Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 20, 1856, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 20, 1856 Page 5
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ylaee of wwiklp. We noticed among the ccnptny pre seat, Mayor Wood of Nov York, and other dianagnisbed gentlemen of both cl-iee. The aerviee oommeacjd with ?a imposing oeremony. a canopy havlr been beid ay by tour persons, the rolla cf the Uw? ei In number, coo ntag the five books of Motes ? war. ?ughtlu,ear ?led by wm?l gentlemen, and af-?rh?.iog made the ebeuit of tike reading desk wren timet, each lime f*n? Ing unfer the canopy, the choir meantime chanting f sahsis of David, they were planed in tne ark. Dm eoerees were deliverer by te R-v. Dr. Raphall aal Rev. S. ji- Isaacs, paater of the Wooaier street congregation, fcaptesairg on the cocgregation tne necessity ot piae<ts of wefabip. and lettnltg thMr aatiea woen attending tnem. A ooL'eetion was tnen taken up ia behalf of the fends ot the congregation, and several donations were given; eattoag the reat Mayor Wood subscribing twenty dollars, ?hie la tbe first pUoe of worstrip o tne Je#iah persua sion which has ever been oimned in B-ooklyn, and ttiongh ths children of Israel do not numoer vary many In that ?Hjr, thsy have aueoeeded ia fitting ap a ben.u-.ifal ami compact place of worship, we hear, at an expense of a tfconaaad dollars. The congregation is named B*th Banal? (Bouse of laiael). Meser*. M. Ehrliok, Bow, Jonas. Bamtar, M. Print e and Mendes are tOeofflsem. We wish them every hucresa in their religious endeavjrg te found a piase ot worship for their brethren In Brook - ??? Ita BBooklyn Si'Mxai Obdwam-k.? Two addition* oases ef violation of the Sanday ordinance were brought kef mo the City Court yesterda j. The (irat was that of John Langs taff, a hotel keeper, who admitted five infrao bona, and waa thereupon fined $260. Thomas W. ltyan, lor a like offence, being arraiga*d, admitted two infra a hona of the Sunday Uw, and waa flnea $100 or $60 for oaoh. Tbe remaining trials tit similar offences were put ?ff until Thursday, 27th inet. Supplies for tiu: ALMtuiocsx.- A report cn the accounts ef the expenditures made by the Superintendent* of the Poor, dm log tbe month of February last, Rhoving the ^nantities and qualities of the suppliew furnished to tae eonnty institutions at Fla'bush, and censuring the ?tanner in wnioh these matters were conduc ed by iheSa yerintendents, was presented to the Kinga County Board of Supeivis js at a meeting held last evening. There port states that th? proportion of first quality meats, (which, in the language of the committee, "are more suitable for a first class hotel than for a pauper estab Ishmeat,") te those of the second quality, are in pounds three to one, anu in cost eight to one. Tbe committee seoemmend the Superintendents to supply plain and ru fa sh nlial food, and do away with the weekly entertainment le visiters. In the course of the dissuasion Supervisor Smith said if matters were conducted on a right bl ab, It would save the county from $60,000 to $100,000 annually. Tbe report elicited a warm debate, and it was Anally ordered to be printed. Coroner's Inqneat. A<cid*nt. ? An Inquest was held yesterday at the New Terk Hospital upon the body of a colored woman, named Sarah Smith, who died from the effects of severe barns re ceived by filing upon a stove. Verdict. " Accidental death." Deceased was a native of New York, and was thirty-seven years of age. Iha Bad we Can Recommend to Every Ktleman who wishes to select the newest and the neatest ot various itvles before tbe public, and would just as lief pay $3 SO tor a superfine article, aa $4 tor one In Brond vav, of se send quality. Tbe bats to which we allude may be feuud at BBPKNBCBMD'B, 118 Nasaan street. White, the Hatter, has Removed from Ike earner to 148 Pulton street, between Broadway and Nassau street. Bis spring style of hat ec!lo?es all his former a-ttemp ta, at the low price of $4; also a splendid article at $3. WHITE, Batter. Taylor's Saloons, Broadway.? The Fropri (ar announces to the public that his saloons now present a more gorgeous coup d'o?U than when tirst opened, having been new iy decorated during the past winter with many additions, beau tally effected, lbe guest will obtain at this establlsment all tke anbatantials of life at reasonable charges. and every dedca ey of the aeaaon. The confectionery department Is superior to any on this continent", manufactured ot relined sugars, from the New York Bugar Refinery Company, of this city, among wateh are tbe following:? Cream candv? Vanilla, strawberry, banana, lemon, peppermint, orange. In every variety of lorm. Cough canay ? Hoarhound, flixsoed. Iceland moss, plain aud bunt almonds, variety of flavors; French a'moii'l candy, mo lasses and tally candy, lozenge- In all possible varieties, sugar almonds, drops of or unci y port wine. pineapple, marahmallow, rose, orange, vanilla, chocolate cream drops, plain; caromal, licorice, different flavors; crystalized cream drops, jujube paste, Ac., Ac , for sale on reasonable terms. J (JEN TAYI.oK corner Broadway and Franklin at. Tbe Ore at Philadelphia Calamity will be ?operbly Utuatrated by several large engravlnga In the New York Ledger of thla week, to be issued on Saturday next. The drawings are from the pencil of Thwaries, the great artist. 8p>lng Clothing? Alfred fflnnroe it Co., 441 Broadway, have now In | store, (and are constantly re ?Ivlng.) a splendid assortment of spring and summer clothing Car boys; also, spring overcoats, business coats, vests ana pacts for men. Elegant Carpeting.? Smith & Loumbery, No. 4fi6 Broadway, are now prepared to exhibit their new spring styles of rich velvet, 'tapestry, Brussels, three-ply and tegraTi i carpeting. Among the ansortment will be found a large number ef new designs and styles never before offered; also a large stock of oilcloths, of every width, and all other i connected with tbe trade. Paper Hangings.? Removal.? Kraucla Parea A 40o , have removed from No. 59 Chambers street to 316 Broadway, crrner of Worth street, where may be found the largest and beat assortment of paper hangings ,of every style and quality. Arthur P. Talt, Artist, having Returned te New York, from a sketchmg tour In the woods, begs to aa aoaooe that he ban taken)* studio at 600 Broadway, where he will oe happy to see his fiiends, and receive.cooimiselons from appreciating patrons. Wedding suid Visiting Cards, Envelopes, the latest styes, silver door plates, business seals, with presses. book ui sjr. notary and society seals, letter stamps; also, coats of arms, rypbers, Inscriptions, Ac., engraved on silver ware. Mr. KVMKURLL'M Is the oldesi store tor general engraving In Brcadway. 902, corner Duane street. Wblte French China and Glass Selling; Off at ooit; also. Canton china plates, covered dishes, turennn, Ac. ; sold band French tea sets, tor $7 CO Cash purchase? may depend on getting bargains. The lease of the store and fixtures for sale, at 813 Broadway, above Eleventh street. J. K. KERR. To Housekeeper*.? Our Assortment of ehina glaas and silver plated ware Is now very complete, and atocb larger than can be found In any other establishment In tbe city oi gas fixtures; and we have aiao a most extensive va riety of Krench. hngiub and American manufacture, all to be sold at a handiome commission, less than thev can be bought ebewbere. W. J. F. DaIlky A CO., marble store! 631 and 633 Broadway, between Bouaton and Bleecker streets. Gas Fixtures, Gas Fixtures, Gas Fixture*. ? We have tbe largest a' aortmert of chandeliers ever oilered in New York, embracing over five hundred different pattern*. Prices eitreaielv 1 )w. Also, an Immense stock of plain white ?ad richly decorated French china. W. J. F. BAILEY A CO.. Barbie stores, 631 and 633 Broadway, Between Houston and Bleecker sts. Singer's Sewing Machines? AJU Persons Wto wish for Inibrmatlon in regard to sewing machinea, can sMaln it by applying at our office for oopies of "I. M. Singer h Co. 