Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 22, 1856, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 22, 1856 Page 5
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it*. iwMB eertalnlj msM have told wltbost awek m laimtor." that ta?t y??r be oommenoea aau against 0p> 1 1 '- C i?|"? is ike Supreme Court of this State, tovolving the matter in diapute about the giraffe, aad that he very unaoeiuavably paid ?osts and withdrew the nit Just before it wti leached, after reading the teeti bo ay taken in the oa>e under a commission. , After Mr. Btrnnm's admission that he " never knew the meaning ?f tie expretaion" bllla payable ' until a year pest," it 'will be charitable to attribute thia placing the balance to the wrong aide to a natural eonfutioo between " bllla payable" aud " bllla receivable;" still, a reasonable re gard for the intereet of the creditors would auggeet a more careful weighing of words, in thia connection, It will be interesting to see whether the matter in dis pute In thia giraffe cane be placed amongat the liabilities or the aa> etn, In tbe satement of hia bookkeeper, which Mr. Bvrnum haa premised hia ereditora, amongat whom are SPALDING b ROGERS. J The New York Weekly Herald. IB! PHILADELPHIA CATASrBOPHE? NEWS FROM KUBOPK, MEXICO, CUBA, ETC.? THE SPRING FASH IONS, ETC. The New York Weekly Herald will be published at ten aleloek thia morning. Its contents will embrace foil details o' ft* reeent catastrophe at Philadelphia; newi Oram Europe, Mateo, Cuba, Ac.; Congressional and Legislative proceed togs; Editorials; Opening of the Spring Fashions; Seizure of a ?apposed Slaver; Dutch Treaty with Japan; Bill for the Ad ?tsdon of Kanzaa; Financial, Commercial, Political, Bellgioos, and Theatrical Intelligence; latest news by Telegraph; to gether with ? variety of local and miscellaneous matter. Single eepiaa, In wrappers, ready tor mailing, can be bad at the ?outer. Price sixpence. The Eiptncliled Hat (or thii Spring la the richest and most hl#bly (tabbed fabric yet produced In New York. This Is the opinion of all who visit the salerooms of bit establishment, since the new style was announced. Why pay M far a hat in Broadway, when one superior In every repect ?an be purchased at 118 .Nassau street for 93 60 1 The Spring Styles-Leaden of Caihlon have hvarlabiy adopted the truly beautiful and useful style of wring hat Introduced by KNOX, > o. 212 Broadway, corner of rulum street. This sew hat Is ot the most ornamental cha racter, differing amazingly from the cumbersome style lately to vogue, and oombinea elasticity with neatness, durability ard other good qualities, and Is, therefore, a perfect ornament to a well regulated costume. David's Spring Style of Gentlemen's flats are beautiful In style and finish. Give him a call, at his aaiee room, 301 Broadway, aecond door from Duane etreet, and try White, the flatter, has Removed from the e;>rner to 118 Fulton street, between Broadway and Nassau ?treat. Ills spring style of hat eclipse* dtl hirformer attempts, ?t toe low price of $4; also a splendid arttole at 93. w Onward and Upward " la Genln'a Motto ? His four dollar drets hat for the present spring la the hand ?out at. the finest In quality, the most becoming in lis style aad appointments, that he haa ever issued. UbNIN, 214 Broadway, oppoalte St. Paul's. Mcallo's Spring Style of Hate are Mow Ready. Light, durable, and of a superior finish. Call and examine lor yourselves, corner of u roadway and Canal Htreeta. The Beginning of Spring Banta has Inau gurated in a very handsome manner, by the Introduction of an ?Mumrrable variety ofgenta' aud boys' si k and felt hata, cloth aad lit en caps, and the most complete assortment of children's straw got (in. i hat his exertions are appreciated, is proved by toe crowd of customers that oonatantly Ail his establishment at Ho. 106 canal street. Kellogg's Spring Styles for Gentlemen's hats now ready. Please call and examine tbs l&rre, beautiful variety. Hens' and boys' felt hat a, caps. Ac. 129 Canal street. The Rat of the Season? Cain be had at the Hew Bat Company's store. 146 and 146 Kasiau street, for S3 eely. We need not aay they are equal to any In the city. Like Ike Jersey man's beana they apeak tor themselves. Call and see and save a dollar. To the Ladles ? 1 Splendid Assortment of millinery, ladles' and m laces' boncets, straw trimmings, rib bons, llowera, Ac., at W M. S. IRVIIXK'S, 112 Canal street. ?jP expressly for^t^" d^w^I- A11 Sizes, Made HoLal'ohun?h c*?hmere ' ui)der?hlrts*an(l'e?U' Cotton. Attention of Gentlemen of Fashion and laate Is invited to the extensive and varied assortment ot ele gant furnishing goods; plain, embroidered and cotton shirts; sold shirt studs ana sleeve buttons, mounted and otherwise, at SKEE.VB well known shirt establishment, No. 1 Aator House. Elegant Carpeting? Smith & Lounabery, Ho. 4!Ai Broadway, are now prepared to exhibit their new Sluing styles of rich velvet, tapestry, Brussels, three-ply and Ingrain carpeting. Among the assortment will be found a hags number of new designs and styles never before offered; also a large a took of oilcloths, of every width, and all other geoto eonnected with the trade. HTve Pianofortes at Bargains, this Day, at 3S.'i Broadway ? HORAf! K WATKRS, aijent. One $*50 Gilbert piano for SIfiO; one do., for SiStifi; one $2U0 do., for $126; OLeS6b0 do., carved lega ana mouldings, for $300; one CUO Barmore piano, for $176. Paper Huiglngt^-KtmoTili? Francll Pares A Co , have removed from No. 59 Ctuunaers street to 3% Broad *ay, corner of Worth street, where may be found the ?>?t and best assortment of paper hangings jot every style quality. Ownae Brandies, Young and Old Vintage*, hi casks of twenty gallons each, landing ex Soph a Charlotta, from Bordeaux, for sale by JOHN DUNCAN A SONct, 405 Broadway. Arthur P. Talt, Artist, having Returned to New York, from a sketching tour in the woods, begs to an nounce that he ban takenkt studio at COO Broadway, where be will e happy to see hu mends, and rscelve.coas mi anions from appreciating patrons. Window Shades? Improvements and En terprise ? Khl.TY A FBRQDHON, 291 Broad war and Reade street, hare, at great expense, oompletfd and "paiented" their Ingenious apparatus lor manufaetu'isg window shades, and are now prepared to supply the whale trade with an unrivalled assortment, fully thirty per cent less than ever before sold, as none are allowed to manufacture under our patent, none can oooap?te wilta us either in style or price; also, gilt cornices, brocatel de Jaines, damasks, lace and muslin curtains, Ac. Gsi Fixtures Man nfactory? Attention Is Invited to our stock of gas fixtures, In which mar be found a variety of tew styles ot chandeliers, brackets, pendants, Ac , which, tor beautv oi design and elegaace of Qnlsb. are unri valled- CURTIS A ALEXANDER, 13 (.'anal street, between Broadway and Centre street. Stager's Sensing Machines.? All Persons ?rW> wish for lnftrmation in regard to sewing machines can (Mate It by applying at our office for copies of "I. V. singer ft Oo.'s Q aiette," a paper devoted entirely to the sewing ma Mm Interest. Copies supplied trails. I. M. BINQER ft CO., 323 Broadway. Iron Bedsteads ?Janes, Beebe & Co., 350 Broadway, V. Y., oiler for rale a large stock ot Iran bed - steads ot tbeir own masufacture, of superior styles and work mart hip; alio cribs, bat racks, settees, fire stands, Ac. Iron bedsteads for hospitals and other publto institutions made to any specification, and at the shortest notice. Manat'actiry, earner Beade, Centre, and Elm streets. Wo Imposition? VVtl klti's Amir let, Invented by the celebrated oouHst, Dr. S. M. Elliott, of New York, (re cipe presented by him to M. Wilkin ) will curs baldness, pre serve snd ileanse the hair. Price SO cents, tola by druggist* sad (he proprietors, 44 Maiden lime, New York. To Liquor Dealers, Wholesale Grocers, ?sstretyplats and PhotogrspBsrs. Ac.? samples of liquors prepared from the best imported cognac oil, Jamaica and du CTtns rum, Holland gin, Monongahela and Bootch whiskey, pasch, apple, eherry and r hasp berry brandies, and all neces sary materials; oils peppermint, lemon, orange, sassafras. a! sionds sod * Intergreen ; materials for all arta~da?nerreotype, smbrotype snd photographs; chemicals, such as bromine, zo ?ne, salts gold, filtering paper. Ac.; metals, as plailna in plate, sheet and wire; bismuth, aadmiura, asbestos, Vienna Ume, carmine, ultramarine, china clay, and the moat effectual Per ta Insect powder tor ants and cockroaches, wholesale aad re Mi, by DM. L. FEUCBTWaNOEK, 98 Maiden lane. The Hew Gridiron, Robinson's Patent, Ar sosspUsbes three desiderata:? 