Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 7, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 7, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW MORNING YORK HERALD. EDITION-FRIDAY, MARCH 7, 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS. ADFERTI8EMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. UltV GOOUss <M>? -6PKI5G MaNTILLAH. JLOtJO. JACOB LANSING Is now prepared U> exhibit a superb ooUectlon of the laia*t Parisian designs Jo the above good*, bis own Import* uoo and majuteoture, ?cmprUuig all that 1m new aud tasteful la lorm ana mitterial, ted ?iprfltialf designed to meet the requirement* ot largo b'ty ?r? Iroat every teuton, who will find on eiamiuitiou uuU tor ?*r!Hy, extent and extreme cnet?pnet*hia stock i* uusuuAlUd bl this market. rirrr thounand wrat.eroke skiris, Of the sao*t Improved patter**, and ail favortte ro om. Jacob LANSING. 4- Cedar atreet Ad'i I'EABL RVREKT. CORSfcT AND DRY GOOD' J J I' store ?Ladles, if jou are in want of a nnm litem? CUIUM, cal'on Mrs nTONK, 111 Petri street, and get a pair of hi-r btrv llful flttlrg Fiench or KnglMi wove cornets, which, for (urut'lity, style and cheapness, cannot be surpassed. HeltiS diiect importer, she la cnailed lo tell ttieru at a very low price. Call and ojuutlno her dollir corsets. S. B.? A large avortiL ei>t of children'* and misse*' cor-et* of everj de ?cripilon. whoiei-ale ana retail, H.i Pearl street, between William ard Rose. A CASS Ol BEAUTIFUL SPRING BONNETS. KK ceived by thellast steamer, wil bo opened to day, our first lmp?rtati< ns this rpring, and we invite our numerous trienils ana itiangers to visit us, and tbey will alw*ts find the rewe-it and in-! elegant ntyles. at Madn.u K li.tKRIti A S OA'S, 9*1 J?ro%i>w?y. Bulpin-s Mahtii^as, 1'OK TUK WHOLESALE TRADE. THB LARGEST STOCK IN AMRRIC V, Mow ready at hi* VEOLLSALE WaREBOOMH 361 BROADWAY Southern and Western jobrors arc especially mvit-w to ek Mniae and sompaio these good* with uuitrn in the marks*. R.??k ni'.k mitnUIiss from $1 Ou J!)J Colored Mlk mantUlai, from K 50 to fa) Qinpure and < banti'ly lace uifciitU'as, (roiu $f 00 to 116 Ci.irted black silk net mantillas, from $3 50 to fit Appii'io* silk mantll tnn, irnm ft 00 u> SI 1 8?Auiifui wh'te, Ma:k and colored embroi.tarod ?Ilk m^.-itill/ts trom K SO to ?'16 Ifcuruiug mantillas ot *11 kind*. fcvery i-oveity connected withtue department received '-am pails weekly. GrtJKOK BUI.PIN. Wuoiesale wareroom/?, 361 Bioadway. Murutuctory 09 Franklin street. Bl At-K THRKAD tACfc M*NT1LI.AS, SH vWI.-, c^pev rullars and vel'a faille lace dn., lull RKsurtmem . ti.; tired and plain rets fnr barques; trimming laces, all widths. > tench emoroMerles, bands bouncings, Valenciennes and other l?ce<, just received, a' PETER KO/ffcitTh Jl CO.'S, 375 Broad way. Cioa3K-tb for the; si-ring.- mks gav.vob B?36 I to inform th? latllmj that slii; has dow ready a superb va rtetj ot all ktne's ct corps's. l.arttea' pen ng spring dresses ?r,i pu d irot ure a pair. 45 (bird avenue, naar tenth sunn't . aud Jti2?!*th avenue, near Seventeenth sirtwt. N. a. ? ?VhoIe*ale Kbd retail at 45 'Ihird avenue. ECONOMY 1ft WEaLTa.? E laminu the stock of superb carpets. Velvets, tspemrv, Bruwels and '.ngrsins, At prices to suit the tunen. HI H&M A # DicRSON, !? Bower r. OnlKRY? OCR STOCK OF HOSIER if AXDGU>VEa ot every dascrlption is now cutplete. J. R. JaFFRaV A bON, 73 Broadway. Ixnxs-Mnnno linens, nu oitoasb uran, l tcble linens, toweling*, dUpern, lawns. l>nen cam*>iic kaiidkeiclufljs. and every descrit:tion of genuine Uueng?ds ran ht? had at o * piles* at the linen store 748 Broadway, al>ov* a sum- place. J. 0. Ml i.i J KM* A CO. IF? DBKATKR'8 ASSIGNMENT ? J G. B. WH.l.lAMS A CO. will open 9 cares cf rich plaid silks a' 6*. 1 " bfchene p!aid ?ilk? at 8s. 2 " oi blacl xilks, at 8s. Ills day, at 547 Broadway, corner of Leotard ?t. MIlilNEfcY. MRS. RAWMNHS, 67 CABAL 9TREKT, Ls now exhibiting, in her uewlf lilted un siare. pa'loti: bft nets from the firtu haaaes in Pari?, replete with ht>r own tnsn'"'acture, and a rtlh Maeriment or frtromod sirasrs. Hli^ Invite's me attention of MM in urn trade vmilltig the city. Re member the number, 67 Canal street. KUBTEB, K1GAOD A BECXE, 119 I.I ItKRTY rfTRfiET, ka,ve received, nor *t?umei s AMa and Ktna a lull assart Bn^nt <">f sample* cf 'heir entire spring Importa'ian of liMlies' Arvea trimmings the greatest ;>irt of which Is In port, and wlticb tttey are prepared to oflfcr at the most liberal term*. E H 81*81 KG VARIETIES. LS6u. - On and after llontey, March 3, lord a Taylor ?U offer a very extensive fnd elegant assortment of 1>BaP dry goods, ?e ecW with nrjtch care expresaiy tar their spring sales, and to be d Hinted ot at a kkmahkabi.y fmali. apvasoi. Particular attention Is directed to 1 weutv cases nlch luatre reti India checked an 1 striped silk*. }.;*< opened, (>?ing th? newest and choicest aprtng stylo*? ?>snn ?5,!XI0 yard*, at trom 5uc to 70c. per _>ard. 255, 257 ZV ) and 201 Grand street; And new number* 47 and 49 Catherine s re-H. SI* AINU M A NTTLLak Tke subscriber lias iuet opened his new *i/!es ot SPBIftG MANTILLAS AN1> TALMaN. TVs assortment U uusurpaaaed, both in riahness and varlotv, embracing neb and elegant sty es of 1'urir made lace and sis gaols, l j entirely pew pattem*. Also, low prised style*, toad* uu expressly lor the job sin*; trade. buyers from all sections are requested to call and examine the stock, a* they wtii be offered at low price* and on '.he moat Ca< or to le term*. B. S. M UiLS, No*. 80 And 82 Chambers street. IXri-lBKKB BROTHERS, 61 AttD 66 .IOHN Sl'BKRT Tr up stair*. Tmpm-ters and Jobber* ot French bonnets. Fashion r, French flower*, Straw good*. Ribbons, Silk*, Ac., are t ouVan'.iy opening a choice assortment ot tae aoovs iiimM It oe s, ot their own importation, received by every steamer, ? vrt ii h tnev offer for sa e at very low pnc< ? Iiao* G. HUNT A CO., lUrOUTE&ft AM) JOBBER* Or WOOLLEN AND OTHER GOOD* adapted to men's wear, No*. 80 and 82 Wiuinm street, corner of Maiden lan*. .V&3 L OtST to- ?r be^tf^-gfeBBOK. 9? NEWSPAPERS AI'^U'ABLK LI it. YOUNG AMKRICA, NO. 1U, Cou'alrs tie stcoud chapter ol Bhown Stciiies, wli'cii U luakirg such a stir in the world of fashion. Also, ?pin did comic UJuaira ions and tingling edltot litis on mibjsct* toll* fit, poclal and general. Price ?>Vi cent*, or $2 00 par year i aqvu.ce. 1'or sale bv all news ageuts, ami by 1. ff. S'i'RuNG, fub.Uher, 93 Naa?u street. DUBLIN TRIBUNE, ? rlUS HEW AND POPULAR ?' Young Ireland " paper wfil be regulat-lr received by (ia tie Bo.e agents f?ir Ameii-n, and is now on stile SutM-.rlp tlon |6 per year, six month* at same rau>?. 0. MUXES, Mana ger, t oreign News Oflice, bit Nassau street Tj'KaNK I, EMIRS JP ILLUSTRATED NCWPAP&Il. >?(. 14, Issued March 8, contains |tbe tollewin^ splendid en ?r migs:? Portraits 01' Vlilmore and Doneluon; American condld ales for president and Vice prtvlden'. Great Musical Festival In Host/in Musical HaU, lu honor of 0' Hee'hoven. rtatue ot Beethoven, by Cranford. General Walkei's Dead Quarters city ofGrauai'a 1'jierlore of Uen. Walkei's Head'Vj'iarters? "Reception of Vmi.ers." Portrait of i-'kandogh, the old Oneida Chief. Ratification' Meeting at the Tabernacle. New Ymk rity. fcceoea Id Kanms, Our *orre?p ondent enters Kansas; "A Buriier Hutlian of the blackest d> e " Stevens' War Battery, tor tfcc defence of New Ifork Itar l?.r A full page engravinir. Railroad Depot, Washington City, D. C. Onllouns of French Soldier# In tleCi imea. Dm Manuel Montt ('resident of Chill. French Expedition to Dialnutlcb, Penegal, Africa; Three Rplendld Views. Ktnburn Fort, ?t tlie month ot the Dnelper .