Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 29, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 29, 1856 Page 3
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IJjfdTISEMKirPS RENEWED ET8IT DAT. TKBTAirrS* REOI8TBH. ?fartmentsto lj?t-i? sixth avbitur, nkar ?tthtoenth ?**?*- , **" toolading a aplendid ?Mr te., will b? aold aheap. ispW lo QilVliT k Canal stw>T^ T * F0.1"**' .T0 ORNTKRL AMHRIOAN FA 5?**! Intoebes I basse la too city; brown fr*att."y<?.r*^?g-J00? In**, light and airy; Crotoo n ?Tf? . oUoloUj. 4a, No. 7?, late T: .Jdridge street, between Hud tod Healer streets ?^AKTHaNTS TO LK T? BD ITABI.K FOR A SMALL nmily; rent $12 SO per month. Thro-* nullMwiu on Hp> "5?f i WIUl S00*4 '"J"1 ?"d "for J convenience at Wo I Ho Brud lU Wt, corner of Muloprry. Pohmpod be hid on ^boC March. Apply in the drug store. ? OOUNTMY SEAT TO LET? IN NKWtOWN, LONG leland, about three miles from Houston end Grand (tract ?w, ooataimog nine wet of ground. The bouse has been ptlnlad inside end out, and ooutains fourteen rootnt; is a larm hooae. carriage boose, barn and other buiid and a treat variety of fruit and ornamental tree*. Also, ^?"lU the above, a house, with one acre or ground, oar bouse and a good variety of Iralt and ornamental tree*, bouse oootalne eight room* and hu oeen newly painted and oat Possession ot the latter given immediately. H to OkuROKW EDWARDS, No. Ml and Au Christie fcTOBR 10 LET? NO. 228 GBKRNWWHSTRICKT. NOW . occupied aa a bat store, inquire of W. T. A T. OEN >ABH, in the jewairy autre, next door. FOUR STORY AND BaSKMKNT HOUSE TO Lft T-IS V* nit Fourteenth street, suitable for a Urn class boarding eigbieeu rooms, with all the modern improvement*, ,40.. amouo'tog to trvin $200 to $300. muxtbepu r wben lauuediate possession will be given. B. W. ftlcH \KI)h, :t07 Broadway. VERY DESIRABLE COUNTRY RESIDENCE, WITH garden attached, to let or lea te, nu moderate termi. House rgs and but tol stone, furnished throughout and situated In 'eatebester county, within one hundred yards of the Fordham ' ? ; distance from City Hall twelve miles. Also to let, a collage hou te beautifully lnoated and retired. For fur particulars apply to G. W. BabSFUmD, 21 Kaat Broad ly HOUSK TO LET-AT MOV NT VRRtfON, WE9T0HE3 _ tor county. A new and splensid house, opposite the ethodiat church, with quarter of acre of giouad, corner of llghth avenue and Second street: five minute*' walk fren New ' ven Kail road depot, seven trains stopping daily eaen way; _ ' ten minutes* walk i rum Harlem Railroad de sot. Hunt's ?trtdge seven trains stopping daily each way. To let low. In KuiroofJCHN WETHhRBKE, 77 South street, or on the pre I A ROADWAY, HOUSTON STRKKT.-TO LET, THE mJ flue property 618 Broadway, suitable for bas'ness pur loses. Abo a frame dwelling and a >rick workshop, rear of lit Brradway. also the tine dwelling 557 Houston street, ?'one to Broadway. Possession immediately, af all. Apply JAM P.* PRICK, 200 Hudson street. IpOTTAOE TO LET AND FURNITURE FOR SALE.? A iw two a'ory cottage house, very pleasantly situated in Brook U b, about twenty minutes' walk of Fulton terry, and one block from two ralJroaas. Furniture nearly new, and will be " low Possession given immediately, it' required. Ad a C. J. IV, Ueraid office. 10TTAUE HOUSE TO LET? 75 WEST FIPTKK.Y TH street, between Sixth aim Seventh avenues; also country ieuee. already tarniafced situated at Coidspring, L. 1., 35 tiles from the city, in an umnually healthy place, joining the water. Inquire of D. ROGERS, 39 Oreenwlch avenue. tlOUNTRY SEAT TO LET ON THE EAST RIVRR. J wttliln one hour of the City Hall, about two ueies o? nd, beautifully laid out in avenues, and a great variety of and ornaments! trees; handsome outbuildings, carriage le, Ac. Will not be let aal ess applied for before ljili Maroh. iddrcua K W., Herald office. IpiOAL YaRD.-TO LET, LEASE OR SELL. THE WELL established coal yard, 157 Goerok street, between Hous i and Third streets. East river, well shaded fenced and near ? dock. For further particulars Inquire on the?preinUe?. llTAClORY? 70 FEET FRONT, 60 FEET DEEP, FIVE stories hlfch, Has. 71, 73 and 75 East Twenty sesond stroet, r Ibtrd avenue, to let lor a term of years; a very desirable don for a'most any trade. Rant moderate Apply to Mad. PEuIBSE, 34 Amity street, or to Jtott k Murray, 76 Nasiau " set. URMttPED HOUSES TO LKT.? ONE ON TWENTY Couiib street, tear Madison square. $1,200; one on West wenty Attn street, JI.8DI); one on West Twenty -third street, Bft.300; one on West twenty-Becond street, $1 SCO; also ono iundred bovaea unfurnished, from $500 ti $1,2U0. E. B. '1NBHIMKR, 319 Fonrih avenue. 3 lo 7 P. M., 8 to 10 A. M. OUeE TO LET AND FURNITURE FOR SALE. -A neat and substantially furnished three story house, lease xptring on the 1st ot May, 1868, situate 1 in Twelfth street, near lixth avenue, can be had on reasonable terms, the present oc ?supant going in the country. Possession 1st of May, or sooner. " pply to J. a. LKDWARD, No. & William street, up stairs, fOU?K TO LET, AND FUSNIfURE FOR SALE ?AN elegant brown stone house, with all the modern tm , with a fine yard la the rear, iSOfeet flsep, to an Ighborbood ia South Brooklyn, to let or lease; pos i any time before May. Also, for sale, all the furniture _jbou>?; it Is very rich, and nearly new, and will be sold i reaeonab ? terms oreichangtd lor securities orrealestoto. i boi 4,(33 Poet office. OFTS lO LETJ-ON BROADWAY, THM FOUR LOFTS 1 of the large building o ? 347 Broadway, d. W, corner of ?nard street, with a superior northern light; to be let for a en? of years. Apply to HO MBit MORGAN, Pine street, No. I Metropolitan Bank Building. OF1S.? THE FIBHT AMD SECOND LOFTS OF THE marble front a tore, No. 138 Fulton street, to let, being Bdnety feet in depth, provided with mod ,m Improvements. ?'sssession immediately. Apply to E. MaCOMBER, on the IrfcFFICES 10 LET? SUITABLE FOR A PHYSICIAN. |U Ihe front oasementof jo. 82 White street, a few deora Jrotc Bioiiws; . Apply on the premises. TORES TO LEt IN GREENWICH STREET.? NOS. 271 i aLd 273, 271 is occupied by a rationer; the locattoa is very ?desirable for any kind of htuiuess, being central, n?ar Murray ?r?et. Rent ftiOO For pirticulars, tuqulro of JOHN La *"hC. If 0 Waanington streei, near Kulton. P1EAM POWER? TO LET ?*T 117 PRINCE STrtHRT. BB I twteti Woosier and Greene streeta, three rooms, eac i 144 leet Rented separate or together. Inquire of P. M. ILSON on the premises. STORE TO LET, NO. <38 WILLIaM S'l REKT. ? A THREE siory. brat cla?s, brick store, near Fulton street, abou' ?27x80. wl'b yard, inquire of N. WILLIAM 8TUYVKSANT, " ,, 66 Wililsni street. MTOBK AND LOFTS, 117 FRa.VKLIN STKRMT. TO LiKT 0 otImm Alto the lolls of lift Franklin street; "AixlUO. Lolls e for light m&nutar'.urtng purposes. In-itllre of C. A BAHDOniJK. 475 Broadway. MO Ltt-TWO FINK LABOR OFFICES, DIRECTLY X' OMH>?l(e tee Be Nicholas Hotel. Jnqnir* of JOHN ORA BAM. 6UI Broadway, seaond floor. rpo LOT? A 8 If ALL BB1CK HOUSE, ALMOST NBW, 1 pleasantly sit listed in the rear lot Mo. 177 CUnton sc., first "! from Grand nt.. with a tlawer garden In the trout run to the street. Inquire at 17ft Clinton street, In the alter - ?rro LET- PART OF AN OFFICK, IN A YKRY OOOl) LO I A. cation, well adapted for jewe'ers or a gimlUr business. Inquire on U.e premises. A. FHANKFELU, 32 John street, corner Nassau, tirrt floor. Irno LEr-inR si ore, basebhnt and sub cellar 1 1 ot the llveatory stone front building, 15*> WlUi?m, corner of |,?nn street. Apply to KN8ION, BKtOOMAJI A * aNNiNO, second story ?fllO LSI -LARUE AND LOFTY LOFTS. IN THE NEW I A building sorrier of Uuane and him streets, beautil'ally lighted, consisting of eleven window! to each floor. Inqulra >7 R. McKKNNa, 32 Centre street. IO LhT-THE THEHR Sl'OKY BRICK HOUSE. 2$ FKKT front, three rooms deeu; all the modern lmorOvemunta: lOMail?/ situated, opposite the Theological Seminary. 2MB at Twentieth street, let *een Math and Tentn avenues, t be reett trotn 10 to 4. Inquire on the premises, or 174 Wa ?treet. Info Lut-lO A SMALL FAMILY, A FURNISHED II bouse. In Abingdon place; is ttuee story, with g w, range, Ibath and waierclosets. The present occupants, consisting o a ?gentleman, wile, two children and nnrne, would wuh lo re main, reqUring sotuii for h mseif tbroughoat the year; for hi* ?family, oolt tour root tbs. For particulars apply at 153 West |strret or 10 Abingdon place. fWl LET? TSREE HOC8KS, ON NINTH AVKNUK, NOS. JJL 196, 100 and 202 with all modern Improvements, beauti ?felly situated; also, four booses on Clinton ?