Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 20, 1856, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 20, 1856 Page 7
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UrmiAlftMN uinvv RBT MT.I ^ ii?Awy BwgiyatM. [ A WTJIT OF BOOMS TO LET? WITHOUT BOARD, TO. A stogie gmutemta, f Ornish ad or unfurnished, pleMnct jTi situated ou setood floor, wltn ru, fcaii, Ac , Uie? ?U1 be 4i I *Ued or lot together lo snit applicants; location Twelfth air ttu tsar Sixth Baianneas exchanged. Address box A&ttt y? totote A | LA BOB BOMB TO LCAJU-l'OMaiHlMr^^^H JL ttMr. looatton central ud desirable: will M NICK THBKR 8T0RY AND BlBWiflT HOCBE TO ?let. in Twesty third street, near Sixth avecus. with all Mm Improvements, suitable for a rnali genteel family: ?rent 9600. A1m, a three story 'aoaae to Macdougai ?near Bleecker, containing slxtce* reams. ? B. W. BlOlIARliB, 507 Broadway. 221? TIBOiADWAT PABLOB&? TO LET. A BCITB OP THBKE D parlors, furnished In asodarn Me, with fas. '>roton wader, Ac.. well suited lot* elub or den&st eatoblMaunt. In qptoesn the premises. 3B Broadway, third floor, betwesn > swd U o'cicek BASEMENT TO LBT.? TO LKT, A NICE BASEMENT IN John street, near Broadway; rest moderate. Inquire to tba store 14 John stre?t. i^OAL YARD IN TBE SIXTH WARD TO LEASE FOB \j particulars apply to SAMUEL D. I. RIB, agent for Wal lace A Kotheimel, 206 Broadway, or to R. C. ricott, Mott st. V\BY GOODS WORE AND DWELLIBG HOUSE TO J J let, 88 9tfi arenns, an ?M established staad; sounters and lilww nowupteto Inquire an the premises, cr of R. BOB Ml fi, IZTweet Twenty mih street, TvBY GOODS HTOBB TO LET-NO. 136 SPRING STREET, XJ near Broadway. Fixtures complete, with immediate pos session. A first tale sued. Apply at 197 Spring street. C^HWBLLTflO PABT OF A HOUSE TO LET? 23 WATTS street, coosMhig of seven rooms, suitable for a genteel fa lsity, osnvenieui to the Sixth avenue cats. Bent, 9360. Ap gSTfe W. GRABGBB. 81 Grand street 1UC10RY TO LET.? FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOB JF etty property, a brick building , 80 feet by SO. with never feJMng water power, 26 acres or land, situated at Monroes Wank Orange ? *'a hall fromthSs Orange county, 1*. T., eloee by the depot, uuekcur "*"^m this city. DB. M. PRICE MOORR, 161 Chambers a. at. 1BA0IORY AN J) DWELLINGS AT FOBT LEB TO UCT, J? ?together or leparate, suitable lor pianoforte, cabinet, Mnk or other - tnuiactortos, near the landing, and easy of ac aeas by steamt a healthy and peasant residence, and eon venieot for sinese. Apply at 167 Canal street, near Variec. TStURNISBBD COTTAGE TO LBT? DELIGHTFULLY K situated en the water, below the Narrows, near the Bath ?Ml, six miles from Brooklyn, easy of accoie; one and a half aaMtwound, highly cultivated; lee house flu ?L barn, bathing house, As. Poesession immediately. Apply between 12 and a tfwitlk F. M.. to A. L. LEVY, 76 William street, up stairs. Furnished house to let -a first class eng Mah basement house, with all the modern convenience*, vjrtr handsomely furnished. Rent 91,800. Apply at 25 Bait TBJrtvthird street, between Madison and fourth avenues, from UMaP. M. TJlOUBF. 10 LET? AT BLLIOTYILLE, 8TATBN BLAND, XL wltli'n five mtoa es' walk ot the Snug Harbor landing, wtfh eight&cres of land attached, well stocked with fruit, and a vegetsble garden under a high state of cultivation. 'the hone stordson rising ground, and commands one of the finest views en (he aorlh shore of the Island. Apply to J AM BS W. KLATQa?HjRD, No. 66 Wall street, or W. K. LOTHROP, No. 36 Wali street. New York. -rtOUflBS TO LBT, IN SOUTH BROOKLYN.? tBVBBAL 111. sf those genteel three story souMe front brick houses tftaaled cm the soatoeriy side of Sackett street, between O hsnhtoaud Van Brant streets, near Hamilton avenue ferry, South Brooklyn. The booses contain twelve rooms ewh, and tefood order, and will bo put in perfect repair if required, gfowslrn of some of them may be had immediately. Bent Mmt annum, for further particulars, inquire of iiiWARD D. JAMBS, 26 Nassau street, New York. USE 10 LBT.? THE TWO 8TOBY AND ATH0 house No. 13 Renwick street, to let, from the first of May Inquire of J. Q. JONES, 270 Broadway. w House to let, in Brooklyn? favorably si. tuatod tor a doctor ; the large three story and attic house, on the corner of Court and Butier streets, furnished with gas, hot air furnace, bath. Ac.; rent 9660. Also, stable on Butler street, adjr.iaing; rent 9160. Apply to JOHN PURDY, W Kart Fifteenth street, before 10 or after 4 o'clock. To let. a. Asto ria, a cettoje bouse and eighteen acres ot land, suitable tor a market man. BODSB TO LET AND FUBNITUHB FOR 8ALK.-A throe story house, in first rate order, 36x10 feet, in a giod location. The rent to a private family will be 9900, and water rate. The furniture is all new, and will be sold low tor eaah. Also, to let, furnished, a neat three story and basement house, built two years. Tbebouse it to goo<l lepalrjuid the furniture was ttade to order, and of the best quality. Will be rented on easy tarme to a private family. No agents need apply. Apply to JOHN OUYLKB, 231 Thompson street. House to let and furniture for balk? a first class, four stories and basement with the usual modern Improvements, located to Ninth street, between Fifth aad Sixth avenues. Furniture nearly new. Bouse full of tirst class boarders. Possession on or be ore the 1st of May. Ad dress G. B. D. , Herald office. Lofts to let- 116 frbt deep, two doors from Bioadwsy Bank, near the Astor House, from 7th April next; leate tor one or to or years; the loft Is on first floor. In qaironf ME Alt k BROTHERS, 233 Broadway. -BJTORBJBANIA.? TO BBNT, HOUSE OONTAIN1NG JH sixteen rooms, vv 1th stables, carriage house, fowl house and atoetoen ettr lots ot land, all in good order, within three ?Willis' walk of the railroad station. Other country property In lent and for sale. Apply to A. FINDLaY, Mo. 11 Spring /\NB OB TWO STOBHS TO LET? IN THE VII. V Jage of NswBoohoile. 19 miles Cram the City Hail, immedl< aSeiy adjoining the New York and New Haven railroad depot, being a deelruile location for a grocery er almost any other hostnoss; a greater numoer o passengers take the ears at New Boehelle than at any other station along the route ot the rail road, a large portion ot whom are residents sf the village. Bent 9260 ana 9160 dollars pe r year. For further Information apply to J. D. tVK8TFAliL.194 South street, or to F. A. Pottor, ??. i Hanover street, New York, or to John Buber.ou the pre mfces, New Boshelie. fVFFICE TO LBT? FOR MANY YKABK OCCUPIED BY \J a phj sicton and building absouaticc. Inquire on the pre wiisfs. 173 Spriag street. /\FFICB TO LAT.-TO LET. A PLEASANT FBONT OF V flee in the second vtory of 14 John street, near Broadway. Itoqiure at the store 14 John street. National bace course to lbt.? tri{ abovk course, houses, bams, stables tad all the lands apper taining thereto (.over 141 acres), will be let or ier-sed tor a tern mt yearn, if application be made this week, to HO -.ME 3 A Mckjcau, No. g) Duane street. gEOBE TO LET? 686 BIGHTH AVEVUK, BBTW8BN Forty first and Forty second stree'x. wcttsioe, Si teat front 80 fset deep. Also, the two story and basement honse 102 Forty ninth street, between Broadway and Sixth avenus, con taining nine rooms. Bent 9250. Inquire of J. G. HANSON, ? West Broadway. SAILORS' BOARDING HOUSE TO LBT? THB SBC3ND story of house No. 196 South street, corner of Oliver, bav tag teen occupied for that business a number ot years; aim foeme to let, to small families only, whose business requires hem to be convenient to the shipping. Inquire as above. QTABLE8 TO LET-DOWN TOWN, THAT WILL AOCO O medate forty horses, with every convenience, and fitted up on the most improved plan. Apply on the premises, 62 Lemard street, or of O. BLO VT, 117 Mlnth street. OTOBE TO LET.? A BTOBE UNDER THE ST. OER U main Hotel, jnnc'ion of Broadway and Fifth avenue, to let ?d a responsible party. Apply at the office of the hotel. STEAM rOWEB. ? SHOPS TO LET, WITH OB WITH out power, 22 by 50, up to 43 by 100 tcei: well lighted with twenty seven windows ?n a floor; will be .et low to good ten ants, and pcssesslon given immediately. For particular* in quire on the premises, 14 and 16 Amity plaoe, between Bleeck er and Amity streets. r LET-FOB RELIGIOUS PURPOSES, ON SUNDAY?, toe large room at Dodworth's Academy, 806 Broadway, to '?all seated, lighted and warmed. rpO LBT? 8TOBB 870 BBOADWAY; WILL BB FITTED X ap to i uM the tenant. Apply to J. H. GIFFIXG, Bo. 6 i Bow Building, from 1 to 2 P. M. r LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, THE UPPER FART and front basement of boure 217 West Twenty -seventh street. 