Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1856, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1856 Page 5
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vtruot of Rhcde IxlanA, and '.he eaadidata of the Kuow Kt things for re-elect on, has written a le'ter Id which he ictuses to all-jw oi? name tj ba further need upon the ticket, end states thai he ha* withdrawn from the Or Jar. Nineteen members, ir eluding the President, h?ve wl'h drawn frcm Know Nothing Council No. 13 at ScUuata, Maa? , bees use ah th y say, the; are convinced ihat the Ordtr in governed oj a ret of leaders who are politically corrupt, ard tbey wlil htncefsrth aet with the party which opposes Know Nothingimn. hieholas Van i'ebugert 1* the democratic candidate for Major of Soheneotauy. A general election will be held in Wisconsin on the 1st of April for a Clrouit Judge. The Alexandria CazttU states that the old line whig* ot Virginia intend boldirg a convention at cue White Sal phwr during the anmmer. The Legislature of T.ouisiana hw enacted a registry law tor the city of New Orleans. The Charlottesville. Va. Jrjierfniian calls attention to the faet that ihe late democratic Slate Convention of Viigmla omitted to direot the vote of that State to be east as a unit at Cincinnati. A meet'ng wes to have been held in Cincinnati, on the 27 lb inst., of all who we-e fav raile to the nomination of James Buchanan for the 1 'residency. The call was ? gn<d by ever terec, hundred ci 1: ens. M In Into real nuiiaturet I miniatures!? Mtl nialure portraits pai- ted on enamel pistes, and others mouatei ?n brooches, wat-hes card rases and jewelry, becoming more and more in ia?liloo here as well as In Kurope, ihe aabtcrlaer, agent for the co'ebraUd Moullnle watches (on de livery of a daguerreotype or photograph likeness of the p^r ton, with a written description ot countenance. 00 or of hair, w ei, cress, Ac.) will have portrals of any ti'ze reproduced on anew el p at?e, by tbe best artists of Paris and Oereva. In a abort time and at reasonable prices. Views and 'andsoip?s may alto be ordered and executed on the same plates which are WLalterable, snd can be ?< rn a 'ifetime. r-pejfmeus shown. L. bCHaKIOKK, 67 Nathan street, up stairs. Vlaato'a l'hotouisph, Ainbrotype and Da luerreotipe fallerv 423 Broadway, three doors above Canal street.- Pictures of the flees*, civs taken in every rtj e. Pnci* moderate Tbe public are renpectfully Invited to etam'ue the rpeclmens of superior photographs. Ac, A. P. VkASTO. Moat Comfortable Yet.? For Kmc and Com kirt there Is nolhlrg like the soft hat now fashionable. Thev can be made as becoming as any other species ot mancullae headgear. II' you doubt, try thiwe of WHITE'S, 148 Fulton street, between Broadway and Naisau street. Smith Brothers' One Price Clothing Ware* house, Koa 122 ard 140 fultm atreet ?The price la marked on ail the good* In plniD flgures No deviation tn prlcas. SMITH BROTH RBS, 122 and 140 Pulton street. Who would bis competitors lash, Blmce f must buy ai d sell for cash. Glepant blue clotn Omi Costa, 98; vine black e'oth I rook coats, 910; beautiful moire antique ve-its, 93; spies, did business coats. 16 to 18; blaek and fancy cauimere pants, as low as $2 60, Ac., at E VANS' clothing wwehoune, 6ti and tiri Pulton street. Aa an Index to Thousands who have been bothered all their Urea with misfitting shirt*, we would say that the most perfect, eicgantty made and stylish shirts in thie country are made by OK KEN. No. 1 Astor House. Tli oar 93 75 fiotits, Made to Order, by A. BAKKR, 16 Ann itreet, are made ofthe best Trench Malt skin; warranted stout boots. $4; double water proof, $4 CO, best French patent leather stitched boots, with patent metallic shanks, from 96 to 97. Depot of Cornelius & Baker'i Obx Fix tures.? E. V HACGliWOCT, 601 and 663 Broadway, begs to Inform Ihe public that he is special agent for the sale of Cornelius A Baker's celebrated chandeliers, pas tiiturei, lamps, Ac., and Is now opening a mo t superior aaaortmeut of aew and beautiful French anl American designs, which be alien at extremely lew pricea. ..j, Plimpton's Sectetnrp Bedstead Yearly naves its pilie in rcn ; instantly converts a pai-'or into a lux uriant sieepiig apartmert. flolrt wholesale and retail, a'so en quarterly and motthly payments, at 62 White sUeet, third deer from Broadway. Tbe Botnry Lock?Tnix Lock Ponenei the quality of strength, tdmp Icity, and all the security of the Dest hack or Iron sate locks, lor dwelling bouses store doors, Ac , renderirg useless the ciumae? key now in use, as a dozen 01 these tays may be carried in the vest pocket. Mil-ions of changes may be made in Its form, and it beco-aes impossible that any two locks can be ma le a ike. For sale by the pat aatees, HOLM KB, VAr.EVTl.Vtf a HITLER, iron, and bank lock makers, 90 Ltd 92 Maiden lane. To Liquwr Dealer- Wliolewle Grocers, ?aetrotyplsts and Photographers. tc? Samples of liquors prepared from the bent imported co, ill, Jamaica and tH. Droli rum, Holland gto, Monoaga) 1 a id Sootoh w'u/ixey, yeach, apple, ekany and rliaepb , brandies, and all necee ? <7, salts gold erfng paper, <lc ; metAtp, as pl&Uoa in plate, ?hMt ?n4 wire, ilsmutb. cadmi'nn, osbeatos, Vienna lime, aannlne, ultr marine, china clay, and t*e roo*t effectual Per dan lnaaet powder tor astx a> dcjckroaches, wholesale and re taU, by Da. L. FiUCHTWANGER. 8fl Maiden lane Gaa Fixture*. Gaa JPlxtnrea.? The Lu|??t assortment of chandelier s, brackets, Ac , A:., ever exhlbite 1 in New York, emhrsclrg the best sty:es trom the leading maker) In France, Foglard snd America; lor sa'e twenty a?r oeut less than the mat ket prtoes. VV. J. F. DAILKY A CO., Marble stnren, 631 and G33 Broul iray. Dcflsnes Salamander Hsfes. ? Robert M. PATRICK Is the sile oianiifacturer bk the United sts'es of tbe above ealebra el safes and patent nowder proof defiance lockn and arcs* ban. Depst 192 Pearl street, one door below Singer's Sewing Machlnea ? All Persona who wish for information in regard to sewing mach<nei can ?Main H by apoh lng at our office for copies ot ?? I. M. Blnger A Ce.'s Gazelle '' a paper devoted entlri.iy to the sen lng machine inu rest. Copies supplied gratis I. M. SINGER A CO., 323 Broadway. R??iag Maehlnei.-The Public are Hereby oaoUoned against pur-heslng or using any sewing machine having a rotary feed motion, or feeding whoel, or any other friction feed, as all such mach'nes lnlringa our rights, unless Beensed by ns Stilts are pending against the Singer ma ahinss MaeMnes duly licensed, of ml varietls?, may be found at all times, st the oflicesot' toe Wheeler A Wilson Manufac turing Company, and the Grover A Baker S. M Co ,343 and ?? Broadway. KaTuaNIEI. WHSELKR, O. B. POTTER. Btmtng KUcbbitii? Shuttle MocUtnei, wltli latest Improvements. Infinitely superior to, and rapidly ?uper asdlng the Inmberltg cog wheel shutto machine heretofore palmed oil' ? t high prices are cow ollerel By ihe ?u iscrlbers, fa addition to their moat ext^cslre and complete stock of other aiaehlies, at the low pricea of $76. GBOVER A UAKKR, 8. M. Co., 406 Broadway. Batrhelor'i Balr Oy?-WlM and Toapeeio Ac beat in Hie world. Thia uuri vailed and original dye Is ap ?Bed tn merre private rooms. Batchelor's wig* and toupees larve improvements over all others, being chef d'ccuvres of ?iegance and durability pecurlar to this establishment. UaTCHltLOR'a, 233 Broad tray. frUtsdon's flair Oje, Wlgi and Tonpee* ?arte admiration among all connoisseurs In art. A suite of elegant private apartments ?or applying his fbcomparable dye, fee only reliable article of the kind. WhoLsaie and retail, ai OBMTADOBO'8, ho. 0 Astor llouse. The beat Hair J>ye Tin* Itcen Jtatly awarded to O.K. BALL aHD. chemist and perlumer. Mo. 900 Broad way. He received the only premium at tbe WorlJ's fair, acd alao from the American Institute, which oau be seen at 600 Broadway, M. T. Phalon Papilla n Lotion or Floral Beautlfler far beauUfjItg the cotnnlexlon and removing freckle*, tan, ?tmborns, pimples, spota, burns seslds, stings, chapped lips. Owe, arms and hands. For sale by PHaLOM, and all drug ?Ms. To Wholesale and Country DrngglntJi,? Baraes A Park, 304 Broadway, corner ot Dnaoe street, lnv te ihe attention of close bujers to their Immense stock of patent Medicines, by tar the largest assortment In either hemisphere, and noon tents that saauot tall to command the attention of