Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 5, 1856, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 5, 1856 Page 5
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T% Htrplwii H. Br?ncii, ur tlctperted KHtnd'. We gave oar coxer. Um e?e?.lnfc and are bow very busy lu preparing for oil.' departure lor uavait* in the ?<eitnjr ?( hoiida> luI; but an sou have a. way* been very kto4 to as 4wk>| our leMiience to America. lor several years pant, aod aa we have often beard our eatemuarf f-teod, the Lamented Mailame toutu?, speak. very kindly at y?u. la wtf-nw pleisint; eeclety we have often met you It l? with no ordinary too mux ?f pleasure, In view ol all thete happy reciliectioi* of the past, ?bat we are enabled to proffer our mu I'-al ?ervii'es at you tessare at the Tabernacle on Friday evening next. Maroh I ttW, <%? a sl.itht t?-?Uu?ii ul of our all'ecuonaM record for you, J which will jhw] be our last putiila appearance iu New lark, prior u> our aeparture tor coutbern ules. t* a IT t. J U LI EN, AUUCtir O JOKEL. He member, tor your Sprinu Hat, yen .Vast vwt KNuX. Remember, bis price is but foot* dollar*. Ran* tuber, that bis hats are unapproachable ia beauty, rtjte aDd durability Remember. I hat his establishment ia on the corner of Broad way and Fulton street. la the langnage oi the /rhost of Hamlet's father, "Remember.' Beebe Si Co., Vaitalonable datim, 150 Jboadway. have ready, and now oiler for da)", the spring and ?oauner fhshion for gentlemen's hate. made with tbeir im prtvwl renulau r, wbtch eombioed with other improvement*, reader* their bate Lghter ad more comfortable to toe uead Ittaoj ever offered to the public. Oealn will laaue tola Spiring Myle of Geii tlameD** bate lor T8M. on Haturday, March 1. (IK.'TIN, No. 214 Broadway, opposite Bt. FaiU'd church. A Cair uf Parte Ham, fo< Gentlemen, Jiut veeehred by UKMIN, No. 211 Broadway, oppoeite St, Paul'* eh arch. 8ptln| Nlytc uf Gentleman's Hat, Only 98 Mt.-WHITR, ibe batter, anxious to beoollt. the public, has reduced the price of his bent hat to 93 60, cnoildent tha'. tne de ? 1 wil make up the reduction. WllITK. Hatter, 148 Kulton atreet, between Broadway and xfassau. Ryrlng Hula.? D< Bcandln, Vnnclt flatter, mi Broadway will betnuch p leaned to gee big friends and anv, in thn hat ftore, M8 Broadwav, a few door* above eker strtet ai d have the p'easure oi fitting them with the elegant style oi xpriurf hat that ban over been worn. A ?, Thierry? Crenel* Hat Emporium and manulsctory. No. 648 Broadway. Paris and Loudon spring styles of bais for gentlemen. ready made, or made to order to fit the cuntomer. superior quality of hi1 Mat 9i. Very extra be ?1|9. Taiuble Ymkvlllc Lot* at A notion. ?We desire 10 rail attrn'ien to thn sale to he made, this day i Wed teedny), at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Kxchungo. by AL HKRT H. NICULaY, auctioneer, of the following property, ?viz.:? Corner of Second avenue and Klghty-fiftb atreet? The large and valuable lot on the northeast corner ol Becond ave ?oe and r.lghty -llfth str?"t, -ul feet fi Inches by 100 feet. Klghtv fifth atreet? l'wo lots-on felghcy ilfth utreet, ITS feet went of First avenue. Highly six h street? Iwo ota on jtight) ginth sit ;ot, V6 lert west of Kim avei.ue. Klghtv- llfth street? One lot on Rlgfct.r flffb g'reet. jv'd feet west of Kottrfh avenue Ala >, Ninth avenue and Sixty third stjeet? One lot soutnwest corner Ninth avenue and Slxty-tlilrd atreet; alto, two lots on rear of the aVove, on Stxtv third street. Thirtieth street ? Pour four story brick houses, between Tenth and Klovenli avenues. Allot' the above property will bu sold to th") highest bidder, without reserve; aod all persons seeking to make permanent and pro ?liable lnveBtn.ent* will do wall to attend the sale. Terms very liberal, and tides r or mapn and further par Uculars ?e jefci to ibe auctioneer. No. 4 Broad street. We liefer t? tlic Advertisement of Sale this day, by BLKtvCKKH & CO., of the very valtnhie lot 579 Hudson atreet, f'onting on Kljthth aveuue.and of the two han t MMaie dwellings 213 and ?&> West Thirty first street, be twaen Klgblh and Ninth avenues. IHaeaftca of tlie Lan^H.?Huntefa Medkal SPECIALIST is devoted <0 'he popular dUeuastoo of ih'i natrre, aansef, preveutioti and cure of all forms of piummary ills ?aee. and 1* p nbliobea on the first of every mouth, Specimen anxnbei s aent on aoplloaiion to the editor. ROBT. HUNT BR, M. 1> , No. 828 Broadway. ? typta, All? typea, Every Type? tba most flattering and beautiful is the cameo? type, taken ably at WILLI AJtBoN'8, Brooklyn. Ki rhe Smlttiaonlan Hoaae? Broadway, Cor n ol Houston street, New Vork.? Single rooms Ail cents, 71 ?laar.d 91 per day. Parlors, with bedrooms, (.150 to 93 pe> Meals extra, ard as ordered. This new and large bota tea the attention or travellers. B1DNRT KOI* MAN. Window Shade Manufacturers, Importer* ef (lit cornices, lace aDd muslin curtains, damasks, buff (BolaDds. Ac.-KKI-TY ft r tCH0l78ON, No. 291 Uro>tduray and iteade street, are oU'erin* great Inducements to purchasers af the above roods All kinds of window Hhados made to order. Our superior manutactnring faellliies enaole us to keep Uie repotauon we have alwajs hsd? of being the cbaapest house to the Stales. _ Window Shades and Paper Hangings, at reduced prices, at 261 Oreenwtch street, between Murray and Rofelr ton.? 6,000 Frenrh gold paper 4s , worth tls.; fi.uOti ?French and AroerW-a'' sa'ins, at Is. 6d., It. and ?s. tid., wortli 4a.; 3.8(0 blank, for6d., lOd. aud Is., at 261 Greenwich street. Bngei 'a Sewing Machines.? All Persons who wWh for Information In regard to se wing machines, can obtain H by applying at our-oflloe for copies of I. M. Singer ft Co.'s Gazette, a paper devoted entirely to the sewing machine In terest. Copies supplied gratis. I. M. SINUKR ft CO., No. 323 Boadway. -Sewing Machines for Gutter Kitting, Corset aUtchlng, hat binding, -vests, tbln clothing, ftc , with an lm proved binder tor finishing the edge of the above work, with abiding of acy and all widths. Can be seen In operation at our efiice. NICHOLS, LKAVITT ft CO., 411 Broadway. Oeflonce Salaanander Safea.? Robert M PATRICK is tbe so e manufacturer In tke United States of tha afcare celebrated rafee and patent powder proof deflsaoe locks and cross bars. Depot 192 Pearl street, one door below ilaiuen lane. datrhelor'a Hair Dye? Wigs and Tonpeei,? Vhe best in the world. This unrivalled and original dye Is ap BHed in twelve private rooms. Bachelor's wig* and toupees have uiprovcmcnts overall others, being chef d'wuvrea of aleganve and durability peouliar to this establishment. BaTCHELOK'H. 233 Broadway. Whisker* or Haasfachei Ported to ?Jrew hi six weeks by my onguent, which will not ntain or injure tha akla. 91 a bottle; sent to any part of the country. K. ft. XAX, 586 Broadway; Bays, 175 Fnlton street, Brooklyn; Zei bar, 44 South Third street, Philadelphia. Bill's Hnlr Dye, Koar Shilling* a Box, Black mr brown Sold at Hegem&n. Clark ? Co.'s, 173 Broad Ma, 46 Nassau street and at the depot. No. 1 Barclay street, 169 Atlantic street 17Cand247 Pulton street, Brooklyn, at druf and fancy goods store* ganerally ia the United Crlstadoro's Hair Dye, Wigs and Toapeex ?excite admiration among all connoisseurs In art. A suite of elegant private aimrtrarnts for applying his Incomparable dye, tbe only reliable article of the kind. Wholesale and retail, a. CRlHTADORO'8, No. 6 A a tor House. i Faphfaa Lotion or ITloral Bcaaflfler, Mr beanttfying tbe complexion and reaiovlng freckles, tan, ?aabaraa, ptmples, spots, ourns, saalds, stings, chapped lips, thee, arms and bands. For sals by PHaLON, and all A Perfumed Breath.? What Lady or Gen* tn wonld nanaln under the anrse of a disagreeable breath, i by nstng the " Bahn of a Thousand Klowora'1 as a den m i?ifl would not only render It sweet, but leave the teeth white ?aa alabaster? Many persousd? not know their breath Is bad, *ad tha subject Is so delicai-?, their friends will never motion 1L Pour a single drop of the "Balm'> on yeur tooth bmah. and wash the teeth night and morning. A fifty cent bottle will hat a year. For sale by FETRIDftIC ft CO., praorietora. and salt druggists. Cllrchnjjh's invisible Wlgi and Toupees, with bis celebrated skin divbion, belong exthislvcly to nls es tabilahmeut. He is the original invent >r of al! improvements tot the last quarter of a century. Wl? wearers call and judne %>.