Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 27, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 27, 1856 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. ?OtST lABKIVi WlBWiAT, March W? 6 P> *? stock market opeaed motive and buoyant this ^erniag, and continned soto the dose. Erie, Rral mg, ud Cleveland and Toledo were the most active. The ilnnri for the latter w greater timn we h*Te kaown for aeme month*. The ialea at the first board figw ap abet three thousand ihares, open at 7V4 end cioeing at 80$ per cent. There waa a ?a e at 81 pec oent. buyer sixty days. All the West on railr^1 stocks were in better demand to-day at better price*. Galena and Chicago sold at 1144 per ?ent, tod only a few shares could be obtaiaed at that pric4. ^ Southern cloned Arm at 96 per wo( ^ the offers to sell were not large at that pitcr. Milwaukie and Mississippi Railroad closed At 8#4 P^r ceo* ? sailer three days. Tfc*re are Urge orders in the street for this stock, but it mo not be obtained in any quantity. A few days Mice aome lots were sold at 83J per cent, but ? hundred or two shares could not now be obtained ?Oder 88 to 90 p*r oent. It is worth to-day every oent of par. It is a source of satisfaction to us to know that we have been instrumental in tuning public attention to investments in the stocks of rail roads located in States bordering on the Mississippi lioe. Railroads of that section are far preferable to those of the Eatf, both for security and productive, sees. Cheaply constructed, as a general thing well managed, with large earnings, remunerating prices, moderate operating expenses, there is everything in their favor, compared with the extravagantly con Btrncted, miserably managed, expensive, non-pro dnctive roads of the East. There were large sales of Erie this moming, at a slight improve ment. We understand that a report is about being pot forth reviewing the company's operations for the past year, and setting forth the future policy of the management. It is pretty well known that large expenditures are about being made on the Jersey shore, between Jersey city and Hobiken, for the Erie Railroad Company. It is proposed to tun ad Bergen Hill, and straighten the line of track from the interior to tidewater. This, with the pur chase of land for depots and docks, will require a vast expenditure, all of which must be directly or indirectly assumed by the Erie Railroad Company. Jt would not be a high estimate] to put down this sutlay at two millions of dollars. Lower estimates may be made, but this will ultimately be nearer the figure than any other. Some time ago it was re ported in the street that large expeditures on account of construction would have to come out of this year's net earnings. If the construction account is actually closed there is no other alternative. Con struction on a line of railroad never stops, and it must be provided for in some way , either by an in crease of capital or debt, or by appropriations from ?et earnings. We shall be pleased to see this sub ject properly treated by the intelligent superin tendent of the Erie Railroad. That company is. we fcelicve, the only one in the country where the con struction account is known to be actually closed, Miui if it can be shown that such an extensive road ?an be operated at fifty per cent of its gross income, and the roadway, equipage, Ac., kept in proper con dition, without an increase of capital stock or debt, we shall not hesitate a moment to acknowledge that Mr. McCallum has solved a problem which has long pozzled railroad stockholders in this country. At the second board there was an active demand, at improving prices, for all the leading stocks. Mil waukie and Mississippi Railroad advanced 4 per cent. New York Central, 4; Hudson Railroad, i; Michigan Southern Railroad, 4; Chicago and Rock Island, ft. Alter the board prices were very firm. Galena and Chicago, 114$ bid, 115 asked; Milwaukie and Mississippi Railroad, 864 hid, 87 asked; Cleve land and Toledo, 794 bid, 80 asked; Wisconsin shore Railroad, 73 bid, 73* asked. Erie closed firm at at 56A per cent. The report will be out in a day or two, and if our information in relation to its char acter is correct, the stock will be unfavorably affected. Michigan Southern closed this afternoon firm at 964 per cent. The tendency of Western railroad fiZ-km fo upward. There is a margin for improve ment in most of them, but great discrimination should be exercised by speculators. We have more confidence in the prominent railroads of Illinois and Wisconsin than in any others, and believe that in vestments in them will pay better, immediately or remotely, than stocks of that class in any other sec tion of the country. We have closely and carefully watched the rise and progress of the railroads of the extreme West, and know that in their construc tion and operation they have avoided those evils which have proved so fatal to Eastern companies We do not believe there is a railroad east of Lake Erie that actually earns a dividend. Jh? Assistant Treasurer reports to-day as fol lOWB:-- . . Ml. 064 12 FaM C5 friary account 1.164 68 1 7 5 Baceived 55 Balance 1.308 S2 Paid for A ??ay Office . 4- 92& 97 PaM on dUbuMing eback* ' The receipts include 1100,000 transferred from bullion fund. The warrants entered at the Treasury Depart ment, Washington, on the 24? inst, were as tol lOWB!"" ?(!e oqa rg For tha redemption of stock*. loMi 55 For the Treasury l>*p?rtnient For the Interior Department 20 279 > For CuntoBM ???? 22*779 .1 War warrants rteaivad and entered 1'03ft ? 7 V'Tom miiaatianeoua sources li ?cm , ' , A H. Nicolay's regular semi weekly auction see of stocks and bonds will take place to-morrow, (Thursday,) at 12* o'clock* at the Merchants Ex ^Tho'shoe and leather Bank tas declared a semi annual dividend of four per cent. The Shoe and leather Dealer.' Bank of Boston, has declared a aemi annual dividend of four and a half per cent. The Webster Bank of Boston, pay a dividend of three and a half per cent. The steamship Arabia, from Bo?ton for Liverpool, to-day. takes out $350,000 in specie. The business of the Bellefontaine and Ind.ana Railroad, for the year 1S55, was as follow?:~ m ^ Receipt* torn peeeeager* lfc0 'gl3 4^ Fra-git 24 41'.> 91 Mid Total 57 WoTklrg txpfBiM* $157,470 04 latert^t 83.067 77 Taxea 8,628 40 249.051 21 Net earning* $49,237 6>w> ??afmngn, *b a * ?e, of ISM 'J98 J'< ! 37 " " of 1854 218,011 ?acreage of 1866 $60,28155 The gross earnings of the road since its opening, for through business, in July, 1853, have be- a us follows:? lift?? July to December 31 $100,4. 2 9 i 1854 2:^,010 02 1856 298,293 57 The increase of earninga in 1*55 over 1*54 is 23 j per cent. Tbe name ratio of Increase in 1866 over 1855 would give a* gron* t&rningn *37.1,842 13 Working expense*, *aj $175 000 00 latere ?t and taxes 96,557 77-270, 557 77 Giving net earning* $103,304 3*'. ?which is 5 per cent on the stock. The earnings of the Michigan Central Railroad Company for the second week in March, were as follows: ? 1865. I860. raMesgerp. ...$16,49! 34 16.913 56 I?c...$577 76 Freight 16.794 40 16 946 29 Inc.. 1,160 89 Total $3*2,386 74 32, *58 87 Inc .. *573 13 The treasurer of the leading Railroad Company, to avoid det< ?ion to the holders of the l?on<ls of the com pa .y dne in 1H70, requests tliera to ??ave tfc< c<'U(>'jii8 due on the 1st proximo, at the office of the company, on or before the 31st iast., where receipts will be given, and check* will be ready for delivery on the 1st of April, in exchange for such reefipti*. A ft w <lay * since H. D. Eicon, of tbe firm of Page A Bacon, of St. Louis, recovered a verdl.