1 be house has all the modern improvements, and is to an excellent neighborhood. Possession can be had iaune dtoiely. Apply on the premises. r LET? FROM TBE 1ST OF MAY NEXT, A NEAT cottage home and summer residence, containing 9 rooms and kitchen, with 10 acres of ground situated at Kings iridgp, and i rooting the river, for terms and further particular-* apply between the hours of 11 A. M. and 6 P. M., to A. I). BW teB, 116 William street. tpo LRT-HOURR NO. 16 JEFFIRSON ST R SET, N5AK J Rast Broadway, In a respectable neighbor bood, having pu Md hot and cold water throughout, with bath room and under ??Bar; rentgfiOO. Alio, a three story brick house In Hulsrm ?treat, near chamber sir oat; rent, for a salooi or hotel, Wuo. Apply to Mr. FJaUD, 16 Jefferson street. mo LET? A BRIOK RUILBJNQ. ON THE CORNER OF X Flrat avenue and Twenty -eighth street, US by 75 teat, four ?lories high, well calculated lor a manufactu.-isg business, be lag well lighted, having large window* on both tides. Apply toFRTxH LtNCU, 41 Vesey street. 9 LRT? THE HOUSE NO, 30 READB STREET, NEAR Broadway, eaat aide. rLET? THE1{>WER PART OF TfIS MODERN BUI! T three story and attic house, 2T> West Twenty seventh at., first door West ol' U roadway. It contain?. baths, water closets, wash tabs, fas fixtures, and every convenient. Kent ?7UU, including gas and Uroton water. Apply to 8. W. LKWIB, 24 fioatb rtieet, or 28 West Twenty seventh street. mO LET-ON SEVENTY THIRD 8TRKBT, BETWEEN J. Ube Third and Fourth avenues, one of the row of two ?tory basement and attic brick hou us, with the adjoining lot of ground. The house contains marble mantels, range, grates, Croton water. Ac. Apply to JOHN CALLAHAN. corner of Seventy second street and Third avenue, or of C. W. BARER, 28 Pine street. f>0 LET-A SEW THREE bTORY HOP8R, WIIH LAROK . garden we!l stosked with fruit, sti-awbernei, Ac., front ing the Bast river, a splendid view of New Sors cl.y, in 'Ireen point, Rant Brooklyn, wl1 tun one And a b%lf milts of the City Hal), convenient to railroad and ferry ; bc-tl jn perfectly hea thy. To a k< ntieman deslriag il coutt'* r reside JC-^ thu offers Inducements rarely to be tound. Inquire of A. CAMP Bhl.l. A CO., at 229 Rroadway, office 24. rLV.T ? TO A HM MX AMERICAN FAMILY, TUB upper partot home No. 9 Second street, three doors ea? of the Bowery, constating ol two pa.lorson seoond tlojr, two bedrooms in attic and a prlvl'ege in the nnder collar, A?. In quire after 2 o'clock on the premises. TO LFT? FOR RELIOIODH PDRPOSSS, ON SUNDAYS, the large room at Dodworth's Acadcny, H96 rtroa*lA-ay. In wall seated, llghw. i an4 wr.rmed. studios to let, in Brook lyn. at ltodwori's Academy, 137 MoaUgue pla:e, built ex pressly for the purpose, wlih verj fine lights and every a-.xira ?nodauor.. rpO LBT ? REST $200, AND FURNITURE FOR SALE A cheap, the npper part ol atlrstciem h,-e? n'ory home, ?nuaied In Cbeever place, South Brookivu. House contains bath, gas, flitnree and eve.-y thing complete for the comfo.-;of a rmall family. Possesmon given on the Istot April. Ad ?*ss or sail lipon W. E. Pine, No. 2 Bridge ? treat, near the Battery. TO LeT^A TWO STORY HOl'SK AND F.NJHT LOT* op garden ground, corner ol Dekslo and 'Noi-rand avenue*, Brooklyn, rent $154) Also, in this city, a three st >ry house , a Fifty-ninth street, near itroadsra.v; rent $'AH). For sale a 'cur ?lory brick boine ron'aii'rg thirty seven iiotiw and twostc-ei; wiD rent tar $8W>, I rice W.SOO; ot'y frs'O . iish. F. M. cuflny Wt) tmo LET? YD? LARGE STAB I.E. NO. 106 EAST TWJCK , J Htm wttb tM privilege of 'J>e neul tot adkinlog, havtog stalls tor twenty (orsee, with food fan tort ana plenty of eerrtofenkm. WB be MM tor a term of years to a good tonsil fir fardaryaftlrntors app?y to J. F OOTRR, He 1m | HMwitt ?>H' mo LBT-I* BBOOKLY *. TBS TEBBB 8 TORY A WD X beaementbricfc house J47LtvtngsU? atreet. between llano w pkee and Nervine meet ;ta in fine condition ; has |u fixtures, heater, range, hot and co'd water, balh room. Ae;can be aeoa non 1 to 4 o'clock. Inquire of P. kOLLHlDS, No. J00 Wator ?treat, near Peak alio. New York, or of Foetor A Loper, No. 4 Sands street, Brook ty n. TO LIT? IN BROOKL1N, A THREE 8TOBT BRICK hauec, with faa and raage, situated on Clermont avenue, near Myrtle avenue, first house (oath o I Ike eburuh. Alio, a three sto?7 frame hones en Flrty-eevealh street, near Sixth avenue; a good place tor a grocery; rent tow to ajnod tenant. Inquire oo the premises, or of JAMES P. DECKER, 3c2 Sixth avenue. ? rLET? A PUR4JBHED HOUSE, IN LONDON TEE race, Twenty- thSdstreet, or will sail the furniture, ana toaae tbe bouse tor five years. Address B. U. T , Hera.d of flee, wltn name ac-a reference r LET-IN ROSS BTRBET, NEAR KENT AVENUE, Brooklyn, near Williamsburg, toe Moond story at a re spectable brtok boaae; two partora, ?itn marble mantels , two bedrtoms, pantrlea and back basement. Can have first floor 11 required. Inquire on the premises. C. SUNDERLAND. mO I.ET-TO A SMALL FAMILY. PaRT OF A NICE X house In Eaat Broadway, nra r I'lke street, constating of three roc ma in aeoond story, two in atUe and bach basement; has gas in. Apply to B. W. BEaMaN, X Division atreet. mo LET? THE THREE BTORY AND BASEMENT BRICK 1 hacae, 79 Third street, with all the modem Improves nto R*nt$700. Can be sees from 10 to 12 A. M. and from 2 4 P. M. Apply to WM. BTRVBBH, 78 Wooetcr street mO LET-IN BROOKLYN. TH4 THRBE STORY, ATTIC A and aub-oelhir brick home. No. M) High street. Is fur nished throughout with f.U the modn i imnrbvem. uta. Rent $000. Can be seen from 2 to 8 o'clock f. M Apply to TIMO THY R. HIBBkRD. No. 145 Water stree% New York. rro LET-ON FOURTH AVE.VUE, THE THKErt STORY JL basement houses 330 and 341, having batka. gas, hit and cold water, In niee order, very desirable for private dwellings, or dwellings and offices; rent $?50. Also dwelling oarta of booses 9!d and 300 Fourth avenue; rant $600. E. B. KIN BRIMER, 319 Fourth avenue, 3 to 7 P. M. mO LET-TUE WHOLE OR PART OF THE FIVE 1 sp'endid tofts In the new marble building, lately erected'at 94 Bowery, two doors from Liehtenatoin'a celebrated ribbon store, and opposite Hljam Anderson's carpet ealabhantnent, situated In toe beat business block in this street, between Ca nal and Grand street, and oee of the greatest thor<>ughtarea for lad tea' trade, either wholesale er retail. Thi* store would be well adapted to* a piano ant* music eatabllahmeut, waole sale straw and millinery good*, mantilla establishment, fans/ goods, carpet house or salesrooms and manufactory for a grand clothing home. Ac, Ac. The stole below will be opened as a first rate silk and dry go cda boose by the first at April. Inquire of M. H. LIOBTENBTKIN. 90 Bowery. r LET-TO A SMALL RESPECTABLE FAMILY. THE tipper part of a new brown atone front boose lo Forty 1 1 lid street, between Seventh and Eighth avenoea, south side, containing all toe modern Improvements, and convenient to several linen of cars and stages. Poeseraion before the first of May. Inquire on the premises, between the hours of 3 and 5 P. M. r LET-THE BERTH ON THE NORTHERLY SIDE OF Roblnron street pier. Inside the L, about 270 feet in length, suitable for eteamboator barge occupation. Apnly at the office 233 Washington st. eet, between 12 and 4 o'clock P. M. rLEI-THl DWELLING HOUSE NO. 044 HOUSTON street, one door from aorner of Wooater, wtth gat, bath ard watorckMet; rent $800. Can be seen from 11 to 2 o'etook. Inquire of WM. C. AMERMAN, aorner atore, 163 Wooater street. mo LET? A STORE FITTEDJUP COMPLETE, IN STONE X hou?e 256 Ninth avenue, near Twenty seventh street, west side. Rent $300 per year. Also a splendid floor, same house, two rooms and four bedrooms, pantrlea, drawers, Ac. Rent $175 per year. Apply as above, 256 Ninth avenue. A. DAVIS. TO LET? THE WHOLE OB PART OF THE HEW FIVE | story building, with store, dwelling and fine cellars, on the corner of Twentieth street and avenne k. The butldlng Is 13 feet by 96 feet 0 lnchee, and Is suitable for almost any business purpoae. Some of the lofts extend over all the area. Posse*, si on given Immediately. JAMES SALMON, 10 Livingston place. m? LBT? ON SEVENTY-THIRD 8TBEET, BETWEEN X the Third and Fourth avenoea. one of the row of two story baiemant and attic brick houses, with the adjoining lot oc ground. The house eontains marble manetis, range, grates, Croton water, Ac. Appl? to JOHN CALLA.3AV, corner of Beventy second street and third avenue, cr of C. W. BARKER, 25 Pine atreet. TO LET? PART OP THE MODERN THREE STORY houi e 108 Thompson atreet, consisting of second story, one room In third story and back oaaement. Rent $250. TO LET-TWO HOUSES ON HUDSON AVENUE, IN South Bergen, N. J., a few rods below Dr. Taylor's cborcb. A good line of stages pasa the premises. Will be let reaaoaa ble. Apply at 34 King street, Mew York. ? TO LET-THE ENTIRE SECOND FLOOR OF NOB. 48 and 60 C.Ttlandt street, wtth the third and fourth floors of No. 48. Also, four rooms in t75 Greenwich street, well adapt ed for a first class wareroom. Ac. Apply at 192 Broadway, from 11 to 12 o'clock, or at 93 EMt Twenty seventh street, of PETER A. H. JA'JKSON. TO LKT? FOR A RESPECTABLE BOARDING HOUSE, the dwelling part of the new five story bouse Mo. 55 Orotby street, containing twenty-two wel finished rooms. Gas and Croton water on the premises. The location cannot be sur p acted, being in the vicinity of sevt>ral large