Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 26, 1856, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 26, 1856 Page 7
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AWEKTISEMT8 RENEWEB EVERY DAT. TKJI ANTS' REGISTER. A On BKOOMB 8'lRg.KT.? To LET OB LBaBS, THB frOO larpo vu (UintiHl house. with ihr-.e Aory add i tint, ?? ? Broome west of nod fntr one block from Hroadtvar; ssotahis oil tee rood-rn tmproveo?eii'a; lot 110 feat deep. Out be mm from 13 to 2 o'clock For tunhrr partlitu ars apply hmBiamc boo/* to A. L. LkVl. 76 tViiuam street, up stairs A P1R-T CLAHH HOUBK TO C.ttf -WiTH ALU Tvlcl Jx modern iui| /oveineo'*, at 300 Beonad avenue, between mMeerub sn<l Nineteenth etn>?u. lnijiit'e of Ko.-hra-h A FtuIow, 16 t'eda* street. The bevue eao > t seen from li to 3 A FAMMHNrB 10 LkT-IN HI XT II AVKNUB, KK \R J%. Idgbieentli ktitet the fmoltme, lirftluduig a splendid ?issofi rle will be io!d co<-hp. Apply O H*.?tVatf k Wil <H.L*, 208X t.anal utrewL Afarimunts to la*. togentkkl aubrican pa . Bil.ttn, tn the best new t<^?mcn'. house In the city ; bro*n l*on? f/ool, lrCD raUlt g rooms >er**,!lgbt and airy; Oiotou vra lev. | as, oilcloth, ir, > o. *,0, i?t. 72 addridgo street, between Ami and Bmii r meet*. A shall, ph i vate p^ily will L#,r a actr op fur nltlec rooms, on tbe flm a,,d aeoond tl-> >.-e. with hho of Mfcfceo tud range, with everything recjuwie for exiktng. Ac. Iwmii ?rr. moderate. Hotue ban gas, haUis, Ac. Apply at tH Mloecker *u eet A FIBSf CLASS HOUSE fO LK\St? ? THt)1 WILL AC A. ?mt>niod%te 100 boarders; loc?vtor central aod very dent raklo; the uttua'lon is one of 'be bc?t In me city tor a smah g?-n Ma hotel, heelaurant aud loogtng bouse, oarpeta, ollcloiis A*-, may it purchased' vary low. B. W. RICHARDS. 807 Broadway. A OOUNTHY BK\T TO LET? IN NEWTOWN, LONG A lals'd, ebon'. tbree miles tVom Houston and Grand street tarries, containing nine ajre* of ground. i'h ; home has been lately painted inside nod out, aud co-i'mns fourteen rooms; ?*re la a larm bow-e eariUge touee, barn and other build ton. sod n urea' variety of fruit and ornamental trees. Also, adjoining tbe above a bouse, wi'b out- acre of ground, ear ttage bout.e a.-.d a irood v?rle>y of h ull and ornamental trees. Tte hoiue onnlslns elgb! roouis and bia t<een newly iwiatol kifMeaDdout 1'oMmmnn nt tbe latter given immediate' y Apply KOKoBUB W. KDWaRDS, No 301 aud ?J3Chrta'le ?weet. W Y. A TBRRh 8TOHY AUD H4SKMBMT IIOCSu! TO LHT? JX. t as gas t'Hh?, ic . three 'O )tna aiie,p; first floor reut VftfiO ?'ot 6?fs;rn of purt of Uie buUMt etuho nid tax neuiately, k required Apply a*, the prouiaes, Mo. , 83 U .Men wioh street, ?ear ilsnk "tree;. 4 FDRMiHEI) Sllt-T 7LvS8 HOUIB TO L.BT IMUri ?A dkiely. I:r tiro jCa'g u?ir W as. Irgtoo square; tirecr thing for hemekeep i la ulco order aud near>y new; o.->a laitta 16 rot ms. M ?i?t ue a responsible parly, who wi.l take sare cf tht 1m u ->e and furnl'u'e 11 W. RICHARDS, 307 Broada-ar. DMRRABUB RKVIDHNCS IO LhT OK KOR HALE t> o 14 Dejevolse 3're?t, Brtoklyn, t *o and a halt etorv, M or 11 rm.nif, with tas flx ure?. tn perie~t order; rent i^SO. pr<ee $3 .'50 Inq'Ura on the iireml?e? afar 4 P. ti. Factor* io lht, on for *ale ^ bkioic build lAg fiO hy 60 feet, with norer failing water pot' er 25a<trea Of lano, ?i ustt d i?t Mouroe vv'nrln. Orauge county, .N . y., clxte hy the depot, one hoar and a hi If trom tFe el'.y. ?B. M. KKiCB MOORB. Ml Ch-unHe-s street. u^iiibT CLaBfl house to let? ins ably oppo P >lte fctuyvt"not so'tsro; his all tbt modern tmpivire ?itnte, tar, hot a. d <;md va er. water olo-iUt sp-:.tkiug lrvn>pet> 4c. whiah will be tAken oat in '.->ar l. A tn:*r f^milv. wltlicbe he<to/ rc s encw, uend oaiv zri>!y. Aortret-' 11., i;3 K-,st PKV-enth Hioet. Hull 'i, io LHT, AAi) fVUiITBMK FUH S ALB? AS elrgaiit 1. st'r.e li-iuve, with all 'ho modern tin provrineiit*, witli a Bne jfU la 'Be rear. P0 fee' o.iep. In an esse 'en Lei/ibbcrboo-J it SouUi Brooklyn, 'o let or le^se; pos ses< Ion atii time before Vtay. Also, for na n. all the ftiri Uure D tbe hru?e, it i? vry rich and nearly ne'v. and will bn noil an reaeiD-ab e te ms or ejrhttg >d for Becurltles or real estate. Adlbess box 4,fS3 Po?t office. H CUBIC j(j LET-NO. 31 SUMMIT BTRKBf, SOUTH Biix.Jkn, live irl&utf.s' wal\ from Humllton avenu.! f? r ?y. H?ut.e In asuistafctlal tbre3 story brkk building, 30 x 10; ?"nrt^ard ai,d versndah, hot ?nlc Id baUd, speaking tabes, #amb walief and gta throughoa', with chande'.lem. Kn-it low to a good leuiut Fosseasfon glvej im njda eir. If r? ?nlr? d. Inquire re.xt doer, No. 29, or 2}1 Maldeu lane f. , of MA Kb 11 & CO. BODSKS TO LET THE bUP.?RI )R FOUR OT ORV tro vn store basement house, f.7 K wt Twjatv eighth street, near "ourth avenue, in line order, we i arrauyel, and adapted for agent-el hoarding boutte; rent $1,200. Alao, ona bandied bouiett. la different locitinns. E. ft KI.n'S'JIMKR, 319 Pjurth avenue. B Cost's AND STORES TO LET.? THK THRBK BfORY, ?tile end basement house*. 11 and 15 W'?o;ter utroet, with gas but end oold tfitbs. five aad ?U door? from SUvie.1 strt-n, alto the ct-rr asd house No 2 La'irent street; also the bakery end h mte 18 Lnurens stroct? the fiont will be oo.i y?< tod Into a ttrfre; also the houw a) t wenty tirst stree.t, and ft* oweUtog part ' f tbe hmse adjoining, 9U Broadway. Ap ply to J. Cn aM, SO Utiion rqutire TABU BOAKM.Vm HOUSE TO LS A.HE. ? A HEW JjI bit! ding, four (toriea and iiaaement, 70 faot front by *5 bet deep, tocwii stone troat. si'.tt oted eorne.- of Ponrtb and iMh nfth streets, Brooklyn, (lata Williamsburg,) wOl be MM< to A cor-d teeaut for a t>oerdlng ho oca, or private family hotoi. The house Is antUigfcd with all the oonvenlanoee of a ? wlorn ballt houso, fumasee tor boating, gas dxtures, Ae. 6?. VbtsaAO'dsa deelret ie opportunity to oommauee a good hoefaess, as tbe boose la situs ?d In the p'ea. an'est part of the f , ob high ground, aod wtthlo five mlnnies' vralk of foar fsr ?. There is no otnor houie of 'he kind In hat section of the iM p, aod a number of private famllias are now ready to take 10 Ts. Term* moderate to a good teman' Apply to WIL WitlJ>, "Ol "font stJ?et. New York LCFlb TO LfcT? IN THE NEW BUILDINtJ HO. 3 A or b * 1111 ud t U eet, next to Frw>kfoit; sultai'e for any business am ly, between 10 and 12 o'clock, to S. B. HUTCti MSGS. ?tf John ttreet. ON THK FIRST FLOOR OF HOUSE HO. 108 PJUKf H avanne, two hand* ureiy furnished parkin, witn bedroom ?tfjotolnp, o let, to a famliy without c illiren The house 1 4 Sued ? 1th all the modern conveniences. a private labia. if re qnlred PART UF A fcOCB* TO LF.T-T'J A SMALL FaMILY: ike rewnd or tnird floor, parti; turnishad. House has al* ?ta Modern improvement*. Pleasant o*.ighborbood, up lorn, wees vide Address B. C , box 1U5 Hera'd oUicn. "pOMftfSiON IMMEDIATELY -TO LEA8E, FROM ONE JL to ten jeais. the who'a or pert o f be (our story building adjoining the I'acifl; Hank and Insura^re Company, 112 Oraod s-reet 2ft by 108; an exoe!'.e?t situation for a small ho *sL store, ?h??ioon>?, arcblten s tailoring. club rooms, ir viy ?'tor kl*" of buffers*. (Its and Crotou complete. Apply oo ka prtmlui, or to R. K. OLOVKR, No. I Lamartlne p'a-e. CTIill 1*0 WFR. -WKLL LIGHTED ROOMS TO LET, O with steam power. No*. 29 and 31 Ooid ?'.-seL R. HOE * 00. STEaM POWKR ROOMS.? TO LET, AT 117 PRISCH street, btlw?en Woofer and Oreene, thres rooms, enh 90x44 feet Oo Hi !f?bt, entrance, 4c. inquire of P. M WiL fiOf* on tha premises. STORE NO. 79 NASSAU STRKKr TO LfSf, FROM flrstof Mnv text; sJm> Kever?l nuts of office*. Apply to OBu. O. SlcKLKtt, 111 } a?tu ?tre;!, up stairs. run? TWO fURPK STORY BRICK HOUSES ON Tilly third street, between f north and Fifth avenues; win to tot to good tenants at WOtl each. Inquire of t). A K. FOIL WHt. t?4sonth street ri/ET ? TWO FINW LAKOfi OFFIOK8, DIRECTLY loposite the Ht ? lcbotaM Hotel, inquire of JOHN OUA 3 AM 6W tfco?iway. >eaond floor. AW liHT- t'HE STORE ANI) FRONT B.tSKMEVT IN TUB JL new building no the ucrthwcst corner of Spring a'i1 Oros ky streets; an r.i eel lent .ocatloo 'or busiasd purpose*. In outre id the batttma, oi A *eoo How TO IET-IN THE CITY OF AEWAKK, N. J., DRY gr-vCt store, 184 Uroad street, with fixtures. Rent WOi pei amino. Possession Ul ?>( March a1-o two three story surer, with d neilinic, 7 and 9 New free:, with fixtures; reut f if.f) >c.r annum: possession 1st of Aprd next. Inquire of LEWIS, ? aRTHW a lTh k CO.. &9 (Cambers street. rLKT? 45 WHIIEHALL STRE&T, JCST AltOVK THE !s<>uin ferry andc-uposif j tha liaue-y; ^aa "jeeu oocualed tar a boardiug anamdg'i^ bou>e, ??