Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 28, 1856, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 28, 1856 Page 6
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I3S?j HiBwrnw imra mi. gtijn as* iocnovt aVcWMBjK - . ? US o'doo*. at ? ^ac'irurt ofwkwwi U mmt ooaoopa nrkilliMriUDarN'Nnl PEaKS# itaUioadlrf m* I **ir??eeee(at bond* ?T T?llij MnM 1.1 mortgage lM ? tpjniMW* luuiroad 7 par cent tongc Bat ro.4 Ul sMrtgag* flh>ah aad M i?ouis nalli ?nort^sgo bnnAs . 12 (bans Mak Araaua uwir-ja a " i " lra4a>man s rtaefc (scrip * " Nassau ?enk SO " M. 1. Oouaty Hank l|*J 10 M !')??( Rlvtr Bftal ?U 1W '? Ohia irianuatd ?iaal 'lo (k? P""> ) ? 10 " I', b Mali Steamship < 'o 100 ill " American PJjte ?*!??? Co 100 " How ery Fire In?.u/*i>c? co. 25 10 ?' Metropolitan >'tre laauranoe lo. UN JO " l*ark Fire Immranee Co 100 llO u HnterpritO insurance Oo 25 10 " Oriental Bank 26 Terms oi sale- 10 per (vnt inn day. and ike balance Before iwr o'riixk to mo itow. Tim acsrued Internal oo all Ike bond* w'i. [>?' ciiarged to the purchaser. > txt reg liar sale oo Hon js* Martn 1 aoBaBT d. NICuLAT, A not Inn ?r and bunker, No 4 Broad tt. Anthony j. :ilkm;i?.p.k, At,<;noHKeR.-a*KK.v wicii strct* property at audio*. ?ANTHONY J. BLI?CKKB A OO. wlh se'l at aucttou en Thursday, Fob 2S, el 12 o'rlot*. at the Merchant*' Kxeha %ge, the property known 5% Green wiea street. we-<t ski*, t ?rtj one feet live Inches of iTiAtn'iers jitrost. ITmpr-p-ri) hetD( to ntHtf and la fur rMr of t<hai..!>?r-. .tree., wn:ch owing ia th-t improve 3,?u j M? making and In e mtxm jla'ion la becoming i raw ui iulr ??* and vaiuaile thivn u?hkue. making this oce ot the :>*-? at 1 mo*: desirable unsi-ies i i>cation> on the w.n< aid* of j?? io*q Terms easr. For further narticulara, Liq tiLre al the offlco of the auctioneer. No 7 *?*o id .'reel. k fOTION NOTiCK.-t'l K/tHIS(i OPT BAl.E OF A oousebold furniture --I'fcTt-K PARKS, auciioneer. .?? A 1'aik* will >011 pot Itlrely, this d?v. a' 10V; o'clock at h.'tr sucil.m reoma, 311 troad *%y OoU.ic Ball, U>e entire su ca in their hOMk, eoi pri'ln^ a. l?rCe varietr of new aiid e\eellert furolture, w; rthy . ? \uenUon ot dealers and horttekeepera. Tetnuicanh In ct'y tuods. A, J. BLEKrKBR WILL lELu. BY ADO r 10*. OS fV, 'l aredey, Sa"ik I n 12 o'clock, two tiut^ie lot*, outliMut l oaer of F':ieemh ?r-e' ana arenue ti nurnee lot, ?J" neit to U ijios A large amouat aayrutniln on b uid sc l mortgage. A UCtlON NOTICl-KXilSWflVB. SaI-K OK HaKD h are. Ac ? J>o. K Va.N aMWsuP will ?clL cm T* (!?;. 2."th. anl frldav.2ytti Pturuarv, at lo o'clock, at i eerl street at entire tacek of dies, ootnprialag upwards of M0 dozen, of every ?l/e and u?yertptioa. by o. der of the %<? Hi^aaes of Hetry I. ibbot on, nn a cudit ot six moniha ? bkef at'icL tic mar. and An.?r?.aii hwdvare. Also, 300 packaci-s aiid tote Whll aaaorted goods, culculned for ihi nre^ent A ^on, ? <n the Mdit tarn ol cre-ilt. c^taloguea of the whole no? rtaflj. N B ? l!ie attention of ihe 'rade is direetod to ihe above. a? every lot will ^e positively Mid to the highest bid Cer. Cwa 0(,res row readv. AUniOA NOT1CK.? 4S HotsES AND LOTS IK TDK A best part of Brookiyn, si'iia ed on front. Gold, .Navy, At '?auUc, F lett and Carroll ?u-net&, nud on C'ulton, Myrtle and I*fa> t tti' avtnues, to be ?oM at the Merchant*' liiotian;;", oa tiie nM> ot March, b aNT!10>Y J BLlutCKHB, aucuoneer. Tei ros f&Hj and tJOa IndisvuMbie ACOTIOft A OTICK.? THOMAS HhLk., AUCTION KES, by lil<LI' A BCfH.? IbU iUy. at ll)^ o'ciook- on the ore nu.?e?, .'(^7 Water strert, near itnoknvelt. we will setl without reaecre, tccordlnn to noi.c,- al/e?dj' in the Herald, a valuame itoek of a watchmaker, jeweler, Ac . thirty clock h, !00 watches, tice jewelry diamond pins. ring*. peaH, emcra d, Ac , do. chains, b aceleta, tools. i>ao Ac. No oiher ko ids ad mitted. 1 anrs cask, ?iepu*i>. c< iiu-ed. Friday rixteavvc rfale ot dry food* h >iery ai>d tancv KuoU Saturday? In con ~ got^; - - Unuation. hotel turnlune, tuperi.r Ac. Monaay? By cala ofue. a large stock it tuning bou'e lurrj ure, fil'.y desk-, necrttarieo, norkcases, effliedesEj, Ac AM. CRIATALAB. AUOlIUNKKtt, 2i BOWftRY. WILI. ? toil, on 1'riday. 29:U lost, at 10' , o'clock, a nomber of a -icles of furniture, from a tumly mvuu; uj housekeeping , c<>DrU.iiL-' iu part of thiee mihoginy sot is, one maho^auv dreaa^-R bvreau, marble lop. with uIshs. one splnodtd rone vood fi ved b*aat?ad. roeking and esay chairs parlor c'uairt-, bed* and bedding, and various true e.s cf housekeeping. Assiokbb'8 balk of lining sal jon? job* w. POMKR1N K K, Auctionetir, s:ore Wi. 20 North Wil Han avtet.? ASfcignoe'a sal? < t s'ock Mtur8>. and Masc of tLe Olooe dining >alooa, Mos. s and 9 Fulton tnarket Will be solo at auction on Friday. February -*.t. ir not previously dlaposcd ot by i-iivnte eontrset. For particulars inijuire ol' SAVCKIi ?- AUK. Assignee. h9 talk *' rvoL U. BIOOLAY, AUCTION- KB.? 3Et'_)NI> ASP Kmtk avenues Xhlrile h, stiiy ihird, Kighty-Afth aal ktr titfh stn ets. ? Albert H Mcsilay wu; seil, without rc ?eire, m the highest bidder, on WedneetUy. March 5. at 12 c'eicct, at the MerchauU' fcichao^e, the larve and valuable ot ot the northeast oorner of i-eeocda/ennsaiid Kigh'.r tidh street, -Mi foot 2 inche* front and rear br 100 :aet deep. The sale will be out<?e without any reservation for account of a fo.-ner pur chaser ?ho has not compiled with the Le.-tus ot sale: $1,9.V> can remain oo be nd and mor ga^e tor three years from April, 1U66. Also nna lot each on Kicli;> ?ll!i and Kighty sixth streets, rnn auifi through from s reet to ?tr*it, between fourth and Fl(0? avenrns. Alsi, four four rtory brick bouses on the saatk aide ot' West Thirtieth street. A so, one !?<. on the southwest comer of Math avenae au<l Mx;y Jilrd street. Al -o two lots on Htxty third str?ct, ?flj ' ng the above. Terms of all Ube r*l aed title indbputaint or maps and full partictilars ap ply to ALBBBT It. NICl l.i . , Auctioneer, No. 4 Br9M s'n et ArCTION NO TICK- J. BOUAB t, AIMTIONKEB. II Y S. BOtlABT.? This lay, at 10!j o'clock, at the auction rrcnu coiner of Fianklort and Wi'liam streets, Constab.e s Ka.o ? a lot ot v-lllow am ckalra, table*, tony encravinrs thirtt -one looking a'aeses. uatt'ng. .rarp^ts, c'osks, xarnltiire Ac. P. Hex ton, Ci eatable. AIno. c ry goods, merino., lot ol ribbons, cents' and ladiea' kid gloves, si'cn, veils, Irish linen, rasskneres, hosiery, Ac. W. J nompson, Constable. BY JOSEPH HKOttMAN.? I'UIUaY, FEB. 20, AT 10 o'e'oek A. M , prerilselv, at the oen'rsl sales roons, oor aer pi * llloughby and Peart streets, Bio >klyfi, rtgulsr week ly sale of h;ur?boM fnruitoi-a. Ae, ennpnslng sofas, seta bed steaee, lonnges, d. essicg bureaus, washftands, aiabogany and > ane seat cnair*, tables, clocks, sliver plated roods, mat . e?.-ee. beds, stoma, tapewy, ):ru??els three ply and Inrraln carpets, oil cloth oflloe do-It 1 patent mangle, in gool or ler, 1 rosewood piano, * U libera" 1 piano, King,".l harmonicori. . wagon ami double harnew. Ac., Ac. BT B0WABD SCHhN K, ACCrfONBKB -EDWaK!) kcheock will sell at an "ion. tnU day, at II o'clock pre cisely. at sale* rooms No. lo Wail street, a very large and tine v-iio- meot erf superior wines. io.-Juaiiig pale, gold-n and brows pberrieK. Madeiraa. por^, chanipucnes. Ac., pale and larkliondno l>cckbranc.ea, rarimn vintages, in cases, deml obn* aid caiks Holland gins, Sco cb. lrtan. Bourbon and M >? ooagabeia whiskies. Jamaica rum. aar ltnes, teas in hali chosia iiid caddie., and a large mvot'O of ilav^-ia <e(ui. All go,>ds aurchssed of us ars gnirante?d liae aaiaple, or muey re traded Kt e positive, without reserve. D8. HOUGH, ACCTlONKKR.? XaGN IFICttM V . household furniture at pub ic s'lcinn --r.legaut rose wood parlor c ults, rotewood pianoforte, pitrg'tat*. rmwrnl bedsteads, rosewood bum j, apfciadtil velvet ud ta;.?slry aarpetlng. Ac , ibU (Thursday; mnrnij.g. at li>}( o'clock, at 79 Warren street, oppoute the budsoa ttiver Railroad. Tbe ..?ood* are pari'y aa follow* ? we jen wa re, crockery, and kitchen ware, alter which -he parlors; containing one r >>-e *>?1 parlor suit* of 7 piece*, eoT'-red <a French broeaMl of supe rior rpialltr ; one do., m green and fold French aa in darn a**, ,evrn pleoes; elegant p *???! pianoforte roacd oorrwrp, lonbic action ai>d very ?nre-.rr tone; costly raiewood etegrre, ?it. tubed in plate gla*n: beauufttiy uuholstered ladies' parlor rereptlan chair*, ladle-' ro*e?ood e^retoirea id cabinet, beau UtuJtV Inlaid; pmewocd wock 'abi*>, pearl Inlaid, wl h were? druwina; inlaid papier ma he md rOMWDM aunda, heart y ? -acred roaewood-cen're wi'n statuary mar^ e tops rujc wood hook and oorner arana* for orname it* and music, elegant French pier and oral mirror*. :i n-imVr if targe and very toe oil paintings, emhnmt a great variety of snojeaia; pearl, blue broMttt and white laee wi: Algj- drapery; veive , ;apef ry a .id irgtaio carpets on sixteen p."**; aviyie gutht- inlaid time piece, run one .tear; eir<aj,. obiiia oeau'tfully p'UntoU and decorated. ? so, oikij *? and Parian figures Are shadae, ?tc . gas chandelier* snd snade*. Dining (torn and Bed Ki m. ?Van fire and heavy matxan? even*, ?>? table, aL^o dining and tea ub'en. linen over*, cos-ly china iliune- and tea sew, pla.a and decorated, cut glaat. tumbler*. alnei, lemonade*, preserves, goblets *nlts, " Pai'lar, pitahers, tine silver plved carters. teaserWses. salvem. f>r*s and ?p?n', tvjry ru lei*y, .tc : and in bedroom*, elegwct beavHy curved ro^wcml and tnebor. anv btdntfads of modem M)4 aa iq i- ?ty e*; marble Of dresairg bureaus y-iahftuidi-, 'iomirodes; raanoginy aiul walnut ted*teoda. bur~no<<. halretoth ?ofa? and 'thair*. lottagea; al>o cane seat do., line pure hair uiafji - "et^eather be>ls. bo'- ! *t?r?i arri pillows, toilet te'?, Ae. Par'ie* vending this gale ore re>iuc? <?d to t?e pureina . >'ar-iiian -,n atreniam-e 'o rs move the i:i'od? unmeaiauiy. If r^jn'red. EV(i8*M B. ntAMKLlN, A V OTI0 1 KKR.