Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 29, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 29, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7123. MORNING EDITION-FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 29, 1858. PRICE TWO CENTS. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVEIY UAT^ rott RiUiio. idjyc nan -I'ok m*i,k im wxoHaWGB *OB R?aL ^POu.UuUi esla'e ur iw>rig*ye? in iliUcity, the whole or -partof a valuable stock, coi.slsUiig of china, glass, ru fixtures, <etaoka, csodelabras, m&uiel ortuniM1', icon t'l'nUiire, <tc, to getber with store fixture*. Apply to J. 8TOU\ K*KL Jt CO., 594 Broadway . &Qi| niifk ? a it a it ?;hawck for makixiJ a VmuiUUU< large amount in n inaaufac'urlcg nualueaa, wall established, and ro'ea?a. The nroprieinrs wtsn t> -diapote oi the business, and will do ao oa lioeral (arms. For particular!* app^r ?W H oadway. a>i (r 0I'K * * Ufcur-Two valuable ?1i).UvU oateu's, with all the nook aud tools, Fpaterua, ..v., wlerr there wl.lbe Murines* e*nui<h for two; all it wants Is ? capital, and there can ha made from V>fi,000 to 9*0 1100 per an nam 'J4m bunut - h? ?? b? en enta Hished all years; one ot Uia ?patrnts waa ttrar. en 12th J me, l&W, and one no the 12th Fatruary, lHftd. For particulars Inquire ot WM. QKKB, M F*fc*o street third iloor CAn ItLK oh. RXCITASOK, ACRR8 ipOt^/v/vr. K uii es rorn Morrlstown, Mew Jersey; land ??ood, bulklinfm Marly new A to, & 0 acre* on I<nng inland oulldlDFK Rood, plenty of trait 160 aces dear? will exchange AMb,~!!)}t acres, one tnHe from Oyater Hay; good buildings ?plenty of fruits; vrrycoo.1 farm. Also ure? country seat near the city; will ex'tliange for uood city ptoperly. THuM in WNl.W(iijI?, "H tfasiau street AO <l/\/t ? THK OWN BR OF A FIRST CLASS TURKU vDiUvl story orleli houw, in filrkssiraet, Brooklyn, five 'minutes' wade from Hamilton or Atlantic ferries. beta? about to iiimmn. will dispose ot the same n! u 'ow figure and on ?aay terms. Rrerylhlmf complete. Inquire of A. H. UoUGlI, ~Xao Wall atreet, op stairs. , dt?Q onft ?FOB SiiJ, A N B AT, TWO STORr. AT t|pt)>^UU> tic and b isemnnt frame ooiiw, tilled In to the peak, 2f9 South second i reet.WltlUmshurg, with a shop on rear; lot, 26X121). Apply to CHARt-iKS ilASSEttT, 6U South street, corner of Wali N Y <?Q (W|/j -TWO HU0WES ON LtfFflSftT STREET, ipO?UVv. Brooklyn; lot 26x120; one hoiiso eleven room* and basement; other nix <lso, an extensive hoarding bouse and hotel. South Oyster Bay, thirty miles from New Vork, wltli all fishing and bathing privileges, barrn, sheds, sixteen acres best land; will sell cheap. S. L. JoIInHON", 208 Broadway, rojin No. 5. <fel ~F?R SALS, THE LEASE, STUCK AN1) iJll.t lUUi fixtures of an old eUabilslied first class family grocer? store doing an expensive bu-'nesj. together Willi an extensive sloop and cabin ir.ide. Location corner of Oreen and York streets , Jersey ci'y, near the ferry J M. W ILOOX. <&1 flAfl -FOR SALE, AN OLD RSTABLI8HSD ipl?l/uU. grocery, (corner store,) on two of the principal thoroughfares In this ci y. dilng a large first cIm e*ih busi ness A rare rtiance, p.? the proprietor will take an lnve'itory of biuck. No bonus tusked clock all t>esh. Horses aud w.i gOMi included. Hunt Ut sold lin mediately, as the Owner is called abroad. Apply at 229 Broadway, room 21. A. CAMPBELL & COL q>| ? f'(,R BALE. 8UITABLB FOlt A LADT OK l/? geut. a new and useful aud approved pjtsnted article of manutacture, for the iiucenjarv u-e o' ladles Jind senU. The most saleable and pro'liab'e Investment ever of lered, la which a lortune an he rea lzed In a short time. Ap ply toC. B. HOWES A CO., Hi Nassau street. ttfTfln TO $700 WILL BUY uSfc OF THE BEST CRN flpuUU tral earner liiiuor stores in the city, near a larsje market and doing a k?x>o husiness, with leise ot the entire house; a!>o a Ulo location lor a grocery. Suoh a ch-utce sel dom offer*. Must he >nld Immediately. Call at 289 Broadway, room 42, from 10 to 12 o'clock. M. WKAT, Auclioueer. fOIWi ? SKUAR STORE FOR SALE? ONE OF THE ?Pt>UU. best on Third avenue, No. 124, between Four teenth and Fifteenth stresuj. Lease, slock, fixtures andfuru! ture must be sold this dav, as ihe laoxllv goes to Europe on the 1st March. Flee rooms tor tatniiy; likewise good cellar. Rent S2(<> per year. Avert dksirablk coUNiRT rkiitornce, om the banks af the Thames river, half way betwen New l<on ? douand Norwich. Conn., consiitlng of Urge house, stare, wharf and ten acres of flue land, wLToe said very tow, or ex. changed for goad property In or near this city. For particulars apply to A. PftnaTlOK, 16". itn?dway. 4 AN ESTABuIfiHEO AND HOOD PAVING BCtXtnag for sale cheap.? To any person about to engage la a retail taacy bu-lnets an excellent opportnnity in here presented. The stock, fixtures and goo l will of a oug esiahllahed businets will be sold low, for less tba-i the actual worth of the stock n->w great reduced. Reason; tor wishing to sell, together with all necessary Infoona'ion, may be ohtaiond on anplicatlon to JOHN J. TALLMAN, 212 Broadway, corner of Fulton atreet, room No. It, third floor. A GREAT BARGAIN.? FOR SALE, THE LEASE &ND furniture of bou^e No. 100 Klght v-flftb street, first class boose, between Third and Four-havenuea; reut $ i.V) . (carriage house connectod.) Lsa?> tour years from May nart. Furni ture entirely new; cos' #4.000 any pnrsua desirous of a pltse of this kind wil do well to call on uEKatlf d. aMFIKLD, of the Arm of Logue A Hantield, ^04. 13 and 14 waahlhgton Mar ket, Weat atreet side, it will he sold at a great sacrifice, on account of death In th? family. N. B. ? The Third avenue cars run to Eighty sixth street, lor fi'.i'c. A FARM FOB ft All B, OK EXCHANOE, *08 MEW York or Brooklyn property.? a splendid firm of 115 acrea, with spacious and convenient outbuilding*, sliuated on the banks of (be magnificent lace nkaneateles. it is tlve mile I from the New York Central ana near the wyracun aud Blng hampUju Railroad. For lurther particulars, ttddrcw Farm, box 1,589 Post office, Mew Yor*. A RARE CHANCE. THK tPVriRTISBtl IS DESIROUS ot removing from the olt? , and offer! his business for h Uh. It la a very respectable and profitable mtnuUcturlug bualnen, protected by a pa ent, and It-is oven established for live yearn. The foreman of the concern daslns to retain an interest, and if a young man of grind character and ha>it?, with a small cash capital, desires to enter iu'o a permanent and successful branch of manufacturing business: the present is n raro opportunity. Address with real name, P. W. L., derail otlico, and it will be confidential. A LARGE, WELL SITUATBD DKl'O STORE, IH THE best condition, for sale very cheap. Address Hold's Ho tel, er>rner of Bayard street and Bowery. COAL YARD Port HALtO? THfc LEASE GOOD WILL and fixtures ot coal yard J?os. 446 and 4t4M3lxtli|avenue? n old established stand. Lease has eight years to run. Kent low. DO YOU WANT TO PURCHASE A CHEAP HOUSE ?? The advertiser hat two houses for sale, each three stories high, seventeen feet wide. a>d thirty three teet deep, (lot 100 feet deep,) which are adwirasiy adaptei to those who are eco nomically disposed. He wiii sell them oa terms to suit pur chasers; and If an; one will call upon him he mtIII satisfy him that it is bettor to purchase than hire. Terms remarkably easy. As be is determined to sell, the opportunity is a rare one for persona of small means to secure a home. The pro perty ia located in sklllman street, East Brooklyn, within twenty minutes' ride of F.ultm ferry. Aoply to K.NOX, the Hatter, corner ot Fulton street tnd Broad way. EXECUTOR'S BALE OK VALUABLE PUBLIC PRO pertr. ? The elegant and commodious summer resort, known as Forteacua Ketrmt, located on Delaware Bay, in Cumberland county, N. J., Is now offered at private sale by the executor. The house,acuotumodatea 200 guests, is densely ?haded, and is situated on one of the tineet beaches In the world. The grounds embrace TO acrea of the most tertite and productive farm land In the country < 'yster ponds, ice houses, ?tables, bowling ra.oons and other conveiileuoen necessary to a first class hotel, belong in the premises. It ia on the line of the W. J. R It. For terms call on or address WILLIAM P, 8TRA1TON, 220 Clinton street, Brooklyn. FOR SALE? THRKE SUBSTANTIAL THREE STOR Y basement and counter miliar housea and lots In Thtrtv-tiftli Street, between Eighth aud >mih avenues, Nus. 206, 208 and 210. Size of housea. twenty 'set by flftv; lota, twenty feet by ninety eight nine Inehcs, with all the modern improvements. Possesion given ImmediaUMy Price $*,600; a