Newspaper of The New York Herald, 26 Şubat 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 26 Şubat 1856 Page 3
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Conwaatton la Albany-'! - (i'rw the Albany Journal. Feb. 23.1 ? After the puelic jubilee yesterday the Veerana of 1813 uaeriatte Asaemh if chambei. Colonel S-ym-er called 1 the Convention to order and the following ofloers were PreeMeat ? Gen. John S Van "rnsatUsr Vjoe PwiWeoU-Ooi. Rid*, of the State Senate; O.U y r*if, 0?? Maohla. G<-?. Bhle Col. Boiith uil Ool. George. Uee?atanes? -Col. Jenkins, of Albany, and Gen. ?bra' ban VerpJaok, of Coeymens. Gen. \aa Rensselaer made a long and arte speech, *jnea ? committee ob resolutions vm Appointed aod tbe Veterans ad j inrned to dinner, where the following mem hern of the corps answered to their uam<?:? John 3. Van Rensselaer, H. Brigham, ' Peter Coapman, ?. Tan Kenan, John K. Llndsey, Aaron Fluchaut, He hct Hart, Abraham Verplanck, Samuel Taylor, Aaron Veeder, "el?g Deoker, JuMtk O. Byrr.e, W. N. CiA'e. 8. W. Edwards, .J. 8. JUasseU, Daniel Soaoomb, John Vuion, Jr., Henry NeHts, Jr., BafM iHutow, Jeremiah Lather, yHugli Riddle, James Gibba, * Moses Balden, Daniei Stockteg, Robert Christie, A a ion Palmer, -Joseph L Netlls, John C. Cooper, (Uarine Cliz'ee, <C. Jennlsge, Henry B. >n>itfc, Jacob Stehlnecker, William Battre, J ore ph George, A. Salisbury , Philip De Forrest, Aeahel Vicknor, James Coffee, T. Bush, Daniel Coaler, John Wood, Mannings Todd, Jacob Lewis, Ira Barker, Jacob Thorp," Aaron P. Bradt, Abram Bolsom, Cornelius Doty, B Baldwin. Cornelius Vaadersee, Gideon Cobb, Ebenezer Cook, George Wagner, Dr. H. Adams, Robert S. I/tckwood, Austin U. Ten Broesk, D. S. Carter, Afi Daily, Peter Cook, Harvey Benham. Lewis Parson, John Slauson, Lewis Rice, <>rrin Chamberlain, Jacob Yourg, Thomas Keen, Isaac Curtiss, John Davenport, ? Isaac B. Van Alien, Martin Gilbert, Col. Sein'l George, Ind. Chief, B. M. Mead, ?. S. Fgerton, ?11 Braeae, Abram Brower, Frederick G. Waaver, Jesse Mitche 1, Stephen Dexter, Jicob Staatfl, Cel. Standley, John Schooictait, Peter Cclbura, Robert Jenkins, Gideon Cobb, Isaac Wellington, Benjamin Cutler, Richard Hoyt, Francis Regers, John Marshall, F. B. Bellinger, C. C. Bellinger, Henry Brown, Ind. Chief, Gen it Vanderpool, John Foland, John O. Cole, Vm. McFarland, Ecekiel Butler, ETENLVfi 8R88IO.V. The Contention reas?embled in the evening, when the memorial was piesented and approve!, and the resolu tions reported aiid adrpted ? both of which are in the hands of the Secretary tor arrangement ani future pub lication. Afttr the business was closed, deeply interesting ?pefobc* were made by Col. Seymour, of Albany; Col. Baldwin, of Syracuse: Gen. Machin, of Montgomery; and Indian Chiefs Captatns George, Hill and Austin. Ths speech of the former was interpreted. Tae latter apoks in broken EcgUsh. They had all been in the war of 1812 During his remarks, Capt. Hill sai l when his white biethren asked tae aid of the Onoad&gss, he reported himself ready; went to Niagara quick; was not lame then; heard big guns: run faht; fought nerd; and catch ed red coats, lie said he loved the republican. It was In his heart. All bis heart was the heart of an Ameri can man. Captain Austin went with the Stockbr'dge Indians t j Niagara, and give a graphic account of the battles he was in. On one occasion ne chtaed some red ooats close up to the fort, whan a lire was opened upon him; balls fell I hick ? ihev came like rain. He fought till his gun became so hot be eouldn't hold it. His white brethren Came up slow, and told him to go and get something to eat. fie did so, but soun wanted to return. They would not, however, let him, he was so tired. HU grand uncle was in the Revolutionary War, on the American side. Near Boston he had burned name British merchandise, which no white man would go. There were eight Indians la the Convention, and, on tbe adjournment, they gave the wax whoop. The whole proceedings were deeply interesting. Peter H dnyde r, James Mcintyre, John Bhoecratt, H?nrv Hudson, John Sioon, H. J. Knl, Paul Reudwick, Abram A. I>e Grot Kiohard I. De Kjrrest, Thomas Hua'ar, Daniel A. Siat, John Skinkie, Sttpben Chtpmao Aaron H*w:ey ' Jeremiah I'arhune. J ofan ScotcU, Henry Levis, a. M. Pot'er, Flisha BHfwt, '?to Hiviheoct, John ALderaon. 6abrie Zrilman. Joseph Sibby, Aoram Sally, Jr., Lucoo Curtlsa, Henry Ounnteari, Amanuol Btrohardt, James Rip'ey, B. C. Ali-n. Jar via Streeter, Henry Williams, G**y W Swart trout, T. J. Poyneer, Areher Hsyea, Jeremiah Miller, Daniel Falling Henry G Waldoe, BelaBarlew Aaron lie .marl, Charles Low, Elisha Smith, James Kennely, Jaiaes Rider, Minot A. Vosburgh, William Pat doct. William Fisher, Isaac Carson, Orange Haydeo, Christopher Hlgglns. Theo Diektnsoa, ' Amos Crary, Jacob Loat?a l, KlUahPedy, Lomuel Jenkins, Samuel R Hid son, Abram Van Wtclcle, Abram Morris, Flljsh Cheerb-ourh, 1/ivi Crawford, Henry Sycker, WiUla-n Whitney, H. Br iwuson, Jamss Gardner, WlUlam Alien, Cant David Hill, Ind. Chiet PJ"hard A. Cook, J. P. Statis.l David J. Mattiio, Abram Bulsoin. WilJlani Seymour. H. J. Elder, ' T re main Wilcox, John Nelson, Jeremiah Davis, Wm. Griffin, John Ward, I/evi Hyer, ReDjamin Vlhoou, Thou. Carson, David Wager, David D. L? #yer, Oraogs Bee m so, Francis R gsr?, Frederick Kronse, T. J. Meyer, Wm. Van Rt'on, Cornelias Doty, Henry Miller, F. C. Warne*, Gerrit Huyot, Samuel Warren, Jasob Rikert, Jeremiah Mtller, Israel Shad bolt, DanM Reynolds, Btephen Williams, John Nelson, Joseph Gallup. The Kansas Bmtate. THE LEGISLATURE OF MA89ACHU3KTr8 ON KANSAS AFFAIK8. The following resolutions were Introduced ami ordered printed In the Massachusetts Senate, on the '21st tnst Whereas the commonwealth ot VlftsiiHchusntd has called m vain through its legislature upon the State go vernment of Missouri, and upon the President of the United States, to protect tan settle's of the Territory of Kansas against the unparalleled outrages to which they have been repeatedly subjected, and of which they nair ?gain stand in Immin'-i.t peril, which outrages hive been heaped upon them by the slave interest in this country, fcr the purpose of farcing r-Uvi'i j upon Kansas, ag*iost the will of its inhabitants and .igsirut >he wishes of a majority of the people o? the Union; and whereas, this reprehensible riglect of the government ot the United States and of MLixruri has lefr the inhabitants of Kansas ?o recourse but to fall back on the original right of self preservation, and to appeal at the umu ti ne to the Aiterican people for immediate assistance; therefore ftRetolv ed, That we have heard (h? cry of distress whlsh ha* come up to the people of the Uuited States from the settlers ot Kansas, with the deepest solicitude and sympathy ; that their suffering! have touched our heart* and tbeir manly defence of undoubted rights has won oar admiration, and we earnestly recommend to the people of this commonwealth aud of the country to Intti ate some speedy aud general movement for the purpose of supplying the necessities of these heroic freemen, and aiding them to maintain their liberties sgilnat the ruin Wh'ch Impends over them. Resolved, 1 bat the inhabitant* of Kansas arc right In their determination not to aubmit to the c vie of blood which waa forced upon the