pctfutaei j and fano) art e' 's, c ^aretiea, 4), ?Cud ofKem Ni*oo * M^ers, ooa^taof 1 twenty fovb bkadtifpl homm, taflltytlng the wouitetul trained animal FIE* FLT, wm upur. Hero*. the Hunter .Mr. OMR ?feel Lm wood n?e. ^3 ?ar. Mr. Ortffltha. Doareooen at Mtf; W The >0000 Hone...., ftv the heeuttAil honat 1 for the occasion by rlan, Mr. W. BURTON'S. CHAMBBBS 8TRK1T.? Umt success. The raoet perfect repretenuuiea nv o tiered to the public? _ , ^ 1HE W I NT ICS'S TALR, Beoelrcd wtdicheera of genuine applMUe bjrlktpiMlK aaM me encomiums of all the papers. .. Theeeeeery i* of the rnosr magntfleeat end beMtftfe! i Uon; the cwtamra ell new. rich. elegant and appropriate, ee tog by the beet artis*? or the dar.aad Ike whole forminc ?r_i. ,vA ?*AKI> SIIAKBTPERKA.* RiU. (ir!^n> wsrra aaeaUou o ( svsr/ appreciative lever eft* Leoutes, Mr. H. Perry; Uermkne. Mrs. A Ptrker- IWM. Mr. Reynolds; Astolycus, Mr. Hurton TTIf fllinnh'iM'i Mr. Mocre; Clown, Mr. betehell; Perdlu, Mils Emily Vhorae. IJe new scenery ooosUu of e Vestibule in aMollten PakMh with view ofMountBtna; the Uoeen's Boudoir: the TiiisslsJ A poll o at Pelphne; the ToIonio In Brnpifw thii riltee oTLeontes; the Sea Shore daring a B*Jn?A?n?55. ance o< Time, surrou oded by clouds; the Farm Groiinas: rar. di'a's Cottage and View to Bohemia; the Paleoe ot Ike If ihs mUn King , the celebrated Statue Heene la the "ilHse ? MRH. CHARLEH HOWARD the justly lamous and popular comedienne end vooiHst. la m gaged, and will appear on Monday next. Broadway vakibtiiw. mo. 471 broadwa*_ (Late Mechenlrs' Hall, between Ora>d and Broom* aW H. Wood Lessee and B. O. Marsh Stage M ADMISSION TWENTY-FIVE CKNT8. 1 his evening- - THK WOOD A MAR8H JUVENILE OOMRDIAM. In their grand operatic spectacle? THEffAlA* ?0BBN; Ob Tii Hwu or The Buisb. In which the whole troupe will appear. Door* open at M e'ork. commences at 7% o'clock. GEO. CHRISTY A WOOD'S MIN8TBHJS, NEW HA IL, 444 Broadway, lyljw Grand street OPRN EVERY EVSNINO. Business transacted by Henry WeeC. huku Manager Geo. Ohrlsty. For 1 his week? Erhteplan M instrelsy, concluding with As new pleoe ot the HAPPY MAN ; Or, THK TBKATY WITH JAPAM. Julius Ouackentiush, Ce-.k on board the 0. b. J. I (% PoUtude (Balkdesi t < (rj Mazurka ....... f (o| &avonaa'A7.ur (Polka> > Powhatan Oee Ohrtrtr Norton? Doors open at 6, and the curtain rues at 7K e'eleek precise!/. Admission 16 e? la. AH EXCURSION TO CHINA AND JAPAN, Fob T wtkntt-Kite Gbn-h, AT ACADEMY HAlX, NO. 6#3 nBOA DWAY. Doors open at 6X o'clock; passengers start at * yt o'o odL P M. Two afternoon trains? on Vtedneoilar. at Abi, and Sslur day, at 3, P it Couduotors-O B. WH8T, WM. HHIMifc SIXTH PIANOFORTE SOIREE ? L. M. OOITSCHALE, Assisted by Mr KARI. WFX8 and Mr. APTOMMAB (Hsrpi?l|. At Dodwoclh'i Aiwenib y I looms (tdjoUtlog Or see CDs On FRIDAY KVKMNO, February 22, IBM. PKOGBABMK-FABT I 1 . (Bi' K-i eral rfques1) KanUfle di Bravura; for two piatMW Meters. L. M. Gote- chalk and Karl Wain. 2. Fsntable on the Harp , La 1 tile du Regiment Apb Mr. ApLoaunan. 3. 1 (% SoHitide (Ballidesi i tuQottiwhaf M. Uotlschalk. 4. Dance acd (Study, tor tlie Harp AptsouMW Mr. Ap omma*. 6. Sermeot et Benedbt'on de Itsnerenuto CeUiil Bertioc Transci lbtd bj 1 il L. M. Got chalk. J'AKT II. '?fsiters L. M. Oottschalk. 7. La Vandoilna ApUxoinaa Mr. Aptommas 8. C (*) L.JU. Ooitschalk will playaoy tliree 1 < (B> pieces of his own composition thai tiie > QoUeohalc ( \c) auoience uuty select. ) Tlckcte.Sl; ladies' tickeu, SO oents- for site at the m?te ?torev and at the door. Voom open at 7 o'c .uck; Conoert t* ootnmence at 8 o'clock. The pianofortes used on this occasion are from the ware rroms ot Chlskei'tog, Broadway, opposite the St. NtoheiM Hotel. Mr. OOTTBCHaLK being unavoidahly obllzel to Deal* none his departure to Ltaaa far six or eight weeks, will, during thia time, accede to tne rejuejt ot n? meious friends, aad receive a limited nomoer of popiie on the pianoforte. He has engaged the pianotorte win. rooms ot Mr. Deaoosnbea. 