Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 3, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 3, 1856 Page 3
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r Hem bvm Nonth Aawrlea. I SB1PMKNT8 or SOLD AND DIAMOND*? TH1 LATI3T I PL0RB8 INVASION ? HIS DEFXAT AND FLIOHT ? BPKN08 AYKE8 TBA?R -CHOLIBA KKPOKIM ? COM MABCIAL STATISTICS? BXKBOT8 OP COPFKE FROM MO ? rEKNAMBUOO MAUKTS. The steamship Avon arrived at Southampton on 12th ultima We hire dtha irotn Buen '? Ayrea, Jmury 2; Montevideo, 5; Rio Janeiro, 15; Bahia, 19; l'ernambaoo, 2t. The Avon had on frwght, specie from Buenos Ayrea, ?4.930: Peinambuco, ?t'99; from Kio Janeiro, 472 oi. of gold, say, value, ?1,400; rotal, .?7,024, and diamond*, valued at ?22,"J68. ' ' it bueno, Ayes it t, ?? geaerally believed that the ne gotiation* at the 1'arana would end in nothing. Every thing was dull and gloomy. Th# BrUUK Pack# of De cenber 29. publiahei tne following:? 'Ihe new invasim of Kiores must be held the eveat of the week. He disembarked at Lai Iledrai ?l 'h some three or four companions, aod on tne '.'4th ve find him about the sources of tne Arroyo del Medio, mine 10 leagues inland, at the he?d ot a party numbering up wards of 100, ioclnrlog Bustoa, l^amela, Clavero, Luzur riaga. he. On tbU occasion, jufl(d-g frcm their piblisaed corrcs ponderce, the Haniefcctno authorities on thi frontier appear to have UW wih -plii. and In good fai1 h, which we hall ra a ?el" jib syiurom of re'.nriiir.g c oufraternl ty Colonels Orono and Gudrvso, adviss.l v,f the assem blage. immediately started in pursuit; and to their effact ive eo-t'iieratifin the Pu.^r discomfituie of the enterprise mu.'t be mainly ascribed On the 24'h, a conv .y of arm* Ml am munition, evl ? dently icietided for the -.uraders, wax intercepted by Coin maaaknt Cardoso, and tbe escort, conn 'it ling of aa >lli :er and tight men nude prlaoers. Tbis b. ooaoly disoin cert*d the plan in a vital p in'.; f ill, on toe following morning, Christina* day, 'bey crossed ^he Kubi>on? toat is, ?lie Arrr yo del Modio, tbe '.oondary Tine botweea thts state and iranta Fc ? thereby conriuminttii.g the iuvaslon. Having aimed at tbe Canva del Arboato, apparently wtiboat purauit or molostati n, they there halted; and I on the afteri von .,f the name ds.y ihe party, f:i>m aonn cause or other, brtke np and dispersed. OI the dispersed ' part mnat have rt crossed th? Arroyo del Medio, for we bear ot twenty being raptured by the au'horitiea of Sinta M. Meanwhile, Kiores, with his stiff and Nome six'y fol lowers, shaped a eourse southward. appa eritly in the di rection of Perganino. Tbeue are tbe esiontial (acta, ex tracted from the ??rl?s of eoinmunlsatfons that firm the official bulletin published 'or .be Crcnict, in will ah, to be c&ndid, ?u find some things we do not comprehend, and conseanently cannot explain. Nothing further ia known of the movements of the in vaders; but by the la tea4 icjouut? they w?r<t atlli <n the territory oi the .^tate, and ao far fro.n toeing roi *d, had not even been attacked. In tbe southern frontier Colonels Gonzalez and Oevn po, with a force of 1,000 men, fad assumed tbe oitinaire, arid penetiated into the le-*?:t to ataok the Indiana. Of the movements of General Hornoa very little wan aaid or known. The monthly le'roapect of i.Jalra in Tlnenoa Ayrea for Ped'mbo:, 18i>6, thuwa a i e:ide?l langj >r in toe local de mand fur maiiufac'urfd gooda. Little or (rrean had been ma<le in eeeur'ng the frontiers | agalnat the Indiana, although fr?V|u< :it it-vasiona which 1 hid taken p.aoe ahoved ibe actual dangers which were to be api>r??ende<]. The British I'arhfi afier il'iuatrating many of th?> ?om mereial ai>a other (Mtfieul'ieH ua ler whic'i ihe U iduoa Ayrran.1 are lab>rii>g, aava: ? In bhcrr. the evila aie oer.ome couiplicated and chro nic, and U ia not in oci- or t?rn uiontaa that mu^t ex poottoceaae from tbem. Tne denuind for the interior piovu>cu- and t'ue recubiio of TacaK >ajr haa aUo fallen off during the par' u "bth fl.-e ruutcred collialona aud the ^warlike prejiaraii'iON being madn muy have a ahare in bringing aoout tbi.. aori) ruault. In military e<juipm3ula they were exhauatirg per.iapn l .reetal in^, the reaourcea that, aliould have been devi.te<i to emigration, interual impiovemeeta, and tbe r.evt'.'opaiint ot the productive in d?L<tres that c ui id alone a jb-aoi a heal'.hy aad proii table foreign cornimeice. In articles of daily corFutnption abundint auppliei bid been revived dur'ri^ the rauntb, ai d in many articlea tbe atvjkji in hard were ve.y h> a>y. Ccaebiuationa of doalera had mourpol.'zed the wli' leaaie inatket by buying up en tire caigi.fa on joint account, which were resold >o tha retail Cealera at their own price. These operations for a time maintained an artificially high dgait, but, the mar ket beiig glutted, wboU.^ale pritsa declined, and eron at t consider ably t educed rate it was very diiQcali to effect ?if. In expert prcduce, large contracts for hidee had taken place, but, Deveithelees. it war expiated that in canae qneiiee of so man> veabelr. being In port, a large number would te oonptwd to leave in liallai"'.. <ui:? U? u?s by the Tampero, wLich arrived on fa? C-:ij o* Dd-^&ber, wool had shown a flight dowot/ari t- uleoey; Bat the bulk of the clip had previously b: ?'i o luiiias^td for. Shearing operations were considerably drla,ei? *r >^i the unsettled state of the weather. The w ? >t, came in rapidly, and all parties agreed iha' it was by far the beat conditioned clib ever remitted frio* tba? quarter. , The cause aarign^d is that aheap had acquired an lutrin > sic value, and were attended to aceordim'tr The opcillatioas in the niocey market ho i ^(atn ?eae rally greit. Ouncee closed on tbe 31st ot rtocomoer at 384^. A barbarona murder la stated to have taken plan at Bueno- Ay ica* on the moruing of the 1st of J?au i-y, on no particulars ate given. Fiom M ante video our advices state that diaunloa, anarchy and proatrauon n;.pear to have reacaedac.i max. rienor Verges l al arrived on hia way to lilo Janeiro, as Minister Menipotentiary of Paraguay; and a aimilsr uiaalon had been cr-n3<'ed to General fluido, near tbe government ot J'araffuay, as a reprearntatlra of the Confederate provinces. Intelligencs from Rio saya: ? Tbe cholera bad disap peared from tbe capital, but bad broken out in otner por tiuns of the Brazilitn empire, a statement had been published which ahi.wr the amount of buatneaa trana acted dui ir g tUe yea.- 1855, and, although the mischief produced throughout the cr untry by the cholera and the political pofcitii n of iCurope are considerable, the ia creaae of trade ia parcoivabie. In import* more activity prevailed during the fir^t six Months thau in the three preeedii g a'asona, though with little improvement in prices, excepting Hour, provisionf generally, and a few other articles, acme cf which realiadd high ra'es, aubseriuently causing heavy arrival to take place and a material decline in value. flToven manufactures participated in th* Improvement in the ?arly part ct the year; but this importtnt branoh of the import trade, notwithstanding tbe abaenoe of exceaa ive recfipta, as i>> previous years, became dull during the last four or fife uontas, owing to the eholera which tended to paralyze he demand and Intercourse wits the Interior of the country, wnence remittances had fallen off ao niaterially aa to be xerioosly !elt by the ahopkeep e.s and importers. Ihe epidemic in the city and province, fortunately, being comparatively mild nul subsiding, gives hopefir a better business in the pre-ent year, which cimmencas with a lighter stock of goo 's than of live years, t'oa progresain; means of conveyance by rail and otherwise will in time prove great auxiliaries to the general in provesent of the country and its commerce, (h -ugh one sfrioua drawback sttil exist* ? the want of sufficient im migration ? wbicfc the pi reent government i* using every effort to encourage, nnd which la now the more impera , tive aiLce forced labor in diminishing, partly by the cho lera among tbe slave population, partly on a? connt of the very stringent and a-.