Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 20, 1856, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 20, 1856 Page 6
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ivmmimTs isroww rbt bat. . X OLERK WANTBD? IN iOROCtlT STOKJL undented* the bualaeaa to every way cm i by applying it toe grooery Mr*, 07 r of Church 0. Terry UNTIED- IN ALL PARTS OK THE COUW |t, loaell a new nap of Nicaragua, North and Central iteming population, routes and Hatanaw, por Walker, Col Kinney. Col. French, baUle scaoea, _ ?eata can make fiom $A to f 10 per day. Letters nf toniitri awawm i il |iinia|itlT J. HAVEN, publishing agent, llfi and li: Nassau afreet, up stair*. AGBKT8 AND Hl'B AGKNTS W \NTED? FOB THIS city, for tha sale of aiUclea of family uae, which cannot tail to mnt with ready rale. Acuve and persevering amenta can easily saake from *4 to 110 per day. Call and aadafy yourselves. 538 Broadw ay, room ft. Dl'NBPAUGH, LTON A 00. J PROTISTA NT GIRL. WANT IBP? TO DO GENERAL heneeweik and plain eooktor. A 'so a boy who eaa write well ao erphan preferred. Apply at 1# Greene ac, between Bonston and Bleecker. WANTED.? AN OFFICE BOY WANTED. AD ? bo? 33S New York Poatoflloe. B?IZ PbAMBUIIAID AND WAITKR W ANTED ? ONE WHO V' baa good city references and t? a Protestant. Apply at 84 Faefd at. tram ? A. M to H P. M. TwBKMMAKER WANTED ? ONE WHO UNDERSTANDS U her hjMfaMa and ia a neat aewer, may apply between 10 and 4 o'clock, at 24 Oliver au Also, an ap premise will oe taken. PARMKR WANTED ? A YOU NO AMERICAN, ONE WHO it capable in all nursery werk. on a small farm, aad can oanae well recotnmen Jed. Inquire at lo Depeyater at., from 11 to I e'eleak. DpABMMPS LAD WANTED? A STOUT BOY, OK 16 OR I1 17, to work on a (arm. He must b- able to plough, and take gee* eare of a borae. aad Bake bimaelf generally itaet'uL Moat, be well recommended. Apply to J. B. Ford, roim No. 9 Aptoetoa'a building, p46 and. U& Broadway. 0V*R**88 WANTED? OSE WHO CAN TEACH THE "Trf I'l^ branches. roii'lc on toe piano aad French; an KnjHahjPad^prererred. Good references required. Apply LAWYER'S OFFL E.- WANTED, A YOUNJ MAN. OOM peient to take charae of toe office buaine?s, Jo. Addrest. Wttfr rgfayepces bos 1 599. Mew York Poat oilier. ?VtfrfcM WANTED-A PROTESTANT AMKRIOAN, -L> Icu'ch or RoKltsh woman, who understands taking care ot shtyMrn who can .sew well and hits ?*oii references, may tind??'toaUoa bv apn ymg at No 30 Weat 19th at Shirt *Tn2bhbb<j wanted.? none but expk*i eaced hands need apply at No. 5 Oilsey Building, Hon lardi at baM-ment QTOCE AND NAPOLEON TIE HANDS WANTED-T0 O ?otk in the tbop, at GftEhN'jJ furnishing alore, No 1 Aster aotu*. N or e but the very beat hand* need aiply. To tho?9 oooatan'. employment atd toe highest wage* paid. SALESMEN WANTED? TWO IN THE RETAIL CI.OTH tog, and one in the t'lirnishing department competent and steady men. Apply from 3 to 5, P. M D ui>. YLlN A CO., cor. Broadwuy and Warren atreet. Cot'iHKRN trai>b -wanted, in an OLD m*V O cijj.h kill*?. a gvntlemAn who hu experience and business -ucquamianca wilh tbe eon hern icd ffwu m sums. The ap p leant wi;l please ?tau?(whicl! will be conaklereJ utrictlv eonti dontial) thetecllon where moat acquainted, and bia previous baatoeaa te!atk>ca loa dh.iv compe'ent m evtrv way to take an-.nterfa'. and to fill tbe position of c jlleoior ana Dalesman, a .itwu-ai arrangement will be txade. A<ldre<ia Bu ilneaa, box 3,313 N. T Poat office. rMILUNERS.? WANTED, AN KXPKRIBNCED MIL liner. Apply at ho. 8th ave., for t^odaya. YVrANTllD ? A NKAT. TIDT COLORED WOMAN AND vv bar dtu^bter: the former to do homework, ana the 'afe Ui aat-ist about the house, and uku eare of children; a wkIiw preferreo. A peraon who will sai; will lind a pleasant and de sirable home. IrqulT df White, the hatter, 1? Fulton at., be tween Broadway and Na<u?u. WANTKD? AT 204 WES* 36TH ST., NEAR 8TH AVE i ue, a respectable Protestant. Oerman or fcoo cu girl, vo do general housework in a small family; must beagood wash er and irootr. and good to children. ~\KT ANTED? APP B l! NTI ;ES. TO LEARN THE DREsW TT mak'ng. Apply at Wo. 79 Ciold atreet, Urookl.a, lirst florr. IjP'ANTEn? AN OPERATOR ON SI.VOSH'? HEWIKO TV machine, lhe beat waves given to a first rale hand. Apply for twa> da?a at 104 H?m?"?iiey street XJt' A?TBD? IN BROOELYN, A PROTEStANniRL, AS fl cbamb^rmaid an?t nur-e; wajes M o?r ratnth. Apply to ( Unttm ev., between Myrtle acd Park avs . 7th faottae from Myrtle av., on the left side. WANTRD-A GIRI^ AS CHAMBERMAID AND WAIT er, end to attui to wuh-ng and Ironing. Apply at 161 Henry it., Brookljn. TU A NTED ? A PP.OTE8TANT WOMAN, IN A SMALL TT private tamilj , Ihnnt a abort dUtaoee from toe cltv, to cook and aeairt to tbe washing acd ironing. None but a com petent person need apply, at 169 ?a*t 14'1> at,, near 2d av., be tween 10 and I o'clock. WANTED? A TIDY OIRL, AS NURSE AND SBAM sueta sad tt> do ilaht. ihamberw >rr, in a amvl family, a afeoit alstanoe from the ci'v. Good city references requiraa. Call at V27 West 224 at , on r ridiy, March 21, between 10 and 11 A- M. ?O/'ANTBD? A riR*T RATE MILLINKR, ONE WHO TT aaderataoda trimming. *cae other need apply. Apply at Be. S Bond at. "I \ ANTED? A NURSB, TO TAKB CHaROU OF AN IN Tv faaf; mti?t be a Rivd soauistrees, and abie to do up tine muataa. Ho objection to German or French. Apply at 146 Amity <*., Sorih Brook.'yn. ?fTTANTFD-A LADY. OF RXPKRIE.HOE AND GOOD TT taite m makineup lace anises, aoplicHtion md o hnr Can y work, to superintend a work room. Reference as to character and abLitr required. Addrers C. Y. M , Herald office, ?WTANTBD-A SMART. AtTTIVE PROTESTANT OIRL, TV from 14 to IS yearn old? none othera need apply? to go to tbecinau-.' and live with a K?niieuan. wlfi and two chtl d?en, to have pan la I oaie of chi.dren, ami do general houw work. One who u pleasant and aere?able ia manners, and can give lhe best reierer ce. will find a nlnasar;. and ateady borne. Apo-y, -n person, between 4 and 5 o'clock, P. M , at 187 Keartest , WANTKD- kfrmumoas TO THE DRKsSVIAKIWO; noi e bntltst rate sewee* need apoiy ti Mrs. Hamilton, Mi 1 -th ?t . a few coors eaat of 2d av , alter H o'clock A. M. 41*ASTEO-A WOMAN, Tf) took, WA?H AND I BON TT tor a email private tamUv. Note need apply un'eas tbey aie w?l! qualified wnd can brim; ?ai>sCartory testimonials. Apply at 42 fefeecker at. AftTED? A FIRST BATE COOK A"?D LaI NDRICB.8. Appiy between 11 *nd2o'c;o~k, a Vo. 7 Went ,11 at. w w W sundj C'ltUrg acd fitting and he entire work of a Umiiv, pit at M 7rh avenue irorn 9 :? 10 o'c i?"k. WAN TRfl? A PROTESTANT GIB!.. TO D ) CH AMBKR wo tt, ana make herself generally useful in a small fa mtly. M .at ">e wCliog to c,,eud ill months 01 the year in thn counny. AJdteis b<'i .'1 438 Pott office WANTED- AT ?19 4TH AVENUE, A GOOD COoK, ft ws'her and ironnr in a sma'.! ta ni:y. one who perfectly nudet *tands c- ukltc, aid Is a good washer and ironer. A>TED? A CH1LBRENM NL'RSK, TO GO TO ENG and Asply at parlor No. 42 fresoou House 'ANTED? A SEAMSTRESS. ONE W/IO PVDBR at. mav af 1A A P D? A YCI NO, WELL EDUCATED LADY, Oi TT gix?d add -es., to accompan? a uen'Jeman In a btuineea ibrougn toe State# .she must be her o* n mistress and make her o?.o ;>argaio. Address 8. S. H. Broadwav Prist office. U" -NTED? TWENTY YOUNG LADTE8, TO LE\RN Tv "he xulinerv htd dressmaltint?. Mnst be rood aewera, aodael! rfcou.mmded None need applv. Applyat Vra Of THalE'ti miilinery and drea<makiib( estabUshmeat. 924 .sili avenue \\ - a.VTEP .A WILLING GIRL. ONE WHO IS A GOOD TV wa*i>er and tree er. Can have a good situ?;nra. Apply at ,ri6 Woost?r st , corner of Broome. W'ANTFD? AN" (? XPER1ENCKD OOUl; ONK WHO C7N" TT .ieoiAuds toe American and German styles of cooktoK. Apply in- two days, at 2b2 Kaat i ir ad?ay. Tl. AfTPB WANTKn? A YOUNG MAN WHO i'P.R TT lectly uoderstturda his d'fies, and who can produce the best referenees Apply at fi "itb aren ie WANTBD? IN A BOOKSTOBK, A YOU.VG M\N FROM 17 te 30 tear* of age: good re erences will bs required as to hrnasty and capacity. Address O. L., berald omoe, ataUn< salary evpeaced, Ac. TVANTEit-A WAITER; ONE WHOllf&DERSTANfW f? h^btumexi. Also, a porter and bell >>oy. Apply at French ? HoteL. Mnat come well recommended. Move o'hera a? 4 apply. Wantf.p-a nnno olrrk, onk thoroughly e-.??en?ni with the ret*li and prescription btninew, and who can aunt wall recommended. Apply at Ififi ?tb avenue. T*rANTEI?? A COLORED MAN. TO ASSIST IN WAIT ?f tog and >ei<l>nz and to late eare of a |hon<e and winn; OUn who l? ftoenmoiDed to lior*e?, with dty relerences. Apply trior* 10 o'cloec a U18 morniag acd after i> la the ereniai, at ?0 t nioa aquai-e. WAM*B,A.N KKOROWUNO <[,r.RK IN A LAW ref'i office. Brtrg npecimen 01 wruinf. Apply 10 Mr Char El war- < 16 Pine mroe'. WANTED? A RARE CHANCE- AOtfNT 4. TO SEl.l. V A luaole article*, which are now Id family uae In the United ! Htalea, Kwope and < anada; a ?o, a man, w"h a ? a?h '-apral, lor Cftilforafe: ama/t men can make Irani 16 1 110 pe- day. Apply ? SM Broadway corner Kulton, rouro 27, trom J nntlJ 4 a'cloct Mnwije A Hn^barrt. WAMHI >. TOD NO Man, COMPKTBNT TO ACT IN 4# IBiAh department. Apply, uw 'J o'< \o:U A. M , to job-, Audn^oa A Co. 106 Broadway. H r ANTED ? A MAN, AH WaITKR. O.VR WHO H AS Tf been aoaniUmied to waiting In fir*t c a?