Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 5, 1856, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 5, 1856 Page 7
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? ADTERTISEWENTS RfcKBWKD BfERY MY. TUSANTS' UECilSTKK. A COUNTfcY &K*T *'0 LKT? IN NKWTOWN, M>N? liUtd, abou . ikmtillM from Rousted ul Grand ilivM Ertea, containing nine i?tm of ground. Th? kstiau bu haea i m?ly pained kuMfo crd out, and lontaius foui teen rooms fere U a term houw. carriage houae, barn ar.d other bulk *and a ?i eat variety o.' fruit aod oruvneaul trees. A to, iloff the abovta. * hotum, with owi acre of ground, ear dM" hou?e a -4 a *ood variety of Irult arm ornamental true*. |be hoaM "obtains eight room* and hM beau newly uluud teak* and out Pneaeaaion ol the lettor K'?en ImnxKI'itely. Apply to OWO*OK W. KDW *R'jK, No. 201 and 2US Ohrliwie N. Y. Arncw FIRST CLASS, FOUR STORY, HIOB STOOP, brown stone front house, No irt Twen'.T-nlnth rtreet, n-var Lr\lngU<o avenue, li):lxHO. 10 let. Tb? bou-e Ik rei->aUi with a I B'Odk-rn taapiovemeiiia, mid convenient to railroad# and atagea. ' J. O. SaNIiKRw. 3 ^aaaau atreet. g DttuiiABi.K BontH *0 vm?w vm four Jn. tcentb street with all the modern Improvement*, conve nient to both tars and s'agea, containing eighteen rooms. Foeneaaioii may be liad immediately on nuffha'lng the pttrl<-r oaryeU, oilcloths, Ao., which will l>e mi d low H W. RH'HABDrt, S07 Broadway. ALiIKIK BOUfeB TO LKT -A* EXCELLENT OPPOR tunl y ottered? Forty live room*, with ga?, hatha, large tJInhig room and kitchen, In tin immediate vicinity of Broad way and New Haven Railroad repot. Oaroeta, ol cloth, Ac., HU1 bo an d reaaonable, with I mm dlate possession, H. W. RICHAKDS, :KJ7 Broviway. BOARDING HOD6K TO LKT? A LAROK. CilNVK nlent fcoule In .Nineteen, h street, near i-ixth avenue, with gaa, Croloo and modern tw provemente, 14 rooms, ne ?? tod goodor/er; rent$800; posaeation given nt oc.ce. For partlea tarn call on J. M. Oorwia. 307 "ixth avtyme GOTTaQK TO LKT AND PURMTURK FUR SALE ? %. two story cottage house, very pleasantly situated in Breok br a, about twenty minutes' walk of Fulton terry, and eae Mnck from two raiiroiaa. Furniture nearly new, and will be ?Old low Poaaeetioii given Immediately, If required. Ad dkeaa 0. J. B , Herald ollice. /"VORAKR LOrT TO LPT? AT 83 JOHN Sl'RKKT. OOR uer ol'Naaaau, on cecund Hour. Inquire of DKVKLIN A JR8BUF. (10T1A0K BOUM TO LIT? WITH "lUR LOTS OF J gioundaiiil ? table :Ula<*hod, oorner of Fourth avenue and ?evt iity drat a'.reet. Itnpnre ol CA* ' Efl RlTt fiK, at! Murray si reft. Codntky RwrnKNO* to lkt or for halk-a nioat denlraliie .n.d I'otiveolent locstlnn, in the vlllaue ol Artoila, I. I. The hon-e la Urge, lighted With gas, and with other modern iini>rm--ui?n!#i; gnunda haiiiiauow.'y laid oat bnd Improved; will exchange for city property. I? F DaYTON, 17 Murray _at*eet. DRY fldOUS STORK TO LKT? 135 8FKI.VO, NKAIl Bread way Flxturea complete, immediate possession. A first rate ?Ubd. Apply at 197 Spilng streeL DE8IRABI.K STORKS AND HOUSES TO LKT Oft wane- vli: store anil hou*o No. ?W) blxllt avenue, direntiy opposite Jellerc.on mmktl, $1,000; tlm th<i tnuidsoiue huxo store and oellar, No. U3 S<xtli avenue, near the above, ti'.'i"; alto the ilwellln^ houses, to. Nti VVaverley place, near .slxUi nvmiie, $],1V0 lilso. i?o. 121 and 175 liimftxind titreet, $.150; al-o,Nt.7 aud 11 Laigb'. street opp>*lle Can?l, 16S00; also, N'oi<. :<tl and SK'l rlxth street, near uveaue H, t4J0. Apply to ?. L. BPIDAM, m Waver. ev place. DWKLLIMO l'AKT8 OF HQUBKS ON FOURTH AVK nue, new Tweuty seventh street, to let. Tho il^e'liuga are over genteel atores, liavlng no comei-itn with Uiedweldng ~rt\ ?i n lain twelve loom*, with gn?, liatli, ilum1! waller, Ac | E eni $500 K^B. KINmIUMKK. 3t!> Fourthavwiue. HWiOrORY AMI) FOUaDKY RU1LDINOS ft) L.KV ? ~ The batldlrga. oornsr of Sixth avtuue and Forty. seventh atreet, with the foundry in the rear, together with engine, ttaaks, tools, Ac. IV e bul'dtnfs on the Swth avenneare 1<5 toe', iront ai d four stories high, with Ucht cellar under the whole. Ihe loucdry ia well adayted to light naaUnga tad oou?u work. Apply toFBOfT A F?.>U.tK8T, 14*i fe?rl street. Factory to lht, or for salk? a brick build tag, 80 by 50 foet, with never falling cater power, SVieree i of lan<T, tri uated at Monroe Works, Orange ccmnty, N. Y? clue by the depot, one hour and a half from toe city. Hk. M. FKICK MuoilK, l.M Chvnhera street. I>1'RJN1SHB1) HOUSK TO LKT.-FOSflh,SSION IMMKIH iiUly ; (mall tainily. wit no ut children; no ixiardera; loan uob nnauri aesed. Keni $l,Vt)0. S. M. FURD7.1U Nassau street. IjlURNlhUKD HOUPK TO LKT OR FOB BALK, OR f would be let unfurnished, situated in Thirty tlrst stwjet, between Kigbth and Ninth avenuea. conW nlm: all the modern improvements, an? in good order. Foeaession given on the 1st . Mai. it sold, .part of tno pureaase UK'iMiv nan remain. For parlteuhus app'y lo L ACK*RMAN. Wyekoft' Hotel, 58 Warren stree , between 6 and H in the evening or 8 and 9 in the morning. |j liKMSUKD ROOMS TO LKT-?TO A FAMILY OF r grown persons, i. ishliig to provtiK) their own table, n?lf th? home or separate rooms, with attendance of cook and ritamderinaid. J he hoase is modern, ? elegantly tuntlslied, modern improvements and comfort, hefcti, gaa, wine cellars; himlly alrlct'y private; to hoarders takflo; fair term? expected; nnfloubted re'erencea required Addros K1 Fourth avenue, betaern Kleventh and fweitth atreotn, Union aquare, one block imm Bri adway. HOUSKs TO LKT AND FOR SALE. IN GOOD LOOA* tlona, in dlherentpiru i-f the eitv. Vrt les for aau , trom $5,(KX) to 820,100; pricey, to let, fiom MOO to 91,500. Alio, Iocs and laroia for rale. Monev on loan, Ac. K. U, 319 Fourth avenue. HCUHR TO LKT, AND FURMTORKFOR SALK-FOifR ato-icf and basement lu nrat rate order and modern lm Srovementa. Fninlf-hed throughout ?n (pood stile. Lo;*t?d In limh street, near Fifth avenue, now tuUof Clretclaas board sra. Acdreea B K W . Herald ofll-se. HOUSK TO LKT.- THK LOWKR FART, W/TH THRKK hedroom^ in the attic, f a Rose street. Apply to K f?t)X, the batter, ho. 212 Hroadwav, earner of Faltoa street X,AT1oNaL RACK OOTTRSK TO LKT.? THK AB'JVK ll course, house i, barnr, s?a ilea tod all the land apper taining thereto, will he let or leaved lor a K-rm of year*, |r ap plication be speedily made to HOLMriS A Mi KKaQ, 2t> Ihiare afreet. OFLY $460 ? THE FIRST < LAM3 THRKK -STORY aKD basement orick hotue, having a'l the modern Improve ments, two bathing roomi, Ac , Sixt.v-firat street, one minute'* vak from the First Avenue Kallrood. Apply to J..PRKARK, 168 Heater itreet. OFFICKS.-XHR 8FLKNDID OFFIOKS ON THK FIRST floor if the granite baaemeut hcaae 15 Centre at , next to tee corner of Chambers street, suitable for public offliet, wholeaale merchants' counting rooaa, or aimllae purposes; a so (be basement, lor some respectable bnsinoaa. the whole will be pnt lu complete repair, and Klavloa first rate applicant. Apnl r to uKOROh. BROCK, 13 Chambera stream POSSKSSION IMMKDIATKLY.-TO I.KAHK, FROM OK* JL to ten )eara. the wboieor part of Jie four atory buLkhow M(|otiiliig the Faetfl: Hank and Inanrance Company, 112 ttrand street. 25 by 108; an excellent situation for a small ho wl, atote, showrooms, archltecia lallcring. elub rooms, >r any ataar klim of buslt eea. Oaa and Orotoo complete. Apply on tte premises, or to R. K OLOVKR, No. S Lamaatine place. Rut $650.? HOIT8K TO LKT AND FURNirURg for sale; a genteel three story an* bn. violent., house; entry l*t of April. Apply at 182 Wet T weaty-.'onrtb atraet. CTORK TO LET.? NO. 20 NORTH WIM,lAM STRICT, O (rem the 1st of May; suitable for aav wno.eaale butluesa, being 128'eetln depth, with iron' on 223 William sU'iteL Ap Fly cn me |iremlaea, of BILI IN A MitO., I'ourttj tl?ir. k'TKAM POWER -TO LKT, AT ,117 PitlNOB STRK?T, 0 fourg-ixl. new, light and convenient roetn*. 25*73 foet; Alro, three rooms 25x44 '*et will or without power Inquire <*' P. M. WlJ>ON. on the premises, or of K. B. Weaton, 2MS) Broadway rncm 6X SI<A VIEW BOI78E TO LKT? 8ITT7ATED AT THK Highlands of Nev*a<nk, New Jertev. To a retponalhM and competent tenant. It will be rewtcd on iavorano icrms tor a term of years. Apply lo A. F. J akVH. 89 Prince at. Si a TEN ISLAND.? TO LET. OK EXCBAXOR FOROltY property, a cottage, with stable and other convenience, on York avet ue, ClUtnu. ten m'nutea Iront lha lower landing. Ap ply at 174 Water street, N. Y. STATE* I8LAND.