1. It saves all the gravy, n* dropping Into the fire. 2. It cooks the steak through without barnmg the outside. 3. It prevents any smoke In the kitchen sr bouse. Five sizes, from $2 to >3. Bold at 79 Dunne street, ]0O fitet east of Broadway. To Wholesale and Country Druggists? Banes ft Park. 304 Broadway, corner ot Duane street, Invite Oto attention ef close buyers to their Immense stock of patent msdtcincs, by Gar the largest assortment in either hemisphere, and upon terms that cannot fail to command the attention ot large dealers throughout the world. All articles at and below ssanuhetursrs' prices, either by the single package, doxen or mo gross. BaRNBS A PakK, New York, Cincinnati and Han Francisco. A Card? All Persons who have Wiaf Hair, ar hsir of a bad color, are Invited to call and consu t Mr. GBaNDJEaN, (consultation free, J at 34 Church street, corner ef Barclay. His new fluid gives to the hslr the natural color and may be considered a real prodigy of chemistry. Batchelor's Hair Dye? Wigs and Toupees Iks best tn the world. This unrlvalledand original dye is as plied In twelve privste rooms. Batchelor's wigs a toupees lave improvements over all others, being chef d'oeuvres ot sjassuns snd durability pecnlisr te this establishment. BATCHELOR'S, 233 hroadway. Whiskers and lUoustswhes Forced to Grow In six weeks by my onguent, which will not stain or Injure the skin. $1 a Dottle; sent to any part or the country. R. (I. GRAHAM, 585 Broadway; Hays, 17 ft Fulton street, Brooklyn; Zeiber, 44 South Thlid street, Philadelphia. OiMadoro's Hair Dye, Wigs ssd Toupees SBsfte admiration among all connoisseurs la art A suite ot tfagant private apartments for applylnghls Incomparable dye, he only reliable article ot the kisd. Wholesale and retail, at CTtlgTADORQ'B. No. 6 Astor House. The Human Hair,? A. Grantljean Raving hr he period of forty yean made the human hair his study, aaay be consulted daily on all diseases of the hair, at his office, 34 Church street, corner of Barlcay. from I s'elock A. M. to ft s'slock P. M. Delight's Spanish Lustra] will Nsbe Hair grow os needs that have been bald for ynars, as the testimony ef thousands will show In New England. where It um bee ? used. Prepared I, by J. C. Wadlslgh. Uwreaoe, Mass. Sjld by BABNBfl ft PARK, New fork. Cllrehugli's Invisible Wigs and Touprta, with his newiy inverted skin division, belon? e*eltv<lv?lv to bis establishment, Wig wearers will at a glance noroetve their superiority, as they combine a style of arrangement and oorrecteess of fit not found in any others. Factory it>2 Fulton street, west oorner of Broadway. HUl's Hair Dye, Pour Shillings a Box, black or brown.? Sold at HEGEMAN, UI.AItK A CO.'S 27't Hroadway, 46 Nassau street, and at the depot. No. 1 Barclay street, New York; 169 Atlantic street., 173, 217 and 247 PuHnn street, Brooklyn, and at drug and tancy goods stores gnoerailr to the United States. ? I ??ftetter? Wo Article das Ever Created the same unquallfled satisfaction In eases or dyspepsia and bflhras complaints as HOST HITTER'S vegetable stomach Muers. Tbsy remove the bile, force off seoretioss, give tone to the system, and, In every respect, build up a broken and dsMttlaifd eoastitution. No family can afford to oe without tossL Bold by all rrooers, druggists, hote.s. Ac. BABNK8 a PaBK, a?H Broadway? whoestle agents. Drag aiHlMf Clerk Wanted?One wko la qeiek, udtnludi w business, and can oome well recom mended. Mom other Bead app j. Apply to BaBMES a F A KK, 904 Broadway. Spelaeeo, ML O., sc. Mekolu Hoteli? Daar Bir? ror twenty years I labored under a virulent ulesra lad leg; all the doctors and means were In rata; you, with great alacrity, perfectly cured me without pain. You are a ?leasing to the country. Joux Oooss, (80 years old,) Oyster Bay, Loo a Island. Hernia . Only Prise Awarded to MABBH k CO.. by the Industrial exhibition of all Rations, for ihetrnew patent radieal eure truaa. A so the fkir of the ina (ten Institute awarded the Hist premium to this truss in 1866. Reference* as to its superiority? Professors Valentine Mott. WUlard Parker and John X. Carnochan. An extensive list of aames of mercantl.'e end other gsntlemea cured by this truss ?ay be seen at Marsh A Oo.'s, no 2 K Maiden lane, Mew York, and Marsh, Oorliea A Co . Mo. 6 West fourth street, Cincinnati, Ohio. Open troa7 A. M. until ? P. M. Chapi, Chafts, Uouflt, render Fleeh, PI ta fias, freckle*, saltrbeum, tan, 4c., positively cured by OOUBa UIVH Italian medicated soap. Poudre subtile uproots heir trom low ioreheads or any part of the body; warranted. Liqeid rooce, Illy while, hair dye and restorative, at the old iepot, 67 Walker street, first store from Broadway; Oulender, Philadelphia; Bates, 129 Washington street, Boston; Mrs. Hares, Brooklyn. The Genuine Cod Liver OU of liegeman, Clark A Co., (late Rush ton, Clark A Co.) hu stood the test of eight years' experience, and is acknowledged the best and pur est artic e made. Bee that the eagle ana mirtar are on the label, and our signature over the oork, without which it is not genuine. REGBVAN, CLABK A CO., Not 1116, 273, 511, and 756 Broadway. Wholesale depot, 166 Broadway. The OitatMt Discovery of the Age?Or. TOBIAS1 Venetian liniment, for the cure of disentery, croup, cho era, colic, rheumatism, Ac. No one should be without this valuable remedy. Every bottle is warranted Hold br all the drugs 1* ts and storekeepers. L'epot, No. 60 Cortlandt street. Price, 26c. aod 8<Jc. Permanent Cures In All Affections of the throat And lungs are conrtantly being made by WISTA.R'8 bales m oi wild cherry, (treat ss Is its reputation, lis works are greater. Many pnyslclans speak or It in the highest terms. Disease* of the Shin? Or. Hewton'i Office for the special treatment ot the most iaveteraie forion of these affections, and also scrofula, la now at 133 Fourth avenue, near thirteenth street. Evtry Bother Should Have a Box In the house handy, in ease of accident to the children, of BEDDING'S Bussian salve. It Is a Boston remedy of thirty years' standing, and ii recommended by physicians. It is a sure and speedy ?ere for burns, piles, bolls, ourns, felons, chilblains, and old ?ores of every kind; for fever sores, ulcers, Itch, scald head, settle rash, bunions, sore nippies (recommended by nurses), whitlows, sties, festers. Ilea bites, spider stings, frozen limbs, ?alt rheum, scurcy, sore and eracked lips, sore nose, warts and tosh wounds. It Is a most valuable remedy acd cure, which lan be testified to by thousands who havt used It in the cliy or Boston and vicinity for the last thirty years. In no instance win this salve do an Injury, or interfere with a physician's prescriptions. It la made from the purest materials, from a recipe brought from Russia, of articles growing in that conn toy; and the proprietors have letters from all classes -c'.ergy nen, physicians, sea captains, nurses and others? who have ased it themselves, and recommend It to others. Bedding's Rusala salve Is put In large tin Hoses, stamued on the cover with the picture of a ho|se and a disabled soldier, which picture a also engraved on the wrapper. Price 25 cents a box. Hold at all the stores in towu and country, or may be ordered of ternei A Park, or any wholesale druggist. BEDDING A CO., Proprietors, No. 8 State street, Boston. Holloway'i Ointment.? There are Millions of minute orifices In the skin. Through these, ss the oint ment melts under the hand, it Is conveyed to the sources of tn llan.mii lion. In this way it rapidly relieves asthma croup, lore hroat, rheumatism, and all eruptions and ulcers. Cough Lozenges,? Brown's Bronchial Troch es will alleviate ooughs. bronchitis, asthma, hoarieuess, Irri tation ot the throat, occasioned by cold or over-exertion of the vocal organs Having a peculiar adaptation to ail'ections which disturb the voice they will be found Indispensable to public speakers and vocalists. Sold by the principal druggists in the United States; JOQN I. BROWN & bON, Boston; J. Mllhau, flew York; F. Brown, Philadelphia. Trusses, Shoulder Braces, Kinetic Stock ings. instruments for club feet, bow legs and all deformities of the body constantly on hand acd made to order by Dr. GLOVER, at No. 4 Ann street, wholesale and retail. Tin sea, Shoulder Braces, Abdominal Sup porters, body belts, suspensory bandages, *c., the >argest as sortment in the city, Including every variety and pattern. Wholesale and retail. CHABLE8 H. RING. Drugirist, No. 192 