< faraillei Alan a rord 000k Apply at 10 K*?t *Hb *t, between 9 and 1? nV'nct M _________________ I T1T HTKR WiMKD.-APPL* BRTWKKN * A.M> 10 | Vf a M.t?W Ilenry Weller, 713 Brotdwar. WAfTJIV S-.VI-RAL TOl'MO MKN, TO SOLICIT OR (teraaod t.>?eli an article In general demand The right kind of ree?i can eaatl? make from <3 ti$<; perday. Tbl? I* a horn fkde bn*l>w. md no catchpenny aifair. Apply at 'he dn| iitore, fff OreeawXfc *>? ? ANTirD-ACf KS1RT CLflRR APPt.V TO HODOES ? FWft. 3W Broadway. WANTBD? A BMART, At'TlVK BOT. II A S IMPORT In* ttou?e. ooe who *tre? a good hand, and rentles with hlarerMl' A-'dfe lirporter Hera HI e WABTBD? A " T I > V , ACTIVK KOV, A BOO* IWKiTI yea 1* of age, ?n- acfMi*?in>e<l to ihe b> ok bminenj pre ferred. A?p!y ?> once, 10 b Ballllere, SW Broadway. (A " no $10 PKB r'A 1 PROMT- V NEW PATKNT aR !n,1 U.-H mr Meo'a, already rell'nr ?nH|j; ?,?->? 'nefnl and '? ?**rj '?'"B* f- Ajen a with a^man capital can make * goood thing of tt I).' catling ai the patent ?*enry office, 79 I . ?? lie ill* orrciJJur.Km officii. * imp! OVRKM WT8H1NO <?OOI> HELP. WILL KINO R* 11 ennaa *o*!Wi Scotch Knd Ir>?h hetp. for ho : ' VlT nrZ%i* tamllter, at MO R KIR 1 "OH * KRT * f (? S L .1*1 rm ?er 0' Rea/le ?i A1*o mrnera. laborer*, if.; , V 17* iw "V . ?. fi/iA ?*<> adwa y -u mlboant Ftorr riiui 040 and bedroom, Of ?uM.) on laeoadkor rtoWy l?r nisaed, be had. with full or partial board; ato two or Jt> ? other desirable rooms, for fkmlaoa or atagla ?Mtlamao bouwhas all modern Improvements. FOURTH BTRKKT ? FLKGANTLY FUBNISHVD apart men la lo lot. with or without boar L In a first olaaa bouse, with all the modern Improvement*. FRANKLIN STRERT, TWO DOORS FROM HUD son.? jpaU furnlthed rooms for alagle gent'emea. oor tnacently , at f& to 97 per month, la advaocs. Ou o t the plea aanteatlocalltiee dowa town Blag the upper bell . HUDSON 8TRKKT, FRONTING ST. JOHN'S PARK. IFurnlahed rooms te let, with board, to single i?entt? 379 170, 130 81 68, 147 men. or gentleman and their wives; aiao a baek parlor, wall furniahed, ead single room. House newly furniahed, with ail the modern improvements. FRANKLIN STRHRT, CORNER OF YARICK 1 street. ? l* lsaaant and neatly famished ruaaa, without board, lo let to gentlemen. Retereaoes required. K AST TWENTY THIRD STBKKT.? ELEGANTLT furnished apartments may be obiataed, with private table. Me 1st May. Apply as above. Q1 BLKMt KBR STRICT, FOUR DOOR8 WKST OF O.L Broad* ay.? Two furnished rooms, to lei lo single gen tlemen. Those desiring good airy rooms will do weU u? car. snd eee. WBST FOURTEENTH ST REST -THI8 HOUSE newly tarnished and beautlfUlty located, 1s now In r-adi. uetm to receive permanent and transient boarders. Suits o rooms far families, or roims tor single gentlemen, may be so" cured. Dinners at 6 P. M., sr private table ti desired. Crt WKST 1WB NTT -THIRD 8TKKKT.-TW0 SELECT O I familea ot the first respectability, also twe or three angle gentlemen, can now be accommodated wHn suits or single noma, wlu soard, In that elidible brown stone build leg which is delightfully located between Fifth and Sixth avetues. Tit OARROLL FLACK. BLBBCKKR STRBkT, WKST OF JLU Hroadway ? Gentieiaeu and their wives and siagia gea Uimen can t>e areuteeily accommodated with very p easant and hsndaomt 1 v furnished or uiiiurntshe4 rooms, singly or la sul's. Dinper at lie 'clock. Mo moving 1st of May. Ketereuses ex char ge/<. e UNivBRsny plack-onk larqk room a*o ? ) two small, with l>oard. 4 ABINGDON SQUARE, WEST SIDK, SECOND HOUSK north it Bank street, a desirable location tor the summer. AparuientR, with t>oara. convenient for families or stable gen tlemea. Hoferenre* en hanged. A SUIT OF ROOMS TO LKT. WITHOUT BOARD, TOftfM gle gentkmen. tui nuhed or unfurnished pleasantly situa ted oo the tecocd floor, wttb gas bath. Ac. 1 hey will be oivlded or let together, us sui's Ue applicant. Stages and ? of eaiv sccees. Apply at 100 Amos strest. near Bleeder. APABLOR AND TWO BED BOOMS TO LKT, WITH lull board. Apply at No. 3 Lent/ place, Bleockrr street, near Itroadwa; . A1 ABGF AIRY SITTING BOOM AND BEDROOM, trotting Gratrercy tarfc, to let to oue or two sing e gen t emeb; bath, Ac.; break:*--- if req aired ; iamiiy small w:ihout children. Inquire at No. 7 Tweut;eth a'-reel, se*Xid hon e fro? Fourth avenue. AYOUJ-.Q OINTLEMFN, of STEADY AND Bt.TIRING habits, is desiiousoi obulnitu board in s private tastily, or where there are but tew boaraers. together witli the second sioiy lront rot m , be fuiuiib'ng. ihi> houie must be modern, ai.d pleasaotly located. Be.t of city referetice given, it re quireu. Addiegs T. W, brx .?^'4T, New Yor'i Pott office, stating terns tocation, sua slxe ot Tsuiily. A YOUNG IADY, OF MOPKBATE CiBCUMSTANrF.8 aj.ll quiet ba'iiis, deoires a comtortible : oine (room snd bedtotm. with p ain bosrd) with seme e'derly or widow i?dy. liv ng retlttd or s'.^na, in some cb-auly neighborhood. Terns S4 to J8 per wi t*. Payment punctual. KnrnUure imim pirtant. Whwe there if to other board" r preferred. Addre*> til' Monday, Retired Home, I'KHdway h" j?l ofllce. Keierenoef ?irhsu?ed AYOUSG WIDOW, WITH >UT INCUMBBANOE, WI9H es board in a mei tat>ic's fatn lv. Oo;>d refarf.nre given, and boud paid ic aovance. Address Mrs. Broose, Rrosd srsy Postoflloe. ARINGLF OKNTLXXAH WANTS A ROOM. WITH breakfast and tea in a private lamily. Best reference liven and required. Address C. L. A , Heiald office ACODPLK OF SINGLE QSNTLEMBN. OB A GENTLE man and his wife, can be acc -mmodtted with baard in a pilvale IkroilT, Is ab use with all the modern improvetnents. itqulre at 123 Weat Twenty tecont* stroet, be'.ween Sixth and Seven h avenues. A GENTLEMAN BEQUIBES IMMKDI ATELV.JPARTI aL board for himself and lull board tor an elderly luly, in a private family, or where there are lew boarders The advar tifer wants two bedrooms and a room suitabl* for a|Dsrlor, all UDtumiahed. Location not above Fourth street, not Car from Broadway. Terms must he moderate and no moving lit May. Address RaoCall. Hera.'d oCce, s'A'ing particulars. BOARD.-A GENTLRMAN AND Bid WIFE, AND fWO or three single (tentiemen, can be aocommodalad at BO Greet, e street, and within a few minutea' walk from Broad way. Terms moderate. Board? two or thbke young i.adie? can be accommodated with good board and uleasant room Ibnee who are from home (taring the day preferred. Inquire at 39 Pht rifl strc ?t . Boabd^-handsomfly fubniwk.d rooms, single and in suite. In house No. 4(1 West Washington place, to iff to families and single gentlemen, with full or partial hoard; noma conta'nlua the modern improvements; relerenoes ex ( hunted. Board in brooklyn.-a lady haying a house pleasantly located would like to dispose of a room or suit o( rooms, tarnished or unfurnished, to a gentleman and wife, or two gentlemen, with board. Dinner at six o'clock. Refer eures exchanged. Apply at 62 WUlotighby street. Board in bbooklyn-cobnkb of willooghby snd Jav streets, lnwlrable rooms, furnished or uufar r ishrd. with tall or partial board, for gentlemen with wives, or MDgli mntlemen. < aa be secured (rem first ot May next, by an earlv application at 13.1 bemfen street, Brootivn. Board in Brooklyn? one ob two gkntlkm&n c an tie arcommodated with u'easant rooms, wet' furnish ed in the immediate neighborhood of the South and Wall street ferries. Apply at M t'llnton street, Brooklyn Board in Brooklyn.? wahtbd. about the 20m or April next, by a genteman and his wife, a famished ruom. with full t>oard for the iadr and partial board for the gentleman, la a quiet respectable fhirlly where there are few or no other boaraars. Please aidreas, atatlrg terms and laca Ion, H. B., Herald oflioe. Board in bbooklyn.