'a Qaaette/' a paper devoted entirely to tbe sewing ma ike Interest. Ooplea supplied gratia 1. M. BINuBB Jk PP., 323 Broadway. Whiskers or Moustaches Forced to Grow hi sta weeks by my ooguent, which will not atatn or injure the Ala. $1 a bottle; aent to any part of tbe country. K. O. ?BAELAM, 686 Broadway; Hays. 176 Fulton street, Brooklyn; ?other, 44 Boat* Third stpeeU PMIadelohla. Batebelor's Hair Dye? Wigs and Toupees.? (hi best in the world. This unrivalled and original dye Is ap ?Had In twelve private rooms. Batebelor's wigs a toupees nave improvements over all others, being chef d'oeuvres of Staganoe and durability peculiar to this establishment BATCHBI.OR'B, Zg broad way. Crtstodoro's Hair Dye, Wigs and Toupees Snette admiration among all oonnoisaeurs In art A auite of Siegant private apartments for applying bla incomparable dye, As only reliable article of tbe kiwi. Wholesale and retail, at CBIBTADOBO'B. Bo. 6 Aator Bouse. Bill's Hair Dye, Pour Shillings a Box, Black or brown.? Bold at Hegeman, Clark A Co.'s, 273 Broad ws v, 16 Nassau street, and at tbe depot, No. 1 Barclay street, N. Y.; 169 Atlantic street, and at 176 and 217 Pulton street, Brooklyn, and the drug and fancy goods stores generally In tho United State*. Baron Spolaaco, M. O., St. Alcholaa Hotel i? Bear Blr? For twenty years I labored under a virulent ulcera ted leg: all the doctors and means were In rain; you, with great alacrity, perfectly cured me without palu. You are a ?leasing to the country. Johh Coock, (80 yean old,) Oyster Bay, Long Island. To Liquor Dealiri, Wltoleiale Grooera, ?eetrotyplsts and Photograpiiars, Ac.? Sample* of liquors prepared tram the beat Imported cognac ell, Jamaica and St. Croix rum, polland fin, Monongahela and Scotch whiskey, peach, apple, cherry and rhaspberry brandiea, and an neoet aery materials; oils peppermint, lemon, orange. sassafras. at aaonds and wtatergreen; materials for all aru? daxuerreotype, ambrotjpe and photographs; chemicals, such as bromine, zo dine, salts gold, filtering paper. Ac.; metals, as platlna In plate, ?heel and wire; bismuth, cad mi am, asbestos, Vienna lima, aarmlne, ultramarine, china clar, and the most effectual Per sian Insect powder tor aats and cockroaches, wholesale and re teU, by 1 >?. L. FRCCHTWANGRR, 9 ? Maiden lane. The Hew Gridiron, ftoblriaon's Patent, Ac ?empllshes throe deddoraia:? 1. It saves all the gravy, none Chopping into tbe Are. I. It cooks the steak through without burning the outside. 3. It prevent* any smoke In the kitchen ar-bouse. Five sizes, from 12 to t3. Sold at 79 Duane street, 100 foot east of Broadway. To Wholesale >?d Country Oragglitir Barnes A Park. 904 Broadway, eorner ot Duane strest. Invite the attention sf eloss buyers to their immense stock of patent ?sedlcines, by Car the largest assortment in either hemisphere, and upon terms that cannot tall to ootuu md the attention ot large dealers throughout the world. All articles at and below ?annffceturars' prices, either by tbe stntfV naskage, dozen or 300 gross. BaRNKSAPARK, New York, Cincinnati ?n t Has Francisco. A Oood tome? Stencilling, or I'ostlng the aama of articles upon rocks, fences, building*, 1 .to.yias oecome ? popular method of advertising, particularly with medicine ?X". The proprtotors of Park's balsam have extensively posted throughout the country "Use Dr. PARK'.! balsam of .r .17 ' r?r ""ughs, colds, consumption, Ao. An enthusiastic Miller tte or Meoond A (vent diiclule, thinking this an elhetlve wav of attracting attention to his doctrines, like wise adopted|(t: but uulortunately, in .Terser Olty, put imme diately under the above recommendation, " Prepare to meet Slod. We understand the balsam men acknowledge the but serioasly contemplate action IWr libel against poor tor It Is everywhere admitted that this articlelua acoom pushed wonderful cures In such complaints, and is actually the moot powerful medicine ever known. p> OiygrnstMl Bitters? Tills Pwnllw Hedl etoe aslenisbes every su/Terer from dyspepsls, and those who have tried a thousand remedies in vain, will aever regret a trial of it. A few donee will give proof of Its curatlva potver. Probably Nlnr-Trnthi of All the Cod Liver oil sold has Rushton's name on It. and hut few will use It unless 11 has. Wholesale and retail, of KKKDBjBIOK V. HUHHTON only, at No. It) Astor House, corner of Barclay street, and No! 41 j Broadway, corner of Canal street. Who will HnflVr when Dr. Tobias' Cel?. hrated Venetian liniment will Immediately euro colic, dysen tery, vomiting, rbeuma'ltm, swellings, cuts, burns, *o. Depot tip CorlanUl gtreei ; sold b / au 4rugc?i? ud li^ftkctpsra rriiMTt of Um Skin? Or. New Im'i Oflce tor tbe Mkl treatment 01 U>? mnct tcvctcrate farm of these afleettons, and aieo scrofula, ia now *(133 Keurtk i venae, MV IhlrMwt ti?* mtf Mm Mesial Awarded to KAM8H A OO.. tf IM Urtaalrial txhlbMea ef all MUou, for totrinw itHillMlwwIrm AMlkiMroflto aim rieaa inftttnte awarded Ike DM premlnaa te thi? trees in 1895. Reference* as to Ha saperiertty- Professors Valentine Mult. WUlat4 Parker and John M. Carnoehan. an extensive tin of aaa>eeorme~r?nii'eaa4o?fcergenUeiaea cured by this uruse ?n) he seen at Marsh A Oo.'s, no MaMai lane, Mew York, tndltanb, ?rl cc A Oo . Mo. 6 Wet fourth street. Ohtdnaati, Ohio. Open Lrum 7 A. * . until S P. M. hollbway'i Pills and Ointment? PnjJoilM vanquished ? ibe dtrpenaariae and hospitals or Europe are tow regularly supplied wl>b these remedies, fhc< are admit ted to be IndupeDMble in dtsea sesef the exterior integument* and secretive organs Bold at the manufactories, &> Maiden lave, > ew York, and 244 Htrcnd, London; ana by all druggists, at 25 cents, 02) % cents and $l per box or pot. Dtseasei ?r th? Lniign notice. Dr. Robert Banter kegs to inform bia patients la Philadel phia that he has opened an establishment In that city, under ibe professional charge of iir. P. Mono*, for the special treat ment of diseases ot the throat and lungs. Dr. Morxon is a member of the Ro?al Mtgn of Surgeons, London and baa M^joped, both In that city and New xork, long and great experience in the treatment of pulmonary a f fcwSons. Lir Hunter would also ? ???, for the information of hia pa dents residing ki Baltimore and Waabiaeton, that l?r. John Miissard WlUlama will hereafter be associated with the Bain more office. These arrangements have been rendered necessary by the powth of the practice in Philadelphia and Baltimore, and by me retirement ef Dr. James Hooter in consequence of in health. Patieata in these cities will in future eo joy not only all the advantage of Dr. Banter's advice, but the additional benefit ot the pwwwl care and supervision of skilful and ac tompllBhed resident phjstcbiaa k> the Hpeslaliat and Journal of Diseases of the IGbett for February, an extended explanation of l>r. Hunter's views and treatment will be found, with much additional information, which should be read ij every one preduspeeed to or Battering trom any affection of the throat or lunga. 1 he MpeciaMst ean be p roc n red of the publishers. Messrs, ahoroen A Oo., Astoe Bouse. Persons residing at a distance, who are prevented by the state of their health, the weather, or other considera tions, from virions the city lor advice, ean be prererlbed for ay letter. In such caseslt is neaeesary that the patient shnuld sarcfuliy describe the present symptom* and the past hiatoT of hie disease. To render such description more exact, a list ?t questions has been prepared, which will be sent, with a specimen or py of the Specialist, an application to st'bcr of Ike tellowtDg sooreeew: ? Mew Tork-- Dr. ROBBRT HUNTKR. 818 Broadway. Philad clphla? Dr. T. MORSON. 902 Walnut street. Baltimore- Dr. J. B. WILLI A MB, 82 Berth Charles street. Note ?Dr. HTTMTRR may be consulted personally as here sofore from 9 A. M. to 5 P. M.. daUy. Onguent Dlvtn? Tula Ointment le the Boat remedy tor the speedy and radical euro ol' all kin<U of ulcers, fe.'oos. burns, boils, or an* festered or broken sore, as also of Chilblains, alter the breaking out For sate at the iiharmacy of LOUIS LEROY, Broadway ; corner of Ninth street. The Genuine Cod Liver Oil of liegeman, Clark A Co., (late Rushton, Clark A Co .) has stood the test of eight years' experience, and is acknowledged the best and pur est artlc'e made. 8ee that the eagle and mortar are on the label, and our signature over the cork, without which It is not genuine. H EG KM an, CLARK A CO., Nos. 1IS6, 273, Oil, and 766 Broadway. Wholesale depot, 165 Broadway. Married, On Saturday, June 2, 1855, by the Rev. Chan. B. Sing, H . Oscar Yorsa to Lizzie, only daughter ol J icon Steinert, Esq., all of this city. On Tuesday, March 18, by the Rev. T. J. Sawyer, Mr. ClMRLEU E. Sl'KNCBH, to Miss Kate E. Statner, all of this city. On Monday, March 17. at St. Paul's ohurch, Chester, by the Rev. Darnel Kendig, Prof. Hue C earlier of Paris, to Jka>neitk Van Dyck, daughter of David B. Stacey, Eeq. On Tuesday, March 18, of consumption, John A. Va derbilt, son of the late Aaron Vanderbut, in the 37th year of bia age. The relatives and friends of the family are respestfully invited to attend the luneral, from his We residence, 362 Tenth street, this afternoon, at one o'clock. On Tuesday, March 18, Frederick Shwbuler, in the 40tto year of his age. The relatives and friends of the family, aud those of his broiher-ln-law, George Widmayer, are re-ipejtlully invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at one o'clock, from his late residence, 54 avenue C, without further Invitation. Bis remains will be taken to