Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 29, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 29, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 7152. MORNING YORK HERALD. ? ? * ? EDITION-SATURDAY, MARCH 29, 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS. THESE DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE. ARUM OF THE CANADA AT HALIFAX. >>?!? Admitted to the Paris Conference*. MMS OP A DECLARATION OF PBiCE. A British Naval Expedition Sent Against Persia. ' 1ECBPTI0N OF HI. DALLAS AT LIVEKPOOL NO INTELLIGENCE OF THE STEAMER PACIFIC. Cotton Dull? Ureai*:.# tffs Firm. COMMA, M 1-4 a M 8-8, dfca, 4c., to. i _____ H iumx, March 28, 1856. The Royal Mnll steamahip (Xjada, C?pt. Lang, from Liverpool on the efternton of the Mtn iiut., arrived here at half- peat seven fhla evenlig. the Ooliina steamship Atlantio arrived at Liverpool at 4 P. M. o? Tuesday, the 11th inst. Mr. Dallas, who went oat in the Atlantic, proceeded, on k hia arrival in Liverpool, to the Adelphi Hotel, where Con anl HawthMM had engaged apartments for him. A de putation from the American Chamber of Camtnertje wait ed npon him at the hotel, and presented him with a oon giatulatory addreaa. Mr. Boobanan'a apeeeh at the Lord Mayor'* banquet ? had produced a good effect, and no excitement existed re epeotiag Anerican affairs. THE CONFERENCES. The e'ghtn sitting of the Paris Conferenoe was held on Wednesday, the 12th, but the reault was not known. All account ? from Paris agree on ihe almost certainty of peace, and the Intelligence .'rom Germany and Prussia ' is in the tame tone. It was generally rumored that a treaty of peace would be tlgntd at Paris about Saturday, the 15?h; all the dif feienoes, however, had not been adjnatad. Several im portant disputes reapectirg the Principal!, iea and the Asiatic frontiers were left as undecided as when the Con grets first met. It is taid that the leoiiflcatlon of territory, and the .adjustment of other uaarrarged differences, are to be re ferred to a oommlesion on the spot. The topographical details ate very incomplete, and the projected frontier is ncitUer marked by stream nor mountain chain. France, It is said, will appoint aa her commissioner General Le'ang; Austria, England and Russia were on the point of naoticg theiis. Sardinia will not be represented la the commission. Dispatches from Berlin and Vienna ata*e that, for rea* eons of European interest, Prussia haa been invited to iiend repteeenlatlvea to the Confe eiot ; that she accepts the invitation, and that Baron Maateuffel, as Plenipoten tiary, would leave Berlin on the 11th for Paris. M. Hati fi*W, the Pruatian Minister at Paris, wiil act as the eecond Plenipotentiary. The admfcaion of Pruisla la said to be specially based upon the ground that the diacna * aion respecting the treaty of 1841, by which the Dar danelles were closed to ships of war, is to begin forth wi'.h. Loid Palmerston, however, had rtfustd in Parliament to annwtr Mr. Disraeli's question as to whether Pruselails invited or not. He also refuaed to aay whether Italian aflxirn occupy the attention of the Conference. AFFAIRS IN THE CRIMEA. The meeting of the allied and Russian generals on 'Tralftlr briJge had resulted in the marcitif out of a line cf neutral ground limited by the reaernaya. then vu conquerable sloiness in the Frenoli artuy. The English surgeon?, having little to da, had offered their service* to the French hospital* at Constantinople. The Ruatiaus were alio ui healthy. THE BALTIC. Jt i* a^atti fiom Hamburg, March 11, that the British flying squadron was pushing toward* the Galf of Finland ASIA. Innael Pacha w?h preparing to take command of the Turkish army at Erzeroom. Omer Pasha ?u at Treblzonde, on hi* way to Constan i, tinople. Sellm 1'aslia is to be court martialled for the tall of Kars. TURKEY. The Ottoman Ministry was occupied with measures for ?lleriatlog the commercial crisis. The free export of 'breadstuff* U permitted from southern Turkish ports, but prohibited from poita east of the Dardanelles. It ia reported tbat Sir Kdmund Lyons wiU go to Con * atantinoplefs* Brituh Minister, In place of Lord Stratford lledcl ffe, ?oun after the conclusion of peace. GREAT BRITAIN. 1 In Parliament, Admiral Napier brought forward his threatened motion for a select cmmittee of inquiry into the management of the Baltic fleet, while under his oom , mand. He entered into a statement of a lecgthenel cor respondence between himself and the Admiralty, with a Tiew to demonstrate that he was sacrificed to cover Sir , .1 sme< Graham's incapacity. Mr. Graham retorted by reading Admiral Napier's own correspondence, and say ing tlat the Admiral was physically unfit, also that his reputation wa.< greater thau his courage, and his oourage greater than his skill. Admiral Berkeley also attacked Napier, who replied, and eventually the motion was withdrawn. A copy of the documents respecting church affairs In ' <'aimda was moved Her. Mr. Baillle aekeCgjhen the papers relating to the dis pu'e with the t/nitoC States respecting Central America weuld be presented. Lord Falaerstonj replied that he was not able to state the precise day, but it would be -t'ery soon alter the Easter recess. Mr. Roebuck asked whether the paper* would include those relative to the reorui' lag question, l.ovd Pslmerston said he could not ?tell at present, a* no rep y had been rtoeired to the last despatch s-nt by her Msjesty's government. A deputation of Irish member* of i'arliamen'i have ?*t?d T?rd Pabrerston to permit Smith O'Brien to return to Ireland. The answer is loferred. At the Rank of Kngland'* semi annual meetlog a divi dend ea* declared of ten per cent per annum, free of tax, the prod's of the half year being ?700,000. FRANCE. I'*, in o. rnmereial letters continue to speak with csnfi tfuxo* of peace. They alio mention that the spa aula tlve rrvria increases. Tbe more cautious fear that pease *l!l triog en a ocnimereial catastrophe. 11. e little stranger was hourly expected, and a curious ;>r<friamme of hi* appearance has been publish)) 1 in the JhiiiUvr, ITh golden rose, blstsed by th' 1'ope, will thl* year be to the I mpress Kngealt. Prince Jerome continued torecover. SPAIN. Ibe geveinmeet hai laid anew customs tariff before t^e Cortss. . Tse Madrid Ga-.tHt officially denies that Napoleon ha* ?Cdre??-d any teatorstranc* to the Spanish (tovernmeot r-?pec'.lug lUs in'eroal s'a'.o of the country. ITALY. ' Tie inspector General of Prisons of the Duchy of 'itim* liad bten as.ssvinatsd in the street RUSSIA. 