-a oknti.kman and lady can be accommodated with a furnished front room, with loard, by a private farni r in BrookWn; location near the City Hall and convenient to either of the neutral ferries. For par tictilar*, inquire of FoSlKK A I.OPKK, office No. 4 Sands ?treat, Brr oklyn. BOAfcD IN SOUTH BROOKLYN.- A PI.EAS ANT ROOM ano bejt'ocm, wiiU ciofets AtiachW on second floor, with fult or partlsl bo?ru. ean be had st No. ti Touskins place. BOARD WANTED ? BY TWO YOUNG OF.NTLEMPN, IN a private tamuy. or wbere there aie but tew boarders, be tween Hgbth and T?enty s*cond streets, in the vicinity of Hrradimy : wbere ttere i? some young society would be pre ferred. Address D. O . Herald iittce. Board wantkd? i* BKOocLYX,roBTWonNai.i eentletren, a psrlor and one or two bedroom*, near the South or W all stieet ferries, with partial board oolv. rtrook ljn Hel.ehts p'efeire<J. address, stating terms, H. 8.. box iSHt N. Y. Pnsl office. BOABD WAMKD-FOR A BOY TWO TEARS AND A hatf o d. in a private famiiy, wbere he can have a mo her n ca: e and no stnn!! child-m The rhl'd Is the only nr-n of a widower, atd if the place suite will tie permanent. Address U. Herald effire. B'ARD W A NT* D FOR A GENTIJJMAN. WIF': hife children and servants. Wbere there aie im> <ith" b? :iid*?s pielei.-ed or wuh prlva e table. Address, with fall par'lciilai", I bauncey, I iiion square Po?t ofllce. Board wanieii-by a q^ikt young i.ady, in a very snail tsmily. where there are no other ho?r?ter< Anv persons who could accommodate can me?t with a v?r\ desirable nart J. by artdrewstm,' H R. M Herald office. staMtig tei ins, which must betr.oderat?, and will be paid Lu ?dv?T>re. Relerei.res given Board wantkd-a ygcn?j grntl?m\n wants board In a private family or ? here nut fe?? other boarder* a*f taken; ocatlen between Bleacker and Tumir filth atresia, arm ?(?( ot Frurth i?fMW In a honn where tber?^ ia young a rt?ty prfierred. Adaie** P. R . herald oflicn. Baud wantrd-for a yockg lady, in a, pri vate family or fcoarjlne hou-e Loeatlw aot above Fourth vre?t helere-jc* glvesvand required. Andrew T. a., Btoaiwif Po?t office. Board wantkd. a yocnq OnRiittil whhks board In a private familr, ?elow lion-ton s'reet H??' or reftrenf e? (pven. A note ?jdrtrewed A P. UtrH.. Broadway Prmt office. ataing lerm?. which mm' Ihj moderate, will be promptly attended to Board wanted? cor a qf.ntlkiman and h is wife and daughter, between Tenth and Thirtieth street. ? I Fourth and rtlvth avenue*, ooe room, aa<l bedroom ad ilr g, to be on the eerord floor. Iirm mti*'. be moderate, ? ddrea* M. Herald office, staging particular*. Reference* exchanged. Board wantkd in Brooklyn ? bt a oknti.k tran and wife, in a private American family, w iere there are lew or no boarder* and In a houae with modern Improve merit*. inch a* ifw batba, Ae; famiahed room; full boird lor the iady, partial board for the gen letnan Location to be within Wn mlBotm' walk of 'ue Fulton or WH1 atrert ferrta* rtefe renre given and required. Addreae W. 8.. bo 1 .106, N. Y. Poet oflif-e. Boarding -a FLBAhany pi rnibhbd OB UBFUR niahe* Iron! parlor 'o let, with hoard, to a uent>man and lady, or two single gentlemen. Term* verv moderate, and rMrrencee exchanged. Apply ja Mr*. Palmer, Ho. t?i< Tbioip ?on street, near Hprtng. BOABLiINU.? TWO ROOM:! ?'OMMUNIOaTINO. SUIT able for a tanuly, bi a lir?t cla** hou?e, <<> Wen Twent feeor.d *'reet, between filth a-dHlxth avenue*. Aleo, a room for Biggie Ren' >mrr, ; the loca ion devlrable aa a ?uram?r reel dence being airy, healthy and convenient to public a-iuares. Reference* requires, BOAKDTNO-Al 74 BONBOR HTBF.ET, BKTWKKB Market and Pike ati?*<-* 'Ingle aenMe men and gentle rr,> ?! Hid 'heir * ir?? ran be ?reomndaied with irool board and pi' -' ant rr oma, aither furnb-.ied ef uofurntshed, ;?t the abov* nun. her BfiARIH-Rft' FXCHaNOK, NO. 2 APPLRTOH'fl RUIM> ir.'. :vt?i ?roa<i'??y . ? Boarding ho'i-ea and amllliHi can cbiaih (nlnlilt pe-nnnent boarder* at tfie ftxchange, m monthly due* *re charge* out rennnneratton la derived troti :be bosrder we ntr>4uoe Hoard ?eeker?dlrectei;;ratuitou*ly. <J II. 8MIfH A CO., Louse agent*. ItilkoaM rooms -two ok thrkh <;knt(,f. hkw, 'j ol high reai ec.ahltity, may oti'aln one entire floor, rtclilf furnWied, with partial toard in a mnnj private t*ml,v, occ ti pvlng an eien*n. re?. donee a low door* weat of frontfng Waablrg'oti ?qii?re. No other* taken. I in in. Hate poturtifelnn given. AOd. ?*a bo 1 1,1'1, Poitu/llcn. FIJRNISnRD Rf?OM? TO tKf-IW S0rf?(?R HKPA rately to Rentiemen, wlib bi->-^iaat, if requlreu, by a i pl'lng at 141 ninth atreet. ihlrd door i?aatm Broidway . boua* n*a the modern improrement^ L 1RNIHHFD BOO MB, BBI.HONT MOURR, BOB Stir. AND r Mr Briaidw av. Ha: daornelv I'urnlehe I rnooM tor fatnl Ir h i eant emeu, euher renn?n<-nt or trao>lent, in aeite or ?V g> ^eiom* aome low pi led 'oea' '? i nentrai.and very rip irab'e. Alar, a ault of rwma antfabte lor a denilai FVRBtHHRn ROtiVK FOB OBdTI.KUBB.? A PBIV a TV family rwldltrr .nr. hc'ow I'ti'.an ?|"am ?ml *<thn? few d' o a o< Ht<ia<t"'af. wtab t, real ?K?r t board, or wttii l,m? I'-ion, ',0'Hnr two ealiv fu'n roo?n* on ?no4i rate viw . no on* ig ? Ma / ? : Jr? t ? n mq v* I* ?? .id" G?? jSSgSggS toduii,o?-an i'wrr*Kn??Bo floor Ju Mill a tumuhed tfcird Door wtU be rented to qElet aud p?!**Q?nt .uu tes La a small pnipte UMttfly, 79 Mat Fli Uentb st -?t Room wa>ikd? rotuncspno or uj?fubnih8ei>. b ? a lad v aoj gfvamifl, board lor the hady only. Iliaid Log aouses noed not reply. A ildree* H, 9 . Bonli office. IIOOM AND BEDROOM WAMTKD ? WPfH BOARD. IN XV a pnvele familv tor a gentlemen. wife tod daughter. Tbe hoiufc must be situated on Brooklyn Heights, wtthln five miriub ?' walk of Fulton or Weil street terries, aadpoaaesa a.1 tbe modern improvements, Ixclusimg gaa, A a. Address box ir HarWd offloe. \ Room wa*t$d-by a young man, in a qpiht fcnUr, residing between Bteeokac street and Onion equate- Tertae paoderete Addreea AJtred. Herald cffloe. SRTRRAL LABOR AMD SHALL Rt'OMB ARK TO LRT, either with <M without partial 'want, at Wo. It Waver *7 piaos near Hmntway. rGtNiLKltfch.-A LADY AND DADOHTER, H JlV lng a targe, new and cumulate liouu, near npuer Uroaa way, are daslroaa of finding a middle aged gentleman who wifhei all the c- mforu of a refined borne, without the expense of aeeiing uy an eslabliahmeit. Bueh a person of eha-arter may adores# M B H . box 1. 244 Font office, whan the airer I Utcr Will give taeice?Uon?ble aame. place and reference, with a view o en arrangement TJLj AKTRD -BOABt?, JM)B a QDIRT YOUNO LADY. IB VT a private family, nw Fourth arenas. Addre&i. statin# terms and location, t. H. R . Post office. WANTED? FUIX OB PARTIAL BOARD. IN A PBl vale family Location near Broadway, between Canal atd BleecVer street*. Addreaa J. H. M . Herald offire. YE/.ANTFD-IN A PRIVATE FAMILY OB FIRST CLASS TT boarding house, board lor a gentleman, wile and aon, 9 Teats of age; would require a par or and two liedrooms; alio, b*ih aod tM la the house, references exchanged Address R. & B , Vox 153, Berald office. ?ounca, boons, ?t n WAirru>. DWBLLINO HO^TBIB WANTED-FOB BFNT, BETWEEN Bn sdway sod Seventh avenue and Eighth and 1 wenUeth strtv u, new bocee preferred , must contain not leas than ail s'eeptng rooms and attic servant*1 rooms, and have all the modern Improvements of water, km, range. Ao., rent to be from t&OOtv $1,200. Addrees with fu'l partlcu'ars, box S.73-; New Tfork Pott office 13 OP8K WANTkD _ ^room ri| ;3fl BtoPPly w BXLl 4 alS?? 'jfigj ^ j I HCUSK WASTRPi? THE WHOLE OB LOWER PART ' ol a a*at two fttor? ho<ua in tbe Seventh ward. New | Voi k, or In Brooklyn, within five minutes wslk o: Catharine ferry, in a pleasant neighborhood, for which a fair regt wlil lie l.a '1 b; a ruHpoafioJe tenant. Addresi. slaing pirtuvjlars, Ac.. Wb H. Wilson, y'JB South eliee:, or to* 4,?90 New York Post oflice HOUSK oa COITA^E WANTED IN BROOKLYN ? COft - ! ia>i> ids ul^oui tou rtioms. and within t ?.%nt ? rainu'e*' ! wkU of the Kolioo Wa l Btreet or Soutn ferries Rent |300. i Address, uating rent and location. H bo* 1.729 l'lHt offlce, J^ew ^ork. LOIS WANTKD -13E VNDEB8IONKI) WOULD Pl'B cliate iar?? teparate paieels ot lots, eiig'blv loca'ed it) this <119 mth lusn# ror buLidio^ thereon, ana >te pared without loan. KKJiNKDY AS9K&MAN, No. 0 Wad street. Fart ok a housb WASTtn-BY a sma'*l famu.y of refpetiAbllit', is a pleatant location; below tninn fqoare pre erred Houaa mu?t have e?< and Urotoa w tut Houi or Uve r!X>uie and par', of tbe basement requii-el. Ad dj-eio, staUDg prices Ac. , boi 2.753 Post ollioe. TITANTJID? A SMALL FDB.