Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 10, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 10, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK 11 R R A I,T>. WHOLE NO. 7164. MORNING EDITION? THURSDAY, APRIL 10, 1856. ? PRICE TWO CENTS IMPORTANT FROM ALBlNYt EXCITING SESSION OF THE LEGISLATURE, TOE ASSEMBLY ADJOURNED SINE DIE. <AU THE IMPORTANT MEASURES PASSED OVER, AH EXTRA 8R68ION INEVITABLE. llNTEBESTINCi CORRESPONDENCE Ac., &0., fto. From the State Capital* &KFURAL OK THE GOVERNOR TO CALL AN EXTRA BteaiON OF 1HK LEIilril, ATUltE ? PROPOSED CON SOLIDATION OF NEW YORK AND KlnQS COUNTIES. A i.i! any, April 9, 1868 A Urge amount of bu-ineHH remains uulialehsd; and, ?0 far u tke public t'easury is interested, it is fortuuata 'that it ia ao. Until 10 o'oloci thin morslng the lobby boasted of having the Governor in liadirg stiings, boast ing that, at the mem' nt of adjournment this evening he would issue a proclamation oallirg a spec'al session of the Legislature. The obby cormorairs indu>e1 a score or so of members of ihe House to sigi a request, asking hi* Kxoellency to ii>bue t uch prrclamation, pledging them selves not to remain over twenty dajs longer at the capi tal. In orfer that our readers may have an inkllpg of thJa demand made by the lobby, we present the documei t thu.5 signed and seat, and liia Excellency's coinaunlca ?tion to the House o: Assembly : ? Assembly Chambck, alkany, April 8, l.J5o To Bis Txcklllk.-k y Gov. Clakk:? Vhereaa, there is do * a large amount or unfinished business on the general orient of tie abii-b i y, ot great geLeral In terest among whi.-b are the tol'lsfor din trie tug the atite into be atorial and Judicial d s rlo'a, a?d apportioning members ot Assembly according tn the requirement* of ihe conaltutlon, andaiaothe General eupply and Appropriation bi Is; and, wlereaa. l>olh binucbe- o the LegHlau e hare p?a?ed a con ourrenl re.8a.utlun to ndjoum un the 9th tnnt., and tba duty of oalling an extra i-es jon wt 1 be tarowu on the executive., we, the undersigned, members ot the said a tsemoly h?reov p'edge oureetves each to the otuer, ha' In the event ot such extra ses sion being called, to oommenee on tne loh list, we will use our votes and influence to bring such i ession to a c os<yoti the 26th lust, and toop;io>e ihe in reduction ofjany ne v business, except ot great geneia' Interes1 . a id la tho eve-jt th*t such ex tra ression may be ca led to commence at sny o'her tlma, we will u?e all honorable ti dftavom t."> htve the same te--nlnate withfn or at th? end of twenty days troui its civmeacment, i a<el Albany, J n-,clay evening .inrli 8. looi. O. Robinson, Spe.ker, .John C ark. Benjamin Bailey, ltai lo Hake*. Pet>ry B. Norihu j, John I). D.xon Wllltam J. Shea, J. J. Harcheu, UenryWitee. H*rt Vla?89?. 1-tiomas 8. Gray, Francs U Spiao.a, i avid G. Fotd. K. W. 'Hover, Will 'am Sidney Smith, G v Ko ? er. 'jhomasD. Penlleld, J. B ibo-naa, X I Curtis L. oi'nonH, WllUam W. Beeve, T H Mattes'*!, K Award T. Wcod J u Carpenter, John banford. Daaioi u. ??td, jriibu C. Wnshf, Ca'eb (loodrich, Brown Dimock, W a Fean, A. C. Morgan, 1'inlel wcksoaanaker, John B. Ketcbam. A K. Str^af. -Jabez Lewis, Isaac I ete/er, .Jackson King, Bamne Ten Broe^lc. 6TAYE or Kcw York, Axiccrive cuambkk, ) ALBANY April 9, 1-56. J To the How. Obvilxi Robinson anu ? thii^s: Gentuubn-I have received ai.d oo isiuerel with profound ret Dec! the cotnmtn lcatlon transmi ted to meb? your>eit aid thlrtv-elght members ot the Araimbiy, ca lu.^ my mention o tie fact that a great amount of pu ole Wined' in stl.i unfinish ed. ard requesting me to cccvoke an extra session of toe ue gUla ure, and intimstlng if xnch fesflo-i <s cii ea. your efforts wou'dbe used for a termination of i*. at a tlmethe-eio spectaed. 1 ennot but re?ret th?t hi the judgment of anv portion ot the Legls'ature, theie should have arisen .be belief that it wa< ne eeatary at a period when onl< the regular and ordinary busi ness of the Btate was to be transacted. u> exerriin that no ?er which .evidently the (constitution placed in >be oandi of the ex ?cutlve ti be exercb td <>n!j on thu troat solemn aJd important exigencies. It la not the orov tee cf the Rxecu Ive to review the pro ceeding* of the Legislature. The du'ies which the constitution has asagced faim of ealltni their H.teotlon to tba general wel fare ot u>e 8 ate be has endeavored, by his me tsag<w, annual acd rpecial. to diso^arge; and if. front anv circumstances, the btuine-a before tne represenativei of tbe people Is not ojm pleted, <t la a subject of regret and It may ie, ot emoarrasa awnt; bat It ia for the Leglalature to determine upon the busi neaa before them- 1 ot tbe r xecuttve Every ooaatderatloc of eo n >ray in the management ef the onnUfi Bsai cea. snd ol re t in the pub< ? mind fiirild the idea being entertained of convening tn ex r* pension, and. the ax ecntlve could not feei hat be had sustained he conatUutton in the guard which it* llmita'ioti has fixed afalnst excessive legis lation, should be comply wltn the request which baa been pre aanttd to him Of course the Fxrcutive could not ennsider the n"estlon of Umltaticn to the ext< > ?enton, which IojI at'on Is not mention ed either in tbe conrtltuiion or the laws. With great respect, 1 have the honor to be, jour mos< oi'i sorvan . MYRON H. CLARK. This stand, taken hy the Governor, ij generally ap p'.anfied. After wasting thret woeaA in electing a Speak ?r, another week of the middle of the sessioo, bes'dss adjournments over many days, it Reetned indecorous in Asking tor an extra session. Tbe Governor did no. dis. cover aay ex'raorcinary emergency which oalled for anO'Jirr aesKion, and therefore couH n >t gratify the lobby and the ntemhers who de>ireil to re nalu here twenty days longer. When the messac* was read, a ge neral denunciation arose in t e l ooby and anterooms, and threatened vengeanoe, to ba administered at the next eWtion, reeonnaed through the ball. Senator Smith, cf Brtjoklvn, UM on the able a bill in eo-poralirg the ci.ies oi New York and Hrook yn and the ?onnty of Kings in oie mnnicitali'}, under the natne of New York. He di t not desire act on during the present ?east"*, but merely introduced it for tne pi'p'seof re Btatkiig that at the next s?ss! -n of the Legislature he legended to exert his best e Torts in acaompiisbitg the ptopofed measure. WW YORK UfiOIHUITfU. 8?nate< AtnAjfT, April 9, 1850. CONSOLIDATION OF KKW YORK AND BROOKLTN. Mr. C. P. Smitii Introduced a bill to consolidate the ?it 1m ot New York and Bro k'yn into one munloipal govf i ?rnmsDt, to be celled New Turk. He sa'd be did not in troduce the bill with any expectation ot aetion upon it , thia session. but to alio* an opportunity f >r examination and discussion upon it. If he lived until another nenion, be intended to advocate the measure with all the power be porf>?Med. LKJ8LATIM! AJTOHr.'ONMKNT, Mr. Knurr ? rhe minority report on the Assembly Apportionment, till. It giv?-s New York 18 members, and Broome countv 1. Mem-re. Waits and Uphara's report ?glvse New York 17 mraMiii, a aC Broome c unty 2. I Mr. UniAM repor ei a bill for <he apportionment of the Senate districts. lilt IS PASSED i To amend the chatter of the Manhattan Cutlery Com pany. | Amending the Quarantine lu wn. Co lav out River street, Brooklyn. Exempting the land oi Agricultural Societies from tax I -aticD. New Yo.k Annual Tax bill. i YV> prcT^e for the distribution among the district : sterols of tbe State of the standard works of American author*. , Relative to pr6^oi-?y eonveyed by '.Mens. For the better securi'y of persons furnishing or repair - i in/ machinery. To establish water line* for N?w Yo.k harbor, and to ! define the dutfee of Ha-bor Commissi >ners. 1 The annual Appropriatl n bill. KXTIMilON or TUX 8MIIIX. A resolution wae adopted extending the session to 10 o'clock P. M., Thursday . | EVENING SESSION. Business was brought to a stand through the action of tbe House. The report dep'iving Mr. Sickles ot bis seat was dis i cussed, but no sciion taken upon it up to the hour of i ? 