(reel, Brooklyn, ?only ten minute*' walk from the terry. For particulars apply ?toT. A SikY r fl, 00 William street. KO LIT ? ON KIU1ITH AVRNU8, TBI LAROH STORK and basement No 201. between Twentieth ami t wenty t streets, lo one of the best business locations on the avenue, suitable lor any large business; it hits been occupied for tiM jlast five > ?ar* ax a furniture, 1 Hiking glass and picture f rame wore spmy on tiie premi?e?, to Kt I'll OR ilEVUW. IfTK) LRT-tHE COMMOIIIOUS, FIRST CLA83, TWO J. story ?od star house. 128 Fourth, between Amos and Chris Itnpber street; has all 'be modern improvemonta. House Is 2K Iby 100 led. dei.ghUullv located; It will be painted nearly fchrougftou.. *od put in perfect order. if required. Rent fcWO, with tire ot gas flkfures. Can he men from 11 to 1 o'cl>ck. For psrui'ulsjrs. Inquire of JNU. JaMISOM, 117 Fourth street, |eerood door above ajmh -tree I. rLhT, IN BROOKLYN-A FIRST CLASS HOU8K. IN a most desirable location. Tbe furniture, wblch Is ne?r, ?for sale Pisaecaloooi the 1st of May, or before, If desired. Address boi New York r>>?iW. rro LVT-tnoa raw CLASS LOFTS. SUITABLF. for 1 aliqnrii* or some kind of commission bu Iness; the tlr?t lott lis mpp let with au office, also witter and other conveniences. |Tsrm? will be made moderate lo a good, permanent tenant. Apply al ?b0 Washington street. , , Imo LIT- PART OF A BOUSE IN POCRTH BTRKKr' I J. betwe< n avenues C and I>; basements, parlors, three bed rooms and front room on third floor; in a good neighborhood; rent 93D0 Corpartionlvs inquire at lift Caanon street. rLfcT-TBK UPPER PART, WITH BACK KITCHEN, of the first class lirown stone iront house, 23 Went Forty - ?flrtit street to % no. all lamllj only. Rent $W0. Apply on 'he premise* from I lo fi !'. M. possession can he had Immediately. ri LET? AT ?f mIXTH STRkKT, A BAKERY, IN flrwt rate working order, tofCtMr with a store and apart ments i<verbe?d. in let. Fepamlefv or together. Applv to I)r. fVRRILLk, M While street or lo Mr. FABRIC!,, 221 Klb.v betb stree' TO LET? HOt'S It NO. ?4 VARICK STRKRT, HOUSK M Aon s;.re? t, bouse flfl Beekman utreet, house 22 West Broadway, house 27 Vandewater et/eet, house 30 Ruse street, second llooe of bouse 1% Franklin street, four roons. Posses Moo tbe first of M?rrb. Apply to 8. SMITH. 13 Mett street. rLXT. AT CLIFTON, STaTRN ISLAND? A UOU8K And W acre* ot laod. Tbe honea It of brick, and de Vgfatlully mualed. Ijaving an extensive water view, and finish ed with 'U 'be modern improvements, t oe grounds in at tractively laid out. Fruit trees, grapes, Me., in abundance. Ihe nreml?es betng well rotted Iter a gent*man's nsldeoee. Apply to t'.O < ONNC R. 13 Reade street. mo LPT -A FINK STORH, 32 BIT 00 FKKT, WITH TWO X large show windows, situated in Broadway, west side, be <tween Nlnii and Tenth etreete. Al?o, the fixtures for sale or to rent, * required; suitable for any businoaa. Address F. A., Cnlon square Pr?t oflloe, lOr eight days, and stating where the parties may be sees. O l.rT-THK 8TORF, NO. MO IIOWF.R*. CORNRR OF Bond street, the best biulnets location on the street. A ?aiv costly iron front of Jt> feet la to be put up on Moadav. A^. ths tiirw -tory lirtok botue Ne 22? NlnfJ, streM, near flMond avenue. Inquire at No 3, East Twenty second street, beS?w 10 nnd after 3 o'clock, or at 19 WlUiam street. rpo l.kT-THF. ROOMS. IN THE SKCOND hTORY OF I t'tli.ton Hall, Asior place, suitable for assemhlieaot' rell aioua woi ?hip or uibcr societies; oneet whleh will seat 600 per imii ami two ?malic* ones A'?o office* in the third story Ap ?iiyto ibe .lanttor, on ibe premt-es. nr to EDMUND COTfTS. up't I" lb" 'Honor, W broad streA. Tsurjurri rboistir. r LET-TILL PIR8T or MAT. A PLEASANT ATTIO chamber, with pat* ul UMr tarnished. stitaole for tw ?*?ilem*n; also a single fa mimed room. at t* St Mvk's place, llgfcth street r) LRT-STORB SO. ?T0 BROADWAY, WILL BK AL i ered Mid fitted to salt the Umuhi<. Apply lo J. B. GITF1NQ. t> o. 6 Try on row, from 1 to UP. Ifc mo LET- THE UPPEB PART OP J|KlNT?E'. TWO A story bouse, to a (mall family wltho Jchlldreu. Portur tber particular* apply at No. 418 Greenfflch street, between Hubert iiud Lalght streets. r LET ?THE ELEGANT STORE NO. 76 OARMr*E street. Dutiable for any business; the entire premise* would be leased to a good tenantcn fkvorasia (arm*, for par ticular* Inquire ot UUdLiEuL. PlEKaotf A LAKE. 471 Broadway. TO LKT-THK HOUSE AND STABLE NO. 143 BAST _ thirty -eighth ?trtti, suitable for a cartman. Apply to M. B SMITH, US Past Broadway. rLKT-A PIR8T GLASS ENGLISH BASEMENT bouse, close to Onion square, eaal side, to a tenant who will purchase earpets, gas fixtures, mirrors, Ac. The furni ture, which Is new, wtU alio be disposed of. A lease m?y be bad; renttl.luu Apply by letter, with real name, to A. B., Union yquarc 1'ost office. T? fw^eVwi^S'n? wJf? 1EDAK SrREKT, B* 2sfn WILLIaM ^TTAsf*?^ g'*en la*m? 2SI Greenwich street. taita*. at Patten's HeteJ rpo LET-IN BROOKLYN, RENT 1700, THE THREE X story brick dwelling on the northwest ciroer of Clinton ard battle streets, provided with gas, bath, furnacs. Ac., and sultab e to ail resoeots for a large tamlly; would be a gani stand for a physician ('an be sera after lu A M For pur - tlcn'ars apply to h., UPJOHN A CO., 77 Trinity Building, fiew rLKT, IHR THREE STORT HOUSE, WITn STABLE and carriage house, No 227 West Thirtieth street, be tween Highth and Ninth avenues. The house has all the mo dem Improvements, gas fixtures, dumb waiter, speaking tubes. Ao. The wall* will be put tn order. Inquire of J. 1 C HOWE, 237 Grand street, near Bowery, between 10 A. M. and TO LRT-A FURNISHED HOOBE, WITH BROWN stone front, with *11 the improvements, near Broadway, No 7* West 'Ihtity first street, bet seen Sixth and beveuth avenues, south side ot the street. Possession given imme diate; t. Apply at the bouse. rpO LKT--THR SECOND STORY OP HOUSE 185 WALK JL er -ti ed, one door from Bowery. rpo LET-SUITABLE POR A DRY GOODS STORE. THE JL upper storirsof No. 40 Bread way. Inquire of DE Gi)Uil C'Y A > 42 Broadway. mo LET? bTORR AND HOUSE NO.'IOQ SIXTH AVE X nue. opposite Jttl'eraon market. Also, store and cellar No. at Mxih avenue. Also, the following de?iraDle three story dwelling houses, viz.. Mo. 146 Wavt rltv plaie, near Sinn avenue; No. 00 West Washington place, Nos 124 and 116 Hani' mord street, Nos. 881 and 3R1 Sixth sireet, near avenue 1>. Bents low. App y to u. L. SUYBaM, 168 Waverlej plate, neir Sixth (venue. TO LFT-IN A DESIRABLE LOCATION, IN MMB teenth street, near sixth avenue, convert ?nt to earn and stages, a Urge house, with 14 rooms, gas, Crotoa, Ac , suitable for a large family, or for keeping boarders Kent $>#>0. Po* session given atonee. Por particulars. call on J. M. CORWIN, JOT Hlxth avenue, or on G. Goodwin, 808 Broadway. TO LET? THE UPPER PART OP THE THREE STORY bouse 122 fcast Hfiliteenlh street, between Third avenue and Irving place, having all the modern improvements, gvt. Crot'ju water, bath, Ac., Ac. Root moderate to a small genteel family, without children. Pieoesslon (Riven immediately U re quired. Inquire on the premises between 10 and 2 o'clocc. rpo LEASE? POR A TERM OP YEAR^ POR A STORE, L i he two story and attic brick dwelling bouse, situated on the east side of Hudson street, between Broome and Dnmlnltk streets. Por particulars Inquire of A. TOOKER, 322 Green wich street, corner of Dunce. rpo LKT-AT A VgRY GREAT BARGAIN, THE SPACt' A sus and elegant house No. 189 Tenth avenue, wi'h the m > dern Improvements. Kent only $600. Also, the store No 2C> Bowery. Inquire of 8. B. CHASE, at the law offlie of Lavell A Chase, No. 6 New street. rpo LET? THH SMAi.L THREW STORY BRICK HOUSE, A No. 3 Garden row, uear southwest corner of Sixth avenue snd Eleventh street. Possession to morrow. Inquire of DaVID W. FENTON, 167 Broadway, rooom 26, up stairs. TO MERCHANTS TAILORS.? The best lott tn the best block on Broadway, second floor, to let, with immediate possession Also, rotms and oflices en the third floor, cbeap. Apply on the premises. No. Ml. TO LET, IK BROOKLYN? A THKKB STORY BROS house, corner of Jay and Concord streets, suitable for one ?r two respeetab'e families or a genteel boarding borne, with sixteen room*, basement and cetlar, well furnished with marVe maa tela. grates, and gas. Also, Mo. 90 Concord street, a two story bate men t and attio house, with under cellar, hairing eieven rooms, wall finished, and lighted with gas. Apply to A. McAVOY. on the premises. TO IJST? THBEE THREE STORY BRICK H01/8K8 ON Fifty third street, between Fourth and Filth avenues, to good tenants tier will be let at $300 each. Apply to C. 4 R POILLON, 224 South street. r BUTCHERS -A MEAT AND VEOETABI.E SHOP TO rell for what the fixtures are worth, or a partner wanted In the buriness who has money to invest. For particulars In quire on the premises, 881 Ninth avenue. TO MILLINERS.? STORE TO LET, STOCK ANU FIX tnres for sale. Inquire at 89 Canal street. TO LET- THE HANDSOME FOUR STORY ENGLISH baaement brick house. No. 17 High ntreet, Brooklyn, with gas fixtures, I range, water, Ac., containing sixteen rooms, within half a blook of Pulton street cars, and three minutes' walk of Fulton rerry. Also, the four story and basement marble front dwelling house ana store, 33 Court street, Brook lyn, finished in modern sty le, gas, range, Ac., a first rate stand tor business. Orson* ood cars pass the door. Apply to OAKLhY & WBIGHT, 343 Fulton street, Brooklyn. mo LET ? P06BRS8I0N FIRST OF MAY? STORK AND X dwelling No. BOO Ureenwi:h street; stores and dwellings Mos. 4?S at d 486 Washington street, near Canal s'.reet; store and dwelling >o. 237 Canal etrest. AH the above are in gold business local lots, close to Hudson Kiver Railroad depot and Collins Steamship pier. Bent moderate Also the store and Sart of dwelling No. 199 Canal street; small three story dwell >g No. 302 Hudson street. Possession immediately. Apply to JAMES PRICK. 