1'iin*' R.'vrtschskoff, tbe diplomatist, Is going from Vtrnca to ?t. Petersburg, ho eays, to take part in the neliberetions lelathre to th* diplomatic attitude to be -taken by Russia after tbe conclusion o ( peace. M. Titoff returns from htuV'gnrd for the same purpose. PRUSSIA. Ttifidore, "oe ni the Ar'ec ohtUrea, died at Bwl.'n. of PEBSIA. The Teheran Journal imiubw Um death of th? Per sian Minister of War, alio ike armt of the Khan of Baradaehan ; and that tue Persian troops, with e*ght guns, had occupied the Uland of Kb are k In tho Persian Gulf. M. Bouroe, tho French Minister, ?h reported to hare broken off diplomatic relatione, hat the icjart receptee centred ietion. Mr. Lajajd, in the British Parliament, haa given no tice of irqulry aa to whether a hostile expedition le fitting out from India against l'ersla, and whether the Indian or Engliah government will p ay the expeuaoe. Mr. V. Smith, In reply to Mr Layard, aald there were tiro veaaela, one of MO and the other of 220 hone power, but he did not know the number of their guna, atnt into the Persian Gulf from onr Indian poeaeealona. He oonld not aajr whether the Court of Directora of tho Iodian government had been called upon to prepare an expedi tion against Persia; but there waa a report that Persia bed Increased her arm/ by 10,000 men, and waa medi tating an attack upon the northeast part of India. He hoped when Persia learned the altered state of thinga In Europe, aud the proapeet there waa of peaoe, she would be Induced to pause In her aggreesire designs. Mr. Gladstone hoped the country would not he em broiled in war upon another Eastern quee'ion until the opinion of Parliament bad been taken upon it. THE LATEST NEWB. THE PEA. OK CONPKRHNOBS. Paris, Friday, March 14. 1866. - The Congress held its ninth Bitting to-day. The Moni teur publishes the fallowing:? The Congress having invited Prussia, aa the signer of the treaty of the 13th of July, 1841. to fend Plenipoten tiaries to Pails, the King of Prussia has appointed Baron de Manteuffel and Count de Hatzfleld. Baron Manteuffel haa left Berlin for Paris. REDUCTION OP THE AUSTRIAN ABUT. A despatoh dated Vienna, March 14, states that a new reduction of the Austrian arm; ha? been annaunctd. NAVAL OPERATION'S IN THE BALTIC. Frrm Kiel, under date Maroh 13, ire a: e informed that the Firefly had entered that port with a despatch trom the British government, requesting Commodore Wataon not to engtge in hostilities in the Baltic. PROBABLE DISSOLUTION OF FABLIAHBKS, BTO. It was stated In well informed circles, on Thursday night, that Parliament will most probably be dissolved earl/ in May. True bills had been found against William Palmer for the murder of Mr. Cook and Ann Palmer by pcisou. The Sultan's brother ie dead. The armistice was proclaimed throughout the Crimea on the 1st of March. A dispalch from Berlin of the 12th rays:? Count Orloff baa maia known at St. Petersburg that n definite under standing had been come to on the flf h point, and, thanks to the Instructions brought by M. De Scheewaloff, peaoe is assured. Some special deliberations, which are to take place between Russia and Turkey, have been reserved. Preparations are being made at ttoecow for the coroni* tion of the Emperor, whloh will take place after the cot* elusion of peace. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. LONDON MONET Xltllf* C< Dholt bad advanced, closlrg on Friday at 92}i a $-hl Bh tilnt looted 6b. 0%d. Dollars, 6s. O'^d. axxricas SBtxarrnB. Umri. Bell k Co. report American atock.i steady at former rates, with a quiet market for railroad Mouiitia*. State securities in good request, and rather bettor. ItesMS. Baring Brothers report a da II market. The following are tbe quotations ot Me*?ra. Stokes, Hughe* k PeTor:? I altad State* Bonds of '68, buyers at. 104. ft ? Masttobutett* b'*, buyers at par a ? Maryland Bends 97 a 89 rennaylvanift 8toek 76 a 77 Do. Bond*...... 82 a ? TwiiMrM'i 88 a ? Virginia Bond* 86 a 89 l'o. sterling 84 a 88 rennfylvaiia Central Hal Ire a<l 86# a 98 X New *ork Central Railroad 03 a 04 yt Krie Boids ot '62 78 a 80 llincls Centra), teller* at. 82 ex dir. Do. Freelaod. sellers at 86 sx dir. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET. Tbe Brokers* Circular que ten ft decline upon the quotations advised by tbe Persia of \'d. per In ou tbe ower qualltiM, owing to tha last advices from the United states and a pressure on the market, while on tbe mld >Hng and better descriptions, although a dull ton* pre vailed, prices were generally uLchanged, yet, in some ca-e* they are called 1 16d. lower. The sale* of tbe week amounted to 46,000 bale*, including 2.600 to speculators an* 2.5C0 to exporters. The f.-Uowiog are the official q notations: ? Middling. Fair. New 0;iean? 6 16 16 Upland 6 lit 16 6fe Mobile .6 13-16 a 6% 6*< Ordinary to good b^i a 6# Tte H'rtk in port was estimated at 360,000 bties, U eluc ing 2o">,0t0 An.ei ican. The tale* on Friday amount ed to about 8,000 bales, the market closing < ull. LIVERPOOL PROVISION MARKET. M et?rn. R.'eharcUon, k C>. report the provision market Arm, tut prices generally unchanged. Bacon steady, but nothing doing. Lard Arm; prices unchanged. Beef without change; lower iioali iet ingaod request, at 06s. a 106s. No antral* of American poik; Irish ad vanced Is. a ii*. LIVERPOOL BRKAD&TUJF8 MARKET. Tbo Brokers' Circular repiria a nonsiderabl* advauce in nioit descriptions of breadnuffs. with % hioyant market tn<i an unproved demand. Hour la quoted 2s. a 2s. Od. over the loves', price* of tbe previous week. Meatra. Brown, Shipley k Co., however, call the advance oo the week 1*. only. Western canal flour is quoted at Sis. a o3 ?; Philadelphia, Haltiiuote and Ohl> 36s. 6d. a 37s. Wheat firm, and 4d. a Od. higher, closing with an upward tendency. White ir quoted at 10*. ftd. a lis ; red, 9*. Cd. a 10k. Tbe advanoe en corn during the week ? an Ik. per ijuarter: market iitm. White, 31s.; mix?d scd yel'ew, 'tie. 6d. ? LATlbT. I.i> iwooi, March 14? 2 P. M. Mr tars. Blglaod, Atbya k Co, report ft firm market at F.idaj 's rates. LIVERPOOL PRODUCE MARKET. [From the Bro tars' ti'oular.j Hire unchanged, but flimer, and in improved demand. Spirit* ot turpentine in better deniacd at 34s. Crude turpentine quiet. T?r steady, hat nothipg doing. Rosin active at 4a. 9d. a 6s. Coffee uncliangei. Sugar de clined 6d. Linseed oil quiet at 34*. a 36*. l'earl ashe* aotlve at slightly lower rates, say 39s. a 44s. Pots selling ftt 30*. Maiket bare of bark. Tallow? North American dull at 62a. a 66s, Dye woe da in moderate demand at foimtr rate*. LONDON MARKETS. Meacrs. Baring Bros, k Co. report tbe maikets gen erally uncharged, and a fair business doing, welsh bars and rail* quiet, and wholly unc banged Hootch pif, 71* fd. Rice unchanged, but more Inquiry ftt re duced ralee. Spliits of turpentine unchanged, but nn improved temand; crude quiet. Coffee dull; sugar fl'm. Linseed oil aleady at 34s. Od. Breadatuffis considerably advacctd. White wheat, 74*. a 78a.; red, 68s. a 73*.; Hour, C7a. a 40f . MANCHESTER MARKET. Trade In Manchester we* steady, and prices unc&angod. HAVRE MARKET. liming the week ending tbe 11th Inst, tbe sales were qui'e small, but the market was firm. New Orleans tree ordinaire f. 92. PaHiageis by the Canada. Sir G Stewart Hraudon and lady, Mrs McQuesUon. Mlsa How Kan, Lindsay and ltd;, tnstgn Armstrong. Qould and lady, Miller and laJlr, Oapt Peller, Kev Mr. Connolly, Rev. Mr Mar shall, hes!