Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 11, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 11, 1856 Page 3
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advertisements renewed every day. 8ALK8 AT AUCTION. AI*SdNY J. B?HtCKRB * 8088 WILL~BKIX~OB Tii?d?y, (bo 'A1'1 of A jrli Hi IS o'clock, at ti? Ma Cbants' hxcbaage, the two three story and oaseinaat tt'st a ass buildings, with ell the modern Improvement!, situate et Hixty tlrat (treat, near Firm avenue. Tbeae houses are wall wortur the attention of purchaser? aa there are no better built on thla Island. For particulars and terma apply to the auc tioneer, No 7 Broad atreet ATUTIOK NOTICE.?H. T. L<-aDh A HO., AUO Unrests, will te.l on Friday, April 11, at UBi o'oiock, nil the furniture in houae 462 Broouie atreet, near Broadwa , o-uwsting In part of one iplendld roee rood piauo'orle, two Mitt* of aoiid rosewood parlor furniture ooreied In Frenoh brocate'; roaewood bureau., bedsteadi and waabtauda to match; mahogany do., black waluu. d? , large Freoob pier Blast, do. large oval, do. imall aed ether glasses] roaewood centre, elee and soft labia*; larre Dresden vss-a; 28 aay or molu clock, b day do , roaewood secretary bookcase, do large wardrobe, tapestry, In grain and Brussels car yets; arge nod email ail paintings, cottage bedateida. toi et sell, hair matures nea. feather beds, tele a tete, so aa. acta bedsteads, solas, ?ouches, chairs, do.. Ac ; rookers. card tables, Uce and brooatelciirta na, shades, pearl cutlery, in'aid, do : silver plated ware, tea seta, crockery, extension dining table aid Chain to match; French cb an dinner set ot 120 pieces, two large etegeresfsrtib p'ate glass doors aud backs, do corner, ^8* a large variety of furniture too numerous lo mention. CC1 ION > 6TlHB.~JuHirBKDDI^7TU0flONBBR vrtll sell, on tbe premises Mo. 181 West Forty secoDd Street, between Heveotn sod Eighth avenues, on Saturday, April IX *t 10 o'clock a If , a three storv brick house, with frame houae in Use reer; lease of lot, 26x101) feet, baa ten years to run. (Jrout d rent 826. and no assessments. For particu lars Inquire on the premises, or to the auctioneer, 66 West Thirty-third street. Auction Nonon.?i. boo .ht, auotionrk* -by 8. BOM ART?This day, April II. at II o'clock, at tha suc tion rooms, corner of Frankfort and WUlUm streets, one block from Oitg Bail, gas ehande lers; will sell to par advances, storage and expenses, an assortment oi large and costly cbsu deters brackets, gtspipe large mirror*.paintings. Also tu pertor hair mattresses, lurnlture, Iron sate, Ac.. Ac. AUC-TIOjTNOTII'R OF READY ~MADdT CLOTHING ? WM. TOP PI NO A CO., No. 91 Broadway, near Wall ftreet, will include in tbelr rale 'his dav, April 11. at their auction rooms large and desirable assortment of coats, pasts and vest*, every variety of msterUL, all mule for spring aed rummer wear, in lnte of assorted sizes well worthy the attention o ? city and out of town buyer*. Catalogue* and ?ample* on morning ot sale. UCTIWN NOTICE.- D. ROUOH, AUCriONKBR, WILL sell, to-morrow (baiurday) morning, at 10 o'o ock, all tha Contents ot the private dwelling No. 79 Warren street, opoo ntte the Hudson river railroad depot. The furniture or this houae especially recommends Itself to those paries who, in rvfurrlshlng wl*h to combine well made, In go id con dition, and at auction prices. A ipart list ot contents is an nexed. not a piece of which Is misused. Parloss.?One most msgnldceit seven octave rosewood piano, two yean' gusrar tee; Two exoeileut solid frame rosewood suits, in oo'ored satin and brocatel; one e egant reiewood e'e gwe. English velvet and Axmlnster carpets, several rosewood statuary marble lop tables, of very beautiful styier; heavy lace curtains, shades, Ac.; Sevres porcelain vates, bisque and Parian ornaments, beautifully painted winter scenes, land scapes fruit pieces, marine views, Ac.; pier and oval gls?ses, ?wlin slabs and brackets; a so, in the parlors will be sold tne htsrling English Hheflieid plate, conxis'lug of services of plain and embossed, casters salvers mugs, pitchers, forks, spoons, Ac ; painted w*ite?s, Ac. , Drang and Sitting Room?Elegant tape try Brussels car I ? petlng, magnificent china dinner set, do. lea sets; mahogany extensioe table coat HOP; mahogunv dining and tea tastes, liqueur esses, tir e wine tumblers, goblets cut glass ware, m tr. b.e pitchers, c ocka. mahogany sofas, chairs, rockers, Ac.; de casters, outsails, common crockery. Bedrooms -Ote most elegant roaewood plate glass armolre, ?oat *160; massive mahogany wardrobe, lined with cedar throughout; snlendil tapestry Hrutseliand Ingrain carpeting; row word mahogany and wain tit bedsteads, with dressing bu reaus and washstands to mat oil; pare hair mattresses, oouu ferpaaes sheets, pictures, pillow cases, clocks, gilt mirrors, Ac. haie will comma ice at 10, In the parlors UCHON NOTICE.?If ORTO AO K SaLB OF ELEGANT houieboltl furniture, this day (Friday), at 10U o'clock, at Ho. 78 Prankln atreet, west of Broartw*-- all tbe furniture of that first c Ms private bouse, consisting la part of two e abo r*t(ly carved xoeewood par or suits covered la rich satin bn oade; good Brussels three ply and ingrain carpets; rcewool oer.tie, vide and scfa tables, marble tops; rosewood And ma hogany Kllzabethian bedsteads pure hair mattreasea, pa! liames, roee wood marble top bureaus and wasfcstauar, ?ls* oil paintings, large gilt Frencn plate oval mirrors, silver plated warn, cutlery, Ac ; also one ooetly rosewood pianoforte, city made axd avarr anted. UOTION NdTICK -TH08. BRLI. AUO HONKER.?BY BALL A BUSH thla day, at 10}? o'clock. In the sales rooms IS North Ailllsm street, will be closed tbetaleofbut'er, cbeme, flak and crockery. Also at 11 o'clock precisely, a large and valuable assortment of excellent furniture, twenty bursaus, carpets, ten French bedsteads sofas, soft beds, thirty , cradles, Uanty-toveo book stands, twenty counting house desks sod tables Ac ; also table and bed linen, table oovsrs, Crurab cloths. Also, to pay a judgmoit, one flee gold watrn and chslD, one Cpauish guitar, one cremona violin, and a 'ot of e Mhtng. Sat'-rdav. large sale of dry goods, clothing, fancy artldas. watches, Jew elry. Ac. TOT I ON NOTICE?H WILSON, AUOTIONBBbT? Bousebold furniture, to-morrow (Saturday), at 10>? ?'*loek, by catalogue, at the reside-ce of Mr. De Baua, 7b Traxklln street, near Church. The p triors are elegsndytur sishtd with the best ot rosewood fUmi'.tire; splecdfd rosewood piamforte, city made, and fully warranted; rosewood parlor suits, full sets, In satin brocade; centre and e'de tables, rich'v carved; two elegant roaewood card tables, large pier and ovilglasses, til painting*, containing a great varlcy ot plea sant subjects; rich end expensive c'.o iks, elegant velvet parlor carpe s Brussels and, fetngrain ca-pel* oilcloths, very cost!* rosewood hall stand, tea. dining and eite-ision lahlss; mslogan? chairs, softs, rooters, card and other ftnev tobies, rosewood and mahogany bedsteads, bureaus, wash stands, beds and bedding, hslr mattresses, elegant eaamslled oottag* gulls, stair carpets, Ac ; a'so basement and dining room furniture, glass ware, eltgant china tea sett, cutlery. I oow men crockery. Ar. The sale will commence punctua ly at s 10H s'c'oek. In tbe basement, and the parlor furniture will be ?old Immediately af-er. SUCTION 8 A LB OF 80U RHOLD KUaNfTUBH? BY A FBRTk A COLE, on Saturday, Appl 12, at 111 o'clock, at Feb 748 Foltcn street, Brooklyn, eoaflstlog of ro'ewoid and tnshirsny parforfurnfture bookcase, plsno. Brussels and In grain carpets, silver wnre, mirrors, paintings, kitchen furni ture. Ac. AI UOTION HALE OF RICH PLATED AND HIuTKRWaBB ?PETER PARKS, auctioneer ?Savage A Parks will veil, on Saturday 12th instant, nt the salesroom, 314 Broadwsv, a 'srtre In voire of sliver and plated ware, comprlslog every *rtic.? in the line desired by the trade or housekeepers. Goods sow co view. Sale jiositive, for cash. T KDWAh I) 8CHKNCK, AUCTIONRKR?KDW* BD SCHkNCR will sell at auction, this day, llih Inst, a'. 11 n'clodt, at b<s ralesroom No 16 ffi 1 street, a magnificent as B rtmrat ofhoureho.d furniture made by the be-t Nsw fork iraker* removed for ronvenlerce of sale, coaiialog In n?rt ot e'egaatly carved torewo d par .or suit* Id bioeaie'e, ro*ewood and nwhocan) dre'slrg bnreans, with ms-ele tope- do. enclosed ?weshdftnds, with do.; do. oommodes widi do ; roaewood and ma hogany corner and tide etegcres, with plate glass backs and ?Ides; rosewood and mahogany French bedsteads; ds centre, aoft and side tables, with marb'e tops; do quarfnt'e tables; do. towel racks; do. parlor cbatrs, In hair cloth sad brocatele; e'e gast solid oak nliamber suits; roee wood aed mahogany ward robes, mahogany extension book case and side hoard, bed Meids; also, large and magnltloentiy framed French plate pelr mod mantel glasses, silver plated ware, Ac 8a e posltlvef or w ?Y TOWARD BOHENHK. AUCMONB8R.?EDWaRD > Bekeeck will seM at auction 'his dav, 11th Inst., at his ?aleMmn, No. 16 Ws'l stree', s sorrel pony, twelve htnoi high, seven years old. uerfec'ly kind, souxd and gentle la all har xtefs, and order the saddle, and can trot In four minutes. Also, the sirg>a ham>ss made for him. Alan, a light trotting nragoe. Inper'ectorder. Also* suierb Membrinomare. 16 bands high. wll> stand without tying, and will bn warranted In ?very particular, axd to pace a mile in 2 minntes 40 aecond*. Also several canlsges and harness. EYH H. LEFDB A CO.-ON BATUBDAT. APRIL 12. 1866, at 12 o'clock at our store, No. 19 Nassau street, elf-gent sale of rick gilt frame looking g asses,chancellor-i, ear pets, patntirgs. pianofortes and rosevood furn lure, consist lng cf two Dler glasses, 11x3 feet; two ems I msntel glasses, about 2x3 feet; rosewood bookcase, oUte glass front; black walnut dre*?ing tsbles^ottomaus, tables, 4c; large pslntlng new t retch upright piano, mahogany, 7 octaves, oos. *601, by Braid; one American square ptnro, rosewood, made by S-lndesi. ocs*. *600: also one of Cblckertng's 7 octave grand ac tion pianos, ccet *800. By JOSEPH HKOKMAN, AUCTIONEER -SATURDAY, April 12, et9o'c'Ock A. M., *?? No. 247 Ltvlngstan ?trest, between Dnn.'iver place ami Nmio* m.