Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 18, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 18, 1856 Page 2
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?ot. WIm oa Mm. Fill are, GkM, f -- .. ***** mm Kjmw Mu thm [From tbe R'hmond E quirer 1"?* Richmond, Va M "'l. .. i;?vnr*tn : I, at ;once, txprsee my 14 18S6 te Um Hob. Alex. H H. Stuart for hi-, ?Z?l *dfl "'D " pla nation." in bit l?tter of the 1' ,i SJf ^ !?l editors of the Richmond WW of ' >_ *?? him to Ui. Nat.ODal Convention of t^e ^ e.n^T at Vhiiadel phi a. 1 w.. ntt* that V* as he^lU ?? A* "ot passed "to , V ' en the object'' of mv iia "MV adm.nHtrat.m WM^BVm ilke thro^g'i-at " or at all : that ae spjke hSJTn.Ti!i -f"VOB.I]rp''ft of t*,acountr? ;" that the Jna mv mm ^2trNfc ^u,w"",d * m"re r?*nt? dun th. I? J. ' ** , plaoe wen id be as indefinite as "ij ^A^Vkl'v*^ Probably in ?}het C0UBli** *o the lower 5^. ? 1 not Mate the rem trk ?hout the 1,700 w'jig votes at .U ; a?i th?t be d!7not ,tum'' tn 1Wi 1 <? a w.rd^ure that th? whofa report wan "? e:>ck and a buir1 Hiory 7* ? gentleman *o respecubie an Mr. Stuart could not and wo*(d not endcrto. And I thank Mr stmrt f??f fltorr^ifcat ' V? Sir 5! Cl u6 t0 the ori?iQ^0Q Of the ' tT?r though. and ever Bali that the l*?" of h"? own cabinet chief wt* !<? Wasa v ,?B'^ou ? He doe* not go to Wlncieste ?w. Jo? .be t alley to tb? lower end, but he cUe, w&t a&ewaa Ilk e proof of somethiofl' aimilar to tke fA*t <? h a r ?* < atanovher p'*o?\ to wit. at Ronton' in mill mattfra wbilal^>eW^m?ftr *' s'-?M'-on was very mu-.h In ?"?? " Ukt ?hi:h n? Ha id at Wtocheator^ andprobably in other ouatiei at the i*** th> Valley." And I will explain to Mr ?mTmUm ^hi?h h-""? OI tbB " ?? wy?i. which he extracted from th' Staunton Suee 1M2. I vw then canr^nn*^ ^o^^uu^XabA^tw'^' **""* that I nli^ !St 1 ^ J nr ? v"tWt? ttte ?totement ? ?StaStoSrVj^ m' " ' 'SSS-o.'tes with the Father exalted hiai on a I ere I Mifcr M " W.,^, Cwntry, and hal pral?ed hi* pioaifi'i ? th?ir ^ ^ on- lika thron?hoat,7> (if yon fitoldmlni^?'77n0t 1-T*Uowed ?" defect la rennlilli >^r*1Jj",,? an<l bad exilte-1 in t^e .Sja'.h ?ctl LAa, W,8 Mecufijn of the Fug.?fve Slave their eauomiums, not mtoe, on hb era/i,1" f1?'. " an(i n?**Hur*,,; 1 P?'- him on their ^y pede.'al for Mm. and then aaked: why h? had be-^n ??>e not kn >wn tn be a better eendioatev Why had they not said?to Fi lmore, "Well *"?' leiihlul servant," yon thai! be madernler tp*** fings yet another Jour years- They affre?i 1?011 411 policy, and they had ?UIBM.1 lhat none wa? purer a? a publie man than he *"? . W"J ?? he rejected by hie party? t did not pre Vnd to give the answer, bu; 1 called cp Millard Fillmore Mmeelf to annwer why. I read hie celebrated letter to Mkbcock, in which be exprtee'y intimates beloiehaod *ne rtasone wb y he would be rejected bT hhi fiarly. He ?act J? mid t(!?t ac a true pit, lot be ha1 "ftithfuiif executed the law*"? he pleaded that he had done hie d?. Vf, at jertin,? to h.a oathof ottlse; he eald oe hadexeunted tfce > ogitive Slave act and that would co*t him the nomi ??tioii? that would make him untvaiiahle? that won. d ? k lb? *nU ? av?ry '""Hon with hit admlalatratinn ?that would cauae tig rejectior by the whk> 0 invention! ?ey had sail all thu of Mr. Fillmore, and he had pro *U tine of hie own tate and fall ; ana LA L. , Whlgn> !f wUt they and he ?f !*". true> ?-i*th?r toey were not alls >]ved ton all aUegUnce to a party convention which had pootihed a ? renoent, whom tbey acemel si worthy, fur the crime of obtyixRtbe law of iheconetitudonagainu the " higher law or abolilionUm t Such wis the oouise of my arpu Bient and appeal, and such was the course of the wholi *>mocratto pres?. Now. Mr. Stuart may well see how easy and natural it wm for a listener even to hive miitv ?en which l w*s quo'ing from whig presses and g tratois upon Mr. Fdlmore, and reasons which J was <iuotii-({ from Mr Fillmore's own letter to Mr. Bab ?oek, lor ?neomiun:i and arguments of my own. My own argument was to giant their o*n premwes, to tike them ?n their own ground* lor argument sake, and tfte-oby puive that they were hound not to support the nomlna tton of General Soott. If it waa natural then fir Mr. Stuart to give credit to the report. " that Mr. Wise had unamended Mr Fi. lmore ? administration as ?on like, he and every fair mlndeu man wtil see how easr and natural it was for such a mistake and the report of it tohave originated. I repeat that I never thought or ut tered fuch a fcntlment as my own in my life. I remember that, during the canv*ss of 185?, "in the lower ecd of the VaUey." at Berkeley, I made the "?">? _ appeal to Whigs, and asked toem;? Wh^rc to ?n t their own estimate of a man, their own f*?h aal poiis^ they cou'd Lave found a better candidate than " ? whom they ttieta selves had so much peat?ec? WLy was he rejected? 1'here. too, I read hii own eecount or tbe reason why. Baltlm-ire had sent up a champion ol l.ene-al Scott, a personal friend of mine, WHO attempted to jive tae reason why. He sai l the Uu?h was, that the whig party was like a who went tlymen hunticir; he met a blushing maiden of swee' elgtiUeD, beautiful, modest, gnceful, InVlleetnal, 8,r a?d attractive, but without "the avaUiabilitUn;'' ant a .W^ . tDd ,or,y?" with wealth inste*d of wit. Tb ? gay l Jtbario g?ve his hand to the widow, with hi < eyes Md Ms heart fixed upon tbe maiden. I replied by eay X for f^lwM 0rf V, w"th'r Asserted ni~ w .,.JK P*rt' haa b",? jo' nod to Mm f iur long yeart, but I teok tie illustration as i- wa-:? Mr. Fiiim ire ZU-? I? sw**4 *'?h<e?D. ?nd the "fiit au.l *"rty, widow was (>eoeral Scott! I contrastet the twj? the WW Pressed in furbelows and tiounoes, until be daanted finery like a very hollyhock ol the gt-den of love hot l could nt fo-bs r ?o c>mi?ent upon the immorality ?r marnirg for money? of merrying wifh tbe hand one S?? .v ?"?t heart averted the other way. Hot there was so.neth.rg worse tn this m\':I*onU! v !!,?: wa" wlfe Fillmore deserted tor wld iw rf?tt. It was becau-e the former was not so availa n?- _ *^hy not so available? Rvcauie, as he said iu nn Babcoek letter? not I? that he had fai'.htullv exe cuted the lews? tbe Fugitive SUve ait e?pe5l*lly W^re Southern whigs, ceus-rvatlve wbigi, constitution lovia' whites, to support the mminatinn it (ieoeral Seott lor Ibat lessen? a rea" n which ass.illert the mo*t senM;ive nerve of the whole South, which ?hock?d the m irai sen-e and outraged all justice A ie*i>?n wbi:h tbe whig? hvi pro'essed to repudiate?- availability!'' Now. thisourse of rt?sf>nlrg would as well jjs'ify tbe report that I had mid Mr. r i Umore wa* a 4t bhipbfo^ maiden" or 4 a Oe T1/.?1 ?t Berkeley. a? th* s?me course woull have jurtified the report, I had said Mt administration ?' wv. Washington like'' at Stani.ton or Winchester. Bat, I mean not by all this to detract in tbe ie? t from what I aid say in praise of Jlr. Fillmore; and what I e??l th 'o I Jake pleasure in repeating now. 1 wax then capable ot a generous <ribnte" tJ ?' a po itical opponei. and am now. 1 did n-,t cimpa'e him to Washington. I ! ?eeer knew the man I could compare to oce who hat ev<?r v me with nothicg less 'has reverence and awe. Oni whem I have never <l?red and mver will dare to onestbn to tught be ever said or did. I how down bef. re hi n? jnst simply bow down telore him. I could'ut win to ??mpare anyman with (Jeorge Washington. But I cai *?a*?n about Mr. Jilllmore and talk to and of him with great respect but ju?t as I would of any other maa, without one particle of reverence. 