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Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 18, 1856 Page 2
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lag; and the occupation of Turk*- by the tr?Of? of ths fcmii ia alkanoe with her, ?u oajy with the Tiew of eaabhag the Sultan to carry oat thoee reforms. The Malls ? occupation waa ftir a different object, it wax for the protection ot government* who -fuee?l to Introduce any reform*. H. devour also denied that the introduc tion of the Italian question wae inopportune, or that it tee* the Congress by surprise. The observe time which, he contended, he had a right to make, were oothtoc ?ore than the devslopemeat of a memorandum which had been drawn up by the Sardinian government, at the request of the Emperor Napoleon, and presented to hi* Majesty He made some further ubeervations in the same sense, and again entreated the Congress to take the question into consideration, as, if they did not, he feared that before two yeaia passed away the Italian question would force itself on the attention of Europe. TBI EFFECT ON THE FCNDS IN LONDON. [From the London Post (City Article), April 1.] The announcement in the journals yesterday morning of the termination of the war wita Russia would appear bo have been pretty fully disoonnted at the Stock Ex change, since the advance upon Saturday's quotation* though very general, has been by no means so large to day as might otherwise have been expected. The com mercial advantages to be derived by France, Engiaid, and other States from a redistribution of political influence in the Feist, are scarcely to be oyer esti mated. They will. In a national point of view, soon neutralise the oost ot the war, large as it has been, and this is an Important consideration; bit, as a heavy expenditure will have to be provided for still tome months to come, during which the stringency of the money market cannot be greatly relaxed through the action of the Bunk of England, ft is to be presumed 'but the value of stock is, for the preeent dsemed as high as circumstances justify. The nep/tiaticn of an other English loan canto* be far distant, and capitalists, in the meanwhile, do not see the policy of investing at increased figures Consols were last quoted at 93 to >? tor account; Exchequer Mils at Is. die. to Is. prem. Tae extreme advance cf the day in Console was X per cent. The heaviness of the Contango has had its depressing in fluence. The quotations telegraphed from Paris this after neon were, contrary to the public anticipation, said to be ices favorable, both as regards stocks and shares. The Three per Cent Rentes were called 72.90 and the dnlnese ascribed to the Paris market wae considered but the more remarkable, because an intimation waa at the same time received of the Bank of France having reduced its rate of discount. A very reasonable doubt was expressed this evening as to the accuracy of this information from the French capital. The quotation for the French Three per Cents was. in the first instance, 20 centimes better, but eventually not so good by about a half per cent. IFkof mag be the financial ra/uirements cf France, Turkey ami Sarntnui, in order to wind up the expenses of the (car, las ye: <o tie ascertained. They will of necessity be considera ble; and, admitting this, it becomes a question haw tar the pressure of them may be confined to the local re sources of escb. Hmwla and the United States?Peace In Both Heminpmeree. [From the London Times, April 1.] It is a painful satire upon human bappio- that peace, so near to nations, is, alter all, only a negative blessing. Certainly it is a matter of immense congratulation that men should no loDger devote thetnse'ves to mutual de struction, and that is the state we mil peace. The suf ferers b; an asute disease declare that the-e is no plea sure dke the relation of pain. Be it tiitle or much, the whole of the matter for which the guns have been "ring, the bells rirgiDg, and people have been g og about con gratulating ore another, is the cessation of a horrible ac me! d'sorder. We are now only as we were f'xree years ago. "I'.ept with itttw corrected tendencies, some re formed habits, and come improved sxpe- entes. Could the nations of Europe have lee rat wisdom more Cheaply than by txpe-ienee?could any nation, or