Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 21, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 21, 1856 Page 2
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V-to gt'-Jj -aC;??l, ??>? to H to {he ayvAii. (?at of 16* ?.<02,000 of g> hi br tplt by the Judm >huh?, jtlZO.UUU Ba? alreaay Bv* o taken to :he l*aA of fcogiand unci tt ? po**i ~>nt a farmer k m may Had . ? way t,i ere. To* rate of exchange ocotinuf* favoraiwe ? r Ui c coat try. and tience the purchase of tte tin>ur.t geld tak*? withm tha last ft-* ilare lor tbo Bark, if * rant* ? .ist have involved eheavvV**. At f tou ? fc'j mi cry. however, o Parit, consequent upon Ute ?pe c.lative inoi.Uk, e such that way tie - -10:4.1 are W rue ftr ike mem* a* to prevent a e aeok -wu-g g vec to public con Th* irta.o iro. the Banket 'Ingland tor the week fud tD, 1st <1 Maxohgivee ??tc luliow.iig result*, wtrn :h? previous weeu ? . . . .... . . ?4, Wo, 033 Increase.. ?68 618 JXr W-?? *7<J- ? 1 ??*.??* ' ....% 3,7-9,752. . Decrease. .309,706 i>n fbe otiitJ" ?*iiW ci tli0 a?cc?aiit ? J!?r?me?t secant*. . . 11 1 461,000 Decree - ?4?e,000 (itber eecuiitws 19, 400,702.. inore-i*.. Mete* unemployed t?.4l?.00!>. . Decrease. . 35.i,fcl>6 The amount of Dotes in ci-eulaUcm w J.l8.ttv>0, Jj, be toaau acn>aBeufl'?#S,?,?6. and the *v.*jhot bullion in both fepartioent* is sbowi* an ircrea? ?! JL24 .248. when eomuared with the pieceding return. WRIGHT JKfMOH AND CO. '8 CIRCCLAR. Uvubtool, March 7. 185P. Referring to mr circular advices per AraMa. on the 2J?U? ult., we have since to hand "he aece cjats per Qaaker Cl? mi Pern*. str?ogtheuinf u*e previoiinly roduoml es timate* cf ftie totton eroj: . and setting tcrth 3,300,000 tales as a maximum, also reporting a general adv-Dto u> price at all the spippsg port*, with the probability if curtailed exports to this country after the defstrture c: vessels then loading; thete advice*, tociug js at a time when tke demand exceeds the lmpor', an J ?ron a gra dually red-ic-og stock. a? well of the .aw material as ?h* manufactured article tn tne ncsda 01 the trale, tend to iwpire cuntid?iee in vhe .nrure, -which >8 further staiulated by the continued decline ki t readstuffs. end the hopeful anttcipaucns ?f a fart rable issue to the pa** cenpoes. Aii ln,tt?T WO tliU withe Tit UDY dfttA OQ WHICII tt MM * eoEcltmian, ind doa^t muat continue rtit order nf -he <ay until their (^liberations ?c* eoacfuded; aijatisfactcry 7*eul! is, howev-'r, generally eQ'.?rt**i*d. Hie JineW arrival 01 large amounts cf specie ba? also eoutnba.ea to this end, though the continued ajttve demand for mo an prevents nay relaxatieo to the ftnngency ue diecimot rates tn mere untile bill.-. For the week raoer ronei we have dally experienced a food demand for cotton, withtut, however, any animation charactensuig the busmeet, piicen. without being que tably frigher. are in itllera Js?i>' acd the market -la supported ay the .oint opert ?ucns'm" epecuJatc.-s aui exporter? being to e. ta.r extent. As mo*" of the arrival ire yieiiing profit, holders rate', their J?quiry Ireely, parilcalarty in the tower jrrades, which are ahuodanu ?nd likely noon to pe b.-ougat?3to eomsetttion with free reeeiptu <n" East India descriptions. Tbete is no dhsng? J? tbe murks'. '/>-day, which , c loses steadily, with ?ntin?ted tales of 8.000 tales. -,0?ki to jrpeculatcrs a?d expertei". Kie total ?^es cf the wees atnouct to o4,-10 ssles. ?f wfcjcb 48 790 ire St?<rvk).to-s o?Tt 8 540. and exptrters 2,llt, :e?Ting oa:?s 0. *1. kinds to the trade. , . . , The in>T>ort for tbe same we >? 33,554 baies, cf *t . t "ff SiS??i- ? w to about lft, 000 Wes. "RjfTS TO-DAV. mi-. atidiUvKQ. Ordlrtc -y. 9vm Organs ? V- 6 1^-lK. 4?e to 5?d. ?obile *X&. W* M. to 5^4. .A tier tie e.J4l- . tJd? BUI'S. L-OI'.'. Tctal laeen for consumf r, I80O. .*45,?0 1866. .370,110 expert ^-nctnai) .. . 41,606 . . lo.uut '-tock 1 Am. lira: '.i Kg i,pV- EJtuI W trA. Qusdav. J2S5. 270 56,270 tf.07C 21'KXJ 1?20 370 M 1^.1865. <05,710 48,770 40. I* 131 070 - -80 tv34.070 More activity orerstls .n the <aQc.hea?e." market, aad fctuh Kt<-08 and varnt- are in itnvro' ed ce?r< ?ic . oayere aie reluctantly cctnpe lied to ioUo? the wee&ly up**cd oouree oi price*, w^eh to some exten: cHea.s oanne??. bat as spinners are well crovideJ witt orAor^. an't luana ketuTtn general!* are oire of stocks, no A.'.e *n?li' e ex ?ts. no'wtthstancing wMch, great coiupla.n * i:e made ef the un remunerative state o.' irai'.e, iOT?-e<iu?-nt upoo tke jDcrease cf factories having oa'mu tac production ot grain market has been v^ry dsprecsei dnricg Uh ?resent wees, ard the transactions in all articled are ot the most limited eWncter. TLs uep -tuiiaon iu value of breadetuffs gencr-Jly a the pa?t six week- a?s beeo so excessive thn; ?ery heavy l< -ee? mui- t?ve beec 1 exp^ /tented, and wticn gives rise U> mu so distrust. *1.0 a mere carer desire to realise on a restricted inotn-y, Mia Arse imports in prospect, prte^? h?.ve given way con ddertkblY, and rfiefc is every indicibtionci s stiu ledurtion. At tci-diiy;s market littie disposition ?as evinced to extefid truisactioiu! beyrcd p-ei-sun 'e<[viire ?Mats lor locsl consumptw?, the aowt rard tendeury o. nnees wa?, however, anected. Atrti* continue in restricted dein*nd at -wit <.uota-ione ot 38s. and 42s. 80. per ewt. Govsrserd has been sold to extent cf 10 ULf at ti3s. to <",6s. per cwu lor year hat; qnalities. Lard? Sales of 150 ton* nre report^ at 6-?. i, 65s. per cwt. for middling U tine parcels. Linseed cake Cuds buyers at 18 lis. too for thin ..o.oog; sa?ts 160 v ns. Rice is od'J ?t to 23s. t?r cwt., a which 2i0 tierces have changed hoods. He sin cointnaocJ hot quota ' ions, at which sales of 4 ?0 >?b!i . have tic en Ttilow has adeeming tendency, and sales liaved ? 50 ctsks at Me. to 56s. pe.- c?rt- T'lrp-ntine? >o ? W,. M- rtngh. Spirits are dull at S4s. to 34i. ?>a. per ?wt. , and burinens eootined to retnli soles. earing brothers anp co.'fi circular. Lovim'N. Friday, March 7 ? d c'clocc 1 . u. In tke colonial and foreign produce markets the otsi o ess has been moderate this week. Breadstuff* hare de emed considerably. Money continue in active deoA^ Consols leave off 91^ a 9! S for money, and Wl>, a 01?4 tor the account. The West IndU steamer, wtuen orrtveM on Sth inst., brctight $1,200,000 in bpecie. Trlcos of Dor eiiver and collars not yet fixed. a urns am Stoths lemain withmt amma'.ion or vari? toon in pr.ces. Some Tennessee bonds. 6'*, have been sold ot 88; Virginia sterling at 86; acd Massachusetts yterhng J-'s are held at 101. CortXA fiat. 54 beg* Tritidad pdIS cheaper. 4ls Gd. a 47s. 6d. for fair tea; 310 oa?s Bshia were bough: in from 38s. 6d. a 40n. 6d. for gray to gcod bright tod, only 36s. lid. . . 1 .arti quiet at 64s. for Western, in keg f'ocniMAL. ? 300 bogs ot auction chiefly soid at pre vious rates Honduras silver 3s. 7d. a rls_8t . for tmail. Js 9a. a 3s. lid. for middling to good, with pea grain from 3b. lid. a 4s.; black from 4s a 4?. 3d. for ordinary ood 5s. 4d. a 5s. 7d. fcr fine. Tereriffe lilver froaa 3d. 10^. a 3d lis., and black from 4s. Id. o 4i. 3d. Cotton ?nn. 2;800 bales sold diiriug the wee* a. rtea-.y prises. At Liverpool tte demand ha? be^nl F** yesterdey's quotation for middltng Orleans w*s 5 15-16C. ^CciTIBiB steady dei&od, without change in quota ^"?rwD. quiet, and the public sales of plantation Ceylon outing tne week h?ve been inptcnitiCMit, and pnyately teete has been little .ncuiry. 