- BY rRAWK j:a * Nichols t.-vmcirovr > r da. ) '.10 oia?, at 10>5 '<*c. ock, <t oa etrocni, "9 .Nw.ii -'rtet, n? ar .)->hn ?lilbe sold to !>?' advarc^c superior rosowttid. iaa and ? tinut itii'a par or fomlturs In bio^wel. hair clo'h and silt p nth, ao!i<1 rak *> nu' mabo^auy ?nd ronew.jod smM of bedroom liuniirre. e<'ea?t<>ti tan es ia nia^jgan?, ??nut and oik, with chair* to match; aleo MM a lete * ml o bnr ?ofaa arm chairs, rt/Ckei*. ?ptic? lailor chatrs, lo inges, centre, ? ard sod rofa li'ilei, Burea>ia waahstand.t, 'iod*te?d*, w ""?) <miy *Ld library tookuas*-*, wardrobe*, hul'a of enamellod haaiber ftirni uic, hair rtaure^sea, p,Ulla-*e<. French plate mirror* oi] paintings, p sted ware Cocks, lanrv good*. Ac , t-c a!?o. m 1,00(1 iaipor. d ?-g?r<- This aa e 1? worthy the ?1 er li in of boueek'opers ani lie t-wie. EUXKfTTION Sa IJ! OF lJKV CK>O0*, 4c.? JOHN W. i WlMF.m 1? IjYKr,, A netiimeer, wll. sell tils day, at 10'g o'clock, at store No. J) North Wlili tm -'rent, near t'nathaoi. by ?tune of eie^nUons. a lar*e aaiignme' t of tanjy dry gncH*, lare? Ac; emliroide- iea, rtik*. velvet trimming-, eyeing* and in>ert;on* la'? sieeve-i and collar*, chem aettBK, luce alt'* and (love*, large * oei rf silk ft id "?'ln riboina, kid g oves afiluial i!ow:r?. laee and cunb'lc handkerchiefs, ho siery, clndlngs, tat ta, ir."*d, ne< rt p.a, Ac . Mr. CR.tH .!?> P. W ? rM, Constable. If BOUOHTOX, AXirriilKBkB, ?V THK MANHAFTaN 'J. Ocwpany. will sell to m rriw, Fridar, at lof-i tVclouk, at M6 Kmmi street, a ?aperlov lot ot hMtsebald kotkIs, boat r >ie wood, malcgany, and black "alu-it par or salts; ro^twntd and roahovativ beekcasea and -vard ??!???; enatnol <vl c owage suit*, all price* . Iiureiius. waahMM'Is. chairs. *>faa, tele a te??a, maUra? as. olllee t esk* uid .'taalrs ?egars, lit t v ualea greea tow, Ac. I<a ru? lo> of la-n.ture, aenata. green tow, Ac., always on hand a< p-tvate sale. GR(M'KRIKH, FIHH hOvP. uquuaa? !<1X1aR8.? FBI day, Peb at i??H o'lloct, at s; uey street, corner of OrmfHt, r?Win?. bus. prn .e*. oollee tea, maaurd, ood lish. herrliK, ma?'ke?el. rum. gin, branny k.ives, torka spoon*, srlsaors, saw*. ftie?, nauiaa, ohtaeia. clock i, ooats, punts, orllars. W. A ilARTKR, Aucuonasr. u hfthV H. hKKlM A CO. Wli,L *KLL O* FRIDAY, Xl Peb. 29 at 11 o'-lock, at the saiea room, 19 Kaasa i street a 'arv* collection of rare and -nrv> i* ?.oolta, old md new atno?e which #1H he found the f tUowing? Deapatche* ar.d let ter* of l*>rd l?e'*or. 7 vol*. ; (Thalmert' Memoir*. 4 vol*.; Bmrhn Bible. 4to.; Browne's Highland Clam, 4 vol*.; Hnkspcre, 8 vol*.; rbeatertMid'* ..etters, 2 vols., 4to. ; gSkd'a Illstory of lOgiand S vol*., folle; Bedford'* iV-i pMmaoe. 3 vol*.; Campbell'* LUe. 3 vol* ; Documentarr Hl? tory 4 vota. ; Rd ward's Kast and West Indies, H vols.; 3ta:is manTa Kantial. 4 vo:*.;OliToid'? Hilary of France. 4 vol* , 4to; mSSWlt's Oeoftraphtcal haaavs. 4 vol*.; Wilson's Ornithology, anMiWy*?iker* eonaUy -. aluahie. l* H. bRKDS, ACCT.O.*?KR.~HB.VRV H. M4Ki>H Hi at an<-.uon, on Tuesday, Wednesday and M, zi and -8, at 10> l, o>e:?** each day, at tha Mree*. a lat ge collection at Uncy good* , fir*t large sale ol Mih mn -o i e<ra*l*ti rren msr1! e *'At>i<stte?,fo-ir to 'ive feet blgh. aea'.i 5?Mow of hrenn-i. K'-uaoas, Medici. Homtn and ? yerde aatl iup ttgarea, vl*;? The . Bhc thus, Veous, Ao ; g > hie and S7TI iT ble?"i. halla aad niches, o* d grape i?av3S, urns, Pompeii and Herc i unema above ooilacUon nan just aeen importe i from iialv AAlidNMi kKT ,?an* larae asawment of very rl<-h MM*pMk?Partalaflr lAtesbec ty Hotipanr, win pit MVt^N at aHrfliren'. t'air* In Karopn and ' ?wed q- nojq < lo ks, bronze statu i kid tnlHll lo ir or flvd 'ots r 'a ?n*o "li'na vaaee and bir. pie -WaTEH M'('TT'4|N t?KR, WILT, I'Wl'fc ? t>e wl e#*> I n 12 N?a*len lane, ____ ,. - Jiff M- aeh?*, tHo?, dWWfYlltg*. oa 'ring*. ?*?i ** tNA ?arran*Kd a* re-<re.enle.l. AI-" a '* - * of ftn* roW watcbea, m*A - 0" 'he mo^t eel *i?rat?-d tn??e: lit e MOMl litsrd, vest at d tee ehain*. together w'tb a n ""i a--W" it" at of Hr? idj' We. ry, tna mtaetiir- d far r^aii I?* ccdlslaUng of unit o p'd 'n^air I ??o ' be?, slti ?laeva i ?tt<"i? flr.uer rings, Ac.; ttie wh?<|i' t > be I t.e ?xp Ui ihf fclgheat bidder ! IJ**? spcoas. sea seta, dlabna, iiritannla war*, heaters, 1 i dinner pia*ee,mergnm, ?Wenaton dining tatiaa, (Unin# re>m chair. breaktaal tables, tide 4a., ka>?s <n4?w via Imuim teapo*?, corsred dishes, Ac . Ac. , together with all the cooper Wil omfr kilrfcen ware, and other article* usually 'ound lu a 'aife hotei. a deposit will he required In all cas-w at th? upuoo si '.be aucuoi-ver from the parchieers a? every article ?u?ibeso'l without tnv r**?rv* Also, ft very handsome n > ewood pi*noftirte>, and ail the trunks and baggage rem tin- 1 ? to;,' uncalled far. 1 it RMBY it. HKttTp. jr.. A.i'ctiuN?:fcK ? ' ; I II ?ale oCthe huge and vuiuablr tialance utock ot groceries I Ac , adjo irtvdCi to-morrow, ITriday .fBu.'JO. at. I0\ ocinck.a' I I o?.e-.r?>?s. ;'>K Pioe ?t.r*et. The utock comprises about ffc , ' i Olio R??tfc ot choice grocertcs. eoa*>?'ing in partof eliotcw gre^t i au.l black 'ens riw, burnt aad grouud colics; brown, whitr j uo.i crua>ed 'Ufan; spue. ol every deseilottea; pickle*. or* | | served .Yuils. arte ;ot <tf Swim and y ? >iim i aivt n | ?i> ; j eilow, while and Castile soan ,. ire tun al4m?u- I lue cm dies: (amines, anchovies, olive oh, win**, liquor', Sootcn ale, Lets on porter; alau, oi ce liiiurna, Iron ?at? tun i grwi-rf wagons. tliree some", Imruiwa; also, a large lo'. . tla ??ana scga.k, Ac. Terms rt-h. Catalogue* on mori.lng of sale i li" order o? FukO'K L. vCuTW, Deputy Aarllf Ht. LKsilMi A tl?.. ACOTIONfcKnb.? hi.K ?ANT \.NO I ? cotUy hou?ehr:d lurniture, auleLdt'l Fiench mantel and piar rairors three maguitlceut stlid rnaewood parjor sui s, | ve>vet and WiiUv.i carpeu. l uecwood p'nuofo^e, valuable nU paintings, Von e ard tnacte clicks. Ac , ouutunnd la toe Urst ' :'Ota? Sti 1G:: Broome street, a tew<Uior<i from Itroadwav . H. '1 IiKilW will Hli on Friday, Fei>. 29, at hall- oast io i o'clock, wlihoir. reserve, the entire m&zuiitreat fuiuiu'-e. .to , ot the above bouse, most of which w?s made to order, and Ua<* been la tue but a short time Purchasers are assured that the enure contents of the above hou?e will he Deremptarlly ?old, ud the gcuds mils' be removed immediately from the i r 'emisoa. l'ar or? (tuperlor ronewuod oiauvforte. three intiiQ" ticeut rosewood parlor suits, covered in rich aatlu brocade at d velvet with silp covers, all of tbe most cast / description; costl-v mantel and pier mirrors, ? egant laee window o' trial n* aad .-aades, three magnificent rtuewond etegeres. ma -h e u>p>. wth |ilat?{;!aRS rtoors and back; carved rn?i*>?o<>d oentre -wd pier tables, ?.ih marb e tcp<; magnificent rosewood lecretary bat'kciue, 'lurkibn and reception chairs, in emoroldered saUq; mirror, ecimer etegers. murb'c ecretnlre. Sevri i and Dresden rsten, x.i.-ble and ormiHu cloolts, rich vslvet and tape fry car peta, bio area and parlor oroam?-nt?, Ac. ? Ith i num .?r of elesaut oi. paln'.mcs. anc neaps aud other su'-yest-, Ac Otulng room na<! clian>-er rurrttnre? Oak ezte^loo i?ble. rieli silver ware, ca .e bo.-keti. c*s'erg, chin* rtiiiner wt. china tea and colteesfs, r'.ibv andnnstal cut ?h?8 wnjf. Ivory asd *ilver cut.e:-< Ac; rp..*ndi<i ca/vnl roteivood beds'eads, eoiftnt rcoeWiXKi l i-rcaus an." washstaiirlB to match, batr trinUrt'E-ir*, leather reiis > nd bedding, Ac., ros;wood commodes, cosily decora cU cbjia toilet seu, French oval mirrors, muio^tny ?uii*. ftlialt'.re in hair c oth, rottufre and awing Mat cMlra. ? "stiy rotewcod l:aia?m:fl, r.u>;li?b oilc'oUi, ?talr caroeis, .tc. 7hi . v. ill be tnund worthv '.>ie Rtieclal attentlur: ol Uiose in w?ai oi first tiats furniture, as the house Is replete with every elegance. ' ' " rMC'"l ARTY WI1.L SrXL THIri DOT, AT UV ? o c'.ock, at 17 o I haiham tquve, the furniture of a t'\ I ml j. a ffood a?30rttnent; ?!M) one grue^r's w*?on, malt. I wrj.skfiy, ra bctti?s. sardines tanc > dry gocd>. cutlery. bJOts ani iboe*. one sewing aaehine. 'J9 feather btds Ao. JCHU L. VANDK, WATER AtJOTlONKER, WILL P8LL thii iia~. 10 . o cli ck, st the sa'?sroom, i" Maider. lane, n conc?ctt6n the.ewc^y, a fine "SOitmnntof ivory o.^e ra p'is-e cf various fire* and qu>tlities. J OBIi F I.VSRELI., Al'CTIONEKK.? RUK8ELL A PA* will sell ihn (1 hurt-lay ' mnrulng Ft bait 10 o'clock, a! store. J? fiasaji.'. et/oc:, two doors below Fu'toa. a flue stock ot t.urerit<r n ai.til'aciured bourthold furnltn^e, Ac., om prising BevNa. elegan'ly csxvert rnsei^xw parlor tul'ei cover ej in tre *e?t French faua brocatel. r'cn emniellwl m irole 'jp m d ptaai chamber furniture t a suite, mahofaay card ta blet rorewooa rraioBsnv, Hack walnut and oak "bookcases, Frenoh pUtte mlrinre, superior ei'en'lon trln^ ihM?? ro e wr od si 1 zru Novate trarb e top d:e??in< bureau* and wash sie: dc, ca.Tra zcALCgna- ntid ro^wood msrhle top ecntre U ? ?'.