Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1856 Page 1
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W YORK HERALD. ' WHOLE NO. 7153. SUNDAY MORNING, MARCH 30, 1856. r"~ ?" PRICE TWO CENTS. IDVERTISKMENTS RENEWED ETERY DAT. raw PUBLICATIONS. ? 1 NTZBESTIKG AMD MCdTING? J. Mow Ready, THE WAR I* KANSAS; OB, A ROUGH TRIP TO TBI BORDER, AMOMJ KEW B0ME4 AS D A htrabue 1-koilv By O. llOCGLAS Bhbwekton, author of "A Ride with hJt Cnum. kc. l?no. cloth. Illustrated by Dallas. Price 11. contbmtb : OR' to the War. Old if an Parson's Fight, incident* by tfca War. Heroines of the ?!:. .. A Hard One for the Author. A Killing PetUcoat A Boons vilie Hotel. Old aally and her Driver. A Cute Yankee Trick. the t ree State c ommaader. A Border Ruffian. Free Htate hide ot the War. Ihe Free State General. Seven in a Bed. A Terrlb e Alternative Bowie Kaivss and Pistols. ? Bed Wh and Indian Yarn* 1 be dnross ot the War. Major Ramrod's Adventure. Yankee Wit Duck iii* a Bft?r. Mlss>uri SsgaoitvL Ncwi Hunting In Weatp^rt. What * harp a Utiles Cost. The Barber Homicide A Prairie Home. Pro-Slavery Side of ihe War. The t- booting of Barber. ? History ot Wakaruia War. A VUlt to the Widow Barber. Gathering ot the Clans. A Heart tending Scene. Warlike Preparation*. The fclval Ticket*. A Crista at Hand. Sebaa'opot ot the Weil. Shannon In the Camp. Bto'>t, but Take Good Aim Besieged Won't Burrendtr. An Arkansas Yam Cbrlstn.aa in Kansas. Tne Borderer Backs Down. A Mysterious Kptstle. Can Lawrence be Takeu. Kansas Emigration. First Legislature ot Kansas. Shooting the wrong Man. Vt bat's m the Wind. ? Coleman's Narrative. What Kansas Newts. Kris Dow. Border Bufflan's Better Ilalf Lynch Law Threatened. Bough, but No Ruffian. Ihe Jolly Man's Story. The Momentous Question. DERBY A JA.CKB0 4 Publishers, 119 Nassau street, New York. A nd for sale by bookseller* and agents every where. Slug le copies sent by mall, post paid ' TT IS THE BEST ENGLISH NOVKL OF SOCIETY, HIGH 1 sod low, I ever rtsd.? Henry W. Herbert. j car published: ASPEN OOUKt ; A STORT OF OUR OWK TIME. Lr Sniituir Kkook.1. In 1 vol of 804 pages neatlv bound In cloth. Price >1 25. It Is Ins masterwotk ? t-cudon Athanti-um. Itls a decided fuccets.? tendon limes. Written with posl'lve power The Criterion. ilbas male h gi eat lilt ? Lot don Olobe. Ihe work abounds wiib Interest. -Home Jourus!. ' A very remarkable work.? London Press. It has hsd a great run - II ami ion Spectator. Full ot Intecse interest ? * oodoa r. limine*. Published by STRINGER A TOWdfSKND, 222 Broadway, New York. And lor sale by all booksellers. i"\LD BOOKS.? Ft VK THOUB&.MD VOLUMES OF OLD U books, In divinity, misaellanv. old Illustrations of modalu, rings coins, Greek and K< man classics, just received, and will 'be opened tor sale on the 7tl> Aorl', at 178 Fulton street, (round floor. All wbo wlab to see the oillectlon will please call early. All unsold will be removed by tke 1st of May. PATENT 81 STEM OF Will 1'ING.? Every one fcis own toicher. MACLAUBINM PATENT SYSlkM OF WHIIING. Patented by XJ. S. Government Feb. 14, 1865. IN A BET Of EIGHT BOOKS. PKICH $2 f!:R SKf. One set can be used by a dozen learners. Sent by mail, postpaid, to any part ol' the Union on receipt or the price, Schools and dealers supplied on liberal terms. Published by W. S M aCLaUBIN A CO., No. 045 ilroadway, New York. To Teachers.? The author will attend personally, without charge, to the introduction of the system Into schools wishing to adopt k. THE FIHEMEX. AT A MFRTI>G OF THE HOBOKEN FIRE DKPABT meiit. he'd at the City Ball, on the evening of March 28, it wsb on motion. Resolved, 1 hat the thanks of this Department be tendered to Hw-e Companies Nos. 1 and 2 Bug's a Comoany No. 3 and Hook asd Ladder Company fio 2, at Jersey Cltr, lor their va'nab'e services at the are In Washington ttroet, Hohokea ibis day. JOHN A. V4.N BoSKEBCK Chairman. ~ i, ? ? RrTTEB, Secretary. IOR KIRS WARDEN, W. H. Mi DONOUGH. Hose Company Mo. 20 F ?fTO TBR FITtE D8PARIMKNT.- GENTLEMEN, WE JL c Her t> your consideration Mr. HENRY LEWIS, of En glne- Company, No. 41, for Fi/e Warden. KEWAUDS. ?1 C/l REWARD.? A LADY. WHILE WALKING ON H>XUU the Flflh avenue wltb a gentleman, on Sunday even ing. (he J3d lust., bad her drew completely ruined by vitriol thrown upoo it by some per&on unknown. The aboveireward *111 be oaid for any Information which will lead to the arrest and oonvlcilon of the aUender, by applying at No. 32 Greau wlch avenue. a><m REWARD,? LrfjSr. A HUXBLR or CANC'ELUtD iT')U oirarka and acceptances on Morel ants' Bank, NV Y.. of aa ass to uy one except then amer. The above reward will bs u?Ul, and co queatooi asked upon Its return. Address J'H. W. QUACKINMt'BH, bos 301 Foet efflne. q>C)r% REWARD.? STOLEN, FROM THE STAB1.R IN , ?ixty tilth street, near third aveti'ie, on fbe night u a a 2Sili insv, two kersey horse lilanketa, yel ow plsld trimmed wlih red; two oatskln sleigh robes, one Heed with driuuet, U> i . ithrr * I'll grten baize; also a varcishid Uiom whip wit >1 b ack bsr dHe. and silver moiu.ted. The ve reward will be Said lor tie recoverv of ihe iropertr and aonrehen l'>n t ie Steves Apply at the coUage on Sixty filth street, or a' r\[> .?'?one si reel. *1 r REWARD -LOH? O.N SATURDAY MORNING f Li * March J5, on or t ear 'he uornrr ot W ushmgon andilti binson itrt etr, a diamond b'eastpln Ike Under wl,! receiretlis nliore iewi?-d by leaving it with Lira it i eckor, 244 Wavb injton btrret, or at the ba" of the Farme"'s Hotel. AC BhWARD ? LOST. OW FRIDAY APT s-BNOON, THE IP'J the 28'b of March between th? Pliiladelpliia .mrs, arri t ving at Jersey City. aLd hlghth streHt, h< >>v York, ag?ll ch?Iti Fi?h a medal Irn attsrhed to It iiTlBr will receive the shtve rewa.d bj de,ivering ihe sani'! at llftPront stre'*, l?ew York R 5. WARD.? LOST, A BROWN POINT KB SLUT; *p?J soawers >o ihe name of Fanny. Any perton returning her It No 3C4 Sixth avenue, will receive the above rew?ra ai a i be th&iika of the owner. LOST AND FOUND. / 1AU1ION TO PAWNBROKERS.? STOLEN, ON THE \ J night cf March 29. from 206 Chatham square, a Masonic brea?ti>'n, with s stone In the centre; tbe stone had a blemish in the irkldle. A re ward of )10 wtll ba paid by returning It to the owcer, J. Jor.ts. JlOUND- ON THK EVENING OF TBE POOR BALL, el the Academy of Music, a lady's hair bracelet. The overran bare the ssme by applying to .las. f. Mor!::on, 237 Ku.toa street, by cajlug fjr thta adver'isemcoi. IpOUND- AT THE CHaRITY BALL. THURSDAY, 2Tril 1 mat, an ermae \lotcrln?j. Ibc owner may have ili? mdi by pi/ing at No 62 West Twemieih street FOUND-ON FRIDAY EYftMlXO, AT A PLACE OF sunuseivent In Broadway, a ema'l sum of mouc^. The owter can have the same bV addrea'lng box No. 2.211 Post emcc. ar J'givttg tiatlalactory proof that be is entitled to It. 1 C,HT? ON THURSDAY MORNING. MARCH 37. IN .1 J conslr f Hie Jnrscj City ferry fro ??. Jersey City to New Vrrk, or la the 10 o'clock Irtin 'rom Newaik ui New York, a pscksgn. eoctalnlng some articles of jewe'jy. AO. The Under * 111 he lltieraliy rewarded by leaving U wit1) the subscriber, at No 13 John sttee', New York, or i?> F.-anklln .it'eet. New ark, N. .1. J. M. AND. LOKT-AT ACADEMY OK MUSIC, YKatK&n Af i H-'ii-xdajr) eveauig, a broad rn'd liulc : hand or t>r&celet. ? with a Uugo cameo clisp Ibe fl dor ui!l be rewarded by the same at the office cf the KvereU Hntue corner of rwutl avenue anil Seventeenth utrcc'. LOhl-ON SUNDAY KVKNIVfJ I. VSr, rHE Atl> IJiSf., at the concert iiveo the naw ;i y A^em'iiy Room*, a bit ck wm ;ltu. The tinder ea*II 1b It jeraUr rewarded on ret<.? nit# It to Mr. O. Freeman, 10 *V* en?y piace. LOfc'-OK THE 22II INBTA.M' S'tUlt ItOMD RTRitKT, * 'arge black Newfoundland dor, with wnlte breast, ?p <trd 'ega, white apot on bacc of the bend ard white tip to tal . A leita/d of five do lata U oi:'er?o lo whoever *a?U brti g liia? to H. K. Cioz, 92 Fulton alreot. LOfiT? ON 3 HE Z7TU INST. THE PDBT.IO ARK CAT tinned a*, Kit .t receiving ? promlworv no'e signed bv Hnij h, '.'FtMirie A Herring, No. 1*5 da'Pl <ict>>er, 1WV> S mowta. <?r $909 "4. :o o*n order, the payment jr whish ha* l/e?jn iK-pped. J. C. UOWK A Co., Ml Krondvyav. i Oft'r-ON the WMT stp!