-vere raejmres adopted by the public authorities for tha entirt sappropsion of the t-lave trade. Karly in tbe past year tLc money murket was easy. Hoverer, towarcs the c!o-b of l!a ? -n, and the mon'h ot April the National Bank!%IIy restricted their liibcoiiuta, >aisi:.g at tbe same titu^ she rate of internet to 9 percent; and alth u(jb la'?r money w?s mire easily obtained, yet tola rat? repi .ntd unaltered till tbe close of thfc year. Out of ihe or as the rming rate for first jf.lass papt-.- had been from SJi ut 3 per cent. The total ?m:unt ot bills ? ( exchrtnge is estiaiatod during tie paatvear at ?('>, 18?,0C0 on London, 14,&3t>,C0Cf. in l':ance. and 8.14C,00ti unrar. otuc)>,n Hamburg. r\o extrs mr ates h?ve been 27d. to iS^J. on I. in'ion ( very Utrle above 28<i ), o40rs. to .'jtjtt/ti. oa France, aid 640r,i. to 66i'rs. on Haifltmg. '. Le i-xuectitions of a hotter rate of exclwge i:a-td on the very heavy exports of e.olTee in th'i pas' jea?-, oavo r.^t !.e>.n r<jitii:'.cd, wliich in rt -me mea .uie is to b< attributed o Le I rgij . trunttaoces oy tae govc:ni_eat aj^ by th?? Natioo?l* " uk to* r-tu-'na in bnliion. Hi *lio to ot or usu .ua! dcainn la for ;omitUncai to Kuroje l"he t?ml lir.po'ts du i le the year 1855 amounted to abont ?2.000,000. aLi rxi-or's ti ?oout .<i!>0,00<i. The coffee rxpo/ied is eal. mated ut 2,.>02.00l? t?g^ against 1,9''4.5"6 in 18ot. Ti.e 'mport a' ions of sugir were 1,393,429 aiibts. The rum no ported wai lf>,d50 piptw; ' expoiteo, 1,566 pipe . 1 he ctnbe'cial arrivals -ore 1,10C vo-sols of 2l8/>78 Jons ruifter ugaitist t?' i in ;8oi. The coasti ig trade i.t warda was conttcted by 2 7J7 vej?el<, ia*.iulive of 347 ? tesmbi a's. exhibiting a t nnaze ot ?17,218 rt ;?inat 2,079 in isfi4. 'ih? depat'iiriaiu 1855 ?mounte i to 1,190 vea pels ?l 47!i, 2^1 tona bme'en ogiirst 9-S2 ia 1851 The ci as! ing trade outwards s.ows 2,7 18 vec-els, insluding 3i)9 stenmboata, ag;iii:si 2 i?44 in t'? pre>ious yei-. The iperaUona of the tritt do i..p ISo'.' tve-e C i ledingoid, l,C07,o20 inilTei.i; do. in si'ver, l,0>j3,Ci4milreis, 300 r?is; to'a!.2 (i70,'J84 milteis, ;i00 >;is. Vhe value in circulation lncieatej ui .he sarae year 12 percent in corupvi.'.on with 1 864 * The commercial news for the month "rom Rio by the Avon s'.Hle>, bat tbe aaiea in coffee wore uniniporiiat, ('.eaieis wanta g higUor price* in conee^u.. n;ss ol ihe news from Kuj ope and tne'od Sta os. The following are the 1* tent o lotations: ? WiiNhe I, hj800 to di|500; unperior, fti|K0 to iij t)00; first good, f> | ;C0 to & | iOD ; tlrst ordinary, 4 1! 800 to 6| COO; t e r' ud H'i'jd, JliiO1) to 4||00J; 8,-coud ordi nary, 8|01'0 to R|| 8*"i0. TL? following is thi re:urn of bags cleared am ing the month : ? 124,185 bags for tbe United States, againailU 86u !n Iiecemh-r, 1851. There is no thing to notice in freight*. Quotations for England were ^I6n. ; Channel. Us. to 60s , Antwerp, 58s ; Uain ,iur<f. 40s. to 41<? : Me. iteiranean, 46?. to 50e. ; Cnited States, 56s. to ?jOe ; Uavrw, ,r0f. Exchar ge for cilia on London waj firm at 27 X'\ Dates from Ilah>a furnish intelligence to the 19th of Jaojtpiy. 'I ho Cbtiatmas holidays were hardiy over, and buaineas had fcaicely been reaumed. The market was tupeiabuurfanti) auppiled witn dry gooda, tlouraad fish. The atork of Hour an. minted to 10.000 barrels; the latest ?alea of New Orleans realiz n< $18 and Kiehmond $27. The stock ol iiah, wlch reached M, 700 oar. els, was rea lizing $15. Huaar from the interior arrived freely, but from the oiitports only a few hundred casus had come in. The crop, it was expected, would be one-third below the ' average. Tbe stock In band, when the Avon left, waa <.6ft4 easts, V92 boxue, 871 oarrels and 20,000 bags. Su periir, f r fweden, waa fetehlng 25s. 2d. to ;l0s. 51. per ewt., free on board, ex freight and commission; good browna, I ?r Channel, 23s. Od. per ewt., free on board, ex freight and cotnml'si.-n ; ordinaiy browns, 22s. 51., ireo on board, *x fieight and 3>,mmi?? A reduction was eip'cted in the more ordinary qualitiea. Coffee waa in Ciod demand, 40s. dil. being the current rate, free on tard, ex frtirfbt and commission. Cocoa was eagerly purchased at :8a. id. per owt., I roe on board, ex freight si"* c B.ri.ia?i"?> Pbe following I a a rstnro of thi> crop fvperte! or 'h* J" -rs ending Soptoaber .10, 1854 and IK^H: 1S64 ? J-n*ar. .'!5,18'? c*s?s, 890 boxes, 141,035 bags: "f>e, Cf" b*H* 185.1? .Sugar, 44 816 cases, 1,018 box's,' 2.1' ; o7 bag*, coffee, 56,470 hags. Ihe in ? ...eace ir n 1'ernamBuoo Is thus summed up: T , . no*.. Jih uig'i t'.terruoteJ oy hoivdaya, has l-e#r so P ?n'. one, and imports and sales have been h' ?vv In 1 "i "s i. li'y i' >od? has been hut limited ?rd f w ??1* ?fe taken pfa'-r. In 'odtish arrivals r I ?*le U-.V" be 'O urn-l 1 ? ?'?; in t ho a^sene? of arrive'.) thing) retell. of jerked beef (of whiih there wee received eleioet oo r) ee high as 16,000 reie per tram was ebteined bjr 1. No material change In the floor markets, end stocks were h mwj end moved of alowl j. In angers en trlea were heary, end quite equalfed by shipments, the tendency of the market being somewhat on the rise. Im mediately after the arrival of the laet steamer heavy par chseses were made, at 2|i 100 to 2J160 rein, while on'the 21ht 2(1 800 leia per arroba wee paid for Channel brown*. This wee owing to the decline in freights. Shipping was heavy, and but little doing in the way of charters ex cepting for ballast to Liverpool. Several vessels were being partly loaded for that port, at ?20 per ton. Kx cbaDges fluctuated from 28 )(A. to 29d. , and a large amount was transacted. Cotton wap bought up at 5fl200 a 6^400 reis, but the entries were trifling. Weekly Report or Deathi (n the city and county of New York, from the 23d day of February to the 1st day of rtarch, 1866. Men, 63: women, 69; Boys, 128; girls, 130? Total, 380. Adults, 122; children, 268; males, 191; females, 189; colored persona, 13. disuses. Albummaria and Dright's Hooping oough ,3 distaKe oi kidneys 2 Hysteria 1 AjUiiria 1 Inflammation of bowels. .11 Afftplexy 1 Inflammation of brain..,, 8 llleeding from iuogs 1 lulUnmution of chest.. . , 1 Bleeuirg from stomach . . 1 Inflammation of heart..., 4 Bronchitis 12 Inflammation of lung*. ..2T Burned or i-calded 2 Irflammation oi stomach. 3 Cholera infantum 1 Inflammation of throat.. 1 Concusnion of brain (fall) 2 Inflammation of tonsils.. 1 Congestion ot brain 3 Lockjaw, (infautiie) 1 Congestion nl '.ungs 4 Lungs, disease of 2 '^onr?imption 44 Malformation of anus .... 1 Convulsions, adult 1 Malformation of heart. ., . 2 Jonvulsions, infantile. .. .."4 Marasmus, infantile 24 Oroup 11 Measles 9 Debility, acult 1 Old age 6 Debility, infantile 1 Palsy 7 Delictum tremens 2 Premature birth 2 Diarrhea I Poison 1 Dropsy 2 Polypus, of heart 1 Droppy in the chest 2 Premature birth 2 Dropsy in the head,,, , . ,16 Rheumatism 1 Dropsy in the ovar ies , , . . 