Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 12, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 12, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7166. MORNING EDITION-SATURDAY, APRIL 12. 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. WKW PUBLICATIONS. ,/IRKATIbG A BKHSArioi-.-flUlBl.KY BROOKS'S \J meat novel. AHPKN COURT: In om toI. of 600 pages, imlly Id r'olh. PrlM|l 26. 'I'll tbe beet Bug Ltb novo ot wclMt, high eai Sow, I ever read.?Henry W. beroert It I* hti me iter work ? lor.dmi rihrtispum. It la e decided inoeee. -Loudon june*. Written wbh positive po<v?r Tno rlterlon. A brilliant and spirt ei] wo k. ft V slalom It hae made a great bit. i n.doa O, 1-be work abouLds wltb Interval -Home Journal. A very remarkable work - ortf?e Prom. It lea great book, a giant among gtaota.-Newark Dally Advertiser. It baa had a great run ? H mi ton ppectatnr. Full or interne Interest - l.ou"oo xanuner. In 1 vol of 604 pages, nea:i> boned io oloth. Price 61 26. Published by BTti.bil a A TnWNsKMD, , 222 Broadway, New York. Arod for able by all booksellers. Motuvvb dutch aaPtjwii.i IDA PFEUFEB's IiivOM) JOUSNE.Y ROUND THE WuKLik THE TEACHr.B? ttY J.U'xB ABBOTT. HA&FkB * nOtf.r.Rs, 327 lo 336 Pearl s reet Krnosiln square, Publish ibla mo.mug, TBB RISE OF THE DUTC- RI PUO 10. A Bls?ory. By John Lotbrop Motley, 3 vols 8vn. rauJIc, 66. abeep, Id 7f; half eaif extra. $8 2ft. In thla valuable oou'ributloo to hVorlcel literature by an American writer, we have a parallel u> the masterly orrduo U at which have given mob in envabl.t eeie'-rliy to the name* oC Irving, Prefeou, Bacorct, a. d Hudre b in a .lov.ardip.vrt nr.ent of oompotd Ion. It em ra--s lb period tr m the avdict tion of Charles V , In Jftflft, to ibe ceath of tVlilIsm toe Silent, Prince of Orange. In 16S4 the memo she cottllot Between the feudal InatRuttons of ihe utodie ? gns and toe dawning light of modsm user ty; he ween ihe raost raailgaaiu form of -religions btaMew, and tne lofaot ibiius ot lole-auon: betventi the arrogant aHas of m >cv odesi iir.-ucription and the timid arplrali'-ns of universal juriic-, 1? ?octra>e<i ot Sir Mot ey la vivid co,oib, aid with embus'*-lc ?>uip"h? la tsecau-eof human progress, 'ibe (meg-nurd of the pic ure is occupied by that admirable specimen or pvIoiLbj and nobleness of cha ? racier, W 111am the fell* x. t. wb .,e endannt virtues ne oag to the MM class ot excel or ce as those which have hIoc 9 com manded the homage rf tbe wot a la ibe iterant rf W shiugloa. 7he scene laerowded with sigrifictnt a d imores-lve events, ?connected wi b the deveinor mentor pott let and rellgtxi*free dom. Mr. Motley has nroduced a vlg r.un narrative, worth r of Ibe groat historical theme, t .which It ? devoted in hesutv and emeulloaof style, picturesque vsrl-lvot arousing, and dramatic exhibition ot ch.racier, bis wo k is not s.irnasgpd by any of the e assic historical productl ?rs wclcL are among tne moat remarkable Ito rary ten tore* of be age Tbe BeeoiuiUtn of the betbe>latd?. tmrra ita importance, well deserves to be treated it a separata dbd isdeoecdeat nar rative, by Ueelf. It is grain log o team mat, before long, such a history may be expected fn>n> the pen of our acxoin pushed countryman, Mr J i.otbrop Voi.ey who, during the lant five years, tor ihe better pnweou'ino of bis a-iors, hie es tablished his residence to the neigh' o boo'1 oi 'lie aoenes of his narrative, booae aoqua-nted wl b ue ti e cowers of mind poeaested by tbla scho'ar tr me oa nesine'i with which ha nan devoted himself tr Ibe task can donet that be wtl do full justice to his important, but eiflicuit subjeit ?W. H. Puehcott Ills b utory la a work of which any country might be proud. ?Frees. Mr. Motley has seaichcd the whole range of historical docu ments neoesrar* to the oompouhl -n o hi. work. He bar, la no place, spared blmrelf ihe tabor of rrtout' and critical authenti cation. Is a warm and varied sty e drap-ned occasionally bytheureof atmpg lights end rhsd *?. be relates tne epic story ot Ihe victory obtained over toe empire of Dearies the Fifth, bi the fOiHtude of tie *l all beth-rianda nation, driven by^preesion almost to freczy, but neve to despair. -London We:l worth deliberate appreciation - London Examiner. It is a work ot real historic* va'ue. ih* r aultol accurate eritloiam, written in a libera sol it, aid Irom 9rst to law deep ly Interesting. * ? Mr Vote preparing a Urg* canvas i, oolors it richly atd freely, introduces a multiplicity of plotorial touches, sketobee, as he proceeds what is chant-tori'tie of tee -place ard time, but never forg is ibe leading purpose of his narrative, the 11 ustratlnn of t'?at mora! power, which, bom in the heart of r. people, at the mrm? t it coocelves Ihe Idea ot uberty, fortlllea It against a'l awau't", arc s It 'or conflict, tor auffetlng, for patience, and gives n victory la tbe end.?London Athenaeum. Madaum PrKtmr.'.* Second Jouknxt. -A Lady's Se cond Joturey K-und 'he World: trom Ixmdon to the -Pipe of Ooo<1 Hope Bor eo Java, bumstia, Celebes, Ceism, the Mntuco'e, Ac.. Cauforni?, Panama, Peru, esiua dor, end the United otatcs B' .da P'elffur, authoress of tbe "lady's Journey Bound tbe Wur!d,"Ac. 12ntP., nun lln, 91 -20 There Is surely no lit* e esta tat- m*nt t-? be had from the narrative of a lady w bo ?as ea.en boa coo. Tlct >r cutlets, who baa mlled in a boJow tree who has tad an audtenoe of ihe Busuhunan, and has etc lc oa On miortzo Tbe peasure is 'Ae greater when the lady is. Use Mad c elder,, sen. 1 stble, and womanly- a lover or 'r?v#l aod change, out not less for tkat a perfect woman bhe descr es latbfoliy wa its, er ?be seea, ate loves bon. sty and jus'lce. ? ? ttur axt-aot Shows ibe book to be a pleasant oi e. an? there are lew readers who win not aequo e u. h* o jf it Home we e --me addition to Uelr stack of anecdote and V lorma'ion ? xamlnee. Mite scanty iitnda few .e.'er.- of in rnduot.on, and no more lugyagc than a car - e: nay, to becsmev in her own hand, this ?elc/.rly acd not te y rcoast lady kh<? mil on joumo'i. the dsngers and disco uforU of which might well ados' the har diest of 'he st orger sex Nome ot the place- to which she pene trated bed never before be-n visited bv Knropsaos, and tiis Msouate of parts of tbe ln-srtor of B roeo Java, and Bnmatra is anovel contribu I'm to tbe record of travel In the Mew world she pasved o< er more fa nibar g-ouod but not on that account tie lesa It u-rr siitg alii be found ib? recorw ot a tra veller so obrer vat i uiibiMgeut. and'rustworthy.?l iterary Ga *f"W. In'al) ler four y ears' travel she observed with a quick eye, -end lldeiud with an a tei tl'c ear. Th- Press. A eoU'? ry womao's seem d journey rouvd the world, safely completed, renders the tig in > -urt ?lt almost as unique <as world be a uuly wbo having heeu twee on the ecalfold for execuUcc, had ooen t s ice reprieved ? A' ill Thk Tbaciisk. Voral Iufiueoo'S "mp o*ed la the Instraction and (tovernmeul of tbe tonr-g a new ?nd revised elitiotu By .'acob Abbott WUh engraving*. Hoo, mualln. 61. A book mtended to dettl1. tn a tamLlar and practical man ner, a eyetem of arrapgnnerL for the orgsolzition and mavagem'nt ot a sch ai > a?. d on the ruin oyment. as far as la prac.lcable, of moral influences, as a m-uu cf effecting The objects In view. I?s design 's not to bring forward now theories or new plans, but to de?e <? ? *ud explain and to carry out ta their practical apo'lcadous such princinleaas among all skil-ul apd ex. e. iesced leajhe/s are generally ad mitted and acted upon. ROOEBK'S table talk. D. APPLETONiA CO., 346 and 348 Broadway, hare now * ready a new edition of 3ECOLLHCT1 Oh8 OF TH8 TABLK TALK OF SAMUEL R >GK&R Ts ?btcb Is added EDITED IJV THE RkV. A1.EX PVCE. P O R H ?? f f A N A , Onevc.'2M? C'o h$\. (From the Toronto ti'obe ] Ttamuel Rogers was oue <-f the 'aat links in the Utetarr world between tbe present atd tie ras'. ntdas he was amongst the last remaining to us, be jolred tove'her t-mes more than com monly remote. Hi< firm pui'iratlon saw the light in 1786, when Louis XVI reigned In France and was thinking ot tbe propcied astembly ot tbenotab es In the next ?oar, and when Dr. Chalmers was a title ?