-lta a barroom, lor tlie I <?t Ian years 1 nere irn a Sj two s o es well salted for any Ugh I bufnesa. lhe wha.e will oe run^d toa good tenant at a 'air i rice. Apply to ?!. XT. QiJlOtl, 81 Broad street. rLRT-ll)K fiKW KIVK HIORT MVRBLE FltOIT store, No. 94 linwi ry, oe-wnnn U'lt cr And Or?nd ? re?;<: ?lore 2& ny 90 with "onn'i"r. cellar aL<l raolu; ltii*r*a<lutft pos aeeaton given. Apply 10 >1. II. A D. CaSHMa.V, to j Mo-tver street. rpOLKf -AnOD.jK, I UR.MISIIEO -THBMKUIUM rHRKU A story boti?e. wi'b l-u and ha Jw, In gwvd order, to n private flam! j only; It will be'ei i>n reasonahle terms to * perau wtll lake the brst ran? o' t he furniture. A poly at 117 v'outh street, secord door above tnios sjeeL Caaba seeu ataiy time alier 11 o'clock, a. M. rhhT?n. STORY HjU- <K, H H* 40, WISH At.'j Uie modern improvements, at 111 West Ix uty-l'iarth Street, tetween Sixth and ?evenib avenuei H ent t'^)0 Fv ftu-fher particulars appiy to JOIjN O MitFFAf, at No. NX) ?ante ateet rLET? a THRsB 1TORS DWmLLINO H )V'K, H Khig street, wltn modern loipr ivt:nco's Just cm ilcfeit alao, apartments (four rooms) tor a > mail family, at Xi King at reel; three *to?y shop rear 1 1' ?!? King street, sultab.o for any mechanical basinet, immedit'e possession Riven. Iaqnire at A. R? YMONIi, Bl tThttham street mo Lt.T? Part of boosk no a<9 uroomr Hriisirr, JL where fh?re are only three in the lamtly. Rent $3W. C*n koseen between U and 2 o'clock. r|M> liT.T? A SMALL BRITK HOtTBE, ALMOST NRW, 1 p ca-mtly ?lfuated in the rear >ot ?o 177 t'll' ionst, arn block t' o n t'.rand at., a-ithatinwer garden in t^e iron', run blr g to ihe rrreet. Inquire at 176 Clinton street, in the ai'ier noon. TO LET? THE HBCOKD AND THIRD FLOOR IN THE p essantly located houw #2t> Second avenue, a sm?ll Amerlean faulty, wiihout children, who are wilting ti p *v a Mr price f< i g'.o.l aceommoiattoiiS. may apply an aoove. Cm >e seen betwrrn lhe honn of 2 and 4o'elock. f| O LET? TBK FR05T B iSBKEVT OF A FIRST CLa.99 A bfiu'e In T ? elfth street weit of TUril av etnu. fir a physl ?tan's office. Pi^??,sslon given 1st of M*y. Fo- fn.-tbar p*r Menlars apply at 189 I ast lhlrtesnth street. Retere:i?e4 gl /eu aad reqnirta. ?|HJ LET-AT WASHIM1TON HKIOHTH, NB.\R HUDSON A hivar Hal road, within o'?e's ndu of ihe lover pat ?I the city, a number ol do-4raM^ liou?"s, with large grounds a*HChe<1, ; ulUible for large or snca'.l famnte<; health or lorallty cannot be s?irp i 's?d Apply to a R. MILM. M Wast itrM . nw IBf? TO HINOLK 'JUBTLEMBf, DBS1RAHLB rtJR X nbhed wl'h or niUi mt board, fne home has ail ?ie avxle.rji Imornfe-rrien's ard pl*a?aatly ?i uafed, betwn ia Eighth md Ninth avenues, rltase aoply at i9 7 Twcoty aoventh unct. rLhl-THE t F.CO^D FLOOR OF A FIRST 0L.A1S knnse, to a cent ? nun aid his consisting of two par tars two bi < kitchen, C3i.<taln'ag all the modern 1m piOvemetitF, dumb waller, gnj, Croton, Ac Iuqulre at 115 Kaat Twelfth street, near third avenue between tne hours of Band 4 P. M. f|X) L* T? TO Vl'iSTlOMKKHW, FftuM NOW ITHTIL TH4 A 1st of Mar, a very dmtlraile h >ute for the bnsine^s. In ihe hast teuton of the t?4r; wicatioo ?o. 78 Franklin street, near West Broodwav Apply to JOHN ?. K KUlU, t?2 VVdliaTi ?t. r? LKT-121 BKKKUtN firRwr.T, NR^T 1>0 ?R TO front rtraflt. 1 his l?ul*>log Lis for many years be?n oOC'i pied as adimutf pal-on, 4e. Applj U) C. O. PlNOKNrlT, No. } Mct-au street. Irom 12 to 2 P. M .To ir.r-< N HBOal'tf AT. l?K* A TWKSTIKTU ft r , A rest ndjOinlrg tie ttar.erett Uouse, the snUre dwsUlng salt of No, 012 Broadway, com >rutn< throe (Iooth a-ad kite Sen. with ca?, t?a')i, <to. ??nt l?w to a good toitant Ap ply ti t'. PfN"KWK*, No. 7 V>i>sau strai . J~"?> Ll-l ? * riiltNtsH kI) HR'tWK wroNK SR lNfl' hmisa with s 1 Improventetts, n??r R-oadwav. 7(1 We*t irti llrsi sfrret, ba waen Rlxtt and Hevtutii avenues, omb tH* of it* Mr*0'- Apply at tbe hetwa. TENAJIITS' HBGI8TEK. TO LET? THE FO0R HfORT BEOWN 8 TOM K FttONT bouse <?" thirty e<ghlb b'.reet, loirtb home em from Kourtfl aveiiiie: uKOern Improvement*. Also, the three ?t tty ?ad auic xrlck noun No. 284 Hprin{ p-treetj one small two ator? to lek house N o 288 Spring street. Inquire ol i. A L. bt-hf. 99 Pean street. TO LKT-THR STORE AND HOCrtB, 100 HIXTH \fy_ i, ub. opposite Jefl'ereon morket: also the Urge sio' # an<i e?il*r MS B.xth avenue, nearly opposite the above; aia.> the de sirable Hree story owe ling houses No 7 *?d W LMTjtf atrae'., opposite Canal street; also tho new house 123 Ham?r bu^i also houses ottl and iW tilifi street, tear avenue I?A Apply to R. L. rU Y ?aM, 108 Wave -ley plaee, 1'W Blxth avenue. rLKT? MORES A I'D DWiLLINfiW, \Uyj, AND 1,017 Broadway, near Twenty seventh purest. Also, ne<ir Twenty r.lnth ?trtset, a r, arrow store. o-,* Hroadwav, wt'h a larite lot in the rear, about '0 by 12H Teet. Apply to H. M. hOIllKKFELKL. U Madison ?qutre,. north aide. TO LET? WIIU IMMEDIATE ^OSSKSBIO V, A LAKSIB (srnlsbed house. It has b<?sn new!v fitted no. end iajan ex cellent location lor a hoarding h>u?. The rent of the bouse U moderate. an<l tho'(urnlture{wlU be nold^very low. This ? an excellent opportunity lor a suitable terfcon t?j make a genteel living with very little capital. Please li.>iuUe at the halt d>?or lit tio Fu.ton street, brooi 1) n. - - " TO LRT? 1HE STORK, B.VSEKKNf ANI> ^UB CKLLAR ol the five story stone trout -juiMing. 15 '. WiliUm, eornerof Ann atree*. Apphy to KNBION, B^tiDGMAA & PANNING, ?e? id story. rro LET-AX BLEOANTI.Y FOBNI8SED HOUSE. WITH A all the impiov?-m?oh?. delightful y situated near WasMng ten park; will bu lettoaproper tenun . Apply to A. B. PARK 304 Broadway. ___ TO LET? WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. FIViC rtnt\? on thirl llcorol V74 Ntantou Htrcat; rontfclim mo&th; alto apaitmentaof two a:>d tu < ero>m* <? nh. In dtt' lereut pail# ol the city. Inquire ot A. M. I Afc NINO, 4.12 > Ki.hton a reet from H to 10 A M. and 6 to 8 1'. M. TO 1J.T? THE HOUSR 44 ROBINSOV 81'REBT, WITH the two tioortf over the fUire, ooaununlciUn^ wllu the h>in e Vo. 44, confining o' atxteen roome: h^ho the home No. 4<J. ad jo'nlrg. with eight ruru.a. heini; a first rAte kutt on lor hfvinl i-rit or a>ore4, hosaetaion inimtdlatciy. Apply at 75 Kvt Fourteenth alreet. TO LF.T-I.AR'iE AND LoFri LOPTS. IN THE NEW building corner of lluane ?nu Kim HlreeU, beaiiUt'al:y lighted, confuting of deven windows to each floor, imiuiro of U McKBNNa, Si Centre atreo'.. r|H) LET?IN BROOKLYN, TUB SUPERIOR TH?Kl.1 1 itnry brick home, heauiitully Hiiuat-d in Hoyt atreet, he tween Bergi r. and Dean; all the modern improveinenlo, gvi, Ac.; will I e let low to a good tenant. Ken'. tJ8U. Apply a. Ilh&itMi'd butktoie, 49 Chatham .street, N.Y. /"TO LKT. PART OF TBK DWELLING HOUSE NO. I9i 1 Kultcm atreet, ne.?r 8t. Vau.'s r-Uurch A goo 1 opportunity or ihoae who wish a genteel residence down Iowa. Arply on be prcirlrea. TO LET i tiE THREE 8TORY A*II/ B AHRMBNT BHICrt. Iiou.c, wilb all ite modern lmprovemiiit<i, in Mxty-limt ft. ve', nnr ISO feet e??it of Klrnt avtmie Kent t4SJ. Apply lo JaOOBPKOARK, 16S ileFter suree1. TO L* T, aTHOBOKKK-aHaNDHiiVIK BROWN FRONf three ator? and base netit brick >u>a?e. with undi*r cellir, on the xoulh cornei' ot liud^mn ai d Filth Hlieelg. The hoaa i ironti on lludaon park ard the river and has one of the miKt pleMant ?lten in ilobokenj about hIx lnlnuUta' walk from the ferry. It Iimh La h r<K ui, and water auppilei from the rotervolr. A boi'^e wiii like accommodations in ,Vew York would reut for about $1 (KJO.. Re'i'. to a good tenant JitM. Also, u three storv ?nd basement brick houi e on Oerden Bt/eet, between Fltt'j and Kxth ftreeim; it ban *.ia, tnd watoc in the kitchea. Rent $r,5. Also, a three *lory and liammeut bi i'.k hnne on Waahing o't xtrnef, near t ifth street, well sul'ed for a profeisloual m*n. o> lor Oilier business Kent $475. Apply to CA.VIURlU'.iu LIVlMlSroN, 17 Wall street. TO LKT OR FOR MALES, IN liltOOKLYS ? A NBW TWO story and attic house, with eileualon tearoom, on Ryer arm s'reet, balf a hlooi sou'h of Mj rtle Avenue K^Uroal. I'm cession may be bud Immcdlalely. RontS-itX). WM. E. MORRIS, Lorg Island Railroad depot, South ferry, Brooklyn. TO LET OR FOR SALE-THK nOUPK AND uOT 3^0 Spring street, between Greenwich and Washington *t tee's, near Clinton mart eu the upper part la now ixiuupied as a dwelling, the lower part as a store; the DitUdlng la about 00 feet deep. Inquire at No 8 Ferry street. TO LET. OR LRA8K? AT CLIFTON, 8TATKN ISLAND, a lurolobed bouse, beautifu'ly gitoatod, with aubleg. Ae., tc. Inquire at HKK JN'H Kxpiesa Ouien, Mouth ferry; er at Rl Biaka's alore. Vauderblit Landing, H. 1. TO LET OR L BASk? THE TWO T1IREK 8TORY 8RI0K JL buildings and s ores Not. 15 and 17 Me roar street; <n? he 1 connected; will be let low to a good leiianL Apply to 8. H. aI.TBAVSK, 20 Mercer stre-t, or IRA CaHPBELL, 37 I K etet-r street. r0 LRT ON LEA8E ? Af HOBOKRN, N. J., WITHIN five minutes' walk of tin terry, the premises recently used lor an iron railing manufactory, on iRUtlng of a bnok bill din';, two stories high 95x30, and a f.iundry 120x10. with alx t ul< io'a of laid. Alio for sale, at a great bargain, the steam engine and machinery. Ac., Ac., used In the iron railing bu lines*. Ap pty to OKOkOE fLATT, &3 Itrouiway. TO LKT OR LKA8K ? HOUSE AND STORE, CORNER of btx'.h avenue and Twenty first street, a de-.lrabla building lot for sale at No. 39 West Twenty first stieeL Appty to W. FE1L, >o. 19 WestTwentv first street, or 109 J'earl streo'. |10 LEASE? A TBBBn STORY AND ATTIC HOUBH, JL wtth stable lo the rear, sfuiatad in OJlnton place, Eighth Artel, No. 48, near of Univenltv plaee. The hooea baa been lately nut In tb?rough order; naa gaa. baths, Ac. roasea *>n given lmme<]talely. F r turiber partlcularif Inquire ef JOHN ORaHAM Al6 Hroartway, second ii<x>r. TO LEA8E-TUE DELMoNIOO HOTEL, CORNER OF Broadway a< d Morrle streets, from lat May next Appiy at 167 Pearl street. SMITH A NOBLE. PO LEASE ?A BAROAIN FOR A COMPETENT PER. A son. a botrdtnc honre and furniture. In thU city, which ?ill accommodate 100 bfttrders, er will be aold, and nearly all tbe purchase uoney lelton bond and mortgage. Apply to CHAUNCEY BaRNARD, 98 Broadway. TO RENT? A SMALL HOTEL ON BROADWAY. CP town. Tbe furniture can bs purchased low. Apply to E. H L0DLOW A CO , 14 Pine street flH> LEASE FOR A TERM OF YMARS? THE FIVE JL story brick building 81 West street, entire, or the ito /e. cellar and loflu, eaib separately. It is favorably altua ed for a Hour and provision store, ablp chandlery, agricultural wive houie. Ac. inquire on the premises, third fleor, rear offloe. Lead picea, Iron bath tub, cooper boiler, Ae , ard a theodolite, a fine Instrument, tor salt there, at a low price. 