1 Rheumatism of heart .... 1 Enlargement of heart.... 1 Scrofula 2 Er>'si;>elaH 2 Smallpox 4 Kever, bilious 2 Softening of the brain. . . . 1 fever, puerperal 3 Sprue 1 Fever, scai let ,"8 Stillborn 40 Fever, typhoid 4 Suffocation 2 WBver, typhus 4 Varioloid 1 Fractuie of the pelvis... . 1 Womb, disease of 1 Heart, disease ol 8 ? Total 380 B*oAHrnrwno?? dimubh ciashkd. Bones, joints, Ac 2 Stillborn and premature Brain and nerve* 76 birth 42 Jenerative organs 4 Stomach, bowels and other Heart and blood vessels ..17 digestive organs 49 Lung<i, throat, &c 1C9 Uncertain seat and gene Old age 6 ral fevers 17 Skin, &c., and eruptive Utlnary organs 2 fevers 67 ? Total 380 ?Of which 6 were torn violent causes. AOBH. Cnler 1 year 144 30 to 40 ytars 24 1 to 2 years.. 7 39 40 to 60 years 19 2 to 6 y eats 61 60 to 60 years 13 fi to 10 years 12 60 to 70 years 7 10 to 16 years 7 70 to 80 yejxra 5 15 to 20 years 14 80 to 90 years 6 20 to 26 years 38 Unknown 2 25 to 30 years 20 ? Total 380 NATIVITIES. Austria 2 Norway 1 Denmark 2 Prusfia. 1 Kiigiand 11 Scotland 2 lierniany 24 lini ted Staves 283 Irelaud 47 Unknown 1 Italy 1 ? Total 380 I'CHLIC lNSTlTUTIO xs. Almshouse, BLkwll's Isl. . 2 I.unatic Asylm, Bloom'le. V D-llerue Ho.-pital 3 Lying in Aiylum 1 City Hospital 4 Ward's IsL Emig't Hoep.. 18 Colored Home Hospital.. 4 ? Total 33 WAOD8. 1 8 13 _ 16 2 6 14 9 3 ? 16 23 4 14 1? 19 6 (inclades City Hosp'l).14 17 27 6.. 25 18 27 7 15 loVincludes Blk's Island 8 18 Hospitals) 16 9 16 20 21 10., 21 21 (includes B'vueHos'l). 14 1 1 25 22 12 12 (includes R. and W. ? Island Hospitals) 25 Total 380 GE0BGE W. MORTON, City Inspector. City Inspector's Office, New York, March 1, 1866. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL HOIIT 1AKKIT. Sunday, March 2?6 P. M. Daring the past week the stock market has been comparatively quiet. The ruling prices at the close yesterday do not vary materially from those cur rent at the olose of the week previous. The news from Europe lately has not been quite so satisfac tory as anticipated; but it is not of a character cal culated to create any apprehensions. A few weeks will suffice to clear away all the political difficulties which at present serve to depress tbe public mind, and leave the commercial world free once more from all such bugbears aB have lately agitated it. On this side of the Atlantic we have nothing to fear. Our local afairs are sound, and we have enough to do to develop? our internal resources. Politicians will continue to wrangle, and will, if possible, keep the public mind in a state of excitement; but we bave not the least idea that they can embroil us in a war with any European Power, or interrupt the movements of commerce which are going on now so prosperously. We have not been for any length of time , during the past forty years, without a war excitement. Dozens of important questions have within that period been agitated, and with many of them a war with' some Power has seemed in evitable. Politicians have blustered, correspondence to un interminable length has passed between the governments concerned, this national feeling has been increased in every way by all sorts of dema gogues, and, in several instances, the commerce of the country has been seriously restricted by the pro babilities or possibilities of a rupture- Notwith standing all the indications which have, from time to time, appeared, of a suspension of amicable rela tions with Great Britain, wc have been at peace up wards of forty years, and are likely to continue s'>. The.-.c little diflieultie last just long cnongh to exer cise a moderate < heek upon all illegitimate opera tion', and serve to preserve a proper equilibrium in commercial allairs. Carried to this extent they are harmless, and their conservative influence is of the nic-t desirable character. A'l the efforts of the governments of the United States and Great Britain to Involve 1'ie two countries in a wir ninst be futile, <o long as the most import ant intere.-ts of the people ure so idcu.ifud The industrial classes are not lie 'a J by the long drawn out, long wind* d negotiations of a few ouiciuls. The fainier dios r it top his plough, or th" arti/. ui hi-> machi e, because there L<; an between his go vernment and another, upoa points which could be adjected by wise and sensible men in a short time, to the aatisfaction of all. Th industry and enterp; i c of the co in try cannot be arrested because diplomatists disagree about the construction of a treaty. The seasons < umc and go, crops are sown and harvests mat ue, regardless of the lies and quibbles of cabinet ministers. Ve^el* arrive and depart., loaucd with the prodact* of every clime, without apprehensions of any interruption in our commercial intercourse with nations. The pub lic mind cannot be Induced to believe in the possi bility of a rupture growing out of the trilling points at issue, but it must be prepared for a long and tedious agitatipn of the most unimportant matters; for the most violent denouncement of e&eb party by the press of both countries, by all sorts of orimina tion and recrimination, by the use of every etfort to apu hc the pride and petty prejudices of tbe people * interested, on both sides of| the Atlantic ? all to end finally in an amicable settlement of all difficulties, in an adjustment of all questions, present and pros pective, and the re-establishment of peaceful rela tions, until It suits the government of either country to raise again an issne requiring tbe rehearsal of similar scenes. It is time for our people to place theae matters in the proper light. A war between the Unit ed Htates and Great Britain is almost an impossibility. The people have the issne in their own hands, and are prepared to assume the powers when ncccssury. Public opinion is the great regulator, and when ne cessary it nets decisively. There is a point l>eyond which Hie governments of either country cannot pass without the rorv cti* find r \ !iou of the people, but that poin* 1 if not yet been at \ onched. We are ftolT' . to..* ?? *w ; i f ! r- 1 -?lare move, aa.i ft i ? )>,. < (it di la: co all tholr n'-p ' '.rid ; co a pondem < s. a 1 their dip omacy a<~u pi\ vurlc* tion, *11 their denials and admission*, are harmless, and only serve to amose and interest the few politi cal demagogues which every country of any impor tance is unfortunately inflicted with. In our local financial affairs nothing new has tran spired during the past week. Notwithstanding the abundance of money, the rates of foreign exchange remain at points bo low ad to prevent large shipment*) of specie. The banks show a very large specie ba ds, and the receipts of gold id bo far in excess of oar exports that an increased supply must appear in the regular weekly bank returns. This mu^t lead to a rapid expansion of bank loans, and to greater eare in financial affairs generally. As sodn as the spring opens we Bhall have an activity in business almost unparalleled in the history of this country. The exports of specie last week was exceedingly limited, as will be seen by the annexed statement: ? t-HU'MENTB 0? BFBU1 HIOM Tlllt PORT O* NltW YORK. t-chr. Arcade, JacmeL Americm g ,M $500 0 ) thip CluiDLiug, hh&Dgbae, do. 4,400 01 Total for tbo mk 5,000 00 Previously reported 1,301,177 01 Total. 