Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 22, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 22, 1856 Page 3
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INANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. HOURY MiRKMT, Friday, March 21? C P. M. The movement in stocks to day was irregular, A-itfa lew activity among speculators. At the first ward Missouri C's advanced j per cent; Brie bonds, 1876, Nicaragua Transit, Cleveland and Pitts ourg, 2: Galena and Chicago, 4i Cleveland and Toledo, ]? Illinois Cent ml bonds declined A per :ent; New York Central ltailroad, 4; Erie Railroad, j; Reading, J; Hudson River Railroad, Mil waukie and Mississippi Railroad sold this morning at 83$ per cent; Chicago and RojIc Island Railroad it !K) per cent, which is an advaace of 1 per ceut on last sale. The dividend of this company has not yet been officially announced, but it is understood that Ave per cent will be the rate, payable at about the usual time. There was more activity iu Hudson River Railroad, with a slight downward teudeocy. Nicaragua Transit was in demand to-day at the advancc. The company's statement, published thi-4 morning, has had a favorable effect upon the public aind. It shows that throughout the company hav; 'faithfully fulfilled ail its engagements with the gov ernment of Nicaragua; have beon willing at al! times to entrust any matter of dispute to arbitra tion, as provided by its charter, and have paid large funis of money for lights and privileges never en joyed. It will also appear that the H n. Parker H French, to whom was delegated ihe power to adjus all differences, acknowledged that the company had paid all that was due, and that the fairest way was to start upon a new basis. The government of Nicaragua, as at present constituted, appears to have a new polk y every week. Within the past six months half a dozen commissioners have been ap pointed. and half a dozen plans adopted, to settle with theTiansit Company. The final appointment of Par ker U. French was almost immediately after revoked, leaving the Transit Company without the power to investigate matters with any authorized agent. The tact is that the government of Nicaragua has had no settled policy from the start. All sorts of counsels have at times prevailed, and we should iudge from this that it possessed all the internal elements of dissolution. It appears that all the leaders have been afraid to trust each other, where the handling of money was concerned. The frequent changes in the agents to arrange with the Transit Cimpany nhov that either ignorance or distrust prevailed at the Feat of government. The statement of the Transit Company bears the impress of truth, and we bavc uo doubt is susceptible of proof. The re mark of Mr. French may be construed favorably for the company. If he has any influence with his gov ernment, his statements, based upon an examina tion of the company's books and accounts, may re instate the company in all its rights and privileges. At the second board the market was slightly de. pressed. Eric was moderately active; Cleveland and Toledo was sold to some extent in large lots. Erie fell off 4 per ceut; Cleveland and Toledo, }; Reading, Cumberland, ?. After the board lower prices ruled, and the market closed weak. The steadiest Btock on the lift is Florence and Keyport joint stock. It sells regularly every day at J per cent. It has not varied a fraction for weeks, and sells the same bnyer sixty days, as for cash. While other fancies are running np and down three, four and five per cent, this does not move a peg. There may be a wide margin for a rise, but it is pretty certain it could not fall much withont going com pletely out of sight. The Assistant Treasurer reports to-day as fol lows: ? Paid on Treaoury account 91,626,901 79 Received " " 1,324,330 00 Balance " ? 6,066,968 47 Paid fjr Ai>say Office 16,614 66 Paid on disbursing checks 36,236 05 The payments to-day include $1,500,000, being the balance due on account of the Mexican indemnity. The receipts include $50,000 from Chicago; $1,000, 000 transferred from the bullion fund, and $100,000 for transfer drafts on Roston. The gross earnings of the New York Central Rail road Company during the month of February, 185 i and 185G, were as follows : ? Nkw York Cbxtral Railroad. liUruary. 1866. 1866. Panning era $139,911 67 $140,919 61 Vrtigbt 169,656 65 330,666 13 Mail and mi-tcellaneoua.... 6,807 60 7.389 63 Total $316,274 82 $378,984 24 ? Increase in the month this year, $62,709 44. It will be seen that the increase is almost entirely in freight. The passenger business on the New York Central Railroad appears to have reiched its maxi mum. We venture to say that this road has not ?earned, net, one per cent on its capital during the past three months. The Hartford and New Haven Railroad Company have declared a dividend of five dollars per Bhare. The Boston Journal of the 20th inst. says that a very important bill was introduced in the lower bouse of the Legislature of Massachusetts on Tues day, which, with the majority and minority reports, was ordered to be printed. The bill provides for the gradual suppression of small notes, and is sub stantially as follows: ? Svpfmbpior ok Small Bank Notbh. <? Hec. 1. From and after tbe 1st or Ootober, 1456, no person, or bank, or other corporation In the commonwealth, shall make, is* vie. pass, transfer, or sirculate, or receive, or cause to be received, an y bank note or oil 1 of any baik ostaoluhed In or out of the 8t?te. deMvred for circulation or use a ; currency, (or an} turn lets than $1; after the 1st of October, 1857 , tor any sum less than $3; after the Iff ot October, 1858, lor any sum less than $ft. Sec. 2. From and after the passnije ot the act, no bank bill above $6 shall be made or ipsued by any batik, or be passed, ??., by any Inolvidual, Ac., toranj sum sot divisible by the number five. fcec. S provide* that offenders nhall be punished by a Cue not exceeding $1130 each. ? The majority report is by Messrs. Raymond and Thacher of the Senate, and Turner of Brookllne, and Hall of Boston, ot the House. It dwells upon the aUijrel eriln ot our present circulating tedium, which, " while it purports to be convertiole, and may to a very great ex tent represent value, li, after ail, but a vats system of credits, with a feeble and altogether a too narro w bails of coin/' The banks in Massachuflettj owe their bill holders eighteen million of dollars, and so oat of propor tion Is the superstructure to the oasis, the report argues, that, " let their creditors call for but one eighteenth part of their debt, or one million of dollars, and the credits are disturbed ? property falls In value? -mercantile piper, stocks, merchandise, become depressed? everything is in commotion? money is scarce? times are hard? and all because th* banks are reqnlred to comply witn their pro misee." When gold is wanted for shipment, and tie banks are called upon to supply the demand, they must neceamily reduce their circulation in the proportion of five, six, seven or eight to ote, for every dollar paid out in gold. The report dwells upon the necessity of increasing the stock of cola to prevent those fluctuations in the curren cy arising from a deficiency, and dwells upon the compa rative Insecurity of the small bill currency, the holders of which, it sa?s, are generally the greatest suflVerri when a bank becomes discredited. . RTbe main argument of the report le comprised in the following paragraph:? By Ike suppression of bank bills of a leas denomination than Ave dollar*, a demand would be crested for the purposes ot circulation, of some three and a half to 1'iur and a half millions of dollars; this would pass Into the sands ol the people, enter lnio the daily affairs aid business life, and wouli be placed almost bejond the reach of exportation. By this operation the specie In Masswhuaetts would be nearly doublet, even If the banks. In telf defence, were rot compelled to Increase their stock of coin. ttie contend that tbers will be no difficulty in procuring the necesc ary coin, for we are constantly ? exporting largely, and any amount can b^ retained lor which we create a home demanl. "It is emlnsntly worthy of consideration," tbey say, "that, with all our production of gold, the quantity held by the banks in ^866 was not greater than It was in 18 W, while their cir culation has gteatly increased and their capital nearly doublet." In conclusion, the committee very justly remark that "the currency of a people is a matter of sueh vital Im portance to tbe whole community, that anything like crude or hasty legislation should be most sedulously m voided.'