Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 2, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 2, 1856 Page 3
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?' ADDITIONAL FROM CENTRAL AMERICA, STATE OF AFFAIRS IN NICARAGUA. INT EE E8 TIRO DETAILS* New City to be Erected near Granada, Ac., 4c., Jba. OUR NICARAGUAN CORRESPONDENCE. Granada, Fe b. 7, I860. JSteamer Trip from San Juan fo Granada ? Rate* of Prori. lion i ? A Hi mine Mapected on Board ? TV Military Mm Shoot a Bulloch- ? Scenes at Caitxllo ? German Hospitality at T iryin Bay?Cheap Quarter t ? What Emigrant) Want. The i'Muier Northern light reached Punta Arerai ?Mr); on Saturday morning, the 2d inst., and her passen gers at ones embarked on small stern wheel boats up the xi ver. The water of the San Juan, at this season, is ex tremely low, atd travellers suffer all the delays and relation experienced on the Ohio at low water, together with an addi'.icnal hardship ? the impossibility at pro etui eg provisions on the rirer craft. The hardships < f the tiip up the San Juan, on tbe las Voyage from. Jvew York, were peculiarly severe. The dlsta&ee from Greytown to Granada is usually accom rJ'rhtd in about thirty six hours, but the pasi eager* tn the Northern Light only reached this city on Wednee day, the Oth, during whfoh time they were subjected to tbe alternative of hunger, or compliance with the exor bitant charges mate for the most ordinary edibles. Thi prioes aemsnced overreached those of California in its ?test exhoibitant days, to wit : ? For a cracker, usually known a< haid bread, one dime ; for a loat of bread, not an la: ge and a ? solid an a brisk, half a doiltr ; miserable colTee, without milk, a dime (or a small siad cup ; tea or milk not to be procured ; and, notwithstand ing it was wsii known that the pass?ugers would be upon the liver and lake boats for several days not the leas; preparation wab made to meet the demand for food. Had it not fortunately occurrel that a detachment of soldiers, bound for this city, embarked at Castillo rapid, wh< shot dowu and dressed a bullock the third da/ on Che liver, the tiip would bava ended in famine ? for the in difference ot the oflicers or managers of the boats was most st'ete It is proper to say, however, that the time oonsumed 1n the tiip 1 have just concluded is a great oxesotion to the rule ? adiyanJa half being ample time. It irould fee well, however, for those passenger* whose mo una are limited, or who have ladles in charge, to put up a box of provision.!, on leaving the steamship, and thus avoil tbe heavy charges made on the boats and at the Sastiil > hotels, ahete M.e dollar per meal is exacted for raisera Me bod. The or ly point of importance on the San Juaa river is Ca*tiI!o, whe:a we remained about eighteen hours. This placets garn.-cned by a detachment of the Niearacuin army, ana comands the San Joan river above and bolow the rapida. 1 spent a couple of hours In and about the old Spsniih oaatle at this place, oonstructed about ih-ao hundred Tears ego, to defend the then wealthy cities of Granada aud l<eou l'rom tbe approach of the buoiane'ira ?o long ths terror of Central America and the Isthmus. The castW is no longer occupied as a military post, and Is interesting only as a specimen of the architect* ratabi lity of the eailier cays of Spanish ruli on this continent. Its walls are but slightly damaged by tha several sieges it ba< sustained, and time makes little ioiprefsion upon tbe massive stones, durable cement and superior ma sonry tbat mailt the construction. The Castillo rapids are the oo.'y obstructions to the navigation of the San Juan, except at very low water, wben, as on this voyage, the Maobuca and the Tcro rapids also require boats of light construction, drawing about twenty inches of wa ter. Tbe lske boats are reached at a point ca the San Juan about thirty miles trom the lake, from whsnet the passage is direct to Vlrgia Bay, to Ornu*da. On airivirgat Vi-gin Hay, we found the wind t>o hlgli to jeitrit landing at night, and the steamer run over to the lee cf Madura Islana, or properly sneaking, Ometepec, where we rode at anchor daring the night and the next morning lanceJ about one hundred soldiers on the inland to get proritions. I took rccaiion to land with them and Vas most hospitably received by Mr. Msyer, a German, who is engeg'd supplying i he steamers of the Traosit Company wl h woor. Mr. Meyer is a fine specimen of itia iac<- aLd is facetiously styled the "King of Ometepec." and bis hospitality to some half doxen passengers who landed and spent tilt night and next day with h'm, was truly regal. Chickens, teef, vegetables and fruit, were served np and disappeared in a trice, and bountiful llba tlons of oeff?e and tea were poured out con m? h/> giut'o. The soldiers coasumedthe larger part of a beef slaugh tered fcr tht occasion and I was informed by Ctptti" Far Bum of the New York regiment, that the charge for the entire acc< mmodatlon, including pro vie lent for pas iengars acd soldiers, awards of one hnidred in number, was only eighteen dollars. Virgin Bey derives its rhief importance as a depot of the Transit Company, and on the arrival of the boats presents a very busy aspect, the streets being crowded with mules, horses ana stages to convey California passengers. The Company have in progress of construction a wbarf which Will tx'end out about fifteen hundred feet when B.mpleted; the landing is very inconvenient, owlug to the prevailing wind blowing towards ths chore and raising waves very siniiar to tho.'e upon the Western laires of the United States. From Virgin Bay to Granada tha passage is quite Mgreeab'e, and occupies only feu* hours. On th* island ti Ometepec are two high mountain peaks, rising like pyramids ft cm tbe lake, and as we approach (Jranada anotbtr ptsk, tbe Maubache, rises, marking an outline ?gainst the blue sky which is already indeltbly fixed on ?y mind. We reached Granada at sunset on Welne.iday the 6th Inst., on thu fourteenth day from New York. Passengers trom tbe United SUtes should provide themselves with a good blanket for use on the river beats, where the only protecion afforded is the deck above and cur'aius on the sides, and the night air on the river is otlen d?tnp. I have convetsei with very many old mershants here, and find that the usual time occupiei in the voyage ; f 'is (iieytown to Granada is thirty hoar*, ani the only charge oi beats or delay at tbe Castillo rapid*. Befire this letter reaches you the river will be iaeretsedin v&ume suflii-iently to r(ud*r tbe navigation mare expe ditious and passengers by tbe steamers of March and the subsequent months, will find the journey quite ple?-an', and tbe tiip accomplished befoie the excitement of a change from the steamship and ocean aaviga'.ion to a river boat aid tropical scenery his worn iff; and the speedy termination cf the voyage will give little oppor tunity 'or boat-stewards or offl-.ers to extort exorbitant prices from hungry travellers. A Gravada. Feb. 10, 1816. I JJoutf Hint- in th' City ? Mechan t'cs Wan'.nl~-St\,le nf Ar chitecture OUervtd ? How a /fount Look* to/tti I'm Jhk t It ? Chart's for Pitrniiurt ? Culinary UlensBt?l'he Cli %matt?Gaid(nini 7, awl It.* Fruits. Tbe city 0'. Grai ada la si tuated on an eleva+ed tahle land, about one Jiuadred and flf-y fvet abuv>* tbe level of lake Nicaragua, and is apprcached from tbe like by but j one road for vehicles, though there ere (oreral roads used j by oot Jfcf?ei>gers and equestrians. The roads from 'be lake to the ttty ilee t.> a succ?f>ion of terrace* to the j level upon wbieh the city is built, and taoh terraca ia pared with large equate bl< ck* of atone. Toe distance irons tbe whirf to the pl<r/.a is 11 bout, tnree quarter* of a tLile. The city i? almost entirely deatitute of aecimmo datl*?>s for emigrants, but off "ra the beat inducement for every kind o( business. Tbe entire don.e*tla cci>ve- i nleccts of tb., city are located in the immediate vicini'y of th* plan wbile all around, and more especlilly 0:1 the northwest, or inland side of the city, are entire blocks of bouats ar.d many fine chnrjhes In ruins and a Dandle 4. 'lhete homes btve teen destroyed during the lale civil wars, and thousands cf the more wealthy e.iasi who for merly inhabited that quarter of the city, have tnuved to I.eon, or from the country. The cm desinence of til* is the crowding ot all business and residences towards the p^ata, and a great Increase of rent*. From fifty to seventy -five do I lam per month is already demanded and received tor a house containing trom four to eight rjoms, aud until the arrival ot mechanics who can reconstruct nome ot the ruinec*, house rents muat con'inue toincre*?e. 1 ahoulu tay that the bouses here are t mi rely different from any in the United State*, They are ra-ely built more than one atory high, ami are erected on three iMp ?