Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 1, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 1, 1856 Page 2
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Financial, and commercial \ HOIIT lABIIf. Monday, March 31?6 P. M. The stock market opened this morning very flat. The report issued by the Erie Railroad Company did not affect the stock so much as anticipated. The transactions in Erie were not large, and the closing yrioes show a slight advance on those current at the epening. Reading closed heavy, after moderate Bales. Cleveland and Toledo was steady. The open ing of the Lake Erie, Wabash and St. Louie Rail road will, mndoubtedly add largely to the business aid receipts of the Cleveland and Toledo Company. On the 1st of May about two hundred and thirty. Knee miles of the Wabash and Erie road will be ?pen, and the point on Lake Erie to which the trade aid travel of the entire sections intersected by this wad will tend is Toledo. This gives that place greater importance, and makes it the centre of a large railroad business. The Cleveland and Toledo Bailroad, by the opening of this new route, becomes a very important link in the line between the Atlantic ports and St. Louis. The most direct route now from New York to St. Louis is via Cleveland, To ledo, Fort Wayne, Pern, Indianapolis, Ac. The demand for Western Railroad stocks to-day was 1 united. The stock market is unusually qniet, and we have no doubt it will remain so for seme weeks. Outsiders have enough to do just now la attending to their regular business. Their minds are too much occupied with buying and selling goods to give any attention to the stock market- So Wo* as this lasts, we shall not see much improve ment or much change in priccs at the Stock Ex change. After awhile outside business must, in the natural course, gradually drop off, and the mercantile classes will be less engaged, when they will be very likely to try a flyer or two in Wall street. They will then not only have money for speculation, but, we kope, for permanent investment in the best securities on the market. Then we may expect some activity nmong the brokers, and not before. Wall street speculation is excited almost entirely by outsiders, and the outsiders are the most active portion of the mercantile community. It will therefore be seen that stock speculation is 8 a stained by the commer cial clashes ? that the stock brokers accumulate for tunes from the proiits of legitimate trade- and that all the motey lost on stocks in Wall street is drawn from the channels of commerce. The supply of capital is therefore unlimited, and the amount that flows throngh the Stock Exchange is as inexhausti ble as that flowing into the most legitimate pursuit known in the country. At the first board to-day Virginia 6's declined A per cent; Nicaragua Transit, J; New York Central Railroad, 4; Michigan Southern, 4; Reading Railroad, ?. Illinois Central Bonds advanced 4 per cent; Erie Railroad, 4; Michigan Central Railroad, 4. At the aecond board the market was a shade or two better. Erie advanced 4 per cent; Michigan Southern, 4; Cleveland andtToledo, 4- Chicago and Rock Island was lower. There has been within the past day or two a more active demand for Milwaukie and Mis sissippi Railroad stock. Since the negotiation of the 1 ast loan, necessary to secure the completion of the whole line, the stock has advanced. It is now in de mand at 56 a 87 per cent. Galena and CUicagQ firm, this afternoon, at 113$ cash, and 114 buyer 60 iays. After the board Erie was firm, at 574 Per cent. Michigan Transit was dull at 13? per cent. The prolonged absence of the Star of the West and the l>aniel Webster, steamers ol the Transit Company, should not be the cause of any uneasiness. The steamship Brother Jonathan, the vessel coming down on the Pacific, is very slow, and may not make the ran in less than twenty days, and as she left San Francisco on the 5th of March, she probably did not arrive at San Juan del Bur until about the 25th. This will not make the Daniel Webster due at New Orleans until the 2d or 3d of April, nor the Star of the West at this port until about the 4th of April, There is no cause for apprehension that Walker has seized either of them. They sail under the Ameri can flag, and Walker is shrewd enough, notwitli trending the stupid blunder he made in breaking up feie Transit line , not io give the government Of tb? United States cause to commence hostilities against him. He knows very well that Marcy is looking out sharp for a casus belli, and he will be careful not t'j gratify him, if it can be avoided. After the adjournment of the board, the following sales of bonds and stocks were made at auction by A. H. Nicolay : ? 91 800 New Orleanncity ?ixe>,, 1375 iat. added. 75 10,000 Yi-glr ia coufjDD p!xe?, 1S87 <lo. 91 % 10. COO North ra In?una RR. Gaaben Lioe do. 84 >4 9,000 Lake J. rip VCubah k. St. L. H let ra'. do. 7^?4 8,000 Toledo and Illinoia RR. do. do. 76 10.(00 do. do. 2i mt do. 56% 3 COO FufbirgRR' 1st do. do. 45% 2 $7,000 Bracket, rige Toil Co. certif each $1,000 60 sbR N. A. Kerosene Gas light Co ,per ?-vara $2% 150 8amp?hire Coal and ir.n Cj do. $4 30 Pacific Mail S. S Co 73 132 East River Ics. Co 89 'JO Aricr Fire Ida. Co 95% 20 Eleeltior Ion. Co 100% :>8 Rutgers Id*. Co 98 60 1% Nich^l** Bank 95% M Seventh Wtrti Bank 132% Simeon Draper's regular semi-weekly sale of bonds and stocks will take place to-morrow (Tues day), at half pa?t 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Ex change. The sales at the Mining Board recently reported as Franklinite, and New Jersey Franklinite, shouLl have been franklinite Steel, an entirely differert company from the former. A meeting of the stockholders in the Mineral Min ing Com] any, of North Carolina, has been callcl l'or Thursday, the 3d of April, at the office of Crosebeck & Co., No. 1 Hanover street. We are in formed that Imsiness of importance will come up for consideration. The Assistant Treasurer reports, to-day. as fid" lews: ? Paid on Treaiury aeonnnt $96 001 12 Received " ?? 280,407 34 Balance " " 7,261,087 03 Paid for A'saj rflbe SO, 067 Od Paid on diaburatog cbeekn 96,173 7 J The receipts include $50,000 for transfer drafts on Boston. The operations of the Assistant Treasurer's ofice daring the month of March, 1*56, were as follows: ? invr'T TKJM*r*m's Ovn<*? Kk,eipts antjDisih MEMavm Mar;b 1, 1856, by ba adoc $3,026,970 93 Rectiptr dBJinir tie month: ? On account if Customs $4,406,022 18 On toe-mut of patent fee* .... 5.866 50 Oa account of V . O. i^pariiat 174,682 .'10 On acount of tranf'et* 3 930,000 <0 On account of triWraUancoon 448 37-8,516 OCiit -0 Total 11,542,880 J> f?jm?oU ? Tieaenry drafli 4 0'<8 !?**> 40 Put Ofliee <jraf'e 198.904 S6-4 297.99T, lb March 31, 1856. \y ba!?me 7.264,987 08 By balance, Or., diabmsir* *? oonnt* 1 363,628 05 Receipt* ing the ir.onti .. 1.282,790 00-2 638,313 V. To payment* 1,342,41 01 Balance 1,2?3,901 6 2 By balance Cr., iat#r?*it aooonnta 81.928 18 To pajinebtA 34 ?;l:; 50 Balanee 27,314 C8 j rec'p** lor cu?toire in Ma'ch, 18MJ 4.405,0^! 