165 MJ8CBLLAHKOV8. CANAL 8TKKHT, Nil AM VAMCK.-W. A O. VAN NOTk'0 grate and fender, kitchen range, sua* mer ranee Mid stove *>r?rooo We have a large aesoi-uneai of Ibe sieve named article* for dale, mi reasonable terms Orates and ranges set lined and .-epolred. Stoves Hoed. Jew tilers' and brass found an' furnaces hnUL Brusheh or evkrt debckbp no*? at the brush factory 3S7 Pearl street, Franklin square. AJI ariclee (Old at tfle lowest factory prices. Paint bruabea of a superior quality constantly on hand. Machine brumes mvle to order. E. HOPPBL. ' lCBKI) OF A VIOLPNT OOUOB AND SPITTING \J bleed, by applying the camphorated t-anspirent plajter u, 'be ehtst. a d witng tie eoogh snslytie ? 0. K. BirdsaK. Judge of lie Ifariue Ooort; J. J. Kellogg, Hudson Ktvor KaS roao; J B Brown, West fbirtieth street, lumber dealoc. a. 8. JvkwbaN. proprietor, la a phyalciaa of over tweoty yeary practice. MBdIW street. lARKNCH Bit A SB FOUNDRY.? JO-IBPII TETaZ B?Oi r to inform the trade that hi pais pirti utlar atteu'Wu to oahitietni*kers' etna iteols. bronze ?utnette< and worts ot art generally, rake cored d ie v d plain work execu'-ed with nea'cess and despatch. No. 1 Marino street, near a to ime. EphENCfl PLATr. MIRRORS CUKAP? ALL TII04H IS want of plir rr oval Itoklnj? glvses we would recom'nend ihera to call on our oM ani worthy frle.d-t, of l.r>4 Will am ?'rte% JIM B It a 1)1. MY & uO., the great picture frame milerv, Iir ircrclianu' cards. Also three good Iron sties for sal-t cheap. Gas FOB COUNTRT HOCSB0.-OOONTY AND BrATK rights frrsaln ? the cn'lre *pijarata* cos'* but a few) ti ler*. octuple* but llt'.le spate. tequl-es no ismr o- s?tll ti operate It, and niakea the lunisomest and cheapest light In f.e aorlil It operation at 90S Broadway. a. aRNOLii HOWARD S ORIEKTAL TOOTH PA'-fK- AN *L? gen'. Dieca. atlor. for cleans!' g preserving and bowjttlj ? lag 'lie tteih. Sold bj most resproU >le druggist* pe r.miers. in box**, at twenty tire cents eac>;. Ail orders ad 1re?'d to f). II" warm, hoi 237 t'ost office, Brooklyn, wi" receive prompt attention. 1MfOKTA>T 10 HOUS?K?KPEB.S AND OOAL 0Ot? sumere. ? A Dew and Improved nsh tlfte*, unlike any otbe heretofore In use, Is now offered 'o tf-n puo:lo lut ?tnfu'ai media ?i an ??b sifter and coal sav?r must soon bring It h>k geufral uee. Heap lie teen at most of the prluclpa1 heme tor nlt-Mig at.d hardware stores In Ibe nty, and at Iht ssuscrt* ex's, h'i O.tharuie >-treet, where It Is rrvmufociured and >oVl wb<'it'faie mid retail, a liberal disomirtt wl'l be tuitee te dnai trm. H. it - Tapers are filed In 'he United States Pit? Ofllra, securing my right to this inveiittoo J.'.HS MCTTjVA>1 100K AT TIPS ? WB H4VB FOUND It-f)R Vl.l, J W AV'rt eon ub ranav i?, wi'hout doubt, the best mao ren cilj bow u?ed Call at corner of Grand ai d Allen utrae'*, r r ?t ine i (lice, ?67 blxlh avenue, hold by all re<psc'A(il<; ilrng'.'iots. N%W PATENT 8PBC1ACLM9.?TB16T Ittl'doVa Ti sloe, suit for life, chat ge lo g ra'er ms? ry'uing iM reouired: near aLd distant objects ?ean disunrfy ttwug' one pair. F K \NK8. lecturer on tbe eye. patentee and mi?er .Nn. 2 Park row, opposite Astor House. Attendauoe III A M to 6 P. W. PR1N11N-3-TU 8U IT ALL TASTES, AND AT PRlCKd thst cannot fall to piease those who wish good work, m> t.e obtalnr d by lvavleg your orders with TrfoM tS K tftj r T?N, a hi i pla n *ud Uncy Job aud car. I p- to ting odl'ie, 11! Fultcn f tret i between Nbiau aad Broalwaj. Parti hp, dinner or evkninu, fubnimiihd withg ikl lisnd freneh china, silver, gaas, IIkIi'a, rtmfeo tlonery, cooks waiters and *11 other things ap uert'tlmng tiieteio; a so, viollauharp, pbtnoforip or any other Inslrt meiits reiiulred, by rWTKR U. BTKVBNit, 136 Crosby street near Houston. ^jBOWCa8*8. -B0HMITT A BKtJTaRR'd MANUPA(7m ?J ry and wareroorna, No. A North Unl Um street, o?ar frmtk tort. New York, and 77 West Third street Cincinnati, Ohio > large lusortmect eons anUv on hand. Old showcased taken ii exchange. Orders promptly executed SANDb' BAHSaPABIIXA.? Ihco who hare realized the wonderful nura'lre slTci-ts M tbls sterling rented) t'or purity Ing tbe biood In eases of srrotu'a srerl/utlc or cutaneous eruptions, rend! y tesii y tsat tlan ls' esc?aparil)a speedily expels all deleterious matter f ma the systein, pr motes a healthy Breula'.lon, strengthens the func uoFa of the s'omacb. and, ui a short time, recuscl tales tbohool t Itirrtlors lo tbelr pristine rigor. Preparel and told by a. b. A D. BANDS, druggist*, Xe. 100 Pulton -tree' New York. rmtTfflB lADlM AND UBNTLEVBN'8 NUfPOR t MRS. X belts and bandages, In tbe very liUibest pe'fectlon, end *> extretr?ly low prices, at KRTDOM AN A tJo.'s, apotheeari ?? ar.d marufscturers, 1W Orand street, near Centre tnarki!'. N. B. -Complete ratlsfhctlon guaranteed. Orthoprrilc iostni treots of every description made to order. Country orders prorrptl* aUendeu to. rurc VKSSltlH BLOOMS.? ~~ ~ " If you wl?t) to hare a rkln like white satin, a oheek like * resch, and >>eatittfnl hands, use tbe Vestru blooms. These < emetics are not coarse plnilan otmposlttons; they have an ( nereton? renutalion in Burtpe. where tbey are med by ttie sris'ocrntle beau'les of the varlout oou?te. It is I n possible to iV.tec. tbelr tt>?? they arc Nnture's self. Call and see them, at .".<S Kroadwsy onlr. REMOVALS. LUTHKR R. MARHH, ATTORNET AND COUNSELLOR, Hsa removed his ofllee to No 77 1 Broad vav, n irwr o ChaLtber* htreet, over Shoe and [.either Mtnk rootni M an i 18. h. R Ha RS1I, 271 B'oadwiiy. Re??otal.-the PAcirro mail steamship cow i ptfij ti?* retooved to tbe Tontine ButMlng. SB Wall utre-t ?urd stcry. WM. H. DaTITOK, Seeretary.jh BOAHDIXG AND LODGING. BROADWAY. -TWO LtBKK PaKLOKH, WITH ? X I bedroomi attached; *l?o,uni iATtfM fr >n' parlor. ?utt ?' Jm tor a party if geuitown; w>|?toer with i?r> or three s+otpt tor stogie gentktnen. Dinner at 6 o'clock K afore oca requited. OIQ EIGHTH AVKNUk.? A WIVATK F \ MIL.Y WILL ?1(7 accommt'datu tiro gentlemen and Ibeir w> v*vt, or a 'ow ? Incle gentlemen. Tha howe 1s pie* antlf sltuatalawt of eu> icoece. i bote de Irian I tie comforts o( * ho;o? uoed mike early application. No muring the Am', ol May. -1?>0 FOCHTEKNTH ST rt KK f ? ri K V h K .V I. VERY lUO p'natant looms. with fil l or par'UI ooard may be had !?> apply tog at Uie above number. "1 rn Bl.Rs.CKKB BTREKT, OiM'.HI TK DKPAW KOff, 1'J I ? Xanthome apartments, containing all the modern ronvenieticiee, tolet, to pent'emen and their wive*, with ?o*rd; house OiRt cl?M on stage route and couveuient to Broadway. UK TWkLFTH HTRERT.? FROVT ROOMS ON TH* ITU recooo Door to let, with board, to alng'e geulleuien o? a geukrman and Sis wife, vrho can tied i,ood acjoin'mdatloae private family. None but respectable partita need apply. Care and stages near. _____ I JO KIOHTn 3TBKKT, OPPOSITE THK MBRC aUTluK ItO Library.? Two gentletnea may have board with pleasant rooms. 1~| CI GRAND STRUT A FEW DOOK8 WEST OK liO? Broadway.? a gentleman end his wife, or geatlemea, can be arnom modal ad with large far?lahed I root ant back room*, on second tloor. To be let In suit or single, with board If required. Term* modt rate. L*Q WK8T FOtRTRFNTH SfRFKT, CORNER Of SIXTH vO avenue.? Ihls hour* btaoUfu'ly located aad newly fur - pKhet1, la cow In readlneni to receive permanent aod Iran tlentiboaruers. Suites of rcoma (or faml'iee, or roouu for rlcg'e gentlemen, may be secured. IMnaer at 8 o'clock. Private table if desired. AH CONCORD STREET, BROOKLYN. ? ONE LARGE Ti boul rcom and one small room, just vaea'ed. In this new brown rone bo>ue, baring all the modern improvements. Dinner at 6 o'clock. A PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD DISPOSE OP OWE or two plesraut rooms, with board. The bouse hai gas, bath. 4c. Apply at 126 West Twenty-second street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. Reference* required. A FKW SINGLE GENTLEMEN OR FAMILIES MAT ebtain desiiable rooms, with board, at 173 Hudson at. BOABD.