Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 9, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 9, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 7163. MORNING YORK HERALD. EDITION? WEDNESDAY, APRIL 9, 1356. PRICE TWO CENTS. LklMt from the State Capital. TBOOBLK IN BIVIDINO 8BNATB DHTBI0T8? MO M QOOK LICBNBB LAW? POLICE BILL ? OOHMIB8ION BBrt or BMXOBATION IN DIflTBB88 -DiATH OF A MMtBKB Of TBB HOUSE ? 8B88ION TO BB BX TBMLBD ? BB8ULTS OF KLBCTION, BTC. Albany A>rll 8, 1S66. The o?w 3enate district reported to the Houae are not ?at all saus'aetory. Neither the Wasorn or Southern members are satiafied. Some two hour* were spent on the WD thl* morning, without pasning ft aing.e section Proas prttent appearnno** it will taae some tine in ar ranging the district* to suit ne politicians. The liquor license, protiioiury , question U finally dis posed of for the present sessi-m, and free trad* tn rum Will prevail during another j ear . The Senate this morn ing rejec.ed the bill from tee Hoaoa and adopted the CM Introduced in that body , ro-euac lag the prohibitory law, with a few of ltt obnoxious 'eatarei stricken oat All the u(gger worebipie-r, vo'ed sgiinst the Assembly >{>111, together with Ferd n, HnchkUi and Sweet, Knew Kothlrgo, making nineteen in all. Tue remainder of the Know Nothings voted wi ,h tu? four democrats in favor 'Of that bill. The Mil will be oent down to the House, when it v til bo entombed; ho, between the two Hjuses, both bins will fall and nothing done in relation to the ?object. Daring the denote tee whig nigger worshipper* declared, over and over again, that taey preferred no law to a license law, and in->c i snoutd be made a test question at the next elec.i >n Every possible eff ort is o?-ini maa* to piss the New York Poiic* bill. The Know Not ti?gs ana nurger wor shippers in the Senate are com Jin ? d. Ths bi>l wi i go to the House this ev<-ni g; atd if he attue conspiracy against Mayor Wood exist." in n?t t> <dy, tbea it will be sun through, even if an x'.enai ,n f tue session becomes necessary, the cnarter bill wi>l bs iatd . ver, and tbe tax bill maybe me ? ii< ouriug 'he expirug moment* of tbe Leg' 1 tura. It has p*-.M)j u* Li .uie. A me'i.ago was transmitted j, ae (iorerao: to the As ?smbly, concerning a depWable vt>ma.uaio?iioc from the Comn.Ls.ti >ceri of Umigr*tlo . iVe gi^e it o?low, toge ther with the spejiaj mei-sag- ?u wiug Ui < Excellency's views upon the subject. It i- evidnu. thai the commis sion must be broken up, aud its norl?s of lawyers, offi cers, tide -KaiterH and provt<t.-..n <tei't>ts sen teret tj the four winds, if the Leglnl<uu e u .?? u t latm id.*t <ly pro vide ampie meanB to pay their lia uh In. Chart is not mnch compasfeii n in ei .her h >u?? t ? tn->ui, and it is very doubtful whether tney win obta u a grab from the treasury. Here are th? p?pe??: ? Orrtos or the CouMissioNEits or Kmiouatiow, > Mew VoaK, April 4, 1156. > His Kxoel!ency Kyron H. (.lakh, tinvern >r of toe State of Hew York: ? 'fa* Comml^slorem oi bung ratio a resoertfuilv represent: That the 1 omx.Haion-rg ?.? ,tje bare bereiorore rated to your t xoellency ana t>> Ut? Legislature, have in oon ?equence ot the very great aun unexpe: ed <iio. launon of their L; come, suee Januart . lb&\ ueeu o em .arrisse l with debt, and eo cur ailed tn the fuud? dcju-wj to c*rry oa the estab llahment* under tbetr cbarg? fr >m ??ee? to week, that it is with tbe greatest difficulty luat iiiey o *ve wen ai.e to sustain their establishment* th ua far, wnii-t tne, hare beeu quite una ble to meet the juat d'mtndn nt w%uj o< the countie* of the State; and thai unlets speed aid be *tfoc ed, ihey will be wholly usable fu'ther to d>ach%'KH ne rtu'iis coutidea to them. The particulars of tbeir pres n. eainarrass'neatj its causes and amount, aad the just c a<m or ib? faun up jn tbe State trea sorr. ard the operaudb of>be wh.i e sj?t?m are lull < set forth In the annual report ot the i <>uimi?d > er < tor the present year, ta which, ard also t > tn? n.'ier comnuuksatiam and spirited reports to the Legt-l?tu> e during tne preseut session they respectfuilv Invite the Uovern.*'-* attention. No definite action has yet been taken oa in s>i je?t in the Ijeslslature, either br anch a grant or direcilntr s me o'her mode of provid ing for the object* heretofore entrusted tbis omnt wlon At this late period of ths sesaion die <> t>ml-?loaersare anprehen atve that the Legislature may a ijouru without any such legisla tion. They are impressed ?nu <b* c mviotloa taa*. without such aid It will be utterl ^ lmpo?-ib f for tttea to discharge their variona duties unoer tne la v* m'Ji w nfflcieac ' oreaoanmr tniemrd to the public burdm ?ud thi o>e>erratloa of the public he* 1th, or probab v in *ny deces wba erer. Under Ihes* cireoasatancee, the ConMn>e I uri are utanitnoaily of opinion that the lapo tat ce of m sunject call., for tae special ocnuderaton o' tbe Bx*puttvp >-nd -<ich aid or direction as In the Oovertor's opinion may be ne ?? -?*r or useful. By order of the Board and on do-)' I' o' the ilo/n. of Em. U 0 VKBPU laOK. President. This is th? Governor's Meoisge: - ttXtftPTCVE OBUIIR. ) _ Albiwt, Apri 7, 1366. | .To*hb 8h>iii amo ambmblt: *?*i. *????> ?P"ci "i? cai'ed to the present rate Of th* afiatrs of the ie ? t ??. ail?r?i<0", by a coa maawaUoo this day receiveo. >01 1 herewl.h transmit. _r1 ?? pepofU ?r )ho-e oBiiera ud toe apecial report* t* If gi*!atlve oouimi"'HiH l-i to< u . r utt'aktl <1uriog the pre sent session, (how that tumor i?? op >r*ll n of the syrtom a trialaiertd 1 y tte Coo.uitH'-uH -rit, ? 'und t%? been Annual rslwltfrotntbe emigration 'taeif, ?? i.-hb** reileredthecit esaad OoutitiesofihpSthte wma(ir?i6u sea 01 taxation, which the wove have atWwlae had 10 uih supoonof the alia poor.ot ? early Ave millions ol 111 iars siaoe 1847, whH*t th ftand baa net ool* afforded t-flioieo' ellef to to* diseased an desUtaia) who had cootrlbuieo i?, but a bo aupo led thrsng . the aid and Information atforced -> . iho e hs administered it ?? ofaelf rapport ana earn*, aunt to the tealthy but friend lem ard uniofotmed lht sane fund has mainly rappor ted during ibe 1 ? ?ght yfva, the Qut<-anUa* and Marine Hospital at *t?teu l-i?? in *4 most efficient and ?Klttaetory manner, tffe^tin.- a oer Provid?nr* the exclusion orpeetileace and all It* ?tteo? *n'-e 1 ? w lis affect, directly or tndigertly, in their heahh 1 r ?bu r interests, every portion of the sudden and unexpec ed reduaU >u. *iac? JtauaT, 1855 Of the Income 01 the Oomraiet'O'i ]??* 'h?a half iu u?u*l amount, while the demands o. hi fmddulng the last vetr were larger than osual. with oth?r ctrcum>-u,ioe* the detail* of whleb are set foth In the ofBciai r >miiutilc?Or)n? of that Cotrmlselao to the L*ai*lalure, ??? p'aced 'he '.;utaan sston In ?ash a e'ate that, wit 10a oectmlir; ?u from the .->ta'e, tat present system most b? eatofi'OK) orerecaojQ'ioned. the estimated amount reou'reo 1 unoerrtani to be ttuO.OOO. That after eight year* of etrecive rp-r*U-in. the relief.