portion of the purchase money can remain on mortgage. Apply on the pre mises For sale?1 tub thaisr story dwelling, with modern improvements, Wo. til hast Twenty -*iith street, near Fourth avenue, in perfect order, havtn* been reoently palstsd throughout. Location desirable. Also the threit story modern built dwelling (new) no. 216 Ksst Eighteenth street. Apply at 61 Kaat Twenty -sixth street, or 38^ First avenue, cor ner Twenty -third street. For hale? the old fashioned two story house, with rear Oolldiug attached, 11 Commerce street, ?near Bleeoker; has 12 ro-ims, baitdes pantries, marble man tels; largo shade tree in front. Price 94,100; one half can re main on bond and mortgage. Apply on the premises. Pos session 1st of Mar. For ralr? at a bargain, a house and lot on Fifty-fourth street, between Filth and Sixth avenues, op poaite Luke's U> ap''al grounds. The house is in fliui order, 22 ieet7 by about 40 ? ; Tot 100 feat deep; price, $4, WW; one half mav regain on mortgage. Apply to Dr. HILTON, on the -premises, or at 192 Kant Hroadway. POR SALE-TWO OR THREE VERY DESIRABLE three story houses, in fiod locations, In the vicinity ot Madison square, at 97.0<>Uai)d ?H.fioO; the houses are in good erder, with gas, gas fixtures, bath, not and cold water, Ac. Will be sold on easy terms. E. ft. K -.SHIMER, 519 Fonrth avenue. From to 7 P. M , and from H to to A. M. For sale or to let? an elegant, large five stery basement houw, of recent construction, front and beloony, free stone; finished In superior stvle, with all the mo dern improvements; location close to Broadway. 32 East Twenty-first street. Apply to HOMER MORGAN, No. 3 Pine ?treat. rR HALE OR TO RENT -THE LARGE AND A TRY three storr modern built house No 25 Washington place, -Immediately adjoining t>>a square, replete with all the conve nienses, such as gas, bath loom, wster closets, Ac. For term* apply to WOODWARD k PEARCK, corner of Mercer an . Fourth street*. ilOR SALE? THE TWO THREE STORY AND BASH J mont Philadelphia brick front bouses Nor. 2>>4 snd 26 J fast Forty tour th su ee> . near Ninth avenue. 8aid houses con -ain all the modern improvements, mob as gas, Oroton water, -marble -mantels, Ac. Price 96,000. For particular* Inquire un the premises. FOR HALE? THE TWO YEARS' LEASE OF HOUSE NO 103 Fraakltn street; also the ertire furniture, only used twovw*.; two good basements, with range; eight chambers, rarnlshod tor gentlemen; the wnole Is suitable for a prlv?t? ?polling house; the parlors *re large and handsome; the rent ? w*. A pp'y at the house. from 10 A . M . to 4 P. M. For sale-no. a 7 rkvbnth htrert. west of Mcnnd avem^asuhsiAnilat three story briik dwelling, ?Wmftoni Hecintl Third and Fourth a rem tie "R? ?'ages, and a few minutes' walk Tom Broadway Oks %nd t;roion water. Two thirds pur chase -money may rtmatn on mortgage THOMAS B. DiBHLKK, 61 Wall st., corner William. FOR sale -n?t in t ie woods, nor in THiVi olnKy of fever and a<ue ponds, but in the village of Ja malca, L. L. a square of twenty lots, with nireet on every side The plane abounds with fruit and shvie trees, with gratisn, curranU, asparagtis, strawberries and ra-pherrles In abun dancr. The house not of the latest siyie. Is of good size. In Cd order, snd suitable as a residence for any person dolus IneM Id Oie lower par of the city. The barn and outbuild ing* are in excellent order and well arranged. The nlace mnstbesold Price ??,0mi; $7,000 may remain on bond ami mortgage at 6 per oent. For particular* Inquire at 06 Maiden lane, between 10 A. M. and 8 P. M fjiOR SALE? THE Wf U, KNOWN ANi? LONG KM r a i - r Uflied reetsurant, corner of M-oadwa' and Worth strset, familiarized to tlie public as Shellev's The saloon Is new* and folly lun l'hed w ith "very requ'slte, and is now dol">g * profitable bu?1pesH It. affords a rsre opportunity for ?uy one desMro: to engsgo ?? ? cut- re, r to the public taste. For further Mfilrolin Mtply "" 1,<P 1 t emlses 1}. JaC'AUKS, Proprietor, ;w llruid vay. ?tw SdiiR. rB BALK AN OLD AST AltLlBHKD FRKDBi ORE, ON K ot the liest stards 'b the upper part ofth?cit?. domr a Koo.1 and profitable l>u*fue?s aatls ?<norj kuom (Ivan lor felJIrgout. App:> at 247 leutli a'BBue. ? Jj^OK bALK? A SICW FOLK hTKKT StOIK FBOWT P house, on (OQth ridi ot Thirty .first ? <?? k?t*M( Msdt sfnaiiti Fourth ?i>uun. conLa'uing all the m'?4era linorove menu, nod now rtady for ncupanrj. For parii mi *r<, apply to the owner. cn ihs premise*. 1mm HALK-A NKW HTKAM fSUlfiK. ABOUT Bill Iff 1 borce pu?er; <:? ilr rer ^ iir. ?im l<?t?4 ikMLpup, An., tlnuhtd In ike beet manner AMn? H, bot 6M 1W oflice. Lj'OK BALK? THF 1.KA-.K A.XS I0II1T0U OK A r strlctl* first class boatdl'g bouse, now doing a ?m- wssful business. yleidl* over KK.OuOpor >rar. Apply to CMaUN CKY HABWAKD, 9S H roadway. FOK flAlAi. OBAAP ? TS K BVatlBB BAtNUiK boui-e and lot, *lth all the modern improvements, no. 17ti W eit Twenty Attn st-ret, between Meventh and Kighth are nue?. Inquire of J. WOLFfc 371 Mith avenue, betweeu 'i wooty 0nci u d and Twenty third streets, m the se?*r storn For sale- a valuable holding Lor, ? utn l*et sitnate on the rorthet^v side ot TenUi street. between i bird and Fourth avenues. For terms, apply at 180 Tenth street, near Third avenue. u\OK sai.b-a farm of eoo acres in allbgany ? county. New York on the Genewe river, aboa oue mUe from lielvtdere station on the Kris railroad. Theie am on the premises a good dwelling house two tenant houses, throe burn*, *c. ; oearlyvaoo ao re* are now under etittiva'ioo. For term* of aa!e. wbicb will be liberal, apply to N. F. HOSAUK, 82 trinity Building BtOR bale. ?the steabbb joun marshal,!., she Is 2U2 feet long, t o tons, and draw* a light draft of water; or tbe will tie exchanged for real rntjue: she il'-s la the Atlantic ba*in Inquire of K HUCKMaN, !tt Jay street, New York. LI OK BALK? TWO MtNlTHS FRO* 1/EPOT AT WOOD r haven, H>? miles b? Long Island R*l road, near 13 Iota; hmtfa six rooms garret and hsseuest, water in It Ioqutre on the premises, or by letter onl}' to 0. Fety, oaro ;of Giffln ti Co . 57 Vssey street. ijtOR HALK? 1'aE THBKK STORY ATIIC HIGH HASK ~ merit bouse and lot t> o 265 seventh street ; house 44 by 25: lot 97 feet deet>, with extension, 19 by 8 on first story, Inda pendent walls; four Blacks of chimneys, in comp'e e repair; with racge. batb, pas, wash trays. Inquire on the premises. fc?UR 8 A LB ? N08, 241 AND 24S SIXTH AVENUE TWO r lots, between F.Reeath >u.d cixu en'h streets, with a front of 51 teei 6 Inrhen, b> li)0doei>, with a brick double sottave two stories liUh, coctslulo* thirteen rooms rh? preusiiMM can be b.eea between 9 auu 10 A. M. and 2 and 5 I*. M. F^RSALit-A Ot)tM? FOUR STORY BBUJU8S HASK ment house, in perfect order, situated in West Twenty necond street, between Ninlh and Tenth avenues. Ov? ll? Lures, carpets and oilcloths, wtaica are nsw. will oe sold with Uie house. Trwe ,500; $5,000 can remain oa bond and mortKSKe. ltqulre at 432 Uourton St.. from 8 to 11 A. M. FOR 8ALW? THE 0Y8TBR SALOON. WITH THR STOCK and fixtures aud tour years' lease, situatod on the eorner I of Caial and culllvau streets. The aDovo premises f r sale In consequent*: of the decease of the owner. Apply to the admtn Ltttramx, on the premise*. For bale? bouhk and lot, in the beautiful village of Caldwell, Kssei county. N. J.; said village U situated on the Bloomfleld and Newark turnpike, three miles from the terminus of the Bloomtield and Newark Kal<road, making the lime from Nsw York to Caldwell one hour and twenty minutes Inquire at 403 Washington street, N. Y. IHOR SALE? THK FOLLOWING DESIRABLE BUILD 1 lug lots: One on Twenty eishth street, one do. on 'thirty, seventh street, both near to aud west of Hroadwav. Aim, Ave lots near the Atlantic i cck, Brooklyn. If improved, the whole amount can remain on bond and mortgage. W. J. BRI'NDBED & CO., Commonwealth Building, 15 Nassau street, N. V. FOB 8AI.E, IN THK SEVENTHiWABD-THK FIRST c'ass three story and finished attic dwelling honao aid lot, 19 Ktitgeri> place size of lot 26x110 feet, 10 teetconrtyard in front; bouse 2iix56 feet, with partv walls, built in the beat manner, and comuleUi wiih all the modern improvements. The location is dellghtlul. overlooking tbe grounds of the old Rut ?ers estate, witu a view of the Knsi river, i arsas essy. Iu quire of SaM. R PLaTT, 16fi Greenwich street. j OB SALE?A VALUABLE BUILDING LOT, ON TUB eart side of Second avenue, between Fourteenth aud Fif teenth streets; size 28 feet 3 inches tront hy 118 'eet deep. For terms app y at *80 Tentb street, one door east of Third av. LtOR BALE CHBAF? A