200 Hudson street. TO LET OB FOB BALK, IN BROOKLYN? A NBW TWO story and attic house, with extension tea room, on Byer son street, hall a blook south of Myrtle Avenue Railroad, foe session may be nad Immediately. Bant iTO. WM. E. MORRIS, Long Island Railroad depot. South ferry, Brooklyn. rLET OB LEASE? IN EAST NEW YORK. L 1, THE tavern, howling saloon aid grocery atom, known aa the East NewfYork Bouse. Inquire on the premises, or at 46 Oraod street, Wlliismsnurg mo LET OR LEAS*? THE TWO THBEK STOBY B ft I UK X buildings and stores Nos. 16 and 17 Mercer atreet; caa be oonnected; will be let loir to a good teoaat. Apniy to ft. B. ALTHAISK, 20 Meroer street, or IBA CAMPBELL, 37 keioer street. TO LET OB LEASE-THE HOUSE AND STOSE NO. 3 Pit h street, Morriranla. The building is within a few doors of the depot, and is an excellent location for abxik t tore and news agency. Applr to CtfAfl. S. STKa it Nd, corner Ana andlNyssau streets, ft. Y. flX) LET OB LE4SK FOB A TRBM OF YK4R8, THE X lour story dwelling house and store, No. 237 Twentieth street. near First avenue. Possession given immediately, If required. A first rate stand for a rrocerv store. Bent low. Appiy to THOMAS BUTLKB, 139 West street, corner of Veiey street OX) LET OB LEASE? THE THREE STORY BRICK X store No?. 363 and 366 Rlvington street, fronting on toe slip; store 40 by 90; will be let for stores or other purpose*. Apply ta John B. Rapp.367 hlvlngton street, or Myer Maaten, No 8 Wall street. rt LEASH ? A TBBMR 8TORY AND ATTIC HOUSM, with stable In the rear, situated in CUntou plaoe, htighth sWaet, No. 48, near of University place The house has bean lately put In tharoogh order ; naa gas, baths, Ac. Posses sion given immediately. For further parllaalara Inquire of JOHN OB * . 1A.M. S16 Broadway, seoond floor. f[K) LET AND FOB SaLE-TURBE FIRST CLA49 X brown tttue front botises; also, two and three story di-ick houies, with gat. water and all ths modern improvement*; alto, a beautiful cottage, wtth one acre of land, on Bergen Hilt. Two-thirds of the purchase money can remain on bond and mortgage. Apply to JOHN MCLAUGHLIN, corner of Orovn and Grand streets. Jersey City. rO ROCK 18.? TO IJST OB LKaHK. ON REASONABLE terms, a large store, with stables, feed room, Ac.; also tor anle, ai a fair valuation, part of the st~o< and fixtures of a Irst class grocery store. MaUM'antory evidence will be shown th it a large and profitable business , an be done tor cash. Apply to F. H a K V h i , corner of Dean street and Vanderbtit avenue, or ai 162 Livingston street, Brooklyn. TO LEASE ON FRANKLIN STRKET? THE PROPERTY lately occupied by the Fourth Associate Reformed church, altitn ted on the southerly siae of Franklin street, onposite Vs rtok street, and iiaving a front of over titty feet; is very desira ble Rrmaniil'actiirlnK putpoaes, livery stable, or other busi ness requiring tight and room For terms. Ac., auplv to PHILIP B. v? ILK1NH, auciloneer. No. 11 Watland 2 New sts TO BAKKhS.? TO LET, AN OLD BTANP, A SHORT distance in the eotintry. For further particulars apply at tB9 Washington street. TO LEASE IN BROOKLYN? NEAR THE FULIONFKR ?*> the corner property known aa the Branch. 40 by HO feet. Apply at 27 Cortlandt street, up stairs, to O. FUKMaN, Jr , Fiecutor TO LET OR LEASE?THE HOUSES NOS. 317 AND 317H Gteenwlch street, between Reade and Duane. Theyais two story and attic brick buildings, each coutalnltg a store, suitable for almost any description of baslness. Auply to K NOX, the batter. 212 Broadway. TO LIT OB LBAB1? A DWELLING HOUSK AND sTORK, with stable* in the rear, adjoining the coiner of Thirty fourth rtreet and Mlnth avenne, weal side. Said store has been occupied for tb* last three years aa a te?-d store, and is an ex cellent stand tor that or any other business Will be let or leased at n low rate to a good tenant, Ap^>ly t j J. SMITH, l.'? Went Twenty-Third street. mo LET OR LEASE? THE NEAT TWO STORY AND X attic brick house No. 461 Washington street. Is In first rate order, and fa a good tonnnt will b*> leaaed low. Apply at 9T Wafer street. rrnE suBsosiana beino cumpblled. by thb in X crease af their baaloeas and the weight of their merchan dise, to oeeapy a lower (Uor. offer for rant the elegant rooms now eeeapM by them, oonswiteg of the seooad, fourth and fifth stories ef Km new marble buiMIng 406 Broadway. 26x100 fleet, and a beautiful show window open the street. Inquire on the premises. OEOritRABA KREEWTNa MAORrvK COMPANY UPFRR PABT OF A GENTEEL TWO STORY HOUSE, with bark basement, to let, to a small family. Fo* par ticulars apply M 190 Allen street, between Stanton and Hous ton ntreet* Wanted to let or leahk-a hhsidknce. with two or three acres of ground, stable, Ac., either tn Mor nstown. M. J., or PcagbkesMe. A poly, stating terms. As., to JAMES i!RUIR?HANK. 33 Broadway. Wharf lots. pier and btjlkhrad -to lease tor a term of years, the lota fronting on the N orth river between Fortieth and Forty third streets, also, the strest lot adjoining, and the pter at Ihe foot of Fortv third street. CHAS. ED. APPLEBY, HO Broadway. _ DA1VC4NG ACADEMIKS. Apoowobths private DANCING ACAD* ? mi? No. 806 Broadway, New York; No. 187 Montagu" piaoe. Brook/ yn, ?dr continue open unU] the 1st of June, enabling 'hose whs tm mono ? at ths present time to oomplaU a fnl. quarter 1 if classes are so arranged thnt oegi uuen oat enter at aor time with equal advantages. raiwouL. On jewelry .diamonds. Ac., io. bboadway loan office. Macduff a hqqi'Br, m Broadway. ?QQQ nnn 70 on watohmuj, diamonds, VW(7i7 .UVlf jewelry , pianos. dry goods, Mfio, horaos, viMai, kcrow. Ac. Hvery dwrlptioe of property boogM. and the highest prloes palf, In oast. All Iraaaasttoos strictly ooo&leaUaL FhfW rooms for ladisa. OSnn baars from 9 Mil CM TAYIiOft A Oo.'S, J9 Chambers street, next door to Burton's theatre, up stair*. ? KK 7 flftO TO LOAN-ON WATOllM, DIAMONDS I .UUU jewelry, Mora, ud ?ran dasoripUna <d valuable property, or boajht (br wih, by JOS. A. IB A AO, basement oflloe, II l/'hambm street, ha 9 UU 6. SMom prompt and confidential. Old gold and stiver boaghi. V. B. -?Nn basinas ? trans anted on Hato-dar. 51 7 a nrut to loaii, on diamonds, watches, vl I u .1/1/1/ jewelry, eegars, dry good* and all valu able property, at mure easy ratea than at aay other office la the cRy. or bought for cadi. Notes aad mortgage* ae?a[u ?L Business prompt and oonlldeatis . Off? hours trom 9 U13. at the | old : office at BxiaIsTEO A CO., 3ft John, street, roam 3, second floor. d>i (WW) ?Wanted immediately, the above jPl.l'UU. amount, to atari the inoat valuib'e, simple aud useful pa'eot of tiio age, which ever* tngineer ?vho has a-ieu it pronounces to be tho moat wonderfully, ciinple and ?ffi:teiit piece of mechanism ever In ro<luced, and one which will yield immense profile. A large Interest will be given ?u an /oni * ho will furnish the small amount required to start It. Tbe invention require* but to be seen u> he understood and appre riated. Address Inventor, Bera'd nffloft. 41 nnn TO ANY PERSON ANXIOUS TO rliUVU make money fasl and not afraid of speou.atioa, which p.omlbes unusual advantages, can learn of anopportun ity ol invertroeut.wher* he can make .tOO u> 100 per cent, sure, by calllrg at 271 Broadway, Shoe and leather Bank, office li, up stairs. Ant AMonNt of money to purchase for cash prloes diamonds, watches, rich jewelry, plate. ?nl any valuable personal property. B. WuOi>, 69 Fulloa street, s? eond floor, trott room 8 A. M. to ft P. M A few superior oil paintings tor sale a bargain, or exchanged for merchandise. A MEETING or THK CREDITORS OK MBSSR3. W. A 8. hlchardaon wUi take place on Tuesday, March 4, a'. 