Green wood. On Wednesday morning, March 19, at two o'clock, of consumption, Mart Ann Blackman, only daughter of Thomas Blackman, aged 18 years and 11 months. Tie friends and relatives of ihe family are respectfully Invited to at'end her funeral, from the restdence of her lather, 129 Thirtieth street, to-morrow atternoon, at one o'clock. Her remains will be taken to Trinity Ceme tery for interment. On Wednesday, March 19, of a short but severe i lines i, Eveline, daughter of John and Sarah Gregory, agod 5 jeaia and 6 months. Tee friends of tbe family are respectfully invited to at tend the (uneial, without further notice, this afternoon, at two o'clock, trom the residence of her lather, 230 Eighth a venae, corner Twenty-second street. A bud too sweet to bloom on earth. On Wednesday, March 19, M-?by, wife olilenry Jensen. The friends of the family, also those of her brothers in law, John Flynn and Sam. Raywood, also the members ot Sileatia Lodge A. O. of F. A. tf are respestiuliy in vited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at one o'clock, from 55 Cannon street. On Wednesday, March 19, Eliza Barker, aged 23 years and S days. Her friend s and those of her uncle, Mr. Patrick Htnch, and of her brother-ln law, Mr. Edward Linnen, are re spectfully Invit d to attend her funeral, to-morrrow af ternoon, at 1}? o'clock precisely, from the residence of Mr. linnen, 347 Eighth avenne, between Twenty-seventh and Twenty -eighth stroets. Her remains will betaken to Calverjr Cemetery for interment. On Tuesday March 18. George J. Dame, aged 43 years. The relatives and friends of the family are respect folly invited to attend his funeral, from his late resi dence; Madison avenue, between Tnirty -eighth and Thir ty- ninth streets, to-morrow afternoon, at one o clock, without further invitation. On Wednesday, March 19, of consumption, John Kk\ nell, aged 40 years 6 months and 12 days. The friends and acquaintances are respectfully Invited to attend his funeral, to-morrow morning, at hair-past nine o'clock, from his late residence, 217 Greenwich at. His remains will be taken to Newark, N. J., for inter - menu On Wednesday morning, March 19, Mart Elizabeth Hayt, aged 19 jears, daughter of James It. Hayt. | The relatives and friends ef the family are invited to attend the funeral services, at 37 East r wont y -ninth at., this afternocn, at five o'clock. Her remains wid be tak-n to Patterson, Putxam county, N. Y., for inter ment. On Wednesday morning, March 19, at her daughter's residence (Mrs. Fanquler), 517 Sixth avenue, Mrs. Hlx nah Malcolm, aged 70 years. Hartford Weekly Times please copy. On Tuesday morning, March 18, Dr. Thomas Boyd, in the 84th year of his age. The relatives and friends ot the family, and also the members of tbe Academy of Medicine ana the fkcalty in general, are invited to attend the funeral of the deceased, without further notice, this afternoon, at four o'ciock precisely, from the Reformed Dutch church, corner of Lafayette place and Fourth street. At his residence, No. 22 Grand street, Mr. Dennis Dor ran, in the 85th year of nis age. Bis remains will be taken to Yonkers for interment. In Brooklyn, on Wednesday, March 19, Sarah L., Wife of Charles H. Stodd&id, and daughter of John Green wood, aged 20 years. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, trom the residence of her tether, *23 Clinton street, Brooklyn, to-morrow after noon, at three o'clock, without further invitation. In Jersey City, on Wednesday, Mar^h 19, Mrs. Marga ret Ann, wife of J. McNiece, aged 30 years. The friends of the ft ally are respectfully invited to at tend ber funeral, this afternoon, at four o'clock, from her late residence, 314 South Fifth street, Jersey City. On Monday, March 17. Mrs. Susan, widow of Daniel Furdy, aged 78 year- 7 months and 12 days. The friends and relatives are invited to attend her fu neral, from the reoidence of her son-in-law, Mr. Modes Odell, Yonkers, this morning, at ten o'clock. Her re mains will be taken to White Plains for interment. Car riiges will be in waiting at the Bionxville depot, Harlem Railroad, for the eight o'clock train. At Hackensack, N. J., on Wednesday, March 19, of coasomptien, Mr. A. W. Campbell, in the 60th year of his age. Tbe relative* and friends of the family are Invited to attend bis funeral, to-morrow morning, at 11 o'clock, trom bis late resid?nce. Haokensack stages leave Iiobo ken at 9 A. M. On Wednesday morning, March 19, Eutaukth, widow of the late Joseph Banks, in the 87th year of ber age. Th? relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, from her late residence, in Fort Chester, to- morrow afternoon, at two o'olock. In Brooklyn, at the residence of Mrs. Margaret McDo nougb, on Tuesday, March 18, Maire Whitkhidk, M. D., lute of Galway, Saratoira county, in the 24th year of his age, much lamented by his medical friends and all who knew his virtues. Albany and Ballston papers please oopy. At Datien, Conn., on i'uesitay, March 18. after a linger ing illness, Thomas S. Carr, brother of Win. J. Carr, of this city, in the 43d year of his age. Columbus, Ga? papers please oopy. At Philadelphia, on Sunday, March 16, Mrs. Annb Seixas, relict of the late Rev. (iersbom M. Seixas, of this city, in the Wist year nf her age. In Brooklyn, on Wednesday morning, March 19, of consumption. Mart Ahgccta, eldest daughter of Isaac and Frances Mills, aged 22 years and 2 months. The relatives and trienos of the family are respectfully Invited to attend her funeral, from the residence of her heart -stricken parents, 36 Carroll street, South Brooklyn, at half-past nine o'clock, to-morrow morning, from thenoe to the Dutch Retai ned churoh, earner ol Harri son and Court streets. Her remains will be taken to Spring&ald. I.. I., for interment. Waken, O lord, our drowsy senss, To walk this dangerous road; And if our souls ate hurried hence, May they be found with God. Bridgppert, New London, Conn., and Jatnaisa, L, I., papers please copy. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY BAT. PONT OFFICB if OTIC K 8. OFFICE BOYD'S CITY KXPRSSS POST, MARITH JO 18J6.? This offlro will be cloned this day, after the 12 | o'clock delivery, In consequence of the decease or the proprie tor's lather, Thomas Boyd, M. D. JOHN HOWLKTT, Chief Clwfc. T>O.ST OFFICE NOTICE.? Tim MAILS FOB OAX.IFOR A fornla, Ac., per United HUUm steamer ORORGK LAW, wt'l close at this office on Thursday, Uin 20tli day or March, at 1 o'clock, P. M. ISAAC V. FOWIjHB, PntmW. THBATRICAL. AN IMHK.N8 K BILL TO MK1HT, AT BURTON'S.? Til It new Amet lean comply, tlie ?crft?mlo/f fart** oi THAT BLftfi*ftI> BaHY, And FORIUNIC, with all 111 beau Ifiil H?*cry, drfpee* uud m uflc. 8PRK6 mULDTKHT, Stc. A SUPERB STOCK OF BTB1NG BONNETS. ?MADAME B. Barri* A eon respec'fnlly ?oilclt (be attenUon of (hair Bumerou* patrons and stranger* to call and mount ttaetr rich aseortmer ( of imported French bocne*. Will opea om Taursday, 20ih?tf March. Madame R. HAREM A WOW, W? Broadway. ATTRACTIVE ABSOBTMttNT Or PaRIS MILLINERY. - A. MOOftE. KM At, antic street, South Brooklyn, Mar Court atreet, ?i:l open lor the inspection ol Uapairoo* ait (ha laiescf Br ?klyu and ?ew York in i?nml, Freoeft booaeta, French aower.i. French ribbon*, ka., Ac., on fhoreday, March ao. A LAB OK ASSORTMENT OF BPBIXO HATS AKD A eap?. received by (he French steamer Barcelona, wfll 'toe opened on Thursday, the 30th but, at J. GILBERT'S, S91>i Broad way. ABERIGaN AND PAKIS FIRST pbbmium milli aery, opening on Thursday, the aoib of March. Also, a larM variety o' straw good*, and every style of straw bonnets, ebi dren's bale and Hate. Miluer* and the public will please oaliat L. B1NNM, 401 Hudson street and 1S6 sixth avenue. BOX MET FRAMES.? TUB UNION BON (CRT FRAME Manufacturing Company will open their new ciyioa or bonnet tram*** on Thursday , Mm- ch '.0. at L their salesroom, 336 Broadway, Mofl'at Building. Twenty gtrl* wanted Immedi ately. FRENCH PAITERN, AND HTEAW BON*ETS, CAHI, rt h flowers, leather*. Ac , now receiving i rom steamer* uut arrived, to which ? pedal attention Is intlt-rt by ?KO. N. GUT TER, SiO Broadway; removed front It) John street. Grand or Paris mourning millinery and mantillas. M. HYk-kH, New York mourning etore, 477 Broadwuy, Oegsto acquaint the ladies that he wUl open bla large assortment of Paris hate and m&ntil aa on Thursday, Mar ib 3CU. MISS ALICE MOR'MN RESPaCFUL'.Y INFORMS the ladies that she will open spring millinery on Thurs day . March 2?', at her new rooms, Ho. 604 Broadway, opposite the St. Nicholas Hotel. M M M MISS E. G k E. H. tHOMAS, 783 BROADWAY. NEXT to the corner of Tenih street, will open a handsome as sortment oi spring mlllinerygon Thursday, Starch 30. Ml SHE'S H. AND M BABCOOK, 199* J BROADWAY, will open children's millinery, in addition to their usual spring exhibition oi Paris ard t-ondon patterns for dresses, clock*, mantillas and children's o othes, on f bursdav, 20ih lost. N B.? A special opening of children's clothing will be duly announced. MBS. F. GaVKLLE. 