Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 1, 1856, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 1, 1856 Page 5
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liMfcfktWi Gttt( Dmurf from iM sort fashionable aon'oes, m w?i u ihepusUaat kr|* 'or hi* ajirtcg st?l*, stamps It a* Jhe flaverite of the in mm. Boidror three oalarsanoa ball, at U8 Naaaeu street ui aopericT In every any hat ever sold la Broadway far K P?t? Bt VwtllattBg Bali ? It Tra WIA to ?mM tictrtln perspiration and aim stroke. If 70a wish to pMvevt the bsir falling off, i> von wlah lor eootnes* and aim Mrt, iry ime of cor patent ventilating baa. to be had, who.e ?h ana real], at .he manufactory, 21 Kim (beat. UKLLWK8 * COMPANY. Obmi :~(yp?il_wiiilaation,a) Brooklyn* Tw*at]r-flv? Cent n< rrewty pea, la OaM?| larne ?ze, 60 cents. oclored; ambrotype* In every variety; laDrj cases at half prtM. QiJINrfY A O, Picture factor?, 386 Broadway. Bwabk Camera Purtrvlta, fltereoacopea, jkbetot pa*, phouwraph* and lambratypea, at the low ooat of 26 cebta ana 60 cents. Ao , aoo unodaung both to the long sorted arlatocracy a?d the people. Depot Sol art, 289 Broad WDJ, __ ^ To All wha Vac Liquor. WULTL'B HcalBDAM AKOMATIO BCHWAFPa. This oelebiated leverage Is manu'actured at the factory of A* wadentgned a t> chiedam, Holland le la tM rale mporter aa well aa toe exclu'lve nunniao'nrer of the article, and no yre|>arat?n tearing the aacie of ?' Schnapps," (hat la not pro ??ted either trcm his cstetllahmtnt in eew Hark, ar from hla In o bar eUes la geaulae and rellab'e It la made bom barley 01 Ihe On eat quality, ae tested with flMal cut tram the prodoeta of be moat celebrated grain ?rowing districts ta ilav' red with the eaaence of the aromatic jeaipei berry of Italy, and la rectified jy a peculiar projeaa. Which expel* from the ?plnt ? very acrid particle. A* a neana of o.-eventing and correcting tie disagreeable and efUn dangerous elmta prodaoel upon the s omaah and bowel* by a ahasge of water- a visitation to which all travel ler* new settler*, and all unaec lmated parsons la the #est, the Bonth Ml Southwest are peculiarly ilab e the Schiedam ssematlcrcbnapps win be found absolutely ln/hlilbie: while, to u?>* of diopay {-ravel, oftbtracuos ef the kldneja, diseases of the i*?.'der. 4>epeoaia and general rebilliy. It 1a reoom ?mM meat esapU&'leally by the moat distinguished member* af the midcal 1 retMilon. H Is out no in quart and pint bottle*, In case* of one dorm, wlih the name ef the nsderalgned on the boue and corn, and ? toe (lull* of bis 1 1# nature oa the label. For aa!e by all re spestake druggU la and country merchant*. UDolPUO wolfb. Hoe. 18 20 and 22 Bearer itreet. New York. Cl mOJ? TO THB rOBUC. Since the Introduction of my Schiedam schnapps Into the ?' article, all others are counterteib and Impositions on" the pab'le. UOOLPHO WOLF 8. 9s the Udi?i - t Splendid liMrtnunt of saJEfeery . ladle*' and misses' boamsls. straw trlaualaga, rib fmw, Sower*. ic? at wUTb. IKYINS'8, 142 Canal street llftrd Monroe St Co., 441 Broadway, Cell the at'entioa of al> In want to their assortment of spring over ?oat*. bnalneu coats, vest*, pant*, Ac., Ac. AIM, a spfendid aaaur'ment *f necktie*. collars and other furniahlng good*. 1t*j are coastamiy receiving additions to their already large assorlment of boj *? c.ctbiug for epilog, which, for quality aad variety, is unequalled. April, 1830.? elite Black Cloth Kroek Coat*; 9M; elegant bine drew c??t?.. S8: aolendkl bualnew coati, $5, noise antique vra'a, (3) 3,000 pair fancy and black cieslmere tan'it, $2 DO. at KVaJis' clothing warehouse, Noa. tM and 68 Ful oo sireet. Bi ?< Lndlow. Aacclaneer. ?Valuable Pro* non Twenty nlKtb and Thirty-third street*, at auetioo. . LUIiLOiV A CD. will sell at uustlon, on Thursday, >?prll 3, >?50, at 12 o' lo:>, at the Merchant*' Kicbto ge. Twenty L'j-?e'. -T*(> elegaut brown stone fVoni housts, Km. S3 and 84 *aat Twentv alo h s-reet, near Lextogtoa ave ???. Thirty htrd street? the handsale three story and basement brown a1' me front hou?e, No 1 Boormtn plaje, Chbrty Ihlrd aireetj first boose west ol eighth avenue. The urea are flrs*. elaes, we I buJt. and have all the modern Im provement*. a Urge pot Uon of the purchase money can re main on mortgage. One Price Carpet WareboMe.? Vonua; A JATNH, Siti Broadway, corner ef Franklin street, Importer* and dealers In earpstlng* oi sverv desorlpUon. The latea' yetteras aad beat atyie* ta the lowest price*. Sinner's Sewing Midline* ? All Pti *o?is *ho wlah lor laformatlon In regard to sawing m^chlue* flan swain it bj appl-lng at our oflloo forooples ot ' I X. Olnger.t Oa>* tiaiet'.e "a paper dovo'ed entlreJy to the sewing machine iMtrest. Ccple* supplied gratia I. M. ?3UUKK A CO., 323 Broadway. SnrOf ? T?? Pabtle are Hereby against pnrthasln^or oaing any sewing macUns tmrmg a rctarr tan d motion, or le?<tLcg wheel, at any other firtettOD (Md, aa all such machine* infringe our rights, unless aerated by na Sulto are pending against Ihe Singer ma dMaes. MaeMaea duly Meevsed, of all varieties, may be found at all times, at de offices of toe Wheeler A Wlisoo Maoufv tartag Company, ?nd too Orover A Baker 9. M 0.\, 3*1 ae J 60S Bieadway. NAT IiA NIEl. TV aafeLllR, O. B. POTTKB. Sewing laralnes^HUattle Machine!, with iatMt hnpeovements. la finitely superior to, and rapidly super - M#i>(tbeliMaberizg cog wheel shutt e machines heretofore m adtii'cm to Ihelr most eitnaalte and complete stook ot other n*?bU as, at the low nrloea of *75. OK'JVF.H A BaKBB, A M. Oo., 406 Broad way. Wtddlng and Vlaltlnc Osrds, Kuvelopei, As.- The latoet stjleoof confular, notary, society aad bust BSaa aeal*, with preaaM; stiver donr plate*, 100 different pav Kjiwj. Ascriptions, ooata of arms, cyphers, Aa, on sums. HTKRDRLL, 302 Broadway, corner . or Buane sireet, Kstab ttihtd 1840. Featb? rr^-Pnrc Live Geese feathers, in lata to auit pur chasers. Also, 300 beds, bolster 'i and pillows far sale low. at the feather aid furniture store o 11. A I. HUNK, 179 Cha'hazn street. The Motary MickwTUi Lock PoMeseea the ?)Uy of strength, aimp lcitr, and all the security 01 the oea>. k ar Iroa f aie ooks, for dwelling bouse!, s'-ore doors, Ac , rendcrlrg nseiees the clumsei key now In use, aa a dozen ol iheae keys may be carried In the vest pocket. MU.ions of akargas may be msde In lta form, and It becomes Impossible that any two loeks can be made a Ike. For sale by the pat ?ntrex, HOI.MK8, TALBfTCTK A RVTLV.R, iron aafe, sod bank lock makers, 90 and 92 Maiden lane. To Ufwr Uealsrs, Wholesale Grocers, Hamjjlea of liquors oil. Jamaica and dt, and Peot-b whlRter , appls, sherry and rhaspberry brandies, and all nevts materials; ells peppermint, lemon, orange, sassafraa. ai aad ? tatergreen ; nalerln* for all arts? dagnmrreoty pe, SSff ak^?l .. J ?heel and . _ . . , ?avaalos, ultramarioe, china elar, and ihe mrwt effectual Per ?W toaect powder tor acts at deeckroashss. wholesale and re Mi, by OA L FKUOHTWAJfOB*. 98 Xaiden lana Better ? The Smbaerlbcrs, i/ate with Htge* naa. Clark A Co., havli g taken ihe o d established d-U( and medfclie (tore, 67 Caiai etreet, and replenished it witn ufuii aad selected assortment of drugs, medlciees, chemicals, per fumery, toilet articles 4c. hope from an siperlenoe ot many years aad by a strict and nb Igteg aitenUon to busue?, to establish a repuiation, confidence and patronage toil has characterized tin above firm. Physlzian*' prescriptions and Skmilv uodlr'.ne* earelully prepsred, and sent to any part of the city. Leeches tor sa'e and applied; ?hlp, and family medi else chcsts furnished; s>rlngca, sponges and nursery ar'i <les, ? great variety; Begeman. Clark A t'o's. genuine cod llvar oil; Messenger's Loodon cordial gin; Wolfe's aromatic ficheldim sehaappt, Fttridge's ba'm o( thousand flowers. J. Mc Munns' elixir eplum W. H. wyaTT. W. 8. JOII.VBjN. Oa* PlxtnfS*. 