Newspaper of The New York Herald, 10 Nisan 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 10 Nisan 1856 Page 3
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IWEBTWEMEim RFMWRft BfUKT OA?., " NAIiG8 AT AlfCTlOS. 1 LBVRT II N1CUJ.AY. A0GU ?>.* B>i WIM, HlTTT, A tkk d*i . Aonl lit at 1 o'cl >ok. ?t trie Merchinta' Ki nbaoge, for ecoi?uj?i ->l w ooin may concern; *10,000 U ni'ord i 'ty 0 u rem Dm Ga, e,.ch f 0:10 6, WO Gnei.a -nd l,'h ri(? U i l"n U K lut m rt?a<e. ? I HJO J 0t< Okf?g? mil Misa U K 2d morlgage ? 3 1)00 Great Western h. B. tit mortg 'g* I.ihm) 3 10# Yirgin'aNtate 6 per Mil " 1 noj 10.010 Illinois Cent. R. K. t^o utruetion toads t HDD 3 COO flushing h. H 2d mortguge 7 ot) ? eu> ,j*) 6,000 flushing K a li' mortgage to. da. 1 4K><J S00 Oar nel i :oal Co btndcfCia river V* ......... 4,000 La*e f'lA Waba h aid r>*. miu tl Istmort.. 1,000 1.000 Chicago and Mis*. K K 10 per c?nt lnc > ne ooadi 5 > > 2fi 000 Brock earif go i u.uel t o*i On 7 O KI 1.000 One share o: the academy of H u*lc ? 90 shares krie Ral>ro?d, eaeb IU 07 Bush wick ud Kewtown bridg- aid T'pike Road Oo-. M 2fc KulckerDocker Ljfe Insura- co t.v 2S 10 Btaivessnt lnuurasce Co 26 70 St. Niche an Insurance t o 25 8 Letox Ia?uranoe Co 2 > 30 Merchants' fire Insurance Co U 7 fcauover Fire anoe Co SO ? Peter Cooper Insurance Oo 20 30 Metropolitan Insurance On 100 1 elms of tale? Ten uer 'out 'bis ohv ?n'< toe balance be fore 2 o'clock 1 1 morrow 1 he ac rutri Merest no ail the bonds will be ob?rg(4 to the purchaser next regu ar na e oa Hon day, April 14. aLBttttr n. NtCOLaT, A uctioaeer and Bunker, *o 4 Hr ad street C. 1U?TL*, AtJOTIONaBR. OPWl* 94 BK0&D ? way.- OuntlLnailon of gale at 630 Broad *r*T A. C. Tattle wttl con'loue, at 10>? .''eloj*, 'bin day, the sa'e ot tbe elegant stock of goods a1 eo ti.'in ->oadway, comp-tsiag ?rosewood artnolrs, sicreiarv and bookcase ro e ?ood narlir furniture, mahogany bedsteads a9d beds. bronze* sietuar*, Bbrflield warea, rartan mar j o, ptisUsgs, jeweir> , artic ea of veriu, Ac. Also tbe gas U it ores, showcases, Iron sate, As. The whole to he sold without reservation, to cose tbe ousluees. RTHONY j7 B .hKCKEtT" A 8J>H WIL,T< 8Kt.L OK Tuesday, the lfith of a )rll at 12 o'clock, at toe Mer cbaoli' h xchange, tbe two three ito^v and atem^nt fl-st class buildings, wtth all the mod<irn Improvements situate at btxty 'flrsi street, near First avenuo. i hen* houses are well worth i toe attention ot' purchase's, as there are no better milt bon es oo (his Hand For particulars and to.-ms apply to the auc tioneer, Mo. 7 Brosd street. M CBiaTAliAR. AGOTlONKKa H%LtSSXOiiH 23 ? Boworv. will seil, on Friday, llth last , at 10}? o'olock. at So. S3 OoKJudt street, the stock and fit ore* of a wholesale otl eatakiisbmeet, comprlMxg a*M>ut 6. 000 call :os ot soeim, wbaie and oth?r ol's, together w ih tin and other oil caas. toxae. caui measures, oasks and every hlog appertaining to the above business. Totne trade iwno are respectfully tu vlted) thla U a chance seldom met wiih. hj order of JAMKS C WluLiCT, Sheriff. UCTION N0T10B.-J. BOO ART AtJC r iTmkER ? "BY 8. hc-OABT, on Ihurtiday ttcril 10, atlOty o'clock a. M., at 44 I ey street the stock of um >re'la* ana parsots, t> K ether with the nnmanufac'.ored materials com, tin* hou*e furntture. glass cases co nters. wttn drawers, shelrlcgs, stores, Ac. , Ao. By order of 0. A. ARfHUU, Asslvnee. UCTION NOTICE -D 8 HOUGH. AUCTIONEER, will sell this day, T hursda m >r: ing at 10 o'o ook, all the oooteote of the private dweillig tie Murray street nearly opposite the Olermoot Uoa>e I'he f.irnl ure of this hours especially recommend* I'm It to th->ne parties, wbo in in refurnishing, wish to combine well made articles, in giod condition aid aoetteo prices a part lUt ot contents is an nexed. and not a piece of which t? al-med Parlora.? One very costly roaewond olano wi'Ji two years' unexpired guarantee: two exoei eat solid frame rosewood suits in oolored satin nronatel two elegant rue wood eegeres, 1( 0 yards Krgli-h velvet carpet, several ?erv beau't^u Xgyo Uan top centie table* sta'uary top sofa, sido and other tables, heavy lace curtains, shades, i-evMn porc?lain ra?e<, bisque and Parian orcauiei is beautiful J pa<n'ed winter wanes, landscapes, print marine vbiws. Ac in aid ta">le?, nler aui ova' glaeees, wi>h s aba ai d braske s rose ?ood book shelves; aim). In the parlors, the sterling .-sheai-ld plate oo'islsllng of services plain and em tossed, for botn tea ai:1eollee; cm ->otile casters, mom, pitchers, large and ?m?l. sa'.veis, forks, spoons, Ac., Ac. l>lnk)g and ritting room ? Blegaut tapesirv Brussels carpettngs. moat magnlQceat china dl-,ee- and tea suts mi hogaay eitensioo tab'e, cost LJ0 doll?rs; mulio/any dtniig a ul Ira tables, Iquor cases. Orewinai, 'uoii eri, goblets cut glass ware marble nitchers. clocks mahogany sofas, coairs, rockers, Ao ; decanters cut sal's tc. Bedrooms ?Yards tapestry Brushe s and lograln carpets, elegant roeewood, mahoganvand wn nut bedsteads, wlta bu reaus. washstandi, te to match, nure Hair mattresses coun teiparea, sheets, plciures, pl)lo w ca??s c' ?cks gUt mirrors, Ac. Pale will commence in parlors punctually at TO A. M. Tv'TION HOTICK.?il. T L"eD? A HO. aUi> Uonefrs, Till sell on Friday, Anrll 11, at 10M o'o'ojk, all tte furniture in house 402 Hrooaie tlteet, near tfroadwa - , consisting In paitof one ep enoid row ?oi d piano orte, two suits of solid rosewood parlor turnltnre. coveted In French brocatel; rosewood jureiu., bedsteads and waaliiands to matcb; mshegany do., black walnu on . large Kreocfc pier gbaa, do. large aval, do. ina'i and ether glasses I rosewood centre, side and sofa tables; 'a rn Ore dei va-os; 2S a* y o molu clock, h day do , rosewood secretary bookcase, do ?arqe wardrobe, tapestry, in<rain and bru?BBlR car jets; aree and small oil paintings, cottage bedsiesds. to! et set> , hair m*'.tres see. leather beds, tete a tote. so as. s'ta nedsteads, sotaa, couches, chairs, Ac.. Ac ; rockers, cird taoles, lace and brocatel curta ns, stub's, pearl mtl'ry , in'ald, do ; silver plated wa-e. tea sets, crockery, extension dining tab e aid chairs to match; French ch t a dmner set ot 120 pieces, two large etegeres!with pate p'ss* doois ?r.d backs, do corner, with a large vat let v of furniture too numerous in or.ontlon. U 01 ION WOT1CB? LiAROS Wtli (LuSaI.R OBiLSK'i suck of omckery and g'a?s bv VVM W dtUKLF. i, Mon day April 14, at 1/) o'c ock at 98 Pearl stre-t, J * W 8'one bridge's large stotk of all kinds white gra ite and comiiin ware, glass and crocker*, in lots for wto!e'a<e a d retail dealers. Sa e positive, on time, over $100. Goods well packed tor shipping. UCTION NOTICK ? TUOST BkSl,!,. aOCTION BaR? BY A BUrtH this day, at i0>^ o'clock, io tbe sales roorrs 12 Hortu Wiilltm stree , * ill i*e sole tor accouut o! whom it may concern, ten lirkli.s Orange county butter, and twentv dairy cbeeaee; also, a va'uaiie variety of n iiisebold g nit ure, carpets, chair*, tables; also, five pieces French car s, samples from the Crystal Pa'a ce; ? On' Spanish guitar, ?mona vV> In' at 11 o'clock, an entire invoice of liosle-y, dry goods and o'othing , four splendid watches, silver wire, Ao. UCIIt N NOTICE.? J. Bl O RT, aI.MTIoc( KEtt -BT 8. BOUABT? Friday, April II, at II o'c ocx, at the sue ?ton rooms, corntr of Frankfort and WU l?ui streets, one block from City ba'l. gas chande iere; win sell to oa* advances, etorege and expenses, an assortment of large and costly ('ten derers, bracketa, gss pipe, large mirrors, paintings, Ac., Ac. B&IOMKB'fl 8ALB OP ' WIflBfl, LIQCoRd aMO "5e gars.? a. M. UKlSTALaR. aticd neir, fsa'es room 21 Bowery) will sell on this dav. lotn Inst , at 10K o'clock, at 203 bowery, thestoci of a wholesale iiqaor more, ciniistJij in part of One old Otard. Heignette and Hartal, brandies; fine Maoeti*. sherry and Rhine wlue, In and % casks and bot tles, Iitan wLlrke.y; linger wine in b'HUes; oay rain, sardines, sweet otl. Ac , Ac. By order of JAMnr* HtMMtiNrt assignee. UCTION POTtCB OF HKaOY mXuH CbOTSIiSG ? WM. TOPPING A l'O., No 91 Broadway, near Wall street, will Include In their sale o: Frtda?, <-prll 11 at their aucliot, rooms a arge and desirable a<aoct mt-nt of coats, pants and vests, in every va ie'v of material, all mtde for spriDg acd summer wear, In lots of assorted sizes, well wor liv :J>e attention o city and out of town buyers, catalogues and samples on morning ot sa e. UCTION NOTICE. -SHaTIUCK PAEK.4UKST will sell this day. at ato e :!9,' f.lghth avenue, at 10^ o'clock, bureaai, carpets, oliclnth, chairs, ab es, bedsteadi. mirror*, rockers, s ovee crockery, glass ware, hair nat'resses, c ocks, lounges solas, Ac. H. a. PKRRV, Auctioneer. Auction notiuk? j. uo:>a?T, AUurioNKKtt-Br H BOOaRT? Ihl* day. hi 10 o'clock, at the aneiin room* cot i er oi Franklart ard William streets i.on*'?bla'g aa)e. by virtue r.t several exec u loos: or.e punching mtch'ue, one butcher's cart two oHice flei-ka, two office chairs, lot of BL'tcelianeoui books, largo loib' newspapers, Ac. J \ v .ri OI. \Hrt, Constable. By KJ>WAB/> H HKM'K, At- TK'NKER -KOVaKD BOB UN JK wtli toll at diction (bis Out, at 1' o'clock, at his salesroom, Mo 10 Wall street, an Importer's stock of war ranted Imported wines, breadies, oham na*;n?s, teas segars Ac., consisting in part 01 tine . la branciet of he lo'lowl^g well known brands, viz.: 8. A P. Cognac, Renault i'.aoet & Co , old g (Hard, I>up?y A Co. and lleoneasv in casks, detmjoh'-s and esses; Forester's L. I) p.r', l'*xc A Co. 