Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 28, 1856, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 28, 1856 Page 5
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Bock Company to mortgage property to the amount not , exceeding *100 OOu. By Mr. Wadbwobtii ? To eotabiish a Normal Sibool in Buffalo. By Mr. SPkiuiat ? To authorize the New Y?rk Juvenile Ai)nij to receive ??<i u-ktu'jun such children m shall mmm within tts provision. By Mr. Nurthtjp?To rejieal the act establishing a Rail K?? Coumi'bi'n. Br. Mr. Lwiuo? To establish a juvenile asylum at Buffalo. By Mr. Rkkd ? ro asmd the act in relation to the So eeufl Avenue Rallioad in New York city. By. Mr. Rkkd to incorporate tne Yorkvtlle Library. 1BK NKW YORK AHXVAL TAX HILL, *n\ A debate ensued on leferrug ihe New York Annual Tax hill, but DO qufRii. u w?N taken. fne bill tx'endirg the time for the collection of taxes throigbout the State till the 1st of April passed. Adjourned. A Mfmbly. Albany, Feb. 27, 1850. TIILI-H RBPORTrD. By Mr. Odhll ? A bill making appropriation)* for the g'ysent of the Canal debt, and *utnoi izing a loan thero By Mr. Wahxbr (favcrably)? The bill authorizing an fciereaae of the capital ol the Brooklyn Polytechnic Insti tute. Aluo, a hill to insorpoiete the People'* C> liege. By Mr. Foot (favorably) ? A Dill to increase the aala aioe at' the Judg^a of the Court of Appeals and Supreme Chart. By Mr. ( favorably ) ? To fo m a new ward from the Ninth and rwtf th wards of New York city. By Mr. G. A. Dcdlky ? Against theeeoKin ct the pro Csd new iQnn'y of H'ghiand. This , eport was referred k ta the CLUimiite* oy a vote of 34 to 22. BILL.H INTRODUCED. By Mr. Dixon? To incoi porate Kxce'sior Medical Col lage and Touro literary Institution, in New Yont. By Mr. A. J. Mills ? ro abolish the office of &?Teet In sp?etors in New York, and erect the office of Comptroller of Public Streets. By Mr. DruANNE ? To prevent the alteration of the sala ries of public officers during the incu'uoent'a lerrn of eBlee, and to proven* the abolishment of elective offioes, paevlous to the expiration of any term lor which an in vito beat may have been chosen by the people. Bllla Before the Ij?i;l?lntare. ABOLISHING THR STRUCT OOMMISIONKS'H OKV.'CK. Ml. A. J. Mills' bill aoolistw* the offices of Street Com aaiiwiener and Commissioner of Repairs and Supply, and ap points in place thereof, a Comptro ler jf Streets, at a salary of $f ,000 ft) ear. with a aeputy, at (2,600 and asmanr as aiatent* as shall be deemed proper by the Common Couu'll. Ike Mayor to appoint th > tirst Comptroller, who shall hud ottce ontil January 1, 1857, and his successor to be eieot ed at the annnal chirter election to hold office three years. The deptny to *e appointed by ttie C.>aip'.roller, with content of tbe Mayor. Tbe bill provides f jr a bond cf net leas than 'en nor more than tweaty-llve thousand dollars, to be executed by the Comptroller, with two ??tin. FORHTODINO AF0LI8UMSNT OK KL?TtVE OIHCK, Mr. Dnganne introduced a bill '.o provide ugainst the abangtng of the salt y of any public officer until the ex pi: alien of the term of office of the pie-ient iuctmb^nt, aadag-unt the aboliahment of any office, the holler of whioh is elected by tie people, nn'il t'i? term for which he has been elected tha i have expired KBCOND AVENUE RAILROAD. Mx. Reed's bill to tuiend the act relating to the Re eond Avenue Railroad, adds to the first section thereof the following words: ? " Provided the authorities of the eity of New York shall first consent to the same, and that faid bridge chall be built and completed within one year from the passage of this act, and not afterwards; also, that the said grant, aud all privileges arising unler the same, shall in no event extend to a period beyond twenty-one years from the pipage or tbis act." LANDLORD AND TENANT. Mr. Reed's bill to legalize special conditions of lease*, amends sub-di virion 1, Sec. 28, Caap. 8, Art. 2, Title 10, of Revised Sta ues, so as to give a landlord the righ*. of ie> entry to the landlord, after a breach by the tenan. of any covenant in the agteement under whieh the premises are hold. NEW MEDICAL OOUHM. Mi. Dixon's hill to incorporate the Excelsior Medical College In New York constitutes James Lull, . Moderno, BeuJ. Bran Ire h, Thos. Allcork, Aaron Ward, J. T. Hooffman, J. 1. Smaller, A. K. Hoofenan, W. H. Ro bertson, M. O. Roberts, G. A. Brandreth and W. W. Clay, a body corporate, under the above title, and endows them with the customary powers. Torso uTERARy iNTHrrmON. Mr. Dixon's bill to incorporate the above Institute constitutes B. U. Mayer, L. Jacobs. J. Heine, M. Lyon, B. Lyon, M. Cohen, Isaac Cohen, H. Kmanuel, A. J. Dlt tenhoeChr, H. Beurino, B. Fernback, A. 3. Van Praag, L. Israela, and their associates, a society under thtt tttl e, "for the purpose of proouring and maintaining a library, reading and lecture room, and otherwise promoting the diffusion of literature, science and the arts." Connecticut ltemocratlc State Convention* Middletown, Conn , Feb. 27, 1866. Hie Eemccratio State Convention met here to-day, and organized by appointing Hon. James T. Pratt President, aad twenty-one Vice Presidents. lfco following ticket was nominated: ? For Governor Saznnel Ingham; Lieutenant Governor, John T. Waits; Seore'ary of State, Roger AveriU; Treasurer, Talcott Crooby; and Comptroller, Tbozaas Cowles ? being the old Bla'e ticket. The foUowing delegates were appointed to attend the Vatiena'i Convention to be held at Cincinnati: ? At largo, Bon. James T. Pratt, Hon. C. M. Ingersoll, Hon. Joel W. WhHe and Hon. K A. Pbelps. From Diatriot No. 1, H. Barbour and A. P. Hyde; from District No. 2, Altred Biaekman and James T Phelps; from District No. 3, John Gotten Smith and Wm. D. Bishop. About five hundred delega es are present, and it iathe largest Convention ever held in this place. Fnuuli P. Blair Hepwllatcd at Baltimore Baltimore, Feb. 27, 1866. A large meeting of the merchants and other citizens a' Baltimore wm held here at noon to-day. A resolution was adopted protesting against Mr. Kair's sco leasing to represent tbe citizens of Baltimore at the Nigger Worshipper's Convention, held at Pittsburg. Mr. Corooias, the President of tie bogus meeting that ap Sid Mr. Blair, desired to speak, but tbe meeting re. to hear him. Arreat for Forgeries In Softton. Boston, Fea. 27, 1866. Daniel C. Emery was arrested last night, charged with ?oesmitting foi geries in Philadelphia, as follows:? A check on the Bonk ot Pennsylvania for $427 ; do. Southwark Bank, $602; do. Glrard Bank, $1,582 41; do. Farmers' and Mechanics' Bank, $1,000. About ton years sinje Emery was convicted and sentenced to ten years imori ?onment In the State prison 'or forgeries on several Bos ton firms, hut was pardonad after serving two years of tbe term. Be was arrested last night at the Win throp Honao, where he has been boarding, with his wife and two children. Ho is about 32 years old. Markets. PHILADELPHIA STOCK BOARD. Philadkij'Iua, Feb. 27, 1856. Stocks are Arm to-day; quotations are &a follows:? Pennsylvania Flvea, 84 ?? : Heading Railroad. 46 V; Long bland. 16>4; Morris Canal, 153,; Pennsylvania Rail road, ?K. New Oruuhs, Tuesday, Feb 26 ? P. M. Sale* of cotton to day, 6.000 bales, and for the past three daya, 27,600 bale*. Middling is quoted at 9%. Clothlnf at Wholesale.? We beg to Inform Southern ana Western merchants tbat our stock of spring and sommsr alodhlng, jnat manufactured, contains the largest va rittr ofiMce itvies for men's wear ever got up by the house, rangMfc from the low priced us to the finest articles In the tsads. Ah got op In our usual superior style. D. UH7UN A OO.. *6. 