- yourtelves, at 162 Fulton street, west corner of Broadway. Lyon's Kit til tUroi i ?This Cneqaiulcd Pre yaiatlon.tor restoring, preserving and beautnying the hair, is eold hv all respectable druggists and fancy goods dealers, tor only 25 cents per bottle. It removes <Undru8'. and effectually prevents the hair from ' oil, HKaTH, WVNKOOl' ft CO., proprietorh, H LllWf ill SSL Delight's Spanish Lustral will Alnke Hair grow. on beads Ihnt have been bald :br jtsat*. as tbe testimony of thousands will enow lu New f nglantl, wher? it hai been used. Prepared by J. t'. Wadletgh, l^wrenoe, Mass. .Sold by BARN KH ft 1'aKK, Now York. DroggUti' Fancy Uoods, (usduslvely.? Brashes, combs, soaps, euractx, pomades, InstrumenM, Paris perfuaMry and toilet articlsa, and every article sold bv drug gists, azeept druge. Imoorta.1 and sold wholeeals, by RUFDS K. KcHAK iil ft CO.. 1M Broadway. The Bast American, Wench and Gorman fenssee, ladies' and cent's supporters, belt* and bandages, in tbe verj highest perfection ar.d at baif the usual prices, at HJtlDGMiLN [ft CO.'P, cbemlsM, 168 Grand stroct, near Cen tre marko" JBaron Spolasco, At. U., bt. Nltholsr Hotel.? Dear Sir? Raving sullcrcl four year* of an ult seated fool and toes, duriBtf which tlino six doctors tried u> cure them, but failed, you wilb ease cured me-T?u triumphed. Thomas Lockitt, Atlantic street, Brooklyn. Hollow a^ 'a OIntntent and Pills*? Uleers and sores drain tbe sy*t*nv of its vital energy Their dlsewed ac tton Is kept up 'by virulent matter in the vessels of tha glands and skin this matter is neutralized !>y the dislnlectfut; opera tion of the Ointaiont. Tbe Villa cure Indigestion in all lis forms. Sold at the manufactories, No. SO Maiden lane. New Vork. aud No. 2*4 Birand, l?jndon, and by all druggists, at 26c., 62. .c , and 91 per pot or box. Hernleu? Only ftrltu Medal Awarded to ?h A Co., by the Industrial Exhibition of all nation* for _? new patent radical rure truss. Al-o tbe Pair of tne nericaa Institii'e awarded thr. first premium to this truss In ?JI<. References as to im nuoedorltT : - Professors Vaientiaa jfrttt, Wilhrd Parker and John M. Carnoehan. An extonwva lbK? f names, of meroantlle and "'her gentlemen cured by tkU 4ruao may be seen at U AKHIl ft CO.'S, No. T, ? .Maiden lane, Sew Tork, a?-d Marsh, f^rllesft Co., No. ft West Fourth street, IWnsfainati, Ohio. Opeu frem 7 A. If. until 9 P. M. ('roup, Croup ? 9'Jilft Ajsvful Complaint U immedL.tely cured by Pr. I OBI AS' Venetian liniment. No family ^ho value the liviu of their children should be without a bottle ,n the inuse. Sold by all ther druggist; and store keeper*. Depot, (X) CorUandt s-.reet. wmsimS lumm eteit m, UOTEIA. HOIffRrUiOK'S HOTEL, 7M HROA DWi V, CORNCB Of Clinton place.? Superior apartmests for cr liiiU Tiduals snn now Lo obtained, wllb or without boatd, by ths meal or w**k, ser..<d In 'lining or private rocjts, at re'iutod prices. BtvJisfiee. Rooms tent frniu |2 to $3tj per week. WM. HOi.OKKPtii', Proprietor. Wnif9V BOVm. NO '. 312, . ".14 AND .",1/1 OttKMN* v v wich atreet, between Ohambers and Hn m-> dime's, .Ni'w Tork-? Tie stibscrtbern, late of Wyckoff 's Hotnl, No 88 War i en street, Imv im- taken the above premises, which will bo Atien for tba t caption cf guests nn the tith of March next, thev ?i(li:r lncrca?'yl kduw men s to their 0M friends ami Uie pu'nli: to patron'se litem l har.kful lor oast favors, tl < y uleilg.; themselves to renewed eti, rts In every depattmeatof theb house la roakn thur patrons c-omtortable and at home whl'e nntler tJielr root. 1 bey ;rust that tbtdr known reputation In this line will insnro to ibem the full support of tbelr old fk-ionds, net! utUtch to thcui u grrster favor vrlth tbe pubik a', hrce. A. v. WV -KDFK. A, if, w nnvt-r, 9BWIFAFEB8. APaLFaBLK i!IT. IUUXO AMERICA, MO. W, Thl* day pnblMnd, contains if e second chapter of UllOWM MCMKH, wh'cb W raa&trg curb ii stir in the world ot fashion. 4 lso. saWedid coanc lliustralens Hd tingling ediMwlalson subj'eta noliticai, ? octal and general. Prloe H'a cent*, or U 50 per year is. advance. For sale By all news agents, and by T. W. STRONG, Cub tuber, 98 Nassau steeet. Dublin utnir.NE.- jium wkw and p? "lmwi Ireland " (taper will he tegulartv received br us, the wife -ferns fur America, and la now on sale Hujsirip Uoo ki p-r j ear, s<x niomli at ium ratea. C. McKER, Mm ger, foreign News ' Mice, 89 Huuu ureet. FyRANR LK8UVH ILLUSTRATED NhWflPAPJiiR.? MO 13, inutd Saturday, March 1, contains views of the launch of the Mtg ara, nx por ratia ot eminent men, view of the ne? Methodist church at Newoik, fourteen other beauiliul en graving:;, ar.d all the new* ot the week To be bad at all nevvs dep< ts. \! mntftff, ATTENTION. -THK NEW YOKKriM. TUB Jl\ new weeklv paper, lit ready for ''.ell very. Apply thin inornmg at the office, .No. | bni m e street. KR BaLTIC? BBU/8 LIFE, WKSKLT DIsPaToh, l.ondi ri jeurna s and Caseeil'S paper. C. XcK <CK, Foreign News Aget cy, 89 Nhjumu street. P T1IK NEW YORK KB.? 'IH K FIRST NUMBER OK THIS elegant Dew weekly !* out. an* lor ?al? everywhere Two dollar.) a year; live cents a copy. Offlce No. 9 Spruce street. WANTF.D IMMEDIATELY? COMPLKTK FILE* OF THIS Daily Herald lor IH.'>2 and 186:5, for uie nse of wntch for two weeks eve dollar* wtll be nsld, iuiJ si nirity tor their re turn |llli Apply to J. H., 2(8 Delancey ntreet. POLITICAL. r.TH WARD TURN OUT!? FIFTH WARD FILLMORK U and Dunetron National Club wlil meet this eve: tag, Mb in stant, ai 73a o'clock, at the Fifth Ward Hole!, to pwtoot Its or ganization 'or the year, The trlendsof Kiltmore and Dooel ton, irrespective 01 party, are invited to attend WIM.IAM DKcKKlt, Cbilrman. Jamks H. PcoriELt) SecreUry. 7TH WARD F1LL.MORB AND DO.NKi.SON CLUH. -AN sdjnorrir.4 meeting of this r.luS will be held at Botuuic Hall 68 hut Broadway, on Thursday evening. March 6, at i}j o'c ook. A:1 persons desiring the election ot Fillmore and linn*. son, witnout dlstlLctlon of party, are Invited to attend, and become members of the ciub. *tr. I). Andrews, Treasurer. Zopohar Mill*, President, hdmund P. Barro*, Cor. Sec'y CJ. l.Luokla^htm, J George W. Warper, ) H Bl? Garrett Brauted, J Vice I're*. Joseph H. Gray, $ Rkbar 1 Barnab ?, S Democratic republican general 'ommittek. ?a regular mentlng of this committee will be held at Tam many Hill, i>u J bur stay evening, March 6, 1800, at 7)aO'oloc)L. Pt.nctua! attendance It requested. ROBKRT KELLY, Chairman. J.tMIsI, BEHrnCT, MfUKV OtUKCtLLOM S I/MI IhK CLUB.? THK MBMBKR8 Of THK HMP1RB J Club, and a I who winh t4)beoom?uiouoerR, are requested to meet at 'l.immany Hall, on Wennesday evening, Mor .h 5, lfM at h"!f pasi 7 o'c ock, for ihe purpoee of making prepura ticn.i tor Ihe approaebing Presidential >'?in<>*t. HaIai RSNDhRS, Chairman. CBYMOtlR UNION AHSOOlATIf (X-PLKDOKD TO THM O tmmiree of the Cincinnati Convention. The me nber.i ot the Kcymour I'nion AsviciaUon arc re iues'.cd to mc-ji at the usual pi?i ? of meetins, on Momla; evening, Maro'i 1:), at 1 o'clock, to hear the report ct the Ciaumitee on Org auzatlon, and io elect oQlCrrilor the enautns ?e.vr. TIHE THlRTKHNTH WARD NATIONAL FILLMORK and UoneUon ' 1 lib met, pursuant to adjournment, a' the (Jsplto1, corner of Orand and bsaex streeta, on Tuuaday, March 4, at 7K o'clock P. M. A. T. Howell acted as temp j-ary Chair man The minutes of Ihe last meeting were approved. Mr. Abraham Myeri, Ctairmxn of Commit ><>c on Permanent (Jill cere, repotted In beiall of the Committee For Presideni? Jos. K Hibllng. Vice PrtBitiento? A. Warren hmith, Aaron H. Sharpe. Recording Secretary? H. ('lay itobeibton. Con esponding secretary? Augustus 1'. Houcl. Tresmrer- Job. H. Hunt. RevtieanUi at Aims ? Isaac Burtir, .laooh H Gross. Mr Kblivg returned tbankd in a tew brief i emarks for tha high honor conlei red. Mr -..Warren suith otlered the following preamble aud 1 1 ' oi ir ions, wb ch were un\nlro?it-ly adopted, und ordered published in the Herald anil kxprcwi : ? RKSOU'TIONS. Wberes^. the citizeDR of the Thirteenth waid have learned, with great pieaviue, that the American purty in Convention at PliilacelpbU assembled, have, by the will of the majority, chosen on r much reepecteu citizen, >ew York's tavorite son, .Millard Fillmore, lor President, and Anurew Jackson Do tic I ? ?ot , t noble son of a noble ?l?e. for Vioe President, at once uniting the North and houth upon that a'l important maxim: " I ulted we ttiana, and divided we tall," And whereas, we regurd the afcove carididatesn^ the 'rite and fea-le? cxpoaents of American principles, believing them to be men of a purely t annual character, whixe only Interest Is that of our country end ltn chcrhhed inttituclona. who if elected, will guard and piotec' them, as did our illustrious Washington guard and pro tect them lor us. Therefore Ref o'ved, 1 hat wo will ti?e every and all exertions in our power to promote the object of otir club, to id crease Its num bers by brlDglng In citizens without distinction of party, ear nestly reaiism* ndlng to all who feel an interest in the welfare ot their cotinliy to unite with usiottid and assist In securing lie election of men ot principle and talent, and to stand united (for In union mere Is strength;, shoulder to shoulder, until the victory is curs, and the American people triumphant over partv. 