<rs Randry, Men 111, Morton, Riaa. Amos. I<ovey. Ames, Bcllhorte. I.tndsay, McDona'd, BUrrlow, Hepao, Ma son, Heron, MfPonougfc, Hoy, Tbompion, Bo7zl, Kermzaroa, Van Ambur|h, l.ear, Bailey, Wortabei. Piencb. Morgan, Hnntlngford Stephens, 'la- lor, Alllaon Klrkpatnck, llasUni; ?, Unroee 7 hompron , T urner, Wallace, Oev ala, ( 'lean, Wh'te, C'r'chlon. Wa.?ou. Tlatrlnaton, Pott, Ifnrllov, Bail, Pack, .laekson. Hill, Wheatley. Cullam Rutherford, Evans, .lrnea.?wan Oaatin, bpencer. Van COU. Worrls, Stork, (71a land, Hereon, Ralph, Cattle, Thomaa, Mercer, Lients, Roylea, Keriiiiarn. Webb, Chalterton, Mlta WUle Or Berh i t and lady, llunaUr and lady.l.r Bonston, Adams, Jr, and lady, Ml at Rar itln, Mlsa MlJaa. Shipping Intelllgenre. Rtrerg esaterly wines prevailed, and many Inward bound al.ips wife supposed to te off the coest. at lived fiom New York Maroh i. Regatta, at Ga'a'r, 14th, Neptune at Llvetpool. Arrived from Moato* 8th, Arol, at Fayal. Atrlved tro? Chsrleaton 12th, Monntaln Ware, at Havrei lull, Owepo, at I.lvtrpeol. A r i+ved from New Orleans 10tb, William Stataoa, at ? ? ; 12th, Mu bonse, at Havre; Piesnier, al Liverpool; 13Ui, Jtasie, ut tte CI) ile. Arrived from MoM'e 14th. Mlaaltslppl, at Dover. Haled for New York 13th, R Robinson, from Liverpool; Wa bsmo, ficm Caidlll. Sailed for Ptlladelchla 1.1th, Oc*an Belle, frem Liverpool. Sailed lor Savannah lZih. Mary Adelaide, trom LlveraooL Failed fr.r New Orleans 12th. R Daa, trom the Cljdo; Bmllan, Ircm Llvet]>nal. IIorder Rufpianh in Ohio.? The rfHidcntH of Quaker Bottom. Ohio, near the borders of Virginia, have lately been holding a eerie* cf Kansas meetings and <ie noiiEcing slave catching This gave offence to a number or Virginian*, who. It I* alledgad, cane over to tha p'ase *b*a a ilot ensued, during whioh several Obioan* ware Injured. Henry R*d1?fd received a blow upon tha fire head from a rock, cutting it very severely. Rev. Mr Ailams receive! a severe blow, injuring him ccaMder r.biy. A young man, Nathaniel Ball, wa* k soaked dewa two or three time*. A. B. ProaUf mm MTWaly boa ten, ad several oil era tnjared. Rewi from Bituuu arrival or th> ntnu oirr? bob fbom ?w OBLBAKB TO BAT AM A? LAB OK WAS 7LUT V FORT ? BRILLIANT TBE AT BICAL9 ON BO ABO TBJB UNITED ST ATI B 8TBAMBBIF POTOMAC ? LAMB mumbbb or la dibs pkbsbnt ? aaavr wbathjeh. The steamship Empire City, Captala Windle, few Ksw OfbiM and lUnu, arrived her* early yesteniay motb ing. The Impira City left New Orleans at 8 A. M. Ma jchr 70, pwN< the ber at Pass % 1' Outre at 3>f P. M. same day Arrived at Kiruu at 5 P. M. S2d, making the m thither In two day* aad nine boor*. Found in port the United State* rhip Potomas, (Oar ?hip,) Gammodore Paulding, sloop* Cjane aad Saratoga ?teamer Fulton, (which entered mm afternoon wHh ibe Empire City,; H. B. M. '? 64 gun slip I'owerfol, and ssvanM Syait-b war veaaela. On the evsulng of the 2'id a biUliant theatrical enter tainment waa given on board the Potomac, at whinh were present the officer* ot the war veasels aad mai steamers in port, and a large deputation of Amerioan ladle* from Havana. Sailed the following day, 23d, at 10 A. M , learirg lu port la addition to the above, the British mail earner Iff and United Statea mail h teamer Granada, whinh lat ter arrived at half-past 8 A. M. Another ? teamer wee signalled from the Moro, presumed to be the a teamer Philadelphia, from AapinwalL Firet day out irom Havana, law hark Blue Jay, of Liverpool, tugar laden, standing to the eastward. The Empire City eiperienoed head winds moat of the package from Havana, racgiag from north went to north east, and vet; heavy swell from the northward. < ly Intclllgenw, Tiik C.\sz ok JirwtE Con nout ? Some months ago the Grand Jnry took oocaaion to find a bill of indictment againat Juatioe Connolly, of the Lower Police Court, be cause the latter teluied to take a complaint for aaaault acd battery agticst come party who was brought before him. The matter was Lever brought to trial, although the defendant flfgnifiei his wihiogcesa on several occa sions to test the case before a petit jnry. At the class of the last term the Diatriot Attorney, Mr. H*l>, moved that a nolle prouqui be entered in the case of this magi* trate, and ga^e his reasons tor analog fthat favor of the Recorder. The lMstriet Attorney stated that the magistrate Lad acted quite properly in vbe premises, and that the Grand Jury had committed an error in finding au indict ment against tt>e accused. Tbe magistrate, instead of holoisg the party brought Ufjie him for ttial on a ohuye of assault tiid battery, beurd him over to keep the peace. Thie, however, did not satisfy the complainant, and hence an iadlc'ment against the Justioe for mal feasance la < ffice was found by tbe Grand Jury. The Court, at the conclusion of Mr. Hall's remarks, consented to ibe mriion, and Justice Connolly was honorably dis charged frim all further attendance In tLe matter. Tub Lai* Hknry Pabisii, Esq.? Ore of our ooniempora r'es B'atea that this gentleman has left by will the follow ing donations to charitable ins ltutions American Bib'e Society $10,000 Kew York Orphan Asylsm 10,000 St. Lake's Hospital 10 000 fcew York Eye Infirmary 20,000 Total $60,000 We are given to understand that these bequests are made In cod tails to Mr. Pariah'* original will, which w g drawn some j ears ago, and that they are likely to be contested. Tbe deceased had been in a prostrate condi tion cf health for a enumerable period before his death, l'h* property which be has left amounts to little short of $2 000,000. Tas MTvnnuors Ymuot Trmowat ? A* to Makk Mo>kt for Sombwouv? Every day new facts are eosiag to light with reference to the depredations committed by tbe mysUrious vitriol thrower on tbe dresses tf ladle* when leaving theatres ia tbe evening. Scarcely a day pat Ms but tome complaint is made by ladies whose elo?? Irgba* been rained, and much Irdlgnation is expres^d ?y the sufferers. The po loe are on tbe traek of th* miicieact, but their utmc?t vigUancs lias ao far bean tsitlef. Tbe following adverlieement and litter on At mljfct eptak for Uierraselv**:? ORE BUKDRBB AND FIFTT DOLLARS REWARD. A >? Jj v Hie wakina on tbe Fifth avenue wltn a gentleman, on turdnj eveuli a, tbe Kkl ."net., had ber drrea completely rulred bj vHriol thrown upon it by seme person unknown. Ibe alcve ruva d wl'l tw paid for any iatormallon which wM lead to the anett and conviction cf the offender. By applying at ho, 32 Greet with a verne. TO TBE EDITOR OF TBB BBRALD. WtJl iou p'eate give M>* following an insertion la your irper bcplr gitmay meet tbe e^eciale raUe-able miscreant who '.brew vtirio corny ll.tle gtrl's dres* whle pasaiijront ot ifce Dicedway theatre last evening 1 Kill cJeoos'i fl.OOO in ar.y bsDk In ttc rftv as a forfeiture, which shall be paid to tome be> eve lent