742 BROADWAY, WILL OPEN, on Iborsday.the 20th of March, an elegant assortment a i ?pring millinery, received by the last steamer, and chosen in the first Paris bouse*. MRS. W. BALLINGS, 67 CANAL STBKET, AND AT her new store. No. 3rA Broadway, will open her Parisian spring millinery, cc Thursday, the 20th in ft TLTBU. DAVIDSON, 131 CANAL 8TBEKT, CORNKB OF 111 Laight, will open Pari* spring millinery, on Thursday, Maroh 20. MRS. SIMMONS, 664 BBOADWAY. HAS JUST BE turned from kurope. with a large increase of Paris boa nets, dowers, ribbon*, Ao-, and will open tliem on Thursday next, March 90, and respectfully solicit* a call. Mrs. Wtt. SIMMONS, 664 Broadway. MS. BATES. NO. 217 THIBD AVE N UK, WILL OPEM French millinery, on Thursday, 20th of March. MBS. HART. SOI BBOADWAY, WILL OPEN PARTS spring millinery, on Thursday, the 20th Inst; also latest styles oi dress and mantilla patterns. MRS. SARAH G. WOOD, 31S BROADWAY, will open her spring millinery Thursday, March 20, which she Invites her customer* and the ladies generally to exit mine. Mrs. h. s johrp, 375 broadway, will open her spring Importation of Pari* millinery ou Thursday, March 20. ?\jTBS. J. P. BINGGOLD, 286 SIXTH A V UNTIE, OOR i-VJ. ser of Eighteenth street, will open her Parisian spring mlillnery on Thursday, the 20th Inst. ?VfRS. E. SMYTH E, 673 BROADWAY, WILL OPEN 1YJL spring mil lnery, on 1 hurtday, March 20. ME. DBYOS, 481 BROADWAY. WILL OPEN FBflNCB mMlnery, on Thursday, 20th of March. Madame malhebbe begs to call thk aiten tlon of the ladies to her or enlng of Paris millinery, on Thursday, March 20, at 522 Broadway, opposite tne 8t Nicho las Hotel. ADAME LAURENT, 661 BBOADWAY, WILL OPEN Pari* millinery, on Thursday, March 70. MBLLE. BABNRTT WILL OPEN HER NEW SHOW room. 701 Broadway, Thursday, March 20, with a large and varied selection of Pari* mi .Unary. MILLINERY OPENING.? MBS. CARTER WILL OPEN, on Thursday, March 20, her soring iuroortatinns uf Paris miliisery. Also, a large assortineut of her own manuiaoture. Country milliner* solicited to Inspect. Mrs. CAB'! KB, Milliner, 593 Broadway. Millinery bazaab, 63 canal street.? mrs. CR1PPS will exhibit on Thursday, 20th instant, a choice selection of spring millinery, solely her own designs, which on inspection will be ound worthy the alter tion of ladies pos sesses a refined taile; also a tew case* Frencu bonnet* on exhibition. Millineby.-r. walmblry, 102 canal street, will open a splendid assortment of silk and straw milli nery on Thursday. March 20. Ihe ladles are respectfully in vited to call and examine. Millinery. -mrs. ballings having opened the large and handsome store, 385 Broadway, with rich trimmed straw bonnet*; alio a good selection of straw goods, with fine French flowers Ac., will make a further opening of spring millinery on Thursday next MILLINEBY GOODS? MABTIN A LAWSON, Importer* and Jobbers, Have opened in their new store, 361 Broadway, comer of Franklin street, The largest and most attractive assortment to be tound In the city, to wh'ch they invite the attention ot milliners and dealers. FRENCH ST11AW AMD PATTERN BONN RT8, ARTIFICIAL FLOWEfttS, RIBBONS, SILKS, ETC. MOUBMNG MILLINEBY AND MANTILLAS.? GBAND opposition of Paris Fashions at WEED'S mourning store, 4iW Broadway. Thia establlehuent will exhlolt their unrivalled styles of mourolng bonnets und mantillas ou Thurs day, March 20. Wholesale buyers supplied with pattern hat* at low prices. MOURNING MILLINEBY AND MANTILLAS. Gkand Exposition ok Paris Fashions. At WEED'S mourning store, 499 Broadway. This establish ment will exhibit their unrivalled style* of mourning bonnet* and mantillas on lhursday, March 20. Wholeiala buyers sup piled with pattern hat* at low prices. NBINNS, 461 HttDflON STREET. BETWEEN MORTON ? and Barrow, ha* just returned from Uoney Island wiLh Paris and American bonnets. Will ODen them on 20th Inst Merchants and milliners will n I ease to call at the cheapest manulactory. H. B1NNS, 451 Hudson st? and 383 Hudson at. PABIS MILLINERY.? MAD AME FERRERO, NO. |f Great Jones street, will open spring mlillnery onThuia day.the 20th March. * PARIS MILLINERY.-WM. BROWK WILL OPEN A beautiful assortment of spring millinery on Thursday, March 20. I860, at 443 Broadway. PARIS MILLINERY. WM. JACKSON, ?51 BROADWAY, WILL OPEN, ON ihursdav. the 20th lnst.. a large slock ot mourning bonnets, Imported expressly ior this house. WM. JaCKSON, Sucaessorto C. F. Bartholomew, 551 Broadway, between Spnng and Prince streets PARI8 MILLINERY.? A. M. FUBLONO, 463 BROAD way. will open spring millinery on lhursday, March 20 R PARIS MILLINERY.? MADAME M. C. DONG AL, 7*8 Broadway, will open her new styles of Paris millinery, ou lhursday, March 20. PARIS MILLINERY.-MRS. J H. OOSSON WILL OPEN thla day spring mllltneiy at 373 Brcadway. IOH FLOWERS A^D FEATHERS. M . C A F P E , Importer of Fr*ncti ARTinctAL Flowxks, Bkidai. and Soihgf. Wreaths. ORN^isxn, Ostrich and Marabout Fgathkus, Paris Pattbhn Bonnets. 408 Broadway. SPBINGIMILLINERY? AT 154 BOWERY, THIBD DOOR above Broome street Opening day, Thursday, 20th .lnst. Mr*. TIBBALS. formerly of ((roadway, solicit* a call. SPRING ANl> SUMMER MILLINERY AT WHOLESALE. Mrs. M. FEELY. Mo. 7,'g Division street, begs to invite the attcntl ;n ot merchants and m.Ulner* wanting pat tern bonnets to her present superb and beautiful assortment of spring and summer mUiinary, which tor richness and va riety, combined ?4h cheapness, will defy competition. From the well known chiroc'er of her goods, their elegance and beautv, Mrs. Feel? deem* any further commuat unnecessary. A call is respectfully solicited. SPRING FA-HIONf.-M'ME DEMORESI'fl SECOND spring opening of patterns of all the latest aud moat de slrable iprlng styles for ladies and children's inparel, on ThttraJ.iv, March 21). Kittuorium of fashions 375 Broadway, and also 2G0 aud 9t>: Fulton jtreet, Brooklvn. PERSONA!.. AI.ICIL? I WANT TO BEE YOU VF.RF MUCH. IF YOU wLllbe at ilie old place tbU afieruoou, at o'clock, ( will meet you tbere. if an) thing happens to diy, come tOjmartvjw. Dm. KAUFFMAM, A PA88KWOER HY THE STBAMER Nortlern I.lght, oa bar last voyage irom Punt* Arenas, will much oblige lbs uudortiguad by calling at bit oSice, No. Ill Naasau street, city of New Tork, or favoring with address, Ac. JOS. B. NoBI.K, 111 Nassau street, Pew York. IF HAMURL D? DO WELL, RECENTLY FROM SLATING ton, will call at fool nf Amity street, (LJineklina,) Brooklyn, he \slll bear from friends of his. Shipping agents are request pd. 11 a youth of this name be upon taelr list, to forward parti cuiara to box 4,003, New York Fostotnce. IF TB> WIDOW OR ANY OK THK UHILDRBN OF Doctor Paris M. DavU. who died in tbla city sjnie sixteen or eighteen years since, are in the city, they will hear of a friend bv addressing a n< te to E. Moore Davis, Merchants' Uolel, Cortland! stieet, :>ew York. INFORMATION WANTKD-OF JANNIT DUNN, MAR ried some years ago to William Dewcry, In lioston, Mass. Kald liewery was a nail maker. and resided tsiely In New York If Uns should meet his eye, or any of their fi lends, and tney oy letter, or personally call on Bruwn A Co., 154 South street, N. Y., they will hear of something to their advantage. INFORMATION WAR TAD? OF THK Gtr.-4KY GIRL, at No. 2S-1 Broome street, who left Boston two years ago. Her visiter* woald be vary glad to have her cone buck, It It was only two weeks, that her vi?i<ers might have the pleasure o! consultiag her ence more on all events at life, l'le wn ad dress Boston Visiters, Mass. Miming since December iwames oot.WKi.r, Smith, aged 42 years, 9 t?et i inches high, dark gray ryes, black balr and whiskers, high eheok hones and high cnlor; he left for the West. Not hearing from turn. It is supposed he has met with foul play, as It was known h? had a large sum of money and wa'chee with him. Anv Information of him will he thankfully received by his wife, at >01 Klghth avenue, oorner of Forty eighth street. Western papers ploase copy. iwiNO? sinob Saturday, march ia, hophia Butler. Anv information of her will be tbankiully i e celved at 80H Oreene street. THK MILITARY. UNION RIFLEMEN.? BY RRQ1EST, 1 HKKKHY OALL a meeting oftlie old rlllenifn at (So'hlc nail, :ilil B-oal way. on Frldav evening, March 21, at N o'clock, to talk about '-elebra.InK tbe Z1<t annlver.?rv ot the organization of the om pany. SaMUEI. a. i'AR&EK, Ute (UpUin U. it. mw rviucATioin. 20.000 it m. c&moL?B uub Basra. Although bat a dug)* month kM pwid since ihetiist oopr