-t of t'147, 000 against the Ohio tad MMaaippi Railroad 0? pany, in the Untied States District Coort at Syring heJd, 1 11 Lea is. Thefactriof the case are thua staled by a Springfield correspondent of the St. Looia Re publican .? ? A resolution m passed by the Board of Directors of the nU road, is aubataace as follows:? Vbmu, since tue settlement made with Page 4 Ba con, on tha 5th day of Juno, 1866, aad tbe note and deed of trust of that date given to mcuto the balance Ascertained to be their doe, this company have become indebted to the said I 'age t Bacon ui the further ram of $312,133 36, tor money advanced by them ia aid of the construction, equipment, to., of said read, at the request of laid com pany: Therefore? Resolved, That Daniel R. Garrison, Vise President of Mid company, be aathor sed to exeeate and deliver to Page k Baoon their promissory note for the laid a am of $312,133 36, payable to order, to. And also, "that Daniel R. Garrison be authorized to empower any attorney of any court to confesa judgment for said amount. '' It sesma that the note was executed in aoeordance wilh the foregoing resolution, and was subsequently assigned by Page & Bacon to H. D. Baoon, who brought auit upon the same in the t ailed Sta es IHstrict Court for the Southern diatriot of Illinois, now in asaalon at this Judgment was confessed several days sines by an at torney of the oourt, in pur iuanoe of a power of attorney to himaelf from Daniel R. Garrison. The amount of in terest due on the note makes note an 3 interest amount to about $347,010, aa befoie stated. The third annual report of the Delaware, Lncka wana and Western Railroad Company gives the annexed statement of the transportation department dnring the year ending Dec. 31, 1655 Dklawakk, Lackawana awp Wkbtbr* Raiukud The gross earnings of the year amounted to $510,296 Drawback received from the N'cw York and Eric Kail road Company 8,898 From rents 716 Total $528,911 The expense of operating and re pairs f the read, repair <- of machinery aa-1 cars, snpc-intonJ aaioe, to., were $269,243 u0id balance" against the Vew York and Erie Railroad Company 404 }^9,<U7 Showing net revenue of $259,203 Of this amount $61,893 21 has been appropriated to the renewal fond, to provide against the depre ciation of the road and its equipment from use and natural decay. The annexed summary of assets :>nd liabilities, at the close of each of the three past years, shows the progress and condition of the work : ? DKLAWAXB, LACRAWA.\A AM) WttTElOf R-ilLSOAD ASSEEJ a>i> Lumurun. ihr. 31, D*~ 31, Dtc. 31, Liabiiiiitt. 1853. 1854. 18m. Chfital stock $1,958 607 2.8G5.175 3,051,000 Funded debt 900 000 y00,000 2,100,000 Bills payable 110,034 683, dl3 1,187,472 Accounts payable 111,763 172,201 298,392 Interest on bonds....... 31 600 31,745 59,266 Interest on ftock 70,247 81,164 96.614 Renewal fund ? ? 61,893 Coal department fund.. . ? ? 28.976 Total $3,186,051 4,733,890 7,183,615 Balance to the credit of iaome account 32,896 105,381 23,842 Total $3,217,948 4,839,271 7,207,257 Assets. Construction (railroad and equipment) $2,737,839 4,140,315 6,022,666 Coal department? con struction 145.422 244,622 332.613 Mat 'ale on bard at shops 39,691 60,927 76,631 Wood en hand 11,444 3,990 9,148 Coal on band 9,117 24,172 128,641 Bills receivable 126,766 88,447 112,108 Acoountn receivable 67,041 131,822 178,945 Cash on hand 90,036 13,693 41,471 Capital s'k of other Co.'a ? 131,381 280,960 Real estate in New York. ? ? 24,181 Tot*1 $3,517,948 4,839,271 7,207,267 The report, after speaking of the arrangements made for the completion of the connections from the Delaware river southward to Philadelphia and eastward to New York, says: ? In this general view of the connections of our road men tion should he made also ot the I*ckawana and Blooms burg Railroad, by means of wMcii communication will b6 owned with the Southwest and West. About twenty ?tiles ot the northern portion ot this road will be opened tor bupinets In the ensuing spring, and the entire road wid, when completed, be a valuable auxiliary to our own. In aclic'pation of that fact, and tor other reasons detailed at length in our last annual report, this company have furnished a portion ol the means requisite for its cm. stiacticn. We have also important Northern and Northwestern broad-gauge connections via the Oswego, Binghamton and New York, and the lAke Ontario, Auburn and New lork railroads, besides the great New York ani Erie Railrcad. The toimer two, Decides paeling through a fertile and populous region of country, where coal will be in extensive use, and whteh will furnish, in return, agri c nit ural products of large amount, will open a communi cation direct with Lske Ontario and Canada. The Oswego. Binghamton and New York Railroad Is completed ard in operation from Binghamton to Sy re cuse, aad the remaining portion of it norhward will eoubtless be constructed at an early day. The Lake Ontario, Auburn and New York Railroad, the building o' which was suspecdei for a time, is now a boat to be re .-umed, with fcv->ra?le prospects. Through the New York and Erie we have, as it is well known, aecess to a wide extent of country eastward and westward from Great Bend, into whieh our "Scranton coal" has been already introduced, and is favorably regarded, with prospects of a largely increased demand for it in the future. Stock Exchange, _ .. Wkdvwdav. March 26, lUe. 7X02 I. s 62-... Ill* 200 *h* Harlem Rrt s3 20 4000 \ lrrinia 6's. . . 04'i 100 Reading RR.. s3 92* 7000 do s3 W* 2*0 do s3 92* W0 do 64^ 76 do ?3 92? 2C00 Missouri fl's.. . 84* 1(H> do *5 92K 4000 Erie bonds '83 . 93* 200 do blO 92k 1000 Erie bonds '75. 91 1C0 do s3 20C0 HudRlstm bs. 98 1000 do.... ].?3 9>v 26C00 III Cen RR be . s3 91* 100 d?.... b3 92U 400(0 do. s-U 91 * 100 do eSO ' 5!!?2?^do???; ?.,30 260 Mich Cen RR bflO 94 2000 HlFrb* with pry 92 * 75 do ?3 n' t/ lOeOChihReckl RRbs93* 100 MlehS4NInRBb3 95* 120 shs Mechanics'Bk 117 V 100 do b60 06 v 20 Bank of N Y . . . 1? 25 do. '. . . . ' ?? ? Bank ot America. 121 60 do... bio 96 10 do 120* 76 do ......b3 fto 10 Metropolitan Bk. 107* 60 do. . MO 10 Fecn Coal Co ... . 97 * 9 C.ev, ChCln. RR. Jo .v' 10 ? do 98 100 III Cen RR...i)60 Vi o60 Cum Coal Co..bC0 23* 192 do iST*/ '?200 do s3 23', 8 do."*" 100 N Y Cen RK.b30 92* 100 Clev * Puts RR.V. 6#, , ? do 92* 1? Third Avenue RR ?' ?0 do *60 92* 67 Oil 4 Chi RR... 114 W 200 Me Railroad.MO 5<* 100 Clev k lol RR s3 79-; 660 do *3 o?l* 100 da ... .s3 79V 4C0 do slO 56* 660 do.. . .s3 83 100 do f30 56* 100 do glO g.) 250 do V: 56* SCO do *3 Mi' 100 do b.;0 56 * li'50 do..?..l.sC fb'l }?? do bCO 56* 200 do *? 80 100 io b40 51* 100 do b60 81 150 do ?60 56* 200 Chi MUIsBR.e30 <*? 160 do 56* 197 do um 300 do s3 563^ ?0 do b30 9(', i do blO 5>< , 60 MU & Mi?sRS.?a 80 200 do M0 6** SECOND BOARD. $30? III Cen RR Ms. 91* 200 sh?M-iV TdRRbSO o3 . 200 ?hs Nic rr?n Co. 14* 100 dc .10 9j'l 10 NY Central RR. 92* 100 do ??? 60 do b3 92 >4 ICO do..'.'."'bi 96* ,1? do 92-. 100 do... ..'MO 9d* SO# do bjo 92 if ao do .... b30 200 Erie Railroad. . . v* 115 I tnaro* RR . . . !03 60 do *10 .jo* itM Cie? A To! KR . o' rsv 350 do hjO 5:.* 25(0 do.... hJO 80' 175 Milh Miss RR.-3 8- ? 10.) do *30 "9 100 do 86* 100 do.'.;".' - 79* 400 Heading RR. . b60 92 * 300 do o^O 8) * J?? do 92?a 500 do . ...!bl0 80 100 do kIO 92* 100Chik<>IsRR..>jo 96 1C0 do s3 92 1* 10 do. 9; i' 20 Hud River RR.. . 36 12 do. 93 * 26 Mmh Gen RR. . . . Wi* 100 Wi,L-hWeR::&jo 7i " lOMINO FOARD. 1(0 ?bs W Coal A l..ei 44 100 ?lis <r'?rd Oic.*.s',o 1 30 &0 do blO 45 500 do....b20 14S 1000 Conrad Hill. .*30 17c 500 dj . . . hl5 1 4.1 100.N < .arcUa. . . 63 1 !? .100 do . . . . blO 1 ,a J00 do b3 1 95 1000 Aberdeen...blO 16c 100 do ... . b.'iO 2 00 2f r.-aakl'n 3 G 1(100 Gaid'iold.. .*3 1 40 26 do 600 do 6 1 40 1?00 Fior port. . it i CITY lOMJIEllCIAt RKPOftT. WKDMsti/y, March 2fi ? 6 p. M A.-kw ? .J sa'es cf pit* were made ai r, cent* RFiKM<fcTt fTfi.? Klcur ? 1 Dtk was a good ea?t? u de mand lor the better grates, with r*tbe.