-TO LKT Oil LKAHK, A KUKNI3HRD house with all the modern lmfrove<centa, extensive gwundH, with avenues, walka, laws, meadntv,!llowor ?id ve peta ble gardrn, and a variety of fruit, coaohhou?e and st tl>l?s; rcmmariliiig a lite view ot the bay and an rroundlng country, and oi easy ac'-eaa to the terry. To a g?nd u nant rent $2,iKHt. Aleo, an unfurLished house . Rent $75U. Aitdreaa box 1 5/0 Foat c:fllce Ir. LET-TWO FINK UAROR OFFICB8, DIRKCTLY . Dvpoaftn the St. A'tchotan Hotel. Jatnlre or JOHN ORA M UK (16 Broadway, aeeoud floor. rt.wr-*HK UPP#K PARI OF THK! THRKK STOHY house 122 naat ? i?htfleotn atreet, betacteen third avenue and Irving place, hiving all the mcxlera Imprm-emeute, gas Oroton water, hath, Ac., Ac. Rent moderate to a small gentael ?unity, wi' bout children. F a errii n |glvea l.amailaJcy If re qolied. Inquire ou the premises between to and t! o'cloc.K. rLKT-FROM THK. ME OK MaY, THE N?W THtKK atory and naaement brown atone froathtmie, 103 West Thfrtj fourth atreet, near Klrhth avenue, Unlahed la Uie beat atyle, and lurntahed with all the modern luiprtwotoauiA Apply to DaVID U. YoUj\Oh. t.46 Fourth street. TO L*T? THK THRKK STORY BRICK HOUSK, 25 FKKT front, three rf?>m- deep; all the modern iuui-oveoaenU; beautifully alt nate<l. opposite the Theological Seminary 2HH Wtat Twentieth atreet, between Ninth and Tenia aveuuea. Oaa be reen trom 10 to 4. Inquire on the prcmUea, er 1M W., tar ateet. r LKT? THK UFPKB PART OF HOUSK NO. 115 BK8 ter street, letween Eldrioge and r'or<yth streets, to a email aud genteel family, consisting oi front an t hack parlors with kltcl en aueohed, two bedroom', three pant-lis and one e othes prew; it oot tains all the modern Imorovesents, such aa bath, stationary wash tuba, Ac. Apply on the premiaea. r) LKf? TilK Fl f?8f AND 8KOOND Ft^'xoKS Of 1'IIK ib ee ftiirv brick bouse 32 Jay street, to a reioecta'ile tavllv. withmt small child- en. Also two lurnl?kad attic mum*, with or without board. Inquire on the prtlHW. DLK1? THK THRKK STORY DWELLING WO0HK io Kaat Broadway. Inquire of Mrs. Fl/KtX>*(l, 463 way. fro lkt-a farm in astoria, oontainino <i 1 acres, with a ^ood two story house and outbuildings t ;> - gather with a small hou-n for a gardener, situated on 'he Ne w town road, ahr.ut three ftmrllix of a rnlle from ?he lerry, and extcr dln ? to Hroadway: will I e ranted In whole or part. Ap pty to OKU. POMKROY, 48 Broadway. rLBT.-TnKLAROK THRKK STORY BRICK HTuKK, eormr Bnitarm and Charles alioeui, I'nrrnerh occupied as a mrxiture store. Apply at 209 Waahlngton street. mo LKT-WIfH <IR WITBOliT FURNITURB, THK X Tork Hai Hotel, two at d a halt miles from Jersey City, beantiluily ooaled on the New York Hay, commanding a fine view af the Bar and arrows, and verv retired; good fishing, heating and bathing; stages paaa a abort distance frona toe Vinae every hair hour. Inquire nppoalte the premiitea, or lAtlieaa Oeo W . Uowe, Jeraey City. 'rrO LKT? THK ENOUGH BAfiRMKNT HOUSK 172 EA.BT 1 Twrnty third atreet, two doora from Hecood avenue; the taiae Is abont 18 feet by 47 deep; lot 100 feet; with gaa baths, waterclowta, aud eeery nualern convenience. To an ur.e*c?ptl??i'able leuant, with a amal! iamllv. u will he Icaaod on ia?orable terma. Aoply lo A. LIVINGSTON, 52 John at. mo LIT? ON WORTH avkncik, thk larok coh J modicus sto't. hixl basement. No ?l. bitweni l wlenUeth and Twenty first streets, in one cf the hiat business location* "n the avenue; II haa been occupied f,.r the last tlve ream as a foniltute, pier kwklc ft flasa and Dldore frame More; limne dlate fOMseaaioD ran be bad. Apply en the prematej to AR tbok devuf. mo HT? tBE THRKK STORY BRI0K HOUSE NO. 2.19 I OrteLe stri-et, between C li.'"n and Waverle.y pla es, well adanted for a cluh house or ll-at, rlaaa boarding house It haa auliei of rrorna lilted lor gi-ntlercen: alrov.-a iy. Onilon, hatha ar d all lhcn>"darn improvornent* Toa r?"-'-.>>' li enunt R wt't he rm'ed low Apply to JOHN LLOYI> ' >N8, 14 EM*au liter!, or 12V Mghth street, on* door east of ttivadwa;-. TKNAMTH HEUMTBR. ff*t Vj<T? THREE HOCHKS, OS MINTS AVENUE, NOS. X 1SH. JUO and 'SVi wtib rjl modern Improvsinnals, beauM ( *0-/ sitttaied ; >l?c, lour Iwuwi <>u Clin Loo street, Brooklyn, kaly ten irituMiej.' w?ik from ike ferry. For particulars apply tot! A M*, 90 William sir t-t. mo let? a rim* k story dwelling ihjuiv, so. 33 J. K lug street wtib the modern ninrovem?mts, ju?t cumolet ed, al?o the ii'st an-' third ttnori 01 35 Km* sLree. to be let to gether or separnMv inxtuylltt* poisesn'ou given. luqulre of a Ka> MUM), 1 1 <!b*<tiam x >eet r |>OLfc?? A I UKKtC K'fORY AND BA8lCM<CNr HOUSE; 1 Willi %I! tbe mojnra improvements, gbs, chandeliers, kc. For tu-iber particulars, Inquire on tbe premises, AW Weal TblrtvUrtt iifwil, Lear Eighth avenue, from 2 till 4 o'clock. TO T.KT-PAHT or STORE NO 1C MAjUEN I.AVE. Inquire ot a. FraNK* KLO. 32 Jocn stree , up stairs. TO LFT- FROM THK FIRST OFM4.Y ICR, TI1AT neat two iit>rry and attic dwelling house, 7t> n hlte meet, a few d<or? Irom bru>dway, wtthCroton throughout. baths. Ac ; will he put in c-mulete repair. Apply to WML J. SINCLAIR, to W all street. rpo LM? THE HKC0M> FLOOR OF A THREE STORY J. bouse. h nriforne v furnished situated la T "eniy fourth street, Hi a cen'.lrman and wife, or small tamlly, h nine haa a'l tVe modern Impiovementa. Address R. E., 001 lis Herald (In. rlEMlIK rTOKB NO. :C10 BOWhRY. CORNER OF Bond street, tbe beil situation for the dry foods b mines i ou tbe sirtet; a very costly Iron iroDt, ot 26 feet, wltn rolling shutter*, ban been put up; possession may be had lmraedia ely. A too. i be ibree story ur Irk bouie, >o. 22M Ninth street near Se.ixwd atenue. Inquire at 37 KaatTwentT second street, be ?ere 10. or at 49 Wll'tam s tree I, alter 1 o'clock. TO l tl ?TO A BMaLL FAMILY, OF NOT MORE T JAN three pertons, part or hu<i>>e IN*.r street, consisting of perond story, back ba?emet>t, arid one room In the attic: g??, 4c.. In the hi ui-e. For particulars apoly at 51 Grove street, between 1 and 2, or after Ho'c'ock In the evening. mo LET? THE WHOLE OR A PART OF THE THREE 1 story brick bouse 85 Stanton street near Ekirldga street. Inquire at 11)9 Eldrldge street, of J. ZtKFAI.A, or ot' the pro prietor, f O AI<I<1N<1KR, 331 Eighth avenue, corner of Twen ty seventh street, jcwtlry (tore. r LET? TO ONE FAMILY ONLY. THK UPPER part of a three st>ry house, oonslstlax of front tail back Surfer and two bedrooms on tbe second floor, large rorjm and 111 bedroom on third, and froit basement and kit ihon. In quire oti the premises, 34 Commerce street, between 10 and 1 o'clock. rpo LET-TO A SMaI.L FAMILY, THE SECOND ANI) 1. pa.-t of the third story of a lirs'. cla?s three story house, occupied by the owner. In Nineteenth ?, near Second ave nue. The nuise eontalns nil the modern improvements for particulars apply to DlNlLEIiSPlEL A OPPENhkiMKR, 32 Jchn street, up stairs TO LF.T-TO A RMaU, AMERICAN OR ENGLISH taml'y of adults ba.f a house, In FitTv third street, con ?enlrnt to Third avenue. Call, or address W. E. N., 251 clou h kirect. Bint $150. rpo LET? A K?AT TWO STORY AND BASEMENT i bonne in K lity eighth street, between Second and 'Ihlid avenues. Apply to J. W. MOWLKY, 172 East Twenty seventh sireet. rpO LfcT- 163 MfiNROE STREET, TWO LARGQ ROOMS, 1 with to ding doors, and two DMNNUOII second llo'ir; one hearonm on third floor, and back basement. Can be seen between i< and 1 1 o'clock. TO LB T? THE LOWER PART OF A MODERN HOUSE in lnlrd street n'ar Second avenue. For paitlcultrs ad dress C. F. W . bo* 1.076 Pot oQlce. rpo LfcT? THK STORE, N >. 47 WENT BROADWAY, 1 holta-iln for any h<lit business. Rent reduced. Poss-? sion immrdlateiy. iDqutre on the premiMes. or at 'JA3 WasV jn^ton street, ot K. C. KuRNKR. TO LET? THE THREE 8TORY HOUSlS AND STORE, Hi d two s'ory lumie in rear of No. 102 Wanhlngton street, mar K.-cor street, to >et trom the 1st of Ma v. Apply to JOHN 'J'BkIKN, No. llrf Washington street. TO IOHT- POSSESSION GIVEN IMMEDIATELY? A COT tage at Orecnpoint, live minutes' walk fr >m the Ten'h street lerry. 1 be Louse Is no tv and be littltully situated, with garden lrult trees and stable; would dispose ot the furniture vcr low, as the owner nas no further use lor it. This Is a rare change foi those wishing to go to housekeeping. Inquire ol CHaaLES K. MEaDe, No. 233 Broadway, or on tbe premltes. TO LET? BOUSE HO, 4 VARICK STREET; TENANT boure ai.d two stores > o. 22 West Broadway; house and store No. 39 Ko?e street. Reut$250 Store corner of Frank ha f tree i iitd West Brokdwa.v; store No. 30 old slip. Apply to S C. SMITH, No. 1ft Moti street. TO LET? THE UPPER PaRT OF HOCSE NO. 33 PE1RY street, tn a small family; gas, Ac. Can be neon after 11 o'clock A. M. rno iKT-A puknisheh room, and small room J. adjoining, to a trentleinan and wife or two single gentle men. Aithm: ard, with u rasnejta'ue firullr. booatij" be low Prince ? i eet, ucar Broadway. Adilresa C. M., Broadwa/ Post ifljce. i Ci LK r OR A TERM ??F YEARS, A FINE SUIT OF ? < (bi t-H, suitable tor basking or lnsuranco purposes, litua ted :esslhana block above Wall street, in Urotdway. In quire of N. Wll.i.l am BTUY VKdANT, JR., No 56 WUllan s'rett. TO LET? THE UPPER PART OF A HOCSE, OONSIST tr.g of three rooms, and tea mom on secot d floor, one roytn on third floor, and basomant, with range, bot and cold water; in a good neighborhood. Possession given Immediately, or 1st ot Msy. Apjlv at 100 Ellridge street near Orand IIO LET- PART OF THE DWEIXINO HOUffR NO. 193 Fultoo streM, near ftu Paul's church; a rare opportunity for those who wish a genteel down town residence. Apply on the premises TO LM? THREE PLEASANT ROOMS, ON T?IRD stotv, tn gentlemen, without board, In a private famtlv; rooms furnished or tot to suit; permanent residents desired, inquire itlo 7 Brevoort place, Tentb street, near Broadway. rpO LET? IN THE FIRST CLASS NEW BUIL!