largs dealers throughout the world. All artieles at and below ganaAMttxrera' pricea, either by the^sin^le^ackagej^iea or *ro*"' >iw York, Cincinnati and Han Francisco. A PmIMt< Care for Ilheniaadiat, Paliu and RtlllDena of the Joints, Ac.? RING'S compound syrup ofhy driodate of potaissa *s rsapnrllia and yellow doc*. Thousands have used It, and there la no such word as fall. Sold by C. ?. RING, Druggist, 19? Broadway, corner John at. Bollowsy't Pills.? Imperfect Dtgcatltfn Pro duces thin and acrid blood 1he?e unrivalled pi Is at once purge that fluid of all impurities, acd give a powerful Impulse to the digestive machinery. Health and vigor are the certain resu ts. Sold at tbe manufactories, ?0 tfaldea lans, New York, and 244 Strand, I.on<ftwi; and by all druggists, at 25c., Kl^c. and |1 per box. Bat, drink, be merry, newer fear Dyspepsia nr colic vlcbus; For Btelnfe d's store is very near? He'll cure you w ith his draughts dellci'tis. 8. STKINFKI.D. Importer of tbe famous cholera bllle.'s, 70 Nassau ? , .V, Y. Or. Sandford'a Inrigorator-A Certain Core hi earee ot blllious attack, dyspepsia, diarrhoea, eholera, aoor stomach, sick headache, liver oomplaint, or female ww?k - Mas. and all complaints arising from deranged liver, for sale by BAN DFOBD i CO., 1 S3 Frant street, proprietors: C. H. King, 192 Broad wsy; J. Meaklrn, 407 Broadway J Richer A Barrlan. S6S Hlxth avenue, and druggists generally. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY BAY. THR Y. KNICKKRBrOKFll'S AND Q CLICK GUARD.? THK members and lrlenda of '.he above companies are re quested to meet at the house of John t'arland. corner of Howery and Hester street, on hunda- morning, 3<Hh !n?t , at ll o'clock precisely, for Uie purpose <,f attending ihe ' uo-rai of our late associate and brother mervb<-r. f. S. Dewey. By request. JOHM CiRLAND. (.'aptato. ?RATIONAL Ol' ARf). ? ANY 1CF.MBER OR BX MKMBKR ?1 having a uniform to wll, tan hear J' a purcheser, wddsewing M. O, boy 2.H80 Poet office. THE B.VLL HKAWK /^EANI) BALL, ON MOXDAY SIGHT, illRT MARCH, \J for <b" benefit of Mademoiselle Kmma Httuvafinau at 'he CarciiiR academy, 063 froadimr, oopoeita Boad street. It will commence ai 9 o'cloek. Ilckeu 11, sdjaKtbu- fue gentle mua and two ladle*. DA5CIKO ACADBMIKS, Dancing acadrmii?.-vllk.caholinr v kfikts dancing academy, 21 Howard street, will continue oyeu until the flotii June, < 'lasses meet for the Inslniction ?f and gentlemen at ^ o'cloek P. M., and at * in the arming ur practice. Grand soiree dansante every Saturday evening.' MATH1MON1AL. A CORRKNPONDENCK Win? A YOI'Ntt LADY WANT M| with a view to matrimony, not over 27 years, of good tormai. A respectable cluraciei . I am oi middle age, good tleure an Terr Industrious, ?nd want a good wife, who wll, roekra hi hapjiy; property not desirable. Address II. Dale t'ha'JJk"1 e>|usre Post Office , for ten days. ATRIMONl^1' "1 WILL, CPON THE RRt'glPT OF twenty five cs '1,?. ?ei"l to any penon a full dellneatt.m of their character by th<. 'r ^hd^rWnj, faddress taffieient ) i d. r#*ct w'i'h return ?0*ta|0' * Hn Fqjllc filial le, Broadway PERSONAL. i -VOUR NOTE WiH *NriW?KRO; 1 HAVlC WlUT X\* ten again. Wr'ie again, acd give me a diflerei'. ad dress. MiaIU.I. Information wa^**d-of the follow ino bol ditto uf 'he war of 1811, or (heir heirs: Gilbert Cookun, sbram s Ua.e, William Ma cimb, Char ea bardiue, Daniel ?ttau ? (ieorge lorton. by applyt, g u> A. C. Muar^e, 136 Orchard street, it mi; be to their advantage. IF 1HK PKRBON WHO TOOK FROM NO. 2U BALOOHY teat, at ihe opera, nn Mouda- nigli.. a heavy b ue u ms e Oik. with cord Instead of button hole*, two ueuta In .ef< pncie'. o( the eklrt, a lir-re to ot the " Hpy and adelioaie y oer"U n<xl white bandkertb rf in the rlah', will re'iira the tun ? o Mr. MocetL 10'J Weft Twentieth street, be nil receive We th knit* ot Ihe owi er aid tbe ra/ue of I be elo>k; vhljh, Uuugb of laahicBAble foreign a;.pe arance, in of domestic inanalacture. INFORMATION flANtoD ? OF MAl il JK Q. H lL.MK?S, has not been beard trom since Marco M, when be lilt the Pension (. flice, in Broadwat. where he receive! Any la loiniition left at the office of the Chlel of foUcS will be uiank uJl> received by hi- friend*. MR. HENRY CoX hTKVSDORft, Oil A.1Y O? ?HrS men wfco were engaged by him in loulmg tb? b Orlii tal, Capt fu wbotham for ran FrancLi<io, In Septetn ier. IHY). or unv persot who caa give Henry Cox'a h<Mre>, wil nr. li >e r&ll; regarded by calling on T B. Robertson 130 Water at. TBK YOU*Q LADY WHO ATTENDED BC300L IM fit. Lawrence county, ft. Y , In the la 1 and winter of 1M54 will liud a letter addressed to her rea> naoie in the Me ? York city Pott offloe. from a fnan 4. *. 8PKCIAL IKOTICKS. AT A NKKTJNO OF THS national Cf.UB 0 ? TII8 city and ronnt) of Bew York, hel< at their q darters oa l iloay evening Marcu 78, tbe jollowlng preamti.e a aii e-to luucns were utanimiufly adopted Whereas, the Natl >nal Cluo. on ibe Si of January, gave a festival and ball In honor of tbe Aroerl-ans vlc.orous, and not receiving that patronage it ao richly deserved, also tn inclemency of tbe weather presented tuauy fron nt'etnlnir, Ibe club beuame InvoWnd? vo^mg a wit ihlrte~n li'ioirei dollar* by the deinon?traUou? conoe ring that those ir > aM tol'ed ho ardently to elevate to pawo' and poaitioi shouli aid i is in liquidating t>e deote, with this feaiinij we tiave ap p led to our State otUoenie neted tb? election (with o .? exceptlor , non M aarirvmour), kaofflog tueir ablilt/ W ena ble us to pay to a any their just c.'akiui, meeting wlm no ?uo ceM; we therefore Betolved, Ibnttt will ever be a m)oroe or gruti'uJa t/> an to requite our kind and genernun frleadn, and thai I ' is with deep sorrow that we know tbat am an<l ttn'vecUlty wl.l p-e vent btephen Clark and Lorenzo tlurrows I'rJtn sgaia oeta^ Candida eg tor any poatliw; yet ir by anv act ofloi iBhnesg the American partr ag?tn should nominate thorn; gentleman, we repudiate them Rpjiolved, That tbe National i'Io'j wl'l never be indused again to fupport any man ao- ar.t ot men for party sake u a lmm ihej oome openlv before the panic aad prt :tl?e w'a&i they preach la private. We ai a cln'i a-e divlled uoon ujoi.y ot the sectional issues of tbe prereut day, but upon Americaniam we are a unit, and men shall na er a;ain hood wink us into service by profesilsgprlnclp ea whio1! tttsy never itiwded to ahei Hi. '? esoived, I hat the above preamble anl r?? ,'u lo:n'ie ptib llshod tn the Hera'd. B. VA? RIl'jtH, r'reild.'D' H. Ransom, secretary ? IRIfcH EMIGRANT A IB SOCIETY? A MK8TINO OF ibe A. I. E. a. a. wilt be held at 24 White street tli > !av, (Sunday.) 3Cin mat. , at 3 o'clock. A full attendance Is re^-riot ed, aubueioeasot impoitance will be transact -Ml. MASO' IC NOTIO* - TUB LOi)GW ROi)M ON TUB e rn er ol Broatwav and Bleccker slr-uet la ut le:, 'or one or two nlghta In the week. Apph to J \ v IJ5C JNiCV, flo. 1 Ol'eev Building; James O. Pn-vers, .01 Mairji strcst; or to R. Sedgwick, corner ot Thirteenth street and Broad vay. OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF POLICR. MARCH 2.1, 1-W!. An owner ia wanted at ihe third district station hou&e, js Barclay ktreet, for two sliver watches, found. QUO. W. MAXSUJJi, Chief of Pollse. OFFICE OF THE 8KOONI> A VEND B BAILROAD COM panv, Forty-aeoord street and Second avenue. Nev York, March lfi, 18M. ?an alenOan for Direc orsof the Second Avenue RaUroad Company will be he d at the oompanv'a offloo oa Mon 3a?- the 7th of April next, pursuant to an amendment 10 the ?vo laws paascd this day. Tho po la will be opened inci oe? 'ill two o'clock. Transfer books will be cloned dll date. By Mder. PHILIP C BOOERtt, Secrevjy. PBM'OBALS.? OFFICB OF THEOOVRRNORS OF rUrf Almshouse March 17 lhflfi. ? To mar tile wo-kar-t? .?'ea'e.i pror<)?als will be received at th.? office of tbe Ouv^rn jcj ot tbe A Inis hotue, at their office, Rrtuzdi, Park, until 2oVock P. M. of the 1 u April next, for laylnt; ? lth and white ttlea, hem 12 to 14 incbea square, at the option of the Govern mm. tbe floor* of tfco lower hall of the new S.nill Pnx Hosp'tal o.