-eet Hrsokl- a. Parlor ftnd t&amber furniture, tlvee plv and Ingrain carpets oilcloth, rosewood cbair*. Ottomans, centre tab e, etigere, china, glas*. and the uanal variety of kitchen furniture; alao an excetent rosewood place?the who e In excellent order. Catalogue* at the salrturom J^ftarue day, at about one o'elick P. M , at No. ? Flatbush avenue, near ractflj atrcet, parlor, chamber and kitchen furniture. Eugene b franklin, aUxTionher.-by frank LIN A NIi HOI-S.?FrUay morning, llth Inst., at 10% o'cio*, at sale-room 19 Naeeau street, near John, extensive Bale cfntw acd *soond hand furnl ure. carpeta Frenth plate nltn**, fadvfttds, av ? comoriatng a general amort Mtfenl of superiorcustom made' Cablret .Urol'-n*. cons'*:lug In part of parlor aulte* in rose word and m ibcfiAny, ?vered with French oaths brocate of the most faablor able and Asily pin farnt, and rich tula p ush and haircloth; parlar sofas, arm chair*, ro-kers, covered chair*, ottoman*, lounges, centre, card Bn<l hi,la table*, eaf table*, fancy and work table*, solid carved dak etegeres, roabrganr sideboard*; rosewood, mahogany and wa'omt eecreta<-y and library beokca <ea; wardrehe*. extenst m dtn*ng table*, hall hat s'and*, marble top and plain bureaus and waahNanda, secretary bureau*. <-of* bods, solid carvedaod plain bedstead*, en welled and enlld oak chamber turolture in nuite*. tMok French plate pier glaaae* an* oval mirror*, gilt lratne oil palnHrg* sod engravings, e'ocks, china vaae* and mantel ornament*, gts-rswars. table cutlery, hair mattre-aes, paillasses, fancy good*, Ac , Ac. This sa'e U worthy the atten uon of the trad* and housekeeper*. Catalogue* on morning ot Bale. Good* packed for shipment, or stored unt'l Nay L EHOUOBTfcN, AUCTIONRNR.-BY THE MANHATTAN .Company- will sell this day. (FridaO at 10% o'clock, at 61 Nassau s'reet.a new aeectlon cf furniture, made to order; lire proof sate*, segara. Ao ; rosewoid and mahogany ward rohes, bookcase* bureaus, wsshitanda, ocn're table*, hall Standi, sofas aril sfcetra, enamelled suit*, oval mirrors, rose Brood, mahogany and black wa'nnt par'or suit*: the whole or part of best parlor suit* made to order in the beat manner; bedsteads, mattrerios, Ac. Ac. Sales at private houses at tended to promptly. Fifty thousand segars, new and Ore proof mate*. -ggt OOLTOM. AUCTIONEER-IMPORTANT SALE OF . h< u*eho:rf furniture. carpets, olio oth*, rosewood parlor rnMa and pianoforte, An. Ac. F. OOLTON will sell thta day, Friday, April 10, at 10%'u'clock at the auction roam 69 Book man andh9 ann ?tt eet. a t irg* and general asaortment of new and reeoadbaod furniture of every description, removed to C nveoleoee of ikte, con priaiDg In part, one rosewood piano fbrte. seven oetave, tworosewrod par or suit-, In satin broct, t*I: mshngan* sofas, tete a letea.In htire oth and velvet; black walnut and mahogany library bookcase* and secretaries, ma fcogany spring neat chair*, library do., maple do.; mabogtnr end eottsg* bedstead*, lounge* and kmngebsdt dr***'ngand common bureaus; mahogany. Mackwalnnt and oak extension tahlea; reception table*, divan*, mahoganv and ro eoood cen tra. s'deondeasd tab'es; cu'tains *nd cornices, cottage suits, katr matmne* and palliasse*, feaihrr beds, mahogany ana bbsckwalnsit marble ton washstands, and common do ; faocv and work table*; Vol'alre and easy chalra, mfabed*, oil paint ings, solar lamp*, gfrardo e*. Ac., Ac. Also three load* furni tore Irons Ftaten Island, const ding of llfty bed**etds, mattres aeH. cooking stose. chair*. c*r* seat stools. Ac , Ao. Also one vet y tlrre mock|r g bird. Sals positive. TJ1 OOLfON. AUCTIONEER.?KLICOANT MAHOOANT X ? and rrsewood rurnltur*. velvet carpet*, *'?-F. COL TON wUl mil on Monday. April 14, at 10% o'clock at 222 1 horapi n street r.ear Amity, the entire genteel furniture ot (he house, all purchased new wlthlo the last stx month* Anoeg tb* aesorimetrt will be found very heauttful Eng lah lklltnB and velvet carpet* old English ol cloths, verr rieh mv bog any sofa* and lets a tele, one or two rery fin* *ofa bed Bte*ds with soring. mattress**, marble top enamelled an! cot (age furniture, black wa'nnt dining and ext*n*lbn tables, one rosewood pa'tor suit In brooatel, hair m aureus** hu k to , three ply and Ingrttln carpet*, china and glaa* war* tabl* out lery, together wtth everv article In the house. Catalogue* early on the n ornieg ol *a e. HRNBF B. IHKRTB, JR.. AUCTIONEMH.?ON FRI day April 11, at l0% o'clock, at 4H0 Klgb'h aranue. bs tween Thirty fifth and Thlrth sixth strtets, extensive stock ol dr?t clar* groceries contatred In *atd store. Herry B. Herts, Jr., will aall, a* above, a large stock of floe groceries, eomprtathg In part green atd black tea*. coITes*, sugar*, aptr**, preserved fruits, sauce*, pickle* raisins, prunes **r dines, swesl ot), soap, eandles, llecker'* grods, cheese, biit>*r, floor, and a general assortment oontatusd to a flr*t class grv rerr more. Al*o, *iorr fixtures. Iron safe, horse, irooer's agon, karat**, Ac- Catalogue at tele. B&LEIt AT AUCTION. z&rl'l!hF?z*s: zispw&vjg Sf?R^?ftTBr (1?ORO? <X>OK AUCTION KER.?iUP?CKL).t (3(7 if >X X ujsde furuiture, lb.* da?. a'. 10)4 o'c'ock. a'. No 412 Br >*i v\a> embracing par or suits, to brocade, brnoe'el and bstr ciith; roaeenos inabngasy Sn1 enamelled chamyer shim, of various pouen?; emit re tide and - fa tables. extension -linn.; taKlee,ru*ewo >d, oat a'id mahogany bookc iae?, burcsus, bed aiea<l". wa?b?ian<*a, lounges, chairs. rockers, oorncr staod*. rall'ven* mattresses. mirrors, ptaied ware 4c Hair positive. Catalogues a'. n!e. Uoxlng anu ahlpping a* usual. Ht.NilY H. LEKC8. AUCTIONEER. -H. II t,E? D1 A O >' will sell, br audi m. ou rmturday, Apr! 12. at 10J4 oVocs, at the a'o-e No. lit Ka<?iu itreet, bout ahold furniture, (amoved to store for coaveuleuo* of Hale) comprising Una carved n *t*onl and mahig'tuy parltr fuml'ure, in brjoatel and ha r clo h. tapestry, Mruue'n and Ingrain corpc.*, utair do; ?i emelled be'ronm suite*; mahogany, rosewood and b a-k Wain at bureaus, beeeteadi, wasbatanda, table* and chairs: hair manre ret, leather l>ed? bo,eter* anl plUiwi, laoe ourtain*, dluing rtom chal a mahogany extenaicm dining tabiea; French pat pier and mantel mirror* chandelier*, and a great as sonment ot hi'.hen furnnu*e: one rb*ewood pianoforte, made by Per*s.n New Tok 7 octave. Bluffed birds, constating ot toe m at ce'eb- ated aredes found lu North and Houth A mono*, airg'e, on branrbes And under thader, prepared in the bed tenner b? the ce ebrated taxidermist, W. Ca bralm. at 12 o'clook, at the sales room 19 Nassau street wines, bran-les, 4c. Theert re . alaroeol the sock ol win** brandies, whis ks* anr rum, of the Irvit g Bouse, comprising t'inet brandy, vintage 1H37; otd Duff (ronton sherry, old London lock ,1a maica rum, and vera old Bamaay and he rich whiskey- la all almi miM*, la bettlea HKNKY H. LANDS, ACl TI'JNKKR ?HOR4B8, II(OR bred stoeb, working catt-e, carriage*, wagons, fann wagon*, farming utensils and Implement# of all kinds, farm bouse, furniture, Ac. Henry H Leeds A Oo. will sell by sue Hon. on Monday, April 14, at 11 o'c ock precisely, at the farm of Ro'art R. Morris, Kan , Tbrogg'a Neck, Westchester ooun ty, alt the above valuable stock. The subscriber having dis posed of his farm, will sell by public auction, aa above, on the premises lat?!? occupied by ntm. at Tbrogg'a Neck, two tho rough bred Glsanoe stares, about 18 head or blooded stock, a tire yoke of working cattle, together with farm wagons, oi etirta, plough*. harrows, manure and farmtug Implements of all sorts and kinds Also, a quantity of fhrm house furniture Mid dairy utensils. ROBKRr R. MORRI8. Full catalogues will be ready at the sale. If the above day prove stormy, the sale will take plaoe the first fair day there alter at the same hour. The Harlem Railroad cars leave the corner of White and Centre streets at 7. 8 and 9 o'clock, for Wiillamshridgc and return at 1>?. 4 and 6)4 o'clock. Stage* will be found there to convey passengers to tne a Urn HKNBY B. HURTS. JR., aUCTIONBHR, OFFICE He 6)4 Fine street.?Household furniture sale* at rusidenocs of owners giving up houseaaaping this spring. H. B. HE RIB, Jr., will give his personal attention to sale* or househo'd turil ture at private residences. and solicits a continuance of favors from bis friends, and all in need of his services. All aooounta will be rendered ana paid In cash the day alter sua , _ KErKitcncns: Hon. John McKeon, United Stales District Attorney. James C. Millet, Esq , Sheriff of the Oily and County of New xo'k. Frederick L. Vultee, Esq., Under Sheriff, f bartea A. Baudoine, Esq , 476 Broadway. K lb. Hutcblnga, Isq., 476 Broadway. Henry b. hrrts, jr . auctioneer ?offich no. 6)4 Pine street.?Magnificent household furniture.?On Tuesday, April 16, at 10 o'clook, at 29 Meroer street, noar if rand, compridug elegant rosewood furniture, pimoi. pier g a*sea,oil paintings, Ac. HsNRY B. HURTS Jr.. will sell as a eve the entire e agant furniture contained In said live story house, ss follows:? In par or* Splendid French plate pier and mantel glasses, tapeetry, velvet and Aubosson carpets and rugs; elegant sails l'rocatel and laoe window curtains and gilt oornlces; bronze and ormolu chandeliers, two auporb roiewood pianos, nearly new; < arvnd rosewood sofas, couches, parlor chairs, sewing and reclining chairs, eu suite, covered in rich colored satin bio ratel; carved rosewood etegereH, p ate glass backs; (lo. centre, side and rO'a tables; solendld Dresden ahina vaass, mantel clocks, oil painting* and rich co'ornd engravings, In gilt frames; shtna dinner and tea -e s, plated ware, g'aos ware, Ac . Ae. Bedrooms, second story?Containing velvotaod Urease's cir pets, rofowoxl bedsteads, elegantly carved; do. wardrobes, plate g ass fronts; marble (op dreaaUg bureaus, wa'hitaada, oamnoa and laoe window curtains, rosewood couches chairs, Ac., in brocael; elegant gi't and plate glass canopies and laoe curator; mantel glasses, oil paintings, china toilet sets, orna ments, Ac. lblrd and fourth story bedrooms?:Oontaln ve'vet carpet, ma. bogsnv bedrlesds, bureaus, wardrobes, washat inda, spring beds, feather beds, hair mattresies. toilet sets, pa<nt'ngs, en