Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 28, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 28, 1856 Page 1
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T HE NEW YORK ?WHOLE NO. 7122. HERALD. 28, 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS. ARRIVAL OF THE ILLINOIS. fvo Weeks Later News from California. 91)140,208 in Treasure Arrived, TERRIBLE STEAMBOAT EXPLOSION. THIRTY LIYE8 L 0 8 T . Another Indian Battle in Washington Territory. Proclamation of ?ov? Stevens. MARRIAGES, BIRTHS ANO DEATHS. MARKETS, be., Ac., Ac. The United States mail h '.sam-hip Illinois. Liuutenaot Charles S. Boggs, United Sta'p* Navv, oom?*B<i?r, lift Aspinwali with the United ^ta'?u mails $1,140, JOS ta treasure and 283 passeugnrH, bronghn anwa from ran pTanciseo by the Pacific mail sieamehip Go Ids n Age. on Tuesday, Feb. 10th, at midnight, and arrived at tuis port 27th inst. at 12 o'clock M.. iuakiog the run In 7 cays 12 hoars. The paeeengers by the Miiois on btr oufwarO trip, -crossed the Isthmus on tbe lfith. and balled tame even ing for San Francisco on th?* John L. Stevens. Steamship Philadelphia, Capt,. John McGowan. left As pinwali for Bavana on the t-vening or the ldth. Feb. 7th, at 2:40 P M., dining a Heavy ga e from 8. W., William Jerrison, private in tbe Fourth f&Untry U. 8. A., tu washed overb.iard by a sta which carried a ?ay the forward starboard water closet and part of paddle box. Feb. 11th, John Herndon, fireman, died of constipation of tbe bowels. Feb. 21st, L. Kerroo, stforagi? passenger, died of con sumption, at 11 A. M. The following is tbe spec'e lint of tbe Illinois:? Bank of Amerija. . .$39 287 Metropolitan B in< .$170,000 H. Bit-id 1,500 Cbus. M irgati & C.?. . 60,000 Booth k Edgar 4,495 Mo'g.n, Htthiaray "W. T. Cole nan it Co. 26,000 & Co 12 9:3 C. B. CnmmicgH. . . 6,507 Newbouoe & ^pa'z. . 11300 Chambers & Helser . 2,000 Order 10 000 Drexel&Co 230,000 Jas. Patrick id, 000 Duncan, S. & Co.... 43.0(0 F. Probst & Co ... . 6,800 J. Durand k Co.... J. Scram ;ir>. & Co. 15 '.80 Freeman k Co 38,400 Scholl & rlro 10 000 Goldrmlt, May A: J.. 10,000 H StryVng 2 000 "Wm. Hoga k Co. ...100,000 W. SeKgma-i k Co.. 26 600 Howland & A 14 007 T^-adw?ll k ik> ?,6t0 Wm. Seller 6.081 Ctmor & Feig"nbam. 28 0 >0 Jas. Hont< r & Co. .. 2,600 Woolf wro. k Ung. .. It, 700 E. Kelly & Co 34,000 Wells, Fargo Co.... 171, 600 H. Klcg & Son 4,000 Total $1,140 208 W? are indebted for favor* to Mr. R. R. Carrington, purser of the Illinois, and lor files of pipes to the enter prising expresses of Freeman & Co., Wella, Fargj k Co., ?nd the Pacific Ex pi ess Company. Tbe Democratic State Central Committee had called a Convention for the 6th March, fur the purpose ot cb toning delegates to the Democratic National Convention, to nominate candidates for President and Vice-President of the United Slates. The Legislature bad pas?e3 a law suspending the pay ment of State Comptroller's warrants, issued for State prison purposes. An investigation of tbe (rand, alleged to have been committed in administering the affairs of Ibis institution would soon be had. A fight occurred at Weaverville on tbe 26 ih January, between two editors. Two shots were fired on ea:h side, without any further damage than wounding one in the btel. A duel came off between two Germans at Russ Gardens, ?'either were injuied. A law) er named G W. Beckh had brougit suit sgainst J. R. Bolton for $200,004) for his eervioes la prosecuting the great Bolton k Barron claim before the United States Land Commission. Lafuecte, tbe Spanish editor who murdered his wife, was sentenced to the State Prison for '.hree years. Bokoiaskl, who attemp ted to bribe one of the Cora jury, -was fined $600 and committed for five days. J&zploelon ot the Boilers ot the Steamboat Belie, Bear Matr<uarnto? Thirty fortoni Killed. KiaiitnART 6 ? 12 o'clock, M. A terrible calamity equa I dwilv o y the awfni disaster which de*t:?ved the Fear, n jeu ago, occurred oa tne Sacramento river this mercitu*. The ruiuiog to MarjgvMe, known as the Be te, Oapt . harlesH. Hook . on, let thin city at 7 o'clock fo .< iw. Bluff*. At precmeiy a quarter to 8 o'olock, and wkt in OiipMIt the Ku*-i ?u t ird, eleven miles above to??, the MMr butst, and instan taneously the steamer wan strewed wi-.h mingled oodien and litgments ot tae wreck. Mr. James A. r'uwell. a farmer whj re- ides at Grand Island Ranch, below Colusi, who waa one ot the pasiengeu, turniaties us wit i the sub joined partloular.i: ? He states that at the inonirnt of the explosion, he waa having the ladies' cttiiu, und wlien the accident occurred he wan completely siunued fo- tbe rao B entH hot immediately thereafter tec itered. On looking about him, ha first saw a ohild nadir hurt, and ?bo a number of persons floating down the riv^r. Tbe steamer Gen. Kedington was on her downward trip, and reached the scene of the accident at 8 o'ciock. The steamer immediately ?o< k off the -urvivora from th? wreck. Tbe entire boat, with th? exception of some forty teet of the a'ter portion, sunk instantly, and t le wreck, a e oar info maut stales. is mote ompiete thin waatbatotthe iil tated Peart. On tbe arriv-il of the Gen. Kemngton, the body of Capt. H .us" n was drawn from the water conn- erably mutilated. W a. 3ha lcross, one of the pilots, was found with nis thigh broken ana bead cut; he is dangerouaty hurt. Kapole >n riyte. a brother pilot, is miisiog; also Alor.r, > fa* tor, cle k and E. Sheem, mate. Amen* 'lie wounded, John Smith, deck band, leg scalded ; Major J>hn Bidw<ul, skull fraciuied? be i( now at Dr. Harknms' office, wh re hi* ;s are being dreased; Charles Yall-j, ?oc.ud co >k, oaoiy sea1 ed and leg bioken, woian will have to Deamuu a ed patient at Price and Proctor's ho>- pi tal; W?l ace filler, a ladao >ut fourteen yiars of age, face contused kneo cut and scalded xlightly ? at Mr. Stagg's room Gl I tor ado b'OC*; Jatnes Parker, barkeeper, noi-e aod lorebeal cut, lying at the Alhambra. Our informant itat?s that ttiere were at least sixty souls on board. At neaktast tine 'here were two tabies seated, each of which whs Qliod. Ono half cf all who left this city lo-day on the Be ie are either dead, wounaed or missing. The Gen. Kediogton br >u{ht oil from the wreck but thirty- two or thirty-thrt>e persons, Including the injured. Mr. lhomas McAlphin, of this city, was a passenger. Be has btet heard trom and sligotiy injured. He re cnained at tbe wreck to render nuch assistance a* he could. On the news beoouitng known in town crowds rushed dewn to the I^veo a;.d the boat whlcb brougut the tiding- was speedily Mack with anxious inquirers after friends for information Respecting 'his terrible ?calamity , the town ia fully as excited as at the time ot the explosion ot the Pearl, auC the remembrance of that ap palling (Allot, ion seems to be brought v.bioly bofore the minds of this community. DU teellnneuuii Items. Tnit Dkfaclto'O Colliitoh') ? Be?erly C. ganders and Richard P. Hammind, b >ta former It Collector* of San .Francisco, had been Indiatel by the Grand Jury em paneled by the United Hm w Dis'.rlot Court, for the em beaalement of mocey while holding that office. T ie in dictment charges Msjor Hammond wltb using fir his own purposes, on the 28th of Ju y, 18B0, (u'jout the time of his removal,) $48,732 70 ; ?nd on the 2d jf August 1853, be is charged with having used $30 000 to purchase a part of the ranoho called ' San Autoi io." The charge ?gainst Sander ? is, that in .1 ane, 1854, be used 148,066 Is-i. 1' la alHged by som-> that thii amount w*s paid over to Major Hammond, who succeeded to the office about that Hue. Aiums k To. 