>lN(i, I No. 02 Bowerr, comer Canal street, west side, four lofts one large basement and three stores, exclusive of the corner store. of building 2Tnl07 feet. Posaesiion May 1. Anpiv to OTKT ERNST, Sit, Chatham street. rjio LET-PART OF A HOU8B, TO A SMALL F iMILY. 1 Is i quiet and respectable nelghtrorhood, croveulsnt to stages and can. Kent moderate. Inquire at 285 West Eight eenth street. TO LET. (FURNISHED? AT NO. 1S9 PRINCC 8TRBBT, near Metropolitan hotel, a beautiful large ro mi. with pan try and gas, on the second floor ot a private dwelling, with out board; will be given cheap to a respectable and permanent tenant. r> LET, IN RROOKLYN-A FINE THREE STORY brick house 438 Atlantic street, with lot and stable In Pa cific street, or without It. For partlcu an Inquire at &8 John street, few York. rLKT, IN BBOOKLYN-A FIRST CLASS HOUSE, IN a moat desirable location. The furniture, wWr.hls new, 'or sale Prssesalon o > the 1st of May, or before. It dealred. Address box 2,686 New York Poet office. ?110 LET, IN BROOKLYN, E D.-TWO MINUTES' WALK 1 from the terries, a beautiful cottage, oontainlag eight rcoms, No ti couth Tolrd street. Also, a three s'ory brick hoiitie, with g a' and water, No. 50 Souib Third street. Apply io 1/r. HEINE, 3XS Broome street. TO LET OR FOR HALE ? WITHIN THKEE QUAE?Klt8 of a mile of Tnckatioe depot, on the Harlem Katlroai 31) ?creaaf land. on which there is a two story (Welling and Xlrrben, a carriage house, barn and shed; the land U well wa .ered and productive; has about ten acres In orchard ?I?o % variety of cheTy, peach and pear trees, currant*, raspberry and grape vine*. Possession may be had Immediately. Also t'ors.-Je, fifty acres of land near by, together or tn parcels, <o Mitt purchasers. Inquire ot K 1,1 An UlJSKr* HKflitY, U4 Pearl street, or Charles Iruaenberry. near tbe premises. TO LET OR FOR SALE- A NKAT COTTAGE, COW talcl'. g eight rooms with three lots Id garden smalt stable, fowl house, <le., on highly fourth street, neir Tenth avenue, trrtv minutes from Chambers street. b* Uudson River Kn.1l road; about one hour by stages. Rent $3(10. Apply to JOHN W. ANDREAS t ort 11 A. M. to 1 P. M. , every day. TO LK* OR FOR HA E-TBE FOUK STORY BASE merit house aim lot, ornero* Fourteenth street and Seventh avenue. Inquire at flo. 2 Harrison street. K. JACOT. |H) LET OR FOR BALE, IN BROOKLYN? THE I WO story, attic and bailment lirlck front d .veiling, 108 York street, within from three to Ave minutes' wa k of ths Fultii, Catborlr e arid HrMge street 'erries. Terms msde known on application to JAMM HaRI'KK, 137 Court street Brooklyn. mo LET, AND FIXTURES FOR SALE? THE La ROE A and spaMcus buildings, and fi'i lots of ground, occtmleu as a chemical factory, sl'tiate lu the city of Woooklyn, on PactSc street, (running through to Atlantic areutie ) between Carlton and Vanderhm avenues, will be let or leased, on advantage riu terms. lnqnLre of W 0. BARKKB, 188 Petti street, fflO LIT OR 1 ?AB?-rOAL YARD, ('OKNKR FORTY X tlrvt street and Seventh avenue Inquire of orconos. CLARK. IfiO Binth avenue, corner of Twenty first street. I O LXt OR LXjkSK-THE riR?T FLOOR OF NO l'l I Redman street, a tew doors tram Nassau. comprising two arge oflices, suitable for ait* reevoctable business. Ap piy to a. LIVINGHtOA, Vi John street ftlO LET OR LEaBK?THK TWO LAROE ROOMS WITH JL small rooms a'uiched In Bleecker HuiMin*. corner of hleecker sad Mor'o n streets; one completely furnished suitable tor It .dge ro-\ras. debating societies, Ac, Ac ; a Inug leaso will be given taaguod tenant, at a reasonable rent. Inquire of CHmibToPHaRj okorok, at Hammond street, at two ci' ct rjlO LKT OR LEASH? THE THKEE STORT BRK'K X store No?. 808 acd 3W Rlvlngton siroot, fronting on toe allp; store 40 by Stt; will he let Tor storee or other purposes. Apply to John H. Rapp, 3d7 Rlvlngton sireot, or Myer Hasten, Bo R WaH street. ffO LET OR U iAflE-A THREE STOEY AND ATTIC 1 honae, cnntnli ing a Ithe modern improvements, 69M How em street. For particulars, apply at 263 Broadway, or from rem 9 to 10 A. M. at .IS Amity stree'. TO LET OR LEASE? A SPLENDID BRICK GOTHIC boure, with all tb<> modern improvement*, eituated on tlie barKs of the Hudson river, at the foot of Eighty seventh surer. WUI be let cheap to a good tenant, inquire at P. BRENNAN'ri coal yard, corner of Efgfety fourth street and Broadway. TO ua OR L*AHK? IN MOhRIHANIA, TIIE HOUHK ai d s'ore No. 3 Fifth street. The store is fitted tip shelves, coun'er and a gnoi glass case, and has an awnlog In (ront House and store located clo e bv the depot, and on thn prlncipcl thoroughfare. Rest $201) Possession given )m'n? dtaKh . Apply lo CHARLES 8, Ki'EAKNH, corner Ann and Nassau HHW, New York. ' r) LKT OR I.RAHK AND RENT WiW-THK WHOLE OR p art of store ?4 Beskman street , Ave stories high and nine' j feet deep. Inquire rn tbe prembes. r I. FA HE? A HANDSOME RE8IOENOK ON BUENA Ridge, at Motl Haven situate upon high ground, and com mandtK an estenslve view of the Mirroundlng nountrv: aoeow to MpTrom the city every thirty mtantes, via Har,em Railroad, farels.. commutation $<0, dlstanaa from City Hall 8 miles; on the premises see a variety ot frutt and other trees, a good gar den front lawn and flagged walks; the house contains 12 rooms, cellar, Ac ; t owessinti immedtalel}' If desired. For further particulars inquire of J. N. tTBtlW, Il.'l Canal street. Also a liandecme cottagc residence at Morr1?anla sllsate upon high ). ronnil and surront.ded with large eluis; distance fro? depnt fOO feet, or three minutes' walk fro LEAflF ? A THREE STORY A NO ATTIC HOUSE, X with stable In the rear, situated tn (Tllnton plane, Kigh'h street. No. 4>\ naar of university place. The hooae has been lately put tn therough order; hns gas, baths, As. I'nsses ?4on g-ven Inimedlately. Fir further partlsttiara taqiiira c JOHN ORaHAM. M6 Broadway, second Oior. fro LENT? THE 1WO FIRST OLtHH THREE STORY 1 hlgt> bsx mcnt b hi?ks, 110 and 112 West Kor?v f!fn> slieet. I eiwrei. Hig h ei d PeventH avenues, vim pas water, iJc.; Ibetirst t la?* (,mr sfory KngMsh baseneni. house, 220 W--t Th ru titth s'rret, between Elsblh and Mirth avenues- h n all i lie n ffi?m Improvamentt. Far lerms apply to J. O.KAY, IS f.apal siiett. TK SI A NTS* HKOISTKK. rLkT OK LKaHK ? I UK HoUbKS 317 AI?D 317 Greenwich rtrtM butwwn and Du uin The* are two story and a'tle b-icE huild.nrf* ea<*h contai log a Blare, r uiiahle for alivus' an; litsnnnUoo of business. Apply to KauX. tbe batter. 212 Broadway. rp<t KKNT-A P'l'rt.NlKlf Kll HOU*B IV OWE Of TUB J. beat situations lu the c'.ty. Po-ir stories high, three rooms deep, and filled np with all ih* raoiero itujrovemenU. a small family preferred next (2,000 Apply, between the hours u! I and 4, at JO Went 81* tenth street. ritwo bahkmwmts to r.KT-rojfrtUKR o?t skpa 1 rate, suitable 'or gas ti-er, plumber or any similar busra*M; Crrton water and t?o entrances, wltn every convenience; liao a tbop *o let; a good s'aod lor a blacksmith wneelrlght or Iron bur Iness. Apply to U. K? aPP, <ii i hineanth street, corner of Fourth avenue. Possession of both immediately. TO MILLINEJH8. STORE TO LET, STOCK AND Qxtu-es for ?a'e lui|utre at 80 Oaiial street To nuufloisTB -ma tfow no. 7m sixth avenue to rent; would .Ike to rent It tar a drug and medicine store, as the location Is a good one to establish ?a?h a store. It Is the thrddoor above Forivstxth street, west side. Inquire In tbe bsKe y. or leave address. TO Jfc WKLLERS. ? TO LEI. WITH IMMEDIATE Pos session, a Bir>re in the be?t location Is th-i cHv, elegantly fitted up. and e?l?MiKhe<1 over Z'i years; will be ? tinted for one or lour \ ears, as the owner Is retiring from ilie retell business. Tblr Is a chance that raral> offers for making a fortune For parllcular* Inquire of II B. HRtlTS Jr.. No. 0>i Pine street WORKSHOPS AND STaBLEb To LET? IN THE REAR of Mm. ZJ and M Wattslsireet. Inquire ot D. D. NAMH, 298 Broadway. TITBABF LOTS. PIER AND BULKHEAD.? TO LEASE "v tor a term of years the lots fronting on the Norti river between Fortieth and Forty third streets; also, the street iot adjoining, and the pier at the toot ol Forty third street OH AS. ED. APPLEBY. 110 Broadway. WARBEN BTREKT STORK TO LEASE.? A 8* ALL store second Hock from Broadway; reLt very low; Don session 1st of April or May. Apply to H. SCHNEIDER, 60 Wairen street COPARTNERSHIP NOTICES. *911 linn ?A Party HAVING THIS AMOUNT, iPaU.UUw . and wishing to invest itln a well established aid hleliiy lucrative "uslness' can do so with safety, and de rive ah mlsome income ihsrefrom. Address J. V. U., Her ald office. d>0 nnn - ' WANTED, A PEKiON. WITH THr8 iJjO.UUU. amount, to invest eqiia ly with the advertiser, In a la^or saving machine of freat value Tb<) maoklmj 1s iu full operation, auj has on y to be seen to satisfy tb it a large profit will be realized For partlcu.ars apply at 202 Fulton street, second floor, room 14 <?1 TO K.000-A PARTNER WANTED IMA ?JPJL ?