Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1856 Page 3
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ADTEETISEMEIfTS BMEWO BYEttY DAY. SALES AT AUCTION. ADRIAN H. MUlLBR ACOHO ? iJUPRBtfK Oourt. tu partition. -Propor y on Ku tou ?nd Ann ?*??<* -Adrtsu fa. Ma ier wt.l m!1 Hi anc'Joc. oil Ihnr^di/, ApfilS* 1866, fct 12o'cioot n . at ihe otero^u**' hxcbscice, ojr order oa tM buokoji Cou<t, unlur the dirttjtlou uf lhoiu%i A. Emmet. retort, the v&lumb e at ??f ii 'o<iadt wV?h the bmli tug* thereon, k&o*n m 1U FuiUmrr.e' ex^r-cilutf t iro'jxb o Ana street, and known as ft?. 2i? on that a "*<u r>?i feet 1 laches CO Fulton street. ZJ feet on a he. tn??t 13* 'eel 10 inaheeon the eut.rly side ai d 184 l.?t ?w in*h*s 01 lbs weeterlj side. For maps, 4o.. apply lo l* auctioneer, Wo. 3d Wail ANTHONY J. HIiK K CK fill A CO. AUL USUI. AT PUB> -t\ lie ouftlmi, on toordai. M>.<ch.i!, at ijo'olo^c, at the Merchants' Kioi.aLge, the 'i>lio?i"g a.uible iroperty. viz Three vacant tots, bouuded ov ?urtt *eventi Rtrae. and tflveu b an-LUn; raid three lut- ? ew.t 77 feet 10 Inches on Broadway, 70 feet H inches ou t < rt ?vi :.iW ureet, ami ??> hut 4 inch's on i-evt-ulh avenue. una hinw aud lo., >ltuated on north elds of Txlit? first street, hottnp IIumIamI jox.otftoi avenues known as No 85: h.m e four stories nigh, Ua basement, 18 <eet 8 Inche* front and rear sod 41 leet in (1 ?p-h, With si the modern improvement. lot H) ter.t deep. T*-n r? ?*nt lots north bide of Hixt- fourth street, >*>t ?eeu P.ouriiiand 1'11'b avenuec; t-a.-h lot 26 feet f-ont and rev anil (00 toot 6 Inches In depth one bouse and In t sou'h ?ide ot Thlrt r eijh'i street, between Foutth and LeJlr.gloo avenues, kro vn a-< Ho. 72; house three stories blub, bro -n ?Ton? taunt, Rng l->h >ase menl, 14 feet t rout asd rear, 6? fret deep; |r t, hif the M- ok Seven vacant lota north side lZith si-edi, oet . wn mxth and Se renin avenues; each lot 25 !>>H front aud rear aid lUOfeel deep. One hoo-n iind ot sontb pld^ of ?ou<b intb -treet, on tween Sixth and ^eveoihBtrreu. Uryiklvn ti l> ; house three otorleB higb, ti leet fmntaad rear, 10 ie?t deeo hi?h sump and counter oe lar. built In the beat m*n nr. I ilii feet wide l a feet deep. One Koure and lot aor.h ,-ide f t Kn.'ty-founh street, between Blxth aveuue aud Broad ? a ; hou^n 78 *eet 9 tncaes In front and rear, 42 feet de*p, wliii u l tii.-j raod^rn improve vents. Kor mips and fnrtber partlcu'Ars, aoply at the olllce ol the auetlocetri, >o. 7 Bro*<) xreet. ALFKRD HRAU9, AUCTION 8KB. ? A. BRA'IQ A?0. will sell at suction on lue.d.T, ?pnl V at lo>^ o'olock, ?t i heir salesroom ^ Wo. 33 Cortlm.dt h reel 60U cases of boets ?boes, broganr, 4c.. -xmprl'iog a ira-h and desirable siosk ol ni) ring goods, dire. ' *rom the f^ciorle- Isuitable fo.- the routnern, wes'ern and Northern I raCe. Ocuutrv merchants Will do weliiio attend. Auction notick.-rub8rll w. wb?oott. auo tioneer, will mU on Monday. March 31. at 10^4 o'olick precisely, all the elegant hwusebold luin.ture contalued la souae No 72 Mghth avenue near Kourteen^li street, 'he whole ot whleh la in perlect order, b?vtnz oteu u*ed bat a sh >rt time. Hvery article wilt be sold without re^rve, and a cash deposit required of every parchaeer. ihe furniture contisU, In part, of 'loh tapestry and other carpets, tiro so id rosewosd pmfts of parlor furniture, 9 piecee ettc i, ore in rich orooide ?nd the other In veivet with slip covets; Frtuic > pier minors, ?with slabs and biackets; rop??o >d m<triie too etege*e, with Trench plate doors; Egyptian and mnettc rose <vood centre tables, costly mantel vases, valuab.e oil pitnilngs In rinh frames, reception and easy chatrn to ta;.e trv and broc^le, lace curtails and shade), t?te a tatea, ro-ewo k1 ana mahogany B?arb:e top bureaus, rlcblvca-ved >>e<l8>.eailg *ud w?sh?Uidi to iralch, French china toilet set*, lfi eu^eriur hair rntttroime^, Tieda and bedding, mahogany and cottage cbatr-i, library and Invalid do., rockers mirrors e'ot'ko. Ao . with a large variety Of bedroom furn'tore; a'sn the t ioln? ro tra fu.nirure. sp'eu did oak extension table, silver ware crista' cut g *,? do , pearl ?nd Ivory cutlej-v, French chin*, Ac., the kltchea uteo ?ils. No pofctf onement Catalogue at the fiuute on mjrmtiff ot sale. AUC1ION SaLB OP PlANOFOliTBS. ? FOURTSKN sp'eiOid 'oeewood planoH will >e jo d at auction on Mon 4ay, 30th Inst , at 11 o'clock, at the pi >uo manurao ory of Latn kota A Marshall, No. 8 Me*ce. street oup ^ts Howard, dt HKKKY H. LKKDS, A uc toner. Auction notice-sttck of oaycKBhr. olaas ard tin ware? By W?, W SuiKibf.V Monday, M?rnh SI, at 10 o'clock, at 17 Madron street, n**r ttooieve.t, o^ntents ol store, In lota, to retailers. Bale uosiiive. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALfc. ? Til a UVDSRtildNKD, sdmiDlstrators of the es'a'e of Ciemeut Buarmeyer, de ceased, wl 1 sell at public auction on Mouaar, the Hist da' of Uurch, at 1 o'c ock P. M , at 266 Mrtt stree-, be oonMnw, fix lures, Ac., ot grocery, tbere siiuved )iHl<>aglng to said tstite. MARY dU N m km I V KH Admlnls ratrix BKNRV Gi bCUOil^A, AdmUiistrator. New York March 26, 1866. D. I>. NA?a. Auctioneer. A UCIION BALKS OF HOUSEHOLD FURfffTCRR AND J3.|oods of every descrlptlou. In the uit? t.1' Brooklyn ? W. C. ALBUR1US' auction store axd raleiro >ui?, i9 Oourt street, marble buDdlags, opposite City Hall W. C. Albunus wUl give bispertnnal attention to salei of furniture, at the homes of parties giving np housekeeping, or at stores and sa eseoimt. An early notice of sales Is re.-ipec folly si liciied. Terms rest aonable. Cash advanced on oonslgumeatM. Auction noticb.-crock*rj o .ass and c?i na, by J. 8. H. BauTLki"*', auci.loueer; Tuesday, April 1, at 10 o'clock, at 281 Peari street, al. kinds W. O. blue ?r.d comtron ware, out and pressed g ass chlot vas<w and tn* ?ets, eight crates dmgglKls1 packing bottles. A.;.; atso, a stock cf glass, to be ROld without reserve by order ot the anignee Auction noticb? j booart. au'itionker? bt s BOOART, on Tuesday, at 10^ o'c ock, attheauctirn rooms, comer Frankfort aud WlUlaiu nt-eits, household furnl lure, consisting m a general sfsortment o' parlor, chamber snd kltct en torai'ure Also, two large counter showca?e?. Alto a lototgiccerles, Ac. N. B ? out door sa'tg rollc'ted, and attendea to promptly. / dvances made when re lUlred. Ooods stored and lu mired Auction notick- J. boo art. aucuonkkr, bys. BOOART. Ihursdsy, April 3 at 10>4 o'olock, at 37 anil 39 Burclay street, household furniture, cor sistlng ol a large as anrtment of parlor, chamber and Htchen lorui ure. Partieu lars hsrt alter. Catalogues on the mort in? of bale. BY PDWARD SOHBNCK, AUOTiO??KR.? KDWARD SC'RKaOK will sell at auct'oti. on Monday, 31st instant, a 12 o'clock, in front of his falesr om. 16 Wall street an ele gant doub e coupe, made by WordATomlt son, nearly tie w. ?td but little used. To be sold positive' y. Corporation docks anu<blips to bs lbasko J at public kt eUoo.? Notioe is hereo.< glren that the several dtkks and slips belonging to the l-orporaUua, which are lt> be leued from the first day of Mar next, will be leased on bids ?: pablic auction, on ThU"i?lat . April 3. 18M, at 11 o*oiO k, M., at the City Ball, by MILLKR * W'.KKId, auctioneers for the term of flvn year* The nun ber and oc^Uo" of the plorj and dips t ' be leaser, and nrteim- ?ud wnditlous of sa:e, m%y be obislned on apnl eat on a* ta Oom^'rol er's . fflce, mo. 6 Ball oX Records, aid mios exbloiting toe Djrooration wharves and piers may be sees at the same p ace. DKPAHTaKM or Fiwasce, New York, Feb. 28, 1856. FKRN \M>0 Wtiul), .Major. JaMMs II. fcUITU, Jr., Recorder. A. C. FLaOO, Comptroller. ROBfcRT KELLY, chamberlain. PKtRR P. V* kjRHK ? 8 Chalrmaa Ftsancs Committee Brard or Aldermen. OHouOk a. BahNRY, Ch F. C. B. Council, men, CommlsKioaers of linking Fund. CHINA AND CUT OLa?3 WaBB-CLKUK WANT ed; a person fully conversant with prices and quality of fine china and glass ware, can get a large salary tor a tew weeks' s*rvtc? Tn pelec ing a stock for the <drertl?er, by in quirirg immediately of A. H. Oough, 110 Wall street, up k Lairs. _____ (lOBSTABLK'd 8ALR-WM B JONBS. AUOriON J eer ? By vlr'.ue cf an execution. I wUl sell, this day, at jn>i o'clrck a M . at store 146 Can I sireot a large assort sent of bous< hold rurcl'ure, con ?'a> log of bedsteads feather beds, co'tch bed*, cnncber, r ckers, sofas, crockery, Ac.; also a lot ot chewing tobacco and snuff. " 8. J. JONES, Constable. (IBCC'KKRY. GL a6B, CHINA ANO FANCY CLOCKS.? / J J WaLiiRON. auctioneer, by 1IBNRY Q. KYaNS, >0. 6 Liberty street, near Maiden lane, on lne<da7, April I, at 10 o'cl ck, in lets to suit, a large asMirtment ot white gra nite blue, dipped, C. C, and all kicds ol common ware; 300 packages glats as.ortfd; also an invol:e of c ocks and o'iter sVnoy ware. Catalogues now ready. Ooods well packed tor ?hoping. E HOUGHTON, AUCTIONEER MY THE MaNHAT ? tan Company? will sell on Monday, 31st. at 10% o'clrck. at 66 N<u-*au s'reet, lire proof saret, 50,000 segsrs, au ?xlenslve assortment of rosewood, mtbogant aad black wal xut llirniture too numerous to mention, and man oe sold with out reserve. Sa'es at private hcusea attended to promptly. EUGS NR B. FRANKLIN, AUfJTION KKR.? BY FR4.NK LIN A MCHOLa.-On Monday mot nliig, March 31, M J0>i o'c'ock, will be sold, at the dwelling h >use 41 Barclay ?treat, Ihe whole of ths larnlture coaialnrd In said home, aomprising a general assort-neut 0 1 torn furnishing artlolns; also, rnsevood parlor suit, French u'.sts mirror*, Ac., Ac. Thin ?ale will be peremptory, as the building 1s to be torn aown oa the 1st April. "|j1 C0L10N, AUCTION KRR.? GF.NtRKI, HOUSEHOLD J ? furnituie, rarlor suit carpet*, oil piloting*,? K. CUu ' TON will tell on Monday, March 31, a Xu>4 o'clock, at No. 13 Beach ureet, tear West Broadway, tbe entire furniture ol' lhe four storv bonne, a'l of wubh has oaen iurnl*hed new ?ince Novembe-r last. Among tee a-sortireut ma? be ftmrd oie full iult of >o?