12 o'clock M., at No 140 Water street. all parties interested ire particularly reques'cd to attend, as matters of great imnor tanco will be dti cussed. By order of the committee. CASH.-PERSONB REQUIRING TEMPORARY loans on real estate, or notes collaterally sesured by inerch-in dice or personal property, will be promptly accommodated b> tbe rerpouaihle Kmpue Loan and Agency Oomr inv, roam No. 9, 883 Broadway. u. WILLS, Agent. DKSMOINE8 COUNTY, IOWA, EIGHT PER OHNT hoods.? 'Ihe ???ml annual intt.e^t coupon, due 1st March on the*e bonds, will be paid at the bank of North America, 47 Wall a reel. JiLOBKNCK ANI) KKYPORT JOINT STOCK COMPANY. Report tor the last year may be had at the office, No. 59 Beaver street THOMas LOiD, Treasurer. MONKY TO LOAN-ON DIAMOND*. WATCHES, JkW elry, pianos, dry goods, aegarf and every descrtpuon of valuable property, or bought for cash, ntocks. hondj, notes, mortgages. Ac. . negotiated. W atcluw and jewelry for said. B. TBa VhB, 884 Broadway, rooms Nos 1 and 2. sooond s:iry. MONKT LIBERALLY ADVANCED on household furniture, pianos, watches, jewelry, silver ware, tiro arms, surfioal, nautloai ?nd mimical ionrutnenu, liorse.s, vstous. hart ess, aquors, groceries, dry givids, hardware aud personal property of ah kinds, or <>oo?ht for cut. by Mot! AFFRAY A w ALTKR4. as < latherine street. NAW YOBR LOAN OFF! OS AND RKAL KsTATS agency, 305 Uroa-'wav. oorner of Duane street, rootu fto. 3, third (loir.? Ihe oroprietor la now prepared to io ii or buy for cssh all desorlptlons of per*mal pi-operiy, w itchas diamonds. Ac ; horses, carriages, tmrness, cloths, silks, ami also works m art Business prompt, aocornoijd filing and con fidential. Prl rate offices tor the weptl.m of ladles. A. B. ? Parlies waited upon at their residences. WITH A HMAIL CA PI r Broadway, alter 6 o'c^ck ?- M WMWBOx!^}!} TO TEXA8 CKKD1TOB8.? TEXAS SKCUKIi'IK.S PUR. ch&sfd or collected for account of holders, by I. A li. MILLBAOK A CO , 82 Front strtet. rrK) PBBHONb WIH11INO MONEY.? RtC/jIAULK OFFIOK, X (proprietors Americans,) No. 2 Appleton's ouild'ng, 34t> Broadway, ^ash auvaniod, at easy rates, on dLtuonds, watches, jewelry dry good* and viluible* at full value. Hocesty and con tide roe certain. R iniaess tiaper and mort gages nego lated Merchasw and mimUacnirers accotnmo aat?dio any amount. IRVINK A CO. COPARTNERSHIP jrOlTCKS. djl C nilJ) ? WANTl-.D, THIS S0M AND A M 4.W OF SplL/.Ul/U. exoerlonoe to lnorease a well e*ta jhsbtJ business. Tbe pa>ment of the mo-ry anu the tut ore si tvlli be secured, and a satlsiactory compensation allowed for cer vices; the latter will re.ate to ihe receipt and disbursement ol money, and keeping the accounts. Address B. M. li.. Hwald oflloe. f?C A( ||1 - PARTNER WANTED. WITH THE ABOVE ipU.UUU. amount. In a business that has no competition, and y ield a large profit. A business man can realize from $6,000 to 18,000 per annum as can be shown For particulars, ad dress C. Damorth, Hera d office, with real name. ? O nnn T0 WtOOO? PARTNER WANTED IN AMUR. fO.UUU chant tailoring establishment In broad way. A practical tailor with the above capital and a tjx>d business connection will find this a profitable Invostmeut \1dreu, with real n*me, O. B.. box ISO Herald oflloe. AU comm mica tloos strictly confidential. QlQ ? WANTltD, A PEBBON WITH Tr*I9 ^pO.UUU. amount, to invest equally w1*h the advertiaw in a labor saving macnlne of great value; the machine is tn fall operation, and baa only to be seen to satisfy any one that a large profit will be realized. Err particulars appl/ at 202 Fulton street, second floor, room No. 14. $1 Ann TO ?1.?W-A 8TKADY BUSINESS MAN, ifl.UUU having the above amoont in cash, wishes to in vest it in some way, either by purchasing, or aeominga part ner in aorre safe bualness, orwou d loan the amount to hia em ployer. and accept a good situation. Address Fidelity, box 123 Herald office. No agents need apply. d>1 nim -Wanted, a partner, with tbis tjpl.V/UU. amount, to take the entire chargo of a branch of the hard ware business in Philadelphia, Pa., that wt 1 pay trim S3, 004) to $3,000 annually, and the business can all be done in two months in each 5 ear; the sales are at ?~holeaale. Good reference required and given. Address Hardware, box 1 39 Heiald office *Qnn-A PARTNER WANTED. KY A TODNO MAN 90UU. in the liquor ousineaa^jwho nan clear over 800 oar cent by taking a partner. Ihe store is already established, and is now doing a lair business. This is a rare chance and the beat telerences given to that effect. Apply immediately at the real estate office, 61 Chambers street. *900 ? PABTNKR WANTED-A SMART KNKR'l.vriO ?!PZjV/U. man. with the above amount, can hear of a ciance to get into a safe, well established, pacing busines, by apply jrg to ORIDLEY A CO., 113 Chambers street. Dissolution.^ the copartnership heretofore existing, under the firm of MYERS, EUNhON A CO., is this day dissolved by mutual consent. All parties hiving claims against the firm will please present them at thetr Uta office, No. 260 West lhlrteeeuth street. JOHN MYERS, HOBERT O. ECNSON. ? _ . THOMAS ANUKKS, New York, Feb 28, 1858. JOSEPH STAPLES. INSTRUCTION. A LADY Of VKRY SUPERIOR EDUCATION AND capacity for imparting Instruction, Bad wlin la permitted to reftr to petsons of the highest standing as to her worth tnd a'talnrneuts, *Win to lake Into her family, a few young ladle*, ?hoee entire education she will nuperlntead. For further par ticular apply al ISO West Fine -nth street. A LADY, KXPKRIKNCED IN TEACHING, WISBE9 A sit uation In a private family In Brooklyn, la competent to Instruct In EnglUh, French, drawing and music, ifneceiuary. Can give uuriceptionable references. Terms moderate Ad dress Daily Governess, Herald office. A LADY, OF VERY SUPERIOR INTELLECTUAL AT tnlnmenta and capaslty f jr imparting ioxtr uclon, who I* termittedto refer to families of ths highest re?p->cul> llty In the city. ia reslrouaof aa engagement, as resident or dally go verness. For further parttcu ate, address C. M., box 716 I'o.t oflice. FRENCH LAHGt AUK? PROP. D. LaGROIX, NO. SK Broadway, oontlnuea to t-eoelve new puplla for thorough Instruction In the French language, Imparting 10 them, by aa easy and efficient manner, a praotlcal knowledge ot it. <ty a new plan the conjugation of verbs la so Kitnpl'tlrd an to' be readily understood and acquired. Terms reoaonabla. XNSTRIOTION.-AN EN'JLIHH LADY, POSSESSING superior intellectual attalnmenta, with the highest teitl mnitals from the nobility whose education she has compli ed, nnd having a few hours unoccnpieo, Is desLuiis of being em ployed as dally or occasional goverr.esi She ulso undertake'-, tto sit e Instruction In music and drawing. Address Y. X., Onion Square Post office, ?31 Broadway. LADIES' WRITING CLASSES MEK'F DAILY, AT ll o'clock A. M.; terms, to those who Htibscrib' this day rebtuary 79, only 92 for the course, Including stationery. Private lesions given al other hours. OLIVKR B. GOLDSMITH, 3?2 Broadway. Last day.-ooldsmith's beautiful system of penmanship taught for $3 and $3, Including stationery. Apply this, 19th of February, at the New York Academy, :?2 > roadway, irom 9 A. M to 9 P. M.; Brooklyn, at 277 Fulton street, from 4 to 9 o'clock P. M. Success guaranteed to all. OLIVKR B. GOLDSMITH. Last day-now or nevkr -subscribe this last day ot Febiuary, and learn Goldsmith's beatitllul ? VKiem rf penmanship tor 92. Puplla will have until the tiro; of. May to receive their reasons. Bookkeeping, terms reduced. OLIVER B. GOLDwMIf d 383 Broad wa/. Penmanship. -ten lessons, 91 ?o; sixteen for ?V; bookkeeping, Including a course of writing 910: time unlimited. Appiy, at anv hour, day or evening, at M. .1 I' A IN K'H aeno Mules. 233 Grand street, corner of Bowery, o KM Fulton street, Brooklyn. Separate rooms for Indies. Ap ply Immediately . don't delay. SPANISH CLASS.? PROFESSOR A. I'lKRItA IS NOW 0 lorttlng a lew evening class. Teems, 93. A lew hour* for ptlva'e instruction in the auovs language and in French. Address 70 White street, near Broadway, from M to (i o'clock FJL riio STUDENTS.? A YOUNG GKNTLRMAN, POSTED IN 1 the hngllsh, French. Greek and Laun languages, aa also belles lettrei and mathematics, would devote to (heir service an hour or so in the evening, and prepare them for their classes. Terms very moderate. References of the highest order. Address Maro. Herald office. This dav.