*>? plailag oa thetMt shorsatAn ?tiuthsr He remembered seeli.g h- bead of one of tbe re ,els cf'46 still moolferingno TsmDln Bar He saw Oar rick a it. He knocked at Dr. Johnson's door to call on him, and then, with Maltby ret rusted, their hearts filling them He heard 8tr Joshua Reynolds deliver bis ast lecture at the K lyal aoademr. He knew Lafa-ette. He r.real fasted with ?A?m 8 el'h and Principal Robertson ErsXne Kox, eberldan Burke, Pitt, Ne' ecn, the Ducbesaol Gorocu, llowaid the Pi I aathrqilat. sir Tlomss Lasrrenoe. Mrs. Biddoa1 8'cott Georgian* Uuchess of Devonshire Maektutreh. the Great links T* leirand. aod mv ny more ottbe Ulustrioua ot oue er*n<?fa'bert or fsthersf ou> or onr own youth, come hack again fo ? a y. irupse tn these pages and pass setcre usss the- ones were, furious, verv carious, the resurrection ot the mightr dead. In Britain Roger'* ta ble Talk has engrossed attention, and we be ieve It will widely etguge it here TiRAPB Pi LB OF BOCKS AT VKRY LOW PRICES ? Wa ker'g fthimlng Diction art.......91 (4 pjblbJjiii $1 SO Va'enttDO's History of New York 1 00 " 2 00 Wl'soi's AmericanOrnltboogx plates.. 1 63 " C bo Marryatt'e Novels ud 1a:os, 8vo 1 26 ?' 2 60 > splei's Peninsular War, 8vo 13 " 2 60 Ch?m :en' information tor tie Pesole 2 vols 3 26 " 7 00 Do. Oft , belf mo/ocoo 3 60 " 8 00 Licgard'e History ot Kcg'srid. 13 vols... " 00 " 13 00 Do do, the p d) 8 00 " 16 00 Scott's Waverier Reels b vole cloth... .3 60 " 6 00 Do. do. hiif c'oth 3 00 " 4 00 PhL'lp Quarrel the English ier-nit 0''I " 0 H8 Syrinx, Dr. Tom. 24mo . slit cdee 0 .38 " 0 Ho limb's'teles, from Shak-pce 0 38 " 0 88 Life of Mary Qne?n of Sco s 0 .38 " 0 ?8 Par doe'* t'ltj of the Su'tan 0 60 " 1 60 aoye'sGsmes 0 33 " 0 60 I lie of Jer ntbau W1 d, p atei, London.... 0 .38 " 100 Walker't Manly Kxerclros 0 6.3 '' 1 26 Dscameron of Bcooaocio 0 60 " 1 00 Cowper's Hotrer'a Iliad, trans 0 76 " 1 60 Byron's Dm Joan eteel engravings 0 76 " 1 60 Hogg's Winter Evening IarM 0 30 " 1 26 Memoir* of J. G. Bennett, post 0 76 ?' 126 Llle of Seward, poii' . ...OtiT " 125 Morgan's Wild Irish Uirl 0 .31 " 0 76 Dunns' Count if Monte Crlnto platea.... 0 88 " I 61 Camp Fire ? of the Bed Meo 0 76 " 126 fHood'a Ageati Ha Arohltrcs, London. 0.33 " 1 2u Catalogues ot our collection < t o'd bock* aent froe LKGOaT BRO'lURHS, 88 Nassau street. LIBKaRY OF LOVE?THE MOST RRCHKHCI1K.,|RX qulsttely awwui effuslo a ever penned. Three pocket Tolurar*. pp. 80o IP'U (rated, 91 60 tbe set- I. Baata; the Klares of Becui da* and Boenefon>; 11 Ovtd'a Art of Lore, Kerne ty of Lrve, Amours. Ac.; III. Drjden' Kablrs, tmm Hocoaor >and Cliaooer. Sent by mal, pomade free. CaLVIN BLaMUtlARD. 82 Nas?au street. HOW TO DETECT OOUNTfRKElT RANK NOTEH. Ihe beat vork on the eu^jeol In evatence with bank note plates and rtes gne. o\ Kawdon, Wright, Hatch A Kdeon, bank note engraver* Price 91 26 GhOKOK PEYTON, 4.8 "roadwar. CPOR3 IMG.-Jiff T PUBLISH* I). PRIOR 26 CKN3S. O ' DO'iO OK a PHY ? ' the IBe and adventure* of the cele bratert <lo* Tljer. entrprising a variety of amnaiT.g and In structive example*. illustrative nf Ine happy effects of the sp proprla etitlmng and edueattm. o'dngs. B? Vrauct* butler. 29 l ultou meet, late ol 206 Water meet. The trade supplied on the a**%l term*. 1VEWNPAPKH8. A TRIUMPH OF R.MIERPKIMK T -IK PROPRIETOR of tbe MEW YORK UK DORR has worked lia"d ui seoun. tha tavor nf the public We eball nail ot this week'.i issue over 90 000 OOPIe.8 OK TUB LMIOKit, a sale far ahead of snv paper In Ue Union except the Weekly tribune, and we shall soon beat ihat paper. This we?k's paper (ready this Hsturf sy mon.ltig) will contain the eioimencement of a new novollettc, by that popular writer, Sylvan to. Oobb, Jt~ entitled tHK oun maker of Moscow, One o'the meet intensely Interesting romaneea of toe day. The Ledger will also have more of that *reM local tale ' f orma Dscton. tr.ore ftom lanriy Kern, ard more of other root thlrgt, of a'.l sorts. Hold by all newevenders, at four cents aubecrlp'.ion, 92 per year. Laughs for steamer and rati.-viok nay FOR ALL CBfcATlON, a new cotnle mimlblv, of IMrty two pa*ea. filled from cover to cover, with toe (V.on.est pl'o tares, stories, dry eeylngv. ?nd all klrds oi hum irons blt>, a til be published m the fifth of this tnr nth. It s of die size ot the Lotdoo Pnnrh and la tit e p*ge, (which cnyto-e tmndr. d dollsr*,) designed by Bel'ew Is the est thing of the kind to the world It ts a triumph of humorous art. Th? fli?t numl?r op?m* with a thrt ltag sU.rr, riclry I Ineaa'ed, nr..parse ei i.resaly ftir MCK NaX. 1 he ba-a?W" ot I s pa*n ar?*) to purely humorous enr*evlngi and etovlea. 1'rlceooly ti?; oenu/ LkYiKON * H YRYKY. PuHlleheri, U4 Nmmu street Tata L.BU6GH AUKUVI'IU. That 'ti aturdat morning what mortal cm d >nb< Who sees iseglad newsmen flying aouu ? For. bebi <11 'he cIsW Y UK ROGER la out Ninety tbi umtnd the Issue or tberea>out? FI) iac to at s w r lie nuh aid tea tout Of people? e'en tlione ?h ? ere lone with Use gout ? W bo soncely li.eir i ot>n swallow wlnout First ri boiog the LELGb.h through, Uatda and oat. Bdbby the nkwbm? n, thk bio ohss and hmat,t.; Hurry the newsmen lie rbtut mod tbe la'i; Hun j pieeMnnn, counters, tn'oersand a'l, As lountr and ih ckec lie pnhUo out call? From tie bum lex b1 me to tie pa-aoe hall - Wbue tie old fn be nigh and iceyoungou< bawl, And tba towi's In armur snl a wtur . aid a ?quail. 1111 lie) 've purchased ihe l.k .Ota and read ItthronghaU E ACH WEEK BUT lFCkEAbRS TUB GENERAL FU rora, W hUc hubaeriterc and bu: art come In by the score; By htudrtry and thnisaodB wno never oetyre. Bad (bought of a paper, euep< aa a bore, Tol the Lr Lti> B tit lr vliion ope'd u.<-re aad sdll more, And trey crl-d to Its beauUtut aU itea "nnjorel" Aid studied lis pictures ai.a pnudered thei o'er, And read and re-tead till their pte* were halt sore. N O PAPFB BO POrULAA 1' Vkit WAh KNOWN; Bo read ard so quoted rom 7.-u- on o zooe Frum (he pooreatman to be king on his tomoe - Ai.fl ah j f ticca use rt-l*b od ?t'h treasures thick a-room, Fieeb novi 1 a. d lively, and mo a to u> e. And advertised wtdeiy?lor merit ui iho'ii hlshl bobble and s orve, while B R**h b-s shy urn How merit, weil advertised, ados to tb> o <m. EVKN HBBE AB YCU REAP. BoNNBB'B WISDOM appears. Ft r ihj l.KPOKB tbip mmilng la tie richest loryeara; Full oi mailer it r mlr.h, ai d eliee'lou and tears, Aid all that a.jourr al tc (IrerUer et.d"*ra; With lo )u e to tceid be most ittmuve ears. But f11 tlment Mich a* the lute 'ect cbwre, Though challengi g, m*yne someevt oss's sneers? Who's to loJy a a avo ano to reuse to arrears. w J HY. NARK WHAT Tlihi Ln'DObRS THIS MOBNIKG ct utair : Ncrma liar'on," continued Id eiquislte st ain; While l'tin undrra l araeoi. Fainy again Beeps iorth and speaks out to her ? em-test veto; Mrs. Msoun ey's perms r.f s orles a train; hdltcr Bonnrr's good iklngr, never ut?red in vain, A, d hi much besides tbst no reader'l c,mplain That bitter bis (our Fence In pocket had lain. ErBT A OBKAThR ATTRaCTIuN REMAINS TO BE told - A new novelette, wrrthv letters of gold! Of the sew Wor'd (ho au bur t'.o noene In the Old; "The Ounmatero' Moscow," boh -'u-t* and beld, Or "VoldliT lr, the Monk " and audiori cctid, '"A Ta e of tbe ampire " eheu Keier uprolied Russia's conquering ctr to-dsy'i I K< (iKti "1 unfold 'i his story in pai t. Oct ore ere 'bty'ie all sold. 0 F AM. COBB DAS WitlflKV TOW NOVELS BI3 best; As a sun to a star. It shires over the reat By lhwaltes Illustrated, ti rnu-t e Co fetsed Tie 1 litJiR to day'il be a thrice welcome guest. Ai.d thnusaiids wt.i (eao tt ere pillows a e pressed By eaith's sleepers to-night - and read 1' ebb zest, That wM lengthen the dais 'tl 1 they get at tba res', And learn tbe whole st'-rv and feel Ibttnseives b est. RFNi.MJtEB THE LEI) ian 111 vl'e I lid UK J TO-DAY? ? Or ralier tbls morn, ere the (? era' * esri? gray, (Whi e (Ireams in yrur brains very like were at play). Is tbe cue iliat ccntains these risn ibtngs so away To aewsiLea or newsboy,, (but tl ur cents ti pay) a lid s I, s it O r K secure while secut? it ynu may. For they' 1 go like hot cakes it's novate to delay ! Buy your LKliUhtt- then read at your eisore all lay. K IND BEAEEB, TO KftOff WHAT (LKiHiNWB