(Russia, Thiee Vle?siu Aj.iocio, capture ot Corsica, and li o' her en giaviuga. Chess, by an experienced Editor. ?'( r.tlnuailonol the thrilling romance, " The Last ot hi* Race." f'jlce, ten cents, or $: per rol. OUloc, 12 and 15 spruce ? tef< For talc at aU the news depots. FT'HJVITTRK. d MWTAGR A I'D KAJICY FCRNITCRfi WARKKOOMtt, * J at 614 Broadway, opposite the hi. Nlcbnlaa Hotel.? G. M \THEW8 cflhr* tor sale the most extensive assortment of fancy, cottage, enamelled an4 French i<unlture in the Onlted states, at reduoed prices; every variety of mattrexiea, palll ?saes. pillows, bolster*. 4c., at manufacturer*' prices. ITORN1TURE WANTED. -ALL TU* ARTICLES rOR A suit of rooms. (parV r and I edroom ) complete, o( the rich ? si description, lor which w 111 he git rn In exchange, Improving i nd unincumbered proparty, v?,i situated in the city ot New ? r> . N. J., fifteen mlnntes' treui New York. Addron G., box : ,3P4 Poet office. _______ IMPORTANT KOTKY.-TO ANY ONI WHO INTKNdH flitlr.g ?r> a restaurant, the furniture and fixture* of the Ver ?nesh. 39 William street, for sale, owaiitlng In part of a solen oid steam table, steam boiler, tablet, chairs, oil paintings, largo wlrrt.rjlB tact, every'Lli* pertaining to a brut class reslati r lit. Will he no d a a great reduction from eott to a cash ptir rha<er, as our lean* |? u bout expiring and the premltes to lie mcunfed for offi"P? ti :o dl reiJ) lor liellrcrr on or before tlm first dav ot April next. Applicant! will please call before 12 A. M or after 4 P. M. O. R. PaYAOK A CO.. 3'J William st. fTIHF FURNITUU). UP THE LARGE BOARDING HOUSR JL No. 170 Bwecke street, corner ot Yarlck place, It offered ?or sale, in one par-el, on des.rable terms, as the owner Is ??'im t wi rellniiulsk business; possesion immpdlatcly or on Uia of yinj. Apply a? above. I l t?l HI\?. AC. J 1 tMOFK < I.Ot II I MG WAKTED-LADIRH AMD FA\tl \ / !ic? can obtain I ? hl<h?st i a?h prices lor cant oil clothing b; seeding through Jiost. or otherwise, lor Mrs (tauter, hM> uro ? jway, up "'nils. Oentlemen attended to br *fr H, A V?;-T On fl.tiTIlTVt; - A L ARO K IK ANTITV want no, and lite higlieit pri e liberally given. Ge'it'einon li .n ggcid MirplttK clithlrg wMclt the* wleli to comer/ Into i .vli r ,i. obtaiu Hie lull va ne by ad irewing or culling on . .v At ? ;> MOIttyARY, IJ'J Walker street, ?le*d.)or.< east ol < ':-iitye street. i/IitK 8CII8-FIRK! S\:iTS J SMITH BROTHER*. Ntw UJ and 140 Vulton street. A 'ar/? as" irliue'itof drah and bl'.e Kersey bsavercoo tant Iv nti I hivL ftii p ee of '.heir lire c >als and panu can be seen at th?'r tUiT-t. HVffT'l HHt e.Kt. ?u4 liO ' UiWtt iWTIi SKW PDBLICAT1U1I8. lOAi; -> 11.1,1 HTKA1 h It liOMDON Ai.MANAO.-HAV lOwu. Ire received a lurther large supplj of thiaelegant at d uteful publication, we Lave t educed the pries to 25 ohqu. Titt le fi\r (oo'es u.r 91, and larger quauUiies iu prop irtion. c. Ml Ki' K, Mai ager, Foreign Hewn Office, 89 Nassau stroet. JlbT KkOkiVED? IDE PCKT-BIBLICaI, niSTORY OK THK JEWS, Frrm >li? c oee of the old Testament, about the year 4'Ju It. C. R lo the destruction of the Second 1 go pie, in Ihe 70th ?> ear of the Clii Lstian h ra. hv MoHKIS J Rapdall, A. v., P.'J. DR., Rabbi Preacher ?t UMSk i>iu(0gue, Grefcu SlreOt. AXw York. MO>-K 4 HhO.. fublu,h?ni, Philadelphia l'a 1 be pub iahera have great pleasure hi a.unouTici"g this work, to b Ircm the intrinsic Interest of the mibjcit and ihe dlitlu ptiii-hed merits of '?* author. Few men are better qualified bv <b?ra:ier acquirements ai.d personal interest to a>i justice to kuch a itf me No s'udent of hi>tor> tut will denize to r.Md a well uorheni'featrd tetal! <4 the life ol that uai.on, who-e aulfar DfSHri wrongs cue added interest to no umu; acenea in Hie gnat dri.nia of human existence, while to t be Aenera reader It presents thrlllm/? aeon ex, and at riling incidents detailed in Ian gbave wi rib, ot the subject. The wrrk la in two duodecimo vol lines ot oi-?r 400 pagia eash, printed on fine thick white paper, neatly bound in cloth Price ti tO. For Bale bj D. APPLEtON k CO. Mrs. n< tnnwo/tTF.'f. nhw WO*k is mrmsBao and for Kile Una day bv all booksellers. IN'i/IA: HIE rKARL or I EAHI, KITKtt By the dUiiuguiahed Aior.i icaa authoress, Mrs Is. i?. B. ft. s<octhwokth, Au.hcrof -'The Lout Heireaa," "Ibe l eserted Wife," "The Mfas'ng Bride," "'I he Wife's Victory," Complete tu otc large duodecimo voiume. neatly bound In elitili for (me Dollar and J went/ live cents, or iu two volumes, taper covet a, lor One Doilar. iw CtxitBB ok Oi.iiton. By Mr* Kmuia D. K. N. Bouth worth. Prioe Ore Hollar , or cloth, gilt. $1 25. lliElitH'AnotS DaUuiitkk. B;- Mis. hmna I) K. N.South wortfc; 2 vo s. paper covers, *1; or I vol , cloth, $1 35 tin. Lost Hkibu-s. Bv Mrs. Knimit 1). K. IS . Bo nth worth. Price J1 ; <-r In 1 vol.. cloth, lor $1 25 Tut. Mi.-n mj Bhidk; or, Miriam, the Avenger. By Mn. Em n a I). IV. ^ fcouthworih complete iu 2 vois,, paper cevera. trice J) ; or < Be vo utne, cloth tor >1 20. Thk W h e's VtrtoKY. a i>(l nine other nouvelletiea. By Mrs. In tra 1). a. N. Southworth; 2 vols., paper covers. Price $1, Or 1 vol. . cloth, for f 25. 'llir. Dihkutfd W it *. Hy Mm. KduB'ii D. K. N Riuth worth; 2 vil* . paper eovsr*. Price ftl; or 1 vol. . c oth $1 16. J'ubli lied and lor aaJe at ihe ebe;i|> book ?td publishing es labiltUment of T. ](. Pr.f KUSu^, No. 102 diem nut a'seeu Philadelphia, (.'oples sent per mall, Iree of pnstajte^ on receipt o< prlco. OPaMBH DICTION AR IRS FOR BALK CHEAP.? I I ' have a ioi of protiouticirg dictlonarleo ol the Spanish and Huglnh iatigungos, by Mariano \ alasquc/, Prot'easor of the htiuM.h lirr^iingn ami llteraiiue in Columbia College, New York Published by 1>. Apple'On * <>). Prine Hi usual ptieefS. O. E. MKJSLiUM, If Wall street. fpHK Mh Die AI. PILOT, BY Dk. T. G. BUtCHIMGtB.? A K very nm.iiy should tliia valuable bo It treats tceveiy dlsea>e. Contains 325 pagea. sp^i-di'ily Illustrated tit.d bouLd to I o had of the author, 4d3 Broadway, second floor, or post free. Price $1. OCCU8TR UtpiVRiaVS* DfcAFNE?P.-TljK HI A* SHO(!D NOT DB8PAIR OF rt !iel without trying the recently discovered mode sucocs luliy { rallied by Ibe subscrlerr ia his o vu case, (alter hav irg neee tlesf tMriy five jet,rg, also by hundreds of others. It la fully described In Qrlacoiu's ? Treatise on the Ear, its btrticture and l>lsea>e?," and their remrdiea, and in aell au ]j'.:cable by ecy one. Ihe work Is comp'leti from the beat me dical auil oriUeii and eulireiy repudiates uil i|i>itckery aud de cept-.op, both In l'a content* ar.d oesigc. Mailed poet ireeto uny aildreeK tor t'. address K. GKla'JOM, i ha.'anx, Mon mouth county, New Jersey. NISCK LL iVNEOlS. tl tHANCK 10 ENGAGE IN THE ?3A.?JU \J, grocery liUDioess.? For tale, the leaee. aUKk anC fixtures ol a firif ela?s family grocerv Btore. Sales amount lo fifty tbousupd dollars a jeer, lot ca?h. Irrma. ca*h. oration c rner of Gre-"t,e ar.d York ..trcets .loisey city , re>r u.e terry. jOoiem J. W. Wilcoi, box 204 Jersey City Past office. 1 fir; CjtNAI. STRFET, NKaB VaRICK.-W. A H. VAN 1 Ut; MtTtb' urate ai a lerder, kitchen rsnga, summer range and stove vareiocto. We have a large as>ortmtnt ot the alove rained article* for dale, on reasonable terms, liratea and t'Dnges set, repaired and Heed; stoves lined; jewoi'.ers' and t rags tounders'.furnaces built; furnace doors lined with soap stone. -FOR ONE DOLLAR, FORWARDflSD TO F. /,. HKlt man. PostoDlce, hew Yn/k, parties w'll receive Instruc . Per letter, ttmi will < uablo 'hum to produce beautiful oil jjaiEtlDR*, equal to the beat artists, lit whtsh the-, caa onsuie quite an indej er^Jenre in ar y ;>ari of tb'.