Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 4, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 4, 1856 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL ? Ollf HAHKIV. TurMMY, April 3? d P. M. Tt? stock maiket hu become very dull, tlat and unpro ?wUe. With ?bout the same extent of dally tran*a:tlons, the H actuations in price* are unusually Uniterm. Tse brokers are obliged to keep op a show of activity, and eastsjn prices, to prevent outsiders from realizing. It in well knows In the street that outsiders are more dupoewl to realize at low than at high price*. Th?y ^enwaUy hay oa an expansion and sell on a depreciation. Tue Waken find no diffieu^y in earrj leg stock a, and therefore feeid in anticipation (4 an outside demand as soon aa bn ameas among the mercantile classes subsides. We agree with them in this expectation. The month of May ia destined to briag great activity in ttie stock market, and ?f enne higher prises for all the leading Investments. The weather has much Improved within three or four days, and the probability is that it has exteudea to the North. If so, ws may look for the resumption ot Internal a*vigatlon at about the usual time. All the Western rwllroads will, without douet, do an Immense business dw 10 fr the present jear. They will soon gain what they lest ia the early part of toe year, and hi the rest of thin year show a great lnereate over thj reeeip a for the same time last year. The country is ful ef produce? the Weet is literally running over with it The people ot that section ate all in comfortable eircam stances, and are ab'e aod disponed to travel. Oar entire population it migratory, and spends more money in tra velling, f or bustce-x and p'essure, than th? people of a ay other country on the Uce of h-? earth. This propeniity vast be of vast teiviee to railroad companies in a'.l parts of the I'nlon, although it may no; enable all of th:m to eug dividends. Hie cheaply construe 'ed rallrcadi of the West will make fat stcckholSe-a, while the stockholders ?| Eastern roads may a tarve for all thej can get in the ahape of div'dends. We have rej>eatedly pre-enW?d fir the eoatideiatkn of eipitaUsts th? pofttiai and p-or-pe:ts e t prominent rsl.roaJs of ths Western States, particular ly those of Illinois and Wisconsin, and h*ve shown tint la every impo:t?nt particular, as retards security and pro doetlvenexs, th-y are furtner ia ad* ince ef the railroad! ef New Y< rk or New Englani than those roads eve." were of the eemccnest cotictry turnpike. In a re par' just ts eaed relative to the cons traction of the Rscine and M:? atSiippl Eai'road, the following fenslble remarks appeir: There b<u; b'eo irnch and ?o varied etp'rietn* in *anBtxwc*lo? ani n^o of rai roals, thic a pradent Mtreon p?n form ft pret y correct opinion bsfoiCkand rnv ?ed rovi wt.i be protiuile or not. ?w^ftber any prop n-hsr -nad- ha< s Vi?>> feMcial'T U 'Si- tfce ci?e 'rn*.r r' aa-"n1, e 3 ?J} mmptxMt j elrsuataHncei with hoilt enter almost tx?cty the *? ? . . ths one piopCfe-?. Uiny mlroioa in ?? I . "5 ?160 000 per mile, and m*t? iu the -Vew . ?ad aul ?id^le States Horn *10,000 to *80.000 ^ wood dividend. But roads in tne valley of the Wt'?w*U M tare exceeded all oibft 1j proti for toOo* kf.'"TheyTre usually bui't and e-iuipoed for about f2e COO per mi e The running expose* i npoc ot ?V. East are about fify per e?nt of the gro?i receipts, ?enee to make a road oce h an d-e-1 mile ? long ptytjn ?er tent up^n its stock, its annus! r*ieijP* would h?va to be a mlTion ot dol.arf . If I. eost ?60 0"A per mile, and cbW bal'a m Won if it cost but ttifi.fiOO pet mile. A rovl at the West might make a go:d stock wita the sime amount of bui>U?;s, which upoi an Easurn roai of the length might not pay iunni' e expenaes. 2d. While the rnnning expenses are about fifty per cen. non Em torn roads. tn?y are less than forty upon the ?aflseelMS of Wes ern ro*d?, owing V) lowe* grjdes, and higher piieoe for coing business. It woula aid two per oant to <tock o*' a r'jad one hundred miles l ing, cwt $26,#00 t^r mile, with annual eirnings ot $510 000 tohare the running expenees forty per cent instead o. 3d. Th? price# for Coiog bonineeF are much higher on Wt?t?Tii tuan en EwVem ro^di, and they are not likely to he soon reduced. The impoitanee cf thla snbjeet U too great to be d!s poeed of in a week or month. We wish to Impress apon the minds of men of moderate means the airannges de rived fiwm investments in Western railroads over th^ee la the East. A iran with $10,000 can derive an income frssn an iaveaunent ia prcminent p*jlng railroads of Bthk'lsacd Wisconsin, of ?1 iOO per annum, with more oertaln'y thas he can get ??00 or WOO In 'his or any I^rtern State; aod what is more, he can purehaia at *is moment stocki of Western taiiroad cam pan'e , which are sura to pay 'en ard fifteen per eent per annual, a* lass price than ie will be obliged to pay fer stoek In tTP.r^ni?? which tare aot paid a dividend for years. A? astraorc inary as all this may seem, it is str .ctly true ^ about t'me that such ineomsirteneie* In the ?taek market had be-*n removed. The West is the moet ?atnral country for railroads In the woe Id. For miles ?r.?i mi'es a road can be constructei without a curve and ?pen a level, aeries the Immense of these sec tions, and svery other tdvan'ag* there exists for building mmA operating theoe w^rks, to say nothing about the basinets which every road favorab'y lojated c-watos along its line the tret jear ef Its existence. To men of moderate means? to tkose who wish to derive the largest toocm* from the smallest investment, combine! with -n* io?-t we recommend this ma ter for ons'.dera ? -nvsstigatlon, with the tlnn conviction that it Is ttoa aau ^ ?ervice of the most vital iaportanes, leuderlng them ? . ? and o nditioa for a 1 tine. ?M affe?tirg their e^mto. . -d.the foUo w!cg sales o' After tfce ar journment of the bo?. A. H. Nioo heads and stocks *6re made at auc;to# lay;? ${00 California Slft'e ?'?, 1961 Int ' 1A,0C0 Bart'crd 0^ 6 1S76 . .... ... ^ VL000 Coctia. N tw Jersey HR. lstm"r... j -? t OOl ) Hsmp?hiie Cos! and Iron Co. 6 ?... do. 3, a 4 ?* 6,000 lUlnois Ontrat hR eon. , s do. 2.000 Mad. and Indians p olii RR Incomes do. H 200 Ov. aao Pittsburg RR dividend.. o >. a 1,500 Toltdo and It.inols RR 2d mtge. . . co. ?-* 2.500 Flushing RR 2d mortgsge . . do. * ^ a,t00 mer'gsge -.hiee s-ory Bnek house ani lot ^ ^ 1,188 A^Ia?Uc hutui laeurancs Sc.op U 1W?.... ..91h. S"hs Academy A Music, per share of ? I, (00 M00 10 New York sod N?w Haven RR f> 60 I'aeifie Mail S team-hip Co.. ltO HaasiishireC-oal and Iron Co "/s 10 TalroAvenwe RR. L* ? I Rutgers Fira Insurance Co ?" ? 40 Lolox Insurance ' o * ? KniAerb- cker Firs tnsaranc? bo 20 H*miJ'cn Insursnre Co ? ? ?? ? * 120 Knterjir se Innursrce (>o 40 As+? r i Ire Insnratce 80 nrem?n's Icsu snee Co *j?'. 40 tbico sfor Iosuratice Co 14 ? 07 y**t River Inmranc- Co.... lb FlatbusU art? Iia'h 1 lank Rood Co j M Khsi-lx Insnraro-JV.. of Brooklyn t 100 CeLtial Ban* of Bro.k.ju 104 4 10t 1 At the second board the market was buoyant, but the business was linlUd. Reading Railroad advanced ?-r ?out; C'sveUnd snd Toledo, Hudson Rirer Railroad, X; Cumterlaid, H- H>erB w?8 ? UtU* mo:e *,cU?ity 10 Nicaragua Tiauslt, and ^ale? ?ere made at 14 p r o?at. Theiewill be no Imp. ovemsnt ia the stock of cous^ue-ice *nMl all t'je outstsndirg convrscts are settled. Ta? sul'j whica have already txen commenced against the Iste agent cf tte company will show how the a?T.i>r* of .hat concern were msrsged during lvs administration. We also understand that the Transit Company e , o ?iwlcIi g a suit sgainst the same parly for the recovery of a large amount ot money. It is aboit time sotre ot these corrupt concerns were exposed, and the whoie In ternal snaojenaeDt laid hire to the public. After the board the martet was about the s?-ne ' ia too Com; any, 22 H offsied, 24 asked; Cunberlanl, 23 ^ hid, 2?S *rked; New Yo?k Central P.tllroad, 82^ hid Vl% asked, Harlem, 1?H Wd, 19X asksd , Rea-lin- 91 bid 82K asked; Hadsoa Railroad. 