( a parallelogram, with a 'arge cjurt yard contkiiiiog frnlt tree* In tbe centre. Tee ro >ras are ?iuite high, and extend to the roof without any ceiling in* verporeu, au.l are generally arranged intkla manner: The chief room, or tain, i t generally entered through an ante room and by a door opening on the court yard, and on erther hide, opening upon the yard, are locaed the sleep ing rooms aud private apartments of tbe household. A corriior, shelter ed by a wide tiled roof, extends around the courtyard, under which families spend moat of ttei timeani conduct all domeatij affairs. Tee kitchen is placid in some remote comer of tbe corridor, entirely detached trom the dwelling. Tbe main entrance to dwelling* tbe street is through a Urge gateway, ?sed in common for hor*e-t. mules, dome-tics aud mem bers of tb* family, though for tb* latter a smaller dtor awing* withlu our learof tbe gateway, furnished with a pati hey. There U not a house in Qranad* to le*. that do?a notre qulre at ouoe Ike labcr of ma' on*, earpenfera audpiiit ers, while tor the domestic comlorta of the Unite! State* an entlie revolution is required. Aa I am rogcirant o( the state of domestic mat'ws frewi Jiatu?l eTpenano, I will Inform person* who expect to emlg late of tbe actual apcearance of thiags pertaia iDg thereto, to one who has been accustomed to the use ful, if not the ei.-jant and luxurious, articles of the United Sta'es. Ilpen hiring an utoccupled h?uue here, yon flad bare walla, eovered with cob weba. and tiled floor*, over which ll-arda and iguanashave had full play, pe>h?p*. for years, and petctivo an lntntidlate necessity for whitewash, paint and * "robbing. Table*, chair*, bed*, dishes and srtielea pertaining to the "hotwehold are only to be obt ilnea at excessive prices, if at at. Tbe Spantnh merchant* here have aa many paces lor artiele* as there are days in the week, ot rather calls upon tftein; for cups and rancers I ;eid $4 40 per down, of the mo,t ordinary qual'ty plain blown] glass tumblers, of small #we, *4' per d?-*ei; knives and forks, with horn handles and the most ilu-nsy make, from $2 t>$;pe.-d ten, / tor the first haf I P?W >1 V>, for the aesmd HI ( and tb* last jiirchase1? were the best articles); metal *nooDS. M per ?? 'en; sm'ill bowls, %i 40 per doxen: no tili'e linm ><? be b?d. nnd for coarse muslin as, a *uh<tl tute, 15 oeo*? | ?? 3 ard; \ broom, IS cents: 1 1 m ?? , already e'a>li?d Mr <rU:te??,?h. #1 per luvbel, and llttie to be ha'l; cedar fKnk* one inc.i tbic*. I pinc'iafel as a f**or at g ,>v?*nment p?-V<< for l'J >- reuti per aqttare t v?t in elndlr;? knot*, sp^' end fsg < n,l<; a pot oi Freeh m is- , ItH, U; ?ad m ob tfcroogb the ?Wtgw of 4e*wtie Bt iclM, lb* until U that everything not frown to the ooumtry tears an ?ic?ilr? prioa, and every article requiring manual labor U either not to be prceured or only attain able at old California prices. The govenunsnt takes Uige quantities or the Importation* tor t he use of t*xe army end hospitals, and civilians have already learnt to ext* in poiiee until the arrival of good* from the Ontted States. 1 eOEPider the opening here fnlly equal to that afforded la California a tew years ago, and preliminary steps aie Hieady taken by maay merchants from the United states t<) supply tie great demand that will arise from the Increasing emigration. All that has bee 11 said of the fertility of the soil and the nature of its productions is quite corieit; the one thing needful is if de relopement. when tha* U effected by the in flux of fettlera, this country must become the Paradlee of North Americi. The climate is delightful, and though I arrived In mil"- summer, and the dry season, I have not yet expei lecced the heat of * New York summer's day, while at night the air U tool and comfortable; tor my own part, all I want is a good bed to rest as pleasantly as In my own home in your cl'y. 1 have tecured a hou.+e, which, although requiring many repairs, is yet a decent plaoe; the roosts, three in number, aie one hundred feet in lecgth, by twenty-Are wile, whi'e on two sices of the inner court yard Li a fine, portico, fifteen feet wide; attached to the house is a largt yard, with a well and stone trough. The eutlie groun 1 of my house covets a space of three hutdied feet long by cne hundred and fifty feet wile. The yards ocntain orange, tamarind, lemon, maranora, mavDgua, acheotas, papaya, oocoa. palm and other tree*, and ai e separated by a high adobe wall, through whio i a pate glvts egre^. Although everything requires re pairs to adopt it to a refined taste, yet still the spaelout corridors, high rooms, and tbick adobe walls, render th* habi'atlon cool, and comfort and elegauee attainable upon the an lval of houpf hold goods from the States, anl the companion to i-ha;e its tropical enjnymenta. In try hoof is a party of nine (/asiMDgerH, out by thi steamer Northern Light, including two ladies, anil all seem quite pleased, as well with the climate as with prospects lor business. 1 have not yet had time to visit Leon nor the interme diate cities, but expect to furnish you by the next steam er, with seme account ol the interior country and the mines, which, from the best information I can get here, ate very rich In ore, A. Granada, Feb. IB, 1859. The Weather ? fleaVh of the City ? All Quiet After Dark ? Ay i m ranee of the Women ? Enterprise of o A ew Yorker ? Plenty of Little Children Arouni ? Their Figure* and Dreu~ Hotel* and Restaurants? General Walker' tPopu la> iiy ? Ihruset, Rents and Trade Pronpeclt. I bare now been in the Territory of Nicaragua about tro weeks, and in this city over a week, daring which time I uare bad a good opportunity to teat the climate, as far a* warm weather is concerned, and at no time yet have I experienced an approach to a melting summer's day of New York; the sweltering night of a Northern iu miner are here unknown, from the fact that window glan is not known heie, and light and air being admitted by windows closed only by wooden shutters, the tempera ture muRt be oxtremely even. The city of Granada is in a healthy condition, the only Meknese among the Americans being the insults of late iu peranceaxd imprudence, consequent upon bad habits. The streets aie quiet at night, and one may walk from the lake shore to the suburbs with leu* fear for personal safety than is generally felt during a walk of such a din tance in the city of New Yoik. The native population are very little sren after dark, and prefer to tit under their cool porticos in the inn ?r court yards, rather than to promenade the utrae'.s Morning and evening the lake is resorted to by all claseas tor bribing, and lorg fli<w of tall enc gr&oefn i native wo men are ooaetentiy pasting to and from tie lake, in the c< rnirg an l evening, bearing; huge jars of wator ou the r heat's, which lis ay carry with a nonchalance and ease which ecaiiie* them to dispUy no little amount or co quetiy, wituout disturbing the burden they beu\ la bet, the liesd of the native is the reaspta^le of every ?[ t? ies t?f lurcen, from a saucer to a bale of goods, and enter atticlt appears to set upon tbo bead with perfect secuuty to both burden and bearer. Mary families and the government cilices art now sup Stied witk water from a cart manned and equipped by a ew Yorker, whese face as an ex-policeman on Broadway is qui'e lan.iliar to me, and well known at the old "Tea Room." A foice pump at the lake would easily supply the demand! ot t-e citv, and at half the ia es now re ceived lor water would be a lucrative business. I pay my ex-poiice fiiend at the rate of five cent* per pall (two gallons) for water, and if tt is brought by the natives the difference In the expense is but trilling. The lake water 1* ured icr blinking and cooking purposes, while for cat tle and waih water near y evety house has a well, which furnishes hard water not considered fit to drink. findless chain pumps vculd be patronized, and at once supersede tbe rop?, pulley and bucket now in use. All purchases of foid and provisions are made in the p'aza, on the rhady side cf wtii ;h crowds of native wo men, in piciuiesque at ire, vend every species of uod, fiuit and dolces (sugar candies and sweetmeats). Aitund and among thj mvrons and maideos are sores of Utile dark-skinned and hlaca-eyed boys and giria, gene rally destitute of clothing, unless one is fcrtunate enough to obtain a straw hat. which artiste alone generally com pletes the full dress tf a child. My cook has a fine, intel ligent tcy, about seven years of age, who generally cones prancing into tht couit yard about mealtime moantei en a stick fcr a horse, and displays bis clean tan-colored skin to fine advintsge. l'edro is a favorite already, and comes for hie share of diilcet at every meal. All the chil dren heie have Immense protruding bellies, of true Fall s's IV, an proportions, produced by eating Urge quantities of fruit especially the plantain, wtik-h fried or boiled is tht i ole food of the children, and tb?f cbiet food of the naliTe adults and is indeed a very nourishing aad palata ble article. ) would lecommond any ''lean and hungry Css.ius" of your civy who desiies to become a candidate for alder manic honors at the text elec ion, to visit this crtuntry, and Kuaran'ee that in a fjw months he can return to New York with a rotuoity of figure worthy of the al dermen o* yore, and at a much cheaper rate than turtle saipdiet. Gianada has now one good hotel, kept by an Ameri can. and ee.v?ral iestauran's, where mi-al.s can be obtain ed furaUhed with all the products of the country. A lew American stores have beeu opene and the prospect is pucourag'rg for the esta illshmentof a heavy commer cial business. The mili'ary force have a dress parade eveiy day at 5 1'. M,, cn the pin 7a, and much has alreacy been done to the improvement of the drill during my short stay here, l.'nifbimity of diess and equipment would at on :o mike the army here not inly the best fighting m9n in the world hut nra<>ng the best in drill and appearance. General Walker is very highly esteemed by all par Jen bfie, the citizens respect liim, and he is idolizei by the toldlers. Every native with whom 1 have had any converiation is .