* **? ' alstaaoo of thonsands In each ?e?r, and an expenditure of from four to Are million* of dollars 'or p<ib 1c u*es, without any charge to the pub tc Itself, ? jjoe de+ji* er "h >u d ocour under rlrcumrtarres which could not ??* be anticipated aad that to an amount of lea* than dv? pe* cent un 'he aggregate expenditure at the time when 'heoi'tot maiutenance of the poor ba? largely Increased in e?e-j cHy and ciuaty, and la ?ome plaoea mure than doublee in p opor>ion t > ths ooptria Uon, should not be a autyeci of aunirlte o - censnre. Kveu If ?uoh lurprUf or censure saould be expressed the Commission er* have anticipated a oo>.clu*!v ?<. - er bv >id rttg that they have expended, la land* bo?pi>at aad r?'ngs ?ulld ln(*, now held by them in 'rust (.<r tin State an amount more than equal to their debt*, and ot n.uuo greater value In money tar any publlo sanaUry or cnaritaoln t a'D' se. Aoonrcin* t> the eat lmates u> u>e oojuaUil jner?. sunportad "by the experieroe et the laai ki 1110 u these est* iiiahn^nta on their present footing and no ? ml y provided vr^hballdlng* and alt the appetdagea neeoeo lor h mpltei* a. id houses ?1 re fuge, could be carried on efficiency ?t h the pra ah'e Incime Of a diminished emlgraUm. wr.Mip> l*d wl-b d mintabed -claim* upon It, It Ihey were n out ?u' p led with the moans of meeting Immediate and pre ? In* demands JKtader the*e ylewa I cannot cou?Mi*e V any more serious evil ti the State, of such a llud <han m'gbt arise from the Artaklng op or even suspension of his uaefnlana beueSoeat system. Irea la tke view oi ec ' om?, the abandonmeat of a 1 aytteo produolng such resu lt, hy wiih?o<dlng a present oat lay, would **em to be a moil 1 1 jti' t-r fooooms. vviihout such eld, the latin ana ie .t haepttal establish- 1 meat* 00 Warn's island might "emr. W by - .e^a! sale, In 1 which the valuable hospital t>ul>dlng? n-ould add nothing to th* prlee for oidtnary purposes t'be <-uoi o't 01' the Quarantine and the Marine Hospital* for nlBlo'ed with mtllgoant and pestilential diseases woold lie precarious and )ften ioatt ad lnettoiency. perhapn in saavm- o* ? xdemlfl dloease, to a degree dangerous o faial to ibe put Ir. hea tb At the same time, * great m?n ?> er of those who k* ve withhs the last five ) ears paid com aa'." mod money no the pledge nt the Htatefor their relief whenever <te< ?hou d unhappily ha oome apub.ln charre, would be ttau'voiMi (h? c 'ie<, rjumiss or town*. Ihe expmse thue lneurveil ?ouM unijue^loaabiy be a just charge against the ?bi"b mus' uiumaely be said from II* treasury, though aavauoed ftom local !/?istioo at Brat. It any of the evi'* above evum^ate1) ahou'd ooour but in part. It aeema to be obvious -that iho o >viai)ng toem by an ad vanoe ot the turn asked h? the Gomiuisslot ere Is a rasa wire ? alike of justice and ol humaniiy. MVSuK H. CLaKK The me>s*ge, wirb isjcoaippnjing docuraen'*, was sent to a Select Committee . Mr. laaac Wells, a meriin r of the, from Jefferion county, whe has be?n lyiDK ill v itU tlie smalloox tn the Albany almshouse for the la^t two weeks, died to-daT about ane o'olock. Mr. ' arkc, b s coI'Mtfne, sflflicted with the same disease, Is in a sir way of reo .tsfj . It 1* now conceded by roue >f the bodies, tnat the ses sion 1* to ba extended until Friday noou The lobby ? hstsg aU-|>wwsrfnl, and the 'abor ol the meaiher* is likely to be thiu contianed, V> the gr?at retrimcnt of the trea . eurv. The election here to-day created not mneh Interest. At present the-y ctes are not cmt-'a?1*', but so opinion pre - rail* that KU I'erry ls oleaied Mayor, and S. H Parsons, 1 Recorder. ffSW YORK IiKNlSliATVRB. Senate. Am ast, April 8, 1M6. *Erotas. Adversely to ?he bil.' relative to Town Mutual Iniuranoe el* li*n l*i . AgTeel to, and ordered to a th;nl reading. To autboitae alien* to convey property. For the better security of meciiaale* and other* fer 1 1 ishinf ma^hin ?r y . To exempt lac in bold by agricultural societies from tax 4 ttlr n. TU1 ht*W YORK POt.CI III LI- . Mr. fintm. denounoed the rapidity with which this ' Mil had been put through tn? ^ena' e. He move J snadry unesidinrn's. ard among others to DubstUate for the iame of Mr. Vermi'iye* ttat of Hiraee O-eeler, Lost. The Mil wa* debited for i/ome time and la'cl owbt til) the *'te?!j*oi), in oroer toat the minority of tbn commit tee mifhi, present a report. f'RKM'H SPOHATIOyS. Mr. C. V. Smith, from the Commit'ee on t'ummeroe, -?eperteil s ceriee of irsolutloas rxpresstog tbi sense of Ihe Senate that thegevenuneut of too Cnlted StiUM arc bonnd by every eoTiKideratlon of jus'iM to provide fjr -he satisfaction of ciatn^s arisla^ out of French spolia tions upon American aoniniero* prior to 1?00 \oi re - ^nesting 1 nptenenta tvee la Cmgiui 10 use thuir exer tion* tor the passage ol a law pr ?vH>ng c nuj oiwation . \ dotted. , tin rnwimrroRr mjrou tiup. Mr. Matteten's t,iu, for the *U|)pr<t*Hlon o' lutempe. raaoe, w?s toeu taken np Mr. Bjadford'a bill, to re f naot the frehibl'ory f.lqnor law o( last j?ar, with the ungoaatitu-lonkl otanse stricken out, was 0 insider ><1, and a morijn made to sub stitute the House I.loenxe hiU The motion we* lo?t by a v of 11 for to IT sgainr' and Mr's Mil oni'rel to a tulrd reai intf I reatin# AFTEBNOOK 8Kb 41 ON . Tim Mfw mm Fount, nox <T*? takes op, hot no action tnken, Mr. ^ by ad. olt management, prolocgirg the debate till ths hoar tor speoial Older. Anwnhly. Albany, April 8, 1866. The Senate Appropriation bin *m the special order. It ni discussed ud postponed till to-morrow at 10 o'clock. The Governor aont la a message recommending the action of the Legislature la the matt?r of the Com missioners of Emigration, and setting forth the ne cessity of an approprtatioa of $200,000 before adjourn ment. Tbe New York Tax bill wai than passed. The bill making provision for the pa/meat of the oaaa'. debt, and for the enlargement and completion of repairs on the canal, waa taken ap in Committee of the Whole. AFTERNOON SESSION. UKATH OP HON. ISAAC WXLLg. Idr. Mabhky announced the death of Hon. Isaae Wells, of Jefferson county, which ooourred at tbe Alma ho<u?e, at 11 e'cl ck this mornlrg. Tbe Houae, attar adopting appropriate reaolutlona at respect for the deceased, aojouraed till Wednesday morn LMotActi Passed bythe L?g1ala>ai?i I85Q. CONTINUED FROM THE HERALD OF APBTL 5. 00. To provide for the remoral and safe keeping of ro oorCs in Xlsgara county, ar d to compensate oounty clerk. 01. To incorporate the St. Lawrence Untveraity and Th? Vgical Seminary. 02 For the payment of aa award made by the Oanal Board to Abijah Oaborn. 03. To repeal an act entitled An act to form a road dis trict frcm Riobfield Springs. O eego, to ihenor'h line of Wairen. Qerktuivr county, passed April 10, 1866. 94. For repairing plank road from C.lutoa prison to Seranas river. 95. To amend the several act* relating to the Onon daga salt springs and other purposes. 06. To autboiize the city of Utlca to borrow money to provide for its floating debt, and to authorize a tax. 97. To chance the name of the New York and Missis sippi Valley Telegraph Company. 