Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 5, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 5, 1856 Page 3
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I Qoalwra against the tetter, not only Imui* of h?r tre cuiBttDff toivot^ but of hsr hflfiDf ftfr d Bir'W bt ? priest to a person who eld a it be.'ng t.? tbe sect. fhis marriage waa therefore. a fact known to everr "ne to 1'bilftaeiphlft. The ecvccat.e ge- eral iheu extm'ue I tie question, i* in law tbe?e p.oo's weie en Anient Qe c in tended th?t both as regards the Ao,eii5*n la?s the laws of France, tbere ?culd oe a<> douot upon this point. In presence of these cou?lderatlous ae celled upca the Court to cuiifl m the juog neat *pp?*l?i against. Conformably loUese conc'u-i an thu <-'urt a>'er de liberation, iet.dkre.0 a judgment ooiitl roUur lbe oecl-i n ot the tribunal, 01 d*>ring >he ptr ifuu o' 'hi P'"P'"'T of tbfc late Durnmf to Tie in,?u?-d a eiy Pr ?coedad vit'i. Voder tliis juogment, Mrs. R'-gsay -eco net.'ea to nearly ti40AO0. OMth ot Mr. JoUu Braliam, tlte V?ruil*t. [From lb'- L nu n Mae F* > If J On Sunday last a musician won m?y ?>? said t) h?T* termed ft connecting ink be' ween t'i? m*n ? t. e uressat g'nisratton ana tntir gratdf?,th*rH b ?.t "im nu U t feeldom hw vbere iti-u ??> rue ft kto '?? *<'? ?*e o p< 4w? etonal r.ngevl t \ hn tba> (>f Mr. J hu B ? ??'? lnc e Is 60ftr*9iy ft r?<;n living too ol< or Uiti j'11" g '.o nave heard Him ung t . 3orc ?t Uidou in 1'74, n paitnts o' ?.hi HA-m par f- a?i.'n h im ne of the many Ins' .n?* '.ha *j Ita'e of the 'jewuh iace tor n.u is ? icn c? csty (?*?, escaped ttie untie* <f any >os-'V?ro tne preHaat ?<e. A' K my rHtl) nyt h<^ Wj?s 's*nfid d, ilr** j ii *r jba ,, to the <*ra Of 1-ertii. ru lali-usi g-i'f c leirt y, ?ul mare bis delvl as a pur, lie airier o-'-ie >1- i d *n?ineo his eleventh year, ?b-n, froui the q i*li y ao<" coiup*<* of bis v< Ice, be *ae ?n*t?Jeo t ?.iog a va-aJ bianura t >ogi tbftt beck been w i' ?d for M* ?m' ?-r* W .ho h? l w his boyuh v< 1- e b>* luture pro peet- ?ui^?r??.l <to>i ?Ottl, but he found ? g?reioun fft.ror la M A'orsh*.? emltb. ftnd bec?irt ft pro(? >or ot ibe , t?n biR voir* regnUiiiig itH pover rie *out ti> ?a<3 tbere, in t jc v?ftr lTf4, m^.e hi-, ti- -r *>.u**'+ac* ft' eo?e conceru th*f t< ok nlftoe uud^r me di wtiou <f M. KauzzirJ, nho. appreciitl' g bl^ ta ea<, iitir* h ui 'auji'-ftl Instruction tor three ve?r? In 1186 youig 8r?h?a) wna engftg d ny the ?t\U re membeied con* i one', ^ignur Sior..,c- , t >r I?f ury I *nn the atre ftsd bia (Witt (wt icU '.n ?n op-.r* r.Ji-id M*4 nifjd) w?* huceoMul that In tbo y??r f >11 l .wjnif be w?a engaged t r tbe Paliftn ooera tou-e. H .pl >g h w ner. to aehieve ft reputation more perrnuneut 'h\n joald be obtained b? ftuy ot xer courve, he rn-oiv* i ;o vt-it Italj. and tber? to complete bU miiBtni e m atwm More ace tru the flrat city a' which he ap.eired ia put?. lie; thence he went, to Mi'au and atierwumii ? 1 Genoa, at which place h? "tucied comp ???it* >n tinier In (la lMTWg Italy fn c-?n?e<|uence or nome 0111 aulliit* i n< from bia own country, wne-e the inteltl^n-e o' bia Ita lien aucce^es h?o awakened a I veiy cur or y, be mide hln dtlut at CaTmt garden iu 1801 ... Thi* ia the point from wni?b ocuy be di ed '.hat ri nmphant career duriDg which h? c^ea'.?d a comtant furvrt the eff-ct of which hax Uated in H. me degree even to the pieeent <1*y. A rocftlia' wbo tras aU" an acc <ra plichca rouf-ician, wa^ a rare .pectacle fct toe c miner ce^ ment ot the nrf f>en> century ant' for inviy ve*rvne ?**? without a competitor. I/on/ after h?x v lc- hi- lo*t Us oilginal power, he waa aucce^ive y erga^ed at ?e? ral theatrea on t.Le strength < f a leputa ion ?h" h now ned uric ring, and hl? proflciency in Aiog. g H? iiel'n muai.i waa universally atknow e<1g?ti when bH ".treer as a dra matic v. call st btd re?chf(i its t?mlavi?n rhe f?c'? may be deome iij eyeBtiug, tba the oper?i ia wni ui ne mad* his first np^Ar?nc? **ter Uir ret from wan h work br ve-nrg. Mazziogvii anr* H-ev , entJirtd me Chairs cf t> e H^art " that tor a *e 01 ye%r?, (ter minaHng in 1816.) he wi g at the Kio*'* nbea're, *n con cert with MfKdflmes Wlliogt. h, Ff e^ler, aad irr^ial; that when WeV^er compound bU op "% ' ,heioQ ' f the h.-irlibh fttage. he waa tne origi al Sir Hu >o. WLile liia Bncceas as a voca iat *i'h->ut preceient, M' Braham was alfO renowned as a composer. N ?: onlv he write ?v-'ral of th^ m sv popula *?ag* but be compel a V~ eraVT lot-g list 01 e ttt?e r?ra* ai th#s were called in their t! o?. thonjn. noenr. lag ?(> p pfent motions, tn?y were merely ora nss, ia ersperserl with cccatir.nal fongs. Of 'be-? 'he ww cel?bra ?d were perhaps ihe t'('abiDet,, and the *' ^ t ** " ,mm r+lica of which will be found Id **v?r? -<ld fi-hion-1 no A. Ihe onlv v cati n which Mr. B;ah*in 'net without Bunreea was that of manager. Tbe St. Jam**' t.hevxe, wtich he built aa an Optra house and whtch w-h first opened in t-830. never Hatlafacfonly a.aswerc<l h- por pof-e for which it waa originally intense-.. In private life Mr. Hraba.u waa g oerally r*s .fcU3, Be moved in gorfl society, and wi' "* hn ?* Mjuuiatftice bis fame as a man ot exrenaUe tutor mi I u and ?s a humorous retailer of anecdote w<is awarcwy ufe t r (3 Lis reputation aa a vocalist am ,ng the geunral pa >lic. lmpoitant fli.anrlnl #tw?. London Mosky Market, Tuesday, Fer>. 10, 2 o'clock P M? The amount of the new loan and heoth^r p*r ii,i'?ri in ccnnecti< o with it. at.d the propo ?d fiooing ot Ks ch?quer billa have excited c >nti ierao e snrpriailn 'he ui neved circles I'be government is v-ry gene-ally cm >r?<? for diatnrbing the public mind by the aauoun ietnent cf a loan which they confess ioferential y ia u'terly lasde quate to me?t the Uablh'lea a'.reary in surra 1. It would, it is consiiered, hftve oeen a much m ire aanslble *nd Btareamatlike course to bare asked for a ia get- ?u u th*a would probably be required, even it peacs eh >uii not result from the deliberations of the Plenlao entariea now wembliDg in the French capl-j?l, ai tiat would hftve anown to all th' wo*ld th.t. come what nignt. the govarntnent waa ready to pro ceed with the utmost vigor, and ?o carry out the war wi'lt tbe greatest energy. Now, however, the Inference undoubtedly is, that this country ta ?? anxious for peaca tbat the government does aoc consider it necessary to prepare fo- any otner Usue from the I'aris Conflerenses, and has, in cawnnw aak?d that wbish la barely ?uffieient to replace the b?lano? ol the Turkish loan illegitimately used, and to lea -e aome hlng to ntat the motu pressing olaitni upon th g vera men t This is a disg.ace to British statesmanship, and it ia to be hoped wid not be lost sight or at a fuCure Jay. when the acta of the present gove-nment are passed in review Tbe loan of ?5,000.000 ia to be ae^otlacea iu cnnsols, a we Indicated wouli probably be the caae ree erday, an I no discount is to he allowed on payments in and -ipatioa The f xebequer billa to be funded amount V. three anii lions, ?nd tbe losta znenta on both have to be paid up within a peri' d of two months. We bave received the following communication from Colonel ratio, the Mexican financial agent:? MEXICAN DEBT. By tne royal mall steamer Magdalen* 921 P0S have been re ceived trom Mamt an via Panama, tor the ?ext j*n dlvldeoda BeddetUie ?bove*um ?11,417 9a. are already deposited In tba Back of Frg'and F. K aOIU. 32 Great Wmchester a reet, Feb. 18, 1866. Tbe market for public securities baa oeen less buoyant to-<*ay than it was yesterday afternoon, and consols hive been cealt in at a dec.ioe of fully & per cnt Tom tbe hightat point at'ained yesterday afternoon, viz : 91%, bnsieeaa having been transaeted in them tois m rnlng at 90 X to 91 hi for tbe account, and for money at BOH to 9GX- Tfce presen' price for cash is 90^' t? B )X and for time 90^4 *? Th? Ttiree per Cents, reduced have o.en d.