200 and 960 Broadway, aorner Warren sb The First Announcement* ? Knox's Spring style of gentemen's hats wl 1 be Issued on Thursday moraine, the 28th Inst. Mis customers may rest assured that no eft irt has been apared, either In the selection of material or style of ?aanulaeture, to render It worthy of their patronage. Call and inspect It at the establishment, oorner ot Broadway ana Fulton street. Rubber Boots, Overshoes.? rhe Best Finish ed, lightest and mo?t durab e rubber overshoes, ot every va riety, ladles', miasm' and gentlemen's, for sale, wholenale and re tali, at the GOODYEaR rnbber depot, ass Broadway, Assignee's Sale ?The Attention of the hardware trade Is directed to an extensive a?sortment of files, Ac., to be sold by JOHN K. VAN ANTWERP this day, at 10 o'clock, at 216 Pearl street, by order of the assignee. Prank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, fur 8alsrd ay next, will contain splendid engravings ol the launch of the United States steam frlgata Niagara, with portrait of Oeorge Steers, and numerous other Illustrations, Interesting natter, and all the news of the week. Price 10 oents, or $4 per year. For sale at all news depots. Window Shades, White and Buff Hollands, oilcloth, table covers, picture cords, tassels, Ac., at manufac turer's prices. by WCK)I)FORD A WKMPLK, 68 Catherine street. Country merchantx supplied at the lowest prices. Ambrotjpes, Lsrge (Hie, with Case, Vic ? The only place In this city where a large ? Ize arabrotype can be bad tor the above astonishingly low, price Is at JUBE'ri gal lery, 83 Bowery, east side. ?at Blading Machines.? I. It. Singer Si Co. Bare readr fbr sale Bachlnes for binding straw hats and all sflisr kinds of hats. The machines do the work tar better and laaterU*a any ethers. Call and see them at lro.3B Broad way Sewing Machines.? Boot and Shoe Fitters, who wish a machine particular!/ adapted to their work, am requested to examine our cylinder machines, for whloh we resslved the medal at the late ratr of the American Institute. N1C1IOLB, I.KAVITT A CO., 411 Broadway. The New Gridiron, Robinson's Patent, Ac* ?ompll-hos three desiderata:?!. It saves all the gravy, none dropping Into the tire. 2. It eooks the steak through without burning the outside. 3. It prevents an v smoke In the kitchen or house, rive sizes, from $2 to $S. bold at 79 Duane stroet, 100 feet east of Broadway. ?enteg*s Patent fkanplsa fire and Bar i B* proof safe, with Hall's patent powder proof look. Both fcslMd prlte medals at the World's Fair, tendon, 1801. and SnW Palace, New York, IRM-'M. 8IUAB 0. ritHRlilMO AOO., 1J6. 137 and 188 Wair street. N. Y Wigs, Toupees and Hair Uye? At Half the Broadway prices and of superior quality. Warranted In every particular, at G. RAICHPIJKH'S, 13 Chambers street. Hill's Hair Dye, Pour Shillings a Box, Black ?r brown.? Sold at liegeman, ("lark A Oo.'s, 273 Broad way. 46 Nassau street and at the depot. No. I Harclav street f!Y; 169 Atlantic street 176 and 247 Kutlon street, Brooklyn' aad at drug and lancy goods stores generally la the Unltod States. Batehelor's Hair Djre? Wlga and Toupees.? 1%a bod in the world. This unrivalled arid original dye la ap . BHed in twelve private rooms. Hatchalor's wigs and toupees Eve Improvements over all others, being chef d'reuvres of ele ? a? and durability, peculiar to this establishment. k CbrMadon'* fblt B??, W%? um! VoapMl oictte adjiunttioii kuwui ail oonu 'liHun in art. 4 suite of aiegai.t private ?imrunaotator applying hi* liwup?ntil; dya, Ibe only ralUble article of the kind Wholesale and retail at 7HBMT aDORO'B, ha < ABtar Bonne. Whliken or Hoattachw Vareed to draw la Mx weak* by my onguent, whteh will not Mia or injure the jkin. ti a bottle; sent to any part of the country. A. O. HAM. 686 Broadway; bays. 176 Fill tin street, Brooklyn; Zel ?*r, 44 Mouth third street, Philadelphia. A Perfttiued Brekth -What Lady mr Oea ..emac would remain under the etueeof adiaasreeahlebrealM, when by oslng the " lean of a Thousand Flowers" aaa den j-Jlre would not ouy render It sweet, but leave the teetb white ta alaDaaterf Many persons da not Know their bre*d> la bad, and the subjeet la so deboate, their Mends wUJ never mention it. Poor a Kindle drop of the ' Balm" on your tenth brush, *nd wash the teetb night and morning 4 flrty cent bottle ww lasta year. For sale by PEfRLDOK k OO., proprietors, and all drucRlsts. Drifgliti' K? nry Uoodt, iuclaiitvcly,? Bru-bes ooinbs. roaps entrants, pomades, Instrument Porta perfumery and toilet aruol -s. and every article acid by drug gists, except dragr . Iropor'ed ard so'.d wholesale, 03 Rl'PUB K. McIIaR ?H k CO., 153 Broadway. It Yon Ask. Me, W hat will A?ae, Colic or dyspepsia cure, j I will answer ? I will tell you? STKINFIKLD'S sov'relgn cordial ? Hure. Which is sold only at 70 Nassau street Hollow ny 'a Pills.? Wherever Civilization has penetrated, these o ils are In demand. The stomaeh. (be lucys uid the Intestine* are the organs mos'. assailable by disease in all climates, and upon these the remedial action of this medicine Is rapid, 1 borough and lnva'laMe. For all Olsckuri or the i*uug? and Thmt, Rushton's cod liver ail is a remedy ot no inconsiderable pow er. and Is ihe only one. to aoy extent, possesses the valu able quallfl-aiions to suit the above diseases Kit ? DKttl' !K T. h ( hH ltiN's name Is in lull on each la">el, without ohich gone is genuine. Only at 10 Astor House, and 417 Broadway. For Djr?p?p*ia Uae Heine <St BuiU'i Union tonlr goblet ot wild cherry and quanta. For sale by druggists generally. Ball. Buckle A Co.. 218 Oreen wicb street ; IvMgb ton k Iremonger. corner of Eighth avenue and ThLrty-aiJk street, wholesale agents. Who will Sniffer when I?r. Tsblsa' Cele brated Venetian llnln ent will immediately cure cholera, colic, dy? emery, vomiting, rheumatism, swellings, cuts, burns, k 0.1 Depot to Cortiaadt street. Hold by all the druggists and storekeepers. Bleed In ir at the litmus. ? Many Jut within the grasp of consumption are saved every year by the faithful ase of 1 >r. WIBTaR'S Balsam of Wild Cherry. Its success In aila j lug and caring severe and protracted oougha U remark able. Notlee.? To thoee Tr&nhled with Humor.? Owing to the great demand for toy ointment*, for tbe cure of ?Jromia, In the city ot New York. 1 shall be at no 4 Oily Bote], 429 Broadway, from 26th Inst to March 1 All who are troubled with scrofulous hnmor are respectfully invited to saC. Advice, in all cases, gratia. DONALD KENNBOY. Proprietor ot Kennedy's medic ti dlsoovery. Roxbury, Maaa. Baron Mpolaaco, H. X>., St. Nlcholaa Hotels? Oear Hir? Y011 have perfect y cured me of plies of thirteen years' duration, and alter several medical gentlemen had en irely fallal to do so. touhavn since cored a lady and two gentlemen whom 1 recommended. GftORGK WASHINGTON JRXKINS, N. T. Hem la.? Only Prlie Medal Awarded to Marsh k Co., by the Industrial Exhibition of all nations for 'Jhblr new paten: radical cure u-uhs. Also the Pair of the Axnercat' lustitute awarded the first premium to this truss in 1863, References as to Its superiority: Professors Valentne Molt, WilKHi Parker and John M. Cfarnochan. An extensive list of names, of mercantile and other gentlemen cured by this fr-uss, may be seen at MAR8H k CO.'d, No. 2% Maiden lane, lew York, and Marsh, Oorllee A mi.. No 5 West Fourth street. Oineiunati, Ohio. Open from 7 A. M. until 9 P. M. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. PBRSONAL. DR. A O. BAYNE IS REQUESTED TO GALL IMMR dlately on his friend in East Brooklyn, on business 01 im portance. IF THE GENTLEMAN WHO BORROWED TH< OVKR eoatat the Battery Hotel, on Tuesday evening will be good enough to return the papers under an eove'ope, addrersed to box 3.986 Post office, he will entitle himself to the tbamts of the owner and the coat. INFORMATION WANTED- OF EDMUND COUDRY; from the parish of Ballydomyln. county of Cork, Ireland 16 years or age; Is suppope .1 to have anived In Kew York on or about the 1st of January, 1 Mo. Any one meeting him or knowing u vthing about him and will send word to hi* mother, 46 Whitehall street, where he can be found, will be well re warded. MR THOMAS REED, FORMERLY OF TUB SAVINGS Pank In L'hamtf rs street, New York, who witnessed the wlil of the late John Plntard. will oon'er a favor oa his 11 lend, L. H. fi., by calling at 83 8t Mark's place, at his earliest con venience. u rTRDTH."