* 1 hey have accordingly framed thetr bill s? that it shall be gradual in its operation. , The annexed statement exhibits the value of foreign dry goods entered at this port for consump tion, for warehousing, and also the withdrawals from warehouse, during the week ending and including Thursday, March 20, 1856 Movkmints in Forkiov Dry Qooiw. Knturfl J or With- War' Consumption. draimli. honied, Mannfaeturls of wool. . $896,964 $44,660 $39,066 cotton. 285,466 7f>,4ii6 4 79# silk... 644,837 81,702 44*361 , flax... 211,7(3 23,50ft _ Miscellaneous 173,872 14,(103 24,303 Total* $1,712,922 $239,945 $107^110 Value put on the market during the W?ek $1,962,867 During the past week the dry goods trade has dis. played increased activity, country merchants having United tbe city quite freely. The reccnt heavy im portation have told upon 1 y descrip tiona of foreign goods, and especially upon many Btjles of French fabrics, both staple and fancy. And there are still several vessels over due from Europe, with heavy cargoes of goods on board for i this market. The grea trine in breadstuff and pro* ! visions the i>ast autumn, with the known yield of an immense crop of cereals, induced the belief that there would be an almost unlimited consumptive de' niand. During the spring and summer of the past year stocks had been sold out at a very low figure, so that when the autumn trade set in there was a deficiency of goods to meet the demand, and prices consequently experienced an advance. The result of these movements was that very heavy orders were sent to Europe, and especially to France, where the labor of manufacturers was taxed the utmost to fill them. At Lyons, manufac turers bad to work night and day to supply the de mnnd for goods. Bnt the past two or three months have served to work an important change. With the prospects of peace and the food market of Eu rope becoming better supplied, American breadstuff^ and provisions have heavily declined, while cotton is the only article which has experienced an ad vance. The consequence is, that the importers be gin to find that their receipts of goods are in excess of the demand of jobbers, although offered at easier rates. Hence, as usual under each circumstance* the importers and agents of the foreign manufac turers have invoked the aid of the auctioneers, and consequently several heavy sales have been made recently, one of which this week embraced an extensive line of French silks, shawls and ribbons, chiefly the importation of a leading French house. These sales have been well attended, and the goods have been sold on favorable terms; but prices generally, how ever, have recenty ruled in favor of purchasers. These large auction sales generally lead to increased exportation of specie, as soon as sterling bills drawn against the shipment of produce become scarce. From this time to the end of the season cotton alone must afford the chief basis for bills drawn against its shipment and be forwarded in payment for i mported goods. When it falls off, we may expect increased exports of specie. The bad weather early in the season retarded the purchases on the part of country merchants, and stocks in the interior have been reduced to a low point before they were re plenished. Low priced ginghams ranged from 10c. n 13c. There was a tolerably active business done in dress goods, at steady prices. Good patterns of doeskins of the lower qualities were scarce and firm. Black silks were dull and prices easier. The ac tivity in the trade is expected to increase with each week of the present spring, and will be rendered more lively by the opening of navigation. In do mestic goods, the market was less gorged, and in some descriptions of staple articles a slight im provement took place. Brown sheetings and shirtings have been in fair demand at steady prices. Prints were sold to a fair extent; choice new styles were firm, while inferior and less desirable patterns were dull and neglected. Ging hams were in fair demand and sales pretty freely made at 10c. for Manchester and lOic. for Lancas ter. Muslin de laines were steady, with moderate gales. DrillB were in light stock, and the demand moderate. Browns were at 74c. a 8c.; CanLstago, Ojc.; bleached, 94c.; Beading, 94c. a !)?c. Cassi meres were in good request, especially for new and desirable styles. Satinets were without alteration in prices. Stripes and denims were steady and transactions moderate. Bagging, osnaburg and cotton dock were without change, and sales light. Cloths were in fair demand at steady prices. The warrants entered at the Treasury Depart ment, Washington, on the 19th instant, were as follows: ? Fcr tbe redemption of stock $27,612 48 For the Treasury Department 8,723 26 For tbe Interior Department 13,733 25 For CnttoBw 49,087 03 War warrant* received and entered 20.061 09 War repay warrants receive! and entered 056 42 Interior repay warrants rewired and entered. 3,592 51 On account ct the Nary 11,329 71 $6000 Td 6'?, '60.84m 06 1C00 Cal7'a, 70 .... 90 400 2000 NY6V74.... 116% 200 2000 Virginia 6'a... 94% 300 12C00 do 94% 250 12C00 Missouri 6'h.. 84% 60 1000 Erie C Be '71.. 83% 200 1000 Erie C Ba '62. . 87 860 6000 Erie Ba of 83.. ?!% 200 6000 do 93% " Stock Ezcluuige. FfeiD.tT, March 21, 1868. 360 slu Erie RR..b30 67% do blO 67% do *3 67% do blO 67% do s60 67 % do s30 67% do b60 58;^ do 67% do blO 57% 60 Harlem RR . . . . 20 60(0 Erie 8a ot '76 . 90% 200 Mich S ft N la R. 93% "000 do 91 10 00 HR3MBs.b30 70 7000 do 70 10,000 111 Cen RR Bs. 91% 100 41000 do 91% 100 5000 do bC 91% 300 5000 do ?.B0 91% 500 30C0 do 91% 100 2000 NY Cen 6V. . 89* 100 5 Cleve C ft Cin.. . 102% 50 do 103 100 Reading RR. .84m 92 do b30 93 do blO 92% do slO 92% do 83 92% do bf-0 93 do blO 92% 100 aha I) & H CJ.bSO 1V6 % 100 Hudson Kiv RR. 660 100 do b30 128 5 to 125% 100 10 St Nicholas Bank 98 10 Ohio Ufa & Trust 93 750 Canton Co 23 36% do 35% do 35 } \ 100 do M0 36% 300 do b60 36 15 Mich Central RR. ?3% 400 do. ..1)60 23% 150 do ?90 9"V 100 Nic Transit. .blO 14% 1C0 111 On ral RR.. . 97% 100 do blO 14% 306 1000 do 14% 4(J0 10) do h60 14% 200 do 14?,' 160 300 Cnmb Coal... b60 23% 200 400 do 100 Penn'a Coal . . b80 100 N Y Central RR.. 93 do C 92% 050 do 92',; 800 330 30 6 200 100 do b60 93 850 Erie RR 67% 10) do do 97% do b30 98 60Clev&mt*RR.b30 66 do 65 do b60 66 23% 200 Galena k Chic RR 11 1% 175 do 112 100Cleve&rolRR..bl0 78 do 78 do 860 77% do 92% 230 do b30 78 K do b60 92% 30 Chicago & R I RR 96 18 Mitw ft Wish RR. 83% 60 do 8 ?% 50 do blO 83% 67% SECOND BOABD. 5 8hB Ohio Life.... 92% 100 ahs Erie RR..b30 67% do b60 91 100 do bW 67% 80 100 Nic Transit.... a3 14% 100 do slO 67% 200 do s30 14% 100 Harlen RR..b60 20% 500 Fter ft Kpt Jt.b60 % 40 ?00 Can ton Co... b60 23% 10O 200 Penn Coal Co.bflO 98 100 Comb Coal... b60 23% do 20% do 20 200 Reading RR .b30 92% 300 do blO 92% KO do b30 23^ 100 do 92% 200 Erie RR slO 67% 10 Mich SAN JaRR 94' d? s3 67% do b30 67% 50 Galena ft Chi Rtt 111% 10 do 111% do blO 67% 300 Clev ft T1 KR.b30 78 900 800 do 77% do b60 78 100 do s3 57 % 160 do s30 57% 100 de h3 67% MINING BOARD. 100 she Ward C ft I. c 42 50 do e 41% 200 North Carolina .. 1 90 50 do b3 41% 200 do 1 85 60 Aberdeen 16c 600 do 11c 500 aha Aberdeen .... 