6*1 Flxtnrel.? The Lsrgeit aasortment of qbandellers, brack**, Ac., As., ever exblblte i In New York, emoractog the beat scyies from the leading maker* la France, Ksgland sod Amern-a; 'or sale twinty oer cent lM* than.tie market prioes. W. J, F. DAILK.Y A CO., Mju ble store*, 631 and 633 Brc vd way. m in Love with hie Cook 1"? Well, no wonder for rhc usee the new gridiron, which draws all toe (moke down Into the fire aid up the chimney; cooks '.be meat entirely through without burning it; saves all the gravr. re duces meat bills twerty tlve per cen?; is a go id rrevsnt'vi of dynpepcia and conservator if hea!th and temper in general, ana cost* or lv $2 to 93. Bold at No. 79 Duane street, 100 feet east of Broadway. Utility, Economy wirt Convenience,? The magic poruhie summer s'ove is adapted to every variety of 000 king and beating, including boiling, baking, roas'ing, slew lag, frjlr g beating Irons, Ac.; and is the most economical, 000 renlsnt and perfect apparatus for summer use ever invented Can be lighted and extinguished Instantly, aid the amount or heat regulated as may be require J. A gallon of water can bo boiled in ten mlnntes, at the coat of onl v one cent. The whole apparatus is within the means of all. the pries being S3 'o Si according to size. Sold at 375 Broadway, up stairs, where they can be s??n In operation. T* Whaleaalc and Country Otugylet*.? . M/mrm A Park. 804 Broadway, .Tomer of Dtune street, invtt* db attention w -Ion bujsn to their Immeree stock of patent ?xWclc?, b jkrAw largest assortment la either kesiiapkere. Vd upon tenns that eannot (all to command tke attention or 'Mf* dealers throughon". the world. All articles at and fce mis ?aomfsirtnrert.' prloes. eiUker by the ol ngie nackajre, dozen or Ut mm. BARNK8 & vXar, Wew York. Oiaeinnatf and Sta FrmcUce ?atclulot'i Hair Dyt-Wlen and Toupcea. rke ben In the world. This unrivalled and original dye Is ap ?lied hi twelve private rooms. Batchelnr'a -trfgt iwd toupee* have lmpro?emei.i? over all other*. belnf chef d'eeuvres of ?MMnce and durlhllit/ pecilr tar to thin eVabltahmeat. BATCH lCLOB'8, 283 Broadway, Vrlitadoro's Hair Cje, Wigs and Toupee* ?trite admiration m<wg all oonnotaeur* In art A suite of Btiipt private *<>fcrtmeaU for applying; hli incomparable dye, ?a only reliable article of the kliid. Wkolsale and retail, u OBUTADOHO'8, |io. <1 Astor House. Pbalon Paphlsn Lotion or floral BfnnOflrr Mr beautif)!n( the eomplexlon and removing freckles, tva. enbnrM, pimples. 'pjts.bunus. seaUk, iria/?, Thviped llpi Bwse, a "mi and buds Far sale by PHAlxJH, and all drutf Wkliksn and dooatarhea Forced to Orow n ate weeks by my onffuent, * lit eh Mil not stain nr loJ<tre the dd*. 91 ft bottle; sent to any part of the oon itry. ft. 'J. 8BAHA * . 5M Broadwuv ; Hays, ITS Falton strtel . Brooklyn ! illber, 44 South Third street, PhlUdelphU 709 Bioadw?r-Ttie Only At tic to that Will restore gray hair to its 70u'hful appearance and cure bald- I (teas la LOVVTH Wahpene. ()aU, and he will refer to tfco*e Out bare been cured or graynets and baldne*, Holloway '? Plllr-Tlw Cnlvsnal Verdict ? Tke sick of all nations, suffering under all pkaees of dhesse, have certified In every written language to tke infallibility o:' these matoblem pills, as an aperient, alterative and rent trail ve medicine. Bold at the muiutkctoriea, SO Maiden l*ae. New York, aid 2t4 Strand, London; and by all drngstais, at kl5o., 62%o. and $1 per box. Diseases or the s?ln? L, V. Newton, VI. 0? devotes special attention to the treatment of eutaaeius utt -r. Sons and s< roln'?. at his office, l&t Fourth avenue. &')v Tblr Menth street l nice hour*, before U a. M.,and tfvJl'. M. Hystt'l Life ? HJitnmatUm In Ita meat painfal forni#. aluo eorofnla, old uloem. end the wortt esses oi dlieawe of the blood, ?real debility, liver complaint, Kidneys, Inclpleat consumption, Ac , are most certainly cure 1 kythw treat purl tier. Principal ccpot, 2?ti Orand r.-eet. l."> oents per bottle. _______________ Dot no'* Celebrated ( atarrd MnnflUPor Sale ?t all rest'fc.iabl* <lrup ftnres. Miy be had wholesale, ai the nannfheturei's prices, in New York city, of Htephou Paul A K'llSleSin, "nark A Oo, Burn's, Wl. OoftUngtoa, Barnes I fark. Dr. Llvloftrtou's Balsam, tor VoQ|(lii, Colds, In finer /s, Ac., relieves, lfttdoefl no' cure, nlnete.thsof thov) wke nsek 6n)y 26 cents a boUJe, at 3C . Uowery, corner el Foerth street Baal TkyMlf? W? h?v? no BMitMioa la sajtog that consumption can air ays be alleviated audio a peat win oaaaa completely ca ed it?ip v by u>? dm if Or. WIhTaH'S wild cherry lulam Ita MoUrf and healthful influence aver the dtaeaaed organs la truly wonderful. CnaAil Trtaanktraw, or Hair Inviggra* tor la the east article at the kind out: nearly double the aUe of ant other, at 26 eaota So d by WY a ft A JOHNSON, ti Casal street, abd moat other 1' ugglata. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVEEY DAI, ~~~ mVKB AID AttlB. DR. HaiGUT'8 FKVKK AND AOUK KKHBUT? 18 A aertahi sure far fever and ague dyaoaoala. jautdine, Oba grea fever, iiv?r eemmainta remittent Avar female weak ce??, and all bUiooa alaaani It h oompouaded (roa purely a table aitracta, without a part tele of qalolae or other nana drur It acta promptly aad thor-uahly, and oaa tea by all afflicted with perfsct safely and eartain bene fit. l)r. Halght:? Dear 81r? I bave pnatfUd your remedy In nnmeroua eaaaa or ttrtr and ague dyspepsia Ao , and find It to poaeesa all the merit you claim for it W. C. ItrrriM, W. D. John Blakaly, lJ7'b atreat oorner of FUtft aveaue, waa eured at fever aad aaue ?? long atandlag. Mrs lhorp, 21 Allen street, waa oured at remittent fever ftld ||Q|( Mra I ewry. 136 Better atreat, waa cored of fever and ague and dyspepsia. Offloe 203 Bowery, New fork, J. PXRKIN8. General Agent, FBHSOBAL. DENNIS MURRAY. WHO LEFT NEW YtRK FOB Oatt'ornla some Ore raara slace, would oanfor a favor b\ addressing Ola slater, Oatherlne Merrten, 28 dun-ay street, Philadelphia, aa she la meet anxious to bear from him. CaH lornla papera pleaea eopy. IF MIOHAKL, WHO ACTBD AM COPYIST IN NIVB teenth street last summer, will rail at No. 185 West Seven leanih alraet ha will ojllge-L. B. 1). IF THE PERSON THAT TOOK THE SILVER, ?N 8 A 1 turoay evenirg, from 2^6 West Twenty third etreet, will reiurn It, be will receive a reward of ID, and no questions aakvd, as tbey were highly rained as a family reito. AM NOT RETURNED FBOM PHILADELPHIA YRT. B. ?AULINR WILL FIHD a NOTR AT THE BROADWAY Post office. SPECIAL NOTICE. ? TTIII PERSON WHO TOOK FROM the County Clerk's office a marble statuette, on Friday, March 18, la requested to return the same, t he subscriber trusts this notice la sufficient. RICH ARD B. CON HOLLY. TO JACOB GUTTER80N, FORMERLY OP NEW H AMP shire.? Will jou. or anv person knowing his present ad dress, please send a note to the .>ew York toa offlao. stating bow a communication can be sent him. Address O. W. O. WANTED- TO ADOPT A FRMALK BABY, 6 MONTHS old. to a respeetab e Protestant lady, who bis none if her own; none else need apply. Inquire at 330 West 17th at, tor two day a HOTELS. N*W YOBK BAY GROVE -TnS GROVE PAYILOW, situated at the ?bove splendid summer retreat, will be opened tor the season on Wednesday, the 10th of April, when th<i home will be lu perfect ord ?r for hoarders or transisn. travel. Capt. U Ait it la. Proprietor. TBR bMIlHSONlsN HOUSE, Broadway, corner of Houston street. New York. 8lngie rooms, 60 cents. 76 canla and SI per d_y. J'ar.ors, wi.h bedrooms, f I 60 to per day. Mtala extra, and aa ordered. This new aud large hotel Baving a first claai location, Aud all the appointment* of thn highest priori hotels, Invites the attention ot travel en, Including funiUea. THE RtSTAL'HANT, A spacious haloon on Broadway, Having rooms ac joining lor families and oirUes. Cpen as wen so the public as the guests of the hotel. Employs only first class cooks, And uses only first cians materials. HI. CI CLASS HEATS PROM LAWRENCE, or CENTRE MAKKCT. Wines, Ac . from original atd first class Importers. Every thi ng else from other first class dealers, f urnithes inea's at all bourn, WlJi every luxury of the market. At moderate rates. The guest paving for only what la ordered. THIS DWAUTMEMT Or THE HOTEL fiaa a bureau oonr.ected, Which will aupply to families Bread, rolls, ice cream, tea cakes, pastry, .to., Mads by rirrtc ass French coalec'-louerii. And of the very best material. SI UN BIT KOPMAV THE FIREMEN. A T A 8PECIAL MEETING OF LADY WASitTRGTON Engine Company. No. 40. It was resolved. Tbatavoiaof tbsrks betecdertd to J. J. Von Pe t.of tie WyckaU'3oiel, for the bcunil/nl supply of refreshments furnished at (tie tiro In Warren street. By order of WU.LIAM H. BAYWARD, Chairman. TO TBE FIRE DEPARTMENT.? GENTLEMBN, WB ofl?r t? your consideration Mr. TlEXRY LKWIS, of En gine Company, No. 11, lor Fire Warden. THE lIlUTARYi ~ Head quarters, new york city gcard, 639 Broad?ey.? Agreeal. y with the provisions of the con atltation, the monthly meeting of the corn* will take place at the armory, on Tuesday, April 1. Punctual attendance Is particular); reqetted, as business of high importance to the corps will be brought np for consideration. The Committee 01 Armament for the funeral obeequies uf tho lamented Capt. W. M. McOardle will submit their report. ALEX. HRNRIQUK9, Pr^lden'. J. C, Pollard, Secretary. TTNION RIFLEMEN. -AN ADJOURNED MEETING OF U th<s compary will be held at Gothic Uoll, S16 Broad tray, on Tuesday evening, April 1, at 7}^ o'clock, to comp oi? ar rangeiaentB for celebrating the twentieth ancivarsary ot the company. By vote ol the meeting. SAMUEL 8. PARKER, THE LECTURE 0BASON. NOTICE.