18 j reef pin for ctutfonm in Marcl), 1565 2,417,420 Hi norraMin March 1856 1,087,69.* 66 By balanee Cr bol i n nn<l ex pcnft aec'ot for Aw-ay office. . . 2,188,668 23 By coin i?C d during the month 2 612,460 7P By flie bare, " .. 1,994 594 20 4,507.054 99 8.M5.723 25 To paj'te in coin 8,271,001 66 To " ?ae barn, g d^nllrr 1,<?0,271 62 4,051,273 18 Balance ? 1.994,450 07 coin in band, in A*mct*nt Troaenrer'a ofliie 8 576,203 33 By aoln in hand In A?*ay f>ffle?s. .. 576,096 90 fl.lSl.-'.OO 28 By 6m bare In Ar?ay office, (fold aori eiiT?r 1,119.353 17 By nn per tad bullion in Aniay of fice and floe ailrar 1,067 876 02 By bullion at tie mint tor coin g>< 2, ''IP, 288 66 4,192,617 81 Total. $13 343,818 07 The annexed is the statement of linHincsn at the TTnited State* Amay otfirm at New York, for the month ending March 31, 1856:? Danceitfl of fold Foreign notpa C? $5,300 For *iga buU'uu 22,500 was? tistr. H r,p?iu of ????? Foreign KoiiSn bo I ion 13w I'nied States buliom, (?ont?>?e4 **?W> ? .. 53,00? M T-ir? " X v.r. IS#? mimo The warrants entered at the Treasury Depart ment, Waahingun, on the 27th and 28th inaU, were an follows:? For the redemption of trek* ~ For the Trea* ?ry Department ?.???* ^ fi* 8 8 For Customs.. . . ac 917 |d War warrants received and entered.... ?????? W.iU ? War if pa J warrant* receirsd and entered.... 1,140 ?? Frcm miscellaneous sources * ?"! r. On aeo oat of tht navy 6tt,oeo 71 The annexed statement exhibits the average daily movement in the leading departments of the banks ol tbis city during the week preceding Saturday morning, March 2'J, lb56: ? Nkw York City Baku. ? Loom* opecic. Circ ?? Dtp Gtt4? v Ynrk <3 6' 8 459 812,841 238,980 8,083,090 2^?- 4982*2! 734*944 365 611 3 848 222 Sjfifflv 4 748,200 1109,215 200,106 5,070,369 a WftM 691,668 384,101 2,981.06.'! 3 028 9t8 321 689 195,687 2,980,916 aSSJU 4 7 54 422 1 663 581 58,383 5,731,653 l-teii .'.2,438 428 254 064 113,300 2,113,319 <\ft, 1 711.294 163,613 40 817 1,295,179 \orth KlVer 1 02- 439 91 52*3 158 077 849,608 ^?menV:::i 372,861 96,129 272 131 787,006 vniion 1773 249 264,466 130,484 1,624,227 rh^Lca'l .'1 556,710 314,219 247,404 1,294 046 MerccanU' Ex.* . . 3,074,807 226 769 126,858 2,. 98 460 N^toiS . .1 556.743 196 690 156.122 9o4,686 bSS:..:.: i.4i5'8if m-*! ?oo6 92MW Mech'n kTrmdem' 698,896 52,853 480, 91 G.eeowleb m 551 87 234 28,117 534,518 Leather Mtnuf. .1,901,887 184,568 248,581 1,447,1-7 i-eventh Ward. . . 1 190,802 137,240 231,430 671 6 U cIJlUl 2 8911,451 705 086 500 991 3 325 911 Amer". Exchange 6,686! 15 1 838.489 316 730 8,609,181 Atscciaii'.n 1232,560 00,016 *81,242 2?]?;= C*jn mere* 8 406 961 1.027,488 2,093 5 ?-* 71f Boaerv 1016 068 91.568 173,150 842,0-1 jwowav 1 455, .53 168,227 228 911 1,300 144 ,,?!* 1 e?9 355 12M78 165,8* 1,108,482 Mrreanlile! ! ! ! ! . 2,317 743 237,989 98 207 l.Wjj.*? assj; ,?? <S'S "SwS <???.? . ?5,3? ?.?. *gm Peonle's . 738,105 37 209 151 552 501,736 North America.. 1 686,564 100,267 83,006 Hinovor 1 384.9C0 9<.630 107,1*31 ? 43,3.0 ""J 566,854 48,233 1)5 817 494,838 Metrup'iltan .. !0,C80,W55 1, 06.3, 844 207,419 6.028,0:9 rft,ranK> 737-25 64.897 153,927 583.71. CiifierH' 8.37 782 164,003 90,251 617.759 V:\V.\l.207, 625 1**61 117,143 1,019, SW t- __t 444 (VM ?8,795 87,881 ^24,1-8 Vca r ker '".'1,419.182 116,080 gisfew^jas sb ??? Sl'M 676' 877 3 4,183 110,334 ' 356,518 jfifc sass 588 80 s? Importers'"".'. . .1,613,196 143 0136 105 371 1,039 306 island Citj 4-,8 538 36 019 89 8f4 Drv lloeE - 425,673 16,539 7L494 126,619 N Y Kie'hi n't* *33,420 10 217 126,307 U8 391 Bull . a^ .r! 2661324 20 889 118,962 156 611 X. Y. County 319,613 10,538 90,401 152,310 Total $104 745,307 14,216.841 7,943,263 88,186,648 Clearings, March 25 ??gjJS'.SS Balances, ^sEEE::::-" M8JS The laft returns, compared with those of the pre. vious week, do not show a very important variation in ?ny department- The changes taring the past week were a* follows ? I.osd.- atd duecunta, an Increase of fpeclf, a decrease of 30'?72 Circnla'i. d, an increase or.. - .nu'Ria Deposits, a decrease nominally of (LoVqo DrpoaltH, an increase actoaJiy of o??,oux Ite discount department has ?ot varied mnch dur ing the past three weeks, and tbe specie aggregates have been equally uniform. The banks have un doubtedly deemed it wise to pause hi the expansion of loans. The aggregate cannot, even with the ra pid increase of the pa*t eight weeks, be considered large lor the bai-is upon which it rents. We are in the midtt of a very active business season, and money is active :tmong the mercantile classes. The expantion lat-t year was in the dullest season of the year, and a comparison either in the periodsor banking movements bhows in reality nothing. The banking capital is aliso much larger now than in Augnst last. The official account of the Bank of France, for the JMfitbS of Feb! nary and March, presents the following comparison:? Bank of France Frhruary. March . ^ 8??.j mi.'ms.ioo o tm'.mim ; K otiVh^ wk... ?.,?ojw o ? ?,m o H?uk notes to orter MM 939 85 5,70i,4?0 cumot SAr! 53.020,252 81 AM 18 I^^yVcounU current. 107. 067, 116 86 97,678,952 91 LHj. win the branch ksnks 25.875/66 0 0 Lividcudp 12 26 p Zb rise trend mi ml- y Inter' ts 6,822,676 86 8-69. 87 Commission on i? pot its... 20,661 96 27,780 40 Ke-flsc. Ust mx months.. 1,738,733 0? 1,7.,8,7J3 02 I'rottsted bills 16 121 67 28, 806 24 Sundries 1 618,822 29 1,670 285 43 Xo'.al 947,829.96 2 39 981,468,823 48 Crtditi r. C?fh in tand ?.. 94.f89,695 6.3 91.483.478 12 (afhin or. hin*s 119r 87 2.:0 0 122,613,756 0 (x>m. bule oTtr due 496,377,016 0 723,l'i7,0^0 0 Com. bills tisoounUd but not yet due 227 030 062 96 240,521.526 4 1)0. in the br. baiJis 212,764,382 0 191 625,178 0 Acv. on den. cf bullion... 1,378 500 0 2 610,700 0 I?o. by the branch bsuks,. 1,811,600 0 2,206.800 0 AdT. on French poblie se curities 60 677.736 10 79.077 636 10 Dc. by 'he branch bAiiks. . 6 632 800 0 6,988. WO 0 Adv. r u rsil. s?cnriiies. . . 33,279.200 0 34,661,700 0 Dn. by tte brarch bank".. 10,786,900 0 11,175,700 0 Adr. to 'he H'a'e 00 sgree nent of June 30. 1848... 60,000 000 0 60 000,000 0 PUoouot cf man. bond#.. 40,000,000 0 40 000,000 0 (iov ftock received 12,980.750 14 12 980,150 14 T? tSSZmMp 62 188,78.3 88 52 322.542 93 Hotel fc Inrniture of imik 4,000,000 0 4,009,000 0 ^od.dprcp.'ty of branch # ^ ^ q Q ?*TSemtnt. 438 070 98 815,371 13 Premium on purcba ?s of guld and sll?er 1,004,434 20 1, 310,148 44 Sundries 3,058,718 34 1,267,746 98 Total 917 829, #62 39 961 468,823 46 The return fiom the Batik of England for the week ending the Hh of Manh, gives the following repults, when compared with the previous week: ? i'ublic Deposit* ?1.376,186. .Increase, ?293,153 O'ber deposits 13 V 85.084 . . Decrease, 9-H, lt?S Rest 8, '92 670. . Insrta*, 12,818 On the other side of the account ? C;o?erDl^en, fesnrlties ?11, 461,009.. The wme at> before. ' >'l?er securities 18 3.S.::4:.. I)?5redj?e, ?59 i 419 Notes ul< itplojtd. .. . 6,764 620. .Increase, 271,615 The amount of notes in circulation is ?18,620,000, being ;i de> rease of ?315,225; and the stock of bul lion in both departments is ?10,550,410. showing a decreat-e of ?4'i,240 when compared with the pre ceding return. Stork Exrhwge. March 31. 