98 To prevent p.Ize fights and fights among gatneani ma's. 09. To air end an act entitled an act to revise the char ter cf the city ot buffalo and enlarge its boundaries, pMntd April 13 1863. 100. To extend the charter of the Water town Insurance Comiasy. 101. lu relation to Mount Prospect square, Brooklyn. It'.!. To release to Anna C. Brunje? interest of the State to certain real in the city of Ne * York. 103. For the apprairal and payment of canal damages to Benjamin Smith and fciias Sillwell. 104. For the appialeal and payment cf canal damages to John Ktnnedj and company. 105. For the appraisal and payment of canal damages to John F. Packard. 100. To amend an act authorising the confinement of pnrrons oouvictea of oertrin offences in the oounty of Dutchess, parsed April 16, 1864. 107. To amend an act entitled An act to incorporate tbe Watervilie Fire C -mpany. 108. To authorise Clerks of B >ard< of Supervisors to administer caths :'n cereln cases. 109. To amend the chart* r of the Onondaga County Savings Bank. 110. To continue and ex . end the charter of the Kings ton Mutual Insurance Company. 111. To establish a special road district number four, in toe to?n of Carrol '.:n, Cattaraugus oouuty. 112. To crea'e a Board of Auditors, FishkiU, in the c< unty cf Dutoteei. 113. Te authorize the construction of an in tot from the Atlantic ocean into the Great South bay, in Brookhaven, Suffolk county. 114. To erect the town of Baldwin. Chemung county. 116. Authorizing the pajmtnt ot money to Thomas Wiltsie, of Princeton. Monrre oouuty. 116. For the loaning of oertaln moneys to Ne w Palti Aondemy, Ulster county. 117. To authorize the Black River and Utica Railroad Compunr to increase their rate of fare on passengers. 118. To abolish the office ot Superintendent of tbe Poor in Putnam county, and employ a keeper of poorboaae. 119. Authorizing the Comptroller to loan money to the Mexico Academy. l'-0. To relinquish the title of the State to certain lands in the town of hrpley, Chautauque county. 121. "For the payment of damages to the St Regit In dians fcr the sale by the State of two islands in St. Law rence river. 132. Releasing the Interest of the State In certain lands to Martha W rig tit. 123. To incorporate the Buffalo Juvenile Asylum. 124. To authorise trustees of school district Ne. 7 of Washington, Dutchess conn y, to procure site for school louse. 126. Authorising the supervisors of county of Oswego to lay a tax on the tows of Parish. 12g. To extiend the oharter of the St. Lawrenoe County Mu nal losuranoe Company. 127. To authorise the construction and maintenance of a culvert under the canal in Rochester. 128 To authorise ibo pieeident and trustees- of the vil lage of Green Island, Aloany county, to close up a por tion cf Pine street. 129. Io relation to sohool district No. 6; in Lyons, Wayne eoun'y. ISO. To authorise the construction and Maintenance of a bridge over the Erie canal in Rochester 131. Authorising the Gunal Commissioners to construet oer'ain bridges across the Erie canal at Rome^Oneidft county. -? i::2. To amend as aet. entitled An act for the support of tbe poor in Newburg, Orange county, passed April 1, 1864 136. To authorise the St. Lawrence Co unty| Agricultural S ,-ciety to purchase and hold real estate. Our PMi|?y Oorreiponi^wce. AacsanoH ml Paraquat, Dm. 6. 180S. Thf I ijfl vltus B'twen Paraguay and Bratil ? Proiptct of err ArwxMe SettUnhent ? 7 fir Paraguan 3/avy, dte~, rfc. 7h?-re U bo newt Ikere whatever. The Srazilians have ell retired out of the Parana River. The Paraguans have fortified the?solvs n very itrongly oa? the Paraguay liver, at Huinieita, ten leagues from the confluence Of the Paraguay iato the Parana river, and her* at the i el. and appear to be fully prepared for an armed in vaaioa; bat til will be amicably settled,, if it is tr?e that the General of Paraguay. oldeet eon ot the President, is to 90 an Minister Extraordinary ami Meaipotentiary to Rio. The General baa lately returaa4 from Knrope, ie a mx feet genileesea, well educated, a ge-ahead man, very liberal, and Aooe a great deal of credit to hie country and t# bis instructor, bis father, the PrieUent. This city is improving dally, and the government does every thine to improve the trade and condition of it* in- J habitan e Eighteen months ago. when I wee here f:rpt, there was not a steamer oa the itor, now there are sir.; to be sure, not to be eon 1 ?ared with ours, and net very well menaged. Yankee steamers would coin tnonoy. here. TheParaguan navy alao baa a spleodta additior in. the Tacuart mas -of war steacser, brought out by tho General. Tbe Tacuari is as pir'eet and swift a boat for ?uob a set vice as conld be selected. There are aiao. several new steamers building here. Bat whet we waau most are some good soum Yankees and their eteamam. All tbe produoe el the coin try in high. We are -t*. tire midit of summer, and the orops are very promiainsn Jersey city News. Cuastkb Elktion.? The charter elestlon 19 Jersey City > eeterday passed off quietly end peaoeably. iaMk* First ward there was some delay In opening the p<?i?, the rft 6ult of which was thak a lighter vote was i?Ued than usual. In tbe Second ward, the vote wm nir.ias large as usual, bat In tbe Tbird and Fourth warin there was mere interest takan and * ftall v/fte vw r?J?4. It will be impossible to get definite returns ac. to the aeeult until late to-day. but tbe prevailing op juon was last evcnlnr, that David S. Manners was re-elected Mayor: Mosee B. Br am bail re-elected Water C'cnmissionir; and , A. H. Jewell. 8ebo?l Superintendent. It mas also thought . that David Bedford was ?e-eI?ousd Rootier, by a close vote, and l'eter D. V room, Collector. Rmoan,- Alderman John Griffith,, off the First ward, Jersey Ci?y, has resignei his seat Ukthe Common Coum cil. He wm elected some months eii^e in the place Aidst mas Lyman, who resigned. Hpbpken tlltj lew*. OBtfm Flicijqr ur Hokok** .Hhe election in B>ixv ke? jesterday passed off with a jo*l deal of splr't and ooeeiderable bard work. With the exception ci>w<^ or three slight skirmishes at tbe prflla, it was a r.aaoe>.bW> ?ontest. The result was not definitely known at % late, hour, bat there seemed to be no doubt of the re-e'iestlon of Mayor Ciicket or and of toe succeee of th><derjocreUo ticket. Both parties favored the lntroduetiaa r?f water, so that tbe two third vote requl' ed to au'Aor'ire iU ad mlstlon into Bobokea by a contract -with 'A* Jersey City Water Commissioners, is certain. D ungs or Robert L Stkvkw.? Mr. Robert I* Stevens of Boboken, has been confined to his <jpd for a aumber o" days past, ani vrss so low yesterday Mjat it was regarded as impn babio that he wou id live tvuroqgh the night. IjHs complaint is infiammatior. result'^g from the goat. Penonru ln(??l(?are. miTiiA From Norfolk, Ac, in steamablc Jameniowa ? Jn? E Erb, D C McGregor, t Q?.0le?, K y-Mley, cewis Parrjsh era lady. Miss fcuaan T J or M, mIss H Lee. B 0 Ouj , Jr.