- IN CO ft SEQUENCE OF NECESSARY AB aence, the Psychological lectures wi'l be pottpoeed for two weeks, or jotil inrther notice, at the btuyresant Institute, the bosinera of the office, 477 Broadway, for cores by elec tricity, will go on by my assistant, H. A. HEN" 'ON. POLITICAL. VTINTH WARD.? TBE DEMOCRATS OF TUI9 WARD are ir. riled to att?nd a meeilcg, to be held on Wednesday evening, a prli 2, at o'clock, at No 90 Perry street, for the p urpoio oi tormir.g a club to aecure the union and eill^eccy of the democratic party. Come, all democrats. CBARLEn J. CUIPP, Chairman pro tem. James Graham, Secretary pro tem. SPECIAL NOTICE.? BROOKLYN, FOURTH W ARD.? The ciemhara of the Brooklyn Fourth Ward Council are requestedlomect In their rooms this evening as sonMltna^ if importance wUl te presented. I'er order of 24. kTOUNG MKS'8 DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN COVMTT L fee.? A meeiirg of ihe Voting Men's Democratic Rcpub.'i c.n Committsie will be held at Tauur.any Hall on Tuesday evitiog, April], lfert, ?t7'j o'clock. DOUGLAS TAYLOR, tThVrtnui pro ten. RonE.iT G ] secret*, Kdwabd emrso.v, HE WA1UIS. ?tfcn REWARD.? FTOLBK, FROM l?5 WK8T SrRBET, between the 29ib and 31at Instant, JIM) worth of guns, PL- 1< Ih and spy glasses. ?J?OA REWARD FOR THE RECOVERY OF A <?OLD qp?jVJ watch. No 2.742 or with chain, and a lar^c breastpin, nilgree work formed of lo-avej, with a .'arjM roao m the centre. Apply at No. 3S St. Mark's place, Eighth street. CI REWARD.- LOST ON SATURDAY MORNING, P1?J March J6, on or tear the corner of Washington and,' ft o binson streets, a dla-nond breastpin. The tinder will n^cel^" ths ab?ve reward by leaving It with Linn A Locker, 2U Wash ington street, or a! the bar of the Earner's Hotel. <fcin BE WARD. -LOST, ON FRIDAY NIGHT, A (K>L1> iplU dctAf.hed lever wa'ch. No 81,4.17. Pawnbrokeri are requested to de'aln it, II oft'uiea. The above reward will be paid by delivering the Rsme at 188 Grand street, Wi.l.amsliurg REWARD.- Lt.ST, ON SUNDAY MORNING, A Vti dark brown deg, long tal: and ear*; stands about 18 inches htgb; aaswer* to the name of Plncher. The above re ward will be paid if returned to Basset, Bactn A Co , atidoutb itieet. 7-vB dB^Wstrv, 1 eeti''^, lbe^'ar?> h aKTfi*?B'S ARrx ?? ? Sirs _ FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS. UNE .TKUNE DEMOIRPLI.E KRANOaIHK, D'l'NK HO norahlc tamUle, desireralt bo placer dans una fwull a AmeHcuinu on dans un pcnsionnat pour enselguer sa Uugue; el!e pent fiair# aussl touteq sortes de brodnries i Valgullia, H'ttdterttr chez Mr. Qourlet'j, !mpor;cur dc hrod^rieflfKu) | calse, 42 Ltspenard at. LVTELUGKSCE UDflCRN. li'MPLOYBRS WISHING GOOD rtKR VANTH VI I IX FIND Mi ri? pooUWe Gonrnn. VmV.nh, Scotch and Irish h?p. for hritfiJt ind private tamillea, at MORitlS COHNKRT A CO.'S, S,-<7 ,ll.o.ulw*j , corner o! Road* it.; a'ao, wallers, coaobatfri, faimerl, laborfu**, Ac., at this or the branch ofl.oe, 102 Uie-u wlch St. Employers wihhino good hrlp caw find bo.h male and female, of all kinds, at the old otEce, 13S Atlantic street, corner of Henry. Brooklyn: aim one gool > ngiish csok, washci ami ixmier; one do. Auu?"lc?a, with K'xii city reference. Places dow open for all respeoiable acrrait*. I want girls Immediately. If any p'.rt hat to wait over three days without having a place, the whole of the money will bo returned. ipMPLOYRRH W18HINQ GOOD HELP C4N FIND 4 U good choice of rexpectabl* German English and Irish irtrlslor hotel* and private lamlllei; aluo waiters, farmors, aajdcBcrs, oacbmfn. mechanics Ana Mitogen At nR.tav MhYKK'S Intelligence cfflce,120 Ureenwah street. MVS. ORHKN M08T RfKPfCTFDIXY INFORMS HNIl patrons and the publb that hei' Agency for domestics is ronton' <i to 634 Broadway, neaaifoeoker street, and sollolta a rxAtltjiiancc of the fevora aiNSdjveoeirod, and Inform* rvll good he.p to call and be raited in tm Inn* rttualloo* la city and country. \? ANTH)-Vf ?o. 4 KA8T*J!ROApWAT, BASEMENT, fy plt'i*tSot,g procured for clt flu. Reboot tea.l>em, men on ?tenirer? anil rsdrr ads, parww, haftoepor*, ooachmm, wal tort, bry* f'.r trades, andJMm ex.'JKWfeltcopers, gov<rn?wna ud m? ? im-tr/ *>.?*?. Ru'os nfc-pir ,m*bct<o bo sneo, uod they art- strictly ob'wved. Apply bH>. OlTjl.'WN. SEOARS. Sugars, cash pubchabkrs of ssoars ? an proanre bargains, ttom a stock of over a mJ Ion *eg*n Uav.mtJSomratlt. and- Ucmaiu operas, $n-. Norma* , ta to' rsHh ndtSnce? mad? on *ex?? ai bond or otherwise. 0. CHEEKS, 31 Broadway, up stain. nSCELLANIOl'l, TJOABP AND TUITION IK RX CHANG 8 FOR A PI A WO - J J the subscriber, principal ot one of the first ria*slca and kngllsh *ehoo!sto Newark, N. J., would bonrd and ?S Mat* one or two boy*, of good hnbh*, and about 13 years of ue o err! ang* for a i-lano of superior tone ftnd flnlah. Address Tev.hw, txii 304 Pott olBce, Newark. SITUATIONS WARTS!* A 5SU4RES5SES A A ?1/ on* ol maklu g an engagement ^ V'S" B* #JttTl52tS[' ? aa housekeeper: U> folly competent to take the entire swge, T* uable asatotant: salary pot y> a^at M ? ?hie base. Cm o? md lor four days, at u Ka? ilia *?.. "? tweeu 24 and 3d aTencei; wiold not object to go a short dto tanee In the ooantry. ______ COMPETENT DRESSMAKER AND BBAMBTIIHW won d like to go out by the week or month. 0*n1?"t*?Jl 0' ct ladle* and cjndren. City reference. Please call oral dress 163 22d at , between 1st and 2d avenues; wo aid wort with a respectable dressmaker. A SITUATION WANTUD Afl OOOK. BY A MIDDLB axd won an - bo can give satisfaction to Wemoljyar", al?o, a young woman, to do feieral houaawork or up st.tni work la a mall family . Olty reference given. Oali at il7 Sul livan it., tear. ARB8PKCTAB1.E WOMAN WI8HBB A BXTOAtlON. In a respejteb.e famllv, m cook ; ^ all Its branches llkewlae p-eser*es, jellies. and pwrv, n*a l-ved with i ha beat ot tk?llaa|(8lJtb* baat ajty rjtew;i> obiectkn to an hotel or a r>n?peot*kle boarding nouse, aa me* or '-at try oook. Can be aeen tor two days, at Mi 4th aveaus, flret Bear. _ _ a B1IUAHON WANT*D-BY A YOU 1Q OIBL, AGB A 14 years In a re?peotabl??jmlljr ; won ^ ro wegee lequlred. Apply at 193 Bast 2A<h st, between W atd 2d avenues. APROTB8TANT GIRL 1< YBAB8 OLD. WI8HBS A situation to do ebamberwork and waiting in a private la mily. 0*b for two da' a at her pretest employer'*, Ho. 1 Ma altou avenue, corner of 23d at _ fcITU AT1GN WANTRD? BY A BJt8P?CTA?LII A y oung a mertcan rlri, as chambemald and a or to take care of children and h*. Please call at 217 Go.d st Brooklyn. A YOUNG LADY WISHES A SITUATION IN A store Sbe haft been for one year In that eaptoymaot Can lire the best of cl.y references. Andrew U. P. O..Uerild ofBoe. ~Y YOUNG OIRL WISHB9 A RVlUATION, IN A SMALL A family; ?be is a good p ain o oik and laundress, and lis capable of dolDg all kinds of domestic housework. Has good city rrfc-ences. Csnteseen at 188, corner 8th avenue and H'h st. a RBSPBCTABLB YOUhG WOMAN WAMfl f SITC^ A atlon. In a email, respectable private lamily; Is a good cot k: urders'snda cooking all fcinde ot meats soups and Pje try; would prefer Sta'en island for the summer; 8??d refe rence Csd be teen for two days at the corner f,i Mas. 16th st. ML'd 3d avenue, over Mr. Puller's bo .it and shoe store, flrst Hcur, ft out room. - i SITUATION WANT KD? BY A RIfcPECTABLB YOUNG A woman, to do the housework of ft sma'l orivate hmlly ; Is an eicellent wasber and lronf r and a good plain cook; has ^no objections lo go a short dlstaace In the ooni. try bas lived three , cars in hor last place. Please call at Ho. 8 8th st,. toi twodtys. a YOU* O I-AJ Y, WHO HAS HAD 801IK BXPBBI A ence In teachlnf, desires a situation, to assist for a few boors to a dav, in n scho 1, or as Celling gayerneas In a pri vate fcmtlv ; will also give private Instruction on the piano. Adtresi Teacher, Brof.klyn Pest oflUa. A COMPETKNT PBRSOH WISHES A SITUATION AS A cook; unoerstands all kinds of baking; Is a beautltn. wHsktr and Ironer. Clan be -men for two days at 93 4th . et. N tXPKKlRNCWO COOK WISHBS A SITUATION, uecriRtanas oooklng InjJl its branches, and can elve the best of refer en oe. Oan be seen for two day?at3Ul?d avtnne, between 3t)th and 21*t Big. Vt.UKQ WOMAN, WITH OOOD CITY RB'RRBNCK, wltbta a situation, as chamber rrtild and w/i ter, or as et.?nr le.nald ana laundreis. Call at 109 Kast 13th st, sermd Uoor. hhWEOTaBI-B WOMAN DBSIRB8 A