-alifiicd with the condition of things, and speaks in high terns of praise of General Walker. A* for the General, I can say but little from personal knowledge. I have hail the honnr of several inteiviews, and havo learned to admire him. He is constantly pressed wi.h business, and yet. des patches It with perfect tranquillity; is quite deliberate in speech and movement, and seems to weigh well evrry word to speaks or hears, and to scrutinize every move ment. He is of small figure, sandy liatr and co-ap'extnn , blue eyes, rather inclined to n haz?l, and it perfectly un - os'eiitajo is in diess, manner anl action, and seems ware uisin the ?aine mould which has produce 1 to the world men qualified for ootinsel and command. His sue c?fH is decided, snd if l'rov'dence spttres bim, as a leading ttind in this Stale, 1 am confident that Niiarngun will In a ,-hort time take a rank among nations that will be the envy of older States. Wi'h tbe civil gevernment of Nicaragua I h??e as yst made litt.'e acquaintance. Martial law has prevail d siace the entiance of General Walkap, and as peace wi'.b ic nnd without the State was the ti*t requisite, the ml'i tary regime was the natural result. 1 understand steps a e about being taken towards the organization of a civil givernnunf. bused upon a constitution and laws sin-Pur to those of the States of the North. Wn?n this ia accomplished and the dls-enH^ns of p?rty ar? snUied at the ballot box rather than by the .sword, climate, s di, resources, agricultural and mineral, aud tho vast Held for enterprise, will in a few mouths till the country with ?migrants of a class calculated to raise the State to pror ferity. A laige lumber of those who came out. ou tie Northern Mght cn i!4 h of January, have foil ad e-nploy Knrit under tlie Roveinment and are highly satisfied wi'li thefr fitua'ions and prospects. Real eetate i.? quite low io this city, and vast fortunes lnukt be made by capilaHxts who tmblrk tn tbat line; houres ate wanted, snd increiving emigration mtist soon build tip the K'paraely inhabited district between the city a nd the lake. KmU aie rising very fast from the want of houses, wbl ? vaosn'. building lots anil houses tn want of repair, are to le had in every quarter. The city ol Ollllw mus'. become tbe business eentre of the State; it is the Lead of ihe Uk? commerce, ou the direct line of travel nnth anil se.uth from Costa Rlsa to Honduras, and the point of debarkation of all travellers and emigrants. < npiti 1 and enterprise will hasten the work of improve neu1 already commented, and the first to nnbark in It w.ll realize the earliest and richest fruits of tbsir labor. a, ( Amun fUrrM, Nicaragua, Feb. 18, 1856. Qrrr,<.! iticn of Ihe Country under Ihe Walker Rcgine?lforror Entertained by the Nalivtt of Work? Arrival of Col. Kinney at Granada? K'^mptim of the Mosquito Terri tory by yicorttgtta?The Thirteen Million Acre Claim Converted into Watte Paper by a Stro/.-e of Walker 't Pen ? tnteres'ing Developrmmt* in Connection with it, tfr. , in my iaat I Intimated the prospsct of an enduring feace for this war-torn and hitherto iistrac'ed country, ncder tbe protest ion ot the Americans who have been in to eotne and rett!e here, for the double purpose of I | rociaimiag and maintaining social and civil o;d?r, an I at the same time of availing themselves of the rich re source* with which nature has so abundantly blessel this portion ef tbe earth. Anglo Saxon bloe d is potent, and "will tell" wherever it is to be fonnd, and ft i.s already the governing power in tbe State of Nicaragua. There areonly about 1,500 armed Americana ia the State, one thousand of whom are at taebed to Walker's force, and the balance would be ia the field, If necessary, at the first note of alarm. There is force amply suflicient to hold the State against any revolutionary or revolting movement, and the disefTec'ed Nicaraguan.- are fully conscious of this taot, and have given up all hope of ever attempting anything of the kind? their ouly apprehension 'being that los Americano* del Karie will compel them to setve as slaves. To this even tli?y would not otTet tbe slightest objection, did it ?< t involve the fertalaty of labor? an l?*<?a f;ir mora tsr tible to them than that of being "let > gainst the wall" an.l diot. fktf h*n aa Ulattt horror of mMUm like woST ?ad wttl work aheoiutely a Ifcwut Mfwtbt pcMfwt Of avoiding it. CoL Kinaey presented blmeeif et headquarter* ia Gra uUk a fow <n efawe, IWr the pmpuee or ofootiog mm amicable and kmniou wrmnimt with 0? Welt or. He arrived there ju?t in time to -witness tho pwh'i eftUoaor* WWH?I decree, declaring that whomso ever claimed, heM or oeooplod land by virtue of maj ti tle or conveyance, sot mode and authorised by tho proper gaverament authorities of the State oc Nicaragua, should bo deemed and declared a pirate, and treated ae fcuota, and their aald titles and claim* thouM bo null aod void. This was a "whopper" for Col. Ktnaey, in vie r or his thirteen million claim, boughtof the darhey whom th? English buffoonishiy crown K ingot the MosquHo Coast. The truth is, this land always belonged to Nicaragua, and she never for one moment relinquished her olaim to It There never was, before this, any power here to oppose the rluiculous pretention* of England or aseert the rights of this State ? hence her boldness and audacity ia setting up a claim to even a proteeterate over this Me*quke territory. Col. kinney's emigrants, feel'og inseoure ai to title, bar* almost entirely left bim, and united with the govern ment force under Walker, taking their (amities with them up to Granada. The Colotiel appealed to (teueral Walker on the publication of the decree annulling his land title, and was told by the latter that he wonld do tbe bent be oouid for blm ? give the emigrants be should FeLd him VI60 acres apleoe, and try and reward hiss for his ooloniztng effort*. There is somstbi'g decidedly in teresting m Ibis purchase of thirteen million actes by Col. Kinney, which the good people of the United States will (lud cut as tbe tale ucfo ds. and which will reveil to their astonished vision the real filibusters in the settle ment or Nicaragua. The bets, when they come to light, will fully explain the singularly anomalous course pursued by the adminis tration at Warhington, lelatlve to the "Clayton and Bnl wer treaty," to Mr. Crampton, to the Accessory Transit Company, to Parker H. Fiensh, Kc , and will threw light on various other matters connected therewith in a mo-it astounding manner, Tbe righteous condemnation or an outrsged people will 'all ii (x n those who jeopardized both the honor and peace or tbe naticn, wrected from our citizen* the right to emi grate, and from the Transit Company and others the right, as common carriers, to convey paasengers and property to any point in tbclr route, and all this merely to pro mote certain land speculations in which some of the lead ing po'iticians in Washington are Interested. Ihese developements will fullj clear up the cause of the fierce bombaidment of Greytowa, as well as the ar re-it of the Northern Light, tbe Indictment ot Jos. L. White and otters, the crder for the departure or Col. French from the UaiteJ States, the Executive proclamations desliring all who come here outlaws, the continual and obstinate inability of Secretary Marcy anl President niw to un derstand tho true position of either Walker, the Ameri cans here, this government, or her autboiized ambaisa dor at Washington, and the persevering efforts of the ad ministration i tapers at Washington and elsewhere te de ceive, mislead and prejudice tbe citizens of the United States relative to every foot connected with either this colonization movement or the State of Nicaragua. Adjutant General Sohlesssngtr has been appointed mi ni iter to Coita Rica, and has left, with suite, tor San Jose, its capital. George Karian, who shot J. S. Wils in, has ? inct been executed, by order of Geueral Walkar, at Grenada. Tbe weather Is Ado. Thermometer at 78 degrees ? ex tremely healthy. Nicaragua at peace with all the world "and tbe rest or mankind,'' except ljerce, Mircy Hi Co., filibustering land speculators. YAM. THE GOVERN MKNT OF NICARAGUA AND THE CABINET AT WASHINGTON. [From El Nicaraguen-e, Feb. 1?] Mr. Marcy must lecl bewildered ? be occupies a posi tion similar to that of a man who once invented ? ma cliir.e to i epnrate the flenh from the bones of tho ft-h, but which acted contrary and almost killed tha inventor by throwing the bones down bin throat and the meat out or doom. The results o? hi* opposition to Nica-agua have produced equally contrary results. The lorceof hie enmity expended itr-eli in the first apa?m, and to day the reaction bears him down. He U laughed at 'or his opposition to tte progessive destiny of the rase? hired at it* results ? atd the quality ot his talents impwred by its manifest inconsistency with the past policy ot the United States government- But his lias been a life of errors, and tbis is but one more added to the list he must ^*Nfa?r?gna, however, h?s no cause to complain. 