18J6. 400 *hi? Erie Hit . . slO 56 200 ib blO 57 400 do s^J 56 \ 100 do b?) 67 * 1?K? Har Jen HP *60 19}? 1&0 Illinois Geo RR. . 97;t 12i Mi So ft tfo la Hit 95 17 Cley. CjI A; Cine. 10>tf 200 lasting HR 9 1\ MX 9"x 85 03 9 f;< 92 ? 91 X 92 >4 $1000 Virginia 6 . 4('f? r o iS '.(KOHa-Icu. lft MB. KM 0 Kiie Hoi, dc '8.". V C" Kr i? Bsnris '75. "6lt0 111 i 4ti RK B.sli MKK) d j ...... 63 4C00 do..,.. ?3 C< CO III Fr?e Biin wp 2000 dr> 600 >. YtOn 7 s. . . 11 Hho Cty fs?-k i.0 Kk Hta'e N Yn?k !08X 7 Vetrcp' i an Bk. 107 10 Ilsn' rer bk. . . .<3 94 >4 it Mvr Fx Reck.... 108 ; 5 Pscitic M f Co. 78 60 NIc Trn?m Co. . . . 1;)* 4rO('nmbCoal Co...c 23^ 2<0 60 b> ffO <?o ro do... . .?o 1.5 N Y f en KB. s3 100 Eiie P.P. >60 ro to. do. 101;* 122 23 H 23 W 300 aoo 100 rxo 100 400 luO do do do btO do ?00 d) ..... . . , fl? do b60 5-) II id P.iv-r RR. . . 1". Mieb Ce t HR 100 Paaami HR . 9. a 9J? 92 << 92 V4' 92 '4 92 92 a 8? a 91 104 Vi If 0 60 J CO l.'.o 2' 0 60 SCO do. do. do. do. . no b,">0 bfl? . s* f.'O tr0(>0 M1?m mi fi's .. 84 10*' i>hs Vsnbnt Bsnk 1 1 36 P?nk JtswYork.. 120 100 Hud Ply RR, ..b.1 T,\\ '.60 do \A}i 2<0 Co W0 35 200 N!c Tr Ce .... M 1.1 |f>0 Eiie HR 130 57 3' 0 do ..... . b-'t 57 50 do s30 57 l'.O do (.60 57 60 de M0 57^ 92^ 56H 66 X 5 f\ ux 67 f7X U% [6* t6'f SECOND BOARD. do WiO 104>4 do *60 MH>, do b3 IOD-4 do I'i4^ 700 Cev A. Tol RP.. .. 600 do b.",0 ion do a:>0 200 do 200 do s?0 100 Ch ft P.k I<RKb?0 26 Hilw ft Miss RR. 6 do 80 79K 79,'? 79 9o?i 85 X 86 do 1 55 (iaien* A: Chi H R 113^ 5 J do .... b60 114 60 M Soft No la RR 95 95 %i 'Jl'i 72H 72k 80 89 87 l'?0 l eading P.P. . . . 20 Wiec UU Sa Hit 60 do.... . b30 3.10 CI?y A Tol l<a. . 43 3)0 do blO 23 Milir ft M,?.i RK . 60 do I ,(/) 24 Ch ft Kk i. d RH. idm Mm VOO aha W U% 600 UuHmt Gold.. e 115 100 do ? 45 100 do W 1 SO M0 d> e 46 S' 600 do ?3 1 ? ?0 do e 46* 400 do e 1 ? 100 do M0 469 1000 do blO 196 60 do M0 600 do M0 1 30 UOAbtMM 14* 2600 Mineral Oo.. .M 16 260 Gold Hill ... . 63 1 42^ 2600 do 63 IT 200 North Carol. . s3 1 90 1000 0tu*4 HU1. .63 21 WNCIMNAN STOCK ?*?? - By Oewmm d Uoimtt, for iXt Wtek Ending March 36, I860. BONDS. ??,000 Cli. Hun. & Dayton R. Co. 7'a 2d ut. and 1st 86 2, COO Little Miami RR. fl'a lit mort. bda. .... do. 80 6,000 Oovtog. tLu RR. Co. 7'a 2d mort. bda M 1,000 Ohio ? Miaa. RR Co. 7'a lat mort. bdc .and int. 86 8,000 Cln., Wi. k Zaneeville RR. Co. T'a toe Me da. 40 8,000 Ina'poiieJtCia. R. Co. 10 to. Me., doe 1868 do. 66 2,000 Hillaboro' A Cto. RR Oo. 7'a lat mort. bda... 60 1,500 01a . Oun. k Chio. RR Oo. 10 rati eat. and int. 40 600 Ind'polie A Cto. RR Oo. 7'a dividend Ma.... 69 410 Little Miami RR. Co. dividend aerip, old issue 92 600 Wabaah ft?tw Canal 5's deferred special stock 6 STOCKS. 18 sha Cto. and Chicago and Int. 8 26 G lambnaaLd Xeiiia 86 X 28 Lit de Miami 91 47 do. do 91* 30 do. do 91X 20 do. do 92 64 Ohio A MisaissfppI and lnt CJj 200 co. do. to days do. 7?i 112 Cln. Wilmingt >n and ZaaeaTille 60 daye. do. 18 40Junitio& d j. 1% 'JO line neati, Bam. and Dayton 66 16 toarlet* a and Cincinnati 16 39 Ohio and Miae ana int. 7 CITY COOMBRCIAL REPORT. Monday, U&rch 31?6 P. M. Anns.? The 6 alt ? were small, and prtoea uncharged. Brkadstvi Kg. ? Flour ? The market waa buoyant, with a fair demand from the local and Eaatera trade. The ialet embraced about 6 000 a 7,000 bbls., iooluding com mon to good and straight Slate and Western brands at $7 a $7 26, extra Stale at $7 -6 a $7 60, medium and low grades of ex ra Wes'etn, inducing Ohio, at $7 26 a $8; Uentfte extta at $8 26 a $10 60. Southern w*i in goad demand, with tales if about 1,600 bb's., inclnding mixed to shoiee biands at $7 12 a 88 26, and fancy and extra do. at 88 26 a 89 12 Canadian waa in reduced stack. Kales of 300 a 400 b^ia. were made at 87 02 )? a 89 26, lor goid to exra brands. Rye flour and eoru meat were quiet and prloes otciacge.'. Wheat? The nalei embraced 12, COO outhels lair Can?< kin wiiite at private terms, and 6 (iCO do. do. prims quality at 81 90, with aalee of small lota i f r? d Tenntsi-ee, at 81 60 for ii.ferinr and 81 75 for Eilrce. Ccrn ? as ea*ier, the advar oe in freights having ad a tendercy to check shipments. Toe sales embraced about la, COO a 20,000 btunels, including mlx<d, wrute and yellow a>. fl?c., with a small lot of superior white a 67c. Rje ? -Sa'es of 5 000 a 7,000 bushels were uada. La clutirg Pet nfylv-i iv at 81 10. and Northern a'. H 12. Barley ? Salts of 7 000 bushels four to wo* Stats were tr.ade at $1 28. Oats were in ??ir >leai<ind at 41<s. a 43c. for S ate and at 43c. a 4rto. for Chicago. ("ontK.? The s* .e< emo>acfd about 800 a 1,080 bagi of Kio at 11 'i'c. a 12c., part inferior at ll>?c., aud 400 do. fl.ia.mli g? at lv}tc. The stock ol Kio in this market was estic&iec at about 33 000 tMgs. 100 mats of Java aold it. 14 >ic., and H 0 bags Iaguyara sold a*. 12c. Chiton. ? The reached about 6,000 bags, chiefly In tram.ito, -.he market e oving firm, especial.y for the n.edium and better grades of middlings. Fkugiits ?Kates for grain to Liverpool on tinned firm Atout 20.000 a 30,0r0 budhela or corn were engage 1, 10 bulk and bags, at 8>?e.a9d. and 9)jd. 260 tierces of beet at 3e. J?d., and '.00 a ?00 bales of eotton at >4'd. a 9-32d. To Glaigow 400 bhls. rotio were engagid as 3a. 6d. To Havre oottcn was at %e. ; flour at 76c . and grain at 26c. To Bremen, about 500 bbls. rutin, ana SO ti-rce.n honey were ergagea at private terms. Rates to Ca ifa. nia tar ged frtm 30c. a 36c. Bat. ? The market was Bra at II 12 a 81 ltf?*. Hum were fn good demand, wl.h sa'es of riasiern at 9c Moutrstfi.? About 600 bbls. New Orleans were sold at 42c. a 45c. Naval Stores. ? About 50 bbls. spirits were sold at 38c., and too bilp. toeio at 81 60 per 310 lbs., delivered. ? Erg ish lnt cod was in good demand from store at 85:. There was no change of importance to notice in whale or spetm. Proviso's.? Pork ? Ths market was buoyant and demand good, with salaa of 600 a 600 barrels, including mess at 816 26, with acme (mail lots reported at 816 31 and prime at 815, and at 817 for prime mess. B-ef was heavy, with rales of 76 a 100 barrels, including country pris e at $8 a 18 76 and mow do. at 811 a $13; repacked Western was at $11 a $13. Betf Lams sere Bros, ani wanted at $13 a $16 50. Prims mess was quiet at $17 a $22. Cut ic eats we: e in fair demand, with moderate sales at 7*?c. ft r shoulders and at 9>^c. a 9>fc. for hams. Ol 10 butier was at 16c. a 21c , and State at 20j. a 24c. Cheese was at 8s. a 10^c., with moderate salss. L\rd waa less buoyant; sales of 300 ban els were made at 9?; j. a 10c.; tie latter figure for strict'y prims. JRmt.? Sales of 850 ca>ka were made at p iles ranging frcfei 4c. a^jjfe. pftr fi<)Utu> .. _ . Krai. Estats.? Hour* and lot Ne. 40, CO ner of Tarty "a and Stanton strte's, 26xfl7, $5,080; J8, adjolaing on 8tanton street, 22*67, $1/00; 197 Forsyth utreet, In rear ol above. 18x60, $2,300; 199, adjoining, 20x60, $2,460; 65, to Fecond avenue, 24xlC0, $6,860; on Twenty-eighth street, between First and Second aveous?, 26xS9, $2,600. 