SITUATION, as sick nu>se, to take care ol a lady in her co?, fln^men' ? or if tiat does not offer, to take charge of an trom I'a ) If ik ; best ol city reference given. Oin be seen tor two dfcys ?v46 erceby fct t in U)e rear, near Broome at. "7 "lady WB1X ACQUAINTED WITH TH8 MODS8 A ot Paris, In which cltv she bas resided some time, and who is convtroan'. with every bra nh ot the cess, wishes tc enter It to an engagement wttfl an establish ment commsxiJIng the flrst orders In that lice, as superln Undent. Address K,, box 786, Post "Bice. i SITUATION WaNTKD - BY A BB8PK JTABI.8 i YOUNO A orl. as cbwibermaid aud waiter, or would take care oj chl'dren and do plaUi sewing. Oan come well recommended from her las'. pl?ce. C'ali tt 77 Crosby st., front room. RE> PKCTABIE aiRL WAMS a SITUATION, AS ohamtermald aid to do plan sewing; has no objacUpn n do g?nerai housework in a small family. Can be ?e ejJ prefect einplojer's ftt 2tt3 7^ &venuek uftween 2otii -9. atree'.i, "T^YOUNCTWOMAN WANTS A SItUATroN, Ah COOK; A Is willlna 'o avi.nt In washing snd-lronlrg, Hid tborough )v undtt jtands bsklnp bread ; good city relerenea csnbeglveu. Apply at>o. 1 2- W est 20th betweeu 6th and I'.havenusH. Cat be ft en for two days. i RR?PKCTABLB YOUNG WOMAN W18HK8 A SITU J\ tlkio. asgo'd c?ok; oue who undiratoo-d^ her buvne?s, and If a ?<*k! bsktr: Is willing to assist with the wuhtaj? w? iTonlcq of ft private family; good rettrence. Apply at No. <3 Vest 17 ih st. rear 6tb avenue A LADY, WEl'lj QUALIFIED, UKSIRB3 TO TAKK charge of the bualaehs of a ArW c t.^"j^nghou?e to town during the kummer. For a :ady dtopoee4 to t^ke trom n er bent*, ttifl woo d be an exeerent oooor^mltj, c? very adventageouB tem>H Addreae H. 1. F.# Lnion squwePos oflloe. ______ a RWSPKv, TABLE YOUNO GIRL WANTS A 6ITUA A tlan; Is a gcod plain rook and tlrst rate washer irtmer; has the u?st o' city refeisftoe. flw-i two dajs, at SCO Vomue ?t, a?cend floor, back room, neartne Urand at lerry. RKHr2CTABLE WOMAN WISEES A SITUATION, as good cook The best city relerence can be given : wss tbrte jesrs in her last place. Cult at 214 7th *7., between ?4th and 26i h sis., second floor, back room. A COOK, WHO TKOROUGIlLY UNDK3STANDS HER A buFinefs in ail its diparf men's, U desirous ol obtalnloga sltuaUon in a private lamlly ; understands baking, making pastry, ie! lies, preserve., Ac. W.tof city rofereaoe. Apply at T6 lth at. _____ ATIOUNG WOMAN. OF STEADY HABITS, WISHES A sltuafon in a private family as chambermaid ani plain ee? er, or would t?ke care of children. Hae excellent city it feren. e, snd bas lived ( ve years In her last place. <-^in be reen at No. 4 Union court, flrst floor, front room. ARRSPKCTABLK YOUNG WOMAN WISHES ASITUA lion as nurse ard plain sewer, or as chambermaid In a private isnuly. Has the l est of c'ty releiet cc i. an be se-a for two daj s at 69 l'erry ?t , between 4th and B eecker. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A S_ITU at1 on as nurse and plain eeaer; la able w take charge of a 5 cunt baby, the beat o( cit* reference wo be given, ran bo rettn lor two days at 120 West 270i at., between 7th aud 8<h aves, lii-st floor, back room A SITUATION WANTXD-BT A REsPRCTABLB We tion, as cook, washer and ironer. Is AOiiiu^med to a I klucs ol work, snd a good pie and bread baitor No obiwiij>n to a t^ivate boarding Lcuse. tiocd city reiereo^s. Can it seeii .or t'*o days at No. Uft> 11th ?t, betweeu ?v. A and Utjtv. A YOUHG WOMAN WANTS A S1IUAT10N, AS FIRST A rate ?a^ber snd Irocer, an! good pl? m ciok; hi? no ob jeotlcn Ui <lo the ge-tral houtewcrkof a small famllf. Cail at Vj', Court st , Brooklyn, back bafemeat A YOUNG AMERICAN GTRL DE8TRF9 A SITUA tion. chambermaid or walUr; good -el'y revenues given. Can be seen for two daTs, at 602 3d avenue, betweei 99tS and lOih sis. SITUATION WANTED-BY A B&SPKtTTABLK \ oung woma?, as ?-h?mb*rmald and waller. In a prlv.Us family ; g?Ky reference. Call at 402 Paclllo st, batweei. Jiotd and NcvIps hu, Brooklyn, for two ^ays. T_ SITUATION WANTED-BY A RKSPBCTABL'. A joting woman, ae pUln oook, wisher and Ironer, In u in all private family ; gocd city reference. i-*n l>e tt?? for two day*, at 191 EaatlSth st. BITU AT ION WANTED-BY A RE -. PB'JI A B LV. young woman, to do genei-ai housework; no objecUou' to court rv or city; Rood reterenoc. Can be mad tor two d iy at 2811 24th st , between 9ih and 10 b av?cuee, In the fcascmrn. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OIR(i WANTS A SIT uttk.n an seamstress; ike la rup.iaie of doing tine sewhw, a jo doing uv flu# mu-llo and fluting. Oood eltv redrew* from hsr^s: placa where olm lived live. years. Can be sveo tor two da j i at JM W. S2d St., second floor, trout room. ARSSPEf'TABLE OIRL WANTS A BITC^TION. AS drewmsker and eeamstre-s, In ? pr'vuU? family; under i'ai(?a Citing and cutting, jcoJ slty referonoo. Add' ess M. B , fia d office, lor two Cajs a rAHI.B YOUNG WOM AN, A ~PROTE!!TAiFf, .** wse's l situation oj ro?k; would ?*?!?< wrh ^".shio? ai.d jjct-teg. Can be seen for two cays at 104 i k>no ^rd si., Brook f RF.SPKCTaBLB PROTVNTANT WOMAN, WHO HAS (\ been ieJu:cd to poverty from unforseon olrcumstanc?*, take; this northed of advertising for gentleman's or t'anillv wasMnq: i??n exce'ltat washer aj.i irntier, and can give die r.i si raillUciar} ri forences In regard to character ana abUlt>. \ all s' tjH K 3:'t) ??.. nea.- 4>b avenue, third floor, front a f*n CATION waNTRP BY A RE8PErTABLE WO J.\ mnn, to isle car* of ehl'drra. and di eliamberwork ar't wsl Irg; Ik e<peneBi>.d in travelling with a lady. Best ot d y; c*n be ?e. n tor two da?* at 147 7th avenue, betwuoi i!U'h and 1'tt third tfoor. front room. ABKHl'ECf AHtiK WOMAN WI8HK8 A SITU ATION, AS ?'?ot, In a private t'aml'y; shtt under* uml* her biutier rrKectn ; would go to the country, r lm-Jie call at i!8 Wi s, l.'ith st. be'.ween 5th at d Gih a ,ei lies, thtril lloor. AYODM1 WOMAN WIhHE?> SITUATION. TO COOK w?fh atd iron, tn a sma:l nrlvn'e family: she U a good link f r. t an give the best of city rafermoea. Aduresi 75 Fas Ifitb st., corner 3d avenue, over th>- drug store. AY0UIKJ WOMAN WlblJEfl A HlTUATlOtl, A? fiV.AM .<trc ??; can cut and fit children's aad luJttw' drc-wrs. Oocd el'j references. Please call fo ? two days at 12) NJi *i ht. Mark- plane. AKFSPE'JTABLR OlRfi WMUKi A glTUATI JW, TO CO'*, wash and Iron, In a e nail irtvnuj faml\ ; she nn demands taking well. Or<x' eity reference from her lav p'see. Oar be seen at 131! East 34th St., between ad aad .H a- euuar, tor two Jay s. ARTSPhCTABLE ENOTJ9H <1IRI, WISHES A HITl/A tl n, as ehambei miki ; the Is a first rate fine washer ano irocer, at d can do sny ktr d ot honmworV. tlood elty refer cure. Pteaan call at 187 12th st., two doors from Ir menu" can ke teen for two day*, ti not edgaged. An experienced pRorxaTAhT yohwo woman of grod character, wants a situation to take <*re or a baby, keep the nni-aery tn order, ard sew; rmn be seou lor two days at 'i$d Wert 1'Jth st, between Hth and irnb avpinii'-, RLfiocd floor. A8ITUA1I0N WAffTKD? BY A YOUNO OIRT,, elismbRTir ald and ?e*m>- tress' good city releronoe. Call at 120 ' 111 avenue between 9th aud U"ii sts. a P17T ATION WANTKP-BY A MIDOT-E AUKD KSG ft. ll'h woman, aa seamstress, or to take ehar -$e ?t an Infant: best of elty reterences given. Can b? seen for two (Uy? al M) Hstrnoond St., earner of H eecker. Avery respect able protectant widow wo n-Au wishes a sttiLitl,m tn a respectable famliy; is n first rste cook and perfectly understands her hnslneix In all lis di^ feren' branches. Csn give saUsfkctory reference sod cotue well rerr.mroer.dod tn-m h?r l?st plsi-e. Applr forAsro <U;-s