THIS aid Ccti'ers U jour weal, through the newspaper page, Go bsck to the rats wben tbe seer and 'beesge Kept lean lug sml sn- wletlge, !t?e ? ears, in a cage; ire tintbmbnrs's types threw the mocks in a rage; Be thlrs y for reading with naught to a vintage But mumb tie oi friars?and gold. I'l engage Would be worthlessc mpared tooue LKi.OtcB'3fair page. IUCK WITH TIIE LEDGER'S Bill 1.1TTLB TO DO; J Oooa mansgemen . merit and nrlnulp.ea trus Tbess were Uie touchstones wh'ih rlonner wall knew, And sti'l knows bow to b end in pro -ordous a-i due; Aid travely he's nail ed and won bis wav hrough. Till tbe i.EiKrhR'c a mint bn'h to blm and to ou, (Oo> d reade-s) and still it's as fresb as 'twe.'e new like the wine that was better the o cer It grew. E VERY WEEK BOHRTllIKU Bi:H IN TBE LEDOEB you'll tind; A llt'le, st least, ti snlt everv ore's mlm't Tbe'ast being bet er sr.d rest ot iu- kind I And *Unrucs (l ie reeds, must be stupid or bUnd (I r not to be p eased very strtx gl? incline'') If he cai not some ureau f/om toe l.KDuKK'o web wind JRcuid bouquets of mem'ry wor b hna'di' g, to hind - Bouquets from IbeLHOOER'agoms gathered aad twined D OINO WELL IN THE PaST, IN THK FU1UBK STILL more Ronnoj'll do for the LEDORB- he's projects in Btore, Too rlcb and loo manv in name trera si o'er; New rovels .new stories n o lite that can bote) Steady writers of talent at d genius a "core; He's bound to siuprise you as never before. Till the newsman more vrc come is hat ed at each door, And the Ledger Is read the two bemiaoheres o'er. GIVE PRAI8B TO THK LkDGKR, THEN; PRAIFE, TOO tie will Gt' r orner to mske It m*ra popular still; od siirmoi Be> crque-ed 'ho tln'd and surmounted Ihe hlU, And has courage, and cash, and the latent n ltd Hit ce umns with aught ihe b?st oens can dt ttil. Fioin (be F>ui t?iL ol prose and pure song's gushing rill, Down to incidents dai y r f good or of I11, - ~ S*c O" ' ? Maltirg wtcklv (whai's ss'c of tbe play) " a strong bill." Bveby man, woman, child, will yet olamob tine Tbe LFPGKB. that's snicy aa fear'ess and free: Ai d iesdy each Sa'urdnv uiomlng 'iwtll ua. And hundreds of thousands will read and agree ? V hoi's suggested itself u> v u and t-i ids - That tbe pa m, aad the wreath fr m the gre^nland tree Ti- tbe Lf.DGhlt and Bcnror heong I hu sav we," Cry tbe legions who read (hem by land and oy sea. i J^KMEMBKB, THE LEDGER THIS MORNING TO This Saturday mrrn- 'tis the richest one yet I ( All sparkling with treasures of wisdom and wit. And romUbtrg tie ia?tc ot each reader to hit; 0 the I.Kl'GEA's the paper, there's ? o'hlng like It Tochtse g'noms and shadows, if any should till I f?'er'he iKhrf drifts braio or give ennui a flu NBW8PAPBB9, Ac. Anew f abb ion, and a good one.?it has be corre ft common preotce among deft' Yorkers, who wish to uuke their friends at ft distance ft n ce present, to subscribe for bod send them the e K* YORK LKOGaK lor ft sew. this Is e habit ?h'ch cannot become too general. What more aporo priftte ard ever welcome gift than a jcar's suoscription to nn h a paper! unless tt be a t? o y ears'one! ? no as the reciptest every week hangs with delight over the Ledder'a elegant risjtce, what grateful emotion* will arts* toward 'he giver! Vvha'gentleman would rot ihlnk it a bargain for two rtjUart to t>e thus remembered and blessed littv two times a year by some fairy being whose image is daguerreotype*! upon hie memory. _ , wow la s good time to make such prearnts, as the Ledger Is just eiraraenclrg a revv and interesting storr, by Sylvan in Cobb. Jr. entitled ' The Gun.maker of Moscow " Fanny Kern's 'Peeps from l uder a l'araeo)," are sitae worth a ?Year's subscription. The j.edger Is four ce.l# a copy, or $2 a ytar. GOOD EGO.? TBt: REST rsnifATTI'.E OF THE DAT, THAT PRdClOOB Ba3Y, In this week's YOUh U AMERICA. Besides a thousand good tilings on a thousand subjects. Only bji certs a number or 92 60 per year. Young America is an independent Illustrated and satirical paper, devoted to no parly or clique. Kor sale bv all ne?s agents, and by T. W. BTRONG, 88 Nasiau street, N. Y. "M BANK LBBLIK'S r ILLUSTRATED newspaper. No 10, Issued this morning, contains the following splendid engravings:? I.aCSKIT OF THE CNITPI) STATES MAIL BTEAM3BIP Adriatic. Of <he Collins Line. The Adriatic?Bow yiew. > icaifigua troops landing at Virgin Bay. en roots for Costa Rica. Kvamtrtng a squad of men atV'rgln Bay, about to depart lor t? e scene of war. 1 be row dome ol the Capitol at Wsthlngton, In course of ereclon. ? 1 be o'd dome of the Capitol at Washington. View of the Trsnsit Company br Buildings at Punto Arenas, sel/.ed bv General Walker. Deroent rom the i lors. alter Rubens, repreaented by Kel ler's troupe at the Broad ?aj lheatre. N. Y. Mr.nt Blanc?Hot end recks of die "Grand Mulcts." '? ?? Crossing the Glacier ot liostons. " " The Saddle Rook. " " Night encamp man t on the enow. Cradle presett ed by the oily of Pari* to the Ensperor of 1'iance. 1 he Upaa tree. hdtiorial portrait*?Ko. 3, Colonel C G. Greene, of the Boa tun Post Railroad depot, Washington City, D. C. Chess, by an experienced editor, and all the news of the Fries, Ten Cents, or 92 per vol. 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The Executes chamber la be.legeo by those interested a f uclng liva the (iOTwnor a proclamation fur u extra atbsl. c, and bl h ngh he remains apmrently firm in hU deter mil at inn sot to call the Legislator# together, the genual in pctslou 1a that he wi 1overruled. Thorlow Weed haa leu ike city for New York and Washington, bat it ie believed that he <3?aire* an extra session, ia erd*r to aecaie tie passage of an aot consolidating the Budscn Bivsr and Central retire era The Or verncr seems, on the suifsoe, to be firm in We resolve aot to call an extra we baton. It whl be retaain bered that numerous Important billa failed to bo rnach-d, ;t waa evident before the session e obed that this wo alt be the ceae, aod a number ot members personal y app'iel to the Governor to oall an extra soeiion. He wae efre'd to do so, for fear the session ought iaat all Hummer, ? ? the constitution given hi in no power to adjourn sue houses. The effect of a long ?x ra session in the present financial condition of the State w.uld be raiuoaa to Governor Ctark'e political proepeetaia toe rural distric ?, where he m-y yet have a few friende. For this reason h? < seined to call the ? rectal aese'oo requested, wi? some taenty five members joined together in a written agreement to nae their utmost endeavors to bring the n [irrial session to a oioe# in twenty days. This waa shown to the Governor by Mr. Glover, one of the mem bers of the Assembly from the olty of New Yora. It waa ?Imply intended a> a guarantee ot the good faith of the members, and to bs seen by G . vernor Clark alone. Mr. Glover Uf. the doc iment wi h the Governor, wno said he was too busy to read it at the time, and then by a sort of cOitp d'etat put-libhed it with his answer, relu*ing to eail the extra aesBlon, in the Eivnisfl Joumttl. [Since published in the Herald ] Tne publication of this docu ment, whioh was of a private naiure, has made quite a nioe litte lot of ihunder fcr the Governor in the rural districts, and he apparently adh.res to his deter mination, but is ready to turn whichever way it may be ntceanary. It is believed by the quid nuncs here that the Governor will wait a little, untu hie previous scion, in refusing to csJl the extra session, has become thoroughly familiar to 1 all the people of the S ate. Of c arse, the Governor wi J get a great deal of praise, at first, for his tron firmness. But still they ?ay there will be an exta session. Seve ral billa of interest to the people in all sections of the State have been overslaughed. Tne recent decision of the Court of Appeals having knocrecl the Prohibitory law on the head, trade in rum iv perfectly free, the old exefoe and license laws having b-ea repealed when the new law was enacted. A n*w temperanoe law la among tie thirgs that *he Aswinbly did not reach, and thera will be a strong outside pressure from the frleada of prohibition all over the State for an extra session to push this bill through. Several bills ot interes. to the people