13c. 300 do 1 80 100 Gardiner Ud....c 1 16 Hnrlcm Railroad. Some truthful remarks appeared in the HomcM de paitment of your valuable journal about tea days ago, relative to the extremely low price commanded by the first ?ud second mortgage bonds of the Harlem Railroad, in comparison with those of some other roads; and it is v?ry certain that if jour observations as r (yap Is the present real and prospective value of the itesuriiios upon which the second mortgage bonds recently ?old were is sued, had been duly apprecia'ed, a very striking and meat favorable change in the price of the stock would have taken place ere thla; lor. if the writer mistakes not, the second mortgage on the road waa made to include the first lien on the unincumbered and eligible property of the oompany in this city, comprising tbe Tryon row property, the block of Dnild<ngs bounded by Fourth anl Madison avenues and Twenty-sixth and Twenty- seventh streets; the extensive machine shops, eogfcis houses and stablea at Thirty-sesond street and Fourth avenue; also ?be property at Forty- second street and Fourth avenue, togetl er with tbe roiling stock and equipments, all of wfrch is rapidly increasing in value, while the loin i < understood to (ail due in nine or ten years prior to the original mortgage. It should be also borne in mtnd that while the pay rolls are being gradually reduced to a con siderable amount, the revenue of the road is as gradually incieaiing. In fast, it i* confidently believed that the revenue of the read during th? present year will be suffi cient to enable the company to pay the interest on the mortgage debt of $4,000,000, as well aa to resume regu )ar dividends on the preferred shares. The receipt ? for the transportation Of freight have been very large for some weeks past, and I am assured, from a reliable source, that the prospects of the road are very nattering, Indeed. T. CITY COMMERCIAL REPORT. Friday, March 21?6 P. M. A?tn> ? Small rales of pot* weie made at $5 87% a $6. BHWDwri-m? Fiour? The market was mora active, with a good demand tor the home trade and the British provinces, and closed with more firmoean. The sale* em braced about 5 000 a 6,000 bbla., including common to good straight State, at $6 75 a $7 ; inferior Michigm at ?6 50 a $6 76; ex ra State at $7 12% a $7 37% ; low and medium brands of extra Western at $7 a $7 75, and good extra Ohio, Indian*. and Illinois at $8: extra Genesee ranged from $8 CO a $10; Canadian waa in good demand for the Uritiih provinces, and the market firmer; th j sale* embraced 2,000 a 2,500 bbla., at $7 25 a $9 26 for common, superfine, fancy and extra- Southern was wH'a out change oi moment, with sale* of about 1,200 a 1,500 bbls , at 97 60 a 98 tor mixed to ohotoe brands. tnl 98 a99 for fancy and extra. When'? The sale* emb aced ab j'it 2,000 btuih*<? Southern white, at 91 0t), tad 1,503 do. Canadian white at >1 00, with sales of inferior Tennessee red at 91 66 a 91 70; aui small lota of fair quality were sold at 91 75. Corn ? "he market wai bear;, and price* favored pur chaser*. The sale* embraced about 15 000 a "20,000 bushel*. including mixed Southern, at ?6e a t>7J.; and 09c. a 70c. lor prime yellow Southern. Rye wax qil?t; ?mall sales were reported at 91 12 a 91 10 Oat* ware more active, with sales of State end West* n at 40c. a4*c. Oikkkb continued firm, with light Kate-*; about 100 mate and '26 bags of Java were rold at 16?. ; 50 Jatnana, at 12c. ; and 400 bags of Rio, at 11>4 j. a 11J?? CofTOff. ? The sales embrace) (rom 2,500 a 8.000 baled good, part in transitu- Middling Uplands and Fiirtdaa | wereat 10)ic alOt^c.; Mobile, 10 We. a 10*?o ; and New Orleans and Texai do , at 10?^ t. a 104;c. Kkkightb.? Engagement* were moderate, without ohange in prices. To Liverpool 800 bales of out to ? were taken at 5 16d.; 9,000 bushels grain, In ship's bag*, at 7Hd-I and 2 000 boxen cheese, at 80s.; flour wan at about 2s. 04. To London and Havre there was nothing new. To Ant werp 400 bales of compressed cotton were engaged at J?a. To Hamburg 600 ba es of ooltoi* were engaged, at %<1 ; 100 tons measurement goods and 600 bbU>. rosin, at p. t. Rates to California were steady, at 80c. per foot measure ment. Hrt ? Sal<?s of 500 a 600 bales were male at 91 18X Ieok was unchanged, with moderate sales ef Scotch pig at &J6 a 9*7. LonwooD.? Sales oi 170 tone St. Domingo were made at 921, in bond. Moljisbb*. ? Sales of 200 a 300 bbls. New Orleans were made at 40c. fcr oommoa, and 47 for strictly prime quali ty; 117 hhls. do. Cuba muscovado at p. t., and 100 nkds. clayed Cum at 24c. Naval Sroww. ? Sales of 200 bbla. spirits were made at 30c. ; rosin was held at 91 60, while quotations tor raw were nominal. I'ROvffiio.NS.? I'ork? The market was steadr at yester day's prices, with sales of 200 a 340 bbls., Inaludin? m?ss at $16 87X. and prime at$14 75 Beef continued heavy at $8 26 a 98 76 for country prime, and 99 25 a 411 tor mem do., with sales of about 100 bbls. repacked Western at 911 a 913 26. Beef ham* were in moderate demand, while prime mesa was beld at 918 a 92*2 tUcon was scarce and Arm. Lard? Sales of about 200 bbls. were made at 9%e. a 10l?c. Butter and eheese were in fair demand, wbile prices were unohanged. Rick was quiet at 4c. t 4J?c. Sncm.? Sales of 600 lbs. nutmegs were made at 12s. Sioars. ? The sales embraced 1,600 boxes brown Hava na to go out of market to Philadelphia, at 7Jfc., time; 120 do. do. at 7o. a 9>?c., the latter tignre for ptlan quality. Toiucoo.? Toe market is unchanged. Supp le* con tinue scarce. The demand for all sorts is good. The sales included 66 hhds. Kentucky at 10c. a 16c.; 142 bales Havana at 24c. a 28c. ; 82 hales Ssgua at p. t. ; 121 bales Cuba at p. t.; 60 cases secdteaf at 7>^c. a 15c.; 62 case* Florida at 18c. a 26c. Whiskkv.? Sales were confined to 100 a 200 bbls. Ohio and prison at 30 a 30}?c., which was easier. Wooi We have to report as aotive market, and sales pretty heavy, chiefly to speculators and dealers. 300 bags California medium and fine qualities at 16c. to 23c ; 100 bales South American common 13c. a 16c., and 200 bales Cordova at 24 60c. a 26o., six months. 50,009 pounds qjpee sold at 30c. a56o., and 30,000 pounds pulled at 30s. a 46c., equal to cash. Holders say there is not enough on band to keep fac'ories in operation till shear ing tlee. Spinners, notwithstanding, buy sparingly, and expect to be able to suoply themselves at lower rate,) soon, than are at present current. Importations and ar rivals per railroads will regulate prices. FAMILY MARKETING. RETAIL PR 10 KB OF FARM PRODUCE IN WASHINGTON MARKET. There was a large reduction la the price of meat by wholesale tlila week, but the retail price shows but little difference, probably on account of the approach of the termination of Lent, which creates an additional demand, by let icg loore an extra number of meat eaters on the community. Veal begins to look better. The market alieady begins to have a spring look. Green peas, tomatoes and other early garden truck are cheapening, and becoming plentiful. A few weeks more will make a great change in this re^peot. Potatoes arc slowly advancing in price, and apples are tending rapidly in the rame direction. Poultry is becoming dearer, and now commands nearly 20 cents per pound, and wild fowl is very scarce and high. Butter, vte are glad to say, Is cheapening. Dealers are anxious to get the old stock off before the Mar butter comeH along from the West. Fish is dear and scarce, bat must soon oheapen. MEATS. Beef? Sirloin, roast, per lb ? Rib, roast, prime 14 Rib, chuck ? Sirloin steaks ? Porterhouse steaks 20 Rump steaks ? Plates and navels, corned 0 10 Muttton, per lb 0 10 per carcase, per lb 0 00 l?mb? " ** 08 per lb ? Veal ? " 0 10 Veal, fore quarters, per lb 0 10 Hind quarter! " 0 12 Veal cutlets " 0 20 Young pig, each 1 60 " per lb 0 09 Pork, freeh, per lb ? Hams, smoked, per lb 0 12 Shoulders " " ? Sides " " ? Sides, pickled " ? Jowls " ? Smoked beet M ? Beet' tongues, piece ? Sausages " ? Bologna sausages " ? Tripe ? 0 W Lard " ? POULTRY AND OAMH. Wild turkies, each 2 50 Turkeys, per lb 18 Gewe, ? 