Territory by a horde of ruf fians from Missouri, calling itself a legislature, ami that the President ot the United States, in endorsing those ?oactmenta as the true laws of Kansas, ans in nis recent threat thai the settlers shall be made to 'ibey them even ?t the poict of the bayonet, has exhibited a servllttv to a motional slave interest, and an indifference to the fanla mental principles of justice and freedom, which neritthe ?deep condemnation of the American peop.e. Resolved, That till* is a fit occasion to re assert the principle so often declared to be the coetrineof Utiu -chu setts, that Congress his full pow*r to abo'ish and prohibit slavery In tbe Territories ot the Uut ed States, and that this power should be exercised to its entire ex tent. Resolved, That as the intrigues to tbrast slavery npon Kansas have hern growing more and more violent and tfe?p?rat*, ever since the repeal of the Missouri prohibi tion, until they have at last maae it the pti amount ques tion before the country, and driven the whole nation to the verge of civil wsr, we hold that the speedy admission of Kansas Into the Union, as a free State is a mevure of the first Importance to the wel'are of th*t Territory and to the tranquility, freedom and honor of the United Steles, ana that our Senators and representatives In Con Ssss be eatoes ly requested to use every exertion to ing about this result. Resolved, That his Excellency the Governor be re quested to transmit a copy of th<we resolves to the Governor ot eaoh of the Stares and Territories, and another to the 1'iestdenl or the Uni'ed States. All) IN NEW YORK* In Madison county i? is proponed to raise a company bf one hULdrea men, each armed wish one of Sharpe's nflss, and provided also witn implements of ftfrl eulture and me -bar.ical tools. Tliey will thus be prepared to mike settlements in the Territory, and to defend tbem ; or to first Oght for freedom fbr the whole soil, and then make tnetnpelves hemes ihei*. Ficlstd n?fn are to he chosen?- mnh Rtr ificr, temperate and of good character. Ge ri'. Smith I vei in Madison county . He offers to do all that Is consistent to aid freedom in Kansas, and will furalsh su.?ti as this oompaty msy not be able to obtain otherwise. He has eontllhuU'il $260, which he sent to the Boston Emigrant Aid Company. On being told that the raoou had been used to purchase arms, be replte l >.hat he was content. Such moral agencies are required in the plant ing of ? free S ate where slave drivers contend fjr the mastery with freemen. Indignation Mkbtino to Denounce a Ckoroh. ?The people of Brockport, Ne?r York, U'eit held an in dignation met ting to denounce a church which recently expelled two la tex under circumstances calculated to in jure their moral character without sufficient proot. The man who first smarted the report had to Hee to* town to save a coat ot tar ard feather*. Oar IttaMlu 0? rimnnMl?? , Omu Orrr, N. T? Fe*. T, ISM. A Tint from the Sauntee Sinus Indiani? Their fMt to the Omaha Irulian ViUaye-~(hnenU /few*, A. Yesterday and Mi; hu beta rm of latereitlathex pert*. About three o'clock yea ter**y mvi reach** w that one cf tho bud* ot the Sioux Indians? whom, next to the Brulay band, the whiter fear moo- (of Fort Laramie mawacre Mtnlity,) the Bauntee Sloa*. waa pa**tng throigh town, to camp near by the Onrahn Indians, to make friends with the latter. About nine o'o'ook this morning come tw-nty-Bve warrlore oat at the fjrty-flve rlhititir Sioux caiue marcUiog Into town, with an Ame-i e?n flag flying at their head, and dirao*>>d their steps to ward Governor Izard's room in the State House building After the arrival of his Excellency from breakfaat, they weie di.ected to bis presenoe, and received quite cor dially by him. Ihey seated themselves around on the floor and commenced unoklng. Mot having any Interpreter with them, and thete being none be/e wbo could understand their lan guage, of cource their real objeot waa un known, but by signs, &c., the aubstanse waa as fol low*; -the Sioux Indians dt*.-l:e peac* vmh the whiie* ai>d Indians 't Nebraska, instead of war, as promise 1 them by Citn. Hainey. tor this purpose, or to secure I this object, they ha?l traveled thirty live days Irom Min nesota, tnrouirh deep anows and pieroiog winds. They were a haidy, war ike band? or rather a portion there of?and ?e>e comfortably olad in buck ami ouffalo skm?. One of tbem ha i a dragoon's coat on, mounted with epau lette s and tilmming, which he seemed quite proul of. The Governor emoked with them, and distributed several collars in motey among then, an<l tiiey lett for their en campment apparently quite well pleased. About twj o'clock, in tbe Omaha India* village the scene wait quite interesting. The Sioux visiting band came in night of the village bede jk ed In all their native finery, carrying tbe stirs ana strip?* at the head of the proctsHirn, and tinging what I presume to b? their congratulatory song. When near the village they arrang ed themselves In single file, sealed, and onmmenosd their wild music of sioglng, beating on rude tamborlues, ringing bells, &c , awaiting an invitation from tbe'omaha* to make frienos and least them. The Chiefs of the 0 uaha In liana, however, weie absent in town: consequently the formal invitation could not be extended. After learning these facta they pitched their tents hard by, and tomorrow tbe reception, dancing and feasting will, I p.-esume, take place. The to Indians, and the Bruiaj band of the same tribe, are the ones Gen. Harney promise')? and the whites hope the fame? a good fighting time tn the spring. It is to make friends with the whites and Omaha*, and there by make friends with Gen. Harney? the Mad Bear?that this visit Is made. They may secure the former, yet I am in doubt whether (Jen. Harney will allow them to go unpunished when spring opens. The weather is more moderate to-day. and the hope is strongly indulged in that our long and severe cold wea ther is over. IKK. Omaha, N. T., Feb. 12, 1856. The Omaha and Sioux Indian* form a Peace Treaty? Ftcut ing and Vancing in Contequcnce? Indian Show in lown ?General Ifewt, i?e. The day b*ri*e yesterday the visiting band of Sauntee Sioux Indians here formed a treaty of peace with the Omahas. Tbey assembled (or rather the chiefs of the lat ter), in one of the lodges, and afar smoking awhile, had a talk, and the lesult of their smoking and talking was a sort of friendly understanding that they were to lift each other's scalps no more? that they were to be good Indians ? res pe stable Indians ? peaceable Indians. I pre sume this will last until the first good opportunity oifers out on the I'lali s to steal ponies and wield the toma bank in a "free Qght." They smoked aud tatksd, and talked and smoked nearly all day. They o tiled uoon oar friend, ilsj. Hepner, agent for the Omahis, and the Ma jor gave them some good advice and p'ain talk. After tbe ratification of the treaty ? *.Uat is, after tbey had ekaken hands around? the OmiUts feasted their vUltirg brfethieu aud midethem presents of ponies, flour sad blanae s, to the amount of about $1,000, and to night tbe Ooiahas came up to to.'