- more doiug. ft.? sales foottd np about 7.000 a 8,000 b^U., lncludiog - >m mon to chmee du e and W^tern. at $6 87* a 17 26 e*. ^tate ak. $7 25 a $ ? 50, ao 1 low to ^wj m.diucn gr .des of W estern at Si 26 a with soaa 600 boi*. g.?ol ex ra Obm ai 90. Kxt'a (ienesei* ranged froul IS a SlO, vii southern was In good <>nnnd, wi:h sales of at>mt 3 ^oo obi*, at $7 50 a W f>r mix?d and choice branis, and SS 12* $9 for fanty and e'tra. f^na^isn wai in god riiand for the British provinces, and tha saU? retch d 1_.>00 ? ^.^.0 bbls. at $7 37 a 19 26 for good supe-tlae to extra. Meal was hkavy with sales of 400 a 500 ooit. JVT 28 ? ?'? 37 H, and Brao.lywine was at $3 87*^ Rje flour? 200 a 300 bbls. sold at Ma 10 121^ ' Dn ^."up!r"D* "?* ? r ransact ions were ra.f' 2000 'r^Of' hiAels were re|?rted ic lols, %?icg which were 1,000 janlieis nnv>?r colored Teon'ssee d? H?en.d for mUling at ?1 70, an! a lot of laderlor red de ?1 80, white .Southern wa? at $1 86 a ?1 90, and Cana dian do. at $1 90 a tl 92* for prime fjoali'y C,ro Oefng to none trou >1* regariinj the set lemeir of a Is ire contract, the market, wa^ somswhat at a stand. It was alleged that the grain rendered w?? not enusl to sa-nrles hv which It was sold. The mlsunders'^n ilng w?s 9o?' y reteired to a committee of arultratiin. The marfce', how ever, was sacier, and amorg the sales of 20 000 or 26 u'M) bo*hels, w?re 7,000 Soufhe'n mtved a'. 64^^, ?!),i parcels of wbfte at 66?. a 6*c., ard 88c. a 70c for prime yell >w Ry? ? of 7 000 a 8,000 bn?h?l- were maie a?g 1 l.; a, 13',. Ost? we-? in bet er request, wl.h ?nle<> good We>t??in end St**t at 41o. a 42<j. for th* latter and 4<>i for th? former. O ff rr ? A'? 12,0no 1 cf e-, micro Rio, 10 t'il v delpbis. sf'ld b?r* a lo*?, a ll*r, ftnd nt lfg> of jam ?: n,'4c b 12;^C. ?orro.i.? The sales ?mtoaoad o? the M ud in traa tfta, about 4,600 bales, tlw market *htong ftrm. Fbbcotb.? Raten to liwarpool weva raUMr firmer, sad about 30,000 buabelafiaia, in bulk, war* tanged at 7d. ; about 1,2(00 a 1.500 balaa ot cotton, at 9-82? for eon pesaed, and 6-lfid. tor naanaiproaaad; Seakfcnd wan at 7 16d.; 800 boxaa bacon were engaged at 27a. 6d., and 7 CO boxes chceee, at 30a., and 100 tlareaa beef at p. t. ; floor na nominal at 2a. fid. aiibed. To London 100 bbla lard ware taken at 22a. 6d_, and 500 boxaa akueaa at 35h. ; To Havre cotton waa engaged at \a. To California, ratea ranged from 30o. to 36c. par foot measurement Fri'it? 300 boxen Malaga ralalaa gold at *3 26, and 150 do. lajers at $3 60, and 600 boxaa Valencia*, at 5Ve. y ? The market waa steady, with moderate galea at SI 12 a 91 18 V. Moutaoa ? rbe market waa again active, and at Im proving prices. The aalee included about 1,600 bbU. New Orleans, at 43c. a 46c. ; 60 hhda. Porto Ruo, at 41c., and 40 do. Cuba muscovado, at 30c. Naval Stoma ?Hales of 190 bbls. spirits turpentine wara made at 87 Xa.. aad 600 bbla. rosin par 310 lot., de livered, at 91 00. Paoviswxa ? Pork ? Owing to maturing contrasts the market waa firmer, with more doing. Toe aalee were 000 to 700 bbla., including mess at $15 b7 S , prime was scarce and firm at 915; prime mesa waa at 916a 917, and rumps at 914 a 914 26. Beef waa in fair request for country mass and prime, with aalea of about 250 bbla. at old prior s. There waa no alteration to notice in repacked Western or in prime mesa. Sales of 60 bbla. beef hams were mace at 913 a 910 60. Cut meats wara firm. About 160 packages were sold, at 7)ic. a 7\?. for shoulders, and at 8\c. a ?)*& for hams. About 200 a 300 bola. lard were reported, at 9 *?c. a 10c. Baiter was in good supply, with sales of fair State at 20c. a 23c.: good fiesh do. at 24c. a 26o., and Orange county 26c a 27o. Cheese was dall at 8c. a 10)fe Rmi Kstats ?2 lots, with building*, No*. 424 and 426, in Tenth avenue, 21x92, 95,900; bouse and lot on Fifty third street, near avenue A, '21x100. 93,000; do. near First avenue, 99 700; do. on Fifty third street, near Third avenua, 17x100, 94 800; do. on Forty-seventh saeet, be tween Second and Third avenues. JtxlOO $( 50; 1 lot ad joining, 24x100, 9860; do. d>. 24x100, 9925; 2 lota on fcigf ty-fourth street, bevweoa Third and Fourth avenues, 26x102, 91,500; 1 on Eighty-fourth street, between Fourth and Fifth avenues. 26x102, $8!:0; 1 lot on Eighth avtnce, with buildlEga. 911,000, 1 on Thirty-sixth stree, between Klshh and Nintti aveuuea, $2,200; 1 oorner Seventh avenue and Eighty- fourth street. 9750; 2 on Thirty-ninth street, near Jiaduoa avenue, 25x90, 97.A00. ttim?SSrn ot 200 casts were made at 4>4o. a %M per lb. ; Si-gars were more active, while prices fevored pur chasers. The sales embraend about 1,000 a 1,100 bhis., incln^irg Cuba, chiefly for n dnlcg, at 6J?c. a 7 >4'c , with the chief lot at f Jf9- a 7>*'c. ; with a lot of Porto Rico, a prim? ram pie of which was told at 8)^0. Whuskiy. ? Sates of 150 a 2G0 bola. Ohio and State priron were reported at 28c. a 29c. .NEW YORK. CATTLE MARKET. Wbi.mbiiay, March 28, I860. Ther*" was a further deslln* in the market for oeef cat tle at Alierton's to-day, owing to the continued large receipts. Trices are about one cent per pound lower than '?ast week, but when it U considered teat the quality of the stock was not near no good to-day, the actual decline ran barely be called no.e than >?c. TaKing into 000 Alteration the large number of ca.tle on sals (2,229 for the day, ard 3,091 for the weea), we have rarely seen si rev good beeves at this market, and never, perhaps a larger I number of inferior. The top; rice was lie., the average about 10., and the lowest quotations 7a8c. Thegeneral im pression among the brokers, when our reporter left, was that agocdly portion of's off?ringn would not fio4 outers. (Jowt and calves are more plenty and dull of sale. Some i'aL- &nd good qualities sold at $36*50. Veal Calves are also becoming quite abundant, and prioes have a downward inclination. Sales at 63^a7^e., aa in quality. Demand moderate. Sheep and Lambs maintain about lai-t week's prices. Some of the best sold as high aa 915 per head. Swine are rather dull, but not lower. Prict*. Beef cattle extra quality, per 100 lbs.... 910 50 a 911 00 Do. good quali'y 9 50 a 10 00 Do. common... ,. 9 00 a ? Do. inferior 7 00 a 8 00 Cows and calves, extra 60 00 a 70 00 Do. good 45 00 a 65 00 Do. common 25 00 a 35 00 Veals 5>ao. a fi\o Do. extra ? a 7)fc Sheep and lambs 3 50 a 7 00 Do. extra...., ?a 15 00 The following table shows from what part of the coun try, and by what convej antes, the supplies came:? Ohio beeves 1,411 Harlem K.? Cattle . .. ?07 Indiana 696 Cows and calves ... . 67 Illinois 213 Veal calves 427 Kentucky 432 Sheep and lambs.... 764 Virginia.. 68 Hudson R.? Beeves.. .1,761 New York 131 Swine 620 Pennsylvania 30 Erie R.? Beeves 860 On foot, cattle 98 Camden and Amboy R. 103 There was a itir supply of all kinds of stock at Brown ing's, and prices hare fallen off about lc. a 1 J?c. per lb. for beef cattle, wnlle other descriptions remain about the same ax last week, with the exception or eows and calves, which have fallen off about 95 per head. The following are the supplies:? 832 beef cattle, 97 a $10; 63 00 wi and calves, $30 a 956 ; 76 veal calves, 6c. a 8>;c. There was but a moderate aupply of beef cattle at Ctamter'ain's, and prices ranged trcm 7c. to 10c. p?r lb. f which is a alight deeiine. Other stock about the same as last week. Sales aa follows:? 253 beef cattle, $7 a $10; 61 cows and calves $26 40 a $66; 2,891 sbeep ana lambs, 2>?e. a 6c, ; 68 veal calves, live wsight, 6>?c. a 7c. Sales by James Carty at Browning's :? 100 sheep and lambs $660 00 98 sheep and lamb* .9539 00 6 do 46 00 60 do 460 00 70 do 332 60 97 do 388 00 306 do, 1,643 68 10 do 69 00 100 do 626 00 867 sheep and lambe at 94,943 68 Average per head, 96 36. Sales made by Samuel IfcGraw, at Browning's: ? 51 sheep and lambs. 9382 50 2 shee a and lambe.. 