750 bags 8?^ o-di^'T ootire Ceylon were bought in at 61s. 190 asgs .Madras ?old from 63s. a 56a. for good to tine ordinary. Oi ,-A) bags Bahia only a few lots sold fr -sc 66s. a 5i?. 6d. for hue ordinary waehe<!. with a small parcel ot got ?O ordi aaxy Rio kind at 47i. do. 1j>heed 1 akkm in good demand, with some jTospec. o. an advance in quotations. , . _ . Cony ?The marks* t n Monday was extremely du.i, sn-J flKogti a decline of 5'. ?. 7?. per qr. on the prices of tae previous Monday wc>uld have been submitted to. vetv Sttle business was done. The average price of Kig.isa wheat for the week eudirg Is*, init. , was 6tM. 7d. cu 1 12 - 949 ors. returned To-day the maroet ?' s?iady, with eufttuch doing? holders of foreign generally not being dtaposed to give way We ',uote white American wheat. ?6e a 70". red, 64s. af?e. per qr. , Atner..-i?n flour, 3--. o 37s. perbbl. .. ? ... Rum in fair demand. 1'roof L"*?ards. -J "? -*? -?? BRi'fiS he. ? Aloes? 8 case? Cope sold at fcV . to: eium Auimv ? 24 cases East India Drought pnsnous rstes. 'Juid Copal? 12 baske, s African roura sold at 29s. C awo Oil ? 156 r?se? brought 5>?d. a i\i. for critiaary to ia.r seooncp, bfing rather easier Oambier? -S30 l.-vg^, one half n fd at 17*. Catch- 31*. Red Sunders wood- 1. t,?s sold from ?7 12?. 6d. a ?7 16s. Qu.ok?Wer? Is. 8 >?d. a Is. 9d. Camphor? 150 ca?ss -i'd ?? ?.?. M. H?mi ?Russian is without change, ?'*.. e'ersbarg elean 132 a 133. 1S4 bs.te^ _4ar.a, of ordinary quali.y ?ocnrht Srom 111 5s. a ?11 7s. 6d. Jr_ _0f l,9f,0 bales at auution the chief portion sold, %tr to gocd qualities from 117 a ?19 it., be-.n^ p-eviou. rates ; oommon to midiilmg kinds were lover ? i?9 js. a ^iBON.-^fhe ilrmand for We'sh hai fallen "ff: purchase^ Sight perhaps be rnac-e a*, some slight redaction on last week * rates. < >ur quoiation is ? ?8 a ?8 5s. .->. al and Mirs, 'ree on board in ^alen. Very little swe'.lsh xflering. g&otch pig, 67?. tid. for mixed number* in .he Wnaunio*!.? 1S4 bundle* Toltr sr 14 a' 1'56 Tjvsrxn ? the market is fi-m, and it Is no' ea?v to pur chase at last week's rates. quote e:??t Indian v .a ?7s , Blacr Sea, 60s. a 03s. For arrival no sales are m-n llotod. I.vnKiO ready at. last rales'* rats? l/nji. ? Fish without ciaogo; sperm fiat, at ?l-o a i.l-*i, Seutbern. 162 10*. . pale sea1, ?5# cod, ?47; in olive lit tle doing C, alii poll, ?W; Milaga, ?50 a ?51; rat>e us further improved, loreign reftn??l, 53s. a 54; brooa scar'* at 49; ilnseed lees freely offered, at 34 Id. a 34s. S3 for present delivery, cocoa nut, 37s A "8? ' palm, 40 ?. Rhk flAt, and agAin lov*r. 3,000 bag* Bengal at s nc Mon to-dAj were bo ight In, except some targo, which ?old at 8s. 6d a 9s. < * 5,2,0 bags Madras 400 oags fa-T ni?ky brought 10s.. bo* the remainder mid. aoc 1. ) was nought m at 9*. a 6i., beitig a decline of Is. tr im the previous nominal value. SjinnTRK has been in n*w* demand, and 4/I00 a 5,000 h?gs Bengal hsve beeo purchased privately at fld. a 1* advance. 500 bag* At auction sold from 51*. a 3l?. M. tor 11 M percent, and 31s. for 14'4 per ent refraation. ZmU salJTof nitrate of soda at 18*. M.i 19* Mrum* ?.Sale* limited at lis. .or rrinidad, and 18*. ^SrriiR? rhe market opene<l with a strong de man i at ?"<! of MaiiHtfu* r^wo1^*40^ ^jwryssf ??? withdrawn, except about 600 boxes which sold relatively cheap. th* uflLTlni rales have been mafte- 6,600 bag* Maurftlua ckjefly low brown, at 36s. ?d with a small portion of middling yel low at 40s. 800 boieo Havana (No. 13 a 13)41 at 43*. 6d. dntv 15*., and afloat 3,500 bag* brown Pernambueo at 2;* 4Cd., and 5,000 bags.brown i'aralba at 22s. 3d. both insured free of particular Average, And tor near Contlnen ^Tauow^-Y C., I* steady at 57*. 64. for U?i? mooth, and lis tor the last three months of the year. THE VERT LATEST. Wc *r? ndabtod to Cftpt. Jodkmi, of lb* P?t*1?, for U)? to Dewing ntnctn frow London of Saturday morn m*, U>? Htb, t?tl?jr?ph<*l from London to liT?rpool ? [Ftom \b? London V#w?, kUreb 8.] rRANCt. Tt ? MoniUur of j?rt?;d?f c*suiw *a M ag out be.- ?? it J40,0'.0 jcug wi lier* for ibe tlasi of lSbA. TBS NEGOTIATIONS. 9i iiL.v Miioa 2, 1HMS Count sehauvajoff and Uuut l?v**dDog Uti p<Mi?1 thr< -jf h th> city tn route for I -ri*. They in the be?r r:i it tititk .nrtructioc* fer the Ku*s.*n Plenipoten blhti. RENEWAL or TC E BLOCKADE IN TEE BALTIC. H.mmh.;, Ua ch 6, 186?. Admiral Wat*>on eaiied from Kiel. Be b*n orderod the tl??: to aeteniole off Moer island, to announoe the re newal cf the blockade of the Kuselan ports. 1 RUSSIA. Bow* , March 5, 186?. TIM upper clumber hu adopted, -n ytaterday '? Bilting, the proposition of dividing th? budget into in ordinary and extraordinary oudgeJ, tithough the government op posed tie propcciticn. ENGLAND BtiKHiv Eu^nos.? Mr. Ingram. propretior of the J Bus :rawd Lon km Jinvt, has been returned from Bjst.n to day to Parliament by a large majority ? Kor Iwrram, (liberal) b-1 f t/r A iaxDc, (cocnennive) , Majority 2t-o iFrom the City Articlc o. the London Daily News.] London, Saturday morning. ? The lends opened with heaviness this morning, owing to an iccrease<l demand for money, in connection with to day's settlement in the scrip of the new loan. Ttxe conimwmremfnt of tfce monthly tetUement in the cocwl market also increased tUtness. The decline, however, scArnely extended va per cent, and in the afternoon reaewtd fitnnes* was chewn. The oloe !ng <ioot?tic>n? were t,' per cent above those of ye?ter^y. In the StocK Rich anno te day money commanded as much aa 6 a 7 per cent opon gsverneoat securities. '.n the discount market the demand continued aetfve, anl the supply is scanty. A* Paris to-day, yesterday'*) re ctiTery tf >? percent in the three per cent rectes was lest. Of ?40, 7W in specie Ttcen out Vy the Atrnto'Jh-.H week, the buik c<*isists of doubloons for Havana, In payment Jor tugar. The first iferieu oi co&unial wool otle* for this jear terminated this day. At the clcee tfce advance equal to 15 & 10 per cent over "the rates ct last October. The returns ot liie Bank of Eng and for the week show an increase tf 11* 'JS8 in the stocaof Vcltlon. Thi railway share mark at to-day wae rteady. AH the leading stocks eiosed mush the fame at: 'yesterday. [From the City Arsitle of the London Times. J Ijcivdon. March 8. ? The Ecgiish fcHis have aguln Vrj h*a""> tc-ilsy, bet in at no ether cause than the ceo ttoned I reesr-e icr money. Advaness on government securities w ere !n active demand throughout tbe day, at ti oer cent, 'lie settlement d?y acj the trucsaciocr-i in 'tie scrip of "the new loan Lav increased the reeuire ir.ei.ts of tka dealer*. Tbe Con*. -cental ad-rices describe a very favo.-sd'e ap pearand of the txebengen at al'l pt mu. At Amsterdam at>;l Hamburg they lure experienced a further advance, acd in the latter ci'y money h*? se come vawer at 4^ per cent. CACE OF G?OD HOPE. Fa pen to the 4th of January have been received. Th?y ooctain little ot interest, out si*:? 