.n with their visiting biethren, ann in the dining room of one ot our hotels here went through with their peace dance, a^jnp.iuUl by singing. It beat anything at Wal'ajk'a or tae Brotd way theatie. theie were about twenty warriors painted and bedecked in their fantastic half c ostium, with eagle's feathers, &c., on their heals and tooaahawks in hand, bobbing up and down on th-s floor ia a stooping posture, keeplcg time to the music of a large rude drum, upon which acme half dozen Indians were drumming? the dancers meanwhile skating their rattles and bio wing open their whistles, endir g off each song and dinee with a wild screech or whoop, Ihe effect of Gen. Harney's fight in tbe Black Hills, and his krown ne er ml nation to open the spring by waking np tbe war.Ue tribes on the fiontier wl'.h tu? roar ot' cannon and rattle of musketry, has already be gun to have a salutary effect; else whit could have brought this little band cf Sioux warriors on a thirty five days' .ramp, thr iugh tbe snows and ics, from Min nesota, to make peace with the Oinahai and show strong friendship w th t> e whites!' I presume it is the inten tion ot this band to return via St. Pierre, where there is to be held soon a oouncil of all the bands of (be Sioux tribe With Gen. Barney, and theie tell then of their visit to the whites, aid their pease treaty with the Omaha In. dians. Tbey will probably leave to-morrow for their Minneso a hone. The Indian Bui eau in Washington has got, ere long, to take new steps entirely with ttm Indians in thi Far West. Already the Pa si lie coast is settling up and crowding inland the red skins, only to Its mat by the tide ot Wen tern emigration, gradually working taeir way toward the setting run. There must be er?t long some thing done? aomethirg permanent ? some hing substan tial fir tbe Indian tribes. Yesterday and to-day. for the first time In about sixty day a, has the sun afforded warmth enough to uelt the snow upon tbe roofii of the houses here. I think the win ter has about broken ? at least, I hope so. Outside ?f In dian excitemcnt just now, there is no new? around us. 1KB. Our Poito Rico Correspondence. OttATAM-A, Porto Rico, Jin. 31, 1856. Bax-aga of the Choler* ? Death of Mr. Manuel Orti:? J/iminvtion of the Negro Popultifi'm hy the Scourt/e? Interruption caused by it to the Btuine?t of the l;hml ? 7 fie St {tar Crop? Accumulation of Stocks, <?c., <tx. Kince m y 'apt advices the cholera baa been gradually ertendirig, and npon tbe north s:d<> of ihe inland hat reached the town of Areclbo, a port rnuih frequented by American vessels, where it han been extremely virulent in its effects, baring proved fatal to many of the princi pal inhabitants of that place, and among others Mr. Manuel Ortiz, a partner of tbe house Vlanga, Ortiz ti Co., extensively engaged in tTade witi tke I'ni'ed States, and which, I ioutit not, will be r<grettid by m?ny of the merctnllle readers of tae Hkk.ud. The wh;le numbe. of cases rtfmially reported since its commanaeraent, U upwards of 16 000, of which npwardt of 6,000 hive proved fata). Many estates have suffered sevarely from I icta of ibiir negroes; one in A'esibo particularly, which haa lost 75, another 46; in fact, wherever tbe dl?e*ae b*s appeartr. the opera Hot ? hive been very sensibly dltnin ishea; tbU fatality among an already short forco in the island -will r.e eeilously felt. Sanitary etrdons exist throughout tie Island, and thii want of communication very much in'erterss with the busioes.'- ot tbe country. Or i sugar nop is now In flill blast, and stocks aro rsjtii'ly accumulating; but aa planters h >'d out for high price*, but few transactions hare tiken placc; fome rosily prime ;>arce>s of sugar have been ttken at $?">, and me langes at ?0 cents per gallon. These are tho piip.os aiked, ard bo far can bt? called tbe ruling on?*. thn quality of the fcugur is ULusually fine, and the oi-op vill ie more than an average one. Iteoeni aniraW Irorn the United rJ*at?h havn amply enpplied our imp >rt mvket for the pr?fOnt. The achomer O. M. Robertson is thj tirst veftel !cavii>g here with cargo this seas;n. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL ? OH Kf n Ail ikKT. Monday, February 23?0 P. M. The newB from Europe by the steamers Atlantic and Aula has not had much effect on the market, either of a favorable or unfavorable character. The transac tions at the first board were quite large, bat lower prices ruled, except in one or two instances. Mis souri G's declined 4 per cent; Nicaragua Transit, $; Cumberland, 4; Vew York Central Railroad, 4; Erie, 4; Cleveland and Toledo, ?; Chictgo and Rock Island, A; Harlem, 4- Reading Railroad ad vanced 1 per cent; Michigan Southern, There were sales of Galena and Chicago and Wisconsin Lake Shore at Saturday's prices. These slight va riations in prices are natural under any state of the market. The advices from Europe are calculated to make speculators pause a little while, and await farther accounts; but there is nothing decidedly of an unfavorable character in the intelligence re ceived, and nothing calculated to shake public con fidence in the fatnre. As for a war with this coun try, the idea is absurd and ridiculous. The present difficulty will end as all others have within the pact forty years. The political demagogaes of both countries must have an opportunity to let off a little bluster, and that will be all the whole affair will amount to. It is most extraordinary that the states men of Great Dritain and the United States can find nothing better to do than to periodically get up these national excitements, and lead the press of both countries into all sorts of abuse of each other, nntll the people become disgusted, and rise up in their wrath, and by the force of pnbllo opinion scat ter the whole party, and amicably adjnst all Uitll. cultics. After the adjournment of the board the following sales of bonds and stocks were tnade at auction by A. H. Nicolny:? $3,000 0* enu and Chicago R., 1st m?rt , int. HMe.l. 98 y% 8 <00 Ohio and Mississippi RK. K I'iv. do., tl >. Hi ^ 5,000 ()hweg?< acd Syracuse R. It., do. 82J{ 10,(00 Milwsnkie and Wl.?* 1?., firtn mjri., do. OO1-* 1 OOOSyraenseA HioghamtonK., 2d,mt. do. 70 w 6,000 M!?ml Co., Ohio 7'?, 18T'i, d?. 86 Rallwad M 24 ?tm Oiww ? <l jyiiw? ....... 79* 3 e%* Km! Ki*?? Bank.,,,,,. k of L. I . 6Sk 40 rb? Tanner* ' mmi Citfcwfr'rf K " .00a'?2 | low >b? i*ocX Fire ll>uruc? (>. ,,, 10 >hs H?ropolh*n V'he linuvanr !?%. ' '* ,60a57)tf 140 ill* KM6i|irM Ftri lua'MM ??????? 32 sb* Travon Iron Co """' 100 ?ba OklvSiMnobd Co&t Co .JCj 60 ?lu loiero Nursery A'Wvctatton., . ?,,... tniiy' 100 riu l'acittc Bank u"* , At the second board tV mnrket ww qu>et, wlv'1 j an upward tendency. Then is evidently a> movement in Reading in contemplation. The stock has a vide margin for an advance before reaching its iutfltudc value. The Assistant Treasurer reports to-day as fol lows Paid mi Treasury account $289 80S 62 Revived do. do 153,127 OO' Balance do. do. 2,084,725 64 1'ald for A***y office 501 4S 1'iid on otaburtiisg obecks 25,206 33 Tbe receipts to-d?j include $60,000 from Chicago. 1 lie warrants entered at the Treasury Department Washington, on the 22d iust. were aa follows : ? For tbe Treasury l>oparta.ent $50 00 for tba Interior Department 17 8i8 46 From oustows 50,291 73 On amount of the Navy KS,7-1 29 Repayment cn account of tbe Navy 3,216 86 Fromlacda 25,411 19 War warrants received aau entered 88 762 78 The deposits and coinage at the New Orleans Mint for January, 1866, were as follows:? ? (?old deposit*? California gild 937,085 98 Gold from other source* 2,271 00 Total gold deposits $39,954 98 Sliver depoMt* ? 