1 lot on Broatway and Forty-seventh street, 26x78, $t COO; house ard lot No. 85, in Fast Thirty-first street, 16x80, $6 ((0; 2 lots os Six y fourth street, near Fourth avenue, 2fxl00, $1650; houre and lot on Forty fourth street, let ween Broadway and Sixth avenue, 19x100, $7 ttO; 7 lots en 127th dies1, near Sixth avenue, 26x100, $2,800; 1 let on Broadway, near Forty-cevanth street, 2txS 0, $4.6(0; tcuee and lot No. 121, in Forty six h street, 25x100, $3 200; 1 gore on Kighth avenue, near 116ih street, 26x100, $376; 4 do. do. a Joining. 26x100, $U0. 8t<;>r.? The market waa steady, wi h sales of aV>ut 500 bhdf. Caba mureorado. at 6>^c a "J^c., chiefly at 7 Vc. a 7 Xc The ttock for April was as fallows v? Cuba muscovad hlida. 7,790 New Or eans and Texas 3,746 Porto R co 2,499 Total 14,034 Bcin 2.6% Wn;8hvr.? The cadet was firmer, wtJi sales of 203 a 308 bb's. Ohio and Ktate prison, at 28s. a 29s. AflfERTISKMfcim SHEWED EVER! DAY. fiORBEM, CARRIAGES, AC. AfrPLKNDID DOUBLE 8EATED BOX WAGOK, WITH pole and sha't. for tale: made W> order; never need; ibe own tr will ee'l it ? bargain, if applied for cojn, at 116 Wtrisn street up Hairs. a CHKSNI T f-OKRRL HORSK, WARRANTKO BOl'HD A ami k'nd in every ?av; can tret very fas'- aIho, an f stjle bcx wsgon and light hirr e?s (new). ' an be teen at 8. JaRVIB' (table. co:tier of Broadway and Twenty sevai ' i ?treet. ABCSIOM CHAIKK NEARLY NEW, WITH L ANC.i wood shaft* and tlnlated in the be?t manner: weight 3K lb*., and very chesp at $200; an aeq'ilxitioa to a doctor; tip tna spron eiira larf e. Can be teen at Dicker* Hkllu( School, >o. 7 West Iblreenth street A BARK CHANCE FOR A MAX IN THE lOCNTtY A For *ft'e. a black Hawk aUU ion. ha'f Morgan, foil "?ar? old ; will challenge aoy tour year old in 'he SUte or New Yar* to tiot; be in pertectD ppotl <s and krtU to drive double or sta f'e. Irqn're at 184 Fulton street, w to IT. fOWJflfc, 37 Hears *t;eet, Brootlj n. CARRIAGES FCR BALE. -FOR PAL*, i TfO MM. ! ex'eneton top wagon. be??i u?ed tut three or fouritm * Al*o fte doetor's gig, oeen ussd but or re. A1*?, toar a"d alx seated rockswsvf. barouches and buggies. Also. a Qne assort ment of light work on hatd. Apply at 368 Broadway. IjlOR SALE- A CART. HAR*K3?, AND WORE OK A r tiore down t wr. Apply at 14 HufloUt str-et, between t and So'e.ork, A. M. FOR SaLE-A VKhY HA> DSt.ME TWO SKATED WA gon, but lit be uned *na ligln : aonhle harness J. FuRD, US idizabeth street. For sale, cheap- a pair of p?ny made black horses. \iy* hard* high a-und and kind in ail hameiw go d trave Itrr. Inquire at 14 East Sixteenth stxeev, stable tr m* rear of hcure. F'OB' sale- a brow* horse, six years ?ld round and krd n all harness, and can trot in 3.5 to a w*gon; he is ot the Jackson sleek, and wou'd beasplewM fsml y or aocloi's hoare. Apply at a 9 First ? venae, after II o'c:cck. FOR EALE-A VlRf FINK SISOLE COUP? ROOS 4 way; r?n fce made open or eloee, with a sup. 'floe ? > 1, silver mounted htsress. A.'l a* good as new, and forms a adratiab'e e Htai>'i?bment for a private family. Can be sera a CASS! liVS fUbie, il"i W Ml Twenty fourth street. For pale? a handbook saddle pokey, twklye bards high. sound and kind, four years old. and a B mlon rhaiM-, In perfect order, with a harness ti mal;h, suitable f >r a physician; chslae sr.d haree*? tffiO Csn be se^a at tho lac lory, Of Waterbury and Retnaeo *tieets, Bubwlck. jjtOR BALK? A BAY MARE, 1S)3 HANPS HI 'in, SOUND, P klr.d ar.d gentle, eight years old, and can trot a m'le iu three ntiiU'es and ten second*. Also, a light two seated fsirily wrgon, with top ever ? ack ?e*t- Apoty at the aUb'e one focr wtst of lbird avenue, in thirty slith street, after.ooe o'clock. FpO* ?A'F.-0?K EXPRKSS WAGON.-ITQURR OK ' J. L. IVgNCRF, attfce Harlem ?riirr>ad dep /t, twenty ni'h Ht; eet or 6.1 Fs.?t Twenty mrth Hreft. E?<iR sat.p: a aotnc CABT. HARN'ESH AMDW JRK. Ir(|Uire at ?51 Washington f treet, le the batem^n'.. u OR HALE? A flPL*l?DID BAY bOESg. If HA*ID p high, well a^ap'.ed for a Iccuu- or famtlv horse r- an es pifMvason. Ms person retyi ansly but thoen wb> waaits ? plendid noree. ln<|uirea 140 Ktanu. n ?rfeei. FV)R SAT E? A OR A Y nORSE, SOI WD ANfl Ef.^O lit* l.i ea uorktd In a earu Oan be seon at Zi old atip Frit* tin. TToR SAI.E-A HANOSOMK WAfKJV, SUITABLE Volt r a doctor or for s hnrtness man reqalrlig to drive arnusd inllecltv, or will be eic.har>R?d fir a iijhter vehi.?:? of tike wmeklnd. Price $1'0. luoulre at RC.M.SK.V3 sUble, ooi ner <! Otirt ?id t'nlrin sti ee*?, Brooklin XJHW YORK TATTF HP ALL'S, CORNER OF SIXTH Xl svenne and Thirty rintbdreei.? A action talei-ll.irse* wsgnr.* roaehes. lirrs??,bi?nkets Ac ?One while mart oi e black mare, ore i beenat hittn, one *o?rel horse, all gntut eardle and load horse.H, 'and tpn to twelve workliome^. Wlil be fold this day (Tae'day), April 1, at 12 o'clock. II I1 1 1 * i n , Pa leeipan. OEO. CLwOM AncUoneer. HKT HOUSE. H RLKM ? OW WKDKKSDAY, APRILS' Mr. Win. t-hnt* wM sliorv a oting AbdaHah bav horsi without a 'suit or blemish, and Iti hnndii hnrb to sims ftrtv a mere f f h ? Irienfls, thai have slresdy *oi<*crlb?d ih?tr oviw to a-*|rt h m In making food bis late tr isfortune, of lesl g very comislr g young Slack Hswk roll, that oost btm no smal " plie " Ary jent unr feeling dl?po?ed to fsvor ihe warthy rsy n. ke a chance at the eam?, from I t 5 o'slook on tr* above date. W?. A. H HO WR and others OcmmiUse. WAW BM| JF.wih.hv, AC. / t P NEVA WATCHES.? THE AOEWT OF THE CEI.E \T Hated enichea ?f Mou'lnie Abie, of Oenevi, ke^p* al - *ay? i n hand a large ewortnaent c-f 'he (\reat timatiiace* ever Imf'nried leto ihl? r.njntry. fThroaomeiers. ladles' envne led WRiehri, st diHerent price*; sleo, rich Imported jewelry. 1 . ?< UJtiUOKJi, $7 N?as?u ?i rw, up si?lrs. MY GOODS, MO. I nnn -^"erupt STOCK OF NT GOODS, _ J.l/UU. *t leas than two-thirds IIm original so*, ri have purchased the above UMUt of the ttoek of anfbrtunate relator, which we have addealo our m sleek, IK will be *uM at almost fabulous pricks. This ytcck comprises foreln end domestic good* la every ve rielv, ud the bargains which will oe pretested will eaoeed anything ever known la the cttx of New York. The store will be opened at 9 o'clock.