Broadway, corner of John street. llhcumatlsm, Scrofula, ,?c .?Hyatt's Lift balsam is the most certain remedy tor the wo rut cases of Jiese, and all diseases arising trom great Impurity of the bliod. It cureuMr. John McOarty, 66 avenue D, of severe liiilamma'ory rheumatism, asthma, bronchitis and kidney comp'alnt. a'tcr he had been confined to his 1 to use most of two years, ana his life despaired oi. it cured a lady In the family of F. W. Gilley. Kiij., (of the Bowery dry gnccs store. No. 126.) a terrible case of scrofulous ulceration ot nine years' standing, alter the case h?d been treated and abandoned in despair by some of our mo -t emlnen*. physicians. Principal nfllie, 246 Grand siree'.; 76 cents per bottle. For sale by druggists, and by Mrs Hayes, 176 Fuiton street, Brooklyn. A Mure Cure for Rheumatism, Pains mid stillness of joints.? Ring's compound syrup of hydridate ot polassN, sarssparilla acd yellow dock root Prepared anl sold by O. 11. RING, druggist, 192 Broadway corner oi John street Fopular Homoeopathy.? Curtis & Welsse's tpeclfic remedies.? These preparations are designed to pio neer, by a new and popular method, for the protviug demand of domestic homoeopathy. They embrace, at present, ap S roved remedies tor croup, hoarseness ana loss of voice, ytentery, diarrhoea or bowel complaint, piles, nervous or sick beodnche, felon or whitlow; and the subscribers will ion tin us to Increase the list by adding such specifics lor common, im portant and well defined diseases as ire capable or being ap plied vith precision by persons distrainor their own judg ment In the use of text books, at well as by those who have no previo '? acquaintance with the suhiecL The clinical depart ment of this ucdertakirg is under the care of Dr. Curtis, late President of tbe Hsnnemsnn Academy of tbe city of New York, practitioner of homoeopathy for the past twenty years, and pupil of the late Dr. 11. U. Gram, the tounder of this school 1n * merlon. The pha'maceutloal branch Is coaducted by Dr. Weiste, graduate of the University In Brussels, mem ber of the Geological Society of France and of other learned srcietles and for several years a prae'leal homoeopath' st. Kadi package (price 10 cents) contains medicine and directions for one dtiease. Bold by Moultrie A Palmer, No. 9 Merchants' Exchange; Wm RadUe, .122 Broadway, and at ths Union square Post office, 831 Broadway. Letters and orders ire to be sddresred to tbe undersigned, box No. JW Union - "tare Post office, New York city. J. T. CURTIS, M. I)., J. A. WKIRSK, M. D. Married. On Tuesday even'ng, March 18, by the Roy. James Mil letl, at bi* residence, 171 EaBt Seventeenth street, Mr. Hiraii W. Amirxws. of Mention, Conn., to Miss Ann PknDIJTON, or this city. On Thursday evening. Ma-ch 20, by the Rev. S. H. Weston, Mr. E. Bloomfielb Hckfhkkto to Mrs. Caroline Webbk, daughter of the late D. D. Webber, of Wemchos ter county, |N. Y. Died. On Thursday evening, March 20, 1856, MartG. McPo k/id, sister of Mrs. Thomas Bassford. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, without further invitati >n, from her late residence, 177 East Broadway, at 1 o'cl icV this afternoon, March 22, On Thursday evening, March 20, Swire Hevrt, eld- .t son of Ames und Sarah Oswald, aged 3 years 11 months and 20 days. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, to-morrow afternoon, at half- past one o'clock, without further notice, from the residence of Ills parents, 10 K*st Warren street, Brooklyn. On Thursday, March 10, at 8 o'clock 1'. M., CATaKtti.vK, wife of James Brennan, aged 27 years. The relatives and friends of the fatclly, as also those of hsr brother, Thomas Connolly, are respectfully invited to attend her f uneral, from her late residence. No, 2 Con gress street, to-morrow afternoon, at 2 o'clock, with out further invitation. On Wednesday, March 19, DiLArrr Franklin, at 223 -Sixth avenue. The remains were interred in the Cemetery of Ever greens. On Friday, March 21, Geobcixa F., second daughter of C. F. end Geoigina I'feiiTer, aged 6 years and 10 days. The relatives and friends of the family are respect fully invited to attend the funeral, on Monday after noon, at two o'clock, from 07 North' Moore street. Her remains will be taken to Sreenwood Cemetery. On Friday. March 21, iTTfcB Hkmit, infant son of Veter and Adelia Burner. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to at tend lils funeral, from the residence of his parents, No. 19 Chariton street, to-morrow afternoon, at two o'clock. On Thursday, March 20, Irknf E. and Mart A , I win children of Franklin and Mary A. terry, aged 1 month and 14 days. The friends of the family are respeotfully invite i to at t *nn the funeral, this afternoon, at one o'clock, from the residence of their parents, 412 Chen street. On Good Itiday, March 21, ISoti, after a long and tedious illness. Timothy Garrick, aged 47 years. The friend* of the family, and those of his brother Patrick, and bis brother-in-law. Michael Kelly, of Pongh keepste. are respectfully invited to attend hi- funeral, to morrow afternoon, from his late residence, 23 Chatham street. Further particulars of the funeral will be given in to-morrow's papers. On Friday, March 21. Charlotte, only daughter of Ben jamin F. and Matilda G. Mooie, aged 8 months and 16 days. Funeral sei vice this afternoon, at 2% o'c'ook, from 1,< 82 Broadway. The remains will be taken to Provi dence. R. I., (or interment. Providence papers please copy. On Friday morning, March 21, of inflammation on the lungs, Aioazo, yoongett son of Benjamin A. and fcllen Woodbury, aged 11 months and 20 days. His funeral will take place at two o'clock, to-morrow afternoon, from 21?> Grand street. On Friday, March 21, .Ions IIandki, in the 49th year of his sge. His relatives and friends are respectfully invited to at tnn lils funeral, from the residence of his brother, Henry Randel, 286 Weat Twentieth street, to-morrow afternoon, at l)a o'clock. On Friday. March 21, of bronchliii, IIbnrt R. Bprhanh, only son of the widow Ann Burhans, aged 26 years and 0 month*. His friends and acquaintances, also the members of Washington Chapter No. 2, O. U. A., and the members 01 Puritan I-onge, Nr. 860, F. A. M., are respectfully in vited to attend nis funeral, to-morrow afternoon, at one o'clock, Irom his late residence, 122 Columbia street. In Brooklyn, on Friday. March 21, Mrs. Diadama Fow i.? wife of Kdmnnd Fowler, aged 66 years, 7 month and 19 da} s. The trietds and relative* of the family are re*oeetfally Invited to attend her inneral, this afternoon, at two o'elodk. from ber late residence, 09 Sards st-eet. Hartford and Boston papers copy. On Friday morning, March 21. Mrs. Cataerine Ann DeRevoisk, widow of the late Gerrit DeBevMse, Ksq., and daughter of Abm. Aaten, Eaq., in the 61st year of her age. Her re'atlves and friends, and those of the family, are respectfully lnvitedto attend her funeral, on Monday afternoon, at two o'clock, trom her late residence, 40 Clermont avenue, between Park a ad Myrtle avenues, Brooklyn, On Thursday, March SO, Clarihaa, widow of the late M. C. Nestell, aged 06 years. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited, without further Invitation, to attend her funeral, to-morrow afternoon, it two o'clock, from SI Ban li street, Brooklyn. On Thuraday, March 20, OluBTHi, daughter of Wo. EL and Louise Johnson, aged 8 jmii and 6 months. Tho friend* of the family, also of her grandfather, Jodah Johnson, are re* peel/oily invited to attend the funeral, from 146 Jay street, Brooklyn, to-morrow after noon, at two o'clock, wtthont farther Invitation. In WUllamsborff. on Thuradar, March 20, Mr*. Mama rb Ami Bhma, wife of Wm. C. tinell, aged 26 year*, 4 month* and 17 day*. The friend* and relative* of the family are respectfully Invited to attend her funeral, to-morrow aiternoon, at two o'clock, from her late residence, No. 8 North Second ?treet, Williamsburg. Her remain* will be taken to the Evergreen Cemetery. At Yonksra, on Friday morning. March 21, Btcphkv R. Whitehead, son ot the late Rev. Nathan Whitehead, in the 83d j ear of his age. The relative* and friend* of the family are Invited to attend lii* funeral, from the reiidence of hi* mother, on Monday afternoon, at IK o'clock. On Friday, March 21, atSouth Bergen, N. J., Wiibo* G. Bust, son ot Orrin H. and Julia F. Crosby, aged 8 yean and 4 month*. The friends and relative* of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from the resident)* of his father, South Bergen, to-morrow afternoon, at 8 o'clock, without fnrther invitation. Stage* wltl be at the Jersey City and Hoboken ferries, at two o'clock P. M., to oon vey the' friend* to and from the house. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY IAY. PERSONAL. TNFOBMATION WANTED ? OF JANNIT DPNN, MAB A ried some year* ago to William Dewery, in Hoston, Mass. Said Dewery was a sail maker, and resided la'?iy in New York. If this sbonld meet bis eye. or any of their friends, and tney by letter, or personally call on Browu k Co. , 154 South street, N. Y. , they will hear of some'hing to their advantage. \f 1881 NO 8INCE DECEMBER 24-JAMK8 OOLWELL i.vJL Smith, aged 42 years, 5 fuel 8 inches high, dark gray eyes, back hair and whiskers, high sheek boneeaodhigh s jlor; he left for the West. Not hearing from him, It issuppossdhe has met with foul play, as it was known he had a large sum of mon?y and watches with him. Any iaiormatioo of him will be tbankfnilv received by his wife, at fc91 Kiffhlh avenue, oorner of Fcrtyelghth street. Western papers please copy. flFECIAA. NOTICE!. C ACTION.? NOTICE IS BEREBY GIVEN THAT 881 verlck Male >lm A Go. are the sole prourietors of "O ark's patent steam boiler water feeder and indicator." Therefore, a'l persons using or constructing the sane without their au Uiorit j, will be prosecuted for damages. SHIVKRICK MALCOLM A Oo., 29(1 Broadway, N. Y. 10. OF 0. F.? THE MEMBERS OF OOEAN LODOK, ? >o. 321, are respectfully invited to meet at the lodge mom, l ?o. l?9Bcwery, on Sunday, 23d Inst., at 2 o'clock P. M., to proceed to the MethedHt Episcopal church, in Second street, to hear the funeral service of our late Brother Field. Metnoers of other lodges are also respectfully invited. By order of ? D. F. MAINE, If. O. Geo W. Demeuest, Secretary pro tem. AN8A8 MEETING. ? BY INVITATION OF THE UN derflgned officers of the American settlement Company ot this city, Oen. PHILIP C. S'lIUYLEK, secretary ol State elect of Kansas, JudKe MARTIN F. CONWaY, one of the Justices of the Supreme Court formerly of Baltimore, General fONKJtOY, snd others, will speak at the BKOADWAY TAHKHNAcLK on 1 uesday eveaing next, at TJj o'clock, on the petdbig struggle of freedom lu that Territory. On this oc casion not en'y the necessities ol' the cause generally will be presented, but also the claims of New York's own colony at Council City. The above named speakers were heard with intense Interest at the reoent enthusiastic Kansas meetings at Albauy, Boston, and elsewhere ; and In their behalf we can promise most Im portant Information touching the present crisis in Kansas. THKODOtCK DWIGHT, President. .T E. 8NODGRA88 \Tice President. GEO. WALTBK. Genera! Snp't. G. MANNING TRaCY Secretary. D. C. VAN NuttMAN, ) m<tk,lnr. J. R. BAR BJC ft. 5 ""eCor*. Office American Settlement, Co., No. 220 Broadway. MAtB MBMING.? AN ADJOUKNEI* MASS MEETING of the laboring and producing classes or this city will be held in the Park, in tr nt of the City Hall, on Monday. 24th iost., at&^o o'clock P. M. Walters of vital Importance will be sub mitted for your consideration, and eminent speakers will ad dress the meeting. CHaKLES SMITH, Chairman. Ben Pities, Secretary. NOTICE TO CREDITORS.- NOTICE IS HEREBY given, accoiding to law, to all persons having claim* s patent Charlotte Osnorn, late of Bellport, in the town nt Brockhaver . and county ot Suffolk deceased, tbat they are re quired to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscribers, the execu'ors of the last will and testament ot the said deceased, at the dwelling house of Edward omorn, one of the executors at Bellport aforesaid, on or before the Juth day of August next. Dated the 12th day tf February, I85tf. EDWaRO OSBORN, WILLIAM KBVAN, J "etsutor*. NOTICE.? THERE WILL BK AN ADJOURNKD MRET irg of tbe Young t-oDB of Irishmen and Ui? lr friend*, on this fSatmdav) evening. at Sixth Ward Hotel, oorner of Centre and Iluane streets, at 7^ o'clook precisely, to make arrange me nm for the coming anniversary of 8t Patrick's day. Dele gatfs from different wardr, favoranle to t-he osuse, a-e mo4 respectfully requested to attend, as there In business of impor tance to be transacted. By order of ttie Committee. OU. A.-THE MEMBERS OF WASHINGTON C3AP ? ter. No. 2 are notilled to meet at the Chapter rooms, cor ner of (irand and Ludlow streets, to morrow, Sunday, at 12 o'clock. M., to attend the fUcetal of our U>e brother. Henry R. Burbans. AUG. T. HOUKL, Sachem. FUEIIEMCK FlTEI'ATRICK, C. ct the C. OFFICE OF THE SECOND AVENUE RAILROAD COM pan*, Fertysccord street and Hecond avenue. New York, March 16, 18MS. ?An electien for Dlrec ore of the Second A venae Railroad Company will be held at the company 'h office on Mon day the 7th of April neit, pursuant to an amendment to the bye laws passed this day. The po'ls will be opened from one tfll two o'clock. Transfer books will be cloeed till date. Bji order. PHILIP C R0UKR8, .Secretary. OFFICK MANHATTAN OIL COMPASY, 16 BROADWAY, New Yorlc, March la lffifi.? At the annas! mewla* of the stockho dcrs, held at the office of the company >>n the 10th in*., the following gentlemen we:e elected Directors for the en suing year:? N. T. Cahktl, Wiu.ia* Pollock. John G. Founts, Thornton M. Niven, Johji H. J oww, John 0. Mallobv, Edward Learned, Iha.o 8. Hulbhook, Robert SqomiM. At a subsequent meeting jt the Directors, he'd at tie office of the company on tbe leth Inst , the fol owing gentlemen were elected officers tor tbe ensuing year:? N. T. CARHYL, President, JOHN (J. FOKlii.6. Vice PresMent. JOHN 8. JONES. Treasurer. JA.ME& M. MOTLEY, Secretary. JAMK8 M. MOTLFV, Secretary. Postal reform meeting.-the committee ap pointed at the Postal lteiorm Meeting, held at the Met chants' Exchange, on the 28th of January, with instructions t/i ciil' a larger and more gene ral pub.ic meeting, nave decided on Dolt'tug tbe same at the large chapel of the University. Wathinpton square, on Monday evening next, March 24, at o'clcck; tl fc Hon. I.u fBKn ^KADHsYI in the chair. An au di e>H All be, and several distinguished sneakers will ad drew* the meeting. Every indication teems to point ti tbe pre sent as the time tor a brood anc effective portal reform, and nothing Is required bat the voice ot public opinion toaocom plish it Several dlstlut uUhed . Utesrnen in the prevent Con gress have expressed themealve* In favor ot a thorough change TV cur pistsl establishment; snd if the people vigorously ex pre? their opinion on the subject, their voice will command atendon. 1 bom as Tileston, Pe er Coooer, Jao.cs Harper, Samuel D Hancock, Robert L. Hun i t, Tbacdure Sedgwlch. f'eo. H. Moore, Pliny Miles, James M. Brown, Isuuc V. Fowler, J times Lee, Win. H. Appleton, Wm. B. Duncan, John K. Wl. llams, Thos. B. Stillman. TO COKTRACTOflS.-Si' ALED PROPOSALS WILL BK received by tbe Committee on Streets and A si e laments, until Wednesday, April 2, 1816, for regulating and setting curb, gutterstona. anil paving tbe carriage way of Unison street, Washington itreet, Sixth street and Hecond street, and ilaggirg sidewalks ot tbe same Plans and specifications cm be seen at tbe office of the t itv Surveyor, Mr. William Sxham met, No. 169 Washington street. Wi tXI AM WHITE, Chairman of Committee. Hobcken, March 19, 1866. TO SOUTHERNERS, DRINKERS OF CONGRESS WA ter. -We are rcliabiy informed that mineral wVers ub der the name ef " Saratoga" water, and sails under the naznt of "Saratoga'' salts, are extensively Imposed npou the public In the Southern and Southwestern Mates, where persons l>i^ Ing these articles desire and think they are purchasing "Con press" water. Ac ; whereas at Saratoga .here are waters of at kinds, from Congress down to ditch water; and (he article* tar. posed In this manner on 'he putllo are mostly artificial oetn pounds, entirely worthless, and often dangerous to persons da firing the effect of Congress water, the effect of them being en tirely different from that of the geuulne Cougress water, fM quenUy producing griping paint, vertigo, Ac., sometimes re suiting in serious permanent difficulties, nj weakening the dl festive powers, and destroying Urn tone of the stomach and owels, otten rendering a mild ease af dyspepsia incuratrie? the efliect .being in no wise liiffeient from that produced bysa line cntliartics dissolved in otdbiary water ? whl'e CongreM water produces neither griping or Injurious effect in any case however d. Mutated tbe patient may be, It beln? tonic as well at curative. The Congress spring, as Is well known, Is the sprtn# which, during sixty-three yesrs past., has tiuilt up the reputa tion or Saratoga, vet some bays confounded