\ B!ackwe!t'sI**a*A; the *? hlte tiie to beot lUllan uarble, a id all Ibe work to be Mid in gutged mortar (which will .ie furaishad by the Bepartment ) m <\ stmstantlal and worknv^nlik'1 ?jo?n ntr. 1 he floorn will be prepared for the mortar by the ^>e partment, ar d the contnutuir will he required t > polUb thA t'le alternating ihejsaiue, and tin gt;rfaoe t-j present a c'efl-i and even appearance. Pr:>i>08al.i will a'Ate t ie price per "quare foot, and foitfurther Information apply a: their office. _ HOTELS. THE SMITHSONIAN noCSE, Bread way, corner of nouston ttreet. New York. Since rooms, 50 cent*, 76 cents and #1 per diy. I'ar.ore, wich bedroom*, f 1 00 to f i per day. Meala extra, and as ordered. I bis new and large hotel Having a first clast location, And all ihe appointments of the Mghcst priced hotels, lovlteath* attention ot travelers, including larai'les. 'the reslanrant, A spacious t atom oa Brotdwav, Having looms ac joining lot lum'UtH ana oarile*. Open an wkII to the pub;Tc as ibo guostn of the hotel. Employs only llrst class tyjoka. And use* only first c op.b mvnrlals. Flrsi class meats from L??Teic?, of centre m\rket Wines, Ac . from original acd m-it^ta.s in?por ers. Everything e,'s? ftom other first class dealers, fiirnithej mavs at all hours. With evary liumrj- of the market, At moderate ra*.in. The guest paying fo* only what is ordered. Th s r epartment ci the bo'el has a h'.ueau connected, Which will supply to families Bread, rolls. Ice cream, tea cakes, putry, Ac., Made by fir t c as* French eoafec'lonei'x. And ot the very best materUil. SI MN KX K ? ?"M \ -V. THE PLYMOUTH HOUSE, LATE CITY HOTEL, OOR ner ot Broadway and Howard street, has >eeo ttnderxo lug extensive altera(ious aud repairs and Is now open lor the rrcuptlon of guests, both transient and permanent. The nu det-iigred respecUuliv soilctla tie patronage of tlie vravelling public tn general, rlie aeoommodationa cannot be snroaa^ert by any similar hotel in Mew Vork. Rooms and maals at al bour? OEORGE W. HASPKU Prnnrlainr. FEVER AND AGUE. DB. L'AlOHTS FEVER AND AOOB REMEDY? IB A. certain cure for fever and agu-v dyspepsia, jaundice. Oha gres fever, liver coim,'?ln?s, retrl'tent fever. f*nwle week lies*, and all bilious qi.s?? ei. It la compounded from purely vegotablo extracts, v.l a pirilele of quinine or other pnlsonoua drujr It aots prompt!; and thor utglilv, cad -in be taken by all afflicted with perfect safely and certain bene Ot. Er. Il&ight:? Dear Sir? I have prescribed your remedy In numerous cases of fever nnd ague rtyspepjia, Ac , and laid U to possess all the merit yo a claim for It. W. r. KuTPtii?, U. D, John Blakely, l?7'h s'rce-. corner of l'iliii avenue, v. m cured ol fever and at, ue lung Hiandlnt . Mr? Thorp, 20 Allen street. was cured of remittent lever at>d ague. Mr* I cwry, 135 Hester street, was cured of fever and a^'ue and dyspepsia. Office 20i Bowery, New York, J. PERKINS, General Agent. WINES ABTD UQ,lOKS. Hbb MAJESTY QCEKN VIOTORTA'H winf, m?r cnant, by special appointment -JAMKa M ?. RK Wt'.I,, late proprietor of IbboUoii's, Long's, the London and the OraRop Hotels, asd tie North and South AracrlJfta Coffee bo.ise, &cd ? Mi j Beading Booms, has removed the wh >le of hlr er snsive and old bolt ed wtae stack to the cellars varlan* private houtee In Albemarle street. American friends and u&trau will be piea?ed to address all letters tor wlues, private fur nished poults and apartments, to J. M 's onlv offl -e, Jtu. 48 Aibtmarle street, cjrner of fitafVord, Ptc-adl'iy, London. N. fl.? AU payments to Jsmes Ma'kweil's bancers, Messrs. 8lr Claude Boott A Co.. No. 1 CavendUli uquare. Loudtm. RESD'S CKLRBRATKD LONDON CO iDIAL ? proprietor ard distiller of this celebrated ar. v> Ish to "caution " ttie public against Its us?<, by i ESD'S CELRBRAT K.D LONDON CO iDIAL OIN ?THE ar.lWe doei not " _ representing It as connantly counterfeited ; suffice It to say that it rxnoot be counterfeited, it being superior t-j any such imponif.on. A beverage of any kind constantly open ftj counterfeiting cannot be logically worthy ot competition. Thi undersigned lias thought proper to make these restarts, in cinscqoenc* of the many purporting In oe similar In tha market. I his gin has acquired great popularity thmughcut the United riiates, as It enjoys similar advantages in England, thj p>o prietor having been a distiller of the nmt kind of gin under the excite laws in Urnat Britain. Reed's trim ts not an Imitation or a mixture of raw materials, tot which much la so!d in this city u> der the name of London Cordis! Gin,) but a genuine and pure article, equal to any Im ported, and superior to that purported to be imported nut which is real y manufactured in this country. 'Ihe under signed, In confirmation of the statements made above, and in farther vindication of his celebrated London Cordial din, sub mits the following testimonial ot Isaiah Deck W. D., the oeie brated consulting and analytical chemist. At the same time, be wishes to add that he calls the genuine Beet 's gin what It is ? and disguises It with no outlandish name, either Dnchor Bollard. CHKWICAl OPINION a NO A N AI.YSTS Or JIF.ED'S CT.t.KSIlAtKD LONDON CORDIAL GIN. Laboratory and Chemical Orrice, ) 18 Exchange place. New York, March 4, 1886 J Mr. R>:?.n:? fir? I have submitted toclo^e examination two ??ix pies ot Gordon gin, manufactured by you. and pu por ing 'o equal the English artic e- I find on comparison with sam Dies of fcodge's and Burnett's, prijgionaly examined by me, ard which I know to have been imported direct, that the quality of yours lr by no moans inferior to tbeir celebrated ecn pounds, while the perfect method yon possess jf reitify ing. Insures an artl< e of a Higher degree of purity and flavor, when It ha4 the equal advantage ot time to sotten It, thin liiurh of Ihe so railed imported London gin. As a m*<Jlcin%l agent and c-or?t?J, under prop e." advice, it maybe drninded upon, from the care wlih whMi you st-loot the e?son?ial oils oontbloM with It In the distillation. Yours, rest ??ctr>il' r, Isaiah Di i k MB, Consul', ins and onalytiea' chemist Mr. RP.ED'S (Matlliery, 118 f4U)t Twenty nlnth stiee' W. Y A OTKOUKJY] ADTONIMIflNO Tt) ALL -MADAMR MORROW. TUB ssreaih daugktar, has a natural gttt ote'l pas', ore*eat aid tntma evrnU, and all the aoooeras of life, even the. vsry ittoughU. asd wHieauie speedy marriages, and show Oie like rjcsesof tha tntsndad hasbandaand abaeut friend <. aid will bring tose her those who are aeparattd. Who will enjoy ttot. greatest tiapjpinesa of matrlnaonlsJ fcllsa. All who wish good laok may cafl anon for relief and eovefort. I'honsande hare ex. prMUMd tbetr beUef that she is (fee osust wonderful asirologl*: tn au*. world, or that has ever bean known, tbmi?i aho uracil tea nothing but what Is reconelleable to philosophers tfo oharcre ?f not satisfied. T'? Broome street, between Cannon and Otlum b<a. U. iri?men not admitted. /1LAIRV0YANCE.? MRS. IIAYKW TH AT CBI.KBRATKD " ' a: J superior clairvoyant and healing phjaiclKn. can t?e coisul ed day and evening, f flics, 17ti Oraml street, between Itrradway acd Bowery. Indies. If you are afflicted with disease or Inward weaknewt, by all means cotuiul Mrs. lla.-es, Ihe moit mccetsful clair voysnt we have In A merlon /1LAIRVOYANCE.-MRK. BEVMOI R NO 119 RPR r wo V7 s leet, lew loors weu of Broadway, (ha most auwessiul n tedium and business clairvoyant In America. Asilmii, bran chit Is, liver c,n\i)Alnt, debility, lover and ague, scrofula. ,, If Mtrable: unerring advice on business, absent friend#, Ac and satisfaction guantnteed, or no nay. T*LI.E CELKSTEL4 flALLK, AI'TOO RAPHES, LtTK J>1 u from Paris, liailng mad? arransamenu to remain m >-ew fork ill. ring ti>? present si a*OD, will send, ujion tlie rc c?lpt 6f fifteen cents, or equivalent In posUge stain oa, a full delitlfcti.mcf aperson's cn*ract?r by tielr handwritten. Ad dirss Mile. Celeste Ia Palle, New VcrW Po.t office. MntMERreM-DB. BKR01VIW, OORBESPONnRNT nftlie Mesmeric Hoeisty of Paris, treats by meoneriim the rhenmaiUm, liver complaint, nerve eomp'alnts, neuralgr asthm*. iirsteria eptlepsv, aud all kinds of diseases regarded K 'Mot ma promt ctratt, N?w York. BfUl.lU BlLUIEUl, Ac. AiflLLlNKRY CAKi> FROM MRS. CARTER. t93 Bi-oad?ay.? .a addition to nf spring ioi|KirU.U)? of P??la ml iliie.-y, the attention of ladles is jarnoniwiy c-U: fc't v? Um large and siegim rtwk of U no y irraw and Naapulltaa bonnet* from materials ol uur nwn lot jort*U?<t, and all o? oar own make. and sri-h the superior 'aleat al ways eaplo ed at this <stabhshm*iit aud my on well aaowt laj'e uiat tow bouses In U.e b unices i wn compete ?ni uoruj cas eiee 1 ? rlch reaso r neaut, of stvie or lo?n?