-x M Smith. E Paanelnan, T B ooodln. J Warren J Mmmoes W Harding, a Darts, K Lv *renoe. R G.tUuif, W Klnmyer. W SterreU A. Oh* sly, J G l> (merte, J Bollns. Geo Urdrer L Hwaak. lady sod cslld 1 Terranoe, 8 W Boker, J B Goody, W K Jefleraoa, Mrs 8 l ev , ^,re. cblliree ano servant, M Hlneq, Mrs fl l.a bpitienif Mine JveiUhson 8 T Kissann and lady, D P Tale, T a. J Sullivan, B Ma*wei, C H Manchester, E Or aw tord? r j to ,terrage. . J" m Savant ah. In the steamsMp Knoiri'le? Z Pearaall. ano two children; brs G 1. Mid'e v, her X b Onyler and y.v MrsLW Andrews, Mi.s Hum, Mrs Fraeklfii. Miss * rsnk ip, W H Harbeck , 8 Wllmot, U Boberleen and iadr 0 Peik u?ft .1 Bo mes, a Parker A Hood, Ikomai M ore, Ofn< Ystee. lady and servant; Mr r? teen, Hev M Teazle. A D ro bemus ar>d lady, ftlai a Po heitus, M es J folhemua. M'es Air>e, MrsBsr ett Mrs Welsh, Mrs Ayr^J, WUVIi mar. W G Burlfc?tl, O O Martin A kmanufl Mrs El-sbleer aid intact, J M Be' den, Mies Ooeitog. M? Artbon, L l? IM?-k*o V W Rkiff. B 1 .a?k. > fWi 4. " 0 Tm -rrtige. P Kennan, Dr Geo Oftearahej Oapl WbMrbons* J Ootten, 1? Ot Uagben, A T|lm, M Blper, tt O B?eU-en<l M Id the steer ege. HO! FOR NICARAGUA* Departure of Uw Ortwba ftor San Jmb-A** reti mt mm Oflcw ?( 6m< Wallnca 4ml bf Ike Depwtjr ?mtafaJTi !?? Iw? Ex citement at Pier foot of Beach Mmt, Mortta JUTWi The announcement that the Orizaba would anil yeetnr day from the foot of Beech itreet, for San Jut, Nica ragua, brought a va*t oonoeurs* of people to the pier to ?ee her off, It beirg hinted that the United State* offioer at this port Intended to prevent her Balling, at the la*ti gation of the Transit Company, who had withdrawn their vessels, to eplte Oen. Walker, whom they charge with having aeted treachercnuily towards then in annulling their charter. The arrangement* to prevent an nndae oat aide pres sure aroum# the gangway* wa* very exoeUeat. A gate way waa eon*tiuoted running through the middle of the pier, and he wa* a fortunate individual who oouWt get pa.t the Cerheru* at the entrnnoe. However, the num ber who got inside wa* quite large, and the scene pre sented was one of great animation and eonfusion. The Orizaba U a Urge and fine ve**el, and she waa densely crowded with paaaeogera, among wham ware many ladle*. From what we could learn, the great ma jority on beard intend to pas* through Nicaragua, on their way to California; not one-fourth on board, pro bably, intending to remain in the land of the five vol canoes. There were a great number of Italians and Frensh on board, and a very few German* and Irish, who usually comprise a- large majority of the emigrant*. Captain C. Carroll Hicks and Captain Morris, of Oen. Walker'* army, were < n the vessel, surrounded by a ho*t of sympathising friend*, among whom were most of the parties now awaiting trial upon charge of being filibus ters. 1 Chris Jerritt," as he is called, one or the origi nal fifty-eight who c&ae with Walker lrom Sonjra to lower California, and afMrwarda to Nicaragua, was among the peeaergers, he being in tUia city on furlough >rom his oommand. At the time the veseel wa* about to leave there waa the usual amount of ehontlng, crying, laughing, ncreamiog and oon'ukibo, and tather more than the usual amount ?of swearirg. Atleug'h the order wae given, aud the ropes were thrown off, when the Deputy District Attorney, Mr. Joa chim^en, eppeared on the gangvay, accompanied by the United State* Marshal*, and commanded Capt. Tinkle paugh to atop the vessel, at the same time springing on the deck ; but the Captain, misunderstanding the or der, omitted to give the oommand, and the vessel sailed i out in the stream with the deputy District Atto^ ney on board, and the officers on the deck looking some what crestfallen on the departure of their leader, and pnz/.led how to act. The excitement on the pier at thin time waa intense, a* it wa* supposed Captain Tinkle j paugh intended to take Mr. Joacbimesea out to Nicara gua with him. or at least V> danov Book, and send him ashore with the pilot. The more fa'e'ious were indulg irg it jf kes at his ezpeuse, and pic*uiing-Col. Joachims sen leading tie right wing of General Walker'* army sgalsat the Costa Kican4. fehcut after shout went up and ihe Captain was vehemently oheered. But the tem per of the crowd soon changed when they saw the O'ixa t a eome to a dead stot in the middle of the stream, and tbe suspicion became geceial that ''Cap" had not *o much pluck after all. "V Meanwhile, a boat wa* proeured and Deputy Marshal Joseph TVroWin and office* Byer, JBorton, Mil er. Helm* and Wliks entered It and proceeded to the vest el In the f-trea*n, to tearch for persons euppesed to be filli bu stern. But here we must retrace our *teps and state how the difficulty wa* brought abont. It appesra that whlie Mr. Joacblmssea waa trying- a case in Court, information waa brought to him than an armed party was to 'ake passage in the Orizaba, oound for Nicaragua, to take part with General Walker in the war lie is now waging with Ooet* Kioa. The following la the affidavits: ? SwOiern THrtrin of Heir York.? Jacob H. Jena* and Prank rr. flaivage, being culy sworn, depose and sav thai W-. B. Jenkins, W"30?! J. C. Brmmicb. W. A dentin*, John Kir gsisj , Feedtoawi Bate*, O. 0. Blots. JaoobMuit# Be*** taMke "pity1 of^ew Tork, In tte Southern District of Hew Vark, tkl> da; set on foot a military e*mpdi?ou for ihe piirpore cf jeiaiio Colonel Wsrkw's army against Ooeia Riot, with whom the l otted States is row at peaoe;and thai thej' sre now about to sail in the steamer Orizaba Ji H. JORK8, M.' U?j FRANK H. SALT AOS. Hwetn batore me, April 8, 1836, B. E. SttLurvu... ? A warrant was issued Immediately against the parties above named, and placed in the hands of the ofioere to* execue. Wotd was also sent to the ?ev?nu* cutter Weehirgtcn. to be prepared to interoopt the Orizaba should the Orizaba persist In proceeding *> sea. The offioer, together with the, person making it* charge, went on board the steamer ac she lay in th* stream, to idintlty the ailegtd filibustjra. Oniy three persons, however, were taken off. viz Capt. C. Carre i Hica*, J* hn Klngalev and J. C. Bemmleh. During tho time lbs Marshals were examining the vessel the soene on 'tne desk wa* amusing enough. The orewd kept shcast log and jostling, and malting critical and irreverent re mark* on the parties, who were oat in boats try ing to. get on boari the vessel. A hand.ame member of the Now York uess wa* haJed las Borate Greeley, from some fancied resetnblanoe to tha whita ooated philosopher, and a number of other jokoa, equally funny, were perpatmed by th* faoetious fellows on tbe pier. A* ? he eeaosh tock over an hour, some few went heme, hut the great bulk lemalned until tbe boat* were seen to leave the steamer and row Jfewards Qham be~i street, aome eight' piers from where the scene waa wltnosantl The crowd) then dispersed, meaifestlng.muah. euiiosicy a* to what na* the character and .mult of- the ?visit to tbe Orizaba. . One of tbe curious multitude informed our reporter, or tmy of comfort, tha^ifbe consulted the BiKip the t?l lewist morning, he would find ouA all the particular* of t)M affair. I Cept.lfcck* on beiag taaen to the Commlseionar's offioe, protested earnestly against tho outrage that had been leomraitted upon him. He said k* wa* not a c.tjzenof th* United State*, but an oSoer in th* army of Gem. Walker, In the Fitvice of an independent State, '-hat bad never acknowledged the authority of th*| fedaral govern parties w*e taken before Gcmmjificuer StlDwell for examination previous to oommilment. Judge l'hilips appeared a* co jasel for the prisoner*, and urged 'bat tne varT*Dt waa infciftnal, Inawnuch M it di'i net atate the name cf the party or parties who were th#. acetusra,