- world, and need have no prevloui knowledge of palutinz or drawing. $1; tEotr, i Agency of Ei-iWANOtR * Barry's -mount Dope Nurseries," uochester, N. Y., at Agnculturii De pot, lot* Murray street, I>ew Yo/t Orders received by the subscriber for I reeu piauta Ac from the above old caiabiiVhe l aud exte.nkive nurseries, the largest in the couutry. Cata logues turnlthed gratia. Alto, iigrirulturaHmplements aeefi.s, f uaco. Ac. SkUU t *. ulBULKK. AMiLBKHBR A MOM, 2IIC BRIIaDHAY, L'l* STAIRS, ? one fcoor below Fulton street, real twe agerW, col lectors, Ciatom Ubu?e brokers and commission inrrcluuita. Advances reade on r3nsignmeui?. CMJI Y'fS HATR DYK - OULY'b HAIR fiYE, TONIC ANO / beau'llier t? one of the safest aud moBt efficient preptra Hons ever brought before tie public for restoring ii>? bair to no or'gln?l color, aid producing a y cu'hful and Rioesj appear Mice. Itlslu itself a dresMcg article, consequently will rat e ibe expeute of pu.cbatmK any otfcor. L-oid in large bottles tor H, by Pridham, diupgiM. tos Fourth avenue; Uiatchlns, drug gist, No 2 eeuch mi ret- 1. Went Broad way ; loon, vac door from Bond btieet. IJowtri ; i>< nis, comer of Ful oa and Clinton slrrcte, Brcokijn. and other*. f/tOB BALE OB KSCHaXGE, AT LOW PBICF.S ? TWO C thieoK'ory and basement first class brick bouses 111) and 112 Wei t Forty fifth street bi i? een Sixth avenue at.u Brt.adwav; ore tou) story Knglth basemen tlrst class l.ouse. W.< West IbirtT tiflli street: one lour -Ion wore and dwel ing. Ho. 44!) ibird even. 'ie; eight teneareni houses on Thirty Mxtn street, ne&rfcevenih avenue Apply to JAkiB iv uaY, 13 t'snal m HOWAKTh'8 ORIRNTaI. TOOTH FAHTF.? AN' EU ? ant preoaratUiu fjr cleaning, preserving and beautify ing the teeth. Fold by moat iespt ctable druggists and per turners. >u boxes, at twenty live test* each. Ail order* ad dressed to D. Bowarth. box 2S7 Pot>i offlte, Brooklyn, will re eelve prompt aiteutlon IMPORTANT I.WKM105.? AF'Thlt It Ml YKARS'KX^ X perience acd trial* , I have succeeded in rendering broad i tub, bieetingH. call and theep ,-kins aril any woollen or co'tcti fabric* j erfectlJ ;vater proof, wrfcmjt being diwgwuK to ibe health, aa ail articles made water proo. will let tho per xpiration ot the air through. 1 intend to i-ell my secret to mi. nuiacturers and merchauia under tavorab e circuinatanojs to them. I ca.l the atlnutlon ol patent leather man ul'act to ni) iBveoilon, a.j American call and sheep skins wblrhhave cone through my operatic a w!U bp better and cheaper than any imported from f ranee and (Jermviy. ? I have to add (hat ah skins Intended f- r japanning aid first mads water proof by me, have to bo free ot fish oil and fat. Hroadcloih will not lote Its brightness and will wear a great rie-U better. Manu fncturers of ollclrth will lind it to their id vintage to look at sheeting and drilling samples made water proof by me. lam wlllrg to make samples ot any cotton and woo'len fabrics, e.ilf alieep skins, free of any charges, which will be return ed In a lew days. All and let'em to be sent poet paid. PKKOKK1CK Bl'HLK, 77 Henry street. IO ST OR STOLEN? A I.ARGE BLACK NEWFOUN1 ( J '"i.'l dog, amwers to the name of Hen; hln lore font, pari <>i ,'.w .ace nod the tin of hi:, wli aio v W o. Any pc.raon re tur g him to Wo. SO West Thirty second street, will be 111 ? ra.:.v 1 e warded. VT t-'W PATENT SPHOTAf t, R8.~ THTcY IMPROVE VI. i.1 slon. suit for life, charge to gre.alur masoeJzing sower* tot rr.ji' (red; near distant objects seen aistiiicOy U>rougk one pair. FRANKS, leetureron the eye, patoniee and maker, No. 2 Park row, opposite Astor Bouss. A'.teudasoe lu A. V. loOP. >1. PRTNT1HO.-COUNTRY MF.RCH AST8, AND AM. others wanting printing dote, ihMild call at Thomas K V Hnllr.u's, 142 Puilon slreel.aud einmine his specimens. lie dors butunetH on the neat, quick and cheap plan? lor casft Beautiful dosign* for bal's, Ac. TaOM. sl'TTO.V, lIU Fulton slrtet. SKWJNO M Af'HIKWS.-ARK YOrP. 9KWINO MACHTNF.3 in Older? the subscriber, lor may jears loreman In the n.:mutact<uy of I. M. fmgur A Co In'orms all Inierest.-d in riiEDlrg sewing machines, that he ha* taken the convenient workshop, Sri hew Haven Railroad Buildings, Franklin sireet, wheie he will eh e his urdivldfd attention to the repairing and putting In order of sewmg roachlte* of every description Ibose Inirusting tbem to his care m.n rely upon their being thoroughly repaired on ieanmablu terms. l?Ki?H(#K H. OOILV Y, mom 20 New Haven Railroad Buildings, FrankJin street. UtiTIIT. fliATKBT, hf-AVHtr? AI.L WHO W A NT i to avoid the enslAvtmeu* ot smokr chtonnty wl 1 try Oarland's slale slonn wfndgtiard pots, superior to arylfcingin utility and durability, being an ornament and cure, rtpeclmcos to be -<eu at the l'ott otllce. Ilrooklyn, tor two days, and al ways on bscd at the residerre ct" n. A T. fl AUI.aMi, sclen tllic slate rioters, 2u7 Navy street, Brooklyn. Spanish pwkf.tmkath, OOVB1R1VO of OTATA, .jelly, citron, preserved oranges, limes, pineapples, Ac., 'list ii-iii'ved per Black Watror, lion Havana, anil tor au'a by <J. R. MFNMIM, IS Wall streei. TO OWNERS AND tiCfiUPA HT8 OF PROPERTY.- TH* adverlsers have Ibis day opened an rfll.'.e at l?o iii Fourth avenue, between 1 iglub and Moth slreel*. fur Ibe suJc and renting ot boosts in this city ?nd vieinllv, and helUve, from a lor.g experience, in the Dusinejjw that thev will be a ile to give ample ratlsiacilon to all whoWHf lavor ihem wlih Uielr pairenago. lo pnrtle^ in wsutof louses we oiler n arte* list, sinong which is tome of ibe iro- 1 desirable property in the city , both for sale and to let, while to owners we otTer the ad vantages of ao cfllce ter.lrally located, and d.illy brought be lore tliepnhlle by a judicious system of advenltlag and wou'd assure ail that our best endeavors shull be e'erted ti merit a share of public pntronage. KaYI.KS A ROfVK. TO BCJI<BRRH.? H ASTINOS MARPI-K- THIH COM panv are prepared to furnish In this city or any p'acu in thfse v> stern, asy resauah'n ijuantiiy of iv or ked and sawed ashler sills, llntols, steps, plat'orms, Ac Aim, butlditw stone <.f n,Ki ble, suitable for churches and other e.iliires in tlaiiewn* or dwellings In the country, erected In range or rnbbl* work, nt a price but ItlUo above toe common hlu" stone. It rnskes a beautlfu1 hnililiiig. (lue linished marble store front, 20 fee' wi.le, four sun-lea high. Westchester Marble Works. 2iw Kroiowsy, room No. 0. HhN. A. I. AVK.N !>KK. President. Tt> xtnftcniini or irdn, tup, omnrr, ti arblc d ist, Ac. -Ihis company have alvtays on hand, both at Hd'Hngs and Slrg Sing, hur.driMls ol ionscf broken marble. Miitable tor llurtOB, Ittne, marble dust, Ac . which will be dc. i?eitd along our shores at *1 |>er ton in any qua idly, We^icbcster Marble Works, JU* Hrt idwny, t nom No. ti. ro PIIOTOORaPHRUH, AMltROTVPISIH AMI I)A gnerreotjplsls.? W e havn lor k? e:? Ni'i sic silver, pure; '?iniib epolais, luted; cyauide points, granular; chloride gold, riiloi'dcgold and solium, htpo. su pb soda, su pburlc >"her, eol twloti bromine, quicksi ver, acids, ciiemlcslly puis, re sum mcd iodine. *nd a full is'.rtinent of ptiro chemicals, awi t-ican and foreinn htHIKFFl UN, BKOTHI.RS * CO., 1*0 William ?l. riu? I.I.T-THK liWKI I-IMI PART OK A 1 101 IS 10 Nil. t l . ' iillonstrte'., icrw. Paul's church v raie oppor tunlti 'or these a ho wish a Rented down town n?lcence. Ap ply on i in! pieiuinos. f| O f-l'.T, I.KAHK OR FOR HAI.F? INK TWO A M? A I Fuit fu ?v irsire house end 'ol, no. 2 llenson sttoei. a;> ]:'f 'o siMuf' I*. IP 51 , t hn'haon r>oa N,\ >, fry? i- iv i 1'. il. Preparation* At Ht. PMriek'i Utty. In accordance with a notice published in the morning pa pei s, the Irish Ci\ ie Societies' Convention he d a meet ng, la#t ereciio g, at Montgomery Hall, Prince street, (jt the put pose of mak'ng arraDgeaenta for the celebration of St. Patrick's day ? the 17th of Marsh inst. Delegates from the following societies appeared:? Ancient Order of Hibernians, Hibernian Benevolen . Society, Montgomery Benevolent Society, Irish American Benevolent Society, Benerolen t Society of the United H.ns of Erin, longshorameo ?' Union Protective Society, Quarry men Union Protective Society, Ancient Order ol iilberi Uan' Uuivetsal Society, Ancient Order of Williams burg and Brooklyn, Workiuguien'.