*/'/"' light, genteel and profitable mrantiwsturlug business. Tbe sales are large ar.d a', wholesale, and well eg tahilsaed. and only three ol? the kted lu this cltv; the while of (be business done for cash. T Ij is s riri chance tor an en terpri-lng man. AoplytoC B HOWEH A OO., gj ImMII *1 nn?l AN Acrivu man. w(r<i tfl^UUU. Ibis airOTia), 'o buy one ha f inte.-est in a s?t'e, r- .pectaol" and lucrative ntisiMts, in U?U el'"- For pai-tlcu tare apply to Mr XNG * LLH 418 Br?ad? ay, second floor, Croat room, entrance 00 Canal street. ? i'ari Eh wanted, (M an est abliukd pOi )v, wholesale and retail business, paying 300 per cent profits; g ods meet with ro*dv >n ?, and sold principally for entb. An addition*! mnital cou.'d lie u<Rd to a greitf r advantage. Apply for particulars, at SOS Greenwich street, In ?he sU re. ? PARTNER WaNTKII, tO PAY THK ??)i) fOuWi cash, and tluO in two mentb-i to lie m*de out ot the business; one that wiii be willing to devote bii ti-nn to tho Intero' t of 'he business; ean procure one ha'f interest in a busi ness that will pay fl^'O per vear clear prollt. Apply to O. B. MO VKS A OO , Ht Nas?ii sj-eet qponn ? PAKrJlliR WANTED, W A PBOriTABuE ?POUU, manuiacturing bnsiaes) now in fo! ooeratioi., in this city. Can be eitended to any amount. No risk ?s the business Is dona strictly lor cash. Apply to U. B. HOWES A CO , 84 Nassau street |hnA ? i partnfr wanted, in thk whole PZiUU. sale and retail liguor litisinoss, hv a young miri who Is already established In one of the be:' localities down town, and is now doing a gocd business. The owner wishes to (xUnd the wholesale busin'JBs. wnich will make a ortune for both. Apply in the store, N?. S Mulberry street, to day, be fore 12 o'clock A. M tOi |/\ ?a orntleman wanted, wuh this ?pZiV/i/. amount, immediately, to pvchase an equal inter est in a travelling btislne-e, wnlcn is wlitoa*. comoetition, aud with Industry $WOper montbean be made wi'-houl risk. Ap ply to OHEKN A CO.. 34S Broadway. A BUSINESS MAN. HAVINU ThE USK OF Jii100 TO JA. $5,000. can be ssrfiijy and profitably emoloynd a few months or looser. In an sgreean'e and hoatthy country, Soutb. a dd ess northerner, Hera-'d office Dissolution of copartnerhhip -thk coi'ARf ber-hlp heretofore existing under the llrtn of JOr; PUNT LAND'S OlRuUS OOMPaNY was^cissolved on tbe 18th of October last by mutwalxnnxcnt, the subscriber having sJld his entire interest In tho-Mncera to John u. Sloat Ni w Y oitK, March 4, 1806 JOSKI'H COSHINO. |\l?SOLUTION OF PARTNERIsHII'.-JoSIAH J. LS L' Count, having p?rcbB?<>d the onttre interest of Chor es L. Strong In the firm of La Count A Strong, said firm is this day dissolved J. J. Lt Count is fully authorized to settle all busl n*>ss of said firm. J. J. L? COUNT, 8am FKAHQisra, Feb. 2, IPSO. CHARLE4 L. STRONG. J J. Le t^ount will eonUnus the book, stationery, news paper and periodical business, itpon his Individual aocouut, at the old stand of Le Count A Strong, Montgomery street, Han Fiancisco J. J. LE COUNT. NOTICE.-THE COPARTNERSHIP HITHERTO Ex isting between .T?mes?>Llnnell and James McClave, Jr., is this day dissolved by mutual consent J aM KS S LINNKLU james Mcolave, j?. The bustitess will heraaNe'- be conducted by J. S. LlnnelL New Yo k k March 4,1806. PARTNER WANTBD? IN THE CLOTHING AND FUK nlsbing bvslness, to?c Watt and take charge of a business already tstatoibfeetl. None bat a good business man of capital win be taken. Address Oothiac, Herald offloe. PARTNER WANTED ?A COMPBTINT BUSINESS MAN, who can invest >4;lK?0 ln a safe and profitable business, and devote his time to the seme, lor a good salary. Address Y. D. F., Herald oflloe. PARTNER WANTED? A CASH PARTNER, WITH $2 (KH?, to enrage in a well established business, wltm>nt ecnipet>tloa. Tbis ts opportunity for a mah to secure a torture, or a tun with thln-unount wltl be amployei on a sa lary, snd good security given for the loan. Address T. F. B., Herald office. PARTNER WAN TED- fTITH $10 000 6APITaL, IN A cash maenifacturtug oonaetn. This Is a first rule chanae; tbe business wttl pay from f20s?00 to 920,000 per year. Ad dress A. fc. 8., Hanud cfilee. ^ _ 1R8IFRVCTION. ?WRITING -MR. DOLBEaR, 609 BROADWAY, will recetoe pnplle thladky and evening, at only $3. Ills ie*' method of hand training removes all stillness, cramp ing und tremblltg. Ladies?ed gentlemen who have falle I to l< ?rn by otiier systems are guaranteed to learn an exoolieut bat a by this scientific coursc. d?f> FOR A CODBf-E OF WRITING LE3SONd.? LADIEt' qp^j and genilamen's cheap sni va>uable writing classes, open dav and evening. .'VI l Broadway, by H. 07 BOWK, teacher of |iemnanshlp. booklirvping and anthmaUc. Ago or (Ic'ficteney no Impediment Sehoo's and private famlil?s at teiKiea as usual. Wedding, visiting cards and ornamental writing executed to order. Terms, in advance. ?1 CA ? LADIES' WRTTINU <*L48SRS. ? MR. PAIN It <J>J uv. 23,'i Grard, acrner of Bowery, aud lfifi Fulton s> reet, Brooklyn, continues k> gtvo ieu lessons In wridog for tl At', or sixteen lor $2. Incasing stationary. Bookkeeping, arithmetic Ac. , at redvrad ptle^s, afl this week. Pupils oao attrnd da/ or evening, appointing their own hours. Bookkeeping ? ah applied to nANKi kg, rail road and eatnnierriail airoiriv is tsnght in an oxpeditloos and superior msaner hv KtdVTBR a DIXON, .'V4t> Broadway Private lessons day an<i esonln^;. Prospecnts on appiioation BOOKKR'fcPI/xG. ? THF SUBSCRIBER WILL RECEIVE six pupils this week tor a thorough course ol dcuhie entry hooktoeplnc, mercantile writing -and arithmetic. Terms for the full course Haft. InemdiEC books. Ac. OLIVER B. GOL.DSM1TH 362 Broadwty, tVsrnor of Franklin *areet. ACAPRMT of LAKOPMJ.BK.-TSTO OEVTLKMrfW, ONE k graduate of toe I nlvoraUy rf Madrid theothsra gradu ale of the Cntvcnltv of Part*. Intend openlog n-w courne* In (he French and Hpanurfi;;l>ave had can; years' experience In teaching in this e-nntrv. 'Perms moderate. Private !os<on< If rieslrei. eitner at the ?cairanr or at the residence of the pnpita Appl> from 9 A. M. till ? P. K., mad from 3 to 7 P. M., al 24 Walker s'.reet . ffRBWCn JjANOVaOK. ? /'HOP. II. I.AOROIX. WO. ftft r Rroadwav, eontlnuea to receive uew pupUs fur thorough Instruction la the French language. Imparting to thwn, by an may and efficient method, a practical kcov. lodge ot It. By a tvaw plan the conjugation of v?vbs 1* no kmpltiind aa to bo readliy understood and acquired. Tar ma reaaon.'sbla. Private inhtptition in prkmanship. -th? subscriber will receive a limited tiumNr of ladles or gen tlemen for private Instruction In mercantile and e|il*t/*.irv writing. Kuch pupil will receive his personal attention it. (iOUjfe.MIl H, SC2 Broadway. OPAM8H AND FRhKCH LANGIT AGrlfi? PROP. A S 1'IMtRA can receive alew ?"r ubove language* Term* moderate. Addrett 70 Wnlte street. . wo doora from Broadway, irora 12 te ? o olool I . M SPA MRU LAftGtTAOB.? PROP. UORKIN CO.rTINUKx in give e?wv,s In tbe a' five. ApBlf at 13t Eighth Kreri. adjoining the Mercantile IJhrarv. also, ? room to let In the uune premlaea, to single gentlemen, with or wltaoul part la board. mo WHITING TEaCHKRR ? TIIR A1>VK<*W?-R? 1>i< J. aire* to engage toe service* < f a competent per&on t/> lean permatuhip No i|ue?tw<ns must he asked. A notr addressed In B 0 Broadway Poet oflioe, staling where an Interview may be had. will meet with attent'on. WAMKIi-A TKACHKR TO G1VK LHfSONP Iff i'PAK rlrg. Address, Immediately, with terms appelating an Interview, giving re'erenres, J. H. B., Herald oAlee. -4 Oil LISTS AKU Al KIXTS. UtJMAW ARTIFICIAL EYES ? A I.aRGK OOlLKCTIOf juat received by steamer, at L. LKROt'd, chainlet, 771 Broadway, corner Klnth street. CliOTHIVO, AC. 4 Pi AHf) WOBTH OF XHW OAOT OrF CLOTHIKft $O.V/UU wanled.? 'iHOMAS D. COSKuY, Uoensnd U huj clothing ofevery description. Oa?llem?n having', arte of ? ma.l lota 10 disprove of will receive the highest orlce for then, by calling at Ike store, or addressing Thorn aa It. Oonroy, i'.'". Pearl aireet. C1AST OFF CI.OTBINO -A I.AROK QVANTITY (TAM > ed, and the hlfihest prlcc liberally given. Gent ajjer. having good mrplus clothing which the ? wish to convert loto caah. ran r.htain the fml valt.e by addressing or raiting no .1 AM KS MOKOMKt, 122 Walker attest, a few doors east o' l enire Kt'cet C CLOTHING.- UAOIRR OR OKHTLRWKN II ATIWO AIT! J to dispose of cat. receive a fair caah price by s>>iirtlu* u tbe sldtes, M> 12 Laurens street, near Canal, or Wo 02 (feet timed way, ar latter by poet. Laths* attended by Mm ??'obeo S. (X)TI(I?. t'iRfc kui rs ? fib f. srrra. r KMtlH BR0THF.RB, Woe. 1? end 140 h'uHrm st eat. A large assortment of drab and hive Kersey baawcra tant ly i n hand. K. mples ot their Are eiati and pan In can he seen at their store*. Htftni HR iTWum, Noa. 122 and 140 1'uUdq stTMt. ?HOTTOVO. | rBLFVBBPOOL-UNlTMO STATES MAIL 8TMa?8K?> , BaLTIG, Oapt Jos. J. Uonm o-k . This ueairublp will Atpart wt* the Onitea States null* for Burcpe, po luve'y oa I Saturday, March la, at 12 o'clock, M., from bar berth at the fool Ot ClDtl gtfML For freight or du?m, having anaqiaUed a-MomandaUoo# for elegance or comfort, auply to EUW aBU K. OOLLINB, M Wa'l street. Passengers are requested to oe oa botril at IX A. M. bhippers wl'l ple**e take amice that the sh ips of tbia line can Lot carry any g ?da contraband of war. Ml leuer* must paw through the Pout office- any other will | be return, d. I The steamship will succeed the Baltic, awl lea re an March 29. I Ibe ?te?ruers of this Hne, to avoid the dtnger from the lee, I will not oroaa the Hanks north of 43 degrees until after the 1st ?t August next. THE BftlTlBH AND mobth AMEBICAN boy il mail kitismnhip#. whom nmw york to utihpool. Chief eat) In passage (ISO Second cabin passage 75 ruoa Boaron to uvuiruw. Obtef cabin passage 9110 Second cabin passage t>0 1 be ship* from Boatoa call at Hatf&x PKBbla, C'spv Jndkins, CANADA, Oapt Laug. aBaBI a, Oapt. J. Btute, AMEitftTA., capt Wiokuun ABiA.OafitE ?. Lett, HI *o <Ba. * apt. Byrie. AFBICa. Cant thuuuoti, EURoRAVOapi. J- i-ettoh.