1 anew him li ng in (ongre=s, and can well attest to his ?" ? (food, plain, moderate, prudent and, 1 believe, patriotic gentleman. Hut I agreed witi , on T,r.T !ew P*'" 'eel questions, If any. If we vot<-d together, aswt sometimes .iid, It was for opposite reason* and ciffe ent ends. Mr. til, more was and is of the New York school of frcerallsm: I alwsvs was of tbe opposing Virginia school of strict construction lie was alrnys lor a high pioteotive tariff, tor internal improvements by the geceiai gove< nir.ent. ror disuibuti >n of revenue fo fls?a> banks and fiscalcoporatlone, latit.idlnarisn in all respects, and was decidedly and un<iaivocnlly an antl elavtry lepreien-alivs and man. If John gutney Adar *Trr gave an anti-slavery vote which Mr. Fillmore did not alYe, wniliit 1 ftorYed with tbe two, I do not remember the Instance. In debate, he coniplainea that the clanking of the chains, of 'la very In the District or Columbia d.sturoe.1 him in his seat on the floor of the House. Yet be was a temperate man. mocer.te in all things. He was no rabid moatic? I veri y believe conrelen ieus in his unsound coastrueticn of tbe constitution. He was highly esteem by me as a g< od man. and we dal y exchanged every cour keej aod kiudnese without a pergonal breach; action to gether, at times, in opposition to Van Burenlsm and again opposing each other under Mr. Tyler's idministrs <??? withie the last few dav? ? have reoeire<l tbe kindest message trom him tn Europe, congratnlatHg me on try election sm (lover jor of Virglnta, and saylr>7 that tne election of no democrat oou d li?v'e be?n mor? agreeable to bis feelings. Indeed, such Is my friendly pem nal regard for .he man, such is my aetimate of Ms good seme, ?lscretion and mod->sty, that I would not be lieve he will av?pt the nomination tendered him. |f 1 I?d not been so egregtoutly disappointed heretofore In ?unilar caleuiatloue upon men nominated for high ottl- <. He will see whether he will aseept or not. <>n the hypothesis that hs would accept the nomtnj tlon, because he bad. as rtimor says joiner) tbe Order or Know Notliirnism . tfcat he wotud disappoint mv hiih e JilTVo.h i !T " * m?? patriot, I wrote my letter , f the 10th Inst., correcting the remarks of Sfr. rttuart. I atated that the conservative c^necientlons eonatttntiop whig* of Virginia, who had voted the democrat; ticket tn May. lHAh, could not be reclaimer by the Ki l" more and Ooneleoa ticket, for two rsasons:? 1. Ob the hypothesis statu] because M'. rillujo-* wis no knger ? whig, bat ?u ehangwt by tbe hocus pocas ot the twrorainrv of 8am. 2. Bee?u*e tc# FUhnoi* and Donelson ticket ? ? cf Northern aid Southern Know Nothing* ? iu i nu ll to ticket. Now, I liar* not a word or phrae* in that letter to mo d.fy, hut will live ot die by It* Justification, acoordljg to ? T?r y tow of legitimate con>trnoclf>n I don't retract a ' ?ot or tHtto ot I', but calmly repeat anl will prove tej no'.lce and ltd truth, both figuratively and snbetin ?la.ll j : and, ?* to it* taste I will thine by the nature of tbe eubjrct to which the flgare of speech wm applied. It la upon the authority of Sam himsslf? hal, even against himself, I admit ? that f aseert, if Mr. Fillmore has joire<l hi* (Jrder, he ia no longer a whig. Rim da ilded and denounced by the 12th section, both old par tie*, and declared both in rnlns anl defunct, tfe pre tenred to tometlmg beyond sp1rl-tiali.?m , that he emM charge itT rg natures Irom theni'elrea, and convert oo po>ite ratures into e cli other, and fuse whfgi Into deio crate, fiMDocra ? Into whig*, tintil *hat neut -til politic ?1 ?al' was produced yclaped ? Sam. Neither whiur n >r de mocrat-- But, jost t*y necrfmancy ? ?'am ! Therefor*. If Mr. Kiltmore is joined unto Sam, h? Is Jn?t Sa^n ? at Uii per a whig. A ablg had principle*, 8am has none, he igapte* ail prlD<ipl?? ? he la pro '-very'hlnp and em ? vrrythlng? atd. In rut word, in ? Know Notbirg. And tha' 1* r.ot whlfferr. I koipw, m:?t *hr*wliv, however. that ttis was bat a spnngs to cat^h democratic woodooek/>. Bat yenterdiy ths at tempt *as mat!e to turn whijgery in'.o Know N.tblnRism ; ard th* n u'niti ?? of txlsv In the conutir cbatjge of the c'larm to ttirn K n >w Nothlar inn ijito ahiffgt-r j ! Jf so. let It be undent iod, then, at tricke-y? m thing more than trickery? and even tbsn, no cnsTvative oonaclantitwi, const! :utton living whips will be caught within the circle o! tbe biua Himi' impic Toey are men of principle aud of pride: '.h*y ar<- not snp?-rftit'rns, *? d 'li?y era hones* men. Mva M, I ar> speaking of <h *t> ' h?v* named? onservn tiT<, conscientious, eowtftution-loving wb'/?. I d n't speak ct thou wpf o are net whig*, when thev tn proa*. lytin* democrat*. and who M whigs whta ttwp in ap pealing to qvandam wbig* to reetore the very " Wash it gun Hkerk Vremdent whom they rejected for the widow of '? fit *nd forty," ?ith the availaolHtsee agalnsi ?xe cut'ng the fugitive glare law 1 thtn, an u> the tecoca proposition, it is a LinntR-a cla?sificati n, It la a lineal crocs; it Is a cross of Nor* era black republicanism and Southern Know Nothingiem. Now. at tbe tine my letter of the 10th was written, -and just befoie, what bad we not ?eeu in this metropalU? An inter necino war over I he twelfth auction, between BotMtea and tbe pretenders to pro slivery of the lticfc mond Council* o; iht Oreer. Th? former had dared to name their man, and they played bolcly for ihe North by openly ignoring the tewitth section. What i* the tweitih p-ctim? It 1* an article of faith which waa once adopted, in Jnue list. by a Samite convention, In Philadelphia. It contain* sundry proposition*: ? let That ihe American party had risen span the rain* of the Hh'g and democratic par tie*. 2a. that it could not be bell responsible for the ob ncxioua acta or violated pledgee of either. That, there lore. it interpofed to declare, for pea ? sake. 3d. Tba'. tbe National Council haa deemed It the best Suaraatee of common justice and uture peace to abiie yand maintain ttie existing lit ?rn upon the eutij wt if slavery, as a final and conclusive settlement of tnat sub jest. in s jint r.nii in subi'anoe. 4th. That C..D*ten possesses no power under the eon* stitmlrn to legitlate upon tbe subject of a.avery in the State* vbere It doe* or may exist. 5th. Or, to exclude any b ate from admission into the Union because it* oon?'itu>lon doe* or does not recog fcipe ibe institution of slavery a* a part of its social eyitM*. 6<h. That Congress ought not to legislate upon the nul\ject of slavery within the Territories of the Cnited .-taw s. 7tb. And that any interference by Co ogre** with sla very ** It exists in the District of Columbia would be ft violation of the vpilit and intention of the compact by which the State ot Maryland ceeed the Di-trnt to the I'nited States, sn<l a breach of the na'.i mal faith Every one of thef proposition* the Bottni-le* ignored, and at once the p&ity of the Richmond Whig neopaper lignored tbo Bottelte*. The latter were denounced as black republicans, as an ti slavery and free soil traitor*, a* false n the S>uth and to '.he American Order in Vir ginia. For weeks thli war raged, opetuy out before all eye*, and one would have tnought that if any on earth nere indignant that the 12th section was ignored, it wa? tbe pretender* of the Richmond Whig, who claimed tn be Simon Pure Southern: and were unmeasured in their blacking abuse ot the Botteltes. This was all as it wtre yesterday. They minced no term*, but blacked their opponents all ov*r a* if rith soot and greate. The Bottiites were fiim and defiant; tbey took up tbe glave, net the enen.y in primary assembly and defeated them before the ejenof a.l tliepeople. One and another thought thdre would be a upllt; but no! Sam performed a lew charm*, by a hie hirc-hoc of oeremon yj brought all again into a lusion, (ent celegates to Philadelphia, aiid lo ! one of the first things that the Philadelphia Convention aid was to exclude tee 12th section and to acmit the an ti- 121 h section delegation of Pennsylvania; and, afier hitting for days and bearing the slaveholder and bis State institutions denounced ana so jff?l to scorn, the Virginia delegatus, with tbe rest, consented to ignore the lith section at Pbiladtlphia. as tbe Botteltes bad done at Richmond, and a platform waaadopted "sorter so" and "sorter not so" a d a lit'Je more "sorter" antl thin pro slavery, out *o made up that a Philadelphia lawyer ain't tell wbeiher it is most quo or most con m itself, aad it i* impossible to decice which until yon look at the proposi tions it ignores. Then you see tliat ihty no longer ceclere the wttig party in ruin* ? that they will be lesponstble for certain obnoxious acti ? that they will no' abide by exist ing laws upon the subject of slavery ? that Congress may leg* i- late upon slavery in the States ? 