? IF TRUTH IS N?aR OR FAR AWAY, HE J. will at once communicate. The propriety of h<? con duct Is questioned by others, and cruel to one. llut recently a promise was given to discharge, r eliglously and faithfully, tbope Scuiid Dues. WANTED? INFORMATION OF THE WHEREABOUTS ot fcnoch S, Riddell, and Nancy, his wife, they having left their bed and board, and were laat seen on tlialr way to Long Island, bsld Enoch In about six feet two, of Ann address and genteel appearaace. His friends feeling an anxiety lor bis saletv, are anxious to hear trom htm, and a liberal reward would be paid for the desired Information, by N, Brighton, No. 9 Bowling Green. L LOST AND FOUND. ObT? BANK BOOK. NO. 3,051, Bt'LONOI-VO TO WM. I McGrath and bU wife Jane, In the Emigrant Industrial Sav'rg* Hank. lbe Under will please reiurn the same ui tho bank, ?o. 51 Chamber!) street. LOST? YESTERDAY MORNING. !? SIXTH AVENUB, a fm.'i i poodle dog, answers to the name of Fancy. Who ever will return It to 1% Ninth street, or lo lay sixth avenue, will be llnerally rewarded. LOST? IN.WILLIAM STREET, BETWEEN DUANE ?ND Pulton streets, a shipping receipt book, belonging to 'Ml UngH 1 Brother. The finder will confer a favor, as we.l a* 13 ing rewarded by the cartinan, by returning the same at 222 William street. Lost or mislaid? a note, made by me^srs. Peterson A Humphreys. dated Hew York. Sept. 11, 1865, at fix months from date, to their own order and by them en dorsed, for six hundred and six doi'ars and twenty ceati (WW 2U), payable at the Citizens' Bank, New York. All persons are cautioned against receiving or negotiating the same, payment having been stopped. A suitable reward will be paid on leav ing ihe tame at M Fulton street H. A J. SMITH. LOST-ON thk nms -n river railroad. OH the 7 o'clock train from Tarrytown, a blue and drab silk bag. ooi.talnlnK a portemoi nale, w Ith a few dollars, and a pockethcok, containing valuable papers, of douw to an v one but the o? ner. Those leaving ibe same tt the ofllce of the Hudson River Ralhroaa, will be liberally rewasded. RKUAKDS. A rkwahi>.-lobt or stolen, on rat: night WTV of the 20th inst., in Forsyth street, a pockethork. with the owner's nmne on one of the tiaps containing $152: $55 on the Importers' and Traders' Hank of thla cltr; tlve $10 gold pieces; three $1 po'd pieces, and $41 In from $1 to 16 bills on returning the w> me tj Mr. Nelson, in the store of H. Hegan, corner of Brootne st. and Bowery, the above regard will be paid and the thanks of the owner. *-| n REWARD.? STOLEN, JON THE NIGHT OF 24TH jpiu Inst, trom tho subscriber at, Kast Williamsburg, Newton, L. I., roraer ol Forest avenue and Jama,ca turnpike, a red Forrell hor*e about fifteen hands high The finder wu receive the above reward and the thanks ol the owner. JOHN H. FABER. (O REWARD. ? LOST, TWO SMALL PARCELS, wrapped in ^ el low paper, and tight together, containing letter* and Famples, of no value to anybody but the owner, on one of the boataof the Hamilton ferry, la crossing from Brook lyn'yMte' day, the 27th, at about o'clock A. M. The tinder is requested to return them to 38 Broad street, first floor. *0 REWARD.? STRAYKD FROM 169 SPRING STRKKT, a small black and tan terrier slut, with one fore paw tlppfd with white The above reward will be paid on re turning her as above, or at 657 Broomo st. D. LOYEJOY. MISCELLANEOUS. Books and engravings bought for cash, ? r No. M5 Broadway, basement; also, old novels and maga zines always oa hand and for sale cheap; old books, prints, novels. Ac. Parties having books tor sale will be waited upon at their residences. Address as above. BCTTER, BUTTER- FOR FAMILY USE, AT FROM 24 lo 2t! cents, (In tubs of 40 lbs. each. Also, roll butter at retail. Sugar cured hams, bacon, salt pork, Ac , for sale low, A. L. BTIMHQN. 33 Broadway. Brushes of kvhby drscubptiom? at the brush factory 337 Pearl street. Franklin square. All arttelei ?old at the lowest factory prices. Paint brushes of a superior quality constantly oa hand. Machine brushes made to order. JOH/f K. HOPPHL. Delicious java coffee.? alden's prepared eiesm coffee, made roady for use in one minute, ready sweetened and creamed, by merely adding hot water. Sold by T. Hope A Co., 132 Chambers street; W. S. Oorwln, 639 Broadway, l|M all the principal groceries. aLDKN A CO., 334 Broadway. FRKSH PEACHES. l'KACHhS FOR INVALIDS.? P. Fafcnesioch A Son's frosh peaches are decidedly superior tc any other ta the world They a*e M.eciod witli great care trc m the choicest Delaware varieties, with a special view to their use by dyspeptic* and persons In delicate health. Price $.'1 per dozen cms. A 'so, brandy peaches, and a great variety ol preserves and picklcs for sale, wholesale and retail by A. L. STIMSON, 38 Broadway. CI AME, GAME ? GROCSK, GROUSE. PRAIRIE CniCK X ens aid quails? Wholesale, and to consumers, cheap. A. L. STIMSON. 33 Broadway. HOWARTU'S ORIENTAL TOOTH PASTE-AM BLR gant preparation for rleoaxfrg. preserving and beautify ing the leeth. Hold by most reapartable druggist* and per fumers. In boxes, at twenty Ave cenle eanh. Ail ordura ad dressed to D. [Jnwarth, box 237 Poet office, Brooklyn, will reeeive pronpt attention. MINERALOGY -ROME FINE SPECIMENS OF SH.VRR from the mires on Lake Superior are lor sale at WI ITH A BRUNBWHi'H, 122 Liberty street. NEW PATF.NT SPKCTACI,EB.-THKY IMPROVE Vi sion, suit lor life, charge to greater magnetizing tiowers Ettt required; near ar.d distant obiectM seen distinctly througk one pair. FRANKS, lecturer on theeye. patentee and maker, No. 2 Park row, opposite Astor House. Attendance 10 A. M. toliP. M _ Trusses tadikh and gkntlemrn's supporters, behi Mid iKtadages, tn tbe very highest perfection, and at extremely low frlces, at BRIDGMAN A Co.'s, apothecnHes ?tid mannfaemrers, IfSH Grand street, netr Centre market. N. B Complete >atl*j'notlon guaranteed. Oiihopn-dlc Instru ments of every description made to order. Country ordera promp'lv attended 10. ? ilMi T1 AVANNA ?EOaR8-A SMALL LOT TO SELL CIIBAP, Xl to dope a MMlgnment, by T. RlUDAVKiS, 87 Naesau street. QEnAR8-CJ?I PURCHASERS OF SK.GaRS CAN O find bargn*i> . and have a selection from a stook 0' over a million (Imported Havana, domestic and (lermati). lbe pi in eipal portion of these segars in nut be sold Immediately, to oay nMvnmes. Operas ?8, tip'rsrds: German ??eat $3 .V>. up. touun, 0. C'JUJl^hS, 01 Bro?lway, up ttalra, IBW PPHUCATIOf 8. GBBAT rational wuxk.? aoknts wantkb throughout Uw Union f r %*Lkfc*. * WllliK'n E.-.flOW OF TH> HISTORY OF TU1I 0 Uf>D STATIC*, iliuatraud with bJ ? ?el plate eniravlng*. This will b? 4m moetr*u?< t, correct and elegant Mftory oi this count y ever ottered i iha publia. will *00 tain the Mia ard event* of the Fill u ire and Plana ? 1? 1 '-f-*? Uia portrait* and biographies ol Lhe Preaideaw, eminent atale*o**n and military beroea oi the country, deacrlptioaa aad views af ?itl**. soenery baUouaI and publia bubdinga, alaa aoptaa irvaa erlgiiai paintliga, llluatrailng Important national acta and *>enti"l *poch* In tae Revolutionary, Indian and Morioan vara, Ac . Ac. 1 be paMUhera guarantee to complete the work in 48 parte, at 16 eenta each 20 parte are now readr lor de-lvory, aad (uur pai la will be 1?* ued monthly until itsoumpialoa. Canvassers, book &get.ta and ixtaere, having subscriber a te Dluairatee worn, magazine*, Ao , can readily douMe Ibalr bate by introducing ana canvassing this national work, which, owing to Kb m. manse sale, we can rurnUb on particularly libe ral tero-a. Wa lKKR k WUl'TK, Publishers, Boston and fhLade phla. Addraaa tbe publisher*, 294 Cbeetnut itreel, Philadelphia. IN PRF.H8, AND TO i?E PQBLI8E1HD HaKOU 1 MKN AND TIMES UK THE REVOLUTION; Or. Memoirs of hlkanah Watson, including Jouraa a of Tra vel* in Kurope and America, from 1777 to 1842, with oia Cor respondence with Puolie Men. and ttrtmlnlacnooea and loci dente or tfee Resolution. Edited iv bla ton Window O. Wat son In one ocIavo volume ol 460 pages Prion $1 60. DaNa ? CO., Publbhera, 381 Broadway, N. T. IN PBJIHtl. ? (TILL BE PUBLISHED, MARCH 8, Mb*. HotrruwoKiu's New Book, INDIA: THh PEakL OR PKaRL RIVER. Two vdluiuea. paper, price II; or oue volume, cloth, SI 25. Advaice copies will be sent t/> any one. pe.- return of mall, on receipt of pnoe. free of postage. Bookseller* will please order at once. T. B. PETERSON, No. 103 Chestnut (.treat Philadelphia. The dime, for march, now ek*dy.-tuis is Vie cheapest .erlodlcal eter pub.lthed; each numocr eon laming the retire monthly parto I LIU e Dnrrlt, by Ciarloa ln?k?-na, with several page* of other intercntlng original mat ter. ;absmptlon price 26 cents a year. Who will not read Little Dorrit at that price? Back numoers aupp Ued. D. KAN BHaW, publisher. 