-: of nrrsoN, or in i.k I J rnf meet jlvaraall keje, oc a H*l rln;{. Auy informs tior, veiba! m by fever which may lead :n tVi"ir recovery, will ? be i>t?M !or. by *pplyli P at room ho. 9, Motl'u Holding, Hroa I way, or at 199 la; oy ran e?. 1 ChT ? ON Fanny MUUT, CO If I -<; RROM THE I J Opera, fcetwatn llrotdwa; nod vlx i avtime, a fur tip jie.t. 1 ne tinder will oblige <he owrer by tearing i at 41 Kast i hii!i?et tli street, ? >( University p'noa. A etilU tie re wfud given, if required. 1' 0W- OI 1H0MDAY EVr.NINO, 7TTK INM . |T J He Academy r.f KUifc, a aii.x. I ermine ttppei The , iii dcr ?i!l be retrvcir.d on leaving it a' No. 41 Flt U avenue. VrO31CB.-I.0HT, A I'OfKKT ROOK, CONTAINING urong sundry memoranda, tn., n ito'e nl Muirii I.ejrna In ?:avcr of and eMcracd b\ K. A. tJuloa, d'ta "th Jnne rem. ;or $t,V. no Ail rerfor.g are toroid aegn'l ?'lin: s.uuo, a" pay met. i baa teen utop^ed. A fnltable reward will be paid on iff ruing it to nub-crlber, 23 William itrtf-:, r on) ."Jo 7. A. It. I. WffHTI.H. * W AT0H t.OST-AN OLD FASHIONED 'tOPKRl.I.'rf *' repealer in iicing fiora Jtleeckei atri e . netr (Tmatcr, thtp-igh II e??ktr. ltro(i:irav, ?*or pi*-- Rtid Teiith Vreet, rear J eomidavmue A m'tVi e r?watd will b? trlven. Ap ply ojiobnN. Kc' ? Wrilam ?tieo' n W4*L BOA * I.r,?rf ^a nkOORIR'l YAWI-. ri \t a J ceitfre board; ? , ed Idaek. with a wln'e watei doe. and .Sieen loHem A llt,nnil rriva'rt will or paid or h?? re' urn in JAilaS H.vHD, >o 'i O.naiea c.i.n^i' oiri'jn li ? r?et. * OIM. Lri HT. XF.f.t rf.m K, ( R OOAT. Oil., XI T rXI-IAOVi. ftKt'i kKO K\ TaTENTB. Retail p?:?? one doilsr per gallon. Aid mlom pat<rc ei| ia?f?tob? in t'ije ?tora oMbe ??.i"rtfr?t*i-e1 Ate i? <ii untied aa the bn.a niltu e.l to ib? px ot'Uar qnalttie* cl U.? ell- each lamp g|v?ng a )i?,ii' e<itu\l to tao cii-roM *?ji h'lriitra. i Vmi hene Un |.? r>4;i 'fed for burning tt.u oil ?d\pt 'jii ll.e Korofeoe cblntttey. ? K\Ur oil tanipi eap be a?ed k* ciiltlrgolT h? ln.tiom ofihe ,!?? *:<?* !t"Mer, ?o *? u>brir,j?>o nirra"e of tbs i?Vel v l'"i n 'in 'tib? that ^tirronnda the wlek. 1 1 e m<>mI in?u<tal to wholeaale dealer*. a CTS'i fci.'i 3, Agent* of the Kfromno Oil Oumwany wo. B7 Reaver >t. N York. 1I.VH' Ofl ~I ri I V PRR OAM.ON; OMR O vl. on bt'.rt.H tee hnnured and tfftj hours, giving a light e.|i!el to gftt; pn iliyaioren'ile nm-ill, no eiploalon; glvei a i. iMiv, l>e?'i'lfitl ItpLt, peictt'iarly anitab'e t,i real or new ny; a * > i.r ?iore?, lar'i>?te>, *c . WVHeiale and retail, bv M. C>HvF>*'tKK, lrea>nrer Hi?le. OM 'nan'-aor ."?H Hcojtway, Vitrei Wa'tvr -.(r?e'. WliJ l?t to Itr P?4tl ?i'e?t near TTa'l. s PEHHBYLVABIA POLiriCS. Th? rukw 81m te CmtmUm. OCR OASKISBtm O OORBKSFONDINOK. MSCO?? DAY. iURBBBrso, Hue h 27, 1866. The Convention ??a called to order at 9 A. M., Gideon J. Ball in the chair. Mr. Moorbkad biot?<1 that the Convention proceed to ballot for Auditor General. Agreed to. The foUowiag is tie result:? David 8?nkr C. A. Walborn Darwin Phelps ' Q Jared B. Evans.. Hubert M. Fount ., N. B. Hobart ( wit bdra wo) W m. McConkev B. H. Bradfoid ,".!!!'.!*! ? . E. G. WitUrbouae. 2^Ul 116 Darwin Phelps was nominated on the flint ballot, an ) the nomination wag made uaatimous. On motion, the Convi ntlon Ihen proceeded to ballot for Surygjor Genual, with the following result:? Bartholomew La porte S7 Wilson King I Cbilxtisn lljer.-t _ William Evans (withdrawn)'.'.*. ' John B Brown D. Hudson ir'hedalier 4\[\ Joseph So lvley * ? Wm.a. Cobtan , 8. Rom (withdrawn) San. uel F. l'age, do _ ToU1 theWm U,)<>r,e WM then unanimously declared On motion. the Convention proceeded to ballot for Canal Coram, Pf loner, wi h the following result - Peter Martin ,,n William Williamson William M. Lloyd * Thcg. E. Cochtan Te" Robt.Stitt 7? Tho?. j. i'owtr 1 To,#1 All of the otbor candidates were withdrawn before pro ceed)! g to the nomination. p lhos. ??- Cochran wax then dec'argd the unanimous nominee of the Convention. The tickeL the, elore, presented to Ihe people of this hww' V t r Wh? ^'e ?PP0Md to th? Werce dynast/, A .3 C"B7dntlOD, i 4 &H follow- ? HtiODg'county.' ,a'? I)arwln ^elp. (American), of Arm , ?'hh?I;T 7'wa*?B?""thoIomew Laporte (Wflnot re publican), of hr&af >rd omintj. \?+?L???Mirnfr- rboniM E-^". (whig), of Th?ftition i?. therefore, nearly coroplets, each party the ticket Convention obtained one candidate on The Americana cocductcd themselves magnanimously kilit ;Me.e^Cfpt'"n ?f. * short tIme ,Mt evening, t!?ey dlsorganiielrg sp'rit down; they let the m?fn \.T??f,^iPI>?1? blow ott th#lr g'*?, and said but little, but worked the more. Ud *bLUt two-thirds ot the delegates in the Convention, aid could hare selected from tkelr ?nufJT"ry b?1 lh?y in a spirit of con cihatjon^and although the American party bas ten rotes ^ wLer? whlgs and nigger worshippers ?J5SJV>nf' they sav? t0 ?a3h o? ">ese par IhT . 7?t, at the same time, \ 'u,gger were coatlnually oharring toe Atne/iCai H with wun'ing overythlo^, ? H*w55Pmlt,l# w?r?"ipp?r, tiat offered the snti kate nod ami lugl Ire Slave law resolution last evening, did not sho? his face in the Convention this mrrning; his resolution reseiving but eighteen votM in ??r .nfccf ' n W1,h the attacks that were maie upon him, "* "" ? *"?" As soon as order was obUined , Mr. Carnaan offered the follow lrg, which waa accepted: Resolved, Tliat a Slate Central Committee } m m , rvrt, n i ? -* equal to the Lumber at Senati^s ^ -St il dele/a^im enoh Seoa'.oilni dinlrlct stlect their committee men The tcllowing is tho Committee:- J. R Flannlgan, whig ?lacob Do<k, American; Charles Tli.mpson .lune^, Anerl w ' ,}>anter Ametioan; Olirer P. Cornman u11^ Darlington, whig. Pe er Uanin, Atne f"?D' Aa?tcan;C. F.Muench, Amnion; liv.i w1?u i1' Am*ri0??; Charles p. Waller, Ame'icsn , !, , American Ao ahatn Forry, American- E. \ .' * ?.l J]** d C- Boal- A?erican: John Penn Jones -\ireitcan; Philip Mors, Atretic* -j; Wm. Jessup ni/irer " Ashloy "a. ?Un ?r worshipper; wna, . ttwart, aggtr worshipper; John X. Howe Mn*rnl?.rU ge'iT"r*hippelr; "i he(J Weu,d, Aa.eri can nigger wwfchijoer ; A. H. Ml ler, ^igger wor *1V ? a. MoKT if' ^ Aae{,(;aa "Wr worshipper: l n ?? Milter, Jr . American tigger worahippgr; Philip ? ??r. Aaencan. Gen. II. N. Boon's, whli; I.s-ael Gu> -I V Vr r eae, Robert Stilt, nigger worshipper; Pobert A,l0!lc*'?: H. Joaea ilroot", A-nfric?a s.l< leu * ",#n fffeie<J 'he ??>"***, which wai e '| e* i,f1k' ?dIklvlL'l. i?"1,berH of ,1?,K oM-venUoa coutriDute ? ii.e i. erk sdf.v tor ilie purpose of detrayinz tlie ot nintlrg, and the cfllcers of the Hoti.te! eipeas?M Ibe fdlosirg was tien adopted:? . 