'hat cooiucr clfcl a? are gradually recovering from th?ir laie de preeaion. The operation* in itininp nave been brought within reasonable bound?. It ii bel-'eved th&- the veatt'a of .W a :?nd will henceforth be steadily developed. LIST OF LETTERS RuNiiniDg fa tbe Hew York City Post Office, Friday, March 21* I8SS. Pabliabad e?cltr:ve); in ine Ntw Yoi at Herald by Act of Cot pre wi ? Us paper \aviry the lurrj'X oircuUUwn of ?ny /? aftr in the ?W-<i .Vote*. LADIK8' LJHT. A A'len Mrs G Bvjt A.lwon JtM Armstrong M -a Kim AlWi Juiijit Anderson Mr a Ma.y Arnu^ron; M'1 Ju Allm Mit.? wi*u ale Area 5arab Anu Mr ? M*. i j Andrews Mrs Mary B B&bcock Ming Elizli B'.ee -ker Mrs Jane Brower Mrs FiU'h Black lira Ceieaie Be .1 Mrs M 2Uth Brown Miss n W?ll Mrs Oar- BellowaMr* Lucuxla Brown banrv i.e. r. B?ment Mlaa Ha'.ue Brown Mra M try B?t< ii Mix* Mury Bremati Jace Brown Parah R Br .cio.-d Mia* <"nh Bti nut Mrs Susan Brown MiaWm Bailey Mr* I>kvk1 Berdett Mrs Louisa Broarnell Mhry J h-alu Mlaa 'J9tt Berfrn Ju? ? Br jwnridge Mrs Jo iiak?r. Mra J. 13th Bertie Mrs A Iphocso aeph Baker Mr* Oatfear Berry Mn If A Boyden Miss Maria BaKlkk Mrs ailza Bevis Mrs Boyd?n Mlsa Still* B.acc M if M.rie Prickers Mri Nancy Boyle Anne Brandon Mra Marg Bridges Mlsa Kioiae Baoklay Mr* Jane Brarou JU;st> W'nme MMKuChi? Burr Mra T W Barclay ?rs A L Bin# If) Mra D P Burro wa Mias Sabi Barkiw Kits at E Briody Mary aa 8 Barr Mlaa < bar M B iveo Mim J ace Batler Mi si A; n Barrett Allen Blzny Mi Mary B Butta Frances U Barry Mra. Cherry Began Mrs f.dward Barna Mlaa Cath'ine itaruam Mwatarah Bogart Mrs. Ganae- Barna Mra Mary Barton Misa Rate W voorttl Bjrna El en Barto*. Harriet BrocmheadMisaHar- Bvrni Fanny flaakervl'le Mary J ri?t Blydeaborgb Mias Baric Mm U, Nor "oetarickMiaaAnncti Julian fo'.k at Broibera Mlaa i ath C Chad wick Mr? Lucy Carroll Mary Connor Ml?i Acne Cade Miss. 13tb ?t Carroll Miss Busan Oict tr* Mrs Jamea ClaffV I'aib Carter Mra A M Cornell Mary ' "bagiiei Amelie Carvanna Mra iCilen Coonoly rti?s MaryE CafcAlan Bridget <a*?idy Cataarine Connelly Mary CampbellMl?B,30lbetClaufflnanMrsAiinK Connelly Mra Margi Chancier Miaa M Clemen'-a Mranancy Cannery Mra M*rg. Chamber* Miaa Ka- Cbenney Jane J Oonroy Mra, l.ith at tbeilce Clew Mrs HL Conroy ?nne CraceMlasDeN>r?hAOrew* Mra K B Ororoy Mlaa Sallie Chapman Mra Iaa- Crews Miaa Alice Consid'neMIss, Oliver bel.a 8 Clltton Miaa Haidee Cook Mra Surah J Carea Mra Sarah C inton Mra Letiiia Oojper Mlaa Ca ha Clark Mr* Adelaide Chriaty Mra Coroit: Mra J 3 Clark VMnar K.iza Coe Miaa Bopbla Corblit lira M,.rv B Clark Mr*?a'e <5oi'. Mra Maria Crnaaon Susan Clark Mra 1> edora Colbr Mra Wm Coner Mrs, Monroe Clark Miaa Marv J Ooie Mi*a Cara Coti?r Cauia or Ho Clark Ml?. barab Colea Mra Amelia nora Clark Mra Acdw I, Coleman Miaa Mary Cowan Mra Hanna Caroline Mia* > atiia Ann < ?i en Mary Claret Mad Flore Collina Mary Cnrley Mlm Bridget Carew KUen Colltna Loiiaa Corran bilza < rary Mra, 16<h rt ComoerMary C'irran Bridget <'arr Mary Oommelin Mra R K ( urran Mlaa Jane < a/roii MifaAet>?lla Condon Mrs Juhn Curran Mary Anr Carroll Catharine Ccmne Mra Saoan Curtis Mlaa Ada B O Pal* Mra James De la Oneata Mra Drixxitl Ml** Marv A DaltonMraWm Fernando Dnak Mas Li//..e Dwane Ann De Dcpfl'Mra Wm Ikihtitn Ally DarDngioD 4 meliaC De Oaape Mile loa Dodd Mrs P L Oarrbyh Mra, )4<b Ue Mere ^ra i>a Oe- Dodd Be'ieoa Daratifib Mra, Bou'b noeeva Bvbttry Dolan Miaa Bridget LastoDviUe Misa, De Johanna Donertv Mrs Ance Merger DennlaonMra Nancy Dolly Mr*, Wb Davis Mra A L DencetuMiaaMarlaJ Donnelly Bridget Davie* m aa Sai-ah Meriig Mra Oen -ge DooW Vila* M i-y l/awaonWtduwMary Derr Mra Bridget Dcoli'tla Miaa Kli/A Iiay Vi*. Weat Davine Mrs Kli/aH beth De ADgel<a Madam, Difcgt Sra Da Maria DoubetMadamAlixe Bt Mtrk'a p'.aoe Lonlfa Down* J Uia De AoazetegnlaMin<,Dii'.moiid MiaaBeaey D'inn Maria l'e Bow Mr*Hannab Dick caon Mra I. A Dr< vlale M:*a C, De la I 'ro'iceMadam I'earl E Early Mrs Kancy F-Zgar Mra D M El: I* Mary Ann Ba'kin otherwise EdwardsMnX.Hpr'g bllia Mrs CamWio i. Jane Orr Fdwardh Mlsa Mary Kvana Mr*, Broomp Faton Mrs K L Kgan Cathtrlne rlveraon Mra Rlu* F Fabey Br.dget Freeleigb Ml?a M Fltzpatrtck Agne* K ailon Mrti nenrv Virginia Floid Mis* Miry Flanagan ?l*a Caih 'reeroanMra. Oliver Foley Miss Bridget Flanagan Mi-s Miza Freeman Mra R B Foley 8aliv Fr?oci?Mr* Mary Fallows Mrs ?olan Foreman 'Irs T Franklin Mlsa Clui KenUm Mra Foadiek Mi? Caro Fantrgu>n Xidow Fine Kate line M Calb Fish Mrs Ancle Fo*<ev Mrs H Favett Mrs E S Faher Mias Cli?ra Fo* Mr* J, Wr.'way Jay Mra harah H Fisher Mra Caih F>iu>n Mi*aCaib Feebely Catharine Firher Stiaan 1' Fijud Mra Jahn O Oalbraitii Fanny D Greeley Mlaa Grace GI!roy Ml** M A Graham *i?s Lizzie Green Mra, White ?<nven Mia* Mar'ha urabam Misa Mary GreenMrgRjirabethKOniden Mary GrabamMlsa folena Green Mr* "arena Coloher umce Grand ieanMicsJ'iliaOanln Mra Nancy Gomme Madam Phi Viran. Mr* Lucy (ierow Mrs O lver lom?na Gsrdtner Mr?Jenny Oeratv Esther Gordon Mr* (I W Garrison Miaa Ljdia Glbb Jane 'Jorman Mi*aBridget W Glbba Mra Cath A 'rourley Mra I>avul GlaaseyMisaMargr't (J-idley Mrs luniiu! Giover Mr* ? inannt Gate* Mra K a Gl'es Mra B, 3d av Cue Mr* lai-ai Gaugban Bridget Gilnnly Ml** -tnn Guild MUuOilveO Gray horora <>llrnanMr* Hacrmb Guamen MrsBt Jono Grea^onMissPbebeC ^ Hacketl Miss, 21st st Har Mi?* Mrfdget Ifgg'nson rlannab Balnea Harriet Hart well M.sMartba HIIIMrs, 19tii st Ilaight Ml** L V V Harvey El en f Iotlman Mis? Vannia Hall Mrs K.len Hatch Mra Geo M Hnoklna Mary HaL Misa Henrietta llau kf Margare' A Hotchklas Mrs G K H*i:ahan Mary Ha* kins M(?* Debo- Howard Mr* Ade Hammond Mad Vve rah laide W Iian>ro< nd Mrs C/Or Hajden M rr, Var<ck Howard Mlaa El./ 1 nelia L Haiea Ml?* Ca'ha Howard Mlaa Sllen Hammond Mrs Ma Reartley Misa Mary Howard Misa Lo usa '?Ida He^jard Mrs '.'lata Hrtdam Ml>a i lara Ham. ton M as Klfn Henderson MrtAlei Fluggard MraAr.n Hamwum Mias Jane' Henry Mies Ante Hwg iaa MraColrho* Hamilton M<s? Jnlta Hanry Mile Adale iIuToert Mlsa Marv handrtgbt Hlizaheth Hern Mrs John A Hull Misa Ma rati J Hanlon Mr* Mary Her ner Miss Mary Hul?e Mr* K, Idave ilanraban Margaret Heyaa Mr* Watte* Hetnphrlan Mr* C, Marrl*Ml*?Ra<-bae!AHIbbar<IMl*sKnii;yW theatre Harriaon t n Mary Hlggina Kilcn Hu*e Mr* Wm W ? Ann Higgln* Miss G'lasle H iaae* Mlsa H H Harold Hannra ^ Hylaod Mlaa Margr Irv'jia Catkai ,oe Irvine Mr* Klvkra Irwin Mlaa Mary ItMi Mary J Jackson Misa, Cherry J oh narm Mr* Julia J ire* Hansab Jenkins Mias MaryK Johnaon Mi**f??rahK Tone* Ml** Marv Jeaaop Mra, Oliver Johii*u<n Be ty Jonea Mia* Mary Or Joelvan Mr* Emma JofaoaMo Mia* Jane ebard st Johns Margaret A Joce* Mra A lone* Mary R Johnson Caih* Jonea Mr* '.iliabeth Jordan MM Kllza K Knapp MraDrOma Kemdie Matilda K Kimball Mra B M Knap'el Mr* Wm II Kennedy MimMargt King Mrs, Id ave Kavanagh Mra.WbstK'nny Catha King Mr* Mary Keartey Ca'Jia Kemy Mary King Ro*e Kesry Bridget Ke'ohumMisaMinme KrngerRraDaI^,nlsa Kaatiag Mra Mien Kettle Mary K iu? Mra Harah Reenaa Mra Rebecoa Zj I.aod Mr* Ksther O I^ieklerMra Andw R Liaaette Mlaa Far.nie ?ad?ln Miss Adeline L?dwitdi Mias Mir Li'tle Mn, Ward's Laird Mrs Hubert garet Island Lane Mlsa Kste I<?e Miaa PniM R Li'tle mum " *tm Lapplan'M!>*Ki,rrie'..Le?Rh Mr* H ?# Long Mlse t'arrie W larkia Misa ' alba i-e ,t Mary EllzabeU) Loomis Mir* L I*r7?IIer Mr* M??y Lsorard M.aa El^ra l/nm Mr* F H ana l<fotjird Mra Jan# Lobgb/an B.