1856 $1,809,177 31 Same liine, J 856 2,280,100 00 A. II. Nioolay's regular semi-weekly auction sale of stocks and bonds will take place on Monday, at 12J o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange. The notes of the Central Bank of Tennessr 9, a Nashville, are refused by the other Nashville banks The hank is said to be owned in New York. The Attorney General of the State lias been directed to examine into its condition. Their recent issues are payable at Dandridge, Jefferson county, Tenn. The warrants entered at the Treasury Department, Washington, on the 26th ult., were as follows:?. For the ree'emp ion of atoclu $06,341 04 For the Treasury repayment 672 17 For the Interior Department. 34.884 91 For CurtV-mri 2.362 50 On acoount of the Navy 115,340 03 Repayment on account of the Navy 19,152 70 Frcm lands 748 70 From Curtnma 5,fl"59 93 From miscellaneous sources 31 25 The residue of the first mortgage bonds of the Great Western Railroad Company of Illinois have been sold at a satisfactory rate. The road will bo finished on the 1st of June, and meet the Lake Erie, Wabash and St. Louis roada, with whioh it is to be consolidated ? thus forming the great central route from Toledo, on Lake Erie, by way of Lafayette, Eort Wayne, Danville, Decatur and Springfield, to the Mississippi river, at Quincy. The value of merchandise exported from this port during the week ending Friday, Feb. 28, 1856, wax $1,106,955 (Specie exported iu same time 5,000 $1,111,905 The importation in the tame time were as fol lows: ? General merchu&iiitie $1,339, 5ri3 Dry goods 1,758,614 $5, ?98, 176 Excees of imports over exports $2,546,221 The following is a comparative statement of the value of exports from the commencement of the year to Feb. 28:? 1865. 186t5. /ncres K. Decrease. Cottor $l,488,4t16 1,G75,9?1 87,495 ? Flour 922,329 2, 729, '294 1,086 966 ? Cora meal. ... 54,841 41,413 ? 10,428 Wheat 69,724 1,298,729 1,239,005 ? Com 761,861 471,679 ? 290,282 Beef 522,321 459,105 ? 63,216 Pork 664,934 797,041 232,107 ? Total $4,374,476 7, 316,12*2 4,366,672 333,926 Net Increase to Keb. 28. 1866 $3,001,646 The exports continue light for the season. Bread stiifts continue to form the bulk of the aggregate value. The resumption of internal navigation will give a great impetus to foreign shipments. Of tho imports, general merchandise was in excess of dry goods last week. The receipts of eoffee, sugar, tea, skins and minerals have lately been unusually large. The particulars of both importa and exports, for last week, were as follows:? Comrrci or mi Pobt of New Yohk. IHIURTATIONH OTHER THA3 DRY OOODH. Pkgs. Valve. I'kgs. Value. Barytas 149 $1,276 India rubber.. ? $13,347 BiUilen 4 628 Instruments? Brcnzes...... 2 618 Musical 19 Books 69 Baskets 16 Brushes 10 i 'Buttons 4? CKklk 470 China 62 Coffee, bags.17,700 Coal 1.604 Cioeks 4 Segar* _ Coir yarn .... 86 Drugs, fto Algols 37 Alum 118 Ammonia.... 618 Arrowroot.... 9 Aloes 10 Blea. powder. 270 Borax 3^>6 Bicarb soda.. 3, 124 Chlcoiy 92 Castor oil .... 12 (Jura arable.. 173 (?um aamar.. 650 Gum copal. . .. 512 Ganbia 639 Guiacum 15 T 1c. root .... 1.414 Opium Peru v. baik.. 192 Rbubarb 98 Soda ash... . 084 Sugar of lead. 20 100 S*l?oda 376 Tart, acid 35 O'her articles ? Dyewoc js, fa Fustic _ Hvi di?i 109 Sap w:od _ Vermilion 2 L> gwocd . . . . . -I 11 1 aiutK 317 CoJot 8 23 is OI. ve 70 Frvits, &c ? C'uiiacts. ... Nuts Orates. ... S*Ut.'s Fngravingg., E?aery I'arth'n w?ie. 4CI 1 84 307 1'a.icj pet ils.. '^C fur" ire Fiie ci acker .4 CIO 12 119 8 ::::0 03 (t 91 12,462 1,168 3,290 8,781 466 3,0:16 287,3151 6,963 401 8,467 461 1,227 1,967 4,726 600 443 5,168 3,379 11,476 239 201' 4,899 7,487 5,748 2,378 313 2.368 11,736 3,926 4,874 14,:'89 876 670 8.629 7,420 1,087 1 8:.<2 215 782 1,007 6,140 1 <04 LM 704 2,120 3.M4 8 451 5,417 277 881 214 864 8 07 -l 48 679 44.978 3,V80 4,096 7.194 1 000 3.673 6,404 rt 4i9 44,467 4,e:i3 88,439 Optical 2 Surgical 3 Irory ? Oil paintings. 66 Liquors Ale 405 Brandy 89 Hum 7 Whiskey 5 Beer 140 Porter 144 leather 21 Patent do.... 2 Dressed nkinx. 71 Undressed do. ? Metal giod*.. 19 Braasdo 16 Copper 1,691 Do. ore.... 267 Percus'n saps 7 Cutlery 24 Hardware.... 381 <iona 11 Iron, tons. ..1,916 Chains ? Hoops 1,641 Pig 21* Sheet 2,821 Tube* 4:;0 Lead 2,697 Needles 26 Nickel 4 Platina 1 Speltor 7,247 Steel 1,169 Saodlery 3 Tin plates... 8, 644 Tin slah? .... 2,994 Machinery.... 20 Other ariiolcs ? Molasses 602 Paper 9 Do. hangings. 48 1'ertu lie ry.. . . 14 Plan',* 37 Rugs 119 Spices 858 IVpjer 3,4:11 Srap* 210 Salt ? 69 l?n??cd ....10,0)0 Sheep 15 Supir.hllH 1". 1,889 !)j. bxi bg-i li,0!>'> Stationery 10 7 ea, chsts. .49.609 Tobacco 170 Watches 18 Wines 510 Chatnyagn.*. . 1,080 WooJ? Mahogaiy. . .. ? Cedar ? Rose ~ Wool 491 WfMte 9fl 3,678 861 679 1,246 3,857 4,040 6,936 807 719 1,127 1,168 4,786 6,669 24 359 133,932 909 2.077 6,817 1,475 1,443 12,078 43,141 1,798 80,270 4,992 2.966 5,832 5, "47 1,367 23,423 12,784 2,538 493 12,562 27,253 738 27,106 58.332 0.980 640 17,69:1 1.067 8,168 2,731 1973 1.tW 18,637 :'.2,7:.2 1,7'. 4,634 4.2<?2 46,660 ??00 99,182 35,421 4,6-6 374,6'. I 2,978 16 130 r> rio 9,1.27 5,053 324 3 tfi 51 6; .9 2,019 lVathei., ! g'aps. . . Mirio- p'i?U (iufn pt rebel 11*1 I? >. cloth . . Hat' sgoo<js.. Ilfiney 09 il mp .... ... 881 Tot* I $1,900,662 FxroRw for t uk Wkbk End:xc March 1, 1856. IJVKRTOOI.. Vi ton! it/i. Vol tit. Quantify. Value. fatten, bit e '2 '.06 $102,836 P?(>er hang's. 13 $2,760 TW. tc* 947 22 262 Unl, lbs. .126,271 14,674 4.100 Cit.MWk,eMkS 9 270 6", 472 It )sin. bblfl. . . 94 188 94,602 Wax. lbs.... 1,1 13 300 24,330 Rugs, -ales... 30 580 3,400 Copjjr ote.bxs 378 9,600 I'oik, l?bl< . . . . 2l8 Bacon, lb?.781,926 1 lour, bbls.11 016 Wheat feas. 12,993 i 'rls. lies.bols 94 Total $342,173 !<<><?', t*? C82 Poik.bls klc*l,613 $17,44)0 ?aoon,lh?..410,783 $41,021 26,100 Rloe, caska... 50 2,077 Total $86,698 CORK. Corn, bu>hel? 26,924 $26,400 bales. 237 Flaur, bbls. 1,600 Hooks, canes. . 2 I ur> and akins 14 (1 1 I. K. goods.. . 50 Tobacco, Ibs.l8,0t>9 Indigo, oases. 5 aesf's.bxs 1,600 *, tea .... 220 Tobacco, care* 712 Total mumt. $11,133 Cedar, lugs... 79 Lard, lbs... 66, 746 Pot a.ibe*,bbU 66 Ashes 62 Logwood, tons 61 Kye, bush's. 11,954 Hops, bale*.. 66 Koain, bbl*. ., 300 12,713 100 3.098 760 2 069 6,611 6,700 11.280 7,848 30,064 Sa.tarpentine 696 Stares 2,000 Cctton, bales. 767 . $133,860 $6,200 Total , Cotton, bal< s. 177 V.yf, buHh. 18,232 I aeon. lbs . 189 627 Pice, tics.... 169 I ea. cloth, os 3 Lcgwtod.tona 40 Ron[n, bbla. .1 500 H. 'svp'e, bbls 126 Total H. tufp'e, Vbls CO RIJCfORR. $40,-281 Logwood, tons 112 $46,481 am for. $8 620 Ilceln. bbls..2,400 $3,621 23,84i> Potaah 26 920 18,008 Segai s, cms.. 1 12) 6,249 Staves 7,846 520 ;uw 820 ToUl $61,977 M-\SUOW. $2,418 bUTM 4,000 $180 2,126 $4,923 ItttlkV*. . . 60,000 $4,737 T^lal Flour, bble.. 1,000 $12,000 I'itk, bbla. ..2,700 *66,700 Total ' 948,700 Floor, bbU . . . Cera, barbels. Flour, bbls. . . 386 Rice, tes Jo I Aid, lb*., .lb, 016 I'orV, bbls.... 40 Fish 40 Codfish. lb?. .3,426 Beuii, bush . . 75 Ink 6 Ikx-iii", bxs.. . 3 Have, lbs. ..1,620 Paper, ims.. 1,200 Butter, lbs.. . 500 Wh oi i. gals. 4?0 Art lotn' mails 7 BootK&ph'HCi 2 I'otatnes, t bin . 00 Pimento. buys 10 Dry got (is, cs. 1 Mnp?, c*. ... . 1 Hate 2 Lumber, ft-.50.CC0 Total ........... fuatun. 2,585 *19,500 DAJUML 11,614 *11,411 cuiu. *3,400 .ihooluii lids. 1,841 $2 032 884 llhds 1,400 2 500 2.077 iloops 36,000 1,376 706 liquor, kegs.. 28 300 172 Clocks, bx*. . . 2 109 137 IIm fittirgs., 06 1,060 150 .Spts. turp bx 12 196 29S bxs.... 200 1,000 698 Wlciing, bU.. 20 88T 163 1 462 .'!61 F'ami'.ura, bx 8 5<>0 1-26 Candles, bis . 12 116 460 Paiot cs 65 656 l>72 Drugs, M. ... 62 1,616 225 Dry gjods. ... 5 875 llardw&ie. . .. 3 334 .He, bbU 20 186 Dry good*, cs. 1 1,800 Ma&lue: j . . . 1 (00 Wil, gals :,,28 839 *28,937 681 150 107 103 li)9 760 Flour, bbls... 115 Rice, os 10 Pork, bbls.... JO Ootifb, lbrf.16,660 Flali, bbls. . . 110 l*ro, lbr.. ..2.405 $1,071 134 480 806 713 2k) r. Drags, 21 S<i?p, bxs.. .. 600 Dry goods. cs. 15 ToVicco,ha>M 42 Donen'a, bales 8 *277 734 1,369

