Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 27, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 27, 1856 Page 3
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. ? OUT ?AAH?T. Tuesday, Feb. 28?6 P. M. The Block market wan active to-day. Prices were tuisettled. The great abundance of money, and the cane with which stocks can be hypothecated, serve to sustain quotations, and keep the market com paratively tree from large supplies. At the first board Missouri 6's advanced 4 per cent; Nicaragua Transit, A; Harlem, j; Hudson River Railroad, ?; Michigan Southern, 4- New York Central Railroad declined 4 per cent; Reading, 4; Cleveland and To ledo, 5 : Chicago and Rock Island, J. There is no thing new in any of the leading speculative securi. ties. The bank returns favor speculators for a rise, and it is the general impression that as the season ad vances and the weather becomes mild, we shall have a very activc movement in all kinds of stocks, and, of cour?e, more or less inflation in prices. Prices now current, compared with those ruling in August and September last year, are low, and the margin for a rise, before touching points then real. ' ized, is sufficient to satisfy ordinary speculators. In pome stocks there is a margin beyond the highest points of the past twelve months, aud there is very little doubt but that the widest margin iu all will be covered within the next four months. Our banks have once more passed the hundred million point in their discount line, and their specie department is many millions above an average. The expan sion of bunk loans has but just commenced, and we see no probability of any de crease of conseqnence in the supply of specie. The banks show iu their last returns nearly sixteen mil lions in hand, with the semi-monthly remittance from Califoraia not many days distant. In the event of an active exportation of specie commencing in April or May, it will not require more thin our regular re ceipts from California to meet any demand for ship ment: but we have no idea that any such demand will spring up , or that there will bo any drain npon us of an unusnal character. It certainly looks now as though we shall retain this year more of onr Califor nia remittances of gold than in any previons year since its discovery in that country. The banks of this ?city have now in hand more gold than they want. The burden of sach a dead weight is a serious matter. It compels an expansion of loans more ripldly than would otherwise appear. The banks do not really require more than ten millions in specie to sustain themselves under ordinary circumstances. It will be necessary for these institutions to deplete the specie departnent in some way; probably by an expansion that will create a moderate demand for shipment. The opening of the spring trade will, without doubt, give greater activity to our foreign trade, and the payments into the Custom House for duties may be sufficiently large to reduce the banks' supply. It is nut often that the banks complain of a plethora in that department. The stock market was better at the seGond board. The general movement was upward. Reading advanced J per cent; Erie, J; New York Central Railroad, J; Panama, 4 ; Hudson River Rtilroad, i; Michigan Southern, Nicaragua Transit, J. The purchasers of Hudson River Railroad are some of our largest capitalists in the ruraJ districts, connected with the New York Central Railroad Company. There is evidently norno movement in contemplation, the nature of which we are yet ignorant of. Some fihort sighted individual is selling Nicaragua Transit short, at prices considerably below the current rates. The probability is that a few weeks will improve his vision materially. The company's steamer which left port yesterday for Nicaragua, carried out nearly seven hnndred passengers. Reading has been taken hold of by a strong party, and it is the imprejsion that it will touch higher points this time than were ever before realized. The Assistant Treasurer reports to-day as fol lows : ? $74,980 47 867,412 50 for Away oflioe V.V. . ..... . 1 870 fT '?id oa IH?l>drMDg Check*... 4f^7ii8 It The receipts t<Hlay include $100,000 fortranafe ?drafts on Boston. The earnings of the Michigan Central Railroad for [the second week in Februaiy were as follows:? fl845. 1856. ?"*???-* $11,675 61 918,127 10 $1,451 6J rn?h? 10,610 80 10,746 44 234 8? ToU1 $22,186 11 $^872~6* fl.flsa 4J The Muscogee Railroad Company have declared semi-annual dividend of four percent. The gross ?earnings for the sac months ending January Hist, (amounted to $104,009 73, and the expenditures to 46,480 11, leaving for net profits $58,411 62. It is expected that the Toledo, Wabash and Dli ois and St Louis railroad will be completed some lime in the month of May next. The road is at resent in operation to Fern, a distance of one hun dred and fifty miles, and the balance of the road, ninety-three miles, is nearly graded. The total cost] Dn completion, will be about *8, 450, 000, of which 13,000,000 is capital stock, and the residue bonds. [The roads connecting with it are, the Fort Wavne tnd Chicago, the Great Western, of Illinois, and the Terie Haute and Alton, thus forming a direct line (from Toledo to the mouth of the Illinois river, a dis tance of about four hundred and thirty miles. The Philadelphia Ledger of the 2Gth inst. says:? The long and anxiously looked for doau-nsnt? a certi led copy ol the act of the J-og'.a'ature of Toxin? hn at **t reached Washington. 1'h.t payment of the creditor* nil Deoo Mflitly depend upon trio c u-u action of the Sec retary of >he Troa?ury unci n c Attorney (ieDeral. Too iroTKo which w.< have spo*. -i i' attached to the ar;i Jlc in whloh Texas rtu. u .;c> uor claim* agvmt the i/nned ^uwi, gro*iog ou. ol Iauioi depredation*, h i0 2it? feUowil-g word*:? ' ' I'twidcu that this abandonment flball not extcni to ncray " inaiT,cn?I'< who have lost property by the lherehai been some diversity of opinion whether this >1 (rvmcn prevents a Bit r lenient of the claim* without hither nc Un by CongxeM. It h a question tor the de acon of the authorities at Washington, and a tel<>graphic lospatch was received bere yesterday, whish stated that secretary (iutbiie had declared thu ihe money would be raid to creditor h a* Boon a* the required notice had ex. ji'ed? eay in July uext. The paymevs to holders ot the exM ?ight per cents, it is estimated, will be alwut $140 or ?ach hundrtil of the face of the bonds. In the notice in our paper of the 23d inst. of the pening of the Fort Wayne and Chicago Railroad rom Fort Wayne to Columbia, a singular blunder ccurred in locating the eastern end of the road at restline, on the Cleveland, Columbus and C'incin ati road. The Fort Wayne and Chicago road ught to be sufficiently well known to have its geo raphical position at least, rightly defined. The oaddoes not commence at Crestline, but at Port Vnyne, Ind., and extends from that point, on a di ect line, to Chicago (147 milos). The great line of rhich this road is a part, consisting of the Pennsyl ania Central, Ohio and Pennsylvania, and Ohio (nd Indiana and Fort Wayne and Chicago roads, lakes a route from Philadelphia to Chicago of 818 liles, and at the sauie time oilers a route from New ork to Chicago, via Philadelphia, sixty-one miles horter than that now travelled over the New York nd Erie, Ijike Shore and Michigan Southern roads, lie intersection of the line at Crestline with the leveland.Coiumbns and Cincinnati road offers one f the best routes from Cleveland to Chicago, end a ne of unbroken gauge from Chicago to Buffalo, via leveland. The portion of the Fort Wayne and Chi ago road lately opened is the Kastern, twenty miles rom Fort Wayne to Columbia The annexed statement exhibits the gross income \f the Galena and Chicago Railroad Company in ach month of the past calendar year, showing also (he sources of revenue: ? (vAij^A a>d CmcAuo 1 stojr Ruuoad J'amrijn *. Fn l&hU JHoih, ?/v. ' sn\iary..$"8 U78 70 $5(1,797 76 $),loo 87 $fl.i "j-,7 ->o 'ehruaiy.. M.284 AO 44,441 45 1,15, *7! 52} ? ilateh... 