0 11 Ducks, tame, per pair 1 76 Widgeon, per pair 0 02){ Chickens, ver lb ? Spring chickens, ner pair.... ? F.wls, pair 1 00 Guinea do., " 0 76 Pigeons, stall fed, per doc ? Quail, " ? Partridges, pair 0 83 Rabbits, " 0 7? Black duck, " ? Hares, per pair ? Broad bill duck ? Brant, per pair. 160 Venison, (saddle) per lb ? Canvass back duck, per pair 1 60 Squirrels, per pair.... 0 12>? Bears'* meat, per lb 0 16 Capons, per lb 0 26 Grouse, per pair 1 00 FRUITS. Apples, Newtown pippins, per bU ? " greenings, " ? " Ppltzenberg, " ? '? GiUillowtr, " 2 00 ?? all sorts, half peck 0 20 Cranberries, per bbi ? " per quart 20 FISH. Shad, each ? Terripin, each 1 00 Brook trout, per lb ? Smelts, " ? Pike, ?? ? Pickerel!, " ? Bass, ' ? Suckers, " ? Stintisb, " ? Codfish, " 0 00 B?ls, " 10 Frostflsh " 000 flounders, " ? Hull heads M ? Haddock. ? ? ? Halibut, " ? Fresh mackerel, ' ' 0 10 Skit mackerel, " 0 18 Salt shad, " 0 12* Smoked halibut, " 0 10 I>o. mackerel, " 0 12 Sounds and tonjpies, per lb 0 08 Smoked shad " 0 12 Soused salmon, percan 2 50 Smoked salmon, per lb 0 18 Dry oodflsh, " 0 N ?HlLflSH. Oysters? Princes bay, per 100 0 82X Virginia " 0 60 Clams ? Shrewsbury, per 100 0 37X Little Neck, ? ? Lobsters, per lb 0 06 Crabs, per dosen ? VKGRTABLKH. Potatoes, meroer, per bbl ? '? Carter'! western reds, " ? ? per half-peck 10 Sweet, per bbl ? " " half peck ? Sqassfies, per dos ? Red onions, per bushel ? White onions, " ? Cabbages? new, each 0 06 Cabbages ? red, each. ? Savoy cabbage 0 04 Beets, per doi ? C?rrct? doi ? Salac, each ? Garlick, per bunch ? Lettuce, per head 0 03 Leeks, hunch 0 00 Turnips, white, per half peck ? lima oeans, soaaed, per quart ? Parsley , uuuCh.... ? Celery, bvneh 08 ffreen peal, per quart ? Parsnips, per dot ? Hroncale, ea?h 0 Of Tomatoes, box 1 26 BUTTO, OBIffil, WTO. Baiter? State, per lb 20 Orange, " 0 28 ?Iflo. - 0 17 Cheese, ur To 0 10 Fngllah, per lb ? Pineapple, each ?? Hapsago, per lb ? Krgs. six ? Boney, strained, per lb 0 11 Foreign Markets. pKRNAMM'ro, Feb. 11. ? Several carrots from foreign ports have m*dethe<r appearance slnoe our last Prices Current, but the greater part of the vessels baring only arrived these two l?st days, the import business has bew rather limited, Cotton? The prioM hire continued at ft |; 300 i 6 1 600 per irob*, scoording to qu <ty. Cod tib'u ? Thar# ha?e been reoeivej 13? drum* from Baltimore, whish remain on Mia, retailiug at trum 13 1| 600 a 16(,000 per drum. Crackent? Arrived from Baltim we U*0 kegs, which hava been disponed of at 4|750 per keg. Flour is slow of and tie demand jery dull, Offing to the hutry ajriv-il* and (lie supplies already in secondhand* I*id ? 400 rs. per 11>. Sugar? Priced hare bean stiff Whiten hare been about the nauie as our last quotation* ADTERTISESKITS RENEWED EVERT DAY. FOH SALE. csn nnn -pt,B balk a bkven yeabs', V uUtUvu. wth furniture, of a large, productive Broadway hotel, Fmp *15 OOUtoSSO.uOOmuat be paid In c wli; the balance can be (aid in merchandise, real estate, or re main on bond and mortgage Principals only , having the re

qulMte means, will phase address bo* 3 ?35 i'o>' office , or call on P. W. WAUOd, M William street, office* 18 and 17. 490 fMin ~A BABK OHANOH FOB MAKftra A ? PjJV-' .uvyi la'ge amount In a manvfacturiog ouslnris, well established, and (one lor caab. Tbe proprietors wish lo ninpoee of the bushiest, and wlil do so on liberal terms. For particulars apply at 3ft Btotdway. Ain JkAA -A PUBLIC H 'USE POB BaLIL-ONE JMU.vUU. ol thtbeat public bouses In tie two cttleiis now offered tor sale. Ihe lease, fixtures, 'urnlture md stock; fur kcatloo and bmlneis not surpassed; It consistii ol restaur ant, bar, and ball am supper roorni. The lease baa some yearn to run. Tbe abore will be sold tor cash, or exchanged for gord productive prwerty, Por particulars, call or address C. B. UOWM, 84 Baawu street. QQ nnn -FOB BALK OB TO LRT, THK BROWN ?pt7 .'/UU, stone louse ,322 henry street. Brooklyn; rent 7700 Four briok houes in warren street, $6,000; rent (360. Four brick houses in Fulton avenue, ?? 000. Kive brick houses In Hale street, $6,(00;>ent $600. Several verandah cottages in Blcomingdale, tent 1200. HAITW1CK, 208 Broadway, rcom No. 1. dbO linn -FHI\ATE BKMDKNCB8 FOR SALE. ON iDO.uUU . easy turns. One four story modern nouse, on Esst Nineteenth street $8 000; two line four story houses, on West Twenty fifth s'rret. only S7.000 each; three floe modern bouses, on West Twent seventh street. $7,500 to $8,ono Alas 2U0 bouses tor sale. A. 8RBOBANT, 15 Wall street. -FOB BALE. A SPLENDID FARM. 101 ?p I .oUU, acres, large and good bullolngs, abundance ot fruits, thirty Ave mlea irom New York, near the North rlvei ; one do., 9ft acres $6,000; one do.. Oft acres, $4,00:1; one do., 85 seres, (A 000. All bave good buildings, Ac. Sm*ll p aces, good buildings, $1,800. Apph to W. 11. MhLlCK, 84 Seventh avenue, btfori 12 and alter S o'clock K/UI ? THBEk STORY BB10E HOURR, FtBST ww.OUu. clftis, In Busier street, near Court, $1.000 cash 12 500 mortgage, balance in trade. $16,000 to loan in one sum on ?oud and mortgagi UtiliNBKLli A A M) < it SON, No. 9 Court st , Brooklyn. ?\On -FOR BALK, A CASS MANUFACTURING ilPT.yUU. bnstnes* ot bug Btanding, and the demand much greater t*an can be supplied. Price $4,600; part cash and part In real estate or other becurltlea. Reasons lor selling will be made sallstaclory. TUa Is a chance never offered Be fore. For particulars Inquire of C. B. BUWKS A CO., 84 Narsau street. &/I fMWk ? HOU8B AND LOT, THBMJt STOBY BRI "K, iTt.UUv. West Twenty stub <re?t; one do. Jane strset, $3,500; one la Tolrt '-sixth strert, $4,600; one first clais. four story. West thirty fifth street, $7000. Several beautiful pla ces near Njack, various prices. Vitiate property and country scats, larnn, various prices and ligations tor sale or trade. W. H, MKLIUK, 84 Seventh avenue, lefore 12 or alter S (J.Q cn M ?FOR SAI.E At A BARGAIN, OWNER fPO.uUU. going to Europe, a band'ome two storr base ment cottage, carriage house, well, cistern, and twe've lots, in a pleaeaut village on the 1'usRalc, three miles from Newark, ?even from Jersey Oltv. $2,000 c?i remain. IIARTWIOK, I(j8 Broaaway, room No. I. d>Q nnn ?for bale, vkrt cheap, a lot os iJ)i)AJU U ? Thlny seventh street betweeu Broadway and Seventh avenue; is a vary desirable lit for building purposes being In a vary One and rapidly Improving neighborhood $< ,600 can remain at option of purchaser; balance part trade and cash. Address J. K. H., Herald dttee. nni?? FOR SALE, HOUSE AND LOr 214 SOUTH ?P<<5.UUU. Fourth street, East hroiklyn. fho hitise li new, has been occupied one year, renMfor$250; has gts, inu tile manleis and range. Possession 1st af May. lermseasy. Apply to H. C. oMITH, 16 Mott streei, Nsw Itork. dbl QHll ~A DAOUKRIIKAN OAILERY FOR SALE. ?PX?OUUa One of the moat complete 'itanliahments ot the kind In New York or Brooklyn is offered br sale, at a bargain. Tbe loiation unsurpasxed, being iu one oi the lending and fa shionable thorougbiares. Apply to C. B. HOWES i CO., 84 Nassau street. dbi O/U* -for bale, an old established ijpl.^UU. paper hanging and wioaosr shade store, situ tted In a good business thorongtifere. Th? above having been rstabiibed several years, and having a lante number ot regu lar cu?toniers, ihe opportunity Is one seldcm offered. Apply to C. B. HOWES A oO., 8? Nassau street. 0?-| | WI/\ ? A BROADWAY RESTAURANT FOS SALE ijtl.UUU. a large, bandsonely fitted up saloon, situated In one ot tbe beit business locations in Broadway. The lease and fixtures will be so!d f r $1,000; with stock, $2,000. lbe saloon now doing a business of $36 to $45 dal y. Apply to C. B. HOWK3 A 00., 84 Nassau street. j?-i nnn ?for bale, on fifth strkbt, wcl Cl.UUu. liamsburg. one or tlree handsome three story buck houses, mastlo fronts, portico entrances, exprewily built lor two respectable families each. A great bargain will be gtven. Only $1,000 cash, balance on mortgage. Which mar be paid by instalments. Inquire at tbi depot of the Long Island Pottery Worka,8$ Naisau strtet, New York. 4 Qflfl WILL PURCHASE THE FURNITURE OF A 9 OvU ootlsge bouse, situated in West Twenty tourth s<re?t; the house to let rent $500, atd possession m tv be had Immediately, or as soon as required. 