9th er parted frcm California gold $222 IT From oiher aouroea 739,556 28 Total idver deposits 7->9,777 15 Total gold and sliver dep< situ 9779,734 43 Silver coinage? 120 000 aa J f dollars 960,000 'XiO.OCO quarter dollars 65,000 600,000 half dimes 30,000 Total coinage 9116,000 The following extracts from the European Circu lar of DeCoppet & Co., prepared for transmission by the steamship Canada, gives a review of our stock market for the past week: ? Nkw York, FeV 25, 1858. Since our advices of the 19ih lost, there hu been no prominent feature in oar stock market to aotiea. Toe activity and speculation which last week animate 1 our principal railroad stjciu have in a measure subsided; operations have been leas imp ir'aut, an! fluctuations have vaiioualy resulted up and downward, aa may be Men in our subjoined table of daily quotations. The more decided abundance of money showa in the markat begins to prtvduce home effect on Bome of the city btnds and other investment stocks; the/ are ganeraQy held firmer, even at advanced prions ia many instances. Tbe unesHOMTHS evinced in Kng an ), accordiug to the advice* of tbe 9th inst., in regard to the unsatisfactory c sedi tion of the pending questions between that country aul th< United States, haa produced no particular effect upon our stock market. In Statu stocks t&e business has bean limitel to small sales of Virginia 6 per c?nu, Missouri 6 per cents, of California 7 p?r cents and Indiana 6 per cents, with a slight decline cn the two former. City ami County Bunds. ? The only transact! _any impor> ance were in St. Louts 6 per cents, at i'd^'sup ported rates. Time is a la; a Mr duiaanl lor San Fran cisco 10 per cents, ia;raaisoto 10 par cent*, and Milwau kie 7 per cents, at higher ra'O). 1UIUUMD Bonds ? The transactions at the 8i?.-d have btcu without animation and wi'h but .liigat ft' We note moderate gales of Illinois Central, Construction acd Fiee!ands; a'so, of N?* ifark Cs.ntral o's aid Ta. At p: ivate gale ther? has been but little movement; wj kiow of no transactions worthy of special mention. pAiL'.tcun stocks bavi> remained generally pro.ty active duitng the week, aid trans* lUca-i in k'.ioaai in C evt? land and Toledo have beon ooosidoriih'e; th? last Qiml Lt?ve declined 2 per cent; tbe for-ner I pur cent. The bucinem in (iwlena and Chicago. Reading, New York Cen tral, Michigan .Southern, and C'eve'ana and Pittsba*g, have been more moderate; the ttv> last have deolinel 1)4 to 2 per cent, the two first have somowhat advanced. During the wtek there bare bf'en some sales of Harlem Preferred from 65 a 60; thi* coasiieraUie rise on the prices to w latch this stock hid fallen has Uaen ca-aset by the negctiatlou of the 2d mutgtgabaods of the compi ay, and also of the reforms in operating the road, which oeoat to Open a fairer prospect for future results. Rxcbanges on Europe a e not abundant, and rates con tinue to look up. Principal sales on L jnion, 109 a 109}? ; Paris, 618^ a 620. We have alluded several timei recently to the want of business taot and knowledge on the part of the managers of the Galena and Chioago Railroad. Every stockholder iu this part of the country has felt the truth of our remarks, and we have no doubt a strong movement will be made at the next elec tion to make important changes in the board of management. Tho principal cause of the neglect and mismanagement of the business of the Galena and Chicago railroad is the fact that the officers o the company are engaged in several other railroads in that region, and cannot devote the proper time and attention to the affairs of the Galena lin& An other cause, undoubtedly, is the want of sufficient talent to comprehend the duties of their position. It appears to us that the Galena and Chioago Railroad Company can afford to have a set of officers exclu sively devoted to its business. It strikes us that there are men enough in Chicago much more capa ble of administering its affairs than those now in office, and it is also our impression that the compa ny can afford to pay them salaries sufficient to com. pensatt them for their full time and undivided energies. The Hartford Timet of the 23d inat., con tains an article on tkta subject, which we give at length, tliat stockholders in all parts of the country may see what those most intimately acquainted with railroad matters say about the management of the affairs of the Galena and Chicago Huilroad Com pany:? Railroad Mismanaoumknt. A good desl t-f complaint h?n bucn leeoutiy mide that the dividends of railroad* have fallen nhort of thejist ericctatiens of their stockholders. ft U claimed, not without some fouucatiio, that as a elaas, th?y receive a nutuWt return from their investment* tuan *<iy other in tbe community . A part ot .hia antortuoa'.e -esult is no doubt due to exacfslvo competition, and ottur ctmm which admit of uo ti mely ; but another an ) largi pic i.ion of It nisei troui bad management, which doe* ad mit of a renatdy. The 'J'nbunc aod nome other New York papers are tre qutntlj reieatiog the remark vhat th? <i?ie ia a 4d Cai c?gc Railroad 1m earning twice ?h i?rgn a net income on it.* capitai as the Hartford Had New H*ves, while it-t stock is selling for coni-llerabty i?m. The reason in very easily given, it is, that tbe Hsrt'ord and New H<vea road'irf managed with far greater ability and judgment than this western roai . Whatever it earns, wh^tuer five or fifteen per cent, it honestly divided among it* nto ?* holders it i nuh. and the public very widely prefer an in vestment whcie they feel su.e of rvceiriag the whole of the legitliiute profits, lo another which, professing to evn t?i?e an muck, withhold i a large part of it on some llimsy prttext or other, fiom its rightful owners. The Galena road. last year, fairly tamed ttirty per eent on its capital ? no'- 42, an houeof the pApera.have stated ? but it puii its stock lold ers only ten per ceitt in cash, tho balance of tbe ineenie being seized and diverted to the building of new road, in stead of making ufe of iW bonds whicb ware issue! for that pur pore. If even 20 per cent liwl been paid in ra*h, tbe atoafc would now hive been much higher than any other in the market. Stock dividends are of very doubt ful value under any clrourr?t*noe?. In pursuance of the same false policy, the directors of ?his read have lately issued * circular to thulr K intern stockholders, which is a masterpiece of folly and impu dence. While declaring that tbe earnings will continue on the same enormous scale, it ruys, 'the amount of enrnings ovr and a sove dividends ot ten per cent in c*ah, will be divided to the stockholders annually in the Mtck of tbe company." Now. Uit tinuf ruction acmtin/ nf this rrnni ha* l.rni ilwctl by the completion ot its air line to the Mis sissippi river. Tbe director* of the road, therefore, /in* no Lvrivcis tu divert tbe net In some ot the road any farther to emiiruction account, on any pretence, without rxprest in itrvcticm to that effect from the stockholder*. I'hey have no light to Invite Eastern capital into their roads, and then turn round and