hotela. Inquire on the premiaea. TO LET- A ROOM, BBDBOOM AND PANTRY, COM tortably furnished, on the second floor, in Attorney street, near Grand, a quiet widow lady, or party without children, will find this a desirable opportunity. Address, with real name, M. L. 8., Herald office, lor three days. TO LET? ^ THE LOWER PART OF THE MODERN built three story bouse 121 Rivington street, comprising two handsome parlors and tea room, with Ore place, two base, menta and part of toird floor, with water, bath. gaa. chande liers, range, servants' staircase, under cellar, Ac., to an American family. Inquire at 85 Ludlow s'reet. rLET? A COUNTRY PLACE, AT EASTCHBSTUR Landing. Two story farm house and outbuildings; about twentv acres; excellent garden, beside* orchard and fruits generally; a superior well, never dry; good sailing and fish ing. Property of the late Richard dobba. Possession 1st of April, if required. Rent $300. Apply to E. IL BKOWN, 71 Wall street, ft om 1 to 3 P. M. TO LET-THE FOUR STORY BRICK HOUSE. WITH A store, 49>< Division street, suitable tor a millinery. In quire ol nTEyBKN LYON, next door. TO LET-ON THIRTY-FIFTH STREET, BETWEEN Lexington asd Fourth avenues, a modern built house, rr.0 No. 252 West Thirteenth street, three story houte, b?'l' gas, 'Ac., rent $500; Ihlrty-sixth street, between Eighth ari l Ninth avenues, three story home, modern improvement*. $6&>; ooaoge house. No. 25 West fwenty-lirst street, $425; No*. 275 and 277 Bleeoker street, two stores would be put in one, $500; .No. 606 Sixth avt>nne, a large store and dwelling, rent $ttfO: No. 118 Niutb avenue, store and house, rent $475; No. 280 West Twentieth street, large bouse, gaa, bath, Ac , $800; 215 West Iblrty-firststreet. three story house, gas, bath, Ac.. $500; No. 172 West Thirty eighth street, three story home, gas, oa h, Ac., $400; No. 180 h*st Nineteenth atreet, three sKH7bO'iae, gas and bath, rent $750; 86 Hammond street, three story house, gas, rent $650; No 194 West Seventeenth street, thiee story house, with bath, $650. J. A W. DRNHaM, Eighth avenue, corner of Sixteenth street. Office open natil 9 o'clock in the evening. TO LET? A NEW FIRST CLASS WORKSHOP, THREE stories high, 25 by 44 feet in rear. 96 Laurens street; and a shop In front, if rejuired. Inquire of W. JONAS, 75 Laurens t. treet. TO LET-THE UPPER PART OF THE HOUHB NO. 229 Spring street, between Maodoogal and Varick. There ks a large yard. Can be seen from 9 o'clock A. M. until 5 P. M. T) LBT-THB MODERN BUILT THBBR STORY BRICK bouse, with gaa and fixtures, )ath, range, hot and cold water, I 0 dacdougal atreet near Amity. Rent $626. For particulars i.jyy to Mr. VaN Wart, at toe grocery on the cornor. T:> LET-AT FORDHAM, ON THE HARLEM RAIL road, a very desirable country residence, situated o* high irnind, affording a fine view of the surrounding country fir miles. It consists of dwelling, carriage house and 2 acres o I land, fruit and evergreen trees, good garden, well, Ac. Apply to HENRY MILLERjBegiater's office, or JonnJBerrlan, on the premises. ' ? ; ' ' ' 1 LET-TO A M4N AND WIFE ONLY, THE BEOONlj . Aifj with two attic rooms and back basement, of bouse 61 OT somber j Downing street, with gas and use of bath; rem $ztO- Can be seen from 11 till 3 P. M. Inquire of 8. WlL KTVS, 16 Murray street, or 122 Lerey street. 'L iO LET? TO A GERTEEL FAMILY, THE LOWER PART JL O!, 36 Kinn street. For particulars apply on the premise*, or to TIIOMAB CLARK, In the New York Post or ?? Noi e tent a small, genteel family need apply. 1(10 IET-A HOUSE AND ABOUT ONE ACRE OF L land, at Fordham, near the depot; also, a store, in Pearl street, near Chatham. McM AHOM, 176 Chatham street. r LET? THE NEAT TWO 8TORY AND Atfl 7 BRIOK bouse 451 Washington street. Dear Uannl. Ia in first rtMn Meier, and to a good tenant will be let low. Apply at 97 Water street. TO LET-TH1 OFFICES FOR MARY YBAR8 (>C?U pled by A. 8. Foster, Esq., k> the Bevetth Ward Bank Bnlldlug, oorner of Pearl street and Barling slip, aud dtrcsUy opposite the premises U> be occupied lor the ensuing year by the Fnluro bank. TO LET-TO A SMALL RESPECTABLE FAMILY, the ?econd story and tearoom, with Croten water, Ac., consisting of three rooms and two bedrooms and pantries, in faoiue 118 First street; it la pleasantly situated ana no other ia mil? In it bat the owner. Rent $216 per annum. Apply uu | the premises. rpo LET. ? THOSE TWO FIRST CLASH HOUSES, Nui JL 164 and 160 West Thlrt/ eighth street, ,south side, oomplete with all the modern Improvements; rents moderate. Apply to JOHN B. MOKRIM, 246 West thirty fourth street. rPO LET? THE FOUR STORY HOUSE, NO. S38 FOURTH 1 avenue, between Twenty (Itlh and Twenty sixth utreeta. I has all the modern Improvements, and ran be seen anv Ume nurinit the day It will he altered into a store If required. Ap ply to P. J aKDIN fcri, 86 Pine street, from 10 till 3 o'oook, or it V46 Ninth street, from 4 ttll 8 P. M. TO LRT?ON 9TATBN ISLAND, FOR ONE OR HEVKRAL years, tbe large mansion 'furnished) of Madame 8. Oryices, situated on the top of the hill, a short distance from the second landing; alto, a large cottage (nn urnidiml) on the declivity of tbe same bill, both houses commanding extensive views. Address, for particulars, Louis Von Hoffman, Port Building*. TO LKT-A SMALL. NEAT TWO STORY HOUSE, PLICA santly situated la the immediate rislnity ol Union sqoarn. Rent very moderate. Tbe famiture, which is plain and m > derate cost, would be sold at a low prion, If desired. Inquire at 47 Ea*t Thirteenth street or 238 Broadway. TO LET? AT CARMAN8VILLE. RIOHT WILES FROM the City Hall, a large brink building, containing twenty live rooms, formerly kept by Mrs Flandreau as a tirst clMg boarding ho ise; Ins been thoroughly overhauled ami Im prov?d, to neopened as a hotel or for private boarders The upper part will be let separately irom the bar. Hilliard I rooms, stab'es. A#., de*ir?,d. Apply on the premises, cor ner ot Teeth & venue and 155th street, or at 92 West street. TO LET-T1IS STORE AND BASEMENT OF NO. 17 Wall street; a!so, the tbre? story and attic brick house No IIH mreet, with the modern improvement*, rent S1.200. Also, the two stores, Nos. 394 and 396 lio v-ry- gryyl sUmds tor hnsiness. Apply to J. I. (IODDiKQTon, No. 17 Wall street, second story. TO LET-TO A PRIVATE FAMIf.Y, THE TH-tKE storv ft-rid attic brlc* bouM, t'ull tot,) 91 ^tate street,, pleasantly locate j. r?ar Cllnt'>r wi'hto Ore minutes' walk of Honth or Wail street. i'?rr' 's Wtllbi re painted throughout :.l*i f.-onttnil put io romple e order, with iae ??nri <??' res. 1p> ft.rO. ISquire ?f J. P FAILS i. . 03 i.tfcfr'j stretu TBBVAJVTS* UOMVP. rpo LET?THE Cl'fJCB PART OE HOUSE 86 ATTORNEY X street, consisting m MM floor litf two rooms on third, to a small genteel ftme?lean tartly, Kant $256 ptr utm.m. For litllir particular* apply ?HW BUfcloo etreel mO LET IN BROOKLYN? TUB LOWER PAST OP X a bo UK ta oil 111 arauae. two doors from Flushing ave uae, lOminulee' walk from Peckaltp terry , the re are two luge parkin and kitchen on flrst door and Large bedroom up Maura, cellar, As.; aUacbad la large garden 300 leet deep, wish fault of all kinds. R?al M70. Apply ta J. E, PHBLP3.&S Fourth street, New York. THO LET IN BBOOKLYN-BTEAM POWBB, IN A WELL ? lighted loft, heated bysteam. Apply to the undersigned, to Stale street, between Hicks and Ootambla streets, Brook lyn; or 16 Maiden lane, up Main, New York. W. A. COLLINS A CO. rlKT, IN BROOKLYN? THE POLL SIZE BRICK bouse. No. 16 Tompkins place. between Harrlaon and De graw streeta- The meet desirable location for a private resi dence Bent 1000. P. BLANCH ET, 290 Sixth avenue, before M A. M. and after 4 P.M. LET ON BEBGEN HEIGHTS? AB )DT %% MIL3S Jersey City, a snug brick house with frame addition, about (ne aere of ground, with a variety of frail, and good barn; on the ground 1* a well of good water; omnibuses pass the door through liie day and evening every few misuiee. Ap ply on the premise*, or to ALEXANDRE WIUST, 70 South street. rLBT ON BERGEN HRIGHT8-1J,' MILES PROM Jersey Olty ferry, several restdeiioes. soma ot which are first elaaa, the view surpasses anything around Mew York. Place hi althy Omnibuses every few minutes, Applv at office of Dal y Telegraph. 81 Montgomery street, Jcreey City 1*? LkT, CHEAP? AT LONG BBANCH, NEW JERSEY, a good two story dwelling house and barn, and stab l>pg tor four horses, together with 6j? acres of land, two acres ot which are now growing wheat; an the prealae) there la an txcellent well of water, and a road rawing by the do* of the houcx'. The ground fa most exeelbnt lor spriag and fail vege tables, and Is within a quarter of a mile of the sea. and quite near sevt, ,,1 large hotels. For a residence It is the most de ilgtiitul In the country. Apply (o PATRICK MuvORUlCK. 