^abeib tvfc Vlw Aeo R 1 *?Dlf4 Visa N id^v ljrmm lfan p. vim L*wr?sireMa?i>i'ai2* Lfnuon *ri Ja?t* Lynn *E^h " Laiorooa hfc.ah Jv I.aw1s HrslUliabeth ijoiu Mia I . |> i up?M Lew.sMr.Ua6 i$523Rb AI Macklx? M>*s E >*a Marshall Mute Bnui. Mocre Mrs John ?tacking Mum Mar Maxm Mm M Ira P M ier? Mrs Tbow P *fo?n Mr, Klu-n ""*n"a Mtrehead Manh I Whfja^n ifn EUeo w MorehaiuAMiwi(^t)i4 M*dd*u Mr* A try Mn-elfrMadumMarieMorin Madam, * lute rr Kcx ,1.1m Merneleea Mrs Qea Morisot Mdli? Mi; iDf?u Sarah VetrUlcId MrH K^se Morrli Mn&sU ^ r w ,, MerBfPM,! >fr?? 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I,,,jhol?)n Miss He- XerUm Mrs ' Lv, Mr* ? ton J ?*?rth Mrs a5J2 ?sisK-. s?siTi 88Sff8Sr"?g8S2?S!l.A O'Brien Mr;, Water hawm O' JimfKiSiSSSS gtt*B *ta Br* ??rMr 0'?rwiMary,R?ade * ?*?"?' gfssS Poabulr Mlsa hilla- !tne PoS-r^^iJ^4 fceth r Plana Marv >? vf^ Helen t, tt :LI*~ Mrs (;!orB?:- Quinn Mrs. 23d si <iuinn MiaaOalhar*re ^ trna TlTn uZZ" B.MK^eth'1 SXj? SSS^M^ct kelliyMj?F'ljm ? A? * 1 ? 'id Mn^A 0 5r ? ? EJwi ^0*' Mlsa Awrwtn ft.m s.-y Mra H h f e? !ln y '? nE Ror b,D8 ^ dia West Br Ztw^v wsyttf ^rr: 3S?3,?waffl!ap?aL as, sssw ss?" S IP-C' KKS'^srcK w S-4* a|SS Bheedy Mrs .Mary sS #? ^ Phe^han Mi?s Mary in.. ,t ' S?u Mrs CoHn Swe*l Mary Sin^vrMiwHan-'ciV sSn 1 2? Johl'lE Spencer Mrs 6 L shirkVy Mion *ii? ' *J< stLVHxa'!' Sd# rwood .Vise K O txiii?* M? M 1? Bfl?J?toynadden Mrs S^kewonMU.ld. ffi^ay Sc^r'Zly Vrs S.e^,Jrfon Mln Char ? ^Tc^" \ hiewanMrs.Henry siMnlih Miss Kliza C ' t4^ce ?t^ ' T,siS^"'MrB,D4Ti Th<>mnM,n >n?, te,M!?9"Mary WeW f:;% Man'vkc Thxr,tUr*-Law- v ? &an. 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A L Alexander W T A CoAklns WmH Ado'pnus ."hillp Alienoorph P 0 Ajers J Alx cco A ntoi ey A.'niMy Eugene Km Atkinson Kdw Acbille Magni Adler Ktbem a hen Jim Ailen Simeon Allen Iraac If? 2 lay Albertson ^amJ /hern Wm Aiden h Alden J T? 2 Alien Capt Frn's P AlterliM-2 Al'tn Bc.r John Allen Mnlih Allen L A Al en Krank AlJen Win Penry Allen M A Co Allen J J Aseman Henry Armstrong Mb^i n Apoleton Sami ( t Aa'iry H K Arthur J B -3 Averell Eliicntt Atdrews 1 br s Rey-7 Arshtold nobt L Andrews K W Andrews Alex W Arorfws Jobn 8 Anarews Cbas U Amerman Geo a B Arnoux Je?n Anpiegate L Aniold Danl Arnold A , Archer Dr A in Austin M b Blake Jas M Basccnes Mcholas Borvd H L IflHke r'n ncls Bayard Bobi Bloomer Inane Blase her Henry B Braymau Martin Bloomer Wm Dlske Wm BenchleyWmB B ondhrlm Chat Blake Ricbsrd C Bennett Jas G BrunscnLen Bab' Otk Myron C? 2"?eeeber Ira Brook ey James Babecck < "apt HenryBeecber Capt Jobn RBrown 'Vmpheli B Badger Horatio W Brum Theodore Brcwn J W Beale John Brown Henry? 3 Bealc Jno.Broadway Brown 1) Bad| by Isaac Brady Michael Brady Hugh Brtdy Michael Bisdy Owen Brady A Bnshnell Brar y W H Bridy Mr Brady Jchn Brady Wm H U'ady, Pi Ice A Co bagley, Hongbton A Co Beatty Jas A Bebee Jas Be bee Basel Bebee Wm BeaU k Co Brown Jas W? 2 brown Col F M Brown B Brown A Limlsiu Brow a Lewis Beomi'h tdwin R Brawn H M Beames Wm t. Beckett Bobt Beck Preston Beach H G Breck W m Brown John Brown James Brown Joseph M? 2 Brown a Norton brown Capt Ctaas Biadley ALlT'xgstonBeardsiey Lewis B Brown Daniel bradley Jobs bradley W L bradnr*et Wm biarietock Wm Bache bdgar H Jr blayney John M biemhim Joel? 2 bailey Asa Bailey H H Bailey A Crouch Bailey D W Braise T Rowland BaiUngall John Ball H Bail Joshua D? 2 baker F s K?k?r James A Baker HH Baker Kdw L Balrd H 0 Balrd .lames C Brat lew Geo Blu'sdell A.vsh Banou M M Ballon A N badwin H Btaumtbt John P Brown A Drumgold Beamiah Sam 1 C Brown Ch&s bedtord, Crime A Co Browa Wm Heeksej Tho Brown Asaph Bell A Brown A fcggleston bell Wm Brown John G A Co Bell Wm, Lofejoy's Brown Hani B Hotei Brown J L Beiden David L Brown Wm H Betancouri Gaspar Brown Jas, 4th st a gramme Brown Patrick Rleanerhaeaei DrTbo Brown J G Brewer Francis B Brown 1) Bishop Benet Henry J I'.CTite't Jabez Bennett rtenben Bennett C Bennet' Cbas Bennett Iboa Krenr.en Wm Benson Samuel Benfon I W Bet sen W B Benjamin A Benjamin J B Brer t John H lialdwtn A rri Lewis Bentley Henry Baldwin Wiills Baldwin A L Blakev A,Son Bakeweli a Com Blanch Jobn Bamberger Louis Bianlgan >.bas J'aik Brc-nnan Robt Bantu rd Jokn Banlrg Dr F. P Banta Win Brandt A < o MM ? Co Bernor Wm Bannon Mlrhael Bsr.-ow W H? 1 BajtleU W <) Bsrtleit Waah'n A Barilett Stepbes 8 S Bairet' R h Barrett O F Bamea Jamei baic ay R I. Bentley N 9 Brown 8 J Botslord A H Bei tngtnn J H Bo*ini(he? Mi hael Bronson Cbas Bronson N D Bowers C D Bowielbe.r Kdward Bb iu ;lenr> Solvere' C 8 Brotr. ullver B')ng?re A Co Browning John G Bowman ? '*le . i ?8 Kowmari a CI* j Benedict A Motrt*?- Bowman nev Geo mery Boom Capt (i W Ben vine Hons Blessing Krancil Brewster J D Brewster Wm BrewRter Jobn fiower A Ce Boy!n DanieJ Bo jd Win T Boyd Jas Boyd Rob'. BojdTboa J Bo we Frederick Brewster Wsn, Al- hulk ley Cbas S _ tor House H iSley Oliver betie (i bnck:ey Franklin Be-is ()e<>rge Bucher Cam Jobn E B< ::s 1 bos A Bro Buebwarar 8 Belakley Henry RG HucklAnd J if BerrrAnn M Blrd?eye J B? 2 Brill Adrtl?on b ins Wm G bliss Wm K? 2 Bliss George Biggs G Biggs Geo O Bi 'kweil H A Kllis J H Hill Biij-t Barclay Phllan'r W Bie?,n Henry Bsmett W Ban.abey 1! B Barrfcrjabupe I M Bartrn Henrr J Bartcn X J Bertram Barney hartley Wm Biljien 0 BuehanM Peter Bti^kiiigbamAWhlt? Brullen Richard Bru:e Jas Br II Augustus F Bull John Bruee's A Co B'irlev Wm O A Go Burnish Wm Butler James Bu'.ier srard But er (leo Butler hlijab Bieiel.GeMnderACr. B rtlerHaoil B Uriggs Wm H Bibo Cbas? 2 Blhby Franris Birgbam Jshn K brl'ialn Jas Bartaleau Mons, Ce Birdie K 0 darst Hamum Dr Rich'd Btarnum Mr BsrrOA Co Blair Bo ce A Bast wick Henry Hates i hecdore Bates W T Batrbe der Wm W Batty Jobn Barroles Thos Basrett Kbenezer Baseett ' lias R Ba'?e't O M bas> enden 1 hoe A Haf'ord Andw bander M U baxtar Felix Braom Max Braes Isaac D Bray Herman ( adnes Phillip Blxby Wm Bnto Joseph V Britidechine A agt Bi>hop A Maron burtiank A Rose Burke Tlaothy Batcher Jas Burg-n Thos Wm Burgess A Hrr 1th B'irgsss John B'ln-h Harmon P.rtiyare Moss Burnand G B'l'ie Saml Bertwhlslle Wm H Biirrel! 'lias Hr<ese Thos Booth John Booth B R Booth Wm Boole T - BoIsmt Jas Boardman Manly B Hush John J Boardman H B irr A Ix>ng Burfe J G Bruster R Bumett Hugh Burunam W C A J 8 Bums J Burn K J Brde Lonis Bo ley ' instant Bogue F H Brodie Allan G Bone?t?el V l> Bomer Frenu Boomsr Isaac Clark Haanel L < ala well Jam ?tsACo Ciark kdson L aldwsll Ren ,smin < i*rk Wm \ Caldwell Wm F Caldwell John ' .aldwe.l John 0 i"a m R ' ha hot W A ? a:>ey A Mi eheo CV agtiui Jobn Clark Wm A ''larte Julius A Ciarke John ('sstinas Dennis ','aewsll Zeblna f 'wuier'ey P?ter lac 'iare? D Burr G W A Bro Burr Henry L Byrne Hugh Byron Capt W hrjant K V Bryant Monroe Byrnes Owen Bryce John W Colle Patrick Cammnnsky Patrick f'romwstl w J Gonsrer K k ''o Oonper, Vor A re tVmv ey Jobn M 'Viutlin Bnriion John Oannolly Jamei M ' ctunr Tbovas OaBOeo W in Dell a hgt.r "tat* ''Mfl ' ' ukt T>ut>N<f ' 'bu+r Ft* ? n<l?ifi? 2 ' i'?o*?r ft Br? (?n>!"?.l ftnr<ib?r Case Oe? *V Cam pf ell Case Ljiuii W Csmnl eiK.anC?e?' 'i??? Joseph B Can:uHell A O C.