Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 14, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 14, 1856 Page 2
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Ar.tDixT or Mpm<-? MMM% boMtiful opera, "laei, M l^uniMinoor." will be performed this ?ven to* Mb* Ia Grange puHNtii the heroine. supported hy Urigaoli u lugardo, and M< rwii m Lord Ash ton. Bh< > TmunuL ? The able personation of the dif torrui characters, 'he evolution* of the baaatiful twritei ax) tbe elegant scenerr and wouder'ul mechanical con trivances render tb? great spectacle of "Ih* Cataraat of the Ganges'' a? (opular an ever. Nihlo'8 Gakpkn. ? The lUvela will, (bio aveciog. open tfce entertainments wi'h tbe ever pieaeing little comic pan loin uno n'tlrd "Jeai.nette and Jen not. ' after which ill- j will perform Mr. Lebtrann's magi.iacoct and de Mghtlul ipestade, "The tut King " Br*Tv*'8 Thxathf. ?Taylor's new comedy. "He'ping Haii<ln, " in wbi;h Mr. Barton ban made another great kit in a comic character, will be repeated thia orralni;. Mr*. Bowa d, the favorite actress and vocaliat, will after ward* play 'T'ortuoio." Ucu Kjoh'b ViiiirnsB.? Mian Keen* will to night mi fui m ber ceiebratea otiaracter of Peg Wodington, in fls? c rnnlv of "Maskt and Faces," a part in which she tavanably moat euthunia title applause. "No velty" la tbe aftei piece. ' Wallace >? ruK.\rim. ? The exciting drama entitle 1 the ** Knights ot tbe Round Table." with the name strong enat as belore, will be played for the last time thin eeeu "lig. The cxee.lent petite comeey of tine ''Boarding Softool" will h Uow. Bboaswat Vabiktu8 ? The popular nautical drama o " Black Eyed Husan," and the laoghable faroe of the " Rengh Diamond." a) effectively rendered by the Weod and Mar ah chi'dren, will again draw tears and smiles from the audience tnia evening. Wood's Mishthels. ? tfongs, dances, jokes and th9 fa vorite burlesque en "Macbeth," consulate the pro |iiBnt for to-ni;hf. Bcckixt's c-'EkLNA&Uis, brsUes giving a number of their beet stvgs, wi.i this evening rejieat their great extrava gania, the -'Court of Ice-Burg," Broadway Atbksjev*.? Tbe paoororrlc Illustrations of China and J a (.an will be exhibited tun afternoon and over tog. In the af erscon Mr. Bayard Taylor win repeat Ms renarks cn Jai an for the henetl of the Shirt Se?eri' and Seamstress's I'uinn. Consequently it will be an ac of charity to attend. Wizamd8 ? Oar Williamsburg neighbors will, this evening, be treated to a nov 1 and h<gh!y amu4cg ea ter airmen*, at the Odeon, by those great wiztr is, the Moravians ard their beauiful rtiiicrea ? the la '.ter have ekewnere been characterised aa in'autie wonders. Another \ttkmpt at Burglary The store *f Messrs Msy M lleuezet was f irnib y entered nuJaurs ?fay n<g it las'., and a desperate effort mad* t"> bee;ik opaa thtir i on pafc and atthiugh "he robbers hadev->rj facili ty in tbe way of tools, it heiog a bweware xt.ire, ye, tbej t: id not i u<-ce*d in forcing the door. B ing foilsd in thii Ibey left ?iih'.U'. taking anything of value b> untieing a aimilar attempt on tne fate of the Cib tem Hon-e in cur l?>t issue, we stateJ It wn <m>* of "He-ring's Patent rhampinn Fire anl Bnrg'a* Proof Sa'ts " In th!? we were mistak- n. a< will be ??en from tbe folloainv caid of Mr. H. R. Tayior. These stVt. which iu vith issiames pm?ed ''burglar proof. " were "Hicb'j im ri-vexen* of VV'll<ter'8 p**e-)t." an<l manu Ike'tred by Messrs. ?tearns k VFarvia, Ve? Y irk. We Make he correction with pleasure: ? M& H'tma.v ? 1 ohee vnd in your la"t nurabBr a nc'i-e of burxlaiy ai>d uttempt.-d rubbery, and that the safu.' atten j tec are denominated "Hemne's Sa'eH." Tb'" is an error, a? tbe Cm torn Houp-e i-a'M was sold hv mjrti f, and that of lfessrs. May & Benezet by Steams & Marvin. Ne ? York, and for wh >m I am tie agei' here The safe* were Rieh'* imp ovornintot Wildtr's j>-?t?at ? aowder and hurgUir proof lo:k?. Please inako -h-> <v.r leetion atid nhlige respectt'aily vonrs, H. K. TaYLOR. ? Apalncnicola ?m Adv., March 5. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MOM IS Y MARKiCT, * Thursday, March 13?6 P. M. The stock market still tends downward. With con siderable activity in some of the leading fancies tower prices ruled throughout, and the disposition to sell appears to be daily increasing. At the first board to-duy, Nicaragua Transit opened at a decline ?r percent, and before the close fell off" to Hit. a decline from yesterday's closing price of 3 j per cent. The sales -mm up about five thousand shares, prin cipally fcr eash. Erie Railroad was offered freely at lower prices. The next most active stock on the list was Cleveland and Toledo. The tendency was dawn, ward, and no extent of purchases could arrest it Cum berland fell off i per cent : New York Central Rail road, i ; Ene, J ; Reading, 4 ; Panama, j ; Cleveland Columbus and Cincinnati, 4; Clevelandand Toledo,*! Illinois Central bonds advanced J percent* New Haven and Hartford Railroad, 4; Galena and Chicago. _?c|. The stork market is controlled completely by the brokers. There is no outelae /nterest represented, either fcr a rise or fall. Stocks are plenty euough m the streets, and principally in the hands of street speculators. The recent advance in prices brought to large quantities from the conntry, and it will take ? long time to distribute it again. Outside holders availed themselves of the opportunity to realize, and are now content to wait further developements in the political and financial world. They are certainly for the moment, on the best side of the fence. \t proper points new purchasers will be plenty enough ; but it is evident that the views of outside operators are below the present level. The Western railroads, with perhaps two or three exceptions, will make a i poor show fcr the first quarter of the present year. The returns, so far as received, do not look very satisfactory; but when the actual current expendi tures appear-if they ever do? it will l,e seen that the balance is on the wrong side of the ledger. For the quarter ending Dec. 31, 1*55, most of the West ern railroads exhibited very flattering statements; b?t all they gained on that term, aud more luo, has ance been lost. Railroads in Illinois and Wisconsin have done Letter than usual. The winter just passed was not near so severe for railroads west of L ike Michigan an the previous winter, and they will, therefore, come out comparatively better than anti cipated. In this State and in Ohio the weather hi ?nce January been particularly severe on railroads. The last snow stoim-tlut of March 4-is admitted to have been the worst of all. It will seriously re duce their gross earnings for the present month, and perhaps postpone in some of them the regular divi dend day. Stockholders in those roads which have been most interrupted must prepare their minds for returns much less favorable than anticipated a few bk filths since. "I?e following sales of bonds and stocks were also made at auction by E. H. Ludlow:? M,?iO Detroit. ?nd Milwaukie RH. 7>n lh-l ,, w 6,010 Junction RR r? . 18,3 ^ N Indian* RK.7?ortwi I'lnc k, l2? Mifcu Z*bf?b M. Lotiui uVm'n 79 n Xni m ,n 1T,,r K- ?' 32' " UNA /UiDK of the Of New Yr.rV , ~ Ward Bank^ .... . " 26 North Am. rican r-nn'. ano JUnUing r^.' "H 113 do. do. do 6 E?*t Rmr JDsurnoce Co. * 0 ,* 6 Mechanics' B*.,?i0(r A?wUti?.' ".'J 24 w?**r Hwk n{ v.dr,bunr:..:::;. 7? 