Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 3, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 3, 1856 Page 2
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me disposition to rally, hut ia neglected. Ia saltpetre a moderate tuiiuett, lower torn# b*ing submitted to try Actders. In ri:e el?o there U ? decline Of prus, bat j?t ? very good aeale of bnsine?? ?r p**rs to have be?n dm*. LONDON MONEY MAttt: T. rFrcm the city artiale of tbe London Timer I liOia>0!?, Tuesday evening, Kirch 18.? The KngUlh fount have again b??n fit'. to-day, in consequence of the continued realisation of etock. Money ountuiaes ia good supply cn the .-Hock Exchange. In the diacount market also there if increased ease, although nothing ia dene Mow lix per sent. A statement has been circu lated in Ireland that the great balk of tbe Eog *-b shareholders in the Tipperary Bank are te wi'i of Baron Rothschild, who purchased of llr. Sadlier about eleven huudrti shares >t ?11 each, and re mU them at ?12 ItfJ. The tfrtenuin't Journal observes ?? relation to it ihat the fact that the eminent capitalist ?k< doped by Mr. Sadiier In a remarkable one. Any oon t*?utrtion of the story la unnecessary in London, bat for Tilth : eadern it most be mentioned that Baron Rothschild sever hkfl a bu^tac a transaction with Kr. Sadiier, nor was u ever interested in any wtth whieh Xr. Sadiier wta oooneotad. Marheti. U'Moj., Tvisday, March 18? *we o'clock P. M ?The money market haa t^iaited a disposition towards In e-raae?i <???? daring tbe last day or tarn, the denani tor eiscona: aocommooation b*ing lee* urgent thao for ton* time pr?riously. There la, however, not mnon hope en lemoned of a reduction m the Tatea chargad by the Bank pi England at present, bat it is c inside red that no harm asut ari?e lrom the removal of the restriction wh eh was imposed by the directors of that institution with regard to the datee cf bills effjred fir discount. ttnque-iionaV.y 'he elrcr instances which the directors ot tbe Bank cf KugWnd eoeside*ed snttiou at to induee them to ftx 96 days at the longest period tor Di .14 to rua ? ai: a Xbev would ciiuoaet, have patsed away in a great ae?af"ue. and as there is at { resent no e-pp-nranoe of an ?ai.-acr< iaary dram ef bullion netting So, it is o ;n:eivad that thi removal of the restriction a* to tbe periol wabh bil * may have u tun tha. are offered tor Clscoant weald ret be In any respect dangaroua, whilst to the aai j tity of merchants it would t>e a sensible ?aottl' rati' n. Tho piyment ol tne next mt talmi-nt of tbe . i.n *'lt n t t*t.o plaoe heicr* tte 29 .h ins;., and iu iug letnteilm it ia hoped that the rti.-ectoxs of tae Wat "Hi take some srepe to ameliorate the pressure wbieh the pies-'nt high rates of money necassai p ;? duce, ana ehicb is feit ..irs' -ev->-ely by persons sngifsd tn tt ?Jime.-c'el oeelin* i with toreign >>ctmt.-ies. The i.-tf-ai of tte Am steamer trom tbe United State* baa eetu &nucnn;ed tn s morning. She has ortiiigo up w-??t a i.f f60!' 000 in -peai-, and the rate of tzzki~>g: w.ta ?>e''y, at 1 9J,. Iteir'.ke tor puVie sesari'ies t.;^y (petei with me. h he:?:n?s*, bat % slight rcactioc. ha? ilate ukeu place, and Jtrlces are ful y 4 pe* cent better than a* ihi ?min enceiLtnt of h-trccx For miccy Cons'ila haie >?*-< d?-a? at 09, 3'7,, a'jd an! for the ace jn' at ^ Jn, J,, ?, ati't fi- lt? p f^evit qu~:auooH are 9J t^ t. , iLnbfj, and 9. )j for time. C^n^ols ."-rip h*^ 1k?jj Oi iii) ?? ? 'i rm. I ;;h?qu?: b'llj have bee^ ion* i* at Is. dig. to '2e. pm f r ail elates. Enhequrs.- bjud w * k*?e been sfeai-'y, a. 98 3., for both aerie*. ?* T>- are has teen a fa!r amomntd bi^?ine? doa?> n the % ?ign b*"ck marke', ^ud pr.tes have b*?n generally ?veil 1 ?att*<.r.?il. Hai^-past Two O'Ciock. .??' ' &umo!v for acoouT.' 10th April, 9'J ^ Bit OWN, ^H1PLKT & CO.'S CIBCffLiR. , , ?,.nh' ImmrOOL, March 16, 185J. ? w j The so'ton matket c n'lnues uuiet, and prloe* oii^iitiy faroc bjjer?. *>ie saies f?r tne thrte >lar? win< 19 000 sal?*, al'h 4 .'>00 t> apecalatois aal exporters, '?fi -iu. ^ c>m maiket Is duli at last gustations. O'OO > A., F. AND R. MAXWELL'S C1BCCTLAR. ?*>? at ? hvtMriHiL Com Mask rt, Marak 18 1958, v lie arrival* tiem h eiand aad cnaetwUe daring the past AO : a< aretk ftave been li*bt; and from fo-i-lgn porta pi unv> u-yn' ? only >ee?iv?d 6,126 qn. wheat, (of whicQ 2 270 jra. are a Kcyp'ian i 2 6*4 qra. Indian coro. and 2.000 bbls. filar, si TiiO axperta iu ibe taa e time compn-e 830 qrs wh^at, ?0ii 187 qis. rate, 4 ."?4 qrs. Indian, 679 tacks and 1.010 wB bbi-. tlour. There iias been a gv;d bus.ocas d .lag in h ?' arvery anialeof the trace sin ? Tuesday last, and pn:es <?'> have ixiwtiented a further laipri.veroent. The wind t?? bar og becoae morn ?outterly, aome rain haa faliea and - *?- tte w?atb?r is mi der. tru Atth'sdaj's market there was a small at'eadanoi of tbe town and cu L:ry trade, and wheai. met wi'b only a na bruited letail demand, at an advance of 3d. to 41. p?r 70 fee. on the prices cf Tuesday. f?.r fine ^cilitide, bal only Id. to 2d. ier 70 lbs. cn inteiior. Flour was diffi-.ult t<> ?aove, although offerei on former terms. Oats and oat meal may be qaoted Id per 45 lhe., and 6d. pv load 4ear?r, out witt a flow 'ale. liar.ey, beans and peas re mairei without alteration in value. Indian oom ma;h pressed for tale, ai.d In the ab^nse of any demand of oou-e<iuenoe a tb-luc'.ion ol fully Is. per ^r. was su> ? itied to. prin t Cf 'hern yellow beirg obtainable at 32s. tc. ; nixed, I' it. , and wh -c, 83i. per qr. BIGXA.NO, AiUYA AND CO.'S CTBCCLAR. Lutoifck)^ Marca 18, 1866. TH0v.?t0ss.? Bee' ia in good denacd. wi.h mt any ?hange in prises. IJacop ? uur market having beea for mm time 'tuite bare, a small lot of prime, joxt laaded ex 4***111? i otf'-tad by auction to-day, brought f-xt.eme prices, viz ?: Ms. a 67s. for , botelesa short middles: but with a more liberal supply these prices could not be maintained. Talu-w is very drill, and priaee are quite nommU, say 80s. to 62s. for North Ametican. LifeD in in fair demand, at 55s. to 56s. Naval Jjtoher -Unoon rosin is firmly bold at 6s. per owt. Spirits turpentine quiet, and unhanged in va'ue. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL MORCT HAKK >*? Wbxi.vetoat, April 2 ? 6 P. >f. The news from Europe has had no effect upon tbe atoek market. The operations to day were limited, without much chtrge in prices. At tha first board Nicaragua Transit advanced ,S? per cent; Hudson Railroad, 1. Can ton Company tell off % per cent; Erie Railroad, *?; Chi cago and Hock Island. %? This stock soli to-day at 91 per ?ent, diviiend of foar per cent off. The last sa'e was at 91 K per cent. Iliiton Central Railroad bonds sold ti a large extent at tbe first board, at improving prices. They opened at 88 '?*, and close! at 88% percent. Eria Rail rt>ad opened pretty ateady at yesterday's pticse, but fell off towards the ekee, with moderate sales. Hudson Rail road was better to- day. The prospect of the bridge bii' pasting the I>egislatore is the cause of the advanse in thia stock. The inflation will be bat a temporary affair. Cleveland and Toledo opened at 80 per cent, and aloeed i rm at 80 There have aeen Urge transaction* in this st ck iate.y, and tte purchases, buyer's option, must be at this moment in the aggregate vary great. Wifcnsin I*te Shore Railroad is oue of the ?testi est g'ocks en the market. Tha absorption is g^ing ?c gradually but steadily. The earnings have this a -a pen oeen lar in exctss of tbe anticipations, and a Ivgt s?o;-ai>nual civid-t d la cash is sure for July. Toe pr eipal business of the c mpany la in pa'sengers, and it well known that there is no more proflU')le t aSi: ;ailrca"s. Milwaakie and Missis-ippi Railro&d L, rapidly *>? g cue ot tbe most favorite lnve .Linents in t-: tsarlet. The completion of ?he road te the stissisaippi liver U gca.-an'eed this year, ami it is g jjd Lr uivid?nds durii g tbe ytar 1866 of at least fii>>>n per .-.ent. Hit* rsgna Trantis t }? ued and closed to-day tiwn at 14 per een . Tbs Star ct the West bdrgs Intel igente that, o->n trrr i- all that h^a b^ea raid relative to tae W? ker, Gar rfc b. Morgan and Rando'ph ems iracy. C liU'-itf, U>e Tran-it Comptoy's wji;?s orn Nicaragua tint tt 1 1 terview wit ' Wa'ker, ha was inf'-Tcied th?t ' it Trsneit ''ompatiy's charier would to', hive beej <?. .a ?sl 'C bn lor rsproeer'atlMS ma>'.e t .himbyce'taio tae ties In Sew Ygfk. Walker st ?ted mat he was very n i ?' :ii <ani cf nyjney, and he was given to un lor stand tba he c.u d ftr.ce i; cnt of ?h? Transit Comp?py by ??!