Tneee vessels carry t clear white tight at masthead; green on starboard bow? red on port bow. Canada, Latg, leave Boston, Wednesday, February 27, 1884. Asia, " N York, Wednesday, March 6. " America. Wlckman, boston, Wednesday, Murrh 12. " Africa, Shannon " N. York, Wednesday. March 19, " Arabia, Btoce, " Boston, Weapesday, March 96, " Persia, J udkins, " N. York, Wednesday, April 2, " Canada, l.aug, " Bottnn Wednesday, vprll 9, " Asia, LOU, " N. Ycrk, Wednesday, April 18, " America. Wlckmtn, Bocon, Wednesday, April 23, M Berths not secured until paid lor. An experienced surgeon on board. the owners ot these chips ?vfll not be accottn table for gold, Mlver, hiUiktD, specie jewe rv, pm >?s s'oueeor mtmU, un less kills ot lading are signed tbereior. and the value theree' therein expressed. For trelvht or jiassage apply to JC. CONaBD, No. 4 Hovllng Green. Royal mailbthambhip ABiA.-i'ORLir'?tt.i\>OL. 1 he ASIA E. tl. Lott. commander, will mil from the company's dock, at Jersey City, with the matin and pa<*ent<erB lor tttrope, on Wednesday, tl 1 5tti March, at 1 o'clock, pre cuely. Parsengersi are requested t> be on board Sy U}i o'clock, The Alrics will sill ou the 19th March. K OUNAKO No. 4 Bo viltig Green. (j^O oIVKBt'OOL.-kT. OIOUIN Lin WOUPfSB P ships. ? The celebrated clipper ship, KACEit, Ca:>ttia Alnsworth, win pmltively ?all March*. *n expei-lecred ?ur f <u>n a'tached to tliii pliip For passage apply oa bovd, pi< r 8 North river, or to DBMABKBT A JON KB, 40 8?uth street, %na 36 u>d slip. NOTICE. ? T*P8COTT'S LINK UF LIVERPOOL PAOK ets -Packet 6th Va-rh The splendid new nod u?i rallirg clipper thlp, kMKKaLI) I8LK Ca.italn Ojrtiuh, vil! positively sail as anove. Karlv appln-itlon to H?cue ne-itu should be made on board, pier U Bast river, or to 1' Ai'SoOlT A Ou? fcti t>outli meet. PAbBAGK TO LlVhrtfuOi^.-VHK jm;BKW 8VE\MSaiP ()Af AOIAN, 1,760 tons register, wll) sail lo* Uvjri.ocl Wednesday March ft. First class cabin passage f~r. Steerage pa-aMe (inclu<t ng co-.'ked provlmons) Ml This vessel Is Dtultof Iron, and >1*4 sli ueparahi wai?f -tlirti' ix>mpartmKnts. an exi>erlei>oea surgeon oa .nm.-d. Apply to eiuLKBPlft, HKAN A Do. No. 3 Bowling <? -??n. SJTKAMEB FOtk LI YBBPOuL? TO BAIL BTfTKABCH, AT ) 12 o'c.ork. The Rplienlld royal mail su-atmbiii t' An ami AN, t.apv. lirange, will sail pro opUy -m aoove this t.ivorlte steamer possesses all th4 modern linuro' euieavs, canre ia urgeon and bat six water tight oompartmenu lor ttie l>?tt?r protection of oasf-en^ers. First olasa ca*nn poiwagn. |;r>; steerage. It eluding co>jked DnvUtona. S30 For p<u-ia^e. and ui secure berths, apply oa hoard, pier <6 Kasi river, or to C^A TtsN KYCK, *7 - outh street. The boyal mail Mn??r shambhip camadiyn will positively sail trom her berth at the foot ot Wail at , on Wednetday, March 6. a'. 12 o'cljck precinely. there are stilt several berths vacant, and she has room tbr a few to s more freight. QIlABSPIB. DKA* A CO , No 3 Bowling Green. STEAM BETWEEN NBW YOBK AND LOdttON.UAui^ tag at Cork eaca way for passengers. The new and pow erful screw steamer BKEMOa. Is appointed to sail an ab7/?. on Tuesday, the 1st of April, aod wnl take a hmiteJ uutawr ot first, second and third class pasien^ers For freight or passsge, apply to aBBAUaM HULL'S SoSd, 25 Par* row. XI OTICK. ? CUNBIO N EMU OF THE aMBBICAN BaKK. J.1 ANNA PBKhlNS. Oe:>rge O Wells, master, treat Bor deaux, will please send their permits oa board, at pl?r 7, .ortn river. Consignees are hereoy notified that Custom House ge neral order will be issued 03 lbs 3ih March All pernor") are hereby cautioned against harboring or trusting any of he orew of the above named vestel, aa no debt* of their co trading wi 1 be paid by the captain or consignees 8iMPri >N Htiij Tu?kB. No. 19 Beaver Btrect. UTBAM BETWEEN NEW YOBK AND Ol.ASOOW. - O Ei)i*BCBlj U, 2,600 tons, Capt. Wm Cumming. NEW YUltK, 1,160 " Oapt. Host. Craig. GLASGOW, 1,962 " Capt. Johu Lunean. The Glasgow and New York rtteamshtp (Joapany Intanu falling their new and powerful steamer MlI^BuKOH, fri>'n New York for Glasgow direct, on Baturday, 23d Marcli, at 12 o'clock, noon. Mates of passage -First class, #76 ; third class, tound wltb cooked provisions, KM). An expe rienced surgeon attached to each steamer. For freight or paa sage apply to JutlN Mc.sYMON, 17 Brand iray. New York city bills or gold only received for passage rBOM N*W YOBK TO HaVBE D1BE0T. Britiih and North American Boyal Mall Steam Packet Company. BTNa Capt Miller. EMEU Oapt. Small JUBa Wickman LkbaNON Oapt. Cook. CaMBBIa. (paddle wheal; oapt. Brownless The company's screw steamship Etna, 3,000 Urns, W. Miller commander, will sail trom Mew York for Havre, direct, ou Friday, 7th March. Uer cabin accomniidatlons and state rooms (lor drat class passengers art eq'ial to those of any steam* ol? afloat Passage money (Irs t cabin) tluO, pro?Wens and steward's fee Included. Wlues and unuors extra, to be procured oa board. For freight, passage or any other Information, apulv to K. CUNaBD, No. 4 dowUug Green. XTtOB BOUTHAMPTON AMD Ha VBK.? T?UK UNITED r States mat] steamer AMaQO, D. Line* commander, wlU leave fcr Havre, touching at Southampton to laad die malls and passengers, on Saturday, March 8, at 13 o'elook. Cram pier No. J7 Bonn river, too t of Beach street rau? or raMaaa. First cabtn ,$UU Second cabin 76 Baggage not wanted during the voyage should be sent ok hoard the day before sailing, marked "betow." Bo freight taksn after Thursday, March 6. For freight or passage apply to MoBTlMKBL 1 YIN OSTON, Agent, 63 BroaAway. B. B.? The Fulton will amooeed the Arago, and will sail April 6. rrHB LIYBBPOOL AND PHILADELPHIA Ws.MHinP J. Compaiij Intend salllnc hair favorite etosnaehtpe ? CITYOF BaLTIMOkE, 2,%7 tons, Uapt Bobert I^elteh. CITY OF WiJsHtaGTuNi *,SmC tons, Oayt Wm. WyBe. CITY OF MANGUKSTEB, 2 109 tona, Capt P. 0. Petria. Sajoon 109, tfi6 and H6. according te Mate rooaaa. A limited number o? third class passengers will be taken from Philadelphia and Liverpool, ana found in provisions From Philadelphia ,9W ( From Liverpool $40 Parties wishing to bring out their friends san obtain oertifi eates of passage and drafts on Liverpool la earns 01 ?1 ntertteg and upwards. Apply to JOHN G. DALE, Agant, 17 Walnut street, Philadelphia. REDUCED FBICMB-flO FOUNDS BaOtiAGS FRKItf Ten oents per poind on excess. Fori bourj from ooean [ to ocean by Panama Kali re ad. Do eitra er.penses. Meals on the Isthmus tree tor itMrue pas.'-eDgeru. Through for Call I fomla via Panama Rallruad. The L'niuxl Klatei .SUll 8 loam ?hip Company will dispatch (or * spin wall on W?*lne*lay. March A, at two o'e ook P. M., precisely. frem pier fjut or W*r ren street. North river, the a ell known and fast steamsaip ILLINOIS, Oapt. Chae. 8. Hoggs, U. 8. N. Paa^esgers ani< mails will be tpr warded by the Panama Railroad, an" cnoneH ii Panama with the Pacific Hall bteamshlp Company's img nlficent steamship Konora, Richard ^hitlng oomman lor, whu'h will be In readiness and leave immediately lor Iftn Fraud ko the public are lnlormed that the 1*. M.ti Co. al whvs iiavo ot:e or more extra steamers lying at Panama ready (or sea, m avoid any po?sibie d-u-ntlun of paH?engeni or malls. For passage* apply to 1. W. BAYMONif, at the only ottoe of tie oo-npsmen, 177 We , t street, corner of warren street. 