when, acoor ling to the cwstltution, no man ahouldb* accused un)3*? brought face to face with his accuser. The Ccmalasicrer not ad tbe point, and held Captaee Blcks to bail in the ?u:^ of $2,000. anil Mea*r*. Kingslej and Hfmmieh at $1,6&? each? an* ?o th* eaae stand*. There tt?i a ausploiou in tie mind* or outeider* that tbe who'* of this trouble waa cacjed by the old Traaait Company, but of Vhio- there la no- proof. One fact, to* ever, U established ' that t*. that the governme?!. baa not ?erlT*Hly attema*ed to stop the rearing of thU Jde nendent Kne, though it was voty generc^y reported that hey Tiould. The Orizaba is now on bar way to t to- land of tb* tve volear.aee. th# following h the Ust cf paiawtgeta on baard the *t?asa*hip Oriaaba:? . _ O . H Wtoea & Oc'* messenger, O Denmark and lady, a Damark and loir. Mrs U Walters and child. S Heardsleh, ajadeecvant, Julge Smith, if V Dix, M Bd*^all, L M<^W'ae^I. t> a*rt C J Jewett, 0 and J emlih, Xr? K Letght. Mrs WmHh, ft Kidder. M Joore, J Tynnry ard wtfe. MM Hsodarsoa and <tfe. Miss Henderson ant twf> M r H endar^n, and child; J S Maburj. If Crowley. J I -she. OFalmer. J *u. u tj r,nr|f p Ha&ftom. Il M Uatthswt, J Ol'n, J Clark, n ! zix-nizz?*. ? ffygia sad child, A HestoletU, M Clanflia*. A Maynard. J ttenty^ad ^ll^w^TV.^wari'jHj s^Mn S t horihoina, J Owtn. O L?r ?w, Cl ?i r M hu?Pori, J P A*litrn, J Jullaa, 8 M Oimd 0 inaj i iik B P Warricr, B betzanL J U HooU, J R fllSser, J O Bo tjin.on B A Peoples, 8 D Mciorab, Oulffor^ NMcAewen, K 1 alnssMd wife, J A Peck. D D Hteel, J W Klnrakd. <> W / Corer, W McMul en. L Maseu, S OUbwt, J MoArdle, I uv ^ T> Mood* F 1 orfopa Mr QoruM aa4 wife, O DhIot. D ww' ^ M Miliar D bupp pod wKa, A Hipp aii^wifi, J 1 jokw' ^ () Csebbanm, H IV Hitcbccok, JUae^ # McOu^D rear ^ J fraser, t Iraasr, M P?nton, J B Ponton, B P ^ton, ) X Cboyman, A Lanal*t?. 0 Adanw, A .dsms, r Tlgeacs, C rion, K Qrart*r, J Fore, Jehu Fore, J ^)tlplt. rick. J Redman, 1) Prtea,A ^* w -f; ,S7 V?,', ? ' 'ayres, fi f'ajres. wl'a and ^chlld. W McDeugall, W Too jg, r ntn ebaws, J Btesgl*. 1# Klnyer. 8 httmey, ^A B 81 1, L Miller, M MtllerL M Barnes, T Lewia J lewla, J Y ?,?, q Mr der, M I f r.iier, Mr Sailcetberg, O VUor 1-hf.emaker. t b?iH. k Bains, Mr MDler B u , hell, C i.oi:ada'e, W Mayers, KB i ougbe' >. a Boblnroe. J Gould, A unrstol, D Bar ar^u.?'u.^ B l.uienbuiy ata child, N Hepater, I ^Ji Mrs 8 f Aden. Mrs and tbUd, t Jordan, Q C Hammond gttf D Smttk, J Crswford, 8 W Cr a Q G f as en, OBI Irehflild, J J Mr baldl. d Garibaldi, Jr G 1-aertdl ^eJa. ..ff1 d'?PiW JtpelFai), J M or ?han * ?m? MfS'r B n^tetr Mrs? '?? * V Hogbea, V Isaac! R W fiiiM o h (nidklt ^ Brlce and chl'd, A frost and wife, 1 iJS J H llJ?? f ? J 8 ?*">?lB M Jackson. Q Parma, . ???"? ZDillcn, fc Ball, POalrargo. Ha Wrriftt HlW jrs Cor nelly, MUs C f'lwmdjr. ? B gley. 0 SffiSi I'l.SkJT ti J Bo ) ley. Mrs Boiler, BWarlek. J W,Hor d , J I sci p , jJ (j?rrey O F urley , J Burlav ? Mahnn<, L?,uh il iinrr *fr< wtfo *nd ? children, K MerUcodo, Mies Balth, ? Morr ind |B steerage Kawmwra.? Tbe reiidenee of C. M. Duns la Baetebeater, wa* destroyed by Are on Satar morn I eg Ix?e 92,000. No insurance. Mr Dk and hla wlfb were nearly acff?ieak#d by tb* smoke before ta#? 1 ipade their e*o*|* I UTtkom bUlll(?BC?, I TKX AUMmVn?*0* OAPT0BB op wo.TH^fSopSir.41'0 B*oor,H,T 0F M'??? P^TtattJT^ WWUi" n>bb#,i" tUt ** , % ^ ???*????? at an early hnur ya* ' or B?Z?"i!Z T" B*n' BMl ftCa' ?? *?*"?*<>? of t he eeteWah- I to ,/f6 a*?re OB "?? "ondng refacwd to they of dUmlrf Mtonlrtnfnt that .Mmt $40 000 wonh off fr^m thai, premi<-g d ^ ?22.I\? & ?*"** ?*^w fethhnself to w/A .'u. tie ?*ttM ?? uid Wbj.1,1! * th" mf8t ^oro'" mann.r to who it wu <i_? j th? mUMjla ?>erk, Haydon, I "? tt* Individual who (9 I ?f piTMrtf #8?d t0 c*rry off ao valuable a quantt , I r.'cr . . n o ? ?cuad slumber, and that while the., ?P.?Bd * tUn,<*r>.tb8 ?f to* dr*?K??t Haydongot I ?i<. E. y; ? *? ?h' T.' 1;' -- ??? c r*"0"' '?*'? ?? m-" mm in. -nl' *, 7 jr' *l ?* ?*rl7 hour yesterday I rt?U?'C 1 *?? .! W"Ud * 09 t0 EnroP? ?? the * ;/8"Bt of,helin?- ^.omarei rnr.,r;"-. ^ '." r"! ?*?? ,>? wi M h,??u to sr ^ ,ook ??* T"1 *??" "?"??? to,. < *po? with the iL^n?ou^?tciiii<?r. ,en Railro?^ ?\SOTU2r!8?? "? v?^? "" * "K loUowtntf moroinir. asd 'bus be^t? ?Wy hott* the ?w? intj)e qSX. It 1ep?r. no* be defected at the deoot^h.^.K ^rda" ?uu'd oleHt should pro?eo to It'ktof ' ??Mr ?"?(i the I era he e?cac?d to tea Tiaketn i-? capture tbe fug^li?o I swa^Ss?;"K ar .-^3 Wi,."r ssr'P' td bat and eirty rao ^ oa H? *Ift; 0 (1 8l'"W? bl? hair *M ent shoft ?PM mSm. waa th<r ter Urnn the o?h!e; J^! ulw'il on# ,e8 t-Jng the buUdiitr, with h(x c^t^al (? w^? ^ wnvejed x9, tna ?t n? foand to contain ?T?r?^J5??i ^?'"ched, whan A?oig?tter thing* cakes from\hi0it?0r Jfwalry uoten. ?^lon ?f HvdonT,ew^^mI^!kb? f lun? "? tt?,poa one of wliioh it M rit^ J","?nd ?"?!/ pUrt 7C ; ^ ????*?>? of dm mo>\ M.Wa^ abeaat^!u2l^UlJ1>f*c*'*t^ ?* cloua ?toa?M vaJum at ui *'*h ?'?' oona MuStagajK?.,?; J?J JjLJfSPflJ >!??'? '7 'Mt, tfi^a'na w^TT.^^''"9- f^ ? 'he#aj? of the offloen.^l^X.lrZ!^ ?**?'?*<? the fatr en. pU2 ,n? mii ?i. wlw *''n?ni ?id ,ept rarj " WM? ?P?tator, Med lather wa. t .kel mt d^u??*t|'P? o( hie c ee eontainiHt In hi? e.iw/b2L T?x? "ST" ?f Ei-""? ???KaS5i5V3ES?;-<SS k?? '? *? Mi % wstefcanskee nJIlJS.? ***" ^ Bill, B a ok k Oa nr-p^er, 1d^7Z!i?*2? h? b,Wed of w >l?y alwayr re'-,>?^V ?b?l porviw. SBUS T"?*?1 ?*rk'' fc granted bin, lo jUrn ia ST BT^I . , ?' h*J P?rmivii-m other elert*. a ii VSm-' ^ ? r VCl ^ Wlth 90*?? of the Ss: ^ ^ to s^en I? that caused the witobTr. wi.h the cbo'^T jlwVTr^T^ .*cou<lwl **" Ailing hi* ba? aui Blark A^JEMfcSf 1 W ^o 6t>ck of btix g only akeat ii2. ' ?# o^I" * Jrouo/ m" one of the celia fin ? ?? rae He ,fl n0* 90?n"?<i 'n ocBcmltted to tM&jc kob? f#./triaL pr*P*nktor^ to being ?patt?yan?*uf?^ mnfeTT /M th* t'*he9t credit for th6 the imporlr* ?aee mtrw ^tno*^<^0h he condlwted J^co^ i.^U9/?d7S0m* JT *g? ^ Pttbli,h6d )?ncer ^ "Mn/ ?f M0-000 worti of ?used John R. Dnrow* fnj wim * *^I!! ?f ^ Per'?at & erlng feienlea. tr iV ,.1 Bloomer, on charge ot Messrs. Ifcyt, T? i in, ''?? '^prn rerty from the owaem, thea an esanit aati< ^ 0 this wt7 Sinee 'iee Welahy *&>.? f 'a the matter before Jua Onondaga coon At ? J- \- e ^ ^rhf-ea, of Lysandar, to be tbe own- er a ? the *n<J> claitniog deiendanta cw *,t? ? tfee property, aaiu that ho gave the hold aUnaelT^J ft* *}?, ??4 that Ee w.uW Upon this tev hn> ??Iy ^ ? ' th? conseqnstu's. tni?? Hei coiainl i T ??