gravings, chahs, couches, Ac., In haircloth; damask window curiam*, laoe do., gilt cornices, pier mirrors, Ac. In library-Pier glass, ve'vet ca-pet, rosewood marble too tables, o' ucli, soft,chairs, paintings, engravings, Ac : hall oil cloths, ve vet stair carpels, plated rods; rosewood hall chairs, hat stands, Ac. The base met ts contain a general assortment of furniture, glasifs. crockery, glass ware, cutlery, silver plated ware, china, Brussels carpets, looking glasses, 4c. Also, 27 baskets Held Rick champagne, together with the kitchen furniture and (fit nails, with which ibe sale will commence. Terms cash. Catalogues at the house early on morning of sale. J~ ObNirVANT^KWATK^AUOtloTBER, WILL BELL on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, April 10, 11 and 12. at 10)4 o'clock, at Deimonico'a Hotel, corner Broadway aid Morris street, constating of all the furniture In the above ho tel, which is mostiy rosewood and manufactured to order: 20 revewood stuff backed suits, oovered in orlraoon plush, viz., 4 at airs, arm chairs and couch; 20 do., eovered iniat'nbro cauilie, richlr carved, with the some number of pieoes; SO da, covered in Lair sloth; clnlug tabiea. oak aud black walnut diDlng chairs; 20 bronze gaa chandeliers, a large assortment of gas brackets, 100 fine Brussels, three ply and ingrain car pets, large- gilt trams French plate pier glasses, do. mantel g Issues; iao? wind yw cur-a Ins, gilt frame engravings and |j*f:nlogs; 76 oval rosewood marble top oentre tables; otl oloths; 76 fine rosewood marble top dresHing bureaus, 79 do. waibetaids to match; a large assortment or toUet sets, water bettlea; 100 fine rosewood dcuble ord single badgtssils, best cu:led hair mattresses to each bedstead; leather bels, pal llafaes, whit^ counterpanes; a large variety ot double and single mattresses, maple and black wa'nat bedsteads, Ao? Ae. The above hotel contains about 120 roams, furnished In the meet complete manner, Ibe whole farming one of the flaeet sales oi the season. Also, the bar and fixtures and oookmg utensils. J~ AMK8 M MlbLER, AUCTIONEER.?POSITIVE BALK of bouse and lot 222 West Thlrilethitreet, between Eighth and Ninth avenues Jsmei M. Miller will sell, on Friday, April 11,1866. at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange, the superior three e'ory house and lot 222 West Th'rtleth street, fie rhed in the hen manner, for the owner's use, and Is in fine order Seventy per cent of the purchase money cas remain on b >nd and mortgage. JOI1N F. KU83RLL, AUCTIONEER - PEREMPTORY rale or cabinet furniture, plsnoforles, Ac., ite ThisfFri dry, morning, a'. 10X o'clock, at the large salesrooms 81 Nas St j st, two doors bellow Fulton, will be positively sold, without any reterve, 10 pay advarc-s a very fine assortment of valua ble rosewood, mahogany, black wa nut and oak furnlluro o>m priktpg parlor *ult? civrreu in satin br. ca'e ; etegeres. sofas chairs, tookcaees, wardrobe*, recking chairs, marble top and plain arcesing bureaus, washstands exttrslon tablet, secre taries, srfa bedstead*, French scroll bedsteads; suit*, complete for bedrooms, o( enameled furniture; mtrrorr, oil painting*, eryravings, pure balr utat'resaes carpets, iron beds'ead*, Ac , Ac. *bo one superior rosewood pianoforte N. B.?Oooda car' fnily packed on the premise* for shipping. Goods can te rn' In iiee ofi-tcrageU 1 the first ot May. Mortgage sa> of bagatelle table, furniture, canrets, Ac. J. F. htj-f-e)'. Auctioneer, ?T1 rell, ntra Nassau street, two doors be lew Fulun, this mortlng, (Fridav) at 10)4 o'clock, by order of C. A. Klder. Ksq , moi'.agee the following property:?One bagatelle table one mpeiior bngllfh velvet ciroet. 46 yards; oo* tcaboganv extension table, one reeHn'ng chatr, one easy fca'r. six cane scat arm chairs, one sofa bed one stove, Ac , Ac. Terms ca>h. 1 ring bales of Household Furnl'ure, Ac.- The underslgnsd ritut etlully oiler tnelr servicee to those about decllulng bouw k eeplrg or removing. Those favoring us tb*ir bualneas will fled themselves satisfied with our conditions, Ac. Ail ac count* promptly reUlcd. RUbSH.Lt, A DAY. Auctioneers, 86 Nassau street, two doors below Fu'.ion. V fcw salesroom -bavaok a parks will sri.i ; lv at auction, at 890 Broadway near Usual street on We ? oesday, 16th ins ant, a large assortment of furuiture ? d bcurekeeplng artlc'es. Farticnlars lu catalogue. ?? P_ AWNBRl KSR'8 SALE OF WATC3E8 AND JHWKls. ry ?Mcf AFFRAY A WeLTRRS will sell, on Mondiy rext corner o' Catherine nnd Henry -t'ree'e. a arge lot of gold and 1 liver watches, jewelry, guns, pistols, fancy goods, nauti cal, musical and drawing instruments, Ac. L. A T. KOFFM \N. P" cT BULRLkY, SUOTIONKER, OFFICE 49 WALL ? 1 treet ?Positive sole of elegant city made furniture, Ibuisday. April 17, at 10o'clock, at No-86 Ban Tweuiy-elghih sirec. Ibe entire furniture in t e above residence, c m-ila'.lng of Hagllsh, Brussels aid trroe ply carpets; beauti ul mxntel ot tamyn's, dnmwsk and white lace curtains, one magnificent r' tewod piacotorie, spring seat mahogany chairs, walnut cbt tro. easy chairs, sofas Ac.; benutilul gilt edged china dinner dessert or a teasels, 01 ? splendid double plated tsa urn. and a quantity ot the best qual'ty pla'edjand cut gtas- ware, mabo ganv and walnut bedstead*, bureaus, washstands, mattresses, o'dd'rg, Ac.; rnemagntlicent ?pnhogaoy ?a*drobe bedstead; alio a general assortment of kitchen furniture. Catalogues on da} of s?le Rt'bSll I. W. WESTCOTT, A CATION HE It. -BELR.imo hourfhold turn'ture.?K. W WKdT'lOTT wU' sell this Krtdwy, April 11, a' 10X o'c cek, at No 152 West Twsntv first street all the magnificent furniture contained In the above tire ?tor; dwelling; baa been In nee but a few months and Is In per pcci order, part ol which was made In far Is and by ibe be>t makers in ibis cltv Descriptive catalogue" can be obtained at W J. F. Dal ej A Co,'a, No. 010 I'raadway, or of tne auo tlopeer. The sale will be positive, without regard t> weather, and Ibe removal of the furniture Immediately freat the pre tnTsfts Imperative. Ibe furniture ronniste of two large and e egantTrrtfih mantel mirrors made In Paris; two large pier oo , with slabs and bracke's; crimson and gold curtains, with heavy lace curtains, cornices to match; rosewood parlor suits, covered In crimson and maroon slli and ve vet, viz : -Hofsa, arm and parlor chairs, rr caution and bullet do., with slip ct vers: rosewood arm and sprier chair*, covered la brooade; fautenlla, covered in moouet; tewing chairs, In tapestry; rose wr> d music case,piste doors; centre tables, pier do, outr let eaof papier mache, Inlaid slth pearl; ormolu chandeliers, runero carved 7 octave rosewood plarofoite, with the attach i, > j t, embroidered cover and storl; richly carved rosewood etesere, oval mirror front and btck; rosewood secretary and bookewe. French marble top escrelolrs, lined wito boxwood; rich Wilton and carpets, elegant mantel ornaneits, < paintings, Ac. Dicing room furniture?Mirrors, sideboard, wllh marble top; solidosk ei'ei?slon table, with a large and ?m erit variety ot nob china; dlsnarae'. 221 pieces; tea do., cut gla(s ware, silver dining and tea service stiver and Inlaid cullerv. Ac. Wl'b the chamhe. and llbrarv furniture Rich carved meewood bedsteads, dresnirg bureaus and wasbstands made to matcn; reclining lounges and chairs, In tapcstry; one rosewood suit covered In medallion tapestry; cblna toilet sets, Freccb ova) mirrors, superb hair mattresses acd bedding, ot tomans, tete-a lstes, solas rockers. Horary bookcase Ac., wi'h a large variety of beauUfm bedroom and basement furniture, In m bngspy; marb'e top hall stand, velvet stair csrpets, As , all of ibe best kind. Knickerbocker and Sixth avetue stages pais near the bouse. Terms of sale?Bankable money asd a deposit required from all purchasers N. B.?<>n Tuesday, April 15, the entire furniture of bouse 106 Leonard street, near Rt>? dwav. RH 1" DSLI88EB, ADOTfONKKR.-BT LKAVITT, DR . MBRKR A CO., S77 and 379 Broadway, corner of White sircet tor tae sale of booka. stationery, paoer, paintings, fancy goods, works of art, furniture and merchandise generally. On Saturday, commencing at SX o'clock, a colleoUia ot beanuful stufTed North and Boath American and We?t Indian birds mounted on sprayt, branches, under vases, glass esses, singly. Ac , put up in s superior manner, principally to order. Also, s'a'es, stationery, leuer and writing paper, marbled pa per for bookbinders' use, envelopes, Ac. Also, at UX o'clock, a large cola ogue ot school mutlo, miscellaneous and standard bcoks now on exhibition, to whtoh the attention of the trade and public Is requested. Catalogues reaay. OTLVR8TRR STOVER, ADCTIORKKR ?LABOR SaLE C5 of first class household furniture rtcb Wilton and velvet carpets, coeth F/eiicb slate pier and mantel mirrors, three suits ol rich psrlor fUrxlture, rosewood pianoforte, valuable oil paintings, pearl and silver cut ery, Ac., at No. 87 West Twen 1) sixth street, near Sixth avenue.?8. Stover will sell on Saturday. April It, st 10H o'clock, ibe entire fiirnlture of the above bouse, which Is cf the best description, and has been In use rlx months cueist log of large srd costly ptnr and mautc, mirrors, superior rosewood pianoforte, elegant suits ot rote wood psrtcr fun Iture, in rich crimson and maroon brocade; etie do., In green srd gold; costly rosewood ssoretary book cases, roMd ca.-yed io-ewood centre, sofa and pier tables; three superior rosowrod otegere*, marble 'ops, with mirror ilr.ors atd backs; elegant rosewood reoepl'oo chairs. Is rich ratio snd tape'tri; r< ie>ond corner etegeres. with mirror itcks; rich lace 'window curtains and shades bronze ant ormolu clock", oos'ly Sevres and t resdeo vsaea and rich nar lor c.rrsmsrtts Ac , eltb a number of floe oil paintings. It'rlrg'com and clamber lurt Iture -Flegunt <nk et'*nsl in tali'e, cak chairs, clttna dlrn?r set. rich gold band; drci-atad tea acd c- flee set", elegant ruby and cut g a?s ware pes'l and rllvtrorulery, cskn bssko's oWars. .to ; elegant carvvl ro.