'a Cbeditorh. ? Tbe Hupreme Court of Cali fornia bad made a o?ui-ion. by which the assets of tbe late firm of .\A*xum k Co. arc* to be divided pm ra'a amongst all the crcdtto a of that concern. The affairs ?f Adams & Co. had ali-o iUNl*r<one ott er changes The aaaets held by Palmer, Coo? & Co., ($li>0,000, ) tiad be??n accounted for to the tew receiver, Mr. Nugieo, and Judge Jlager rad discharged Mr. Jones from ?be arrest unutir whi jh be was placed to^ temporarily refusing to p*y over. Mr. A. A. G boo was ftl 1 In custody of the Sheriff on a Charge <f eontemp' a?*inst ti e Fo irth District Ourt. Another ?ult h?d 0'>en cotnrcenoel a^aiait him by Vlr. Kaglee, tlie new receiver of Adams A; Cj , for therein very ?f a Uige amount cf money alleged to be still retained by blm Tim Mammoth I^nd Ct*m ? 1 The T.I man tour claim to the land upon whic i ni nrly one-third ot S*n Kranei-no Is located, bai been confirmed by rbe t'ni'ed States C >m jnlssionerH. 1'reparatmes were oelng m ale to take the cato to a higher court where it was b- level this deci nioti will te reveri-ed; ht tce 'here was but little ex?ite jr entln ?'?!) Pranr^co In re p<>[ *, to the coaflrmn'l .n. Tbis clnltn Is anpcs^eo at tf .000 i 00, arid ItooriMdered too frest a 'oitui e foT one m?i: ev< n In Oxlitornia J. ?e Y jmsnUiur in wtom ibis vas* ewta'p wiii vest if the d?' Hrii'B id sni'taf ?<', 1" a h m hi b:rfh, bn' nnw a ri?i?en of Mftie T'le land he claim* was granted in !ISs8. kv hs tilts Ooveroor of ' ?iif irnta, in ac<v>rriaooe wi h tuc laws ol Mexico, It waj tutie jear 4 afvej-ards tefore b*1 trade known hi* title in Sun Franeltcn, after hie l'?rrt- a hilts bad been transiormec into a wall built city. Tiik Mi Mr- ? A Ciu.vk vor Idusss. ? From ever j p*rt r.f the milling region we hear ihe rr(.?t ctieerin* aociunts. The iecer.t ruins have given an abundant supply of water, and the n inersaie hard at wo k ; if noi exactly " makfag hay *hiie the tun shines." are making fcoli wnieit cwin'!. Tie pile* of eartb *h\c 1 n&v-? oeen heipel up doiicg the past summer, are iiow undergoing the wast ing pioceM, mod tbe blight jeliow gold la oeiog extras ed fn m tht-m in laige quan'ine*. Labor is in eimnd la ai&sost all portions oi Uie mining region, and men who have no capital but their labor can Itnd ample opirirtu titles ior protitabie lnvestmeo'B of tnat And ye', la fiiite ol there glowing prospec t ? irospocts such an ware they a milis Oieiuut? would Umpt men owtr ran It g Max or scorching raode ? in spite o all taeee, bond: eon of able bodied men ate 1 uoglog ani idli g about ban Fianolroo, living ub?.t the; cau, awl walttrg pa l?n lj lor something 'o ?' lurh up." To ?u ?&, the nining lrgion at present iffi re iu'ucemeats suah ?< the; will ?alt loig f< r if hej c iilin e waiting; ana ail such bad b? Iter leavi immediate y, and if t.ioy 5ui.'t get here ai y other way, go on Too r. to the mm ?s Let taem go ar>d pre dune n a e'hicg, and ad I sntnH'hlng to the wealth of tbe wold, while they llienselves are tec mio* weal ay, ?ben tbey will teel li?p men wit r. energies aa1 s >uls, wlirb ?ber cennot c*rt?inJy no whi.e loafing ao ut the stmts r.f Fan F anrisc >. A Mas Shot my his Ovr* Win ?A Sinoitlar Stout ? We have thi* morning to re-surd one of th-> mo*t remark able tragedies that has come to our kn iwledge witain a loigpeiiod About 7 o'cijck on Tuursdav evening, One. ol. a nan wan shot d ?u and tilled in thi- ci'y, by his oft wife, during an affray in wLi:h eeveral persons we e *Dgege<t, jet under tircuawtausM. that m'ght warrant the be ief that ihe eh'.otiug wan qul'e accidental. The fo.'iowng facts regaialrg (h) h :tlo e -IT rwnttob aln ed with giea'. clfficul y : ? A mun named Jaraen Ive-g had bttn living with his wi'e in this city f:>r some yearn, un til cruel t. ea'ment by the b' abana bad force) the wit- to seek employment ard protec ion in the amity of a Mr. Lit'i", on Stockton stree . Yesterday afterno n the husband (Ivhs), in a state of inbsxics'ioa, went to the ho'.iie of Mr Li ttle and commanded his wife to an:ooi pn v b;m to his house, ard prouuoed a pis ol, threaten ug her life. M's. lrers immt-dU'eiy co nlied with this <?enat<l, b-litviug that rests aute w.rutd be d lOg-raus. After they Lac reached 'he hjuse, whiih is sitaa A(t a', tbe comer of Caid'a alley anil Maiden 'ann, Ivera went a?a? but soon re'.urneo to the fr>-nt of the house, puitol in hand, and threa'ened to xhoot UU wife. A maa t an ed, who -as workiog in a ho i#e a^j'ilclng. remonsitrated with Ivors, wan then threatened to "hoot Murphy, find a struggle en?ned oeiwe?n the n, zetnlcing in Murpbj's obta'iiiog poe(easi"n ol the pistol. At this m< men* a man named Doffee interfe'ed, ana the com batants were separa ed. lverg then na<ttcned into tin own nr ni-e for the pnrprve of procuring an -ther we?poo, and MnTpby guve th? pisroi to Mrs. Ivers wh > had cone out. Into be street. The wife of Ihiffee hal tainted from fright, bavirg ohservi n the scene 'rum a house ipp Mite. Cpon recf irlDg the pistrl, Mrn. Iv. r? ren?r?e^ tha . there was ?' No danger in it." ax it was lo.ded only with pon der. ard commenced (!i^k'a'-g'ng *.he barrels in the air. She bad fired off *wo or three harte's wxen lrers re-ap ptarer him the house ?i'h a kni'ein band am! ai tie approached, Mrr?. Ivera pointed the oistnl at h'm and again fireu, whtnlvers fell to the ground apraren'-iy lift If ks. It appeara that thn pistol waa )? aded, n >twitn etai dicg Mrs. Ivers' assertion to the oontrarv The ball fireo at Mr. Ivers entered iwneiiittely abnvn the r gat ey , anc pf Derated the biuin. He lived ?b' u' firtv mi nutes. but did not s) eak. Mrs. Ive-n sinned parylvz^d ? ith fear a til temorse, but before tbe circuoasfaace of the shooting bad reached the ears of the po'iceahr hao ta?ea retugf with a brother, who pkced her in ooncealnrent, bur pubs< qucntly, by the advice of Capt McElroy "ae brother innacod her to t-urrf ne'er herself into the custody of tbe police. ? San frav i< n Herald. Caukirma Ispian Wak Bomw ?The Legislature had pending a proposition which ft was believed woaki result in tbe payment of the Ca l'orn'a Indian war bonds Kfforte had been made by private persons to cb <aln cocrol of this morey, and to bave it transpi'ted to Outfornin, while tbe bonds are all neid at tie Fast but it was thought that a recemp i?n o' the bonds world be proposed, to take place tit Washi'"gt. n city as fa>t as the money may be drawn from the United States 1'ieasury. CoiNAt.a at thv. Pan Frasitbco Mint. ? During the month of Jsntia'v there were con ed at tte Branch <'nt in this city, 107 750 pieces ( in gold). amoanHngln value tt>$984, 000, and fif een b?rs. worth $W,488 46. In ? liver. 