'hat Congrers may exclude a slave Territory from admipfion into the L'nion as a slave S ate? that Congress may legislate on slavery in ihe 'l'errittrleg ? indmay interfere with slavery in the District ot Columbia. All thin is implied: and if Sou hern Know Nothing* did not so Intend, North irn did so intend, : by Ignoring tne tweiith section. Some of tbe very men i whu had blacked the B tt>i e- for doing this very thiag ' at Richmond did the eelf satn* thing a*. Phil a- ? delphia. Wnst thev would not allow to D? oonc for aeon ot Virginit, .Mr. Botts. they allowed to bs done for Mr. Fillmore, of New York, and Mr. An drew Jackson Donelson, of Tennessee. Whit was black republicanism ior the one was pro-slavery ? nough for the other, and they reported this plat form ? this new, refomed, expungig platform, to a ratification ni.cii g? arid ratify the clique of ths Richmond It'A^/dia! A member of this piebald party denounced thirteen democratic members of the H use of lieiegate- for anii-<?.avery votee, went l'ito bin place and proclaimed an i<sue there for the coming ctmpaiga, ani the 117, i'<;b*H since bUckened^tbem, too, like the Botts ites, as ihe '-blDCk thirteen!" In the mid*t of all this " pr 'sU) etiarge" of Sam's shitting scenery, I w*s cauel on to say whether Mr. -Huart sta e i my declarations cor rectly respecting the Wa-hlngtoa like characteristic* ot Mr. Fillmoie's administration, and respecting the 17,0(0 whig*. I wrote the letter ot the loth, and 1 stand by it. It speaks for itself, and need* no explanation; every sen sible gentleman wi.l under* and It, and no man of ths good tense and self-respect oi Messrs. Fillmore and Stuart *tU take personal offence at It. It la treating of political and patty divisions upon slavery? a lubjist involving tbe natural hues of the two rat'H of meo, black and white, so ruggestive of the figure of speech that one of tbe political divlnitin* U alieacy called the *' black repuV liean"? repr< achfully. If you p lease, but still only politi cally reproa;hful. 1 oUote, in the i amt sense, to carry the figure further, in assigning a second reason wny Vir gilifa wliigfc Sou'd not vote the new tteke : thore woull i be three parties ? th? white man's party, the democratic; the black man's party, tbe black republican : the mulat'o i-'irty, the cross ot Northern and ttouthern Know Notliicg-. tlie tirket of Messrs. Fltlmore and 0>nel son. Thus every turn denoted political, not personal com plexlon?-? hue of party and ticket, not of f*ce* or phyMognor ies. It was a figure founded up in tbe mirgllrg <1 black republicans wi:b prc-giavery sidrocatds at I hilm einhic , on a qv estion ct color of race and oolor of right. You cou'd not tay of then, an might be ?itld of 1 rsncLs I'rtetcn Bl?lr in the Back ICepuo mn Conven ion, Bin's of a feather Ktock logeint r. The Aue:icans at Philadelphia we-e not " birds ot a feather." Mr. Stutrt. of Virginia, profes?ing to be p-o slavery, I believe, mingled with the men like turd, of Ouio, pre treeing do'.Mli? hut loathing and hatred toward* Atri lan slavery, uj^tirg no'hini; but wrath and dmgufl'. against the Soulflj^nd Virginia especially. Tae result or tuoh u coiven'iou of men of opposite hue*, of thought and ft-elirg, ot bird- unlike in featnsr, tu the m m^tel r 'atft.i m ? the piebald princip'e* ? not nog bu*. inl?. chltvcns ? whi;h ignored the twelfth on, upon whijh b'ack republics nl ni can profess to stand North, and upon which pro- slavery cau pr'ifist: to stand South ? a ticket o' an old wb'g and an old democrat? no anti- slavery and pro- slavs rj man? the vrj suMeot itself suggested tha', partaking if Lo'h bUcfe ana parentage the ticket and its platform are mulatteei. It m mo la Mo? it Itt, (h y what ycu wil: ? it it so nuc'i of tha b'ask ir;ublie..u ol the North that it is ta rnjr or *?l!ow, and it is so much of the white Southern Know Nothing tliat it wiU treokia In the sun ? it is a frack'ea mulatto. .Vow, no a. an of good sens* or goad fetifcg will tjiko umbrage at that. Mr. Fillmore and Mr. Stuart wont. If the tborn pricks the finger of the latter with the point of its truth, te had no outness to grasp his hand upon it. 1 noj.f ho will snatch it awav and atauuoh the wourd. Nor will they take personal offense at my say ing that ' the wbigs of Virginia can put np wlta pu-e Africans, wool, tint nose, odor, color, eho.shin and gi/. ztrd-'oot ana all. better than they cm bear the cros* of he Caucasian and Ouffy which you call a mulatto." Tbe meaning is apparent to every mind not bent on its per version ? tha: slavery can encounter an opan fjf, an avoae.d enemy, a declared and fronting) antazonist easier than It can a pre'essed friend, the more dangerous bv rinse tbe more lm-ldious and disguised. Fihinore and Ponelson may impose upon some in the t3ou>h. whi st a 8e*ard or a '-id? leg* could deceive aua betray none Tlie latter would find our people uni ed again.n them, while the former would find a minority a*. lewt their f tends and aHias. Therefore, it is, that all of the Sm'h c?.n better put up with black republicans thin with half and half or inuls tto ? epubHcans ? thereto^ it is that all roeii of tue South had bet er hastau to lay down all old political division* and to unlt? together against all the Mffrophiilata with the democratic, the white man's party. ilr. Ma/on, our Minister at Tarn, Is said to have bi-en lately at a Court ball, at the Tnlleries and his eye hap pen-. I to light, ou toe Charge de a 'Attain s of Souloque. in Francs, a fine looking black. Some one observing din steady gate, said : 1 W ell, Mr Mason, waat do you taink of j?.nder blackte in liis emsroidered ooat 1" "Taluk," replied Mr. Mason, still rtgtrdlcg the negro with tbe eye ot s connoisseur, " why. c.othes and all, I think that fal low is worth a thoufund collars I" This waa " old \ ir g o " all ever, and everybody is laughing at the b m mat. I dotibt not tbe Charge himself laughed at it. So, when I was anted what I tbouglit of the ticket of th? PhilKdelphot Convention, it was but a bon mnt- lrretist ible. I declare, to reply ? ' I think it Is a mulatto and I would net, clo has and all, give aa much f >r it at It it wt* pure Mack." I could always control the unmixed Afri can tetter than 1 eoull tie muU'.to. I know the name is colons, and that it will stick. I can't help that; tber can help it to whom it belongs; they can bre.k .the bans ot tbe amalgamation. It is an entangling and unholy al liance. and ought to be odlou* to the Southern pe >ple. Wbisgery could not and would not bring about such a coalition of white auu black. It loathed the cros* -if aiulattoes. So will Americanism very soon. Mr. Stuart may v/ri a earneitiy and mueh, but it will be ia vain, and be will plunge only deeper down that steep which politicians so much deolore ? the stasp ( f a minority. His Order had 73,000 enrolled, ard be thinks that 17,000 may he added; the two would make 90, COO. I>et me tell him that number would not have dene the work for Sam in the Uit elect! in, and it can't in the next. There are more than '.200,000 voters In Virginia, an.t thi r vr/n ib r'jurrv of the Indomitabls de n.ocrtc; would n"t have been dona voting until now. if ih'y hadn't, at tbe close ol the poll, b*oo still 10,000 sheadot Know Nothinplnn; snd Sim cannot change 1" back now into Wnigg?ry. r lie aoes. the culverts will be allemptiet if the demrcrats who were deoyej from tb<dr party. And le*. me say to th >?e of trmd narves in tie democratic tarty, who sre tram Ming lest my course will compact tha opposition in Virginia, ''Be not afraid." 1 have oc en taught, bv an arduous campaign, woat sort tf a foe we have um>al with. Meet h'.m bold'/ an 1 h? will fly from you. uni'ad In the danocracy. I,?t no thing i-'jsct you, nothing divide you. vote a unit and you sre it, vln jib e. If tbe foe e mcentra'ej. oniydr.iw tha closer together yourselves We are waging a pill. tlc*l, not a i>emms.l warlare, and names whlcb conv-r truths along with tb?m a'e not nicknames or not ring', bnt i hey ate wnap ins Which ? ay he powsrfally wisld-xt to good'poblic ends without personally wounding any br dy. With placid meaning, 1 can use tlirm wi thout, person) r^ceressor cITence towards such p >llt i tai op>> mntsssMr. Kl,lmore i r Mr. Htnart, who know how t) a[iKie-la'? them; and It matters not waat. Is naid in re tort by those who are determines to pe*vert tnen; I will s'cp aside to prcrrnt their itaggering against mi. HKN !IT A. wist; Political IntcUlgeiirfw The msmber* of tlie legislature of Nesr Jer#ev, wb > are oppoaad to ths present national and State admiols traticns, have issued a call for a 8tat? oonvsailoa to meet in Irentnnon the 4th el Jan?n>-zt. The l'lttshnrg Port h?s p laced the name Js"ie<Ra ebaran at the hesd of tt.s columtis as a fcr I'raaidont of tbe I'nited .