166 First avenue, New York. rLET OR FOB SALE- A HANDSOME SMALL HO H HIT, with eight acres of land, In Westchester county, near WllHanubridge. A desirable tenant may have it on rnasnn aMe term*. Apply to STARRATT KINGON A CO., 30 Vesey street. TO LET OR LEASE-POR A TERM OP YEAR* A LARGS four story building, 1S7 Grand atreet, satiable for public or mechanical purposes: also a large store aud task room in the bouse adjoining. Apply op the premises. TO LET OB LKABE? A FARM OF ABOUT 32 ACRBS, 1 situated in the town of Mamarooeck; good house and out buildings, ard good orchard ana a variety or sm*U frutta. For particulars inquire of PAUL LALONEfTB, 441 Grand street, or ot Jane B. Gerow. No. 8 avenue D. rpO LKT OB LEASE? AT 169 CHRISTOPHER STREET, 1 near Hc'-oken >er.-y. the store and boose, with rear bn Jd lng Rent <425. Apply to GEO. W. DEnN, Manhattan House, 260 Bowery. mo LKT OB LEA8B-A FARM OP ABOOT 32 A ORIS, J. situated in the townol Mamaroneek, 21 miles t'roa? Hew York, and l'? miles from New Haven depot; good bouse and oiitbul' dings, and good orchard and a variety ot ?nall fruf's. For particn ars inquire of PAUL LaLONRTTR, 441 Grand street, or of Jane B. Gerow, No 8 avenue I>. rLEASB-A GORE OF LAND. ON THE SOUTH SIDE of Forty -seventh street, adjoining the easterly aide ot Tweiith avenue, contains 276 feet trout on Forty-seventa Btreet ard about 40 feet in depth: suitable tor a stone or brickyard. Apply to J. M. POST, 5)3 West Thirty fourth sweet, or Til UK. MILLER, Thirty -ninth street and Eleventh avenue. TO LEASE? A FINE DOUBLE HOU8E AND SIX ACRE8 of lawn and garden, on Maspeth avenue, 2% miiesirom Grand Btreet ferry. * or a gentleman's resident*. or first class hotel and boarding house. Its convenience to the city and excel lent water privilege renders it a desirable location. Apply to N. L. McCBKADY, Esq. , 36 South street, or on the premises, to Wm. EL Furman. mo LEASE FOR A TERMS OF IK ARS? THE HOUSE J. and store. No 488 Broome street, north aide, 100 feet' east of Broadway; the lot Is 30 b? 118 toet, and the house which Is 30 by 64 feet, and build ir> the mo it substantial manner could be altered at a small expen; e Into a spacious warehouse or manufactory, and from lit ^-oilmtty to Bread way is admirably adapted to the former; also, the lota on southeast corner of Broadway and Fourth street, extending through the block. This gplenold property ft-outa 45 feet 2 inches on Broadway, 44 feets Inches on Lafayette place, and 27e feet on Fourth street. It will be leaaedtn one or two par cels for a term of years, and the improvements paid for at the expiration of the term; also, the four story house and ^are. No. 165 Chamber* street, north side; aleo, the superior three story house No. 36 Bond street; also, the three story house No. 824 Greenwich street; also, the three story house No. 67 Green wlch street; also, the three story thouae No. 3.10 Green vloh street; alao, thethree story houses No*. 417 and 419 ton street; also, the five story store No, 21 Liberty street; also, the five story store No. 37 Greenwich street: also, the lour story store No. 162 Greenwich street; alao, the three story ware house No. 91 Washington street Apply to JAMES UBUIK SHAMK, 33 Broadway. TO RENT? THE FIVE STORY BBICK BUILDING, 36 Gold atreet, corner of BMer'a alley, now occupied by Prazer A Everett's manufactory. The premises are large and well lighted on three sides. Rent low. A lea<e wdl be given if required. Apply at 21 Cliff street, to T. ALLEN or AN BON O. PHELPS. r BOARDING HOUSE KEEPERS. ? TO LET, THE large and eommodiona ibur story and attic brick house, with an addition in the rear. Po. 108 Bleecker street, contain lag above thirty rooms; localities unsurpassed for a ftnt class boarding house. F. BLANCHBT, 290 Sixth avenue, before Id A. M. and after 4 P. M. TO TAILORS AND OTHRR8. ? TO LET, THE STORE No. 63 Oortlandt street, for many years occupied as a clothing store; the present occupant leaves to enlarge his busi ness: a fortune to any party of enteroriae and experience. Stock and fixtures for sale, if desired. Apply on the premised, to A. E. PRKSBINQER. WORKSHOPS TO LET-SUITABLE FOR ANY PARTY requiring plenty of light. Apply to MESSME.t A COURVOISIEB. m the rear of 30 Oortlandt street. OOPAJtTiraUUIIOJP IOTICB8. a?i r nnn T0 wo-ooo.? a chance which bel ?P J tJ .UvU dom occura la now offered to an aprlght. ener getic buaineae man, with the above capital, to enter into part nership with a person already established, in a lucrative Iron manufacturing business. For further information please address box 4 Z13 N. Y. Postofllce. mr nnn ? A chance fo.% a gentleman hav BtJ.UUU. In* this amount, to invest It where there are already $16,010 invested. 60 per cent annual profits will be guaranteed. The business is situated 200 miles west. Call on Mrs. HOPE, 284 Spring street. ?9 AAA -PABTNER WANTED, IN A PLRAHANT, V<u<UuUi substantial cash business. Any person who can produce the required reference, will find this worthy of their attention. For further particulars, address, with real name, (rone othsr answerec). Hardware, Herald office. Kf?n TO $2,000 WANTED- ANY PBRSON WISH ipl.oUvi ing to invest the above amount in an expKse business, long established and In successful operation, may be sure or realizing ten percent and upwards, or wou'd take in the right kind ol a young man aa active partner with ihe above amount. Adaress Earnest, Herald office, with real name. $800 T0 ?.00a -PARTNER WANTED IN A CASH flpCn l\J business, already established, in the best bu tineas ct rr-.t In the city. A parson with the above amount will find this a sate and profitable investment, as can be stmwn upon aa lntei view. For further particulars address M. M. D., Herald office. Agents need not apply. mOIJK ?A PARTNER WANTED, IN A DRINKING 90 It/, and eating saloon in Broadway, near Canal street, doing a good business. The owner having outdoor ousineu to attend to requires him to have a partner. Apply all this week to J. L. HARLEY, 20 Chambers street, second tloor, irom 10 to 4 P. M. This is a chance seldom met with. A PARTNER WANTED.? A PERSON HAVING A thousand dollars would like to enter into pirtnerahlp in some established 'manufacturing business. Any person so situated, and who ? ould like a partner, may addrew a line to J. O.. box 103 Herald office, stating where an interview can be had, which will meet with attention. OTICE 18 11ERKBY GIVEN? THAT I HAVE 1'HU N' day taken into partnership Mr. John Barlow, and that eceral commission and wine impcrtkig business the general commission and wine importing business, hitherto carried on under my name, will be continued uoder the firm Of PACKHAEUBER * 11 A K 1,0 W, ALFRED PACKHAKU8KR, Nr.w Yore, March IB, 1866. 190 William street. NUtltlt-THK CO-PaRTJIKRHHIP HERETOFORE existing under the firm af Joseph LM A Oo . ts thin div dlsaolved by mutual oonsent. Joeaph Lee la alone authorized to ?eitle the business of Jo*epb Lee A Oa JOSEPH LB*, ANDREW V RPA, New York, Feb. 1, 18M. GEORGE HIQHaM. The business will be oooUnued as formerly, under inn name aad arm el Joseph Lee A Co., at Ho. 1?9 Broadway, Gllsej Buildings. JOtiEPH LRH, ARDRHW V. RHA. PARTNER WANTED? IS A PLEASANT AN* PROFI table business. To a man ot the right stamp, with ft.K'O to $?,(X;0, this Is a desirable opening. Address Manufacturer, Herald office. " The copartnership weretoforr existing be tw '.en tbe subscriber*. under the firm of LOO UK Jt HAN Flt LP, is taU daj distolved by mutual consent .10 RN LOQUB, HENRY HAN FIELD. The tinJrrslgned hare, this day. formed a copa-tnor?hlp, un der the n?i and tit e of Ha.NFI KLI) A BROWN, and will continue the business ot the late firm at No*. 13 and 14 Wash ington market 1IKNRY HaNFiBLD, New York, March 17, 1886. JOB. B. BROWS. mo tailorh7-a prrson. long estabm <hbd in X the city, and familiar with all branchee of the custom i illor Ing busiress, ar.d having a large business acquaintance. I* desirous of meeting a party who can Influence an equal amount of first c!nss trade lu the central part or the city, and who Is willing to i!\ vest some means and join with the adver tiser In establishing a business In or near Broadway. N. B.? A practical tailor would be preferred. Address with name and address, J. B., box 2 7S8, P<wt oflloe. AU communications will be treated strictly confidential. LEGAL NOTICED. SUPRKME OOURT.