Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 14, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 14, 1856 Page 2
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hoefc tba par ?1 wiJisat -pawiig ft. tt :? t nq iu'. is Vvor ot tie ! isi^-nog- ?aa o( ? ua've-s-^y;? nmnoi 4Mim?ip to h? m.'EiTY nr. :?n?in -v ri"?ia ?l TUB loBP jksTlu?* VP XuliUtt ?* TLL ? IVCS-BOAT Or VttJCa. Avmitog On i i? >*m ?> ?*T cawcaaat? *? '(If 'be ou'p -a u! ?as-uooa, Jbr e.'izeueof the aovevnm-utof Vitna. r*ii-?c.giug to Ua <? MP of tb-- dkiim. haata i to f?.il A?.r 3ni d :> ?, and Ml iw.rcd ooiuranoua. ov ?( r.r a uk ikh of pan.* Majeaty'v Urait tsie etpre-ste.. < f ibflrtioei respectful n* i obius H? *L tn-p.ra'ioo -oaiing to their ? .? 'tni, tivr c? teh ? <1 in the nscec:?oi >ta?r oriaeei?.r inaaSammsm laeir fuiurw urue T,101.1 IBe} UtAt/,C "acu? .VC- IV L??(U With S'l -Oil with It ?*p resst .lebvee i*?har?eiiree?t*mea'v gresi nvviare ??. We betuiM it >?u our ber>? '< r ? ve priv iof kvu Lhe safeguard at our in are dew*, y. an.. we vest ire, witn ti'ial leva. n ?t Imwite ywo, oerpitwerte! father, <"tr wants and nnr ds'irei D oecoraou ? with roer malted will, sure, ht? lt.? -ellenc v tie Mmwter ei im interior ? c-*"" ems vemtn iwea.ed ties '.ho udols eetiiHten * or 7#u' Wsjee*-} eaoreroiag the iuvio.abl? pi ?i i ii n itu? lin whir a have teen granted '? tt The wards rds at 'owr ?h.?t?r h??e oeeeirm e<; h? depth- of oar win tfeei beve aoatl rmsd uid elrenrJiereiloat hep-n. end uave ?emholwBtii! ut to Ut um liberty ot racpecUuUy .eying at the thai s< raa WejaWi the wih moed awtuna: - lei. * ecordiir i> ah* e 78, t*?uiag Rvwotthe ealleiuoti *1 laws -statute relating to public lunrjoea, esercited bv atsatui wee-loo.) the cibttsna of the We-teni gee ru menu, betongtec to thecoma of the nobles, are depot ed ot the ortvi mgm which arsoojoyed bv all the noMtt in the trher foe mec.ii oi Ores. (Russia. Tina retitlWSDore owrtiouiariy tren ate following regulauoo ?" In oidarvo be admitted by mean er ewcuiiD io (be exereue of the rarteme tunaUcas thereto. con towed. ii m necessary to here aenrwt the ihateuen vearc in a atldiarv "r crvil aepecity." In addiuea to this, aereral eihzeac of the oitec o( the m >ble * hBTtntr iaei ttie cmOlenre of the fwernmrst Or the or r. ve awd tweaty yemn, and even n> teat eroes they raa set be alerted So eraruiee the duties which ocfelecttoae m ones mam as. lOaalk. the noble C-Uzeoa ?. die icovernmcni of viinn ore not always admitufu o exermte the psbnc t'une ttaae. the appiAitineais to wh?- h are mnde-'JMctlv b> the go serameat, while oar sane aie ob iged te fUfil ifcstr sbtuej aa emu os in tar. eovernmeats of Qreat Bwsma. these leetrtMkna mewderably diminish the a warm nee of the elecusnrof use worthy rcoreeeniaWseL of the cerpvratloa e males is the government ct Yllnn. Ureal monarch we are eooviuced that a roar reci'iausUMe htndnfoa tcrwardl your eubjeets. jou evasider as a I, met powerlu! and generous lather ae eyosflv voar rti d-ro, that woo drain to eave to a 1 taarty of oaten mod cr. ernecteoce. hj meean '? me meat sacred bond between man and hiednaee, Me faith, hit locKuace, and the csstans of hu farcfataers. ruder your bene veto ill aceotre several aeterogeneouB races enjoy the laws which your crowned ancestor?ha. e bequeathe! to dsn. We."'Bit?' monareh. -we also am year mow lai'Afu! aah-eca. We. tike the rest, moke our otlermgs aaeorihem to oar meumt Owr roue, with theanoel perfectwhmegauca of diemwelrec, are Aeduiog their Dloed in the present war in it- ranks m your searnors. In the elvti service oar comemrt('.s are hfcewtie Cring <hemie.eee uiefui terecna of the areata in weal. Cet, refcre. your npremegrace demand utxn as, by nonlemng ?enaii os 'he rirf- oi electing all those wba kaeo auained a cet earn grade, wlunut nmitniwrn-aa to the narmoer of year* of civil or uf a lutary service. Oewmnnd ihat be .'uncOunanee op emu tad direetlv by the government shall m future be nominat ed without aiwisctton of reH-vm Dan. to grant a cm: tuve ol 'tmem-u the facu'ty of -Irving wherever loeol ^WnsHn-tancae or lamily Tela hoi - -ha i -ender tt moat easy and ndtantageoui tcr tneu. 2d Ine -onsMOTAia ctslancet vh cfc Ksarate ocr gov are mem tram all the aisma o' tue empire, ttre the pnac.paJ eao-e at many o. ear young oeepie being. r? want ot the ceeuniary means ilepnvedot the adTon'ages of ahtctier edixatiec Our on no try oeicg pre em'nen'ly agrien'turn1, ecmunrre, Su-irv ud manuiarttrros among ue are in a state of wes > ? iciertaritr Agricnltnre, aie'.n lor from hartnga.taiced it deyr?e ot develot-ac.ent which can only no gn: rei it o? ricu tura> Kience, applied praeucaiiy to locaaues and ell The want of mrchunciini, oi cdx-r-ste, of mad Lewi procd Monetsuhd members af otner specie p.--fe<(fc>'ii, is heenlr ke t. 1he?e leoeons tcree us to sogin wutie roar latest, to re establish the UniTerWty o Vim*, wo ten is so iad-tpejetile tor WW purpose ol harmon.zing ibe tic-evolent views o. he g> vernmert wub the soilcnude and bopet of in* parens be. >ng Jwe to the ccrporatlcn of the cooler. lie progress of *i*ace oi theanr. and ol industry is trans mvr from geaeradon to gene-acoo and pcsresst?'sy, bu ?ie neee-'io teas of a who e people live tor ever Lo the rnee rwhai.e rememisrymee wbkto it relate- of tke genem is anil woe e selicltudv ol * oovereigo vhc is the utther or h.* peonie. ik/viu. ihen ?ne, Sire, io solic.1 you to accept the t: iiibral and most respertful assurance *?. our most - "tre- thoughj are cspi-ed by the love and tweuo- that w?t '-eartc you. In onr hearts, august monarch dwelisabnpe cf a corre'.a Mve connecuen. ?nd we trust that our faith?out, even ou prayers are r ut a reeble rwtm-of your uobie eeauoaeuts. and of your paternal and benevolent thoughts. Following up several q ten lions which were discussed hy the corporation of the noolee of Vilna, awd wulch ore appended vo this petition, we end the lb do wine , as.age ? Ttnaily. ibe oorporancn of rue nobles dw.ruseodvbe utieatioc reiauve to the Polivh ianguai e, which, theugh acoteu in pn vale and lamdy life, and though the language in-rUn h r-.tgion amount la sot uaed in 'he emenutic inautouocs o ae govern man of V. ia. Tula motive Induces the corpcrahoc of nobles to to 'cit ihe chief ot the government in bis capacity of Curator Oeneral ot Htuuiea and instruction, to direct, or obtain thai it ke cue-iea, tbu maiructioo In all the sshoola -n the gorerti men: of Vona be imported m the Polish laocuvgn. ARMY KCFOKMS, BTC. A letter irom St. Petersburg, ot '.he Ktb of March, ?ays ? tie Invaluk Rutst announces to dee that the Emperor, having tree m'ormed tka* theba-tsuone which were sent f*wn the drrlsion of the depot of th? ?'.h rrrnt d'araiu in 18(6 to et mplete the troops in the Crimea, were not properly armed, ant were unlit to cortinue their marcu, pur, - but an order of tire day on the scojsct on tb .- 12.n. ra that document the Enpe-or severelv e?ngnren?tirrt, Oeaeral Manse, who command* the depot, for having aegiecttd to superintend the proper -ecwiatloB of tte oroers given by bis snpe.iors, by which reg'lgsnee the trcxp- were impeded in their march: anil, ses-na, <>eneral von Brine, the uhtei of the staff of oi the re-erre- and depots, tor having only inspected the svid battalions in a very -u pert eta! manner pieviously to thei- oeparwe from Moscow The Tribunal of War after having decilsd the dvgree ot culpability and pa-ticipation in the aefec Ove eiiuipment of the said battalions, o' the p->-?ons io eoanrand of the fepoi division oF the fth ssf ?? d'armee, wQl sentence them to the punishment prvecrioed by the law This announcement has produ.ed a consmeraole sensation in this eity For some ume past remarkable chang-s have been going on In the Russian arms. Not only mil the r.atom 'crtaoie helmets make way for the Fren'n kepi, ?nt the coats wi'l he supplanted by the nolocsa'tan?a sort of frc<k, i mi: a ted from the Krensh. The war has occasionei jrr-a' changes in the military orgauiza'lo] o" Ru-sia. as mucr. in the arm- as in the general regu'stion" The Rnsaian sovdier will ?ti'l pre* 'he long gray coat, which is a comfortable dress, aui proteov ai n wsll against the severity of the elimate. jsnd '.be P.nssiao army is at present oeiog organized ?f;e- the plan of that of Napoiaon 1. Turning to lighter matters. ! may mei'lon that siooe the expiration of the period ttseii fir on-urn log for toe ikeperor Nicholas the imperial family 'how them-eivr more frequently in pnhlic. and tfial the Kmperor A.ri awder. in particular is m much belter spirits INTERNAL COMMUM CATIONS Of THE Eld"HE. [St. 1'eteraouig (Maren It; oorr v-ponce .ce of L? N'ori. ] The construction of railways it n suo,e4t stiLl occupy ing tte attention at the Ru-siae prt*f. Th.e new and general aireetion of men's mirxl.