Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 8, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 8, 1856 Page 1
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T HE NEW WHOLE NO. 7162. YORK HERALD. PRICE TWO CENTS. AfllERTfSEMEMTS REIVKWKJ) KYflKf DAT. JIEWSPAPIUU: XT' BOM' F4SA.ME LMLIB'S O *ZBTTI Or'FABftiONS OP .r Apill, 1?M: -If our rciie.s i?i?h tt aee * perteet ralahow of apnrg rihoona and trimming* 'hey muattace an opportu nity tidrop la at MUUTf.Nr-TitlN'.i 9u B werr. where tlwv will tea an aaaortmeut a moat unrl??lled n tha cUt. we were led lo Una eetaDllabment In our m oh after Ike mo* beautiful rib bona anc trlmtnlrgi for il!?*ir.-ti.*. aod etace (hat time aearsel/ a day paam that wfi do not reeelre >ome com mlaalen to vend rlbbou anl trlicidat* from thin partlcilar ?lock lo our aubaerlber* lu the countrr, and n have nerer jet tailed to obtain the detireJ article at L.lobienaUli'a coon ter. But now a large who esale <lep i-t a?tn be* beea adled lo hla establishment, a'd claa'ent can mipp y tht-m-telTei br Uia lot; tkaa 0ie eiqoiaUe h'jlea Imp j- ted tv him will he geaer* It Introduced through the country. We r*nno-. d<Mjrthe the rtchrariet) ol hi* rprtng impor?a'to.i?, fr-m a xlxoeany ?? looanptoauch rtbbon* worth fmr dnlmra a yard covered with boaqaeta of reset) and \v*tn- ea wi'h ?llv?r? ware*. The malt moarttene moat goreeoua Uvt-ia mar '?e aaUnlied, for be rariely be oflirtra ia endlriu TBB 1KIHH NKW8. TIIOM AM KSANOI8 UK A'iHEtt, ktfltor and Proprietor. No. 1 appear* to Diorro" (Wednesday) e-mtalalng? 1%e Irish la Amartaa; the Coup d'fct.t m New Yv?; Presbyterian Poltlca; < itlzen Eodlcrs; Letter from Dan la; Memotre of Jrl?h An moan kllliary Compute*; I'ersooal BecoUectlono Ofthe tdtUir? Letter I., the irUh JjaalU? rvoocowea? Wood ? olleje- Fevolutlooary Memories? Mkanaa wataon'a M? moira; thr Mecilla Valley, th? n >te Imk ot an Irish fur g? n; Ijtcrarj-. Artistic Political and Personal IctaUigenie from all parte of the wor'd. Publication oUloe No. ? Ann street. Price 13 per annum; I oentaaeepy. AKVVAHU8. *1 iVAll REWARD.? 1Hil 8TOBE OF TQ0 SUB ?X?UV/U ?crlber, in Atautlo'tree'. "as entered by bur Mara earl; last evening. mid robbed o t b act and colored silki, ?Uk hasdkt rrhleu and shawls, esu invert ?t *b ui 96 000. The tbovt reward will be pa'.d for ibe recovery ol' the goods, or m the tame prrporttan for any part of 'hem Bkooklyb, April 7, 1M6. WAUTKB LOCKWOOP. dWHl BMW ABU ? THE aBOVK HKWaBD WILL BB 5>t)UU paid at 111 Wall street, tor t.-e reeow of a tta bos, marked Norman Jacki<rn, containing lh? tollo wlug ?<lo3u meuta, the payment of which lias been sto.iped:? No. > :i2C A?/ M Ceballo's aoeent&nce ot Peuda Hack ados diaft, due Maj 1 11,000 00 326 Cbaa. P. Leverleh's nceeutn-.oe of A. tfc4Uliam?' draft, due May 14 2.800 00 80S Taj lor. (jillespie k Co 's note, doe June 24 1,823 81 310 Spencer P Porter, note, due Tone 24 413 80 ail Reynolds k Wagner, note, due Jure 24V. 337 40 312 Archer k Mqnier, note due June 48 1,441 80 313 Beale Hello* * DeWtl role, due June- 2! 400 00 314 Beat!** Mitcteil, nole.|due June 78.... 840 74 320 Vn B Bayd k Oo.. note, due June 28 2,184 08 321 Woodruff k i.o.'i acoepftnce, doe June 4 5 000 00 3C3 Frost k Forrest, note, dun J une 18 2,268 68 323 Cbaa. M Fry ft Co, note, dun .lime 17 3,667 57 3S4 Moateath k Badgler . note, due J uoe 7 4 '9 26 336 D. H. Decker, note, due Jane 14 414 44 336 Join ttodine. note, due June 14 661 96 Joseph Ketch ura k Mo'< acceptance ot Ketohum k Stokes' draft, dne .) ulv 19 966 76 3'6 Corwln k Co., note, dre July 1 P80 34 316 Powers k Dederick, note due July 2 1,365 70 317 Ctas V. Irr k Co., note, due Julr 1 1 359 84 319 bneneer A Purler, note, due July 3. 1 954 47 324 Valentine A Bergen, note, dim July 11 605 88 376 Geo W. Lane k Co., note due July U 600 28 317 Buna A Hereer, note, due July 12 3,231 30 328 Lo. do. 329 Mead. Belcher k Titus, nots due July 12 1,340 28 33C Wsrreti k Uo., note, due July 10 1,267 73 332 Yeivertoo, Walker k Oritleii note, due July 10.. 1,3V) 31 .'31 Gasper. MrBonri Oo , note due July 10 1 29J 67 337 Bop pock a Greenwood, uote, due July 17 1,193 43 Total 913,497 42 J. J. Pringle'a draft ?6001 Co. do. (WM> I H. Boyce's do. 1,000 Do. do. 1,000 W. G. Conner's do. 1,000 On Washington. Jacksons, S rai & Oo . ot Liverpool, endorsed by Wasbingt in. Jamison k Oo. over to Norman Jaokaou. $30 Also, a paper package, marked J. Lee Bliss, containing Southern nr tea and aoceptuieea, exact amounts and names not known; due within five years. ?r/l REWARD WTLLBE PaID FOB TH* KkOOVKRY Wv of the following attio <et stoien from 23 Wast ?tx teenth street:- Twelve il'ver table spoon i eight dessert do., eight large forks, seven dessert for Us. twelve teasoooos, six eg^spooni, two gravy spoons, one sugar sifter, ons cheese R ft WARD WILL Bit PAtD FOB THK REOO very of a lady's goM wtfeb aad chain. with seals at tached, lost Wednesday. April .1, In a Grand street stage, or la Canal street or Broadway, No questieus asked. Apply at 164 Maiden iate, to Js. P. Rogers. lUbWABD.? LOSr, aBoCT moom, WKOVksDaY, wAO April 2, In going from the crnerot Newark aid Jer sev avenues, Jersey City to a abort <ll?tanne beyond West Ho boken via Pktterson plank road, a black morocco pucketbook. oontalolig a 9100 bill on the Huda >n Oountv tank, end about 920 in imall bills. Whoever will return it to Houston k Bick fttrd, coiner Hewark and Jersey avenues, Jersey City ,| will re ceive the above reward. q?c BBWABD.? LOOT. ON PKIuat AFTiCRNOUN, nesr the corner of Liberty street and Broadway. a yel low Seo'ch terrier doc. Tbe above ri?ard will be paid ii re turned to M Broadway, up etalrs, or to 101 West Twenty-first ?met, ?7Tbkwabd.? lrft in tuk parqugite of ra'<: W" Aoademy of Music, on Wedcesdav evening, April 2, at <>[.e'a glsst. with ivory esse; maker's came ' svaklnnste'n) oi tbe glass. The above reward wui be p<ad,if left with J. H. Thompson. ?o 6 Warren street q?? BhWABD.-LOBT, Oi CttD.\Y4 APfSBMOOK. ?PW April 4. at the esneror Rr tad way and Oansl sties', a black ai<S tan colored tarrter s'Ut; b?d on a red leather co lar, with pla e and name of Bose, with initials A. J. The aiovi reward will be nald on i eturning her tj H. 8 IJoiy. 440 ttroom i atree^.eewer of Broadway. J. L. 8TI(<?8. LOhT. ui fbli^T AFff^BMOOff, %)' / about 6 o'clock. In the s I'b avenue ears or In Broad way. new Pearl s'rert. a prriemonnale. with flftr doilwx, chiefly in go d. the earnings of a poor woman. aopIt at 34i Sixth u venue, between 1 won > lirst a d Twenty <e^oad street, or at ,'oSfph Ouick's, bootmaker. 67 Chambers a.reet, base ment of Irving House kKAABll - LO T, ON e./vrifRUAY L\8r. A eMALI. ?J)cr black and tan terrier dog, with cropped ears The abore reward 9 ill be paid on tts return to 143 *ront street. HM\TriTo lL A R8 RKWTA K?? T.U?, OR Ot ABUCT r the first of the month, one letter and one oaoVage noa tainlng tlree or four letters, addressed to Br Aiexsuder Fea ton, chief otlloer of ship Bobin Bool care of Messrs. J. At kinr k Co . 38 South street, New \ork. Whoever has louad he above and will deliver the same to Hessrs J Atkins 4 'Jo., or to me cn board ot tbe ship Boi*n Hood, pier 12 iCasl river, shall receive the above teward. The letters an ot no value to ny one but tie owner. aL \XiNhKK FECfruM. TWO DOLLABB BEWaBO ? LOST, A GOLD BBAC<t let, formed with ehaoel llnki, oo -tund?? evening last, in the Sixth avenue cars, or in going tmm the corner ofTirentv eighth street and B'xih avenue to the Catho-l) church !?? Twen tj -eighth street, near the Third avenus. The finder will re reive the a>?ove reward, and the thanks ot the lover, bv leaving It at the dry goods store 88 Cat al street, owner of Greene. LOST AKD FOUSHk Dog loot? in thF ^ixfH^v^0k~NKr51rwsN ty second street, a b aok and tan errier dog, bob tail and stopped ears, with a brass ooilar withon'. a padlock. Any pe- eon woo will return blm to r<o 127 West Teenty -second street, will receive a handsome reward. DOO LOOT.? -TUB E< DOLL, \ tt-t K KWaK l>? f,OS t. A small siied red 8ostoh terrier, with chain collar; was loit yesterday afternoon Whoever will bring blm to No. ll How ard street, one door from Broadway, shall receive the above reward. BlOUND? ON STATION I&L \N (i| A LI rT^EBl./V JbTaND tan terrier. The owner car. have him by oal'.log on James McBraln. at Mr. Deane'a. ship jpiner. Port Biehmond. Ifnff claimed <n six days It will be sold. OOT-a HaNK BOOK, M) 66,000, ON TnK BOWKBT taviogH Bank Tbe finder will please leave it at the bonk, cr In the store. 