36 Ann street. NEWSPAPERS. Be on hand for YOUNG AMERICA, No. 9, Containing the first chapter of BROWN STUDIES, Alto, a capital Illustration ot tae old ?a* log, that it is A BAD Hl'I E (or OOOKT) THAT DON'T WOkk. BOTH WATS. Berldew cuts, comical and quizzical, and too numaroua to ttiectloo. Price e?4 cents. For pate by all new* agents, and by J. W. STROrtG, 98 Nissan street. POLITICAL.. At a mkbtino or run state council. (common iy) known as 'The Or'ginal, or Alleu Order of Know lnotbinga," held 26lb February, 18ai. it wits Resolved That this state douacl hall with great satisfac tion the nomination of Millard Fillmore, by tho American part' , for the Presidency of the Lulled states, reooguutng la tiliu a third degiee member of oar Order, and that we will ute all honora >le means tj elevate him to that otllce as wel. as Aldiew Jaca-on Ooneison to tbe onise of Vice Presi lent Ml. I IIK A N GOES FOR THE! NOMINERS OF TIIK Pbilude'phia Am?rl"an Convention.? To tho Editor of the New York herald It having appeared In certain papers, teat I he Michigan delegation to the late Amelia vn Nominating Con vention at Hitiadeiohla Intended 'o OppOM thu tlcke; there no minated and htinca that the American party In that State may, by thut at noun cement, be placed In a false position. It become* nev'tssary to say, that while the delegates iron that State ctst their voles for Ooorge Law an their fl'it choice, yet they I eel sound to stand >y andsupoort the nomluatlons inado 0v the Convention. No individual nor caucoa h*a had an7 authority to out lorth anything contrarv to the above. Colonel Wood, chau man of the Michigan delegation, 1r now In the city of Washington, and be has expressly authorized this statement. In ca^e any attempt rhould be made to git his delegation or the American party of h's State in a false position. Michigan Is with tho American party tlrrt last, and al *&y?. By au'nority of Col. WOul), Chairman of tbe Michigan Delegation. PIONEER NATIONAL LlVK OaK CLITB.-TUIS CLUB will hoid its regular meeting thla (ihur?lay) evening, ? tl. 28 a. o'clock, in the c.ub room, northwest corner ol Brcoir e and Mercer atreeta. a punctual attendance is request ed, as business ot Importance wi.l be laid before the meeting, C. s. Putnam, Secretary. H. N. WiLD, President. TKMH WaRD? THE CimKNS OF THK TBNTH ward, withou clstlnction of party, who are In favor ot tbe eleciinn of Millard Fillmore and Andrew Jackson Donelson to tbe < lllce of President and Vice President of the United juitea, are requested to meet on Friday evening, at G. C. Deane'a, corner Grand and Kasex streets, at 8 o'clock, for the purpose of organizing a campaign duo. ELI *8 COMBS, WV. K. PALMER, JaMES GRIFFITH, WM W. OSBORn, AB'M BAKhR, J. T. BROOKS. THE LECTURE SEASON. JOSEPH BAKKRR LKCIURES ACAI N THIS EVEN ing and tomorrow evening, Feb. 2 8 and 29, In the Suivvesant institute 859 Rroad.vay, at 7)^ o'clock. Subject: The Alleged Evidences of the Divine Authority of the Bible. Admission, 12>? centt Mr. Barker Invites discussion. Lectures in frbncb? by prof, elie charurr, at Clinton Hall. Astor place, lbe third of the course will be delivered this evening, at 8 P. M. Subject? Madame De Mamtenon. Tickets, so cents. Course tickets l'or the remain ing tour lectures, tl 60. lo be had at the desk of the Mercan tue Library. Mercantile library association. -the board ot Dlrec.ors have the pleasure to announce thtt the Hon. Edward Everett w'Jl deliver his addrew on '* The Character of Washington," at the Academy of Musis, on Monday evening, March 3, at 8 o'clock. Tickets to members 26 cunts, if procured at the library or at tke down town office. No. 2 Nassau street. To non-members, 60 cents. K. H. TIMPSON, Chairman ot Lecture Committee. PSYCHOLOGY.? DR. BENTON CONTINUES HIS LE0 tures and very amusing and Interesting experiments at Stuyvet-ant Institute, 669 Broadway, showing what control one mind can have over another this (Thursday) evening, Feb. 28. Free lectures to the ladles every Thursday after noon. Offloe for application tor dlseate, 47 1 Broadway. SPIKlTUALIfM EXPOSED- AT THE TABERNACLE, on Thursday, February 28.? Professor Spenoer will give astonishing demonstrations, with persons from the audience, completely proving the fallacy of modern spiritualism, table tipping, table dancing, spirits made visible, men thrown over In chairs by the spirits, 11.000 to any medium who can move a tabie at the Tabernacle without contact. Doors open at 6>i; lecture at ")?? Admittance 26 cents. THE TRADES. AC aRDKNER WANTED? HE MUST BE INDUSTRIOUS, and understand his business thoroughly; a Scotchman preferred. Inquire at 66 Wall st? third story. BNCr.AYKR.-W ANTED, A SITUATION, BY AN EN gravtrof jewelry, silverware, Ac.; is competent to take ca>e of an establishment. Best reference given. Address Fracklin, box 2,126 Post office. PLUMBER WANTED.? A. 8TBADY, INDUSTRIOUS woikman, who thoroughly understands his business and Is capable ot taking charge or a shop, may hear of a good situa tion by addressing H. C, with reference. Herald office. SILVERS CHASERS.? WANTED, A CHASER TO TAKE charge of that department in a factory. One readv at deslpnli g and modelling For one of superior qualifications (and non*- other need apply) an advantageous situation Is of fei ed. Address box No. 73, Broad way Post office. j ."O ENGINE BUILDERS AND MACHINISTS.? AN KX t pfrienoed designer and draughtsman of steam and other machinery is desirous ot an engagement. Address Machinist, \ herald office. TO MERCHANT TAILORS. -WANTED, A SITUATION, by a cutter who understands his business; a central posi tion preferred. Address J. T., Herald office, Immediately. TtO JEWELLERS.? A YOUNG MAN, HAVING A THOR ough knowledge of the diamond jewelry business, in all its branches, and who Is considered a first rate general workmvi, withes a steady situation In a first class establishment. Good reference given. Address W. 8. D., box ItiO Herald ofllse. ri O WATCHMAKERS.? WANTED, A FIRST RATE J watchmaker, to go South; a liberal salary will be given. Also, one to go to Ohio. Orders constantly on hand tor work ; n en in the jewelry, silver and watch line. The trades sup plied with workmen. Apply to TRACY A Mc IN 1'OSH, artists and mechanics' general agency, 34% Pine street. TO CIVIL ENGINEERS. CONTRACTORS, Ac.? WANT ed, a situation, either as clerk or foreman of works, by a competent and well qualified person. For an interview ad dress W. D , Herald office. No objection to any part of the 1'nion. t^atchmaker wanted? to go to pennsycva TV nla. A good workman mu apply to Nichols, Goodwin t Co., 23 Maiden lane. Wl ANTED? A GOOD WATCHMAKER, TO GO TO VIR TT glnia. A permanent situation will be given. Apply to Itec ton A Brother, between the hours ot U and 2 o'clock, this day, or address box 142, Herald offloe. , ^ ~ ? " TEETn EXTRACTED, WITHOUT PAIN, BY A LOCAL ?application to the gum. No ether, chloroform or drugs used. Mode of application invented by C. ?. PUTNAM, den tin, ?6 Bond street. WATCHES, JEWELRY, California diamonds. -wis new and beau J ttftU article still takes the lead. Gentlemen's alas. 94 t? Wfl; ladles' pins, 98 to 986; rings, Si to 9'JO ; studs, crosses buttons, necklaces, Ac. An* ot tfae above articles sent by mail to any part of the United states. L. A J. JACOBS, Manufacturing jewelers, 407 Broadway. JEWELRY FOR SALE, AT LOW PRICES.? THE SUB rrriber. intending to relinquish the jewelry business no the first of May next, will dispose ?f his stock of jewelry at greatly reducod prices from this date. D. J. TKNNEY, 261 Broadway. COAL,. BRECKKNRIDGE OOAL -A SMALL 8CPI'I,Y OF THIfl O'debiated coal is now being received, and win be sold a 916 per ton. delivered, or 914 If taken from the y %rd. Orders left at No 2 Wall street, Thompson's offlee, or at the yard, corner of Twenty-seventh street and Eighth avenue. t 'all ar. d see It burn at eluier plaoe. K. L. SNOW, Coal Dealer. I1VRBPOOL ORREL COAL, AT 99 PER CHALDRON. - J We are now enaoled to deliver to our customers a very superior article ot IJverpool Orrel coal, at 99 per chaldron, in lots to suit purohasirs. Yards, 74 West Thlrtv-secon4 street, near Sixth avenue; fool of Fourteenth street, East river; loot of Warren street. North river. O'NEILL A McOEE, Agents. DCniLIiKBaOB OOTICIf* Ij'MPLOtF.RS WISHING GOOD SERVANTS WILL Pi find respectable Cerman. Eng Ish, Scotch and Irish help, ti.r hotels and private tnmllles, at MORRIS, COHNKAT A CO.'S, 2h7 Rrondway, corner of Reado street. Also, wallers, eoachmen, tnrmers, laborers, Ac., at this or the branch office, 102 Oreenwlch street. Mrs. or ken bros to inform the public that ale proposes to supply families with teachers, housekeep ers and domes' los of the nest class; be.t of help for cltv and