/' g its 1 r-'pT'iy and ar.nuU'tg Its e'.iarter. It Is well koowu Sere wh* gave him ttat advloe. The wh )e b.sto'y is gr dr^/ly out and if it does not pia ie ee tain ia ilvi'iuAls ,n this e'imrrurity >n n p cu i*rly pfrp'exl if pr?di*an;?Bt, *e a>e very smeh wi? aken. Ve und-:. staod thai a /arge oumbe' of tbe stockholder of ,vm fcicsrtgua Pri n>lt t. )?p*ny a'? abou'. c^mu.encisv ?>?!'? rate -nits sps,. nst Cl.ajies Morgan, to recover th<: iosaes the.T have s?i' ta i.ed by his alleged complicity wbtla a--. ? lag as tbe ri-mpany s eg' nt ia the la'e reliir^ >.f <h'> eowpaoj'a prcjieTty at Nisaragia. oth?r par J s t?r ? waiting fh? e urs? of eve-its, with the determioa'i r> <.f ?oc. r ? o<lng auive to rwiVT ao? loss they may u ti ma'ely suffi r. If the st^k ad?<n*a and th-y can p'iees f>ai( I, we 1 ai d g' -v- . trul If prises go down ?*? * main dowf ,, so t- at no hope of ree ?v'y is ief' . th-i^ i ? teed apf^ alirg ta the law 'r>r redness, Tbe e partite l^ave tak?n to ?ir stock and pa d Morgan or his broker f >r it, ncdwi/. h /(I it a rsasonab ? tiae before iieel'og to ?nch e; . letnities. Jt will oaly be as a demier reeor lin ger tb e ctrcuao.iai.^ s. As tee facte ooa-e out th? pahli ? nubKl bec< tries more ezelt?d anil iDdlgn^nt. If f r the adj lroment ot tb? l*>ar<l, the fallowing <nl ' bonds ai.d stocks were made at auction: ? si s New Votk It #?ry K're lasuranoaCo ^ - 1 <4, Batehers' and l?r"V"rs' R<ir.k 4 Vt, H>ii* cf tbe Ftate rf New York 1 Putgers Fem?'- Ir.stitute. .i A 10 Itai it of Nev York . 10 I'nlUd -:'atos i lie insnmao- Compear j > 20 do. do do 1: . frfJOO Marbl" ard Stooe < arviag Compao* 1 jV M0 KeUr-vllle Q ? ">? < isapaay, per share of $i6 t f At. tie 1 ecood boarl tb?-.e waa mire activ y than * ctnal, particularly in F>??. That stock was fte?ly < H - at a decline raeg'ng from ^ to \ per cent. Kead'nr J;aiiroad fell off per oeat, Cumberland There was , a prcttf general disposition to sell K.rte. Money was a ^11 le tight today. Tbe demand was very active. . Tl?r? ?ij be a mee'iof of tb* stockholders of the Klneral Mnlrg Company of North Carolina ?t the offlc? if fltoebtck At Co., Ka. 1 Hanover stree*, on ThTrsday, * 3d at ? "'el ok yir>?l ao'ioii with rajr-ierice I> *b? stock wilj be taken, aji'i tlio?? lotorgstfj sho 'd he aleiw'sroe. I Ihe Aitiitut Treasurer reports tc-day m fe'lews J Paid on T*e??*ry Aoeouat $308,362 31 Received ? *13 666 00 Bt?M ? 7, Mi 886 46 Paid for As*ay Office 164,848 88 Paid on disbursing oheaks 41 47? '.'3 The melpts include $75,000 for transfer drafts, oa Boa ton. The steamship Persia, from this port tor Liverpool to day, carried o?t $600,000 i? speaie, auJ the steamship Star of the Weft, at th s port from Nicaragua, brought $40,000 in California (old. A. H. Nicola j '? regu *r ttemi-reekly aaetion ?a'.e of stocks and bonds will take p ac? to-morrow, (Taursday) at 12 V o dock, at the Merchants' Exchange. Ike steamship Atlantic, at this port fro a LiverpoiL, brings four days' later news from all parts of Europe. The intelligence is not important, politically, taancUUy or commercially. Consols had declined a f .-acbon, closing at 92 per cent. Quotation* for cotton were anchangeJ, with a moderate business. Breadstaffs were active and tit m at previous quotations. The North Biver Insurance Company have declared a semi annual dividend of ten per ient; the Kiremes's In surance Company a dividend of $3 per share. Payment was refiased yesterday of the coupons then due cf the third mortgage bonds of tike C-o. ambus, Piqu? ana Indiana Railroad. These bends are f naraaeel by the Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati, Beilefrnta'ne aad Indiana, shd Indianapolis and Bellafontaloe rati* roads, and theinterest due in October las: was paid by the first named company. Th* coupons have ooan pre tested, and attachment sued out against the propsry of the companite endorsing. At amteucg of the Board of fraxtees of ihe Co ji Ex change. tbe following gt.ntlcm?n wire e'e:'.?i otli:era for the ercuitg year: ? Jno. S. Buckley, President; Theodore BmUs, Vice Pre sident; lur.c X Frcst, r.eiHurcr; Theodore Perry, Secre tary. linscce Cormnttee. ? Jatob B. flenick, Je see lloyt, I a ? : tnce. Kuilc irg Commitve?.? W. S. Oriffi h, David I>?vi?, Bob). F. Sags. Aroitrati ,n Committee.? Jno. B. Wright, inn! Viwii, Aoiw. IV Velick. Sfotk Kxcliaiige. WkdnciD.v, April 5 18iti. A3000 Virginia 6'b.. . <>S 100 ntn Eiir RR. . bl'J 67 V 90C0 CO 93 V 100 do sit 57)4 iiOOO Missouri C's. . . 8^V 260 do t>7 lOW H?rl?itM*Bs. 63 8t5 300 Co... ? 67 V 4000 K:ie UitvBi'71 83V BO do slO 57V 1000 HuR3dUiB?.b3 *0 100 Harlem BR....s3 10* 2.'00 HCeRhlte.sxint 88 10?.? R-aaiuit R-t..si0 31V ?eeo do 88 V 100 00 e3 k-J'j 10000 ^e...hC0 88V 200 d> s30 02 V lCulO do...b.i0 88V in '60 92V 10000 ilc....?30 88V Hudson RRS... S6V 16000 ilo....n<0 88 V 50 do 30 'J( 00 do f3 88 V 150 do b30 36 fcOOO do... blO 88 V 105 UlchSo&NolaRK. 'J6V 5000 do e 88 V 500 do s60 95 iiOtio ('.o,..W0 88 V 200 do bOO 9i 1000 IeH'e.vA2M'Bi 77V &> Panama RR. . .s-'t 104 V 27 sbs he itUlViiCo. 1_?V 180 III Centra. RiCbJ 98 8 Bank ritate NY.. 108V 100 Clave h Pitts RR. o5 V 10 Metropolitan itk. 108 100 d3 66V 10 iiar'tet Batik.. . . 108 200 do W0 60V 100 (feat* n Co . . . , *3 2SJ{ 200 io 6&V 100 Cum Coal Co.sttO 23.V 1" Gale & Cbica RR. 113V 300 uo 1?V 200 Cler & Tol UK. *3 8o -Vie rranait CJ#.b3 14 'ZOU do siiO 89 100 do 14 250 ao 80,V lvt X Y Central F?R. 1?2V 5p0 do ?i 80V4' 260 do b;fl 300 da b30 80 V 100 do b?0 Oil ;? 100 do blO 80Vi 200 do WW 93 100 Wis Lake aho RK 7^V 100 do b3 92\ 50 d-? b?0 73 15 do P2V 100C fc R I P.Ro c? b60 01 200 Erie RR t>?0 57V "00 Mil & Ui-r RK.b3 8tl If 0 da 57 V 50 Nor k Wo RH bSO 84V 400 do ?3 57V 50 Mich Cen RR. (>00 95 2C0 do ?3 6? V 50 do 96 50 do b3 57 V SECOND HOARD. $-3000 111 Cen Bds.... 88V 60 Mhs Erie RR 6'iV 6000 do 88 V 50 do 60 V 6t(:0 <k>...be0 88V 209 do b3 5t?V 1000 Hud R 1*'. Vf.. 98V 1"0 do 50V ICO shs Ntc Trt Co. b3 34 60 do 50 \ 300 Cum Coal Co.. f 3 23V IPO do b3 56V 100 do bCO 23 V 100 do s3 5ii V 1C0 co b60 '23 V 190 ao 50^ K0 do *10 28V 400 do ?30 6?.V 80 Pacific Mail isS Co 73 200 do b3 56?i 50C lieading RR 92 2f>0 do ?3 60 V 100 do 917i 250 d J >30 50V SOOCIevandfoIRI^ <1 80 V 50 do 50 V 10O de p10 80 103 do b3 58 V 1(0 do elO "9V 50 dj... .bCO 57 6<iHHrl?mRR 19V 100 Panama RR 101 V 100 do b60 *.0 200 llud Rlv RR. . bfi? 30 160 N YC?ntRR..b3 92V '0 do r3 35V 26 do 9a V 100 do ?00 3.1 V 50 do s3 92 V 50 MishiS&.N I.... 95V MINING BOAKD. ? 160 ths Wl'iAlronli3 4' V 200 nh Gard ner. b3 15 50 do blO 45 ?, 100 do bl5 1 .'6 300 <5old Hill c$l 37 V 600 ?o bl 1 26 fOO oiaid'ner o 1 15 400 X Carrlioa. . b^O 2 03 800 do c 1 16 400 di b20 2 00 400 do h3 1 15 200 do c 1 95 HEW YOBS CATTLE MARK ? r. WkDJfraDAT, April 2, 1858. Tbe cattle market opened this morning with con-ide -a ble animation. On takicg a snrvey of th? pens It wa? ap parent that tbe supply of beeves was extremely Unite :J parti:nbily of good description*, and buyers were very active in making their selections. Upon eaqulry it wie asctrtaintd that the uuniber offered for sale was much ltps than required far the usual weekly con' imp'i m ? bs isg only about sixteen huadrel? whlc^ had tbe effect of giving inoreased stringency to prises. Bat let that cou'd be called really fine cattle w?re to be seen, aad they were gtnerally held above tbe view* of buyers. One very fize fair oi oxen attra;<ed mueb attention, and would have f>oid for auiretbiag above the current ra <w f ?r what are den< m mated ex ra. A lot of very fine Pennsvlvania cattle sold at an average of $11 per hnndred. Tne rua jority of the cattie offered were from common to go'<d, with many that were very in'erior. No oaure wax as signed, so far aseould be learned, for the shor: pupply on the ir.a:ket, whi h Is stated to require upward i of 2,500 for weekly consumption. With tbe high price* l uliag tor betf. tbe C'rstant and the great ta cili i?e for biiagiag cattle ta market afforded by raiiroad and w?:er oomiaunicaUoD, there is no (0<d reaeon why a oeriain supply should not it al! times be fo- nd wt:hln our eittle yards. Th? pre samption is that a acr<- 1 Is lo-se somewhere, aid that the subj-^t is rr e rtqatrai tbe striorest sc.-ntiuy. IUu n arker should be con trolled by no other agene'ee (ban the Jegitima'e iawa or trade, wtich of the raseUe* <ira am ply sufficient to eni-ure a plentitil supply tt ail renioa.i, and at the sari e time do jantise Vj ail parties. S .?rp and laitbs were elsoin poor supply, and many of thuii *ere i.ot fit *o orirg t?mi:le'.. Hoiie, hnworer, thut were really fine brr u^ht remunerative prices, a? will te e-vu ?>y our qoo'atli-ns of actual sslrs made at Br nvn'nif's. C?wg uit ca ve* biougot (toy! price, acording to qui lity. Xany veie v-ry i- ffrior, a few re~naraably good or?:i-. *i ich were he!