'ihrougti freights tr> San Francisco can uow be coniraeun for. la lots ef not )>*u tluin half a t/m measurement, at very loir rater to loivo Pa nama by the steamer Oregon m March. Apply as above. Ei>OR MEW GRANADa, VIa K1KQ8TON, JaKAIOA. r Ibe steamship obfKhY wilt sail on the fit or A4>rli. For passegs apply to WM. K. KOLLO A Ou., Mo. 28 William street. For freight apply to Mtirtt^t H.R/? k CO., No. ?l road way, AUSTRALIA PIONKUR LINK OF MONTHLY PaCK A. ets, carrying the I'd lied btates Mali. Ukc new and 1 splendid clipper ship 8PUKT8MAW, for Melnormo, Port Phillip, 1,111)0 tons burthen, Is now at her berth, oier ~ (List river, and having hair her cargu already wwrfwd , will b:iv* imntediate dispatch. Iler aocommodadoa a far pa Mongers ere unsurpassed For freight or passage apply on boanl, or to R. W. C a MICRON, No. 6 Bowling Oreen. AUSTRALIA ? INDBPttNDhNT LINK.? FIRST SHIP and only vessel new en the berth loading (tsr Molbunrnn. ? The splendid A 1 clipper ship N art run I A *, 1 41X1 ton* our then, will be despatched on the 30th of March for the a'rave port. Her accommodations tor pteseng?rs In tho first and second cabins cannot be sarpassed, for vriitci early apfilic* lioti must be made. For balance ot freight or paeaage anoiy to GOODEVK, akKHLI/A KLIJOT, 88 Pearl street, or for paesage, on hoard, at pier 12 east river, to C. BAKKY. ( AUSTRALIA -INDKPKNitKNT LINK.? Til K Hk. v I'll tul A 1 clipper snip K aTH aT will he despatched fur Bjduey oa the 10th of March. For balance ot freighter pa* sage in tirat cabin apply oa board, at pier 14 Kaet river, or to UOoDRVK, AKKKLL A KI.Lfcn, 88 Pearl street. FUR CALIFORNIA ? GREAT RUDUCliON OF F A Hit-) New York and California hteamshlp Line, under th*. dtreo tioo of C. Vanderbttt, (or the Aooeseory Transit t'empuiyor i i Nicaragua, proprietors- fitly poinds of baggage treenail over I ten penis per pouud. Day ot ssita? changed to Bth acd Suh ! of each month; through in advm nee ot the mails, and 6tH) milei i shorter than any other route. The splendid double euglne steamship STAR OF TUB WK8T, t,M0 tons harden, Captain 1 Miner, will leave pier Ho. 3 tfortfa rive-, at S o'cloe* r. M , for Punta Arenas, on Saturday, I Mareh (8. oonnseUng with the steamship PACIFIC, over the Nicaragua franiP. route, having hot twelve miles of land traasperiauon by Urst alas* carriages. The proprietors can now assure !.ie pobllc that Uie poll ileal troubles to Nloaragui have oeased. and not the slightest Interruption fc> the transit Mtwera H o ooeene seed be apprehended. For information or paascjte apply to JaMKS M. CRO88 at the o?ly oidice of the Hne.No.D llow/lng Oreen. Stamped letters iakea at 6 csnu CJUTTOM A 00. t DBCPATOB LIKE VOM Ba* fftA* O ctsco ? flailing rsgaarlv and positively, oa or .xifore lUi day advertised. Clipper of Thursday, 1 Wh Ma?ea Inst. The farorlte clipper STRKei, Allen, master, la recoiviug bur cargo at pier No. 5, Kast river, and will positively sail as abovu. Shippers will please hand In their bills nf Uillog as so >n a" iheor engagements are completed. RtIT TOS A t7t?., ft8 South street, corner ot Wall. N. B.? No freight taken after the day advertised. OR HAVANA AND N*W ORLK ANB.-THB CHI tK U mutes mall steamship BLACK WaRKTOR, 3. W HmlUi, oommaader, will oommenee receiving freight Thtir?dav, March 6, and sail for the above ports on Monday, March 10, V. 2 1" M. |irecls?ly, from her pier, No. 27 Nortk river, foot of Robinson street. LIVINOSTOir, CROCHRRON A" CO, Agents. Offlee. No. 12 Park place. NoUoe ? No hills of Wing signed after ship sails. >K SAVANNAH ANI? FLORJOA.? UNITED BTaT^ matl line.? The new and elegant *te\mer ALAB iMn, Capt. O. B. Brher.nk, will leave on Wednesday. Msr?h8,from pier Mo. 4 North river, at S o'elock P. M Bills ot lading signed on board. For freight apply on board, or far passage lo b. L HITt UIT.L, No. 13 Brqadwa;. Cabin passage to Savannah, 126; lor Florida, through tickets from New York to Jaekn.ii vUle,S31;to Pflaika, $33. large aid commodious steso.'r* leave Savannah tor Florida three times a week, Mone--' ng with the steamers from New York on Tuesdays and ftatard'i * FOB NORFOLK AND FglKMBCBO.? TBR 0. 1. M t'L steamship JAMBSTOWff, Captain Lewis Parrlsb, w*" leave tor the above puces, on Wednesday Bth Instant, a* ? , o'clock P. M.. from pier IS North ?lver. Passengers win ar rive In N..itolk the next afternoon. In Petersourg aod Rich tiionil the lolkiwlnu; morning. Travellers tor the Month uoei! apprehend no delay In taking tbls plea?ant and e,*peilltIoi?s route; they will proceed from Norfolk by the Griat Man Une to tlharlestoo, (Savsnnsh, Angnata, Ao- Passage end fa r* with s'ateroom, to Norfolk. $8. to Pe'ersbnrg an.1 Rlnhmoo I 1 10. Apply to I.CPLAM A PI.BASANT8, SI Hroa.l*ay AMUHEMHMTS. NIBLO'S BABDKN.-DOOBb OPEN At ?*; TICKETS, to oenu. Wu>?MiY Brasilia, M-auCh 8, 1866 THfc WONUKRPUL itAYKL FAMILY. MLLE THBRKHA BOdEBl1. Lrhmann's new <pectacle pantocaine, TuB KLK KlNfi; Or. WEALTH AND POVMBTT. LA E T B CHaMPKTBE. IIIK yOU BLR TIGHT BOPB. Ij B S ABEILLKri. LAURA KBKNB'B yabietieb. i hanuk or Timk? Doora nxm at 6)4; performwoe lo commence at 7 >4 prwuaely. This evening. March i? TWO LOVKH AND A LIFK. Sir Uervase Kokawood Mr. a. Jordan Ka h?r Hndc life Mr. B. Hell Bulb Havensosr Mla? ianira Kuene Anne Ma*gr?T? Mwm K. Bel-uolda k NOVELTY. A novel, rythmical. mimical, political, scenic, drama tie, ar Katie, mrto coSltoo, rational mat national curava^anuL, Ih Oms Act ahd Ten Tauuiali. The lure elrem. .Mies L. Keene I Novefty Miss B. Durand Fashion Miss Lesdernler J Forteoe Mlaa Reigrvik: s TBTALLAeK'S THEATRE, BBOADWa If. NEAR It BOOM R TT street ? Doors open at t o>eknk; to nuinnaanoe at t}? This evening, March 5, TUhl K.ViWH'i'H OF THE BOUND TABLK. Captain (.'ozena Mr Mr. Smith Mr lirontham I D'Arcy Mr. Dyott T{xn Itttier Mr. Walrot | < loneral Grantley . . Mr. Nortos air R. Pootle Mr. dtewart | Peggy PopAn.... Mies OMnoe PeidHa Mrs Hon? THE BKV1KW. htf nev McTwoHor Mr. Brougham Caleb Qwotam Mr. Walrot BUe-kLEV'B ? KBSK AlMt-Bfl, 0H9 b&O ADWAY.- M ON. da> ever. Ins , March 3, and every evening during the v eek. Punt iiightct the new piece, eutlOa THB BOUrtT OK ICE-BUBO; Cr,(h la Poke a Fu i Put ) A V' HKAM or Kane's PoLB AH Bk.A. FernetCc tnurw our to vn will be Invaded, Therefeie, the streets with Ice I've burrleaded. Preceding the sketch? NBOttO MINSTBKUnr. Tickets, 25 cents. PerUam'a Gift Tickets admitted lo ourei ertaiomento. MM*. IBIDOBA GLaRK WILL (jrVK A GRAND mHRKK mubicalb, AT TI1F. BHOOKLYN POLYTECHNIC LG?TITirrH, In Livingston > ireet near Courts rnur ut <'lty Hall, on TLt f. !I>AY EVEN1NO, MARCH 6, esilstrd by slgnoi ilenaidi, baritone; Mr. Aptommas harpist; T. K Khk?i.,id. planitt; ami Henry C. Tlinm, conductor. Ticket*, $1. A limited number for mile at Wiu Hall A don'*, 289 Bf.wdway. New York; at the Brooklyn inunlo and book stores, w iifr" programmes m?v be ob tamed, and fuii onrticii lar?; ?J?o, tn if n papers oi the B'h and lith lest. Doors open at 7*4; cotirett tn commence at 8 o'olock. GBa5"1> OONChBT >.T DOVWORTB'8 ROOMS. ON P*iday e'enlni, sarcb 7. First appearance of the e ni iient tenor. Slgnor UOflSKn'I, o*jMed bv Hignora i.hKBit KAt' 1, fcignor Mt^RiNu. tbc fMvorlte baritone, and toe great pinnist, ii. M (.'iiTi JCHaLK. i'rk>, Bfcltsari ) ..Hgi:oru ile t'crari. Bigs. Bosiettl and M rlno Komauz; , UU-oleito Si? AiM>nUl Huet f voriia Kfguora de Ferrari ana S|g Mornto t uer. Irovatoie Slguorade Kerrsri au>l Slg. Kouettl Souvenir >le Andi>lu?la OottHctalk Jrlo, A tiin Wij norit de Peri-art, Sign. Koxseili and Morlno Di et, l.ucta Sign. RoviteUI and Mnrtno a ria, VuMiritv Hlxnora de Ferrari CkVhtbia, AttUn Slgnor BosuetU Tarrnntctla tRo^lnl) Hignor Morion Hsdjo ( <n?'rlcari t-ket-b) U M. QoUschtlk Trio, Kmiaii Sl?tnora da Fcrr*rl . Bigs. Ko?eitl ami Morkio lViorn npcu >vt 7 ; Ooooert commencen at H. Tickets, d; la airs SOwns- to be obtained at the prln^ioal musics' ores. \\' ALL.A* ilL'B '1HKATKK ? BINBTIT OP MB. GEO. VV HOLLAND. Tnciu.ii,> v, Mai:ch 0, 18V), when n. Ill he performed, for the Unit time this season, the ster.tng oomcd> of THE HEIB AT I.AW. Alee, tor the first lltne this ic??on, the celebrated oomodv of T11B HOAKD1NO SCHOOL. Ibe above pifres will produce a combination of toient for wbitfi 0)18 theatre is ut. rival e<l. Box book now open. 0 AT OHOa, AMD HE *"ON VINCED.-NO HVMBVO alifnit this. A bona tide horse only three feet hlg i curry Irg a u an tip a frightful precipice Done every night at AMI WhiU 'e Opera Hoiu?, lu the Bowery. CEBAHTOPOL H?LDS ON-ON'E wekk lonoeb. O JOHN B. SMITH'S OH A" u TUCIR OP BCBOPB and 81 ROB OF H Kit AfTOPOL, Empire Hall, No. A9ti Broadway, SHitmNO ONE HUNDMBD VIEWS Or the cities and o'-jeot* of Interest In Kurope. JQt atS. FBANKL1N MUhBUM, AS BOWBBY. ? OPEIC BVKBY night. 8Uangers and othrrn will obxerve that the above is the only place ot amusement In toe United State) where thi original troupe of model artistes can he i-een, with other orlgi ei.tertalnments. op?? at 7; curtain rl?-.s athalf oast 7. Aaniisdion? Orchestra seats, SO cents; pari[tteU?, 37)6 certs; boxes, 25 cents. Temple op the mc3eb, sm Broadway.? two performances dally, oommencingat 3 in the afiornoon, and 7M in the evening llevoted to the rtnr?nenut'lons of ma* tuiicent .'ivu g N aiuary, by Madame Warton's troupe >t model artistes, twenty -reventoi number .oompoeedot some of the ilnest iormed women in the world. G Wvery evening at ,% o'clock, 'iud every Saturday afternoon 3. The music by Mr. Al wy o Field, of London. CITY THKATRE, HABTPORD. OONN.