--'jitai. >*WlKlCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. HOIIT MARK ST. Mondat, March 17?4 P. M. The stock m uket via variable to-day. The Sac tuattens were n > of an important character and the transactions were not large. The tendaacy ?f prices watt slightly upwauJ. At the first board llliaois Cen tral bonds advanced A per cent; Erie Railroad, J; New York Central Railroad, 4; Hudson River Railroad, 4; Michigan Southern, 4; Panama, 1{ Cleveland and Toledo, I. Canton Company fell eff 4 per eent; Nicaragua Transit, 2; Milwankie and Mbwiaaippi Railroad, Tne movements In Nicaragua Transit were to a moderate extent to-day, and principally for cath. Prices improved on the opening. The coune adopted by the President of the Company, Commodore Yanderbilt, is generally approved, In the street it is pretty generally admit ted thai Walker is both a fool and a knave, but that so far as the stock operations are concerned, it was a fair game from beginning to end. This conclusion is arrived ut by tbe code of stick speculators. That is the standaid of Wall street, and may rule all transactions made among broken*. Tbe Hoard of Brokers have not yet reported on the case submitted for adjudication. It is tbe general opinion that the Board have no right to establish a precedent for the regulation of future operations; that every corner or combination must stand on its own bottom, and can be governed by no rules. In stock speculations tbe role is, every man for himself. This may do for Wall street; but every man entering as a speculator is not sufficienly post ed, or is not prepared to abide by Buch arbitrary re gulations. The law gives him no redrew, it is true, and in the absence of all legality it becomes sim ply a matter of honor. The operations in Erie to-day were large, without any material change in prices. The Legislature have appointed a com mittee to inquire into the New Y< i.k Central Rail road consolidation swindle. It is our private opinioa that if proper# conducted this committee will make the fur fly. We take on especial interest in this matter, and shall closely watch the proceedings of this committee. Some very respectable membere of the community will be placed in a very unpleasant position before this matter is concluded. That con solidation aflair was the most uefarious, iniquitous piece of financiering ever perpetrated upon this community, and that is saying a great deal. The fraud of Schuyler was an ordinary affair in comparison. One was a matter involving about two millions of dollars, and the other involved the sum of ten to twelve millions. We need no whitewashing business in this investi gation. A presentation of the facts is all we ask. The result mu*t make Albany howl, with all its po litical and financial rascality. Cleveland and Toledo Railroad was in moderate request t i-day at the ad vance. The recent interruption to travel on all the lake shore roads must seriously reduce their gross and net incomes. The probability is that the Cleve land and Toledo Company will be obliged to post pone its regular dividend day, in consequence of the severity of the past winter, and its limited reoeipts. The proper time for railroad dividends is July and August and January and February. The seasons are more favorable for such divisions of the year, and all those companies the dividend days of which come at other dates must sooner or later make a change. After the adjournment of the board the following sales of bonds and stocks were made at auction by A. H. Nicolay : ? (14,000 HartJord City Sixe?, 1876 Int. adJad. S6X 1,302 68 Sui:;an.tnlo Ciiy Water 10a. 1860 do. 77 1 COO do. do. 1860 do. 81 000 Second Avenue RR , 2d mort d i. 81 J. COO Toledo, Sot wu'k & Cleveland RR .. OO. 78 10,100 Hnoson Rtver Convert! ol?n, 1876.. . do. o6)? 12,V00 Northern ltd.. Gcaben 1Jb?, l?t m. do. 8J 5 COO lit Cro?ae and MUirankt* RR. do. do. 81 >4 166 67 Note if Keystone Int. Go., l'bila $60 60 ftbaies Well*. Faigo h Co.'* Express 66 6 Bunk of Sing r-'iog 80 10 Manhattan Bank 130X 10 Republic Imuran;* Co 91 >6 20 Arctic IoiuranoeCo 98)? 40 Kxcelsior Inrursnce Co ......103 76 Dicadwav Iiunrance Co 106 t.O lUi'Rem f ire In*uracoe Co 100?i 20 Htekman lino ranee Co 102 18 National Insurance Co 199 a 199 )% 44 Knickerbocker Ftie Insurance Co 165 10 Ixng iHlsnd Insurance Co 166 Simeon Draper's regular semi-weekly sale of bonds and stocks will take place to-morrow, (Toes day,) at 12? o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange. At the second board the market was lower. The bank statement is not satisfactory. A decrease of eleven hundred thousand dollars in the specie de partment is not considered a favorable feature. The Canard steamer from this port for Liverpool on Wednesday will take out half a million at least. Erie fell off this afternoon J per cent; Nicaragua Transit, J; Michigan Southern, J; Reading, j; Cleve land and Toledo, $. Panama Railroad advanced A per cent? caused, doubtless, by the withdrawal of the steamships from the Nicaragua line. The Assistant Treasurer reports to-day as ft | lows:? f'ald on Treasury account 193,119 60 Receivtd do 321,060 00 Balanse do 6,106,366 82 P*M on disbursing checks 76,663 88 The payments to-day include $40,000 on Callfor* nia drafts, and the receipts include $150,000/ f transfer drafts on Boston. The warrants entered at the Treasury Depart ment, Washington, on the 14th inst., were as fol lows: ? For the redemption of atoeks $52 170 1# I or 1 he Treasury Department lli'aos 16 For the Interior Department Mt'uOi 24 Kor Customs. ..... 20,43 1 78 W ar wuiuti received and entered 66,000 00 Interior repay warrant* received and entered . 28.329 06 *r?m 110.024 48 r roro miscellaneous aotu-cea 140 ?j-j On acoonnt of the nary 1,000 00 Hifijnuat on aaooont of Che niry 4,'filO 00 The annexed statement exhibits the average daily movement in the leading departments of the banks ( f this city during the week preceding Saturday morn ing, March 15, 1856:? Nkw York Crrr Ranks. ? . Loam. Kprrie. Circ'n. Drpoxilt. IsewWk *3,609,952 *20.470 242,812 3 030 428 Manhattan 4,993,069 640,626 373,146 B 756*;64 JtorccanU.- 4,605,086 1,606,471 196, 482 6,?762;l Mechanics' 8,924,610 647,064 307,899 .1414 78! Union 3,046,629 366 801 183^227 U 079*61! Ammca 4,6*7,244 1,292 873 49,604 6 I5',?,'30.? 2,390,046 602,874 ll 1,072 2 374 910 S}1? ???; 1,738,606 286 708 43.734 1,379,630 Nonn hirer 1,028,349 10 J 603 166,869 844 666 Trac'crmta'a . . . .1,346.162 91 916 268 193 78 ''l "7 ??,M" 1,779,02# 108.696 122,' 208 1,4C0,'0U Chemical 1,666,472 817,302 216,217 13C24 60" Merchants' Rx... 2, 946 286 372,169 134 834 2W46I N???nal 1.626.642 178,098 170 *17 910910 Butcb*u' 1,446,487 106,190 86.664 1,034 018 Mech ti Trades'.. 666,118 63,986 107,771 466 800 Qteenwich 606,490 36,916 22,877 557* 167 I-**ther 1,962,846 162,644 242,102 1,416' 211 fj*T<mth Ward. ..1,163, 106 179,917 236 124 68 i 678 State 3,840 838 474 949 604 067 3 310 980 Amotion K*.. .7,111,180 860, *29 304 899 ? MS222 Asaoei alios 1,216,300 66,484 117,696 9214 9 8,633,311 912,702 2,100 6 919 806 122 624 173 649 869 623 Hroadway 1,410,661 164 961 2'TO,622 1 246 869 1,636.641 116,06'.' 149 918 1 131 698 Mtroaarile 2,421,066 150,466 102 761 1 7 jo'?6; P??rifl'? 942,020 60, M6 120 846 *644 OS 2 hefublic 3,342.826 617,873 76,929 3 8:12 886 Chatham 812,0*3 40 ?27 124 468 Wn6R 1'tople'a 748, V55 64,294 160 607 616 171 Notto America. .1 164,616 76 627 1 296*216 Hsniver 1.36*820 101,876 107)508 '811616 liwftjr *64,141 <.6,840 117,457 487/268 M* rojolitan... .6,105,266 843,761 18i), 1 01 6 876 774 Cilliens' 763.127 61.048 15*. 102 606 382 Oncers' 662, 4C0 161 602 91 821 6(m'48'1 Naf >au 1,16 <,842 126,362 117,637 941*784 K??t hirei* 468,432 37,166 91,617 338 296 Maiket 1,337,768 160,038 126 018 1 160 ^9 >t. Niuhoiaa 689 092 30,006 88,670 4:<8'98l Shoe k leather. .1 142,176 68 (87 106 987 781 848 Coin Kxc)>acge..l f)89.; 04 148 693 #1,163 1 69fl' 133 Cuntioen'al 2.966,146 408 606 64,919 2 61u'il3'2 Crmmonwralth.,1 221,142 207 413 87 4 49 1 246*419 Oi'enUl 609,667 48,117 10t? 860 670 <94 M*rii.e 828,803 87,8.18 96,878 716*667 A'lantic 646,866 60,492 09 303 294 014 Imp's' a: Tr?o>'.l,6?6,2#0 112,762 96,608 1 029 412 Itlurd City 426,346 37,990 93,064 '244*442 D'y I)ork 42.1,912 16 175 68 202 108 786 N Y Fxcfcange.. 234,769 10 826 116 074 173 020's Jlesil 267,109 23,624 1 lo' 1 14 166 699 NtwYoik Coun'y .132 621 10,776 88,087 172 283 Total |I04 628,508 14 046 024 7,66J 148 88 621 176 * Capital, *?13, 918. ' ' ' CuuRt.fn Horn Transitions,