66,8'fl 70 68, .13(1 04 3 727 W 12t'mo ft? 86,8M 87 S70 77 1.A53 26 So8 07 ?'y ?.?? 55 119,1.-16 95 a,05rt 70 214 106 M nne 7(1.05:1 75 114 887 84 f.6,2 JO 22* 558 to nly 07 12t.".i8 .Vi 1.9.-, 5 83 185'wo 52 liiauat... '13 49.1 67 148.893 75 2,t)7A 81 210 Ot> i -?| ;ei>temb-i 8'2 784 55 176,106 3il 2,4 <!9 1 2 281 320 (,:r ?ctoUr...',19,riWl 76 V 00,052 4 i 2,7.">4 ? 322 870 12 .'nvcrnl er 8'. 534 97 151,29!) 64 2 917 JO "37,882 (11 !?r. (est,) 72 87 109 78 2,68-1 08 145,398 57 . Total. .>844,421 501, <101. '.'ill 1" ^(1,890 0J 2, !7 !,? jltOH in,ci?iiie in 1854. t ,310,664 25 Inerf *ne In 1855 $953 050 5! The flacal year at (hi* company end* May 1 , and the statement of earnings for the Aaaal year i$ mach more favorable than for the calendar year. In the Bsc al year ending May 1, 1865, the grow income amounted to $1/100,710. For the focal year ending May 1, 1856, the gross income will be upwards of $2,500,000. The following general summary of the busines* of Chicago for 1855, la from the Democrat*? Press:? Bihnmi or Chicago ? 1866. Total number of miles of railroad centring in Chicago, Fob, 16, 186.' 40 Total oumbw of miles now completed and In operation 2,930 Inrttute In lour rears, or more than 609 miies per year ",893 Total number of miles projected, to be corn pitted in from five to cigbt ysar* 6,449 Total number of mile* of railroad in opera tion in the Stat? of Illinois, Fee. 16, 1852, lour years ago 96 Total number of miles now in operation. . . . -.419 Increase in the State in four years 2,316 Ihe total earnings of all the railroads (40 miles i leacing into the city during the year 1861, say $40,000 Total eainiogH cf the roads leading inte the elty f >r the ytar 1866 $10,298,201 09 liicreai-e in tour years, thirteen and a quar ter millions of dollars $10,268,201 09 Total numier ?f trains arriving and departing now (mid-winter) eatly. 06. Add 12 to 20 per cent, *hen the opting business opens, and the uumber will be about 110 Nuitber ol' points at which the Caicago rail i oat h reach the Id isbli-slppt 8 Population ot Chicsgo ii 1862 88,783 I'opuiatlon of Chicago is 1866, or nearly ISO per cent In three years 83,609 loial receipts of grain at Chicago for the year 1864, bushels 15,806,423 Totnl receipts of grain for 1861) ? increase about 3t per c*nt, bushels 20,437,963 Total shipments of grain from the port of Cbicaito lor the year 1866, bushets 16,633,813 Total number of hogs handled in Chicago for 1864 6 ".77.... 108,616 Total value ot the beef packed in Chicago in 1866 $1,162,420 96 Receipts of lumber at the port of Chicago for )S66, (est 326,663,467 Now laid up m tfte port of Chicago, steam ers, proiollers, sail vessels, Ac 2CU Total number of vessels arriving in Chicago during tho last year 6,410 Ihe total tonnage ot vessels arriving la this port tor 1866, tons 1,008,816 Amount of imposts received on foreign goods at the Chicago Custom House $296,844 76 Total amount of capital invested in manufac tures during the year 1866, showing $2 0'i),000 lncie?se over tho previous year. .. $6, 296, COO Total cumber of men employed in manufac turing. (increase in 1856, a, 740 ) 8,740 Total value of manufactured articles, (in creaHo in 18?5, *0.161.491) $11,031,491 Totsl amount expended in improvements, stores, dwelling, hotels, &c. (increase in 1866, *1,296.341) $3,706,264 The Railway Times of Boston gives the follow ing tabular summary of railroad operations in Mas sachusetts, in each of the past three years RAn.ROAT*> OY M-VSNAf linRMTS. 1863. 1864. 1866. Number of railways. . 40 09 43 Mile* road k brnch's. 1,192 1,262 1,413 Mi double track and tldirgs 626 439 431 Gross cost 65,048,602 C9.630.4t0 61,708118 Average cost per mile. 46,430 46,783 45,949 (iross receipt* 7,994,033 8,090,261 9,098,492 Gross expenses 4,332,769 6 426,767 6,666,320 Not. income 0,661.277 0,280,494 0,436.172 inc.p. c. on cost 6 61 5 62 6 67 Gitss No. miles run.. 6, 250.292 f>,&31,014 6,386,416 Av. receipts p mile run 1 62 1 67 1 69 Av. ex p mile run 0 82 0 98 1 06 Av. net in. p mile run. 0 70 0 59 0 64 Gross receipts per mile of railway 0.706 40 6,890 86 6.774 76 fVseDgers carried... 11,668,992 12, 092, 70S 11,309,860 Carried oce mile 186.216,713 194,168,802 186.160,127 Totib uf mdse carried 3 041,782 0;767,630 3,062,261 Do. carried ene mile. 96,986,802 104,680,043 103,676,160 Total weight of pas senger trains, in tons, hauled one mile, not including passengers 10C, 208, 467 122,060,281 110,689,219 Total weight ot freight trains. In tone, haul ed one mile, not in cluding freight 148,804,441 171,667,264 166.260,746 Tutal No. of tons, not lnclud'g pasteng'rs baultd one mile.... ?60, 998, 740 R98, 826,678 385,626,127 It appears by this statement, that compared with 1854, there was in 1855 a very slight increase in the net income on cost, bat compared with 1853, the decrease was in 1855 more than one per cent. Rail road property in Massachusetts, and all other New England States, is gradually bat steadily depre ciating in productiveness. The Albany Register has the following piece or financial gossip: ? A Financial Coinudbw*:.? It hi a oariouR tact that tbe lions of the hour ot the Stock Exchanges in Vienna and New York, bare both been printer* and editors, tilled re spectively tlie [.out of Ameiican Consul at Trieste, and sadden ly m?de fortunes in stock operations. The latest huoccm of the one? Mr. Warner ? formerly of the Pitta lurg Journal, is bis appointment by Baron Brusk as manager ot tbe Austria* Credit Mobilfer; while the o'.her ? Mr. l/'ODard Jerome? late ot the Rochester American, has assumed a prominent position by cornering the oldest and shrewdest operator in Wall street. $'4)OOTenne?ie?<>'s90 ."1000 Missouri 6's. . . 87 ?000 Virginia 6'a... 96 V 2000 fcxieConBd*,'71 84?? 20C0 Erie Bds of '76 . 89 % 500 N YttnO'l... 87 *i 1000 do 88 1C00 111 Cen RR Bis. 87 V 10 shs Mer Ex Bunk. 100 16 Metropolitan Ilk. 107 V 5 (iard'r GMine.blO IV 500 do b3 lnO Nic Trnn Co.. ,s3 ICO do so ico do beo HO do c 400 do..... 360 Cum Coal Co. . ,c Stork Elrhang*. Tubs*at, Feb. 26, 1856. 23 shs Harlem RR. . -21 ??? 130 do 10 Stonington RR. . . 60 Nor & Wor RR .. 14 N H & Htrt RR.. 326 Reading RR...sS do do bfiO do sf.0 do. ?i0 do s3 do sl6 4C0N Y C<n RR..b30 60 do 60 do 100 do slO 176 RrieRR *3 100 if.O 200 ?.00 100 260 21V 49 33 123 92 92 v 92 9*V 92;,' 92)6 92,'.' 80 33 32 a 33 S3 94-,' M'i 95 60 100 200 100 400 200 '.00 100 loo 200 1(0 20 ro. dot do. do. do. do, do. do. do. ao. do. do. .seo ..So ..30 ? S60 .beo .sfiO . .bo 1360 do 60 do b3 650 do... ...... e 100 do b"0 .100 do bfiO IV 60 do slO 21 22 Sixth Ar RR 21 V 200 Hud Riv KK..boO 21 "j 29 do 21 V 100 do b3 20 100 do 25 ?; 32 Mich Cen RR.... 26*? 60 do 26?,' 65 K'h S k N la RR. 26 86 l'anama RR 104 25 40 do *10 104 26 V 60 co sttO 101 25 100 Ills Cen RR..bC0 97 V 92 100 da 97*4 917; 150 Gal & Chic RR... US', 91 % 50 do t>60 113 V 91 V 60 ro bCO 113 V 68V 60 do 113 58 800 CI A. Tot RR..bb0 80 68",' 50 do ho 79V 68 H 150 do 79^ 68V 100 do b60 79V 68 V 100 do b60 79 68, V 10 do 79 58 V 80 Ch & R I RR. . . s3 94 58, V 200 do btiO 94 V 58% 100 do bfiO 94S 58,V 100 Long Inland RR . 33 68 V 100 do b.'! 33 68V' 60 Ward 0 & Ir Ca.. 25 >? $26CO 111 On R Bs n3 5( 0 *bn Florft K .l.b)0 too Nlc Trait Co..s4m InO oo s3 600 Cum Coal Co ... c hfO do 1)60 (6 N Y Central RR. 10 Erie RR 100 do bio 100 co *8 100 do ICO co bf?0 SKCOH? B0AK1>. 87 V V 20 2' V' 25'V 26 V 92 68 V 6?>V 68V 58,V 69 60 l'anama RR 104 V 100 shs Reading R.s< 310 do aft 100 do s60 100 do b60 6 Hudson l'lver RR 100 d* 50 do blO 100 Mich So k N la R 100 do b.^0 100 Harlem lilt.. 1.60 180Ciwe&rolR.b30 100 do hfO 100 do b60 02. V 92* 92 V 92V 33 V 83V :t;i ? 