80,000 pieces ano 31 bars, Talasd at (51.6d9 4( -ia all, $1,065,007 00. The gold deposit duiit>g he moath nag b?tn 07,56ti ounces. Of the gold coined, $18 00.) ware three dollar pieces. Ins Imha.\3 oh Tint Cot orado all Quikt.? Tbe govern ment expiess, says the Sun l'iego Ueral/l, brought ao news cf Importance. He rejioris erm-yrhicg quiet when be Ifcft Forr. Yobj*. and although Urge cuoifcers of la rians ban been seen about the place no'hi'ig ?c* o' the usual course had transpired. Strict vigilance was kept by Col. Burke, sod no trouble was immediately sn'laf l?tSH< . Tbe express rider passed Col. Norman's command near Vallecfto. Marriage*, Blrtiia and Dtathb MARRIED. At Dry Creek, by the He*. E M. Hager, Thu. Cravens to Elizabeth Humes. I j Ntvaoa, ?y Rev. J. W. Bioghatn, Mr Richard S<Iit?y. formetly o' Scott anun y Ky., to Mis* Emma, daughter of Wn. P. Norman, reoentljr of Lioerty csua tv , Mo. 'At Auburn, Dec. 14. by Rev. J. A. Brocks, SarnueiG. Gretnwood to M)hr Mary Boylston, alt of that place. Av Chiuena Camp, Jan. 12, by Jus tie* Raker Robert A. Jout-s to Uarinoa E. Kokin.ton all ot Tuolomne county. Oct. 9, at the Church of St. Ignatius by the Rev. Father Marascbi, Mr. John McDonald to MUi Katharine P. White, of New York. At Rolling Hill, El Dorado coun'.y, Jan. 21, bj- Rev A. Uigble, Mr. L. Bates, M. D., or Mormon Inland, to ills* Jane d Sneer. of the former plane In San Francisco, by Rev. E. S. I*iy, Mr. Jas. D?l gardno, to Mis* Jenoet Pratt. In Maivsville, by the Rev. E. W. Hager. Alfred blccum to L} liia rkN*r, In San Francisco, Jan. 23, by the Rer S. D Simonds, Dr. G. W. Woolley to Mis. Mary A. B-mtecoc, late of N>w York. At Stockton. Jan. 20, by the Rev S. B. Roouey, Mr. R. W. S' even sod to Mis* Mattie J. Peachy. At Sac amento, J?n. 23 by the Rev. Mr Pratt, M. J. Conkita to Miss Margaret Chambers, ooth oi '.hat piece. In ban Bernart'lno. Dec 23, by the Hon. John Brown, Mr Isaac Good* in, of that place, to Mia s Maty Cox, ot London. A' l'larerville, Jan. 20, bv the Rev. J. Pierpont. Ed tr.und M. Ga'ge to Misa I.avuiia H. OiaSeld. ail ot that jiince. At Placet Title. Jan. 22. by H. Doyle, Erq., John Backer to Marga>et Gat ret. all of {hat piaoe. Hy i;eT. Mr. Catneh&n, Thompson Field i t? Cecelia Virginia, ek'e.-t dacghter of John R. Gibson, both of Phi aeelpMa. At Oak Spring Ranch. Mariposa coun'y. by A. F. Wa?h kfirn, John B. Kiiete tj Mt?s Wilhelmina H. DeiiL", lata p. l>?nzig. PruMia. f At, Sii ckton. Jan. 20, by Rev. H. C. Benson. Mr. E. W. Eikins to Mi>s Nancy Gann ot Santa Clara countr. In Shasta. Jan. 21, ' by Judge Daingerheld, Constant Denizet to Mac ame D^ecolle. In H?asta, Jan. 24, by the iam>. George Greathouse, F.?q., to Miss I<ouiaa E., daughter of Thos. Lafferty, late of Kentucky. A; lied Rluffo, by E. W. Goodrich, Esq., John Long to Mlse Man Ann Spangler. In Sen Francisco, by Rev. B. Bierly. John M. Hooper, fitq., and Miss Mary Ellen Bloom, all of San franco co in Kirg's Va ley, Bentoo oountv, O T. by Justice Stone, Mr. Wm. A. Clark to Mi?i Levlna Tatum. In l'ortland, O. T. , Dec. 30 185ft, by K:. Rev Bishop Scott, Mr. Lloyd Brooke to Miss Gen?ri?ve, only Jaughter of E. Hamilton. Esq., of Portland. In San I- ranci.'oo. Jan. 92 by the Per. Father Gallagher, Mr. John Nugent, of Baltimore, Md., to Mies Milley Cox, cf ('tics. New Yoik. At the lesldence of Judge Chamberlain, on Friday, Feb. 1 by Hon. Judge Cuamberlaia, Cha*. I'nderwooa, lnq , of Redwood City, to Ml.'.s Catherine Armstrong, of San Francisco. At Sotoyomi, Sonowa couoty. on the 20th Jan.. by Kyv. It. Yer Mehr Mr. John A. Bailoache. of San Kranciaco, to Miss J< sita Fiteo, or Sotoyomi. At Stockton, by Justice J. G. Jenkins. Mr. Homer WooO worth, of fc ockt m, to Mi*u Elite Graham, .>f San Francisco. In San Francisco, by Rev. B. Brierlt, Henry C. Gard nir, Faq , of Nevada, to Miss Charlotte S. G. Bailou, of Cunibtrland. R. L BIRTH B. At Forest City, Jan. 11, the lady of Mr. Ce?rg? Kagjj, of a '-on. At Sacramento, Dec. 01. the lady of Mx. D. H. Haskell, of a daughter. In Portland, O. T., Dec. 17, the wife of Mr. J Harris, of a eon. In Shesta, Jan. 12, the wife of F. W. Yengtr, of a daughter. In Shasta, Jan, 1.1, the wife of Mr. Calvin Winsett, of ? eon. In Sacramento, Jan. 20 the wi'e of Ji hn S Fowler o'a son. At Canon House, Jan. 14, the wife of Mr. WiUIam Tra cy. of h daughter. At Todd's \ alley. Placer county, Dec. 19, the wife o. Mr. .1. M. H'gg'ng. of a son. ? In San Krenciaco, Jan 26, the I?3y of M. A. Filfug hau?, of a son. In Mar?*viile, .Tan. 24. the wife if Mr. i). C. Stone. of * son. In Marysville Jan. 23, the lady of Samuel H. Wright, of a son. la Ssn'a Barbara, Jan. 6, the wife of Hon. Jose Car rlllo, of a son. In San Dtegn. Jan. 0, the ludv oi Mr. Curies Genoa, of a non. In Curmelo Valley, Monterey county. Jan. JO the wife of Edwin K. Clay, of a "on. Ir Sun Francteco, Jan. 20. the only la4y of ttie Mormon Llder. Geo y Cannot, ot a sen In San Krnnci.ico Jan. 2t>, the lady of Mr. Adam Boo'*, of a dangbser. At low a Hill, Jan. 24. the wife of Mr. A J. BruaJt ot a sen. 1p Sun KrancUco, Jan. 31, the lady of Jwn ?$ J. Groan, tf a *on, pntn, In San Frapcisco, Jan. IB, W. D. N. Howard, aged RP jt-ars. At Atibnrn Conn'y Hospital, Anthony Wilson, ofl'itV bii'g, l'?ou., agod .'ifi yer^rs. Diowren at tee ?r?nii of the bs>V tsabe'itA Hyta, at lia'i Maid D*y, (.lUi'ctfciij Ciift. ftvuUeu Caihcuu, who t?adp"b*nri*n < m,? h* \ ,h*t r?<*? 1 In the IirT rr i " lta'1 s? T-ac i?co. I^S-HU of said ba't CBllf',r'>l?. Mtnund Be.Ur, chief utHser '?? ?* of Wm Ko^lrn*Sm?tiwn "h H.UuiHlau" ??nnty, ?f eonrompiian, " A, a'1" h.Vf0nB" ^ ?? county. lad P .4"oj>?.4rj^.w w^js- F"4"rt? ?"???. Kiow^S ^iTof ?k?l ab<W#"'1 0t "fe Uw'Ml? E?g 4V? Je,r, Kn?W^'' * n*llT* of M-nche .fr, "?a 01 Th""5 "d *?' *geo Roscw' son of ?*P*- ??? Fogg, J'ne- wlft ?? ,eiJ, ^ J,U- 1;* Dr- *? W- "?*?, W* 3. At the reridence of her mother, Mr*. P?rce- If, 9 wu w ?? ??/? ????. " "? 6,. b?cB M?rcmeat?' *** ,Sftrth ~evtr*ncf' 'o"nerlr of Se ^At &nioia, Jan. 21, Miss Rath A. Vaughn, ag*< 18 At Auburn Jan. 19, Heu-j E. Korce. ,ff,d 38 v?-H ?r5 'aT,^. V^Jt^"b7?? a'" " ???. ? '? c- - ??? -j&s-srsjss,*^ Mt- s- " p"" ?*? . . nftfts sa^igA,-rti? - s""a???. - yeIun:fhiUita' W?' ?aT*t' Uto cf Scott'" Bar, aged 2fl 2T' tf c-n^mon of the luar* Al T , ,Ulf de*> cr,M rt ft Wm H. Rhode* rv lV'/^ "d ^rbB r,ver' Cla,-*0P> Terrltor* fMKm', ? ^ K 8*f< 00 >? "on of Aiinereau and kmi*y S^,8""7. aged 2 yean^ 1 a-, ah and 24 <W 7 At th ret id??C8 <'f Mr. Tnans G^ww I'.irliaad of T W0"' Mr J\F- K%AmJ ?*? 26 year*. ?f i/of aasrajt *? *? ^ <? Marietta. v, , san Francisco, Feb. 4 1858 domestic flour, with *h? ex ?u ion of oie MrUju ari^ Orfiton or llilo hi?c coie? to our kiiovM^ tKa rr ?cti^DP auic up in ?1. tbou Fw hetr4^* fd^Blw ""Joref SOObbU. Richm >od flou^OW^r fi ?? k? -anta Clark Hold oa prira e U*rmi 300 an Coiumhia milu aiu] '.80 do. dnmnHfi t S8 60" 110 iio An 1?" d c r 1 .100,d.? do ?t $a; 100 z doiilrtc ? ?' "in h ,9D f1" -00 d" Alvino, 400 do. MairuuU* ex rqu?rio1a *r?W a^lO^lM n.if 2W)tdo- doln''a'?e in t?ro Sfsfirs^a,^ 7t ?""