Institution, if I do not kill thl? vitriol thrower if 1 car nn4 out who be is. B. L. GRklN, Fourta street. Mar:h if, W&6. tvn. List.? Naw York was a peifvct Sahara yeater day. The air was fillec with s'l-giu^, maddenirg parti cles of dust, that lilie the ghjst of murdered Banquo would not down, but "Mated 1be eje balls'' of all whs ventured into the streets. Hhakajer* espr?Med tbe icosaticn of our sfllictfd citizen*? Let no man xpeak of ocu-tort; let's talk cf giavts, of wcrms, of epKapbs; Msie dust cur paicim*nt, Acd wi'h we< j.icg fjoa Write ectrow cn the koflcm of the earth. A J*'tw I.wim-.on vor Gxoorno Broadway ?A ma chine inrenttd b y I'd. II. fhaads, ol St, Louis, for the jurpote of grocviDg flsg Mlewnks and pavements, wne tried yestwd ay foienoon in front of tbe City Halt, on the (f ? Tbe machine tiled was a email hand pat'ein ote, worked by two men, and It certainly did tale-able execution. Tbe uaehlneiy.ciBriitN ot a cogwheel and etax-k; ?h? ch'tel.t or pica ?, ol which there are two sets wctkitg alternately, ?ie fcrced on ihe patemsnt by mcana of steel setew sptitga fastened in a perp^ndicu'ar ircn frame, which rises lrcni a horizontal carruge. Tbe pick' can be put tne or two U getter, accorilig to the width that it wanted to be givsn to the groove, ant* can, with a macUie if rhree hoi>-e power, be to-rccd down with a strike cf frim one to Are hundred poux da -hufli df tt to bitfck a grant e bloc i ail to pkses. The Uvntor clsim* that i; will to a.? ninth wo;k ta one day aa a hun cre d men with hand ehiwlp. Attknit atSvmdi iit a Cvtux Fin* ? YesUrday after noon John lUTchereitie, a Cuhan exi.'e, attenip'td to cou nut suicide bydrowiing ulro"elf. Tue unfortunate men beirg sepaia'ed frcm h:? fan.ily and withal belog in veiy dcsitnte circumstances, became low aplrited aod deteimioed to put at eid to bu txis'.acc'j by drowning Officer Busteed, of the rtwive ccrM, discovering thecii ileal situation ct the eii>. arrfited him and took him to 'be Lower Police Court, wneie Justice Ocnnoiiy detained tbe tiisorter until Feme kind hearted person might be fotnd willirg to come foward and minister ts the aid o? tbe unfortunate Mr. Hercheverrle was imprisoned ft . nice me nth* ty the Cutan authorities on aeoount of his political eieed aid new bavirg escaped to this country ? The heme of tbe brave, tbe o ' the fiee, It is to be boped that the friends of liberty will endea vor to make tbe condition of this poor patriot as coin fortable as poi-sibl*. VntiruntD ? Daniel Metgtr jumped Into the river at sthe foot cf Thirty fi'th street on Thai ad ay afternoon aid on being list ed out he stated that he wished to own Kit suicide teeau?e he was out of work and could not get anything to do. lie would not steal, he piefeued dying first. PA.iJtOin AcciDkm.? Hotfh MeCrath, ? young lad. whi e golrg to school attempted to Jump on tke Hudson hivtr I'.allir sd car at the corner of Jay and Hudson eireetg. He flipped nader end the wheel passed over ble legs, crushtrg tlcm'dreadtuUy. He was taken tc tbe Ci'y Hospital, where amputate n wee deemed necessary. Thk Captains ( y Poi :it I,niCM.*Anna> ? E. Brow* 4 Co., of Fulion street, bare published a sheet of handsomely 11' br graphed portraits of the captaiea of oar city polt-e. 1 be ltker.t**e* aie all taken from daguerreotypes, and nre t?.i rrfoie reliab'e. Tbey will form an acceptable gift to tbe friecda, scd a precious heirloom to th? descendants ot tbtse wcr by ecoietvatori of the public peaee. I.Kit Br OS Ihbi asp.? Mr. Dillon O'Brien will lecture in tie Stojrei-ent Iistitute this evening, at seven o'eloeic. on Lrelaz d, taklrg for hie subj?ct. " i'resent State ol Ire t? nd? Decitne a i a Fall of England. ' ' Doors open at 7 P. M Elopement to California and R*TV*N.~On the 20th of Augnjt last, a married woman named 8arth K. KIkin, left ber lege lord ?nd child In New York, and ran e to talllorula with another man. Arriving here, she ccncludtd to tiy her fortune alone, and left her para sottr. In the ehrrt space of time she remained, she no ciiir>nlated seme twelve or fifteen hundred dollars, with wMcb she tork (aetsge on the ateancer of the ?Oth Feb ruary, to return to the arma of ber "firatlove," la New York ? yrancuco Bulletin, Mar eh 4. Thk Maple Btjoib Chop in VkbmonT? Tbe nurilrgtcn Prrt I'rtu saye: ? These frosty n'ghts and thawing Oays are mskirg tbe mnp'e sap run well. Owing to the Je;>th of :be sncw iu the woods and the peculiarf lei of tie Kaecn, hoeerer. It is probable that leee sugar will be ma?e in tbe State than usual, although the high pitce ol ccmmon sugars will stimulate the manufacture of tlir native aitlc'e. A W oman Sk mxnckd to bk Hpno.? At the late | nessic.n ot the I.ycn (Ky.) Circuit Court, Mrs. Durham was eenvteted of murder In tbe first deg-ee. The mur der, In which ebe was an accomplice of Iter hnabnnd, Hck place teveial years since near Blacker'* furnace. IUr hu -bend wan convie'-ed, but eeeaped. j Cd?ap PoTATOsa.? The Worce#<ter Sj>y wy , that i?t a recent auction sale In 8pene?r, prtatoes w?r* sr>Id at pricee rarg*ng frrm s?\en'?-( r> to t??nt ? i > r iv n t'V.'bel, ??> ? 1st they t?u >:e b ?gnt u ?l. ; tlty t) ILpv t'i'U. ] u ~'J t5|r?5 teuta abti?u?i. Interesting fim the RUti Capital. MO MOKK JUDICIAL DISTRICTS ? A NEW BAM X BASIS raoroHKo and dbkeatbd ? the Watson oat CONTRACT THROUGH THE HOU8E? JOHN 0. MA THCH'b 1)1 BT RBPU 1)1 ATED ? CELEBR ATION Of THE DECISION OP THE COURT OF APPEALS ? THK DIS TBACTID I'LMOCK ACY, ETC. ? Albany, March 28, I860. Tl? f?l( et Committee (a the Senate on Judicial W* trloto made a report tWs morning that It U unnecessary ?ad laexpec ieat to make any alteration in the preeen district. To make a new district won Id necessarily re qplre aa al eratisa in the present diatiic'j, and thervby throw more or lee* of the Judges oat of the districts for which they were elected, a ad have ? tendency to dli airarge thebuslnees ef the Conrla; and instead of grant ing re-let to the dletiiou now evei burthened wl h busi mh, would largely Inwease the expenses of the judiciary much beyeadtha benefits derived. That m the Court ol' Appeals la erganlzed, H would lee ii"iooH, if not Impas sible, to designate the Jadgei of the Supieuve Court or members cf the Appeals according' to the requirements ofih? coi ititutlon, without >li .';nnchming one dint riot. Tie eight districts, a now organized, contain a popula tica neatly equal, with the exception of tlie Seooa 8 which has a large surplun popu latioa, but la in a man ner relieved by its oontigni y to t he cWy of New York,