95 % 95 V 22 7PJ? 79 V 79',, Rending It altrusd. TO THK KPITOK OK THE JTERAI.P. The "sjmeatli/" txtraeted from the "stock" of the IUaoing Riilroad np"ii tbe arrival of every Htcaser, i< on etigms not under?to d by tbe people ontalde o' the stick market If consols are reported an olghth below the previous rate, Reading goes down 3 per cent; and, a* it rtcently happened, consols had advanced to about the figure. Heading, with all its dividend* and prospect*, continues at tbe old rates, because ita riokety and at tenuated neighbors require " beroic treatment to keep up tbe nervous system." In this peculiar positin n, and directly tn tbe face of the report of the managers? In -.he lace of the report ol Mr. Steele, in which not only tbe value and prospects of the Reading are defined, but the value and prospects of every road in the country are clearly set forth ? and, in the face of tho dividends, ana the fact that the stock is roally out of tbe market, the price continues at about the same figure, and is likely to rtmain so for some time to come. Tbe fluctuations, wblch vary only about 3 per cent for the last three months, Fare determined by the "cont-acta" ota time; and, as " deg don't eat dtg.'jdkg have no maturity, and tie interest Balances the difTeMJL The citizens, there fote believe the reporteU sales are in the neighborhood of the intrinsic value of the stock; an<*, without inquiring the feet, permit themselves to bo duped by the ' g'od thinifs " aroard them. The " bridge across the Budaon," tbe " liquidation of a bonded debt " at 26 per cent loss, and the permiwion giv^n to a certain company to pell nail its estate to prevent others from doing ro, with iho txlraoroirary business on cortain roads in January, when every ton carried cost more than re eMVtd, ismufic to tbe untutored ear, and, ol oouvse, nrslth to tbe parties linge'ing under the influence of hope deferred. But it won't do. The friend* of the lUtidnp kntw that the stock is out of the market ? thit tho destiny of the work is onward? that it can have no t>val? and tbnt I's value is not to be determined by the equivocal doubt* ot patties Involved in the various hum kugs of the day. N, cut toniuuwiAii itRPoap. TtitWiAY, Feb. 27? <1 p. M. Ahrim were unchanged, ai>d sales ltgt t Xiv'AnfTt.'rni.-> Hour? Toe mar*e' axhiMtel no chmgc rf n>( U'cnt. in pili e". Tbe salep em')* iced ab nit P 1:00 to 4 (00 bbls., loelndiog crnnmon to g ifd and exkn S nte, Htfcrt 62t( <i $0 87 n $7, Western lofeii tr to ???ittinnu toll' t<; (i.'V ? To 87, and fancy wi'.h extra d> $7 31 a aftitxtegUXwfe ?*- *****!<** Canada* ITU sale* moderate, and pncf* were ua ehanf**; 0o?*torfa wm Id Mr **?aaad, with gales of about 1,400 to 1,400 kkls. at price* wring tm OS J* ? 99 7ft. Kje flour vu heavy, with sa uJl salt* at $1 31 a $0 for to* *oi ?uperflno. Mwl Hale* of 800 Ma Jersey were reported ttM 60 a $4 62 K- Wheat, la the tbeeaoe ofeeleawss nominal. Corn? Sale* of 10,000 baihob Sooth er* btgh Mixed and white sold at 73e. , aod 3,000 do. yellow at 75<i., delivered. Rje? The market wan quiet, a ad prioea unset 'Jed. There were purchaser* at 91 10, and sellers at 91 16. Oata war* dull, at 30c. a Me. for south ern, 3ic a 40c. for New Jersey, 42c. a 43e. for State, and 44c. a 4Cc. for Western. Coax ? .Salt* of 90 ton* Liverpool orrel were Made at private terms. Cdith_? The market wan firm, with moderate sales. The transaction* included 600 bags Java at p. t., 160 mats do. at 14 ^c., 600 bags Klo at 11 Vc. a 12>;c., and 800 do. do. at ll?c. a 12c. Cro-ma ? The market was inactive, and <>ale* confined to about 600 a 000 bales, while priced oontinued without <j notable charge. Huac.irw ? ' To Liverpool, about 2,200 bbls. flour were engager at 2s. fid. ; 160 bale* bacon at 00*. per ton; grata was at 7>jd. ; cotton ranged from 9-32a. a 6-lOd. To London, tOO bales bacon were engaged at 40*. To Glas gow, CO tony fustic were engaged by a British vessel at 30s., and 300 bbls. rosin at 3*. 9d. To Brcmsn, 100 bales --vere engaged at Jfc., ar.d 00 hhd.i. tobacco at 30s. To Antwerp, ashen were taken at 37*. Cd. a 40s. There wa* no change to notice in rates to Ha yre or to Oalit'otnia. Gusst Ci/mi ? 100 bate* were sold at 13}?e. Hav ?8h steady at 91 18% per 100 lb*., for shipment. Iron wm ?t *t4 a 926 iv .-ivtch pig. fik'i.AK->> ? Sales of 400 a 600 bbla. N'ew Orleans were made at 44c. a 46c. per gallon. Navai Women wtce quiet, and prices unchanged. I1?oviwom< ? 1'ork ? The muket was rather firmer: the ?alt ?) embraced 400 a 600 bbls , at 91ft 87,S[ a 916 93\ for me?s. Fzime was at 913 87 a 914. B<*sf was boar/ ano lower ; Rait s of 160 bbls. were maao, including coun try prime, at 98 76 a 99 60, and trie it do. 910 a 911, and 911 a 913 60 for repacked Western. Prime mess was nominal, at 919 a 922. Cut meats were eteaty. with moderate naIes."*T5rd was quiet. Sales ot 160 a 200 bbls. wero made, at 10;, c.. a lo \c . Butter and cheese were stt ady, at unchanged prices. Kicb? The market was quiet, and priceb were un changed. Kmai. Ektatk. ? House and lot No. 161 Washington street, 26x92, 916,000; do. 722 Broad way, 23x137, 936,000: do. corner of Broome and Variok street, 21x66, 96,800; 62 Yuiick street, 26x100, 914,200; do. on Eighty-first street, between Second and Tuird avenues, 26x102, 93,260; do. No. 37 I'ine street, 24x76, 9*9,760; two lots on Twenty-third street, between First ant Seeonu avenues, each 92,100, 20x100, 94,200; house and lot No. 64 9 read street, 26x100, 914 010; one lot, with buildings, No. 237 South street, extending ba'Sk, and iticTuiling No. 441 Wa'er street, 26x160, 916.100; one lot with buiidi< gH, No. 236 South street extending MnK and Including No. 469 Water street, 26x160, 916 760; houte nud lot No. 460 Water s'reet. 26x60. 96.260; No. 462, adjoining. 26x00 $6 000: No. 434 d>., 26x6i?, 96,350; No. 467, do., 26x60, 96,050; No. 468, do., 26x60. 94,150; No. 470; do., 26x60. 91,100; no. 196 Water street, 2bx60, 95, (50; No. 78 Monroe street, 26x82, 93,200; No. 87 do., 26x100 ; 93,790; two lots corner first avenue and 116th street, $>870; two lots on Fourth avenue, near Thirty - tighth street, 97,600: four coiner Tenth avenue and Six ty- -ixrh street, S3, 640; one in rear of above, on Sixty sixth :-tie?t, 9810; one ou Sixty sixth street, near Teuin avtme, 9610; one corner Thirty-eighth street and Fourth avenut, 25x#0, 94.400; three on Thirty fourth strost, be twt-en l'ouith and 1-exington avenues, 26x99, 911,100; five on Sixty- fifth street, near Fighth avenue, 26x100, 96,000; two anjoixnng 26x100. $2,050; one on Slxcy-s:xtn street, near Rroaa way, 20x100, 91,060; bouse ana* lot on Fifty sec nd btrcet, between Secona and Third avenues, 26x100, $1,1;, 0. Si'iceb.? Salos of 260 mats of cassia were mtde at 36 **'0. Bcoiiifl ? The market was firm, with rather more doing. The *-ales footed up about 800 a 1 000 hh?g., in lots, in eluding 500 hhds. Cuba muscovado, at 7\c. a 7Jf i., and about 100 a 200 do , at 8c. a 8 Si s., also 200 a 300 do. Ne w Orleans goot' . part of which was at 8','c There was a fair demand for boxes, and some parcels were reported sold at toll pi ices. Ion >rro is in good request, and prices well sustained. The nslcs included 40 hhds. Kentucky, at 10c. a 12>,;c.: 450 bales Havana, at 24c. a 28c.; 64 cases seed leal, at 6];e. a 12c.; 18 do. Florida, at 16c. a 26c. Wnwiurr Sales ot 200 a 300 bbls. prison were male at ?0c. a S0,V?? with some lots reported at 31c. ADVERTISEMENTS REJfEVEP ETEII DAT, SPKCIAI. NOTICES. AMJcBICaN IHBTTTUt*, MECHANICS' CLUB.-a RK gular meeting will be held at the Ropos'tory, 351 Broad way, on Wednesday, February 27, at 7 o'clock P. It. Sub jects? "Ibe Future of the Locomotive " proposed by a. l. Holly; alro, -'The Beat Method ot Raising sunken Ships," proposed by L. C. St. John, ot Buffalo. Strangers are always (specially we come. Admission tree to all. H. MEIGS. Secretary. ALT- PEKhONS ARE REQUESTED NOT TO PAT ANT moboy or deliver goods for. cur account, except against a written order from ua. archf.i; A CO., 151 Water street. New York, Feb. 25, 1806. MAYOR'S OFFICE, NEW YORK, FEB. 23. 