in the oeniral and western parts<of the Bate a <s lost, and there is a strong lobby from the city of New York trying to ruth the Po iee bill. There is an im mense amount of other bills?tear a thouppnd?a.1 ( t which interest somebody or other, and we shall soon find all tbe nigger worshipping papeni in the State insistirg upon an extra session. Then, it ia said, tne iron firm ness of the executive will give way beforo the desire ot tbe people, and we shall have another session. The last was devoted chiefly to passing the Albany Bridge bill? tbe next will be for a kindred scheme, the on no ligation of the railroads before mentioned. There is really not the slightest necessity for an extra session. The Governor appears to have entirely lor gotten politics in railrt ad speculations. Indeed, Mr I pham's bill, abolishing the office cf Canal Super in en con's, which was the leadiog political measure of the session, and was calculated to entirely destroy the power of the Know Nothing administration, was sacrifioed te the Albany bridge. It Is now ascertained as a "fixed tact" that Mr. l'rescott, K. N., who took the manage ment of ihe Budge bill in the Assembly, did not movs la the matter until Upham'a hill bad been put into his pott session, with tbe understanding that it was to remain safely in his pocket dur'ng tne remainder ot the soiaion. \ It is supposed that Mr. Upham assented to this bargain. How the nigger worshippers will relish this sacrifice ot a gieat political measure, calculated to overthrow the Kno w Nolhirg party, to tbe personal sehemee ol their leaders, remains to be seen. Farly in the eevsicn a resolution was adopts! by the AsECmb'y calling upon Dr. Thompson, Bcaltn Oflicer, to report the amount ot his lees and the number of vepsels coming under hi* supervison. The report waa sent in after considerab o delay, and would, in the ordinary course of business, have been printed, placed on the files of members, and called up at some time for consideration. But weeks passed, and the document did not make lis appearance in print. Towards the cIces of the session Mr. William .1. Shea, of KichmonI, set on f^ot an inquiry as to the fate of the report, and after much trouble luccceded in tracing it to the posses, sion of the Committee on Commerce, or rathsr of the chairman of ihnt committee, Mr. Wakomau, algger wor shipper, In whose pocket the document remains. The unuEual coarse taken in regard to the report appears to evince aa anxiety to suppress its publication and to pre vent action being taken on It in the House. We are a great set of fellows up here, and not having done harm enocgh In one hundred days, we are to be called toge ther again, when we may sit till doomsday, if we like. Onr Albany Cot rriponiltncf, Alhavt, April 10, 1866. 77c A^nnA Adjournment of the Legislature?Will the Pub lic interest grtalhj Suffer ?A'o Prospect of an Ktt.ra Ses sion, tfc., if :. Intelligence ban been communicated vith the epeei of lightning that the New York l egislature adjourned ab ruptly at ten o'clock on Wedneecay night. The people wonder at the eauae, and the partisan pies* coast rue it to their own he?t advantage. Politicians, oflioeho'der* and lobby dictators each have their own reason, but the true cause* are these, and we are In daty bound to expose them, in order that the people?the great ontnlde (>*> pie?may be somewhat enlightened as to the mode and manner in wbloh legislative business 1* controlled at tbe capital of the State. In the first place, there never has been such a formida ble lobby, Huch reckless and unprincipled men, such battering ram* against the vault* of the tceaeury, such a host of organized operator*, and organized host, as have been dally pressing upon the Legislator* elnoe the very first day ot the seesion. And in the aeernd place, there never ws* a legislature so p .nally divided, a* partisans, whine members so cheaply yielded to the pressure of a viUanou* lobby. There is an organized set of brokers who have followed no other bnsl nee* ror years than standing between honest claimants nud tbe legislators. They know every petitioner. Al mat'ers of this character they scent out, demand a Cor tala per centagw, and In case of rofusal, openly threaten to defiat the petitioner. To such an extent had this pre etle* run thwt the member* of the Legislature found tbe business se Mecked np, even two weeks previous to the day of adjournment, that a general impression pre vailed among them that much on: mHbsd business mas' be left or the session extended. Tim olalm bills dragged heavily In both houses in coaseqoeuce of the determiner resistance of a few able leaders. The lobby, tlndlog ft seesion drawing to a eloee, with nhte-tentloof their claim bin* undecided, suggested the bold stroke of Inducing both htuee* to keep back severs Important pnbiic measure*. Among them were tbe bills* reorganizing the Senate and Judicial districts, the bill appoitlouicg mem ber* of the Legislature?Imperative measures under the constitution?'-he a: propnatlon bills for the support of government and t.ifl supply bill, making provision for various items incidental to the session- These Indispen sab'e bills were pu'-pa"-?,7 kept bark. On Wednesday iDornttg some tulrty mei Van of the House, Instigated ty lobby in tin*nee, addre*-?d a ret* to Governor (1 uk pledging tb>m. i lve* ihnl'f ho wuld call n S|iecial ses sion they would ar Journ a' tbe end of fltteen or t ronty oays. lib tivoehency thought the c ms'lc-iti m had allotted plenr or rnt to trsnsac* a 1 bgLima o basins**

and if ifcej had zegeeted to perform their daty the respcnsibi.ity wou.d t?st npon them, and not upon him. At this teply, the lobey became incensed, as was ally dcmiB'traird. Tbe Senate cetdred tv cootieue tho ses ?ton another day. halt day, nix nostra, but the House per empotliy rehuea. Nearly the enlre setaion of Wedn* ? day was wasted in an effort to ex*i-d the session. In atead ot than wrangling, the four or Are public Mils might hare bear paa-ed if turbulent members or the Hoots had refrained from pronnoing the exeiteme-it which oeeurted, and continued lib the moment of ad j ui lament. Thus the 1 bby. in iaterrupUsg the legiti mate boa in saa of both house*, procured the tumultuous adjournment of the legislature. sacrificing not only tbelr own Interests ent those of the tftate. Now, what U to be cote? A preaaute is being made up< n the Gi yen or to call a special Mission. Bu' hi coiiticnea to re'use. adhering to the aland taken yester day. It may be tbat be in 1 yet yield, and surrender to ' be lobby. Should no >pecial reaaiun beotvaarl, what sill be the sue of thiog*? year expires on the :-0th day ot Septcmhrr. 0p to that pe-iod, proylsiou ??n made la the Appropriation bib ol' last year for the uavment of all ? be ordinary expenses ot government. The talaris* a e paid quart* riy, and the next pay me at. 'iceiif. re, win he due < d the Is . of January. Tie next l*g'flature then astetnb es, ani can make Immediate provision; ao that here is no areoiitto neruMiity for <tu extra nefsimi on tbat accoun . The failure to contribute laige ibi tints tn certain favorite institutions may be the mean* of ibCurir g them to help themselves, instead o' relyirg altogether upon the Mate, loan there ts the Mippiy bill, aa It is termed, This provides for the pay. mint ot temporaly employes of the government fas ion.ptroller enn eco p>oo?b'y will. take the resoonslbt ?ty ?. I psyinv all Irdispeosab e and nscessary dsmaids, Toe peep * wi I j tBti y, and the next I.-gida'.u e will <tou dim. such generous uinduil. tip uo ex.ra mbsIou t needed tor this purp ee. But the laiiuie to reorganise the Senate a is ricta is the 0'i st serious feature In the adj u.unt.t, Ihecins'itu tiendemcrds the', ibefi etl.i-gtaUturesuccM-diirg a Sta e euumeiat'on of iniabilanlB nuail re arrauge those do tiro's. lheee are th- weids relating to Srtate die nicts:?" The said districts shall be so altered by th* Lrg rU ure, at 'he lire* hessb n after tbe return or every ?