*wood fun lture mihogauy totus and sofa bed>teads, mnbotanv ctnlr*, dlnir g and Piwninn t-ihlea, several very fite oil paintings. curtains and cornice*, Branch bee stead*, are. nir? jureaus with mal/op?nv and tnarOlsiops, centre, hide and card tables, mlrsors, taoestry three piy and Ingrain carpe'* , o lclotb*, hat stand", feather bed", hair mat tiesae* blanket*, ontlts. counterpanes, china and g'?ss ware, table cutlery, wood and Iron war*. Ac.. Ao. It. B. ? the sale will be peremptory, and the good* muat be removed sameday cr early Tuesday morning. B SALE ? AT AUCTION, BY B. II. LUDLOW, Auc tioneer, at tbe Merchants' Ktchange, on Wednesday, April 2, at 12 o'clock noom. Uie valuable lot of ground corner ?f West and Oansevoort streets. This orooerty |g immediate y opposite the site seleced tor the ne ? Washington market and He Hudson Blver Ballroad freight depot; It will, therefore, tie a cafe and profitable Investment tor purchasers. Terms Made known on day of tale. - ^lEOBOE COCK, AUCTION *KB. -HCPRRIOR CCBTOM VT made furniture, on Tuesday, April I, at 10K o'clock, at 442 Broadway, above Car al street, embracing parlor, cham ber and dining ro,m suits of new and fashionable s'yles; hook esses. bureaus bedsfsds, lounges. chairs rockors, ceutre and iiancy table*, clocks, (diver plated ware, desks, Ac. Sale abso lute, and worthy the bollce of bujer*. < atalogues at sale, box ing, Ac,, as usual. HKJtBY r. l.RRt'B, AUCrlONRKR.? HR3KY U. Leeds A Co will set* by auction, on Tuetday, April 1, at ? 10 o'clock, at >n 82 kast Twenty-frst street near Broad -way Superb sale of tbe most oost y collection of pictures, statuary and par or fir ol ure, the property ol a gentleman re moved to the country ; every article selected by nlm from the choicer t collections In this country and Kurope, and to be sold withe ut receive, viz -The celebrated palntins by Dubufc, re prsren'lng St. John In the wluernets,'ce, cost 12 000; was sent to th<s countrv reveral years since by the artUl, and ww exhibited In tkli city; one o t tbe rarst snoe-b plctursserer k srflered in this city by auction. Two beautiful pictures, palited by Jos. Veinet, reorcaenUog a snow scene m tbe I'/renecs, and a town on tire These plo.urss ?e a purchased from the eollccUon ol Jo*. Boraparte, at Ho'dentown. Too beautiful ta'erlors. candle light scenes purchased direct from tbe artist, painted b> Orootvelt. A magnificent picture painted by Hny deis, representing a bawk noon a tree, with laid <cape, pur etiMd at tha sa e of Jos Honaparte Teemachun in the " laUrd ol Calypso, purchased In Kurope, by Oen. Cass Two beautiful land-cape*, by Kook Kock, purchased at tha King of Holland's *are for tha present owoer. Six superb pictures, enamelled oa porceU'ne, Italian aoene. by P. Derwlnck, bought at the sa'e of Jss. Booaparte. Laughing and crying chflren. painted by Raphael, Meogs, well known, ?nd Caleb1* picture*. Superb Madonna, aitlst unknown, ptir chased at the same sale. Two Rngllsh landscapes, do. Twj lighting boys, do. Also several atipwb paintings on cooper. Fish piece by B?lte. Fruit pieces, To Statuary- The three tfi aces, large str.e, in pure marnte, carved t?y Thorwaldseu, *i d a beautllully carved pede-tal o? l.isbon mari e. Urge ?tatue - Amour Pfrflldrntl, by Sannranl, with solid marble pe destal. Cupids t Struggling fbr the Heart, einulaltelv carved with pedea nl of Lisbon marble. Fnrnltnra Bioh medallion -ve'v^t carpets, en'lrelv new, laid down last (VI, superb carved rosewood plarofbrte, made to order bv Stoddard with pearl keys, oest fno. Parlor suites hi richly carved' rosewood, oover? d with the moat costly maroon and gold silk brocade (made by tbe foreman of Kaudotne, to order ) consisting of ?of as. arm and p trior chairs, ottomans, Ac. ; elegant carved rosewood etegere, entre deasc, An ; pier glasses, 44xl3n with cornices to match, carved and gilt; ca-ved rosewood centre table, carpets, Ac The above can be examined any day pre ?Ions to Ibe sa e, by tisketa of admiaairn only, which can be ba<l on application at our stor*, Wo 'il Naasati street. Con noisseurs snd others who are des'ms of getting very high class pictures acd statuary can now have an opportunity of grsUfJrlng their taste. SWILflOK. AUCTIOWRRB. OFFI1B WITH HORACK . Waie.s, 3.13 Broad**#, will give his personal attention few select ?ales of household fuanlture. at the residence of tannine*, on reasonable terms, llarly application la necrssary. ,w)0 to loan 90 t^wohoM fW|Uv*, piaaolgrtM. Ae, 8AL.KH AT AVGTICINi H* I?BY H.LKKHH, aUC UKIl AI H UCKD4 tl?. will toil b nee1 too, in .Mrr. i??. March J I ?*'? 11 o'clock, at 'he j lauotorf yv?,-?/i<ion ot tofrr Liinkoti k Vartth.U ho. f> Mercer a.'n?rl, c pp/isne d9#arU ?l eat. diee 111'a tale of clegsnt r<?*wc> *1 piauotorie.< hIi or IV; <a?u'ifau tuio <il Lei k Vh 4 Vara -hil , and the ei .Lr.i untiauilie i atork, cobbUiUoti or 10 elegant sou?r?- rofcewwed 7 ?'-4 oim 7 ui . ? ' ' - ii v .* pi*L>? eiid one rotewood 7 oc ?ve up i^til co'.Uije |>iir- . ell e ax>retoly ra-w and tlnlthed tiy ln? a (cecals BMtM tnsnufoclurers iiraqnaiied In ton* and >b*-iiy ; a .?o, about )8 : one wixd pum forte cum very rea< It oinpeU-C; also the entire Hock of boa da i ix) roaewojd V">eer?, ai.4 oo.i tan s ui the drt tag n* iu consisting o> wood* to- tUldilug Illation ih< rough } fearo ed and oihrr ?? :1c ea a,n.e: inul g t) 'lie ouelntHA. lbe purlieu ftf a'tentlrn ot our friend* and >hs pnb'c it called to IhUi ta e. as the pianos a e *11 o Ilia hlittmt cars rim! are unei|imllf d lr I rllliancy of to ? ao<? rtur? -mtv of woikma ship. tiuvioptafcen <fco first pnz? in tNi Iv.e O-vatal False* exhlbliion By oroer, JaMM O. WlLL a T x , Sberiir. J. A. ?'ukkmah, aito.-ney. HT LKKDB A CO., aUOTlONHKK. -ACCrioN BA'.lS . rfbeauiiiu household luralture, at Ihr re liance Ho 48! Prcome e'jeet, a tew door< tr im t<mad?ay. iJ. r. LHKUrt will sell on Tuerdiy, Karon I, at luK o'clock, ail the furriitire in ibe bouse, oouaUUng in oart ut'oue roiewiod plwio, 7 rclave; .wo rulu of fo Id rise wood narlor furniture, ccvertd Id best of F retch oroga'ei. ro?ewomi O..IU1 i beoateil* d* bnrcars t match, do waahsland--, do. walnut aul uitho vat,y, rosewood centre ana side do , tuner manie tnp<, m?r be top hat s'-anca; one lawe el**e ? ? itb plate glass dcors end back. do. oorner d). hide ia'ge French plate oval g'aaies, do large pier, with uah and b/aeae<*. largo l>re?d"n vatea, do. xmall 2H day ormolu elocts di eighth day; ta estiy ai d lusrsin caroe's onesxneudid roaewo >d bojkuaae and iccreiarv, coat $100; hair ?natressei (*tber beds, pearl in laid emterv. La'atiCn band e ivory cutlery si vers plated war*, .arge oil palnli' gs, china tea seU, wl'.h a large lot of rrcctery bid g'aaa *are. t-'o Dumnrou" to 'mention Saie p OH'tive; a gcod chance for tbore In want of i<ood furniture. Henry b. hkrth, jr., auotiomk^h -^hsiumkk's sale of a raKablo stock ot groceries, bo-aea. wagoca, liarbfsa store fixtures. An., on Tueada<, AP'i' 1 w IDS o'clock, a> store oorser of twenty elgotn street and bli'h avenue ? HKMkY B. Hf.BTS, Jb.. wlil fell aa above the entire alack ?rilnefrocertacmua'nedlB said >tor? cooipriiin^ grean and back teas, wblie. brown and cra ned >nga'S who'e and ground coJfe? eplces picklae. sauces. ur?eervei maccaroui, vermlce'll, olive oil, eardlnea butter, cneeae. itapa, candles, sibrch, salt ttnli, barns, tongues oholee wloes. cbampagne, caret, biardlesin catks and domtjshus, ecrd'a's, One Havana aecars. Ao.;a)so elegant store flxlurea desks, l'on safe, plat form icales . counter aca'.ee, meiaurea . ?} gi o >er ? waxona, near ly tew; 1 s'.elrh, 1 buggv wagon. 3 seta ba'nraa. 2 first rate borsea, lot of teed. Ac Term* eaah la eltj funds By order of Assignees. H WILSON, AUOUONKKlt, OFFICF. S3.1 BRO VD ? way ? Magnificent and coetiy biuseb .Id f.irnlturi.? Heavy French piate pier and icante! mirrors, rosewood piano lorte, marble vases, bronzes, velvet carpet*, e eg?nt chande liers oil pale ling i, article* of veriu, Ao. Ac, at tbe live s'ory boose No. 320 West Fourtc-nth street. H. Wllaoc auct oneer, *111 sell, on Honda* , bivch SI, at 10 o'cicck precisely, tlis entire elegant furniture of die above honsa. moat of wblca was made to order, and la in every reapejt of high cost and of superior workmanship. Parlors Magn'dcent rosewood parlor iuita, in rich French satin, wl>h solid rosewood frame*, made In Paris; superior seveu oolave rcsewood pianoforte, solid rosewood cantre and plertablta, large roee*ood secre'ary bookotne. co<t$15"; re ceptk n chairs, Tn satin; large easr chairs, in morocco; splendid 1 rcrch piatc pier glata. with slab and blMUU| rich twentr one day and ormolu clock, costly marble vaaei, ala baster Hower vases, sp eudld bronzes, Cupids, statuottea, knights, tbepherd and shepheidasi, groups, magnifioent giran doles, rick brocatel and iace window curtains, ahades, velvet carpets, e egantly carved rosewood etegere, with plate glasa, cost $276: oil paintings of great merit aud of hiRh cost, three eletrant gas chandeliers. Dicing Boom? Magnltleent solid oak extension Uble, cost 190; nek chum, in plu>h; richly carved oak sideaoa d, oak se cretary? all made to matoh throughout; elegant go d band dim er set 20U pieces; ruby and crystal out glaas ware, rioh al ver ware, casters, tea service. lar<e silvers, trait Blinds *nl taxketa, collee urns, kett'es, napkin rings, spoons Corks, ladles; liquor stand, ccst $60; butter knives, sugar tonga, Ac. ; ceit of Ivory cu'lery tumbler* gobieta, wlnea, deianVjrs, Ac. Cbambers aid Mursery? Costly robewood and mahogany tofBB, lrunges. couch beds, bedsteads, buretus waihaands, commodes; rosewood sulfa. In balr c oih; rosewood pianoforte, trauebj O. A B. Btu-more, cost $326; chairs rockers, elegant Pie>- Hnd mantel mirrora, thirty pure hair ma-tress* a beat geese leather bees, bolsters and pM'o* s counterpanes Inlaid chess Ub e. hebby hor<? three painted bedroom suits camolele; in grain CarpeU, oilcloth, roaewcod h ill stand, silver plated sta r rods, worktable, cloeks; together with tbe entire gas fixtures throughout. Alpo, a large and general assortment of basement a~d kitchen utenvila. refrigerator stove, Ao. 