Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 14, 1856, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 14, 1856 Page 7
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AMKRTIHFMENT& RENEWED EVfiUft D1Y._ ? TrORNtlSJT ?nrr\ nnA VOKIB OF CITY ANH WJTBTKT *650.000 pZ-pa/tj for.aieaod -cpntutlor 5hou??e tnd low *t'1 vaesr.t <it?. la New Ytrkand Broot pr ce from ?\00 to *15,00"; sod. Wun m tag ttl'B. f.t .a two scree Np to VWO, and v"s , K if. prlev imn, *3 to *15 dm acm. I'tare wtll be found ^V'Sflrd onronuiil.te* for men with mutat MIM.HMI ?a|t,, T')*8 OF THE MOW HUPCtUOb IUB JHQ .IfU* ' By the kntaherboeker Ice fomoani, office vSt?u*i s'rev v-lor sbipetog or eny trade, all order-, will M nrrmp'lv sumded to ud faltbfu'I* executed. K. B.?Tbe a (be pnlv nuegur bring tag kotklud lake or any take Ice m (be market. R* T. OOdl'IoJf, President. W. ft. Wuato*. Secretary. *n ftcifl -for bale. in part or ToanrnKR. 3)t/.UUvr. or exchange lor merchandise or furorure, a matt oerlratle Improved prcpnrty, In the village of Klagstio, ? leler eounlr. rituaied to the outtaess era moat desirable part eftbe villegt, will be eold at fair valaalioa. Further particu hue given by tf. B. HoWfcH A )Q . 84 Nassau strcel. tKfKlll-* HOTEL, a hi) PlhiaQBAi/JOd FOB S.D.UWU. tee, one of the beet keaUoo^dovn owu, * Sealed a law door* ir-m West street, and opooatte one >? uje prfeeipal market*; lodging roome far eight/ persona An ei teaeiv* atalr* ramm and oar oonnecled Fart S/!wiK^fcOo money may rrmatn some time. Apply to C. B. HOW ltd AOw. *A Q/Ul -'OR sauk. the thkeb story brick ?4 .yUt). bourn. Bo. 218 bebermerh*n itreet ?"?*? ton* ft b Wftll ttubi. bu? KM tbrOUlb'iUt, UQ I* 7W7 QMlrftblt SUd* prtceK?0a ffuStad b. tie lAth taetoni. will be rat lad to an approved tenant lor $600 pet annum, apply a* above, or at 82 booth strata, N. Y. fO ail tit -A HOU8H FUKN1BBINO IBTOBB FOB fl.UUU. sale; one of the most profitable ettablUhmeol* the kind ta hew York. Wood and to ware of every deeerlp; Ura Tbe tin were le moatlr manufactured br the prevent aroartet r. Ike steer et?vauatt?o. Tbe I-names, yte d. B3oo jear'j Apply to C B. BOWBB A CO.. 84 Hassan su -o (Will OafeH Wit L PUB3HA8K ON* HAL* IB ftZ.UUU lereatma lumber maoufactnrtag bostaoea In this e?y, ibat will net ffi.OOO yearly .Tbe bustaesvis strip* y tor east eooseonentlv without risk Particulars will be fur airbed by 0. B BuWBB A Co , Bo. 84 Nveaau^eeL *n twill -A HOT El. IS BOOTH STRF.Kr, DOING ? Ay.l'UU. a t.rvt rate burtaesa bavicg a levte of five veaia bouse comp den furnt-ned for ths autl'ess, and one id the mist desirab e snuxls ia tbe oca l;v- For further puU' uniars agpi- to O. it HoWhic AIX).. 84 Nassau r. J cot. no imn ?* ?A8H wiu' AH^oskh^p 5Z,U')U the interest ia a l"inber manafa'tur.og bust new in this eitv ibat wi'l net 16 W0 per year. Tbw but taws a foreaeh cnlv. rot iet[ue-lly without rink. Particulars will be ftanThed by eallttg on u. B. HoWES A Co.. No. 84 Nasrau strati. ... m Ui.ll -FCH 9rL?, LBaBB. btook and fix spl.O" >U. lures of a h retteb con?ectlone-v, wine and fruit iuiiv. kouverur.i.foied, ? .to eirnt .ittais anil baeem*n', rent tbe ?hoapest io tbe cit?; the ir.catlon ouiy wanui to oe sea i u? raitf- any ore wtih the above, amount thai s-icti a chanee rarely pfl'eri. Addrca Bukihrss, Herald otbee. Agemu will p.e%ee uo' Brewer. A r.,/1 v/lLli PlIRCHvUt fBH LBaHK, 8T JOK AND fixtuivs of a rroeerv snd iltiuor store; hav been established ten .rarr, and .* low doit k a F od butceMU Staia taRun rfft'ots(fir rtliug Inquire 01 UHIFpI.y a hai- j FitfLli. piiut^re, 5W Uroad^aj^ , An. h-?OK 8A1JE. FOR OA-H ONLV-A CaRr, barntss, ue (without bone) witi i-tterett .n work Ht H<?: g A I o.N salt store; s pi tag t*<* e Is jU-t e immen atag nqntf e a t ibe store B PER Bid. 186 Washington 11. stoeit -roB bale obr oi fT<a Bhar drinkino S^J)y, saVons down town; the only raaann lor seJnng, tbe ow< rr tiiiv otber bu??? tea ^qo to. Iuguire oo tbe pre m*8<? 101 lirofcd <trtet, for tv>o day. AV(tr . Ft rIIHTaN ' Y8TF.R S?6iX).f.II ONd tDlZt). of tbe feet tUorougblares intheody; Itbxsbeeo kept hh tuck tor b? ltaet live >can; would make a aood lagnr bter talf on Ibc flx'.nros arc worth oouble tbe amount. It must he 10'd m tbe owner is golrg in another bnciuecs. ad ph on tbe pieutses 463 Elgnth avenue, for three days. jr.. ZTiajJS 25X100 FtiRnal.E, OB hXOHAdGE FOR $5U., at Woodhaven, h'.4 mt e. from Jew Tors, core to railroad depot trains pass several dstly. Apnly at 615 Water strest. New York. ? L'RCG PIORR FOB R/.U5- 18 DOIItO A tWJOD SCSI A d??s. with a three years' lease, from the ttrsl of MAT, wIT? k? sold FtMor^bJe forca?h Appiy J btruu 1NGM, corner of tsxni'b and Ba lie gtreeta, Broofctyp. Adbkikablk oodbtry seat and pVIM for rale, or to let. witaln twenty five mh es of BewYrrk ?sa atntpg asout tbi'teen acres; boose is a 'arga, double, two s'orv aid avic wl'n extensive ouibnlldloga, and within t*<j hundred vaxls of r.'lroad depoi. it Is well iw?m4 with all khdsor fruit shroboerv snd bowers. It will be void low. u applied for immedlattay. Alvo io' M?. he farm ot eight; hOies and targe bcuseadjotatog, with extenvivc outbuidtagr ; tbe land Is get d. as well as the buildings and fences; the altna uon Is blgh. bea thy and p'eassnt For panic >ian appty vi .iiiHSPHW. ALLEN, >o. 10 Mercbama' Excha ge, Wall savet. I BANDfcOMK, BEW -WO hTORY GRKJIAN COT A. tage for rale, In the village or Pawalc. late Acqnarkn aenk. Pasasic eountv, Ntw Jerasy. vltuated on the plank roid betweenPatervunaidHoboben. 12 mUeaIroin iherlty of New > oik, and three nitauAs' wa,k from tbe depot o* tbe New York and tr.e Railroad, the trstaa ruontag to and from the city Mur aires a dav. Tbe bouse contains eleven ro >ms, w'th a la*ge eel ar ondcr the. main house with a goodsuoplv ol water in the bouve. aisc a large rsnge; there Is abeauU'u well el wa ter and ac aworure. i of frul; trees and g'aoe vines, emb~es l-g afcru'ball an aire of ground. Price $1500. *or farther pertlcula a a. a. ess Ca&i ieu. bt x Bo. 165 Herald office. Tbex :nu,? ntdbhcTstore kors o.e-a long J\ tune eataollvhed tn a good therougblbre and badness sheet, well stacked Leatly Bbedup and ex ecstvaly pat- 'nU'd, with conver lent office attached. Rent eas maole. Trlcc *5 )3. a most e\ee,ler,t stard tor a physician. Apply to a, w. RIOPaBD*. 307 Broadway. a PAOVlhlON KSTABLIbUMKNT, WITH ALL THE A reoevsrv flxtutes to carry on a large business, for saio, er will be leaded. 1 he above establ'sbmeot is fitted up with anery ev.t veuivuoo in the way of loe aod smoke houses; the lue bouMS are row fl kd with lee. To a pervop with capital tats la awkarre leklom met wltb, as there Is a'readv esta iltshed a Urge trade, at d c?n be inc-eaeed by ao enlerprlstag person, far'urtaer paiticulsrs addxem A. B., Provision Dealer, He raid office, tor one week. DRLU BTOBeToF THB FIBBT CLaBB, OF MODR rmle >)ae. tn a moat reaper table neighborhood, req ulrtog anly suitable attention, wtaeb the present proprietor cannot gtve to it, to evoure sweeem, will be diapaaed ot below Ita value, inquire turther ol F. HUhN. B >. 10Gold atreeC EADTIFOL COUNTRY MAFBION FOB BALB?REdl of Gen Tom Thumb Li order to clove the ee-ate of the la-e Hberwuod t. Stratton. the ftse family mansion situ elnd tn the delightful ctty or Bridgeport. Cone., W ofleren for mle. Tbe bom e is lift' feet square, and three stories and fc sse ment blab, end lull by days' work In the most substantial manner: To* grounds (six acres) are laid out in lavrs. g*r dana Ae , and Interspersed with ornamental and fruit trees Tbe outhouses, bam carriage house, wood house, Ac , witb the maneton, all were built qplv four years ago. Pertv or flftv serei of laid will be eold with toe homestead it ,.,mrri a'large portlm of the purchase may reraato upon bond and mortgage, at 6 per cent For further particulars ap nSlo Mrs. NdkR^gOD K. BTBATTON. uoon the premlaea; SrV. H. BA88ATT, No 174 Pearl street. New York EAUTIFCL COUNTRY SKAT, WITH 52 ?CR1R, FOR vale or txebange tar city property, situated on tbe west bank of Cayuga 1akeS eirh. mllvs from Ithaca N. Y All kind, of frtat trees on the plaee; dweiltag. outbuildings and feocs all new Pik-e 10 000, envt $'2 < 00 Pnr further particulars to ?tare tn paper s ore 38' Grand street, where plan ol the plaoe ?ae be seen, or of THOMAS JONK9, on the premises.