t>W 609 Totp.l ? *6,989 Flour, bblf. .. Meal. H)U. . .. Corn, bush . . . Pork, bbls ... Breed, bbls.. Beef bblrl.... Matohcs, en.. DANISH WWT IDIB. I *t-,700 Lari, 8, 373 *1,362 D 760 Caiid^w, lixfl. 600 1.8H4 I) 500 Tobftoco, hhds 3 604 l.t)P0 Fbm, bufh. : . 200 250 626 Hfms !bs...l, 500 180 1800 Hotter, lbs. .7,348 1,887 110 Tar, bbla 40 236 Total *18,598 841 ISO 500 120 150 100 24 Jlour, bbls. . . 180 Plleef, bbls. ., . 104 Domes'* bale* 100 Tebaeoa, lbs. 2, 600 Butter, lb?. . 960 Flrtcrack'it bx SCO Brandy, cs. . . 1 *1,945 Gin, cs 1 1.253 Candle*. bxs. 42 3,400 Hardware. ... 20 500 I-eaa, pig*.... 864 283 Coal, tons.... 120 200 lioeln, bbls . . . 150 133 Total *18,474 Flour, bbls.. 2,860 Meal 856 Cheese 39,321 lla.dwsre, en. 2'.<0 ProviMonw.pkn 436 Hops, bales . . 100 Ba~ley, bush . 100 WoodWaTB.pks 639 Domestic*.... 91 B lotfiwb'g, c? 149 Ti bacco, lbs 99,064 Candles, bxs.. i-tO D'<1 fruit, cs.. 831 Total aiwba:ja. *,11.240 Oil, galls ....1,027 2,994 Rice, cks 1C0 4,982 Woodwork, pit 90 0,676 Rope, coils... 30 8.139 Fish, bblx.... 50 2,063 Fioks, cs .... 4 103 Clothing, bxa. 13 6,198 Bootl.cs 55 6.519 Hardware, \>ka 287 0.P22 Drugs, cs .... 2 18,160 Ro*in, bbi* . . 520 1 605 Oars 60 6,119 Mirror.*, bxs.. 4 Fancy g'ds, en 4 Ih ugh, cs ... 150 Pistol 1 I. R. goods... 16 (Indies, bxs.. 100 Tyi-e, cs 19 Hops, ba'es .. CO l'aiut, bxs.... .4 Fx. logwood . . 12 Hn.;dware, cs. 63 Watch 1 China... .... 2 Total MEXICO. $170 Carpet* g, bales 2 60 Stationery. . .. 30 4, .>97 Machinery... 104 112 Perfumery, ci. 2 1.908 C&rrumn 1 1,026 Saddlery, ca.. 2 1,380 Sp. oU, galls.. 960 739 Carta 2 676 Combi.. 2 317 Mucins 25 1,866 CutU. peruha. 3 :S50 Furr.ltu;o.... 10 430 *117,836 $600 3H0 5,346 245 140 532 1,400 100 1,0(6 3,775 964 368 1'lcur, bbls... 148 Beef 55 Perk 50 Baiter, lbs. .. 984 Lard 2,912 Tallow 899 Tobacco, cs.. 129 Beans, bbls.. 14 Cigars, cs..., 1 Rice, bbls.... 01 Dried truit . .. 37 Furniture, pk. 44 Bi.indy, cs. Nh'W (j RAN ADA. *1,430 Candlen, bxs. 12 787 Rum, bbls. ... 16 800 Svgar 23 216 Clothiog. cs.. 17 345 Domefilic?,ba. 26 112 Sailcloth 25 1,478 Mill 1 123 OU, gals 210 170 Cement, bbls. 300 967 H'dware, pkn. 7 930 Cars 2 562 Liquor, bbls. 10 186 115 Total $29,593 *138 364 444 6,360 1 ,'?40 792 1,500 228 466 115 1,400 030 $21,978 Tolacco, lbs. . 574 BRITISH WHBT INDIES. Domestics, b?. 100 *6,662 Drugs, cases. 3 *1,694 Total $8,356 Flour, bb.'s. . . 600 Meal 150 Rye flour.... 70 Potk 60 TcUl PORTO RICO. *5,600 Tobacco, hbds 2 600 Butter, lbs. . . 643 431 SUooks 38 800 Hams, lbs.. .1, T?rd....,..12, Fr. trek., bx. Clocks, cs ... . 1. R. goods.. . Print prers. . . Blocks, pk . . . Rope, bxs.... Oil cloth, cs.. Farultuie,bx. Hrps, bales.. Books, cs.... Rice, bbls..,. Rum lotal CISPIJkTlNE 900 *190 ,480 999 OS 87 1 3 5 22 2C7 13 1,623 1,272 1,496 4,106 794 360 170 3,000 2,648 384 453 10J 586 mtrriiLic. Dtugs, cs. . .. Sugar, bbls.. Jewelry CartitgM Segars, cs.... F.nam. cloth . . Dag. goods.. . Hardware.... Whinkey, lbs. TOO Tobaoco, lb V 6,809 Tea. chests.. 321 ltosln, bbls... 100 Lumber, It. 72,847 152 *347 152 304 .*8,234 *3,0:0 416 1,462 1,060 470 836 430 2,310 8,000 889 8,113 160 2,200 .*41,650 Ctand total ; *1,106,955 MV 96 86* 86* 87 * 91 76 91-J000 Virginia'O's. . . 3000 do 1000 Missouri 6'* ... . 4000 do lUJOCity 6's, 'TO.... lOCO do -000 Har 2d mtge bda. "000 Dar Lit mtge bd? 86 2000 ErieConT bds, '71 84 * iiOOEriebdaof '76.. 80% 5000 HR 3d mtge bd? 68* 20000 do 69 21000 III On RRbd.-t. 87* 500 N Y Central 7*s. . 101 ^ 26 Hbs Bank of Com 110 ; 0 Corn Kx Bank .. . .'02 ICOKlo&Keyp't.ltbt'O * 150 Br'ck fyLdCo. b3 b 1C0 Gold Hill Mine... 1* 1(k? do |tf 100 Cum CI Co. bo0.. 24 1C0 do bo0 160 do 100 Nie Tran Co. b3. . 300 3C0 100 504 100 '200 .bSO .aim .s4m do do do do do do bbO 20b Van) CI & 1 Co. .0 100 ' hirk|Up Co ."B \ Y Cent) al RU. . 1C0 do KIO 60 Oo b:o Cfi Kiie RR pS Stock Giclmagr. Sati.rdat, March 1, 1856. 60 ahs Krte RR. . b30 58* 160 do b60 100 do *30 460 do hlO 260 do nil 100 do sflO 200 Harlem RR.. ..b3 20 do 100 do e 20 Htrletn I'refd... 26 New Jersey RR. . 123 40 Wis Lake Shore. . 73* 60 do ?ao :mj0 Heading RR 800 do 50 do n?0 400 do n3 600 do blO 100 Bud Riy RU..b30 11 *.ch Oi RR.. .. 100 So 4 No la RR. . . UK) do b'JO 400 do 260 do bhO 50 do u:t0 200 Canada RR. . b00 10r. 60 do 104 * 26 do b30 104 * 100 do btiO 104* 1(0 Cleve k Pitts R;i 67!* 122 do 07 156 (ialena k Cbio t 11- V,' SCO 200 200 60 IlO do s3 ?o blO fa rflO do si 0 do. ...... 24* 24 21* 21* 21* 21 20* 21 21* 26 02* 92* 92 % 58 '* % f'8'j r>s y 68* t: * 68* 68* 68* 58* 68 21* 21* 21* 61 73* 92* 92* 9-'* 92* 92* 35 94* 94* 95 04* 95 94* RR. . MX) btiO 50 do 100 Cl & Tol 86i> do. 650 do 40 do 100 <>o h.tO 160 Ch k It. lal m. . 100 do u?0 6 Mil & Mi..., RR . 100 Virj;iiii*6' 00 M <?n bus.... H~,!4 ftCOO TH.l .U 2d ait rx)? 7H>, TOO*/ H R id mtge.. K- 69* 200 Nlc Tran Co... ,i. ' 21* 10tU do bdo 21* 4ti0 <lo HflO SI 'i '.100 ,'o i-:!0 21* 6CD 1T< AJvejpt Jt.blt) * 60 N Y Ccn KR..bS0 92'.; M do b8 92 "t lOOKiiaRR- hX,'? 100 do .. 68 ^ fO do b3 6H VC 100 do hIO 58 <-4 SEC'l^D HOARD. . #??* 1"0 fha Reading RR. "i (J <io??....alO {: IjO di b-'!0 lnO do '10 200 do sJ 250 do..- . h90 ll.? 78* 79 78 78 - 78 * 04 % t?4* 86 9i'-i 92* Oi 02* 9 ?>> 9J' 60 (is 1 & Chicago RR 112* 100Ctii&R IKK..10 96 100 Cleft lttta KR.bOO 67* 6 Hud Riv K.t A ' , 200 do I> >0 36 60 Clera & Tol RR.. 78* 100 dr) 10 70 200 rio o3 7!) 60 do ?3 79 CITY COM.N H KCI A 1 > r?rt)RI. fcATOKi?AT, jUrch 1 ? 6 P. M. Ahiek ? Ihe market continued quiet, while prices were withent <; .Liable change. Tlipt Block on hand in the inspection oflice w?s *? fcUowi;? I 'of*. Pca.rU, Total. first 80i t, bblc 271 27 298 f^cond 61 1 62 lhird 2:'. 1 24 Condemned 8 1 9 Total pot and pearl 303 30 803 BnuDBiX'Fn.? Hour ? There wan some better rie-nuid for lirmo UHe, and with Dome inquiry f9r export. Tlie pales embraced about 6 000 a 7,000 bbln., including com mon to extra State, at 96 87 a $7; with a>me lou of com mon at the opening, at $6 75. Huperflne Indiana and upper lake, at *7 31 a $7 81. an* good su per fine and loir grade* of extia Ohio at $7 02* >i i>8. Kxtra UeneKee wan at $8 76 a $10. Canadian waa in better demand, with nalea of 4C0 a 600 bbla. at $7 a $9 60 for oemmon to extra brands. Southern flour waa in fair demand, with aaiea of 1,200 bbla., at $8 26 a $8 87* tor mixe<i to choice biaiida, and $8 87 a SIO. Rye flour waa at 84 26 a 96 26. and Indian meal %l 62* for Jersey and 94 for Brandy wfne. Wlieat ? The market waa inactive, but rather firmer for cbeioe. which waa scarce. The sales com priaed 4.000 a 6,000 bnshela, a small lot of which waa inferior, and weevil* Tenneaaeo, at 91 66; while prime to ohoice sold at $1 80, and a lot of Western rod sold at 91 68. White waa nomi nal. Corn waa Inaotire; salea of 1,600 bushels were madx at 72c. a 76c. for Southern and Weetern mixed, and 73c. a 74*c. tor Sontharn white end yellow; 17,000 do. New Orleans mixed, alightly damaged, sold, for distilling, at 70c. Kye was duL; 1,000 a 1,200 bunbela were soM at the railroad depot, at 91 10. Oats were iteady, with Hales ol Southei n made at 30c. a 34c. : Jersey, 36c . a 40c. ; State, 41c. a 44c., and Cbioago, at 46c. a 40*c. Barley told at 91 40 a $1 48. Cottox. ? The ?aleH reached about 3,000 bales, without further change in pricei. On- no- wan (irm, without much satirity. I)?al?rH were waiting the braTy nales to coine off bv auction on tho 7th inst. J Eir.irrs. ? To Ijvcrpool, y.O tioror ' href were engag-il at 4r.; 1 700 bbls tlctir, at 2s. Od ; grain wa? mm ual, ?i 7d. ? ",Vd ; cot^'in, at a fi lfirh- askefl; anil li-^ry g< (V at .'