ths nam* of the spring with that or the place, thus affording the opportunity foi lAiTidjers to foist worthless artloles upon the public on the strength of the repu ation obtained by toe Congress spring, 1a s 'onp series of years. The injury thus lnlllctcd upon the paiMk and ourselves Is double, fer on taking these spurious articles, ami finding either do efl'act or Injurious olfeois from their use. they li: f^ittxre refuw the genuine OenareM water, supposins that tiey have already tried it. i._ not a sufficient guarantee of Its genuineness that it is in bottles and botes, bearing m> names, as the old bottles ?nd boxes are greedily bought up lo counterfeiters for the purpose of filling tnem with their value 'ess article, and selling it as Congress or Saratoga water ; bus only of those you oan rely on? Congress water and none ofcei -and be certain that the cork is branded, as la the oork ex every bottle of genuine Congress water, viz. : " Congress Wa ter? C. AW" If without these words, K Is a valueless, dan terotis counterfeit . As to the compounds called Saratoga po y ders, Saratoga salts, Ac., they are not only valueless, but inju rtous? not possessing even the virtues of the commop SeldltU powders oi the shops. That It is Impossible to forflSConcrsai water artificially, we hare the authority of the celeltrMid ohem 1st, Mr Htimnhre* Davy, ss follows " It is Impossible to re combine the Ingredients so as to make an article of equal qua Itty, the effects of which will be the same as the natural watar> On w riting us, we will send yuu a list ofprioes, sixes and pa<* ? ges; and by ordering from us direct, enclosing draft for the amount ordered, you can hare It safely forwarded to aay part of the world. We reiterate our eantion, to buy the granine Omjrress water only of teiiahle persona, and to examine thf

lelMIng of the oork brand. CLARKE A WHITE, Congress spring, Saratoga springs, aai o. IS Thames street. New York ?dtr No RELIGIOVH NOTICR!l. Roman oaSMlio orphan asylum.? oollkc i Hons will be taken up in all the Catholic churches oi this city on Easter Sunday, for the benefit of this Institution. REV. DR. AOHILLI, TRANSLATOR OF TnE ITALIAN i Bible, is announoed to preach at the Associate Preaoy lertHB church, In Charles street, to morrow (Sunday) evening, at o'c'ock, when a collection will be taken up tor the publica tion oi tbe Bible in Italy. THE liECTdRF. NEamiis. V>P!WT! ALIHM IN IIBOOKLTN.- JVDOB EDMONDS O will lecture at the Brooklyn Irstitute cm Munday afternoon, eommencittg at three o'clock. Keats free. TRtviuJiBRr urnra. Hudson rivkr railroad.-trainh leatr Clinmbers street daliy, tor Albany and Troy. On and alter Kofdav Jsnusry 27. 1866, the tr?.(ns|wlil run as follows: Exp rets tn.ln i A. B., connecting w?h a or hern and trams; ibrough way Irnin, 12 M. ; express train, ft P. M., for Ponx'ilreepiie, at 9 A. V., and p. St.; f>r Peekslilll. B:W P. Jl.j lorfltog Sing, at4 r M. Ihn Sing Slog aid Pee*?kt'l trains s'op at all the way Mvions. Pvsengers taken a' 01i>\m b?r?. < 'ana!, Chrlstophe,- anil Ihtrfv-llrst streets. No t-a'p on Pnnday. N. L. HYKG8, Jr., SiiperloUiatteni. *HB LBDOBK AlFHAMT. A* SI** ' ^CMKJK L*BT SATURDAY WIGHT PMikdelphians i>* a light Whjeh might well tie stouteat heart affHght, Aad drive the brain detracted quits. By the rrurr train on monday morninq, WJ'SJI Urn* and expense rooming, BONK KB, with his aniaU (killed, aet out. Before rival* knew what he waeaSoooL COMING TO THE fCEWH OF THE DISASTER, Tht artists sketch d it 'aat, and laater; Wt'h LEDO> R d maln the work waadooe Belt re oompctito a had begun. Dollars and eagles oan work wonders In tha hands of one who nevrr blunders; These sketchea a'l, this (8 ATURDA* ) morning. The NEW YORK LKDOKR are adorning. Every incident worth noting? Paatengers burning^ jump 10*. Boating? IheLhDGER (NOW RKaDY) las them all; Bo for it eariy you must call. FANNY FSRN WILL BE ASTONISHED. As well as those she hasadmonlahed In her (see the LEDGER) sauoy "Leat, ' The pluck ol which transoenda belief. Girls and boys who likk illustrations Of burning terry boats, with combinations Of plearaLter pictures, now take warning. Ana buy the LEDGER early this morning. Horrors on horrors are acouxulating; And by them faithfully illuatra'tog, The NEW YORE LEDGKRahead la going, At a rate which is really well worth knowing. IN ALL OP THE NEWS DEALERS' STORES Great erowda are bloukinc up the doors. With pulls and tugs, aud ahouw and laughter? It lathe LEDGRK they're all after. JOIN IN THE RUSH, YOU WHO WANT TO SEB Pictures ot the great cata-iropbe; For of It. in ail of it* gradations, Tie LKPGER has the best Illustrations. K I88ES AND CAKES ARB LOVERS' FOOD, Hays Sidney Smith the parson good: On lovera-a story to your mind In the MEW YORK LEUGKR you will find. Like nature heb&elf, there's no satiety In the LEDOhR, but constant variety, So everjbody In its contents Will get more than the wor.h of their four cent#. M N 0 OST THRILLING IS THE RVPRBSENTATION Of the uKDGKR'8 life like illustration, And its touching recapitulation Of the late ferry boat conflagration. ORMA DANTON IS THE STORY Which will lis author gain inch glory, Spread, as It is, through e very nation, By the LEDGER'S boundless circulation. ,11, FOR A THOUSAND TOBGUE9 TO SING 1 The New Yort LEDGER'S praise! In all Us there's not a thing Can touch It in these days. PARTICULARLY ASTONISHING, And to alt rivals admonishing? To all competitor* a perfect warning. Is the LEDGER Tor this (Saturday) morning. Queer tt is, and YRr it is most true, the LEDGER, regaraleea ol expense, Though always getting tip something new, 1b still sold everywhere for four cents. Ready now, and righ and racy. Is the LEDGER, with its pictures; And its wit on every tace a Thousand smiles will wreathe as fixtures. Q1NGULARLY RICH AND GLORIOUS ?J Just reward ot toil laborious. And expenditure aotorious? Comes the LEI) GEB, still victorious. TnWAITES. THE SKILFUL, DBAWS OUB SKETCHES, And his genius always fetohes Beauties forth so very charmingly, 'taint strange thev seil so alarmingly. UNIVERSAL CIRCULATION, Reaching all parts of the nation, The LEDGER aaks, and that 'twill yet, In spite ol opposition, get. Y71CTORIA THE LEDGER READS, V While seated on bar throve. And Albert for it vainly pleads, Ai he rocks the babe at home. "WrOHDBBFULLY. WONDERFULLY VY la tha LEDGER going; But what wonder, when 'tis with such Excellence o'ei flowing f XANTIPPE WAS 4 CROSS OLD CRONE, And made her hniband dread her; But he'd have had a peaceful home, Coud she have got the LhDGKR. TOC HUSBANDS WHOHAVK SCOLDING WIVES. By this fact take warnliig. Ard, as you value neaceful lives, Hecure the LBDGER bright and early every Saturday morning. ZEAL AND ENERGY WORK WON0KRS. Joined with t?ct, which mates uo blunders; And this, perhaps. U why the LEDGER soars So tar above all Ms competitors. &TO CONCLUDE, PLEASE UNDERSTAND While the LELGER'S out bl ight as the sun, Scattering hlesainfs through the land. That its career has soakce begun. Awful cat, amity j THENEW YORK LEDGER does not claim that Its III - t ailons of the late lamentable dlauM<jr at Philadtlahla are "the onl7 authentic ouos;" It simply claims that they are THE BR.->T. A thing may lie actiikntio In f??t, lint stupid and bungling In execution; It was perhaps judicious, therefore. In the LEDGER'S rompetitors to characterise their Illustrations a? "auihei.tic. " Bnt they ilioull have omitted the "only," 11 onl* for decrncv's i'h ice H??ide. It was unkind, not to suv nntrue. The LEDGER'S illustrations are authentic; not tn* "only authentic"- perhaps. Authentic Is a good word; but tbe LEDGKR thirks BEST I# more appropriate on this one* sicn. BEsT, therefore, let it he. i he I.EDGER'S itlusira tions'of the buruing of the Philadelphia ferrv boat are simp * tbe BEST. Price onlv four cents? there's where the "only" ctmes In wi*h the best ell'ect; THE^FIREMEK. TnP MEMBERS OF PACIFIC ENGINE COMPANY. NO. lender their thaui s to 'he ladies of the louse of John II Moore, Ksq., 178 fast Twenty third street, tor the bountifu supply of refreshments furmibed them during the Ore. at the carter of Twenty second street and Second avenue, oo th? nlgut of the 10th lust. D ANIr,L Sr iNBURY, Foreman. Josiah Co La ate. Secretary. UfiNTlSTHY. IlEETn EXTRACTED, WI1HOUT PAIN, WITHOUT using chloroform.? One or more teeth Inserted, wttUoi i elio-ps, (by ? rew vethvdj whereby Injury to the tiatuco teeth is avoided Teeth filled at d warranted for ? ear*. Teraif modern-. IT. GIIjKS Lf -TliKR, dentlst,498 Broadway. Will remove In April to