766 Broadway, where early sap Una tlon by letter may be made. The term will consist, of twits lesaoDa. one hour each, $60; hair hour etch, $30. AppUoatlo? may also he made to D. S. BooksUver, agent tor L. M. Oottschalk, at the planobrte and mnaie store of Wm. HaM A Son. 230 Broadway. A new and correct edition of the "Last Hope" la in course ?f publication. It wlllbe published exactly at played by Mr. Oottschalk. and tliedlfUcvilUesor execution will be mocalesa than in the old copy. Inquire for Hall's new and only cat net edition. The "Marche de Nult" will also be published tn a few days, and may be found at the music stores. SMITH A 00. 'S MAMMOTH PANORAMA OF CALIFOR NIA- now on exhibition at Hope Chapel. 718 Broadway? now attracting immense audiencts, will reaain thia week. Tickets K cents. Afternoon performanoe to c jtmneace at t - o'clook; In the evening, at 7>? o'eloek. VfETBOPOLITAN HALL, 480 ORAND STREET, WIL JLU. llam<<burg.? Respectable companies of Ethiopian min strels. m*g elans, vocalists or dramatic artists, liberal ar rangements will be made. The proprietor wishes to leate 1Mb elt-gunt concert room for the se uon. Meat low. Apply at 40$ Grand street, Williamsburg. Look out for maz*ppa-?ow in aotivk pm paration- will be produced next week at Charley WaltVe cpera House, 49 Uowcry. lbe beat eiiueitrian burlesque ever a' tempted b y any cimpany In the world. MANaOKRS wisHTsG TO FnTiaQR ~ TUK~9KRvIoaB of Mt end Mis. J J Pries lwr the season or iar a llmtteR numi>er ol ntgnts, wld pieaee address J. J. I'KlOa, No. 101 Crothy street. MKDICAI COf FlL'KNTI&L MEDICAL AMD HCROfOAL CON'^IIL. latw.ns ? l)r 0OBBKTT, 10 Dunne street. member ot the New ?otk ITulverMty, ma\ Tie oon*ulted ou dia??aes. T<m> ty i-even ]eu? In hi? speciality enables hiiu us nika parma nentcurei. ( turned moderate. DR. COOPER, 14 DOANE BTKRRT M\T BE COW ?nl'cd vlh coyfl i nce on disease* Twenty six years la odd rpe< laltty tbablet> Ultn to make permanent curat irlMMt mercury. Dr. larmort's pari* and London Adviser and Marrisye < > ulde, llto edltioi. 344 pwm, 7? CO OfeC figures; cloth, fi. AnutiK iU c >i tents it the anatomy of be revual cr^u>? of the male ara iem?le, nil thelrdlseaaes and weaknesses. lft' eat discoveries in reproduction, quack*, their receipts and SDCcllica; uervou-* debility, loi*i and gsueral, lrom t>x< e? a and IndUcretimi In jouth. The an bar's farm vai London treatment 11 to J, and 6 ton P. It.. 42 Reade htreet, corner of i90 Broad war. N Y., atd also at 222. We recommend Dr. Larmont to Ire affllntcd.?Oourier den Ktala Unls, fctaatj Zeituag. National Democrat, and Day BmL DR. WARD'S UNFORTUNATE'S FRIEND, AND OTMK unrivalled remedies ?The su'e cure o. certain disaaiee, quicker acd more complete tbau anvthing else The alHIuted who would obtain a permanent and speedy cure, thould oosae lmmedtaiely to me. 1 save hundreds monthly, cflloe ar ranged r a that patents do not meet. Quick, effectual and ua fhllicg medical aid rendered. My unfortunate's trier d curea a! way* Id a week o'ten In two days; alight ctses, commencing In twelve liocra. 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R ?No professional connection with any person. PRIVATE CONSULTATIONS.? BR. WATSON OOV (lnes bis practice to one class ot disease, In which he haa treated more than twenty thousand ea?ea, without oaa lastaaaa o< failure. The remedies are mild, and de not keep the patieal frcm business, or expose Mm to detection, while la most re cent cisfs there Is a cure In twenty-lour hours. Dr. WHsam desires to "*t*t? that, ns many bare been deceived by tha promises of cat tain charlatan*, aad bean tnj ired by drugs, patesU are respectfully invited to call in the first place, aa there la no charge (or consultant**. _ _ WILLIAM WAT30N, M. t>? Mary years surgeon to the Iiock Hospital; author of "Aa Oaitfo and Cure," numerous plates, fl. Offloe 60 WallHr treet, near Broadway. RICORIPS PRACTICE IN A CERTAIN IMPORTANT , Visas of diseases, Ar -Dr. C. D. HAMMOND, of II* Broadway opnoilte the St. N rbolas, in\r be oonsu te.1 ooatl dentlslly, In bis sneetalitr at his conveniently located roons*. 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