^rlstrate felt brand to dig Bloo-jvr, ZT ??VW Brown and Mr further attend ?co^dirgiy he dijobarged them from all Mr. Vnorheai. ""J t J" Th" ^mpUiiunU and theowne.airl' J! the 1?W" ' l711 "Ut^v. to CtiAKc* o r f * (}0Mtlcn ctantdoiup. ? h j WiJtaa C. 8nilth, ? naer wrgeant J M r, nffaio. N. \., was arreuted by baring tb ^ Po,lce Cput'. ?? cha^ of Gamut 1 Uij ,""<1 "i*T*L7 l? th? amount Of ?2,C00.froi? preteroea m 'Tf' ?',N.0' J"? Broadway, by means of fahe ticn is chftf ged to h??Ut "P,e^nt??ion.i. The traos??. o?mb?r bug t?i<? 5 en m ta? month of f)e Our Mexican Cowreeponrtenr*. Ma.numuo, March 11, 18f3. Aynu Project for Sufplying J fattaniUo roUh Wholesome Wilier ? Impon (ante of tlu Port when thit AdvanU ??< ti fja urtd ? Pr r, pottd Live of Railroad Acron to th* Pacific, from .'V Qu j Mexico, 4c., <*\ Sinoa the ir ,omth of April of lut year tho ateamers of th? Nitaragt ju J] q? have coot-nned to stop in here once ft month tr .eh way, from ami to 8an Franciaco, having procured f k eoneewlon from the Mexican government bcatiag d ths '25th cf October, 1864. which aUcwa tho ?taamcra of this line to enter and depart free from all dutiear n taxee of any kind, except the Captain of the Po*t'a Aei and health certificate, amounting to only $7 60 *ch <ri>. In the month of Jaautry latt a party came here from ^ar , Kiancifco, with all the necessary machinery and im P' jisa&ta lor the purpote of boring an artea'.an well, a e Jtnpany baring T>e?n formal at Co hi ma t>r the purpose, iiatant in the interior seventy-live mile*, with a capital of $8,000, and the proapecta are vary favorable for their auc ceaa; and when good and wbalesoma water baa bean pro cured frrm a flowing arteaian well, it ?:11 make this one#' the moat importact port* in thia republic aa it laya on the Inxntclate route* of the ataamera which pass op and town thia coa^t, and a ill p ? ve greatly beneflcial to oar men-of-war, wnalera, itwinrs and merchantmen, aa there fa do gocd water to be bad convenient y Between Pa nr ma e rc Han Vrarci/eo, the water ot Acai nleo being rfafcar qualify. Trials the natural Out'.at fir Waau>tn Mcxico, It.1 diitance frem Guadalajara beiog the name aa iron. Sat Baa to the !at cr place, ei'.h a much better res-" and back country: it fact th> merchant nf Gaada >. a make the n.o?t of thai* puretuutea from the im pjitera atCoIinia. By a private letter from one o' oar diatisguiahed >?iti in a raa'lisg in Mexico, I am informed that a project haa teen optcrd in Mexico for a ral road acroan to the I'aciSe ftcm tfcn Gulf nf Mexico, and tfcut ha.1 miggepted ti h? tartr tt at thit would no ioubt p-ove the Wt terming ft- r this aide, he at the same time asking farther inform* tirn, trgetber with a map of tne haroor bare, ?1th one of the territciy ot Colima, and a continua tion of the country towarda Moreiia, which the roate woald <ek? In fta track a4^?? the country, all ? f which will be forwarded the gentleman ikia we-lt. This place eaa bad from time tmmemo'ial the reputa tin of b?log very unhealthy . but the real cau?a it tbe bad wa*er which the Inhabitants una, it being tuatitfor human b?lng? to drink. A goidatream of pure aater rare into ti e bay. a boat five mi lea rt if tart *>r>in tha town, but tlia natlvea are too laty to proc^ the; tn tha maaa time the "well" I t pr gveV.nn to Oumptalit m. Colima, the tnteilor tcwa. it> fi^aty totaled, lh>re ara Ma in toning hou'e* and two ar.tti n fartc-l?a al) In proapero-u ernottien, while tbatnara ia t eaelr h*4d? a by tha nrtoer < ua ,lkuera?," or garV en?, la and n<ar arang.a, Umaa, ir fact a<l the trtptoe', rrnite, bei- g to gr?sa aiundaace. Ten g?', the po t tea', r ew* on the Unlf p.oa aooaar thaa we do, but 1 will qfjcMinoa.'ly drop you a ahtrt letter f?r p??ltc?ti<:a, in (^f? it may prov* "nirth tha time ia "p?t u?e i* ?#?" Owr WadHagtor. CtmipaMUntt. WASaiNuroif, April T, ISM. Politic* and Paralytit <f (\e AduunUlratUm?Ger.. Pierce Bought wp urCth Protnitei. to be Sold out with PU ap pointment!? Polity* a Stock Compaq? Mr ftuckanan Tried ami Otmdmnntl Without a Hearing ?No Inter vention. in tficaranjua ? Vtewe of Leading Jkn?Oxviiim tf Mexico, and iU AlmtytUm. Tbli 1? called the "Mt ef government " bat it really gives few signs of tta character u such. There ia everywhere here as atmoepbsm of utter parstysis. Tht government itself has eome to a deed aland. The Pre?i 1 deuC7 after la vastly more important than the P*eaicieusy kefo<o March, 1867. Geo. Pierce la In the White House, and does little else than reoeire jssulticitl eongratBiaUons wr tbo eertainty of hid re-nomination a-nd election. Ia thl* respect the Hoath ia playing -the fulgame ? trading ia polltisr, buying bafrr? and prepering to aeii after toe Cincinnati (Xnven ton. Perhaps in ae Instance sincrthe organiaatioa ot the go-*ernme?t hatr ttfiere been uo arth ?u*.*gemeat and no little sincerity amuifeated towards PraeiaecUai candidates. Washington" )? Lterally an iU toc'+i diatrfet. There i? a eenv.chwt amoc&it all the poLtouuu that it oea make ? oand dat >aad then elect hint Ti-ere are those even wn? pietead to jefUve that Piercc might succext at toe t?Us. The ccotry la neither thought ot nor eensalted. Poiitiss haa'besn tcraed into ! stock, and ban ?<tablistaed a ilHee in tHla city. 1 It has its piriJmt and directors, its stents, decks and 1 servants. It has become ? distinct v? war , sad lhatof tne tftneeracy, yrr^ra bold by the evktant decline ef toe j n'gger (orehippect and the tpasuixlic ?e.l<;uoi the Knew NoUiitg>) aoo ci*?*nted wt,h its ndaHhatrefcoo, h-?s net np lor InisdlibiiHr It* vMt wrors are nhirhei off with marvellous coir ym. It denenaiew Pier* tuvl Mirny ia private, ud euawiaa them in puoiie. It refi.loen *.uat It is In power, and k'thanlful that iui opponents are 90th wtak ecu I'.tviued It declare* Iveelf irre*reotieie fcr the errors of iL? govrr wceut; and well it wt.y, f >r there Is no vitality at e .ui in its oppoLsc.") <0 eip neth?m Mi . Buchanan is oetng du porod of o|r the oitemation of a it-poit ihau he review the Neb.-asna-l vansaa legislation, tid only awuswa eoh'jslon to that naeaeire now that it is the law if tl.? tend. It may or not turn cut true that Mr. tiuchan* t i? uar^aaa (u 'tis uleverj quo* i a; out it ? ?fa 1 a tivtie sjueer '.hat he el >u i ? c-viv-ted without a lictiiig, aeoui his a?bew>? at that, ana against the ? enor i f a lor q ?n 4 active puciic lit*. Tie mevrtasnts of politicians, an. tespecla ly at 'he pirsent momont, backed 0/ l he whole fwwer ot tbu government^ and bvibeac aiiO?UCgAd fdiwitneeo ot Gov Marcy, aji - suca an to lead net>tte tnat ixistead o: Mr. Uzth&naa an Injury , they arodcfDg him an t .ieatisl seuiee. Blaws laul en to his reputation by such poiittoiil hlshwayuien will only reeoaomend him to tiopnMr lavor. Besides, there in me poii% which >*?ni to be regarded ae an ac kDowledg'.d ?e> w*ity amosgnc nil the f*oi.ion;?? tUat toe couotiy d?mnnd3 and rtil hare ttip noamuitK r. o> a well kn<>wn at<<i Mbi> znan. There are ut ina>< circ'e a tow eacing htat??aee, such as Gen. Gas*. Mr Buc.iaaiko. Mr Dallas Mr Dou(??e, Mr Wi'e ?ni Mr. Hauttir, aii men of aei'i'y. ane- tiitner of them at' alt itnestion vjle < n tne rubj-ct ef slat/erj; and I believe in the li^hc of the past, it ?iil, afur all. ? e iaipuHaibiu la pass this nai.