<ia of prae A new stye ol mlo^ee' and children's w.utU In great variety, aid v* 1 worthy the auenuou of those pnroliaeng. Kour eipertejcr*) milliners wanted. Ca'ATKR'B Honlton L>oe Factor} aad Millinery. 693 Hroadw %y. ATTRACTION OF NOV<LriK8 if M4.3aM? R. B 1 A HI' ?8-.>N'H, 871 Hro*d-viy.? Madi'oe H. nefS 11 call the Munition oi' bar cumtrout rrleuli aad strange"* tj tiielr elegant assortment of imported French bonnet*. ih-iy ware not.ct.d bj all the :eadl jg newaptper* of Kr-day, March 21. Kte tally rlmea tor deaartplim of * inn of thin, ro* lon tnox, one Uat. of win to point I ace, crowned an I tlolsbsd on one side with a band of delicate white cblp, aid o'Diamt"! ou ihi otter aide with a Bouquet of valor llllsa, gr*?s aad cn1 Tbe cape, ot very deev lace, was truly ohwmlug. This, aid o her novelties, may be seen at Madame K. II aRHIB Jt HON'rt, 671 Broadway JIABHION4.-rH<i <J AY&C AL PAuvCtC FIRST Siatt i? sliver insdi!. Xtnpnrluo of Fashions -ttn Or SltO RV.8T, 3, '5 Krn.lw ty informs Um pulilta that Uer braujk store, 791% Oanwl street, opposite Greene cont *lns the oooal eegant and . rtliiic dts'gns of patterns ever otWed, uader the supartnteadeocs of Um Goxla 1 MBS. 0 H. BINGtlR KRSPECrFULLY 1>*F0AM-} HlCR patrons and the 3H i lie that abu will open * *?toodt<l at soruuent of pprlng mllliae *y. on r my day, :.e lit of A.prJ, at her store 161 Fulton street, Brooklyn. MILLINERY GOODS MARTIN k LAWSOK. Importers and Jobbers, Have opened tn l heir new store, 361 Br oid wa?. comer of Fr.iak lii street, The tnreeMt and most attractive aasortm *ol to oe toond In the city, to wh'oh they 'nvlte the attention o cni liners and defers. FKENCtf 9TIUW 1.1D I'ATTEKI* IDSSKTH, AUliriCIAL FLOWS AS, RIBBOWS SILKS, ETC. PABIx M 11.1'IN KRV.? MRS. LKVi, N?). 110 HLBITK-.B ht'oet bi'irs leave to irfurm the public tb 4 sh*" will open m splcT.di.i st>'-a of Paris bonteu, bfl)4?lr?s*M, 4c , received direct irtm 1'iri i, on lueaday, April 1. PARIS F.A3UION8. -MA DAMR F'AR9i8C7ijRrB KRRS "U diM-m<ker, fm-orter of t'aahiona acd de l^ner of la-tics' coatuiues, 315 Broadway, TuUle'a Building, opposite Apple toii'u, v lit open sjirl ig f.tshlois for ladles' dieiwes rojes, tn%n til!a?, 4c., vKrdiitBia\, April 2, *866. Full trimmed dr??es ciimp eted in twelve hours. The lr?dt supplied with pitteriu. PaKIS MIutl.vKBY. MRS. QBILBDTH, 161 BiXtB a\enu? re'Dw-lfully informs her patrons, and ihe i -wiles in yi.nnrai, that she h m opened a sp eodld assortment of spring at d luiDifr millinery Fs.-ticuUr attentioa is called to a very bsndi* ire a.-uurtment of miasea' and caild'ei's hats ot be?u tlfu deeicnK and at mroera e prices. Cuuatry milliners are Invited to ca 1. 161 Mitu avenne, between Rleventb and iwe Mh sirfeic. Rich kmbroidbriiis. black tbhisad vsilji a st> 1ao*s, Illusion gims, laoe and m-ulln bh?<ju.;s, our om make, veiy choice, wholesale and retail, at BlOHMoN.i'H, 869 Broadway. STRAW GOODS 1 STRAW ?OODfl 1 1 Rlbbons, Fruueh fir>?-'eru. buds, plquetx hLaw ahoe'a B'riw twist, Ms tertals fur 11 or; its, Ac., A-., atreducud rrlcw lor cash. HOMER A K8TCHUM. Bos. til and 66 Jchn street, corner of William. SPRING MILUNkRT-MADAMK KL.KIN*aCHifIUT, 274 Bowery, between Prince and Houston atr?eia, begs to '*11 tnc amni|Oi ot .udles to her 1> rgo and e eg*nt antorimtint ol Farm eprl'ig mll'ln Hry, i.'0n?lntlng or siik. lace cape and straw bonnets; *rr- chfl iwer.4. r bbons. Ac., Ao. she also awes them ti<at the grea'.est attention will be paii to the execution of otieip. STRAW GOOliB, 8TKAT GOOD8. BIRBONS, French flower*, p'queti, Trimmings and mslena s ffcr;st? ar i otle. ed t j the trade at redn.ed prices, for euib, at 64 and t;ri John Ktreet, Corner William, New Vork hum kk t KBtCHCM. Jnst received, a large ard elegant lot o.' ftra?- flowers, en 'irely new In style. fTHK MIFSRS FaRRfiLLT 0AVt4 T'lK PLa.VSCRB OF 1 Inlormlng their l'r lend < and the pu'ili- ihst t&ey will op^ti :telr new stoje, 95 Atlantic s<ree\ Hro +l?n on Tueid<i?. April 1 with a large &nd l.ishiouable sto:k of mUlineiy goo is, at tbc'r unual low p'iccfl. otkirkkb brcthbri. a a.vd S6 johk sTnrr if ap stairs, fmpt rters and Jobbers ?: Fiaach &onnfti-, Ftabions, France t.oweti, Bun w goods. Ribbons.. bilks, Aa. are 3on?taif.;y fki*:Ai.g a choice assoruneiii ot >oe ai ovc t-aioe. of their own tn.p-.rii: lor,, reselred by ?vt>r> ifsumn , Hhtdi Uie? ollw for aa.c at v?ry low prieea. INSTRUCTION* 1 Q PC ?OLIVER B. GOTiDiM I TH'S~ WRITING X\l> iOfJ v. bcokteeping ac&demlns fo. 362 Broa<iw-.y aud >0.277 Folt. n strtet lirojklyn. open day and evening lor ela*B or p? I vato iisirif.tlon. Now poptis received dally, aad full utece.'R guarai teed To all. Fitni the New York Courier and Knqulrer ?The chirojpa phi: ari )?. miii h moie important to maniUid th?n It is gene rally ooi'Mdered, and Mr. Gol(Luni."a inty very well claim to be conr Idnred at lis head. Wr- m tn? Sunday Ulspatch.? Kr. Go istalth Is, rareitel Ii'tiiVS, me pen m*i? o' A Tt , f9r,ulu y H'an/fa al -?ne. 'in - apprcxc'-od, la this rnunir.v. t-o'h lu the eifi^u lve department of hlB a>t ai d ?s an Instructor jais pupi'u ran :t amonftbe dnest penmen in this oomui<inl>y. Allan irving, pk,ok?.r,sur of sin jing. -thi? citict's method ol'prouuc uir to .e and RtreugUidBlng the vnirn b? carno to celebratm1 to l'* y tha' tie hn 1 iho honor of belts' elected crote lor of the MueIc-.I Academy In Home. Mr Irvir t ron'tnue1; lo give Insiriinllons at hli pnplls' or hid own r?siden?e. No. 6 I'nlver&lty place. ACVHAM C.KMLKMAN, WHOhPKAKS T'^K 8PAWIRH . lat fcufise grammatically, wialies to Cn<l a well elucawd Ameitr-on ??nptleman, i; ' iderto pric'lce re'.i(iroaftliy oilst 'lui II m" hod in the two iauguage.H. Aildr^j No-tli M.xtre air#ti', hn. a. AORaIiCATE 0?" P*R. s U.NIVKKSITY WldHK3 TO iuatinct a U\\ mole pupils in the, Fre-ioa language. Ibe icmnui givc.r. only i the evec'^g v, the pupl '? reil ience. either In i-uiu'.I clais oi lu ur ?ate. .-vn tasv as?I fi'St ?yle o' ct Bomerolal cottespcrceLce Is taught. Aadresi Kmertte Bc rald bOI <?. I tfiA*SJCAli AN1) MiLl i'AKY IK3TITVTK, SBU.P0 RT, " 1 l^.n*: 1 1 and ? 1 ht ceit term of this ivbool ' ommenoes on :loflr?t itii-?day in Apii!. Circulars, glvin? full pariioulsrs, may be oliialred at Appleton's, 346 Bru.-.-l vay: K. K. MVJier, Kgo , 74 ?rnadwa> ; ivt rn. Ktvan, Ksq , 110 Water atr-flt, and W. Bajnor, llta^ort. tpRflNOa LANGUAGE-PROP. D. LAGROIX, K-x ft 1 Itroad way, cot. tin una to reoslve new pnpila for tboroujl tx?tniction Id the French language, Imparling to them bjr a* e**y &r d efficient method, a practical knowledge of it By t new plan the conjugation of verb* U to a mp lifted a* to be rtadlly uiider?U>od and acquired. Termt reasonable. f ICUAR.? N. W. GOULD, LATE OF CdBI STY'S MIN VJ Htie s. will give Instruction! on the guitar and Id singing Hit o r bod enables hi* puplio In a tew essons to a: Miuapuny snugs ?rd In a limited number to perform ed'ticilv Uy the in->st aJurod comiiobUions. Addiese Najoleoa W. (iould. So. U Amity street. PBOF. fiF. M AR8AN ADVKRT18E3 H.'8 FKKNOH LEI soon because he fc >ros to ontain pnmls by any otter in ilu'nce ih fin that of bis o ?n treii and vatue a-, an iDstractir. Ul? pupils. adieu acd gentlemen, will a) vays bit best ee: Ufivale und momnaendatlon. Office 437 Broad w?y. PROFESSOR F. RODRIGUHZ WliO WAS SKV.N year* a teacher In the Llcco Arlstko y Llter4rio de '?? Ur bft'n Is now prepared 'o ake afew pupt:s to teach I htm tbe Spanish and French languages. Teruii modo-ate. Kcr fur ther particulars Inquire at l&'S Chirnbers street, from .* to 9 P.M. rt/AKTliD-BT A YOUNG LADY, WHO IU<5 BKSS tt acr?f Uiini il to t* achlt g, a situation as cblarens go? err e>s; Is competent to give instruction cn the ptauo and the ir.dlments of an hm;li?h educa'Ion. Call or address Governess, for two days, at No MO 4th st. W KiTINO.-SPSCrAr, NOTICE. ? MR. DOLBEaR, 609 TV Broad v. a v, will commute with applicants ou Mondty to n ske them tirlohed p?nmen for only $10. Any lady or geuiie mav have all silliness, cramping and trcm'>Hn< removed ir. a few lessons by Mr. D.'a i'leuUllo metftoi of hind tra!: In;. MUSICAL. ADODWORTH'B PRIVATE DANCIXO AC AIM ? mlM Wo. f*)ft Broadway, Pew York; No 137 Jfooteeue plaee, Brooklyn, will ?ootinue open until the lai of June enabling thoee wW eoirorewn at the present time iooompleie a toll qa?rt?