Mom dat, Mahi-u 31. The Mk'e will be eonttnoed until the whole Mock to diapoeed at TBS 0BABOES HKtl OrrBBED ABE:? To the housekeeper a hvuk ot at least 40 per seal To the dealer at retell, or to the pedler. To the ladiee, especially, bargains such as a rile time may reallie. LS*1 Lmens. Napkins. flBll ? ? ? W?MM1 nru. ~ w. OoUtf at 14s. , worth 93 60. Brllliantee uU and la. M.. worth 2e and 3a. Glnghama at 8d., worth la. M. Cantmeres at la., werth 4s. Flarnela at la., werth fe Mantillas and vlsltcs at naif prioa. White gooda? table linens do. Tableclotha at 9a., worth 90. TahlecVxha atl 12a., worth W 910,000 of domeetic (tooda -sheetings, shirtings, drillings, dm Una, tlcka, stripes, by (he pleee or yard, at liruamso aacri ioft. IT 18 NEEDLE90 TO FAKTKWLAJIUB, As H la, and rhall be, oar inienilon to offer to the pub lie ber frttr* such ai hare never been seen before. The Bret who eome will hiVB the best ciuwoe. F. W. A W. y. QILLHY, 126 Bowery. BARKGE FLOUNCKO RCBIB. A fresh lot Irom auction, At 96 Bach. Will be opened on Monda^lUrphSl. ^ ^ Broad war. Chambers acd Reade streets. 500 A T. STEWART k CO. Will open their MrBIMH AMD SUBBBB MANTILLAS, at retail. On Monday, March SI, Broadway, Chambers and Reade streets B A MAGNIFICENT ASSORTMENT OF SPRING EM broideries, Just reielred per steamer Persia, oondsting sf ooOa'i and sleeves, baaquea, ban da. skirts, handkerchiefs, macUilas, 4e. Tbey are warranted French goxla, and very cheap. MIM.RR A QRANT, til Broadway. A MKRICAN MANTILLAS ? DESIGNED BY AMERICAN ft. artists. Wednesday. April 2. J. BhC K A CO., 3C5, 780 and 788 Broadway. BULPIU'S MANTILLAS? rOK CITT RBTAIL TRADE, Will be open for inspection OB WEDKESPAY, APBIL iD, at the PARIS MANMI.LA EMPOR'UM, 361 Broadway, When will be preeeried to publo notice wkat Is believe do be ihe m 'at recherche colecticn ?t laahionable novelties ever ex hibiud In this cJy. bavin? been fbr'unate enough to aecure the servloes or se vere emtoLt "artlsie?"ln the various departments of muii lecture direct from Paris, (ihe enormous expense of which la only justified by his vastly increasing trade,; ne (eela (he ut anoet confidence m asserting that bta warerooms, tbla seiaon, will he replete with all that Is beautiful la eoneeption and ar In execution? garments that Paris itself cannot exoel, and at prices in sir lot ac ordance with extreme moderation. Ut merely solicits from every lady an inspection. The varieties comprise - takfkta silk, HOIKE AWTKitJE Da T11E HEW EULAMTIHE SHAWL SBArE, UUll'CKK LACK MASTILLAS, C1IA.NTILLY DO. a t'O. AND MOURNIWC MANTILLAS IK EVERT SUITABLE BATHMAL. observe, the opening day ia Wedneiday. April 2. _ * QUO. BOLPIN. EEEMAN k COMPANY, 473 BROADWAY, Will open, this morning, one ease of the richest silk* Imported this season; prloe 94 per yard, worth 96. Also, silk robes In great variety. BRODIK'S MANTILL A8JRKT AIl/DBP ARTMKN f.? Or EH IMG ABBODNOBBBHT. O. Brodls, 51 Canal and 63 Liapenard streets, will epen on loeaday, April 1, Bpring styles of Pari*- Chantllly and o"her Biantlllae. HV buyer haa just returned from Europe with the very latest no v elite i, ana his assortment Is now the largest and most com plete in ths eltv. BBLPIA'S MANTILLAS.-" AMINA," A novel, graceful, and reehevohe garment. Opening day, WEDNESDAY, April 2. BRODlE'et MANTILLAS. Retail DfrARTBEXT. OPENIMO DAY, Tuesday, April 1. A SUPERB ASKOtiTMEBT. 61 Canal and 63 Lltpenard streets. Black bilks, kla< k silks. In eviry grade, with or without lustre, at uarlval'ed low W JACKSOM'd, (Late Bartbo omew'sj new mourning store, No. 651 Broadway, between Spring and Prinoe sts., Oppotite Tltfany k Co. ItOMBAZINBS. BOMBaZINFS. 4 t Ladles In want of bombazines wl'l find It t3 their advas to call, bef. re at (Late Bartholomew's,) new mourning store, No. 661 Broadway, ?eiwe*n Prince and Bpricg streets, opposite Tiffany A Co. CHOICE DRESS GOODS-PILE ROBES, GRENADINB robes, barrge robes, organdie robes, 4c , 4c.. juit landed, and will be adeed to oar letati stock for Monday, Maroh 31 ARM OLD, CONSTABLE A CO., 6 1 Canal street.. (AHANTILLY LACK MANTILLAS. J Wednesday, Aoril 2. W. B. MACKENZIE 46 and 47 Canal street CORSETS FOR THE SPRING ? WK WILL OPEM T1 I day a rplendld assortment of a new sti le of ooraets, ma?-.. lectured expteaaly for our own retail trads. to wklgh we In vite the attention ol ladles who admire an elegant and co o forta^le fit OAYNOR, 46 third avenue, near Tenth atieet, and 262 Sixth avenue, near Seventeenth street. DBF.Se CAP9? WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, AT MRS YANCf >8 ladles' dreaa cap store, 24 Fourth avenue, o poalte teventh st, 'ate Diritlonlst | Comntry mllllneraauppl I with patterrs on reaaonaMe terma. ELXOAKT SPRIKG RIBBONS A great vax let* ot new st) lee; Alia, A full assortment ef LADIES' DRESS TRIMMINGS, At a reduction of TWBSTT PBB CENT B1LOW CPUAL rmcra. LORD k TAYLOR, 266, 257. 269 and 261 Grand rreet, And new Aos. 47 and 49 Catharine stree*. UKGLI8B MANTILLAS, WEDNESDAY, AFRIL 2. Ej J. BF.UK ft CO., 366, 786 and 788 Broadway. FRl !VOH EMBROIDERIES, Ac , FROM AUCTION. Juit opened, by BPf KM AM ft COMPANY, 473 Broadway, Between Grand and Brootne strests. Foirf ef the French collars, needle worked bands. And embrolsered bandkerohlefs ever ottered for MIS. Ladle*' tire linen handkerchiefs, slightly Imperfect, only fld. o, Gents' fine linenJuundkerchU-f* slightly Imperfect, only U. Ul., worth 3a. French cloths, caiiSimkrrs. drillings, vtwr tags. 4c , Ac., FOR MSM'S AND BOYS' SPRING WEAR, Cut In any length to suit purchasers. A. T. STKWART ft 00.. Broadway, Chambers and Readeatreeta. French mant illas? wbdnksoay, apbii. a, J. BUCK A CO., 355. 786 and 788 Broadway. VK THOUSAND DIFFERENT MANTILLAS, ON WEDNK8DAY, April 2. at BULPIN'8, No. 351 Broadway. r Gr HONITON LAO* MANTILLAS. Wednesnay, April 2. W. B. MACKENZIE, 46 and 47 1 1 ULVUHS LACK MANTILLAS. - Wednesday, April 2. W. B. MACKKNZjg, 46 and 47 Oanal stro* I on ii on la ok mantillas. >112. J Canal street, IMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. - 66 cases of white counterpanes, at 10s. fid. each. 60 03. do. Marseilles qui ta, at 12 1. each. 70 do. do. ao. do , 12 4, only 1 1 euoh. 160 dozen of toilet covers, first quality, only St. M. each, worih 4 s. iheatove have been just bought In the auction ran at about 40 per cent lees lhan regular price*. W. K. PIC Y TON, 2l4>g Bowery. JAMFS UlLAY ft TO. WILL OPEN, ON MARCH ai NKW FLOUNCED R0BK8, in BILJC, GRENADINE, TUCUK, CRAPS DC PABIR, MOGSKUNB DC SOnt, BARSOB, ORGANDIE, JMKiVdl. Novelties received by every steamer. 72V Broadway. JAMFS A. HEARN Has opened his fePBIWU MAN 1 EuETfl, For beet rlty trade. At his new store. No. (76 Broadway, above Ninth stree' . Kid OLOVK8? kid olovks.^ Just receved from auction, 160 dozen light colors, warranted real kll, only 3s. tfd. apotr. IJV do. dark do. d". do, only2e.M. d 1AO do black kid g'oves, ooly 2s. 6d. a pair. We Uvite atieLtkm irsm who wale and re'all customer ? o the above, as they are a bargain seldom offered. W. K. PEYTON, 2MK Bowery. LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S FURNISHIBG STORE - Mrs. IbWASrC will open, on Wednesday, April J, ik v and e'egaet cooes, in the above line, at bar establishment, i *6 Broadwav, opposite Astor plaee. Lack curtains, damasks. MusHn ind iaee draperies. Union dvnaaka, mtreeri, wonted damasks, satin ialne bro au.1, aud cunata materia. generally. KICl! O'LT CORNICES AND BRACKETS; A large variety of scroll and other approved dedgna. Alto, Oathk, landscape, sc o'.l. silt and plate WINDOW SHADES. LORD A TAYLOR, 265, 267, 2.v. and Ml Orand street. LADIFS, COMPARE MANTILLA8 TO BM SBBN AT rber eMab.l*hmer.tfl, on WKDHE8DAY. April 2, with BPLPIN'8, SGI Broadway. AMtLM AND TI8ITE8 ? I.a'est and mril approved I'arlslan stvlea: FANCY AKD PLAIN, MOIRK ANTIQUB, *C. Also, an eitensive variety of BK0CHE, CASIIMKBB, STELLA AND CBAPR SHAWLS. LORD A TAYLOR, 3F5, 267 269 and 241 Oraod street. Anil ie? NO*. 47 and 49 <.:itharin? street. ANTl *R MtN rl.KH, MANTLEH. Ihe grandest operlng of kabok> Wbtrwdav, April 2. MOLYNKUX BELL, .'