24 North American t ire Insurance Co ion 10 Jelfei hod Insurance Co 30 f iretnen '? Insurance Co . . . , ?2 J*??' 1^? rnwt co. ; ?4) National Ber.k j.?. After the adjournment of the board," the following sales of stocks and bonds were made at auction by A. H. Nicolny: ?0o^ *'w,0r|p'\n" CltT Consolidated ???, iat. add 7', v Szttsszs i.'? arr ? i: s" * *> "*11 ' 2?'m)o ?-L''tt* k indiao?PolM I'.R do do J?| . S?5?^ * 60 Second Ave nae lUUroad .. . 20 K**t )!i*?.r B?nj< 40 40 Ru?g?rH Ftre In^Vran'oe' CV>".'.'. ?,2 30 bMlirior Hr, lOHurtinex Co... 40 Aster Hre Insurance Co. . J!'.' 10 HepuMic Fire l'i*tiriino* Co (l?,, 40 I-eoc* Fire insurance Co. . .'. 1? '?* 2? ' Cooper Fire Insurance Co (, ? ??/ 80 Reek man fosuranoe Co. . . . l'noi'JIiilA 1 20 Bowery In.ur.nce Co.... 100^. 0^ 12 Arctio Jn' oranea Co ,, . 12 ft. NfeholM iBsnrante Co.. .'. 26 Ho wart In faran ee Co ii i ^?Fii?ir:en'? Insurance Co.... i<lo "? assssi?srrr!!.^r:::: At the second board the market opened and closed weak. There were plenty of sellers of nearly ?very "toek offered. Erie Railroad fell off f per cent; Reading, Michigan Hontliern, |; Panama, 4- Nicaragua Transit opened this afternoon at 18| per cent, and closed at V*. After the board it fell off again and closed heavy. All stocks wore lower after the board. Cleveland and Toledo sold at 77 per cent, eeller thirty days. Michignji Central 02?; Erie, 5ft. The bear feeling is increasing, and a few more days like this wonld bring about a serious de preciation. The movement in Nicaragna Tran-it t^-day was of the most extraordinary character. The telegraphic despatches from New Orleans fell ??*?? Wall street like a bombshell. There was a ^encral rash to get ont first. Friends and foot were getting off stock u hat u possible, and the buyers were only those who had contracts fur delivery. The news from Nicaragua is certainly of a startling character. If Walker has given ano. ther charter to a sew company, we do not see the necessity of seizing the boats and property of the old company. He may have a right to give a dozen charters to as many new companies, bat it doe* not follow that he has a right, if he has the might, to seize the property of a oompany already in active operation under an old charter. A few days will give us a better insight tkto this matter, and, in the meantime, the bolls and the bears will have a fine time of it. If Gen. Walker has commenced his ad ministration by a breach of good faith, by such a dishonorable act, we cannot expect his future course will le of a different character, and the result will not be difficult to imagine. The telegraphic report may have foundation, but at present we are not dis posed to believe it. If such an act has been com mitted by Gen. Walker, public opinion here will un dergo a great change relative to his personal quali ties and public intentions. Simeon Draper's regular semi-week'.y sale of bondB and stocks will take place to-morrow, (Friday,) at half-past 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Ex change. The Pacific Mail Steamship Company giye notice bat new certificates of stock, dividing the capital into shares of one hundred dollars each, will be ready for delivery on the -2d inst. The Assistant Treasurer reports to-day as fol lows: ? }'a<d on T;?asury acoount $00,596 00 l;?x?ma qo 621,067 o.i baaioe do 4,812 304 '.)<> Paid f>r Ascay Offie? 5,585 08 Pud I'll u!?burhlL(f ihecka 18,(500 3!' Tke receipts include 1500,000 transferred from the bullion fuud. The warrants entered at the Treasury DepaW ment, Washington, on the 11th inst., were a. foi lows: ? (? or toe reditu i<? ion of sti-efcn $15,121 0 < ior lie Tr?wt<i..-y i|6p*rtm<'ut 44,8 '3d 75 for tbe Interior Department . . . , 10, i54 5" t*'or Oodt^irx 8.0d2 07 War warrant" re<-t?t *?'. untl tweed 65,001 On IptMirr ? .rrivOtH n*vl?wl anil na'urwl l,.St>3 07 From ini* -ttliwMoaa nouro*. .0 <wi >>0111 GoMMM *#? ? " (*n account uf t nary 15 000 00 Stork Exchangd, TncK.--U.iY, Marsh in, 1866. $3f00 VirgtrlaB's.... 95 5 -ta? U t Tnist 0*. 107 ltiON Trail I'k, M. . . 9(1 2.*.0 Curnb Coal Co 2'27a 3000 Missouri (l'>. . . 8<;J? 100 do *00 22?? PCCO do 80 >i 140 N Y lift. . 1i 10 H *1 le' .\1 B?.. 99 150 Krie Railroad ... 50 '4 1G5CO III C KH Bos. . . 88 180 lo b30 S 15ff>0 do 88 X '.'ftO do 6??i P5<0 do 88 k 200 do o20 Ms bOOO do h 6 88 M 100 do a3 W OIUKr Hs wp.b3 90 li!60 do 5ft *? kxo 00.. 80^ 100 Oo t?io 1. lOCO do 8r% 100 do tax M)0 N' Y Cei 0 * .. 83 10?> <10 *10 5 '.>? 10* 0 Lb&Bk I KK B<. 93 50 d>> *30 50?< 15 thf. Bk of Amer. . ICO 100 do a?J foiji 7 BkolUanieiw.. 100 200 Har>m Railro.v1 l"3f do 109 V 200 do . - . . h30 ?0 40 Broadway Bit . ... 110 5 N H 4 Ht'd Rli. . 128 20 Ohio L fc'Tr Co. 92 1200 Reading Riiiron.1 400 Gard Gd Me..b''0 13? 400 <lo bt;0 91 }4' too do biO lj5 25 H'l'iaon R KK.... ."3K ICO Nie Tjaohit Cn... 22 10 >licb Oniral RR. 50 do 21 J? 50 do 93 -.00 do b3 21 '0 do 91% 100, do blO VI 50WSAN la R.-t.. 94lu 300 do 2(!Jf 50 Panama KaUraad 103 )? 13(0 do 20K 20 0le?, Oft (*?.... 101 'iOO do hIO 2?>>4 12 Li'tle HWmi RR. Hi 100 do hIO ?>J< 7 Gal ftCaic RK.*3 U2'f 1400 00 b?0 21 318 'lo l!2>, 1100 do 'MX 350 Ciev ft Tel RK... 18 600 co 300 20Ji 1100 do I>60 78 TOO do ?03,' 4f0 do 77 % 1(0 do 20 >4 lOO do <Vi 77'i 50 do 19Ji 400 di olO 77^ 150 do 1 28 Cb 4Rk IsRR... 95 SECOND BOAHD. $S00fl Calif.-'a 7's. >61 80 450 ?tis line RR... .*3 '000 Har lKt M Ba.. 80 160 do bflO 59s 2000 111 C FR B^b. . . 88 lOO do blO 50^ 50(10 do 88 M 100 di ?t.O 50 1 71 cbs 'V.uua CI Co.. 98Ja 250 do *3 56'u 100 Nij Transit C > . . . 18& 100 Cle & Tel KU .otVO 78 500 do 18 S 200 Keid^Bii RII. . . t>3 90 }tf 2f0 do 18?o 'JOO do 90 'i 200 do 19 100 do 90^ liflftitto Va. OCT..,, I.1/* MOHndBmRRR.... 6(0 Canton Co. . . bcO 23 mCMI SsN'ltBR b30 94.1., 6(i0 do 23 ICO f(f. . trr* ?<? ICO ro S5 23 200 do b3<J W 150 N Y Central KB.. MX 50 do 9^V 100 do bl# 91)J 5 I'aaam* RR. .... 101.^ M do 2d 01?i 12 111 Ceatral RR. . . ?7^ SCOIWeRR b3 6(i^ 100 Gal 4 Chi R't.beo 112^,' iilMNO BOARD. 50 shs Wd C &Td Co . oft 500 f hit Con'd Hiil.alO 18 60 do blfc 38 ?00 Gardiner Gold. .$1 32^ 50 cr> 38 % 100 do Bt6 1 30 100 K Cti-oUua....&10 2 2700 do b3 1 87 X lflOMcCuUneh 10 100 do 1 37 CITY lOHUKRCI&li RKPURT. I'iicbsday. March 13? <i P M. Afiir- ? Tie ir drift tw quiet arid prises utichaugeJ. i>KK>Dt?rti-r?.? Hour ? rhe tuarke' w%i dull and sales limited u> Nome 4.000 a -J i.00 bbls , iasluaiog common Stat* at $6 94 a *7, with tome small let*, prooably inte rior, teported at *6 87 ; extra State *ti a'. 23 i $7 27 )j; low grades or Wen! era, inducing Obli at $7 -5 a t>" 87 a *8; small iota of common S ate, taken ftorn ine r?ilroal depo , were reported at SO 75; .-^utiiem wxs iuaetive; rrixed to chcdce brands were at (7 62% a $8 ;;7. and fsncy and extra at 18 60 a ?9 Koull sales of Caca iiiE rommm. superfine to fausy and extra were ms^e at $7 '25 a $9 25. Rye Hoar and earn m*al wore uncbacgtd Wneat was" quiet. Good to p.itne lots were unchanged ana nuly app*arlng in small k* a. About 700 ^usbels, tn l>a?s, ir.'orior red lenne^sse w- re eoid at 41 (17. Coin? Tbe marker, wu? without chaDge 'f The , aie - embraced about 16 000 a 2u,000 buaheK irelnded in wbicb were about 10,100 a 11 000 tciucd Southern yellow at 70j., ?i'h mixed aua ?hite inrpiDK trcm 67c. a f.8c. and 19c. Rye wa* steady; small ssies wf:n r&ade. deliverable on the spot, at SI 11 a 81 18. ?tiU for C-liTt-ry on the o peeing of navur!.'iaji at 81 12* Con ee ? A moderate business has been done at full pries Ilelder* of all kinds exhibit great 6rmnws. Sale* of 3,000 Dugs Hi , at 10%c. a 12c. < c Ttti.v.