-, Society. The meeting was called to order by Mr. Peter R. <!?y nor, who stated that tliu object of the meeting tru a miliar to all present, a the invitation to the Irish civic octeties had been exterded tnrough the press quite *'ensiveiy. t'hsy bad been called together to nuke tart tier arrangements tor the cclebrauon of St. Patrick's nay, to e ect ottijers and marshals, and 10 lot in a programme for the line of march, lie had a.ways avoided speech making, and be Old not intent to nduige In it now. there were triends from neighboring cities ana towns present to whom tbey had tendered in vitations to j.< in with them in the cclebi ation of St. Pa trick's day. He had the pleasure <>f introducing to the Convention two gentlemen act delegatus from the Flush ing Benevolent iwid Burial Society, Messrs. John Leonaid bLd l'atriok 1>< ghan. {Jj After the minute* of tbe last meeting were lead by tlie Secreta'y, Mr. James Sanford, ti e I'm sident then iutro litioed to the inxetinir, iu flattering to: ids, Colonel hyan and lieutenant Keating, aud Mr. Joyce, or toe 69th Regi ment, who ttvr rally responded in brief remark*, express irg tluir thanks for the honor done them by the i'resi ctnt. Col. By as said that in spite of th? attempts made by cut' nit tf politicians to chlianchise them, a' d the obn fa des thrown in their way, jet when some little matter happened to remind thena of their native tacd, rney wei? suit to leel their hearts beat.; in unison with each other, and they wandeied buck in thought to the giten sod of their native lain', wheie they innu'gsd in ooyish ?ports. (Applause, i It ftas p easing to look tack upon these .-ostitis, and they should e-wsr keep in mind it collect ions that teu'.au eo stroLgty to keep them untied and hatmonioua. It was to be hopsd that here alter they would ailopt a course for their guidance and government, which would pi event all niiaualerstanding among themieves. f'ast experience had shown that wLile they were quai telllny among themselves, destining men had taken advantage of their dissent 'ions. As au Individual he had much tea-on to be thankful for the manner in which the Convention had received him? and tor one, he was deteru ined, so long a* he wai at the bead ot the O'Jth Itegiosent, to paiade on the 17th of Hatch, if Le had to to ?o alme. (Applause ) In answer to the call of the President, neveral indivi dual" came forwaid and eniolied themselves as mem bers of tbe Convention. A motion was made that delegates from societies In i eighboihig places be excust? from paying any fees. Mr. Iroaard, of Flushiag, said that the 'society he repiesented was fu ly prepared to celebrate the annrver ttaiy ot St. I'atiick's cay. Why should they not celebrate tbe auuiveisarv of their patron faint ? In England thty liaa their anniversaries, and in this country they had Fourth of July and Washington's birthday, flie Mutual Uenevoli n'. Siciety of Flushing were fully feterinined to join tbe New Yoik sot let Its in celebrating the annivorsa ty c.l their patron saint, and thty weie willing to defray their slia: e o( the txpeiises. (Applause.) Tfce President htjp introduced to the meeting Cap<aia ? 'os, of he Kmeiala Guatos, and ('apt. Muiligan, ol the lnus| endem busies, and stated that although they weie at the b?ad of military companies, jet they desired to take tleir places in the procession of the litli as repie entatlves of tbe civic societies to which the? bei'jnged. Toe nijticn <as made and agreed to that tbey be in vited t j join wi'.h the convention in their proposed cele l'ta.itn. Mr. Thomas Ct sin xo moved that the convention pro ceed to tee election cf Grand Marsha! ana i>epu ty, which was tgrttd to; and on hia niction a ncminating couimit i?e, to cuntht of i ne horn each ?cc.eij , was appotn.ed to present tl:e names of such tfficeis. The arc iuat ng comc itUe, cossi<t.:Cg of the following named> ? Messrs. JoMtph Uuroby, Cuahing, (?aivin, Crotstn, Brunnan, Kelly, Allen, Kicholsoa, C& var.sgj, Beg in, Leocaid, Cct and Mulligan ? then re tiieo, and after c< tenon returned and prcsentel the Mmi a of John Dogherty and Peter K. Caynor for Grand Marshal, anfl Jatnt:t Sai dfbrd for Deputy. At Ills stage of the proceedings great confusion arose, atd various conflt'ctinx motions were made, but the Pie sidect filially succeeded in restoring order, and thi questit n aas then put and oauitd. thut the convention prcceed to a ballot for li:and Marshal and I>eputy. Telleis beirg aj>fointe?i, tbs convea.lon then proceeded to an election, wi h the following lesult:? Por Grand Maitbnl, Jobn iHgherty ; lor iJepulj, .lames Sandford. Mr. P( ( iikriy tben aciinowlf Jgtd the honor conferre I upon bint in a speech ol some length, but which the late do-r ol the hour at which it was delivered ( 11 >, o'clock) pic-vents us frtm publu.hirg. It was generally uuderstood, and such naa the nptei Mrn ot ite convtntloo, as manifested by the members of 'he taiious sccieties la conversation wi'.h each other, that St. Patrick's (i.iy would le generally ooserved by the Irish citi/trm of this and other neighboring cllles. The line of match ardtbe aider in which the raitrus soc'.?t:e? sl'ould take their plac* in the procession were to be ce'ermintd at scn e future rceeltt g of the conven titn. Brooklyn City Nmv?. Imt Cot rt o? Gyxb ami T^rmimeb.? The Kings County Couit of Ojer atarejm'uer was organized otiTue?<lay, for tbe March teim, before Jeilge Strong, pte-idlcg, assisted ty Jvaticts Laucnts and Schoonmaker, when the fulloir icg gentiemtn were tmpfthnelled as the C rand Jury:? John A. Cress, foreman; George S. Ge'ston, H. P. liay, lobu T. liovard. t.eotge t, Carey, Hiiam K. Hascins, J. M. Peach, Win. M Harris .lames Miller, Kcward MeNally, Jf.bu Whittelsey, Ira Smith, \\ in. J. XieiuoU E. 11. Shaw, Gfcrge Worthiigton, A to. ham Schoarch, Sauuet Dtxsey, Jobn 1. Kendall, (leoigelltomfion. The J uoge, m ihar^tog the jury, alluded to the law for the suppit.-siun ol iulempeiance. paupei ism and ctitne and -ttated flat l,e had bof.d the Court of Appeal* would have itnderea its decikion befoie this time, t ut he had iii.dimation tl at it cou'd not be ieniered until the ft urtii luvtday in Match, ( r Iriday pievious. The Su priTi e Court of ibis ('t-ti let hni decided against the oon stiuitienaHly of the law, and until reveistd by the Court of Apteals it must te l? as the law of the land, aud at vised tbem *.o find no bills unier it. The juty then re tired to their labore, at d the Specltti Term of the Supreme (V>urt w?? ojerrd. lie (.liiccit Court calem'ar will 1 e taken up to-day, in itghlar order. It embraces 408 casus. l'Kisci.Nc foa OviiiB* \ K.X' ? Corsrr pR0Hian*>. ? At a nuetiog of the Board of Supervisors ou Tuesday, the Sj < rial Ct mmitue oa Game laws repotted an ordinance imjosirg a fine of 6 on any person, not a resident of Kit (f? notinty, wfco si>all lake oyster ? from th'ir lie<!s, la