'jourcment. Assembly. > Auiaxt, April 0, 1890. thx srmr rill. i During tbe first hour of the session an Immense amount of business of a private nature was rushed through, until the Supply bill wai reaeaed. A long debate and struggle followed up >nit. Eventually i the bill, as reported complete by the committee, was laid i ?n the table for a third reading NO KXTRA HIMNloy, The Governor sett in a message, positively refusing te I vail an extra session, anc stating thai if the ordinary bills neceseary fi r the .arrylng on of the State govern 1 tnent weie not patted the responsibility most rest on the Lfgialatuia CR.NTRAL RAIinoAD <"ONHI>I.WATtOfr. The report of tne Committee of Investigation into tbe matters relaMog to thr Central -tallmad consolidation was present** . and a motion made to extend tne powers ' of the committee ing the re-en lost. 1 1111.14 PA WOO). I Ths Annual Appprrptia'Ion Ma. j The School bill. | A PRIVIl*OKD-QI WTION. I Mr. B. Baiixt rase to a question of privilege. He I found in the h'.nning Journal UM Hatotn?ni that a com munication had be*n ISMlrSd trmn ths (iovsrnor In re ply to what purported to oe an application addressed to bim for an extra teuton. H rt k rej to know ir auy rush communication was in po*seision of the Ho-ise. The statements in it were fa'se, 'et th?m proceed fr >m ths Governor or whom they mlgot No commurnca ioi at-klr g him to call an extra s. salon had beaanentt) him A paper, signed by s?-e*al menir-ers, rese;vmg ? that If tbe se<-si< n was called thpy w old rors wr ad I looming on the 20*h, hao beei h <?<vn he Governor, aad I he requoe'ed it might be left *i t ht<a. A co y it ap peared, had been taken and pub'txied tor pollUial pur po* s. A rMol jtif-o directing 'be Clerk to r*tgrn th* Oover noi'n u.o?t?ge w?? i Utred, bat auM?iu?xk wnndiawn. ?XTRN8ION OF Tin HESBJON . Debate tbi-n et>?ued upon tbe Senate's refolution ex tending the ee* ico, which continued '.ill the adjeurn ment. tVKMNO SESSION. A fierce fight took plaje over tbe attempt to extend tbe time of the session when the Stnt.e'a resolution to con tinue the session until Friday nightl waa aon-conctirrel in by a vote ot 61 to 40. Various other similar preposi tionr ?eie iont. Th? Appropriation bill came down from tbe Senate amended. and with a see ion Introduced, appropriating $i:t 000 for tne payment of the Ktilrotd Commissioners. Mr. Nobthhop m-ved that the i ncn-eoncur red in. Ha charged that the bii^Wpeaiing tbe act creat Ivg tbe Railroad Comniiasion had been ki le i in the S?u ate at the die at on of tbe Lieutenant Governor. Ho called upon Ine House to ttiike oat the proposed appro priation. 1 be bill was laid on tbe table. Tie Senate tbt-n s*nt dvrn another preposition to ex tend thx fuutiUn unti. 4 o'clock in tbe morning. Mr. Dcoankk Hp. ke in opposition, and made a violent attack upon the Albany Ke??n?y. o tae efforts of woo?x paid (gent* be attributed t,h* delay that had taken place they bad pressed < 0 all necessary bills, in order to drivs through irtaMmH In which their leaders personally wer" intcrexteo. Alt' r ai> ex;i'.lngand stormy debate, Mr. B. Bailky io??e to a question of priTileie. He sal.1 he uncertttor ri that an Appropriation bill, whicb had been laid on the t*ble by a v >te of tbe Hou??, had been taken ???j jn ri-i.ii not ai ?fls?r ( f the lipase. He moved far a Comn.iUte of Investigation. Tbe bi'BAKEH >kia tbe bill had be<n returned to the Senate In iouteiiuence tf a resolution recalling it by that bicy, A'ter a warm disc union, it was feuedthat a wrong btU had teen (tut np to tbe Senate. Tbe House then baring pot session of it, called for a reacinpd ibe Senate's re oiution. In nii.'st ot thin confusion Judge Foot moved the tx ten sit tt ct the tessiun till 12 o'clock to-morrow. Ciiea of " Played out." " Played out." It ? as evi'tnt that the House had resolved to drive ever ever; measure in order to oompel an extra seesi n. Musis Dvganue, Snow and others spoke airalnst time. Mr. Benjamin Hat wanted to know now loDg this had teen going <n. ?e:e a ball dozen members rose and tried to speak at tin- Hku e tiius, ind for ten minu'es pre^edirg tbe ad j uinmen'. ibe Hruse wan In a perfect uproar. At last the hour of ten arriving, tbe Speaker's hammer fell, srn the Houee watt declared adjournal rinr ixe, and without liavibg pasaei the Appropriation, Supply or Ap poi tionment bills. It in generally supposed that Gov. Clark's proclamation will be published in tbe morning. Our Albany Correspondence. Albany, April 9, 1865. The Leyitiatvrt of 1850 ? Its Deeds , Misdeeds and Omis tiont , The Msenb'iog of the Legislature of thin State on tbe firtt of January last, wan a ma'.ter ot mnei speculation, ca!cula'ion and observation among the people. It was not abwoiutey certain that either of the three political paities had ihe ascendancy in either House. It was not believed (bat all the nowJy elected Senators claimed by the black Sewardites would surrender their former po litical principles nerely for a seat In thatb>dy; and tt *m claimed as certain that one Senator, elec led by the Know Nothing*, and pledged to their taicb and princi ples, wou!d adhere steadfastly to the party wbioh secured bim bis seat. Bat npon the first trial of strsngth, a nujoriiy of the Senate knelt before the altar of nig<er woi shippers, and have there remained the most abj?o! aid subservient too s of Thurlow Weed In every in star ce where their votes were required they most readi ly bowed down before the grsat Mcgal, and submitted like doves to bis imperious behests. Tbe House of Assembly was nearly equally divided in riangiilar paits-the democrats, Know Nothing* and niggeiitee being of nearly equal strength. The firmer, however, split in twain, rendering their strength inferior to either of the ether f?c ions. Toe contest for Speaker was fierce, determined aud relentless. Three weeks were spent in fruitless effort. Neither party wou'd jield, neither would compromise, neither woulf capi'.uUte. The Know Noihiigs polling tie united largest vote. boast rg oi tbtir plurality, deminded the Shaker. The de nocrats asserted that ihev held a plurality, if broug it trgeite-. So after an unprecedented eoatesi f<r three weeks, the nigger worsLippars finally sunk their Identity and went over to the democrats, electing Mr. Robinson S(etker. The weapon* of warfare were then thrown down, and from that lerirdtbeie nas scarcely been any d<sc>jusi>n open political topics. Ibis is accounted tor, from the fact, that the leaders well knew their inability to oarry through any scheme of a party political character. Moroters arpea^ed to devote themselves to business which bad no influence in drawing party lines. The rnsii ee* cf tbe session has oeen purely ef loctl and personal m erest. Very few measures ot publio im or necessity bftveei ployed rru h tine. An in dustrious lcbt>y leatll) assemoled. Hnndieds of c'aiout agairnt the btate, which had been over and over again re jected, were revived, and largely increased in amount. Be<ng a new Sena e and House. and neai ly all the mem bers ut p. actised in toe ezp'olts of the loshy, they very gerer ally lift ned trl'h favor to the importuiitticM of she sturdy aud impertinent bop gars, Consequently, more claim bi Is were Introduced, in both bosses, than have l>een known tor many sessions. Claims, worn out with age, bare t?eo galvanized revamped, and brougct berore tne Iegis.'ature, in several instances, where seventy five per cent has been piei'ged to the miscrean s, the etaim i-iokvia hove iog about tbe capital. Very lew bills ot public importance have been intro duced in tbe legislature; indeed, so far as the general