~ 1* Gaily acquiring |7MO importance. In the northern an ', central government* the facility of ?ledge conveyance. which some hare been pleased to rtU Russia's natural railroad, has MRne.imea to be waited . x as late aa January; it la, however, more mual for trie wm twr to ret in with each accumulations oi enow tuat t' ~y oat off all channelf of commanication, the route fir toe atocge* being cotverteu into a endless succession of t, I* low* and c.uAgm-ies. Tte traveller get* over t ie grot 1 with a joi'ing that occasions *oj>etiiiug ilk? areas: oea*. whilst all conveyance of goods is suspended, f January and February are generally favorable to an- r oonveyance. we must not forgei "hat with themrntl I March :he sledge route*: are spoiled by the melting of ic ?wows, in southern Russia, on the contrary, t: is tb? win ev mat lmpeoea traffic, because the draugit oxen employed there cannit endure the snow and col J for any g-ea*. ;*ngth of time. Russia. therefore, has not those natural railways vhieh people are so good as as to auign her, to! Rum tan agriculture will not find the mtrse: a?? ?hands is need of until permanent na?ac* of corn'nt}-'> ?eetlon. protectel irom the injurious Lolloen.- of t ehmate, shall secure far:., ty of trir poi: in ev ? y ?we* on Extern*; trade suffers quits as mush the trade with thOnte-ior through, want n' means of communication. Aa enter for corn ir -en at Ft. Petsrs hargJortbe gov*n.meets on the Voga fiistan-a, csmriot be -vecuted under a year and a hi'..' Vow. the for* ign put chaser, in Germany, or, cannot in genera'. wait so long. The re*a;t is. that o' the Sujual thirty milliocs of tcbewerts of corn that she gr -ws over aad above oer own consumption, Russia can *?!' no more than about Bve aac a half. The eorn, ex'rrmelr -ceap on toe spot, tolerably near by the time r. is deliver ed at the ports of the Balds for exportation. The United Mates of America ate taur in a p- sition to beat Russia in the eorn market. The carnage f.-eigtr ol worn f.-< m Amei ica amuun'e, it is true to mo -e thui tin' ?f the fame quantity act ported from 'he Bi: -tan por a in tte Baitic. but iesa -ha a that chargeable on he Iti*"su earn wi icn Is CKparUd from the tftack r?a. These are ample reasons 'or inducing fla**ta to iwt ve bo cheapen her produce by faciiii*. ing toe. ?ran; o! transpcrr. Hallway*, canal*, steam ncrgatiua on her rivers, will u future be ohjecis of Ids ffrst o ues ttty for Rnssia Last Decernfs?r a steamboat oomptny wet formed to navigate the Dnieper from .he town of A'.ecsaodrovsi to the Black Sea, their plan being to rons'rucc tugs for t? w Ing rnercbant vessel*, or increasing tha spied of trans ports .i! the lower p**t of the rivtr, beyond the cata ract* and bars which there interrupt the navigation, eal *d in those parts by the name of porughi. (?u thi* mde i f tbe ;ar* another is apanv oad alre-wly 'heir a team (a a > < n the upper course of the lln.?[?#;. ; present eirc'imstances. causer', by toe ear, the company wf the iower part is the moet important, oectcse ihey can assist id conveying more q i caly ootb troops an 1 military store*. In order to g ve tiia omoanv still grea ft importance, :L?r* ic ne? a <,ue*t.*a of eouoeet iog he two ie*?he- ?* the Dnieper .utei rupted aa ac count of she bars bet ee*n h? V,?o of K. ekientsh-nk aad the bieaoaite colony of Kite oka**. ay mens of ? railway n-ange to say, the :raa<p .rt of aim *r >m tbo Dcteper to ':*-***. wn.oe is no near. <io-u no e than la freighted *"iU name ejia from ij.e a .ofrige e >rL ? -Ding on tho Dntepo- a* fbur to five : 'Ubirsateaet wert, ls*e.-? at iewafrorc .?c looleeao roob -? To 'bees ? ifficu tie* <>? .rac-o-u vs m uit aid that tbe #:e;?pse, which ?kteed al qg the w-o a of to* Dnieper .a is? Kiwrrooorae, can only M traversed is- ?e*Q day anl OitcMr. Hpr'og aadautumu change them la'e at -shes ? winbe yru ui?y be mrpnsed on vjero by swow storms taa wiiild d*s ,roy a oaravsn only a few pass* ff a ?lllare ?? other place of refuge siooe la be middle o* v is day i gets ? dark trat yot cannot ?ee two steps aro ml yun, wf sr oils of the?. wb'riwinls of snow bss broker) loose. In Deceit ber, 1141. a srge wedding par y cf J* vs we ?nrpr.sed by oner/ tb-ee lempest*. of which oo idea can hw fo-med in the re?-of Furope Tbey ?e-e ^nftacloee to a v'ilege n * far from the town of ,a? M. Bet nit wilhsUri '.rg tbia. not one o' tfiera escaped ercept the brv e who waa safrd alm-st by a nurse!#. ttwiwlf a syatem of railroad* that em g r* Hie to ttssa ragi'Mi. The number ofcxen used from is y i ? *o tbe oiber for the conveyance of go da to rglscsa .* e* ftrnated at two-, mil,ions, dome 60 'lOO of .h?s?! aoi cs'? tte ennng the hea'e of summer through wmto* wste* aac proter food The rout* frwm Aiek*anrlrov?a to fer* ta>p wbfeh is not more thaa 'h ee vsrste, offer* g-cater ob stacle* than any getter ruute vrrn** ,h? ?tepoes dto?ee Pave been fcas-wn to lie these utree m .nfhs for wan ot cattle toMp^'be vein* W . ?t w? .j i beorn* of tbe Angnfr whju<nr in the 1 iue * n ii*,e difB *? o' transpoa-^fclttlixis'ec - T..> :.v,i- n w ild.-,.*. ritro: t.teTtpl^?|^Hp'aI.<'', ?- n Mmes ir'eater u eve ? respect. ' Rr*il.,Plf"trrKE,?rs st di( oi trerr. .' .ettsr ' x Vif Dieff r, tb? * " - ' ' T "? , Wee nir.? dc9k ? f '' t i r rg v? at p t v -.a Li r< Two ufcT? baub ? ocmm-n? "f ?.Tt J**?"?*' ar<! pre*..:?i over by ?o? oi ">? liea4a<C*he Buanl of Ai mirJtj jMrifJTLor?ft<?B6l. Petersburg, chaiged wi-h ?t. task ot taking an inventory o all ths. the dockyards sod a'twoal-on'* aed. It wanreceived in due form by ShpUfo r-chigi/. of Uie Rue ua uevy, form or ly secretary t! me a. aril of A lmiralty of the Black ie li; ill* miv? "? ? ??'??7 ? t and a- once commenced f s operations. Toe (.rend Do ^ Confciaotlne is, it is sold, to erii?e here iu a few day. im-peit the proceedings ot 'he oomiaUsijm. The n? a tr\el lyug in this eelabliahment, oouaidered capable Xit be-, or iniatU to account, is to be traneportbu Ut Cue Bp itia, af.ex b avion- been daaetded and only marked dovn in the bojca ot the cominieeuii, or aele by arfecle. .Already all the n tent tie for manufacturing gunpowder, and the materials from the artillery depot, been loaded on carta belonging to th? miU'^ry bag gage train, and are to net oat without dolajk Taa nary sekoei tor the eons of the nobility, Wj sehoo', of maritime engineers, and that of the naval nrliiWy, are ai.eady evacuated. Steiiar mecaures am to be applied to KHer eon That port, though shorn of its kwuer spteedor, ?till contains some hoe eetehhs'ameata Hi ngtm to the imperial nary, which are ai-.w to -oeow to exist. The eoirmmuon has reeeived order s to yrueeed there, and .0 include that pkaee in Its labors. In addition, ia order to cor ree pood with all theee measures, the rtefcnewn and ar senals of Oichexoff, Oridwpol, Teraepol, and Vosneeehsk. and other fortihed p.inte of that none established to co opemte with the idea in virtue ? whiah Sebcetopii and Moulaiaff were 0rested, are abotfl to be notably diminished. * im t Mo one can preclseky eay What Nicolaiaff will broome after its befog thus abandoned by the war establishments. It is said that, in epite of the reorenentattone of Odessa, it will be declared a free port, in order to attract there the trade of all nationa. It is also ?elt that a university is to be ettabbaksd there Tor the veueg men dt the rtco families of the Tan ride. Already, the Aridemy of itiencss < f ft. Petersburg has propcesd to estab ish tiers an as rooomcal ofcrervatory of the second class, and a me eorolugieal one of the first, the ciantry being exceeding - y favorable for enck wetabiishmenta. Birth efthe Imperial Hrtnee of Bance ?Oflh Bial CcnMntlfie [ From the Par ia Monrteur, of March 23.] In the year 18fr5. on the lfith day cf the month of March, we, Achllle Fonld, Minister of State ??d of the Emperor's hmsebild, m virtue of the etfice we told un der the 8th article of the Senat-.vC mccl'.um of the 23th of Deoember. 