179 Bilzabeth street. OCT? ON THE 6T U oFTT'BIL, FBuM CORNS* OF I)nare strest and City Hall plaM, a black Newfoundland pup. abovt three months o d. with white soot on oreant and real, a liberal reward will be glvsn to whoever returns said dog to the owner, 28 Ouane street, and no question* atkel. Lost? this mobninu Tn 218T arBKKT" BErwBRN Sixth avenue and Broadway, a gilt edge b ank nook, The Bnder will he well paid for the troub e ot leavlag it at the office of JOHN L. HAINKH, 76 Nassau street. LOST?A LAP DOG A UKKHAI, RhWARO WILL BK given hy returning the same to 92 franklin street. Lost ? cbicago and m1snishippT?aTlrT)ad tloa pons Kos. 702, 70S, 704 anl 70S, for 960 eaoh; Nos. 186 and UW, for 926 each . A reward wlloe paid for their return to 110 BroMWiy, roott 13. IOST ? a SMALL MKMOB ANDUM BOOK. WITH A LET* J Ur directed to a person in Norwich Oitord countyl Canada West Tbe finder la retfbec full* requested to leave I at the drug store of T. T. <ir>?a. No. 862 Broad wav, on the corner of Fourteenth street, who will pay a suitable reward. If required. LOST.-BAN AWAY FROM HER PARENTS AT RaH . way, New Jersey, on Uie 1st of April, Sarah Ann lirooks, aged 14 mien last ?een sbi wore a plaid gingham dress with a hood of the same materials, and a black saewl. Hhe ^ ? chll<1 of 12- Whoever will return her to Elijah hmlth, at Bahwav, will receivo a reward of 96, and all eipentee paid, and the thanka of ber allllcted parents. IOHT? ON MONDAY LA T, IN 1 HE 20 MtftCTEa r AST J ^ o'clock tram, between Centre street and White f lalns. a pocket boek, oontainlng papers and a city of London appren tice' < Indenture. Whoever wl 1 bring it or send ItttO. Hose T^ur, at Br. Heron's, painter, Ac., at White Plains, will be liberally rewarded. Loot-on mtwday bybning, apbil 6. bbtwr k n Bedford etieet andHtuy vesant Institute Broadway, a porte ? .?nonmue. containing nine do'lars In bills, and a fireman's t^ge. No. 966. The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving 'he above at 27 Bedford street 1. H. BBIWCKgRHOFF. L*^r? ON SATURDAY LAST, AN OLO BHD 8RTrBR ?eg. with a chain collar and leather strap ai?ound his neck, ?e<t naase and residence of the owner thereon, a liberal re *ard ?h be paid bv returning him at No, 26 De gnney street, at T nomas Mauehle's bar room L COT.? ALL PKRP.ONS ABB CAUTION RO AGAINST negotiatirg a certain note signed by E. Blciards in k Co, anted Bsirh iff, at three months, lor 9610, to my order, and soanrsed by me, the same having been lost, and payment ?topped. H. B. PACKHl/KST. 6Ta. IBBTaBT. BKTWKEN iitOMOil atid avenus A, a white Havana dog aaswerlng to ?*bby. Whoever will return iTm to 129 Riglith Plnee, will receive a lioeral reward and thanks oi in? Kjr. STBA?M?-fROM FM-TBRlf LEBOY BTBKKT, ON SA , 'y^tifjlf i * yn'low bay horse, abont ,n and lame in the ri*4 thiod M?b,fy^^;rm- Wh<>evef'rij ^ wm COAI.. jr iSk/T? COAL.? ON Mo NDaT?NK IT~7 tii "inst "i shall deliver the very best red a.h stora akd ,? 'st*? ooal. of this year's inlnlur at 95 26 from boa's and V <W wreeued, from (he yard. Ity oMjol u q,Uck sales and small profits fcr rash. RIOHAk.1 ci.i v ton, No. 280 First avenue, corner of Fifteenth sireet. S^TONKV, PICTOC AND LtmiAN COAfc~ Mltril" There is a large *nek ol fresh rained osal at the above armed mines. The Lulgan mioe has been op nned expressly for tbe supply of coal for gas it has been te<?e<l by several KDpaniee and highly approved of. Perioni wl thing to coal, can have credits opevfd by apriyjig to n. CD , No. 4 BowUrg OrCCSu, LAUNCH OF THE ADRIATIC . the unniM mm m the woblb. Sixty Thousand Persons Assembled to See the Spectacle. A Holiday Among Our Citizens. LAUNCH OF THE STEAMSHIP CUBA. DESCRIPTION OF THE ADRIATIC. The Sftrifs in the Shipyard and 01 the East liver. Speeches of Rct. In Chapli, Br* K. L Col Uas, Dr. T. B. StlHauus, and When, Aa, Ao., to. The new steamship Adriatic, tor the boil ins line, wu launched yesterday morning from the shipyard at the loot of Sere nth street. For aeveral weeks p*st this event bad been antici paled with no ordinary feeiingi of inter eft by the whole city. The (aet that she Is not only the largest vewiel ever built In this oountry. bat that the i? dtblgned to be the tastost ooean steamer in the world, at tracted towaid* her more Attention anl cariosity than bas, perhaps, ever bean exhibited towards any other ship launohed at this port. Ma the day on which her keel w*a laid to the moment she left the stocls, she has beea the object of the sharpest criticism, and also of the mojt ui. bounded praise. Tnere were some who were ready to | find lhalt with her, bat the majority screed that she was i unequalled In the boauiy and exquisi e symmetry of her | pioportions. She was visited by thousands daily long before the day of the launch was announced, and when the long expected morning of that day arrived tens of thousands of eager t pec ta lorn assembled from all parte of the city, at the designated p'ace. It was, in fact, a holiday in that part of the ctty, and everybody appeared in their holiday dresses. Far at least th'oe hours before the appointed time, the spectators began to arrive, and in less than two hours the spaoious ship yard was crowded. The immense piles of timber swarmed with men, women and children. All the house tops whlob affoided a view of the launch, were in the same condition; the masts aad the rigging of the shipping were completely taken possession ot, the deck of the new ship, the Intrepid, whioh is on the stocks in an adjoin ing yard, presented a throng so dense that it was almost impossible to move through it; and there was, bseldes all this, a Urge number on board the Adriatic herself. Bat this was not alL The river was nearly as populous as the land. About a dozen steamboats of various sizes, and a numerous fleet of row boats, each with as many person! as It could carry with safety, lay out in the river fronting the yard from which the launch was to take plaoe. The bark grape shot, which was lyicg in the dock near the Adriatic, was captured by a croud of at least fifteen hundred persons, and held without opposition for two or three hours. The St. Louis was alao made a prize of by a still larger force, and those who could not flni standing room on her deck, or a p'ace in her rigging, as a last resort betook them selves to the inside of the wheels, glad to get evan a glimpse of the spectacle. There they sat, on the huge pacdies, only a potticn of their persons vfstbie through the bars, and crasklng jokes with those outside who were less fortunate in procuring agoed position. The epfO'.v tors have, altogether, been estimated at from fifty to a hundred thousand, and we think we do not over estimate the number when we oompute it at sixty thousand. Invitations were sent to a large number of persons, including the members of the press, for whom the steam boat Gerard Stuyvesant and two other steamboats were engaged. These, after receiving their company on board at the Novelty Works, at the foot of Hjuaton aai other streets, prooeeded into the middle of the rl-re?, where all bad an unobstructed vie* of the launoh. While all eyes were eagerly bent on the magniSoent structure, the architect, of whose genius she is one of the nut beau tiful creations, and who, tight or ten years ago was a poor, struggling, unnotioed mechanio? George Steers ? the now world renowned yacht aod shipbuilders, was