at 320 Monrre st , oorner of tlrand, t/ip floor, back to, Tin. AR?HPKrrA,tI.? UKRMAN WHHfl A HITI A tion. to do general hoeseworLjb a MMli nrfrsto (antilr: nnders'aixls rook In*, washing M Inning. Oily rflllsreocs. can be teen for two days, at 2t) i.wllow iU. up siahw, ?miAnon wimo. ARE8AETTA1LK YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A BirUA Uo? u ehambermaH. aixl Co tusitlet in r? hlng and Ironing, or as chambermaid and seamstress; bas the beef of city r?'e reuce nom bar lent p;acs. Call at No. 7 Unioo court, Uaiver i?t? place, nor 12th ?t A respectable young woman wants a situa ttoD m chambermaid, and U> ajwiaU i tbe washing and Ironisg.oresnorse; ku no objec'Jon u> do ?iw bouse *o:k ?>! k unan iamll> . Can bo steu nr two days. at 52 Sheriff s~ .first ilcor, fr< nt room. A RESPECT ABLX YOUNG QIBL WANT* A 81. C A tlcn, to do chamberwork end plain ee?ln/. Oood city reference*. Inquire at 103 Wen 16lh St., sooond tloor, back rocm. A YOUNG QIXl, WISHES A sITUaUOV, AS NCR8E ?cd to do plain hp, win*. Cull ai 237 WeV. 24th et , comer ol 9th ay. Can >->s ??q ior firo days. ARKhFECTABLE YOUNG WOMaN WANTS A BITIT atioa. aa chambermaid and lauodresa. oraa cbamMr aasld; audio S'aist In the wuhlng ur.d l'oclug, If required; no objection to the country ; good city x eterence. Can be soe& lor two days at Mo. 6 31at at, a few doora from .be 5th avenue. A RESPECTABLE YOU NO WOMAN WIsHES A OOOK'B place in a resectable private lianiily, uader?taada her business ptrfcatly, aud In % good waaber and lroner. The ben ot city reference. Van t>e seen at 196 West 27th st. Crout baie meet, till engaged. ABEBPKOTABLK WIDOW WOMAN WIS'IKS A SIT uatkm, aa good cook, waaber and trooer, Id a private n?. Btlr: wouM lake charge of a bouse for the suaimer. So (in jection to g o ? abort distance la tbe country. The best o> city referenoe given. Please call at 37 Amity at. South JBrookij n td floor, bsck room. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A BITUATTOK. IN A PEI vate fkitily , as tea ma tress, who is caotble o'' doing u): kinds of sewing, and la willing to ?fslslwltn chamber work it required. Can be tees for two days. Please call 200 Me? cer street, to the rear, between Amity and Bieecker. ARI8FFCTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL W4NTS A situation, as chambermaid; la a good washer aud tracer Call at 119 Hpr i g rl . In ihe rear, for three or four days. A RH8PEC1 ABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A 8ITUA a. t ton. as c<xk, washer and lroner. Has Kood reference from her last pltea. Can be seen tor two nays, at 664 #<%.*:< Isgioo street. A YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION, AS WAITKU 2\. in a private family. The beat ol city reference given it i to her capability. Pleat e call at 130 12sh s'., bs'.weeu 6th an l 6 ih avenues. ABKSI'KCIAHLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SIT uatlcn. as chambermaid and clear starther, or to do lin-j waahln? and lining, 'ihe bestof city reference given. Pi<u ir call at 130 12th street, between 5th and tith avenues, ior tw . days. A YOUNG WOMAN WI8HE9 A SITUATION, IN A ?1 small private family, to <ki up stairs work and ne<*t has no objection to take care of an lnUnt. Call at IM Wo a^d st. ARKSfKCfABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANT8 4 KIT 17 . tioo, as rbttnbermail and plain f ewer, or would asslat U the wBPh.Tt' and urcnlng. For further parttcu'ars ioiir.Uv. o' her present tulxtresH, No. 5 East 30th at , near 5ih av. AB.VaRT, NEAT PROTESTAKT GIRL Wlfi^KS a sltcatlon as nurse aid teamstress. or rhi marina. d an seenu>trrsi;bas the best of city reference, ftenne sal] > u>. st , between 6th and 7th avenues, tor two days. ACCMPEriiNT Pi R-.ON WIUHBS A BITUATION, A lbuudrets, in a re.-pecU iln private laiul'y , !s a ra.e ?wrt liorcr, and car do i'reni'h Onilng to;eribl> ; haa tUe 1 of city rr.terncee; no ohje<*ton 'o go in lie country. Can : < seen Inr iwodaya at No :.4ti i!d avei. uc. t^rd floor, back ro<> . Anr:; PECTAULK M11;DLE AGED WOMAN WANTS ^ (hild !o nurse, from Iwj to ten years o'.d; jjood referet,i < can br given, ^pplyat 128 Fast 22a st, between 2d and avs , seccsd lloor, front ronm. A RKHPECTABLK YOUSG WOMAN WANTS A SITl J.\ alion, to do chamherwork, waihlng and ironing; i< wUI in# to do housework. <^lh /rive gcotl oity re.'erences. Cau t - re?in tor tv: o days at 231 Mulberry st, ro<nu 14. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SIIUa tlon an chambermaid uJd waiter, or ait cfrimbrBku'l ?<i> to kcaivt in warhlng acd lrouiag. Him. the bast otMp re'.e (tee. Can be Been ior two days at 97 4th aveaue, o9^ar Hth st A6ITVATION WANTED? 3Y A RESPECT A Bt. young w<unap, todoga^crsi bousewoik in ein\)l nr vste l?iot>y. Is a good washer uud lroner, a faoia pla'n co,-v and tuiderrtands haklng. flood city reference can be giv-i Mved three } ears tn ber las' pli;e. Apply hi toe rear ol 3i. Itth st., between 7'h and W:j avs. , llrst floor. Can te sa m f two day b ARUBPSCTABLE YOUNG WOMAA WASTS A SITU A tlon, asagoodenok and washer and lroner In a smii private family, or to assist wi<h the w aching. Tbe best of clt. relet t-nca oan be given. Pea?e cel. at 162 West 16th et , be i ween 7th and 8th avs., first floor. Can be s?en tor tiyodaw A SITUATION WAK'IED ? BY A RESPROTABl,: yourg wf man, ns tlrst rate washer ani l- oner. Cau - plain cookirg ai d geteral house a ork. Uae good city rei> r en re. Apply at 268 f>lanton st. AtllUAtlOK WANTED - BY A RKSPECTABl.i youcg woman, to do chamber work or gcueral houar work In a small private family. The best or city retere-< ,<? giver. Ceri be seen f.'r two daj j, If not engaged. Please qi at 113 West 33d st , second lloor. A SITUATION WANTED ? I?Y A RBSPBOTABLl woman, rs chambermaid and laundress In a private !..? miiy. Good city tefcrence. <'a:? be seen for twodajias. '.iih at., t* o droia trom 2d ave. A GIRL WIBTRB A SITUATION AS PLAIN OOOK. washer atd lroner, or to dr> general housework. Go - retfererce can lie given. Apply at 20 State at., Brooklyn, be twtcn Columbia and Furmnn, first lloor, baek room. API U AT ION WANTtD- BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, to do general housewo-k la a small Iknuly. The bent <?' ci'y reference oin be given from hor last place. Please c>< at E4 ?;oJnsab>a st. In the rear, for two days. AflKRMAN WOMAV WISHES A SITUATION, AS PR') te rrd o.iok. sio i.blee ton to go tn the country. Call i' 1U3 Ksst 17th at , second flo.r, for t>re? days. AYOU19G WOMAN WISBKS A SITUATION A8 CHAM vern:tld cud to arsi?t >n wa^'tlcg and irong. Noobjec loi t'j no U the countr*. Please call at 47 3d avenee. A HEAT, TIDY. COLORED GIRL, WITH THE BRFi of rlly tefoien .e, wants to go to Cailforsia, with family Phe-t.n do any kind ot ha rework; nbe understan<! the c;.rs cf chlldreti, ar.d Is ait sxce.:ent sev?er. To bs seen !'?? two da' s, at i',b Kvoadwav, uwcnmu A SITUATION WANtED-BY A RESPKOTABI.i yemg woman aacook: ha* to orjcctln io do wa?M)i aud irun'ng Iu a email lam 11 f Tie bosiot ult' reference c i be gven Car be seen tor two days. Call at 38 6th st., be tween !d and 3d avs , first flonr, froat room. A SITUATION WANTEK-BT A KE?PKilTAHT,. tc^ ch g ri, ar. uLainbeiinaid or uido ceuerat liausewnr} Giy.d ittert.nce cjotbe tlvtn. Can be sees h a. M. t? P.M., at Varlck st , tear ru'ditg. A YOUNG WOMAN WaNIW A SIlUATIOH, IDA^ rpeclab'e famll;. as seaiuslre.s; ohc fitUv utWe.*sta> < eutilng rM'dren's drest e?, and at kiud* ol t'ami v tewing !? eiutMng the lln->>t rt shirt', tbe Best of city reltrenoe give. Call M M 6th avenue. Av.rar'F..TAiii,F. young wouan want-i a sir>j tloo, at cli.itnbermald, and io do tine washing and i- <r iua- ' an seen at her preaent plrce, 218 West 26'J> st A MICATIcN WANTED BY A YOUN-3 Q1RL.TO P CtuliHimi aud <va<bitj/. in a privato fAflUlr. i bee! of cUy l ?lven frtim her last olate. Can be se a< >7 lte.ter ?t,, iovu No. 8, ij the Iron:, or address b. - 2 476 foal otlice. Auk.uly bfspbctablr girl wishes a wru tn nu'ntrar and rhaml>orm?ldris a good plain sewei a'so a gmd w?*beranrt liooer, can take care nt a babv troe its ti tore'. Has ilie best ot city reference, ('an ce seen * No, t7 2Mb street, betiretn C th and 7th avenues. ARKspi t table yohvg wovav is di:?rous o ob'niB'ng a pltuatlnn an se .mstrew. ('omueteut to cu and til Utile's dre??es, an.l do a'l kind* >f tatnll f se ?ip<. < be "icen for Mo davs. if not encaged, at l'Jtl 12;h st ; new Is ?ve. . aecond floor, Jront roam. . ASITP ATION WANTlvD? BY A RKNPBCTABT.K GIP.i as prod rook, washer and lroner. In a >ma'l prlv famiiy. ?Call at 1-6 Laicht St., whiHe ehs baa been emp'.oyxi for the last two years. AREfiPKOTABI.K PROTKHTaNT GIR1, W A NTH * *< tua'loc, ss ?esm*tr?sn; Is a Kuod ami nev ??wer. nvi ?land* diermintki >g at.d c*n ')? rec ratmeided by her lMt e i ployer. IMcjuo cUl at 182 ff'cat ?>>th ?u, be* ween Oh and W> iranw. A SITUATION wantkd-by A clean, tidy YOCRO woman, a? chambermaid and to aMln: It. th? ?a?bmg an.' Ironing: no objection to do tho general hiuaework of aaroa' fa mil*. Go-h1 city reference. on lo nee? tor two days, a' S?3 6<h ft renne, betweeu l'th and 18th sts. front basement. ARI-SPKCTABLR YOI NO Wf?M AN WANTS ABIT0A t:oc. as dressmaker and suunsLrsaa: would be wi;]lo<? l wait on a U dr. Has no o^necUon to go la the co uolry, in (i ulre in Ui? bnkery, :H5P 6<h auecn?. ABFSPRCTABT.K YOUNG WOMAN DKBIBR8 A 811 nation an chamoermald or laundress. in a Rmatl private family. Beat of city reference. For further partlca'ars apii'j at lOf East 13th st., between .'Id and 4th avenue*. A YOUNG MAN WIBHKH A SITUaTIOI AS FOBTKH A in a atore. in ftrftctly acquainted with the grocery bu.