FULL CITY LOT. BKMrTI " fully located, level with the grade, on Forty eighth street, between First and Second avenues. For particulars, apply to GKOBUE HaYhLIP, 99 Fu ton street, oyster store. FOR SALE ? THE FORHITITRK AND OOODWILL OP A select boarfling house. pleasautlv located la West Four teenth alrett Bent U low. advantages oootidared; aid a fall complement of bonrders at present in Uw ho mi. Terns* cash. Apply at 201 West Fourteenth street. FOR SALE? L> ABB AND FURNITURE OF A SPLEN" dirt little ho'e', on Twenty fourth street, near Bull's Bead, row doing a superior and reliable each business, clearing 92,600 netyearlj. fUee >1.000, a rare chance. Also, a supe rior hairdrvsslng and bathing establishment on Broudffny, a cplendld cliance, 91,40V. Apply at K8 Chambers 4 tree', room No. 8. LiOR HALF ? A hPLENDID I.I1TLE BUSINESS NBA B C Aptor House, for $.'100 clearing $<,000 yearly; a|snperior clianca for a small capitalist, also, an excellent oyster laloon, near llowery theatre, now doiig a eplendld cash business; price $4ro. Also, a partner wanted in a provision business in Washington street, with 910,000 capital. Also a drug store, on Third avenue, $800 Apply at 86 ubumbers street, room No. 8. JjlOB HALE? FOUR FOUR-STORY BROWN STONE r front houses, situated on Livingston place, frantlag on Hmy ve-ant pquare, between Stxteentn and Seventeenth streets, i he houses are 19 feet 6 inches by On feet; lots 120 teet deep; contain all modern Improvements. Also six four-story brick hcssea. situate on the westerly side of First avenue, between Fifteenth and sixteenth streets, commencing a*, the corner of Fttteenth street. The houses are 17 feet 2 Inches bv about 60 feet, occupied as first class tenement houses, with stores; lots 80 feet deep. For terms apply at 180 Tenth street, one door east of Ihlrd avenue. a/*OR BALK CHEAP -ONE FIRST GI.ASS HOUHK IN r Twenty fifth street, 97,700; one tliree story brick bouse In Thirty third street, *3,900; also bouse and lots, and country cottages and farms, cheap and on easy terms. Call on R. D. PRICE A CO., SfifSixth avenue. JjlOR SALB IN RROOKLYW ? THE STOCK, FIXTURES r and good will of a small fancy goods, hosiery and dry goods store. In one of the beat basinets locations In the city, and mw doing a good business. Satisfactory reasm given for selling. Inquire of JOHN LOUGHLIN, 12 Atlantic street, Brooklyn. rOK SALE? a BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY SKAT AND farm or thirty six acres of choice land, situated In Clinton, New Jersey, two miles from Newark and near the residence of Captain Ezra Nye. The ballding* are all new and in gold order. For further particulars Inquire of C. H, BALDWIN, No. 209 Duflleld street, Brooklyn, or of William Lyon, near the premises. |pOR BALK- THE STOCK aND FIXTURES OF A FAN r of mnhroldery and worsted store. <)omg i\a exeellenl busi ness. Inquire at 399 Grand street. IfiOR BALE CHEAP? TWO TENEMENT HOUSES, IN V good order; lot 114x26 feet- The abnye property la situated In Morton street; a good neighborhood and very desirable In vestment, as they are never la want of good tenants. Inuuire of WIM.IAM HORION A CO ,201 Chambers t.trnet. Farm for sale or exchange for city proper ty, oontalnlng 110 acres first quality land, two orchards, and smaller fruit in ahundatico, situated In Orange county, New York. Inquire ol *. PRATT, 57 Fulton street. IIIOB SALE-A OROCERY, FINELY SITUATED ON A V public thoroughtare and good neighborhood, cmslstlng of stock and fixtures; young horse, nvered Wagon and harness, and lease ot wbole house. The wbole 'or 91.000, or liken with out the lease, 9700. Inquire at 998 Pearl St., near Broadway. B^ORSALE.-NOTlCK TO DRY GOODS MERCHANTS.? The lease and fixtures of the best and finest fitted up dry goods store fn Brooklyn, on the principal g reet, the lease alone worth double the amount asked, which will be sliosrn. This Is not Fold on account ot not doing -iimlnexK. Apply to G. T. I.E FORT A CO , 341 Broadway, office No. 2. TjIor halk-a beautiful farm and country re r sldence. situated on Long Inland, twenty-elghtmlles from New York, near the sea shore The farm consists of lift acres of land, all under a good state of cultivation. On the premises there Is a large two story dwelling botne, a tenant bouse, two barns, and other outbulldii gs. FruU trees and a Has trout pond. For particulars, apply to B. f. SAMM1S, 1PT Water street TjlOR SALE? A POWER PRESS. SUITABLE FOR A X1 lock And hinge maker. Inquire of K. ANTHONY, corner of Elm ai d Fraiutlln streets. FOB 8 ALB? THE FOUR BTORY HOl'SK 102 EAST Sixteenth street, containing every modern convenlenoe, gas fixtures, An., Ac. A rata opportunity for a tenant to be come a proprietor. 91.900 cash only required; balance on mortgage. Apply on premises. FOB SALE-CHEAP, AT NOBTH CASTLE, WESTCnBS ter county, three miles from Armonk village, handsomely located on the main road from Pnr'ches'er to nedford. a new two story|frAme(bouse |w!th wings, built in the beat manner and of th<Jhe?t ma erlal with two acres of fine land attached. P. C. BULKLkY, 40 Wall street, basemen*-. FOB SALE-A FOUR STOBY TENANT HOUS*, HITIT ate Na 219 Kast Twenty thin! si reel, between First and Fecond avenues, finished In good style, with marble mantels, Croton water, Ac.; store on first floor. Terms easy. Apply to J. BlBCO, 194 Kast Twenty third street, between Second and Ihlril avennes, before Po'olock A. M., or from 6to8 P.M., or at 134 East Forty first street. FOB SALB-.XHB TWO 8TOBY AND ATTIC BRICK bouse, do. T Wesley place, corner of South Neoond and Finh street, Williamsburg. For terms apply on the premises, or to A. 11. DL'NLaP, 1w Front street . IjtOB SALE ? 92,900 ? A (IKNTIiEM KN'S KURN1SHTV# r , ?lore; the very best location in the city with entire ne* ami beainilnl stock aiid fixtures. Will be sold for cash, at in voice prices. Rent cheap. Apply in store 199 Kulton street, corner of Broadway. UtOS (MM) ? A BOWl.INO SALOON, AND LEASE FO 1' two yrars and two mon'hs. II Is at present doing a goo business, and will be sold with all the fixtures. Apply to K. P* FOX A Co., 832 Broadway. IWB SALE-A FIRST CLASS GROCERY AND LIQUOR 1 1 store In the r ighth ward, with a Aheap laaw of three years fron Way, 1896, doing a good business; everything Is crmp'ete foreolugon successfully. Tho only reason for soli. Ing Is the owner Is going to r.urope. Address Grocer, Herald office. FlOR SaLB? THREE FIRST CLASS HOUSES, FOUR sUrjy brown store frunw, high stoops, In a ae?rable I)- i csilon In Twenty -ninth street between Hadlson and Fourth avenues, finished with *11 the modem improvements. In.iutr ol AM RV I1 R or J. W. FlKl.DEh, on ihe promt -<es. F1CR SALE-A FODR STORY ENGLISH HASflkrNf I brie* house, on West Thirty-seventh street, between Hev enih and hth avenues; has a 1 the modern Improvements. Cor inrti:e>- particular* appW to J. K. HATCH No 37fl Ninth ave nue, or hL WARD .m-NKIuS, No. I Nasxau sceei 1JIOR PaI.R OR Tn LRT-THR BPLKNDI'l FDUk mToRT r ard tiss'-ment marble frort hruse in First p are, ll^nok lyn. betwoon ? otirt and Smll'i ?treet?, (bunh house from t-ml h stre<,l-, pari, rs treBC.'e^, am1 Ihe house llt.lshod Tllli at! the modern and Kteet 'it nrov* ment": lot l't! 'eet deep, tirw l! ' *cha:ig? tor city peei?ertv or xl'ichfi Tertrm i>asy. A|t l> j to CHaBLLS 1ULLSU'; R0U, -S2 WaWr ju. iA. KOft BAUt. jtoK fcALR? TUf OLD tHTABl.I>.l!RD bALOON ANO Be?t?mant, '.HZ Broad way. Applv ou ttw MMBUM. IjlORTY THIRD bTKEKT LOT8 FOR BaLR-ONK Otl C t wo lot*. neautl'uily situated ou Fortv-ttilrd ?'reot near 9th avesue, will be uu Id to gather or separate!,. ?ui? peraoj wishing one 10 build on the o*n?r will otnld on the n'lier. ?nl put up a j ar(v wall. B. W. JOtiNBON, Mo. 646 dudao ?KM iiio* but AT A BaRGaIS THB. BUFfCUOR BUILT " tchouLer CUr* FoaL lour ye ara old. of (be fot>owlnf dl menatou*: r. feet 10 InctiMH depth of hull, 34 - b4it 6 loohe* breadth of bsatn 74teet keel. Appiy to her owner*. POBT A AkDBJMON Pa*j?iir, N?w J arsey. jOLb*LK. OKRXCIlANUK FOK WKsritBK i,\?ih ' Real estAte in fvna about the dt/ of Rochester N. Y. The atlenUon of pa"i<w wishing to make a profitable In mat nan', or fair exonange la requested. Apply to ABNOuD A SICKhll'R, >0. 7 Irliiltv Building*. fpOR EXCHANGE OB TO LKT ? 4. BEAUTIFUL BiC<I 1 denre at llimington Barber, L I ; house 60 by 00 foot, 'root It goo the aait water; two tine garden*, lea twose ailed wltti ice. cnrrlagt bouse, hara. bathing house wharf. ?c. Ywo-thirdj ot the purchase money can remain on bond and mortg tge at siv ptr ecut. or will be fxeh^nged for oily property, or let tor ten y?