^ CTOHLR'H SHOP FOR 84LF/?NOW DOiNO A GOOD bu-inesa An excellent opportunity for a young man wtebta* to etniark in a buvioess already es-ab.isbed App y at 8$ Jane?ueeL nejt to > tgb.h avenue N. Y^ B-TuIFwa* BTORK.?ih* LKABS of THK large etcre 343 Bread way. havtng seven years jo run, lor sal-. If ftoplied for bocd; or ft p%rt of the etore would be leu App?y m tlie p!fmii6n, to GM)EOE LaMBACRT. (MOUBTBY-RF81DkNCE FOR BALB?BEATTTIFOLLY V-l sltna'ed on the ba?ks or a river wl'tan ten miles of Ne Tork tear a ralln ad station. Tbe bonne, in tae Ital an villa wtle. rmtalns vleven rooms, bath and modern improvetners, lantdry de sched, with sabiing and all other conveniences. Ybe grourds comprise nearly forty acres of duoir g eyeevlve garden and orchard, with abundance of rraoes and all k'nds of fruit. For partlculara, addrem box S,2li0 Post o ce. f ew York. t 10UNTB? PLACE FOR BALK OR TO LBr.?TBE C' vubrtantlal snd well ouilt bouse, Dieasautly vHualed ai Wert Perms. about ntae miles Irom Union pa*k, on the old Hilton roed. Tbe free ng and ontbnllotagsaro all nearly ne?, toe p ace le well watered, having several never failtagsprtnv ef good soil water; alar, tee cud and Ice house, fi led: aoud kiteber aod flower garden, containing a variety of fruit and For it i Drug stoke for halk-in a good location, I really tittrd no end doing % good business An the owts r I I* going to > uropett will be told at a fc&rgatn tor cash. App y | at S81 Eighth avenue. DRUG STORS FOR BALE?SITUATED IN ATHICXIY populated ncigbliorbool. will be told on reasons' a term*. aduIv at the ttore, 34t> First avenue, from 9 to 12 I M. and C to 8 r M. ITaRM OF ia> ACRE* FOR SaLB? BEAUTIFULLY located, five minutes from S mall depot of the Moms ant Eaaex Railroad one hour from se<v York; two houses *od an outbuildings. .nth every convenience for a couutry re I oerce It may be divided Into two parts, with agobdVri e lo eeeh If not sold before the 23d nroitmo. will be offered ?t the B*ercbnot?' Exchange. For terms and tu 1 parti ;ulam ap ply to M. KGOLP. Mi, Pine etraet, room No. 2 rOR BALR?THF, GROCERY AND LIQUOR STORK, now ilo n* a good bustoewi, eorner of Greenwtch an I Hxmsrsiev streets, rent low. Reaeon for sellisg, tha owner ? going to Germany. For further particulars Inquire on the premttee. XjH'R BALR?A 8PLRNPID FANCY AND MILUNitRY X* store: the steck Is all new and wel selected, and an exoel lent stand tor bnatnese; the only reason for selling Is on account of I Inesa, and It will be disposed ot oa very reasonable terns. Apply to JOHN A. LYDKCKk*, 199 Ooinmnla street, oorser at union, South Brooklyn. "EK)R BALE-THR FIXTURES AND TOOLS OF A TlW X snd wove store, seta liabst. eight years; house and store to let. Appiy oa the premises, IIS Tslrd avente IjVOR f>AL?-FIR8T CLASS HO US He IN' F JURTK AN m, C Twenty'ourth. Twenty ?rth Thirty see jnd. Thirty-third and 11 lrtv tourth streets and fifth avenue. Also, houses la a greet variety o' locauon* from $7,0(10 to 812,000; eligislo lots on Twenty u th, Twerty ceveoih and Twen'v-elghth streets. Flf h avenne and Hurray alll Apply to JOHN S. K8L80 02 ItUliam > tree i. FOK BALR?NIX YEARS' LEAHK OF A Tiro BfORT fulkllng. widi Iota of gmuDil, la the Fifth ward ftojd Meaner, 'or the provision, coal, mabogtnv, marble or any bust ? near re<tuiring vacant lota, inqslre at 3v< Washing on street. For balk-a hoi be a?d lot in ninrty bh^jno street, near Fltb avenne; will be sold cheap for oeah. In quire of I HOB. HL'RFH Y, fid Bleecker street 14 OR HaLB-A MAN C K ACTOR Y. Ac ; aLSO LE\BH OF X wareroom In Brosdway. Terms libera.. Apply to F. BTRnF, No. fi City Ha'l place. JitOR HALE-ON NHEflFBHBAD BtT, I.ONO ISLAND, r st-cut live miles trom Brocxlvn, a strut 1 olaee on tn? shore, the *star within forty feet of ihe bouse; the place coo u-it s sh' nt three acres of first r*te land, a square cottage, Ct.titaiiBp five moms and cellar, barn, Ac ; go *1 water aed very healthy Will be ?oid low. or exchanged tor a bouse and et In New York and the dlffe-enoe paid In 'Ash. Aonlyti TIM CONRoY, 4(9 Pearl street, or ft. H. Ludlow 11 Pine efreet, R. Y. |4'OK HAI.F.-aT KJNO'N BRIDG A DKBIRABLR r eonntry te?ldeti?e. eonHlsUng ot a modem nullt double two story full fit ished baaementOullJlng.contalniog path room and other water conveniences; haa marble mcn ola, Ac. The grt undsare taaietully laid nut In'o flower and gar dtn. straw berrs betfx, fruit trees. Ac.;agorl barn, web e ehtcker. house, Ac , on the premises Apply t ? J Ad. KOhlN PON ,103 Front stree'. ilTflALE?A WHOLRHALR AND RETAIL LIQUOR Store; He stock and fixtures, and lease or three year* now folrg a good hits in ess. for "*'e. cIma? If applied lor im ne <l'->telv AuplF in the store, 4U Nlnh avenue, between Thirty Sftb and Tliuty sixth iimu. MOB UlJeTVO WRW F1R-T Cl.eiw y(,Bn PTORT F brc wa storks hmiseti. finely Moated hi Twenty ninth street between Fnarth and Madison avenaee, fMshed in the m et subel arils! nMlMterwHh *1> ?room tw.rovntnrnti In qaire of WH. BY1B, >r JOHN W FLK1.DRR, oe the pre RON. HALE. f,X)R BALK?BBLOW OUST. FOR WANT OF RoUN I several urge oaake of beet FreD-h wklung Pie see ip(f at BLaCK A OR ARM'S, Centre street, corner CasaL i*lW-A PUWMD POOR WORT HOTTBE, IN ^?iturtv fifth street, 27.600: An. hi Forty third street. with adjoi> tog let (HWOU, Reuse renin for MOO, do m Twenty fifth mm,26 i?0; thsee stonrln Twenty fourth tirest, $7 Md; <lo. tolbtru fifth MmI, I3JOO; l&ncheipest Vmi ret ottered; homes f* city end coii_try, ml Us, Ac Ordeci pen nail y Aid promptly Attended to J6hN J. KIP. 320 W?st Tweniy towTthsfreet, from ilolIA II. end Alter 2 P. M. FHOR BALM-A BIAVT1PUL PARM, OF 110* AOKR8, In Bergen county. New Jersey, two miles Above Hsctea Mtek, with a river I rout and deefc doe baMlag, feed oreoard p erly o' Umber, and well watered; eoetwiandtnr a sntoadid view af die surrounding country Inquire of JOHN OOtlflH, at New Milted,JfT/., trd J. J. Tollman, 111 Broadway, room M rn 8ALK-OK EXCHANGE IN CART, T go NEW ? thrye rtory elegant name d wettings on Cumbertaol street, | avenue, Myrtle aveatxe. Appiy to 8. w. BUftjIS, U9 Myrtle le, corner ot Nuffield street, BrooAyn. fi?OR BALtt-TWO fcOUBIB AND LOTS, NOB. 131 AND P 133 Iset Nleventa street. Apply to D. HBXNRBBY, sodQIEastNtneteenih street. HtOit HtLK 'fhh TURKU FODR BTORT ANll Rs.SH ment brown stone troit booses snnato on the north tide ot fWrty sixth meet, being the bouses on the northwest corner o Lexington avenue and Ihlrtv sixth street and the two nouses en lbirtj sixth street, next but one to the corner of Lexington avenue. 1 be bouses are S0 test wide by 60 Icet deep, widths lots are 7b leet deep; the bouses contain all the modern im proves rate For lertns ajply at lfiO Tenth street, near Third avenue; or at he buildings. FH'R KsLK-AT IbLIP, L. I., A BPLHNDID FARM OF 270 as res, fronting on the south bay, in roll view of the onsen: <he sooth road divides it, giving two froxta of WO test, eel! tbndtd ?its fine old trees ajso, an entrant eouitry seat of Ira arm; cottage and all suitable outbuildings, in exielieot older. Airo, several hut dug sites ot ten acres each; One ma rine view, Ac. ,. poly to K. A. JOHNSON 3(5 Brood wav. (iXlR HACK-IN JitRFKY CITS, A TWU BtUHX AND r basement cottage bouse, contalnirg nine rooms anl eight pantries, handsome: v finish*d, with bard li .libed wails, o -r alee, Ac ; will be sold ohsan, if apoU-d for soon, and oo leasrpabie terms. Inquire of or address J AM tin MthAUOS. LIN, "rutker, corner of Tcrk and Henderson (trees, Jersey OWy. H ob balk thk lkabk, stock and fixtures of a latter bier and billiard sa oon. situated in one of ute be-i iborooghfsrss in tbiseiiy, Tor farther particulars apply at 1(17 Cana' street, N. S. HI OR PALK-TEK THRKK ??ORY BRIoOoOSH. NO 132 sast Thirtsertb street, itetveen Berrmd and third ave nnrs tenth s'de, hi ties lent order, with a'l the modern iro proveretDts; Inaqniei, peasant neighborhood; bouse 2'J-g s? 06 to the Mconi story; lot 103 leet. Hoe-ewton e ven the m.adle ot Ajrll For levirs axd O'dere to see the prem'sea appty to the owner ami occupant LCU108 0 aKT, Noa 4 aod 6 Burling sitp. Bvjr'sal*? a i)eisi?tT?7pTooottry RKfl.OKNJK. <1 about torty ?t> o acres of eiee lent tail, to hew Jersey, sigltesn itilcs fr jm Sew iorl.witna large two story h>n?e, plsrxss front ana rear, with br.rns, carriage and ce bou-e. An., a I in go n order, a large apo e orobad ol me bed grxf'od iron in lui. bearing; atso a>l Aiudoof small frail tee m Lis si bin a lew n.t,tales' walk (.< a ralrk.I depot, nod a very coitve.i isnt p ace for an v >ne (Lsimus ordains business in thl; ouy. t-s the csrs ran every hour appl ? to JORBr'H W ALLh N, 10 Merchants'KxctHnge Walis reet B'OR BALK-ON THIRTIETH BFRKKT, NEsR Ft HI d sverue a very desirable br wn stone boose. 22 fee', frtn', three ro-ms deep, in One order, modern ?ran-oyiraen's, snc still ie ra'd ata moderate price, In <n>*fiqu*nee of ttie owner leaving the city, App'v to fi. B. KKN.4H1MKK, 319 Fourth avenue, troro 3 to 7 r. M tKtrR baT.k^at a Bargain, tub fifty-itf bra n years unexpired lease ol a desirable lot 25x1)4 teat, on TwheIv seventh strr^'i west ot Kigh'b aveoue; siiuatud there on is a good ftame house containing eUM. rooms the whole subject to a rent end tax year.y ii scout % si. Also oo Twenty, fifth street, west of K ghui avennr, tbe unexpired lease ot' four years ol a lot 26x100 fret, subject to a rent and tax vea'lr of about (126: situated tbeieon is a small hui ding. wttLli would be desirable f ir a manutac nrkp establishment. Apply to B. W. RIOBaRHH, 367 Broadwav SuR BALE?A Vi.RY KICK BUILDING rtlTtt, u.