-rwrod an. maho?anj bedsteida, do bureaus; warh-tndi slth rterbletopi. deor.raio* china toilet se's, best hair n.ttlrpifce, feather hr.'s atd bedding, * ranch oval ml er org, n-ebegapy sutls rt furniture In hvlreoth; cotla** and tua bo?Mtv gnrltg peat chairs, rnsownod hs;l stand ot cloth, stale carpets. Ar Catalog urine the morrlng of sal* 8AL.ES AT AUOTIOW. ? OIIKBIFK'8 BALK.-A M CBlsTALAB, AU.^I >NtKI., V3 tslrsmom 23 Boweri, will tell this day, April 11. at ld>4 o'clock, at S3 t'crtlsmdt street the stock and tlxlur.* of a w jole aa e and reiall oil estab iahmsct, cox stating la pari o< about fi.OOl) aa'.oca u< luar<cal?J lard and irbala oi ?, ae>nol a id turwetUns. tin canr, barrels, Tata. measure! and T*r^>u? other articles In the Hoe lo ihe trade (who are raapecuu'iy in nied; this a. chanoe seldomta be met wUb. UMa M0BB8LL. AUCTIOHK**.?SALAlloe OF 1H -J large Invoice of velvet and Brussels carpeting, from sog liah lacuirj, with ertenelve alock ol furniture, *c ?Will beard this morulrg at l?>i o'clock, at 81 Nassau street. Only chance at auotioa for Bi gltsh carpeting la quantities; brtug aire or ol room. Oak aud mahogany ex'eusion dining dressing and plain bureau* and woshstaads, ricr and plain bedsteads, su't of lancy furniture, aolaa and sofa bedsteads centre, nota, eard, 4c. table*; muaic and work stand*, side and ooroer etc acres oval pier mirrors, square and oval trame oil paiatings, lout-sea ana lounge bedsteads standing and sitting deaks, sa lamander aales, rosewood bookcase, iron bedsteads acd ball stands. Also, oak. mahogany and black walnut ht'l stands black walnut parlor suit tele a tetet, easy, rocking and pa'lor chairs, ot rosewood, mahogany and black walnut; mantel and table ornan-enla. 4c. Ladles and gentlemen will attend promptly at the time, for no delay wilt lake place. 8 MKLLOB. AUCTION KhB-BT HOUGHTON 4 . VKLLoK Ihls day. April II, at 10K o'alook. household I multure, oontalned in the five story brown front dwelling house 204 West Twenty third street, opposite London tsiTaoe; elegsnt furniture, msewood pianoforte, coat fiAO; rich brocatot parlor stdtes; rose wood do., covered In hair otam. r^; centre Uhlea, tape*try end three ply oarrela throughout the house, KngUsh oilcloth, rich ormolu chandeliers, hall stand a odehaira. walnut acd mahogany chamber furniture 1n great mattresses and bedding In fifteen rooms, leather beds and nil lows, walnut cot-age furniture, waidrooet. M'ensioa dotal tables, chairs, rich cut glass ware, silver Plato* stands, forks and spoons, china dinner and tea seta, with the usual variety of kitchen furniture, wt<h which the sale will commence. The whole tor absolute sale, ana must positively be removed on day of sa e. A <leooeK required trornjail pur chasers. The above Is In excellent order, being [n "seutbwn tnon'ba, and worthj the attention of the trade. Catalogue on morning of sale. Wbw 8 maihlt. AllOTIOWKItB?BY HOUGHTON A . MRLLOtt?Saturday. Aprllli. at 10K o'olock, corneret Seventy secord etreetaod Soomlngdale furniture, being the furniture contained In the above, constat tug of the usual assortment, viz: pianoforte, c^?t?? otarom, beds'eads, bureaus weshhtands, .wardrobes, easv chairs. dh vans and parlor chairs, dialog tables, Sheffield plated caudela^ bras, glrendolea, stair carpet*, hall and parlor atoves, with the kuchen furniture, with which the sale will oommanoe. The Bloumtngdale atagea pass the door. W" 1LLIAM 8. MKLLOB, AUCTIONEER-BT HOUGHTON 4 MKLLOB.-Monday. April 14, at 10I? o'clock, at 40b Broadway, up stairs, near Canal street -Elegant custom made ro a: wood, mahogany, walnut and oak cablnetfurnhure, finish ed in the la'est styles and fully warranted, having been made Jo order erpreaaly forBroadway sale;, oonslstlng In part of 30 solid r ore wood par or'sults, coveted in rich brocatel, plush, halroloth, ?p.Zd oSJer feyhlonable covering ophokeredand,pota sveep backs; solid rosewood oenUre and pier tables, ?t?Ke2fi extension dining tables, 14 feet 1long, to'oak, walnut; rich book cases le great variety, easy and Volatae chairs. rockers, parlor chairs, corner stands, book shelves, work tab es, Ao. Also, a variety or ohambeTlnriiituro, roee wood bedsteads, bureaus and washslands, mahogany and wal nut do., pure hair matti eases, together with the uiuslvarieky of articles found In a first class private wareroom. The whole ftr noeUlve sale, and worthy the attention of the trade and those about refurnishing first class bouses. The "took is now arranged for exhibition. Catalogues on morning ol sale. W/ M. S McfLVAIN. AUCTIONEER.?PLANTS AT AUC W tlon.?Wm. 8. Mcllvaln will sell this day. and every day this week at the seed store, No. 7 John street, at 10>4 A. M., a great variety of roses, honeysuckles, jessamine*, c^rnatton pinks, dahlias, gladiolus end tuberose roots, An,, Ao., from Peter Henderson, Jersey City. T1 xooNS PONY, GROCERIES, GRAIN BAG8, LI W quors, at auction, this day, 10>i o'clock, at 57 Gey rireci. corner ol Greetwtch-300 empty grain a? crnrH lot of hard vara. soap teas, Ac. At 12 o cock. Drown pouv, 9 years old, warranted sound and kind; one light square b0* wagon, one top buggy w>ffinA*%ARTEBi Auctioneer. ,t. u Withers AUCTIONEER?WILL SELL, ON 8A V\ TWday lpril i2. at 1014 o'c'ock, at 187 Canal. rest, exe outer's sale ol household lurniture, go-d and silver wtetai, diamond rings ard pins, pens and pencil cases, Biiver warjh clothing gun, fishing tackle; also, solas, mahogany and map'? clmlrs wtatae. dining and tea tables; gilt and mahogany frame m rrtrs, beautiful oil paintings and engravings, window cur tains, shades, mahogany bookcase, etegere officed??^ ' elegant velvet, tapestry and other carpets, hall rtxft and carpets, mahogany and walnut beds'eads, hair and ober mattresses, beds and beddiag, marble top reeus and washstands, toilet sets, wardrobes, dining room wd kitchen furniture; alio, one elegant rosewood pianoforte c% nopy and lace curtain. By order ot HimmOslraader, execu tor of the estate of Samuel B. Kngle, deceased. horses, CARRIAGES, AC. LARGE dffVKRED^TW(r~HOSiK^WAGOir,""8UITA ble lor lager bier or mineral water dealers, for sale. Ap ply at 78 and 77 East Eleventh street. I vARBlAGB FOB 8ALE.-A TWO BEATiD. OOVBBIID ( carriage; can be used ior one or two horses, and is suitable for a family or phystclan; is In comp ete order, near.y ne w. and n ade by one of the beet manufacturers In the city: srt'l betold cheap. Inquire at the atable oc OLEAVBR A MASON, No. 103 Grand street, corner ot Mercer. FHHOR bale, ohkaf-a pair of GRAY match horses ilxtsrn bonds high, and well proportioned, are gei'tie, sound and kind, and desirable for tamlly use. kW,A good carriage end harness; wouud be 8?'dRB?gar^*J2} iygxnat',ai.^.arAV.a.'^.sr' harness, complete, to match Apply at 63 Kas. Twenty-fourthsi. tjiOR SALE?TDK KNTIRE K8TABLI88MKNT OF A I* cent]email about leaving the city, cunaiatiog of a pair or mares 15M haroe high and very handsome; can trot together S 2S; perfectly sound and kind; wagon, nareeM.dut. Tne time will be shown on Union Course, or no saie. Bo horse jockeys need apply. Addree. M. A. L., Poet offloe. r^m ? HR SAi r-a COUPE. NLARLY NEW. WITH POLE and shafts, fit for on# horse; a'eo, single harden. Apply at Dili's stable, Mercer street, near B eeokar w-wvn bxTF.?A DARK SORREL HOH8K, BXTKItN F hands nigh, sound and kind; can trot a mile lur?u' ml uiea. Pi Ice $226. Apply at 760 Water street, near the Urvnd street terry, where he can be seen. TTinR RALE A SORREL MARK. 8KVKN YEARS OLD, F has been used In the country as a family horse; tt wU' be sold cheap as die owner to getng to Kurops.alM a besutuul _ M.VA cavptt vARffi o d? with foa. trom ton Morgan brcod. Apply 'at 'noBrSj' Uvery stables, 118 Clinton place, near Sixth avenue. V| OR HALE?A LEATHER TOP OaLKOHK COACH 'W IT H r a team 01 grays, eight years old, fllieen hards high, well matched, and 2,200 psunds welghL Also, another cos oh with a cream colcrcd team, five years old. fllteen and a hall hands high and 2.227 pounds weight. Can be seen eye"' troai GAM: to lor 2 P. M . at 38 West Warren s'reet, J* at South ferxy, or at 19ti Gold street, corner g^RT^OUBC^' TTtT7R~PALE-A TROTTING HOBiE, 16? H VN08H1GH, h 7 years old, sound and kind, an Engineer horse, trotsin 2 40, is one of the best pole horses to be tound. A so, two c leches. In socd order: the coaches will be sold cheap for cash. Inquire at aRTHUB'8 livery at.i sales .table, 11 fiergen street, near Court, Brooklyn. T.IOR BALE?AN EXCELLENT FAMILY HOR91S AND r buggy wtgon, wlh top, harness, blankets, whip, 4c , all in good order, the owner hering no "y Trice 9360. Apply at the stable of \ALKNIINK ? uuliiso 124 Ybut Tweiuy-fourth street. CfOR BALE?A PONT BUILT BaY HOUSE, 15>i HAND3 r high, seven years old. vary stylish the property or a private gentleman, and sold for want of use. Inquire at the s'ables of WILSON BROTHERS, corner of Crosby and iLeecker streets. Also, a two real open carriage, suitable for he country. FOR SALE?FIFTEEN BURKES. SUIT ABLE FOR Busi ness of nny kind. Also a large assortment of light waging, rt ckawax s, caleche top and open buggies of the latest and most approved styles, ard warranted equal to any other mnnuttc tore. Also several second head do. Also grocers' and busi ress wagocs. Apply at the cjrner of Nevlna street and Fulton avenue, Brooklyn. ^j.cB Bale?a span of pkrfect cabr l age v and saddle horses: one of the most stylish and beautltul teams In this section of the Stale; 15^ hands, sound an.i kind In every way; very long and heavy Hawing mates and tads. A'so, a six seat rockawav ca'rlage, nearly new and In perfect o r; also, a set of double plateu namoss. nearly new. Will set, together ors'pa.ate. Apply at 251 South street, or the stable on Vanderbllt avenue, first door south of Myrtle avenue, Itrrokljn. Ff'R 9ALP?A TOP WAGON; HAS BEEN BUT LI fTI.K ? ,ed will he sold cheap, the owner having uo use lor It. 1 ri..j at COOPEh'H stables, 103 Charles street. FOR 8.LIK-A LARGE SIZE GRAY MORGAN SIRS'., suitaVe for any kind of business; sound and kind; so d for wcntof use. Apply to D. T. CoNGEK, 74 Houston stree'> (j'CR BALK-ONE SECONDHAND TOP WAGON, IN JP good order; also, one without top. Apply at ARMOUR'd carriage fec.ory, Nob. 1 S and 8 Seventh avenue. JOB 8ALE-A VERY 8UTERIOB BRIGHT BAY Fs MlLY horse, six years old. L5>? hands high, warranto ! perfectly sound, kind and right in every respect, or the money refunded. Sc'd solely for want of use. Also, an open top wagon worth 176. for fcv6. The above can be seen at the private stable of J. G. FLKKT. 