(?!?, iriac.gatij- wardrobre. rosewood and mahogany bed Meads, paliiasies, hair mattrteses, mahjgany and oak. man e ion sideboards care sea', mahot a<-.y gpriu; seat and other par lor chair* mahofary sofas and rooking chalrn. eUissre*, fancy tablt?, ch >?? t?a ?ets. lounje b?ls. oil palming*, Ac, to. Also, on ac -ounl of whom itmay concern, onn nnh i^toT ptuofcrte. Kvery article otlered at tbl? i*le will be post tl?e> sold to the hlphesl ' Idstr, to done accouuts. N. 6 ? Ar. tlw pr-'chauMi et ihw sale c?o be stored free of charge r>r ooe tucotli Ooods carelully pseked on the pcemixei aad ?Mp^ed to o*-3er. Pprinc lurniture pules persona'iv attend ed to. LABOIi t'ALF, OF RBADY MADE CLOTH1NO, CU> l'H3, sllia. sa inp, inlngs, Ac., Ac.? M. CkHI'aL AK. Auc ueueer, 2S Bowe.-t, wui sell, oa Monday, March 3, at lu'j | l'crtk Ei.-'Vj, I re-jcc and Orrroan braadclothn, ribbed and ' nlain. !soc; and black cassicnres, rfr>e?kin-, beaver cloths, FhuwjtM. cashrccrt u, satinets, ir.tug*. sliks aud sleeve '.in, black satias sl;' trimminjn, toge>her with a ftue aad frifbxrable asac runen'. of frock, sack and over coats, pait? and , vest, shirts, has Ike chiefs, cravais, Ac , Ac. siale rooltive, as th^ owi,.?r is rcurin,-; trom the husine*. MIOl'GRTV, ACC1IOMEAR.? MORTUAGE 8aLK OF ' ? eie&uu household furniture, pianoforte, Ac? T>u? dav . at 10>, o'clcck, at the store 27 tleaUr street, viz.: el^gan Freb -hbrdiitasUa, curled hair mattresses, bnream, mshagany chji- s nr.d rockers, eiten -ion dining and teatablea,, bookcases. , p ai?l wsre, mirrors Ivory cm lery, crockery and class ware, i Ac. D. H. Jones, aUornev lor mortgagee. Also en FrMsr. I at 10}j o'clock, st 370 Eighth avenue, the entire stock of a fur nitare dealer. By order of Assignee. MOBTOAt.K SALE, IN DEB EORKOkOriUBE? OF ON't cart, 03 ihuredav, ?<th m?t, at 11 o'clock, a. M., at fio. 1,10- Bro?i ???>, by jAUff PoMIKMlla, auctioneer. JiBUiTAC T. LUCKWOoD. All r. L>r Mortmn, : O YLVH8TEB STOVES, AUCTION KKR.? HLKOaNT AND 0 ctstly do jsehold furniture, Uiiwlki Freuch muttel and pier mirror*. tcr ee magnified, t so id roaewiod parlor soils, velvet and Wilton carpet*. rose wood plaootorta, valuable Oil Daiatujgi. bronreaud mantel clock*, Jti: , oon'woM In the ttr?t [ class 'aCM?9 No. BO Waal Twor.ty nxtu strew no*r Stl'h av# : aue. S STOVER will seii to-morrow, ir'ridiv.i itttn, at lot. j ?/c eck. Tntsoui reserve the entire tn*gni:\-.ent turnliure, ?e., I oiihe above houaa, mint or which was made to order arul ha> : been In use bat a short time Pn-eh**?rs ara awitred thai the enure content* o> the abora hon-e will be peremptorily ' 1 sold. -,nd ! be goods must be renoved Immalialely from the i proto^o*. farior? Superior rosewood pUnotocte, a res magai | Scent -osewood pa lor suits, covered in rich *aUa brosade a ad I vevet, with slip rover*, all of the mon costly description. I eost,v m&ntei anil pier mlrttx a, elegant ia-9 window curtains hot. .vuuics, three magnlHneot rosewooi etegei-es. m.irble tops, wltb plate ^la=a doors az,d back; carveo rose wstxl ceotre and I pie tnhlfs. wl'h tntrble top?; maeulficeat ro-tewooa secretary bookcaM, Torkiib and recaption chairs is embroidered satin mirror, corutr etegeres. marble ecre'otre, Sovre* and Dresden \ mm, marble and ormolu clocks, rich velvet an<l tapestry car Mtb. bronze* and parlor oroamen s, Ac., with a camber of elegant oi: painting, landscape ana other suhjoets, Ac. iMning room aod cbttnbor farni' are ? Oak extension table, rioa silver wr.rc. cake basket*, costers, elegant cbma dinner -et of lto pieces. chh.a rea and eoBee tew. ruoy atxl crystal cnt t'i?s i ?arr, ivory and silver cutlery. Ac ; splendid carvel ro?wood bedstead*, elccaot nswond bureaus and w*-thstan<U torn itch, 1 air mattress* s, fea'har beds and Held lug, Ac.; rofewood i?m raodft", costly decorated cnlra toilet se'?, French oval mirrors -tBh-gary sid's, furtutnre in hair cloth co'tage and spring sea1 chsirs, costly rosewood hit l and, English ollc'oth. stair car ?e?a, Ac. This sate will be foaod worthy the < uncial auer tion of u.we io want of first class furniture, as 'he house is rep'.et* ?vfch every e.'egan re. TUM8 MORREI.L, AUCTIONEER.? VAKIOl'8 KINDS, c: gcods lor bct'ekeeplDg, wearing apparel, nrnanenis. Ac. Ibis mi.-.-iioc, at IPS o'clock, at HI >as?au siieet. the catalog ie tor Liki* d*v contains an excellent stock of househ >1 ' furjJiura mirrors, oil paintings, dry goods, gold and plateo e (? ' " . fea'ner beds, bjis'ers and pillows, )naitros?e*. *e/*r ? Ac. Hat^ains itui.rnDieed. tatlsfac 1 1 >ri given to every Stiver nn I boxlD; attended to at toe sbor est notice. V. B.? Hales at :inrait :?nl,I?tiCe t-oUritt 1; also cor.fclgnmentsfrom Importers iBaatifarturtrs .nil artists TilO? VRlTt:H, ATt'TK iNK.KK ? STflKK N'O liiSPKb'CiC ?'re?i.? Hht rIT'r Bale of cabinet liunlture. Ac . iu lhut> Jr.y, Feb. at 111 A. M . at the auction room? No. lti Spruce Ft: et, coBEiiUng of warilro-ea, tallies. 4c . Ac. A. B ROLLINS, Deputy Sheriff. VElTCn, AUCTIONKKR? 81 ORB NO. lti SPRCi'l' street.? Sherifl's sale ot hicas, shells, Ar . on Friday. Feo. 20, at 10 A. M.. at So. l?i 3prnre street consisting of a lar^e quar.Uty nf raw and tanned hldea, alwi 's. copper, irad, rrtdK nibbor, old canvas, qi.adrnttt, glasses, c .ti; . Ac. J. ri. BkaDIL, Daou r She'll!. U' 3 MKLLOB. /rCTIONEEK.? <Y IIiH JlirON Ik Y? . Y.eiiO' tlii.i day, Ibursday at lu,lj o'di -it at 11 1 *?* sau street, a lot of second har d furniture, shiiwcide* mirrors, engravings &<? Also ten new an.1 second hand p'ano'cr es, w?r hy the ?deDtio:i of Uie trade. r vr C. ALBCRTDS, AUCTIONKKR, WILL rtRf.L, US '* . Tburiday Feb. iM, at 11 i 'cIo-*, at 3C 'test warr,r st; ret, 6ouib Brooaljn, a cm?U lot o, honsehoM furulturo; eajr a fiuantity of cooper's tool*, stove*. Ac ., beliuiifing to a coojxjr. nTILLlAM WITTKRS AI'OriOHKr.R, W.LL 4KGL ?T % lot of iplendld pho.tcanes, orname-iUi shelving counter*, gas and other (inures, lately belonging to thi fa-hionanle mtUlnery eslabllshmeut No. 7i ijacal ? reel Will be wild on thnse prrnilsm, at public auctloa, or. Itiurfday, the 2<th Inntani, at 10 <.'e.|. ck A. M., by orJer ol the as<^gnee. N. It.? Tb# prenot"?e may be leased on app I mtktii ,o Mr Ho>e, No. 12 Cbjimbet * su te'; and auy or al. of the aboee mentioned oroperty may be purohasad "at private sale aid on reasr.nible terms on app Icai.on 'O Mr FaI. I'ONKIt. the as'ltTiee, No "Td Hroadway. neo->nd story. OT C. ALHCRTCK Al'<,TI -fEKR. WILf. 8RM< ON *y ? Krtdey, Kei. i9. al 10% o'clock, at I'M .^mlUi atree'. Prnollvn, the conlents of a lioardHlg h -une, onuslsting of a general aiv.onment of household furniture, bad*. beddlLg. i arpets, Ac . Ac. U' O. MK1XOR, Ai rrriuNEKR, BY HOU *HrON A " . MK.l I,OR.? To moero?, Friday, ?t H!| o'clock, at tbu l.irge boardtag bou-e, .Iftu i'eirl s're?i uear roadway, con eating ot the usual vane' r of beds eads burenus, carpets, piano, gan tuturei,, rbai.dellers, park r furniture, solas, divans, often ans, rnahogany chairs, ><?.; aljo. maareases and b*d dh g Hi twenty rooms: also all tl.e kiienen rurmtura. Ar , wor ihy the attention at the trade, deposits requlrec trom every pnrohaser. Cata'oguesoo mcio'ttK "I sa'e. WH MKLl>OR. A POriOM faRKT~3y~ HOPMMIwl A . Meltor this day, rrhurwlay, i at l(il< o'cl-ick. at 1M Naa ?au street, elegant custom made osbinet f.i-ni ure, oeing the entire manufaatured strck ol a ttr-t rlas- r apine' m?k<"r, re mnveil Ironi a prlNato wareroom to t e sold io par advance* We iuvlte the trade country merchants nnrt othars to this really eleeart sale of every article of elegance and richness io the boiiM f ? i rnlt-hlng dne. vl7 Ro-ewood armours. F ranch p h'f doors: rich rose?o?"d parlor furDl u-e, on su te. r. vnred In tre richest materials and "f the newe<tstv!e? and pitte-n*' suoarior extension dining la'iles, in mahogany, oa* and walnn'; lnrarv Ht.d dinlr? room lurnl'ure, io tei> ma rh. rich ctrrad rose wood centre table, imhogsny and walnut do., K IrAbatoian stjle hall sUr.ds and chair-; ro-e?oo>i anf ?n ill ?aoy book cases sr^l sei'retaMes. lined with sailowmd; ?l**a,i;i7 ctrve.-*. roewrml mahogany and wa t.ut chart. ier?nitei; ri t enamellad marble top chamber suites; land -? ape nalritlrgs. very rl-h' with an endltss variety of medium cl ss fsrnliure, sofaa, leta' h teles, easy, rockirg and oarlor chairs Gothic and plain Fiei ch bedstead*, ottomans, d'e"<|og burenus ai.! w tsh'iands A l-aiuelot of -ecr.d nsnd furl triire Mrmattre>*es naillas.o* also sninyil'eof thick Frenc', plii'e rler an I ovat tnirrnrs e n a aoo alasaware. clocm. Ac. ?t 12 o*n ?:k will he ?olo ten Tew and second hMd planolcrtes the sto-k of a dealer? tie ?hoie lot libs'ln'e mie? one of >vhiph c ?t made by W. 1 :ndei latin A 8 in. fu'ly "*ai in ted, ?v .rtii\ the aiten'lon of tie trsee fiow on exnlbitJcti. I1''- losiiei on 'ha mornlt/' ol an e <i <k)? kel forfhtDplegon 'he prem'sef. EXTRA PAY. Land warrants.? wf are payino todaytmk i ol lotting rices:? ror lttKsr.d Ws lij pcraere For 131s HI lit p..- a ru VERY, '.WlNNf A CO . No. i'. W > ? . Ordfff for w*rr'?'its lillac pr< mptl> A CMKOMMAIf A pWfiK* _?.. tture reowwwu d be sO iW wiiii b\*ooe ffcmUjr preferred. terms. which musfhe iow, P. II, TJ aBDWaBE.? THE IUDKUUOKSD IS UCHIROUd Xl of c ngagtng to ilifl retail hardware leads, aud wUwi te paiobou: oat mi ertahtuhed budceee, end w uld wiAimi thr relbr fir?? r!tM imj rortd Ml estate In the cHy of Broakly*. Address t*. J.. Herulo otiioe. Horns wamtkd-im thr uppkk past ?*r the city, or in Rmktye. convenient to the Ftflloa. Well ?tree* or B mth fairies The rent bum he moderate. Address, stating ooa'Km and rent. Union, berala office HOUWC WANTED? BE I W AKN FODBTH AMP FOUR tteeth freeu, and rvcoi.d and Eighth evennes la a rood r n yh-ortooO, satiable for renieg rarot to gentlemen: rent ?JuoaitTM) woakl purchasa toe famictire of a house teamed locality. Address Mrs Lenox, Broadway Post office, with isl! pa>ticaiar> HUUBES WaMKD To PURCHASE.? a MHSt CLAB8 house, betwaen Fourteenth and Thirtieth street*, and Four-h sod Seventh avenues; price from 910^000 to $12 000. Also ???'