-WANTKD, BY a LADY AND 09ILD, A FDR nlshed parlor, with Iwo srn&l bedrooms adjoining; pri vate board, fire and ga? insluded, a', about S2U a we ik. House must be below 1 weirth street, private, and hare gas. Address Mrs.lH. Ainu worth, Broadway Post office. Board.? a hakdsomely furnished parlor and bedrcom wltk private table If deal red, can be had in a fli st slas* house, No 49 West Twenty Seooud street. Also a room lor single gen'.lemvn. References required. Board up town.? a private family have three rooms, on the second siory, well furulshdd with gat, bath and waier closets; they will let separate or together, wi h full or parUa' board; dinner at six; to one or two single gentle men and their wives. Referenced exchanged. Apply at 210 West Tblrtv first s'reet No movlnx at May. Board down town.? two or three gbntlb nien can be aocomm dated with boird at 172 Duane street, near Hudson street, op posits Dunie park. BOa h I) IN BROOKLYN.? A VERY DESIRABLE room, with partial board, will be let to two gentlemen, at S3 per week. Also, a pleasant room tor a gent smtn aid wlte, in a house where there are but few boarders and where they will receive the com'crt and attentions ot a home. Apply at 96 Fulton street, opposite Henry. Board in Brooklyn? a single gentlemen oar eft accommodated with partial board at 176 Adams street, wl'hln ten minutes' walk of Fulton ferry, where there are no children ; reference rtqulred No moving in Hay. Board wanted-in Brooklyn, within five minutes' walk of South ferry, by a young man, in a quiet family, where there are few or no other boarders. An nofur nlshed room, with or without bedroom attached, desired. Re .'ereneea exenanged. Address, stating terms, which must be moderate, box 2 227 New York Post office. Board wanted? for a lady and gentleman, in a p'eanant family, till 1st of May. Some locality conre r lent ar d easy or access preferred. Address, lor two days, stat'eg terms, which mutt be reasonable, Ac., Ac,, P. L. it., Broadway Post olll.e. BOaRD WANTED? BY A YOUNG MAN, IN A PRI vate family, or where there are but few boarders. For a suitable plate, a reasonable price will be paid. Address Hampton, Herald oftloe. Board wantkd-for two gentlemen, in a pb lu, resectable tumlly. Do not care so much about modem Improvements. Location between Third and Sixth avenues, and from Twenty -fourth to Tflrty -third streets. Ad dr*SM J. McG., Union square Poet office. Boarding.? a private family, oooupting a tirat class hou?e, e lglbly located near Thirty -fourth street and Ninth avenue, Is deidroua of letting two furnished roams, with partial board, to one or two gentlemen disposed to avail themselves of g >od accommodatlona upon moderate terms, If appllet for lmmedia eiy. For catds ol address direct to D. it. a., Herald office. Boarding.? a parlor, and one or two bko rocn'p, with all the convenience of gas, baths and closet*, will be let to gentlemen, with or without partial board. Apply at Vo. 8 St. Mark's place, near Third avenue. Bcarling.-a room, suitable fob a gkntlk m?n and wife, or two single gentlemen, also ono single room,,. can be bad at 10 Henry street. Tliu location Is con venient lor those wt o have business down town, and for cap tains and males of vessels. BOARl>lKG.- AN UJt furnished front room and partrv, in third itory of h'ltts )C1 East Broadway, suiUb>e for n.*n and wife, to be let with board, (ho moving at May.) Relet eucea exchanged. Brook ly? .-fine apartmen ts on shoond floor. for a family, or two married gent emen, aad an exwlleut room fcr two gentlemen, (friends,) at very reasonable terms, wl'hfull or partial board. House first elans, and mo,?t conve nient to Wall street and Atlantic terries. 243 Henry street. / COMFORTABLE, BUT PLAT* BOARD, MAY be HAD \J by a few yen-on a, la a house pleasantly located ot Brook lya He'gbts, near Wa)l street 'erry , at $3 to III per week No moving in May. House warmed by furnaoe. AddreuW. B., berald c ffioe. F"SKM SKftBRff "?? TO LKT? B'URMMIED ROOMS. ? TO LKT, A PARLOR OR BED rootr, total be r or separately, pleaaaut'y Otuitel, In a imall private family, where there are no children or ooarder*), at 303 Prinee street GRMI.EMhN CAN OBTAIN ROOMS, WITH BREAK fast and lea. In a private family, at 101 Spring afreet, lint fcio:k went of Broadway. NEATLT FURNISHED ROOM* TO LET-ON FIRST ind second tloors, suitable for two or three single gentln nn n, ? Ith partial board, or wewld be rented to geitiiinen and ibeir wires: a'so. front basemenW-iiuiUtbli! for an ofllce; i?-m? mole-rate. Please call at 111 Grand street, a few djor* west of Broadway. _________ Room wanted-by a gewtleman, a sisgi.e room, whb or without boird Mum bs ba'ow Bleecker eirret, on or near Broadway. Address T. 8., fie, raid ulll je. Rooms wanted-ix a pleasant ano <;onykn ieet neighborhood, su table for a family ot' three gr.jwn persons. Address Box 684 Pot oillce. mm BoaRD FOR A FAMII.Y WAS run, IS fU C5 country ? A family consisting of g Waiuaa and wife, Ave children ami two servants, desire bovd for llie comltg s ira mer, at a detd'ahle country reitdenre, within twenty live mil.'-" of few Ytrk, accessible to thec'tj by railroad or ?tai nbov. Tern.* must he moderate Avdrefg. Willi teal mint*. It. cation and terms In fit'!, box 2 917 Post ofll-e. fPWO l"R IHRfcK 0?>Ti.KMKN 0*>l He: ACOMMU 1 dated with handsomely furnished rooms at 18 L^speranl street To si soi e <i8Si IjEmrm.? one double ano two sit gie io jdu, suita"! e for jentlcmea, cm be hvt on an'li" rate terms, by addressing I.. 11 I., box HOW PostoHl e. Lo .?ition Nineteenth street, near Fourth avenue. ItTANIKD? HY A OI?tLI?4N AND WIPE BOsRU TV in bn *ine>ican prWnt^ anil v. HneXr.epttoiVile ref> lfnrea given and required. I'lcaso address edesr, Herald i fli'C. T1TAN1ED- A MODERATE SIZED ROOM. WITH PAR VV tlai hoard. In a genteel biardlig huso, where ihe en jo} ment of If. lie*' society can bo had. Ad Jraw, staling terms, tf. K., Herald efllce. W API ED? BY A YOUNG ORNtLKMAN, A WELLFUi nlslad room and boird, In Bond or HleOQkar street l'lrsse address, stating terran ami accommodations, (I. W. <\, Hera d cfllce. W A^ TED? PARTIaL T.OARO, BY A GGNTLEWAN ?' ard wlfo, Ir, a house with m'ido n Improvements, t>e*ecti Si cord and Sixth a enues, and lot above T>ven'ieth street, frlrate family preferred. Terms frtm M In par month Ke.fetei oes exchanged. Address Kul'on, Herald oilije. EDUCATION. A YOUNG GENTLEMAN OF A UNIVKR3ITY EDUOA Uon, and posted In moat of the anr ent and modern Ian guages, (Hebrew Included ) wiah<?n an enga gement as tutor, or amanuensis and private se<*?etary. or both; Is wall read In belle lei'res, matltomaUcs, .tc , ard has the f<col'y ot putting thoughts un p%per wl.h faclhlt : wlU accept a small oimoensa Don aa a brane la more an onjoct tlian a salary. Address M. Herald office. EtbCATlON.-A FRENCH PR0FM80B A NATIYr: of Paris, Is desirous ot entering Into anens'tgement wit ? a school of this city, aa professor of tho F rench lan^oa^e. He he s been a protrssoi ot literature In his father's college a' I'srls. Address I'ro/essor, Colon square Pest office, lor three Ca^s. Rkpidkut oovernos? wanted, in a family revlding a ibort distance irom die d'v, a lady fill if com pe ent to tr struct her punlla in the Kngllah branches, French, Italian, music and drawing. Must be a good musician. Fur ib?r particulars cau be a^-cer'atusd by applying to T. M. E.. No. lift East Fifteenth street, on Tuesday, JBtn and Wednesday, IT'h Insisnt STaTR and national law SOHOOL, POCOH keepsle. Now York. A new system; training in the prar tlce with eouris, witnesses, juries, Ac ; t xiem|>orancons speak trg dally : pruferslotial business taught next term roramenr. s on lie fe'n ot May. Don. Henry Koolh. an eminent low- er bss ac epted a iirofessorshlp. J. W. Fowler, Es,|.. oratories professor. Tesilmonla's:? r,Vr Fowler Is the most aro*n plbhed orator north of Mason A Dixon's line "?Henry r av The trials and arguments and general speaking of his pnpt s are truly wonderful."? Boston Journal, frystena Improved. I egress of Raohekir of L*wa conferred.?^ "end for oataiognfj o J. M. Foils t. HOR8B8, CARRIAGES, AC. CIOR SALE? A STOUT, WELL BUILT B VY HOU^K r about IC hands high, 8 or 9 years old, aouud and kind used lor heavy work, fan be seen for tlireo dai s at M Oou veriiear street, one doo- from Monroe street. UORPE FOR SALE? A HANDSOMH BAY HORSE, stout built suitable for sing e or double harnnsH. May be seen a! tne livery stable, in Rlghteeo'h street, betiv?