of this bnlllsnt waik ni issued, vet iu mtt has been the de mand (or the last and moat beautiful nock from the pea at ?ts iamtnted authoress, that we are printing the iweaJath thou ?and, with an unabated d? maud still pressing ua. Wbwum days ot the Lamplighter, bo hook has (old to rapld'y. or he come io iinivermlfy r op mar. Colonel Fuller, of the New York Mirror, in one of the moat elegant articles ever penned In retard to authors or 1hetr prodnc.lons, usea the following atronf aid beautiful language Kbjiest Lidwood. Death darken* hla eye and unplumes hla wings, But the iweeleetaong la the last n? sings. Tn the volume entitled "knieat 1 low-*>d." jua( Issued t>r JewettACo. of Bes'cn, we hare the djlug song of the eie 6 ant and gifted lira. Caro'lce Lw Hentz. MounuuLiy sweet, ke tie sigh of an rotten lire, yet deep ana oracular as the voice ?t many waters, it aeems to have bean poured torth wbl e her aoul liosted down to the ocean ot reat On almost every page we c<n trace the shad'iw of the tfea-h angel who bore bar ?w?- when her soni ?u ruded. Mysterious gleans from bent at h the u a jftinu v?U of up el', land startle us as we read, jbsbtok Is > hroadoar tarswell-a lingering band gra<p f.-trn one we loved. If we mistake not, Its most Impressive postages are revelauons of the Inner life of the writer ? wonderfully vlvla una absorblrg, because wonderfully real We will uct attempt to follow out, in this notion, the thread of an lolml table lale; In so doing we should ooly ant let pun scenes und events ?hleh ocme, wl'Ji beautiful linking* and fine effect, be tore tlie e^e of the t?a<*er. We would not rob the book of half its charm. Sweet Uabriella Lynn will tell ber own story. Publlthed by JOHN P. JEWE.IT, A CO., Ho. U7 Wash ington stu nt, Boston. For sal> v ail bockiellers. Books t or BCbYTESs aibit. THE NEW CLBBK'H ASSISTANT, Or Book 0i 1.071 practical forms, ot numerous precedent* for '? Utiis: Du?tne?p transactions, such as deeds, mortgages, ion ractf, absigLmen's. ancions, notes, sills of sale, bonds, ("oro ners, excise, tees, highways, Justices' ooarts, ltad.o.'d and tenant, homeg esd exemption, txechar.lcs' lien, aa'.ur&il/atinn, partnership, patents, pent Ions, plank road?, poor laws, Hu pervlsors' du-l?s, town and county officers' duties. Ac., Ac., with references to the various statutes and latest judicial deu slons; designed tor the nseof town aid county officers of every grade, bankers, mercbac-s, an iti neers, mechanics. farmers, sna professional men, and adapted to the New England. North ern and Western fctaUs, and raltforcla By John 8. Jenkins, Counsel or at Law. New editloc. 29th thousand. One vo'ume, 620 pages, octavo, law sheep binding Price $2 50. M*W YOUK Civil. AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE. A complete treatise ou the civil and criminal jurisdiction, and ihe special powers and duties at Justices of the Peace iu the Statu of hew York. with numerous forms and a copious index, M.v Morgan. Blatchiord acd He ward. Octavo, 907 pages, law sheep. Price $4 60. THE GEN UK A I. STATUTES Or MEW YORK. Being the laws ot a gou?ral nature In the revised statutes of Mew York, with notes and referenoes to judicial decisions, and the new constitut'on. By 8. B'.atchford, Esq., with a coutoui index, by clarence A. Seward. Octavo, 1,165 pages, law sheep. Price *4. KXrcBTOR'H, ADMINISTRATOR'S AND GUARDIAN'* UllIDE. Tbeir powers dutes, r gbts and obligations, with an apen dlx of practical torms ; also, the Duties of Surrogates, third edition, revised and enlarged, and adapted to the new constitu tion ; by David Wright Counsellor at Law. Law sheep, A0H pages, 12mo. Price $1 50. THE NEW CONSTABLE'S COIDK, and Marshal's Assistant, their powers ana duties, privileges acd liabilities, in olvll and orlmlnal prooeedirgs tn the State of hew Yotk, wiih practical forms, a new and revised edition Law cheep, 2til) pages, 12mo. $1. NEW HOAD Ad AND HIGHWAY LAWS, Being a practical c impend ot the powers and duties of Com - mist-loners and overseers of Highways In the State of New York, with referent-erf to the statutes and leial decisions, and the necessary torms, by a oounsedor at Law. Large octavo pamphlet, 40 pages. Price 25 cents. Jcvoiy town and county officer, every tanner, mnrclant and mechanic, every justice, lawyer und backer, should supplr his library lrom this list. N. B.? We will send either of the above to anv address io the 6 tale, postage or expressage prepaid, on receipt or the Srioe as above ; or, the '-Clerk's Assistant," "New York iisilce," and ?' General Statutes," to one address, preps.das before stated, on reeeipt of 111). Address MILLEK, OKTON A (tUW.IOAN, Publishers, 25 Paik row, New York, or 107 Genesee at , Auburn. OOCAOCIO'H DKCAMERUN ; OK, TEN D aY8> MN l'Ktl talnment.? The most gallant and piquant work ever writ t?n. '"Ihe gayest literary least that ever regale! hum-iu tastes." Beautiful 12mo., 500 pp. proluse'.y Illustrated. 91. Kent by mall, postage tree, by C. BLANCHARD, 82 Nassau afreet. HOlPKR'S STORY BOOKS, FOR APttli,.? Harper's Story Books, a mon.hly series of narratives, biographies and tales, for the Instruction and entertainment of the young. By Jacob Abbott. Embellished with numerous ked beauiltul engravings. 'letms.? r och number of "Harper's Story Books" will oon tain 160 pages In amall quarto form, very beautifully Illus trated, and printed on superiiue calendered paper. The seiies may be obtained of booksellers, periodical agents and postmasters, or lrom the publishers, at three dollars a year, or twenty-five cents a number in paper, or forty cents a number in mutlln, gilt. 'Hie postage upon ' Harper's Blory Books," In numbers, which must oe paid quarterly In advance, is two eents. tiubscrlptlons may commence with anv number. The two periodicals, '?Harper'' flew Monthly Magazine" and "Harper's Story Books," wll be supplied Io subfcrioers at five dollars a year. Ihc publishers ivlU supply specimen numbers gratuitously to agents ni.d postmasters, and will make liberal arrange ments with them for circulating the work They will also sup ply clubs of two persons at live dollars a yeer, or live persons at leu doLars. Clergymen and teachers suoplied at two dol lars a i ear. Numbers from the commencement can be sup plied; also the bouud volumes, Flie volumes iue now ready, elegantly bound in muslin, gilt, each volume containing three numbois. Price (I each. Beveuteeu numbers are no sr raadv, viz: - Klfred; or, ibe Blind Bov and Ills Pictures John irue; or, the Christian Kxperlence of an Honest Bov. The Klorv ot American History, from the Karlisst Settlement ot the Country to the Establishment of the t' ederal Constitution. 1 he Bttrv of English History, trom the Earliest Periods to the American devolution. The Stcry of Ancent History, from the Earliest Periods to the F all of ibo Roman Empire. The studio; or Illustrations of the Theory and Practice ot Prawn g for Young Artists at Home. Franklin, the Apprentice Boy. The warper Establishment; or, How the Story Books are Made. Timboo and Fanny; or, the Art of Self- instruction. llmooo and Jollba; or. the Art of being Useful. Virginia; or. a Little Light on k very llark Saying. Km ma; or, the Three Misfortunes ot a Belle. Prank; or, tte Philosophy of Tricks sod Mischief. The Lit ile Louvre; or, the Boys' and Girls' Picture Gallery, The Strait Gate; or. the Rtt.e of Exclusion lrom Heaven. W1 lie and the Mortgage: Showing how mtica may be Ac complished by a Boy. Bruto; rr. Lessons of Fidelity, Patience and Self-denial, Taught t?y a Dog. HaRPaH A BROTHERS, Publishers. "Still bk heady at via cpclook thib morninu: V* HARPER'S NEW MONTHLY MAGaZINB, For April. CONTENTS. Israel Putoam? I'lustrated by thirteen engravings. Mnusira, Port and Sherry? lllustraledby twelve engravings. A aome in the Cinnamon Isle? Illustrated bv six sngravtnga. Tte Resurrection Flower-Illustrated by lour engravings. Paupertown. Story ot Emlle Roque. Ibe Verses.? hearing. Paul Allen's Wife, and How He Found Her. Snake Charming- By A. M. Henderson, M. D. A Nightly Scene In London. By Charles Dickens. tow 1 Was Discarded. By a Married Man. The ljoppelgaager. How the Destruction of Trees A fleets the Rain. Little Dorr it. By riiarles Dickens. Illustrations.? Mr. F.'s Aunt is conducted into retirement.? Little Dorrit's Party. Chapter 12. Bleedlog Heart Yard.? Chapter 13. Patrlarclal.? Chapter 14. LiUle Dorritt's Party. Monthly Becsrd ol Current Events. Literary Notices. BOOKS or THB MONTH. Editor's Table. Kd'tor'i hasy Chair. Editor's Drawer. Foolish Folks ?All- Fools' Day Sketches. Illustrations ? The Muiical Icol? The Literary Fool? The Ntage struck Fool? Thn Past Fool? The Arlstocratl-i Fool? ibe Political Kooi-Tb? MiUtary Fool? Thn Inquisitive Fool? The Pedestrian Fool? The Vlrionary Fool? 'the Moneyed Fool? a Bashful Foil? /vn April Fool? 