'hat the ticket just nmilnsttd will now bo unaui tiiOusU dm- and bv this t tilon "onvennon and that we oiler I' tor .he (tiprort ot all oppoe?d to ihe uaticcal admiuisii jUon .wL?MAI L took the floor, and a?id lbat he coo^nitula eil the members of this Convention on 8,Ct bn, ^ U,<1 coutro'le<l their pro' ee! ft . t,C< thRt u wou,'i hon;r upon ibem throughout tho eomncn wealth. Tney were cilLd together cn this occasion because of tie faithlessness of tk? preset! national adminigtratlon to all their nledires n-ad* to the people, for the so.'e purpose of na isfving ^*'r gft.W.taw.L lie was originally a <l?mo orat, acd woiked wlttt that party until tuey abandoned mlnMn^ ^f?ii * ? L0* wiut *eu<ied to the piinclp.en of the American pa-ty. He was sin f.?T ih amotion to tbe .lenc.craUi p4rty up to the lcauguiatlon o'Gooeral llerci. When he saw 1 Wee b inangursl address he whs proud of bis vote for him, and rejoiced that the poop'e had p'ased a n?acf maker la the chair. But lor g before tlia'. ll'shsc , wa< circulated thrcugtout tbe leogth aud breacth ot tuo ^ v? '.'attd every ph>dg<< that he had nace in thy. d.ioumcnt by putting on tue I it ;k snd urgltg farwaid the UUIe Ginut, of lUineis, wi;U the ac. to repca. tie compr mtise messtirea, and open again be hl< od irig wou dcs of ?) t. c jun'ry. It wai no? Ur republicans that opened thiii ugi ation, but the de tooeiata. Th'ue nt ver w %s a--, iulmini.1 ration in thN CO, tutry so entirety signlQsan', for evil as the p^Lt. T ? . ll""e r?thing t> Btiengihon our InU'csts abt oi d tr at home, but hail we?ker.ed thwu in evar" ii w?MVh? ,Th",m!7 tb('r? tfca'. they h*J '<1od was tbe bt mbardmcnt of Grcylotvn, a Utile mud to*u toMthS ,i (Appla-tee And in* thay woe to d tliey weie almost at w?r lUt gland; but ihe ig?t steamer brough'. the n??s tiiat whiUt Btnhanau w*? (juMiel.iog with Lord Pa?merstoa . n p&p?r he w?s dibit g with tbe Qaeen, anl had sn . lit the lord Mayor's Jrror by uot dlrlog with bin. He cons'dered tfiit i wotild be ruinous to the country to hiv? Pierce's almln |st'? ion tollowed op by Buchanan Jlo felt eatl-lied that tteresult of this C invention would aeome th? is trst ot the tlemceracy in this Stato next fall Thanks were then voted to tbe otli :ers of the Conven jlcn, snc to the Sj.eaker sn l men-bois cf the H.,u^ of 'or gi anting tuem tbo bnil. When, after a few rardem remarks, at 11 A H. tbe Convention adjourne-1, ti lth bree chee s f. rfje ti'.'kf srftct good feoiicg on all side'! perv^ 'ed tne m-tn jjn oo their idjournment. lromertiatejy alter tbe a.ljourrment of the Convention niil r 6(1 met and elec tsl ||. J?r:es Hrooks ol Delaware, chairman. Now that lb* all cauipiiga in tn'V.lT 'yu'y ?1??. It perhaps woald be in placs to ??ke ? g.snce at the core Ition of lh? turn inr ties. The democrats met he-e on the 4th of March, un TT! S 7 ?nd nominated a tiiket with perfect harmony. 1>0 of the men, however that they nominated were tnkon o it ot Wlttnot's district ?that section of Use State where the denv>a,atlc party ig the weakest? apd the other from the Eastern part of the s A; .m ,?B I'orU"a,w"-t the mountain, without ' ""j ? 1,hl" ?'"*"? ? of nmrinuilng !? n? ,,h", we^te n democrats, althongh tney 1.. n' t ,oir dls#atisfacHon to tlK-mselvcs a: the tfu e, b it I ( l^s aft, e bioktn cut, aaid the iodloati mi now are that it sill ,e rlfluilydsttfjc thrir ticket la OctobJr next. Tie fu'iot (VmrcntloB h*? ,|'t?t adjonrsM. TU-v met leieuoder the r.i- it aoverse rirciim- tance.s that ?nrr n vi r tion erer ? gambled In. They c .tne beie, the m <t .? them i epresgntirg principles sntagonis-.icri to.-dJi ether wltli men hcltHrg c ,?rcme vie?s ..n both sid.s; bul ?itli he o rceptfou o< son.o i?0 or (we're men, fwlii ma 'e ait the t., on Me i. a more jtMSieioits net could n<H ha .? beoi S; nt. ilie Americans lisvtcg the eon'rol <>C tbo c-oven tin lie d out tie .llvn bi-ench t,. theii- op >o,i?n: t i.i Vi* w?, snd sfle: s tlsj l?lior, the 1< n a??t'l\ b KM down U gofh ;T--the I i!lm.iI(. ?t nations I Aircrits is '' "Z' fr,l? ,.H;r,mb[rw n,.;g,r worsaippjrs ?the free ttailets and pro-ectiomsU -h hands with each other, snd thus snored, -din brertklngitn in harmmr Their ticket is composed of men ol umiitv end we'l ! '? !"? ["/ if "''I*; ' 'if f*'?, ?o4 likewise wt.ll <As irlbuleii throughout th. SUTe. In the latter re*pcci ihi? hf?ve the a-lvsntsge of th? democrat*. tliey have takes ? stroi ? man from IVilmo.t's dr?t.rl.;', a id ons that is eTcecdifgly popular trom west ot be mouu -iins !t- , ll"' ?"?"'beiMiern r?rt ,.f ths State, l b s olMrihution sa ill vary mstntlally strengthen tlielr tiCset. I ider Uiat pomti n they ?nter th? He'd with a' I- set twenty h<e thousand mgjoiity sgain,?t the demo fiats. If, then, they sucneed in ke^r?iigths difleront elo united, ttey will carry ?ver* tiiiuaf Heforix them. Strange to ??? not k word was ut e-ed in the t;?nv?u t.on about the Presidential question, s?4 no'ihar ol the . srull* a'?s nominated enilor^e the W ,noo> an.l Din-Jsiu ii<.mir*<lon. HlTl OllS AR fINAM.T ADOPTIP. Vbe'os* theiieeuian of Pennsylvsn!i opposed lo ihe ua lotsl sdmltusi.aUoti, aro nivtoed lato poUUcal orxaok/atlou' " S "sWu teiC?'1 's," r*^wmen,?, p,"l,r "p">' M . i. VI lM??mMori'> of tiie h?o rf u of ttee "P<,n moai-t.ious <is r.e* forced upoi i ro .J.t Ti^u!.2 "f '"" ot lhe Kts-ouri cotiiprorolse; bvtlie v 7.? ?r r ?ir ?r ,te l:*',nnM WtnWton It, imp rue >.y >.t lieiTt I ;u>^ Karsss. ooiiirair to ihe ?i. oil ii.??,- '<? "Mk-orltv of Ilie inhaVlauis, andtiytwun ' ,*';d *nU preference lathe appaus Wj'.i ot t re'fcx Mr'H ortr Iho-s V,rn "jkm t'i? s-s' , >o 0Uke*of trtM and lienor a* well is la the MhlW i ot It* patronage ; and wberea*. ag eeiaent la prlr.clale l? the boaa tuAt cau unite etUctirely hoMM men tn politic*! auUon there '' 'bMolTtd Thai ?nlnrated by the .<plr|t of r m owioo, wf will coi dUl: j unite in the support at Uie candidate* to be nominated bv tills ronveoiion, upon toe bani* ot taoae prtnc pie? upon which we we mutual!} agreed. . _ Beaclvetf. That the ptwe t Lt'tonal admlata*at'ou. by toe eierc'se of an unwarrantable lallueoca in too ratten or tae Mitaourl coaipieiitie fct the tartan -erf aeUi<b and iieettcuat po ItloUss; by the re OOT?1 of honent and competent men from iWctaot hooir Mid true! in orrte- bat :belr place* mijrnt be filled bj li efllcteit and c irrupt cartlzan*; ot refusing to pro tect the treemeu ot Kuuuli' Ibe enjoyment of tn? nglH* ae Hiiri *d to be ftflouif d to Lb em by the conetltutlon and law* of the United fciateB -'her ehy showing i?"'l powerlu tor ml* cli-el. but feeble to ibe matulecaice of 'aw* tor the protection of the people and the torrr of ths country? ba?J'i?t.v W?M all claim* to ike confidence and reapect ot ibe people of tftlt C?5a?ptl*<l Tbat we will tine all bnr,o?*ab'e means to check the evlia u flirted upon the oounlrt b s tfte unjust aud nejtliua ir.fH- urr* adopted by itu> present national a'lial-.ULra-Juu hrcuiht about by >be exere^e of tt* patronage. ton wo are ut terly opno.-ed to the admiralon Icto tbe cunleaeraoy of a ave btatea to'mtd r ut of territory once cu necr-iied to freedom, and tlioto tbe exteiskra ot slavery into any iertliorie? of the 1 B e?;ve? ThaTw^T rdla'lv disapprove of the ?n*r[?r"? ot fort Ign iLfiuence ot every kind to our ?clvi- and IwUUcjll al fair* aid are equally ho, tile to the interference of _h(> govora aentor people otthe United Mate* lu the affairs of o ber aa fen* ruarclrg any sues usterfe e^ce a* unwt e anu In coo (jiotvHh tie reoommeu'latlo-j of Washington * fare weU *<i ?dcretw which Inculcates wlih cmpiaUc earnejloe** the i pfo Bftety of avoiding the adr ptlon o> aiiy pMlc wVch might to vo!ve ns in unprofitable and <!augeroii? cr.ntroreralej with ,CK??olved /"hat we regard the pa- dertng of any party to foreign it flnence a* fraught with nanllold evil* to the country, tlreatinlr gthe stability of our ln?dtr.tiona and endangering the moral* of the people by a contact with llm paupers and 'etons cast upon our thore* lrom tlie n^s Hall ano prlsoo* of Mtropc. Betclved, That a* Ancrlo?n lloertv leoends for Itiprewr vation on the IrtelMgense ot the peon n, unlvmtiil wl i vulon i* ibe iiirl dnt\ of the State, at a that all auempu. by whsmsower mace or firotn whatever quarter ln*tiga!ed, to destroy such be o?ilctoi ay stem by peivertlrgli to *ec,tarlan PWPOJJJ ot ^p in B*Dft it ? progreM aLd extension. l)ecmuA^ H Ib not toe instru ?tnt of IncuicatliiR any particular re'tglon* creed, ought to be re*ltUd t* traugbt wl'L fuMJcuable n.lrch<ef andevi'. Resolved, That ibe respect and or ai d tie people ol ? hi* com notmmal'h are dus to J?? p t hlel Haglstrate o? the Sta'e sr d to tbe members of hi* admin icrstlonfrr the imegrlty. purity of pnrpoae and ?'?'