- Un'ier 'be Araoia's uews, the market is at least } ,e. lower, and holders aie aox'ous sellers at tais abator, rot. Tie itusinehs has been bat moderate, esti matefl gwwn lly at l,600ba!ev Wa quota aa follow* KTW YORK CUHMKICATIOX. N.O. ltd Uplandi. fUiruhu Mof/il*. &jw Ordinary 8>? 8^ btf Middling 10 Miodling tair 10)5 10^5 U 11 lair 10X 1?X 11, '4 12 FJiH ? I>r\ coo U unchanged ; mackerel are iw? ac.ive at f rtrer prir?s. Tee sale a- e not l urge. Kkkicbtk ? K?tee were st?.idy but inaei^e. as shlpn?-s wne ?ai iDg -fee receipt of orivate letters due by ttie Arabia. To Liverpool ? About, 1(> 000 bushels wi re ergssred iu ship'* bag.', at 9d. Flour was at 3s. ?t. Cotton at 9 "id. tor nmnpre* ed, and bacon at 30s. Ts Lobiion ? Atx u* 10, 000 bushels grain were taken at 0< , it bags. 1 here was no change to nmce tu ra'es fo Ilaere. Tu California ? They were steady at 30]. per foot me* surer nent. OmsT Cum rcoalns steady. At Boston nalei were made ot 1GO oodles at 13o., 0 months. was firm at 18 Jf 8. II. nm ?The mark' t is still very firm, and the stpMy consists chilly of the common kinds, The tew Bueoo-i Ay re here are withdrawn from the market. NT-> Rio Groode. Of Acg*ntara I f 00 hare been so'd at 24Jf six mnoth#, at which prioe there in a good dsmand. Tm stoc* ij 4 ?K). i.'vn ? lUickiAnd is quiet at 81 (or common, and ?1 37 % fcr lump. M( ljismb ? The market Is steady, but rather quiet Tlie tales are 60O bb s. P>*w Origan- at 4 1 8. a 46e ; 10') hi is ' uba clayed atU6o. a 3 Cc., and 60 hhds. Xue- i 'as syrup at 4t'c a 42e. NjtvM. ? fpiri's turpentine is steady, with a moderate inquiry S?es nf?60 bols., in matchtataVe orcer, at 40^c., caob. in crude nothing s doln< Coui m n r<)(in is qruet rw'cg to the adTanged pret?nsiois n" hol< ers Sales of 500 bote low No. 2, in yard, at $1 60. Tar is dull, and i mevhat nominal. OILS ?la r.iu.lish Unseed n good business Is doiag, and prices ore well maintained The aalee are 14 003 (ft' ton i at 86? . cash, ai?d 87? , time, writ.h int*reet. Cmie whale is stiffly held at 84c a 85c , cash, fo* prlTie lot*. I'.el Tifd is unchanged Crude sperm remaia'i qnifl* ; we learn o' no m en. I*rd oil is steady, wt.h c.i'es *f W?'t ern wn'eT, in lots, to tbe trade, at 81, 4 months. Pal-n s celling in lorn at 1(?*.. Fbovjsiopb. ?Pork wae rather more active, bnt the prices ot mi-ss Urorci purcbasere; the sa ne e n^racei about 600 ? t oo barrels, inclniiing mesa, at SIS 6 !%, with some small Iota at tbe opening 4 note 1 as low 815 50; prime contienfil ffjaroe ar.d firna, wllh sales at 814 3T)f a fl4 M. closing at the latter Ugura. Be'jf was Rteily. with salei cf idOa 100 barrels country meee and prime at oidnicfs: about 9(0 barrels beef hams were reported at 81!) a lo r.0 . prime mess was nntcilal. Cut meats were tinr., with tales of about 160 packages at Vfc a 7%>. for ?houl',?rs. and 8J^c. a P Hie. for hams, it icon was Karre, and prices firm, lard was in moden'e demtrnl, wttb "ales of V00 a 250 barrels at JOc. a 10^e. B-itter and r.heeae were in moderate deoiand, without change in prices . Jtl-Al. Emn. ? House an* lot No. 50 West Twen?r-*? ren'h ?tre?t. VOlOII, 80,160; <n West Korty-seventh street, r.ear Wtventh ?Teua?. 25 % 1C0. 81,000; levmuoM property !i4 Madison street, 26x100. 86,550 ; 395 Huis-'u sir?et. 26x100, 84 (00: 4 lot ' on Twsntv-seTenth street, rear Heennd s venue each 18,250, 20x99. $,(,000. 1 a-I joiring, f<9, 82,860; 1 on We*'. Twenty-third street, near Ninth evenoe, 86x100, $1 <k o 1 on Fltty flrststreet, near 1 'eventh atenue, 16x100, *!HH) 2 on Fiti,y sixth street near Third ?vcn>.*, each J776, 26x100. $1,660; 1 '?n 1 .fty flftll street., j??nr Second avnue, WxUX), $7-10; 1 sr j-.lntpg 28x100, $7 50; 2 on Korlv -.iic'.li street, utar Tentfi avenue esch 8776, i'lxlOO, 81,660; house and lr 216 East K'srhteenth straet. % x9ft, $? 560 I tot ou Ninth ?Vfree, tear Km ty- seven *h street, MxKXK), $2,QOo ] ? ''j' it irg 26x1 (X<i 82,160; 1 on Nintoavei ne, near For iy?lsh' '? s?eet S6<I0(0 83 500; 1 ao.t'H'<lng, 25x1000, <2.476 ; 1 ad joining, 26x1000, $2,426; plvt of ground, with dwelling, is Astoria, *4,600; MM* aad lot 16 North Wit 1 tiam street $13,960; 4o 14 da, til, MO; do 06 tUdiflM street, $8,000; do 88 do, $8 200; 1 lot an Ei<hth arena*, oMt Forty-sevwth street, $8,500. Rick.? the ftomand In very mod?r?t? to-day; prices ?** sustained. S*l?a of 100 tierce*, at 4s. a 4 %a. The stock Ik ample. Kaitpftke if more fettled. with sales at Boston of 930 bun** srude at 10c. a lie., 8 iaod tht. Soap.? Sale* have been mad* cf '200 boxen Cwtile, at lie. a U)?c. from store. HCUAita ? We have had an ae'ivs inquiry to-day, m-xit ly 'row rtfiueri, at about fotmir prioef. The feeling is trideuti? o?tter and a fair ivir lmof the stock afloat tk*a beei. disposed of, Sa^ee of 1 :;,00 bliJs. C'u?a muscovado a* (\e. a 7 J, a., aa to juali'f, and mostly froa d.iok; 170 hbds. Melada, oa*t a' 5)4e., (which we tfcink In th? market value generally of <hi* description of sqp*r;) 174 libcii. do. on terms we are not allow*! to pablian. Tai.i ow is nominal at 10a. Th* stock la ample, (Ilanga ?*t (ells at 7c. rj-m ?There continues a good demand at private sale, And full pi ices are realized. Another austion sat* is an - nuui ced 'or to-morrow. roiui ro. ? There in no chinge to notice. T^e stinpllei twing light, tram-sett ns sre llmit-ri, oiaouu 3tar*t 'is tirui aid ?>? ta'r request fr->ci the ci:y ijrade; (He cii '?* active and pr'<_es fuily ?uj wried. Wi'kkiy.? Sales oi 200 a oOU barrel* p:i?o>i trere rntie at 20c. a 30 J*c. LIST OF LETTERS Remaining In the Hew York City Post Office, Friday, March 11, 1850. Published e\clunve!y in tba New Yohk Herald, b; Aat of CX vg ess ? the pa\*r having Ou laryasi circula/ion of any jiajx) m ifit United StiUu LaDIiMS' I.11T. A Ahbot' \>s Oiwt Ambrose tfiss M?ry Arrowsralth Mr Al? si o?r .VissMar- \ up. emu Ms J W V j?sku. Mr* i tut > .Vra!"tr<)nK L<"t;? Au'/ry Miss R ? 2 r Den * <* A ("? Ashtium Misi Caro AUitin Miiw Anuel'e Alii M? I i ny !iuc Ayri s Miss Harriet B Prscv v 1 1 Ann B?Mir >irs HonnwI. ijintghton Adella 1 <?! f, Vis* ? 3 Bell WUs ? at 'b Brovn Mis Khza His. U v M?s -arab Brenrau Ml?s Kate hn.wu M 1--h riaiii t ' B*nno:t. Mir.v Brown Mrs 38d st .? ?,? I I'zrt Berfilu Wkow Brown Miss Ha'iih >11- \| 1> Ft Beat vmry Ann Koyes.Mrs.SuUotkat H If; r Vr < i ? * Brew Mr* Franc's Hoyie adu 'n ,? - yn <i;? - ue Rrien Mr.? Mury Brifle Ml?? Mftiy i s. , win s.i'f A Brt'e Mi's, I'll* nt Buetiiinn Mrs This K-ir-v M?rg-rnt Bio?h?m <r( C K Buuliev Mr? Kileu Hartlf "t Mi-tiilfsuo- F'.i-d Mrs Ann K Bu-kie' .kdrie l< ?/ Bodle ^ rHK"r<aic< n \ Band Mlae W (J '1'iiijr ^ilsellarriet Bregtn IjOqikh. ha- Hur^'dge MIhb Am l-hMiin Vis Mary m Borditk. Mm J L ,i i,n ltoge-i MrnClBtber'a llordlrk Mies HaMe Bfc.'-n vrn .1 K B?i?u t Catherine Uurc?u M's L'szie Btiiix Un'ltM 8(.)d>>>' ifru ftiiza UurnettMrs oam?tt IN vera Mif-H.'.rnleK J?.i?i.u .vrs.l Burton Mrs J M Bei-kwe h Mrs Jen Botub Mil's ' Ith ?t Burney Misx Marg't nie Bioomlfld Mr? t' Btirns SU^a Kmnw Bi??'V.'r M i- s A r m, yrvonbehd Misa Hums Mr> c'h?"ies Bri?t> Mrn Jnhti Hur. iet Hyrue Kiizahe^h Berber Jtbu Kebei' Boon Mrs Aw? B B>roe Mln Mar^sr*'. ca fi BjmsMrsJobu Craddy Jane <"vrer Mis M B Coi.k lu M-s Matikla reffey Ow? Chase *to? James E ( atiiU Miss Alio* t HKi Hish Isabella Colter Mrs, An' bony Csbil< Je'iita <;>a.'