'J ho President presented the club with the American color, a' the same timo expressing the hope that it might ever b? car rl? d on to victory. Alter some remarks from Aldermen J. H. Krlggs. J. T. Brooks and others, interspersed with sonps from Carpenter and Horton, ihe clubadiourned, to meet again a> the call of the officer n. H. CLAY ROBERTSON, Secretary. THE TRADES. AS (JARDENKB? A MAN OF MUCH EXPERIENCE, IN this country, thorough] v understands the propagation and pruning of the grapevine In the hothouse and vineyard, as of all kind of fiuit trees, vegetables and flowers: Is perfectly so ber and contclentious, or good general Information in rural economy and ? Hairs, landscape gardening, Ac. Address, tor one week. G. W., Hera'd office. /-COMPOSITORS.- WANTKD, THREK STEADY, OOMPK \ ten', hantk. Also, tlree boys, who bare been accustomed totel type. Twenty. two oents per thousand paid to smart bc;s. Apply to Lyon A Hillyer. 112 Pearl st, ENGINEER'S SITUATION WASTED? BY A YOUNG man, an Anerlran: is strictly temperate, can come well tecoa mended, and is fully competent to take charge of a high prerstire boiler and engine. Address, or apply to H. W. Greene, Eiiglpeer, 18 Spruce street. GARDENKR.-WaNIRD. A SITUATION BY A MAN, A8 gardener, and is willing to make hlnieelt other wis* useful about the premies, 11 his time will admit of it; has lived seven years id his present place. For further information inquire of John Peck, fo Si) Ciifl'street. GARDENER.-SITUATION WANTKD, BY A YOUNG single mnn, as gardener, or gardener and coachman, who Is tully competent to 1U1 either situation. Aildress James, at seed store No. 7 John st. C^ARDENKB. ?SITUATION WANTED, Bf A MARRIED X man. with a small family, having seversl years' expe rionee in all Its branches? greet house, stoves ?nd vinery; also tmrerstacds the cultivation and rropngatlon of Srnitnnd flow ers; ran give satistactory reference from his last employer. Cun be seen at J. M. lhoi burn A Co IS John street, from 9 A. ii. to I P. M., or by note to W. M. C? box 156 Herald office. Situation as gaudkmer ?a marrikd man who h as had several years' experience in England, and un derstands the tranagementof stove ami greenhouse plants, aud latingoulol gtour-ds. nanagement or truit and vegetables; has no objection to take charge ot a farm; thep reference given 10 where there Is a greenhouse. Direct E. K., Messrs. Thor burLe'w seed store, 16 John street. TO BOSS CARRIAGE MAKERS.-WANTKD, by a practical painter, a situation; is a grod general Hand, ca pable of -akirg charge of a paint shop. Address A. Z? lb' ?1th street, 8th avenue. TO BRICKMAKKBS.? THE ADVkRTISER, WHO PER fectiy unilersuinds brickmaking In all its branches, and being a practical mechanic, and cun draught and put up the etifiii e and machinery for either tempered or drv clay, wishes to make arrangements tor the coming season, or (or a term of yrarf. Undoubted references given. Address Henry Roe man, Pest odlce TO PB 1 NTKRS ? WANT ED~ A YOUNG MAN WHO UH derstanos accounts and capablc oi correspocdisg, and who can ceposit from #300 to as security for moneys that will come into his bands in the absence of the employer. Address M G , boi l.iMl' Poet otlke. TO I'APhR nANGHRS.-A YOUNO MAN WHO HAH been some time at the above trade, wisiifs to go under In siructiirs at decorative work for one year, .address U. C. D., Herald officc. mOOABfUAM SMITHS ? WANTKD, A GOOD bMITH, X on lisht work; one w ho thorough. v understands himself, and oi grod habl's, to work by niece work, to go a short dis tance from the city. Apply to Jolin C. Haul, Broadw ay. rANTKD- AN KNGINRER, A GERMAN PREFERRED; one who Is lamillar with mills and machinery, and will ing to work in the factory, w hen i.ot wanted at his trade. Please state *a'ary expected, ami address bo\ .'1.488 Poalnlllce. T|7 ANTED ? A SITUATION, AS A GARDENER OR KX v f perienccd (arm hand, by a cotnpeteut middle aged man; no objection to the country; wou d go as head porter, being ex pert at Ugtiret. capable and trustworthy. Ootid reference. Add i ess Help, Me' aid r.fllte. XMT ANTED.- A FRENCH GARDK.NKR WISllBft TO f? pnxmrea situation with a Flench or German tamilv; he has good credentials from Europe, where be bad long expe rience in the management ot greenhouses ami vegetable Par dee*. He is pcimittec to refer to his present employer, wbn ai vertises on his be half. Address M. K., hoi 119 Post oflice. WJ Tl'ANTRn-A FIRST RATK PIANO Tt'NKR AN1) f? rra'iiR'or. Apply at the mtwie store, :tS3 ft road way. VX7 ANTKIi-A SITI ATION AS OARI'NKIl. HY A MAR ? ? rifd man, an Kiij;llshin*n; h** a thorough knowledge of hlR hitJlnt'HR; bar had many yearn' experience in thin country, aid can Rive mitWfeetory reference* ?? to moral character, cpablliiy, Ac. Acdresi O. N., at Hmilh'i fcedatore, M Wnlte it. II' A NT Hi)? BY A FIRST RATE Va RNIt'llKR; AND TV polisher, a isood oil uRt ion a* flowerer and poUaher. Applr or nrldrtfft to It. Pr ley, as Elizabeth at ; none but the be*t of employ era need api djr, A\J ANTH)? TWO FXPKRIKM *D P.u;KRRfl. IK A ?V cnrrUffe repository; Rood nagc* gives. Apply, for two ?i 26 Reekman street. INTEIXUiKSCK OFFICES. EMPtOIKHS WISHING (JOOD SKRVANTS WIIX FIND respectable < let roan, Engl lab. Scotch and Irish !ie:p, tor nolelp and private laiiitrc.i, at MORRIS OOHNFRT A CO.'H, 2.w7 Uroaoway, corner of Reacie street Alw waiters, con^ii men, Im aieri , laboitra, Ac , ai thin or the branch ofllce. 1 l?2 Urrenwlrh stieet. SITU ATIOH S WAIfTKD. ANDKWJS SITUATION WaNTKD-ANY ONK IN want ot a Rood woman, kind ami competent in cut ot Klekneiw, mar learn of one by aiipl ylng at ISO'th Ht., William* ntirK .between Grand and Norili 1st ?U References firm, If required. ? YOUNG LADY, WHOM DKa T/f HAS hSSMLl OK iVfp-ived of a mother's rhre, is anxious to learn millinery and die-mr ikin? woald wish u> resliin with k respectable taiiilly where aiicn Mtx'ne.v is carried on; .1 Cattollo mmilf preferred Please ttddrcss Mam, Chtikia iqmt Pout ofllca A young IUII2ID Ijad v, without vmi. SMNOf, would, for ikCotiBWoiallor. lite to taLe churjfc ot' a yoiw,' *blid snd beiptow upon i, a moik-r'Heare. A not.', SiAtlug age. Mi, Ac. of child will in mmeitiately attende i ui. inference gken and re<i?'i;'?>d. AiWess, for two <!?>*, Mrs i<. B. ? "'mi ban squMV l'0*l cfl5c?. A la ivy is DFjnous or finding \ good plaob for a faithful, booest and truniworthv girl, an tiurtte aad (.eatnatrefajiihefian re ommend her for oar neat sewing und Kit <ir,oH .'o oUiJvfrfn. A; p'y at the Metropolitan yj'tel, IKNfi A ?IVt ATIORS WARTKD. ^ AYGUHO UKhV.*.N LAKY. lliOKOUOHLY ACQUAI l'( ee with both u *4 French ao>i Utnuu iiuu(ua^6H, a i>*p Met sesm?ress, and pu.s<.e^>ti? j <jw ry ?|ua!l*iciiilnu <u> ? '* l?'? d aid, to desirous of obtaining * > l'.uauon elih-ras a u v'? ?iwparl<xi. or ?s agovernees la. iblUrtm. ACdre** 144 We* hrtv *H, up stairs. AYOU^G GIRL DESllttCS A NIDATION, AS COOK, ? surer and irourr, alsu a sls'er, an chambermaid ?i> i.urse, of to do plain sewing; refe-ance* given. Apoiy, fortw . days. ai 128 Atlantic at., br< oklyn, ro >m 6, Brut flour. A WIDOW LALY OJT h \P S Rlel.Nt 'E AN D RESPKJTa billty.wlah i to obtain the situation oi housekeeper, in a family boarding house or mercantile establishment, or aa eempsnion or housekeeper to an invalid laay; would travel or go to the cousin : alto would undertake the care or manage pient ri obiloren; would make herself gene ally uaelul, a be roe being hen eject more than salar*. Pie&se cad or address J. 1' . 114 Prince sreet, New York, for two da**. AVOING WOMaN WANI8 A SITUATION A8 CiiAM ueimsid and plain sewer.or to assist lotb* car* ot children < an five good citv reier<-nee ."rom her las'. paee Can be seen it two days at 215 23d at., between 1st an 1 2d aveauca, back room. ARfchPtCTABLK GIRL WlUHhH A SITUATION Afl chambermaid and ??iter, and lo ake care of CQi(dren a id do plalD sewlnf. Can give the best nt city reference. Ple-se call a' 18 Hammond st., oetween Greenwich avenue and *V? ve r'ey ni? . Atoms BUSPKCTaBLE GIRL W/llVT.1 A BITV/L ?.Ion a/? charooermald, and do plali sewing and embroider In* sfce la>e!y latded In this country, and is wi ling to make herse'f generally uaelul. Apply at 338 1st ateaue, between l?ih and a th sis. AREHPJS'-'TABI.'C WIDOW LADY WIKHEN A SITUA Hon ss housekeeper In a small family. Unod reference given aid required. Apply at 37 Ru'gers a' , for two da<s A YOUNG OiRI, WANTS A SITUATION AS Cm* lernald and " alter, or to take care of children and do plain sewkg. Good city releernce fro m her last place Stlie ran be teen rom 9 until 5 o'clock, at lfcV ? -ast 33d at. , tiiut floor, irotit roots. AMMOtMl 1 Ol' NO WOMAN*. WISHES A atiou as cook, ?a*ber and Ironer In a private 1'ainllv. Beet el references can be given. IVu lie seen at TO 2kb at r.ear<jth av.. for two da, a. A CHAMBERMAID WANTS A SIJUATION? 