*? u"5"??. ?? fc as? ? sccis a-rrr dar tLaa ?p0rtmntt,md? ^ ko?o?riTento. sSfi ??aswans.?si s&lszzz. Mea?r day. "'bW? wSdlSSu in merotu p?roe? at rery loir ?gUfS for c??h in!L! ot saJfes have doubtleu l?c mid? wita thiH rie^ fo?th? pu,p ?e of laigiDg rn^uej, and .h? ""Kaa which 6 oc,_?me^ ?r? owing maioiy, it in n-e?umm tTrl CT?' TTaD,*<,Ti?n? toatauTS wo^i ^old in piuH djfterrnt lc.t?, at th, foiling p^es^l ^ <*,;TTZX'';71?LyJSl ?nd lbs . ccumncl ^iT t* ? wu*"1?r? >le ?'??t?ltttd? too:? fa all that ?e We to rh,. ^ ?cd xncaintd ttatmsary at ab, ut w'wL^T ?? !!.? 100 d' Vt'-V, at 100 d0 ?* *- 6#, "d Cob> ? 2o bag* IjO* Angp'pi white ?ol(! at 2 We f ,? S>ales of 656 Racks, in si* paroeig ?t the rn ?t Ur ? j' v i 4 at th*' "t"* figure; 60 d) do itijc ' d?' ^ *nd 75 d0' d?- *t+e. : 25 do. roF?l?ri??4Xef CaUforBU ??? ?t 6?e. ; 20 do. Hovjxt.? 600 lb? coarse eoH ut 13? Iokk ? 30 half bb s clear sold at $16- 25 bbJ* nrim? xnesf sola on private tennis ' prime , -V?" -50 case8 ,n "> tina, sold at 17o 60 k?? soM on t?rms n it stated: 126 kegs at I7r ' g -ffsrsiS'jyr soId at i4c-: 60000 <.o'?d\;SMbttCrUd,(d sold at ll^c; lOOdo. 23 d0- ^ wkt ? 100 n>ats China No 1 geld at 6Vo ^xe?,ts?iert;^.flgUrB; 100 du" ??q? pJ??0d I Mluaf "io vl21 ?o^fMt"r??0l!^n brand> 1 P6'11"1 l"mPR, rrAj,!- Gn*Terfl " " choice' ' h*mvcrx Dnndevs sold at ?16. I wine.? P00 lb?. Fnglish sewing no d at S0c. Ncwi fiom VVaihington Territory. INIIAN WaR AT PUUET MOUND ? ATTACK UPON SEATTLE. Vfce Izidi* qs made a g. and attack upon SeaV.le on tb? 26th Jtnnary. The fight commenced at 8. 46 A M. , and cobtirnel throughout the day Kor four nights pre ceding '.ha attack the town Lad been garrisoned oy the officers and crew of the Decatur. A; 7 o'clock A. M. on the 'iOth ail hands retuined to the ship, but in a very short ' ime word was sent that the town was surrounded by Klikit&ts. The men were Immediately re landed, and the attack commenced by firing a that from the howitzer, which was returned by a volley from the entire rear of the own. the Indians at the same time uttering terrific yells of dtfiance. The firing was continued until 8 P. M., when libdiug that the Icdians could not be driven from tbe woods it was decide.! to settle toe natter in a differ ent way- The women and children wer? sent on bierd tbe Decatur and Brinte*; the citizens and marines were left in charge of to# block house, and the officers and crew returned to the ship. 11. b latteiies were then opened from the Decatur, and grape, caniMer and rounc shot poured upon the Indians .& each uuantitiea that the main body of them retreat ed. After t.lgbtfall shell and shot were thrown wnere etrr any signs of Indians appeared. By 10 P. M. nil was qii iet. It is impoxuible to ascertain the number engaged In tie attack. Thtre are various minors, from woich we gatheT that the Indiana were from seven to nioe hundred Ht/ It Is also rumored that the Indians had 36 kil.ed aid wounded. On the side of the white*, only two weto killed, both civilian*. The Indians ahot too high, the bullets whistling over the heads of our force*. An attack is feared upon Steilacoom, as, a short time be tore the steamer sailed, an express came into tbe gar (Ucn with infatuation that tne Indians bad attacked rone whites about live miles from the garrison. The injury done to the Decatur has oeen repaired, an aLe is now \n good condition. All well on board the De Ofitnr ana A. live when the Itepublic left Seattle. SEATTIi. J*u. 2fl. 1BIW. I have opened my letter of the 27 th, to add the follow ing Item*: ? ts vfral In.'innt who were in the bat'.le on the 28th have 'oported to the chuf, (Seattle, at the Reservation, tlint there weto 7C0 Indlaus engiged. The force of th ? whites consisted of 110 men and officers Irorn the Dcsa tnr, and about 70 oltir.en*. No men ever liehaved better, and Capt. (Ian -evoort hat proved hmitelf as goed a general as lie li a Ihoroug < sailor. No one cinld have eireerted him In the s?i fu n au^er iu wbioh everything wa? arratigeo und conduct ed. No lake was made, and the whole affair bus dune him infinite credit. The Indians have acknowledged tbemxelve* beaten, nnd, it Is said, h?ve retired to obtain reinforcements, to try tl'tir hand again. S-'eatile fays that they are determine i to '?estroy ihe town, asd it is not kno?n whether the ifltn has change their plans or m.t. A fecund attack is ap,nehende?l. If the woods were net lnipas^ablr tl the whites, the enemy conlu so<,c te 6ilven over the mountains, out aa it in tin j Lave tvaj advantage. Ike northern Indianr hnvs eiprested a desire to oi talr t.ofi-eesirn oi the Dooatur. in order to replenish tb*ir etrtnvni ion. (1 veinor Mevecs arrlvel at Olympia on or about th' 2*.it of Jarnaiy, *ne ? ' e was receive. ?lth cneers, i>|,eechts an-' fitirg ot CAi.njn A great deal of exiite t? e t ?\ a"*1 la ?f i?t on to the pr> poeeo rat/lug of si* '0*1 (tl.Mlf *' aiitMTS Governor Htevens hns t??ned tbe foUowlrg p'oclama <kn *hiet we give entire, m attesting jo uu con\.i ioa t' a'.Taijs at tha E.o:th w . PK<X1_AMATTO?? dlaLH Uaye'\ month* * band of biet'ln In OIi I'lliret ^ ,t, J1 "larm among* th? ??U ?r> rea'Jin* citt Sri .m m," ":r" K caiione ? f tha farmer v "",<J ureveu Jug tbe usual dfo l.??Te<vrmrtV^LL. be,,,l,.v * "r-<- P"-H'.u ?f the T jr-vnry st?res U. in the r?Jl: *a?i, " not starvation, 'etm of smvi. n t it. ." < "!iilriK year, and whereas, -l,* ha or I, ab,.?i tV^I)|^.'0^5U,t*'J.yiC',llfc<1 ,nt0 ,he ,le" el'her of 'he war it u :,ni?Lr^rf'-hS? b> a vigorous prowou'luu rr our ener- e ' we- n"??. ?? * r%n H Km he '""'Hsred ?ptck]p? Irwr Z1, H ^"2* m wnuiiu ate. I I ed hy lie Urfi us i2'I?ll<l'i,"""hl' lime- ,n*|n^u PiMftLKiiitin i 'eMilt g lunuf'iat* v upo j me of a , ^ ,,,. .w/rno. cl'li^Q- of VjiaTer iior . f ^ ' h*reb> ?U ???? in M-rvti /i.r Hi* m.-mhl ... companies of vo uueers

enrol ?i >?(,rt " < wn?, d in ??.' """"er d c?nn to ?f- *??*?* ? in th? n J iri c' Jefferson, oae o uory of Here*; i?() J[ olvmnil1 ?DS at HtelUooom ?n thn and too tt <ii Bud Vou. d P.- ,SHl, i'n S 000"ly of ? hill -It/vi; M>id onaii>atile> am ? ! i nf county oi Tlnu-aton lieu'eti&ut fou?" j r necptMn, one rimr ao<l .?w.oo1 ? ?u? io he pnlj Hy n;fl^ JfIh' ?? ?? ?"??; .b Id ^ h*OT<;7 ,er',iry AU^el^&JJ Ju?Ri,,TORT- ?K 5ow?aW j? "tanh*1 IUld' Adtlr&',T ''Oawrtiion ***** *hore is dec a ?a to 06 the {> war line'" a iap ? number .re on W .do,-. I.^d Thej Ire p^ ^Aude lx"ft wi h^vl ??d *r? toawata P ion"*t the i-f ta? TerritofT i? Ha!- h ^ agen s h,i^ "tK>ut buudred Uid ttai Drc - w?? U ,COlUbt lh^ *1'# UA^ble t? o'jtuiu P i 1 . for themselves. Dr. Wenoer, ot rtialltc vm ni ^ pi*ce; Dr. M-vn?id ijear Seattle )r' hnl 1 n*P,V WWlKjV blind, ?d u" F, z B'UlrKh?"