ronnti> . " anted, a vo-rnp Fren-h girt, as nur*e, d.i. German do, Rat?s 90 ccn's. Wanted, i?n persvns, lor general work. ?miATMOT WAfgHb TODNO naaum hull wants a situation, as ^lady's maid or ncrs*. Adsfea* PblUpotaaux, 883 Broad A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WaNTS A HI1UATION AM XV cock. Can produce moat satisfactory test! nlais, and la fully oumpetent at bar business; does not objee . gw a abort dtaiaaee ut the oountry. Oaa oe Men at SOMad ?>.. at. third floor, front room, fur twe days. Address A. O. w-iihwlllbo promptly attended to. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHE8 A SITUATION IN A drew making establishment or private family. Oaa cut and til lAdlei'ind children*' dreiMi. *nd do Ail of timily ?wing. Addrem So 253 Bowery. ARKBP E?T ABLE KNOLInll GIRL DESIRES A SITU lion, an uurae and seamstress or lady's maid, a situation la a Dotal would he preferable. Beet of references given. In quire at the Oriental Hotel, 13 Latayr.Ue place. U1KL WISHES A SITUATION TO do toe general homework of a amall private family; un aerstands oooking, washing and lioiiug. City reierenoe. oaa l*? Wk?t47otiih avenue, between 2oUi and 201b is. Inquire In the offlse. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION IN a private family, sh? Is a good plain cook. aLd Ural rale t?*! ironer; or wouid do neneral housework. (Jan oe W*J ? fcouoeaded Piease call at 129 25th at. between Ml and 3d a vs., front room, second utory. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION, aj good plain oook, firat rati) washer aad Ironer; bestu and t!th"v"CO D" Clul Dc Mcu w 173 ^ beiweea 7 th A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIBL WISHES A SIl'lJY Uon, to take rar* of children or assist In general hoime woib. Apply atbid Ho union between La ureoa and Ibtmpton, room No. 8. A 811 UATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG ?UL TO Do caaml.erwork and assist In washing and ironing, or cnamberwwk and p.ain new inrf, or to do general housework in a small lamllj; can Rive the bent of city rulereuce from her i . ?" k?" 1,0 "??o for two days at the corner or uridiie ^mouthstreets. 150, Brooklyn, frame house, front room A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL WISH Kg TO GO OUT by ibe day or wot It, to do dr essiiitklng and plain aewinc can be Been for two days at 67 W est 117th at. ARlUiPKCTABLE PROTK8TANT OIRL, WHO KraiUKh with her parents and works at diessmaaint ulnhftH a situ ation a* seamstress, tan do good and neat piA aewuiK. and make shirts; would go by the mouth or week. No objeTlou ui go id the country- Please ca;l at 214 7th avenue, between 2Mb and 2Mb sla. AtftfWiW IbWrt WOMAN WISHES A Siru atlOU as chambermaid; is a first rate wnsner ai d Irouer; cud to general housework Good rtleronce. Apply at 2uo Manliui sL ' a RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMaN WISHES A SliU ?V*"*' u chambeimaid or nurse, la accustomed to chtld len. Piease call, from 10 ull 0 o'clock, at 25- tVest a.'h it. AYOUNQ OIRL WISHES IO ENGAGE AS BEAM ntre.ii by the month; understands dressmaking and 'ail J',5' .? of,"nuJy sewing. Heierence given; can bo seen at No. ?.<3 1 earl st. lor three days. A respectable young WOMAN WANTS ASITOA tlon to do general bouse *ork In a private lamlly; or to do chamberwork and waiting. Han the bes. city reference. Please call lor two days at 192 hast 19th st , between 1st and 2d avs. AlW&O AMERICAN WIDOW, A LaDY OP RtSSPKC lability wlshrts u> obtain a situation a* housekeeper In If """io char rb. neiereuces exenanged. Acdiess Clark. No. 6.H Amos at , for three days. A YOUNG FBKHOH I.aIiY (PBOT8STANT) WISHES A ^ "u.l*tlon to* private family in Brook yn, to give less jus <m ihe piano and m t reach, nho asks no salary but her board. Add reus No. 203 Atlantic St., Brooklyn, for two days. ARK8PMJTAB1.E PKOTE3TANT GiRL WlallKH A situation In a small pnv vte lamlly, to take care of children ana do plain rewinK. Oallatner laat place Kl kuhi !5.h at. A SITUATION WANTRD-BY AN AMERICAN, WITH work fur u ftpan of horses. Good reaommendation -Won com!ty8^ewr{Soi ^Uw'lrJ!', i'oek?k'11 i'ost oflice. Westcheiter A SITUATION WaNTEO-BY A RESHECTABliR PRO testant young woman, as chambermaid or to mud cbll oren ; can do any kind of e moroldery. Cau be ae?n at her pre - ?eut place lor two days, at t>.s :aiih st. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, WHO IS A GOOD PLAIN cook and excellent washer and ironer, ana also under stands baking, withes a situation, in a private family; wjuld be willing to oo housowork, the best of city reference given Please call at 77 Crosby st., In the rear, can oe seen for two days, A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS PAS try cook; understand* tlo business In all Its branches; to objection to assist In washing and ironing II required, none need apply but a priv.te family; tfood city referen. e given. Please call at 124 12th sL, between ftth and Oth avs? for 1 day. A NICK, TIDY AND RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN desires a sltuai ion, in city or country to do general hou-e work: is a good oook, washc and ironer; makes good bread ana pastry. Lived in her last place three years, flease ap ply at 271 Bowery. No objection to the country. Avery respectable culored woman wants a situation, as exneriem-ed cook; no washing or Ironing, wants good wages; has Uvea in first e'ass families. Call at 79 Mercer st., one door from spring, from 11 to ftVclock. A YOUNG MAN, WHOSE PRKhENT ENGAGEMENT expires this week, Is anxious for a situation as entry clerk or light porter; is ableand willing to work, and Is a first rate packer. Raters to present aud last emplovers A note ad dressed R. F. M., Herald oflice, wlU receive immediate atten tlon. CANADA, CAXADA.? ANY GOOD HOUSE WISHING to extend their business throughout Western Canada may bear of a first rate opportunity ol doing so, amongst the best merchant* In the province; references unexceptionable. Ad dress Experience. Canada salesman, bo* 3 462 Post oflice. COACnMAN.-WANTED. A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG man. leaving his present employer on account of the lamlly going to Europe and selling out the establishment. Good re lerencee can be given. Inquire at 139 West 23d St., or at E H. Gold's stable, 7th arenue, corner of 22d it. Employment wantrd-by a plain and car rlage painter; he would like to Improve In the bualneM Address A. L., Herald oflloe, Farmers ? a respbctable youno ssotch lad lb years old. Is desirous of engaging himself with a farmer> lor any period that may be agreed on, and would make him self generally useful. Om handle horses, Ac. Can be aeen a' P. Duncan's, 22 Spruce at, for one week. SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST CLASS COOK. Understands baking In all Its branches. Is a gnod washer ai d Ironer, aud la willing to make herself generally u?etul. No objection to go in the country. Good reference given. Please call at 12 Gansevcort st. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED PRO testant woman, to do general housework; Is a good plain cook and laundress; ran mokee xcellcnt paatrv; Is neat, lntuili gent.and perfectly trustworihv; will take from to D $C>, in a small family. Beat or reference. Can be seen for two ilava. at. 345 8th av. , In the basement, under the clothing store, at Mr, ManniEg's. SI1UATION8 WANTFD? BY TWO RESPECTABLE girls, in a private family; one as good cook, washer and Ironer, the other as chambermaid and waiter, and Is willing to make herself generally uteful; would like situations In the same family. They can both bring excellent recommenda tions from tbelr laat place, where one has lived live and the ?other three years. Apply at 40 Westatitb st., for two days. SITUATION WANTED-FOR A RK8PETTABIR YOUTH, aged 18, bas been tor the past two years 1b a country store: Is well educated, good penman, honest, sober, lnituxtiioun and not afraid of hard work; has good references, acd would be pa Untied with a moderate salary. Address box 1.033 Post otlioo. SITUATION WANTED? IN A HARDWARE HOUSE, BY a salesman, with a thorough knowledge and business ac quaintance throughout the West, a Address H. F., t 'harks. Herald ofllce or Post otlioe. SITUATION WANTED -BY A MIDDLE AOEl) PKR O son, who has been In the storage and forwarding husinnsa at the West for ihe Mil ten years, and who la comot'eut to take charge of books and a general superintendent"* of busi ness. CntiucrtlonaMe references can be given. Addiets A. H. H., 270 Jay st., Brookljn, for this wtek. mO FAMILIES GOING TO CALIFORNIA.? A MIDDLE J. aged lady, capable of doing any kind ot housework, would give her servlcea tor her passage, or pay a part it required; would like to live with the family before going. Apply at Mo. 168 York street, Brooklyn. TO DRY GOODS MF.Rt'H ANIS.