-, at a high figure? one par thulKily ai tigh as 180. I.a'ge qiAO'.i'ies of ve*l mut ter , it-., will sor n Be received ?y the* runaiu^ on hp North r.vtr, In? k>-;a.i'ie.i between this ci y ?e i Al banj snd it is pr stable we chali te pretiy wtil app'.-td d'lrr'fr he sees o l.otn thath- ar'e. IVow w* ??' accurate a report of tbe prices ai ?< uld be ob a.'ned . Betf ratCe, i X'rtt quality, per 101 lb< $11 a 12 jio, g-fjd qialify 10? ? Do. emm'n 0 a ? IK). inferior. St, ? Cows atd sa. vs, tx'ra '.6 00 a 75 00 Do. good 4^ 00 a 65 01 Bo. occainon ''OOOaiO'tO Veal* b a 7e. ! w. (x- a 7Ve. ? 8?. Fheeo acc larub^ S 00 a 0 00 IK>. ftirl ? 16 Tbe l' ? t tb>e cho-i * from arba' nart e f the ooao tr?, atd by wha' couVc; in tli<' snpp !es cine: ? ''h>", hee>' 9-0 riarUm R. R , nattle. . 4t O trec Ucnt 8 Oiwn and calves, .. . 37 liiitth f 61 Veal c*lv?? 371 Kentucky 75 sh?'?p *? i l,a a?n. . . 380 \i ginin 60 Huas'.n It. R , bjev^st, 811 New York 108 Hwlne 1511 ? ?iij k A mb: y R R . 145 Erie R. it , beeves. ... 4.'2 ()n toot ratil* 196 l'r c c of beel cattle nt Browolng's wer" also ab >u* 1 V t .'he-, n r, r.jvn nt npen a reooced sunp'j. Tae d?r iSMi siif good arKl U'e s* *s were free at -he improve tr ' n? it i-tcck thtfre wis no mateMal sti?n^ ?< in pi at ,1 'Vf <!e^?rd *as fair. ctte?p an I laino-* -?ll abr u t r.s la'.t as tbey arHv* an<i satM"a^->ry pr|-?s ?" Ine an-' teal ralvos also t-rn. Mr. B.-'?wning rep ;i* s th? w eg >i'i". ? ti.i ratUe. $8 a $1 1 50 81c vs i os ?*. i:'M a$M). I H v?i*\ caiveM 63. ?8>-; 1,47'.) sl.oen an<i is-ots, fv?ragf. $fi 60 p?r bead lile-t 'jj jbipih- MM .r j Rrswfeieg'e:? . fb^p,andlaiub?<$i,740 00 ]09?bee, i>id]*mb'$lT5 0$ 10 to 1 0.0 (0 I t .Jo 69130 140 00 ?i 0 0H i00 rto t&0 1)0 1(0 to 4itt"0 I,045 steep ar.d lam1- $V33l :<0 Avui g' per bead 10 S*l?f rnaoe l'j Jatrnjl M<;(.-aw, at Br" vr.i.TgV.? -lit 1 ^ id lambs. $ 1 8'.i '?<> sheep au i knu $}7 00 n do. . )ty* M u ^5 f,0 1 *8 (.0 10 do 1 to 00 9 d ...... ' > no n 4, 19 00 1 ? ... 1 2 do r> ro 'i d" M 00 .66 $"1 'fj 0 V '> Avwef" per he.m'. ? - . ''tt rw Ljt ? si r f .p'j fh^ef .at.'11 ?? II.'. ?, ^ d price h%?. 1. a,.?dab-i j. >^c. % tr , <?? J??'t twrk rtmain ?' ?%' 11 < >?:??? ><e h I? n 110 b?n cattle; $7 a $11 48ed?a H j'.i to? l?5, 1,0C8 sb.iep and "aribs, $3 a to. Iy . i' -e- I'l.r* weight), 6 V- * 7' - . ??? a nio'fe a'e supply nl beeves, let. at 1 1 < .nd a pretty good flem <nd Prtc* remain about 'lie same ss i?st week The sales ware as fo! low::? 114 beeves, ff* ? $10 50 per hundred; 108 00 and ealvee, $26 a $'?' 88 veal calves, 8 Vo. a 8j. HI.' APm-MOB*. (>nnt and Vml yh"-p my I B<- 'i, (Jai<**. (Wiv. Ltimh*. AOertcn'a 18.8 27 371 :m Browning'' 40J 81 (>8 1,472 ( hfi>nber:ain's 110 #8 5 i 1,958 O Ui ten's 118 Itf*1 8'5 2,249 in: t ' 8 8. "7 80 CITY COHBIRCIAL KJDPORT. *?*?!. April 2? li P. M. BwuDarrcrw? Fl.?ur? The market tor oommon grade* vu easier, wbi e toe.ii una *ad upper lualltiea ware with - oat chai ge of moment. The m m uere about 4 000 b*r re.'t. inciuoirg aoma/ea to straight data and Weitera, at (0 H7 a $7. Soma ladartjr lam war* report** at $6 81 V, extra State at 97 12 K a $1 50; low to good naaltnm as* extra grade Wentern at 97 25 a 98, and extra t?eae m* at $8 (0 a 11(1 SO. Ex'.r* Sc. Ixtuia wm it 99 a 910 AO. Canadian wm quiet, and pticaa without ohaoge of moment. Thefcarket ranged from 97 62 K a 99 91. South ern told to the extent of 1,200 a 1,900 barrels. at 97 60 a 98 lor mixed to eboio* aranc?, and 99 a 90 12)% tor taoey and eat re brands. Kje flour? Abo at 1*26 barrel* were reported at 90 tor goo* superflQ*; fi ie was quet at 94 26. Corn meal? About 300 a 400 barrel* were ao'd at 93 81 V tor J?mey, and 93 76 for Brand/wine. W beat? The market wa? quiet, and jprioea without change of moment. A ?*.? >1 1,200 banhels North Carolina red wan made at 91 66, and a lot of Canadian o eimon wr it* wm reported at 91 80. C:.r* waa withoat ehatpe of importance, w bile the market waa dull. The sales embraced about 1.0,000 buaheu, including mixed and white, at 63c. a file , with some lota oi inferior, for distilling, at 60e., aid p.hne yellow at 67e. Included in the salta were ixnjg Island (4,000 bubel*) at 64-;. R/e wm dull, with a tendency to lower rate.'-, a fe? hundred bat-be!* sod at the ratoBad at 91 07. OaU were a early , without charge in priios; Chicago were at 43s. a 4ds. aoa 47c. asked. Coito.n ? rb<< gales embraced absut 2,600 a 3,000 bale*, be marset rioting it steady prices. Kkhchts ?To Liverpool, 800 box** bacon were en gag?* at 27a. Od. ; 200 bal'S ootton. at j* J C ain was nominal a 8d. * 9.., 200 tiercxe beef, at 3a. 6<1., flour wvt nominal a*. 2s. 0 I. Sand I'U.tOO lbs. anuato'weie eogsged a'. 30e. per on. To L'ndoo, 2C0 hrx*n tobaico, at Us, , 300 bag* oil oake, at 20a. bd. ; 500 b>xe? bacon at34s.0d. ; 1 000 bbla. spirit* turpentine, at 8s. ; and 6,000 bbia. tur pentine at teroia not stated. K^entoHivre *ere no charged. To Brtmeo, 30 tona meMUtemtnt good* were taken at 27a. <ki. Provisions. ? I' irk? Tba market wai again higher an 3 cl Md at an tdvanoa. The Halm e ub-oceo abiut 400 a 5C0 bMs', mclmlirg imss, at 916 76; and prime, at 914 37 K a 914 60; and 300 do., in Albany, and Aliany in gpecticn, sold, de jverebJe here ou the opening of naviga tion, at 914 76. Btef *a? uncargsd, and salna condne i to about 100 bhl*., ; repacked Wentcrn ranged from 911 a 913; prime m?Rn and beef haniH w?re unchanged. Cat rotate were steady. at 7\s. for shoulders, and 0??c. a 9%c. for bass. Bacon w?s >carce; a fima'.l ??!? of riubel short til' dies wax made it Oo. Lard wan firmer, with sales of 900 bblx. at 9J^c. a 10*. Oblo butter wan at 17?. a 20c., and State at 20c. a 25c. Cheese wari quiet, at 8*. a 10*c. Lmmmmiimmn mK\' mT T?NANT8' KBOISTKR. 1 no WEST TWEMTY ?EVK\Tn 8TRRHT, TO LET.? JL OO floute baa baths, ( in and fixtures, ana a range; it in a gcod neigbboraood, near Lamar tUo park, thr<e s'.orv br. i; I ut in complete order, lotenoo Annl 10. Hent kvll Aji p j lo a. H W *.G>, 15 W"li 'tree* Amos* besibablk country restoknck to lei-Plencuatiy >> nr. tod on the Boston tu-nptke, and on lb* mi cl the ,-ew llavua Kairoad. abou' au honr'a ride frtmiberitj. There are 'fclrt; >,cr?w of land auacbed, ander iiecO cuiti^a'I n a iarK" garde*, and a great variety of trull v eee; cue lerant boua? ar.d a fine ntab!e and carriage boue. %. BrMiie the twf lb-re la a delightlui lake, and the rounr ih but a ehcrt dintarce oil, where tniilng Q?hkg and b,i;.htn? ai.onrc'. Afpl to B. PHILllP i, oounaellor at law. 1.0. )0 C'kamoera at. 1 RMAXL HOTKI. TO LEASE? Wit H A PORTION Or (V the urn'ture, from 91 200 to $1 500, lor aale: the home ten ?ai* a tvoiK 40 to 50 room*, Including a apacloun dining ro7? and largi kltobtn. with ge and CroUn water throughout; ?!??&<, *c. B. W. itl"'l iKl)-. 30 1 Broadway. A' >'KATLY HJR"IsnED PARLOR, AM) BEDROOM communicating, to rent in a sirlot y private ftottlr. wWi or without pariM t card. The lou?e b pieiiantly idlaa'ed witein 'tn mlnuiea' wa.k of Fu'ton 'erry. Rem ol roomi, threr do'iara ye. r wtek. Frr ltinher parucolara pleaae inquire at 104 Pro pec; eltcet, Brooklyn. A3XAUTIFCLLY FUKSLSHKD EMlUlHT BaBKMENT brown rone nou??, In Iklrty-ftth s'leet, having all ihe modern iraproTeaoenia. and In perfect o Jer. Location urtei ceptk'ual It ill be let only to a i mall private family. Reot, 91,200 i f r year a note addresned to Mr. Johnson, Union eq'.are Putt oOlce, will meet immediate uttentiou. A EXPECTABLE FAMILY, OCODP1ISO A HOUSE vsiih irodern i >provementa, lo rated in a p'easan'. a jeet, aojacent to k. car and three stage rou ea. invite atteoJ-m to rot<ni8 on tie Mcond and third floors, wtie* tber wl.l let a' a /air price. KtJnrecoeo exobaoMd. App'y at 69 Jane itreet. (new number 46>. between algbihand Ninth avenuej. Apart of a house to let r bison able? fur nifhed or unfurcUbed; the second floor. In all four roc m?, wi h pan riee, Croton water, batba, Ac., and if desired, ore loom on the third floor; location desirable, but a short ctnur.ce from hL John's p?rk. Apply to B. W. KlJBAUliS, 307 Broad* ay. * APiRIMENTS TO LET-IN BLEECKER SlREitT. near Broadway rxmxistiiig ot three ro->ma on the ncind tlorr. ??nt 9250; and If wanted, an ante room could be rented with, by raiding 5i0 >pply to L., No. 37 Walker street, from 3 to 6 o'clock. AFiBfcT CLASS SHOP TO LET? A NEW T-IRVIE s'.ory bti'kju.g, 25x50 feet. *u<<*tile .or any light m?hvil cal or o her t u sinew, in rear of 29 King street Inquire ot a. Raymond, 5\ cuatbam nt/est. BhfcUEM HEIGHTS ? TO LET, ON THE fJKIOU IS, OP pi#l.e Car tie liardeo. four hmsM, bciutifa 1<- slttiatei cotnii aidlr g a floe view of lie rf*7 at.d Ii*rBor of New Vorfc, wiih tLrxt nndlng citiee; omrl''u>*? e?ery few minutes w> tlie ">r : socd ?at?