-ne at 90T^ to 01X, the new Three per Oat* at 91>t to ilji, and ibe new I'wo ar.d a Ha'f per Centa at 74 ^jaroeiy ary buriness has been done in foreign stocks this morning, and quotations u;e rather 0 it. Hau past Two O'clock. Cocsob f o? account, llt.h Match, 90M to 90 thk wbw oov*knment loan or knul&nd. [Frcm the l/'ndon Standsrd, February 19.] Yesterday at c ue o'clock a v-ry Urge n am oar o' infln ential gentlemen connected with -.he monetary w >rl 1 at tended the Treasury for tbe purpose of bearing from the Chancellor of the Exchequer ;he partii: jla < nt the pro posed new loan. Ihe right honorabls gentlamaa was accompanied by Lord Patmerston, and Mr. J. Wilson, the Secretary to the Treasury. Among ta ose pressnt were Baron ?. de jiothrchi'd, Mr J. L. (ioldsmlti, and Maaars. Caienove, R. Toorntor, Mullens, Set. The Inta: visw commerced with the reading by the Chancellor of the Exchequer of tbe particulars '/ the loan, aa als" tt.e pftrticuiars of tbe amo int rf Exchequer bUlato be funoed, for both of rbich important d wumenti uea Standard of yea erC.ay. Baron Kothschild thea asked whether the blddlogj for tbe two operations were to be made on 'hi a*ne da^T Hie Chancellor ot the Exchequer rep ied (n the atlirma t'.ve. Sir J L Go'dnnld bavirg imiutred whe'ber any dis count would be allowed, the itplv whs i-- th> negative. Barcn Riiihrchlid ? Do you intend to make another lo?n? The Chancellor of tbe Exchequer ? No, not while thli ia in course of payment. A gentUman hft? Inquired wt'ther there was any objectlrn to state the amount of Exceq'ier biila afloat, The Chancellor of the Exchequer repHa 1 'bat the ouli gaticna of '.be govs nment auiouiteit t > ?2?, 000, 000, but bills to that exten: had not yet. teen iss-e Baron Rotbsoaild said oe though tiwe ought t > ba two distinctinddtngs for tbe Iran ami E xch quer bids, as a person willing o contract f'.r the 1 an might not be disp. ?ed to undertake the Exchsquer tills He would like to know Wi eiher the governu.ent woold be disposed to give better terms it the whole ?8 f 00,000 were con ti noted foT in money. The Chancellor ot the Exchequer lepil^d '-hat ha could My nothirg on that point until he bad ascertained whether or not a contractor would ace pt the op ion which w?s now offored. Baron Rotbacl ild old not tbUk thit the Mntracior was piaoad iu a better position ban the general public. The Chancellor of the Exchequer sa d ha con'raetor was placed io a be'.ter posit ten than be genera public, because he bsd sn option, which the general public had net, namely, tie option of taking the onfact for Ex chequer bills at the highest biddug for tbe loftD. A gentleman wished to know whether the government contemplated making another loan? the Chan oe 11 r ot the Excneiuer said he c?nld only repeat the ft! swtr he had already given The govern ment had no t? tentloc of making auy fresh loan, either with rtgftrd to the fundrd or the unfunded debt., daring tbe currency of the payments of the loan which they naw esked for. . ... , Tie aaine gnrtlemsn having observed that the loan un . der constceratl n would not extend beyond ths first quar ter of the finatcul year, tbe right honorable gentleman said he cculd not state anything beyond wtiat he had 4om Another gentleman inquired whether the r.ght honor able gentleman did not think the government ought to take power in the l/oan act to graat discount, if thsy should be so ilUposeor Ihe Chancellor of the Excheqner did not Cjosider it proheb'e tbat any snch pcwei would be taken, espectftlty as the last instalment would expire on tbe Z-lti Ct April. Baron Rothschild remarked that the contractors Tor ihe last loan suffered some inconvenience iu oonsoquence ot being suddenly calied npon bv the ??>srijrnrnenf. to p?y up tbe instalments on tbe scrip In casei in which 'he h fdern had failed to crmply with '.he conditions within he ape eiflei period. He would be glad to k a: w whether tbe government would show the contractors some lariu'ganc Incase they shoull be placed in a sitrilar position agaiu!1 Ihe Chancellor of the Jjichequer ? #n ?n no to ten ticn o' departing f'om ' he usual juacWce Baron Rothschild ? "Wbe fioloers of tho scrip will be bmnd to pay and not the contractors '? Tba Chancellor of the Exchequer? Ves, with th.i ex Otptlcn of tie flrsi deposit. Baron Roih-clilld observed that, ia '.be e*s? of 'he Turkish loan the Inconvenience was r>"t very great be oauie the am m ts (.nyahU were tr'fli;,g btitl tbe con tractors wets sudden y calle i upon to p*v Instal tr.enfs in consequence "f the holders no bsvir g oald ui> within %e ttn"? allowed. There ought, tr future, h1* thought, to be some nolle" given to the con tractor bet > re Uc was rtqtrfr?4 V> pej b?c?ii?o b'ikion were 'a default A* oontrae'ors had no advahHf* over the publl? la cm tiMil rg >or th? loan, tbey oogot sot to he subjected to lno nvtolence subbequently as regarded (Ua details. Mr. K. T*>oin'< n? Am I o understand -bat (lieg>?e?n men* 1 ?ve n > intention jf contracting another loan. Tbe Cb?u ? Itor <it the hxr.bequer ? Vbe only anajrar I . can give lit that whk'l 1 h?v* giv.tu already, namely. taat tbe goverrnnen h?ve do iutemlon of oouTerttng Exche quer bflis or of creating any additional funded debt duilrg t e payment of he current instalments of the present loan, Mr. K. rh' rn'on Well, then, (he nmcliuion which I draw, utitl ukich I Itixnt tlx pul'lic will <t rnw , from whit ? ha- ? ffv siatrd t> that the gav-mmmt art very mwh t'n want mm nj. (Ltughr *r ) ?he <-BaiiceHcr ?f tne Exchequer? Th* pubUo may d<aw what vi Doluhi'in it liter; >ecau only state here whs' hit tbr p en.nt intention* of ;he government. The interview 'ten 'eimiualed f?' id ti e I.>ndon S andar^, Feb. 19 ] Tie ?null artioui t < f ih?- financial propo it ions of the goveriimett. viz.. five million* losn ai d three miUlum Exi-tequet bit funded, in thewbole - ght millions adde.l to tbe pnbi r eht- the aompata ively email amount ot tiiH m it> has >x I ?d tome surprise, ami to tie opinion of home 1* Br rp'?r. as a proof -na* be war in on he eve of i s un lintcu. We eannot take tUlH vi?? of the mat ter Tf ntn out mat we cud inter from tbe numerate ami utir ot t' e 1' ?l is 'hat in t e opinl n of mtniaters ?o e? i) termination ot tbe war is po-sire, nut by no me?u* tbs? snob an ?vei r i?c-rtain and iiatnlnent. The eight mil l nil a: de<i to the public de > is doubt e->s a nitessarr arr?n?eu tM o c?.r acc unto und-r a 01 clrc.imianois, out it iu el) noes n t minis ?r asking fiw a ?upp rmet.Tary loan to a much larger amount, 1'ititl he 0't'ibU?Lce of toe war render such an addtticnal supply necessary; there woulc be indeed ?- me tliii y nutjiiui ue in demai diog a ve y large hu >ply of n><ne.v at a I me ?hen our government i-> engaged in ne go'ii'iotiM ih?t. 'f euocesdul (ot wbiab the e may be me>eor Jeet. < f pn bablli'y,) w ul.^ render mu ih a rery !?'ge huo,?1j uoneceeeary We a e not howeyer, dm dixtiieiieeo t&at tbe small nnsount of the loan han excited eurp'ine hp' even ' i-conten , 'o', ad no re<luctlon of ??x> e it. eitte proa i>e<i or exodo'^d from aty loan, tbe nr p- i r HL dieccnt??t of wt ich we opeak must be the 1 f a geneiai eeiing that tbe wur inii'-t be continued uolil we fhnll obtain an honorable and secure petce. Suiti) a peare however, we cannot h?re wi'.hout elicit a ali> bomb iig 1. e Muscovite, and eerioualy curtailing bin uw e ot ? ITrace. Such we know to be the general fe-litg of all clastes and pariieH of'Ubmen, tbe miser a Me par y of Messrs. f'obden and B tgbt. and their pnyOLbl fui.ower.-i conatl'utjig he only exception. Uurkili. A F. A K. MAXWELL'S CIRCULAR. Lran'm Corn Kxhunok Tuesdwy, Feb. 19, 1866. Tbe ar ivils from Ireland and eoa-rwnf>, since this day week, have been iybt However, from foreign ports we bsve tectivec 14 fi89quarters wneat, 2,287 quarters beans, 'JO K 3 qoarte s Indian c >rn, 7.362 sacks and 11.078 bals. tl. ur I'he bjpoi ts In the same time comprise 90 ! i|uar teiKwbrat 1,8>S quarters oats, 6,708 quarters Indian corn. *nd I (>89 sack" flour. There has been a moderate husine * doii>g anr'ng the past week, out owing to tbe late iirsvy art iram from New Orleans and other Aruori v*?l> pints, most of which are expected to be fo-o^d off ex RQip whea" bdc flour particularly the lower qualities, con ioue mucb de;>r?-Bsed and i -regular in price. Indian ?orr> h#a urreigoiie a luither dec ino nf 2s. per quarter without CbUirg o business. The weather has become coid. wi'h tast?i iy wines. A" this day's market there was a good attenlanse of tbe town sd- country trade, and ratber more disposition to do b-.sluesh was evinced. Wh> at met with a lair con bun p ive 1 esr an , and lower qualities recovered the rte cuu<- 1 f Fti. av; whilst plme parcels may be quoted Id. t ? i'd per 70 lbs nesrer. Hoar was *lso in bettor request aid more ealeab e ?t Friday's rates, being 6d- to Is per en k SD'i btrrei order the currency of Tuesday. Oats ?dJ oa met>l met with an improved demand, and realized full; late la'on in the bales mads. Barley being scaroe, misiotaUeo its value, but beans and peas were each Is. per quarter lower. Indian c"rn attracted more att.en II; d rt Hn of 'ate, arid betoie the close o the market 33s. 6d t-i:;4s per quar'er va> obtainable for prime mixed, N-'nu 1>-. f t? - quarter advance on the lor aaloi tnide bin&e F idfy, al hou<u Is. per quarter under the rates cunent. aj^his day wetk White corn was obtainable at fn tn Tot Southern, to 36s. per quarter for good N'rthsrr. EROWN, SHIPLBT AND CO.' S CIRCULAR. Liverpool, Fes. 19 1866. T' e c^ttcD market has been quiet suit e the date o' the above circular, tt e buhlnets tor the three daya beicg 27,(00 1 a'.es. ?ith 9,0(l0 to expertere and speculators, l'be market clrBei tami ly at priccs sligbtjy in favor of buy err. Ihe Maocheeter market is quiet to-day with b eii.-y rote.- !o. yarns and noods. Whts' in rarbe.r more demsnd at an advance of Id. per 70 lbs Flour <ic 11 at 'be above quotations. Indian corn le. 60. ver quarter li wer. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL* HUNK T JHARKKT. Tuesday, March 4?6 P. M. The tendency of prices at the first board waa up ward. There was an active business in some of the I tiding railroad securities at better prices, while others ahow a slight decline. Virginia 6'a advanced 4 per cent; Illinois Central bonds, $; New York Central 6's, j; Nicaragua Transit, I ; Chicago and Hock Island, 4; Beading Railroad, j. New York Central Railroad fell off 4 per cent; Erie, 4; Cleve land and Toledo, J ; Michigan Southern, 4- Nicara gua Transit is moving np as we predicted. As the market ndvances the seller on four months time does not continue his nales. If Nicaragua was a good tale at 20 per cent, seller four months, it must be a good one at 22 per cent, on the same time. It is the impression inside of the clique that by the time four n'.ontbs contracts expire Nicaragua Transit stock will be somewhere up among the thirties. The sea son is opening for emigration, and the tide of travel to and f rom California is likely to run full and strong during the spring. Travel to and from Nicaragua will be an important source of revenue to this company and the through travel to and from San Fran' cisco will be considerably larger than usual by this route, on account of the desire to see the country that is now attracting so much attention among the political and commercial world. All this will add largely to the revenue of the Transit Company, and increase its property very materially. The consolidation of the Walker go vernment in Nicaragua most improve the Transit Company's real estate and other possessions in that countiy, and add immensely to its facilities for de veloping its line of internal communication. The firmness and steadiness with which Erie is sustained is most extraordinary. The daily transactions are large, amounting in some instances to several thou sand shaies. Most of the operations appear to be on time, buyer's and seller's option, and made prin cpally on speculation for a rise or fall, notwith. standing which we find very little variation in prices, and no indications of importance poiuting either to an advance or a decline. As the season advances and speculation becomes c.ore active there may be an upward movement. In view of the great improvement in the company's financial po Hon. its good management, Ac., present prices can well be considered the minimum of Its actual valae. Heading Railroad stock should stand in Wall street above par to-day. Its dividends and its prospects entitle it to that position, and it must ere long reach that point. Without an increase of one dollar in its gross and net receipts, the stock is a s ire twelve per cent investment, after providing lor every conceivable contingency. Such a stock should command a premium in the market. It is appieciated by British capitalists, who are gra' dually absorbing the entire capital. All the cash dividend of January last, paid to foreign holders, was re-invested in the stock, and we have no doubt such will be the future policy of the same parties. Galena and Chicago has not varied much from 113 j?er cent for several weeks. A few shares are Bold daily within a fraction of that price; but it would be impossible to get any fixity withont putting up the market several per eeiA Illinois Central bonds wi re in active demand to-day at a handsome ad vance. They opened at 88 and closed firm at 884 P*p cent, cash. The land sales of this company will, without doubt, show a lesultthls year more extra ordinary than the most sanguine ever conceived. The returns for February will soon be at hand. At the second board the market was slightly de posed and with one or two exceptions, lower prices were realized. Cumberland Coal fell off 4 per cent; Reading Railroad, 4; Michigan Central, 4; Cleveland and Toledo, Milwaukie and Mississippi Railroad advanced 4 per cent. After the board there was an active demand for Nicaragua Transit, and sales were made at an advance ot nearly one per cent < n prices current at the second board. At the close 23J a 23J per cent was bid. The shorts in this stock will get twisted much sooner than we antici. pitted. The party who has lately been selling on our months^ has been wise enough to buy in largely at. prices that will leave him minus several thousand dollars. The harvest of the Transit Company is about <03 mencing. The steamer from this port on Fatmday, the 8th instant, will go out with a full complement of passengers. When Com ni(>d(?e Vaiicierbilt rwigned the Presidency of this cc nipany, some time since, the stock was selling at 31 a 32 per cent. During his retirement the stock run down to 13$ a 14 per cent, and the company got into very bad credit. As 099a ^s it bQCpute kouwu that be was agaiu going to take charge of the agency the stock run from a 14 per cent up to '26 per rent, and when he agaik assumed the Presi dency, the oldest holders of the alock were not dis poned to Hell even at that price. It is now tending upward, and we tbould not be surprised to see it touch the point named above? 3'.' percent. The following extract from the European circular of De Coppet & Co , prepared for transmission by the steanu-hip Aria, gives a correct rerisw of our stock maiktt. for the past week: ? Nkw York, Uareh 4 1856. For two or ioree dajs af'er .??? ?<viee? of th? 26th 1-ehiua'y, Tan uk rumor* abut the HUt? of rmation* b?t?*wi i Ik- AtfiMican ?n<i Ki>g i*h g v?rnment- crwated in OUF kto.Ji nmrk-t ii teeliDg of uutaalneHs; but nine* tbfc*': n ot th? diploaa ir cotrnspooarn:* be'wesn the two cabin-t^ iii /fla loo to 'he ; nli*t neat quest! <n. a yt-Leral convi tr n of ih pacific roluti ti of present d tfi cultifn tin* . g?'' ?flec:?d tb? usrk-it uvoiab y. tiiid K dm. teen tir iV? lacrea log aiui.oanoe of money fluctuation', n ? dour.t, woulr b>Tn b*en greter, but ? w.r g to \biw ciicum? en<v tbe Btoek marke varied bu Utile ax may bn i>o iced in our aubj ine I '.a tie uf dail quotation*, >n(i with 'he exoepti'ia ol' a fiac'i >na. oec in "ii M n.e of Uie state aeaui tties, rules are w?L mala aine ? lnoe last k Ibr mvr by the tetmer ol the 20th February, from live -pool, ba? not eensiily affected the flrainesi of the market. I ? e Secretary ot tbe treasury ??aviag beeo notified ?>7 lexsa ot 'be accep anon by t. at Sia e ot the terms iin vi i-e- by tne act, j akit>g appropriati -n for the T?x?? in die ni'v an> uviog to 57 760 000, a n uncus that p?y n ent of rinimt- will ne mtt jut atttr the l<t June next. 'I be l?r|ter vortlonof thece claims being held *n ^tilladei pbiH Ba tirro t> a <1 Ne* Yo kf tbme pat m*ats in sp^Me rnnire the certainty cf a c >n?itier?ble aicet-slun to the metallic ??? Tt? ol to* banks of these cltl?( dux log the couiM ot cent summer. Mats Stocks. - Mod <wa*e transacting have taken place in Vitginia 6's, Mi.^ouri6's, laiiana 5' a. wr.h a alight decline, am- also in Ohio 6e, 1860, wi'hout change la rates. New Totk Brute of difl-rent issue* have been offered and bough* for bantiuar parposes at full rates. City ami Cointy Bo?ds ? Theie has bsen a Cemand in MLall smrurts for va ioua becarlcie* of this class. iTar pactions in Milwaokle and ;St. Louis nitleB have been sniorg tie most important, the former at a rise of 2Jf percent, the later at fuilv maintained rates, dan l iar cisco 10'k are scarce and higher. Wen^ lice also some sales of tonde of sxne of the Ken tucky covnties Kaiihoap Bonds. ? ll!lnc!s Central Construction have t?en in m derate demani at advancing ratei. New Yirk Ceo'ralb's, Erie 7 's, 1871 aid 1876, and Hudson third mor'irtjre. Tbe lat 'er have risen 2& p?r cent. Erie 1871 and 1876, ard al o tbe Mint in Kreeland a e quoted nt in tetat. in bonds, at private sale, we nave nothing special to notice. Railroad Stocks. ? Our quotations of railroad shocks are well maiutaiued. Transaction* in Erie, Reading, Cleveland ar.d Toledo, Istwr Ycrk Cei ral and Hudson R ver, have been animated. In Michigan Southern, l'soams. Chicago aod H- ok Inland, Cleveland and Pitts burg, and Galcua and Chicigo, the business has been federate. Money is easy at 6 r 7 oer cent f t loans on call. Dis count ( n busiceea paper from 7 a 0 per cent, Kxohsrges are nor. abundart, but the dauiani l'.tnivfld Piiric'pa; pales on r.ondori 108),' a 109^; bankers hold as bighaslC9>a. l'ari-, 6,17 % a 5 18$?. The gross earnings of the New York and New Haven Railroad Company for the month of February 1856, were a& follows: ? Received for patenters, fcc $81,518 97 do. fre'ght. 10,000 00 Total $81,518 97 Less paid Harlem 8,690 29 Total $77,828 68 Feb.uaiy, IPSf $52,850 92 Idctcsm: Ffbruary, I860 $23,977 76 After the adjournment of the board the follow ing Bales of bonds and stocks were made at auction by Simeon Draper: ? $7 <>C0 Hlwck Kive & Utisa RR. 1st mort..irt added. 