??' a house ui exchange for vacant lots up tows, ad piy to BOttBIM*. VaM line. A CO., the Debtor aud Oredi tcr A gooey. 30 Nassau oireet. HOlSh WANTKD-BT A BMAuL FAMILY, WITHOUT cuildreo; it must be In perfect order, three stories huh m> ;he weet Bide, between Houston aud rneulr four'h streets and not e %ceeu 97Q0 real. Address bo* 2 346 Po*t oOce. PABT UF *. HO USB W ANTED. IN BROOKLYN - BV A i.m&H fainlt) a two pen d&, wttutn live or seven inlnu ?o- ' wa.'k of Eu-'ton. MouUrfu*' or Atlantic ferries: reutuen> e.need >200. Addrew 1. *.. G., Herald office. Pakt of a houbb wanted. ? parlor, dining "orm. iltcren and three chambers. Location not to he ujorc 'iwtntv tourtli street, between 8ro*o?uy aud SeveutU avenue "uniiiy timall; best reference given. Address 10J West 1 WMity llll.i iuee.. IV *N1ED.? AT 1ST May, Br A tocwo man and hi* ' ? wife no children, sal; ot a moderate-sized nou-it or suits hie apartments, in a reuptctahle lr>eatlou. rot above 2ilt& ?t., weet side of the ctt*. . None but resectable parties need ap ply ddn s? box 1380, Post office. WANTED? BY A SMALL PBIVATE FAMILY. FBOM 1st o! May ueit. a '.wo irtory house: location not ltirther up loan HoubIoe, or tower than ('anal atreet: went side pre terred. Addreaf Safely, Heraid office. WANTED?A* aDaMs PBBbfl. OK THE laTE-T Pa lent, wi h tour roller*, ted 26x40 or larger. Inquire of Jos. Ctpt er A t-on T|rM>TED? A WELL LIGHTED SHOP, FOB LIGHT M metal n>aii"tucuu iog purpose*, in the lower part of the cuv. I.on. :he tirst o' May or inmsd alely. No risk on account ot fire .tddiem Katir.g rem snd location, B. M . Herald office. 11 ' A>"I El) ? FBOM FIKS1' OK MAY N?Xf, t?N T9E ? ? west side of ihe city, s house, with inialern Improve ments between Bieecktr and I went eth str -eta. Kent not to eicee:i SN*' tor :hrct hior. . $6.Kt l jr tvo story house. Addresp I 'OX 2 383. Post o!liee \IT AFTBD? ' THE LOWER PaKT OF A PIRSf Ci.A8? f ? h' uw. eor.iHinlDt: tive or six room i. with gas, ba n. Ac., lMKtioc '.hr- e cr tour block*, east or wea' ol Kroadway. Bent not '? e*c?ed $40(i. *nv |><>rw)n nsvtng the same to dtsooie ol wit! n<fet wi'b a eor>d and re?poL?i jle tenant, oy addressing Hour*. Herald office. sA/ AN1E1' TO RK.WV-*. 8MaLL HOUSE. CONTAIN f f Sag al' t a" Cf uvenleucu, in a te-pejtab e neigh bo-hrt>d, be'ow or tirai ?ou th street, cetween Broadway aud su:h avent p Ii further up tnwu, must be near one at the city Tail'xaai. Would pit' cnne par: of turuiture. Kent muit be moderate Addrees, git r g fut! particulars, W. O., box 3, -*52 i'ust offlcc. WANTED- BY A FaMiLY OF FOUR GROWN FEB fons. on<- hal* e" a It- st sltt-s hou?e, in a good neighbor boc.J, the uj^er *t>r of tie ctiy, for whijh a Ubersl rent wUlbopaiu. A.^druu M . boi U0 Herald office, ppec fytig loerition Ac. Befeiencc excbtin^ed. 11/ A>TEI?- \PaKTMKN1S. UKFUK.V18HKD, FOR A TT ramliy, ct-asis jdr ot a gentleman and wlto; rent must he low- ''oiie'sioi itcpj-dtsitly preforred: must t e but one omar nix) t?a'. a private famltv .? the house. Address, with full par ticulars c. X I . mraJd ollice. 41/ A^TtD? A Ft'BNI^HED BOOM AND BEDROOM TV and cx -ct, or a nice furnished hasemeut aud sleeping mem <*n^\ t nieut. i <oca lion below T* nth ntri el. ierm<ma? lie trcveratf ^dr less fci 'wo dats. E. F. G. Hernd office. WAMEu? KLKM-HK-D OK I AFI KN1SHKD aPaKT menu, c a hiu e, Ic the vlcir.ttv ot' Broadway. Terais aus; re mcitrate A?drees H J , Brt.adway Post often. flr AATI.D ? I'aKI OF A HOUSE, IN A OOOll NEIGH M b.rf.ockl, wi h all ;he modern Improvements, fjr a s:n*ll 'm !'./, resisting ot a seoilemau. wife aud servant. Any one l avL* ?; 3urh may hear of a gc:od tenant, by addressing A. B. i ox l.lti Post rSire. suiinc term* and locatlor. ik< ANTED TO PURC^ASE-A FOLK 8 TORY FitEK V f alcpt or trie* house, hicti stoop , wiih aU the modiru lrn prov, a. tili gllu&ted on the wmt Bid.; of tfroadway, f.o r r'our tcea'b to Twenty set enth streets Price not to exceed from J 10 0**0 >0 f 12 000 ca-h. ho rea! estate ageuls need apply. Ad dress fcr three day? Lanon', Herald office. tl/ANThD TO RENT ? A PLEapAKT HdtriK. IK A V v healthy lo -atiou In the country, which can be reached Ik thirty to auty minute trom Wall atreet ov some agreeable routs. The dnoUlng ntvt conufn the ia.;dern Improvements, with ouch ? uthui'diag* and jroun is attached to It as wl I make ItadMuaiHe eumnxt-r residence. A4>i ly at 110 Broadway, room ho. 2. Wyv>lfil> To LEASE? a FARM, OF FROM 70 TO 100 J ere* for three veant, win a privilege ot purchasing at the exviraiioo ol that ume. or wouid ouy now, the seder taking a mortgage oa the principal, a line addressed to 0. W., box 75 Pom efflce, staling particulars, where located, 4c.. would meeitixmrdtaiaaitentum. The house aud building must m Is pood repair. INST&l'CTIOtV. ?"1 1 .?BOOKKEEPING, ttUll'lNG, ARITHMETIC? MR Vl u I? LtticAR, 't'.' Broad wav, wishes It distinctly under stood that lie guarantees o make elegant business writers and practical bookkeepers of evn*y itudeu*, or return the msnsy. *p <)<<-anti, this day. may secure seats nr a fall doable entry course ftsr i-alj flu. A Lady OF VfcRY SUPKKIOR MDPCATION AND capstity for imparting instruction, aud who Is permitted "j refer to p&imna of the highest standing a* to her wonh and a"ttisren0i. w'jbcs to take into her family, a few young ladles. * bom entire education she will superintend. For further par ticular a: HI* west Fifteenth street. BOoKKEKPlNG-Afl APPLIED lO BASKING, BAIL road aod commercial aflalrs, Is taught In an expeditious acd superior uisnunr bv I'utiTER it iilXun, .116 Broadway. Private aeesous day and evening. Prosper 'tis on appteatton u'Hiii'3 LaJiOi An?. ? PMOF. 1> LaGROIX, MO. ? ? Broadway, eonttnuoa to raoalve new papils for thorough inatmetico lo the French 'angnage, imparting to theni, by as tmmy and sOoient manner, a practical knowledge ot 1L By a newpina th?. conjugation of verbs Is so simplified aa to he 'rmil v understood and acquired. Terms reasonable. 1 No'XRl C1ION.? AN ENGLISH LADY, POSSESSING I superior Intellectual attainments, with the highest testi uurdw- 'rotn the i.o" ity whose education she has eomple ed, and harirg a few hour# unoccupied. Is dealroua of being cm n!ovd as dally or occasions 1 governess. She alio undertakes "o cive instruction lu music aud drawing. Address Y. 7.., I'tilor. H.jiiaro Post office, bSI Broadway. LAL lEi' AND GENT1 F.MEN'8 dHEAP AND VALUABLK icurse ot writing lessons, 92. Olastiee open day aud eMmlrg. at 341 Broadway, by H. BO WK. te?cher of pen loani-hlp. bookkeeping and arithmetic. Age or deficiency uo iicpei'iment. Schools and private families attended as usual V*eddli?, . i>!ilng cards and ornamental wj l'lug executed to orde In a supei ior gty:e RIMDHt t?OVHRNEB8 WiNTEI)? IH A FAMILY ?etldln.? a i-bort dis'anc* from the stty ; a lady fu'ly com r>? en* to Instruct her pupils In the English branches, French, Italian, mns.c and drawing; must be a good musician Fur ber j artic ular* can be asrcrtalued by applying to X. M. E., No ft." Kssi lfith St. on Thursday. 2Wh Inst. ^PUNIBH f'LASS.? PKOFESSOR A. PIKRBA Id NO?V O tomlng a new evening class. 1 error, $3 A tew hours (he pitTft'elMtlucttCH) in tie above language and in French. Addresk TO White street, near Broadway, from 1 2 to 6 o'clock P. M. _ _____ in STl 1 ENTS.-A TOOjMO OKNTLK.MAN, POSTED IK I 'he Knglu-h, Fren'h Oreek and Latin languages, as also f>#\|es 'ettres and mathematics, would devote to ihelr service ar, hour or so tn the evening, and prepare Hem for their darses Terms very modera'e. Kelereuces of the highest order Address Maro, fleraid office. r'HIW i'A Y ?THE Bl BBJhiBFH WIL.L aM'KIVk NEW pupils for a tourEe of writing lessous, at 82 for six, or fit for t?u >-??ns. ire udingstaliouerv. Ladles' class at 11 o'c.ock A M Bookkeeping reduced to 9lfi. OLIVER B. GOLD >M1TH. ?fi2 uroad ? ay, an I T,~ Fulton street, Broosivn. \\ AA'iED? I FlHhE TEaOHKRB ? OnK FOR M ATUR # f* sc ences, one for langiutges and one lor ira (ring aua nslrUng Address teacher, Herali offio. lA'RiTl.NO, HoOKKfcRPING. CuMMKttCI aL AKIiB f T metic, ic ? Young men preparing lor mercaaUle em pio.imrn', can obtain superior Ins'rticU- n, (orivaie. II prafnr I I d. at PaINK'P. J;i3 Orand street, Mew York, aad 16C Fulton ? ? : et i , Bronkh n. appointing their own hours. L*diee' writing c.a'M-s, 91 U) for tea, or 92 for sixteen ls?aons, Including sta UoMry Ft cm Oen Burdlck, R I. : ? I can truly say that mv o? n sons and daughter have made great Improvement ander Col. Fame's tuition. AHTBOLOOf, WOMDKH? THlt OIPSEY OIRL.-THIH RKNOWNKR A and only true palmist In America, can be consult/id with on all events of life, at 284 Broome street, near Allen strew fee 30 ceots M. B ? she oan Impart a secret hv which any uiy or gentleman can obtain the affections of tha opposlta ?e* CUrge extra. a8TOMI?HiKG TO ALL.- MADAMK MOKllOW rBK JO. eeventu daughter, has a natural gitt t<> tail past, ot?s*nt and future events, and all the concerns of lite, even the verr Uioughs, and will cause speedy rnarrtages, and show the like nesses ot the Intended husbands and absent trlends. sod will briug together those who are scaura <xi who win enjoy the gi ea'est haprlnesa of ma'rttnoni?l hhss AH who wtah good luck may cat anon for relief and rnmiot". 1 housands have ex pressed their belief thai she la 'he must wonderf ul (virologist in the world, or that haaever been known, though she prao tiM-s nothir g but what la renoncileahie U> phlkxopbers. No ciiarge Knot satisfied 76 Broome street, betw?en Cannon and CaiumMk. Gentlemen no* admlUed. / I A*lV? MADAM PRe.WHfKR REllJftNS THiNKS TO \ J her trlends and patrons and lugs u> sa? that, alter the thonsarda, no-h tn this city sad Phllnde<phta, who bare enn sulied her with entire satisfaction, she feeis confMeat that in the questions of astro'ory, love and law matter*, iu,d bo iks or oracles as re led on eons'anilv by > apole .n see has eo*u che will tell the rsme of the future husband, end also the nam of h r visiter*. "8 Madison street. Bpee. I y and sure cure for piles and corns. h> a remedy or her oan. /"ILAIBVOYaNOK.? MRP. HI-YMOOR. Ill) HPKING yj street, a few doors west of Broadway, Is the most suc rr?-tnl medical and business clairvoyant In America, asthma, bit>ruhltis. Hver oomplalai. nervousness, dehilttv, dyspepsia, lever and sgue. Ac , cured if curable, and satlstactl..n war ranted or no oay taken HOTBLR. UOlDKkDOE'H HOT?X,7?l KROaDWaY, C\)RNER OF Clinton plaoe ? Htperior apsi tmi sls for ismllLes or imli v'dtia s wn cow be obtained with or without board, by the inea or week served In dining or private rooms at reduced price" Rath* free. Rooms rent from ?'2 lo tl*< per week. WM. HOLDKEDuK. Proprietor T A PIi-Ri-K IIOI BE, f"9 AND <M BROADWAY OpeO