-.r, pure fir, and heal'hy location apply at the Vtl'.y 1 eir graph office, 21 Mot tgoaiery street Jersey city. elOLNTBY RJR3IDKNCS FOR BAI.E OR TO LEf? WfTB J a gcod glide*, pleasantly sltua ed. taenty milta 'ro-n theeiiy of New York, and one mii ute's wa'k from a depot on the he?r Jersey Ceitral Bai road. The building is in gy tl eider, nearlv new, ajui ?Mita'.ns nine toja?. A oonveaieni ieestlcn tcr a person doit r busineu In Now York. Fer par Ucuiars apply to k T* Fl , ?S Bearer street. DAGUERREAN GALLERY 10 LET-NO. B95 BROAD way: one of the best location la 'he city; exeel'ent light, *c. Apply to A. M A R. D WIS. on th3 premises, 21 door. Dry goodr store to let-no. i.? sr ring STRnar, near Broadeay. > ixtnres eompiete, with tsunediate poracMiou. A first rate Apply at No. 197 9prtng street rR GENTLEMEN.-- TO LET, A PARLOR AND BSD m m, anhout b'^ard, very handsomely furnixhed Also, aalsgte room wifh a tmill oue adjotLlng If required; a ei tu;e y futnlshed. Apply at lit) Niuta atreet, a few doors neet of Bioadwa^ ?rP.7,18HKD BOrSE TO LET ? A FIRST CLASS UNO. P Ufh basemei-t htfiFe w th all tba rnidern eonvi' >~ie?. and very bssdwinely funitbed; rent 91, KW- Ap;:y ?. It >.s.n THrtv-th:rd ?ueet. between Madison and Fourth avenuaa, from 1 io 2 P. M. FUEMHflEI) nOl'SS TO LET, IN HROuKLY.V V ithin a few utes' *a V of the South ferry, tte new three story lront honre with a^i tfce modern Improvetnei's, YhtigramAj iu.-nished. Apply at No. 99 Amity street. 8o ;'h BlO. klj D. F pCBSUHfD HOUSE 10 KSNT IN BROOKuY"V.-T9rB above LO'ii-e is of Wrick, three stories, ami is :oc<t*d ia a ples.'att n?-ighb<-rbf>od Is easy of access by either A:.antleor V all ;U ft' ier.-if . 1 e;ng not over u.ree iriauiM' wail to ei ther. 7li? Is a de?lra'u,e opportnoiU Ijt a saaU lamfly c>n teuwlkting boustkee^ing. BeLt JOrtl per rear. Partinarc.t in/; the at zieare opectfcd lo purchase tba gat fiitmei aid pn. mou>hiy in hdv?nre. ' ' desired p^.tsesaloo can bean oh the l.'<th ot Aprl'. Address boi No. 3,246. N. Y. Poet oTOee. HATD?f)VB APARTMRNTH TO LKT-AT 110 KSS' X ?feet the secot-d tioor. mn* Uting of two (lie loity rooms andtwohedr oca; a so, two attic roiim*, witii flreplaM, pir. of a vuiil. av n cf-.'.ar s x roomn in s.l ; rent 9216 P juiwini t ther !ttir.edit,t?.j or the 1st oi May. Apply on tbe premise*, in the bfi>euifvt, or ?.t 127 Bivtngton street, from 4 to 8 P. M. HlUHS TO LET?1 THlt FINK THRKE STORY BRI 3K hotse 2'9 Wesi Teto v seventh si rev' a few doors from kiglnb avenue Apply lo I'Aft?UL.1.0 A *CciKY*ltBi A, 11', Pea-! ?trte'.. Botki, /no rating housr to lit -at bout a ferrv . rorner of Wbitebu I vid f.ouih streets. The above c..k, te larri-.d on togethar or s?p?raitly, as de-lied Appj at the cf W. W. TOWSPf.N U, ou t'ie premise*. HOTKL TO LET, J* EAR BROADWAY.? THH LARGE and detirab e fire s'ory but ding, l.eir Brovl ?, on th? comet i.f lit (<oiii' ar.d Rim stteets having recently been oalut fti ar d put lr complete order hrougOo it f- r-Tierl ? oecn"ted by Msdame Mor don ite> t >0^ and po?ea-loa trained l*'-9ly. Ap p y to E L. liU t D.-.M, Waverie/ pAce. BOTMl to 11* OS UUfl L FCRNlSaSD.-BKSPOV sihle p^rtU-h d?-<.lroiis six-w ni?diiim st/i?* h'?t? will pleiiHf address, with j eal i.ame. Hotel Owner, Herald rfllc?. L /BGR BU1LD1KG, SluRES aND OOTTAGIW AND I i s to let? Lr.rge f ulldi m lo let in I'ort: Aird ? 1 -*t JC r?et iy JK> Hu.raj In MiUiaveaue and .ro.d-iy, tttir -(h'.-tv Of-htticet. to iciaasep Mnebrown j.ou? ti^ ue r Stooklys; re^l 9fsi (;.iti*#e?, Ac., to i?tr.,eap. luqu r? of a. P. tQSVkfe*?D. * a?- au st, tip vtaiis. T fittitrt PART ( F A TIInEf'. ST(,.iY BhICK HO0SB, J j on the rrrib s fa of Twauty-U'st suaet, nenr 'hi Sin'h av>', ue; tbrre r'?>m* derp. basemcut, sml two room* OU tliird fiofir, with all th' laodern Imprnvem- n'i. Ueui, 9450 Apply c* B. A 1 IU ?' 1 ! 8. Jr., bO.1 Hioad s'ret.t. I( Mh TO LET?THK 8ElX)M I) THIRD AMD FOURTq J lott? 01 lift f rai klin sif-et, 2?xl(>0 feet, well lighted a:.d (tiitab e for light uiat>tif<>ctur r.g | iirioof" , ?team po ?er, tf it (!r?d A ppij to (' A B\i'UOl iMk; I7."i Itrijadway. OKFl' ES TO LET? IN PEOPLE'S HANK BC1LDIKG, t orner if Oneal ar.d 'I bompson street*, suttab'e f >r pro ffM total men. artls ar-b 'etts and real estate broken fhs offices are ter ir sup*ri .r and rent low. Apply m the Back. 0] K1 ' KF Tf t L"T -I A ? I--' M.'l CFFICE^ IN TRYON R< w fl?l<1loi:s, rear the f 'i'y Hal noti Js'.l n of -.mtaof f'orr. ot,e lo ffvc ro. ins. with irtwi se.fe*. b?- ng a goo-1 loeatloa for itst e?>. Instunu a eompantea brokers, or aov 'Ane- ou-i r?.ss Ii qnire of K. a U KK ri/.( II, No 1 f*stre atrse', near the City Hall. OFF If Km TO LRT? SOW IN COM ? 1 E ORDFR, IN the rir*mlirs 15 W I'tiain stieo', nr*t door to tbe UrnKi ol st re lii nk, ntui Wal s rnet Hie first llo<jr is auitihle !or itif uranoe, raiir ad or real estate "innea The nppnr r>i n< sre *< 1 l';cat< d t >r' ni laej^ra' ofllje. Ai plylo H. li. Plr.Kt.k. 15 William street. PAhT 'F A Hfir>K TO LET IT* OWNER OF A lars* h< n'?. bis tf.;: lit rm?i?ung of tkriy. [mrj'Kis aid s?rvart. w o 1 1 , o e*. t ? a small lAtnllv 'he seeocd st irv liou-iist iog of lour room* siifl 01 e riorn 'a tre third stor? ; Vmee near tjtew in?i:?n'tel ne^hvo', nr 00, si) the modern i.nprovr, . ' tt . 1 ion item'. Jii..? fl." 9:x5. Apply at 199 ft ? ?. / !nr 1 I .??'??-!?< ? ij! . ; ? f > OrSK-O'T" ? 'V .:P, TO A I I'f ?!' "rff-n'riri, n. *V? ..?? ,- V A , ? j, , V ?of. lie ??im- ir'.rr ?tid ? li <i,?rrn~. ? .'a i?, o.d p> ri r. u?' ?* 01. ? sr d ta rl 1 *, , .v 'lj -vs'*r hah. <r jf If > A IV. .1 fit ,ti I'j ? ??( a <? WI U .Wi. *. VdOrC.-S 1 ?AP p ? ? 1 If HA'iV.'/i ??tr '.til. f-rr>H.. VA ' *. >A r? 4 ? iy "0 It I. Iik.'Ji* of t>TO. LaNBk.1* on j-vn. "ItS'S. ijilT cif a fii rna J modern rtn^ ro.emcrts. Posses? ion i>nm?.'i -siy eppty at 34 Maodrogal st. r?< < MS WaMsD. A FA MILT i.IVING ,N A FIRST I i-tars ho"?e sn'ihavlrs two or three n o,? a notiirnihhed wi-t h Ue' would iel to a <j?i|e* UniVv til three crown iMirsone e an hear ol a d^slrab e t? n*nt by add/eeemg lianii.t/m, lltra d o tii e Please stale location. fcLACOBTfc* BoU.i n> LKT.-Ttro (>n 1 1 1 Rick I tj rhf rs <ap hiie s'aii?h ? r ImM prlvil. u?s in a large ard rle?r,hii?hmeot ? y Sfpivln* immediate y on !ije pi'ml ser, Kit T* en'y s'rt?t, esat pf Firs', aveme. IWlAHTB' UMHaTU* REfUDKNC^ at NBW &OOHKLLB TO LKT ?A HaND m>um *jd coinmodion* * weillng on Davcopurt'? Nee*, iron Una Ui| Iilu4 Hound, three quarter* of a mile from ai 4? fx* of hew fork and Mew Haven Railroad. Tb? bouse la ? modern built three story, containing tourteen room*, with BtuLii MMUfli A#.. Aid bull! In Ik* bMt ?AMntf, Tb# ground*, about two teres, we well laid rat with stade and uakueee. a beautiful gartlej, with the oboieeat varletiea or ttrawberrlea and blacenarrlM to abundance. In tnll beaming, oonveulent ha-ha, g, Ashing. ahooting, Ac. Co the grounda a-e ?table* carriage bouae tea beuae, and all the conveniens* (or a gealtel country residence. Will be let on moderate term*, aad poa> eealon Immediately. For farther particulars applj toB. D. LB FftVBK, 130 Pearl atreet; orH.F Fetton, r??< estate agent, near depet of New York and X*w Haven Bailroo4, tew Bochelle. SJfOOND FLOOR **D BACK BAflRMBNT TO LET, IN Brooklyn, of i he three story brick bouae 1 IS Bergen *treet, third door eaat of Boyt. with or without aaa. to a *m%U tatntlv, without children. Bent low to a good tenant. Inquire on the premises, ylCOND FLOOR OF A HOUSE TO LKT? II A8 FOUR O noma, two c oset*. Oroton water and water pipe*, with every convenience for a family to live comfortable, trout and back stair*. Ac. Cap be seen between It and 2 P. M. Apply la O. KM AFP, 68 thirteenth street, earner Fourth aveauo. Also, two baiemetu to let. STORE TO LBT-1N WILLI AMSBUBG. COBNBR Or Booth Tenth and Fourth itree'#; a capital nand for a bak ery, or a druggist or dry good* and fancy article*; nlso, a