-EBEN S. YOUNG A'JAINST OKO. W. Eowat ds and others.? In pursuance of an order unde and entered In this action, on the lH.h day ol March. lxiy;, 1 will expose for sale at the stables of the Umpire and Waver ley line ot stagei, on the MOtberly side of Forty ?l?tb street, be tween Sixth avenue and Btoaduav. in tlio city of Me* York on ihe'lh <ay of April, 18W>, at 10 o'clock In be forenoon, the follow Ing described propertv, viz: -Two Unci of s'ages oi omnibuses, cal ed the (Croplre line and fFaverlej line of stages, running from Forty -sixth street to and Irom the South far. through Br.iadway, Klghth and Ninth streets and Six h ave nue; and also the Rood will and licenses ol said two liaes, and all tie stage", horses and all other goads and chatte's men tioned In iho sr-beduJn annex* d to mortage, de<x:nbel In tha complaint In this action, and therein staled to consist o f *ti>gc? or omnibuses, bores*, harness, collars, beiis, bay cutters, horse pewer extra wheel*, stage sleigh*, plain w?gon%whe?l harrows, trucks, teed wagon, tire bender, tire setter, extra carriage parts and axlej, inc tiding spring*. Iron sife, trace chains, extra cushions, curled hair, llgit harness, levitna bars, lorks, ."novels, blacksmith's and wheelwright's too s and materials, comprising bar iron, old Iron, spring steel, nails, screws, hammers, anvils, vices, drilling maculae, saw*, plants, lumber, felloes, hubs, spokes hinges, stage po'et Ac.; paints and palntitg implements and materials, c imprUlnit pails, oils, glass, turpentine, brushes, paint pota, varnish, Ac.; harness making tools and materials, Including !ea!h?r. oil cloth, plush, blinkets, Ac.; hay, oats straw, meal and hor -o feed; and als ? *nrh lew articles as have been h Ided to sal 1 lines by the defendants, claiming to be proprietors of said lines, since the Raid linis came into their possesion, excepting certain article? no longer remaining 'n the line Ail inventor* ot a>l the article* to be sold will be readv nn or before the day of sa'e. Ten per cent fo be [ aid on the da# of n*<e, the balsi. -e in Ihlrtv days aler CORNKLIUM a. " K R it I A N , R? feree and Receive". New Yors. Ma ch Ik J86C. No 601 Broadway, N. Y. OCWMBTM A WD ADJUSTS. Human artificial iybd.-a labo*ooi.lbction Justreeeinxl bysioamer at L. LSRCY'F, ak*aJet, Not 771 Broadway, ?t/rper of Ntath rtreet, For jvtrpoou-united htateb mail rram ?htj> , Oaptaia ? ? ? ? THk steamship win depart j.,S^KBa^V'i?s?KSKwsrs od MrtWf vnygge. For freight or psssage^ UTtax unequalled aescounodalioos * w*eSirJ?K.ooLLiira, MW?a?iwrt.

rtHMitninnqiMMd to been boaru at 11 A. M. bhipucrs wit) ptuN wi uobue that t be ship* ot Utla Baa eanuot ean-7 anj gooes eoaUrabaad or war. All letter* mart peas through the Poet otCie? any a?h?r will be returned. Tbe ?teamship Atlantic wUl succeed the ? ? , and leave ?a AMI IX The (teamen of this liae, u avoid the t linger from the lee, will not cress the Bank* aonh of 43 degrees, until after Ike 1st at Aogoat sell 1*8 K NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL UNTTRD STATES mail rieamera.? The ships composing this line are the fa! - '"j&Jantic, Capt Weal t ACIFIC, CteC Bdridge. BALTIC, Cast (Jomiieek. ADRIATIC, Oapt. . These., ships have been built by contract expressly for gov ernrne n( sefvk*. (rtry care baa been taken la their construe Ho*. aa elsl In tHlr engines, lo soaure strength and speed. and for passengers are unequaled tor ale Ice of passage from New York to Ltrer , $1 JO; Id mtomJ da, 970; exelmlve u? reoms. >326; from Liverpool to New York, 90 An experienced surgeon attached to each ablp. mstil paid for. . ? prmsD bates or sailing. rrBOk yew Tout. raoa utoktool, Saturday, Tab. 10 1866 Wednesday, Fab. 3D I860 Batardki, Mar. 1 1866 Wednesday, Mar. ? UW Saturday, Mar. 16 ,..1806 Wednesday, Mar. 19 lHSti Saturday, Mar. 79 1866 Wednesday, ao'I 2 1866 Saturday, Ap'l 12 1866 Wednesday, Ap?l 16 1866 Saturday, Apn 26 ISM Wednesday, Ap'l 90 1866 Saturday, May 10 1866 Wednesday, May 14; 1866 Saturday, May 24 1866 Wednesday, May 28 1866 _ . ... . , Wedneaiay, June 11 1866 For freight or passage apply to *HWU MtllLmrf, 66 Wall street N. T. BROWN, 8T1IPLSV A CO., Liverpool. STIPHKN KANNAJU) A OO..Z7 Austin Friars, London. B. O. WAIN WEIGHT A CO., Parle. The owners ot these ships will not be accountable for gold, ?liver, bullion, specie, Jewelry, precious stonee or neu'a, un less bills ot lading are signed therefor, and the value thereot therein expressed. Bhlppers pleaae take notice that the (hips ot ftiie Ltae cannot carry auy goods ooatraba^a of war. Algletiers mast pass throagh the Poet office; any other will NcjrtrH^T&e da y rf departure of Una line from New Yerk for 1866 wW be Katurday, commencing Jan. 6, and every alter nate Saturday ; and from Liverpool. Wednesday, crameDcing Jan. a. and every alternate Wednesday. _R SOUTHAMPTON AMD. HATER? THE UNITED _ fetahM mail (leaver FULT0N, J. A. Wgtlon, Commander, will leave for Havre, touching at Southampton to land the mails and passengers, on Saturday, April 6. at 12 o'clock, from pier No. 37 North river, foot of Beach st. Price of passage.? Fir?t cabin 9190 Second cabin. 76 Bsggsae not wanted daring the voyage should be sent on board the day before sailing, marked '"Below." No freight ?bl STEAM BETWEEN NEW YORK AND GLASGOW. KDINBURGH, 2.GOO tana, CaoLWm. Camming. NttWXCRK, 1158 " Capt Robt Craig. GLASGOW, 1.962 " Cadt. John Duncan. The Glasgow and Mew York Hteamship Company intend railing their new and powerful steamer UDINBURGH, from New York lor Glasgow dlreot, on Saturday. 22d March, at 12 o'clock noon. Rates oi {passage? First a ana, 976; Ihlrd class, found with cooked provisions, 930. An experienced surgeon attached to each steamer. For irelght or passage apply to Jt.HN McBfMON,fi Broadway. New York dty bills or gold only received for passage. /GLASGOW UNB OF STEAMERS. TO SAIL SL!D VT March. - The splesc id new steamship Edinburg, Captain Oummlngs, will positively sail as above, t hi i favorite txtcket has all the modern Improvements, and oarriesan experienced surgeon. First class cabin passage, 976; steerage pa-wage, in cluding cocked provisions, 9W. For passage and to secure berth, apply ta C. A. TEN EYCK, 67 South street From new yobk to havre direct. British and Mmih American Royal Mall Steam Packet Company. RT.Va.. . . . .Capt Miller. EMEtJ Oapt Small. JURA Capt Wick man. LEBANON Oapt Cook. CAMBRIa (paddle wheel) Oapt iirownleaa. Their cabin accommodations and state rooms for tlrst class tassengers are equal to those ot any steamship afloat Passage monev (firs', cabin J 9100, provisions and steward's fee Included. Wines and liquors extra, to be procured en board. w<^^v%5SsssKrfSM?a Green. FOR HAVRE DIRECT.? FRANCO-AMERICAN COM. pany.? lhe French screw steamship BaRCRLQNE, 2,000 toes Dor then, fed. Morin, commander, will leave for the above port on Saturday. March 22, at 2 o'oleck precisely, flrom pier 44 North river, rriee of passage, first cabin, flOO; steerage (ship finding provisions), 935- Baggage not wanteJ during the passage must be sent on board the day before Bailing, marked 'below." No trelght will be taken alter Friday. Hie 2lat in?t. Letters, prepaid, (2u cents per ha'founoe> will be received at the office until noon on the day of sailing. We beg to call the attention of shippers to the difference of dutie? in France on - foreign produoe per French vessels. The tour (learners <wm poelng this line are all built of iron, with water tight compart menta. Foi height or passage apply to the agents. EN. <t KD. POfrtlEit A CO., 17Witllam street ntEOM NEW YORK TO BREMEN VIA SOUTHAMPTON JT aad Havre.? Ihe United Mates mail etaamahlp HER MANN, K. Higgles, commander, will sail tor Bremen, teach ing at Southampton to land the mails aad paasengera for Eng land and Franoe, on Saturday) March 22, at 12 o'clock M., ffum pier No. 37. North river. rxici or tAKua* tuom kbw tou to bocthajutoh or nnn. In first cabin, main saloon 9190 In tirst cabin, lower saloon 110 In seeend cabin 60 An experienced stinron is attached to each steamer. Specie delivered In Havre nr London. No parcels received on the day of sailing. All letters must pass through the Post Offloe. tor passage or freight apply lo O. H. SAND, agent, 11 South William street The steamer Washington wUl suoceed the Hermann, and sail April 19 Liter pool and Philadelphia steamship oom pany, No. 17 Walnut street, Philadelphia, March 4, 1866.? Notice to passengers aad importers. ? Tbe steamahip CITY OF BALTIMORE, 2,464 tons, 600 horse power. Captain Ro bert Lett eh, is intended to resume the saltings dram Liverpool for Philadelphia during the month of April, or so soon as she can be got from the French government, with whom her pe riod,of service is now expirtag. As soon aa the precise date of arihng can be fixed, R will appear in the advertisement-!. JOHN P. PALM, Agent. rriHE LIVERPOOL AND PHILADELPHIA STEAMSHIP _L Company Intend sailing their favorite steamships? CITY OF BALTIMORE 2,1)67 toai, Capt Robert Leitch. CITY OF WASHINGTON, 2,380 tons, Wapt Wm. Wylie. CITY OF MANCHEM f RR, 2,109 tons. Capt P. O. Pelrie. Saloon $90, 966 and 966, according to state rooma. A limited number of third class paasengera will be takan from Philadelphia and Liverpool, ana (buna in provisions. From Philadelphia 950 | From Liverpool ?40 Parties wishing to brine out their friends can obtain certifi cates of passage and drafts on Liverpool lo sums ot ?1 sterhng and tipwaida. Apply to ~ ' " ?JOHN G. DALE, Agent, 17 Walnut street, Philadelphia. K EDUCED PRICES? FIFTY POUNDS BAGGAGE FRKE ten cents per pound on excess, Four haurs from ocean to ocean by Panama Railroad. Through for California via Panama Railroad. The United States Mall Steamship Compa ny will despatch for AsoiawaU on Thursday, March JO, at 2 o . nek P. M. precisely, from pier foot of Warren street, North rive r, tbe well known and fast steaaashlp GEORGM LAW, retain Wm. L. Hern don, U. S. N. Passengers and