-THK 81' aB company, frnm the Broadway theatre, New Yjrk, and the Boston meat re, under the management of Messrs. Laner gan, l-aufoi d and Flvke, are now giving a series of their select and 'legitime e entertain u. en W, ai above, aim will continue un til l'urtner no Ire. J. W. LANEBG AN, Stage Manager. HHlPVlNli. L'l'B CHAKLEttTON AWO FLORIDA -8KMI WKKKL.Y r O B. Mall Line ?The new and ?pWntlW steamship Marion. W. F (*ter, oununander, will leave pier No. 4, S. K. on 'Wrednesday, March 6, at 3 o'clock, P M , precisely. For freight anply on board, and where all bills of lading will be fUued; ana for passage at the oOlce of Hpoiford, TUeslon A Co., 'J9 Hioadway Cabin parage, $?>? The beautiful steamer James Adger, B. O. Turner, commander, will sncoeed and leave ou Saturdav. March 8. The favorite steamer Carolina, makes regular trips to the various landing* on the Ht Johns rtrer, Fkrtds connecting wl'h the steamers from New York, and leaving i hailestoi. every rueiday at 2 e'dock, P. M. /IBOMWEIL'B BALTIMORE BTKAM^HIP LINE? WILL " ' receive freight tor Ba'tlmore and the West on and alter this date, at pier 13 North river. TO aOOTHKBN TBAVKLLKUS. ? STKAM8HIP JAMKfl ToWN leaves pier 13 North river, al 3 P. M. to day, tor Norfolk, Petersburg and Richmond. TKAVKLLEI18-I UU1DE. SilALL B1VKB I INK ? ON AND AFTKR MONDAY, 1 March 10, the steamers of the Fall Rrver liine will l?\ve New York, lrom pier 3, North river at ^o'clock P. M. WM. BuBDKN, Agent. Hudson bivkb railboad.-ibainh ljcays Chambers ab ?et daily, for Albany and Troy. On *n? after Monday , Jar. nary 21 , 18W, the train i> will run as follows: - Kx-ress train. 7 A.M.. ooonecttog with Northers and Wentera trains; ibro'tgh ?v train 12 M ; express train, 5 P. M.: for Ponghkeopsie. at V At*, and 3^0 pTm., far Pee* skill. 5:30 P. M.: for Mag Sing, m-t P. M. The Hlbf Blng and P ekskUl trains stop til al I t ?e way stations. Paasengers taken h . Cham ? ers. Canal, Chris teo'ier and Thirty flrst streets. Sunday mai train, ai 4 P. X., from Canal street for A'bany, slnoning at a)' ci all stations. M. L. BYKJCfl. Jr.. BwoarlBtendiMit 4STBOMMiV. ABTONIBH'.NO I f ALL.- MADAME MOBBOW, THB tsventb daughter, bus a natural gilt to tell past, nresenl and lutore events, and all the concerns of Hie, even the v?r tbonghta, and will n*uae speedy marrlagea, and shiiw the like oessrsot the ui tended husband* and a!>sent trlends. and will bring together those who are separa.ed who wltl mjoy the greyest liapt>lne?a of matrimonial hH?a. Al) who wi*b gooc lurk may cap soon for relief and oomtort. Thousands have ex firesacd ibeir bel.lel that she Is ihe most wnnd.irful aetrol-igisi n the world, or that has e' er been known, ih?m;h she prso tlses ricAblt'g but what Is rec-meileshie to philosophers. He charge If no', satisfied. 76 Broome street, between uaunon aik Columbia. Gentlemen noi admitted A8TBOLOOY.? THK Cfc-LKltK ATKD Mt4^. FLBWRY, from Paris, v>h<i-e relation has been constantly consulted li) N?poleon I., tlves true h formntlon on all eves;.s of lite. Queftiobl about husiress, love, m^i rtaRe. ,lc.. are answered by the power of magnetttim, at 203 Broome street, td Btjry, door fi e. 4. I ILaIBVOYaNCK.? MBK SBV.YIOUR. 11U SPKINO ST V I a 'n* floors wri-t of llrosd/ ay, the most |snee?uiful ssetii. pal and bin-lueKs cl*irro*ant It. AmeMea ^sthiu*, tironehitia, liver ? mplaint, dyspepula, general ileblllty, fever and ague In ?'a worst form liervoiisnew. tc. cured If curable, ana sti'ls lacticn g? stanieed. or no pay ta?en aLAlP.VOYANCE." MB-i. llA VPS I7? OKANI) h 1'Kn.KT, Oe?t of Broadway, is the b??t and inoxt sticceseful tueiliaal knd bUhlnefi clalrvoysnt In America: dii eases cerrectly ton! nod cured; persons seen at any distance; unerring advl >e K'ven respecting persmis, bnsuiess. Ac ; sa1 isl'actery exaiulba lions given, rem em er. orno pay t?k-n. MAll.lSK BACKEK, ASlKOLIXihlK, IS itOlNtt tj) leave New Yor* WV ievrrot Uer trleuds require her service* before her departure must call very sooo, at her M Hidevce. No. Ll?penard street ~ MBPlCAIw ~ ~ A LADY WHO HAS BKKN CUBKD OF OKKaT NKB vots ileblllty, alter nMbny Tea's of misery, desires to anko kin wn toali fellow sutl'erera the sure means oi reilof Addrew cm 'osltyr stamp to pay return postage, Mrs. Mary B DeWlti, Iv.fon, And the prescription will be sent f ire by near' post. DR. WABD'B PBPORTDH ATK'8 FBIBND, AlBOTifn unrivalJed remedies.? The sure cstre ? oerfhs diseases ((tucker asd mere complete than anvibiag else VM MEUoied who eoald obtain a pormanent and speedy core, shnuid ooms Imn.e. lately to me. I sa?o hundreds monthly. OOce ar ran red aoUial pat eats do not meet. Quick efTKtuml and ha tailing medical aid rendered. My unfenu'tato's rrtsrd cure# a ways In s?reek, often In two days; slight enses. nmneaelng. In tw elve hours. Offloe. Oan?ie?ree*,ooe deor east of the oor i?r if Broasway. . ? . .? V , B. LABMONT'S PaBW i ND LOBDOf* MEDfOAf, AO I ) vtM>r and Marriage Oaide; ilth edition, .<M0 pagee, 76 co lr rod figures doth. *1. It gives ihe pretended remedies, and Hhown tie sapcriority of the aatbor'a Paris and London treat i runt of hla speciality . nervou- dottlliy, loc?] mod general, from excefs and Indiscretion In routh, Ac Office hours 11 til, and 6 to !' P M , 42 Ke?de street, er mnr ?U Wreeriway. N, t. We recommend I?r. Larmont to the Ubloted .? Oqurrter fas EtaU I nis, bttat* 7*.|mng, National lietrcrrat, Day Book, Ac. CTfFHUClOim CUBE POM OOBBB, BCNlOBB, 0 VL Fj losl'.lee, oaf la gritwtng Into the Desh. and every dWiriW of the feet, by a r?w and peculiar Method, withontgatttog, m *Moaitmir L?V?*o? SlsBae deBUrok. Parte, and No 3 O'fdull street, Msg set rtrect I oaduo. Hurgeoo Chi'opodlsi lo the Ktn.mmr of and the Bo?ai Family of ftogUod. I hstv.og been speeiaBy kivtted to New Toe% to attend some dial ting. lb bed lasUUea. CMeode remaining here and may be PUlM^l dally, Bodaye excepted, at Us o?se, from W ?1 4 o'clock , rorrm or nenwoirtAid. [From his Imperial Mejeel^NajwletMi III., ftnperur ?| Je eerl'Oe que M. Levi ecieve tea core avee one extreme ha bilete . Louts NtrorJtos Bos?i aai?. (From Ms Oraee the pfeaeet Duke of ( leveland.] I certify that Mr I^evi hea entirely cm ed my ootm. Olbvmlavo, A4 Bt. Jaanee seeare, London. [From the Meat Noble ihe Marttuie at Lansdowne 1 Mr. N. Levi extracted a corn for me witli perfect fhci ?iy and suer ??b. Labspowtt*, 68 BeHteley square, Iiorwtno. : i t< m Robert Ferguson Esq.. M D., I'hysMan tn Ordinary to har M^Jesti of (treat BrMeia] Yr. t qvi has most skltfu ly eauacted iwo eorna from my leu, v. >tho'U (iving me the stlgMeet pain. Bo at. PBMVMW. M. D. Nc. t f u >en street. May Pair Loods*. March a. IBM. I From U. J. Fattua, Esq ] Ui ipllolted lyr Mr Levi. T beg leave to teslfy to Ms tneeem "ui el lil In hatrm- perfhoiy removed a lerge o?uien, of long <t*r ' rg, w ithout cuusins any pain 1 J. Patten, l'lii sdelphia, July 27. 18U Mo. 4 Boston row. in i ddiiiuo to tie above authenticated testimonials, man] >h"n nds more In his pos*es<lon (among wMoh are several ri-orr, idles of !?? highest rank) can be seen hv AtvoHfig him wilfia cell at hi? cBlee^ 91 Eleventh street, between Fifth aatf tlv'h i vermes. New York. N. p - No profootinnai aoonection wtft any \ AHUHEKBim. A_ MABdHALL, tWW RHfPi ??**?. **?e >??**. ?So'ekw.k perfnnaaoee u? (vunmeno* at 7\, pMiyly. This b*k2& feniig, March i, the graut i UK K..X i lea ttwtary MOMrM Or hi/nter, I Adapted and arrargwl 'from A in* worth'* btrtorlaal tf'w tnd-or C4Plie") fipn-fnly thi* (heiatre. H| ?l.?l ? U M?..i- A M -is o,?..t?v,w.^ ^^MB|ICiY FOUR BKAUTIFUL TWENTY FOUR BKADTIKUL HOBSBB. too'txllni the wonder*'il tifilDMl unhnal * FIR* FLT. wOi appear. Br rue (be Haciter - - Mabel lynwood ?? ? rtmm BUKTON'B-CBAMHKRri bTJtEET. Wednesday.- %br grnfct iuooms of the i. WlSlKii'H TAliK, with Ha lovely seenery *pl?ndld oo*?ume?, and food Mlnf> by the nrenei t excellent company. .. Mr. Burton *? Autolycu*. Mr. U. Harry aa Laoa'da, Ifc*. -A. Parker M O'rnuliw, Jill** R. Th*me a* PjWjha. ... Previous 10, a new pmae, called JBNNY UND. mum ihe ? utcaasful Mrs. C. H< wtrd, who will aing ae?arn I <H* BROADWAY Va IHKTIKS MO. 471 BROADW.AY. (L?te Mwbanict' Ball. b?lw?in H?ti U< AWMllM B. wood hexaee and Bo B. O. Ma rah Stage M ADM1KMGN TWKMTYFIVB CENTS. During this ?wk 1H8WOOH A MARSH JTTKKTLK OOMKDLAJT8, In thatr mod nautical drauin of bi.a;;k k*i:d hub am. Ala*. THE WANDKRI5G MINHTBBL. Jem Baga Master Geo. W. Marmh ( Introducing song, "VUIkewsand bin Dinah," Ae.) Door* 01 en aui.'j; oomnvanc?* s'clcnk, and eonohxlea at 10 o'clock. Notice ?On a ud attar Monday, March 10, the curtate wfll riae ml 7 X precisely. GKO. CHRIHTY A WOOD'S MINSTREL*. ITKW 444 Broa<- *ray, b?Jow Orand street.? O^HN EVERY EVENING. Bnaineaa tracaacted by Henry Wood. 8t*se Manager Geo. Christy. Ft thi* week? Ethiopian MtnMira'?r, concluding wtlb, fourth and /aot week, of the new pfeoe of the HAPPY MAS ; o?, THE TRRaTY WITH JAP AM. J ill) um Ouarkantiuafc, Cook on board the U . H. steamer Powfrrfwn ?????? ???