?oos Mr* W<kiV Mr? .sar'h i i.aktweU *il??Fan*y t "ns e* Miss Oh (Wviunbs Mrs Kdwil Cu awfcll AIis.j ? -.ccy I'hl <1 .>1 i- .- Kraiii UA 0->m?i Mary CVUiwell M !. .1' l.i Ctirls le Mirs Kridg'U'ott-llo Mrn, liith st Carnp'-ell Yrs.hihav <.'oa s Miss bllen Cosieilo Mws He en '?aotphel' adu < ock'.">ra V)n? Kobt I'roni Wrn "narv Auu Camt.1 MrsKlizah'h Op eh Mis* Anna ( in* Miss Sarah < at field lane L CoH trail MUaCath'eCoyle Alice Cliuicv Miss Maria t'oi jnai MrhFu<me < oy e VllsH A'i.^e, "M i hardier Mrsfemna ' 'o eman llarr Ann Coyie Oath vine Jni" 0'illlni Himnra Cu ien Mikh Jonnle ^!a/V<* M!ps Anne U jIIiuh Mi'aoe;>e:c? <'ulve.- Mrs <ieo .1 C.aike MissAno.i'thOrotin mik* Aim C'lcnmlngs Mlsi Mkr ? lark e Mia* Mar > 8 Connors Mm Bridget lb* Csr)eiOD>l?sH"leDllI CunDor Mar a Cunriinrbam -Mioe enroll! e Yn ^rah Connelly Ho?e ensick Miss J alia Carriill t'slb'e t'onty Mi*" Kate Curtis Mary K H Car'er Mrs, Wash Co' I nn Mrs Lisps- Clu'- Mrs L.Orcen si ln^'ton Bt n. ra st Cluta .Mrs A V B JO r>r?;nlWI Sarah A PeGrootMiog - mrnaDo'tn Bridget T>xki i Mrs s itrldfit PeC rove vlMtleiena Dotty Mrs tilth Bt l.aiiv Mar/toret I>e Hart Mrs lH'ah Donobue Mi.-a K Ira Ijalfy Budget l)eUv?n Mr., rtari*'' Dor.ohue Mis.. M%rv I>*| y ' lemertina H Kelimere Miss iiena Donovan Mrs Ann llsman Mi-? a I>?nioo Mrs L S Donovai MI'S Mar>;'t Dsnton Mi^i DemOt Sar^h A Do'iah?rtv Miss A ii i>ar)lnKtoa Amelia C Dennis El?le Downey Mist Julia Tisvm vaiy IHeiend-rt'i Ml'sRHenlioy n Bridget Davis Mii^s SkIHh B Dion M''le .rtwepljine l>o- le Mus r.lif.n DavUnn Miss Ki'a DrWwv! Klien Dubois Mrs Mary A DavecportMrs^usan liiviueMisi carab Dolly \ oe Pepn Ms,!, h l)odd Sarah ? r.n Dutiv Miss Catharine fjpfy r. i/.a,i?ih Dooue Anna B O imudusMlssL.uc.iirta De Hsi rLa Miss Mary Dohorty Miss Jane Dunne Ju-iu H i; Vgin Mar*' Ed wards Mm Alfred Kingman Mis* Ade t ! i- kit Ida > ?er*lr.e Sophia la'de kdwards MlsaKmma Kgan Mikk Saury Ag- Bvale'b b Lea ^ ISj re .Mrs,2d avenue Falrley Helm Freeman M>-5 J P Fo &e Mr' He'en M FlannuhE Mica Mary Fw. ton MUs Ada ForheaMrsMrtriiiartt fiarrt* Mrs 0 * KfnUMr<M?lsli ForUr An'oinette Flnnanan Mis* Mary Ferron Mra. 1*' ave Foster June Flanagan kia,GreebFerna Mrs I'evlna Foa erWraoarab wleh it Felrtdge Mra MaryM > oy i-arati Farrl/i?U>n Mra F,it n * lien Farter Mury Ann Forli* Mrs.J*LO F?*sen?id *nnc Fos'er>li"? M/M-ta Fsrrtll Mrs K FitijiavlekMlfa Marj-Fuw; ?r Mrs K a F rater Mr#, Thi uies FitaM-itnoiihMipaAune holler M*-lha Frazier Mia Folley M istsj, Jjlh fit Floyd Mlaa Kllzi A ? eehcly Catharine O rirace Fai nr Olnw Mr* Nu?an Griffin B' llget n.k!?W --7^2?.'" Mt? Grtffln Mra, Boot# Urabam HnQ A 6 Gray Mar* _7?!isL? ~,t , GaltgUrM.f*M?a3*G.Ay Arabella , Oa' a,;bi"- MUSarah Oireriov Mis' Alice alT* ' Gallagher Mrs *ar- Oreen Mafmi el f.-" RMhdali Air*, 5 vs ?>. tha OrerqM' a Edwla Gxidbus Mrs A i> Ca brai'h Lytfla GIe?'au Cath Gorman the*: Craliitrti Mrs &tt?t O: iffln Margret (mold Mica H M Gai rrm tflr: Crttle UUIonl Mra fcaiiie A Gournay M?d Uractftr Mra, Mcr Grteuwood Miss OubbliiM Miss B?ll toast Mary ^ Gljnn Mlsa Julia Hapan Mr* John Hewnan Mrs Mary A Keelson Ml-1* T*re?a llaf en Mr^The drre hebert Miss M fci Hon Miss Matilda M fcaigtl J*rs Anre L Helncrker Mra Marv Ho.*rig*n Miss Kluti Bright Mrs sVm H iteeneasy Mairaiei lieth Ht-mh' tors Jtlm Uenuess7 Hose Howe Mlaa Sarih ball Mrs % mil v henry Mien C HiytMrsSuaaa Ha'-Usad Miss, Heo?y Miss Mary, HubbaMraJG Broadway 21st st H'ur Mr a IMe?n fc Hanagan Ant a Henrv Mra Marv B Hmi Miss J'rnt. " Mar rip e'rn I'aihe Hewlett Mra, Sil'h at Hunt tflss Martha 41 H?r' Mies U, llttn at Hlgf,ias Caroline Hnnflngton Mlsa Dn Hnvll* <1 Mih Mary UigtOna Mua Sarah lia iluw Mr* H '.'So at ban HnrlbutMlas MaryK baycen Anr.e J ?Hlfhror.k Hannah Hutb Miaa Haunt L Hhjs Wrs I/O Hottflnns *.ra harah Hynna Ano HeilyMrs.Potnlnfck Hln*dale Mra Uar- b>ne? Mi?? Bridget Llea.y Maria ret ^ llji-lop Mlas Mary Idell Mrs Charles Ireland Miss A B J Jaekfon ?i?s Kate J.'h^pton vtl?s H P JohisonMrHRaob:i>*l Jer- me Mr* Helta A Jobnaou Mlaa Kmliy Jord-ia Mia?l?aDe.l> Johi acn Mil-Man it K Ke*n Mrs MITJea Felly Mary, 1st av Kenny Mary Ke. tb ?ls? Fuima Kelly Mary, 8'h %v Korr Mra, Lat' KeenanMrs Mar?* Kely?a.-i't fi B V na-oo Keily Vias Wait st Ktfjjredy Ml>a .1, KerrMfasAM Kelly Xin Alil-ev bioailwav Klrkhaui Mm 1>, iS^Ji Kei v Visry, ianr- Ke.ney Winnefred Krull Mrs A O dougal at Ladd Mrs Ksib??r Lazel' Mra Warren Ilvingstnu Mrs Mary Lh^iIh Ml) s Harriet Uldi Mrs B rt' A Lndde Mtefl .-a^?h I^-nton ?rsi!lliuihelbIjook<?o.i^ VnnUt V' Laecn^i Mmrtirah ht-ioy Cattai >ne Louder Mra .Sa>-?b Ixlavedu Jliss l' U Leaiie Mi'S f itati l/au<hNn Mra nua&o Lai.ii g Mr? ?a.ra?> 1 ^emriy Mr* ' luirr.h stLynCi ->un 1-Hr ) r i Mla?F u>nieMt<ewis Mifii'Jo??iDi<i,i*l<yBrh tli^s Mary lAml>etaon Mra C?- Ltvoll Mra, Wfatli- LoTe'< Mlsa Je-ui rodne in irion at Luoai Mi*a rhese 01 Mark Ca'b'.tine Mwn Ml-i FannTA Morrl-on Mlat KII/.? Middtu Miss Maiy Mvim MLsa l.tzzy brth )liu|C re * atlianr'e M?-ffm?nn *r? t*- Morriaey Bridget Vaopr Maty tbarlr e More t Mrs M h Mslier Misa Mary, Vaju Mrs W 8, 2d avMoit Mrs aStli s' Mariisi nat >!?.a<fe Mr.ri Mu'cahv Mrs H*n?r.i Msber Mlaa Marah Mea e Mrs Warxaret M'i!rj?ny Mi?s M*r? MaVn Mt?s H- ien Mnara ? i s Mi y JK'ilholla'udllr* Marv sii-heny ( stl'snne Me>-re'l Brld. el Mu'hoJiardMlatA >ee Mallon Mrs, Waib Mills Mis* Jani Mulil^^n Mrs, 'J)m s tneion *? killlei Mrs M K Muratmd Mra, t> ?v Ma inn Ma'y Mi'it?ra b'lzabalh re .re st Ma'lor} Atirla MiranJa Kmisilne 0 Murphy Anne Maliiiri' Ai n o MlrrJieil Msris Mur:ih? Mis* 'atha'o Malor Ju'la Montfar. Mrs Ha rah Murphy Miss .Mary Mamk>k MU-s Krnea- Moore Mls.< it. tireenMnrry Mary Moore Mies CynthoAMurtatth Mary Ma'Me MlfsFmllyF Morn Miss Ann Muscn Mr^, barren Me'tj) Varj aret Morrell Julia A M)han Wlnnefrod Maron MlrsK, Oliver Han MeAWr MissHrtdiitMrtDarroll Mis* Jane M*G>vern *iss\n e ?nrAlief ' Mia* M i McCarty Mra Kdw'd Melnt>re Onrtltoe n Mr'r?? K<-se / nn McClran Mis* AnxisMclaWrh Mi ? OatUd McHride Mis* A pre* Mci>irmlcs Marg't U Md'^be Urld(f.,t,l|thMiCntcB?n Mns MeK*y Miss Ann Mcr ahe Br <Iget,?lJiMcFvoy Judltn M.cL tc'ilan 4l*a Maev M>-i; MrO'alh K.l en Mfunuh .nAnn f?uie Mc> ail M.i* Jane McGary Mi?s Mary MeLiuah in B-i i-j-i1 Mr all l*lsa Marv Mcllear? Jan-? Ma i?n >my MV?* aib MeOna Mrs, i^atha- McGlrr Bridget mu T rme st P U If Ns'oh Mrs NeHls MlssKllzaO Vewgln liaSniia Jta'Iv Mia* "ridget MelBon Mafgey Newnall MrsKd vlnT Nar-nwee Mlxa'th.l ftelson Must jsanna Niclifils Mrs, *'h *' Na'han* MlwKilt'ih Mevlll Ann kormn Ml*s, '.Jhos. Naughittn Cathartne nut at O Ogle Mrs K?)becoa O'Brien Mr*. 18th *t 0".'rt!l Mr*, Murray Omitl KrnU? a ?>'i>?w;or Mlaa Mar- O'Neill Martha ('tio Madame [ aai-et 0,M<*IH M-'gir?t 'itiifcrs Kdinntd O'Gtady Ka'? C'Kelily Mrs, 2d a* Otto Mra Jacob A V I'r,iet Miss Fmr line PennAnn.1 Prior Mrs Mwnaret Paeet Mrs Martha Pe'era Mum OAmllla I'opqlin Midain, SO hainiflr Mra Mlra V\' Canai st Pa: kef K.w hdlth K Prlt-e M,n I), Fru.k Pouloger Mrs Roan P-ait Mrs Mar a P liti st I'otfer K'izabetn <) Pi irpnnMlr's lar*v Prie* M-? Atihy M Poller MIjh narah A l*?f k Mr? ,lobu I) Phillip* Miss Ka'rmr Provo-i Mt.<< I'?eh/e? Mist Cam Phillips Mrs Maria Pow?ei.y Mrj Har't line B 4 Quark enbush A nnaG ^ QulnnMHs Ca'ha Rata' Calbarln^ FeiPyMln Ann, Mad Ko!