'a do ; Amontillado, Fortllla, Brlgbem's, Trieste aud > her ibr-iTi'*; Pba:p'n Made! ra; irlab and Hcotcb WDi?key, rnvnn uti, Umalc* -u-n. Ac.. A 3. a 'ho, bOOCO Havana and Uerman aegMs. Hale perempt >ry [or car*. BY KDWAfil) SCHKNCK, AUOTIOff BKR.? KDWARD eCVkfiVh wl 1 tell at aiictini, iu t riaay, ntb Inst , a It o'clock, at his lalestoom No iti \\ 4 I ?tr<et, it .iiH<nittc-nt as sortmem of hourebo d Itirnlluie tnnde by the bert Vsw *ork makers removed tor coovenieLce ot ??, ommW iui? la pat ot elegantly ca<ved ro'ewo d parlor Mtit* inbrosa'ee rorewood and mahogany dressing oureaus, wl'.b mi"0le(on?; dn enclssod waabsUnOe, with do. :do commodea wun do.jrwew.iod a&d ma b< ,>;an* corter and side ctegeres, with paie tlsas backs and ?ides; rosewood and mahngaov French mdstearts; do centre, sofa aDd side tables, with mtrb'e tops; <jo qaarfefn ta >'es; do. tonel racks; do. parlor chairs. In hair cloth a.,d br'vntele; ele gant solid oak chamber suits; ro-ewod ard mahogany waril tobes, Ac.. Ac 8a e positive fnr cash B* J O. McOUlRif, CABI net lomlttire, Pr?uch olau? mrnirs, apieniid French, In dia. and Naxim ch'na service; sllvir i.Uied w?rtt. e.egani tfl 1 ami plated tab e and mantel orr.Hiumts choice old wines and lliioora On Friday mornlna, Aoril 18, commencing a' 10 o'c ode, I stall t-eil at the jeskerce of ibt. lm-i nissiaa * mis ter, A de Btdls-o, (tecottci Mr*e\ Oeo-1ctogvn. all hla superior 1 turnmre and hotracbold effects cot.al4tlng, to osrt. 01 Hand some illk damask covered so'ns. arm, par or and fan)? chairs; losewocdeofs ard cbairs, sijle if 1.091s XIV.; velvet cjrerei tete-a-tete. srm and reception chairs, i.alr ot ele*an' painted glaes folding twreeos, large French pi te mirrors, in heavy carved suahosany frames; einrunt ??ablnets oook s ands, e'e 1 geres, marble top and gilt centre tables -idt and fancy tablet, nurocoo and dun ask covered dlvtna and iomgos.splet.dli mantel timepieces, m gilt and bronze with ctndele iris and ornaments, Ac ; porphorr vase*, caadlsstlcks. and other orn? irenta; magnlllcf r.t French ch't a d'tner service lor thirty -six 1 persons; eegantdeasertaervL-eof Fr?nchchina neautifa]:y de corated each plate containing a vie wot aome prominent swne In 8'. Petersburg; be mufuily deeorat^t French, Haton and India china tea and dessert sets, English olsted dinner and t?a service, rich set of crystal cut glass ware splendid tible orna trenls, lr< gilt actt sliver plate, wllh p'rmbus, ,ve ; K>ir?'-lor ma t b> gauj mirror front wardrobes, mthiginv bookcaves, cvbl itu, desks, writing chairs *cr?ens; large and elegant Ps?cbe glasa. ID hrnvj carved frame and pillars; miboganr aid wal tun beasteacf, wartrobes, btmam ? a"hitan"ig. tol et seti, 1 velve', Brussels and thieepy cur pet ' , sMkaod dimink c it tains, shades, crnloe. Ac mibo^sn' armaod esatnberclialni, tahlsa Ac ; large >ut of super! r copper cooking uiensi s; stlvnr ! plated rsrrisge harness, also, at 4 o'clock a large v ?rletr of TH'e sad choice wiro? and 'lijnora c morlslng M?delras slier 1 rlts, <#>, hock, old port, c'aret, French cognaa. brown s'otn abi Isette. Ouiteoa liolaiid gin, Ac. some of which have l.nen io oella- thirtv tears. Terms MO and ui ifr. ca?.h;over tnat autn, a credit of slxv >-nd ninety days, Ijr 1 "fc'i^factorlii endorsed >o<es. netrmg iut-re<t. n II ? thj loune tviil be open foi visiters on tfce dav ore<*dlng the Mia. .fa H. MclMH.iK, Atftlsocer. BY JOnkfU BsOfcMAN, ' AOCrlMNKK*.? ^ -RtDAT, April 11 at 10 o'c ock. * M a t the centra! stlearo >m-, t- rrv?r of fos'l nnd illoiigltSy atretta, Rogu1 r ??-(t[|y sa>e .if botiaehod furMl"i-*, cccm. |iv flxlu'ea r'ahos Ac Q1 bore wbo Intern s".d'nv ?o>,!s 'or thl? gale would 1 ror ,e- a ta?xr dj Heading ihent to th 1 store r.i soon ai maybe (cmventeit, . (<?! mTWaRO HUHKN K * (IC I TON KB R.? K 1) W . KO ' ' Hohenck will seM st auction on Frida", Hth Inst ,at hU ? ?wwenm, Fo lfl vVa I s'ree', n. s urel pmy. twe v? hinaa hiab I r'\< n veers old vorfec'lv kind, soui d and gent'e 1 1 ail li ir tess, and urrtr ilie sadd e. ai.d ''iu tret in l^ur mlun'ia. 1 ytl?o Ibe sit e ? harn^as mada for him aIs>, % li^ht trouiog J ? aim, In perfect order, and ssversl ca 1 it?en. T7ira*KR_ B FhAKKUJ, AU TiOMHKR?BV FRANK . , ll s ? FriJav morning, lltli Inst., at 10^ ? o closk, at mi ??rrotn 79 Nh^rvi Mxqa', nuar ,fohn Mt4?a?lv9 j H'e of diw BN flwood hiod fornl ur? carpet* Frenjh pl?.ie I KtlfOfV fa* c> lordii. Ac , Ac , oompriitnn A aen?ral i?Mfl mmt of pupertor cuhtom madn cabi..<?t fumi'ire, coniit'lnr in I part of psrlnr sitl es in rosewo d anil mahogan >, covered with I French s?Un brwate ol lh<i mo?t Isshionable and oo?tlv pai I terns, snd rich silk push and halrclottt; par) >r nil as, arm 1 rbairs ro-kers, covered chairs ottomans. lounge< oentre. card I and m la tables, eaf tablcA, fancy and wurti tab;es. soMd carved 1 oak clegerrs, maheganf sidehoaris, rosawood milmgaay and v\? nut secret?ey and library bnnkca'es; wsr^m-os, extendi m tlln '.g ?eb'es, hall hal a'ands, marble ton and plain bti-evu end washstsnds fecreiarv bureaim - u beds, s^Ild c*r?edand pleln bed?ie?ds, enamelled an I silld oak r.himberturnltiirc l? snues thick rrench plate pier abuses ann oval mirrors gilt Irunr.e o<l naln'li gs ?nd engravlrga, n'eks, china vas?s and ninntel ornaments, glassware lai le entiery, hair ma'ire<-Bes, n?i Is'se*. ts?cv goods, Afl Ac Ibis s>i els worthy the at'eo ? ( of 'he trade snd hoiiwkienera. 'atatogunp o ?? nornlng at 1 Hale Hoods packed lor shlpmmt, or stored not 1 Mav 1. J^XKntmR-S BALK OF OODT1SH ? .I(>HN VT S >M ? j imiVKK suctVinerr, will eel' 'hl< il?y. at i"o. 30 ftorlb llllsm street at 10!,' o'c, ock, by virtue of ai execution, about "X.w? Jbi, oociieh. TVM. &, JOtfl", i.yaiU'j'v, 8AtE? AT AVCTiON. KC. AARON, Al CTIONKRR? KIM, 8*U. TffT* D OT, . at ha? -paM 10 o'clock, M t>7 kitwitukml. a ta'eid 1 ??? surtmebt 1 1 Our gold and xt vt r w?toboa o' ?ho int-t ril? >i aia.l m*k<-r< vtz ; i'' ov?r. o ia?, John on *ml uttiom; aUo dia monds Uiu gold jewel'y ; wl'lioui reservn tor out. "iTi *r vFcH, A UCTioiBlB ? HOfJhBBOLD P fuCNN r . tvre at I78 Frank in mreet F. Uo u>i oil Mil, this <ta> Ttunday. ? prtl 10. at 10,^ o'clock at 178 Fraokllu sireM, ??? enHre turuiture o' the br use, oomprbing the ihui aa*u"t u?nt ot nj?h(d?i" par or bedrcom ata klichaa urnUura acme ? wh cb bw been in u?e iorsevera! -e?ra. and ?onto >n >re in? dm; I lie whole will br Hold without reserve and must bn re moved ihr ynm? Omi . Mo postponement ?n ear a 'c viut. <>? Friday, at the melon rooms 59 Keek man suext, a n ?eminent ot ?ood new i?r>dperondha->d hrrn'lure, from a rVmly giving up hoa-eke<ping. More full purlieu are la ta-mur iow'fc papers HfcMtf U LUKUH. AUCl'lON?.?R -dhN(t* U i.n.rwl A Co ?I1 sell, bv auction, on Thursday, April 10 sale of wi?kn of art at 11 o'ol'ok. at tba stud'o ot 8. nropaey. rtsq 114 While street, comer ot 1 autre. In eon ecjuenti* of Mr. i. t t ropsey's deuarure "* Kuropa he will -a.l as above bis valuabi* collection ot sketches. ploturet, drawings, tc., all neat]< t air ad, now on axhihPion at tne artln't siuoto i lie ?ale wt<l embiace many va liable woks. mine ca'<(oe bl i nt study irom nature, and omuroui oarafully finished drawag* wine engravings, books, can'*, studio furniture, Ac,, without any r- nerve. HKNKY M. LK?I)B, aUOTIONKEK.? HUKKY H. L.?itUil A CO. wiil by auction, on TburMay, Aorll (?, at l?>i o'clcck. at 13 West Twenty sixth street, near Bro?l vra i gen teel household turntture constating or Brussels aoi ve vat pela, cu> talis. mi tots oak oeo're table. oak pianofona, chairs, fancy do. engravloga ana paiHtii gs mantel orn? ??a . <wn re tsnles, tmtJLS, touches, Inga'n carpet*. be??iiea<is. ma'tre-tea, arm cbai's, hcokcaaes (teorelary, obandsliers, enamel! ?i c<>r tsge furniture, beds'eada, china, Kin-* otic neb-, and n bar article* not enumerated, bale ooramencea with kttoban tur ntture. HttNbT a. HKKT8. JR., AUCTIONBKR, VFIDit Ma 5^ f*lna street? Hnu?ehoid rurnltn.a a ai at reeidanosa of owners giving up honaaaaaping 'hU spring. H. d rtK a ???, Jr., will give bis personal attention to sales o' bouseh > d iurnl ?ure at private reali anoes. and aoUotta a oontl Mtanoa of tavor* Aram bis friends, and all In need of bis service*. aU aooounti will be reidered ana paid In oaab the day attar aa a. BanBucM: Hon John McKwro, Dnlted Ntatea tiistriot A toroey. James C. WUlet, Ksq , HherUTof tka titty and County ol New York. Frederick L. Tultea. Ksq., Dnder Sheriff Char if a A. Raudoina, ksq , 475 Broad ?ay. K. f, Uulcblngs, laq , 4VS Broad <ray. b. itKtii'd. jr., auction Kisu.-?uor(u4( notha.? Special Mia of brandiaa. wines. An., In bood on six mnniba' credit, benry B Harm, Jr.. ?U' sell on fbu* sday, April 10. al K'Ji o'oiook, at tba Mlasroom, No. bK floi street, oomprlsicg the entire Importation cf Mmara. IM Vauo ine A Char1 en, per ship Ann Perkins, of (be Centra' HoeiMy of Vina va'd Hroprletors, brandlea, being about 8u0 eark?, la pipes, halves, quarters and o staves ; a so, ? large ooasigntnaat o 'otbe* coulee brandies, ctnuopagnea. o'arsts Ac Tb? samo as wl'l na drawn Iran mod by tba auctioneer, and will ne real' for in spection, together with catalogues, on tba day previous o sals. HKNBT B. IHKKTm, J?? ADOflONKRR.? OS r&l day April 11, at i0K o'c ock, at 4W Klgb'h avenue be tween 'Ihlrty firth and Inlnb slith ktreet*, eiten<ive ?t>ck nt flnt clata groceries contained In said store. Hevrr B. Herts, Jr.. wltl sa l, as above a large stock of die groceries, ormprutlrg la part green ard black teas, coite-a, sugars, spite*, preserved fruiUi, sauoas, pickles raisins, prunes sir <nnes. ? wsei all, ?oap, bandies, Hacker's (roil*, chaste, but'er, Hour, and a general arsortmeot oontalned in a first olass gr> cery store. Also, store fixtures. Iron safe, horse, grocer's wagon, harness, Ac. Catalogue at sale. H~ E>BY bThSRIS, JR. AOCrlONKlca -OFritiK NO. Pine street.? Magplficest household Ituniture. -Oa Tnesda', April 1#, at 10 o'clock, at 29 Meroer street near Uraad, compri-lug elegant rosewood furntu'-e pUnm. pier K a?ses,oil paintings. Au. HaNRY K. IlK KTS Jr. will sell as a1 cvb the e, nitre e euant furnlliire contained Ln said live Jtory h"u?e, ks tollows:? ln par om Mpiendid 'ranch plate pier and man'el glasses, Upe?tr?, velvrrt end Anliomor cirnete and rn?r; elegant s?tln l>rt>caiei ar-d 'see window curtain' and gilt orrnioe-; bronze and ormolu .'l avtfellora, two auptrb roiewood pianos, nna'lv new; ? arved ro<ewood sofas, couches parlor chat?, ??wtnir and reclining chnirs, en suite, covered In ri?h colored aatln a o cat el; caived rrx-e vood etegeres. n ate g'ass basks; di. oentn side and ro a 'ables; sileniid