'Ihe house ha all tbe modern Improvements, balk, Croton water, gai, Ac. Apply to C. B. HuWsS A Ot).,84 Nassau st DOWN.? SEVERAL DF.SIRABLY LOCATED (JpUvlU two storr basement and sub-cellar brick dwellings, ?lih marble mantels, grates, sliding doors, ornamental cor nices and centre pieces in parlors; pump, court yard. Ac ; neighborhood seleot; lota 21.10x100; price $3,600; located on Adelphi street, near Fulton avenue, Brooklyn. Apply at 179 Broadway, room No. 4. CRCA -A OBOCBBT AND LIQUOR STORR FOR fUOVJ* sale one of tae best stands in New York. The store now doing a business of $20 per day, one half for liquor. This is a chance teldom offered to engage in the bualneaa. Ap ply to C. B. HOWK8 A CO., 84 Nassau street. &PLI\t \-rOl BALE OB F.XCHANQK, A C ANN EL wOUKIm Coel Company mortgage bond. Will exchange for dry yooda or available property. Inquire ot J. i,. U OR RaNCR 4 OO..P3 Liberty street. MAA -A GENTLEMAN, BKINQ OBLIGED TO LEAVE iJ-LV/U. lor Kurope Immediately, will sell the good whl ot a light, profitable manufacturing business, of eighteen years' standing, with a good city connection, for $100. Apply to J. A. kMOlIT A CO , 3SS Broadway, room 18. 1 Q ACRES OF LAND, ELIGIBLY SITUATED IN THE AO vlllKtre of Fassais, M. J , thirty minutes from Juraey City by Krie Railroad, and five minute*' walk from depot, post office, Htore, A<*t will bs so'd In parcel! or together; time or cars con venient Or businessmen; priced moderate; location very fine. Inquire of J M. HOWE, 227 (Jruid street, from 10 to 3," or of ALFRED bPKBR. In the village. A PORTABLE STEAK ENGINE rOR KALE -ALL IN good running order, nix horse power; hag two drums; ii now uwd for lading and unlading ihlpa, at pier No. 14 East river, where It can be seen at work. A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE. Bltuated 1>* miles from Ellcabethtown. New Jersey; an elegant oettage, 50 feet front, 40 feet deep, 2% atorien, outbuild higs. Ac . with 16 acres land. For further partieulars, Inquire o4 R. POWKI.L, 289 Broadway. A VALUABLE FARM FOR SALE? IN TIIH TOWN OF Cort'andt, Westchester county, of ISO acres; a large LoueeSLd barn, and other out building*; orchard, and other fruit tree* ia abundance, and valuable tim ier on the premise*; land In a high state ot cultivation, well watered, two stream* of water that will an?wer mining nurposcs running through the larm; one mile from Oregon Wire Work*, one mile frjin Lake Mohegan, and four miles from Peekstlli depot. Also, a farm of 71 acre*, with no house on it goad orcnard and other fruit trees, well timbered and watered. For further particu lars, Inquire on the premises. THBODORUS PURDY, Peeksklll. A CHANCE TO MAKE MOWEY.-FOR 8 4LK, A WELT, known and oce of the mc*t profitable coil'ee, cake and oyster saloons In the oity, situated in the Bowery, near the theatre Abo, a cofloe,c*ke nnd general eat leg house, at a rallnwd depot. Pr!:e only HBO. Apply, this day, to C. B. HOWnH A CO., 84 Nauau street. A VALUABLE FARM FOR SALE.? THE BUB.nRIBKR will sell hi.' farm, situated on the Ka<t river aVmt 2 miles west of the steamboat landing at U'en Cove, and still nearer a new steamboat dock now completed at A>nha*seti. It Is, ia all i> e<Hs one of the mo?t beautifully located farm* In the vl oln; , ot New York, occupying a front of nearlr one mile on the rust river On tie premise* are a good dwelling, with large barns, all necessary outbuildings, and a large jrihard of rate fruit There are 220 Heron of land, 80 acre* of which are of most valuable locust nnd other timber, now fit for marke'. There are also many building sites, unsurpassed for health and beauty in the Mate. The whole will be sold on aocomnodat In (terms. Inquire of W. L. MITChILL, corner of Dover and South streets, or of Richardson Corn well, on the premi ses. A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR 3*LE? IN the town of Haverstraw. Rockland count; only SO miles from Mew York, three trom Cald sell's Landing, and two from Fort Montgomery, containing 150 acres, wlih trult trees ot all kind* and the best of water, and p ?sesslng one of the finest prospect* on th? IIu' son river. For further Information, ap ply ioOSOaR WOOD, 27 Catharine *treet, or to the subscri ber, on the premises. ABRAHAM JUNE. BAKFRY FOR SALE OR LEASE? IN A VKRY PROS perous village, five miles from the city, having been es tablished tor the last eighteen yesrs. Thl* establishment ta now otlered for sa'e, the owner wishing to remove to the West. For particulars inquire of Messrs. JOHHS, ROWLAND A CO., 242 Front street, New fork. BROOKLYN HOUSE FOR SAL*? FIRST CUSS-ON we't side ol Canton sirret, fifth house south of Fulton ivenne, bel?g one of the healthiest and meat select location* ?. urooklj n. Price, 86,000. Term* ea/y Possession Imtne rilt ely. Apply to KFF1NO HAM H. NICHOLS, No. 7 Nassau ?tr?*t N. Y. Brooklyn property for sale or bkchanoe lor a small farm on Long Island, a two story frame hous? ar<l ore or five lots ndiolalng, on tneww-uer of Graham avenue and MnKlbbln street, Brooklyn, late Williamsburg, It I* within live blocks of the Flashing avenue railroad. Apply at tie drug store, corner of Oold and Prospect street, Brooklyn. Brooklyn lots for bale-by thk block or nlngie, with and without building loan*. Some ot them oMi be exchanged for good railroad bond* and stock. Apply to F. M. t'hsKRN, 52 William street, near Beaver, New York. RtS P. M., or by letter. (10AL YARD AND FIXTURER FOR HALB, ON THE J corner of Bridge and John streets, Brooklyn. For fur ther particulars Inquire on the premises. P. MoQRKEVY. COUNTRY BEAT FOR SALE OR TO LET.? THR 8PA dons man r ion and ' grousds known as Woodland, on Washington Heights, entrance on Tenth avenue and 148th street, 8k miles from Oily Hall, and wlftiln live minutes' walk of 152d at. Rudson River, Railroad station, will be let or sold to a responslb'e party on ffcv?ra?le terms. The house is equally adapted for n private residence or first ela*s hotel, boih in summer and winter. For partlcu'ars address H. F., Ho'el Ht. Germain , corner of Flllh avenue and Twenty - s< cond street. C COUNTRY RESIDENCES, AT IRVINOTON, FOR SALE, J twenty two miles np the North river Prices varying frcm f.1 Ot) to tfi.tHW Health of the nlaoe, view o<' the river Hml surrounding *cnery unsurpassed. NAl*o. houses, lots anl farms for sale. Apply to D. F. VAN LIEW. No. Z Nassau stieet. COITNTRY RESIDENCE FOR BALK ? SITUATED IN Houth Norwalk, Conn., near the New Haven Railroad tfepct. The house Is In good repair, and contain* nine room*; tliei e I* about % of an aore of land and a variety of chtrtee trul*. also, a good barn. Inqntreof 0. P. QUINTARD, W Wnil?? street, roe* Mt, 10. mm i\n. COAL YARD FOR S AIR. -THE LEASE. FIXTURES and good will ofooal yard Not MS and 488 Sixth arenus. Lnae eight yearn. Mat lowr DRUGBTOBK.-A WHOLESALK AND RKTAIL DRUO sums tor m e. its uioomntg opportunity 'or any on# devrlng to commence the business. Inquire a. 335 Washington ?treat, corner of Harrison. TjlLBOAPT COURT** RBHiDRNCR FOB 8ALK-WITH J'J furulMire, cmlin, Ac., Mid twenty acre* of laud, on the backs of the Karl tan, Maw Krunawlek. New Jeraev, cxnmand log a magn'Oeent view, a nhototrapb at tbo place, whloh wlil be aold tow, can be seen at the offloeaf *. IVdKH VILLY, Mo. 18 Exchange place F1ACTORY FOR SALE OR TO RENT LOW-airUATKD oo Det n Htraet. near Carlton avenue, Brooklyn, L. I. The main building to four alone 4 and baaement, 25 by 75 teet, wttb a wlcg '4) bv .12 feet two atorlea. and stable attached; a three stor dntached building JO by 32 'eat oscupring In aU, tbr? a lota or ground, with a lart e slaters in the yard. The bui dii.g* are all new and aubitantlally built, well lighted, and nulied to any kind of manu*actu?tng buslaeat. Apply to JaMM WKKK8, S2 P>aU street. or to Jas. Weaver, cornerof Lawrenca and Willoughby straets. Brooklyn. IflFTH AVENUE HOUSE.