interest of tbe State is concerned, no legigia ion of scarce ly any kind waa mdispensib'e A majority of bills of t> a character as required any const deration were e'tner reglected or defeated. AmODg these are the tem pera tee cr license qunstiins, public health at qu?rau tir es, security of deposits in Sarlrga Banks, New York city rharter, relating to distilst courts in Ne* York, to rrp'n'ze an Engineer's Department, preventing iilega' votirg in New Yon, and a lew others, l'ubhjaots ?h>ch were passed, and those for the support of government, legulatlcg and distiltuMpg c?t?l monies, Miaot>sbtng water Hoes in New Yo-k harbor, regulation and govern ment of Maflkattan Pank, authorizing SUckoiidge Indi ans to bilng suits for recovery oi lands, reorganizing j He ra te and Jucicial Oistriots. apportioning members of As sembly, hew Ycrk tax bill, auihorizirg the eieotion of a batoffe at Albany, and a very few others ot minor impor tan oe. Th?re were eight hundred and seventy bills introduced in both bouses, about an ejtial number in eaih branch oi the legislature. Sever. -eighths oi them were of a pure ly i rieate and Iceai charac er, c< nsisting mainly in canal claims, tor canal bridge*, plank roads, extending time f ir coileciii g tax?B road and soh ol districts, amending vil lage charters, insurance companies, anc various portione ot the revised H'atu'ett; repean.-g laws of previous legisla tures. f*&uie- tenths ol the time has been spent in consider it g n alters demanded by tbe lobby, of a private and I cat nalure. A proposition was submitted to institute a board of cla its, sin ilsr to that under the general go ;e nment aid ought to have been adopted. In enmparufn wih tbe last this has been a harmnlous session. Very few question# were presented calculated to art-use polltletl or otber passions. Tbe ooastitution of both houses rendered anythirg of this r.aure pertsciy absurd, as the triangular state of tbe H> use, and the doubtful lepub'ican maj'rlty In the Senate, turbid anT oi tbe political t ot bear's from ven' anng to throw anv fire brands therein. Very few Bbunoombe speeches were made, aud no bill or proposition consumed any treason able length of time. Had there been a strong mejorl'y of either political party, davs and weeks -vould nave been spent In discuising Kansas, Nicaragua Frank lie ce George Law, Millard Fillmore, and all the nigger ism a of tbo day. Nine- tenths of the senators were merely vo lng mem bers. None, with the exception of Sickles ann Brooks, were very greatly sflllcteu with the c<>acthu$ loquandi, altbeogh Messrs. Madden, Jattou Smith, Ramsat, Lie, l'attereon and Hale were teady tor short df cusslon Mr. W?iswor1h, of Buffalo, Is evl'ently toe man of most a fit lity; aid row, since be bas entered political life, we can disoovei no reason why his cemocrati; friends can no', use him aucces>tu.Jy in tbe future Tnke be -^ena<e alt'ge ber. it nay be ranked as quite as conservative a hody aa the present degenerate times rill - dmif. Toe solid talent in either house is < f an extremely in erior quality. In tbe Assembly there eere sucb men as Noithrrp, Snow, Wakemau and Hyde, wh > may oe etnsltlered excellent smmn orators, but their oa.-?Mty will never place tbem In the rank of ao e men. Odeil, Tieecott, B. Baily snd Van Sen Woo rd are among tie m vi, shrewd and practiced leaders: and rom their cauti n in abstaining fr<-m leng speecoes genet ally succeeded in tl eir efforts. Speaker Robinson, th< ugh an am ab e gen tleman and ti lerable f-re? Iding rffice', nas no pretensions t<> statesmanship. It in not believed that he prssesae* any such aaplratlorr. Tke position he beld came in o bis buds by mere accident. lie never oould have o*en elec ed Soeaker, on acc- uotof his ooHticai strength, f >r the soft shells comprised a very Inconsiderable number in the Assembly. Upon the whole, the people heve reaaon ttr omiratu latlon that this b :dy of men c?.mml'ted no more et orml t-es than the v die. There were plenty or men in It woo are possessed of as elastic cot sciences . nd unscrupn'ons principles ss any of their predeceesots But happil* they were restrained 'rom iaillc tng comparaiively lit is injury in eomptriion with the acts of the *' iittie" and big "villains" of lt-M. The people of bis city, a 'so, may return thanks tor the successful efforts o' the'r senators and rr em bers of the bouse, in resisting tk-< determined e< mbiration of bot.h n'pger worshl ipers ?|f Know Nothings from tbe country, wh ? coic cted sevflM measures which they in ended to inflic upon toe city many measures exclusively appertaining to the loaai legislation ot the city oi New Yoik. Appeii iuentaliy the Governor. BY AM* WITH TUB ADV1( R il?D CONSSNT OF TO* PKNAT1. CnmmtHuirtrt if tttnigraHa Wiii n <1 Runt, In place o' J>hn A Kernedy, whose term bas exp'rei; and Onlian C Verplanek f>r tbe same office, reappointed. Port Warden. ? Job n Butler, Jr., reaop inted Truttee <4 Seaman' i tuna and IblreaL ? Nathaniel Br legs. Haritnr Matter.? Amiish B. Barber. I.oan Henry Pike, of Sou hold, and ^amss D, Tutbiil, of IUverheadt Suffolx count j, Kir| Ketchum and D C. Teigh, New York; WUM?ui W. Killop I JviogHton ; Jimts I.ockbart, Allegany. Svperintendtnt of Onondaga Salt Spring*.? Virxu W. Smith, respp' int?d. Irurtte ?f Stale Idiot Atylvm.?Ljmrn Clary, of Syra cuse in place of J. C. Spencer, deceased. Aotarua PvUic. ? Kings? Jarud Sparks, John C. Con nor, 1). L. Northrop, Charles II. Doogherty, John Oakley. New YorH ? Win. Pool, Thomas S. Son-ei s, Moms B, Ma rty. J. Warren Iawtcn, Edward F. Delanoey, Auguaturf HifTnoo, tow# id Hoffman, John Newhouae, Lucius Pit kin, Ibcmad C. T. Huckley, Jamea E. Jetk oh, Robert B. Campbell, Joseph V. Barnum Jr., Daniel O'Keefp, Jr., linn? I'aiis. Charles F. Wlnfield, Corneltua R. D>soas w?y, Vim. Bloom field, John H, Pentz. Queans ? John Owen. Kemoratranee Afalntt the Hew Police BUI To mil Honobablb tuk Ikoih-atvbk Of ttik Statu of Niw Yobk :? Tie undesigned, citizens of New York, set with alarm and anxiety the efforts made iu the Legislature to alter tbe police syn^em of this ci'y, and desire to express before it is too lata, their moet earnest remonstrance against the passage of aay bill wblch wilt in the least interfere with the control now held by the present ebief negistTate over this important bracch of the oity gov eirn ent. We have tbe uliroat confidence in the ability, Integrity acd cevotton to the public interest of the Mayor tf this city, tLO are satisfied that any alteration with bis man ?kni III < I tbe l'once Department will rweult moet dis scvsntsgeousiy to the welfare and futute peace of the w hole ec n m u city . V m. B. An tor, George Newbold, Win fulo Soett, Peter Cooper, Stephen Whitney. Thomas Suffern, Brown Brothers ft Co., John (J. Green, Goodhue ft Co., Shepherd Knapp, Wm. B. Arpinwall, John A Stevens, Cnae. H. Marshall, James Harpar, Roj al Phelps, James J. Jones, C W. law rente, 1>. D. l.ord, Charles H. Russell, Cornelius Smith, R. L. ft A. Stewart, John D. Jones, Satcuei B. Ruggles, Dt Aogelin, Natb'l ft (ieo. (It is wold, Anthony J. B.eecker. Ntw Yobk, AptH 9, 1866. Police Intelligence. THE LATE fcXTBNBlVE HOilBKllY OF JEWELKT. Yesterday morning George W. Hay don, tbe young mar arieeted en Tuesday afternoon, chaiged with robbing hLt employer!, Mei-srs. Ball, Black ft Co., t a the amount of J3<\(JC0, wis brought before Juatice Otbo>ne, in tbe Mayor's iffice, when an examination was had. The affi davit* of the officer atd the complainants were taken by the Clerk, and the prisoner was examined on the charge preferred apainst him. Puiing the prtgiess of tbe inves tigation be accnted bnrg bin bead, a<< if suffetinir tha u-oflt intense mcntel agony. Indeed, he was the object of a great deal cf ccmmiweration tor his appearance and actors ahcwtil clear!; that the poor young man wau painfully alive to the