-Lbmera inn, that >a h Senate district ahsil cpo ain te nearly as may be an equal cumber of iohsbi'antr," Ata., A . h< w, I. is p sin to see, that if the present i. -girla 'ure fail to reorganise the Senate districts, nu other legislature ha* the power to do it unii) afier na-i'hur enumeration takes p aee. ten years hence. The ourstllu ti c of 1646 oria. ind tbediMriots as th-y nor stand. A very uitterlai ohsnge has taken place on tbe score of pi pnlatioii in revt-iai of them since that period. Shall 'bo dlsparl y continue en for en years longer'! Will the Governor be jns-ified in eating a special seari <o on toat account? His alvisum mut>. con or in relaii >u to Ik One thing is morally certain, and tbat is. should a sob sloti be raller, there is no tnlling whim U vr>nld termi nate. Tbe character cf a msj.mty of the Hnuieisno ssrrsnty that ec nnirty ot line or expense w ;uld control its sc'ion. Ttete area few men wuo are au honor t> the station ol menmer*, but ilvelr nam vers arc too iusUntfi ront to withs'ant 'he recltle-sness ot the majori y. f -s c nduct of th's majnriiy oaring the session Cemonst.raUs the fact that they ate unfit for wise, honest and impar tial legislation. scarcely a srsrion passed out suae on* - r other was Hurried withintoxica'.ion. Within a stone's ?hrow, a genteel rum hole Is es ablUhed tor 'he ?' nventence of the drinking members. During the iste val between the sessions, this dram rho> was the scare of many bru al fights, not only est ween outsiders, but members tkeuisel?us. lhsir ?tcs have been blacseoed, their clothes t irn, their countenances so disfigured tbat sham* p.-ereutsd their attendance in the House for several cays. ri > fre quently inebriated and riotous did they become near the di ss of the sen iun, that the aid ot the ponce became necessary to preserv e the pea je. Aid -he day previous to the a> jouinmeut, one of the members was ar.ested open a charge of swearing in a vote at one or th? elec tion joils, when his residence watt a hundred and fifty mile* awav. Nut only eld fighting scenes occur outside, but tbe chamber of tbe Assembly was also di?gr *red with the same cotduc . Are such men fit, and proper for honest, pure and impartial legislation? Are tuey quali fied to protect and preserve tbe public treasury from tbe spoiler*:- Or, are tbey not rather tae identical men wuo n ay be easily purchaser by toe lobby to psss any bill to invade the treasury? Rattier t ian recall them, better trust to the peop'e to elect better men next Novsrooer. Governor Clark will not be easily persuaded to bring them back to the capitol. * Adjournment or the flew York hrgliilnturr, [From thu Aloaay Journal, Aorlt 10 ] The State Legislature adjourned at 10 o'clock last evening, pursuant to a concurrent resolution adopted four weeks since, leaving nearly all the public bu*inee<, much general legislation, and most of the n?if-matur 4 lo cal btii*. at nnfln sned business, fie Canal Appropriation bills are the only measures of a pubuc nature pa*eea into laws. The Supply mil did not reach itii toird reading in 'be House. The Appropriation O'U, haying been amend ed in the Senate, was laid on the 'able in 'he Assembly, where the Apportionment bill, paused by the Senate, also lie. Scarcely more tran two Hundred laws were emitted, l ast year's statute book contains over five hundred en actments. In no former year in our history has tbe Legislature felled to discharge its mote important functions. Hi.h etto the pu vile ousiLess has been either well or 11 done, ibe Mate government baa, for the first time, come to a stard etilJ. The responsibility for this condit'on cf things rests with and up n ihe House ei A *stmr>ly, the Senate nsvlng, - urltg the Whole sen ion, kept its calendar, whether the bnris*M origtna'.ad there cr in the Amtmbly, clear. Tbe House was unlortunavely cuustitnted. With three political parties nearly equal in strength, three wceaa were ocrup eo in its orgsti'ra ion. Aootner w*ek was ??at by a recent. AU this tssoe, however, would have been made up if tte cause wlikh delayed the organization had not delayed at d embana*s?d business. Ti e House did not luik ability or indua'ry; but it never got into working orrer. The Siioaker, with a cou-tesy almost without precedent, gave a nivjotity of the (' imml ,iee of Ways ana Meats to the Know No hing aiministra Ion. There was ce dispo sition to embarrass that administration; ana yet its mea sures are overboard. For the last three weeks an impression prevailed tbat an extra session was nnavoideble; and though the Go vernor frankly and courteously avowed his purp tee not, unlesa an inperative neccsFily should exist, to cell one, members ec ed upon their impressions to the end. That tnc finds us In almost a n*vo utionary ata'e. I'rlor ap propiiatious, It is true, carry on the" government until the first of ijcti ber, after whith dty wo stop payment and run alocg till January on credit. The true, practical explanation of all this evil is found in the face that no body was te-iponeible for the action of thoAsstmby. If tne republican or democratic parties had been in a majority, the House, like the a!*euate, w< nlu rave fini-hea its buniness. We ate grm ifl-d to asy. what all have aeen, that the republican mtniters of both h'ui-es have actrd with a ju.t and enligbterea sense ot their respoceibllitie*, and wnh a proper regard for ths iutsrests of th* Sta r and the welfare cf it* citizens. If toe legislature ha* failed to do its dutv. the fault is not wi>h the Executive De partment, the Senate, or the republican members of tne A'-embly. The two honres adjourned without the usual interchange or meisBgse between tbe Executive and themselves; nor was tb? uiual' commi'tes to examice the treasury, bdhx department:, Ac , aopoin-ed by tie Assembly. Ot the bil s tbat have become laws the only ones of very great importance that now occur to us aro the two Csn'&J Appropriation bills, two bit s tmeudibg the sta tutes relating to public lustructi: n and tbe support ot echoole. the Albany Hit 'ge bUI, and the New Vork City lax bill. Doubtless many othe- bills of considerable im portance have become laws, but it is still true that most of thinr are h eal and u* important enactments Of ihe Important otlls tbat hive failed to pats we may nctice tbe following;?Toe Gsreral Appropriation bill; the Supply bill; the Amembly Apportionment, Senate Fistricc, and Judluial Dis riet bill*; the Canal Superin tendent till; the femperancn and fiseuse bills; the Sta'e l.unatlo Asylum bid; the Stock bridge Indian bill; the Charles Watson Cont' act bill (for SiDg Sing convict la ror); thslUilroad Commissioner Repeal bill; the New York City Charter and Police bills: the Registry bill; the State Arsenal bill; the New York Park bill, and City Hail bill; the Sohnyier CYntty bill?and Kent county, and all other new ccunty projects. Tbese are but park Matty, doubtless, of the first importance, hare escaped lur memory at this moment. It is enough to say, ihat of over eleven hundred bills only about two hundred have become laws. The work of this legislature pecu liar to the year following the State census, has none of it been dene, and the State remains nnuistrtcted, both as to the Senate and Assembly. [From the Albany Argus, April 11.] I The adjournment? f the" Leglala.nre Wednesday night I wee a mne, Both houfes had, an me ('aya pmioua, ' egretd to adjourn at 10 P. M. Ah the preiwuro of ouat- 1 neaa teemed to re<|uire it, the Senate proponed to prolong the i-eaeion till Friday?f> r twcniy-four hour*? even for nt houiH. The House not only refused, hut consumed the tine by waeteful debate on the subject. the Appro priation bill paealng ttto the haids ol the Assembly, they reftiHed to rednqnteh it, though the Senate a-kei* lor it, fcr the purpcne, it i? raid, of receding from their airenrmente. In lhet ?v?nt, the bill would hate f me to the Governor, end become a lew. But the Home war determined to defeat the bill ana to force the necesni.y for an extra ee-slon. The Supply hill altered the name fa'e. Among the Other bil.n loat were the Assembly Appcrtfcn mtnt, Senate Iliatrlet, and Judicial Dletrict nllin, the Canal Superintenoent bill, the femperance ?r.d Licence bill*, the State Lunatic Axyiuu bill, the 8tockbridge Indian bill, the Churl"* Watson Contract bill ftor Sing Sing con riot labor;) the Raiir.Md CommtMioner repeal bill; t're New York Cl'.y Charier and Police billn; the State Arsenal bill; the New V,rk Park bfll, and City Hall bill; the Behnylar eoui ty hill, aid K?nt county, and all other new county pr jeet-. The Broadway bill was killed before the close of the ses sion a* were some other project*; though the-e will un douh'edly be revived if there ia an extra seat ion; and H wan the hope of thin ?rent that animated allt.nosetn ten atad In de'eated achemea, to bring about the crisis and ita anpnoned necessity. In the 8e.j (to, when the hour arrived for adjournment, Mr. Barr waa (peaking In behalf of hla olaim to a eeut Ilia eloquence waa cut olf midway by the advent of the hour. So that plot haa failed. There were e.