-awlord Joto nmupbea Join Crmwiurd Ana-en i'?Ldf JAnrJii Cauiihy *iab W CkP'Jixi Franks 0 < a?ej Jau,*fl Cbmfel *L. La- ; Caeey Jobn Car oo?Di/>n PK'r.rn i :asey * ndrt" rei drh Burr-eu W Cawidy Frauw Csiflald Wui Clegs Webster "lnuro-rUr Ward H ' 'leow'ns ehe-ra-d Cbtmberiin M, Jr Creamer .lobe U Ct?roi'Cr!in Wm B '(.tiOIift! Lewi# Gjamprl lieo < &1.UCD li O? 1 C?ODOn John Crate Mori/ n Cane Cbas a CLaidler Naifcan Cbsmplaln b ? OrMMr W J C.eavelaod Wm A 'JO? i Cleaveiand A V _ muh? 2 >*PTi waver I bo Cheney D' C emeu i , A*C lJ Champion JotepbB Olemn- / ObaupkiD J B ,'re? # ^nn Carpenter Geo 0 Cle '*;?_ OirtiD,irf/tMHa-2 0* AP:i?i Ollbtrl Caft>enurALi*in*B ' -*"*? |* 0? 3 ton a"3b H:leto(ur<l Carpenter Oel Wit Gvi.ienden Jno Cbapro A A * '1lilUir?d?u Lr-2 Ohaoln L> U V1'11* let?r Chapman <)' Clinton UUoert I'taspmhD <*! Ofelr oog Uustitve corrreiu Car on J ASLTUn Crick Jamea Tbema* ''on well A Co Cursor * Citouinia acdre n Cmn Ueo P Carv ??t#IRartkOoOhtd?ev H 8 Car ^?'lwao Ohittery Alejb ? ? - ? chiibetter A Co Collins <?ra vea Collies Dr Boot Co' tins ratrick Cohans N it col Iks Fraot"* Co: Una I bunas Crca* Ob I-aorebre ? cnnetl *artin ? onley -^aut J?fcn < oovay Heory Oneway Wtr T> ?'onrrr Mi hatj Oonrw John ?? O-.mvn K K '\TT tct ? Cuioair * Coo* j fcrval V?1 /ma: O 4. Trrael it>ey ft per K D?mr .? J? 2 'V-ptr i XI ward ?Too cr? ooupcr Mai. nil Corbet'. Jan^a jtkfb? 2 ? '<" nyn A l>a;clc Ccffy L B txmiraim Oapt Cjr nia Oo"t?llo P t* r,wrl?bt A D ACo iNirn* v?m L. Cork Tliomas ? Crontiy P? 2 cotc'ntb C<irnrhus B Corngaa Daniel ?"-o?ler l. J Corr Keili r ,r/".VH!juU *T?y'%Tljtta?a Honry K / '*ul?r A Laibrop f tfaiterWUmn 1 JarMr Cojevick A Vttlw Carter ArthlbaW M ' '< k Bell CarierKeT 1. Carnra B O Colana Pabiek Carroil Jobn, Prlece tvUir.s Tbonuu J D W r Atannder Ciooc 'W Covel B Oooia John R <'ci Jameii F Covley ''eery Ctirvaa Wnt Ciwles A Luei Omnger, Boyes A tiibooni Carro'i Mkha* I Carroll Patrick Catioil John Carroll Hd*ajsl Clarks. a JHttn c aj'p <Jalcb Clapp c C A Oo Csrr Jair"i C ' '.-ej j A ei?bep Clare John '.lo.'l'.nb Beoiaruln B Coile.-eli f-'anmsl ~ ? Courtney, Ferount A Co Crowell Klnwhan Cofl'ee I bo man Cscturan Geo W <tCo c^mirlck Cap: Wm ?1 Q(>akley Phillip B <V?k'ey JrhE . toe l"imoiDy J C?i?. Cap- i*haries Coo "lMtba Cole F S Coes C?nlo70 Jose Cole J H Carman H?<k!lC i^oie Frank Jewc'l Carre > Thonae Carly John Oai aber Francis Oarty Peter Carl>on C B P Carbonir*eoMons Crocker A S Crocker ''apt Colley tiohn '.iopfeghall Gee D Coaax Jobs Coleman Jamea CarrataJaJobnKvcikstJrIoman J Kd<v Charles E t.!o:by Ptjlltp f Cbapel J M Colsuin A Jenkins Cboseej' John Colnorn K. A Clapper Wm < o born Warren Cb.arbonnettfon?A-3Coei Char lew Cbappell (II i a Co Croke uomuJck Capper E ere ert? 2 Ooben Mr Carles John Clark UiLiel J Ciarke J C ? lark a MA Co Clark K a Cobeu Alex A C :heu ft Hart Cohen H H ijcben tt W Co lArd A H Colueruon Mr Cnllgan Cbas Criute Bernard Culver 0 Oumfre*. Michael Culuertaon T Cumnghun Wm H OnllUan Felix c.incannto Toomas Ci.u;tn!og? Philip Cmo mioe>t& ' >re nvn Citmmlcgs f U Cu<oma**y Jobn < Y. mrataRB*Mirtine; Cunuicbam Jobn (,'irc iiiram Ciiren Wm Cr.;ger Waebing'ou i >on Curat John W ?.lurtl* Jobi? 2 Currier Jtbn . M Curry Isaa-; C'ttler A Klaod>irs Carteu Wm Cashing fason T O-.i'ien Or Gtt'lome Xe.i JU> Dp 'y Michael Paly Jerea>.?b Da.'y I'll trick Daily Blcbee) l<eile bene Dultcn Thou.ah lie Forrest A Paltrn J C, M D Defter H R ilsle Capt Wu> Heeti&ri James Daelli tiico Umd Hev V M 1 'acorn S Dealv Jotai Daliey Wm lie Burg J D&iieVi Barry De Bo Danie la Samuel A Co bute DaiieisBG De ' ommlnges G Daniels id iie<Kly Patrick Dsmtn F.ankhn II Dean George H Dammeier Julius Degginger s liar 1DH M.-A Mrs Willi.) t> Wynea G A I'arling Mr.V lira Ale* He Wynets G 0 Darling Sidney a Wmie T Darling HaLifll h D* Hue J H iTandlgnal AuguslosDela Aionzo D Dawson Pe'er Dei'erich E Draper A Co Delebaunt Jobn iiaua Charles W Des'.slo 1 dwin G Datnam Hampton Doe hi vol! 'Jtarles De Chore Mr, B'wayD.'ueb le Thntas De Forest U a>on<Hi**i 1'hom .? I'm! Arteag&DGaf parDJitochiie henry Do: ? leld Maie.r Do<l-S''.gii Wrc Dorueler dern. ion Dors a 0 Doran Mebaei Ikibyns, tiisbardsnu A ;.o Dacker Wm Day Wm a Day H Day N 8 l>?y Calvin 8 Day T 0 navies A Corbyn Davit a A Hsrflb Da vies Wm R Davis Jonathan Davis D L Davis A Brown De Bowrden Lefe Doan.-ana Dr F Donhae J one Dylan Patrick Dodge Altoc liofitrty low; h Dras Peter Dooliule Dr A iioi>gle? H l?0Ug:?S J H Douglas A Post Douglas John Doorr Jc%eph (3 Do an Mi?btte) Don* C, 3l?t ( t D*es Ednard Dlvoc M 3 Duyaale r.da td Penike Allen Depiernes Victor Derby A HunungtonDuWe K Denr.s X s Dura tag 0 S Delano Koisnd T ' DerDv James Dfsnareai- David Demsey Patrick De^bayes l.ouis Dcjo Francis T Dewey Piei re Dre ? R D Dkvls Jona H A Co De Yries Mr Davis JcHbo Davis V P trot) 1. uvte Jobn De^e ures J ule* Uavis Mr Driggs George B Davis Henry G, MD D wight Wm iluck Dan* Ashbury Dignan Jotn Davis Coi N A? 2 D ckinson John H Dunuin g P Dubois a M. Lalgti: DnoapMigh I P Dunn Ptttxl.-k Dana Aiigue'xe? 2 Dunn '.dwarf! Duff Ch?s Duffy p-dward P Dully P K 1 Dawrco A uawion Geo H David nn K B? 2 Davidscn Jtmes Divenport, Maliery Dison J W, Jr A to Dixon P B Da; Ion A Diioo kdmund H l'rayu n Oeorf e Dixon Ttom&a De MaiignonPr?noeeDliir?iore Robert De or?y A Co Dimiek Charlee K Eadie A J Elkins J 8 Mgsu .Tobn r imu James Klle.i Walker A Eaile J B Drenry r.a?<mi>n Wm Be?d Elaer w r Karle K K Elliott Alexaoder Eaton id win H Ellis Gregory P V firirk Jcseph Kills Friend ht eniiie a ugost P ELMs E H duerton C? 3 El'an Mens Edwards A Prmzee Kimentior: Wa i.dwarus H H r ? Si va Manuel Ra-Durwd Henry S Durgin Olemai.t T Dog;iu Misbaei Durinbargh < 'ia.-'.e? Datton n, Wall st Dnrkee P P Dua^nbnry, Jr, D J Dibble B P D jtahe.- 1 Tor i.k b Dickscn Thomas Damunt Ebc-cere Driscoli John D mlap George A Dldlirow Wm A Oo Diue D Duncett Matfaew Dun ion Col A f Ditnnltrgbam Mich'. Dud pan Michael>n 'anies Diuicon A fprague Fil?ard* Frank Kbraic Edmunds N A Co E oer Ibomaf AEiiie KUs^'orib A Go nil en CB EtBer?oa N P Knrigbt JamM EoiGtein E A Oo Hrwki Geo D B?uen?ine Peter Kvj?nf Wm Hvacp irfo A Son Ktacs John Evans Kichard S Evans James f E more E 6 klmore D Eluworib Elmore E Eytinge <_ lsrecee Franklin D B Fsian Jotn Fali(.i) James Fa'k A ?.o Fairfield Geo B Pi uor nl P P Pratklin George Prune Tbomaa Pla?ae land Mr Frazrr 8 K Farnbam David L Ferguson Anthony Ford J Henry MM Finn George Kttoh L P Kitch Morrit C Fisk F A r'lsk P H FitzO PitzT D Plinn J J Forman E Fontaine Adun Force J W ,t J P Porbee P J Pcrbes Mal9o'm Koote Edwin J Fowler L Fox George Pox A T if pin Far rir g tonM eeeA C-2 1' in n Ig an John H Farrn 4 J t< Parle; Va II Ferris John Perria Jobn, 3d av Ferry John Peit L Pecan Peter Peiker Websier Preeman Frank Freeman K }' French Benjamin Ferrlgan Hnsb Fennes Franklin Fern P W Ferret A Co Ferrill John Fe??er h a Fleming L F Fleming Richard Fleming hteven D Pergnpon John D F'ergnson B W Gradwtn A R Graham John Grtkam Wm Galbraiib W A Ga lin Peter Palette Dr Grady Wm Grady Michael Gtnier Jos Grant A Grate Levi Gaiven Wm Oace B ?