^ISHCD nOUSE, (00T f T isg^j ) he'weet C'ausJ snd Slxt.eth streets: pos?e??loa |irtr>ediate<y, jf iieiMnle. Rent paid lu advance, n required l'leare aJdre^ X . beiadoflite. VI' AMUi-a SMALL THREI.' STORY W0SE, WITH ?? modern t^iprovenrenw. to accommodate a few select Ix.'arders. Looatiou Irom Third to Ki^lilb avenues, not higher than Twenty aflh street. Persons bavin? sucb a house, at a nw derate rest, may Ond a good leoan< b, addressing J. A , box 1811. Post offire. rarANTED? A SEtOM? FLl'OR IN MAIDEN LVNK, T ' John or r aitoo ??reel, between Pearl and William, for a termor five years or '?*?. Must have windows In the rew. Beitt not to exceed $800 per year. Address B. A. B., box 142, erald offlce. WANTED? A SMALL HOCSK, IN A GOOD NEIOH horbood, lor a ?tn? I 'Amtly. it must be in pe-fect orcer, with bath. Apply at Thirty-third street, for one or two weeks. WAf.TM>-BY A GES1LEMAN AND WIFR. AN UN fu'nisbed room ar.d bedreom. with gas pantry, cbsets, ic., on lirst cr second floor Private family preferred. Slate terms and location. Address Jackson, Herald office. WAN1BD-B1 A SMALL FAMILY. PART OF A teel house, consisting of Ave or six rooms, conveniently arras ped, in a good nelgnborhood, between Fourth and t wen ty third streets and Fourth aod Sixth avenues; rent about $5)0 Address Hone, Union square Post offlce, tor one week, fooe but Americans ne?d answer. WANTED-BY A LADY AND HRR SON. FIVE ROOM8 on tbe second and ih.rd floors ot a three story bouse, with mrde>n improvements, or board in a private tamily (Americani; lo.ated between bousUm and Sixteenth streets at d Fourth snd Seventh avenues. None need answer this but tlio?e wno can give the best of references, and whose apartments are in gocd order. Address, stating terms and location, T. B. 8 , box 2,2S0 Post office. WANT ID- BY A FAMILY OF FOUB OBOWN PER sons, apartments, consis-ing ot front end back rooms, two bedrooms and kitchen, on oecond and third Hoots, in a good neighborhood, between Fourth and Thirtieth streets and Mxth and tilath avenues Any person having such to rent may hear of a good tenant by addreeslng a line stating terms, Ac., to B. E . llera d offire. N. B ? <Jae desirable, but Crotoo water indispensable. Tlf ANTED ? BY A WIDOW LADY AND HER TWO TV children, a part of a small modern house. Anyfiuni'.v having rrom to spare may hear ol a tenant willing to pa* a liberal p'ice for good accommodations, by addressing Q. R . Herald offlce. YITANTHD-FOB SIX MONTHS. FROM 1ST MAY, A Tf rai'', neatly furnished cutaga. coniaiting about eight rcotss, lntfudlng kitchen, situated eithrr at flushing, Fort Lee, Yonker? or I'obbs' lerrv Address, ataUng terms and full particular*, OoBege box HI Fcwt oflice. YJLT ANTf I) ? A SECOND HAND STSAM ENGINE OK ?T foitv or 8tty borse power. Addresi K.. Howard Hotel WANTED-A SECOFD HAND IBON SAPB, OF LARGE size. Address H , Howard Hotel. TI'AMFD. IN H030KEN? THE FIRST OR SECOND Tl Hocroi aboupe. (With private family preferred.) from Crft cf May nex., at a low rent. Applicant s umily small. Five rocmi< reeled. Address, slat. ng rent, ioca.itn, Ac,, B. J. M. box 1.461 New York Poet of#c?. I*, ANTED TO HIBE-THE WHOLE OR PAttT OF A " pew, I In tneCatl-o ic church, Sidney place, Brooklyn. Addicts, stating number aod prise, box 186 Brooklyn Poet cffice. WANTED TO HIRE-SOME GOOD FURNITURE, BY a careful and responsible partv, who ran give the most saiiefactory refeier.ces lo anv one glvtnt; up housekeeping and ? Ishiog to reserve ?ome articles ol furniture this would be a gocd chance 'o mk storage and have proper care. Ad irmi W. T.. box 3,761 Post offlce. tlf ANTED TO HIRF.-A LARGE ROOMONTHE FIRST m or second floor, a Broadw ay. that could be used as an exhibition room. Any per?on having such a room, and wou'd give a lease, can meet vith a responsible >i-n?nt by applying ? addrn.i i (ieo Lea, 186 Grond street. ANTED TO PURCHASE? A FIRST RATR CHaCKKR Tt round, in this ci'y Any uue baring ?uch lo disposeot, *111 please tuldretg box 177 Hera d office, stating full purlieu larr, pure average aalea per week, and where au interview ma} be bad. HOTELS. S10LL1V8 B OTXL? FOOT OF CANAL BTBEKT. HAV* \J anoae lorje pari cm, wMb bedrooms. aalla and ataxia roorru. to I at nu rooet ieaao?al>le term*. to Iraoritot or ptrmuwi boarder*. Th? rlaw awl iooatl.m tram ibe boiua BaneqaaDad bavin* ? fu.i tUw of -New Yuri ''dArin TALLMiVwarAPBS. Proprietors. 1W. GLOBE HOTWI. ? 0Of<TAININ'G 28" ROOMS, UUu rmr t* t rapkloi t|and William atreeta, baa be??ii newly fit Mup Hingis forms only 25 and 37l? centa each par ni^ht Hoor nminri r ramUie?. Port*? no a*5 anil night awl nrvale served at all bourn. J. O. FKP.NCH, Proprietor. LOS'I A1VD J.WMD. Found? iw thk lowkr part ok thk ctiy, a white pine box. The owner cau >vare tb* m>n>' Irylorovln^ property and pa>in* Mr this i*dv?rtJ? cu??t. ' at Zt Newark avenue. .TeoieT City. FOUNO-IK A VALL BTRKRT OB MI BUS* VB?TKB'>AY morning, about half past uiae, a p*<k??fof glove*, the owti>r enn have by ra'lio^ at l?? I'aarl > Ireet and I lend f? log the nm? Fl'RIIPPVT LO*T-$G KKWA KB? A FCR VICfORIVfe * *a low 04 i ueatfay, March 18, in 010 ot the following etieet*:? Tliiity flith mroe . higb'ii avenue; Tlmtv alzth atreet. p iih aveme, or TIJrty-?n?r? '.h aitee' II? alove reward will be paid lor ita r?-.urn to XJh Wem thirty ltfth mreet. IOBT-TKKTKRDAY AT ABOC1 12 O'C./HJK, A LtTTLK i boy, nae'l fivo j m i, amwuring 10 the name ol Kdmond FCIiti. "he had on when fce ten home a/ray hai, a small olue coat at d ktm paw* Wl oevet ran rl e Information will *TeaUv oblige liti parent*. oj calling at No VH Kaat Twenty ?dxtb street. LOBT-IN ONF of TflBITKW YORK AM) NKW HAVKN Railroad emr*. whlc.i iefl the t'mal rtreet depot, on eatur day ;a?t, at 12 o't oek, a 'adi m c?abtr.?ve sbaal, wrh i|?ht reD'.:e Ant person tti.rt in* It to Mr, Moninon, at, the Canal ?tieet depot, will he suitably rewarded. IOHT- RPTWf' F.M OKtiKAW 8TRK> T AN0 THK CITY J Hail, Brooklyn, on Tuesday last, a ?mt? Imorh ot ?<??*. The tinder wlli obi ?e and he r*? ,r-ld hy returning th.' umn to Mr. Hitmpyon, 22M'?tirt ?tre<'t. L0H7? ON THK HORNING OF i:?TH INST , TWO BF t'<S key*. :ied togfior. IbetAMtat Will |i oafer a tar.* by l?ayln^ l?eni at tie liet*.d r 1!r? LOPT -A POOKI'-TBOOK, WITH \N \ MOL'NT OF hai '< note Mil* and gold ro.n, ?<>?-,!'iit v > h I *0 t 'orpom ion wurran n. to the kmot.nt ot JW34 15, witli 'orne vainahie p,ip"rs if tb? pertii-n ft'?dtc? the *%me will yeturo t<? me tile wwrABt* a:irt i^oerft he >?)ih1i t?e eoti el fo k-^p tlitt ntonev. V* ini-u : ot '.18 aarra" 0 !i? t >een hi >pi>p.l ?It>HN W \ I ! K, 1 102 Br .adway. T OUT ?A KHAM. Br.VDLK Ol Hill OLOVftH vv \ f* I i >fl 'n a Wan <i'#et M.-ige loe Hi dor v. .! I *)e r? ??ri*d by leaving t*.em a ?! 1. >erty m Nt. HPOKTIWO. LtRA?fTs nt n.rR, w waTTP. strut rkmovbd r to Pmltoo etree', tn the I'aaemen: All rite eitolge breeda i do?? fi* naie and lor Block. Infallible and lmnne<llatn enre t 1 n ar/a. fleae, and B.I distant* ol the akin in dof?, price SO cite, la preia, ."log ? *T*ph?. yr\rm Jk hbould ha re?d by every oca owtua* a do*. Ikm'tfail fc? ropy the a>) poay. \'A' At'tiP ;iO?i -WB'T> t BCM. DOO FOR y ..aie Aito'y at 'hi? at* a? r< ru< c l?uii(tMi a'enue an ? I 0 1 / 'Ji'rd > 'bl foaen-TM ? 17 H-?Hr RTKO* $')<>!l.500 Duauara. 0? Mauctua uiaa. Shm, V>. PiwBBHOKaH*' fniMB B*wai J. MAODUFF * OO. 186 Broadway. d>(M(v n<kH? <w>ak on watches. diamonds. jew slry, ptanos, dry goods aegara, burses, ?MMMl to- Every description ot proper*? boajot, ml the bl? beat prttoa paid in owli. AH tranaaoUoos Hatoil;' mnMeattal. Private roomj for ladies. Offloe boar* -from * till a at TAYLOR k OO.'H.JJ Chambers street, uttl dour to Burton's jfceatrrj u? wairs. ??00 (uiA-iiORlT TOLOANOI W4TQBMLJMA. ?OUU.UUu Midi, jewelry, M?m. dry good*, and ail kladaet perwjt*! property, orb ought far cask, Mi a'ao tor aala cheap. Nctoa, Mods, mortgagi*. stocks, *o., negotiated. Wo. K? ? ?"?ag fftreat. raoma Mo. 1 and V-j, ooraaraf Ana. THOMPSON k 00.. brifri and nnwmlsrisa raarshanta. -WATCHES, DIAMOND JHWHLHY, SB - -- ?? T|tUbtl|l? oronapt aad aonUaa jua anal aunr nouaju HA n " * * ? * " Saturday*. SAOC rtnn -WANTED. THIS AMOUNT OP STATE .UUU. stocks. Hew York, Pennsylvania, or Vlr (1* in exchange for productive real estate to the West. Ad eas Reel Estate, Herald tfflo*. ?1(WM)A Ilf MANUF AOTUBING STOCK OF A ?1U.WU . company reoao>ly( formed for ?aie, or ei cfcanfed tor merchandise, 'or which some caul) wLI be paid; grcoariaa palnu, oils, Ac. will be lakes. Addraaa *'*?>>? y