-thk bubsckibkk will rkceivk nkw pupils for a coarse of writing lessons, at 92 for six, or for ten esaoBS, including stationery. Indies' clasn at II o'o ork A. M. Bookkeeping reduced to 9lft. OLIVKR H. GOLD SMITH, M2 Uroadway, and 377 Fulton street, Hrooilyn. WRITING-PLAIN AND ORNaMMNTaL, IS TAUGHT upon sound aad Indtooutable principles, to the entire ?illusion ot the modern six and ten lesson rharlatsnrv, by FOSTER A DIXON, 340 Broadway. Lessons day and evening, as usual. Prospectus on application. WAB BITING, HOOKEBEPINQ, COMMERCIAL ARITE mctlc, Ac.? Young men preparing (or mercantile em ployment, ean obtain superior Instruction, (orivate, It prefer red,) at PaINK'8, T33 Grand street. New York, and ltiti r niton ?uiwt, Brooklyn, appointing their own hours. Ladies' writing clawes, 91 GO for ten. or 92 for sixteen lesson*. Including sta tionery Frcm Gen. Burdlpfc, R I :? I can truly ear thai mv own sons and daughter haft wade great Improvement under Ool. PAine's tuition. WINKS AND LI4VORI. Double swan Holland oin ani French bran dire in trmded warehouse, in hah pipe*. quarter casks tied eighth caeii for sale, from C'iftom House itorsa by IMP?."N I bRO'9., 19 B?av* Street. SHXPFDfO. lurtmnin. BfAMBBtr o t Canal iitik ?Pur freight or puM|?, baring unequalled ?r*toC*awor?u.A>rt14ppw 10 _ ki>WauI> k. oollihs, m w?a ?yw?w?w req?tad t., boon board tlHt.H. Shippers wfll pleas* take notice thai th* ihlH of this Ed* c*? n<R carry aajr goods onultaband of war. , _ All letter* moat paw through the Port office? a?T other will be relumed. The steamship Baltic will sooeed the Atlantic, and ies v* oa Match 13. Ilia steamer* of thii llw, to Mold the danger from the tse,

wU not croa? the Bank* north of 43 degree* until after Ike lei of August next, Royal mail steamship ahia.-for liverpool ? Ihe aI-'Ia. E. O. Lou. cocQioamtar, will nail from the comp?o?'i dock, at Jeraey City, with the malU and paweuger* l.jr iMuope, ou Wednesday, the UU March, at 1 o'clock, pre c'sely. Fs?sengers era requesud to b? on board by I iX e'olock. The Afrlot will sail oa the 19th Marrh. K CDNAKI), No. 4 Howling Green. DaS?A?R TO LIVKRPOOL.-THK SCREW STEaMSIII? X CA HADIAK, 1,760 loos register, wlB aafl for Liverpool tyadiesday. March 5. First clam cablj passage $75 fetaerage passage (ineiud ig eooked provisions) This vessel U built or Iron, and hat six eeparate water-light eoniparuiihota. An experteaoed surgeon oa board. Apply to ^UiMPlIt, i>.;aN A (X).. fro. S Bowling Unos. THE ROYAL MAIL SCREW STEAMSHIP CANADIAN will positively anil Irom her berth at the toot of Wall at , on WftdneUlay, March S, a'. 12 o'clock precisely. There are still ieveral berths vacant, and she hag room for a few toul mot e freight. Oll-LKHPIK, DKAM A CO., No 3 Bowllug Green. NOT1C1'. -TAPSCOIT'3 LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACK eta PacLct Hi March. The splendid ne w and ta?l salitug olipper.ship KilEBiLD l8LK,Oapt. Cornish, will pnaMvety ,ad anabo/t To ateure paaiage tn thU noble venial, early appLiM tioti ahould be made on board, pier 14 Cast river, or to TaPhOoIT A CO., 86 South street. FOR LIVER POOL.-bT. GBJRGE'S link op clippbu ships.? Tlie celebrated clipper ship, It ACEK, OuttU Alnswurth, Will poelllyelj nail Mania 5. a n experiem edMur feon attached to tlii* ship for paasage apply on boardfpler 8. .North river, ar to DEMAREsT A JON Ke, 40 South street, and :'0 Old slip. <JTEAf.1ER FOR l.'VKRPOOL ? TO &ULITH MARCH.? 0 The Bi'lenlld royal mail gteAuishif? Cam aoiaN, capt. Gran ire, will sail promptly ax above. fhi* favorite steamer pc Messes a i the modern Improvement*, oarrles a surgeon, and hat six water tight compartment*, for the better protection of puesengers. First class cabin passage, <75; steerage, in cluding cooked provision*, $30. For passage, aud to ??cure berths, apply on board, pier 14 Earn river, or to C. A. TKN h'YCK, 67 South street. S-TF.AM BETWEEN NEW YORK AND LONDO.f, CALL lng at Cork. - One of tho following new uud powerful screw si earners will be despatched monthly from this port to London, oallui >! ?< Cork to land paMengers. lhe liitKNiiA, Geo. 3. ntalih, aonunandcr. The MINNA, do. The .^reuda will nail from here on 1 uusday, the 1st of April, no d will 'ake a l>uilted number of Urn, mcuai and dura nam passengers For l'ro. jht or passage applr to A. G. I.OBINHON bt. Petersburg Nteanublp otBce, London; Or to AURA rj AM HfcWs .SOW a. 2ft l'ark How . Se ? York. RAM BBTWMK hRWYORK ANU LONDON, OALL kj log at Cork e?en way for paHseogcrj. The new and po w e.fl'til screw Bteauirr UHKN tfA Is appointed to sail as ab >ve, ou Tuesday, the 1st of April, and will take a limltei number 01 lirst, i?<ioud and thud uuuw paiMenijerti For freight or paassge, apply to aBKAUaM tthLl/S 8oNd, 23 I'trit row. ' STR/.M BETWEEN NEW YORK AND QLA800W. - 1< Di fcBll Kl> H, !l,fiU0 tons, Capt. Wm. Oumnung. PiEW YoivK, 14,150 " Capt. Ko jt. Oralg. C1LA8UOW, l,'.H52 " Cftpl. .lohn Luuoau. The tllasgow and wow York nieamsbtp tympany intend sailuig their new and powerful steamer r.uIMiu IU<U. from New Xork tor Glaigow tllrwu, un Saturday, 22<1 March, a. 12 o'ciock, noon. Kates of passage ? First class, $75 ; th<r<l eluwi, touad with cooked provisions, $110. An expe rienced in nj eon attached to each steamer. For freight or pas sage npply U) J0 1 N Mo i YMON, 17 Broad * ay. New York city hl|i?. or go il CBjy received for pasnagu UTBOM NEW YORK TO If vVPK DIRECT. P BriU.'u and North ajnoticau Royal Mail Steam Packet Oompauy. ETNA Capt. Miller. EMEU Capt. Small JURA c?pt. Wlfkman LbBvNON Capt. t>xiit. CaMBRIa, (paildle wheal) Capt llnwulees. The company's screw steamship Eiiia, 3, 000 t ins, W. Miller, oonunander, will nail lrom New York for Havre, direct, on Friday, 7th March. Her cabtn accommodations and state rooms for first class paesengers are uqual to those of any steamship alloat. Pa*"a3? mtnej (>1r?t cs ->ln* <1U(, provisions ami sUiwarJ's lee indtiiled. Wioes and liuuom extra, to be procured on board. For ft eight, passage or any o'her information, apply to K CUMaKD, No. 4 tf-j wling Ureen. |j1?R HOUTHaMPTON Aril) UAVRK.- THE UNllRD J fliaUts mail at miner ARaGO, D. Llaen comwttular, will le?ve for Uavo, toushl? g at &ouUiaji|lton to land the matia and passengers, oa Saturday, March 8, at U o'clook, from pier i^o. Si North river, foot if Beach street. rttioa or I'ass First cabin $130 Seeood caola 70 Baggage not wanted during the voyage should be aent on Ward 'he day bolore sailing, marked "1>eliiw.M ii" freight taken after Thursday, March 6. For freight or passage apply to AttRTlMtt.RLlVlcO.iTON, Agent, 63 Broadway. ". B.? the Fulton will sacoeod the axago, and #111 sail April 6. nrVHiS LFYERPOOl* AND PHILADELPHIA STEAMSHIP i. Comjiauy lnU>ud nailing heir favorite steamships - Cli'Y <?" B.vL'l lMonr., 3,307 tons, Capt. ttooert Laltah. CITY OF VV Aohlf G TON , J.S'"*) ton*, Oopt. Wo. Wyda. CITY OF MAW CHK.tTER, 1 1(W tooa, Capk P. 0. Petri*. Batoon $40, $K6 and $06, aoonrdlng to state rooms. A limited number o.< third class passengers will be taken from Phi adelphia and lAverpooL and found in pro visions. From Philadelphia ?#) | From Liverpool $40 Partita wishing to bring out their friends can obtain isrua cates of passage and draitsoa Liverpool la sums ol ?l sterllM and ui>warda. Apply to JOHN G. DALK, I 17 Walnut street, PhlU RELLCKD PRIOHS? 60 POUNDS BaGGaGiC FREE ? Ten cents per pound on excess. Four hmra from ocsan Ui?e?n by Panama nalirrad. Wo axtra expenses. Mvais on the isthmus tree lor steerage paweogers. i hiuugh for Call forula via Pankina RaUroad. The United States Mall ritaam ship Company will uiHpaich for Asplnwail on Wednesday, March ft, at two o'c ock I*. M., precisely, from pier foot of War ten street, Aon h river, the well known and taat steamship ILLlnOlS, t apt. Chas. S. Hoggs, C.S.N, i'a^seugers and mails will be lorwarded by the Panama Railroad, anu connnci at Panama with the Pacific Mail bteamship Company's mig uificent su-an.ihip Hnuora, Richard W hithig comman ier, wniiili will be lu readitiess and leave Immediately tor nan Pranouio. The public a e miormed that the P. M.n. Co. always have one or more extra steamers iytng at Panama ready tor sea, to avoid any pocsltle d?'euiion of passengers or malls. For passage apply to 1. W. RAY MOW o, at the only oflUe of the aompan'es, 177 West s'jeet, c 'rner ot Warren street, through treigats to Men Francisco can now be contracted f*r, in lots of not less than half a ton measurement, at very k> w rates, to leave Pa nama by the steamer Oregon tn March. Apply as above. UNITED 8TATE8 MAIL STEAMSHIP CJMPANY-rOR Havana auc, New Orleans. On Monday, March 3, at 2 P. M., 1'iom pier foot of Warren stree>, worth rlvtr, tu? f*?t audlavortte steuinship EMPIRE CITY, Capt. Hy. \A India, wi.l sail as above. Psnssge can he secured a* the company's oiliea. Freight to Wew oriears 30 cenn per cubic foot. shippers will be supplied with blank bills of lading of the form signed by the compauy. ou application at their ufiice wo other forms Mgueii, and no bill of lading will be signed alter the hour of raiting. For