8he lias promp'iy 1 emoted the ianult by cutting off all inter course with the government Mr. Marcy represents; and, by the same act, she has reserve- 1 to hersell the rig a: to 1 evoke the tieaty heretofore concluded between the two iro*?ri>mf nta, and wltich *as moat faYorab*? to tho United States. She Is also in a position to offer lavorable terms to European Powers; and the existing government of this repub'ic is sufficiently catlonal and patriots to cous der the most auspicious terms that may present themselves loi its action. The a^ministia ion of Piesicent 1 lerce will And, v hen orobably it is too late, that It has mistaken tie oharac er et tbis peopls, In supposing Nicaragua would quietly submit to the interference of Mr. Marcy, or at most, would content herseir with issuing an indignant proclamation. But tima will direct this impression. The government of thu re pub'.ic is In the hands of statesmen who*) words ? re fewer than their action* ?whote diplomacy Is as just as it is national; and, with whom foreign nations must treat as with men jealous of their country's Insert an! esietm. The policy ot the State, bo long held In abeyance, must now take shape and consistency. The government is stable and its course progressive. Eoonomy and en terprise within, and a liberal and fraternal spirit with ont. It looks to a participation in the commerce of tu world and seeks an extension of its comity among th nations. We offered the first fruit# to the U uited States, but Mr. Marcy could not understand the generous offir, and wantonly deprived his country of i's benefits. We tie now fiee to make terms with F.ugland, Franoe or Cermany equally favorable. They with our trade we ask their money. Thev seek to shorten the dis tance to Canton, tan Francisco and talparalso? we offer the only manner andtfthe grand, st inducements to its accomplishment. The capital cf Europe may hereaf ter be challenged to do those works of internal improve ment of which the United States has heretofore had thi refusal. So mucn for Mr. Marcy. But the point on whi.hMr. Marey struck most disas trcusW war in hi* niirfin'erpretatiou of tli^ renttoent. H* mi* took the clamor of a cruwi of North tin lunatic* tor public optnion, and orthwith invented a policy for the occasion. But hU invention has returned to p'ague him. The sen'lment of J'he American people, and paiticuiarly in the South, in favorable to Nicaragua, lie public voice, paralyzed a* the novelty of tie new pioclamation, kept silence for a time; but it was onlyto break out with g.-eater force when the merits of the question had been caavassed. And to day, from all quar tors of the Union, tlia donoand arises from the Kr?ver?ign leoule, commanding tbe rec'gnition of Nicaragua as me ot tie Power* tf the earth. Tniusands of chivalrous in.mlarants are preparing to leave the South, and ?e uny exi eot. to have them pouring in t>y every ?s earner. From California, New Vork and Boston the tide will also mire, lach man leaves behind him an itilluenos infuv ir of ibe iihw republic; a thousand aspirations hail the ad vance of the new State. . .. v . We have recently examined with ctre the acptc ot rmb'io opii.ion In the United States, a? expressed in va lions pspers and through private let ere. There it no roe m tor mistake in the result. Tbc enlighteomen'. of l? e hh? vindicates 'he position of (lea. W?Uer by ac Inowledffiug.the benefit he has conferred on thlsooun.ry, by promoting peace; and on the world, by owning upCm tral Ametfca to its proper commercial importance. lis nas pa\ed the way to t egenerate two nilllions of Thrown open to iedu*tr!ous arms one littu'ired and fitly thf usand acies of lai d. The wo;ld is In wan\ of provisi >ns, tbe i?uper population ol Kiin-i* desiie homu, eoaimeree asks an ally in bringing closer t ge-.her the opp .site ex of its trade, and civilisation demands a new sub ject. All t),e-e ends have b<sen answered. Ths Iinsra tion i f Ctntral America from the rule of discordant fac tions has promo led peace and industry at home, an ' premises a heel thy trade with foreign States. And U tbtrx no virtue in all these benefits? Is the au .lior ot so much good to 1)9 branded with terms too barith f >r repetitlnn in a lespec'-able newspaper r The true sen ment. ot the Ameiican peop'e revol'aat the ondots'-m^ atd Mistatns Itfelf bj enter log Into the ex pedi 'Jon. Thus tlie destiny ol the race develops It-e f in ?P1* ' 1 ?f b< nils which Secn tary Marcy may forge to keep tt la cbu k. We feel satisfied with the publ'c sentiment ot thi United States. DIPLOMATIC MISSION FROM NICARAGUA TO COSTA RICA. [From El Nicai sgnense, Feb. ill 1 C<1 I.onls Schleesloger, n imiaated as Commissioner to tLe republic of CosU Rice, departed on bis u.r Hu.u a> c? wpanied by Col. Don Msnuel , Arguello. and ?nt" ttr a^ his suit. The Commissioner departed on .ae httsiner f.u Virg n Bay, < n Monday last and will g .d iwu l v lsnd to San Jote, cavi'al of (Josta Klca, aud will p o >?h)y be sbeent seven wiek?. Ihe conduct of OoAta Rica towards th'.s rc public lis h tern such as to leqnire explanation, anl Vbe coteroment coBwde.s the present the most s;iRabe lime to dlepoie of the dimculty. The m.sslon Is .n inently ptaceable, limply to inquire the csuses why C?ista Bic? has failed or relussa to hold in'ercourse with 'he exis'leg government ol Nl?r*({uw. and, it |>ossible, to biing about a mora far arable cndt'loo of alTairf be tveen tbe S?tious trlls must result to th" eotlie Is dy of Central American S ates so long as the inesent fretful and disastrous policy ii Indalged U; and tie ai iiiiutment of Col. Schlessioge fa the first step tewaids ihe ?coompllsbm?,t of a leoonoliiatlon ibrtwrn all the different membeis of the old confe le-atrin. At If est it is to te hoped so. The olive branch is c mtjuuaily extended, Nicaragua is prospniog under its ' and yet the .-tares aojelnlng wilfully withhold them?elve? from tbe benefits o' Its infiuence. All ar? injured lb* tvs peiveielty all are deeply concerned th*5 ?>me tneoaty understanding should be had. . In oider to deTelope her resource., Nicaragua desires i.eaie. Hei gieat aim Is to be a guide and exemplar to the fta es oi Central America, that hey seelig her ad, may coale-ca wf'.h ber In t??e profres.ive moven eot They sre now, and have been ever since the foundation ol the Uni'ed States, re.-eding m o ftiei.gth and health. They cannot deny the ftct, an", a* i aU lots, should acknowleilge ai-O amend it. To real* ' their true position is bait the victory of regeneration, und tf tbe statesmen of the *? j lining republics wl I uu ^ c nlrrnt tbis is-oe, we have little fear but th? eff .;ts o this government will nsult In aoo< mp I'bing ?H.ilw o the most cheerful cos racter? results affecting the enter prise of tbe preeent sge. AFFAIRS IN THE STATE OF LEON. [From F.1 Nicaragneoee, Feb. 2.] Cclouel F. J. Sandeis, commander of the station at 1 e? ?> arrived In Uranada on Thursday evening^ ^ Ssedeis is in excellent health and .reports .he . officers and soldiers at 1 eon In go< d health end station at leon is the most Impor ant fn the 8*afa, ?<| M.e no vein ment ueces?anly requires an oflicer at that im ,i lit i apable of meeting any e*lSency. Tie ? emorrAtic stroTghold, leon, gave pulse to the re pub'le'n e etnent of Cen'ral Attcrica. and It was oeOM iary tl at the fiieodshlp or iu people, our allies la the trrelioi at ion ot the conditioner Llecvn'.y shouMbs oultivated to an ?l.s..lute co"s llds'iou ' the two parties. Faiselioeds of atnoat disparaging net ai e had iveo imiustu ou> 't ?!' "elated againsi the Ami . 'can? ami i >.a? nseess? , , 'l,nt 1 ? rendur i I <>tir people sbooH filsifr -e .-!???? , i',.nifc], ar.d a.-settl^r.R ate of no value ?g^i" t ar eii.tped affltmathns; and therefore, until tho ajtlons ot the AtneMrarfi had holitil the falsehoo?s of their cn??ni*, w n?wt fcav* etood oeodemned aa m afgmelv* ?M op pwwlw r*N. Happily far ike euooeaa at p?M* in the MM*, tke revelulion w deeired ha* cannnBOil ? aar earlier penod than the moit aeutfuina could have er (NM-ina la Granada, tki Mi of dieefeetioB? U Lew, the opujent ud peeerful rirai ?f Giaaada? with fne?Ai an* emaalea, by the well devised meuum of the comma ader, the reaction ha? been comaeenoei, and in a short tt?e we may took to see all the varied claaaeeof our people netting la a coauaon effjrt to advanee the ft osperlty ef the nation. Hie firm Mteb ishment of the legal author! Hen, the rigM enforcement of a joat and compreheneive system of revenue, the enwlioieu -n of th? condition of tie poor, the protection of property, and the enjoinder of per* anil oatrage, will aeeu re create confidence and perfect the peaceable naturalisation of the Anglo-Saxon race in Ni caragua. The history of the army in (rraneda, under the imme