<sn Hr?Md ? ny ai.d Fifth avenue, after 3 o'clock. Imiulre for the color e>l msn Francia. STORAGE FOR FIFTY STNOLE SL*I3llrt, AT FIVK > dollars a year, ean bs h*d by ?applying to A. A G. POL Tf'.MlM. No. 27 Graml street, Brooklyn. O HiRAOR. - 2S0 SLEIGBB WILL BR TAKEN O* O ? rrsge, from the 1st ot Msreh next, tn the la', ol . I inuary, 1M7. In a good dry bmldlag. Terms, Is each. Apply itt Vnion Halt, corner ol Fourth street and avenue C. Bxnprnre. P ATLANTIC Oliver KhUldtfe, OoM'd>. Thla ?MuuhlB wlU depart with the foiled Rtatea math for fnropa, pnstavel' no Saierdav, March 1, at lgo'oloch, M., ?n-ia bar bartb at the toot of Canal tUML For freight nr passage, having unequalled aeeomsao^'lana tor elrfiuice or oca fori. apply to _ _ _ KIjWamD K. COLLINS, M Wall amt Faeaeagan are reqneeted to be oo b msd at U a. M. Shipper* will please lake notice that the shlpeof this line oao aot tmrry any goods contraband of war. AH letters must pan through the Poat offloe m ether will be returned. The ?laanushlp Baltic will succed the Atlantic, and leave oo March is. I he steamers of thli line, to avoid the danger from the tse, win out rraa< the Banks north of 49 decrees until after (fee lei of AUglMl OKIt rK HfclTlHH AND NO 11 Til AMKRItJAN KOYAL MA It. itiaiuMgi. i bom hew tor* to UTKHrooi.. Chief eabln pasaije $1.10 keoottd cabin passage 75 _ J , rKOM BOSTON TO U VKKfOOU Chief casta passage 9110 Second cabin puuage <W _ ''be ihlpa from Hoxtoa call at Haifax FKKbl a, C'tipv Judkins, CANADA. CapC Uaf, aKaBI A, Cent. J. Htone, AMRtUCA, Lapt Wickmaa ASIA, Oept K. ?. Lott, N1 AG a Ha, t apL Byrle. A {"BiCA, Oept ehannon, KCKOPa. Capt. J. i-etttdi. These vessels carry a clear white light at masthead; green on alarheard bow; red on part bow. Canada, Lang, leaf e Bo euro, Wednesday, February 17, 1I0& Asia, ?' If. York, Wednesday, Marah 5, " America Wlrk !>? an, boston, Wednee. ay, March la, " Africa, Shannon ?? N. York, Wednesday. March 1?, " Arabia, Btm a, " Boston, Wednesday, Marah 36, " Persia, Judkins, " N. York, Wednesday, April 2, " Carsda, La of, " Boston. Wednesday, April 0, " Asia, Lott, " H. Ycrk, Wednesdsy, April 1#, ?

America. Wlcl nun, Bos' on, Wednesday, April 28, " Berths not secured nntii paid for. An ezperieoced surgeon on board. The owners of these i hlps will not bs acoountahle for gold, silver, bullion, sp/cle. jewo'rv, precious s-ones or metals, un less bills oi lading are sicned ineretor, and the value thereof thertln expressed. For freight or passage apply to K. COKABP, Mo. 4 Bowling Green. STEAMER FOR LIVIRPOoU-TO SAIL 1BT MAROH. Ihc splendid royal mail steamship CANADIAN, Oap.L Orange, will sail promptly a* a^ove. This tit to rite steamer possesses a'l thi modern Improvement*. carries a surgeon, and has >lx water tight comparmenta, for the better protection of passengere. First class cabin passage, *78; steerage, la eluding cooked provisions. 930. For passage. and to secure berths, apply on hoard, pier 16 Kan river, or to O. A. TkN KYCK, 67 South street. PASSAGE TO LI V KKPOOL.? TOR SCREW 8TRAMHHIP CANADIAN, 1,750 tons register, will sail tor Liverpool Wednesday. March t First class cabin passage 976 Steerage passage (includ ng cooked provlsloa*) 30 This vessel la buiH of Iron, and has six separate water-tight compartment* An experienced surgeon op t>oar<L Apply to GlLLESPIlt, OKA* A CO., No. 3 Bowling Green. The royal mail screw steamship Canadian will positively sail trom her berth at the f?>ot ol Wall st , on WednetdAy, March 6, a*. 12 o'clock precisely. Thee aro Milt teverai bei ihs vacant, and she has room lor a few tons more freight. O UX.KSPIE, DBA Jf * CO ,No 3 BowllngOreen. STKAM BKTWKEN NhW YORK AND LONDcM, 0\LI^ log at Cork.- One of the following new aud powerful screw steamers will be despatched monthly from this port to London, railing at Cork to land paisengers. the HKKNUa, Geo. 8. smlib, eammander. The MINNA, do. The brenda will sail from here on Tuesday, the 1st nf April, nnd will take a limited number of ftrit, second aud third oiaas pastengers k or freight or pashage apply to A. G. KOBINBON. ht. Petersburg steamship offloe, London; Or to AUK A 1 aM BKLL'a SONa. 25 Park now .New York. CTEAM BETWEKN NEW YORK AND LONDON, CAUL 0 tag at Cork each way for passengers. The new and pow erful screw steamer HKKNUa is appointed to sail as ab ire, on Tuesday, the 1st of April, and will take a limited number 01 first, second" and third class passenger* For l'retglit or passage, apply to ABRAHAM UKLL'S SONS, 26 Park row. U1RAM BKTWKEN NEW YORK AND GLASGOW. - O KIKltBllKGU, 2,500 tons, Capt. Wm. Cummuig. NEW YoitK, 2,150 " Capi. Kobl. Craig. GLASGOW, 1,'JOJ " Capt John tluuoan. The Glasgow and New York Hteamship Company Intend sailicg tbelr new and powerful steamer itulABUltGH, from New York for Glasgow direct, un Saturday, 22d March, at 12 o'clock, noon. Kates of passage -First class, <75; third class, found with cooked provisions. $30. An expe rleLeed surgeon attached to each steimer. For freight or pas sage apply to JOHN MmYMON, 17 Broad ivay . New York city kills or gold only received for passage G1ROM NEW YORK TO HAYRR DIRECT. P Britlah aad North American Royal Mall Steam Packet Ccmpany. KTNa Capt. Miller. KMEU Capt. Small JURa Cspt. Wlckman LEBANON OapL Cook. UaMBBIa, (puddle wheel) Capt. Browulssa. The eompany's screw steamship K'aa, 3,000 tous, W. Mliier. commander, will sail lrom Mew York for Havre, dlreot, oo Frulav, 7th March. Ucr cabin accommodations and state rooms for first class passengers are equal to those of any steamship Kloat. Passage motel (irst caoin) (100. provisions and steward's fee included, wines and liquors extra, to be procured ou board. For freight, pasaage or any other Information, apply to K. CUNaMD, No. 4 Howling Green. IjtOR BOUTMAMPTOM AMD HAVRE.- THR UNITED J? Mates mail steamer ARaGO, D. Lines cominandar, will leave for Havre, touching at Southampton to land the mails atd passengers, on Saturday, March 8, at 12 o'clock, from pier No. SI Norm river, foot of Beach street. rBiox or pass ag a. First cabin 9134) Oeoood cabuu. 75 Baggage not wanted daring the voyage should be sent oo board ibe day before sailing, marked ""below." No ft eight taken after Thursday, March 6. For freight or passage Apply to MOBT1MKK LIVINGSTON, Agent, 68 Broadway. M. B.? The Fulton will saooeed the Arago, and will sail April 6. rriHK LIVERPOOL AMD FBILADMLPHIA 8TMAM8HIP I Company intend sailing their favorite stesmshlpe CITY OF BaLTIMOkK, >,367 tone, Capt. Robert Leitck. CITY OF WANHlA GToN, IJHO tons, Oapt. Wm. Wylie. CITY OF MANCUKsTER, 2 109 tons, Capt. P. 0. Potria. Saloon $90, 966 and <55, aoeordlng to state rooms. A limited number % third class passengers will be taken from Phi adelpbla aad Uverpool. and found in provisions. Pi-ma Philadelphia .130 ( From Liverpool 94u Parties wishing to bring out their friends can obtain earUfi cates t f passage and draitsoa Liverpool in sums ot ?l sterling and upwards. Apply to JOHN Q. DALE, Agent. IT Walnut street, PhlUdalpnk. Reduced pricks- so founds baooaou frkk Tan cents per pound on excess. Four hours from ooo&n to ocean by Panama hailrcad. to extra expenses. Mt&iaon the Isthmus tree lor steerage passengers. Through for UaJi tend* via Pan* ma Railroad. The United States Hail Steam ship Company will ampatch lor Asplnwall on Wednesday, March b, at two o'e ook P. J t , precisely . from pier f;> H of W*r iec street, North river, the well known and taat steamship ILLljbOiB, C'apt. Chas. 8. Boggs, C. fi. N. Passengers and malts will be tot warded by the Panama Railroad, ana eoueci at Panama with the Pacific Mall hteainshlp Company's ung nlficcnt steamship Honors, Richard W biting oommanler, wntoh will be in readiness and lea re immediately for Ms Francisco The public a e informed that the P. M.d Co. always haveoue or more extra si earners lving at Pantmt ready lor sea, to avv.ld any pocautie d-'euiion of passengers nr malls For passage apply tol. W. RAV MOM O, at the only offlje of the companies, 177 West street, corner or Warren street, 'through tretghw to Han Franclsce can now be contracted f >r, In lota of not leu than half a ton measurement, at very lo v tales, to le?ve Pa nama by the steamer Oregon in Marco. Apply as above. FDR CALIFORNIA? GREAT RKDCCIION OF F ARKS ? New York SLd California Steamship Line, under the dire tioti of C. VandeikUt, tor Lhe Acceseory Transit Company of M:ar?gea, proprietors ; fifty pounds of baggage tree plover, ten rem- per pound. Day ct silling changed to Ihh anl 2lth of each month; through In advance of the mills, and 500 mile, shorter than anv otter route. The splendid dou jle engine cteantt-fcip bT Alt OK T11R WW, 7,800 tens burden, Captain Miner, will leave pier No 3 .lorth rive', at 3 u'cloc* P. M , I'o l'uiita Arenas on Haiurday, 111 arch 8, connecting with the etenmt-hlp tfiCLK MAM, on the Pacific, ovt>r the Nicaragua 1 rsml' lonie, hbVliiR out twelve miles of land transporlai Inn by firi,t claas e*rrl*gen. 