?"'W Pfc ii lotitm luanlfeBted la uielr oflHal ctutluei and we ccromend them to the uppcrt of every citizen who value. ihe honor soc lcteiee** of the btate a> d oan appreciate the vlriuea ct' devoted a>cA fa1thrul public aervt*nta. The PtMlllon of OencriU WaUur In Xlcara ^oa 0efiite?1. El Fol de San VknUe of the 2d Juntiary has the follow ing reilcctioDH on the pontion of general Waller and ths Americans in Nicaragua ; ? An uninterrupted Eeries of facta prepared and achieved by the old servile and reactionary party of Con'ral America maOe Uiem probably etneoive the Idoa of an ab solute and perpetual dominion oyer the country, af tor having destroyed ihe progressive republican portion (f tlis inhabitants* As in the present etisis in which tho Central American ropuhliss llnd themsc.vos involve 1, the | pi in. if al point tuns on the so called invasion by the | Konh Americans of Nicaragua, we ehall aotiMnence with some rbf.ei vatisns uj>vn tbe former attempts of tbe c^n serva'ives, who, whilst urging us to refuse the friendship and ??>istaoc? ot the Aiuei ic*?d, have aever ceated to f ollclt a monuTchi:al protectorate, and even that of Euro pean States. Tbe Emperor Uurbide reigned in Mexico when th? ia ropene'etee of Central America was proclaimed. Who were th< Re who cenrted his goo3 graces and introduced a phalanx of foreigcers for the pu-pose of subjug?tiog the j free inhabitants of this country and of perpetuating their own dotninicn as they he!d it nno?r the oM Spanish colo nial i jsUm V Qistory tells us that it was the parlUans of abtolu'.e ptinclple*. Kevertheless, r?a?on and justice uinained triumph*!.*, and we were enabled to adopt a pound and liberal pouiy adapted to naitons whi aspire to a higher social poiltlon. Some pre^ad that it was precisely this course which caused our ruin. Bat good sec se and tspwience have proved that it ?ras the anger of the m ae absolutis.s who, bei g nei'her frank nor ge i erouB enough to bear with resignation their ill lute, hwore 10 take rtv&nge by every means, falslfrng the oj tablifhid ptinclpteH, opprtHhiog ttio-e who ha* dewntlwl thtm to tbe best of their power, aad pi ?patina by whlt tvir hatred ami vengeance can ina^tte thstr reaclionary mcvem?nts. ... T\ i? fvs tin ?/ onceai-iDir rt-vsnge, cai'iiau out wi.n uu ehM.Xr. Md iit&u: j eg ?Vo to any peean-ar, tftctili.-t>?, tas been pu?he?l to Irs utmo*t h?l.?; it prJ tiuced Ire ptis-.culicn ol the llluatiiou* lUrruoiia and bin aasnrlatrs wbo transplan *d then the best of tUe I nt UtJ Hta'es laws ttpi-n w lei th? constitu ions ot cur Oin t/?l Airetican lepus.lcs ate ba*ed: it produiei thot: hatred ? gainst tie thin provinces, no ,v tndeps?'leu'. Btstes, toi rot adrr.ittiag their plan* and under iroir.g their domination, and at last ii'fpd the in Tn to iLliame aid drown in blood tue whole rouu'rv. Their w>.rlt was th? min ,o. ^ Cjmava alia and tbe Oevattui n cf San Salvador. rb* tafety of these States lying In -.heir union, theawoln listr. well Uitw He ntcessity of bnngiog them under Ionian vati-alage and ot thteateclng ihum with toel: own foi? ign ai iatce, in order to iu?te them feel the ?e<gbt cf their prejoot*. At this p?-iicd more than at any other the an tpathy ol the aiihtoeratical p?r>y ag?lnst the North American-. bn ?ks lortb ; for. ba\ ing chc.sen as thair chief tho hog !ii.h Cenul, who, !n tna name of his government, toot poeciMon a fo? Cential Ameriaan teriltory, the illu* 'rious Central Taylor, i'roaldcnt of the Lntted Sta es, wished to put an end to snch encrcac'iments -hooce thu C tayton-Bulwer tieoty was made. Who can be ignorant ol or uueMion tLe imnense btnellt Central Ame nca t'erlved from that mtasnte-the o^y one which circumstance* thtn admitted olY Wao n,'?s that to the good oftices of the I ni el the State of Hondma.s is irdabkd for rtoveriog the island (f Tigie, where tbe EcglisU had alrevly raised th? ban ner of the United Kingdom V there would he rich ma let ials for a numoer of articles if w? wero to pass in review only the most iropottant facts of tho last law yeais; but it belts of more oons^iiioccn to our pre-?ot purpose to are*k cf the gratuitous calumaiea with whl:h vbe old corseivative parties endeavor to tarnish the cbfttSOtlf of itC.wal WallitJV and hi^ AttttiW# legion, we mil bieak off out histori al reflection*, and occupy our ftlvos with ihe las' oven*- in Nicaragua. The Bot'tin de Cvila Ki<a and the f.trela O'h^al d (rt'UV mala preU-nd that the North Anmicans who are si picfent la Nicaragua, ought t) be driven out, liejtuse thev ate aiiv*'UtuieiH, and ntiU more, because our inde pi ni eute, the Cathollj religion, aud our customs, ate end*ieeieil bv their nrese-nce. l'hia tnth targu?c?, by which the inoftensiva in'iabi liiuin cf thai republic, ahj aish to hvd in peica, ura tj 1:0 previ sed, ia in aow'aa jiutitied by the t?c's. We tjeukibus, not en.y indut* <1 tv tUe it 01 we have beun able to Terra ounelvett ot ih>- i n ot Nicarngu.v but also guided by tho Jur'i{m?i.t i.f other po -oos ot good H'thf lng. la tact, it that State haJ been ia?aced a< it ia pictmdrd, aid if iti indexndenre and religion were t ut in dnsgar by the iisorder ana violence of f >i'eign In vasion, why docs top. ver.erade Hilar io hernocia, Vice lU'gent of ihe itiihopii) ol Nicaragua. In be*. towing bin pialse on the pence uud order which, in c(nutei|u*nc? ( f the occupation of Grauadn, the people now eojoy, no' i wly coLgratiilatefl 1heir government, but al?o General Wa kcr, who achieved ihis groat e;it?- rpriae!' Why, it the recent etnita in Nicaragua are of (inch a desperat" and attlictiiig character, do tho ret citizens of Guatemala, m c'cnpitc of their great disttn ??, publicly and span tancously Ootgratula'.e. through tUe organ of General ('arrtsconi, I he government ol Nicaragua, and the Gene mi who in at the head <.f the lilorating army r I.tntl/. why, il Its ind< pendonce ia in danger, doe* General Caha n. is, cons', i'u'loiia! I'ic i cat of Honduras, ever the fiitnd acl defender of it' ep iidence. recignNe thegiT tirtniriit o! Htnor K'.vas, au.i accept the h?tora teuda(ed 10 Ma by the e.rmy under tho ooavaiand at Ganorai Waiker Y And if these arguments me irr*eia*ibie tho otter is of no leea weight, taat there In a national govern ment in Mcs??gua wticli acts in it* quali'y as a Central ^meiican one, atd would fee1, grievituly offonded if it weio suapected of Mug traitorous to the nation. This much decti'd of Nicaragua bv the North Amfi icar.s is, tharefoja, but an invJolive and a calumny ot the ariatocra'ic party. Ihe North Ameiicms whj are in N'caiagut acknowledge the government of Sr. D. i'auIWo Hiva s, atd give re.ipooiabiiity to the repuVlcm !ot. h, which wi re bo many timea on the point ot nisap peumg in the haadt of 1M OOnaarvatlve pu ty, who ?ig'a lor lings hud monarch <js. i.'enersl WaUer. niakli'g kno^n to ibe Mlnbrer of ihe I'nitod Stales hit prinoiples t? ? 1 prrjee -in, declcrea that he i* a democrat, and will >> >-intaiu, in Central America, liberty and the right* ot .Ue jifopie. In his ieply to tho illu<trloiia .Sr. Qilatio Ueidoc'a >.n re.igions matters, he declare* that, withou ?>e aid of leliftkua principles, the.* cant ot be a goal ii?v< n.ti ' tt. if i Ihe ;e?r of Hod l? the of all r-jcUI and {olalcal o. gmiMza'ion ; naJ, moreover, that he 11 miy Uii?.vM tb# opinione in defence ?f which hn has fcught In NicMfBiia to be 'he Irgi imate deduj tiora of ihe <.ocUino4 of ovir tf^v'.our. Ant Jf the revelation In Nicaragn* ia the solution ef all tteie prcblfinK, it ia a aubiime !l^e^ 'hat m nu.-h hi IWIBWIgjhl way Uberty tf!*uplM iu 'Canada, au.l h >? h i e* lite to < ?atral Aaiercft, restoring 'hf fieopld t > tl e lull "M Mkn ol' thtlr unlit* ol' pcac- and order, ho th'i1. ilvil /alien and natloanl welfare may m loagor be witbhetd from tho inbabi'ant* of this lice country lieii'tofore, paitiea rotttnually distrojoJ ea.U oth?r ar d gettt lal'v li war Ite Hbeiala ?bo auccumtK>d. Thr trbi* atrivaa at laat, and at tha* liMrtUt myiu~n. it ea iifr?m?!y tha* North Americana oiionld couio to the