Aq nnn wanted-on bond and mortgage, JO.Ul'W at in per cent, tar 3 or t yean, on city propert" worth (25,000, unincumbered. Apply to WM. K McKIMM, aimer of B.eecker aad Carmine street*, any day before 10 A- M. ' 4 HAH WANTED FOR a TEKM OF YRABS, AT .Ul/VT per cent Interest on a farm In New Jersey, worth ihiee tiznea the amount. Address Brown, boi 1,261 font cfllce. Ant amount or money T3 loam on shobt term* aad purchase at caah prieea diamonds, watchea, Plata, rich jewelry ana valuable perianal property generally. B. WOOD. 60 Fulton street seoond floor, front room, 9 a. M. to 5 P. M. A ft w superior oil paintings for aala at a bar gain, or exchanged tor maiAan Ike. A TL ANTIC FIBE INBU3ANCB COMPANY OF BROOK JX lyn. Mar ti 1. 1856.? A semi-annual divtdeu i of ei^ht per "eat haa tb'j day been declared, payab'e oa demand. HOBATIQ DyRH, bra., ADVANCES ON rBTOELS-WHBTHBB AT SBA OA I S port made by JOHN B. MURKAY, 44 Wall street, over Bank of North AflUrte. Btiftoaaa paper discounted and loan* made upon all standard neeurltioa. AMERICA* GLASS SILYFBINO COMPANY? NEW York, Hatch 19. 180J.? Notice u here by given to the stock holders e? fbe American (Haas Silvering Company, that the Board of Directors have this dav made an assessment of Ave dol'arM a thare On each (Mn of one hundred collars or lb* capita! stock of said company, payable on the .'(O h day of Apiil next, at the office ot the ccmpacy, 44 Duaue street. New York. The transter book will be clonal until Mar Is!, 1K56. PETER 8. CYPHERS, Secretary. |/<LOI!E!>CR AND KEYPOBT JOINT C'OMPAW Y. ? THE I? report for the laat year cm be had at the oilier. 6l? Beavtr street T. LOYD, Treasurer. Money to loan-on diamonds, watches. jkw elry, pianoa, dry#ooda. aegaraaad every deecrlpUoncf rahi tble property, or bought for oaah. Mtocfta, booda, note*. mr-rttageR. ?o . negotiated. Wat^b* and je welry for eale. K. TH\Yh R ,i'U Broadway, rooms Noa I aiii * rjiooud atory. MONBY 'JAN ALWAYS BE INSf ANTLY OBTaINKD on eecuritlea, valoablea, merchatidiae. Ac Undoubted bttoim ?? paper and property -t known value bought for caah at stglit ai' transarUon* strlctJr conOd^nUftl aad sa'e. at toe old estabhabnd aad reawxtaibln Pacific lsaa and tln^acial o( fl'e. 114 Orai l strset over Pacific Bank. N*W r )BK LOAN OFFIOK Asa RKaL WbTATI Afrenoy, :t06 Broaoway, cornet of Diumu! streats rooia No. S, tbiid floor.? 'lb1* nrop?'i?tor is now prepared to >.o*n or buy for caah all deasrl!?iious ol persona! properir, watcbea, diamiuida Jie ; boruea. earriogee, harneaa, cl'ttb*, aiiJu, and also works ot art Badness prompt, aooommixJatinj; and con fideo'iaL Private ofll?ea tor the reception of ladlaa. N. B.? Pa-'lee WiIU>J upoo Uiel.- resitunciia. ?VTOTlCE.? IDE UADEBSIONBD. C<>MMINSIONKB8 i.1 apDOistad by the Gereral Asseaobiv oi Virginit, hereby give public no'lee that the books for receiving subscriptlous to the capital stock ?f the Preston Coal and Iron Company, re cenlly incoronrated jy ihb Uenorai Assembly of Virginia, with a capital ot Sl.25U.bOO, divided into 13 000 shares of <60 each, will be opened at ?o 13 Broadway, la thec'tyot New York, on Thim^ay, 'he tothdajof April next, and coutlatiel oooa for ten days tlerehTU-r, f om 10 to 3 o'clock each dav. Full part'eu it r h wiil>e given upon application to the undersigned at the above tine and alaca. Hl'BEST O. OL'JVKB, DAVtD D. VOOBlIEtti. OFFICE OF THE NEW YOBE AND ?EW HATKN Railroad Company. No 1 Hanover street? Noiine to bondho dors.- Holders of 7 per oent bonds of this eomoany. are hereby notified, that in pursuance of an act of the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut, passed at lta laat May session, the Treasurer Is authorised and prepared to exchange for the outstanding bonds bearing 7 per cent interest and not secured ?y mortgage bonds authorised by the before mentioned act. beaii/ig 6 per ceat Interest, and secured by an only nort gage the company's road, franchises. Ac. Said exchange will be made at this oOce until further notice By order of the I>t Tebtora, WILLIAM BKMEMT, Traaaurer. New York, March 11, U56. PACIFIC MAO. STEAMSHIP OJMPANY ? NtW YOBE March 11. 1HSS. ? The etcekhoidera of this Company are hereby notified that tfce new eertlfloates of stock, issued under the recent amendment to Its charter, dividing the capital into shares of ooe hundred dollars each, will he ready for delivery on 'he 22d instant, on the surrender ot the present outstanding eertlficalee. FBKDER1C HOFFMAN, Secretary. PARE BANE BUILDING, FOBMHKLY CLINTON HO tel.? Stoie and Offices to let In said building. Plana may be seen and terms made known, by calling on *rm. P. Earle, No. 19 Park row; or on Meecri. Heary a. Hurlbut, So. 2>rr Pearl street; J. O. Byrd, No. 12 Warren street, and Oliver Hayt, No. 40 ^prtice street. Sayings hank. -mariners sayings institc tion, corner of Third aventte and Ninth street, for ih^ bene fit of all classes of persona. Interest allowed at the rate of # per rest on stuns of IfiOO and under, and 5 per cent on snnu above SttO All sums deoosited oa or before tut* 1st of April will draw interest from that day. Bank open <lallv from 9 A. M. to 2 p. m., and on Wedneadays and Saturdavs'frora & to 8 o'clock. P M THtiMAS B. STILLMaN, Preaident. P. W. K.n??, First Vice Preaident. I.M a ac T. fc*rru. Secretary. fftHB PARE BANS? NOTICE. 8UBSOBIBEBS TO THE L oapUal stock of thia bank are respectfully requested to pay the Mial instalment of ninety per cent open thalr t uberrlpuons on Monday, March 31, 1856, at their banking bouse, at the head of Beekman street, near the Park, at whics time the baek will be opened tor business. Bv order ot ike Board of Directors, New Yoaa, March 10. 18t6. O. A. MaOY, Oaahler. THE MANHATTAN OAS LIGHT COMPANY HRRKBY uive ro' ce. thattrom and atter the 1st of October the pi'ce of their gas wl 1 be rcduced from throe dollars to two a^d a half dollars per 1,000 cubic feet. S. H. HOWABD, Secretary. ^ aflTKUCOTO*. 1QC7 - BOOKKRPIKO, WRITING, AR?THMETT(L? lO?J I ? Mr. DOLBEAR, BOO H roadway, being assisted by an a c: ompllahed practical hookkeper, guarantees to quality gentlemen for busineaa In the shortest poaslbla time. Appu canti may rely on receiving the beat instruction ?ml being lualifled to fill any iltuat ion ae head bookkeeper*. AFRF.MCH TEACHER OFFERS TO BOABD GKN tlemeu wishing ?o learn French, boib by practice and leaarns, with his family, who. an well as himself, are rrom fa rls. Hou?e has all the modern imarovements. Apply a*. 239 Tenth street. uVrTwch lanocagr.? prof. d. lagroix. NoTT$ r Broadway, continues to reoeive new pup<ls lor thorou^k u ?trn< tion in the Freuch language, Imparting to Uiem, by aa easy and efficient method a practical knowledge of It By a rew plan the conjugation or verba Is ao a mplified as te b* readily understood and asqutred. Term* reasonable Al F>T KYhTKM O K~ W^it IT I n G ~ KVKRYu N K I t* r wn teacher. MAC I,A UKI N'S Patent System of Writing, patented by the United Sates government, February 11, IH56. 1:. a bt r o? Ear.m Books. Pair* 91 nut ttr.T. OXB SET can HK USED BY A Do? K.N LEABNRItK. sent by mall, prepaid, to any part of the Union, on receipt 01 pi ice. ?choc Is acd dealers supplied on liberal terms. 1 his perfectly original and novel system or instruction, ( ml the only one ever patented.) put* It in the powero every men won. an and child in the country to beoome, without the aid 01 a master, an accomplished writer. By any other knojro pro cess. none but persons having a special (acuity or natural la 'ent for writing, acquire great proficiency, while by this sy? t?m the ability is Insured >o ?li to obtain the hi chest possible combination of c at reotD? w d rapicity. a paraph et on talrlrg mil explanation* and directions, will accompany eaci set of books; or the pamphlet will be sent toaiiy address, with out charge, on the receipt of a postage stamp. The ablest edu cationists in the country have g vsn the subject a very thor ongh examination, and have expressed their confidence in the ali Hufliciency of the system. r.XTKAlT* FItOM m HA.1T TKKTIMONtAIJJ IK I'OSS'.SMOS Or THr. FATF-WTTKIC. From Jumes It. McEHigott; LL. D. 1 he pupil is compelled to unite in his praotice correctness of form with rapidity af execution. These, as is well known, sre the capital ri iioisites in the formation of a good penman, sidit is toe crowning feature of Mr. MacLaurin's system, thst ihev ci me out ol the piactice involved In his oonree of cxercsea bv a aort of catural necesaity. Bertram Hartiaon. Ksq , Priocipsl of Bancroft Institute, says t or these reasons. then-It* reduction of penmanship to a a mple me< process, Us immense Having of time, the