-.i tisi and willing to make generally uwfal. c?n xlw it'!n'itetorj relercnce If required. Can b? seen for two daj ?, ai D Bedlord it. i YOUNG MAN W18PK* A SITUATION, Ad COACH i l nun and to a?*ii>l !n gardening; it willing to miko hlnue.!: jrftf rally utefitl, and hk* no objection lo c'.ty or eountry. Can ? h ea for two days, a1 b& Bedford at. A YOUNG FRENCHMAN, WHO 8PPAKS THK ESG ri. lish and German language* lUently, .vlahes a slltntlon, totiavclwlth a gentleman In aoy pait of tlie country, or to wait on dome gentleman; he understands snfficiantly of cook iug; rood rocotcnieniatton*. Call at No. .'DO Broadway, Me Ui<pr> 'iUui oil v Iloto), in Uitj el Ore, for two day*. AmUATION WaNTUD? BY A YOUNG MAN, WJO in deinuii d? working on a farm, anl is verr well a" - qualuied with hot see. None but a first rate gentleman farmer kmiI apply. PlcaM cill or addro-s '.a T. F , Ilerald c.ffloo. A hllUATION WANIHD-HY A Yi.UNG MAN, A8 2\- coachman and ganleaer; u ders andslarmlng. Haagond i efei i see ti ora lis laal place. Fle?ao oall or addrdss to T7 F., 1lMia!d ( (Pee ABF>PKuTABl.R ?<)Y. 17 TEABS OF AGK. OF BOBI'lR >ujd indtis'rimii habits, ard of good moral character, warn I to learn norte good and respectable trade. The beat ot r.'ty reforenee given. I'lease Inquire loror addre-n Th. M., 267 Iti-.iiri ?u. Brook:} n. AOWADUATt., or an K.MINKNT UNTVERHITY, w itilrs o enter a law rflloe, In thla olty aeamudimt; or would 111. ?" s sltuatlitt in a newspaper establishmen'. le as w lanudltu*, reporter o? advertising agent; uo'id ctty rcle rnin rt jiivi n. J learc Hddre. H Mr. Karly, Herald oflioe. /-?I! WIIFRM un WANTS A SITUATION, fl \ I'll! v.-,ie tamllr: ha* no Nijpc.ion io go In the country, or woold i* o ).(i tial hotiiework; can do plain ook'.n#, w.. ''Ing aad Irouitv:; wouldpreieracimfortaolebomelna prlratfl Mm<i> ' lo litice w*ge.?; can gHe m- yen yean,' city re? jmrne 'ilatloas, it rrf|tiirr<l Add e*s Hoii?cworfc, Heruld ofllce, for two days, ,y)i>eu wl'l be aitcrded to prottipaV. (U i K\- t< I TV. ATI ON WANTKD-BY A PKHBON WHO moi .nrlilv under?t?uds hor bu'lnei* in all Hi branolios Hie fcent o' e.liy r?fei ere? given. Apply ai 344 6'1- '*vsnuj, bet-*f#n -Jltt ani 71' sta. / 10A*:11W AN.? WaNTKD, A SITUATION, BY A VOUIff. \J I 'Sti, in a prlrste famltj ; It a good groom and a careful illlver: Ir. ?Uli:g '0 make b!i\;el?ii*iiil; vo'itl taki .if a kltehen gt/>len:Or *s0M in g*. timing If r?inlr? L Ki hor In rlty of cltmtry. i^odrnferonre If require i. 1'iet'C c*Jla' ?S'i Br .fci ivat, nxioor ut Besue lU, for two days. situations wasted. ^ flOACUMAN'ri Ml U AT ION WANtEIV- BY A YOCNG V/fasaiTied man, who ean p-.odnce Miftf??t teadtnonlilaM to his knowledge of the care Mia treatment ot'horaes; la ever ret ject taa ? thorough knowledge of tha training of young (lock, u testimwulalf w 10 ceruty , also as to aobrlety and wll noiue**. Em ho objection to uj put o' the country. Pitue | address V. D., Herald ofllco, thl* da~ . For oa lifob n r a. ? * situation is dksibkd, Br a yuuun wuuan. ae nurse to chldtrt'i, c impamon to a ' lady <;r ii. unking herself ft beraity useful; ?o>. d be wi h"H to eng age lor one year. Every aathfac'lou given as to renes UiMlity nr d integrity. AS cress A . M , lle> %Jd oille-. SITUATION WANTED? BY a R BeP SVT A BLB ?R*?R?S girl, trom 14 to 16 yetr* of age, tt tike care of cUildi-en cr do light ciismber work c>ud wh.i:Jq7 Oau bo m**n 'or : *a daj s, at iolii Hi tt street, between Uouatou a ad BU e :le/ sis. SITUATION WANTED -BV A MOST RESl'HOrAHLK mui.K ruui-n, In an excellent ciuk aud superior wajhar and lioner, and possessed ol' a moat amUb.e diitpiiaiaou. ol'clty reference. 0?a be seen f >r two nay* if not eogtged, at 2f61ai aver tie. OltUAtlONS WaNTKD~BY a GOOD COOK Ail) tk> lauLdress, end a chambermaid, who can 'in uaeftii ia Kfneral fcoufework: they have lived togetii r, and js.ii t>o *ctn ior wo da 18, at 47 Bccd at. SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG LADY, IN A k? ftrcy or shoe store, or bakery. Heat >rf referoaooi given. AdiUf?? a at to to HUk C. C. lliuinpson, 169 4lh st. crruAiioi w*nted-in a privatk family, b* a i' trustworthy woman, an cook and to asslit la the iauodry. Ibe bestcl reference given. Call at 402 6:h ay. , bet a een 24'ii and 2SIli *1*. Q1TUATION WANTKD-BY a YOUNG GIRL, TO DO O charabe. work and set" inp. Ha* good cltv reference irom her l?t placc. Plearc call at 119 19th street, be'.w'e?a 0-i. aid 7ih ayg. SITUATION WANTED -BY A RSSPHOTAB^ PRO tcslant young a oman, as chamborinald and to suiaiit u. the washing an i Ironing; or to do the house work of a smvl l'aniU< . The best i f ell) reference from her last placs. Plewc call tcr two daya at 114 tinilth at., a tew door* fr-jji Oeaae?_, Brooklyn. secuLd llocr froni ronn OITUATIOKB WANTED? BY TWO RESPECT-IB' * SOQCK girls; one na first rate oook and iiaker, a t .1 washer ai:dlroLer; Iti s privalo tamlly; the other. .^? goJd chambermaid and waiter, or to do lire wasoirg a id ironist. The beat of elty re'nn"nce? from thalr las' n'a -?h ha given, fan be se?m for two dayc, at 124 West 2<kh s'. , between ;ih and 8ih a vs., third floor back room. SITUATION WANTED? liY A RKSPBCTABL.H YO'Ji?G O wok an, as <?. ok, and to a?tl?t In the washing aad .-ob h?s wtih a French family two yoars; can Uke care chi dr?n ajid lo p;aln epwuip; tai good city reievnvio. ??aa be stentor two aay> at 141 west 2Ttn st OlIUATION WA>TE?- BY A RK8Pt?7TA BL=I YOC <<* O wv.msn, as co>ik, baa no objection to do?on?ral Lnix* woi U. Caii bo vern at tier presnni situation, 27 North Moore ?>:. SITUATION WAKTED-BY A OBRMAN Glftl^, A* clu. in )>er maid. Wiiu'd p: efer n aUuttiot, In sone ust.. y town wliu an An tr can l'amlly. Address J. K., box 75 H^ra'.i ofllce. cnuAiiON wanted m a gbkm\n wuman, w .<> C* had pnnte knowledge of tho Enrtiim. language, t? rook; ?he unUt'/aUiLdb cooking In French German or American sir, ?? thou>u*hl) , and wi.uld not objeot lo dj the washing of a oiiK'i f?mlly; incompetent to takeH*?oG*ek63prr'sp:a;?, acd would V rele^' the latier. to be seen at 223 Bo wery . CriUATIOW WANTED.- A YOUNG M -t V, A -WlaS, ipcskmg three 'MniiiH^oB, (Vrocch, English as<t Gfli'biav.) wWhm to obtain a situation a< entry cler*, ahippiug c e -k. or assistant bookkeeper, tbe ',ea-. oc references will be nhe i. Address F. A. C., Herald oUioe lor this week QIIUATION WANTED -BY A YOUNG MAN, A?OlT Cj door rlerk or rollflitor; Is wltU.ig to make hiniM~ tp. rally uaaful. Goad releronc?. Addt'ffss L. Y., l>ox 1M Biralr. ofllce. TO WHOLESALE GROCERS AND PROVISION dealer*.? A young man (leslrej a "1'uaUoo In a Iuius*, as .Alesnuiu or ageni; can influeuoe a good trwie in IHster rtuuity ; salary tct ho much an object ad .i i er >vt nent sltnauc.n. run give the hejtotcity and ooiin.ry rulsr e?ce?. Adoreaa S. U., box 114 Herald oQce. rO DRUGGISTS.? A YOUNG MAN, FROM THRSOl.TH em statu, a gradtuw ol ths Savannah Modi:*'. offors hlmto.i as c erk In a wholesale drutf rtore. tie s eiUin rtvely urqualnted with Krntherr diujgla'3 aud pij siccus, will draw a large share of trace to any bouse hs nay oe con nccted with. Address Y. X W., Herald ctEcd. r PROPRIETORS OF COUNTRY S?ATS, OR TO owners of factcilee, ? a German tamlly, of good t<laca tlr.n, wish to gtt employment on a larm The mii,a thvugh io farmer, nnuerstands lorUctiliure, and Ms wif? U no: only u rora liournkei'per. but alto u^dersUmds dressmak.ig. tm I'lotferv, Ac. Thf ir children are a girl sixteen yevs of a*:e, at d a boy of tweive; botn speak (4ermnn hd 1 English llucnt v. and p'ay on .be piano. TM? umlij- trould ?1mj m?ke an en iajeinent with tee o. ? iacto-y, where tney would calf tfcvmtrh e.? genna'iy w?*ui. th? 'asl ihrte yeirs (boy h?vf> ii atr.tuciurtd woraied aitlrlm ('an five tbe oe^t ot re lelts'icea. For turther IstonnoJon. apply ui W. F. Knorr, 2k' Mh st., Ii? i??en H nl O TO GROCERS, WINK A TEA DEALERS.? WANTED, BY a young man, 24 y?ars ot age as clerk and a*li?man In a re?f ec'?)>le store, where he would devote bla time ta the ud var iage of bis employer. From his long exaerlenc-j wi.h the hupir.ess, in the first class stores of the city, he baa no doubt 'but any grocer wanting bis service* wll find in him every il.lpg peitalnlng lo a got d clerk and a ftr*t i a? aUeimvi L'n txrepilonobla reference* t ora hi* last employers. Aultcai Grccei'i Clerk, box 102 Herald oOlce. WANTED? A SITU ATI" tf.BYA BK8PECTABI.K GIRL, aa nhitmbei nuild and waiter; baa tbe beat of e'\y rile renoe trom ber last place, where she has lived for ' wg yec. v. rlear i: call at 76 Monroost. oanneaeen no tGfSStd. iT-ANTUD- A SITUATION, AS HRAl) OOOK, BY A "T adj who lias lived in the aiost lespeotable In this cit' ; has the beat reteicrcfs. Apply at d6 Centre at., foe two da;*. OJ AlTED? A tlTUATION, AH COOK AND IO ARSihT TT ct D b>n wanhliig; unduivtands ail antds ct onoM >i{ ; got.d tity reltreiui s glveo. Apply at 10b 1.J.L sl, teiweeo u and ii\> avenues. IV ANTH) ?BY A RKSPKCrABLE YOl N.i W >MiV, i TT ProU.iUn<.)a tltuatiun as lirat rate ihuudi-ms. or ctiameeiiiiad, arid lire washer and trunei . 