1CS2, and under the 13th article of the Im perial Statute elf the 2 let of June. 1863, aided fn the exe cution of the same stxmteby hie iftrcellency M. ITerre Jnles Beroche President of thr Conceit ot State, we pro ceeded to the Palace of the Tuilericc, in obedience to the orders ft ht.i Msjctv the Emperar, onU.nad in the sealed letter, dated the 12th net., as foilowc M. Achilie Koala. Afinister of State, as the Express, our much beloved spouse, is approaching her confine ment. we hare ordained that as soon as she 'eels die erst pairs rmc a hall be .pprieed thereof, to proceed to the Pa ace of the Tuileries, to the room appelated for yen, that you may be inuodueed lute the chamber of the Eso prssf at the moment. c.' her Delivery Car wish is that, w.ut the aid ot ine 'President of our Cornell of State, yon c:ay draw np the act of birth confj.-uiabi; to the 8 b article cf the Kenedu.vConiultuin of 'he 25th of l+eiem ber. 1852. and the I3th article of the statute of the 21st of June, 1863. We have selected as witnesses his Imperial High ness Prince Nat jleon and his fligcaees Prince Lucien Murat. Whereupon, M. le Miairlre, I pray God to have vou in health and hissed keeping. NAPrlAXM. Gone at the Palate of the Cutleries, M irjh 12. A .a being at the Palace at the hbr.r of 2 o'elovk in the morniDg. in oompary with his Iui)ierial Hishneis Priuce VapoJe<>n and his Highness Priu ;e Murat, the witnesses selected and sent for by the Emperor by let ters c~.uched as follows ? My Dkar Ooisls?As the Empress, out much beloved spouse, s) proaehes her coofiuemeut, we hive ordaiaed that as soon as she 'eels the nrst oains you shall be re quested to proceed to the Palaee of the Tu'.le.-iss, to the chamber reserved t? the Princes ot the lmi?na' family, 'JLat j ou be admitted into" the Empress' chambi- attic time of her delivery. Our wish is that joe stall sign the act of birth as witness. Wherein, 1 pray God, nav dear cousin, to have yon in good health and nls good ..eepiog. VaI'OLcOn. Done at the Palaee of the Tuileries, the 12th ol* March, 186b. To his t.ePKRiAt HiOtusxaE Prlmx Sai-olson. [Here ioliow two letters precisely ot the same tenor, one to Prince Luc-en Murat, the other to M Aobatccci, Keeper of the Seal.) We, Minister of P.ate, were admitted by order of his Majesty the Kmpercr, with his Imperial E ghneee Prises Napoleon, and his Highness Price Lue.en Murat. aad his Exetiiesicy the Keeper ?t the tfoale, into the nedroom of her Mxjea'y ,he Empress at the moment she soffered the Sams whieb annouiict i her proximate delivery, waicb, avicg happgy taken place at a on trier past 3 o'clock, Uadan e Bruac, Governess of the ' infant r.f IYanoe," pre sented to us. as also to bis Imperial Highossa Priaoe Napoleon, and to his Highness l'rince L ie?en Murat, and to ins Excellency the Keeper of the Seals, by order of a s M?j*sly the Emperor, the child .4 which her Majeity had just been delivered, and which we rtcogoiasd to oe of the male tex. And we then immediately entered the Em Errs* saloon, in wbich was his Mtjestv thr Enperor. and is Majesty informed us that it was his inten.ion that the Prince Imperial shoold re reive the names of Napoleon Eugene louir Jean Jottpb. Of all which we have drawn np the preten: official ?ta'ement upon the register of the lmper'ml faxily, in presence of his Imperial Highness Mocseigoeur the Price Napoleon, and of bi? IlighneHS M mst-qfntur 'he Prince Lncien Murat, witnesses' selected by his Majesty the Em peror. And said statement has been signed by his Majesty the Emperor, the alcove tamed w.tnmses, and by the Princes aid Princsee" of the f&mi'y present, and also by hie ?x ee JencT 'he Keeper of the Seals. Jilm-ter of Jcstice. Which act has been signed by us, Minister of State, and countersigned by his Excellency the President of the Gcinnei. of State. NAPOLEON. PRINCE NAPOLFjN. PHIN JE Mt'RtT. PRINCESS MATH11J1E PRINCESS 3ACIJ0C9I. PRINCESS CAROLINE MCRAf. PRlVCE JOACHIM MCRAf. C0LNTES3 DE M JN'nJO, Dcchees cf Peuaraada. Atoilix KorLD. AexiTTca. J. Rakixhe. Ntva from Australia PHOBOGATION OF NEW POfTH WALES LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL?TRADE AND GOLD REPORTS?VOTE BY BALLOT CARRIED IN THE MELBOURNE ASSEMBLY? DEFEAT OF THE GOVERNMENT?A NEW AND LIBE RA L MINISTRY?FIRE AND FLOOD AT EALLARAT. By tkBEOfElaMil elipptr i.'ghtnlng, At I.iveroxu on J2d ultimo. advices bare be-n received from Melbourne to the 28th of December, ehe brought 12 000 ounce* of gold dust, the amount having been limited owing to a aiepnte with the surveyors. The British ehio behomberg te reported to have been wrecked oil Cape Otway. Pan-cutters and crew aave-i. The political advices are unimpor:ant. The Ieg-siative Council 01 New South Wales had b-en prort guea. The demand for money was not active, and but few transaction* had taken place. In consequence of large spec nations in breaistufTi, tooaeeo spirits, wine, k: there was considerably more smmation throughout the various markets. The grain and Hour markets quiet; the piioe of Hour ?ran ?<j0 for bests. ?'.1i for seconds. In Bo Part Town the lecilue in bread-stuffs was pro gressing. Prioe o! roid ?d. 14s. Gd. The snip Blackwali, for London, has 66,000 ounces c.' gold on freight. The Gee long Adifrrtitrr of 24th of December, reterriog to the late fir* at Ba larat, says:? Sev?rai lives sere lost?the exact number never can be known, as the Ini'ed Ntates Horet was fall of s rangirs, many ol wnom sav?d thoir lives by leaping 'rem the win dows There was n<- mower afterwards to ascertain who were misai'-g. inquests were held on four bodies?R ibtrt Aideoru, A. H fiicholis, and two o'Lers, name- aa known. Among the inmates of tLe botel wuo nad a v-ry narrow escape. were the Wizard Jacobs, au<l bis or tber, '.he "epnte '' who had been performing at the Adeipui the previous evening. N-otn the government estimates for 1656, it aptaars that the revenue of the colony is sstiaieed at ilJ 738,600, and 'be expendnn-es at ?2 7.?2 152, .eaiung a deficiency ci ?50 552, which ;t ls proposed to meet by a temporary loan, without interes'. from the Poundage Fund. A letter from Melbourne of Dscemoe- 13, ssys;? An < nlerprising American iirm. i Messrs. Cub & Co.,) have < nu-r? d into engagements lor a regular snpp y of loe from tne Stat?g curing the -nmraer i^on'hs. foeir brut cargo, about b(i0 t- n?, was reoeived a te v day" ago by 'be Alert, tr< m Boston, and they ar- retai'ing .t to -ud public at 6d. per lb., guaranteeing a supply in any <jiie,u tity during 'ae s??>-on. Thi? is very refreshing in e'll gence in such a melting climate as ours, and it is to to hoped that the sale of the ai licle will oe -".fli t.eotly re munerative to rerorup' their enterprise. The Sydney correspondent ol tee Melbourne .11-17*1, writing on Mtth Ducerbor, ciys:? PassiDg fr'-m g:uat tilings to small. I have learned that we are 'o have a third *.b -aire in Sydney, at wuirti M'.n terbottom'e bate, wi'h Frank Howaon, Hy.'es. Crav-m. Mrs. Ciaven and a few will appear. It is very Ukeiy to pay, lor the company will be a favorite one; vut it can nn.y ? o so by shutting upone jf the otaer tieatros, Advices from Brntigo of 22>1 of I)se-ra'.e-, say ? Mr. Coleman has secured the services of Caths iue Hates for three o ncer s in Bend-gc. 1 uulerttsod thsy will be given early in January. [OorrvM-ondeuoa of the loedon fime". Mttsoccvt: lie;. 21. 