.8 Oanal street. Will display bis importation of French mantles on the above B>al Gulpnre lace Rl, h < liantllly do., orig'nk! patterns. Pa' Is at d Brti?sel< la? e mante'et*. A new and magnificent garment, never before seen. Rich embrolderei Scurf mantles. The original French St; lee, with copies of his own waniifao lure will be exhibited without reserve on the above day. ?M < -anal street. MaMILLAS.-OPENINO DAY AT RKTAIL, WED r? sday, April 2. ARNOLD, CONHTABLM A 00., Hi Can?l itreet, ? DMT OOODC, AC. j4?fSKL VAf^J^nZ^aUinea prints; N1 20 PER CENT BELOW BJtUULAR PRICES. LORD A TAYLOR, 266, 2B7, 299 and 261 Orand it reet And new Mm. 47 and 49 Catharine alreei EW BILKS? KIW 9B1?U, JtEW PBE8S <>00 OS, IRIS1I LINENS, LACK AND MCSUN CURTAINS, DBLA1.VE9, MUHUNtf, LAWNS, BABKOBS, Meetly of rfcent Importation, (resulting from Urea order* placed by Ike lata Ann of Lead beater A On., 347 Broadway j Now on see. By order of assignees, UaUl the third week la April, When the assignment Will be positively eioeed ? ????MM stook le now re FURTMM& REDUOUD PRICKS, This being Imperative, the entire siook la now re- marked at And every inducement will be ottered to purchasers. Parcels delivered free la Mew York. Brooklyn, Williams burg and Jeroey tilt;. O. B. WTLI.IaMH A OO. VTOVitLTIKS IK MAN TILL aB, OM WEDNESDAY, -Li April 2. Jf ANTELETS DC rARIS, MANTELETS D'ESPANOL, MANTELETS D'ANGLAIS. FRENCH, SPANISH AMD ENGLISH MaNTILLAS, On Wednesday, April 1. ORIGINALS rBOM ALL COUNTRIES, NEW, BICH ABO OO0TLT, On Wednesday, April 2. Also, copies of the rarest o' the imported ssantfllas, (our own manuiacture,) at prices to>uit toe million. On Wednesday April 2. J. BACK * OO , 166,786 and 788 Broadway. OPENING DAT FOR MANTILLAS. Wednesday, April 2d. W. B. MACKENZIE, 46 and 47 Canal street. PRINTED LINENS AND HANDKERCHIEFS, AT ihe Linen Store ? We have rtNMI a ease of remarka bly neat styles pritted lirens, at 4s. p?r yard; also another lot el gentle* en's printed liaen handkerchiefs, at 2s. 6d ea Ji, good SO lea. J. C. MILLIKE If A 00. 748 Broadway, above Aator place. Rich embroideries and laces. Collars, sleeves and chemisettes, separate and Is sets; BoLlton, Guipure and Brussels laces, Ac. Ac. Ao. Alro, A full assortment of new patterns LOW PRICED EMBROIDERIES AND LACB8. LORD Jk TAYLOR, 256, 267, 269 and 261 Orand street. And new * oa. 47 and 49 Catharine street KOBES BKVIONR, FOB MORNING COSTUME, Printed on fine perca'e. AT ft 90 EACH. A. T STEWART A CO., Hrondwav. Chambers and Reads nti-eota. tut mircniU 1 * 1 MaCKEKZIE, 46 and 47 Oanal street. SPANISH MANTILLAS, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 2. J. BECK A CO., 366, 796 and 788 Broadway. Shawls, shawls, shawls and mantillas, JO cases crape shawls, plain and embroidered. 40 casta Stella shawls, entire new patterns. Velvet mantillas for truing wear. By|BKE?MAN fc COMPANY, 473 Broadway, Between Orand and Broome streets. Those bareor robes, for %6 eo, Worth 18, jcst Received bt the "Pimia," At BMhKMAN A COMPANY'S, 473 Broadway, Between Orand and Broome streets. fliHE "LADY BLANCHE" MANTILLA. 1 BULPIVB OPENING DAY, Wednesday, April 2. E GREAT MAN1ILLA JUBILEE, On WEDNESDAY, Asrtl 2. At BULPIN'd, 361 Broadway. rjTH THE " EGLANTINE" MANTILLA. AS ARTICLE or SDHPABtlING LOVELINESS, 1 be shape remarkable alike for Its beauty, elegance and sim plicity, can be setn only at BULPIN'S, On his OPBNING DAY, WEDNESDAY, April 2. r CERTAIN VENDERS OF MANTILLAS.? Who steals my purse steals trash ; 'lis something, nothing : 'Twas mine, 'tis hli, Ar.d has been slave to thousands. But be That fTlcbes from me my good name, Robs me of ttat which not enriches him. And makes me poor indeed. Read this, most noble host of Imitatore-great and small? from 1 rlnity church to Canal street, (Inclusive,) ve who would fcjn make others' lead" 10 flkme The Opening Dat for Mantillas, Oa WEDNESDAY, April 2, Waa originally advertised to lake place at BULPIN'S, No. 361 Broadway. WEED'S MOURNING STORE, 499 BaoADWAr. Orand exposition of mourning mantl'las and bonnets, oa Tuesday and Wednesday, April 1 and 2. at WKKD'S MOURNING STORE Four doors below the St Nicholas Hotel. TV 1 EDNE8DAY, APRIL 2. Who appointed this day for MANTILLAS t BULPIN, No. 361 Broadway. MISCELLANEOUS. OQC nnn tons of the most superior kbl ^Oo.uUU By the Knickerbocker Ice Company; offlot 1G3 Canal st reel? for shipping or oity trade. AU orders wfl be promptly a tended to and faithfully executed. M. B.? Thh ts the only company bringing Rocklind lake or any lake lor to the market R. T. OOMRON, President W. 8. Wn.cox, Secretary. ONE DAY ONLY.? $16 FOR A FARM OR BUILD1 1 lot In the fiourii hing village or Lakeland, near La. ? Rorkonkoma. This opportunity should be Improved by all destitute cf a bom?; ?15, Si! la Instalments, secures each snbrrrller a deed for a firm from two to twenty acres, ar a building lot 86 bv 200 feet, euual to four city lota, In the dtvl s on ot tarms and lota on Wednesday, the 2d Of April, Here a person can be his owt landlord, acd realize all the advantage of his improvements, without paying w&attieaMTor vagani reut Apply ear.y to '.HaS. WOOD, 208 Broadway. AN EFFICACIOUS CURE FOR CORNS, BUNIONB, OAL lost ties, nails growing into die flesh, and every disorder 01 the feet, by a new aid peculiar method, without cutting, e? without oa using the snghwet pan. Monsieur LBVL oTno. 60 Bia Rue de RItoU, Paris, and No, 3 Cocdnlt sti*wl,' Begent street, London, Burgeon ChlrooodM to the Emperor of Frar.ce and the Rayal Family oi Knglaad, having been specially invited to New York to attend somt ^Rittnguiahedlamiliee. Intends remaining here, and mar M consulted dally, Saa4a;s excepted, at his uffl^e from 10 rill i o'clock. co nr.." or testimonials. [From bis Imperial Majesty Napoleon III., Emperor el T ranee.] Je oertifle que M. Levi etleve lea eora avec uae extreme ha bilete. Lock Napoleon Bovatarte. [From James Baker, Esq.] I certify that Dr. Levi has cured me some month ago of se veral tront'lcsome bunions, without the lesst pain, and wtsMb have annoyed ire tor many years I walk a: present wlS great etmfort and, and cheerfully recommend Dr. Levi t? mt friends and public. Jahbs Babeu. 22 East Seventeenth street New Yoke, Mareh 24, 1M6. [From Robert Ferguson, Ksq., M. D.. Physlriaa in Ordiasai to her Majesty of Ureat BHtate 1 Mr. Levi haa ?o?t initaiiy arracted two ajrns from sa] int, without giving a:e the slightest paixtr Bout. Ferguson. M. 9. No. 9 Queen street, May Fair, London, March 2, 1838. [From H. J. reltus, Esq.] I Unsolicited by Mr. Levi. I beg letve to testify to his siieoese ; ful skill In bavtng perfectly removed a large buntcn cf lo?| ?tans Ing, without causing any pain. h. J. Feltus, [ Pbilkdelphia. July 27. 1K61 No. 4 Boston row, I In addiuoa to ibe above authenticated teslimtnlals, maaa ihouiands more In his poaserston (aoioni; which are sevenu from ladles of the highest rank) can be s?enby favoring b*a with a call at his office, 91 Eleventh street between Fifth s?4 blxth avenues, haw fork. N. B.? No professions! connection with any person. Business mkn, and all others who wish thrir job or card prinUng well and promptly done, at ' ca?b pricee. will find It to their advantage t*> call at Thomas K. button's plain and ornamental pr nting office, 142 Fuiton street, between 5assau and Broadway. 