% ' fctr.ten Jt-tand, four mi ee aid a hs.t irom the terry, osur tbe railroad, i < i.tainirg four and a hall acres of exoe lent la'd. Hrioe (I.KiO; ' vo thirds can remain at six per cent tec five years, this is a good chance lor a bargain Inquire v. 98 Hassan street, New York. T. W. Hl&OSO '? ? OB 8IALK?lN~C0jfJBQU8NCB OF TH* DRAIN Or * the late oroprtetor, the stoct. fix ores, and furniture of the Oarrick House 23 Oha'ham street together with the un expired lease w 6 year* from tbe first of May next For par ticulars apply on ike pc-rmires, or to P. HahBxI-K, (flxth ward hotel, corner of Dnare and Centre s'reeu if OR BALK?THE WELL KNOWN DAOfTKRHHAN r gallerv, 369 Broadway. This is a rare cbanoe tor any one wishing to engage in the avove ensloesi, as it Is onu of the cent Iccttti-'in- .o toe ctiy. Inquire of P. OAIGA, 369 Broad way, i ex t door to Taj Tor's salo n IjiOR 8AiTb? T0K STOCK, FIXITR'W ANiTLeaIb^F I? the well known raJoon, 262 Broadway. Temit easy. ?'OB 8ALK?THE PAST AN (I 8 PL RN DID aTFAMBw Croton; tsngtb 181 leet, breadth 2S test, ?o d 9 feet. 37i~j itch cylinder, ten tret stroke. Can he seen at street KmI river. Apr y to JOHN T. IRV7NQ, So 7 3 assau streat. For halk-a labqb sized copper champao.vs aid soda water apparatus, tnanulacturrd ny Win. Qec, and almost new; also, one good borse. wagon, harness, Ac Aop.y to or addiess MoNiCR A CO., 66 Waahliig'on street, lio boAcn HvOB 8AI.R, AT YONKtrRh?TBR RKHIDKKOti OF TOR late Judge Yark. The bou?e Is vers convenient and sus ?tantially bul l, being a double bouse, ana it has six acres of ground, beauti'uUy laid out with rhade, truit trees, flowers, Ac. It baa everytb ng to make a comfortable and desirable home. For further particulars Inquire ot it. W. CANDtiB, No. H WaU street. ipOR BALK OHRaP-A FAIT FOUR STORY BA8BMRN1 ' bonsn with hallways, and All the modern tmpror menis, marble mwntels, gas, ehandelien. Crow s, Ac ; a very desinale bonee and a first rale neighborhood 206 West Thirty second street, north Rde, between Eighth and e to lit <i venom. Can be seen at all Roan. Apply aa the premises, or W. R. UKJsaKjuIT. Half may remain on bond and mortgage. F? IjOR BaL* CHEAP ? 400 CHK8NUT PORTS, FROM J? fix to twelve 'eei loot; also, 'ocutt pons end timber; i> \ crdar posts and timber; a lot or crooked tmbe * for me* to boat timbers; alio, a lot of white oak Umbers and kr.ees lor nst 1 beats; also, hickory kute and timber. Apply at No. 337 lieiaiicey street. R BALK CHEAP A WO ON EAttY TERMS?THE VAL uable property known as ?os 207, 209 and 209>a Woosie ?treat, beltg fifty feet lour Inches in fronton Wooiwr street, seventy live lectin tnerear, aid one hundred feet deep, and consisting ot the three story and base nest frame building, S >. 2b7; the two story basement and atttc brisk building, * o 2.19 with the large buck building axiendlng along the rear ot b'tu, snd now used a* a builder's shop; and the holdings if not and r?ar on No. 209>i. Tbe who'e propertyjis now leased to good tcnante lor a tear Irom lat Mav next, for over $1,300 a year. Apply at 39 William street, office No. 10. Jj'OR SaLK OHEAM?A USNTKEL AND WELL BUILT " house, nearly new. wiih handsome garden, Ac., on oae of the finest avenue* In Brooklyn; pleasant walking di-tance'o the feirles; price $4,000; no incumbrance; good tit e; family giving up housekeeping. Some furniture mar be had a*, h uf price, inquire of O. B FK'iBT, oornerof Front andPnli n strecs, near the ferry; or ot|Foster A Loper.No. 4 Sands itree, Brooklyn. ijlOR RA1F. CHEAP FOR CASb-THS SMOK, FIX 1 tores and'ease of the Railroad Ho el, earner Fo-ty third strtei sod sixth avenue, right opposite the railroad depot; It contains twenty -five lodging rooms, all lu.I. No agents need apply. Inquire on the premises. OR HALE OR KXOHaFOK-A BE all TIFUL MvKBI.K honse on Second place, Brooklyn; lot 34x133, house 34x55; three stories above, basement and cellar. 33 feet cinrt yard in front Will be exchanged for a smaller bouse er other good property, or will be sold low for cash, and a large proportion ean remain on mortgage. J.DaVISON, Hanover Building, curner oi William and Pearl streets. (AOR BALK OR TO LBT-A COTTAGE, WITH BTaBLE r acdjiee bouse, and acre of ground, at Bath. L. I. Inquire of ?OBBIMJF, A Ou., 46 Oey street, N. Y. tAOKSALB OR TO" LET?A NRW, FIR4T OB A SB F English 'assment bouse and lot, one west aide of se ond svenne No. 39!', between high centb and Nineteenth streets ot 26x110, honse 26x34, four story aod basemen*. Free $19 000. F. B.?Bent moderate to a rood teaaot. Inquire on the premises, from 9 to 10- A. Jd. and 2 to 5 P. M. J. M. DEFNIS. "EY 'R BALE OR TO LET?rHB THREE IT9RY BRICK At bou'O, also lot adjoining. No. 3 Morru street. Jersgv City It Is finely located and has all the tnodera iroprr. >etneaie. Inialle on the premiaes, or o< G. J. MlLLc.R, 181 Washington ?CM, New York. m-6r SALE (?R TO LEI?A KUBSTkNTIAl/xNiTwslL v built th> ee story and basemen* hound, pe*i*ntly locned In Twenty third street, containing all modern improvements, rew'y painted snd decorr.ted, large garden, grapevines, an - any rare and beautiful plar t* Appijat Lush A MOuN' , . ? enty third street and Fourth avenue Prtee low, $rt,250. VIK SALE OR TO LET, FURNISHED?A VKRYPRET U cottage, containing seven rooms, highly finished a^u i.'ed in o?k, enclosed glass library, marble mantels, water l ots, and superior kitchen accommodation; it is situated on nearest point of Hiatcn Islacd, overlooking the bav a d .bor of New York. Price $3,600. Terms easy. I squire if . BRKf T A CO., No. 10 Wall street Also to let or for sale, a beantiiul elevation onRtaten is'and, a arge graniie house. ? nuiting tilrteen rooms, finished in the best manner by day's work, marble mantels, water tn kitchen, with range and sis sies, and nbont seven seres of shade trees. I "quire as above, FOUNDAT AND HAOHINH SHOP FOB BAL?.-rcN Olarendeti Iron Works, located tn the town of WUm'^g. '4xi, N irth Carolina, now In successful operation, are offered for sale on accommodating terms; or an int. rest will be mid to a man of experience in the business, who ban capacity to ?u peri mend tbe mine. Tbe property eonatoe of a ceoectoos a* wed arranged msehtne shop, pa'tsro room, boiler shop, b it ? smith shop. Iron and brass foundry, drafUvg rooms and offic ?, *11 wall supplied with tools, and capable of doing work or ao rind that eaa be done at flrnt close shops. The building wo: a commodate 600 banns, and he present tools are sufficient for 300 men. Tbe lard and water front Is ot snfflcient tr admit of any enlargemmit or addition that may be desire* The present demand lor work Is saOMrnt to keep the eaten Uehment am plot ed with a force of 100 hands, and will Increase, tbe prices retained lor work are such aa to be profitable to foe proprietor, and compare favorably with prions at other points, to the pnrchsssr. in additfoa to foe many advantage* Doeaerned by fola toaatlon for foe buskxeas, tbe opening of lbs Cape Fear and Deep River works, and the bonding of t>? Wilmington, charlotte and Rutfeerkwdton Railroad willsiesta additional demands for work, and fornhfo a supply of fine quality coal and Iran. It lbs whola, or aa interest, is not so d before the ldth da* of April neat, tbe proper l| will be offered at public sale on that day, on tbe promises Aa foe establfifo ment wDI continue la ouerBFoo, orders for its work or -? nttra will be attended to as heretofore. Any information u?.t may be des'rsd will be promptly furnished by application v. fo* W lining ton, N. O. A. H. VaNBOKKEI EN, Free. C. I. W. On. C* ROCFRY AND LIQUOR STORE FOdi BALE?8TTUA M ted down <own. and now doing n good buriner*. Fo other reasons for selling exoepi that the owner is giing fo kurtpe Tomsessy. For further particulars apply to KORRRLL A SikMONS, 129 Jhooseve t street. House for rale?on murkay hill, sitcath) on l^xlngtrn avenue, between Thirty fifth and Thlrti sixth streets. The house is new. marble, thre* sto-ier find tenement, imished with all the modern improvement* a id In ore of the most beautiful foe*Hons In tlM city. For furtbe particulars inquire of C. If LI VINOS TON, 39 William street. HOCFKTaND LOT "for" BALE.