I i site Oreat Jcnes St.? Ihc unilersluned hug le ?e lo Inform i he public that lh?- La Pierre llouse will he opened on rne^lav. Ilie itli of March, ?h?n thev will he prepared to otlcr ronn<at a ff-est .?/ Iic'lon firm the prices nmalls charueil at the flrstc'sss 1 ot- s The l oose Is finished ai d tarnished in n style th it will riitsi ete with snv hotel In the met opolls. ParticuWir at . ,ui i'.,n W|I| \-f> paid 1*> the actgnodatlnn ol fsmllies, an1 this h e I" sdf lralily arrseceil for the?e wisliitis lo avoid the r ard rc*i > usual to the larger l.o'e'n. Prtc ? ' of r> ti : i i? ? rm ?h coi nedlng bedroom*. 9, to $ - nifle r ioris, %1 (SI to tr, p<-r wees. Rooms mav he secured previous lo Ine Ofietiitg I ??vddrgeilng H. fljodwln A (Jo. ?i?o. and ??* ahec. Murray ?nmviBMP ^btOO, la Mrhaaf e Cor a C??oy eottnfcn rsstdeone mat the ^m. McMAHON, 17C (-hath Ma itrwi. etty. <914 HlMl -.* ,*JU ?"0? WH MIXING A jLll.uUy. large amount la a manufacturing baalaees, well eatabliaWM, and MM forsath. The proprietor* wu|h ta dunx?? of 'ha hustooks, and wfll <k> so oa Uoeral terms. Tor paiticuiars apply a t W l>i?al?V Q- Oi I (MM) -Fl>K SALE OB KXCH1HOH, FOR 4'*'* ?.UW? (nod Western lands, clw or Brooklyn nro pert; n valuable tract o' land on the Delaware and Hud ion canal. ?'Mi evteuiiva improvements; good bultdiug j, valuable tta.ber and bark, and a cood location for any bualoeaa. Apply immediately to W. ROBINSON, N?. STryon row. <t7 I IW) -*OB BALK, THK LK ASK, bTOCK, FIX* |) | .Ij UU. lures and machinery of one ot the mo?t ei'en ?ve and oldest established iron foundries In thin c'ty, now doing a lai u? an a ve-y proflaMe bii-lneaa. Bent nominal and tnrnu etu-y Apply imsiedtalelv m the Seal hatate oflloe, CI Clum ber* at r*et eft <\l ki I -'ORSALK THfc TWO HTOUY AND ATTIO D.UUU. brick bouoe No let Blvlngion street, near the wer> hugaa. bath hot and cold water, Ac Half of the putrhas* money ran > 9 main on bona and mortgage tor a term ol Ttarr, at ti per rent. Apply to .1 a. HAY WaKU, 22 De laucey vntt. jrKOt* ARD SORTB, No. 12 Dutch steet. tt?t{ ill in ? EVRNISUFD COINTBV HOUBK FOR JpU.UUU. sale ?A new and genteel country house, com plu'ely furnished throughout with new and genteel furniture, with I St HcrtAot ground. well impcpved, carnage house. Ac , ritual* u ten miles from the olty , will be sold complete 'or SO 000. Fo*?*saloo 1st C4 May. M. L. SHK.LOON. 85 rtiuifaii Ftreet. O-r FLiU\ r"B * FOl'R STORY BRICK HOUSE, i<S:lxlOB, wttn all the mod -i n Improve mtnts, substantially u<d well built, No. 94 West Forty tilth street. >2.500 can retuun oft bond and mortgage. This is a God opportunity to get a good house cheap, furniture will sola cheap J. M. LB1T11T, 37 Dp ; street linn -FOB BALE, a BFAUlIFULTHREHSTORY pu.v/UU, brick bouse, in Jane sweet, high stoop sutxel lar; letm* east. Also several oUier houses. In dittereut loca poos; a. so water tronU and village property; a beautiful lar'u, cheap. W. H. HI-; LICK. 84 Seventh avenue. from 8 till 2. a>C |||in~POK BaI.M. OMR OT THE TKKY BHSI' Jtl.UUU. taking, eocteoUonerr and Ice or earn establish menu la this state, doing a profitable burners ot at loast $400 per week. The 'ooatton i< most desirable, the stock aud tlx tures are complete, with a long and low lease. 93.000 cash will be required, apd > to C. B HOWtcS A CO , 84 naasau at. CzL If | -*<> INCUMBRANCE.? FOR HaLK OR ipx.Wvl/. ex< hangti for a flurm or city property, a good wa er iront (North river;, forty utiles from i>ew York, lot t>4 it-et by 200 bulidliig three story, very strong, suitable for anv manufac'urloe concern. Call on WX H. MuLlL'K, 84 Seven h sven-ie. f. om 8 till 2. a??J 9| HI ?FOR PKLK, A NKAT. TWO HTOKY. AT tic and baseuiant framH house, Huedln to the peek, 249 Houlh uecood street, Wilxiamyburg, with a ship oa ? ear; lot, 2fxl20. Apply to C'HAKLh;^ UaSSF.KT. 00 Soutn street, oorner of WaJL1. N Y. d&l Qlin - TO OROC8BS.? FOB bALK, THE LEASE. ?]?! .OUl/. stock asd fixtures ot a (lrst cuss corner tumily K'ocery store. This is a tip too aland, now doing a large and rapidly <ojres?lng biismcsa; and Is otfereo at a great sacrifice. Apply at the Reai Ksutte office, fil Cham >ers street. ?1 A| |< | ? FOB BALE, A FIRST MoRTGa.HK. FOR ipL.uUu. $1,000, v.ei; secured. Apply to l'UOS. Sh?y KLL. Ao. 1 Barclii/ street i"i nnil -fob balk, an olo<bi.ibhho iPJL?Vf UU. grocery, (cortifr store,! on two of the principal twrouiUtares io this cl'y, doling a larxe first class <*<li Itusi pus*, a rare cbsnce, es the proprietor will take un inventory of stick. >0 bonus b&ked Stock all tresh. Hor fen anl wa gotiH included. Must :.e aotd Immediately, ai the owner la caliea abroad. Apply at 227 Uroadwar, room 21. a. Campbell a 00. <4*A|U\ -iOB balk, this way, a well known foUU? arid profitable eatlmr house, with baratachod. aud ulsouii extOLSive pic depot. '1 he place, known for several ypurs ss one of toe t "ot pa>uir est?liluhmente of the kind, ii sltua'ed Lear the Cl y Ha. I (iCO cash do ^ n required. Ap p y to C. B. 80WEB ic CO.. H4 Nassau street jg/(/?n w,Lij BVY 0KK HALF iNti-R^sr I* A flUU moLey msklig bui-ineu; no chanc-t to lose any tnintr; froai t!! to $5 per day guarantnod. For particulars apply at toe Mercantile and irudc Agency, 78 Naistu ftreet. Williams a aao?.kbv>n. 'J/17 BROADWAY.? THE LEA4E FOB A TERM OF ' ) T I yean <>f the larpe dry goods store. 347 Broadway, ro/Ler cf j.eouard Rtreei. Inr ^ears occupied by Hitchcock A lesdbeater. aiid lately by Leadbea er .1 Co.. for sale Apply lotiOldhK Mi.iKOa?, 1'ne street. No. 13 Metropolitan Bank building <k^m -BEOaB OrORE FOR SALE, t> ME OF THE ?POUU. bea. on Third avenae. No. 124 between Four teeuih and Filteenth streets; lease, stock, IKnires and furnl tuic Remember, this Is the beet chauce ever ntlnred. Must be eoid. as lie 'aml'y has to gn to Europe 1st of March. Store, live room* for family, and good cellar; rent 9200 oer yetr. to! C ONLY FOR a HOMESTEAD.? A FBW RKHERVED <1*5 J. u baildiog lots, in 'he nourishing villagA of L.ak?laud, Ij I.. 50 by 200 leet, and filly farms, will be divided among 35d subscribers on 'he Ith ot March, 1860 giving to ea^i for onlv ?16 payable Lu instalments, * farm trom two to tweuty acres, or a buUding lot equal to to ir city lots. Thl? village la build iru; up fast. Merijiants and mechanics are locaun; here. A stexm engine ot twenty horse power is iust pa', up. For a share apply immediately to Ctf AS. WOol), 208 Broadway. ? LAROE. WBLL BI1UA1EO DRl'Q B TORE. IS IUF. best coodlUon, for sale very cheap. Addn-.- Hold's Ho 'el, corner of Bayard street and Bowery. ABEADT1FCL COUNTRY BESIDENCE FUR 8ALK.? bltua<ed 1*.| inilss from Eliza teihtown. New Jersey; an ai6f'au! cottage. 69 feet front, 40 fret deep, a> ->rle., out bulidiups. Ac , with 16 acres land. F?r further particulars, ln rjnireofWm. B. PuWKLL, 298 Broadway. A valuable leabk of factory and dwellikc,. either with or without steam power. 10 he disposed ot veiy cheap for cash. Address I". J. M , Herald olfl^e. De sirably located In tola city. A HANI BOMK RKhlDKNCE FOR SALE. -THE SL'H scriber is anxious to dispose of his pr iperty In Franklin avenue, Kaai Brooklyn. 