918 00 62 do 390 00 21 do 167 50 126 9848 00 The supply at O'Brien's was somewhat limited, and with a fair demand for beef cattle previous prices were nearly or quite sustained, varj iag from 8 to 10)?c. per lb. Cows and calvea dull, with a good supply. :oae ot them are very fine, and brirg as high aa 970. The sales were as follows:? 160 beeves, 98 a 910 50; 124 oows and calves, $26 a 970 ; 86 veal calves, 6c. a 7>ic. KBCAPITriJlTlOM. Cowi and Veal Sheep <6 Beeves. Calvet. Caloet. Lamb*. Alierton's. 3,091 67 427 764 Browning's 320 63 76 1,668 Cliamberiain'i 263 61 58 2,891 O'Brien*,,., ,, .... 160 124 86 ? total 3,824 306 647 5^323 ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DA; Q BKWlilG MACalSjKj7 SKWliO MAi HIKfce.-LETriJRS PaTE? f OK H^S VDitcd Stm'ei were issued to A. B. Ely, upon applicauo i ot Jatham S. i onant. dated June 16, 185i, In which the o aim i < stated thus:?" What i claim ai my lnv??Uoo, and desire lo se cur* by letter! patent, u an endless rotary olot.i feeder lnc< n blnatlot with a rcriprocating needle or needles ?ubstsitiauv aa described. " 1 itb?r:ett< rs patent were, issued to A. ? Wil soi , November 12, 1850. and re issued Jan. 22, 18&S. The re issued patent contains the lollowlng e alus:? 1. I do elaim, as ot my own Invention, the method of causing the -loth, or material to he sewed In a sewing machine, to pro gress regularly by the joint action o! the sun'aoea vtweej wrirb It is cianmed. ard which t t in c raja no 'ion subitantu, ly lit the ner and lor the purposes herein specified. 3. 1 ciala? ar>a rgtr,g feeding stir'aces su'.eUEttally, suih as are herein ? -.fir* 12 such re'atlon to the needle ae berriii sc forth that '.bey or one ot 'hem -hill pernrm the ofl ice of strip, j, tne cloth j r materia' -'rom the needle as it rtsea or re cedes in rn it, as herein desc bed. 4. I claim so mounting and utaching one of the feeding sj taces to soni". othtr part ot tht m\ciiin<-, tha. it m a? he rem or ur?-A ti awa) 'rcn. thfc o.bir surface at pieae ire, subs in Hj in i he rnanr.f r and to etrect the Dijec'a here n set for h. a'1 perse/ s are '?kut;or,td again ?? making, using, or vendiaz sny eewit g machine having an} ot the t. >ove devices, eirspt ,r-ets?'l by us si all ?uch machines In'r.rjgB the>e twode*r and Itdifputkble pnent?, wni. h wll be ^'rlc'.ly enforce 1. hut's ?re now pending In nouthern dt't.rict. of New Y ^rk, and u .Mt'it h ;>,etts, sgaln't the so called Singer ma:hlne?, v blch are a most manliest mr-in^ement <il ioth these paisnts All otter sew.rg machines, saving either a rotary feed wr.eel or a pressing plate lor 1 oldlnp the wort to 'b? surface ot tha machine, are infringement* ot >m or both o .' thee pateiti .Machine* duly licensed under ho b these pa eon, well a? the Howe pa ent, will be loud ?t the ofli ei of tie Wheeler * N *rr. Ma- i/a '.j-irg CosiNliy, and tre Orover & -tas' Fe? !bk Machine cmosnv, 341 srd 4<)5 Br tadwav. > A 1 H A .% 1 e.L Hh* hi.hrt. :'4< Headway, '). B. l-oTr&R 406 Bro-wl vay. ?rnprtijUirs of the aiove paten s, LBOAli rnmcKH. \tew Y'(hK BtPbtMltOOCRT. J*aiSHA 3. KEYSIIR Xl aguist Krrest Ke' se.* uad others. ? la pam ioa.? For tijar- to ,1 Judgment entered in the ah vc cause on the 19th d*y of Ternary, IBftrt, 'he imderng^ed. a referee appointed by die tourt s l!l sell, at pnoiic auc'iun, a' the -Vlerch?tiU' Kzciiauge, 01. toe '4 d:.y of ji nr. rext, at 1J r'clM-t. soon, of thai il*v, ai! ;bat ce am 10 01 gro itd, > h ihe D'u^iinKs t nereon. s'tuais a??d lying m the sever, eetsth r rd of the ' .ly of Pe<v Yort, " n nod dese -ibed In a ctartor m?p of 'he e?t?ie of Tr.met hsq nude by hvert Hm.cker, :.?> iot lie. 220 (:wc h-indieo hi a tw?tt>) ftonuog on he lloaery, and bounded as follows . Westerly by the Bowery, afcres-ud: northerly by lot miPihered r>t. :lie tnap aiore? two hundred and tyvntr ne; 'oii'lteriy y lot rumberefl u >ail in*;r :wi b indrei and nrje.e?n; ?a?!?r'j by o* on t'lrst. no w 'tbr, sue street, con tan log 11 trxmt a.d rear e?eb twenty five's t acd in itngh or the Eor'herly side, one hundred aed ?eventv th'ee feet m Inches and o? 'he inntherly side one hundred anc. seventy ons feet, be the sale, dimension* lore or iecs. New V oi< a, Ke.ruary 19, 1H5<',. GBO a W*TKRS Referee. ClliRtM H. Wisr,, Attornej for P aioulf. The ahoTe tren.lses are commonly (l-f.rn*'e1 by "Jie *treei pnmi er ^31 Bowery. QmiMI OMM.-UU *. Yf)trN<i aoainat on ?, W. E' wards and ethers. - In parsmrioe ot ail order nail and enie ed In th ? a>A on the id h da; of M&rth, 1HM, | will expoe* fiir ?ale at ?!!? --'ahle-s of th-. Kmpireand ^averts lire ot ?t??e?. un the ?ootlie-l? side of Trrw -nlxth street. ?? tween S I tth avenue Mid Soail'.vav In th?. elt* of SewYock, on iheT-b .'ay 11' April, If'.Vi, a. lOo'c -;k in .he f i^einoon, the fic'i owing described proj^rt?, vlj; Two erf stages if anin1M.s? s. csl ed the Kn>^lre Hneand ITave'le' line of stages, enrols# 'r.-im Forty alrth street to ud from the rio thforrr, throngb Iroadway, hlghUi and Ninth streots and '?Lt h ave nue: a&d slao the will and Ucensenof wk* two lines, and all tie stages, bfirsee and all other goods acd chattels men Uotitd in :be eehedu e ann?i?d ui mortgase. dencnued !n the eomr alrt H> this arum, and 'herein ?Utie? to nonaiat of etAges or rmr.l- tnea le.rses, harness, collars, belK, bay cuivsra, hors- pewer extra w heels, stage s tlghs, piali wagoaa,whM harrows, truoke, fead wagon, ttre bender, lire setter, extra carriage parta and axles, lnc tiding 1 -on s*fe, trane ehalna. extra ctishl ns, etirlod hair, llgut li?rness. leading hars, ferbs. snoveis. Maek'mitli's and wheelwright's too s ar o ms.sria s frot rising bar iron r.ld Iror., spring steel , nails, ser? ss. hairiirers, anvils vices dniling maculae saw/, 0U1 M,iumo?.r, falioee. hubs, sp^kse btngea, stage po'es ,te,; paiDia and palotiiig inu leite?:s unil n<ateri?Js, o mprHng palls, ol a. giasa turpenttno, brushes, paint pMs, varnish, tw. , nn. i,efs naitlrig U.-hl ard materias, lno'udirtg oatb?r. o'l r oth t iush. blattets. tf.i hay, oalg straw, meal and home ???d, s^nd a s surh res srtlcles as have been added t/> saW lines >>v ll>s defendnnts, nlaimtng to le proprietor! o? said lines. s|Ve lb* said ?wme into tflelr poseeasme. ex"?pWr ? certat' srile es no longer re?'.a "log m the lie an Inveelo-f ? t s t tiie B'Ueleato B?* ?> d wl.' Ke ready in or beloce the dat ef >H ?? T*r t>er ee?t to he paid on the da , of sate, the '.difinei- n thi-tv 4ays after f r iKK * U'.''1 A. "ItHRIAK, Hsferee and Heeefve* )Ce v V-.fb MAruft lft. 18W 1*0 rtOI Broadway, ft 7. VTlVAJfClAI* $999,500 dlootm, m. On Mi*1*1? tlP****". Imim. 4c. ridMuu1 Tiam Bmu J. MAQPOFF too, 3M ?wHwiy. #finn nnn-nom 10 lo ax or watou. dia lOUU.UUU xwU, Jewelry, ? egan. dry pok ui ?0 kinds el personal property, or Wi^ghtlar seek, udtlnfor ?ile cheap- ???, boada, mortgagee, etoeka, to., negotiated. So. KU f> wn aueet, rooms No. 2 and l>i, corner afAnn. THOMPSON A CO . broken and eoiiseleakm merchants. $170,000 T)tJ?rj!*M Mia property, it nor* mi y i . ON DIAMONDS, WATCHES, segan, dry food a, and all valu able property, at Bore May rates than at any other office Id the elfy, or bought for oash. Notes and mortgagee negotiated. Buainet a prompt and confidential Office houra man ? to 6. at the old office of BJU.IBTKD A CO., 36 John atreet, room 3, secnd floor. Ao nnn wa*tbd-om bond and mortgage, fO.UUu at alx per cent, for 3 or 6 yean, on city property worth $20,000, nolac umbered. Apply to WM. M. McKlMM, at Bleecfcer and CMm atreete, any day before ?|A. K. ? 7 nnft-l* SMALL FIRST MOBTGAGKS ON V I ,VUU Brooklyn property, for aale, at 20 per cent die eotinL 1 hey are well seetzred. Inquire o( TaPPKN Tu WN BEN D, 82 Nassau afreet, up atalre. $5,000." -WANTED TO LOAN THE ABOVE ? amount for one or two yean, for which good security will be given, and a hberal bonus will be paid. Ad drew, for three days, J. T., Herald office. <fe A nnn~FIBST 801,0 and hortgage, skmi fT.UUu annual Interest six per cent, payable at the Me tropolitan Bask, to exchange for merchandise. For partial lan, call from 10 to 12, on T. A. HOWLAN1), 11 Pine atreet, r<x m 22. d>o enn -wanted, on bond and mobtoaoe, JO.dUv. on Improved property on States Island, for a term of jesrs, as may be agrted on, of tour times the value. None bu> juincipala need apply. For further particulars, address S. TL, bnx 3,274 Post office. NT AMOUNT OF MONET TO LOAN ON SHORT terms, and purehaae ateaahpriees diamonds, watches, A