most Unpoitant comic era Ion, wbete tne period ali ittad to education is po limited: the combined preclnlon and rapidity it Ids*'**; r* admirable arrangement, advancing the pupil by rirely graduated steps; and its power 01 enabling the worst pei, man te wrtte we'l? I think it iar superior to all uther methods, and deettted to acquire a wide aud daaerved papa Iar it'. Mr. < har.'es Ccudert says A mete examination of the work In sufficient to convince the moM lUperflcia' OJ'erver that it mil*' b" what it purports From Jebn V*'. Bnlkiey, Esq, superintendent of common fcbool* in the city ot Brooklyn : ? I ooni.dei.tly recommend your a?st?m a* superior to all otbtrs with which I am acquainted. MB tMl f*. l-atdall. E?q . PQPerf nteodent ol < amnion Schools in the city of few York, say* 1 ba?e no in laying -bat I regsrd the Principle upon which it re t*? the cuit'ire and development ol the mosi'lesof tie bsodard a.m? i- etpioentiya notind snrt ofcllosonhljal i t.e, and. Indeed, as t lie ? nly mode in wb-i h a tree, easy *nd frsce'ni 'tyteof penmanship < an tie attained. From John H arming, Mq., Principal 01 Ward School No. 12, Pew >ofk : ? Vonr system imparts i fence md freedom in I he control aud user! the pe". thr* isfltxbining (what in tm* li'iali m ugn Is t , , . i1natom< correc'oe?s of nun with rapidltj 01 exe ution. from 'he Southern i.epertnrr nod Col)e?e Review Mai i.aiirifc's ? rwr proposes o produce a combination in tile highest possible debtee n t correctness of form and rani city of eTwtifiou. and we do not ?ee how It can tall 10 ac complish It. II rem 'he Kaickerfi titer.; It in phl'isoohicaltn i's prncipiea. and oiyical and rational in ft* deductions; If must a<c?mplish,iii trnry instanoe, tne oh * ct it cerpcH/'s u> effect. I'uMifhed bv W. s. M A( I.AimiKAUO N > il:' Htoiuiwu /. Nesr York To Te?<liers ? I'je sutiior will an ecu persona^y to tiie miro .Icdlrnof the ??stem into sthools widi'iiK ut adopt it CJPANI^n LA?Q1 AO? ? A OOUD CHaKOK PRk * sors i;oIok to (il'itvim srd Month Amerioa. Persons wlshmir lo a< qulrs some iriowle<lnc ol t lie Npam-ih laniruatre hf fore lliey |iO 'o '.he above cci.nuici, will 'It well to nil on I'triieesr \. PlliKRA He will impar" tothen, In only twelve .t sk<??, e? tnti'h at tbeN e*t? ?< toire In raany months' from a ua<he< : that is ts sa/, a th eounh Jpa?tsb pronunelMI o, und i e faculty o?io* all Ihcae phrarei oioaf iis-ta In enmnww In i#?COiir?e 'Ihey will he funuaoeit, besides, with auali dirett i,o,ii win eoab'eihetn to contitutt sot ejfitilly by ibem .. ?es tb? Mel/ (.1 tee 'sr./i isge. Ti>"m mtdsrstii. AMrem - Wpi'c ?tr*eC tiear l>e-(*4way, from 1! t' < o'-lrl p m WRITING- PI.*(M *ff I OR|tfa?RMT\(,. |M T4UGITT t rem aroed as I Wist 'itttls ie-*!|.i,|?i>n< ^ dwi ariUca * < t'lMiei ot ''?*> 's ilwi <?< arel tiw mmni KriCsmir*, by 4 'KX'liS 14 ??iei/la"iK. wlilisiul, sa mial ft ? '?? ? i ? *? '*? gUCK gmm.-LHAPMATyay ASSftJNMfXf Closing the at The entire clock fop L BLACK ILL By order ot Qkxtngthe? a ttmrnm. BIAUTtrVL BLACK luu A* Wl Mil l. 1 "1??!?{toLLIAM8 A CO. B LACK GUIPCBK AND THREAD LA. CBS, ALL widths. ?380 black tare velli, at |2 28, wo'th 94 mantlUas, ?bawls, black figured nets for basques, entirety Mir pat Mr rut. At PK^KB ROBERTS A OO.'B, 3T> Broad w w. T> AKTHOLO MKW'S AStIO NMENX? _D 661 Brosdway. W. JACKSON will oO or this day tbs following goods far ?aie:? 1 case of Fourlaod silk, at f6 SO, worth 98. 1 do. r-cotch ginghams, at Is., worth Is. (ML t do. Preach calicos, at Is. , worth ti. Observe the address? W. J ACKSOif. Successor to 0. X. BARTHOLOMEW, 6?>l Broadway, between Si ring aud Prince sired' ?. COLOBKD DRE8B SILKS.? i.iiDDi.irt i:'a Aseicanura, iC aaoAowAr. Tan cases for sale this week. The entire stock must be sold. EMBROIDERED MU8LIN&? A NIT ARTIOl.K FOB basques. Also receiving, dally, sM stock ot muslin trimming* and flouncing a. N. B. ? A large lot of oambrts handkerchiefs, hemmed stitched, at S3 0U par doieu. rary cheap, at PKTBB HOBRRTS AOO.'H,ft6 Broadway. Fashions.- the cbtbtal palaob first prize silver medal emportttai of rtrtilnin I? O8MOKKHT, Of 376 Broadway, informs the puMlo that her branch wtore. Ma. 79>i Canal street, opposite Ore we street, roe tains the most ole gam and artistic designs of patterns ever offlsred, under the superintendence of Mma. GoadalL pFNIN'S GRAND OPENING DAY AT THE BAZAAR.? VT Ladies will remember, while examining the maav new and beautiful spring costume* of this establishment, that aneat and pretty shoe or gaiter is indlspsnsably needed to complete tbe attlie. Call and see. There is a certain refinement and elegance about ibem which almost compels you to purchase. Opentr g day on 1 htirsday , March 39. Jo. milliken a no. WOULD invite the atten * tloo of housekeepers and others to their well assorted stock of genuine I lien goods, cooslitinr of thirling linens, sheeting linens, pillow case linens, table Haons, towellings, napkins, la mm, diaper*, linen 0 handkerehlets, aod llnea goods generally. 748 Broadway, above Aster piace. JAMES A HFaRN ffas now opened ?Is new store ot flirt* BfAitr imr hoods, No. 770 Broadway, above Ninth street. N way, to 41S Broadway, corner of Llsj>e:ard. street where he offers a lull assortment cf goods, in his line, for their ex nmlnaticu. A new and choice asserlmeat of soarts, cravats, ties stccks and underwear of all descriptions. Ro?aa de cbambre; also, his celebrated Balitraad kid gloves Shirt* made to order, snd warranted to At. Gent'emeucan rely upon having their orders executed in ths best manner. MABSOTLLK3 QUILTS - LftAuBl! ATRR'S ASSIGNMENT, 347 Brood #ay. rift HUM>RE9 VKUT FIMK HABSSILLES QUILTS, At tremeniou* bai gains ? G. a. WILLIAMS A CO. MB?. JOH>PTON AND MISS MaCPHKRSON. DRESS mantilla in iking establishment. No. 2D Rleecker Htieet, betwe?n Broadway and Biwery. Pattern* of evsry style, made uo from Psrln de?l?i>3, at the shortest notice. Several apprentices wanted Immediately KW BaREGK R0BE8 ORDERED BY THE LATE FIRM OF IJCADBKaTBR A 00..34T BROADWAY', ON Sale THIS WEEK. BY ORDKR OP Afi8IONtk8, Oi:e hundred and flit beaut ifttl Koies, a: Si 00 an t $8 each. G. B. WILLIAMS A OO. 0 PEKING DAY, GENIN'S BAZAAR, THURSDAY, March 20 ?Mothers are invited to take their "darling bors" to GRNIN'S Bazaar, St Ntcbolat Holel, wbera 1st Hon. tbe hcf-t des'gner and cutter of boys' clothing in the Union, will (It them with exquisitely made suits, at very mod orate prices. OKNIN'S Bazaar, 613 Broadway. QTRAW blondes. O A splendid assortment of straw blendes, ot our own importation, By WKISKKR BROTHERS, 64 and 66 John street, up stairs. SHAWLS! SHAWLS I! SHAWLS II! LKaDbEaTKR'B ASSIGNMENT, 347 Broadway. Tremendous bargains ibis week. In Brorbfi, Pte'.la and other shawl). By order of assignees. O. B. WILLIAMS A CO. STRAW GOODS-STRAW GOODS? Ribbons, French flowers, buds, piquets, htraw sheets and twst, aid Materials for florists. Low for cash, at No*. 64 and 66 John street, corne' ot William, HOMER A KBTCUUM. SPRING AND BUMMER MANTILLAS. To I. ADIT* AMD STRAKOER* VISITING THE CtTT. The subscriber begs to announce that cn Thursday, the 20th lost , he will be prepared to exhibit his earliest importations ot the latest Parisian designs in ladies' ouier garments, suitable to the season, in advance ot his regular opening, and to which be invites the especial attention of strangers, who may not have an opportunity of suiting themselves at a later period. His present stock will be touad to sustain the high reputa tion of bis bonse for all that is choice aad exquisite in style and artistic finish, aad may be briefly enumerated as follows:? Rich L>ons velvet acd moire antique mantillas. Rich Lyons velvet and moire antique mantillas, trimmed with Guipure lace. 8uperb black tatieta mantillas. In great variety. Klegsnl colored ma> illlas, in every conceivable shape. Real Cbanlllly. Guipure and Hotuuin mantillas. And a pi-rfcct profusion of equally attractive goods in his line. Having recentl y enlarged his premlnes. he Ls now enabled to add a department exclusively devoted to the manufacture and sale of mourning mantillas, which will be found to contain an equally brilliant display of novelty acd style, as he has entered into arrangements with tbe eminent bouse of Le Cann, of Paris, trom whom be will receive fresh acoesakms by every stesmer WM. BUCHANAN MACKENZIE, United States mantilla and cloak store, 45 and 47 Canal street, New York. nrtlSKKR BROTHERS, 64 AND ?6 JOIN BTRBOT TT up stairs. Importers and Jobbers ot French bonnets, Faabiaas, French flowers, Straw