30 bid; MlsL Bonthern. bt4, aeked; Miiwaakie and M's is gippi Ra lroad. 86>i Wd *6 ssk?? Wisconsin Uke -uor BaUroad, 7 bid, 73a-a?4; Walesa and Ch>?ge, 11 :,S hid 113X asked. Tte rec?ip1? of tain oomp^aj .a tir?h ?will exceed *150,000. -.gsiast 128 000 for the same mo it* last yea r. There were sale* of C?lajnbm, Cleveland aal Ckteinnati Railroad stook to day at 191 per esat, sns th? heat oiler this afternoow wai pir. It is the general im pression that the -o-oer the sv??kh .Hers of thl? oom -?ay get rid of the present b jard of directors the better, dueh men are unfit to manage the affair' of a plank road com pany If the three* of ? single stockholasr are ini fi I ant to annul the act of the whole b^dy, ther- <e an end *, aU power of mai rtues. aad all valoe lu wha' hat hers tofore been considered responsible endorsements, r.iere ?ust be something more in this than appears on the gnrfaoe. There maybe private objects In this a ,vs ?Mat and it should be probed to th? bottom. We wan a list 'of .he present board of directors of the ClevsUnd Columbus and dnclnnaU Railroad Company, that we may preier.t to the pub'ic the name- of men who are so ??!->?- ' the trust repoee.1 in them as to dara disobey the recorded wmmand of their masters. These railroad dlrec'-rs are no mote than the stockholders' seivants, and yet we fm 1 them almost daily assuming powers entirely foieign to tfcelr position. They, after a while consider the whole roao aa their individual property, ard talk about ' our U. aod "our st/ick just as thocgh tbey were the aola proprietors, and not tte servants of the rea> proprie ty. We want ao more ot this assumption. I resident* aad directors must take their true pos.Uons and be governed by the stockholders, and ,tockholder. must J.W then, per? V, accountable for any ?*lect of duty The credit of solvent rallroa-1 e-mp^nles is too ImporUn , am.uertobetritie.lwi h. It has, la many Instances, beer. pur^M-d at great sacrifices, and cost too mach to Z Ltr. yea 01 ,ow* ,tup d' The AaaMaat Treasurer reporti to-day m follow*:? Paid on TMMVPy account 994,636 02 Reoeived on Treasury aooount 217,121 50 Balance TreCaorv account T, MB, 371 30 Paid for Ai?? y ct&oe 18,133 06 Paid on disbarring checks 61,793 75 The receipts to-day included 960,000 from Chicago and $26,000 (tor transfer drafts on Boston. The Treasurer of the United States reports the aggre gate amount to his credit in the government depositories, subject to draft on th> 24th of March, 1866, as 922,372, 285. The transfers ordered ' To Treesory of United State*. Washington. 9360,000 00 To Aaebtant Treasurer, New York 060 000 00 To Assistant Treasurer, N'ew Or lea em, La... 180,000 00 To Afnintant Treasurer, St. I/iuia. Mo 300 000 00 To Aoafhtant Treasurer San Kranoisco, Cal. 686 000 00 To Depository at Norfolk, Va 86 000 00 Total 92,660 000 00 Krom As*is'aut Treaaurer, Bo? ton, Mass... .91,024 001 47 trcm Assistant Treasurer, New York 732,600 00 Prom Assistant Treasurer, 9t L<ouis, Mo.,.. 116,000 00 Prcm Depository at Dnhaque, Iowa 25,000 00 Krom repository at Chicago, I)L 475 000 00 Fiom Depositary at lie nit, Sllsh 65,000 00 From Mm: at 1'hiladelphii, 1'enn ?00,000 00 Prom branch mint atXev Orleans, La..... . 60 000 00 Total. 93,296 50147 The cartings of the N'ew Ywk and New Haven Railroad Company for March were ? Received for pa?e?gers 943,783 30 ?' " freight 10.000 00 Total 973,783 39 Lees paid Xlarlein C:mpa ay 3,834 94 Bala nee 969 918 45 March, 1865 63,977 64 Galo 95.971 39 The wa* rants entered at the Treasury Department, Washington, on '.he 31 of March, ware as tshows: ? For the redemption of at cka 915 042 10 tor the Interior Department 3,405 08 Per cufV ms 61,018 05 War warrants re teived and entered 2-8 93 War repay warrants recaived and entered.... 14 55 Interior repay warrants received and entered 772 31 Frcm cu8V)cs 1,483 057 37 Oa account tf the nary 532 21 Tbe grcf>H e-irnirg- of the Michigan Central Railroad Compaiay ft.r the third week ia March were a3 follows:? 185". 1854. I'arsergers 9^8.387 25 $11,588 38 Pr sight 19.483 59 16,366 85 Total $47,870 81 935,915 23 Tnia looks ai> taocgh the earuiegs of all the Wat ten railroads in March were <[ulte Urge. 1: w.ts eipee ed they would be unusually limited. Tbe receipts of tbe Hu inn H wr Railroad Oo. daring tbe worth of March, 186ft. amounted t> 9.29 ;i23 97 Saat* won 1*'T year 178, 550 22 Increaw . . ? 960,773 75 Tbe ?tuai ?? -nitige during 'be i\m? time w?re as fol lows : ? Ma"*, 18o6....,' $241,141 06 March, 1S6& 407,079 f? lecreat>e 974.001 60 The business tor March this year, wa<i the larg?3t Iu any one month tinee the opening cf the road. ?lock Exchange. Ti.TRSDar, April 3, I860. 91000Cal. 7's, '70.... S8 l&O aba Erie RR. . .b!5 6V? 1000 (ihlo 6'e '75 112 50 d>.. ...b60 6r>% 2f00 Virginia 6'a 93* 220 Harlem RR 1-.* 2COO Missouri 6's 8<X 600 Readiog RR. . ,?3 92 1000 6's... 103 X 600 d? alO 91ti 2000 KrtolM-lte B?rg. 96 200 do c 91V 3rCOEiie?a?Br:g'71. 83* 200 do. s30 91V 30C0 Erie BBr??P76 r3 90Ji 10 do 01V 4POO H R Sd n3 71 100 do 92 2TT0 N ltd lM*fc2d is 82J? 300 do htSO 92 V ?4C00 lil Cen Rll Bis. 88<^ 211 Galena A ChicRR. 113i! 10OCO do sCO 88 50 Hud Riv RR..a30 36W 2800 111 CRF Bda wp 88 2T0 do ?60 35 V lOCON YCtnC'*.... 88* 300 do b60 36 6C0 <?o 69 300 do 35 V 16 sfca Union Bank. 121 10 Michigan Ceo RR. 9iv 14 City B?rk 123 106 do h3 96 38 Pel Hud CI Co. 127 16 Mich Sft N InRR. 95 11 Pern Coal Co.... 99 260 do a80 95 4C0 do t60 99 * 500 do s3 96V 33 Ocean Bink 96 16 Panama RR.. ., . 104K 40 I'aeiSc Bank.... 109 100 do 1015i 5 Con aeon w' 1th Bk 96 fO do 104 V 160 Canton Co 2PJ? 100 Illinois Cent RR! . 98' 200 Cumb Coal Co.a3 23 50 SLxta avenue Hit. 81 100 do s.'<0 23 30 Clev A Pitts RR. . . 66 V 8 N Y C*n RR .... 92* 10 do 65^ 420 do 92* 200 Cler A Tol RR.b30 80 ?<?0 do 92?^ 1(9 d> a3 79V 200 do b.'>0 92 >< 200 do e30 79 v; 160 Erie KR blO 56>f 200 co *60 79?2 1?0 dc *3 66 100 do 7f)U 400 do W0 S?)f 100 do h?0 80?! do b30 6 200 Chic k !i I RK.tiSO 91 WO do sSO 43 do 90 1C0 do ao0 56'^ 25 Wis Lake Shore r! 72V 100 do 56?i 48 Cler C & Cin RR. 191 150 do ?3 56>* SECOND BOARD. $."f00 m Cen RP. B'a S8 150 aha Cum Coal Oa. 23'..' 80(? do bl? 88 ^ 200 do s30 23V ?-000 *? b3 88-,' 60 Erie RR sfiO 66 ? SCC0 EiieCcn BW "71 83^ 100 d> s3 66'! 2000 V V Cer.ti *1 6 '? 89 300 Hud Riv RR . . a60 86 4 34 aha Am I x Bit .. 120 50 111 Cen RH. . . b60 99 100 M S k S 1 UR b.0 100 CI A Tel RR.. b30 80W 1C0 Nic Traua Co.VO 14>^ 200 do.. 80 1CK) do b3 14 100 Reidin* RR....". 92V 60 do s3 14 25 WiiL S RR..b60 73 200 do 14 W NIVQ BO ABB. 50 aha WaidCA I b3 44^ 800 aha Gard GU.b4 I 12? CQ 44^ 500 do.... c 1 loi/ o.. ..bnw 46 600 do... . fcio 1 }&* 1; 00 Fl Jou. ? bnr 1 20 WM^raU .... 10> lOOOGardlner Gold.c 1 1ft 4. do.,.. .(8 (! SCO do.. .. blO.l 12>^ CITY COMMERCIAL. REPORT. TiifBSDAT, April 8?6 I*. M. A-hef quiet, sad pricea unchanged. Brfakrofb ? Flcur? The lower graces were again beavy, aid lower pi ices accepted, while tbe bai<ia?i? (n ail kinds was moderate. The aaha embracad 4 COO a 6 000 hbls , includihg in'erior to common fi ate anl Michigan, at 96 62 a $0 75. Good stra'gbt State ta ex'ta State, a*. $7 a 97 50. Some lots Mlch'gaa were iepcr!e<lat 96 50. Medium and fair g rale* of Wester.: brand' sold at 97 a 97 75, and eacd extra Ohio at 97 75 a $8. Extra GtLtue and 3t. Louis sold at $8 25 a 910 50. Canadian xvac !o a' derate demand, wi.h aale.4 of 800 a 9C0 bbla , a'. 97 S7,S a 99 25, ehkfly at 97 75 a 98 60 Southern wa* eai-itr, with falea of about 1 500 bbls. at 97 ;i7 a ?8 f .r common mix?d to chMce bra(.d<. an<l 98 \ $0 for fancy anc extra qnalitiea. K,e tt ,ur wai ouiet. Com Meal? ^.alea of 110 bsla. were mvle at 93 25. Wueat ? Ihe ?tiea eubri-ced 2 50u busLe a prime Southern red, at 91 *6, and a narcei ol Canadian prime white waa re pored at 91 Wi. Corn ? The :ec?ipt* were lght, and the market tl-m?r. Tbe eales eanrac^d between CO 0t0 ar.d 40 000 ba*btla, ioclnding -ou:jl mixe 1 yellow ?bo ?bi ? 