-ar?. It will be disposed or cheap, a? the owner rawdts in the city, aiiU can be a*en at 161 Biiutau, corner of Suffolk. HRNKV HliM>ftl'!KSON. liion SALK-A SMALL BTOJK Of ARTIFICIAL r tlowe/a, with fixture* of atore; to b? had at a grant oar gain If applied lor Immediately The ato-e 1* in one of the best Iccatiumi for tie aame or any other (hue* bmlnesn and vi-rv low rent. Them I* also an agency lot a dveing entih lithment, tha crmmlaMon or wh rh pay* the' rent ot the more. The whole to be had cheap for caah only. Apply for two day* at 877 Gratd aireet jj'GB BALK OR EXOHAMOE? A FARM AND WA'KB " power, altuuted in the town of Havarstraw, BockUnl county. cmuilnlrg over ltK) acre* with a new dwelling hou.te carriage house, and two mill*. Unlncum ?>er?d real estate la Mew York city or Brockiyn will be tnkei In exchange, or part can remain on Dond and mortgage. For parUciaara apply te WM. B. DKWI1T. 80 Broadway, Mew York. |iH>B SAlJC OR TO LRT, IN BROOKLYN ? THE TWO ' r story Bttlc and b?semet.l brick front dwelling, 108 ?orc Ftreet, within from thr?e to five minutes' wa k of the Fn ton, Catherine and Bridge a'reel ferries. Terms rntde knowi ou application to JaM KB EIaBPKK, IX Court street, Brooklyn. WOR B?I,K OK TO LKT-THE FIVfi 810RY BtilOK " store, wit* good cellar, Mo. 2 StOLe street. Inquire of A. A K. RoBBiNS, Nos. 6 ana 7 Fulton market. *torV h'u?e ^ I near tr"! ffil" mibtod. h0US* Rxch^ge HORbKB FOR BALK.? AN KLBQANT SPAN OF CAP pie gray carriage h or tea for sae, toe property of a pri vate gentleman leaving the city. The horses are 7 ant 8 *ear? o d. ot g*eat >;aduraiice, lt> hands poaey built, atd ?rtr raoWd i ouliI sm1 kind - laa. carriuges and tvnev. uta tie aeeu by cal.lng on J. B. Hurliut, Mo. 100 Walker street, seooad floor. HOCHKFOB KaLK.-THK KNOLI8B BASKMKNT, FOUR story housf (well built, and in a first sl'tag neigh viroo xl). No. 87 West Thirty fifth sircet, between the Klitn anil Mxtb n venue*, with all tin mtxleru Improvements; gm chandellert and fixtures throughout the bouse cotnp etu, with pol l ot the lurolture. Can bo seen (mm 'J till 6 o'o ock P. M. HOUSS AND KIOHT LOTH OF <JROUNl? FOR SAt.B or to let.? a convenient ac<l deslrablr located house, la Weventy iiunli atteet in the centre of eight lots ol' ground, bandsomeij laid out wl h walks and snrubbery; atid wl>hia three mlnulea' walk Ot two city railroads. Wil< be sold or iet ou reasonable terms. Apply to HAKKIliTT A, Mo. *bG Broadway. HOTKL AND DININO SAI.OON FOR BALK-NOW DO Ing >t go. d <? iuli "inlresB, near one of toe prtncioal f'er ries. Lodgloss pay the rent An? one in want ot a good bust reus will find this a good chance. Terms easy. Apply to Ml) now, 178 fouth street. HOD8B AND LOT FOR BALK?IN THB 8BVMNTB ward, 217 Malison street, In the very best of order with all th 5 mooern Improvements, gas, Croton water, batn <, ueater, wa>-b tuba, range, hot and co d weter, Ac. irnjuke of G. K. K1KKK A CO.. 131 Chatham street. HOUWC AMD I<OT FOR BALK. -A NKWLY BUILT hctiM, with stable, for sale, for situ tied fu the finest part ot Yorkvl.H', towards the I' art river and beiow Kighty sixth Btxeet, convenient to the Second and third arenua rail roads. 1 he street is .Magged curbed and guttered. #2,St*0 m caf t is wanted. Apply at be Box office of Waiiack'a theatre. Lois fob sat K-rwo valuable building Lt?rs, 26 teet by 103 feet 3 Inches, eacn situs 'ed on tne aiutti*ty sice of FMurenth atreet, between Ftnt and Beoond averues. near Btuyvesant square Apply at lgo Tenth street, noar Third PA Kb A It' B 1 V Kit. ? B KSIDKN CfC FOB BALK OR Ex change splendidly situated on the bank* of 'he Passaic river, 11 mDes trom Me * York, containing about three acres of ground. Ibe buildings are in good order, grounds well laid out, ard I'rui ot ail kinds in great abundance The place la easy ot acscss to and from thiacltv oy tallrnad a.m')? every bour. Inijulre'if W. H. VAN VuBOT, 43 Warren street. Rare chanch.-foh balk, a bplk^did oold watch and bcav v gold iol> chain, suitable for a lad/ or gentleman, l he watch la Cooper's make. London. IhiaUo chance neldem met wlih. as It will be sold at a great ?acrlflce, as the owoer is In war t of money. Apply at 80 West 19th St., near sixth avenue, from f. t > 8 tor three evening*. yPLENDlD CBOChRKY STORE FOB SALE? IN BROOK O lyn. now doiDg an exceedin* ly prolltali'e business; the sale of fluid alone payp mere than exoenscs. Thla Is. nnquea'lona bly. the l~est opportuulty ever offered for one or two young men to obtain an established business. Apn y immediatelv, to G. T. LK FORT A I t) , ?41 Broadway, offlie No. 2. r DRUGGISTS AND APOTHKOARIK8. ? P. HAl.K KB spentfully Invite* tne atiantloa of purchasers to several bona fide concern* now for sale in Brooklyn. Wi liamsburg and New York cities. Full particular* given by calling oo F. BALE druggist, glass and Axtare dealer, HO Naasau street. SPECIAL NOTICKH. (1ENTBAL PARK.? NMU* tS HE <HBY GIVEN TH AT J all persons are forMcl k>iiirlrg, culling down, or re moving any tree-i, slirubbedr, tences or other property, or erecting any sheds or buMngs whatsoever, on the grounds known as the Central Park, extending fiom Fifty-ninth street North to 106th strait, ami from fifth avenue West lo Eighth avenue. WIU.fAM H. HIBBaRU, Superintendent of litnd* and Place*. T lQl'OR DEALERS' MlliTI ?(;. ? THE RK (I I. AU Li monthly meeting o' the New fork Liquor Oea ers' S cletv -will be held at National Hall, Canal street, on Mondty evening, Mxroh 3, at 7>? o'clock. Punctual attendance is respectfully requested, as bu-lnets of importance wl.l be presented. R. C MONTUOMKRY, President A. M. MaTHEWH, Vice President. CrsTtvtw A. Rjitk, Recording Secretary. lumbers will jpke notice that their cards of membernhlp are cot transferable, and that no person wul be admitted without I hem. Mercantile library association. ? the tourth lecture of Mr. Curtis' course will oe given on Fri day evening next, Feb. 39, at Clinton nail. As tor place, com rrenolng at 8 o'clock. Subject? ?' Charlotte Bronte (i;urmr Bell) and the Position of Woman in English Fiction." Tickets. 10 rents, ess be bad at the library. No. 2 Nassau street, and at the door on the evening of the lecture. R. H. llMPSOfl, Cnalrman Lecture C-immUtee. Notice. -the annual election of directors of the New York and Virginia Steamship Company wil, be held at the ufllceof the company, 32 Broadway, on Tuesday March 4, between the hours ot 12 o'a'ock M. and I P. M FREDERICK W. PLEAS ANTS, See'y. Notice.? on theioth ivstant the subscribers mailed at New York a letter addressed to Haml. M. Haagh ton, Cincinnati, Onto, containing seven aoce jtancer. of their own, amounting to twenty thousand dollars, payable to HamL M. Haughton, or order, at Bank of Commiiree, in New York, which letter, with enclosure, has not ceen reeeivnt bvsMd San.l. M. Haughton;! and payment of tbe said acjectaure* having been stopped, the ouolic are cautioned against nego tiatitig them. CAltSON A CO.. *9 Front street. W YORK SOCIETY LIBRARY ?BY ORDKR OF THE Committee of shareholders, there will be a meeting ol the nhareho dors and other friends of the New York society Li brary, at the large ehaofll ot the New York University, rirath logton square, Saturday March 1, at 7M o'clock. The Rev. Isaac Ferris, 1>. I)., wtl> preside, and addresses will be mado bv several gentlemen well known to the pulpit, the bar, and tbe reading community of New York. All Interested in the (infusion of knowledge, and In the public Institutions ol New York, are invited to attend. Notice.? thk mkmbkks of the lhjuor dealkbjp Society are hereby notified that the undersigned Is now ready *> reoelve their respective dues, up to the 1st Inst. , at his otJlc->, Odd Fellows' Ball, dally, from 9 till 12 A. M., and from I tUi 5 K K. M. BOSWaRZ, Clerk. NEW YORK, FEB. 27, I860.? HANCOCK LODGE, NO. 49, I. O. ot O. F.? The members ot the above lodge are hereby notified lo meet at their lodge room, Odd Fellows' Hall, on Friday, the !0'h Inst., at I o'clock P. M., to attend the fune ral of our lata brother, Isaac Belrd. W. F. KINO, N. <1. OFF1CK OF THE MANHATTAN OIL COMPANY, NO. 16 Broadway, New York, Feb. 28, 1 KM .?The annual meet Ing of the stockholders of the Manhattan Oil Comaany, for the election of dlrcotors, will be held at the offlce of the dbmoany, in the city at New York, on Monday, the loth day of Marcn, lfflfl, at 12 o'clock M. The transfer book* will be closed irom the 1st to the luth of March both dars inclusive. JAMaS M. MoTt, BY, Secretary. OFFICE OK THK GOVERNORS OF THE ALMSHOUSE Kotnnds, Park.? New York. Feb. 2H. ISO#.? Proposal . torcoai. Healed proprsaie will be received by the Governor! of the Almshouse, at tbetr offlce, Rotunoa, Park, unul 3 uVlocic P. M , ofthe 4th ot Marcn next, to furnish from fiOO to 1.000 toas of beet qunlity white ash stoveooai; each ton to consist of 2,240 pounds, and to be delivered from the > arcs of the contractor to the carts furnished by the Department, under Impectlon of a person appointed by the Governors, In such quantities u may be required lor distribution ; If afloat, to be delivered at HelJevue Hospital, foot of Twenty sixth street. Essl river, to the carts provided for that ourpoae, free of expense; and the prnpoca's to be addre?wvl lo the Committee on Supplies, R'i funds, Park, where further Information can be obtained. OFFICE OF TDK GO VERA ORE OF THE ALMSHOUSK,