?Ia of I tiu o'emccralic rarty In triumiibau;, aud tlrir triuispb Ik the Fali'^nard cf natiotal isde^ondonot; they daitt/oed It t> tte empire cf iturbide. they ncve-J it frt iu llomlrgUQ/ in tha fortieaa of ( hnoa, and ili? v prirteo.rt d it againDt the attacks ot the aristocrat*. iMpeilor Court? *pe? lHl Tea nu Bv Hon. Ji;^ae Holfman. fbiit a/il. Tui mr, Dm id <C 'liwnsrwi Jni'gment agalus'. ? ach (.1 tfce (?e(jnOants pereona'ly 'or $3 100 menuouei in the care, ? ith inter en'., and a so declaring a iian 1 1 ?c ?t i-pi n the furniture in ihe Mercantile Hotel. cntK .i^ n a sri f ola to a etriain mortgage, and for the ap,<ii*a'. n-.tut ot n recelv?r. H'tU'M c;<f. LoipfU.? Judgment construing an antc n ip tin t Mttfcracst, and ilrectlng payment to toe plain iff. Il'inlwu a;)t. Aaylar H al. ? ln.igu-.ent ?etf]dng the r'srhts ard Mnlttes of tbo partiee t? the find m the 1 % m* (.1 l eier Naikr. (tihit* * ttiiU /(I '?il ? l'rinci|i'r, the aiv tut t-. ? (lift Iw'ii'fn therntle* date. t>i:, -jr 1 ar. i ,.iiv ?.? 1 a'e t ui 1 1 ush (tir Albany Corroyondcnce* Alba nt, Match 28, 1850. ?kr Grand iHncrrcUir fusion Svpper Party ai the I ftlaoait Hovit-Eftitiof Good Wkuand Good Ch'ir on Ihtwr ianl Politico! Elmienti? the Temp ranee Quei'ioi% ~Sf upkrr Brad for*' i Bill? a Hm Wirrdt of Advice to the TJfu*r Interests? The flat Contract Bit', <fc., etc. If feasting and dr'nktag, speech mak'ng and muni* flower* tad flattery, osd units a political part/, the de mocracy of New Yo> k, iepremn'.ed In the legislature o the Stats, nut j now fce countered a ualt. It U a wel known faet 'hat, in the early part of the session, the de mocrr/B ot the Boom drew ctf Into two distinct factions ? the one ietaali.lcg Bteaaiast to oil hard shell princ'ples .he other jerking for scecets. and willing to compromise for Ita aoh irenient. Frew time to time that same spin of antagccifas, hards and softs, has manifested it?elf la dabafcs a.ia in joto*, and has been a matter ot seme concern to the representatives of the party in the Senate? a srleek) but " lobto baud of Spartans" ? wh > have remained atogularly united (fcr thtne days) during the entile eef^on. True, as Senator Sickle* re matkii, there a>? tnly enough cf them far "a whl.t party ; ' but they hare plajea their game with marked ability, soaetimM winning the odd triek, and certainly holding the honors. Well, tbe Senators from tho two extremes of the State, from tho Atlantic coast and the shotes of lake Kite, dtexltg an effoit to unite tbe de mocracy of the Absomblv to ware 1 the cloaa of the sen cion a matter of policy, issued a day or two since a oard, of which the following is a copy (T~ ' ' r r j Mrt Mckles sod Mr. Wsdiwortn rciunl the pleasure of { ) ? "s con 'any at supper, onj J Ihurtday evening tut, at Ho'c.ock, to meet U>? detnooratlc ? < n-enibers of ibe Legislature. ! $ 1??lavan UoudK, aua>y, March 2i, 1(458. ; In aecotdance with this iaritation some seventy or eighty pet se ns, among whom were Mayor Wood, of New Ycrk; ex C'i ngicnttiian I>arid I,. Kelly, Lieut. Strange, *(.d other guests besides the member* of the Legislature, assembiec at the i'elavan to partake of the elegant hw ptlality of the two Senators. Some of your readers, who the g<od things of this life, tnay be pleased to 1 -ok crer the lolloping "bll of fare," and imagine it printed upon whi e satin with all th? extra (ioutiahei:? Ftsn. ? Brock trrut, Slewed ojaters, Lobster, au natural, I Haw OVhterg. Krwit nv*l?r? S Raw ojhterg, Fried oyster*. B5T1IIW. FUel de bn*uf, plquee, aux truffles. i uc crui, puiuee, aux irumes, Ms de veau, ptquee. en peti ? octs. < 5 e'otelettead'Aguaau, ?au<e, aux t hampirfcons, J > Fried 0} ster*. J ? feseoliosed oyster*. s < COLll OKHAXK.Mil, DHUKt. i i Oe'antiaededlndo.sur sockle, $ 5 Aspie d'butties en belle rue, ; { Jsmtoude rt es'.tjhallA dee-orated, > I ?.'t aud Irold ue perdr L J > Oe antme de pouiard, aiir aockl*, ; > t-aiweai'lia'lcnne, > s toasocaiie Diane de ro'all'e, 5 $ I.wigue de bteul, g'acie en Oelee, I > bayoiialse b!atc d'h mardf. ; J KKUHUKH. J I French mus ard, MtanUh olives, lloreeradlah, I i Aseorted plckV*, C-a^beiry aauce, Apple sauce, i ? Lettuce, hat dines, taclshes, > s tilery. J < <mi m. < > Foast saddle ot vecsiM, with currant jelly, ; > Grnu?e. biaize, ?auce M uletra, j i Fartrtdae', warded a !a royal, j 1 CaLvaa beck ducke, rotU, gnm? sauee, , J &ed kfAd dtuks, ! v Black duck*. J { i Juaiia. broiied on tot at. < i I'igeons, broi'ed cn toast. s > PiLtTitr, x > Fancy Charlotte tfe rusre, > i CUaap*gr.ejeU? a la rcee, decors'ed, j ( Madeira jelly, decorated, i > Kiwef, a la creme ItalUune, > s AlmoLd*. a la rojal, ; s Fancy cike*. a la Fiareaine, \ 5 0I<? AMfcNT.U.. ? > Flower nafirtt gothic stjle, 5 v JPyramida au liutt, * j ! > trerxo msnte, au fllel Acuraae Ita!lent-? s J Fsiej '?ea'iuet, trult a la Franciise, j I Iflt CiiKiSIS. > ! VaaiUa cream, Orange cream. % J 4 > Alitovdi, Figa, Apple*. Walnuts, ^ s iwoi, W*a, Fibers 1 runea, J ? OiaiigLi, Coffee. j A >*t// AA/**> -A ?a/A Wltn ihe a Ik ve good tbirgs bad heen properly dig cumd. the buame- i of speech making commenced, and was cfciiied cn with spirit for many bourg. Kvery person uet ireu uuiol at d tieiy perstn lelt confident tiut uulon mud follcw the Cincinnati Cot vention. Senators tilekleg and Widsworth (to*U>) desired union, Mr. Anthoo <bar<3) < eslr?d utl n. May.* tVood aesired uoi m, and hoi eel the l.'gotu'.i if jrighi stiue that man dead who, a ttr tLe (Secir??t ' V oveiiiou, fid not de ire utloa. AUeiman Olancey, i.f Nov t<* k. uefir?d union. Kvtn It. I* f-Vymour, a victim on the ai'ar of disunion, forg?ve bin tMn-ltn, and iah>eo Ms voice I?t a united dumocr**i) party. It la 1o ??? stsc?>: ?:y hoped tbat ths supp r will liavei's tflec' ? ' h'tl. !!>?? o wi 1 to no more bickerloj aod <inuTT?1Urg between tte '-ha da" and ' sift*" in tbe Aa (t-mbly, and lhat the e'egrti bonpitadty cf the Senators from Kiie aod Niw Voik will not be cant away up->n toe unteri i I ie<' of tbo Km pi re ttnte It la to be hoped. too tbat Mr. Bucls ran and Mayor Wood may reap all the vivantage to te ce ived fioin he unique and pieasan . re union of the itmocralic itpitaentaavea in the l<egu lat are. Iho temperance qurvion, and '-what in to dona now?" ixeata ore ?t every corntr. Do not let your readers be too confident thu th? bill Introduced into the 3ana*e by Mr. Bradford wi 1 not become a law. It will be pasted in the f-'ecate, ard it may b? that there are enough mem bers In the Howe eo tar p!eOg?d to tempeiance aa to be unable to vote agal- it it. l'hoy have hi .herto argued that the nroaent piohifcitoiy law being inoperative, th?y eve libne&Mii g the came 01 temperance by voting for Mr. II. Bfctley'd bill, b'li when they are called uoon to i ecord their names amurg the ayes or naya on the direct qucatlonof cors ltnti iual prohibition, t&ere is no aujlcg wier they may c jtne up. A? prohibition la prospective ooly in its iw natitu l^nal operation, your retail liquor dealers had bet'or lay is lar>,'0 stocks, and then they can (?II it cut In ipite ot the 1 v- . riy ihe way, it wlil be a me? qui *tlrn for gentlemen of the taw to detarmit o how far ha doctrine of non-lnter ferfrce with property In posa^am >n will ex end. The ora'.etiala and premises of a brewer or a dia'iller are "piojH'rty In p' wen-Ion,'' and ni l certainly be irjured by a law whirl) protibits their tiae or interfere* with their value. let lawjers go to work upon this propjai ilop. Immediately aHe/ the eT.