11 Oic. a 08c., and about 7 OoO a 8 0)0 do. hancaoire acc prime white at 70u. cia.ilHm; m:x?d cmn aold a* law aa 60c. Kye? Sa'e? of 6,000 bushels prltre otrth'ru. from "itore wt-re male at 91 07. Barley lirm. wtth ?Bl~a tf 1 COO bc?ht!lf, in aiore, at $1 28. OatH were Qrn.ur and in more active demand, with ailen of Coir?g? an bieh aa 48j. a 48c; waite Southern, J^r "?y and fliate were ateady at unchanged pnoei. Cottek ? Hjc rrnrket waaqLiet, but prices w?re a'e?1y. Rio rar.g?*i fr< iu He. to 12c., wl h small aalej; and a'jout l<ai bagx lagiiayra ? 11. part at 12c. Onrnv ? ih? *ale? footed up abrut 3,500 b? es, at BVnoy prtre?. 1 RKi'.irrs.? To I.'veipool 7,0C0 buabela grain wete en gi Red. in bu k, at 'id-; .'100 tierces beef, par 304 ib?? at B'. 6d.. W0 boxea bacon, at 27a. 0d [>er ton; and 400 a 500 bates er.ttOD, at ,l?c. To I^n'oa ao^ut 5,000 boii Hoar were ec(f?(r<-rt, cniafly atfva. i-^., and ?mne liVt were repo-t.d at 2* 6d. : 20U ri*rce< bafcf. per .'J04 Ib.i.. at U*. ? d 10? tcoa oil cake, at 27a. 6d ; aud 1,100 "b?l?. pork, at .''a. Gd. To havie ootton waa taken at Hay waa aualv, at 91 12 a 91 18,^. Tiui>- ? Small ?a!es cf rtcotc'n jii< were mad? at IW a 9 17. MoLanvy. ? Tht market was quiet. Th? >n!w embraced about W0 baia New Orleaji*. at 44c , 4fo. a 46>; , 100 lihds. clayed Cuba at 32? , and 160 b?U aud 60 Uareas Uionovtoa sold at ;',8c. Navat wrre rpiet. 1 Rovigi'iMj ? |v,r^ ? rhers waa a reic ion in the Jjar ket to-day. It opened with ??!ea o( .'?00 a 4 09 ?kl? ma? at $16 75; th?n KiO a 200 r'.o. aold at 915 62,', aad at th? cIom- 4<?do. ? at $10 66?-4 prime install lota, and at *15 'i0. ij^ef waa naaier, with aales 2M hs,rre>, iBduc Ing country prime, at 98 26 a 98 76, aad nan at $'J lb n ^10 76, ' G/wwrlpti tin n*re uocUaoMd. meat* were unshar.god, wiih light aa'?? at 7^c f-r shoal 0er?, and IX. a f"\'c. far bama. Dreaaed hc?a were 1 iw-?", with a!.-R at 7,^c Haton wa? Orm, with" aal<H of W) bcx-? long mid' lea. nb? in, at 9'^. aod lW4o. abort, rib l*"s, at 9>?c. l.ird waa fl.mer, with aaU? of about ,".00 bb - at a 10 i.e. But er aa '. chaeae were with ut alteration. Ri'-e ? ICO tiercen aoid at 4%c a 4\{i. Ht I, iW were rather more active, without chin** U pti<e?. Ti e tmbraeed about 700 a *00 hijda. c o siatinjr chie!l? of Cuho muacovado, a', price* ranrice from f',;4c. a a 7Hc , with a tot of 25 htidi. pr m? fjuality at 8<\ .-aiea of N'ew Orleans were light aai prices uncharged. WnistlT.? of abiut 400 bWa. prison were made at 29c. Mumimn beykwhd etkkf day. ciurauru ub wim II8T of Mrc-niRR' T?n rur.iroRNrA i-rttkhs j ir.amfrc In (he office ot (he Metropallran Krraod aiM ' arrler K xureaa Company, 11 Pine irtrae., per lUluow anrt ni\r of tl.e Vt e.t ? .' M (irace .Vrs A Parker Visa A B lukf botf Miss V 8 Pellet Mlas H Ba?'elr K floi j,e Mia? Rlcb Mra H hin cbioT Johnson A Rodders Mlaa It < a-*oti T Jacob M Raphael M Cook B H Hla Or?ce,lhe Duke Rondont Praf C.a'ellO ff of <.'a abrll a K. 1 Uiarrord T I'avleot J M 1/ee M Biewart ? Bn?lere ' ee y J I *vr A Co Sp!e man Mine M-J /?tibbfn* Mra M Ma^raf M>a b (wocapin Ml-i ? V rr? Mln J H M?ars I. Thmnpao.i Mra Vf Up u#a Mf&caor Mf* O .Kje a LIST OF LETTERS lathe Ictftrfc City r?at Friday, April 4t 18M. Published exol naively in K?w Tors Hbralxi, by Aet of Oenyreee ftr paper kavity/ (Ac largaC circulation oj thy I'Oprr in Ac Cnited Statu. LJD1KS' LIST. A Abbott Mn Mary Alenndtr Ml 8 Bit- Andrew* Mr* M A At> bou Mn oralln* zabcth D Antboay Mat/ K M A< am* Mite Anna A.lsu Mr* Lucy Atw aid Anna M Adem* Miaa Mary Andrews Mr* M Atkinson Mn A Adama MiaeOrphaA ^ Or jaby at Bacon Mn Vaiwy Baa a Mrs B W Brooki lira Mary B Brady Mn.Monfone Beaty Mlsa Site* Brookabank Ad A Brady Margaret A Bedeau Mn Ansa Broaaoaban Ju ta Brady Mn Maria Beebe Mrs B C Bntta Mn Annie C L Bra?g Mn Julia A Begiy Mary or Ttmo Bo wen Mn Annie Bal ey Mn Mary 4y bear* BrowaMn, Trinity p Balrd Mi?a Mary R Benedict Caroline B Brow n Mrs W R B ike Mlas Mary A Brennon Anne Brown Miaa a \T Bin e MlaaMargaret Brcunea Kot>e B own Miaa Koielle Blake Lxala Bennsu Mrs Mary BrownUraEllzaaeUi Baker Mn II B Ben ? ley Miaa Prank Brown Mlas Kva Baldery Eliza Ber-iod Madam Brown Miaa Janet Be dwin Mr*. 3d it Bread ?ay Brown MiaeMaiy, lta BraoiwellMn 9lb av Bermkgham Miaa J 11 i*ce Mn David Blanche! a MUe abby Kew'ev Mn Wni Boyla Mary BranJeraM sC&iollneBnce lienor Ilu;t acd Mn J W Bwmore MlaaEmwa Bridge* Miaa E'.o'se Burdicfc Mrs Louis* Beroour Mn hllz'th Htdwe l MrsSasanM Karteifb Mlsa add* KaikerMra A Green Brian Mn hllen Burnba-n Mian K V Karnes Mn Laura BtnkinMn William Burnet ulaecaro m? fanmrd Miaa Annie BriggaMiaeE'lztbeth Bum* Miaa Rutin La B&rney Mil, Win at B snt Mrs E, Marion Burna Betty Barr Laura L B) inkerb-Hif Mn B bua*el Mn Mary E lfarrv Mrs H?i.nah Brook Mn Louisa Ilu le- Mrs Ju la Bari'ett M> a 8 J Bodlre Mtra Cynthia Butler Ml at Maty Be temsn Mrs E Bioadwlck Mn E 0 Butier Mm Mary lia'te Miaa Isabella Bold M1 a Saiab Greenwich PauJe Msrgerel Bradley Mra Ada- B a "e/ field Miaa Ma ry Beach Mary lalde F Bryant Miaa Mary C Cabalan Mk* Vlnap Cartlln Vwi Anne Conroy Ana Cat 111 Miaa, HrustonCaac .? Catherine Conruy Mary I 'ahill Miaa Alice Catev Ml?s V.ary Conroy Mis 8, MD CedweiMiss kl'btht.'awy Marta Cronvn Miaa & Callahan Mb a Mary Crawford Mn BarahCork Miaa Pbi ena Ca'iaghan CatharlneChllda ?L?sKrat.ceaA<'ook ? arah Jsne ( '?rcarcao s. a Julia Chtds Vn M Coo er M'*a Emily A Cempbell Miss Jare Oobu>n Caroline 0 Cooahat M*rv C Campbell Margaret Crockett Mra 8usin Corlia M-a Campbe I Mary JaneOogan Mary J Cornel1 Mn Ame la Crare Mrs Jarre* Cogiwell Mra ?e Cros* M as Harriet K Craraby Caihurine inaniba Costedo Rosi Claptnan Mra F,Fu'.-C?it Mn M A Cottingtoo Mra C M tun at Collins Mra, Greene Coadtc Mary Ano C Cbarman Miaa Add Colilca Margarat Crowty Catharine Or ik MraS Pmlibioniao Woiue ?!rowtbe.-?ra. Grand Claike Mia?Catb'rlnei/Om>u>ak. MlaaKC CrowthnrMI aKlu'bn Clatk Mary Oomaieck Fanny Coyie Ki zabeth ('Arl klli'betb Conan Ma'garetJ Cu .nlngb?m Ann (MrleyMrp, Mottat Ponlin Mra MirgaretCunnlngnamJ'lie'eA CarmacMli-Bl-ei ro'aConrel Mia 3d av <!uriHM?ry Carrol! Miaa Jane M OonnellyJiraMarg'rt Curtis Mra H%r? h T Carroll Miaa Mary D Daily Miaa K'lrn Terir Mn A A Douirhert'Mrs El'bth Da'e Mi a Jane lh>t r MnManerva Dou-ios Mrs 3id at Ilaliou Mli n J)ic*lnaon Clajiaa W Dowr.lng Mra,H?ay Davia De-oieh M Lipiter Miaa Mary Doyle Margaret DbVia Frsrces L DrtateU MicaUildget DnU'y Ml-a Br'd^'et Davia Mary M Dltchet. Mvna 0 DufganMra,C'il:^ep: D&y'a Mary June Dobbin Mra Heater Duaian 8a ah a iibvid Madam Ltulfi Dot Mn, at Dunn Kliza Deal) :g Mra ('atba DoinmeU iiary Lain Mrs M*ry ~e OaeTel'qlllBe Ger- fionne lan Maria l; unn Mafftuvy trude O E DObeUy Mary Ann Duupbv MUa Demoek Mr' S.)jZi Donoboe Anne Durey Madam Maria Demon Mn L 8 Dooly lira Amity pi Dticsmoore Mra au Da etach Miaa k, Til- Dougherty Mn, kaat rella W ylslcnrt Broadway Drn-aud Mijs R?aUe P<y1ne Mary Aed Drurv C#tMHne K ? Me Visa Do. ato Elllaon Mra ' 'aarlea E r.bree Mra Sar?b R EHL? Mra, Monlg'V at hlilolt Mrt> Mar^ V Kn?lrJ Mra KLH tilUfon Mra Cannah Bvtnt tarah F Fatrbat lea M U a I?la Flck Mrs Ann Maria Foley Sally Fake Miaa Georgia Frie Mary Ford Mn -amuel F anaaaeMlaaMatg'l Flt/gera'd Mn EUil Foe. lng Mra Rebec sa Farre j Miaa < aifi Flizalmcna Ann Froat Miaa Abby J Faire'.lMlaa Marg'et Fltztmiona Elizabeth Foa er Mn wanth Fee Mia< Mary FoleyMiaaC.lrln'i pit'oy Miaa Mary Fergutoi.MrsW'.MoU G Grace Mn Jane Greene Mn. 11th at Or.ffiths Alloc Oafltey Mica Jane ft teen Ml-a E l/.a GlgonMlle Aa?aUsla Gmh. m Mra Matilda Gieen Mn Edwin GliialandMnMatilda Graliam Mrs bllza Grejnry Bilza D Gill on Margaret Gallaher Mn Mary Gregory Mn Dan'lli Glbbu y Miaa Ann GaugloQ Mra Anna Giennnn Mrs k-llen Gira din Mra Mary V Garner Mrs, Green- Garaghty Mlai Jane Oobati Madam Lydla wlch it Gib bona Cath Goldam'tbMnReb'ea Gar^ey Miaa Arte Glbaor Miaa Mary WK Grooby Mary Ann Gavin Mn Eiltn brletaon Mn llenry Gordon M aa Kmma Gray A rt. ie M ^ Gumm Mn BaleBeyMnEdwBHartMnHarrfet Ei:iMliaMar* Hhie Miaa Henrietta Bart Mt>a boea Hnd^e Miaa Mary Gale Miaa Jeesy Ha vkinaMiaatieorg'aflok na Mra M?'y Ha'enbecfcMUeMarg BawkmaMarg>retM Holit nan