46 Haml ton street. |i>OB BALK?A FIRST RaTK FaMILY SORSE, SUITA r b e for a uhvslclan, an excellent rockawar carriage, and wagon, which has been used a short time. They can >e seen at Walter's livery stable, No. 222 Mercer street For lermj spply at the office of Boyd's Cite Express. No. 45 William strcst, between 10 A M. and SP.M. JOBN T. BGTD. liU.rt RALE- ONE GRAY MARE, 17 HANDS HIGH A*D "hi years old, and warranted round and kind, a'so two bro" u hirses lit for ftmily rr express ourpos", and one Hne wsgon pony, five j earso'a. All warrantei as above or m'ney refolded, inquire at 192 West 8'xteenth street, for three cajs If rot sold. FOR 8ALE?A SPLENDID BAY BORBE 16 HANDS high warranted kind and sound In single and double har ness suitable lor a gentleman's lamily car. iage. Can be seen at WILSON A BRO.'d sl?ble, oorter of Bleecier and Crosby a'reeta. * GIOR BALE CHEAP?A hPI.ENDfD PAIR OF BAY ? horses, Htteen hands high seven years old, tins carriage borres and stylish travellers; can travel twelve milss an hour. Can be seen st Remsen's stable, corner Union sad Osurt streets, South Brook yn. Horse for bale-^skven years old, sixteen hands high, warranted soun 1 and kind. In double or sin gle hsrnesa, Apply at 342 Sixth street JJOBSF.8 FOR SALE.?ONE PAIR OF BLOOD BAY horses, Mi years old, 16 hands high; and one pair of dap pie gray horses, seven years old, 16 hands high, just from tae country; sound atd kind, and not to be surpassed by an* In the city. Also, a very desirable lady's saddle horse, UH hsndr high, racks and canters beautifully, and pertMUy sound. Apply atNo. 402 AtlanUc street. Brooklyn. PJOR8KS FOR BALE.?A SPLENDID PAIR OF DAP K" d gray horses, six years old, 15 hands high long tails. I acticn: warranted perfectly sound and kind; will travel together a ml e In lour minutes. Bota are caoital sad dle horses; at present in Otsego county. Apply to O. W RYCKMA?, Jr., 140 Pearl street. QNR LIGHT TROTTING WAGON, FORD'S MAKE. _ cost 9150, will be sold for 9130. but little used; one top wsgon, 930; one box wsgon, 910; two very fine saddles, bridle u Ac. -, one set double harness, cost 985. wl 1 take 965; single set o' harness, cost 940, will take 930; a so a very Ine new milch row. The object in selling, want of use and room. Applr at the savonih house from Myrtle avenue, in Washington are,, left liai d side. Brooklyn, before the baur of|10 o'clock, A. M. CtHHTLAND PONY AND ROCK AWAY?WANTED, A P t-brtli ?hrtland pony, perfectly kind and gentle, for a ohti l to rl c a;<l drive; aim, a rlx seated tookaway. In good order. Address, with full particulars, box 2 384 Post offlcs. rrHE ONLY BURR CURE FOR HEAVFB IN HORSE 1 wtli on for*sided to any address on the receipt of 95. Ad dress J. H., 247 Wee' TMrty first Greet.

The advertiser would like to hire a horse, wsgon end harress, to u,e In the country this sum ncr, for which he would pay for said use, or would buy the same It so d low, Addrcrt T. M. M., Hera d office, stating price. YKRMONT H0RRE9.?TWET.VE M<*GaN HOR8K3 met trim Vermont, young styU.h a/id atund; am?j* ttim apslrof black* and /? pair c! bays Oeofletbsa wlntui * goi'/l green torses, tt mo>1era'e prcea, vil find ft to tti'lr In tei<wt to ra". a' , nice h i 7 1' "" 'im street. Brooklyn. A' so, ? Abda: sfc oo" sis ysara o I; can trot clow, tc 2..W. W)k KDIKO AND LODtillVO. m bsoTdV \?r comber oe Willie MSfc/cr, Anfranm i? White street.?A tew gmtl'mex tn*- all winmw ui , * i?~t? i.v U la fun u,hed ro >om. K ?<Uto "* kln*te? applying u abora. Ft r signers preferred. ; _ Oa.i I AHT litiiAllW ,y' A r*W Di? ?BH ABuVK 200 Jeiia?.,, street \ . *?'">1 ?''**<?} mo bfn English basement boo* "?th every oyraHa^ ere prepare lo ft their r suds. * "* niched, tx gentlrirei end their wj?"0* single geitlsmtu. Pi.ssettiwo p evt u?to 1st Maj. A ?*** exchanged. 1 AC NINTH HTb EXT.?SUITS A * HaMMUMELT FUR ItO nlshei rcem* o 1st, to fe-nl\ *. flj* * ,? .*? or stngle gentlemen, wlih nartlal boards h?!if*^mvln* V1 Ul* modem Improvements, end pleasantly torn lw Broaawav. 107 70 mNIfcTU mTKKT. rlllKD l>OUB Jfc VlJT oe BR'IAU way.?Furtlebed rooms in sutU Ar. separately, go geu<!emen. with breakfast if required First a'** wu*. with h i the modern Improvement*. IOC EIGHTHbTSKKT -A 811 If K OK RIF-Mo O* 88 ltJtf ooi d floor, with board, aijr be obtained opposite the Mercantile Library. WEST TWELFTH kTBK?T -A LsROlC. KLAlANT _ front parlor, oe second floor of a brown stone Be (Use basement bouse, with ne es.y and modern improvpnoeulr to let. with hoard, furnlrhed or unfurnished, to a fenfleiuan end wife. Reference exchanged. HI? KAST TWELF1HHT RK KT. bHOOND BLOCK FEDM V\J Broadway.?A gentleman and wife, or twe single gen tlemen, ean find first class accommodation tn every particular, with board, a very pleasant aeooad story front room furnished, containing hot and cold water gas, bath room very convenient. The house Is handsomely furnished. Location unsurpassed. n HAMMOND BTRKKT.-TWO NICBLT FURNHBEO parlors on first floor, pleasant tor single gentle nen or a family; also, other rccms, second and third s'ory, very plea Bant. Oas, bath, Ac Access by KJgbth avenue ears. Bleeoker street, and other lines of stages. No moving in May; house first class. FRANKLIN BTBKBT, FIRST HOUSE WEST OF Broadway.?A flue large front room, bedroom and pan try attached, on the second floor, to let to ooe or two gentlemen; breakfast nerved If required. Also, single and doaole rooms, all neatly furnished. Inquire as above CrTwdPT TWRNTY-THIRD STREET.?TWO OB THROB U I families and two or three gentlemen of tbe first respect ability, can now secure suit or slug'e rooms, with board. In tbat eligible brown stone building, delightfully situated between Broadwav and Sixth avenue. AO EAST FIFTEENTH STREET, 8EOOND DO OK ltdJ from Union square.? A handsome parlor on the firBt floor, to let, with or without partial board, to gentlemen. House cos tains bath and gas. No moving in May. on MARKET 8TBK.RT.-A VERY DERI R ABLE FB INT O I room and bedroom communicating, with large closet on the second floor, to let, with board, to a geatleman and wife. References exchanged. OO "NINTH PTRRKT. -HANDfiONKLY FURNISHED OjU rooms, with full or partial board; the house Is new, with all the modern Improvements; family private. Referenoee ex changed. Cif? AMITY PLAOK, ONE DOOR FROM BLEM0K ?.R ?1 street, e litLe west of Broadway.?Handsomely fur nii-lud parlors end bedrooms, togeher or separate, with or without partial board. ABINGDON SQUARE, WHHT SIDE, SECOND BOUSE north of Bank street, a desirable location for the summer. Apartments, with boaru. convenient for families or single gen tlemen. References exchanged. ASBT.AND FLACK, TWO DOORS FROM GREENWICH avenue ?Rooms In suits or single, may now be engwed permanently for the seaeoo, In the above firm olase house fur Dished wi'h all the modern Improvements, with full or partial b"ard. Family private. Keterences exchanged. Access by blxth avenue cart, Amity street and other lines of stages. A^m GENTLEMAN ANDHIS WIFE, OR A FEW SINGLE gentlemen, can be accommodated with full or partial board In a private fiamtly, where they will find pleasant rooms and tbe cemtorts ot home Gas and bath In the house; throe minutes' walk from Hamilton ferry, situated at 27 summit street Sou h Brooklyn. GENTLEMAN ANB WITH WISH HOARD WIT3 A private fsmtlv, In a p'easant looa'lty and modern lnuse. Wnl rsmalx permanently, if all things arc agreeable. Wou'd not object to a country residence tor the summer The best references exchanged. Address W. W. W., Herald ofllce. SMALL FAMILY CAN BE AOCOMMODATKD WITH pleasant rooms and board, at 74 Baat Twenty third st A ADkSIRABLE HOME FOR A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, or a gent etnnn and his wife In a small private ftml'y, with a handsome furnished room, large closets, bath, water, privilege of adjoining parlor at moderate terMs; convenient to stages and ears. Apply at 15 Bedford street. GENTLEMAN"and wife wish a back parlor or second story room, with board for the lady only. Lo ca ion between Canal aril tents streets, and near Broadway, terms not to exceed98 50 per week. Addie-s J. B., Herald ofllce. A" PRIVaTE FRENCH FAMILY HAVING MORK ROOM than they want, will let, with tull board, the second or third floor, consisting of three rooms, furnished or unfurnished, to a family without little chl dren, or to single gentlemen. The hause has all the modern Improvements; location desirable; near Union and Muyvesant squares. Flease apply at 162 East FourUeulh street. GKMLRMaN W18IIKB A RINGLB ROOM, WiTH psrtial board; also, a room for two gentlemen. Location below Fourteenth street and near Broadway. Address Albert, tcrald jfllce, stating terms Ac. A A SPLENDID FURNISHED PARLOR, WITH ONE OR two bedrooms attached, to let to single gentlemen; have a 1 the m dern Improvements; a>so a single room. Inquire at 98 Prince street a few doors west of Broadway. PPLY AT THE BOARDERS' EXCHANGE, NO. 2 aP piston's Building, S4fi Broadway, where you ean learn full particulars ot the moat gentesi private boarding houses and families taking t oardera. All Information gratuitous. Parties seeking, can obtain gen'eel permanent hoarders by calling on G. H. SMITH i DO. Charge for boarders ob tained. bLEASANT FURNISHED RtiOM, WITH BOARD for a gentleman and wife, or n few young men, may be bsd at 32 Rutgers sL Board?single or double rooms, first class bouse; dinner at 2 o'clock; at 103 Franklin street, wast of Broadway. Terma moderate. BOaRD.-TWO OR THREE GENTLEMEN Can BE AC commodated with good board and pleasant moms In a prt rate family, at No 82 West Sixteenth street. N. T. Board-pleasant rooms, with board, for tamllies, to let, In a first e ast bouse, where there are few other boarders; dlnxer at six o'clock; references exchanged Apply at 161 Ka>t Fourteenth street. Board?mat be h*d in a private family toe house contains the modern Improvements. Convenient to stage and car routes. Apply at 15 Warren place, Charles street. OARD.