1868.? No tice Is hereby given, that the following provisions of an ordinance parsed by the Otmmon Council relative to pawn brokers will be rlpldly entotced, aud that herua'ter all com piainta made for the violation ot the same will be Immediate aent to the Corporation Attorney for proMcudon. FKKN AW DO WoOD, Mayor. Sections 1, 2 and S. All persona exercising or carrying on lbs bur loess of a pawnbroker iha'l ootaln from the Mayor, under his band and seal, a license for the (awe, and enter into a re cognizance with two anfllclant sureties to the Mayor. Aldermec and commonalty in the sum of fire hundred dollars, condi tioned for tho due observance of all such ordinances of the Common Cornell as may be In l'o'ce resnectlng paw nbrokars at any tine during the continuance of such lice one, fcec. 4. Every pawnbroker Khali keep a book. In which shall be tairly written at th* time of each loan an accurate account and description of the goods, article or tnlng pawned, the amount ot iponev loaned thereon, the time o< pledging the 1 same, the rate of Interest to be paid on such loan, and the name and residence of the person pawning or pledging the said goods, article or thine. Sec. 6. Kvery pawnbroker shall, at the time of each loan, da- 1 liver to the person pawning or pledging any goods, article or thing, a memorandum or note, signed by htm or her. ciu'aln tng the substance of the entry required to be made In his or her bock, by tbe last preceding section; and no course shall be maoe or received by any pawnbroker, for any suoh entry, me morat>dum or note. Sec 6. The said bfolc shaM at all reasonable times, b? opened to the inspection ol the Mayor, Reconer, Aldermen. Assistants and special iustices for preserving the pe*ee of the elty ot New York, or anr or either of them, or of an> person wbo shall be duly authorized In writing tor that purpose, by any oreither oi them, and woo shall exhibit s?ch written au thority to such puwniroker. bee 7. Every pawnbroker who shall vio ate, or neglect, or refuse to ermply with any or either of th? provisions o( the lourlh, tifih or sixth section o( this (tile, shad, for ?very such olience, torfett and pay the sum of twenty five dollars. Bee. 8. No pawnbroker shall ask, demand or reoelve an; greater rate of li-tercst. than tweoty -Ove per cect uer annum, upon any loan not exceeding the sum of twenty Ave dollars: or than seven per ceat per nnnuti upon anv loan exceeding 'be sum of twenty-live dollars, under the penalty of one hun dred dollars for every such otlence Sec. 9. No pawnbroker shall wll any pawn or plege until the some shall have remained oue year lu n's or her poswes sien, and all such sales shall be at public auction and not otherwise, and shall oe made or couducted by sucli acaOaoeer os shall be aoproved of for that purpose by the Aiayar of the clt* of New York. Eec. 10. Notice of every such sale shall be published for at leut twelve oats previous thereto In one or mire of the dalit newspapers printed In the city of New York; and such nottos shall specif' the time and pl'ice at which such s-Ce is to tike place, the name of the auctioneer by whom the th* same is to ce conducted, and a description of .he goods or articles to bi sold bee. 11. The surplus money. If any, arising from any suoh sale, after deducting the amount of the loan, the interest then due on the ssrae, ard the expense* of the adverlltemeut a&r. w?ie. shail be paid over by the pawnbroker to the person who would be entitled to redeem the piertgo la ease no such sale had taker place. Sec. 12. No pawnbroker shall make any loan on the sepa rate or divided part or parts ot any one article or thing an(". wblth article or thing shall have been ottered, entire or col lective \ , io him or her. by wav ol Dawn or pledge sec 13. * o pawn nioker shall, under any prete ice what ever, purchase or buy anv second hand furniture, mat&la or c'oths, or any other article or tbim* whatever, offered to him or her as a pawn or pledge. Sec. 14. fever v pa wnhrokrr who shall vlola'e or negleot. or refuse to com oly with any or either of th? provisions of us eighth, nin'h. tenth, eleventh, twelfth or ahtr:eenui section o< this title, shall, for every such otlence, forfoft and pay the sua oi oee hundred oollars. \TOTICE.? THE ANNUAL RLKCTION OF DIRECTORS .1 v oi the New tork sod Virginia Steamship Company will lie held at the office of the company, 32 Broadway, on Tuesday, JMarcb I, between the hours of 12 o'c.'ock M. aud i 1*. M FKHDER1CK W. PLEASANTS, Sec'y. Notice.? on thk|9TU ivstant the subscribers malied at Now York a letter addressed to rami. M. llaugh ?of < 'Inclntiatl, Oolo, containing seven acce jtancas of their ov ii, amounting to twenty thousand dollars, payable to Rami. M liaughtun, or order, at tiank of Commerce, In New York, which Utter, wl'h enclosure, has not oeen receive! by said Saml. M. Hamilton ? and payment of t be said acceptances having been stopped, the oudIIc are cautioned agalns'. nego tiating them CARSON A tJO.. *9 Front street Notice the members of the liquor dkalks*' Society are hereby notlfled thai the undersigned Is now ready to receive their respective dues, up to the 1st Inst. , at hit ofllc-. Odd Fellows' Bali, daily, from 9 till 12 A. M., and from I till f> P. M M. SOHWaRZ. t^ark. On. A? ALPHA CHAPTER, NO. 1.? MEMBERS OF THIS ? chapter are requested to be punctual In their attend anco on Wednesday evening, 27?h Inst. The trustee* will a ib a report in relation to a change of location, and desire a lull meeting to act an It. OFFICE OF THE SUPERINTENDENT t)F STREETS,

corner (Irard ard Essex streets, Hew York, Kebruiry 2fl, ISM.? Wanted? 160 carts, with large boxes, to remove toe snow and Ice from the lower part of Broadway. Apply a the office, corner ksscx and Grand streets, ibla day, botween 12 and 1 o'cit t*k. MORGAN L. MOT 1'. Supt. ol Streets. PaTERSON OAS LIGHT COMPANY -NOT1CK lSlffcRK by given, that the annual election far the directors of the ? aterson Gas bight Company will be held at the office ol the company, in Jersey street, In the oily of faterson, on Monday, the lOlb day of March uext . The polls will he open at 10 o'clock, and close ?t 11 o'clock A. M. By ft-der of the Directors, faterson, Feb. 25, 1866. JOHN CARrWRLjIir, Sec. SAIHT PATRICK'S DAY -THE IRISH ci VI J BOCIK ties will convene at Montgomery llall. Prince street on Ibmsday evening, fflth Inst., for the purpose of completing their arrangements for celebrating saint Pa' lick's d\y. Irish rocletles In New Yotk and vicinity are respe< tiiilly Invited to atierd. PETkR R. GAH/10R, President J t*K.s R\ nvohii, 8ecref?ry. HUUUllDf. A large assortment of billiard tarlks, of the best quality ami at low prices, wl'I he found at out no Mitaotnry, tbe largest ani most complete In the clt*. Balls sud u.iiimiiiRH of the fl^st (inalfty tor n^le. Oitlers bv mall at tended to. O'CONNOR .V C OI.LKNDKK, 53 Ann st ("CAUTION. ? TTlR MOHBL BILLIARD TAHLKS AM) J roipblnallon cushions ere no v nckooaiedg^d hv slltobe the only ones thsi are torrec In principle and perfect In ac tion. Letters paten', have been granted for mo a? <>' e. ? . <1 !Mh l.i to notify all that ?iv will i.e prusiviiud l) the utmost rigor ol the law. Mic t AIL fHI'.L AN. !W ChamSens street, up s' ilrs. \kfV. OFFER FOB SALE A SUPERIOR M .in *Ti.CK. V? with our new Invented enshions, winch ,irn no? nrelcr'-.Kl ;<> rll other? In use. Trimmings torsa'e, and orders o> mail niouintly attemicdto. Prlva e houses furnished. GRIFFITH A nF.CKKR, W Ann s?re.,t. imrrmai^sgass,a ^ la Mt prepared to e*dMt i iMirt iiHiMci of M? r*? . _ . PARISIAN DEMONS In toasters >aada. Ma mi imp i >Hi, and mmiMm oociprtmng allthat la now to) tasteful in farm aad ??* ?TP?w,lr desfgaed to aim! tin requirements of larre b?j erefrrai wery section. who will kd? eismlaaltoc that toe "* el<mM *?????* ? * 10 ~ ' rtrrr mocsAirn sum, Of the moat improved patiarna. and all t?rorit? colon. JACOB LANSING. 