mats wul be forwarded by Panema Railroad, and eonneit at Pana ma with the Pacific Mall Btaamshlps Company's magnifioent steamship Golden Gate, A. V. H. Le Roy, commander, which will be in readiness, and leave Immediately for San Francisco. The public are Informed that the P. M. H. Co, always have one or more extra steamer* lying at Panama ready for sea. to avoid any possible detention of passengers or mtUs. For pas sage siiplv to I. W. RAYMOND, at the only oOlm of the compa nies, 177 West street, corner Warreo street. New York. Freight to Asplnwali 70 cents per cubic foot, or one oent and a half per pound, prepaid; and no freight will be taken alter 12 o'clock on the day of sailing. SUTTON A CO. '8 DISPATCH LIN 8 FOB SAN FRAN cLco? Sailing regularly and positively no or before the dsy KJv?rttied. Clipper or Thursday, 27th March luptant. The celebrated A 1 Brstoloss clipper ship RAGLE WING, Is re eelvlitg her earfo at pier 10 East river , and will positively sail u above. The tailing qualities of this fam nu clipper are un ?urpatied, having made the passage trom London to Hoog Ko?g in 84 day*, and from Bbanghae to New York in 86 days, beiag the two shortest passages on record between those porta, and to Ban Francisco tram Boston tat 106 days, discharging her several cargoes In perfect order. The small capacity of ihts superior clipper, the flte condition of delivering her cargo, ex traordinary speed, ana early day lor sailing, present unequal ltd ibdUttDQtltfli BUTTON A CO., 68 South street, corner Wa 1L N. B.? The ships of this line take no freight after the day ad vertised, preventing all delay to shippers desirous of landing their carlo in Ban Francisco at the earliest possible day. hXf mUrt ?"P'y 'mediately rs NEW OBAN ADA, VIA KINGSTON, JAMAICA.? The steamshipOBPRPY will sail on the 8th of AprlL For passage apply to WB. E. ROLLO A CO., No. 23 William street For freight apply to MOSQUBRA A CO., No. Broadway, Australia.? pioneer line of monthly pack els, oarrjing the United States mail. The new and splen did A 1 clipper ship MPOKTSMaN, now leading for Mel bourne, at pier No. 7 East river, will also receive freight for Sjdney, New South Wa'es. As half her cargo 1s already en gaged, she will positively be dispatched early la ApriL Her kceonunodaUona for passengers are unsurpassed For frsinh'. or pat sage apply on board, or te B. ff. CAMERON, No. 6 Bowling tireen. Australia.? independent line-firht ship. The splendid A 1 clipper ship NfcSTOKlAN, 1,500 tons burthen, having over three fourths of her cargo on boinl, will be despatched positively for Melbourne on the 2tith ot Mirch. ('ar. accommodate a few more passengers in tlrst andseond cahlt s, If applied for earlv. Her accommodations onamt be iturpassed. Kor balance ot freight or pawtge, at low rates, an p|v on board, at pier lit Kant river, or to OOODKVK, Att KKLI. A ELLIOT, 88 Pearl street Australia.- indepkndent line-only vessel for Sjdnsy illreot.? The A 1 Clipper bark J, GODFREY, -<)i? .oris burthen, will have Immediate dispatch as abjve. For might or passase apply on board, at tiler 16, Kast riTSr. or to GOODKVK, A ft K M .L A KLLIO T, KH I'evi straeU TTTBFT PHUM AND TENKURLA STEAMSHIP LINT M for Lagunyr* and Puerto Oabello, stopping at ML 1 uo mas and Porto Eton, carrying the United State* mill.? TV Zlendid new steamer TENNESSEE, 1,100 tons burthen, 9. Webber, Commander, will leave for the above parts nr. .-teturdny. Mareh 12. at a o'clock precisely, from pier ? East rtver. this steamer trill arrive fn time at fit. Thomas Air pas fiengere to take the British mail steamer* te Ouadsloupa, Granada, Trinidad, Msrtliitque, Itarbadoes, Si. Hurt*. St. Ooti, St. Martin, Denarars, Antlgna. fit KiUs, St. Martha, Asplnwail, Fan Joan, Nicaragua, and all the West India Islands. nuts or pabaigs rants New York to fft. Thomas or Porto Rl re. I ~i' to Lagutyrs. or Porto Oabello W> -iteerage passage & a U letters most pass thrniurh the P< st oflflne. Mo bills of lading <vUl be eigiMd eioept those fhnu&DeJ by ?he coroptiny. fnr freight or ps/sajre apply to K. 1?S aUkVdv. JOVE I no . 47 1n'?th ot rOR HAVANA AND M< IBILR? 1 HE UNITED STATE* mail atesmer QUAKKRC^fV. H. W. HhnfMdL, Com mander, will le?vo for the above ports m Tn 1 dav, April I. For weight "r passage, apply <o HflfH a PATrttOK, Agents. 61 Wsll street. ? ' ; U'0? NEW ORLEANS L. LINE. ? THE NEW A. I T p?f ship KITTY SIMPSON, Oapt. Samuel L. Itrsg jh, if now ready and receiving freight, at the bsrth, pier |H, Ke*t r vsr, H string but a few days 'n whleli In losd, u?l be n< tn ever j respect a most superior vessel, shippers are -cm te >t#3 o mtke thrtr >>ngagptnents immediately. At?i Ij t Wf,, ????! A OO., 77 So .in rtrert, <Jt iIMJ-H)* VBOXtlKft rj 8?avrr ?tmt. j,,.i yiBLOng UAaPKW.-POOBh OPS* At Ot; TICKETS, ***Tuoujuut Rmnno, Xiws 20, lUl TBK WOMDUKFUL R jVJEI. FAMILY. B'LLE ROBRBT A-D TOW BaLLRT TUOITPB. BtLUT, P AM TOM INK AND SPECTACLE. iMt niabi of tthmii'i CLP KING: Or- WSALTH AND POYBBTY. Briiianl's beaatiful a*Ust divciUaemeui., tebfbichobe io? tbk rr.TK of the mcseb. Tkinrjoanic Interlude at THE MILLINERS. WALLACE'S theatrk, bbo adw a y, near broom h street.? Daors open at <J3? o'clock; irrt HT. ' This nnkl, March 20- ^ , JOHN Bum Job Thornberry Mr. H. Plackle Bod. Tata ShuflleUin Mr. Looter Dennis Brulgruddery Mr. Brougham Pfragrtn Mr. Dyott I Fir H. Kochdale. ..Mr. PHIUm Dtt Mr. O. Holland I Frank Boehdale. ..Br. Morton Lady Caroline Braymore Mrs. Braagham **" Laura keeme's tabietd?. Ciin?( or Tim? Doors ooen at (V; pmftiimsne ie wwiwn at 7 )i precisely. This evening, March 20? CAM1LLK. Amud Duval Mr. G. Jordan M. Duval Mr. Baae Niche tie Mux Anate Lee i)uum Mr. Johnstos | Nanine -Visa Helgpolds CamlUe Gentler Him Laura uea* NOYlsJLTY. A novel, rhythmical. musical, political, mole, dramatic, ar< Hade, ?erto-oomUv, rational and national tmniaiia, 1? 0?? AO* AMD Tax Tabuupz. Directress MissL. Keeoe | Novelty MlasB. Dnratd Fa^tan Mlaa Lecdernter 1 Fortanc Mlaa BeignnMa TJUCKLKY'B BKBENADBBS. 0? BROADWAY.? D LAST WEEK OF TUB SEASON. I fate Hall will be let, as the Buckleys Intend travelling IgMW wMBl of their new Hall, op poalte the Meuvpo THB COURT OF IOB BURO, Tbte ecmieal pice will be played five ulxhl* ef the prasen week. Thai a will l>e no performance on Saturday evening, March 22. Together with ETHIOPIAN BIN8TRKL8Y. Concert commence! at " *i o'clock. Ticket*, 25 cents. M. UOTT8CH ALE'S TENTH PIANOFORTE 80IRKB, At Dedworth's Booma, on Tknndi; evening, March 20. For particulars, see programmes at the music stores and daUj papers of tha 20th tost. EXTBA ADVKRTIKKMBNT.-LAURA KKBNK'S va Hlhl 1KB.? Success! ? Succeeal-SucceBst CAMn.i.i, universally allowed to be the most rowutrtn. drama ever produced In thia city, will be repeated KTBBT EVENING UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. DUBSBLDOBF GALLKRY? 497 BROADWAY. COM lalna one hundred and fifty original painting*, aad la superior lo any other gallery In tula country. Ms w paintings have recently been added. Open day and evening. Single ad Biaaion, 26 cents; season tickets, 90 centa. THIBrY SECOND CONCKBT? THBO. BISFKLD'S CLAS aical Bolree ? the laat but one of the sixth aeaaoa? on Batur dav, 2M, at Dodworth'n, ht?i Broatway. Ulna Maria B. Brain erd. Mr. J. Pychowskl aad Mr. C. W. Beamei will aaaiat Mr. Riifeld'a Quartet Party. TFBANKLIW BAS1FOBD BK8PE0TFCTLLY AN. ? Douncea a aerlea or four Pianoforte Solreea, the drat of which will take place en Fr'day. April 4, at Dodwarth'a. Hub acrtptlon*:? Lady and gentleman, ffi. Regtatry at Hall t Son's and Bchubfrtb A. Co. 'a. Bee circulars. X. B. ? Mlm Fanny Dean haa kindly waived her claim to the rooma tor the above ni|ht. BROWN WILL BE ABSISTKO BY MISS ADA 0L1KTO ?. who was 'ornacrly so well received In his L. T D J. c NAT ION AI. ACADEMY OF DRSIGN.