18Pi. fie the 16th. in povuaoee of a previous ice. >(r. Wtlnam Nicholson, me moor of the I^g.s<atare fir t-i" metropoli'ad county of North Bonrke. moved a resoia tion in favov of the ballot. Tb s motion was no*, made m ooucert with the representative mem he's gene-ail*, uud the-e ws# d<> need wna'ever for ireating it a s que ? -n tot-y the strength of the govermen*; out Mr Haloe? the ( hief Secretary, announced that tie meubers of -he government were unanimously opp ead to I', and to' ballot wa? cnesrsu-od tr. b- a government prihCj'de. ue "object was debated on "wo consecutive *v?ning<, and was carried by a maj -ri'y of 13 to .'A?a viry larg-t ma jority . when it is considered that the government has toe power of appointing ' venty two m-rtuere .si the Hvo?s, Of whotr. ebven may be othcials. aod it has actually exe cleed Chat power to the *xi?nt cf apio nticg eighteen, hough some of their nominees vo'ed for the Mllo'. -n Thrrwisy. the vO.h, Mr. Dairies announced ti 'he f-ifcite 'bat be and hie ootoag-.e* htd tendered the r re 'igiation* and teat they cn.y held oll.-s notil bei- s iv ce-sf r? ??uld te appointed, ano on thv folio viug day Mr. Wii.iam Nicholson, the rr.ov?r of tts naliot reso.ud m, was " >er.t for " Nothing has been 6-ally announced a? to tse lerma tlon of the Ministry, hut it was inrterstoil to-s aftsr nrs.n that all M-. Nunolson's iifbcnl'iss ncd rtoi-h-d Into thin sir. md that tr> ir. rrov ?? win tx pr?pare-r*f ecbinit his 1i?t to ?'ir (;barle< ii 'ham fee iullovinfis believed to ecnstltnte t.he Mioi"teriai list:? OoloclBl .'ecrstary W. Vish tleon. T-?asurer G'-^imen. A'torney Gsnvrai . . 'h.p-aia "'ollcitnr 'ler.e-al Mo'eswurih. Tr -CO" and Ouvtotue ..Ml diieeh. Cmiwn ' aefl" snd d'-iv?y?. .-??v?^ (or M na ) avd rep'ain k? i lblk T'f ja?Mjlar ( r .">/ "Vsr-v.; sid (a. tun J* ? *'? ?*- fhnrte vrmtuag * shffiiery imprMW, tha <t?aatity to ltuiy rather to in oinrfnikh Th* fetlowmff KtetaaaKit of the ra nq +* by mc<t: aid taper**, it from Hi. Auhll's weekly MraiDi, tlx' is cowpte e ap to last Saturday :? '."Vr-troorTs have brought [bin xwt <4,456 and year 2,136,43d Gold shipped in I860 2,516,.143 Per Raj at of Sarawak to Chteutta 1,104 Per Ai?* to [/ow.? 7 Per "learners to 9ydney 16,579 Total 2,634 233 T, 106 tone, U cert. 3 qra. 11 lbs. 1 oz. at 80s..?10,136,932 Vachange on London.?llraughts against gild jiur ehased at 2 per cent discount. rt'dgbta.?4>td. par or., dellrerrd at the bullion office, Sank ot England, loodos. On tbe 31?t of last month there waa a eery destructive fir* at Be flare t. It originated in an inn, which it des troyed, with the Adelphi and several other building*, mostly of wood. Unfortunately, several Uvea were lost. On Cm 16th and 17th iaat., a calamity not leaa deetruc thre of life and prof>ertv occurr. d in a heavy flood, of "which tbe following is the newspaper account:? tn tha evening of the former day, and again on the latter, a thunderstorm waa followed by a tremendous ahower of hall* to net as large aa marbles, and by a deluge of rain. The gullies were soon hooded by torrents, and ths ordinary channels proved quite Insufficient to carry otf tl e water ; houses and stores were carried away; the deep shatte, rank with much toil and at great expense, were titled to the brim and had thete works undermined, and piles of washing stuff were a wept away. The des truction-of property ooneeqnent upon this flood, is esti mated tT, 120 000i. By this visitation, too, there was a iamentab'e loss of kfa, rta persons having been drownsd on the evening of the 16th. The severity of this calami ty. it is stated, would bmre been much diminished had proper precautions been taken to provide for tke nnim peded flow of the water by its natural channels. The neoe any of the Aeration of Ballarat into a municipality is obvious from these two events. Measure* might then be taken for mitigating the effect oi snob occurences, if they could not be In a great measure prevented. Mmnotrae, December 22?Liquors?The arrivals of brandy have not beam quite ao heavy aa was aa pec tad, but they have had the effect, for tha present, of depress ing the market. A rale aa high aa 13e. 6d. has been reported, but we cannot venture to quote higher than 12a. M. to 13a. Tobacco generally has declined. Lamps are, however, in demand. Segars?Loodre's Havana* are wanted. Breadstuff*?During tbe past month many eargoeo have arrived at the various Australian purte, and prices have puddenly and gre-' tly fallen. We have also received shipments from Adelaide. Adelaide floor has bean sold at ?31 per ton, and Chilian baa realized from ?28 to ?30, a cargo of 300 tons having realised the latter sum. On the wnole, we are Inclined to tnina thai priees will not fall befow ?20. nor rise above ?30 daring the ensnieg three months. Provisions?In eoesequeuoe of large supplies recently, provisions generally have de clined. Bacon, prime, has been sold at lOj^d.; York hams at Is. Prime p rk, in barrels, has been sold at ?6 5a.; ball barrels at ttm., and keg* of 60 lbs. at 37s. 6d. Dried fish of all kinds remain scarce, and Arm at our quotations. Paints, "Us and Colors?White leal is rather lower. Sperm oil has been sold at auc tion at ?86 per too. Metals?Tbe iron foun ders are ail supplied with pig Iron, ant it is slow of sale. Building Materials? English tire tricks are not worth more than ?8. and American 40s. to 60s., in '.be Bay. American eemsnt has deo!in"d. The market is glutted with glass. Countess slates have been sold at ?18 Timber is dnll. Red deals, 3 by 9, are worth only 6>.d. to 7<L; 3 by 11, 8}*d. to 9d. There have been sales oigdmerican white pine, land 1', loch, assorted, at about ?13. on the wharf. Boots and shoes?A good in voice is saleable at 26 to 30 per cent advance, nailed Hungarians (Am.) are worth 37?? per cent, advanse. Woo, on ware.?The market ii glutted with American wooden ware. Hardware?There have been large arri vals of miners' tools, and they have generally declined. Axe and pick handles are in demand. Sundries.?Chine matting is wanted. Printing paper is worth 6d. to lOd. per ib.; brown paper. 4\d. le 6d. per lb. Blasting gun powder has been sold at Is. 4d. per lb., to arrive; Ame riean light drill has been sold at 7d. Manila raanu'ac tured and American made rope has realized ?70 to ?80; and pineapple rope, ?40 per ton. Gold has remained steady at 76s. during the week. We have been credibly 'nformed that a trade is being carried on by some -"torekscpers in taking gold to Sydney and re. turning wi h Sidney sovereigns, and circulating them on the diggings. This is not nonest towards the digger, however profitable the transaction may be to the party engaged in it. It cannot, therefore, be of long duration, as the uigger will very soon find out that b* is being paid lor his gold dast with a depreciated coinage. OkKnrjr. DtAfB OFH1HHTHON. SIR HENRY POTTINOKB. G. C.B. R? the Ixmdon Times, Keren 24.] A large1 porticn of cor refers, especially those who are connected with the hast by personal or professional ties, will learn with regret the news of the death ef to expe rienced and able a servant of the crown as Sir Henry Pot tiDger, cn event which occurred at Malta early on the morning of the 18th fust, in the #7th year of his age. 7\r *bo. WBJ ^>r? ?bout the year 1768, represent Wellington, an ancient English fami ly which bad been Fettled for some generations in Ireland tio ancient indeed, is the stock of which he came, tba aocoidiDg to the records of the Heralds' College. the decraseo barenet is said to have been thirty- first tn de scentram Egbert, the first Saxon king of bra^nf "ib. r u*?;. ^ h*""' huWMT,r> " ?' may, one branch ot the family has been eettied in Bsrkshire since the Conquest, and during the 17th century sent several of to represent the go?d town of Reading in Far Uaineot. Theother branch, horn which the lata Sir Henry was deeeenced, settled in Ireland aorut the middle of the 16th century, and in lfifil we find one Taomas I'ottinger, ?fufv?eLT?"C* cou?t>" ?>'Down, elected the first rrfTwt* ' 0r ?Tf on the incorporation or that town by Charles II. His con conveyed King Wil liam III. to Ireland, bnt was lost at sea in an attempt to intercept a convoy of K.ench vew-els laden, as was supjj red. with supplies tor King James' army. Fourth in descent from the above Thomas was the lather of the ?u eject o' onr memoir KJdred Curwen Vottinger, Esq . of Mount ES^nFtL]^? t?trned' in 1779- Aqd#- daughter of thr ind it'll ?11' ,JMl" of F)?rida, count* of Down, N?r?v^,"b. Lng fwngh.ere and right eons, hearty ail the roas who snrrived mlancy dev iled them J5 !b* Wrtoe of their country, eltner in the navy ie^.t,,Dy'u0r .V11? K*8t lD(li* Cimpany'e army. The fifth son. Henry, the entrieet of ourpreseot remarks, wen: to Incia as a cadet in 1804, and st an eariy age attracted tbe attention of the cMl and military anthoriwn there by his energy information, and ready administrative piver Hnimg his long so journ In thatc tumry he was employed in almost every orsnch ot the public wrviee. He waTlo rr7"" Ja'** an4 Collector at Aomed L* / ? r!