where a large portion of the judicial bnelceaa oi the dis triot fa transacted. When the Manhattan I'ark bill was uader discussion in t J r '-mate this morning, Mr. Brooks moved to insert a i tife?;e making the park stock a basis for banking cap! .al, ' to te used enj by the backs of tho eity of N'ew York, the proposition was received without mush favor, and foine cf the Senators beirg opposed to special legislation with regard to the banking oa?is, It w?? voted Sown. Ibe watscn State prison hat contract bill waa taken up lo the HbUse, when various efforts were nWe to pre vent taking a direct vole on its tinal patsage. No bill or question Las priduced a gi eater sensation this session? i rtductd mainly by the hatters in various sarts of the estate. The bit1 Las b?enasgoid as kil.ed hall a dozen lines wl') ) month, and so effectually that a noted bailer celebrated the supplied defeat by giving the lob by a mxgLiticaut entertainment at one cf our public Li uses. The stri'e this morning was animated and de teuulo d. The roll was called, aid the Clerk declared it itceived just tbe cinsiituilonal vote ot eixty five mem bers. Upcn this announcement several memoers sprang to ttelr tot. Some chal onged the vote; others declared ? x'y five had not voted for tie bill; and Mr. Dawson chat eigcd the vote of Mr. Mills, ot Orange, stating that l*e was not at bis seat. The liout-e remained in an up i oar fcr a ccnsicerabie period. Tea Speaker pro tern., Mr. l-endetgrast, made a decision; Mr. Foot appealed, and Mr. i Mil s rcae and stated that he Did vote fur the hill, as re corded by the Clerk. Tblj ended the squabble. It will be recollected that it was alleged that John C. I Matter obtained receipts frt m laborers on the canal wi sh out rajiig therefor. Those receipts, it is said, were passed to his crtalt on the books of tte Canal Department. Tatt le ns have been before the Legislature requiring the State to pay ties* demands, notwithstanding the State held those tecelpts. A few days eince a resolution o'. the Bom was direated to the Attorney- General asking tor icaecns wby Mather and his ball have not been prosjeu Ito for habi files against them, this morning the At urnty General le plica, by stating that he made Inquiry of the Aat Iter, who states tnat he considers the State .has no claim against Mather cr his securities, he having ,??tonnted tor all coney advanced to hi n while Canal C'tmtnifcfioner. Tbere remains a talarce tn bis favor In ?.he hands of the Auditor, ot $125 43, which is held In abeyance. Tte Attorney General, sgrets with the Audi 'tor that the State has n > such claim. The question now allies *111 the laborers on the canal, who trusted Mather with there receipts ever be paid' If they we is able to bufonbele numbers of tbe fcgtplaiuia, an! employ a set cf the lobby lmpR, a bill wou'd socu be pawed for ibe ir Tell* f. But alas, who aie friends of tie poor men? F.cho answers, whof Tte entertainment given at the Delevan House last ilgbt was for a tw;-told purpose; first, to celebrate tha dtcuion ot tbe Ccart of Appeals, and second to open tbe (Smpalgn for Pieiident and (iov?rnor. Qui e a large nunber were in attends nee. members ot the LtgiaUtnrs, aid ?ny qusntly ot ou'tida politicians. Speeches were nade by Mr. Wadaworth, Mr. Sickles, Mayor Wood, of j cur cUt , and others. It was evicen'ly the grand enter tsinnent cf the teflon, aud was participated In with unrtiUtlMd gus o. Th!s hotel has ever been distin guished as the leading establishment In the ttuttiy, and it is owned by Mr. De:evan, the magnus o tie inhibitory law. But the scenes ef last night fur nish tvldeice that It la no longer a temperance hotel. I'pon tbe tables were the greatest profusion of the ar Cn.1, aud fir mere than two hours the popping of cbam ptigi e roiks leminded the spectators ot the accounts of poiilrg ot cscnon and moitsmat tbe siege ot Sebastopol. Jcbb van Buien, rather irreveteutly denomiaates It " The Last Supper " The "baimonkus democracy" of thts city are again In c dlRtjscttd cirdl'ion. There are now two separate tickets for cl y < Steers. The bird shells a*e as determlu ?<l as ever, i ot to unite with the admiElstration sott*. Ihe natkcals have ncmlnated tbe Hon. Kill Perry for ; Major, and tbe preepect is that he will be sleeted. He fmn.eriy held tbe ofliie, and gave universal satisfac ion m tbe mmtT cf bit. adtnu.b ttatlon el' its duties. His tithe tine vas devoted to tbe interests of the city. Our citizen veie we.'l eatltfied wit hiah course then and will tail the opportunity to instil lilm in a preltiou wl eie he contributed to much to their welfare. The setts nemica'cd Dr. Qaackenbon, a descendant of the early KUckeibcckers. SEW YORK LEGULATURI. Senate. Aliu.ny, March 28, IS JO. b worth. lij Sir. Irci kp ? I'.elative to the 8 tie cf gunpowder in New Yo>k. Orfeiea to a third reading. To open River street, Brooklyn. To olo?? l*rcepect tquaie, IJ.ooklyn. By .ill? To iirmt in Bcarda of fc?upeivi*ors certain lrgiafatir* powers. To amend the Brooklyn Consolidation ae\ 1o i-kte Bloom) igtlale squat e, New Votk. Bjr Mr. Sirxtra, by bU'? To I-cmpcrale the Eaat River Nat ipalkn Cntrpaoj. Hj Mr. C. P. Surra ? To I corporate the Atlantic Navi gation C< mpanj. To pay the tipe-n^ea o< the New York Harbor Guniali tion. By Mr. M.'.di>?n ? To amend the charter of the National Fue In. urarce Compel y, New York. To in cor per ate the I?f ng Inland Trust Company. VilJB KMF.Cim M?. TAnHRsos, from the Helect Committee cm district irg the Mate. repcrted that the-re exist* no neceaaity tor altrtlcg the piettnt Judicial disricU. Alio, a bi.l to fa clll'at* U gal proceeding* liithe mveial Judicial duitrist* ofthe^'ate. H.C.I' Smith, one ot the commi ttee, did *cnud from the lepoit. Ttj Mr. l .JuxiKS ? To pi event the tale of liquor on Sunday. The Committee cf I ight reported in favor of retenin; tho following bills to be reported complete: ? To amend the aet to Incorporate the I/fferM Park Amo ?fallen. It nuthor'ze the formation of companies for the Impor tation ate! exportation of guaro. To timid the aet relative to idle and truant childcen. To authorise Kings county to raUe a loan lo compfete the election of the penitentiary in that county. tilt I i\TTU! r.XHK. The special order, the Central I 'art bin, wan then taken tip. Mr. Km.T nrovrd to clarify the Conimlieionere, ho an to Kak? them bo'd ( flic? at different pericda, from one to flra yearn. Lr,*t. Mr. Vjwdkn moved to Ircreaee the CommUelonera to six* A'opted. Mr. IiK(K>KM moved that tbeFnpertntendent of tha Bank Bepaitnent should receive on Cepoeit from baa kit in New York, a* wcuilty for circulai'ng notes, the stock of the r ew park. RVF.NINO HI8&IOV. Tie AJtitoy Bridge bill wan reported to the Senate, with aaeiu nenta, and made the tpcoial order for Monday eretlrg The ametdmtnts limit the capital to ttOU.OOO; provide tint the tolls for erocaisg a hall not exeeei the actual net revenue of 10 per cent on the oepital atock; make the atockbeldtrs Inrivf dually liable for the debt* ot tbe cor; oral Ion; obliging the company to keep lights at the drav; l-'ixiltitg tto fust aubaeriptlon to 6 per cent, providing that fO per cent of stocks eha.ll be given to In elvidnali, If tbe rame rball be applied for; requiring the draw to lie lfi? feet clear of obstrnotkms, wiving vewela the pre'ereece over railroad