anybody, l*ar" wisdom except In the old fashion, Eu rope would now be the better by more 'ban "naif a mil ben of men, a hundred millions of money, and much more that cannot be numbered, or even namtd. The proclamation of pvace is nothing more nor lee# than the exposure of a eolossal hallucination, or, to resort to cur first image, the cure of a hideous disease. Mornfjinp meted it is to human pride that the very best thing we have to bonst of, and the happiest thing to be thankltil for, is that the principal nations of the civilized wer.d are no linger doing that whiih Is ihe cr Inary anapioyment of the most brutal savages. This is the ut most that can be said. It is only a lnctd interval in the hitrtory of the world's madness. IrJeed, this particular evil, the design of one gigantic empire again-t the liberty of Enrote, has been a wnolo century in progress, gradu ally, ana of .'ate rapidly, ripening into a: ion. two years of war have dissipated a century of preparations, and brought the East and the West of Europe to the same point of eommon understanding and mutual renpeit at which they stood at the beginning of the period; so vast is the accumulation ef thought, industry, provi dence and natural resources thus thrown awav, all for want c.' a little common sea.-e. as we now see in this in stance, though the same folly may recur any day in any ether quarter. When a bubble of a century's growth has thus buret m two years, and the greatest mi.itary power in the world has received s > sharp and sudden a check in its long ca reer. it wcnld be expected, perhaps, that ether nations would take warniog. Fnfortunateiy the national virus, for such we must call it, which, after workiDg a century in the constitution, breaks out in this violent form and demancs tele rough remedy, is so subtle, so fertile m flattering illusions, and so apt to assume an apparency exceptional form, that the most fear'ul example may be tost upon it. Tnere are two empi res in modern rimes which have been regarded as similar m manv substan tial circumstances, and even in some paints of policy, and which have ever cherished themselves the idea of their similarity. P.useie and the I'm ted States have avowed a sort of particular respect for one another, as the Cossack and the Republican in the p>oliticvl scale. With the single exception that they earry out the opposite ex tremes ot government, though equally without constituti onal balance or check, they equally boast unlimited terri u>ry, rapid grow;h, great military success and an opinion of their resources and prowess which has met witn no ch.'ck. They have hitherto b?en equally confident of their dejrtnv, that old stumbling bloc* of other nations. They have equally fostered maxims that eannot be admitted by their neighootp without a sacrifice of self respect. Ever since the year 177S the two governments have been in exchang ing compliments, it was only on Saiurdsv that we in serted the harangue of an American Senator, containing a lave table comparison between the two governments. Now it is rather a remarkable thing, and to be noted in the history of human delusions, that at the very moment when one bubble has burst, when Russia's dream of irre sistible power and endless cominior has been rude'y and finally dispelled, the other Power, the seif-boaeted paral lel. the brother in boundless pretention and special im munity, so far irom taking warning by the fate of its compeer, is at this moment verging to tne same suicidal folly?a war, net of self defence, but of wanton defiance, the sole and avowed object of which is the assumption of a pohtieal position above all the rest of the world. Tie phrase two years ago was that we bad " drifted' tote war. Ne doubt there had been such a gradual aod almost imperceptible eurrvnt, latterly assisted by timid and irresolute counsels. Toe contrast between the causes and the event Is that between a drift and a col touon. A thousand ebullitions of national vanity and imperial ambition, golden reveries, confidential eonver Rations, ciplomatie insolences, overreach! ig negotiations, tine upon line and precept upon precept, have eoasti tnted the current on which Russia has drifted to where ?he now lies. We have no wish whatever to deny the tonlts ot the Powers who have ha i to tsace her this lei son. They