Feb. 2T, IKf.- f* oposals.? To carpenters.? Sealed pro posals will be leeeived hi the Governors ol the Almshouse at their office. Rotunda. Park, until 2 o clock P. M. of tho 3d March next, for flooring with IV4 laoh narrow tteirgbk pine plank the lower hall and recesses of the Lunatic Asvlum on Hlaok well's Island The plan and specification of the work can ho seen at th sir office, where further Information can be obtained. Security will be required for the faithful perform ance of the contract WAKKFIKLO? 1 THE COLLECTORS OF TAXM <?N Wakefield property will be at lfl.1 Bowery, on Friday evening, for the last time. Eaah member m m' p iy his tat. whether he has his deed or not, Ths l'tir. haiing Truitee will also be their with the deed*. CORN'S A. COOPKR, Pur chase p TrnMee. WANYKO? PROPOflALB, It) RKMOVE THc; ICE i* l'e?ri street, between John and Fh'iod streets. Apply to BT'LKLKY, HRO. i Co., 24*1 i'etn street. HOTELS. rllltlLOBf HOT el, CORHVK OF PRANKFORf ANO William :? ree's containing '2S? rooms, being newly tilted Up, m (iiepa/e l :o fvrnipli sltwe rooms at Jfl eents per night, ri Jt fl per week. < flee ot<?f. all ? >ght. Me*i? served at a.l j h< ire. A(m.Uii<u'rf>r taat.Ktss, neatly tifte i no. J.VCu S . FRENCH. I ARRIVAL OF TDE STAB OF THE WEST. Three Hundred and Twenty-nine Thousand Dollars on Freight. JHPOBTANT MM FBUH CEM'BAL A1KBICA. The Entire Mosquito Territory Annexed to Nioaragna. Colonel Kinney's Interview with Gen* Walker. Tbf Colonel Banished from all The Nicaragua^. niLIK OF CEBHAIV EIMBiTlOII, ?fcc., 4c., &o. The steamship Star of the West, Cnpt&ia Thomas Mi??r, which mailed from San Junn de Nicaragua on the 19tb, and Key W#?t at midnight of the '.531 tn-,v, arrive 1 at lhi? port early yenferday morning with two uiuiired and tarty live paanengertt and $32o,000 in treasure Ca the oat ward voyage fro n hence on th? ?'h init., with a full complement of passengers, t.ue .Star ot the Wee", made a remarkably quick trip, enaoitag them to reach the connecting steamship Ccrtes on tie t'acitie wvei?l hours in advance of the customary time. Nicaragua htlll continues peaceful, the government is rupiuly iiicrtHBing in stability and popularity, and its conrve u assurtdiy progressive. Tie liteiation ot this important section of Central Ameiicu Irom oi.-oordant factions which have m> long de solated it, and the firm establishment il' free Amerloin laws, have alreaay refl'ictod their telling influences on Kur<.p<an emigration ? late advices reporting the organi zation of extensive departures of German?, who desire homes, for the port of San Juan de Nicaragua direct, and who will value aright this tine country and its noble li atitutiuns. On the 10th instant a decree was publicly promulgated at the city of Grenada, claiming and annexing the whole M?squito territory, as an integral portion of the State of N'icarsgna. and necessarily nullifying the Kinney pur chase. To the amazement of the tiranadians, a few beam after a diplomatic oorpe, headed by Col. Kinuej . arrived from Han Juan del Norve, who received an ft*^lv audienje of General Walker; but from subsequent result* it appears, however, to have terminated disastrously to the Colonel, who was placed on the following day under arret'., for seme indiscreet remarks on the conduct of the govern ment, and is now "banished Irom all the Nicaragua). " Subjoined is * verbatim copy ef Major Martin's passport, in whose charge the Colonel was placed to the Atlantic eraboai'd: ? Heaikiuabtkrs or the Abut or Nicaragua, ) Grenada, f'eb. 14, 1850. S Mr. 7beo J. Martin will Ve allowed to pass freely tram this plsre to Man Juan del Norte. >o authority will place any Impediment In his way. Mr. H. L. Kinney goes in charge of Mr. Mania to San Juan. VTM WALKKft, General in Chief oi Army of itUstrigM. The government has favorably entertained the reqairi tion of Nhlpmasters, for a substantial ligithonse at the port ot San Juan del Snd, and the collector of customs there bas been Instructed to proceed with its erection with proper despatch. YeweW in the port of San Juan del Norte? H. 8. W.'s fiigate Eurythee, Capt. Tarlton; American brig Oilve, Capt. Pettigrey tor Honduras scon. Wa*M indebted to Jamae L. Owen, Esq., surgeon and p?r?er ef the Star of the West, the San Francisco news depot of J. W. Sullivan, and to the expresses of Freeman k Co., Wells, Fargo & Co., and the I'aciQc Express Com pany and Elliot's despatch for late flies. The itar of the West has the subjoined TRKA8CTBE 1. 1ST. Messrs. Drexel k Co., Philadelphia 9100,000 0 Messrs. Charles Morgan k Co., New York.... 80,000 00 Aaron Jaoobs, " .... 14,44)0 00 Hambtirger Bros. " .... 10,500 00 W. J. Panne U k Pons, Philadelphia 12,120 00 Thos. J. Hacd k Co., Baltimore 8 0U0 00 Bach k Wlides " 7,049 2' E. A. Stern, New York 9,000 00 A. Burttir, " 7,000 0 G. H. Winw k Co., New York 66,830 41 G. W. Sehenckburg, " 6,660 00 KBOM SAN J I' AS. C. Durand k Co., New Yors ."i60 00 Total $319,606 6i OUR PUNTA ARENAS CORRESPONDENCE. Harbor op Pckvta Arkxas, ) Sttkamkr Star of thb Vwt, Ke?. 19, 186rt. f 1 have just time to say that Col, Kinney left here for Gratia^ a some ten days sinoe. It is reported here that be desires the acknowledgement of the Sheppard and Ha Hy grant. In a pi-iratc convention with Capt. Scott, Gen. Walter if> reported to hare said that htn gore rn me at, would not in any manner recognize the validity of that grant; but tbey would grant Mm (Kinney) a large tra:t, Hay 60, 000 acres for the purpose of oolonizatfon? that they could not give him any place in the government, but were disposed to be upon amicable relation* with him. fr'ioce toe above I learn that Col Kinney was arrested in Granada by order of Walker, and afterward* released by be interference of Mr. Martin, Mayor of Greytowo. Col. Kinney has just arrived and gone ashore. INTERESTING POLITICAL REVIEW. POSITION OK WALKBR's UOVKRNtaCNT? ANOTHER EXPEDITION ON FOOT TO JOIN KINNKT ? ARIIKST OP KINNEY IN OBANADA ON A CHARGE OF TREASON ? TUK PLUMES FOR HIS PERSONAL SAFKTV RE DEEMED BY BIS FRIENDS ? II 13 RETURN TO ORANADA IN ilUWfODT ? IMPORTANT A.HPECTS OP THE DIKFI CDLTV. We are indebted to Mr. E. A. Pollari, a member of the San 1'iancisco preee, who eame passenger In the Star of the West, for the following political intelligence irons Nicaragua I had abundant opportunity to oongratulate myself for having decided to pans through Nicaragua in making a fhort visit to the Atlantic side. The ronte lies through a country possessing extraordinary interest jast now for the traveller. The Tram-it is well arranged, and the novelty of the country, with it# mignittcent hi<h land tropical soenery, makes it altogether the pleasantest part of tne trip; and while alluding to the trip. I cannot neg Ieot the opportunity of speaking of the kind attention of the officer* of the steamers, and particularly ot the courtesy ot Capt. Collins, of the Cortes, on tae other nidi-, and of the character which he sustain* on the route for unaffected kindness to hi* passengers as well as thorough seamanship. Dm lag a brief stay in Nicaragua, I fortunately had ex traordinary opportunitiuM of acquainting myself with the political condition of tbe country, and the poaition of Walker's government; and Intending to communicate thete facts to the public, through the columns of the llxiui o, I have connected a few notes on the subject* re ferred to, and prepared them with particular attention to accuracy, ihe Nicaraguew ( which is a good weekly paper, although, from the fast ot ite being the organ of the provisional government, ite political intelligence is not altogether reliable) will inform you of the mission to Costa Rica. I am able ta state positively that the mis sion has tesulted amicably. Deipatchee wr Granada had arrived on the evening the lake boat, with the < alilornia l>assergers, left Virgin Bay. Private information, how ever, of a direct nature, and entirely authentic, was re ceived, to tke effect that Ool. SchlesNtnger had been met en route by a special envoy, received with great cordiality, and aexnred that the government enter Mned the mo<tt friendly feelings towards Nicaragua. This news W es pecially satis fac'ory, as it was thought that war was im minent, while the policy of Walker's government for the present is to strengthen itself at home, awl re-orgactze the civil institutions ot the country. The government is, in (hot, silting on a firm basis. The civil law oi the coun try bas already been re-established, and the martiai law repealed under which the provision*! government was organized. A convention will be called at an early op portunity, to take into consideration the adoption oi ? new republican constitution, a draft of whloh is alrea l y in course of preparation by Ma. Edward Randolph, an Inti mate friend of Walker, sad distinguished at the Ctli'or nia bar for his thorough knowledge of constitutional law. The army is on an excellent looting, and has been svn tioned throughout the country with judgment. The soldiers' pay has been reduced to twenty-live dollars a month; it was, before the reduction, one hundred dol lars a month, which ex irhitiint pay Indicated nothing else than a very low state of the gravenmeut's credit. The land bounty hss also been reduced to '260 acres. A striking proof of the improved coofidenco of the grve-u n.ent is, that the merchants of Granada have actually offered to subscribe a loan to the government to the amount of their reepee'lve ability. The government has not yr-t concluded the t<rui? of the loan. It Is proper to a?'d that tbe olTer was entirely unso icited, end was first proposed among the prominent merchants at a private flitner. In relation to the arrest of Col. Kinney in Gr.tnada, I may **y, ? mphaticaily, in this instance, that I have ob tained my information from the higi est sources In the <ymntry , snd that there can be no doubt of the prejudice snd unfairness of the statement in El /ftnaraguenie, Md the mhsiiinti?l correctness of stich Information as 1 i eve, which bas been obtained so direst, |v, that I am sMe to iftKiTt to you of the mat er ir detail. It ap <?re that Klanoy visited Cren*da by invita and on \mv solemn p'erge? of safety, coraiqg iniirtctl; fiom Ui' gavwramen*. The iavit*tlou, soldi K id ney e?p*ci?nj relied up >n. c?m? from * personal friend, Mr. f 'ba-Ies rhoma*. Irei-urerOeneralo! Walker'# ftTdrbicPUt, who ri*])i(tcu *-<1 that ue thought some ui-a sureol mutual conciliation nod of oomprcrol-e practi cable. He added that if Kluoey would no to Granada, he wuuid pledge hi* 4fe for the >mu ity -f bin return. Kiunev K'phfu i bat be bad huard that Walker had made a thr-at tolarg him, if he should e'er ca'ch him, to which Tin trail r? plied that It wa- a He. nm! he woald give Ills iH-ck it any personal harin should coine to him. It ws? also represented to Kinney tlat Walker we* f iendly, and VA" itDXloiit 'o C'>tDf* w some uru'erstaorting wllh hi ill, wbirb toitfht b* of mutual benefit, and insure their co operation. The Invlta'lnn to Urenada was al*o seconded by Col. Fisher, on representations to the sauis effect. Only a few days atrer the conference referred t ), Kinney rereiT?l ? propo-l Ion from On. Harney, Fnited States army, to join him with one thousand regular troop* on I oeriam terms of cc-opereti >n. There is no doubt of this very sirgu<ar proposition hevt"g been made, and the proof ?' 'hi* is a letter, a copy of whloh i* at present in pr?v?T?> banns at Wellington. Under the circumstance* o' t ('if wry favorable proposition of Gen. Harne-. second ed by 'he promise o'a la^ge emigra'ion from Texaa. Kin cev "was of opinion that It w*b a favorable time to conclude idmuii plan of co-ooeratluu wi -U Walker in settliag and Aine- ic*uizipg the oountry. In thl-i opinion, atd relfing Ob tie luith of audi invitation! aa he undoubtedly rfciv-d he determined to viad Walker at Grauad*. tte ?it accompanied by Captain Mar'in. Mayor of Grej town, who most solemnly pledged bin life for hit* Rate return. In short, from such evidence as tfcere is on the subject, there is n<> douot that Kimey visited Walker in good faith, relying on such Invi'a'lons and pledges lor his safety as had been extended him. and ho ring to make some amicab'e arrangement with Walker, who had th real en e 1 him for iom? time pant. Hiiifify arrived in co 'he morniog of the 11th of February. Hla arrival win not looked for, and created no litu- excitement among the troops. It appears that, on tbe 8th of February a deciee had bsen Mgaed and was published the next day by elrcuUrs, lu the Spanish and Irglsh languages, declaring the title Of Nica ragua to the Mosquito territory. Including Sao .luan <*el Norte notorious and Inontestib'e; and that Kiuuev'a porsbwse fr^m rlheppard & Haley was void, and 'hat the c.aim of ar..? mob unlawful a -quisition was '*an attempt ?gainst the Integrity o' Central America." A lull oooy of the r teres from which I quote is published in El I\trara muriff. Klnrey had bar. no notice whatever of this de cree. On his arrival at Grenada the surprise was equally on both pines. In the fust txcitement s->meot the troops, suppistng that Kinney bad suroe force with him, made a demonstra tion of personal violence, while otnecs goundad their aims, declaring, in an excted manner, they would never use tbem against their own countrymen. Id the mean time as soon as Walker was informed of Kinney's -nival, immediate in ems urea were taken, without suc ce ss. to suppress the storm referred to, which had beea er acted, in the first imttance, without any conference wba'ever wi'h Kinney or any notice to him. Almost itt-inec ia'ely after his a rival. Kinney called to see Walk er. and was received with unusual courtesy by the Cum msnder In-Chief. The following is a very caieiul verbal repo rt of the interview:? After seme unimportant conversation, Kiknkt said: ? My object in seeking this Interview is to make sone ar rangt int nt with you, General, by which we can be of mu tual assistance to each other in the great enterprise ot Awericaniilng this country. Waikkb? 1 thai I b? glad to have your assistance, Colonel, and desire to kn..w what yon have to propose. Kimey then made a definite proposition; but aa this part of the interview was made private and confidential by mutual understanding. I am not at liberty to give the verbal version of It. I may, however, state positively that tbe charge made by the Nicnrarpirnsf that Kinney pro posed to eiect an insependent State government in Mos quito is unfair, and that the nature and eflbct of his pro positfon was. that if he should be permitted to continue the direction of the civil affairs of bis territory he would I not object to Walker's entire c ntrol o! the military or ganization, thus ensuring co-operation. Resuming tbe report, ot that part of tbe conversation wbirb was lot considered confidential Col. Walker ob jected that the territory hold by Kinney belonged to Nicaragua. _ Kinnkt? If tbe land was not mine I would not want to bold it. I claim 1'. by right of purchase. I have ex pended a hundred thousand dollars on it, and I think it has cost ire too much to give it up quietly and without a ry authorized means having been used to determiae my title. . . . , _ Walkek ? Are you sensible that such language is trca eonable!" Ki?ky ? There are tribunals In the country to detsr miie my title to ihe land 1 hold by actual ptuchase, and it can't be esteemed treason ir 1 should claim my awn her? Your title has already been declared void ami tbe republic would allow no one man to hold bo large a por Ion ot its territory. Seme other conversation ensued, in which Kinney Hhowtd Hire ?xcit?nent, but Walker kept reiterating that the government had already t'eclaied his title to be vtid. ana tbe land to Deluug to iia territory ; that "the government desided such things itaelf;" and in effejt, that Kinney's c aim was treasonable. Just before th? conclusion t"f the interview, however. Walker as ted Kin ney u. lola'ion to what influences he could exert abroad for the interests ot the new government? and Kinney re plied, liv submitting to him tor com ideration a number of letters from different parts tf tie Union in relation tlieielo. He stated at length, that he might offer his as sisianee to Walker's government in three particular*, viz.:? 1. In helping to r.ettie and Americanize the coun try, having latelv had promises, a* his letters showed, o a large tnc ease of bis paity. 