77 li.OOO lia lem, Albxiiv Kx'et. iia bds. . <lo. 40 5.000 Lvansvillp fl: Dl nois RR. l?t mort. . do. T-Yl f),(iC0 Ct icttg & Mips. UK. inc m? 10's. .. do. 52% 2,0C0 f incinna'i ft Cntetgo RR 10'?. ... do. 4 pbares 1'aciflc Mail si eamsbip Co. 59 46 do. In. ianapoiis & Oincinniti RR 07 *4 do. Oswego & Syiaeusc RR 70 10 do. Farmers' Loan and Trust Co 76 ?0 do. Knickfrbtci er Ice Co S3 150 do. New England Minirg Co., per ghare 7>i The Assistant Treasurer reports tp day as fol lows : ? l'aid on Tieasnrjr account $40,012 60 Received do. 193,666 12 Balaace do. 3,381.007 95 Paid for Asiay rffice 286 453 92 l'aid on dleburning checks 37,416 17 The warrants entered at the Treasury Depart" ment, Washington, on the 1st instant, were a> follows :? For tbe redemption of atoeka $2,200 4 ' Frr tbe Tieasury lie par ment 60 888 2' Kor the In'erlor Department 3^089 19 Fflr Customs 9,679 21 War warrants received and entered 316,228 95 From lands 101,676 67 Fr< m mifoeilace ua sources 100 65 The Jefferson Insurance Company have declared a semi-annual dividend of four dollars and fifty cent per f-hare, (thirty dollars per share,) payable on de mand. It is reported by telegraph from New Orleans that the Treasurer of that city is a defaulter to the extent of two hundred thousand dollars. The arrival of the steam? hip Baltic at this port from Liverpool, gives us four days later intelligence fiom all parts of Europe. A slight advance is repre sented in Consols, with more stringency in the mo ney market. Cotton was without change in prices, with a moderate demand from the trade. Iiread. stuffs Mere steady, with considerable activity. A letter demand existed for provisions, at better prices. The returns of the Bank of Prance made up to tho 14th of February present the following results when con. pared with the previous returns:? Bamc OK iRAltCK. Cmlitar Side. Jar. 10 M. II. S ecie ?7,084,410 8 67f,070 590, 6c0 Tac. l isoontf 17,R67,180 17,691 770 276,010 Dec. Adv.on puh.secuTi'ies 1,903,020 2,684 420 7*1,400 Inc. IX. railway te<< 1,814,270 1.762,640 61,630 Dec. j rUirr Sid? Notes in cfrcu.'a i> n.24 817 500 25.109,820 792,320 inc. Trmfuiyare. cogent 2,0^4,900 2.360,800 206,99') In:. H? ivste depi > ite 5 227.770 0.317.710 39,940 Inc. These returns do not show any material alteration when compared with the previous statement. There is a favoiable turu in the amount of specie, and the trcaxiry account is also improving; the dis counts have decreased, and tnc circulation has in creased. The following are the particulars of the new loan of ?5,000,000 proposed by the government of Great Dri-ain : ? 1. Tiie 1. an t."> be for the pum of five million pounds. ' t For every ?100 subscribed in mo-jpy, the contractors to receive ihr*e p?r cent co soiida'eri a'anuities, and the W. cings to be in such annul'ie*. 3. Thw in e -est on the tbree per c< of cons U 'aled anno lies to nonaience from tbe ttb .lanuaiy. 1856. 4 Tbe days of ptvment and 'he proportions t the ect tiibu.i ts t.> he pski, to be as f.>:. I, ?s (m Ti.esd?y, February 2P, 1866, deposit of ?20 per cent; on lhur?''av, Ma-cb 3, payment of ?26 pez ctnt; nn Hamrr'ay, M?:ch '.9, pa.iment of ?25 per cut; on Tburedav, April 10, payment ot ?15 per cent; on Ihuriosy, April 24, payment of ?15 per of nt. 5. For each instalment alter tbe < ep >sit, a proportional* amount of stock to be created for the c>n tnbuU -a. The stoek fc.r tbe to be created at the s> me time with tbat which will be due on tbe last instal n?n' C. Ihe scrip ie-.eipts will he issued by the Bank in tbe asiial m' na r. 7. The bl 'diners ?o be made at the Treasury, < n K: i ay morning, tbe 22d Februa y. 1866, at ten o'clock. Tie Funoing ? The amount ef Rx-beuuer hi Is to be nnded will be 'bree millions (?3 000 000). The cep< si> will be 20 per cent on the 26th of February, 1866; ai.i the ia> tslments 20 per rent on 13th ot mUrch; 80 per <*nt ca iVth of Ma ch. 20 percent on 10th or A pi U; 10 per eea ?n 24th of April. The cnatrai'ors for tbe I oku to have the rp Ion ot contracting fr the Ex The qtier bill fandlng en tbe aa?e tetms aa shall be accepted for tbe loan. In the event of the no.. tractors wishing for an rptii n to psy monty instead ol Exchequer billa, it will be received at ?100 6s. mm.ey for every ?100 of Excneque MM*. Stock Eirbui|e. rrwDAT, March 4, I860. $^0000 Virginia 6a.. e 94^ fin abs W'rd Cfc I Jo 34^ 70(0 do 96 10 do....sl2m 1# 6(00 MImouii6?. .. 86>fc 10 d? e90 10 H OO fcr B 'S3.?x in 94.?* H 6 N Y Central RB. 92)? M*0 Erie Bds '76.. 98 210 da e 91 ^ 5<0u do 90>i 100 do sl6 91X 10C0 H R 1st Mt Bs 100 ao b60 93 4000 HR SdMtBr.sS 0$ 18 do 92H 6CW M,SoBds2d is 80 do ... ,b60 9 \ 2f00O ilCRK Bd?.s3 88 10 Mwkla& Mils RR. 84}fi 4000 do 8 HO do b30 8ft H<100 do ?C0 88 9lGal*aWRR.b3 1(3 600 d >8H 89 do 112X 10( 0 II C RR F Kwp 100 Erie Railroad .. . 68 S000 OkftCb Brts ., 98 1400 do h60 f8H f(0# N Y On 6s. . 89 200 do s3 ftRSi 1000 N Y ? en 7s.. 102 400 do s 'O 58', 40 she Fulton Bat k. 142 DO da atO 58', ;00 Del&Hu Ca Co.s3 12o* ::00 d . ?10 68'? 6 Waak o' N Am... 104 260 d i s3 68v? fi Metropolitan Bk. 107t< 1 ID do >90 (8 20 do 107 V 100 di s60 IW 10 On Bunk 107 (i0 do .. ..s30 68'r' 10 Homo Ins Co.... lol 200 Ilarlem RR. . ..*3 21}* ' 00 F! k Key Joint , , \ 2<K) do bWO 11 100 Ca*iV .n Co 23 ?j, 100 ct > ?3 lV>i ion do bf.O 2?*i ;00 Reading RP....-3 9.1', too d<. 23X 200 rt? h?0 9-K 70" Nic T^an Co.. h3 21 % 10<t do sO S?3 f.0 do... sfO >i\\ M) do.... 630 0:u4' 160 <o 1-30 2 *4 lot) Mich Oen RR ... "4 e4 1"0 C< .tB 22 3o l'nr ama Rsilroail lflli, 100 22,\ 116 in Cea Railroad. 97\ 060 do *8 22V 12 Cfcl h Rock i RR. 95 200 do M9 22V 60 do.? 9SV lOTeoo WW SO d?.... .600 96, 110 Cum Coal Co. b60 24 100 Ci*v k Tol K <>??> i'J 110 do *3 1(0 Mich 5J? A: NIRR 94 X 1C0 Do *30 23 200 Clev k Pitt* R b30 67 X 11.0 Wd CoaJ:Iun Co ;<4 iixi do... #7,l4 t0 do MX 1(00 do b60 8TX KECUHD BOARD. $6C?0 Cat 7> '70 90 1<K? eh? Erie RR . . s60 M ki-fiOO II Cm RR Rd*. 88 200 Reading RR ?L% > MOO Ei Bc*'8JS ez in 94 WX> do 0l\ \ loo ehsMo Iran Co.. 22* -.00 de .. ..s90 tt.'K 200 do bl^O ?2J|? 270 Mich (Jen RK. ... 84 ;0tt Ouin c. Ml Co.. *3 \*X 2#0 do t>46 94 100 do b3 23 ?. 18 Mi Sole N? la MR 94* 1*8 do e30 2'.i% 4ft I'utmi RR... . 104* 160 oo *3 23* 9 (.?l k Chi RR. . .. 112* 100 do bfiO 23* 24 Clev k Tol RR... 78 ^ 26 > Y Cen KK . b*0 92* .'i00 do 78* 100 do b?0 925 1?0 do b?0 78* 800 Erie RR 68'; 100 do aflO 77 % 100 do hSO 68 100 do s?0 78 100 do b-'O 68* 6 Mil it Mini. RR. . 85 CITY LUaalCHCUL RKHIHT. IritUiAY, Mai 1-1 4?0 I*. M. ^niF.-Pota were eeliirg tn a small way st tie , and ftH' is W-Tt quiet at $7 76 a $8. Ilfc&ADBTi no< ? Hour ? After the receipt of the news the market wa* Hun. Had hoideis demanded from 12*c a 26c. per bol. advance. lhesahM, however, were m. ?derme, being onndwd to atMut 8,e?0 a4 000 bbls., i eliding com men to good Mat* and Mi '.higan, *t $7 a $7 26; c > Jiinon to good Indiana ard upper Like ai $7 31 * a *7 81*; nu perdue nod extra Ohio at >7 8'^* a >8 Extra Uaoe-ee wan unchanged; Canaoian ww u t?ir demand, with tales of V00 a 3v0 bols. at $7 26 a $9 60; Southern wax s'e*dy anl price* uurhai ged. Sale* ot 6O0 a 700 bbls. wer<- reported at $8 a 88 7b fji common *e choice brands, and $8 8" * a $10 for fancy and ext a. Rye tL>ur and corn meal were unchanged. Wheat wan firmer for goad B?uud to. 8. with a bt'.ier Inquiry, especially tor mi.l ng. Sales of 4,01)0 bushels weie iep< rtefl at '$1 60 a $t 70 tor poor to fair Tense* mm- tad, and $1 96 tor white Canadian. Corn was inactive. The sales war* eon ft Bed to 8 000 a 10 000 tmslielR nixed yellow and white, chtetiy at 71c. a 72c , wi-.h some email lota rtporud at 76c. Rye ? Sales of 4, QUO bushels were made at $1 12, delivered. Oats? Sales of 6,000 bushel* lIDloagi were made at 4* *c., delivered. Ut?>'KK. ? Sales of 800 Dags ol Rio were raaoe at private terans. Cottok.? The sales embraced ab'jut 2,209 a 2,600 bales, the market closing firm. Khkii;iito ? Engagements were light and ratee un changed. Toljvurpojl 900 bb's. fljur were engaged at

2s Oo.; 2,600 ^ush'bs grain ia bulk at 74.; and W0 bales of cot on at private term*. Heavy goods were at 30<. For London rater were firm, without engagements of mo mett. To liavie cotton was at ils. 4d., flmr at 76:., giauiat20c., end pot asbe* at Od. Rates to (>erman porta we e unclii'.ngi?-'. A vessel was chartered fcr Tou lon at pi Ivate terms. There wan no change to note in ra'CK for Ca) l!o ma. Hay w?s b >-s; y at $1 18?i par 100 lbs. Ikon. ? tcotch pi? was eelling in small lots at $36, tlx months. Moijisny ?Sales of 600 bbls. ot New Orleans wwti made at 44c. a 4 He NavAt. i-TOiun. ? Sales of '.'00 bbls. spirits were male at 41c. R< sin and rav tuipi u iue were uuchauited. Pbovisio K6. ? 1'oik ? T. e market was easier; 100 bbls. mess sold ht $16 12. Altec wards, iOO a 300 bbls. do. sold at $16, with prime ot $14 12}?. Beet contlcuel dull, wi'h i*ale* o' lU) a 150 bb s. at $8 76 ? $'.' 26 f ;r piicne, end $9 76 a $11 lor country icess. Bicou wtn du.l aud Dum'ta-. Cut meats ?er? lliin. with sales ot 100 a 2f0 pack sets, including shoulders, at 7)^c. a 7%c., a.d htm* at 8^o. a i'SJc. La d was steady, with of 200 ?? 300 bcU at Id ^c. a 10>jc. Ru ter whs ?t 17c. a 21c. tor Ohio, and 21c. a 26c. tor Sta e. Cbetpe was at 8>ac. a 10 ko Kkk was iinlet, and pric?"