Dresden china vases, man! clocks ell paintings and rich colored engraving?, In gilt frami china dinner and tea -e s, p'ated ware, g ain warn, ice , Ac. Bedrooms, secoi d story? > 'outlining vnlvetaod Br js?s s ci pels, ro=ewo< d bedateai1*, elegaa'Jy carved; do. wardrobej, pla'e g see ffcnt?; marble top d'essUg hiirnau" wa>biti ids, damaek and lace wlndo w curtalu^, roiewood couciag chairs Ac., in broca el; elegant gl't and ola'e g ass canopies ana iaie eor'atnr; mantel gU ases, oil palstlngs, tolet rets, otna men's, Ac. Ibird and fourth story bedrooms? Coat*ln ve vet oaroet, ma hogany hedfte*d?, bureaus, war drones war-list jjd', ser'nf beds, feather beds, bair ma'tre*' e?. toilet seta, pvnt ng<, eu gravlnRS chairs, couobe^, Ac., In hairointh; dunask wlndo* cur<H<ne, lace do., gtlt con Ices, pier mirrors, Ac. In Unrary- Pier (lass, ve vet ca -pet, rosewood too t<bleg cr uch, sofs, chairs, paintings, engraving*, Ac ; hall nil cloihs, ve vrt stair carpets, plated tods; rosewood hilt cbalrs, bat stande, Ac. 1 he base me ts c ntain a gene'al awo'tment of fnrnl'ure, glssies. crrcterr. gUss ware, euUery. sliver plate 1 ware ohlna. Urn m els carpels, look lug glaeaes, Ac. Also. 27 ha?ke> Heldalck cliampsgi e, together with tae kltcben luraii've and u t nulla, with which ibe sale will c imnieoce Xertnscaah. I alalogues at ibe home ear y on morning ot sa'e. H* HTIW .? KH aUiTlON MOT1CR ?J. K. TiJ Adf W EKP'fi eiiflith regm ?r spring trade sa'e w\y take idtoe ihla day, April IV. at 10 o'c'oek, at 216 Pearl street, on tour months' credit I or partlcu ars see cataloguaa, watch are ow read jr. ToHM L V aNOK W ATKR, ACCTIONKK*, WTU. HBLL, on Tburer'a?, April 10 at 1'iU c'clook, at the stlMroo-n, 12 Maiden lane, standard o*es of the finest anil neweit v*ri? tire, adapted in mr climate, aod all warranted true to name atd f elected with ? reat rare by D. Bol', c irner Broalwav and i" IPletb street. Alar, a fine assortment of tree peonlee, ofva riou* kind*, lo Ine order JOHN L. V a M>hWa1 KH allot IU5KKIi, Wil<L SaLI. no Thursday, Friday and Saturday, April 10, 11 ana 12, at 10\, o'clock, at I>e<monJoo'? bote), eirner Broad tray aid Mom* street, consisting of all tnu furniture In the ahove ho tel, which la mostiv rosewood and manufactured to order: 20 rosewood stuff bscked suits, covered la crimson plaih, viz . 4 ctalrs, arm chairs and coach; 20 do* covered in sat'n bro catelle, richl? carved, with the same number of pieces; 30 do., covered In hair 5 lout ; fining tanle*. oak aod mack wvnut dining chairs; 20 bronze fa* chandeliers, a large awrrUnqat of gas brackets, 100 fine Brussels, three plv and Ingrain car peU, largr gut frame French plate pier glasaei. da mantel glass**; laoe wlndiw cur alns, gilt Arame engravings and paintings; 76 oval rosewood marble top centre tables; oil cloth"; 16 fine rosewood marble top dressing bureau*, 74 do. waihatat ds to match; a large assortment of t dlet aets, water bottle*; 100 Sou rosewood arable erd single bed.'*eads, best curled hair mattresses to each bedstead; leather bel*. pai llasses, white counteroares: si srge variety of double aod rftiwie mattresses, msple and black wt'nut bedstead*, *c.. Aa. The above hotel contain* about 120 room*, furnished In the Don complete manner, the whole forming one of the finest sales ol the season. Also, the bar and fixtures and cooking utensils. JOBN F. KUS8KLL. AUCTIONEER. PBRKMPTORY attractive ss> of rich cabinet and enamel od turaittire, ptarolortes, Ac.? Rust ell A Day will sell, at their spacious salesroom*, <*6 Nassau street, two door* from Fal'on street, tomorrow (Friday:, at 10 o'clock A. M , a splendid s'mk of first cla?* cabinet and enameled furniture, Ac., rmi partlouiars ot which will r e given 'n to morrow's nerild. Also a qttan iliy o' t-eooncbsod lurnltore sold by ordo' of (lie mortgagee, compriAirs one supeior rosewood pianoforte, oue bagatelle board, witbjba'lt. Ac ; ore verv fine Kngliah veva carpet, one mahog?n? pianoforte, with other article* JmukirtyT aUOHOAKKR WILL BfLt. Tins ? d?v, at 10Ja o'c'oek, nt 173 Chatham square, a large as sortment of itirolture from famt'ie* removlag. Also, feather t?ds. mirrors, carpets, extension tao'ea, beddtrg, ftney goods, Ac . Ac. JaMKBSI MItLRK, AUCTIONKKR.? PoBITIV* atL*; ol houee and lot 212 We*f ihl'tltibi treet between Klihth and Ninth averse* .laroet M. Miller will ssll, on Fridav, av?Ii 11, 1CN>. at 12 o'clock, s'. the Merchants' kxcbaag*. 'he superior three *'oev house and lot V21 West Thirtieth street, flu thed In the best manner, for the owner'* use, and is in floe order Sevent y per cent of <he purchase money caa remain on b td end mortgage. A/f B BUTLhB, ATCTIOH t?RR ? PUBLIC AOMlNIR Ivy. tralor'srale.? On Thursday. Apnl 10. at 10 o'clock, at ABB Pearl street second floor, the effects of Emauuel a dbu b-rjer Kiln Waterburv, 1 boa as Turraot, and other In tee'ktei, te st ilng of drugs, medicine'", bottle* and fixture* of a rhjflciop'* office- a so furniture bedding ma'e an J female o oth'Dg. trunk*, cliests, gold aid *11 ver watches, chains, jeirel ry | c. OAKLRYA WRIG'.T WII<LKU<I< AT AOCtlON, rdUK3 cay. April 10, at 12 r.'o'ock M.. at the Merchants' Kx char ge New York, valuabls Hrookyn pr pe-ty In Navy street six nea . three story ?? d naa^meoi brisk louses, nsa' Futon avenne, in Cfmplete order, new. ar d w lib m xfern i npeore ment*. Adelpbt street two three s>ory ft'd bssemsnt. Phi a deli-1 la front, brick bouse*, near l>aUyet'e aver.ue, with the mt'dern -n,Prt>vemenis. Fulton avenue- Two three story and barement rhUaae phla front, tin ik houses corner ot 'truid aeenue, netv and with modern IrofTovom-ct*. Portland ave nue- 1 wo tntee story and naeeuent Phi adelithla trort brick bouses, rear ai* rt e avenue and Wa*bing'oo pack, new and with modem Imnrovenents. Bedford aveuue- -plottage house with ft nr lot* SSxlSW teet near the corner of Oale< avenue Gate* avenue- hive luin, jOxKHI feet, corner of lledt'ord avenoa, Urai d avenue three lots, 20x100 feel, 100 test south of Pit ton are- ue. Vartlerbtlt avenue ? Three lots 20x10u tee', 2i)0 fist * of Plushlng uvsnue. Nav* street Tnree *ury f/? ne> ben-e, filled in u> the oeak. finished fn p. sin sty e s'ore ?n 'he uTtiti' d tlo^r occupied for a grocery, dblng a thriving btislcesa, tot UAiltiO feel wufa a reat two storv a: d baaement c >'t tg? lo the rear, iso fronung on lAlaytUe street; the whre lsren'ed tor >618 per amnion, a rare chance to mace a profi a'de ItivnaU ment Hale poslljv*. For naps, apply to OaKLKY A WKiG&T, No. A o.ittrt street, Brooklyn. PC. BDLKLXY, aOCTiO^kKR. uFKiClt 49 WALL ? ftreet ? Poellive rale of e'egant -Ity rr.mle turn it. ire, Thuntday. April 1", at 10 o'clock, nt No 3d Katt Tweuiy-flgt-th street, the entire >farnlinrs li t e ano^e residence, cmsls lng nt Kagli?li, lirRwels a< d tnree pi j carpets; beaitti ul tninwl nrcaments, damask and while lace curtain*, one micr.ifi-ent > lewtod piar.oiDrte, spring seat rosln^any chairs, walnut chair*. ea*v oiialrs. eofas Ac.; beautiful flit edred china dinaer defsertard teasels, ot e splendid double pisted tea urn and a quantity ni the best quality pla'ed'and cut g'at- w* re, maho gany and walnut bedstead*, bureaus, washstands, mattre*!*^, bfddlcg, Ac.; rne magnilioeot nnahnraoy "a'dro^e botl*ie?<; ?Ifo a gt neral assortment of kitchen furniture. Catalogue* oa day of *a.s. PK.KhMPIOKY BALK OF LAR 1R BRICK H0U8K IN hrgbt street, near Grove street UAVIu &C01T. attc t'citefr, will sell, at public aifHlon. on Frlda*. April 11, at2 o'clock P M.. en toe preml*"*. the large and onmod ou* three stor and basement brick house No 10 Bright street, at the junction o t'rove, Bright srd Grand street*. Bouse coa IhIus 24 room* and S pautrles; I* ihe best arranged building Id .lersey City to let; two tenement* on eacti lloor, with ga* at:d water; will 'et. for $600 peraenutn; Inus* Is built of flrd rate rna eria , by dey's work, and I* lfcaied in a very piea?ant part o' the city, commanding ? fit e view of the bar and har tor of New York. Term* very liberal, and will be m?de known oa tbedar <>l Mle. For further particular* inquire of DAVID ftX/IT, 76 Montgomery street, Jersey City. KUHMtLI. W. WK8TGOTT, ADOTIORBRK.? 8PLKKDID boutebold lurn'lure ? K. W WKdrooTT wil' sell oa Frld*jr, a pni II, at Ifijg o'c ock, at No 162 West I'wsntv first sirw-t all the magnificent furnlturej-in alned In the above fi re story ('welling, has bf en b use but a low month* and Is la per pect order, nsrt of ythlch watt made in Pari* and by the he>t makers lb tbi* city Descriptive catalogue* cac be obtained at W J. F. Cat ey A Co.'*. No 6W Broadway, or of taa ano tloneer. The ssle will be positive, with mt regard t i weather, ana the lemovtl of the furniture Immediately from the pre mises tmpc. stive. The fnrnlture cnnsl'ta or two large and c.ejtsnt I rench mantel mirror* made In Paris; two largo u\*r no . with slab* sod brackets; crimson and gold eur'aln*. with heav) l?ce curtains, cornice* io match; rosewood pvlor ?ult?, covered In c.nm*oa and maroon *il( and ve vet, viz :--Hof*?, arm *nu parlor chairs. r<ceotion and bullet do., with *llp covers; rosewood arm and spring chair*, covered la bracade; fauieuils, covered In mooue ; tewing chairs, In tapestry; rrte ?otd music case, plate door*; centre tabiea, pier do , outr tet'einf papier macbe. Inlaid with pearl; ormolu chtndellars, suoero csrved 7 octave row wood pJato'orte, with the att*-h mept, embroidered cover and stojl; richly carved rosewood etetere, oval mirror front and back; rosewood (tecre ary and bfokca e French marble top e*cre?olra, lined wlta boxwood; rich Wilton and ve vet carpel*, elegaut mmt?l ornati* >t?, painting*. Ac. Dli,lng room tanlture? Mirror 4. *M>>bitr4, wiiii itarnle lop; solid oak nx'suion table, with a Urge >ind ?aurrb variety or. rich china; m ner se'. 221 piece*; tea do. nil gla?