'I he furtlture ot tf.lK house coat upwards of *18 000. and U worthy of the eep "clU aiti nilcn t<i thoae about lefumiahiug a eaah deposit will be required of all purchasers, and every article will be solid with out any reserve whatever. Houghton a hullor. adotiohieks, us naswag srset, will give their personal attention to x<k?* of house hold furnlturh, at private residences or cabinet warerooou. Rev-, u 'ar sales of furniture and house fumlahlng uoodj at sales rooms every Thursday. A large assortment of furniture au<l irtuK>:ortas at private saie. Advapcaa made arhoo reuulred. JOBN L. VANPfcWATER, AUCTIONkEB, WILL HELL, on Mouday. March 31, at 10>a o'clock at the Manaiou House. Nos T and 27K Hudson aired. i.ear Dutre, mirt gsgee's sale of househo.d furniture, con 'ai tied in the above boure, barroom, bar and fixtures, llauors and segira, gilt fame mlrrora, oi'c'ofhs. ornament, Ac., par or furn'ture? ?slriors. mahogany tulte. In balr ciotb; mahogany pianoiorte, carpet*, vases, mantle ornament*. Ac; bedro >m furniture ? abt.ut ?0 rroms furnl. hed. carpet*, gas fixture* mlriora, wash stands, tot'et sets, leather 1 eds, mattresses, Ac. , kitchen fur niture, rarges, Ac. JOBM W BOMRRINDYKE, AUCTIONEER --810RE NO. 20 North William street, will tell to morrow, at 10% o'clock, on the prtailtes ho. 76 Maiden lane, the leave, fixture ?, lurni ure. Ac., of bar and dining salora consiailncot steana tables copper boilers, ranges, ciooer cooking utensils, noarble ton tables, bar, tounters, splendid minors and gas fixtures, ?liver salvers, Ac. Bale positive. Mortgage sale.-e. b. ludlow, auctioneer.? To livery liable keepers, teed dealers, carriage mtou taciun re, and lager bier dealers.? Peremptory sale of valua ble propertT, on tbe aoulb aid* of Keal feieveith afreet, known as Nos. 75 and 77, Utree story and basement subsWntlal brick btii ding 60 feel front and rear, and 91 fret 10 Inches deep, well ca culs'.ed tor any buslnersiwhere mnrm and ativngth am ra<iulred. Will be so d on Wednencav, April 2. at the Mer chants' Eichaoce, at 12 o'cicck. Terms made kuawn on the day of rale. MWRAY, AUCTIONEER.? FOMESTIC AND FOREIGN . fiultu at auction, on Monday. March 31, at 10% o'clock, at the etore 410% Grand street, near Clinton, comprising a general aeaortmcnt of frul'a, plok'ea, flraworka, soda water tlatda, Ac bale poal Ive. nepoalta required. Notice ?ANTHONY J- b^aeokhr, aUotioniikr. Tfce aubscrlhers wi 1 give their personal attention n sales o' household furniture, at the i-csidence or parties creaking up housekeeping. ANTHONY J. BUkHCRH Si CU , No. 7 Broad street. PAWNBROKER'S SALE OF MEN'.') AND WOMEN'S clofhtog.? McCAFFKa Y A WALTRRS wlil eell to mor row, at 10 o'clock, a' tbe ocrner of Catherine and Henry etreeta, a large and stit trior lot of coat*, pants, ves's. silk, meilnoacd other drestet. ahawla. sewing silk, eeutantaof c.'otts, merloces, linens, ea lcoes, Ac. L. A 8. ILOFFMaN. OBKRIFF'd BALK OF A LARGE AND SEASONABLE ? a'.ock of ready made clothing. Ac., Ao.? a. M fRISTA LA It. auctioneer, 33 Bowery, will sell, on Wednesday, April 2, al ll>% o'clock, manufactured for Ihe city trade, a large and tarblonable assort aeot of spring and summer clothing, oom p-lsirg In part cassimere. cloth a pac ?, crapette, linen, mar and linen duck frock and saek coats; silk, satin, Valen cia, linen ard Marseille* reals; /recch do- akin and English carelmere clotli, lit en anl Marseilles pasts, iogeiJber arlth English aid French broacrlo'hs, p aln and fancy ca. 3 meres, linen, Cucka and drlUlng. casslmerea doeskins, black artlf .n cv silks and serges satins, drapettea. alpacas, Ma-eeilles and I nlngs skirts and drawers pongee si k handkerchiefs hiaok allk cravsta. Ac , Ac. The a tenti >n of t3>e tr-ide is called to the above sa'e. as the gooes are madefend trlmmeed la the nest maoner and sit la. lis order of JOB N T. STEWART. Deputy Sheriff. Janm C. WiLLinT. bherlif. SHERIFF'S BALK ?F THE STOCK OF AN IMPORTER ot watches And iewe ry.? A. M. CRI?TaL*R, auctioneer, 23 Bewery. will sell on Tuesday, April 1. at lo>? o'clock, a large Ai.d valuable aebortmeiit ol line watches and jewelry, consisting In part ot diamond earring do. olcs, no. rings. do. crnKH, a 1 wngrlflreDt j mounted; gold hti -.ting, magic watches, thirty nolo hunting levers, aim obrotometers, detached lever*, ai?? hng'l'h a?d French silver levers in dingle and hunting caiia and letrinea, In single and hurtlngoa^; go'd guard, Tod sn? veal chain* lag -eat variety; go'd pens and pencil cases, lockets, r.ngx, pita. Ac . Ao., together with cne hundred set* tarring* and pic* In morocco cai es. By order. JAMBS B. BENS*;!., Deputy SfaerUL Jam k* 0. Wili.ett Sheriff. X\J M. H. FRAHKL1N, AUiTIONEER.? WM. H. FRANK TV 1 Ih it BON will sell at auctloo ou Monday. March 31 at 12 M , at tie Merebantk' Kxchante Ave lot* on the northeast comer of fourth avenue and Tllrty -seventh street ljtng to gether In cne parcel: the lots are on he crown of Murray Hill, ard being on the ea?t mdo of Fourth aveaut, a fine view of th? F at t river. Long Island shore, Ac eou.'d be had from the rear window* of dwellings on these lets, and being e'eraitsd, no fhit g could Intervene to obstruct the view. Map* at the office of the auctioneer, Ro. S Bread street. 8 MBLLOrT ADCTIONKflR.- BY BOUGHTmN A ME, IiOK.? Tuesday, April 1. sale at elegant cabinet lurriture, piarotortes, mlrro.s, carpets, >c., comprising as gotd kl act oi tmr.ct as sry c lfert cl this spring I he whole of this stock ba* been renoved for convenience or sain, and con sists ot rlchlj carved rosewood parlor turn Iture en *uit, cov eted In the finest pal In brocalel, plu*band hair oloth. magnlll ce r.tty carved rceewocd marb'e top, mirror do>r* and back*, etegere*: wardroles, plate ii ki doori; parlor seore'arise, lined wllh *ailn w.iod and richly carved; ladles' cabinets, rose wood and mahogany marble top centre, pter, side and fancy tablet; tele a tetes, sola* divan* and ottomans; Voltaire, eur and locking ohairs; carved rosewood and oak bal stands, lall chairs, rotewood, oak and mahogany extension d itr.g tabes dining riom cualrsto match, sideboard*, library snd secretary bookcases, tables and chairs, card taoles, new styles rosewood, mahogany and walnut bedsteads; marble top bureau* and w/uhstsLd* lo rna'rh, lounges, lounge beds, painted ana enamelled chamber suits, wlh and wltbeut mar le top*. Also, at 12 o'c ock. V. and 7 octave pianoforte', from city makers, iu'lj warranted and well wortL.? the attention of purchasers. Also seveial thick French plate pter and man' tel minors. In richly ornamented frames; oil palnt'ngs, Ac. M. WITT ER8,~ aU< 'TION KltR, WILL 8RLL, Off Tuesday, at lC>i o'clock, at 133 Grand street, all the furniture in the above house, cor sifting of no'as, rocking and < tber ch*li i?, centre, side and dining table*', mirrors, couches, pali.tlrgs, curtain* and shades; three Dlyand otheresrpets; ollc oths, lamps; mahogany and other bedstead*; lair mat trestes, beds ard bedding, marble top dressing bureau* and wnshsiands; toilet &eta, cane chairs, dining room and lUtjhen furniture. \\i M. WITTERS. AUC IIONRBR. WILL 8EL.L, OSf v T Monday, at 10>? o'clock, at 146 '"anal street, the furni ture rf a family leaving the city, consisting of sofas, rocking and other chairs, tables, mirrors, oil painting*, three-ply csr pew, oicoths, carved mahogany bedstead*, hair and other mstireesrs, marble top dressing bureaus and washstands, toilet do , kitchen furniture; also a mahogany case piano. coPA ktkkhViiip soticks. fcQ Knn 0ABH WANTED, AMD AN ACTIVE MAN, qpO .Ul/U to engage with the adverser, with an equal amount, lo a branch ol the lumber trade, and under clrcum s'ancts that will net 16,000 per year. For particular* call on 0. B. HOWK8 A CO., 84 Nassau street. il firm ?A PARTNER W JlNTED, WITH Tilt iJii.v'/U. above amount, Is the lumber business: ha? been established for tht laat ten jeers, and ths profit* from >3 000 lo $6,000 j early The former partner having retired, an hororab'e business mar will be taken in hi* place. Apply lo O. B. HOWES A CO., 8* Nassau street. NOT ICR I8HKRRBYQ IV EN THAT THE PARTNKR shlp heretofore exlstlig under the name ot Crasto A Tay lor. I* this day dissolved *>y mu'ttal nonsent The unadjusted busloesa of *aki firm will be arranged by either of the under rigned. M'*fcH E CRASTO. N*w Ton*, March 2?>. ISM. THOMAS B. TAYLOR, VTOTICK -THE COPARTNER8HI <* HERETOFORE EX 1>I lstlng between the subecribe s, under the Arm of T. <). ARNOLD A AO., la this dajf disaolved by mu'.ual consent rhe business of the firm will be settled by T. O Arnold wh.i I* Mil y auvhori/ed, and who haa aaaumed the payir ont or all its debt*. 'f- G. ARNOI.n. New York. March 26 1866. A. THo. BMIiH. 1 he *ub*crlber continue I the mannfac'.urs ot gas burners, at the old stand. No. 447 Broome street, between Broadway wid Mercer street. _______ ARNOLD. WANTED?A PaRTNKR IN A RETAIL OROCKRY ?tore In Rrooklvu, now doing an eic<if,ent cash ba;lae<*. This la an eioe lent opportunity tor an active young mar. pos sensing a smal capital and a knowledge of the bustnenv The e'tabllshmnat haa good ad van ages atu an axaailent location. None but those ol undoubted food ehara?''?r and retarget; need apply. Inquire at 181 Wejt street, New Ytjfk, KOK MAMS. $K|) iWWl ^OB NaLK A 8H.VKK Y?*R3' LEASC, fUl/.WU, with 'nrultme. of a l*r*?> pr . ja ;<lre Bfoauw*. hotei, From ILi OUtl'ot*! imlmiuit tw pui lac *h; thcbaarc* c?r, te paid In mere htadlae, rest eua'o, or re diaIo r? bunt uini mortgage Pilnnlp*'* o-ilr, h*'ic< Hie re qilMte rr eaja, \i lit |i?v j \ddrci? i>cx 3 "Hfi Co*' ofQoe or 0A!1 my. ?? WAUGtt, 64 WiliWm si reel, of|?' U?nd IT. 9/1 (UjA aCRKB OF T-X*B l.