freight or passage applv at the office of the company, No. 177 West street, Mmrti Wan en. M. u. ftOttMaSit |j*OR NfcW GHaNADA.? NiW GKaNA -A CANAL AH 5 J? Steam Navigation Company will c<e*paU'h their steamshlg OSPRhY on her third trip to t.'anbaveiia and Santa Mar.ha, wew Granada, via Jamaica, ou Tuesday. Aptli 8, at 2 o'clock t. h 'the tisprej ts a superior steumihip, Duely ilited up t> ?i o<mmodi?te comfor'ablj 3uu pnnm-nfiers ac.dou her arrival in newuranada will coniiect with the company's steamers on the Magdalens rivet, to ilou<la--lhua arntalug detention. For Canl>aftena or baata Martha, first labia..... W0 ?' " ?? " aecond cabin fcifl " " " ' steerage $10 For passage ?pply to WM. K. RoLLj Ait'o., l?t William nuee% #ew Yfitk. For freight app:y to MOSQUERA A JO., 2C % Broadway, tew Ytik. SLi'ION ft CO. >8 DESPATCH LIME FOR SAM FRAN cii>co ? SaUliig rcgu ariy and pos'tlveiy. on or betore this day advertised. Clipper of Thursday, lith Marea Inst. The favoi lie clipper hYREw, Allen, masicr, is receiving her cargo at pier No. 9, East river, and will positively sail hh above, shippers will please band In their bill* ol lading a* Sinn as their engagements are completed. BUT TOW A O.i , 58 Sou'h streei. eomer ol Mail. N. it.? No freight taken after he day ndvrrtiM ?!. FOR CALIFORNIA? GRKAT R?DU?MON OK FARMS? New York ?: il California MNtutlp lilt. I, aader the t >a ol C. Vaaaeihllt, lor the Accessory I'ransit I'ompanyof .v wicok, proprietors. liCly pounds ot baggage ? nv?r, ten cents por pound. i>t>f c,Y sailing changed to Dth mil 2lth ol' each month; through In advance of the mails, ami ma) i.iiie* shorter tlian any atSnr route. The splendid don >le engine steanufclp STAR OF THK \\ K8T, ?,fi4J0 ions burden, 1' Ai > ' <%i ? i Miner, will leave pier No 3 4orth river, at :( o'clock t\ M , tor 1'unt.i Arenas, on hsni'day, | March |8. eonneotin!? with the steamship PACIFIC, over the Nicaragua fran-lt route, hsving but t A'e've miles of iarnl tran?i>or?nlon l>v first clam carriages the proprietors run now i-ssure toe puhtic that the political troubles In >ic?ragus have ce t?ed, and not the slightest Interruption In the traimlt between the oct-ais need be apprehended. For information or p**sa,:e apply to JaJKKS M. CKUfls, at the onlv rtnoe of the iltve, No. 5 Bowllcg (Jreen. Humped letters taken at ti*, cents each. Australia FIONBllt link. Of monthly pack et.s, carrying tbe 1' lilted States Mall. (he ne* and spleuJld clipper ship 8POKTSM A m , for Melnournn, Port Phillip, 1.304 tons burthen, Is now at her berth, Kant river, and having hall her cargo already <Agaged, will have Im-nelist* dispatch. He* accommodations lor pe?Heng?is are utwur paused For freight or passage apply on board, or to K. W. CAMlcROI^fto ti Bowling Ureen. For Havana and Nr.w orlkanh.-thk united states mall steamship BLACK WakkIOR. J. W. smith, commander, will cotrmeoM receiving freight Tttu-^Hy, March t>. and sail lor tbe above ports on Monday, Man-h It at iP. M. precisely, ftotu her pier, No, 17 .lorih river, f.xH of hobtoaot. street. LIVINGSTON, CROOHF.RON A CO.. Agents. Office, No. 12 Park place. Notice ? Pio BUI* ol lading signed after ship sails. E10B SAVANNAH AND FLORIDA? UNlTKn STaTKH r mall line - The new and elegant steamer FLORIDA, Captain M. 8. Woodhull, will leave on Saturday. March 1, Loin pier Mo. 4 North rlrer, at 3 o'clock P. M Mils ot lading sJjiflTd on board. Foi freight apply on board, or for passage to n I, MITCH1LL, No. 13 Kroadnay. Cabin passage Jo Savannah, tL'i; lor F.orlda, through tickets from New York <o Jackson ville, OT; to 1'Uatka, $\\ I .arte anil oommodtoua steamers leave Savannah twr Florida three times a week, connecting with the steamers from New York on Tuesdays and Saturdays ROCHR, BROTHERS A COFFEY, 60 SOCTH flTRKRf, corner ot Plne-Paaaanger agents for the HUtck Ball lino of Liverpool packets sailing to and from Liverpool on the lat and lBthof each month. Drafts on the lUayal Bank of ireianl, and on umdna, payable In every town In KngMod, Ireland and Scotland. la order to gnat d the public against mlanader standing, we befltoatate that we are in n > way connected with any other house In this city using the name ot Rjohe. and we refer, by permission, to the Most Rev. Archbishop Hughe*, ol New York, and Rt Rev. Btehop La'urhlin. of BroirTyn Please recollect the name and address. ROWIK, BROTHERS A OOFFEY. (? South street, near th? Wall ?tr ?? >!J . IfiQB OKASbarao*, Florida, Havana and kc.y P We*.r-Tbe new magnlllcent and very fast going steam ship N AHHVILLK, M. Berry commander, will leave pier No. 4 North river, foot of street, on Saturday, March I, at 3 o'clock P. M. precisely . For freight, apply on board, where all bills of lading win he signed ; and lor passage, having un equalled accommodations, at the office of 8POFF0RD. TILKfl TON A CO .29 Broadway. Cabin passage $2A. The splendid steamer h AVION , W. Foster, commander, will succeed, and leave on Wednesday. March 3. The favorite steamer 0 -i" LINA makes regnisr tiips to the various landlni* oi. - - Johns river, connecting with the r.teamers from > ? ? York, iv^l leevinc Charleston every Tuesday e ? o'clncV r V Thr > i tickets to Jackaouvllie. Ml: to PIN , f V. R. ? I'asie ti ters lor Bavana and Key We?l,t>," nkin . H.c N inhvl ?, n .,1 oonnect at CliiwlMtnn with t**n I w;t4i l Sta'e# mid steamsblp Txabel. C?pt. W. Rfllins, w'.'' 't Iea^?e^ the ?.iras day the Na-U ?lUe?rr1ve?. r<jrtnrough tickets apply ?s?b?*?. AWWWii KIBLO-8 OABDEN.? DOOBt> OPBN AT 6K. TIC'KBTfl, 00 OMli. Faiiur Irnme, Pn. SI. . thi wonuerful bavbl. family. IF LLC ROBERT AND Tfflf BALLET TBOUPE. Lelimann's new spectacle paatanlaMi THE KLF KINaVOr. WaLTH AND POVBBTY. The beautiful ballet rUTtrils? nual LK8 ABEILLES. 1 be comic Interlude of . . LA FETE CHAMPETRB. With the DoCHLB TIGHT BOPK. Next performance of the Wouderful Kaveb on Monday, ' March 3. in consequence of the third Concert of the PhliS-r monlc Society taking place In the graud Saloon on SawirJay evening. LAUBA KEENE'S VARIETIB8. Guanos or Tim? Dour* onen at 6 VI; performance la 1 oommence at 7% precisely. This evening, rob. 29? BHK STOOPS TO OORQUBB. Young Mariow Mr. S. .tarda* lUrdcaxtie Mr. But | Dtggarf Mr. Bae Tony L.umpkia . Mr. Johnston I Roger Mr. Allen Bias llardcastl* Miae Laura Keen* NOVELTY. A novel, rhythmical, musical, political, scenic, framade, ar tlatic, serki cum loo, rational and national astravagania, Iw Ours Act a*d Tu Tabuc^ux. The Dlr?otress..MlsHL. Keene I Novelty MinsB. Durand Fashion Miaa Lerdernier I F octane Mist Relgnoida WALLACE'S THEATRE, HBOADWAT, NEAR BBOOMB street ?Doors open at 6>a o'clock; ta oomtaanoe at 7. This evening, Feb. 2D? TBB KNIGHTS OF THE BOUND TABLE. Captain Co/ens Mr. I Mr. bmlib Mr. Brougham | IV Are/ Mr. Dyott Tom "littler Mr. Walcot | General Grautley. .Mr. Norton Sir B. Bootle Mr. Stewart | PeggyPoplln ? Miss < PerdHa Mrs, Heej Ana the coaedlet'a of TO OBLIGE BENSON. Mr. Trotter Sauthdown Mr. O. BUCKLEY'S BBftENADBBS, t W BBOADW A a.? MON day evening, February &, and all thin week, the musca burletta of the TWO POMPBTS, In trod until j several original musical nnmiimllleiis. ?i?? the ce'ebrated duet from "ui.da di Chamoualx." Preceding the piece? NEGRO MINSTRELSY. Commencing at 7 o'clock. Tickets 2te?nta. Worma? Pcrham's fourth enterprise gflf osaets are received (for the admiMlon of tour persona) to ov eoteit*lnmdnte. For ?a<e at the box oOoa tram 10 A. M. to 10 P. M.; prion U, or eleven for 110. PAUL JULIBN'S BB.VEF IT AND FAREWELL CONCERT will take place at the City Assembly Koonu. 44?i Broad war. "D Monday evening March V when he will be assisted by Aiiclma Patti, the extraordinary voung vocalist; Aug. Gockel, the celebrated planUt, and M. BarilU. the eminent ban* tone. Mckets 00 oents, and programmes at the music Bores. Amusements.? academy hall, ?gs Broadway, tn let, with stage, ooeaery, sens for 1,U00 persons, and everything complete f >r exhibitions. Apply on the premises, betwee n 9 A. M. and 6 P. M. ll/ALIACK'S 7HEA.rRE.-MR. WALLACE, LESSEE f T urd Manager; Mr I enter, Siage Manager. BXTHA AHVEHTISKMKNT. Notice.- On and alter Mcnday. Msrrb it, the doors wi'l open at I'X. and the curtain will rine at 7 o'clock precisely. The Increasing attraction ol Planchn's spiendld five Act drama of THE KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE, induces the Mauagi r to announce It fur ropeUtlon to-night and to morraw, wiih the fallowing powerful cart:? f'n plain toreus Mr. Lester Mr. Smith Mr. Proiisbam I Leonard D' trey.... Mr Dvott Tom Tlttler Mr. Walker | Gen. Grantley .... Mr. Norton Mr itapli itoo'l.