* ware, silver dining tiidtet (ervice sliver aod lul-,14 C'ttlerv Ac. Wl.n thn chamber and llbrarv fumit ire ifich chi ved rosewood bedcead*. dresslrg bureaus at^l w^sh-iiandg made lo match ; reclining losnge* ard chair*, In tap *trv; one rosewood suit, covered In medallion taccstev; china miio' -.eta, Preach oval mirrors, superb hair mattresse* ard balding, ot tomans, ten* a fetes, solus rockers, libra's bookcase .to. wl1*! a Isrge variety of beatnlfn bedroom and ba*emnut furniture, Inm.hotary. marh'e top fcalt velvet 'I Jr c*-niU?, At, all of thsbe'tklrd Knlokerlmo?nr anil Mtxlk ? vet tie s ages pane near the bouse. Terms of naie? llankabls mon?r and a aenoslt reinfre,! Ironi all ptircliaeers N It ? (?n Tuesday, Ap?ll If. the TOttas (tirnliure r f hou' e 106 (?o:wri itreot, a-*r U.o dway. HAL, KM AT AVVTl ON. p j KtLit. aloi I't Rkb mLLhklIl, tarn ua.Y I . ?( 10 o'c'oik, at 31 Ca tiuina xtrnet, a large c iwlram ? i ?la?la ai>o drney gone ii. Imported (or me prei-ani spring vii ?nr uitir in at , also, ihe stork of a retailer, o >n'?intvg ev wr ihli -g Id tbe dry goods line tor cash, u lota to suit purobasor < OPKIAU .NALKM <j> HOL'HKHOI.D fUUAUUKK. Til* O utderxtsnsd rest?<ifiiiv oiler ihHr *ervlcas to ih'xo i.bou: di o li.lrg houarkreplntf or moviig. 'i'inma Uv <rlnj? u I with tcnr buMtiOM wid find themaelvei wall r-aiuied With our conditio! ? kr. All atcoim-s ix-omstly >*u!ed RUiHttLU I ? I'AY auctioneers, fefi newiau atreat, wjJoor* below Kultca. SPh 1 aL HA I.K.?NaML'*~I, B A* ii KL.A cotYo w* k *Z Wlil tell, ibiu day. ihuraday. April 10 at I0H o'c!oe?, at Uic sue ton room 100 Broad -var, Dear *a'l strpot, an in votes o> fine champagne, wlnna. brandies aod gin. In ckwi, toral j hi e and t!a*k? A AO, Mulr A H ?'? ae; narclav. 1'erkiiM A Co 'a I'ODdon p -Mer Alan, fine Havana and Qarm?n amjara, to 'nianiltw* to suit city and country dua era, to >e soul wiooul reierve, tor cash. ,ibOK V hllOa, AUdloM-l-,*, BiOKs. ,u lo^P?l/U? I an eel- Mortgage sa.e ot store IW.ures, Ac , liila d?y, Tnurada*. April 10 iKBfi, at 'J A. M. at Mo 449 I bird avenue, o<?.ei?uug cf s.ore fixtures, gas fixtures. Ac.. Ac. itlNlU MUHHKI U AUOlioMKKU. I, .>Ui> CMA.a.3 i i loo ot' furritnr?, Ac. will be sold at auutlon, '? uiy al van. es ihi? ( .bur-dai ) morning, al l?>i o'cook, at the ?a e? r< ciin l?o. 81 r twau nUnot being consignmeiu t-om manufac ! ti.rtrc, ltnporiei* ai.d artists, al tngrtber, a ya uib e ilrt, tor houtelceeper* Ac , cot fisting In cart as tolio v-.?M rolia of fctg'ihb velvet tapestry caroeting, In quu'tUes de?'r >d; oak and mrhogany pi lar eitenaloo dlnlo* t* lea, t#n>?k ex tri>&lnn tab oa, octagon lega; marble top dreeaiog bureau and waata'eud, mahogany ilre??lr.g and olaln bureana, anfa^ r ink ers e?a?, and parlor ehalr*, c? mabogany and black walnut; Imilation, {naUouan; , rorewood atd curl maple rbaJra; r?ae wi?id Horary bookcaw, blank walnut and mtboganv parlor ruita. covered, tancy and plain; oval pier glatt'ea and oil palnu inca, nn* Mtra palnlirg, valui SS0; aalamander aafei, value t?'; 20 bookxtaoOa and 20 corner etegerea, m%at(l and tabie onjuuen<e two aerond band cvpeta, Ac.; 20 hair mxt raaata, teaiber bed* tudtete a tetea. nofao, oentre, card, work and fanny tahlea: 20 oil palnttrga, no frame*; loungea aota and lounge 1 ' edateeda, munting houre and fitting dealu, revolving libra f cbalra.crlba. cradiea, 20 tablea, ready for marble; nlooka, aecor d band piano, Ac. Ac. Kvary p/vrlalon f?r bozlag. Ac. H'ora?et?ee until lat ot May. N. B. KamUle* giving up ttooaekeeplcg will give ua a chanoe to aell. W" M. 8 McILVaM, AUOTiON KfcfcL? PLAN ti AT aUO. lion.? Win. B. Melivala wlil aell thladay, atd everyday tbla week at the reea aiore, ?b. 7 John atreet. at I0>i A. M., a great variety of roaee, boueyauoklea, jeaaamlnea, oarna'lon finka, dabilae, gladto ua atd tuberoae ro?ta, A&. Ae., from eter lleoderaon, .leraey City. M. W11TKR8, aUCTIONRKK, WILL 8KI.U Ort Thursday at 10 o'o ock, at 208 Canal aU-eat. by vir tue of teverel chattel niongagea, all th? furniture In the above bouse, conalatag of parlor nulla, la brooatel; pier g la ism patsilof a w enrlalni, atad?s, velvet and tape?trr oar pets, oil cxtiia uabogaay and other becateada feather beds at d be'liilog. marble lop d' eating bureaus sod waihatands, to|i?t*e?. dlnlrg room aed kitchen furniture: a so, on* (lna r ?sfwoid melodeon. By order ot FIIANKUN BSOfK, k?(| , attmey lor mor*aagee; offiee7Bl*as?au street. WML WlTifcbS, AVCriONKKt, WILt. 8KL4., OK 8aT Lrdaj , the 12th Inat , at 18? t?nal street, by order of ex ert-tors, lh? b>neeliu.d lurniture, god and silver watches, ol?moo<! rirgs. plea, silver ware, clothing, in. By order ot HIraM ObiANDKB, executor of the estate of Samuel b Krgle decea??d. WrtLl, AOCTIOMERR ? OoSTLY IT V I.IAN M AttBI.B ? mantel*.? PK.LI.S A CO. will sell tbli day, April 10, at 11 ??'clock, at the|warerooma]of Messis Movie A Lauder, Noa. 4 and 6 hast Twentieth street, the entire valua') e stock of rinbiy sculpturer statuary, veined, blaok, and gold sienna mar ble mante f ; this stock comprises a very large vartety ot mo deru dexlso, unsur pasaed lu execution and flntshed In the moat art1aU*stv)e. Terms, four months, over $100; approved en dorsed no ee. N. It.?'ihe mantels are now ready tor exami nation WM. 1BV1MO, AOCTloMKIC?.- ELhUANf tlullHK hod furi i ur?.? Wll.WAM liiriMjrAO >. will neH. a at'O'lcn on l'hursday, April 10. at 10, ^ o'clock, at 4:( I b?ventw?thftre?t, tear Fifth?* venue, narlor f irotitire? velvet mroalllon narp?ia, snoer royal Wilton carpets, elegaatsui e can 1 'twee o id par nr fnrijture covered In erirn on and ?catei, sola, teie a tetjktwo arm chairs, atw :.ig chair ?r or chati-a. auiW ci'^-een Hud go d latin iro Ale mow port?ln> iloed with yelm*' silk, heavy lace enr ?Qfierbly 'rnsmented; Krencb pate pier and mart) a "iH, with c imlce^t io mMcn; marble and glit mirror stand; ? mi carved rosewood meda' Uoa back uarlor furnl ure. - 1 < n<l in crimson brocttfl; sufa, tete a tete, arm chair, and l i r oc chair*; niniolu eight, light gas chaodn'lern; coverel n revvooo n arble top oler and centre tatiles, rosewood ete trten. mperh covered iwewooil 7 octave piauot vie, roae *-o. d receputm ctaa'rs, iu brocade papier macie pearl Inlaid do , pai ler id at he work atd card tables elegant bronze and or m in clooks and candelabraa elegant Parian mar tie flL'U'ev Pa rian to lage ra?es, teaJ hrmzn ca* de ubia flgu- es. *'ioerb n:arbe figures bov a> d doves, elf gant carved rose wool eace tolre, n.shog?xy extension dlulng tablta, mahogany c.balra io ' tep*; rotewnod loti> ges in crimson br cat?t; h-o^atel window curtainH; ic'ewrod screens, arm chalra and loungfa, in oluttn; china eln-er and tea sat*, s'her plated <va re, rote wo id mirp tary, Ac Betlro^ma? Wilton and uru??eU caroets carvei rwtewood French bedsteids, ro-ewood m?r.-le top d esa!nf W??ua,n-sewooddre-Biog bureaus, waahstauds to maicti carved black waltut Kreoch betlslead.s, blaok wa nut marh e top bure?us. sewing Htands aad watbstaids wardrobes, book esses, lecie.tary, mahogany hedaieads bureau* and waxb gtucd*, n>?h<'gsnr wardrobe*, hair mattresses teathar beds bolsters aid pillows, blante'h, beddlog, Ac; oilclo'.ha, Brut t-els stair carDi-t*, hall and bat stands. Ac., together with ? froteral asiortmer,t of kitchen furniture. V\ 8. MKi I.OK, A(TCIIONKfcit.-BT HOCIUBTOK A vl ? MHLI.OR, tiis day, Ihurndar. at 10>? o'clock, at lW ptreet. largr. and peremotorj- tale cl cabinet fumtta e plarofiwtes flrnt niiallty thick French p ate ailrrori, rlihly de cors ed cblna vaiea dinner set* oil pstutlnra, ena-re'led chamber sui t. dining n om and library furtilture, every ar tic e v-arr n'td *? rep'eienUd. H. A M. will sell as ahnv? to pa? advacces, the icost d est -a Me ?tock o' rl-h and tasteful Cfcbtuet turnitnre ard home furnishing artlc'es that baa been t tterti at auction this spring, and is wjrthy the attention of the trsde, coat try mere hurts and hotel proprietor! and th<?e about furnishing first class hou*ea- Cabinet fun Iture will constat in pan, v'z.: several *oU4 rosewood trame parlor suits of furni ture, toverad withibe moit costly brocatels, plush and Bagliah ha'rol:tb; solid roiewocd centre, pier ard faney table*; rich e egere*, anror ?rl'-lng cabinets rich work table* and standi several large rich r decorated enamelwi chamber suits, book easea secretaires, tele a tete and plain back ?ofaa. Voltaire and spring seat par or chairs, solid rosewood, mahogany and wal nut ehamoer furutture, lounges and sola bed .toads, Turkish cbsirs, cane seat fancy chain, patent extension tables fourteen feet long, dining room chalrato match; also tour second hand Sianotortef. At 12 o'clock - six superior toned rose wood piano irte*, of good tone and finish II j fl MhLLOK, AUCTIONEER? BY HOUGHTON A Vr ? Mellor- Thin day, at 12 cfaiock. at US Nassau street, trortgsje wile of rtxuen pisnolores. new and secondhand; stool*, cover*, Ac., the entire stock of a dealer rosewood 8 Si, 'jKi ?Dd 7 octmves, made by Van Winkle, Fi ber, rhorne, Qievestein ana o'bers. worthy the attention of the trade and those In want of first class instruments. Ihe whole tor abso lute sale. 8 MF.Ll.tlB. AUoTIONKfcft? BY IMUGaTON A . MRU OK Friday. Apill 11. at 10H o'clock, hiuaehold turr Iture, contained in the flvt story brown trout dwelling home 2H4 West twenty third street, opposite London t?rr*ce; elegant furniture, rosewood pianoforte, cost 9480; rich broca'el parlor wiltea; rose *ocd do., covered in hair c'oth rich: centre tablet*, tapestry tnd three ply can eta throughout tie home, Kntrluth oilcloth. rich ormolu char del'ers, hai t stand atd chairs, wa'nut atd mahogany clumber furniture in great variety, pure hair mattresses and betlolng in fif't en room*, lea'hfer beds and nil lows, ws nnt cot's ge furniture, wardroie', extension (ltntrg tsbee, cbairr, rich cut glass wire, silver plated enters, liquir sterds. forks and spoons, chioa dinner aad tea sets, with the usual variety of kitchen furnlttne, wlh which the baIo will commence. Tbe whole lor absolute sale, auu must positively be removed on d?j of sa e A deposit required trom all pur chaser*. The above is In excellent order, being in use llttean monhs ai d wcrihj the attention of lbs tracts Catalogue on iromlogof salt. WllLI-V R MRU, OB, aCIJTIOKKK.R- BYH'HJSmtON A MELLOB.