busy among his workmen, superintending the prepara tions. This was the crowning moment of all his previous efforts, and although his heart must have Mt oiled with a just, a manly pride, at the noble vessel before him, and the fee ing that It was the work of his skill and genius that had attracted that almost countless crowd of human beings together, there was cothlog in his manner by whloh he eould be dUtia gnished from those by whom he was surrounded, if ws except that modest bearing which is the oharaoteristlc of true genius and merit. While waiting for the launch of the Adriatic, the sp?c tators were treated to another, which to the great maj >r ity was entirely unexpected, but whioh was, therefore, no lessasurprlse, and a pleasing one. Without the least noilae or warning, except that given by the excitement among a portion of the crowd, the Cuba, which was built in tae yard ef Mr Webb, was observed slidiat from the stocks, snd In a few moments more waa making her way out inu> the middle of the river, where she was brought to by her anchors. The Cuba la about 1,000 tons burthen, and is intended by her owner, Mr. B. Blanco, for the South American trade. Before launching the Adriatic, tt vu considered dnvh . Miry to remove the ;Grapeshot and the St LouU, wbiih l/.y along Hide the piers tnat extend out on eaeti side of the shipyard. Thin, however, took but a few minaret, end by eleved o'clock she had a clear and un>bstruo:ei way before htr oat into the river. Soon after the w rrk men, who looked like bo many pigmies beside the gigan tic hull, cemmenoed splitting up the bhofcs which afford ed her a partial support, and the removal of whtca was necessary to let her down upon her ways. This war* was som performed ? the last block was re morel, a silence like that of the grave held the vast multitude breathless: the huge and inanimate bat graceful struc ture appeared at the moment as if instinct with life, moving slowly at first, bat with in creased speed as she toashod the water she swept oat into the river with a grace aad t mtje<iy of motion that we have ner*r seen equalled at any launch. Nothing oould exoeed the enthusiasm wi n which she was greeted; cheer after ctteer burst from the joyous crowd ; every man, woman and chill ther? felt- as if be had a direct interest in ner succeis, and conld not have been more pleased if ttey we-e to h-.vs a share in the profit* of her. The ladles waved their hand kerchief* and the men threw ui tneir hats for joy. ''Who talcs of failure after th?t?" satd one man, in the exibs ranee of his fceilrg. ?' 1 tell yon, she il take erc-yt.oing down that floats," he added, with an air of tritmpi; and it is almost neeiiles* to say that every one within hear ing agreed with him. But the Adriatic is now half way across the river, and there appears to be no diminuttcn in her speed. Her sta'boan! anchor was let go, but It presented ao percepil blo resistance to her progress She was now rapidly nearing Williamsburg, wtien the laibnarl anch >r was dropped, but cot in time to prevent her strikirg one or the piers. Hardly a minute eiapned, after the mmd1 anchor touched tbe wate<-, before she struck th? pier, running into It four or five 'set, and ksockiog tte lia beri into rpllntars. The only damagu done, However, nas to tbe pier, the stern ha?ing esc?ped uninjured, wi h the exception of a tew scratches to the copper nheathing. The shock produeoOy her coming in oi ntact with toe pier was so light, tha: It was nardly felt by those on board. Scon af or tbe steamtug Titan was alongside, ready to tow her to the Balance Dry Dock, on whisu she is to be coppered. The Adriatic does not ap]>oar to bs ho large aa she really is. bat this is attributable to the Uaitleesness ol her model, aad the perfect symmetry of all her p?rw. Naval architects and nan ti sal men are in raptures with the beauty of her lines, and pred'et that sue wtll be without an equal in point of speed. She is, as we have said, the largest steanship ev<-r built in this eoun ry, and is at present the largest vessel constructed of wood in the world. The Persia 1* loiger, bat it will be renumbered that she is an iron steamer. The Adriatic is 364 feet in length, 60 ieet breadth of beam, 33 feet 2 inches depth of hold, and registers ft, 896 tons Custom llouee measurement. She is to have two osclila log en (fines, of two thousand actual horse power e?3h; 100 Inch cylinders, with 12 feet stroke. She will have sight tabu lar boilers, low pressure, and about 39 powndt te the square inch. She will also have eight water tigh : com partmenta; these are to be contracted of solid oak planks, three ieohee thick, placed diagonally against each other, with layers of pitch and feK between them, ma klrg a total thickness of six inches. an<l shored in the most substantial manner. She Is to M brig r urged, and, like tbe other steamers of th? Collins lino, Is without a bowsprit. Her anchors wstgti 7,004) pounds each. The machinery, a considerable portico cf wbieh Is al ready flelehed, will be made by H illman Jk Alum, at the Novelty Works, end will be all pat up in foot months, so i that the ttrst trial trip will take pUee about the begin ring of August next Wfc en oamcleted ard tt%4jr tor eea, the Adi iatio will hart c>it aftoni 91(0,000. BOM wea of the dimeuniem ot too A-Jriatle can be formed from the tollowng cooif t'e'lve .*910, glneg the relative Him of the laigeat ve?4?ia Carpenter's Meaewrment. Length. Tannine Adriatic, s'eamship M64 6 808 Gieat ftepublio, edpper ship aOO 6, 620 Niagara, (I. b, >team trign e 346 5,200 i'eneej lvaria, U 8. line or be tie ship... ? 4,400 OoineUue Vanderbi.t, ateamenip 386 6,100 Grtat RppntHc, rvbnilt ? c00 K.aOO I'ereia, Bm'th eteamsh'p 300 6.900 Atlantic, eteemjbip '287 S.w> Great Britain, Britihh st?aroi,hlp SSO Himliyi, Btlllfh rtitniihip 860 3,600 Auorg otht>r appliances of Mfo>y, the AlriaUs w<U be urai-hwl with etc of l'rutettor Gran '? oaioium i'gata ao arranged, with a reflec or placed npon tte B'arbjard, ag t? thr.w a light upon the ocean nuih cit-nJIj brill a tit to enable those oa boatd te see uaj ob ject et? tulle is nctvaaoe of the ?hU'e track; th'j making itinQi'OHMbleto erc:un<ar any obitaoli at night anoe entred by the lookout, ?kc /?t in case of a dense f>g. A novel and valuable teatqxe li iamieat te the peniU ol rays projeo'.ec bj the caloium light, wbiaa U, the; the cone of un ho iiluaiiiiates t?e air that a orignt due. lite the tall uf a comet, marks its path and can oe readiiy dlatioguiflhei from ut.]r oiHubi n ? thus eho?ia< the Mora* of the steamer which cairiee it to any vet-sel apaa the ocean Id tta Vicinity. What a contract was p -eanated between the launoh of yeeterdey and that of the Unree , the ftret nhip iaanaaed at the port of New York. The Unreat was bnlit abjet two hnadred veers age. by laptain Block. wh> w*s eon tldered one ot the m -at eater pricing builder* of hla day. She wee 44 W (feet long and llj^ Itat breadth of beta; but hUtory leave* us in ignorance of her dtp ih of hiia atd it* THE DINKU. After the lauooh, the com piny on boarl the Gerarc Stuyveeant proceeded, at the invttatioa of Mr. CjIUos and Mr. Steeie, to tae PnolQj restaurant, 600 Broadway, where a cepital dinner was provided for th?m. Among the eosupany were Mayor Wood. Messrs. B. Siillaian k Allen, Mr. Stuart Brown, Rer. D-. Ctapln, Mr. Grioe, United bta'ee naval conatraotor; Gapt. tjklddy and Capt. _ Hudson. After the viands were di posed of, the M ayo#, who aeted as Preslden', made .he f dlowlng b*ief and ap propriate remark*: ? In oomm n with the thousand* who bare wilneeeed this in teres 'teg ceremony today, I can not but feel gratlfioati n and emotion (Applause) lhe act of oosnatotlng to her native element this noble eratt, alike distinguished for her great beauty of model, thorough oess of oonstruo'ion and unequalled size, is a oeremony as important in the history of oar naval ara&I lecture as it is an ev.?nt whlc 1 every If# w Yorker should be proud of. (Chaers.) I song r a ulate the worthy builder acd c instructor, Mr. B tears? {Load oheere) ? whoso nnaurpamted skill in the modelling ol akftps haa already reached tvery part of the world where commerce la known, upon his suoeesi in this grand work. Mey his merits be appreaiatnd, and our government recognize his claims npen its bounty and and liberality. (Applause.) I congratulate oar distin guished merchant and eminently patriotic citizen, Mr. t'oiilns, upon this (to him) equally important oooaiiien. May he also not be forgot'en by those tor whose pros perity and good be has done se maoh. Indeed, I con g; at ulate not only New York, but the whole country, upon this launch? for it u the Uniteo States, as a uation, that has the most oause for eoi^(ratuJ*Uon in the tfrth of another steamship, whioh has not. and, in my opinio?, cannot have, an equal in any part at tnejwoild. (Ohe*rs ) It is oonmerce that has ma e as what we are, nod it is to commerce we most look to maintain the supremacy we possess: and, as we exeel In the means by whioh con meroe is camel on, so we ate still farther acvanoed in it* exte orion and profit. (Applause.) 