cloarlrf? tor wmk tnitpg March 10 $125 211.247 ? , " " " " 17 129 604)209 Balances " " " )0 17,268,082 " " 17 6,272,719 Tbf annexe* ?Mfeinent exhibits a eompariaea i?f die Ming *ep Moments of the banks of this city for several week* Ww Ye? On tow, July T, *H.. July 14 '?.. Wy 31, '64.. 00,0?,14lM^B^WH Jtdy 88, '6*.. *M*J,7?? 16,920,974 7,400,408 81,626,781 An?. 4 ' **..100,118, MB 16,?e,36# 1,54^06 811,279,988 Aug. 11, '66. .100,774,300 16, 280, #6? 7, 714^401 88,141.83 Aug. 18. 'U.. 101,164, 000 14, 640, Mo 7, AM, HO 81,948.871 , Aw. 26, '6*.. 100,804,604 13,820,878 7,682,006 81, 178.686 bM| .100.436,970 I2.86ii.828 7,820,178 81.067.21C Sag. W*ot 8 ?or! 10, '66 .V ?2,464,200 10,866,880 8,088,808 76 782,40* Not. 17, '6*.. #2,0*9,020 9X1 7,041,670 76^328,881 Nor. 24. '66.. ?2,VlM|M|g|MM?|||MgM|g|M|^ 10, '66. . 96.114,0*0 10,788,000 7,841.048 80,438,827 6, '68., 86,883,800 11, *87, 200 7,088,868 88,684,808 12, >68.. 88,146,408 11.777.711 7,612.607 77.031.4M . 12. >88.. 08,146,408 li:777;711 7,612.607 77,#ai.4#? ju. 10, '68.. 88, *82, 808 18,386,260 7,462,708 82,682.82* j". -66.. 08 887 221 12,738:060 7', 406.088 78, 018,816 Feb. 2, 'M.. 07,070,811 13,84?.43? 7,822,827 82.260,801 Feb 0. '66.. 08 344 077 14.883,820 >,810,123 82,888,162 Feb. 16, '68.. 00,401,816 16,678^786 7,603,441 88 086.044 Feb. 28. '66.. 10f, 746. 44 7 16,836.874 *,**4,688 87,680 478 Mareh 1,'*8. .102, *32.1*6 16,640.686 7,764,802 88,804.377 March 8 '66?108 000 *88 16.170 046 7,8*8,178 88,740 fi'Zfi Meb. 16, '68.. 101.628, 208 14,046,024 7,868 148 88 621.174 It appeara by a comparison of tbe lata returns with tboee of tbe previous week that the following change* have been realized in the aggregates:? Lomi ud dUocunta an increase of $818,610 Specie a decrease of 1,126,022 CfrooldioB a door mm of 26,028 Peaoaits a decrease nominally of 128,440 Deposits a decrease actually of 860,624 This thows quite a change in some of the depart ments. In all except discounts there has been a decrease. The expansion of loans and reduction of deposits is not a favorable feature, and cannot be continued without danger. Since the 1st of January last, a period of about two and a half months, the discount line of onr city banks has increased about nine and a half millions of dollars, averaging nearly one million a week. This is an expansion unprece dented in the same length of ti The banks, on their present capital, eannot pursue this policy long. The business of the Philadelphia and Healing Railroad for the month of February, and for the previous two months, completing the first quarter of the present fiscal year, compared with the receipts and expenditures for the corresponding period of time last year, is as follows: ? Readim; IUuikud. Earr inga for February, 18{6. 1866. Received from oca) $139 180 08 $140,4-4} 00 " " nmchaudice .... 20,772 20 2ti rtflV'I'' . " ? travel, ke 17,745 42 17,127 *r| Total $177,607 70 $100,219 68 Transportation, Rerewai luod, roaowaj, dam page, and all charges.! .7... 106,307 04 124,792 21 Nat profit for the month of Fob. $71,380 66 $06,427 34 " previous two month* 222,338 83 81,070 03 Total set profit for 3 months . $293, 7". 0 49 $ 147,398 27 This shows a decrease in the net profits for three months of $146,331 22, equal to about fifty per cent. The Delaware river at Richmond is still closed by the ice. Ntock Eichange. Monday. Unroll 17, 18A6. 810CC0 Ohio 6a, 66, (3 101 100 abs Erie RR. .. btl 67 iOOOlid State 6a... 84 X 100 do b60 67% iOCUO 111 Con BR be b3 90 400 do *3 50% 22(00 do.... (8 89% 100 do bl5 66% 11000 do... s?0 88s, 600 da V10 66% 2000 N York Cen 6a 88% 200 io 68% 1000TH& AlSdmbs 77 ICO do bio 56% 10 ?ba Bank of Am.. 120 300 do bSO 67 60 Ohio Li'e ft Tr Co 91 60 do b!5 67 Ji 50 Canton Co c 22?, 100 bland RR.. 31 X 60 do 22% 11 Ssw Jersey "RR.. 12'4 200 Penna Coal Co... 08 111 N Y Central RR . 91}; 100 do b30 18% 100 do sSO 91% 20 do 08 % 197 do c 91* S00 Cum Cjal Co *30. 22% 100 do bSO 92 210 do c 2'% 100 Hudson K RR..?3 34 % 200 Reading RR...f3 90% 12 Mic S k Nor la RR M 1006 do (3 90% 200 Co 530 94 S00 Nic Trantit Co.. . 13 6 Panima RR 103 K *76 oo 14 166 do 104 1060 do 14% 260 do bJO 104)4 400 do 1434 60 do *3 104 fO do b60 16 60 do b3 104 100 do pSO 14 Ja 60Cl?v, C& Cln.... 102 176 do 14 lu Clev k Pittsb RR 64 to do 13% 10 Galena feChicRR 111% 110 Erie KR 66% 100 Cler k Toledo R 1 77% 300 do s3 66% 360 do *3 77% i00 do a 60 66)4 100 do b30 78 -.00 do e 66% 26 Milwau k Mlsa RR 84 260 do >3 6<i% 60 do 84)4 60 oo b3 66% 46 do bl6 84% 360 do b30 67 8KC0ND BOARD. $1'C00 111 C?n RR bdx 89% 100 sh* Erie RR. .s30 68% 16C0 N York Cen 7s. 102% 200 do s3 66% 16CC0 to 102% 60 ae blO 60% 5000 N York Oen 6n. 80 100 Reading RR 90% 1COO oo. 88% 400 do a30 90% SO aba Nic Tr oo, 13 13 100 Hadaon II RR a60 34 >? ltO do 12% 100 do b80 34% 1600 do 13 100 Harlem RR 20 100 do 13% 100 do stO 19% 26 Mich S 8t N la RR 93% 230 d? 19% 600 Cum Coal Co .?30 22% 100 Panama RR 104 100 do b?0 23', 26 do 104% 60 Erie RR s3 56', 150 do b30 105 *0 do 56% 120 Clere k Tol RR. . 77% 860 do 66% 60 do 77% 260 <k> b30 66% 100 do b30 77% MINING BOARD. 100 shi ffU4In...c 39% 60 aba W CI k Ia.bl5 40% ?0 do blO 40 600 Car J Gold . . bl5 $1 37% 100 do blO 40% 1600 Conrad HlU.. *10 19" 100 do blO 40% 600 do ?30 f) ( hlrlqnl ^Internal Improvement Company. Tbe motnii g papera of yesterday gave tne annou?( | rcent tbat the Nicaragua Company bad withdrawn thti. r learner ? and aaapended tbe entire operations of th*ir line until tbe United States government ahoulc take some action upon tbat which hta been eharasterlEad as a ' high banded outrage" upon the property of American citizens. Would it not be more in accordance with the spirit of the age, ana particu'ajly with the aplilt of tboaa who have ruled tbe Transit Company tor ita shareholders, to mrlie with these of the Cblriqul Improvement Company and thn? secure immeriiatelj a new and far better route to the l'acific than the onewhica has Been wreatad from them 1 The Panama papera, and all othar authoiitiea relative to the latbnius, unite in the support of the tact, tnat the only htaltby part af the isthmus is tbe province ol Chi liqot. The English and French surrey* of tba.iathmu a?clare that the Cblriqul lagoon, on the Atlantis, ami the on the I*acifio, are the only harbora thai can bi relied on. Why, then, are these not immediately availed of by the Transit Company V With a sufficient three the ro?d between the harbora can be opened in sixty days, and affor, quite aa good accommodation aa that offend at any time by tbe Nicaragua Transit. It will be more turn sixty daya before the cifference is fettled with Walter's gore) nment, aid east quite aa mocfi aa the first opening of this road. Surely less foresight than bas uaually jhar acterlMc the partiea would point them at once to this junction of interests. CITY COHHER(Uli UEPOHT. Momiay, Marcn 17 ? 6 f.M. Aran 20 ft 30 bbls. pots wera aold at $5 87 K ? *(>: pearls were quiet at, 97 76 a 98. BRrwiKirns.? Flour? Tbe market was quite dull, the demand both on domestic ant foreign aoc'juni being llnitrf. The transaction* were confined to about 8,000 ft 4 000 bbls., including common to goxl Plate and soper flci Michigan ftt 9ti C8 and $0 76 a $7: Indiana and np l>r lake 'at $7 12 a >7 37 k, and common to low grade* of tx ra Ohio at 97 37 % a $7 87 X; extr* Guiism wm at 98 62 H ? 810 60; Oanftdian was In moderate request, wih i mall salaa at 97 26 ft 90 26, Southern was hear/, with rales oi 600 ft 800 bbla. ftt 97 60 a $8 f?r com mrn to choioe, and 98 a 90 for fane/ and extra do. Wheat wao wih.ut cnaeee of moment. 