'lhe proprietors can now assure the public that the poll rati trouble* In Nicaragua have ceased, and not lhe tightest Interrup'lon in the transit oetwei u the ocfa-.s nte<l be avpreie tided. For Inform* uon or apply to JnMhB M. CROSS aithe only tflli-e or the line, No.4 bowling Oteen. Htamped letters taken at #' v eeuU each. UM'lEfi STATES MAIL SIEaM8HIP COMPaNY-FOH Ilavutia and New Orleans. On Mondav, March 3, at 2 P. M.. firm pier foot of Warren street, North rlvtr, (he ftJt and lavorlte hteainshlp KMPlttK CITY, Capt lly. Wlutlle.wil sail as above. rarer ge can be secured at die rompanj 'a office. Fr?lg!it to New Orleans 30 i-entt per cubic foot blilpperf will be supplied with blank bill* of lading o< tin frrm t'gr ed by the company, on application at tnelr office Nt other l.irms tigied, and no bill of lading will be signed after the hour of tailing. For freight or passage applv nt the office o' Uie company, No. 177 W est strtot, corner of Warren. M o. ROMKRl'S. SUTTON A OO.'S DESPATCH LINE FOR HA H FRAN elsco- Siil log regularly and poltlvely on nr before the d-ty idvtrtlfCd. Clipper of Thursday next, JHth Febnsary In the <.pleml <1 A 1 first class ol.pper ship HU,RRA NKVaII,. I'tril allow, Master, Is taking in ihelMtof her cargo at pier 2m i-.ast river, and will posit vely sail as above. Shippers desirjim of lee first and very oest conveyance, wl I find me .sierra We rsda presenting the greatest possible Inducement* No freight t ken by the vessels ot till* line alter (he oay advertised. BUTTON A CO., 68 rtoulii *lrees, oorner of Wall, a UfcTRALlA 1NDEPKNDXKT LIMK.-THi: SPLENDID A A 1 clipper fhlp NhSlORlAN, 1 MO tons burthen will have to. mediate iltspalch tar Melbourne. Her aei'jtnmodv Hens tor passengers in first and second cabins cannot be but pssM d for tvhlrh early appllcsUon mast be made. For freight or punrsge auply to OutiDKVF,, ASKKLi. A ELLIOT 8ri Pearl street; or, fjr passage, on board, at pier 12 Hast river, too hakry. A UBTRALlA flON l'.ER LINK OP MONTHLY"PaCK A ets, carrying the lltlted States Mall. Die new ami splendid clipper ship SPORTSMAN, for Melnourte, Port Phillip, l,20(i tons burthen, Is now at her berth, Ka?t river, and having halt bar cargo already engaged, will have Immediate cUpatih. lie- accommodations lor passengers are unstir passed For freight or passage spply on board, or to R. W. UilUOli No. l> Ilowlitig (ireert. L^OK HAVaMNaH ANt> KIA>RIl>A-UNITl4l> Sr vfltW P Msil lAne.? The new and elegant steamer KNttXVILLK. (!. D. Ladlow, Captain, will leave on Wednesday, Februari 27. ftom pier No. 4 North river, atSo'clotk, P.M. BIIU o> lading signed rn board. For freight, appiy on board; or tor p?s?sge, to S. I.. MITtHILL, ho. 13 Broarfwar. Cablnpa<wai;e io Savai oah. >K; for F1 rlda thrmigh tickets' from New York io ?Iscksonvtlle, >31; to Pllatka. W3. Large and commo'lltus Reamers leave Savannah for Florid* three times a week, oon nec:lrg *1 h the steamers from New York on Tueedays and -'alur Jays. utO* CHARLMTON AND FI/JRID*-?F,?ft WKKKf.V C Lnited Mall Lire.? The stnunslup SOUTflRttstiCK, T. K.war, n mmar.der, will leave pier No. 4. North river on *e<tnenlsy, Feb. 77. at 3 o'clock P. M., preolwlv. Farfteigit', ^pply ?n hoard, nh>>re nil bills of 'adlag will be slgn?d, aud or pas.sge at the office nf HPOF?OBl?, TILRHTON A CO., Shirailnav. Cabin passage, $2f>. The ntcattnli'p NAS-i V1LI.K *i'l succeed, and lesve on Paturdaj, March 1. The t'.vorUe Carolina make* regu'sr Pips ti the vsrlou . *iidit p h on tl. Jobt.'* river, Florida, connecting with the steanerr from New York, and leaving Charleiton every rn?f<!a<r, al 2o'cotk P. M. Ihrough tiekot* to Jack*oavu;?, f;U;tol'l atka, M3 j "OR NORFOLK AND PEf t RhBi" HO. THE f Ffsles mall steamship JaMKHiOWN, Oapt I^asrls Par '(?h, wt.l lesve for tl.e above piae<>? on Wednasoay, 7! tb lo?'. , st 3 o'clock P. M , fro n pier IS North river. Pas.' sugar* will airlve io r.mfoik on the nex" afternoon, and In Peter* >nr/ an J hlelmor.d the foliowlt.g lhe ire eTiharco bslng now ten oved travellers for the Homh reel apprehend no delay In sktng this n'raxant and ?xpediUons route- THoy will pro^eo l rrtm NorfcU, I j the great mall line to Hhariesbm, favannah sngiihta, Ac. Pussge fare, with stateroom, to Norfolk. >8; to Pelrrebuirard Jiiuhmo&d, $10. Apply to LUDLAM A PLKa UAM H, Itnsdeay. FREIGHT TO C 'ALIFOKWIA.*' Notice to shippers to caufohnia.? frei >h i al reduced prloes, via Panama Kal.rcnl.? The P i-jtfic msll steamship ORKOON, will leave Panama the aid He o' Marsh, aa a speolil freight steamer. Through bl Is of 1 ?SIm > will he Issued by steamer firnss Raw York, In oinnast'on, and ! at vary low rataa through. Iraulre at the effife af the a onea ny, TouUno fculidlr g, s? Wall strefV AMVSKHEVn. BBOaDWAl nttifKL-C. A. MARSHALL, BULB Ubm; W. B. Btau Mag* ""*|~ DoBn oo*u tl ?>? o'clock; performance to eoaamanoe at 7\? pneWr. Th's fttoLg Feb 26, thegrnod l??uun cqnestrian dram* *f BEKf)*., THE bUNTKJS, Adapted so* arrmBred <fr**a Atosworth's hMorleal rflUMt ?/.? OmWq siyrssaly for this theatre, to wfcHb the ?tudafMeesrs. Mint M'era oooatabocW . \WKWTT rotB BBAtlTlFtfl H0K8BB, tnalwttm th* voudartol tnJnad mlnal ?TST FLY. wfU appear. Heraa iha Hunter Mr. Cattail Mabel Lynwood fvr^. p^t.i BOWKHT TnVAlBK.- FBOPRIKTOR AND BaNAOER, I. P. Wsldreo; Acting Kuxn, W. II Ward. Doom open a) liK ; performance io oommenea at 7 precisely. Ihla even ing, Feb 26, will be acted 1BK BROKEN TOW. fl'ign, sornsrntd the Delicate yr w Ward the Counters Colenn* Bra. W Ward _ THE FKMaLK FOuTY TBIEVE8 BUhTO*>S, CHAMBERS STREET? Il'kkdat? Sbakspere's triumphant Revival, A WINTER'S Talk, With Ma vnrlvaPed scenery. costume* , and mat cast of ta'onu *?? Ihls performance equal* In populsrTyaaj o( tha chaks perean luccewra prrdu ced at thin house. Second ni*kt of the aew area, URGENT PRIVATE AFFAIRS. Mr. Burtm In two pieeea. Mr Ferry, Br*. Parker, he. Br* C. UOWiKD experienced tha moat briUant siwchs en her sppearsnce laat evening, and will perform LetiUa Hardy, ta> the corns dy of TBB BELLE'S RThaTAOKM, to morrow evening. Broadway varietibs bo. <72 broadwat.? (Late Mechanics' Hall, between Qratd and Broome sta.) H. Wood Lessee and Boaine** Ban agar. R. O. Ma rah Mace Manager. ADM1SHION TWEHTY-FIYB CENTS. During ibis week THB WOOD k MARSH JCYKMILE OOMBDIAB9, in their grand operatic spectacle? THBMaIA* QUERN; Ob Tu Kt?pb? or Xn Run Also, TOT WANDERING MINSTREL. Jem Bag* .. .Baiter Geo. W. Marsh (Introducing song, "VlHkJWs and hia Dinah " Ac.) Doors open att>$; commenaee at7>? e'c'cck, and conclude* at 10 o'clock. Geo. chkibty * wood's minstrels, bbw hall, 444 Broadway, below Orand street ? OPEN RYBRY EVKNIRO. Bmineaa tranaaeted by Henry Wood. Bt*ge Manager Geo. Oh/Inly. Fur this week? Erhkipian Minstrelsy, concluding with ih* n"w piece ot the HAPPY MAK ; Or, THB TREATY WITH JAP AW. Julia* Uuackenbtish, Cock on board th* U. H. steamer Powhatan Geo. Ohrirty Nonce? Doors open at 6, and the our tain rises at 7>? ?'dock pi ccls*ly. Admission 25 cent*. (1ITY ASSKMBLY KOoMH. 446 BROADWAY.? J UHEaT FRENCH EN fERl aIHMBNT, On Frilay, Feb 29, complimentary benefit to BR. UUSTAV&NAQL'BT. LITERARY. DKAMaTIC and MUSICaL ATTRACTIONS. T ickets du'e<i the 27th will be received on the night of the 29th Sold at JolWs, Ball k Sun's and Horace Waters' music stores at SO cenin. > otii'k- Every person taking in advance a S2 ticket, which admits f)ur persons. will receive lniwedia'elr a oeautii'ul print, the pot trait of M le Rarnel engraved In London, after the celebrated original by Bubaife. Full particulars to be found in NBVl bills A ORAAD CONCERT WILL BE GIVEN IS THK BED ford street M E. cburch. on Wcrtne'day evening, Cel. 27. for tbe btneflt of Mr. La MA UK. the chorister of tie church. Ibe programme In a good one. Miss L. Rfiemmloiaijh, Mr. Aiden and Mr. White will susUIn 'hn solo part-; Br. Gilbert R. Jones, plai>tst. Tickets, 2S cents? amy oe obtained of Messrs Oolhurn X Nash, 42S Broudway; of the sez'on of the church; alho of the trustees and memoere of the choir, and at the door. Uo you wantn good seat Doors opea at 6H; com mence >4 before 8 o'clock. BROADWAY ATUENiBOM. 654 BROADWAY.? THK beautliul panoramic paintlog of China and Jspan wSl Dot be on exhlDitlon till Wednesday afternoon, 27th Inst , at 'i% P. B., at which time they will be represented at the above t.e * Hail. Dr. NOTES, the Oriental traveller, will deliver the opening lecture. DCB8KLDORF GALLERY, 497 BROaDW Al.-THI* unequa led ool'.eciUm ot painting* will remain open to the public until further notice. It contains nearly 200 of the lint st works of modern art. many ot which have just beoa ad ded. Open day and evening. 81ngl* admission 26 cents. EVEBYDODY WELL SATIHFIBD - ho humbug; thousands of people turned away laat nl<ht. unable In obtain admission to see the great burlesu us spectacle of MAZEPPA, at Charley White's place. THE MAMMOTH PANORAMA OF CALIFORNIA ONR week longer, at Hope ehapel. No. 718 Broadway. Opinion of Rev. A. Williams, Princeton, N. J., late dm tor of tbe First Presbyteria* ehurch of Han Franct?oo:? "Visiters to your exhibition will be amply remunerated by Witnessing evi dences of most rapid strides ot Improvements with it's pic tures and many most Inte'estlng ph? steal sublimities and beauties." Lecture by J. W Cllflnrd, Esq. Afternoon at 3 and evening at 7X o'clock. Tinkets 25 cents. WHAT 18 THE WORLD OOMINQ TO ? Another proof of enterprise and origlnalttf . Only think of a horse piece like MaZRPPa. P la} ed every night at (Thar ley White's little place In Uie Bowery. Another novelty.