Miaa Marg't EaU MlaaA, Grand at Bazle Bridget Hoimaa Miaa H Hall Miaa Caroline a Healow Mua Kllza Holt Miaa M. Amity at Ball Miaa kllza J Bealy Mra Ellen Hops Mia G Fail Mra Julia Ann Beineoker Mra Mary Hopkins Mra Mary Hall Miss Lizzet Bemoan kary Howard Miaa Cath Ball Miaa Margaret Hetery Mn E I ugtea Mra E.Lalght Ba'laaey Beaey Henry Mn N f H ugbea M iaaMargaret Ba lett Viae Klvina Henry MlaaAmellaA Hoghea Mra Ibomaa BamllnMlaa Jn la Lenr> Mn Joeepb Huae Mn William W Hamilion Henrietta Becabaw Alien G H unt Miaa Cor aalla K BamiJton Miaa Jul a Herbert Mn Mary J Hunter Mn 0,Gree'h Band Mia Mary He? it Mra Catharine Boaaey Suaan B Harnacn MrahaUyA Hirg)n> ViiaM, Canal Haaioi Miaa taabelJa Bar. Mka Katie Hope Mra Byaea Miaa Bridget X and J Jdell Miaa Susanna Jacec Mia* Char- Johnson Mra Ann IrvlnMary ^ Johnson Bedlia livm Mra tandera JZrVro Ml-a A F Johu<m Bridget lvoryMary Jacaoo Mrs 8u**n Job neon Maria f) Jar.kman Mir* Ell- Jennings M'aa 4tbay J' net Miaa Mary zabeth Jobnkon Miaa C A Joyce kargt Jac^acnMlnFbebeC K Kra? er Mra Marga Kelly Julia Kii!am Mrs Harriet re'ha Kelly Mary.Sul'lvmnKllroy Mra Han nab Kauperih Miaa Cath Kelly Mary. Rector Klm->all Mra MaryL erne Kenrely Botora King Marg't Kearcey Ml.'iM, lTtb keoogh Mrs Marg't .Klrby Ma.-y Keely Mra B I Kerwui Mlt* Marg't Kit red ge Mn C II Kef nan Mli-aCalh'e KnilQc Mrs Jas W Ktvl augban Roae A fceefe K^zabelb KlU&l>a Mra Fkit at Kodot Mary Jane Kfltb M.?a harla J Kingsbury Mn Mar Knox Mary Ann Kelly Misa Ca h e garet Kyle Miaa Cath'e Ml Labe'l Mra Adel Lebore Mr>, Park at I.Htell Mra Raoh'i Lsdd Miaa Farah Leo Mrs Wadkloa Locke Mn Wa laforge Mn Kllzab Kflour Kr* Mmoa Long Miaa Matilda Lambert MnL Lent Mlm Bstty Loughran Miaa Ann Lammtr Miaa EmmaLeyiaon Mn J*ne l.ovearove MnMary Larger Miaa Fidelia Lewis Mn K 1 L'o; d Mrs H. 8ti'e t Bridget Lewis Mra Mary L Lloyd Miaa Eliza Lawrence Mn Ma Lt wIaMn Henry L-icb Mary rteit* LwwUe Mju Fannie L? nch Mri James Law too Mips Asa Lj om Mary n Mack'n Marg't Ma. viae Mba Ann Morrison Mi** Vary Madden Bridget Me.yll'e Ml** B 1) Morrlcsev Mn Jaoe kagratb Ml.^a a noe Meoals M Lf a Rebecca Mnroney Miaa Margt Magot e Bli/At eth MerrlSe d Mn Boee Mott Mn Aiancy Mttulie Mrs M Mil's Ml** Mary Moynangh EUenor Mai on Mrs, & h at Minor Mn. Mulberry Mar j . Man Kin Bridget Mitchell Mia E M Molcaby Miss Mary Mrs. Fkln Mitchell MrsRollaad Mulligan Mary Marcy Mil, b'tfway Moloy Ml*s Ann Mu'beran Mary Act ?ars Mary Ja^4 LI*!!. **"" u ^Cjanoa Maraball Ml** Ba Montague Miaa Rose Mullioeaux Viae C mantia Monlgcmsry Mn Mlnetta at Martin Ml?a Adfl de Moore Mlsa. Gcuv'r 1 Mulvey Cath'e MirijuMiaST Moore Mia* Mart A Mutn Miaa Maxwell irs John Morebouae Mn Jane Murphy Mn Cath'* May Mis Maria Mcrg*n Mrs A T Murphy Mn Mary Majer Mra Cranle Morgin Abby F Etlz* Mayo Mn Mary Moaran Miaa E. Ann Munav Mn, Oom'r Morris Mia Maria Meekln Ai hur or Murray Martft Munay Mn Ju iaP karg't Murray Mr* J" u'. McArtrey Mits Var Wcfnlrnfty *1? Oa McOnlnreaa H\ri gret tbariie Mclntlre Margaret McAwel Miaa laa McPermott Jat.e or K lzibeth bella MeFar ar.d Mn A, Mclu*jre 8a-a? Bu% McCaV.e Mies B1 en Broadway Mcint- re Mra -'^n McCabe Mn Kntk McUracaghan Mlts McKone Mra,Cherry McCarthy Mra. bo- Mary MolLOue >mie Dr.t t McvJarlty Mus P.ore Mc Arnaa M?i Ell McCafkle Mn John McGregor Miaa fc iza labfth McCawley Kl et Mc Jiotn Mary McMatt Mai Mc<. Utcble Miss An Mr.GcvernMrtP.15 h gar^ n'e M<-()o(rUi Ml*sMary ic.Vama/a Anre McCuticlekt athameMcdughraclsavalia MiPortlandMlasMary McCouer Mlwharab McVisar tu?o W Nailer Miaa Eliza T Newman El?cia B Nlrhill Mrs Ptnart h aaigtilOR Catharine N ctota Miss Henri- ^rth Mra Mary Newell Margaret et>a ltnlsh Mn Mb nr O 0 da Mra J N O'Brien Mra Cath O'Connor Mis* B; id O cot'.Jwy o'Hrlea M'aa ,*ary get Cats Margaret O'Brien Miss Mar O'tkine!) Miaa Jj (. wf nf Mt? Aim gatet hanna Cw?ns Ml as he eo O'doetMraMargaret O 'Ke-tt'e Mra John Cwtns Mit Margaret ^ O'dea Margaret Palmer Mia* I'd Parsons Mn M 1'eoper Miaa Jane I'a'it erMl'sCaro ine Paraot s MIks Mary fe>iey Mn J W I'almieii MUa Eu Pratt C arlssa W Pleraon Madam. 32d trac-ck Mrs?ariam Pilgrim Aimed!* K Hard' Miaa Jane Peck Miaa A M Prime Mrd P.Ure j. Paris Mua H PhKianMlrS.aihsrine wleh Purker Mra, Broad Pellet Miaa Harah Po lard Hi /* J ? ay Phelps Mra l.'ornelli i'.ole Hcl.ea M Paiker Mn JateC Porter Mn rt V 4 Qulgle) Mary Quina Kim Quinn Miaa Mary Handle Mlas Hear! Bine Mn, Roosevelt Rose Miaa Kmc- a A etta Hialng Mrs hman l, Ro?a MhaHaodati L Baiklna Ml? Hllen R-iarji Miaa 5th ay R'msaelle Maiam K hatbboue Miaa Oar hoach Miaa Kllza llnloipaci tc K RobhlnaMlaaHappiRRoynton Llzzli 0 Kattery Mb?aLl!a3e<; Ko' eria Mra ?<?rab Killers hanna hi ey Mra *nn Mof'dy Mn William Rnnel! Mra 0*ro H *a I j Mrs h na Bobder Mia.Madt'on l'ne F Railiy Mlas Bee BrooeyMn' a'harln?R>aa Mn, Rooasrelt Kim 'Mra h ea Kiahards Mrs Archl- rty*o Ml-s Itndget ktlotMMda Haish B ba>d ^ Ryan Mary ft .Tobn Miss K.'i/a ^srvlre Mn- garet R ."m'th Mlae M A Senoera Mlea Ann Kherwood Mra Ellen HmlJi Mrs Agaoa SaciordMleaMaiWHta H ephena Mrs. 7 h av Hinlih Mrs Fanny Hari"? Mis Harali Steveta Mra B * KmUh Viae Mary Sharkey Miaa Cath'e Hie v In Margaret Smith Mary J hr.i.rkcy M ** Mary Btewart Mlse JullaA Fmilh Mni Mary 0 nfcaw *> fl-arsh G I WiileiCa Mra HI/.* fin hMurtreCIVl*' H\wvor Mra Abby 8t-|?ldiesMnMaihsirH>nlihMi?rB't.Aib*ny Kljca Mat ga'*t t kill Mrs Frederlek H'oddaitlMrs, 4th ave Sn?f!l(V>r #r? K J Plmeon Mlae M C 8t ?M*rvl Mra K H hbe'bam M'ea Jnlla Hlmpe* Mary A Bnblvan Mrr ,lu?a KbsiImfciiMraam'tyUSirc a?r Miss Anna hulllvan Ml>* Mary (ioellmm Miaa Jane ?lnnlalr Mra 8hn'i*Mr? Mary I. Hheiren Mra T'h s< hklnner Mrs Ruth Mobloaaer M<-s Barak fJl.frldfn Miaa Mary hlpa* Mn Margaret Seat: Mra M?rrla 8kenett MlaaHaraht; 8m ltbMrajf Jr ?ea wlch oatberion Mlas <*ry Talialr MrsArfdlaon Tnjlnr M?Ka'e Tbompa-m MlaaMary, lal uadre Mrs G Tea'nej Brtrget (<Tiaml>er* s'. C Itiit n 1 nfeUien Ml?a K M Tbotnpaon Mn Mary, Tasktr Mrs David iCTnlrgaMlaa Emma gib ave la'lim Mrs 1 odd Mra Amanda Topping Maria Taikr Mrs Bli7.a L IJiomaa Ml?s Fanny ToraetM's M K Taj r Mlas Fanny, Thome* Anna I. 1 borne Mlas Ka'e rtrosr'way Ihomaa Mra Julia F Tti>ker Mlat f/llve Tai lor Fanny, Bnd Ihomaa Mr* Robsrt 'fuer Mri Robert : i n at 1 nom >m n Mra Jobn Tune Mary T?t or or Butler, Thoirpaon Mra, Mer tnia' Mn Miry F Belen c,r"*r j ar Tyton Catharine B U c% V rrderh1i:Mla>MeryM Vtder Mlea 8 tiaen Vernon Miaa Ab'iey Vofe MUs Mary 11 W Wad ley Mia* M fl Wrlaa Mlas Ame'la Wii,iam< MnVfaallea v. *K?'al! Miaa Kl'tle Wel ea Mrs Larlsia WltlleinsonMnOeoH Waitr Mi s baniiiel Weill Mra Henry Wilaoti MraK, Slat it 'An Cien Mral.nuiaa Wanning Vlrgln'a Wilson Mi*a Carrie Va??r Mine Rule O WeM Mra Parab M W lison Mra Rltz* Ij ! Wa! ice Mlas Jane Je?'e'merJohinneCW>Iirm Mi*? Sarah ?MI MrsM King at Wi(?lit Mn. TJSH - VTI Inn Mr* 0 F Walib Ail?* WtiglitMra, Canal at ftlanerMra Mathew Wairh llrl.'^Pt Wright Mrt Sarah L Wl<*al MlasR litkat K> it Miaa Mary Wllonr Mra Ma'ttn Wht'e Ml** Margaret Wslrl Ml jSvivlti'aA \? Ills'* Mru Maria Whiting Ml?a Harriet W at'r Mi* Wiitlsm WIH'an *Mr*Caih'r.e Whitm'>*? Mn K B W| ' ?-r Miaa I nula* Wlillem* Mi?? l^mlly Wooila Mr* Vt e-? ? r MraVaralif, Wllllania Matilda Wood Mra Harriet Wt>tei?iMlsa{Wu>i.*b WhjnyrpMis.Mar^'t TdtZ letkr Mn Buik Yon|A|Ui Jam Zlmmer Hammeraley st GENTLEMEN 'H LIST. A ''ami Frederick i'limi Robert A4di K A A Jam* J oslah A nam Mbby Adam- benjamin B Adam G< o J Abbot 1 l onn* W Abbott U c .t w Addison uiot Abbe 8* in i B Adi una A Oo Aetata Kliio Aridrtdge hdwd B Allen ekarle* D Allen Frank 8 Allen BP Alien J Allen. Oatman ACo Atbedn Gerrge W Ah?n)tn Antonio Affleck James -2 Bradley WlUlam Brad; R Brady James T B/a d? James Black Jno B.'ack Ibomas Babuitt UeorgeR? 