bouae. suitable (or a boardinghonae. corner of Division avenue aid Fourth itreet. Inquire tl JOHN H1PWBLL, corner of Division avenue and Fourth street. OTORE TO LET-36K CHATHAM SIBKBT, NkAB THE v5 City Ball being a good stand for a (hoe store merebaot tailor, farcy good* gentlemen's furnishing store, or an/ other genteel business. Inquire of E. AUKRBaCH, Bo. lCeatre street, near tbe City ball. _____ OlOBE TO LET.? A LABOR AMD II aNDSOMK STORK O with fine b*tement, 1,28K Broadway, oorner Fortt-firsi stiret, sultab'e for hardware aad (ornleMng auslaee*. cabinet ?trre. pianoforte, or any other genteel online**; It U also sulm ble for a bakery, and an ovea will be pot in by the owner. Inqnre of K. AUKRB *OH. No. 1 centre street near the C t? Hall from 10 to 3, or at 187 Rivlngtou strtot, from 3 to 8 t^clori P.M. _ SJTRaM POWEB ?LOFTS, WELL LIGHT RD, TWKLVK O nijdowa on each with steady let. Apply at JOBN X hJNNKDI '? steam raarb e works, Thirty-fifth itreet, ee*r Broadway. UTKAM POWKB TO LET. ? A BRICK TWO STORY O buildlrj, 100 feet by W, at E'lztbethpul, N.J. Apply to A. BA1Z, 487 Broadway, or to J. O. BULSfOM. Elizabeth POIL OIEAM POWEB? SHOPS TO LET, WITH OR WITH O rut power, 22 by 60 uo to 43 by 1U0 feet, well lighted with twenty seven windows on a Boor; will be let low to good ten hats and possession given immediately. For particular* fu qulre on the premises, 14 and 16 Amity place, between Uluo.k er aad Amity strteta. ^TATEN ISLAND.? TO LET OR LEASE, A BRIO* O w d stone bouie, with all lite modern Improvements; the house 1* e.l*ibiy ai ualed o-minanoUig extensive ?l?wi of the surrounding eountry, *t:hagood extent of ground attached, guden.&c., and within eaay a. cess of the f-rry. A good te nant. Kent 97 60. Address box 1,570 Poit office. STaTEN ISLAND.-TO LET OB LEASE, A LARGS NttW eoUage, and five acre* and carriage house, on the Clove road, thies quajter* o' a ml ? from Facury vine, and one and a kali mUe* nom >ew Brighton. Alro, a two utory colter on kichm ud tenace, New Sflgbton, five minutes' walk ttvoi landing. J. B. PTXONSON, No. 18 Me-chanl*' Eicbacg), W. T. rLST? A HANDSOMIC COTTAtlK, SUBBv)CNl?RI> with (bade trees and a (terpen, (four 1?U1 altuatoo on thn eonior or Fifth avenue aid 131st street; posceat-lon c.a be hid Immediate)' If required. Apply Ut JOHM BLaKK, ll'J 1 mi striet, or at 72 Rait Twenty -third street. TO LET- ON A LEASE FOB THREE OB FTVK . SCAItS, i a large building on the easterly aide of tirosby street, ne^. Spring, one block from Broadway, 72 bet frost, sulta'xe *>r a manunc'orT or ether purpose*. Aluera'-lots mile to nu'.i tenant. AdJlrus T, 11. Oerllee, 44 East Thirty-fourth street. rLKT-A PLAIN FtJRMISHED HOUSE; HAS OAS throughout water In kltehen, with rang*, and go-id ya-d; rent $i,b0o yearly. Apply at 16U Kldridge street, below Uiv Ington. TO LET-IN WA8H1NOTON AVEBUE, BBOOKL.TN, A three story brtok hou-e, with basemeul and (ub-celiar. wi'h hot and cold baths, gas, with the fix. urea; hot air range marble mantle, arched parlors, 15 by 33. and observatory on the house: a carriage house will alao be let with the house, li needed. Inquire of T. ADAHd A UO., 71 Wal1 street, or of C. L. Ingeraoll, 200 South street, or of J. H. Mills, on the premises. The house Is on 'j ocu mile from Wall street ferr, ; ear* pes* the avenue every fire minute* of the day. r LIT- IN NEWARK, N. J., THE OLD ESTABLISHED grocery itcre, Mo, 1 Hew itreet; rent (300 per annum, with in: mediate po>se*eion. Also i be three story brick itoro and dwelling, No. 7 new atreet, fitted up for a facer miiiloerr store, '.lent (273 per annum, with immediate possession. Inquire of LEWIS, OABTHWAlTfc A UO. aTChmbera sL r LET-TO MILLTCIRS AND DBB8SUAKRBS ? PAIiT of a house in Broadway, between Sprlrg and Prl^ne streets (Preaoott Bouae aide). Bent very moderate. Appl; at 203}; Bowery. mo LET-ON BBOOKLTN HEIGHTS. THE OOMUODI 1 ous briek houne, 43 Blddagh street, one doir from the aor ner of WliVow. The house it three stories auic, basement an l sub-oeliar; gas throughout, cjokine rauge, te ; oniainlrg let. plearant sleeping rooms, suitable for a large (amlly or genteel private boarding hcu?e, oeing wllhiu (three mluute*' w?:k of the Fnhon terry. Bent reasonable to an ansrovad tenant. Apply to B. W. DAVIS. 68 Fuitoo street. Brooklyn. TO LET? A BEAT COTTAGE AND STABLE. Willi about i Be sere of land , situated on rtroux river, adjoining the village of Wect I arms, ten mile* from Nev.- Sork. Price (2/0. A)?o, a house and stable* In the aaiin stre-st, fonnerlv uvfd a* a ttage houre. Price, S200. Apply to A. B. RAY MOM D, at the mill, West Farms, or at 34 Lalgbt street, New York. ItO LET? THE 8TOBB AMD BASBMKNT, 90 W/LLIaM *ti??t, mii Matden lane. Also, Iwo io*1s Ui (he new buiiU irgs. Mo. 3 North WiUiam street, eorner of Frankfort Alao s dipt loft. Mo H Old alip Apply between 10 and 12 o'clock, ... B. B. IirTC'b IMOH, S6 John atreet TO LRT-THK FIBST CI, ASH BRICK STABLE, IN TUH rear of hnure* 276 and .77 East Mimh street, beioj r-0 fee' by 33, containing eight stalls, and fin.iued througbiut with evert ocnven'.ence. Apply botweea 10 and 12 u'olojk tiS. B HCXCUIRGS, 3C John street TO LIT? THE STOBE AKD BABEMKNT NO. 621 alXI avetue. between Thirty slxlh end Thirty seventh ?tree's will. It daalicd, be fitted up f*r a bakery. Pi?-et*ion mm d lately.- For *a'<e No. 622 Sixth aveaue, adjoining the above. Apply to A. C. LOOBIS, 1,12b Broadway, near Ihlrij lourUi street. TO LET.? RMFIKB CITY FOUNDRY. 100 FEET FBOKT by 10?K deep; three atorr building, In front all brink, with engine and DcHer.belttr g and blower, all new; between Ninth and Tenth avenue*, in Thirteenth I'reet. Inquire of EZBKIEL DOMMBLL, 6t0 Waet 1 hi rteenth street. fpO LET- ON MTBBAY HILL, THE FOUR STORY JL brown stone front houte, on Thirty eighth su-eet, fourth house east from Fourth avenne, eontaintr.g all modern tin Lrcvementa. Will be rented low to a good tenant. Apply to T. k L. KOSS, 09 Pearl itreet, or 62 Stone street. ITV)LRT? FOR MECHANIC AL OR BUSINE88PDRPOSEa, J. the large lour atory bullaing. No. 127 Grand street; alao the lower part of the house adjoining. Apply at 125 Grind itreet. rpO LET-A DWELLING AND STORE. WITH FBK1) J. store attached, sHunted on the north went corner oft Brovl w By and Fony eighth suee'. A good stand f .r tuslnes*. Kent low, to a good tenant* Apply to JOHN WaITP, 1,102 Bran way. 10 LET- THE FOUB RfOBRB, ON FORTH SIDE Ci' 1 canal street, near Druadwav; will heat'rr.-dto sith ? piioari*. alsa, two room* on Broadwav, njl> !e Miedg**, arttsta or pianoforte rooms. Inquire a. 144 Chambers ?tr?e.. TO LET-A PABT OF A THE KB HTOBY BHICK bouse. In a pUarant neighborhood In tha Seventh ??-rt ?ell adapted for a genteel f*u.ily; terma moderate. Apply to JIBRH Bl LI., 10 Luane street. TO LBT-BKCOND STOBY, FRONT BASEMENT, AN.v aie reom in third skry, with *1. the modern Isiprov* nest*, to a small family, (wltborut children preferred ) of a new three story brown stone frort bou*e In Fany-thM airest. he ween Seventh and Eighth avenues, south side, oonren'ent to ssveral lire* of cars and stages. Bent modertte. 1'nstiM | slon be lore first of May. Can be seen from 3 to 6 P. M. TO LET? PABT OF A TWO RTOBY HOUSE 20 3Rt'. fcrd kUrtt, consisting of two rooms, two boarootns atid r. ? cesf on sec* td floor, wi'h ge?; ila/, a bedroom In the ?t.t:, front vi u!t and Cn?ton water In tho ya?d; r?at 917 per month. Apply on ti e premise*. CO LEI? FOR MANUFACTURING Oft ANY OTHPrt J purpo?e rfqulrlng well lighlMl large rooma, th% Hec-v* afd/r urth at^rtesef the large brick building, 00 by K'O fe*t . orrner of Cannon and Riving ton stieete. Ihe lower part o' t*ie prsttlses l? row fcelrg alte'ed into *torei; thev w!l. I -;mcli'ed In a ferr days, and nre alaole let. Tie cj- ner siorc is well calculated, trom It* *i/.e and loc?tion, for a respect V.e tami y grocry, the other* fnr icta'l bnsineas of almo*' ai ie-rr iplum. Ci.e or two of >h* a'c ixh are we 1 iie-.'ed for h n>' thop? and regetshle mtvikita. fnqut'e of C. E. liUNMNG A CO., 307 Gn?nd street, or of T. Donne'.' y, 65 L'berty street. (TO LET? B.% S>. MEHT AND PaBT OK A OORNWR 1 flora No. C Cast broad way, t;rne: of f' stroet. >-^pij r,n tbe prem'se*. 110 IKT-THE LONER PART OF A HOCSK IN THK lo? Br part oMhe Sf vonth wurd. consltllrg of front be-<! ment front si d backroom on first fhor, a .u two hsdr v>tn? i tlcftttir R<nt|'.0o. For particular*, app.y ai the ilrug, .'6 Market street TO LEf-AN XZCELI.ENT FRANCE A THRfE ST H\ brow n store fr.,nt hoew, West Twentv s'xth stree'., abo-i' me blcck Ir'ro Trinity cbapel, alll te let to a i;nod, rti?po~. iite tinai t. ' >r tbe eij?ul?g year, and tbe reut ta*i:n i.i bru: . If sgietable by tbe owner. Ro boarding hoiif?k?f?,,ft- 1 eisl tpplv. Inqulic at the olllce of JOSEPH 11 Will (K A Co., W) WhiiMn kirtnL TO LRT- THK M-.W FIVE riTOKY FRICK HTOH.., 1 with all nj'.dtrn vi niriK wed 'Ighied, sulVib'e .'or printlrg, J? welry i i- psper b<"din-s?, !->' ?