-THE H9CTSR WOT3> Mast Twenty-eighth street, between Fourth and ICadlson avennee, brick trout, three smneehigh, with all the modern Improvements, Orofon wa*?r. bathr>Him and gas. If not sold by the 15<h April, will be rented For permission to see the bouse, apply to O N. 8. ROWLAND, 56 Water streei OU8K FOR8ALS OB TO LET-ON THIRTY 4FCOND street, rear Flffb avnnur, the first claw brown stone fro it basement honse, known se Wo. 14 Wen Thirt.y-flr4 strvel, fin ished In the i*>?t sty'e with every modern improvement The bouse ts 17 by 62 (bet live stories nUh; lot 17 bv 98 teet 9 Inches The bouse i? built tn the best manner for 'he owner, nnder Ur? superfo'endssce ol V tiurry, Eso . arthltec*. Inquire of A. A ALVf'R", No. 10 West Thirty lirst?tr?et, or 146 Broadway, or to O. (TLKLa NO, No. 10 West. Thirty first street. OTBL FOR SALK-FEVRN YEARS' LEAHB, WITH tbe furniture, of a firsf alas* productive Broad war bote ; "urnitnre valued at $40 000. Principals onlv, who have at command from $10,000 to 116 000. wp] please address Hotel, Vol 3.836 N. Y. P"*t office, immediately. Hotel lease and furniture f?r bale, i* Hits ritv.? Annual rent, $111,000. Price ot )*a?e an l farm lure, fir, otto, $3,000 -ash, wortsy of notice. Address Iff i .-an, fcvmid office, with thp adibeag of parties. _ FUR HALE. Hotel por bale?the Plymouth house, oor nerol Bnuvij ud Howard st'ee. being fitly toe', oa Broadway tea orie hundred feet on Howard stree', c >Di*iutog 113 Kagtag rowss, Iwihted entire with new furniture. Mo . complete with all tie modern unoroveiuenw, a >o%*e of twenty one rears from Key 1,1HM for frirtHer pArtijutart Inquire ot OtoUHuK W. M aRFKL, prow letor TEV11.RT STORE f OR B4LC Iff SOUTH BROJKLYN. el aieganuy fitted up. end dot- g % cwiui yoobtug trad-, 4 rare chance tar a young men wishing to oommeuee outdoes*. Apply *t 331 Colombia *treet. Liquor dralrrs and grocers, ait emtio iT^ For rale, one of the beat eoroera m Sew Yrwa. Mom be sold Immediately as the owner Is going West. The bui ding In one ot the beat on the Ninth avenue; It Is Plotted on the oor ner Ninth avenue and Forty third street, leros easy. It wonid be left to a valuation. inquire on the pre nieeso. John Doeeven. ORBIWOWN, NEW JERSEY.?FOR BALE. VauUa ble building pies, one Ml e from the depot, well supplied i a never faiung stranm of pure spring water; location end neighborhood desirable. Also, at Madison. Morris oiunty. N. J., for rale, a beautiful bui'dlog site, containing tome thlrtv aces; ten mi s from the depot; would be exehanged for New York pyproperty. Terms easy. Apply, at the Union 4grl eultajnTWarehouve ?ndHead 8hwe, No. S Fulton strew, to ALFRhD M. TKIORIUi, PACKING BOX PRESS E8 J CUT RKCRIVK 1)7 AltD tar sale at No. DO Greeawloh p. GEO. W. WIGHT. DKSTACRABT AND HOTEL FOR SaLE-TOr RicS IV feuract and bote , so long and flavorailv knows as Gould's. Nos 10 and 12 Kuuon street It contains 100 bed rooms tfoer large dlslng saloons, and a verv large barroom. to lu tiinoearful ojeraoor. Applv to PORTER A ABB ITT, 203 broad way, room No. 6. for sale If applied for immedi ately. ST ORB P1XTCRB8 POR 8 ALE-?ONRl8TING 0> shelving, one counter, window sash, he , In good order, suitable for n drurglrt. fancy or any light business; will be sold i earonahle. Apply at the oorner ot Ailea And Klvington sU, in ue orug store. SODA WATER FIXTUBR8 FOR SALB-CJNSlBriNG tf three seven gallon fountains Matthews' make, one double draught coo er, marble loo counter, svruo bottles, and everytning In complete order. Will b i m d low If applied tor tnuKWdiatelj. apply toM. HaYK 8 175 Fulton sL, Brooklyn TWO LARGE JEWELLER'S AND OTHER SALAIEAN der sates will be offered, for a few days, at 106 Pear street, at prices wbioh will ensure immediate sales. Bold to elote the business. f|iO QUARRYMEN, CAPITALISTS AND OTHERS-FOB 1 sale, the valuable biewn stone quarry at Heverstraw, on the Hudson, now worked by Robertson A Home, and contain ing IK acres, severed with a Praia from 30 to 50 feet in thick sees of ike finest quality of stone, together with the dwelling*, smltbrbopa, stable*, cranes, pumps and all outer macbtuerv necessary (or quarrying. For specimens of the stone we refer to St. Stephen's church, in Lexington svenue, to No. 7? Four teenth suref, Ac, On the propertv is a One wa'er power, wiu> 16 tort fall. If desired for a sioek company, one third will ne tasenin (he stock of said eotneany. App'y to W.J. BrlUN J: Kh!> A CO., oorner of Nassau and Pine nfeeix. Villa For sale?The j*rjpebty known as the ' Gordon Cottage," sTuated on the Narrows, at Pari Bamhton, andbavlrga waterfront The bouse lit so ?on?* high, and the ground* are well Pocked wuh a variety of ehtlee fruit trees, shrubbery, Ac. Apply to PHILIP A. W ILK INK, auctioneer, 11 Wall street. 1LLIAM8BURG PROPERTY FOR HaLK,?TUN TW.j storv bssemeut acd ki'chen. wi-b exu n-i in tea ro w house and lot No. 4 Fourth street, -cwocn South huhtli and Booth Ninth sheets, lbe ground is laii out tu a flower gar den fruit trees, grapevines, Ac, Avery desirable location. Ti'le tn*t?putable HORSR8, CAKHUGES, dtl'. Abplendid pair of carriage boribi for tale Dapple pray arddnrx dies'run, fu) s'r e n hioUt high; good acd ipfuec travel.ers. loity carriage well b-ok?n snct g' utle; suitable ibr a prtva'e carriage, or are tine* d'lvers. It quire at stable coruer of University place and Thirteenth street At 'Ek bazaar, hi crobby sirem? will to'd every Monday and Wednesday, at II o'clnak anum b?-r of horses tuitable for all purposes; also, new and aesiud hand wagons, sing e and double ha-nesa Ac. JOHN H. GaTFIKLD, Proprietor. CIABBIAOKB.- THE KNTIbB STOCK OF THE OAR > rtage repository 26 Wooster street, will be offered at re duced p'icea and must be disposed of previous to the 1st ol May, as the undersigned then retires from the business. MAJOR THOMPSON,36 Wooaler Street, ClOR BALE?TWEsTY 115W EXPRESS WAGON3, r large and small. Also, tour second bind. Apply at SIC DLL VS hxprejs, 37 Canal street IjHiK SALE-ONE SB'JOjD HA?D LIGHT BUGGY r wagon, with shitting top. made to order by diaries B?a*dny. Price $'25. Can be seen at GILLaSPIE A CAR LlnLh'e (table. 127 East Broadway. P'OB 8ALK-A BET OF LIGHT DlrUBLK 'lAAMftSS. OF Glsson's make, m comp ete order; kas ne-n used bu' a short ume. Prl.e only $60. To be seen at DCJNSO jdB'S, StiS Broadway. rB BALK?A HANDSOME MaRB; CAN fS JT IN three minutes to wigov. Can be seen at Norria'stable. Eighth street, near Sixth avenue OB SALE-A T&OrriNG HORbE. I5>< H ANlM HiO-1, 7 years old. sound and kind, an engineer horse; iron in 2:40; is one of the best pole horses to be found. Inquire at aK THDA'd livery ana sales statue, 11 Bergen street, rear Crur:, Brooklyn. OR BALE?A TOP WAGON; HAS BEEN~BCT rJTTLS having street. " used; will be sold ehiap the owner having no use for Ik Apply at OOOPEb'd stables. 103 Uhiir lea ' K~ OR SALE?SOUTH DOWN ERKKliING KWNS. Jl'Sf arrived bum f ngland, from the oeleoraiod stock of the Duke ol Riehmcrd. Alto, two valuab e pigs boar tnd sow. Can oe seen en the top floor, at the Bull's Head stables, on Mor.dar, the 14th. Price can also be ootainedatJ. M. MILLER'S, 81 Maiden lane, New York city. y>OR BALE?ONE KHIFTI?G TOP 3U0GY, IN GO )D r order. Also, a shitting top bugg<. with a set ot harness, lap rooe. thin cover and flv net All will be arid coeap. Apoly at 88 West Twenty third street, m the Maesamiib shop, under the uvery stable F" OR S4LK ?TWcTbatTmaRES; ONE FIFTEEN AND a bad hands high, sound and kind, m double or single harness, will stand without tying; is a good durable traveller, seven years old this spring, ana is suitable, tor a physician ur for ary working purposes; the other, fllteen hands high, of very handsome sty le and ae .ion. of great endurance, has not been aocustomed to any light work, but will take a 300 pound waron at the rate of four minutes to the mile; Is seven years old this spring, sound, gentle and kind in all harneis, and would sake a very fine sadd'e horse Price moderate, ad ply at J. S. GILlNSPIa'B livery stable, 127 East Broadwa>' F~ OR SALE?Xt~THE~ LI VERY STABLE, 35 NuRftJ Moore street, a bay mare ane sorrel horse, iust from the country; the mare is 15 hands high, six years old. warranted sound; the horse 15)4 hands high, eignt years old. Both wi'l be sold cheap, as the owner has no use for them. Grocers or business men will find this a rare chanee of being well suited OR SaLE cheap?a bplendid pair op black r carriage horses. Also, a four and six m< rocks way c* riaie. Can be Men at the stable, 169 Monroe street, or inquLo: at BROWN'S. M Veeey street. ORSE8 FOR SALE.