2 Heaxdsley J A Allien 8 H Aguvlo Antonio Alexander Moknaia Alexander Robert Alleium David Ahern William AlTord Charles H Alio Louis Ariber George ? Aucei Bona J L Andr raon John ?2 Audcraon William AndersonAlexanoer Anderson R A J K Annan LW-2 Ana'eega Oomion Amranarl Ilenry Angell OP Andrew* 8 P Andrewa George ALdrewa B Bayard Robert Barrett A K Bi atton Ezra E Beaty ibomas Beach Rev A B Beach Wm N Brtdman B 0 Blackbrek John B ackn an Fred W Bsgg Tbos Bagley Edwin H BrajJcn J B Bachia R A hack ui ir Cyrus Bradbury Jcbn S Bal ey Fdwaid Bai'ey C P A Oo Bailey John Baldwin John A ? aid win l apt G Baldwin Gilbert S Ba'dwln Henry Baldwin Jcbn Ba dwln L B -and J BebellOapt David Beaubant taona Breckenbrldge J B Betkman D Beedtn Talma Breddo I b mai Bleeker G K Breen Edwend Beetham Y P Bel J N Bell Peter A Bell Jamea Belrv William Bcldham K II- 2 HelkiWH Fredk Benseli Wm P Benedict RumjcII Bretmucber Nicolas Boza Juan N Blake V? heelork ACo Beijamin I enry Blake CaptDaiiielH Bennett H B liai.-a Bennett J 11 Baker ? 8 Bcnoeu II B\kerJ8reuy Bennett A M Briiiiard Ira Bremner H B Ba'me a ugui te Brennen 1 boe Hall Jordan M Benton Wm Bali Bobert Brem ltoa H Bal laid Ablalhan Bernard A Hantiard J W Ber? Albert W B'anclmrd D P Berlloger B Blunchard 1'eier ll'ancbard C A Blarchard John Bar nay Benjamin Barnat T B Bai gfcart G G Uranism Dr!FH Banmla Charles Branron John D Hlar.dln John b ? Bar leu Wi liam Bets Charles Ba'ileit Walter F Berson J a B Barnes J Breutl J J Buries Mr. S7'b st Bueriy W m Barnes A W Bigelow A H Bumts Jacob Bigelow, Ball Korxcit Benjamin F . Knight liarrj Fred ? Briigs Geo W M Ba-rculd Gabitel Bil in A Bro Parback Ches PACo Billings Horace Bark'er BIO Bridges 0 K haitinJ Grtff Bridges Geo C taiioll George W Bridges i Albert SSK23&? ias??L? Uw^wAnreUo irt?ag? Fraicisc* Aj m*tro?K J ? twSujJtott AsWonJ??? *SKiVJ?* /kTlw&rd Jamea ArnoW. ?>* 00 ATDO "w* Aiiinson R0'' Boese Those" Bond Bond lhom*a Bronrfon J Brooks K 1)rook,i1Xwn Bioom Jeiftrsoo Bloo? Joto _ Booth Georges BoukABunn Bunnell Edward Bon Henry . Bryim Boioe Garret B sssrsiJU Brown Brown BrOWD Brown Brawn wm Brown Brown Bwwn Heiry Brown *aru" Boman L w Bo atord A U . Borroufhs Cia Brewster F Biews er Wm Berena AJex&nder Berry 8 E Berry Thus 8 Brewer Jamea D Bergo'd Frederick Bttts hi rain W? 2 BergecJir. latav Boyd Joseph Boyd John J Bo j d J P Boyd Hujh B uck llu Gouverne ur M Buchoehota H Bucteley Mr Buck (.'apt Ira B Bneklana G Anrfiew Bai ks 4 C 0 Barlow Jchn B-"lt.w ()?(? Barrard I bcmaa Barnatd C P Barber Meliaid A Bar ifr W W B&mettlhoa Hairett Htnry C H.n mith Leopolt Geo Ball Geo M Bull David Bu lock Wm Brumlen Laid A Blum N Bunce Joseph Bull Reuben U Bnll A Hull Bruns Wm D Bunting H F L Burk Wm Butler kliaa BnUer Mauriee Brtnkerhoff Abr'am Burke llmotiiy W0PJ*?W "Tii'gess Jonn T Bird J F A Go Biles h 8 Bjnrnaon Jacob Bixly R P BittBdholaky Mr Brit; en Henry Bltgham Luther Q Br^yall 1 Barney A Kenricks Bolster Penry 0 Butler T Pickens Branrgirt X) Branson Buys Mens F 1 K Bates Wm 8 Mn' ? i. ? a u haies Jihn O Burnham W C A J 8 Burobam Capt Fred BurnbamIarael8tory Burnett A t-rntth Bmch Morris Burr M Bo'^m Albert ? . BroJeriek Patrick Bates Cap'.otflfge Boeek oharlea Bf ;?s George f Boaget John Bay ley ( buries Block James Bat tow F 8 Battel! A Deey Batte 1c T D Cisbb Richard fbateJal-ez F CadwaliaderPrcctor Crawl Lu'her Brock'ebank M J Baxter EUaha C Clark Beinard Clark ? B B'iya F8K Bryant XS Byard Wm M BjrteGeo Byrne Mr B'rne Dr M L Byers John Jamea Cadle Jas M Cain 1 nomas Cfcffl Atige'o Cbailte 'ihos Cagger Was Ctleb Geo < ha mere Wm Calcwell Lnoy Caiboun F J Callaghin Pbi.lip Callegan 1' O Catlin J C Cate Joseph H Case Capt Washing- Con ray Wo Connor Wm Conor Dr Connolly James Conwey Geo Conway Join M ton OateZT Cate Chaa C Cars A B Cast Ho Fa'rlsk Cassidy Daniel Claw ey b P Cooke D B A Oo Cooke Wm CK'ney Mtohael CojI Ape toe ( ooger Gaaeck Cower Mr Cook Wm H Oleyptol Abraham Cook Geo Crawlo- d hevBenj L Cleave.'arul Wm A Cook Benjamin F Crafie James Co Cook Jamos U t abend D P.uvogin C.earelacdWm L? 2 Cook K R- S Can.pbell G V Campbell A D ( amptell a O Camole Kdw Crampkn Wm CaneDsn'el Cane Antbory Camp W B D Canty Jeremiah Chapln k. It Chnpin G W Chapln G H C em elaLd W CACo Co.'k rhomaa A Creevey Ctaj Creevs K B Crew fcatd J Cliker Wm Chil ingion A Oo Ciine rtttr Cilkey CaptB C CbrUtie C W CritteLdon Wm Cbiids Jotn D Cldion C Cbaprusn A Barker Coen John Cariln Phi io ' arllce Ather8 Cart es Wm H? 2 6 B Cap well Geo 8 Carieli 0 Cochran Rodney Coats Andrew Coflia Ruiua Ooe Chas B (Villi A ngelo Chiale O W A Oo CI itplln, Eatkell A Cobrlel Alfred Blew ner Croft John Carr FCgarM CarrCauF A Caewell W W Carter J H A Co T'arioll Arthur K Carroll Jame Coggahail Jchn Crocker ( has Cosaas John Col on Wm Coliyer J M Cole blub Cope Benjamin Cowan W m H Croaa L J Cord jnnier Moos P Crosble Wm Corcoran Andrew Cosgrove W Oroaby Samuel J? 2 Cloie H B OroweilOapt Batnue' Couch D N Couch Walter V Cox Samuel H-2 Cox Le&nder Cox M B cox Mr Or-x Wm W Oowley J B Crowell Capt Otis Crosby 0 C P Cozzen lid ward Cowan Lawrence. 3 Cro* W Connihta James Cotton Joan Char bot let Amable Cole Capt Henry Oarru'h A tsche Cole Wm ?mtz Otto UQnniBj Cary Jairet A Caro e Samuel Crary W K C amoeban G T Csrrlde Bobt Capper H CLtptraa Wm W t'bsj man D C Ctstttian J C Coles T Cohen A Bros Colgate l ev- is Golburn A uo Colles J Colload Eugene Collins PM cu Ceillns Wm (X>1 ins 11 R Caipeiiter lie' son B Collins DaLiel lnniBgham Mr, Pearl st Cunninghun James Cue n Ingham A Smith Chuce, Wheelright A Co Ciunmlngs Dr J J CummlLgs A Dixeo guteo Lou s unite KaLd J W Cnne> Giovanni Curry Laao Curry James Curtis Eli Curtis Asa -Z Clark J R Coin M< ns L ??rk Jr hn H t'teond ?l*ikBeriF ConkUn Jt hn B J l?rk fl m F- o y}*'k Wm P Jl'rk Jas H ?v Kmn* y* * k otA Ccxklln 1 b mas W Curtis E 8 A Co C/ot n < apt R D Currant Emanuel Coloe Patrick Cutter Benj u Cror in Denis Cutter ? R Comix s Albert HuShAK- 2 Comings J M Churchwarden G Commlcgs Antony Churesill Wm C Ctns<antine Mr Chiirohill John R Cot fttantit e E A Co Cnsack Peter Drake John DKke Samuel Dae J J Is.elll llsm Dtelll Geno Be Oor Atdrew ) ortohue Tlmoir De Cof Anthony I'ol?on J W * Jieacon A I'eter.-on Donnely John Det ker A J Doe Wm Desves Pamcel Donovan John Delagrandrie Pierre Dorn* John '* Francois r an elf on Crank !* Delano W L Dai.iejbac Augustus Deland Mr Daniels Besry A Deleilau Lailels M Traper Waltcn H DarJnr Jsrr' Dsrllr Dre' oreph -ier Henry Jr ivenntngFred W Dtmaieat teter M PtmareflPM.fiih av Downing Jas A Demmtck henry Downing A to Drey tut a H De Tauiies Leuls .. Ml- K ? ?rbj J L Iisra Vdvsrd 0 Dentrke Wm l?s\ la Famtiel L'enton Wm Iiav's 1 homaa Deacf mbea L J Da^lsDL PeVrlesD l'avts J Davis John- 2 Davis John M Davis Wm V Hew aldS Davis .1 H A Co Dewltt Bltbard Da'ls Abner De Psrtsu'd Dawea Jamen L De Witt C P Davies (Jet Dexter G T DavlesJarres DeoLawreroe Divks Barry? 2 De Yoogh S P Day A H Dey I'hllllp Day Capt Horatio Dial Francois Day Ayrts A Iicag- Dle'rlcb D W lard Dietrich Fre' Day 1 lu mas L Dl'lon Luke Dsver port Dr Miles Dl< kie John Da\er.port T b I I Ainfon Wen A Daja NBA Co- 2 Dickinson Cbarlei Dsvift John 1/11 Irs Robert De ( ova Victor Dlmmock A De I.a'izzuioMcola Drlsler Henry Viola Dona,/* . ? . r> tf obert ^uwd Peter H Doty Char f s DooHttle Wm A Dohn F A Dnrd Michael Dowling John DownerProfAverj B Do?uer Edward DrrdronL>uis Doughty 8 8 PeVtone RevCaniel I oagherty Mr Doyie John Dunn Mvthew Dunn Wm Dunbar Wal'aoe Dunh<km W H Dticbeenols L, M D Dunlap Thos Dun ap James W Drnmln Joha Dully r J K Dumole Jas? 3 Duma* Jemtsri De Galerpsa Mods De Csmp J L Dr Grow J O lie Fcrref.t J H De Port est W W De FoireitABrotber Dietrich Frederick Duncan Jcbn A Dupuv Gabriel Duryee A llopkini Durant Clark Dupaniiiee Francta D ueenb orv hie utH y Durfee o Dufee M 8 VI Gipvani l Hi"r Driiry fcamuel Giuseppe Molinari Darkey Fre.iorick Doherty Patrick Dedd 8 Dcdd B Dodge Levi E Duver Time* by Dyson John Dier Kraorr D Dyer Join W ?sm??, Allen AC? Edmonds 8 Fly John Tjit twood Ctias Kddy J C A Oo? 2 E'y A heslfa Kattn Geo A F.'ana W C Kuraon A Backer hbks John Kdgerton Albert HnnisDACo Mger ion Albert Fgan Michael Hursigre K M 1 dwai ds. Bror.sou A Kiiiott W A Oo ?tas Joseph N (jo E.lio'lJ Kvans Cbai D KdwsrdsIaaacAJas cllawortb A Giraud Byasel Mr Kdtn U Faeber Dar lei Fsles Jss Mstg Bcbt Fa'rtr# Henry M Fral Henry Falll Daniel F?le John 8 Fake Benrv kly B B r Fellows Ed B F.etc.her Oapt Kcnaaek 1"bos FerrU J .1 Freg Alrert Kyaenaa Oapt Geo Fisk Lewell F-2 PWnr A Kewvlr Fltzgern 4 Danlat Fitzgerald Miobae: Fogarty Daaiei Frerault Joseph O Fongerat Bros Fttmirg John Fenntr James M >entcleacgh Bcotb Fernbasker Wolf esojd Frai etsoo F i rai c*a M B Fa(rkbaa<er A i gnste Frai kiln P Farnltg Vartle Pattfbert Psier harker Kobi , Farey Jsiwe#" kdWM ? Far(sno Jolm F/azer Benj Fiean Wm Freemen 8 R Freeman A Bios 1'eelsn Pairtek F? kyr Jrha t ? 2 F.eleber Bmsnuel Gredy P O Gfgs, Mnrry A Co Giige H N A Co Giaham John Gainer Joeepb-2 Ga'ana Wm tlalna Wm D (Julart* < hn I <ii Fa'rlck Oa.x?U-r James l,nl o*hv D G-ar er Fredrick Grat.t J Dousisis mnnt I en Is (??rdi er W m (ihiit'i ^obn Fondy We Fonianes Julitu Forbes W R Ford A ( o Ford John Ford H J -2 Ford Matoa H Foreman K Fomjer Waldo Fostar Br Foster H J Foster H ii Fintsr C B Frothingham Has L FratiiiiiBham W Fowler Mirard H Fl orence W J Fox Jas Fox John Furlong Philip Fill er Johnson A Go FurmsD RensacJer Olnty Jr hn Glliet Ed w Orlaawolu J T Grtesinger Moni O'DfBrt Ibimii. B