c it-gracr fnl petition he was placed In. Th' value ot the stoiea jewelry has been estimated ry tie ccmplain&nta at (2P.800. Uaydon was committed ft r trial at the Court of Geieral SessiLns. Ciiarcjb of Fcrgeet. ? Three boys, tamed Carpen'er Mapes, Theodore Clark, alias Locett, and Lewis Gray, were arresled by officer Darby, of tbe Tenth ward police, on charge of 1 avirg forged the rignature of their etn llojcrs, fccstrs Taylor ft Jackwn, of Eizibe'h street, to five checks >n tbe Citizens' Bank, amounting in all to $270. Ms pen was identified by tbe teller of the hank a* ibe tersor. who pt erected tbe checks, axd, upon his being arrested, he implicated tbe other prisoners. rha ascnaed were con mitten for examination by Justice Breonan, of th? Ester Market police An Alleged Siiotuitkb Caught.? John Miller, a Hun garian, about 40 years ct age, was taken into cuatody yeeteida y by Sergeant Devoe and effioer Hagan, of the Chief's cflice, cn charge of stealing two entire piece* of tilk gcoda iiom the store ct Bnrley ft Co., corner o' Broadway and Beade street. Tbe acciaed, pretending to make 10ml purchases at the store of complainants, sipted two valuable pieces of silk into a capacious pocket iti his talma, atd was about taking his amge when the s?le?man dlscrvered tbe trick, end bad him arretted. Miller was committed for examination by Jiutiae De borne, in tbe Major's office. Jersey City Ifcws. Tub Cbabtkr Eijktion ? Yesterday the Ja^gsa of the elteucn held on Tuesday, in Jersey Citr, completed the esnvatsing of the votea, and the following returns wil not vary matetially from tbe official result:? ltf 2d 8 d 4 th Total Fir Mayer. Ward. Ward. Ward Ward. rota. P. S Manners, Am. whig.. 166 101 304 312 1 008 '.iarles Fitk, dem 16o 160 279 106 780 Majority 43 41 26 U4 223 H our C<mmis>wvtr. V?.B Bran ban, A. ft dem. .266 182 364 402 1,193 Betj F. Wfout.v, ind 65 167 236 113 601 Msjortty. 160 26 118 "289 * 592 ?S< hool bvjxririttiidttit. 8 J'well 193 146 324 P01 963 iewi? Coiby, dem 124 110 2E0 211 695 Majority 69 b6 74 90 268 h'mrdtr. 'Jee. E Cutter, fern 137 123 -JJL3 137 610 i.'avld Becic rd, ind 118 161 275 242 816 Geoige Forge, Am 66 47 160 110 382 Beittr^'K majority iver Cut ter ECf ; ever >crge, 434. Collator, Pe'er D. Vroom, Am 185 135 337 313 9T0 W. VanCcrzte, cerr 169 202 261 ?06 81T Mejori'y 26 67 86 108 163 AtMutrt J?e. Youig. Is* &?d wardsl?? 212 311 213 009 1. V?r>S? &4ih " 192 187 275 234 888 1 W Sine, 1ft & id " lf5 131 280 306 872 Je?. Gopfili, 2tt ft 3o ?< 146 116 260 273 704 Veer Yt ung and Vt n Ssun are elected Assessors. Tbe AiAeintE eleet are as follrws^ J'trsi Ward? James B. Ihimpeon (re-elected) and GiO'pe S Gardner. Strand Ward? Joseph G Edge (re elected) and Hugh Mcf'onb. bit,, cecrcta's. Thud Word? J. R. Worten^yke, (dem.) and Williim R. Btaytor, (wb'g ) snnprrted by tbe Amerioars. frv r'h hatd? J. V. Tburs'cn and Thomas E. Tilden, (Aneilcan). Bcbckrn City N(WI< Th* Charter Elkiic>.? Tbe ceaooctalic ticket In Hrj boken cn Tcerday ?as elected th; or about, city and tard ; tbe city ticket by about 1C0 majority. The follow ug retnars will rearly sgiee with tbe cffieial canvaas:? C V. (IHfct-ner, ^em., naste e'ected Mayor over J. W. Stickler, wbiganit American candidate; Edmund Charier, jietintetd'n' cf Schorls; fairue'. W. Carey, City Clerk ?eo Coll' o or tf Arrearr cf Taxes; Ix>uis Htiestcan, Trea fu er ; ard Jo>epb \Vocd, Collector ? all cboeen by about IOC m?jorlty. Tbe t'ourrilnen elect ate as follows:? ftrtt Boro? Ganet Vsn Wattr, by a majority of 42 .'Ter J< br. VV Ver. BctketoV. fin two Ward? George W. Bampton, by a majority ot 27 > J*r Ihtic Uil.ey. Third Hot ('-John Beard, by a majority cf 33 over Jsmes H. Wilscn. The new B; ard *iM itacd five democrats to one opposi tion FtiiOBkl Intelligence. (!) p. S? ir liouht" d de'mred ? lecture in Raltimore on M< r daj nrgbt, on '? Tip far ger to which tbla country in ? xponi l-i m wa?-blgetry atd fataMoUm." ^lt>jar>df Dcbb', c?rpmter of the cbip Join I(ut]e<?j?, '(ft at Ma, waa tbe son cf Mr. Thoitea HobM, 01 (Jcrbtc. Governor Robimon, the fiee S ate executive officer (f liipus, ariivrd In Boston, en tbe 7th iratant, and left t*M\ d#j f<r Toptka, K. T. H<r. Henry WUnn, U. S. Senator Irom Mateachuaettp IB il Rotten. Ibe Hi n S Jlejfe ofeldt, of fbe Supretre b+nch ofCali loM.ia. a in 1-t wit Cjot well, F>q , are in Wat-bingtrn. Jntfe Vandetpiel, 'ate cl tbe Superior Court of tbla ilti, expeetl to leave for Europe with hi* family in about ? torti igh . In pn-n>*rre of a recent court martial, of wbieb Bre IH Lieut. < < 1. J' bn I . Gaidicer waa 1'ieeldent, Military Mtntttffr \*m A. Newman, Ordinance Department t- ;sc bt?r ( i>n Isfee by tbe PiiBtfent of the United Statea. Ihr cbfrpe mrer wllch be waa tried waa o nduot ua tuonlrg an cfficer ar i gettknan. jvcTirec Iron? Barbaoces if lOtb cf March ray:? Moralg tm T*>ibot, ? bo aulved Inm Trin'dad on tba 28th of I ebrcary, left a lew caya tinoe. JDtning bia stay here i It l(>ihtl|' van entertained rm two oecaeioLa, with i.rncf !y Lf hplta'ltj , by Governor General Bincka. Hi* I ??olip minted ithj i electable Catholic ffcmily in Bridgei< ?i< and i'H vlelnlfy. Loid Talbot wtll return to 1 t n.< m tbe b? nth ot Ju'y. ABHIVALH. I >rn' Titnidad In brig Ltnklik- J W Lunn, lady and cMd, Wtlf 1- Ihsrbet. t m n> ? an ei an. ir bark June* M ChtrebUl- Capt Church, Ot hilatcl, hi; Bri. Welllngtti, cf Albany. MPJBTEBE8. f cr f nvar t lb. In the eteaaeblp Alabama? J T Pratt, B L Mr) ols, 1. eiber' t linl ir, 1* ? ulllran, 1 borne* Gilbert, B B jbaibewa V v VrlpM brtik K Howard srd lad*. MIbhH. r ru, (.bailee V*i!el ard lady Bra W B Brown. Bev fi B t'a?*>T, Ct 1 1 1 ibbftK, George W Vrercb, B Moti, Jr? and 7 It. the Mrerafct. Im-OKTJKT CoNKOLirAiion.? Eight of the oldest lorwarriig bo^see, *ii Ibe lr<y ata Weatern. Uiii n !ia> ipo?>a'ion Crmiany, New York and Miaaiaeippi, G tffitb'a Weatetn, Western transport atlrn Oomrany. !? ulte n I eke Beat Line. Great Western IJae ai d Kckfiid batre r?c-r?tly beer crraolidatfd into on? cprpo aliin, un dn tbe b?p e < f ' Ibe Weatern Trai nporta'lon tltmp-.aj," ?itb t ct.>b capita' of $900 000. Ibe ooaipary bar* a 1 ?ge ll.'t til powetfol i>r(pel!era, wail ??h em. and canal b' a t, aid at* iddiriR ? eaneia and otlier Rimi'ar at.ock to i rft t> e r pel ing of i atlga len with faotliflea iinaiarpau ? ? i t e blatoiy of W?ftera tranaportatlon. The offiiwra ' i o pary are I* L. S'arnbaig, I*Teaid?nt, Wm. Kool, ' . I ?eiirent; Geo. II. Rryaat, Hroretary, and Tobn A1 at, T'turffw ?J^yPydi^, Afr^i,

MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS. BOARD OP ALDERMEN. The Boaid of Alder me* held their second meeting la* svenitg. ID* BKTOBT or nut SMK'IAI. ODNMnTM OH IB LOCATION or Tim ?rw poht oma. i? !?* '?*?rt committee (Aldermen 1'eter . ? ocrhl* ax.d Hiraui Corwin) on the *ut>jeot ot the n?? '' fc* 0ffic#. P'?*e?ed, oidered to> printed, .ad, on action of A leer nan Vail a*, vu . tp9cUl ord8r ?or UcLdc j treeing next : ?^S&'STbto So,T^ Zivm w? rtforred two wf* *0IL._ communication oopiei o SiK3is^aSaMS^?S^S"?' JJJ tSL H5I. \ communication trom t^a fotfimaairtr r? Jur , pj ot TeS?^^ C"J' 'cXOTSf 55SSK" tThich b*? 0 tte id ot *^ch Ml, the MayS ire.* M.?! h?b >>?ra to i-ctretpot dence bet wee., the -^iiin-.!n^nr^L ?L,f or i ciween the Poa-meserTf 2f 'Sf!' ffiU, isUtivt to to 'ah poht i n(t>A nut .? i? . Zt my m*t? bv mat/ iSa fw?< *#' aSL ^ *noe, not alnjady oommuoJ aflBPpatiB mOBSHRR, SEKff? "" 1 ?"""' ' *? ?*?"" K ttf ?.r^ffi'ir?r,2WKterri^Drr meesege ot Janrarv !M in.<? .?* e ??y<* la hu frjwka. JT &STM JSfviSSS if, . t. ' ",e,?0Bt ?rtlve advocate of the ordeet'of .'51,.?,? rp. c.'.!?ticD"?i' tta'Afcu"" Srlf ??praSwdUaft' d' h?*'* r.y?.d?T,s KwwSS'8?''?*" ?i he petition rent to Waabingtou bv t?? v.,.. u*"$ *U "JJ** ??ce Kt the junction of 8u?ti L'venu.'^l ^-R52to^*S2R^--?? ?ta8?SS. uuird * been eDierisd at le.gth on the mlnutea of the ^Wj??