tiS?8Bro:idway. COLLINS BOTKL-FOOT OF CANAL STREET. HAV> some ,ame parlors. with ' edrooms. suits and pingle rooms to let on moxt reasocaMe lerms, to transitnt or parmanen boarder*. The vlnw and location from the house launciiuallet having a full view of He** York hAAoa, TALLMflrTjIIAPHS, Proprte'-ors ~ SEGAR8. SKGAR8.? CASH PURCHASERS OF SEGARS CA? procure bargains from a stock of over a million Imports H* vara, dimsstic and German segars. Operas aa low as tb Normas, *8 60 and upwards. N. B. ? Cash aivaneed wpou s> gars, in Mod or otherwise. O. CHKKK S. No. SI Rroadwav. nr stairs C ~ ~ THETRADE8. CtOMPOSITORS.? SEVRRAL GOOD COMPORITOR* ) wealed, at the Evening I'oit book office, comer oi Nassau snd Liberty streets. JJtARMHR AND GARDENER WANTED -WANTED IM P mediately, in a very hea thy place, eighteen miles from New York, a smart msn. who has a proper knowledge of oien. fo drive properly, and to know how to conduct a small vegeta h'e garden and general firming and be willing and useful: il with a wile and one or two chilli < n, a house may be had on ihe place. Addreis box No. 14 Post office. New Rochelle, N. Y., but no fancy price will te enter'alned. GARDFNER WANTED SINGLE MAN. ENGLISH t-cotchor Germau preferred. Apply to Wm. Harwell, 48 Cliff St., from 8 to 10 A. M. Mabble paper manufacturer wanticd-weio understands his business, at our works In New Jeriey. Constant employment will be given. Apply to David Felt A Co.. 14 Maiden lane. O MERCHANT TAILORS AND CU1TKRS.-ALEX. I ) REJlVKB wss awarded by the American Institute, at tbe Fair of 1866, one medal snd tao diplomas, lor tbe best and uiirples! system for cutting 03*14, vests or pautaloons. Ti e above system Is taught by A. D. HKEVKH, at his office, 327 Broadway, New York. mo PRhSSMEN? WANTED, A MAX THOROUGHLY J. capable of taking enarge of and running Adam*' power presses To one who u? del-stands the business In all its par Ucnlars, a steady situation and a llneral salary will bn given. Address, with relerenoe, M'Langhlln Brothers,' 60 South 3d si , Philadelphia. T r CUTLERS. ?WANTED IMMEDIATELY, THREE Ivory table knife hatters, to go In the country. None but good workmen need applv at 20 ?7llft st , up stairs. rDACUP.RRKANH.-WANTRD. A FIRST CLASS DA. guerrean. as operator. Address, with real name. J. S. A., care of J. W. Tfeompton, 316 Broadway. Terms liberal. rTAlIjORS.? WANTED, BY AN EXPERIENCED tuftom culler, an engagement in a tlrst olass house Tbe advertlier is a first rate pantaloons and vest cutter, but would also be able to act as general cutter. References given. Addrrss boi 47, Broadway Post office. J O SILVERSMITHS AND WATCHMAKERS. WANfEt 1 Immediate)}, one plale worker, one bHtter knit's maker, one bruit knife maker; steady employment - piecework or by the week. Also teveral good watchmakers Must be first rlum, steady men, and come well recommended. Apply to 'I RACY k MclNTOSH, Artists' and Mechanics' General Agtncy. :i4)i Pine streef , from 10 to 3 o'olock. TO JRWULERH -WANTED, A BOY, WHO HAS HAD some experieaco In the jewelry buslsess. Apply at31s Hudson ktreet. WATCH MAKER.? WANTED, A GOOD WORKMAN, who understands his business la all Its branches, t > go to Pittshiirr, Pa. Apply at 13 John st . up stairs. RANTED? A GOOD JOURNEYMAN TAILOR TO <iO 1 in the eounti- v , a good coal hand; constant employee r, and grod wages. Inquire of t larbart, Bacon, Clark .t Co., No. 81 Murray sl, at 10 o'clock, A. M. _________ WANTED? 2ft CIGAR MAKERR, TO OO INK) TRK ootintrr; none but first clase workmen need anply, as tlte best prlees will be paid, at 171 Front st , for three itar" IV ANTRD-A HirUATlON. BY A YOI NO TTaLTaN ll who is thoroughly acr^winfed with the i?alvano r' vs; 1 proness; gold, illver and c ipper plat'ng; dupiTct'jn< flU'irev. omsirent#, c<>lns, sesis, engravings, tc., from -n <*?,*' ? k| wm plaster, cow position, &c. Adt-rtj F.O., Her*l4oiL.9, ?WATOWI WAJPTBD. A LADY. AOCTJ8TOMED TO TlAOaiXO MUSIC, >ENG Itoh, Preieh, La On, and Italian, desires a ?ItiiaOun aa ractdenl or dally governess In a private finally. Hivbeat re farm?Bji ^vtn and required. Adoreaa leacher, box 812 Poet A WIDOW LADY WI8HB8 TO TAKE CAM Or A ehlld at her own residence , 116 Walker at,. aecood floor. A LADY, (OF IHfiH RESPECTABILITY, WI8HE8 TO engag* torselx as houte&teper or oompankm to a My; Princeton" if? J6" knd r,<lulr,,<1- Addreee Mrs. Jo?olyue, A SITUATION WANTED? AS CHAMBERMAID, OB TO take eve ol children, bT a respectable young glrL An ply at her present situation , 187 Dean at. . Broi kly n. A FRENCH LADY, BPEAKING ENGLISH AND QBE man. wishes a situation as companion to a lady or aa governess to a family travelling to Europe. Please arlrlitna C. L, 141 Columbia street, Brooklyn. AYOUN O AND HEALTHY GSRMAN WOMAN, WITH a fresh breast of raLk, wants a altuatlon, as wet nurse. Can live good reference. Can be foen from 2 till 3 o'clock P- M. Inquire ot Dr. Joecken, 07 3d street, near 1st avenue. A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE AND COMPETENT YOUNG woman deeires 6 situation In city aid couatry; Is an ex cellent cookjwasher and ironer; makes good plain pastrv: In of pleasing' disposition; ban the best of referen re from Dothcltyand country. Apply at 271 Bowery this day or Monday. AN INTELLIGENT WIDOW LADY, WITHOUT INCUM branoe, desires a situation as housekeeper in a gentle man's family, or as matron in an institution Best reterenoes (ilven. Adareva Matron, Herald office, lor two days. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION; SHE Is a good cook, and first rate wither and ironer. dent of cltv reference Riven . Can be seen for two days at 133 Went 13th St.. between 7th and 8th aves. Agkntleman, or bomb literary experience. a portion of whose time Is unoccupied would ilivo'e his attention to the conducting of correnoondenie, mere mUle or otherwise, or to any buaine** of a nature requiring facility In composition, and which could be attended to at his retldence. Promptness and accuracy may be reltod upon. Addreua Let tern, Herald office. A YOUNG GENTLBMAtt PROM CANADA, DESIRRS bb engugt-mtnt in a business house In Ibis city, aa b ink keeper, or assistant bookkeeper; has ?een employed In that capacity during the oast two years, lo a dry .goods house tn Montreal, l anada. Sufficient reft- re. ices will be given to *9 .is ty partle: who may want his services; ap-aks kooi French; understands Kngllsh, hut cannot speax it very eorremy. ao dresi Canada for one week, Love.ny House, 100 Green wish ??. A YOUNG LAD. BETWEEN 15 AND 16 YKARS, WlrtHKS a permaneLt situation, in a respec able wholesale etub lfebment, dry goods or drugs preferred where there is no' mnch erra-d running; can give the nest of references, anl re side* with his mother. Address G. H. T. , Herald office. CLERK WANTED-IN A RETAIL|PBY OOOD3 STORE In Brooklyn. A young nan between eighteen and twenty years of age who ha* bad one or two sears' experience, and can crme well recommended from his last employer, may hear of a situation by callng at 482 Atlantic At, Brooklyn. HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTED-AN AMB ricsn lady, tui'y competent to undertake lbs charge of a house, would like to get a situation as superintendent house keeper to srme Keutl**'N establishment, or widower, with one or two sm all children to Instruct. No objection to go lu the country or South Address, for one week, Mrs. Mane V. Latbrip, Imdwil l'ost office, or to the General Post office. LAW.-WANTED, A SITUATION AS CLERK, BY A youtg man of respectability who has Veen 8 years In a lawjBr'# office. Address B. C, box 181, Herald office. SITUATION WANTED?BY A MOOT RESPECrABI.K O \ otitu' woman, as cook washer and Ironer, or would do housework; sbe bakes gooi ttrtad. snd Is an excellent washer; has good retereore*; no objtctiors to the country. Call at 24 3d avenue near 9th at. ?TO LAWYERS ?WANTED, BY A YOUNG LAWYER, 1. ot several years expetience, and who is perfectly compe tent to undertake the njana^men' of any business which may be entrmted to I im, a Bttuanon as clerk or partner witn a law yer in good pruclice. Advertiser has a small practice ol his own; ratislactorr references given. Address J. J. (3., box 3.806 Itew York Pist office. TO FLOUB, EKED AND COMMISSION MBRCHANT8. Wanted, by a young man, a situation In either of the above, either aa cleik, salesman or collector. Can furnish satisfactory references. Address Premium Mills. Hera d office. . O SPICK MILLfl.