diate eye of the General, and at l<eon, under Col. San der*, l>an had this talutarv effect, and we do not consider that any extent of praise would ba extravagant la re peating the benefit* likely to rrsu>. Croni such healthful censes. RELATIONS OF NICARAGUA TOWARDS HONDURAS. [Front Kl Ntoaraguen e, Veb. 2. J In the S^auUh eolumiui of Kl Airaragumse we publish thin mori iig an official communication from Manual C> lindres, legits from Hcuduraa to the republic of Nicara gua senor Colin<ire.< expren>ei much regret that he could rot cfme to Grenada, bnt that Rowing to hid iafiim at ate of b?altb he wan forced 10 re'u'ii, afi. r having ad vanced aa tar a* Lena. He, h iwever, a eurea the Minu ter rf Foreign Relations, Dun Kermln Kerrer, of his pro found 1 en t Intent of r<t*pe?t for tbe government of Nicaragua, and expremia a hope that at last a peace ful and permanent settlement of affairs haa occurred iu this republic. I>ou Manuel Colin ' res recognizee the benefits likely to flow trom the above condition of th? State, end, on be half < f the government ot Hunduraa, con/ratulates the Min'ster cf Foreign Kelationa of tliia S ate that at length the distractions of Central Amerisa ar? likely to come t-> an rtd. there are many steps to ba taken, taya tue le gate, which ahall uti'e in fraternal bonis thi tw > coun ties; and he confidently asserts that like Governor of Honduras will respond to the invitation of oar govern ment, by the immediate appointment o' a coromUsionsr to negotiate a proper treaty betwten the two Stales. Tbe proclamation published In Kl Nuar ag 11 env ef the 12th of January receives the cordial approval of tbe Honduras legate, and will be fa rora ?ly i titer - pieted in Honduias. The Ira'.lci^Al wara that have heretofore devastate the State are now at an end, it is to he hoped, and the official declare ' lone of thy g.iveru men'^as peblished o tor tha signatuie of the Minister, afford ear u ranee that the institutions of Nicaragua are at present fixed upon a basis tsuch aa to ensure confidence in the stability ot whHtever compacts the two States may negotiate. 1' oder thece contideratioas. Manual Colindres returns to Honduras, improved with the most farorabia impreet-iinsof the existing oraer of things in Nicaragua; and with his favorable report we anticipate the negotia tion soon of a treaty between the two countries, con feiring mutual bent fl is cn both. The administration of the fore-'gn relatirns.of Mearsgua, by the niaUter of that department, is such as must ensute f >r the govern ment abroad the reapect of nations, and at home the coiifidence of her fellow cititetu. The po.iltlon of our affairs wi h Homduras is grea'ly owioj to his exertions. LL^G^K7Qi?P?,THE NEIGHBORING STATES Caiunah C0UIWK 0F GBN* 0'rom K1 Nicataguenxe, Feb. 9.1 f.n.V?01.! ,"ra ?curLe?, "'?t ? '"8UB- offanjive aal de ' i o r?,0g UoatemiiU, Hjndurss Costa wh?. *6?r? r ^!Ta'ior- ?.We noU?? t??ia *H ft fact HotnH *? f ^ul?r' bocausf Nicaragua u not incuded iu tUe compact. Heretofore the Cemul Ametioan "uuh Uare cinMated ol five l'o?erH, and on the formation of any treaty five ,epr?*eiitative* havu discussed the projeew submitted to the convention of tha different State' That inti.? ?m'? !err?,,,re *" abl iln& flh jnM be discarded h? ? tV consideration, an.i very justly given cause of . ffen^e to the existing no rerun-em o( thin State. Niea.wrua is a Art ?i cStmi l .UJn,HCa' h01 8 v ,0 ^ C0DHnlt?J M such has never been drilled- and w> en it In thus suddenly ignored wa f w-""1 ten"",d BB exMtuatcu. The while nno pie of Nicaragua are effuoded in tlila matter, and tUeir g< ve.nn.fnt i* requited to have the incivility rectified WraPir?'?r' ? ^ SUte is c?P*bla of maintaining nm in '""V* > #nc ^Rhboring Tower* wait either treat u* in an aml?abie manner or rejelve us ai eaemie* We ft? ,h' branch; our o,urie ?h!ve I lu ed with u.ts>ages of jwace the confederated au'h .r.tiaj of oar i later republics; no cimp'ainU or interferences h?v? p,ed,wii'1 0,her Pe?p!?i and therefore we have given no cause to be thus suddenly, aud wi:hout vu,v0ff fr0m tte intercourse of those State* ; h ? 8roT?rnment haa hitherto been on terms of intimate and friendly relation*. Another ait gulantr in the news arises from the con -aa Salvador and Hondn-a* in this ill ?h ?U*'. ?* '#rmor has hitherto been c -.nat tered the inveterate foe of the servile party, and at thesaiue tin,e a staunch friend of democratic prin ciple*. it* poaitlou haa been ho well uoder?t->od tf ?!mp#r\7 ^-rtans have given to San Silva dor the honorable title of the " Switzerland of America" because It waa hemmed in wrh tocky mountains, in M i flr?,7 J>rotectei the lib iral ideas of IU people. Moreover, San Salvador haa often expreay !lf 5 for the exiatirg government ol Niaara/ua; *''hout solirftatiou has made olTara of peace aa 1 friendship. Therefore, It is strange thit, without aa sigrlng any cause, or airing any notifies .ion, she should Itrnoi MtV ?V* *nd, 40 any alliancs which ignoiel the existence of agovernment toward* which she profited such friendship and which was. la reali-y S'^1" b"r pe?pl? have .mi stained with ao much fidelity, or Honduras, thoae who will THke the J? our #f l4,t w<?ek, (February !? uP" that w oongratulate.1 the State and with reaaon, too, on the near pro<peo*. of a i peedy adjustment of a mutually benefiient treaty f<i^ragua and H>odur*a, The then ex iHtli?n official relations the t?o c-untrios weie ?.f the most cheei log and amicable nature, To-dav 'f ffthoe# who have m?<le a treaty ia Mcar.gua. The profess! ms ol Manuel (silindres have faded like chatactera made in the sand srd even while he wrote the hand of obliterati in follow td last after his pen. Thu* w* *tand with regard to two ol 'he conhacting Powers, and it only rests vith the fu tuie todeveloi* the hidden cau?e< which hivs produced these sunden refult*. " "UCBU Thea<?mliii?tr*tionof President Kivas has bem ?uj*t conoi ialory. Actuated by Uie sincerest desire for peace p offer alter proffor has been extended to the givern ment* of adjoining State*. Twice have w? sa luted Co* 'a ftica without answer, and a apeclul u.esftge has bten forwat.Ied to IJaawmala, but with a siniilar resnit. The forme.- is the least respectable of Central American republic*, and therefore her ac llow an incapable of provokiug se:i>u* anger: tbe er '? the '"J"1* powerful, but owing t,. its conlrmed cj position 'o dtmca-ratic principles, no very sanguine an ticipations of a favorable response w?re enterlainei, Hthl, an the existing goreininent of Nicaragua was tha choice el the /^?p!e it could nat be apprehe-ideAthat anr aistui bsnie weuid be be at'empt* il b> anvoftkeg vsrn nients siound us As a furtuer evidence ot thepaaceful Jis poMtion otlL's government. she has but recently submi tted a f .iniKl propotitjou to the other four I'ower* of Central America thr.t a convention of all Ibe State* eh-rald t? bai., at wl l. h treasures might be alopted to provide for Ihe gtneial gcod, and guaran'ees exchanged far tba se paikte (".'ependf nre of each of the oontractlaf parties But thi? mild ami per*uacive offer haa been rejeited l-.Tety peaceful I sue Nicarsifna has male has been titaied with unbcoouitpg filence atifl her only resource now is to stand U|sin h?r res-ived right?, h ildinir the olive or pea^e In one hind and the sw^rd 0. .lelence in the otier, prepared to treat as :i?i ds or meet as enemies. The resources of coacilU tloii tifcV* been exhausted and ths ;eapous'.bl ity ol future eviin ri'Ut? with thn g vprniricDN around us. ? P",.t fhap'e.- is nor fioishel. As a fitting ftnnslu plon tn this inexplicable onncurrenre of ev?ut? >ve 1 -arn liy p.lvate advice* frcm SanSa'.va lor that (ien. .Ja .au as Lad anived in that State, and was actively eng ged la cidtg tie | eop'e gainst the Am?ricin*. Ho nro-.laimi a fierce war ol ?cn mication sgairst the army of (ien. Valker, and c i,hl.|ers It* dostruRtion the culy safity of r?' Am. iita. ihe people of San Salvador, under his it ma s, have siaVen off tbeir *tmpa'hy for ths demo c ; atic government of Nicarago*, end with fierca clamor .). insL.i the alternative of war. Araeric in residents are in danger of life and p-?.p. rty, an.i the proclamations of the government called ii|>oo ths citizens to arm in the cause of lioeitr. f'ndcr the toe-encf of this ex l'em?nt *1,s 'n' ugbt tLat (Jen. Duefias would lie entt. Ufiasit' cail^ ciit<!>f*u to tie Picsidencj. I'heclr unit Uncea o( (ieneral Cabanas' sud ten ch%ur are unkr. wn t? us. He owes nit ex,.lana ioo "to tha re pul. 