>'?#ftt.?P.P.,,,hWe U io t"te?5on 15 reaSt c?&!fty ?k?4&SUlb* COmmlttte' w,'?? "lactritr they <p?-Q"t. otte*. DtSrtoSt'to ?r ot exc:u?lvei; ceAlaoSing the inn <aii!r f nilre clt j ? -?*'be 1 epartment S?u]d ??&?? tZm'?! ' f I. Jw c?ce ttai H does overth* eii-Ucg oaa. tiitacoarM e-.tMird jt if. r eit Mated ihat "that loc.lUr i? irJS 3? . I mtre 'ban ih.-ee mile* tro? the eSC office '' and thl^hS urv? ^wrf. ?ww^:,!r,,,ra^se?haw,tr Wlsievei tOKialtacUmea are eaaea'.ial to the neonle of thin st?a cltj runt to he arrmded with ut regard to the dia'anm 'fiveec ibe r dices. Ai,d that the point ^ ot d .?>? ^ j o? i rn'rol loeboep by I ho f?rt thai i*e Yo-?tllle andllinSm .flee, are ot!y about two mL'Manait Itt< nta'ed in (be P^? n af'er ? letter, commnrloaud io the Board by the Mavw' tmi ileL. ncVerrin Mi ard cn? letter. d^rSridahove iffi, T m ')"er tr rfver. cnlr ave.-Ag?i 3K * day' while i5Jl ?! ?"5' hfl tuirber a>er?Cf? 9,7ula#ay il is evl f,IElArr,iL,lVgU^e* ,h?' lf *? up town pi" "tir^ u taih )l?btd It ?b< ud in onerdowti, tay at Aau>r nlare or iintm iqt,.ie but eutato), ??t above ifadHon lx wta^i 1 tiiRt tb<\ centra pw! of tfcedty. abov? rbirtT arc .mi p<pualed. The,, irebo! ^ JiSSSdSS jbT. :^;^4^JUrS2X*Jnd ISf^.-do^na note ernvenient than one wonld he at the "junction " th? . "w toperlnt adrantaten, it in alleged that " no 'e? iSTia ,b' op?" P1^ thhjuiicW" oFtn pipce," ?-b!ch in rre-pli'h o} a m i? ion* with an ?^'rH?f/br 200 fcet * f0Tm^ b> & ihtXi^Xt* d, ?'x.h ????, ??< 1? crresed b, 1 hirty -eecood Iplrty iblrd,? ILlrtv ionrlh and Ibirty fit.h uLrtf ji in all !vr?ll'i?(i,? ! aty otheij ? haue from" It, they are not me- ? tren? IUa adriM ^ShU^0"' ' !** 'al<1 "P? the lautnt to?i'hriV ' I? apreater of atstm and oara nnini if* i ,n Jart "? "Irtctioca, than through a m >?t any potoi ot. tpe >8 ard eiee t lower Br oai way * I, ? teVfii 'UtH J. .ilrf ,t?I ?^n not on Broad a. .V T.kJ ^b,c^.a number ot lUgoi ar.d ears pant. ^ h 'be tzceptioo of one small lire ail the wm und l>*t>iirg fliri;u?h ?bt? ''cptntDsoe" at th^ H}3 <t |?3u?s the rouble omnihus fsre" in mmjig r'ovn town ah Zm if ' * 5^ minority report wou tf ffve to ehaSw 2sSJ r?V,h. nay:,"d f ,P?I quaorujle fare It u pbiatSS? itat Hie time ol thr u>and?c< ircf.'tndtuil^" lacoc^umed ererr day r.l the je^r in 'goii p down tewn" to mail letter* and r* tvrnirg as the num&er cf persons wbo mail 'eters in tbU ? i ? Cjreftjl estimate, is lets than ten tboimancf a dr*r ?Ttd f?a'^!GnwSiJlTMl? of "Vy tho,??'"'? would be f*T" 'f/JJf P-? ^fllcea' lhlrU aeoend ureet. eom-nlUee f&ibfrcm tie Pottmaster, thai through the box geceral and cur-lerr dtliveile*. OHr letter* are nerv del vered below thir ft I ? 0 or;' afc0T0- A,ler 'unh a manltpatation of ei Vl. e,^ lt')r,,y report very naturally rotvea achtrze hat '*c?riiOtte|.irteMedth?ttheu>ailboxts.l'. variou* ithiua *r2r ' fu I* 0fJh; ?hcp"' e*D'1??' to b, BUt'en " rfct ?fl( rd ?ny rc jlab e "ertainty for the departure of le ten * *i piven <lu.e So 'evidence baa teen pwented to jour SeTSr^^V ^ ?erirvir. cha-ge; on the cont-ary. ' tr fv/nud by tbe t. oeimaaier that over two thnuaand 'h'Ti.* V *"*? <rvf*Ut* 1,1 these boxes for the t . t. r c y rell*tr.'1 ?"<? teat oi;mp ainta of tbe IWIure cf fu<b .fttfra to re*rb tbelr deettnatlora ra'eiv uidinaewon are very tare. Tour committee bave obttrved that .MMof i- if. *re f ,*,r**ri u? 1 expoeed, ar.d ce.-t?ln> tho cbancei -J*"' we not Wiertd by ice ?tm(re? l< o In the minority re i' oli t "iV 'T? a,V ^ I,0"l?**t?r'? atten ioa tc the ^ i?a\ . '?Rrn t? om blm tbat previous to the "minority r?port 1 e hod dirrcUd arrargemeni<i lo be mad. to have the if* I'O^r y secured, and tbat for fuch purpoee chains and l-ao'c ck* are to be dirnlahed when neeewair Rna . ?r, * *'',r at ?'exposing let??ra" among ' a body of Irre f poDdble eei rie'r, which ta deatructtve of &b p^attion of tbe mh crltT report for U the Pr ft office agenta cannot be trust Jr. i k ?f2 ^ enabllallrg a new office it wou'd be better to . ?5?, A ,^g Pnr,,nn Clf document a reenpied wtth complaint* ot the prei-ent in?ufficlenl l'P ,owri _,e^*r* ?"1 toe Teat improve * ? , ?* c?o* ?' Th'rty pecond ?tre?t would uernllfh ItfeftlMcdtkM lettett arrlvloir bytheaever%i r.ll.r .da at 7 hlrty ft- sT street oeuld be de IvVTm af an^ uTlo V? iffice In tbe courte of hall an hour afior the arrival ot the ??' ?'"?e'. while tow tbey are talen down to the i\ 'V**'! "*?ort?d. ar.d tben brought rack nga'n for ' e!')it V.V*t ^ m?" ^ '?wo letter* by the aftemor u mails are rot distributed the same evening bet are dWa ed f. om ?txt?en to tv^ntj-lour iouiK, f.*t un 11 frrm 10 A. M to 2 P M. of the h!'.. ? J'fil'.vTv 1 i "r* preaented id varioa? shapee, J,',''"*? snbr'anliaUy tfce fame Yeur committee have aa r.r- ArnIl?S.^r P?* m*ai* r the dllferenre between the pre ** ,0*n leuer* aud the dL<po?IUon ot toem T-Wh Thr>*iI?V?ff0^ V 1rm*lr ?Ul5c*-?",l. wou'd accom wMVi. .????? i?_ B T?!' ?0* ta * "distributing office," * , 'h' UP Jcwn ro?t Office" wr.u d not he. utidar anv cir hIJ? .H' r pract cable to mate up leU*r? frrm Ihoutard Poai ufBoes In tre United Si i#h , 'herefore. a few offices are se Slii central point*, ca led "xfiitr hutlng cilices " to which lw ?? sr? hTiht I,T?".hloh :tey are remxiled. Some hli is^lw-i^il rema'led several time* before reaching ..ti.lL.T I *D. rl',ownoffioe wasestahMrhert, th? great rlr.l.i i ^ wou d stlL bave to make the Inevitable YfcirJ. "n; UL 5r".tbe ln*ln office waa eatablubed at p/.rrfli?'5?.L"t.'II" fo.r 'h* "rrer part of the cttv reach the r< st nice they are <ort?a slmu'tane-nu'y wl'h the letter* for ? vv ril ?iTr ,nd th(m wh rb #re before ?>l ,*l! ll JT^JS 5,fe*roor, are fert out for de ivery at four ? i i * . same da*, ti>o?e received after three tm tfehViv 1^ ^"ovl,t * ranmlne, areaentout ' . i fi0,< rk ln u>^ morning, and .hoae recatved '? ri e daj 0 e.eck nton, are sent out at one o'clock the ,h* oui^^1? stations are nrgaoljed, will be utui li ,h. f?i, If an up town office waa eatabltshed, ! J ? III..; fv ; ? I !',? m< " d ,e,ch ,b" "?* Vork office In r ... rfm I L ,IurdJ"' would f e aborted with the huge r sff c>J P" rb matter rpr'* r#? d '.here, and would th era b? ? at#d'hr nrZ WM 1 " J bsggM, and SNli off at lti l o? ..rJ2^iL .T ?*re?t It Is apparent, therefore, ,i ! u " ?Pi'1" ,T> ???? *t that point would be to the s?-pt orreti *bo sold tteait* K would be a poaltlve lelarv i ?l># "1?.*^ ">e "list net o ? tbe oity marked out for <t? 1 , m w S' "w carriers delivery of the I rw ?o?l office would be withdrawn. w- "?? """'portly report" la Us attemnt to V ' i v po" *' ,BC1 of tbat p< rt on of the Kew York ) < u alien above bruMernlh rtr?et aa interior to lb >?e of the i . of 'be r rposite sh' re. of the Kay. and Nor'h river*, si i' *. m y1' 1m 1,1 *' r?res at Hrockljn, WI'liaoM^uri Ah a set eral JX>, the irhabltan'Ji of *e?r York, between f 1 "I'VJi /'"1 rm' fo?tth rtre >ts have their le'teM deliver r. * , vj <S( .ot* J ?ar)y if not quite as soon ss the pfoi? e of fcirjrre. 8 <*I'ob ?h' tja ^ cal'lng ai heir lo> urei.urd la the ststement that no poaslb'e confu slot. " ex rt In regard In the adlr'va of lrttera. If the up ill ?? or tlte." sod the luitmaiion list u,. t< wti re?l<lin's crti d pioour.- adverted etter* with f.'.t' ttuIvJl'' J?" P*?P* ?t tbl? city are one oommu r'ly. 1< la their pride to t>e krown sikew Tor tor* Wban ;1 PJ itTtl :irj &'5 19 rucr reUdi^co. Under any circumstance*. therefore, a piriloo of lettam r > tie d'airim ats'gned to a Li qo Iowa oSoe ?ou<d oo?e di*?