*cc*n- ac(i 'or flf-een years more he filled tbe poet of ponuca! resicent at Cntch and neiode, during ?"*/ p*riod h* WM alflo of tbe ?7n*r Pro*iB5?- So nigh was the opi ?h? .. tbat ',n>e formed of his talents by Lord Auck'.sml the Governor General of India, that when that nooleman a. raised to the Earldom, and General Ketns I < s r.r? VD 1*?en,!?r.- mo tit- Affgnanfstan cam ^ Major-r-eDeral Vottinger was raised to the netsge, as a token of tbe apprecia-ion felt ia England of k" 'ti7'Z7 ke *** renderel in the discuarge of his riihcult duties. Sir Henry J'?-.linger retu- ned v. fergn?f?1 "a?. h'Tirg #"tBbl:<b?<* a a?,orve<lly hign reputation .and it cannot be a matter of inrpuse ia'. a fouDd no difficulty fn obtainlrg further employment !o tod "wr ,1. " " e?Der?"y known, iifferenoei coanoc r?- n HLrt w,tb the "Pinm tr,,3" brc ke out between tbis country and the Emperor of Ooina Ac ecruitgly *ny in 1841 Sir Henry was >-;ectei by ^"TfrT1?e^ to discharge the office of k meciator. and was ordered to proered to China as Envoy Extraordinary and Minister i'lenipotentiary, for ihe pu* I "liT9 o in dispute. He joined Ad m al s?r William I arkfr at Bembay about tne eud of V r41"' imm,<J^1e'y ?t-r the surreuler of the city of Canton to the British torcen under General, now LoH Googh. supported by tbe fleet nnder the la-e - ir H oeHerrilng ? enhouae and Sir tiordon B-eme,-- anc , ' HI7'T oIi canI0B iB 'he Seeoatris towards the *n1 of th? tnlJowing month. At the same tite b? w?h bta -nperint.n.lent of the British Trade in China, u WhfUsV,r "MJ.he the opinion entertains as to the pv tblfilis" WalWlU>c U e,rt?iB thatCblna beiame the held on which the diplimittic lUtity of ?he Ute < Henry i'ouinger was most fully and fairly exnioited' 0 hU arrival at Macao, August 12. he issued a -?i ite" n-o DOll,JiDf that while he won d do his oe?! o cor suit tbe wishes and prrwperlty of all her Msje-ry' sutjects and other foreigners renderit in Cbina, "a' the same time it bciame his first duty di?'ic-:'v ? '?V'?a e at "BH hie intention to devote his undi vi ltd energies and '.houehta to the primary object of se satisfactory clo-e of the war. a?d that therefore, he could sUow do einciderati >u or oer can'iie or other interefts tointerfe-e with tn# *"-.nir m'ght Lind ft 'o autbu.-tse and adopt toward* toe gjverninent and stibiM's o'Caios in "tier !o compel an honorable and las-ing pesce " H?r! C .:'me With great ^'d'-ro. he war-net rcr Hriti.h len-lents cd no account to rely urr-m tbe exi?t ?ng trnre. but to stand up-n their g.arc. Lmns* Ihe petliry act had faith of trie Cbim-wr , Hi-jals. Tae ?e quel of out war wi h China is t?o weH kn iwn ti ne< J and 'nivl. ' " '* ?"ru*h ^ *?T that the mlli'aty ihl-en o,?ra-,rrs of the British tor-ea at Araoy whGb was captured in tbe same mouth, were will snr, ported by the ar's of ciplomacy. en-l tba: the genu, ant "uht i H*nr' PoUlnfr f-'onrtbule I ia aj 'rff 10 * sneaes?fal >wai oar p". , r wun >7' rT^y ' "foese. The reraH i hike operations, as all our r##,i?r- .ware, w-r -o loa Th.'S * oommsroe with 450 000,000 nat.v.. and the terms ot tha treafy wi?h ?hi-a the concluded in 1M2, were . ucb .-. ? g,.? ^ Z *? 'MV0D; ^ ?er*'y 0,1 ?*"of the palpable an J ?? f rv dent benefit.: arimng !;o?n tree trad, each in ex I ^BJr.r3P^l,"n' 0ut I"" thf strong pre;i;i ion* tj*at have t?en taken to prevent abases." it li t ot *0 much to s?y taat, if me ' benefi- unde. the category are mainly dne to J,-,r<i <.oug,and?r W ~l J k-r tho?e nn-irr the latter p.j, JT ^T? .... . a.."."J*" 0--1-Ti-.t-r.s--. h.:?, ... tnrne.1 to hoglann. In May, 1841 he' was sworn a member <t me Pr.vy Council, and a pension*f f "JWrrVZ. ""?,"i" upon hi'" b' ? "?te o??he hVuJ of In rep'ember, IRtfl \,y oh'-sen fur active service, Mr.g i(f |at'ed to fit G fe

norrh.p < f the tape of ?nod Hope in eubUael 'n to * r Persgnae Maitlend, and discnarg.,1 tnat ,.?"e wi'h great adires. and energy torouen a v.-v troml-d asnod mtilSep smb-r 1847. wher.haaw rejw, d^v -be n e' sent i.erera1, rir Harrv ?. W Saitfa 7; 7A w nt .gam to In its the .cen. o' h's ee- y services .Sd held the port ot Governor ant C'.,oi?i,.,.|., in. ;h of tb. f reeidxTiry of Madra. nonl ih - year 18',1 ne retorned to Englanc. Jn, 18,1 be wv. nr> moted to the local ran* of hieut-nynt Genemi .0 In da In every relation of punlic am priest, bfe rto .. ns of 2,r '^" "fieHiie rwspes. an,I seteesn of ail who have n ?>". in...? _ 7 him; hie admin,etraHon of piohf ZttwS and Atri'a has reen ( rm-y rxe?H?o . and wi omy re echo public opinion wi n w, s?y th.t w* -sid-im oavs and to Mgrer an< tf.e. *to a -.,v.r? 1 .. u. ?err.ap to 'be e.-cvt ; r 1 ifit m , SIB HYDE PARKERV. The ?undh? Xtwt, of 26 th ot Kirch, Caw'-? We rtgrnA to announce the death cf Sir 8yde Parker, who died on the Slat inet., at Government House, Devun poit, shortly after hie arrival from liabon in her Mejes tj'e ahlp St. George. Sir Hyde, who waa born In 1788, waa brother of the lata Sir William Parher, whom be ruoeeeded in 1830. and grandson of the Admiral 8ir Hyde father who defeated the Dnteh at the Doggerbank, in 1181. and who being shortly afterwards appointed to com mand naval foreea in the Gnat Indies, sailed In the Ceto, and was never hears of after leaving Rio Janeiro, where he put la tor water. The beronetcy, we believe, is inherited by Colonel Riobard i'arher, who eommanda the First Life Guards, cousin to the late baronet, and eldest surviving son of the late Admiral Sir Hyde Parher, who distinguish ed himself during the American war. Trade ot Parti. The Paris iVtieeof Hatch 26th, says la Ha weekly com mercial review:-No one taking questions of the greater part of the Paris tradesmen would suppose that we are on the eve of peace, and that a vigorous resumption of eom mercial activity la universally looked for. The manu facturing business of Paris is vary calm, and thsrs is not much more animatien either in wholesale or retail trade. The provincial hnycrc have, up to the preaeat time, shown themaelvsa exceedingly circumspect. They wait, before oom pie ting their assortments, for the okcial pro elamataow of peeee, and, above all, for a redaction in the rate of discount by the Beak of France. Ac long as the Beak will not take commercial paper under six per cent, the beet houses will oontlnua to restrict their transac tions ? ? * The dohtesa In retail business Is prin cipally attributable to the distress of the middle classes, produced by the extraordinary clearness of the necessa ries of life. Housekeepers buy nothing hat what they stand in immediate need of. * * * The great affair of the Transatlantic packets la not yet settled. The oompa nies have sent in their answers to the government, bat there seems to be some hesitation in according the con cession at this moment, when the situation, of the Paris Bourse has demonstrated the necessity of adjourning the bringing out any new securities. In the meanwhile the maritime companies arc organising services In all direc tions, to supplyfthe necessities of|Uw export trade. Markets* London Money Market, Ttrbday Evening, March 25.? Busieeec throughout the Stock Exchange u singularly in animate, but prices, upon the whole, are steadily sup ported. The funds were slightly flatter to-day, bnt the reduction finally established did not amount to per cent, as compared with the closing quotations of yester i discount market remained quiet to-day, bnt a more active demand for money was experienced in the ,Stock Exchange, where six per oent could be obtained fur short loans upon government securities. This demand arises from the preparations for meeting the Instalment on the new loan on Saturday next. At Paris to-day, the three per cent rentes closed at 72. 