18 A tjKXJD plain seamstret*; is a I'roestnnt; haa lived w'.th soma of ibe best fanilles in New York, hat Jus nest city references. Csn be seen ai 3f3 2d uv,. bttw, on 22d and '3d si*. AN AMEBIC AN WOMAN, WANTS A HIIUATION AS nurse or seamstress in a fen ieman's lamliv. Bert ot city refert nee can be given. Apply at 26 12lh St.. four door* irom University place. Can be teen lor three days. ARHSPKCTABLE YOCNO WOMAN, WI81ES A SITU ation as cbamlii'i inald can do plain eewing, or a-wut lo wasbii g ai.d ironing Was good city reierence. Call at 87 Wen 2', th at < an be seen lor two days. t RESPECTABLE. 10CNG WOMAN, WANTS A SITI' ation as pialn csok wasber a>,d iroi er, or 10 do general henxework. N i objoctlin tj go a sboit dl'tamein ibe couiilr.v. ? an be Feen lor two davsai 87 We t 26 h st., between tith and 71b avs., third floor front room. ABB&PKOTABLB FBOTB8TANT OIBL WISHES A s'tua lon as chtmbertnaid, and lo tusiat in wasning and irorlrg. 1- lease eall at 322 Monroe St., for the week. A COMPETENT aNU EXPKRIENOED PKRSON wishes a situation as aeansliess; tan cut and lit boj's and r;lr*H clothes, and alt kinds of family sewing. Can ba seen In ibe si o? store, 526 3d avenue, bctwoen 37th and 38th su. Can he se?n uoill engaged. A YOUNG woman. WHvJ IS AN BZPBBIMGM) dre?s maker cutter and lliter, wishes a ultiuUon aslnrc wrman, having served In that capuciiy lor the last two vi montlu, or 10 work by Ibe wee* or montn; good retfi^ence from ber lasi employer. <'an be seen lor two days at y28mltn St. ore dior trom l>can. Brooklyn, third floor. SITUATION WANTKD-BY A RES "ECTABI.K joung girl, as seamstress In some regpee'a'ne lamtlv; can cut and lit ladies' and children's dresse<; ear, oil and make boy* 1 cioihintM'aney cloaks and mantillas; is willing to work by the w<tk ormontf, or go as cutler In a store; can give the best cf city reioren.-e. Pltaae call at No. 8 Fifth si., near the Bnwery, lor two days. * 80(>TC1I PROTESTANT WOMAN WISHES A SITUA ' * tlon, as cook, in a private family; good ci'.v reference, ('all at 127 14th hc., between tiih and 7 tfi avunues, lirst Moor, for o da> AiK_hhl'?J)'ABLK YOUwO GIRL WANi'S A SlfUA lion, as cook, washer and ironer; understand) all kinds ot bakli g. Can be teen lor two days, at 1C2 Wost 28th be tween ;m and 8tb avenue*. Clly reference t,; veo. ARK8PE0TAKLK YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUir lion, to do ebamberwork or lake eaie 01' children, o. aa wai er, and is willing to make horeelf Hcn?sra!ly u?etul. Ap ply at 22 Peail st., sec r.d Uoor. Can be seen tor two day*. A situation wanted ? by a respect a hlk \ounti woman; la a good ccok. washer and ironer; baa lived in ber last sluailon over two years: I Mist of city /elereue* given; please call at 164 9'ti street, oetween 3d and 4th ave noes, second floor, back room, for two days. A RESPECT ABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUA tiru, as lady's tnald and seamstress; cut* and lit;; tides' and tbildrena' d>; has do objection to the couutry. Call to r ihiee days at 71 West 15th st. A YOUNG GIRL WI8HE8 A SITUATION, A8 CHAM oermald or waiter, or general bouseworker. with a private fsmlly. Call at 167 12th st., between 1st and 2d ave nues, fiom 10 to 4 o'clock. A NUBS? WAN'IS A SITUATION TO DO PLAIN SEW a ing and take charge of children in u respectable family bos lo objection to take care of an Invalid gentleman or iad* Best ot city reterenoes for both situations. Call at 99 East 16tli st. fcr two day* third floor, back room. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISH KS A SITUATION AS #cod cook. Tbe beet of city reference cad be gives; three yours In ber last plaoe. Inquire at 85 Rist 23d it., between 3d and Lexington avenues, tar two days, if not engaged. AN ACTIVE BU8INES3 MAN, WHO HAS AN EXTEN Mve acquaintance on North river and through several counties in this suite, wishes a situation as dark or sales mil, In a wholesale grocery, prevision or commission house la this cl*y; or he would takt an interest a* partner in the business, can Influence some trade. '1 he very best ot reference* given. Add 1 Of s II W. R? Merchant*' Hotel, Cortlandt street. A YOUNG MAN, AN AMERICAN, IS DESIROUS OP obtaining a situation wheftAecun make bimnell generally uselui. Can wine well recommended tor boneatv and ludust.-y. 1. as teen tor a long t lute a foreman in a !a-*e coal yard. Please atlfliesaTyfon, !7io Uu l?ou st A YOUNG MAN, WUORR PRKkKNT BNGaUKMKNT expire* thi* weok la anxtous for a situation a* entry clerk or light porter; Is abinand willlrf to work, and Is a first ra'e patter. Refers to p, aril la-u omplover* A note ad dressed R. E . M? Herald ottloe, wU receive immediate atten tion. BooEKKi-rhft.- A ooMnerxir" duvbck entry bookkerner wi?be* a si'n .tinn in % oommerclal house or msmitacturli g tBtablUhaxirU Re'ers to hi* la.e emp.o??r?, ia thi? eilv wi'h *hora ht hat bet n four rears. Address Johtu box 130 Herald ofllce. BOfcS JOB PRINTERS.? WA/iTBD, BY A STRONG, IS telllgenUboy nearly 17. to apprentice himself as compoii tor ?t the above tuslners until ol? age. Anv hu'nanc persoa wislilDg the above, will please call for or address Jas. R. Maid ?lu. No. 1 Siitt'otk street . H OUS1- KEEPER'S SITUATION WANTED? BY A COM oclent and acccmpllslied lidv. In a bote! or tlr*t class ?ent)eni?n's fsmilv; no objection to the country or South. C?ll at, or tddr*fs M. H. k., ,'ljti tth st , second d <or west of Broad way. Bett of roference given and required. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO REKPKCTABI,E O ?lrls, one as nurse and seamstress; the oiher a< chamber in aid; would assist In washing and Ironing or cooking. Four jnus' rnlfinroe liom their last emp'over. Can be seen for itvo days at 101 hast 25th St., between 2d and 3d avenues, second tlcor. Situation wanted? by a rebpeotaburgirl, as good plain cook, and first rate washer and ironer: no ob jectlon to a lautdreos' place. Can give the best of city rele icrce, If required. None but rwpeetablc faml ies ueed apply. Pltase rail at 123 Boerttm at., between Dean and Berseu, Sonth Rri oklyn, for three da^s. Cm'ATICNS WANTED? liY TWO SISTERS. B ONE O Uttlly; one asfirst class cook; urderstands all kinds of nle? corking ai d baking. al.>o hne washing *nd ironinr; the cttier as chambermaid and waller, and to assist In w ashing and ironing. Can be seen tor tw o davs at 105 26th street, noar 7th avtntte. Good c'tv relet enoe given. SITUATION WANTED? J1Y A YOUNG MAN A8 COACH man cr srrom. either In the city or country; ha* been In this country the last seven years, and can give good n ference as to rharae'er, holiest v, tohrlefy an* attention to hi* buslrics. A note addressed Hector, Herald oflloe, for two days, win be attended to. or 195 4th avenue, hi the harness store. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN ENGLISHMAN, ASA laimei; understand* raising *11 kinds ot vegetables; has had rood experience In both countries; his wile understands the charge or adatry; has unexceptionable reference from his present emplojer. Aodresa S. box 1S8 Herald nlllce. TO MERCHANTS -WANTED, BY A YOUNG MAN, fully qualified, a situation as assistant bookkeeper. Good* given Apply Immediately to C. II. J., Herald ofllce TIO MERCHANT TAILOR8 AND OTHERS -WANTED by a respectable young man. a situation as light porter 01 assistant cutter? having had Instructions fn the same, and can wi ite a gooo band. Wsges not ao much sn c'jjeot as a perma nent situation. Address C. H., 105 Columbia st., one doar fiom Atlantic, South Bn.oklvn. TO LAWYERS.? A YOUNG VAN, WHO IS A GOOD oopjlst, and has some knowledge of the praitiee, wishes a Mltuatloii in a lawyer's office. Salary ?10 per week; good re letences given. Address Abstract, Herald ofllce. TO SURVEYORS, -A Y'OUNG MAN WISHES A SITU A tion as asflitant; salary less an object than regular em ployment. Reference* given. Address W. II., Broadway Poet ofllce. TO GROCP.RS.? WANTED, BY A YOUNG KAN, A situation as clerk In a grocety store; thoroughly under stands ike bu^ness Ha* the best of clly reference. Address, or call at 2VD Rleekt rst , corner of Grove, In the grocery store TO MERCHANT TAILORS AND OTHKRS.-W ANTED, t>y a. young man. a tailor, a situation as light porter or dimmer. Wages nat *0 much an object a* a permanent situa tlon. lies! clt> relerrnoe given. No objection to the country. Acdeoss 1 . Jt., 40 Fulton st., Brooklyn, over the exshunge of ANTED? A SITUATION, BY TWO RESPECTABLE girls? one as cofck, and tie other as chambermaid ar.d W_ launoicM. Good reference, If required. Please call at 118 i't'h si., betwten C.tli and 7 Lb avenues, for two days. 1\' ANTF.D-A SITUA'I ION, BY A REflP ROTABLE ft jcuug Eigllsh wrman, who Is a proiefsed cuok: has no ot>jectlon to a boarding bouse. P'.ewe spnly at 73 King *U t'un bo sfon until engaged. Has the best of refetences fi-om her last j law?. fl/ANlED? A 81TUA1ION, BY A RESPECTABLE PRO T? i > sn*. girl, m nurse and eamslres*, or chamliermaul snd t.'iitir. if-'si of cit) rcl'erecee Irom her last place. Apply lor .vuji >s at '?l lfi, belwetn 1 1th and 12Ui *ta., s? cond fioor nut r< ">m. WAffllBS-A ? CATION. BY A VIDDLV AtiEf Tf wctnan, ?" rnd reamstre<<s. or nn chambermaid, ar.d would do ? ?viMiing and ti ming. Can c mi well r> emu 01 dtd by iwr ifcsi employer, with wli"m ?he las livni the lust ihree yeais. < tm be fceu ior two days, if not engaged, a 2.?2 :?1 ?v., lop doer. XKT AN1 ED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA ff litti n> i.uiie and seuttisiress; has ihe besl of city r ..