-.lteireut attending tie p\? t age of the Bat contract bill in the Ast-embiy had pia?nl aw?y. the ft ll-.wicg protest wai presented by Mr. Keilly: We, tbe unders'acrd member/ ot the legislature do aolemn ly ptotebt aguluat Ihe vat-Hie i.l !fce bill entiCed ' an ac^l au iteming t''? Inst cc'/orii ol fctate prions} to c*tc*l th? sr.veral i-on'/acts of* W?'son. aeontiacior fir coovlct laoor In the MtR B'dr State prlaon, and to enter Into roatracts wlih raid Wa'fon " ?John J Kfcl ly. JTaolel Mabcn. fbarles T Mills, Vaben, Jcfcn C'aik. Arhur Wo:<i?, R. U. b Hjde, P. B. Pplnola. .lames Brtdv. >lonn Hanlord, Jamfs Ha)et?, Hen. Kay, Ml Omtie, reier Dawn D. The Wi-atbtr. TO TBR 1TOTOH OF THE BOllALn. Ihe cold term is h'ldlrg on to the ioe on the Hudfon liver, and has itni>rcved the natural bridgaso mcch be tween Albany and (ireenbnah) that railroad pamengara can aalk over without getting wet feat. Mr. 8 , who writ as in yen tor day's Heiiaiji from Cayuga Itka, probably reside* on the sballowpart of the water ot I lhat woirtrful water banc, the surface of the bottom oi I which t nee foiled tl ? atufa-f of thegroacd. My frUnd, Mr. licgart, fotrot tly Cletk of the Senate, wh ?e him? is at Anroia, on the abore of the liep part of ( ayuga lake, in a lettrr to ir e, wittsn in April, 1864, sai l, that about the middle of that tntnib, one .>>?' v morning rf moderate temperature, the lake oppose his p'aoe hUi tned over wltd ice. and tbat during ihe intemf! cold of that winter to Ice bad ma?'e in tba; pari ? f the lake, although the tempcratuie wtnt down a long way below nro, lie has read Mr. S.'u ar'icle in yeatemay's Bkraio, ?jid is now at ny elbow and say>: ? 4 S. e in *TT*r, K r the alx!f hf ufheaid lioro l!a-ajgn, Mti'gf, Cajuga lake i'oh freeze; but b?y. n<^ ibat 'ho lafc? h?n tite deep water and etaiacteiiMtics of Senvots and lie?/.li'g la a veryraiu o?. cuireiioe, at long interval* of tears. At Aurora, twelve miiea tonth ot the brdjv. the lake, *ven this winter, tn eWMd but a few ia.Ta, and has boen open almost tht'-e miiea of Us wiotb. Ktph daring lh? very scrnere winter of 18?>4-6h, the lak* th. r? was ttoe of Ice. NVr is Mr. S. lignt abont S? r.eca lako. Tooro are repeated lnntancos wLih ateamtoaU ciuld not r'ach Geneva. U U time the ftaiumi of cl m;i!e, &c., aoout t hero latea should be >;nd(r?tco<l.'' I tiia v jrj glad of imv'n>? ?o re t|H.Lalb;? an esii'oraer c.n Cayjga lake, and hopu it will Ixt aatia'^ctoiy to. my fiieni S Ike lanu which herders Cayug a ai- J Senaea !>!<<*. is under'ald by WkUr ua <?eDa* aa that oi Hie I >?<*. J Sc* ?, and when an ( a-UniUftbn rn us iMctilc sherk thrcugh these a Ulne varerr, a fVgntlUe oniront la proceed of iuch IntaufO ett-gj aa Ui fiLott Uio aurfaoe of ihoao lskeo with ice. Ihe n,i?iur? cl fc^cdad Ice ?lia marine salt, and ot it on atdico with .\l?gr>eiJ*n fttwt' prolnee cold Hulllcleut i<> chrjt-ielup meicttiy. flock aait.s no held la comblaa tltn bj the wa' it a under Vkiaa lakoe; aad whan the i'rcftei brpa'.U "I au ?aitlii|ua'ue are panjtd through i be to, aold ia k^HUtea u> the r.ur'nM of tho lre.-li waters ' tin are ooatlg'ocu^, which ihoeta it wl'h ice. | An e?ilh(.unke baa the abutwiant ability to o^nduct c aid or 1??at., with Ini-iajit ? ffcat; and the skinitnirg i>f the [ Cajuur. ao<l tet a en UU?? el h lea. In moderate weather, gh? a t?ali'Mf oy on tola point, which ia oonc'uf-lve. I im iaai lar m >'h tho lako caiuI- v. I hsve sp?nt c cn h* in < jMninit % IU geolcgicil, ireleoro^ogi tel aud aqiihVglcal ifuti4i*?!. Wnen lM shews of tho?e lake? ahull have tacctue hi ua aa aome parts of tho () d vVorle. the aLiiecx will bo found tco weak to sm>p.>rt the w tight that will have aconmulated upon ii; tnen, new lakes will be leund. 'the >al re ?al ern which underlay tleas lands are so ser'd atd . that if p'aced <n a atone bo tie they utll ao-.n M?1ute u t> ? \ n?sn ofdLst. Had I more leisure I vno i.i a t f it ?? in ?)? ;ait ur?>" tb - au'-Je jt. for I have tj , u /. ' ? i ? I' "i ? *ei, ' i-r an } , KM. W\. | A - a . i ? ?? 1 Om Havana Correspondence. Havana, March 23, 1866. llMberality of the Cuban Government ? Chrittian Magna nimity of the Arckbithop of Crtba? Death of a Mok Trader ? Keltgiout PettitqUt?jVroitatict?lfaval Moiemrnt* Tha illiberal Ity of the government of thin island has ntrrer been mora foil/ exemplified than in it* conluat in relation to the following ci-cumstance: ? The failure o the ngar oiape in I?ni*iana hai rendered oertain intelli gent planters of that B ate desirous of obtaining a change of seed; and with thii riew, some four or Sri ninths since, an order was sent to a mercantile house of tain city to nh'p to 5?w Orleans nc*ne fou: or five thousand acgar suitable for seed. These canes, packed in bogheads, were accoidingly thrpped from Cftiden** Mai# recently a g?n*leman from Attakapas arrirsd here' preeeeded to Matanro, charterea a imali veisel of ab at a honored tens burthen, purchased a quantity of etnei and t hipped thorn on board of her for New Orleans. Some other parties at Matawias, desirous U following bla ex ample, jet more recently purchased a quantity of ciaes, and were about to ship them, when they were la firm*! by tbe authoi ities that aa order had been received for b'ddlirj tha further shlpneu' of sugar nou; aaJ c jaw (luettly they were not permitted to ship those they ba1 purchased. Was ever such sheer brutality be'ore heard of?. If cannot be a fear that the quantity of canes that might hare been shipped would materially lessen the crop oi this island caiibed this order, hesause sufflcinnt eaLe-t to plant tbe whole State of Louisiana might be taken away without decreasing the crop fifty hcg hea<i*. No; it Is a fear that the Louisiana planter may, by his superior skill and energy, successfully compete with tUe Cuban planters in the production of their chief itaplo, sugar. W>s ever suoh meaune>B before heard of? or, In deed, each silliness ? because Jamaica produ ??? as line a deeci i 5 ion of sugar cane as does Cuba and the (tnpover u>hed planters of Jamaina will be glad to find a customer for ail the nanes that Louisiana may do .ire, as they were lor their sugar mills and cuppers in the p'auters >t Cuba, many of which are at tills moment In full work in various parts of ibis island. Wednesday last was the least day cf St. Joseph, a ho is tbe patron saint of tbe ain (leneral. On the pre ceding ovetlcg there ware f .ur military bands who per formed on the 1'laz* Ce Armas until ten o'clock. Ths ave nues of the I'll r.a were Illuminated witli enormous candles, (aid to be wax, but wliiih smoked and stank as tin ugh they were composed of glutton tallow. The mu sic, too, wfc.s tbe very worst I have ever hetrd on the Plaza. It was called a grand bercnada in honor of (Jen. U>ncba, who, as you are aware, was absent from tbis eiiy Is rot this a 'arce ? to serenade a man at all, in the flist place, but especially wl.on t.e was abeeut y I perciive by the I'rerna that a grand Te Drum wat sung at Bolquln, on lli? :,d iD&t., to return thanks lor the jfcovery of the Arcnbi-hop of Cuba "His moet lltus iiions and nr.ost excellent Sei ot" is represented to nive txtraeteda promise from General Conona to psrdou the asKarsia who so giievnusly wounded him, and wnose pas ssge to one cf the Canary I* lands ? his native country? the Anbbislu p bus paid". Who, after tbis act, will dare t ? ai-ssrt tl at U.e Ic man CUfhclic Archbitsh.'p is nut a truly Chris' ian msn ' Amorg tbe leoent dis'hs in tbls city Is tha' of Seior I'on Jo'o Marls Csgigtl, Ihe heal of celebrate J slais trsairg house oi Jcaquiu Oiicez's Nfp-evs. He was b^led, oriahcr ''nkhed.'' vitii great pomp, on Tuesday tvtnlt g laet. Tfctre we;e at loss ili&n ninety nina v J Utiles following his corpse io tbe Ctinpo Sauto. Ho iru ?g?d fifty-three years, and dted trcm a cancer in h's sto ws cb. At you are swore, last week was what Is called here Holy Week On Thursds.y, < Bdy Thursday, '' a "douile cross1 ' u?y in the ltomau Oa hoiic calendar, thabtsUip tf tbis t'iocees wasbtd tLe feet of tire. v.* poar man; cur chu: ches weie all magoificinUy lilamlni'ed at leott tl.?) altars were. At llie doors of all of thorn there ??t two if tie moat r-si-eotable or the iauies of this City, with largs silver salvers hetaru them, to re;e!vo 'te a n>j of tiie pit us io teha f of tbe frnt's of the T, flies' lx-ndciliaiv HoLeficent Insli-uticn. 1 a:n :iouy to <??? tiat I liar a ve.j large amount was cot oallta'/ei. G >od Fj Id ST is o nit) 1 1'/.' on st pltasaa'. day in the ysar in tint city, i (uher caniuiies nor carts btiu^ peruit-.iot in the sttee*s dtirlt g ibe eoilri ?.