46 lor money ana 72.70 for account, and the four aud a haif psr cents st 04 for money. The three per oents are slightly lower than yesterday. Consols, which closed yesterday at 82% to % for the 10th of April, reoeded this afternoon to 82% to %, and were last quoted 82%, exactly. For money, the closing price was 82%. The Cotisol scrip of tbc new lean elosed at 2% to 2% premium, and the Exchequer scrip at 2% to 2% premium. The foreign stock market was also quiet, but steady in price. The ?180,000 in golfl brought in by the Admiral and Lightning was in hand to-iisy, and a portion ef it was sent into the bank. The golu ex the Emma is not yet deliverable. the ship Brilliant, from Geeloag, passed Port Phllir Heads on the 26th of Deoember, for I/mdon. with 16,426 ounces of gold on freight, worth about ?61,700. The bar silver brought in by the Tyne was sold to-day for India, at 6v. Id. per ounce standard, being an advance of %d. over the price realised at the last sale. The foreign exchanges this afternoon presented no al teration of importance. Ijvwpooi. Cotton Market, March 24.? The demand for cotton has been good, and the sales reach folly 10,000 bales?3,000 on speculation and for export. Prioes firmly maintained. March 26.?There has been a moderate demand for cot ton to-day, and the eales reach fully 6,000 bales?1,600 on speculation and for export. Prices without change. LrvxRroOL Corn Trade, March 26.?The arrivals from Ireland and coastwise during the past week have been light. From foreign ports we have received 14 874 quar ters of wheat, (of which 8,624 quarters are Egyptian), 8,606 quarters of beans, 16.608 quarters of Indian com, 19,110 sacks and 7,614 barrels of Hoar. The exports in the same time comprise 383 quarters of wheat, 692 quarters of oats, 746 quarters of beano, 3.640 quarters of Indian corn, 2,427 sacks end 966 barrels of flour. There has bean quite a collapse in the trade siuee this day week, and prices of al. articles, except perhaps the finest qualities of wheat, must be quoted considerably lower. Indian corn, influ exced by accounts of the undlniinlsned abundance and cheapness of potatoes in Ireland, and the knowledge tha large supplies are at band, has declined 2s. to 3s. per quarter. The weather has been extremely fine and sea sonable. At this day's market there was a fclr attend ance of the town and country trade; however, only a moderate consumptive demand was experienced for wheat and Soar, at a decline of 3d. to 4d. per 70 lbs. on the former, and Is. per barrel and Is. 6d. to 2s. psr silk on the latter article, 'fats and oatmeal me: with a slow sale, and must be quoted %d. to Id. per 46 lbs., and 6d. per load lower. Barley, beans and peas were neglected. and easier to buy. There were tew ramplea of Indian corn offering, and prices were better maintained than was ? xpected; however, a decline of Is. 6d. per quarter nn-t be noted, prime mixed and yellow being obtainable at 30s. to 31s., and white at 31s. to 3is. 6d. per quarter. The Canadian Assembly, on the 31 instant, when th? telegraph announced the birth of the French haoy, ad journed with cheers. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MONEY MARKET. ScsrUY, April 13?fl P. M. For a day or two in the early part of the week th?r? were decided indications of a turn or two in the sere* on the money market. Tbe bank returns published or Tuesday morning, showing a very great increase in th. line of discounts, alarmed financiers, and apprehension, were entertained that a contraction ot a sodden and rapid ct ar&cter was inevitable. The bank loans have reac'ue 1 it is true, a larger figure than ever before exhibited, bn* ft most be borne in mind that the hanking capital of this city is at this moment larger, the business of tbe eoun try greater, and the amount ot property in the channels of commerce to be moved greater than ever before known. The crope of the Union lost year were enormous, exceed ing in valne several hundred millions of dollars those of any previous year. The power required to move thf< mass of produce has called into requisition a eyitem of credits more extent ire and mire ex panded than has hitherto been realized. In this city several millions of dollars have been added to onr banking capital; in other parts of the eoun try cafiits! hss increased both In the hands of iadividua's and institutions, and credit of all kinds has been ex panded, bnt not to an extent beyond onr actual legiti mate necessities. A comparison of the banking move ment if this city, or tbe ccnn ry at large, of the present day, with that of last year or the year before, is not a fair way to present the matter. Every interest, foreign or domestic. Is growing rapidly; the popolatiou an. productions of the country are Increasing With g-eat rapidity; every branch of industry is acquiring greater strergth and foree; production and consumption wi.hin our own limits have retched a point hardly imagined a tew years since; onr works ol internal improvement ex ceed in magnitude those of any other country in toe world, and the remotest sections of tbe Union are pen trated and in eenrte of developement; thousands and tens if thousands of acres of virgin land are annn-tlly brought under cultivation ; the tonnage of* every seaecast and inland port is annually increasing; manufacturing and mechanical pursuits have acquired a position ccmple'ely independent of government aid and support, and every element of progress and pros peiity has a volume and foree now that were unkoown a few years tinoe. All this requires capital and eredlt, tul it la therefore limply absurd to attempt any eompariam between the present and tbe past. The banking m. ment of this city at this moment n ? in proportion to ;> capital, ita trade and commerce, the increased value an 1 amount ef property, Ita population and the various e a. in which eitisens are engaged?as limited a. t has been at any time within the past ten rears. I; is even more limited, and hut for the accumulations of pri vate capital in the hands of private hackers, tbe movi ment of incorporated Institutions would from actual ne cessity be lar beyond tbe present aggregate. At the close of the sect there was quite as improve meet io 'he stock marks-, and money mat'ers Occam easier. W* have had, during the pait month or two, an occasional bnt temporary stringer cy in '.be runner market. Tbe effect was hardly pereo.tiole before :ut cause disappeared. Toe month of March paced aw&y -rn.h more comfortably than was anticipated, and thus 'ar the nonth of April has been pretty free from financial einbar*a.fment. A few weets mire will carry os th-ongb ifcemost active p rt of the btninese season, after whf t we nr.ay look for more activity in Wall street, and more life amcrg tbe brokers. The market i? not ve-y well so ?? piled with speculative stocks, and opera fms wiU be forced to take hold of a cla.e pr seeti'iti.s of a s.iperinr i.on-ac ter, compared with those which have hithe~to occupied t.heattenti n ef ? peculators. The cn'y stick-. ,a wb'.--.h there is any margin for improvement, la whieh there is a boxa fide vam? beyond current prices, where safety a>%n Inve.'meet, comidcel with great productiveness, ?. gtarsrty against loss, upon ?ny torn or tr e ravkst, are those of Western railroad Speculators wiJ be forced to take held of the-*; stools in tae aieenee of others having the first speculative element in the as. A few years ago we hid a dozen stork, on the market of the most worthless character. Tfcey have r.sarly aii disap peared, much to our -an.'a-'iin There is m< re safety in stock (peculation *4 the ;?resent day than w? bav kn'wr fr-r maoy y'-a .-i, and if .;?? .a- riLsvt .be capi ta) t' wy thejt iaal?<-si ag."arao'y ??*!na lies. ' The outward meiweet of speck t M this port laat wool vu limited. Mb^kkmb or Snoi >w* t m j^g, 0f Sww y0RU Brig Delta, Ponce, P. R.?Snar illnr.... #2,000 00 Steamer Atlantic, Liverpool. _m>Ver cjlri.... 4,860 00 Total for the week #0,860 00 Previously reported #6,051,406 06 Total, 1880 #6,068,346 05 A. H. Moo lay's t* ^nl?r Henri-weekly auction sale of etoeka and bond* w flj take place on Monday, the 14th tost., at 12# o'el<">ek, at the Merchants' Exchange. The Talue of rjerehandiae, produce, ho., exported from thie port durir.g the week ending Friday, April 11, I860, waa * #1,127,009 Specie 0,860 Total exportation .