1'ho ndrerii c.r i-. tiptrienced lu both, and car. she the boat ot c'.ty rmrreiK* fium ber last place. P:ei-t eJl ht 1M .v.tot Uih at,, ncir t> are , f> < ( nd floor, back rcx^ui Wi ANTi'.D? I<Y A B Efil'KCT ABL K YOUNG GTH*,, r (ltuat'oti to Cr grnernl ho'isework; li a ilrsi r*t<; waai 'r and Irene r Can give g(s & city reference tro-o h<;r lail ph. ?; Please rail a*. Mi ? ott2ut- it. tv AXTKLi BY A RB8PECTABLE YOUNG WOM^y, A tt sllcaliiin as cbMaivera.aifi and wai'^r, o r !? ill fir.-: washing nud Ironing. OooJ cty ictei ei.coi. Apply Hi No. 1'iUoe atjco?, .'t.i: iti-oadiv.iy. Oil AKIEIi-A BI1UAT10N, BY A RldPECTALW Gla/ , TT to dc gtoerul hou??v, jik in a ainan private Uiml?,<r weuhl be vn iL.ii U> do clu.mWrwork aiel plan sewi'ij. t > be rcen for tv. da^s by ca.ilng at th?i ciruer ,>l vslantio *??(.. Nevlua street, ever ths ica?ke!, tjoutL llrcotljn. ihc 'jea' of city r<tti ezcc sau be jivec. fl/ ANTED? HY A RESPEOrABLE WOMAN, A 31TCA T t ti.?n lo a srna 1 privstc r?m|iy, to dj Menem', h .n^ework. The best ol cit > rclereuccs. ('an be seen trom 7 ia thj t irr Irg to 7 In ihe evening, at 73 Watt (trcKt., scoond iloor ui nial s <_an be ftcn for iwo day*. II ANTED? A Biri AlION TO DO GENK8A1, f* work in a rtali faciilT ; ivu born four ie';j In lusr !a> t place, ihe beat ot city re'erenre. Call at 277 Via aveone, retwi en 27 h ar.d 28ib st , for two days. tST ANTED- BY TWO BKSPEOTABLE W;)HrtV, ON.-- AS Yf ilrsl ir'<> ciKik, who n-idorstandi all klr.ds ot baking; tbe O'lifr i Ii?'mI,. i n.ald and o do pl*in se^in,T O' lie tr " wr.? bin < iionisg. Hoth have n,e best -if city refbrenic. Pieass call ior iwo 6ays, at No 10 K*nt 11th ?t*e.*i ba.'e-? >,t door. I* ANTIS1I- BY A MAERMD COUPLH. SITUATION M lit u piiVUte mwlh, C>e wan a? cOHchvan or geaer n if-rvM'. II*? had aevernl veiiV experience iu tbe forme.- o? parity. Tho vow?Ti as fcooU p'aln cook. Cm ffi'b ana tro.i to the neater manner. Addresn, tor two (lay S," Moesman > ti7>*tkii-a f ituatioh, by a bespbotablk T? your woman, to do chtaatarwork nnd ?ew1oc cr ti-f wa>h og. I'pm 01 oil" reiurence K'vei?. (B'tUlre at jol 2d a\ , reemd floor, tack rcom. ft! AMBD-Wll A1 ION'S, BY TWO a*riPK ;: AHI.i If girif : nv f us ooc<k and to nssi?t in Uic \? ftuhtoK Mid icon In*. It required; ived two ? aarti In Im l<?Et p are- Beit ->t *M lie other as eliarabwiiittli ami wai'erort# do plain arwliij,. C^ll at 190 Went A.Ji rt, third lloor. Can 'jr ecen lor U\o daji. WA?TKT?- A *11UATI0N AS WOT NUKStf. BY \ re*ve.el?Me married v.o.nnn: h%a a hewihy hat : . it iiy|U rtxl. Apply at 11 latut , iu the rear, for t:t ; daj ?. \i dhoatiow by a v&ky kxpc^i. ?T cured 'OWP woman, a-: r^ambarm-ila and to urn' ' i ite waclurg ai u ironing; is wiilin* to at>HHi in Ui? nuiiwr* Ht?t a city reference. Ovu be Been for two d*i?, at 7a Wet . 1Mb it. I tt/AMKP-A Ull-ATION, BY A BR iPKUTA BiA' TI p'rl, m f ' nmmrrrv.'u ard fceamatroa1-; I* i? compe.f ? t ?Hrt m?te?, *nd can do fancy needlework. Ha* mo otijeoii.n to go m the cov.ntrj. '^an do all kini.n of M*uiaK ?n,< '111 ! ?hew tiie be*< 01 nTeroiee. lMca?e nali at loi:i o sy-h at.. a.i ?fewees. I Of ANTIC? A SITUATION. ~BY A " BRapRcXani-J ? t jonnt ((I'll a* chambermaid ai.d waiter' 1^ a foal f earn aire** aid >erred ttul time to drew n*klni{; '(oblirljn and wU in*. Hew: of ctty ttftraice f.lvvn, Can tie s*?n at hr - lait n tnaiii'C, ft)i- '0 ( <ajri?. PI- sv-fi p*Uai No. ? King at. TVAyTur~A fiir?TTow ;te lnVl^f >*'r kvt"^r. In lit laaeiloE i9r*** flven. AMKP -A SXlTAflOK. AS CUAMHKBIIA10 ARO *f foaiujtrw!! t 10 take care of el>ndr^i. Can bo ??i all ;hl? *('>, If r . ?'-l l.iJaic, at % KcWmehora a'., Bt(?kljn, wVn^ ?l>e l a* iW*4 for iwn ym<. ft ' A N1 >T) ? A SITUATION, BY K ltflSrSCT ABI.B " jcuns wiuita, lnaurkale 'mull*; sHe la a too) plain ?"V art' ai tTcc;'fnt wafhf and I -M?er. Can rtro the beat rl city r fclCJf can bo H? 1 tor M.0 da)-a at 4t> VWm Id at., 1 car 4th ? vci.ue U AlTOD-A WTl'ATIO.V, BT A WO* A*. TO TAJIK !* care ot an iefant or !a mind t+lidrcn, (1<Mt he well re i< u wwvltd ;roui lft?! j'.acc Qa'1 M Fourth ti , mu ll ANTET>-\ PITCATION, P.T A RR8PJJCT AIUUH T* toung aurn-iin, aa nun* ajid goeJ puuo a<*?)iKtr??,-; r<*< . atarcia ' nc waihir.^ and lrmuni. H.'.a :ba Ve ' oliv ? tii"t?rce. t'.ea?ec?Ii Iot twodayR at TX fhi'lu-wi ?>< pj >0. lr between H e*ek?r ud A.LHyato rt/ANTKD-BY V TOCRU MAKRZKU ff roiiiMB, ??iiiicllon aa ??< .ci/?e; ba >y ume maun oW. < n Rive the teat oity rotemuce. C?i; ai X<ia.Tla tlamUuM. ai , ??rTnHd.i.i', top floor, for two day* unly. 1 Vt-\NTM1 A MTITAtlOK, AB 1 'H AMfl KH VI A ID Ort T? IftituiUi'M in a faodiy, tiy h rMpeotabli) youns * 1 pian, wli" nnc'- ratand : her t>t ?lunu, aivl baa din bv-t of ?-ii? rclo'euc* h. I'ltHre r*!l M iWl Wcwi li jJl *.., t>t?f v. u ?< > ! 01 <1 '>1< ??en?#J, lirat floor. ni jt?TI 1' 11Y A MTliM.R AQfcO PR ITMTA^T VtC f ? >>.?>':. a ?Ji!i*tlon. 1 ' d j ihe cook 11 c, w.iihiar and IrJn'n* of *niR " lAii.lW . OfK< reerencca It roin'red. Can l>e ??cii Mr twv <" o*? pH?C ?RTATlOm WAHTKD. WANTED? BY A Rk8l*KCr A.BLH OIKU. A SITUATION aa chambermaid ltd waiter. Baa the beat of city r it ereare trom tier laat pjM, Can be mm for two dAja aU73>4 Chambeia atraet. WANTKP-BY A BKetPBOfABLM TOUNO WOViX, A situation aa cbUdrtn'a nuraa to 4n plain aenrtog, and a-ai?t lii chnmberwork. I aa two teara* reference mm bar iM! p.aee, uab? M.en until engaged. at No. SO r renty M nraet, between lat and id avenaee, tilrd floor froot room. WANTKD-a SiTUaTIO*. BT A YOU?G WONAN.TO do ehamberwwk and acwlog, and flea waabiiif. Hu coed elty reference. * o objection to go la the ooonlry. Oaa be aeen for two days, at 81 Sd avenue, near 12tb at. \ET AM TED ? A SITUATION. AH iXJOl. AT A VHRY ti ll ptrlenced w< man, who haabeen accustomed to aerre io F?r,t:air.f,r'? tamlllea, and haa Ua ver> highest ra'trcswa; uaderaands ocot lug ah i iada of actla, game aoosa, dmtt, <ke. . will aeaiat In waahlng ai d trualng. Apply at 316 Wllhmgb by atreet. oorner of frlim street, Brooklyn. WANTSD-BY A OaPa nLJC WOMAN. WHO IB A PRO feared cook, pastry cook and t>ak?r, a sttuaUiio; baa bees aceunuue 1 to serve d'nner pa-U?a In ibe Beat ily e and un deratauda Krwe.h cooking, aid la alao a good bnoaekeaper; would take a altnaUon in a no?ei or tint oaaa t owdla| nooat. Beat of reference gtv?n. Address M. B. Bioadaray Poat oflse, wbk-b will te piopcrl- Met del U. WANTED-BY AN KWOLWSYOCNO WOMAN, A BIT* I uaituu. aa name aud *eu>4ress. or lo do chamber work. Can be seen at 486 At an lc at, Brooklyn. W ANTED? BY A BEttl'BOTAHi.R TOUNQ WOMAN. A TT situation aaco k wuknr and l.-ooer. Cao be aeen (Or '.wo daya. a: ber last 62 Weat I jth at. < fVTANTED? A SITUATION, BY * HtRl'ICr aBLMGML, IT aa nuraeand nlaln aewnr or to do ligot chaatlerwork and raw Can vlve good rMerenee from ber laat pl?ee. at ber pieaeul tutfc:. er'a, 121 WUioughsy at, Brooklyn. Can be seen lor three days. WANTKD-A SITUATION, ?B CBaMBCRMAID AND iatindretui, or ctawarniatd aod aetma<re*a. by a re Jt c'Jible vmmg woman, t be boat of refercnee ran be given, leate cafl at ; rjn Ht avenue, between 1Mb and 17th >ta SX7 ANTED? A SITUATION FOB A QOOU PAOTiW. T? lant, to taaeeare of ctUdren and saw; la eapab'e ol uifciun c-.*e oi an lata' t from lia bl.-th: la ladua trfoca, aLd wlUta* ? mua lw eif ten 'rally uaafaL Apply to ber preaent tmclo\ er *t 101 l>?*n at. , bouih Bro Jklrn. WANYKU-A SHI ATI N, BY A BHSPBOTABLB * juui, ea nurae, u> Mke i-nargn of an lafaat, or abBdraa. Can give beat uf city r. ?ienoe fr^m *here aba lived all years ah tiuch. Please call f >r t?o flhyi, at 41 Hammond at. mo 7th avlaues. In thj^^r. ** 93 %\J A1<TEI>? A BUDiTCm, d X A YoUflO WOMAN. TO T T <<o Keueral hun-e *ork. In a i-aall private family; baa no objartjpt to v ? In th^ country : ia h good olala cook, waeaerand ironer. Oku comu well rt c.>atin.*nde4 from ber laat ploja, 1 'all a' Ul y rliice at , in the f?i*-y ?i' re WANTED-A SI 1 1) ATI' IV Br a toUKU WOMAN, AS cbamb^rmuid and walu-r, or mb aundreaa. Ooodre ferenera (lvnn. Appn atf.9 w?? -iib a1., between dth aad 7th ava.. In tbe refcr. t.'au be aeen for two da -a. Ck ANTBD? A SITUATION, BY A BBSPKOT ABLB tt young alrl, bM fhaml ermald %ii4 to do sent wswlng. or would do iliainbr r?ork nod waitm# the txwt otcltr . e lermReo t ivrn. Apply a* 47 1 4th at , m: ween lat nod 3d art., rootn J&. W~ 7NTKD? A ?1U AT10N. AH C (UK IN A PalVAt iS (nrp'.