- Moudny. April 14, at 1B>? o'clock at 400 E.-osdway, up stair*, tear canal street - Rtegan' o'lstom made ro ewocd, mahogany, wa'nut ard oak cabinet fumi ur?j finish ed in the Inest stales ard fully warranted, having been ?nad-t to ot car expressly torBrovlwav sale-, corhiaiin^ln part, or 30 id leremroh par oraults.r.ivered in rich brcca'e!. plush, hairc'.o'h, reps aud o bar fa-htonable coverings noholstered and p a'n sveep hscis; w>'id rdreword centre and pisr tables, etegeres ex'ecs'di! d.nirg tables, 14 feet in oak raa^taur nan Walnut; rlrh t orktaaes I* great variety, ea?y and Vol aire cbtirs, rockers, parlor chairs, torn.* standi, hoik shelves, *o> k ta?> es, ac. Alio, a variety of ehiwoer furniture, row wocd be<lt<tfM<fH bureaus and wn bsfsnas, mitjc>f?nv ?id ital cut do., pure hair mattresses, together with the twuv variety of artlcies found In a first class pnrata wa-eroom Ihe who'e f' r poettive tale, ard worthy the nttentim of the t-ade and thore about refti -ntsblnK first clas* houses The s'ock is now nr ranged for exhibition. Catalogues on morning ot saie. ?I/M. C. hlQOINS. AUCriONE*B, WIU, SKLt, TlU? TT da- , at lflt< o'c ock,at No 3 Ablr.gSon njuare, junction rf Eighth avenue a-d frndfon street, the a- tire turriltiwe in the aVve tour story bouse, viz Brut'ebt and ini rata o?r pets, chairs, bureaus, bedsteads, leather bod*. e!ock? oil ? i-'^s mantel orramenta. Iks., together with ihe kitchen furni w?, with wotch tbe sa1* will commence * i > hi m;juii,mn ehv, ax . "aT^UDAMF: R^H ARRIS A SON'?,~57l BROADWAY, A may be seen tbe latest and mo?t ?)eg*nt sty >es if 1 wpor e.". Freuch bonnets. A ruse ot beautiful chip Dot n at* just re ceived; aiac biaok ar.d while p'int lace f*nry straws Ao., Ac. M'MR &. MAURIS A SON'S, 67i Broadway. M Ai ftMbtSKIO-K UAftNBJT Has opened HBR HSW SHOW KOOMS, 701 Broadway, fup stairs,) With a varied selection of PARIS MIIiLINKkT. MHB. PEaBW a WaL>>lI HAVK OPEWFD TH?IB new e><t?bllt.hment with a ca'Jifiiliy'?d m-ortment of ihe most fa-hior ah e French tn'llluerv, a' 115 otvisinn street, 'ppnsite urcturd. N. B.- OreasmAkinj; and order* vrcirptij aUetded tiv, MILLlNEK yZ Vuurring bonnets, Ike la and most splendid stock ever seen, at W. JAtJKSOH'fl, T>ate Bar' toll, ran y '* new m iu mnn st^re, No 561 Bioadway, be' ween Hpnng aid Prince itresti. P_ABI<5IAK MrLT I^ERT -M4DAME LF.VI'H W*RH rooms levl'sHo el 110 llleecker This sswbll^h roent has labored to prmluce the most artistic bonuet of the season. 1 adte* ol taste are sollcl ed ti call A KIN Mil.T.iN H.RY. -^mThS F(>Y, 821 BKOADWAT, (eiitrai>?? cm 12th street ) will open spring and ittmm?' tmte, comprising crapn straw, chip. Ac . of tbe latent style*, on TVor*?ay, April 10, 1886. A large assortment of chi'droa's cats also on hand. CPftlMO MllXIllltBC OOOD8?

O SOS 20 Alftl II JOHN STRERT. The undersigned, having extended Jin dimensions of .his wardroom* b> he a idition of another store. Is now prooared to nflei to the trade an extenalv-e s'ock of g??ds in each of the several ccpartmetits of his busiieen TI1K SILK GOOIM I)BI'ARTM*NT comprise* ribbons, silks, laces, and all artlr'es belonging to that branch ?f the trade, and In corstantly being replenished by Importation* and purchases at auuion. IN Til* STKAW (JOOIIS PEPARmitT aay be lout*! every description i f Italian. C reach and Kng Itsh straw bonnets, Leghorn hats. Nencoiiuin and straw Ivies, edstrgo trimmings, Xo tosether with a solendiu stick of French f!owe? rf new and unusual y rich and beautiful styles, m Tnr. silk nojiNitT showrooms are exhibited tbe moat traunllcent French pattern bonnets of his own Importations, as weU ?? a verv large asiortm*nt from bis own mnntilaclory, unequalled hi the variety and elegaaoe of style and finish. Tnsi driws ctr nr.PAHTMRirT just added, 1? a new and attractive feature of the establish. num. and the ariic'es exhibited cancot oe surpassed in the b stitv at d tasteiulr.efs of their pattern* and derlgns All the above poods ere offered to me trade at moderate prices and a call respectful'y solicit* d B. T. WILDE, No*. 20 and 32 J.ihn street: ^PRiN'j pxrosYTioN of mTlmnkry ?. Kt OkB'8 showrooira now open with a be?uHf?l ( "ill op tion of ipnrg ard summer millinery, alike disllrgulih >.i for n-stness. elegance and sultabl ltv? three rsrential r?|itlr.i mens. Mock constantly replenished Well werthytia la spi eunn ol ladle*. MKH. BOORR8, 1S1 Eighth avenue, wsats Is. WTRAW GOODS. STRAW GOODS, O BtBBOKH, rar.Ncn ru>wiRa, rnnn, Trlmttiogs and materials for tlorlsls ?-e offered to the trade at induced prices, for cssh, at Hoe 04 and (16 John street, enr Bfr of Wtliiam. N. T. HOMER A KKTCHUM. Jrtsl n c-lved a large and elegant lot of stra?r flowers, aa '.rfly new In style. SPORNINO, T BOAKDINO AND LODOI!VG. QPtQ U? 'OH 8Q0ABK, 1W? HANDB ?UK HUITlToF CHJU riom). bi furnished, to a so ec fhmtl 7, or geirt'o^ ? ?. wl.h prival* table or on ihe European plan in kr -u ?? Ho'ig* delifcbtf j'ly sUu-U^o. over oo? In* Iftioa eiju-e, a'i ie*ly p.ta'rd Md fu-vmhrd w li hath rorru gaa, 4c. Brady A p)U 10. Mt?, a pb.i a riui'a oflire to lot. OftH BtiOAbW^Y. COhNBB OF WH < T H hTRKMf, ?)Ot/ ri?ir?Dce lu While ?u*et ? A tew .na ? oj totu tun i*bed rouaa, In suit* or ? tugle, by appljiug tut aooea. FortfjAiuoit 1 1 n'i t 'J 1 A. ^ wWufrvN uTitmici, * .><?.. i i f-c; ht. IddA'j J 1* ' n|ii?rr-? ii.i t rk.ii'i'id bedroom adjoining o le', with t <*><?; baa all ire modern improvements. Beforeuce* MfteCitM M<~ MATH HI olfcT.?SUrre Of HA*DN ?MELY FUB ?/ r l.b;.1 noils oNt. lo ftvid l?w with prtvai Utt'e or ting e g*utlMif? %1-h oaitial hoard. bout* having *1' (be n < d?? o imtmnnnpti, and pleasantly located near Broitwi*, I A I Nlftlll KTKKT. IH1RIII.OHK HAiTOf IIHUJ J xl FuruMied menu, in milts oi separately, to t?u len.ei, wi % breakfa t if rcj'iired First olaas house. w:tb h I 'he onltMi Improvement*. "1 OC Lldiiitt bTkkkT ?A 8PITK oK B0'>Mri OH UK J WW coi d floor, with beard, mar be obtained opposite the Mersartile Library. Q| PBlNt,!!. c(KK?r FoUB DM>BS WIKjT oF BB.JAD ?'i wa?.~ A new- rn?u and wife may now engur* a hand some j fiucisiied par or bedroom, with am jie cloiets, and a singe leuilenao a n*a'ly fnirlnhea bedroom, with board. House first elasa, wjth gas ai d baths KiASr TWkAlY-TblBU HrBafcX ? F(fUN'iH9KD apartments, with board, may be obtained; one room, suitable tor sine'e gentlemen. Apply aa above. Q"I FRaNKLIN HTRKKT? two NkTtlY FURNI jUr.U OX atUa chambers to let to single gentlemen. 7| | WH8T IWENTYTHIRI) HrBKWT -HO * R 1)1 NG ? 1/ f-u't of roow.s on tecond floor, furolahed or unturniahsd, with full or par Jal *o?rd. First daa? home: private family. Also, one tingle room. Reference eichanged. 7(1 FBANKL1N BTBCn, Fl&HT HOUaB WBSt O* I If BroMaar.? A ftua large rroot roxn, bedroom and pan try attaefced on the reeood floor, to let to on* or two gentleman; breakteat serred it re a aired. Alao. single and doaole rooms, ail Deatly rumUhftd. lni(alre aa atMire. /< QhOVr. hTbKfeiT ?THIS* HOU8K HaB BKCHNTI.T Ti) tbasged tfiidr. A choice of room* may be had, If ap plied tor im<re<tla'elT. Ha* ali (be modnrn imorovemonU. i4>tiT?nie<)t for >ta? m and cars. Dinner at ti o'o o -k. '?.? NIMH FlBlfKT. UtNDtorHLY KUKNI4HKD room* with full or partial bnard, the house Is new, with a)' ike modern improvements; family private. Beierenoes ex cbaogtd. ^Ortfeet^ a l'f ile Cwi .st' BLKHUKaB 0'|b^d ptrlorn $ nd liedrnomii , ? Rindiionieiy fi?P. without partial board. ounw> 'ogeJier or separate, wlm or 17 OkKAT Jd.NRS bTKKKf ?A BlTiTK Of Pa.BU)83 x I bmdsomelt furnished, to let, loaether or separate, wlih o> w f'tout board; also a large light basement, suitable for a physician 4AHLNODON MOUABR, VTK8T HIDH BROOIIU BOUSK nortk of Bank street a desirable loaatioo (or the srnmmer. Apartments, with traara. convanientfur families or single gan I Inn ten hafrrtiuoea sishenged. AffSlal.' I'oXV. ?? t'aMlf.t UAf? A .tlOK<tJl>*TR two or th- ee stogie gentlemen w th furnished roiun and partial ?< a'd, ?h?ie then! are no other boarders; the houw has the mmiern lmprovetnenU. applv at 76 Masduuica) street, between B eekar aid Houston streets. Aokntiaman and his win, oi a cmr hinols gentlemen, can l>e acc.immoiated with full or partial board In a private family, where ihey wl 1 find pleasait ro una aid tte nomtorts of home Qas and bath In tue house; throe tclnuies' walk from namlltou ferry, situated at 27 summit street t*ou b Bro?klvn A SMALL PBIVaTE FAMILY CAS ACCOM MO DAT ft A gentleman and wife, or two slng'e gentlemen, with the btck roomi on the secmd floor, foruifhwl or unfurnished with board keferencos eicbanged. Appiy at 180 Ucury st, BESPKCtABLK MECHANIC CAN BK ACOOMMOOA tad " lib board, where tnere Is one other young man, at 94 fet. Mark's place. Call /or two daja. A GKMLt MA F ANI WIH WHII BOARD VvTTTa O. private f?mil' , In a p easant loca'lty and modern Inuse. Wi 1 rritalt pcrmnnemly, if all things are agreaahle Woud not object to a country reiloencu .or th? smnmur The best referni' :es exchanged. Address W. W W , Herald office A~ BPIT OF FUBMBHkD EOOMfl^TWO ORTHiSKE 0?N t t-men can obtain ver? des'raM* sill's of rooma. or stag e r. cms with partial board, If rei|ulrd, in a first class brown s'i ne front bouse, witn all the modern Improvements, c nve rieiit fo fhs ra?s and stages. Apoiyatfo 71 Wea, Fourteentk ttreel, first house weft of ftixth avenue. A PLAIN K ItfiPF ('TABLE F * M I LY C\N ACCi)MMO date a ffrs on or two with a bank bedroom snd sitting rvcin furnished or un'urnlsbed, wllh or Without boird. Apply at '23 *ast Twenty fourth nfi-eet. a ;SMa1.L PhlVATe. FAMILY WOU ..D aCCOMMODajB r\ two or th ee sing e g?ntiem?n ?ftb partial board Tue br uFe is loca'ed in tt e vlclLlty oi beveath iver.ue aat T ve'fih ? reel, aid has gat, baitiiooni, Ac. Use of par) >r. and a first cVtsplaio ,at all tiroes, tvery ell- rt made to render it a p.eerant Inwe. A llr e a<!dra?ped to Content tmir 1,790 Post etllce, will receive prompt attention. Terms moderate. Will not if move on tbe first of May. iMi APBITaTH FaMII.Y, without childbeh, RESin mg ere block ea<i of Union square, would let, to a single gfot rn iar, a very desirable pari r and bedrjom attar.hed, w'thoot boaid. 