-FOR BALK, A BEAUTIFUL JO narrow Knglish basement house on Fifth Avenue. Inquire of 1. T. MERwlN, Bo. 39 V 1 11am street, office No. 7. E-iarm for bale-on statbn island, one rile tioiu Rossvllle; good house and out buildings, and ab*ut is acres ot land. If uot aold at private n e will be aodat nuctlou, at Bossville Hotel, on Thursday, Mareh 27. For par ticulars. spplj at 1 1 Centre street, New Yort'. Frank duffy will, or account of sickness, nell the three y ears' lasae, fixtures, Ac. of liquor store 211, ai'd cigar store 223 Division street, very cheap. Call and see. Mo Bell, no pay. Apply to F. DUFFY 211 INvlslonat CjIOR B ALR? CH KAP , A NEAT TWO STORY AND A1 basertent house, built In the modern btyle and finished in the besi manner. It contains eight rooms, ntoe panirtes, lett and celar, Arched with aUding doors, marble mantels, gialea centres. Ac It will be sold low anl on ear,' term*, inquire ot O. DOYLE, builder. Flfifc street, between North Fifth and t Ixih sti eets , W llllamsburg . jjlOR SALE- A BROWN HORSK, B1XTKKN HANDS | v blah, in fine condition jklnd in all hanit as, a good worker, and sola tor want ot use Inquire at the Riding Academy, 13T I Mercer sbeet, where be can be wen. IpOR HALR-AT MOUNT VERNON, WESTCHESTER county, N. Y., a new, modern built frana home, large garden, vl<h a great variety of choice l'rnit: also large car penter shop, together with several tioe bui'ding lota. Wl 1 ex change tor lona lands. Apply at 229 Broadway, office No. 24. A. CaMPBHLI. A OO. V10R BALE? A COUNTRY SEAT ON LONG ISLAND, 40 I? miles from New York city, near the Long Island Katiroad. a rjw two story frame house, with large garden, great variety of fruit trees, Ac., Ave acres of good land attaohea. Price mo derate. Apply at 229 Broadway, office No. 24 4. CAMPBELL A CO. u>0R BALE-A SPLKNDIT) COUNTRY RESIDENCE, IK acres ol )ir.d attached (with 8 acres more), in the vll age 01 Water.oo. Seneca county, H . 1 ; large garden wl h a great variety ot truit trees. shrubbery, Ac., 011 heneca river, Central Rai road and canal : will exchange for city property or West ern land. Apply at 229 Broadway. A. CAMPrfFLI. A CO. l^ORSALB? thrjcr nrw first class four BTORY V brown stone (torn honrus,w:th h gh stoops and .-.Hinter cei lar, with all tie modern Improvements, and fl .e location, In Twenty ninth street, between Fourth t>nd Madlsnr avenues, b'll't in the beat manner Inquire of WIILLIaM KYEH and JOHN W. F1RDKR, on the premises. If OR BALK ? A COUNTRY BRAT, PLR4RANTL7 SITU P ated, a few muu'.es' ride from hootah Plains depot, 00 Oec'jal railroad or N J,, one hour and a ba/ from 9a - York (Vmtaina a lar 10 tr.r>dern house and require outbuildings, with 2H acres, in good cultivation. For runiiar par Jou ara, I? nulre on the premises, ot O. Midftietoc. or of F03TRK k LEACH, 26 Broadway. FOR BALK? 841 AND 243 PIXTH AYKNU*, BRTWKRN KlfteeWh and &lita-?ntt> stroata, two lota with a front of 51 feet 6 tno.hes by 100 Met doep, with a briok double eottage, two ?torlas high, ooatainlng thtrisen roomd. Toe premise* oan ba seen between 9 and 10 o'alook A. M., and 2 and r> P. M. For balk? the new brown btomr front "our ator7 and untler-cel ar, English banemnrt houne rontaic lpg ali tte 'aiest lr> prov?menta, Rl'.ua'ed on M'irray hill, In 1 blrtj -fltih street, nurth side ot tfce straet. between taxing ton and Fourth avenue*. Halt of the monev caih, the -"-nali .ler on bond and mortgage Inquire on the prsmlao.H, ot a1. 68 'Ihird avenue, of O. L1KFORD. IfOR BALR-A SPLENDID OOTTftOE HOURS ANB P lot on F'orty -third street 115 feet west at Seventh avatiuo. The house is new lud In perfect order. 1 amaeaij Apmy to v. YRF-bLAND, 76 West Fortieth street. If OR SALE-A GREAT BAROaIN, TWO SLOOPS; ONK r seventy live tons, the other one hundred tona burthen. Will be told at a great applied for lmmodlstelr. >pply, lor terms and full particulars, to ,'KLSH A GaSSKKT, corner ot Wall aid South streets . For sale-three nkw thrbe story and b vsr ment back homes and lots, not. 2M 25U and 258 West Fort* -fourth strtet, near Ninth avenue, each 25 by 5U, lots 35 l>y ICC, in a gcod and Improving neighborhood, are thoroughly bnl t; will be told low, and are worthy the attention of capital ists Apply to a. M. LYON, 27 Wall street gf OR SALK-THK LEASE AND FIXTURES OF AN K9 r tablithed carriage manufactory, one of the bo t locations ir the clti , fos. lie and 68 Seller merhom i-treet, itrooxlyn. For In'o matlon apply on the pren-wes, or at D. TlLTOxt'S office, Frank lln Market. fjlOR SALE-TWO SINGLE AWD TWD DOUBLE BHAT I? er lappers, ai d ?ei eral drawing fr*mea ? F. M. Brow n A Co.,ronn., makara.aUio two railway drawing heads, made by i'anforth, Co k A UO., Jiew Jersey The above are nearly new. and will he so d cheap. Also rope opinnlnj and laying tr&chines, built on tmoroved prln:lp'es. Apply to D, 1>. Badger A Co . Fourteenth street, near avenue (!. FOR SALE? A DESIRABLE LOT ON THE EAST 8IDE of Seventh avenue, 75 teet 4 iuclies north trom Forty seventh Htreet. The lot Is 25x100. and will be sold ciear from all assessments. 1 be avenue Is sewered and pa vet, and tbe neigbbcrbi od Is rapidly Improving by the ereitlMi of tirst class dwellings. Inquire of WILLIAM E. HAWS, 173 Canal afreet. For bale-a bowling alley, tooether with r 111. wars and fixtures complete; also a splendid counter, 23 feet long, wtih marble iop and gas fixtures. Appiy to K. H. PLUME. 32 Grand street, New York. If OR SALE? NO. 37 SEVENTH BTRKKT, WKSr OF SE r ootid avenue a substantial three story brick dwelling, 25 feet wide, one )>letk from tbe necood, Jhlrd and Fourth avenue railroads and Astor p ace stage?, aud a few minutes' walk from Broad way. (iaa and ?'rotnn water. Terms easy. THOMAS B. DlBBLKK, 51 Wall St., vomer of William. IilOR SALE ? 1 WO THRBE BTORY BRICR HOKBES ' scd lots No 159 West Thirteenth street, near Elgbtii ave nua, and >o. ti3 W est 1 went7 -eighth street, netr Sixth avenue; said homes are built in the moaern style, repleve with alt con venisrees. lerins liberal. Apply to GBORGE C. B YKNK, 43 Uarrtfcon street LOR SALE? CORNER WARRKN AND FOURTH r streets, East Newark, N. J , a new two story brick bouse, with two !ois and garden, two blocks trom the depot and four trom the City Ball, with a une view. Alio, twen y lv? tniiiu'ea trom Newark, oti the lielghti of the Passslc river, 20 4 100 ar-rea ot valuable :and, with a g view, lor summer residence*. Inquire of M. SCHROaDBR, 101 Kwen street, M uiismtburg. t OR S *LK? AT MADISON, N. J., 25 MILKS FROM JP the city, near the railroad. the folio wlug valuable proper ty 1st A first rate farm ol lt>6 acres, well suited for ail crop*, dwel lng house large and pleasant, ado good farm hjuse, * aj q cow house corn house, carriage house, Ice house, Ac ; flee scet ery, good water, abundance of fruit 2d 80 acres, teaulUully situated for a country seat; lai.d good, flue orchards, meadow, pasture, ai d woodland never falling spring water. 3d. Very pleasant residence. 40 acres ol' lasd, largo house, convenient outbtilldlrgs. It acre? highly cultivated, everr va riety of choice fruit, bouse In sight of rulroad depot. 4th" Se veral flr.e tniildit g site*, the bent in the vUlage. Apply to ?t. h. HUNTBR, 175 Front street, New York. For salk-at m iirstfr btrrrt, a very fhk King liberies Spaniel, lonr motthsold. the s!u', lately Imported irom Kn?!and, Is of very auperlor stock, and can be seen. .jtOR SALR-THR STOCK AND PIXTURW OF A r restaur ant on Broadway, now doing a good cash busi ness. Inquire on the premises, 737 Broadway, from 12 to 4. For bale, a baroain-a beautiful a no pleasantly located cottage; Croton water, street p%ved. walks well shaded. fire garden, fruits. Dowers, Ac., 129th street between fourth and Filth avenues; four otv low, ex tend through, and has a three story frame building fronting 1.10th street, v?ltb Immediate possesion. Also, six building loin, with foundation walls, on 123th and 129th Rtreets. between Fif h ar.d Sixth avenues. All for sale on easy terms. Apply to K. H. BROWN, 71 V? all street, from 1 to 3 P. M. JW'R flALK, AT A BAHf>AlN~TWO NEW WELL on"' three story ard baseman and oou' tar houses. N->s. k> ?> M>d 208 West 'thirty-fifth street, between Htghth anl Mn'h venose, with a! I the m dern Improvements ; sue of lot, aniflfc-v; houses. 