1I1CMAH K. SUTTON. Printer. Clocks, candelabras, paris bronzes. statu ? for niches, Ac., Ac. H. HARDONV1LLK, 44? Broadway. CI AB FIXTURES. OAS FIXTURES NEW PATTERNS X j art received, by H. PARDON VILLH, 446 Br >adway. LEECHES.- 40,000 FREHH fSWEDIHH AND OKRMAW lcchod. arrived In prime oondition. For sale bv J. K. CLEU A CO , 00 Maiden lano ECHANICAL LAMPS, CARCELS AND M0DKRAT0R8, of every *t> ie and price. U. DaRDONYILLE, 416 Broadway. M R APE KBED OIL, THE BhST QUALITY, AND THH I!*t oil (or lumen II. DARDuifVlLLK, 44S Broadway. OHOWCA8KS.-WCHM1 IT ft BROTUBR^B M ANUFACr J O lory and wartrooms, Ne. ft North William a'reet, near Frankfort, new York, acd 77 Wmi Third street. Cincinnati, Ohio. A (arte assortment -omtanUj on h?nd. vid ahowoaaes taken la t loharge. Ordera promptly executed. TO PUBL1BM1B8, Ac.? TB? SUBsUrTbKR UAVINO resumed the practice of Ula profeaatou of mip compiler aid engraver, In now prepared to execute any orderi with which be may I e lavored. Hla amp e atock of rooert tctloiial and oib?r facUltlw or.ab'e him to eomptle and engrare utaps, 4c . fliurh below the ordinary prior*. Old map platen i soo vaied, and new material aide*. If. ?. TANNER, Third place, aecend door east of Court it., Brooklyn N. B ? Ibe enpper plates of a sU sheet map of the world, eortcted up to the pievmt time, for pale. Yhls la the only larce map ot the world on the glabnly projection, pnbllehed tn thl? cuntry, and is ererv Way preterab e to maps on Mcr catoi 'a projection. laipreastoo* from the p'ataa may be aM-n as above. T" BACYA nATF'lLD HAVE REMOVED FROM jTHKIR late s^aiid. 124 Grand street, to No. 6 Astor placs. near Broadway, where tbey wl 1 be prepared to luruithnew and elegant patterns of picture fratnea. O BUILDERS AND OTH K R B.-M AKB r,K~ M A~NT K Lfl for sale clw sp.- In eonse>iuenoe of the diss >lu ion of oo partnershiti betwreo I.nnry A Dlmond, to take place on (be nratday of May, the eitenslve sloe* of marble mar,t?l? m (he>i wareroorn. 183 Bast Tweelt-lhlrd street, will be sold cheap tor easb, t! applied lor iiniredlaie!/. LRARY i OIMOM). 182 Fast Twenty. third street, between First and Seoond av.jnues o manufacturers OF FANOV PaPKR BOX US acd oUers - iss, equal, If i ri?. My seen street, first lir or. T atd oil era ? I'l<!tnrea and paper aaniished to a brilliant gloss, enual, If ?ot superior, to the beat itnpnrlat'nns from Paris. My secret tor sale, JOHN M ANKER, 35 Centro T WINKS ?360 HAMS INDIA TWINS, FINK TWO thread, suitable for sofa waer bot-Iera alio, all el/et of Knlrkf rbrck?r cotton telne t *1ne Kor sal>: by DEMARK8T A JORALKMOR, 100 Bare ' _ TT ANILiiA .--AN INVOKE OF A FEWOASS3 PRIMS V Mexican vanl la beans, new crop, arrived per steamer Empire Cltjr. For eale br J. F. CtEp A HO , 91) Maiden laoe. It O NIB'S MLRCTRO (TH km 10 AL BATHB~? PROF, Yergnea. (he dlaeorerer of thn prootHS lor eitrsoMnf ma mlslromtbe bnn-an body. Is at 710 Broadway. Themlatht aot only extract meiaKe rredlctnes from the human aFFUtn bal are peenllarly MDeaetova In relieving thoee sulTirrlnx t un rAemsatiaip, gont, renralglc pains weeknnaa. or oon'rVAi/vn? of the isabs, Ae. The Professor hlmaelf glvwi hts nn1i\',d?( attention 'o pailente. Spenlal deoartsaent lor ladhw. he<? eiplaii-ed u> s uden a, at 710 Broadway. MRS. CA.ETER, M1 straw lad iMM ?????HBBMBBy ewa wall kaawatasM^^H MIIIHhtotMlMWWi WHlimMMfMHHl^B I neaaor beauty of style, or Iowa? of pjfct. A new VII of misses' ud children's bonnets In great variety, and 3 I w^ytheBWrnttoe o t Hum purehsAig. Four nmtneijl CARTER'S Honitoa Un Wu*m ud MUhi lery, M MSBrsadwan M 1TIAFHIOKHL? THE CHYSTU, rALACE FIRST PRIZsfl P silver iimhl. Emporium of raehiosia.? Mme. EEMOrl CkST, 378 Bniaiwaylnfbrms the pabtta thathsr traneftl store, TiH ttulfn el. oppoane lm^ eootalne A* moat I ^leg&nt jnd^.rUstio Jeggna ofiwtterna itk odhred, aiM flAJ'B WHOLESALE MILLINEET SSTAin.t*T?M^wir"M 6 000 ?tlk and^Mraw branou" oftUMJu^new styles, sozfl stantly on band. Bonnets elegant y trimmed for aillttani J at short totice The largest assortment of sllha, rib bom andl flowers tn the city. Pattern bonnets cent to all parte dgM country. Wood and plaster Iwuat Mocha. JHAMKS TUCKBR, IMfOBTB* AND DUUUin ? rrcherche PARIS FLOWERS, ? la now prepared with a large assortment, for cash, at Ne. 3SjU Broadway, near White street. M MILLINERY OOODff ? MARTIN A LAWSON, Importer! and Jobber*, ^^^^^| Bare opened in their new store, ,f?4 Hrr*d<m? comar of franklin street. The largest and moat attractive aaaortment to be totmd hi tt^| attor, to wk'eh they in rite the attention ot milliners and deals r^H FKBKCH STRAW IJf D PATTERS BOKNETS, ABTTrull if. H nowiu, ribbons, aiixs, arc. M ^MADAME FAENBWORTg, FRENQg DRBBHMAkThJ Importer of fashions and designer of lad lea' ooetumes, StM Broadway, Tuttle Bidding, oppoatte Appleton's, will open I bar spring Importations of faahiona far lauaa' dreeies, robes, I tapes, mantilla*, sleavee, An , an Wednesday, April 2. 18W. I The atten ton of the trade respectfully aoUalted. I P MARIS MILLINERY.? THE UNDERSIGNED RKSPgCf U WM lully Informs her patrona, and tbe pub io IsbetwUl open a satendld aaaortment of aprlng and Unary, c< mprluiSg crape, silk and straw hats,^^^^^^H _ lully lnforma her patrona, and tbe pnb le generally, that abelwlli open a satondid aaaortment of spring, and summer mil linery, (xmpriaiflg crape, silk f dresses. Ac., on Tuesday, Agrll 1 lira. LETI, 110 Bleecker atreet. ICH EMBROIDERIKS, BL/iCK THREAD VEILS ARB laces, illusion gooua, lace and mualin basqude, our owa R make, vety choice, wholesale and retail, at &ICUMuNi>>S,3t? Broadway. STRAW 0001)8, SfKAW QUODS.? Btsnona, French (lowers, p'qnets, Trtmmtnfs and materia a for florists are offered to the tradd at riduced prices, for caab, at IH ?nd ?6 John atreet, Horner William, New York. HOMER A KfftOHUW. Just received, a large and elegant lot ot atraw Bowers, en tirely new in atyle. SPRING MiLLIN KK Y GOODS. Nos. ao ahd 22 JOHjr wtbswi. Tbe underalgned, having extended the dimensions of hla warerooma by the addltl in ot tootnar atore, la now prepared to offer to the trade an eatenalve stock of goods la each of the several departments of a la business. THE SII.K GOODS I>KP ARTME7TT comprises ribbons, sins, laces, and all articles belonging to that branch of the trade, and Is constantly Ming repleoiaoed by Importations and puicbaaea at auction. IN THE 8TB A W UOOD8 WBPARTWHT may be found every description ot Italian, Preaeh and Bngw lish straw bonnets Leghorn hats iteanoitan and straw laeea edgings, trimmings, Ac , together with a splendid stock or t ranch bowers, ot new and unusually rloh and beautiful style* IK TBE SILK HOXMBT SHOW BOOM are exhibited the most magaificem French pattern bonneta, ot hla own importation, as well aa a very large assortment from his own mannfae orj, unequalled in the variety and slogan ?? or style and Onlah. THE DRESS C.1P DEFAKTmBrt, just