.0s, per Ion Tho engagements wern ll^ht, \ i lupjera w?re waiting tho r<?retp'. ot private letU pi Americt. There ni no change to note la rates for Lob" Ac q or tht Continent. Bit fu stead/; sale* of 400 a 600 bales, at $1 12 % % ?1 18 tor khi) iB?fit. Brum. ?Tie market wu firm, with fair sales, for the season, at full price*, the multisc haring advanced during tl? week. The receipts during the week have been 2,264 fr<m foreign port*, aid 24,369 coastwise, as lollowts ? 1,444 frcm West Indies, per Alma; 673 Aspin wai), per Abby Taylcr; 137 Atrcsn, per Beindesr; aud '-4, See ccsstwise, of whiVh 19,855 were from Caliioruis, (inolrdiagklp* and calliikin*). Ibob ? the market w*< quiet, aud prices unchanged. Lkatheh ?The marte; during the week w*s very Arm, the 'ec-cipt? light, und h toe us rtdnned. Oak tanned wt?a ia Mrail sopply, witL an upward tendenov in price*. Ilitilnck, Oak. Receipts 24, 1M 1.800 Half* 40 G00 G,7')0 !-tock 32,700 3,100 P*OVlne>iS.? Pork? The ktock proving larger thun what ?hk anticipate'*, price* wt easier The satat era b:tc>. I . 00 l>bls , including mo**, at $16 37)< a $16 closing dull at the latter figure, with ssie.t of piime at $14 25. Beef was in m< dera'e request. without change in piicet. to'ie* >>f 100 a 150 bola. , Including country price, at $H 76 a #9 25, and country mesa at $'.< 76 k $11. Repack <*1 VeiUim *?*.? at $11 a $13 50. 1'rtrae rartij was at $18 n $23. Bet*.' ham* wore unchanged. Cut Meutf? 200 packtgrs were soli, at "He. * "&c 'or Moul ders, and 8>i'c. a 9#c. for haais. liucni was quiet. A Htcall 1 it, short, ?*i sold, rib in. at 9c. Butter was at lCc. a 22c. lor Ohi,>, and 22c. ? 26c Tor Statu. Cheese ranged Iroiu H>jc. a 10>,c. L*r d wan dull, and prices easixr. ??e? of 300 a 400 bblh v?ere reported, at 10^c. a 10>?c, ?oA ? Kmitll lot prune at 10*?o. Ho?. ? CJoTor . ells at 12%c. a 13,^c.; Timothy Mil* at $2 15 a $0 76. Rouph flax t? quiet, at $2 15 a $2 20 per bushel*. ADVEBTISEMKHT8 RENEWED EVERY DAY. DRY GOODS, deO, -tPUHO MANTI1.LAU? lOUO. JAOOb L ANSI NO la uow prepared to exhibit a *uperb ooUeotion of the latee* rAKlHlAM DLSHiNH In the above good*, hi* own lmpn'tauoo and manufacture, comprising all th*. u> new aud Um't-uJ ia inrni and material, and expressly designed to meet the requirements of Uwse bujr ers from every taction, who will find on examination Una tor variety, extent au 1 extreme cheapness hi* slock ut unnquaUad In this market. HITT THOUSAND WHALEBONE SKIRTS, Of the mo*t imsrovsd patterns, aud all favorite color*. JACOB UANKING. 42 C^dar street. AT. STEWART & CO. Vi ILL OPEN . NEW SPRING SILKS, On Monday, Marcn S, at 78 Cents per Yard. Brcsilway, Chambers and Beade a treat*. Auction goods.- wo dozkn hemstitched cam bric handkerciels at $.> 50 Be: doz^n, very chetp; also 354 black lace veil*, new paileiua, at $2 SO. worth $4. An oxten. Hive at.-crittieiil ol rmtrui lervd )>and<-, tloiucin^a, edttlnrs aud insertion* In Swuw and cambric. musJnH. Juit received per Alia, ut 1'M'l.H l'.i 'HivK : A Cu.'o, ,",75 Uroadway. Avian n SEARCH FOA TMK PLaCE to BUT DRY GOODS MONT AUVAMAGaOCS, MlkT PATISt ACTOItT, Would bring any rea?ouat>le l?dy or gentleman to the juit c imluplon that TI1K BOWEKY riAVINGS 8T0BE. No. 126 Bowkuy, Is tlie store where the best axiwrtment u kept, and where the lowest price* are aditid. wliere one price Is rigidly adhered to, and THIS I'BlCt ALWAYS MARK VI) IN 1LAIV OUOIiBS. AU foreign K'?ods nre bought of Lhe Importer*, or *t auction. All domestic Rood* are received direct from the manutac lurers Wc have all sorts of long *nd square nhawls. 'A grent vwrletv of men's and boy.V we*r. An BEdleitr. as. ortmeot oflaUios' dren* goods. Kverj kind of linen K?ods A lurge line ol diaperlea. A tuli ptook of moun lnp woods, Lmeu liaixlkercbiels, hosier) and glove*, towellings, diapers, table cloths, <Vc . Ac , In abunOHncc. Many job* from uu lion at astonishing low prices, and one fact |<rovu* this, tha' is, of our >tyle French gltighams, we aj il Iwt week oter li.OOO > ard* at )A. per yard, and more ot the narnt- bort lett~ proi/ab y the cheapest ko'xIs in America. C.UOOmahsbiuxsucilt*- 12*. toai* F. W. A W. F. GILLEY, '26 Bowery. BARTB0U>HEW'S ASSIGNMENT. THE G BEAT MOUK>ING SALE WILL CONTINUE TEN 1>AVH LONGER. FURTHER KKDUCTUN IN PRI' KH. Immense ; a'-nliee in mourning good*. Extraordinary induce ment*. Ihe ia*t ohnnce 1 he entire Ktock of mourning go>>ds purchased by the Rub criber ol the assignee of U. F. ilartholome\f at an enormous dlaoount for cajb. to be closed out in ten ds7*, wiihout regard to orWlnal ooeL Twenty thousand dollar* worth ol' new and dertrabln goods. Imported expressly tor this houue before the asnlgnment, are airlvlf g by every wtt amcr, and will be sold at an enormous reduction from their value. 900 piece* mourning gingham*, best quality, at 1*. 200 pieces mourning French print*, be*t qua'Jty, at Is. 500 piece* mourning foulard (I ks. 50 piece* tamartine, a new article. 50 piece* crape Baretz, 30 pieces barachea silks. zo pieces gro grain silks. ^ 39 pieoes gro de hblre silks. A large let embroideries at 75 per cent reduction, toxetber with a peperal assortment of mourning goods, all of which witl be sacrificed. W. JACKSON, sucoessor to C. F. Bartholomew. 551 Broadway, Beween St. Nlohola* and Metropolitan. (10BMKTS AT WHOLKMALE.? WE ARE IMPORTING J and manuiscturing all kinds of French. German, Ensliali aud American corsets, to which we lnvtta the attention of the trade. N. B.? Third avenue cars pas* the door. _ _ G AY MOB, 45 Third avenue, near Tenth street. English carpets? op kvkhy dksjription, at unprecedented!! low price*. A. T. STEWART k CO., Broadway, Chambers and Keace streets. Fashions. -madllk drmorkht, 37# broadwiy, Inform* Ibe that her branch (tore, 7% Caual street, opposite Greene, wiil be opened on Monday, March 3, with <h? unost rich end elegant display of fashions ever offered, tinder the superintendence of Madame Goodall GRKAT BARGAINS IN BAREGE DK LAINK8 AND chal.lea ? :0,nu) yards Barege de lalnes, 8d , cheap at la. 10,000 cballlei and dn 'allies. In., worth Ita. H.OCO do, In 6d.. worth 2a. fid. Part of a bankrupt block. C. 0. HOOK, 308 Bowery. GKMN'S BAZAAR, M3 BIIOAOWAV.-ORA.ND OPEN Ing day of ls'>e goods sad eirbrotdories. On Thursday, March 6. 1866, will be opened the largest, most varied and cheapest assortment ever offered to the dlcjernPig publlo, con ? slating o( Point ii'Aleneon, I'oln Apullque. Honlton. Mechlin. Yalencennee and thread laces; French embroideries, oollws and sets; lace do ;Uonl>on and Valonclenncs capes, berths, coiffures, .lc., Ac. ;aiso. some beau'lful denims In thread laco fhawla, capes and mantillas; all of which will be sold at prices to In sure the attention of buyers. (Swiss cambric and guipure bands at remarkablv low prices. 0,000 French embroidered oollars at one ball their value. Qi'iMN'U Bazaar. 613 Broadway, St. Nicholas' Hotel. GENlN WILL ISSUE HIS 8PRINQ STYLK OK OK.V tlemen's bats lor 180(i, on Saturday, Ma ch 1. OENIN. 