>? <%rto* Door* onntvnt ,1 and the <Mirt?h) H*e* at 1\ o>rlork. Noll '*.? On and attar Monday, March 10, the curtain wttl rife at 7X prerleely. , ? ? 'mlwuon ?*?* Meite. DUSSBLDOitP GaLjlKRY. 497 BROADWAY, OON u-his nearly two hundred of ihe fineat wwks of art tw put npon exhibition. ?.v?rj' painting la a gem Open dally, tro-n 9 I . M Uil 1(1 P M. Admittance, 35 M*t*; aeMon ticket*. 80 oenta. LM. G<riThCllALK'.-i P1BK1 i-IaNOPOBTR SOIBKM, IK NKWAttK S. J.. A?^l?led br ^I.NOKA PKRRARI, (Tlie celebrated prima tlonnn itorn the Royal Theatre of MUaa and >aplon.) RIONOB l MOM? BO?BTTT. (i he dlsltuRu'i-htiU t<i?or, from th? Italian Ooeriln rarlsand PI. I'ple rhburt . i uii <1 ? Ki .N ' i h. MdKlKO, the eminent baiitone, (Iron the Koyal cper? of Turin). L. M. OuTl 8CII Al.K wilt ^iveMs drat Pianoforte Soiree te thecli? of Newar*. oi Till' USD A Y evenints, Marci ft, at LIBRARY l!AU. in Ma'kot o'roe . De>T Bruad. For rartlcVi'iirr Few Sevvnrk diiiiy p?pern of the 6th tnat., ?nd pr urainme at Uio muple. book and drug store*, where tl-ket? are left on *de LM. GOTTSOHALK. . will ylve hi* Kkji'tti PiAKOroKTB Bfunisr. OW SaTI IU>aY riVKNiNG, MARi'U 8, 1860, AT OODWOIiTn'S RoOMH. Frr partl?u'un<. w;e pn>grainn\iii at ihe mu?lc itorea and lh* dally patera of ^nturiioy, (he 8ih Itia . ? not Priday, ae erro neoiiHiT ai nourced. TIIF, BROTHS B8 MULLf'NH All tit B BO UKWA TO I.V loiunhrir friends, ann tfce. imbllcln ?*<ueral. that ihey have been unavoidably obliged to poatpone th^lr d?D*r'.u'e 10 Eu rope for ihe preaeut, and will, at the reqi?e*t of many Irlenda, atiKir resume their l<>"son8 on iti? piano, violin, violoneeUo and untiLK. * or particulara apply at Schnberth'a tnoslo avore, l(!o?dwhy. DONT PIUT, BUT OO AND 9RK THE GKBMEST hiule?nu? ever nrodnced M VZ(CPi*A; the beautiful *p?etaele, trauupcsed and arransod by (^hartey Wnlte, la nightly hailed wiUi ahoula of unthusiaam bv ero ?d? of ytettera. Notice to thr eoi.ders of pebham'b gift tc.elB.-Tbe contract exif Un? between ihe undeetfgned bavin? been thU day canco.lied by mutual oonaent, the boioerv of P? rham'* tlckeis lor admW.-don to B0' KLKi'.S or KB 'V tfOU.?E, J.TO BROADWAY, muni preten' thttn for adirl-onon on or be'ore SATURDAY NK\T. THE Bl'H INST. Other wice .hey will net be received. J AS. BUCKL5CY A BOKR New York, MaichJ. 1866. JofllAH PicBHAM. HOI.D YOUB HOIiHHS ? GIVE BOMB ONB ELSE A . chance.? '1 he town 'a k i* about that little pony. Sana, and the free! combat of White and Carroll, together iritb the beau tiful wardrobe. prover'U' ' and ne v ecenery of Otarley WhUe'a burlesque 1 be vlanei ? prcnounoe It a new era In amuae mentfl. BVtinm si:rkn.vdfbs.? Perhim'a ticket* will not be admitted after Saturday, March 8, 18R6. LADIK8 aND OBKYLBMBM OF<THB THEATICAl, PBO fetaion will find in thn tir*t Uisue of THE MEW YOBKHR a thorough review of city iheaincals, and lntelHgenee from every nectlcn of the country, and from abroad. The moat ele gant weekly paper In the city. Two dollar* a year, live eenta a copy. PuHlcailon ollice. Nn. 0 Hpruce atreet. MAZEPPa, MaZKPPA, MAZKPPA, mazkppa? Ask 'he opi oiou of anybody who ha* seen this grettbur le/uiie, and their reply will be, that it 1h 'be looet aovel, beau tiful and bt tt arranged negro piece ever witnesaed. B MUSICAL. A8EVKN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO FOB SA1.B, rkdtly finished, with >ound corners and mouldtes, with rich gilt ornamental rone pa'tern ti'ate, beauUtuI iud rn* tone, and made by a celebrated city maker; with uneiDlrel warran tee tortwo year* from I'ecemberlait, it U rlahi f pobaoec. Oaa be fully tested by the purchaxer Will be sold for IW oaah. A rare chance. Apply at 87^ Weat Tweuty-slxlh aureet. near Sixth avenue. BAROA1N8.-MCW ROUND COB NEB %% OCTAVK piano*, with irouframe*, for $180; second band do., far W0, $160 and 9176; raelodeons. lor $26. W> and SCO Ptanoa and ^ nelodeon* 'o let, at low rates, by 8. T. GORDON. 297 Broad way. agent for Hallet, liavis A Co.'s plaooa, and Maaon M B*m)ln'* melodeona and harmonium* ANJo.-TKB banjo taught in various styuj^. by FRANK SPtvKD, ro. 80 Hudson street Such pteone as wal'zes, poikaa,.lss, tanta?d*.<>, Ac ; man' of which are of hla own com position , which be can prove. Banjos of every de scription of mv own manufacture. Term* reaebnable. Great bargains, if rkmoved immediatbly.? One *pwndld seven oetaye rnaawood piaaoltorte, te use bu' ten months and oo*t $278, for sale, tor (160; oat aeven oo tave rosevooddo. for $f2o, a^d one for SIOO; one mahogany do. lor $86, ane do 976, and one 960. olhera kr 930. 921 and $20. Cian be aeen at 102 Twenty alxih itreet, near Sixth ave ana. B. GON/ALBi. Great sacrifice.? a bplkmdid 9276 rosewood p-ano lor sale for 9180, auperlor tone and oaae; warranted In every respect by the make ?*; n^t been used three month*; owner Is s'ck and mn t sell it. . Can be seen (hla week at 90 R ?,?er?t!eet, before lUo'cloce HAhP.-WANThD. A MOOBB HAND, DOUBLB Ac tion harp. I'. rnutit be ot auperlor (ooa. Addreaa X, Hi rtd otfb'e. MRS. BKGT'IN'S ACA DEMTOF MCT8IC, NINTH STREffP C'eirent'i. pla. e, between Wa^crley and Migblh street*. ? Mrs. Reguln mfirrm* lier pupd* also the ladle* and ganUaman ot Aew York, ei-peclairy thnan Intended for ihe ob'ireh, that she I* forming a riHnn for the -tudy of Mocari'a and t^ayda'a Masses. Ail wislting to join will apply at the tendency. MIffi NOKU. PROFTSWiO* OF MUdlC, ?MD A PUPIL ? if Duretaid Ihu> i, of l'aria, ha* ao opening for a fkw more pupil* for the piano. Apply at S3 C.-oaby street, between bpring ?nd POnce. PIaM S, MELODBONM A MD MUSIC? HGBACB WA TKRp, ate it tor the hen 4 as ton and flew York pkanoa, i* now stilling a'. No. 838 broadv av an eattrali new *1 >ck of ?ucerfa.r piano*, mebxlnons, and all kind* o music u merchao i? ise, at greatly reduced prices No better opportunity to se cure gr'et bernattis ws* -ve' offered. Se~ond hand qluio* tVom $,''0 t->$l4U. i'lanos u> let. Oreat indueemenla offered the t'adh. PI a NOB AT GRHa l' BARGAINS.? A. MB' OND BAND ri aewood ieven o<-'*vc piano. In good condition, for 9126: ore new and warranted seven octave for $17S. four othara at very to* prWe>. Me nrf. onf. tlutlnsa, aco irdeons, watcbea, chair*, *egm*?, sate* books, eeAlng machine*, Ao , Ar. Oaah advance* oo pUi c*. meindfcOrn. watolie* jeWelr /, dry good*, gro<,eries, hnrdware l ooks, stationery and merehajulUe gena ral'y, consigned for talc or ua storage, or bought Carcuh. J. r, ,'ONH^. 52 Ann street, second floor. C?:HUBE*TH A CO., HUilC DEPOT. 63? BROADWAY s ' New York, pubHaber* since thirty rears, at Hamburg and L?i pale, offer a .rook ot one million works, (ha iasasat ta ti e tinned State*. Thoaa who want gaod aanria, at law^ intta, ?tea*e (>-> eatL WANTFD? a SKCOND HA VI) MARTIN" UUITAB. Any person having a gnod instilment. In perfe-l onlee, and willing io dlepoee of (be **me at a reasonable price, ann hear of a parrhaaer by addressing h?i 1488 foat office. expuksuks. FRt*UA?_* CO.* ?(??*? run OALiroRNlA Oregon, Hand ?4ch l?iaud? aod Want Ooant of Mouth imt ?rn-a.- Or ntl reduction of rale-.. Office W Broadway (>>n Deoitrgat *aii /ranoUeo with lAugton'a Pioneer Riprawfor ftecramt-nto. Barytvilc, the Northern ulna* aod Cak/umla in teitor, tmr nen fiprea. iXl7?5!55 ' ?Sr Cnttad. yiTjd^U^^and^aX^S: A... until 1 *' ( PBRKM <W M 00., 'W Broadway. PAOIWa kXPRFXH t'OWPANT, 1M BROADWAY ? TtM-f ogtl freight f^aranteed, taken aa low dr lower th*rt an* nth?r rxorepn; w fraijrhi k>w?r than an other exwexi' Er "Jtooto, *,rnk a- &?^ru?3?a?{. 'J ksuera reoetred uniU 1 % o'clock. WK. H. D U.L, Agent MKDlCtL. . D*, ?rF ~*U t \o 9 P. M., Bundayi ?w pfd. MS Honatea atraet, near D1 iR. OOOPKB, 14 DC A in 1 euhed wVh eonfl tense on d one ?paetnMjr eneblee Mm to oak* mercury. R turkontk parir J) AiHtre and Nerrtafe ('"Me KtaraoOi* I'r> colored flxnrea; ek>N, 11 MMH thai ?iithiiHe 1'irt and Umdon treatment aT hit loan dubUUy. Ideal and rencral, fmaa eiee^H ygii'h. to. (tfllcc houri II to X aod OMdubUlty. ideal a?td raneral, Office hour* II in X aV^H ?^^?narSW Hjo?ow*t, Mew I far-moot to flSe mrtlcted. - tYmrHer a?a IMnta tang, NaUonafDrnaocrt, Day Hoot, Ac. PMRIVaTB OORHITl.t aTTOWR. ?OR. Wiwoi ?*? ? flaae kta Droc'toa In om frtaae of ?a*Mfc t? wklafc batata fh m kueinaaa. or Upm? htm to lUtedlli m rent -*aea there la eaore In IwmtHNr^^^^^^l Idealraa to (tato promleea <d ??rt.ln ? to lUte that, aa many he?e hear daneired bv the Be ft a*rt.slB aharltuwL tad had* (pjimd kr dmn^ ? are rwpeotfaJly kirlted to anil Is Am Oral pfeoe.a? li no charge far oon?uKatlrW "* mWm> _ r " wnjLiA* WAtmn, *. n m jmn wirfooo tn ft* Lock Btwplthl; aqfer of PuttMili I there 1 Mary yaara mirjr*on tn ?? Ixi^'Horallkl^an#** of Oaoad and Cure," nnmernne ntatea, fl. ffSMa M WanZ ?tree l. frmrili do?.r wentoi RrnadwAX. ... RinOBD'S PRAOTTCR Jr-DB. ?. D. RAMWOWn late a pupil wWi Kleonl/of Parta. and with the celehrataJ ?n'reoram'hie el'T, Dr* CarnocbM and Mott. ma f ha mm ?nlted, ronfidenttal'v. %t Us <-nnvenle?tJ? V>eat?d mm *ii