>er!? Mrs F A hand Mii-res M E 4 l*"n st Koberia Mrs Bridget 0 1 1 Rellly I'len Koye~'? Mi*s Kllr.a handle Miss M Kel'iyMary. llihat Kobena Mrs KHz >'ih )i*di>tl Miss ( atliA heillv Mary. >lui st Itootraon Mrs, Law liedilln Mis Bridget Reynolds kmily K jence at Kedlrg Miss lieorg'aRajnAlds M!r? Kllza Robinson MiaaKllz'th Ree-j M a* KMhjr Rl'-eMrsRoa* Ro'dnson Mra 1^'d t been Mr* Margaret Kledell Mrs Lonlaa MRovre Mra r.Uxaoeib fteid Mtos-'ane Rlgricy Miss F.liza'thRowe M'* Harriet KekJ Mr* William Rlordon Ma-garet Koweil Ml?*. 'i'ld st htgan Mleii f:liz* Klsley Mrs Marciret KowiandM'sK, Petri hllev Mra J K Robert Mad'Ue ilor-Ru-k Mr* O. Hudson B*luy r>i n, 36'h it tense ^ Ryan Caiharlne ?ttragn? Mia* Lizzie flpenee Mr* Mary Bmltii Miss Hannah SiiragtieMlaaliOcre Hjierbeek MiaaWanc- Bmitn Mi?s He. rleita ila r hberdon Mrs ?'ml'Ji Mias Iwbella S'whltl MraCntharlne Shei idan Mlaa Mary flmltli Mr' Mel ssa Srsllv Hr* C^?th M^venaon Mrs K A .-inltT Mary ftak in Mi** M*ry ^'ewart Mra, Henry Tmlt'i Mr* tfunev .-andbi'rg Madam Heymour Mr* Mary mlth Mi** K?'irc. An"* Ano Mml'h Mrs Robert hearty Ml?s Maria Bviber Mis* ParahA Mm. h Mrs Wm Herry Ml?* heiay Hkldraore Mrs Ca'lj Hco'iy Miss Sarah haunder* Mra Han fhl-?i?i -i <*rs, av S Ht/x-kum Mrs France* i ah k Hhi?|ds Mrs .*ll7Ji R rt-nnders Mra Sarah Hl|t>urt M'.i, Iinane Blrickion Mr? -amuel -!.n> ton Vr? y Hivih Mtntra W W M'#-> Mary KwKt Vr* Mary Hrhrpder Uertrm'e ??haw Mr Am Hint Ann HulMvao Honira Mnwson Mr* *> A himcia Miie Delia hulilran Mmgirel Puiann Hn AMee Btaapaoo Mra Jntla MbllOHl'llr Beaming Mr* irr SWp'ey Mrs Hn'i r Bllea _ Beaae Ml* Angelina bluer Mie B, 22d Burr? MIm Oath Cwr ? ra A B Beh'yver MIm OnrrieRmt'h Ml# Al*e M KllzabeUi ^_ bhtUy Mra Thomas W Tracy Ellen Tracy Mich Mary Tkttit Jim Bridget Tup?r Mr* Truoer Ana Tecncy Ml*a M?ry Terney Mlaa Mary Tltua MIm 0 bar otte Tobln MM* Margaret Thorn* Mr* C R Tbumaa Mian Lav DlaT&nrodlks Mra J Thompson Mr* HMvart Thompson Mrs, Pol- IVmpet Mra Oath too at 1 route Mlaa Id* L Tbompton Miss MgryTnckar MIhh J vie Toner barah IT & V Underbill Haiwa> O Underbill Kary A vv Tucber Mlaa M< ra T jlitr Mra Joiepci O VUI1 MIm Km ma VT Wakem?? Ml* Wa'la Mra J I. Wllla Mlaa Kdlth ViiaWh P Wells Mr* Henry Wllla MUa Jane Wa'ker MIm Anna Welles Mta Lariaaa Wllaon Mra, av B Wallace MtssE Jaae Wean Mi a Annua Wllaoo MIm ana* Wa l?r MUa LUil W Ight Mrs, 22t>? Wal a Mra Sarah Wright Ml a Oath Walsh Margaret, Wrffht Klli'h ^ W^|i Wlnaotle MUa KtU'h Wh,ppeyMlai?aro?e Wa sh rf*rgaret,?th Wljfe>ur Jiiallannab Wb'ppeys KlU'bj WJj-teMrs E, Spring Mr* 8, Moriou MH?L.T(II4W (.ben* at I'ashMirgs _ . WauMaker>II;aJfcB? H TTtHlaW Mra 8a Waro MiaaCarneltaG Wild Vra rah O Warden ? r.iMaigtO Wlev Mra, 6th at Wuoda MIm Agiea Waring Ml g Anna WU lamaMrsOHoas- WondsMrs Kltzaoe'h v^atk i ? Mm! lzsieD ton at Woods MarmretA Watnrboufe kraeu WlillamsMre Bebet Wnvlrtt Ml? a, sun* c<* L. B eeeier at Watmn Mlaa Jane Wordon MrsBamat- Williams MraJohnB Wiemintst Mum M tha Williamson Mra, Weascer Ophelia _ Bouatoa at If Ydtwff Mini Kl.en Young Margaret 'GENTJ.HM^N'd LIST. & A VI eh H , AVrdlWm AKieu Jo^jh. Herv Aleoek * Alien AlOeu Henry W Alrun Robert Aduina t ?pt Thfta B A leer Henry AnkerlaaacChrlatlan Ay res John B Avres C ?Areothal C D Archer Wm M Arener l'r.HK.riousJ Allan.'' 'David Agulrre t dairla Arsms K a Altera irwln Adaics JL Andrews ABoyle? 2 Archer Isaac Si Atfan.h J 0 A Ce And-ewa Heoj K Jamet Adk'rx-ii John Andrews Jamea Arinaroiig Kthin Arkrriran A L. Ar>dra??BevWmW Armstrong V B A If; X a Ancrew* Josenh U A'holi t'tu Am shams Robert T A nd r? w flhoall ay-7 Arkmiourg Ito'i' H Ahruhams Jultaa Andrea dK Applegate Arm AhrnhaniH M Anthony W R airoiiK Alien Andrew Ander?on ibotnaa Arango Pbllllp Allen W M Anderson P B k KO AiiDttn Oapt U H ? 2 a 1 1> on John Yj Anderron Ko?>ert Atltfn HMntiei W Alexander A Steele AuderiOb CapUlohn Atherton O Alexariaer Wm Anthotiy Johu O Atwell Amoa at rich l boa Bailey AvcrUl Cbaa K A v ling Hobt AikeuWmii AhlD Arbourln hirnoat Bradley Benrr Bradley JoxhoaT M-adley Wm Brudlry I.en an > radley .John Jr Br? wlev 1'atrlck Bonneli M Baptlxt i.iml U Bond K Baxter Vunothy BromJey C II BrnxherAUerrlinaa Bnrdtiu *dw BatkervtlleJ J Barley, Hougnton A Betcbwr Anthony ( o Btaun ur.t A H B/rd:buw Jimra V Bruumor t a. 11 Han n IHiriry t: Berk .iothu? ?<r?dv 'IhrniHa Heck (lei> A Hradvllr H T Keauzlu John BraCy * fchepbard Besrner Peter B'udy Hartley hi. an a Wm P Joseph O He.rb Mr B ui Win B'lcell 'Jf bl'mcre BnitiocLe!nierlA?'>r Br?en Ji bn H?^lt? l>r < IIik <> hreen Mk-hjel K?i ? ri'ro Kan on Biein Mlcbael Minno Bwxwlth a S "iKl'e.t Robert. Beagle* itotnaa Balleti J .it l-ecar- Be ly wm Bonsai ( Th ut? 3 Bro*ue James Brvwne A <Jo Browne J Brrwne James D Bmwnn Oho h Browne AtitrnHtnt H llrowtjt* NtmeoQ t> Br. wne Htydon Browa Oharlea Brown A Brown Sam Brown Jaines X Mr twu H K Brown Wm W Bro-vn Wm Brown I'hne Bran.aro Jaraes-2 Bell H H Be ki ?p Mt?dy-2 Brown Adlibon P Baker J H Bilker h I? linker Joiatban H?L IT ? k vln Col Bal'ey W m K Bfcin .lantra }<idn:e:l John P fail .s V Bbllard lewis l lai cba n y r Prnnhemel Wm H Bank" H S Brpnngnn Jnmea Bai ?.s ? hu^ V Hm pi 1, Bra1 dun Edward Bar lint h > Bell Joseph W Brown J Hro-vn Hi 'nan Hrll A Het drinkxon Boni er <!duh BoM^nOornelltia B.iuruieque MoiiS Hi l myerMirit'au? 2Unii*or has Be-^e Austin (i B dtord Wm Bennett Anel Beiniiftt B P Bennett A J Heuner Jatx b Bftifoi, M'nbael Bi'i.fob W B Bent Cfiar es Breunau Michael Brer er Ihruiaa <> Boujk UiicK Bouca iu Monu Al Illume Bourke Hlchard Boyd tannic 1 L Br*iv 1'redc Bovlfl r.dward R Bo'.d Wm I' Bo len h raueis How- ra A Oo Bowden <Vm Ctms Bre vi erti;n Henry t Brownell Steojeo Betta Joa C Bartlett <'tpt Wm N Bef.s Vr Barret' 6 J B? i> kr II > Capt Barrett Gregory Berye Wm B?.riett ltivuP Bony Ikca P Barrett Wm Berry Oapt H W JBaik ey h enrv K O Be>er Heury Buck he in* l.ewia B? ?(,en i has P Barker ' bnrlej Barker Jopejih Barktr Kdw H lianett John Ban ard i in maa BatnKrd t! P? 2 Bano ??' Ji hn Barlow John Barms Wm Barret P A A Co Bs.'ealrw A Barioii Pent ant Hartire J T Barlatlce On^cppe BIckreliHA Bartholomew Bock- Blntiley 1) P weil . " ii?r!bn rmew J H Barbelta l'ie:ro Berry John Brtant H B''dg?> Wm H Brlcgea > W A Co Bird Louis Brink B me Dr J W Brl-tol H. H Btgelow ArtetnM B'gelow 11 M Big>atids itobert Bt U.ipp Anna BIvks i,nke Bur B Barnlev Fred Barnionr h Harry Jsn<es Barni'rk hobert Barber l.r J .iei.dru's Mona ><i?i)tn A'ei H air I<f'u!s Bs?ffii Ihmsc H Bales (} M B ?en a H B Jjxjrt ll C Bl. d/ tt Jos T Boduier Caeper Broderick Patrick Brock Wm Bre?e Thomas Btodle Allan O Booker Wm Beoobev fdw Bropbey Patt Brorisr.n 1C Brooks Dr O L Bro< k'jlfr Geo Bates <? (icldtha alt orxiks J W B?t?s J K Batrs Vr Brerapan Lawretce llowmaa TJ W?2 Bo * rn&n J J Bowe Jobn Boidtn l< Li Bower Jobn P BOfiM Mathtw Brownlam Capt Jas II Biun C 8 Bullen Ch'.n B Hti'.'banntn Wm K-2 Bu 1 John Bt.ll Kichard Bunker Capt War re a K Bueklei- Amos BiiflkinRb'im How*?d Budl<*nie Mr Bucnanvn Wm Buckley John Bui>ce Ueo W Jr Budd t hoe a Bruck Ouitav Buck e f Krecerick Btuitlig I "baa ti Bmr^aa i'hom&s Burins 'i bos Burns J Burrows Thos Burnham Wm C A J S Burgesa A Day Burns Jobn Brush II B Bmo'i John Burled A linkfty Burtti" Jaa a Jr Burnam Samuel Burn) Jsbn H Brmks Fuitoi Sc Ca Burling'. nm H I> Boothniael J B Brynane BKoard Cab; Mob# Soomon Clark Daac A rikr>? "irhaei Cml G ('uiIbhhD u m "-MtPavld W Kf* ? *i ij, All *?. orggeit J P Cbai e 1 bon.aa ( aide./ A'tiander Cal M K OtflaJMrH O O&lnar Michael Thtiras Csbill Jvwc* C*ldwe<i David O cbfil an Lr Ar ChaeeCapt tbui? 4 CaTll Jamea Wm H rav>(ibf i) J Crane 1 1:bs A l> ir.