-lNDS t'td HaLK OS tl/.UUU mclmoge These l*L>Un? all fiaely lowel on rivers sod *76 In u-aota of 3a> to 1 470 mth each AUj, an ?<n>l|f>ni 'irm of ahout 60 ac ?*, ou riuten la'tud. with; a lrM> t*jo fiverctnutea' walk ot o e o the d'pnaof tha jro posed rkl row). Il la in u vary hi?u Mate of cu .uva'ioo. House a>.d barn ud other hul'dirga ail tew Thire ar? aiout live or grape vinee, of lha irnat euperio* quality, and k"im lrg very tnrtft'Iy. If tie property nfffredlu enchaiae 11 d? rirab'e, rn rath will be rrqulml. Apply at 16 (Call street, to f- V I.V bbTKtt LAY, attoney a. law, and oommlnitoasr f .r alt the Raw*. $9ll I /m -FOB t ALU OB EXCBNGE A BPLUN JP<?Vf.?..'UV/. did (arm In Ibe cetual part ol tho aut* of Knk, free from all tr ournbrano*. Will be exchingrd fir P'upery In ikb clti or Brooklyn and pay part c*?h. Apply o UAViKY k bAVAIjK, auctioneer*. 36 rloe Btreet. sfcQ IUiH -fob salk, onb op tub bust 1,00 v ipO?vwU? led clrthtpg store* In til's olty It hai baeu established aix yra s, and doing a bmluesa ot trim $IA IVJO to f?,000 per ' iv.r. 'ib? rent is my low. the house* and store* wou'd rent for much mora 11 an the owoe* naw pays. App'y to (J. B. HliWhS A CO., 8t Maaaau street 5fc7 RHll ? fob Balk, a fi&st c -ass hoo>-e in ?(D I .ul/U. Ihlrty-tlgh h street, near iughth av?ru*. cw tainlDg al the modern improvement, one du,tn Ihirtvsiiii Mi eel, near Mghth avenue; also a splendid hro*n stoie hittse in Fourteenth street Apply to BAGLbY A BaVaUk, auc tioneers, 34 Fire street. (frQ nnn ? VOB BALK, ViBr OMBAP, a lot on ffiO.wUu, thirty seveu-'h street, between Broad ?af and Seventh avenue; It a vary desirable lot for buUdlac purpose^ betnK k a very fine and rapid y Improving DUigtiio. h .Ml #',610 can rem* In at option of purchaser; beJaooe parttradd aud cash. Addreea J. X. H., BeraUi oflloe. <CQ ftnn -A OOOD OPFOBTONIIT FOB IKTBS1" ipO.UUU. mer.t. For sale, the .eaue, suxik and ilxtnr*t 01 t? o aojolLlag stores, oce a circulating library, ranc dr gfod* and varte y itore.; the other a periodical, atatloue.-y and regar store Tbe bn?lneaa baa hitbert) been oonduMed by one fami'y but may be divided or uurled oa coojolut y at the op tlco of tbe purchaser. Satisfactory reaaoni given tor vitbiug to relinquish il lr not disposed of by tha 1st /prii, It will be still carried on by ths present proprietor. Apply on the p re noUei", 328 Atiantic street, Brooklyn. Jl (tznn OASH? WILL. BUY THB ONK THIRD IN <PUl.?U terestlna light, genteel ard profitable business, well established, and upon waloh there Is ajcrr.alaty of making over tlxty per cent, for wbleh we oan give the mostuod?ub?d evidence of bavicg vonchers from the moaUuhxtantlal outlnnaa houi-ie in this city for the aame; to a young n-an ot mod'rate abilities ard industrious hablta, no better opportunity for tbe same amount of capital probably was ever offered. Addre a with name, reference Ac.. B. K. U, herald efOee. Neg? tlatiocs for the same will remain open until WeUneedty, the 3d of April. an CA- FOR 8 ALB, IN BBOOKLYN. AN OYSrUB and refrestment saloon situated wtthia a lenrdsors of tbe City Hall. It Is Qued up in gn< d style and will be sold chtap tor saah. Inquire of W. 0. ALBUKIUH, No, 19 Court street. Urookijn. ACBKB FOB BALK CRKAP? IN BSBQKN CJUN'tY. J Ut) N. J., four miiea train Bvlferns station, on the tcrte Railroad, with an old fashioned bouse, new barn, stall lea. ka ; three apple orchards, and a lat ge variety of the smaller Bruits, sixty- five acres heavy; balance arable P. O. BULKLfcY. 49 Wall street, (basement ) | Q| I ACBBS IN BTB, WKSTCnKSTKB OOCNTY TUBBK OV apple and one petuh orchard; a l^rge dwelling ho is*. cn.e cottage. Mid cue smallor house, lew cam and 8t* )lB? n ar ris te house, ice bouse, to. The land ts thoroughly u"rte - drained, enriabed and fenoed with new wal a. Iho location ts One, crmmanditg a good view ot the Bound. Tenns easy. City property t*ien ia pavment P. C. BUI KLBY, 49 WaU street (basement ? ABABB CHANCR FOB AW INVBOTMKNT IN A va uable patent right and well eatabiished businMS. Fcr aa!e, the patent rtabt avd good will of Blake's Are aud weather prcot paint. The patent has beeu sustained bylaw, ani age.i'Cles are established for the paint througtaut tbe United States. Satisfactory assurances will "te g'ven as re gards the profit* and character of the bmtuess no apo IcaUon to JCiHM ULAKB. attorney fr-r the es'ate o( Wm. Blake, de ceased, 119 t'earl strtie', hew York; or to Joshua UppLucott, Jr., TOard72tH>u.'k Froet street, Phiiade.pbla. ACOUN1BT bfat for a GBJTLKM4N of for luce. J have for sale one of the finest residences in New Jeirey, with ample gronnds, frutt, ou but dings, ka Ittsrear hah way, atout flfeen milea from the ci>v. The house in of brick. (Phl'ad?)pbia front,) with elesar.t cut stoue trlaimlngs and crcamnnts three Btories high and attic, 43 feet wide and >6 feet deep, but t without regard to expense, and possessed ot every cor verlence of a city house. 1 are 18 aor?H of land, aril the o?'.tm|t?in?i ar^ models of comfleten"gs and co ve rletice. The views a.!tl the scenery are dillghtiuL Ths pro perty Is unemcuabered and wl!! be told low for cash, or un encuml<ertd city protertv will be taken 'n exebange in whe ? or in part. CHAUNCKY BaKNARU, 08 Broadway. ? HOCBB AND LOT ON BEBOF.N POINT FOR cL sale.? Ilou<te modern bul't two story, attic aul base ment. con'ainlng twelve ro -ms all bu It new tbe put miTinir, in the t>eBt irarner one burdred yatds trom the water fro it WI.l be told low 11 applied for soon A part of the purciaw money can remain on hond and mortgage. Apply to N. P. lODD, on tbe premises, or to UORRI.S BROTLlBKS, ?) Wall street. ATHRKK STORY AND BAB?MKJT BOU9K AND f.OT in Brooklyn, tor JS.500.? bou?p 20 bv 38 feel, lot 20 -.y let), with privilege of acoiter lot; the bouse is but one year built and tn tbe best ordtr Rents for >400. It contains Ki rooms, beautliu'ly th tehee with ornaxrental cornices mirb e mxi.tels, gas, arched parlors atd tea room, with atatoed g ass drors, Ac. t nlv lis If cath required. ln<uilre ot P. MOrtA GHAN, l'il Pearl street, New York. A RARE CBANCK OF A PROFITABLE DWELLING.? 4 fr.iir ?torv brick. dwel'inv No 27 H corner of Wa 'AT and Dover streets, having a large store, with attorns an* s rck; also a basement that leu tor a good rent. The whole to be leased 'or a term of eight years on moderate terms, at the owner wishes to live in the country. GOOD BIX1Y HOR9E POW8R ENOIME, BOILERS and pipes, for $1,160. WM. PAULSON, las Mulder lane. Beautiful ooubtrt skat, witb 52 aorkb, for sale or exdiAuge for el'r property, situated on tbe west ber k of fa?aga lake 8 milea fr>>mI<haoa, N Y. All kinds of fruit trees on the place; dwelling, outbuildings and feme all naw. Price 19, 000, cost $12,000. For further particulars in quire tn paper 391 Grand street, where plan of the place oan be seen, or of THOMaB JOKE*, on the premise* BUILDIt G LOT FOR BsI.E-No 29 WEST TWEN1Y first street, a tew Joors bo ow the Union Clui, 2dx9- fe?t Also tbree lota on Broadway, between Kortv flro! and Korty sesend an f eta Apply to W. FULL, 19 West Twenty-first street, or 11-9 Pearl street. Brooklyn lots fob sale or to lrase. -eight lotacu the corter of Til'ary and Raymond streets. A good locaUor lor r. maj)Ufacti;r> using steam power; se ?er in the street. Wot.ldbea good !o?A'Jon fir a coal yarc. Apply to FOSTFR A L< 'PER No 4 Sands street, or Mr KELLtN OhK. 20 Greed street, Brooklyn. COAL TABD AND FIXTUBE8 FOB b/LLB, ON TUX corner of Bridge and John street*, Brooklyn. For fur ther particular* Inquiie on the premise*. P. IfoGBKKVY. ClOUMTRY BESI^KNOE FOB 9 ALB.? A NEW, CON 1 venfer t and strllrh cottage hoa*e, with from qne to fort? acres of choice lai d, in Middlesex ounty N. i-. A good va riety of fruit, and in a plaaaaui neighborhood. Basr acoesa to the city by railroad. O. PABtONS 2^6 Washington atren', few York A (lOl'NTRY SKAT FOR SALE OB TO LR*.9R? BKi?!TI J lu'ly located on M?ten Island, ?n th? nigh laid ?->ou a mile from the first landtag l-ooattoc perfeo'.nr be* tl?r. new magoltkenl It is the moat <5? s|0fe position ia the viclnltr of Ntw York Price 110 ix>0 rentTTBO Ini|tUn ot J. B. OL7(lt WOhl II, ho. 3 Broad str^t. COUNTRY REi-IDENCK FOR SAl K-IN GRKKNWICH Conn.. about 30 mites from New York. The groan 1 laboatooe acrei ia well filled *lin joung fruit tree#; the house ia tt?, well built, and notiinorp than five minutes' walk fr?? the New \otk a? d New Haven Ralroad de.ot.and less thau one m ile frcm the itr amVoat lacdirg on ihe 8 mnrt -a d^9ir a ) e location for ore doing business In tbe city. Inoui e of KDWX ? P. WRhD, f ft Liberty street. New York. COIHIRY SEAT FOR RALH CNB OF T3E FINEST locations cn the bfir,k?of the 11 'id on river rh* ?lte of this p'sca, la tbe tew a hip of li i?te-, m<1 withta thrf-.? hour*' ilc'e of the Mcutt* n Howe, crmn<?nds the moat superb v-e ws ?f near thirty ?c!!en on tbe HMCto:i r vcr. i he ground* ^on fiiii of about 100 acres, nnd the bsuse fa hmlt of the ????t bard brick, In the ('.otitic a!> le, with extensive pisrzai aud every fi <iul?l'e convenience The rrosoerts and ecenery arour.d thin piece a;e uneurpaeted, ar d one of Its great ftdvatiUg's U It* proximity to tbe finest trout and ulckercl fishing ard excel'ent (.hooting la ard around the Oac kill Mountrlm. Forp?-tl*u lot <apply to F. H. LODLOW Jt CO., No 14 Pine street. C^OAL YARD ?FOR SALB, THB FIXTURB9 AWU PRO J pertv of the coal ya/d, known at 31 at-d 3fi Washing on ftreet. The same cot aist cf an unexpired leai-e hor set cart* bsirest, sleighs, rrales snd screens, and othwrpropert? ir use by tbe trade. Ifro< eo.d by private sate he o?e the 5th of April next, the fame will he mid at pubi'c au-.tlon at 12 o'clock, in that day, on the premise*. For further parti mlara Inquire en the premise*. DRCO STORK? TO BB SOLD, IN A GOOD LOC *.Lll Y. on a principal thoroughfare In Brooklyn, hastcrn Dis trict: established six years; ne*tlj flt?