roxJs, fUbboos, Silks, Ae., are Constantly opening a ehoiee assortment ot the above named goods, of their own Importation, received by every steamer, which thev offer for sale at very low prieee. ILSON G. HUNT A CO., IMFOaTSB* AMD JOBBBB* OF WOOLLEN AND OTHER GOODS adapted to men's wear, Nos. 80 and 83 William street, coruer of Maiden lane. " CARPETWG8 A\l) VPHOLSTERT. BF.A1.TY ! ELEGANf OR I ECONOMY ! Bsndsome tape*try, BruineU cutpets, 4*. per yard. Be*utUui spring rty e ingraln.?, 4s. Gold window shades, lfis. per pair. HIRAM ANDERSON, 99 Bowery. CARPETS, OILCLOTHS, RUGS? .Self cted exvreasly for our spring sales, aad including a '.be newest and most desirable patterns, at low b*t PoeeniLz mien, T-pestry, Brussels, velvet, tliree ply, Ingrain and low priee osrpstings. Brussels, velvetana Mosaic rug*, mats, Ac. Inglisli and Ami-rlcan oilcloths. Ac., Ac.. Sc. LORD A lAYUtK, 256, 267, 269 and 261 Grand st. And new numbers 47 and <9 Catherine st. CI RAN I) SPRING OPENING ! X Of superb Kng'.lsh Medallion Yelvet Tapestry ?Sid Brussels Carpet*. MegnlScent Mosaic, Velvet and i henlUe Rugs HiRAM ANDERSON, 99 Bowiry. w BaUABDg. AI.AROK AS80RTM?NT OF BILLIARD TABL*aCo? the be <tq ua ity and at low pricoa, will be found at oo: man u actor v, ihe largeat and mo*tooinnlete In the city. Bali* and tr;mm:uga or the fir? quality for *aU. Orders b y mail a' ended to. O'CONNOR k COLLENDKB. K Aanatrsat. A. SPLENDID AMORTM*NT OF BILT.IARO TABIiK with our romiern Improvement*, Tor wMofa wa raoeivari the siteer uedai at the World'* Fair. Also. oioib*. halls. cum ene inu, at lowest price*. Ihreaaaeond liarnl tables tor rb?*p. LttOIfARD k BENJAMIN. 383 Rroadwa*. BILblABD BAI.ljfl. ? A FIBS AfMOBTKRWr OF nvu Hani bails and f rerxjh cn<i tint far MLe, at the lower* *?h prises, by WM. M. 490 Brmna street, him at Crob /. Billiard tablkh fob hale-both hew and >ecoud hand. dlllerent sire* to suit customers, with al o I 'he mrdern tmproveniM '? and tancv wood*, with our newly Inverted crikhlon; alio trimming*, cheap. N B.? A larie bil liard saloon for aa'.e up iowu. OnlFMTH a DF.CKKB, 00 Annatreet, IMPOBTANTlO am. who want billiard TABLE*. W J. HIIaRP. 141 Knl'on gireet, otTer* lor nle a<i avort nrent of II? mill and mahoR >n r tat> t>i. willi ciHb'onaol his own deflgti. Three leooid liand 'ablis for ?a e cheap for cash, all rrder* by trail oromptly attended to. A9TROUKIY. Aston imhiso to all-madame morrow, thk seventh daughter, hat a natural gift to tell pant, ore ^nt and lu'tne event*, and all the consents of life, even the very ihnueht* aid wllleauac speedy marriages, and allow the like ?.era** of the. Intended husband* ard absent friends, an4 will biln? tr.Beiber these who arc aepara'ed, wlm will enjoy ibe Kreateet happw* M of matrimonial hllaa. All who wlali good luck may cAllioon for relief and comfort. 7 lion sands have ex pressed their belief that the I* the moat wonderful asuologliit In the world, or that ha* ever bean known, though aha practiie* nothing but what I* reconcileable to philosophers. No charge II not Fatieflrd. T'i Broome street, bet wees < annon and Coltun bia. Oeniierneu not admitted. APTBOLf:OY.-M. BP. UCB, TBI MYKTKRIOUH VKII.KD lady. ha* returned to the city lor a short time onlv, and can he consulted with on *11 event" of life, to the satlsfaitlon of All who visit her; all who with to consult her can call on her *i her old office. P* f anal street, two door* evit of Broadway, 'bird floor, office hours from 10 A M. to 'J P. M. Fee, 30c. /1ARD -MADAMK PREWSTKR RKTIJRPfH fflAMKt \ J to her Irtendsand patrors, and beys to 'ay that ?lter the tbou?ar.d* both in Ihia cttr atd Philadelphia, who have con suited ber with entire sa<l?taction, she fee's confident thai In HiiMiUco* ol iistrolofy, love and law mailers, and book* of oracle*, a* relied on constno'.ly by Napoleon, ehe lias no erjnal; she will lell the name ot the future husband, and aiao the nam" <it her vihller. ?H Madison street Speidy md sure our* o; ptli H *nd coma by a remedy of her own. tlLAlRTOYANOK. ? ?M HBYHOIIil, 1 10 gl'RI.V'l J Htraet, a In /oor* west of Broadway, thn nanal aao< a>u ful wed leal and bualoaea e,.alrvo?ar'. In Ajmerlnx Annm?, bronshMIs, liver oomota'nt, debility, heart ;iatplt<Uloa, pl'ea, |e. cured. V eurabls. rnerrtaf aJvb-c on t>n?inWM, cimii I'ner. U 4c., and aafatvm >-t iruarHatwrrt or tie i *v ___ IRQtRI. . . j.i ARF OF flFOAIW OAS OKOAB* ? f .ill * '?uwik of ivrer ? tm|?on-?S H O^Tiwra Operaa Mh? ??J. ?*** * Cus. ta Wt * Ka. )l BnaJway, a , HIMUCS, CUUUlOfll, CARRIAGES FOR KALE CHEAP -AT JUHN SWKW &B TUN K'S coach factory. 2S5 Oreene street. N * ?One nr? Dm coupM, one light e Iptto spring leather ui.rtain ootdk, >?m nalfttng iront cupee rooks wmy. but llitle used; alw ? vsneMr of oew and second band doctor's and biuUnaw v><oal. b<p* wsgoas with or without topi, will be sold cheap for want rf room Purchaser will do well b7 railing at the a bora fentary before purohaMeg elsewhere. All new oarriages *mtuM for elz and twelve month*. EjIaMILY HORSE AND CARRIAGE rOR HAL II. JP with barm-aa. 4c , all complete and to good order ?The carriage baa two Boats and can be enclosed or open in (rental pleasure, haa shatta aud pole. The hor?e U abiat 16>i beads huh. dark b?7, sound, klud and perfectly gentle, vary strong nbd a good trave ler, can trot a mile la aoout minute* in quire at TDbNl'ttB'b atablea, oornerof Twenty -sixth street and Sixth avenue, where the establishment can bo seta. Fast bosks for salf.-tiii owwbr is omKxqor at soiling a well known borne, warranted pert rtUr Mai aod without a biemlah, kind, ot fine action, and aajwMe at great enduratce; can trot his mtl? awav down la IM ttrUss. aad haa no superior. Any tetnoi desirous ot investing KW In aueh an aolmai. oaa addreaa 8. B. W., Herald offio* A horse would be taken In escbaoge. t'OR BALK ? A LADY'S SADDLE HORSK, DARK BAT V? sonnd aod kind; was trained In Dlabrow's Biditig Schert Ioqulre at Cub Stable. Pacific street, neai Ouurt; or of JOHN B. oTRATTON. Lit) AtlanUo street, Brooklyn rR BALK ? A PAIB OF PON1K8, BOUND, KIND AND fsat travellers; will be sold low. Inquire at Club Stable. Pacific street, near Court: or of JOHN B 8TRATTOK, ? Atlantic aueet, Brooklyn. Fob balk? a fibb saddle and harness horse, a good traveller, eight year* old, sound kind and very baiMiaome. Also a ffcet horse, cheap. Applv at or addroas Trustee Stable? Green point, rear Tenth street ferry. FOB RAIiK ? A STALLION, FOUR YEARS OLO. HA1F V organ and Black Bnwk; will challenge an, four vaar old stallion In the State of >ew York to trot; be m petfood/ gentle and kind to drive double or aingle. or would >e wen suited for a stock horse Inquire at 184 Fulton street, Brook lyn or ot W P0W1>L,37 Henry street Fob balb-twepty horskb, suitable fob bobi mm of all klnls; also a urge assortment of tight wsgoM, ot the beat Manufacture, warranted equal to anv in the ?Uy; alio grooot's buatreas, teed and lumber wagooa, baraeaa, Ac., at Nr. 8 Nov las street, oornerot Fulton avenue, Brooklyn. fjU)R BALE? A SORBHL HOBafi. SEVEN YK ARB OLO. I itk llano s bleb, sound and kind lu single sr double bar Mas. Apply at 222 hUtb street, between avenues 0 and D. Fob balk? a brown horse, bevknteew hands Ugti, eight yean old. aound and kind in double or single harness. To be seen at D. W. Morris, 665 Houston street. Fob balk ohp.ap? a pais of hulks, is hands h!gh, and 5 years old, this spring. Inanire at ths lumber avenue. f h!gb, and 5 years old, this spring. Inquire at the 7*fd DOi thwest corner of Thirteenth street and Tanth i Hobsfs.-trn youno horses, .TUST FBOM VKB moat. Among them are several road horses of good speed; two or three extt* fine lamiiy or doctori' hones. aim, a new cit* made barouche for oa:e low. Apply at tbd offloo. No. 7 Boer urn street, Brooklyn. WANTKD? A PROMISING YOUNG HOBSB, OF HB diom size and good qualit'ec; %lso a light wagooaatf harness, la axcbsnge for real estate In a fast improving loca tion. A liberal otTor would b? made tor a good idatabhanDMnt. A dili ess B K . , box 1,SI9 Pos' office. CIOTHlro' &C' a?/=r nnn WORTH of mew and oast off oloth 3P*J.U"JU in? wanted.? TH(M. D. CO ((HOY, licensed t* buy clotbir g of every description. Gentlemen having large or small lots to dtaposo ot will receive the highest prios tar then by calling at the store or addressing Thonaa D. Oonroy, No. 4M Pearl street. 