1 be house la It two story cottage very loouy, ana containing all the modern improvements; ami a* ibe ground is 50 feet by 100 doep, handsomely laid out. with wa kf, llower beds, vlnea, Ac.. It pretenis the eombinnd attrao lions of a country seat and a city residence. It Is withlu about 1? enty minutes' ride, by cltyjrai'road, of the Fultoa terry. For particulars and terms. Inquire of KNOX, the Hatter, oorner of Fulton street and Biosdway. FARM OF ABOUT 80 ACRES TOR HALE OR KX 2T> miles from New fork, near , . . county. The land Is In a high state ot cultivation, free from rock, well fenced and thoroughly ucderdtalned. On the premises are one large and two smaller dwellings, barns, s<ables, carriage and ice houses, three aople ana one peach orchard, as well us a large variety of the smiUer fruits. P. C. BUlKLKY, 49 Wall street, basement. A FARM OF ABOUT 80 ACB: change lor city proptrty 2T> 1 the depet at Bye, Westches'nr 00 I 10CNTER8 ADD SHELVING FOR SALE CHEAP-FOK y ' a more o? say 90 feet deep Inquire at 489 Orcenwieh street, between Spring aud Canal streets, oi Walter Aitkin. (lOAL YAKD FOR SALE? THk LEASE GOOD WILL ) and fixtures ot coal yard fcos. 4t?6 and 488 SixthJavemnj - I ; old established stand. Lease has eight years to run. Kent CI ROCKERY STORE FOB SALE.? THE STOCK, FIX J tines and flood will of an old established crockery a tor* in i lie upper part of the city, which is doing a good ana profit able nut mess. The owner wishes to go into the wholesale bu slness. Agents need not answer. Address V. a., box 131 Uttald office. I HUG STORE FOR SALE.? AN OLD ESTABLISHED stand, !b a very respectable neighborhood, doing a good ' fss. and well stocked. Rent low. Apply at MJ8 nlxth j ue, near 1 btrtieth stri el. Em xkci'iob's sale or valuablk public pro petty ?The elegant and commodious summer resort, mown as Ftrtescue Retreat, located on I Haware Bar, In Cumberland county, N. J., la now offered at urivate isle by tre executor. The house,accoiumodates 200 finals, is densely Ftaded, snd is situated on one of the flne,i beaches in the wo ld The grounds embrace 70 acres of tne most fertile and productive tairn land in the country (>y*ter ponds, lec houjww, ?itab'es, bowling ra oons and other conveniences necessary to a lirst class hotel, belong to the premises. It is on the line of the W J. RK. For tetms call on or address WIlLIaM i*. eTItAlTON, 220 Clinton street, Brooklyn. yiAhM FOK HALE, OK IN EXCHANGE FOB C ? ? property, of M acres of cnoice land, with cood and Un.y bnl'dings. a very desirable property, and particularly suitable tor ii gprjtieman s residence: totaled at Near K vkaoray, ixjng I?land,8 nitles from Jamaica, and 4 trom too Pavllllon. Ap ply to WILLI *-M B. MCHOLS, owner, No. 7 Kassan ssreo', New York. y.ORSALR-A flBOT CLANS OBOCRKY, SIK7ATED V on one ot the he?t avenues In the ctiv; also, a hiu?e and lot. In 29tl) street; price of house and-lot $:!,00tl. Satisfactory reasons given tor telling Invulreof L STuTSON, 279 Ninth avenue, comer of Twenty eighth street. For halk-thukk suimtantial three story basement (nd counter cellar bouses and lots in rhirc ilrth street, between Eighth aud Mmh avenues, Nus. 206, 2UM and 210 ai?i ot houses, twenty feet by liflv; lo's, twenty feet by ninety eight nine Inches, with all the modern improvements. Profession Riven immediately Price SK5J0; a portion of the pnrcliase money can remain on mortgage. Apply on tne pre mtsts. ulOb SaLK-TUE TIIaKK story dwelling, WI"^ P modern Improvements, Mo. til East 'I wenty-sixth Street, nea- Fourth tvenue, in pertert order, havinv been reoenuv (.allied throughout. Location deetrable. Also the three stir jr riiO'ern built dwelling (new) No. 2li> Kast Ifi'ghteeutb street Aiipi.v at 61 Kaat Twenty-sixth street, or Mi Ffrat avenue, for rerTwcnty third street. rf<OK SAL*? ' THB OLD FASHIONED TWO HTOi.X r hor se, ?ltli rear 'jiillding attached. U Commerce street, near Bieecker; has 12 rooms, bsndes pautriee, insrnle man tels; large shade treo In front. Price 94,100; one half oan re main on bo?d and mortgage. Apply on the premises. Foe session 1st of Mar. FOR 9A1E-AT 8o!'TH MELROHK, 1 OUR MINUTE*' walk from the depot a new home, containing eleven 1 and? ooie rooms, pantries, Ac., finished fc? tbe bev m tuner. with marble made.:*. French windows, pin/zs, Ac. ; Rood Well, els u I n. bill r. lent lots of I round, beautifully situated, and t lar^e neniber of cnoice fruit nnd ?hsde trees Price moderate; twJ tiircs can remain on mirt#n?e tor live ve*rs. inquire of S. B. Fooler ttO Grand stree , or ALBERT H. NICOLAY, No 4 Broad street, fWf SALE CHEAP? THE ENGLloH BASEMENT bou-c and lot, with all the modern Improvement t, *o. l',fi M e>t Twenty filth street, between Sevenui snd Biglilh ave nue*. Inquire ol J. WOLFE 371 fcixth aver.ue, not sreen '1 wentv second and Twenty third streets, In the segsr it >rt FOR 8A1K OR EXCHAMifc? TWENTT SKVEN A'lifN <? Long Island, eight acres near Hunt's Bridge, II v,- aini a half acres atd ten aeres in We?M ester cotmty, If. Y: fil." eeo acres In Union villaitc. N. J.j ft oh and country feats li t'on nectleu'. ^w Jersey, Ixmg |t' nd and New York, fliod htnldlega, Ae. Apply to DUNCa ? .* SMaCK BLTON, 71 Nas sau street. F.tOR BA1E MtT IN THE W ,tl-i, NOR |s Tll?l VI , 1 ctnltj ot fever and ainie (Kin i? ?i In the village of .fa n alea, L L. a a'ltiare ot twenty lots, n t"i Mreet on evrrv side. Ih* place abound* with fruit aril m trees,'wliji gr?c.t?s, rurranta. asnaragns, strawberries >. ? t i^pberriea In a>>un dance. The house, not of the latc>i i v ??-, is of good sl/^, in wikhI order, tnd suitable as^aresitle-,#,* till ftnr tn il >1112 bu> mess |e the lower par of the cl'> Wtiatd outbuild' lugs are in excellent order aud wt | , The plwe tnPst be so d Pi Ice V./HMI; ??,000 m on bon.l tnd mf rt?.sgc at 6 per cent. *or oartlcu.ais t- rnte at !?ft Maiden ane, between 10 A. M. and HP M u ?>h MUMni WfrLL KMtf N \ . i v t| f i \ ? r llibed rest-ursnt. '"truer of Hroadwa . Worth street f?mtliarl7ed to the public ns Shelle?'s, Ti. loon i<< nea'ly sral Olllv lurrlshed with f-ffTf <a>)ii'si'e ... ? ? tiiiwdot-i;* profitable buslrrss. I' afford* * 'tne npp . t' r stij- one detlrlng to engng* as a cst/rei lo the. i.ub ? ,r tiirtnc ? pur leu ?rs apply on '.be t i?tr> ? 1) ^aCA' ? S, Pr';;>r'6!or, > |ty? way. VOHULB. COTTAOK HOUSE i:.i KEMSfcN IsTBEBT, WILLI I** burg , with hub banetneat, FrwooH wtndows, and Id goot erder. for sale chaav; ?l.flOO Terms Mar. Adnly to V. T1MPSON, 149 Pearl street NewYor* liHJtt BALK.-THE HTKAMSB JOHN MABdHM.L; 4UK r in 102 feat 'ot.g, 440 tons, aod draw* a light drau of water: ?r -h? wtU #e axciiauged lor real estate: <*e lstaihe Atlantic hooiii Inquire of E Hl'CKU a.N. Iti Jay street, New York. FOB 6ALE-A BTBONG, SEIl VIUKA BliK BNGINK. OF ten borne power, and boiler, aoplie la use twelve months. Will t-a sold aheap, if taken a'. once Apply at UK tiWEO'8 chemical work*, two b ock? south ol Pock slip ftrry, WUilamsourg, between 9 and 10 o' Uaok la thr morning TTIOR SaLK-IHE THREE K1HRY BKIOK HOUdC, NO. JD 26 Tweilth street, between bix'Ji and Seventh avenues in good order, and replete ?l'h e*er? conven once For terms, 4c , applt to Till kih MONaHAN. 106 Front street InoK BALK? TWO MINUTES FROM l EPOT AT WOOD 1 hareo. t"4 mile* h? Lor ft Island Bal mad, near IS lots; house six room* , garret and baseneat, water to it. Inou're on the promisee, or by letter only to C. Fety, care .of Ucflln A Co 67 Vesey *tre<H. ClOR 8 ALE? THE THREE STORY ATflC Hl'itt BASK " ment bouse aod lot * o. 265 Seventh street; house 44 by M; lot Vt (net deejj, with extension, 19 by 8 on first s.ory, inds perdent walls: four stacks of chimneys, la corop'e e repair; wlili ia&ge, bath, gas. wirii trays. Uqaire on the p-emise*. Ijtt-R 8aLF.? NOS. 241 AND 213 SIXTH AVENUE, TWO V lots, between Fifteenth ai.d Mxhea'h streets, with a front of 61 leei 6 lurlies, by 100 doeui, with a brick double sottarfu two stories high, cot taln|r\? ujrtecn rooms fhe premises cai be wen between P auu 10 A. M. uort 2 and 0 P. M. rpOB 8ALE? THE LEaBK, STOCK AND FIXTUltE" <?(' ' a bakery, 400 Seventh avenue, witli four years' least frctn 1st May n< it. Apply on the premises. For balk ? the .-tock and fixture! of * laailly grocery, aiao, the Mors Ui let. together with o'her roams A good buslaesa can t>e done here, as will be shown on application at the corner of Gates avenue and Dowuing btrret, Brookljn. Prssesslcn Immediately. H or bai.e-a handsome well finished tii kkk Btorv brick house in Nineteenth street neir second ave one The bouse Is 21x52 fret; the lot 21x92, with a court yard in front; a good yard and all modern ImoDvements lasidi i > i;ood order, and rent/, tor SHOO; price 16,000; 94,300 down. Apply to. i. MrKDtfKif BA John (treat. L'OK 8 Al.E? A GOOD FOUR STORY KNuLISII BASK JD ment uouse, la perfect order, situated in West Twenty second street, between Nlnlh and Tenth avenues. G?< fix ture*. carp.ts and oilcloths, whlca are new, will oa sold with the liouse. Price. If .000; $5 000 can remain oa Bond and mor'vage. lr quire at 432 Houston St.. lrom 8 to 11 A. M. IpOR SALE? THE GYbTEB SALOON. WITH THE STOCK and fixtures and lour >ear?.? lease, situated on the corner of Caialand bullivan ttroeu. The a nove premises f t sale In rm.pequenoe of the decease ot' Uie owner. Apply to the admln 1-trstfix, on the promises. (jlOR SALE? B?USK AND LOT. I V TUE BK AUTlFlTL r village of Calrtw?U. psaex ionoty.N. J ; said villain is situated on the Bloomtleld and Newark turnpike, three miles lrom the terminus of the Bloorufu'lil and Near ark llsi'pmd. making the time trom >ew York to Caldwell one hour and twenty minutes. Inquire at 4US Washington street, N Y. Fob bale-a urockby st jkk. finely locatkd in a good neighborhood; stock, which Is tight, fixtures, lease Ac., w.ll be soid low II applied for immediately, a good opportunity for any one wish'np to go into the Duslness. Applj a: l'JO fcaot Broaitwa I OR 8ALE ? A VALI ABLE BUILDING LOT, ON THK ca>t side ol Becond avenue between Fourteenth and Kit teenth sireets; size 28 fee' 3 Inches irwit hy lift teet deep. For tet ms apply at 1 30 Tenth street , one door east of Third av. U'OR SALE? FOl'B FOCR-SIOBI BItOWN STO.VK C tront housa*. ?!tuatcd on Livingston plica, fronting on hta> vacant ?|uure. between Bixleeutu ana seventeenth streets, i be bcuw i ue 19 feet 6 inches by ti.