> B?y- A 'few fr ienrtiy lndi?a? are ft Jo wed t rvmaio at 8?atile for the nros?nt t nAii> u >. tllh n '? >j t v U,w ,t",1 U) ?"u?f ?t hand a^^-s^satwss But few poraons ou1 of Hie Teriltorv ar? ...r. ?r rapii! conjiunticAtlun k?pt up betwcon th^ rf-Jr "fce Jeff^rlT ^"rlV 6b(VheJ ?IUoai aad B jla? m m torn toe Jett rein Dhvla wee in ^ort Stella, joom Gul ki.? hupb dfftttd is imp itMble f tr ihB Hei'Vant t.'i ' . ma :i(iu ^.rl? on ^?nt % 'Sf pioved tra. No troops el her radars or ^ua-eHrg K'- ?awrc ' tiocpsare to wore the ntiabe dear in At ion &c h if.'Il ii V0?* of ,he chit,B of the Meualy ^ti" 'm thW- 'D tbe "Prt"g t0 al8,6t troops iu errnmg out the places of tte enrar. Tbe t ?,,.t /ithoutDh?.T? a'loA'?d!<> P?M or rfpas^ on the Sounl v i iu out Deirg ascom panted oy a white m^n jrnttfn perttiisBitn fxom the proper authorities Somf IlS'SuL'w 1?TU,e *,at,t or w*r ?lde of toe Sound lie number of ^ctlanN ?t TtIhhh'h cimp ea-t of the wl" ' r?pre??"n??d to be ten thousand. This oorrec?. t2^ are, aJHO forre fl?e hen red mounted exor^ja .n*n tuie? 'Ume d* 'f ave"?e a' "nw ?ud depar wL 4^'. a ,?,or the "Pi(UOn flwt thes-? and the other Ms es in t^Tr- COD!: '^"Kbth. oiff-rent m mnufn pshh^H in the Pprtncr and c ntirun rr? r?, t SS'-W-ic ?. v ? cnroe orer the mountalaa in the ''pilDK- ihp snow oogrracts the nac a _ . , ?hf liver* hia ?/?.. m??. # .? . pafset ?t present, and ui-nier??i? to-, high for ihem to carrv on ine ??r in lone. In caw thev do c -n-e v?r* i,r,L ? wr? ?h?t tb?*I Ui1'1 l'e re,tulpe1-' No fears are enltrtafnuil inu leL ,??rt%?n,rtteWHBt 4d? 0f ,h"S ,un'1 WI" """ in ? I 111 li-e present ?ar. so lonir a? a firm hut < or dilatory course is j.u huimI towanla ihemand li?v Hr ? ^ Ail the farmers harin 1*ibd> oo the eaat side cf iho Sound, tnwarnu thu m >nn t;''ng "'d about tijw X " t Jmtn^'InH'i'r " nthef f* ,4'iaM ,n"J T>?" different wt ..n"^XCr X^.Ken,'"l51jr WDP"Jed in TUBKiTBNED ATTIC* PPO.V FORT STEfLAUO )H -S ^ Quantity blood on the ?w w. The aiarm w?? instantly fpvpn. ?od thVeanis-m ?hd ;iTInaB' ?1*1 frther maie tn*TnIght tbT or<4bree TOlu' XerTLg theB ^y yarda ot the Indian, without PNITE1) STATES SHIP DECATUR. broken, timbers started from the tuttickg and two of t of iS?fcLDi" ?? tbe ,,ort "ide broken- Sheifas waVi T. ahly hogged, and was maklogsix inohos of water oer h ur when hauled ashore. Her yard, were down t^ma u Brr Ct^hfQrm0,,? ?! b*,U"7 Un,1#t' -n CoHler 's waarf tMa'?<Mi I ' 1 1 h,4<1 ow,n "hipped at Re* tor a ion 1 cint were recovered aod brought to aeat'ie m nf^tDMrhi TTf00^ *" hurting with tho repair. ** fafit m bin liHiited mean** atd the unujiual h ereri v n' ?he weather wonld admit. Tbe Decatur w^ S L re.dy for active service during the month TjWary7 * THE CNITED STATES COAST SPBVEY STEAM RR A r S"v,i"D aDOI">" "r rh;,e ?ft? ? snPP'T of c^ ^d tle ' ttfr Hn^"Hd ^ Vict?lia' ?ome men top^i? " ieve /h/ *** at NwqufSly, and to *?i "2" *."?!??? ?X SSLl ?Si <f~ iNlf<'naUy) left and joV^ the enemr C^lT i ?.Be of whom s.|d to have ffi hw been pl.cedTder tTe oroer. oT"?; ^rnor tltoVZ ^,ii."?^swss..Tj2r' ?' i SEVERE WEATHER ON PtTOET SOUND 1 T^! Wf e' bMn unuguaUy severe the past season and rnu.t toe is seen about the Sound. reason, "V>w? front Oregon. TH* LATEST NEWS FROM THE BEAT OK WAR. The UmI mail from Oregon brought us tbn nevn of the defeat of the Indian*, who had congregated la great forco at W*tfa-Walla. by (be volunteo-s. Slnse thea nothing of importance Iiah occurred. We extract from ?h? Ore <i<mian. the follow lug in relation to tho ntate of aftait* at the earrp: ? We have let'erx from Camp Curry, near Walla- Walta, up to JaD. 5. the volunteers were still encamped near tne battle ground, awaiting the arrival of supplies and to recruit i heir horses preparatory to an advance further Into the enemy's country. The troop* are reproiented an being all in very good health. Some tittle dixaffestion hud sprung up io telation to the command; but this will all become nettled upon the arrival ot the express which lelt fcere on Wednesday last for the camp. Lfeiienaut Wither is tbe hearer o I a commission from Governor Curry to Captain rhomas Cornelius, who was elected (olrnel of the First Regiment of Oregon Mounted Volun* teers. We make no doubt that Colonel Cornelius will at once move forward wtth lils command, and give th1) I nolens battle at Snake river, where they are said to he eucamp td In large force. If he doe* not find them there, he will undoubtedly pursue them until tliey will be compiled to again Bake a stand and give the volunteers a fight Al though ttie force now under command of Colonel Cjrne ilu* is t-ninll ? not over three hundred men? yet, with hu<e, we linve no fears of the result, if they can get a air Held. The troops under commar.l of Colonel C une llu* are veteran Indian fighters. Many of them hove seen considerable servico In that Hne, and have never yet been whipped ? neither can they be by ten times their number of Indians. We learn, also, that a large number of horses and cut* ? le, amounting to seveial hundred hrad, vers recently captured and driven into camp by the Washington and Ynmhlllcovnty companies, but were sutiseiiuently de .tvered up to a hand of (so celled) friendly Indians. As we sre iu a Brest measure unacquainted witli the facts and circumstances upon wfeich bene friendly In dians predicated their claim to the horses and r:?ttle, wo irev not be able to jnoge properly In the mattsr It ?eemv to u?, boweior, taut a great error wa? commifted in sui rendering a single head or hoof ol this stock to uny body, aid particularly to those weariig a red skio. If the? had teen claimed even by wbi e men, r itiv? or for eign, tbei should have been kept for tlio use of the ser vice, ?n they, particularly the horses, were neede-i to le pi-inn- tbe voiuntee?ii many of whose horses are almost ? fctirely unfit l'->r present servlee tVe hope soon to lis sble to chronicle arvther brilliant vic'ory aoliMred by ou gu' lai t ot'/en jolliers over 'he eenibli.el forces rf Ini ieri!* uor h. We have now ps>leefe<t nn arrsigenien. hy which ee fha 1 ob ain reliable lr.f i mation bvsry week fiem our ii??!e army In Noii.hern Oregon. rOSlTIO* OF Tit K VOLUN r>:>RH AT WALLA WALL 1. Col C'l'Tie ins, wi'h aoout t tir btinnr?d and flf'-y uu?n s?<? heOieg' ii Arjpu. Is et ramped n tb Walla- Wnlia. He ?xi?cts to i emaitt heie until be tan build a b.i^t wl'h which t > ?eny his tr en aer ?'-s Si.ake 'iv?r. ai h"re ip n" timber on -'naie river other lian ornslnrond T e on li?: f< 'be boat w 11 be sewn wlW a sru'p saw. w ii h is tlertilj (if In pi?-,e>?i"u i t the voiun eers A i rw c a? h? N^at is ornntrue'f d it w'l b* ha'ilm ?o tae I Shoo ?h oe or Snake river, dis'nnt sine forty miles. 1 Uote the aiuiy wiU be cri>?eu nndur o.m of a uoei urn whlrh tht-T have in tbeir 1 is said tha*. the Indians t a* e taken tip i string p sition ipjo the oppo til* hunk tit tre liver, which they are de ? nntomj t> de I ten< Ht all hazaide Mure the death >1 th-lr kk(>y cbuftaiu lJ?-e peu m< x-m >1, w)t se will w- a uialterab.e is*, wbofte mandates eicanated from the Migbe*t oritole the) ftaii- vr v?nested on ea.