-A YOUNG MAN BAYING A THO > rough knowledge of the business is deslrotu of a situa tion, either as miller, clerk, or salesman. Can furnish saus lactory references. Address Clnnaman, Herald office. TO BRA CAPTAINS -TBB ADVERTISER, AGKD 18 yeurs, wishes to meet with soma IM captain with whom j be could make an errargement whereby he could became fa miliar e 1th sealarlug life, and at fee same ima escape the vIcbn of the forecastle- fin has received ?. good academical education. I* famltiar with mathematics te some extent, wl h a very slight knowledge of navigation. Fleaae address S , box 7,373. i'osi office. WANTED? A SITUATION, RY A LADY, AS GOV Kit ne?? or cnmparion for a lady. Best relerence given. In quire of J. W. I)., 287 Cherry St. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY AN EXPERIENCED French woman, to take care of nick people. Address I A. I*. tiox 14S Hera'd office. V\J A N TF.D? A COMPETENT WOMAN AS OOOK AND m luuxdress, In a small fsmi'.y. She must have good re feresCH, and be willing, Industrious ad very neat. Apply before 'J A M , at 100 i.awrence St., Brooklyn. WANTED- A 8ITUATIOH, AS OOOK, IK A HIGBLY resectable fsmllv ; can give gooii reicrence as to capabtl Ity, Ac Inquire at 190 W. Uui St., at the house of her pi?seni emplo.t er. WA> TED? A~BITU ATIOnTby" A VERY RR8PBCTA ble woman, as lady's msld or nurse with some family going to eltn?r Lor don or Liverpool this spring. The very rest of references Address R. 1)., Herald office. riTAJ'TFD? A S1TUATIOK. AS PROOF READER, BUR *? ed.trr or contributor by a young man el good educ tion, hav l*jr considerable practice. Address C. K. M., Wll I'amsburg I'ost office, or Herald office WAKTFD? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Awerican wrnian. to take care of chl dren, do p aln sow ing or ehamtfrwr rk, and assist, in 'he washing and Ironlog. W oula have do objection to go m the country, or travel. Pie we rail 1 1 237 smiivat. st tllj ANTFJl ? AjSl'XUATION. BY A RhSPEOTABLB PRO Tf testant voiuig woman, as chambermaid, and to aialst in waflilng and Ironing or housework In a saja'l faintly . ttest oi reference trom her last place flense call at 35 Dean at., Brooklyn, up ftarB, second floor, back rono. WANTKD? TWO OR THKEB OENTLKMKN'S WASH lug, bv a first clans laundress, a; her own residence Ladies' fii ei les end curtains done In the best manner and ai tie nborto't notlje. Call, or address J. M , No. Il!j8 ti'h av bet* een 22<t ntid 23d its. TVANTRP-A SITUATION, BY A OKRMAV GIRL: ft one who f peaks plain t.DglUh; cand > general house worn In a fmall lamlly; gocd relerence. Apply at the corner of Plymouth and Hudson avmus, Brooklyn. TV' ANTED ? A SITUATION. AS CoOK, BV A IOOIO ? ? K'rl, who perfectly under? lands ier work; li a good laun drrss *nd can come we II recommended. Can be ne je for two day at her laiit place. 102 WVet Uth st. WAf>TED? BY A YOUNG MAN, A SITUATION A* porter lu a more or otherwise; wiites a good hand, is quick and con cct at figures, accustomed to paok'ng and ni irk ng boxes. Will make himself generally useful wherever his servlcei may be required. srdresa J. 8 M., Hersld office. YjirANTKD? BY A SCOTCH FARMER, A SITUATION, T T with tlx wife, to take charge ot a dairv; If required, c in five good reference. Oan be seen at Mcllvalne A Young's, seedimen, So. 7 ?'ohn st , to-day only. T\l ANTFD-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG CJKRMAN, AS ?? bookkeeper or entry clerk, In a wholesale or retail house; segar bu'lness preferred, lie has a thorough know ledse nfmanuiacturing segsrs and has been travel line nine years tn Furope (or a large house in that line; speaks English, pom* FreLcb, and understands perfeo'.'y double entry book keeping; best ot c'ty reference given; "a'ary not so gram an object as a peimanent situation. Address A. B., box 3,96* Post office. ^ FRENCH ADVERTISEMElfTI. ON DRMAND RUNE BONNE ET COUTUAIERK FRAN (alee qui peut lournlr de bonnes recommendations, et neparie pas l'Apgals. S'adresser a 69 Mast 14th st , earn* les be tires de 11 et 3. UNE .IEUNE FRANCA IHK DESIRE 1ROUVKR UJfE plsoe romme femme de rliambre ou bonne d'enfant*; ?a chant coudre at collier; unep ace pour sotgncr ser* prereres. Rile petit t'ournir tie bonnesfreoommentUtions. S'adresser jiai leltre, T. M , Herald rffice. _ INTBWJGESCK OFFICES. WANTKD? AT NO. 4 EAST BROADWAY, (BASE ment,) a b< urekeeper for a private family in New <>i leans; wages $Vfi per month; she must speak French fluently ; two boys to learn trades; a lad f'.r a liquor store: men fo stesmers and rail roars; barkeepers pollers coachmen and wallers. Apply to kdward Uliien eLOTHiive, sic. TO THE rati DEPARTMENT. SMITH BROTHERS, 111' and 140 Fulton street, M. Y? Manufacturers of lire clothes. Call the attention of firemen to their large stock ot drab ant blue beaver, pi o' and fell ninths which ttiey have now on hacd. Samples of their tire coaia can be seen at their store*. SMITH BROTHERS, 122 and 140 Fulton street EXTRA PAT. nOC*T LAND.? SOLDIERS AND WIDOWS OP SOI. 13 dlers of (he war of 1812 ean obtain their bounty land, by calling on or addressing the subscriber, who, being In posses ?Ion of muster rolls of said war, oan fnrnlah every Information. CALVIN W SMITH. 6fi ( Thaiham street. M ulf wAirrcu. T17 ANTED-OOOD MANTILLA MAKER9. APPLY AT W 27 Walker ?t. WANTPD? AT 175 SPRIRr; STREET, TWO GOOD milliners and three first rate dressmakers; also a good msntllla mater. WANTKD? A PROTESTANT OIRt., GERMAN l'RK let ted. to do general housework In a small private fa mily; she must understand plain cooking, washing and Iron 'ng None need apply but those who are very reel snd clean, aril caa give the beat of reference. Apply at 147 Hltfh street, Brooklyn. ?' A II KB W ANTED?H K MUST BE I nf,K TO PRO 0001 yy usque stl id able city re'erecce as to charwrter and c?ii*bi My. Apply between 9 and 10 o'clock. 24 3th ave. Vl'ANTKD TWO MKN. TO BHOAOE 1 1 A PLW^ANT VV b'.ilnfte; salar les $N per week and expenses; aoarltal of i-m 110 t" $211 required. Thuse from the country or rug llsb pref- rred. Apply at 16 Beekmu ?trB??, thlnl tie**. ^ W. LirT '.E. U; ANTED? IN A BROKER'S OFFICE, AN INTMJ.l H g(.nt 'ad, about 15 years of sfc" Apiily on Sat.irlay morning, between the hours of II and 1 o'ctoak, P. M., at AO. 2 Hanover sqiMrit. IS ANTED? A, BOY TO TAKE OaM OF HORSS AMD Vf opw; Frennli or Uerman preferred; one who hn some no' Ion of jrai ilenlnK- Apply at irtt Heaver st be!<>re 10 and a!' Ier 4 o'c ook. rii gjliRT M 4RKM WAETRD.? FIiirlHHIlS, untlOM ? )"" h. > :ind jokIv makers Steady nay ormen' an4 week lj peTtreei". Apply to A Purd; , is# 1',-xtJw. y, aeciBid docrbe'ow Grand n. A ?.,W? OTAMBfWtAID AMD WAITER, Win xV ed.? Alao, one to do ehamberwork waflhtajr lid ironisg (bo4h rmuAult). Only those who pccfecUy nwWr ?land their baslness and ?? wLUng to wor* needi aooiy at 145 9th st., between Broadway uu 4th ?? at the baanSnt door. Germans or < oiored preferred. A BEAT girl wanted- to do the hocbkwork A lor a genth man, wife *nd child. Apply btfore 12 o'clock, with good reference, at 3fc9 Fourth avenue. A COLORED COACHMAN WANTED- WHO UNDER standa wall the care of horses, carriages and har ness. Apply at 'be Union Plaoe Hotel, parlor No. 17, at 7>f o'clock in the morn in. or 7 o'clock in 'he ev nlng. Agents wanted-in all parts or the coun try, to aril a new map of Nicaragua, North and Central America, con'uining population, routes and dlntanoea, portrait* cf Geo. Walker, Col Kinrey, Col. French, baule scenes, Ae. hd art agents can make from 96 to (10 per day. better* ot in quiry answered promptly. J . HaVKN, publishing agent, 113 ? nd 117 Nai wan street, up stain. A FIRST CLASS SALESWOMAN WANTED? TO TAKE charge ot a large trimming at d embroidery atore. To a competent person from $7 to flu a v. nek will oe paid, and per. manent employment. Apply toT. N, Fennelly, 141 Atlantic atreet, Brooklyn. BO* WANTRD-A SMART, ACTIVE AMERICAN BOX, *o attend In a lamp More and run ot errands. Call at T. W. Panders'. No. I Chatham s<|i.are. Boy wanted- to lkakn the fancy akd dry goods burlne?*, in an In it tor' i 'tg and jobbing bonne; sala ry flri,t yesr $60. Appl; at No. 25 l)ey st , flrst flo-ir. Boy wanted- to attend to office Dims*, errands. Ac. Salary from $75 to (100 per venr. Mult be well recommended aiid strictly honett. Apply at 25 Maiden lane, up etalra. ("100K wantfd. in a small private family to J do the washing and lr?mln g. She must have tlie best of city references. Apply at 321 Stli av. C^OaOIIMAW.