ference; I 1 lestsnt. Can be recn tor two daya at UliOlOihst. tt ANTdD-BY A BfSI'E' 'TABLE WELSH WOM\N, A v ? slIiiKliou as cook; is a splendid w inher and Ironer an ' I'ret rate baker. Can be sotin ior two dajs at 1<8 W. 17th st., between 7th atd Hh avs. Wanted? by a yo^ng girl, between ii and If> ? ?ars of ape, a situation ss wain-r; Is willing to ssslst In chsmb) raork. the ties' of city rnfen^nee given. Please vftl.' H coi uu oi t:w i'Ii Htu IV.I;.? its,, RrooUyn. H1TBATIOJIU WASTED. ) W A Mi<. IV- A SITUATION. BY A BKSPECrABLH I girl, lo do chamberwork; 1* a I Cud plain -ewer, no . ejection to a?al<t u> 'ashing and "ronlni? Can be mu (or i three day s at 1! A ft. ti-h it. ; gooJ city reference. WAN1KD A hid A lloW. BY A BBSPBCTABLIC | wtman. vboiHA g<_ud plain nawtr and .-an work oa dressmaking. Kent of city from her last ptaoe. call at 911 Lt-ore. a at.. Broo.lyn, near tbo corker of Johnton, tburd floor, lout room. Want id? by a lady, a graDC a te of onk of liie first ctametciai tcbooi* iu the Union, and with good re ? renews, a kliuailon, aa copyist or uaiits.tat bookkeeper. ai'i rem s. A. H . i5roadw?y Poal 'idlcO Wan fh n- a niri,-riON. by a first bate our ler; wu eutirr in Jie best tailoring eatabliahmeni* in Paris; ran tp?uk KnglUb f'reoch and German well. Goodulty r> erenco Addreta E it . Ileral office. WiMMt- A SITUATION, BY A RKSPECTaBLB yourg girl, aa rLi,a.l,< rniatd and waiter, in a private family, bent of uly reference from her laat pla:"*, where she bss lived llr (tie 1:ih. nlxtten noutim. Cm b?; aeen (or two days a< IiO aaat 24th at., between lit and il avenues, second iloor, bi ck room. WiMKB-H A hriCAHV Y'jn\(i WOM AV, A Sll UA tltn, aa chambermaid and waiter, or as nurte; la C*0* b e of eltbfr. Beei of city reference, ''an be seen :or t*o am a at 227 lbth at , between l?t and id avenue), third lloor, rnnt iroin Wanted? a hicatiow. by a respectable young woman. as plain oook. waaher and lroner, or Uj do chamber* oik and plain sewing, and nvn*.' la bo waih'ng acd inning. U'jcd refeienc* fioui her laat p!a-:e. t'an be ?teen ?ftf in n dial a at 114 Uiiat )JtW ... WaNied- by two kf.rpk?,tabm-: young hootch women. situations; one to cook, aud lira other an chambermaid or nurse and xeanu'reix; 'be beat ol city refer ence C all at 117 Varlrk at , for two Java ?A A.iTEl - BY A BimOfABUI YOCNO WOMAN, A " v tlluatlon, as cook or laundress, or woulu hare no o 1 jeetlon to do general noutework for a small onvate UdiUt, be-tn city lefeinice xiven. Can be seen for two days at HA W en 17?b at., t e ween tith and 7th ava. Wanted- by a r-sphctablb girl, a situation ?b a good rook, first rale wubtr and lroner; one wlio uiideratai d* ail kind* of famt.y work; la also a goo I bake, or would do Housework or a una.: famtlv; no objections to 10 anv wbeie to a steady bone. Can come we. I recjintnendc. ? an be wen far two days If not engaged, at 172 KluajeUi h.riet, between sp-lng and Prnee streets, aecond lloor, rear bnildtag. ? ? aM'H.Ij? <? .SITUATION. KV A YHU.Nt* WOMAN, TO Tv t!y i-liainberwork or plain sewing; would luve no 01 jr ci I011 to take care of chl dren Good cliv reference f.*om bur last place. uaU ai 112 Henry street, reai' house, third floor, for two day* WANTeD-dY A LADY, A !-lTl'.\TION, F.ITH -1 It AS s nursery Koternets or boiisekeeper, in a So'itnern ft mlly. a ddrtsi- w l'? bos J.134 fost office, Fhliade phut Pa WANTKD-A STIUaIION, BY A YOU.VO LADY. AS plajneook. waalier and lroi:?r. in a small private t'umlh. Tbe beet of releretces given. Inquire at 57 Creanwich at . bird door, back loom. WAMKD? A BUT iTION. BY A YOl.'Nd WO*A>. as ucok; one wbo ui.(JeraUoda bread and pailry . Uo?d relert-iicea cun be tlven. t in be aeen lor twn d*Ta ?t 191 4'h at., llrst tloo> , In the rear, three doors :';om corner of 6th avenue WANTKD-A 61 1 U A'lION. BY A SMPBCriBLB witnan, asflratrste '.rndrcsa; w.ihes eitli^r a Udy's or uentietna i's wafbin^. Oood e icy releroo 'e can be given troni her la?i place, i'leaoe call at Ml West &-Jh st tA'ANlHD? A SMUATION, BY A PBOTBBtANl TT young woman, aa cluunberniald and seamstreva, 0 Mitse ?r d seauialreai-; la acuuin uied to all klndsof line aewlaa 'I be Den ot city reference can be neon lor 1 wo day 3 at 28 la avenue, two doors from 9th at., In the rear. WANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNU WOMA" , aa chambermaid and wai er; is willing to autst la u> ?vli'ni! u a iioiiuy. Uood reieience. Apply at :v> We-' ? fi 1 li itreet, between 9 h otid 10ih avenue. 1, id the rear, for tv o da} ?. "IITAN-IED-A BItUATION, BY A YOC.NQ WOMAN TT aa nune and reamatrees: la capable of laklog ciaru ol a baov from lln blrih Uood citv referetn-.e. Apoiy at Z'.S West Kih Mi eel, between 9lb audlOtli aveni.ts, la the rear. Wl ANThl ? BY A BBfcPkOTABLB YODKO WOMA*, \ TT muation m rbambermaid ai d waiter; sh ; no tera'aoils htr bueine.'s ptrfe'tl.t . Ben eliy roference Can ue teen for mo eaya at 2i7 ract iad atrect, near 1st avenue, second tlcu.-, f rent room. WANTfeD-A SITI ATION, BY A YOUNG OIRL, AOE'i 15 >>am. to awiat In ihe [.urseiy and d 1 p atn feivinf. Good reference given. Apply ai ^9 West llth strte', between &1I1 utid titli avfiuuoK, urn lloor front room, ibr two day a. WANTED- A PITI'aTION, HY A YOUNG WOMlV, aa eeatPMres.-. aid dre^emak tr In a private foully; the perfectly urderetat>di> drexsmakuii; In a 1 I'a brancoes. Gan give good city reference. Apply at 15 llth St., between lid and 4th nva., iront rax ment, tor two data. WAN1F.D-BY TWO KKAPKCTaBLE OIBL3, SITl'A ttoHiMU chambernuid and waiter, or sewer and flee waaher, with chamber* ork : the other at chambcrmain and seamstress; can out anl tit children's dres?cs, or do tloe waebluii aud bonltg; has city reference. Please in<iurekt !??" lid nvtnue bet we. n iOth and 21s- ata., for three days. WaNTED-A SirUAIlON.BY A RKSPF.CTaBLK PRO teslactglrl, lodo general houeework In asmall privite ft mlly; has good citv reference; la a good waaber and lr >tei and a ?cod p ain ct.ok; can Lo seen for two day a Apply at It'll hast 25th at, betweeu 1st and 2d avenues, aeccnd tiuor back room. Wanted- by a kk3peota?le young girl, a sltuailon as cook, waaber and lroner, or clmmbermVd ?nd waiter Haa good city ret'ererce. t'an oe aeen for ttvo dayar-t 37 West 13ih tt~, between 5tb aud G h avenues, second Cocr, front room. WANTED? 8ITUAI IONS, BY TWO NEAT YOUNG women, ere aa chambermaid and waiter; la an excelleut aeamatrea?: the other as cock, wasner and ironer; understand 1 baklnK' have the best of city reference*. Can be seen tor two da; a at 195 B. 22d (t, , be ween 1st ana 2d avenues. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A PROTRSTANr Oil. f lo do genera! housework, naa good eiiy refe.-enc ; I'lca?e call at 8S 9th avenue. WANTED? A SITUATION, TO DO GKNliRAL HOUSB voik in a small private family. Please call at 250 '.Uh si., between l>t and 2d avenues. WANTED-A SITUATION, TO TAKE CARE OF OHIL dreu and go errands. Please call at 254) 'J Ji at., between 1st and 2d avrnuea. WaNTED-BY A SMART, AcUIVK Y)DSG \vom\n a titration, lo do chamtierwork and waiting. ?;an be t-een for two daya at M 11<I avenue, between 20th aud 21st an Ik' ANTKD-A SITUATION. BY AH EXv ELLEBT COOK TT who understrxds ter business perfectly. Has no obje, tlon to ssiiist In washing and ironing. Can produce the best of city refererce. Can be aren for two days at 106 West 19th at., between (Uh and 7th avenuea. T17 ANTEl) ? A SITUATION. BY A RRSPGt! rABIK TT young woman, who 1* a goodc >ok, a Urst rate w Ashcr and Ironer. hid au excellent baker. Haa do otyeotlou to go In the country- Has ihe best of city reference. Wtmo caII at 2 < Amity st. South Brooklyn, ?''an be seen until engsgea. XJLl ANTED? A SITUATION, 11Y A STEADY WOMAN, f" aa gjod cook, washer and ironer. Be it of cltv refer ence can be given Call for t?o da) a at 38 Trinity place, te cond floor, trout room. "IVrANTED-A SITUATION, AS WET NURSE, BY 'A If healthy young woorau with a fresh liraast of tnik. Can he seen for three days, at . 'Is Trinity place, in U>e rear "Mf ANTED- A SITUATION, BY A YOUNQ WOMAN. Tn TT do chamherwork and waiting, and ?