'the Verdant Fool? The Matrimonial Fool? Not ? Bit of a Fool. Fashions for April.? Illustrations? Promenade and Dinner Toilets? MantlJ la ? Infant's rtobe.i. The publishers of Harper's Magazine take pleasure in an nouncing that they have purchased the advance sheets ot "Lit tle Don-it," the new seilai tale by t'barles Dlckeus. This ?tory is to be Issued In England in monthly par's, at twanty live cents each, these parts will appear complete, with all the original Illustrations. In successive numbers of Harper's Magazine, at a cost to subpcrihers ot ahout two rents esch. The lout ih part sppears in the msgazlne for this mouth. 'ibis work of Mr. Dickens will occupy only aoout one-tenth of each number of tho magazine, and will In nowise Interfere with ibe usual variety of its contents, Which will comprise, as heretofore, a larger amount of orlgluai matter than is fur nlshed bv any oth<>r magazine in the couutrv. It sustains its well earned reputAtlin, both for tlie variety and quality of its contents. Th?ire Is much to instruct, as well as to amuse all classes of readers: aud we deem It tortunate lortbe country that the most popular magazine of the United States is avoweUlpau ally tn the cause of virtue and morality. We have seen no article iu this ( march i or any past numoer which a Christian man would not ileslra his lamily to read.? N. Y. Christian Advocate and Journal It is the foremost magazine of the day. The fireside never had a more dellghuul companion, nor the million a moreen terUumng friend thau Harper's Magaziae.? Mctiioaist Proles tani (Baltimore). 1 he moat poptt'ar month! v in the world. It has become one of the literary wonders ot this country. Almost exclusively composed of the woiks ot American authors and artists, it pays iu contributors some twenty live hundred dollars monthly. It Is a happy ctrcnmttaace that it aims at the highest standard of literature and the purest ot morals in ait its pages.? N. Y. Ob server. Terns.? The Magazine may be obta'nedcf booksellers, peri odical agents, or irotu file puoli?h?rs, at tliren dollars a year, or twcn'.v live cents a number. The semi-annual volumes, as completed, neatly bound in cloth, are aold at two dollars each, and musttn oovers Are t'urolshfd to those who wish to have their back numbers uniformly bound, at twenty live cents each. Eleven volumes are tow lea'dy lotind. 1 ho publishers will supply specimen numbers gratuitously to agent* and postmasters, and will make llt.era' arrantre mens with them l'or circulating the Magazine, limy will also supply clubs of two peraoas at five dollars a yea- or live per sous at leu dollars a year. Clergymen and teachers supplied at two dollars a \ ear. HAP.P ?R .t BROTHERS. Publishers. I IBRARY OK LOVE.- THK MOST REi HKRCllK EX J tiulsliely amorous eil'ttstons ever penned. Three po*ket volumes, pp. 809, Illustrated, II BO. I. Basla; the Klssejot ftecundus tit.d Bonnefons; II Ovid's Art of l. ive. Remedy o' Love, Amimrs Ac.; III. Drvden's Fables, IVom Boccaocloand Chancer. Sent by msH. poftagetreo. tlALVIN BL A Pi''ll ARD. 82 Nassau stree'.. DO YOU WAMX TO OU YOt'R OU BOOKS, KN gravitigs paintings, maua. Ines, novels, curiosities and RUlogtaphs? If you do, just bring them along to the o d curi ortty shop, lii7 Nassau strtet, where the hlghetcaili prioe will be given. Constantly on hand, a large assortment of old anil inodrrn engravings portraits, scran prints, Ac., tor tale cheap. JOHN PY.Vfc, 107 Nassau St. MtSCEJLLAiraOt/S. COTTAOK AND FANCY FURNITURE W VRKROOMfl, at SU Broadway, opposite 8t Nicholas Elotc!. ? Mr. MAT 1 HKW8 nft'crs tar sale the most extensive a'sortmeo1 of taucv cottage <.mnmo11ed and French furniture In tlie United State-, a', reduced prices. Kvet v 7*r',ety of malt roues, pal laasea , pillows, bolsters, ic., nt n nnufacturei'a prices. FCUIUBSD IIOOMD TO liRT, IN A MWIRABL.K T,t> cation.? A private family, having more room than thev need, would let a suit" ot rootua and single room*. adapted for a gentleman and wi'e and tingle e'ii?n, or would let either separately. Ho moving lu Mav. To parti en wishing a quiet, genteel home, thin wlli lie found dosirabie. Apply at So. 4 Amity p'ace. out of Amity street. T_ "oTSt^a" THRKH WORT HOCBK, BtTUATBD IN lOant Bifid way, near Jctleraon atreet, with 'he exception of tbe second lloor. which will be occunled by ;he owner of th? house. with the prlvi'ege of boarding with (hem. Pieaae call at, or address T. M. H., IS; William street, third lloor. TO MIIil.IHERfl AND DM8 sMAKKRH.? TO f.KT apartments to carry on the mlUtnery btisinei In MDOM tkm with Mme. Petnorast's branch emporium of tashlona, 2t? and U12 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Terms very moderate. Ais.> a competent persou wanted to take charge of the dressmaking depart u.ent. FIN* ARTS. . PI CHIRK DEAl.RR8._AN ARTIST. PREPARING TO i?avp tar Vurope, has a number of pictures on hind, which be will dispose of on liberal ierm?. A dire* Kirope, Herald I' aire. A mtuatvoivs LADY. ACCTHTOMhO TO TEACHING MUSIC, ENG iltoh, nttch, Latin, and Italian, deatrea a situation a* 'MHMVNBimnp la a prtvaia family. Highest re- I fMWsceaqivsD and required. AMna leather, boi it2 Post Ah CHAMBERMAID or LAUNDRE8H.- A BESPic<rA b'e young woman, fully competent In either of the above, wishes a situation, haa no 0'ijeit on to the oountry. Has goad city references. .address 0 F. at Mr. Hart's fruit store, 301 4th st, between Unlvarsltv plaoa anil Greene at. A LADY CAPABLE OF TEACHING ENGLISH AND JfO ?le, deslrea a situation as governess, or m a visiting ito vernesa to children, or housekeeper ana sompantin to a lady. Would hare ao oojeciion to travel. <"an be heard of at lot Pa cific street, Brooklyn or at #8 Canal street, In the millinery ?lore. Most latiifactory references can be given. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION, TO do general housework, In a tmaii tamll> ; understand* cooking, washing and ironist; good city referenoes. Oaa be f een for two days at i',0 6 a avenue, between 28th and 29th st*. Inquire In ihe office. A lady parting with a most excellent skr var-t, wishes to place iter In a private family; she lit a food plain cook, washer and lroner. Inquire, for two days, at i8J 4th avenus, second dot r below 22d street. ABFSPKCTABtE, INDURTRiOUrl, PRUDENT WO man, who workf at home and who would tako p'.etsure In teaching two little u otber'ens girls sewing and other house work, can mske a <iiiie , oomiortable home tor herself in a worklrg nin's family ot four. Inquiries answered by seni ? lug name and (ilacti of residence to A, B., Chatham niuare PosWftice. APBOTKKrAHT GIRL W1HU?8#A BITUATIOK, AS cook: rbd Is a good washer and lroner. Can be seen for two day? at 140 West 27 lb at., near Eighth avenue. A RKHPKCTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITITA A lion; ran do plain cooking, wishing and ironing, or gene rai. ho use work; goad city referetce given Can be seen tar two dayg at the corner ot Bond and Dograw at* , Brooklyn. AHEAMSTRKSS' OR LADY'S MAID RIT(JATION wanted- by a hlgh'y respecta-ite Protestant young wo man j can out and lit boys' and rlris' cl ithea In the very neaMst manner; also ladies' dresses awl all kinds ot family sewiug; good city reference. Please call, tor two days, at No. 60 Per>y at A10DN?1 I.ADY WISHES A 8I1UATION. A3 COM par.inn to a lady who Intend" travel line to England or ? allfornta; references given and required. Please address M. M. O , Union square Part ofllje, tor three days RE^PEC TA BLR YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU atlon. to do the general housework In a small privaie A family : has no objecttcns to go as chambermaid and to Uko care or children; la a ilrst rate wiaher acd lroner. Pie we call at; her last place, 171 8 th avenue, between 18th aud 19th sis., tor two days. A COOK WARTS A SITUATION, IN A PUBLIC house or restaurant. Pleaae call at No. 8 Amity place, tlrat floor, room No. 3. WIDOW LADY WISHES TO T tKK CAKE OP A child at her own residence, lid Walker St., second tioor. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A PROTK8TANT YOUNG woman, to do nhsmberwork and sewing; has no objection to assht with wan Ing. uood city reference will be given. Can be seen for two days at her present employer's, No. 11 Waver ley plsce. A SITUATION WaNCED- BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO cook, wash and Iron, and to give satisfaction; understand)) milk and butter, and Is willing to go in the country, or would do homework for a miail famiv. tan be seen at 11 Sullblk st., fce'ween Grand aud llenter, in the tear. AREPPRCTABLB YOUNG MAkRIED WOMAN, having lost lier first baby, wishes to take a child to wet nurte to her own house, where It will receive a mothur's care. Call, tor two day ?, at 145 Rait. icth at., second floor, back rrom . Reference given and i equlred. A YOU NO WIDOW LADY, MOTHER OK TWO INTE res'-lng children, desires the rhurge of a geulletnin's household or some other employment where her duties would be light, and from which she can derive a comfortable maln tena'.ce for herself and young lamlly. Address Norma, Broadway Post office. AN AMKRICAN FARMER WAN1S TO TAKE A FARM on shares. Addreaa George, Herild office. A YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION, AS PORTER lna store, or to drive a horse and wagon, und is wrling to work. Can produce the best of city reference. Address M. B, box 150 Herald office. A SWISS FARMKK, WHO HAS GOOD RECOMMBN* rL datinna, wants a attr ation to work or take charge of a farm; bis wife isaiood cook. At dress Swiss Consulate, 43 New st. AN AMERICAN T.AD. AOKD EIGHTEEN YEARS, IS J% desirous ol' ob alnijg a situation in tome who'asale house; hardwaie preferred Can furnish tho best of city reference. A note addressed J. H. M., Herald offloe, will be promptly attended to. CIOOK'S SITUATION WANTED -BY AN ENGLISH WO ) man, who understands cooking in all its branches? all kinds of soups, meats, game and desserts; is a good baker das good city references. Apply tor three days in Mrs. Jen kins' toy store, 60 Lafayette place, two doors from Aster place COACHMAN'S SITUATION-WANTED, BY AN ENG llshtnan.a fltuaHou at ooachman, who under: tauda bis business in all its branches, and has good ^recommendations. Address H. B? at Mr. Trainer's, saddler, 878 Broadway. Govern* SS.-A ladi, of expertknce im teach Ing, Is tn want of a situation as governess or housekeeper. Apply at 70 West 21st st Ribbon hand-wants a good situation; has bad six years' experience; is one of the best rollers in the city. Addiess, or apuiy to K. Y., Globe Hotel. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN, OF GOOD business habits, as clerk or bookkeeper, la noun -iHice where his services would be appreciated; is capable of taking charge of a set of books by double entry, is quick and oorrest at figures, and a plain and rapid penman Has been engaged In both the above capaaitiea in an extensive lumber business, and can produce the best of references 'roinhls former em ployers. Address A.Z., Herald office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN OF GOOD business habits, as bookkeeper or clerk, in some wholesale or coir mission bouse; la a good accom taut and a plain and rapid penman. Can produce the best of references from his former employers. Address Accountant, herald office. CALE8MAN WANTED? IN AN IMPORTING BTATION O ery house: one who is thoroughly conversant with the bu siness and well acquainted with the city and country trsdetore terred. Address, with reforeDc.cs. box 3,3ii7. Put office, stating omount of sal&rv required with full particulars, Ac. TO SILK HOU8ES ? A PORTER, WHO HAS BEEN FOR many years in the employment it" one of the first silk houses in London, and who can have the highest reterences here as to hr bests, society und retro artty of conduct, is de sirous ot a similar situatnn In New Vork. ilaa heeu lltbll country four yeais. Addres*, John Ncary, Herald office. TO MRRCHANT8.-A YOUNG MAN, 18 YEARS OF AGE, wishes % situation, as shipping clerk, in a who e-uiln bouso. Best rel'emnce given. Ac'dreia I'aul, box 200, Herald office. TO CARPET MERCHANTS.? A YO0NGMAN, OF SOME elgnt or ten yeais' experience lu the retail <v?rp?t itui nens in this city, wlphes to engage timself lo some respo-tab'.e carpet bouM. Address X. X , Hetald office. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, as good cook, washer and ironer; would havo no objection lo do general housework in a small private fam'ly. Good city rettoranro can be given. Apply a' 35 13th St., be ween Sth and fith avennn. Wanted? by a kvspectablk gikl, a situation' na waiter in n tirtt clsss lamlly. Can be seen at 331 Oth avenue, third floor, nnclc room. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young girl. f? do wailing aud cflamberwork In a private inmlly ; best ot city reference. Can oe seen for two days, at 21' West 17th st. Wanted? a situation, by a young woman, a 3 chambermaid and to apsht in the washing and ironing; or as nur?? and reumstrem in a small private familf; she is very fond ot children ; hw< three years reference Cai be seen at her present place, 17 Concord St., corner of Liberty st., Brooklyn. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, as nurse and seamstress, or to do chamber work and waiting. Can be seci for two days, at is.ll tiih ave nue, between 20th and 21st sta., third lloor TI/aNTED-A SITUATION. AS STEWARDESS IN A TV slevnahin or packet, by a respec'abie English woman, or to travel with a fami'y; fool reference will be <lven. Ad diess l.iverpooi Houte. No. 12 Morris st. WANTED-BY A BESPECTABI.B ENGLISH PROTHS tant girl, a situation, to do general housework, in s rtaall family. Ca'l at 119 Spriug st. WANTED? A SUIT ATI OK, RY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to cook, wash and Iran, in a private family, f lease call alfl 2 Vnnrfam street, in the basement. UI/ANTBO-HY A COMPETE ?T WOMAN. A SITUATION vr outline, one wbocan tike chargeof a bhby liom it* in fancy, or (trowing chi (Iron, or do uhambertvork and sewing, or chsmberwork or waablng and Ironing, t an be seen tor two days at No. S00 3d avenue, on Uiejeast corner ol ,<0th st. The lien oi city reference can be given. TITANTE-/? A sni'ATION, BY A PROTESTANT TT } ouug womau, to do iight chamberwork aud plain sew ing or to take care of children. Please call or address 1j. E. B? 204 l-.ast 19th St. WANTED? BY A MIDDLE AGED AMIRtOAN WO man. a situation as housekeeper or seamufres*. Can be set n at b8 Christopher street, from 0 to 10 A. M. and lroui 3 tu GP. M. WANTED-BY TWO BESPEC TABLE YOUNG WOMEN, sll nations, lo go to California with a family; one as scim stress and rhariibrriDald or to take care of children; the other is lully c.' mpetent ot cutting and fitting ladles' aun chllilreu's dre>iies; also is wlillng lo lake cat e oi iihUdren. Can be seen until fbe 1st April at ;ii> Yandewater it. TVTANTFD-BY A RRSPECTABIJS GIRL, A SITUATION TT fo do chamberwork, and line washing and Iron/ti^, or clinmherwork aDd pain sewing; thoroughly undersUnda her lni?lne?s; 1ms good city reference. Apply at 24 E\st 12th at., between I;niverslty place and 6th av., for two days. Wantkp-by a rfspfctable youno woman, a nit tm' inn n* chambermaid or iaundresa. Beat city refe rencegiveti. Please apply a 14tl 21al street , between M an J :d avenues, for two days. WANTSB-BY A. RKfePEl TABJ.E WOMAN, TO TAKE Ilia washing of resuec table families to her own real deuce. flood retormces jiven. Apply to 242 Columbia at,, Brooklyn, near Summit hU WANTKP? A SITUATION. BY A RBHPROTABM! young woman, an children's nurw an 1 to do plain sowing, or to a?)4st la the ebamberwork; ha* two yea rs' reference from her la?t place. Cnn beacon a' .132 1st avenue, between 19th and 20th sis., top llonr, front room. TV ANTED? BY A VERY BE8PH0T A BLE PROTEST A ST T f Englishwoman, a situation a* none; afce i? capable of tiling charge of mi in fant from ita birth; ran (fire the bast of city rfferences. Can be reen for two day*, at .His Greenwich *t. , near Jane st., second tloor, front room. TVANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A ?BBFKOTA?MC t? young woman; is a good plain conk and (lr?t rate wash er ami ironer; underntandi baking well. The bast of refer ence from her last place. Please aall at Itifhi 9th st , tn the rear, near 3d av., for two day*. WANTED-BY A RBSPFCTABIjK YOUNO WOMAN, A alt nation an cook, washer and ironar, chambermaid or nurfe, or lo do general housework. Beat city reference. Please call at 222 weat 21st St., between Xth aad 9th a vs. Can be ?e?n for three days. WANTED- A B1TI1 ATION, BY A PROTECTANT OIRI,. as cook; would be wll Infi to assist In the washing and Ironing; no objection to the country <ioi>d reierenen. Apply at ir> Kasi llih at , b?"t?een1 8 and.ifh avg |Can be seen fir three *ay?, it not ergaged, HTTVATtOnB WAITED. ^ WHilTDD-lT A BIBFBCTABLK YOUNO WOMAN, W . V*2S^ ^ w^Si ^ .< wing. flood city rtto?N(V?ikar)Ml ?W fkllVW Nacdougal at. in U>e row, tor two day*. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A TtKlPBOTABUl joapg woman. M rook la a din Lg taleon. o t MW< ? understand* her business thoroughly by Mali jwtji ilie to up* of ill dt?crtpUon?. Oen bn *- #n for lWO?H as N Bait Broadway, tear Market au, lrat flo ?r, front W. WANTED- BY A KEBPBCT All uE YOUNO WOMAN, a situation ?s ^rofess-d cook in a r>i er'?liMpnW* ft mlly . or ha* no objection >o a re-p^ciabie pivaie bMrpi 1 ome or hotel; hfcs th<- bes' of city reference MeaeeeaU Or m ml to A. li , at 191 4 h suwt, In the rear, tor two day. TkTANTED-A SITUATION, AS WET NUB^M, B* A TT bee.ithy young woman with * freah breast of milk, who h'tg CHf ber own b#bj t?