say, 1 it is true your road is earnirg 14) per cent, but 10 per oent tit cash is as much as you rbali get out of It." The compact made with subfcribers to a railroad etterprise at the time of sub ertipticn, is, that they shall receive, not a part, but the i rhnlr of its fair prctlrs. If any farther expenditure i* needed for the completion of the Galena lint, beyond ail question it should be defrayed by the sate of the t>ne<la which weT? Issued tor that special purpose, sn i wlilch Is infinitely thr mint rvmnmirai policy for tie road; bectu e, while otilj 7 per cent interest is paid on bonds applied to construction, the interest on every issue of stock ap plied to the same purpose is, In this ca?e, from 25 to 'M per cent. If a toad la earnitg 20 or 30 per cint, it is a great gain to be able to obtain money at 7 or even 8 per cent, in preference to issuing new stock on which 20 or 30 per cent mast be paid. In 1R64 this road earned 97 000 per mile on 180 miles of road; In 18&.S it earned 910,000 per mile on 21:0 miles of road, or a< much per mile as tbe i most profitable of the Eastern roads earn on dou I ble the cost. Thii merest e of earnings per mile In ft single j ear, on so large an aid'tlcn of road, is entirely without para'lel. Owing to its very high rates of transportation, its running expenses are not half as great a per oentige of its gross receipts as on the belt of tho Ranter n reads, and ate claimed by its managers not to eieetd thirty per cent, the enormous crops of corn and wheat make a large increase ol receipts this year ah rolutely certain. A* it now stsnds, therefore, this road form* incomparably the most produc ive railroad pro ptriy In this countiy ; hut bad mamtgemeni might soon make it ooe of the worst. Alu-ge majority of this pro perty belongs to KaeUrn men, who were importuned to place their capl'al in it, ana are not disposed lo stand idly by and see it fooled away. At the approaching au nual meeting, to be held at < htcsgo, the tpeessary mea sures will be taVen to i-esiire a board of directors who will know enough t j apply the bonds ana tbe net ioc >me o! the road In a proper manner, und c? pay over to '.he atoekhoMera, not in ttork, but in oath, the annual dividsada of rt l?Mt iwtatj per Mat, which uaquoettooaMr belong to tiieui. Ibl* vital Impiovemeot In the management kid rt'f Uig?ij ui (ho nc'q.l m well ut? tu market valaa of >btc. rei??rk*h'? priptrty. Tlip annexed statement exhibits the average dally movement in the leading department# in the bauks of this city daring the week preceding Saturday Burning, Feb. 23, 1*60:? Nhw Yoisk City Ba\kx. Loai-t Spirit. Circulation Dep'iitt. A r York* 8403 492 7l5.<?8 236.068 3,121.841 M.rkAUan t,....6,08S,340 715. #19 S73475 4,000,827 M^'' ....4,262 285 1,564,728 110.848 5.oT?.17? " ^ ?7*?,BT8 983,971 372,094 8 743 ?i3 Eri.'.ri "" -"9to,;H 658 138 187 5J7 3.294.048 4,:*-87, 181 1,642,686 oO ,029 6,038 rv^-niT '? ^2, 898 428,883 104.078 3 260 983 lt,V.988 'J>0 647 67,901 1,300 307 Nortn "itiver lOSx'^O 10&.C07 182 883 816 741 Tr.??m"'e 1863 W 2*?.07? 702 917 ?Xn . : ;; : k? *-? 123,449 1 412.126 rhlmkoj 1699 889 263,438 243,776 1 29^,416 Merchant*' 2,682, ?4? .288 062 119,514 1952.060 N? tonal 1,660,410 173 702 168.135 960,817 Batcher*' 4 Di'a.1,446.674 l'<?"6 81,184 1,089 488 M-c.'h A Trader.' 662,014 97, .>89 44 J, 748 Crtenwich f.71,287 47,077 32,726 603,096 leather 1801,182 168, 2H3 232.977 1,369,147 J*vmUi Ward... l.lil, 196 ll9,76tf 2?9 ,0/9 012,347 u!9'26 988 1,007,689 480,600 3,863,283 American fcJt.. ..6,823 122 992.990 288,31(16,988.432 Aaaoclailoa 1,241,119 99,718 17*, 662 1 007.607 Commerce 8,M?,680 944 1)07 2 100 &, 700,745 Bowery 946 434 101,986 171,729 784 609 1,389,032 119 416 2T, 1, 028 1,160 163 696 618 111 662 166,114 1 0*5, 243 Met can tile 2,811,791 261,403 #1,060 1, WW Pacific . . 971 867 76,767 119,940 697 Mft Republic 8,109,128 606 827 86,608 3,715.208 (;h*th"im 626,761 40,187 123,286 iS86,36<2 ptoi>Vn 727 889 49,9i8 148,070 511 064 Koiih An-erica.. 1,643, ('32 139,308 06,823 1,320,46*. Hi nover 1,341,729 69,436 108,204 793,933 Iivinir .. . . 611 366 61,338 110.636 446,028 Metropolitan . . . .6,434 688 982,4*4 178,604 6,389.799 Citiienn' ... 754,968 62.624 150,-52 d84,408 Grocera' 698 683 182,1404 80/287 681.250 Naaatu I. .. .. . *1,14' 780 171/287 119,236 9G8 182 Eaat River . 468,607 61,106 89,620 347,138 Market * 1,160 633 101 819 121,936 927,932 ffSlto::::: 'SSflw Shoe & Leather.. 1,041 060 76,382 103. 468 61,41* Corn tichaug*. .1 612,660 138,590 ?? o'lo?'?Tl Continental. ...2,726.167 863,7:<4 55.159 2,197.671 CiMamimvealth. . 1,142,764 186,448 95,340 1,136 185 Oriental Srt4,f62 49,278 107,432 3.4.U8 torine.......... 803 161 62,260 97,0'28 691,964 Atlantic 647,946 81,601 95,497 325,813 Inland City 400.554 35,372 96,207 227,765 N V Prv I>o?k . . 418,402 31 291 64 589 107,400 N Y Excbawc 237,282 10,455 116.741 180/77 Bull'a Head . ! 267 408 21 872 100 978 153,860 K.YCocnty... . 281 887 11,242 76,509 143.019 Import'nfcTr*d'a.l,628,768 112,218 79.671 057,810 Tatal 8100,745,447 16^864 7,664,088 87,080,478 Cleakin? Houhe Tranpa(ttonb. Clearings for weak eiiQiog February *????? cc <; ?? 44 '25...... B il&Qfiiifl ? " " IB 6,678,730 u ? ?. ? 25 o'fiT2,179 The annexed statement exhibits a comparison of the leading departments of the banks of this city for several weeks : ? Htm row Cht Baxu. Loom. Ijpcie. Ci> rul'n. JMjwwa JulV T. '56.. 97,862.481 15^81, 098 7,743,009 85,647,244 July 11, 'W.. 98,416.432 ill, 663, 766 7,615,72i 8a, 010,031 JbIt 21 '66 . 89,029,147 15,918,999 7,407,08t> 83,0. 9,59* jivlj ? '66.. 99'083,799 15,920,976 7,409,408 81,626,788 Aug 4 '55.. 100,118, 609 15,298,358 7,64^,003 83, 27 il, 994 t .|. 11/55.. WO. 774, 209 15,280,669 7,714,401 83.U1.32 Auk. 18/66. .101, lo4,000 14,649,240 7,010, lUu 81,948 671 Aug 25 '56 .100,604,004 13,826,3.8 7,582,095 81,178,56* Sept'r 1, '65 . .WB. 438,970 12,'852>23 7 620,178 81,057 210 Sept'r 8. '58.. 100,278, 7W 12,009,626 7,881,148 80,442,47S m >55 99.397, 00'ft 12,213,210 7 721 826 80,510,300 ^pt. 22/65.. 98,581,734 ll^^gi 7,716,49.' 80.195 141 TBiit "9 '65 97 385 22b 9,919,124 7,734,970 76,818,11*6 ?t 6'66.: 96,615,021 ll',110 687 7,85",217 77,582,02* Oct 13 '65.. 95 059,420 11.1:18,876 7,840.114 70,815,807 Oct 20' '65 96 108,376 12,461,723 7,888,164 77,852,651 OM 27' 'M 94 216 872 11 W. 621 7,828,480 7o',974,86f Sot. a', '66.. 93,3R9,079 11,106,298 8,011,508 77,787 67C Nov. 10, '56.. 92,464,290 10,856 526 8,088,608 , 6,762,403 No*. 17, '86.. 92,029,920 11^02,917 7,941,679 75,323,381 No*. 24 '66.. 92,312,408 11.715,339 7,779,867 71,875,164 Dec 1 ' 65 92 630,921 11,327,184 7,841,664 79,047,983 Dec! 8, '66.. 93,189,806 U.844,825 7.861,741 78,090,110 Dec 16 '66 98 800,038 11.884,075 7,701,052 <6,820,517 Dec". 22, '65.: 94 380,487 12,088;359 7,778,893 77,341,008 rw, ?a 155 p5 114,060 10,788,099 7,841,940 80,438,627 Jan! 5 ' '6(1 ! .* 9R,80:t,3t>0 11,687,209 7,903,666 81,531,893 Jm!i 1 '66.. 96 145;408 11,777,711 7,812,507 77,931,498 Jan. 19 '56 . 96,182,968 13,385,200 7,462,706 8 2,05- 828 Jan. 26/66.. 96,887,221 13,783,059 7,406.986 ^8.9J8,316 Feb 2 '56 97.970.611 13,610,487 7,632,827 82.289,061 Feb 9.' '68.. 98 344.077 14.233.329 7,819,122 82,838,152 Feb. 16, '66.. 99,401,816 16,678,786 7,693,441 88,035 911 Feb. 23/56. .100,745,447 15,836,874 7,664,688 87,680 4.8 The last returns, compared with those for the pre ceding week, show the following variations:? Loans and dlocountw, an ln?e?fe of $1,344,132 S-p?rfe, an CireulaUos, a dejrea8e..... fV?* Depoidta, at!ecrea^e norointlly 405, 4H0 PtpoHita, an increaaB ajtnally,.... l,?B7,7on