<> ?Mtattn loo WW Ing. Hoed city refeieuce. Anply at ZW '.Hn st,, between 1st and id avenues. Can be seen for two dayn, WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RKSPKCfABLK yo?irg Tuition, to do cbamberwork and taka cire of children; the beat of city reference given; has uo objec ion to tniTel wlili a lady. Apply a' 152 i'rln^e st. WAMED-A SITUATION, IN A RESPBOTABLi family, as wet nurse Apply at 2li8 EaM. 2Wt at he ference given and requirod. To be seen from 9 till 3, for two days. WaNTKD-A M1TUA1I ui?, BY A hKHPKUTABLI joutp woman, lr a private taiuilv; Ik a food p la. r cool, wathtrtuid ironer; goja city reference glveu. Apply tor two days at S3 Allen at. Wanted- a situation, by a kespkctabi.e yoiinc girl, to do general housework in a srnail private fsm'h ; a Ur?t rate cook, wisher and Ironer; capable ol b:ik Ing; has livi d three years in her last place; the best of pity reierecce given. P. ease call at No. VI iJansevoort st., in tJ.'e rear. WANTED? BY A RKSPRCTA BI.E YOUNO WOMaN, a situation, lo do plain cooking, washing and Ironing. Can be seen tor three day* at rtfi Qieenwicb street, lirat floor, back room. Beat city reference given. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE yourg weman, as cook, washer and Ironer; rlty re er ence given. Inquire at lflti 9th st , between 3d and 4th ave nue*. titaNtmi? aTitFation iiFa oood cook, wii?n t T er and Ironer, wiih good city reference. Can be seen at 41 West 30th at, ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE fcCOICU UIRI,, A TT situation as 'aundiess and chambermaid; has good re lerence from her laat i lace. ( an be aeeu for two day* a' tl'J Bank St., In the rear, third hoor. VV ANTKf)? BY A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH PRO TT teaiant young woman, a situation, aa seamstress or nurse, cao take ? targe of an Inlant from its birth. Ples.-e eall at *o. 8 DeabrotRc* st., near Itudaon st., In the baaemeut, tor two day*. rtTANTEIi? A BITUATION, AS WBT NURSE, BY A TT y oung mart >ed woman, wlih a freah breast of milk; her bsby U thiee month* old; she has her marriage lines to show; berhosbend Is gone We*'; i-he wishes u permanent home; will sew, neatly waih and Iron for the nttraery; wage* 912. Cail at 31'9 2d av. TV-ANTEIV-A SITUATION, BY A YOU NO GERMAN, T ? aa porter, In a wholesale house: can speak German, French and some English, Apply at ,10 Cliff st. ?n''f?r?i wS^^tbeother'^ Br<?kijii. Af'P'r at io ru,?-v ?T i effle "nt ** ' 8t-> '?'ulton y"r^^gj22L?T4,"?nT mw, WANTED? A HITBATION, AS COOK. BY A RRSPEOT able young woman, who perfectly understands cooking In all lis 1 ranches, roup*, pastries and jellies; she best of city ref 'tem e can be i Iven. Can be seen for two d.iys at "I West 15t'i itreet. BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, \ situation a* p a In cork; Is an exclleni washer inrt i.Tt er and laker; Is *tlllr.g to make berse f mnfit'jhai >ioob Jeetlrn to the country; ban good recoinm- n laiion. Ciu be <ei n at 2N7 10th, in the store. U/ AN! RU-\ SITU AT ION, BY A FIRST 1 71, ASM CilOR; II Is c gi ml linker and pastry cook, nnd im1ersla*<l? her l>n?'ret? it) all its biatclies; Is willing n v is* in wmhtng m ? Ironing I" a ?mall pilvate family, i an five the best of city rcfe niee. Oa.i be. seen for two day* at 3, 1 (It sad st. Ini|u!reln ?be store. \a; a i> ' f >?a situation by a pbot?.ht\nt 1 ' yo.t. ?!>?:, as oh im' lenr.altl ind waiter ; -oa I c'ly refer enre (tiven Please call at W t ok off si , Brooklyn. U N l! P ItY A fiOOD OREhMMaKKR, WHO Psll TT !ectl> uederstands cnt'lng and fitting, and embroidery aid p'aln sewing, asitnation In aprivatn family. Can be con for two days at No. 732 JJrotfclwsy, vx'uud floor. Bcloronca flran U remi'rtd, SITUATIONS WIVTKD. j WAA1U>- BV A BfcSAKOr* HLJJ ftiOl B-TA*r I >nuug wcinun, a situation, ?? ?u. ??? aul w-auin're^ or cli irht ru.a d and * tiler, or would do Urn waahinrf ?ud Iron , In; oiaso/aii nuilJy. Also, by a fuusg NMi, asl'uat on, as < Lamlitiinaid una waiter, or to aula in washing and Iron , lUf B?sto city reltreice. Pieaaeoal! at 259 Q.*uve St., near i l>"' *** Wb. J rsey U ill. I'ae be aeeb fjrt v? uart. WANUD-HJ A IOUNO. BBBPECfABUS Mt? >T OiT- I ?' 1 worn* a. a si uMlos. as eiAQiiiflrioAla aad <r*. ter. or to 'ske care ot chl dies; I* a very good ae w ,*r willing to male? herasll gtneraiw u??lul. < 'all ai *2 King a'-reeL WaN!MK-a M1TU Al'IOW , IN A PRIVATE PAMII.Y, to oo chnmierwnrk or waiting; la i. c,>od sea?nalr?w; car do np fii erlea In the neater umnoer, and in rifling to make herself generally utelul. Can be seen a: Uer p-ewni ?iiu?t|on 2l 0 eat 23d street, n here the highest rete^ences will be. I?en. T\ AN 'I'D- A SITUATION, BY A Hr?PE.1TABL,B V* young woman, an chambermaid and plain ?-wer; tu give go' d city lelcrenee Apply, lor two d*ya, at 14V Kaat Ihh Hirer i, betw mi 2d and 3d avenues, over tfcie *?r>le. WA.NTk.D-A hlTU aTION, BY A MIDDLE AGED WO mail, aa nurse; can take entire chart* ol a baby lrrro i ?* blr'b; w a good plain fewer; hue no objection lo (lo light ch?mb?r?ora, andean give the best of city re'ereuee luvli a U\ ed 'hue years in her las' place, ('an be seen a'. An) !? ust 'l<b Hp front room. second floor, for two iiays. WAMAD? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG Ol tL, A sltua'lnn as rhanbermaid and waiter: best of cli* re trtnee Rlv?n trom her last place, Can be aeon fur two day*. | at 41 t prlng s? fit st floor. WAOiKD-UY A HIOBLY RESPECTABLE WOM AN, A sitnat ?p, as infant's nar-e and seams' res*; can take the entire char ye ot a baby lro? the birth or bring it i.o t>y h?Dd irniu'ted. 1 honest cl'y i*i?reiice can be given. Pievm call rr three dais at 173 West 28th St.. second Moor. \\l AJ>T>.i -by A PROTESTANT SCOTCH WOMAN. A f* situation, a* nurse for a child or invalid lad>, tan be it reenw mendathns; no o jectlon to travel. Can he seen for two days at her laat place 129 ttemsen at Brook yn. WaNTKD-BY a respectable WOMAN, a situa tit u as c-ilr; la willing to assist iu washing and i -on iny; ixai excellent bread and uaitry raker; has no oojactions 10 |:o ? fb"rt distance Imhe country. The bc-itoi cttv reference aa to capability ai d bocetty. Ap?lv at S:t3 Bow e; r, truui ro m, in-ill sul t-d. WANTED- A SltUA 1'ION. BY A IWRSt'OLvM IIRr.^S uii'ker. to do cu'tlng ai-d fitting, who has been in an es tabllshn mi before u? w ; no objection to live in a lint, ra'c ta irlly by the month. Best of ?ltv referen ?? from lie * l??t em ployei's. < an *e feen for too days at No. 7 2d aven'ie, be tween Hi aid UouMon His, WANTH)- BY A RHPltOTABUI yol no woman, a situation to do general homework for a mn i!l prlva'e 'an lly; i? a first rate washer and troner; or to <lo 'hamoer vrk aid plain fewina; baa no objec Ion to become laundress Bes' ofeitv letertnce ''an bt aeon for two daya at '? a: aitio Ht., frookl* n, third Door. , WAMBD- \ 8lTUATIO>, AS COOK, BV A BBSi'KCf able Kntr Irh Protes:?nt woman. Can bo s- en tor mo oa\ h Ht M ent IMtb tt., Iiei ?c,>u fiih &i,d 7'h aven. WAN1M)~A SITUATION, by A YOUNO WOMAN, AS waiter rr ciiumbeitnaid In A prhate taiuiiv. Oanbeseen ft r three dsy>>, at 2I& feast 12th St., rear building, 2d tlooi . be i? em lot are. and are. a. WAMBD- A SITCATION, BY A GERMAN, TO TKa v 1 to Ktirope; slm spoakH Kt'glith well. Aildrcw B. li. , 2U A<b av . or 1 ' 5 Or^en^lch St., drug store ik/ASTf.u? a mi cation, by a yocno woman, to ' v do general boose* o. k In a stna'l famii> ; is a goad w.'sbr ano Irnpcr <jmd rffereuce. .?pply at 128 '-".itli ??., tte.ween I'd and .'Id avr.. f < nt room. \AJ A M'KD HY A RRSPRCTaKCR WOMAN. A StTl'A ' ' tlcn a? cliainhenriaid; no ohjeotion to aaxlsr in the wiuiunr at d Irening. liood ?ltj re'eretce. Can be teen (or two das a ?t H2 W atts at. ft j AN 11< it? BY A RK8PECT \Bl<K YOUNO WOM VS. A " Situation as wa icr In a private family; is wil ing 1 1 nialio hi rseli iifetnl; b?a ro objec'Ion to go lo ihe eotiDtrv, Uie ?>f city and country references, tlaa be seen for tWo d?vs lut I2ih it. , between 1st and 2d avs. WAMkD? A SITUATION, BY A BESPE rrABIitS PRO tea ant ioung w . man. to do chamber w irk and walttnc, or bsfIsI w'tb the warhlng And Ironing, or housework in a sin*:! ttrolh ; g no relerence. Call lor two days a: 2i*7 rfntlge a:., Brooklyn, in the grocery store. WAN l ED? BT A KESFJCOTAULK PROTEST A (IT ClB!.. a situation, as rhatnberma d And waiter, o- to aaai-t wWb tie washing ard irorlngcf a small prlvau- family; under stai ds ber business thoioughly. B?st ol' reference. No oi jocikin to 'jo to the country. Call at 18* East 12th at,, between Is', and .6 avs ('an be seen for two da vs. V,vaN'im>- by a CHAMBBBXAID, washkk and ?T Irrrer, n fltuation. Beat of citv reterenc". Can ne seen tor two dajs at No. 8 Sullivan it., In the renr, tront room, ><rs; iioor, btwsen prand and i ml WANTPD? A SITCaTION, BY AN BXPBBIBtCBD !