have suffered, and probably will suffer in turn, for errors whiih are shared by all "Rates In propor tion to their ipirit and their power. We have only so de now with the rne gigantic folly which led Russia to imagine herself exemptec frcm the common lot and com men law of nations. Snch notions havs been cherished by ncrne Ptnte cr other In every age since the i>eginning of the world. We believe there never was a tlm* siboe the beginning of history when there was not one, or moie than one State, which conceived itself either so numerous, or so well sitnate-1, or so rich, or mi ingenious, or so united, or so martial, or so pious, or so :avored by Heaven, or so pre-eminent for some other great quality, that it might safely defy all the rest cf the world, ret up Its own rules, to its own law, and entertain schemes incompatible wltn the peace of the world No ?u:h na ion ever yet succeeded in tbi? course, or recaped the moat signal chastisement. That has now fallen cpsn Russia, eves at the hands of neighbors who have good reason to admit the martial virtue" and the almost unlim'ted resources of the delinquent. Is it pos sible that any other empire in the world, especially that empire -vhi'h is ever matching itself wl'h Russia, and claiming the benefit of tbe Russian example, should choose this very time for asserting its most orepoete rous claims ? All Karope Is bow resounding with the grateful notes cf peace. Every Smte rejoice# for *he eveat which secures -the InVgrity and independents'' of a weak people against the schemes ot a powerful ceizfc bcr. We trust tne triumph will not be marred, th fcymn of praisv jsrred, and the universal judgment < fied by the appearan'e of a new dictator In the Weifern hemisphere, as imperious, as egotistical, as resolved to CIve its own iaw to tte world, and as esrtain t> ne rncght oude" the world's law, as -.hat which has jn? i He timely submission to a Kurojean Congress. India and China. Advices from Airxanii-.a of Marca 23, say:?We have dale* rum Calcutta. reh.'J3; Bombay, Harco fl; H?cg Kcrng, Fob. 16: Hhangnai. Feb. 7. ' ?nu?. Feb. 13. The aenexatlon of Oade has been ~oio /eted without die tor banco. Lord Ccxnmg reaahed Calcutta on the 29th of Febru ary, end war "worn in fiovernor-'General on March 1. ixird Pelbausie war to leave Calcutta for - uer. on March C. The Sental* were ouiet for the time. A scarcity war 3reh*nded throughout India, owing to the wan - of i. Trade had mprnved at Bombay, Honey market aaeier. At Calcutta trade war inanimate. Indigo needy. The ins port market had improved, r x change at Calcutta, >. 2led-, Bombay, 2m. 2la'd. The revenue and expenditnre at Hong Kong rhowed a orpin* Tbe Chinese n^ur recti on war retrograding, sekangea t Can ton.4 a ? Shanghai, Be. "Kd. Mr. Rnrhanan In Parte. From Oallgoeni's Mececnger, March 10.J The Hon. James Buchanan, recently Minister Plenipo omiary of the t'nfted state* of America to the British ovornmrnt, arrived in Pari* lart week ae the guwt of hie Fx-elleney Mr. Meeon. Mr. Buchanan left this capi tal on Wednerday, on a vieit to the Hague He will re tain hither about the middle of nex* week, and remain until hie depart ore fcr Havre, where he will em),ark for New York In the steamer Arago. We mention thi? gen tleman particularly, tvsauee be baa lelt the raoet ferora Me imnressione on ra#mind* of all ?.n* obaervant clasi-es ?fib* British pnbitc, after an off) dial reaidenoe of be tween two and three yearr. Ha ingratiated h mself by hta ooneiliatory apirit, urbane manner*, diplomatic ta aente, and liberal hospitality. Mr. Buchanan Is a native rf T'euneylvanin; he rama early into general notice as an able member of the bar and of the State legislature, he ?