-. Tbt ?issiei are so arranged tfeat bookmen an enter at any Uom with eqaai advantages. ACAKD-BIONOR BMRNARDI, HAVING CL03KD bio engagement with the church of rtt. Charles Rooromeo. In Brookljn, would De happy to engaae as baritone with any other Catholic or episcopalian chinch In th*t, city. Any otters for chnrchcs In New York would atso be received. Applf at h9 Ilenrj street, Brooklyn. BANJO.-T0* BANJO IS GETTING TO BK A FABH li.nuMe Instrument, and w'U be Introduced Into the drjivitp riom ihe same as the harp or gul'ar. If you with to le.-rn tt In t*e guitar tljle, as it thou Id be played, come to f Phi" l?, K0 Bullion street. Terms reasoaable. I'( R PIANOS, MRT.ODKONR AN1) MITBIC, CALL on HORACE WATERS, :iHS Broadway, auent 'or tbe be.-t Bciton r.nd Few Y.->rk ins%rument? who Is to?- selling an entirely kt stock of snpeiiir |>ium, raelodeons, and all Virds of -..- n?lcjil mrr' hAtulfe at greitly reduced prtci New tuitf ut iho'ce uiuslc, by pojiul*r composer*, at a Isr^e dt? cr uttt. NJW MtXMO.-Tf?E I OPDL/VR Qf AOKILLM-A NKW ? ?t, fr>>?\ the moi< popular alrri ot the day, by llel ak to a tltup'-e itvle with ns liog written kDvii etrh ( IPsrcnt tignre, to etable the perto mer to cau wlthou' at y tiiionvr niMre Ihe melr-olos InLiodured are ire'v and vciyplcuung Ibrteare eight, dttierent pie .cm, w'.tn a liao j'K He numcs ?'e in toiloes:? "Our" "Jennli ? r.t4. ' "Boq' et Pf hottlsche." "iookltg Aiouod," " WMu," ' 1 ri us ipcMi of a mar." "KtUy Tyrrel," Ttuili ti t< 1 oitis " srd thf itg I'rlce twsoty five cents Jtt?1 p-tb lltho<1 by HfiKAfK WATERS agent for Boston and New York plaro?andire ro?ons. 3.13 Broadway. PTA.NtiFi RTF FOR BALX.-ORANO DIAGONAL 7 octave p'anofor'e. in elegant ornamental caee of roue rood, c?t f tf<>, will be ar.ld for f M(); made by ore ol toe best m iken , acd a very supcrtor i|uaiity ot tone. Can tie seen at No. ii College rlare, trom 10 to 2 o'clock. Been u ed a few iron hs. PIA NOF< ?RTRS ? TI I K ENTIRE BTOOK OF PIANO fortes, he'< nglng u.the la'e H.ibcrt illeno, nrinuta'torcr, w Id be so d al prlva'e rale much below their value, to close the eilaU. Thoteln watt ot' u gcod Inhtrument would do well to csll at tbe sa.'esrrom, 83 Bprlnf ?(reet, neir Broad *a>. llf ANTKP? A LADY, TO MING A FEW rt'EM IN T? ill# evei log, wl'h anrther lady, at a respectable ani re l'jilcua Irftltiitlf'Ti; ere \>hi can s'lng c^itraltoor a't?. Ad ores* M., for one day, Metropo'itan Post otli-e FINK ARTS. Ul'HKI G AI.I.RRT OF ART? 336 BROADWAY. MOF? At 1 Bnlldlr.g, up stairs. The luidera'gned begs leave to la torn bts fi tet c s SBrt ttte amateurs in art, that the two so :ong ex pi cusd palntmgr. kv II. Snhaellels, have arrlv?d. l>)n nolsaeura will find a few gal'ery picture! of the hlpheit ariis tical me i It. Ihose who ha?r tot aeen the tiro great portraits would do well to nail toon, ss Ihe1 are likely to he nuhlpped to kirropo. Ibis sal ery will ba open from 9 A M. to 7 P. M. , until the mlddl* of Apr)', ?bfr It will be otosed Respect lull*, LOl IS PFIRFfKR, OBT GUOOH, AC, nnn -BA.*KRCP* STO?K OF DRY OOOD8, "P< 'U.v/UU. at less tii?n two Iliads thi arlglsal tost. W c ba?? purchased the a > JVC nui iut ot' uoods, the sto k of an utifonutmte r e:*j er, ?hi< L ?u havo added Co rnir own stocx,

and it will be sold AT ALMOST FaBl,U>a8 FKICm. i h'l stcck comprises foreign and domestic geodi la every va rleti and the oargams wtrcb will on pretested will exceed njlhlug ever known In the el'* of "ew Kork. The sioi store will oe op?ned a*. ? o'clock. Monday, Kabcu 31. The u>'e wi:; be contintied until the whale (toot if d>"P *"*1 of, THE rUABCt* HEBE Ol'UBru ABK; ? To the houiekreper a wvuw ot at ea<i 40 per eent. To the dealer a*, re'aii or to the pedler Tothe ladies e-pec'.ally, bargain* suoh a* a lifetime may n it again realize. fcbawl# at II AO, worth 93 50. Linens at 2t. 6d. to4? , worth 4s . to Nspklns Us per do/ , wo th W SO t o fl. Prin t a', tkt. aid *1., werth 10<L to Is. Qui U at 14* , worth 9) SO. hrilPantoB at is aad 1*. Ud.. worth 2s and 3s Girgbaot at 81., worth Is 6a. Catsimeret. at 2?., worth 4a. Plarceis it I*, worth ?. Manillas and visit/a at half price. White goods? taale linens . do. Tablecloth* a*. 9a , worth 92 laD'tcotbn at. 12s., worth 9^ >10,000 of domestic good* -fh?eiin*'t, siilr', drilling*, denims ticks, stripe*, by the plec ) or yard, a*. immense axon ten. IT I* NEEPLESB TO FARTICCi kHl/X. As It Is, asd 'hall be. our intern Ion to uller to he public lar pains muh as have n-.ver been teen before. foe irat who conn w ill hive the best chance. F, W. A W. F. QIIXiY, 126 Bowery. /i/? BROAllWAY.? GENTLKM rtA'ri FASHIONABLE Ut/tJ tnrDlsh'rg bsitaai'. Just leceivec. new Jolnvtiles and lea, new printed shirtings, ne? Kreucu bjsoins. Ag., Ac. Hhl'tt and collars mad- a order, rnd no sili If n>tto p.-??>. iKWih 4 hkaiioR u solicit the too*.' il/id snopptng to te*. their nnrtjnalied end moo rorp ? e ivrorimMit. HARKOK FLODNCEU RuBfctL A fresh lottiom auc'.l m, At 95 Kac a. Will be opened on Monday, March 31. A. T. sTkWvKT A CO., Broadway, Chamber* wtd Headestree.*. rflll ORGANfllE DBK8BK.8 AT 91 50. WORTH 9*. WAR uUU ranted fi?t colors at a. J AKOdl A '.'O.'fl.TtSi Broad way. two doors oelow Ninth s'j-eeU At. etewa ht a ro. Will open "Jielr SritiNt. ami fit'Mvn: MARTILXiAH, at rouil. On Monday, March 31. Btoadw ty, Cf^ambers and Reade aireet*. 500 a MKRICAK MANTILLAS? DKSIONKD BV AMERICAN JX artists. Wednesday. Aprb 2 J. HM K A Co., 325, an<1 788 Broadway. ALFRKD MONROK i OO , 441 BROADWAY, CALL TBg attention of al< in want U their aaoortmen' ol spring over coats, business c:a'.s, vests, pants, Ac., &e. Alto, a splendid aosorment cf neckties, collar" and other furnishing goods. Ibey are constauily receiving additions to their already largo nrscrtment of boys' clothing for epilog, which, for <{uauty and variety, Is use<iua led. AMAQNiPlCKST ASSORTMriNr OK RARING KM broideries, just re:eived per steimer Persia, eoaits'iog ' of colia-i and sleeves, bas<|itei, bands ikirte. hand kerchief h i mailL)??, Ac. They are warranted French go xXt. and very ; cheap. Mf'^LBR A ORANT, :vl Broadway. Auction aoODa-co.NftnriNa of fbenob work ed bands, col art, skitts, breakfast ret<, and Cambria ! luces, entureij new, at PRlKR ft (J Be. Hi's A CJ.'S,375 dioM WP?7> BCLPIK'9 M.VNTlLt.AS? rOR rlTY KFTMt TlttDr, Will be open for Inspeotio i OJf WtSUX E.-<D /.y, D'RII 2d, at the PARIS MAN'rltXA BMl'OR'CM, 3C1 HroapWav, W ben will be presented to pubic notice wlit U believe do be the in ;st rechercbc co)le<-Ucn ct tashi juiible novelties ever ex hiblitd in this city. t nving been foruuat? anongh Insecure the service i oi' ae vera em rant "artLsie?" in the various oepsrtinente of nvuiu facture. direct from Paris, i lie enormoua expense of which In onty ju'tilled by his vastly iocretsinj trade, ) he fes'.s 'he ut most confidence In asserting tin;, bi? .vnromoms. this season. ? til be rep e'e with all that Is jetutifui In couieption and ar tls'ical in exec ition? garmeata tbe.t Paris itaef cannot evje!, and at prices to strict acordauce ? W. extrejie m >dera ion. he merely solicits from every lady an inspecilon. The varieties comprise - TAFIKTA SILK MANTILLA!), MUIIIK AKTItlCE no THE NKW WIUXTISi: fin.VWL SUAIT, GUll'CRE LAt'f. Ma.NIII.LA4, ? ii cMii.1 v in. no. AM> HOrtlNIXi; MANTILLA? IN KVV.RV MtJITABM: VATKR1AL. Observe, the openicgiiay is Wedne<day. April '2. OKU. BOLflN. Black bilkx, bla<;k ln every grade, w!lh aod wUhnut lmlre, ?' unrivalled low prices, at W. JACKSON'S. Lale Hartho oirow's, ne r mo'imlngs'ore, ?SI Broiu! ray, betv eeu Hor!ng and i*rlue<j atrca s. W. B.? Opposite 1 ifiany s Co.'s. BKOmK'B If VN riCjIiAS.iRErAH.'DkCPARrMiiNf.? O'lMKI AKNOO-tCBME-IT. G. Brodle, SI Ca-ial and 6?. UspeuvJ etret'j, will o. an on fue? day, April 1. Mprirg styles of i'irU ("ha.iJUy and o-bar mantl'.laa. HU bujer has just return-id ft">m a'tirop? w th >h-? veer tate?t ?<> i, and hla atdortiuent la nj? Jie largest and must com v'ete l'i the dtv. BALL'S MANti?,T.A<_ OPEMX. n^Y, Wediibsdav. April 2. MOLVNEl/.V bell, IS On?l stref.t. Black guh'ukk, h^siuu, bri^skls and saxony new H,,e Uc?h, ail wllths; real Cliautt ly veils, l r.>m 9A upward; .lOUi-ilkdo , at f! 25, w.irlh 94; man'lllas shawls and licnr d ce'.* for battues. Very choice go'Mls a hhlBft HOUKhTd A CU.'j, 375 rii mdivay. BCMBAZ[?F^, BJMdAZIN&S. Ladies in want of bf.nihaitit-es will find It io th?lr advan tage to call boiore pu.chsE.iup r.sewliere. a'. W. Ja JKSO la-c Hartlin omew'a. New n.oiirnln{ tt >re, WI Br^tdiva", l.euee.i Spring aid Princd st-entv N. B.