<- up -\nd doing % suc cismuI and mcreatlng busli ees flat ?cto.y reanoDs will he glvei. lor selling. Apply to Messrs. WliKRI.KR <t HAhr, 30 Beekman street. DRIG STORE FOR SALE -THE OWNKRH Ha VI "O othf r ergagements In vew offer their drug store for aale, which la wrL stocked, anci doing a good business. BnatSV loa cash eustoitf r. ffiflO will purchase the atoqk, fix ?"w, ti ctudlog gas, and office furniture. Apply to F. Uttl, drug glst'a g!s*s ami fixture dealer, ho. 4a Beekman street. fiUBM FOR SALB? TWENTY SIX MILBS FROM WRW v York city. thr?e rr.t!fs trora Iliclravtll* depot, L. 1., flttr three acres, com'oriahle two story bouse oldMahtwed, with nine rooms, with new addition, and barn about 40 by 4.1; a hernery, five acre* ot young growth of wsod ; ian4 cost Price 13.010, terisa easy. Apply to Mr. CROB WKl.L, No. 19 William street, New York. WoRRALB-A SPLBBDID FARM, 110 ACRES, WITH V good build in gt, near Sag Harbor. Long Island, auitable for a summer residence or boarding house. For parti -.'Jam taqu re of K. RaNDuL, 146 Oilntoti street, near Broome. For sat.b? two stbam prop fixers, iw good running order, ISO tons each, drawing about seven feet of water. So'd for want ef use Apply to V. UAMHILL, ld8 Pearl street. For salb-thk btock and fixtubes of a gro oery and provision store, located In the ^e? pirt of the dty, ard now doing a good cash business. There i? a v*Iu*ble

n.i'k route altachtd to the store which will pat the expeusee ot the store. Will sold with or without the milk route. Bent low. Must be sold immediately, as the proprietor i gotxgto hurope. Inquire ot J. W. TAN WINKi.K, No. 7 Brie place, | New rork. For bale.? the hoxts* and lot on w?.s r slde ni Secccd avenue, het we?n KighteenthTITi Nlo? tcrnth strrett. No 299, a very desirable ncstioti. Iiot iW f t UK): br.tise X tiy 64, four story and btiemeut; indf ppnrtunt wall, ard fulrhcd In the beat manner, wl.h *'l modern im provementa. iLooln on the pieoilsea, front 2 to S P M. Pries ?19,000. J. M. DBNN1K. Ii^OR SALE- FOUR FIRST CLASS POOR STORY 1 brown ntone houses and tout, situated on Thirty street, between Btghth and Ninth avennes, the hi'ieeiara htillt (r the most substantial manner, with all the modern to proveircnu and convt-nlsncea. WtU be soCd on eitsv 'erms Apply to PHILIP R. WILKINS, Auctioneer, No. U (Tail and No. 2 New street For balk? a housk and lot at hunt's br'bo i Wtstchrster county. N. Y ; lot 100 feet square, a few ro Is f'om the rtpp.rt, Ti ere ia a barn and p eoty t>f fruit trees: t >c bt ufo Is i iw, with water In the kitchen. Will be so d chv.p fcr ?*?h. Apply on the premises, at '-be Corner ot Union 41(i North ?"ee?ji, to aLEXanDH-B BARns FOR SALf? TWO WHOLKSAI.f L'QU' R ST(#R1S, IN Seventh and FourtMBth warjs One on a cornsr, suit* b e for m? kind ot buslncas. >,uply to KR)l?T A KINB BL LT, ? WU.I?? V iftm HAhto, 1#>0B bAl/t. 1 CFKkR Kui 1 BaLH MT FARM A?t> r n Liir; rc.-:<l. r.ce. II. Pawur 8t Uwriii't rou'_iy, Nr* I' >k, vu:-<ioo tvfji and (.00 arr*K wa Br ieu>4 U>? k?ui ie>l/ la'ot a eauii'u. laic h?t? I ? cover 1 1)00 acre.. 11 m 'Uttitl vnli Uont it? r* ?r? I ? it e-?a' VI (- l ?xjuars of wljite n.? lit, 'Lu >i??, twn 20 Wft, e?ds to the 'ate ibrough guvtaof K. ngt ?>[ 0 maple Tttf scenery It uusurt>at*?d ae i< ca'ion irtiri lirtud, and re* tVuiu ?,.ia nu~<-4 ?*re ro fc'otd B lbs ftine -t>v*i?i. rn <raii unit ?? f anil limit/ eij.i| e<* fi ik d li?sa lio tl urlt ? b'4 uerind. ?l>e (?Ubli?nii.ejitU ?anhv Itc cooeidc m ou of M gent eman of lortune de?lron? of trih e u i-: <? nod rural i|f?. ib? lurmtnre, carriage* hoi-s?? no t up pur i*t oc? c?i. 1'# bud at ? Iklr v* uatiou. Of ibe Urm abont 4lx tie e? are unit er linpiovnver , a #oo/1 f.?-ni hsnse, e .mi;# lic.u e klii ilx, Jairy Irnw, Ac , Si coari > nan,' and got d, t el?i" n 4U t>Ld 6U bead uf oiiog it ool , and I ? ? v oke of ii*n nil r. c fco Mood wd on b> bid with tbe < :?p t>t,it?o*r,ct-H at thc<r vcrth. hail'oad wtibt IZtnle* con (imioiu to tc ; city Pmonctlve uniwvim "ercl real e ita'?, lo c?if< In '??* ki rk ot Its -nvlroDit ?1 1 he taken la pa?, o-, 11' xted ite, can >em is on inr.itjjag* 20 vea'S Tie gro? luc cp list vwr hand oaie HxsU wt I be iuitiiKhH i ?nt tfiil<m?u IE tn l.ta.1 lor tfce e U'e. Address Ur?nj|b the Oocv?<tiur Port rfflce, fit L??reLC? couulj, N. Y ,Ut lbi*. Ii ( ?, ( ir ?? jj^OK ?Ai,t-KIVK 0d< Il)K L'jTs OK rift J misu r H'M)1 Met ot KU4t ?V CI lid. tuij ?tincfC lire atltdi >ui. touatM ?tib Mjh t.U -.r ?i<io in, Ac ; 1<>ihku>1 i?.-*<l? ?nil Inf ill fuMj m| i alec or imaia''Ut(> I" provea?en<; blrrt>i all raifuSa t?d (railed, p?-ed curb ?"0 rh tar il t? -t fltxpad tc wid vtes-r pi.l? laid In ta:t FUtj 'bird r'rc at. t iu> rbl-4 avn>iie lo Ibe river, It tre beat lu^i'oved atr?a'. in t av uic'lon of he oil;. '1 111 uarfact. and cl-a oul r tl ,l(Ki ?*"h -Ma cn-?pe t Iota iii th? o it, uD loipr?)Teii en'.t, , i?n*ldT?l Al o t?ro (ti e iota btuwtmn Kdooaii an: Third avecuea very cht MP Apptr at 124 i'o^i Mn t r?ei In Hbns j. r. oicxma*. j^jX HAI.K-h mU lfUL IN HI II SI Si}, (Eret ?i'Cr ) ml aa from tb^ dopot, ol 12 aeran ot euje rl r laid, wlti do ? boa e Hit, r?rri*<a bo <ae out sount l dil ha> u de>lt?->'e ioraon<iitrt rn Idevce, co u-unadlnx a beant hii view (< Keck ami 'aie Knverorav bay aadan<ut 30 w >le* of Hi er'ier. wlihanep' cop^ieau'ck na?' ly opp '*it? hehinii-e, having re'igtoua ierv1c*s e?ery Sundaf hj an ea lablia'fwl pan in- * b* prea'Di occuoant ta* een iloln* binl aet? la Ibli city far the pa*' t-?o eara nl lite eip-?wit IrMut aiop at tain place "> r*lt 8. from twelve H> fonneeu time i per day. Apply to JAME8 a 1'I.aKK f>o. 2 i llntou Hall, anor plrce, N i. UAOE SAt.K HDUSK AN1> LU1 21,9 UN 10* OTRKHT, r 8i u<b Drot k)> n, fifib boupe I't.m Court t treet, three atnrr brown Htone ai d 1"' Uadelpbi\ hr ck. blfb l>Ht.em?nt, ImiuUnn nfeak 'aundiry, s'aM nan lu i?, tot and old water rau^e, t?o stOTtt rooms, oei'ar with ceaented bottom ball* Itnl atian niiub'e ba'hrnom gas throughout, cha> duller < In the nirlnra. ear ora arched ? lib extenklon rlaiuad glMs doon*; oalat In par ire tnameled white ant* gl.t, warble manteil . yullt In the best maDLer foi the owner, aidu complete t.rder. Lot 11 ly liw, botife S2by 50. Ildeslrrd a large port on af the mniey ntn remain on mortgage For partkalars lnijuire on the pre mlrea. For salk-thk stock, fixture ano thr'k I ears' leare In m the 1st of May nex , of u nM.erta'illsli i-d poster and boarding house down to vn, in tbe be t ou?<ao?? part or the elty, In flret rate order. Will furnished ihr "ighnut, and crrntsLtl> tilled with ?oarters The olace ItBuwdolag a ? plecd'd tiufetneaa and could be made to vie d a ortune to aa atie ttv# business man The pi e en' o w er who h\? kep'.thA nlaoe for the lart ton year*, is wt I'ng to dlspo?e of It now on Itiersl 'ems. In consequence r.f hit lifting obliged toco Wnat a'ter ibe 1st ot May. Apillcntion may be m?de lo TIIJMaH (tA b H. cot tier ot Ohailton aod James aireeiH. B'oa SAI.K 0R*0 LBT HIKTAO STO&Y INI) ?A?K nient lijlck bonne No 9H hast Hfti first s'lret. betwe?o LexingUn aid Fourth avecuea l>nlon wu'er, marble m?n tel* Ac Wi 1 be r?nted fcr $2S0, lo agoul t?uaui For fur thtr par'lculara app^y 'o W it Uh^C'K?hnOKF. No U2 avei ue 0, before 9 A M. end after 11 1' M. Fil OR SAI.K Oil 70 LKr-A SMALL COR VK Vl^ff f 1 country ?o?', cn Ibe hrle Railroad, about 211 mile* fr_m Mew Ycrt aod within l>.j miles of itvo cepots; with *J an-e? ot' grmuit uncer culllva'ion; all In tie bett oroer K >r parlcu Uib apply to BhNuY t-WITU 10" eroadwav room 14, l/K.R SaLK C?B AP-IF APPLIBD FOR lM?KOlATff C lv a nea? cottage bou ?> built iu m iilei-n sti le and ot tits btst tsaieria s; it contains f igiit rooms nine pant'les, ofta cellar. It wl!i P9?"!d loa and on raar terms. Inquire of tl DOILK, builder, Fifth street, between North Filth street and boith Sixib ttreet, Wi liarx s.n.rj; F( R BAH ? A NFAT COTTAGK HOUSK AND LOT, ailuttf d lr a euod neighborhood at the extreme low pi-tee of $- 7111; $ I Will can remain cn n o tgage a good ctmvee to be j our own lR.r.Q<ord and aarel.igh r?utn. lnijuire at 204 Wen Thirty-sixth street, near xijihth avenue. tpoR bali a drrirablp- lot o> thb rast sidr 1 of Seventh avenoa, 70 teet 4 lnchoa n irth trom Vorty seventb straet lbs ot la 25x100 and will be sold oiear irom all asaeannenta. The armiM lawwinred and paven, and tbe neighborhood U rapid y lciproving by tbe eif.s'i in of first c'h* aweUingj. Inquire oi WfLLi iM K. Ua Wd, 173 Canal ?treet Ft R BAJ K--THK LRABK A?I> FCRN1TURK OF A first c aca boarding honse. up town dolog an excellent l-u?lnt5g and filed with first olasi boarders, the locV.'oa belrg ver dei-irable The par ies desire to a?ll out, lo ooo^e ciuence of U1 health. Please address H. M , Brotdaay Post i nice ijlOR 8,1 K? NO 87 fcKVRtTH STREET, Wc?T OF 8R P cond Ave- ue. a subs'AiUil tbres h ory nrlck dwelling M leet aide ot;e blocX from Second, Third and Fourth avaoue railroads ar.d At tor place n*agea, and a f?w minutes' walk ?r??n Broadway, (jas and IVoTon water, Terms easy. THOb. B. 1'lUBLKi. SI WaH st , corner WiUlam. ii'OR BALE? A vSTKsM 1101I.KR TaBLS AND BUlLIKG r Rppa*tn?; also seveo marble top tables, the while anlu ble for a b jiel or r<u?tAnrai.t; will be sold cheap. Apply at 5:19 Broadway. IjlOR BALR AT ORRBtiPOINT -SfcYKRAL V \LCABLR JD house and lota; also, 'ots to tease. Apcly to JOSIaH PaLMKR, corner ot Franklin and 0 Laton streets, Oreen point li-ttiR BAl-K LOW-ON H NRW FOUR STORY it SO >18^ f baaenentficose and lot. 129 Lexlngion avrnue. Cannot u OR BALK OR EXOHaNOK -FcE MBW YOftK PRO r vert' . below Fifty. seventh street, the we l built firat c'ass dw eli'rg house 2!