-, Bart Mr. Stewart Vernon Ur. Levere Cbivaller de la Finesse Mr. Jeffries Count Llvonwil7. Mr. HtrrUon llaron Oiietenclatia Mr. Peter? hobert Mr. llurle | Landlord Mr. Ollvar U<ok Mr Simpson Terd'Ui Mrs. doey Peggy Poplto Mum Oannoo liichesH de Caktletnate Mrs. ihompwra Francois Miss f'arinm Scene:? Locdon and its suburbs In the Uuet part of the fcevenicenth century. SYNOPSIS or fM-KHIHY, by Isherwood, ansli-ti d by Mr. Wallace. Act I. ? Card room at the Neapolltau Minister's. Paggy's lodglrgs, King etreel, Westminster. Act II.? An apartment at I>' arcv'A An attic In King street. Act HI. ? Collet >oom at Lockel's Room la Madame ltou lender's boatdlrg boure. Golden square. Act IV.? Apartment at I)' Arch's. Cutmber In Smith's re treat Act V.? Peggy's lodgings. London, from the Hampatead fields. 1 be new and appropriate costumes o< the period, by Mr. G. Fisonery. '1 be mechanical portion under the superintendence of Mr. W. Pemllt. Hie st?e appointments, bv Mr. J Tlmanr. Characteristic music, arranged bv Sig la Mauna 1 ha band, under the dlrnc'lon of dtg. La Manna, will n?r*orm the (iTtrtu/e to ' Romeo and Juuet," by Bellini, aud other pa pular at d fashionable music. To conclude with, first time In this theatre, an excellent ccmedittt*, called TO OBLIGE BENSON, In wb'et) Mr, G. Holland, Mr. Notion, Mr. I<evera, Miss Mary Gannon atd Miss Raymond will appear. East wkkk of the mammoth panobama ofr California ? Every aitrrnoon, at S, and evening, at o'clock, win open at Washington ha 1, Newark, on Tueiday evening. March 4, lhft) Tickets 25 cents. CJ F.B ASTOPOL HOLDS OB-ONE WEEK I.ONGER.? D JOHN L. SMITH 'H GRAND TOUR OF KUROPE and H1I.GR OF ShBAPTOPOL, Empire Hall, No. 59# Broadway. BIIBVVING ORE HUNDRED VIEWS Of the cities and o-jeets of Interest in Europe. Every evening at 7% a'cloek, and every Saturday afternoon at 3. The music by Mr Alwvn Field, of London. UTRANGEJtS, DO VOU WANT TO SEE THE MODEL O Artlstsr? The omy place In this city, eetab'lahed twelve yeais, will be open on Saturday, March 1, with a splendid company of over fifty performers . with oth?r entertainments Ltcors open at hall past 6, performances commence at half psst 7. WILL RB-OPKN TO-MORROW. SATURDAY, MARCH 1, the Franklin Museum, No 63 Bowery; the only place where the Model Artists can be seen. The entire troupe will appear every evening, in a magnificent selec ion ot picture*, comMu*ng beauty, talent and originality. N. H. ? Curtain rise* at ball past 7 . STAGE DANCING, SINGING. ELOCUTION. PANTO mime, broadsword, small sword, fenrlng and general theat leal busineos, taught by an eminent professor from the hoy a! Academy snd principal theatre*, i. on Jon. Address Signer, lit raid office. THK B&U HEASOn. ipifK ANNUAL BALL DODWORTH'S OORM1CT BAND Will tie given at NIBLO'S SALOON, MONDAY KVKMNU. MARCH So. TICKKTS, f'.'. COAL. OIL. KMWI?W, OH CO \L OIL? Secured by patents. The undersigned heg .nave to oa:i the Attention rf the pubHe to the ann*i?d certlfleaU- of K. N. Kent, ?<aq.. cheiatot, as a perfect answer to the now universal question, " What shall we see tor ilgfct f" AUSTlsfIN, Af*uts of The North American Kerosene Co , 57 Bearer street, N. T. Ijiboratorv, lib Jrtan street, Ne * Yotx, Feb. 6, US6. The North A merman Kerosene Company : ? Uentiemen ? 1 have tr ade a careful pbolntuffaical elimination of your to? ?cue oil. In comparison with the various kinds of oti burning fluid* and oqal ga* in uae in this countr?, wt'Ji the following ro soKs: Kerosene oil 1 1.1 UM>| I, grsl ft r!M 2 44-109 of 1? Ccai gas. . . . I 4 97?| 5 0. ft. 1 15.75 C. ft |*3 M. (412100 at t? From tho above statement, I' will be aeon that kerosene pro duceethbmoei Ugh', at the lean cost, and that burning fluid produce* the least Huht at the greatest cost. I have alxo mads aciratil ariahsls of vo<ir ker-weiie oil, atsd find it to be r? maik'>?ily pure and free I nun all substances which would other wiae ender It unfit for burning In lamps. When thus purttM 07 the process tow in use. It Is not ezotoftv*. even when beat ed to >:12dt ?. 1\, and baling much leas volatile than oamfhena,H Is not Habit, to rruoka. In vie w of the above Sscts, I am saturnine ihst your ??purlOed kerosene " Is destined to supersedes! ether otlt or burning Man, M a source of light forartMctal Il lumination. and would racottimond it as the most valuable ma teria} for that purpose with which I am aoquainted. Very re spectfully, your obedient servant, EDWARD N. KKNT, OhetaM. A1 SHlPFliro. UhTIlALlA.? 1NDKPENDKNT LINK. -FIRST SHIP and only vessel now on the berth loading fo** Melbourne. ? The splenaid A 1 clipper ship NhttfORlAN, I 500 tons bur thes, will he despatched on tae 'JHIi of March for the above pott. Her accomm od?' ions lor pissengers in the drat and ?ermd cabins cannot be surpassed, for whirh early applica tion must be made. For balsm* ot freight or passage anoly lo OOODKT1. ARfCKI.Lf.% KLLIOT, S8 Pearl street, or for paiviie, on board, at pier 12 Kaat river, to 0, BAKRT. AC8TRAI.IA.-INDRPKN0F.NT LINK.? THK BKaUTI nil A 1 clipper shin KATHAY will to despatched lor Sjdnev on the 10th of March. For balance of rreigtit ar pas sage in ilrst cabin spplv on board, at plar 15 Kast river, or to (1O0DEVK, AKKKLL A KLLIOT, 83 Pearl street. WEST INDIES AND VENEZUELA hTKAMSHIP LINK, for Lsgtiav ra and Puerto Cabel o, stopping at St. Tho mas and Porto Rico, carrylngthe United States mail.? The soiendid new steamer TEnNSKSEK, l.Vt*) tons burthen. 0. M. Webber, Commander, will leave for lite above parte on Saturday. March 22. at 2 o'clock precisely, trom pier ? Kast river, this steamer *111 arrive in time at At. Thomas for pa* sengelH lo take the British mall steamers to (Iliad* loupe, Orsnada, Trinidad, Jlsftlnlqite, Harbadoes, Pi. Barta, St. t'rntx. St Martin, Deaoarars, Antigua, 8l KtUs, Ht. Martha, Aspinwal, Han Juan, Nicaragua, and all the Weat India Islands. PitiCK or rASSAiiK r>OM New York to St. Thomas m Porto Rico f70 To I.aguayraor Porto Cabelio H? Steerage paaraga 25 ?ll letters must pass through ihe Post ofllce. No bills of lading will be ? ignea except those furnisiiel by the company. For freight or pa?age apply to 8. DK aGKKDA, JOVE A CO., 47 South at. JjlOR NCRFOI.K ami RICHMOND? TRI UNITED r Stntes mall steamship ROaNOKK, Cspt Thos. Hklncer, will leave for the above p'aces on SainrtlM afternoon, March I, at t n'rlrok, frrm oter IS North river* She will arrive at r>ortnlk on Sunday afternoon, and a. K'chm^nd on Monday iii" 1 1 m Pnasecgers for tha South wlli proceed without de lay by >;reat mail line lo OWestm. Augusta, Havannsh, A. Tin- James river being now free from ir>e. traveller* wl-hing tii Hike this agreeable and expeditious mute need not H|>|<rclieiia Htty d>'la> In reaching their destination. Tassage I'are, with s'jit^i-o<*ri, to Norfolk, 1?; to Rlchtanad and Peters i>urc fin ftoerajre hsirjifH-e. o LUBLaM A Pi,SA H v.NTK, :,j BruMdway. B" HaOADWAT TBMA.nM.-M. W W. B. BU%jH| ?H o'clock. pcrfcnaanoatoH AtoM mi arratwed <&wb AumwWsl at "Windsor Oaatie") eapreaaly for tfia thaatra, to stud tfVaun Wlsno d Mvei-% cou stating g t 10MM, ..Mr. Du I ?MM! Including the wonderlni train* anSL H0 WfU appear. * 1 * 1 "y? sarS^ "OUKTON'S. CKAMBBRfl STREET. f bum r ? ' Three P1#C'?-?U good. The H- Pecrf with Mr. Hu^R^K2T r??yr^E AFFAIRS, Ihu laughable extra vsgsifzaot w antkd. our THOUSAND MILLINERS. A mAStft _.IK THOUSAND MILLINERS. Jm l!ajrg? and Madame Va To morrow? The great TALK. Broadway yabibtirs, mo. <71 broadwai.? (Lite Maobanba' Hall, between Oras 4 and Brooaae sIM = ;7?2r"A' Leasee and Business MinsgW. R, Q. Marsh 61am Mhaw ?v a ADM1H8I?H TW;K*Tt'-riYR OK5T?. During this week THR WOOD * MARSH JUVENILE OOMUXAMB. in their grand operatic spectacle- *??. TUB NaLA? QUEEN ; Ob Tb? Itnmi or Tax Ram. AIm. THE WANDERING MINHTRKL Jen Bags. . . . . . Matter Oeo. W. Mao* (Introducing song, "Vlhkea? and hia Dtnah " AoJ Deers open ai<X; oommannaa Hiy, *olcek, ando?Nti at 10 o'clock. GEO. CHRISl'Y A WOOD'S MINSTRELS, HEW ?>?? 444 Broadway, below Graad aireec? Ol'RN RVERT EVENING. Business transacted by Henry Wood. Stage Manager Oeo. OfcrtMj. For this webk? Ethiopian Mtnatrelsr, ooooiwUng wtihfca new pieoe oC the HAPPY MAN ; Or, THE TRBATY WITH JAPAN. Jnllua Unackenbiiah, Cook on board IkeD.H steamer Powhatan Oeo OUto Nonas? Doors open at 6, and the oar tain riaM at 7% n'obai precisely. Admission 25 < An excursion to china and japan. For T wbmty-Fivk L'RMTS, AT BROADWAY ATUBKiECM, NO. 054 BROADWAY. Doom open at 6>? o'clock; paaaergers start at ? W o'otoflk, P. M. 1 wo afternoon tralna- on 3%, and Satur day, at 3, P.M. Conductors- O. B. WEST, Wit HBMfB. (HTY ASSEMBLY ROOMS, MO. 446 BBOADWaT. J day evenug, Feb. 29.? Great French enuwtalumeoC ? < omplimentart benefit to Mr. OUBTAVK N kQUKT, wbe wfl dive a lecture on the " LIFM AND OF.NIU8 OF BACBBL." Tbeen'nent pbmlst, M. OOTiSCHaLE. will perform tow or hia moat popular eontpoalUoc*; aad with Mr. Faine's triad permission, Bignor GIUlIO will sing the great cavattna tar baritone 1mm "LA FAVOR IT A." and two French aad Ita lian Bongs. To conclude with Mua<et'a elegant eomedy, L* CaPRUE, acted by M'lle DURKY ami M'lle BRIARU, lata or the RacbW troupe, and M. LBON PaTRR, tnm Vanderil:e ef Paria. Door* open at 6H; the lecture to ' et7??. Admission 00 cents. MMK. ISIDORA CLaKK WILL GIVE a GRAND SOIRBM MUSIC AUK, in BROOKLYN, at the POLYTECHNIC IMBTITUTR, THURSDAY evening', March 6. For full particular*, i programmes which, with tickets, wll be leauy at the vtoies on Monday, Mttrch 3. WHITK'8 OPERA dOUHK.