The returns are fully up to our anticipations, f^e predicted a discount line for last week of more than one hundred millions of dollars. There has been no change of consequence in the specie department, but the variation is a favorable one. The deposits have actually increased nearly two millions of dol lars, although the returns show a decrease of about four hundred thousand dollars. The increase in specie has been in the face of a large exportation, 'n the absence of further remittances from Califor nia, and of a steady accumulation in the sub-treasu ry of thfc port. The banks, with suoh a supply of specie, cannot avoid an expansion of loans. The imports and exports from this port during the past week are as follows:? CnuMFRflt Af rrn? Port of S'kw York, Exports kik TUB Wkkk K'-dim; Kiisuabv '2a, 1866. HAVRK Cotton, bale* 1,063 ?51,017 Je?r<>l'rsa*h?s 46 Flour, bils. 10, 7;i9 103,004 Rubber, cs... I Whoat, bus M.528 73,fl.,7 R<c?, c* 70 1 180 Drugs, cs..., 6 340 PUata, cs.... 1 1,060 Pins, cs 1 0P6 Tea, ch ..... . 6 3<mS Luml?.T,Pt. .19,000 1 540 ? Tot*!..' $214,910 r.rvKBfoor.. Cotton, baits 4,381 $231,1*20 Hatdwaro, cs. 3 Flour, UMh. 24, 584 192,346 Setda... 2 Wteat, bun 44.809 87,774 (Ml, casks ... 9 _ - 31 jTi.'iO Hues wax, lbn.8 507 61,447 Books, cs 2 4,3'Ji Dry g >ods..,, 1 6f^,88'5? Lea. cloth,.,. 19 Urd...... 866.471 109.340 Hvn s, lbs. . .4.4W TbIIot ....'.'33 W0 25 550 Ten chests. ., 15 8 t?37 ItHik, cs 14 226 Yel metal, ok. 12 lot) 0*ra 1.000 1,'(0 Staves 30,102 650 1,085 Total $826,168 WNBOJf. Flour, bbls. .9,240 $8o,2i'6 Gre?Ti?<?, bblii. 72 Wlieat, bus.2?,434 53,360 Ur.l, Ib?. . ,8.'i 675 2H 2S9 ' 8g 66, 7 CO flair, baUw... 112 28,010 Stave* 10,400 1,689 Hsxdwsre, cs. 48 100 Camwood, tns 17 4 720 8,272 Total $307,496 ANTTTKW. Cotton, bales 483 921,297 Coffee, bag*. . 101 Flour, bbls.. 153 1,124 Rosin, bbla... 400 10,288 Rice, tea 144 26,810 Pimento, bga. 6flti 876 Nitre Hoda. , , fioo 32,386 Honey, gain. 6, 011 1,860 Wagon 1 3,153 Stares 8,000 360 Total .. $120,646 nRCVst, $4,866 Aahes.bbla.. 26 20,000 Segars, ca... 30 20,730 Honey, oka.. 108 7,628 Logwood, tns 67 2 222 ? ? 3,800 Total $68,226 RormoiM. $9,582 Rice, tea.... 225 2.666 Tobaseo,lba23,902 7.107 do. hhd? . . 118 106 Rosin, bbls. 2,624 140 Ex. log'd. bx? 600 1 130 Sp. turpent'e 400 11 628 Wagon 1 1 687 Staves 20,000 600 413 Total. $62,286 unnoR. 96,775 Stave* 4,800 $368 7,766 577 Total $14,476 lard, lbs. ..11, 116 (La n;i-, lbs. ..2,731 Machinery, c? 20 Kmb'dtiea, ca 1 Ergr'vJng" on 1 Potashes, bbla 48 Cwtn.. '..... 36,211 Bttf, fc.i... .2,476 Pork, bbls.... 208 Bacou. lbs 092 6(il 8pm. ot), gal. 4, 731 Can U g? 1 Pag*. biles... 6 Drugs, cs.... 12 Rcrlr, bbla... C51 Clocks, hi.? . . 89 Bfof cs {*73 lYik. bbl* ..2.418 Bac n, lbs .279.100 Ca*lrgs, bbls. 60 Oars 150 Hides 7*3 Oil caka, ten*. 74 Corn, bus. .11,664 Rye, bush.. 20 269 Pork, bbla.. ..' 60 Baorn. lbs 317 061 Urd, iba.. .16,822 Po (* nil, bbla.. 90 Oil, cka 1 Floor, bbla. . .. 770 Rye, bushels. 13, 230 Tobacco, ca.... 204 Saltpetre, bgs. 2?2 Rice, tea 68 Urd, iba. ...S?, 099 Cotton, bales.. 284 Flour, bbla. . . . 326 Rye, bushels. 4 663 Beef, bbla ' 10 Pork 10 Bacou, lb? . .10,087 Urd 101,617 Fustic, ton*. .. 68 i-'e*ars,c* 4 Books, ca S Flour, bbla. . . . 700 Coin. bush. ..8,618 at. bark, bltfs 26 $5,710 113 2,405 440 100 212 :on 150 $274 ISO 600 2,Ji.5 270 180 2,7 .'4 444 318 703 2,0M 851 1,981 ?H5 10.0 70 '2,702 1,800 :i6 20,400 10,678 $1,310 614 5.042 6,349 5,2.15 3,982 ?285 6if5 $1,007 2,631 4 0T7 1,366 $7 574 3.589 8,819 4,008 3,744 0,970 100 1,500 Meal, bbla.. .2,060 Reef 126 Hams, lba... 2, 829 Pork, bbls... 408 Butter, lb*. .7,853 Urd 13,801 Codfish ....12,660 Fish 110 Car: dips, bxs.l,V90 Olloake, pun. 80 Bread, bbls. . . k?5 Flour, bbla. , . Corn, bush. . , Meal bbla.. Iteef . 6 8 30 10 British north a mitotan voiariks. Flour, bbla... 453 94,124 Tobacco, hhda 2 9322 Hye flour... . 30 180 Leather, rolls. 60 244 Corn, bus.... ?U 821 Tea, cheeta. .. 281 4,288 Meal, bb s. . ,. 600 2 400 Pork 21 322 Total 912,701 rountti ?m inniM. Flour, bbla. .1,617 $14,:'.62 Carriages ... , Corn. bua.... 600 662 Sugar, h'ms 8,647 Oln, oases,, . 2,735 Rum, bbls... 278 Wine, casks. 5,309 W'dware, doz. 120 1,727 Horse* 12 1,637 Mules 62 606 I>rug*, oass.i. 13 6W> Hay, bales. . 50 4,174 Coidage, coils 139 1,228 441 Total., m-rni >rswr loDusj. 380 94,089 Oil 4 $127 460 407 Broad 26 109 100 407 Wheels 4 105 S5 196 Lumber it. .15, 000 266 9170 462 '290 847 158 250 1,250 6,200 200 150 3,110 .... 916, 199 Jotal $5,581 ' _ ? QVTXMHJ )WS. Ffrvr .bbU... 816 96,723 Meal bbla.. 288 Corn, blub . . 22,000 22.000 TV* 1*1 ?1.002 ToW 929,786 CUBA. ?Ill I?rir*i 1 479 Utl 143 Mtchfoerjr, CI 3 1.6 i! 453 Salt. eatfc*.. . gfiff 707 820i Hij, halee. ,, 210 8?T Hat* o? 1 177 1,3SB PiWWaa, b>t<i 60 113 , C"k? 836 1,139 1,800 Ooljos, C4.,. 12 194 4,0j?4 Lumber, pc?.. 210 lit Bee', tola.... 10 I'oiJt. 10 Dim*, lb j. . .4,0 0 LanJ 32,020 Hotter 1,360 Kloe, ton 50 Hardware.... 8 Drugs, ea.... 3 i-booka, hdj). 3,161 B<;op? 24.490 ...$lT,0t>9 DAMNII WKrfT <M?li?. Hour, bbl*.. 1,100 $10,200 Bank* 1 Corn, bush. . 1 6'M 1,523 Flrnnrvck. h* 26V 391 1,800 T.)bi*o:jo, lot. 5,479' 841 MM Caasla. U . . . . 350 in 1,*:60 Oonjty, pkg* 14 211 348 Rlos, tea 6 181 788 Poa*, Bmgs. . . 100 2!7 187 Be?n*. 50 226 120 Tooacco, kadi 14 606 637 font. tea, bbla 160 340 108 Aoples 200 MW 1,282 Candle*, ben. 61 108 Me>l bbla... . 2d0 Uj e flour .... 190 Br ad 200 Hams, iba. . .a, 327 BctUr 3,004 Lard 1,870 Lend p'pee, na 1 Cocflih.lM. 16,138 I. R gG<>igl ea 4 l>ry good* ... 0 Total ,. 923, JM ?ftAZIL. Flour, bbla. .2,036 820 .Oil Ua/s 28 Tea, cheats.. . 3(4 I.ard, lbe.. .12.321 l'tper, reams. 600 lirtad, bbla . . 80 Doioest'c*, ba 50 Blacking, cm 21 9100' ll? 727 300 241 | 1,403 4,433 Safe* 3 1 747 l>rug?. boxeri. 29 190 Htwao*. aa.. 40 160 Tea obe.HU... >8 2,751 bard ware, cm. M 120 Total > 932, 623 (ruff c uh-Jada. 9779 Caaotes, boxes 2& 9100 169 Camper, Ciata. 2 4W8 6.0C0 Bread, bbla.. 23 189 224 1 100 210 Caal, Wns... 90 496 1,116 . Total 38,880 Total exports 91 W5,237 IMPORTATIONS OTBm THAN DBT (iOODH rot TUB WBaK kM9 i.v, ni. 22, 1856. Qu<m. Value. Qua*. Talw. Flour, bbla. . . 81 Bt.f 18 Dr*Jge 1 Oilcloth, c3 . . I l>ru#*, 12 Dry grocds. .. 6 Barjtee 222 Brit ilea 1 Biicks ? Btt 1 Book# 26 Buttons 26 Cbeete 17 China. 260 Gi/rare. 91,699 MathqmaU?al 1 480 Jewelry 12 221 Oil oauitingi, 3 21o UiHm ? 5 068 Ale 106 8,85*1 Brandy 496 COO Porter 210 1.8*9 Rum 36 6,081 Whiskey..,,. 6 Off'e. hga.. 37,417 390,677 I, -at her Gal, tons.... 812 4 135 Boots & shoos. ail Ill Bea.Pcwdar. 307 get** 20 JJnmmooa. , . 070 Bicarb, soda! 803 &S?;;; ff Cudcear .... 15 Camphor.,,. 04 Ouaa arable. 203 Oaoibier.. . 2,070 Own coj:al. . *205 ll*c?c.. .. io ?'fr|t? ho/ a 1,378 Prua.potath. 20 Peru*. bark. 616 ^aesh... 8*4 764 Sulph.zioo .. :o 0'.h>r. . __ DjewuoJe See. Fustic, _ Veiaii'ion. .. 20 Lf**ood _ 'Bdi*o 61 164 "flois. 52 riureac 504 fin t ed oil. , . 14 Part* wfclt#.. 60 Fruits, &c.? Currant* _ Umr.nft _ Nuta '* _ ..... Homa 30 Hai?iEg S?uc?i 50 KDgrariuga .. 