-cw frduu eary lor a noiuii oe. lte Central tu ienc*c affair is matter of vor? oerioui internal dUag lee-ne&t. siroongat t ie laaning mer .of the ue doc acy. Gov. ttaroy i- a?l i.oggsdl . oppxed te tu? Rivas-Waike guverr-Tism, ani wouTd, if b? nad the p* we;, '-crush it vnt." Bat the misfortune it t,h?". the government la w Ihout any povaar tc aou TJ*. revoca tion 01 ihe Tran .at C .r^pnny'n charter inflamed Mr. Mar i ej. bui tailed ai' er all, to g:w? him a chat -9 to ac'.. llatallfclr b a'?oon-s'ic oonre*a wi b wbijh thiag'V irLcent hao no iKioitoei. It has served lo g n increas 1 ed veten-ence t?i Uav. Maray'n prayer* tor th'.-cvar hrow of General Wall i?r, and its srt1*d some what 10 General 1 Pierce's pron-u tc Mr. Vna^o^hiit to lonk L-ie the mat ' ter, but tt has '?atmc to w?y of Intorveatl. n The truth is. the guve. nnteo' is nticrly cc. da<nn?>i for not recog > aitixg the Rivar gcTainment de facto. I^eaoiaa Senators have auUnotly i&.'ormed Gen. Pierce that tho? have b?ea krpt Irom rien<?>ai a<ng his policy towards Nicaragua only to w id dNtuiltea ca In >he lappy family of the democ racj just ot tbaeve of an eUovun. Cjloaol Divn, th> boci-tary rf V'?*r, nay.v6?-neral Walker, wilii one thou sand Kan, is tar larjr.t than a luatoh for all the Csntral An erican Simm comMr.rd. No doubt ii csiertained ol Li- oc n.jnaai <?f Costa luce . and this l? feared by Mar ay, oecsuie it wi'i compel him to recognise thaAivas govoen s.ent. An the Prmldrat aow a ak? is, tbat he may have no thing fuithrv to tie about Nicaragua. En tays he. wiU fty eno-by *oc{rn ne the gr verniueut; aa<l tbis courao Is utpenvly p essar. i^oa biin as a cuun tat vailing mtvemeui. to Giaai UrltHia a the Belies It 'r- teiv/7. c xaie that Mexlro will be parnaanantly divioeo r. Is tktiujht t. be ineriiabia. In su k.a son 'logensy tbe m ptitecee of an American toutnoW in Niuue^** bec< nits a usat'.er o( rfc? grsi'est magQitude. Tbif- who.o R-ikiect of Ventral America. b,-th in retaraace t" the fsture Industrial and cummerckl inter cats of the UntHCi ^atcs. ana ? etnneo'lon wVtfc our e-inQlctlog vifws witt< Urea* Britain, is last artuming an importance wbi< h iss noi her?te'i>re attached to it. A lUtie time will i'lustrate tte ?upr?-ue foi'.y of iba administration li talc-tig tc lectiive thi Xlcaragcan aaibaBi^tdor. It is a cottwcriby fact, tbst the wrnb-r ..I /ilacktoood's /Unto :'.n< ocntaias a full, fair slu candid <lefence of Gen. Wa ler arc. blfi ?n?octate?. The def?Dce certatuiy has a cuji'uj oi.gij in the tory pre?* (if F.nglund, acl pub lish! d in tbe face cf 1 issied'-ts upon oui 0 *n ci izcQs by our o?igi vertrmetit. It if r?w thcnugbly Fettled that the government will Jo nothitg fa: Mr. Vaccerbtlt, Ciij Intelligence. Lecttsr fcr titb Bmn ok to Rohan Catholic Ob ruAN Asylum. ? Tha Aradamy cf Music wan deadly filled Unt sight ts bear an oration by Thcias France Meiphar, 01 "St. Patrick, National Anniversaries their elgUficance as I beauty." On tha stage with the orator was the m?mvr? ot the Rr.mea CVblio Benevolent Association tbe 6P'h Rigtment oi oity Irish military, and the > Uttr g-iiebed itvitac guests. Mr Ma-gher dwe.t at great Im gib is bi oiation on tbe importance aud necee dty of keeping tre*b In cur hea 'ts, bv Hjmba a and cere uot.irf, me rMi'niM*uce ot great men and good anl brave den'*. 0- behalf of hie ououytnea, he repelled Kith much force tbe assert: n (feat th? obnervanoe of St. Patrick's da* naie I tint men ungrateful or bad cliisens cf this lepufclic. the Iiish loved thin cjunlry ani i * in*tltuUons, anl 'be c?ai with which tbey c nog to the rtm<mbrt?ce of tbtir rot d and great men showed that 'bey would cot forget aej kincne-a or benefit they ba<l recei'ea here. Tbe cravr wa? vehemently cheered at tbe clcae It is uut'eratocd that over $2,000 was realized by tbe sale of ticket*. Ni-?i!Kit.KG mis Hot sis. ? A ve-y general mere is being rosr'e up town to number the dwe.'Iinc houses with large gilt figures on tbe plate glass over tbo front doors, eo that by day acd by night the number oan be aeeri by pedes trisnn arid ci trbwtn without running up and doirn door i-tepg. Noibirgcan m more atmird than the tiny num bern in Vf gne bete upon email pla esaet in the doors, on less it be note at a.l. whlrb may be, perhaps, lew absurd, for many oi these numbers cannot be distinguished even in tbe t ay time from tbe pavement. The p. eieut custom ci glass i'ghm over tbe bs 1 doors affords a eonvenient place for good f ited numbers, m they are to be found in Lone n anl otter large cities, and we trtut that the preset t move wilt he a general one and erery house will be plainly and distinctly numbered. No one la insensible 'o tbe D(rc?B*:'y cf it. Fbrioi b Failrcad Accipsm ?As tbe Albany train was le'u. nltg, shortly after 6 o'elcck last evening, on tbe Tenth avenue, a bey about ten years of age, the son of Mr. Daniel Lamb, of Twenty-cinth (tree1, jumped on me of tbe care, atd in at'emptlog to get off again fell In between the caie. end the aheels pacing over Mm, bis legs were completely nuasbtd. Fortunately Dr. Pu ce ll a, of Eighth street, bappet.ed to be on the spot and lifter <xan i ration, advfrto that the i:u happy chil ) ehonld imn-eciate.y be convejed to the City H>epiial. Dr. l uie.-ton lonnd one leg was completely shattered, wliiUt the other is so severely lejured an to require amputa tion Firx Ui Third Avnu. ? About 8 o'clock on Tuesday morning, a fire was discovered in an attl.i bedroom in the frame building No. 627 Third avenue, oorner cf Korty Ulrd street. Some pec pie from tbe street ruahed in, an J a a few mu utes it wae reported that the tire was tot. lu about twenty minute* or half an hoar after war'a, smoke wa? again discovered Issuing from the nprerpartof the biildlrg, wbeu an alarm of fire was given, the fit emeu were promptly oa the ground, and utter sotre iMfliculty Fuceteded in finding the whe<* abruts ci tbe lire, when it. *aa extinguished. The da toege to tbe buildicg. which ia ixmeil by J. B Pen'*, will probably anrui t to $100; tully insured. The furniture be l i-'ock of groceries, fel< rgir.g to Mr Jsiuei Moore, are dsmrgid by fire and water vr<beblr+o the amount of tlW) ltru-eJ in the North River Insurance (Sorapar for $1,6(0. Tt<e flie is supposed to btve "Onur red from a Hold strp, wbinh was left in the room by n boy while lie went to bt'skraii, lieu likciMt Cf*irs>v No. fl or Wnniw iw!.-1 This corrpaay pa. se;1 th? Hbiaid office jesterday, with their new machine, which has jaet oome down from Hartford. It is a large ecgice, of Boston patters, and coet 91,509 It oreated much attention in the street, by the beauty of i's acoirtr ?nts ar.d will no doubt girr a gtvd account of itfeit, wb?n ocrasion tffere. John .I?0ers is foreman of thir ocn-^anj, ?rd tr?y number bin tj -seven as fine fel Iowh a? tver (ullec1 on a rope. Hrttekiyn tltj Newa A pARKfci o? Hcwan Fuuinh Ptc*n> Tr.? A barre1 a alfcd anhore at t> e foot of Dikeman street, on Monday n'gb'. A new hempen rope waa tied arouaa it, and ?n the ht*d was brae dec the name "Gecijetown.