1 he borse has a 1 the modern improvements. Addiese E. K , Herald office. . fcMxLL FAMILY CAN BE AOCOMMODATKD WITH ^CL plea.-ant rooms and board, at 74 East Twenty third st. A OKNTLKMa"! and WIFE WISH PF.RMANSNT A board tor the year, With uafontlthed roam, on secon l floor, with entrv bedroom, supplied with Croton water an t gas, between Third and beventn avenues, and not above f wen fy egbth street. Address, stating terms, J. W. 8 , Herald rfllce. a OOUPLK of 81NQL.K OKN i Lf.MlcN, OR A ORNTLB cL msn and his wtfe, ean be accommodated with beard, In a K ivste tamlly. in a house with all tbe modern improvements. fferrncM rrquired. ln^ul-e at 123 WAt Twenty-second itreet. between bixth and Seventh avenues. AOEMLkMAN AVD WIFE, OIVINO UP HOUSE keeping, tvlrfi to hire their furniture. whl?h is modern, <o a reepeetable famil*. and would le willing to board w th hem. and pay In addition to the furniture S1' per week, if lo cation suits. Adoresn Z. Y. X.. Broadway Poh office. A SINGLE GENTLEMAN WANTS A FUBNI9<3ED loom with partial board, In a small orivate faratlv for ?be fumiLer motiiha or longer. It suited. Most respectable re 'er'r ce glvec and required. Address M. F. W , Herald offics. DtaiRABLE nOMK FOR A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, or a sect eman and his wife In a small prlva'e f *mt y, w itb a handsome furnished room, large cio<tets bath, water. privi.?ge of adjoining parlor at moderate terMs; convenient to ptagrr and cars. Apply at 15 Bedford street BKSFfcCTABLE "wTdTiW LADY WOtTLD LIE K TO make an arrangement with a fanoi'y tjout bretalng up hcusekeeplng to tike their house ard have the n board with hti , atd bave the privilege or tsking t sro or three other tioird f-tf- Most rerpectab'e reference given and required. Address M; a F , Heta.doflii*. A M?Jf aNDWIFK, <iR si ?) OLE OK*TI.<M?N CAV ' ^ll^mt^SK With pleasant rooms, with ward. in * I J* ??2?V. a" .tberp nn tn clitld.fln; the situation plea- ! _-T|t at IW> lindv>n street, near H. John's narfc. A yuHmafKp riiiul, ffim (jhk on C\ two bedroores *tta"be<1. to let to one or two slng'e "tnti#. . nt tn it a private hjuse. wiih al< toe modem ItaprotremnnU; WMt'ofi^W0^ AlPl1 11,98 PflBM ^ ? ??" *?<>? BO> RD-MA Y "BE~nT D? P31VATE~F4.MIL7 u?e boor* crmUtna the modern impr ivemaiitH Con wnltnt tos j gr nod OU- routes. Apply at 13 Warren place, Charle- , Board, aftrk thm ri?*r or MiY.? a owru; mun ml hi* alle, atd also a tingle gentleman, ran he see *> rorda'ed wltA ooshI and rooms, pleasant)/ locs'ed, iu the ' elgh -orbood cf Mghth (treat. For particular* U) qui re at No I'hKutgeis street. B< ARt? 8IKOLH OR MttfKJI MOM. WIS* CLAM bonne; duirer at 2 o'clock. at 103 Franklin street weat oi H'cidwa*. 'I erms rrode*ate. Bi.iA.HU t?G OK IHRKE OKNTLEVKN CtN BK AC eommcdated with good board au<l pleasant rooma in a p. r vtte tsml at t-o 83 ?Ve%t Sixteenth gtr..?U li. Y. BtAKD? WANTED, PARViuTbOARD. BT AYOONfJ gen'Ien,?n; location must >e between hlgiito and tif'een'h s'tfets st-d Flttb and Sixth avenues; term* to tie moderate, aiul lirmpe to Lava modern Impr vt-ments. Ke erencas exchanged A#drewb.. K., f erald i.fUce. BOaKD? A LuDY LIVING IN A FIKHT OLAWSI IMUrtK ?iil lei wlh partial hoard two nicely furnished rnotn" 7 blsls a rare Rtil HMImI op oortQllty for two feni omen I st ire desirous of living ia the K?me hous* t he ro ms art, lejgea*"1 oorraln gas and wa:ar on v tour In the fanilr: no rbl.drt Lr.cstloo weat alee of the town, nesr Fourteenth rtreet ?ua Mxili avenue TarmtST per week each Addr?si M H. B , Vnicn square Post olllre OARD- PLEaSaN TROO MS 7~VfltH~ B'MKf," F'?R tsnilllcs to li t, In a first o ass house. where there ire few otter t'jarders, dn.rer at six oVock; references exchanged M ply at lt",l ha> t Fourteenth street. UOJllD-0OOt) AC'('u,M*n|lAfi(i>S FUR (I^.NIL' J I men and gentleman and ibelr wlvea, on very mo1en?i<i ?ftam house has ail tie modern Improvements, and pmessn |> local e*. 396 Fourth sve oe Hersons looting lor good h"Bid ar d a plea tan t lionohad better not delnv. BIOAHU.- OKNILkMKM WIHUINO MKi.ROr BOAK0, down towD. b?n? I'ana. st^ee' and one liJo-k west o< HrrnuKav. in ? rmall (smlly, where ther ean have a pleasant Lo?ne; the bouse is large, acd tiandtomnly fiirni-bed. large and fimiD rromi that would acrorotnodsle p&rtlea ? lahlng to room t ?e-l #r. Adcresa bf x 3,790 Poet olUce. BUAHI),-A PIKaRANT ROOM. SCHaBI.C FDR TWO fitntlriren. with partial hoard, can be obtained ir? a 'i^rt r'ats h?i!?e, belnw Twentieth street, Dy addrewlng L. K.. ' ?"ii4 office lerm?$4M). ijc ?hi? down town hoard, with LOOOtifO v U ft tO Ir I': hoard, without lodging *3 per week; ol<lig bt tl.e ?iek, $1 2J to $t Appl. at ?47 Washington street. BOARD 1* BROOKLYN.? HANDBOUfcLY fURNfjlH ?1 tnomit to let, to singe gert'emen, with or w.t'i in h< ard, on reafooshi tarma, at Mrs. Mobr's, 2t>3 Washing on Mreet., ne*r ( ?lty Hall. BOARD in KKOOkl.YN -l'l-UA^AtfT ROO*8, liAKUin or troall n?ey lie o > tain ml by appijin^ at 234 Hanry street, next in Uie corner of AmMr. Board ih bkooklin-at iot wawicMtBO if street, between Boerum and Smi'h street*.? Huivsotuo ?p?rtu>enU In smis or sing ? rooms, nan be h-nl wi n break fast ?nd lea, for slng'e geiit cnien only. Tie -"oms are woll tuintehed, and the boiue la as pie -isantl v loca'rd h- any is I'.torkljn. OARD IN KKOOKuTM.? bAHOK ANU SMaLL Sooiil may be obtained In a house having ail the modern Impr ivs metis, witbtn five mlnu ea' walk ol ute Month lerry. ln'ioiro ?t i>4M L enry street, Brooklyn, relereuces required. KOaRU IN RROOKLYlf.-A OBNTLXXAIf AKD Hi I wife, or two Pintle genl'emen, can "in urn im xiod tt ? i w. h h< srd and pleasant romi. by aopljlt gatt)7 tlenrv rtres , wl'h'B flvf mhiutea' w?!k of fultnn or Wa'l stre<it li-rrles. OARD IN BHOOKI.YN. ? I.AROK IT,"A?\W".' ten ins, furnished or unfurnished, can he had, 'vl'h hour I, petn *' enlly, b* gentlemen and iheir wive*, or single g?ntl ? men. st 57 High street, t ear corner of Adams, Brooklyn, n ? . over five minute*' wall from Fulton fhrrv. BOAND JN I1ROOKI.YN? HORTHWKnr CH)R!*Kli ... h let* and State streets. A Ir >nt parlor and bedro im, fii-n'ehed, on the second lloor. with iwo pantries, would b ? I -t to * .??. Imuran and wfe. Apply on the premises. O A K D m BROfKl.YK.? A SIROIiB~?BN rtR*? \ ?* can be accrinmofa'ed with parti*! board, In a prl?*t* n.mlly where there are no ehlidrea. at 17(1 Adam street, ten n Inntes' walk 'iom Fult >? ferry. Reference required. TjOaRi? IN BROOKLYN -MTMH.K OWm.1l?IM. < ? >. J> 'smtlle*. ? lelilng to wcure a very desirable r?im. o ? % tit ol r< oms. In tie setvmd story, can he accommodated at K . ,9 H? ot)s street. Alto, ? Iklrtl story rpom. Kelertcce r?q it> ..I BOAKDIfYG AND LODGING. BOARD IN BROOKLYN PCX IjIIMi AM' CSVUi C usled p 1 ? n-ti1 ' iixtata w Hi d, nut m e f"r i-iurifrt m rt i-uif *d tu Mine, a rouimut cSarrfu,. .. ncdtoi K ? tlenen w Ufin o ut ? (4 rrw.-ek Aet.o o Yl.ou.e? To u tu? . Tl itMl i! I * hi ?<. " |i , il'oklyn. HO4IS linn 1 K .VM. -r t M ITINOMV M*Y Ya cwn?, a Nrr<* lr 11 r\KH?, e coi d tl or with hail '.edmotn; aim large ro ro 01 titn floor. a ?Jy aid usi.t mn-ui or two or iliree I ?-?t a?i t liixj 4 p>e%*ujt re 1 1 r- h -M -Mid 0>* (tv table h' uifc. Apply ?" !?'' Cxi ^fW) , ta.'uc il?,i ; o. low Hcnr) DUAKi IN Hkl OKt Yt? ? '.A*a?' ROOMS, t?lT1 fj rlnaeta aa'l bedro .ai a la chad, it d -ir?d; also use or !w? H>ni '? t> C|l? lii a |i ~?ti pi DC JJO', Ifli vtd um: Wall MU^el and NjWfe unci**. Apnl) ?! -4>?. itatnu nir.ft . Kri?ikl n B' | A K I* IP M>I1I? HbOOMJ.Vrtf -A r,.tr >Y Of 'U pi lug a bcuje Is desirim* of r?c.*ivitig lw.? ia"Tied Knot'* rreus'? wtvrH w bi-artets and two 1 1 f *1 fsatleineu, with jr wfSmnl ? o?-d T*e b n?e pcKJ-M ;'ve-v cooi'irl N Imt pa rues of he tl'Hi rn>|?erU.' Uil.\ need applv at 29 niruiU soett, (tie? mioutes' waii from Html tot aveau.i ferry. uoABi) 111 wilmammburo - rwj or tursk bin D gle gtut wn jar ha %c*nmiiu>iUt*a wtth t <od "uard. 10 a strict!* private tajnt.y ; the bouse U wtlfciu throe iu uuum' walk ut ei her the Grand sir ?.et or t*ao- hUh tecrlHi; terios reaiorabe App.y at ISO ooovo hour lb street, lareaaours i'r?ui hecr.iid hup.oi. Board, at a noun try skat, on thk bast rive-.? A rriva'e iavily oecupying a 1 ar?e. airy. country b?uee, deligbtfuj y oca ed f-n U?* rivnr. having axteojva. wei abaoad groundH *eg*l?t> e r?nl( a bull hnisa. kx , vrMi to niakfi perir&utn*. Hrrangeaieuu In h"?rd a taml y 1 f grcvu persona, or a tew gmilr men. M?b> a?d carnage room m*y he bad, and oartiet ror tb?ir borne < f praferred. iim tlempo itmrg hiu-i. eaa will And tbit a verv coarat>lant and da rlnl.le nummer r^ntderco b^ing onl* atx miles (n>aa the L it* Hall, as? ? oennlt)!fl at all hours l?? Second. Tk'rd aac P lurtn ?Tranc car* Address Country Eea', ?ox 'H9 Barald ofBoe Board wTTfM)-r6i~A sTmj 7? uk-n tuhman. Location not above Canal a raet. Addreaa L., Hetaid of flee. UOAbD W4NTB0? BT A YUUN1 UAOY. IN A8MA.Lt ! Jl rexpertable private family, price not to "-roed ?2'i per | monih;wou d pair moot hi v or 'luarterly la advanco, if aiUiad, 1 AddreM, wtth full particolara, Mary Jaae, Broadway I'oat of flee. WaNlhU? BY A UKMiLliMArf AND WLPK. 1 Infant and aervact; ore large or two aijolnlnij rooms, ?t'h par'ial board for gict'eman; wll furnisb, with eicsptloa of carpet* ; location between hacopd and KUih avanues, and not above Twenty -flfih street; term* fia per week. A ldreai Home Herald office. BO A. HI' WaVtED I'aKI.'tK AND BRDKOUH. ON 8K cotd floor, fr ntiog on the ttreet. for- a gen leonan and hla wife. JL ocation between Fou-teealb and I'birtr-Siih s'reeta. Addreaa. with name, Ac., staling ternu and dinner hour, box 603 1'Mt office Board wanted- a bout thk kirst op may, kjr a gentleaan and wife, in a house condunted In good Htyle. Will pay Irom WO to 175 per calendar tuoith, and be prrinanent. Addrem Brutus, Berald ollice. LooaUon tn the ntight?