1 700 bmheu pi line white Uenedlon sold at 91 02 W; W0 ft 6(0 d>. < ommrn ftt 91 86; and a sma'l lot tf inferior red Ten'te at 91 66. Corn? Tbe fal*a embraced about 12,000 ? 16 000 bushels, ineluoing mixed ana while Southern nt ?5o. h (8c., ind prime jellow at 70e. a 70)fe. Ityc w>> i-caroe and firm, with sa'es of 1,600 bushels at 81 16, de Iherfd. State and We* ern oats were selliog at 30c. a 12c. Cofftr.? The market was quiet, sale* limited. Rio was uncharged, Sales of 600 bag* of Laguayra ware made at p. r., Hud 60 <*o. Maracaibi at 12^c. C<n(iN.~ The sales eubiaoed about 1,200 balm, with out charge in pr cm. t RFKiHrt.? To liverpool 600 baton of eottnn part e? preeMd. were engaged at 0 o2d. a 6-161.; 4U0 tiercoa beef at ?s. 6d.; 60 tierces pork at 6*., and 30 do. n? 4? , and 7. COO bushels coin, in (hip's bags, at p. t. To I<oadon <00 barrels of bacon were engaged at 82s. 6d., and 400 tierce* beef a? 8s. I?. Hour was offered at 2*. 4??J., and 2s. 6d. asked, and 100 boxes bacon at 32*. To H*rre cot ton was engsged at \e., and flow at 75c. To Califor nia rate* weie at 30 cent* per foot, measurement. BiT.-lie market was steady at 91 18*{ tlouffi*.- ^ale* of 300 a 400 barrels New Orleans were made, part at 44c. a 44 Wo. Natal Ftor** were quiet, and price* unctangert. Pjw>vimo.t? ? Pork was somewhat llrmer, with *ale* ef f< 0 a 360 bbls.* at 916 76 a 916 87X, witu prime at 914 60. Reel we* uncbaoged and the market heavy at t'arurdty's quotation*. Prime mess and beef ham* r trend no change In quotation* w?rth nt.ilce. A let of Kurwitne mts* ao'd at 910. Cut meat* were steady witb sales of abcutl&O packages ftt 7fce. a 7*e. tor rhtuldcre ina hj^c. a U)<c. tor ham*. Been was *ea<*ae at t in demand hi Arm prices: 100 hrxes short middle*. rlNe**. wO;e sold at fl*ic. lard uncharged? 200 bbis. fold at lOo. a 10>fc. Butler and eheeee unchang?d. Itiri? Hale* ot ftt out <60 casks were mace at prices ratgitg from 4e. a !)>(. and i\c groan ? Tl>? markst wa* quiet, with natll sal** of Cn b* and New Orleans to tbe tra^e, at pneej ranging chi?f lj ft 0? ? V*. * Md a cargo of molftdo WM KOldfof refiplrf. in prtwte tatnu, supposed to havs bseo at ahont t Xc. Whwkby ?8m*ll ?i?? of 100 a ISO bb'i. ia lot*, wirs re I orted if Je.sey and prison atW^c. a 30X6. IDFERTISE1EMT8 BENE WED EVERY DAT. HUAKtfMU AJfU UMWMMl. ?/l Q BROADWAY-AM KLKGANT FaOMT PaRLOR vJ"xO and bedroom, (if wanted,) on teeond floor. richly jar nlnjec, may be bad, with full or partial board; a no uo nr three other deelrsble rooms, for hml.iea or single geotlemsu; boute bun all mrdern tmoroTcmeoia. mBUJBOM 8TREET.? TWO UNFURNISHBU Pa It lot* on first floor; a, so. third lujry back parlor, wlUi ps utiles attached, to rtat, with fall er partial Board. Ma moving in Mar. m FRANKLIN BTRKKT, TWO DOOJIH PROM HUl). ton. nn all furnlshea room* tor slogle gentlemen, per manently, at from 16 to ti par month, in advance; one of Uta mo?t desirable loo*tlonsdowa town. Jllng the upper belL mUUDAO* BTHKKT, FRONT1MO MT. JOHN' 4 PARK. Furnished room* to let, with board, to single Kettle mtn, ot gentlemen and their wive*; a'M a bade parlor, well tuiniabtd, and 8ta?le room. Boute newly furnished, alii all the modern Improvement*, Q1 PRINCK BTRKKT, FOUR DOORS WEST OP BROAD Oi way. - A gentlemen and bie wiie, or two single geutio men, cun obtain a handsomely furnished and deeinttile parlor ?ud bedroom, with board Bouse flntl eia??, with oath and Ul BHMRY SlRBRT. ? A 08NTLKMAM AMD BIB WlfX OX alro two stogie gentemen, can be a wommodated with board and pieeiant rooms, furnished or unfurnished. f'Q WKbT KOL'IUEENTH BTttKKT ? TBld HOUSE. 'IQ newlj luruWitert and beautifully located, la now lnr-ail i ??!-<? lo receive permanent and transient boarder*. Suit* of rooms tor lannller, or ro ran lor single gentlemen. may be ie. in ed . Dlr iters at G P . M ., er private table It d eel red. A Q MUHRlY hfREBT.-BOARDlNG POR GENTLE Tw mtn and their wlvea and single gentlemen, with verr pieamnt ri mm wlib modern Improvements; also furnished I ooms to let, without board. Mo moving on the first of May. 1 7 OKHaT J0NK8 8TRBKT? A SUITE OF APART.' X I menu, elegantly furnlsned to let, with or without pat tia hoard. 7BLKECKER STREET, EAST OP BROADWAY.? A (i iff tleman can have a neatly turrlsbed room on toe tint fl' or, with partial board, on moderate terms. n UNIVERSITY PLACE? ONC LARGE ROOM AMD O two small ones, with board. A SUIT OP ROOMS TO LRT, WITHOUT BOARD, TO AIR. gle genU* men, furnished or unfurnished pleasaotlf situa ted on the feonLd doer, with gas. bath, Ac. ihey wi I be divided or leltogether, as suite ti e applicant. Snges andean i of easy access. Apply at WO Amos street, near Biecker. A WIDOW LADY? A SMALL DISTANCE IN TH' country, would take three or four children to boxrd; wrtl have a mother's c?re. rerun moderate. School and eh urjh near. Apply 199 Sixteenth street, netr Eighth avenue. AGilNTLEMaN AND WIFE, OR TWO OR TBRF.E BIN. gle gentlemen, esn be accommodated with itood board and handsouiily turnirhed rooms. In a private family, occupy tog a first class boose iu the neighborhood oi fourteenth s'-reet ai<d Union Cquare. Address W. W., Herald otll ie. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, OR TWO SINGLE gentlemen, can be accommodated with a large and plei ?snt trt nt room, upon the second Hoar, with g?? and baib, in a email family, without children; the house is p.easaotly located; Wi Troy street, near Ablngdm square, convenient to cars and stacc h. A PRIVATE family would dispose of onk or two pleasant room*, with board; the boute contain* go*, bath Ac. Appl> at 1J5 West fwenty-second strje:, betweio .sixth and bevsnlh avenues; relerenee* required. AOBMLkMAN t.F REGULAR HABITS WILL FIND a famished bedroom at No. 1 St Mark's place, corner of 1 bird avenae. stages and oats pass the door. Terms mode rate. A WIDOW LADY, KE8IDINO IM A PLEASANT 1?AHT 0 of Binoklyn, within ten minutes' walk of South ferry, srd one minute's walk of the Greeawood c?r?, iideiirousot obtaining a geotlt man and wife, or two single gentlemen to board, livery attention will be paid to their comfort Apply at Mo, 4 Butler etreet. South Brooklyn. No moving. A PARLOR AND TWO BEDROOMS TO LET, WITH lull board, apply at No. 3 Leroy place. Bleecker stree', near Broadway. AT 1HK BOARDERS' EXCHANGE? YOU WILL BE politely directed to parties having the aocomtoodatlo i jou detbe, thus saving much trouole ana perplexity. Futl Im tlculars, terms, location, dining hours, Ac . checrfully given, 'errors wishing can obtain desirable boarders byculing on G. B hMlTB * CO.. 2 Appieton's Bulldtng. 346 Broadway. AT ISO MAUI80N AVENUE, A bUITR OP ROOMS ARK now to be had In a first clans home; the house is replete with every convenience and handsomely furnished; the w<'. rtreet stages past by the door, and those of the Pcutth and Pi i ii avenues Id close proximity . A HANDSOMELY FURNISH ?D ROOM, AND BEDROOM attached, to let, la a private house, with all the modern Improvements a!so a single room, with grate and gas la It Apply at 96 1- nnce street , a fe w doors west of Br.-sad way APkW YOUNG MhN CAN BE AC JOMMODATBi. with f liber lull or partial board, at 92 SO and S3 per week; also, a man and his wile, at 96 60; aim, two ladles, at X itiv rgtcu street, one block trom the Bowery. ? YOUNG 0KMT1,KMaN AMD BIS WIPE WtHB BO AttO nntl. the firstot April In a reapestable French fa-nilv, where they eou d find a eomtorflMe home, and oouid practice the Irtncli language. Please state terms. Address G. W. l>ng. Herald office. BOARD.-A GBNTLRMAN AND Hid WIFE, AND rWO or three single gentlemen, can be accommodated at H) Gieete street, and within a few minutes' walk from Broad way. Terms moderate. BOARD.-A GKNTLKMAN AND WIFE, OR TWO SIN gle gentlemen, can have a p'easait front room, *1'? beard. In a modern house, located at 116 West sixteenth streei, between fclxth ana beventh avenues. The house eaoMns batba gas, tc BOaRD-A GENTLEMAN AMD WIFE. OR TWO slrglegeiitlemen, can obtain room* iu a private family, with lull or partial board, on reasonable terms, at 6:i West Thirteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Reter encei required. >o moving m May. Board? to bachelors. -a private family, having more loom than they require, would like to nlre a targe, tquare, well turnlsbrd room to two gentlemen, without boaxl. lor lis. each per week; also, a bill bedroom, with pan try attached to one gentleman, lor 92 per week. Reference required. 