any of the pubiie watets of ^aid county. One half oi the flno it to sco to the nfotmer and 'he 'rtmiairser to tbe county, for tbe support of the pcor. A farther fine if ii50 is to le lmjiosen on any oetsr n de.'ecfcd drtdging for i jrtrf wi h'n the limits of said county. The ordinance ?an adtpted, and is to take (fleet immediately. Blmjrlnml M?l? Colonization .Society, The aemetr has bff n in operation for a <|uart*r of a reLiury, aod'tbe repoit coEgratnlatea it'- members on the MH'c?rt?;ul je.-ul n ?.f its lul'OM. John D. B. Litrobe, Knj., the late ne.-ldent, a:iu n>* l'refidfcnt cf tb? Nation al :-oci* y, is? juf-tly coinmecied '.'or hi* derotion V> the same of emtli ation fcr h lory feriei" ?f y?ars, and ? tri l>utc raid to tlio late !?r. .lolin H. Biirc<*i. oni- ot the Vice Pieticents. aiwl also an earl/ friend of 'he caute. A coBSiderabl.' portion r.i the rep< rt ia occupied with matt era that have apv?er<<l In rur columns from time to tJir.e, and wo thei?'r-e rrolt txtenried extracts. Ihe moiety (-ace ita tat rtport.hai fer.t out to Liberia 192 en trants from Ma-yiand, The whole nuraWf-ert rut j>r i ylos; sly wan 1.1TS, .'neludtcg 1,C20 from Ma.-ylat.cL, IrHtcttt Wsrkiin, oad 80 fn .-n Ueorg ia, be.'IfJe* !.!> ?>?nt 'kbi lluitimore in Hayti, in 1 iCH, to akirg the whole num ber 1,830. Hie Hoard irake* it* acknowledgment# to ofltoer* ?>{ 'to < iiittit .v(ate< Navy , who, en rlalt'ig the rout of Alrica, take jri-at in:eretr. iu tl ? welfa.e if Lhe oolonlata. Tbecon uct o^Ctm. Vi>yo, of the African aqua-Iron, is jar irularly ecmnier -lei. Ilir report i'.- c' by Cbarle? Howard. President, end la aeer^pai !???! by a iu.rt report to the I*ci?lature, i ^ued by th- Fame gectuman and .luiUre (.ile.-t, State ( lcti/al.f n ii;*Lajjeri. Frjm tLe 'alter report we take ;lo ftUcoltg:? The niimmr if manuTnifioEa in thla State sin:* the lat cf.iai.uuy, 1UC4, hi reported to tbi<< Boar"!, t* .'44, o' which llii wt 10 to taie iaiEcfliete effect, and 199 were l>rot jwe'ne. T> ?? entire number rwporte 1 to the Boa: 1 ?ii.te tbeir organization a 1SC2, ha- :^een 4 ST7. of wliiclt 1.8fc0 wtt?i inimntlale, and 3,038 pruepecttre, or eondi ritual. Tl ? amo'.inl drawn by the Ftate Manatr' -? ' - >tr ?fce Tieasui y, (rim tbe lnt of January, 18.4, to the 1st of .innotjy, 1&3C. in 920,0(9, iraiiiB/i the tot*! amount <lia?n since tl>e parfa.x* ?f tbe act rf 1862, $40,000. The ?hole i f thin a-ruunt has been as ? ia being expended by tie llarylaim t-t??to lolon'ration i^o-Mety, the 'n rp etlon ef the Board of i-taU Manager", in the removal ot free perscne of eoioT frcm Mai; !at<d t> Afriea. and ia providing for their e>it?blUbi?est'end nnpport m far n ia uectn-ar v, accoidisgto 'he prontion* of the aersral acta of the (ientral Ai^embiy a'<" *?? ineLticned. AmvniO A.'so* x.x Win ?ra*CT.? Between six and ?v Ten o'oiuf.k on Wednesdav nljbt a (ire wa-i dl?>o *rer 'i bnrnlnn uodtr a etalrway in tae untynanted hou#e No. ?'.48 Wat?r atitet. It wae tTi.'ngtiithfd with a fewpail* Ct Mttt <>u < -tatilnatic n, KIM placw of cauraa and paj tr were fcui d l?ti'Hfii! ?with tar an' rt,* j f?tw^n ibeboardi*. The .Hie Mai .bai wa. n 'lfl-.'i. whi'nafMr #n ? *?inirati!'n el th# prvtr. :M f fc# crd'- ed t.i% window* aid i'.umh to be faetei.en up. Thia tuiW}.o(f !epi?.'at?'l a.Tair. and exhibit < ait.ple in >ucf .ne^'a for a :?* oi 'CCttolAlk." A Natal OrrntB Piad? The Njvy Depart* n ? ut 1 **< ad> .ce., J the death I VV.uiai.-i i'. C. Bir u o late ibf m ..lor f-i'gtoa tc the I n ved Sutae Nary, ? bv cUd cn the '.0th ult., it I b.:adelphia, C' IT- A f'tLAM'TY T'v ^'wlln-n I i I > '?!?> ?i .1 . i t v i ?' ?'?? ' ' " ? ' ??? M?? |? " t'i ? ? ffB-xe ia' nV -V>. ilkMMIIarf Court of bciitnl MmhIuiiDi Itoiote Recorder .Smith. ' TlilAL 01 JOKkFU K. i UI,1 NG CONTLKUBD ? TEJrllMON'T Oi U. >? KCKLL -. iUiicil C. ? Tb? trial of Coromj*eik>r>er l b ing for br-bsry ?5? i emu. 06 at lh<s Court of Reunions this inorung. The faience called Mortlhvw C. I'ordhauf, an in-pector i? the ofrce of tbe Coicenia&ione*, by whom it waa proponed to prive 'bat Mr. ?mith bad attempted to bribe witness to made a fa Tillable report to the Commissi iner of tho workirgof tiie ?tr??t nwn?pn>g machine. Holed out by the Court aa irrelewnt Joseph I.ouder wn- ciillod f j tbe sane pursue. and the rtne ruling nvplinl. AOi-ai (i. i-e<iiLie*, a new wi'nean for the ue'easo, wa then called to the stt,:i<i Had namiued by Mr. iSradv: ? 1 wan ore 01 ibe tirm c f Smith, Sec'ulea & Co., ot 1'lu a delphia, an1 signed the aiTic'et of copartnership; Mr. lleintiiiac :e tuw in lfotMmoie; Hartman is in i'niladel ? hi*; >he Sun wan ilasolwea on tbe 2d of Au^us', 1805 Mr. Har'niuu liavitg previously sold out ht< inured tin ieln; I iiiat saw tbe following agreement in January 166G:? i We. (lie nr.di rnlfined, bjrejy bind ourselves t? use all ou' , intiuero*, both personally Mid otbciaily, to o ?iaia for Mom s, ^niilh, Hsck-en A Co. ac( utract lor the e'euiing the rtrwuu o tsecliyof Stw Y( rk. ana conform to the tejtnao'J aKreemeu signed b.y tbe above lamed Uro. .Jus. K Kit .ING. f ? w York, Jan. 9, 1&5. M. L. MOTr. When bo presented me tbe p%per he Mild, '"low go on and ii.venl tea mi oey ; bera is tut paper that will show vcu that we will got u mmtrwot in the city of New York." tj. What cid ycu nay to thatf A. We went on, Invested the rapitul, and bad the machines built; I anfted Mr. Smith what the agrrercent in the latter [>art of the paper leferied to, and be s*id be Odd not know; I anted him if be had not a copy of the agTrotuont, an-l be replied in tbe negative; 1 iaid it wad ategnlar, and asked biin if he b?d a memorandum of it; be Haid he hat not; 1 u< ver ??>? a copy of it, nor knew ita conUuta; h? told me tliut ii?. inducement ot briogiEg tbe piper to ns wan to get ?<e nurt Hartman to advaooe the money to go on wftn tbd or.aobites ; Mr Ilart man objected much 'O go icto tho uttlierat all: he told me alter wards that he had mule an oil'tr to Messrs. K.bling and Most, which win that h? wa.i .0 pay them a certain amount or?r $140,000; tbi* ? in acme time ia February, he told me nothing after tUao: that wan the drat knowledge 1 Had that he wan to fire any compensation; none of the firm acted en tkot pa per; 1 did not approve of the agreement whoa 1 learasd 1'a nature; 1 don't think he tuld me that Kb ing and Mutt bad acciptcd bin offer; 1 came on to N e * York lint, in Januuty; tbe machine* were partly eeut here in February, t:nd were all here ia March: tli-; lirs? inter vie-.r 1 ha<t villi Mr. Ebling in March, all toe Urm were p:e, ent excopt Mr. Hartman, who waa reyreaeiited by his latl.B', Mr. iStuiih wat uover a*itbomed to miL ? sucti ?gr(9ictnt; the object of the moeling was ostenntbtr to cei-Qrm the contract, and was called by tfmltu. 1}. Wtmt wa? aaid and done erf that ineotitig V A. Mr. liirtoi&n objected alter 1 allowed him the paper to put in any ca pital whatever; be gaid be iliouM, before inventing any moi e money, Ccnie on to New \?ork and be satintioo ; we caiae on in March, and word waa gent to Mr. Roling to meet at uur office; Mr. ftnlth introduced Hartma>n and lnyi-ell to ?bl:i.