-mo 000 Mile on the calendar of th* As sembly, of which -100 had parsed to their third rending. Tee people have eacaped with only 800. They are fortu nate Ir ihi*. The failure of the appropriation Mlli will afloat only CeflaKui year beginning rietober 1, lSMt, until which tunc prr.vialon la made by the law of last year. From that date until the Istgialature take* further action, the Sta'e atope payment. Th" Coventor eaa refuaed to call an extra aeaaion, and will probably adhere to hi* d?t?rmmati n. He hu mad > a pwill'iral point of It, and will probOWy not be ci? peaed to relinquish the a vantage. Tt.e State edit.,.ra will d? nbtle** be e harraaeed in th* c bduotof tbe government, fcythd refusal of the rapra TVS*?.!!?:'*? to* " Bit the tout u nut wuh their opponents. The Senate exceeded it# fw.u to pMJ teem necessary law*; and ia ^ " U i, ^ Spo*3tef- bJ f ?nprecedenUd etretch ot coartecy, had given thsm the Committee of Ways sal *b'- j ? main qufcetionj of government were in their own bonr*. Who to rf sponsible for the untimely end of the J-erisla no co not know that any one need excuse him w-lf from compltct'v in "its taklrg off ? bat we suppose it mmj be ascribed ton chance-medley. Members ot nil pnrtiee were basy with it, in ute lust hours, with evident!* fa el intent. ' It baa leiim'nated. and we corg rata'ate the people on it* end. It wns ax. iU cocstlttued and irresponsible Body, or wnoee action it wee impossible to predict anything wi-hany certainty, subjecttocmoina ions and intrigues, Sr8Yr.ryu lc atl',D' fen'1 Bb<>wug vacillation of purpooe of wbioh 'here ere few parallels. . Ll,7" Pe5h*P" ?oo*a?ary th?t the people should see txbibi'ea lb a* pub.loly, the weakness and foil* of the po itlin! reit ex that now fluid between them end the eomalhtietlon of Ftetv, bsf. re restori-g tte democratic ? t .0. it i# that thia f-ennion 1h the prelude to ft long reign oi democ acy in the cjunclls of New Vork. The Emperor of the fcrcm ti tn Nevr York. Nkw Youa, April 4, 1866. TO THE KPITORh OF THK NATIONAL INTXLLIUKNCKK. <? ".-Ttrmra?My attention has be?D celled to en article iu jour journal of the 28 h ult, in which my name is in trw uo'o in oonneeth n with tae eojoum, in this city, in 18J7, of the pioMnii Emperor ot the Fren-ih, and state n en\< erd optniens of mine in regard to the character he t warned t ere pUs?d inantsgoL&w to a prevaihag Im predion on the subject. The publicity bus gmnto me ess ceftndi-r oi the repuU.ion o' tbis gentleman at that l<eiiod iiiuht be my apology fbr thin cmmauicftoion, ftad for be rsqu*tt thet. in j as"ice to the persenage most crnc-rceC, the National tnlellig-near may bsc >me the cheinel oi e brief rebeanei oi the opportunities I had ol direct knowledge in the case, and of tne belief, baaed upon them, which I entertain. Ia uis Napoleon, alter heiitg been a prisoner oVsta'n 'or s"ne months on board a French war, was set atlibei-.y a our i-lio-fs at Nctfoia, in the eeiiv epilog of * L, ?"h0"11* immediately to New York, as Ute point at which be couki be put mm t speedily in communication Hitu iiia friend* in ?uiO|i<t. Ei?U6r on i,h6 day or the day but i ue e' er bis eirivei 1 wa-i led to ceil up.n hin, not as 'be bearer r.f an illustrious name or the Inheritor of ax. imperial title, but as a st anger and an exile wi'.hout a personal friend in the c untry or a letter of intro nuc'ion. I was the mo/e readily induoed to this from irprt sentatli'Di made to me by a near relative, in whose emily he lad already paessd an evening, of theoeep in tciesthts appersncs and ?h le manner had excited in 'bo e who then met him. Tbe eaU was recinrocsted with a P'otnptuem ana oorclalily 1 had not anticipated, anil tn a w?ry btitf peri id led to an intercourse wt.ieli was a.moet oaily tor Home two months, an 1 which endodonlv when we pared from each other off Sandy Hvok, ou beard the packet whioh reiurned him to Europe. Tie n?Boci?t;on w*a not thai of hours only, but of days and on one ooce. ion at ietst or days in succession, and ?ae <h?'scU'T'zed by a freedom of conversation on a greet variety ot topics that could scaice tall, under th* ingeruousLcse and iienxneea of hie manner, to put me in ptssesHUn oi his views, pruciplM, and fee logs upon moat pi inte th*t give insight to chanc er. I never nesrd a sert ment from bin and never wi'ueesed a losing that could de ractfrcin his henor and purity as a man ir hu dignity as a prince; ou the contrary I often had occa sion to adrrfre the lofty though n and exalted conceptions wliua ?witd mcut to occupy bis miuu. bis favon e topics, wntu we were alone, were his un cle, the Emperor, lis mother, a- d others of his iinnedi ale family in wh<"m be had been deeply interested- his own relations to I rmnoe by birth and imperial registry ? I the inonsements which led to the a'tsmpUd revoiuion I at Mresbtrgto the cases of its taiiure, and his chief sup- I nori under the mcrtiffcaiion oi the retiu t?; The will <jf God," to nee his own words, "torongh a direct inte'poal ?lcn of his fix vir.ence: tbe tfmo bad not yet come." He eeomrd ever to fee :hnt his personal destiny was lndirsolunly hnted wl'.h Franco; or, as bis mat tier Hortenac. txprctsed it iu her will, "to kcow bis pieitioeanl tne entLm-iasm wita which at times ne gnve ntie-SDce to tin arplra-ions fir tbe prosperity the happiness, ard the hmor of his c f.intry and to tne high pui poses wt ieh lie designed to accomplish for her as a i uier, amounted, in words, voice aud manner, to positive eloqutnee. Had I taken notes of tume of these conversa tions 'hey would be considered now when his visi ius ot po?er sr.d earthly glory aeieatized, scaroeiy iess epi granmatlc ard etcvated In thought, or, as related to nim aeif, lias pripbetie. thai many which havo been record, d tri m the hps of the txils o' St. Betena. Ue was winning in the iovariableoea- of his amitbi ity, uf et> play tul in spirite and manner, and warm in his af 'ectir.ns. Be was a most foundiy Kt'a-hed son, and seem ed to iro be his mo'ber. When speaking of her thr m ti nations of hie voice and his whole manner weie oftenas get tie and feminine as tho?e cf a woman. It had oeen J to purpose to spend a year in making the tour of the i to red htatee, that he mtgnt have a bet er knowle'ge of our lmtitntious, and observe tor hltrse'f the pra"ui?l ? or king j ot our poUtical eystem. With this expeoiauon he erne ulted n_e and ctbeis as to the arrangement ot tn* route of travel, so ss to visit the different esc ions of th ? Li ;on at the meat desirable sesetoe. But hi- plans wire lucdenly charged by in'elligence of the serious illness of Quiei.HoHw.te rr, as then slyleJ, the Duchess uf St. leu, at ber castle in Switzerland. 