-THK TUIBTY Trst annual exhibition of the Rational Academy is now open <W./, from 9 A. M. to 10 P. M.. at MH Broadway, between Prinee aad Spring streets. The collection it formed exclusive ly of original worst of living artiati, which have never before been exhibited in Ibis eiiy. Admission, 36 cania; season ticket, M centa. T. ADDISON R 1CHARDS, Cor. Bee'y N. A. A CARD -OWING TO UNAVOIDABLE OIRCUM atanoea. Miss Mary Agnea (Cameron! is prevented trom the honor ot appearing belore her rrlends ana the public this evening, but on the tftfa lnat , she will give her entertainment at the Athenwum, when due notice will be given. "fTHAT BLKSBKD BABY"? NOW BEING PLAYED 1 with to much eclat, at Barton'a theatre, haa just been publisked. Price, 12% centa. BAMUEL FRENCH, 131 Baaaau street. TBB8PIAN DBAMATIC ASSOCIATION. - MONDAY evealng. March 24, this aodety will give a iree perform ance on Kaxler Monday at the Brooklyn Museum. Orders ad mitting gentlemen ana U lies ran be had at John Peiry'a, 381 Broad w&y. Notice.? Orders dated Tuesday, 29th, muit be presented Monday, 24th P1 EBHAM TICKfcrS.? THE MANUFACTURKBS AND proprietors of a highly poiolar and va'u&tile toilet arti ale will exefaange a quantity or the game for the ajove named 1 atock. Apply to BAUi & AL DEN, No. 335 Broadway, up stairs. fTHEATRICAL.? WANTED. A YOUNG LADY TO PLAY A walking 1 adits; one who would be willing to leave the city. Inquire between 12 and ^2 o'clock. JOdBPtt LITTKLL, 108 Bowery. A. DANCIRG ACADEMIES. DODWOBTU'B PBIVATB DANCING aCABB Bo. 8M Broadway. New York; No. 157 Bootegua plaee. Brwkln, will continue open unto the M of Jane, enabling those whe ecmaiMwe at Ibe present time to oooplete a tull quarter. The alasa* are ao arranged that beginners ean enter at any time with equal advastagea. FBEIGHT TO C ALIFORMU. PBEEMAB A CO. '8 EXPBE88 FOB CALIFORNIA: Oregon, Sandwich Islands and Pacific eoaat, Soath Ameri ca, via Panama, wtil be deapaiohed per United States mail at earner George Law, on Thuraday, March 9), at 1 o'clock P. M. Special notice to sMppera. To enable us to comply with the new requisition of the California Steamship Companies. It will be accessary hereafter that all freight going by exprees ?e delivered to us before the day of i learner sailing. Shippers by espreas of JOtb are, therefore, respect 'uRv reuses led to aend ?e their goods or hand in their orders for caul on or before Wednesday, 19th inatant. The value and contents et each pack age muAt a'ao he declared, to enable as to clear the goods at Oostoms. All trelght most be in water proof eondition, or It will go at owner's risk. Oar expreaa trunk far jewelry, small parcela, letlera Ac., will be kept open until one o'clock on Thursday, 30th. No lettera taken unlet a In government en velopes. FBEBMAN A CO., 59 Broadway. PACIFIC EXPBK88 COMPANY? FOB CALIFORNIA, South America, Oregon and Saadwich Islands.? Great redaction in prices.? Our next regular expreaa will be dea patohsa by the United States mall steamer George Law, March 20, In charge of a speolal messenger. Packages received until 10 o'clock, and small parcels and letters until \ xi o'clock. WM. H. HALL, Agent. 124 Broadway. HBBIOAL. A MEDICINE HAS BEEN DIBCOVBRED.-DR. HA I OUT ha* discovered a vegetable compound which bearing all kinds of colds, coughs. asthma, bronohHls a-vl con* amp Hon. This ti proved daliy by hundreds who are cured. There la do medicine equal to N. Office 90S Bower/, N. Y. Mew You, Jan. SB, 1846. Dr. Halgbt:? Dear Htr? 'Ihe bottle ef medicine I purchased at job far a distressing cough, eared me Oka magio. Truly yours, wi. A. Bamctt, 114 Bowery. N. Y. Sr. Halgbt:? Dear Sir? Having used your vegetable ootn ponnd, was cured of a revere cough and pals In the chest. Yours, Ac., Wm, Known, oorner Fulton and WeC sis., V. Y. Dr. Hatch! Bear Sir? Suffering Cram a distressing oiugh, tc., less than one bottle of your eompouad cured me. Be Bpectfully yours, S. R. Smith, M Stanton street, N. Y. Office 203 Bowery, New York. DR. WARD'S UNFORTUNATE'S FRIEND AMD OTHER unrivalled remedies? The sure euro of oertaln diseases, quick and complete. The afflicted who would obtain a perma nent and speedy cure, should come immediately to mo. 1 care hundreds monthly. Office arranged so that vatlents do not meet. Kffectnal and unfailing medieal aid rendered. My Un fortunate's Friend cures always la a week; often In two da a; ?wi commencing in twelve hoar*. Office 00 Canal street, one door east of corner of Broadway. DR. RALPH. AUTHOR OF THE " PRACTICAL PRI va'.e Treatise," Ac., offices 643 Houston s'reet. near Wooater; hours from 9 to 12 A. II., and ti to 9 P. M-. (Sunday excepted) Ihose who apply in the early stagea will be sur prised at the rapidity and little Inconvenience attending their cure. It ia chiefly, however, those who have suffered from a oertaln cliw ot people, or otherwise, who can properly appre ciate hi* services. In stricture, from ila first or incipient to iti most advanced and distressing Mages (from uncommon advan tages. In addition to a very extensive practice In this cjm plilnt), he can afford a rapid, easy and radical ears, which, he has ground tor stating, can be obtained from ao other source In America. Rose bush thyme.-a famous, and becoming a standard remedy for fro?ted parte. Sold whelesa e and retail, by A. M. CON KLIN, Thirty-fourth street and Broad way; H. f mi'h 76 Market strett, Phllade phla; (}. Ober, cor ner of 1-embard and Hanover streets, Baltimore. Price 12>i cents a bottle. >R MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, TAKING FRHIOhO fer Sydney and Oeetoug? Packet of the 15th of April.? _j splendid new New York built ship PANAMA, I. (Jave, master, well known In the trade, la now In her berth, at pier 19, Kast river, and will be despatched as above wlthou rail. The Panama is kaown as one of the fastest of the clipper fleet, and from her well known sailing quail lies is expected to make the passage out In 60 daya for freight or passage, having elegant aecommodadons, apply on r.oara, foot of Haider lane, or to MAILLKBJ>ORD A QUKREAU, 108 Wall str* | ROGERS. WARFIELD. LORD A CO.. agents at Melbourne, PR HAVANA AND NEW ORLEANS.? THE UNITED States mall steamer OaH AWUA. Captain J. D. Bullock, wlfl commence receiving freight on Friday, March 21, and sail fw the abote forts on Thurmlay, March 27, at 2 o'clook pre oiaely. from ner pier, 37 North river, foot of Robinson street. No bills of lading slgaed after the steamer sails. I.IVINOMrON. OROCHERON A no.. 12 Park plane. |*OR SAVANNAH AND FLORIDA ?UNITED STATE* C Mall Line - The new and elegant steamer AUOUH'f A, Captain Thomas Lyon, will leave ou Saturday, March 22, from pier No, 4 Sorth river, at 3 o'clock P. M. Bills or lading signed onboard. For freight or passage apply to S. L. MITCHtLL, No. 13 Broadwav. For Florida, through ticket* from New lork to Jacksonville, $31 ; to PI]* 'la, SM. Large and commo dious MenmcrH leave Savannah for Florida three lira"* a week, connecting with the steamers irom New York on Tuesdaysand Saturdays. XPOR CHARLKSTON AND ELORIDA-HEIHI-WEBKLY J1 U. Small line. The tie w.beautitul and fan going steam ship JAMES aDOBR S. C. Turner, oommandor, will leave pier No. 4 North river, on Saturday, M j-ch 22, at 3 o'clock P. M. prrclselv. For freight apply on hoard, where all bills of Udmg will be signed; and for passage at th? ofll-wi of HPOf". KORD, T1LKHTON A CO., 29 fcroadVay. Catt" passage ?16. The Southerner will succeed, -'.nd leave on Welnesia*, March 26. The (averite steamer Carolina makes regular trips to the various landings on the St. Johns river, Florida, con necting wit* the steamer* from New York, and leaving Charleston every Tnesdav at 2 o'clock P. M. Through tickets M Jacksonville, $31; to I'ilatka. * ?. FOR NORFOLK AND RICH HOND.? THE UNITED States Mall steamship ROANOKE, Capmln Tko.nasSkln ner, will lea^e tor the above places on Sai'irday afternoon, March 22, at 4 o'clook, from pier 13 Worth river. She wlli ar rive at Nortolk on Sundav afternoon, and at. Richmond on M< oday morning, Passengers for the South will proceed without delay, by the Great Mai' wine, 10 Char'astoo, AtU'is la. Savannah, tc. Travellers wishing to i?*ethis anrer*ble and expeditious mule need not apprehend \ny deiav in r<. k:h lt?g 1 heir destination. Passage and fare, with ?taie room, to Nrrtelk, *H; to Hlchmord or 1'etersVirg, till; ?'->erau<? ha'f price. Applv to I I) r>L AM I PL*:V'W rS, 32 Bn>Mw%v. A SECOND "A BIN PAflRA* > ETIOK E i r Ti.IVK it ?N ML, ti for the tfHh l?st.,for s\ e cheap ice proerlet >r o'' the fame baa i hanced ' sm'nd h.viiI r 'injr- luij'ttrd a< II lllti 1 Kin u;r 'it, m the st>re. BHIBOADWAY TBEATRB.-E A. MARSHALL. SOL* E? ???&& assJSTK ??>y. ?< ^Spfca-r Mokarta, Grand Bramfa of (As Ja hrejah Mkt..?ttAM*[ ^amyte::? nn::^atwg /amine. efcttdofthe Rajah Mwn.if? ?? "BURTON'S. CH AMBERS STREsT. BlS^ii?taSK?lfcS5l'Ju. MTOEIIK ^fineotra, . ?? la which Mr. J. H: M'Vicker, Mr. H. A. Par ry, Mra. C. How. ard, Mn. A. Parker. Ac.. Ac , will perform. THAT Bi.tisSKD BABY -A SCREAMER. The moat laughable farce, with Mr. aiidMrfc MgrtM. Foatonio ani> uim ftuvKN QirrEDSnRVAn*, tbe beat production of the season? Portunio, Mn. 0. Howard. T) ROADWAY VaRHTIM, HO. 471 BBOADWAYj? 4 .rv^saaBfiSr *' toA&iifisibirV TWTtiiTT-prvE During (hla week? TUB WOOD AMD MABSH JCVENILB COM1DLABB, in their (rand nautical drama of BLaCE BYRD BUSAN. William Mm Louke Also, PERFECTION. Door* open at #X; eeoamenoes at lit o'clock; ?4 10 o* ' r"i2JSS* aM MMMM f Orti EVERY EVKNING. Business lniiMilml by Henry Wood Blare Manager Geo. qirMr For this week, Ethiopian Mmitreiry, oooelodtag wtt tbe BO. CHBI8TY A WOOD'S MINSTRELS, NEW HALL, wayj Julius Qaaehenbosh Geo. OkrWi Doom open at 0; and the eurtaia rlw at 7X o'clock. Nutloe ?Tbe curtain wtB rise at 734 precisely. Admission JSssnts TENTH PIANOFORTE BOIRBB. L. M. OOTT8CUALK Assisted by Mr. FKDER and Mr. CANDIDO BBRTI, at Dod worth's Assembly Rooms, adjoining Grace church, en THURSDAY RYBBWior MARCH 10, MM. , Programme:? Part I.? 1. Galop dl Bravura. UPapres < ant J arranged fer two Pianos, by Meaars. Gottacbalk an ? GoUacbala; 2. Bong, Iron the Opera of Pa*orlt*? 