4* C?d*r stroot. BOtrara mahtillab. ___ _ roa THS WIIOLUALI T8ADC. _ THI LARGEST STOCK 1* AMEBIC A, Mow realjyat hla WHOEKHALE WAREROOM8 361 BROADWAY Southern aod Western jobber* am especially Invited la ex* ?omP*''? Ul??o goods witfa oUuri la the maitiot. BMoasfdcmaaUilas, from ; iiuia Colored sUt mantillas, from SI 60 to CM atupura and Uhautilly laoe mantuias. from 93 00 to 916 Braided black aU k cal mantllias. from ?n 60 toil* AppJluue stlk tcanilllftg, from $4 00 ia 914 Beautiful white, bla-i and colored embroidered silk raantlHsa. trom 16 60 to 990 Mou/oing mantillas ot all kinds. Every novelty oonaaoted wrti the department received from Hat is weakly. aKotnia BUWlX. Wholesale warrrooma, 961 Broadway. Maoalaotory 69 Franluin atre?t. Canton craphs. Juat received, 6 cases of b'aok Canton c rapes. A IBO X do. oolarrd do. do.. Su'tsb.e for travelling dreases. _ A. T. 8THWABI A CO.. Broad war. Ohambers and He ade striata. RESfl QOOIWS I DKEH8 GOODS 1 1 DRKSd GOODS 1 1 1 - tfDBEATHV.K'* AMUUfMIlf ?, 347 BHOADWAT. D Five thousand yards Larvge detain an, at It. 6d. : two uousaod yards rpriurt ehalliee. at together with Krenoh baregea, ailk tianu<M. orgurdlrs, Ac., all at forty per cant nelo* c o* of uc. portation, to close assiciiment aooounta G. B. WILLIAMS A OO. FIR8T BATK LINEN GOODS? AT '1 HE LIVEN STORK. ? Hou*ekeebnra and othera In want of shoetlng*. table linens, towe'taRR, napkins, lawn?, diapers, handsarrhixla or any kind of linen (roods, are Invited to examine the stock of the above establish meat, situated at "*i Broadway. a*ove Axtor place J. C MIL.MKKN A Co. JAMES Tl'CKER, IMPOBTEB AM) DEALER LM nekenhi PARIS FLOWERS, Ia now prepared with a large assortment, {lor cash, at No. .187 Broadway. near White street LINENS, SHEETINGS. DAMAHK8, NAPKINS, TOWFL togs, flannels, long clotha, dimities, brUlanU, Ai , Ac., die. i Ac., Imported by ALEX. T. STEWART ? CO.. Manvlactured and Miected expressly lor their FaVII.T TBADK. Broad war, Chambers and Reade LFaDBEaTEB'M STOCK - l'REMKNDODS BARGAINS bt oni>Kit or assiommcs. 347 nauADWAr. The en'tre slock of dry goods of the late firm of l-eadheatcr A Co. must positively be cleared out, without any regara to oobt, to sottle the assignment accounts U. B. WILLI AM -t A C()._ LIkE.NSI LINENS I I llfrhNSIM LEMiBSATKIl'S A:'SI(i?MK.MT, 347 BBOAKWAT. One hundrea pieces linens, at 2*. 6d. per yard, wrath GO cents. Two cases damask table cloths and napkins, togethor with BoolchdtapeiN, sheetings, hiukabocks, Ac., <vc., ou sa c this week, at lncredlb'.> low prices, to seule tb< a?4gnment ao coiui b. By order of asslgneeo. O. U. WILLI AMH a tilt. LALIE8' INDIA RUBBFR OLOTBS PROTECT THE bands while sweeping and In the oar* ot ooal Bros, cuie chapped hands, salt rheum, Ac , bleach the hands and render ibem soft aid smooth. For sals at all rubber stores, aod at % John street, up stairs. IANE A PORTER, 61 CATHARINE STREET, BEIN'O J ooropel e< to vacate their present store within ten days, v ui offer the ba arm of thoir stock this morning, February 27 at a verv great reduction. Beautiful -Lrtpod and plaid silks, 9a., 3s. 6d? 4<., and 5i. Usnvy brocaro do , 6s. and 6s Wide hlack do., do., "s ; worth I2?. V?: d wide stripe and plaid, lus.; worth 16s. B ocbe Iob? shawU, ftt, 10, 12, and 14 dollars. All wool do . do., 12s., 16s. and 24s. All oilier goods at egually low prioei. as the stock rnurt be sold wiuilo ten days, befote romovlug to our new store, "2 Canal ureal. LANK A PORl'ltK. OCR OPENING DAY FOR ErCDch hits, Fashion*. French flower*, Straw food*. Bib bona, Btllu, *o., ?f our own Importation U iff EI) NKSU a Y. February tfth, 1866. WEISKfc'R BROTHERS 64 and Go Jofcn street, y ' corner of William, up utaijs OrEWINO OF SPRING DRESS GOODS? AT BKTAIL. A. T. STEWART A OO. have opened their first Importa tion* of PARIS PRES8 QOUUrt, Ocmprisirg BDJI'1, C-B,:NAI)IKM, OHGAKilUW, JACONETS, BA&E0K3, CUALLIE*. Mor>ltUt<E DK CHINS, BTC? Krc. Alao. a an'sadid aaacrlment of RUBES A VOLANTS. Broadway, Chtmbirsaad Kendft street*. PLAID CANTON BILKS -10 CaSES, CONFINED ?tyle*. super quality and high lustre; pitce 6*. per yard, for aula at retell, by ARNOLD, CONSTABLE A CO., 62 Canal street, near Broadway. Real china silk.-v A T. STEWART A CO. hare opened at retail twenty casej of the above derirab'e SPRING and summer silks. Made from the finest ooiled sUk, and recommended for the par mantnoy of their color. ?i TO. Wit)*. PRK.'R 76 CMXTH PER YARD. Broadway, chambers and Keade itreota. ^TRaW UOODS. O French flaw era. Bonnet ribbon*, Ac , of toe latest Importatijo and of surpaaalng elegance, bow ea exhibition, and at low priors, for cash, at 64 and 66 John e treat, corner of William. HOMER A KEl'OHVM. QPRINO SHAWLS 1 SPRING SHAWLS 1 1 O LPAIIBEATBR'* AMUOMIIEIIT, SO ItROADWAT. On sale, tola week, several carton* of beautiful atylea, to ?tell* and other shawl*, at torty per cent from cost of importa tion, being me balance ot Leadbeater A Co.'a ?to.>k. By order of a>*ipce*. <1. B. WILLI A MS A OO. OFRItiG GOODS, AT RETAIL.? O aSnOL tf, eonSTABLK A OO. wit! open their aaaart meet cf BERING GOODS on Monday, 2>h Inst 62 Canal street, near Broadwa?. SPRING SlLKH ! SPRING 8ILK8 1 I Five caaea of very baautlfal spring silks, at 91 per yard, worth lo rti per cent additional, being tne balance of tho aiock ot 1 eadbeatar A Co., Broadway. On sale by order of the aa S)*T)pe8, by G. B. WILl AMS A Co., ?47 Broadway. OPRIMG MANTILLAB. O The subaciiber has twit opened hi* new atylea of BPKIaG MANTILLAS AMI talmas. Tie assortment la unsurpaaaed, both in richness and vmrielr, embracing rich and elegant aty as of Paris ma in lace nod silk good*, in entirely new pnttaraa. Aiso, lowprijed at vie*. mad* up expressly tor the jotiiing trade. Buj crs from al: aeollona are requeued to cat! and ex.tmi.ia tba stock, as thar wxj be offered at low p rioes and on the utost favorable terms. tk. S. MiuLs, Nos. 80 and 82 Chambura si-eet. a) AY I. OB A Pe.C.'K, FORMERLY E. W. TAYLOR, clothier", No 9 0b?mb?rs ?ue<'t ? A olioioa selection of cloths, cturimtirca and veetlnns r,n har.d, which will be made to order montplly , Wider iho supervision of prominent and expe rienced cutiire LEWIS M. PE K. e. w. tatlor. w II SON G. HUNT A UU.. IHI'OItTERS AMI' JOBBERS OF WCOLLKM AN J OTHER GOODS adapted to men's wear. >"o* 80 and 32 William streei, corner of Mtiidon lane. THE BALL Hff ASOM. QHRLTCNS AMERICAN BRaSS AND QUADRULK O Hand -The twelfth annua) ball tc be held at the Apn.lo ivooms ibis evening, Wednesday, Feb 11HK ANNUAL BALL or DODWORTH'3 CORNET U.Y\D Will brgiveu at NlbLO'd hAtiOON, MONDAY EVENING, MARCH 3d. TICKK7S, K IIK8TRVCTION. J?() -A COURSE OF WRITING WESSONS FOB ft, IN eluding stationery. Hnokkeeplng, thorough course, red uc< d to $16. Apply this wee* at the anadeiules, 36 'i Broad way, corner of Franklin strett, an 'i <*<7 Fulton st . Brooklyn. Oi.fitR B. GOLDSMITH. A LADY OF VERY 8UPKKIOB BDUCaTION AND capacltv for imparting inalruction, aid who la permitted to refer to pet sons of the huche^t atandinn af to tier worth and a 'alianents. wlelic* to take Into her fatnil} , a few ycunu lulled, whose entire education she will superintend. For further par ticular ar>p)j at 120 West Fifteenth street. AjiBHNCH LANGUAOK.? PKOr. D. Laoroix, NO. aa. JP Broadway, oontlnuee to receive new paptla for thorough instruction io the French language. Uuparitug to lh?m, by au easy and efficient manner a praotioal knuwlmlgM ut It. My a new pian the conjugation of verb* la so simplified a* W> bs ? eadliy understood and acquired. Term* reaannahla. IjlRBM'H LANGUAOE, Ac. ? R. TRLLRRINQ, NO. 481 r Broadway, near Broome * rent, e*tanllahed 1XA2, conilnue* to devote his time to private Instrneiion in French and derma l, tne hngiish brai.ches and translating. Psased thegovemmentsl eviiminallons on tlie continent of Europe. Further partcu ? r? in his oireular* W*ITI NO-PLAIN ANI> ORN*MKNTaL. is taught upon sound aad Indisputable principles, to chaeutlre ex'iualon ot tne modern six aad tea lesson charlatanrv, tn FoSiF.R A DlXON, 346 Broadway. Lestonaday and eventaf, as nsusl. Prospectus on application. WRITING. BOOKKEEPING, COMMERCIAL ABtrH metle, Ac ?Young men preparing lor mercantile etn piojnirnt, can obtain superior Instruction, (oriraie. U prefnr red.t at PaINE'S, 153 Grand atreet, Now York, and lOi Fulton meet. Brooklyn, appointing their own houra. Ladies' writing rlawrs, 91 60 for tea, or >2 for aliteeti to?aona, including sta tionery. From Qen. Hurdle*, R I 1 can trn'y say that mr own sons and daughter hare made great Improvement under Ool. Paine'* tuition. A MATRIMONIAL. YOUNG GirNTLKSAN OF RESPECTABILITY, AGKD 24. ftne locking, wishes to form an acquaintance with a vouce lady aged about W, with a view to matrimony. She must be intelligent, and of a good figure; riches no object. n?tdro?s C. 8 S , box 3 1 1*6 Poet office. Alone middle aged rraprctabie gentle iran, of eaav clrcurnitancea wishes to find an intelli gent, respectable ladv, to become mla'.rexa of hit house a kind. plH'n, jet neat and Udy persm, vlthtroni throo to let. hundred do 'si r (member of some Christian church prefersb e). \ tsdy with the axove qtialilirallona, vylshmfl a Rood and atreea b e busbaml and home, in a plcn?ant and nea thy village near New York, ma*, with all confidence, address A B True, P'altifieid, Essex county, N. J., for t*o weeks, slating ron nsmc, resilience, and when and where an Interview can tie bad. which will bo coafideoltally and promptly alieuied to. Matrimonial- the advertiser, a oknti-rhan "4 > < wh oi nge, po s Hn ntnple I >r1une, and ol very" piei owesslng quality, '? de>lrnu? lo lot ui tne ac iuaio'anco of a lady, wUh ? \ lew to mai.loion?. Nh<> niint ? voung and smla'nie in her 0 1?"m sliion pod t r m .?