20*0. Frloe Jrt.SOO. For Information apply on the premises. EIOR SALR CHFAP-(THE proprietor about re moving In the country)? the Peck allp ferry saloon, stuck and fix uros, a first rate retail suad, lor a sasa'l amount. Re ceipts bait profit. Apply tn the saloon In trie terry house, foot of feck slip. IflOR HALF, CHEaP-A HORSE AND WAHOff; THE 1 warm can be need with one or two borne*; It would suit heavy express business, or ? lager bier or liquor roan; the horrels sound In every wa; . and eight years old this spring. The' can l\p seen until sold, at B/tRLowd wood yard, in Furm?n atretl, near Atlantic, Brioklyn. ?\OR BALI OR IXCBAHOR-m ACRES OF LAND ON " I /org lslar.<l. 2ft miles from Nesr York, and ahalf mile from the lalli-oed, n part of said land being highly cultivated, neat bulU'ltits wrnla stilt for snttlng into lots aa there are two fronts of a ha r simile sash. Inqu're of R. GIBSON, MI7 Washing ton street, N. T. For balk t R kxchangk-brvkral houhbs and alorts. a so fowe ver i desirable building lots la Brook lyn. Rat tern dtstrici, within tour or five blocks of the ferries, for ?w > or Ibrefj nnall tarms wtihin fifty ml es of the oily. Ap ply to It. II A > FORD, 212 Broadway, rooms 1H and 19. FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE? FIFTY HOU8K8, IN NEW Y< rk. Brooklyn, Williamsbnrg and vicinity; also farms and country residences; 21ft tola in city and viotnlty; a house to le t on Third street, Williamsburg, modern Improvements, (40(i. and one ditto, on Henry street, Brooklyn, nne garden, frail, flowers, tries, Ac, 9760. J. H. MARTIN, No. 1 Bowery. ITtOR BALK, OR EXCHANGE FOR PROPERTY LYING r between hlghtleth and Eighty tfx'h streets, and Second avenue and avenue A two bouses and one lot on First avenue, >'o 410 Iaquire on the premises. Tie uropeity leu for over fl.dOO^per year. WILLIAM F. VAlU FOR PALE OR TO LET -THE SECOND IVORY AND tarement of brick ihsuse No. 98 East Fifty first street, between Fourth atd I<e*li irton avenues. ? Yolon water, marble msn'els. Ac For further particulars, applv to W. K. HRIN<"kKRHOFF, No. H2 avenne C., before 9 A. M. and after 6 P. M. r)R SALE OR TO LET? A COUNTRY HOUSE AND garden, alitiated on the main street, la the village of Eaat ("frcMer, sixteen miles from the <"Mty Hall, New York. Lot 165 feet ftont, weil covered with fruit and shade trees; salt water creek adjoining the premises, In the rear. The tonne l?2Sby SO; two >torles. beside" ban'ment and attic; newly painted out ilde fctid In, from top to bottom, and In excellent repair; ootoh house aid stable, quite .iew: a natural spring ol water on the premises; ehnrcnea and school heuee within a few hundred yards, ebcut ihrre quarters of a mile from the railroad depot. l>?ses?lon Immediate. Rent ?i?0. Apply ti J. B COP VlNflht?, No. ? Wall ?Uest, New York. wm ma Fob f al if ob to lr-a raw modbl rkouIsk b*-on?rn. house, In Thirty Moond street, betwnen Hecon* and third h?um, wit* all tlu> modern tom?k the flr?t new bouae from Heeond avenue,! south stile. lug aire at the premlaea. or ot D. V. KfchD. 44a Fonrth street. eiAIRMOUNT, WTMTOOTHTBB COUNTY. OWH BOOK P from City HalL- For ulc or to let, a two atory house, with win*, entire, y new; lot .110 by 300 feet; a* oral lent well of water. Distance ten mtoiMeatram Harlem IMI rued WUi be eoM or let low. Pwntkm immediately. Ae ply to *. C. CBaBLKB. 13* Peer! street tram 1| to S P. M. XPOUKDKY AMD MlCHIVR SHOP FOB H ALU TEU J UUrotHloci Iron Works, located In the town of Wtimfcutc*. Forth Carolina, now In ?nooeeeta! operation, ere offered tar sale 00 accommodating te.msi or en in *r**t will be said u? * DAB ot ftipe-tetre in the beatueee, who Me capacity to super - Intend the umt. The property eoarieU of A capacious e*d well arranged ir.actalne nop, pattern main, boiler (hop, smlth shop Iw and bran* four.dr, , <tr*fllng rooms ar.(l offloea, all well supplied with tool* and capable of doing work of an* kind ibat cm. be dune at Ural olaa* shop*. The building wla aoourmodste BOO* and the present tool* ere vuOMeot (or :**)nv-ii. The land and water t/ont I* o( sntUrianl ait eel to ae mtt ' ' any enlargement or addition that mar dsaired rhi pr*.eut demand lor work I* sufficient to keep the MtaMahmeat employed wt.h a tote* of 2UU bands, and wtil increase. The prices obtained for work are auch ae to be pr-ofl table to Ike provrletos , and oompare fwcrably with price* at other pointe, , to the i.orohAiW In uddittoo to the m?ny advantage* oonee *rd by this locution for the business, the opeolng of the Gape Fear end 1*h ^ Klver work*, aid the balldiag of the Wilming ton. Chariot'!- and Kuthertordtoo Kallroea. will create adm tlonal i.-iiiandj for work, and farnlth ? supply of floe qnaHty eoal an?i Iron If the whole, or an Internal I* not sold before ? the 16th d?y of April next, the property will be offered at p?b 1 tic sale op that day, on the premise*. As the etuabHehaaeat will orint'nue in oper-HUou, orders 'or new work or repair* will be i?t ended iw heretofore. Any Information that mar be . dasireo wll! be promptly tarnished by appUaalion to the aoh ecrtber, At W LUnmijjoo , h . C. A. H. VA* BOKKKLKN, P?es 0. I. W. Oe. C. BOOBBY BTAS) ' FOB BALK.- AN OLD K8T AliUSHRD J grociry stand, toxe'tn'"- with the stock and tixl'jres. R 1 hAH b? en occupied a number of year* by the preanut propria* | tor. wto haa done an exteoeive hua'uew; and >t take a hold ot j wl'n (Mi irn <? , and m*rl-d anew with a Utile exdiemmt, tt aaa ! be made a tlret rate cash hnMluftg*. Will be oldon reasonable | tern ., an the proprietor yrljtl-ea to close up hla bu?tneM, 1a 1 oorw^iietice uf Ol be*. >1. Kor tunher particular! apply at ! > o. '"?) Frankfort street 1 ;po?lt? Ko*e nt , N. t. GBOOhKY AND I.IQOOB HTOKK FOB 8ALK ?A. BARB chi rce rorarasn wlahiw: to join the bualnea*: It la al c mplete with thres yearn' l?tje; will be a?ld ofaeap. bailafiM tory rcHkomt riven tor ael itf Call at 90 Wll.etl Klreet. the market i-atw. ' ? rlTer- Corn wanted, al HOV8K AM1> LOT FOB RALR.-THB 8UU8TANTIAi> tliree aiory hou*e apct lot - f ground. *0 490 IHoma ?tr**t. nearWooster. Bouae ?> b? 4S; lot X hy 76. Oa?, vukratn, weteri'loHeta, l'Rth Ae. The ball U marbled and the house ele gantlv pniHatf and papered thronghoet. F. D'tHtHYIULT, Bo h Untlip p'aoe House am? lot, im lawrrnok srBKicr, bb k>jc lyn peer nd door t rom Ku'.tm avenue, tor sale, nro ?? atone froni, cor a'nv ihli teen moms, wl'Ji all tlia modern Im prrtvementg Par" o' tve r"i'0lm*e money can remain. Af plj cn .be r'?fmt^?^ Hoist: ?-CIt SALE.? A NF.W AND 8UPKBIOB BUILT four Morj brown stone lmrii house ara lot on Korty third atr^et between Rroadwiy and flx'h aveaie. iutrlogali the modern imoroveir.evts at U 1? aaUrcillj finis >ed 'hruuvhout. Lot 21 tee.t 6 iiict"? by 100 f>*t r> inohes: houre 50 fee1 deep. WUI ho nc.'d vorih the 'aonev ,iud on sccoinm datHi* terms Apply to HaHKIOTT A KILL KB Uroadway, corner of Broome Eti eet. HCl'BF. Kt>R 8*LB (RMXP.lf APPLIEO FOB IMUS dla'el>?I'hf t ibr ,u:ry and high stoop brick hoiiHe Ne. loO F.a* Twenty tldr<" .'-ei ci'uialnlTK alt tnoeern Improve tneiiis, beau.i/iii trar. <?rap?v n<<o An H ?u?e <ai fe?t front, 48 feet deep. 42 tf jbove 1'ric. $7,7oO: nil jeos. Apply lot meduicly at 216 fa! '?'turttfOh v.Ueet, evening. HOrtKS FOB bALK, oukap.? two iukd^oio fconses in Kef1', first street between Broad wax ?>* olilii averse, Hw. 13 an 17. three iturto*, aii counter cellar, high stoops ami balconies, wlU: ail the modern improvements, built lo beat man Let. Inquire at No. IS. HOUBR.8 ON MURRAY HILL.