-RENRFIT OF 0 H. fOf. tilday, Feb. 29. The following gentlemen bavj votiaa teered: < H. Blip*, R. W. 8tnl h, 1'tot. Oirby and i?dy. Mas ter Tucker. J. N?al. Mlrkey Warrrn, the lnCant dansenaw. S yean ot i>?e. MAZF.PPa, and the great pony dam. TO COMIC HNOKRB. ? A TaLBNTKD MAN, AOOVB tome.d to ?lt>g in charaeter in the HuglMh myle can harw a good h:tnailou in an eatabliahment of a superior order by ad dreMlag u note w Comeclan, Ledger office. Phllapelphla. BMt ? tng terms ard w^ere an Interview can be hid. ran applicant must be or regular habits and furnlik isformatum about aa pasity. THr MKNF'S YARIE1IKS, NOKTllWHHT CORNKR OT FlUhand Cheonnt streets, Ptiladetpbia.? It lathe uauae ot a new and fashionable p'ace of nanutement, where a osta oeilaupous entertainment is pro* dcd every evening by ium riot artipts and at eitremel> iow rates. ?u.. 6^ cenu, or 12t? cenio for orchestra seats. J. B. THUMRNF, Proprietor? tal? ?t Eosouth Ftchange. PERUAM'S FOURTH RNTKRPR1BE OIFT TICKSTS are still received for the admission of four persons eaah ta BtHELKVS OPKRA House, S.19 BROADWAY. Tickets for nale at the box offloe, from 9 A M. to 10 P. M. dbdlr. PUCK OMR OOLLAk. OR II FOR ?10. All orders fur tickets br mail <ibould be adlre?aed to JUbIaH PkRHAM, Adams Bouse, I I FRANKLIN MUSEUM. NO. S3 BOWKRY, WILL BB open <o morrow, Saturday, March 1 with a daw oijipmv of" modal artists," commuting et Dearly fitly loung Lali**, wko will appear In a new selection ot Living Picture*, wrb other original en'ertainmenla, Remember to-morrow, Saturday. A OX BKAC MOM DK.? MRS. H. SEYMOUR'S OOSTUMRH. for taste, elegance aad historical correctness. are pro imurcod pre-eminently superior to any In the Unled Statm. Pnvale thea'ricals attended. 180 Walker sire at, one door watt ol the Bowery. TBXATRK TO LKT? HOWARD ATHBMAOX, BOtffOM. Mass., by the week, month, or ibr a term ot rear*. Thua tre bow In complete ordsr. far terma, apply to FAXRRAKHB A BBARD, Boatoo. HOUSKB, KUOMS, <KC\ WANTKU. AQKNTLKMAN AND WIFE <ONLT) WANI^ABTar a furnished beuae, one or two room* on second or third Boor, with a front or rear $ lichen. Some small prtva'e tamBr, having tbote apartments, will And In tbe advertiser a deawwU* occupant. 1 arms must be moderate. Unoxoeotlonabl* reie rencea given and required. Addi-ees, stating terms and loca tion. B. O. b , boi lfl Hera'd office. " AGKNTLEMAN WANTS A THRNE 8TORT HOU3K T? rent for several rears tor the pwpoie of keeping a hurts private school. Situation between Catherine and Pine street^ in or near Hast Broadway. Address V. Klltgsohr, No. M Warren street, up stairs. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE WANT TO BIRR A part of a bouse, situated up lo vn or In Brooklyn; two or three rooms wou'd be all that w jul.i be required, in a house with but one famllv preferred Address, statin t location aad term*, which must be low, P. M. U., bo* 111 Herald offise. DVSK ROOM WANTED- IN OR ABOUT T?IK TIOI rnty cl Nasenu st-eet. between Beekman and John streets, for a permanency, at moderate terms. Address F. J ? Herald oflloe. House wamted-in the upper part ?f ram city, or Ut Brocklyn, convenient to the Ftilwo, Wa> street or Bomb fetriee The rent must be moderate, itdrti n? stating loos'ton and rent, Union, Berslrt office H0U8K WANTF.D-BT A SMALL FA MILT OF FOUR perions, in Brooklyn, situated near the terries. South Brtokltn pre' erred. Rent not to exceed $300. Address s i. L. 0 , UerVtl office. OKFlChS WANTED -WANTED, ON IsBdlB OF FOOB or Ave years, from tbe brat of May next, a suit of two or three pleasant and well lighted office*. Apply ti J. N. LAW ION 1 BitUlBKHS, 71 Joun street. CMALL UOU^E WaNTED-OW THB WKn Sll?K OF ^ ' the city, between Chambers and Canal streets, reot t'rous ffA) to t4fi0. Possession on 1st of May. or sooner. Address box ?ti8 Post t ffioe. Small house wanted.? must be on the wmt side otlbe cttr, with ga< and water. Rant (ram 9350 ta MOO. Possession 1st ?( May, or sooner, If possible Addreas A. K. W. . box U m Post oflloe, stating location. Ac. TO TAIkjOKS. ? WaNTBD IMMBDIATELT. A COTtlBO counter, two or three ?how counters, de?k tod looking Itiaai Address, stating terms, which must be moderate, O. H., Herald office. W Ah TED? A WELL LIGHTED 8 HOP. FOB UOHT metal manotactuilng purposes, In the lower part of 'ha city, from the brat ot May or lixmediaioly. Mo risk on account of fire. Aditieaa. "tAting re.nt aad Locauan, It M Heralo < fllce. WANTKD-BY a small vrivate family, from Istot May next, a two Htory hou^e; looatmn not further up than Houston, or lower than Canal street; west side pro tei red. Address Safely, Htwa.d ufllse. W A NT It D? Ah ADAMS PREfcS. OF THE LATEST PA trnt, wiih lour rollers, bed JbilO. or larger. Inquire of Jas. Com er A hon. WAFTHll-THK LOWER I'ART OF A FIRST CLASH b' UN), containing Uve or six rooms with gas. bath. An.; location three or lour blocks east or west of Htuadway. Real not 'o exoeed t?)0. Anv person bating the statue to dlsoose of will meet with s good and responsible tenant, oy addressmg Hiitise. Herald office. W ANTED TO RENT-PART OF A HOU88 OH STORE. It suitable for a pbotograpblcal business; must be situated on or near ttrosdwny. Rent not to exceed >800 per aim am, Addrt-Mt lor two days J. It , box 921 Post office. \\ anted to LBASV-rON thkkk or FIT! YSaRS. TV to he occupied as a first class boarding bouse, a large modern house, between Fourth and Sixth avenues, aad betoW Fourteenth street Undouo'ed reference will be given Ad dress, giving location. rent, and permtaion to view the pro mlses. S. K. A., Herald oflloe. Wanted- by a small family, part of a bouse (shout Ave or six rooms). in a reepeotable locatwo In tnlf city , reut about f?i&; or a small bouso In Brooklyn, ta a good celghborhoori. with modern improvements; rent net t? exceed S27S. Possession on April 1 pre'erred. Address O. W., Ilerala office, stating terms and location. WANTKD-BY A FAMILY OF FOUR GROWN PBB sons, one half of a lit at olasa house, tn a good netgh^r kood, In the upper fart of the dty, fl>r wWjh a liberal rank will be paid. Address H., box 130 Herald office, speo fpnc looaUon Ac. Referenon exobanged. WANTED-A COTTAGE. IN SOME V ILl. it OK WITHIN twenty Ave miles ot New York, fro^n the tirat ot May Address box 1.. 8& Post office, stating location and priee, aad living a roll description. ANTED ? FROM FIRST OF MAY NBXT, ON TBB TT west side of the city, a bouse, with modern improve menu, between Bieeckrr and Twentieth sir?ela. Kent not ta exoeed $r*W lor three story, 9&00 for two story bouse. 1 111 rose box 2 583. Post office. ^yARTED TO RENT? A SMALL MOUSE. OONTAIB T| lug all the modern conveniaooes. in a respertab.e I , - borhcod. below or near Four th street, between Broadway and Sixth avenue. Ii further up town, must be near one at tha nil v railroad*. Would purchase part of furniture. Heat must be'moderate. Address, gtving ftill parttrulan, W. O.. Nw S ?? Poet office. _______ Wanted to lease ob rent-a small house. or par' of a house, not higher up thaa thirty fourth street, west of Broadway, for a small tamtlr, at a moderate rent. An? parson having such to dispose ot win Bnd a (aad and permanent 'eoant by addressing A. A.. Herald ofllcei. WANTED TO TJIA8E ? K HOUSE, SUITABLE FOB A tiennaa boarding bouse, large enough to aoeawoaodata from 00 to 23 boarders. Must be pisasanU> situate^ taag wd busiLesa location, it possiile somewhere tn a central part e f the city. For fuither partkiulara, addreas German Moartteg House, Herald office. WAMTKD TO L RASE? A FARM, OF FROM TO TO IM arras fbr three years, with a privilege ot purchasing at the expiration ot that time, or wonid buy now, the so'.tai- it king a mortgage o?t tba prlnotpaJ. a line addeoased toC W., turn 73 Post office, staling partlcalara. where located. An. . iron d meet ttnmediatwtenuoo. The house and building must M <m good repair. UFUmMTBY. TMTH FXTR\t;YKP, WITHOUT PAIN, ?Y A IxX'AJ application U- the gsirn No ether, chloroform or ini ga ?uwd. Modti <k spnU."al1oti Inverted by 0. d. PUTNaJL tea tut, % Bond stns*.