plate, rich jewelry and valuable peraaaai property generally. R. WOOD, 00 Fuiton street, seeond Uii?r,gMH^H I M. to A P. M. A lew superior oil r-'-itiagr gain, or exchanged for aserehandfee. Atlantic fibe inbubance company of brook lyn, March 1. IBM.? A semi annual dividend of eight per seat ha a this day been deelared, casabe on demand. HORATIO DORR, Becrctary. American glabs silvering compant.-new \ ork, March 19, 1886.? Notice la hereby given to the stock holders of the American Glars Slivering Compay, that the Board ot Directors have this day made an aaseeament of five d <llers a stare on each chare of one hundred dollars of the ropttal atock ol eaid company payable on the 30th day of April next, at the rffieecfthe company, 44 I)uane street. Mew lurk. Tie transfer book will be closed until May 1st. Ihfiti PKT?R B. CtPHBRM, Secretary. BUSINKSS NOTES, LOANS, Ac.-S. B. JACOBS, NO. 21 W all street, (basement ) will make advancea and pur chare business paper. Hat, cap and far manufacturer!!', clothing macufacturerk' or wholesale drytgoods psp err, preferred. COCHrrUATE BANK, BC8TON -NOBLE A MECKLEM, No. 193 Greenwich street, will pay the highest price tor Cochitnate Bank notea during this week. Holdera of these notes are reminded that they must be presented to the receiver in Boston previous to April 1, as they will be worthless after that date. Eabt rivbr bavin gb bank, no. s chambers street, two doors trom Chatham ?Interest at the rate of six per cent per annum on snms o: 96 and lesa than SfiOO; and five per cent on sums ot 1600 and upwards. All autna deposit ed on or before the 1st day of April next will draw interest bom that day. Bank cpen daily tram 10 A. M. till 2 P. M. , and on Thonday trom 5 to 7 P. M. PETER H. T1TUB, President. C. A. Whitney. Secretary. ONET TO LOAN? ON DIAMONDS. WATOHB8, JET ? etry, pianos, dry goods, eegan and every iiaaci<ntiot I M Money.? a gentuujan having a few thou sand dollars unemployed, and not wishing to engage in buanese, will purchase, with tne privilege of again redeem lug them, watches, articles ol jewelry and plate, at a fatr valuation. Persona In want of email anma of money, tor short periods of time, may re'y on being treated with liberality, and m strict confidence. Apply personally, or ay note to Mr. FIL Gl AMS, No. ?62 Broadway, first floor, tear of Dr. Reese's office, near Union square. New tore loan offce and real estat Agetcy. 305 Broadway, corner ot Daane street, room Ne. 3, third Door.? The proprietor Is now prepared to loan or . bay lor cash all descriptions of personal property, watchea diamonda, Ac ; hoi sea, carriages, harness, cloths, stlks. md | also works of art. Business prompt, accommodating and roa fidentiaL Private offioes tor the reception of ladlea. N. B ? Parties waited upon at their residence*. /OFFICE OF THE NEW YOBK AND BEW HAVEN V/ Railroad Company. No. 1 Hanover atreet? Notice tc bondhc'ders Holders cf 7 per sent bonds of this company. are hereby notified, that In Pursuance of an act of the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut, pissed at Ha last May aeaaion. toe treasurer ia authorized and prepared to exchange ior the outatanding bonds bearing 7 per oent interest and not secured 1y mortgage bonds authorized by the before mentioned act, beating 6 per cent Interest, and secured by an only mort gag* the company 's road, franchises. Ac. Bald exchange will be made at thiaoffiae until further notice. By order of the D rebtorsL WILLIAM BEMENT, Treaaonr. i at thiaoffiae until further notice. By order of the Di WI New York, March 11, 1B56. SAVINGS BANK.? MARINERS' SAVINGS INSTITC tion, corner of Third avenue and Ninth atreet, fbr the bene fit of all clnasea of ptraons. Interest allowed at the rate of 0 per cent on sums or 1600 and under, and 9 per eent on snms above S600 All snms deposited on or before tne 1st of April will draw Interest from that day. Bank open daily from 9 A. M to 2 p. m., and on Wednesdays and Saturdays from S to 8 o'clock, P. M. THOMAS B. STILLMAN, President P. W. Engs, Ftrat Viee President. Haac T. Bmith. Secretary. THE MANHATTAN GAB LIGHT COMPANY HEREBY give notice, that trom and atter the let of October the price of their gas will be reduced from three doilan to two and a half dollars per 1,000 cubic feet B. a HOW AM). Secretary. TO Capitalists.? a southern bank chartkr, of very liberal privileges, ia now ottered lor aale Ad drets Mr. W., care of Messrs. Firth, Pond <fc Co., No. 1 Frank lin square. The pabk bank -notice.? subscribers to thb capital stock of tola bank are respectfully requested to pay the finai lzstalment ot ninety per cent upon th*lr subscrtptloss on Monday, March ?1, 1B66, at their banking bouse, at the he vi ot Beekman street, near the Park, at which time toe bank wlf! be opened for builnees. By order ef the Board of Directors New Yore, March 10. 18M. C. A. MACT, President WANTED -TO LOAN, TWO HUNDRED DOLLAR.-* for which ampie security will be riven on silver. Inte rest allowed. Address Mortimer, Herald effiee. CLOTHING, AC. C1 Ann WORTH OF NEW AND CAFT CFF OLOtE JpO.UUU ing waatod.? THOS. D. COM ROY, licensed v buy clothing of every deserrpUon. Gentlemen having large ? small lets to dlapeae of wtl! receive tbe high?st pries for met* a calling at 'be More or widreaatng Thouaa D. Cocroy, No Pearl street. nnn WORTH OF CAST OF- CLOTHING WANT VMauvU ed? Ihe highest price given and caih p?.d in ennsnt money. Gentlemen having good ieftott or super im .-?us clothirg to diiprte of, can obtain liberal prices by sending their addrssa. or catting on J AM KB MORONBY, 122 WaJker street, near Centre. CABT OFF CLOlHING.- PKRS0N8 HAVING ANY Tj diipose of, rill obtain a lair cash price b.v sending to M. b. COHEN, fid Kim atreet, ajo fancy and party dresses oough'. N. b.? 1-Mdrtss attendel to. b j Mrs. Cohen. t LOTH IN G.-- LADIK8 OR OB*T!.SMKN HAViMG AN.l _ to dispose or can receive a fair cash price by sanding us the more. *o. 12 Laoreus street, near Canal or No. 61 Wnu Brsad^ay, Cr letter by post. Laditu atteLded by Mrs. Cob>K. H. COHEN. LOTH I NO ANO FIRNltCRE WANT*f>.-LAOI?8 aLd uect'einen tiav.f g ant io dirpose at, u?n reoeive ihe hi((he?t trice lor thr psme b.v Bending to ii- W. OL'SBE^O JKl', 13 E m s'ree'. Ladlea attended to h? Mrs. D. LIulES' AND CHILORKN'S CL<JTHf.NO? A sPLi.? did ancr'mentl of tae newest and mo?. apprfved s'y.ei, teieited by the last srrivaU, are now open ana .or sile by s. r"li A MHkRfi. successor to BrKibroolr. S97 Broadw?>, teu 1-. opposite htewRrt's, between headeand Duane sje^ia. SMITH BROTBIH'B osr rmrs clothing warehouses, 122 ar.d 140 Fu'trr str<^<v. The rrke is marke<l ot a J Jit- gr -ns in pixln flpurtj. Nc ee?i?tlc? In prices. KM1TH BttOTBl-yW, 122 and 140 Puluin suee). rT?C THE FtHK DEPARTM KFT. 1 KMiTH V- OTBKRB, 112 and 140 Fm-iin street, N. T , Mfcnulactnrers of fire eiothes. Call ih? attention of firemen to their tarae rtock of drab 'Jii blue MMi pi'ot and felt cloth" wbiet 'itf h?vf m w on hnd, of their fire cns.u, can be seen at 'heir ftorcs. SMITH BROTBRRH, 122 and 140 Fultft street ASTROLOGY ? gTROLOGY. - THE CELEB HA I ED MAS FXSC P trom Pails whom rnMlnn hss been constantly couulx i f Napoleon 1 . gives true inforinsikm on ail event* of U' . tine* tons about buameaa, love, marriage. 