>1 Livingston s reet. "rookiyn, oncta Irlng al> lite modern improvaioanla App'r to C9AH WRUICH 14 Nassau street. , OB a A LP OK TO LKT? THK SUBSTANTIAL FOUR bior y brick house ir<j or 1 '1 Kast Thirty-third street near leilnploc avenue; bouse 20 by 44, lot 9H 9. Oas, bath, wauw cii 9ft, range, Croton water tbrougiout, marble amntela. Wltl be so.d tow. Apply at 109 thirty third streets rlR 8 ALP OB TO LKT A FIRST CLASS TWO 8 TORI brick bouse, with high basement and ppaeioat tub ce l*r. btilll In the mr flern stvl? and taring every convenience tie neoary tor the acoommc4ation of a respenlaMe tamlly. Tne trout m of hto?n stone and Ihi'Adelphia brick, a id has a very bandroroe appearance, bat throughout The above house is si'tt&ied in the most rescectable ueigh-torh iod on Grnrrl su eet Wllliamsborg, and about Olteen o- tweat? ml nuti ' wh'k from the Houston street and Peck slip ferries. For f>uttar particulars Inquire ot JOHe ATTttID I*, agent, 691 Ft urth street, N?w Yoik. fyom 8 A. M. to 1 P. M. , OB BALK OR TO LST?TeB HOU8B 106 KBI?FO*D ' street, c ose to ltud'on st., and nearh o jposlte rtt. Luke's cburch. The bouie la suitab e for a boarding house having bath, gls, mi ge sea speaking tubes- Lot S4 'eet wide by t? tietn I: qtilie at 61 Su.UvaL A. ee'., cosr Broome st fa-OR BaLR OR tO L*T? FOUR SMALL UOU8BS IW r 'i nirtv third strte', between Lexington and fhlrd aveuuet, south Hide three st rlea ana at lc, with sub cellar, linlshed In ihe beat manner; b'ovn store basement, at *>p. doorway. <t? ; fsr, oAth, range, wash^ailns, wa'ercVisnlR, marble mantels ot end co'd water, 'aur.dry, Ac., exmpie'e. Price $4 5 0; $2 i (0 can retrain on bond ai.d 'nor In age Rent *150 To be liriphtd bv the 1st of May. Inquire ot P. WIT-tKBUP A AhMiTitONG, W0 Mulberry street, or lJJ East Thirty third street near Islington avenue. FIKTH AVKWU'E BOBnE -FOR BaLS, A RBAUTIFUL narrow Krg lsh nasemrat bouse on Fifth avaoue. Inquire of T. t MKKWIN. 39 Wll lam street, olBce Ns. 7. For sal*, ob to l*.t. at yonke*8-a plot of gntmdo, tbe banks of the Huston Also, tiro houses, de*i'a'<ly located in Wllllamstntrg, will be soid cheap, 't' iip Piled lor immediately. Fcr turiher particulars app y to w. F. BI.aCK Vv hU 118 West street. Fi'R California -a right, for manijf.vctcr Ins to t^lic't- of tlatl" and uclrersal consumption, is olfx-ed tor na> f'.fi.ucu <*n be mode in one year, at the business iht te. Address G. W. WaUaca, N Y. Poit offloe. U10RT I! AM il.TOfi, T. I., COTlAOtC KOR 8ALB.-V r real new ct.t'aee. built in ihe ben manter, ooMtinieg sever I0f>m* ki d atib ceHsr, loi iVx'82 left, planted with fruil aiirt nta<!o tree?, nee kitihau Kftiuon. An aI.ho, a oam con. oarnl h carriaie roils. c al biu. Ac Price *:t MJtl. h . f the niu rhwfi mime> n a? remain on or nd and mnr'giure U wwm? for pifMWfclt teqttif of D fuMiWiH Annst FOK SaTK? A TBTlEE 8IORY BK1 K HOT^E ASD !r t >o ! J.r> We?t 1 wenty second street, la exiel eut or der, tlfh < zit, court yard and iron ba'cooy In, ihjee ?? i ' dieu :n neoond story. with toe modern Improve nents chat.deliers, marble mame'a aj d s a lonHXr Dlt ht?i w?. ?.:*cd>-. Forternis. sppiy to tie oaner, on the pra BO If ML Jf OK WAI.K OR lO 1.K1-TUK TURr K STORY, IS ASK C *Ld courier cellar bilrk d?elUrg bouse No 3 FlHh street bttwccn tec ca end Third avenues; contains thirteen or MirKei ro n.e. gen hpbM be put In ttr a g<.rd tenant In qnlrrotW PlM'nNF.Y, 109 Broadway, trcm 11 to 12 and 2 o 4 O'CKClt LX)R Ra'.B-A TLF.ABANT RRStDEITCB, COMPRISING r good dwelling Iiou?e and four net! of gaden land. d?.ii r?b v located, w libit: one hou>'? rlda fmm the city. '1 be dwell ing roD'aim eleven room*, in go< d order: fruits of varloua Urdc. landing t'ontlrg on two road*, In the Immediate vicinity m ehu rei??, diatrfct and select >ohoo s Price $K 1*) 0. Termi f-Bty. RKNNKDY A SL'KK* AN, Ho. 6 Wall street. FOR fc.Al.K- A 11IRKK STORY AlfO BA4RMKNT brisk bouse In Morton itreet, Brooklyn, within five v tnutes' aalk of the Peck silo or (Irand aireet ferrlei, bud plVd with gas Ac. Will be sold lew; very iltUe cash noodedi Arnly at 1M Water street, N. T. OR BALX, BXiHANOK, ?? TO I.K7-TWO .EW 1 dwelkfigs, tea room eitenMon, dumb waiter*, eight m. r b!e mantel*; street and house lighted wi'b gar. Myrue arena* car# psff everv leu mi&tifea. la attendance daiiy to show ?be prrrertj 'Second street beyond Cllr ton avenue, Kyerion gtre? t, between Myrtle and Wll nuibby avstitiea. JOHN BRajHERl) Wall street ferry. Brooklyn. FOR HALE -A HOUSE, NO IGl EABT TWEWTYSB coup etrie', with or without turnl'ma. For pariiiu lara annly at 36 Heaver street, on the third floor. "L'OR 8Ai.t? A LAKOK LOT OF NKW AWP SKCONP r hard eip'e-? w bobs, large and small. Apply at ATCO i.fcVrt riDreaa V t'aral street For flsLR-nnsi cl*bs huitsrr.on fourthkntu, Twenty-fourth. Twenty ftt-h. Thlft? second and thlrty 'our'h itreet* and KiHb avenue AJ?o bnnees In a great varlaty of locat lor ? frcm 16 ((H) to 11? 0(H). el glblelota an Twenty MuL Twtr.ty sev?n'h Twenty eighth slreeta. F'Jth avenue and Murra bii). Applr to John r HJvijHO. 6'1 William street. BIOR RA1.P-TV E THRBR RTORY, B\HK*KKr HOi'RR with sub cellar ar.d high atcop, on Leilogton avenue, one dotiT north tiom Thlr ftrat n'xeet; bn'lt bv dav'a work, Inr the owi er, and tinl*>ed In the most substantial and elegant ? jle ?l'h all the fnrdara Introvereei-ta Anjly to J. a. UllPhON, with W^ila, Brothers, li> Broad street. New York. vO* SA1 E? OHSAP, THE I-leASB (3? TBARS TO Rt'W from (he first et May i.ex ), ard furniture and flitores of t-espletdld M'oon H2 ? aasaun*e?t , also, on same premises, a 'srire lot ',} eating hou*e fl*tnre?. comprising everyth'ng re tiuired to rA np a flrst class hon-e. Appiy on the premlaea, atttr 10 .1.11,011 Monday 31st inataiik Hit. p. "halr-i B AT FTKRT OUN BtuWir 8Ti>VK ?muse t>n. *0 Ka?t Thirty flrai ?treet; 2? feet front by 50 fw'.?lerp, fnmishrd in the ve^y best manner, wl'h all ths liu 1' vF.ments; postesrion given on the 1st of kav; hotiae thiee /?< r'es boh basement and cellar, terma eaay. Inquire on the , ptimL'ea. iittlt BaLk OR TO LET? SITU ATBD OH KLlViCNi'H ? avenue, near Flfhawset. Mouit Vernon, within 'ltlee^i ? iLiitra' va kof the two r a i road depya, aneattso ?(jry b' ?'e, crntalnl' g n'ee rcoms and a good ce larj als<t one ?err o' lard wl'h (wo fine g anavlne* and a variety v other f. tit*. 1 here is a so attached to the premise* a gooi li^ra with a ??:' rf good water, Ac Innuifi of R. HU NT, alfeacorner ot TU'd avenue and fourth ttreet, Mount Vem.m, or K. 0. fioa?t 9ta?ti, ft ^uau? g>r?et, ftfV? *9*7, Tact, rtm HOOa? ? Ml) U). ?OH MLK . J ?? I Kirs, R u . a two uurt ?<1 fin l>rii? b>>n?o lu ??- . riv t' Mreet, ?wo doers V- rcu'li o'rh -t rook In. r.a?i?/a In. irtoi ii.i c?e ai a ?>B t ?ao? llie". u v. a j .0.13T u alu>i& u r*(r.ovr to ttrj.snd lnqoe ?' ma |>?|r.i i^ii' JiVSHIf,* C 'A*h aKI , If 4 South hlx.? r-e?t 'fetr'Ufce-Ml* lkw^fa* ten of (he pornhaof ?OLie> cas ? ua ooaaand mortgag ' dowi?i>Duiimiti<i HitrHkr^iiMoaL brick hoiua, T9 will ?<reflt. ?(??' lump) tii? <tq <*/6>tl'4P s 1 ihe u>. d?ro impiovcuet. h ik, t?*fw Aoitixaui ut ti 0/ 100. A nr? chanro to lr,T6?'. li, as i? uirmi a.-e uioal rc.M4* r?'a. lite ve.fe-H li qirlrco' W tf *1 A.l* an , 11; av?nie ? Homiw ?ali L-*sa no***, with *? <imi Of yruuud ultachHl, h Iuimu oti ibn 01 u*r o' th? Jtnuum FJ/d C ft/rat UJ rt'Mir .ja/ n."-*r John 1 Hm-ll-' *'4 Jamvca, Willi 11 1 the eoev??rT uu'bo'iMm. 1 by Utra a W vxtr'ii Apply to A. m. CHOWi I J, :>4l 1'atioa street if noi;ftK? om mimay hili- PjB ?*!?*, two or tboM rtx brown ?>o?'<-hous? now inUdlng -,*? tix? sotuk eld* of *set lb rtf ?iiih dm betwoen p.fUl sad dtxih ave cue* lo be romp le'ed uy Uik Hti Itnn are bu' t <* ?b- to 1 ?ot.Uuila aim e sft^ut mtantr, mi4 rt thu mr bej> ui*'e ljtU ihrt/turhoot, 001 tilrlof ft Owi modern I npro-e The etiu-anoe t> i lu1 ? <vr? wr ?D -.^out the ne'llugs ex* fa bigli, tt-e a>airs are ent>* * IkIhiwimI pi of 'hr> payors, thus obviating one of the principal objeo'loo-- urged a#*Liul pa?eiE.-i,; bou'ea. Hie *. on's urn lofty . noMe ac ?<* tie* .at aur pafklrg ao thin* Id the <w?at They e%n > a am ncad fiw ? I veri rra*iaftnlpprtee ftof o* easy icrmn If e*rly i?pUo?Uuc he v>ade to JO<i> tiOYD, U ."Am*!! street Ooiu-Bob ' wnklih Hal dttff BOUtR FOE H.1LK OK TO LSI' "11K NKW A WD KLR , K?nt thn-e story 'iricitloU'ie IV RbM li ue e-ntb KtreW, I built by 'be o^ner. id the most HUMUnilftl ra? .ner, no l b?v I'g ftli t^emix'erTi ImDiovrmecu ftcd ft ror' eiW'ent luoi 1 llor For further pftrtlculM.-H, apply to J. F JSrKlV, 199 KiMt ! Mghteenh mreet IRi M BOOK roB BALE.- AN (BON k<R)K 44 FBSI ! I wide M fret a.?p wtlh trong irim *rUM beftino ?nd iron I Ktybgbix Hafhee iro s Ac, cau oe &*eo m l?l ?x? 1 90 ' ' [ bciD strict; wl) be so d Jose. />M>ly ? the u'jg?r reflnery, orner Ore- 1 wleh aad bftuiliem sire^tn | LDMBKKYAHb !?OR bALK -STOCK, KIX IUaR8 \<*D' good will rf a l.raberywd dotog at eile Hive tiuiireat. | r*?l ( -Ik'e In ibU clly nr cood benli at'ck lake" In n*rt p?y infill Q'>od revnnn g' rer tor si.lin* three stor? hrlek ! <lwe lins and brluk rlSee ftud ntAblo oti ihp or^niW?-. laqaUe 1 at the corner ct firm ttTenneand tweniy ninth gu-eet, f. K. Main btbi-bt provrkty in futshino l i , for ' null'.? It Htii6? Ltorue* nnd loU wljolutnK Mr. \ an Val- i ?01 V n.llilnerv store; 1 1'fly ter oem n leiniln on lire >e?r<i' mor't!?ke Also one firm m5ri*?iie bond of K:u?lili* K?1 r ftd, 1 bT k. U LUDLOW. M^rcIJaaUl, fcxcha.'ge, ^ew Yo k, ou | Iburaduy u?it, at 12o'elnr*. OHO^it 8T1/BJC *'??B hAi.H Wirt 8T'i- K, PIXriTitM I O and l'lv-e cheap lor 0??h; doing a guud Imiinesn aid -uu | %U>o In one of the moal pupuisu.i ftiau bLiutio^ Ui ->tout?u;?r?? "J. . thacitv. n fine obaiue tur a tivruTit with aooia cnjntaL A d di ' ea Ft-iiDO, box V03 HeraUl o?ce. tjKWI V(J VAnillMRR FOH 8ALK OK OH 711 KK. AD > dre?a A. B. C , ll ra'd o:iiee. ro Ufcl (idlST ( AK1> />roTHKCAbIKh^-l>. UitLH KM ?pectful'T Invites 'he nttoctloa of mroli?ae*? to aereral opi a U(!e ixincrrna now for lale 111 Uruoklt n Wlllaau'iurg au4 New York filMet F11U i>srlc?!