*v; but I am procwdlcg sowov.hat loo lap'diy. The dreaotul ? seue ot tne ' Cruci fixion" rat- eiaeud with a paiii'ut truth u'ness of dntall, that wtu;g heartftl tears el grl?f even f:om the s amw. hearts. Coll U"iaage wo:i-hip,'' or what you w It, i*. t<.ucht s tt e fcfart. aid trnkts one feel alive to th0 reaa ties? the 'ean'ifnl r-fftlitieN ?>! the Christian's fai h Many r.t our '-drst fami ies," as they always say In Virginia perse tbo tn iretight in going from on > ch'ir^h to acotler. The ladies. I r.otioed inrartaMy knealing down tipfn the b?re nurb'e pavem'iit. and saTltg thou prsyfrs wi h s f?rTor truly wirthy of initation. In-yrall vlslud uolees man iltvs churches. Those f edirated to San Augtjsio and Saa Felipe, Here in ir.v cpit.'on most fau'elullv d<-cor?te<i. Ou the er*oing of (Jccd Ftirsy tin rc was a jrand rel gli u- proej.ssior which, hayirg ibslned a nut ii tuc bnlcouy of the b< use ci a fitend aha -e.-i3e<i in ons of tha streets ihiough which it pasctd, I will tttdeavor to deicrlbe. I 'lst. ctitte a i nail b.^y of soMiers, mounted; then h large tutmer of cegrces, who walked in birgi. fi<e on t-itiitr fcii*> of the streets; members of virions r*;igl:>u i aid ctnntable Eoclft'ts; t awe were t-.uc:eoced by a body tf pilents. ?ach ttailnj; ?oir.e emblem of the pisslon u'f fhilet; ;htn >h? bocy tf the Saviour laid out withgr?at ?[l?nd?r ceteatb a beautitul canopy, and coveroa ^tti a porgoi ns pie<e < f tee ci most es<iut?ite workuiacshlp, prtc?dfd and fo'lowed by pickets <f regulars, volunteers, and bomber os (Qtcni-ui . The volun'eers wore Ihelr new uTilfcim for tl)? lirst time? a blue frock coat, with yellow tatlrgsa&d butttiu; a flit ahako, with a yellow round (fatht i, ahrut tix kcles in linn h, acd whi* unman tiorabii:ff. '11 uy carrlcd r heir arms reversrd, and made There wua also a figure of one tf ine Maiyh borne in Ihe process! n, which ^as nc coTrpacied by no let>s <han five bacdn, each plating s''m,n mufic. A Imge number of rcoun'.ed s-i'dUra brcnght up Ihe reur ot tne prorrsslon, of which tbe f t? goir g Is bu< a 'eeble attemi)". at deturlp i.n, but which, it heirg ntar'y iai? wnen it pv sed wh":e I wai teat'd, is th? Feat 1 r;ia g ;ve. There wis rnusia in the l'!aza de Aiidoh on each c.f tbe thrte nights untillO o'clock. Tliero wej? far ffct i r awass'ca-ioas than on former years at this aesFon. ASencr Mora-, acwrpinled by Ygnsclo Salsdrigo, ad venised to s.Qcetd with a balloon last eveolcg, hut, fm st me reason unknown to me, the ascent was n^t ii's e. ar.d t'ener Moiat, 1 veder-a'and, wi s forthwith marchei i ff to pil?on; so yru will see it is ra her a dang?rcua ox jeiin ert toattenpt 'o gull ths pnbiic here. Mcnsittur Codaru. the Hiench :cronauf; hai advertl ei to ruake nr atcen4 wt'.h bis b^lltxp, accompanied b.' hi* wife and seme other petnon, I believe, to morrow even Itg. llicr# in to >k> a grind bull tight thin af.ernoon. Ibr th? b?te(l' of the ladies' Pon icillaiy Kenr-vo ent InaiitaUm, at wlich General Conob a i> advertised to pr?*oi<5e, al though up to late last evsrtcg he bad no*, returned to tjil? ciiy. Ee !?, howover, hourly expected. We are to have a peii-s of miukel balls at F<*ea tri/Vs. The tteatin, too. wiltbe*hoitlyTeopen?d, no thatour gay inhaM'antR wilH'Pvo the power of mtkmg trem*ptve-< irren'a tor the kng abstinence from tb?ce pleasures tht-v bavetn urei Curirg Lent. Ibce were dramatic perf.irmences on board ot the I'ni ied states aloof of war Ka'moutb tant evering which were very acceptable t? the few Americans who were pern tttc dttc mlrf*. I have Keen these maritime dra mutic exhibitions on board of Mississippi ?' broad I- ores'," but it is (be Urtt ot my introduction to ttem ou hoard of our rnMoial armed vessels. I give the pre ference decidedly to >he " broad home " and the Chap man Kmily of iwentj- three jearx gone. Tbe entertain ment on board the Powerful, which wan ho much enjoyed by ercribot'y. veulril scmetlilny in good taste or c:?tir t? py There wan no fl?g of the C nit?n *tat?N to be seen ? tbn s'arp ai d Ht'ifw wtre not permitted to blend in th? ottiairet tal pavilion thro?n over thn company, **hiie the bmnern of ????cry other nation (the Turk not for gct'en) were dlrplated In it. Tie I'r.i'Pd States sloop of war Saratoga and the sttnmer l-ult<n a* lived here yesdetdav; of oourie youaro aw are of the picnious eniral of the I'ofomac and Cyans. The Biiti'h Admiral has not yft uad' his appearance; be is, bowfver, hourly expected in the Boscawen, nn1 to he a<*?on,panleU by the Kurjdice end another frigate or two, at d three or four st-amer?. The An. er lean c Ipper sbtpSwcrd Fish, Osgood, master, armed here yes'eriiay in eijslity-one days from Hour Kocp anc St. Helena, bringing :;75 a-in'ic colonists. The Hwonl FUb, ai> In cistcniary with ships bringing Chinese, bus teen piactd lo Qua' entire. Tbe Hriil}.h bug of war Arab returned to this harbor ( n the 'ilet lust , haiinf bee* absent only Ave or six dkje. KitftLTS or Hv.cirnociTY? Custom House llr-f .xv <r thh PrFTTftsiOH BniDt.n ? Tbe N'lsjfara J^ils givts the* shewing the increase of business trsi 'ictod at that point over corresponding periods of last ) ear. 11* value it Iho import* for thtee months were IMP. 1866. hicreane. .'snrarv $69 OOO $lfl<J,n00 *10!, COO Feb: vary 59,000 '207,000 148,000 Amoaat,,, . $118,100 $a?7,C?0 *249,000 M' r? than thins t'rres the amount of the same period i les-t jear. 'I be vulue of tbe exports for the mom the of January ri <1 Fl binary were as fol loirs ,)? r i. $17,000 Ft biliary 6ft, 000 Increase $46,000 Tbe exports last year, from December to Hay, onlv an' ot. rte J to *156, W0, which is more than equally ci vti'.cd by i'obruary of this year. The value of good* pat>'rg into Canada in bond for February was nearly $11' UO Tlem figuiee do not of course include the stock, pro Ouce, Ac , Ike,, which parwee Canada in transitu to ixnat* in tr.c United Staten, and would amount to many mi lioat of collars. It must be borne tn mind, too, that dviriog tie months of January and February an embargo w?t laid < r, all klrOs of bn>ln?se by the hnge snow dri'ts on ail dvr ?l>r?iile. Tbe present month will ahow a lar^sr ' -i , itm ?nv rttet mootU si.'i'e *t|?p "t; >n i it ' . f rs \>< l?t. Hrll^loiu lntellls?nrt. APPOINTMENTS Of THK rBOMWUIT HrHOOf4(i BIpHOP Tom?*/, forenoon, at the church of the Holy laaeo*n?a, Alba oy ; afternoon, at the church of the Meaaiah, Owe bosh ; evening, at Grace church, Albany. Wt>ne*d?y, ?t St. Stephen'* church, North OaetU? convocation. OltflNATION. < >n Thursday, March 13, George llubbard waa orlelaf A paeVor of tbe Baptist ehareh ia Itat-dolph, Crawler# coua'y, Pa. 1NTITAT10NB. The Hi r. Q. W. Abranut has hin labor* with the Baptist church at Oppeahetm, and aocepted the eall ? the church at BroadalDia, Fulton county, N. Y. The Mrat Presbyterian churjh aad congr*araUew ? New Orleans, at a meeting held oa the lfttfa inataat fare a unai/h-aous call to the Iter. B M. Palmer, IX D. of Columbia, 8. C. Hut. T. K. Tnomaa, D. D., h-w) be<u callel to the O. Si church, in Hamilt on, 0. Iter. Mr. Nilea, of Lowell, haa been called to WMt hamptoo, Maaa. The Rev. George I. King haa received au uuriJtaaoa* call to the Vint Presbyterian church in galuey, IX, *t which ev. Mr. Marks wax formerly pastor. Rev. Or. J. D. Mattbeaa haa been called a aeooal ttaa* to First Presbyterian church, O. S , ia I.txingtoo, Kr. Her. Jaine* B-uttle haa been called to the O. o. churefc, atlhrcgg'a Keck, N. V. Per. N. S. Palmer has been called to the O. 8. chnreh in Grand View, 111. INSTALLATIONS. Per. Wltliaid Brigham waa iunitlled at Ashlield, Utaa., on the nth. The Her Ralph fHnllh wan installed orar the Cangra gatioml church and society In W >1 -.ottviUe, Conn., Ml I the 26th Inat. l'.ev . Thomaa Wlhun wan installed over the Flr*t charetk in Wmfurd, Macn., ou'ke loth. Iter. Jacob 10 e, Jr.. waa to be iu*!aUtd at Mana&eM, Maea , un the -0th Inat. KK8IONATION. Kit. H. Wagner, pastor ot the Clertran Reformed ee? C ligation in Mercersourg, Pa., tendered hi* resignation of ta? charge uncer his care, 10 take etfejt on the iat <?' April next. DISMISSAL?. lUv. Mr. Peoiron, junior] paator at leiceeter, baa beta con-iirainec to asl;, (? r the MMtd tbn . * inn. fesal from his p.. .itorhl charge, on aceouat ;?