'C?r ? of Nicaragua, howe%er. for the act; aad the li tuie w?ll hold Mm ie?ponsible lor it. When (lan-ral Cabanas wro e to the g vernment of Nicaragua solici mif *"clat?nce ia his fsvo- sgainat Honduras, (.'eneral W?lko* rece ved bis sppicatlon ?lth all friendship, and wh?n Catenas auived in pe.aon lathis city, he Wis treated with all respect, his expenses paid by ths government a part meat a fun;l?h?d. and all his want* administered to ?i h a bbunt.fnl hatd. From ? letter now In the hands of aove-nment we learn that he trusted directly to the ir.llnence of the An.enctnsas the only hope for Csntral Aa.eriCN9 ?rd urged ren^^ed exeitfotiH In fiiTor of th^lr emigraii jn hitl.e,-. Wi h these opirflous the government treated l.en Cabanas as a pat. lot, and it wt* only done a> a matter of policy, d?ny him the assistance be craveii avaiiist Honduras. Ail .Mates hare their policies, and th- statesman who ? wanes nm. toe line of conduct adopted by hi* oountrr j to acvance ihe interest* of a filend, is no patiio', nor is he man leseonab e who .xpects lilm to do so. There f. re. wteu C.en.f.abana* made the application and wa relosfd on the ground of national poliay, h<> shouli bare accecefl to Wie high d Mates ot patriotism, and waned lor comicg events to lend him that assistance. Ilu?, .o 'sr fiom doing fo, be spread disaffeeti m in tin l abiLet ol the govarnn.ent and dually left the S<at?. He went as lie came, however, with protest ion* of amity ?"Wards the goveinnent that tm'ri?nd.'.l him hi Imme dla rty. Hut be ha# not kept his faith. While his po ioy or fear of safety riictate.l it, bis mouth was a traitor to his veraei'y and who can aver but that to-.lar he is tj, ? t. mpo.lsrlr g with the republicans of 8an Salvalor. His ni.rilUbtlltj disarms hint of the power to do evil, aM there''.re a may e.onmder herself w'l to do that el e baa lost an nnstable Mend. Cabanas expeet d Wslker to betray the state ot hi* adopiicn; failici in tWtt, MOM *?Atd trsiior HflMitf, Of ( onttt R'ci, th? los? of hor frfemfohip i.4 4 dotlb'ful tnjuiy. ."he has not kept talth with the l,w of na'ions, lor, he has allowej tbe poliUcal refugaee from .Nicaragua JO WIT * p? n her h. nrdem limtlld f ! ?>rd?rinff tbniB ?1 ? tb 1B1 "t lofe h?^re bft-n to Mgitate and Infleme ?itli mcrepreaentatlons -he pe .pie on tbseonflnes ot this S'a'e nnd .ever has alie manifested theslightei dis po?l U 11 to atterd to tne trlend y ralations which *honM rl aractei'/e two nelghVoring Powers. Sha ha? of fer. d hrspitah'e reception, too, lo such of tha discoa t>-n*e.l 1 nes sa chnose to accept of citizenship from hor. Ail tl en. faults, heretofore disregarded, will use up to r. mlrn n her pres. nt sncidal po'iry; and when the long mif unf is settled, if ?hev fotie ns to hostilities, all ihsse . ?r-lcktlnta must U answered for. We have stood to the It!, Bati' ns; w<- have *< *e 1 honora'.iv and with a 1. t fi tel itUtjr apiiit to all the lepuhluv of ('etilral x tin.a. and wl'.l etid pura-io the aatno nae't'iirocal (.< i;<? hot yet ee are p'epa e.l lor >lo> 'esperate alter Mttrt: ul ihou'd discontented politloii? IMUM agafaki at the ignorant people of adjoining StaUa, ire mb 00I7 edjadge them w it hw bM dOM lino* the to gfnnibg, " tfcose who draw the iwori atell peruh by U? i'lfoui GH&ERAL8 WALKER AND CUBAN AS. [* rom El Hicaraguenie, Kel. 18. J I-Swt week we congratulated the repablio on tbe Iom of a-tfeMlwrow trieud in tbe defection or Oen. Obenai, am considered the cabinet of President Rival happy <? Its riddance of the importunities of a man who had been I mainly instrumental in depriving the Council Board of the iklnb of Gen. Jerez. #ui felioltaVion* were prenaa tuie, however, tor Cabaau will not keep to hi* taith ear where. Indecent in hu social relation*, he U equally lost to political ehame. In the inftruity or his rear*, he I has loet all stability of mind, and his purpose fluctuate* , as cid the different factions ot Cent.wt America before Oen. Walker established order and permanence. The last courier from San Salvador, among other items cf news, brought a lettei to Gem. Walker Irom Cabanas, in which the latter advised the former to leave the country. He eid not bay why or how, but simply raid go. With an army of a thousand ineo to piovid* the meass ot transportation for, an unsettled ac count to adjust, a polite and hospitable body of friends lr the State urging him to lemain until tbe dasee was over, and a slight tincture of obstinacy, the General u?s declined to be thus unceremoniously shaken off. Hp is j too Aim a friend vo allew tbe fretfnlneso ot one old man to estraage htm from all Central Amerioa; and we can theie'cre Instruct Cabanas to keep quiet. Joadura* Hould not take his advice, and it is absolutely childish in him to sdvi.-e with any oilier State? hit counsel is dan geroui>, for it wants discretion. The advi:ea from San Salvador confirm oar pre vious report, that .lie people o, th?t State were highiy inflamed sgaiust ths Americans, aud uader the coun sel of Ceoanas, might adopt such measure* as would necessarily provuke a war with Nicaragua. What fhif g< vernmeut has done, or left und?ue. to preroke this nuedeu enmity, has never been brought to its atten ti<n, and ic the absence of oflicial Information, we must attiltute it to the influence of CabaAaa He impoied upon the demoerpts of Nicaragua through a ieputa'lon derived from Honduras; why may he not Impose up oa ike repibllcane of San Salvador? A refuged from lionda iat. a traitor to Nicaragua and demoerntie priooiple<?, he .nil prove a pestilence tc Us new allies In San Salvador. It must be so if she relies up .-n hiiu. But we hops for bet er things. His an ecederts should caution any State against reposing such trust tn him at woula le*d to the dreedlul alternative of war. Ibe peace of a nation is too eacied, the csluuiities of war too great, to Jeopard the ope or enter upon the o'.Uer without great aud aggra vating cause, and, therefore, though thij republic has been directly wan ed of the belligerent character ot the conduct of S?:i Salvador, it has held peace in t > high esteem to ven take the initiatory steps towards armltg for ce eLce, lesiful lest her action might precipi tate tbe ca'amity. Stiong in her in'.egrity, this State can sTord allow ths ebu'litions of adjoining Powers, provided they do not commit any flagiaut wrong against us. Of old, these outbreaks have characterised the Cen tral Ameiican iiepatlicn; end whil# this government will not denooece with ituis, she will essay to correct, the evil with better course! and extrrple. Till'- it will be ?etn that the alUction which Honduras acdMcaingui threw off in getting lid 01' Cabanas, still lives to all, ict hin Salvadtr. The scripture le.-is ons that demons wander around t-.e world, fiom ot.e healthy per scn to another, allllsil g them ell in turn, was never betur explained in a livifg character. The oojila of Saa fc'elvaior ou^ht to know better llau sull'er the alllic tion. VISIT OF MISS PELLETT, THE TEMPER VNCE ADVOCATE, TO GRANADA. [ K1 N'icaragueune, Keb. v.] On tlie first psge of El Ntcaragurnse we auaounce the nanuge orMifs Pellet! ? t.nd on tne sesondit Is wild infi nite pleasure we c utiadlct the nlateaient. Miss I'eliett has been to see us; liaH thioeu the chaiin of hir presence around our mm turn tarrionmr, hm made valuable our dingf locking apartment, tor her look his peopled it with plea-ant faccits that must las' a 4 tpng at memory liuks together the events of life; aud halt these pleasures aii.-e from tbe fact thtt'. she is e till ntmarriec. Miss f'ellet pats-d a decided complimmt on th>: pn per and its conduct, end ex]>resred a fav table cpiaiuu of matters and things ih general. SI e will f obably remain ia Nicaragua two weeks, during which time her observation will be extend ed ft? U as the uufavoiable facili'ier tor carriage pill allow. The nailves look upon her with samewhut thn Fame fteiings ot wonder they felt at the first s'ght of a steamboat? for they ire all eady apprised that, she !ec tuice in public ? and some beileve sba his bnen I'resident ol Ihe I ' i.i tea States, from the extraordinary civility displayed tewnrda her by the gallant members of ihd ainiy. Bv-tlie-bye. *? observa one of the most prcpos?ei?ing ol the Cent al's aids hii devoted bis particular atten tion to the :sir aprstle of temperance aincs her arrival; and were it not tor the principles she profe<so*, we mlgnt m t iwocOer at? well, oi.e thing. She 11 handsome, ta lented, and we.i suited to the State of Nicaragua; but uo ? Miss Pellett belongs to tbe world end humanity ? aud we wouUl not mar het destiny by wishing it otherwise. The goiul pit i*e htr everywhere, aud she sbould go where tl.e sniile of benevoUnce mity kindle cheerfulness aiound the sorrowing bearthstoue. SWORD PRESENTATION TO GEN. WALKER. [l'rom I t Nlu&raguense, Fe >. 