4c., are answe-n t y the power at magntUHm, al2<W Broome street, second gt*ta>, door No. i ARTROLOCY ? DR. WILSON, LATB of to P ROOMS ttree', can be consulted ou all events ot lite at his offi ? , 172 Ileiancev street. Terms? Ladle*, SO rent* gentlemen, ft. Birth reuuUnd and do b.initug natd. 8TKOLOOY. M. BBUUK, THB HyI#Kk1uU8 VK11 ed lady, ha* returned to the city for a rhort time oc) * and ran be consulted wHh en ai 1 events of Hfe at her in 1 "<n? } Ml Canal ulrett, two doors east of Broadway, up stairs, tnlru Boor. Honrs from 10 A. M. to 0 P. 11. Fee SO cent*. AnuJIIMBINU TO ALL. -MAD A MR MOKBOW, XHlt seventh daughter, has a natural gift to tell pa?it, oreeeu and future events, and all the con earn* of life, even the ver? tho-igMa, aid wlU eatue speedy marriages . and nhrvv .ho .Ike a esse* of the Intended bushandaaod absent rnends. and will bring together those who are separated, who will enjoy <r? jr-eate?l happiness of matrimonial hllse. All who wll cood luck may call soon for relief and eonfort Thousands hare ei pressed their belief that she is the most wonderful astrologut lx the world, or that has ever teen known, though she practt tothlng but what Is reeonclleaole to phi ioeop hern, no chirp* II not sattofled. 7" Broome street, between Cannon and Ool am bia. (ientlMMn not admitted. t ^ABX)i? MAPAME PRRWSfii RETURIfR THAHKB 10 Vv her fcenrts and patrons, and begs to nay that after the thousands, both in this eitv and Pbl'adalpbla, who have tod suited her with en'lre satisfaction, she feels conOdrot that hi questions of astrology, love and law matters, and book* of oracle*, a* relied on constancy by NapoTeon, she has no equal; she will tell theoame of the future husband, ana alio the name of her vlsl'er. 7# Msdlson street. Speedy and sure cure if plies had com* by a remedy of her own. CMjAibvoyahck - mk-\ liTB, raf oiioQCL J Spring met clstrvoyant, has removed to 176 Grand street, mldwav between Broadway and Biwery. Mr*. Hayes Is one of tl-e mo?t superior cltlrvojants we have In this country. ?Wonderful cures by her clalrvoysat powers Call *nd see 'or yoniselve* In almost every town and village tnro'irhoul. ibis country men and wiroen can testify that their lives have been saved, or their health has been res orel to 'hem hy Mrs. Hayes All dl<e*"ft? onred, it curable. Satisfactory examtna Hons Klvec 'o ail. remrir.lier, or no pay taken. DOCTOR I'AYKR, Rlectndan, 171 Oran I ?l reef. MkRMKRIRM.? DR. BBROHVlBr. OOB R KbPobImSm of the Mesmerie RneteV "f J vis. treat" by me Ti?rl tm the rheoma'l*m, llw? r complaint, nerve ctmp'atnti. neural** hys er a eptler s'- and all k'ndsof d.sea'^s regs*d''d ae bopgJMR, Ofllie <K0>? Broome street, New Fort. A Mnximtm* oaju) fbom mrs. garter, an A Breedway.? la iTitlthii to my so rise faspsetoUoa o f Peris millinery , Ik* **.0* of ladki iTUrScSSZlled to Uw ?f| ?tc?5 of Uncy straw and KMpoUtao bennett frca materials of cor m importation. tad all of worn Hkt. and with Ike superior laJent always employed at this establishment. and My own well knows taste that few houaea In the buunsea oan compete and can la rieh nessor twenty .?*?*??. "Jownaaa of price. A new style timjum' and eUidrsB's bonncto* great variety, and well wormy the attention of those purobaMng. Four experienced sail liners wanted. CARTER'S Don! ton Lace Factory ul Millinery, 883 Broad way. BUfHIOin.-THl OBYtTil. F1LAOI FIRST PRIZH r medal, emporium of Fashions.? Mm. DEMO KlfiT, 376 Broadway, Interne the public that bar branch atore, 7?X Canal street, opposite Greene, contains the meal elegant and kriietic designs of pat tenia ever o tiered, under the auperlntendenee of Mme. GoodalL G SKIN'S BAZAAR, 813 BROADWAY.? OPENING THIS day ot a large assortment of ladles' and children's bon net*. JW. GAT. DBALEB IN MILLINERY GOODS, 258 . Greenwich atreet? Pattern, dreaa and bridal bonneto. drew, cap* and head dreeMe; the largeet aaaortment of itraw bonxeta in the city; alao flowers, ribbons, auks, Ac.; wood and plaater bonnet blocks, pressing machines, Ac. Terms liberal o the trade. llyf IBS ALICE MORGAN WILL OPEN PARIS MILLINBBY iVi thlo day , (Iborsday ), March 27, at #04 Broadway, opposite St. Nicholas Hotel. Madam josbphins finislb, u? grand street, oorner of Broadway, wl'l open, on Thursday, 27 th In at., ler assortment of spring Paris mi llnery, Ac. Madame kahn, frsnch millinery, s biyibion street. N. Y. , respectfully informs her frtands and the (ma lic that she has just received a lull assortment of genuine Paris pattern bonnets, and supplies them to the trade at very mo derate prices. Country milliners particularly would do well to call soon, before purchasing eisewhere. MRS. M. H. PRESTON RESPECTFULLY INFORMS her patrons and the public that the will ooen a splendid assortment of spring millinery on Thursday, March 27, at her store and show rooms, No. 242 Bowery, between Prince and Houston streets. MM. DAYTON A CO. WILL OPEN THH SPRING ? style ot bonnets Thursday, March 27, and will be nappy to see their friends. _ M ILLINKRY, ? MR8. W. BALLINGS, (57 CANAL STREET, ill and at her new store, Stifi Broadway, will open cases or soring Parisian bonnets, received by the Persia, direct Iron Paris, on Thursday, March 27. She invitee the attention of ladies generally. ILLINKRY GOODS- " MARTIN A LAWSON, Importers and Jobbers, Have opened In their new store, 364 Broadway, corner of Franklin street. The largest and most attractive assortment lo be tound In the city, to wTi'ch they invite the attention ol milliner* and dealen. rUEHOB STRAW AND rATTSK* BONNETS, ARTIFICIAL ITOWKKS, RIBBONS, IULKS, ETC. Vf ILLINERY OPENING.? MRS. G. MOHLE WILL OPRN, iVl on Taur>dsy, March 27, a splendid assortment of French pattern bennete, ribbons, laces, straw goods, artidcial flowers, Ao Ac. Also, a large assortment of her own manufacture. Richness, variety and elegance, oombined with ehe.pness. 0. MOHLE, 246 Eighth avenue. Between Twenty second and Twenty-third streets. MILLINERY.-GRAND OPENING OF SPRING MIL llnery at Btuart's store and show rooms, No. 252 Bowery, between Prince and Houaton streets, on Thursday. March 27. A large variety of fancy and mourning bonnets will be dis placed. ?WTLLINEBY GOOD8.-GEO. N. CUTTER, IMPORTER, iTl is now opening, at his new store. No. 370 Broadway, Paris pattern and straw bonnets, rich flowers, wreaths, fea thers, Ac., to which attention Is Invited. /\PHNIKG OF FASHIONABLE SPRING AND HUMMER U millinery.? Mrs. HcDuNal.1). 19>i Division street, will open this day, (Thursday,) the 27th, a splendid assortment of lfcshionable millinery, consisting ot several oases of Preach bonnets. Besides those of her own matufacture, which, for ele gance std style, are universally admired; also, several eases ot straw hats. Merchants and country milliners would find It to their advantage to call at 19}, Division f reet. PARIB MILLINERY.? MRS. J. H. G08S0N INFORMS her numerous customers that she has opened a splendid ast ortment of ladles' bonnets, dress caps and head dresses. Merchants and milliners are invited to cslL No. 373 Broadway. PREMIUM MILLINARY.? MR8. LAZARUS ISAACS, NO. 3 PK Division street, begs most respectfully to inform the ladies In general that she has opened a large and well selected stock of spring millinery, which she lnvtteejhe attention of ladles to call and examine for themselves. Jf. B,? Country milliners supplied at very low prices. R ICH FLOWERS AND FEATHERS. M. CAFFI, Importer of Frmtch Artificial Flowbrs, Bridal a*d Boiksb W hiatus, Ornamknts, Ostrich and Marabout Fiatbbrs, Pajus PiirsRi Botnrm. 