*? *oon elected to tbe senate of the Coiled states, in which body he proved a sound politician and sdVctivn orator He wa* selected from toe Se nate, by 'he President of the Cnlon, tor the post oi Minister Plenipotentiary at St. Petersb .rg, whieh post hs biied for a long time, to the full sati?faetion of the Cxar sad court, and of hi* own gorernment. On bis return home, be war again elcted to ths Sena's, and e<x.n again sent abroad by the Executive a* the successor ?r Mi Joseph lagersoll, the head cf the American *gv von to loodcn. The Plate Convention of desecrate of j'enaiytvani* nave nwnl Mm nnsnisnously their candi date for the Presidentship, and accompanied the nomina tion with a programme of doctrine, or " platform," mo derate, sensible, and in all reepecta adapted to the na tional weaL Thug presented by the great commonwealth, be ie likely, with the aid of hie personal character and hie various qualifications, to obtain the suffrage of the National Convention which is to assemble at Cincinnati in June next. We most not overlook his very creditable administration rf the department of State or Foreign Affairs at Washington during the whole term of Presi dent Polk. The democratic members of the New Jersey Legislature have united in expressing their preference for Mr. Buchanan as a candidate for the Presidency. Vrth of the King of Algeria Celebrated In Use Crimea. The French Minister of War has received the following telegraphic despatch from Marshal Pelissier:? Shustofol, March 23.1860. It was only this morning that your despatch of the 10th made known the fact of the happy delivery of the Km press and the birth of the T'rinee Imperial. At noon aalntee of 101 guns, fired simultaneously by the t rench, English and Sardinian armies, and by the Meets, welcomed this gratifying news. At the same moment, a 7e Dtwn, at which the troops were present, was sung in each of oar corps d'armit. During the day the eommandsrs-in chief of the Esg.ish and Sardinian armies cams offi cially to offtr me their congratulations, which I beg to lay wPh mine, and those of the generals under my orders, at the feet of their Imperial Majesties. Our soldiers have finished the day in the midst of cheers, and collected round a number of bonfires which give to our camps the appeal ance of a splendid Illumination. The Scotch and Sardinians, who are encamped on the heights of Kamara. were able to make their bonfires so large that the light from them was thrown to an enor mous distance. At length the Russians, joining, at least we suppose so, in our manifestations, suddenly lighted up the whole of 'heir line from Inkennann to Coralee, and thus completed this spectacle, which had a most striking effect PEI.I3SIER. the vert latest. TE JX.RAPIliC FROM LOUDON TO UVBPOOL. London, April 2, I860. FRANCE. The Monilevr of yesterday announced that, by epscil' decrees, the award of Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor is conferred on Ccunt Walewskl, and the Biro a de Brar queney Is raised to the dignity of a Senator. Official journals sI?o announce the Emperor's decision that the soldiers of the class of 1848, who have beea retained until this time under the military banners, shall be restored to their homes. Orders for the immediate execution of the will of the Emperor have already been issued by the Ministry of War. The ceremonial {annonncemert of the conclusion op peace was made to the Senate and ?.orps LegHlatif on Men day, in the words previously employed to an nounce the fact in the Mmihntr, To this proclamation the Minister of State added:? " The Emperor has charged that in bringing the feet to your knowledge, I should thank yon for the parotic sup port which you hive always afforded Mm, and which, with the admirable devotedness of the allied fleets and armies, have so powerfully contributed to the happy is sue of the war." THE PEACE. It has already been stated that the members of theCan ference have still to perfect a number of secondary ar rangements, essential to the new state of relations to he establirhed in the East. Le y<jrd says that the orgin'-itlon of the Pried pa1 i ties is one cf these reserved subjects, and the Dcbats points out, as another, the special regulations neoessary for assuriig the free navigation of the Danube. Mxrskh.ixs, Tuesday, April 1, 1866. Affif Bey embarked last n>ght from this port, bearing the tTeaty to Constantinople for the ratification of the Sultan. A French officer of rank also enobaiked on a special mission to the Sultan, from the Emperor of the French. Admiral Symends died on his passage from Malta to Marseilles. Bbrlin, Tuesday, April 1, 1860. The announcement of the contusion of peace,' In tin Prussian Chambers yesterday, was received with cheers. COMMERCIAL INTELLIGENCE. [From the Dally News (City Article) of Tueeday Eve ,ning, April 1,] The funds maintained great firmness. The closing quotations were almost ao good as those of yesterday. In the