*? given by oa'ilng 00 f HALK drugg'jit, gtaa and fli ture dealer 4fi fleeknoan HtrwH TO (lABl'^ThltS AM) BOX M .KKK, .-T11K U./OJ w II . Block au? taichva of ua ula e<u ilt'hed t?i<luew, (or Hale rhiiH). AddrerH vtrppnter, tund odioe, wtl be at tei-Cfd to fflO HE^I. ?'B HF.ST? A NKW BliOWN (XiTTAOK, ON 1 tail ing llliern r. o m on one c^oare acre of ground, bean tlfoll} ooaied Id luU 'lew 1 1 the llarlom rlvor an ex<eu?lre view of <l.a HUtnniM'iug cnuufv, sitna'ej on tilgo UrMg- are 1 in*, tea. Macotnl-'a uaiu. inquire of H. R *'UttS ?' f H. 154 NartHii iitrct-t, or of W. 1MOLI" , ?20 Pearl street, or of Jamei Bum Cli Ibe pren Lwg. i'leatr give uu a call. TO 1101 Kl. K' El ER"j -A R\RK 0B4?C ? fO OPRH A I bo el or larg ? private boarding boiuse, located i*.a vu tnwn, 1 ear I'lOadway and the eastern and wenti-rn boats add d<> V^o'a. Over one huod-id ruoin< fitmltbed and HI eJ #ith g v?l r ay'ng hoarderi*. Tbel??pe, wblci l? desirable, toge'her *i'h ti e furniture and kmio ml lor sale oieaii for cant> Apply to H 8. H' UOH, Ko 79W?aen suee'. ?yiRY < HKAV FOB CA8D~A TBRKK HORSk BOILKR t aiifl engine, ahalting, beii'ng po'lv, eo-ruAr saw, Ac A| p j a* lS|f Olivers reel. Dear . haibam si|ua e WF81HRN DHl'O 8TOBH FOR KAI.R. NOW DOINO ft /cod ca^li rrttal and preanriptton bu?ines< establi hed over five jcars. oca led lii the city ol l.a ial e, Ii:tnols. Thj H'ote <s the bfst 'ocstlon In the o.ty 100 ieot deep, f.nratorlea klgh. an' penoarent but'diug I .a Sallo Is a', the l<ead of river navljiailf 11, Bid the terminus rf the Usual; ha* railroad own mnalrfttlons In even' dtreatioj, a id resou C'st that mu-t mtk? It ore of iheflist cities In tlu> ln'erlT of the state To any one wifhlup to etpage in the drug business, this is an opportunity thai car tw'doui be available Terms Iloffril. Apply to OIL! htTAUl .l aEalle. BOARUn'b A\D LODOIN6. Qt v> tMOfi HyL'ABK-TWO HaNOHOMB SUITS OK kx.idp to le , on 10th ol April, newly p*DtreJ and inn IbIip u a ve'ect t?nill> or ?lng>e gentlemen, with or with out boa d, c ron the huropi-w plau. I H/4 HUDSON BlRllt5T-FKO?T BOOM, WITH PaK II U trv, on second floor; also, front loom, wl'h closetn, wardrobe and bedroom attached, on third tloor, to le' , with boanl. to gent'emen and ihelr wives or to xi vgle gei'iemeu. Houff pleasantly located, n??r Ht John's Park; mouem Im provemm a. References exchanged. HI.> FCKr B 81'RKt.T. OPPOHITK DKPAC ROW, a hspd ome par or on tfc >nd floor t> >et to a gentle u.Bn and bis wite,? lib noarrl; also lw? Da l bedroom',ror single reot'eicen. Ilouse tirst class containing all the modern lm pi vtments Ho ttOflU la IIW. 1 lit- EAST TWKHTY FIRST STRKKT, QRAMRB CY lUu park. ? Rooms with beard -Just vacated a ltrge ? tMitfi iHti ia?iiA*w, riu? ?W'W> iwi Uatii <*t*??uu?,u* ufi me 0b* conl ll<. fir; alto a room for a single geniiemsn. Q1 HAST TWKHtiTY-ThlRlv HTBBlif.-RLKO 4NTLT Ol fnrnisbed apartmentd on .the first and third Honrs, may be obtained w lh board, private taole IT deslrod Also one large room suitable tor two slngU gentlemen. Apply as above. err WF.8T TWENTY THIRD STRKKT.? TWO FAMILIKS, U I a ?o two or three single gentlemen, nan no * be accom modated *ith suits or single rooms, with board in that eligible nn?D stone building, which 1s delight fu ly lo- ited between Fifth snd sixth aren 'tea. Alan a de igDil'ul ollke for a physi cian. and a rery splendid location for snmirer residence. Oil JONE8 STRKl T. TWO UOOR8 FROM Bf.KKCKKR.? OU A su't ol furnished rooms to let on second lloor p ta tties attached, with boaro. uas Ac., in the rooms. Apply as above. References exchanged. Mo mov ng lit of Ma . CARROLL PLAOR, BLEECKRB STREET, WEST OF Bioadway.? Uenilemen and their wive?, and single gen I em* n can be genteel y aocommsda'^d wlib ve--T pleasant and handsomely rurrlihed or unrucnisbed room*, sfuglt or in suits vvlih full or partial board; dinner at 6 o'clock. Referen ces exchanged No moving In May. AOkNTIEMAN/NDWlFK CAN Bfi WELL AOCOM un dated with a 1 "t* fti.d tlttirg room ftnd good braid, in house 247 Thlrti first s'reet near Mnth avenue. The house Is c ii tire) y new, with modem lmprovementa. Rsspec ab e re lerenoe desired App>y irem 10 lo 12 o'clock ftnd irom 2 to 5 A family bavino morb th ?n sufficient T milk fir their owu uses would lika to dispore o' iwo or three quarts d?U?. a ddrt-is b. M . Met;opo iian Post ofiW. A A FEW OtVTLKMRNO'K BF AOOOMWODaTkD WITtl pleasat t rooms and partial board, ou reasonable terms, at >'u 6 Sands s reet BrcokJyn. GKNTLKYAN T8 PKB'ROIT* OF OBTAINING A _ flood rlrea trrnl'hed room ettbnr with full boird or on'y hrrekta t betwi en Mutn street and Wsver'ey place, on t*oinf between tin same dl?> in ths crmi streets between Km ?d *ay nid Ultn avenue. Address, elating uirms, box 3,f S8 l?o.t ofllce. - OKNT1.CMAN A.?lA,*DY CAN PK ACCOMKO. A dated wt'ii a pleasant room, furntahed, with board f>r lad' end breakfast tor the gentleman It required, tn a small private rami!;, with a widow l*dv, in (Iraud stree near lliotdway Cc<wtloo very pleasant. Aiiortsw W. W, Broad way MM cflloa. AK1 RM8HKP ROOM TO LIT? TO A OKNTT.KE VN si.0 lady, with board for the N1y only In acealrahle Iocs not., a '(?? blocks weal ot broad* ay. Addreaa A. O. M ., Eeraid ofllce. i G&N1LKMAN 18 DESIROUS OP OBTAINING A i\ a go jo bttfid f'lrolkhci r-roui, or tvro xmaU or.ea, Willi or nitht.ii boaid with the pnvllti;* ot q'.vtug a tew stn?ln< l?i sott, tajnifu' In advance it tequbad; vttlnltj of Union "inure i r V.nH?rntj p'ace preferred, a durum k,. a. I., 2H9 htfih avenue, (or ihreu dats. Aornti-fi. pfiv?t? family TAN DI8POSR of a tew reatlv furcb bed rooms, for sii'gla gnntlemcn. House with all the modern im .1-oven.anta. lof?<lnn verr ces'raDie. tall at No 315 Fourth at reel, rear Broadway, west Fide. ? 1.L PERSONS WISHING BOARD OR BOARDRR8 will flrd my < dice thesuroat, iiuwt respectable and satis factory math ,d of fludloK either. lkar tiers politely directed, tre? of chrrpe, lo all parts of the city or country. OUlne mjrt Broadway, near una* church K. I) OOOliVlN. AgUFRY-WHY HAVR I NOT OBTAINED QJCRTRRL biarae'nf himply beotttse you have n >t nop, ted to the nrnpertotr \ at tbn hoarder*' Ki.tbange, No. 2. aopleton's Bol.clrg. ??: Broadway, where you can ibtiln genteel, par roanect boh.dera. We charge 'or &wde* actually o italoed, tot monthly duos. Board seekers Jlrerted gratuitously G. H. sMUH A CO. Board ?pleasant rooms, in sum or ringus, wltt board, may now be secured tor the aeaaon, from the 1st ot April, at lOti and 1 OH Kant Fourteenth (tre?t. The houses are daalrtbly Incited an.' MirnUhed, with all theiuodnrn Improvements, Ac., requisite for flrst class reildeooea. Keter eooe# exchanged. Board in Brooklyn -a ountlrm an ani> wifr or two sJsgle gentlemen can tlnd pleasant room*, with full or yartlal board, at tU kl'&sltlc street coram of Henry, Brooklyn, near South and Wall street ferrlea. Board wantrd-by two young okntlkmkn. tn a private tamly, tn \ ptea?ant location; w*>.l turntahoo room : equlred. Address bai .'<,970 Post olCea. Board .-wanted, by a youno marrird man. In a i electable fatK*y, a fornl-li?J room, wltbor wjiii. out partial board, at a rnaeonable iritoe. until May. or ioagw. Afaresa, poet paid, with Mrmi, Music, union square Po^i of Board wabtro on matrn i.m^and, for two gentiemra. Add/eu, stating t?r?aand looatlon, C; C. ri , llera.d < (lire D0ABD WaNTSD.? A OCNM.KM.4K AVQ LAOZWISB4'! I) a lurtlshed room, with boanl for the lady onlji, in.aprt vate taml y, or wUh a widow lady preferred, where there are. no other boarder*. Address 9. P., Broadway Post office. Board in south rrooki,yn-a i.ady occv pylng a bouse Is deaJroua oi receiving two marrle.1 mn t.r men and their wlvei aa boardars. andtwo single Keiule mer. with or without board llift houm lapleaaamly aUMte<l, sod posresses every commit to i*ake i*s Inmates enjoy a h* ?pv hr me. None hut parties ot the 9rat respectability need apply at 29 Summit street, Uurto tr^tutea' watt from Hamilton ave nue ferry. b- oard.-wahtkd, immrdiat?xy. for a lady in a quiet, gsnteel Vacation, ro other boarders, wvliw lady prtferrtd, a good unfurnished front :oom and oliaet, on frtt or aeeend 11/ or, gas ai.d hath, with or without partial hi aril Inquisitive persons need not answer. Ad rees, Im n-<(llately Mrs. D'Arey, Broad say Poetofftie. liOARD.-VRRY PLKASANT ROOMS, WITH BO\RI> aJ may be secured at 747 Broad wav ; house d? tght ti ?"tnater ; has gee, bath. At , and newlj furnished throiw ?,/>?!; a o, a large parlor with bedioom, elegant'y furnlsb'yj OT fe<ond floor, lo rest from l?t of May. No moving this ajrini. I nteratfi, Hefer??oe requlrH. Board. -a orntlbman and hi? wivr oan ob tain a pleasant front room and oantry the third floor; klfO a rtom and be lmoin on the aeoond f',oir; house has all the mo.! ero Impmvewent*. Terms rea enable. Reference* t x;bMg?d. Apply ?t U Wf*t WW firm. I BOARUIIVO A WD (iODWNO. I? JKR..KY tlfY ? OoOll HOvKO UN U4 zr..,i 'Sat. J ,u'lr "ru-iu en .c?*d *11 J third tlooea, al ill t?- u(|i I bird at ret G.ove u.d arte atieeu, Jenwa C. " ? fc?lrrrm e r?q'Uu4 BBOOKI.VN.. II AN DHOMHl.Y KCKMSIIUU _IJ IV"'*'* 'O <rt. <" king e gt t>t ernes . with or ?1U?out board* ci ?olatenn* a; Mi?_ fcuhr'a, lay Washington stream, rear fH; ??" BOABP? A PLSASA?T FURN !SH kd BOOM. IW A sice tKii*.' ?nk rr without break laa the houNhM j b? una ifcta. V?Tn.. m< de*sie. Apply at 121 Orotbr Mraat. BOAill IN BB<?> KI1A -A f.APr. BWIDINO III A ac .kh'fui part At Bror>ki>u, harvta r a nice a >usa. newly fy?D!kh?<!, wul tale ? few ueitieat*n to h art tu ft f tiM f whn* ?1| the (iVufiifm 1 home cua be enjojed A|>tly l? Ki IlI XAK A CA8K, C^u-Luimtou Ag Mia, 3*6 Broadway. to m r. OOt Kl'IMi-A ORNTLKUAN AND WIFE CAN F1M? D good (said, will pleMacl (root roumi, seooad atorr, at 95 Mc. ongal alreot, St. Clement's plaoe. Kooias uniurniakaA. Private f.?ir:!y BOABl)l>0 - BLAK BLOCK'S H' sTBUtf^HKOOND ATK trua.