- Opposite Tiifany A Co.'s. BRrXKU.? POINT, VaLFNCIEN.NB. POINT L'A qtililo poin'. de aopli'iue am hoalton ciliars and sleeves, in rets, capct colllcti: ef, tciri'ff and oo'lara ; lac-ai and tlouiiclnfs all width''; Va endeene tioai 1?. tier ya-c!. Nex aitorUnru ju,t iccelved, a; Ph.Tr.R Rudrtft f 1', 3;r, wsy. pn?.AP DRY GO'jX>.- FROM AL' J I ION. \J Baiieci-v Oiu.*m>ie?. Jacoxtth, . Caijcoes, Ac. .J. BECK 4 CO., Sit. Xk'i Mid ;iri7 Broadway. _ _ 786 mm 788 BwXIiwt. (CHOICE PREC.K GOODS -SILK ROBE*, ORENADIHK J robes barege robes, organdie robe#. Ac., Ac. Ju?t landed, at ti will be ad-cd to our retail stock for Mond;i7, ?ar"h 31 AKBIUL<1), CONSTABLE K C<>., 62 C.inal a'rs.n / 1AEA1* tm.wn FROH ACTION. V., J. B.'.CK Jc CO. wil' olt'er on Moo iar, below cost of lm portation, Fi.oCKCKD Bilk Roars, at ( 11, fl5, t'8 nud 120, WortL |!r-, *2i), tX> ftjo t'JO. Also at3s.. 6s , 7s. ana Ss. per yard, Wcnb 7*.| 9? , IK nod 12*. per yard. Ho ?S5 and 357 Broad * a r. 786 and ;H Brnidwar. C-hantillt Lup Kuraxa. ' W?>dne?'lAT, ADnl 2. W. B. M tCKtSZIi;,4}ud 47 ?"'anal st>-ee'. I^NGIJRH MaNTTTXas, WRT) VR?D VY. APRIL 2. i J. BE K A CO., 365, 7"Wanl7K8 Browl>vay. IjM.VOANT SPRIJtO RIPPOH8 U A pr.a: v?n?iy o* new e' les; Alsn, A i'uU assortment if l.AICK-V D\KSS TRUMING?, At a reduc.loa ot" TWENTY t'E R (T.!?T III I.O* CM-*!. PRICES. luKD k TATLOS, ?55, 257 . 250 aud '.tl Grand s ree' And new ii?. 47 aud I'J i atbarlne atraei. JfiVBKOlDKRED MtSLlNS FOR BASQUES, INF AN I'd J robes and eatUH editing* aid lrs?rtlng?, fil'J ?took; 275 Itr/Pn hemsUtch bandkMrehit-fs at $3 50 per dizen, worth fi. nmlrtldered aud fane? reevlne, just received, a' PETKK KOKkR I S\ ?75 B.-oadway. L1RKNCH GHAIX18. r We nlle-, to nnorrow, 3,50? yakj*. ritrsinc i?*, at is. ttf. pki: yaud ivobih 3* I'BH Y A It II. LYONS A .tONRS, 277 Hud-nn streit, bet ireen Cica! and Sprlrg nr*em. L^RENCII Cf.OTHH, CAMIMitR-"il. DRILLINGS, VEST r Ings, N>i Ac. , FOB MH\? ANP HOYS' Srnl.VG WFAR, Cut In aid ler.gtli to an It purchasers. A. r. STEWART k CO., Broadway, Chambers and ftewles;reets. FRF.N?:H MANIILLaS-WEDNESJAY, aPRII. 2 J. BKCK X OO., 355. 7H) and ,88 Broadway G UirUKK LAUE MANtIU.44. Wadneeday, Aprfl Z W. B. Mm K Kn/, tl?, 45 and 47 Can*'. /^KNIN'fl BAZAAR, 513 BROADWAY. -JUST Kit U I'flved per w-amer Hermann. ?ever?l narurai ot point d'AleaodO and print aeo>,<ie Jare?; alsi, one ctr'oo ot i tcb point tlbiiDrtngs, which, trom onr pncnllar facilities In the m?rkeui oi V*ru ar.d BrnsxeU this sessou, ena ties iu to ^itfer for Inat ocUon at remarka'i y low price*. A assort ment ot lures and eml'rolderlea, ? bi' h ( >r rlconesi and ele *ance cannot he surpassed, and at prices uneiaalled. Qt NlN'H Bazaar, fit Nlcbo as Hotel ?<13 Broadway. OKITOH LA<:? MANT1LLAH. Wndnenaay, April 2. W. B. MaCKcN/IK. 4."??d47 t-anal street. H JUKCK k CO ? ff 111 opfn on Monday a bentlrtil wao-''Ben? o( STEM, A 1*I1AWI<H, some of hem very cheap. No#. 355 ind3.')7 Broadwty. 786 and 7fW Hro?dway. JAMES A. HEAR.VR IIAi nriKEP HIS FPRIWG MANTLETS, For bf at city trade, At his new store, Mo 775 aroe4w?y. Ah'rve Mntb alraeU J BECK A CO. ? Will open, on Monday, ? large ar I beiutli'ul ansoriaMnt ot new goo fa, roce'.Yfcd per s*a-n?r Pe-^la. Mt. Gren?dln?, Barege, Organdy and Ohally Flounc dr.ibes. Noa 3S5 ani :t*7 8r.)?lw?y. 786 an t 7H>t Br isdwiy. AMJ'K OSAY A ?>0. WILI< OPFV ON MARCH 31 NhW FLOtWORl) ROU^JM, In HI.K, l.htSAIlIRK, k TmVB, cr.Ari dk I'Amp, ? utKCUilE DK SOIK, RAItr.dK, oniJAnniE, JACOiW. N< vij.Tiv.s received by every steamer. 729 Kroadwiy. LAPTB8' ANI> IHJLHRBN'il FDRNT8HI1G SPORE. Mif. RIiWaB !>? will open, on Wednesday, April 2, new and elegant gooos, In 'hf ajove line, at her erafertrf&ni W, 746 Br'iadwty, oppotl;* Attor place. J DBT?OOM,AC. Lions 4 JONM ' 177 HODftON 8TRKST, Will oticu n-monow 6,100 YAiiBo Babi.UK UK LAIIU-i, In irtm iiiuru oi 10 ;uai etch, at It. a yard ; cheap at 2<. aytrd. uxuMS A JuMM, la Qulson i>mt, Between Caral an l dpring st recta. LYO*8 A JONK8 HA VK MUST RgOKIVKD 2,600 YjKDH KNGlIKH UK LAIN ICS, At U. a yard. Til Hudson stree , Between .'aual and 8prlo{ straeta. Lack curiainh, damasks. - liuaiui and lace draperies Cclon <1 imwii, mjreens, a. rnted damasks, tat in lame bro a'?i, and curtain mtterUls generally KICfl O LT CORNICES AMD BRACK BTS; A large variety ol' scroll and other approved designs. Alio Gothic, landscape. *c o 1, iillt add plain WINDOW BHaDKS. LOttU A TAYLOR, '266, 257, 269 and 261 Grand street. MOIRNISG GOODS.? A full and desirable assortment alwa.-s on land, in tludlng Lop'n's black bombazine*; Orout'i Eng'lsh crapes; l.lsse ai d crape vets; crape collars aid sleevej; HJk*. Garrges, tficgnsms, delaines prints; Jiamlkercln* i. shawls, msntllius. Ac., 20 PER ChNT BELOW Ki'.UUi.A II PRICKS. LORD A TAILOR, 256, 257 , 259 and 2>'.l Grand stree'. And new Noa 47 and 49 Catharine street. M OURNINO MANTILLAS. Wednesday April 1 W. B. MaCKhfiZlK, 45ard 47 Canal street. MAN1ILLAB.-0FENING DAY AT RBTAII., WED uewtay, April 2. AHNOI.U, CO?STaBLW A CO., 61 Canal st-eet. MOURNING PII,KH? AT WKKL'S MOUBNLNG STORE. 1 be largest aaa most beautliul assortment In the city. Two cases jutt received, at 5s. fid. and 6s. per yard. WKKD'S, 499 HBOaDWAY, Four doors bs.ow 8t- Ntctio as Hotel. MAHT1LI.AS AND VI81TES La'esl and m< st approved Parisian styles; FANC* AM) PLAIN, UuIRIS ANTl^UK, ftc. Aim, an extensive variey of BROCBK, CAKHMkRs, STKLLa AND CKAPK SHAWLS. LOrtD A 1ATLOH, 2f5. 267 269 and 2nl (Irani street. And aew Nos. 47 and 19 Catharine street. \TEW 81LKS XI wrw ihawi", NEW DBKH8 COOIW, IBISII L1NKNS, LACE AND MUSLIN CURTAINS, DSLA1NKS, MUSLINS, LAWNS, BARK'JKS, M*stlv of recent linportatfjn, (resu'tirg from large orders placed fey the late Arm of Leadbeater A Co., 347 Broadway,) >ow on sale, By order of assignees, I ntil the third week tn April, When the assignment Will be positively closed 7 hi* being Imperative, the entire stock Is now re-mirkclat KllRfHKR RtCBUCKI) PKlCKtt, And everr inducement will be otfered to purchoaers. Parcels delivered free in Mew York. Brooklyn, Wlll'ams burg and Jersey Uty. G. B. WILLlaMS A CO. Novelties ih mantillas, on Wednesday, arm 2. MA5TE1 r-TH L>E PABH, MANTELETS D'esI'ANOL, MANTELKT3 D'AKOt.AIS. FRRKC3, SPANISH AND KNGLIS9 MaNriLLAS, On Wednesday, aprll 2. 0C1'*.\AL.? 1 BO* ALLCOUMXIKS M??, KIt'U AND COflTLT, tin Wednesday, April 2. Also, copies of the rarest o' the imoorted mantillas, (our o?a maun acture,) at prices to luit tne minion. On Wednesday aprll 2. J. BhCK A CU . 856. 786 and 78S Broadway. OPKJIING DAY FOR MANTILLAS. Wednesday, April 2d. W. B. MaOKKNZiK, 43 and 47 Cam1, street OBES BEVIGNR, FOR MOCRNINC COSTUHE, Printed on ilue percae. at (2 SO EAt'B. A. T STEWART A CO., Broadway. Chambers snd Reade streets. Rich em broideries and lack^. < Vila's, sleeves and chetulze'ies, separate and in sets; Hmlion, Guipure and Brussels iuoes, <tc Ac. Ac. Al*0, A fu'.l a$)fjrt3>fcnt of new patterns LOW PR1CKD KMBRUIUKRIRS AND LA.0E8 LORD & TAYLOR. 255, 267, 259 and 261 Grand street. And new l>09. 47 ai.d 49 Catharine street. "ILK MaNTILUAS 1 0 Jloiut. Mantillas ! 1 Velvet Mantillas 1 ! I On Wednesday, Aprll 2d. W. b. MaCKEKZIE, 45 and 47 Canal street. S-PRING MILLINERY GOODS. Nos. 20 and 22 John 5tre*t. The undersigned, having extended the dunenulons of hi aaierooniS by the addltliu at auother store, u u>w p.-ecired to oQ'cr to Uie trade an exteualvc. fU>ck of goods in each ol ihj) ceTeral departments of bis builnass. TBX Stl.K viOODS DKPARTHKltr r.omp rises ribbons, sins, laonx, and all articles brt^nginn to that bcanch of tbe iri*de and 1> oomtantly oelng replertahed by loipoitaiions ard piucl -ses at aucUon. IN TBK STRAW (.OOD8 DHr A HTMRXT may be found eve.*,' description ot Itallui, French and Kng li?b straw binnets Ui'bom liitU hnaco ltan and straw lases eJ^niVH. tr<.mmintrs, tc . together w'th a splendid mo-.