-TWELVE YOUNG STYlI^ t country horsea; three of them can trot nlese to 2:5!) Several others or them are very promising travellers, sottab e for doctors or road use; and some good work bnrees, aP et which wll' be 'old on moderate terms and warranted as repre sented. Apply at 23 Boeiurn street Brooklyn. OR8K8 FOR 8 ALB.?8 it V Aft A L PMRFtfCrLk T&A.. ed horses for sale at 64 Fortletn street, between Fifth and Sixth avuuee, ooptsi e the Crystal I'aace, especially a black mare of rtx years, unsurpassed by any horse now In this citi as 10 beauty of shake ana all qua ities desirable In a sad-lls hi r-e for ladles or gentlemen. The other horses are all ?' nobie blood, and ot the first order In external appearanoe. u? well asm gait, strength,swlltnrss and aprightlinesa The se i?r Is prepared to give Ins ructions in riding, and be possesses the rare ability of breaking in even thn wildest and most R uobo-n horses, tor the saddle or carriage, within a fortoigtt, to to. satisfaction at the severest connoisseur of horseflesh Al v. several taorres will be taken on board, at $18 per m utth, ard well kept. OR8B8 FOR SaLE ?A BLOOD BaY MOROa" hcrse. 15,'? bands; iro'jt In about three minutes; euu years old, warranted sound, kind and tree from fau t; fn beauty, style sad gait be has few equals; wilt be sold und-' his value; also, a handsome bay family horse, tea years ; price $100. Call at tbsprlra e stable. Orange street, between Columbia and Willow, Brooklyn Heights. OR8K FOR HALB?A ORaY HOR-tJC, 14>i II Alt .'6 high, fast trave ler and very at?list; eight years o d;k' ?' in single and doub'e harnees. and a sjleudin sadd'e hor^t. Apply at the foundry foot of Thirteenth street. Prloe $226. ORBE FOR BALE. A TRU8TRE HORSE; HE 18 A very fast traveller end ot great endurance, young sound In every way and kind In all harness; beautiful style on the rued, a dark bay, black switch tail ard mane Wl1 'eso'd very low, as the owner has no use for him, on application a 179South stnet, on Monday, 14th Inst. NEW YORK TaTTKR8 ALL'S.- aT private 8aLE a pair of chesrnt sorrel bones. 16 hands b<gh, oktsoh n atchet. fine stylish drivers, long tails seven and e ght years old, fast travellers the property of a private gent Sold, be havir g no use for litem. Inquire at the Mew York Tsllisssll'ti Bixth avenue, orner of Thirty ninth street GEO. CLKtfONB, Proprietor. EW YORK TaTTKRRaLL'S. SIXTH AVENUE. Oo" ner ot Thirty nintb streeu?Tuesday. April 16. at 12 o'clock, auc'ion sale ot horees. wagons and harness. Fifteen borees. suitible for the and bit' Iness uuroives; new an! second hand wagons and harne?s of all descrlpttoos Also, to c ose a concern seven light wurnns, With and sr tbou' too*, also, seven sheets, halters and the usual variety ot horse pro perties ofiered at Tafcrstll's. GEO. CLKMONfl, Auctioneer and Proprietor. Hr.srtT Pausf.r, Salesman. TO CARTMKM.-FOR~8ALE. A FIRST RAlKSQiTARk body spring cart, nearly new, suitable for tnrnhure, irtrkot carman, or ship bread baker, Inquire at 148 Cbrisfo pher street. ? ' T AtiOM FOR BALK ?A WRLLMAI18 SR'HyNDn/lND top buggv. in ehettp. Apply U some r ot Beek man. WAGON FOR 8ALK ?A WKLL MAIt A SR'luND r?AVI) top buggv. in gootlccn-'lttot and painted black Will h? sold cheap. Apply to PhTRR THOMPSON, 170 Wt 11am street. SPORTING. Farcy piobohbT-the largest andmostrplkn <lid collection and 'he very best stock It the city, of almost ever* variety si eot"r and ktno, tor sale at 260 Bowery. Also, black Afirlran and while bantams, Guinea pigs, Ac. WATCHES, JEWELRY, <SiC. CAUFORNLa"DIAMONDS, EQO AL IM BRn.IJAMCl and appearanoe to the real?Gent emu's pins, $5 to $16 rings, $4 to ISO; earrings, $6 to $H. Ladies' pins, $6 to $ht Binds, sleeve buttons, Ac. any of the above artlc ea nun', b mail to any part of the C nlted Stales. LI J. JAOOB8 manntaoturtog jewellers. 407 Broadway.

TEWELKYAND DIAMONDS VERY LOW.?THE 811". el scrtber. for the last eighteen years In business In Wal street, is te ling ail descriptions of fine go d. diamond aad a' .tlber kinds ot jewelry, at wholesale and retail, at much Irs, than the uru si meres Ladles' beautiful gold, oameo, mosaic, carbuncle and petrUe earrlrgs pins and bracelets In boxes.. .$20 00 10 $100 00 each ladles'puts, goid, eameo, mosaic, pearl and carbuncle $2 60 to $30 00 each Ladtet' earrings, gi id, oameo, moaal pearl, cerhune'e. 4c >2 50 to $25 00 a pair Gold guard chains, cha'elaine ubalss, tol? chains and vest chairs $9 00 to $86 tO ears Pnre go d wedding rings 82 TO to $9 1)0 evch Ladies gold bracelets F7 00 to $60 00 each Plain and chased goid riDgs. *ge to $6 00 each Gentlemen's seal rings Ai 00 to $20 00 etch Garnet, rpal pearl and other stane rings.*2 60 to >2ti 00 each. Pine gold tblmbles 82 60 t) $9 00 each Goid gusrd keys fob key*and seals *) 50 to $25 oo ea-h fin d pens sDd pencils...; f.3 00 to $16 00 each Oeld pencils ft 00 to $7 00 eaoh. 1 adles' port en on n ale? $1 50 to $15 llfl evch Gold erosf es and necklaces $2 (si to $17 00 each Gold snd stone sleeve buttons and studs.$2 00 to $18 00 ase'. Gold n ectaries and eye glasses $1 76 tv $10 00 IHsmond earrings, pins, finger rlrgs A crosses .$9 00 t .i $500 00 Gold arm lets, scarf ptna and stiver thimbles.. .37 ci t. to $U on ORORGRC. aLLNV, Imports' Of w?t;bes and Jewe'rv. wh'>lesa<e and re'all, Me. 11 *al street. eeeoLd floor near Broadway up stairs. yEPT CHAINS **.miFACTURs.n FRotf <?MK)81 tton snd gold These cnalns are vairao'i-d not to changa color, and win wear 'he same as so id gild ThA' are war ranted ae represented, or the morev re>ufieA FrtVW, $2M off. Manufactured file n* ns. L axd J. JfeviiV man to t urltg jewel err *>fl Broadway. SHIPPIKO. win flVnLr^rJ^:,,Sf,u,ta 3 J- '?????*??i..etenm.h!e wllljepyt with ihe Cwtediliat?wma.i? for Europe, pnwureiy. fo^^annl street! " t>'c'oci *? !rol> *?wr j-rib at the wproeed w?ter U|ht bulkheads. ^crSlBmSm?d^li!TSi, h*y}D* accnamodatioas ,lT ?*?*Dce and oom ort apply to ... KUWAbId K. OOLLIW8, M Weil street. Sr?;isr,i!ffe rr*,a",'Bd i> *>? ?*?>????> a. m. J"" wM1 P>eeee like DOUM that the ahips p| this Doe y k004? eantmband of wsr. - beiwhSSeJ P^^wouth thafcxwt offioe; any others wfU ll^^a,,eeeeklP will succeed the Baltic, and tail *!*}!?2?*.*? v0*4.*"* <??o??r from **>, win ^eM2?U?,n^ti.*ew,JUI><L*u4 B0rUl <* <- decree, uottl >*D ROMTH AWgRICAW ROYAL ?acood cat>ln paasige v ???????1130 Chief eawtn -- rHOM ???TO* *0 utbkiool. ?? ? 1 ,1,C pJS? caii at Bail'lax. * arTma Oa*ADA, Cnpt Lang. AWAclnrilSi t8^?* AMERICA, Oapt!wEfcman. AFAl'OA NIAGARA. Opt Ryrle. , BU ROB A, OapU J. lilPeh. ? J&TSf"?" - ??-?< ?? 83i2p^f^5?:i!SS* 7*sfc?Er* "? SJ?rk'wSs^r:'i?,l,39:: I oSda.'ui?*' ?'?' ^.Wednesday!May u, - Bertha net tecured trntn^STTSsr. *** Ait experienced surgeon on board, ellve? ?boJHnn ""S! ??L ^ aoeomtable tor gold, law bills of ladSr^^i^^'.iP.1^"."!!-^?' or ao. therein exprswcd ***"** werefor and tbeyaloe thereat Green.'*"*'" W B*S8*?e "WNj to 8. CUM ABD, Wo 4 BiwUng R?tbeAAfc*AI'V8T(fAI^iUIP A8IA -K1>* UVKHPOOG, t" 108 ~C,A* K* *?? Lott, commtbdrr. will uii frrtm tiJ 2?iK5?i^oe^ City. witH tuo inmia and paummfBi tor Europe on Wednesday, tke ]#.h uPtiw 12 o^toSfSr^ jHi re'ioested to be on board by* 111. o'elo?*A.M. Tee Africa wfl, eail on the 30th inrT^ Dy "* & OCJNaRF), No. 4 Bowtfog Oraoa. FHSlp'o*# M^NBRKTvi? ^A*.L1*? GK BACAtcre.? gdaoeommodattons for cabin, second cabin and neenur s nal t^amine thw^JTrf^T'iS! t?:h,otd ?>antr? would do vol 5as^.!MS!^?jiMs?p'sriI?^ rooth street, one floor from Wall street. ' ui N^Jfcaff?^IfBPOOL- OLD A<"> FAVORITE BKOl?^Y*^ld,fi2nS?th?^Ker P*:ket Jblp ClTY OK j n BUI tall ft* the abose putt on Monday, the Slit rf April Her accommodations for oabtn, snoona cabtn aiu P?"?*?t' cannot be nrmmrt fir"JUS. , i ' rataa, aoply on board, at Dior 45 a? riw; or to TPoa H. U'HRIKM% ItaKomhSrSwP ^'?DMt;,tThio.Ps2^:TBB/ 'LLOWIKG PIRS f CLA88 WB^tfKK nJVo I* T recelye patenters: Ibe tbe ARrr.ti'niJr ?a vf,nVr wlU "?*' 10 *torrow noon, and ami riil, pier 14 East river, on tbe 18tb or Atirll For paersge apply on boarr, or to SABiX A CORfIS, 177 Broad way, ipo* UVkilPOiiL?BT~GMjRGR'8 LJNS Or CLIPPKH I?nebl>wlTl nMlif<!,?b/*'?f1lel,pi)fr *h'D K8C?B'. UhoUui aa^.was^^'iSBissi aRoe'dB aa^ihtW lhe">t,e *wp?wit?o t'hos. ATOIICK.- F1R6T PA^KRT FOR LI WRPihii ti7l> fl-wSaSS UtlRBT SHIP FOR LIVBRPOl'L ?THE PAYOAirs P packet ship *KW YORK. Captain MeKennML hJitai her csjyo oe board will poUtirely sail? Mood^?^ir,h, J^ 10 t'clock For passagef having .u^nr ^^S^1^- w Fr?&fe}FKr % r,fW' ?* W BkZZL 4 wR^wS. li,teittH1'7Bro9!p~TO 8aIL posit.vrly o* tub P 21st of April ?The larorite peckeuhlp CaLHOGn (Adl V abor- ***'? "tbi. we 1 known P*?*6! room accommodations for cabin, weondcab.nand steerage passengers. Apnly on board, piS 6 Worth river, or to H. 2. A. Tka BYCK, 67 SomhiSwC ST HAM Bg'14HnM WRW TOht awti GT.aftGOW ???BCrBOH. poo unw, 0^^.' (>??*?' JIW IOhK, 2,149 ?? cape Robt Crais ^ GLASGOW. 1.962 " Oapt. John Hnnosn. The Glasgow and Kew York Steamship Oomoaav - JAilm* their new and powerful steamer F.I)IR8Cki/h h!H Wew York for Glasgow direct, en Batnrday. May 17 atlweln ^ of P?W- Pirst ciS*. 'ftw 32J JjUPv*,**??ok6d provtaioaa,?a. ao Mporteaoed ?orceT attached tocaoh atcamcr. Tot freight or passage app>? to Saanie^?D BWttrd,r' *?' 