-A FRONT PARLOR AND BEDROOM, UN furnished, on stooud floor; al?o, front room on third floor; a s?. three single rooms, suitable tor gent ernea, with board, can be had tn the first clans' ouse, 38 Great Jones street, near Lafayette place. B.MRD.?OENTLHMKN WISHING SELECT BOARD down town, below Canal street and one bioik west ot Broadway, in a small family, where they can have a pleasant borne; the bouse is large, acd bandsomsly furnished; large and small rooms that would accommodate parties a tailing to room together. Adc resa box 3.490 Post ofllce. Board.?two single gentlemen can be ao commodated with nratiy furnished rooms, with or with Tit board, tn a strictly private family; gas In every room. Apyly a' 34 Deminick street. B B; lAKD.?ONE OK 1WO SINGLE GENTLEMEN O.aN be accommodated with partial board, in a private family, from the lit ol May, with a nicely furnished room on aeo mil floor, with bath room adlotnlrg. References exchanged. Terms moderate. A pply at 130 becind street. OARD DOWN TOWN. BOARD, WITH LODGING $3 60 to $*; board, without lodging. S3 per week; 1? igiog by the week, SI 26 to Si. Apply at 247 Washington street. OARD HAY BE HAD AT 677 SIXTH AVKKUH, (MUR ray Hill) near the palate. The location Is high, open, healihy and convenie t; ctrs pass every three minutes; the home is 75 by 100 teet; has wide halls, large yards extended balcony and extra baths; genteel, educated and Christian fami ly, Please cell. OARD ljf JERShY CITT.?A FURNIAHBD ROOM TO let. with board. In a small private tamlly. about four rrlnntrs' walk from the ferry. Dinner at six o'clock. None hut those ottbe highest respectability need apply, at B. H. Ka'tacw'l bookstore, 6H Montgomery street. Board in brooklyn.-handsomicly ruRNisa ed rooms to let, to single gent'einen, with or wlthon* board, on reasonable terms, at Mrs. Monr's, 203 Washington street, t ear City Hall. B~ OARD IN BROOKLYN-AT lOrioaUtMBRHOilt Htiect, between Boerum snd Smith streets?Hsnoaome epatmenu l-i stills or sing e rooms, can be had wiih break fast and lea, for single gers omen only. The rooms are well furnished, and tba bouse is as pleasantly located as any in Brcckij n. OARD IN BROOKLYN.?I,ARQK AND SMALL ROOM1 may be obtained in a house having all the modern Improve menu, witbln five minu'es' walk ot the South ferry. Inquire at 218 r enry street, Brooklyn; references required. o7 11 IN BROOKLYN?NORTHWEST CORNER Or Mess and State streets. A front parlor and bedroom, un lunvshed, on the second floor with two pantries, would be let , to a gentleman and w fe. Apply on the premises. OARD IN BROOKLYN.?HINGLH URNrr.KMK.V, OR families, wishing to sreure a very desirable room, or suit of n ouis, hi the second story, can be acoommodated at No. 79 Sar ds street. Also, a third story room. Reference required. Terms moderate. OARD IN BROOKLYN-FURNISHED AND UNPITB nlahed pleasant rooms, with board, suliab'e for famflfet srd single gentlemen, at reasonable charges. Be ard for gni neteen. without rooms, $4 uer week. Apply lo Thomas Toyn bee, Toynbee s Hotel, Montague place, Brooklyn. Board in Brooklyn-rooms suitable run a dsrtlat'a or doctor's offloe, wl'h or without partial board; h so partial board for single gentle nen. can b? obulnel in a pro ate family, by applying at 170 Clinton street, South Brook Q?? Board in south Brooklyn.?a handsomely turnlsbed parlor and hedroom, communicating; also a pleae-nt and neatly furnished room, suitable I'.tr two gentle men. in a desirable location, wtthln a tew minutes' walk of the couth ferry. Apply at 45 Congress street, second door below Henry. Board in the country-ia miles from new York, In a very healthy location, Large rooms, fine i.ds, well shaded; fresh vegetables in their season. In qii re st 57 Fuiton street, to day, beioro 3o'clock, for particu i sr?. cr any day within a week, for location, Ac. CARD WANTED?BY A GRWTLiMAN AMD W1FII, infant ard servant; one large or two aljoinlng rooms, wl'h par'lsl board for gentleman; will furnish, with exaeptloa of carpets; location between Second and Kltih avenues, and not above Twenty-fifth street; terms $15 per week. Address Heme. Herald office. OARlTWANTED PARLDR ARD BEDROOM. ON BE cosd floor, fronting on the street, for a gen'leman and bis wife. Location between Fou-teenth and Thirty-fifth streets. Adders*, with name, Ac , muting terms and dinner hour, box 303 Post office. OaKD WANTPD^IN THE COUNTRY, NEAR HEW York. Iiy a widow lady with an infant child. Terms mutt be moderate. References exchanged. Address V. A. N., Hera 6 office, stitlng terms, location and accommodation. OARD WANTED?IN THE UPPER PART OP THE city, by a widow lady with an Infant ohlld. Terms most be moderate. Address, stating terms, Y. R., Herald office. Board wasted -for"Two~wrof>w lsdikT and child three j ears of age, between Sixth avenue an I Green wich street. end Fourth snd Fourteenth streets; wl'l furnish their own ro -m. Addteie, elating terms and location, J. J. M., Persia office Bo7kd wanre11-ny a young widower of quel habits, In a quiet nelghbcrhosl, wlthayount widow Irdv A'dns* H. Dudley, for four days, Broadway Post clBce. ___ BOABD W iNTFD-WITH FURNISHED rooms, for a gett emsn si d w'le (uartlal board f ir 'lis gentleman), i.i-tv <n E mirth ntid Fuu teen h strrets. An? one having a p meant room, snd who do not ask a fortune lor It n\ay ad dress.'. L K , Broadway Port office, Board want-d-for a or tlrman vnu la'y oc re'iotahle terms, In d*iihvi?e for s pianoforte; In a pr.vale 'am'a or wl ere there are bill fe^ Ixviilat* ore dried, ril di)< above v ourih street A1.1 roe* Freeman, b? mediate l?, Btoadwsj Post office. llOAKDINU AND LOUUHTO. BOARD WAN! AD IMMEDIATELY WiTU rURNHII*D rooms f r gentlemen end lad v. hoard for the lady <ratr; '?u,1ir ,u"r R?>?d? ?/, ?mh above Bond su-eeL Ad dretj Wl He Lyons, Harm Id oflj^e BOAED WaM K'T kIN BBO'iKLT!f.-A TOC7NO GKB nr-ao ieo'lem-iD u dRnr<>iu ot ttodloc ft (rood ilzsd roou *j a par'lal board In a private Anu-rtran iam"ly, where com crbut a few other boarders are taken. l-ocoti >a ns*r Wall iu,ret or Fultou street ferrtea. Add/ear J. U.. box IM PoA omoe. BoabDWO.-Bbakf'luck'j hotel, sts and 375 Htoutd avenns ?1'ariors and bedr rxna edjotaiug, fur Dished or unfurnished, for funlne* or single geatlejiea on reaaonable terms; auto, single rooms. Oas, baths, Ac, J. l?. ULAKKLOOK. BOARDING.-A LaROK AED PLEASANT PARLOR ON the second Boor a to two hall bedrooms to let. In suite or leperateiv. to a gent emuuaud wife, or single gen'lemon Ao p y at 97 St. Stark's plac-a, highth street, Broadway stages pwta the door. BO A KDI NG.-TWO D iSri'RMM Fill) ROOM a, ON K~tlK It room end two pantries, all on tkinl tloor of bouse 01 East ftrvadway, suitable for two men and thair wires, can be had on or bSfcro 1st of May, with board. Reference eschaug^. Boarding.-a few single o rn r lkm k n. or a geuilnaan and Ids wife, can eeeure a-at'y furnished rooms, with hoard, dowa town, near to business, in a house newly fitted o> with a11 the modern Improvements, gas and bath. No moving tn Hay. Apply at 112Leonard street, a few doors east ot b roadway. ROOKLYiT-PARTIAL BOARD WANTED IN BROOK ' lyn. near Wall Arret or Resith ferrtee, In a strlstlp private Ire. rh faailly, by a youag German gentleman; best refer ' (Does given. Address H. B. W., box 131 Herald office ; B~ ROOKLYN HHIGHTS.?OAN BK OBTAINED, AT 6li i Remsen street, an eiewaoily tarnished ronn on these- ! cond floor; also one in Ule third story, sultab e lay two tnond*. Both command a view of the bay. Dinner at A Refbreneo* exchaoged. ' lOUNTRY llOABD WANTKD-AT A CONVENIENT > distance from the cltv, near the water, fur a gent eman and wife. Fixe p easant lecatlon at a reasonable prloe pre ferred. Address M. J. H , ltroadway Poet oflloe. KBIKABLK ROOMB -WITH ALL HO >KRN IMPROVE menu, furnished or untarnished, with full or partle board, nay be bad In a private family, where a few resperta ble boarders are taken, at 17 West 29th street, between Broad way and nlxth avenue, Uetereneea required. Furnishkd room~and~ board " wantkd-by a lady and gentleman, board for tlie lady only, tn a small fsmily, where there are no other boarders; with a widow lsd.v preferred. Pay stent tn advance If required. Address, slating terms and location, Mrs. Danti, Union square PostoiUoe. J.1L RNISHKD ROOMS FOR GKNTLBMKN.-A LARGE X1 room en second Hot, with pantries, Ac, tor 93 per week, ore or two gentlemen; also, a large room on third Uoor, $2 to one or 91 60 to two. Apply at 167 Greene street, between Houston and Bleeoker. No removal at May. H'URNISHKD BOOM AND BOARD WaNTED?BY A young lady, wberv tliere are very lew or another boarders, and where people mind their own affairs; with a widow lndy preferred. Address, staUcg location and terms, which must not he high B. G., Broadway Post nffire. GENTEEL PRIVATE BOARD?TWO OR THREE sing e gentlemeu can be aco"tnmodete.l wlh delighttal and well furr.lshefl rooms, with partial board. In a private lamlly. where there ure uo children; house located nrar Vadi um square, and unsurpassed In every particular. References 1'icbanged. Address box 3,H7b Post otlloe. EE OR TWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN OBTAIN superior board. In a first olass private house tn the vicinity ol'Grsmercy park, where they can enjoy young ladies' stclety, with every comfort aud luxury required. In a permanent house, by eddracHlngLaura, Herald office, for two dayp. P^rTvaTK HOARDIN i.?A LADY, HAVING MORS room than sho desires, wou'd be bsppy lo meet with a la rol'y wh i wou'd like a parlor and bedrooms with g <od board; private tab's, II desired; or four gentlemen can se handsomely nccommcdated. Apply at 98 West Twenty ffitn * reel, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. OOM8, WITH BOARD.?A GENTLEMAN AND HIS wife csn be accommodated with a suit ol rooms, on the second floor, furnished or unfurnished; a so slog's rooms fw young gentlemen, In a respeotablu lamlly end pleasant neigh borbooe, up town; teims reasuable. Address Frederic, her* d office. Rooms to lkt-furnu>hbd or unfurnishrd, lor sing e gentlemen. Apply at 170 Lexlngtcn avenue. K OOM8 WITH BnARD.?A SUIT OP ROOMS NuW VA caat, may be secured at present or oa the 1st of May, coralailug of parlor and two bedrooms adjoining, and ons iroLt rocm on the third flier; pleasant location, gas, ha'h, Ac. For terms, Ac. apply at (6 Jans street, near Klvlith avemta. R~ 00MB?WITH PARTIAL BOARD, FOB GBNTLEMKf and their wives, also for single gentlemen, pleasantly situated between Houston and Fourteenth streets, near Broadway. Tbera are but a few boarders and everything home like. Address 8. P. B? Broadway Post otlloe. UMHER BOARDINO.