-g, and >tat?d that wo furniahed the capi at; we wanted n>ma guarantee from Mr. Cbiiog ti*t we wocld ge'. h contract, that waa our object in c imtng to N ew York ; Mr. Kblmg replied, at once, that he c hi Id not She a contract; this was about the 10th or 14<h ot larch; be ??id that giving a contract would rest entire ly pa ibe uiatner in which the work waa done, and also ibid, "In tho nime of Ucd, what did you come here with to many mtchlcen lor'r" 1 replied, "To do the work," end Mr. Kbllng reiterated hie former statement, the in'ervif w then caaned ; nothing was aaid about $140, L00, or that Kl.llu^ or Mot t had an interest in the contract ; I did not find cut bctoie l'ebruaiy that anybody tuid ntattd the nam of $140 000 as the amount for which the uticetn were to b? clcantd; I Mgned all th? chr.cka of the fnm; Mr. bmitb i> reived the money on the contrast be twtc n us atd tbe Mayor: Mr. Smith told me he had ofliar ed Mott mcney ; he did not *ay what amount; he alao tolo ate that he had tffarod l.oling a horse; he dWu't i- A) what ft.r; be told me Mr. Eblinff tuiuaed it; Mr. Ebllsg asked n a, at an interview in July, if I had ttte pa j er pgriemeDt; I told him I had not got H with me; 1 ptcmi-ed lum 1 wcukl de? troy tt; a te w day* after Mr. Mr-itn at-liid me for it and 1 (owe it to bim Ctch examined ? Mr. tiuith and myself are not on amicable ter ma; 1 cid not give inii mation to the authori ties relative to that ?greemerv Mayor Wood aent fjr me and raid be wiolitd to ask me a candid question, acd w Isiud a candid analter; he wished to know it 1 had M-ch a paper: 1 told him I had not, that 1 oo lleved Sa.i'h had it; be wished to know if I was rri'ncly enough with bmiih to get tc; I told htm "Ve?j': I letuiLtd to 1'hilaCelphia, and wrote a no to to t-'ir.itb atcut it, and be returned an answer by Mr. l'atteitoa that be had not git the m per ; that it wan lost; Mui h cid nit put an.'- capital iaV; the coceern; he drew out about 92, COO; he wan entitled to about ^800, or at the rate ot $116 pCT month. I vidtiiCe was thin tffeied by the defence to provs the got d ctarader of Mr. Kbdnj.', out tbe Mstrict Attjruey ra:'d te woula admit tbat point to Its fullest extent. M r. Btady then auirmcd up the cat-e to the jury in a speech cf about two bowrn in length. Ibe Dwtrict At toicty < ccuphd about half the time in reply, utter which th* Court n Jmimd 1o 11 o'clock tbii< morning, wuen the Pecwi'er will deliver bin charge, and th? case wi ago to the juiy. Polite Intelligence. ALLSOiD A1TSXFT AT WIFE MURDER? ARREf-T OF TBE HUSBAND. Yesterday afternoon the residents of Greene street, In ile nt'ghVrbotd ot B!ctcker street, were thrown into a guat state of excitcnont in co&sequence of an alleged at wife muidet having taken place at No. 2 0 (;r?eue *diiet. It appears, an tar a u our reporter could Itatn, that the wife of a roan named Thomas Downing rttidlng an above, wan found lyiujr weltering in her bl 'Of] A deep ga-h in the throat xevealea a shocking wound, fiom wh'ch the b nod was flowing rapidly. 1 he police being infoimed of the oocurieuce, oflicer Rockwell, of the Fituebth w id pciice, rusbed into tie premises ?nd arrtsled the husband of the iejured woman ouchaige ol hayixg committed an attempt at murder. Ibe wcinan was able to taik fuintlv, and on beiog <|iics Uostd lelative io the case, said that her husband bud attimpttil to take be; li'e by cuttirff )ier throat wilh a iB/or A doctor was *o->u afterwards called In, wbo fchi upon t isniiia ioE that the windpipe of the uniur tut ate wrman bad been severed, ai.d that in tils opinion th* ci ue was a very critical one. Downing wan conveyed beloie Justice I'iaLJresu, at the Second District Police Cou.t, wheie hp stated that t is wife had herrelf lallict ed the injury and that he was entirely Innocent ot the crime, 'the piisocer ??s committed tJ jsll to await the retalt of his wile's injuiies, which it is believed will prove fataL Downing looked quite wild when brougBt into court, and although not under the Influence of drink, ttill bis countenance showed clearly enough tnat he had been leading a riotous lite ot late. CHARGE OF 1'ASSISQ COUNTERFEIT MONET? LARGE haul of spurious jhllh. On Wicnetday iiight a wan named Asa'i Reynolds was alien! Pd by oflicer Conwav, of the Fourteenth ward police, on charge ot having rlttm-d a counterfeit fire dol lar bill on the Ocean Bank of this city, to Mr. Andrew L liyrte, of No. lt>7 Uiand stm t. Reynolds' wife, on hear ing ot the arrest, told the officer that her husband, who is a teaman, and has not been in this city more thaw a vek. had leceived the counter felt from a man named Maitin Deviit, and that she win vti ling to sbow the police bis pla.e of re-ddeuce. Thinking that probably Devlin ba<l a 'nit* n.-ninint of the counterfeit money in hi* ptv-etsion. the < fliser, arovmj>anied by policeman K?-s, tt tic iYartcenth ward, wtnt along with Mrs. l:?yiolds k> Devlin's house in Moit street, and here to their surpu.-e they foun c the accused in a great state of teiror. Ifvlin attempted t* burn a roll of bills that he hac !a hid put. -nit ioa, but the package was rescued frtm ?he flaaea letoie it could be consumed. On inspecting it #if.i in counterfeit 'Ave-" on the 0-?ean Bank, and >44 '-n *he l'b*nli Balk of Westerly, Rhode Island, also counterfeit, was dUccvered. The prisoners were taken te' ue Justice Wood, at the Essex Market police, where thty were committee for examination. ALLEGED THJWT OF SrRVFTINO INSTRUMENTS. Wm. (iCni'mtiH taken Into custody cn Wednesday, by c 31 -er McManu*, of the Lower Police Court, on charge et fHal!i>g a ca?e ot' surveying iistrnments, valued at 9366, fio-n the o9ir? of John B. Holmes, of Broadway. The ai s'.ietd, it is alienee, sold tbe propeity, or a portion of ft, to l'i>'iij?ibin Pike, the optician, for about one half Its otigfral value. W lun urii-stid by the oflicer, tho accused ban 927 ?' we i tip in his c otlnng, which ft is supposed be i?c*;vfd in payment for that portion of the instruments cif-i^e-ed of to Ur. like. <io?."on waa brought before Jus tice Ceunolly, when he waa committed for examination. CH AROE OF GRAND LARCKNV. John ClODk, mu.iter ot a t-loop, was taken into custody on W? dnesoay afternoon, by oflieer Thorne, of toe 2d dis trict Pol c? Court, < n ehar^e ot stealing a quantity of poi it, valued at $'5, the property of Alfred (.'heesmao. Tbe acuiued, it Is alleft<d, oooveyed the pork to Brooklyn, and thfie chpcMd ft it t?i a man named Welsh. Tbe ac cused was cor.TS) td be'oie JuitlM Davison, at the ?e^ond Iiiatilct l olue Court, wheie he wtn committed for ?ia nuna'.-f n . Obttnarft R . R S'.ifast.w, "n his 88th ytnr, probabi/ the oldent ttjW-' ie :tent in N?w Ilavtn, cl?d on the 5th in-it lie wai a f a t-f Hf.u. Ri irer Sherman, one ot tho signers of tbe Indention < f 'tuiepcaiJence, andine'.f the hailing mt a in liamlr^f the ct-<vtntition of the l ulled States. Pffalc ATios oj a ^nsr.tvF ? Conxiderahlc ex el*, n -ot has b??n cna'.ed at l'aiis, Biurbon connty, Wj., i:i {<?:>< c |u>n^e tf the <lefalca'tori of Mr. Taylor, MiertlV uf the c .uLty tcr the knwtiat of >'.0,000 Court tsJriidaT?Thli Oay. S; n I'JOP. t ? Rt ?hoe. M7, 421, '45, Old, 917, 340, S.'l, M-f. !'. h, .m, [?a,) 9>:i, 9H4, i?66, W8, 977, M?i, tftT, 3S4. 686, OfO Wl, 0;<u, '.'07, 0P8, TOO. l'JOD. 001, 019, iooi, )!o;, iocs K.07, iocs, iwo, 1010. eCMt?s;? CiCBt? nreuft.-- .NOS WftO, 1748, 1778,1805, lPifl, l. so. i::s, s>i,*,r, 18'is. tos. l^n, i'M.9, -jmu., 2:. ?. i'i VI ?.-* I l l I . :1-.S, l'i87. 2269, 31 M, JOB, r??" i << v..r.*i, imki n ;o 119, im itmin, . ,, , : A _n<v. 1-1, C8, M, las, Political Intelligence. DEMOCRATIC HlMBItES OF THH NEW JKK8'.Y LfiOIt-LATUBE I* FA TOE Or BtTUDA* A.N FOK Til raiBiMMeT. The democratic members of the legislature of New Jut ncjr ban* pwhlltbed the following declaration ? Whereiu, a H evidential elert.on Is now approaohirm, ? bicb, Udef rndtnt of btlacU upon ID fi Cut on, exercb-.e an iitp. riant ir.iunice upon the State canvwta in >e'.r .1 ersey asd vheiea?, in order to a perfect anion of the dm.t ciatis party, it ss jus' at d proper to ob'-atn a general expression of aentii*eot in regard to c.tttullate<e therefore? We, tb? democratic republican Senators and mouihere of the Legbtiateie ?f Mew Jersey, (diociain<ingam desin> to iutfseuce, (oreatai or control the action o rum National Convention to ashC.nble at Cincinnati ) repre.i ntlog every por<ica of the Stat?, desire to express, on Oehalf of our fellow fcitiwDn, a preference for Jamee Bachane.u of Pennsylvania. We believe him to be the choice of iN?w Jersey lor the l'resld.mcy. His eminent talenu, trtav eenc'ant genius, great public serrtces, and high (ajraonul *orb, c mbine to place him first in our afl>ctioi; a ; anJ *edo cot her ate to hiculge the belief that he c*n. uiore i'oHC any other, eorioentnue the popular lavor and sup port. Folievirg 'hat hi* nomination otu oud will aoc irr for the democratic. nominee the electoral rote of New Jett-ey, we cbetrfuliy, cordially and continently com nccit him to our deuu cratic ivciliren in ttieotber rft* ea cf rbe 1'tiion, as the moat popular, Itccaiise the most me ritorious ; a'ld because hie election wiii be the deatb biow to Unatlcbm and sectional prejudice. 