- urchnnged, w'cijh ranged from 4c. a 4J?e , wtiile prune auQ cnoice held at 6c, l'he f>t<?k cttitiijuen toacourru ?'e. Srtt ES ? f.O en es ot nutmeg-", aad 60 '-a^es of oa-use, were solr, at p. t , 26 bags p*mt uto at 12c., and a lot ot clo\es> et 13JiC. St gars we!b firm, sod in fair demand. The sale- tfere repor ed nt about 600 bhds. 200 of which were c ni'oon to <?ir Cuba musct.vaoo, at 7^j., and 140 no. N'e* O-1 lerns eommin at 7c a 7J^c., all for reflniog. an I 25 hhrn. piime Cubs muscovguo wtre made at 8sB'c. Toitairo.? St'Xkb of ail kinds a>e very lijiu, prises in cont-equeriee very firm. The sales included 32 hhds. Kentucky . at 10c. a 13^ s. ; ?18 bales, at 23:. a!lc.;278 do Vara, at p> ivsre ter jjs f.OctKes see.ilesf, atPt^c b 16>ic ; t.'i do Kiorid*. at 23c a 26c. Whiskey ? Sale& of 300 bi>Ia. puson were in vie at 29,l^c. a ADVEKTlSEMliNTS RKNKWEI) EVERY MY. ^IPICOIAL HIUTIC1&S. T A Mr-KTlftO, Tltld u\Y. Ot" TH<? BOaKO OK UI. ATA Mr.KTlftO, Tlttd uaY, Ot" TH\ BOaKW OF DI il rector* of the Pacific Mall Steamship Company, Mr H Ba\i?g* kil lleetea "jyieS1 "> Jlj*C9 Q? Mr. Wni tf . Aspiii Wail, resigned; Mr I. tT Hn>m6n3 w?? eleoted Vioe Presi dent aid Mr. Frederic Uoffman SeeteJSfJ, ftil ^ J*1 appoint meats to take etlect 6 h Inst. WM. IT DATlIK?B,SfC'y. AP A -THE MtMBFRS OF WALDENsK LODGE, ? So 9, A. P. a , are hereby informed that the Right \\orthv Grand Master, Joshua Koblnson, fcsq. vlll visit the Lodge, at tbeir rooiuit, r>8 Kast Broad ?-av, this f Wedt.a.tdsy) evening. li\ery member Is expected to be prejeut at a uuar ter to 1 o'c'cck, witbuut tall. Hv order. BKNJaM1? WHITFIELD, W. M. JohkFbasbb Rec. Secy. V|atok'm orncm, nkvt yokk, rue. zt i?m.-ng JM Ooe U hereby given. that the following provisions af a? ordinance passed by the Common Council relative to pawn broken wtl/ he rigltlh enforced, and Hut hereafter ail oom plaints made (or the violation ot the same will be immadlaMb ?ant to the Corporation attorney for proMcudon. ntUHKHPO WOOD, Mayor, flections 1, S and 3. All pemoas exercising or carrying on t fa* business of a pawubroker ibail obtain from the Mayor, undai hi* hand and Mai, a Urtnae for the name, and outer tuto a ra eoniiance with two sufficient sureties to the Mayor Aldennes and commonalty mllie ram of five hand ed dollar* , connl ttoned for the due aeaeTALce of all such ord nance* of the Common Corn ell as may be in fo ce reaoecting pawnbroker a* arj tin e during the oonOnoacoe of such lleenae. bee. 4. kverr pawnbroker shall keep a book. In whieh sbaL b? tairly written at the time of each lone an anourate account and description of the good* artlce or thing pawned. the amount oi money loaned thereto, the time oi pledging the mm, tbe rate of interest to be paid on sued lean, and 'be name and residence of Us person pawning or pledging the said goods, ?ni*le or vhtng. Sec t. Kvery pawnf raker shall, at the time of each loan, *e Uver to the prrwm pawning or pledging any goeun, article at thing, a memorandum or not*, algned by him or her contain lug the substance of the entry required to be made In ton or her bock, by Um last precedirig aeoiion; and no charge shall be maoe or received b j any pawnbroker, for an; snob entrv, me morandum or note Bee #. The said brok shall at aU reasonable times, kx opened to (be Inspection of the Mayor, Heoordor, Aldermen Assistants and speclai tuatice* for (.raeervlng the peace of the all) of New York, or an* or either of tbem. or <f an; peraot who shall be duly aathorlied in wrltttig lor that purpose, by any or either or tbem. and w io shall exhibit such written au tborlty to such pawn jroker Sec 7- "-very pawnbroker who aha:.' vlo'ate, or ntsgioot, or reftue to s^mp'j with any or either of the provisions a! the lourth. flfih or sixth Motion of this tiue, shall, to every sucfc ofleace, tor.'elt unu pay the stun of twainy Ave dollars. Heo. 8 >o pawnbroker aha.: uit demand or receive hi greater rater? Ii terest than twenty- Ave per ract unr anouta upon any loan no> exceeding the sum or twenty five dollars or than seven per ceLt per aiuju *i upon anv loan oxceeJiaj ?ke pum or twexiiy-tire uollars, under me penalty u'ouanui. dred do: ars for every such olfeuce. Hec (I. No pawnbroker stall eli any pawn or piegs un'j the same pba ! bave remained one year In n's or nor po?M'j fi r , and ail such sacs shsll be at public aurtlon and not otherwise and sba>l ie made or conducted by such acntl><n?w as s>-ali he approved oi' for that purpose by the au/ ir ot vh? ?lt? of New York. tec. 10. S otic a cf ever; such sals shiil be published for a< least nelve oa s previous thetato In one or oioro of tue dall ? Mwm aoei* prln'en in the city of ?ew York; and such notice shall h^rclf the tune aiid plaoe at which .iiinh *?e>? to t*ke place tbe name of the aunilooeer by whom the the saute ts u. ce e .^ducted. &m1 a description ui 'he goods or ar'joles to bt sod be" 't Tbe surplus toooe* if snv arising from an; mot :?*, ant - deducting the amount of ths I.iab, the interest thee due oo the ssme, aid the exuerses of the adverUfemont an' ?w.'o Kba.l bnpatd over by the pawnbroker to tbe purnoo wh'. would hb entitled to redeem the p. edge In case no stujs saie bad taken place. bee. 12. No pawnbroker shall acy loan oa thesrpa rata or divided part or psrts o' ao^ "neartir ? or thing ton whlrh article or thing shall hate i.uer: otf?red enUr? or coi eetivaty. to him or her by wav ot d*?vu or u edge ?ec. IS No pawn oroker sha! . under anypretetce ?ba? e<- jr, purchase or buy an? seoond hand 'u -nit ire mauls oi c oih;-, or ar.y other art. cle or tMcg whmteyer, i.ffered to hln or her is a pawn or (iledge. eec. 14 bvert pswtihrokfr whosh*Il violate or negiest, or eefu-^ to crm ily with any or either of the provisions o: m* slght-T, nln'h tenth, eleventh twe: tb or thirteenth senUon j# his tltm t>h*jl. for every such otTence, forfeit and pay the suon oi ire hsindnii AfOl ICK ? COftSltiNL* 8 Of 1 HE AMEtilCAN HAttK .1. v Aura I'erklns. tieorge G Wells master, from ll.-rilea'u, alii pliane seort ttelr permit- tti board, at pl^rT. Morth river Cin'tRnees oreheieby notified that t nstcm Mouse tt^neral ot jer will be issued on the Mb March. All persons are hereby rsi tlni.rd n^Hlnst bin horl. g or trusttn^ art orUhe ere* ot the shove n uited vessel, as no debts of tnelr conrasttng will be paid by the captain or ccn'ltnets. plMPStiN HKOTBKKS, 19 Beaver st. National chapter, no. is. o. u. a-^thk mbm be*s oi National ( bap'er. No. 18, O. U. A., are heriby t otifli d to meet at tbe chapter rooms, 187 Howery, on 'Ihurs cay 6th tnsiati at 12>i M ., to attend the fuuera; of our late biothsr H. 8 M?ncfleid Members ar? requested to anpear wllii ersne < n tbfir ert arm. wlthii.t regalia Tue luemliers cf 'he Order in general aie respeotfuliy invited to attend. By ord.erA , ^ Day, Jr., Hachem. J. H. I rt t.kt, O of C. OFFICE or in*; MANHATTAN OIL COMPANY, NO. 1? Broadway, b?w Y< rk, Feb. 28, 1860.-1 he annual meet Ing of the stonkho dersof the Manhattan Oil Company, for the ?lection of directors, will be heid at the office ol lie o iaioanv. In the ettv of New V ork, on Monday, the ltlth dav of Maroh, lf-'fifl, st 12 o'clock M The transfer hooks will be closed trom the 1st ;o the lUth of March ioih dars innlusive JAMlui M. MOTI.KY, Secretary. PKRrHCAIj MOTION.- THK OBKATfcaf DIS 'OW.RY ever \ e< made is now on exhlMHoo at M>5 Broadway. i?p stairs This machine was manufactured In New Harsn and Is tbe inventJi n ot Mr. K. f. WilLIs. by whom It >vas sue ee>*fulty f xhihvec in that place; and, agrseablv to public onl tilon and the spprora'lon It met with, it Is beyond a douht tbe grt ate, t cnHoetiy and the most seccessfu' attempt at a self act ing mselilt e ever made in this or any other country Why it Is rr.t a bt na fide in rpetua motion It 's left for the eurlons on thst ' uhiect to determine Call ani* sea It and our word for It }r u will rot rrg et the trouble. Itouis of exhibition from 9 to 1, 2 to A and 7 to 10- Admlss on 2fic OT. PAlhlCK'H PAY.? THK IRISH CIVIO 60CICTIKS' O Convention at Moctgnmery Hall, Pr. nee street, will hjld th?'r regula- meeting on I ruralar erenlag, <*ih instant, for the purpose of making still more extensive arrangements tor relehrstltig 'he l"th of starch all Irish societies li New Yrvk atd i-lster cities not heretofore represen'e I. are re peet fully Invited *o attend. The amount of business ti'iefransactei requires the presence of delegates at 7 o'clock preclsel> . Prri>R It. OaYNOK, President. Jsmpx HANnroHD. 8?cretary. 'pEK ANM'AI, COMMKN'.KMKNT OK AYI.KiT'^ M*OI I c?' Ins'ltu'o wl.l he held at the University Me *lc?l flol tf i e. ?M r as< V ui let Lti street oti Wednesday ivenlng March . at i *-a o'e ork. IWKKS AND PIKHM. J.IAS1 KlvKK ATRAMROA.T LISKH. T ? K Pi K< >< 'I* TH Pj side rl onuves eur ferry will be lea*ed t<> % s'etmioit i in to a l-i m of team at a reasonable ra'e. i'ne leceaiing bu-li ess st Pecit slip *1. s> n force <<neol ile ?ti mhut nes tirtber up ti*n ?rid lb- ahni-e lo all ?i i? tli <? onlT r as <? l ive the whofe of tht; pier couV, l"e use' ADP ft.o SI ri I'll kit Kvlirit't ?L>'[> swri'.U, Sii Souti tireei, -iear 'he p\?r . ?AUDI AT AVOTIOI. A LBBkf U. VIOOLaY, ifOirriuN - AND A Ninth nonuM Thirtieth, tilitytbir^ Mlbtr-Oftb aud hfebty tuth ?lrt ate. ?Albert H MnUr will ?eTl, without re eojve, to the toghenl buhter. on Wednesday Marah 5 *112 o'cloefc, at the Merchant*' haahau^e, the large ?n4nlu?Wf ot .oa the nor'heaet ooruar of eaeoadarecneaod Kigbtc fttbtirwt. 