traina, In paaalng the draw, and alloying all railroad companies, detdring to connect with other res da, to do ae. Am*mM)'> Auujit, March 28, 1866. Num arena petitlona were pterented (gainst the Ineir poratlon oi tbe Croud Lodge of Odd l'ellows of Northern New York; alio, againat the repeal of the Prohibitory liquor law. anoRTH FAVOILAPIJC. By Mr. Hoyik?To author ire Oawego to take atoek in milrcade. By Mr. Thov.'S? To extend tbeCenesee Valley eanal. By Mr. Jviiam? To incorporate the Btaten I a land Saiinea Bank. By Mr. BmpiK* ? The bill in relation to aavlnga benka. Bj Mr. WiiLMVft? To emend the aet Inoorporating re llgu.nn societies, patstdln 1813. (hi the motion to reccmmit this bill, Mr. A.vthon ata'ed that the deelgn of the bill was to aid one or the other of tho partita ot the John street eharch in New Yora, tbe ocngrrga'lon of whieh wore qnarrelllng among them i elves. He did not think It right to paos a general law for the tiole object of producing effeot n one particular rare. Tbe mot I n to rnoommlt was carried. By Mr. WAh' max? To incorporate the Turnvereln Se c*?tt o< tfce el'y of New York. B<. Mr li ??< 7? ? In rela'lon to the Board of Hupervl. ?>? - v *>?? Y< VK <;? !? i M ?? ) the a MM Win *?*'?? 'h1* sj e. t? eri <.i i 11 iU;. By Mr. Akwok? To ametd tie acts relattsg to Port Wudui. . Mr. Aatbon 6*1 ltd for an iumediale report from tbe IUiltiid Committee on Mr. Boiuau's ulu of 6 rtliMi w Itroacwsy, New York. The tnau decided the molten oat of order. Mr. G. A. Dt dlkt, of Green*, eskel to be efcsharged fr'n terrkg on the Temperance Committee. Greatud. The Comptroller presented tha aoaual report of the fire inert ran oe companies to the Slate. The Attorney Several reported (la reply to the request of lhe He lute,) tbat the Auditor inform)* him tb*t th* Mate ba?f to elaim tgaini't John C. Mather, but the Moks showed ? oredh of JM6 in hi* flavor. him rjititjcu To renew nod emend the act relative lo the Oenvtra' Bociety ef Mevbanies ind Tradesmen Si New York. To increase the pay of jurors. KXtTHOIKNT iAlT TIIN HAT OU-fWACT. Mr. NoBionor moved to take from the table the motioiv to reoeosicer th? vole on Ibe Charles Vflrtson hat con tract bill. Ike motion was the slgtu^ for considerable excitement l* the Home. The median ptevalted, and the motion to neonslder wan carried. Mr. K. 11. &. IIyd'1 moved to recommit the bill with ? inhtrurtloi ? \f., amend. i While the debate vai proceeding, a number ef persona were cn the floor ot the blouse. Mr. Matticb roue to a question of privilege. He desired to know if strangers had any right on the Q?rof?the House, lobbying ior the passage of a bill, walking about from member to member, endeavoring toiollaeene vote*. Mr. Fusion b?ld the-ehargee of corruptiou came with an 111 grace from members advert* to the hill, who had been partaking of suppers given by John N. Cenin, at Hlanwibi Hall, in order to defeat the bill. Great exei'.ement ensued, eeveral m?mbern springing te their feet and repudiating tbe insinuation. For a time, the utmost confusion prevailed. Mr. Root inquired whether the clerks of the Roimm had a 3ht to go about amoDg-vemlMrs lobbying through Mia bttl. Mr. foot moved that al> persons, not members, be re mr ved from the floor. Mr. FnsnaKAKr chairman, said that was the duty of the < Seers tf the House, without any sush resolution. The Home was all this time in a perflaot uproar. The question was then taken on the final passage of tbe bill, aid it was carried by ayes 66, being just ?ut llcient Mr. Pawbon row to a question of privilege, saying Mr. A. J. Illllis was recoide* in the affirmative and was not in his i- eat when the vote was taken. The Ciiaib dcciced that the print was not well tacau. Mr. Foot appealed from tbla decision, but the Chair was sustained. Mr. Mills said that be had voted in the affirmative for the bill. lhe matter then dropped. K1NANOW OJ TH* HTATK. Me JiEv.MSTOi.w, from ibe Finance Ccmmittee, presented a leport. lhe report reviews the fltacclal history tf the i'ta'e from tbe eonmenceTceDt of the publta worfca; c>? pares the fli ancial pnlioy of the State previous to 1838 with the pollay adopted at that a ess1 on; oomparea the policy of 1W? with tt at nov in force, and infers there in m that it weula be unvke to rc-optn the cues 'nation, to depart Irom any constitutional provisions, or to adopt any system of ftaaoce 'hat would not be t,eit Mu>taioing and pay the principal and interest In a reasonable time. WLW P.18SKD. Tbe n#ga'tvo vole on tbe Frlzs Fight bill was recon sidered. and tl ? bill pasted. To anlhtrixf a loan for the est*bll?haient of the New York Agilcullaral Collfge. To exexpt lands held by agricultural sccietfei from tsxaion. To provide for the tleetion of Ijoan C Mwmi'siom'rs by Scan's of irupeivleors. To incorpciate the New York aud Philadelphia Ste?n Navigation Ccmpeny. lhe bill fcr the relief of the New York Volunteers to the Mtxiean war was nega'ived, and the motion to re ccwifer laid upon the table. Our Albany Correspondence. Alhasy. March '26, 18U6. Coutt of Ajyitah Jgainsl the Prohibitory lAqxar fjtio? (bnfusim if the hhmatici? Will tU Lc.jUalurt Pan a ' Law which the People Dcrirt? l'nd?r thejipinion that the neopl* repudiated the Pro bib ltorj law, an early movement wi< made in the Owe of A-ocir.bly to repeal it, and substitute a law more in ac con arce with public fentimeat. Mr. Glover, of the el'y of New Yuk, tcok the initial ire, but was met at the tbreehhold by the fanatics and hypociitc* of the Mains law. A bill wm reported by a eelect oommlttea, havlug this object lu view; but be log below many biiU on the general otcler, tlrfse fanatics hoped itwonld not be reaoh ed until too late in the session for deliberate < Mr. Bailey, of Putnam, feaiirgHoch might possibly b? the result, and that another year of free drinking might be tie consaquetce of the failure of thft patstge ol rome slrirgent licence law, detetirined to make an effort to biiog the bill forward. Two cr three of his attempt were fruitless, owirg to ilie absence ol' several member* (avertible to Lis Tlewa, and the strecnoua opposition of the Intemperate Ma>'no law fanatics. He finally sucjeed <d in making the bill a special order. It hi* been dis crettfd duiicg two c r three lemioai. l'n oiiponetta tn? fiinjtffi of the I'rohibi'.oty law, grounded their re.iatanw to adojittrg the bill upon the circumstance that Uisqces uc c wf rt Ti the Court ol' Aj.peata, and unlil a diciion wa.* had frcm <bat high authority it was pi erratum to agl tale the matter, lheic wan some force ia thin objection, which induced ttveral members o( the House favorable to a icjesl of the Prohibitory law to heeiiato in aUeirao Hon. Ihe ??me idea prevailed In the l^euate, and waa msnifesM upon a motion male bj Mr. Sickla.