-h an?l >hi *as looted up' B by then. a? the unnodimeot of the wi-dnn nod prnweis i f 'il? natkti, ihe wb-le salt To have be con e eo reik ?rms or jjte that they expreiw their deter aroa tlrn to Ugh*, ill' :ht- last man prttNbes. Ta?v ntirm that slice :he r-aih ef ?li- tr chief, arK* the lie* of tbeir h >mea a to proper*/, tr.ej have netamt left worth livrcg fur. TBJb INDIAN WAK ?N NORTHERN OHROON. The Jacksonville iO'*gon)J.<em#i*pf ?t the ftrh last, nttyn the .Sliesta Vurttr, ffiTtts the most 'heartrending account tt irdan muroera iu that region. Wh->le setueraen's 01 mm, wi mm and chlJf rra are teMlncrtTiinatfly butchered id cold bio o, and the sflbrt* of the troop* have he?nal t^ge^her nnavsHirg, thus Iter, in Ht"y'*j? tbeir ravage* We bote that the am^al of Col. Wrignt, who is dut y ex (ec ed wi b recruits will put a stop t& tWs wholesale onv h>- y. The early settlement ot t e colonies ecarceiy fu' rushes a pvailvi to whsi nt C ally occurring Vn Ore ??' n. The Cret cent CI y papers IB" recora acts at tfaiitar kind |e pe*ra tr: tJi*>n the whiten, and It in generally thought a sycemauc w?' tar* ts beirg wa$e<t hi rrhich *11 li e I dlanp l o ih of tola are fa'ly interested , and that the oillenp' tribes a t in pe feet uoi-oo wi b eaeh other. A war i'f esteiTun fitlon in the ?.nly remedy we Bee, ai c tt in mutt aecesnarllj be te-.r.-na, expensire nod i?t teDdfd with g eat ou of llfr. for io all engageimnts here tofore bao <be "m?n of the flirest" hat* own fmly equal to bis u oi e enlightened and cult'va'e**. antagonist. THE INHIAb WAR IN SOUTHERN OBEOOX. We hsve 1- tt*r>, says the Orrgonian, troui Jacksonville, dated Jauuvi j 8. giving us Uitel igence ol mui? lu<li?tu muiderH Martin AC|/el, a worthy citlz'E, liirmeriy of (.rregi'b Ci'y. was cho by the Indians the diy before, within two at.fl a ba'f miles of JxckH.ii ville. Charlns W. Hull, form-rly fiom Ypsi an 1 Miccig.n. w*a sho; l>y In diana r hue hunilog in the woods 1 1 hiu three miles of Jack-oi>vil)e Captain Klce's comuai y of voluu'eers ha4 furtotin('e<: r band of Iooltan near Apple;ate i'ree<, aod were guaidifg them until a h'lwitwr could -.e ob ained trcm Ft rt 1 .are to dhlodge then. Tbe bowU/.er Unally arrived late in h? af'e ocon. two or turi- shells wcro tlrovn >Lt4- the Ii dian cmiip, which killt d threj [nd'ans aiid wourded several other*, when it became no Ua:k thit lurtber cperutijrs wee sunve- dod until the ni'Xt uioru. itg But whet- niornli<g came the Indians bad escapcd. 1'r. Myers f' cm bteilisg was killed, anil throe or four whi es wounded. Opt. lUce's oooipany of TMlu'teeis was in pursuit of th- retrea kg IiicKur Amiuunitiou ard supp>i> s were pcarce auiong tbe Hgui IUver Volan teers. Tley call 1 udly for b'- p from tne Willvuette valley, anr have sen in a pack train of fifty mules for aid. We hope it will be furnidbsd at once. LATEST FROM TUB DALI.ES. We learn fn in leliabi* au'.horit.v, suy* the Oregon Times, tliat tbe wout dul at. the I>altei n:ispHal are doing well at pies-n'. Captala l.avUn has had the halt ex tractor. and is now iik?-ly to recover wl b?ut 'O'Oug his leg, as was at one limt though'-. Captain Whitney, of the wsgon Main, ai rived at the Dallei .launary 7th, four dtys ln,m I1 on llenrletva, &? d reports h?-veral men ba<lly fri't bitten. Captain Hayen, of l'olk County comoaty, was ft ill encanrpel two mlli-a above Fort Henrietta, on the Umatilla, awaltirg orders. TERRITORIAL LEGISLATURE. Ihe I.pgislature Is ma- Ing good progress in Its bn?la?8fl, I consiclt rlr g the delays which navo oennrred from two re- ' cecaee ard the setions calami- y wnloh ceptived us at once of ourCvpitol, library, j'ir.roaU and archives. lit y bll s have o. iglt.ste- In 'he Hon .e ? many of whiati bave passed that b<<dy ? and some thirty in the Couacii. It if tmpbatica ly a worllrg Assembly. W? navo beea o'rocgly diep* sed to comment upon none of the i.iws and aemoria s in prcgrc??, but cnclude 'o reaec ve suah duty uLtll the legislature tball bare finished its <roik. Tte Jcint Coi vetstlon 'or the election of Territorial officers, on ibuxtday at ernocn last, resulted as fjl lows A. Buab, Territoritl Printer; J. D. Boon, Territorial Treasurer: B. F. Bonham, Auditor; and F. S. Hoyt, Ter rlu rial Librarian. Cat)' Pontic*. MEETING OF THE NATIONAL KILLMOHR CLUB OF NEW YOKE. This club, wlii h has been in existence secretly sinco last November, and which numbers many members from every waid in rue city, met last night, tor the first time, in o)en meeting, and adopted a new constitution. Vatloui lettolu'ions were passe.) ? endorsing tbe Phila delphia n< minailms; declaring a firm intention of exer cihii-K every pose lb ie means tor he sncoessot toe ticket; imittng coi respomlence from eve-y Fillmore Club thiooghout th~ State and soliciting '.be formation o( Club* throughout tbe city and State, to act under char ters fii.m 'bis parent olnb A committee was appointed to procure a suitable room for the luture mt-e-ings of the elub, and to conbine, i practicable, with other Fillmore Clubs in MtaalLhing permanent headquarter*. A comraifee was appoln'ed to co-operate with other clubs ii getting up a g<and ratification meeting. Tbe President uiim need that the ctao would not probably make a* much noine *? the others during the campaign, but it* principal intent wa< that it sh.inld be the news dei>ot in N(- ir Yo:k of ' h? canvas* throughout che I'nicn, and t>a its congestion already with country elms conld not fail to facili'ate this purpose. Be an nounced th" motto ??t' the club: ''The l>nion, the C insti tution and the People." Tbe meeting adjourned amid great enthusiasm, to meet ?gaiu in public at the call ot the Committee on Public Meeting*. The following are the names of the officer*: ? President, Jamee Peck bam; l*t Vice President Ella* Combs ; 2d do., Olcutt Rhine*; 3d do., Robert Miller; 4'hdo., F. Alien; Secretary, Jos. B. Pollock; Treasurer, H. R. Warner. Police Intelligence. CHARGE OF BEDUCTION ? A CURIOUS CASE. Daniel B. Pixcn, a youth about nineteen years of age, was taken into custody yesterday morning, by Captain Leonard, of the Second ward police, on a charge of bar ing s<ouced Mt?? Margaret Counsel, an English girl, six teen years of age, solemn promise of mar rlsge. It appears, as tar as ve could learn, that Dixtn, who ha* been Studying in Ita'y and France, be came acquainted with the lbir complainant an she and two of iier younger sis'ers were on their way to this country, in the snip William Tapscott; that the friend - ahip there engendered ripened Into love; and when the vessel arrived in this city Mlfs Counsel de'ided to remain in New Voik almg wiih Dixon, with the intention of getting man led to him, as he had promised her bis hand and heart on their arrival at this port. Th* sitters pur sued their way to OnonUag* coun y, in this State, where ?hey had a brother residing There the story of the ir flu'er's decision to remain behind with Dixon was re lated to the brother, who In great trepMation started for New York, in crdbr to prevent the matrimo nial celebration and reclaim the erriog girl. On his arrival here he tound. to his asto nishment, that the pair bad been living as m tn aud wife in a boardlnghouse. and that his sUter had be came the viotim 01 a tedurer. He immrd'a'ely