>~'ad is Mew York acd would go to the lower office %o<J *>e ad*er ?teed. The bum - or 01 advertised letters weald be ncrened. ?Ml each otlioe wou'd publish Ilm own .Ms, and uader the -i Isllng 1** ofCongiess. bp oat llkc.j In diHt.reat papyri. <i se<)ueal.y lie unfortunate up torn<eudeat wou>d ot* oo'? have to aaarch two Us .a tar aiverMed setter*, su*. would haw to watch constantly the lla* of the lo ?er offlc? I a the whole U vour committee agre- wt'h the m'nirtly rejor, that the Importance, ootvenlenca and economy 01 tbe proposed Poet officer are apparent to the mini so ld intellect tley mr.rt dcaM w iei fier many , exoept toe rauat stolid, will be able to p*ratve either Its Importance, tw roam nterre or It* economy or te eonenr in the o^lnlno tha' the *tte pro; oe?il is emrbaucall* the mo<t appropriate one. a'thouib I ?e are gravely assured that H u tbe location Indicated br uoi veraal con.rrnn corotnt, ard that beailaU n or inepoiriuan atian pt lo defeat a great pioportlon ot the Inhabitants ot this I cit?. But yenr cnon Ittee, from ihelr examination of the su^j'c', a.-e at>U*bed hat li woulil b- as absurd and tiij'tuoui to divide thu eit\ in'o leoarate pos'ai diatrlcta uider the direction of ditlerfni PistDtai tw?, aa It woo d be to form separate munici pal districts with dlUt-renl Maj ors ( ni* roe point presented ny tbe minority report has strurk iOtirt'Ottont tea* p<?e?aftrg eei>enll?l imro'-iatiRe; it Is toai ? b ch KuggetUa more frequent acd speedy Interchange of loeai letters between the tibabltama of tola city, wl'iwii the nec??. i> 01 can v ing all of them lo the PoaMlfflce. But u s^tears iro-r me e mmntil^a ion ot tbe Koatinaa'er to toe hoard or /Mermen tbat arrangement.) have alread' !>e-"n m?oe, by hlrt< g mur outside ex bange rta ions. to accomplish tbir ohjrci more etlectlvely ih->n W'tu d c<e doie by an vldi t onv i oat t.flice ? ad tbe seU-cuoo rf four centres tor suob excbai ges la, or cruras, tntbttelr preterahie to one Uiougi tba' should even be the junction of the Mxtb ?7entia and ? osdway. 1 rur committee consider tbat the Improvements specified by tie hoelmaster in lis <-o? inumoauon ttie gen enC r??u:t of wbicnwtllbe 'te lonatirn of boxes under tbe United *utes run I lo?k tor the reoeouon or letters and the privilege t?f pur rhasir g s amps, so iDat theee convenience* wtl: be within 1,'Jlh) ft et ot every nan's bouse residing in tbe pa>ed part of the cti , end also lour de.iveries etch we*k day oi mall and city etiers t'om ibe Hatt?ry to Fifty fourth street, aa embracing all o*t cou'd tor the present be reasonably atked; and they hope laai tbe Posts arler will take rare tbat the system la lalihf" Jy cu rled out, and Its benefits PlI' realized by the outlio In this extended conaU'eratlon of the stnject, >our commit tee have been Influenced by the fact thai an Wa ? rate psper :n relation to ll has been spread up'i tbe minutes. 1 her a-e aware that It Is oi.e not property within the scops ot the odl cisl duties of the Common Couucli It mat sate ? be left to a press literal y Argus ejed, w hit h ieu.nn omits lo pol"t out netlclerciee and re> uke njiacond< ?t to the pu <Uc, who are is oedtatel} concerned, and ever prompt to mailed an lute-est In such lubjrcls becoming v- an liitel lgeot community, aod lo tbeu repreecnlaives m the national i>gi? bit tire. ?ln* ape clal duty It Is lo oiprerH their sentiments, and watch then- In icresta In all matters connected with the general govern n en . Ynur committee, thertfore, recommtnd the adoption or tde Ir 'lowing resolution:? Besoivtd, 1 hat the Special Committee ( > whom was refeirnl two tevtrti it e>- sages of tbe Mavor commuoicati.iK certain r< rrespoedence between htm and the Pom mat ter u<*Le.-ai of Ihelnlted t-ta es srrt the Poalmaster ot this city, acd also a rnonmunica'len trom the Postmaster of t^is cl y traaamil ing addiib nal correspondence, ?itn ths ?oeoaBPaubg paoars be aixnarsed from the further ronMd'-ra ion of the sains PKTh it P VtiohUia, t Special liiliAM nOiwWiN, J Committee. Twenty-two pe'.itionit from mere bantu and owners of property, in lave r of bAvirgthe proposed new City Hall ei^oted in the Park, were received, snd re'arr?<l to th# special oommiltee on that subject. The report of the Committee on Fire Department, in favor of cooca.TiDg with Llosrt^ ot Counci'.men to bail! a new engiie lor Co. No. 16, was adopted. On the report of the Board of Couacilmen, in favor of remtvirMa lamp poet and two ancient trees in front of tbe City Hall l>*H.g presented, it was opposed. Aldtrmsn Briugh said that there had besn alwavt rotm enough for military parades, and he did not see why these t ees should be removed, unless I- was tor the aso< mmodatioii ot' the "Ksgasa Chief ' of tbe Police to leview bis men before his Honor th* Mayor Alcerman Hkrkick moved hat toe removal of the trees be atricktb trom the :ept rt, which wt ? earned, and the Beard agreed to rem' ving ot tha lamp post. The report of the Counciimen to extend Cro-i^y street from Its present terra inn i to Can?l street, w>a con curred ir. VALKNTINt'a tXIKPORATION MANUAL Tbe Board unanunorsly otiourrec witii tbe Board of Cciiccunien in appiopriaiing tbe su-.n of $1,U00 to D&rld T. Valsntice, Emj , for preparing tee ai nna1 Manua. ot 'he Common Council for the year 186b. The com a. it tee state tbat the Manual u very precise and appropriate tu the anargnreiit of stati-tics, acd affording, by tbe nccutacj of the name*, reticences, ot ofllcers at tached to the city government., the best and most easy reference far all who hava business with the corporation. Alar son e other routine bnsintes, the Biard ai j rtirn eo to FiWay tt?t. BOARD OP COUNCILMEN. THE CONDITION OF OU* 8TUKKTS? AKK WK TO BB VlBlTKl) WITH TBI PLAOUK ? ? OOMUISSIONBR BB ? Mil* AND TBI MATOX? INTKRlflTlNO BXPOBI TION, ETC. Ibis Board .'an* evening at the avail hoar, tut Plickne; is the chAlr. Seve:al petition*, rela'.ive to tbe paving ol streeta and fUpglrg fideaal><*, were presented toil le'errel to appro pi a e com mitteefl. A ie?o1ntion to flag aide walk in Third street, between avenues C and D, where necessary, fu offered by Conn cilman Boolk, which, with o'.heta cf a aliniUr nature, were nlso re'erred. A reholutitn by Councilman appointing a committee to protend against the propo<-?d amendment of the Militia law affecting tha city cf Ne ? York, now before the Legislature, was adoptao. Councilman J. L. Smith offered a resolution requiring the Comsciaaioner of Street* to clean Washington street, between CortLandt street and Battery place. He moved itf> aocp ioD Councilman Obat objeoted and moved a reference Mr. Smhm ? 1 hipe ihe gentleman won't oojeet. It is <nly about three hours sinco a child was drowned d< wo ;heie In the mud. (lAtghter.) I think it la high time tbe sueet was cleaner . Councilman M eh rot paid be would like to oblige his filei (1 Smith, but he didn't know why Washington street should bare a preference over other streets. Tnere wasn't a attest in the city except Broadway, that waa (It foga white man to walk In. He ihought a committee ahculd be aptcin ed to see that Mr. Rl.iiig dll bis duty. Councilman Coopeb defended Eblirg, and said an in junction baa been placed upon his emit*, and as be conic get no money to pay fur the latx r, he ought sot to be blamed for not cleaning the streets. Councilman Mkrkitt? Woll, I would like to get some information cn tfcu subject. I would iik.