8K.1AT0W. Wa. C. A lexander, Win. Ilea. '?ac harian M . Price, Alexander Kobertson, It. 1-si.d, liai.iol D. lk*pt'W, Jcbn C. Kafferty, lUury V. Speer, M. ll. tfratr.baP, Jetur H. Iiivvid B. Somors, MEWXB8 OF ASbEllllLY. Titos. W. 1 etnareat, Wm A. tmr, Andrew Dutcher, Kiiaha tiauatf , Saimiel Woolty, John Wolte, Joseph W. Wulever, Samuel B??rn, Wm. Sergeant, \V. 11. CoPom, JtbnP Kittenbou-e, J aimt F. Btlhgate, Pavid Jmmbex, Joseph htUe. I'anit 1 1). Could, Samuel K. V.ums, Wm. Smith, ]>nnlti iludd, John W. Ordyfce, A. Oiboni, C. W. Schon>f>. John M. \ oorhlc, Ceo. H. Uoreutu.-', J. R. Hirrielo, Jstoe - A l'? nnirgtoD, John Snhooiinalior, fieo. V. De Mctt, Auim Hobir.o, ilcnry V. I?tetra, lUlpb d. Kraarent. Ceo. II. I>atty, Tukkto.v, March 4, 18iC. THI VBKSIUKNTIAI. CAMPAIOV. The Know Nothing State Council of Kboae Ihland have repudiated the nominations of Hllmoietnd I)oael-<oa. The following rewlutlon whh oBbr.Kl ia the Council, and was r? jesied by a Tote of 46 to 0: ? RphoIyucI, That we heartily approve of the nomination of MiUnid Ftltmoie and Andrew .lactfoa Itonelson for l'i6Md<ot acd Vice I'rthicent of the Cmte<l SUteB; und ttat we heiebv plecge outfeWea to use all honorable KeanH to kccujc their election. The H j.^tc n Atlas, old lln? whig aDd nigger wornhlpper, (?yf: ? Ihe tu wloailcn ot Mr. Fillmore hin hud one ex tellt n' eflec'.. It nay not have ad^od to the aggregate puilty. integrity and patriotism iu the world, but it ha? ? e^ealed to our dazzied eyes a u?ont remarkable collection of tttoe viitueH in the boaom ol' the " Americ\n'' cuudi "late. The roeent he he ay has naturally culled l irthmmr cultgiums upon the obaractcr of Wanhlngvon ; but Mr. 1 illmoie bico lair to usurp the honors awarded to the l ather of tte Country, or at leaat to awaken eijuhl reve rence ard pralHe. Incoed, Huch 1? the contagion <-1 giod teelitg tliat Mr. Andrew Jnekaon Dotelson, who, dorlag the aoioiiiiKt ration of Mr. Filliuoro, employed hla liuiitc't power* in JibeLiiiig that gontleuiau, in now oompenxatirg for hla lack cf pernpicaciiy, by exprtaiiing In oil hie xpeecbeH his gr?tilication ' in finding himself on th# ticket with Mr. l'illinoie. *' Very much giatilied, no denbt, Mr. ItoneWu la; but how will Mr. Fillznoi? feel when he bears of the conjunction t The Albany State Jhyt .-Ur, which baa abandoned tho Know Nothing utional ncmineoe and turned nigger worshipper, ??ya>? W? propose to abandon no- principle of the Aiuerican cited, discMd no uieaaure of p.tllnv of the Americnn par.y. We a'and with all the provftioua of the 15 1'ghamU'u plalfoiw on tho subject of American itiu. <?.'i fubject of wlavory wo %>} with all th* New Ftiglar.d States, with l enncylvm U, Ohio and t ve: y We?t?;rn State ? with the real Americana of the State of New York ? in repudiating the principle cf the twelfib .-feet ion of tho Philadelphia platfoini of Juno last: iu r<? Miflauig the principle uud policy of the Kanaaf Neb:aa k% bill; iu cutting loose front slavery, whether the bond of union be fOuLd in the platform or the candidate. 'Ihe Philadelphia Sun ? the genuine old original Ameri can oigai. ? repudiates the Know Nothiug noiuioationn. The Newbuiyport Herald, whig, weigha the Know No 'hing corr intca thua. lheir vmue I asonra ely uc?r tamed:? It ii probable that Mr. Fillmote will dcclitw the neDination aa aooo aa be hears of it. He i* uov tn l:u roje. II he does iot, It la ail tiie name. lie is ?u extreme frgy In ? II bis and if he had not signed the Fugi tive Slave law te could not carry two State*, aud uo v ne can't rairy one. Mr. Jtcaelaoii waa once t miied upou by (.tn Jackeva; but if the B^uit-rapping theory is true, it is woiuieiful that old Jackson's apuit has nt?t kn tcUed cut his biairs betore this, ltobably it would, if he had any to spare. All that we ever knew of bis doing wan to bankiupt the old hero by bis management about the Her mitsge ektate. St me cf tho Know Nothing papers are publishing the following oblinary : ? Oikd ?At 1'bilHdelphia, on Momiay, the 'ifith inst.. of a aevue attack of silver grey eripes, "Samuel," oth*rwise knowu as the Sham Patriot, aged one y ear ard aix months. His tunenvl will be attended at the polls in Nivtmber next, to which all his friends are Invite d. Ihe ncmina'ioos of Fillmore and Donetson ?<> not '?take'' er?n with the "Ammican" party. No American paier in Maine, New Hampabiro, Vermont, Connecticut or l<ho('e Island supports the Philadelphia nominations. ix-Covei nor Colby, of New Hampshire, wbo was fa'ae.y repoited to bave acquiesced, repudiates the whole tQing. Ditlo tl.e other delegate from New Hampshire at I'hiU (lelpbia. 7hn Americans of New Haven bave repudiated the Philadelphia dolofts b< a formal resolution. The Know Nothings of Troy have ruled out of the party ail who ip|u>e to suppoit thu national candidate, or who would criate dUtincuons between Amerlsacs North and American* South. It is repotted that Fx Covernor Hurt Is eoon to pro ccunce an enlegy utwrn the jiolitical fortunes of Mr. Fill more, in this cny. It will to a pathetic time. The Richmond Ditjatch (independent) lays: ? The ap pioachitg crntest for Prtsicent will be one of the moat mc mc tit ous that ever agitated this countiy. Who can think of ibe election, by pomdldlity, lielng thrown into the Howe of lie pi eeeutatives, and a struggle there, end irg like that ct tbe Speaker, in the triumph of a black lepithiicnn, without a shudder? Th# Union cannot sur vive that calsMtropbo. TBK WISCONSIN GOTEUKOUaniP. Tl'? Judiciary Committee of the Wisconsin innate hate rr fico a tevort upon the contested election cm* bet ween Harhtow, dtmocrat, the occupant ot the gubernatorial cha'r, ami Mr. liafhlord, nigger worsliippor, in which the whole question is elaboiately reriowed. The committee came to tbe corclu>dou that Mr. ltashtord is entitled to the ofttoe, taring received ^6,87'J legal Totei ft c limit ?6, Ma tor Bat stow. The House ot' Koproacnta'ives will probably think diflereut; and, Got. Barstow m no# in possession ot the ofllce, lie will, no doubt, occnpy tb? ? xreutive chair till tbe end of the term. CONHHM ATION'P. Tbe Senate of New Jersey ha* confirmed tbe following r cminatitns made bv tbe Kxecutive: ? Jh\r Stcritaru of State ? Thomaii ?>. A'lUon, of 8omer?et. tor CUrk of Chancery ? Win. M. Babbitt, of Kenex. PtoiecvU/rnf the Pieaf ? Bergen ? Manning I'. Knapp; Hunterdon? M. D. Tielren; Kli/abetb Cliy ? Isaac M. Wil li* uu on. Judge of Ike Cuvrt of Hi run ? Joseph I. Wiley, of fa leaa. TV ? of Stat' /formal Sthor.t ? First dUMet ? fame* G. Hampton; t<?cond district. ? Klcliard S. field; Third diatiict ? franklin Kinney; Fourth distriet ? Thomas lAwrence; Filth di?trict ? Henry <J. Darcy. STATIC OP PAKTIE3 IN BMOI'K ISLAND. Tb? opposition to the democratic party In Kbode Island may be thus summed np: ? 1. Whigs, who want to do somethiag. a Whigs who don't want to do anything. Mali e law nigger worshipper*. 