>rbood cf lfltato* p ?m preferred. B- OARfV WyTRTBD-BY A LADY AWD OKNILM^Aff. In a gtnteei tamllv. or where bui lew boars era are taken. Location nesr Broadway, or In Brooklyn, near the ferrlea. Addreaa B Hieharda box 170 beia>d offioe. Boa-li w J.MUU? ut a ilr: aM> i,aDV, with iwo furnished or unfurn'sbed roorta, with full lioar j for Iba lady, and partial tor the ctntleman. Any respeoutile lami y having such accommodation will please address B. H. 11.. Journal of Commerce oflioe. BOAKi/lNO.-A UKNTuKM^N a!>D WlKK. OR i?ro Dlur.'e gect'emen, can And the comforts of a home, by applying to a wldnw ady living at Wo. a Bmler st., one Ca nute's walk ot the Qreenw fid cant, ' outb lirooklm. tiAKDlNO -TWO KRO.NT RoolfB TO LKT, WITH or wttlMiut board, at No 10 Henry street Th* locathu la convenlfnt tor too?e having bui-tnena down town, louse cool and :i>>Rrl fbr summer. Bs'lu in house. I10 moving or eltanlpg In Kay. I.ovrrn of quiet ? it! pl?aa? nali. BKOOKLm- A LADT BAVINO A FlRSf OLAiS hjufe woul 1 like to dUpote nt a room or suit of 1 001ns, furnished or unfurnished, to families or gentlemen, with board; dinner at 6 o'e'ock. Apply at 62 WUUu*hby alreeC He rerences exchanged. KRooKI.VN.? Vp.KY U a liUi. ^?lffl board, may be cbt tit e<l for a gentlen^u and his wl e, Itj a first c'asa bnu?e. pleasantly locatcil aud col more than.ten uilruie,' ?? k from Wa.I n wi and Kul on lorries. Appiy at 08 vv lllougahy sUenl. Referaaces exch'ingsd Bi.OOKl~fv HKl(}tiT-i.? 0AN BK OHTaIVEi?, AT 62 Bemhan street, an e egao'ly (umithml ro m on these o. ii() floor; also one In the Oiird M.jry. auliao s for twoiriendi. Both command a view of the bay. Dinner at 6. Refarencas e. changed. pOUNTRY BOARD-ON ORFKNBtTKfJ HlfIO?M. 25 \J mlestrcm Pew York, a ni near the Harlem Railroad. FnmHles wishing board on moderate te ms, in a delightful, bea.thy location, on a tarm of 200 acre*, may iipoly personal]/ or address A. B , fO West twen'.T fourth stree , for ten days. ClOUMitY HO A tilt WA*It.U-FHO* THE FIR4T OF ) Bay, by two or three Uerman gentlemen, In a healthy li cAtiOL', not too far from the cliy aid near the water. A prU ?Rte Uruily uoulu he pnferred. ver? onst of references can he given. Please address with real name. Mr. k , hox 137 few lork Prstodlce Btai'rg: tern* and olber parUcjlars. 7( K f .sltl BO A BD-A PRIVATE J>KKN0S FA V1LY, C hiving pUaMipt iwnn could acco 0 module a gentleman a' 4 wile or stogie gentleman, with beard. A.>pl? a- 34 mor ion Mreet, rear Blce-l er, c onvenient to cars and st-^ges. fn7RjrUBBD SOO MIL? A MW ilNOLS <iK.\rLKMK? can be aoaommodated with furnished rooms, without board, er *ou d be fur-.iuih'd with breakfast and tea, If dantr eri, In a private fan. lly in Sou'h Broolcl-n. The cars pass the door every five tnlnutoa, aud tha !oc ui >n U p easant aad r* tectahld. Ttrms moderate, Referenoe exchanged. Addre* T . Herald f.fflce. I11C&MM1KD Al'AKTMf.NTS TO LKT TO MNGLE ORN r Hemes, consisting of a parlT ane bedroom with r. oaet 1 attached, on the ?foor.d floor of No. 44 Leroy street; or woull be let teparately, furntrbed or ur.furalshed, without board. UH) RNIBHKD APa BTMKNTF? WITH ( ?T~W?r 3O0T r board, at >0 1 First street, corner ct Bulaon, Boooken. References exchanged. LiDBM8'.<> I) ROOMS? AT THK BBlaMON r IIOUUC. r fros. 6AS and S67 Broadway, handsomely furnlshied far tamlHes and gentlemfn, In suits ard single roo<ns; IsoaUoa central ar.o desirable. Also a suit of rooms suitable for a phy sician or dentist, ho moving first of May. ijMJRNi&HED ROOM~AND BOARD WANTED ? BY A C 'sdy and gentlemaa, board for tiie lady on.y. ta a sataU fsmily, where tbeie are no other boarders; w!ta a widow iad? preferred. Pajneut in advance If required. Address, stating terms and locatim, Mra. Uantl, Union square Post oflMk HtCltNDiHkD ROOMS To LKT? PIi? AS ASTt,Y 8tfUA tec, with toot aad cold water, at 666 Broadway , two doors above Union square, of P. Cole INSTRUCTION FOR BOARD ? A YOUNO LADY. C*PA bleof teaching Rcglish. Frexch ane music, would I ke a home where tostrticUon one or two tours a day weu d he con sidered an equivalent for full or partial board. No objentlons to the country. Address MUs M t . Kte wart, Broadway Post office. VTO. 146 TWkLFTH 8TRfc?T, MKAR hllOOM) avknuit ly Rooms en the second ai.'d tbtrr floors; atnr efeeni etim! hc(1 geniltineL and wires, on flud pie* "nut itccam jnodaticm* ' tamii* private iln,i ted Mincer taken; fUoilaoea or an'ar i.Mied, wl b modem improve-men s; |-iioe> re*?ioa?ble Nuns but jiftMma ol fclgh res,.ec need apply, i'tri and, togeu t>ear. OM OB TWu SfNOLK GBCTLKMKS "(UN OHTA1N fuootior ln>ard, It * first c'tfa p.-lrate h9U?i in the vlci'-.iiy of Qramercy park, where they enn eo;oy t o-mrr lartlea' society with ever* comtort and !u*uiv teijutr^d in apar a* isnlhcu e by acdretrinf l*ura, Htra.d nfflco, for t s-o <t*y?. KB OR "TWO" XOUNU )lt> CfeR #1 MJiVMW dated with board and ( tuotni a- ?1 City Hal' pl.y-e" PBIVATB.? A, YoDflU ?*!?'. i f yUUT llArtm?, wishes ? fura'shod room, with full board. In a etrlc !y private family, not fa- fror.i Twenty th'rd street aodthlrd fcTMue. A ill. rera Harrj , box l,9f5 l*oit (dice, with local on hud turns. RO(/MS, WIT** BOAR I*. ? A UKN* LBV \K A <I> 11*3 ? w'fe osn be ?rcomn?o<*ated wl'h ? milt ol rooi>?, on the t econ) fltto-, furnished or nnf'jrnUtied; a so ?luiln nonl f'r >ctirtg gertimnrft, in ft respmt?t |i? I n -nil/ an<i ple?awin< naigh i ot b' oo up t?*a; temm rea.o-iabie. Adareaa fredartc, tierad oftt'-e. iJLMMKR BOARDING.? A *AMIIiT, CONMBriHG OF v ; s*j or ?e.ven persons, or t?n f* miller, c*u he tf i imno dalfd wilh bosrd in a yery plear^nt fci:d h fa' thy ^l%ce lo f cr>*R k ( oMiec'lnut ? ihin one liotir e: d Utltt* mlmres of fit-w York, f" ?a)t water K >r firtbrr' hu'orins.tlo? apply thiv w et-k at 292 fifth, between ibe hours of M and i o'cVck. COtnH BROOKLYN ? BOaRD ? V FLKaKaNT P *R 17 'or tor a gen'.eroun ?nd wife; ulso, a nleasant r.Yia Jo.- a Mrg'e (ten'lFtrian ray be bad, it lmmedate aaphrutiun be mar's at No. 0 Torapkin; plac rnoiT'l- Willi BOARD, K0CMU4 rUBNISHKO AND L unfiiiniehed to mm rled and 4'ng'n gent'etaer. in a first rlaai bonne, in l Miisntr.e plane We?' wentT i in b street be iiifo Mghtii ard Ninth avenueii. helerm.ces nive>i arid re i|Uiied. tH) I.H Willi 11(1 A It |), IK KCi.M'l rtVll KrtM ?" M \ Y I. 1st tbe^bolrtf thn ?ud ibird iioor* ol the flrat else* four ?o?y hoii^o 52 Kant mr*?t the roomiare large, end have |>ent> nloset*, Path, Ac.; iiiliaVe for a fsrol r or a party of *en?J>men. j.WO di>Tl.l- MfN N !!!? Al.T V *f ? >1? -v I ol> -V I I'll 1 a oi tnforUti e bed oom w'fb ' wj wd. in It, t *r o-ie diliar each per week. In a rrlv.\ie fmni'y. Relertare re^nlreit. Ap VifMfiH Vad;?OB Hire t. 'JinKKf. 1 MS W ITH BATH KiXIM AlTVOHttl). Ti) 1 letoa lew aertleTnen, or a smtll tanillr. will priva'e u.ea's. In a large nenre wltS mrdeiti eoevenlnnc-s, at a m tde r?ie price, where t.oo'bers wlfl he received Hel irec-ea ei rbanseo. Apply at .xc. *31 Kast letth street, "SOUTH B HOURLY*, MY A V>ltTff(l ? T Kri tirh irentiemsn a pleasnni r ?om, with p irtiti b >>?-d, n an KrRlish or /tmnriran privity ia-nily, where ibere are tone or bnt flew other bt.a'ders, and where the oomftirs of a l?!m? may fe enjoyed /d drew, eta ire terms a id uirtlru !ars, bo* 4 l~ti hew York I'o?' olllie. K'iera.ices ex^hanceJ. \jkj A>tF [ >--B( > A R r) Kl >K rilKMI^K't *11 V ttlH, IH ?* a lea'.ihy ioeatlon, wltbln fifiy mil*' ot 1 >*r; on a iitrtti preter*-irt, near a rhnr h nn' g od ?.?ho I. Addre-a, wnh iullparileola;*. Kandolpb. boi 1 1< 0 l'o? ci'l :e AVtAKTKi>-BBOAO LO??M WhvVKKN. ACI'LY AT W Oie Morrow Wo illen 1IB, ai nMWMD, N .1. Wanted- FKBMANRHTBOARn rna \ lxdt AWD g?t<ilem?n, in s gi.od boaioing bou>>e 1. f??? York, wuh grod )oc?tl'in,not below St. .I bn's nark; two adjoining rooms are required Satl>f?ctorv relorenres given if re jaxwv. Ad dress M. T. W.. Berald ofliee, ta'ln* location ar.d term*. WJ AMKD-H04KD Ki R A 1.A11Y AWD fSFANT; LO ?* catirn below sirct, north side or Brookljn, near Cutton (erry. Address hoi 190 ivraJd oillre, W AN fKD? BY TWO htNOI.K (;*N LRM"N, TWO OR Ibree genleelly fnnilOM<l rrv.nis an. I parJal tv.ard, t (ib"r above the city, nn this ieland, or iu the vlciuity of city. Ad c n fa box 47* Toat ofTire. Ik aNTRD BY TWO f lNOf.K O KNT' RMRN, A VRAT fT ly ftirntahed rocm, wl'h or without partial koard, n Brook l\n. near Kulion or Booth terries, or N*w York, not al ove Broome "4reet A private fantll' where noneor tint a f< w lioarcera are taken, preferred. Young oowpanv not m jectlonable. A(!diera D A , box 144. Iloni'd officn, tor tinea day*, slating terma, which u.ust be moderate. MATRIMONIAL. * Catpimoh i if. ? m'I.t.f; rmti.r vnA>rWF.rPRcrE T i?l fir o anioR-aphv, or readlrg of eharaater by htm orlnr*, vd snlrliuaf writing mmiium, will, uuob tha reo - ut il tw >>nt> tire i-er 'e tor eonlvaiaat In postage stairps), a?d i;nv eli'ien orb' nearlimg (addreaa snfllelen'), rei.d ta any ?? ? full iie:ir.eatl?n ol iteir eharacUw. su-ooea de-tt'nv, to i one iiiev lev* or w' 1 marre, 4?. Address (wl'b return pol ice) bim'e Vll.ette. Br<adway Poet odlee, fe? fottt. Wnu -n Irote can mtfa'.T Uar^mU through the u.all Mi im< -I MI.l.H. OKLfcSTK LA HALLH, AUt'O amvher, lati'lj frorn Pnrw, will *e?d, iipim the i i fifteen < er ts, the lull dnineaMon ol a peraon's ch?ra '- i , fitreeis rtertlny H.alm ibenretlav love or ?lll mf-y v ;i.?dr b^rdwrf iii{. Ad 'reee ? le Delete i*Salie, 1'ost n i're, ?'.-w Tnrk. 'J1IIK hCIIWKlKl*, RtlW iINOblC. M"OHH~KUti A I bafipl< r male l.*t>-iv nwa# 1 .'o ft iiiee pnrperlv. with rth< r edv?o*a?e' . he seeks a a mp?i im (?> en.ji>v (hem with I irrt. It a i rettv >oung ledy, mainniottlal ? nlind, will Sd( res* J. I'erey Rafton, Madlwn muait Post ^Cico, tuo will 1 receive m reply. t REWAKOtt. $500 8 Eft W t Bi>. ? TUR A BO V It BKWARD WILL M ptod at 111 **!' auexl, lor text reoorar- of ft Ml be i. mark e J l?oein?ii J?cker?, omitalti'ng th? following 4mm turn (a, the ptymni oi whvob has l own stopped:? S2G a? J M Ceballn's nwptaaoe ?< feuda MarkaAsa d afl due Mar I 828 Cbaa f Leve te?'- aecavta ce of llcWUilamV Urvfi, due Mai 14 .. tMI Sil9 fa lor. utile*,)!