< <M health. Rev. Albert Perry waa ill'tci'sel from Stoughton, M*aa.. on the l: tli, 1 a sooount oli 1 health. RbT. I,. B. Mreldon haa been dismissed fr ma T>wtnea4. DEATHS IN TH* MINI8TRY. Dit-1. near Deoa'.ur, I)e Kalb e >unty, Ge irg'a, on 4k* 4t)t tL*t , Ker. KewbranceiChani bet lain, rged 'ki, a native cf Veraont, and a graduate of Mlddlebury College, la tha ola<=a 01 1814. The Rev. Nathaniel Scudder Prime, D. D , one of th* most, vet.erabe clergymen of the Preabyterlan chuteh, i.I?j1 on the Slthjlsst., at Mamarooica. l>r. Prime waa m native of Huntington, L. I., where bin fathar waa a dh lirgnlHted pby-i Un, and a man of high literary attain* roent*. Th* deceased t? well known a* a preacher o* gr?at abidtv, and tie author of the History ot Look Island. Ot h's sons, one < f th?m 1.4 a phyaiciau (a We?t rh. , or c unty, tno of theu a-o c>7gymen, aad tta foaith ia a lawyer of this city, ujit traTelling ia tha ICaat. MIFCFI.LANEOra. Rcr, R. R. ItHjm^mi, cf ^yiauuae, ha 4 received the ao pt.iDiniout of Pri.tttnor ol Rnetori j and Bailee Letter*, (m the Biooklyn Pi ly.echz.ic Irntl'ute. 1h? trial rfRtv. Wtu. L Jerman, of the MaUt>Mat F|>Ueop?l cbursh at Milton, near Rah way, N. J., baa been lu prrgteua for a day or tiro pait. Mr. Jermaa cotpplalced i f by Mr. Wm. Taay, a truatee of the churah, for ar. improper intimacy with Min. Sarah Ana Taylor, of the Fame place. The aimi&l I)ioce<-lnu C itven'lon or the Kplaeopal Chuich for Western New York has been appelated to ae held at Wa'e.tcwn, .Uffe.Kon ciuaxy, on the tlird Wed i.e da> of Ai-guat test. Tie Puritan H/vonler n'atea tbat evening prayer* have l*ta ois| eufi*d with at CJamsrUge, with tue o>>a aeatot the Board of Overatera, becauae tbo atudenta ware a* aua rah that di cornni eould not be preferred. The Vvathiotton atrret o thoaox c' urch at Beverly, Ma??., a't?r a variety of expeMenc* in having rlagiag by a choir, laat weirk voted to dia^-mne vita the aervte** af a regular chiir and hare the ringing d ine by the eingre gatioo. Th J 1 cm pltn waa tried rn Sunday laat with ea callent aucccca, tie jie^ple joining in th* kinging with ai mliab'e pr'.uiptuthH ami gocd effrct. Rev. Mr. B'?f)n. at the Thle of Shoala, haa to pall twA, file i awn, r of air tkckf, aad Co hie own bell linging. He is a I'r?sryt< ii?n, bu'. is ?'UA'ained by that gond old *o lio'yfrr ?? pr. i><g tit.g :be g'*p?l auiong the Iadia**," which li ct>dcr IMtaiian unapice'. J>ev. Dr. t'ealHxJr. (,f Portsmouth haa declined the ap pcin'nibtt <.f l'tea.'dect of the l'heulogijal Seminary, at MeadviUe, Pa. R?v H?nty R. H-fcingtoo has diaon tinned hi* eervicM to tlie tot gicgRtlonal church in Wililam?town, Ma**. A fire l,pj.,ct?p*l ohurch is abortly to be ere lie) ia i.?M>tor<.'. (ioditboro' In one cf the moat thsivtoc plates la the S'ate. T Le 1 umt t r oi mini?tera of the goapel ia the aerviea ef \lf Am?iic*u H nee illauonaiy s^ocisty in twitn'.y *eraa eifiHtnt Stales and Terrttoiiea, during <he past y ear, htn been 1 Oi- aixly cf ahom have preached ia the ac tive In.' i f tin Wklch, German. Norwu'giace, i>we^ea, 1'ien.l.rren and Hollander*. The number ar cotgiegaticna atd ndr>ii>t ary stations aopplied, in vhota or in tar', i? 2,121, and the argrrgate of mini*(erial labor [eiforned wn* 815 yearn, 'l'bo runb?r ot papfla in Sabbath rchoola l.i 64,000, and th<r* have been added to the cht:rchen 5 8;-'4. Mr. S fj hens, cf Talbot county, Matrlaad. haa presented to tbe American (Jolcnizttion S>cietr a ahip^ ct sflrg aVout $3(1 000, to bf employtd in e nveying teal giant i to I ibeii*. Rev. John Bai'ey and wi'e wete uot d.vwned in tha lowe. 1 art ( f Virginia, aa icported, but ara alive aad !? health. Ctty IiitrUlgrnrr. IHAKI.K 01' AN AT1KM1T IT AttOX On l*?t Pliltof CT?*irg a itanTby tbe name of l'et?r B. l'ttrguson waa irotedby officer l.jon, of the Klereuth war J, on a cli nf of attempiog tu burn the tenement house rear cf .no. 121 Sheriff street, by anting the to loot a having* in a *orn'fhed sitca^d in the cellar. T^e circa matinee* ur<?r wi ich arrest was mace apptar to be that the me been in the cellar with another man ; that hhoit'7 ?1' er wards he ark?d one of the tenant* for aam* rr.atr.Vf?; upon Rettirg the matches he again returned ii.U) tie c-elUr, r.nU w seen near the wooiahei tloor by a boy, who at that time discovered t-mcke and fire Mm 1)10 wood* bed aroopg tbe shavings. The biy gave the a'Hrra of the, end Furgnnon wan hurrying fr>m the pr? mists wht-n stopped in the alley oy Mr. iMlanet, t*i* owner cf the houae. Furguaoo refused to itop, and en di avored to Ret away by assaulting Mr. Itolaoey rijleaUjr I cn the fare. The alarm, however, brocgnt officer l.ynw to the a?? Maiiee of Mr. iw-.lnney, and the awnaed vm taken to tbe e-ation house. and ?*beei|uent y before Jm t ce Brennan who committed him to air .Us an iareatiga liou by the Hre Marshal. Tnx B?xy t i ay 1i>tivai..? Tbe admirers of the im mortal ' Old Harry " will celebrate the birthday of lha F?ge of Ashland by a banquet at the Metropolitan H >tal, cn the 12th proximo. The lion. J. P. Kennedy aal 1 ?htr di* icgttlahed persona bare promised to be puaaal cn tte occasion. The aemury cf Henry 'Tar atill Uvea in tlie grateful heart* ot the people of the Uul'ed Sta'ea, ana we >?e that on tbe 12th cf April tbe Monumental Association will, in a del' ion to their usual celebration, lay the foundation of a atatue to perpetuate hin fame. Bvavy Biow? Tiir Status Tkt.anb Ff*Ry? There ?m qcite a s'orm on the bay on Friday night. The mih in the elipa fouled, and spaia and ragging suffered not * little. Tbe STatcn l?Zand terry, a* usual got ont o( order at tLe Hint blow. Two of tbe hoata, the Sylph an) Hcrchback. were dlaabW. Fortunately no Htm were lest. There was, in couaetturnee, no nix o'cloak b^at from the city i n Ft Ida* evening, and no regular hiat fri:m the latard en Paturdey < yeaterdav ) till eleven o'clock AM Many perarne are abac don (ng the ialaad and goicg to live in Tin < k'yn ard Jereey in con/equasea of the iwrgularhU* aid Insecurity of thla ferry. Akrvm ok ?<hik Moiik CrrwASH.? t?n Friday nig'tt lient. liennett of the Third ward poiioe. arretted anu ber ot atre*t walkera en a charge of dlaorderly cind i it. The pi uoncra, eight in number, were cinvey?d befjr* Justice Welsh, at tbe lower Police (' urt, where th?y aero held to oatl each in the sum of *200 to antivw. (treat v. it plaint hex lir< n niaCe ot late aralnat atnal walk era frfonentinir Broadway daring tlie night Urn?, am account cf tlieir d If order it conduct toward* oiOMoa having or cat* ion to be abroad during the darkneaa. AitJfflWt Awuvit with i Si.cjtu Shot.? A salli; aameft John Kelly, residing at No, SI RooteveK atreot, waa ar rented on Friday nlnbl by officer Murphy, a the Firafc. ward police, on a sharge of havlrg felunioueiy asaaaitd. John Mahory. of No. 101 Greenwich street, with a ah:,?g fbot, and Inflicting a cerete wound ufoa complainant ft rehcad. The priacner wan brought hofore .laitiae Con nolly, at tbe I<ower Police C.urt, where ha waa held In bail in the rum of $l,C0O to aniiwu tbe Ofiatgn preferred Hgainet htm. Court aist Pismif U).? The acsuxatloo uuUa by ru<-? Kelly anainat Thomae B. Mftrnahy, , after a t ill In Teatlgatisn cf the fketa by .'ustice l lajdreau, haa diMn&H'd, there being noihinB whati'vor found agata?t& the obareeter or oenduet or the defamlaut , and U ? ixjen honorably acquitted and diaaha'ged. Fast Pat r* MAaaAOHimKTTH.- ? Jt/c !?.?<? I of Measeehu'etta ha* appont?d fhn M ? t Aft!', to he ob?e<r*ii e? a la/ nf t(Mt|n? .? i .ft ,^'wi ?r.A I r? r, tjliii' ^kio< t tl> ? * 1'ala