- WAJMRD, A 8I*Ol.E MAN PROTE? J taut, that uuderntands hit* l"inineas, and won d tin Milling to make hl?mel' useful one with good recommendation may apply at ll)7 Front at., bet*t en 9 and 12 .? . M DRCO CLERK W ANTED ? IN THE WEf DEVvllT mentof the wholeesle business. One well acq'i tinted with ibe aoo'-becary buai&eM cau a->oly,with gold retere'ice*, at 91 Fulton st. McKKHHON X BOBBINS^ OURMtt WANTED-OVE WHO CA?f C;)ME WFLLRS C coalmen, cd and undcrxlitnds driving and the care of horse* , willing to make him?ilt generally useful, may a ddrens 1 a line, with full parilaulars as to wa^es, ability. A;, pittpaid, 10 F. S. M., 226 Greenwich at. Also, a gardener wanted r ARM LABORERS WANTED -TWO OR THREE OOuD * Pi otes'ant men, with their families, wanted. David Felt A Co., 14 .Maiden lane. Four good miii.<nerb wanted.-thk best wages In the city p>iiU k> go>d hands, and constant em ployment. Apply lo T. N. Feanelly, 141 Atlantic street. Brook l>n. /GOVERNESS WANTED? ONE WHO CAN TEACH THE \X Cnrltnh branches, tnu'le on ibe piano and French; aa English flady preferred. Qood references required. Apply at 2fi4|West 20th st. MANTILLA HANDS WANTED. -A LARGE NUMBER ot mantilla bands wanted App y at ZiC Spring VTl'RSE OR 8EaM-'T B EPS. ? WANTED, A MIDBLE J.1 aged Protestant wotrm, who has had experience with colldren. Good city reference requited. Apply at Mj. 9 W eat 31st st NUBSE WANTCD-A ?OUNU, NEAT. TIDY <JIRL, 14 lo 16 years of age, to take charge ot a child twect? months old None but Americans need apply, bringing good refer ences, at IriO Fast 20th St.. ne*r 2d avenue. Rare chance.? agents for this city, also f' r each county Canada aud Europe PermF.r.ent bu?d nets. Can make $."> to $10 per t ay. No book business. One man on salary, t all at, or addr^w, post paid with ittmp, ;t35 Broadway, room 4ti. DUWBrACGH, LVON k CO. Spanish clerk wanted. -w antkd, a smart, active young u an, about 2U years of age. who speaks En glish and Spanish tluently, and writes a good hand. Such a one may hear ot a good situation by applying ut IK) Water ?U SEAMSTRKSfi WANTED- A PROTESTANT GIRL, W1IO understands shirt making and all kinds ot neat sewing and will do light chamberwork. (me who can bring eh refer ence as to boneaty . industry and capability may hear ol" a per manent home bv applying at 51 Went 15th st , from 9 to 11 o'clock A. M., thin day and Monday. Wages fti. SEAMSTRESS Wanted? TO DO plain SEWIKG. Must tie competent to cut l*di? a' and children's nnder tloih lug. Apply at h 8th at. r MILLIE ERB.? WANTED, SIX EXPERIENCED MIL liners. Apply at 24S Columbia at., seconti door from CsrroL South Brooklyn. Teacher wanted-in a day school, in the city, for th'ea months who has hud experience in teaching classics and algebra. $100 wil oe paid for the three mouths, in monthly payments. Address Tutor, Herald otlice. WANTRD-A GIRL, AS CHAMBERMAID AND W Alt er, and to aaiitt in washing and ironing. Apply at lot Henry st., Brookl>n. WAITER WANTED? BH R MUST BE ABLE TO PRO duce nnquMtionable city references as to charaotcr and capability. Apply between 9 and 10 o'clock, at 24 Fifth a wine. WANTHD-A FRENCH NCR*E, TO ACCOMPANY A 'anilly to Europe Must have unexceptionable refer ences. Apply at No. 63 Weit 36tnst., trom 8 to 9 o'ctoca in the morning. WANTED? AN INDUSTRIOUS PROTESTANT YOUNG wjmaa, to take cue of and Instruct two UUla <ir In in the rudiments of an English education and must", and who I* a competent seamtresn. Apply 67 West Twenty drat at., between 4 and 0 P. M. Good reference required. WANTKD-A GIRL. 10 DO THE GENHRaL HOUS3 workof a small private family; must lit* an ax: '.el lent wafher and Ironer, and good plain cook; mun' be aeat and tidy abont her work; must come well reoommeaded from her last sltuat'on. - Inquire at 199 Wed 15th m. TV ARTElt? FOR CAN'ADA WEST. A FIRST HtND TT drewmaker; ore who could undertake lho ma-ite <t apart ?ent preferred A pt>ly at the MmiUv-omtn Hotel, -noai 147, lietwrer the bourn of 8 and 9k o'clock, A. M., fr >m Saturday, the 22d, till Wednesday, the 2tith ix hv. WANTBD-A GOOI) COOK; ONB WHO PKRFB3fLY understand*! her buxltem. and can bring go xl recommen dations. Cail, betore 11 o'clock, at rs4 K. iiith at. WANlRD? A PKOTKSTANT GIRL FOR GENE I \L housework; must he a good plain eook, and gojd washer and ironer Apply a' 84 Orchard st WANTED? A WOMAN. WHO 18 THOROUGHLY Ex perienced in the cutting and mat Inj ot Hhlrta ami eolltrs from measure, and who Is competent to take charge of a num ber of girls In that department; also, a woman eompe'ent to work upon a lewlri; machine, Htnchtng oollars, Ac. Address K. F G. Hera d ofllcc. TI7 ANTED- A CLEAN, INDUSTRIOUS, RELIABLE W0 TT man, with gocd city references, to do the Renewal house work of a nmall family Apply a' No. 79 Eaat loth i-. WANTED? A FEW GIftLS, TO SEW ON M ANTILLES; first rate bands only need appiv, to whom constant work and goo<l wares will be given. Apply at No 39 Wa ker nt. WANTED- A GOOD PLAIN COOK. OWE WHO THO inttgb'y understand* her basinets, and la a good washer and ironer. If (nrnt'hed v I h good recommendations, may ?p pb at 27 ? ? e?l 21st st. Al?o, at same place, a rounggrl a? waller; must be well recommended, and know mm* Jiirg of bus'ness. WANTED? *T 1?> EAST FOUKTKENTH STRKKT, A good cook; one who understand-* her business vboroigh lr, wltn good rtfercnces from ter last place, may apply at 160 hPfct 14th i>t. TV ANTED- A SMART, TIPY GIBL, TO DO GSv'EitAL il housework in a small fumilt; mutt be a gjod cook, washer and Ironer. Good i-.Uy reference required. Apply at 22 0th St., between 9 and !t o'clock. Wl ANT1<D-A COMPETENT LaDY. TO OPERATE T T with Wbeeler A Wilton's newing machine, and two to work on skirts. Inquire at 706 Hroadway. TV ANTkD-A NllHSE. (8CC.TCH OR ENGLISH WOULD TT be preferred,) to take charge ot an Itifan'. and do ulaln sewln*. None n?ed apply but those who have been ac customed to tske charge ot Infant*, and a-e provided with go >d re.ierences. Apply a' .no. II ham thirty third street, net ween the hours of Hi and )2. WANTED? A NURSE, OF SOME FXPKKlRinCC IN sickneps. aa assistant In children's hoapltal, al the Nu sery, 223 With avenue. Apply from 11 to 1 o'clock, with re ference. WANTED? THREE OR FOUR PROTESTANT YOUNG women, at our work* in New Jersey. The work :'s light and easy to learn, and the utmost care Is taken ot their morals. DaVID FELT A CO , 14 Matd-n lane. VV ANTED-A FIRST RATE MILLINER, TO GO TO i' Ft teraburrf, Virguiln. None bat first rate hands need npplv. hoDUHb A PdEi.PS, jo2 Uroidway. WAMRD-AN EXPERIENCED MILLIN MR, ALSO A weman who unaers asds using a sewing mithlne t) go to FajettevUle. N C. HODGES A PHELPS, 202 Broadway-1 *V ANTED? A MAN AND HIS WIFE, AMERIC AN OR TT Scotch, to take charge ol a faim and dairy near the cl'.y. Apply after 4 o'clock P. M. at 2fl0 Front at. WaNTED-AK ASSISTANT SHOP WALKER; *U8r be a first class salesman. Apply, after 6 P. M., to Lord A Taylor, corner ot Grand and Cbrtstle sta. "IVANTEP-A SALESMAN, OF EXPERIENCE I* THE TT cornice, window shade and lace curtain department. Apply to Lord A Taylor, corner of Grand and t'hrjste ale TV ANTHD-AN ENGLISHMAN, AS WAITER IN A PRI VY vate fnmlly ; one who understands the business perfectly; osn bring the best of city referenoes and ha* no objection to go Into the oountry (or the summer. Apply at No. M Eaat 17th ?t., i ear 4th av WAN1EP? A YOUNG, SMART AND STEADY 8ALE8 man, In a retail dry goods store. Inquire between 9 i cd 11 o'clock, at 432 3d ar. IV ANTED? A TOCNO MAN. WHO DNDERSTANDS TT the rare of bcrses, to drive a bread wagon. One ?3 < 1 1 minted with New York and Hrooklva, reads and writes well, and can present testimonials may address bo* 1,280 Post ofDoe. 1VANTRD-A salesman, in a DRY GOODS JOB TT bing store; toone who csn Influence a large amount of < crh trade a very liberal saiar* will be p*W Address, with i reference to lai-l employer, boi 452, Fostofllw. WANTED THREE OR FOUR TRAVELLING AGENTS, tbo?e who have been accustomed to trade with groeere M d l'<|UO! dealers s<-i|ve, hr-nes' and niber man imlv will be <nploted Grodntnmlssion snd rtpid a.ue*. Apply at 0? i snal slreet, aTer 12 o'clock TV AJTER WA>TKD. - aPI'LV. BETWm !> and 10 TT A. II , to W. Henry Weller, 713 Hroadway. T? ANTEP-A DRUG CLERK, TO GO SOUtH. APPLY TT to K enfold, Clay A Co., No ?? Fletcher TVANTKP-A TOCHO MAN, TO ATTKND H?K, AMD TT make lilmsell t'enerallt uaet'ul In an oyater and din ng vakon He m-'ft unde> stand opaning oysters, and (.nu wed rt comiretided as to lioneaty. Apply in the saloon eoraer of !? niton and iVmcordst*. , Bro >klyn. J, 8. Morgan. TIT AM EI)? A M\N, WHO UNDERSTANDS SOME VV thirg oi gardening, and Is willing to aoif errands and t>? generally u e'nt. Apply at the Nursery, IS Aii'h attn1.*, niiou u io l o'clock.