4ft let t 2 tnch?M frrmt and rear br 1UM t*f deep. Thr aale *111 be taada vitiMMti any taearvattaa fur mthmk if a b'ic pur cbaeer vi ho hu not compiled ww ih? term* of ?ale; 91 'W nw rmirti an bond and Bine gage l> 4?ee yearn ?n*? Api*. l&oi. Alao nia lot each Co Klghiy liftA and Kijfhty alktk atreei*, ruu nlrg thr eagh from ? reet to Htree'., betwet.ii Fourth a'.d C.fth avenue*. Aiaj. four four ?tory hrtck ho<i?e* on tiwi wiutfc *ide <>l Weal Thirtieth itiK A ?e. one )?? oa the no^nhwe^v corner or Mrth avruqe end hlxty Hiird *tr*et Alan. two l.xa on Htlty third vtreet. aa/ntning tie .above AUo t wx let, uo the north ?Me o? highly- fifth rreet 1TA fre< veetef Ktrat ave one t'-xlui ;eet 2 U>cU?e A'eo, two lei? on itie w>uih *1 le <?? KIkoIj -Mfarh ireet ITS feet we?' of Kr? I avenue, 251102 feet 2 lat he#. i eriea of all liberal aod Mr iodi'ptiWHe. for inai -* ?ad full participant apoly to AlBKltl ti. NIC'.I.At', Aae Uon?wr Ho. 4 lrfad etrert AUCTION NOT1CK.- foHl'Y KIOUT HOCam AND lota. In tl ? ben) part it Biooklvn. Htiuaiednn Front. (i nd, bury. Atlantic, F.a*'. and '"arr m1 hIi-mu and in Ku.i/w , Vy ri e and Lafayette aver tie* to bn a> 'tie MerclwnU' hi change, on the Otb at March, or am I kJon V J. tftiKiio'KKri, anotinrttr. Tcrnan ee?> and Indlsi'u'ab'e. AU0T10A NOTMJ*.- Lor NO. 679 MUD80* SrRKKT. (wentalde BL* Mlh'K.t A C?>. will sell tlor, on Wednesday, * arch 6 thi above h?t fronting a-bin* den K|ii?re, between llsa mond ana Bank HfeoU, looking up tbe Kighth it'-enue This ocu'lon will *oi>ii he among MH?>no< lniportiiit lor bus'i?e?c purcoi?f? on Hudnoo ?tr?"ei ai_d r uh'fc Hvenne. For particular* tee advtrUaeuect uuder auction he? d. . UCTION NOIH'K? THOrt. LtKI.L. AlOHON'KKR - a. By Be 1 A Buali, thla day, at 10^? o'clock, a t U Morili Wll llam street, exteoaiyi- nale of new and eeVDrt furniture, coo HiHiltiK ot Kolan, note touch aa-J Krench oertnte da; tabln bu lemis rhairn. I ertu, notlrewiei, louigeH. crmJIi'r., Ijoo" rvlw, comer stands, defkit. eSlce cram, Ac ; al?o, one Krench oir l et, dry xnoui. ciotni ,g, Ac., Ac.; aldo, f.ur cheste superior green at a black lee8 xPtTIO* NOTICE? M. nolr(H(V, .vt'OTM Vr Kit, J\ will neli ihl? day , at <0>i o'clock a' the Hlore, 2? < -en're hi-ect. tinuancr Id tureHu'e id coiittnua'ioo, b , vtr'ue of a rn >n. |i?i;e viz Poor marnle 'np chamoe emu. roth )g?ny chiirg imc ??etaH card table*, loaewn d centre tabiea, extenxioa do , HO blanket* a n qiillb' tvilr luattreaxe*. dr^Hlug bureau*, bnvkea??a, ciutalnr, piated Wire, ctttery, Ac. bale per einpiory. A LI HON J?im< ? --HOUSKIIOLO H!KNITu?B pUinoWirte, Ac this morning (Wetinewlny) at o'cloek, Jtlrlfi r. Kl'SHKbl., HucttoneBr, wtil Belt, at No ?n Niwuni auei't. two door* below Ki. Hoc flreet a lion o? mahngan*, rr.*e "ood, n*k. bl?ck "'alnut and riob en amelled hotuieholil turniiure. Ac Terms, Auction noticb? .r. bouart, ai timjaki-r, hy 8. BtitlAKT. -Thur.-dav. at . 10>j o'clock, a', the auottnn rot m*, comer of Frankfort and VVllUaui *tr?- iH mortgage .<u .? of bonnehoid fui-niture ?roci-rlaa, lean, burral-t of ikah, ^uiokai uieata, iefrigeri?ti.rN, Ac. Ac AlCiON XonoJL- HBMBT T. I?:I?< A :o., A.DO lloncer*, win sen to n orr. w, (Thu-saay ) at lo1^ o'clock, hi die renidence ?i(i KrKnilln a'reet, wkiii of Krondwa/, all iie lu/nl ure oi thm llr*l clas* hou*?, c ti*i?iiug U pari ot one 7 octave plarotorto, city make; one t-.Uboraieiv ct ved ros* vood imrlnrtilft. tmrtrii in (ton ailln kNMttlj eooj Hi iimiii Ibri-e ply aid li, grain curptta; nuewiod centre. Hide and aofa iabltiM, mar tile top*; one e'euaitt ;o*e vood marble t"P e'egere ndrror lront u a ha<-k, ami lined with satin ?r<?ni; iroaewo n and m?hi yany fcliznbe him bedg!< aria , pu.-e hair nat ra-i-ie (; palllaBi'H; rOMwetKi ni?rt le ton bureau* and w**Us'-iu'1ii, aU>, oil oaiiiilngH. Iar>;? gilt fr'itne mirror*, a'lver pla wl wafe, cu' iery, Ac. I hll Igkla Wil ba A l'hout anv ie-e ve vti itever, a (I der-niiU requtrtil Ire in c e y pnrch.jKT. Per* >Dk in want oi ??! od lors-imre ehould a teui, ,ai eveiy article in the hoiu? n u?t be hoIu. XJI'TiOX MJTICK-ltY Kl)ff?BU S0IIK!>C1?, "5f Thui>da> March ii at 11 o'clock lire i*ely, at lt> Wall ht;eet. I*rge *al? ot br'nrseu, Haroiua*. tea*, ne^ar-., As., fr. in an tiiiut-itei' *'. r.'<, viz ; ? otard. Heiioes.<y, S. <>. I*. Benaull: old y phle nnr?n and Boiii'?u *1 errie?, Uondli porta, chtunpagne, *i.uU< sld* Madeli aa, llol and kIU -lam Una tuor hcotcb I rUh at il U0!i0ii.;alie'a wU'-kc?,ln c.i e? aoI demljoh' *; a ho, llavaua *egara. lhe g^xxl . will ue iu hi >rr, and purchnser* can rc y ntiou r' ceivla< Ueir t nd-t lmiu diatrly alio - thr ?a e f.verv article warranted true to repre. tei. atk v. bale pukliivc , wi.iiout rererve. A AlCliON SaI.K.? 1>W Ki.l.l Mi lluCSittf Ntld. :mh 21S i hlrt J -li st street, not th side teiween Hgluh nrd Ninth diet ties ? JaMH.8 HLMKCKkft A i>. wllsei.ou Wtonesoav. Vaj i h ft at ms'l-Jt), ' hf? anove mvlerti Kng lsh 1 weu ent house*, 175 feet es?t if Nictti aveoun, containing VI tlenuwem tm iroyemei U; they are In the most re-p?ci?Me i em'abojhi.ctl we* I of higltn avert! * on very high ground. ft h Rlitet| handsomely *4ii(i liultormely 'milt: a sp.edld nhutcbis buildlog on Ninth avettto, 7fi fact from '.hee, for the liev. Dr. lUuttld. wild to cost ffiO 000. For partlcuiv* see au-tion befd in Courier A Knqu ter. A1<M1 NIM'KA'IUK'M 8ALJ5-OF THK KNTlRK STO X ot tie ll-ery mWe, bar flx'ore* llqnnrt Ac , ot the King* County holt 1 n.oxljn, K. D . a' the I'e<-k n ip ferry laraing, Heveral 'w.nis of matched carri.iRe hor*et of be inti tule ylt- md action new earHage* ilrh' wa*ot>s s'eiahs As, Ac Several B'i g'.P hi" mm tn txcelleH order'; a beauU'ul and fast t rot-li. K colt 5 year* old of tie highest repuia'lon, out of Black Uawkand Aa.erlr?n Ure The vvhle will be noidto gtt brr, or separate rosy be required. Apply on the pr# token. BY BbWARB HCHKNCK. AT7CTIONKKK? li.AKOW sale of tine oil paintings ?HOWARD hOHKN'jK Vlll seN at Ruction on Wednetday March 5, at Ilk L H-"?. j,}'? y ' it hi* sales rootn, IS Wall Ui? ST/.enf.d oollsctlon of 123 oil uBibtlpjjs, wntfl Sre no# on exhibition, with catalogues. *".i cwccuouli a niu finer one than the ou? of our ?a e on the 'stub February last and comprise" gome superb landscape*, marine* winter scenes. Interiors and ex'erlori, architectural and ?'crlptural pieces; also caainet and parlor plctur'j*. an eteot and nioaern, by well kr"wn artists to > n'imerr"\s u> mention bate. Most of the paintings h ire the written certlUca'e ot the Hrttet attached . The anove are ?b ele.-aotlv and rtrtalv framed. Ladiee winning to examine this col ec 'no wl 1 1>? a ever) facility afforded them on Monday during th? wble dsy, or on Tuesday, after 2 f. M. BY KDW * K1J FOI'KNCK, ACTlONC-KIt? EDWARD M'HUU K will sell, at auction, on Thursday,, #t i list ., at J1 o'clock, ?t bis -aiefctonm, Mo Ifi Wall street, a large so lected Invoice of CDiimptigi os and other wtues hraiidies, sins runic, whiskies, Ac.; ai?o a large lot of buvaua and German *eger?. BY Ml cm, ton. a actionkkk -*oktoauk salk ornnui-ehold lurnlture. carpets mirrors, Ac . Ac r' (XLItiN *11. bell, on Ihursday, Metch t> at 10, l? o'c'ook at No. 19 Mate street, opposite the Baiiery, the entire furnitnre rf the large three story house, b\ virtue of a murtgige. The sale will comprise ?ver> variety of Knilish, llrusse s three pl> sid Ingrain carpels; large quantity o' olleioths, main {an" at d parlor lurnltnre. sofas and ?of\ bed te ids. one ve 7 ?une nor mahocany dtt Inn and extension tab'e, marble top' dre<s ing ai.d plain bureaus. Fren-h and other ned steads, httr mi: tresrti, leather beds centre, card and other tables, :hlnaand gi??? wve, stoves, kitchen tarulture, Ac.. Ac. Ba'c prrump lory, without regard to weether. D O. NA.PH. AOCri JNhKB? O'Flt K 29-< HROAD ? way ? D. 1) D A* H Inlcms hbt friends and the pull!; that he Is prepa ed V? give Ms i er? 'Oai at'enUon to the aie< rf futr.iiure, Ac., at the ieaidencesof tho?e wishing to sell at a .c. tton. DP. HOUOH, AUCTlONEfcR-WlU, hKLL, to MOK . row, Ihursday, at 10*i o'clock i. M., 8 e c*rve?i rusewocd i uittv In brocst?l; snlendid 7 octave r .sewood ptaco fotte oil | aiutlngr, kughsh ve'vtl carpetv, per glasses, Ac., being part contei.t* ot tbe fl>e story re*ldeo:e No. 79 Warreu btreel arid r.ppoBl'e tho t;ud*ou Hlver b-ilro' ildepo.. i he p^r'ors ere covered * ltn ?? ngllitt telnet carjiet made by CK'SfIby'?;3 sip&rate ro eaood auile.', stilld ro-ewooa fr.itues. fit el' flnhred sad all li dltlereut colored broci.ei; etniottitty carved plate g ass e age be?v\ ro-ewood ce tre ail??, Deities ?? g'eM Ttuie'J cf cth<-r rosewocd taoles. of light and cr*c. fnl palienig; Msesr'Od ct ruer e'ages, bookrackn. papier tn ic -.e tables, a ia:ge t ntl :i mlia r:??e>*ood wK)kc?.>e, wl'h circular and revolving fiont, coi-t in Fat's t'UK) ; a very suptrtor hetivlv carved To-e'i-ol planotorte. double action and war rsnledT; also a pi e cf music, cevcra verv cosily oil pulatlrgs. In elepnnt. 'rsnifi ; eleguut antique t?othlc e'-ouy tlme^lene, el'gwly decorand va:e< I'arla i ma-b'e statuary, bulls of ( "a> , Wehsttr. a so <"?? di g girl. (low?r girl tbe tea?orji, ti fs t racchus. Ac ;cost!t lace ati* fcrrcsiuf curtains, gas ch?" dcli?r*. Frerch pl?