-1 On oi?t.iug it, the body oi a man, cive*t??l ol uead, k<gs and ain-s was foun<; also four lege aud ?mr arms, c ire- ted ot ano ban< s. They were i-vider'J)' tti? limbs ef a . nit leTSons, and there st-eroa to be no otb^r way to ac t.< utt ft r ?h'-n toac that they were tbe sutjeea of soma fttnren's c i eiogery. Coroner Redditift ha* thetfl ooarayed to he I'ea-4 H< use. bat ben f unable to n.>me to any oon c>tih < v tn rftarc tberete other Uia? above ?i?m, U?C tl eu> ^ec??tiy interred Our Belize CwNq?ndenM . j-a^jrassrsjHfis TJZZz'Z ***"" Jmeriemt in Gvtmala-n* H?v itl BekJl *pprtn,nrt0m BrOtfimtmei ef a fvrcfH,. MUme* *9* Motquxto Protectorate Question ^?r" U m' UtUi rf top*t?w to the rwl of the ? wo?M trarepmej here at preeeat. Our V? ? i? atlll u MMion, and althoogfc it n?| lto In January Urf, but Bttle ha. yet bee. don* * w**k' tb" Gr?><I Court net for Ike lut Mm* aa4ar tt* new eoMtitmion. fr? Suproa. Onrt wfcKA ietoheheM quarter 1/ for ??nenl bumaew, a< ^ cb"nt*r?. ?"he* nwtiyn i kn., are to to . *' ' ** *n ?rP?toent, ud time alone win Ml ow will work Mr. BaU, the tew Attorney Genet* Mntt %t ** ?mnoa> " he n? bad Th U ** ,}C)aJ UW ha tor tod in the abort lime be baa beea bere heIeh"(E^?bl* lD<<?S">* 7<n tUt we oo lawyw. here. Each maa U bu cw. lawyer, aed for the amount o c*r population, (probably from l!2,3toto 1- OOOaoakL) Hk. thl, witTim .tA , k"T6 ?* **"" ??nrt' op*? *?"* tot 2S!? ^w """a'' court, for imall auma, <e? than fifty dollara. opaa each mcnth for a few hew then a grand court herettfcre alttu)* one waek thma .b.,~ ,orT?^T Mt doDara, and ^hera all nominal cuea are triad ? ?ceptta? murder, araon. :*n- manala?rf.t?. ?S Colr^whi' hkl'Cj *** ^ m * ******* Oommiaew. Coort, which latter c?art in oooreeed by pr x-'.amatio. , whenever thare i. .any ***.,. Uwu ??fa tofcre, ihia atmo?-iiior? d<?? Hwyert? they kwTl ^*7,? VStf f arr"e jor - to la?t . wo yV.A? m Jas^I' ^ kaea eblaioreia a?aj SiTa, *' Z a8y hare no! af i'j i-iT.'E.rS' notor iou by * 4 b#?-r inn (m.m lT ? Tf)ry *] n eH 1 "**? W* imhia de?? TnU ^ 'ST.*? CV" n) U)" J'^toaa i he bar rf tbe'o urt te thu j?Uf ! * '"rt' t H>*. Ui" ?jr* Juelico to tha Supoilrt3ncent0MfiJ*^?' l?a Uh<e| to try him at Uianer^,,.-^? .v %ooat " he Harn prieesme?' . s??at?n of Ue court tor fialae ia ,b? of Jaaaarr laat we hare had vw? .. wttJad waatt'er irirrnlnn _,??K 7* nM v#rT ?a ?ri?3ff3 leciirj of our oldest in ha jjunt nsT fsriW's th^i* bet little lit cur aulj w^/V^ITr tie aawon aa to draw out VS par ilia baa also oaim tnoign ai d e^chioeal; ho(c<i>ra are^Hrt IV "i*"1 - u?margi? u iett f?r v'^nflt. her* tllM ?^SSSfSS ?*?> ^Sawasiisi fr* ?a Callfr>m.a. rhere ??m .F?w^ ^ .7** hn?* f*oit ?rrlr^ nearly a akeieu^ co one to appi, to. to aaeUt^M i Sf ??. ??<>"?>, aj to n?e and ainkine# hk^I f .1 ^ MM tor. "this fa tk!> ??i. , auuallon, at t ha a^iun time (tar ?jr n^SSisf ^ f - nuir.ter of Aa-Bfleana haw Ua*v?5Ji uTr" *?'*** E?3lrTi5"' "3'S MiiOI?. f? ih*/^nTwPthTt0tth!^**,r'" "? amrre whlrh? ? !r','olM P*T * apeetflo dut^ cocrl c" isolate ^ ? number ot rated artio ??. rh?J ^L?k ? fcddln* io *to but never elore 4t H?ri ? J iffi r ??' iaiitim wt.h our expend; 5s:r. fas ^edpa;nm^o{tabh^^5 t?,.t he had taken an waoitmant of old .toek which tod toea JLtoS ?^te^l,VrvWly '?*"? HU r*?>n f?r to expecta the Oyane wlk coma down bere and a?HFfaSfi^ y?, lu WTltarjr, but hat been obliged to wire aHiM H? i BSJK S,?ww la the rain nal of llarer to reco*nlae tto nrM??t ragnan forernireBt. Wben ,n .T7 ?' 70ur (for?mment (*ep?nd on it, thoae actaaM to be lock *4 on with great aantlon by Am.ricl^. Our Curoeao Correepondance. lanvD or Cdkacao, Mar >k 17, ISM Proclamation of the New Governor- ? Ike New lhp omaH? and Contular Law if the United State*? Health of Aa It<and?The. Difficulty uUh Vmexuda? Accident to At American laiK V inui, dr., dr. On the 26? h ult. hi* Kxeelienev l>rw nor R. F. Via Laiitlerge wa? proclaimed Governor of_thi* Ulead and tM dtpeist'encW, to the prt-eonce of the military und?r trM ? nd civilian* After *,he reeding of the projlamatioa kf Mr. J. Hcbothorgh, (Vloiiai Saeietary, th? aiiXereat tanU t) retir e * saluted with the|ununl number of guw*. To* Go vernor [after leaving t.'r fornierofficial pout? that of DaWh Central Genrial to Veneicela? Wailed the Ulead* of St. Martin'-*, St. Koatatiiis ,-'ebr. and Bonair, the principal dependenciee of thin Iftlaiid, before hia arrival km, tl make Limaelf rcDTMnut with the tnacner la wbiah theu- gorerrmeotj are aJminixtered. Hla hwlliwy briuga with him a high obaraclnr for IqifMU-tiaiity, tm tegriiy and buaiacsii-liko liabiui. In a late edition of jo-tf useful and widely nil mlat?l Hgjuid I perused, with much plrware, aa MUnmI headed, "American fniiJomat < and Conauia Abroad," ad viaiig tie Unite! ritetoa gov nmout to pay thoee iiAiiW ?alaties that w< 'Id innure their projection t? Amerieaa citizen* abroad . 1 he new and miaeailed rvtdiwr*. ooniakr law*, pr ?ned by Congreaa during the peat year, bare la <ie?d affixed certaiu saiarlea to oeraiu o?o*ala*e*. Til consulate of this inland, for inr.tanon, baa tba pal'ry )OB of Ave hundred doliaia ftltauiied to it. lfca laetunbeat i? also allowed to tieupnot htulneea ou hla ova aoooimt. Ii'it the corer'.'Wa of this I must ai;?ia repeal, mi Mat *4 ufotm sheali Hare trade UieaiM.'vw aware of the fa to, that ?heie >* no conimercial bnFineM tbat a oooaai eaa enter into here iiidepi ndcu.t of bin > flVal.nae--*he Uada of the Wand beltig entirely abaoriied by the aattee Mer chant*. The geaeial health of the Inland is gooo, having aetfthar cholera nor jellow fever, altbocgh the iortaer, ap to tba l*?t ?3?oonta, i* wiihln x)eajru'3 > ' (he ally of Oota, vessel* Ire m which p.t are rjuan ntlrol twenty day*, thu drought etlll o? utlnnra, and ooiuoquently we hava every prospect of one ot thoee rail cr >j? of old, ?ay on* hundied tbosaacd brreln. Authentic inUll'jeuoe arrived here a tow dare faa* ? from Veieruela, that t bn goveiranjent, of tbat ooaatrr 1 have decided not to p*J thih (tover imeat any la4ecaaM> i cat' on for -he < ol pror-rtr belonging to Itotokr nit jeetn. iconrfCd hv a riot about nine month* patt I* tlii el'.y or Cora, ana, al?o, that it eiti not eoaoole Ma ri/;ht ol owiorehip to the Inland of Vtok, which ialaai* tl.iH grvaiement a* 't? terra ry. All the Tutch West iDijja He?t a<? now annuo red la tba IU ad* otLaguayra. awal is r furl hot Inrtruc'loaMroattoi Putch Consul (iecer?i at t'aracc**, wLo ha? glvea tke Vt-nemelan f evpTB*r Mit forti eight hour* Air It* teak arswer, (tbln li tnken from the fXraca* paper* ot tkar Utb,) wb.'ch al?w that the Senate la ia nor el eetelon. which will probanly lead to an amleatoe l*>U ment of the ?\l*ting olffle-jitiea. The American hnr* Vennn, J. It. A'kiaeoa, MritW, one of ont teirt'!ar wafer*, iu?tv?i in thii fort about * twenty dky* ]<a*u leak'vg ven muoh, nnoeilna* bf hoe he'i g utrtick bj liyhiniaf ia the UuM Utreaa* ?ba eeaeai daj own.f New Y.<tk. I aj aaJetywue all n*i***ir? repam iararred by *axi a-cidaut, an4 prooeedg <M bar ;*toi3 to H?w Tort aa the