- Par ore with bcVo'ima attached Croat, on Orel ui a?cosd 1' or for lanaillaa or alngle gentlemen oo ramna>la teraia. U?s lath*. Ac. Private lab e u oesl red. !?? ?LAB?L?QK. BOAB1IOO AND LO(/OINi>? WANTED, IK a<>B? km. b> a ' nurg man of qntet hitblt*. a rom and parda \ M>a.d, it a pieaaani Amrrinaa faulty where he oaa fwaili I entli 1' ease address O M. I) , He aid offioa BOARUING-aT 94 WaRvkV ?1 HBKT.~PLB4.8AtT. airy f omi to '??; nnj e bed*. (H SO per wank ti men; onelai ga front room to let to a part; of iten 'lessen; 4mf bnaidera aocoiumo iated hires modem's, and a oomtortahte krai. BOASTING.? ri)BHIBHKD *NT> TJHFU iSlSHBD rormi to let, with or without board, to gentlemen or ffaa t en.eo and their wivia, 1' d> straole loratlons and at moderate fn< e? Kor lull pajtleuiar* ?ppl- in B \ Yi kb a KUWh, N& 4t our'h areaue, between H'h and 9U> ftreeta. I^LhOAMLY rUBMsUKD ROOVS, NBA B BAOAV J *av, wlH be let m two t-taR'e gnnlieraea wltii or wtlhe^ breaklarl. Ihe aparinieuta oauoot be rurpaced la oio Ta li !ctt ? lucalkia. oomtort or ()iiletaiie. Tli- funi.y la prlralM Dnbcirder*. Tha eouae 1* oew with the mudora Imprara ?ERi ta Ioiinlre at 73 itaai 1 welttb atreel b<OB I) tM LFMltM.? APABTMKhTH TJ MR Oi?B ahtlas of a parlor aod bedroom aod alao a aiaale roaak b' ill *?r ? baixiaomeivV furUa ted; ba h rooia, Ac ; al II# trial* ttpei t a lew doom *wi ol br adwkj. rCBMbHtU BOOM A- A FKW HIKOM (iBNaiHO can ha accommodated with ftiralohed rooma, * boaro, ? r woa'd ba IxirnWied with nraakfaal and tea. If daalr n?. lr a prWale family in ?outh Hrr?Al>i.. lae oara paaa the dt or evar> fl?t aunulee and the location I* ul?ik?nt and raa p>cta?ie. i enu* n4?dei-?la aodrnu wl'li retaraoaa, (aUA wtl be rectp'eckleo ) V (). X . Herald fill <a. ijll KMH nKl> BCOMH? APLKaSANT BUTT OF ROOKS I; It I hi n cr.rd Kl. it ? Hi he let to one or two gentleiaea. with or wttbont breefcfatt. Fam'ljr private. App.y at na. ST Wort W una in ((ton p ace. fctUiX OB PABTIAL BOABD ? VKRY DKStRABUB r r< obw, (01 e large parior, > now vacant, aultahle Cor a-aga Reotlemen. or gtu Heuien and thnlr arlvea, at 88 Fourth avaww% near Bioaa?-a.< and li'we church, nut lew i.oardern aaoaai modaied. Home atry and pleaaant. and flt:ed with all muda? hnproiemeota. V UBMHHBI) APAHTMKNT8 TO LET TO 8INOLE OIUT l erren? i pagUt'ng o' a parlor aua bodrcom. newly mot bandfoa ?l? fttrnlnbrd with bath room al Inched, and ertwr mi t'ern r nvenlence on the neooiid tioor of home ? o. 6 Qraak Joins rtreet, third d'Xtr from Broadway. BeTerencea air cbatgtd. ^TlRNIMIRl) AFAKTMK>T8 ? W 1 1 H OK WITHOUT " beard In the el?-alt< e h'-uee, oon slnlnjj all the Imorove meniH huh td i"o !C< Vert T went v Her ! r.ear fifth avtr.ue lor gentltmi n cr l'aml leu. wl ont of a hrn e tali be rea !zcd. Te:iua /eaacn \>-y oraddr*? aa above. PlTftM8HED ROOM8 WITH Ol ,,IT1 PAE llal noard m a tniall private fa. /attiC imy atjeel, corner of ?iblni|don rquare. HOBOKEN.-TO LKT, A FCB41SHB1I UJDSB. FiB3r claan. every modem Improvement lu ih- ?to*t Aesl-aile Iiarlot linnolte. two mlnttte?' W*1K t on tha lerr*; wll be ei frr rlx i r tweive montha; $Uh) pe.- month, to reipooalbla prrtiee. eddtea* Bo okrn. t>ox 110 Hendd office OBK OH TWO I.aDIE* Pi< BK A COHVODaT? with board In a amaii; private American family, wtarc Ibey can ot-'aln all ibe cnrolnrto of a home. Te ms mode rate. Board paid In advance. Address for tiro daya, T. Gerald ofllce. Private boabdinu in BBOt klyn,-two HiNaui gentlemen can be armranotla'el with a frtnt room am r-ecood Board |r> a private lamlly wlt'i'u elgtit mlnutaa' walk ol Fulton or Wall at eet terries. i.ocatlon plenaa-L Addreaa Home, mratt i fflt-e. PrKW a?EKT Bf ARD WANTRII? BY A 6INOLR Oil t'rmtn, with dinner at live cr *1* t'cl^ck; a private faiat Ij prelerrrd. Adtlreea t;uru m Hr.u?e llerald office. Koomb. With pabii at. boabo. fob omtm ok two gentlrn on, can aobtalnrdlua p-lvate fatnPy redding In Fourth aveuue, in the vicinity of talon anuare one of tte roorr a la excellent y aflapled or a pbjslclan'a ofllce. Sattafae torj references given art] required. Addreaa Randolph, H| ralo ofllra. SUhEBlOB ACOOUMODATION8 FOB FaMII.IKS AMD (Ing e gentlemen lu a (Ira ?? n? house ? Fumlabed or ua fiunkhed rorma, ailh private table. If diMlred, ma; be obtala ? o bv appl> Ing at 111 hast > wenty flrat ?tre?t, n* ar Uranei?|r pa k. cm. venient to Ihlrd and Fourth avenue cars and ctagM. He be<t relet ecce given and rebutted. TOFAMILIhS AMP MNULa OE?TLHMKl?? TO L8? two large p%rlora, richly furuUhrd on the Q: at lloor, win two hcJfo^mo ?cBMBu>>w>?4in((. i?t d tQ *Oerii c tuvetilouo0s, tt alxgle Krntitmtn; p-lva'e "reakfaat if required; kitchen privi lege to famtllea. Also, third Hcor, two har d* tnwly tu'mahaA btdrocma; bath room adjobilrg Apply at 254 Fourth aveaaa. TWO OB TBBRR OKNTLBMEN REERINO A PLIA aart heme, with partial board, can have reatlv tirnlahad rooms. In a private lamily, ituidlng at No. 0 Cott$ge plmm. iteierencea txebanged. ft/ AM BD? FOB A LADT AND CHILD. A* UWTUS* nlihed roan, with board. Addreaa, Mating tanaa, A. X/! Her I'd office. Ti;ANT?l)-FOB a oehilkman a?d his wif^ tt three good rooma, wl'h foil board, in a genteel prlvaAe family, or t above B Ineteecth street. No boarding hauae keep er need apply Addreaa, atatlng terms and locatioa, box S,5T6 Poat ofllce. References exchanged. w A^TI" I>? BOABD, BY TWO YOTTWa HEN, I* A In a private family, or wlie'e Uiere are but few board era laktn: leims must be moderate; the htuse must be be tween Spring and Twe fib stretts. Addreaa James States, Bet aid ofllce, for two da;a. ^^K^ WHKUOES, AC. street Brcokl^n. "<"1 **?et, ar to W.PowSjl" 8? HaS Fob sale-okk of the finest pair of oa* ilsge horses ever brought tn this city; n'fto, a very hi*(> sorre Aid fast single borne On be s**n at stable Wo. f University place. Inquire of JOHN sGLLIVaM. grooaa. ll'OR SALE? OB WILL EXCHANGE FOB A HURRR. A r light ensraal.ed leather nh'.f ing top wagon, made *9 Ml' en A HeVvFO. and covered double barn eat, made W < an.pbell; have been used bin a few Mmes. Also, a slat ? huMM, veiv superior. The horta must sot be lea thao ? hard*, round, 1 ln-1 and sly Ish. for lainlly use. Address aUif to J. W. H., Herald ofioe, stating where the horse cui bssa*t ? FOB SALE? A SOKBHL HORSB 16 BANDS HIGF* i-even years old. w.ind and stud tn all harnea*; s tu>4? without tvlng. Apply at Mo 4 rtlvtngton st , new the Bjwary. jj OR 8ALR-A CHESTNUT COLOR* 0 BLOODED T ira-e. if. hands high, eight years old thin spring; also roaA wagon ai.n harnees, i*n tr rt in three minutes to a wagoa; wsrrsDtfd sound andliliid. To be s?en at f .eel's livery niblit in Raml t'D sireet. FOR SALE- A VIRY FINK SINGLE COUPE ROCK A way; ran be made opei or close, with a superfla* solid silver mounted harrtfs. a.) as pood as rew and forms aa adtr.lrab e ? stali'tt-bniert for n private taint' 7. Cmi be seen at CAS8I t>1 '8 i-table, V63 Weal Twenty loarib st-ne*. THE bOlWCRIBER RAVING RETIRE 0 FROM PRAfl tleo, Is wt Ins to dispose of tus homes and carriage*. Am p.'j ta Dr. JaJMKM COCK CROFT. 24 forsvth street L?AWlM j? Unltfc BKWlte M.VCH1NH1 lO MACH1NRH.-LETTKRE1 PATENT OF TBW . _ Unltfcd states tvica Issued to A. R. My, upon applloaMan ot Jathsxn 8. ( unhiit datad June lli, 1S66, In which the calm is mated thus:? "What I claim aa tuy In/etUm, and desire la *^ cure by latter* an eudics* rotary cloth feeder Inaaaa binatlor with a reniprooatlng needle or needlos eubatantfaHr aa aeeenbed " (ither letters patent were Isroerl to A. B WU sot, November 12, UW. and re issued Jan. SS, 186fi. The f Issued patent contains the following c aims:? 1 1 do ela<m, as slmy own Invention, the method of caaatag the cloth or material to be saved In a sewing marhtne, to pro gress regularly l>? the joint action of the surfhoaa 'i lvsaa wblch It la clamrad. and which act tn conjunction subatanttat* ly ft) the ttacner and lor the purpose* herein specified. S. 1 claim arranging reeding surface* substantially, snch aa are herein specified, In such relation to the needle a* herein sat fnith thst i hey ar one of them 'hall pert >nn tb* offloe of m (4p? jitrg '?.? cloth or material from t Aa needle a* It rise* or m cadeh .mm It, aa heroin described. 4. I claim po mounting and. attaching one of the feeding iar faoes to mi a* other part of tha machine, that R may be removed or drawn away from th* o her surfaoe at ptoaanra, subataa Unll> in 'ho manner snd to aaect the object* herein sat for h. All pernor s are oauUored agalntt making ruing, or veodfisM any rewlr j machine having any of the a novo devices, exoep* Uomstd by us. aa a'.l such machine* Infringe then two oleic and iLdJsputable patents, which will be strictly enforced. nil s ?re now pending '?? the Southern district of Mew Twt, and In Massachusetts, against the so called singer mactil? ^ which fuvi a moat manUeet lcfrlngenienl of aoih these (*Us*. All nitar sewing mactiao*, having et'-hcr a rotary feed ***** or a pr easing plate lor > olillr.g the work to 'he surface ot W macldne, nre inl'rlnganianbi of one or both of these patent*. Mojhinorr duly ltoe^neil under both theee patent*, aawal M the Rowe pa ent, v.U14ie. lound at U>e otllees of tha Wheeli Wi'#?n Mar ulac cing Company, snd the (Jeover A fearing Machine i wpanir, 34^ a?.d 40> Br NaIHaMkI. BBi RLHR, .^Broadway, O, R. POTIB.R Prnprtetors of the above pi BIUJAHD8. 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The public are hereby oautiommd again** a miserable Imliatlnn ot my model billiard table and oasa Mtisllon enshtona, paien'nd Kehruarv 19 IMC aa certain rsa principled pertona are trying to coanterfelt them. All genotaa tables or cushions ot the abova Improvemeata will Have m engraved plate, with my rave and date at petant. and a'l ta* frtnCMntPt* will be prosecuted. Ml ih'L PH<L4lf, 39 v"h?jubor? atmS >W ?"*w