> to know 'bo is to clean tie streets, or whether tney to be cleaned at all!1 A Voir*? Mayor Wood. Mr Mkkritt? Mayrr Wood in a born Meyor Memtt, wtj drn't jou sajf" He bee j rat us much to do with It as Mayor Wot d. Tbe business belongs to Mr. Eoiio^, and el.en l.e lis'nt got the meana to do it he ought to be suppllec forthwith. Alter aftne further diecuRSicn, tbe resolution was laid r,v?T. Krpoits of crmmit'.eea were then presented, and re feu co to Committee of tbe Whole, with the exebp'ion of one In favor of remitting the tax on the Society library, wta'.ih waa adopted. CAfTLB GARDKX PEPOT The Board then to< k up document No. 12. being the re p< rt ot tbe rpecial rimmi'.tee cnthstw) of Cutle Gar den as an em'grant cepot. The report recommtnds a concurrence witn the resolutions ot the Board of Alder - ir en, in aver of the removal of aaid depot A motion to A?opt he report was loet, for want o! a constitutional vole. A;es SO; nays, 18. A motion to reconsider waa (attied, and the report waa then laid on the table, bnt * as soi n after called up, and adapted by a vote of 33 to 17. Ihe Board then went Into Committee of the Whole? ^otiticilman Appleby in the etair? and took np docu ment No. 11. being tbe report of tha Committee on Clean It gSirtes by Contract. Ihe report directs the Cintmis alccer cf Streets to advertise for contracts for cleaning tb? streets, temovlrg astee, garbage, Ac., in accordance with certain specittcatior a contained therein. Theee -.pecfbcationB, thirteen in number, were taken up and Mtfd upon separately by the Board. The specifications wete ordered to a itird reading, after which the com n.ittee Tree. rtEAMitO Tint 8THHHS ? what com tumoral n*a DOJfl. A communication was received from the Commissioner ol streets and Lamps, giving a detailed account of tbe money expended in Lis Iiepartment tor olesniog the* from tbe lstof January to the 22d of March, 1866, from which it appears that the whole amount exo?nd<>d ruritg that time, for all the wards of the city, la $10,002 TO. I'or cleaning Broadway, from ihe Batte>y to Four teenth etnet, between the 18th ol February an . the 10th of March, the Conmlaeianer ahowa an expenditure of 410 441 CP, di- tailed as follows:? Nnmler of daja' work done 5.889X Am> unt paid la hot erf 97,388 00 Numberot daya' cartlrg 1,108 Annum paid cart men $2,928 40 Bills pala tor salt 12ft 13 Total $10,441 59 Acc- mpenying tnis statement was the following spicy commnniceuou fr: m Mr. Kbllog:? timet, COHMIsaiOHCKaBTRBRTC A WD IiAMrft, > April 9, 1886. \ To Tit r Roi?or a sue tub Common Council or th* Citt or fiiw ?okk:? Omiiiokh My attention haa been directed to a vet , mee est i irrm tbe Y ai or, returning to the Board of ? ouneilmeti tbe rex lutiru o'lglnstloi In that Hoard, dtrecun? the Comptroller io< to irate any payment* for c eenlng Hroadwny u son be conraet er'ered 'nto bj the Mayor. Ibe return ot the renntu t on w tbrui (be approval of that toncUonart. la to enure keep lr|i ?nh tte motlvea upon ?hl"b he "oeterm'ned toaaaane <>ie rwportiblllt' "of naklrgan llleaal and void eortract tbe e fleet o' ? b'ch will be to misappropriate $3 386 of the pnollo wewwy I if my duty to ea- to ? our Honorable Board, that 'he a'tfe mt n'e - n tatred In tula mearage of tbe Mayor, in res nest of what be alleged to be my neglect tnperf>nn my dut< are whrlty npf upprrted i y any fac ana that the r^eUttoe of thoee ctargee tr an ofllr al commurlnntion to his "eu^rtor olDcer*" ts hu' a ebal'ow rreteri for tbe wrona wblcb he haa attempted ag*'rat e ro ordtnato of 'he municipal g<T?romer>t of wh'rh h* Is tl e "chli I torvml " The avr-lAr>cbe of aonae which the liono'eb e the *-?*or of the city pours on' upon me l am rorteo' to bear, tor two re*. on:?? flret, b?rau?e It must be the wit- in of Ms wre h are ne?r y o? quite emotr ; and second, be ran?e he ir ur from vbtcn the attack oroceada does not jus t.iv me tr any eiclfe merit or anxlett conae>]tieit thereupon. ?y puM'e c?'i*er I am wi'llag to place a'ontalde of hi nnen viable flic al eirellence, and my private cliarwrter dellea his utn o?t pen' r ? 1 ira Ice. ltls that I ha-* failed tn rexove the r?ller,U3a of snow from tke lentre r> H*?edw?; and I do no1 believe thtt tha *a' ot's"oflt'e was a'm ath'iirly heel?*ed ?ftt? fttlzana dolag Mulneas In that gr?*t tho-ooeh ar?, hef re oom.ilatnlnx ot tha rm twet n" Tbta ta>t car, aow^ve* be au'x'antlated. per haps, if Ir deed H has not bapp?ps<l. as 'n another no ah Is in atarreof tbe Maror'a auxlfty fee the pith. to weal, '-he dacu ft?ni Ure r:i vr.a l?iu it U ua'rue that I evinced no disposition to art in the mat* or m the removal of the lee, Ac. Ike rever*eof tale U the fcrt it la uatrue that I did m l refute to eonoor in tM* **( ?f Ihe Major 1 did reftue to eooewr, and beta re the contrarf M Mat/4 was awarded I gave public notice in the oewaaapeM ?t the coast y that Us proceedings of the Ma' or unon taiaoehatr were wholly ui authorised b? tae, and that the woifc wfcloh might b* auemited tobedooe under this aastimpttoo of power by tae Mayor eoalrt not be doee uader the direcuoc of the hupsi is lea dentot Streets. Kor this I refer to the urinted advertisements . It ih wholly untrue that the removal was mostly perforoad by and at the expense < f Mr fa Baird. the contractor. Upom the 10th day of March. IHMI.whea Halra was to have oomaaeaoa* to remove the tee. Ac. trotu the Astor House to Dn'on s^eare. B;cad?ay bad been entirely freed 01 tar as Kighta scoft, ai uf the only work Mr. Balrd performed was to remove seme dt'.y loads (.f ire t?. from Biosaway, between Klshth and Nlata ?treeis; snd Icr tils the Ms-tor now proposes thai th? ts< paver* of the count* (lull pay 12..- 84. sad that icu (halt OMs suirmste the wrocg oy foroearing to prevent 'hi. iniquity The Msjrr is periectly aware that thewho'eot BuMwn. wib the above exception, was treed ?*d cleared of the toe, stow Ac , by ti>e In partn.on- to the he** ?f whicb I hsre ban* elected 1 he Ocur-s of h's Hoc or are a* upforuoaieiy put ss bis statements ere fsrcitui. For the work which the ala*or w*? to pay '-<aUd >1 385 to perform, tdu i epsTtxaaat psd i ply th* imm ot fl 7J6 8" making a mriou u> -ne cily at l?lt>4 18 <n this one i'em. The whole poet ot c ssnlr.g Broad wsy ai d remov ng tie ic*?. snow, te . from tb<i south t-r- r u? fourteenth street is ?10 44i ."9; snd vet the *H7 -<r endeavor* to create the b*l ef that the refutations inrili-ate that tt nosh HO ??('.'> 6'.' 'o nr?i t t'lis treat work between the .-islur 01*1 st d t?,r Bsttpry store. The Mmp>? re'atlw of these fact* f ur "i?b tbe Hex' answer to the na?dvlse<l statement* which tu?? idste srd wreath the mefcuspe of the Mayor It iiioM de ti Drwl tlist a repsi d ct the light* ot others and ? re-peot for truth e'dnot .e?ii to the p*e?erv?tlon cf the oie and ttw? o?? servarre of tie other. oi e statement mote and for Um pr??ent I sin dou*. Muse January I 185fi. tbe e h?ve been reuiovra from the pub'f i 'reels (eirluslve of the removal nf ice. Ar.) 117 149 iced- of ssliea, garbage Ac , si.d the sork at removal ta dsl ? prroeedlrg, notwithatantlrg the pmtaewnr tby rff'> rt.-> of 'ha model Mayor <o Mice upon few York a pas UietK-e ot " doul tfu1 power* " as much to be f-?in-?l a> the prsK'enre nrw threatened by the roi'atton of th* "tree's, sot ahirb, tt it hbotild unfortunately ccjur i wi 1 clatm may hn lefit in.steli traced ti> the conduct of the Mtynr i'i i'iv*ntin|r snd rune means .>1 ohmructln< this I>epartnieut *nd l'.? oflhwna If. the d fOl ?rii? ol tfcel- srdtioui dut!-?t, by oroerm* tha sr re<-t of person* in the'r eirplny ffr d am p'n v dirt unoo tha jr otn ds and in the plane* spniiln'H by o-ti'nai e. atid by sinnbir snnoviu ces If your honorable body wili inalunie *? inqi Iry into the cuoduct of the Mv ot uoo i Uil- matte', u wlB frestiv Isci'itste the nnblic good; and that otii er hririr tia msc-.ilatr. car, of course, only gs n new credit from sty in<>ea tisstlon re?p?ct'n?! hi> er nf*uct. You have thfi 'ight to dothla. In my jurgirept tou otight snd I have no donM. o <h* te<a<iV of tbis proreMirg. 1( you should be oi a diUertt.'- upisiaa, ' aoothrrtHborm! mat etitf.rwin the inquiry ?' JtlhM'll K FHLING, tv,mm r BL-?eU tii l.unps. The above c< mmun'oation ?m laid upon the ta'oia aid ordered to he printed in document form. Adjourned. Alutikt a Ekaval a.ngBgenient lit New To(k Harbor. It appears the Orizaba bad an additional adventtuw be'or* cha lef*. New York harbor on TuesiUy afternoaa Wb(n sbe 'eacbed fioyemor's Island the rev?nu? cutter Wa?hir>gton mtde signals to bet to stop, but, win not beeded, whereupon Captain Ksanoe fired a gun ac.