3- ?' *o'ciock precisely;prleeoi H rut cabin _l/w Second oabtn "JJ Steerage (Ship finding provtakmr').' ? We ^gto anil the novation of shippers to die ri * 'fnrnni ir ? m dnfim inWence on loreiga produce^ |^W=h veZh^Fw freight or passage applyTo the sgenti vemeia. ra , KM A Bfl. PCIKIKR 4 CO . 17 WllHam st. W?1 ,uooe?d !ke Alma, and bail Tueaday, IpOB SODTBAMPTON aBD MaVRK.-THB nwiYMO ' *2?^ "O?11 Meotner AR AGO, D. Linen. commander Vtr leave fnr Havre, touching at Southampton io land the mall< ?cd passengers on Hatu/W May 3. at 12 o'cIoSl 6^^? Ko. 37 Worth river, foot of Bench' suW ^ "** First cabin.. rKM* ?F tMtAOm wwi.:::::.':::::::::::: TB^37iirIWoP"^ the '31rt of May! W Fullon w>11 Armgo, and ski 5?3.T<ivK,.T? BRKMKK VIA SOUrHAMPTWI niniSi ? retted States mail steamihiD Wash. INOTON, K. Cavendy, oommaader. will Mil lop D * touching at Southampton to land the mails and riiwtmro?T?i teXX'rRte"'"-? ?5?sjs,? rKtc* or rAssscs rnon ^rrw tore 10 ropTHAMPToif os In first cabin, mala sale on * . ?? In brat cabin, lower saloon VS In asooadeabkn HO Pwl'rfre WrmmerHerma^Vui su^Sd ^e wQh.^^nS OTICB TO PA8SEWGBRS AWO IMPORTCRB TuZ steamship CITY OF HAt.nwr,w?: a ..I .Lt*?:~Ta* ins^omLi verpooi uj jPhltaoephU oa WsdnestUytoe 23dot P- Pa4ri^ Oltyof Haiti or ere ."^".^""^'"wrdbesdav ntmj oty of w^Xr; 3? City ot hAilmore //".V./.'.V.VSSS^; MM? Jvaii 168 *"d ** seoorling pT"state rooms, toe. i of third oIam PMKDMra will 1m iaBm ?.aggg ?^,rs?2? s srrs^Tirssaa 50 FMlM^BF^a?R ^"-lOCRWTSPBR POCltd ?mcgntAcjwit ctowfiitp ooLDicif aok. j r WathIds. commander, which wtU be In readme** il*!l SKasaggaaas a'?&r8z vixsimyn "jm.* ? as "l-k; rcL-sTS..."^ sr-2 mfifi'zyzsa? s*? saaj a as ^ other lonas signed, and no bill of lading will bld^?'a(w M. O. ROBERTA. Sm jttuk * uo e dispatch L'itr r.)R bam fras oleco, salllrg regularlv and po.ifvely on or before toe <1s jrertlstd.-Clipper of Rainrday 19tb of April Inst ?Tb< magnificent A I first clasa e ipper aatp PAMPCnO i* rejetvtm her oerro, at pier 10 Kent rtvar, and will positively nail a abort. Tbe passage of this favorite e ipper In 10? dare haa r.c been equalled by any vessel now loading for Ran Francisco Her capacity berng small, aba wlliinndoabtedly finish loading oonalderabIt before bar day. ?ffJTTOK A OO , S8 Setiflj st-eet, oorner of Wa'l. N. R.?Tbe ships ol thia line lake no freight after teeir atver tired day. prerentlnr aU delay to those deWnms of landing their cargo In Ban Francisco without detention. FM iRflAGM FOB AtJ8TB4I.14.-TBB SFLRADIO RIM* Torfceilpper built shtp Pa VAM k (1. 00 tacsl, Wm ' >,mr* eoma andar, will he deepatebed lor Melbourne on uw 20'b Inst, ofTerlpg elegant aoeommoJutons for passenger* with tbe proenect of making the run onl m slitvdnva Itnme dlate snpl'cauon must be made to eernre the remaining man gaged mate name. BAILLBB, LOBD a (jUKRKaM, 108 Wall street. Al'FTRAUA.-PIONKitR LlffK^OF MONTHLY~?*A5K els, carrying the l-'nlted Bta'es nulls. the new ana 'piendidA 1 (dipper ship BPoRTdM AW, rhnrapson, mastsr, rtw loading at pier Mo 7 East river for Netbonrne *rd flyd tiey.bas three lourthe of heroargo engaged, and will positively re despatched about MHh April. Her aooommoJati >ns tor ti-wt ar d second cabin nastengers are nnanrpeesed. For passage or balance of freight, apply, early, on ooard or ai the -SBrs of ?. W. CAMERON, No. 6 Bowling Oreen. A UBTRALIA INDBPNTntENT TInB.?THR MAGMIFN t\ cent A 1 clipper ship QDKKN OF THIC NKtfl, will bare ''esnateh tor Melbcnrre In May. The above vessel is one of 'be fastest ships afloat, and an ettreme c ipoer. Her aejvm mcuai'ons for passer gers are superior to any vesin' that ever sailed for An trails: her cabins are all on d*ck, aod fifed op signal to an? stem.ship Part'es In'endlrg ts tabs passsge ar? requested lo exttnlre Iter before engaging e see-hero. For fleight m passage, at low rates, svplv on board, ?t tiler II ' 'Ivar, or lo ROOIIKVR, ARKKl.t. A KI.I.TOT.hs l>": st. FHOR NA Va a R A H A1F0 FL0BH1A.?rNfTND 8TaTM< Mall I.Ira.?Tbe new and elesant steamer FLO At Da ilaplsin M. B. WoodhnU, will leave on Wedneedav. Apfi' ifi, fiomtlerFo 4 North nver at 4 o'dlO'k P M. 811 no* Ivimr s sued on board. ?nr freight or pas*.igs applr to 1 1, MTT 'O ILL, No. IS Proalwat. F*r Florid., tbrc-gb tickets f*oni b?w Y"tk to.,ls-t?ct<T "e, 111; io Piltl*a f'A La-?? ani emnincdleit? stsnwtis esv? Favarnab ?: 'dt :t-e> times a we?a r irsr-inr wltb 'be i ea ntrs m N? t Vva m; T ,e? iay? ?n: ??H'tHOajs. AJUU HEME NTS. | V!BLCB OAR0KN.- "" .. . I> noon cpen at li ??for* 7; to et _'4 netarsf. Tickets my seen. Mohur Kvuneo. Aran. 14, WW. TBI WONDkKrUL RAVML FAMILY. M'LLK THERESA ROBEKT. FIRST NIGHT OF A NEW OORIC PANTOMIME, the onbpript. The Go* script Franeoli Ravel Sergeant Aatoioe Ravel | Corpiml Jerome Revel The bedel civerdseinent of TERPSICHORE. To cone ude with the Ihvarite comic jientamims et M. DIGHALUMEAU. Dvohslumaau. .Jerome Ravsi | Roqolnot P ran vol* Revel W"~ Al LACK'S THEATRIC. MOfCOAT.TPRIL 14 - To-nighi?Pint thee thle huoo oi Baskaioae'i oomeJr THE SCHOLAR. Irsemue Bookworm, Mr. Wsllsek; Dr. Keppleereak. Brougham; B?ne, Br. Weleot; Wuruburg, Br. Horura, Kr?J erick Stnpp, Br. Blewert; Helen, Bin Hery Gannon; Mr*. Wurtxburg, Bn Vernen. With THE LITTI.R TREASURE. Cs plain Welter Maydenblush, Br. Lester; StriThas. Howard. Mr. Ulovart; Mr. Ftuttennore Br. Moetoo; Lady Florenoe Mrr, Bosy, Gertrude, Mine Mery Geuoon; Bra. Bedd.etuo, Bra. Vernon. Tomorrow? TBI SCHOLAR, end THE BOLD DRAGOONS. AURA KERNE'S VARIETIES. Doers open at 624; performances oommence el 7 >4 pre ?teely. Monday evening, April 14? , ' CellLLE. Amend Dnvel Br. O. Jcrdee Duvel Mr. Ben | Bi Oeuden Mr. Weoaym Gaston Mr. Jbhnaloo | De Otray Mr. Chandler < AmlHe Ueutler Mi*sL?ara Keen* Niches* Blee Annie Lee Nanine Blee Kete Reignolds MOVELTV. A novel, rhythmical. mueleei. poll Reel, scenic, dramatio, ar tistic, seito oomion. rational ead nelionel rxtravagacxa, m oni ioi i?u xim muuux, COD ARD I.AhT WEEK OF JOHJC R. SBITH'8 GRAND DL TOUR or RUROPK end 8IRGE OF HKBASWPOL. Heve) ou teen 111?0>e most >p lend Id exhibition In the United Btelee?el EMPIRE HALL, 596 BROADWAY. Rrery evening el 7 24 o'clock, and every Wedneedey end Retnrdey efiernoue, el it The mnalc by Mr. Aiwyn Field, ef Lendon N~ IBLO'B SALOON. HIGNOR OIULIO respectfully la forma his Inenda end the pnblte generally the! be will give e GRAND CONCERT, Oa Tuesday Ryebimi. Aran. 1A The following array of eminent artiste bevc, in the klodes manner, volunteered uielr valuable servteee: ? Bote. ANNA DE La ORANGE, Signs li BRIGNOLI, MURKLLI, ROVERS. HCR.NAUDI, MAX MaRETZKK Bone GUTON, pianist, (pupil of Thalberg,) bis first appear ance in New York. Ticket*, One Dollar. Seat* may be secured without extra ?herre cn end alter Friday, April 11, ei Hall A Sons, No gift Broadway,end el '1. lireumrog'i mnsiettlore. No. 701 Broada-av. ALLaCK'8 THEATRE. Mr Well nek Lessee and Manager Br Les>er Wage Maoagor kighteenth eppeeraaoe oi MA WALLACE, whose act lei of performance* will be limited. RXTKA aDVKKT1K*.MiSNT. MONDAY KVKNiNU. APKlL 14. 1856, Revival oi Buekslcne'iee ecra'ed comedy of IBs SCHOLAR. Erasmus Bookwotm Mr. Wallask Dr Kepplecrauk Mr. Brjnsbam Hans Urar.kjaw Mr. Walcol Mr Wnttrburg Mr. Norton krederlrk Mopp Br. .-*t?*aii Mrr. Wurlrttug Mrs. Vernon lie en Mat Gannon After which, the excellent camelv of THE LITTLE TKBaSUII. Captain Welter Meydeubiusb Mr. Lestes Sir < hbrlt Howard Br. Stewart The Hon. Leicester El utter more Mr. Norton Mr. Atltmbourne Idr- Harrison Jams* Mr. Burke Ledy Florence Howard Bra. Hoeg Gertrude daughter or Hlr < harlei end Lndy Howard Miss M. Oannea Mrs. Mi ddleton Mr*. Vernon Jane Bis* Pine In rcniequenceot the many app.icatlons tor seats to wit ncts the comedy of THE SCHOLsR. It will be repelled on TUESDAY. with the comedy ef I'fiK ooiii) I'RaGoONS. WRDNkSDAY Leal lime of LONDON ASSURANCE, and the farce of A DEAD SHOT. I Is rrply to very numerous demands, Br. WALLACE will repeal the character of S11YLOOK. In Shakepere's play of THE MERCHANT OF VENICE, on Saturday next \7IBLO'B CARDS N.-WANTFP, GeTtLEMRN FOR In the ballet. , App y at the elage d?tr, Cro?by street, dally, trom 10 A. k. till 12 B. WB. A MO.IRE, Stage Mana ge'. Brilliant drawing room hntkktainmicntb ? Mr. W. M. Fleming, the oeiebraied tragedian; Miss Klolse Bridges the besutlfal young traged'enne; Mrs W. M. Fleming, the acc-mpllHhed vocalist; assisted by Mr. Bteinme's, pianist, will give elegant entertainments, osnslmlng ol'poetry and music, at Rope Cbepel. on Wednesday, the 16 h and on Satur day, the 19th; and at the Brooklyn Aibenummt on the 16th and 23d. commencing at So'clock Splendid selection* from Sinks ?ere, Br* Remans. Rami. Lover, Russell, Knlgbt. Drake, obin and Dunn, tor the first performartoe. Programme changed every evening. Tickets *5 cent*. UBSKLDORF GAIJ.E&Y, 497 BROaDWaT.