1 was dining with hiui tLe day the letter conveying tbis iufirmation was re ceived. Reoognixuig the wilting ou the tnTplope, ao it. ws* hsnc eu to him at table, ts has.iiy broke tne seal i sr.t baa sca-oe glanced over half a pipe before he ex c-eimeo, "My mother is ill; 1 must see her. Instead of a tour of tbe States, I bhaU take the ntx' packet'or Krg'aiio. I will apply tor pasep irts for ibe coutinent at e-erj evnbsnsy in I/walon, and. if unsuccessful win make toy way to bar witbout them." l'kis he did. and reached AifDHiter-/ in lime to corsoie by his pre-enoe tbe dying h u.s ot the ex Queen, and to receive in his besom her last sigh. Af ?r buch opportunlQee of knowing niuih of the mind xnd huart and geieial character of Lonig Napoleon, it ! was wltb gieat anrprtoe that I for the iirst tins resd, ia a t istant part of the world when be hod Become aa En 1 peior. tepie sen tat ions in the public j mrnais ot his life in 4 New Y'oik, (and in New Orietns, too, thiogh Be was never ibeie,) whieh would indues a oedef toat he hao 1 teen whin here II t e hotter than a vagabond?low in bis saw catii t-s, internpera e in hh indu gences, and Ql sl- ' patid in his habits, in oo heating am drintiig he was, i so tar oa I observed, aes'emions raihor thou sell' ludul gt nt. I repeatidlr break'asteo, dined and supped tn nia ci.mpiny , aid ntver knew bim to partake ot anHBing sirr ngrr in dilok than the iigbt wlnea of France and Ger maiy.acd cl theee in great modvxat.iua. i hare oe-n with b m early and late nnscpeetediy as well as by ap pointment, and never saw r?a? .n tor the slightest suspi cicn ifaiy iingu arity in bis habits I. has been said, notwi'hstaocinv. that his cbaraater was io notorious that bs was not received iu societv and nsde no respectable tici|uainianoes. Ifdu'tng his'bnet Btav in the city, at a period of the year when general en- | tertainmeatg are not urnal, he was not met ia tie se f c> nstitu'eu beau mtmde o' the met-opulie,it was from ht. ' two chcise. Wi hin tre wtx k tf his arrival cardi and U vltatirns were left for bim at hi? hotel. As a reason i tor tUciining to accept the last he told me he had no [ winh to appear In what is ca'led wo e y, but ad led;? There are. however, Individuals resit ent tn Few York whose nci|iiatnuiiec I mould Le hspoy U> make Mr Washington ii vitg is ote- 1 have read bis wnrk?, and admire htm ooih at s writer and a mar, srd wou d take great measitre in meellrg hm Cbscee-lpr Kern Is another I have s.adien his ? on met lanes .kink high y j'lbe.n aud regard bim ax the iirst ol your .ituh'^t. 1 wou a be happy to know ham personally. He rid make the ocnuaintance ef both Mr. Irving and ?he Oisnee'lor, and erj >yed the hospiulity of the one at cutinys de aud of tbe i tuer at his rem cnc'e in town. Hs raw eome of the best Frercu society ? f t-,e citr, aud, larriUar with the hlnorii ol New York, availed him. elf of the prr ffercd cmlit es of soch famines as the Hamilton'., tho C/lnt-.ns, the l.ivirgrtoas. and others of like posiiirn. It is not true, tbereiore that he was not reeefvK' in society axil had no acquaintsures of respecfa hi.l'v 11- virlttHi In some of our Iirst families in social pnritior., ur,d was entertained by some cf our most Uls litgiiistrd citir-ns. It ia said U at he was without means, ar.d lived on loans whioh he never repeid. This is sinply absurd. I r.m uncertbe impression taat nis prlva e loriunewas tten unitnpstreii, and bejoud th* reach of the Frenca goverrment. bnt, if this wets not the ca-e, his ni .titer's wealth was ample, and his droits upon her for eny amount woald have been promptly honored I doubt not .bat lundfl weie waltu g nia arrival, or, if not, were revdi'j at his o mo.anl. Ix>nf.s Napoleon rrsy bars had some associations ia New York ? f which 1 was ignorant; and he, like IHckens and othtr AisUpguiiiheil loreigneis m y have carried his 1'bservai.ioti.s unaer the protec.ion of tbe polios, to reeres in which I would not hav* accompanied nirt.' If be did 1 never beard of if, and have n w i o reason to tui poe sueh was the fact. Bat tuat he was an haoitui-. as has been publicly isjiorted, of drinking sal one aud oyster cellars, gambling houses, and places of worse re pu e, I ao not oeuove. I can reoall to tuy rnoollectinn no young t in of tlie world wh m 1 have ever met. who, in teemed an bvhituol elevation of inind and an ia'va riahie ? gni y of bearing, would have been lew at home then he in such association*. Tlitre was, however, ut Now York, at tie same lime ar.d for about the same period, a l'rince Bonaparte who was. I bave reason to tbink, of a very clflereot character. His an'ece. erts in Kmope had not been favorable, and hi* imputation here was not good. H?, too, was in exi* but net for a po iticftl offenoo. He nutv q ?t uatc* bNo teceivid in sucie y atd may have hau iow associations I me*, bim, but, frctn this impression, formed no scquaint suc- with bim. For the some reaer.n 'he in ereotirse be 'wier bim avd hie cousin was infreqwnt' and formal Ail ibst bos he>n said and pnbllshe I of the one may t>e tree . f be oi her ; ?nd in -he search for remlniauencea of the 'Ojunrn tn New York of I.ou's Napoleon, on htg e'evatioo t' a throre fiiteen years af.erwans, it is not dlfheuit to belirw that ibose ignorant of the presence here at ths si mi tit ,e of two persots of the name name and asm# ittJcrrsj lave con outced tee seta and jhsrader of the '?n# wOh tre other. Tnie, I donbt not, is ute fact, anl ?bst. however general aid tlrmly esrebihhed the impres sion ii' the ctutra<y may be, the rsfroneh of adivrepat fcb'e ii e hern does ?o' justly attach twelf to hint, who is row C' nlossedly the most able, the most furtucate, and the nu st rttiJiwknb!e eoveieign in i:nn>|ie. C. 4. BTEfAHT, D. 8. Navy. Hcvo m ^riTK of a KkFRiBTt ?We nee in the raters an see an. of to- exreu tun uf the convict, By t -e Fho'iff of Frank in roimiy. in tit's -U s, af*?r th* rec*fyt b- 1 in of a re -pile ftow? I) >v Wtns'oo He Is said i* bus i roco-in-eJ the doeament a forgwry. If the order < f Ue Governor woe forital, the ha.gtag was utasder, " ? wsi not, the bhet iff to not cmfonslcie.?Montgmera, 4:+,wi. MUHICIPAL AFFAIBB. BOARD OP ALDERMEN. The Preeideat m the chair. 7b* Board bold the Ittrl Meeting of the %ri) session last A communication wum received from the Commiseloaar of Repairs and Supplies, request!! g that the |*TW??t < the Bowery end Chatham etreet tie attended to. I< teired to the Committee on Street*. vouitVMCATivX mm tu* mayor RMivwn.Mi Ttut mmwu or 1 HE lloARB OY M I'KKVlMiKe. _ _ Mai?.u'h orriUR. Maw York, April 11, 1$S$. To TH* How. thk Hoard ok au.kkj?ki?:? Okryi.emk.i- Thin Duntmunleatii u U uiV remed to you ea a Board o< Alteram. becausa 'oti also mwnuoM wl'h rhe tM lt"?i or tee Major and Uw Heonvler, Uie Hoard of t>u Ma el me of ibit countt, aid it la the letter method ot getting tbeee tew eutgeetk ns before tre men.Duta ot .hat body. Vl'hont reiei-jtag 10 trtai hat a uieu olace aa to the treating ard (rfaolzatlOL ol the Btiporvt.orv lor the cu rent year and ?! bout a wlab to reproach any party or indlvid'tal. 1 o?g to e up rem rbe hope thai here bene further deiar in the convent on oi (be Hoard, 'eat the public ereditoru mat be palA and otaer important business be transacted. ho retaUan ta (he Presidei cjr oi the Hoard, w hich, tc ban dean all*,; d, haa been the cauae of toe difllcu <jr, ao tar as I out aed, I hare do dealt e to occupy that r Hire, and am qui e reasp to Maid aai e or y!e d it to ant otter merr her pririded the ee tacUos. be madeacoordlogto taw, ?iht'r presence ot either the or in\ eel I nored, 'be man ? pi-issi r.g and owe touely w-ypre duura ot the olliiv oi Mayor render h <(ul!eww Cerlran'.e tor mo to add to then, nj ihla uoetion ,md 1 ahUI ha rat'iflcd to 'eke my place upon toe ilcor. to a mo e tree awg real-icteo p ace but ui e probably </ ae mi-oh asefniaaee to the b tereds of the tax pa; em 'Iberetore In all ktrdneaa Dei mtt me to auk that .he of Bi.pcrvtaors may be convened at onoc aod to rec.x to my trUAidy that no stingme be made aa to pre?Wi?g < but thai toy gentleman noweoj! g the neritsjaiy i|Uaitfl may he .elected al hout to partisan i tuner* loaa. I tba 1 Hot be n caullidato and m? ntme mutt not oe uaad tnthat connectlm. KK >Ns?l>o Wooli, Ma aw. Aicetmaa Voorutw moved that :he mA'ter be -eferrad to the Atoyrurau of the Seventeenth ward, aa Cauirman af tlie Supervisors, with a view to hut calling a meeting of ton* Board. ? Adeem an Clamxt did not rectgnize any parens he Chairman of tne H ard ef Supervisors, nor iita he reoog nize tbat Brara to be proper y orgam/.ed. He mjved ha lay the communication on the table. The Aldermen <> the Seventeenth (Knr) seconded the mctn n to have tbe matter retried to bituael', as Chsfr of the B ard of Supe vtMira which do COitawlad had been h galiy - rp aimed lhe Al erraan of tie Seven th .ught tbe movement "a o ge" on the nart of the Mayor, to encoavor to get the Board to demote iteelf. Alderman ? wou'd be willing to have the mm muLication referred to any other wh-j member of the Boa'd bat tie A dermr.n of the Seveateenth ward; tee therefore hoted tuat he motion would be witud awn. Ale era an Voohhih contended teat the toad of Super vise re ?as properly oigantzrd And that the C'hairraao was i uly elected by it mej nlty < f the meaner*. A German CUUUET moved as an amendment, that th* matter he referred to the Clerk, giving' him author!?p te convene a meeting of th< dupe vigors wuen a auOi lent number if tae members signed 'be oall. Ula a-neodmeot waa lost, and the motion to refer to Alderman Ely wea eairied. lbe report of the to award contract fw baitolEg an iron bell tower at Mount Mains, Uartom, wax concurred in. A oommui ioation was received from Mr. Geo. H. Par ear, Corporati n Attorney, stating that the amount ut money reoetved in't? \ i'eoa n < i' f.r 6n?e, during Mte past montu, *a? J>11' The Coeimlttee on Stn.