-oia bar bows, saj tbe painecgers in the Sta'en Ifiand ferry boat, then paHding, became Bbrioualy alsrmed, suppjs ing that a (lgbt waa to take plaoe. Tb? Orfzaba, how evtr, did (top srd alter an explan\tir>-? from the Gapbua Ph to ber previoun de entfon by tbe Deputy Distric; At torney, she was ptrmtrWii to proceed on be: TOjige: ? lbs ship was cbeered, tbe harbor cleared. Vcrrii) did she di-op Below tbo hirk t elo? tbe till, Kelcw >be lifbfboute top. Tbe Ba-ttmi ie J'airiot of Tuerf ?y evsn'ng ?*ff : ? Antitrb*r of candidates for fortune, tame and honor left (ti< city by tbe rbilsop'pbis Hatlmsd roe Now ?ork. whew srrspgcnierits hsvp been made to convey toein io-t'awtUi ta ?-?a ,Iu>u wbr>e tbsy ?!U tuk their fate to that of ueosral Walker Ihey w?re tindtr 'he comix and of Major Wilson aoA taptains Jeckica. Kvens aud KtJer The a*aterr"nt in one of tbe morning papers that three hundred llltbuatet.s took pae?ag4 in tbe Orlzmba ts totally untrue Tbere cou.ll not hava bean a hun lrad, if ao many City Intelligent*. rsrrtfrre Tn'side op Wtkam Boilkiw ? The boilers of the steam frigate MlesUaippi, which are nov being out dow* at tbe Broohijn Navy Yard, present* very ext'aordiaaty appear sure cwicg to the large quantity ot hard and alkaline matter wbiuh ta deposits) on tbetr tidet, in con quence of tbe ennatsat tvapora ion of th? sea water om4 in gereratisir nttam on board tbe ve?el during har lata ro;agee This rn-intu in bard aa stone, ana haa bee* fakm ?ff ia platen averaging from cn* -fourth to Uin>? fourths of an inch in thickness. It baa been long knows tbat tbe exfetecce cf hardened aep< site crusted oa tne metal ct 4 team bci.ers bat often been the canae of aaddea exptonicca^ owiag to the prodneHoa of ao aaeqttil ?? pension in the boilers wben steam was being got up sud denly. Many remedies b<ve been tried with a view ta obviate this formation : difi'lation of the water, and tha dropping of chemical solvents Into it. and it la to be hoped tnat the suhjec has been duly e< naidered, both by the government, sod private builderB, in the case* of tbe Mp-riiras and N'tagira fHga'as, tbe Adriatlt steaaa sf Ip, and a U there other war vessels which we ate to hare. OisFxPLfisiOB ii* Park Struct ?Tbe alarm of fir* for the Seventh district, cn Wednesday afternoon, about i o'clock, originated frtro so expioaiun of gas mtheaui (Tory tenement hootie No. 31 Park street A yoncg mta in 'ha employ of Brown k Hshne, gaa fitters, No &B Kant '.bUiefnth eu?et. wae at work making a connection with tbe mm nee pipe. Atter putting tip the mster a*, the head ot' tbe first staus, ?-n the second floor, be to k a light to try it, when a terrific explosion immediately toak ulaea, bk wii g up tbb flooring, and bursting out the wodworfe aruuxd the wallc on th* iee nd tlcor, and teaiing down tbe plastering In the stote ana bsaemtct. The gas ni'ed, ard the hre passtd tip behind the baeeMiara into ere of the b?cro4m* on the second floor, setting ftre to ? bed The firnr.en tvere prompt^ on the spot, and km exiirgutt-htd tbe tiamcs. The excitement for a short time was very great, among the tenant* who oocupisi tha building there were twenty four families in the hoaaa. Ths building belorge to Mr. J . B. rneok. It ia damaged a Sent $1C0, and iihured tor $7 500 in three city oo*a panles. Ttik Livm' Wainwriodt Mrmorial.? "Ihe ladies' me morial" lo tbe i*te Bishop Wainwright? in the ahape at a collection tc wards 1be erection of a free church In th* western part of New York ? is progressing with great suc cess Tit tesnlt of tbelr labors wi>l he madekn <wq In a few weeks The ladies 1. ever tor a moment relaxed their efforts in trder to make a suitable monument to tae late pielate. Any ecntiiVutiota may be sent, to the treaaa rer. or to Mr. Stanford, for tbeiadiet' memorial of Ituha^ MiuTiRT. ? Tbe Knjoiet Guards paraded yesterday, oa* :> - n n tad ( f Cap.ain Kennady, to attend tha fanaral of tteir late evirmandant, Csptaia Kerrigan. Lrtiaia .Vnpolrori In New T?k, [To the Et iter of the Courier dea Ktata l>nie.) Brooklyn, April 7, 1866 When Prior* I<ouis Napoleon waa In New York, In 188T, 1 waa one of the tew wbom he admitted Into biH aoclnty ?r.<l e->en into bis ccnhdenoe. My torm?r relations wi tn him, the proofs of fitandahip that be tu p'eaaeA to gt^ ice it that pezlod, make it a duty for me to re'nte the fcoM-h imputations, the insiiuatiouH a* malevolent an ah eurd, | nt In cireu a'ion conoerning the *nort aojourn of t.ho rrince at New York. Certain inoivicuale bare pretended that LouU Napo leon epent h me time in a Fttneh hotel at flobokaa, wlere re lived moat extravagantly, and that the pro prietor fltill waiti for payment ot hit bill. On tbe other band, a fourth elata lawyer baa thought to derive a- me pera< nai advantage from giving ou' that he cbuiceo the teleaae of Ixmla Napoleon ti< m the romSa, and tha* the 'eea for that service, long forgotten, han been paid to him aioee hia client'* advent to power. To 'hi# laat assertion there ia but one teply needed - that ia. that in 1837 tbe Tom be did notexiat Ibe Sunday /HrjxUrh of yesterday, in a short and no petfloial :efutitlon of thsee rumira, eay* that the exiM Prirre wan durlrg hta atay in New York, ''the gueet a? a w altb? resident of the city." That i* another error. From the day cf his arrivai until that of bU embark aticn upon tbe packet *hip Independence, the 28th ot JoDe, 18.17, Louie Napoleon lorgrtd in the Waahii^UM Hotel, litvated in Broadway, in the place where tbe mag nificent atore of Stewart now standa. There he reoeived. and sometime* enteitained at hia table? beclde Co nai Areee, one of hia moat Intimate confidante ? a very mal number of friends: Meaer*. Con/alonleri, Foiaati, Ifaroa celli, Hackett Peugaet. Iacoaie, the Rev. Mr. Steward, and arme ( there. He led a very reared and remarkably regular life, not even accepting the iivltationa wtto wbioh he wan tnce- -anti? beaieged. lie only made ex ceptions for tbe eoln-ee of Madame Ma'urin Livingston, whoe faaii y be particularly esteemed. and of Madame Pennon, weo aaeembled once a week the elite of tha Kiench society. Far froaa leading tbe life that ia Imputed to him, tha Prlnee occupied buna* If on the contrary with aartoat labor* and pr jecta. A abort tine before be left be aiked me to plan it r bim a great agricultural establishment, for be Wd the intention of buyltg 'am'a and lonaling up*' a tbem a little Franco colory Tbi* deaiga waa not fiilfll'ed. only because the bad new* which be received <M "be health of hia KOthet required hia Immediate de parture Here, Mr Fditor. you have the aitrtple truth in regard to tbe dbort rtafdencc of Looia Napoleon at New Yort. L. W. TINKLU. Wllllanebnrg City New*. A Nhw Enoikb.? Eagle Rogine Company, No. 6, of tha Vaetetu Diatrict, received their new engine from the maker*? Meesra. Hcceyman A Co.. of Boeton ? onTuaa cay afternoon. A' a trial, In Fir*t atraet, aha ttaxaa a at ream 127 fret high,, through twr lengtha ot hoe*. Pennr> FROM IiRoWMMi.? On Tueeday evening a ? ? _ havirg a oblld in Us anna, fell over board from cnaaftte P?cU edp terry boar*, a* ?he waa entering tha alip. Tha pilot, win. HaeeUne, plunged in and reacued then, making Id all eleven peraons be baa reecned from frown ing. In tbe above maiuer. within a few year*. iNSTatJ-AliON ? Rev. B Patera was tni'alled paakor of the rntvercaliet church, corner of Fourth at 4 Sooth Tlird afreets, on Ttreedey evening. Tbe sermon waa preached by Rev. E H Ch*pln; Rev H. R. Niaoffarad the installation prayer, and Rev. T. J. Sawjer delivered an addreea to the pat tor, Sm uNo I>m??KD Mrat ?Yesterday a Herman butsber Ueing b trainees it) Grand at reet, mar Haeond, -ma arreet' ?d or a charge of ae.tlog dUea??a nauttua. II* wm bald for examination to-day. Cnt R'H Oos??TUTiON.-^T>t* a narration of 0-ao? I rhurch . on Cotj.ielyea a ra?t is to take al^oe UlU < Chi a ?UJi a- -OX - vkMk.