-co?ch woman, In do general housework; is a nice plain ? ok ard laundress; makes excellent bread; would do cbam - rerwoik; is a neai sewer. Wages from to to $6. Be?t refer ei o* To on teen At Mrs. Manning's, 345 Hth avenue, near 2Sth st , basement WANTHD-A SITUATION, AH CHAKBBBMAID OR nurse, and tnoo plain sewing. Can be eern tor two days at 214 20 h at . east corner of ht avenue, top iloor. WANTkD-bY A BBSFBOTABUt OlBI., a SlTUA lion lo do chamberwork and tine washing and i row ins, or aa laundress lias ib? beat of citv reference trom her Us', place. Can be seen for two days at 116 19ih at , between lith and 71b avenues. WANTKD-BY A Y0UN9 PROTESTANT GIRL, A ?ltuatirn a? chambermaid and walier or to take c%n?o children; la willing to make herself agreeab'eand usetui. iu-, ference from her last place. Cau be seen until engage', at ;w.' )Oth at., near avi nue B, third floor, back room. WANTFD -A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO MAN, wBO has had Ave yeat a' experience In the countrv in a whole tale dry goods and groeer? store: is willing to make himself generally useful ;h .a some Lnowledgs of b< okkeeptog; views m to salary m- derate; he?t [reference In this <lty and from the country. Address A. B.C. D., ftera'd ofllce. WANTED? A SfTUATION, BY A GERMAN, To TRt vel to Europe; ahe speaks tfnglsh we'l. Address by note, B. R., 220 fitn av , or 12} tireenwlch St., drug store. (1/ ANT* D- A SITUATION, AS PORTER, IS A STORK " or aii} other capacity , bj a sober, industrious turn; goo J recasnneDdaiions can i-e given. A noto tddnwi u, St., Herald office, ?lll he attended to. WAN1ED? A SITUATION, BY A MIDDLE A 3 ED MAR ried m.'ii, as gardener: has no ch'.;dreo; is competent to attend to bia busti er In all Its branches, having ha a several years' practice as tioilst gardener in ilie kingdom o'' Hol land Please Inquire at Waldron, lisle; A Ui'i, lor .lame** l-rjx, No. 21 Murray street. VET AIMS'* MTUATiOW WA8TBD? BY AH B.N(iI,lsa TT n.&n with lav ruble releren-e to hi* forme* city cm pleyerF. A line addicted J. M.. at Martin's French eatery No. 63 Fourlb avenue, will be duly at' ended to. WANTED HY A MIHitl.K AGEO IffOUB&V&V, A MHto gardener; nan had many fmttf e\|,erlei ??; understands tli? l.uMioss lb all ns branches. ("an produce everv taila'actory relercnc.e Address A. it., Gardener, H Amity strec', corner of Mer?er. fl/'Ali TED-BY A YOUNO MAN, A GERAN, WHO M speaks tht; Knglisb language fluently ,n situation a* porter In an lropcrilDgJioiue, or a" clerk in a retail grocery hu.sir.oaa. Good references given. Addiefti H W , Herald < -ffr . c. \I,' AM&I'-BY A TOTIO MAN, WHO WAS IN Tr Nicursgua About tour months a,'0, a fitustion to go sgain, either on buMr.ess or mlniag. Being an old Csliiorni* miner, and having mined tome iu Granada, knows the clltuite and is used to h#id knocks. Woo d like to rn out In a uy espsclty. address i.rai.-u-a, Broadway Post otli-'-. nrAxmu? by a mark imd .van, inoifioi as ?v gardener or fanner, and far his wife as . ookorlaun cres?". > hey can lie well reoommer (led from their last olaeei for honesty li.duit ry snd sobriety. Address P. K., Herald ollice. lor two cajs. \A/ANTFr-BY A STOUT, aiTIVR TO UXU MAN, A it fltust'on with a carpenter and builder, to leirn 'he bnsi rens in a'l Its bia&tbes. Address, for one week, G. Y. 1'., Herald ofliee. TV ANTED? BY A BOY. TO APPRENTICE H1M3ELP 10 *T rme respectable trod*, such ??- house or sht,> carp^ncr, or ferriage palutirg: ha* worked at the paiuUng tor ? acIw months; he Is 17 T? ars of age, stout built, and In good health, liciuire at 92 i a*t 2.">tii St., near ."Waves tie. HELP WANTED. Afarmkr is want y.n to take charge ok an excel ml farm of 170 acres, well forked. In the oountv of Westchester, about .0 miles Irora the city. The Harlem Rail road runs through the tar in. '1 here n on the farm a verv good farm bruse. It ijuire at U Lerov place. APOTBJCary.-a drug clerk wanted, with from >300 to SOW. as partner with a physician In s first ejass drug nore about lo be opened. To one fully eomneteot ar d ha\ log 'he rifhi kind of rttoreuoes, It is a chance so dom oilered. Address, tor two days, Q V. I,., Herald ofliee. APMART ERRAND BOY WANTKI).? APPLY TO KNC X, the hatter 21- Mr, adwa.v, corner ol Fulton street A RARE CHANCE,? AGENT* W ANTKD, TO SELL VA luable articles row in familv use i ll- this city and Suites one good salesman on i-alary. Smart men can make irom $.r? to till per da v. No humbug No book business. Call and see at 212 Broad* ay, corner of Fulton st. room No 22, from 9 11114. BKoHYN A BI P,it.\KD. BOV WANTED IN THE PEOPl.E'S OVSTKR SALOON aLrt restaurs nt one who iitidt rMands opening nysiers, snd cbii well recointnsrded: onuhctween ISand 17 yesrs or age pietf irfd. Anply st 37.1 t'.tb avenue, norner st. BOY WANTBU-IX AN IMPORTING OFKIPK, ONE fn m filtem to eit < ren yearsokl, who understands ugurea and Is willing loniakr . "naelt generally lisetul, witli good re lerences ss to boi est) . .?o , may address M. 1',, Herald oBi e, lit own Imnlw rltlr.g BOOKKKRFER WANTRD-ONE WILMNO TO DEVOTE his whole time, must be a rapid tienman an I irrejv Address W. S . Herald ofliee, stating where an Interview may be bad, and reference*. /"I LOCK MAKKR WANTED.- A PRACTICAL, t'LOSE \_l wrrkmar. to go Into the country. Apply to Htor'-s H i, .hers. S<> Vesey *t. pHII.D'S NURSE WANTKD? A PRoTFSTANT. WITH K.I unejceptiofist l? City references , miy ?:iolj betwri n 'I Bi.d 12 o'ck ck, tr alters P. M.,on Wednesdiiy, for une day (ply, at HI Mb Hvenue. Clibx Wanted? at isjamrs gup, up htairr; \ 3 our g n an In the wholesale ftrrt commission bu<; must bring urn xcep'.lonable ieferruce?, and would be pre lerred toll** with lils parents. Salary lirst year, fiso. ApdIt between 10 and 3 o'clock. /COLORED WAITER WANTED? ONE WHO CNDKR \.) sterds his business perfectly. Is sober, honest, and Indus ir ons, nr d can bring good recommendations trom his last plsi e, may find a situation oy applying at 21 Wev- Fourteonth "'re?t, ft( in 10 to 12 o'clock, A. M., and from 4 to t> P. M. Dry goods cl*rk w .nted-one wno can comb well recommenced. Apply at 517 6th avenue. DRVG C1.?P1v WAITED -TUB PARTY \f KINO Ap plication fhou'd be t Jorougblj a.-iinain'ed %vlth 111.' biisl l era as ) ere conducted at the snnie time active and ",n?rgetlc, and b? able to give tho m<el satlsiaciory referent ,(<ii?n bri> ty and ?eri erranly conduct. Apply iierxoiially at 139 ? eurt Brooklyn. ROQ CI.FRK W.\NTKD-AT r.1 BPftM STUEEI', WHO umltrstanls 'he nedli ine i hest bualness; an 1 1 aur agents ? r ihf isme. IAaH.MIR WaM' I?.-TUE ADVERTISER WISHED TO r lilie a slng.omsn to work on a fai m In New Jersey. He in- It I #: conipetM I to tskf. clmrge widdo the work ofaga-den. ?M till up bm tltiie In tke care ol hirsee and cattle, Ac. An honest sdiI oapab'e mnn ol ail wo-k U reijulred. T.i such go< d w sros wlU bepald, and none olhr-s need t imbie ,btw (flvM I j ai-pljmg, Atidrt* 3?, T. lloraiti "Hve. D HBU* KUTIO. MULI.NKB TO GO TOlHK SOPTH -WANTED A MIL liter io io to Georgia, wbo perfectly understood* me business. A ddref * A. J. l>., lliriMl'Mi Hotel, wlih full p?f nculkriof rltua'n m. \f iLLlBkBH WANTM).? WOBK GIVE* OCT. NONB jll hut tb? beet hands Deed apjly. Inq.iiie ?l oO BarcUy MIMI, Ml I M MAS SfcBVANT WANTBI-ONE WHO IS A FIRST rale waiter and can give .he nest references; uooe other uted appiv irom 3 to 5 o'cb cJt. 1* . M. , lor two days, at Mrs. Taj Jot's Moot** ue/nrrri, cortcr a: Cilntoo, Brooklyn. CJTRA W HAT PRKSSERh. WA MED. ?TIPPER. HKH D O < r and brimmrr warned, to whom oonxtani ?-melovm<-nt ca> be given ikrough ihe season and good prices paid. Apply to A. Le'and A Co , 171 Pearl at. OH1RT HANDS WANTKD? TO WORK IN THB ROOM ON O tine ehirts None but tint rate hoods need apply. S. JF.FF PERKINS, agcui, ?*' WH??WS "P QtOOK AND T1K HAMtS WANTS*)? 12 GOOD TIB O tod stock makers warned. to work Id the i bop, at Greek's furnishing More. No 1 Aitior Houee. None but Ant class batdn need apply. To I boa- censten! employment aud the highest wage* psld. SALESMAN WANTEl? INA >KTCASH DRY OOODH jobbing bou as. a joung mas of about 21 years of age. or nood moral character and adr-ena active, energetic, and who ha* Bows acquaintance among uie rity and 'oonlry caab buyers, snd can at timet rerder iecerai as-datanee in the bouse, and anibktlotw to avail hlmst if o!' evervfaslllty to obtain a .borough knowledge of all branched of said business. Ad dre^s O. K., Herald office. Salesman wanted? in ?. wholesale okocery and provlnion nU?r?, an urtivi* eru*r;?et'.f biiMceM** m&o, a|f In 45, with a rel able 'rut' e lti oountles on the Budson river, Erie. Harlem, and New Jer>ey Railraids, a desirable situation for the right man To receive attention, name tho age, present and past business action of exacted trade, with New York city rtfrrences Salary tlm: year. SilOO to WOO Address S 9. A Co., box loo Herald iffice. TWO OIBLS WANTKD. IN A PR IV ATI K \Mll.Y ONE io waeb and Iron, and do general housework; a. d one to eew and take care of children Proi- 'ante yruler. ed. Apply,, with reconimcndatiops, a' 45 K\*? 2!