^r* (f OatdJei.' Euftia J Cr? re Morion E CtitmbiT.aln O H Crandail r M Cannon C J Of ark Or Clark Mile# 1 1*' k (;hu C ar k Daniel ( lark OUB1D * _ Clay Cbaf Ca?? .J W Ch h** Jam** w C*ve Cap' Wra P - . Cbni<e Caut AntSony Oonrov Mlohaal jr Conrov A O' > Oaiado Don J ~a? O^unell ft** Forre*' Colemanja# I) Oltiy Albert t.'olny J Coben DrP W Collins Michael Colli* Wm G < on way T Oonnett Hugh Co Ion Michael ConjerDr Joht?8 Cotroy Michael Casin 1 CjXMf'Ja .lame# ' ..vacagh Thomas C.aypole Wm Carmlcbael Wm Cau-aldiere Mare Cro*p j Jo?eph Creamer Lorenzo Cremin '1 V man Conn* g* aitrtm v. >ooey Michael Conklln a m Gonkiln Nathaniel Corier Pa?k Copper Kdw Crooin Michael ? 1 Coon 8 Park -10 Cook P L. Cook Wm P Co?k Bd win C Cook .lames \ Chmrihtrla'n Aiber Cretghton J Member Oook fcdward Chnmberg Wm B Crar e M< r'ou ( imp M n Catrp A W i i.rl< n J?mee Ctinmberlain Wm Campbell Hiebard tbemt trlaij M Clarcy .lobrj CarUsrer Mors ('?ritu Mirdricl C'arfy Daniel Cook Oliver 1 > Ooo'ey Michael Corey Chaa D Crook er M A Cor bv u T A Martin aoti Cluulpon Oeo Crevw* Hons Ckec?eu D Chcuter John T C'e? ier John 1 bos Corral Peoni Cleaver Tboa B Or- any John N (tbei e Jvk II Ooata Louie Cbeetehorough B K Gorwin Barney R Clerelar.d A Mer.l Colter L J rat b Cords John C'pwf K B <'orc?n Paik Cerrtns'oii D N A Co Cheaih?m 0 A, M D Cordlnr Loula Carter JaTO'o Cherry Jaa C -gtnlki Paul Chll son Hery Cornell T F Cbristalan A M CorUtaor !?' J Chilton B A < "ortiaaor F J Child t 'apt Arthur Cr.wa Wm Ciino Jna OordvreU Bnlbt Chittendon L P A Oo Croahav Mwhael < arter Sumoo, C F Culvers Mr t'egrove Wm Cnrdr//) Jut p l>vu> Cotiatniusbt Augua'n Croa on JnM i iarrriit^r Oroit Chriafitld Wm Cooncy Pe er f aipeuer SpeiicerS Christie W H Coyie 8 U Carrnth P h Christy Hob' On ham P t.arrfU'lluiclhy Crlcnev Il?nj P Cox Joon <'ary 1'lmotbv Ciioateti W 4 *)o Coo-an 'leo Ca.-eupt." Apwtcla Cubrw K H Crowell l>arlui Ca'dv Ai.drfW CarneaC tirgood Chapman J a Caret , Bowp * Co < arty WIDard dtMiiea >*m H Cartel Wm Carrnib A Sweelzer ? hur'e* O 0 Co*an J Orter Samuel (kiflin Thoa Carbart Peyion Jaa Oewboren J Carrol In .Iron Ikighlan fan Carr MorftHn Colt nuin Aiyin CarKn Patrick Col ton K P Charter A Brother fole K ? Carr James farpeoler ttryan Car?? 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W PeLuzeCiiatM.Mli Pimm-in RoKert Pe ? aati F Pelbert 8 Peianlaine Saml Dcluluao Henri I?e La Hav .1 J Prlaw t'oltimliua IMxon Daniel J)odd W W Polln Martin Poheny Colonel P'lta' Jnllua DornmeHi ee Oe"> Llelltk Bella Ch>? F Pon'ln r-ime^n Pe Long I>onnollr John Delogne# O Peal John Peforexl C V _ Pera^onJohnB Davia John W [Co Petno A Iiavet port Mallor) APemina Samuel B |iaMrn.laxe? I' Penipiter L ' ?. J1 P pouii<a# Archibald liodaon Jameii S Pcmpaey *Hdfe Poran.lohn Hht:# Samuel 1 Daniila Oavid V Downn ?5apt O/.ro |>avldaon ^aitnel O Pec nix l'?trirk Pont* Andrea# Paw?on Oe'trge H l>-nnl# f??mti?l I)fmer<?nrad umm MHrr? l.etii Whlin?n DnrloaP Lavl# ( haa Pe Manedo Uonc'oP Ptigcar. Jnmea 1 iay R Porfurt Henry Dtinfan Joahtut Pavl# Hlnphen Pe Ahrnn Antonio Dubola Peter I ana Wn Pever AnihmiT Prawbrlege John Devor Cetrge W liaelea Itn A Peverj Minh?el Ilav'Jt Joseph I>e#nninbe# Mr p?v'# Mi.or# Pewltt George Pajle.y William Devlin A pavenport J T Devlin I'atriek C l?a> JAW Drew WHllam Davlaon Uarlna Deville Francia C Dean John P-wv PrW l.e^earre /e?n Pewey J K Pa Ora?t Wm Dewey BonJ F-2 Pe Anglta W W pieltlnann Hiohard I,, ytpuedii Sandier Plcklnaon flloweil A Pnnna Jao.ea Pe?! It Peter pihblee Tbo# B Dunn John Irtetrtm# l/Otiut Prnrngotld Vlrhola# Plkeman l-arno Pwjer Michael Plnngan Jatuea l?ire Rdwin Plrlan K PummondM M B Ponoran Penli Dougherty Jamea Poo y Mi:k Dooly Jamea P nllttlo A Verm? Is Ponranoo A Son# Duboia Rev (J W Do'wa ""rc.rez A Co Dnbord J Joa Duel t'harle# M Urummind Jamea Drummond Samuel ?ni'ay A C i Dnfav T A ?\J Dnma :and Mr Prnn M 9 Pnnesn J K Putictn Jamea Purnam Jamna R lie ( ami J I< Pevey Joaepb Pea y John pi are Henry? 2 De Camp J l> Fgan Jamea Pat*k Kagan Jweph Kamee bHeia Harl Dr P tny Kt'bett# Wm H l^dward* B W Kiiwania Alex KM* aid" Moeea f.gll < brief lan Ikiii* A J Pair berk Henry L PairOrWI H B Fa'rerl d <? A . "lap Atr??a P If, i .n .Vie' ael Frame ' ha? P Piab^n D ft B Etoera?adl Mr hHerly (?a? K? 2 Kmerton Ooorge Kmmom fieo F Ellen wood' l.aiwlFrR tmernon William Fllenrood J M Klllann A Co KIM# W K feillo K U Elliot O B Kmburr Phll'p Elliot C P V Fe##enden < "hi# B Frrguaor. Oiaa * erner Jamea Plenty * Frereanit Joon A Fergttfon John Kn?rH?h t'eler Kipne ( lutq Kvao# Jamn# fl Evana Franeta Kvan# Wm F van# l,err. tiel G Kyaua H f Foley Michael Pollen Dhaa li Fo> U? lolin Fo"'e Kd win For. nan Knojk Ford Jribn Fir.ming Lawrenot Korns ibot F'rmmer GotOelb Ferry J H Fertw Joaquin I riBHtuJoba r(M(i Joki tan taHMT rnidi Fre- John U H P? 3 Kerrigan H Kaonou Thoe F*rrl-< W m L Fanoon Patrie* Feeir.n Btephea 8 Fowler Hr KariandCbrlsttphsrPin.ey Jas Hamilton Poster W A J ??IMT n^H Forbes Joe Forrtou.1 IV-rlck | Trort Wra ' Mr r el 1 Jan es Ft im?r John

Fairuer 1 bos Karnum John K. Furrm C *lkr?ilard Mr. Fbirell John L Fm ier Jo-eph Fra^ee B?n) Fay P A M Feltham M O F'eary ibos Fearfrg 1 batcher A W burn Freeman Chan M Fleeter (<j imn r eeny Pairck Feery Arrtrew t j'enUeoW 1 Gir, pun Brim (.alia'her John (ialiaitlie r Meal (?ate Wui A Cax-on Former A Co Fox 8 ( "apt Fox Jos Font*' J J Foster Samuel J Frlewi* Flnd ata Patrick Field J H Field Wra FMnn Thos ?Wle, Pfder JtcbsenFox J 5 l! Front George W, Dr Ei? Frost Oeo- ifc W, Or Frtrt B N Dr Foster Darnel M ? Isher A fV) Fos'er H J Flsber Fraud. Foster Manford A Funeral- .MagruderFlynn Thoe A Do Fry (>has H Fi'opatrtek Drnnla Frv Bennett Fiue James Futhill H S Phi la t Tboe Flood James Follan Wm a Greene Joseph K Greene J F Greene Jame-i W _ George Jo 8?2 tin <.r:>l^e BerjaminGeoghen Thomas tlali Jacob II Fuller A lo, A P Fuller A Go, A P Fulmar Petnr Fallon Robert Gl'more Mlctl Gliarde Jan-i Gwlmoer J ^ John ^oe". L 4 Gaiiaber Thecdore Gerin Jnmej Or# eu wood Henry T Goj^^ w.rr.n.1 Italia) er Wm B Wage H N tia'way Wm M urare Levi 0 Giant Capt lvrry tirafll ("apt Amoi Orammta A W Gtanaiian James Giat-berryH AT? 2 titles F a Gaaihey O 1)_ Ginti Carlo Ge minder G GeaaU cleuiert, Grtflln Corn Vitus Giiflen ijffbry Orlllea Joahua B Oi^'ym hobtP Odin John dihbs Jonathan 0 Gambles Jas B rfodron Mr GojnUiD' K T Oodtrev K A Co Go drlck James M Gomez Juan Ma Goodwin K A 44o armlth J Gondor Nltneon Goodman Tbotnts Golden ? homas Golden Geo W (jrtnaia Stephen W Glu or W W? 2 Gllchriat C?pt W J Goodrich Francis Gisaoo Ithack Giles Frederick A Gilbert Lyman W Gilbert t A Oo Gilbert M J GUllgan James Gilbert Orod Glrdwood John Gillett Halsey A Gibbs L. H H Grrmger O F Gardner Samuel Gardner S F Gardner Geo H? 2 Garvey B Gard Jf bn G>?fk John Glazier Geo Ora* Bryee tiaotTreau K G Gaum Wm Greene Wm H Gieei e David nald foren Hale berry llaley Joaiih S llahn T hagerty Oh?s Hsckley Predk A Ba> cweil I) A Ha! titis HaJe Thos G B*k> nrd B H Hait/er Jorepb Halan Patrick Hagarty James Hatiarly Jehu W ?ail C Belden >i?'l Kiifaell K Capt Hence G C! Gonnan Patrick Gonf* Loult ti.irdan iwlwta Goro Joseph B Gould tlbas 2 Gould G W tlo ilarmllh Mr Glover OaotThos A Govarty Mithew Gu?tln S\ml J Guyer Geo Glrardern Gu-iave Gnrney Michael GtLheany Hu*h-3 Giynn Michael G ii ooviohHlgtiiefra^o Hall F J fcall Henry V Fa 1 JaraeH ?; W Hail J ns F Hall A Caldwell H?n>bi<n w U Hi'Uib'ij) B llammen Jr i lias K HeDdrlkn J-eler R i ii. ii. h Wm Lee Hayden Rev Wm B HotftnanASuthertand Hay Jobn h oil) rook Charles Hayward Albert C Hole D P Hayitan John P Holteraora Augusta Haves Patrick Holland Patrick tiuyen John Holland An'boav Hayes Michael Houdayer *V Beoolst Hayes Michael, Hooker vf d Greene at Hopkln Bob't Heabam James Honilei Pred'k Heath A h Hoskln 'I boo B Batman F Hopkins A Lane Hevtrty John Hoilin >?o K Heperty Oinlel Hopklna L> H Hetfren Thimas Honker Wm Hopkm<? Mr, 10th st Heuly 1 fcomaa Howe <t heoryan James Hoveyhun Wm HeuryWB-2 Hoooer Wm Henry Oharlna Harr. ks Inward Henry Fdwtn Howell Bertram 3 Hmry Mr Houston Moses B Hendervon E R _ Il.iyt O A A II Howard twmuel Homl'ton H Hauiron Jobn f nmei R b Han on James tJaiira John t> Ilatchett Allied I-surotk A W llar.k'i eou Dr Hairls R O Harvey Wm H HarrU Cbas H r ar (lev John J H?rrln idwln l arrlfon John F. ?Barrlncii Uenry Harimairn Cbas Hsrvey jobn Harrera Miguel? 