1 here fore, well may we be prond of the Atriadc, and hall uar as the brightest star in onr galaxy, of tue commercial marioe ? (thters) ? and dees Her advent as not only calculated to add yet farther triumphs to oar alroedj high poaitioa as a navigation and commercial people, but to ioorease our trade, facilitate peaceful relations with Europe, and further cevelope our varied industrial resources. In coEolomcn, tho Mayor proponed the health of Mr. Collins, which was diank with thiee times three. When silence was tee'oied, Mr. responded as follows It is entirely out of my line to deliver a speech; but as my friend, the Mayor, has been kite enough to say tfrnt this enterprise i? n it merely a pecnmaiy or.e, but anenxerpitse caliula ed to benefit the country , I take tLii opportunity of le.ting the gettlenen prfsent know of the great difficulties we have met in tte acoonip.Lmnient of the woik, the parti*! son pie t Ion of -?bloh you his day witnessed. In tho first place, lei me say, wfcen it wa? prooosed to build this line of steamers, the Curat d ilne wa> regarded as the first ia ihe world. We bad great obst teles to sunn met. among which was the want cf sufficient iemon era 'ion, and I meat here state taat although the line bears the uame o Collin i, had it not been for Mr. Brown, who, I regret, is not now present, the world woaid rcer nave seen the Collins line of steamers. There are very tew men who have bad the mi ana at their command, and if tn?j have bed the means, they are s ill fewer who possess the patriotism neseesary to carry oat uo great an enterprise ?one in which the oharao'-er of the country Is so deeply Inteiee ed, aid to a great extent icvnvei as a o imoier oal power. You are all aware that there are two lines, which are known by tbe burnt* of the Law line and the Asplnwail lit e. The first of these had to build twj ships, at a cost of eight huccred thousand dollars, and the mo nd the same number, at a coat of six ha icred thousand. Mr. Law and Mr. Aapinwall ooth petiti med Congress f ,r aid; and Mr. Mas n, ttho was then dscreta y ol the Navy. said, if any icocey was to be granted to tboee sU"rLers, ltshouki fi st he giv-ti to the Collins line. Mr. A>plnwall had ?kh elated wl'h him many mlilioaaires of New Yotk, and notwitastanoing the means in ihrir pos tnticn, they could not build three steamers unless money was advanoed by the govern ment. In tn? case of our steamers, however, Mr. Broun, alone, turnlshta not lees than two millions ?{ coilaje. (Great a-jpiauae.) Now, there has been a little rewspeper controve sy? which I regretted to see Uapta n Nje ecgeged ie? in le'at'cn to our friend Mr. Brown. Wi'h regard to Cap a!n (tye, I will say that he ie a ve-y ftlicient man, ana ae abie a commander as sailed under the American lla*. But a remark which ?a? male by btm Huggfdts the idra 'bat Knglisb capita lit ts have In vented a porben of t etr money in th?ee ships. Ia re speot to that I wt:i annpir say tbat not a r'oliar of the capital invested io thf>m is owned by English merohan s. Mr. Brown is a natu.a ized citzen, and oas been for fifty tears, and there is not a Brown Interested in them who u cot a citizen of hi* country. Mr. Hamilton, a Seotch mati, wsa wit.lng to claim them as belonging to his country ; and that, t y>, even when the Atlantic treat oat and didn't come back for some time. (Laughter and ap plause.) In regain to pttriotit mo ives, you might think ttat a merchant bau no other Interest than thai of a mere pecuciary character, bat from a vorj tsrlj period ot my li.e 1 haie tfken the deepest Interest in our oa vj, and I Lave watched Its growth and pro gress with as much solicitude as any other man; and when I waited to build tbese ships, I pointed out their adTsn.sge as war vtssels. if tbev should ever be require 1 Sh such. Tbe oeinpany bsve aneady expended three mil lions of dollars upon tiiem; and srhere, I ask, will thta government fird another company that would be wil ing u> do tlie san.eV "You may sink the whole of the capital irves'ed," tney saio to me, ' but ma?t not make a fail ure." Every natUn his acknowledged what we have acne, and 1 am sorry to say that the only opposition we have met haa been from home. One condition whicu the government made was that <he?e vs vela should be ao cona rueted '.hat they m'gbt It neee>sary be emp.oyed %p vt?teU cf war. N >w, it ia with iadividuals as It $ with na'Jcnt? l'y p rdaees ln.iult, and but for tti Collins steauers, Ing'ana weuid have laugned at tbe steam power cf America. (Applause ) But, a< ntlemen, this h%e not been done by: capital alone. 1 have been bappy in bei^g aole to aall around me t he ablest mechaalea In the ncuntry, and it la to them A me nca is Indebted for the bign pr?ii<ion sbe cow oooupies abroad. I am sorry to a?e that Mr. B traio Allen la no v absent, arfl can .ot speak for himself. You have all see* the Adrlatla to-day, and you areall doubtlesa pleased, wi n her performance i, but w en you see tne engines thtt will go into her you will be equally pleased and delighted, let me eonolufe by proposing the health of Mr. James Brown, ?'resident ot our companv. Three hesrtv e ieers w?ie gives tor Mr. Brown, to which Mr. Brown responded, b-iefij retaraing hU thsnks, and glvisg tbe ''Navf f the United 8ta'e!<." Ibis brought eat Csp'ain HtJnao.v, who gave <? the Co'. Uns line ri tl'ia ing palaces ond Young America's j tears, who baa corabiael and c n^ntrated al' their besuty and s'.r n|;th in bis own unl jue unequalled Adriatic." Mr. 8nooiH, S' rnewhat en '.a'ra- .ed, arose and responi ?d in a f?w words. It was evident that he was n 4 par tial to speechmakiog. so fsr as he him elt was ooncerned, end as sre heard him on one occasion say, he w>ald rather make twenty ships than ote address. On this on caalnn, however, be bad to make a speech, for his ai dtenee would not be satisfied till he bad "aid some hiag. After they had done cheering him, he said:? I think this is out of cider. (Lawrhter and applause.) Iam pretty well fatigued, gentlemen, and it is not in my way to maae a speech to jon, uo matter how wlilldg I might be I wish 1 bad a little of I>r. Cnapln's taler'. and I | tbint I cou.d do jnstice to the spea'iing pait. B it inas much as I am efficient in that, I shall oonten-. myself with thanking the gentlemen tor drinking my hea'th, and sit down. So naming. Mr. Steers resumed his seat, amid load and repeated applause. Mr. Pliny Mile* then mvle .i few remarks, in the coarse of whish he said it net been stated that George Steers waa a Scotchman, and tMt ha built the ships for the Yanaeea. A V"il ? Ccrr.e, George, tell a* w^ere yo? were born. Mr. ttm-l waa born in the IKstriot of Colamola. Shtbueiastlc cheers.) Gentlemen, I will now propose e health of Dr. (lupin. To thia fhr. (ham* responded substantially as (o'loes: ? 1 think this is hardly fair or lb aco'rdanee with the pro eecure ot the Cay to kneek the props frees under a minus ter and la' neb him oat in a speech . Wheal can make as eloquent an oratloa as tbe Adriatic his made to-day 1