Gillespie Peter Gregory aplHansonOmvntrln Antocio Glelm O F Godfrey P J George f, A A Co G< odmvi M Genttner Ai drew WGo'd John A Co Otoo Antonio Go denoufh Ca'eb Gerber.S Goodill Anthony W Gerken John H Go dell A W Gerry Thomas A OoodjlfT James T Ferrigan H Feeser B K Fernandez A Co Mods FleH Geo Fields Wm W Field Frank Frier Isaac Frlsaey John C Flliay Ed - 2 Frlnk H A Fin'ey Ihos Finch hlchard Finch Theodore Finn lhncthy Flinn Edmnrd F'lnt Dayton R Flit. t dolphus Fie.d D Fiicb O Grea* >n John Greeley A Oa'ee _ Greenougb Wm H Graham H A A Co Green Anson Graham, McJ-'aiden Green Rli bard 8 Oieene Dr J Gevekokt M A Gi >ron R P Gl"br n? Saw itel Gi?-<-ir sn A <'o (IriSw M oigan Goodenow ^<i u>im Go, den lUrhard Grogan tlM^rge Gord n A U Gove Waller 8 Gardner VunH Or ffln Bradley Oott Charlea (iarlier HlnaS? 1 Or fllu John AJlrod Oroze ier 8 Gs dinar A (inert- Ob van Wm (I lower Henry man- 2 Gtlliss O H Govern e Gentll r.Bi n y Patrick O Dger Sao Oaare Gotz Loreuz OnrrlthJP OllJ llos A Kdw Goetrold Jseob Gsrvey And Q Giles V A Gaiewocd, Lock hart Qtlt W W Dr A Co Gi 1?U H M GijO Ulllet t Jf H? 1 (>?> neroer A Glow n Robert (iiaj J*bu B Oetry Wm Gitewocd Join H Gluck'er Raphael (lalhck R A Co Oarer F 8 Gurley Wm H P Ourden Geo? 2 Hilt ey Papt BobtC-20io<:Lard George Grtotet Arthur 0 Oul'ck Hari la H GathwaiteGiilln t Co Balfh D B Eatght Charles 0 I aisled JobnC,GroreHaviDg Clinton Ba tted J G Be|llr(a Wm H lik e Ihomai G Haavier Baransl Tlatey Alexander R Hodlerne Thontaa hay A " ' Bale Mordecal HubrKraay J ?-agar Wm N Bafcey Tbvmt H Hagarty John W . Hkoicgton henry P ItempattadH H Helmer J W Hebbe O 0 Bed gee Hswy O Delator Oeorge Hesly Thomas hadley A Field* Hail Marcell W 11*11 < harles C Ball Charles B I all A > erton Ban Benry Ball Joteph Ball Kustell O Ball C Belden Hall C B 1UII Msicell Ball Geo B, Vim Ball Ih V Baiks* Wilkes Ilarrletin Joha Hi'ttl'ton James W Derihaon Kaolas nam a John Bolmee F H Holmes Wl Hum Bolly Isaac Bolt Henry P Belt Thomas Bodaea Aunatua Borneo John Hoff 8igismund? 2 Holland K Bocker N W Bol brook A Holydiy Wm Holderwelt John W Hendriekson Geo R llockwell Jesse Barmer Adam HoiTme'ater Lewis BerretuobmidtRdwdHgal'ey Or L A Bcrrera Miguel HjRoa H B Bermld James Ha-pfner PhiUp Herring J E Hooper John Herrlngton John Bumtr Cyrus L Bewitt Benjamin P Booker N W Hewitt M T Horan John Bewitt Same el B Boney W Vf Bemhtgar bauiuel Bead J A Bengs Mr Berry B B Henesey Dennis Horner H HoytPB Holland G llocbkiss L 8 Houghton Joieph Hess Benedict Hamilton M B Herman /? rtbur Ilanl'ton H Herman P Z H* milieu Jamea Heraey Ira H t ml In Fred N He deoteldt Hon 8 2Ho we Ellas Hammer Gustavns Herrlek N D A Oo Ho*t Thomas J Pard> Capt John M Hernandez Jchn Howard Ed?ard F PsteelUh Hervey Kev 0 W Hotfe weight Jas H IlamenCT HerrgutA Hosier Messrs Geo Ituorsh Jchn Illbbard George A A Co HiiLly fcifhael Hellrieh Mr, Walkerllowc 8 O Haumond B B Hick* W B A Co Howlll James Bar vii g, Gnrtning K Icks Capt C Carroll Ho* K A il Mess? 2 A Co Hicks John Howard L M Bart Gntavus Hckey Fatt Howard John I'ajfrBunnatt J iliokey BeubenJ.MPHair Wm J ban Julius Hickey William Buff 8 J I arrlcgton Patrick HDgeburECh Frcd'k Hubard B HarrlBgtonl Peter Higg'oa Lewis T H tiler A Smitt Mesa HiliyerWA Htcktnbolham Ed win EUd Christ Hill 1 lerre Francia Harper A Son Baivey Dr t> G Bsitlord Jcieph Barriefn W B EariUcn James Jr Bill A Harrlton h A Sen ItUl AO Hairis Jco O Harris fc T Btw^lan Jures Haiton Hi bert Hajcen Bcrcce E Han-en Aaron Haviland J G Hubbard Capt Bubbeli Lewis B Bu.l Samuel E Hull Henry Capt? 2 Hughes Jamea Hftmphrey H Humphrey Oliver N Bunaeweil Mr Humphrer Albion Buater Keller A Bill Samuel 8 Hlghet Robert B Hilton Bobt J Hitman Ralph R? 2 coMecs llinman Henry Bun'riet J Mess Ado Hints Martin Hunt John 8 Btppely Adam Ilant Wm H HiiUa layHenrjACoIilicboock Benjamin Hunt Jamea B Fa*kes Uofgh W Hirde Hsrrola Bunler Jerome B Haikell Cspt Kzra-2b oilman Jacob B Hunn J W HatkinsVvmL Bellman A Co BuichinaonWm H BawesWiliard Heflman Joseph Bute Wm W Batlield Isaac G BoO'man T Bnpper Nathaniel fauella Join I 'oil man Celsus Hutchinson O R Havener Capt JseobHollieter C Hutsbinaon Thomas Hstdtn Jaaes A Hoi later John Hutchinson E J L liat on GeoAugue uft ocse George M Hyde H Bazleweod Capt Bogan Matt Hutchinson E J George A l as, an Jchn JlHlf A CaUaghAG Hog an A llelghway Husied Lymao Hogan Fgtrlck ?iimm Wm Ilifl'e Insram John Irving Lllswoith A Ireland Andrew L lsham Mr lio.n.?H Intei toil M Jared it ig Mr Jackson Joseph Ji.oobj W 11 lam Jaquea Charles Jarvfs Jobn B Jimes Adrian Jaclcon W lbbo.tten A Inmann JOB Johnson Robert Johnson Wm H Johnson John Johnson K W J oh r alone James Irving OWABrother Irvine Jamea Jrnes J Wesley Jones Pohn Jones HenrySandcm Jones H O Jones Abijah Jercme, Harper A Johnson *W Lavenport Joiuuton James Jewitt 8 R Johnston 8 W JtasenJ Johnson Wm Jewitt John P Joint on B G Jencltgs Ihotcas L Johnson Wm Je?eU itsciel Johnson Thomas Jenkins Peter Buscom B Jenner Charles Jones ALdrew J W W Jr JolnionJL K Kane John Kean P Ktsscn W Marsh Kelly Matt Knapp Henry E Keane Benry Bsapp Wm KneeJand Horace Knapp WadeMescrs Keane John Kaie K K Kelly 8anett Johnston A CroexeH Jones Robert Janes J Wealay K ane Martin Kayser beery K e leoff Mr Ku er Wm Kesn Prof E Kel ogg US Keeler Isaac Kettei Edward Kennedy Brnry Kennedy John Kemp John Kenner W Joidam Ni'am Joyce Rodman It Jordan John V J or den John Judge P J u Dine 8lf Divid Jameson Matthew Juchich MgGicranni Jordan Z Julian! Big Tcmmaso Kennedy Arthur Kecdrlck 8 B King Aug R Kinff Gabriel King Ur Stanly King Wm H Kline J O Kilaby John W Kivenan Patrick Kniescb O'to Klser Adam Kimball Sdmund Kellcgt A Parker Kerr Aaron H Rev Kimball E W Messra KleQe George L Keileig Wm Kelly Aidiew Keele Wm Key es Gilbert B Keaba Charles Kerr A A Bev? 2 Kimball W B Kirk Aabury Kinney Orfry A Co Ketiell A Meyerhofl Kilboum B 8 Messrs Knitted Benjamin Kencey Pattrick Kelioc g A < omaUtck Ktm Andrew G KcLer Phlllipp Keily John Kelle; G Ospt Lsrg Timothy H LstranerChas Laerolx l)r M B l aley T K Lundey Mirhael Lemtert llchatd Lamb Jchn Laden John l.amberis< d John Lane Johii W Large on Capt. Lsmpson WmO I.stden Milo Lambwln Jc hn 8 Lamj eur K Lawler Wm Ke'.cham Geo W Keuney Patrick Is I<ek)y Er N B I^eary B Lserburger Simon If e Wm F I.elbel Moos Leaned P P Leigh on L F Lee J P Leddy Peter Leland T C Levy B- 2 Lave Je(ler>on F Levy Aaron Lewis 8 B Lewis John Lewey C W Laws James Henry Lewis I avid btrue Jobn B Lawrence J ? Lareli C Jr latbrm a L Lauder James Lawrenes A King Law'ers John Law. Jsmes A Pen Lentirifecr Lander F W A Co Lannon James Laiham Kleszer K'ttredge J W 8 Kmkina Joteph Konard H Koch Geo K ronsberg M Kurt en Ha?h Linsley JohnB LitJe John LivingRton R Lolly Patrick Lotu Jobn T Loewenthai B? 2 Locke Geo W Lobdell D G Lodewlck Peter Look Bapoleon B? 2 Lawern A Luersen LoltF Loriag Chas Loiing Cjpt Kdw n Lounsbary Ohas I. >wrv G L Lon gbottom Thomas Lorent MonsMiola Lowe Jamei A Loufbery