2 Housewrlgh' Jm Hermety Marlen Houub S A K Hener benrer Hr Hcitner Cht?s D Herrlok Anorew Hotchklwi Ml win O Howe Frank E Howell J H Hewitt Capt George Howes James K Hesa Louis Here Benedict? 2 lierbet CbflB Pel dun an C J Hermandez Mr Houck J Geo Howell B H Houkou 8 Bought' n .""his H Howe James K Hllion <-'api Jthn R Howell <>eo R Hickey Wm HlKgs F'ancis Ht?embott?m O Hicks Thos k Hloks Joseph Hicke I taa C Harrison George T Higbt W M Hlil < baries IIIll Amlzi Hill Joseph W Hill Weeks A Cb Hkrlow J F Harris E S A W P Harold Jotm Harrison John W Karrix Tbcs J I?ar<-eyJameeAJohn Hill Henry Harris J H Rev Harai^iin C Herd G N Barvera J E Havl and {) Harliuft Wm BairWon M A F Harris Chan A Harding l homas I alch it E UunHard G 8 Hubbard Mi '?tin D Hughes John K Hughes J -loses Hushes Francis Hull Jobn ii Utilities Thomas Hljdreth Capt Fdw Huf'y Joo?pn Hughea Col J J Hunter I?r J Mor rison Hunt Pr Alex Hunt B Hill Rupert Goorge Hume Jos M BiUyard Henry Huntington Wm W batch H B? 2 Batch John Bartetrome R llasty b G Haltrn A b'eott Hartell Bamuel S Hawkln* Jobn 8 Haybe 8 P K "ay Ihrnias Hajde Martin llkzard J R HlndricklarM N Hlgs Joseph Htnaman Wm Hiu-ocock Clinton Hlxson B P Hinde Harrold Hogau Chris V Hogan Wm, Jr Humphrey Edw'd Hunnn Byeclnth Hutcbings F G, MD Huston (?oo Hnrd A Giles Hutman Henry O Hura (.has u Hntchlngs tk B Hcgnn Wm, Grand Hurd W 0 at? 2 Hoimboe A Rein Jiokiery W Hol yderv Wm Booga J BenJey Honart K W Holmes K (5 Holman J W Hoillns R S A Co Httttcn Rob't Iluiciiria .1 W Hurley Rev John Hnrd Benjamin Hutching ' Thos Hatmtn Wm Hu?i Wm W Hutching* John Hyde B B Hylen Kdwartl Ingram John laits Tbomng igifi W m Iabis'er John Jacobs Jcwph Jacobs U b Jaocbtou Sumucl Jsoobscn John Jaciby Ii-a^c .'a?reip J 8 Jhkop>ou K Jku>cri Alexander .Jnn es C Jarvis Job 11 Jerome Angnstns J?bV'd? (,'niifteld Jenkins K J Ji-ntto* W a Jenilrps Peter JertiDh Jobii J> Irvine Charles lr\lng ItoSert lrvin Robert Ing'li Wm I rein James Irvln Joan ltlck U ikvj Jenntnga TLomas? 2 Jono-j B 9 Jenneu Rush Joes James D Jeo ( kwrles JoresLJ Johnson Mr Jones John Johnson Frederick 1 Jones John M Johnson Ri ward d Jones IMvld, Oori Johnson h.dwln K landt it Johnson Jarvis Jones Gorge Johnson Edward JcncKon John L? Johns 8 T Jowl Natahnlel W?i ?loues Geo -Re Butt >D Jon<*a M*i U ?? lAftf' t jorfs Jolu* J A Soi 2p?t? j J006.BP JonesWm Jpnef ?j jn lettWm Henry Jc".ta H W-2 _ Jonea K ^ J Newcomb Kent H B rtpp N O Ki ndall K D a nupp Webster Kitei-am Mr Kail' Gorhem tl Keteham B D Kavannagh Kdniond KennedyJohn.W.Mi\ Irpatrlck AlbX Kaivehein A <>? Kennedy Oeor(5<J King 16 T Karl Jir Benj K Kennedy John Kal'roan A A C Kerr henry Krtuz Martin Kelcham Mrkum Keily Patrick Ktvton Jam*a Ke ly I) I)< dpe Keyser Wm Klerfi'tb John B Kumky Mr. 19th at Keete, Stc*)iDg ACo KrempMons.Woost'rlCron C Jol'y H H Jones Marim Benj Kimball John If Kinney John H? 2 Kttnca Wm H King Tm Henry King ihnmas Kuiul Joha KiH"iim K Kittle (Jeo W Koch P L Koethen Jullns Kni'nov Jum< a Keilrieg N Kellrcg A Keleher H Keenbon James da O T Ls'oy Thed B? 2 Laiuden John G Lai' r 1 li'Riaa Lamb ( Isrenden l.anbert Dr Lewis LerisWtn Kllgour wm Klliey Joseph Kihy Mathew K 11 bride Michael King J Mj Lee lb Samuel D Le Koy Ben jao. IB Lewis Samuel Lewis W 8 Lewis 1) W Largernn Mr Line Jonn T'rv Krarxes 1 acg Chat W L- rken Michael I.hi ken 'ibomas l.arr I'd l^onard Aitem?n Leonard NBA Oo Lsvi L LtvifASon LeuiurneauAagus't. Lord T l-cnehan James Lord J T Lendon Mr Kroosn Oarsten Knowlton John 8 Keririgh' Wm F KoUie Chaa Kyle J G Livingston BD Livingston Ugene Livingston J H Llvinf stnn OUs Little Will's London K 8 H Lock wo id John ?Ixf'.us John I?gsn Petw Lo m F P l a'.tlmore Pr Wm P I-enrv Mon? 2 l.??rerce 8tark B Lester Joho H I^anchlln Barlholo- Lino Bosaiio mew Li Monte frank l.e Go'e Jamas Le M rte John Dr l/ehiualer B Lird J T Ixnglcy Mr 8 Lents benry 1 4?mi* 1 on 'iharles A Lcvd Daniel Lnv/ton ?? 1.70ns Sara 'I Lierre Augt? 2 L'nde Frederick li'ndslev O II Llopl'i Jmepb F -t Lyons A Strclt? 2 _ I.inlham Daniel Lnfr.-.m Charles 1? sathan A np'.eion Lhisenssne JameiKLvnch lohn Len James H Llie Wm Lnd'ain Mr B L'nrrth C'h Dr Uks lilies Unite Mons Lvd^ckel'-.Vallane Lees benry I Allaire Vons Lensha B Loaned A C A Co M MacPentlte Fdw Mayhew Ze'iedee MacGretior Jhuios J Maihuschek K Mf comber John H Mathers Jr flngh Llppman Jacobcoo Lvsaght Rtephen Lysarht J ate 9" Maikey Kranci' Maev Krancli G V actio wan A Mxcklritoi-fa P W MatKoll Robt Mavher Patrick Mabamey Mai 'hew Malvunev Martin Mai lory Lee Mnnnei deorge Mal'ory L Marwaren D W Mallhy P Mare Dennis Manley J Maliian James Jkii itiu CB' t C M?r*li K)y Ma'shall H D Martin Thomas Man>h Philip 11 JMnrtta D U Martin Geo W Man Jacob Martin John II Mart 11 Ralph P Marston Wm Marran Frarrls 8 Moner A Co? 2 Monteetn Jatdon Mon'egue Henry Molvllln fle.ncy b ? 2 Montgomery Alei Melgvs Jonn Moody Jamei Meader iua jamln Morel KUeune Mead A Co w II lam Mott A W Meellac Mr.Briago stM'iulton WF Mellon D F Monnt J KtBB Mf ick W tf Moo. J A i'o HcUln Mr, T^'Onard Moseley Jacob street Mount uavla U Merone ?! A Co Mo>es Joha Merrlem John J Mo?her Jr Caleb Merrlum <; 8 Merlll Jfhn Mocrlssey John Morrison Joseph Morsslnger William Morse A J Menger Ctanea Morred Mr, Liberty Messenger W A street Menitt Alfred Morrell A Mkldleion John Morae Geo B Mi ls I Ooremus Morre lCdwtrd Miller K B Moras htu?rt (M D) Mdier Frank Moriarty I'ait Mill's N Morgan J?mes B Mll er Gilbert Morgan Frederick Miller John M Morrison J 'hn Mi'ler Charles Morrlaon Mr, Spring Mills, David B Street Mills Kdward T Morris J _ Mills Alexander Morri-e* John Mai ?h*ll Kohert Jr Miller Mr, < berry at Moran P Mariln kdward Milne David Muller Henry Marin Mons MlierHBvroo Mu'ler Nicholas Ma'-nard Joret'h Mirai.da M Mil hollaod Kdward Ma'hewa Kmory Mlr^an Kd ward Mnnger N P Ma*er. Msnriel A Co Mlnr.kin l)rhd C Murcv Bosen J Matthias B F T Miner Gilbert 8 Murphy John Major Isaac Mtnott Jose ih Murphy J. Prlnoe st Mayers Mr MoUst Moffat John 0 Marpliy Patrick Maesot. Peter? 