16,] On the 9th day of Februaty, last., tbe e imaii tee. con hinting el Me Mrs. Noble, Atden, Faruhum , Don Carlos, lboiras and Ttic;, npoititd the following addr-teeon pre KBfctiigto Gtn. William Walker the sword dediaated to tbe Club for 'hat purple by Mr. G I'. Reachcr; and tbe General having itliina'cd his <!e*lre to avoid any public ceiemony, Mr. Tracy wtt ti<.lt-gaU:d to bear the addresa and tbe swoid to h<ud<iutrter*: ? # Gen. William Walk m, Committer in Chief of the Armlet of Nicaragua:? The underelgted, psbreiger* by tbe staAmer Northern Light from the port of New Yor' In the i ulled Sta ?s or Aineilca, having auociaied tbeiusc.ves under tba title ot " Toe Your,* America Ploi>eer Club of Nicaragua " on their organi zation i eceited a donation of a aword troin Mr. <?. I'. Bencbor, ore of 11* member*, for the purpose of presenting the same to your fcxrel'ency. 1 be ' luti li&h for Its ol.jecu ibe cultivation of the social and Illerttiy relation*. *ud the mutual encouragement U> It* mem bera a* emigrants to and seoiere oi this proinUtng republic. Initialing thin pieecntaUon, General. it ma? not he map lirootiafe u> convey lo jou the high regard e.'d admiration wMlh every member of ' The Young Ainerie* Pioneer Club of Nicaragua" entertain for Ibe private worth and distinguished ability which Luve hitherto characterized your career la Cen tral America. Die great popular pul*e of Ibe United State* of America beat* in unianii with youis&ud your compatriot* in tbe ajhleve mtnt oi ibe nee and freedom ot thi* magulAcent country, ai d the harmonizing of 11a previously discordant eie met l* under a peaceful, tlrm a d f rn'Rhtenod'adtmnwation. '1 he ttfe of emigration from the I nited state" already How - leg to thla country, dc-iplte (he obstacles unwisely niterpoted by ita federal authorities, but faint, y Indlcties the desire of the thousands left behind, now eiigor to ava'l themselves of the advantages ollered to i ell era by your liberal decree and ' generous policy. Aud row, Genera!, we deliver up to you the charge c >m mlttec to ok wltti uut'baken conlldeuce ha', tae lustre ot thin hlade will never be tarulshed in the hands of a chevalier Hiew prtir ti totr>? rtjirorhr." Hiou'd dinger woutcr the flag of our a/lipted countrv you will And tbe iceinoet* of 'he ' Young America Plonker Oiuo of Nicaragua" among IT citizen soldiery, and shonldeeatli (which calamity ma- Providence aver') become * our vlc'nr, we shall tmbam yntit memory lu mmmon with that of tli? im oirtal pati !ot? of ibe (.ant. For to Ihe horo, when his swerd Tta* u on tbe battle tor Ibe lre.<, Heath's voice l< a* a prophet'* wn. d; And in that hollow no'e is heard 1 lie thatiki of inTlions > et lo be. General WaiJter accepted the prt* .nt, ami in return leepatched the following repl; : ? brAPOtMRTFRS or nir Kr mv. > (IkaRaka, Pel) 9, J Mr PersroTT Tpai y - Ttf 6,r 6ir? Pleare tender my thanks <o tbe memhe' * sf tbe Yonn? Aiu?rlc? Pioneer Clii'j for the swotd liruteatcrt 'o tte by thrm. Your obedient s*?-v*nt WM. WM.KltR. THE YOUNG AMERICA PIONEER CLUB OP NICARAGUA. [I'rom U Nita agueune, t'eb. 10.) Tbe above asuociiitl >n to wliieta we m?<ie allusi-m last I week, in in *ucce<<Hfui opetatitm, and will, ia th? aouree of the ensuing wiek, in ail probabtl^ y, secure a perma cect club room near the p'ai'.n, tvhiob, ?f:h its reading xocin. library end other appliance*!, will becviin-' an at- , tracr've icnott to 1U member* and suili Htruugnra a? are introduced. 'J"h? objet.ti of tlie clun *rc re", f.-rth io the preamble to tbe ceci I'ution, an full >wt: ? Whe.ea*, ihe uiu crslgnit!, imml;' ants ti and citizens of Ui* State of Mcstagna, are de-irou* oi fo<miug an at^ojlation for the putfotes of ihei ? mutual " oil beitsg snd e^couroge n.ent an settler* and citizen* of ? new country, and coi>Uiu<ing tbo tveia! and lit rary adTantagen they fc*ve mjoyed In their former h'-tnes ; and, where**, kucJj e.dveu'age* can be better secutel by adherence to 'lie' tulea of action; thtie ore tfcry htreby adopt the foil, irg cnnMltutir n. 11 a club leld ita fit*t me? i'lg i? Granada at tbe reni dctce of Ili/U Carloa Thomas, and having adoitc-l a con 'littiiion snd by-lown, proceeded to ths election of ofllcs r? tor the cut'fnt year. Srlcmon B. Noble wa? elected Sirs. Willlem It. Srjr'er a* Uder George F. Alden an Heoording >ciil?e r. W Web>er a? Cr.n espondlnf Seiibe, t bus. Beechor ax Tre??u'er. VJsx. A. Tbomatt as btewiirl. Many of tte old resident" of Granada and na ti res have alt i so; enrolled tbenixelve* a* membeis; and frjm tbe chsiacler and energy of th? clviliana, as well as tbe mi ll ?ry Hfntlemen who have jolne-1 we have reason to be lieve be club will beuome a most agreeable and useful ? e'oclaion. A NEW CITY ABOUT TO BE BUILT. (From Kl Mcaragueuse. Keb. 2.] Tbe pl?n of a new town, or at lea t an exteneinn of the present city, is at present being Mtrvcyed between the city of Grarada snd tbe lake of Nicaragua. Thejaite se lected in about fifteen feet lower than that of the present city, and Is much more convenient in every respect for the wit nt* of an inland emporium. Granada, In time, niuet be tbe chief seat of traue for tbe interior of Nicara gua, and it la but complying with tbe priapectiT* wants it tbe State, to commenco the work of moulding it for a more extensive usefuIceM. Tbe new site Is convenient sor commerce, being on the immediate border of tbe lake: the soil Is capable of b< ing cultivated to any extent; and tb.' giound ia aa level as tbe site ot Philadelphia A beau- ' tiful system i? public atreeta and squares cam he laid oat, sod as the government possesses tbe land, we do not doubt but tbe new municipality will be sufficiently endow ed to enable it, with a judicious expenditure of the public wealth, to construct such works of necsaniy and ornament as may be deemed desirable. ARMY INTELLIGENCE. COfTRTS MARTfAL IN OR A NAT) A [From F.l Maaraguease, I eb. Its.) A military commission was held in this city on Wednes day, the 13th, for tbe trial of private George V. F?rrind, ot company E chanted with murder 'n the killing o! pri vate J. S. Wilson of company A. Bo h partiei belonged to tlie firat battalion ot 1. gbt Infantry, and were in enmp at Caatllla Raplfs at tbe time oi the unrortuuate occur rence. Tbe boaitci 'e occurred during a broil between the pilsonar and a lei low coldicr in the saw company, dm' iv winch ?? gutt in 1h? baot's ol ths defrm'ant wa.i a<j oUntljr dischtimo-l anl kil'ed the decease?, who waa '?e'kndltig at sime dl-i'uncf. Tha cnnalss<0? consisted oi ' Col. II 1>. Fry, tfaj'ir .'oil t Slitkbam, (apt. /oba W. Ruter, Oft. Tito*. t.TKgtt, and Pint Lieutenant CluM Lowry. C?pt Edwtrt IUwIm ?u iipoiaM 8fM"i Judge Advocate Th* trial muhm! ?* entire day, an* ended In fading * verdict or aoquitUl f?c the prisoner* Mr. Ferrand in released arl returned to hi* o ompiaf. Col. J. H. Harper acted u advocate for the On Satuidsy laat a court martial ?u oonvenert la thtf et ty to try Sergeant KlchercUon, of company B, rili# bat battalion, an a charge of mutiny, and inciting to Insub ordination the member* of th# army. Thm being the flra? ease of tLe kind, a careful examination of it* merit* wa * had before aomc of the beat officers of the army, the result was a verdict ot full tr. The General la Cnief ap proved the verdict, and fixed the penalty at a rtUmU*al from the service and a forfeiture of pay and land. INTERESTING ITEMS. * C0M1?AWT OF MOfSTBKLS in a&AS ADX~amrt>K* rou THE a BUY? MARTIAL LAW SUdrXNDID ? . SUPPLY or WATKH IM THE OlTr? PBABT AND OALA BATS? LOKBEB MSN WAMTSD ? ILLKK8 OP OAPT. N8BVAL WALI1I ? BAMTABT CONDITION OF Til C IT Y TWT NTY LADIKS AI'.BI VID? AJtJCT MARCBXS ?*?. DRILLS?1 TBIATBICAL8, BTC., BTC. orVmm?ar&uT 01 K?bnl?rr 'J ha* the following item* miniiMi*" k understand that an excellent oompany of ?2TlT **u or*M,iMd from the different coinpa Gr^dJ^n^M ?irt0? their first oonoart in foU^ Inim Wy Msl- Their names are ae V ^ Ue Frewer, Jamas Miller, William J. Him Z'iu Burns, June, Hannan and Wen. flSS?' Irtish," K?'r'LVe inHlrumenU art the rioiin, Mr Miiulf? L, V'.bfnei' ?ult?r ?nd tamborine. Mr. lU!l#r ban beer elected muriioa] direct ^r as he tiaa for i0 thf prefesiitni, and alaoat^B a1*1" tP*rfo??*?oes, being second IT g". ? ^ the pl?asure of haartna a ? urate rehearaai, w* can highly re ^wmend to lover? offun and adiaiier* of the Terpsiohorean art th* par jcrmancertof tliis troupe, more especially those of Views Hutching* (Bniddcr Bones) ana Burns (te?