John leonard Artemat I^wis R R Lent Elan) L I ester 1 hr mas 8 S Lomasney Wm Lezwlrt Mr Leslie James Leon Baltok) Lavetder Hairy Lawton WHUtm Larkin Michael Larruby John Lawrence Jobn R Lawrtnce Siiney Lathrop C 0 Ltnenuer Ch?s Lash G W Lomard Augustus Loomis T H Luff 0 E Lnling J Lumbard Chas Jr Levy Isaac Lu-is Benry Lewis Eenry Lynch James I e wis A KcnkSn Lyons, James A Bros Lippe X Zur Lyons Matbew J IJnd ?ay.RcbtrtACoLyons Patr'.ci Linneii Capt Lyie James D Lino Rosario Linden Daniel LUlts John Linclssy A LetQr&weil Wm R Lear B m Meister Bern be rd Mace F V R Facoy Mobt Macnmbtr Bobt MeydFS Merre t John Msgulre Augnitice Meralllot Peter Mtfuie Jas W Mackletridge Jas Madigan B P Mpsiii Alex Maalaon F " *at?" ( 11 *?? John Kitiaty Matthew Maltch J M Maboney Jobn Maborev Matbew Uann Alex Male Joteph R Makenzie Dr R Mahalev Ibos Manley Jas Mai my Timothy Malle; Thos Malooy Michael Marty Bovaid F Martin Ralph 1) Marston A Ri ox Mar ell J Mar ell March O 0 Meter Eeretdt A tiurtiL Wm VarBlal: W B Martin Andrew klaith html Mai tin G H Msrrhall Arza Martin Heiry C liar tin Kalpn D Matblea Mcua Maton Fredk ?a?aCR Maion hprakn Masor I)r4 trfs Marttrton A 'ex Matscn fas' man Mtrrick J oh" Ja, E ^ .cirlam Jas 8 Merriam J A C Meriiam L A Merrill John II Merrill H B A Oo Merrlt Jas . Me'zger Mons A rem Morrill Jamas D Lystcr Mr,Chaa?bers . street Luik G Lunday rims H Lynch John N 51? '?hn W r Daniel -??>re Wm H Moore Austin D Moore Wm Moore John Moore A O Mooi e Jamea 8 Monaghan Ihos Morgan Bev J R V Morgan 8 L Morgan Theodsre Metealf Jas W Meyer Paul Mt?g Freder'ok Middle' on A Co Mihon Jobn Miles E Wm Mills C W Miller Philip MUler Moris Milter Ms ml Miller Jacxb 8 Miller fetb O Miller Robt Mi ler Wm MiUer B F Miller M Miller Thos MKler Peter Ml"er John J A M!l'er Adam Mil!er K P Mil'er Anthrny M lis 0 O R Mills W O Mills Etbelbert S Mills 118? 2 Mills Francis Milinre John J MillonjAmbrote Mitchell A.i' Matteson BamtlonMMitche 1 Thos *albe?s F. A Mitchell Andrew Vaibews David Geo Mltxblre Wm F Mohe Peter Mfffst James O Mollant Isldro Mailevta ?! Malbews W T Maxwe 1 Mti.btn Maxwell Ha ml MaycHid J?h Vead hobt 8 Mead W Mead Wm H Mead K A Co Mcody Wm fl Meaaher Peter Mea>en Ihos 0 Meeks Clark Morrill George W Morton Henry J Morten Henry H Morse Henry 0 Moran John Morrow John Morn Michael Morris John Morris ConherkACo Morris heirs of W W Moran James Moran Francis Mountain John Moshsr Henry W Mount Chas U Mon G 8 Moll Amos B Mozcbet Mr Mozely Ry.ay Moyart Dr Movt.e R L ? Mulr Robert Mulleiy Patrick Mulier N Mailer Adam Mulier Henry Mul ain Jamea Morton James M'trdock Wm Mury John Murray Richard Murphy Jno W Murphy James Murphy Mr. Walker Murphy ? Ichaol Murphy Patt Valcnv A Krothers Murphy Daniel Monday Wm H Monpelller Mons Montagns John Montgomery BcnJ McCtrn Fdvsrd McArthnr Chas M McCartie CUk Met aily Mij?b Mct'arty K'i.iah 8 Met. arty Jno es .VrCasn Jobo McCau'ey .t air e* F Mc< ?>ugbam V m Motuientriirne A Molcalie Jobn Mlms A M?C McCube Alexander McO!lm James MoDanlel John McOtnby William Mnrphy Jeremiah Mutphy Ge >rge Myer, l evy A Oo Myer Peter P Myers Francis M yers R T Myers John A R G Knnsoa MoDanlel John McOlnby Wlllia Mcl>enr ott Myles McBugb John MclJonoboe Mr Mclntyre Alex VrDotieugh Mich? 1 Mclntyre Gearge McDor.ald Kdward Mctuiire Hrlan JtcDonnell Mr Mcf1 em MaUiew RlKnUlimL Mi Kinsey Wn, II __ Mcifvov Timothy MrKeon ITio* MpCleeney A B, M SteWdenny Mark D MsLnujjhlin Ja? O I?? C McPadrn Tnotna* Mi-Lnchlan Alei Mc< betrer Peer.cer McFarlandLutherW Mclaughlin WtilUi n MeConntck Jcha Mc'letrick Martin McM<uu?r James? I Mc< ormlek Ik mai McGerry Wm M'-Ooy Pal ick MtK'orneli Jobn McCo Ih s P Met otighlls P McCauly Pt.trlck MeCord Chas W McCulley Henry MsceWm M Nagle A Kogeun hash Michael Napier Jamea Nathan B Nathan frunucl Ne?her K Neduil H Mlton James Nelton M Newman Ihoccas Newman 8 T Newell L 8 Newton W Newton f 8 News 11 A Phillips N? e?y /mzl McMacderatoU Ihos McMakln Charles McMabnn Dennis McNeill Alexander McNulty P McNanery Patrick McPhlltp Arthur HcGingh Miehael McGIll Kdward MeGnlgan John MeGowan James McGanghion Hugh McGregor Dunoan If KeelyJames Nell WU.Um Nettre Isaac New <?eo A Neylard Michael Nleman Mr Nicholson J W Klcho'scn Bev ny Nooney Jame* Jr No'an F P Aolan Joseph Nou t.'apt William Norton Francis Nortm John Norerots A Oo J W N( onan Charles Nicholar.n Peter Nlckerton Reuben Norri* John W Noster R L Mchols ('apt Jas- 2 North helisof Oapl Nichols George W W'illlam f ichol* Rev Parol Sichola Henry M Imtkle L I) Nixon Hamuel O Noyes Prank Nojes Moses G Noves Ck?* K Nutty Robert Nye Ihos 0 Obr'itn Matthsw O'Cm ner Joseph (I'CcBnerAlexatder Or,Herdoik J R O'Hara R Ormshv Lathrop 0 Odell Ferdlnar.d W Oswald Joseph (jgden A B G'r'ijnn Jthn Oliphsnt Jamrs Overacre Jacob Plalen Charles Piatt lb- P Parkin HrJhW Phi til/ge Joseph L PanrerCapt Psrtons hack 8 <>ld?n Jas L G'ftryan Joseph O'Drieti i bornas P Pt?*il'.e Chns R Pick li Pe<r ?sll Jsmes W I'eaorrk Jamts Peek J ' n Preteo't Horace Owen* A H? 2 Owen William II liwen A J- J Owens David Pl*e Joseph fl 1 hilln* .lames ,V Prl'e Kdward V Pier, s C f( P'oard Hr Prior Jos J Parson* A 3 Firry John Far I ?r Charles ? l'etod Alexia Parker L K Piana Manuel Palmer John F Pahner k ( o Geo Pa lei Edward Platen an H Peterson Geo K Paldock A Prank Peter Monsieur Pari ou t Co J c Petted Richard Partildge A Bro'her Irime H R Parkhaeuser Alfred l 'hi pot Wm B Parkhum N O khrlipa Nathan Prartakakia MonaL Price Overtop M Pancbere Lonia Paiton Josiah l'.aio Kraaiua Pra't Geo A Jr Patient A Co Pratt I>r Pinaaard Jean Karl* Pieraon Jchn R Pen en II Price Mr. (Thurek at Petera H Baaoom Pie per. Jolina & Go Perryer,MoliereACo Poetz H Oh Periwet J L Proctor O Pe ereooMr, Wt st33dPorter Geo B Poat Oapt Anthony*. heira or Poilak A P Joorelen Jamea Bug Wliilam Potter O If Potior Edwa-d Polthoff Heluricb Potter Joseph Portir I)r Prosaer PB Price Chas Pratt Rtch'd heirs of Pteraon Benj B Patcbell William Prlne George Pral J M lich > leroe Tbamaa Price Wm M Pit Edward Filling George Price WllliamBenry Pouder IS Phlppa George Pore Albert W Pauchet Nona Pebz Edward Pn*l?a ZT Pelrce George Plersen Joaeph B Phllbrlok Ira R Porter W Dodna Poat Chat H Poo er * Oo Pur cell Michael P if nam 0 L ?? Pliklngton Dr SamC Puello Joaquin 4 Quigly Michael Quoerell R G . ? Ramsey J C A Co Rice R Nllea Ray David W- S Ripley ( apt RawbonDrChasH? 2 Klch Samuel Rajmond > dward 8 Rich Wm H i ay A Brother bleb Kdward J h a wle ? C?pt Michael Richards < hfcr'ea t atterry John Richards Wm W Randolph J F R charda Keya H I tinev 1' Richards Henry B S aplee Myron Jr hamel Alpbonse Rlchter Uoritrz haymond .vr Walla k ankin Thomaa Bar mm Wm K Bawl nscn tenry Bamrey J am en Bapp Mathlaa Bar Ilenry hanvrtv wm Bfilly.lauun .. Re>noldsB II A Co Reilv Jamea htdaing Moees Rlptrnlhomaa Quin Q W Quick John (9 Robina Gordon. Jr Rohlaon George Boners Alvah Rogers JedkUah Rogers P Roger* George H Rogera Wm N Rhode H Boza A Baaael Rolce Thomas Roland A Pernor RocbeaHa Tboe & Roddoa Wm Rtlitet J RirgurJOhnM RIcbelar n Shadrach Rodgera George XosereltN J Riggira T Kicker Gilbert Kialer Adam Ripley (Breret Ma jor) R 8 B lolly Patrick son Beck law Rev J C Rfld Aarcn B BeedW B Beece Joihua hid Wm E Reeve Wm M Rt cords Dr K J Reed a I> R rimer A Mul'ard Reed iJeacon Abner Rooinaon George Rrein Jacob Robinson W D Retail Joi alhaa Koaitiacn Geo W Rtdtlis'v denrj E Roilueon W L Recbara Luese RobergetJean Rellv Patrick Roble Be.rj A Reed Shbd uel G Roberts A Co Renaela Mr Pcail Roberta R street Roberts A F Reed Jacob, heirs cfRoo >ling Jno A Richardson Mr, Riache a L Wail at Roach Wm Blcharf ion C R Reach A I. Richardson OH Roach Th*mas J Richer* son 1 horn Roche Edward hlclardg. n John M Roche Bro A Co Royer M Routhier Chas Raven burgh Henry Roaeuburth A Rooney John Rozer Jokn Roovland k Green leaf Rljilet Washington Roowley Aehbom. Robertson R A Co Roherteou T J W? 2 Root G O Robertson Geo G Roo #an J J Robertson Rev D F Rourk Patrick' Rotertaon A Son Roux John Roblnaon & Richard- Rooney Christopher Rlndan Matthew Riddle Rios Rioe Kdward J Rice 1> C Reed K Salter M Pmith halter Ilenry A Faltus Jchn Swain ThcaB Bta?