2 MolaM Murphy William Mathews (I K Mlnehane Ked Murphy UenM Ma'li rv (> II Mon-goinery John Murpbr Dwila Maiher Charles A Montgomery Wm Murphy .Fame* Mhsoh 8 __ Murphy Patnek MrCarty Jolm McCarty Kdwsrd *<ei.ariy I'tmoihy Mct'rt sson 1 liomas McCann Andrew MrCabe B Mci>irea James McClellsrd John MeCann Otcai Mme. MeDongallFiiedrich McKulty Miehae) a McKeating Pat McHannlttP G ACo, McKane H Me.'srs MeKissna John M McBlrov Dr McKende Stuari McGowan Jchn McKensle a G McGruryJ AY M< McOee Jama* MuUovern John MoCcrmlcIc Hnnouel McGlnners Peter McConolougean Bar McGowan John M card Mcliee Thomas MeClendon Jonath'n MeGiniry Patrick McKown Geo McKevoy Thomas McI<ougnlln Mat h' w MiLoughltn Charles McLoughiia Geo M McKiekird Mr MeKarlan Wm M Mn(^ohan John McGolrtek John? 2 McWahon Mlchwd MoToiiam Hvlver.ter Mcllrov I MeCallum D C Mclnerna* Patt Mct'ngh'n John Melntvre John McCuuoi Kb Oeo W Mclntreff Michael McCIung C M A Co Melntvre Alfred McDonnell John McKlnney " * Ki Leemot Pat'k? 2 Mess Meliufl M McKlnney Bobert McDougall Alex'der R MoMamara Thady McNatnara Dennis Mclfuly WilliMn Mcl'herson Kdward Mclliall A Oo, Meat A Bro, Mcflwjny J F Mr I )ama 1 A Turnbnll McTaggart Thomas McGugan John Va'ighiln Fdmund Nalaby John D r alrn J 8 Nathan L Mewmsn Fev H B Ns'sorMr.Centreot-2N1'es C Newell Hervey Mflin Andrew Newman Penry Weill James Nidiola L L Bkihols J H A Oo Nichols John r>eja*i Oscar Newton Frsnk L Hewton W II Newman Jclin D Korrls Mr ICohiega Bev Jero nlnrvr da Pledade Noxon Robt Noll Roman Nol in Nicholas Noris T B Norton nenry A Noonan Patrick N ip I Alphomb NoitHlnion <! Noriwen Andrew Nlcbols T I. Nichols WlHiam Nichols Wbeelock NowliinVhos Newi/ an Willinm P Norrla R Jr N-wion J Newoomb Bev Bar- *or li Thama? OelHonC vey NnUy John OTonenb'mM OgdenOH Oa'tj; I sdro P (i>HfMn Pntrle* O'Donnell Patrick Ot iro n F t.'Brfcu MkJ.ael O'Donuhue leirenseOiit'jn J M lev kdward .ly J II ? H?-l 'Scefl'e On OttverOapUeremiah Pratt Thomas J Pa'ch I'btriei U Pratt lhioiti Patter George I'atton W B Patterson Jr John Pratt b P Payre O a 0>Neale Thomaa O'Neill Andrew O'Neill Patrick Osbo'nJ W Organ John Cfrertaogb J F Owens James Opplts WlUiam OMulllvan Nash Of good Ch arias PWTetf^jn Albert Palm?^ Mr JfeVOH J? *'y K ' tely Benj K Peck Drael PMmo J O Preaud Mr ?ftf.rT?S Eben'jter P??rm Jamas rlattL ? Pelium Uauturd Paul Chss r__2 Pi ait Ksr ^ Jfton Peck Jean? Pbe an Waiter Phelps Joseph W Pe.'et John J Peane J Perkins Samuel B Perry Will lam Preaon J oh 'ah H Perr? Pt.Ho B Prnot Mr PiTrv A a Plato N ?a,''V*lhoniaa L" ja!u J W f <ne W Ahar W K Parker D A Parson* A Y-J Pawell henry Parson J Y Place James B Palmer J Placl. e Tim Psddoo Wm II I ardee W B r>r 1 bartons ABrothers. Pht>ees friedrlch ketsM 1 hrni enter H art rr lbrra?a? 2 > arker Aitred B Pearee Hiram Phillips James Y Phltiney G H PhimosSol Pierson John Psuhpe A Go Mess Ptnknev Thompsoi Plena Geo A Go Poter Joseph Podeota Laixaro Porter A Powers Charles Dj Pointer SamuelCJJ Powell William W P>*ebet Mr Pol ard phtuipp Potter B W Poltn George Post Abraham Powell William* Potter J upper Pandit ton C A Oapt P mder Mr Perbune A rfotalord Putlari Tbos Oapt fercy U 0 l'rlce William Prio Jsmiw < uta William t. uln Henry W Price William Pifktu ey Wm Pu lttiam James 0 Pfciitt M Qulnn Timothy K Rabel Moor Pierre Rees No-man Kanktns Ira G Keil r Pad j Kact Mons. Centre st Keys I) KsnklnsCbaaA Heed risnj Katney M I) han sey O M Happ A Co Mess R*ymond K W Rankin Ukas *?2 hannev Ihomas Rapp Wm Kandell Judg Raleigh John Kay W O Kainev W D Ranpdell Edwin Reese Lewis head. Jones A Co Betd Wm P Re'zer a?on* Kldd-ll W*n 0 Kim MsMao ,, Riser Conrad ... Rayirsn B 0 Capt Klchardfon Daniel B Rocbe Kdward Kogan Tobn Richard i tl B Ropers Stephen Rice A Garfield ~ Blch John Hlpley Theodore Hire tianlel Ring J T Puwaj W H Po Jard Bins H P>ol J P ttaj Po:azio Pletro Potman Joseph B Plunkett Robert PlnnKett P J Pureed John Quln Patrick Roberta Jonathan Ruber son Joan Rooelin Mr Rhonda James Kjj-rtaon fboyt Robinson Wm D Roberta A F Roethllabergsr A 1 de-mann Rogers J Turner R>.d?en Edward Ranlelfh l.ymel 8 Rtcl ardson John Rabid Jchn Raefie Mere A Co Ha; mend Eenry Rait David Regplnger Max Reed Robert Held A R Rem? 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H Fmlth Cant Jcshna Bmith A Tu'tle Bmlih Judge Vmith Hon tleury Smllh A?ber L Smith P F t * Stone David Strong Samtiel Stones Wm So per H U Snow L B Snow Wm G Snow Wm Stow A Smith Snowball Geo W Btowell Albert A Stover Wm B Scot'. Wm H Scott Robt Stuart John H Sullivan Michael Stuckenlard Hoc Baulre B F 8">r J rituiyis War Burney Mtchaef HhiltjiGeo B Bhultz Simon P Smyth Alex Styles M 9 Byms W F A Brc SoHwelne Philip 8ch wider A Co C Tas<r Mr Tie ton Mono Town Benjamin 1 race? 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James Tu?neti Joseph Tucker Josiah Tyrrell T homos Tyler M O Thornton Arthur Underbill Thoma Uiman f V Vlrden Edwin VtrronGeoKJ Valliere Dr V dJ Jos Delmaies Vernam 0 Vl:le.-et Frederic Vrele Francis P Vernam Geo C Vetch J Voorbees John H Yeasey Thomas Veil Jumps C Vail Henry C Vook Bilthaaer Van VanFetenHyartnthAVanderbnsed A Ftti- Van I loosen E H Van Allen A a> ics patrtck Van Wagoner Is. Vanderveidon AarouVun Coilem L Van ?yckFJ Vandoom Isaac Wadsworth W L Wstisworth Wm C Waloott A Wakefield James J Werer Charles Wai see David 8 Weich ' apt Albra Walrh Kdwln P WftUh Martin Wa)kl?s M J 'M ailers a ugustus Wa''ers Charles ^ Van Wassenberg Webb Henry Whltmore Oap?, J Wheelta right J War- Whiting C Bever Whlt'ng Henry ? Winter Joseph Wlaster Andrew Wing A J Wlnxlow Franst> Wliee er#K Vtheeier Henrr Wbee'er k Mellvlk Whituey Jane* W1 eeler H O Whitney Charle Wetzter Leopold Wbltce ? 8 A? 2 . Walter PstertonACoWf ndall Jno Jacob Whitney Samutv, Wall Thomas Wre- WAD WhU'.ier M V Wadlum 0 Werner Hon Waliaoe J A Oo Weaseli Albert A Warlowk Capt West Owen Warleband A Van- We'uinre a Jr dfeker West Wm H W?rrlnyton H H Wen on J " " " WHIes Mr Wilies W J Wl!'es I* Willis A Morand Wsrrlnirtori John W?nd X Wilbeim, W ard C A Warier John Warren Foudamer Wll'ii Henry A Co WWoek John? 2 Warner Charles Wiley Kev F 8 w eio'e Htrelay ACoWiHey Wm Ward Wm Wildey Wesley Waierbury Robert Wrinht Chtrlea T vid rj 1 R and Daniel War OcoM W a?htngton J M Watfou lianlel Walton A Browne Wutton Capt Watson Theodore Watson Geo W Wslaon James Wright J O WhltUer Hartsorj Whltechurch ICd WUtlers R H Wllth Mr Wlsner David Whltaker J Write Wra Wlmmui Leopo) Wh tos'des Robr Wood Wm Jamt Wood George C Wood Thomas Wood H R Wood Wm R Wood W T Wood 8 W Wood Daniel Wildes Kliphalet? 2 Woo' ley Joseph j Wlide R W Wl'let Charles T Wilcox Bylresler Wlleoi D C Wilson J T Wl son J B V llson Dr A H Watson Col KdwdHWilt t^ouls Watts Henry Fry Wlicon UenrjH Wstrl's Gro Weber James Wetd F L Weed A Little Weltman tleorge Wf ekes A M Wietb Jo-eph Wicks 8 J Wickham John Wlerner A Bro'ber Worth A W Williams Obedlah Woif fl Williams Walter Wooltey Wm kH WoodheadRicnaii Workman Uanlol Worcoster DavkJ Wortbeo W !? Wooster C A ? Woodruff Brtstu( Woocrnff (! J I Wortler John I Wolenberg A K I enbe.rg ? Worth Kdmun 'il Wtekes Vandcwa'erWilltams ? Brown Wei's C H? 6 Wells J aeon? 2 Wells D O Wells Albert Wells Wm H Wehaler Wm H Webster Daniel L Webster George Webb Cbas M Webb jeremlah Yonnjr Henry Yonng John W Youmana Kdward L Wo I Martin Wolf ?aron Wolf A R Williams A O K WillUms Mr, #th st woloott. Noble R] Wliltsms Tbos P ? 2 Woo<lard John White Wm V Woodford O W 1 Wttte Pamuel Wyatt Henry C v> hue Rer Chas ? i Wjnenn Thos G( White h white Wm - 2 Whltmek Samuel Y Vonng Charles M Vougu John U WrnbergMons | Wudon l).ml,J Why*tt John Vounka George Young John Z Zollinger 8 Zllklna Henry 8 /^brouskl C F N Zin merman AM MlncHlaiieoni. 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