shall think 1 poseeei an eioquenoo that is oharmtng. that was cnmblaieg eloquence with power? the e o <inenee of wotk, tbe eloquence of ezeeu'lv* ab'lity? an eUquence that is tar before any mere eioqui?noe o' sjeeeh I fe?l I stould almost tropoeo upon you to day, when yttur hearts are full of that apectanle. I f"el preu.1 of it a? an Ammiai, as a eitl J/eo of York. Tbe mechanii and neval aiehC^t wi I see In it a cesssummate trinmph ft V.i own pro^eeeirn ; tbe patriot wlli see is it ?ar.ther si?bol of the giory o his country, aad I see ia It *4* s; mboi of the niareh of homaa progreea. (Applaaee.) Br ma peop.e e.-e fonJ of speahiof of the ma'eiUl pr><re of our a**; Out a it I reecf nUa the p-nrem of a'ioa - W?7 ? * recognise, in a hign aod eecteo eenae. toe pr ? grate of CiirUUkur.T lted*. rhaee are tar t&iuge 'h a* make war aaore au<t more imp ?dibU?, aud hu-uaa vo thrrbood mere and no re probable. H >w muci more naa ban dona for the wurld bf the laumtiiag "f the Adriatlj to-ria/ than that I'eaja Conference In Fran ? I (Applaaaa ) 1'here la peeee a ad amity la evury turner cttbat beau iful atiip. JVrwerly, in Vemc", it tu the custom to wed U>e Anr'atfrt to the Poke, bnt nothingiike that wa tfe'a day w&x-e nod wae ever m?o there ? w ien. with the blue ?ky a ? ve ue and taoee crowd* of freemen, wa eaw tt a n> bl? ebrip .oot?<ned rom her faatenirge aod tb? Adriatic weeded for erer to the gre*t wide ?ea. (Ap plause.) The Mayor now proponed "The Preei," and after it wai rtapou< ed to by 1* ny Mi'os, Eeq., Mr. Th.ima* B. Still man, o* toe Ncvel y Work*, waa oalie 1 ap in raepinae to a ? aet to blmeetf Mr S ill nan epaaa in Ugh t rtnti ot 'ha Adiiatle, acd expr?s*ed hie oel let that ?hit would avpaae every reean eteemer now aSoat In tpet-d. Ue trope at the cl-?e of his remark* the beam of the Chief Engineer ot tha Unlte-t Utataa NaT;, Mr Daniel B Mania, ft at gentleman oetged leave to be excused, and propoead ihe fill owing s?nUiDrnt ; ? The Adriatic? May the bright aki-e acd the balmr a' moapbere. end tha placll water* which sutrounced her at her nativity, prove a sweet harbinger of her luooeea f?r the future. This cloeed tha feeUritiee of the oocaaion, aad the aom pany eeparated wi'h three ehear* fir <le>rge Hteera, three for Mr. CoLiia aad thrte for the Alriatic. VIEW FROM THE DECK OP THE STEAMER ACUOUNT BY ANOI'IIBU BKCORTBK. *?? fcrmnite enough to partlo<pate (a tlie ex citement as well M the (.leasuie of the laanch, by SC cotrpanying the msgmflcent Teasel from her lot g resting ; place upon tea stocks to her place la the bo?om of the J water, which is to be the scene of her future fame md I usefulness, and we believe if her future triumph* over all that hM before been accomplished in navai arohi | tectut*. On ai rivicg at the foot of Seventh street, at nine o'olcck yesterday morning, we found the ecaffoldng en - tirely cleared away , with the exception of ths small num . ter of poles amidships on the starboard side, neceiai jr to support the s airs for asoendiag to the top. Tae n ble veeeel? these being removed? eto.d revealed la all her fair proportions? the moat m'gMy af all the crea tions in naval architecture with which America has been tor years Ceiightlag the world and eollpalng all other nations. The ftrat sensation In looking at the Adriatic from under her forefoot waa one of tn'cnse surprise at her extreme keenness forward, and a feellu? ot incredulity as to the prospect of a vessel so high ano ho lean having any Una of bearing in the water. IcdeoO, the wedge like keenness cf the veaael extends back far thirty to fifty feet, so tbat for all that distance, there t senna, in looking from below, to be acarcelr any devla ion from a straight line In the shape of her water line. Beyond tbat pciat, however, the vessel widens vary ra pidly above and below, ('.hough without losing any por tion cf her symme tj,) so that, as jeu are opp ?i e her waist, y in perceive that ahe has what is called a long floor, very little dead rise auddahips, and the most om plete and substantial bearing imaginable, giving a iu ranee of immense burthen, and great steadiness In a heavy sea. Walkixg aft you find the same extreme keenness, indi eating a beautiful leaving of the water? a p jint cf vry much importance In the eecuriog of great speed . The bew la almost upright? after the manner cf ell the Col R?s veaeels? haa a fine round away of the cutwater to f form the keel, and at tlie top carls over graeefally for a foot or two, with a email and graceful scroll at the ex tremity, and a rail and graceful gUtaide scrolls, with a barred shield centre. Ac the stern|the vessel is beauti fully rounded, ai.d has a small spread gilded eagle, wita a double toroll depending, upon which in ornamental gilt Utters appear the words " Adiinio" and "Mew York." The bo' torn cf the vessel, to her water line, is the na tural color of the wood; above her water line she 1 putnted lead color. Some idaa of her immense he'gnt? apart from what feet and lnchea could furnish? may be gathered frcm the fact that there are fifty-two widtas of plank to the waiee, eight on the walea, and eight above? six<y' eight in ai. fler guard and wheel frame* are all perfect, and present a great appearance of durability as well as of neatcesa. Aasendisg the side of the veaeei to the toe wa found tome fifteen or twenty pera *ns on board, which number waa gradually augmented, up to the time of removing I the soaflolditg, on til there were, probably, ^Wo-hundred | perxas oa b aid. th*?eakasaM?ssMateww??asapl?tsv . wi.h the exeeotion of the covering of the akyligkt and the oelep deck, the former of whlsn waa tacked over with boards, and the latter an entirely ut covered frame. I.ookJiig over the aide of the vessel aome aixty feet from the ground, the view was very fine, expending to a very gocd iistanoe up and down tha river, and giving a fine op portunity for observing the immense crowds of people who were hut) log from every quarter to witness the in-erect ing cccailon, and the fleet of boats, of every description, that with flag* and streamers as if for a festal day, were putting out into the river from various dlrec 1 >ns. The U, 8. steamer Ohio lay at the lower aide of the Seventh atreet pier, the U. 8. ateamer St. Louis on the lower a'de of tue Sixth street pier, and the clipper bark Ore pee hot on the upper aide of the Seventh. Ia the atream we notloed the Rip Van Wink.e, Ravens wood, Deer Titan, Hector, C. P. Smith and other s teamen, and a perfect fleet of ferry boats. Before ten o'clock, at which time the scaffolding was removed, tho entire yard of tha Messrs. Steers, the docks in the neighborhood, the tops of the hoases, the whejl hcuiee and decas of every veaael within sight, the yards and masts of the same, the crosa of the boom derrick Eighth street, every ridge pole and vantage ground of eveiy eliape, were entirely oovertd with human beings ? probably nunb-riirg sixty thousand persons? in a great state ot felicitation and excitement. Before the time of launching, the Grapeshot was moved to the lower siJe or tha Kighth a'.reet pier, when she was immediately hoarded by the crowd, and almost sunk by the immense number. The St. Louis was also dropped passed the end m tbat pier, no as to leave the slip entirely clear, At atou< ten o'ciook there wai a shout, and from the taro at the toot ot Sixth atreet, a beautiful ateamer. the Cnba, tor the Southern trade, was seen to glide off the stocks by those on the deck of the Adnatij, and moving off up stream, waa taken in tow by two tugs and broughc beck. Her launch was beautiful and snccessfal. By eleven o'clock the < xcltement on the deck of the Adriatic was int?nae. Every one was listening with