1. In lhe negotiation of i % loan for the new government; and 3. In using his politi cal influence to t ave tbe government recognized at Wash ington. The interview then terminated for that day. (in ihe afternoon of lhe same day, Kiunoy was called upon by President Rivaa. in company with some of the (icpftrturatAl officer* and % Urgi' nanbor of p6iwn*l li lends, who offered him their consideration and sympa ?hy. On tte morning ot the following day, he had an inlotmal conference with President Klvas and a portion of his cabinet, who manilested their approval ot hi* scheme of colonization, to which Kinnev replied, that "he thought one settler was worth more tbem ary live soldiers to the country, and an overgrown army would be a great disadvantage, for it would eat up all tli? HubsUuse of tb? countrY." President Klvan then said to Kinney, "he wanted to know what would sa'.isfy him; and if he ( Kinney 1 would take the ofHie ot Director ot Co.oniaation Kinney replied In effect that he was n t prepared to say, although he was anxious for some plan of oo-operatlun, but did not think Walker would conclude any arrangement with him. It 1* said that Means. Them. as and Ferrera, whoaie both in the cabinet, urged on Walker to make peaee with Kinney on terms of co-operation, and that an application of the same nature was made on behalf of several of the army officers. On the dsy following bin first interview. Kinney again called upon Walker. He was received this time very coolly, Walker not ri-lng from his seat to meet his visiter, and regarding him In i-ilence. Kinney opened the con versation by asking Walker "if he had come to any mind about th? correspondence he had submitted to him the day before V' Wai.kkr ? 1 have no further cotnmnolcfction to tnak? to yon sir, in relation to the territory which yon claim, and which belongs to Nicaragua. I am sorry for your losses, but 1 understand that you have b?en using very improper lapguage here 'n relation to the government, and la talking of myself. Ki.N.NKY?Ary so eh charge is false. Wai kkh? 1 have my inforaati u from such sources as to believe It. Kijckv ? Von should know. General, that I have had too much ?xpetlence a* a public man to commit myself in any such way. I do think, however, that the attempt to divest me of "my property na* been carried out In an unauthorized manner. Walker ? I wish to have nothing more of thU territory. I have ordared you under arrest. KwMnr? What for? Waker here turned around without anawering and left the room. Kinnev was subsequently arrested by Major Max com and Col. Kry. on a general charge of treason. Although not prepared for the turn affairs had taken, he received the announcement of his arrest with composure, and merely asked ? ' If they intended to look him up *" It waa not known lor some time what disposi tion Wnlker intended to make of hla prisoner, and it waa rumored that be would be exiled to California. In the mean imp, Kinney was in the custo<ty of Mtjor Marcom. Kinney complained to him and otner personal friends that he should nave been deprived of his liber y, after he had heen Induced to come there on such and pledges of safety as had been extended him. The striking justice of this complaint was not without Its of feet, and Maji r Marcom responded bv declaring that he would be responsible with his own life for hi* prlaoner, who might consider himaelf at liberty to go where he lleastd It was only when the circumstances under which Klnrey had visited him had bwn repreaented to Walker by the prisoner'* friend*, that he waa permitted to return to Greytown in custody of Capt. Martin, who travelled in company with him. Oapt. MarUn was fur nished with a regular passport tor himself, which simply mentioned at tbo end, that " Mr H. ? Kinney travela In charge of Capt. Martin." On leaving Oranada, Kinney declared that he should be on hand whenever called upon to meet such charge# aa should be preferred against him and that he hoped for an early investigation, which he thought due to him self. On his return to Greytown, Capt. Martin'* custody ot the prisoner terminated. Tbe end, however, la not yet. Kinney ia determined not to acknowledge the authority of the decree referred to, whieh is certainly extraordinary, In attempting to annul a grant of land, of whloh he I* in possession, with out any semblance of adjudication, and to determiae bis right* without any trial, eonforenoe, communication cr notloe whatever. If Walker, who la waiting for him to abandon the land and leave the country, should And It necessary to eject him by force of arm*, Kinney I* fully determined In this event te resist to the extent of bis means, and to make a representation to our govern ment for it* protection of himself as any other ottizen. The difficulty wears J a*t now ceveral serious aspests. and later news from the conntry will doubtless present something of additional interest. TIIK MOSQUITO ANNEXATION DECRKB. [From K1 ;Nlcaraguense, |l'eb. 1?. | On Saturday last, just aa our paper had Issued, the Minister of Foreign Heiation? ulaoed in our hand the f?>l lowtug decree, ulth an order that it thotild be pub.Uhed 1 soon aa fKWRlble in a ?applem*nt, rioth in kngli*h and ^t aninh. The document Wftfl Important, tho mandate Ira p/eitlve, and on Sunday the supplement was printed. All iincs of rumors weie s'artedjthe public mind w?s anxious, and expec'ancy stood ready to accept any alter native. President Rivas was voted a trurap, and Minister Ferrer one of the beys, they hid tound time, in the n.lrst of their many eogigements to at'etd to the #<"? i.uito iNjestton; and with a single decree had set at r?>t i 1 matter about which the I niied Stales aad England h*1 quartered for yeai*. MosquiViwas annexed >o Nicara gua, snd tbeie ?a* no neoessity tor further protocols ?? p^.tl?tur> f the Cievton Bulwei iinbr^ilo. l.uly, %h? Cabtff r,t (Terident Kives deserved Ciedtt for so easy Mi ai'lne'tnent of so important e irett>r? ) lit in the 1) id?t of these e?ngmtaJetf>os the inquiry hr M W hst niunt be do?e with Kioo?y? A <J *?>?*? po.ed to volunteer ami bring bim U> (ira-^.whi-rethe L? wou'd iiuutoh bim. The tlx rue acnuwol fcnra of con spiring sgHintit the integrity of the repuMfc!. Hn*1^ ought tn t.e hut. But then, hit wM ?t S?o >??. how, ?o dispor* of that riltlicnity, was the Lext ?juet.?im. We n" tbud ol our story, however, and will neroem budy tbe deeree:? Tiik Pcrri.nK V xkcctit* Pimm hi thk pBoruK:? 1T>e tit e lit Niemann* U> the Territeej called te~ chirtlnf 'bepoit of ,-tau .lii*n tlei N<>r te. belDK noionou* ?o>f Ini-tieta-ilMe. mid, wlimeaa H I.. Kinue* pretends In virtue ?.; b ?nri h-t trom Khevperd A H?ey, l<> tie owner ot 'M b?irt Trrni. the i>r>ycrty of thii republic; In the exereaw of lt? faeuh:e**:-. . The ii(h'.swbi?b the kiM Kinney pretends to rlulm tn Ma upon the sr ld lerrltiiy are null, veid Mdnl no ettect, Moie belt K ti e primerW of the republic, ot Klcanm'ta consequently, every alienation made by the said Klrney I* mi? Art. 3. The Mid Sheppard, Rnley and Kinney, ard Ml other perrona claiming 'hU unlawful acqalattien. are derlarM nillty ot an attempt against the integrity ot Central Ami rtea Art 3. The Mtnmief of Relations snn the lntei tor is charged with the publication, execution and fulfllaett o> IM- ds^-ee. OsiNilii, Fen. 8, 18fl6> PaTRICIO RiVAR. ARMY INTELLIGENCE. promotions in tub nioakaoua mut-t\ikn FROM THK GENERAL ORKKR8 OT' THK ARMY. P. K. TUimpsoij ban been appointed Adjutant Gmentl, with the rack of Colonel. ... . _ . I.ieut. I<emy Das< ubury transferred t-> the First Uat tallon of Light, Infantry. . . . .. Robert 1'nllarti is appointed Second IJentenant in the Urst Rifle Battalion, and ordered to report to Col. M. B. Vra.^K. Kogers U appointed Assistant C.>TO?lsa*jw General. with the rank cf irajor, and ordered te Mk? charge of the comroinnlarat ot thpanny. ? Berjamin Crnne, James M Cook, First Ijeut. Hemy Dufenbury . and W Mo ns, areappototed Aiwi<tent Qtur termaHiem, wi -h the rank of captain*. J<hn V. Hocff, an Assistant I'aymaeter, with the r?rt of t'eeond I ieuUnaot. John McCai dell hb 1 nitru ;tor in the one of aide araan, with the ra?k of Captain. W. P. Cawy ax Captain with command of company ?, Firiit Rifle Battalion. David C. Koirent af Second Lieutenant in company A. W. H. I.yoDH an ComniUttary Sergeant. Mr. Coleman a? Surr?