1 ?me'7 164 harthtnwaie. 066 8 tf'J'ng 10 rUh Fire cr?ekers *8,376 Fi ncT k<kx3?.. m> Gu? fixture*.. 151 Giaaa ]g Do. ?are..].l 41 E?. p ate 60 Mirrors do... , 92 Hair 240 D"- cbth 5 |???T 117 H?tferVgooda 66 I? ^ iar ub be r. . Iiiatrsmenti ? Muaioal 18 621 D-e-m-il akioa. UmlreiSHd do. ? 6,672 Metal giola.. 16 432 Percuii'a cap?. 4 2,918 Sht*tliing. . . . 185 3,533 Cutlery 59 4,871 Hirdwar*.. 3-J3 2i7 Ouna ll 423 Iron toaa.... 660 1,118 Chains 120 7,234 H?OjS ......1.287 8,776 Pig ;>&0 3,169 Sbeet 1.816 l.t03 Wire 589 7 8f.O Leart 2 647 2,100 Noedlea ' $ 9,817 Plated ware.. ^ 11 M8 l'latina 1 6,476 Steel 1277 7#1 J-'Hd<llmj 14 1.091 M'ver wire.. . 2 Tin. block. . .3,765 2,369 Tin. abect. .ll,o8l 720 Sre'ter 2.261 4,131 Old wettl.. .. 6,843 Mol i.4H0.< . , . . 1 353 3. 5?5 I'jipw. ,,,,, 2 , Pu ? ?*. 466 1 496 Perfumery... 1 l,2c.8 Ifpaa 609 Has? 450 Rlttau ...... 4,^28 Rop-, eoii..,. 372 1,200 Slices 815 5, 12 C?naf? 14, 'WO 3,039 Peppor 3,086 400 Soap 4 218 380 Salt . ....... __ 944 ... m 269 Sugar, h 4r tc 9<W 926 Do. hi & bis 60 ^3.293 Stationer; ... 13 2,684 Kiatutry 2 9600 1 6.815 1,411 1.691 14 662 2,236 1 526 604 6.054 2 M3 8,227 lli?;63i 1,076 1,127 36^656 24 8-74 60..851 1,901 28-0U9 3,316 2 710 ft.,967 5,5 <4 10,0Ji 32.768 3,134 2,2?4 620 3? :<?o . 2 946 1 830 6J.068 81.697 H 012 4.400 41 9f>n 189 t0.?6T 267 M* 5,707 5.808 6,919 12.434 9,179 19,874 1,4*6 4,213 5e2 66,670 665 1.415 4,106 607 Te* chert* .44,914 361,105 7,e69 lobaoco 191 4,809 8,783 Toys 25 1,481 11 872 Wavohc* 26 33,126 1,380 Wiaea 698 7,104 3,907 Woo3? 860 Mahogany.... ? 7,316 6,032 Oirfar ? 1,881 8,961 Cane ? 1.894 3 929 Rose ? 6 818 3 567 Lumber ? 780 F.ock* 341 9,240 Wuu 71 2,792 a 037 23,795 9,982 4,016 Total 91,865,560 21 V 2V$ Stock Eicluri)((i, VtOM v,dl!7 ? 5'S 84 l^M^DK*e1RR.2fio8M ? fOW) Virginia 6'*., MV xoo ri? ??! ?<>;? mT!,'.'!!; Si'* 190 pmh c0;ic<; ;.'.. too" ?? P n f'tf 400 Clev & Tol R .b80 79x o?0? do *30 87 60 do ?8 70? 12000 HI Ccn R F Ha 200 dj ?60 7!)"1 wi hout priv 80% 860 dt ?3 tout 2f.OO II1F8 vittipriv 90 60 do "bOO 80 1000 Eiie ConBs'71 84 100 Z ?? ?> 600? do 84}? 25 Chlc'o & R i'hr oiv 60C0 Fric Bds of '75 8'.)>f 200 do ' 91 u 6 ?Jii Metrop.,'0 flk 107* 600 Rea WRR.\'?W <?2 46 Corn Ex Bk 10:* 1700 do ???.' 1C0 Canton Co 23* 100 do nib 4 1S( ?MitCo - 'r\y* 100 d?:.;;;.b3u 92 ^ JV? do 21 200 ViO 92U JS ^ wo u>x j 00 do.::::::.. ? do MO 21 eoo do... 924 wo a 100 do ..."bio 9^ If? *? 20?* 100 do iGO OIU HO do 20 ? 100 do stiO 92 7?0 G?rdirer 0 M'e.sC l" 100 Jo ?3 \ m 4(0 Cum Coal Co.... 26?i 6C0 dS/.V/V Sftf do 15^ i00H*H^iB Rtt...b30 21 V i0 500 200 do .. 21 lOONYCenRR 92 ?6 <!<> yi ---* 3,f? 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Tb? market wai quiet, wi n small aalei at un chaoged piicei. BitKAimrFCB ? The foreign news had * depves-ing fn flaitt on bread 11 tuffs generally, and the markot for flour waa unMttled, although pi ics were nomlnall/ the Ham? an on Saturday. Inferior ran neglected, while g'>od to eho.c? brand* were In moderate request lor dome^tlo ui-e. Tbe fale* embraced 1.600 a 2,000 bbl?., incladlng Inferior State at $d 62*<, cosimon And exirt do., $8 76 a $7; good Wtatern inperline to extra, including Ohio. In diana, &?., at >7 31 a 97 81 and *8. Extra St. L^ubl and Genewe ??r? unchangeL Canadian w** dull, at $6 76 a $9 60. Southern oemmon brandi were dull aud not a&leable at foi mer rate*, while choice and extra brand* ranged b?m $8 87% to tlO. with aalei of 400 a 600 bbU Rv? flour wai dull at 14 a <0 60. Meal? Sale* of 250 bbiH. New Jersey were made at $4 60 a 01 68V. Wheat ? Tbe market continued quiet, and Rale* limited. A sale of 1,000 buahels white Southern wan made at $1 86. Corn ?aa heary and eaaier. About 7,000 a 8 000 bu?h?l? Soiifiiern white were fold at 76c., with ealee of e,000 a 7,000 do., including round taIIow , at 70o. a 72e., ?nfl Jereey jellow and mixed Northern at 73c. Rye ? Sales of P.OOOa 4,OCO bn^hela Wentern mixed were male at >1 15, on the spot. Gate were heavy at Saturday 'a r*t??. I Cults. ? Tbe market wai Arm, with moderate inlea. Sale* of 400 a 600 baga of Rio were made at 11 He, a l ie., ?ml 60 bag* Liguayra at 12%c. Corron. ? Tbe market waa uniettled by the foreign cewt. Tbe aalea were confined to 400 % 60u bale*, on tue kpot, which waa iniutBcicnt ti e^tublUh prtaea. Fasii Hie.? To IJeerpool 18,000 bnahaia grain were en gaged, in bu k, at 7d., and 8.000 do. do., at 7^d.; 260 ti*rct?beefat30a. and 200 box^a baein at 30*. per ton; 800 a 600 bale* Of cottnn at 6 lftd.. aud 700 do. at p. t. ; and 80 pkge, lard oil at 36c. To London, 060 bbls. Hour we^e enraged at 3?. fld. Ra^s to lltTre were un changed. A British reinel waa taken np tor Rotterdam, to load with rye, at lid. FitviT.? About 2,000 bsxe* Valencia ra!*ln* were *old at 6*(c. a 6,SJc. per lb., and 488 keg* shelled almond* at p. t. H>*.? 500 bale* were sold at. $1 IS V' IU>\rr. ? tales of 88 tierooi and 31 Obi*, were made, to arrive, at private t?rm*. The sa e made previously, was *ai<l io be under 80c. InoN was steady, at $34 a $36 for Scotch pi< six nv Motju^w.? Sale* of 6C0 bbls. New Orleans were m-vio at <:'c. a 45*. Na, at. i-i<.RKS ?Sales of 150 bbls ro*in, No. 1, at $2 75 a $3 12H- S (>ir!ts wer? . rRovwiONB.? Pl>rk ? The m?rket was Arm, with sales of VOt 400 bbls. at 918 *nt 600 do. deliverable in August, at *el:et'? option, al 916 f>0 and, in the m,>rnki< ion. ealrs were reported at $1? 87 l, . 1'nme wa* at 913 81a t>U87H< Betfcoutinutd b> ??y, w.U? mod^ra'e aaie* of count" mt> 1 and p.ime av.SatatC*j's p.icce, Rnpa:ked w?fanwM?tfu*?ua?. bmi k*m< arm, wtm galea of 160 t?U a; $12 60 a fit M. Baoon ranged frem MJti ? MO- About 100 hbds. dry Hltod ehoaldars weiw solo tod taken *? they run, without Inipestija, at Oyge. Tbeti win no change In plcfclad sh tuldef or haon L*rd ?u steady at 10\a. a lu?i: , with ailos of 200 ? 300 bb's llut'er asd cheese we e uncharged. Kkh ?u quiet, and price* unibanged. Kjlai. EtfTATm.? Iinu*e and lot No. T1 Tron'r-rortatk Urtet. 22x96 $12,600; ?<> <Jo. No. 21# .Spring slre?t, 26x100. $7,426; do. do ?n Kightt-aeeoid atrset, uar T'liru fc ven uk, 26sl00, $1,210, I lit ot Highly -sixt* street. dwj >lxth avenue, 26x100, $1,160; 1 di edjda iiijr. "6x100. $1,060; 2 do. on Kwlityloar'-h street. n<yar F: urlh avenue, 26x100, each $810, $1,GJ0. Property U llio llyn- House and K?t *o. 75, c >roer of Jay ml Proa p**ct street*. 26x76, $4,900, do. <lo. So. MWiU^aghty itr.4, 20x100, $4,000; do. do. No. 91 Iligh street, 2*xl0a, $2,060. Wii.ak* ere firm, wi'.h more doing. The aaiei m . bracea 700 a 800 hid*., including f?ew Orleaa*. at Sc. ? 8 o R3d cur? at 7','c. k 8^c and 8^e., with a aw lot h: 8l,c ; and 400 boxes lu# grade were sold at 7 Tie. M iiitvKKjr ?mme firm, with sales of 600 M?U. Ohio aaA Pi Iron at fOi a 8Ie AUTKRTIXEMENTS RENEWED ETKKf DAT. UK? UOOUS, dec. "IQ^H -ePKlwu MA*TUA.AeT~ Iwu. JAOOM llhuinq la now prepared to eihibit a superb coUeaUon of Ike lata* ParihiaN 1) -shiUNS *B ?0 &*>0?B fOOM, 1MB OWQ IfQf'O MM UMd'AilU^ comprising ell (bet ta new and us.etul In torn and iaaiei*J' and expreaalv dee<goed i? meet the reqelremeoki of largabo? en from every hm*?o, who wili find r>a 1-aHrtn UteiiSr variety, extant end extreme oaeapnesahM atook la uoeaealad fei dUi mark a* " ran mocajdta whalbbome atitm ?f the moat Unproved pauerna, end *11 favorve oeier*. JlOoB LaNHIMQ. 