proceeded before Justice Osborne, at "he Mayor's office, and in com pany with the girl, preferred a charge of seluction against Dixon. Iho accused was thereupon arrested, and brought ii to oourt There he stated ?hat he was quite wiling to make atonement 'or any wrong cominlrtod, by wedding tho complainant. Tbe giri was nlao quite willing that the twain should become one. bu'. the brother would not bear aty argument on this point, and accord ingly tbe magistral* was oompelled to commit the youth to tbe Tom is for examination. Dixon is the son of a respectable and very wealthy merchant in Cin-innati, and for many yeats past baa been a traveller In Europe. City Intelligence! Tiix Ptukxts.? There are several blocks now cleaned in Broad ?ay, thanks to the public spirltel hotel keepers and merchant*, and the reappearance of tbo pavement after its long fubmetgonce Is iuoa\ gratifying, The clean por tioi s contrast oddly with the rioges b-1 >w and abo/e 'hem. Spruce, Ferry and por lot's or Fulton streete and Msi<"en lane have also be<-n cleaned by the storek nepers, and laborers and cart* are eoipl >yed in r ivera p aces in remcving tbe superfluous mud. Wo notice wat*r has collected in large pools in some portions of the stre Is, and it would be well to cut rh.innel* to the gutters so as to pass It off, and thereby faclli ate travel. Coroner'* Inquest. DEATH KKOM I.VTK.MPKR.I.VCR? FAUX KU.MORS Of VlOLESCt. ? Coroner (iamblo wa* railed upon yentorday to hold an inquest at No. 382 K?st Thirteenth street, upon the body of a woman named Jnda Kiley, who it was at first HUjj poscd bad died from some violence, but up n an ln?oHi gntlrn of the caw it wa* p.hcwn beyond ail lonbt that the dtotareti car-ie to her death from congestion of tho brain, produced by intern peranco. The deceased was 48 yen 3 of sge, and was a nail? of Ireland. Marine Affairs. NAVIGATION RESUME D ON THE POTOMAC . Washington, Feb. 27, 18fi0. The river is open, and the Powhatan will to-morrow resume her regular trips from Washington to Ac.(uila C'teek, to contact with tne Riahmona cars. DEPARTURE OF THE CANADA. Boston, l'eb. 27, 18fi?. Tho steamship Canada sailed at no< n to-day, with tlifrty-mne passengers for liverpool and elevea for Hali fax. She takes out no specie. ARRIVAL OF TBE AUOCSTA AT SAVANNAH. Savannah, Oa., Fe&. 21, IS.irt. The steamer Augusta, from New York te this port, ar Hvedheruat an i-aily hour this (Tuesday) morning, all well. MARINE DISASTERS. Boston. Feb. 27, 1858. The schooner Kossuth ran lnU an unknown schooner 'if ("are Aon. on Monday night, capsizing he lat'er. Probably a 1 on board wete drowned. Tbe injury to the Ko-sntli is slight. Tlo fchotter J. V?T., 'rom Boston for New York, pnt itito Newport J est ot day. Italy, with damage to aparx aud r<ails, ai.d crew frost btt'eB Count Caleiitlaroi'JiU On jr. Pt PWrvt Cot ht ? tiieu.t.? .via. 18!>. S-l, :t2ft, 32fl, 128, 1M i:i4tj uli, 14'>, v80, *6 7, ?8, 71, MS, 2<)3. J48, ?.6ft '2M Si mxMR ("ocut? Oeneral Te'in. ? N in-enumerated tno t-? rs *? d **o. 4P. *1 nn.o* Cot *T.? Ncs "PI, 7f5, 783 1(18. 16", 701. 801, SOfi M ? Nk f0>l. (107, 808, SCO, 81'. 8 IV., 8i:t, 811, Rt5. N ? M7, 8V(l. 8'il, 8 .t, 824, H.'ft, R-jet ?27, K >S, 82H, ba , B^l, m, M), 837, 888, 8T.1, 8|Q 841, 8t> Grand Hop at ? hr Metropolitan Hotel. The lart of ft series of top* < ven by the proprietx* of tbe Me'ropo itaa Hjtel to their guest*. came 08 wttfc fittt Huccesn Mt evening. Thia faahiontb-e b?d bwn louktd forwftrd to by 4ht (lite of the metropaha ft" the Iftit occasion that would t>e afforded them of meet log t< gather under the moat haj?py auspices, hence ft* KjactuuH salona of tbe I .eland brothers wu filled to overflowing, eren befoie the hour ot 11 o'clock b?4 fti rived. ihe number of Aiatfngaijhed gneew present we notlcod Andiew Jackson l>m?l*on Know Nothing nominee ft.r Vice President of tbe Cnl'edStatoa 1 Governor 1 iuii>nri, of Rhode lulino ; ex- Mayor Ctark, Jf. W. Burker, Ekj., Mayor Fnta, ex-Mayor Mlckle, C-Jmmo doro Nichrteon, Vnitrl St%te? airy ; Col. Bilbo, of re-a DOtKre; Hon. Mr. Hughe*, of Wisconsin ; Hon. D.Av Nokia, of Miehgan; Col. Scuaffaer, Hon. J. M. Wood, of Maine; Gen. Ruble*, Col. Lopez, Hun. Charles J*me.>. of Wki eoef-io : Bin T. Butler King, of Georgia; Capt&'n IW> and Captain Wtbu, ef .he United state* army. Mtap of the above gentlemen had their wives an-1 dangto tern along viib them on the fcs>ire occftMon but tj.e iftc! 'tis were, for th? moat part, o'.-m posed of residents of tbii> city. The daattfag Uok place in the spacious dining room of tbe hotel, where, at any time timing the a v. icing, ever one hundred and fifty happy e^nplw ? tdm'rer* of . the Terpeichorean ait? ini?ht be eeen upon the floor. ! 'he masic waa excellent, tbe (iancere were in high gtoe, the lookers on Be. m?d to ?rj?y tbftmse've< he?rtiW ; ia fact, everything around the room won ft ihirming Ur. The dieanea of the laden wtre particularly epleudM. while the geutletn^n wrie family enro^u in *helr tntiat. Beauty and g-llantry hhone iu tbe in si retoleadaat etjle, while Re and real happiness ??i denot-d in tbe faces ot the happy awmb'age The tee in ties w-re kept up until an early hour this m rning when it wm with no llttlu regret that tbe joyous part if de flatter took leave of one another, uni retired to their respective hotncn, not, however, without thanking vhe Menem. La land in the mo?t warm terms for the hospitable aaaa ner in which they were received. Laira Kwcvx'm Yabiiitixb? " .-oMLTHiM. Niw." Mian Ktene has laely produced ft petite piece. <h- rvrr&n utanre, called "Novelty." It in adapted from "Mr Rjak stone's Ascent of Mount ParnassuH," produced at toe Htiymarket la?t year ? the alterations being only Choae ai tuallr requheu by the difference ia the .o sail ties. Mai Ku-ihi's ''Novelty" include* uteres from all the p-palar piece* of the eeaaoti ? rne from "Tood'es," one from "Pauline " one from '-Heme, the Hunter," oae <t Rachel'a, fcc. tie. The Uibleavj were g?nenJl; very gooi, ar.d the trifle has a arreat deal of fun in it. Tbe oi Ula^ id'a is French, and we wonder that it hftt never beaa stolen nere before. Tm Rwr*.vro R*w?k.v(;em or thi NoKnttnt* It wbk stated yesterCft) that Ihe returned pasiesgecn ?f the Nor- hern Light obtained tbeir tickets of Major lltM. This wan ? wihUike. Wu learn that no npnrinis tiocetf were obtained of him. They must have emftcftted from some otcer aouroe. In jost>ee to M?j it Hall ,we think It due to state that if he had any tickuts at all, he eertatelr could have had no reason or object in furnishing api , rious ones. Naval Intelligence. The felted S^tie* floop rf war Van^ala, C.ipt. Popa, at last acconnts was ?t Amoy, Cnina, last from Foo-chov foo. Sliuxo or Tire Frkutb Miami *ac ?The fine ecrew ekaaae frfga'e Merrimac left onr harbor, on her first crniae. *4 1 P. M. yesterday. Like e?ety other abip built by ihe ftbU naval cons'mctor of our yard Mr. IVlani, she la tte r> ngh y finished in tbe plain, ta-tvrui m vnner whiok should ftlwaye oe rbKerved in a national ahip. The aMp ia chaiae erized by her great stieogth. trememtooa oav tei > ? rtpeiu r. perhaps, to any whtch ever left onr wft te'f- s bO upon the weight and itoaiuon of which '.be whole struc.ure has been modehed ard built up. Htr nadta ftbd sj ara are b-autilnlly proportioned, and are in *4ch harnn ny wi'h the nca-eive ha 1 that ?? ne. without ciaaM erlog their resj^ctire dimensiona, wou d be quite likwif to iurm but ao Uidilie.