* nf rrr'u.l.' D iweia, ot unw un<l tmustialty ru-Ji una bcHUUftO ntyles IN THE Slu: B04NET SHOW ROOMS a.e exhibited the trait iiiafxilicent Frencl) pattern bonnets, ot ?Us own Importation, as weU as a venr large ass >rtment from bis owu manofau'or: , unequalled in the variety and elegaacj 01 it} le and fmlsb. TDK DUES* C>r D?rARTMa>T, Juirt added, is a new and atlrauUve feature of ihe establishment, an?i the articns etblliitnl cannot be surpassed In the betuty and tasteiulres* of tlietr patterns a :d designs. Ail the above, gonds are offered 'o the trade at modera'e prices, and a call respec -fully sollcaled. R T W(Lt?K. Nm 20 and 2] John stree',. SILK-J KP.OM AUCTION.? A. JAKOBI A CJ., 7?7 Iiro&dway. tecon i do.r below Mr.tb s'ree', will otter for Hie on Sunday, March .HI, tn addition to Ih ir stock of their owu impor'Stion. a la'ge assortment ot silki, purc'iated at a arest liarpula :st au.v'iun; cum lsllcc of f.ncy si ks, a! Ss . tis , is. abd !?., worth 7s. 9c. 10s. a'.d 1J? ; a superior aritc.le ?t 10s. and l'?., w -rth 14s; tuge-ber wltli a tail assort neat of silk robrs, tiom $19 to ?ii, hetig less thioi cottot i-n,'or:atiou. A. JaKUUI a IH).,7<7 Broadway, neiocd door fro n Niatli st est. oKIRTS. SK1RTP.? T77W ATTENTION OF T1K L1DIE3 O is particu ac y ca led to the ;w?C s~?d faahl ina'jle v v nf rkirln, tuck m fiench c.ocii if k, diirttv, hilr cloth, i: tried, Herliu corel moreen. whaleboce, Ac ; children's skjrts ol all fc'i.d. . COHpatfbt lades iu attenuates to uke order*. For w'e ?i 7C6 Broidvi ?y . SPANIell MANtlif.AS, WRIlXKHDA V, APRIL 2 J. WCI'K A CO.. 7?; nud 788 Bro?4way. SPRING OPKMVtJ Day. Bii. I.'S imputed minUilas, perBteamir Pernia, will be opmed W?tlue>idav, Auill 2. b< Oaaal wreei. The grand ophning display OF bl'iUcG M ?MLKH. ON WiotrnDAr a hiul i. MOLYMF.UX HIU.l,, 6ft CAWAL 8IP.KRT, Du tecelvtd, per steamer Persia, his Importations ol' French mantlet, which left Paris on the 3d ol March, ant are c?e quently the very latwt novrities iesutd, and ?vhlcli constat of a large varleiv of real pulpit' u lace, mantles and taimas Rich Chantilly lace, do original pat , ?rati. A mo, kpendid PruBsela po'nt aud PartfU.iV; mantles ol new and mag'iiiic jnt design. RschFien' h embroidered icarf*. uo. laoire antique>,, iu a'l the new and deslra'jle il.sdes at <1 trinimtrfr* All tbe orlglta] !? i rfrch mantlu. toff?;her wph oplea of his own minulacture will be fhown without ret-erve. The I&dlts of New York aid suTOundttig cities are reject - fullj solMVid to call Mid inspect lli-ra, on Wednesday. April 2. M < "ana' rtreet. \TaI-1' NCIftNNE^ T.ACHP.? Jt.-iT KKCSIVFD, A V Urge aasjrtment of real Va'enclennes lice', 2 6 pe ? coat .ess than the usual price Valenciennes edging at la t yard; ! Bgll*b hreat. Maltere, Uoultoo, Mechlin; timvrut editing, Ac.; f ranch collars aid a eeve*, embiotde-cd handkerchief*, Ac. For sale a' 7"5 Brmd *ay. Wlf. PYXK, Nu. 250 B >WERY. WILL OFFfCR FOR IT hale, on Monday naxl, sime very (teat bargain; In narege drettes. both In plain and printed coWh ; - ^,000 Tarda piinted baieee. Is., wort1) 2s Cd. n.WO " plain do , Irom le 3d. to 2*, worth 2s. to 4*. .1 OH I " sbaJIies, is , worth 2s tid. 2,01*1 " do Inineii Is., worth Is M 700 dozen linen handkerchief#, Is , worth It. 94. 100 " sheer llr.en do . Is. id., worth .'Is. 61. One prieo strictly obtcrvsd. WM. PYNK, 250 Uowery. N. B.? Just received 80 carton* of new Stella ?ti? vk, very ?bean. WKBD'8 MOURNING SIOSK 499 Broadway. MOURNING BONNETS AKD MANTILLAS. A euterb assortment now open at WkEu'J, four doors be low the S'. Nicholas Hoel YI7E ARR NOW t ELLING A RICH A9HO*T.MK*r OF Yv mitncr d;ess goods, onsUtlng ol organdies, iacanets aod flee French cmluk muslins, rlca satin plaid ami figured ??sreges, p"alc harenes. barege r.nes, chlnl/ figurod po|ilint challles, tlsimts and mon?eline ile sole. A. JaKOBI A CO., 7(57 ?ro>ul w*v, Second d ;or bel.i * Mnth ntreet. WATCHES, JKW'ELKY, AC. CBBAI.IKORNIA DIAMO*D8, EQUAL IN HRILt.I VK(TY | and to the real.? iJent em: t '* pt-u>, Jj o US. ring*, J4 to J*); rairings, >6 to I2.V l.adles' pins, th t'j fittl Ktnils, sleeve buttons, An. any of lh? anovc arte e? sent bv inail to acy par* of 'he Unlied Htv/x. K A J. J AO" 118, manulacturltjr jewellers. 407 Broadway. C1RNKVA WaT'-H R8.-THK AfJKN f OF THE URLK r braled sotehes uf Mou In'e Ali.e. tf (Irnera, kc*p ' al ways nn hard a Inrire a?so 'too ai t ct the ilnest thnenlece lever Imporied Into this country. Chrorome'er* ladles' enauiell'vl wstchia at dlfleterl price*: alS'i r if* Imported jswelry L. tOnltltllR 67 >'a?tan stioet, np suUri V~k8T CHaTh P ? MARC P Atrn: K KD FRt mAOO?P,>8l Uon equal to gold. Theae chilns ans u trrataad not to change col >r. and the lies' jndae# cannot :e 1 them r-om void; prices >2 f.0 to (6. Ihey are war,-* riled as seprw. anted, nr the monf y teloroed Hamifrctiirod oi lf b.' us L. A J. J AOoBf, niunufac'urlni jeweller i, 407 Iti-ovlway. FlUMTlilK. /10TTAGK AND FANCY FURNITirUlTwARKJiwiR \J atRH Broadway, nppodto 8t Kic'd'h# fUX^l.? <1 MAT THEWS "tiers tor ki e the mmt extennlve a is iritaeut of taiw soUage et>a?elled and Frenoh fomttiirs lu the United Htaieaji ?educed prices. Kve.y varie'j ol tnat:raa?es.paU*iees. pi.tows ?loisteni, Ac. , al manufat'tiirer's pnuea. II*CRN"iTl RE,? P AKT1 F.S WISHING To niTt>nVaTi?' a'lcrpartof 'heir bouse farnl u'e .?c ?flU Bid s raih customer, at liberal prices, by sp^lj in^ to M. DoOG JTY, 27 < 'e.fctre ftreet ________ ?n ?n et parti oi l, akly r?( Yv ^kr rs ^ a?~exam<" . na:lon of his stook ol rich rotrwoii, oak. wa'ont, par lor. chamber tu o llbrai v lurWutre, by persona a Hotu tkelr sprltg le'.actlnn, before purc!'a>Ug e'neirbere An universal larpe varietv will be found, at inn uutv m <lera" prices at branch store, R4 SUih avenne All ibe varl?'le? of subslanUal c utaRe, cbam'?er and dining r vim (umUuce; war raaled in every description. H. SToNKY, &I6 iroad nt anch H4 hlitb avenue. FRENCH A II V K RTM K JWE NTS . UNK ,T (i r N K DRMOISCLLE FKANCAlSf, D't'NH HO n or able ismllle. deslreralt se placer danH une Until e \merl? ? ine on ("ans tin penslonnal pour ense'gner us la-ig ie; ?lle pent faire sussl voutes sortcs de broderiei a IVr.iII e. H'adMsaer chrr Mf. Gouriei *, Itnpor eur de broJrr*' rr tn vM>e, ?I-!M'Mkrd st. HITCATIOWS WAHTBO. A. RRSPKTlABLB 8COIUB WoMAN~'wAJCTfl TO i .fJSl?l> ?* tenU?DD?tj'B wMhiof %i her own rwkkffmt Call avtnm*, t*twr*o l&h tai 19m sU TIT AUTED-BY A YOUNO LADY, A SITUATION, IN A ft (trst claas millinery or ?4i?a' furnishing itore, U) at -end or partially oversee the wo k- oom ; ha? had iom? liule ex PA rlence as sales woman, and i? a competent 4r?? sod mantilla maker. Address A. t , Metropolitan Port iffi?e. WANTED? A SITCAHON A8 HwUBftKAftPKE IN A tasoec:abl? f mlly. by a oompetent peraou Address J. G. 8. Herald office. WANTED- BT A RtW-'PBCTA BL? YO'JRU GIRL, A situation an cliambe' maid and nurie io a private fami y ; can do plain sewing. Apply at bar last place. SB Ferry at. WANTKD? BY A RKPPkCT aBf Jt OJBL, A ?ITUA lion In a tuiall prlva'e utnil ? in wash, t>ak? and Iron, or to do general housework. or aa chambermaid and seam Itrers; eouid (Ire go-Kl saUKfactlon In either situation. Bat krtt 1 f references, and ean t>a te*n on Hood \y at 46 Bimar at., Jersey City, where she has been living for some Uaae. WANTHD-A SITUATION, BV A YoUNG GIRUTO DO chinsberwork or wal'trp; la ktnr to children; la willing to arake heise'f useful In tbe lanii . ; baa the am ot city refer ence*. Call at 113 York street Brooklyn, back room, second floor, next door to lie puolle school IT7 ANTED? BY A SOOTH <RN MAX. A SITUATION. TT aa aaierman and to travel Sou'h Will expf:t a reason able salary and wt.l enraae v> 1st of Jaouar, aextor for a term o! yearn. I.e'ters an to character and st&adtag at the Foutn ?ivd reference* to gentlemen o? the nr-t rj-pee.abUl.y In tbe city will be given Can rllueLce u jood Hou'nern trade, la tow with a llrst elaaH house, but will giv.? ?a'l*faRViry rea - ross ler wishing to change. AadreasJ. 0. B., Her^d office, tor a few days. IIKL.f WAiVTBD, A PROTESTANT 000K Vim ? OK K WHO UWDiCR stacda her btuisees, and ean bring good reommand* lions from her last place, mar ap.iiv at 787 tiro ?1 way, ejrner 10th st, bet weon 9 and 11 o'clock A. M , or a'trtr 8 F. M. A YOUNG WIDOW LADY, HaVINO Itr'.OOMB RE duced In circumstances, la desirous ot obtaloiag a situa tion sa Huperintender.t In a gentleman's (ami y, wl where she winld meet with the respect due ber a* a lad t or education at<l refinement. References given Address stating where an interview can be had, Mrs B B. W., Union square Post office. A YOUNG WOMAN, COMPETENT TO TEACH TH? use ot sewing machines In all nrmchea, espeeia'ly aHoe w irk, la wanted, tj go to nl. Lnul?: first rate wages and p^.r maaeat at test ion; good recommendations required, as she will Be out uider protection i f advertiser's family. Apply at 323 Broadway, office of I. M. Singer Jt Co AN AGENT IS WANTED. TO INTRODUCE IN Ft AN OB a very valuable patented Invention. For any suitably qualified gentleman, who can Invent about (a OoO In the busi ness, this Is well worth ateutloa, as a large aam mat L?s realized in a few months, a pun ,n of ex perlence In sncb matters preferred Knowledge of engineering and Iron va^u factuilag also a rtootumendatluu. Address I. 0. H., Post office, hew York. A BOY WANTKD-IN A LaWV'B'J UKFlCZ. APPLY to ltd ward D. James, No 28 - asaau st. BARKKKPER OR STORKK h fcPBK.? Wa NTEI), BY AN Bn&llfibman, 28 years o' a?e ot rood appearance and ad dress, apeimanent situatl m as oarkeeoer, or would engage as second barkeeper in a llral -"lag- eata?tl*hment, or at nv re koeper In a good bouie. Ad<-r.