>**. t j' all lb nsn qua lities of worn ?i le th a, p. ie. . ,ii P? . ma! 'a-i'ity Is t "*tue q"Jl n i? " a J 'r.-n !>?.' ? yo ., I* arai I 'lice. ?OAMmira A!TO UHKfllS, 74/7 b*oai>w at?two labgk parlors, with ' k^TiiMi attached; also, una large frjol parlor. nR of *enU?j?eo; tnget oer with two or Iknt eoobm for ?u?le canUeiaon. yinner at 6 o'clock. Eofaioooo ytiim. 91 Q KIOHTH AVENUF? A PBIVATK F AMfLT WILL ?ceoii?edA?? two ?ant;?men and their wivfea or a tew 4U.'.f*6 ?ODuemea. i bm bourne li plM<&o(lv lituitetl 4iM ol omv WW. Ihoee dertrta* the romlorta of ft home need moke aariT ApiHiraUoc >o moving the drat at May. IflQ rOC? TEC NTH HTRKKT ? 8CVKRAI VRBY IUO plean?! room*, with fall or partial board but be had by ipplrtnK At ftr above muater. ?1 rt 7 BLF.hCKFR STREET, OPPOSITE DICPAW ROW. 1?J I ? Haod?ome apartments, co nbtlnlng all the modern conveniences, to let, to geet.emcn and their wive*, with ?o?rd; l ji'Hn ttrsi ebifM engage rtwne and convenient to Broadway. (\/? KA?T TWELFTH STREET, SECOND BLOCK FROM !1U tfroadway-A fgeotleman aud wife can lind first ciaas nocomnmdations with boi.rd; a very t/lea?aat pecond storv frt'Ut mom, furni?hed. containing hot and coW water, ga?. bath roccn, very convenient. The houae la handsomely furnished; i oral ion unnurpea^ed; tens* nwdnsK. I 7A FRANKLIN STREET, FIRST HOL'SR WU8T CP 4 U Broa< way.? A fine lar*e font mora, bedroom and pan trv axai hod o?. the necond lloor, to let to one or i wo gentlemen; bieaktasi served. If requlrrd Also, aingle and double reonta, ail neatly fun iafcrd. lin/iiire a* aoore, t*Q Wi-ST FOCRTKKNTH STRKKT, OORNKR OF SIXTH , OO avenue? 1 Lit houx, beautifully located and newly fur ul*he<4 , la dow lr. reailnesi to reoelre permanent and Iran | aietti boartjeia Hultee of room* for famlllea, or rooms for j P'.I glo gentlemen. uia; he aeoured. Dlanar at 6 o'clock. Private taole if dealred BAST FIFTEENTH STREET, SECOND DOOR FBOK luion tqiiare ?A lurulrhed parlor and bedroom, oc ptcotid floor, to let, with parila! board. Alao. two single rooma, , at a moderate price. Family private. House ronutlna g?> aud hath. O A NINTH STREET -A PLEASANT BOOM TO L*T, Ot wlih bt-ard, unliable lor a gentleman and wife, or two sinsle gentlemen. <1C (1KKKNF STUART - A GENTLEMAN AMD HIS AO w?e, oi l wo aingla gentlemen. can be accommodated with hendaomely furnished rooms, with full or partial board; hot and cold bams, good table; terma moderate. Rateranoe* exchanged. A FEW SIVGLE GENTLEMEN OR FAMILIES BAT obtain desirable rooma. with board, at 173 Hudson at. A FURNISHED BOOM, WITH PARTIAL BOARD, wanted la the Eleventh ward for two gentlemen Ad dzeas.funlw, stating terma and location, at C. Perley's offli-% No. Ill Columbia street. ALADT-AIS EXPKBIFNCED TKAC3SB. IK THIS ct'y, wishei to obtain board In u respectable family , la com pfni>atton tor wblth isatrucilon In the modern iiiaguauet or mutic will be gtvec. The best o! references given. Address W. A. M., I'uion square Post odico. * GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFK, OR TWO MINGLE J\ ?ent lemou, can be a?roumoOaU'd with board In a nuiall private lam'lr, with a large and pltasaul 'ront room, on the t-econd door, witnyos and bath attached, lhe house U pleaa antU .'oraied .'U Troy street, near Abingdon K'luam. conve nicnl to cars and singes. Ktiarcnres exchanged. Nomovlug M o: May. AGEMTLKMaN" AND WlFK OR A FKW SINGLE gi'iitlrtncn. can be accommodated with lull or pu-Ual bosrd In a private family. The houne bah gas, Ac Apply oa be pi emirefi. 110 Greece mreet. one door above ln.roj place. AVfcBT BKtLhABLki PARLOR, HDXT ABI.K FOB ONE cr two flnclr fientlemeu. within teu miuutes will; ol the bt, Nlehaiaa BewLwealet llroadwav, below fourth street, liavifip grsu- pas, clcieeUs uno uhel'.f lialhroomjwithin oun bloct of bLth avenue cars, .vdurees Mm. E. E., Broadway Post of floe A DESIRABLE Sl'IC OF FCRNIAHED ROOMS TO lei? wlih partial tc.arJ, If rrqutrvd, for ot.e or two gentle m a !i. ? brown stor.c front hotue, with all the modern improvement, la one ot the bet>t locailnna In the cl?v, convo r, lent 10 the caia mrd stuiren, 71 West Fourleeuth attcet, drst h'>uae wf?i of f-Utl. avenuo. BOARD -A GUNTt ?.MAiN AND WtKKOR TWO SINGLE griitiemeo c?n aatnia ruiimi, with or without bond on reft'onaMe teiois, ot 0" West I h irlcrulh tlroei, betweon Flfih and With av<>ot>es. Refeien<?? required. Board? wa>tko in Brooklyn, Bt a young irui... a bri'room w'tn parltai boaid. In a plain private turn!/, whern tJitro are no other eoarders preftired. Ad lireso K LJ. H.. Hciald oflice, atatinu location, tn^uis, Ac. BO.* HO. ? pINGLF GhM'LKMEN WILL FIND GOOD aocnmniodatlon at N Forsvth street, near talker. A small room, suitable tor one gentleman net-pecta'tle me;h inics w ibi r, clean, oomfortat'le qu?r;era, will do well to c?il. terms mooeraie BOARD-ri.HASA.St FCBNISHED BOOMS CAS UK obtained at 108 Grand street, first block west ot Br jadwa*, and at 7' Usmtnood street. near bieecker, by * or slugie jtcai.amen, ut the r^idence of a small genteel laailly, wLi ir. there are but a few seiw.t boarder*; also, a ploastnl troat base men; room wilt be let tor a physlolan's oflloe. Retorencei given aud required. BOARD ? WANTED IN BROOKLYN OB NEW YORK, by a widow ladv, la a go r tee! respective faintly, where tie comlo'ta of a hrme maj he acquired, will turnivh her own room. Also beard tor a gentleman bretkfwtaud tea. Kefr.r ftDoe given. 'j f>rm? must bo moderate. Addrev M. A. B., Hernia o'.Tice. Board.? a iikwi'm-man and wiff, or two sin pie gcnt'emen. can obtain rooms at 11 rait Fifteenth st., near U dIou square. Also, a single room, with convenience ot Die. on the first floor. 1 erms moderate. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Board dp town.? a private familv have three rooms, on the woond siorr, wall furnl?h.<d with gas. bath iu,d waitr cloaett; tbev will let t*p%rate?r togetiior, wt h full or partia' board; dinner at six; to one or two single gentle men. or gentle xen and their wives. References en ranged. Apply at 210 West Thirty tlrnt street. No moving at May . Board down town ? two or thrbk oksti.k m<sn can be accommodated with board at 172 Ouane street, near Hudson street, op>oil'e Duano park. Board, at 25 ninth stre .t? the second flour, toeethbr or separate; one room for single gentlemen Board, without lodging, wanted-by a gen tlemao, In a first class boarding house or prlva-e family in the Immediate vicinity of Broadway or Hi. John's park. Addre-s T. D., hot 3,98# Post ofllce. Boarding in bkooklyn ?a hootch lady, from Aberdeen, having an exti a fur nlshed room, of gtxid size, ltahted with gM* wonTa take one or two single gen tie me a who would preier a residence with a private family. I.o-i!i?n in a pleasant neighborhood, near the City lialL Address with real name. Brooklymie, >1 eraid ofllce. Board wanted? in Brooklyn, within five minutes' walk of South ferry, by a yonng man, la a quiet family, where tueie are few o- no other ooardflra. An uufur itisbea room, * 1th or without bedroom attached, desired Re ?erei. ret exchanged. Address. stating terms, which u.ust be moderate, box 2.1*27 New York Post ofllee. Board wanjed.? an i^furnichko bo.'M, with beard, bim .