-the broken vow and tub burlesque of the FEMALE FORTY THIEVES. GO AT ONCE, AND BE CONVINCED,? A bona fide bor** only three feet liign carrying a man up a frightful precipice. Dene every night at Charley White'* Opera House. GO AND BEE THE SHANGHAI AND PEAOOCK dance th* Poka, In the FKMALk FORI Y THIEVES, at the Bowtry Theatre. rIEATRE TO LET.? HOWARD ATHEN.EUM, BOBTOR Mass., by the week, month, or for a term ot rears. Thea tre now in complete order. For term*, apply to FAIRBANKS k BRARD, Bo* ton. COAL OIL. TT KJtOgJvNS, OB CO At OU.~ JV Secured by patent*. The undersigned beg leave to call the attention ef the public to lie annexed certificate af JG. If. Kent, Kaq., chemist, ana perfect answer to the bow universal question, " What shall we uae tor light f" AbBTuNB, Agenta of The Worth American E ecoeene Co.. 67 Bearer street, JC. T. Laboratory, UG John atreet, Ne <r York, Feb. 8, 1864. Tie North American Kerosene Company: ? Gentlemen ? 1 have tr ade a careful pbotomettleal examtoatlan of your kero sene oil, tn compartaon with the various kinds of oil burning fluid* and coal gas in oae in this country, wl'.h the t'olkrvtng re noil*:? Material. Kerosene.. Camnbeoe. Sylvic oil.. Rapi'd oil,. Whale cU.. Lard oil... Sperm oil.. Bur'gfluid.1 Kerosene.. < ^impheoe. Rosin oil.. Mechanical Polar, Kolw. Holar Large wVlr, 13.169 6.6:3 1.1W 6.92S 1 W2 1.640 1026 US] 125 17 70 2 261% 47 87|?M Malarial. ? pi <55g *|1 Hs I wK ? * W srs"* fit : ra Kerosene oill IS W*9|l,a<)gr.-.| |Sl 1 2 441 00 of la. Oeaigss. . . . | 4 9701 6 C. ft |tS.75 C. ft |?3 M. U 12 100 ot lo From the above statement, It will be neen that keronene pro duces the most light, at the least cost, and that burning II uW produces the lead light at Ibe grsa'ast erm<. I have a so intuit aearatul analysis of your keroaere oil, and find 11 to be re maikably pnre and tree Iroro all snoslaivccs which wan d other wiae render it unlit for burnirg in lamps. When thus purlttod a the process tow In usa. it la cot exuloslvr., even when heat to 212 dcg. K., and being much less volatile than nampherm, It is not liable to smoke. In via c of the aheve fvcta, I am aanmitne Ihst yonr "purlfled kerosene" Is deatlned to supersede. all etber oils or burning Mia as a sonrce of light forartliiaial il lumination. and would recommend It a? the ovist valuable dm ferial for tliat purpose with which I am acquainted. Very re spectfully, your obedient servant, EDWARD W. KRNT. Chemist MBOXCAJU CONFIDkNTIAL MEDICAL AND SURGICAL OONHOL taflorw ?it. OuBBWT, 19 imane strec, member ot lire New York University, may be consulted on disease*. Twenty ? seven yesrs In hli snccialit] enables him to make permanent cures. N. B.~l)r. Cobbettbolda no oonntction wnh m<vit-,al impiftom. D*. HUNTER'S NEW MEDICAL WORK, THS TtDI MKOI1M. giving the 1 ondon, Fails and Vienna trea ment, MX) psgee, full ot colored platas. Price 4 shillings; to be bad nf Dr. HUNlKR himself, No. * Division si. New York long and favorably known to the public ; he may b? consulted gratia at his oid established <*0ee where be has practiced m one branch of mediolr.e f ir the last twenty-four years, and made mora eurea than any other man tn the city In many Instances of parsons eamldared inoarable, some ol which he baa permlstlon to refer to aa harutotore. fbaraet moth rata, and In all cues a care guaranteed. Caution? Ky great remedy, Hurler's red drop, that tores without dr'inj Its poison in the blood, een be bad aa al* ve; nrioo $1 fl makes a speedy cure without t?e lea* reetriotlon In diet, drink, exposal e or change tn application to bnalneaa. One bott'e will core the most Inveterate oasa. Many are earad la * few ktiura __ D_bT "RALPH'S "OFFICE " HOURS-* TO 12 A- M. 6 ton P. M., Sundays exaeptod. 643 Houston rtreet, near Wooster. FFIO.ACIOUH OURF. FOR CORNS, HUNiONH, CM, losliies, calls growing into the (ieah. and every dlanrier ol the feet, by a new and peculiar method, without cu.Ung, or wiOidUt rAiifiuPcr (1)6 nlk'btMt PftlOt Mot slenr Lkvl, of No. 60 Rla Roe do Rlvoli, Paris, and No, S Ocndult street. Regent street I ondon. Surgeon Otd-opodlsl to the Kmpt-ror of Fratce and the Ro-al Family of England, having Ixru specially ii.vited to New Yuri to attend soma die ting ul> bed tamlllee. Intends remaining here, and may he een. nit id dally, Sundays excepted, at his offlee, from 10 tUl 4 o'clock oorwor tonvomALa. a [From bis Imperial ??je?ty. Napoleon III., Emperor ef rraaoe ] ,Te cett'Ae qua M. Levi ecleve ies oars aree una eitremeha bileie. Lone Nxrouon floNAi-ABta. [From his Craoe the present Duko of < Jereland. J I certify that Mr. I?tl has entirely cured my eorna. Cirvwaitp, 64 8t. .lamwi square, London. (Frr.m the Mr?t Noble the Ma,qut? o< Lan?doim<t 1 Mr. N. Uivt extraetad acorn for me with perfect fad tty aad success. laasDowna, 6.1 Berkaley square. I /-noon [From Kob?rt Fergoscn. Esq.. M D , Physician in Ordinary la bar Majesty ot Oreat Britain ] Mr. l<evl baa moat akiltu ly extrMted two corns from my '< ? t, without giving me the slightest pals. Hour. Frnnoso* If. D. No. 0 Quean street May fair Londaa. Miu-oh 2, IKltt. [Fmrn H. J. Fa.ius, Ktq J l r^oMdtrd by Mr Levi I beg leave lo te*il> to htasuenaai *ni skill In hsvln perfcc ly removii a lar:;e bunion, of long s'a> i It g, w ltbout curulna any pain. H J Fr.vnm, t'1 ilt'cie >hia .Inly 27 lf?2. Na. 4 itoston row. in addition to the above authenticated testimonials, many ?1ki xsnds more in his pnaseeslon (among which are -eve ml iron 'sdic* nf the highest rank) ean ne seen by QtvoHng him v ill a call at his ogior, VI Rleventh street, between FlMt aad -l?'l srenoes. New York. b B.? No professional eonneetton with any panm. VJO CllAROK 10 THE POOR -D.t. K KNT, FORMERLY XI pnysi' lan and s?rgeon to the Hew Vork iMspenaary . eurai q;.ic? and cheap. Ofliea 40 Howard street, corner of Browt THj! MEDICAL PILOT, BY DR. T O." mjTOHI<rt>S." - J.yrry (knily shonld pc.ssess thla valuable book ; It treats oa sver> . iresse; contains ME nagas. aolendldly Dbia rated aad bonrd . To be had ar the aathor, 488 Broadway, wnaad flow or posi bet, Frtce 91, AMTJSEITKjrrs. N I blots GAJtDR*. r ?. *ce*?at kv**iao, Fu. 26. 18M. W?prj new BMiem'iw prnoounoed e urea' trlmmrk? Til* 111 KIJH5: Or W K a LT H iff U fuYUn. ___ kliaractors by THi womuRrnL kavkl family. Also, on the luu eventnK, tie great rtemnnsn. ML!.,. KUBBHT. Matilda MariettL Paulino (ietiet Una WlndeL, Paul ? ? and hmUe MldkIo wU appear in KaTKT, THE VIVANDrPBE. Ticket*. The only seat* tha' eM be secured in advanceara: Orchestra Beets, Prtvae Boxes. Doors ones at securing Onhestre fleets and Private Boxea oaUvB ech ag 6S; perfbrmaoce tooomaaeaeeat Ik ?'elocfc. i daily from 8 a. H. for Ike u.a ?f taketa aai 1 ALBa KEkNE'H V.\ HIKTliCS. I J iHAR?a or Time? Itoora ioe*OT oMmeaea at 7X preoiaaly. Thie evening, A MORNING CALL. Sir Edward Ardent Mr. O. > Mra. ChUliogton Ml** UonXam ? BALANCE Of COMFORT. Mr. Torrtngton Mr. O. Jardaa Mra. 'lorrtnguw Mia* lam Bees* NOVELTY. A novel, rhythmical muxleal, poUtieal, seento, tUUe, aarki coulee, ratloca! and natlouai ei'rers _. I* <wr Act and Tr* Tuuim. The Dlreelr?es?Mlse L Kwme I hovelty Mtaa B fashion Him Letdernier I Fortune. . . ~ " OZ-aLLaCK'STHEaTHB, nRO VDWAY. NEAR BBOOMM TT atreet - l oora open at ?tg o-eloek; to rniaaw at T. Thle evening, Feb. 26? ? T H? KNIGHTS OF THJt ROUND TABU. Captain Cocana Ur. L Mr. Smith Mr Brouabem I D'Arey Mr. 1 Tom TUter Mr. Walrot | (JKmeral QmnCey .Mr J Or B. rootle Mr. Btewart j Peggy PepMn.... Mies fl. PerdHe TTtT. Mra, 1 Ana tba farce of A CAPITAL MATCH. Ban?y>ld?s Mr. Holland i tiwuKiud Mra. Oenover DCCXLBT'8 EERBNaDBRB, M# UB OAT) \% A X HON O day evening, February 2b, and all this week, At aaurfcA builetta aT tba ? TWO POMPKYH, Introducing several original mui-lcal eomoaatttaaa; It* celebrated due, from '"^ir.da dl Chamounlx." Preceding the plec*- _ NP.GBG MINSTRELSY. Commencing at 7^ o'clock. 1 Ickets 26 eenta. Notice? Periiain's fourth enterprise gift Ookete ere ree*f??d (for tba sitmlsskin ofionr persona) to our cntortatoaacnta Par Mle at the box oflw (ton U) A. hL to 10 P. M.; pitta *, ar eleven for *10. LI. QOTTbCUALK'S ? nfviirru PIANt>r<JBTE SOIREE Will take plaeo at Uurfwor h'a Room*, on Tbaraday aves ikg, ?ebroary VH For partl'u'ara are programme at U>? mi ale k'ort-a, aid dally papers of Uie '&*n Loet. Pert ont who purcbwed tic*?u tor tho o<t nolrea, and who vei e unable to ?ei adn kunc^ can Hiive their money returned bj appljing to Mr. OufKcna'k'j are nt, at \Mm. Hall A Ho a 'a moil: store or iht. tlrketg will be exchanged tor tha next lelree a Un ited nnmher of ticket* only will be laaoad lor Mr. GotticfeMk'a future "ObOrr'A Musical m wj?