>n, with the rank of C^rtata. Wd. Rikestraw as Secor.d Lieuteaant in con?v*nr W. First lieutenant Everett as Captain. Mr Jmiiaon an First lieutenant. Jir. t lay as Second lieutrnant. >lr. Norris as First lieutenant. Jennings t>tell as Seoond Lieuteosn*. Pi. Moses is appointed Surgeon General with the r*nh of Colrpf 1, Bid is enUusted with theorganlzatioo o< tM Medical Staff. HB THK EQUIPMENT AND MOVEMENTS OF TBK ARMY. A few weeks wtll see the army in ri-gular regiotentato? the offioers in their becoming uniforms, an* the solom* in their parade dress. The tuxmshment by the govern ment is most liberal, and wheo once the company rtqofl sttions are tillea the rt-gular army of Nicaragua will prn t?nt as neat an app-'Htrance a* that of any service in w world. The allowance, too, noes not conmlt apoeamana slone, but looks to the health and oomfort ot tn? Maj and if a Boidier shonid dres? well and appropriately in ?V State, he should do so tn Nicaragua. We venture the as sertion that no country ever provided so well for the sel dlers enlisted In its servioe, either in point ot toed or ^Ih^unlform of the officers is very rich and beooariaf, and when the ttaff and the good lookttg array of oSmm iball be fully equipped for battalion parade, tue FItiaa ot Grtnada wiU witness a sight ol which we nuty all be proud. ^ The First compauy of Voltigiiwi i? at pi Meat stationed at Virgin tfaj, wnere the mewbew ?( thj cempany seem io b? well satisfied. We learn ttiat the roll of the company is filling np fast, and tboae who enter the service are generally well pieaeed- To? Voltlgenrs form an important element of the defeoeea m the State, aid Col. Viy Is selecting men on whom he taa lely In the hour of trouble. Company F, Capt. Raymond, and Company I, Cap*. Linton, have been orcered, the former to Fort Castillo, and the latter to Fort San Carlos, where tt to suppaeed they will soon recruit a full complement of men from the passengers to California. The boys left last Sunday I evening on the steamer, in g"?d spirits; and if person* wish to join thv army, we cannot recommend a better mm of fellows. - The following oompanles eompose the first baUal'oa or light infantry, under the command of Colonel B. D. Fry: ? Company A, Capt. Warren Raymond, stationed at Caa tillo; Company B, Capt. John W. Rider, stationed at Granala; Company C, Capt. L. N. Walke?, at Uraailsi Company 1\ Capt. Jas. Linton, stationed at San '-iartos; Company !?; Capt- Thos. J. Averett, at Granada; m* Company F, Capt. J. Fgbert Farnham, at Granaaa. Tha he&(iquart?5rii of the battai ion will be at Granada, when Colonel F>y has already assumed the command. The officers of the first battalion of Light Infantry, sta tioned at Granada, have taken the preliminary steps to wards the tormation of a battalion mess similar to thom in operation in 'be I'nlted State* army. I Col. Mark B. Skerrett bas been transferred from the command at Granada to the same charge at l?on. Ths 1 General-in-Chief plsees the most Implicit oonfldenoe tn the abilities ef Col. Skenett, and has, therefore, dis patched him to take charge of the most advanced poet tn the State. Constant reinforcement* will probably b* I thrown forwari from this time henceforth, in view of the threats! ert troubles with the eorthern republics of 0e? I tral America; and while no hostile demonstration wUI emanate from > icaragua, ths nation will nevertaeiesn advance its forces to meet whatever difficulties mar arise with the adjoining States, rhe olive branch ha? been extended, until we were thought incapable of pre senting the tudcr alternative: but the active more meet of troops will soon convince the vacillating governmwM around us that Nicaragua has but two offers to make el the r peace or war? and that she stands ready tor ^tha quick execution of either. OoJ. Skerrett will thu* tike command in the most important department of the State away trom Granada, and we fsel every confidence thatthe trust reposed in him as a commander will be capably ftll On Tuesday evening the soldiers in garrison uuderweo* a regular battalion drill, under the immediate command of Colonel E. J.Saunders. The troops underwent thrtr drill with great precision, and to the satisfaction of ths commander and a large attendance of the staff officer*. We noticed on the plaza, in observation of the muster. Colonel Fisher, Msjor Brewster, Adjutant Hewston, CapC Sutter, Lieutenants Baldwin, Morgan, Dolan, and a num ber of others whose names eecape our memory at present The officers are gradually fitting out In the rich wl costly uniform of the army, and when thus set off, mounted on their horses, they are calculated to oompaiw very favorably with the nen of any nation. Ine new recruits arrived on the last steamer from 9m 1 ranclsco have been ordered te furm a company under i Capt. Farnham, and are attached to the First Rifle Bat talion. The recruits from San Francisco under Capt. NoTris, have been attached to company D. The general orders of the army have erected a second rifle battalion under the command of D. B. Fry, whose headquarters will be at Granada. The headquar ters of the first battalion will be at I^cn. The following companies are Incorporated Into the FlrA Rifle Battalion, under the command of Colonel Mark B. Skemtt:? Co. A, Capt. Bailey ; Co. B. Capt. Archibald; Co. C, Capt. O'Neal; Co. E, Capt. Anderson; and Co. r, Iieut. Rudier. The headquarters of the battalion will ba The two companies of Voltlgeurs heretofore attashed to the army have been dismounted, and are naw attached to the lntantry. Company K, Capt. Anderson, of the First Rifle Batta lion, left for Rlvas on Monday night, in the steamer, where it will be stationed for some time. Haj. B reenter has charge of the station at Rlvas. The trocps in gani-on at Granada, during the paat week, have been subjected ts a battalion parade at t o'clock every aftemcon. Ol. F"ry, commander in the Oriental Department, drills the battalion In person, and as he Is accounted a very superior disciplinarian, we ma|r look to see the garrison of Granada attain great excelleooa in Its mana-uvres. Under the regulations of the army the general order* Issued at headquarters are read every afternoon at the bead of the battalion, so that every soldier Is now sup posed te be posted concerning the rules and regulations ot the garrison. ORGANIZATION OP A MILITARY COMPANY AT YIKODC BAY. [From El Nlc?iaguewte, Feb 2.] At a meeting of the ciUtens of Virgin Bey, held at tho office of the Accessory Transit Company, on the 24 tk January, 1856, Col. B. I>. Fry, commanding troop* ita tioned in thin department, by Invitation, presiding. 1? wan resolved that a military company be formed to aesist in the protection of this place In caie our eerrtoM should be required. On motion, Mr. W. H. Mill* was appointed Secretary. It wae then moved and catried that an election of Captain, two Lieutenants, three Sergeants and thrM Corporal* should be proceeded with, which w\s aooort ingly tone, rim iw, with the following results: ? George McMurray. Captain; William H. Mills, Firrt Lieutenant; William Griffith, Second Lieutenant; W. G. Hsynes. First Sergeant; J. Roraain, Second Sergeant: W. I<ee, Third Sergeant- 8. Clemenson, First Corporal; Thoa. J. Mnllone. Second Corporal, H. Wagner, Third Oorporal i Dr. Lemuel Wales, PbyMcfan. It was moved and unanimously carried that the ooaa pany adopt the ntme and style of the Cushicg Guards. It ww moved and carried that the Captain appoint ? committee of three to draft a constitution and by-laws. Messrs. Mjiard, Maynes and Mills, were appointed safe committee, after wbish, Captain George Mc Murray took the ehair, rend?rir<r thank* to Colonel Fry for bis kind assistance, in the nan. t of his Company ; and the meeting, after requesting Col - nel Fry to forward the foregoing minute* to General Wal. <t, adjourned, amid Jhearty cheers tor the prosperity ? f Nicaragua, its General-in-Chief, and the Cashing Guard. The fbUowing Is a list ot members of the CuahiiMr Guard George MoMurrav. Captain ; W. H. MIUh, Firm ijeuteaant; Wllliaa Griffith. 'Second IJsu tenant, W. <}. Hsvnes, First Sergeant; J. Kotnain, Second Sorgeaat; W. S. Lee, Third Sergeant; S. Clemenson, First C.rporal; Th'maa J. Mullone, Second Corporal; Dr. Imnuel Wales, T'hysician. Privates? George H. Rogel, J. Dubois, J. Amstead, Charles de I estrange, .(antes Pratt, WtUiaoa (iarrard, J. Garrard, J. Y. orsono, I'hlUp Raymond. P. W. Hernfgen, Hiram D>wning^ focatelli Utto, IT. San derson, B. F Chessman. Jr., R. Johnson, Michael loog. W. Mf rrlll, Aaron B Cooley, C. Mahoney, Jamoi Wijw, B G. Shipley, Michael Owens, Charles Struch, Peter V*. der, Mote Anderson Tom Fdwuds, M Crawford, J, Hat. ton, I'olacoo, Jean Schrelber, Fred. Sch> ensst, Jvh* MyftarJ, Cornelius bullWwi. W, tackuuruUMi.