-2 Freiburg A Car too Foster A tt "[?'inntgan John H Foater Thomas V Friuk H A Foster Y P FrinkBurnettAStreetTccter Adams Field Kdwin PiekJ h W Plsber F A -2 Fieher Lieu'enuit Fisher James l'iaber J T Pi?ber Chares W Fisher J A C Fov J From 0 P, It D Fowler Capt Wm Fowler Cook A 'Jo Flo wen Jaine? Froihingham, Simp son A Jackaon Fosoick W Fitzgerald LawrenoeFroa^aid Edward Pitr^erald C A <)o FOT'oUiogUe'ivn :al Pli^gerald Edward Frolujh Capi h Priixinger oharlesF Punier J Fitzpairick Edward Furcn John Fltz Henry H 0 FuUer K G-2 Fineke capt C Fuller 1 S Float Charles F Fuller H A Folger Joseph G Pullerton Benj f~2 P '11m Dominica Punk Fre. ? lea >. Forrister L PullgraflT 'Hio, M u Pljnn MKbael G Green Jcwpb Green John Gilbert George Orieeter Joho Gallagher Capt Jat Gerread John On Isgb' r Pavlek Gelssmann A Co Green Dr David? 2 Gird wood Joua Green Caoi >1 B GUlie Joon Green John Jr Giliey T W Oreen A Co Gill Daniel Green Capt MR Giicirlsi Wil iam Grem Jeremiah L Gilbert Char es Green Wm Capt Gilbert William Ore enough 0 B ? 2 Goodwin Firman -2 Greenougb Burdett <totl a eel A Parker (iralt Iiaac Grea. Capt P Gallagher Francis Grail MY GrsHiiy J Grabhooke John Gremger A Gardner Greeve Pasnuaie Gsfney Jeremiah Gregory Waller R Gardner D W Gregory CaptWm" Gardner George H Guttrrurtin Jno F GoodlefT J T GoodeD John H Gooiell AlireS T (ioodr>on>fh Ch.nb ttoclck Bernard Goode X GoodeouaJ G Goodyear <J B ? (kxiiirifk Henry i. Gregory CaptWmD Goeney Geo Gelemlns Fritr-e Gerow O C George Wm H Greaivrey '? B Gsrdnir J W Garzll'o 1 ietro Garloi'k Geo F Garland Wm ( i arson Moeea Gandreou Kd G Gray HM Z Gilford Geo W Grillilh uunphry Griffith A G Gnffea James Gihtor Jos H Griesren J L Grigg Rev Gramberry* Berlin GrloneyA Furrey Graves >1 A Gay Franclico ' ajfera Berry Green Anion Green 8 a ?il Green John Green Psmuel Green Leonard Griffin Jobn Gilron owen Gilliam Jam' s 8 Gilmore A Cole Go'.%tet Andre Gormly James Gould Jobn Henry Goulding Jobn Graes ]len.)?mln? 2 Gordcn Goe Gonthenn Joseph Ofislei Henry k Grafts Henry Guilmartln John P Gurney A B Gunierisimon GilpinHalleyACauly Gurra Polnarpo Oriswnld J P Alex Hiuiter Gilbert A T Glynn Patrick f 11. more Jobn Guekean John Gtucand Frederick Guc'.bai G n

Halvey Patt? 2 Fatrh John Hrff Capt James llhlnes A Haven A Jones Hodgson Joseph fjalsteil 1! C Hssleton J C HotoreJge Win lin e Thomas G llast.nes Thi man J Bolbrnok , ljalne James ilaayard Wanaon R Broadway Hubert A Brothers Hasslis M J N? 3 Holmes A futile Hagerly Peter Havens James Hogrete C'h Hallett Perkherson HaukhausASpingan Holmes A Colgate Bayden Kev Wm R Hoag Peter G Ha'ch S X Holmes James H haven Mcot Began John Batbaway David Hogan Richard Haywood W fhoa llolbrook Daniel Way t lamee H Hodges Franklin N A CO Hsigbt Wm H- 2 B tines hich Hailcck John C lladnett William Backet Joseph balpin Geo Henry Hail hdmond D hall William Hal) Jr e H Ball O Franklin Bail (. W 8 Ball Joseph S Hall Wlli&tnC Band Robt Bsnmer Caleb J Hsnlon James Hanley Jsme* Hantell Charles B Hanson 8 Hammer Jobn Banton A C Hawkts M W Hamilton William I anehett Alfred Hanghey Mr. 33d st Bole Wm H Haseltlne ihoe J lkoh?on Francis Baves J N Boll Uenr) V Ha) es ( 'apt Henry Hoeft Capi Peter Horion Otlberl Horton Tudor Hotferd .lames B?art Peter Heg-man 0 8 Healy N Heavner fcamnel? 2 Horry Mons Heavner I^ewis P Hover H 8 HeavnerC'apt Jacob Hopkins Geo H Height Weicom Hope ley J c A Co Hear. John Hornet Rev r Heart lbos Howe 8 D? 3 HellmuUiG Bowe A P Beaiey capt E Howe Frank E? 2 Heltman Capt II T Hows 8 B Hepeltlne John 1 Howe A Tread well Hsnnessy Patrick Howe Wm .1 Henderson Pamuel Hotehkiss P W Hamilton Mr B'way Hershtind A Adler Howell B H Hanrah Henry Henry Wm House H W Bsmlett William P Henderson W H Baney 7 horns s Henry Wm F Hamgeoa James Henry Hdward J HerEfmCaptTbcmar Hennewy John Harvey Jobn Hemmenway Wm Wiirris 0 B Herrtek Wm H Harvey 8 O Hess George T Hart tv.insnbus Berrick Andrew J Bunt F S Captain HsrenuriABrad)ey,2Beas Geo M Bunt Franklin Hart Dr H K Hendlnoe Edward Hunt Fl Paneiuel Harris James Hey ward A Barvey F. B Her?t W Harris L He'-zel Michael _ Harrbon Jr Jasoes Herrmann hdward Humphrey J Fl A Co bait J W Berff Capt N Humphrey John R Harington Heary P Hlggirs David H Bart G F. B Illjdreth John M Havy Philip H.ldreih ( apt Ed Hart Mlebael mnnd A Howard John D? 2 Howard Win J Howden Wm 8 Hoy Michael Hovey Jobn Hand F.dward Hunt lbos I Huntingdon, D?y A Oo HuntingionChas J H Harr m&nonaikanJ Htgslos A P Hr'Ireih Rtcbard T? 2i Bart A H Harrtron Mr Harris R 0 Barns A 8 HiJl Jacob Bigrit.s Jtserh O T'lnbaed T W ill'l 8 V Hnmmel Anguslus WP A Co Hull L H Jr Hnbhs Isaac G Hoghes Mr Hoghes R^ibard Bnghen M Bng'ti Henry P? 2 Hoc son C E ,d*o(. Paeber W *o Q H<"> v a< ?: I Ifrnrra E Will <1 M A* ?eK-if<l Ssrrnwi H'i 'T H.rv* J C Mart MM lU'i-W k Ki H?rt H?rve?iW- ' Vr? Ht DIJF llbrrtton %l A ? Hide M Ktrid H?r|kr Benyam o llxtr'i Kl"'i oh II. i !>???.?? __ __ H aboard (Vtmt'r IMIH M | HuhlMk^ II . ... H? J I -oca Gaipfi SR.'" rffVa J< u> r. liAU 4 H'ru-h * t thrift II it ,1 F ll'k?r'' I'atrlfk "?'Ikkll ?)?"! W luxe -?miiri P H urt* D > b?p r# f ft Ml Finii'm ii?rri?< t>* ampi *;!P R?> OMMb ll?IVR> V)?MW I t> (?? 1 IU\tU L ? Hs>?? ll t'h?? 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H Johnson aIobw aocti.s MAD .JuLn?on H a aoob??n Abraham Johntoc Ph. lip Johnson ir. c< Jones Timothy Jr JOtDMB ITOWtlSSnd Jl DM <??<> enOngs P W Jerkins F K je*?t Col A 0 Jewel". AJberl U J ohn con J W Jcniuon H O JofenRVn Irvto Johnston J II Jones W.ltiam Joiier T or Thocnu Jivw .* Lilt.* Job*-* H 1 Jr.n"# Oku ?' Joi.oa A i ij ib Ji-ld 1?C jmvio <; w J'i'inm Hiram >1 >i l{? -'ohii, B? ..-h it Jii<UeJ't,(>re?iiiWieii Enat?DFui>nkHeo>7Ket)*?bki: tViJ.'lam Khvu tfli Kdwartl Kf lly bkmilkl Kixrer John Kail .in l.iant II J K*+i>* A K??! ?r Cr J N KrkHer Charle* W Kfvstalloma* Kellokk K C Ke.'Jcei! M 'f Kel'orK IlfDjamfe K. nwv Knada'l Kclleher CornaBua K?rnev Wdi K???le ?'ohn Kennov I'bilHp Kieiiriidi liarla Ktonmly Jobn Kmiir ? bkriea Kiewhronn e. KciohUm Utp.iKBC D Kruiplf J?xe? K.UItl?r K P kii?lr A 1 **ra K-lau c.1<rard milum P <? Ktlloci' Hand KtHTta I be it, as KaUy IiaaM KritT Tai-nck Kelly Jnhr, Sfcib it Ke ly P l? Kelly John KeUy teri bard Kai'y \9uliaio Kf.l'y .liAn. Amity 1 1 K b? I? S Kel'v J King pitied Kcecan Jamea D L* l aDc?st?r H D hetrbmV i allet Q M Lecomte Muna erl Mward W Le<l wcud John A K< roertou CapiDR Kii'kry Jokd Kemme l? H Kli>y .Ic*-oh-i h'erB?n i?lrhar' Kirkr.ilrtok H K Klvbir.R RoM N K'ine Cater KluHiiury K Rev Ki'. b' n* Dr W K Kirk??|i it KiabaU I) K K nLry (I O Kin mii' Hen ) G Kw r 9 JdlUUUU K?eD iicbcln Kn'.wiiOD Hl^iird Kw w.? Robert K'l Jatn^w Kiiu:ri?r>i V T kr* UttC JjUQ Ke.roa Wakalngtca KI.Hore Muaes Kic* J W Kidk -Icikn K ii? Mil'iim H King K T 2 King J H K'U|{ JcbD Lellerty M Ledvsid ->Vin 8 Ltwiu W K L?*!B P A Lewi* George W 1^'VW lir e UiUiUeii Lake J?nies? 2 L*.nf,e (i^tser juaka juJ I.ami.helr J C n ii gncb Urn W Loti?r?r hev G R Laraun JoLu J fci><if>t.ergt>r Sum' Lrni^rir i-amuel] Lar e I'mnola Lap I. am J .il l.a?r?Dce J LeroiTDavid, Ijkwr?n.-u Rev F J4 Le:t W f Lhwrer- e John LiiWieioe ("ol J 0 Lanreorc U?ory Lh? r?si ce I bcmafi Lanrtore I' B Utppcr (mtn Lavtrdr- Henry i<a/<il>e M ircfcliuk tf Llcon litaao Lazelle Warren Lazelle Lai ?r C4iarl?8 L<uk!n Gerrfe i.awi<is Jotti Lacton Ibomaa D Lanjarl He i si.1 tr J ?m?s J I.atlirr.p < apt 1J E l.eppeijuan I.c-'ila I>eacb Ldvvaid i.lnle Henry Lcud A ri L- we Jnfce Lo ?e a luMph Lumt.e h .V! Li -e* U lyOCt rood X LuckwimI Dan!"