other Stock Exchange market there is still con siderable disposition to opeiate for higher prices, hut this tendency was rather kept in check to-day by the realizations which haTe been prompted by the late mark ed rise. The hope of an easier money market affords great support. The opinion gains ground that the Bank of England will shortly admit to discount, at 6 per cent, first class bills having ninety-five days to mature, in stead of charging 7 per cent, as at present. With this prospect, which is strengthened by the favorable state of the exchanges, and by the large arrival of specie, the knowledge that government win require another loan during the present session, fails to cheek the firm ness ot the stock markets. The discount mar ket was to-day quieter. In the S;ock Exchange the demand for money continues good, and may grow brisks r In the event of specula tien for a rise be coming more extended. At Paris to-day, three per eent rentes closed at a fell of % to X Per cent, following yes terday's decline of per eent. The influx of specie con tinues large. The amount brought in by the L? Plata is about ?560,000, of which five-sixth is stated to consist of silver, including about $600,000 brought in by the Africa, from New York. The arrivals to-day reaoh the extraordinary total of ?726,000. lu the foreign ex changes this afternoon, the only feature of interest was a decline in the quotation for three months bills on Paris. The Railway share market continues good. [From the Times, (City Article,) April 1?P. M.] The English funds opened steadily this morning, at the improved prices of yesterday, and were steadily main tained to the c'ose, notwithstanding the occurrence of a further heavy fall on the Paris Bourse. In the early part of the day .here ws; a great pressure for money in the Stock Escharge, hut the demand subsided la the after noon. At the Dank of England the applications were not numerous. Markets. I>o?it><tv Moni-v Hjtr.KET, April 1?1 o'clock.?The Plata, from :be Weat Indies and Facifie. brings $2,884,000, or ?577,000, of which ?8 000 In on account ot the Mexican dividend*. The arrivals of the precious metals this we?k already amount to a la-ge sum, say ?737,000, and with the pre sent change in the vine, we may now expeet the arrival of some of the Australian gold ships. 7Le demand for money continue* active, and the rate* firm. The Bank of France having lowered its iatee of die count from 1 to 5 per cent, seme expectation prevails that the Bank of England may modify its rales. The English funds to-day opened firmly at the closing prices of jes*er''av aud *re M w a 'hade better. Con sols tor money 93 to '4, account 93 to conaol scrip 3 ', to prsmiurn. Indie, bonds lis. t? 6s. discount, ex chequer bills 1 discount to 1 premium, exchequer bonds 68,'i to J,', exchequer scrip 3 to premium. Half-Pat Two o'Clock. Consols are not so firm, the quotations are 01 to and 93 to '4, and the tendency jnet now is downwards. Turkish botdr are buoyant. The present prices are 101 '4 to \ for the Six per Cents, and 102},' to for the Four per tents. >ha;ee are all good. BROWN, SHIPLEY AND CO.'S CIRCULAR. Ij .krpooi., April 1. 1806. The declaration of i-eace has given more tone to our cotton ir arke* and prices of American have .idmooed ',4. per lb., the sales for the three days being 20,060 bales, wnh '*,!K0 to exporters and speculators. There has been a steady demand for yarns and goods in Winchester, but buflness oas been checked by the advance asked by holders. The corn market continues doll at the above quota tioea. Conrt of General He Minna. Before Judge Capron. Arm 17?Tt< rra? Thompson, alias Wells, who has oc cupied the time of the Court a good deal for a week past, having first pleaded guilty, afterwards withdrawn his plea, and Gnal'y been tried and convicted of bnrglary, in enteiing lue jVre of Mr. Merchant, under tne Irving House, and taken a large quantity of -ilka therefrom, cm the n ybt of the 26th of January last, was brought np this morning, and sentenced to five years In the State prison. He 1* a notorious Ecgliah thief. ROllllKKT OF DTPTTVdr SHU) AI TOO Tl A PHP. David Koacb.aboy about seventeen years of age, was pot on trial "barged with :ea ing two books. tb? pro perty of Henry Dawson, and value! at $400. < me of the books was the" receipt, book of