* A Co 'a nrle, >'ue Juno M 1 811 . hit) Hpencer P Foner not? due J una 24 413 8$ All Be>i*>ld* A Wnginr. iiole.due Jura 34 .1.17 4# : 12 Aiohat A ftqolar BOJB due Ju?a a .. l.44i ? SIS Henie Melle* A late. doe June 44 WIN 314 BeaUv & MluAe I, i?'e.#lue J una ffl.. SJt? H 3V0 Do. >. Ho;d A 1 o. nine pueJnoe*> .. 1,184 8$ 3V1 W odrutT A o.'s acoapwnoe, iue Jane 4 6 U?i M 3'/2 Kro*i A forresi, note dn? June 18 MM ? SSS O'aa. ? Fri A On note. due Jure 17 J??? 3:'4 M-jn'eath ft Badjle* note, au* J una 7 419 ? '.Viti l> H I)eck?r tuna, due Jur.e 14 411 48 330 Joka "Kline ih>u> due June 14 .... Ml 98 Jceepta KeU'bum A moo'i aooeotaooe ot Ketohtut A Mnke?' draft, dun J illy 19 f$* H g'6 <-orw|r> A Co. , i o'r, d1 e Jnly 1 880 M .114 Po? em t Uedcrtrk, note due July 2 L?Mt Jf 117 CI a* M tt? 1 to., cole, (lie Jul* 1 I 349 M 319 nnercer A Porter. note, dua July 3 1 984 0 3-4 Valai.tiie A itergeo, do"., due Jul* u Mt 88 ?T.5 <?eo W. Ijm & 1 o note dua Jiuf II MO M 3 7 bona A Hereer, note, due Jul} 12 3.SJ1 St 3VH i,o. do. ,12> Vead. Belcher A TUus, not* due July U. ........ 1,349 ? XH Warren A ? ?.. nota. due Jnlj lo LW 1 8 332 Valvertoo, Walker A nitteo note, due July 19.. 1,31138 331 (,a"per, ee ymour A Co , note due Inly 10 1 aM 8f 337 boppock A Greenwood. note, dua July 17 1,118 41 Total $(3,4?r 4A J. J. Prtiifle'* draft ?SOU ] ^ yrmakttgum jtcktmK ft Co ot Uvrrpool, eodoraed by WafhlDCt w Ja tuoa * Oo. arar lo Monuan Jtokaoa. . v-*? narked J. Lea B laa, oenl Roulbarn notea and nccepUaoea, exact amooata aad not knawn; due within Are yaara. lie. do. tifiU H. Boyca'a do. l.nou l/o. do. 1000 W O. Conner'i do. 1 000 Alio, a paper package, narked J. Lea B laa. ?in KKWABD - RHCAPrD, PROM l?0. 14 WASBN <T> 1 1' ktreet. a mule bird, a cro?< of iheoanary and fo'dflMh. 810 reward >111 bepatd to any peraon who ?1U return a?M bird to B. Wright, 24 Warren itreet " RIWaBD.- LOST, OW HaTURDaY L\8T, IV VU third *veru?, a ahtall b ack and taa terrier dog; haa cropped eara. a loon lal', wl'ti the hair a little worn at toe gad, and a >mall white ?pot on It* breaat The above reward wta be paid oe ita return to 143 Front ? treat rt"/T~BKW*KD-0( LD 8LKKVK BUTTONS I/JST, (OT jT 1 ariday last; they bear the Initial letter* I O. D. Tfca finder will receive the atnve reward at 278 Plitli avenue, k* wt-en Thirtieth and Ihlrtv llrst street*. LOST AND FOUND. Found? a lot of spars, i* gowandhbat. ram owner can hare the same by proving property pavlac cliwftes aad tor thla adverttiement, b applytigto PredorMk bly, liowanu* Bay, or M 34 Moore atraet, M *. dretainS rtn^ lotUhe Ham* FODKD- OM IL'KSDaT. APRIL 7, A HORftCL HOBSB ai>d light wagon. Apply to William Tbomoaon. c?4a b e, at bl* residence, 2?0 >V*ter atr<-e' or at the Marine UoaM* LChT? A SMaLL O&At; A?tv*atH TO tha name of Punih a liberal reward wi J be paid flar bla re'urn >o 136 Henr> street J 06T? *KU1KRl>ft.Y IS TtiM J brod of Centre marke , a pair ot gold spec aaiea. with tha IrtiiaJ* M. H. rearird on them. 1 he Under will be suitably re warded by leaving them at f o 1 o aim street. IOkT-ii a F< vhtb a Vb?ua btaqk ii? lir J Broad ? ay or Fourth avenue, between flana' an1 Tm tv i c ootid s'rreU s pirt?mooi!iijo eontainluga sum of monar. T'-e tinder wl I be futtably rewarded by leaving the same at IB rlae aueet. tlrat tioor. I C8T? 12 RRWA?n.- L08T, 0> TOKHOAT APTBB " 1 nocn a black and white np^nlel s'ut; answer's t i the ntma nf Tuiy. The above reward will be paid on delivery to W. Hopkins, No. 9 Ka*t (eighteen li Hlreet. LOCT- bATBliDAY fcVKMNO, BETWHkF WA?HI ton f quire aid Broadway, in Wavnriey p'ace, a gold watch with chain and charms attachbd 'lho finder wiU ha liberally rewarded by returning the aama to 37 Wa*ln*tae equate. LTsT ON SATllBEAT STH INST., A HAIR BBsOl" let, irsikfd ' W. B. P. to H. M.," in going through Iwectv fourth street to Fourth avenue The flader will it suitably rewarded by leartrg It at 36 We?t street. Su)ij'N-rB"oTrrK^NDii.R^i?imrVrfK Nia <x or the tith inst , a t'ocrat book containing $110 in bills, I ' tv o nT>nii.-swy no'es, drawn by Oeurge and John UttrlML in tavor ot Jta1"* Vo Ardie; one ot 8678, and one of $361, boiS payxb'eo) afemand lhe cub ir are cautioned against neffa tUUcg sa'd ? oies. payment ol the same being stopped. Ara watd ot $00 wi'l he paid lor the recovery eitner ot mvner or voter, at French's Hue!. JAMK4 McABULiL COPAHTSK R? HIP NOTICHS. 4>Q nnn T0 $10,000? A PABTHEB WANTED, *0 ?JpO?*'"JU take an In erest in a la-ge manutaoturiag osA. n?u< alrrady estaMlshrd. Tie per oentage upon the arUola aaL-ulactured Is very lsrge. ana the irtlcto la rreat denaaB. A psrtter Is wanted to takesn active oart and extend the bost ners. Ihe most t-atbfactory >el'erence given as regards tha bni lnessand thw character ot the present proprietor. Apply to Oh Kh'Si A CO., 846 Broadway. tO C/Vfj ? WANIKO. AW aCTIVK PABrMCB WITH u ,uUu, the akove amount, W an established buslnesa paving frcm $6,000 to 16,000 t>ar annum, a oartv de*lrieg a p?rm?niB' and reliable b mines* wi I fled It w.irthy of lnvMM gauon. Peterences excharged. ACdress. with raal nama, B< I >. A Co., box 132 Herald ofllee. <t1 nn/i ? WA>TfcD, A PAHTMKR WlTH THB ^Pl.UUU, above r mount, in a very p>ofit*ble business, a gpntlemas or gwxi address can connect hlmse f with a per M.u of superior qualifications and thorough businss " Apply to OBIliLSY A t^O.. US Chambers stre?t. r,. l... ?r.n(l -fABl'NKR W^iNTKn. IN A UASII PaYKlQ ifdUU. business Tbe applicant mutt have at leaat tha above amount In cash. I be ouilne*s Is rate and profitable, aid will require the undivided attention of the part? makf application. Adcreia Pro'it, Herald offioe, with real name. ACA/i -A PAB1NFB WARTKD, TO JOIN A GHT 'PiJUU . tlemau in a ver? promising travelii g enterprise:* bartdpnite return cou'd be rea tzetl Imme'llatslr; no risk, tan uuektment b?iu# amply secured Frr parilculsra call on Mr. Ir.g*ahfim. at t"ie Chetslcal Manulactuiiog Companj'sofllgtb l'J3 ft.adwey, up atairs. ?W. ajQ/Tf"! ?A l?ARTNIffl ^fASTStT, ?y Aicuirai^ nPOU' /* to purchase a bueioeie established fur the last eor~ years. The business will pay two active bu Itess maa froaa *1 200 to SI ?00 per year. and is dune atrtctly tor cash. FaB particulars on application in the store, 16 * on street. APaRTNKR WaNI'FD? TO T.Kk AH UT a v*In?Me irren-'l m. which the adrert'serisabout to gat ra'futed. Please addre>a K. B W , I'nion equare foet offlse, staling where an interview ean be h?d. APARTY~WlTll 80MK~MFAN8, tM) a OH.NHRaIj ktowledfce of business, des'irs to engage in thecoitmta alou busli eta. Kou'h or West Address Cfemirisaion, box 12* Hera;d office. Befeiet c * furnished and required. L~~ EON A RD PA ri^ttN Bar AHSonlAT' itD Hrwintr with the raarchant tailoring dai>nrnnw?it io the hoti?e e? B. DfcVLIN A UO.. J88, 259 and 360 Broadway, eoru erotWm* rea streeL L~ A W > A K TNkit- w" CstTh-K TaLKNTKD YODWt* man or one year's practice wicliea to enter a partoershto an older ttaam- an sstth i'hed Arm, in whin 'i he mar m the atlornev t-u?tncse. Address. tor one w*ek, U., tier aid oi - flee, stavrg where an interview ma be had. "^OTK'K.-IHK UOPARtSkksHiP H hKHTttfORR Ra - s 1 sting bett< ef n the nuhsci lbers, utder the name and ttrm of ('n,>w el' A Lanktoa, la ihie day ( Harch M, 1S56 ) di 'solved by mu nal eoment. .1 'H> W OotiS-vRLU. HENRY K. LaNKTuN. Ibe buf'neax of the Arm will be >e'lied b* the un<i emigned, JollN *?. uOOnWRU,, 337 Uudson atreeV. Niw Yomt. Aprl 9. 1PM. N'/11t:* ? tHh ' '"PAJi f N KKfSblP flKKKTOP^RR RX Isito* utder the firm of Jowoh Lee tu , la this day dia n> ved by mutual consent .) ?,f*e; l) la a one authorized to ne'tletbe bu>lDess ol Joseph Lee A tVt. JOBHPH LRU. aNDKKW V RRA. ItrwYonK. ^eh 1 1SW5 ilftiatiR DIOHAl the Wmtfiw wi I be nootlnned as formerli under b? a\nt ?nd fl'm of Joseph Lea A Co., at fn. 169 ?iroadwar, (Ulsnr Builulcga. JoSKPti fiKB. ARDKRW V. RRA. 1) a RTMcHfHIP Ml f ioi ? DRHMX^TTOV- (TOTIOt ? be-ehy g'ven, that 'be papnernhlp heie'ofore nxUuog be tv??-n Wll iam !' l,i! l-wn and John Somam, under 'hn Urns Of Wtill. m H. LIMaton A Oo pei:er?1 pr -dn -e detiera, at 14R nt.d 1<4 ( etitre row, West Waa'i r gtnn market la Uila oay dto ao ved. W1LI.I All U. LlLI.IBl'VN. April 8, l.?88. Partkrh'wanucd-a orrwan. who thoroiiou Iv un(fe>Mani*a the la^er bier l>u?!ne<<e. with a mi ci'pital. Apply at No. 1 Water atreet, from lo to 2 o'e ock. PA RTpTr R WANT*r.-W~ A ffTk D. ~A R TCTTlVg MAR. *a j artner in an e'tabltah#d mercanti'e buaineaa: m ? ih f4 000 or Sn.000 will C 3d It worthy of al tin Lion. Addmra Kisg i era'd office. %A' ANTfiP? A PAHTNKR. !!? 1HR OR'XIKUT ARL> "? liquor btiair ess o'd and well eataMb bed; the atore kaa been nalnted and It In gr od order, irtth a good run of luatneae, partlcu'arly liquor Thta la a great rbanoe to a person with A rtr.all capital, who understanaa the buaineaa. ln<(slre at tt Hpnioe wireet WINKS AJfD L.1Q.I OH9. ABKLFtrr ASSORTMENT OP P< RT. HUKKHyTm VDIB ra. champagne tsns o aret winea. brat dies. Jamatoa raw. 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MHB HOILANP fllN-POUBLR BW4N BRAND.? MR ptfies and \ plpea oi thta very excellent gto, tor Ml* from Lnltf d Mate* bonded warehouse. himrwOM BRt?TH URB. 19 Bearer atresA nHlR MA.TVOTT QURBR YlttORlA'l WIWR KRB* chant, hy speetoi appotntanani -J AM W MARRWRMs tola pm?>iie'or or Inbotaon>a. Lm|'A the lioodnn and the OraAah Vtoteir, and tie North and Rorfh Amerlaaii OnCbe Henen, saR rii? Mmene. ba* remored the whole eT kto sat* nail a will l<1 bolt ed wine ai.>>ik to the eel an of hla ranoaa pi'iaka h ih? in Albemnr*e street Atfitm friends sax patrsaar wilt i-e nlr-aeed u> addrM all 'ettera tor wlnaa, private Rif alahrd -eptieee and apartments lo J M 's nal?- eflna, Ra.M A r.ietie street, er>mer of Rtatfrwd, He -adt ly , Loire H ? all oeymeiits V.) James MarRwell'a Nuiian Mm** Htr Oiatide fleo? * On.. It", 1 rvrandtab xinar* lAnAa P"M AI>H. PHI A LAQ'R RfKrt PAMT1.IFR IN NRW Vorktr H- ookl> n ent. hn . imp ieit at their residences wtt(i this i>npnla? tor ?r ber-ra/fe in bottles or kegs. 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