^ ?? 111 tacverse to approprf? atiup $10,000, askru tor by. > Kuiey (the f etner Sweat Ccn nitwii.ner,) to repair eitfewaika, tie The report waa concurred in. Some routine mat ere having been disposed of, the Board adjomntd to Monday nrx , at 6 o'clock. BOARD OF COUNCILMEN. This Board mot at 6 o'clock Mat ?resist, PreaMaate Plncknsy in tbe chair. After tbe reading < f toe min?t?v Isaac 0. Hunt the new Cucncilman elect of the Tweatg* fourth diatiiot, appeared and took his seat. The third reading of bills being tne first butlnem la order, the rew ordinance relative to cleaning the strees by c ctract w-s read a third time and passed, oy a vo? or ?6 to i2. Tbe ft tiuwing ate th? general pre. idiows of tbe new crdipance: ? 1st. It dlvtuee the city Into two districts, instant of fi teet or twenty, aa beietofore, unoer tie old specifieatioas for MreMi cleanl g. '.'d it provides that the streets shall he swept during Ihu night. Instead ot tbe dsy'lme 3d. It takes ireui the Gommltsiocer of Htreeta and Lamps tea power ot torfe Ui | a cu-ract tor ceautng a dU'rioi. nod te rt-C'S ?bfct cfii er to ret>o*t the f-cts concreted with a ere wt 0 tbecmuact o tbe Common ( ounct. whlub snail prooeod la Investigate ih? fac s at d decide whethur the contract shah be forfeited, within tbiMy days. 4*. It extends the urne of the contracts l'rom oce year to five lesis S'fc. It requi'es that tne sureties prnoostng to become wqw slble tor sbj ert mater for s o otract una. r the npec'fioaUawa, ?ball justtty fa to their rtifllctn c< be'ore the CoraptroJer er Ma'ar at the time the ettims es are given in. The Board tb6n went into Committee of the Whole, Cr uucilu an Van Riper in the cbai ; aoo after s >m? time soent theieii, rooe, and the ihard adjotirned to Mtxaoap evening, April 14. Vhttuti ?ua Kxtithttlons. Broadway ?The ceieorated Fmuc i ?r tat*, whoee ete gan?. tableaux have been so uitreraellj admit ed, otoae tbtlr arngemen? thin event or, the re eipta on the oca eirn being tor tre hour At of their verj talented maaggwr, M. Kel er. Among the tableaux to be presented us "Phe Detceut from the Cross," aler Rabins' greet picture. Niblo'b.?Ti e grand spectacle of the "Green Mousec," which Bss h?rt a lorg and very profit* til u rat, will M CHomed for toe la.t tine his evening, fhreewhw ve bo tetii Anto<ne and K-iloU iu ihefr respective parte ot the White Knight and dauequin nave at.aaed a tii e entertainment, "Woden. hi" and "Lea Ageiliee" Am to night. Bowntr.?This populsr hnuw wm crowded last nigh*, ai d uon ot eg* will be again well filled this evening, t Mr. S. W. Glenn, n gcent favorite. Having o> nsented a .'penr, on this occasion only, in hia fa nous oharac er ef Von b'poff, the I hitch comeoinn. The selections are ?'Agnes oe Vere," "Butch Actor" and "Nicholas Nickleby." Bi kion'8.?An oxcellest bill is again cffrred for thU (veritig. Mr Bn'ton plays bla inimitable nhaiacter, Ji bn 1'noB.aa, tbe father o ' lint Blessed Baby." The ? If as fog musical biuletta of "Kjriunio" follows?Ure. O. toward aa 'be hero. The whole conclude* iritn the laughable farce ot "Wanted, One fhou-and Milliner*"? Jt e Baggn Mr. Burton. Wallaik's?Bourcicault'a dat-hiug comedy of "Lonioa Assurance" will be repeated this evening, for tee iaet time, with its present uoeuipsssed cast, vii : Mr. Wei lack a* Dazzle, Mr. I enter aa Gha-lea, Mr. Brougham am Mr Harcouit, Mr. Waioot as Meddle, Miss Howard an I ady Gay, and Mrs. Hoey as Grace. The "Dead Shot" la the aft* i piece. Uvuu Kkkw's.?Miss Keen* wi'l give her graphitaad unrivaded celireatii n if the character ot ('amiue, ta the tlr i'ling di?ma of teat tame, this rvon'rg. the entha aitstic app aure with whicn this piece nas been hithvke greeted renders it quite certaiu that it will be wi'-osa by a large audience > Novelty" is the elo.tug pieoe, Broadway Vartyttyh ?The cenu i-nl drama of "81 Eyed Su-an " atrr an m p-icfoentert run of six weha, will be pisyed by ti e talcn ed Wood It Mareh children, tor the last time, this cvtniug. Tee amusements ems with the farce of ihe "Wai.dering Minstrel," George in tie "great" part of Jem tlaggs, with the sewg of "Villeins." Wood's Misotrxis.?' Sambo's Dream," stags, donees, 4c., toim the programme tor to-night. Pun enough, eer'aia. Pawtixup.?M'. Nsgle's cbarm'ng and diversified pie. lutee, kid .Smith's "four of Kor pe" end "Si-ge of eft bast il," aie still on exb.blflrn?the former at the Breed wsy Ather eum, and the latter at Empire IlalL Knnatui niuvrmrnU A company of Kansas emigrants, numbering one ha il rid. arrived in Cincinnati on the 8ih ids', tin the dag of their aniTal, they Leld a meeting and passed the fu Jcwirg resolutions *?? Whereas, we, as individuals, are emigraticg tc Kaaaaa to secure pmmanent and happy hom?* for ourselves ami our children; and, whereas, we regard the institutions at freedom as m ire tavorabl? to the literary, moral and na utical fLMitution* of a btate, and mors congeatal with the i plrit of our father* and the genius of our goveca meiit than hose of slavery; and, whereat, wa recogwiaa nc exclusive light to any united 3tet?* territory on the part cf the citizens of auy section of our eoanMp; therefore, Ke?o ved, That while we shall labor to secure the im trocuc *'m of Ken-as into 'be American caufecaracy aa a fie* F at*, wa shall cordially welcome oitfz-aa of any part of this Vnii n to a share fc our future ho ue, and nhaB ac<iniesce in the insiitafioas selected for the Fta.e bp a nsjori y of its bo** fide settlers. He-solved, lhat wta'ne we will -ti.credly respect ths righta ri oilers ws shall defend our owu, "peaceably if wo owe, forcibly 1' we itust " ltese.ved, That w* here pledge each other, aa men and as cf izsns, oar o< rdial sympathy, best counsel and nsuat fan est support, in carrying out the principles of the pre cedlig preamble and resolutions. EMIGRATION FROM THS KOrtH. The Columb ia (Ga.) Sun says tnat tifo-eu rmtgraate for KaBsaa t*f. that ouy on r-unday, to join Major BufecdL at Mootgimery, and lie Montgomery Mat] ata ed thai the af erooon train ot .Saturday brought on* hundred urn fifty *ndgants, who are to proofed u> Kansas, under tbe conduct of the sane rnoUeican. Toey a er* nearly all your g men. a nr. lull <1 cabusiasm. Tne total sua bcr'of urdgraui* in tbe city on Suae ay waa two hundred The At ?nt? (Wa.) Jnt/Uitiw-r nays:?Jiuglng fr m thd number <1 companies pasniag almost oailr t irough our city, cu their way to Kansas, wa daubt ant the e will ba sp inkling" ot Houtherwer* in that luteu ri gi. o before tn?uy weeks. On Wednesday night a cam panv cf eighteen or twenty pwtsed througa Atisata, and cn Thursday we noticed am'her com pan/ of f w r-oqn, ail aimed aud equipped, going on thiir way raioloiam 'bay were from CcaTUston ami otbei points of Foum Chmllna. A company wgsniied in this city la axpaeM to leave in a few cays tor tha same -'eulnati a. .SHE HPDRE OF REPRESENT4TIVKff KANSAS COM* MITTRE. Hen Virdfcs: dlirer. 11. C. of Mis ouri, arrlvad at HI. Louis on the -* tuatant, on his *ay to Kaa. as. helag a gt?mber of tbe committee to investigate tha alrouM M?nesH stfet dmg the te.-ent elec'ioe* in thk' Tcnrtt >ry. TliceiT'i' ion in ?xpeo*?d to begin ito eeeeleanfttaa ?ei wo?tb eb nt the Huh the preeeat mcasM Mwf Hi w rd and Hberw ?d, With Gove.tew ar> Ired ?t Bt. U u;? ut ftt, tiftf waj vq!