214 Broadway, opponito St faul's eb'.trch. GKMN'S BAZAAR, 513 BROADWAY ? GRAND SPRING opeuuig on Thursday, March 6. 1850. The public are most respectfully informed that on Uie dty aoove namml, a choice asHorimeiit of the latest u<jvelue? in 1 ail let' and chil dren s apparel will be on exhibition ail of the very best make, and such a cannot bo surpa* ed it paralleled, in thlK city. GKNIN'S St. Nichols? lloU34. 513 Broadway. CI WIN'S BAZAAR, 613 BBOA0WAY, ST. NICHOLAS r Hoiel.? Milliners Irom the country are invited to ca'l on Thursday, Match 6, 1866, ana t e;eot their ladies' and children's pauern bonnets for tbenpiioe trade. LINt^ S POhlTlVKLT CHKA I'? or cnsuui assei i nr.iiiis. CHARLKS ti. HOOK , 759 Broadway, Will open Monday M ich 3, 15 eases linen goods. From auction 1 caves plUow c? ;s, 7*8, 4x4. !>JL4nnd (ill wioo. " cs. "S blea biid cmiin k, x4. Hx4 and 10*4 wide. 4 caret lrl*!i linen sbu tings, from lb. fid. to 36. Gd. per yard. 5 i >?:< dam ?k table cloths of h 1 si?es. MjO doz.-ti dhnm k nankins and u>* t s. I I>KN PALL, Kl BOWERY? 80 AN A 00b? THE Jj i ropt letots lake 1h,ivp In tnloriri turir oustotre ?? and the public that <tey have mcvt 1 theu ent .ro stock of liueu n,ojds to the n ove store,/, here the.} w iU troia 'his time lot-ward continue the v b ^lesale, topetlie With the i ctail, at 1'uens and dry goods ot ail ktiijR, at tbe lowart cat,b prlcer They are all of tbetr o*n Imp, rl'tior , and In ortftir to make a pernm-eot trade, th< y will retail th-niat the lmportar's p licet- I heir stock oon sbus of litKP hh -r'it x, * 1 ^idt hi and qu* UUes : dan>a*k table cloths, wblt ? brown; ds'ii i -k lable .lus \t. diapers, h icka buck lowlitiga, r.apVtnt, li'OyHes, ?htte and brown drll J, checks a/ a stripes. all warran-ed pure tnen toKether wl h a large lotef ntw fllka et-ipet m d p aid.i: a splendid lot o' hhf.k ?.Iks, i-til|'ed and obeoked; musllDs, hrillimit*. printed minims sud delau ? k; a, ho, cotton aht eilng by tlie pie n or >aid. chesp. tie !<? Binrron iIjpt will open, anart fr m thfir p? nt/s-k, 600 pieces of 7 8 h und 4 4t'.i Hlilrtt r Imei, Irotn ^0 lo tO cent* ,H?r ard; ,'tOO of fane . (in. i, .ron *? to SB csaw oer > -tn 1 hete '"tier goods wet e fcni them on eorr,miMton and tbej r. efer sel'ir* thtm low ?> the r su ire rather tlnut send th< m to tuirtl m There r? uo damajieil or ?"nkrupt's good* Included in this list, and they will soL' lo .er than a :y ithcr bouse having the sarne arttciea. tlavlnu a hnver al ? *? ? In lielsnd, they aio in a j ntition, aad are determiued to sell low, m d estab irn their house on tNa urns principle ** the ' Old Uncri ll'ill," in Dttblln. Ijidlea are respeotlullT requeatad to ex?iii.?o die ahove s'ock a* all'on ii>c a .a>*?? ses-irtmen' in varletj and valui , amortst thiim v ill bo liuud a plerdid lot of >iamask an4 snowdrop napkins, Ircm *1 to SI 6t) p"r dnreti; tickcna and b'eached muslins, cheap by the pieoe; Meril-rao calicos In great variety, st 10 cents iter < ard; striped poplins, ta large sssorlment ! from .''s. to 3s 6d. per yard, rfith all other kind* of (In goods, to meet the w?nu of spring ptirrh??er?. * 8 LIN KM HALL, 332 Bowerr. LfcADllRATER'S A?HTi?NMRNT. -FOR SALE. THIS week, to close 'V as^nuieBt acounti, tbe followltut ei IraoidtiiarT bargains:? 6 cares superior tine long e'oths, at 9 centa. 6 tla. do. do 10 do. .100 pieces brillants la. 10 pleres Iriah linens 2s. 64. 100 pieces napkins I2t. 30 pieces plaid silk 5i. per yard. 9 rleees chine do 8?. per do. IS0dr,zen kid gloves 8a. per pair. 11 cases 4-4ths French calicos Is. 6d. per yard. 260 hareie delaines It. ltd par do. 160 challi 2b. perdu. By order of assign ^e?, Q. B. WILLIAMS >: CO., 347 Broa-lway. N?W SPRING GOODS.? LYONS A JONES WILLOPRN on Monday, March 3, a part of their new stock of spring gvodi, including a lot of very handsotncfrolored silks, at very low prices; also, a lot of beautiful delalnea, at Is. tkl. a yard; to which they invite special attention. 277 Hudson street, be ween Canal am* Spring. 1W SPRING OOODP.? CUA?. O. BOOK, 7(9 Broadway, Will open oa Monday, March 3, A cfaotoe e election of RICH FANCY SILKS, BA ilEGK and uws aOBM of every discrlpUon. KW KnAWLR FOR T IE SEASON? Received by Ui? recent steamers, and now open at retail, A. T. STEWART A JO, Broadway. Chambers and Reade streets. ON MONDAY, MARt'H 3. A. T. STKWART A CO. Will open New Ekiccs Goons, received by the steamers Al lacllc, Etna and Aula. Broadway, Chambers and Rende streets. nOBWS, ROBES --ARNOLD CONStABUt A CO. ARE l\ now ptYpei ed to exhibit, al pf'all. their entire sp?sng ini ; ?> tsilono1 Hill , ban* to and 1 Tgarnty robea. N. It Novel '?? PCC^veO b/ every siesmer No. U2 ( anal street, near Broadway. N* N s 0*T 600M, St. BICHTEB. RIGA.UD A BRDNK, 119 LIBRBTY BTB UI, have received. per steamerv Am* and Etna. a full easa**. ment of *f ihelr entire uprtrz importation of Uilmr drees trimmings. the jrroaUait Dart of which la Is port, tot whack they are prepared 10 offer at the most liberal terms. PBINti VARIETIES. 1866. Ou awl after Monday, March 3, LOBD A TATLOB wtil offer a very extend** and altg&nt assortment of G'EKAF DBY GOODS, kcii rte d with muoh o are expressly for their spring salw, and la be disposed ol at REMARKABLY SHALL ADVA.10B Particular attention la directed to Twenty ca?es high lustre real India checked and itrlp?ddfe4 just optr.wJ being the newest and chotoeet spring styles? sbout i6.tXX) yard* at from 80c to T6e. per yard. tM. 257 26f and iCl Grand street; And new numbers 47 and 49 Catherine si OTRIP* D GI.NOUAMS - Jl ST OPKyED, KIVB CASES. O price la. ABNOLD CONSTABLE A CO., 62 Canal street, near Broadway. SPRING MA HT11.I.AH. The subscrloer bas just opened his new styles of SPRING MANTILLAS AND TALMAS. Ths iMoor niBui Is u nurpwsed, both in rtohness tad HH^p embracing rich and elegant *y e* of 1'arU made lane and dk goort*. tr eiitlrel) near pntt<-rns. Also, low prised stytea, OSS* np exp'OKslv lor ihe Job Sing trade. Buyern Ir.wii oil Mtotli. -w are requeued to e?U and esaotaa the rUn-A, hi> thus ?d. be <)tfc.-?d at low prices and on the iHd favorable terms. u. d. HuUi, Koa. HO and 82 Chambers "rTHKY RUN !"-TH1>yK HISTORIC WORDS ARK AP 1 piicable to the excitement uiiuiite?nd by the fairer por tion of oreatiou who rtailj tliroug the warehouse <* M. U. LUUiHStHlN, At No. 90 corner or IIkmtkh flTiierr, Where he has tow ready for Inspection the most extensive, fttstnouabie ard superb ?a?jctoie>it ot LAHI . 8> URKBS HUMMING HIRBONS ever imported into (Lis country, including in i]ji list aim* latest novelties o i Ihe Parisian and Knglish markets In DAT AMD OA J* HI HBilNS. Oaiue, Ha tin and Tail'eta Ribbons, AjiornAKK, Fancy an? Plain ('kakxji anu L*n?E8, Bdnhst Milks ahi> Satins, LAWNS, I'LOKrNurS, MAKCKLINK*. CILXP SILK, CIOWK LININGS, BLAl K J. Ml I'uUir.UI SIIJC TUIMHRtn LACKS PLAIN 4MB i> m.tb rr ?:ni u anu amkkiuad. ARTIFH'I Al> PLOWKK.S, HONNKT rBABKP AM) CUUWNX, TKLVKT KIDBONS, TAALATOM, rATTKBl. UONNKTS, VBLVSTS, JCTC , STC. 1 he eilennJve oa.ure ol his arrangement* enables him le place the must recent r oveltlas of the Kuropean capitals he lore hl? patrons slmoirt simultaneously with their introdncH? to ihelr native mart of fa>hion. Kvkkt Bteakeb that erodes the Atlantic bring* him consignments from ins ageiit. and lh<* liberal support ? talch he has hitherto received has nUmu mled hlsetforts to merit approbation. SA1.K SOFT i! AT W A RhHOlUE, 431 KltOAB wav. up stairs. R. M. WaTKRB. W/K1KKKR .1R01 1JKRS 64 AND 6C JOHN OTREB*. f V up s'Slrn, Importers and Jobbers at Fteoeb bonnets, Fashions, French flowers, htrsw ?ro ida, blhbona, Milks, 4e , are r?a?tanUy opening a choice aasonment of the above i RO'ids, ol their ov- r. Importation, r?