>. ?3 Ann street, uext rt.?r to r- rni:r VliNm. Also fir*' iinl ?ecoad loft* of <6 AinUini ?.ief:t, wmnnMln* with i-l Ana st/e?t, loraai nx a/. L Api' y I/- J('Hf? LL<>\1> A 84>NS, IA Bateau alreat, o? t u higu-h i real. TC LI T- A \I-.BY StUPCRlOR HOUPE, UN LEXINQ fOW avenue, three f'i ry and ba*em*nt, thr>e rooms deep, 1 feet iront. In line order, modern Improvement*, gas flxin .v, Ac,; rent tfltKi. ?sior? on Twenty s'X'h street, INK' aril fro. Apply te E, B ElMBHlMEh, 319 FonrJi aveaue, 11 to 7 P- X. q'O LET- IB < LIJiTOIt AYPMTE, BROOKLVI*, ONE OF 1 tlirmrst de-irahle itsl<1ences (lorrth h.wse sentnof MyH'e avenoei on thl- beHutiful aveaue; bouse thiity six bv thirty eight fset. wlib eight lots h'gbly improved Kr^u. .d; irnlts and (lower* in abundanre with sUi'.e in tbe roar ard s'l In gocd oider To a deflrable family, rant ft IHM). Apply st m i resWerice, *ouib, or at 36 Front strer.t, N?w Vr,i k. SO LET-ON MURBAYRILI. TIIH rii:?T tT,A8S F't UK J story hours with g*? and all the nv stern hnprovemMita, >'o f 3 Eitat Fortieth street between Four'Jt a-nl Leilngt in ?Tri.OfP Sent !nwto? good tennnt Inquire of THOMAtf pt r ? . i p, <*!> W?'.t "treet co-ner of Vesey. T '"'hi '1 T? > HaLV HiT)BT AND IJtKrt -? bf'n iousk 'oiVl. ' I'reH t ' ? 'I r flratid. Will lie put ' In fm d iep Ir K? .. .'S', y on the prenrtae* or a' 1(>7 !MMi->a-i f'tet*. - rro LAROljisb lofty loft in thV new bnt dlt'g eorn*r <?' TV ano and Rim atreeU, wel1 llghied, i 'm! b ir e'.fvtr w'^jowa. Inquire of H. McKenna, 32 ? ?e sti ix'. T?6~LET? TO A GFNTLRMAN AND rffH WlFH, TffM J sroord floor of a two itoty bonne eorelat.'.ng at two bo.u tlful troins, w'th iisntry between, bath rt?om. gas, Ac. Inquire at 243 f-'prtitg ftrert 1" O L KT?Af * ? TT A G K ANI> FURN, WIT I THKKE ?(tr?srf lard tn garden, f/ult tr?es tr., in a i . .d nntgh 1'rhisMl at Il'dfrtril, Hro<ik ye. within fifteen niiou es' rid. of Fohnr frrrv r.-ir* "*s* ths p ace evert live minnf<?; ? . I be let lew and trwiUSta pors^ss'nn glvrn. Apply ta A. 8ER GFA.Nt, )? Wail abeef. nuAirrr juanrra. mo LOT ? TO A SMALL FBI VATS FAMILY, THE A dwelling ovej store No 280 Orud street: rent tak-n out ta board; entranee through lAe a tors, good reference required; a:*o, tbe upper pert of a handsome bouse at MHlroe?; rent very k>w t? a small family. Inquire of S. JR. FOWLKR, "?~0 Urud street. flio LBT-TH1 SBCOND STORY OF TUB OOTTAQi A hou?e 183 Ka?t Fortieth itreet, consisting of four rooms, paltrier, wardrdbca Beut low to ? respectable fa ml!;. A nice garden In bout, asd only my owu family In the bouse. fTtO LKT-A MODfcRN BUILT THBBB STORY AMD i baiemeat brick bouae ta Twenty leand street, betrean Eighth and klntb avenues: haa extension parlors, baths, can, Ac ; It ean be rented with tbe furniture U desired. For terns apply to a L BOILER, S4 Sbrtiandt etreet. TO LET-IN A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, A BOOM and two badromna, with board, for a small genteel family, situated in Mutt Haven, within two minutes wa'k trorn the rati road depot. u. quire, corner of Morria avenue and Vanstol street, Mott flaten, ta the bakery. ?TO LET-TO KABOBIG OB OTHER SOCIETIES, BALL 1 328 oberry street, far tour e veiling a in the week. Rant very reasonable. Apply to Mr. Graham, 365 booth street. TO LET-TJTE BB*X)WD FLOOR, TWO LABOR ROOMS and two bedrooms, pantry, Orobra wa'er on the floor, to a 'trail respectable family, without children preferred. In quire at 174 Monrpe street. Beferenoea exchanged. TO LBT-IN SOUTH BROOKLYN, IB WHOLE OR ta paris, 162 and 104 Court street near Bailie; two houeea, eleven rooms each. Apply to FRKD. N. BUTLaB, 66 White street, N. Y. , *H) LET-A PLEASANT COUNTRY BBHIDENCB, WITH ? barn (tab lea, carriage bouae, and aeveutylive acres of land, at luck ahe depot, Harlem Railroad. Inquire of H. C. lowce, en the premises, or of E. Dusen^erry, 144 Pearl streeC TO LET-A FUBNMB1D HOUSE, CONSISTING OF fourteen rooms, with gas, baths, ckaideliers, mirrors, acd one new seven octave rosewood piano, to a private fhmUv. Bert $1,600 yer annum. Address Clark, Herald office, with real name, slating where an interview mi' be bad. Security requited. Persons taking boarder* need not apply. TO LET? THE SBOOND STORY OF HOUSB NO. 476 Fourth H reel, consisting of front room and back room, with marble mantel*, and three bedrooms on the floor. Pos session can be had Immediately. Apply in the premises. rLRT? PART OF A BROWN STONE FRONT HOI'S*, built expressly for two famil'ea, having range, with hoi air register li parlor, wash trays, hot and cold water, hath room, wa ere loseta. gas. chandeliers and brackets. mar Ve mantels, cra'ea, beils and speakixg tutes Rent $100. In quire on the premises, 189 East )? igbteenth street. TO LET? PART OF A HOUSE IN CLASSON AVgNUE, two doors from Flushing avenue, Has. Brooklyn. Toe hou'e ia in excellent order, with every oonver; attached la a large ga - den SCO feet deep rtocked with choiae fruit troea. To a genteel 'amity, without caildren, it would be a mott de sirable residence, and the rent wou d he lew 1l quire on the premises, or of J. K. PHELPS, Bo. 326 Fourth street, Ne v York. TO LET-A TWO AND A HALF STORY AMD BASE, incut frame co.'age. li, a genteel neighborhood, situated In Cl?r< niout avenue, fifth house so-tthof Myrtle avenue, KssL Brooklyn. Apply to K.Pl)RU&LL, No. 3 Spru3estxeet, Jxevr York. TO LET-PART OF HOUSE 160 WS ST TWENTY four h ( Teot coat iinlng all the modern improvement,. Inquire aifl -l Wen t Twenty -lounh street, or at 98 Chimbera etreef, up stairs. TO LET- THE SECOND FLOOR AND BACK BASE meLt oi bouae 65 --tan ton sueet. h?nt $260. To be seen from 10 till 2 o'clock. Inquire at 198 Mott street. TO LRT-THK FOUR STORY STORE AND DWHLLIRO 427 Fiuith avenue, next door nor h of Thirtieth street, The dwelling part will be let separately, If desired. Also, the dweilirg part oi ?29 Fourth avenue. 12 rooma. Ac., next to the abeve; a no, ba-'emect oi 24 and 29 Heekman street; thay are 90 ard 70 l'eet d?ep; well 'Ighted. Inq-Jl-e of JAMfJ OON _<k.R A S'rNS, 29 Beekman street. rLiT-A FURNISBRD ROOM, WITH F1RIPLA3E. Apply at 121 White street Bo moving at May. TO LET? AT BUBHWICE, L. I.. EI9HT NEW AND Tery handsomely flulshed two story tfjttagee, with marOie mir.teU. aildlng d>x?r?, and every convenience for a small, genteel family, fronting on Spring terrase. corner of Meeker atid EingelaLd avenues, about miles from Orand ?t-e*t fe try, Wflliatosburg and \ ot a mile from Orernpolot ferrr; a line of stagea from Peek slip acd Orand streat terries pass by the bouies. Rent low MOO per year. Apply to D. A A. KISH3LANP A BP I TON, ttft Bread street. rO LKT? THE THIRD FLOOR OF THE TURKIC STORY home No. 64 Suffolk Blieet, corner of Broome, consisting ol front and bock parlors, with painted walla, tea room bed room ard large pantry, with Oroton water. Rent, $173. TO LET? THE PARLOR AND NBXT BTORTR8 AND front batrn.emt of a second clam house, with all the mo dern Improvement*. Beat moderate to a umall rsspe stable family. Apply at ?6 Went Thirty filth stteet, first door west of Broadway. IO LET-AT STAPLKTON. STATES IHI^AND, NEAR tbe terry, three eoUagea, at $130. $200 and $2o0. p'eaiantly located. Also, one la<-go three story brick hoase, every w&v calcu'ated for a fentleinun's family, at $SOO; and one house of e ghteen rooms, caicu'hted for a respectable mechtDijs' board ing house. Apply vo O. BaRTLKTT 166 Broadway. TO LUT-A IIOTCL UPON THE EUROPEJ N PLAN, bi.liards, Ac . In Brooklyn. Applr to J. W. HOWKLL, E?lu*ow Hotel, Beekm&n Bireet, New York. TO LET-AT FORDHAM, FIVE MINUTES' WALK from the depot, a convenient cottage, containing five rooms at d a ce'lar. with a gwo well oi water, formerly the -o mdence if Edgar A. Poe; rent $100. Also, adwellisg house, near tbe, conlairlDg eleven rooms, one of which will be cor.veeted into a "tore if reontred; an exee Ibnt stand for a ir.l liner or dreaamaktr, or tor a fancy ature; rent $200 Ap Sly toJOHN A'ALENJINE. opposite the premises, or of Jcka . ltasiln, 271 Broadway, New York. TO LET-TDK B8CO.VD FLOOR ANI) B \REMENT OF a plraruil house. 64 Amity street, near Amity place, bo lrg a deeirakie location and In a respec able aeUb ->erhood. Ti e apartments wilt be let either furnished or untarnished. 