Aaron Burr, and the otb?r a scrap book, containing the autographs of all the g*ae rals ot the Revolution, English and American the signers of the rVclara'-.on of Independence, together with most Of the distinguished men of that pericd, both in Europe and America, Ine'udirg Napoleon FVin.usi.rte, Ceorge Washington, George III., Mil Mam Pitt, fee., fee. Mr. Dtsrson testified that he lent the book to a friend by the name ot Menrifi; that he ?entbia boy, John Hagan, after them one afternoon in January las: that the bov re fumed without them, and state* that they weresn?t;b?d from his hands while on his wsy home. The receipt book he had never seen since, hut the oook of a at' graphs wse af terwards recovered in a mutilated state, having been de prived of 'he most valuable signatures. A pollcemui testified that he found the book In the poe*e?-ion of the le'eudant, who stated that he found it In Union so i ere, en returning home one night from a fire. The boy Hegen not being present to testify, and there being nothing to contradict the statement of the defendant, the Court charged the ,ury that they could not convict him on the -vidence the fireman ?aid, "Certainly not, ' aod thns the boy I'oach. wao ha* been tmpri-cmed taree moipha for stealing ai;vg-sph? whose value he never dreamt of, aid wtote t'gatii it i-rabebiy aeyer beard pf, was e; at hbtrtf. Mkc BmiMytt. Grabgr or Rkkvcig ^tolxn Goods.?Joeeph and Moms Eh rick, oI No. 276 Tenth street, mm takes into custody yesterday afternoon, by Sergeant|Jourdan, of the Lower Police Court, on the charge of reoerriag ktolen good*. The complainants m thie oaie, Lewie OertU and othere, of Philadelphia, allege that on the 8th of March lest, their plane of buiineea was robbed of 97,000 worth of silk and satin goods, by some burglars; that they hare discovered a part of the stolen property in the house of the accused, in Tenth street, and believe it to hare been received by them with a full and guilty knowledge. The defendants say that the goeda in qnaetlon were bought by them some six months agr, and therefore could not pos sibly hare been in Mr. Cur Us' store en the 8th ult. The prtacners were committed for examination, by J nation Connolly, of the Lower Pollen Court. Descent I'ro.r a Gambling Establishment Yesterday afternoon Captain DowUng, of the Sixth ward police, made a descent upon the premises No. 60 Bayard street, aad arrested two men named Michael Jaoobi and Era eft Hensler, on suspicion of being engaged in keeping a gambling honae. A faro box, dealing ease, a quantity of checks, and several packs of cards, were seized upon by the officer, and taken to the Eighth ward station house. The real proprietor of the place could not be found, bu i as it is strongly snppoaed the prisoners were implicated in the bnsirees, they were,committed for examination by Justice Osborne. Tbe complaint upon whlcb the arrest was founded was made by a man named Jacob Levi. Charge of Passing Cocntkrftit Monet.?a woman named Cordelia Johnson was taken Into custody yesterday by offioer Brallburn, of the Twenty-first ward police, on a charge of having attempted to pass a 910 counterfeit bill on tbe Merchants' Bank of Newbnrvport, Mass. The ac cused, it ii alleged, went into the dry good* store of Mr. Cardwsll, 490 Third avenue, and purchasing some goods to tbe amount of 84, offered in payment the counterfeit in question. On searching the house occnpied by the accused, a number of other spurious bills were discover ed, also some bank note dies and a hand press. The pro perty was conveyed to tbe Second District Court. The woman was eommitted to prison by Justice Davison. Efforts are being made to have the prisoner's acoomplices arrested. Steamboat Robbery.?Yesterday morning Richardson E. Warren, of I'tiea, N. Y., bad 9336 in bank bills stolen from his stateroom on board the steamboat Oregon. Mr. Warren, on the previous night, plaoed the money under his pillow, bnt, unfortunately, when the boat arrived in this city yesterday morning, he left b-s stateroom with out thinking of the roll of bills he had pat under his pil low the nignt previous. Oue of the waiters on board the Oregon, name Putnam (colored), was arrested on suspi cion of having stolen the money, but there is little or no pioof against him. PcprofED Robbery bt a Waiter.?Yesterday