#1,138,040 The Imports in the aame time were aa foliowa:? General merchandlae ...#8,011,640 Drygooda 2.072,242 ? ? -#6,083,788 Exeeaa of importi over export* #8,040,830 The following ia a comparative statement of the value of exports from the commencement of the year to April 10;? 1865. I860. In-rum. Decrease. Cotton #2,730,406 3,751,300 1,014,031 ? Flour 1,811,807 3,611,287 2,100,080 ? Corn meal... 88,327 74,746 ? 13,682 Wheat 07,038 1,638,427 1,670,480 ? Corn 1,252,718 086.341 ? 207,377 Beef 079,469 613,761 ? 66,716 Pork 1,120,700 1,307,240 177,631 Total #7,206,030 11,881.187 4,902,031 340,674 Net increase lo April 10,1860 4,616,267 The quantity and value of each article imported and exported during the week ending and including Friday, April 11,1860, appears la the following tables:? Commerce or rax Pom of Nkw Tore. IMPORTATION'S OTHER THAN DRY GOODS. Packages. Value. Packages, Value. Bristles 73 #12,166 laatrumenta? Bronzes 2 622 Surgical ..... 2 #270 Books 44 9,639 Ivory 11 1,608 Bags ? 4,600 Jewelry 20 77,021 Baskets 104 4,670 Liquora Braahes 16 4,070 Ale 1,810 16,047 Buttons 26 7,006 Brandy 120 13,774 Chalk 260 200 Gin 114 6 007 Cheese 800 6,067 Porter 180 1,667 Coffee,bgs...6,737 102,782 Ram 36 1,004 China 166 6,341 Whiskey 15 1,760 Coal 1,100 4,811 Leather 32 6,370 Segara ? 184,000 Do. patent... 3 000 Drug^- Baotah shoes 4 2,168 Argola 63 6,743 Dressed skins. 100 22,606 Ammonia.... 48 1,060 Undressed do. ? 116,126 Anus 108 3,682 Metal goods.. 13 1,368 Blea. powder. 67# 0,263 Copper 7 1,063 Borax 60 2,126 Peroos'n caps. 36 8,082 Brimstone.... 403 800 Cutlery 70 36,923 Berytes 406 2,160 Guns 123 43,119 Bioarb. soda.. 600 1,642 Hardware.... 423 61,266 Cream tartar. 26 6,937 Iron, tons.. .1,783 168,680 Castor oil.... 112 6,304 Pig 1,226 23,411 Gum copal... 160 1,887 Chains...,,.. 62 6,149 Licorice 60 1,400 Hoop 2.703 4,203 Opium 33 14,490 Railroad.... 6,698 47,337 Phosphorus.. 26 1,494 Sheet... .....4,364 16,108 Pernv. hark.. 607 11,803 Tabes 372 2,197 Quinine 63 10,793 Wire 680 6,424 Khnbarb 262 13 094 Nails 427 4,828 Soda ash 470 13,820 Needles 4 2,048 8al soda 300 2,124 Lead 4,405 00,485 Sugar of lead. 20 1,193 Soelter . 4,882 12,969 Tartaric acid.. 6 1,180 Sheathing.... 00 8,823 Other articles ? 2,326 Steel 4,117. 40,803 Dyewooda, paints, Ac.? Sadlery 16 3,013 Colors 34 1,320 Tin plates.. 15,201 110,412 Vermilion.... 17 2,104 Other articles ? 4,010 Logwood ? 1,702 Molasses 910 28)089 Paints 304 4,417 Paper 32 2.972 Indigo 15 1,730 Do. hangings. 71 8,433 Madder 256 17,964 Perfumery... 33 7,086 Whale oil.... ? 68,344 Rope ? 2,000 Linseed do.... 310 29,243 Plants 873 17,482 Olive do 130 2,347 Rags 416 6,308 Fruit, ice.? Rattan. ? 1,618 Can ants ? 1,766 Spices 10 1,353 Lemons&Ora's ? 12,028 Soap 750 1,600 Nuts ? 3,613 Salt. ? 6,763 Plums ? 3,060 Seeds 30 1,010 Engravings... 6 8,262 Sugar, hhds.6,169 406,140 Emery 260 1,468 Do. bx. Jtbgs.6,794 131,706 E. ware 1,309 46,887 Stationery. .. 14 1,718 Fancy goods. 69 14,606 Tea, chests.47,103 896,803 Furs 126 92,874 Tobacco 369 9,470 Fish ? 1,363 Toys 36 2 428 Feltirg 7 3,585 Watches 71 122,811 Glass........ 516 10,590 Whalebone... ? 47,607 Do. ware 13 1,228 Wines 1,503 22,026 Do. plate.... 20 7,412 Champagne..1,977 12.436 Mirror de.... 87 7,602 Wood Hair 26 5,166 Mahogany.. . ? 6,120 Do. cloth 2 1,049 Cork ? 492 Hat's goods... 26 4,966 Willow ? 566 Hemp/. 1,271 63,444 Wool 74 4,366 Honey 52 1,746 Flocks 35 1.804 instruments? Waste 116 8,879 Musical 46 8,993 Chemical 12 360 Total #3,011,646. Optical 1 626 Exportation!). LIVERPOOL. Quant. Value. Quant. Valve. Cotton, his ..4,430 #224,648 Tnr'tine, hble 100 #1,510 Flour, bbls.. 1,793 11.794 Logwood, tons 202 4,000 Wheat, bns.27.806 40.900 Apples, casks. 21 105 Corn 113,424 82,787 Cheese, lbs.26,452 2.290 Beet, tcs 635 13,225 Rosio, bbls.. 1,200 2,061 Pork, bbls ... 11 220 8pm. oil, gals 622 1,150 Baccn,ib.l,755.989 141.463 Rags, .bales... 12 2,500 Tallow.... 213,126 21,841 Lead ore, esks 2 "">0 Fustic, tons.. 10 168 Staves 9,636 002 Logwood 8 134 ? Tar, bbls 800 2,300 Total. #564,248 HAVRE. Flour, 1,200 #8,750 TOULON. Flour, bbls..1,800 #22,600 Pork, bbls...4,464 #93,744 Total #116,244 HAMBCRG. CottoE,bales. 1,633 $67,916 Brcmze pd's.os 1 $643 Hour, bbls... 40 380 Logwood,tons 66 1,216 Rye, buftL.,72,692 88,809 Honey, tee... 66 2,682 Pork, bbls.... 12 190 Tobaoeo, belee 1-7 2 302 Rosin 606 796 Spirits, bbls.. ICO 2,800 r-hoe peps.... 97 400 Spirits turp',e 400 0,212 Lea. elotb.oe. 101 12226 Bristles, eks.. 3 8 300 Chemicals... 1,100 7,821 Ex. log'd, bxsl,600 9,286 I. R. goods... 742 18,690 Ex. fustie.... 250 1,692 Segais. 1 2,415 Ex. quercit... 260 1,417 lard, lbs...22.879 2,426 Stares 6,767 447 Rice, tee 69 1,708 Total $222,122 ROTTERDAM. Cotton, bales. 288 $11,236 Potatoes, bbls 101 $3 327 liases, lbs...1,346 161 Books, eases.. 2 280 Lard 46,469 4,917 Ex. q'eit, bxs. 339 2,418 Rosin, bbls... 600 775 Veneers, oases 6 318 Cedar, logs... 266 8,011 Ex logw'd,bxs 300 1,761 Wax, lbs....1,869 602 Stares 6,000 476 Honey, tea... 143 6,203 - Total $16,329 ALICANTE. logwood, tons 100 $2,700 Stares 36.000 $278 Fustic 48 107 ? Total $3,085 WOLGART. I,ngwocd, tons 227 $4,787 ARCHANGEL. Cot'on, bales. CO $2,010 Logwood, tons 73 $1,998 Rye, bus....9,071 11,119 Total $15,136 BRITISH NORTH AMERICAN C1IL0NIK8. Hour. bbls..4,292 $28,239 Yarn, bales.. 6 (270 Rye flour.... 700 8,399 Bread, bbls... 370 1.619 Weal 864 2,707 Tinware, es.. 6 180 R>e. ous 160 202 Tea, chests... 569 7.898 l ork, bbls.... 876 13,677 Wieking, be.. 70 187 Corn, bus.,,. 220 220 Leather, ads.. 380 1,< 30 Beet, bbls.... 126 1,426 Cordage, els,. 12 676 Oieese, lbs..1,614 169 Wa. oil, gals. 153 138 Hum, hhds... 20 1,830 Sugar, bbls... 116 2.832 libacco,lbs. 34,226 5.160 Clorers'd,bgs. lj 261 Rice, tee 38 948 ? Candles, bxs.. 832 2,666 Total (75,172 BIUTTHH WtHT INDlFH. Meal. bbls... 200 (742 Varnish, cs.. 10 Corn, bus.... 200 166 Oats, bus,... 200 Beef, bbls.... 40 550 Bread, bags.. 100 Pork, bbls... 227 3,411 Tobacco,lbf.20,728 Hems, lbs...1600 206 Candles, bx.. 179 lard 1,250 167 Hay, bales... 40 Cheese, lbs..4,428 627 Horses 30 (lilmtal, bble. 60 072 Canvass, ba.. 12 Peas, beg* 200 468 Matches, cs.. 10 900 Total (14,229 GTBA. Beef. bbls.... 98 If86 Palm oil, es.. 1 Hstns, 15s. .12,68.3 1,333 Copper 2 Perk, bbls... 99 1.7C5 Papsr, rnis..2.000 Lard. '.be.. .42,296 4,408 Cordage, colls 19 Butter 2,006 437 Hardware, es 126 Salt, sack*... 200 320 Shook*, hd* 5,563 T-ibaeco, lbs . 980 220 Ho ps 108,650 Wh. oil gals. 1,030 910 Hhds 1,797 Rice, tierces. 161 4 366 B-tards, ft..92,873 Wickfrg, pks. 6 '.DO Powder, bxs.. 6 Prep, b'xe?.. 100 100 Candles 40 362 Total (40,287 hatti. F.our, Ibis... 900 (2.664 Domes Uoe cs. 2 (192 Beef 160 1660 Rioe, bals.... GO 726 Pork 477 7,794 Drugs, boxes. 2 108 Hsrne, lbs.. .3,330 333 OodBsh, lbs.65,075 2,fl.'9 Butter 3,192 598 Fish, bbls..,. 300 1,674 Soap, hexes. 1,100 1,376 Tobacco, bales 60 687 Sugar 10 398 ? - Jo al (20,717 PORTO RICO. Me?J, run.... 160 (2,bt>0 Bread, bbls... 00 (222 Pork, bbis.... 30 498 Ouano, tbn*.. 6 269 Hams, lbs.. .2,276 261 I/*ad pi-te, c?. 3 391 Buner, lbs... 794 164 -'bo-ks k bhds 600 780 lead, lbs... .'2,856 316 Hobps 49,000 1,307 Cb- ese, lhs. .1,364 Rice, tierces.. 26 129 676 Tetal DANlNIt WSPT INTtlHB. $1,224 l eather, rolts. 3 Matting, rolls. 12 (128 221 166 145 chawle, case". 6 875 260 lnd<go, cases.. 1 130 206 Ripe. Col's..., 68 3 825 364 Rie.s, tierr-*.. 20 391 132 Cand es, b*?.. 390 1 32ft 512 Bread, bbls.,120 38 t 126 pier,r. bbls... 191 Rye flenr bbie 41 flam*, He.. .1,209 Reef, jbgs? 31 Urd, lt>e....l 062 Putter. lbs..1.521 Cheese, Ibe..1,080 'a*et?, ca?es. 26 Pf-neoto, legs 10 ic-al (10 441 G'and total , (1,127,09*1 n iin ? i* ni r? Sin iDiT, April 12 l|u 96000 Indian*8 8?g.. MV 360 sh* Erie RR.VV.e 87 w 7000 Virginia 0'i. .. . 93 V 060 do afl 67), 2000 Louisiana 0'a.. 92V 100 do blO 971! 2OOC0 Miiaoori 8?b30 85 200 Reading RR..S0O 032 2000 Erie 2d K Bda. 96V 10 do 92k 7000 Brie OonBde '71 88 X 300 do i.e OjC 600 BudKlstMBds. 00* 200 do b30 02v 1000 HndR2dMBds.. 88X 100 do >80 02k 6000 IIIConRBda.sOO 87 000 do. 630 03k 600 do s3 87V 800 do 0 92)J 2C000 do |3 87 V 40 Hudson River RR 34), 8600 do 87V ? Utah Cm RR.