*, to substi tute ih< AHtembly bLl lor the villainous and partial bill, funiahing the city of New York, to the exclusion of the ?est cf ihe Mate, lor rellirg liquor on Sunday. Ihe fsi.atics, nr. demi ending from a statement made in the Hmuu>, eome week or ho pince, that rumor had u ctited a lie vote ia the Court of Appeal*, sera hoping for tcch a mult. Toey expected that aiother year would i oil onward before tlie question wan eetilad, and by the cpera'kn of their former tricks they might ctrry tie text House of Assembly. Bat, Tetterday morning. when it was announced that a majority of the Appc-ah iec'dsd atairst tha law, and pronounee a the wholo fabri J uncou atitutfccal, thete fanatics were struck with jicrfest con sernaticn. Ihey bad counied upon four of the Judgee ? they bad pubiioly reported th?ir names? they had boait ?d of their stiecgth in the Court of Appeals, and opanly threatened a detest in the Senate of tue Assembly bill in troduced by Mr. Matteeon. Ihe <uati:s did not count upon their victory wl'hout KCtue con*l>table fcondaticn. ihe day pievious to tae ceci> in, tumor ssys, the Judges stood four to fowr. Thore cf Appeal elected Judtes, Messrs. Denlo, A. S. Johnson acd awe on, acd Mr. Hubbard, Justice of the Supreme Court, tilth district, now on tha Appeal bench, Uecno r.rn'e, were presumed to be on the side of the pnople; whilst Arpeal Jucge Corns tock, and Supreme Judges Mitchell, Witght ant T. A. Johnson. wLigs were on the eiceof the faatlca. is said, this Cou't Htoid ? hen the JvOges ilrst met to eewparo opinions. Two on tire deys were consuned In private in dleouHidng orally ?nd in reading written oplnijns. They stood it tie, nei ther oontirmlrg or affirming the derisions of the doc rod and Kigh'.h jnolcial Judges. On Monday afternoon. Judge ( omatcck, Know Nothing silver gray, fiaallr came over < n tbe fide of the 'our democratla Judges, which deci led tie quest! n. Immediately his doeision was n?ut to ih? p?f, and appeared in piint in advance of all the others. Mow, then, as this Maine law haa been male "or two or In ee years a political queetion, which has resulted thus far t? the benefit of the whig nigger worshippers, can there be ecy inference with rtgard to polities in the Court of Appeal*? We m e In that bigh body of jurists just su;h a division of opicion as exists m the poliUcul arena? thre? ? bigs against four democrats and one Know Nothing. They each take the ride of their pohiioal parties, and eonstrue the law az.d tbe constitution J out as the parti* eaa press, lawyer* and stump orators have done. Is there not, then, seme reaien to think that even the ex alted et mice of the oourtof dmiicr retort is not alto gether untarnished from political and partisan prefer, esceh? The whig party made the prohibitory question a portion of their creed ; and when the great booy of tbe people were reposing quietly, acting secretly, th? whtgs stealthily occupied the State administration, and forced upen thii | eople the lnfamout Prchibitory law. Tue then whig Judges oetireo to conttrm that unholy act aad un* . itehteous law. <>n Ihe other hand, the democratic party opp< h( d making temserance a portion of Its creed. Thev i esis'.ed the law: their Governor vetoed it, and the party tepudiated it. Democratic lawyersgave labored oninion.i against it, aad now the democratic Judges on the higheat bench decioe aooordingly. Shall the temperauoe iiueetion be kept in politics^ Acd now. when the Prohibitory law has been declared unocristitiitloca.'? when the lawyers disagree whether a* y law exists upon the subject of lloence and regulating the sale of intoxicating drtnss? we find the lotcmperato haice law fanatics in both branches of the legislature eombfnicg to defeat the passage of an act whi;h shall re strict the .'ale of ardent liquors, and of regnlaticg its taie and trefilc. It shows their hypoariey. IT they can not keep an unconstitutional law upon the statute books, th?y cembine to prevent the passage ot any wholesome act. If they are unable to preserve a law wbioh uobsdy has or will obey, they stand In tha way of a proposition more stilagent than any of the old lleenM laws, which will be tbe means of decreasing "pauperism, Intempe rance and crime," punish with severity those who may be found to encourage drunkenness, and a law which tbe whole, people will regard with favor, and obey It* Injunc tions. We fear the Senate ia composed of a majority against the Assembly bill; we know the present Governor wir not ?lgn It, and we lurther know that the e is not a per "Mutionai majority In that body to pass It over the nt?| d Supreme Court. TBI D1PPPTKI) COMPTKOLiERfHir. Judge Fmmott, of Poughkeepsle, wiO alt to hear the case of Giles against l lagg, but in oonsequence of other engagements ha ndll not be able to commence it until Tuesday next llefore Hon. Judge strong. March SS.? Johacnaa Flommer was brought up on habeas corpus, and his discharge claimed. He had been emoted cn the complaint of the Bremen Coa-ul for do tart It g from the vessel Ratnhert . Mr. Joaehimaeeo op* p< ned the motif n. arguing that as the the ledmral auth >ri ??es 1 ed the cf (? tii"'er tii?iir notice fhM Court enild not ?i *< Vwe. The r-u *n '<1 p-:< i ;? to thy PtiUonable OBA M> BALL rOU THM BKXtK'T Of ID MO? NUT MH8UT AT TBI AOA?W*T OP M0B10. The promenade coacert and ball h. ' U* ke?e#t of tka " N wsery far the Children or the root" ?W ?ff in ?k? mo# t snaeeeahtl manner at the Academ y of XJjuie on li?i* - tvenirg. Nww, perhaps, was ten no ta.thio?aM? ?? antiDllaf* gathered together ? on the uuuaelPB ?* charity bail, and oarer wa? the C^eia Honw pleasing- V> the eye than oa the oeoatten teferwt to. ?ho event bad bo?en lcoeel forward to by the beau *??* with the greatest enxiety, and pleasimv innumsewbl* w e:% anticipated bj' the reeMenta of Fifth Ktsut, (Mm* (K) us-re, Fonit?*nUi atreet, and other fashion e>l?lh* roug jfarts. A? the eatorlaLament *as got ?p solely the wealthy and tafiuonhal si U sens of the metsvpaka, tie ocmptsr, as ma;* be easily imagined, was my etlea*,. and eTwy thing pawed ofl lu the mo<t bri lKnt el/ie. The prepareltone made for the accommodation of the alM? abce b j the co no mt+ ? ware erooOent The eye oo?M su^ge-l c> fault In tie devolution*, ortwr of exet jisee, or Hie WMDtrJr in which the frrartrf atfGtr? whm roodneted. Ae esrtyta IX o'clcsa the doors of the Academy itw thrown op-ar to rMKlr} the visitors, trho had then ueta Btncel to arrive. The music, however, dll not vmm reence unti!'