1 _ Dontaettt; S. (a) Priere by request, (s) La fie vane, ballade,. (O Chant du noldat-Gottaehaik; 4 Air, In Happy Mnateata, from Marttana -Feder Wallace; 5. Bv req?ei,.0eSerzo? fcchubert; H. (a) Impromptu. (b) Value -Cboptn; W) Aawpleee Of bottsehalk'e that the audience may aall far? OotioBbnlk. Tickets, $1; ladies' tickets, 60 cents-tor ?ale it the nseais ?tores and at the <loor. Doora open at 7 o'clock; ! Concert to eceamenee at 8 o'clock. Tbe grand planifcrtea useA on thia occasion are from the war* rooms of Llhickcrtag, Bread way, opposite the St Blobobs Hotel, N. Y. Academy of musio-italian opera? itkth Might. Ibe Academy will be cloaed until Mo* hat, March 24, ltH, for the requisite rehearsal of a new American Ofsha, LA SPIA, Br Staitou hvtci Akwti, Composed expressly for thia estaMtPhment MaX MaRKTZKK ? Musical Director and Conductor. Peals can now be secured for the first three represent Aliens at 11 all A Bona, 230 Broadway, aad at the box office at the Aca demy. Secured seats one dollar and fifty cents. SEBABTOPOL HOLDS OUT ? -FIFTIETH WERE.? JOHN B. SMITH'S GRAND TOUR OF EUROPE and SIEGE OP SEBABTOPOL, Empire Hall, Ho. 598 Broadway, SHOWING ONK HUHDRKD VIEWS of the cities and objects of internet in Europe. Even evening at 7 o'clock, and every afternoon at 3. The music by Mr. Alwjn Field, of London. (TEMPLE OF TUB MURES, 316 BROADWAY,? OPEN 1 every afternoon ana evening, comtnenotng at S and 7M, for the purpose of giving a series of msgnltloent Itviag repre sentations or statuary, by Madame Warton'a troupe w Model Artistes, twenty-seven in number, comprising some of the tlnest tor med women In the world. TjlRANELIN MUSBCM, 6R BOWF.RY.-TWO PERFORM JT aneea are given every dav, commencing at 3 to the after noon, and at 7)a at night N. B.? etrangers and otbers will observe that thia la the only place of amusement where the original troupe of Model Arilates are exhibited. Remember 3 in tbe afternoon, ana 7% In the evening. Tbe oily place wubrk the model artistes are exhibited is at the Franklin Museum, OS Bowery, wbera the entire troupe appear every atiernom, at 3, and evening, at 8, with other original entertainment#, to be eeeo at no other place of amusement in the ci'y. Remember, 53 Bowery, ' Manhattan dramatic cli b are dbsirovs of having atew more members. They give reg'iiarpirtorm* axees twice a month; next regular performance M Wedaesiay evening. Match 26; rehearsal on bunday afleroooaat I o'omh1(( By order of ST AftH MIMICAL. A N ITALIAN LADY, A DISTINGUISHED PROFBSSOR ... - >U0Q as i square A. of singing, with an excellent voiie, desires asttuUloo as 'leaderofacholrlnaohuxeh. Address G. Q. G., Union i Post office. B ARGAINS.? JUST RECEIVED, ANOTHER 10T OP those 6% octave p'anis^ round corners and iron VMM, lor flBO; recond hand do. for *00. $MiO and $t7ft lar 925. 136 and 660. Pianos aid melodeons to let atlaw fates, by S. T. GORDON. 297 Broadway, agent tor HaileCHavIa i Co. 'a pianos and Mason t Hamlin's melodeons and harmo niums. Banjo, -the banjo taught in various stylbs, lc ^few easy lessons, b? FRaNK SPEED, of 80 Hudson street Banjos ot ail prioes, from (1 SO to 970. Banjo hoops, handles, beads, strings, Ac. for sale. Lnaaona day and eve ning. Terms reasonable. English concertina.? want kd, a second hand oonoertlna, treble, tenor or narlton*. These having one for sale cheap, may bear of a purchaser : by j Aid reaving K. |Y., care of B. Lock wood, Broadway Ppgf a (Dee, iSBX Broadway. New mubic.-just publkhkd, the i songs, which fnr the beauty of their meMi rangement or sentiment ot their words, will tot1] a cordial we oome trom the musloal public:?" Tt They are Gone;" T.Wood; 26cenia "TheBllnd( ssme author; 26 cents. ' ' We'll not Forget Thee, M author; 25 cents. Also the pooular operado fong_. _ . Valantinl, " The Glance of Love." and " I Merer (Jan be Ifclns;" 25 ernts. BORaOK WATERS, Kent for the most celebrated planes and tnelodeons, 333 Broadway. Music cheaper than elsewhere In the city, these six aonga far 91, postage paid. PIANOS TO LET? AN ASSORTMENT OF PIAN08. both with and without the inollaa attachment, P> let or tor sale on monthly payments. The most liberal Inducements are (i tiered. Call at the ware rooms of S. Gilbert A OOj, 419 Broadway, corner of Canal street. H. B. MATHEWS. WINKS AND UdUOM. AMERICAN BRANDY? IK ORIGINAL O. % and k plpM; gin, New Rnsland rum, U-t?? and rectified whiskey, pure spirits. high an 4 low prool In bb'.i and hhda. The above goods are ot the beat quality, and wlU be ?old at lowest market price. We invito city nd esuntry buy - sen to examine then* goods. C. WARD k OO.. 110 Murrsa street, agents lor the distillers. Folijbt louib champagne wine, purr and un tarpamed bv any Imported In this country, just received and for sale by PAUL NKGK1N, 170 Front street, sole agent in the United States. LL BOCHRLLB VIJTKYARD PROPRIETORS' BRANDT. ?A quantity of this favorlie brand now laading, ex bark Anne Perkins, la halves, quarters and octaves, pale and dark, for sale, from wharf or bonded warehouse, on liberal terms, by the importers. SIMPfeON BROTHKR8, No. 19 Beaver sC COAIi. BBEC&INRIDOI OOAU-A SHALL SUPPLY OP TTIIR celebrated coal 1* now tfelng received, and will be sold at 111 per ton, delivered, or S14 If taken from the yard. Orders left at No. i Wall street, Thompson's offloe, or at the yard, cor ner of Twenty -seventh street aad Eighth avenue Call and sea it burn at either place. R. L. SNOW, Goal Dealer. KKDIPAL. DB. LARMONT'S PARIS AND LONDON MBDICAL Adviser and Marriage Uulda. Eleventh edlUon. 3K) pu?, 74 colored flames; cloth $1. It gives the auverti* sod shows the superiority of the author's Paris I treatmeat of bu speciality , nervous debtlttv, local I from txscssss ard indiscretion, km. Offloo hattial to D P. M.. 42 Reade street, corner 290 Broad <v*y, ? New Tork. We reeeounend Dr. Larmont to the afflietadJ^CIaartlar des RUts Bnls, Steals Zaitnng, National DemooratJ Ddy Rook, Ac. ? his oflce. 98 Middagh street. Dearly < and fourth door from Fulton street, Btfl| QLD DR. OORBITT IB OONBULTBD and I 10 P. M. PUIYATK CONSULTATIONS ? DR. tinues his practice to one slave ol dti treated mere than twenty thousand eases, of failure. The remadica are mild. and from business, or expose him to detec . cent rases there is a owe to twenty -tour desires to state that, as many bava Man promises of certain charlatans, and be* IMkUeoU are respectfully In" I ted to dall there ia no aharge for consultation*. . ~ WILLI*.* WAT*)*, M. D., Many years sur^Mm to the Leek Uoenltal: aottwr ef " The Cause aad Cure," uomerous plates, $1. 'Jfttoa SO Walker street, fourth door wast ot Broadway. PR1VATK MEDIO AL AND HURUICaL OOMSULT^I tiona.? DR. COBBK.TT, 19 Dttaoe) street, may be eoaau' I ed with confidence on all diseases requiring secrecy. ? ? great experience of twenty-seven years in tits elaesot com plaints enables Mm confidently to warrant a cum, <o every oat a undertaken Dr. C. would apprise Grangers ol the fact ibst he Is the only per* on quallftad In the above so sbtaHty In ttrts dtr, t with tea exceptions) all el *e,inotwlJ)MenJlag UrtirhtghaoinuS liig foreign ramcs, being merehtim'nig*. N, p.? Asa proof < f Dr. C.'s sincerity , he wou'd call particular attention to Ms dt. rloma, asamember r.f Die New York University, suspended n I* office, with the same* o> Mo", I'ati.'son, ko.. together wt h other testimonial* of s very high ordsr. N. B, ? II 0 fee till eured. TRIfcflRMAR-THK ORKAT KUROPRAW DISOOVNBY.? Protested hv rorsl letiers patent or England, and secured by the saais ol t)>? Krola >le Pbarmafle do Paris, aad the Im perial College of Medlclre. Vienna. Trims*.** No 1? 1? the remedv for g?ix>ral"<Wbtli',y. The system would not become Impaired, even In iVe decline of lire it No 1 were unlvernallv adopted; alt physical tm Redlment* vanish like mislc before Its InfliMhee. thus render is lie use Invaluable to those entering ine marriage sta'a. Tnmsr.mii No. 2? Oomnlelely era/ii<-aiesa|l tbofOfcsordeix witch oopavla and cnbebs hare, so long bren thought an anU dote or, to the ruin of the health ot a vast pHi-tl Oa of our dopii latlon. Tstssr.Nin No. it? Ik the great luroaean remedy for that c.laes of disorders winch, unfortunate lr. the Ifn^iish physicians treats with mercury. to the inevitable d'-ntrtftVm of the pa tient's constitution, which all the sarsspartlla In the world cannot remove. Tkiexkmas Nos. 1. 2 a'-d S are alike dev >ld of taste or smell ar d all nauseating qua ltles. They may lie on the toilet table without their nse i-.elng detected. Sold In tla cases at (3. or four cases In one for 99, w*>kh eaves (A; and In >27 esses, whereby there is a saving o<? in divided Into separate rtose* as administered by 7a)p?au Lai-' I em and. Hum, Ar. Who'essle and retail, and forwu^<vl to ativ part of the world, by H. A. BaKRoW, M. D., (rcpre<en tatlve of the patentee In America,) SI Oreene siren ni ir I oaaal, N*w York. Atlendanre dally, from DA* n|lu P. *., and from 4 to A P. M.. ( 'nndays exeeptad) unle < I r ^re*?1o?,* aprolnimenL No SI Orecne slj-e-t, ne?r (' .nH PoM sl?o bv W. B. Zirbrr, book store, 44 Hou'h Third ?tr. .? ' Fl.H^delphla ? '