> and oval mirrors wilh slabs ?n<l b.-acke's; rotewood epriog Invalid chairs, ladles' fancy reception do, shsdes Ac. Defl.'ocms and Fall? Fng'ish tapestT R'tttse'i ami tir e In r ain carpets, Migi.-b, fair oHrt>? is hat rn:i,ha l cbftlrs, stair rods. Ac several solid io??w >oa aril m*hO'j*ay f li/aorthian brdstcads to eaood ntd mihn<any dressing hn r-'hus torrer, ccumode wa^hstaeds. fine b %lr m\tireoe-i, counterpat es. bol-ters and piLo?s. pa.nting? snd 'njjraviugs, mshonaiiy soias si.d chaT*. maul- do , mahr y rocx^rs P'ne bureaus, dama'k ion' ges. cb'na toi'et seu muslin cur - tttlrs. vases nod clocks, fio'h'c ta' les ?'!t mirrt.r- Ac . Ac Dining ho^im t.d Hosement ? Fire :uabOi?auy ex etisLi nthhle. dir'.ng and hreakiHSt sofa* dinln, rhai's stov.'s. eletati' ?i". of (dinner,) china ??r", 1'40 plecer; tea sets, W) pieces; do. 44 pieces ?ii KreLCh chii a Ute cut preserve tumb prs. goblets, aalta. ftuits, Ac. t'oailv silver plate, consisting ot tea servl?es salvers, 7 snd 8 bottle ca toi-s. forks ep or.s. c ips, fish knives, butter knives, Ac I.lquor set, liquor cases, wit e it cl w'ne decari ers, col, colored and eugr <ved; tab e mats, earklns Ac : table liren, Ac. Facilities for packincr and mov Idk furuiMied rale prsllire and wi 1 commence precisely at tbe hour. Catalogue* 'eadt. |jiD?iKNK 11 FRAN RUN, Al C t'lUN f KK.-B* FR\NK J Pi l'n >A Nlcho!?, tP-U'iinow ni rolrg, fi'.h Instant at 111,1-,' o'c fck at 'be faiesroom. ,9 N?*s'oi street near John. oi magniBci u". par'or, chiu.b?rr anil other h^us^ho'l furniture, lai c> geods, *c.. com.irlsing in part, se-eral su'te* of supe ilo'- ciihinet made solid curved rose a nod insL?canr s'd 'oaf* wa tut ,>ar t.r turnlto'e In rich : atic brocatel. silk plus ant hair Je'OUS also parlor sofas chairs encker*. centre, card snd pier tables; libra y ano nerreiarv bookcasM, oak, mab t. j end blsck walnut extension dlblr<g tab es, e:eger?s aid t olta < vet chairs to match, sit'tes of t"DT'or made solid oak, rosew .id mahr-gsny is* nut and en'imeiled chamhe* f'irni lure. ?Hh atd xitBcut marble ti?|i? bureaus. ?arceobe?. vsshsur.ds, bedsteads, matt-eases, paillasses e eeanl gi t frame Ptench plate mirrors; oh palDUngs, eiigr?? iigs; he ivy stiver plated warn, tancy goods, Ac . Ac Wale pnsillve'v *>th out resarve. making It w.irthy tbe aUeution of tlie trade and o'bers in want of good tiirniturn. BUOUtJUTOK, Al CIIONKCH ? THf MANH aTia.S . C< mpany wlU aetl. this day. at lOHo'eleck. at 66 rtas sau street, a new lot of eieeant futnHure. sent on to ue ?<>l<? lor what It will brft.g : roaewood. mahoeatiy at.d bi?3k wa tut parlor suits, oov red with?llk orneatel, si k pltuh and hair c'olh; solas, cralrs, brdstead-, mattresses, rosewood anr: utahi gkny wardro ie?, otmmflled * cvi.age suiw. book nnd *taiids, extension 'a 'l??s, Ac, A.i ; ftoootl segari, M bale* green tow Out door sa'es and at private houses at tended topromptij. IilL'OKNF. H. FKANhl.TN. AUCTION CKR? BY FK iMK !i LIN A Nit UOf.-* ? .?ai? of billiard table*, bar, b*r flx t-.rfs, ensrsv nts tab e?, chairs, stoves glass ware, wl.ies liquors a> d segars. un Thursday motnlnc Keb. t>. at It)', o'clo<-k, at the smpire lloie', 72 racket. *tree?, couth Brrs.t Un rear I'amllton ferry two soprrlor Inltlard Ubles. near'.v new, O'Connor A Collender's make, also bails, cue <, At., and the whole ot the furniture and fixtures in the above house. Palo without retme JnXF,01)TH)N fULK OK OROCH.RIK8.- .HJHN W. HOMKft 'J INDYKK, auctt.'Beer. store t>o. 10 North W.lilam street; sojourned sale, by virtue of several executions; on Thursday, to morrow March 6, at 10 o'c ock, the contents ol grocer v store corner of 125'h street and Fourth avenus, consisting of lireen slid black tea*, brown and crushed suirars. c)ll?es, t pices, pickle*, preser\e? btii'er, la d. oil atid tno'asses. s ap, flour randies, starci, Ac.; fixtures of store, platform and counter scales, Ac , Ac JOHN' R. F ARRINOTOIT, Constable. HH 1.FRDH * tX>. ? MORTG AOK H Al>K ? ON FKI . dav, March 7. ntlfi1^ o'clock, at the Irving llou.s nn edway. between (.tiamhers aid Keade sireets, 'he enure t.a anoe of tha ltirnPu. e lemalnli'g 1,1 called for, together with a large lot not before OtDtrod, consisting intjmrt of er.atnel ed college sillies of hedro<im furniture, ro ewood mah'igsrx. Mack wait, til and maple bedsteads ?ui'-eau* washsfr.ds, UiUet ntd *ldr tab es, ca-ved rosewood an1 mahogany pari v suites, iounses, wfas and ehsi-a, velvet Brussels and Ingrain car pel* ol c txhs. duu <le. Iliree quarter at.d single mvtreve?; blankets, sheets pillow ia?e* tebls r 'sh? towe's and naf klns rich framed French plate, pier and ntanle mirror'; iris chant" pliers, bed and dlnlnr rom coekert and a large I -t of ??orprr k chcr ute s< s Ac , Ac. u 'Chasers at the former wile sre hereuv notified that .inh-ss thslr purchases areps'd tor ai d reriit ver before tbe a"ore day. their deposits wlU te torVited, and Ibe g>>od? r? . old, IOT KO B"9 HlilWON 8TRRKT, (WOT NTD^J JAVfKS J Bl.KRCKHR a UO W?U sel. at auMton ou Vfedr.e.rtu M-i'th fl, the ah' ve lot fr..o Irg \Mtigilso square t,et<eei t smin eda.i(f Ha k r'.rrl# . kl*? un tl?e Ms'hlh a enie 'f bi - v i st un will ?cot> be ar o c'.* ^e *ncst imcorts.3t .'or buHr? as purpose* o- Hudw *'-??? ?r d * ??lit*? avenue frr pst'lcaU rs, en ftdmttytMni undar a jetton boaa ?ALII AT AWTtOB. T MOKIAKIY, aUCHOMBHR, WILL aCLLlHI* DAT. ?I. ai 10K oVock at "0 Jauies straa'. -he .urnitu?e to the bouee, a usiaitng o? KdaUads. ub'ea, chajrs. a large nti.n-ww of quids, blsi kets sheets, ah <iit twenty old country feat her Led* washstaiiaa crockerj , Ac. MB. Bl'TLfcK, AU<moN?KK.-PUBUO 4DMINIP . trator's o* Wednesday March ? at ltl.t? oVIoac M slff ?t second itoor the ell-ctsaf Unrv i?ua'?a?, Jooa i . Hornet, end J ho*. la,-raui ')*v?ated oou'ds'ing of furni ture. lieOdlrg, c*rpet>, male aod fema'e c otnlug, T'rakn eh?-ts, <Vc. ; a 'm tiling r?p ha, erurivinss. akeiche , vie ws <VI Brnokivn, bwkf, U>'ls, A-. ; al<o r>'4 arc silver we -"-ei, i"W elrj Ac.; terms cash. By order of PKTEi* B. dW'Slffia. PuMic Administrator, , Ml lit M ?H t bONb, AU0TIU*lfl?R4 NOB. 67 AMD 00 ? boutb Fourth c reel Philadelphia I<> h(?ii?MUkH. iht- f-riy slx'b l*hi tdelphU trate sale ?? 1 commence on iuakca' nwrntog Ma-ch II Iw, wd ff?8* uio.t dm ?, uii i! in.i?>od i he cata fti'Hf compel es 'iberai contribution! **om all toe iescing put i jhri? ot tlie lirtioc hesld?e snUoierj, paper i. Bin " Pi.iTrs <'t Thursday, March 1* will be s*>M without r*'!4Ct v**( on a cref tt o' ti 12, lH unil 24 mon'bi, the e*eraitsp* plates of Lil ian *i hmioson's I'ltMlra art quart.i Klule Mfo ? '< hrt>taid -e Iptur* < HI cry wttk ow ka iOW wd l*W e'Bh an'"' d'.d il > -ira'ious I" timed on fne<e pl?i?s *ra ui'w a o 'u pe >r ?i eo'idlil n and the embel'lnbna^nts, dealgne4 and exu u'ec b Ueve.eux art' of the hlgneat i-rde' 1 bey will pi*l ive,> ni? i ild ?l'h"ut ret-ery? r limitation. haLK at ell.LlvKJ T*BuM iO&V W K' vK IN iiy K k, aur 'ooeer will eeli, at store Ma. 2U JSohI. WMara street, to morrow, M?*cn 6, at 'OS o'c.oek, by virtue of a cha' el aortsage. ttree bltlard tabbai, oaM, raiii*. at., 8hajDC'? make. _ ^11" K y vKBINOTOh. Alt, for Mortgage*.; Balk ?t PHiL^ui-LeuK ht ukukk oi? ?a?igi>ee? H>veL <r ct? 6 iun i?c ??. eaiuahiti and*. If coming m>? '!'?!??, coiin'i^d fenndyivaia* <m tueater, March 18 at " 'i o'oii'Oi t the cveoloir. will be k >1.1 at puitlia Hale, at the Pnfliiiiel^hl't Kxchajwd. teven conllgu ?u? trac'-a ol land, m OIlD'on and L>ynotuliij{ oo'trtiea 1'er.n. t'u I o* Men )?r? on appll'a'ion u> w l ika k Hu a, Aurdooeefa Sot t">7 ai)C till xiiith P ourth atn et, Phtontn phi* SO. HLItKdb, AUCTION n>A W1l,i. Sh.l AC CVB . lie hucoii thiD dai, March s, at Wi o'oloak. al the fiiturea and furniture ot Wallace'* (l?te ?t ue'aj >>a4. It 9 ? uare Htrne>, tear Iludfor , c n? Uitir <n bart ot har ana Hittirea Uh'ei. chairs bureau* 2St?a'he he t? :vii d'?-w?< ca-. e'a about 24) vai dao" c oth, cr >ckery, Ua ware, lookin* g'a.??-,? Ao } ale poaitlve. iniuoirt. fn?tt?MA^ ViilTOH. AUCTIONKKrt -SIUttB. NO. U I Bpnjce atreei hherlll 'a sale of hardware, on Wednesday, Marc ft ft lHftti, ?t It) o M , at e>o 16 Spruce atr-ei coan'a'iag ol a general aKaortmeot of hardware nod b tliow eve ii tJKoM 'tt n; , l?ep ry simrtff ntlH-MAb VKl'it U, AtlOl H NffcH? bIOKJS ?! t> A t-pruce ?t?eet. BherlffV ?? e offnx-erlet Ac , ou Wodnea oa* . Mar h ft, "Wt'i at II o'c'oci a M , hi the corner oi ?cam tnel and t ten* mrretii, a uene'ai ??-ortin>ai of groceries, coiikittlrg ot feiuibra teas, liquor*, he^ars flxturea Ac Ac. JollS T Kt KM a.HT Deputy .^bent ' pin im ak vaitoa twnoMn. mi .<*??. u X t pruue at. eet. hcceiver'n aula ol turnitore, Ac . Ar na 'ibur.-dk .M^rchfl lbtfi, a' U A. M at >o. 21 M?rcer (treat, ?x iiaKilng ot a lot r.l tu'ioiure. In h'ocate , eoseeooc 'iiid ma l.o, any, Kieocti b'dntrsd*-. biit?