> teet. lots 120 teet deep; contain all modern Improvements. Also t-lx tour story brick hco??3. fitnate ou the westerly side of First avenue, between Fifteenth and sixteenth streots, commenting a*, the corucr ot Filteenth atreei. Ibe hooset aie IT teet 2 laches bv about 60 feet, occupied as first class tenemont hoases, with stores; lots 80 feet deep. For terms apply at 180 Tenth street, ona iloor east of lbird avenue. H>OR SALE? THE STOCK AMI FIXTURES OF AN OLD established retail hardware stote, ou liberal terms. Ad drefs J. \. bamilton, Herald oflice. LIOR FALE? 1HE LEASE AND FIX1TBES OF A BO r tel, with tbe bar which Is splendidly fitted up. and now dr It x a good business; wculd make ago?d bnglish chjp house; the house is situa'ed in one ot the test thoroughfares In the clt?, near Chatham square. Apply at PaYTOM'S, 91Dtvi n'on sirtet. uH)B SALE CHEAP ?ONE FIBBT CI, ASS HOl'SK IN r Twenty fifth street, $7,700: one three story brick house in Thirty third street, *3,fi00: also house and lots, and countrv coutaea and foi ms, cheap and on ea3y terms. Call or. It. D. I'B ICE * CO., 367 Sixth avenue. j -OR SALE CHEAP? A NEAT COTIAGE HoCRK AND C l>.t on Second avenue, between Forty-firet ana Forty-se cond street#- Apply at 104 avenue C. blOR BALE IN HROOKLYN? THE STOCK, FIXTURES and good will of a small fancy goods, hosiwy and dry goods store. In one o' tbe best business locations in tbe olty, and now doing a good business. Satisfactory reas m given for sel!li>3. Inquire of JOHN LOUGHLIK, 12 Atlantic street, Brooklyn. L<OR SALE-ON THE NOR1H RIVER, AND VER\ I1 convecient to the depot, three beautiful country resi dences, varying in price tiom SA.000 to tti.OOO-, location unsar pae?ed, and wiibln Z't miles of the citv. Gardens attached, wli lrult trees aid shrubbery. Apply to VANLIEW, No 2 Nas sau street. H OR SALE ? a BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY SB AT AND ~ farm or thirty six acres of choice land, situatod in Clinton, New Jersej, two miles from Newark and near tbe residence of Csptain t/ra Nye. The buildings are all new and In goxl order. For further particulars Inquire of 0. H, BALDWIN, No. 205 Duflield street, Brooklyn, or of Wlll'am i.yon, near tbe premises. R SALE- 1 HE GOOD WILL OF Al? OLD ESTAB lisbed grrcery stand and dwelling, together with a very :m*ll amount of stock and utensils: tbe location la romarkably pleasant to live in. and the aland one of tbe best. Apply on the preuii?e>, 22V Mxth avenue, corner of Fifteenth street. rf*OR BALK? THE STOCK AMD FIXTURES OF A FAIT P of embroidery and worsted (tore, doing an exoellent busi ness. Inquire at 393 Grand street. For sale or to let-an elegant, large five story basement hou?e. of recent construction, front and balcony, free btone: finished In superior stvle, with all tbe mo dern Improvements; locat'on close to Broadway. 32 Bast Twenty-first street. Apply to HOMER MORGAN, No. S Pine street. LIOR SALE-A FOUR STORY TENANT HOU88, srrr I? ate No. 213 Fast Twenty third street, between First n id Pecoud avenues, finished In good style, with marble mviteis, Croton water, Ac.; store on first floor. Terms easy. Apply to ?I. BlSf'O, lC4Eaat Twenty third street, between Second and 1 hlrd avenues, before !> o'clock A. M., or trom 6 to 8 P. .VL, or at 131 East Forty first street. For sale-jhe two story and attic brick bouse, No. T Wesley place, corner of South Second and Fifth ftxeet, Wr.'lamsburg. For terms apply on the premises, or to A. IS. 1 i SI.aP, 1W Front s'reet. IjlOB 8ALK -WILL BE SOLD CHEAP, THE STOCK} r llitures and lease ot the pleasant and well located mil tier* anc fancy gtoie, situated at 68 Siith avenuo. This I* rare chance for a person to start a business already est* illshe , Apply imm-dlately as above, or to C. B. HOWES A CO.. 84 Nsssiu streel. ?j'OK SALE? $2,5(10 ? A GE.VTLEMKNM 1'DRNISHI.nQ r jlore; the very best location In the ( Ity. with entire n? V and benutltul stock ai.d fixture*. Will be sold for cash, at ?>? voice prices. Bent cheap. Apply In store 139 Fulton corner of Broadway. F-nR BALE? A VALUABLE COItNER CROC Id V ?ird lii|itor store, advantageously located for business, i ii" nctive business man this affords a good opportunity. Or ?electable man taken as partner; one wbn is willing to alter " t" he busti.ess preferred. Hi MaHUN, 170 Chatham street. " (jV.R SALE? A BOWLING SALOON, AND LEASE f Q C two years and two mon'hs It Ls at present doing a go .. business, and will be sold with all the flxturas. Apply to U. . ? FO X A Vis , 832 Broadway. ClOR SALE-AN OYSTER AND DRINKING 8ALOO*, C established five years, now doing a large and prjlitab n hiiainct-'S. Ibis is a good chance for a man with a small capiti ? It will be sold tor hail' Its value, as the owner Is a>out to lea. tbe city. Apply at 44JS Htgbth uver.ue. JjtOR SALE.? FURNISHED HOUSE IN FIFTH AV.! " iiue, angllth basement, suitable lor moderate sl/.e ftiul.j Furniture of superior quality Address bo* 1,709 Post office. ^OR SaLE-THK FIRST C VA8S FOUR STORY BROWN " stone tronl house No. :oi West Twenty flrat street oppo site Chelsea square, with all modern Improvements. Inquire of JaMkB n. WILLS, Ninth avenue, between Twenty -first and Twenty second stree'a. For sale-a farm, containing 64 acres, 7 woodland, in tbe townsnlp of Rabway, hssex county, N.'., one liour trom New York railroid, aad ten tnlnu ? ? from depot. The land ls good; fine river on east side of tl e place; grod dwelling hou?e and barn;alao, other building-" fine assortment of fruit trees and a pie want situation to a country residence. For narMaulars .nqulre of E. W. Woo* rufT, Railway, or II. H. Williams, 24 Third strest, New York. For sai.k? ahtorii property, a commodious modern house wl h 8 lots on Jarnaloa avenue, between a cademy and Crescent sta. ; price $S,l)00 ; * *e greater part cm remain on mortgage. Apply to Roe Smith, n*it house bin one to tbe premises, or at .14 Pine street, front office, se cond lloor. , LtOR SALE? 4 FIRST CLAffl GROCERY A\D LIQUOR F store, In the Eighth ward, wiib a nheap isvie of three years from Mav, 18M, doing a good business; everything U crmp'ele for going on successfulTj . Tbe only reason for se' - Ing Is the owner Is goin( to Jttucpe. Address Grocer, Herald office. LMJR SALE? TIIRKR FIRST CLASS HOUSES, FOUR r stcry brown store fronts, high sloops. In a desirable Il lation In Twentj-nlr,th street between MadU,n and Fourth avenues. finished with all tbe modern Improvements. luqutr oi WM. RYFR or J. VV. FIEl.DElt, on the premises. Fob hale? a four story knglhh basement brick house, on West Tlilrty-soveuth street, between Sev eoth snd 8th avenues; has ad the modern iinprovmnenU. for further particulars applv to J. R. H/vT'lI. So S7U Ninth ave line, or kDVaRI) .iKNKINS, No. I Nassau street. For balk- a valuable building lot, m btm leet. situate on the uortherh sidooi Tenth street, between 'third and Fourth avenues. For terms, apply at 180 Tenth street, near Tbird avenue. IjX)R sale at A BABG AIN? the superior built r schooner Clara Post, tour years old. 01' the foi'owin< di nienslons:? 6 feet 10 inches dcplh of hull, 24 leet ii Inches htendth of beam 74 leet koe!. Appiy to her owners, POST A ANDERSON, Passaic. New Jersey. j balk, or rxchanoe for wbstf,r\ iands n Ileal estate In and about the city of Rochester, K. Y. The alteniion of parlies wishing to make a profitable invest-uen' or lair exchange Is requested. Apply to ARNULD ASKKKTR, No. 1 Irl'iltv Buildings. L'?>K SALE OR EX0HARGK ? A F A HM AND WA rKP. C povei, sltented in 'he town or Ilave straw, Rocklind eennty, c ntstntng over 100 acres ? Ith a new dwelling house csrtisse lnmte. ar.d t wo mills. Unlrcum >ered retl e?*te In Ni?w ^ork city or ltr-s?k:vn will bi t-ikfl" In exchang", oi pari can reman, on nond and mortgage Kor pariieulars apply U? WM K liK'AIi'r. H) Rrotuiwa7. Now York. CIOR BALV OR tO IJlT? TIIE FIVE STORY BRIi K I" store, wit" good eeilnr, No. 2 Sloi e street. IuqiUce of A. A F KuItMlNS. Nos. fl ano 7 Fulton maikeu i/(/R HaLR OR It I.KT-THE SPLENDID FOSR MtUlt? r ardr ss i ir ai hle rront U>tt?e in Klr^t p ace. Htok lyn, between Cent' and Sriith atrswa, Cmrth house from .lint h street: parlors tren oe<', an* the Inn -e tlnlshod with all the iiKSiern nrd la'es' i i i vmii nu; lot I I l'e< t deep. ( ?? will tscbangefo el; * i> . o,.-'.i j <r <io ks To 'ins very eai '. An piy to (.'!' s ;<1K~ Uli/! MiI'K Water it'cet. *OR liUL _ IjIOB bALK OB IU LOT? A LaHGK HLEGANT DO?BM V boua? la Beoood pl?M,*Mr Hetu-rat., Brioklyni ?Wk? no d cheap, and !?? (!? purtkm cm leoiale co bond u.1 mod page. aim> 'wo tarown atone KtgUah burnetii hoate* ? thirty- fourth ai/tet, Mum Smtutii lud klgtth aveauaaf oce will be lenltrl fiirti?K?d from Hut to October, to a (Hi tea oot Addrene box Wm Poet nfiloe. CHiUTT-TBISP hTKKKT LOTS FOE SaLK-ONB OB C two !oU, Deauti'uily situate? on l'ortv-ihird s reet Mar 9th a Tenia. will be told together or separately. adt poraaa ultlilog cuo U< bu<lil on tha owner ?