4i*> nnn WORTH OF CABT OFF OLOfHINO WANT iJJZi.Vl/v/ ed? Iba highest price given and cash piidlu current money. Gentlemen having good left ntT or superilu cms clothing to dispoee of, can obtain liberal or'.ces by seodtng their address, or caillig on .1 AMI'S MGRONKY, 122 Walk* street, near Oectre. CABTOFF CLOTHING WANTKD.? LADIES AND FAMI lies oaa obtain the highest cash prices tor casteff eltthlna br sending, through |>ost or oCerwlse, for Mrs. Salter, Broadway, up stairn. Gentleman attended to by Mr. 8. CLOTBINO.- LADIES OR GKNTLBHEN HAYING ANY to dispose of oao receive a fair cash price by sending to thesiore, ho. 12 Laurens street, near Canal, or No. 52 Wait Broadway, or letter by poet. Ladies attended by Mrs Oonan B. CGHKM. rTHE FIRE DEPARTMENT. SMITH BROTHERS, 122 and 140 Fulton street, N. Y.. Manufacturers of fire clothes. Call ths attention ot firemen to their large n'.ock of drub and blue beaver, pilot and felt cloths which they have now on baud. 8 amp Ida of their fire coats can be seen at tbair stoma. SMITH BROTH Kits, 122 and 1(0 Fu.too i rPHMTPMU AG&NTLBMAN AND MIFE OIYfNG UP HOUSK keevmg wonld like to rent their furniture; and, if agtee ab'e. wou'd board with the parties, if in a plnaiaut locatioa, with modern improvement in the housa Undsnlable refer - ences given and required. Address P. W. K., Broadway Pest f fliee CO'lTAGE FURNITUR1 -ANY PARTIES HAVING A first rite set of tha above furniture, new, and willing to trade lor gcod brandy, may do so, by ctil'ng on THOM "SON A CO , 102 Nassau stieet, corner of .Ann, ro >m No. eecxut floor. FCR SALE? A SUITE OF BOSEWOOD PARLOR FUB niture, nearly new, seals covered with atik orocalel and slio rovers, embiaciuc 12cbalrs, 1 sofa and I arm chair; alao, centre table w'th marble top, all mads to order; belonging to a tamtly golrg to the country ; price 9200. Apply at No 27S Bait Broadway. _ MHOHLLANXOTI. 1 UK CANAL 8TRKET, NK AB YAIICK.-W. A H. YAN lUu NoTl-S1 grate aad fender, kl'?bsn range. aumoMT range and stove wareroom. We have a large assort aeot of the afcova named articles tor sale, on reasonable t.vma Grates and ranges set. repaired and lined; sloven lined 'jewellers' and brass founder*' furnaoea built; furnace doors Uned with asap stone. Brushes of evkby dkscriptiob? at thb bbuw factory, 337 Pearl street. Franklin squre. All arttclai so'-; at the lowest Saciory prices. Paint brushes ot a superior quality ooBstaatl/ on baoa. Mseblns brushes made to order. JOHN K. HOPPHL. CLARK'S BBODB ISLAND "FOUKDKB8' FACING " ?Two or three Hundred barrels, in the original package*, tor sale, in quantities of not less than a barrel, warranto* gee nine, at three ceuta per pound, cash. H. A. GWHWOLD, Office of ihe N. Y. Foundry and Iron Ratling Oompany, SI Duane street. DB FOBESTB TALLOW OIL.-THE BEST AND OH RAP - est machinery oil, entirely free from gum; equal to the best tperm, and eighty eents per gallon cheaper; made| for sum mar acd winter use; over 190 cotton and wool en mills using U. Among the number the Metaooinst, Anna won; Fall River and Vt atupa Milts, ot Fall River, Mass ; Troy Got 'on and Woollen Bills, of Fall River, Mass ; American Print Works, of Fall River, Mass.; Globe and Ocean Mills, ot Newbury port- Mass ; Pearson Manufacturing Company, of Lowell, Mass.; Merriaaa Woollen Company, of Lowell, Mass,; Palls Compaay. of Nor wich, d] V altey Pal s Company, Valley Palls, k. I ; Pember tou Mills of 1 awreoce, Mass. ; J. C. Kemptm. Manayunk, Pa ; Saml. Jamison A Son.Norristown.Pa. ; Norrntown Iron Works, Norrisiown Pa., sad others .too numerous to mention here. The ur.dernlgn?d having been appointed agents bv tne imaau I'aetnrer for the sale of 'be above oil, would invite the attention ot those interested to the merits ol this article. As it haa been used for the last three yearn by many of the largest mill* in the country, we are satisfied from the thorough investigation we have made thai It is the best and cheapest machinery oil in use. MAYBE* ft DE FORK8T. Sole agents, No. 80 Water street New York. (EFFICACIOUS CUBE FOB CORHS, BUNIONS, GAL Pi k>siUea. nails (rowing into ths flesh, aod every disorder of the feet, ay a new and peculiar method, without cutting, ar without causing the slightest pain. Mootteur LEVI, of No. GO Bis Bue de Blvoll, Paris, aad No. 3 Conduit street, Begent street, I on don. Surgeon Chiropodist to the Emperor of France and the Royal Family of England, having been specially Invited to New York to attend nome die ttngiushsd lanulles. inter ds remaining here; and may be coa su ted daily, Sundays excepted, at hie offlos, trnn Hi Ul 4 o'clock. ooriEs or tkjtimohhui. [Frem his Imperial Majesty Napoleou III., Emperor of France j Je cert'fie que M. Levi enleve lea oirs areo una extreme ha bilete Louis NaroLton Bonaparte. [Prom bis Grace the preaent Duke of i'levelaniLi I certify that Mr. I?vi haa entirely cared my corns. Clivelaxd, 54 Bt James square, I/ta4oa. frrom the Moat Nol>le tt>? Marquis of I-anxlowne | Mr. N. Levi extracted a corn lor me with perfect tactliwaad succeiw. iwAifADOwiric, S3 Berkeley sqnare, Londoa. [Eram Robert Ferguson, Esq., M. D? Phtsician in Ordinary la her Maje.Vy of Great Hritain.' Mr. Levi has most ikl-fully extracted two oorna from my feet, wltliout giving me the saghtost pain. _ . Host. PuRinionr, M. V. Bo. 9 Queen street, May Fair. London, Marcs 2, 1H,'-1. ..... [Prom 0. J. Feltus, Esq.) U n/oliclted by Mr. Levi, I beg leava to testify t j hie mi msea fui ak ill hi having pertwetiy removed a large bunion ot long ?tending, without causiLg any pain. II. J Fulton, I hlladnlphla, ,'nly 27. 1^1. No. J Boston row. In addltton to the abova aothenUcaleil i eat i menials, mas# thousands moi? in tils possession iimon* which are several from ladla? or the highest rank; can be seen by favoring Mm with a call at hit office. 91 Eleventh street, between Fifth and Sixth avenuea. New York. N. B.? ho professional connection with a tiy person. GROCKRJKS AND PROVISIONS.? VANTINK ? PRIOR. 240 Front atieet. one door above Peck Utp. dealers in tea, ?njrar. mo >m?i, tonaceo, ilea. e;>ap, candlea, starch. aala rutui, muetaid, .iincer, pipe* raisins. cltrona, dried fruila. In digo, nutmegn, wrapping paper twine wick, cream of tartar, Kiip. rarb ?oda, >al soda, butter, cheese, tard, ftoh, salt, beef, pork, ham*. Ac., Ao I MPORTAMT TO HUI'.DKBB, architects aitd hum. 1 estate ownni, ? iryotl's paten*, iron front, a new ma mod ot mrittf baildmga. maktrg a fira aad weather proof aotid mA durable wail, ornamented In aeoordanne with an* style of ar chitecture to reaembie hmw.i etona or marb-e, acd bj far man aiirabla, at a eoat not exoean mr flfl* eenta per snpermtal IM. It hu e-rndj been adapted in Philadelphia, Baltimore end Norfolk, giving universal nattrfactkm. and promleea to t rice the Dlsreof all oilier methods. The undersigned la prepared la give full information, and to ragotiate with psrUes lor n&tm. An., A?. OKU. O. BAR.tRV. Aguot. At T(. I). CutmlDg'iaias, 229 Beoadwa*. room Pfa. 1. rmrKLLlM* TOOLS, BOJXIM MILLS, watch ?l m?k*is' loo'i snd mater lal>,|-tnbbi' file*, fuming lithe* * Me iet?'", milling too!a stpel w'ie, Ae , toreaieb/ WILLIAM B. FRAN*., Hi t hatham street. \T?W P ATKST BPRCTACLKs.-TIIR? IMPROVE TI isl slon, stiu for Hie. 'hnnge lo greater uriijiietlzlug powers not requited: near and di?tant obtc-u seen distinct,/ througn nne pair. FKAfKH, lecturer on the eje patentee an. I maker, Nn. 2 Park tow, opposite Arftir House AUenJanyi hi A. M. to > P. M. pARAi OU; -MK-M?S. ( I.vni: ,?? ill. UK, ID1 BROAD. I wa?. corner of Walker sUeet. will open < n the I4t? inM. with their rew style of French psra?ols .< B -.In : re vived tei JKiii ?.?OTi a Urge invoice of the istflst '.alienism Parts pat*M> (, ariicli the/ otter lor il:e nspeciloe ot the [.Obllc Thomas x. sutton? plain panut job prln'er, 111 I iilion street? Card', circulars,, lo! t '*olr n not "<<, re"elpis hunks, clients ronn'rv mec rhsnV store bi issnrfn 1 other kiidi of job piictio; dona la liand?0(P? t.f'.e, at -iiort notice ,<ind low price*. mo ?iMCMe;K.-9RAim f7krv dat iv (it vni. 1 at JOHN IIaRRIPONR Bisererr, No IftJ Kui ivan slreet. 'i c? Tin: tkaIik - t t/K Mir umf m>/,. won ' ( n.lut HALL k ALDRN'fl, Motlan Build in*, tiom "?1 , ,< a hrrmivHy . I ?UN?V'0 KI KCTKO ( III MKMI. BaTHA -PHOT, v Termer the dtseorerer of the pr-mess lor ertraetlryl me tali from the huitaa body. U *i "10 lli.xdway. Ttieae r.4rtiM not oni? etlract motalie medlrinoa from the human it iVim but arti prciiilatlv e<llcario?M in reilevlrg ttione Hntf^tiwr frtmi ilietrr ii.arn, ?ou'.,*l*lc pains w.-aknaaa, O' r.on rifUOM o' the l mh?,?c Tie Fri swir give" h.a njidtvwlad a ' toiiatlente. Ht ecl?: dewar'taeul tor iadiL l^uurf ffp'a.uad i> i^uO irtiti. a' T'd Hrja'.w*;.