-NOW open, ana contains nearly two hundred ol the finest paintings ever put upon exhibition, fo be appreciated, must be seen. Single admission, 26 cents; season tickets, SO cents. CHILLIbG CONCERT-AT THE~BROADWAY fABKR 0 nacie, on Wednesday evening, April 16. Music for the people A Vocal and Instrumental Concert will be given by Mr. Geo. A. Cooke, at the Broadway Tabernacle, on Wed nesday evening, April 16,1856. on wnieh occasion he wlU be a?elated by the foilovlnc talent:?A young lady amateur, Msdlle. Caroline, the accomplished French vooaJlet, MB. WM. HILL MR. HITCHCOCK. MR. J. VANBUSKIRK, MR. SAMUEL BitOUWER, MB. JaS. FKaZF.R , MR. J F. POOLE. MR. G. A. COKE. Messrs, Mello, SUva and Nnnr, the celebrated guitarist*. A prc'tesor will prewde at the Pianoforte. Ticket*, one *htUlng eaeb Poeiuvely no postponement. Doors open at 624; Con cert to commence at 724. Theatrical notice-national theatre, jos ton.?During the reces* the stockholders will com vietely renovate the house and restore the nit Ladle* and genttemea 01 acknowledged talent, ladle* for ballet, and ' sfaiv' winding engagements for the next season, commencing In August, will please address the euseorlber. Revere House, Bostm. HENRY WILLABD, Lessee. MUSICAL AND DANCING. HOC BROaDWAY?DANCINO ACADKMYr?MR. PE UOu RACHIO has the honor to inlonn his friends, pe irons sn 1 the public In general that he will give a "rand faney ltd civic hall at the Academy, 636 Broadway, on Wednesday evening, April 16, 1866 Tickets admitting a gentleman a ad lady, t'Z. a splendid band will attend. Oft NEW PIANOFORTE8 AT COBT.-MU8T BE BOLD Li 1/ by the 1st of May a* one of the partners retires. All superior Instrument*, by celebrated maker*, fully warranted ; Prices from SlfO to B260. Grand French action, Ac. No. 60 Watker street, tour doors west of Broad ?*y. W. OS BORN A CO. AMBLKR A OO.'B PIANOFORTES.?AMBLKR A CO., planoforts manulastnrers, SN Bowery. ne?r Fourth street Pianos of our manufacture are warranted perfect In every re spect, and a written guarantee given. Three second hand pi anofortes, In good ooadltton, lor tale very cheap. N ORGAN TO RhNT?HAVING NINE STOPS IN A (general swell, with pedal keys. As Terms $60 per quar ter. Ketercnoe, for further particulars, may be made at the music stores in New York and WU iamaburg, and to the maker, James Blake, No. 6 Clarke street, N. Y. ID OR sale or HIRE-A SPLENDID ROSEWOOD r octave piano, which ha* cost S360; will be sold at a sacrl fiee or hired out. Can be aeen at 70 Crosby street, undl 12 o'clock M. f~ DOR BALE oVTlIR(t ? A BPl.BNDiD ROSEWOOO 1 piano, which has cast S460; will be rold at a ear-Iftce or let out. Can be seen at 469 Broome street, in the forenoon, until 12 o'clock. I RAND BALL.?M'LLR CAROLINE VEZIRN8 IN T forms her triends snd pupils (hat she will glr?agrand ball, on Tburaday evening, April 17, at her dsaetng academy, >1 Howard strteL To cowmenre at 9 o'clock, ticket* one dollar admitting a gentleman and one lady. G~ RAND "dFaGONAL SEVEN OCTaVR ROSEWOOD pianoforte, in elegant oa*e feort $460). made by bra* maker, ard warranted, with metallic frame; been used a fe v mosths; w 111 be sold for $260. Can be seen at 114 West Twen.y tccoed street, Arm 10 to 3 o'clock. UBIC.?A YOUNO LADT. MPERlEJNCEnjN TK\CH MUB1L.?A tuunu bam, eai ... ? - ? - Ing the piano, will receive a limited number of pupils, trom fS to $10 per quarter. Apoly at 133 Orehard street, or at the pianoforte wareroom 286 Bowery, corner of Hous ton street. RW MUSIC.?SONGS. - THE FOOTSTEPS OF AN. gel*, by Kooi Bardtnge, 26 ct* ; Beyond the River, by Ptxby, 26eta.; Kitchen Flre/by O. Mha>k 26 cte.; We'll Meet Again, or the Echo, duet by Mrs Kins, 36 eta; Hose of MImIs slpol Waltz, oy H. Muikxtein,.16cts.; The Popular Quadrille*, by Bellak, 26 cts.. Oyster Bay Polka, bv Prof Gember, 26 cU. Pubilnbedby HORACE WAihRS, 383Broadway. IANOS AND MElX)DEONB.-THR HORACE WATERS modern Improved pianos and melodeons are lo be found at 333 Broadway. Pianos to rent and rest allowed on pur chase; pianos for sale on monthly paimentv; aeomd hand piano* rroa $30 to $140; melodeon* from $40 to $136. IANO.-FORSALE LONJBY^A FaMILY"~LGAV1NG ? the cltv. a good planofflale maker); also some good fn?. rlture, but lUUe worn. Apply at 91 Twelfth sttwet, near Stub avenue. WPLRNi m PIANO. ENTIRELY NEW. FOR SALlTV t~ a bargain; four round corner*, pearl kevs, 71, ocmve, made by ore of the first oily maker*. To be *een at A. DUX TKR'S, 562 Broadway. 7(1 GILBERT^A oovs pTaN iFORTK WaEEROO ' i I ? are (on th" corner of Canal etreet and Hroadwa*, u *t?ira. A eplcndld aawtrtmeet no hand, lo let or lor sale, o raying monthly instalment* Rxoeilent mek>.|*ov*. No 419 Broadway, oo*ner of Gaaal ? trees 8. R. MATHEW.4. COAI^ /SoiK^MY"flBjicr "rif QUICK SALJt* AND SMALL V profits, for eaab; and av prkte* *re $t f0 for ce*t red ?*h egg or move Hi*, aoreeoed and deHvred; 26 oeou lew loom N at*. Wetkhl warranted or coal forfet ex RIUHaRD CLINTON, 250 First avenne. corner ct FiKcenth street. OYDNKY Pltrrou AND L1NGAN COAL MINKR O 1 here 1* ? large stock of freeh mil ed oua' at th* ab->Te named mires. The IJngan mine has com cpeno.1 evpr. - - for the supply of oral lor gaa. It has been tested bv sever J gs* ccmpaale*. and highly aenroved of. Persan* wishing ?* mpcrt coal can have eredfts opened by applying to <v CL'N ARD, No. 4 Bowling Green. HOTELS, VICTORIA HOTRI., BADN BADEN, GERMANY ?F. A PH. ORlMHOLZ. owners A well known Am*rtwn travsller writes hrrm this elnoe:?The hotels of Baden are ei reltnt Toe most e'ecant of all, tho?ah not a ?htt.U* ?eer tear anv other. Is the Vlciorln kept and ewned by Menes F. brothers ViMeesrs. I/outs A Ph Grsebotx. bn l^y a7?o& ?^rU Bnglwid, and which thay here la shipping. Ic?w~WOR>OLK*^?? PETfltsWlio. UNITED ^ K?twirtilsieam?blp ROA?t?KK, Oantaln Th-m? fkln w places on Wednesday, 16th inat , ? M frompter 13 Nonh river. She wl'l arrive iiw?tdl?k the'next'aftem.>on and at Peter?burg the following Kewrger" for the South will proceed dlreolly on !'rva. S^.the" mail lint'o .>srle?ton Auguata Sv l i. ikh* for Richmond ?*111 arrive at their dwttnv unneJ5?r'tv Friday mo nlng. Travellers wilt flndthla thenhenu 1. ard m^t etpedulous rente Ptaaaga and raw to Norfolk $H; to Pete-burg ,, I ft-h r, rmil, $10. * I Ply w LUDL'M A 1' ANfS, Briad. AWWSKlWEVrS. 7 o'eiock, pertomwwe to eoumettoe at 7% prootaeijiiiJt. day nabl, April 14? * v ?"T. moo _ ? THE IKiari LION. Tom Moore Mr. Birm-y WUBsm* 6iW::::: ?&SSSmtmm^ma RtaM Mr. Hodges I Mm Echo...7.1 PnHy Mr. Hen 17 Kiss Titter.'. ""YBliElferbrrt IN AMI) OUT OF PLACE. ??">?? Letty.....-.....- ? ?? ? barSm. 1 , T WUliM# Boney O'loole Mr. Barney WMla? Bowery Tmunt-nuramoEaid lirarm. L P. Wtlta; Aeatog Monomer, Mr. OT & ?rt?toT Poora?eM atwk 11?MlIII II7k. Monday, AprilU "TEWS?*' Lafittc Mr. J. J. Prior I Theodore Mlm (X AlfbrA A sow, in Mr. Lamb | 1 oumanUa Mrs. Prter AUilDlM. Aladdin Mtm C. Al cr> a* CRT CCDS, CHAMBERS BTBENT" X> Moaner?ab elegant oomedv, ojajamo eiMn|ua. u,da SCElAMINU FARCE. MB. BURTOM IM THREE COMIC PARTS. 1 he comedy TOU CAW. with Mr. H. Perry, Mr. Bumob, Mr. Reynolds, Mra. Hqgb*e. Mm. A Perher, It 1 be wild piece of OaMKM. THE PL AVE OF LOTS, wttb hi accnerv. dree, as end mutts. Oanem Mr?. 0. Howard | ("altph Mr. Burtcto And ute laroeor THAT BLESSED BABY. The Baby'a Papa Mr. Burtoto On 1 ueaday?a r?. C. Howard'! Benefit. On Wednesday?The artgtaal oomedj. from Boetoa, of ?T18 ILL PLaTITO WITH kDOKD TOOLS, produced wl h new teener; and a full east. TJROADWAT VARIETIES, MO. 472 BROADWAY? D (Late Mechanic!' Hall, Between Orand and Broom eta.) B.Wood LeaaeeandBuatneaa Mua?W R. 8. Marah HaitXattaiw admission, twenty kive cunts MOHDtr Kvimug, and Domao the Weee, the celebrated WOOD A MAB8H JUVKMILKH will preeent THE GOLD EM FARMER. Jemmr Twltsker Mae'er G. W. M >nfe Alio, THE LOAM OF A LOVER. Gertrude Little Mary lioun< i>Mi al 6X; aommenoea at 7X o'clock; and oaneianw. ?t 10 o'clock. Clio. CHRISTY A W. OD'H MIN8TKKL8, MEW HALL. 444 Broadway, below Grand ttreet. OPEN EVERY EVENING. Bnrtneac traneaoted by Henry Wood. Stage Manager Oco. Chriaui THIS WEEK: Monday and Tuetdar TBK MASQUERADE BALL. Wedneiday and Thurtdat? THK Double bedded room. Friday and Saturday? THE HA PPY MAM. Notion,?The curtain will rtae at 75* preaiaely. AdiritHinn 26 ecu it Academy or music, the academy ok music will open, ior a ?hort ??.. .1. under the d'reciou ef M X MstiElZKK, ON WEDNESDAY, THK l?f 3 INST , with Vcrli'i (rand epera. in lour acta, hits AMI. '1 be principal rolee will be sustained by MaDaMK i E Li USAMJK, BIGNOhI SULCIONI, bh drat appearaacj, MOKKI.I.I, OOLLKTTI. Efficient chorus, wlh new costumes. beau may be aeenred, on ruuaday, at Hall A Son's, 230 Broadway, and at the academy Admittance $1 00 | Secured acuta fl SO I Second circle 0 SO | AtnpbiUiH.