-gB 09 2000IllCenRFBda,wp 87V N do........O MX 600 N York Oem 0'a 00 60 do. 0 M^ 1000 N York Cen 7'a 102V 10 Miah So ft N la RR M 2000TerreHftA2dMB 78 1M Panama RR.. ..e 109X 2000 GlevftTolCBds.. 88V lOOUlOm RB...b30 96 20 aha NYCountyBk 100 100 ClevfcPttta R.M0 M 100 Canton Co.... n3 23V 40Clev, OolliCln.. 101 160 do a8 23V 14GalftOhiRR.... 119 100 do MO 23V 79 do M 116 100 do M0 28V 100 do M0 119 60 do 23 V 126 QevftTol RR .. a3 81 \ 300 do 28V M0 do .aB SIX 30 Dalfe Hod Q Co. 129 V 1829 do 82 100 do 129V 200 do-*" .M0 82* 166 P?nn Co Co 101V 400 do b20 SIX 200 do b30 101V 300 do b30 82 200 do M0 101V 100 do o4m 80 200CumbCoal Co.s3 28V 60 do a00 80X 60 Porte'h DryDock IV 482 Chi ft R I RR...? 96 60 NioaTransit Co.. 13V 100 do 92* 100 do 18V 100 da a30 92). 260 N YCenRR....? 92V 60 do e 92} 100 do b8 92V M do bM 93 100 do 0 92V 100 do b7 93 200 do s30 92V 190 do b3 M 360 Erie RR s60 67 300 do b30 93 200 do 67 100 do ?30 92) 200 do b30 67 11 Mil ft Miss RR.., 86), 200 do 67V 40 do 86} 660 do e 67V 60 do 86 100 to b3 67 V 100 L I Railroad 99} SECOND BOARD. 82000 Louisiana 6'h.. 92 V 12 ahaChie ftRlaRR 92} 10000 Missouri 6's.bS 86 80 N Jersey RR..... 122 10000 do.... b80 86 10 NYork Can RR .. 92) 6000 ni Can RR Bda 87 V 40 do M0 98 3600 do 87 V 10 Erie RR 67 4000TeireEftA2dMB 78 100 do 67) 100 aha Read RR.bl5 02V 300 do M0 67) 160 do 92V 100 do b30 67} 100 do b30 93 100 do a3 67) lOOClev ftTol RR.b60 81V 100 do al6 67) 200 do 82100 Had Rlv RR..b30 36 100 do 830 82 100 do 36 100 do 829 82 200 do M0 36} 160 Chle ft Rk la RR.. 93 22 little Miami RR. 92) 200 to b30 93V lOOttiaLShRR.bCO 78 CITY COlUMBitCUL REPORT. Saturday, April 12?6 P. M. A RHUS ?The market eontlnaed Arm, without oh* age < moment In price*. The stockgof aehee on Friday, Apr 11, 1866, was aa follows:? Pott, 6Ms. Ptarlt, 661 First sort 60 Beoond sort 14 Third sort 0 Condemned 1 Total *65 Breadotcf-re.?Flour?The market was heavy, prices for common State were about 12V cents p< barrel lowsr. Tbe sales embraced some 4,000 a 6,0C barrels, including common State, at 86 26 a 86 37X extra State, 86 60 a $7; common to good inedinr extra Western, 86 60 a 87 60; and extra Genesee and S Louis, at $7 76 a 810. Southern brands were aleo 12V1 per bbL lower, with sales of SOOiOOO bbla., ranging from 8 for common up; $7 76 a 88 60 for fancy and extra brand Canadian waa quiet, with sales of 200 a 300 bbla exti at 88 31 a 86 37 V* By* liour we* quiet. Veal?Bales < 2,000 a 8,000 bbls. were made, including New Jersey, s 83 31V. end Brandy wine at 88 44. Wheat?The mark, was quiet, and without change for prime lota, while Infi rior qualitlea were nominal; small sales of white Soutl era were reported at $186. and of red Souther common et 81 60. Cora?The market waa hear and prices easier. The sales embraoed about 18,000 20,000 bushels, including oontmon lota of sound et 60c. 61c., and fair te good mixed yeilow and white nt 62Vfl. 03a., and prime yellow and white, in shipping order, 1 66c. Rye was scarce and firmly bald. Sales of 6,000 0,000 bushels Northern at $1, and Pennsylvania waa 1 96c. a 98c. Oats were lees buoyant. State were aold ? 41c. a 43c., and Ctlesgo at 44c. a 46c. Cemm waa steady, but the large auction sales adve tised for the coming wesk checked transactions. T1 sales embraced 400 a 600 bags of Rio at 11V*. * 11V* aid 60 mats Java at 14 V*. Cotton.?The sales reached about 2,000 a 3,000 bale the market closing firm, wit 1 an upward tendency prices. Frkkjhtb were dull, as shippers were waiting later f< reign sews. To Liverpool, 10,000 a 20,000 boahela grai were reported, in bulk, at 6d.; about 600 bales of oottoi part ctmpreswed, at }?d. a3-16d., and 700 boxes bacon 1 26s. There waa no change or movement of Importance 1 notice to other porta. Hat was steady, with moderate sales at $1 06 8112V sales embraced about 600 a 700 bbl New Orleans, at 43c. a 45 Vc. a 46c. Naval Stork.?Sales of about 2.000 bbla. eoramc rosin were made at 81 76 a $1 78, and 200 bbls. spirt turpentine, at 38c. a 89c. Oil.?Sales of about 20,000 gallons English linseed we: made at 80c. a 81c. Provisions.?Pork?The market waa firmer and moi active, and the sales embraoed about 1,600 bbla., ii luclsg mess at 816 60, and at the close it waa held 1 816 62V- Country mess ana prime beef was withoi barge, with sales of 100 a 200 bbls. Beef hams an prime mess were without alteration In prices. Ct meats were dull, with moderate sales, including shoulle: kt 7 Vc- * "Vc-, and hams at 7V?. * 9V*. Lard wt uncharged, with sales of 200 a 800 bbls. at 9Ve> a 10. Butter and cheese were unchanged. Spifss.?Sales of 60 bags of pimento were made at lit Sioabb.?The market was active, and for medium < good grocery qualities prices were firmer. The sales en braced about 1,200 a 1.400 hbds., including Cuba mm oovado, at 6Vc. a 7V?-, included in which were son lots of Porto Hico and New Orleans at full prices. Tallow.?Sales of about 100,000 lbs. were made at ID a love. WiitsKKY.?Sales of about 600 bbla. Ohio asd State pr ?on were made at 27s. Weekly Report of Ueathi la the city and oounty of New York, from the 5th day < April to the I2th day ol April, 1854. Men, 80; women, 18; boys, 148; girls, 127?'Total, 438 Adults, 168; children, 276; males, 238; Jnnaies, 20f oolored persons, 12. DIKBABRB. Abscess, of the ovaries... 1 Fever, scarlet. 4 Albumlnariaand Biight'i Fever, typhoid dinette of kidneys 1 Fever, typhus Argina pectoris 1 Fracture of the legs Apoplexy 0 Heart, disease of I Bronchitis 4 Heart, d'.seatsof (tatty). Burned or scalded 2 Heart, disease of valvular' Cancer 1 Heart, disease of (west Cancer of the stomach... 1 ing of) Cancer rf the throat 1 Hooping cough Cancer of the womb 1 Inflammation. Catarrh 2 Inflammation of bowels.. Casualty (fall from a win- Inflammation of brain.... dow) 1 Inflammation of beart.... Casualty (fall through a Inflammation of lungs...! hatchway) 1 Inflammation of stomach. Cholera Infantum 2 Inflammation of throat.. Cholera morbus 3 Insaui:y I C ingestion of brain 7 Intussusception of intes Oongest ion ot lungs S tines Consumption 61 Liver, disease of ' Convulsions, infantile 48 lockjaw (infantile) Convulsions, puerperal.. 1 Lues venerea Croup 14 Malformation of heart.... Debility, adult 3 Marasmus, adult Debility, infantile 9 Marasmus, infantile ....1 Delirium tremens........ 2 Measles Diarrhoea 2 Old age Dropsy 6 Palsy Dropsy In the chest 1 Pleurisy Dropsy in the head 11 Premature birth Drowned 2 Rupture, of the bowels.. Dysentery 4 Rupture, of the womb... Enlargement of the proB- Scrofula ta'e gland 1 Bmallpox Eruption (eczema) 1 Softening of tho stnmaeh. Erysipelas 4 Spioe, disease of Exposure 2 Stillborn.... 3 Fever 2 Suicide, by eil of almonds. Fever, congestive 2 Teething ... Fever, intermittent 1 Unknown (not stated)... Fever, puerperal 3 Varioloid Fever, remittent 1 - Total 4: anrapiTTUtTios?Dinazan truss*ota. Bones, .pints, he 2 Old age Brain and nerves 96 stomach, bowels and other Generative oi gaus 7 digestive organs ( Heart and blood vessels. ,18 Uncertain seat and gene Lungs, throat, be 116 ral fevers 1 Skin. Ac., and eruptive Unkmwn Severs f0 Urinary organs Stillborn and premature ? birth 42 Total 41 ?Of which 9 were from violent causes. son. Under 1 year 146 dO to 40 years ?' 1 to 2 years 33 40 to 50 years 8 3 to 6 years ?e 60 to 80 years. 1 6 to 10 years '..0 80 to 70 years 1 10 to 16 years ... 8 70 to 80 years 16 to 20 years 71 80 to 90 years 20 to 26 years 19 Unknown 26 to 30 years 17 - Total 41 kzrivmm. England..,............. 12 ''nited Mates........,.3] Entries I Unknown 'Jsrmany 2t Wales Holland 1 West Indies Ireland 71 Beotlano 6 Total ..41 preuo mwrrrrnoza. Almshouse, Blkwll's Isl.. 1 Psnt'rv H >?pT, Elk's Tel. Bell stub Hospital 7 Randl's tsl. Nurs Rihi'I.. CDy Hospital 4 Bmallpox Hosp Elk's Isl. Colored Home Hospital., 1 Ward's Isl. Emir" Hoep.. bouse of Itefrge 1 Workhouse, Btk's Isl l unatic Asylum, Bik's Isl. 1 Lunatic Asylum, BE dais.. 2 Total I WARDS. 1 li 13 2 2 14 ' 8 2 15 4 16 16 6 (IncIudesCIty Hosp'i).16 17, I 8... 28 18 I 7,... 26 19 ((Delude* Blkl's Maud 8 24 Hospitals) ? d 18 ' 1) 20 21 (includes B'vnsHosI).J 1 1 86 "" 1? (includes R. ??d W. ? Island Hospital") 19 Total ...44 GFORCE W. MORTON, City lnsreetor.. City InspMtor'i Offloe, If4W York, April 12,1IM.