>'a v. . near tin uv. r MILLINERS AND NALK8W0XKN -WANTED, TWO experienced trimmers: an-o oaleswoine i. None ueed apply unless thoroughly acquainted r IUi the Ouitu?iw. Apply to Mr?. Carter, MB Htoadw.iy. WANTKD? A PROTESTANT WOMAN, TO DO Cl'.VE ral housework for ? small tamlty, she must kn iw 'uw to cook, wish and Iron, a?d beof kdustnou* and cleanly b'Uilis. Such a one mav apply at UK Hnme.-eley at. WANTKD- AS COOK. A PROTF-TANT WOMAN; ONB accomplished In her luidmss and who iu orliu' ?oo?l recoir.mrnda iotiH, may apply at NV 2 tircat Jr>nes it., Tues day and 'Wedleeoay. between 9 anil 11 A. M WANTKD? A LAUNDRIES, WHO L'NDKRS r AN1?S her tniBiueK i ttiorouglnv, ?ud n irUUng to /o le ihc ?:oun trs, s ihort dinanre Iroin die dt> . ''urng the summer. Ciir rel'erencfB re'itilred. Jti<|iilre at 14 * rat i'fd at., between '> ai (1 12 o'clock A. M. Xt] ANTRD ? KINK MAKSKlLLtH VEST MAKERS; NONB TV but good bands need appiy. a: Bo.dwiu it Siark, a Park raw. X\r ANTRD- TFN VOFNG t.AWKS.OF GOOD aDDHKSS, *T wboaie willing to work and car heing good reference; gnod wages aid < oni>t\nt emolot men: will be given. Ap My, tietween 10 and 2 oY.ock, at tte Trov t olla- Manuf*>:tui iu(r Cr.'sofllce, No. 91 I inane ktrce: corcer Urixidway, up -"*ir?. VV'ANTKD-IN A SMAI.U FAMILY, A COHPKIXNT II woman, ai> seatnMroHH and chlllren'd nurte, with re -eni city reference. I'roti nuirt pref> ried. Call at 47 West I9tii ht-eel, between ruh andtiih uvenuef, irom 9 till 12, auy day tin week. TTTANIKD a yiDDLI AOMD WOKaV, ro TAKE TT cbartie of an iniant a lew weckj old < 'ne whib*? been cmDlcyt d in that rapacity In the el'y lo? ihe last two yews, and cnu brii g aatitliic'or' references for thii . time, ? ill re -elve good wages. Apply at Hlanunrd'* Uotri, room 43, 12ili atrce r ear Broadway Irom 9 till 1 oV nrk. TANTT.D-A GBRMAN OIKI.. AS COOK, WaSUI and irrner. Apply at 105 neriaerhorn st , Bimokh w WANTKD? AN ACTIVE, SlRAUY YOtdO WOMAN, to do general houtewcrk In a private family. Mont he a mod p ain cook, w a.-her aid Iroaer, wiili ratu factory city re ferences. None but ibone of undoubted character In all t ea peclH need app'y. Kng.mb or Scotch prelci-red. Inquire at IPS WeHt "K'.ii Ht near 7th a>e. ' A NT K. I )? A WOMAN, TO I".' GBXS&AL HOITSW work; must he a uood w.isbe aud ironer. and a good plain oook. and not ie?r wook; will remiire unexceptlou?lile refert ntea an to character and capat'i.v Apply nt (12 R. 22t> si., rear 4th avenue. None need app'y nolens willing to be bind for the above object, an the advertu-er I.- not to be hired by ibe applicant. WANTED? KIVR U1R1.S FOit HOLSKWORK; ALSO A j oting girl to wait on a lady alto rooks and chamber meld;'. Gocd v a ten given, at'd plarti waitlp?. Apply stthe cilice, 7* Suffolk bl , between Broome uni Delanccr. jTridoely. l| ANTBD? A <iIRI, FROM TWBLVB TO FIKTRKN ?" year* ot i ge, to attend children. Apply at Vo. 1 Com merce ct . corner ot Bleecker. WUIlp A YOUNG LADY. WHO UNDERSTANDS Krorch and Biutllxh, well *rqv\tn'i>d with the milimery buslnt&s. to go to Boston. Apply a; l(fJ Wnihlngton at., Ho boken. Tl"rANTED? ThREE PROTESTANT GIRLS. BY A PRI II vate family m this city , one to cook and aatlst in washing and Ironing ; one bb cbumbtrtnad and laundrera. and the other as waller. Waves Irom IHio^. Crrmnn, Kngll'h or Scotch preferred, und good cltv re'erences lequlred. Apply at iKJ IMHWI), near Keade. "TTI7 ANTED ? A CHAMBERMAID, WAlThROIRL, COOK, f ? nurve, wamctrew and iaur dret*. the very best wage* will be ghen to cither colored or white. Apply at No. 7 Eleventh street, between UnlrersHv place ?t.d Broadway. IV ANTED- IN BROOKLYN. A YOUNG LADY WHO ll pertectly urderstands dressmaking. A competent hand c?n IWM l retsiraker, Lt-rsld rlPce, lor two days WANTKD.? TO MTf.UNERS -WANTED, a fork woman, to take charge ot a first ciom millinery; also, two gucd milliners, to go !o a ciiy a >.hcr< distance iVom Bew York.' Norm but I hope who understand their business need ap ply. Ircm 11 lo 3 o'clcck, a; Messrs. B. A J. Gonldtog's, Ih ,Ioh 11 St. TIT' ANTED? A PROTEST A NT WOMAN, AS FIOUSR Tf keeper, who 's Irusiwi.rih;- and utid-rxlands the eirn ot young chlli'run, and a good i-tbuut: es? Apply atUS.dii'-y place, ltmoklyn. TIT" ANTED-A LADY. TO APB1 ST IN THB CaBB OF A Tf hotite; ore who would be wlUln,- to sew, look alter ser vants ? i d as'ls' the hilv, Who desire* an ns?t-tAnt and eompa nion No pf cson need npoly except one who would be grateful for o toed b'.me and wilting to reside ten miles from this city. Adc'rc?s D. W ., Marbasset, ti L "117" A NT RD ? A GERMAN OR SCOTCH GIRL, TO WASH, TT iroi and cook tor a fkWlIT of Io ur persons; she muet be of a good t it pr si Ion, and willing :o do whatever Is a?ked of ber; nages I ruin t-'< lo $ti. Apply a: " East I'Sth st , between 3d > rd I/exingloti avenues. W ANTED-A PROTOTAKT WOKAJT, IN A PRIVATE tamily, as plain chok, aid to do the wishlig and Irnalng. Ihcte buying good city rcereacss may aordy at42 Basi 2f)lb st. , between Broadway and ttb ?v., from 3 to 5 o'clock, P. M.. this day. W ANTED-A MIDDLE AGED ENOt.lsU, AMERIt vB or tlrrmin woman, to dn tic wm k of a small family ; sb? must h<- a ycod washer and ironer, aid plain cojfc. Apply at 4??i Urand St., Williamsburg. T*/ ANTED? IMMEDIATELY, TWELVE OPitRATORS T ? fcr Singer's, Wheeler A Wilson's sewing machines. Alsiino pnntsloon tinlfhers, ard apprenttcos to be p?id while learning, at 343 Br< aowav, ovr r Wheeler A Wilson's, tit'ih lloor. Entrance <* Leonard si. l'reutus A Co. WANTED AN KXI'ERIENC. ED BUYER AND SAI/tS man of laces, embrolderiM sad dress trimmings; also, a hosiery salesman. Apply to 8, H. Lanell, 12S Broadway, from 4 to t> P. M. T17 ANTitD ? A < I.KRK IN A RETAIL DRV HOODS V * store Inquire at A. H. tcuddei's, v#l Blee?!ker si. VT' ANTED? AN ACTIVE, IMRUMR BOY, ABOUT II 16 jears ot sge, as clerk in a jewelry store; must reodo wth his parents in tt.e lower part ot ihe city. Address M. 3. A Co., Herald office. 11/ ANTED-A SCOTCH COAOUMAN ; ALSO TO ASSIST II tne gardener. A single man . with gond reteronc", pre ened. Apply at 44 I'Ait 34th St., i.ear Madl-on avenue, be ween 7 and B o'clcck. Wantkd-in a BHIF ciiandlfry srop.E, a young man about 16 yenrsoi'age; one residing wi>U his parents preferred. Address Towns, Herald olllce, lo hand wrtlng at d refarence oi applicant. WANTED- A YOl NC MaN AS SAIKHMAN, IN A II wholetale and retnsll eiotblnj store, do sm town; r-"fer enre r?i|tilred from last place; one wiio lissbeen in ihe business, slid sn A mericsn; none other need appiy. Addrets Clothing, Herald (Mb TT7 ANTED? A PAT.E8M AN, IN A RETAIL HAT HTORB II on Broadwuy; one arqualn'ed with the business pre ferred Address flatter Hera ftoffl/e. WANTKD? A COOK, AND TO WASH AND IRON, IN a i mall family; mu?t be very reat and capable. Scotch or Fngllfh preferred. Apply at 79 Macdmiual street WANTEr-SOMK GIRI.S TO DO MA NT II. AS. ALSO some to work on lady's underc othes; those thai are net competent to do either need not apply, at til Amity street, cor per of Mercer street. TV ANTED? TIIRKB MEN TO ENGAGE IN A UIORT II plen?snt bnstness that pays tiom $lo to $14 per Jweek; a capital ot 15 required to commence with; those from the country, or Fncltsh preferred. ApplvtoW. Smith, lv Beek man fit. , np stairs, thud flour. ANTKI-A YOUNG MAN. WBO UNDKRSTABIW the dry goods business. Address C D., Herald othee w WANTED- A YOUBG MAN, WITH TWO OR TnRKE years' erperitLce, in a dry goods store. Apply at ?* Boweiy. WANTED- A Ct MPF.fENT MAN, TO DELIVER SE rials to subterlbei s, up torn; and a'soin Brooklyn, Wll iismshurg and Jer.iey llty. Waues weekly. Also, tso gen tlemen to canvass fur subscribers to t new. beautifully lllus tiated and ver* popular work now publishing In parts. Apply to .lames Sheeny. 237 Broanwar. WAITER WAN1KD? A TOVXO PROTESTANT WO. man, who usderstntids walUmt In a private family; gocd refe rences reoulred. Apply at No. :? Madison avenue, before 2 o'clock th's day. WAITER WANTED- K MAN TO WAIT IN A RF.S taurant; he must perleclly understand his huslnrst. Inquire 1 09 Brosdway. basement. _ T|r A N'TF-I>? A SMART, ACTIVE BOY, IN A DRY II good* Jobbing house, f-alsry Urst joar $100. Address h * 1 Nil l'< t olllW. W-ANTFI>-^ K<>Y' A liOUT E1ETF.EN YK\ltS OF II sge. to assist in an office must be well recommended. Address, 'n * p p ; Icsrit'i UtGd writing box 1,729 Po?toft1'?. TtT ANTED ? A LaD, EROM TWEI.VK TO FIFTEEN II years old. to assist at eeneral f*rm work, tako >*re o< horses. Ac. Address Farmer, box 2.'*2S Post oillee. Tl' ANTED- A HOY, TO ATTEND A LIQUOR STORK. II P. McMahcu's, corner 2oth stj et t and :id avenue, Oowa no- Rrr.okljn. \17 ANTED? A BOY, 15 OR Ifi YEARS OF AO!?, TIH r *? can sresk netmr.ii snd English, to at'end a grocrry ' re. Apply st S. .? .1. Fie, lards, ffeit IJobcken, N. ,1. 4tJ. nnn -WUnfKP. A BEAD cumi AND OVEH ft.UVlV. seer. In a hotel He must ^sve ?4,nf?o to los? 1 Is employer on bord and mortpnge. A salary of $l,nt)o n " annum, wlh board and washlug, will be giyen, ora uartn?, would he taken on reaacnable t?n? . Apply nt ih# tllnia Jiouif , room w.