! B Li^kwooil Raiph ? I Mr ?Dil Mr? Tl u?-kbe ..Lines Li ile A an s Lori! riioiaen i?rd Geo i)e Porest LewiH John bet pold L F Lea cr J H L?r. An mi -ie LevLng?i<.n HrWm Low KdwardJ Low J Ut>D Lorliiir. KUkee A Go LettsJnoM L^wber A W timer Leonard Lzrk G L out is George A I^eonartl VV i.rooiia K I) Liveraiore B M -2 Ltiomls Victor O Llodfay Alexander LAiiitiit-r Dr J Liitdxay Hen' A Co l.otoruD Jere.oiah Lmoh i.barlea ixm.r Atan?on Lavj'iy Jevaut Lippmaon Litt ls*>. <?? Aiiolph L'nks George Ix>Te1io L Llmebur^er Capt R Lohaiar.u Jr.hc Linnell I'apt Loi.t'e* John R Liliywhlie Henry l oiu'olin G H Lenth Joiic P J ejer Mi Dtltor Let mi. n C?2 Lee ?mH Lte James H l,?e Jamen L^aijini; Wo Jace Lear) John Leaps Itmat' Mr. f rr Mr Marl 'Ad Dosald MachiiiHtn Jlogh Markery A Me ioe Mkdlw.n Daniel Madison K Mace PVR Madden Stepben Kactn Jar. ea Llord Hcory Lion A 4 Lyon riiomaa Lvoo J L tiyonJobn Alphoniea Lvon Kev John C Lure Rartlett P Lylc Jmbs P ? 2 Lino Hosiirio? 2 I.lbheB 0 Li i lea Jamea Lilies John I mden CiireDden Linvur Francis W L'"ir5?ton Mr and MnRO m ?Livingston Walter L '..ahmt J P A i'o Livingston Iri Liimop MIohael Livia;ston Henry L Ljnch Mienaei Livingmon John Luna F B Li'ile J W A Go Lyinao Wm 8 Linle W L>iiac George OJ M Matthews Capt r7b?? Moore B T A J T Mvtoewa Edward Moo-e Western Matthews TbomAa Moore Lawrence Lee Matleaon H U Moore Patrick Ma''e?on J B A Co Moore Ed *iu Mati>y An'oine Mooney B Merrow B Franklin Monroe Henry W Merchant M J Mune'l James Mersbcn Wm Montgomery Alei Mhc-.-orti,ick Patrick Merry Morris autler Msfronev Arthur Merriam E A Bros Montgomery Cap Mscdoneil A Meare* John talii ' 'has Magowrun LCbLia Meaee Henry M Moiov 1 iniothv Mscdt raid Mr Men dd son Jn ius Vcoffett Obis W Ma gee Mr Meyers Henry Mount Gbvi Mack Patrick Meyers A krwtn Mount Rishard A MaDcbesWr k F Meyers John Moselev fi B M&dii}, lirakc A Go Meyers A Brothers Moctaus M, ?liza Ma oo'n Joba D Me; a John H Ma one Dr Edward Mes^ez W Main Colin Mary George S Mann K Mdiid Walter Maiy Peter MalwrJ(4in P Mahuney Laniel Mani.lcnMK.hael Marin * H Martin George G Mk'tin R Maritn Ralph D Martin John H Mar in G O Marin Ikomu Martin k.athew M?rtln J Joe kaiwerlon Wm Maiks J Mareellcn Geo A Martel C V A Go March E P March John March F A Marsb 1 aniel Marsh H J Marples Wm Maivin A Htpkins Marsion 8 Martini J Marlon Francis M Mayer Mone W Gh Maynard Obsa Maiob John A Co Maion A Collier Mm on G ilaacn John Maion WUllam Maftcn Pi'as Mesd H W Mead Wm H Meenan John Metcall Samuel W Mtnell H B A Co Andrew bch it Morrison David Morris a? 3 Morris Solomon Morris James H Moulton O A Mouiton Joseph? 2 Morgan E I Meadows Benjamin Mrrian Mr, Perry si Metzger F K Morgan R 1 Mtlier Benry Morrow Hugh Miller 1< pbraim Moran Bdward Moran David Mokkm David B Mortot J Me*a Joseph M MM er Geo C Miller John Ml'.,er John D MiJer R H Millar Geo- 2 Miller H A Viur James Miller G M Miller William Miller A H 3 Mini er It IraG Mix sell A r Milleken John G Mu ford n H Muir Dr J MuK-boi. vVm Mu.lin Robert Mullin lhomw Muilany Michael Mudd A Mulv* James Mulligan tngeee Mitchell Cbrisiopber Mullen Mi ho i Mitchell 1 hontas, MullrbGV Peck slip Mitchell 1 nomas Mitchell Joseph Miles Geo H Miner O H Mil's Dudley M Mills John B Mullen Francis M oiler M 0 Mtirnby Patrick Murphy Patrick, Chatham st Murpby James Murphy Timothy Mil s 1 homaa K? 3 Murpby James, Mills Ibeodore G Mills Wm H Mills Theodore Mills John Mi ls J A D 8 Moore A Jarkson Maxwell Marvin R Moore Joieph Maxwell James Moore P T A Co Muxwell Joseph Moore James, Jr Mby her John ?lac Henry st Murphy John Murray C H Murray John Murray P Murrav Timothy Munu W A Muinford 0 H A Oo Myrts Geo My ban Kdmanl Mi-ACertv John McDsnields Isaac McKInley John Mcliride Ju McDonald K Mclaughlin Paul McCrodden A. Gold Mebvoy Kdwa.-d McLauldon Alex McConnell JindolpheMcFalace Andrew Mcleod Angus B McGln Michael McLaughlin Thoe McCoratiek J Mi-UapannJoLn.tfthM tManus KUthard McCourt a O Me<iarry Patrick- 2 McMahon Patrick McCarty Capt Hy D McGlnty Patrick McMahon James Mc afblo Mark McCarthy Jchn MuCrnev James Mc< ue John Mci ormick Ihoa Mc 'rouble J, Chat McBughJobn ham t'lusre Mclntve George McCurkey ihomaa Mcllrory lid ward Mc? lnre Patrick Mclntire John McCoy Patrick McCoy ( has McClure & Larder McDermot Mh-heal Mclit.nald 1) it McUiynn Mich' I, Mot McMurray l>nvnd McOulre Philip McMuilen A son Jao McQill P M Mr Mar. a?, lit nve MoGoillan R A McMuilen Edger Mcliratb James A McMe.lon Hector McMahon John 2 M?Mullen Saml McMnllen John McNamara Jotin McKetcbam. Bayard Mc Samara Hugh McKlnney William McMa ly John McKlnncy A McPheeters A M McKay James McPharson A ilroth McKinnev A Bro? 2 Mctmber Mr N Nauntcn G Nardliii Kuvigi Naher T Nsgei Geo Napacuck John Nathans N .Vests hamutl Nul John New kirk Frank Newbnrgh C L Newell Monslh F New beck U?o Neyac Job* Newman te'.lg Newman Wm Newman Thomas Newman Andrew Nichols John Nichols Qeo Nichols A Bros Norton Hart Z Northrup Win B Noyes Henry 8 Noyea C rot. by H Noyes fm 4?3 NickertcnhdwardO N'ojesMG Nickerson'apiO, Jr Norris Thomas P Olid* Anandion Odan Col J as H Olmstred John D Oliver John O'Brien Michael O'Conncr JamM O'Brien James 6'< onneii 1 hos O'Byrre Peter Packard Bezeklal Pa ne K C North J W? 3 Not cross Erasmus Norva l Mature w Noel Roman Nowland Hamad Noonan Charles Nwfcan Patrick 6 oetr andCapt Fost er Orchard Rev O H Otio Ottoman Orendorfr d C Oscole Hlg Giussipe Nlbioek Wm NlchoUa Mr Nlekerron Brown ing R N label Hugh Nerton Gerrltt Norton Samuel Norton Norboine O O'Cal'afhan Capt O'K lynn John T O'Neill Michael Oflly Alaiander _ O'CallagbanFranels O'Nell James, lithst O'iool John O O'Brien fa- rick O'Nell John Osborne l)r Johr- 2 " -- - - O'Relly George Ostrander R L, Oliver Jas 1> Murray at Osborn Capt Jas Osborne Thos Osoorn WmRoterl* Otlge John .I Osborn Isaac Out in Hiram O'Brien Patrick? 2 Orndofl' Wm ovlngton Jaa A Ogden, Redmar ACo *? Paddock A T Pat'ersea J G Parsons R T? 2 Patterson C Pairy Jacob H Pratt J H Partridge A Brother Peawxry T H? t Parker James U Peukham Oliver Pra.l O P Phelps B K , Peba<|ue D Pbe.ipji Kdmund W Parktr Dsn Jas U Peet Wm H Parks Oliver Capt Peck James B? 2 Palmer 1) A Peck Kd win Pamer Hutchinson Pelton James Pitcher J D Phillips Geo 8 Phillip j a H Price Benjamin? 2 Philips B Philips John H Price William Plndle Henr? Philips Jaiiins P Price a W B Prince George Pinner A foriey A Co Peck ham Francis B Pierce George Packard John Q PrtndlgastJC Pitcher James D Palmer F II Prentice Frederick Picket Mr Partona A T Prescott Edward Phillips P A Co Palbey D M Pheres Wm H Picket Mr Partr ns Jacob 8 Perkins Dr Potter John D PlaeldHevKather? 