/ mar->s and brbumanm>s Fourtli ClaifH?I Mktmce will be given on Tnrsdar, Feb. 10, at l>od worth's ? cudeui > , HOC Hromiwar. at 2 Ccl ok P. M. Tba Trio by RnMtieir, ?ili be repealed, and Baeb's Tr pla Concerto, or tbreepi?Loi, ?1U be pittyed, for tha fliat Ume ta New York, by M?iu<re. He'irlenbta-*, Tlaun aoo Maaoq Ttek ?ts for aa>e a> the mua<e n'oreti and at ihe door UKBAST? POL HOLDS U(?-ONH WRPK LONGEK.? D JOHN L SMITH'S oIUMI TuCR OF BUBUPiC and SIKOK OK, Kmpire Hall, No. 896 Bromlway. Slltt * 1NU U.*B HU >1)KKD V1KWS Of ihe i liles aid o jecta of (nlerest in Kiu-ope. Everv evening at ; k a'clcck. mrt every Saturday afternoon at 3. 1 be none by Mr A) wv i Field, of London. PKRKklUAL MOTION ON EXHIBITION AT NO. M? Br. adway ?Tbtamiu litre haa been aooceaatnlly exhibit ed In Nev H .ven. Admittance 2b cent*. Honrs of exhibition fr< m 9 ui 1; from 2 to 6; and from 7 to 10 o'clock. Bowery theatrh? miss DKkTWi benefit, Ihuifday, FeM. 28- HUNCaBiCK, THE PEMALS 4& THlEVbS. BLACK EYED bUHAN, Miss Denvll aa Julio, and aalvaa. rpEMPLE OP 1HK MCcKB, 31rt BROAD WAT.? FEB L torma crs twice every day, in toe aflvnom at 3, and la the evenlnf at 1)4. M. B -^BtraDgers aid others will eSaerva that the above Is the only place In New Y?rk where the Modal Artiste* are exhibited, with other original entertainment*. VTATIONAL THEATRE WASHINGTON. O. O.-TBB J.1 leaae oi thla ma^wflreat aatabllabment from the lrt at March ensulpg havtLg been tendered lo and accepted bp Meears. Kuiikel, ford 1 Pk>) d, the snbaerlber U prepared !? treat nits stara far nlghily, triweekly or areekl* irarftirniaaeoa. JOHN T. I OKU, hoie Manager? alao of Hoik ay at. theatre. TBM MODhh ABTteTMB, OumPOHKO OF rtOMB OP TBM fineat formed wotren In the world, oai be seen every af lernotnalS. and evening at 7X, la a he?ntUol Mienlen of hvltg statuary, together with a great variety oi original enter tainments. To oe seen at n> other place In New York Itea tha 1 emole of tie Mures, 3'6 H oadtray. | i LOtsED.-TB K FR A N KLIN M WK ?, 63 BOWMBT, IS \J cloeed for a short period. The troupe of Model ArUet's, together with the entire conpany attaobtd lo tha asove eetab lUhment, petlo'm every Afternoon at 3, and every evenin* at 7. at the Icmple of tho Muse.% 316 Broadway, until for .her not Ice. 'ATIONaL 1 HKATHK, BOSTON.? THE LADIB8 AH0 gentlemen engaged at Ihla eatmbllshment are req?eet?4 ts meet in the green room on Wedneed*v, the 37th Inn,, mil o'clock A.M. GEO. U uRlFPitHd, Manager. MUBkMENTB.? ACALEMI HALL, ?S BBOaDWA). to let, with stage, scenery, eexte for 1,000 pcreoaa, and every thing complete t'vr txh'blUooa. Apply oathe premises, between 9 A. M. ana A P. M " " I 'HE PUBLIC DEMAND 1T.-(N OONBEQUtfNCK OP rot being able ti receive tae same amnant of amo?Mnenl ekewhere, the Bowery Ibsatre la oompelled to o->ltge Ha pa trons!:) opening on haTHBDaT, March 1. jai ukDa y aftIk n o; >.n 75 a rch iT bowbrv TUM a're? Doors open at 1V^ "?-formanoes eommenee at I ?k. GK-*I - fc-i'lkRTAINMENT. Ni S HKTROLOOt, AWoNDKK-TH*OtPhET OIKL-TH1B BUtiVNKB and oniy true palmist In Ameriea, can be consulted wtttx on all event* ef life, at 384 Broome street, near Alien street; tee 60 cent*. N. B. ? Dhe ean Impart a secret by wfcteh aay lady or gentleman can obtain the affeotlon* ef the oppo^ta sex. Charge extra. ASTONISHING TO ALL- MADAME MORROW, THB seventh daughter, has a natural gttt to tell past, oeeerat and future event*, and all the oonocraa of life, even the verp thoughts, and will oause ttpeedy marrtagee, and ebnw the Hke nerses of the Intended husoaads aed abeeot trleada. and whl brit g together thoae who are aepar**a, who wUl ?njoy the grea'eet happiness of ma'rtmontal Use. All wto wtat good hwk may cal soon to r relief and oomfort. 1 batman Its kave ex ? p raved their belief that sta Is the most wonderful aafrologttl In |he world, or that ha* ever been known, though she prao ttses nothing bat whatir reonaofleabie te pbUoiopbera. I*o charge if not MUsAed T< Bmoaui atreat,. between Cutnoa and Oolumbla. Gentlemen ao< adwuUed /CLAIRVOYANCE. ? MRS. PkYMOUR. 110 BPR1NO \J atrcet. afewdooi* west or Broadway, Is the aaost hoc ?rarfnl medical ard buali ea* c alnoyant In Ameriea; aethma, I'i'onchltls. liver oomplelat, nirvoti>nese. debthtv, dyspepnln, lever and ague, ko , cured If curable, and sklMaetr n war ranted or ne Day takts GI.'IHVOYAM E-MRH. HAYES ii THE MOST SUC cemful medlca land busln*** ctalrvovanl m Aoserlc*. 1 adle t' direaf es are cured bv Mrs Hay ee If a cure le posaible. Mrs. Ha> es Is dally saving persona ftxim the grave. OO-e, 176 Grand street Satiafkctory asaeslnallosw given, remeuber, or no pay. 1?R, U \YK-<, K>e<:lrvi to. UiDAPI PiBWSTSlt, THE RkNOWNED A8TROLO irl Rlit, of 76 toadlsnn street, win give a reliable aeoount of the tale of the mtesirg strainer Pacific. Alt thoae interested in her'ateaierequeated tec*, I. TUAVKL.LKRS' GlIIUB. Honor rivkr kaIlkoau.-trainb i.icayb Chamber* st- eet dally, for Albany and Troy, tm and attar Mat dav, January tl. IWK. the tratos wtil rune* foltews: ? Kxires* train. 7 A. M.. 30m ectinf with Northern snd Weeter* trains; through war tialn 12 M ; express train, & P. M.: for rougbfteepsie, at 9 A. M aod 3:30 P M., to PeeVaklfl 6 20 P. M.: for cing Slug, at 4 P. M. The Slug ttag and I ?k-!tul trairs stnp at a'i the way sin' lone. Passengers taken t Cham bers, Canal ' "hrtstipher and Tht rtr fl-*t streets. Border mall train, at 4 P. M-. from Cawil street, for A bany, Mdoplni at all ?all statinns M. Tj. SYKIH Jr.. ffuxmr'nteadant MEDICAL. D^Ht. I. A KMOhT'S 1'aRiH AND LO.'DON MKiUCAL | Adrtaer ai (1 Marriage Uutda Uth edition 3U) paces, 71 co>?red figures; rV,lh |1 Anii.n( <u (\>n'en'a am h'.a nuineroue rectlpta ai,d apeeiftes for servous de->Ulij local and general, fion excess aoa IrdlgceUwi in jc u'A. The anihor'e Part* aoa London treatment from 11 to 2; and 6 to 9 P. M,4j Kwd* atreet, corner of 290 Broadway, v also book nM at ta. Wo re.fomuxnd 1 tr. Lartront to the atlHrted.? Courier dee Kta'a Unix. K'aatr Zeltnng, n-Uorial Democrat. Dar Book *o. TAB. WARD'S UNFORTUNATE'S PRIKNO, AMDOTBKR Xy imrfvl?*)! remedies. -The au*e cure o wrtw dltoaena, <i n cKer and more compete tlian entitling e'Mi The aflllslM wlio w ould obi alt. a permanent ta i apeeoy cure, -.houM noun* Imtredla fcly to rne I i?ve hacdrede mouthiy. uBce ar ranged aotbU pat enta do not m?M. qolek effectual and mb tMlllrgmedicaUtil rei.derrd. M] utfertMala'e frletd cure# e'wage In a week o'tea In I w0*? ^;ahgh'. OMM, eoro manning. Id twe ve Office, Canai atrew, we door east of (ho oor rer of Bread wav. . . , ' DHI. COOPER, M DT7A 1 K 8TRBBT, MAT BB OOH ? gulled with MlllM on diseases Twentf-ali year- til < ne speciality enables Mm to sake permanent wilhou* mercui j or hindraaee fr.m bugtnne*, diet, Ac. '?pRUPXMAIir? THE ORRaT KTTltuPfcAH 0I80?)V8Rt1 L Protected by roiel tefiarat>?en< of ICng'aod, and secured by the seals of the tecole da PWmaale de Parte, mmI the Im perial Col'ega tf Medietas Vteoaa. Ti ItamiB Ho..l? la the nmidf tot general d.'blNty. Tt? rvftem would not become Uja paired, aven In the decline of Hto, If Irleamar No. 1 wore universally adopted; all ohyaloal Imre lltrenta vanish Uke magic komre lie tnnmmce. thua reo<terin* Its ore Invaluable to tboee entering tae inarriagw ntate. Tkukwab No. 2-OompiaMf Wtft atu all thrum dlaordere a hlth eooavte aod cubetiehavaeo loug bem teought in anti dote tof, to the rata at the ba*Uit># a yggt partton of our pop a with mercary, to tha InevMRM tee patient's aoa sdtotloo, whlah ail the aarsepartli?)ti *bo warldeaaaot rooove V1?"" Nra.l, SaodB. ut ail?e <ter*d at Me or aaeH, and all MuaeeUr? qoaii<taa. iWgM hern tea toilet table Inlie separate dmM aa admin Inland b?-tWp*i Lal'tomaaaL Ron, Ao. Wbolaaala and retail, atd hrwanJeffTo an r part at the world by B.JL HARROW, H. D., M Orawa Mar Canal. Kaw Tnrlf, who la Uba patanlae to afra adrtca toairtoatfeote ta Amertc*. Cotffc*?Uootaa, tfbT Mar, |6. A minute daacrtrtlon of eaaa, I'glMf aM, babtta ted avo ewlne, aremaeaaaary. Att?oda(M?iiyNtW? 11 A. M. Mil > P. M., a?d ftwAto 8 P. M., glaii ti)waaa>fcW imIim by ara rv ? anualaUueoU Nn. R1 Oraate*W*aL aaar Oanal P~ ?TTAm ^iriipii wi flnaehiajpmtlaatoaMalaak 0 ?Maaa ,ta wMeh bahaa treated mora wmi twwntr thr awad m1 aa. wMkoat eaa Whn I ftsaL^j^awaiwarts's ewet Ibara la a awe In twmty fanrbonre. Dr. WUmtm decree to ttele that, aa many bare bam iteialyad br tha ptmrtMarfewMi ehaHauna. aad baan tajirad by draara. patteau arartapeetAilty la*l?ed to eail ta tka Aral ptaea. aa L^ta*eh?aaA>raow"lta<j3*__. _ WnxiAMWATBOW, *. n Many yaara aurgeon to tba Lack Hoapltel; anihar of H^a fan?a aad Cttre," Ptrainmua niataa, 91. OAoa M Vika atraet, fourth door waat of Broadway. ^ BBHioobd'H pr\otick. An-hsTo. d. RAVMown lata a pnptl with Rlwd.'of Parla, and with the rrlr'iraanif "feona oVthf. eHr, Or?. r^rnoekan and MM ^HaT an'fed, eonfldentiary at hla ennrmtantlr teea'ou roaana^M w?iisrts^2S*Ss