>fer J J Cwa(n Claries R feeaiei J G taller A Bank Salisbury & Co? 2 Soirmen Mona 8alvlanlMona Bballer Acceon Stanley William Sbari oo M t-pai gle F J Bwan Rlahard G (fanrdera inrael f angulnettl I.uigi Sanborn Jcbn fwai a Crrne ina thangle Stephen Swan J 0 ftanda William A h'cai. Ian Patriok Bands D M B Shariabanlfcoe Rogue A Rider Moaea Budolphy A Zeller Rudolph Karl Ryeraon Tbos T Ryeraon H R^der Wm RuaseUW E Ruddey RevWm Rux'on Charles Bunycn Wm O Kuaaell Tbomaa Ru>b John B;ckman M Ryan John Rulih\rd Mr Roliblns, Van Tine Ryder Uenry B A Oo Robcon James K 8 Sherwood C B Bewail M F f eiton W Harr Shepa^* A H ?h?Jard William RuDge A Bchwie terlng Reen A Albena Sml'i a U om'ith laaar Smith Joseph Smith John Smith Rev Thoe R Bhepard Oharlea H Smith Dr Samuel IT Smith S B A Oo Smith S B, MO Sltier Icaac W Blnclal' Thoe Sinclair Toaapkina& Martwell, Holiiater Scherer Kioehraa A Co Bpetzer L Shay Eye Bering J A J Spamw Nathaniel fetltea Nathan kwait Jsines Spiera John W 8ax on E U Epier'Alvin Stair L tilckela Eliaa Sparks A G Bimpion Jonathan taunders Cecar S *" ? Sanger Z Bawtell Cullan Su auaa Blmoa Sargtam * maca Bhattuck Calvin frhattuck Josiah L Shaw Alexander Simmons Tenry J Shaw John Binceker Isaac Mra'.ton Jaa T Slmonelly F A B?ettJDJ Bwlfl Jnbn A Co Sweet 6 bllvea'er John Steal pa A Tarbell Slmonds John H Sweenartin Jchn BUIlmon t> W H Seeley Charlea A SilverbergR Sears A Brother fccfirlmerHoraoe Seeley Jrark Bp ice Mr S.eabury Allred L Smith, L\m ? k Oo Set man J M Smith F A Co Seems Manuel J Smith Tunis fctturt s C W Smith Jchn lebaMF Smith WH Seavei Horace Smith 1 0 H PeeljeJB.Jr Smith Andrew t eary Geo W Smith H W > eary Wm J bmi b S Newton J-bnelcer Frederick Smith CE Bhepard E G Bbt pherd Wm Shenherd W m Shepherd Thomaa Stevenson Evan Sievet son James A Shlvely A L Btt pbenson Fred Btirling A G Slept enson Adol- Blngilton J W pnus. Jr Seltzer t Sher Michael Bning B B BtevensAmos Edwin Springer Moaec B evens C 7 Springsteen Wm Snsmour Edward SwtnnornJohn Settle SB ShlndleJC Stewart Mr S Inclair Arthur Stewart W D Hchlvmer I) Stewart Frrnk S> We villa Pedro Stewart John R Saotield Lewis Sober merlon Jno Siosom Lewi* Sberiden P Solomon G R A Oo Bloal BS Stock Oharlea Sonuneriatta Cha Somen tag Johann Shore Wm H Slonier Theodore Stover A S trout Oapt J F BimpsonH. Chatham Store* Lam uel G Simpson H Btotte J aha 0 Bimpacn Robert Jaa Blotter Henry Shields Gea B Storma Henry H' EiebertA Bro 81 orp Bernard Silva Dr M R Slowey P Simmons John F Shone Charlea T t el) in c san Krlk f wenj-on Char ea J t eipel PtUllp ? lew R E A Co be'don B A f be ton Lemuel 1 ptncerL i celdon F Sbeiman Allen J Sher mac O Smith John T Smith E 8 Smi'h Edw Smith < blswell Smith Wm H Smith Theodore Smith P F Smith James T Smith Jamea Smith K DAWS Sherman. Jessup A Smi'h A Darrow Co Smiih Albert Tabcr Aaor Tracy Kiteha Taibot Wm? 3 Tal*ct kdwd J lalbott Daniel Tanger T Trailer SO Teintor Jihn E T a rait J Smith Romalne V Treadwell W A J Perry ft Norton Treadwell Thoe H T lead well George Tempest A Dixon Trlst Dr E N Ti lv? " 1 ? - V* tlllinghaat John T gPoonSlAt>igft|yn Stssst^ asfgST g'uaw. p?.1*? !??fe \?? Til 8 S?y? iJSS" pgjT ??? Thome Wm O TowneendMrHawa hnrst >r,r _ l iiiara ai ?*?'enHelr?ofPeter seph G? 2 r Tiajer A T T'nsiey J H t 1 hayer Jamea 1 homaa William Taylcr Rll O ThomaiMr I fajlorJL Thomas CbaiG Taj lor Hoyt A Cook lkomaa J W Taylor Oapt Wm ThcmpionGeoA Ttlford 2d Lieut Jo Trohner Anguat Thorell A K Taylor Loomia Taylor Charles Taylor J Wateon Teats John H Tenrey John M Treaty Oliver TenetMas Ueo H TretlerThoeF Temple B R Terbune David V Terry Wl.llam Terry D Usher E M Utter Sami G * Co Thompson E Toole Wa Tooker Cbaa P Tucker k Tatar Tucker J W Tucker David' Turner H Turner Dr A 1 hompf-on Rev J P Tnixln Oapt W ThompsonCaptJaaA TuIUbt John Ihomoton OaptlraF Tutte George Toley B a Tuttle J 8 Thomson Waa Tn'tleGP Tf mron Rev John P Tuthill J M' Ton, kins J Topfer Phi lp To* ce J M Thcmton G U I'rquhart A V Teaaey N F Vler Ludo Voaeiii Mona Tail C A Veiicujten Tan Voothtea J VeletieFernando-2 Vieslrg V Vie.e a R VeliacEaus A Va-'?tan DW A Co Tyero J F Tyler HAS Tyler Oapt D Tiler Lf man B Tnrnbull John Undine Aiah B Jr Villera George W Tlncenzo FrnteUo Vale Gilbert Nyse Jamea Vener William Van Vanarrdale John Van < lien L. R Van Allen Jobn C Van Syke John Van 1 euren In create MeGc e Van DeibrfT J V E VanderbUtBO Van Allen A Ayrea VanZendtAOo Var di.teu lienson A YanjNoKiraud Abra Van Line A Oo Var tilling Thomaa Van Kppea I1VD Van Bieale A Tonne Vanamburgh Mr Van Hook Geo W Bengen Van O LiadaJohn W?d?worthDeclna-2 Wedlngton Thomaa Wllllama BOB Walktr Ihcmas W Wel aThimaaJ Wliliama Bqulre Wa!ll? John J We: Is X J Wllllama Prank W V flldo Wm Weipt n ( haa Williams Wm? 2 Wslis Joseph Weeks Jacob Williams Walter Weltoe B W 4 Oo Webn Capt W M WilU&mi CAP Wa aceLavid WeM) Kdward J William* Tbos M Wa'den Capt 6a- We'lsJO William* B B, M V rr.uel D Wei's Henry S WThlte J F WtltceJchnDF Weeks FeiiderS White Horace Wm Webtr Mona Juqula White Wm W a) eman Penjamiii W heeler M White Francta Wsllr* JS Wallace V\ m Waldo Howard Wall Jobn Wales A Tucker Walker FW Wateman Revd Walker J Warburtcn B-2 Ward C L WardC A Oo Webb Frank Wells DO Weeks tread M Wettra fcdwaid P W ethrell Isaac We'ztan T Weftott Jamea O Wbeltley W1 Ham A Jr White L White John White Bryan White Mason White Isaac W Whi?e Mathew White L B Wlnaaa CO' Whiting David WsilelaarLoniaiCo Western Mr Wetmore Augustus Whiaog C B-2 J r-2 .. WhitmoreBW Waise John E Ward 8 R Warren Mr Wsicer W Wsrd Patiiok W?r?mnker Ceo Wathhuro Ceoar Way Geo W Wathburn H Wsy (leo M Wiav John H WhltmoreH M Wlik'naon Jacob k Whftwell J G S' n WhIUock G B Wllilamaoe, Taylor Whltaker J G A Oo ft <~o Wilkes Geo Wi: ion Vr Wrl/.bt Jared 8 Wi kins Ceo W Wtlklns Lrtnvel WllUrd L H WhwJord J Walsrn CaptHoraoe Wilrcx David R H, Jr WIllKfn James Waring Jchn W Wil ls WmO WuterDiiry ft Drer Wilde K<lw*rd W h tUea Maaoa, belrs Wllk le ft Co ol Wary R n Watern Patrick W atfTbtirra Mr Wales Ueo Catkins Jr^e Wldden <tol WI kins Geo W Winter Jaa 8 Wlr.alow W W W h ttleaey SranvlB* Whipple Solomon Whlpp e D B WUtney Wm H Witz eben Hermann Wh't'ngl Jaa II Wind us George Wooda Curtis B Woode George Wood WT Wood 0 8 Wood Daniel' Wcoder John Wateiman Jtdedlah, Wilson Tliomas B beJrs of Wells The mac J Webb < bar W teeler llmothy 8 WrlRhtWmAOo Wells B I W ilia maun. Mori'. C Wood worth S Wll'mott AlejaiCer Wolf Juiius Wlilson J^hn It Wolt llenet Wr ght R ft A O Wo I Pritre Wilson Tliomas B WolfEdw-2 Wrislit Theo Worden Wm Wilooxstnftfcralman Wordell Phllii Wright Richard Vt eillag Predrrick Welles Clias F WeUb hhenerer Wbeeicck .1 A Webber Capt Ar thur B W her lock F A Wit-stir Geo Jr Welner H A Co Wellington E K Wall A Tottrp A Bros Yonug Geo W Ktutfi M in Zel'marlier H"is Zabr< utkl 0 F N Wll son Z Wllron W R Wright Cbaa Wright J WIN oxaon B Wilson James R Wordell Philip H Wo.ids'deOapt DaviC Woodruff Phi to Woodruff Hiram Woodhouse W Worcester John B Wolven John W Worden Jamea O Wough A Mason Willis ma Hankinso" Worlhin W R David A? i WUllanis N H A Co Wvith W If Willis m? Noble A W ? gaiit L H WIHisms Donlel Y Vonpg F E loung Francis J Z Wvnne Co! Rich'd J' Williams J Tork Mllea 8 Vale Prime Youpg Gen John II Zlres DonAguttin ZWerglus Joliua Nlmtllaneotu Cfllce ftf American Coal Co Pulnam Chapter No. 8 M?rcl Bits' Intelligence Office ~ Jamaica Kxpiem Co >> w >?ik Dlatl lerv /met Iran Marblne Flan p Co P b I | hla Z'r.c Paint Co lls> H'ste Glurs Co 2 M I'm v kie AMIsaiaslpplRRCo Lnii n t'il Woiks I'r' f i It tors of Deyman'sR Ittlr 'linlert' Mutual FlielasCo / ti erics d r<'rcelhln Co C)?tk of the Circuit Court Montour Iron Oo Proprietors of Delancy Hotisa Merriden Butt Oo PiibllsbeisofAmer Alhentetuc Editora of Kmpira City Publisher of christian Watch. man and Rellenlor EdlU ra of N Y Advertiser Kditnrsof Medxytl Specialist I'uhllhher* ot Illustrated News Editors of New York Teacher Publ'aher of Young America IBAAC V. FQWUR, P.M,