*>rt?ttt) wboee quips and cranks are well o*lculated to endanger ve*t buttons and suspenders. Th# troupe Is under th? mansgeaent of Mr. J. W. I)e Frewer, formerly of the Gamptt 11 Minstrels. New York, and sine* the 'id of Julv last prima balladJet with the Han Francisco Mini-trek Wuh such tu array of talent there can be no doubt of their success. They have our beet wishes. Another step baa been taken t >warda tl o establishment J't the ;erniKuem institutions ofthe repub is. On Tuesday last, martial 1& w, which has prevailed almost universally ij piMtlct If not in naui*. in Granada, subsided, and is ttspacesprurgiip the Institutions and proceeding* of tee civil authority. The State is reposing in the m'det of peace; ,er edicts are obeyed -with alaority by the people: adjoining republics bare tendered the olive leaf: t&are is no eyiuptcm otiiiterntl commotion; the President Is deilr cor clliatiug the friendship ot those who once upheld an opposite fasticn ; the army is acquiring order an* strength, ana cn everv haud the wttnessea of returning prosperity rise to condemn the past condition of internal '"order. Under such circumstances, there was no ne cesstty for the predominance ot military rule, and it was nnitediate'y suspended. The sentinels who had nightlv wakea their rDuiidn, were relieved in a great measure ot the dirrinutien of the number of pests; and whare before t erewe.s but slight show of redress for many of the minor troubles that citiict a large population, the swonl , the law is bow suspended to do right bjtween the pe> pie, even in the tmaUost matter. At present, the At calde a Court is the enly tribunal openel to the public but in a few days the Court ol First Instance will oom' meucf its sessions. As an item of interest to those who are eagerly watoh lug th# progress of aflsirg io thii city, wo Uke plessara in commun eating the fact that a water cart has been chartered, aid will hereafter furnish the ciMssns with water, alter the San Fraucisco fashion. Hurrah lor pro gress I r Tbe same paper adds: ? Today we celebrate th# Feast ot Catdt lano, and half the population ol (iraaada is oat in gtla i cottunie. The services at thn pkrochial church ? Q th# i Ura will oonsist of a precession aud some othrr txereises; but most of the population will vUii IHrlomo. aviu^about three leagues frcm tbe city, in the direc tion of Nicaragua. At that place there will b a a general gbthennKct the people trom Massaya and the surround - in? coun ry, srd the oc.TaMim will be enlivened by bull ? ? ?jH' ..e*' chicken tights and oMier amusements ii cident lo th# country. A great collestion of pedlera , I'^a-ce. and all the fanry go>-ds ol Nicaragua can be found ois plated on the stands of the mercliauts at Diri > Monday 3 ' lbe f'4,,t w1" UBt thr6e dV- ending on Owing to the inconTOiiii>nce of reaching Kealejo the piefent government in November las: ordered the ru movsl olthe j.:us om Htuse at that place to the new town, which is about four miles from Reslejo, aud is fcr more converient to the pea and the mlsnd.traoe. An orrer hss be?r issued to construct a lighthouse at Jeaso If a few of ihe hardy workers among th# Alleahaaiaa could but appreciat? how valuable they might make tbeir tune a< d laoor, ana how much more easy thev m'trht livu, by investing tbeir muscle in hewing and sawing out tha spiecdid lumber grown la the forests on Lake Ni#a- ? ragna, m?ny ateamers would not leave New Orleans b? for# wa should heat nlthem as pasa?ngers. * On Wf driesday evening, ou the occasion of the toaeral of Major Hambleton. the lUile Battalion paraded on tha " "'a, and made quite a handaome appearance. Th# ecmpanies defilsd into procession, and accompanisd tbe len ains of the late gallant and generous officer to th* K'ave. ? A letter froat I>eon iuforms us that a soldier named Thomas IUley, while standing guard, aeeidentally shot tinifeir through the jaw with his musket We could fata'*1 n0 J,*rtIcuUr" whether or no; the ahot provel We are grieved to annouuee tbat owing to th# cm tinued innes* of Capt. Norval Walker, of Company H. tne )>all wbleh hae been looked forward to with eiter aa tlcipation, a&d which was to have been given by the of ncers and men of Comf>anies G ana H, to their brother oflicer* in garrison, and to the brave and fair of the aa iTfiiP/tU.4,iSn;^r*.u,,derit*nd unavoidably postponed. nntll Oapt. Walket'* rerewed health leave* him in a fli to preside. May his recovery bs quick. 0 of February Bth, his tae fcllowing^ Ihe fatal rine*?> which lately dismayed all the people aa-i thinned out the ranks of the Americans, has almost wholly snbeued, and to-day we have the satiVao ion ot an nouncing that the health of the army is good and the sick are fast recruiting in Granada, l.ast w<ek the solemo sound cf the dead march wan heard at nooo and evening and oar columns grew melancholy with tue list of tha v ?be |;Ut tl,er* hM heen no deaths, and tha hospital Is giving up its inmates. By the last steamer there ariived at Graua-'a twsntr lsdies, who intend living in this Slate. Th# wives of Cof. Kewtn ?r.d Mr. Webber were among the nnmisr. We welcome thtui with cheerful hopes. On Thunday night ths Nicaraguan Minstrels girt a private lebearral to the Ceneral and his staff with great exec it to thcmselTee; and lant nigiit the pablic wat* ft* voied with tin ir fir*t exhibition in public. The audienc* was composed of Americans aod natives with a fair sjrii.klingcl ladies. Th* perfoT manses refloated the ut ?ro?t cieiiit on the minstrels, snd we fesl satisfied they aiil goon grow into great favor with all the people air (?ranaiis. Our sp. ee forbids a lengthened notice to- Jay. evening* * *lfi? Perf',rln 00 Monday and Tuesday Nut week. M< ndav andTtiwday will be celebrated aa s*er 0?y, on wl ieli occasi n the city wll prs'eut an #ppo<ranc?. in the language i>( the naiivs*. mnv al-Trr C 1 uel K. J. C. Kexren arrived ou the last si.?am#r, in c- mpany with a laige body of reciuite irom riinl rau ci^co. * hi of Feb. lfl, has th# following tLtelU genoe:? ? ? By a piiyMo letter from Castillo Ituplih. wo learu that Mr. Br. Taylor had bren appointed orcerly sergeant of Compai.y F, nuw sUtioned at that point. One of th* members ol iht- cruprny had been lullod, but in what manner Uic letter dfj net state. The troops enjoy rood health, live well, and hav# a "high old tim#" himtia*. What loo. e could men wish? 1 ?1?ib< r of gentlemen c mected wi?h thegovernaienk 'eft this city dvrirg the past week to engage ia a research of the tntniog .egi< us of Cbontales. A careful oWrra tion will bt mitif, and in tiin.' a full repurt mav be #x pec'td, when sonre definite id?\ can biforme-l of the va'u# of tha'. at present obscure country. The State, although perplcxod with macy pte^ing difficulties, does nst neglest ?uy of its great in-ere ts, but is poshing to a develop# TOfeDt ot iti? ynt unknown resourcen. We have heard it reported that the government held a survetllsnce over the IN st illice, and fpspec'ed the con tents tf allibe letters despatched through the mails. Siuh a story fcarcely merits, yet, as it hvs attract ed the atteu'.ion of th i 1'ostmaster General, it can do i.o irjuiy to contradict it. There is not th* aligh'est foun dation in truth for the report, and those who airculata ? uch urjiist stories arefdeperving ot the severest ceniure. Invite li '.ters despatched torough tbe Post office are per fectly safa from ali intrusion. The same jouiral. of Itith of February, stys: -Colonel I siker U. riench, the Minister from .Vies agua near the rited Hate, governr ent, may be expected in this citv en the arrival of tbe ne*t st'amer from New York Mi nister French returns, in coiupliancs with hl< ini'.rnv tiors. Ihe government has appointed Mr. J. A. Rumrle* ai ) ostmastei General of, the Kepubli* of Nisaragua aod ha h?s alieady entered upon the difficult undertaking at bnnging order cut of the confused eondition of our noital arrangements. Heretofore, the government alone ha* f,w "? Lhe m*iU' *hich tha treasure of ?he .state paid for; but herea'ter, tha people themselvea iT 'T? ^?e8t fro? th? ,>0,t Offiao Depart ment. Mr l< tingles will soon arraoge for the disnatchof the mails to the diffeient departments of the State. 't ,n . conUmflation to remove th* office of the Grn/roJ American, heie??tore pub ished at n v! T?"' M *5" or,*n of Kinney ha* b?ea le SIT ? I lrg-,n n*7'.!ad ? new P?P?r started under th? ei'itoi isl au.opiaes ot Mrs. Lewellen in ?i.?^i'ilfrnniMIi*"B n" tbAt * ??rP? of printera ana ml? probablv engage in tbe publicaUon of anewapaper L> represent, th# interests of Leon. Au impertir g houre of this city, in rece?pt of a lam ?V?kr cl0?k'. ?*? thrown th/towninU? ^u"b n>?d? by all cUsae* of people top.cne, and tn-d#y almost svsry considerable honaa *DJ"g*rn al,*'i offw,'th a reliable time pleoa. Th? different quarters of the military companies have been turpi -had wl'h clocks at the expense f government. Themes Riley, the soldier who shot blmse.f at f<eon, af'me weeks since, through the jaw, is fast roooveri osr from the etrsols of the wound, and will soju be readv to Uke hl? position In tbe army. OBITUARY. [from H Nioaraguenae. Feb. 2.) In thix city, on the morning of the ttth o t Juuirjp, M?j<r JHflK 8. iU?BL*rrm, Paymwttor (ieoern.1 of tb* Army, and Kotidm CommiMary or War of the Republic of Nle?"i?gr?*. Major Hambleton want to California from Ma plase of eatirity, (Baltimore, Md.,) la 1840, with tha appoint ment of Collector of Cnatoma for tha port of HMraaaent*. While Slling that poailUra he conducted affair* la a man ner that won for lilm the higheat rtapeet ae a publio o?l ccr. With other a<irantarou* apint* he joined tha demo ? cratio forcea la N'letfragna. lo tbeir atrugglea agalttat the leffitttntxta. shortly after the takiag of ftranada ha van niai'a Ootnminaery of War, which poetUoa he ocan pted nnti! a abort time previona to bla death, when h* wan made Paymaater General. Ai an offloer Arm friend aid eocial companion, Mtjor Hambletw had few eqvala. ICI IficgHWHtHM of F>b. 18, say* :-?W? regret to leara that Men* Norhm. attjiched Li Co. i) Klrat llitle Balta. lion, who left tbU oily la?t Saturday for l*->n, hii aioct Ha wan lanMnt* br all hii O'xupiuy.