-A YOUNO MAN, WHO has had nine years' experience In one or ilie largest retail dry goods houses In Philadelphia, desires to obtain a si' nation In a wholesale or retail bouse In this or any of the Sjuthnrn or Western cities. Address K. M. Weber, 314 Market at., above 9th, south side, Philadelphia, TWO YOUNG MEN ARE DESIRJUS OF PROCURING situations, as travelling agents; are well aequslntwl with thffVattern Stales and Btitlah r rovinoes. Can procure the best ot references from their present employers and merchant* In the Provinces. Address Traveller, Herald ottlce, for three days. wishes to get a situation as salesman In a similar esttbliafi menL Further particulars can b? learned at an Interview. Address L. M., box 3,016 Pott ofllces. TO GROCERY, PROVI8ION, BOOT AND SHOE OR dry goods dealers.? A man, twelve years In business In New .lersev and on Hudson river, ts desirous oi procuring a siluallonaa salesman In either the above business. Grnoary or provision preferred. Can Intlumue good trade In either. Heat city and country references will be (Ivan. Address A. U. O.. flerald ofllce, or apply In person at 604 Broadway, room 163, between 7 and 10 A. M., or ft and 8 P. M , until Saturday. mo PURVEYORS ? A BOY, SRVRNTEKN YEARS OF 1 age, who taa some experience In the buslneaa, wisheaa situation In an ofllce ot good standing, where he can make him self useful, learn the profession, and get reasonable remunera tion tor his services. Address J. R. Appleby, 110 Broad wly, third floor. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO. RE8PECTA ole American woman, as chambermaid or child's nurse. Call nt r,0 Kast loth St., third floor. T]L ANTEr-BY AN EXPERIKNCED 8EAMHTRE8S, A TV slit, at ion in a respectable private family; she can cut and fit children's dresses, make fine shuts, and do all kind* of family sewing: is a member of the Kpi?oopal church. The best of testimonials aa to Integrity ami trmt worthiness. can be obtained by spplylng for two days at 126 6th avenue, between ii:h and 10th sis. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUKG GIRL, A situation aa chambermaid and waiter, or nurse and plata sewer; good elty relet ences Apply at 13J Smith St., between Her gen ar.d Wyckoffsta., Brooklyn. "11/ ANTED- BY A REsPECTaBLK MlitlH.E AtJEO ? Y lady, a sttuat Ion. either as housekeeper. In a widower's Csmtly, or housekeeper and companion loan luvalid ladv; she wou d have no objection to travel with a tamily reluming to Kngland; Is not subject to sea sickness; has good references. Please address A. W., Herald ofllce, for one week. Wantkp? a SITUATION as CHAMBERMAID AND laundress; understands tint washing and Ironing; best ol city reierence given. Cau be seen for two days at i'J West J>Wh St., between flth and 7th sves., second floor, hack room. "II r ANTED- tfY A GEKMAN GIRL, WHO SPEAKS END Tt llfh fluently, a situation In a small private foully, resi tl?ril In tblscltv, to d > general hont-fwor*. or to act as chain bci maid. Inquire at 182 ('union St., in the basement, from 11 till .V WANTED.? AN AMERICAN WIOOW LADY 18 DE slxonaof a situation as housekeeper In soue respectable family where she would have full charge ; ?lie won'd aorept ilie situation ot senmstiess where nothli g but Ihe dudes of a seamstress would be required; or well '>u an Invalid. Unci t cpticnable t given, lujuti e *. iii * ii at vuue, uuiit lii M. to 6 1'. X., lor one week, 1ITI-ATIOW8 WANTED. "IIT ANTKI) ? BY A EIWPKCIABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A TV ?luuUun as plain oook; la mi excellent wasker nod Iron er, and baker; is willing to maka h>r? If useful. (Jh be mm for two days ai73 Laithtst . tA ANTED ? A H1TUATIOW, BX A YOUNO WOMAjr. TO " mind children and do ehMsberwerk sod One sawing; t ood refer nee (Wen. Apply at 1? Weit llthst., hetwr en tfu> md 7 th av an s. for two days. \\l ANTED? A SITUATION, AS CHAMBERMAID AND TT waltiagmaid Id a smell family, by a girl wbo baa had a deed deal of experience to those employments, and furnish grcd references for honesty uid competency. Inquire at 1M > ?>i 10th n. WANTED? BY A YOUNO MAKKIBD WOMAN, OF THE highest capability, a child ta wet nurse at her own r? i ldenee; It will have the eoinlorts of a home; abe baa lost her rwnbaey; she bis the approbation of her doctor Please < > lJ at 121 Mulberry St., In the rear, third floor, for two days. "WJ ANTED? BY A RES PEi/T ABLE YOUNG OIBL, A SI VT toatloo as seamstress; understands curing and fltUng l*r Irs' and children's dresses; no objection to asaist la cham b r work or take care of a child Can produce toe best city re<< re nee. Please call at 73 Lalgbt st. Can be seen for 2 days. WANTkD-A SITUATION WANTED, BY A Rr.SPBrr able young lruh girl, io do chamberwork, In a prtva'. family. Ho ofjecfion to asaist In oiher things. Inquire at 46 Atlanta St., Brooklyn. Wanted? a situjTiON, by a youno woman, as chaoibeiniald aid laundress, In a private family. Ooo . olty reference. Can be seen lor two days at 125 12Q> st, be twsf n 6th snd 6th avenues. WANTED-BY A RICSPKCPABLK PftOrEKTANr 3 ooDg woman, a situation as chambermaid and to assist in washing and Ironing. Hest eltv reference. Can be se-in at 86 16th st, In the taucy store, near 3d avenue, lor two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, AS SEAMSTRtS-i, Oft aB cook. In a private family. City reference given. Call at ho '4 Morris et., within halt a block o! ttroadway. Can be seen for two days. Wl ANTKD? BY A RESPECTABLE HE.aLTHY WUUkM, tt a child to wet nurse; ha? a good breast ol mi k; lo.t her own inild two months old. The best of ?liy references given. Please call at 226 Wi?t 21st ?t.. ail this week. VI) ANTED? A SITUATION, MY A BESPlSC FABLE TT young ?lrl. to do general bouse work. The dim nf city reference can be glviui. riu lived ;n her last place one year. Please call at 134 West l!?th St., between 7th and Htli avenues. In the i ear. Can be seen for two days. WANTED-A 8ITIlAtI(iN, HY A RKSPECTaBLK HID die aged woman, eltter to take care oi an inlant I'rom its I irth cr to tske care of a sick lady; can give the best city rsfer ence; bat lived two vears in her last place. Inquire at No. 210 tic!' av.. In the s'ore. can lie seen for two days. W AM ED? A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT UIUL, as s first rule laundress; can do any kind of tine washlug and French fluting, and has good city reference; nan be ?eeo until 'suited at No. 97 4th nv., between Utb and lith sts. WANTED-B1 A KK-l'Ki rA <I.F. WOMAN, A Sin v tlon as 0. st cook In a bo'el or boarding hoiis-i; she under star ds her business in all its branches The best city reference given. Please apply at No. 200 f ast I5tb at, near 1st av. WAN1ED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WoM\N, AS chambermaid a'd to do the line washing and ironing or pla'n sewing. Understands perfectly doing up tine muslins and * rench llutlng. Pas no onjeclon to go in the country vuh a family tor (be summer. Can be seen for two da<s at her pi e?eut employer's, 165 West 1 th st . between 6th and 7th avs. WANTED? BY A COMPETENT PfcRfiON, A 81 fiJA Hon as waiter or chambermaid and seamstress. Hest of cl'.y reference. Please call at 266 Wast lCto it , for two days. WANTED? BY A SCOTCH PRO TEST A NT OIRL, A situation, as rhauuieruiaid and nurse; can do plain sew ing and is wlllioe to make herself generally useful. Inquire at ber late employer's, for two days, 207 West Dm st. Wanted- a situation, in a private FAMILY, to do general housework, l'lea.-.e call at ? a Navy st , urocklyn, tor two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RK8PKDT ABLE young woman, to do chamberwork and hue washier ana ironing; no objection to do guneral house srnrk In a suiail rami y. Good city reference. Call at u8 West 27 ih st., between 6th and 7th Hveuucs. WaNTEO? A SITUATION, BY A B EH PEC 1' ABLE youig woman, to do chamber vork and waiting or to sssi't wl'h Uie washing and Ironing, or to do house eork in a ??mail family. Good reference liom her last place. Can be seen lor two days at 99 4th st., in the basement. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A SMART, TIDV Wo man, as first class chambermaid and waiter, in a hotel or boarding house *MsL eity reference. Apply at 162 Wsst 13th st , between 7th and Utb avenues. WANTED? BY A PROPOSED COOK. A SITUATION: understands cooking in all lis branches; can five good city reference. Alto wanted, by a woman, a situation as oook, to do plain eooking and assist in washing and lrontng. Apply at ii.o Franklin St., In the basement WANTED? A SITUATION, AS A GOOD PLAIN COOK; washing and ironing no objection. The best of city refer ence from ber last p ace. Can be seen for two davs at 16 Sis', st., between 1st and 2d avenues, first Hour, front room. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A KIRRT RATE DRKe | maker to do cutting and fitting; would have no objec tion to a first rate family. Best of city reference irom her la: t employer. Can be seen for two days at 312 4th avenue, be tween 23d and 24th sis., trom 10 to 4. WANTED? BY A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER. WORK by the dsy, week or month; understands all kinds of sewing. Can give the best of tefsrenea. Call or address for three days, at 320 Bowery, corner of Bleecker sU, In the trunk store. TI7 ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A NEAT YOUNO GIRL TT of eighteen, as name and seamstress; would wash and Iron for the n artery; is a smart, tidy girl: or would do etam ber wot k and light waiting. Has excellent city reference * sgea 96 to 98. No objection to a lady who boards. Call at 339 2d ave. WANTED? BY A RESPKOTABLiS YOUNG WuHi.V, A situation as ctambermaid and waiter, or to assist lo se w Good city rtferenoe given. Apply for two day a a) 290 9th St., between lat and 2d avs. fVT ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLK WOttA.IT, A BITtJA TV tion, aa cook, washer and lroner. Beet of city reference. Call for two day* at 134 West 12 th bt? between 5th and 6th a vs., t ilrd tioor. Wl ASHING WANTED ? BY A BESPKOT ABI.E WOMAN. TV For bonesty and long exper lenoe at laiinlrew moat satta lautojy city reference <*n be given. Clothea done ap In the neatest manner and at the riiorteat notice. Pleaae o til at 344 tith ftv., or aadreai K. B., Union Square Pout office. WANTM>-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A SI'UA tlon as first class coolc and pa- try cook, and good baker; would assist In washing and ironing If re quired. Can be seen for two days at Mo. 3 3d at., In the fancy store. Best ot city reference. WANTKD? A SITUATION, BY A FRENCH PBK80N, lately from Paris; Is a first iat<i dnwsmtker. milliner | and hair dresser, can teach French to Hie r illdren; no objection to travelling. I'leaae call at 126 A est 24<h st., bet ween t'ith and 7 th avenues. In the baker's store. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, lo cook, wash and lion, or do general housework, in a xmal private family; ihe best of reference given. Call at 113 Tlllary st? first door from Bridge. Brooklyn. WANTKD? A SITUATION, BY A RBsPECfABI.K young women, as chambermaid or waiter, in a ?m*ll private family; la u food washer and lroner. Best ot ct?y re ferences. Call at or address 173 32d st., between 7th and 8lh avenues, lor thin week. WANTED- BY A BKSPKCTABLE YOUNG OIRI,. A rltnatlon a? chambermaid ar.d seamstress or to take <-%re of children; would avist in washing and Ironing Beit ot city reference from her latt place. Call at 31 Prince St., firs. Iloor, back room, lor two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A PROTEST.! (IT O ICR man girl, as cook, watber and irouer. Call ror two dtys at 70 Clinton st.. corner of Rlvingtou. WANTED? TO PLACE OUT, TWO YOUNG CHILDREN* ellber si boa'ding school or in a nice taml'y, where they would be well cared tor. Addroea, siatlng terms, which must be moderate, A. B., rare of Messrs. miuik A Heaver, cjrner of Suffolk and Delancey ats. References required. WANTED? BY A PROTS8TANT GIRT., A SITUATION in a private lami'v: is a good cook, washer and troacr. Beit 01 city reference. Call for two days at 73 Perry st. WANTKD? A SITUATION, AS CHAMBERMAID; Un derstands general housework; Is a first rate washer and Irrner; gooa iilaln sewer, and willing to make herselt general ly useful Expec's gotd wages, ifcst reference. Apply at 2t8 Ntanton st. WANTKD? A SITUATION. BY A RK8VBUTABUI Protestant girl, as rook, understand* all kinds of cooking; no olijertlon to asaist In washing and ironing, linst of city re ference given. Can be seen lor two days at 15 East 11th st. WANTKD? A SITUATION. BY A PKSl'K 'TABI.K young woman, as a coed plain cook; Is an excellent w asher and lroner. Beetrlty reference. Cac be seen for two days at 75 West I'.nh street, between tilli and 7Ui avenue*. WANTFf)? ItY A RBBPECTABLB Y0UN3 WOMAN, a situation, MeooU, wash and Iron In a small private fan<lly; good otty reference given. Appiy at 22N Mottst., top florr, front room, till er gaped. WANTED-BY A BESPECTABLE PBOTM3TANT GIRL, n situation, lo do chamberwork and waiting, or aasist in washing and ironing, In a small private family; understand* ber busii ess thoroughly; belt oicitv referenoe given. Oall at lt-8 East 12th at., between 1st and 2d avs. WANTKD? A SITUATION, BY AN INTKLLIGKNT girl, thirteen years of ace, to take care of children in a respectable private family; Is strong and healthy, and not afraid to work. Can give good reference. Call at 1UB Cllft at. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUN3 WOMAN, A situation, to do rooking, washing and Ironing, or to do i liamberwork and plain sewing. Can produce good city refe rence. Please rail at 231 19'h at., belweeu avenue A and 1st ave. for twodays. -|]|tANTKD-A situation, by a RESPECTABLE TV vriung woman, to uo uenrial houMiwork in a private family; one wbo Is fully capable at her business. Has good t it} letenncs. Can be seen tor two da) sat :ift3 3d avenue, li-om 9 to 5 o'clock. \\f ANTED- BY A PROTESTANT GERMaN GIRL, A VT sitL'ht on as cbambertua'd and oatMst in washing and Ironing; no objection to go Into Mie country- Can be seen at her present place, W Hicks at Brooklyn. WANTKD- A SITUATION. BY AN Af'TINK BOY, 1 1 \esiso' age, aa errand boy in a lawyer's ollice. or ui a More. Call atSM Rant 12th at. "TTjt'ANTKD? BY AN KNGLIMI MAN, WHO THROUGHLY TV unders aude bis bu'lress. a sir tai ion to lake aharge of a farm or en den. his wile ran m'awe the dairy. Good re ferences giver Address A. X., bo* 1?>, Herald ollice. VT7" ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A PROTBSTANT MAN, TT as gardener ir coachman; i? capable oi either; has the best of city teferenre; Is married and nss one child; is capable o? Isklng charge of a -.mall place. Address II. C.H , Herald cilllre. Vl'AN'iKD? BY A YOUNG MAN, A PRRMANKVT SfT VV nation a*eop\ i?i, proof reader or amanuensis. A pp y bv tote, tor two days, p(?rire?sed to A J> S , Herald ofTtoe. HELP W VHTEl). rn MILLINERS Wa.NTKu l.MMKi)lAf Ki.Y-AI.uO, SK o" vcral good trimmers. Apply at No*. 20 and 2 1 .fobn at., up stairs Hoy w*> ihD? aBoDt mktkmiN u ok aon, to en'er (lOds, togke on' bills, ,tc. Address M it f.. In handwriting it applicant, stating age, salary expected, Ac., Herald olUre. . .o.i i;?.?x waniuo? a coi^et. jkiAu ?.ifd V' coed sit/ rcltrence*. Apply t ,2 fcuuui CHLEBB KOBHOTBL-WAMTED, AT THE W?8TCHBH ? Iff bouae eon w tit Bower; and Drooaa street, a younr n as ol uneicetitinaeb.e character, >o ? la the ????-+ m receiver to ut nMtrui Man* bat applicant* will fool re'ertDM lo laU ?Hj a*ed apply. DBEWHABBBS WAMTKD-IMMCDIATBLY; TO PIRBT class hands ooaataot emp'ovment will be riven; aia* two apprentice* Apply dnrln* toe w.ek at No. 6 West HHh st* PARHKB WaNTED.-A OoMPsTEllr MAN, TO CKJ ON a fvn In ib? w(Mrv)tft of tliis ettate; nu be onaaar ri d, ib<J thorough!} understand working a farm. Voss other n ed apply. Cail between 12 aad 2 o'clock. Tttcm. F U?K|>t No- 4 Liber y stree*. GROOM W A > TED ? OKI WHO UNDERSTANDS Ulfl ?>UM> ?ca an <? has some tuowl*l|* 0 1 garientng. a ?>lor?4 man preferred. Addiess 8 , bo? 3,147 roet office GlHLWt.NTKn-IO MUR8B AN INFANT, AlO DO plain rawing; she moil be tidy. of good deposition, aad bmg good city retereucco Ap.'ir thin day, from 10 to 4 o'clock, at 1W? Ht. MaiCi ^ ace LAU W ANTE ij? rot BTKBN TO SIXTEEN TEARS Or ?8?. in a Omg ktore; moat be (mart ard InUtlflqeot, and itrkle with bit parents. a jjooc opLorttulty t-> ie?ru ih? 1rujr b ?fWJ'J? Geo. "? Wa>? corner ol Myruo aven i? ai d Pearl street.. Brr oslyu. I 0 PARASOL MaK KhS ? WANT r D, 12 QOOa nA4M umI ambrellaa. Apply at H. Crwuua a to b, 46 CMir it rrjJE RIGHT M*N FOR The RIOH r BUSINBi* WaMT 1 cd.-More than rne tortune ha* beea miul,-. In Burooe. 