-A FAMILY, CONBIBriNO OF s*x or teven persons, or two families, can he acc un-no dated with board. In a very pleaeent end healthy place in Norwalk. Connecticut within one hour and thisty minutes of New York, adjacent to salt water Fur further Information apply this week at 291! Fifth Bt eet, between the hours of ill and 3 o'clock. SOUTH BROOKLYN-BOARD.-A PX.BABANY PAR lor for a gentleman and wife; also, a nleosant room for a slrg'e gentleman it ay be had, if Immediate application be made at No. 6 Tompkins place I.WO GENTLkMKN CAN BR aCCOMMDDATBD WITri I a eomfortah'e bedroom with two'beds <a It, for onn dollar each per week. In a crlvnle family. Reference required. Ap ply at 27yi Madisoa street. T~W6~GRNTLEMKN. WIBHIMG A PLEASAN-TlIfiMR, can have etch a neat'y funilahed room and par.ia; board, with a private fondly, residing at No. b Oottage place, near Bleecker street. Reference exchanged. TO LET-WITU BOARD, ROOMB FURNISUKD AND unfurnished, tomafried and sing e genllemoo, la a first class bouse. In Laiuarttne place West Twenty rtnih atreut. hr tween Eighth and Ntnih avenues. References given and re quired. BOARDERS.-TWO GENTLEMEN MAY BE ACCOM modated In a private family, at 69 Bt Clement's place, New Voik, with a desirable front or back furnished room, second story, occupying the same together, with breakfast and tea, at 96 per week each. VERY PLRABANT AND DK8IRABLH ROOMS. FOR gentlemen or for a fhmtly, and having the modern conve niences, may be permanently secured in a fire location up town, on Broadwav. near Madison square; five or six commu nicating rooms and private board can be obtained. Inquire at the houee 1,076 Broad way. ANTKD-BOARD FOR A LADY AND INFANT; LO cation below Canal street, north side, or Brooklyn, near Fulton terry. Address box 199 Herald office. 11/ ANTED?BOARD FOR~THE 6UNMKR MONTHS, IN Yv a healthy location, within fifty mile* of New Yorx; on a farm preferred, near a church acd g od aebo-il. Add tens, with lull particulars, Randolph, box 1,570 Post office ' ANTKiV-BROAD LOOM WEAVKR8~^A.PPLY AT the Morrow Woullen Mill, at Patersou, N. J. w WANTED?BY A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, A FURNISH ed n om, with partial board, In a prlvaie l'smllv. lu Ho bnken, realdicg near the terry. Address E. U., box 85H Post office. ANTED-BY TWO YOUNG LADIES OF MODERATE means, tbcard In a respectable family; with a widow lady pieferred; terms must bo reasonable. Address L. O. Q., Herald offloe. No moving on the 1st ot May. INSTRUCTION. I QC7?BOOKKEEPING, WBitrNO, ARITHMETIC.? JlOvJ I ? Mr. DOLnKAR, 609 Broadway, being assisted by an acromnllslied practical bookkeeper, guvtenteee to qualify student* tor bead bookkeeper* In any swlabllshment. Mr. V. teaches penmanship In person, and win remove ail stitTaeae and trembling from any hand In one week. 1 Qfr/? ?OLIVEK~B. GOLDHMITH'.I WRITING AND lOdU. bookkeeping aoademlea, No 362 Broadway, a-td No. 277 Fulton street, Brooklyn, open day and evening, for c'aea or private Instruction. New pupils received dally, and full sucoets guaranteed hoall. I fUlLi ?WHITING. BOOKKEEPING. ARITHMETIC ? ?LtJirvr. Now la the lime" don't deUy onn weak more?of cheap Instruction. at M. h P .INK'S. 2%) Grand street, corner II Lowery, ard 166 futon atreet, Brooklyn. Rooms op an the entile day and evertng. as a teacher of penmaoahip and bookkeeping, Col. Paine stands unrivalled.?Brooklyn Morn ing Journal. BP. FOSTER AND HIRAM BIXON. COMMERCIAL teachers, Ac., give lessons as usual in bookkeeping, writing and arithmetic, opnn sound and Indisputable princl plea, to the entire exclusion of the modern six and twelve les tjpB chailatanry Rooms 346 Broad way, Appleton's Butidog. [m is marvellous bow the usetul and indispenaab'e arts of wrt *wrR, arlthn.elic and bookkeeping are negleoted tor a'uo ins, which at the best, are merely ornamental and often valueless. In (his utilitarian age tne prevalent Ids a ia what oin yon do? Ibis question comes home with pecu lar force to every young nun In search of mercantile employment, and hualrrvis are railv deprived of e.lgihie attuattons from their inability to write with celerity and despatch. Prospect ones and terms, on application at above. I3RKM H AND SPANISH?FOR BU8INKSS aNIi DON yeisation. taught at IlOI.BEAR'S academy. f>09 Broad nay, by a first rate teacher, who hee acted as correspor dent iu the ber.t commercial homes of France, fpain and Cuba, Get t.cmnn and ladles msy now learn these languages practl ally. In a rh ort time. dill'SON RIVER INSTITUTE, THREE MILKS FROM Hudson city, at 0 averack, N. Y. Terra opens April 23. Kxpense for board and tuition 5112 a year. Address Professor 1). I). Owen, 004 Hroadwsy, N. Y. city. He will call If desired to do so. PARENTS OK GUARDIANS WHO WISH TO PLACE U.i ir 1 'idren at booming school. In a pleasant aivlh*althy looati m. a-* moderate charge, can have an opportunity br calling at , ii. 14 Strong place, South Brooklyn. Good refer ences given. PATENT SYSTEM OF WRITING ?KV WHY ON It HIS (own tercher. Mac Laurln's Manual Ormnas'ic Bier ewes In Wrltra.. Patented hv the Ut itsl States government, Feb 14, IBM. In a set of eight books, p.-loa, tt per set One ret can be used by a doxeo learn era. Sent bv mall, prspatd. to aty part of the Unt n, on receipt Of the price. Hehoo a and dealers supplied on liberal lerma. This perfect y novel series comt rises S6 page, 8 by 15 Inches ol' beetrl'ully elec r ityped trolls, with the application of the patented device tor ovr rutniig them The sure meant|arc hers, Ibr the first tints, offered toenabla every one, wi hout regard to years or special talent to acquire tn his own room, without a teacher, and In a fortnight's time, the very highest degree of ski I and rapidity In current writer The system can he used with the ?auic ad vantage by ohlldren. The hooks are accompanied br a uamoh let wl'n fbl'directions, and iheamp'est testimony of the per feet Inn of the sys'em nnd l's results. There la to longer a ne ee f tty for any one tot being an elegant and very raotd writer. Pubhrbcd by W.8. MACLAORIN AGO., 315 Broadway, Now York pio Taarnrns ?The au'hor will attend, personal'y. without charge, to the Introduction cf the system into schools wishing to adopt It OPANI8H LANQUAG*.?PROFESSOR OORRIN WlbL O ermmence a nsw class on the 9h Inst Number of scho lars limited to three. Private lessons on modern'e terms y to the aforesaid at 154 Eighth atreet, adjoining Clinton ?lias Mercantile Library. CJP AND H AND FRHNOH LANGUAOK8.?PROF. A O PIEZZA I _ _ can receive a lew pupils for Instruction In the above languages, at bis new residence. 450 Broadway, near Grand street. Address ar. above, frjm 3 to 9 o'clock P. M. TR AVELIiERS' (itriDK. 1 -SUNDAY MORNING BOAT FOR NEWBURG J.OOU. Commencing Sunday, April 13?The iavorlte strsmer MFTAMOKA. Oapt. Wm. Terry, will leave New York, frcm foot of Jay street every Sunday morning, at 7 o'c.loek, landing at Yonkers. Hastings, Dobti's Ferry, ferry town, Sing Wing, Hevarstrew. Verplanks, Pceksklll, West Point, CodSprlrf and Cornwall, landing at Amos surest, each way. Reluming wtil leave Mewlmrg at laO P. M., making the above landings. ||UDFON RIVKR RAU ROAD.?TRAINS LEAVE t.lumbers it-set dally, fer Albany and Ttoy. Obi ?Per Wonday. Janusry 27. T8M, the trains wilt run ae follows: Vlore's train, 7 A. M.. connecting with Northern and Western trains: Ihiough way irain, 12 M.; express train. 5 P M.for PoughkoepMe, at 9 A. M., and 3:30 P M ; for PeekgkliL 6:20 P M ; tor ftlnp Hi.g, a' 4 P M. The fling Sing and Peckstlll trains skp st all the vat stations. Passengers train at Cham be a, Ce.-a', Christ >yWr snd Thirty first stmct. No train on Bundai, N I. 8TKK*. Jr.. Super ntendent SUN"AY BOAT FoK NKWHURG AND INTERMEDIATE land ogw.?1 he so er did Maimer ME Ta mora will com* merer the to nal Mrdw trip, as a'dOTS, i,e bunds?. April 1.3. Raving Jaj s'reet plsr at 7o'clock A. M See Mverttsant' Bt, HKWAKD9. 4? r.Al I BMWABB -*H8 *BuV* EKWARD #iCni paid at 111 Wall street, liir tee reoorvrr nfi ? boa, marked Norman J actum, oootal King th? leUewlng 4esu men la, the payment of which had boon (topped Ho, *26 A?J M debate's acceptance of feuds Mechtdcs 4'bit due May I 41.004 44 326 (%aa P Deve-leli'. of a. Mcff litems' draft, due May 14 IWM 309 taWoc. Oilespie A tlo 'a aota, due June 24 1 Mtt ? 310 Bpofcor P Porter, note, due June 24.. 41144 311 Reynolds h Wagner, note, due Jure 24 337 44 312 Archer A Squler. note 4Kb /una 28 1,441 34 313 lie* ;e Mellct 4l be Witt note, due I una 24 440 41 314 BeeUy A MIloLe'l, nole (due June W.. Bio 74 320 Mm H Uoyut'u, note due Jumj 2G 2,1*4 04 321 W odruir A < o.'s aeceptanoe. dne J una 4 6 000 06 372 2 ro?t A Forreat, note, due June 18 2,368 44 323 finer M Fry A tin, note, due Jure 17 3 007 334 Muotenlh A Badgley, oote, due June 7 419 386 l> B. Decker, now, due June I4> 411 336 John Kodme. oote. due June 14 664 41 Jieepb Ketehum A sou's aeoeplaooe of Ketobum A 8tekan' draft, due July It *"35 3'6 Oorirbi A Co., nu doeJuly I 444 91 316 Powers A Dedi-rtck, note due July 2 U-J6S 74 317 Cbaa. M. trj A Oo., note, due Jhtly 1 1 364 M 3J9 MneneerA rorter, nne, due Jul* 3 1.864 ? 324 Talactioe A Bergen. cole, due Jul J 11 8)1 SB 316 Uee. M. Lane A Ce.. note, due JiHf 11 446 44 3/7 Dunn A Hereer, nude, duo Julj 12 3,231 44 328 Do. do. 326 Mead. Belcher A THua, rots due July 12 1.M4 ? 314 Warren A >n. note. daeJnly 10 L*5f ft 331 Vetverton, Walker A -tulllen uute, due July 14.. 1,341 94 331 Uaapar, iieymuur A Oh.. note due Julylo 1 146 41 337 Hoppook A Orson wood, note, due July If 1,148 44 Total J. J. Plingie's draft *606 l)a> do. 660 B. Boyee>4 do. 1,000 Do. do. 4,000 W. O. Conner** do. 1,000 m on Washington. Jackeona, Skua * Washington jkouoiTkoo. M x/ ra.? . uo. . mer N OTIIMU1 JftOfcttOIl. Alio."B pacer" paetegc, marked J. Lee Bliss, flnntalalM[ Southern notea aid aoeepUneea, tract amounte and naaaae not knew?