126 rorsyth street Board at a private bousb.-onb larqic trout room tn let, on the tocond floor, to a gentleman bis wite. or two or three sligle cent'emen. Also, one or two single gentlemen can be accommodated on the third tloor, In a quiet m,d genteel prlvatehouse. Sot. cold and ohower ontba riee. Term* ressonable. Inquire at 64 Walker street, tire doors wtst of Broadway. Board in Brooklyn -plf.asant furnish oit unlumisbed rooms may be o>talncd to a quiet tamll where ibere are but few boarders, convenient to ftsn'b o Wall street ferries, with all the comforts of a home. Ke.ereu ces exchanged. Apply at 31 Sidney place, Brooklyn. Board in Brooklyn.? want*d, about the wth ot April next, by a gentleman and hla wife, a furnished room with tall bonrd for the lady and partial board for lb* gentleman, In a quiet respectable family, where there are few or no other boar cars. Please address, stating terms and loca tion, B. B., herald offloe. Board in brooklyn.-one pourtb story room. for one or two gentleman, pleasant In summer, airy aod in a convenient location. Dinner at half -past six. Apply *ooa at 4? Concord street. Board in Brooklyn.- a singlr gentleman can be accommodated with partial board In a private fa mOy, at 176 Adams street, within ten minutes' walk of Fallon ftrry where there are no children, and no moving In M<tv. Rtftrtnoe required. Boabd in bbooklyn.? pleasant boomm, on ri-rond and third Moors suitable for gentlemen Mid their ffimllles, or tingle gent emen; the bouse is delightfully located, and is healed throughout; gas In every room. I'ersoDg de siring mkIi accommodations will find every b^me comfort, l erms l'beral Apply at 206 Washington street. N. K.? !So m ovwp on In May. BOARI\ IN BBCOKLYN.-A OfcNTLHMAN AND WIK? or a lew alng.e gentlemen, can be aoeommolatel with yood beard ?nc plea?M t rooms, by applying At 68 rttaie street, comer of Garden, tore* minutes' iralk from the South and W all ttrcet Curie*, Boabd IN BBOOKLYN.-A LaDY having a housk pliaaai tlv located would tke to dlspwe of a room or sol ol 'iwms, lui Dished or unfurnished, to a gentleman and wife, or two gentlemen, with board. Dinner at six o'clock. Befar erne* exchanged. Apply at 62 WlUoughby street. Boabd wantbd.-a hmaix pcbnibhed boom, with partial board, for a single lady, in a private family; location near 1 enth street and Third avenue prelerred. Ad drexs M. K , Herald otiloe, for three days. BOABO WANiKD -A Ok.BTLKM AM AND HIS WI 'H want board In the city, down town preferred, in a plea sant and healthy location, they wast either one large room or room and bedroom, on second floor, well furnished, wWi gjod ac^omiuodationa will remain permanently U suited. A me having vacancies about tie first o; April will please rU'e par ?Icu.'k re with regard to price, location, Ac., and addresa M. 0. Hei aid office. Reference given and required. BOABll W ANTED ? FOK A BOY TWO YRaBH AND A half old, in a private family, where he can have a inn ber'a care and no small children. The child is the only irn of a widower, and if the place suit* will be permanent. Addi exe 11. C., Uet.ild office. Boabd w,?ntkd-kob a family ov four pkr ions, whe-e there are low or no boarders. Hoard and location must be good. Address, stating tonne, whi sh mini tte mraerattt, James, Herald office. Boabd wantkd-fob two ladirs; rbparatr rooms will te required, with room tor a servant The location nuiet be good and respectable, rooms well iurnlshed, snd a r*a?m?ble price will be paid. Address 11. E. L , Onion square I'oit office, tor three day*. No reterence given. Board wantbd-botwicrn imityand twkntt. (bird street, Broadway and sixth avenue, by a gentleman and niie. A large front room, or room a-d bedroom on ancond floor, well tnrrlahed. containing bath tni, Ac. Will remain teiir aret.tlv, II suited. Please addresa, stating terms, Ao., Yrora. herald office. uOABD WAI?TKD,? A LADY IN MODKBATB CIBCUM D fiancee, wishes hoard for several mjnths, in a qale'. re ipeotstle family ; terms must be moderate. Addresa R. A. II ., V era'.d office. BOMM) WANTKD? BY A OKNTI.FMAN AND WIFR, IN a private f?roll<\ where therK are no o'her boarders, And In a boime with modern Improvement*, such as gis, baths, Ac. 1. oration to be between Twenty third and Mnth fctreeis, ar.d F on r iti and I igkth avenue*. Tbe beat of city reference glvei ard require I, Address V. F. H , box 1,810 Poat oflloe, atatlng ?ooatiou. trrm", Jke, Boarding at 4." blkkokbb stbeft, in a smau per teel family. Two ro?>m?, on the second floor, to let ? lib in 1 rr partial board to t'onucmen and thrlr wlvea- also ? ni re aitlc room. Batb aid gaa In the bouse. }*o ran mr >i the lit of Kay. BOARDING AMD LODGING. BOAKPINU.-WfcV k K a L PMC AH ANT KOuMS ON Bit oord floor <? let wuh board, to pnuawn and Lbatr wive*, or single senile me?r , M ? ttm*U famil j. Hones lllssaantly le pm), with all the modern improvement* Inquire at Bo. XV Kaa? Broadway. ^ BO*Ri'ING.-FIVB BOO *8 OOMMUNIOATING. BUir ab e tor a flanlH, In a first class bouse, 4V west Twtntr ?econd street, between Filth a-d sixth avenue*. Also, a roo'jo for single gentlemen; ilie location detlrabie a* a rammer resi dence, being airy. healthy and convenient to public squares. Re'eretces requi ea. _ Boarling want d-sy a singlk ots *tleman? In blsbth or rinih street. west side of Broadway. Ad dreaa C. Lecout, cire of nr. U? Hot, 771 *r??4?r, TiOaHDING *OUS?8 BBGIBTKBBD AND HUPPUMB JT> wltn occuiw nta upon Uie must liberal term*. Board Meter* aiiected grant at the Boarding House Registry Offioa, ?MS Hioadwav. room Do. 4; alao. all Made of buslnesa bengal and Mid a*. J partner* procured an oonmlwioa BOaRDtNG aM> l,ol)GlNO.-A FAMILY GIVING UP housekeeping will eel' tor S3 50, the furniture of Are neat. Ijr furnished rooms, (in the first floor, In an elegant houae, near Lexington avenue, with gas. bath, ka. ; rent free to the lat May. Apply to Mr HKalHJ*. 1?H| ''armlne street. BROOKlYN-a MICK LaKGK KOOM, WITH GAS PRE ferrrd. wacfd In a private i'amtlv, where there are out few orno braruers. within flve minute.' wait of <!lty Hall, wltn fnll hoard for a ne'.t'emtn. Addrea*, a la' log fooulon and term*, 0. 0., H?rald oIUc-h. DORlb'S HOIKL 108 ANU 110 BOWERY. NEAR Oram* stresL Kami lea and single Rent eme i ao-omrao dated wtth pleasant rooma and board. I lay boarder* accora modaled. Two large rwins on its-ioud tlo"r to let, with board. Oaa in each room. Haihlng noma In houae. T^URNISHkD ROOMS AMD USE OF KLiCGaNT PaR f} lora to let, in a 11 rat class houae, with private table or use of a kitchen If required. Apoly at S3 Ht. Mark'* place, Eighth ? tree t, near lhl>d avenue. GHNTLEMrjN ANO f II El H W1V?S, ALSO SINGLR gentlemen, may obtali desirable room* with beard, bv applying a: 48 Union square, corner of Seventeenth street and > Fourth avenue. HOBOKBN.? FURN'nHKD BOOMS. IN A VBRY pleasant situation, with uartial board, cm be obtained 4 . In a private family. For partlcu art apply to D< Jaoot, No 2 BarrUrn stee-t, New York. LODGINGS.-A NIDE. COMFORTABLY POBNISHED room to let, without board, to one or two single -geatiemeo. Located in Jersey City, wiiain two minutes' waUc-ot the terry. Apply at M York street, Jersey City. Terma moderate, aad no moving in Mav. NO. Ids TWELFTH STB EST- SECOMD DOOR FROM Second avenue; room* can be secure I, wrh board at preeent, ortreeerve-d, on the second and third floors. Mingle rentirmen or gentleman aid wile can find a pleasant location. Family private pernaoency and persona of hlgJh respecta hlllty. k fnrensea exchanged. Cars and sieges near. ONE OR TWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN OBTAIN good and ulistantlal board in a email private family, ? here all the ejomfort* of a home will be found. The bonae la large, handsome) \ furnished, and con aiua gas, hot aod cold water, vlth all ibe noooern lmprovementa, with a One view of the va. and five tuinutea' walk from the ierry. 170 Grand atreet. Jersev c.1ty. ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN CAN BE AC COMMODATED with llrtt claaa board and furnish id anartmen s, in a pri vate, cbeer'u' laioily up lown, where all the luxuries and com fort* of a home may be enjoyed. For further particulars ad dress Marie, v eniM office neferences exchinged. ON BTATEN ISLAND. WANTED, UNFURNISHED parlor and bedroom for a gentleman and hli wile, with wiibtu'l board ior lady and partial board lor gentleman. Must be pleasantly located. Address Board, Herald olltoe, stating loeatien ar d pri 'e. PARTIkB WISHI-G BOARD WILL PLEASE CALL AT 117 West twenty fifth street, where thev will And the eom torta of a Dome. Konm* furnished or unfurnished. Alao, an office suitable ior a phvaic an Mo moving In May. Pleasant mocms-with board, may be obtain, ed by app'ylng at 234 Henry street, next to the eoraer ?' Amity. Brooklyn. Hefereooea required. PLEASANT FURNKHKO ROOMS, WITH BOARD, MAT be bad at 71 Hammond street between Fonrth and Uleecker, In a private femliy, where there are bnt lew board er?. Room and bedroom wantkd-with board, in a private f?mll< , for a gent.eman, wife and daughter. Ibe bouse most be ?ltu?ted on Brooklyn Heights, within flve minutf a' walk of Fulton or Wan a'rset terries, and possess all the modern Improvements, lxclujlng gas, Ac. Addresa b jx 177 Herald ofllne SEVERAL Large AND SMaLL rooms are to let, either with or without partial board, at N>. IB Wavertar place near Broadway. TWO OR THhEK GKNTLKMEN CAN OBTAIN LA RGB, weil furnished rooms, on first or xeoond floor, with par tial board, if desired, in a private iamtly. Apply at Ho. IB Leroy p ace, B stckfr street, near Broadway. TjJTANTkD --A PLEASANT ROOM, BY A YODNC GBN vT tlaman, in the Immediate viclilty of Broadway, and be tween Bom and Fifteenth striets preferred, with full or par tial board. Addr?s?, for two days, Brevort, Herald office, stating term* and size of room. WANfBTI-BY A LADY AND GENTLBMAN, WITH two children, (ages 2 and 4.) sitting and bed room, fur nished. with or without board; about fifteen minutes from Wall street, Brookivn pre 'erred; rent moderate. Address full psrticnlars, U H.. 44 Msrchan a* Exehange. WANTED BUARl^JOR A QUIET YoUNG LaDY, IN a private lamllyTntbr Fourth atenoe. Addresa, ?"~I terms and location, t. B. K. Poatcflloe. Warted-a furmshko ro<>m, wira board suitable ior a gentleman scd wll'e. where there are few or to other boarder* with gas in the -torn and privilege ot bath. Reference* exchanged Address Waller, box S.12B Post office, stating term.. WANTED? BO* RD WITHOUT LODGING, WITHIN flve mlnntes' walk of Psrk place, bv a youngmsn. Ad dress! staling terms, P., box 1,859, Post office. COPAHTyEHSHIP BOTICBH. CM Cnn WANrkD-AND AN ACTIVE MAN TO EN fO.uUU gsge wltn the adver'issr, who will la vest a like amount in a brat cb ot the lumber business, under circum stances that will insure $A 000 per year. For particolars oall on O. B HOWES ft CO., 84 Nassau street. ?<> rnn AND 91.004 TO INVEST IN 8AFB FATING iPZuOUU buvlneesea, as partners or parebasera. Also wanted, a partner, with $300 la a respectable paying business; ?rd oi e with $A00, in an established manufacturing ooocera. Will take security for part of the ca*h, from a smart nan. K U PURUY it CO.. 28B Broadway. CI 7Dll ~A PARTNER WILL BE TAKEN TO JOIN VJalUU^ tne present prcprislor or one ot the very best billiard, res tour ant, bar and ice cream saloons, ball roooss, to. in the United state*, lbs re can be tire thouaend dollars clear profit per year made. Apply to C. B. HoWBS A CO.,84 Naa. sau street 4il -SOMsTBING NBW, SAFE AND 8URE.? iPl.tlvU. > nv gentleman having ?l,fi00, ran have half in terest In a manufacurlng business in this State, whlih will realize an lmmeute fortune in two years. None need apply without the cash and good references. Apply to Mr. HOPE, Hpiing street, ce'tr Hudson. icl IWWk 10 ? otio.? a partner wanted, in a <PJ..Uv/U genteel snd profitable manufacturing business, vbich will pav a good business man three to flve thousand dol lam per year clear of all expense*. Every satlsfocdon will be given. Apply to C. B. HOWH8 A CO., 84 Nassau street. A P A P.TN KB WANTkD? IN A LIGHT PROTITA ble. cash business, to join another. The business w ill pay each party SI a o to II. MO per year. The bualneuis well established, and mav be Increased to any amoont. Ap ply to O. B BOWKa * CO , 84 faseau street. B>QA|1 -WANTED, A SUITABLE GENTLBMAN TO 5pOUU. accompany the advertiser as financier ot one of the most posular and money making exhibitions in the country. Call on Nepiese, 3tU Broadway, room IS, third door, from 10 to 4 o'clock. CCPaRTNURMHIP NOTICB ? B200. ? ANY OBNTLMMAN, having this amount, who would have an objection to travel, aid detlnng a pleasant and sa'e caih business, can now have an opportunity to rea Ue trom SfiO to $;6 per week clear profit. Apply to URnKAfc A CO.. S4S Broadway. $500 NOTICK-THR OO-PARTNltRflBIP HICBBTOrORK e lifting under the firm of Joseph Lm iOo k ltd day dissolved by mutual convent. Joseph Lm m alone authorized to settle the business of Joseph Lm A Co. JObRPH LEE, ANDREW V BE A, Nkw York, Feb. 1. 1R66. QKORQK HIOUaM. Tbe business will be eun tinned as formerly, under tne name at d Arm ot Joeeph Lee A Oo., at Mo. 169 Broadway, OUaey Buildings. JosEPa LKB, ABDRBW V. BBA. NOTIC.K 18 BBRBBY OITBN? THAT I HAVE THIB dsy tsken into psrtnershlp Mr, John Barlow, and that tbe yeieral commission and wine importing btuilnesa, hitherto carried on under my name, will be continued under the firm or r ackhakusk* * barlow, ALFJtKD PACKB ABU8KR, Nkw York, March 15, 1866. 190WUUami PARTNER WITH M?NRY.-A*1 PARTY BNOAOKD In 10 me .Ight wholesale manufacturing business. can hear of a partner with capital, Address Huikeaa, Broadway Poet otUce, staling nature of aoeopation, Ac. No ageata need appiy. PARTNER WANTKD.-WITH FROM <3110 TO SSOO? TO tbone m pursuit of bnrtness, with a amall capital, the above oilers extra inducement*. The business la already es tablished, It sate, and done with little or no risk. For partteu lart, Ac., taqulreofOKiDLKY A CO, 113 Chamber* ureal r WHOLESALE LIQUOR MICROH ARTS.--A OBNTLB man I* desirous ot entering talo partnership, la the above business, with some renpestatiie party already established. Mo person need answer thli unless of gooa business standing. Address Otard, Broadway Poet offloe, stating tbe amount of racltal, Ac. TO POWDkB MAKERS? THR UNDRKH1QMBD HA now nearly completed a powder mill ot twenty. four pestles, wttu eight saltpetre pestles and all the other neoeeeary marhi nery in tbe mountain parts ot the Slate ot Bomb Oaronna. Pie kena district, within three hundred yards of the great tunnel of the Blue bldge Railroad Wood of superior kind for po ?der coaJs la on me spot In (mat abundance, and the water power never foiling Tbe cllmafe Is most pleasant and salubrious. at>d tbe market for all the powder that can be made rlqht on the spot, lor several years In imrae The object of ibis advertisement la to with prompt attention by addreatlng Jobs A, Wegener. Charleston, Hon h Carolina. ? T Al B, THB UNPRRRTONBD, OF THB FIRM OF DOW v? naily A Orooby. Ill and 112 Washington Market, have tnls day dlasolved par'oerahla, bv mutual consent; Mid alt Cebta due and against the said firm, will be paid by Osorjrn Orooby. JAMRR IHlff.N (ILLY, . ?. ar ? QBORwB UHOOBY. *<?? 112 1U Wasiiwoto* Maurit, Mr.w Tork, March 15, Iron. WA?",I>rA WITH SI 000, IN A P ACKTRQ box ractorjr wttli unusual advantages tor business. A. line addressed Box factory, Broadway Poat ofllce. will re* reive immediate attention aNikd- a paktnkb. in the fruit bumnrhb. vv who la acqualnied with lae trade and csn command some country influence, wtLh one already established a small capi tal only la required. Address Fmit, Herald ofllce. WANTICI>-A PA Ut^KR, IN A FIRST GLASS BaT/SO srd drinking e?i%iill?hni?tt, in Brnadwav doing a good buelnew; the owrer having other bua'nesa to attend to during the dsy, It requires him to have a partner. Aonly to J L. Harlev, 20 rhsmber* street, second floor, from 10 to 4 o'clock I30B BAI.F. CHKAP-A HANDSOME HUtT OF MAII') ?T gat j and mohair psrlor furniture; also, bedroom and kitchen fitmimre. Pas beei In use but one year. Inquire al .04 front lire*'-, or 110 fcast Twelfth,