4t Cedar BUUMN'8 MaMTILLaH. roe vita whoi.uali tradb. THB La HHiat bTOCK 111 AMBBtCA. ?ow ready ethia WHObfcaAlJ W A KUOOKB Ml B BO A ? WAT BeuUiern and Weetern jobbers are eepeetally Invited ta e? amine aud compare these goeds with otaers la the axul ttece silk manfiilaa, froaa. . ?' UteMB Oolured auk maaiMlai, frona IIWU $S (ttupure aud chaatflly laoe maatillaa. from $S 00*o$? Braided blaek Mlk set maottllaa, from |1H leMd Apcikiue alik, from MM te $M BeeittiOti wfit'e, blaA end colored embroidered alia manUllaa ireaa MMtoHt Moonimg uienilllee ot ell blade kvery ? oveityoenneetad with Uie department received froaa Pw^w^aWy. UKOKOK BULTtk. W Uokeale wareronaa, Sfil Hioadway. ManntaoiorT t>0 Krenkiln xtrert XJ ABT UOl.OMRW'a aMIQUMKNT. X> 6 it HAT BEUaOO'aK ?.aJ.AMITT. Ax Tiia Nt w Much msg hrouR, Noi 561 Hroadway. UooUnuaUoa of the great aale of VUUK?INO OUOD8I UHP^kAlXELKD UaOKlKICK OP l'noPKRTYt VNHJtAUD or daho.ii.nh! The entire slock to be dfcpo.ed of, without regard toeitgtuft eoat. rH K.iir TBOVSAKD COUJUU WOKTH Or HKW AIHIP1I1H? cooua, Irajiort^d exrreaaly tnr this house before the aaalgnmeat, are at rlvlLit l'v ever; steamer. <n<l * til tie boLD A* AM KNOHMOUil KKnUOTION. WM J AO KHUN. Sucf KAIOII TO 0. f. BARTIIOUiaaW Kew Mourning Store, Na SM B oaJwajr, Between bt. NuhUnacu Me'tipolllan liuta'A c ANTON CKaPK6.? Justrecelrbd 6 caaea of b'aclr canton c rupee. A no, 3 do. oolured do. da., buitabl* for travailing are*HtW \.t smwABr * o.t, Bruedwar. Cn\robera and Keade sir 1 Ma. DRK^OOOl'hl DitKhS WUUoll UHKSn OOJUdUt LV.DBKAlli Ktt'K AtSlilN ?KM r, "AVJ BSOAOWAT. FItm Uioueai.d yardx hivegit delainnv, at 1* 6d ; two fwaat yvOa spring olialil4a at ??. ; t^oiber wltb fren -h b ire gee, aMh tiasuon. orgudle*, Ac., all?tiort} p*r c?ct below co<t of l? poitatlon, to close aaslgLmtuii aooounta. t>. B WILI.I <1(11 k OO. !i On to morrow, fob IS, 1KS8, will be ooeoed an Imaaawea varlel> ot tine Kreticb enibr^Hered collars, et lower prieea than any jet ollered. UK UN' < lUK tts, SH Rroadway, St. Ninliolas HoM. EUBP.OimSKO UANDKrtiaJHl* FH 280 dozeu of fine Krench etnhruldared haodterchMk wB be opened on Mooday naxt. at unuaua ly low prloe<. OaaIM'o ?i ZAaH, A13 Broad w?v. ttt. ni?hn aa II??eL fltBP CH KMUHUWVHEO HA*U8 Several caaea ot l'ren?h bands, ou Swim and will te opened on Monday, ai half price, OiCNIN'S HtZAAB, 613 U road way. d?. Mlohelaa fl OrilSKT-OBR STOCK OP HO^IKKF AtfDQliOVB ct.every deeorlpnon la now ooeLplete. r. R JaPPBaY A mON, TS Bread way. JAMBS TUCKER, IBPOBTBB AND DKAL.BR 1 recberehd PAKI8 PLOW - ES, la now prepared with a large aiaortmeat, for oajh, at Na. ! Ur adway. near White street. LINKNS, BHKETINOS, DAMASKS, NAl'KlNd. TO lnga, flannels, long ciotha, dimities, brl llaota, & j Ac., dc.. Imported by ALEX. T. STEWART u OO.. Manufactured and xoieoted expresaly for their rAMtf.V trahk. Broadway, Cha<nbera and Beada streala. Lead bkatkb'h stock ? 1 REMKNDOU8 BARGAINS. BT OltDIK or AfHlQMKEa. S47 nilOADWAT. The entire Mock ot dry goods of the lata firm of l?uibMll 4 t'o. must poeltlvely be cleared out, without any regard I eor>t. to settle the assignment accoonta. O. B WILLIAMS A OO. LliiENSI LINKNR 1 1 LIN KNS I 1 1 LtAI'BKATru'H AMlUMMrMT. 347 nROADWAT. Cne hundred pltcos I nub iliens, at 2a. &1 per yard, SO cent*. Two ma damask table cloth* and napkin* together wMb Scotch dlipeis, sheetings, hu-kabacka, Ac., la, on aa.e 1Mb *>ek, at Incrodiblj low price*, to settle tlu< alignment ao conn *. byrrocrof aanaaeea. O. U. WILLIAMS A OO. L Arties' INDIA BOM&FK OLOYkS PHOT ROT ID hatds wbil'; sweeping and In the o*re of ooal Area, mm chapped hands, lilt rheum. Ao , bleach tl.e hand* and reader tiittn Hon aid amooth. For sale at all rubber atorea, aad *? ?i> John street, up stairs. OCR OIENINO DAY FOR Kiet-cb bata, fashions, JfieDua flower*. 0i raw food* Bibbooa, SUk*, ic.. ef our 0* n Importation it *K1>MvHU Vr. Ftbruary 27th. ISM. WBIStfkR BK ITHSKtl 01 and 66 J'. 'he afreet. coiner of Wtl'iam, np Mn OPEMNO OK SPBINU DBKS^ GOODS? AT RKTAIU A. T 8TEWART A JO. have opened their drat I tun* of Paris i>Hnnb uoous. Of.m prist; f fIL*3, ORF.NAniMkJ. OlIG AN ma, JACOKBTS, BARKQU, ( xotrsxu.- a Vi caaxa, arc., i rrc. AIM. a Bulccdid ?mu rmt nt ol Bt'BK* A VcLANTS. Kmadway, lh?mbrr? and Beads streets. ?pLAin cawton sii.k. io oasbs, conpirii* JT *'} ea. cupur ijuaUtv anil high 1u?'j-p; price 6a. par yard. 1- r K?'e ?t iet'11, by ARilOLU, COM?TaULK A CO., (? C*ral street, near ilroadway. natL china ,? ik A T. SI KWaki 4 CO. Hare opened at retafltwMtp cast i of the atioi?deatral> e KPHIflO AND 8IJMMF.R 8U.K4, Mnilefrrni th? fli o?t crlicu ai:k and recommended for the per> niautnoy ot Uwlr eo or. M yd. winr. rates 75 crirn rp.n yard Broadway. < hamtv r* and Keade ftroala. CIHaW OOODS. 0 French flow em, Hold*1 rlbboM, Ac.. of the latest importation and of *urpa**lng elegance, now Ml fxhlbiticn, and at low julfi, forcaah, at 64 and ?6 .John (treet. corner of William. HOVIKK A KRrnHBM. SPRING HI1 A WLhl SPHINO SHAWLS II LRAIinKATRIl'tl AOKI'.'N JIK*T, 34? HROADW AT. On sale, ihia week, aeveral carton* of beautiful styles, ka slelia andoiber ahawla, at iorty per cent from coat of Importa tion, h(lif|*4he balance of Lc?dbeater A Co 'a ato ik. By order of awlgneea. Q. B. W1IX1AM3 A OO. SPHIM1 WOODS, AT RKTAIL.? aKMILII, COHSTAIMjK A CO. win opea thetar ment of SPUING GOODS on Monday, Jvh Inat 02 > ?nal atreet, near Broadway. SPRINO SILKS I HPBINU HILK^ I I Five caaea of very hnaulifal aprltig allka, at fl per yttrd. wrtthlort; per oent additional, being the baliutne of tneatMK ot I aailbeaier A Co., Broadway. On *ale by order (ha aa aiai.oea, hy Q B. WIi.IAMH A Co., S47 Broadway. w 1LS<>M a. BUST A OO., IMPORTERS AMD .lORBKB* OT WOOLXKM A* J OTtUB OOOM adapted to man'* wear, N<ja 60 and 63 William ? tree's oorner of Maiden ] TMB HAUL BKABOIf. fpHK ANNUAL BALL DODWOBTH'8 CuBWKt BAND Will be given at NlBLO'd bAUKMT, MONDAY KVKM1NU, MARCH 30. TIOKRTH, $1 COAL. BRRCKRNRIDOK coal. -a am all 8UPPLT on oeieb rated ooal la tH>w being received. ?ad wll be aaM ? ?16 per ton, delivered, or >14 It taken from the yard. Orda*w left at No 2 Wall sheet, Thompaon'* ogee or at the yard, corner of Twenty-revei-th atreet and IDghUi avenaa. oafl wa4 ere tt burn at either p:aoe. It. L KNOW, (leal Dealer. L1VKHPOOL ORRtL COAt., AT SO fRR CH AT-DBON.? We are now enabled to deliver to our euntomere a ymf superior aniele ot Liverpool Orrel coal, at 10 aer ohildrea. In lots io suit pttrohaarra. Yardt, 74 Weal Thirty saeaoi street, near Hltth avenue; foo of rourteeath street, Eaat river; toot of Warm street, North river O'lSKfLU A MoURK, Ageota. WATt'IIKS, JKWKIjHV, AC. (1 \l.irORMIA I)IAMO!VI>H.-<fcIS NRW AND HNA? J ttful article stilt takea the lead. Oentleman's plaa, $4tS $16, ladles' Pins, w to $25; rims $i to $10, studs, or . ,..w prilCKS. THR HOB IBWBLRt FOBSaLB, * ^ je^ry bwttwa *m a> Htrlher, Ww.u rtiVpSee o( hi* siook <* Jairalry a? m Brovlway. 8BOAR8. l?OAB8.-CA?H PUBOHASRIW OP 8KOARS CAN OB tain barualfia frona a alock o( over a milton of lm ported Havana. drmx?*tl- and tlerman. The prlcclpil porttou i f theae aegsra mint be aotd fmmadiateiy to pay advancer. Opera*. Ifc and uowarrt. iJermin segara, %\ 50 andupwarda. 0. C1IRKKS, No. 31 Broadway, upttalra. s