-FljR SALB, TWO OW ibnoe fix hrr.vii atmo house* now building on the sauih sided West Th'rty-tixib street, between Fifth aud Blxth ave nues To be completed bv the llrst o* May. The* are bnttt ta Uih moai Mit.rtiHn't*! una elegant meaner, and or the very b?at male'iais Ujongkmut, comulntDg all Uht m >dern improve ments. The entrance '""d halls art- very sosciou*. the oetlinge ei'ra hi*V, the stair* are entire y Independent of the parlors, thus onvlMuig one ot the principal objection* urged ac.iutv* basement bonnes Ihe (route are 1 ifty . nobleand eioeant, snr P^fitk tie j thin/ In the street They can be procured fore very r?asjnr.ble jirlca aud on easy terms, if early applloatloa be made to JOHN LLOYD, 15 Nassau street, Com moo weal tli Bul'dihg. HOT4.L FOR SAL* OK TO LET? THS WELL KNOWN orrest House, with 3'.; acre* of land, .IV,' mile* from the lerde:., on Cypress HHU macadamized road. Dear the juucUoa of Mvrtle r. venue; or will exchange for a ?m*U farm. Inquire on the p-emi> a*, or at ?12 Tblrd u venue, Mew York, until tits fljtitof Ap:-u. J ah. o Coffey. TUfURI.A'i FOR BALK. A Ht'081 AJTD LOT, U 1VJ Ifiul Thirty- fourth B'rrac near Madison avenue; 34:6 fremt, 4A test d"e:>. brown itone, with all the modern improve sunt*, to?etb?r with a lotto the raw J4:rt by 90:9, troolwc *? Thirt) third su-u*. Inquhe on Ute premises. NORTHRUP'8 IMPROVED CYLINDER PRE98.-TO newtpower printer* ?We have two o; the above presses (: ew) tar sale; s'ze of bed, 32 by 4? Inohes One or this style of press has been In ure for several month* la this city In the ?team printing >fllc? of M*. John Thomas, 89 Ann street la whom re'errrce is aKt as to the character o( work they wtll do Ihey "111 be anld on accommjdittlng terms. Apply to WELUJ A WEBB, in Dutch street. STEAM ENGINE AND BOILER FOR BALE OR EX ch*Dge? f ight horse power. In complete running order. J. Ba Vljjufi, Ilanover Building corner of William and P emit streets, CELFCTICNS OF CHOICE BUILDING LOTS FOR 0 rale.? Two lot* east tide o> Fifth avenue between Thirty seventh and Thlrt\ -eighth streets, northwe* corner of Thlr^y eigbth street and Fifth avenue; southwest oroer of Thirty se cond itreetand Hfth avenue; tour lot* in Thirty *eoond street, near Fifth avenue; two iota In Thirty eighth street east of Fifth avenie; two .oM west of save; two lota In Thirty fourth street, running through to Thirty-fifth street, near Fifth avenue; four lets north ude of Thirty lonrth street. Apply to R. O. PIERCE, Pine street, corner of Broadway. TO DRUOG1STS AND APOTHECARIKS.-F. HALE RM spectfullv invites the attention of Mirch seers to severe! bot a tide concerns now for sale in Brooklyn, Williamsburg as 4 New link cities. Full particulars gl?en by calling on F HALE, a rugglst, glass and fixture dealer, 46 her kiuan street TO OAR FITTERS.? A OOOD JOBBING OAS FITTING ? ht p for sale, with a full ?t9ck of tools; will he sold low for cash, it applied for *ocm Inquire at 403 Pearl street. TO BUTCHKR8-FOR 8ALK, OHWAP, A Y')UNO MARK, warranted sound and kind; cart and names* complete; or a youru horse Tbe owner want* to *eil eltlier one. 8old tor wan*, of use. Inaulre In the *hop northeast corner ot XMfc avenue and Twenty seventh street. r'f EACHER8.? FOR SALE. THE FURNIT0RM, stsn'* and good will ef a first class day school, long eitab Ilsbtd, pylng a fine int'ome, ?nuated In Broadway, ts-j blocks from lIuBn rqn are. Address X , box 3 OrW Post olVcu. TWO HOT'PKS FOR HALE? IN THIRTY FOURTH street, at a bargain, between Ninth and Tenth avenue^ knewn as 39 nnd 4' lIuHjim piace. Tw> westerly housee, scuth side o' tbe street, will be sold for $4,fHM each; If pur chased 1 efore the 1st of April. 13 WW. Can lay on tmrtgV^e. 1 oca'lcn good. Prlr.nlpa'i can r.pply at the lumber yai4, foot i f l>entj third aueet, North river. J. N. WCODH. TO B?: MSPOPKD OF AT PRIVATE 8AI.R? THI OLD materia! ot house* to be pu led down on the line ot the Bowery erteiislnn Inquire of JOHN aTIRIDUK, Agent, fiStt Fourth strnet from (A. M. to 1 1' M. WATHB POWKR? FOR f ALE, OR TO LET A THRU story tactory, ft) by M feet, with plenty of power, aa moderate terms, fifty ml.ea from Mew York, with resular com irunlcstlm bi rail tray aud water. Addroa* B? box 3,U04 Poet office, N. Y. ASTRO [AMY. A81ROLOOY.-M. BMUCE, TfaE MYSTERIOUS VEILED lady, has returned to tbe city for a short tin; e only and csn be consulted with on all events ut life All who wish te consult her can cell on her at her old oOlae, HO Canal street, two doors east of Broadway ; office hours fnom 10 A. M. to 9 V M. Fee, 6(Jc. I 'LAIRVOY A NCK. ? MRS. SEYMOUR, UO 8PRIM? \J street a few (loots west of Broadway, the most success ful aoedlcal and business clairvoyant In America. Ant bout, bronchitis, liver oomolalnt, debility, heart palpitation, pi lea. Ac. < tired, If curable. Unerring advlco on btislnesa, abaeni friends, Ac., and catMaoUon guaranteed or no pay. CARD ? MADAMK PREWSTER RETURNS f BANKS to her friends and patrons, and begs to say that after the thousands, both fn this city aid Phfiade phla, who have cea ?ulted her with entire satisfhctlon, she feels confidant that la questlrns of nstro'ogy, love and law matters, and books of oracles, as relied ou constantly by Napoieoa, she has no equal; she will tell tne name ot the future husband, aad also the name of ber visiter. "6 Madison atreet Hpeedy and sure cure of piles sad corn* by a remedy of her own. CILAIRVOt ANCE.? MK8. HAYKS. 176 ORAN iJ BTKERT, J tbe original and the most suocesshil medical end businew clairvoyant In America. Mrs. ilaye* Is dally curing asthnss bnmchltls, dyspepsia, liver complaints, nervousness, rheuta* il-m. Al) diseases peculiar to ladies soon cured. If ourabl* B Unerring advice on business, absent friends, Ac. Baiiaiacttoa given. LBOA1. nmcKl SI f'RBME COURT.? EBEN 8. TOUNO AO AIN8T Off ? . W. Ec wards and rtbera.? In pursuance ot an order at ? and entered in this action, on the I8;h ilay of Marrh, 18ft 4 will expote for tale at the stab lea of the Kmpireaud ^aver M line ol stages, on the tontherlv side of Forty sixth street, be tween Sixth Hvenuea&d Bioadwav. In the city of New York, on the 7th day of April, lf56, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, the following described propertv vlJt:-Two lines of stages cr omnibuses, cxLcd the Umpire Une and Waverlm line of stages, running (rum Foit# sixth street to and from the South ferry, through Brosdway, Klghtb and Ninth street* and 8tx h avc nue; and also the good will and licenses ot said two lines, and all tie sfase.-. horses and all other goods aud cbauets men tioned I11 the icbcdnie annexed to mortgage, described In the complaint In this action, and therein stated t < consist of stsgee or omnibuses, horses, harness, collars, bell*, ftay ctitters, horse p?.?er extra wheels, stage sleighs, plain wagons, wheel barrows, trucks, teed wsgon, tire bender, tire setfT, extra carriage psrts and axlet, Inc tiding springs Into safe, trace chains, extra cushion*, curled hair, llgtt harness, leading bars, Inks, recvels, blacksmith's and wheelwright's toois ana materials, comftiislng bar Iron, old Iron, spring sfcjel, nalfs, sorew*. hammers, anvils vices, drilling machine, saws, Clares, lumber, felloes, hubs, sprkes hinges, stage poles. Ac. ; paints snd psInMrg Implemen's and materials, o/tprfsing pall*, oils, gla?s, turpentine, brushes, paint puts, varnish, Ac.; harness making utol* ai d material*, Including leather, oil cloth, plush, bUnkets, Ac.; hay, oats, straw, meal and horse tted; and sis 1 such xew srtirles as have been added lo said lire* by tbe defendants, claiming 10 bo proprietors of said lines, since the said lines nam* into their pos*ee*k>?, excepting certain artic le* no longer remaining In tbe line. An Inventory ot all the articles to be sold will be ready on or before the day of sa'e. Ten per cent t? be paid on the day of sale, the balance In thirty days after CORNELIUS A. WRRRIAH, R? faree and Receiver, New Turk. March 18, 18IM1. No flOl Broadway, IT. Y. OO AJL OBL. Light. KEROSENE, OR COAL OIL. NOT KXP1/*1TE. JIECURKD BY PATENTS. II price, one dollar per gallon. The various patente d laupa to be found in the store of the underslsnetl are recommended as the best adapted to tlie p 1 culiar qualities of tbe oil-each lamp giving a light equal to two six-fooi gas burner*. Csmphene lamps can be used tor burning this oil, by adapt irg the Kerorene ebimney. fltlrie oil :ant p* can be used kr cutting off the bottom ufthe tin wick bolder, 10 a* to bring the siuiace of the wick level with Ihe Un 'tihe that surrennds the wtak. The usual discount to wholesale deaien. AUSTfUIB, Agents of the Keroeen- O" r*ny. >o,