-aus ward>?'oa w um-iaoOa, chain, i-traw and hair tn?i"i'?M. bedding, iaj??tr?. B o-aeh auu ti tr?i? carjetini; im cbnndetiem an*, bracketa, plot giaHkea and mbrors. M'rl-en fur- It'ire Ac , tc l ltr.Dl KICK I. VUl.tR Rxcelra' 1>Ht.MAS VHliH AUOrii?f?eiKK ? ifOltiC 4|> 1ft htirut-e plre?t. ttenll 'a sao* of bldee pearl ah-l a, o.?j der, * c , on l-I'la' , Ma ch 7 186tl a HI o'olo'k A vt , at *?? If. Spnire mree'. cnni<l*t!ng of 71*0 drlel bloc* 54 ttnn d htdaa. S7 bcxea peerl sne t.. 9 ' nia< c ppe ? ooie< lud' t ?unt>?r, I bo* e?d. IS t'iindi?? o tl i-atl.' ooinpa<>.ej. HuxKut bar .meter, BTichor, Ar ir J <?. HtiiNerJj Deputv Mberlfl rpl'Ma MtlRR^.L . AflC.IOMiBi. -PaBIS FUttNI 1 iu'e. recouu liaiul WIN oe mod thu morning, at lu)^ oVloi't a: 8t ? a.- au irist't cooa'H.icg of l?d?'a ?e r*i?rj p% plermache; gentleoiH. '? necrtiUio ui>ir'i e top oo -ly; w>?rd robe clittlm, taiiie t.?ititlnif?, An . alto, o.'nd c iro- " aec?M>d hatrt pluuirtc e ro?ewood hoole??ef, bail aiauda, ia'r m*t tn-Hffr, extft ?-.nn dining lahlej* wda se*' 'etda, n ?t. iel? * tf trH, 1 1 ckli g *.no i'*?> cliairh pario; ob?ir?. i -ed*ie*1?, cot fiU MUtrf , leiobet 1 tl - ?c uilrrora end e? CiJOi u de*. oroolng bureau* ana ?a hfUinfiR. c (kIk gold c nam, ?e , ta 0 udll'g lUMiy II a amcle* iienulea th? univ ?4?jr.t cent ri naifitiod voluntarily to '..e told thl? d*7 at m ttl n Not 'ha le'oH tit dertoriili g 'tTaoii>en kvory crivi-lott fo-sh ping tr> i .e beat advantage una ie .t expeuae . ? Si ?* at dwel lngs attended to prouipt y. 11/ PhLL, A CO i lONKr H,? i* MiW F 0UJ,IXiY IT VUAJ ?? ? ir.bii. ? mar e> ? 'l'.lil S ^ Ci ?. willed at aiietl-f. oa 1 nurrdv, Ala.-ch ti. at 11 o'clock at th? -Hr^rii na o' >lr John Kennedy lr. '?til.-v? fifth gireet d:>xi dtortoihe c >rti?r of Broad ua/. the entire jto k ot ri bl? fou nuiroc eta 'iary 1UI tan ma. b e inaiUt h, iiosurpasseil in dealer, at d mw-i -oa. at 4 liiilrhed :r> 'he most nrls ic ?Ivi : ; rotoj ol them received pre ti no.' at ibe t'rt tal Pali ue; et^bty I allan oifile i-jifiHs, jrodern Oeai,ti.a. of th? u^tml de'ts-lpdon of |t?llva, Puriu gnere T-;. re:.eaii 'ind .-punftt ma' de-,. Term ? r our maoJw over 810(1, approved erdmed notwi a'aiogueaal atle Will; wiitera auc ii?no.-h wi.l mtaoit Wedt.t ?d?;. , a' 11 vi o'clock, at 187 it-al street, the farm tureatd fiituren ofa a lug takon con.Utlr^t of e eganl g aw ?td p'ated lu'lery, c ok't^ uie -lis, tah e ttei, ttngiioD utl cloth, oak cburr", tBlile? ic a R.-od cbance for uar'te* la ihAti'r.e ofbuiiresa ai.o a quantity o furniture, ?r.m(,'oty tec'tidat e?t. cnabtirg of ape*-try and oih?r oarpeta, taoiea, dreading turfaus, oct ktcg ftove, Ac. Also, a loi ot boardtiK ht gae lurr.lture, beddiLg. 4c. WP. MELl.CH, AtTUTIONKKR -BY Hu"?51? ? MKI.l-OR, to wotrow, 1buiad*y, Kt 10>i o'c'ock at No. 113 Nassau street e egant cabluet furniture oil paintlaga, Fiecch p'.aie pier, i Tal and nuutal mirrors, with new style or tiaoiea rich and costly eulis o parlor furniture, 'overod la bt'.vAde, brocaiei and p u>h; carved ? ak buffets, oak extension dit tng talileii, ot the mon apprr.ved pa'a t3; caevod oak dla Uig r<omchaira ctve-ed in tKtiah and morocco; mirror door aid back e'egerep; walnm atdebotrda. with marble top; rlcbiy Carvrd loenaood centre tabid, side, pier aud faT cr oo , oara taolea; chamber furniture In great variety richly ename lad ohamber suiU, with landscape palntUigi,' mart le tops, suits with or without marh'e tops, solid rosewood bed tet ls, bu reaukand washrftand* to tnatub; solid walnut and mahogany do , tichlv carved rosewood and mahogauy wardrohas ma bogany extennion dicing tables, eight, ten and ton teen 'set long, el'h dinirg room chairs, cbeval g'a>a, branch (tla'?. carced oak. trabogaar aid ro?ewood htialaod^ with haH chairs to match; caivedrosewood mahogant , wa'nutaod oak buokrsaes aid t#cre^Wes. mirror doom; rlob ea?y and rock ing chaira, corner stands, spring *eat parlor "hairs ; rich china te* tets. e egant znsntel vaaea Oondacan be owknd oa Ote promisee tor shipping Also, ut 12 o'c'ock, five rosewood and 7 octave pianofortes, of rich tone and finish. Catalogues en morning or aa'o TA/M. WITT*R8, AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL, OI? V* 1 hur? day, at 10'a o'clock, th^ fixtures o* tha barroom and dlniT'Z saloon of the Krle Kail road House corner ot tfuaaa street ard Wn-t Broadwa*, consisting of cno bar Rlaas, gUt ctoutet gas pipe. |>aa ournera. bsl , arm ard other chain, ia ilea, tcreens, b iuds, aegars, stoves, crockery and glaas ware; one 'arce cooking rause, Ac. The above are near)* new, be ing la'eiy titled un. WM. WI1TK.RH, ACCTIOM- ER? WILL SELL ON FRl" day. at II 'k o'clock, at 4" 4 iJ.-:ome st sa.. near Oreaae' a' .ae elegiint tiouseh r.ic 'u-ci ure lu the a wee house coosM log ot oLtt elegant rosewood plau > ga ohinde.lers and n aok eta B-.itH of ro-ewood in f;on and ?ark parlors, twn oier aod !?o msnt>!l mlr-OTM, snt:o dsma t wlodo ? curtslna splendid i 'i pa ntinja velvrt and itne try car jeta. mshofsnv aid - ?*e wood bedsit ads balr man- esses. Urge nil lows and nnlsia**a. sbeeia s;ir< ai)?. roar hie top dreiJng bureaus wa<dist?ads, IrJet srti rocking chairs wa'drobet, dlmng roon ex'eosloa laoles, rak chairs cufery, p!ated ware chiia, tea and dmoar pel#, >ltrh?c furoitvre, ie. Also metal furnace for beating1 (lie hou* HEW MtDH. ?il iWill UWOO.-IBI SUBSt RIRKR. OF AO iPX .V\'Vr iurn S. Y having ne?u robt.ed o fl teea thoa siind five bundreo do'..ar3 in batk bills, oo the ii'ght or Feb ruary 27 v. hue ou hi- ?? frnm Albaa i ut <ew fork in the tliiarnti KlTer Rallrosd cars aomfwhere befeei Poughreao Kir s' d lark, offer i the aheve rewari tor'be eoorerval \bL mozitj. ItaVID t>. >>Pi."K. Anhura, N f KKWARU? (>.RTaIN UNKCRUPUl.OUS P*.M 3? &rJ" ' ilea ?-? foietlsing that ?he? nave a ne ?lr Inventad cu Lloii Ii r bllllardt ?h to ft? wrlch 'he; claon to have a pa i* tit ibis la to Mition the pti >ilc against such fnuduient fro l Da'ors. A: c i offer the a'-ove ?*wa.-d forauch proof as wIM It-atf tc. the ce ectioii and oonvUt.on of any Infringer* on My pitct.:, granted le> 1!? . 'HWt kiCHAKt. FMRLAK Phimhers, up stairs crilHKWARH bluLItn. IN T'lR LaTIKK P\R? ? *J\f ot June Ivt, trftn the oUiee of i. B Bacon, Broad w% .aid ''vre By stri-et iwc surve. ing tnptrumetits ?n,: one traLsl' *ni otin !kvbi. Th* abo?e ~e *aru wtU oe paid t r 'he'r rrcivn-T. lt to:mat|or. may he eft at tbe po'Jce stauoo. 3t? Hat clay aUeeu |M HWASI?-'08T, TMtttDiT AWfcR-<oor? tjT- OfJ be". ?etn the ho_ra of S and H n'o nek, two kunared ?ud sixty-slgbt fo'!Bm whiie p?s*lrs h?nu<h Bie?ck-? strut, Bowtry and (linm^ers street to ibe rUhtk aveaus cars. The ab :\e reward win he paid ^y anpi.ving to Oeorga Goodha't 2V Jane street or 1H W aahlngioo m irket. JJl r i\KWA II r> ? LOeT IN OOlNti FROM THK AM* 3P l?J 7'can Vm-eiiOD V) t<-ucd street, in : oa o' ii* (bird Ave- ie Unil.ool cars a poiem "ni a^e, containing from Jtiil ta fill In amal! notes of >he stnt ? can Bank of reu on one ftW poid pipes. f.:ur golc pieces end oihe' bnla aud paoors ll.e tl' der wli; receive the aoove reward hv leaving it at tha nfTlce of the Par, lie Hotel i , 4 Ureeowlch slrtet AIT it h,W a KI) Wll-L if K Pa II' TO T 1 1 K PKR"?uN WHC tjptl will deliver n rr ah mahoenny box c in'atn'ng paoe^>, ot to value to kji; one exeep; th? owner no iiue?i|oua a ked.. Llt'Pial l A ,-UllC it n-M 2ftl ltroadwav, nornerof Kt-wle street. $e LkWA*D.-LOvT, OS tub: 3D IS.8T,, IX THE if vx-intty of Hroaowa> and Great Jones *tr*et, a blank end 'an aiut; anawe ra to 'he ',ame -it Pan, bad on wbeo luat a blue collar >nr iii.e returnti.g Up aa',<; a'ut te John Pj?ni >-e: er, I#-' Bnadwiy, wul receive the above reward. THE BALL SEASON. GRANf BALL.? AT THE REQUEST OF HFB FR'EKlJe ard P?pl a M'lle CaKI'u^K YtrZIE/KS will glva a g-a; d hal! ot. Ihn'sday ever.i&g, Marca 6. at her dancing ncaili my, 21 llowarr. ?,reet T o excmaoce at 9 o' tlock Tlok ft" H LiiiCiOg x beoi sod private lessons attended to ovary ca] OODWORTIl IhBTIMOWlAL BALL WILL TaK? piece at the Apcllo Dooms, on Wedneadav evsnlax. Ma'ch 6. 1H6D. A. C. W I UK iM Art, C'hairtnan Tnos O. Voobbis, fier'ry. W< UMUEAHCE. I b BURR YOUR LI KB. THU KABSACHUSRTTH MUTUAL LIF1 IH3URAJWB CXIMPaUT, cr srsisunau). njjm. On arao tee capital (paid up; Invested in bonds and moruracea on real estate worUi VZUO 060 $MMM if sic si ITS. Reoelred fir nremlums and Interests ? 9BL149 45 Interest accrued da loan notaa I.J47 V ? St,dlf ft ?1U.4M T* mKisimirn. Paid claims bv death ffi lW W " Kxpensas slaoe August 1, lHftl U.230 23 ?? rraunMoneri 7 " 8,84d tl ? 48, W4 U Wet aseets January 1, 18M SIU.V1 M Claims unpaid, awafUag prool $2,000 00 OALk B RTl'K President R D BKAOB, Via* rrasidaat. FHAltru B. Baook (tecreiarv H(rBBK<ICRM IW !??W TOBK. " A Lathrop Preatdent Un^on Mutua1 lasuraaM t Doras L Htnne bec.ttfnry [fanover Fire Insnmnoe I IjsvI n-vik, or I<ev1 t'.a* A Co titll. ? >o 6 Trot. j 3 U ding. Ill Broadway. 5iew York J L W*l/iA, agaat. PrNJA*!* W Mi'rbsov M b . Medical mamtner nidk d?*r re f-o h Kintk street, New York AUends daily fkrtm 14 ta 1 o'oi o?* COAL. BRKI XFaihlPtM', Ct^At. A PM ALL BUPF!,Y OF TBt? relet ? a'ad ooai la row IWt % reoatved aad wtU ha sold a lift rtm i|i? Ive d o- 914 if tfikart from the yard. Ord-ara l?'t a r- o 2 WMl at > ^ th -mps n'i- o?ieo or i.t, the vat . cornar of T?*o? . sev*, >t s'nf. an*' pj?ht> av sti* ran an J *ee t M-nai *iu*i V.1W3. ?. U YnovTCuai Daalai.