-.untr gentleman and wite, in s >,n? respec table privaie lamll< . Partial hoard for the gentlemau. Terms not to exceed $8 per veek. Including gas. 'the v-ty best of references given ard re iuJ'ed. Adiress Family, Herald ollice BOaRO WANTBD-ON 1ST Ai'RIL. BY A GiNlLK man and his wife; a furnifrbed paroratirl bedro.;m x>n nectiog, wlih paitla? board for the t-entiem m. betw.-i-n I welfih and Twenty Uilrc streets, and Broaaway and Si-Tenth av.oue. ft eicrdnee-i given and iVslred. Addrrss stating term * (which must cot oe ovc-r J6?i per, C. A. T., box t.Kl2 Fou ? iflice. BOaRD WAKTKD -a QKNTLiMKaN, WIFE AND so -. and u single gentlemen, wish board in a family whore th-re ure fiev or no o'her boarders. Full board for the U<;* and son only, and u&rtlal board ior the getit.emeo. Address H. W. L., licra'a ofllc.f. BUARD WA*TED-BY * YOUNG LADY. Id A FRI vnte family; location wes! ol the Bo<verv ; terrui must no inodei ate. Address ( eci'ia, Broadway Post olli j*i Board WAh'i>D-A oknilrman, a novkksi dto', -^hiwn business calls him to tre city three or fiur na\s cscu week is destrnus ot obtatntng a pVasnut room at. I jjWiinl board with some fan ijv, where he cin e.nioy airee?nie sociel ? , HLd the rotutuna ot a home. Fit-aue addr^rs. wUU ns' ticulft/*, G. G.. lle<ald oillce. BOAhO Want*!)? in a KEjJPK Table Family, wh?i e there a: o but few >s*',den tor a lady and two c hi i- | <j i en, ten and twelve y.-iarn o' a^p. leran not to ei'-i-eil ien 1 dollars per week Address A. M., H-rnlit ofll je, tor three | oavs, siaiu g fml particulars. Bkari> Wanted ai huhokkn.? \ privaTk, f ami 17. Iiavlng to dispose of one ^ir two nicely turnUhcd roo ns, wl< j full board to a youi g gen'leman nud nfs wile a' rr-.v<?i.ia ble terms mnv hear of an ouportu'iity to do so liy addrts-ln^ W , box .H 0/ 1 Foat ofllce. Board paid ia advance if rei|iilred. BUAMIINO? a CAfiLOR, AND ONE OK l'#if BKT n m?. with ail theconv?tiieL(-H of Waths Knit clo-e's, wt!^ b? let lo Rm'lenien, with or ? ithou'. uariiai board. Appl" at t?o 8 Hi. Mark's place, nesr Third avenue. BOaKDINO.? iwo very pleasant. FURP/HHKl> tr'.nt lootin, with or without board. References exchang ed. 'nrjtitre at No 7 Waller Mreet. Bt. rtOiNO? 66 KAKI BKOADWAV ? A LAdGB PA.R lor, with pantries attached, on second llior, neatly fur t.niiod, and one on the tblid tl??or, suitable lor gentlemen and their wives. A ftw single ye otleinea can be arcoit in siaied. Pious boarders preferred. References exchanged BUARUING DOWN TOWN ?'1 M O SINGLE GKM'LK /mt-n. or a geui'oirsti and tl? wile, can ootain a i ettly tor iiisliert In^k parlor on ihe snc-nd floor: partis' board. It re quired. Apply at ISO Franklin street, r ear Hudson, w anted, a giil for housework. ' ' ' ' Boarding and lodging? cur this our and kf-ep it for tbe Information ot those who rusy <e brnorant ot ihe u'Uitv ot my b-ardtng agei ey. Persons wlslnnu board ers bava the privilege of regls'ering i>y the week, month or year, tor s. small lee. every minute detail ot accommoda'l'.in, i Ac aud persons wishing hoard are ca -ctuily directed to suit ?ble places, fiee o I charge. I do not charge, as some suppo >e, for the ln.arders acmaiiy recel'ea, as 1 cannot knowingly s? nd msrcenar-? persons to slop a week or two without pavlnt, neither will I cmI re ?peet?ble people lo d iubtful houses tor trie sake of having *o much paid for each boarder; ou the contrary , my office is a protection to boih parties, and when I give a reference of a boarrtlm.' place or a hoarder 1 hold m\ srlf lesper ilbla. B. O. GOOuWIK, oflloe t*l8 Broadway, nrsr t i race chui ch. BROOKLYN.? A I.aUY aNO OEnTi.sman, OR OlfB t>R two single gentlemen, who may be looking for board, will tiud plexus i! at-com mod* lions, where aU the comforts of a tome may be enjoyetl, by applying at No. B3 Adams street, three minutes wslkfrom Fulton ferry. References exchanged TiiORNlSHMl OR I'NFITRMSHED R(IOM? TO LET r with or wlthoi t heard; bath and gas In the hoiue. and conreolert to cars and stages. Apply at 102 Waverley piaoe near amo* street. FUBMBHED BOOMfl TO LET. WITH ROaRK-SI'IT* h'e for single gentlemen or genUemen and their wives. In a borne containing oil the modem Improvements, in a pleasant pan of Die cit} . Applj- at 88 West Twenty flrrt street, corner of Mxih avenue E1PRNI8HED ROOMS It! I.ET. ? ONE OR TWO NICELY fitmlslied attic rooms can be obtainnd ai 90 While street, west sld-of B'Oadway. IjtVRN I8I<F.I> HOCMH. ? fK'MK HAfiDSOME RiXtMS ARR r row lo let, in the eligibly situated house No. 1 Great Jones sirt'"i corner ot t.roodwat. Board can lie furnished it oeslrtd. LOU >T PARLOR AMI PANTRY. ON KKr:0! f> FLOOR. P ;.ealj> fiinilshi d. WKhpai and re<ister, ballrom In house, I ? oil, rut by n j-itvi.'? I ?ml'y, with fill beard, at .evulsrhours, earl) birskfkat, tee gentlema and *l(Wor two sln^ie geeUe mn , ai fil, fztfws Inclnfed. s.Mre.a 11., boi lilj Chatham S(|iinie .'ost fil. e, wiih teal name. V O. I50JJ OI TENR STMI.K"! , f'ORNXR OF PRt*i K. J'l Neati) it ? rJ twiriF Will '??*!? ! -0 I without to*rd. Kftcrfacf reciulreJ kto. mroriTH btribt-rlbcuhtly rxnum JM *?M?*Mta to ie*.. wither wMhoal twtf.ia aim hoav) eootalnlnf aU the moderariMB^StfalE PARTIAL BOABD WANT KD? BY A YOUNG MAX, V a plain. qulMfcmUy. (kngilsli pra-mred.) whew he eeoM ttx \ ? ? houe. and where ther aare ?*> other bavdm; math* wkhin fifteen minutes' walk of the Olty llaU. Addrees, Matter tdnm. which mu* be low, H , Broadway Poet office. PRIVATE BOARDING ? VERY ltKfi'RiBLK ROOMS* with board, tor gentlenaes and their wlvee or stogie n# Or men, inay be tad at 39 Seventh avenue, fourth door beiew Fourteenth street. 1 he house la a now brown atone one, a*. gsntlv luruWied, replete with ovary convenience, and riryt* sirabl > 'ocated for a aprfnK and Hummer residence. SUMMER BOARD WANTED-FOR A FAMjLY. OOV slating rf a gentleman and wUe, three Ichildreaaad aar vani, at a desirable country reaidence, within 28 to 30 miles tt the cttj , acceaaiMe by railroad or sfeamboat. Addreaa, wHk realnmue, giving particulars ot location and terma, hex IW Pott! office TO SI.NOLR GENTLEMEN.? ONE DOUBLE AND TW0 stogie room* suitable for gentlemen, can be had en mode rate lei-ma, by addreneln* I. H I., box 3.068 Poet oflM. U crtton N jieteenth street, near Fourth avenue. mO LET-TO TWO YOUNG MEN OF QUIET UABITri, A furnljlicd room, with pantry, and conveniencea tar Sr% and Cioiou. Appiv at 449 fourth atr <et, near Second are. Wafted-by a YOVM gentleman, a well fvs nishad room and board, in Bond or Bleeckar street FImm aJdreia, stating terms and accummodatfoaa, O. W. 0? BeraUi office. TIT ANTED- BY TWO YOUNG LADIES, AN UNFIIRM T T ifched room wl'h board, price not to exceed etghteea W laraamoDth: In a private family perierrad. Reference ex changed. Apply by letter or pernon to W. Uellne. MS Bewr atreet X\l ANThD? IN A FAMILY. WITHOUT BOAHPHML TV board for a lady and child Address for two dan, baa 2.9C5, Pout office, stating location and terma, which maat b* moderate. References txUiangod. LOST AND FOUiD. EKll'NP? ON OR ABOUT THE l'8D OF JANUARY, A package- of faccy gotx" a The owner can have it by prov ing property and layiig expenses, b> addressing a note tad. W , HsriCd offiee. ' LOST-OX SUNDAY EVENING, TOE MTH INST.. IN going from Dr. Btirchaid'a church in Thirteenth atreet. through beveuth avenue, Fourteenth itreet and Eighth avenaa to Thirty sixth street, a gold bracelet. The finder will be salt abb rewarded by leaving the name at 109 tfest Thirty -alxlh xtreet. or with the Reviving Teller ot the Ocaan Bank. LOST.-ON WKDNESDAY, FEB. 20TH, AT J. PARKER'S Assembly, two Hogs? one chased with plate and letter K> C. engraved; the other ? plain ring with plnlc stone, betag the gift of a deceased friend. The Under will confer a Invar aod bo rewarded, by aeoding them to D. S. Martin, 407 Broad wav. second auirv L08T-0N SUNDAY, 24TH 1MB ANT, IN GOING FROM Amity at-oet. through Wooster ui Brooms and theac* ta Broadway and >prir.^, a short go id ch<tin, with sra?ll locks at tached Th? tka?r will be rewarded ny banding the same la H. Ourst. 