>U ootid on (he other, and put up a party wall. 8. W. JOh.nbon, No. M 6 ? street HOUSE aHI LOt FOB BALK.? THE SUBSTANTIAL three atorr h'tue and lot or ground, 490 rtroome street, near V? miner. House 'Jb by 45; lot 25 i> v 7tt. Gas, wesbroetn, wat?rc kwoU, bath, Ac. The hall U marbled, aud tha hoaae alagaailr painted and papfered tbrooitnout. f. i>'UKRViL,t-Y lei Exchange piao*. House fob sua -a brow* bto?? frobt bouse, otiUi Iron i*<eooy. lo:ated on Went t weniy-ee ventli street, between 1. ifihth ana Ntuti avcaue?, three atorr au basement, gu> ate gaa dxturea, lioi nud cold water el through, waterrloaeis In ail flo?rs. bath, patent range, oopper hot or Ac . . ; lfl l? feet In nt and #8? inches deep ; hat a mortgage of live yearn to run. Will be ?o>d "lth or without taiul tore wblch Is almost new For particulars apply at 111 We* 'l wenty seventh tUeet. between Kl h t aid Mnih aveauea HOltSfcb FOB ? ALE.? AN RLKJaMT 8PAST OF G&F pie gray carriage horses for w? e, the properly of a pri ? vaie gtntleman lentli p the city. Tbe tunes are 7 ane 8 year* o d. t* great, lt> head* hi?h. poney built, aid war ranted souid ana k ltd ^lso. carriages ana n%rne<*. Oaa *>e Mren by col lag on J. 8. Burlaui, Mo. 100 Walker street, aeooad floor HOll.SK FOIt 8aLK ? TDK hlC.OI.IoH BAH KM K NT, POVB Mory house (well bunt, and in a first sl<M nelgbjorneedl.. No 33 Went Hurt: flfib street, between the Film aal riUtk aver tie*, with all tie modern improvements; ga* chandeliers and future* throughout the bouse tomp ete, wlUt pari of Ua luniiture. Can be teen ltom - till '? o'c ock F. M. BOl BE A XD LIGHT LOTS OP GB0UNU FOB BALB or to let.? A convenient and deslrabii located koaae, I* Seventy ---mill stieet in Jbe cru'.rt, of eight lot- of ground, handsomely laid out wiJi walk* aud scuubberv; aod wtihka tbrce i:imute?' walk o! two cit? railroails. Will be aold or let on renuoubblr termn. Apply to HAltMOTT A HlLLKB, Fo. Kroao?a.v House and lot for balk-in tue sbvmmth ward, 227 Malktun ttreet, In Un. \ ery beat of order, with al( thi mocern tifprovementa, gas. Croton water, batht, heater, wa-h tubs, range, hot and co d water, Ac Inquire of O. K. hlKKli A CO., 131 Olutthatu street ILLINOIK LA>DK FOB B?LE OB EXCBANQE-FOB uainetimbered city rropertr ltK>, ltd, S'M or 400 acree of valuable coal 'and. lmag tlx mUea irrtn a ,ar<e city attd *ery near a rallrrwd. Alao Ho acres In Will county, iorti eight mllea trom the city of Chicago and near a nttlr iad A very tCiS . horve w< uld be uikea In part pat roent tor tbe latter, aal ?l.OUO of It can te p*ld In one. two and three ieara, with ta (er< at at six per cent. Addreu P. a. . Herald olDoe. Lots fob sai k-iwo vai.uahl.e bdildino i.utb. y> tect by 10* feet 3 inch?e, eace iltua'ed oa the a tutharly tuiecf Fifteentli street , between First and second areaaea, near Stuj veaant square. Apply at lbO Ian til atreet, near Third avenue. Pi IK. NT BIQHTB Ft B SALB? TWO VALUABLM FA tent?, with all the stock aod tools, paterna. Ac . where there wlilbe buflneaa enough for two; a!l it wantalaoaplui, and there can be mide from f 16.000 to CtO 00U oer annum. The butineea has bten estaod-bed atx years; one nt the patenta waa gran ed on l'.'tii Jane, 1-66. and one on the 12th February, 1836. Per particulars inquire ot WM. Qtfl'.h, 6H Fulton atreet thlnl floor Physicians.- a piubician about b&vovxnq, offers bit- burner* for b? e It In iocatod in a tbrmng vi age aahort tlLstance ftorn thtscltv; ha< a lane and lucrative practice which, with the flxturee, Ac. be will dispose of on rea f or able terms. Address h?. W. 8., Herald office Real estate to exchange.- an OWVBft of property locaied in other cities, also country property, wUhes to excns.igr foi property la thi* city or ?rook!yn. A part or the above U unincumbered, and a desirable trade ta oftved. Brme cash wo<Ud be paid if necessary. Apply UC. It. lOTTEN. 100 f>6Mieu s reet STATUr ISLAND.-FOK Balk or to lkt, FOB OWB or irore .v?ar?, a cot'age. 3>i acre of 'and, stable, ooa* bouse. Ac. Tbe bouse consist! of eight rooms, kitchen and hanement; wl'l be let, lumlchrd or uoturnlgbed. termsDU derate. Apply t* HKNMlf 1>E B. Kulil'd, No. 4 Bowline Green. QTEAM ENGINE AHI) BOILKK FOB SALB, OBIAP, O Engine, six bj'te power; boiler, ten borae power; alao, alt tlie belting, fha'ttig, puUles, Ac., with* puma, beater aot ever) ihlDg complete; aU new, ouy used sixty days. Apolj at 40 Barclay street. TO BUTCHERS AND OTHERS.? A LARGE MABBLE top stall foria'e; i^twill be aold :ow, as the owner hat na lur ther use for it. Apply in Franklin market. II ARRYTOWN property fob bale.? a number of 1 desirable ooun'ry residences and building sites; one of Ave acres, house new, and modern built; alto, a valuable piece of laud of '.went; fire acres, well adapted for a country re-idesce for a pe.- nc of pome means. Hou<e? and lots in tbe village, from fl.tlXi to $4,000; two stores with dwellings, lor wle or to let; good business loratlotiX, all wt hln ane bour'a iu.'e from the cltv. Terms accommodating. Apply to 8.*. THOMAS, real estate agent, "arrytcwu "Y^EBY CHEAP H0P8KS FOR SAL, ?? THAT FIBB T buiiintss corner three story brick sbwe and dwelling borne, southwest corner of Spring and Varlck 'treet*; a th-ee story brick home, with moderi improve meets, on We?t Thi*. teenth giree.; two fine lour story modern ho'iset, on West Twetty-flfth street. Prices $3,300 to 930 000. For sale by A. skkokaNT, 10 Wall street WBSrrHhSTfcR COUNTY KKSi LKNCH FOB B?C.B.? For sa'e or exchange for city property, a first dm m home, with a "tout 1JU' acres of land attaehaa thereto. TU same is situated one mile from Williams Bridge, en a beautttal elevation, with a full view ot Lone Island Bound. Far flrte particular* inquire of EDWaRO P. CLARE, attorney aaA counsellor at law, 190 Broadway. DRY CWMJOS, 1 Of-/< ? bl'KlMJ MANTIL.LAW. lOOD. Jaikm lansing U now prepared to exhibit a superb ooileoUon of (he Meal PARISIAN DulHiNS In the above goods, hie own importettoe and manafkatene, anmprieing all tbat la new and Uuueful la lorin aad materiel* au<i txpreesly designed to meet the require men ta of large b oy er i l mm every section, who will find tin exaialnatlue that t*r variety, extent and extreme c!io*pne?a Lis atook la aue^aaUed In this market. FXFTT THOUSAND W II AIR 8 Off* SKIRTS, Of the most improved patterns, aad all favorfe colors. Jacob LANSING. 41 Cedar r (10R8KTS, CORHE19? LAL1EH GBTHNC1 THEIR J spring diesses (to insure a perfect fit) should prooure a pair ot oar elegant fitting French wove coraets. Oar prtcee are only half usually charred. GaYnoR. Importer and ma ""lecturer, I'hlra avenue, near lentn street, and K1 bin ] snne, near Seventeenth ?trecL Dress goods t dress hooub : : drkss uooiis 1 1 1 l.KDBFATHKM'8 ASHfGIi HKS t, 347 BKOADWAT. Five thousand yards barege delaines, at Is. 6d. : t wo t&ousaof yards r print; challles, at 2?. ; together with French bareges, silk tissues, orgacdira, Ac., all at forty per cent below cost or les portatlon, to ctoee assignment accounts. G. B. WILLIAM* A OO. First ratk mnes goods? at ihe lime* stork. ?Housekeepers and others In want or sheetings, table linens, towel lies, napkins, lawns, diapers, handkerchiefs or any kind of linen goods, are invited to examine the stook of the above establishment, situated at 7*8 BiowIwst. above Ask place. J. C. MILLIKEft A GO. OfSlF.RY -OUR STOCK OF HOSIERY A.\ U ULOVK? ot, every description Is now oomplete. J. B. J AFFBAV A t>OS , 73 Broad war. fl JAMES TUCKER, IMPORTER AND DEALER EM rechercb6 PARIS FLOWERS, Is now prepared with a large assortment, for cash, at If*. 3W Br. adway, near White street. T EaDBEaTEB'N STOCK.? XJ TREMENDOUS BARGAINS. BT ORDER Of ASSICSNKKS 347 BBOADWAT. Tbe entire stock of dry good* of the late firm of 1 eedbeatar A t o. must positively be cleared out, without any regard I* eoat, to settle the assignment account* _ G. B. WILLIAMS A 00. Lift ENS ! LINERS II LINr.NS I I I LBAOBBATEIi'S ASSKI.NMEM, 347 BROADWAY. One hundred pieces Irish Lii.onji, at 2a. 6d. per yard, worth 50 cents. Two caaes damask table cloths and napkins, together wife Scotch diapers, sheetings, tiurkttlmckft, Ac., Ao., on sale thai week, at incredibly low prices, to ee'-tle the assignment ac counts. By order ol' assigaees. G. it WILLIAMH A WO. OUR OPENING DAY FOR French hate. Fashions, French flowers. Straw goods. Ribbons, Silks, Ac., ot our own Importation, is fffcD.NKSUAY. Febniarr27th, 1866. WELSKXR BftjTHEKS. 64 arid *M> John street, corner of William, up PLAID CANTON SILK^.-IO CASES, CONFIMH* s', super <iuality and high lus'.re: price As. per yard. For salo at retail, by ARNOLD, CONSTABLE A CO.. M Canal street, near Broadway. CJPHIKO GOODS, AT RETAIL.? 0 aRKOLU, COitHTABi^K * i'O. will open their tnent ol SPRING GOODS on Monday, 2i h Inst. 62 1 Anal street, near Broadway. SPRING SlLKi ! HPRINO SILKS ! I Five esses or very hanutlfil spring silks, at$l per yard, worth tort; per wut additional, being the balance of the steak 01 I.eedbealer A Co., Mroadwuy.' Oti sale by order of t he ee sigin ee, by G. B. WH.I AMs A CO., 347 Broadway. UTRAW GOODS.? O French (lowers. Bonnet ribbons, Ae., of the latest Importation and of aiirpasaiog eleganse, now m exhibition, and al low prices, for cash, at 64 and 06 John ilreet, corner of William. ill) Ml-, It A Kilt Htm. orbing fashions? ladiks tare None*.? grand p opening of patmrns of sll toe beat tpring rations to: la. ? lea "land cDlldren's apparel, on 8atjird*y, aiarchl al Mm*. DEMORKHl'S emporium of fashions, ifjn Broadway. The most extensive. and Brilliant dWplav ever otlered. Tbe laieet ?ty lea of waist patten; s, cnt to lit the form. Taylor a p&ck, formerly b. w. tatlor, clothiers, No 9 Chambers street ?A choice selec'ioo of cloths, ca?almerna aDd vea'lni;* on hand, which will he made to order promptly, under the supervision of prominent end expe rienced cutters. Lb Wis M PK K. B W. TAfL'IB. IV 11. SON G. HUNT A OO., TT ihpoktkhs Ann or WOOLLEN A?J OTHKR GOODfl adapted to ir en's wear, Nos 80 and >2 W ill lam atreei, corner of Maiden lane. D R1MHOVAM. Mi M A HON, COUNCILLOR AT LAW, HAS R? moved hla ofllne to 271 Broadway, corner of Chamber* n. in the Mo- ?rd 1 ea'hrr Rank building. Kooma 12 A 13. I I TMFR R. marsh, ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR, I J his runnvert bin ollloe to No Wi Hroad*av, cjrnoroc ( In. rn'ietM streei, over Hh ?? ard 1-cmhnr Hank roorai 14 and II'. li. R. MAKSII, 271 Broadway. w I iv ion \m> i,iq,roRg. t Ml; It IC AN r?B\NDV, IN PACKAGES Of ^ . ?( AND iV"*' ^Ipfa-1, gin: NeW 1 or *nit ftun, Moi iinsaheu and redl fli-ii wi ifkey. pure spirit* lii^li hi d low picei. In bnrre'a erxl In 'ghbcmls mprrlor urllcle?, to lahlch ?e Invite tlin attention ot r'ty and eounlry bincm, for sale low by C. WARD A OO. UV Murray atrc el, agea't tor Use distillers.