- due within Are year*. ?"I ft REWARD.?kSOAPKD, PROM MO. 24 WARBMV ?1U atreet, a mule blri. a cron of ue canary and goIdllaelc. flu reward will be paid to any peraen who will return aaM bird to B. Wright, 24 Warren (treat. ?C RHWAED-IAJ8T, ON THK 8R4XJND OB T HI BO ipt) lnat, from 32 Vt eat Thirty-third atreet. a amUl rough haired terrier ami. color mixed niaok and white, with ye lew and white spots; (he wore no ooKar. Whoever returna her la the abore addreea will receive the above reward. 0? r RkWAR1 >7- LOST, ON WEDNESDAY, A BLaOK tpt) and (an terrier glut; he al/ove reward' wi 1 be paid upon returning the same to X66 Pulton (treat, up utalrs. anr: rkward.-lobt, a blaok and tan tbkbimm ?JP?J dog. The above reward will be paid to the Under, on Ma bringing It lo 308 avenue A, In the (tore. liODT AWB KOUnfP. DOO LOHT-ON WEDNESDAY MoRNlNd LA8T, A. (nail black and tan terrier alut; ha( a mark on her back, the Under will return her to 109 Johnaoa street, Brooklyn, er t. 80 and 83 Chambers street, up atalri, and be handaometp rewai ded tor hla trouble. IflOUND?A LOT OK SPaRS, IN OOW.VNU8 BAY. TKM J? owner can have the name by proving property, pay Mm charged and lor thia advertljemeat, bv applying te f rederWE Sly, Uuwanun Bay. or at 34 Moore atreet, N. Y. (BOUND-CN paiDAY, THK 5~r H IN8T.. A MB*? r found ami dag. lining oo a collar with name thereon. The owner can have bun bylprovlng property and paypig by calling at the (tore, 6b King atreet. CjIOOND EEaR WALL BJR.KRT?A WaLLKT. C70W f tR'.nirg a small sum of money, whi -h the owner oaa have bv oa'llng on a. ft. Moen, No. t rine street, aud paying tor ifla advertisement. Lost- on whdnehday kvhnino, briwban jcinb and ten o'clock, going from corner of Broadway and Uaaad atrcet, to 62 Sulllvnn street a lady's vlctorine. A lioeral ra ward will be given by returning the sauie to 62 Sullivan atreet. OST-ON 8A1UREAY, 6TH INST., A HAIR BfttOA let, marked 'W. B. P to II. M.," In going through Twootv fourth atreet to Fourth avenue The Sudor will ha suitably rewarded by leaving It at 36 West 24ih (treat. Lost?in a fourth avknus sraTge, ok lir Broad *ay or Fourth avenue, between Canal an-1 Twen ty troond atrcets a port-monnate, containing a sum of naunn. The Under wt.l be suitably rewarded by leaving the same at 71 Pine atreet, firat lloor. OPT-SATURDAY KVKS1NO, BET WHEN WA8H1MB* tonsouare aid Broadway, la Waverley p ace, a geld watch with chain and ckanna attached. The finder will be liberally rewarded by returning the same to 27 Wathbigtem aquai e. L""0ST-A GOLD BRAOKLKT, IN THK VICINITY OP Second avenue and Siitreuth and Twenty first s.reeta, oa Wcdneadav. The finder will be rewarded by leaving it at Isaac J. Oliver's, 296 Second avenue. OST OR lirOLlCN IHK FOLLOW!NO 10 PsiR OHN* borda oi the City ot Sto'kton. California: 6 >ood?, Noa. 348, 297. 298, 796, 796. for 4160 each; 15 bonds, Noa. 337, 204, 313.70 344. 336. .'40. 339. 343, 3:t6 blank, 710. 338. 341, 208. ler 4600 each; 2 bonds, Nca 734 and 236, tor $1.000eac t All per aens are hereby torbld negotiating aAM bonds as payment baa been stopped. M. H. K.K11'H. Brooklvn, April 10, 1896. O-' VEHOOAT OHANOMD.?IP THE GKJfrLBlf AN WHO took by mistake the wrong overcoat from a New York aaA bile car It Jeriey City, veaterday moruing, will bring tha seme lo 50 Court street, will receive hia own co it, cchtenta, Ac. WPAKTMBKBUHf bOTIUBB THI4 desires ta eDgageloa reaptctable. permanent nrnl ttr fllsiln hiislnnar b- can f nd such a one, by ad drawing K. King A <lo , throuMS the Pom office htc ertnee* excoanged. The uuilueea Is estab lished a?V> r(./i -A P..B.1NKH WANTED, WITH THB if v* . above a-nouni ov so expednroed apothecary, tc e.'al.ish a drug (a cy a a preseriptlou btulneas. Addreea D. Ph., box 160 litre d oil) re. AO Aj .fi ?A"PAKlNhK WANTED IN THE TIMBMB iptJ.UuU, at a lumber bucltiesi to join ihs owner of the lard ai d tlmier. Any person eaving this sum can be secured In doub.e the amount, and can c ear at east 65,000 per year protlt. Apply to C. B. H< Wht. A CO. ,84 vawiust. Ml flfkfk TO 43.000.-A PAttiNKB WaNTKD INjA g)l ,uV/U branch of thelumoer aualoeaa The advertlsar baa$30,000 In five jears, and the b t'lucs mar bees tended loa much larger amount. It la done strictly for eaeh. Apply to C. B. tOW sS A CO., 84 * assail street. -MARK TT1IS?ANY PERSON OP 8TBADT ?J)?JV/U. habits, having this amount to Invest, can besom* lid, penitently rich, by associating hi use,l as equal cvpartnar with tbe advertiser, in a new business tint will command tha ready cash, and insure an Immense fortune. No humbug positively. Apply or address Patentee, 202 Fu ton street, se cond Door, room 14. aTFfifj ?WANTED, AN F.NRftOBIIO M AN. TO"pUM ipuuU . chase an equal Interest In a respect die. pleaaeal and profitable bustnrcB. Apply at 229 Broadway, ofllce24. afro Cfkfl -PARTNER Wanted.?SHOULD meet the eye ot a gpncieman that da jjjQrjl ?A PARTNBR WANTED, TO JOIN ANoTHMt JPOuV. to purchase a buslucw cstab.Ubed for tbe last am J ears. The business will pay two active bu-iaesa mea (ram 1.200 to 41,600 per year, and i* dons strictly tor cash. PuB particulars on application in the (tore, 16 snu street MOOfl ?A PARTNER WaNTKuT iO join A OiN - iDoUU. t.'eman In a strictly moral, InteresJug and attrac tive travelling cnterpriie, from which handy una returns vould be realised w ithout risk. The Investment bslng amply secured. Fcr particulars, call on Mr. Ingrahara, at tbe Chemical Maau facturtng ( o. 'a office, 293 Broadway, up atalra. A" ~winowi.AI.Y~TtK"bksT'ectabiuty havinq a fir e nock of furniture, wlrhe t to meet with anothw lady of ioo<e capital, who would like to become her partner in eou duc'ii? a private boarding home Any let'era addressed to * K , lire ki>n l'oat office, statirg where an interview may ha bad, (ball tror.t prompt at'eni'on. APART* WlTH Ht.MK MEAN'S, aNO A OKNARAL knowledge ot buhinemi, desire* to encage tn the rnrcmtn Moo I unit ess, Hcuth or Ws*L Address Commission, box Ml Harold office. Referecc m furnished and required. Dl^LUrfON.-N()TT<TE 18 IIKRRRY OIVKIT THAT tbe ooraHnersblp beret-toro oi<?tlrg between Levi Un der donk and Pbi'etu* Kit Irr oa lun mr merchants under tha noma and firm of Ondardonk A Kul or, hii been dissolved br mutual consent; all legal item indaexlrting against a?id firm win be liquidated and nettled be Levi, imlerdonk, at hla office, at tbe southwesterly comer of Tenth avnntie and Fourteenth street, where the subscriber wl 1 continue to transact tne lumber bn alnean in bla Individual name. LEVI ONDRRDONK. Nkw Your, April 10, 18B6. IBOLUTION- THE COPARTNERSHIP HERETO lore existing under the firm o Mclntvre and Fltzpalrtok, ietlla day dissolved, by mutual connect, Robert Mcintyre withdrawn^ trom tbe firm. All hurl nee* hereafter will ba trarractrd at the old established marble works, 00! (Ireeowtoh street, corner of C arkacn, by PHILIP FITZPATRIOK, of said firm. ftf.w York, Aprl1 9,1866. L~ EOfTARlTptULHON ?A8 ABSOf IATSD HIM3RW with the merchant t.Mlortog department In the houie ot D. DEVLIN a CO., 188, 269 and 260 Broadway, corner of Wei* ran street N^OTICK.-THF COPARTNERSHIP HKRKTOFORH EX fating between the subscribers, under the name and Una of < ogsweil A L&akton, la thle day (March 21, 1866 ) di "solved bymuual aontenl. J'iUN W OiKJsrVHlj,. HENRY K LANK Til". The buaineea of the firm will be eat fed by the undorslguci. JOHN W. cOGoWKLL, 307 Hudaon street. N? w Yocrt, April 9,1866, NlHOK-THK (!(>PARTNKR8H11* HKRKTOrOR* RX leMna ut-der the firm of Joseph laekr-o., la thta day dhr eoited by muiual conaent. Joweuh Lee la aloua authorised ta eei tie the btu-lneaa of Joeeph Lee A ^o. J081' r H IiRRt ANDREW V. RRA. Nkw York. Feb. 1.1866. (JiCORtJE HIOHAM. The bUflno-K will lie continued as formerly under the aaaaa and li'tn of .'oacph Lee A Co., at No. 169 Broadway, URaai Builuii *.?, JOSKI'H I.Kit. ANDREW V. REA. ST "TOTK COMPANY.?TO ANY MAN ACQUAIf ' wlh getting up Mock companies, pcs'CMlng mme meaaa and Irfluentin frlenda. can m?ke au advaotecruaarrangement with tbe advertiser, who has the loundation for a g rod etaafc company. Addrewa J.; box 786 N. Y. Peat office. O CARPENTERS-A PART NRR WANTED, WITH A capital cf $266, in an aatab.lahed ahop up town, tn tha 1 lobbing carpenter'< bur In era. A man possessing a thorough know edge of the i aM* wiL find thlg a good op Pi a 1?1 ty tor auch an Investment. Inquire in tbe carpenter'a Map, Sl? Fourth avenue, be'ween 12 and 1 o'clock. THE PARTNERFHTP HERETOFORE EXISTING BR tween the rubfrrtberv, t.nder the ram* atd firm otFrtag Broth- re ha* been d:w> ved by mutual ootuie; t. The boat ne?* wl 1 be aettied by ttusUvus Frtns* wan alone la author iaed to rlgn In lluuloatton <f VST A VU8 FRINOR, Nrw Yoa?, April 10 1866 PIs.RKB KRINOS. Oiutavna Fringe will continue Uie business of tmporttag wines and h randies In bla own name, at 38 New street eummra, ac. fit q nnn worth or cart off olothino want IpZ.l'Ul/ ed - The highest price given and caah paid ta current money. Gentlemen Itavleg good left off or superiueaa clothing to dispose of can obtain liberal urines by sendiuc their adcierato, or calling on, JAMES KORLMRY, 122 waher street, near Centre. I sLOTHIHO AND FtJRNKTtTRR ?PERSONS H ATI NO V./ any to dlapoaa of. can reMve a Lair cash price for aama bv sending to M. S. CVH8N, 101 Chatbam street, lata 66 F m. Party and faney dreases bought. Ladled attended te bv Ffl,C. IF TfR LADY THAT NROTR THR ANONYMOUSLVT ? ter wishes a hou?e by next Fourth of Jn'y, she had be ler call oa m-i personally at Uta tailor's, corner of Oreeowloh and Barrbon aim. R, J., JPNB. SPECIAL *OTInR TO QRNTLRMRH.-HAVING Re moved from C53 Paarl atreat, to 93 Leonard street. I aaa row ready to receive any quantity of yonr sprto* *nd sum mer cVithlng, either to eleaa, dye, alter or repair, bafure warna waathsr rets la. Artlelea sent tor, by A. OOATIBSOd, 9# leonard street. CtPFOlAl. NOTICV TO CLOTHIERS AND OTHERS.-TV O 1st the alrr*6* Ootllandi street, c-wnar of Washington; ha* Keen lor many years occu .led as a clothing store; prised err it pent leave* tn enlarge kla bualnsas, alosk and hxlorea Mr at.efi drtr? l at a nptiilce. Apply on the]