406 Broadway. SPRING MILLINKRY GOODS. NOS. 20 AJtD 22 Jo HI* STREET. the undersigned, having extended the dimensions of his warerooms bj the addition at another iiore, is now prepared to otter to the trade an extensive stock of goods hi each of the several departments of his basinets. THE SILK GOODS DEPA RTM F.JfT eomp rises ribbons, silks, laces, and ail articles belongtng to that branch of the trade, and is constantly being replenished bj importations and purchases at auction. IN THE STRAW GOODS DBPAHTKEIfT may be found every description of Italian, French and Eng lish straw bonnets, Leghorn hate. Neapolitan and straw la/.tj. edgings, trimmings, Ac., together with a splendid stock of * rench flowers, of new and unusually rich and beautiful de signs. nt THE SILK eoirwrr show rooms are exhibited the most magalflctnt French pattern bonnets, of his own importation, as wall as a very large assortment from his own manufactory, unequalled la toe variety and elegance ot style and finish. THE BREW CAP DEPARTMENT, just added, Is a new and attractive feature of the establishment, and the articles exhibited cannot be surpassed in the beauty and tasteiolness of their pattens and designs. All the above goods are offered to the trade at moderate prices, and a call respectfully sollcated. B. f. WILDE. Hoe 20 and 22 John street. SPRING MILLINERY.? MADAME KLRINSCHMIDT, 274 Bowery, between Prince end Houston streets most re snectfully calls tbe attention of ladies to her large and elegant stock of Paris millinery, c insisting of silk, lace, straw bonne's, French flowers, ribbons, Ac-, Ac., which sue offers at moderate prices. STRAW GOODS! STRAW GOODS? Ribsohs, French Flowers? Buds, Piquets, Straw sheets? Straw Twist Materia] tor Florists. Ac., at reduced prices for CaSH. HOMRK A KETCnUM, 64 and 66 John street, corner ot William. SPRING RIBBONSfAND MILLINERY GOODS, AT WHOLESALE. The subscriber has just opened 6,000 boxes of elegant spring ribbons, and an extensive variety of all kinds crt mll.lnery goods, which he will offer much below the regular prices. Also an extensive stock ot ladies' dress trimmings. M. H. LI CHTENSTE IN, 90 Bowery, corner of Hester street. SPRIBG MILLINERY.? MRS. HARRISON. X!0 SIXTH avenue, will open this day, Thursday, 27th. her show rooms. with a fashionable assortment of ladies' hats, French flowers, Ac., Ac I8KKR BROTHERS, M AND 66 JOHN STREB* up stairs. Importers sad Jobbers ef Frsceh honnela, wi French flowers, Straw coeAs, Ribbons, HUks, As., are Oonttactiy opening a sknise assortment of the above ua goods, of their own Importation, received by every stem ffb'.cc they offer for sale at very low prices. CAHPKTMGS AW) UPHOLSTEHT. Beauty \ ki egance t economy ! Handsome tareafy, Bru?sels carpets, 8s. per yard. Beautiful tprlng ntyle ingrains, 4s Gold window shade*, Iff per yard. BIRaM a.VDKRHOX, 99 Bowery. GRAM) SPRING OPENING' Of superb fcngltsh Medallion Velvet Tapestry and Hrorsels Carpets. Magnificent Mosaic Velvet and <'hentlle Rugs. HIRAM AMDEksoN. W Bowery. JRIAIT, IMPORTER AND DKALKR IN ? Aumiister cm pets, Fioor oilcloths. Tapestry velvet <lo. Hearthrugs, Taprstrr Bruss. do. Parlor dsor mats, three ply do. Ftair oilcloths, Sup'flne lngralc do. Stair rods Fiin ingrain 'o. Floor druggets. Venetian Blair do. Window shades, Ac. No. Z10 Bowery, orpcslt* Riving' on street. New York. CJPR1NO IMPORTATION, 1WW5. k? SOLOMON A HART, No. 243 Btoadwsy, Opposite the Parr. Are r.t.w receiving frorr France DHOOBATIVlS Pa FEES Or New asd Rich Dssiat<8, 1b panel, gold, satin, velvet, asd wood imitations, wltfe Borders, Ae . to mrrepond. CHAMBER AH!) oWsR PAPERS, Is Evsut T a u i rr, tr Style Paitsb!*. 1 heir stock uf WINDOW SHaDFH OF THEIR OWN MANUF4CTORR, Aid Ii^HObhTiCRY GOODS, CURTAIN MATERIALS ARO fUilNlTOHil 'O TUNINGS, Of Itls spring's Importation, Is also fall and onnvleta. Which they offer wholesale and retail at sach prices ae to pre sent unusual in<tuoemei.t to purchasers. D OIL4, R ?ORRNT'8 TALLOW OIL.? THE BEAT AND CHSAP est mucbtrery oil; entirely free from gtaa; t-ouai to the best ?perm, and eighty cents per gallon cheaper; made(for summer ?tad winter use: over ISO codon and woollen mills usnff it. Among the number the Metaeomet, Anna wan; Fall River and Vtatupa Wilis, ot Fall River, Mass . Tror Cotton and Woollen Vl'la of Fail River, M*?s ; American Prtnt Works, of Fail River, Mass. : ?Hohe and Ocean Mills, of Newhnrvoort. Mus ; Pearson Manufacturing ttompanr, of Lowell, Masr. ; Merrtnaae Woollen Oompsny, of Lr well, Msss,; Falls Company, of Nor wich, <X; Valley Fal s Oomy, Valley Falls, jt. I ; Pemher ton Mills of l.awretice, Mass.; J. C. KempHn. Manayunk, Pa; Semi. Jamison A Hon.Nnrrlstown.Pa. : Morrlstown Iran Works, Norrls'own Pa, atid o'hers .too numerous to mention here. The ur.derslgnfd having t.een app nted agents bv tM .niaati fccturer for ihe sale of <he abo\e << wonlifiavlte thi. attention Ct thrise Interested to the merit* ol til* ar Ke. As It has iie-n. used for the last three jeart by tmnj of Uk. ,?rge?t mill* la the country, we are i?atl*A?d from "he Voegt inws?'?i:etlon havs mace that It is the bast an I rl. is^.rst nu-ckl'i?r/ nil la use. MaV.t V k 1)E FOtiEHT. Sole agents, So. Ml W -.ter ttrccl New ifnrk. Light. KEROSENE, OR f "*AL OTL. pot liner's SECURED BV PATfl'iP* Betall price ons dollar per gatl rm The rarlons patented lamps to be found in the Wvs 0 ilin undcrilrntd are 1 ernmmsnded a* tbe he?t adapiet t/j'ri" pn culler qns ltle> of tlie oil? each lamp giving a light ir, l*c sii fo"\ gas burner a Csmphene Ismps can he used for burning this oil, by adapt Ir if tbe KTsrorene eblmney. nvlvlcpil Isnipsean be u?ed eyeufirii nlv iheh tiom ofihe tin wtck holder, so as to bring the surface of the wmk leve With the 'In ubr th?t surrotwids the wick. Ibe usual rtl?*>itiil *o wholesale dea ers. /. CSTEhfi. Agents of tbe K'roeene Oil Oomoanr Na ?7 Beever J Turk. PHT COOPS, AC. 1 A/)n PIECES OF BNGUBH MOUSELINE DE LAIN?8? 1.UUU it an shiluso ri> thi\ Will be opened on Wefreeday . March 26. __ A. T. 8TEWABT k 00., Broadway, Chamber* and Eeade rtriwlt Black laces.? a new lot, just opened; aim Guipure and CbanUllv collars, Moor *aual rate ofprleea. Yell* from 12a. to to. of the beat Imitation known, Vreaefc embroidered bands, sklrta, basques, muslins, and collar* ss?d BRODIK'S MANTILLAS JRBTAHIDRPAR rMENf. ? OrCHWO AKNOONCBHErT. O. Brodle, 51 Canal and 83 Uapenard streeta, wtB open OQ Tuesday, April 1. Spring" styles o t Parla. ChantUly and efhar asaiitlTkl HI# buyer haa juat returned bom Europe with the very laiaat no veulei, and hla aaaortment la now the largest and moat com plete In the eity. CONTINUATION OF SALE, OF LMADBEAThB k 00. '8 STOCK, At 347 Broad war, Comprising numerous reoent arrtra'a from Europe c# order* Is MEW SPRING GOODS, Gtven by the above firm, all of which moat be aoM at aa ttf* mense reduction, to oloae the ssslgnment acaouata. BUks. Shawls, > Drew Goods, Mourning Good*. Glove* to. An at the same low price* that have gained for this saie aQ large a notoriety. _ Q. B. WILLIAMS * 00. C1HANTILLY LACE MANTILLAS. J Wednesday, April 2. CORSETS FOR THE SPRING.? LADIES GETTIN9 their spring drescea mude in order to insure a proper tit, should procure a pair of MRS. G \ YHOK'S elegant fitting. French wove corsets, at ig Third avenue, near Tenth a treat; oc at 262 Sixth avenue, netr Seventeenth street. COLORED DRESS SILKS I COLORED DRESS BILES!! Ou sale this w??k. Oae hundred pieces at 5c One hundred and tan pieces at % 6a. Ninety-five piece i at ?L Filty magnificent sllkrobee, at 22 Fifty superlative do 30 Imparted expressly for Leadbeater k Co., will be aold at forty par oaat below ocelot importation, to close saslgm* G. B Wli.LlA.MS k OOTSW I GBENILLE.