4. Nigger worahippor* who drn't want the Main* law. 6. Fit. more and Donelaou Know Nothing*. ri. Know Not hire* who want t? hitch uigger idolit-in to the tell if their kite. 7. Know Nothing* who are willing to be hitched to the tail of the nigger worshipper*' kite. William S. Mesne try ha* been nominated a* the citi zens' cancidate for Mayor of Salnjn. Mr. Messerry la an active, enterprUIng man, who many year* agowa* in bn fin.** in thi* city, and subsequently in St. I/)uia. Tne titsklrg out ot tha Mixican war found him a trader In >eaift fe, and he wa* afterward* chosen by tie teople of New Mtiico to i*.pie*ent them in Congress, and was -V rretaiy of the Teriitoty, and lor a time the acting (lor ci nor. Kvifirrnie Cotnlwlln nll. Before Hon. Judge Ro**evelt. MJIT AGAINST A VUYSICI AN fOB ALLKOKD UAM'K AC TICK. John P. llaine* rs. Samuel J. W. Sandforil. ? Th<> plain tin in this case aue* for $10,000, lcr the loea of hi* wile, alkped to hii7ebc*n occasioned by tbe malpractice of the I'elendant durlrg hi* attendance on Airs. Ha: no* In Iv r confinement. The tesllmouy wa* purely medical, and of such a nature as would i nly interest the fecu I'f. whilst it wc uld be unpalnlable to tho majority ol the leaiii* of the clal'y pi?*s. It was shown that tho de cerned lady loet her lite during her confinement; but It wa* alio shewn, by eminment men, that doscrlb* o, w?* moat difficult by nature, aad that if th? attmoirg physician win iinf'irtoimte ia his treatment, Others, of tl e llrst stundlng in the proflswion, bad pur sue** a s!nil)ar course, but ?omc;la>es with more Uv.ira bV r? mlts. Tbe judge charged tbe jury, leaving tbfl que^tbnn i?f fact t.> tb. m, but reraikfd, iu*t if all e-'nr? of jn<lg nirr.' crmirdtted b? the mi; i-trv, tlie jntii-.iary and the n ,.(! ! )?< * ft !<' t("-liCHl p?-,??^si'?ri <? f; r,. < si | will . . I ti*. w 4" .i ?> '.h;i ? iMt -VV | THE PARIS CONFER ENCES, The Plca^?((ofisrt(ii"Ba8b of the ffego* tlaiiiw 9li|i of the Proposed Recti* ration ef the Emoe-Tarkfeh Frontier --Biogrnphkal SkftcbtH of the lemktrs of the (mremti Th? ?eace Confcieasee tor vhe paciSaatioa o! Kurope. . were probably opened cn Satnrday, the ult.r In Paris. Afjtitin?toiy of Uit) | roTeeding* of thin Congress of Na tters, we give this morning the ntmet of the PleaipoVen tiariei<, the live Points which turrn the basis of the nego tiations, a map ahowiDg the propored reitlhsaticn nt the Ka^sc-Turklsh boundary Una. and bi graphical aketolies of the *tat*i-meD who are to taie part in tht' nc '.tienram ? of the existing difflemtits in ICurope. NAMES OF PLENIPOTENTIARIES. FOB FBANUI. Count Colionna Wslewttki, Minister efKoieiga Affairs of the Kir per or, and Baron de Boui jaeoev, hi* Karay Itxtracrdinarjr and Minister Pl?cipo?>irt;arj at Vieoaa. FOR AUSTRIA. Count Buol P^haueoiiJlHn, Minister of foreign Allaire (>f the ijnperop cf Austila, and Baron rtr Hubner, his Kz v<v K\tiaoiaiiiarj and Minister nenipa'.entiary at Pull. FOR GKKAT BRITAIN. The larl c f Clartrdcs, principal Secretary of Stat* for horrign Affairs, iu>d Ix>id Cowley, Ambiu-aalor of Eng la; <t at 1'axlN. FOR ItUHBIA. ' Count Orlcff, member ot the Counc he Kmpire and Aid-de Camp General of the l jnj>eror ofltusila, and Baron de Bruno w, bis Fnvoy Kxtraordinary and Minister Pleni potentiary to the Germanic Contixie ration. FOR 8AROIMA. Count Comille Becto de Cavour, 1'iime Minister of hi* J'sjeatr victor Emanuel. FOR TtTRKET. Aali Tarha (<rand Vlxter of hl? Ms jesty lb* Sultan, and Muliomtd l'j"tnij Bey, tin Arihsssvlor at Paris. THE BASIS OF THE CONFERENCES . I.? DANUBIAK PRlNCIPALiriBS. Complete abolition of the Russian protectorate. I'm Dacubian I*ilnclpalitle? shell receive an organisation o.?a forn able to tbeir wishes. to their wants, to their inter ests; and this new organization. renpec lug which the population itself will be consulted, Hhail be rec agnized by the contradict Powers. and Hanctioned by the Sultan a a tiuaunticg from him sovereign initiative No State nh?l be able, unrier ary pretext whatever, under any form of protectorate, to Interfere in the questicn of the internal armiiiit-tration of the Principalities: tliey shall adopt a definitive f ermantmt system, demanded by their geocrra phicel prsition, and no Impediment can be made to their fortifying, in the interest of their safety, in nucb manner as they may teem advisable, their territory againat fr.iii/'n aggu.ifiine. In exchange for the strorg places and territories ooeu pted by the a.lied armies, Ruwi* consents to a rectifiea ticnofher 1 eon tier with Turkey in Kurope. It would commence in the visiii?y of Chotym. follow the line of the mountains, which extend in a southeasterly dirae t if n, and terminate a'. l-afce.Sasik, [see map schj>i ied.| The line (trace) shall bedehultely regulated by the geoa iai tieuty, and the conceded territory would return to the Principalities and to the suzerainty ot the Parka. II?? "VHE DANUBE. The freedom of tie Danube anl ot its mouth: shall be ( fiicaciously attsured by European institutions, m whtoh the contractirg Powers shall be equally represented, ex <*pt the particular positions of the lords of the sail on the band's, (<l> rircraint,) which shall be regulated upon the piinciplts established by the aot ot the Congress ef Vieiins, as regards the navigation of rivers. Kteh of the contracting Powers sha I have the right tj keep one ?r two pinali veKfels stationed at the mouths of the river, iMtiuml to a**ure the enweution of the regulations rela tive to the freedom of the Danube. iu.-nvMuuuneN of ths black sea. This K-a Rhill be open to merchant vessels? closed to war navies, (marina mHUairtt.) Consequently, no naval military arsenals hhall be oieated or maintained thai*, l'le |>votrct!on cf tlie ooirroorcial and maratime later ess of all natk?B shall be at^uied in the respective ports ef the Mack .wea, by the eNtabiishment of institutions eon - formahte to international law, and to the customs eaiM tioncd in such matter?. The two Powers which held tfaa c.i ast engage thitafclvf s to maintain only tie number at light % re gels of a ftsed force necessary for their coast ser vice. this convention, concluded* separately between there two Powers, shall farm part as aa aonox of the general treaty, after receiving the approval of' the con tracting parties. T) ? i-eparate convention cannot be an nulled or modified without the content of the figmtarles of the general treaty. The clohfog of the straits wfll admit the exception applicable t:> the stationary vennata mentloneo in the pieceding article. IV ? CBK1KTIAX SVUJKCTS OF VOK fOBffK. The immunities of the Rayah subjects ot the Porta ebsll be religiouely preserved, without infringement ot the independence and dignity of the Sultan a crown- Aa deliberations ?te talirg place between Austiia, Kraaca, Great Btitay, and the Sublime Porte to assure to tfca t bristian suljects of the Sultan their reJgjou* and po li'icsl rights, Bureia chall be Invited, when peace is made, to estociate herself thmeto. V. The belllgeraqt Powers reeeive to theniselve* the right which appertains tithem of producing in a European internet special condition* over aid aCiova the four guar ?ntees. THE PROPOSED RUSSO-TU RK1SH BOUNDARY-. The pioposed ractltication of th? Hasso-Turkuh fron tier, ensuring the freedom ot the Danube, will be best undei stocd by a glance at the subjoined map. The dotted lines are the proposed boundary; the present, It Is need less to reirark, Is the liver Pruth:? Tli? ttirtitorj of whleh it I* thtm prop >??.l to.'U, > ?<*?? Rami* nay b* rougkly *t l?,O00 m?i ??!??? V' r raort* th*n tli?* Ri**rf Nt>w Mum1 hi" fh-'Ni^ i* |ir to)>ico'i, ?>??? (i I | ii nmu.l.w'i cj^'.iec . i. *.uv ( i;. *4t ,a?