-lre 0 2b Mai Maretotk ooduota* Poora open at 7H; oommenrtEK *t 8 o'clock. mT GOTTBOHal.K. ? MRS. E. O. U04TWICK, JNO OrHKK TALa.1T, will give a grand concert, at Library Ball, Newark, N. J., oo Wfduearay evening, aprll 16. Por particular!, tee Newark dahy papers ut the 16'h, and programmes at ihe moalo, book and drug Mores, a here ilea eta are tor aale eoonVuband concert. T. FRANKLIN BA88FORD, ASSISTED BT M188 LOUISA PAYEE LlTlLK ADA (four years old), MR. ALLAN IRVING, MR. CAM DIDO BERT1, At Podworth's Rooms, on Friday evening, April 18. See programmes at the must* Mores, and dally papers of toe 18th in*'. '?lebeta may be had at the music stores, and at the door on the evening ot the oosoeit. Gent emeu's tickets, fl; ladies' tickets. SO cenli. IBS FANNY DEANK'fl^ONCKRT AND LITERARY soiree will take place at Dodworth's Academy, no. 60C Broads a*, on next Thursday evening, April 17, when she will be aaaialed by Mr. Barry Sanderson, Mr. T. F. Baasford, Mr. Cliaa. Leane and others. IN YONKERB.- MISS KLLkN ORKY TAKES GREAT pleasure In announc'ng her poetic readings, lor this even ing, consisting of cboloe seleetioni from Hiawatha Widow Radon, Ac., Ac... at the Getty* House, Yonkera Tickets 16c I Dt ors open at 7)4, to oommence at 8 . HI A W A THA - M ARCELLU8 T. 8IM0NT0N, RSq". having purohised all the wardrobe ol' the late Chinese dramatic cimpany. will reohe in character, with appropriate lemale groupings, the above oelebra ed poem, Irotn the origi nal manuscript, a'. Academy fc all, Broadway, on Thursday evening,i7tn Inst.; recitation commencing at 7b; and ending al II ,lj P. M. Tickets 56 cents. UK FIELD TO OURSELVES AtiAIM.? l'Hit ONLY troupe ot Motlel ArtUtsnow exhlblung In New York Is at the Temple ot the Muses, 316 Broad* ay, where Madame Wartcn's oilglial o-mpany of artistes, twenty seven a com ber, appear every atternoon and evening. C88RI1DORP GALLERY, 497 BROADWAY ?THIS masnifieent eo tleetioa of palsuoga?superior toaaylhtox of the I tad oa this continent?will remain ooeu from 9 e'ntoeki A. M. till 10 o'clock P. M., until further nodee. Klngleadaata aloo 23 sects; season tickets, good tar sixty days, 60 ease yearly ticket*, SI. THK CELBBK A T KD BG Y PTLaN MU SEUM?N 0 MB R tt leg upwards of eleven bnndrad objects, wtth several re cent additions. Uthe most popniar exhibition in the ctty. Open day and evening, at the Stuyvesant Institute. Ut Broadway. Admission 26 oents. The fakir of ava is about 10 fulfil an in. gagratent in Clnclnnatti and^'olumbus. Managere and prrprietorr o' ' alls in the Western cities wishing to negotiate further can addreti his agent, Harry M. Somerriile, New York Post cfflce kMPLK OK THE MUSKS, 316 BROADWAY -OPP1S every afternoon at 3 and every evening at 8. by Madame Warton's troupe ot Model Artistes, twenty seven In number, comprising some of the finest formed women to the world. The entire trenpe will appear this af.urnoon and evening. b. fishTfrom" londonTtheatrioal AND . charaotcristic wig maker. 601 Pearl street, New York, lour doors from Broadway.?Amateur parformanoea attended, wlga lent on hire lor nrlvate psrttee, maaqneradas and fancy dreaa balls. Ooantry theatricals auppliad an abort notiea. Nig ger wigs TRAVELLERS' GUIDE, TTUDSON R1VKR RAILROAD.?TRAINS II Oh ambers street daily, for Albany and Troi LEAVE On 1 P. If.; ior Sing 8101, at 4 P M. , trains stop at nil the way stations. . ?, .?ww . bent, Oacal, Uhrisloybar and Thirty first street No train oa Sunday. N. I. ITUA Jr.. BaperkH?dent. KBDICAL. dfenn R*WAND.-DR. JKFrRIE8 ANTIDOTE )RTHE ?uUU most eflbetnal prtparatton sold, and Mttaetihnrerw stas nausea nor oOends the palate, odrakn nnneaawaiy any deviation In diet or tnterrupttoo to npnal puramta, sound ateep, or healthy digestion, the nuisance fa tons removed as speedily as is oonafettent with IE* prod notion of a thorough and permanent earn. Da ingredient* are entirely vegetable, and no Injurious offset atlber constitutionally or locajly, tan he ? 1 ov Ha usa. PHoer per bottle. Pole agent fie toe ok | HMO, in Bmadway. earner of Jctm sireeL a"?~BINO, 1H Bruaaww. a EEDHMITE HAS BgEN DMOOWRND.-DE. HAIQH A baa dDeovarad a vegetable emgnnd wfeleb is enrtog e'l Mods ef eokis, eonghs aatoana, brohehiEs and eeawmnpioc. This is proved daily by htndwoAa who are cared. Thereto bo mcdletoe equal to IL Oilee log Bowmy, N. T. New Yosk, Jan. 29, tSBfi. Lr. Height:?Dear Mr?The bottle ef ataMatoa I ?lutkaan af yoe lor a dtotreoatog eough, oured me Ihe magta. My ytmiu, W11. A. BxaeniT, 114 Bowery. N. T. Ear. Halgbt:?Dear Sir?Having used vonr vegetable ecur - pcftod, was an red of n aerare eough and pain 4n the ehr f. Yours,Ac.. Wk Baowa, corner Ftdtonaod Weetato,, N. Y Dr. Hatfthi:?Dear Sir?Suffering from w dtareastog em h. Ac., ieaa than ana boMU ef your emnpunud eured we. 1 (r ??S???SXw. m fx?- BmBKO. 1. DR WARD'S UNFOKTUNATh'B FRIEND, AND OTB ? unrivalled remedlea?The aurc cure of certain dtvea, ri quick ard complete. The afflicted who would obtain a 1 H manent and apeedy cure should oome Immediaieiy to roc ; cure hundreds monthly. Offlcs arranged an that patient, V not meet. Kffectnai and untat tr g mndteAl aid rendered. * Unfortunate's Friend cures always in a week; often in t days; recent oases in twelve hours. Offloe SO Oaaai strc ? , comer of Broadway. DR. OOOI'ER, 14 DUANK STREET, MsY BE OONF'H dentleliy consulted on certain diseases. Twent' years In his prcseat specialliv, and at his present office,,. sure guarantees of reoelrlsg honorable treatment. Ghw> ntoderate. and r cure guars at.. *4 in all eases. a. Ralph, author or thn "frautioal fei va?e Treatise " Ac . offloee 643 Houston street, near Wocstcr;hours from 9 t? 12 A. M., and f> to 9 P. M., (Sunday exreatcd ) Thwe who spplr in the early stage* will be is prised at the rapidity and Utt e lnconvenlenee attending tb? - cure Ina'riciiire from Its first o- Incipient to Ms most * ?eared and distressing stages (trow uncommon advents*- , In addition to a verv extcnelva nractlce in this oomptalal) ' can guarantee a rapid, easv a d rnotral cure, whtra he h ground tor stating can be obtained from no other aonree 1,1 America. iVmsultatlone strictly eontidential. Private seat for watting. DR. LABMUNT'S PAklB AN* LOEDD* MEDlL^i advivcr and Eatrlase Guide: twewkcto edltton, ?M pegs w lOOelectrotypcd lBusuaffiusa; sloth. 8t. It ffivwt the sever# m ramediaa, avd ahows the superiorlW of Ike author11 Parle s A lMBdnu treuimeut of ceiWdn (braetee, also t.?rvous debIM , local and g-neral from exoeasa* and tndlwim l<m, Ao. Of 1 hours 11 a M. to 9 P. * m Rsada afreet, sumer 2M RVoa. ? way, New York We reoommeud T> Tarsaert to the efflioledl ?(Vmrrler des ktaia Puis ktaata lutamtg. Etol tu 1' Puoaeera . rThunter. noTtIji vfiioif ktvkvfTiyfw york, to long aid favorably known to the pub le, m?r he on an]ted at his old office, where he has practiced In one branch of medicine for the last twontr four v ears, and made more mree than anv n'her wan in lbs elt??to many lsatsocea of pertona considered Incurable, some of whr tu he has permis sion to rt ler U) ( bwgea mod arsis, and tow eisea a enra guaranteed Outtou Mr grca' retoedv, Hunter's red dro~. that cures certain discos,? without drvi g |-s pniwm In >' ? blood oar. only se bad as above, gl. Medical bvok, 300 ps^-,, gratis P~ RIVATK C0P8Ut.TATlON8~f>ll. WVMON ATTENDS exclusively to dlaessea of a certain class. In which he hie cured a vast number "t oases in a long course ot prattle The rcme, le* are mild, sad tnars is no IntecrupUoa Irani bust ness or change 'of diet. Dr. Waune ear toady recommend* a, early cell alter the Aral eppsaraaflea.?s dels, or Ihe use of acstrums, sneotflct, drops. Ac., sad olqsr tfnitil'ul treat ment make, the aubsequem cure lew ?pee>lr. W WaTBon, E. D , formarlv surge-n to the lxwk HoaoNW; office AO talker street, fourth door west of Broadway. Alas, aoaaultatinoa bv letter. * PRIVATE NKmOAL AND ~BURGI<HL OON80LT I tlora - Dr. JOHNRON, 1? Dnaee street mav he wmiultca wtth conilderce on all disease* requiring aerrsey Hla great experience of 27 J ears in ibis r aw of oonso amis enaslea him, conlldmtly to warrant a co re in every base uod wtaaen Or J. woulfi apprise stranger* of the rsct Hut be to the on'k tt ua'liicd phyti 'lan in the above suertafflv to ibis efty, wi'h tv ft nceptlon* all el*e,notw1ihit*nd1n*the'rhtgb swinttogfoeof j> names, betng m?re hnwhuga; and as a proof of DrJ ?* -1 cert'vsnd capact.y to perioral what be undertake*, h- w u* rtqnest ail who may tequlte the *ervicea of a phvatciie -> expcrlepce 10 eiam'ne hit clalma on their confidence ne-c . InuutH'g themselves In ihe hind* ol mere Impostors. N H ? hsc my dtoicma to mr rfflce ?Uh other teoinmntals of a hi.. * r rd -r. as tr embee or the University ol New tort No (toa-i- ? no ew p- rfee ly 1 ured.