^y, by it r. ^peo ?blo .c&.toh wnman, who pen* - ly iK.UeratMi.da brr tin u.e?? and can come well reeommeuued. flat b? urt-n for two day* at tl'JOt +* TI7 ANTRD? BY A FaMII.Y HrtJta KINO UP HOIH'J t ? k- }???<.*. ?iit!?,l?in* !>?{? two gir'?, ? bo have been wilB ibtin a* vera i yean; ore a* co>>k, waklier aid ironer, the ekber m qhumi ertnald, wvter and nnrpn i ?u giro exoel:?ut re. icmii eadattaaa. Apaly M 96 Kut M at , TVANTKtl? BY A VtlUMU WOMAN. A SITUATION A8 TT T.a. i-Tiasp-.? -a would bfeve no ol)je< tlon to the c< unuy 'or 'ho m tiwr tian give t'm oe-' of ctt> if i?-rer eea aa to eta?ae'er aud capability. Apply a' 301 3d av , tia. veeu 18ifc asd IOiji ata. U,1 ANT?I?-AMTUaT10N, HY a KB^f E(!T * flLft MID TT die A|t?d woman, aa n il** to au Invalid uwly; wtuld wn't on grown obllifren, a.">il rcako b?r?elt narendtv iwrfut; ran do at: kltula of t emtaPitly i* *ti-? : bo iibi> orlco m ,?oto .bm croi try; hao bfft oi o.ij rofnouce Can be aeen at 61 124*1 22<i al. WANTKD--A 8ITUATION B* A RKBPKCr ABI.1 P?0? tesUnt Klrl, to (lo graer^i b tisework or to ti.*e r.-v K of rkijdrrn, or do rhan>ber<vork; la a gi'od wovber and Ir jn?r; won id have no tjfcjeall'in to *o a sliort dlatn ,oe In the taoou-f. ? 'Ai. oe Been 'or two datr at lit) Oanron at. VI/AlliTlic? A EJIUaTIoN, B? A RKdPB'TTABLB yonng woman lo cook, wtah and Inrn tn a r?w..<*".?vt? ;nvate fsm.l.v; la a good ojk, a uood baker of Bt\?<l nail v**iry. and an excellent ? aab?r and tic.ier; la willing to m-dre fj-rte i um-iuI; cr.i cook a J kliua nt paxtry, and '? nr' olVald n> xt>rt; ha- ro nl'j>cilo;. <o sin in 'l?a ooontrr ?lfh a t<a.*ii'y. ? od return In He fAil Call ai 110 ea. ^lat tt., third tlo; r, f ont T<KW. W7 aNTEII? BY A R&>SP&(7TaB(j4 VTuUNO WoMAS. a Tt ?lttia'l'm. io do get er&l b'tue-* ork, !n a urlva.'a famity; 12.? J"''""1 w??her aud honer. tKn be aefn, lor two d*jB, m 228 tv eat 26Ui atrret. WaNTE.-?-A REKPKOTABI.R OIRL. TO OO OENB* ra boi:-ework In a rrivi'ofAtullv; niuit no a \r-*A - .,h r.t ti.d tronir; beat of city i?l ?vi< e Teqnire<l trom b>rl*ot i>!a re, ?a?efl M tier monu. apply at 89, Wer WJ\ at. twten bib and 7in aventex. WANTKD-A SITD.'.TION, BY A RyBPKOT.VSl/? j our g woman, aa on.^k; underetaudu her buntaew, tod bow to t ake a->d make paaUv ; oan aboir gr<Rl rlty reTerenrje. I'laai e c?ii at Mt Stanton at. , ? flo >r, room X a^ga-SSaSatTBSSSJS TJPAMJtC? A SITOaTION. AS CB AMtiKJRkl \ID AND TT wnlt?r; wnukl ats:;,t m waahlng. oooi ??ity ?ftfrenee. Car at 6H Lala?ett? piace. t au be aeen for two day*. T\TjkSTKI1?A P1TUATION, BY A RESPi 'JTABLt PRO ?T teotant girl, a? plain cjok or to do r?u?ml h utework ic a imail lamily, Oo"i refmaeei. Appiy tor twe daya. at li2 auzabetn at, took room, eeooad floor. r?' aNI w,n.? A HlOHliY KrSPlW'TABl/K l'rtOT^r \Nr TT w< man wlfb't a aUi-'tirti to do r rxera l.w?rn k;iit jood plain o.H'k, waaber aid lioier, miken r. n. I ei; ^r?id; i" Leai. obli*ii'?. a id a ptiaoa wbo will atutl. fw ln'ir?v^ ijf karccipl i.erU. evrj waj WUI take So. in A nl^iVmny. o be t ecu tn tho baaemea t of ?4j gth %v. , i h .r JMtli at. tVAVmi? A "iTUATInM, BY A TOUNO TiVf,', TT aa mi espe.-W ncd O'Kik and exu?lUni i>ir > i , * ? ptiTaU; laallj. Oan be *?j lor two aayga- >'o. 1 !<>?. rente ?t, Brooklyn, near til' ^ry. ?7 ANTKD-A RIIUATI .IIC. AB ffuU*ftK9apjgR. IH i ?T reaoec table t'omify, b> a coait>ewat perron, .add a J. J. H. Herald oflioe. \\ AMKX-1IH A P.hSPinABC.E TtlTINO WOM N, Tt a situation, to do cbainberwxiik, aid nv-Utfri rt a> r Slid iroa'rr; li wtli'l'.ffto i) > (iicecal n?ia*5w.irk for a I rlfnte tawHy ; bna gcoc city teter?tioe ('aa bij t-ea l'or . wo t av m. a' !,2h ?d tv i:?e bo * eon :iSd and S3d > :. ? OLr AfTkD - BY A H8ftF]tOTAB*,K OIRL A HITUA it ;(on. aa waller In a flret claw family. Ca I a'. ."M 6*.h kven je, third Hour, ftrai to na. WAITED- BV A RRhPRt'i ABLE YOUNO WO* N, A TT fliitutor to I'll the fcr.?;ai hon-jTerk of a anall i?ivaka fniuUy; eao c ok wa?b ai.* 1-on; beat ol nty rrinr?t?e given, i ' <o be teer at . We-rtiO b M , lb r<l floor etrt i-oo* W/?TT.n? A SirUAfloK, BY A YOUNO OlitL A3 i nataiirrmnld; Is a g?>.id piali. aewer; ean do n't ktnn of embroidery. ? e.u be i?en ior two da, i at >1 38th a"-, cj.-nef 7tb avsui.e, in .heba\eiy. ?X*>NTKn A 5IICATTON, BY A YOONO OiAMkN V> ((irl, lr a lazily t^uin t KurwM*. ai aov'a maW, ehM'a uuiep, or Ji. any oapaclty ibjit may be rfqiiln d. Apply at her bu rr'Sttit ?mp'' jer'r. '.'f> We^t 16'h at. ft" ANTFD A tirr.VTTON. BY a YOU.NO 1AI)? in VT fctme ivncy gco-'ia nicre or coiifeelicnarT; one 'thole a*.uualnt?d alibi lie liu?int?aln aJi Ita branchen. l'ieaa? .id (' es* Iludcor.. Tr'ou aquarc I'OF.t off.oo 831 i'.rOAlwty. fi aktkd- by a. BF. rrcTAnLK yocko oir:. a. "> ?ltnr!i03 *? sonar;! rc-.j sid to wai' 3a a US*, cr d 1 tj(ht c!>?int*ry.cik, hv- m otyusMcji lofti In 'he esmit. / or to *rv yel wllh a family. P.prs* 87 iCJi ?(., t>?tw '????? 6 Jj &:.d 7'S urennea, llilrrt llnor. iroi t roi m, tor t*>o rfaja. WTAHtJ-D-A f- II VAT ICS, BY A F BflpS^rAIH.? *T yon'p ni- 1R jeftrs of i ff to d i waiting or clr. -abet ork or would tskr care 01 children G*od reni eT ee. vp i'i) kt 278 fcU: aymie, bet w een ,6'b et,d ITlh ett. rrrANTFW? A BlTUATIOK, HY A RKSPK-JfAKt/a V* yonr.g woman ne eh^mbrrvaid a"l 1 1 '^n ri; ?in<1 tronltig. Hr?: ritr rrierearc from nrr '??! plaoi. C?j be ,rtu lor three day" at "OT Wort Mth nt , between Sth .iud Ptb avenue*. Wavtrp-a fitc at iojt, by a pmart, rw-u.r r y> gent yrrtCK'srt .mt.i rt-an sir!, M yearn 01 '0 uv? rsrf (i "?>i'drei ur to do llfiljt work ' M> ~.c for ?? ? A-wik, t > ?pj'ij iDi, at 2-4: Ki.?* 1-1\ at., botweui avunue A au-1 Kim liver, ue, reccri' U <i r. Iroin room. VirABTFD? A ftlTt'aTTON, AB MTR?JK A,rO PI.tlST ?1 *eem?tri ?c, hy n teat, tine*,. uapable Pf rerUi'. tr'rl. Apply betwee: tfce 'turn ot ton ?nd thru, a; 2) W ?*?.'. loth 11. lITAXT".n-HY A RESPECTABLE OIRl,, A ^ItVA. tt lion a* chambermaid and welter. Would li ? lUtoi/ t do chain kenverk and fine wnditag and l-Tnlr,? No o ije.-i-wi t> f.i> an lkundr. na.t.C'xn te ? en lor two d*;;t ?' I :i Uott ?' , ib'rii tl< or. room 12. lte?t ot city rein tew i"\n i* ooutned. ? aNTRD-A BTtCAftOll, BY A Ikh^iTaM *? girl, ?h cha?l"Hvi?ld, oi lo >lo ilm w.-r* o? a imi-Ul itn.lly. Ajiply ?t ?7A UimTmii aretfje. Brooklyn. ti ' ,\ jtTM) ? a nni ation am PBttFWn fnt k nr ?? on?> who liilty tinrt*M?nd? li?r hu?inen tu a'l t'a hr*noh *; tu.d Hip l'*?i ol rlty ra'waire ?'nl a< ft 1'iinrj at , or ner <>1 THIa*j , Urooklj 0, Cm !>? seen l>*r ? wo d*: *. TV AN1 JCT*? A KIIVATTON, Ag COOK, WaHBKK aNR TT tr< n?>r tr ? rr?t>?i*bie vrir^to !*?I!y. H?< nn Lion to a privalr boar ft In* hotae. Thi- beat ofoi'T rf '.irence (Ifcn. l'l*a?e rail at 71 M'llbfrry ?lrnet tortwjda7a. YV"AKTED? A BlTfATIOW, BY A BESrECTAB.n ? ' youn#i wommi. aaaoaingire*, Han no obleettoa to do llgM cbamtierwotk In a private f?iriiv ran ?e teen for two <!?' r. at her preeent emu'orev'a, Madjoon avenne. YVTANIPU-A STYUATIOB. hi A Hr^PBCTAB?,H Tr .fonng wrm?T>, ar. niianiNrinaid, a:.d toaaatM In waohio^ RBt; k'V'T'ini. teat ?f reereore cm hfifi??n. r;etM ea 1 at vOlixb #t , b?twee? 7th aixi wi avs. ("an f.??een fv teo d*>n, 11 Dot m.?a; <mI. \J|rAbTRT> ? A mr*TIOIf, BT|* BK^rJCrABLl WO t? m*n aa ? fin* ratn cook. I* an c*?ell~nt wa*tier and ti-oner Bo objerllon 'n do 'ii? mk ot' \ nmnll family. Good refcrrese Apply at 217 We?t 17tb at., b?lween 8th and 8 b art. t'ati b- *c>-n for tw,i day* k\j \ jutsritcrAju fcnrvL A^m tTi^jr ?* to #0 general and a? cltun. ' erat?ld. Olid (<? r?'.frr? t-i ? s,v< n ? "iiTi ?e w"\ f r ! vo ruj ?. at l>3 *t ,1 / HT> Tt A K1TA HON. Aft tttOK; OV < WHO 17&. V? dm 'mid' 1 1 nt in all tu br?ii,>He?, '1 ? |'r?d "eTeral ). >>? wMh w 'i.p rit (. ?> ?novi rwp.vt .1 ,e ia?tt';?? I'i the eity ? l? wiiirr* :<i *?>? ?i In <i" iiinin ??-liinc f'at <? t<?? tteai irf 1 1 ?n f c t tor tvvo ilayn. Jrqul at I"? l?ih rt., Ixi't.i . er fit' a:. ' C'tb am , !:r?t r nrr. tp ?'Aire. tk; A^T' P- H> A K>- "?l,Kr!TAHM5 T< VTNO WOJtkK, 4 V ? ?ItiMtMii In a ;'-tT*te riratlv at ?f-?nwtrem ar d dr>-?e nakei ; der? *n.t? tbeentib>ff ard flt'.ln o' all klodn of "i^il dren'eeluthna. mrd 1* m.^t cri'pe ?i? In ahlr rnattnn and -.11 k'tid,1 of ta?rli> . it 1*; b%? rlty rnlei?f>f? trom bar 1rv?t pU. ?#. < an te men for ?e?eeyr, tat lit at , bet* eon 21 an" ui a\a., filrd floor, irnni raora. Bltaations, Help, SLc.t 8m Sixth Pagtt