-ei.t e^ini n of the size tf the atdp. iter eigine. too ? <ast, though by no n*<an< least -pre auntn a Cue epeciaien of workmanship, and will undnaM ediy prove to be th? valuable auxiliary for which U waa designed. Bnt after all, her forte will doubtless be ia ber sal Vac qualities; for that she will prove a swift v**?el, no one who has examined her model can reason *b'y don bt Under the present commander, Captain Pendenrraat, m lor g and eo hnnoraMy known to the eountry, she ?i> not only be in efficient ship, but one moat creaitabla to tt e ct'Urtry, wherever she may bear bar flag Ber armament ts a terrific one. On the main deck A* Will carry twenty f nine inch guca, each weighing 9,000 | ourds. Ob her epar neck she ban fourteen eight inch gnt>8, each weighirg 7.000 pounds, and two tea-taeh gnus? one for-?ftrd ana ihe other ?i; eftch w-ighieg 12.000 pounds; in all forty shell gnnt. She carries aooat 700 tons of coal. We have already given her dimnafoa*. length of maats, ppars, ki? and will only be'-e repeat thi.t. ber length over ?U is .'>00 feet, htr breadth SI feet t incbea and ber mtaaurement about 4,000 ton*. Bha has her full complement of men and c 31 earn on board ? 6?0. The " boat guns'' of the Merrimac, three in nninber, were east at the Washington Navy Yard, and can nit bar be used iu'boats, c mounted as field places, to u*? oa sho-e. One iss l'J pounder, weighing 4't<i .b*., another ft 1 1 pounder, weighing 760 lbe.; and the third a 24 t-ouad er, weighing l.VOO >bs. Lieut. Jones ? son ?f tbe late Adjt. Gen. J' men olio has been in the Ordnance Department at Waahiniftio under CoiLmander I'ahlgreeu, hat b^eu ordered to tha Metrimac as " Ordnai ce Lieutenant. " This U >h* first time that a single vessel has been tarnished wi h fta officer of this grade, and it la probable that her arma ment may be carefu!ly tested The Merrimac pies- <* lioaton light in one houraad two minutes alter leaving the Navy Yard. The engine* worked finely, performing forty- onr revolution* of tba propeller per mioate. \\ hen clear of the Light., sbe waa turned lotind, to ascertain the condition of her com petes, and upon evei v n urse they were found to he per foetiy correct. They bail been adjusted by Capt Griffith Monis, agreeably U> tbe plana vow in use on b tard the steamer R. B. Forces. Several ran icat gentlemen want down in h"r, and *|*ak of her p? formance in tba higaeat tenps.? Botrrn A't*. trartller , ht. 20. The United states sloop of war Vincenne< , Connaadw Rodgers, nailed from ran Ftanclso on the 'id inat. Mr Now York, via GaUao, \ alpaiiso and Rio Janeiro. Personal Inttkllcrnrr. The IIou. Georgu il. Dallas will io.-. to Philadelphia to morrow for New York, to nint>?7k on Saturday next (a the (Villinc steamer Atlantic for Liverpool on lii* way to I/indor, to rake tae plane of Mr. Buchanan as American Milliliter to England. We are assured. and are happy to believe, that Mr. Laliaa can ten with bim the best depo sitions to cultivate the relations of fnoud-hip and good will belwceu two nations whom* connectiona and int<r<*to are no intijratelj blended, and to heal a* Car a* be can al the unhappy distensions and misunderstandings wMah have bc?D permitted to lining up on unimportant or ?? igserared issues ? Aa'ional Intelligrno r, Feb 27. Gen. Almonte, the present Minister of Mezlno at Wash irgtcn and suite, paseed through Montgomery, Ala., oat tie 21* t Insi. senor Escandon, the rich Danker and pki lanthropiat, of Mexico, wan aleo of the party. lion. Kxlward liases, of HI. I/>n,g. baa resigned the ofltoe ot Judge ot the land Court of that city. Kx-Gwraor Arthur P. Unrby , of Alabama, has choaan Mooile as bin foture residence. Beside* having been Go vernor of Alabama ana one of her Senator* In Congreae, nrn'er the admlnlH' ration of President Polk, fi oversee Baghy occupied the responsible pot-t ot Minister Plenipo tentiary at the Court of St Petersburg. ARRIVALS. From Calllornla via Panama In the steamship TUInoia.? A Sllvle. Q ltenwlck D H shepnard M ttheppard l>oiiis frank, A U Wadirwortb, Miss Kae. Miti W! liama. W and I- SUanka, D Reiser and lady, K D 'lownsend. J Ramus, wl u mil too tn lants, S MUler and daughter. W 8 Phelps, A A Crouger. J B Kwceney, F M Ranrial', O Whitman and wlfr K KUher, H Aaron J L Moirls. W Banner, We.lU, Fsrgo A Oo.'s Me*s., John Cowcll, Mrs Anderson, Mrs Jones. Mis* Poel. Miss Otom t)T, A Austen, wife and boy. Johti ennlor W W Holloa. K D Bolti n. J J Bolton K L Holtcn, Mr and Mrs Gl'dersleerr John B<?'?e raciiie hxprest' Mew. Mr andi cws Freemin A Oo'e k?i ff T Mooi?, J 1 Wiljjht Mrs H Kail y. O CrandatI, Co! Brwkln C 8 A.J K McCanley, Mrs SlaiiRhtsr, 0 B Mason, J D Sanborn, J r Marsh, W C Smith, Mrs Plnkham, Mr Kedel guea, N Avaran, J (lartalde and &8 second oanln and l?l in the lUierage. From Naswu, NP. In the Br brlic Miemae? Mr Plait, undee writer's BKt nt; Capt C F Jervey, tats of brig Forre*t, lost Jan "J6 and condemned ; was from IN Vork fir Cardenas. Captain Archllald For.jti, late of brig Ailanilr, aland tor Phlladel Flila, from rf Domingo, lust Dee 8; Mr K.I Nichols of the svian; spt Wm I' tltbhs late or the f eptuna. of ivwt.u lo?t FeH ?, neat tliu Ureal Ifft-cv ?r Anderson, chief male. Mr Pa-ter ?on. third mate, sud four seamen of ship Valpanuao. reoeatly lost; Dw steward and cook of ship Oreenalch, and steward tit ship Calcutta. DKP VBTURKP. For HsTsrnah, In *teani?Mp KnoTTllle? T>r John Le Cow ? bulv, ?rhlldren Hids?iTani; J M Hoagland and l?djr. Ml? M l.ivinvsloti, Miss Ijtn^nv Mr Hudson ar.d isdy 1 KUmite II K hi own snd laJ>, *Im \nehl> ( loss, H S Collins aod lad Mrs .ll? I hurras lierrv U Hie^ets awl lady Miss A Var c? Hi. Iia d Vsrl'k Mr? Bsmuel I. Il?vsn, I e I d?*u aod Mrtam ,l ? Nr ? r|, |, s (ip;spisin MiK?rd,UTW?iJ Hsoa II Tlsoti, W T i o?eli. I> U f.Uer, Wm K Conn. T C M -Ke*o, J R I- aurn Chs< Marlow, .lr Knm rt 11m Weir. K T llird. J A llsml ton lienrv VO'k, ' eo ?t IuoIsoj, M J McMui>n, WM lUirosp. 8 l> Floyd, * RH?i?'. Kor < har'esli'P, lr> siea n-hlp houihe'orr ? ,iohn Kno* Juilre Wm t'ravls Miss Itrlde Mr I'aiten. Mr l^jwls, P ri||aoa<?. I (tioverronl. Mr l.avls, II n Nryea J P iVard ?! It .Itley. is W?>hbi.rr , hln* li S I'ooth, W O 'oneA M H Krkiwrt. S J Grabs in. ?"?* I arlliijtm, H J 1KI1H Mrs 11 *iUT??r, 8 H to. tier. ^ Prudsr. K ' Ourtilisl', K Prle^, Kl^tstiLider h A Pfatty, C a Illll sril" l> lha sleeragw Kor Nirli'k, te'ors-urir nnd Klrhinotd, In ' 'e steuntfcin <imi?'fi'' * ? D 8 WH laws Wm M lti?'p?rs. Mlohiai Oor,-y I s'iick ilJui. Wm W K i si m John Nrncom Vli , .1 C?r ?e J Wlmlsr. Jon. Kiro l>.<er Kemp M ilv*. H ( nninitiig?. V 8 Chess an., lad' C h 8iap"w J K HaAle^ Ryan , Vr? P G W;'aoo, Mr? Pwr'on and 2 e a m uU? o.twiij(tf.