1 be bouse contains all the modern Improvements, gas, Ae. Apply at U9 Spring street TO LET? A TnBEE STORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE, In tbe neighborhood of Hinh street and 1st avenue, ot?n tainii-g the modem Improvements; vearly r?nt *426. Furoi tuie for la'-e ebeap. Address H J. M , Herald office. TO LKT? IN BROOKLYN, IO RESPECTABLE FAMT. lies, two three story, baiement an4 under-cellar br...? houses, each containing ttlrleen rooms, being Nos. 127 and lit Hod eon svenue, near Hands street, Brookljn within five mi nutes' uak of the Bridge street ferry; reLt $300 and $350 a veer. Apply, beiore 10 A M or after 4 P. M., to JOHN F. HE>B>fcsi, 86 Gold street, Brooklyn. TO LET-1HR FOUR STOBY BBICK HOU8S AND rtore corner oi Water and Orand street*, WUIIamsbcrg, lourth door from (Irand snd tiouaton lerriea. lhe house cm tains twcity finished rooms, wi'ha relei-tory below. Will be let or leased to a good tenant low. Inquire of JOHN L. KHARpP, No. OOiand street. TO LET? THE UPPER PART OR WHOLE OF THE genteel three story high basement and eel ar brown stone bout e No. M nest 1 hirty Orst street, near Sixth avenue; con lair s al< the modern improvements, wi'h gas fixtures; rent $400 for half. $7?0 for whole.' Inquire at 162 West Twenty-fomtn street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues, of KENNEDY. npo LET-A COUNTRY RESIDENCE, IN FAIRMOUNT. A t ear Upper Morrlranla; lot 100 by 280 feet, beautifully Fltnated, commanding a view of the East and North rivere;(lne garden, grafted fruit, grapes, Ac Terms low. 8. B. SMITH, 77 Canal street. TO LET-THE STORE, OORBER LUDLOW AND CANAL (formerly Wa.ktr) streets, suitab'e lor rny kind of has nesr but liquor; rert ver? low. Apply to H. BCHNBIDKR. second Uoor.on the premises. TO LET? A NEW AND HANDSOME TWO STORY house, with basement, and four lots of ground con?isM?g of eight rooms; fln'ehed in tie fir eat atvle; situated in ths best location in the town ol Jaaaica. L. I. Kent moderate. App y to E SEMaK, corner Union Hal), Cente a'reet. r? LET? TO A SMALL FAMILY. PART OF HOUSE 168 Q'e.ene itreet consisting of front and b?ck pirlort ou tecocd floor, fiont basement snd two batsk rooms in the a?fr. lient $:-.f0. Modern Improvements gaa. baih, At. ApplvtiP TKaIMiR, 838 iiroaawhy. Can be seen Irom 12 U'l a WMl TO LET-THAT NEW BROWN STONE, FOUR STORY Ivellltg bcttpe, with Kr gUsh basement, ho. 139 VVe.l Thlr'j tenr'h s'reet withal the modern imorovetnente, and the situation ore of the finest on the areet. Apply to RDVf. I'.FLKKAP, No. C2 Walt street r LET- THE LAROE AND SPACIOUS STORE, NO. 606 Oit-nd stri-et; 1' is ntoa' 76 feetdeep, anj has a Urge sklllghl; ii is viol: adapted to the dry goods or carpet b^st* MMf< App'ytoB. SMT1H, 160 Ilroa-'way. TO I KT-THK STORK AND BACK ROOM AND FRONT lAM metit ol nou*e 46 Spring street, oirnerof Mulberry It eet. It has been ker.t tor the last ten years ar. a public touse. For further paiticulara Inquire oa the premises ORORCE MARSHALL TO I.KT? FlUlM 1ST OF MAY NKXT. THE DWKLLISa P'i/t cf building No. lib'. 1 avcuue, over l)r. yu it'iv's ding ntcre. It contains eleven rooms, a good kitchen, -'.i'h rocm and frtis, witli chande lara. AppS to DK ylU.Vlti', over tbe premises, or to A. HAIL. 12 Warren itreit. fO LET-A TWO STORY AND ATI IC HOUSK, I* 1 Monroe stm t. No. 106, having I] rooms an under onl'ar, perfectl) di), gae throughout the bouse ai d a fine largn gsr I'e.r. Ifqnlre on (he prem'rea after 10 o'olocx A. M.. or of W. M. AlhMAN, 23 Cliff stiee'. TO Lf'T? IB THE NEW WHITE MARBLE BU7LDIVO r. i Ilowe:v, between Grar.d and Canal streets, the lir- and fttnl pvt of he aeeord, also tie third and fourth floors above the a(< re, cetupled aa a ei k ard drv gooda butinetu Ihtuc e 'glble flnovs are 26 'eet aide by 90 feet lu depth. As a first rate ai d central buttress s and am unsurpassed, lhe? are rtd'thle for either a plai o and music eebiblfehment, stra^r and n-tlotery gcods, trlin;vt- g ard fringe aiaoutoc-ory, aiaaUllas, cuthtag I utile, or any other kind of retail, wboless e or manu featuring bu?(i ess ^ent moderate Innnlro next doM*, at V. 11. l.frh easUJn'" ribbon st- re on the '-orner. TO LKT? A N ? ATf.Y FURNISH RD THltEK RTOhy hou. e, cnvetientl* located near the Mettopoli' -u, St. Nlehcla", at<d other flrv. cless hotei ?, ?iH admlrtnly ?iiapte>l for a bi I'dlrg boufe; or U>e Imtifl'ir*- mid l<w? w.iu d be sold on favorab.e terms. Adareos Mrs. Sine air, Bi-caaway Poat office. tfO Mi,'/'- PART OF A NKAT TWO STORY AND ATHO J. b use, nl'h convenience of bMh, las ard Oroton water. f>or | ertlen ars lnqtilru on the. premi-es, 24 Wake- s'rfet, rife of lirof.uwuy, or ot Messrs. L A J JACOBS, |?wel ler* 44>7 "-'wdwsf Can be seen lr"m 10 U'l B o'elork <!ai:y. Term' roedcrp'e to a g< od tea ant, with small fajtlly. rpO LET -A BAKH,|jOU9R, SUITABLE FOR A 1'IR i btiicr. It qnlie at -orner of Hpru.g and Varlck fjreat or '7 lireenwitJi avenue. TO LEt- AC. EAST TWRrTIEf fT STRffET, OON latn'rrr twenty suvrn ro?ims, two baths, two water^e'.i two f'ne kitchen ranges, gas Id every room and wa *r on every fi.or; wonid rrake a superior boarding house: aiar, (ani.i'.i j orubfurnlt-led, a ibrer. fto^v frame hotiae In Ken4, near ?!>?!? Je avemie, bri ikhn, consit'lng twelve rootn? wtih ga* in each Appiy to ORORO* W. BURTBBD, .126 Th'rd avenne. TO T.ET-TO A OERTREL FAMTT,Y. TIE LOWER part < f the two story ai d ante house No 161 f.r.errns -rcet, nesr IloiiR'on meet, corsis'ing of front and back i>ar:o-s, tror.t basement, a' d oce < r two bedrooms, .tc . or the parlor* wilt be let sefHiatel/; with ga? and ba'n, Ac. Inquire at 91 Therat son sliee.1. TO LET? THE DRP1B ABLE AND CONVK VIF.VT Tf/RKR storr bouse 116 IKminoid sUeet. Kent td s. Alsifiouss 11 I-a'fht ftreei, rear t snal. Rent 1800. Also .VI and .'irtH Kxtr n eet, tear sverue D. Ren' K60. Al^o the store >nd eeilar 93 blxth avenue, near Jefferson market. Rent $760. *pply to R L. SUYDam, l.'K Waver'ey p ace. ?1 o LfT- A VKRY PRETTY TWO STORY A N if Mil' J hoii"i 663 Greenwich strfiit; las rine rooms snd kitelen, ?rod grane fine, wa er and gas. Stage < p?m nvrj fl?e ml nni*s lloneeln perfect reoalr. K*nt $MK>. a l*o tt>e '1 ree strrt honte 78 fcu ll?an street, near Spring. Ini|'ilre at H7 Hsmmnnd street, or 19 Wall street, of Mr. A. S. LEVY, i:> Wall itreet; $700.. f| o 1 b< TESA5T8' HKGI8TEK. TO LEI? A COUNTRY RESIDENCE, PARTIALLY FUR I niabed 10 miles from the City Hall, ud 1% mi as from tb> Hudson River *a! road station and steamboat landing, eon staling or a pleatanl and convenient country boose, with eoaet boose, coir poultry, Ac. The grounds are extensive, well lak ot?, ana supulled with fruit and shade trees, (rape vines shrubberr, Ae. Possession given Immediately. Apply U IOU1B H. I'IGNOLKT. IK Green wick street, Horlh Rive. Back building. TO LBT? THE VKRY I) FBI KABUK SOUTHRABT COR I nsr store aud basement on Hudaon and Canal streets. i I capital location lor tbe clothing, shoe or hat business; alat I store and dwelling 287 Canal street; also store* and dwelling: 4h3 and 491 Weahln|ton street, opposite Clinton market dwelling bouse No. 3 Lalght street. Poeeesaion of all 1st May A lt<o store and basement 220 Hudson street, and (lore 19 ( anal street. Possession immediate. Apply to J AMR! PP. ICE, 200 Hudson street. TO LET-THE THREE FLOORS OP BUILDING 48 OEM tre street running through to Park atreet, well adapted fa tbe r riming or any other bunine*a requiring a good light, also tie store. Inquire of I. TAMMABBY, 46 Oealre street, it oond story. TO LET? A LARGE HOUSE. OR VHE BANK OF TH1 Kast river, between Filly sixth and Fifty-eighth streets, wit about 2ft lots of ground attached Apply at French's Hotel. mo LBT? THE MODERN BUILT THREE STORY DWEl X ling 2?4 Variok street, with gas and Creton water. AppI, on tbe premkes. cr to C. H. MED AY, MS Washington stree rro LET, AT ASTORIA? OOTT AGE HOUSE AND 1 X acres of unable land, suitable for a gardener, situated o Grand itreet, about half a mile eaat of the landing Apply t J. PURDY, 99 Kast Fifteenth street, be to re 10 A.M. or after P.M Also, {to let, n Brooklyn, oorner of Court and Bulle street, a large tbree story and attlo house, with stable o Butler street, adjoining. TO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, PART OF TH; tbree story bouse 33 Fifth street near Second avenm consisting of basement, two rooms and two or three bedroom: Apply on the premises. < TO LET? TO A SMALL FAMILY, THE 8EOOKD BTOR of a modern built house, consisting of four rooms and bat mom, and two rooana in the third storr; hat gas and ond> ce'lar. Apply on the premises, 18S West TweDty-tlUrd stree near Eighth avenue TO BE LKT, WITH IMMEDIATE POS8BSSION dresemaking and millinery store and parlou, well losau on Broadway. Rent low. Fixtures and mw stoek cheap. 