-A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF CHENILLE* for head dresses, lor sole at KOHL8AAI BAO.'S, 48 Johu street. Damaged quilts, to let covers, and ibish linens - the balance ot quilts and toilet cover*. ii?? juat received, five casna of It Ish linens, damaged on the voyage, the whole ot which will be sold at an immense sarritioa. c. G. HOOK, 380 Bowery. D O Nor BUT MANTILLAS until Wednesday, April 2. EMBROIDERBD 8WI8S MUSLINS, SUITABLE FOS barques and dresses, have just been received. Also, French embroidered muslin capes at IS and t6, worth >18 and >20. PKTaB RUrHSKlS k CO. 376 Broadway. Guipure lace mantilla?. , Wednesday, April 2. H ON1TON LACE MANTILLAS. Wednesday, April 2. JAMES A. HEARNE HAS 0PE2TBD SPRING MANTELETS, For beat city trade. At bia new store. No. 776 Broadway, Above Ninth street. Linen goods, that are what linen aoone ought to be. that la, manufactured of long flax, grtfaa bleached, aid free from any mixture of cotton, can be had of any desripilon at the linen store 748 Broadway, above Aatoc Place. ' J. a MILUKSM k OO. Ladies, don't buy mantillas, Until Wednesday, April 3d. LAOtS.-JUST RECE1VSD, AN IEVOIOB OF BICH lace goods, consisting of point d'alencsn and point ap plique laces; also a varietv ot elegant daalgna la applique noundags. GBNIN'S Bazaar, St Nicholas Hotel, 613 Broad way. Magnificent mantillas. On Wednesday, April 2d. \fU8LIN AND LACK CURTAINS. JYl FIYE THOUSAND DOLLABS WORTH Of the above named articles ordered by the late firm of LEADBEATER A CO. from the least expensive to the most eoetly deeartptioss, si 40 per cent below oeat of lmporta'ion. will be offered for salt this week, to close saalgnment accounts. g7b. WILLIAMS k CO., 347 Broadway. , Mantillas, mantillas, mantillas. Wednesday, April 2. Madamb? allow me to call youb attention1 to a beautiful and rich aaaortment of linen, for ladlea and children, just received bj me from Paris, and which cannot be surpassed In atyle or quality. Pleaae favor me with a Visit before purchasing elsewhere, and examine, If you don't wish to buy, and thus oblige your obedient servant, MMjS. M0N-t TEN AT, 60 White street, west of Broadway. VfOURNING MANTILLAS. M Wednesday April 2. VTEWEST FA6H10NS IN MANTILLAS, -LI On Wednesday, Apill 2d. NEW BAREGE AND TISSUE ROBES, being a portion of the orders placed wMh European ma nufacturers by the late firm ot Leadbeater k Co.. and jar cbared with their general stock, at a disoount ot 40 per teat from cost wld be opened for aale this week, and wHl be oQe^d at tremendous bargain a. Particular attention is requested to these goods. . 0. B. WIlliaMS k CO., 847 Breeding, f OPENING DAT FOR MANTILLAS. Wednesday, April 2d. R ICH EMBROIDERIES. BLACK THREAD YBILS AID __ - laces, Illusion goods, lace and mualln basquda, our ova make, veiy choice, wholesale and retail, at RICHMOND'S, M> Broadway. OTELLA8, STELLAS, STELLAS. O Alarming sacrifice in stelia shawls. WILLIAM PYNH. 260 Bowery, begs to inform hit customers that he purchased on jesterday, at the auction room of William Topping A O* auctioneers, ONE THOUSAND STELLA SHAWLS, broehe borders. 1 be same are row marking off. and will M ready tor sale this oar. The entire lot will be sold without re serve, at bait the original eott price, They consist of the 'ol lowing coto?s:? 200 blue centres, $' 60, broehe borders. WO crimson do. S3 60, broehe borders. 200 green do. S3 no, broobe torders. 200 white do. $3 60, brocbe border*. 200 drab do. 63 60. broehe borders. N. B.? 3,000 de lalne dressed, at Is, per yard, worth Is. W. PYNE, 260 Bowery SILK MANTILLAB 1 Moibb MaHTILLJS ! I VcLvrr Mantillas 1 ! 1 On Wednesday, April 2d. SPRING AND HUMMER MANTILLAS. O Wednesday, April 2d. =? MISCELLANEOUS. nqc nnn TONS OF THE MOST SUPERIOR ICE.? .UUU By the Knickerbocker Ioe Company; office . 163 Canal street? for shipping or city trade. Ail orders wtil be promptly attended to and fslthfully executed. N. B ? Thie is the only oompany bringing Rockl ind lake or any lake Ice to the market. R. T. OOMPTON, President. W. 8. Wilcox, Secretary. 1 /? r CANAL STREET, NIC AR YARICK.? W. * H. Y ?JK lutJ NOTES' grtoe ard fender, kitchen range, sumsMT range and stove wareroom We have a large assortment at the above named articles tor aale, on reasonable terms. Grate* and ranges set. repaired and lined; stoves lined: jewellers' and brass founders' furnaces built; furnaee doers lined with asap stone. ASINOIE LADY WISHKS TOMCET A GENTLEMAN, or a party of gent'eroen. who will be her security for a house rent, between $80u and fOUO. For parliculars address A. M., Beiald office. AMALHERBE A SON, 206 HROADWAT. UP RTAIBS, . one door below Fulton street, real eetste agests, ref lectors, Ouatom Bouse brokers said somnnestne atercbaaM. Advanoes made on einalgnments. AN KKKI0AC10U8 CUKE FOR CORNS, BUNIO.VS, CAL loelties, nails growing Into the tlesh, fti.d every disorder of the feet, by a uaw aud pecu lar method, wl.houi cutting, or> without causing the Hllghiect p*'n. Monsieur LEVI of No 60 Bis Kuc de Rlvoll, Pari*, and Ko, 3 Conduit s reet, Begent street, London, Surg'on Chlropodet to the Emperoi of Fra. cn and the Royal Family ot Knglaud, having been specially Invited to New York to attend souvt dbtli K'l' tami:i?s, Inlerds remaining here, and mav t>? copsu ted daily, Hundays excepted, at his offl;e from i0 till 4 o'cloek. rortcs or TBsriMoifiALS [From bis Imperial Majesty Napoleon III., Kmperor of France.] Je certifie que M. Levi et leve let eors avrc une rx'.reme be bUete. Lorn* Napolbox Hon a rAHn. [From James Halter, Esq.] I certify that Dr. Levi has cured me some month ago of mi' vernl trouhlepome bur.looR. without the le?sl ptio. aod ?U Ja have annoyed me tnr tnHny vests I walk at pre-ent *|-J? greatoemfert and, and cheerf-illj recommend t>r. I?vltomy friends and public Jaucs Haker. 22 East Seventeenth street. Nr.w York, March 24, 186C. [From Robert Ferguson, H>q . M. T>.. Physioian in Ordinary to her Maje?tt ot Grfw.t Britain. ] Mr. Levi baa most sklltnlly extracted two ornafrom my feet, without giving me the slightest pain. Host. Fr.Kfiiwow. M. D. No. 9 Queen street. May Fair, I/ondon, March 2, 18S8. [From H. J. KaHus, Esq.) Unsolicited by Mr. Levi I beg letve to tes'lfy to his iticeess ful skill in hsving pntsctlj removed a large bunion ef long stao<mg. Wlihout causing any pain. ri. J. Feltbs, Pblisdelpbia, July 27 ih61 No. 4 Boston row. In addl'ion to tho above anther tjoated tctirr.f rials, mtiff thousands more In his possesion (amont: which are pevrrw from Isdies of the Highest rank) cau be s?enby favoring him wlih ii e vil at his offlce, 91 Eleventh street, between Fifth and blxth avenues, New York N. H.? No pro'earlonal connection w!tb any nerson. RtM'ERIEM AND PROY IHION8.? VAKTI NE A PRICE J 240 Front street, one door above Peok mip eealers in tea, sugar, mo asses, tobacco, rice, soap, candle* starcli. sale rutus, mustard, ginger, nlpes raisins, citrons, dried fmlts. In digo. nuimeg*. snapping paper twine wick, cre^m of tartar, sup. carb soda, tal soda, butter, cheese, lard, tish, salt, bw, pork, hams, Ac., Ac GAH FITTING and F1XTURK8. ? PIPES PUT INTO stores, dwellings, .tc. Alterations and extensions made pmaipily. Gas fixtures furnished. Prices low tor cash. W. U . - . ? A- *R AJNOE, Kl^hth itreet snd Fourth avenue. Bible Hons*. 01.1> BOTLPIBOS BOnnilT AND REMOVED, WITH prt>tm>u>tf' s Slid deapsuh, by R. P. ItAJiKER, Hroad way,beiwr?n Forty tuii, w 0 Forty nl*th atrocla. OIL -MOIt.Fl? C1U 75 CEiVlR A OALLOnT BUICWfr r ? i *nd fence ol', 80 cer 's a ration; bleached boiled oil, pti- lv whi ?, *1 per gallon: <>? raei.iah, for clilna men, F' "? re- gallon; ra nt*, tor bitlldlr.|?, ences, nwtx, A?.. 1 per . pni.q. _ 3. lUMlBY HN lfH, 11.1 Maiden itwa?TW< *? \jrer,s^y y klr'Tbo oicvVmT B aTU?.-PBoF1 v V Tfinu, me dtaeoverur ? f the proewM 'or extracting me talt, Iron, the Imn.a-. body, is at 710 Broadway. rh?<e oatha not only exttaci lo/talia medicine* from the httmiun "vsiena. bet are pecttllarh efllcaclous In relieving ihoae suir?rtn? from rhetimai ism, gout, neuralgic pn'fis o. too .actjiwa of the 1 I?c The PrcleH-rr hlm??if nives h!n ondi'^AttS aitentlnn to i a'lentr Scecial dar ?rtn,?nt tor 'adlot. exnlaliied to Mudenta. at 710 Hroadwr. / WM. B M A CE R RLL , MU JCAbT.K A OH vY_iS(/^ ioordr^ ; lock c?*fng? made to order. Or^batn avenivS tear Frcal strcft, Williamsburg, L, I.