-as, for one weea, S. 8. E., at lue bac of Keefe's restaurant 594 Broadway. ANTIIXA MAKKB8 W ANTED.? jvPPLY TO J4VEB . A. HRARN, 778 Broadwty. Mantilla makkrh.-ao m -ntill* makers wanted Immediately. Apply at 81 U-.ouird rtre?', up stairs. MnXINKBSWANlKD.-WA.VrEO, FIVKSTR^W HON net trimmer*. None need apply bu>. exocriemed hand'*. W sgea from ?3 SU to *7 per wees. Addrw*u, for one week, Raward Mailer, Mew Haven. Conn RKTAII, DRY GOODS 8A..KHMAN W\NTrtt>-')F KX peilence In city trade. Apply to Janrneay A BurnUaro, 144 AUanlic street, liiooklyn STOCK AND CRAVAT MAKittt W \N I ?D -A L\DY OP experience, rapatile or cutting and stipe Intudlng their mtnulscttire. M u" have ilr-tra'e i'lfiliy and tas e. Andtss, sitting where an ir.t'Ttie* may be had, ibonas Mclte'Ji, box 713, Newark, N. J. rrO MILIINHRR-WA51KD, a GO >D MILLIfER, TO A go a short dutai'cn from ice city, in a vw riteasaat ooun try town, to wbom the be.stofwari-a will be given, and other lndncemrntH made. Apply immsdia'ely to Osiar noba't k Co., 10 John st. XfJ A NTE'fl ? A YOUNG LADY. OK G')OD \DDRkb-, vT to attend an embroider* , cornet tuul general lansy store; alfo a good plain rewer. Apply to T. ii. Gayuor, 43 3d av? nue, atar l(hh at. WANTHD? AN HXPKKIaN'Ert MaN, TO TRAYEL A? an agent or advert'ser for s genteel hall sUow. An,? gerson competent lo 0:1 the above il'.uvton can ad l.-cat H. K. But er, Herald offlce, stating terms and references. WANTFD? A YOUNG MAN, *H POBTEK, IN A BOOK bindery; oae who is kcibi >mcd la handlinf books anu paptrpre'erred. Cail ati" Matcenlane VI/ A^TRD-A LAD, FOURTRSN YHARS OF AG*. IS " ' ? thlp brfiker'a office, ba'ary flrjt year, fifty daj'.re. Apply at 100 Wall St., room 4. TI? A NTBD? TWENTY YuUfG LADIES, TO WORK AT TT h me, on black crape collars; full eaio'.oyj) 'Ut will be given to lira' run hstitfs; nonn otiers nca %f>p>r, a' 94 -i'h n venue, fiom 11 tl.l 4 o'clock, on Wtduead'tr, the 2d aprll. rtTANIKD? AN KNGLWH L4.BORUR, A KSNr^H IT lea'tuir leg or D?mpshl>-e chop stick ; a fe ,'o?- w!i > i.n ti'e a bill ho~k and a spade take care of a hjrao and k*. ? things snag and tight about a cottage . tolrty mile* from >e v York. Apply at 10 Feriy at., up stairs, U tm 10 ta 3 e'cio-i. any day, WAMtD-A YOl'NG MAN, PROW DIlr?M T ? twfni7 years, ?ho thoroughly ardsnt'ndg walJu.-. Bestclt\ reference requ'red. Apply a'. 2t7 Jih ween 9 at d 12 A. M. tl/A^KO? A COLORED C0ACI1M1N. WJ1 UN ?tCK TT K'sula t'e tre of Korte-* and -ta.rrl?^c i, and w*l'j-.g. Applv before II in the morntrg or 6 in tbe evening, at 80 L'aivio s<iu?re WANTH>.-A KliW GOOD Drt?S9KaK </??? . 4V llr.d neady employment by appljtcg at fo. 11 Mc ? er st , tiai Ctnal it. ll/.aNTKD. IMMKDIATKLY? TWO OH Tllftn'S FIRST Tf rate in'l iners Apply a 74j lifoadwi/, up b?.ck room. \\7 ANlRD-tKRKK OR FOUR FIRST OLkW-iMILLl TV nctaand trltnmeis; to cjiu c cut Ihm!s gt)J f*j aad COMtMt ?mp!cj nitnt. Aprty ItM kt autic ,Br? ikiyn. V\TANTRn-A YOCNG MAN, to ATTBND * WHOLE T? Kile Mid retail llqncr Btore j-ddreei Uqty?, Hsra d office dating where lml etuplo> ed. ara re ere -no. No<eneeu apply that cannot cnroe well mc immtDded lor bonMty, tem persrce, tu: <1 attention to jti-luen \V AhTEP-A MAN, TO T\KB OAK R OF AMI DtilVB ?' bo.*>es. either in a cartla^c or cart. Anpty a: 'tis) West :?th st . TV AMRD IMfctmATKi/'-A TOITHG MAM, TO A i T T l In the capacity pt bookkeeper, to a lrst c am bitel, In 'hi* jlty To one win can loan b!a employer Tron $800 K> (1,000, )G go'd security, a literal att.urv *vi 1 oe pal.l. for fur he: par lcnlars address A. B. C , box lit; herald office. stiUog where an Interview may t>e hid. tllAMRD-A OLKHK. I* A OntL, t JTlO-S. TO 8ATB ?T tivub >. Lone need npolv bu'. who are net faro1. iar wl h nrd understand the business, ar.d can keep books hy dru'jle entry, and willing to work lor a small aaNrjr, and make himself generally uaetul. By such it o c bringing a good r* cou b? cdatlcu, a permanent situation tu>.y be obuUMd. Ad dre?st'oa', Herald tflloe \\! ANTFP IMMRMtTRI.Y- A Yi'ITNC M AN. T J AT i)AV 11 write a Urn rate busine#* hand with a kn >werg? of booVkef ping, and wh > will be ?i licg to mvke himself gene rally opefnl, at a salary of ?" or $*> t er wee*. Good refirenc t required for Integrity ar.d explication. Address b?x 4,'jl? Post office, (tlvlrg r ami' and r t*re< ce. T\r>NTRD-B\ AKRVN. MAS, WHO SPKAK* A* I> 11 c rresponda In Krgluib and Uu'c"!, as tlneiily m In It.* mrthfc.- tongue, aid apeskR soma Oermin, a situation, at a shipping agent's, hotel, wore, Ac.: KO>d r?ieren.?es given Ad dress K M., a'. Mr. ?rown'a paper (tore, 91 CinU aires?, lor two days. azn I1RO APWAY. ? OKI* TLKMKNN FisHION .*BLK U?Je? furnishing bazsar. W?ntod. ? few Aniridia girls on y, to work In the store bar-ding c)U<ua, Ac. GIRLS WANTKO-TO SkW, 4.T Al? Tacced^pt lce<_ Those wbo understand 'he bt>?Kew will ,)f) r. un.g.vnw HC Wl tint* gord work ard ennatant emp o ment, by apply tog lot -ne diate:y at Byid A Halt's, 12 Warr< n street. AO SHIRT FINIBHRRP, F11TKRS AMD A SHIRT ?)U cutter wan ed at Green * shirt m?ouf?o ory, Nu 193 ? ul ton street; also. Napoleon tic and slack makers, wanted t> work In the shoo. Hone btr the neatest ol .itltchira and be<. ot sewers need apply. To those constant employment an'l hip hem prices pain. IRTELLIGEKCE OFFICKtfl. EMPU)V*RP WlbRIVO <10^)0 nKIP WIIJ, FI.1D RK special) e Herman, Rngllih. Pcotch and Iris1! servant*, 'or hotels and private Umtllra.'at MOkRH OOHNRHT k OO , >7 Bread way, corner of Jtexde a'-*cct Also wiie-*, co chntten, f<tm<?s, laborers, Ac., at thl9 or '.ha branch effl e, 102 Ore n wli h street. Ij^MPIiOYKRS WI9IIINO GOOD HRuP C IX F.'ND A j go?,d ch^ce of respectable Oerui n, Rng i?h and Irith gtila tor bo els and pnta t> families; aHo w il'eri, ia"n>e-s, gr.idener*. c >achroon, meeh-vnlis ai d laborer*, at klKNnY MKT H Kfc' Intelllgerre, 1*0 Green wish ?'x?ei TO HARNKS1 MAKkBP.? WA>TtO. TWO Ml? V are accustrnted to work'ng on fine city Wurk. Jt'BN B. R Yl K satin ler, No til "Jrovit IPAMITIFS CAN BR SDPPLIED WITH OX)D BKR ,r v 7" hP'" m*]e ?cJ female, of all kinds; a so oae But ll?h gin, trod cook, washer and Irooer; good nlty re'eranoe I wsnt, this dar. Wl good >er?ant?, to flli sltuaUjni Inlkebeit tsn llifs In the cltt and country ; be^t WJges raid, and tf altuv tlors sre procured in three daT?, all the money re'aroed. Ku r>ly at 178 Atlantic street, correr He-ry, roo-n So. 1, op s al r Brooklyn tiTkth xorn. Brash cock makkus wantkd immkoiTtbly at the llnlcn H'>. as H .<rks, Cincinnati, o ilo where go<-l wapes and cona'ant employiteul will be given. None but gocn h or? men m e-J ftpcly. w M roWKl.LACO. w_o Hroilw iy, TO WATOHM?KH.RH AND81I,eKRB||ITHl_WA-?rKi> I rmerflsley, a flrst rate wuchmakar, filngie man) t ,* ga j-'outh. Liberal salaiy. /. lr?, tevera' othac gov! w.itih ni?kt r?. Also a yn d c?'d rue maker, a p'atn ?p>< ui ji k " and a plale w. Titer Apply to TR alY * Met Bf.?sH arL'a'a' and nifchas.c*' genera ageucy, Pine stree', t:.,k 10 to t 0 cmck. tl' AM^f O-IWELVK KITCIli C\?R MAK'IRH. AO 'n ??id WOrt- ta,nlMorVa?,., fI7A^T^.l> 1 WO OOOl) PPfl I s rE<tKgS, NO*E1Cr CAatf.Mati'1J?qiB A*D ITHOMTK HIT. |"tARFKTH RaYk Yi)V R M'tNaY?IV ADPtrfON TO 10?BC(>. isl' V i'L'lv1 VT? 'VU HPen n<>11 w'ek 300 tioftti itviisal# y ?* Hrii s veWet and upc^try carpeu, all their rewe?t , atterr.., trr, one.) dtre? bv us, par ships Join Bright C ulmator ai d 1 irneerfro v d .charging), wh eh we ottar t?r M,VViJ m; "n.,"* ,>,Per,",? ln "rookl. n are no?rel% rmrinal, wl'l aell th* sams lor les< 'ban an? c?rj?' ho uw i> t/ir trade ?lic, nilr Mb<, and a'l k od* i4 cnr:a'n imb ? ?ter? IIoaTIM A foftN., 1,? Futon a'tte, llfo.ily n.