1 hesJth la the only reason for parting with tke above. A. drew, with real tame, Broadway Millinery, Union sqaai Poet office. LET IK BROOKLYN-A NEATLY FURNJBHB _ beuie with rixMarn ImprovemATaiB, near Wall (treetferr Terms reasonable. Please address, for tbree days, S. ff Herald office. rrto A fM.t III. FaMII.Y? THJ UPPSR PART OF X house, wmi?tit( of two rooms and ihree bedrOWns, wt gas and bath privileges, will he tat. 209 (Test Forty-Mil street, tbrte doura west of Eighth avenue. TO LET. AT YORKVILLE? TWO OF THE BOW C htndiome and convenient three story bonnes tn sight stjth street near Fourth avenue. The ground Is very hit aid street 100 fee', wide regulated, Uaggel. lighted, Ac , A ai d location very desirable Apply to 8ILLKCE A BUC hignt? sixth slrtbt. near toartli uve.ue. Rests 9300. TO LET AT HOBOKF N-HRVEKAL BIIGE DWB'. in git, within it vr r<' short dl.itar.ce ot the lerry. Heats Ire *?b0 to >700 Immediate p--??s?mn win be given of sev?r 0. these b'tiset. Inqairr it .he land office, onnoslte t*e fer landing, of W. W. SHIPPER. TO I.ET IN BROOKLYN- PART OF A NEAT THR1 story brbk bouse, torn wln'ttee' wi'k 'rom South fet* ai d two ml veto.' walk from the tliean to :d cirs The ap% menis consist ot two b ies-menti two parlors on first floor, a three rooiE* on iht ilurd floor. Kent KiSO. Inquire at 39 De itreet. Brooklyn. TO W.T, OR FOR 8 ALE? AN ELEGANT BROWN SfOl bouss, perfect and firs class. Tbe splendid turntture * he sold or let with tbe horse. >. moet desirakl* opportui to go to housekeeping without trouble. Apply oil the pi tn'ses, i:t9 Kast Vfghtf-enth street, or for full partteulara, 1. B VOORHKRS. 841 Broadway. TO LBT OR FOR 8ILE-A DWELLING HOUSE, BA1 and carriage houre. with thirty a^res of land, near Tucks depot, tkrlfin Rallroaa. lnqn're of C. DUBRNBERD luekaho, or of B. Duxenberry, 144 Pearl street. TO LBT OR LEASE? NO. S2 GOLD STRBET, SEOOl and third floors. Anp'ylnthe ooal office. 43Gaidstrc samubl thompsorm nephew TO LET OR LB ABE- ON THE NORTH SHORE ' Staten Island frsoiini; thi water. l>i mflea west of P Rlchsxmd leriv, a dwelling house and li>i aorca of good t aMe land: a favorab e spot for a gardener. Terms easy. <?ulr6 of G . D. Poet A Oo , oj eter boat No. 17 toot of Bpr street, or at I>. DECKER'S store, near the premieee. r LEASE? A PIECE OF GROUND, FRONTING ? Broadway, near thirty -uinUi street, 61 feet front and feet deep, suitable for manufMturing purposes. To a g< tenant a building nl'l be erected to lolthis bn ilnesa, Ap to R. H. CL DLIPP, 119 and lfl Nassau street rpO LEASE? FOR A NUMBER OF YBARS, FIVE L0 L of srour d, with a frame building thereon, haclsom aituattd, on the north side of felghty-Elghth street, aear Oen park, between Fourth and Fifth avenues. Inquire ot PBKLAN, 116 West Twent/ fifth street. TO LEABE OR LKT-A NRAT COUNTRY REMOBNt tear High Bridge, nnh several acres of iand, w?U ei valed. Inquire .of WM. 8. STaRK, 123 Cliambera stri second floor. TO MASONIC U.DIKS. -THE SUBSCRIBES HAS room well suited for Ibis purpose, wh'ch he would flt In good style and to tuit oecu?ants. provided a certain nuiu could be teevred U> take it by the first of Mai. Apply at Un Buildings, Its Bowery BM1TE TWO NEATLY FURNISHKD BEDROOMS, GAS each, to let, with ut board, to two single gentlemen, I. strictly private lamiiy. 2 hose wishing a comtorlable hi wl:l ana thin an exoel ant o ap^rtunity. a pply at 34 Comix street, between Hudson and V&rick streets. TWO BASEMFN1S AND ONE SHOP TO LET.? T former suitable for mechanical business, the latter l? blacksmith, wheelwright or iron bufimess; will be let cheat good tenauts. Poeaeaaion immediately. Location first ri Apply to C. KM API', fig lhirteenth street, coree.* Fourth -\\l ORKBHOPB TO LKT.? GOOD LIGHT WORK8HC TT to let. with or without power, near Broadway. R ow. Appl> at 290 Broadway, room No. 9, up stairs, from to 12 o'clock. WHARF LOTS AND RCLEHBAD TO LKABE.-T kyt atd hulk lead fronting cn the North river, from 1 tletb to forty-third street, and also the adjacent street lots for a term ot \ ears. CBARLbS H. APPLEBY, 110 Broadway, over Metropolitan Bank inscEUAiiEoua. ooc nnn tons of the most superior tor ZdOO .V'UU By the Knickerbocker Ice Company; of 163 Canal street? for shipping or otty trade. All orders i be promptly attended to and f%llbfuUy executed. V. B ?1 la tne only company bringing Bockl did lake or any lake to the market. R. T. OOM 1 TON, n*4den W. B. Wiix?i, Beeretey. l/'C CANAL BTRRKT, NEAR VARICK.? W. * H. V _LU?J NOTK'fi grate and feeder, kltcbe.i range, snmr range and stove w areroom. We have a large aasortment the above nan ei. article* for aale, oa reasonable ten Orates and ranges set. repaired and used: stoves lined jew Jers' ard brass founders' furnaces built; furnace doors lii with soap aione. AN EFFICACIOUS CURE FOR OORNS, BUNIONS, Oj loeltiee, uaila growing Into Ihe flesh, and every dlaorde the feet, by a new and peou'iar method, without eutdng, without causing tbe aiighteet paw. Monsieur i.KVI of No 60 me kue de Rivoll, Farts, and i 3 Condalt rre?t,' tregeot street, London, Burgeon Chiropo. to the Emperor of Frs^ee and the Rayal FaraLr at Bngla. having been specially Indued to New Yert to attend so dtstinga'shed families Intends remaining here, and may oooaulted daily, Beadays exoepted, at hla vIBoe from 10 ti o'cloek. oortvs or TESTtHOKULa. [From hla Imperial Majesty Napoleon III., Bmperer Fisnee ] Je oertifle qne M. Levi e*<t?ve lea cors avec m.e extreme bliete. * Loots Kai-olf. m Bo.v*rAi.Ti [From .Tames Baker, Esq J I certify that Or I^evl ba? e .rod i^?. some month ago of verai troubicMme bunions, without tbe least pain, and wb have annoyed rue frr many vears I walk at p;o?eni n great comft rt and. and cheerfully recommend Or. Levi to friends and pun Uo Jauek Haecb. 22 Eaat Sevanteesih stree Nr.w York, March 34, IPSO. [From Robert Ferguson, Roq., M. P.. Physician in Ontin to her Majmtv uf Ureal Britain. J Vr. Levi hai u.oal sklllui'y e? ractad two cjtu from feet, without girUig aie the slightest pain. Ron Fcfcatnoiv. M. P No. 9 Queen street. Way F<ilr, I/ondoi , Mnrch 2, 1838. [From a. J. t uHnn, Esq. 1 Unsolldtetl by Vr. !*v1 I beg .e>vo to v*s ifr U his rvoc* ful skill In hsvmg perfectly itmoved a I art* fuu'.en of s ?ai?lng, without caoelr g >.ny pain. M. J. Philadelphia. July 27 'Ml No. 4Boetonro? Lt> addition to ihe??i7ve nutfcer.tlrstrd tesitmcrlals, mi thousands mure 4n bis poeee>wlmi (among whlebare ievi trom ladles of the klghest rank) ran oe seen by favoring 1 wiih i. call at his office 91 West Kteventk street, between F ?nd Hxth avenues, New York. N. B.? No protcri local connection with ary person. DKLI'IOUH JvVA COFKRK.? AI^DKN'S PRSPaR ct tnm coffee, mai'e roafty fov use in one minute, (rr swcettLid ami cream' U i by irefhl* adding h >tw%ter. ^ by r. Uope A Co.. 1S2 Clambers street; U. 8. Corwln, Broudway, aud all the principal grocers. AMiKN A CO.. 334 Broad wa FORIl'S PAThNT WINDOW 8A8I1B8 KI.EGANT appeorapec wealhf.r light, convenient to :lean, tomt ai d cot cnivpi'.catid. ua>d la the ordlnari wlndiw Iran every windew wairantcl for two veers; cheaper 'han Fre caiernecls ? i b ihe advantage cl both s Wing up in tfti frt and opeclrg in the room Territory for aa'e on troud ter *M. i. FOHD, patentee and m?nafaetur?r, 182 West Te tj llfih street eas ot Klghth evenne. ? /^KNTLEWEN'H H ATM.? ELBGANOI AND <?RA0R? 1 1 ism In toru.s omiti nte the beauty, llgbtn??s the cimfu bllMv Ihe spMnp stylesol l*u furnished b? D BB%UDIMn a I iWeee ptrfeetlma. Krghah and PaMs la?hk>ns on ham nrade to order al| the French hM store, t>48 It.oal way, ah) Bi?eck?r street. IKKCHK8.-4n,0n? FRBf.H RWKDIilH ANI> OEKM J leei-hes si rt\?dtn prime oocidlU in. For sxlj by J CLEU k OO , 90 Mal'len laae IKAEY RO^FB-AIL K1WDS OF TIN ROOFfl J pslred ai d oontrd with a patent metallic p*'tit one l<etng equal to Ave of otdltary nalr.t and warranted tl Bn fin | ("e pot eort er of It and Teeth street. PI.OUGU8 ? A CBOI "E ?KI,FOTTON ()F THE B r atterrs now In tt?e a<'spted to various soils; harrows, i pi 1:1s roile s, lor field and garden use; garde i engines, wh barrows, .'c, toce'ber ? th n gmeral swiortm?nt of lTr meijt- '?> itrn ers and jsr eners; Pertivlas guano and o ?ertliizei' tor sa'e st low nric^s, at the trloo agdcult w areh-u c ard reed store, 23 Ful.ou strea*, hew York. FRED M 1 1* r DWELL. CMLYIC OII.-FIF *T CENTS PER GALLON; ONB O 0 on hurs.s sne Int 'rod and flftj hours, giving a ) ?',? si V gft ; tin (!itigr? BH'jta rm-ill, ne explosion; gtv< 1 U.e<ly, bea t'i'ti! light, i ecr'tarly suitable ko real or sew a'si' ti r itf iw fsctoiles, ^e . Wholeeate and rwait, by FARMrf ' F 11. Tree nrerll vie Ofl t'ompanr. 3W eoiesi of Wa'ter Htnet. Will move 1st May to 137 r atreet, near Wall. ? OKOAR'-l.- CAHH PURCHASERS OF < iJ prorur^ b frr^n ? mock of over a *5 ?r 11 Hnrnra. niirt OpftrnB $8, f ??h advar.ctd upou O. cdKKKH, 81 Bro4<lwa7, np n\*i rpllE CHFAPri-T TLACP! IN NEW YORK FOR LO Ji iiiC u lftw Hi **' ? i > ' fmffiM Is 154 if illliRl NlPMt, rer otira?" da.. i - friend. .(!? H? tW KY. illfp' parlors f?i. ^ " a^d m rrora o ^ br?t siy'earrl llnlnti. O iliamti ?M a? l palntin* lurr at (he I'.west rates. I YANIM.A.-AN INVOI f, OK 4 FBW 0*8B9 PRj Mertcan vanl'ia heaov, new rron, arrived tier steal Enipixe City. For ?*'<# by J. F. Cl.KU A OO , 90 Maiden ij