*n b* ?*eo af 1 61 Keilest, first ftjor, back room, until engaged. ^ WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN. AS chambermaid Hud w?u*r. Good cut refrrMMM* Can b* ?eer. two cajs, If not e ngaged, at 107 2M at., twtween let and 2d ? venues. WANTED? HY A GIRL OK OOOD RKCOMMBNDA Hon, a situation to do general house work or ehamber weikfer a >maU lamlly. F ait call tor two daya at t73% Chambers street flistfloor. TK7ANTKD ? BY A BBSPBOTAHLM RROlBSTANTWO TT man, wko baa oat her calid, a situat'on as wot aorta IB a r*?F?cUb'e family. Please oall or addre m Mo. 9 vVoMboll (1 , Brrekl>n. lor three an; a, % beta teterence will be glv?> bjr her prat est employer. tlTAKTEn-A SITUATION BY A RB8PECTA3LE TT Protestant young woman. In a Mnoe 'table private fami ly; Is capable of doing tennmi hooaea-ork and Is a good waah er and iroi nr. Call tor two da a, ai la Jum-a st, Brooklyn, ??( < i o Boor, front rcotu. WANTED? ABI1UATION. by a WOMAN, AS 8BAM *tre?a and nuree; has been In her p oaent sltmUon the lAat four j 'are, where abe re'era In^u're at 2)3 Bleeoier it. TITANTPD? A PROIIshTa.nT OIKL, IN A SMALL FA TT mil y ; mus' oe a good washer and i/ and oook. Ia quire at 133 Amoi ?L ti/anted-a bamy, to we r nur4?. by amambit tt can woman, with a fteah of milk. Apply at the. third door, northwest ooruer of 42d at and 3d avenue, lor three daya WANTED- BY AST ADY, RHMPBCTaBLB GIRL, A. slluailon as cook, wifh-r ai d h oner; also understands making bread asd biscuit. I* ean? cai at her present em ploy er's. rt? Raat 2Sd ?t u ANTKD-A SITUATION, A* W All EB, BY A MAN TT ol aleady hablM and long e*p?rieBi'.e In hlabadaeaa, tn a?y rnap<>ntab]e private family ?Ii?m a man's Mrrloea are ap Eieclated and aerrant remiected; m otb?r naed apply. Bo ?a the beat of relereooe f om hla l?at ?. loyer, wSare he lived above a year. Tbe adveriiwr la I nab ami a Roman Ca tholic. Hftaanbeaeen fir tiro dtva from 12 to 4 o'clock at 1,W? Broadway, corner of 27th at , In the a tore. No boarding bonae keepera need apply. TIT ANTED? A SITUaTI<>*. BY A YOCNO MAN, AS TT waiter, or to take > are of boraea; ta wilting to make klmaelf generally uaefnl; Rood city retlaraoce given. Apply at 89 8th avenue, between W.iser ay place and 8th at, Urat Boor, back room. Can be aten until euijagod WANTBO-BY A RBSPHCTaBLK! COL0HKD M VN, A laltvation as groom and coachman. wh > thoroughly un derslanda bin btiflneaa ,and ctn give givxt city reference. A<1 dteaa T. O., ooacha an, care of Charles S. O^rhead, saddler, 70H Broadway^ WANTED? BY A YOI7NG MaN OP SKVKRAL YiiARS exjinrienee, a altuation m clerk, or to take charge of the trimming department iu a tancv gooda hou-c No ohjeotMD to go eiiher South or West Add'esi M H. , .iera'd office. FllENCH ADVERTISEMENTS! ON DKMANDK? UNE BOJUXK F&aNCAINIC OU SUISSE, protealante, aarbant blen o iudru, pour aller a la aamoa gne, et pouvant tournlr de bonne" reooinmendalloaa. b'a dieaaer No. 190 6th avenue, au coin de la ItiUi aL ~~ THE THAOK8. A GARDEN BR WANTM A BiTUATIOM? 18 FULLY competent to take charge of a vegatab.e garden an<l the care of horses. Best of city recommendation* can be given. I'leaxe call at 481 TVarhington at Gabdknrb and farmer? wanted a jrusty sli gle man, to take OA' e of 100 aerea cf land, kHoiien gar den, horee. plough. 4c ?a man of all work- in go a abort dis tance In the countrv; one ?ho can cotne wwli recommended. Apply from 10 to 3 only, at 41 liberty st , front office, third floor. Important to carpenters and builders.? Wanted a altuation as foreman, having acted as such- (0 the past Ave years; understands drarcin*. stairs, sash and b inaa, and all machinery uted m the trade; good reference will be given us to capability, &a Address Carpenter, box 10ft. Hera d office. JEWELLER WANTED- A FIRST BATH JOBBING jeweller can have conntaat employment bv applying to John K Curtis, 83 Bleecker st. Reference required. PENCIL CASE MAKERS WANTED-AT 10 FRONT ST., Brooklyn. PROOF READER ? COPYIST ? A YOUVG MAN, FULLY competent., with the best of refereu ?ea, wishes employ ment as above. Address Reader, Herald ollice, stating terms, Ac., immediately. TO PRKSSMEN? WANTED, A MAN TTT040U0HLY capable of taking enarge of and running Adas**' power pref-aea. To one who urderatands the htia'ness In all Ha par ticulars, a steady altuation and a lloeral salary will be given. Addreas, with reierenoe, M'Laughlin Brother:', (0 South 3d a)., PhUade'phia. TO PHOTOGRAPHERS.? AN EXPERIENCED AND AC oompllabed ambrotyue and pbotograohio operator ean fled employment at one of J. H. Walvl's galleries. In Baltt, Md. The best of ret'erenoea will be required. Apply at 68 Baltimore street. * O TAILORS.- WANTED, A SOBKR. STEADY, ACPlVft _ bualneva man, tu riva out and take In work, pay hurt*. Ac.; hem uat be a food judge of work it will be required or him to place In the nands of his emo'oyer from *100 (0 SS00S4 security. He can have an engagement lrom 1 lo 9 years, a*. Rood wages. Address, wlthreai noma and reiereane, K. M., ox ISO Herald oflice, which will be attended to. TO MEBCBANT TAlLOBrt.? WANTED, A SITUATION, a? c.uiler, by a you re man ?f goiNi address; ha < >eei In businesa forolraself atd others for the last ten years. UoCd reference. Addreas box low Herald olli :?>. TO EMPLOYINO JoB PRINT?Rd.-W AS I'KO, A situation In a job office, by a g"od compositor, who ha? wrved his ' ' timu" in this ei'.v. He has a good knowle>lcs or jnb printing, but finds It difficult, to obtain a sl'.uai on, o u 'Jin grennd of not bslm; able to Drove "ufllcisnt pramioal expe ilence. For lack of the above he is willing to make allows dco lo his employer. Address M. J. K., Herald office. T TOPArER HANOER8.-A YOUNG MAN, W 3 7 HAS been aome time at the aoove trade, wishes to go under In structions, at decorative work, for one year. Address J. C. D., Tlerald office. TO BRUSHMAKERS.? A OOOD COMBER WANTKD Apply to Jas. M. Rlttrics, No. 9 Woodittll at. South Broorklyii. _ WANTED-OAH FITTERS; TWO Oil THREE GOOD workmen can ccmmvcd the bes>. wages at 148 Washing ton *t , L oboken cit; . Call tbia day, March JO. ANTED-A SCOTCH GARDKKBR. APPLY TO BBN dert-op. No. 7 John st w Ti7ANiT;n? a Journeyman cooper, one wiio. TT baa been to Cuba preferred, tiood reference required. Apply to Jno. F. Reed A Ira. 130 Broad ?t. C'lARDBNRR.? WaNTKD, A 81 rUVriON, BY A fiiNGLM IT jotui.iman, wbo unders>aiids hla b' smesalnall itsva rcus t'rsnches. Can produce K?ilK':icUjry retere^ens as rharacler and capability. Aidress J. u , 0vtlm?as, box ISO Herald oflice. WANTKD? TWO JOB COMPOSITOR". aPCu? a I ZJ PlaUst,, corner of Gold. THE FMEMKiV. FIREMEN'S HALL. Regular nomination for Assistant Engineer New York Hie Deuarimcat, HENRI H. HOWARD, Or TBB BOARD OF KMUIREBR8. "INDEPENDENT CANDIDATB FOR ASSISTANT ENOJ. 1 neer. JOHN H. 8TEKLK. ez-foreaian or Uoo* and Ladder Co. No. 10. ou-? of ,h0 ???dV^pec"t"9 ??a jes, by re PSYCHOIX)GY.- DR. BENTON COMTINUB^ a IS LE-?. turea ard amusing experiments at 8tny vesant Ioat'tn e this evening. March 20. at 'k o'clock Rare apor: the 'ast evening. Admittance one shining Lecture to ladies at 3 P.M. C fllce lor applications tor disease, 477 Broad way. ? ? H bw? nn . 8TB r^: - *? pmrnmm ? ?? *MUV Hcrte, WATCHRS, JKWKUIT, ?m:. CALIFORNIA DIAMONDS, KQUAL IN KRILUA'O* and appearaace lo the ra*L? UenUeman'i p!r?, S4 10 ?i6; rllifTP, $4 to MO; eArrlngr, Jfi 10 fx>. LsifcM" I?'n?. fci to **>. toeeve buiMn*, km. An/ of the above -wri hy mail to key part of the United states. L, A J. JACK Sri. md nutacturtag jewellers, 407 Broadway. 3H) WHULMALH DKALKHM Al*l> TP K TBA1>*.-?tfli . groat demand for oar Mlabrated 'alilcmla diamonds hiss induced nn to increase our facilities tor the r mann/hc In: e, and wt are no* enabled to irapuly wholesale dealer* aad the trade at ihnrt notice. A call aoiolted. U t J. J a COM, manufhi 'iirlp* jewellers, 407 Broadway. BBnOTAU. TT^KrTbFMOVRIO, TO RRBU1LD.? J. O, KOWLJSR J I would ii form his customers and the publiothkthe baa mcvtd bio large s.oclt ot groceries from the old stand. 360 tiierawirh street, to 94 Warren lOreet, Brit door eae' of the fr virjr Hark, ? here ho will continue lo tell at whoiesa'e aid retail at low prices for cash. EXTRA PAY. Bounty land. ?soldiers and widows of poi. dtera of (he war of 1812 can otitaln their bounty land, fcy tailing on or addreealng the subscriber. who, belni? 'n poises - llon ot nuster rails of said war, can furnish every Informal Ian. OAI.VIN W. SMtTH. 6fi< haUlMiatreel MATRIMONIAL. a vol NO MAN, 1NIGOOD (IIROUMHTAKCW, tiATNLY 1 1 < oe led in this city, is desirous of becoming Acquainted n Mi a young lady between eighteen and twenty ) ears of age, wiili a i lew lo matrimony. Appearand not so muafc aa object as intelligence. Addreee confidentially, appointing an inter v.ew, Freak Eoons, Post office. For Help Wanted See Sixth twtr?.