2 Peek John H Powell B Painter Frank B Pendleton Capt C A Porter F Penney M K Polk John P* rry A Co Powell Henry Preston Bowers Pollock J nil us Peore P Poor-man Ram ie) Prentiss John A Potter Cenrod A Co Parker Wm B Paalen Janes Pratt F M? 2 Packard E Part.ow M T Palmer James Partona Charles Plaits Hervey Pratt Klltba l. Phtcrson David Pratt O R PawBnRS Levi? 2 Pierre G H Pitt W D Pstttrn Thomas ACo PennoTer A 8 Pratt A Co Patterson John Patten ( barlle Pajne (i O Pratt Alfred H Piatt Tanny Pauchei Monalenr 4 Qtrinn Andrew H Rademaker t'bar'es Reece Joshua Hnnian K H hollly A r drew Kay Jamas A? 4 Retlly Phillip Perkins Livingston Porter Dr ACo? 2 Parter P W Pendeiter Wight- Potter A Shattuok man A Co Poorman Samuel PtrryOaptAndrewF Petter F W Peirotts David Powell Wm B Porter William PeUook G ? Perez Jchn Antonio Pooock Mr Prentiss A Co Pooler A Co Penba L Purdy Adolphns G Pelrce WmAdolpbus Pu'eston J fl Qainn Patrick Purtili Kdmtuul Purcell John Qulnn John Ray M i. Randolph O W F R*Dinn R Rohack Dr Robertson Thomas - . Robsrtaon P N Redmont Jno Byrne Rober son i'heodors Relrhel Charles Rider John J Hajr.ol?ts Andrew J Klrimrda Joseph Ramsey N A Ricklord Wm T nam err M D Rice George Kaftird < tmpbsU Ri(tardtoc Wl Robertson Hro? < (>q Roflni Join Rodger* J Tuner- 2 i bomiti Ro' tfellow Kuftis Boiuie J am ?8 Hot > .klTft?e4e*B MMm JocABWBoysfilurMJ W| I inAuilwc Mm Q fag mm J kt , n < r 4 flfffr 8 Bktknir.-*. ? I o IttyXJM M W k*(b<>"W Mcrra-iMp * R..kllB I 1 H?t ih r Ki> j?t h?Vrl KllW HIIKi V Ii? He?<l I hre<1 t Co i;?t* W 11 A Fan K??il 0 Fred H-r.1 K 'I k<d<rf ( har'ee llrlii.l li'Uti ^ A Rat r. ?>.<*? BBkBit rtrv M> da A L Ram K hi ?? * '? hi "'k *t*Jk< O ZMoblast?a|> Miku4 Juti l*?h*rti A K Br^k n.aMi i roege!' Ho* Robert 1> X ha-it. c A 4 Inn Row J A Bro K | mora I mm tkiyrr Mauhiaa hf?* U?w4 Kl.ey Jamr* IM M*.,:. I.i A K?vuiroa Ju. L. km iiub C>|H MB Wm Rom James L Roi.i.4rj' '*F' Bary 1(?NU J U O ' ?ire- ?rajm V Ri ii'. i?r M Xoodlke 4 Ri?*nb< rg A Kfrke !.??*! RoblonsooH BAJ.'Huaelt Wn KL?l?i I ( l>r K i?r? 'as f ki|in TWJ Rtgrra 'okl KohMin John D xs 1 W i Nt'tiao R'/t XK K 8 a ??are A.'roii I' MH?k? JUMI| fe *<?%?.<: ?* ff -Hale. >1 Kraiaa. Mr 'V MadB"*l IK VIC re. Urn U V -a. ?IS 11 L> ? Df i ebai* en * ft It A Fat'< Rca*e 1 John RyaaBB-J Rnprockt E R ict.' 4 R R imlotl Vtnreat D ?cn ? Hirva 8? AOo Rui 1 imitigo Hu:<m ? 1) kaaM<lrar|t b< t?<* uaktr ?J K K. Man V'ticeur SUliy J h Mi t/ Bm.r> spakin.* ? a*t Sa e?:.ur ? A * <> -nattoid Jainaa M . hau.txl 8*kl? n ?' -ba C D* trk?n t ft-l ?? haflVr < ? A J L MBbaa Mai k Sbe ? rn * ft. ca t pit gee 1 haddena Fsbe' t*n Q W lainuk > K iUM' iiH M ger M m P 8 Kuh p II sogtr > N It Rl.ri'oo <".ark R lai try I>r J sbat >nUk lanby koaaid Rf.n.eAReld r war t'apt t>a>Hl d M>? 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B Ferry A Morton Tenniton W A lenyck David Itbballa N ITndiBB A zab B Jr Utt Jacobs ?anderwaag J A Vedder C J Vezozl RaUtello plaint Tryi? H R Trompacn Rimer B Tvler Rb foa F lbcmpeon Wm C UhUg Rdward V Vordl Dr Tullk) S VtU tieo Tom K Valentine samoelT Vfrhiue Charlea VaU hev FT Vienna A Bro Vamtlver Wm T Varce J Vonburgh W C Valil Lolz Valle Cbarlet M Velt D A H ?aU^Abraham L lyirr Caeo V wry Hood Viali Jaaos D V.ncent Fred'k? J Vintea lame* VaU * Ybms Varker ibomno Veil Fradarwk Vili t oon VitubesryA t Van Vtn ^ott Tboman G Vandenherg A bra Vaiifleete Jokn D Van Karen AiL ha?a P VanbouwnO VanCleockG L Vatdmberg Jamea Van Horn Andrew Van licren J J Van Dyke ?: B Van Wlnkla Anih'y Van Blarcom Aaron Van r.ppa H D Van *<?traad D Van Derzee John N Van baMern Cbaa Van Doom C A w Wager Henry B Whoe'er Gllee Wlltame Frederick Waiter Gyrene 0 DrWheeler Ho'ainAn A Wiluama JMepk ? ? ? - " ? ' ? William* I Tbomae Wade Wm F-3 Waltt b s Wallace Wm Wallace David 8 Wallice Jamea Wheeler Ward Welgert Benno Weber Toblai Weboer Capt A B Weaver Jamea WiliiamaJjr^H W i.ll. .ma A Ooraetl Wi.!tanr.a Jamee M I Wi llama Goerge Wallace A RoibmuelWealberford Wa V WL'llaxa IMoiwe H Wallace Jamea M WeekeaPeterA WiUtama W P? 1 l Wabra h Chrlal'r A Weekea Geo B Wj;iam?Mr, Oreeno Walker Wm Weekea Kathanial Williams Oeo W Walker W Weekea VandewaterWUIkama Tkomaa P Walker W F Welle Jcnn T Walker F W? 2 Wel'aMr Wadion Kir by A CoWell* Henry Wal?b Henry Welle W Walxh Wm Weeber C Wa ?b Redmon Weldon Patrick WalthB A Webaier Danlet Walfh Thomas Wel? Ferdinand Walfh Oeo We.hle Chaa Wallack M Webb Ilenry Walden R W Webb W m Wadbam Albert D Weiheran 8 WacleyJtmesA Wethera I Isaac WaUlrg C D Wettern ' apt Wadfwoiih W I. Wentervelt D Walley hamuel H Weatcott J II? 2 Waflifeil David J Werton John h Waddell Francis L Weyman W P Walef A lacker? 18 Weatall Sam Wakely Charlea Witheratinn G H Waller J. W WllronJI, A 'o Wain* right B GACoWllren Kdward Walter Paul Wilton Mr Wagner A G W II tn Ilenry Walllrg Tbom Wilson Kb Jas G M? iWl.'non Joseph N Wtll'a as A Hanger White Isaac K White Micnakl White Mr White Keorga T Q White J P White A Van Viiot, White Roberta A <4 Windle U l, Whitnov Wm H Whitney Stephen Wh'tuey A ibUoyj ' Whitney AbOah H ? ^irg JnkaDH Warner W'm Wallers Wm Ward James Warner Henry A WarrmrA- 2 Warner Oeo B Warner t.'has U Waiaer Andrew Warner F C WhiunorB 0 ? W hiuncre A Son Whitley Jolm Windsor Gooige Wbi'Aker Reed A Co Whutle-ev Charles Whnehonse Ooorga Wh iten xam eel Whuten '"harlnsG WlnterboUam Jamas Wbmier Haotsoo W.nfUm (Hiver M WUron Cspt George Wln?.ow RovlIuhb'iT I M Whli Tbnomo^^H Wh'ung A'lgBStua Wh cog O Movertey W agate ' harlea Wiru Jacob Witfchoa Jorgen II Wrndard B D Wootiig K B Woitr -imm Wo in Adoipbaa Wilson Robert Wilson E J Wil'on Daniel M Wright Jorepb Wright Jame< L Wright J S Wright H 0 Wright A Mace- 2 Ward J A R A Co-2Wrlpbl a M Waid Colton Wrxht Jamea Waid Michael Wr'ght Wbi H? S Warring Wm Wright II Anguati a WoilT tf Warrener Ihontas Wilietton Anorew WWrrmeO Wharton BenJ A? I Wilcka George Wood A Bob Ward lam M Wtlea Jamea Wood James Wandell John 0 WidWmJr WoodWRAOi Walton A Brown Wlrks K L Wood HamlKon Wkteiman Capt Wilkinson Ch*a B -2 Wood Jiwooh Dsntel C Wilkinson Ihos P Wood Witlfam Walkins Jamss I# Wll'oek Wllllain Woodmugk Jar?> Wick ham Dr J Witroiaon Oeorge Wl'bur Jelferscn Wllden A A Wl.mot A Oreono Wlddoos F Wlldur Davis 8 Wildln Oeorge Jr Wiggen Joha Wlytam I bo If Willis Henry M Word an Atrahan. Woooaido 1 'apt (lai Wrreenar David Wovili amoe Worth en f B Worth Wm Wor lev John Wo"diord W? Wyirand Jnkn A Bra Wyatt Kiohtrd H .Wyt Way Oeorge M Waahhurn H Waters Rlnaldo M Wabcn B B Watts Dr Waterbtiry Hdwln Walerbury K B Weed James A- 2 Weed Hiram Wellman H B Werty A Morgan Wteelock J u Wheat <4 A Williams Benj F a Tales W H Yeomans Capt Thoa Tnnng r 8 Vaiea A Bros Mess 8 Ycrk t'apt <?e?. H To iag lUram A Veomsns Danl L Young Rev J p Tn.ngA I?weLten Z Zelmon Charlea 'Aimmernun 8 B In larell Mteous. American Freeman Kecy of Worth Uxige I O O P Irving lioufo Socy Maatern .^far UdtafiAV Dlmond Mill Xanutactnrlng Co "mf* IMA AC V. FOWI.fB, Foai . _ ynno Joha Wnionghhy DWl! 2Wi"kt If Feuir R ^ Wrtghlgar John W lliaui* lliarlea CALIFORNIA LETTKRH. LRTTBRB ** n aiiilng in the office of th? Metropolitan Rrmod and Hutton J H Kane J Kftuon W Keller R Von LMdJi Ml* R P Lawrence B Lamirert Q liM M litnrkl W Levy N L'7 Can iei Kipr _ Nor' hern Ltjfht Adam* J 6_ Barcliy J IT? J Oonon PR ? 'albrai'h J ?'?mbr> I ling B Clrni*i t Mrs V Cottar; J M Terwl/ P fclffin Mill I l?l'B J Kttzji n Cft J Ooodmi n In M B Gordon Mrs M Orenrli J M Hurt W H Wamni r, W Hot>p?r M ii"T' L McLaughlin MeOraoe Mrs M h Marki Miaa H Marth O H Meiga TI P Menge M Montjromerv P II Mon&MriMA Nathan Mr* L Hirree ROOT R Rleoh V W Rom Hnb Rofflnv, PriMl k do Siead It rt Sedgwleke J Sharker I Hmreman B Thnmpaon M B Thrmc?M> R W Tme r Waktroa .1 H? 2 Wrhb m:m m r Yonng Wm f-or?k?o|pia L?dg? I