great arxiety to the measured strokes of the hammers and eledgea below, inoicatlog tbat every moment the levia than might be expected to move, and to make a plange towards her future home in the water. Tben some began to speculate upon the chanees of the rolling over and criihLlag a few thousands, including those upon ber deck; and then they reflected that George Steers was not in the habit of doing things in that sjrt of way. and clambered to the top of the umbers of the orlop deck, so as to have the fullest view possible. Eleven o'clock.? There is a fleet of small boats at the mouth of the slip, and the steamers are all ranged In a line below and above. " All hands, forward !" from some voice ou deck, fcvery body's watch was pulled out. We heard the first symptoms of a oheer below; the boats moved hastllv out ot tha wsy; alow and steadily came the measured strokes. Bark ! a deafening cheer bursts from the fifty thousand throats. What are they hurrahing for ? Ah ! a sllgnt tremble, and you fe-l hat you are moving. Faster and faster, a moment's jar and tremble, a shout from every *hioat on cet k and oa ahore, and she leaves the ways. Gracefully she tips her stern in the water, follows the impetus a moment on the seme line, and as she has cleared the ways en Ire. the stern rises, the b"wa dip gracefully witn the recoil, a fleet of small boats are around you, the river is thick with limber and corks ? tne launch is accon pilslied most successfully! A gun, and than ano ther bec ms from the St. I onic. every steamboat bell sa lutes, ana you move on across the river. Wai there ever a sensation, elsewhere oa earth, e<iual :o the bouncing buoy and motion of the preud vessel, a< ?he first rot s dark to her leval r Have we any memory so prcud as having been launched in the Adriati if No I The Impetus of the Urge vessel was very great, and she moved ac-oss the river with full ferry boa', spaed. The tugs started after her, but taey were dia'aneed. " S and away there V In a voice of thunder en deck, and ? he mighty chain surges the deck, aad runs through the bawthole with fearful velocity, an the beet bower leaves ibe boat aad plunges la the river. Half a dozen lands men (we are an old salt) came very near going with the rbaia U. to the hawsepipe, and being ground up iat> bait f'tr the fisbea. It stops her way a little, but no* enougo. rhe otter cht Hj ttlea, and tha ether aaobor dips into the ?be stieaa). With the force ef both ahe ia just brought up ea the Titan aad the H antes cone alongside, and her 1 stern touches the Brooklyn wharf, tearing away a few slight timber*, being kas i minutes from her place nn the stocks. Verity, the noblest ferry boat this, that ever crossed ar. American river, arid we question whether ahe will not prove the fines* that ever crossed that great ferry of na'ioBS? the At) >ntic. By the oonr'jesy cf ('apt. Bticga, the superintendent, we w?re aet aehore on the Brooklyn aide, while the m<gb?y rapt with its fifteen bars, was bet.g walked pt> by u hundred hands, In raising the anchor, sat while the jn!). p|,j were chaoltag merrtly, aa tbay worked, an old aea retrain, Willi* the '? Heave, yeot" chorus General JuIjo* won the day, llsawe, jeo ho I At New Orteaae, the people say; Tee, heftre jwA I mil diMajr father done, Bwn, yeo ho t Uu; a thousand mils* he m; Yeo hsave jeo ( rhis U following the good o'd way; Bmti, jm bo t Walk her arounc , tbe oh) m <? say; Yeo, beeve ye j I Try It again and w?' 1 put hec t: rougi ; j?o tio I Giving it up wtl never do; Vee, hMTi }Ml Wh? e she has a bri#?? she'll go to iM; Htm, yeo bo I And when it blow* *ie ahead win be; Yeo, hMTt yeo. POLICE ARRANGEMENTS AT THE LAUNCH. About 16C policemen wore detailed at t shipyard of Meases. Steer* to keep ordir and proven', any disturbance among tbo motley crowd gathered on the occasion. The reserve force of tbo Ueranto ward, under command o. Captain ttquliea, acted very efficiently in ooc junction with the 01 her members of the Department aent .hither Cram the Chiefs tflioe. Notwi'h* ending there waa an itnmvnsa multitude crowded within amy em?U ? pace, attll tie m trie tent decorum waa onservM by the police In at'ec dance, aid owing to their pioctu ions not a single acci dent occmred to mar the festivities of the oocasioa. ARREST OF LIGHT FINGERED GENTS. Th* TMt assemb age wliloh gathered to witneea the launch of the steamship Adriatic formed a sp endid op pcrturlty for piokpookets to praetiee their profeaaloa with great stcceas. Several gentlemen and ladles were relieved of their portemonnaiea and watches In them >?t dexterous manner. A uumter cf the sha '.o >s were da talltc at the *bip;ard for the purpose of spotting I tie raa cals. But th* fle.d waa too extensive a on* for a dosea u-en to act on effloentl*. However, fonr of the thiev*a were caught In the ao of robbing the spectators o' their lurw-a. ana were taken before Justice Brennan, at tha K?sex Market l'olice Court. tor examination. The police in attendance eay that they never law such a or >wd of pirk pocket* gathered together cn uoy f irmer occasion, and the tniy wonder in tha | wice aa many robberies did rot occur when the excellent opportuniy afforded tha vagabond* waa tsken Into consideration. Tbaatrci Laat aigbk talk opkba. La Grange, m she deserved, was gteeted by one of the full eat and moat faabl. nahle housed ot the aoason on the occasion of hsr benefit, at the Academy, laat night. Tne opera waa ' Don Giovanni," Icclndlog in the cast the fair l*vjuiare, Miss Htnsler, Madame Bertaooa Uare'.zek, (tier firat appearance t' is season.) with Morelli, Bovere, aid Arnold!. We have nothing to aay In re gard to th* performance of Mczart's great work, farther than to remark that every one eeemtd pleased, and tha peiformer* wore all ca led out at the end of eaoh act. Madame Berticca was vary warmly received. She locked well, and aang with a great deal ol grace and areh dm?. At the eni of the second act a laurel wreath was ttrown to 1* Grange, which Motelli placed upon her head upside down and hied part before, amidst tbo and applause ot the audience. Maretzek con ducted the orchestra, and the brilliant Instrumentation waa veiy finely rendered. The performance laat evening was the laat of tbo sea son. We are not informed a* to tha further movements rf the tronpe. It is too bad that we are to hare no more opera at th* Academy at present? it la auoh a nic* plate for Young New York. Will not soma patriot volunteer to loee mine more mono; la it? BBOAPWAY THBATBS. The Keller troupe commenced the second weak of their engagement laat night, they gars the aame tableau* that we notieed last week, with two additions ? a sacred pictuie, " The Deeoent from the Cross," and "Washing ton's Triumphal Entry into Trenton," both o( whica were exceedingly beautiful, and were received with much favor by the audience. Previous to the tableau?, Mr Blake, the stage manager, stated to the audience, that the sacred pic urt having been denounced in one of the news, papers, he had been requested to say that the exhibition had tern given in Europe and deceived with favor, and thr.t at a rehearsal on Saturday, attended by the title of t'r# city, tfce nosngement had been urged to place the picture oe'ore the public. H? w.uld now aak if the pubdc de sired to ate It. Tte manager had si no ply eudeavored to consult the puSUc taste in placing these nhtures upon the stage. !n conclusion, it was announced that any per son who ? id not cesire to eee the exhibition would re c?ivo their money on acplioation at toe box offlie, Mr. Blake's speech wae received with prolorged applause, and the exhibition proceeded very succeastnlly. It will bo rcjrfale* to-i'ghi and every eveniitg this weak. THE BOWKBr THKATBB. The reopening of the above theatre, under the manage ment of Mr. I. P. Waldron, took plaee last evening, all diffleultlee between the torn er proprietors of the esta blishirent having been satisfactorily arranged. Every available