60S B roadway . LOfeT? ON MONDAY EVENING. IN ONE OF TUB 'lt>ird avenue cars or while going trom Tonkins sqatra to Fourteenth strict and El <hth avenue, a small r'r'i iiall. ron',atnlug $00, io prumimory notes, and tour or live do Jars la CS'-t 1'fio tlr der will ha liberally rewarded on leaving it with .lus O. ii wir, at Morton 4 t'o.V, gold pen j mviutaotory, S Maiden '.Mte LOW -ON IHUKMiaY EVEMNG last, while going from Eighteenth street near Second avenue to l?iblu>s ?r in a Madoon avenue stage, a plain gold bracelet. The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at 2/ Park row or Ul Ka*l l? ishteetith Rtreet Lokt? bank h<w>K no. 3 o5i. belonging to wv. Mntirath and his wite Jane, in the Emigrant Induoirttf Mivtpgs hank 'the tinder wi'l please return the same to the No 61 Chambers street. IOS7? V EsTI.RDaY, BBTWHUI 11 AND 12 A. M. A J raal. private itccount b >ok. in getting out of oae at' me Eroaduay Urc of stages at the lower end ot the Park, of oa use to any one but tlie owner. The finder will be suitably ra w*roed by leavli g the same with II E Rocheror., 623 Broad way, or at ncs. 7 ai d 9 Wblt#hall I>1CKED DP? AT T aa HRAD OF LONG ISLANM Souud, on ti'S 7th ''ny of January, a stick of timber Ttta owner can have the ?ameby provtig property an? oaytegM pesses. For InforroaUon apply to Jaa. W. Ali'n, Wlii tottoae. alwe Flushlnnr. N. Y. UEWAHDN. BKWARD-? ^ ^?EKa't? vvillta^sburg. $10 Inf-t , troac ,ho. Jfl^^enua and Jama^a turopt^ YJtu * L. t .'Kn^ ^Stnda high The finder wU d?"Iik REWARD ? a black NKWFOUNDLAND OU?i VAv answer* to the name of Neo; murks? white fuel, wbM n.iK r jund hit nerk and white Up on th? end ot bis tail. kpptf M Uie t!ilp Xoberl P*eJ, Hur.lng slip. fflfl REWARD? FUR A POCRRTBOOK., WITH TM Ilv owntr's name on o?n of the flaps loot on the t!d lut, contelolas cue $20 bin on the New Ton Count* Bank two It blH* ou the Chemical Bank, one gold dollar U. 8., and one at ver ootv H. A., nurlnesp card*, Ac On returning the Minx to ISO h ightU avenue, the above reward will be paid d>1 i I HfcWARD.? LOBT, OM WEDNESDAY EVENING. ?3p J. \ ' .Ian. 3<>, In Montgomery street, Jersey City bet wee* the Jersey City ferry and Warren street, a pair of blue itk fli r>. with the le.tera C O. in the e*>tre Any person wtae will leavn them at A. A J. Wakefield's cigar atore, Ne walk av.? mo, Jersey City , will receive the above reward Ml) REWARD? LOST, AN ITALIAN URK VHOUN?. VlU white and fa ?n colored mane epot, br?a oollar, ant blanket on. The llDderwil] receive the abive reward by call ing at Mo. 1 Garden row, corner Eleventh street and With are. aj-| REWARD.? LOST, FEBRUARY 36, IN OI)IKOrm ?Jp_l the co-uer ot Barclayatreet through the Park to the New bat Company. 14? and 148 Nassau street, a two pound paper of fur. The finder will receive the above reward tty leaving * nt 146 and 148 Nastau street. ( tiPAKTMlKSHIP NOTICES. ?Q flflA ? ' WANTED. A PKRHON WITH THU {?O.Uut/. amnuot, to Invest equally with the adverttor in a labor saving macnine of great value; the maohine If in Ml operation, and has only to be seen to aatisty any one that a large profit will be realized. Frr particulars apply al St C Evitou sreet, second floor. room No. 14. RAA TO $2 000. ? A r*mu WANTED. I* TJ* L.dUU very best pa) inn manufacturing and jobbing sa in dlahmenta in this city, the protita are about tlfiy per oeot. Ilislitifl xiess has been established ten vears; situated to A be MtffUi location down town. Apply u> C. B. HOWES A 00^ ftl IklMtl KLt'Pt. (Aflfl? A GENTLEMAN HlTlM THU AMOUNT. ifoUU, can purchase an equal (merest In a hichly re spectable business, which has been established eight year*. Said business is now paying $3,000 per annum net proilt. Ad dross BvaSMB, Herald ofllee (0(|[i-A partner wantkd. ky a you wo man JOUU. in the liquor nusineas, who can clear over Out Mr cent by taking a partner, the a 'ire is already established, ao* ?s now doing a lair business. 1 1ds is a rare chant- e and to* bent t derenres given to tlrai eflt-c .. Apply immediately at the real eat*te olllce. HI Chamber* street. <?*}{)( I ?A PARTNER WANTKD WITH THIS AMOUNT ?JpOl'l '? In cash, or $126 and a good horse nud wa^oa, to A cath pa> mg business that will )>-?y from (AO In $:5 a week. a:' dress Henry, tn the rare of John Hamilton, 288 Washing ton street tfiOllh TO BM--THK ADVERTISER Wf.-HKS TO meet with a een'lemm with thl* amount to joto him iu n pleasant travelling business,* which is something new. Hfi per diay can be realised net uroflt without rUk. ?. au on llr. H")>hi IN, at No. H4J5 HflrMdwav, 24 It nr. roam AhaKTHKR WANTED-' WITH A SMALL CAPITa1% It. a l>u?.in?'ss well established. ol quick sales. A amafi man only nred apply. Call at KM Sixth avenue, near Ibirqr feveotb street, lirsl lloor up stairs, over the store. DltMiLiniON.? THK'IOPAKTNKHSHIP HEKKTO?'OMt existing, under the fltm of MVEK.-i, EUNbUN A Co., la Oils dn\ dlfu-olved by mutual cmsenl. All parties having c'n<m < against the li'm will please present them at their lato oflice, bo. 2iV West ihirleeenth stn-ot JOHN MYEKS. kqhkrt a. eunson. Thomas an ?r.it8. Be* Yn-k. Feb 2ft, 1H5R. JOSKP't HTAPLdM. I)ahtner Wanted? with $n.ooti touuoou in a Bnnutatturlng conrern, where from $15 000 to 9W.9M a -.oir can b Pma.-'e. No agents teed apply. Address W. B. A. Ikix 1^6 Heia d |nfllre. SPORTING. IJtKKe, BIMJS.-a NKW HIOCK <?K IMPORTKO OA J> sarins, n.iiloys, bultinrhes goMHneoea, cnafilucbea, blaok oin's, llirushes, larks, blackheads, slsklna, linnets, parroto, pigeons. Ac. . forsaje l>v H. KE'eTNE'K BRorHKH. 78 Kal tfni street, aud 111'' William street, between Frankfort Mi ^r ice. N. H.- Cages a< <l hlrd seed (or sale. C1HAMPION BELT WILL I<E GIVEN THE TWO BUST ' playera of the cll\ ol New York, ooen to all playeni ofuai dlmll. Doclty excepted: will c played for on the 2lal eC Mauh, In the new Ha'l Court, 92 Crosby I'reet, betweea S[ ring hnd Pilnce. All entiles mus be made on or before the jkiIi Address, with name and location. Proprietor, tt C.o-hv street. CIAITHINO, AC. <!? ? nnik WOBTH OK NEW CaXI OFF CLOTHIWO waoied.? 'iHOMaS D. CONRoY. licensed lo buy clothing of every description, wertlemen having1 'arge or ? ma i lots lo dispose of wdl receive the hlghsst prlee for them, by calling m the store, or addressing Thomas I>. Coeroy, 4M Pearl sit e*U <6*1 HIW a WOBTH O* CAST OFF CLOTHING WANT 0^'"'' ' ed.? Liberal cash prions can be obulned toe large or small low ol good left oil or surplus wearing apparel, aii't portah e personal pn.nertv ot every description, or ap phing lo JaMEH MiiRONkY, 122 Wauter alreel, a few doora east of Centre. Cm IIM, -I.aMES uR UBnTLEMEN HAVING ANT to dispose ol can receive a fair cash urlce by sending to the stores 12 Laurens street, near Canal, or M West Uroat ? *?j , or letter by pout. l?d!e* attended by Nra. Cohen. ?. COBRN. nasmiRK. (?iottaGiv and fancy fur nir uric warkroohu ? ' at 014 Broadway, opposite tho Hi Nicholas Hotel.? G. MATHRWB ofter* for sale the moat extoniMve assortment ol flanoy, ooltage. enatnellad and Freooh furniture la to* Ua Utotes, at gpduood prices; a vary variety of maftreaaaa, paf> aaaes. nllJoWs bolsters. at naawflMtanva' urtoas IOOKING GLASS FOR SALR. A HANDSOME A NO Ji richly ornamented pier looking glass, plate 114x44 inohaa, with eonnocting cornices and handsome ornamented base, to me hut a rhort time. In llrst rate order, and for sale vary lew. Appi) at 101 Canal street. 1HVO KING'S PATF.NT OFFICE CHAIRS FOR HALF, nt good order; made In lu? best style; original prloo $S0 1 for sale cheap, apply at ?8 Broadway. COAJU Bkeckenridor goal. -a hmaix botfly of this celebrated ooal Is now brinir reoeivod. and will be sold A ?ir per ton. delivered, or $14 II taken from the yard. Order* lelt at No 2 Wall street, f hompson'a olllne, or at IEe vard corner of T? eniy feventh street and Eighth avenue. Can an 4 W e It burn at either place. K. L. h*ow, t'oal Dealer. T 1TR8FOOL ORRRL COAL, AT *> FRR CTTATiDRoM ? Xl We sro now Wattled In deliver to our cu*tomer* a vera Hiipet lor srtlr'e Ot Liverpool HirJ, at SO pec chaldron In lots to suit pnmhaasra. Yards, 74 Went Thirty second street, bear :.ltlh avenue; f.m of Fnitrteea'h nlranL ? river; foot of Warren a'ruol, N01 th river O'NUfLb * McUEE, Agnto.