added. Is a new and attractive feature of tbe establiahOMnt, and the articles exhibited cannot be surpassed In the beauty and latteftuneas of their patterns and designs, All the above goods are offsred o the trade at moderate prices, and a call respectfully solicated. R. T. WILDB. Hps. 20 and 31 John street. I8KRR BROTHERS, M AND M JOHN nTH? T m> etalrs, Jmperten and Jobbers ef French feonneti, w, French flowers. Straw goods. Rib boos. Sitn, As., we Constantly opening a shot re aaaortment of the above aaaa goods, o t their own importation, resolved by every WoaaM wbleh they offer for aa.e at very low prteea. FINANCIAL. nnn nnn - THE north american real, i Ipl.UUU.UUU. and Personal Estate Kxcbaaxe hod Loan Co. will make short cash loans on all good securities, sr purchase lor caab, at fair prices, watchea, jewelry, Ao. Ap ply at 304 Breadway, room No 10. $999.500 T0L0A" Ok Jawautr, Duxoxn. Aa, Ok Mkkcbxkmbk, Bbujm, Ao. PAWMBBoau' Itcxkts Botrert. J. MAODPFF A OO, m Broadway, *CC7 nnn? WATOBSS, DIAMOND JEWELRY, VOO I .UUUgars, aad every toertotk* of valaable i petty, bought aad sold hyJCM. E. EAsQ, No. 11 Chamber basement ollloa, boas 9 UB 6. Bos' Hal. Old gold aad silver hoaghL Saturday. tl 7H nnn TO LOAN, ON BIAMONDB, W ATONES, ?1 1 U.UUU Jewelry, sogers, dry goods, and all vala able property, at more ea>y rata* than at any other eOee ta the elty, or bought for cash. Notes aad mortgagee negotiated. Busfnet s prompt and eonMewtal OOee boors from f to 8, at the old office of BRaIBTEB A OO., St John street, room 3, second floor. ?')C nnn -MONEY ALWAYS CAN BE OBTAINED, vOu.UUu. In eMer nsall or large sums, to suit amd osnts. at the Money Office 610 Breadway, up sUirs. first e ass business paper aerotiated. All business transacted with pei feet fecurlty and strictly ooaMenUal. Property ef all so iptions bought and sold. ?1. rf,n -A PERSON STifftW THIS AMOUNT AT jpi.uUU. his oommaed la wanted to jotn the advartiaar, aa equal partner hi eoutiauing a plewsaat, legitimate, perma nent indoor cash business la th's otfar, well established, and Is without competition, and which reyures the attest tioo of two persons for a few hours <f Hal. aad will yield a net this Is oertalnly a rare ( amount wtlllbe doubly i FlhLD, 4B8 Broadway, rocin Wo. 7. ft?nn TO fTOO^? W A M TED, A YOUNG MAN, AS fDUU clerk In a grocer' atore, in a pleasant city about IS miles from Nfw York, witi the above amount to loin hla em ploy er upon good security. Good wagea will bo given to aa industrious person. No agents need ana wcr. Address E. Bi? Herald cffice. A CARD.- V. 8 MILLS, CONSTABLE, OFFICE MA rine Court, will pay particular attention to toreeloshut mortgage*, collecting Hun, wharfbge, pilotage, seasaen'a wagea. freights, demurrnge, sad debts ot t ail kinds. Refersnoa in either feute ot the Union with the sxeeptton of Arkaai ss In that State my acquaintance happens to be very llmlU Y. B. MItXS, Constable, office Marine Oou~ Ant amount or money to loan on terms, and purchase at oe* prteea diamonds, Plata, rich jewelry and permal property g X- tvOODj sv Fdlton street, second floor, front room, I M. to 6 P. *. a. few snparter ofl paintings Car Mia at a gain, or txAftoced for xMrtfumaw. HORATIO DORS, Beereta A DIYIDEND OF PIYB FEE CENT HAS BEEN A slared upea the capital stock of the Chieago aad 1 Island Railrosd Oonpaav, payable on aad alter the 13th of April, at the offlae or the oojtpany, So. 13 WIlBtm ati_ The tranafer hooka will be slosed from the 1st to the lJthl April. . A. y. FLAOO, Treasurer. BU8INKPS WANTBD.-AN ACTIVE AND CAPABLE bvstnessman wlalus to m>g*ge la some respectable pay ing buslncas; he Is familiar wHh aooouuts and oookkeeptag, and prrposes to invest $3 COO tn caih at once, and win hirrsasa the ami nnt In the course ot tbe year, tf.the business is saUst'as tory. ULqiiestlonab'e references given and required. Ad dress box 3 000 Post office. D RA1>TS ON t?B i i For sa-e by JOHN B. MURRAY, No. 44 Wall street, over Bank of North Am aria*. IVlDKND NOTICE ? THIt DIRKCIORH Or THK Knickerbocker Llta Imurasee tympany have declared a semi annual dividend ol three and one half (3%) per cent or* the capital stock of the company, pa? atile to stockholders on and after April IP. at the office Ho. 17 William street. Tha transfer book* will be closed unUI the 10th Inst. By order. STHPbKN 0. W HEKLIR, Secretary. ONMY TO LOAM ? Oa i*AM?irWl. WATCtua, J*W elry, plans*, dry goods, wpw and every deacrlpttatef valuable property, or bought Tar ewh. Hooks, bonds, notes, Mortgages. Aa. .negotiated. Watchsj and Jewelry for sale. 1. THaYSR, 334 Broadway, roon>s final and 3, aeaond story. EW YORK LOAN GFFIOK AMD RSAL IWTaTH Acency. 306 Broedna', corner ot Duar.e street, roea No. 3, third lioer.? Hie proprietor la now prepared to lean or boy for cash *11 deeori(itt>ms or perwtnal property, watohes. diamonds. Ac. , horse*, rams. gee, harness, e otba, allks, ami also works of art. Bostsees prompt, aeoou>mod?ttnf and een fidenilal. Private offices tor tee iisoapden of ladies. N. B.? rsrUea waited upna at Uietr resten -ee. ?\rri<;* or rai sior ttms and mmw haymk \J Railroad ?oaatany. 1 Haaover street ? Noftoe to bondho dera.? HaMera of 7 pw cent bends of thla company, are hereby aoltfta, that In pnrcaaaw of an net of tha Ooneral Assembly ol the State of Coneeettovt, passed at Its last Mar aeeslon, the tieaaaisi la authorised and prepared to eictang* lor the outstanding bonds hr*riM 7 per sent interest and not secured >>y iuortr?f(e bendr **lj."tr?d by the before inenUooedl rebtors, WiLUAM BMMBRT, Traasarar. Naw York, p" , March U, M.'A. OFFIOF. W THB SBOOPD A TENT* RATf.ROAD OOM-I pan*. Forty seooed street sod fleaond avemie, New To- is J March 1ft, IMKL? An el??itk?n for ntrec nraoi the Second Avenues Bailrned Company will be h nJd at lire company's office na Mon day. the 7th of April next, puts. term to an amendment to th? bye. laws pa/wtod this da v. 1 he pola will be opened trees one till two o'clock. Transfer bolts will be closed till date. By order. f'BJLIP 0 ROOKR8, Heoreuury. QAV1KGS BANK.- MaRI* FRIT SAVINGS INflrmf O tlou, corner of Thiri arattte ?.nd !fin'.h street, tor the bsns fltof ell clues** of persons. Interest slowed at the rate of d per cert on inmi of MOO ard ui>1eraand B per ofcnt on snnM above tu o All sums dspoi nod on Tr before the 1st of Aptfll will draw interest from ilint duv Hank open dally from 9 A. M. to 2 p. rn., and on Wednee :*is and Saturdays from f to P o'clock P *. THOMAS B. SniJjlAM, PresMant. P. W. I'Mtis. First Vice 1'resVsut. lsnc T. fthtTR Secretary Tbs Manhattan gab i.ioht oompajtt nuafcHj give r otlee, that from ard alter the 1st of October til price r,' th' )' cas wl 1 he t> dueed from three dollars to twq an/1 a half dollar* per ),OGO cubic feat H. H. POWARP, "eese'ary.j rriil "p a hk "Tu Fk~ a V ? i Fa iTfi ooooui. with pi I (i tnriease the 'ame to $10,000 OOO.?Tbls bank w| ! e mne' ce bnMr??s In their bnoklrg r??>. hevi ?,t lienktn* ' Ifreet, < | yoslte the Paik i i t'day. March 31. IHftt?,towb.| we tnvtte tl.e attention of * 1 classes of bw>(ne?s men. RKl'BKN W. UOWifl. PrnsW^ Cuif A . Mit r, caih'c.