seat was filled ore the ourtain rose. The Bowei y theatre hat long been a favorite place of resort tor the inhabitants of the eastern sec .ion of the city, aim ply on account of the excellent amusement afforded theie for twenty-five cents, and hence the re-opening of tbe establishment was hailed with gnat delight by the Ibeusends who have been regularly attending this an cient temple cf the drama. Tb* entertainment an nounced tor the occasion waa " All la not Gold that Glit ters," " Bamboozling " and the drama of "Brian Bo te lb id e." In the first named of these pieoe* Mr. and Mrs. Prior took th* leading parts, muoh to the satitfiae tion of the audience. Capt. Frank Bamooozle. as ren cered by Mr. Griffiths, tbe stage manager of this theatre, was exceedicgir good. The rest of tbe corpi dranxatique acted ?t:l. it the hearty applause of the audience was any evidence of the fact. The stock company new en gagea at the Bowery is in many respects superior to any that has heretofore appeared on the stage of this thea tre, and not a little credit is due th* manager for his un tirioK zeal in thus catering for the wants of the patrons of thli< establishment. A new pieee, entitled ''Tha De vil's Elixir," is in preparation. The Hnr Jersey Perry Accident. VKBD1CT OF THX COKONKK'S JCR T. f r rom the Philadelphia ledger, April 7. J The formation rf the verdict proved to be ? difficult, owK g to the difference of opinion among the member* of tbe jury, probably with regard to the pro priety rt censuring the oomptny. Tbe jury onttnaed in session ai the Mayor'* office until after six o'clock laBt evening, when Coroner Delavan trans'errel them, ia charge ot a couple of officers, to the Wetherill douse, wbeie they completed tutir labors, about 9 o'clock, hy rendering the following verdict The inquest And ? 1. That? ?(the twenty-nine persons who lost their lives by the aceident) came to their deaths by violence, to wit: by exposure to fire and drowning, in the burning and sinking of the steam ferry boat New Jersey, on tie night ef Saturday, the 15th March, i860, between the hours of half-past eight and halt- past nine. 2. That the said deaths by violence oosurred on the waters of the Delaware river, opposite the city of Phtia delpbia, and within the mutual jurisdiction of the States of I'eunHyjvnnia and New Jersey. 3. That tbls inquest, cons'ituted under the authority of the Mate of Pennsylvania, And that the said deaths by violence occurred within its jurisdiction. 4 That the destruction o I said ferryboat Ner Jersey, by which theie deaths by nol#noe occurred, was caused l?y the worn out, leaky and defective cooai .ion ot the boiler employed on board said boat, of which Richard Kelter ?, was inspector. 5. lhat the following persons were on the ocoatdon of these deaths by violence In chaige of said boat: ? Win. (orson, as cup'ain or cot ector: John Springer, pilot; Ca'ney Carter, engineer and David Jester, fireman. 6. That no censure attaches to the conduct of theee peisons, or titer ct them, who appear, to this inquest, to have discharged their duty according to their capoeity in suck an emeigency. 7. lhat tbe steam ferry boat New Jersey, by the burn ing of which these deaths by violence occurred, wan entirely unfit for the transportation of passengers That she ?as inadequately manned, her boiler worn out, leaky I and dsiee'ive, that there were no boats, life preservers, floats, spare plank, bncketa on desk, or any other moans piovideo for tbe escape of passengers in case ot tire, ud iii-ion, explosion or any other emergency. ~ 8. Ihv. the ferry boat New Jersey, by the burning of whtob these deaths by violence ocsurred. wan owned by theCaciden ard Philadelphia Steamboat tffcrry Ccmpasy, a company iacorp/. rated by an ast of tim legislature of New Jersey, ef whieti John W. Mickle to. President; K. A. Steven*, Beejamtn llsk, John li. McKnigbt, Gidorm V. Stevens, Jc bu C. Hullittt, Samuel Thompson. William H. Cit/roer and J< Hn R. Thompson ore Directors and Managers, and A. B, Frasee in lieAsral Agent and Super intendent. That the deceased cave to tijelr deaths by the ineffi ciency uhlbited by Richard F otters, in tbe examination of the boiler ot said boat, and by the negl'gsnee of Jokn W. Mickle, President; K. A Stevens, Benjamin Fish, John L. McN'ght, Gideon V. Ste',t?ns, John C, Bulktt, Samuel Thompon, William H. Gartner and John R. Thompson, dtrectoM and managers; and A. B. France, genera! super intendent oi the said co ?p*ny, in the employment ot an unfit and unsafe beat V,r the transport of passougers, and i their omt?si n to properly man and equip and supply with means of escaj <t> from the said ferry boat. C<m ft Calsndar-Thls Day, BcnaioK COC.M. ?Trial Term-Nos. 22, 38, 57, 59, 60. 81, C2. <>8, 64, *7, 68 to 108. ' ' Hi vmti 'Jouirr.? Special Term Nos. 1, 2, 3, 10, 11, /7j IS. CaOfn. Coim ? Noa. 8." 8, 303, 304, 337, 273, 367, 80, 101. 38. S?l, 888, 382. ' Cum hon Puus Oorwr.? Trial Term ? Part 1.? Nos. 2?4 266 'Jdb, 310, bit, 822, 828, 327, 335, 348, 852, 868, 3 >4' 357, 816. ' l'art 1? No*. f>l,MI, 187, ?34, 2", 8, 273, 38(?. 868. I 8.U, 473, itt, .15, 511*, Vuit mt floa. Daniel >. DkfcKuoa tollMOK# CkwIUUc iMUtattM Upoa iavitatioa of C. Godfrey Outkn, MimIiiw Governor, Hob. Daniel H. Dickinson /tttirtltf rlatteft Baadell's ul Ward'* Itltodi, to view the city etwtt?M( and criminal institutions I hereupon situated. 1 Among the party were Gunnori l'ownsead, Di|ro aaft Ball, and Augustus Sohell, CoL Maad, Gea. Ward, aa4 other wall know* hard shall democrats. The party took boa4* from the faot ot Twenty mrtilh street, and were rowed to Randall'* Island, wtara tike nursery schools end melical departsaenta vara duly ea amiaed, and found to be la a clean condition, and a m healthy as eculd be desired or eipeeted. Mr. Dickinson seemed highly interested, and eapraaaa* himself astonished at the improvements that bad boas made ulnae tbe time he had beiore visited tha Instttu tic an, in tha year 1M4. la tbe aurrei y the party were edl&?4 by ho no three hundred acromions, eoorbntie and eansoBptive cbildraa going thriugh their lessons lu geography, a -librae to tad natural phtioeopht, set to music, or at leant what a vivid imafinailon woud snppoee to be mu-ic. ?'The Poor Old 41eve" and ''Hard Tlraei" were ikm mug by tbe children. Tha former proone-ion, it is sup posed, waa for the bene ft t of the hard shell vtiitari, and [ the latter were mostly pereonal remioisoeoM*. if a a aiinmra of Honnd ai.d a mhiimuia of melody caa be called good Hinging, these were vary creditabM effjrta. A little felloe some eight years old then made a speedy the purport of which was, that every small boy i> tee oon n uuitj , no matter how poor, might one day beonne President of tbe United States, a pieoe of ta'or ooat.i?u that seemed to have quite a cheering eftect on teeaarubbf Leaceo Li1 tie urchins that ftlied tbe room. Ail tbe bovs on tbe island. some four hundred in num ber, were then marched out, under oonunand of Geaecte Kiple>, ana paraced hi military order, deploying lute line, ma w itg, counter- marching, and perfurmiug a number of tactical maueuTies Uat would here aatoaish ed sc/tt 01 lairds. While this wax going on, tbe benri^ also cc u i po> e 1 of boys, performed a pieoe of meaio, sup posed to be the final ob .run of " La ttpia," only more inielliginJe. Mr. Gonna addressed the lads briefly, and Introdueed Gcverneinor Dicm.nhon to them, who waa received with cheers, in retpoose to which he complimented them ow their appears nee, and toid them they were tbe oo^p stacdiiig army our Uws reoogilzed. He said he was now an ' .a , and bad lived a chequered li t, and he wae satisfied i hat the only road to happiness and trae great re ?s was by being virtuous and good, and true and boaeot. Vice ?ho 'Id be shunned, therefore, and in tne great ket tle of liie that was bet re them, virtue, sobriety and naaa infos were the best weapons to tight with. Tbe Governor was train