1-acUrj, Bod ton riverside. ?vone bu1. nuiineax men, *Hh capit*:, giving names, need apptj, for teraenal interview, to !? ulton, Herald office. Saleswoman WaBTBD -Onk. wh > is r nntocti luT ar.pial' ted wiin lares ana e-nbrotderiei, ana cm give 'he best ol relerei ce; one i? .quaoitol ?.th tne jr Jidxti trtle ore i erred. Iaqotieat706 Broadway. UaLUVaK Wi?T?IM>Mi WHO 18 Til iROOOHLY O acquainted ?lib iacnsand embroideries, and can gire the best ol reltrrrce; ont-. aoqu.ui.teu with the Broadway trade preferred Inquire at 506 Br?ad? ay. W/ BT fi'l'RHKH WANTED- aT "THE NUBMBii*,'' 223 TV 6th avenue, oorno 16th street. Apply from 11 to 1 o'clock. nj ANTED- AM BDUC4TBD AND AOOOMPLiaBBD " lady, to lake charge o: three young children, gir-a. aged three to seven jtars, in a We- tarn oltr huch a punum caa fii.rf a good hon e, and receive a good calory. Addrt->s box 2,141 roat office, wile addre** and rete'enae WAMTKD? A hBbPECT HLh QEKMAN (I.IjW l>Urt)a) l"roiehiant girl, who ipei-ka r.ugn-h. One imderaland lng generat bouaewotkaud - ^?biug and Ironing may apply, wtih telerencf, at Mi L?xuiK*en avnnue. WANTED? TO SO SOUTH, A OOMPBTHNT dlL li> er axd nuntuanjalier; one who caa MM wll re aomnienord will get a good ait nation ay calling at Hi Mfurrea at., at S o'clock thin alternoon. WAMTKD? AT PaIOIM DUilBO UUHM. sat ? prlpg St., near Weat. two glria, jo wait on tables. Ay ply from 10 'O 1^ (.'cl'jclt A. M U A>TKl?? A wlRiv TO ATTElVD A BAKERY HT tHK ; " one who undermaDda Ihe business preferred. Apply at 444 Myrtle avenue, ttrotkJyn. WANTED? A TIDY OIKT., KHMER FBRNOH OH OEB [ran, an nurse anc nea'. xeanmrfr-s; miiHi be cimoe petent to u>ar-h ber language; must lie a frotextant, and bring got d remwcet App V at lin Kant 21st Ht \\l AMK1? IN A HMAf L PRiVAIB FAM1LT, AW TT Ki gllftb, litfbor Scotch winau to do ^ener%l housework; mu'llos a good plain cook, wa?ber ar.d Ironer O<>od reieresce rpfjulred. a ppljr at 130 Way neat , Jersey City, bet ?eeu 12 aad fV' ANTRD? A TOOK, W1U) UNliRRriTAMDS HER TT hurlneis and ha? good dt" re'erencea may h?wotasl tnatlon, in a nilva e family, by applying from 3 to 5 ?'slock, at 7o Kast JHd st. WANTED- A OOMFBTBMT "?RKNt'H WOMAW, AS seonistrcxs and dreomater. She aast pertectlv tinder ?tsnd cutttnff and fitting children's c'othes. Apply at 100 Cast 14ih st. WANTED- A COMPKTE.VT WOMAJf. AS CHILD'5 nurse and sc?ms'r?,?s. (tone but Protestants need apply, at iri lrvii c plscr. a'ter 12 M WANTED-A HROl EST AlfT GIRL, TO COOK, WASH and Iron 1b a smal private family : one who thoroughly understands ber bcslneas and will make herseKgenerally use ful. Apply at 162 West 11th st , west of 6ih are. WAMT8P- IS A PhlVA tR FAMILT. A TOPWiWO mas, to do the cooking washing aad Ironing. Freaeb or German preferred. Apply, with reference, at 38JoraJemoa su, Brooklyn. WANTED? A W')M \N TO DO THE COOKINO, WA8H" trig and Ironing of a family In the country (Long Island)* none need apply without good rei'erenee, aad be willing and obltgli g; Proteitftnt preferred. Apply at 116 Kaat7ih St. WJ ABTKD-OPERATOHS FOR GROVKH. BaKBR k TT Co 'ssnwlig machines. Apply to Dalton, GUm jurt Oo., 406 Broadway. A> TED? PLAIN HKWEItH. MO WORK OITRB cut. Apply to Da) ton. Glltnour A Oo., 406 Broadway. ANTED- A BlkWABD. OOMPETINT TO TAKB charge of the refectory of a first class bote'; an American, who can bring goo-l reference None other need apply to J. H lioodwtn, ?7? Broadway, this evening, between 6 and 9 w w W w w ABTBC? A GOOD OOOK. WASHER aMD IBONBB. Apply at 7M Greenwleh street Gorman preferred. ANTED? IM A SHALL KAMILT uF IHRnR PBB sona, a good cook, washer ana Ironer Clt / referenco required. Apply at Mo. S3 West SSth st.., near 6th ave. AMKD AT 319 4TP AV., A PROTBNrAMT BBB vant, as seamstress and nurse One who caa do flno rawing at d make ohl Wren's clothes. None others need apply. WANTED? A CUM?'KrE!*r AND 1-XPRRmVOBD nurse, to take the entire charge of four young ohi'dreo. She must be a good seamstress, and a Protestant, Apply be fore 12 o'clock, at Mo 28 Union square. WASTED? A MORSE AND 8EAXSTKE9S, CHAMBER maid, cook, waltei girl, anl a gi?l of 16 'o U to mind children. The beet of wsges will he given. Apply at lie. 7 11th St., between Broadway and iTalvn-iut* place. WANTED- A FlKSi' I? ATR <X)OK; ONR WHO UW dfrstsnls all kinds of cooking may apply, for two days, at 68 W. 14th st. Refereuces required. WET MURHE WANTED-M1LK TO BE FHOM FOUR to nine men hs old. Call this day at 62 Bond st. Moat be % Protestant. WANTED-A PROTEST AMT GIRL, C JJCPETRMT TO do the gene-al bo.nou-ork of a fm?;l fatn'ly; sie must he a good cock, warher. Ironer and baker and have gool citv referrnce. App y for two dars. bet veen the hours ol 9 afid 4. at 29 W. 32d st. * WAKTRD-A GIBL. TO DO HOUSEWORK IN A MALL family In Hobotm; ond who cut wash iron anl cook, and coma *ell recc wmonded, mm; apply at 52 IJey it ; ?uh *> per month. WANTfcD? A GOOD FKMALK P\STBY COOK, AT the N? w York HMinurant, 47 Cedar it. Apply between 8 and 10 A. M. None need apply uniCaa eiperleaoeu In making WANTKD? AWBT NUKtE, WITH A FRKPHBBE&8T or milk. Must have urexoeptjinab'e refcreooes A only attt>e F.vex-tt Bouse, north side union square ibis day, from two to four o'clock. WANTED? A GOOD WOK, OK OBUGING DI8POSI tlon, who la willing to assist to the washing at*l bo use - work of a bic all pilvate 'amlly, rou-t have tiood city refer ence* Appu at the basement door of "9 Wen 32d st \A/ ANTKD ? A GOOD GlKl. AS SKaM-TRKSH AMD TT nurse; inuat he ctpabl* of entUng ch'Mren's clothe ?. Also waMed, a good .'haraber man ; heat of citv reference re - qnireo, 1'lease call at (he corner ot 13th at. and &1 are. ~\Xl A>TRD ? A WOKAK AS f.OOD OOOK, WAHI1 TT er and Ironer, lor a private hmUf; one who can brm< grod recommendations can applv <hle day, between the hour* of 9 and 12 o'o'ock, at 80 Wen z*ln at. VLKT JtURHB WaNTI,D. ? APPLY ?r 29 81DN4Y TT pace, b-ooklyn, between 1 and 2 P.M., Only tlrnee reed apply who are )oung and healthy, with a full fresh breast ot mill, and a gKd recom csendailon from a phvstcKo. WANTED.? A YOUNG MAN, AMERICAN, WITH SOMK e?perleno? In l>ualt e?s. conpetent ti keep book* by double entry and to norresDond in the Spanish aad angtsn languscee, wishes employment in a mercantile tone*. Oood references. A note addressed to A. M , box 4,606 Port office, wl|. be Immediately attended to. WANTKD? IN A L*WTKJi'S OFFICE. A YOUNG man, 16 to 18 yea's of age, who writes a good band, and la of good moral character. One wishing to pnraue the study ot the law preferred. Aedreas ho* 3.474 Poet ofUo' WANTKD? FOR A ('IT Y IN K KNTtlt k Y, A GOOD DHY goods elerk, who thoroughly underatande his hn<tness, atd wbo?e ohara ju-r in unexceptionable. Apply to Mr. fer nan, 116 t'bam?-e'?at WANT?D~IN A LONG KSTASLI8IIICD DRY GOODS fctore. In Hrook yn, a boy from 14 ti 16 vear* of a/e. On* who is smart an.l active. A liberal saUry will he given, with a prospect or advancement in a verv short lima. i rtili iei. with name and reference, Dry Goods, Brooklyn i'oet oOee. WANTF.D-A MAN WaITEB AN? A LAUNDRB3S. ?Tbo thoroughly understand their business, wlui gooff re romir t udat.rna. They can call at 13 Washingcon place, be tween tM in urn of 10 and 13 IO (!av. VI/ AHTKD? A MAN, ABOUT A GARDEN, FARM. TT horses and cows, capable and willing to mike nunself generellv useful. Apply to Mr. Greene, at Lorejoy's Hotel, to day, from 11 to 12 WA>TED ? A BARK CHANCE? AGK 3 f8 TO SHU, valuable articles now in family use. for this city and fate. HBiart man ean make from $j to >10 per day. Also one good saleaB an on salari , Call from 9 till 4, at 212 Broadway, corner Fulton street room 33. No humbug. No book boat - nes* Call and lee.Hnr two dtya. rraby.n a HUBBaBD. WAN7KI1? TWO BOYS, FBOM IS TO 18 YEARS OP ago, to sell books on the railroad cats Thev must cms will recommended, and lve with their parent* in the o<t y. Ap ply St 14? tThsm hers stieit, from 9 to 12 o'clock WAITFH WAN1KD? A ''llOTKSTAf r .MA.',, WUO ran lirfng tlrst cla?s reterenoea. Scotih or Bnghah pre ferred. Addrt ss bo* 841 Poet oflloe. WaNTRD-A sinolk youko man. apbotk?tant, accustomed to the enre and management of kn-eee, mm t> work in a garden; he muat underauid vegetable and Bnrtt cstrlcnipg, and come well recommended. Apply at 74 Bowery. In the c lowing store. TtTA NTBD IMMKDi ATKLY-SBVEBAL YOUNG MBN, T> of good adOieaa and citv rsference, to dlspeee ot in? edition ot a popular woik. Wagea paid. Addreea MeK., H? a (I office. \? A NTH)? A COI.ORBO MAIT, TO ACt 4? OOjlBB TT man; one who ran come wml recommended, and if to* i|italt>ted wiih hor^ee, -jui address A. ,1., HaraMouee. "UTaM F.D-A Yt?i NO MAf, FIFTKSN OR miTtaf TT \ ears of age, who ?p?air? and understands Ike Herman larf oage. trd uiiohas been eng?g??l In the drag bodMM. tt?.' fl'actor? reference rei|iilr?d Cail at No. 246 Oreeawtskst. WAM KD-AT THB V.KR. HANTS' DININO BOOMH. cnincr oiWIUhmaud .'.ion streets, two gtytd emeri' erced wslie-s. ? ho ?r? fsmi!!*- wl h ' .linnee L?i.u-. ?.ere but iu?t rat# wftcera reee ?n?|. 1 ? ? ?? ~ t/.lnek In the mwtnir(, ^