-oeiv?d by every ate wbich the> oiler far > ale at very low prises. w w ILSOJT a HUNT A oo.. IHPOKTBWS AMI JOBBERS Or WOOUjKN AND OTHKB (JOODH adapted to men's ?-ear, Nus 80 and ff3 WlJliam elreei, ciirner of Maiden !a $10 INSTBICTION. ? bookkkkpino, wr: nso, aritiimktio.? . Mr. DOl.llK A K 609 Bro?dway. will eoinm:noe his pprtnt! le. m this d*v. Karly a^pllcaiito may eu^tge a lew pri vate seals, at on y <10 lor * practical ornu-se in deuoie entry* to IH them for ar y business. Ladies rbeap and private leasooa. 2;0 ? A COCasK OP WRllINO I.KHsONS POll *2, IN iPiy. eluding s'jiiione.ry. Hookkeeplug, thirxuh eoiired, reduced to il.V Apply thm weuk, a, uie ^oadn nles ?Mi- Broad way. comer ot Fta ikltn street and 277 Fullon siraet, Uroak lyn. OLIVER B. OObDnMlTB. ??! en -lad ih,8' writing <'Lasse3.?mr. pains jjpi ?JU. Grand, OOrMT of Biwerv, and 16ti Fulloa s'reet, Brooklyn, continues to give len lessons in wridng (ar II Mi, or k! >'?en tor f'l, ?ncludliig rtationery. boolckeeplns. arilhmoiic Ac., at reduced pi ices, all this week. Pupils omb attend day or evening, appointing their own hour*. *|>1 ONLY FOR WRITING, $6 FOB BOOKKBRPINO.? ?T-L Ladles' olsas, four o'clook; gentlemen most in the even iiig. Must applv Immediately rrom 3 to 9 o'clock, st 7TS Broadway, between Ninth and Tenth streeia. uessons in eio euiion, Ingiish grai'imar and composition, including spelling; also, the French, Spanish and German langunse*. fifi i K 0. UODBiNri KLLBNWOOD. BOOKKKKPIHG, ARITBMKTIC, WRITING AC -ML Blt.NViLLK.2ii9 Broadway, where he has taught wl it emi nent success for the past eight years, continues to receive new students, upon much lower terms than any othsr teacher, thm instruction is teparaiely imparted, thorough, and opeedllv available in practice. Open day and evening. BOOKEIBPING ? AB APPLIED TO BANKING, BAIL road and aflkiriL la tanght in an oxpedluow and superior maimer bv POtoTBB ft DIXON, 346 Broadway Private ieaaona day and evening. on appdoattea FRKNCH LANOUAGR, ETC.? E. TKLLERINO, 483 Broadway, nsar Broome street, (established U62J ooa tlnues to devote his time to private instruction in French and German; alae the Englisb branches, and translating. Passad the governmental examinations on the oontineat or Europe, No enticing promises. MECHANICS' INSTITUTE, NO. 1, BOWERY.? TH? sverlnir school of the Institute for the InslruslLinof Ger mans Id ibe KngUsh language, will be opened on the eveoinf ot the 6th March. We put In our e'aim tor patrocace amonc those of kindred Institutions, and pledge ourselves to impart a k nowledf e of this neoesslty to every German in this country la as short a time as possible. Subscriptions will be reoetved. PROP. DB MABSAN'S EFFECTIVE AND SIMPLB method is highly spoken of by all his pupils, ladies aad gentlemen. Those who wish to learn the French language without any was t- sf time and money, will not be disappoint* In vUitlnr this get'* toman, at 437 Broadway. SPAMHH AND FRFNCH LANGUAGE.? PROF. A. PILRRA can receive a tew pupils Ibr Instruction in Ik* above languagea Terms moderate . Address 70 Wnlte street, two doors from Broad ? ay, trorn 12 to 6 o'clock P. M. SPANISH LAKGUAGE.? PUOF. OOBBIN CONTIVUH to give esuonsln the a' ove. Apply at 134 Eighth street, adjoining the Mercantile Library. Also, a room to let In Ihe *ame premises, to tdngle gentlemen, with or without partial board. musical. 7P1ANOKORTKR, 1 KKKNUH HA RHODIUM AMD t mclodeon to let, hi 92, (2 SO. 94 and $6 par month; or tmr sale trom *'.!? up lo (200. Planofortea tuned, and maito the rein* hi y taught, by Piof. DUMdDAY, 22S Grand street, Mac the Uo wery. BARGAIN, rOR CASH. -TWO HPLBNDID SK YwJ octavo pia-v*,, *tih metallic irame, covered le*v serpen tine bottom, and warranted In ever; respect. Call at 1U Maidoticil stt eet. second floor, rear. AW. LAD& * CO.'fi PARIS FIRST PRKIIIUM PIA . noii.-lhepe piano* received the flrat premium, overaj other square pianos, ooth Hurt >ean and American. Port* Industrial hxhlbltlon of lhM. OA RH ART NK1 k CO.'h meiodeocis 619 Broadway, 81 N^lts llWL NKEBHAM itoL. JUnfJO" A MUNGK*. A8KVEN OGTAVB Rl 3KWOOD PIANO FOR SAUK richly flubbed, with round corners and moulding, with rich elH oroHmenlai rose pa tern plate, beautiful mil rich tone, and rrvlr by a celebrated city maker; wlui iinexulrod warran tee tor two yearn from ita-ember la?t; It in rlch'T polished. Can bo (oil) tested by the purnawr. Will ba sold for 9210 oath. A rare rhsnre. Apply at 0S8 Sixth avenue, near Thirtf eigbth street. Gil - M BARGAINS, IK KKMOVKO IVkSDIATKLT.? (hie spi? nd.ri w vcr. o< iave rosewood pta-ioforte, in ase but ten montbf ui d cost 9275, for sale, tor 9160; one seven M tave rosewood d'\ tor }I20, aod one for 910#; one mahogany do. forfSft. one do ?7(1. and me 930. Otlie n tor 9.T0. (V and (20. Can be seen at lut Twenty hIxUi street, near Sixth ave mie. R. Ot>NZ \LdZ. Pi.EMR'U l'lAitiKORiH? O. A H. HARMouK, .'MM jtieecker st'eei. extensive manufacturers lor iwetjtr >ear?, olu r a la.-c> and varied aFFOtiment, a'. reduced priooa, apd the great advantage In b't ing from tint hand< a'. ikt nrionufuctorr; abo Ui examine their grand it tai piano hu pei ior to Biij loa made; one seocrd n?u<t ptauu $50, and oua at ? i:>0. QQgmmutim & 00., mush: 7&POT, xit bkoauwat O f ew kora, publiehora uinoe thirtv 'Mm, at fiar?*?wx, ?.Bd 1' 1 mo, Iter a i"0! u ol ?no it. t J lor wt rim tb.? largest tat il,? I. ied Mates, ' ho * who ?>*:>' good aaugto. at k>* rosea, pk au? U' ealu (IRMOVJ1LR. "" Dmcm uion. aooiraitxok at ta\t. hah kb . movci h; otli e m 271 Broadway, corner of tJhatnhate itreet. In tlic ! > f Mid Leather Bank building. iloomh II A IX IUTHKR R. K/VKflH, ATTOBMiT AKD COCNOLUML J I), in rrmrvrt his offl. e to No 771 Hroad **f, mmm uj i 'bkmbe/s turret, over Saot ai d l eather ''ark rooms 14 sad 1A. 1.. R. MARSH, ?71 Rr,-iuiwa?. RhMOVAL.? _ BRKKMAN 4 TOMPAVT. Have ri-moved io th-ir new stars, 473 Broadway, betweM Grand and Kieome slr< "ts, And Hill c|ien Ob Mowbit, March, 3, With a new and splendid STOCK OK DR? GOODS, Of every i!?woriDUou. To which they reapeotful)} Invite the attention of the publtc. KDUC VTIOS. STATIC AND NACIONAL UAW SCHOOL, POUGH keefMle, New TnH^ A new system; training in the prae Uee wtth etoirts, wltneyea^jjgea. Aa ; aatemp<>raMoiu apeak fju USSS*' "^'-S SW*oS* ?Tm: FoUeL Uw* ?0-hrred.-<2SdtoI h"?? Terma moderate ed,,e*u?n wfft the oomforU afi BILLIARDR. Billiard balls.- a fink ahhobtmknt <hT bo. hard bails and French cue Una 'or sale, at the Iowm e if h prloea. by WM. M. WKLUNrf, 430 Broome alreet. tHW at Ooaby. rR MOD1EL BILLIARD TABI.RB AND OOKfllTATTO* eushions. patented > eb. 19, 1SN>, are tor sale only at Si Chambers street, np italra, next tn Burton's. IsftincNMala on the above will be proeccnted to the utmost rtc *r of the law. MICH AKI. PHKLAN. TX/* OFFRR FOR SALK A FIWK STOCK. WITH OCK T T newly Invented rnshlons, which are preferred to al others bv the besi iiuites In the United Mtatea. Private hem? turnrtied. anil order* by mall attended io. ORlFFITu a DKCK KR. 90 Ana etreat, IIATKLR. ' TUP GliOBF HOTrtf CORNKR Of FRANKFORT ANV willinin Mree's containing 2W r nmn, hetng r.t> wlv (toed up. tspiepsjtviiofvniWisinxie rrx at 95 cent* w.- ntrtL. cr fl fO pe>' ?eek. t Hi' e oper aU nmhi. N e*ia served ai a.t hours, aj.s. -.uoitjfor tamiOes. neaUv titled tia. JAOOB u. Ft.ENCO.