cheered, when the party left 'be Island, MUirfi-v, that theae pi or diseased children are amply and kiadly provided lor. The Lunatic Asy um was next vim'ed, and the uswal innpecii' n or tbe panper insane gome through with. Dm woman ?as shown who labored under the hallucinate* tbat tbe Roman CathoHoj were intent oa building a rethedrai in her stomach, and she went to bed evnnr night wi ll a club m her hand, to beat the -'Papists " ott, should ibey to perform that teat. Ur, Raankt, the reattent phytisian, addressing Mr. I-ickin-ou: " Allow me to Introduce you ti> a lady wha thuks are is the wifeot 1' resident Kranklln Here? " Gvr. Ihckj.nbon (commiseratiog) ? i'oor woaian I tee must be mad. Mrs. l'iotc?? Walk in Mr. Dickinson; I believe it (a sr n.e tin e eii ce you saw my husband t 6i v. D. ? Why, yes, naaaam. you sre he and I dja't agree \ery well, lately, oa matters of pa olio policy. Iiete a youi'g gentleman la the party asked the otd lady whether Mr. Pierce wouid be re elected to tbe Prsat dei cy t Mis. Prratro? O dear, yes; he'll be ia for another bar j earn, for yea see his administration Las pleased almost everybody. Gv. incKiNHON? Well, Doctor, that's enough; I think we tad better peas on. Pc or woman! And the party did piss on, ea Jsfted tbat tbe prephaqp of tbe old lady wae in keepiog with tae character ef tee institution she lived ia. Tbe Almshouse ani wurkhousee were next inspeo ed, after which tha party pruoeedee ta the Penitentiary, where a dinner was served up, Watch, alter being disposed ot^ Gov. Gcntokr roN and proposed the health ef the Hon. Daniel S. Dickinson, which was duly oboe red. Mr. Dickinkon said he waa please i to And himself among Lationai democrats, and he felt honored by tbe reception he ted reoeived. He waa not in any pubtte eta' fun ay which he could reward any one lor favtra shown to him; be was but a private citizan, and he Mt pr< nd of the good leeltng his poor servi e? for hia oouaww bad inspired among bis friend*. He had been all his die a politician yet ntvr a per lis to, and he was pleased t* learn tbat the inritntions were not unier party influ ences. He wished the eompany to understand that it would please him better t j be conneced with these eoniirietable ehaTiiies, and to spend his time ia looking after the wants of the poor, the needy and the outcast, then to ocoupy any political station, however h>go, that the American people could conrer upoa bsaa. (Applause. ) Were he in the name poaitioa as oae at the Governors of the Alms House, he could lay his bead upon his pillow every night, thanking bis God tha; he baa done some good lor his fellow creatures. It was a holy day. Tbe p; or maiinesl children they had seen that day ware as great in the sight of God as tha Imperial infant, ever whote birth the nations of Europe are no * rej.tUlag. (Appfaute.) The poor had been cared for, ana toetr aoEoiticn ameliorated, and he had never been m ire ia terttted than in what be had seen this day. ladeel. ha felt moie for tbe cause of the poor and tbe plans tar teatr enlightenmint than tur an} political consideration. Gov. Pick tc son gave in conclusion ? 'ihe charities and tbe Ten Governors of New York. Qcemor Lhaac Townskmd responded, and said tea members cf the Bcaid were better i a acting than ia speaking. There were nearly seven thousand parsons aa der ti eir charge. Augustus Schell, Gen. Ward, GaL Mead and others spoke. After which tbe part) rein reed t > the city, mnab plesFed, edified and instructed by what they had a sea and heard during the day. The waethar was ohermiag. and ev? ry thing conspired to make the rial', a pi *a sail oca. Gov. Dicketson, who ia ia ffoed health aad apirita, I Intends re; un. lug to Binghamtoa t>dax. Late from Kuuu. INDICTMENT OF THX MKMLEH8 OP TBS FKIR STATS LEOIPLATCKK? TUKIK FLIGHT. [Corrsapondenoe ot the St. Louts Republican ] Paixkmo, K. T., Hmso ?&, ISM. The legislature of Topeka ?u a miserable and ludi crous abortion and its member* are hiding thecneelrw frrm judicial ffMMMa, like frightened ostriches. Samm bare fled to Iowa, some to Missouri, and the rest at* bidirg their selroa in buflbea, ia the rain hope of seouHty. The Grand Juriea of tbe Circuit Oourt. under the inntr ao tion < f Julge Lecomp'.e, have indicted not only the mem bora, bat all the judgee of election; and it ia the iateo tlon ? f hla Hi nor, at his term in Douglas, wflioh begion next week, to hare bill* found againat Gor. Kortoaoa. Lieutenant Governor Roberta, and all the executir* officers. It ia thought, by some, that when the sheriff enters Iawrence to arrest these functionaries there will be re ablanoe and bloodshed; bnt I apprehend nothing of tha klrd. Tbe farcical Attempt to bold a Legislature and tha ridiculous pretensions that have been made to lami the laws o- the Tenl.orj and to set up>n independent government wbich should supercede tf? present, hare rifgustei man; of their own party, who tee the absur dity and utter t utility ot all suoh efforts, and art deter mined htneeforth to reoosrnin the existing authorltlee. BeHR'es which, many of the people of the North wha came here with tbe strongest prejudices against alatarr, have seen the error into which a one -si Jed view of the subject had i??i them, and are now its warmest airs tales, not only on tbe ground of profit and conrenienoet bnt of utility and humanity. They hare ocular and a perimentaJ demon stmtii n lhat it is bstter, both for tM whites and blaiks. And then, too, the axsesalon of population Irom the South is (rowing so large, is so ooa atant, and of so high and controlling a eharaoter, that that question is definitely settled. The only excitement we hear of now ix at the Kast. We hare none here. tin Ite4 State* ClreaK Cwrt. Before Hon. Judge Uetts. The Judge said that the calendar wool! not be sailed to day. Judge Irgersol) would preside In the Dietrted Court until the 21st tart., whea J ndge Hall wttt arrtnf I will ait in the Cireult until the 21at, subject tr my being called away at any moment, in consequence of the wxpea ud death of my son In-law. [We understand that Dootor Motsalf, son-in-law <rt Jndgw Metis, and foimer Cleik ot the United Statea District Court, ia dangerr.naly ill.) Mr. JonchimnsMi, Assistant United State* Attorney, aeh ed cn what day he might proceed with the criminal oases. The Court? \ ou may set i?wn erimin^<w?s for next Monday . Mr. Joaclilmssen then asked that tafc n Creightoa, chary d with breach of neatrality laws, ba called. P.\ Jo('ste A. A. I'hSllpe, oonnsel for Ctrf ghton, asked ? the government were reaoy to proosed.rqf.iB the trial. Mr. Joaehimseen said he was entitud. to know if thses persona who olumor lor trial wer*b<w j and realy to ba tried. i Mr. PhiUltw? Som* of them garVtiw hare returned fiom Nicaragua for the purpose oil ' . ,.T tiled, and Mr. (heighten was lett behind at Jaa Juhu b? missing the steamer. We have the moat po*M? re a as u ranees that ha will be heie by the next resael. Mr. Jeacbimssen said that one of the parlies ohaigei in this oate had his trial posy ^oned, and he is now am officer in tbe army of Co). Wt 4iker, and he understood tnat Mr. Crelfhton is a oaptajr , |D the army of that eoun try, which ts at war with a f ,w?r with whioh the United states are at peaoe. Mr. Phtlilps denied tbe v sort ion, and said It waa onlr made tor the purpore of r .aking an lmfresxion throng U the newspaper h. The Court would a/ L forfeit the rsnognisanM of Mr. C re i ghton, ualesii th*,' got eminent win rvady tollMMd with i ho trial. " ' Mr. Joaehimsien r ??ted that thuie would be ^CMdeC mtuder on the big> seas which would probably occupy 'he Court some >\r jn next weak. After som* di# miselon, tbe ease against Capt. T ikl* 1rsu?h, Mr Jor ph i? Whit# and others, tor o?eU ? .it r I ut ed State* ottioers on board the Northern l.?h,. order td to s' and ovei -?uul the first Monday In k+j lrnlt?d Hiatal DtaUlrt f.tnM. ijrion Hon. Jadge B ts. Aw S.-.rSe<oorl was opened! " ?/< *w>aia aiti?