>J{, eo thos* who arrived early had aoo^tt to do but attend to theii trilat, aud jilease their < A utee in kid gl"Yod for near] y aa hour. Bwt when the nan el - oiana did ee:?4 forth their softest strain* r and the tkiong poured, as if by niif is, from every part of the edi fies to the ictti dr l ai, all wae animation and p'easaat e*? oitement. The raoet beaut. fal and fashionable ladle* that New Yo;k ooaii boast c! were there assembled. ThecMgr d'l is! was a*. The scene liom t:>e second looking towards the rear of the building, was the moat beautiful and daexhsg we erer beheld. Suspended over the Loads of the dancers waa the sigeft flcent yet unostentatious transparency? ciostrucUd of Jets of ga>, and of a semicircular ahape. Mote toward* the centre of the Qeor, and in front of U? ptoectnlum boxen, was erented u rplendid ohandeHar, en tirety new and put up for the oooasion. Ft s toons of Uticial (lowers suspended from the bixee and oil : aud cinnttiriax around the brilliant jets of gaa, reo'i the fwmbl e a most ecchsntiug one to all beholder* Of the gay tlircog who bad gather^ there for the tw > feUL object ef eh(\rit j and pleasure, much might be said. Xha dreeree of the ladle* end the general appearance >)' the gentlemen was ex iui.-ite. Dimnoad.* anil Jawelry did ao4 cl<atac'vriM the aristocracy assembUd at \he Ac? >?(agr < n Thursday night, but richness of dr?.*e and ertrem? go<d taste in the weaiing of the same. The aid, the joutg, the though' le?.s, 'he dorauia. the witty, and th*. jovial, ef both stxe^t, ware fully reprefenU d. V'oang New York never shone to mare advaBtage, although the nuae ber of old fogies in altendauoe wan enough, ti dampen ?ha ?|iiritfi of a less indefatigable class. At half jMt nire o'clock there c?u.'d n?t have beea tea* than f-mr thousand pentom in the building. It was aft thiehcur tbat the dancing commenced. The btuvia of icutic, one for dancing end tbe other for promenading were etationtd on each tide of the proseaninia boxes ha the firet circle.' The first part of Uut Terpsichoreao sxar> cires ? a prmreuMle? commenced with tba " March," by NtMt'sbenJ. Thie was followed by oth*rpr*? metadee, to icueic from 1 Xucia, " performed ky thi ;>?? babd. Thtnrame the first set ol quadiillee, the muala being performed u> the most delicious style by ITaae iccrr's bard. As the exercis< s had now fairly eoaa nicoced, tie rueh to the ballroom floor was parfhet^r fen fuL la. les stood no chance of showiag the true eir ctimfeteDee of their hoops, for the crowd waa eo great tbat it was ntxt to an impoaUbillty for any of the boSaa te txhibU their drestee t? advantage; and gentlemen, toot weie put to eo<?a ad Incocreuiencfs. Snowy slilh rbbt toaoHii were fie<juently rufliid. and toward tew o'elock the jam wss ho great, that no man's linen was sere from trstfiisl datssgf. But notwithstanding at* ?b!a the mem danrn r> managed to aajoy tbemseives, aw at least tliey u.>ed every possible mesas to take ad real Isge of the tnn-ie ofTercd them by bsads In attendaaoa. Iho procTsmoie rf daLc'iig ai prepareJ tut the oooaataa cotcpibed the moet fasDionable dances; aud the selecttem wan sueh ihst ereii the fastidious eould not earn plain. The mu.-ic wss ri^e^did, being taken from the oh -I laroiite oporas sad | ieoos of einioent eompoeers. He older of dancing was as follow*: ? 1'JHT FIRST. VrcttPLtiiJe, Festival Mtrch ? ? 1 rrmei atie > Inale trcra Luclv .PontTOta. Fit Hi- '.ode. Overture MnMOW. 1 Vutdxllle, Feidlnand Picmet.ade, 8oidatnn limn 5 Waiir, Ibemla-Mrahien I?nng. rrvmeua-.'e, ?emlran.Me ..Bow. 3 Vo.ii ? Krdow*, Hum) Bergman. Pi on enwle, / m I1*1* 4 ?iuadrll>, Fsjader *Wgfc Promenade, Iroratoie :> Ovariri Je. asme Vole* Straaaj. PrtmcLaila, Urumu Berlin :Uuo?J. 6 Polka. Favorite. Pmrpiwdf, MHa/ioi'o... be 7 Wusdrlllr, O'phciu SniM. Prom* nsde. la Propbelc M?ertear. f W ?li/ Lctempnlre p*ft hccond. 1 PoUa BHtwi, Sunset Iterxmaa. Frtnwnede hnrjee BMnL 2 ijUKitilllB. 11*! Meier* Labttffcy. 1'ioir.ei ade, FUledu heniiuebt I'oci/o-g. 3 Walt /. Kan mMbaitserze UriMr. PicRiRMda, liberty *~'i r 4 Polka Redows. Assembly flail Bergman. Pron? n see. Glp ?J Bctig (rtxtr. 5 Uuaditlle, frrapbiuer Lhbllrfcy. Pi< mtuaiie. Kraanl Vsr4t. (i Polka, tml )e Labtt/ky. I'irnitr.aoe. Eaimunskmdrr Bahe. 7 v n)tr. Krolls Hal! Klasnge Liunbjre. 1 .'menai'e. Marti a rWow. 8 Vo ka Ktdowa,Vamo? QuieaHabo f At eleven o'clock the number of person* contained vilUiin tha walla of the Academy ot Music was folly In thousand. There seemed to bo a continual stream of latLicn aed beauty pcuiirg In at the doors oa every *Ma of the building Every available apace wait filled. The circles were never so detii-elj erowdei a* on the occanlen of thle great hall. What and Grim (ailed to do tho poor chlldrta of the Nursery accomplished without any difficult/. Their appeal tor a fall home wm not aa hteded. No. Fully Ave thousand person* subscribed to tl:e ehaiitable Fond, and thus about $10,000 was collected In a single tight for the benefit of the infant orphan* of thin city. We understand that a large nambor of par sons wore rehired aOmissli n, in eooHfpienee of tha crowded condition of tbe building. The tfcket office waa c'osed in about two hour* after the music ctnraeecod, and order* weie given not to admit any persons irho liad not tho necessary pace. Great wai tbe coastoraatloa, therefore, am< i>g ??? of tbe fshbianables, who arrive* alter 11H o'clock, when they bund that all the Uokata ? r admission had been Hold. However, their anxiety waa aeon rvllevodby tbe appearance of * >m? speculator* with plenty of ticket* for rale, at >3 each. Although as ixtia dollar was charged for admission tickets by these eke? luri il' ituluttrif, still they sold well, and *Jon everything in the way of ticket* completely disappeared. From 11 until 12>j o'elockj tho dancing preceedol vary slowly, owing to the rant throng who would pranieaa*a when waltzes, polkas and redo was wore being porfcraait by the musicians. As oarly as one o'olock large num bers or laliaa and gentle-nen, moit at whom did aot an gage la the danee at all, took their departure from tbe baliioom. and retired to their home*. From that bow the company gradually i>ecame less, and at 3 o'clock It was quite oTldont that there were aot more than 2,00* persons la tbe ealfioe. Before 3 o'clock the bard played "llome, home, sweet home, " and all who remained hind until that hour wore busily engagad la making preparations for their departure. The ball, financially speaking, was a complete success, a* will be toen ftom the following sUtoment, prepared by one of tbe Committee:? Fx peases, including hire of room, music, be. ... . $2,00* lircss receipts 10,00b Net proooeds for tbe Nursorr >0,00h Wo cannot refrain from speaking In high terms of tbst^ pToellent poltoe arrangements that were made. Captaiu^ Walling, with a largo poeee of men under bis oomiaimt,, kept the strictest order la erery eorner of tbe VaUdfa?r..; The bat rooms (three la number) wore attended bj the police, and tbe guests were obliged to take turn* at tho window, aa merchants' clerks an ?bUgo* to do at the Post office on aa European naa4| day. Tbero wore three entraaoes to tha ballrooe^ floor, each of which was guarded by a poUoomaa. TW middle aisle waa tho paseaga by which rial ten eateeei upon tbe floor, whlla tho two side paasegaa warolataadaA solely tor egress. By this arrangement severe craab^g and squoealBg waa, In a great measure, arcMed. ( these precautions bad' not been taken, th* enadi'imi a affair* (eenorg the lafllos parttcuiarM wo-c 4 ft ? iSlfMielf annttiog