afternoon, abont two o'clook, one of tbe waiters in the eating saloon of Mr. Ccx, corner of Thames street and Trinity place, managed, while his employer's back was turned, to ran off with a desk containing money and jewelry to the amount oi 9500. The desk (minus the cash) was foun 1 some hours afterwards, concealed under a plank, at pier No. 4 North river, but no trace of the thief oould he dis covered. Broom lyn City News. Shooting Affair in Jackson's Hollow.?Captain Ca 1 and officer Oaks, of the Fourth district police, Wednesday arrested William A. Smith aad Jeremiah Collins, on tbe charge of shooting Maibew Mulvey with a pistol. The affair took place near the corner of Classon and Green avenues, in that portion of the city known as Jackson's Hollow. It appears that Smith and others were forcibly ejecting a tenant who resided near the house of Mulvey'a son. Smith hitched his horse to the fence, and the elder Mnlvey insisted that he should take him away, fearing be would tear it down. Smith paid no particular atten tion to the request, and Mulvey unhitched tbe animal, whereupon Coiiins handed Smith a pistol, as alleged, with which be fired at Mulvey, and sbot him in the lert hand. The ball also grazed his pantaloons. The offioers, who anticipated a disturbance in consequenoe of the eject ment, soon came up, and, ascertaining the facts, took both the secured into custody. They were locked up to await an examination. Mnlvey Is not dangerously in jured. The accused were brought before Justice Smith yesterday, and held in 92,000 bail for trial on the charge. Dwcrder. y Engine Companihb.?Mayor Hall yesterday gave directions to Captain Smith, of the First district police, to lock up engines Nob. 6 and 11 for disorderly conduct and fighting, as stated in the Herald of Sanday. The bouses are secured with padlocks, and tbe police have orders to lot no one enter but the Chief Engineer oi the Fire Department. The Common Council will inves tigate the affair. Firr.?Shortly after twelve o'clock on Wednesday night, a fire broke out In the stable of John Hinchy, in Columbia street, between Jors.lemon and State streets, which was burned to the ground. Seme of the content* were saved. The Carnage is about $200. The cause ie attributed to incendiarism. Rbn Ov er.?A child named Hannah Agnew was ran over in Flushing avenue on Wednesday, by a wagon driven by Ihaddeus Burk, and was seriously injured. Officer Oaks Fourth district police, took the girl noma. JBoboken City Sew a. City Property.?The following it a statement made by the Mayor of Hoboken to the Council of the city, of tbe ralne of the property of the city.? Hudson square, 37 full lots, at 92,000 974,000 00 Market square, 8 full lots, at $2,600 20,000 00 Church rquare. 84 full lots, at 8800 38,400 00 Burial ground, 10 full lots, at 92,000 32.000 00 City Hall building 1,800 00 Eigioe house, No. 2, snd lot, 94,800, less un paid 92,600. ..? 2,300 00 Fire apparatus 2.650 00 Street Jump# and posts 1,574 40 Iron sale 160 00 City Hall tell 147 00 260 leads manure taken from streets 126 00 Total 9174.666 & LIST OF LETTERS Kcaaktac In the few fork My Peat Oflkt, FrMay, IprB 18, 18M. Fnbliabed excJnatvely in the New Tork Herald, by Ant ?( CoDfjTeee? tk> iajer having tkt large* circulation any taper in the United States. LJ DIES' UBT. A A ek>y Harriet C inet Mn Mary Ahale; Mn Hannah AlberiMnMaryJaneAndeiaonMiaBAddie Armitrong Miia A len Mra A b X Harab Allen ?n James Anderarm Mr* Sli- Aikina Ml*a Hannah Almy MrtKB Green zmbeth ^ Ay era Mia Anna Black Mn Wm P Bealy Mia* Mary Bogart Mtis Kliz'bth Brace Mlaa Jane Bednam Mra, borth Bojea lira Albert Bramard Miaa I.u- Moore at Bonner Mlaa Jane cretin Beer* Mra Henry BonnerMnOeorgeH B aieir.anMraVarla Bellow* Mn AnnH Brook* Mlaa Maria BaL Mra Karat H Belli* Mn Bsnmel Booth Mlaa Jane BancroftXr*Harriet Bennett Mn Annie Brown Mn Aan J Beratrand Mra Oath BrrwnMnAnabella Banka Elizabeth Benaon Emma Brown Mn Caroline Barnard Mn Jeeaee Kertran MlaaHarriet Brown Mr* John Barker Mra Sarah J Beryen Mias R Br unaon Mn MaryA 1 AnerMlaaCathanneBerean Mlai hlla F Bunt Mn Zillan Bamliam Mn lia Brinkerbeof Miaa Burton Mra Marv bella Charlotte Buroa Mr*. 7tn at Bair Mra John B.iaa Mn Suras O Bursa Catharine Barry Mua Ixiulaa Brakme Mn Antot- Bursa Mlaa Julia Bartleu Mra S A nette Byrn Mary Bray Mlaa Sarah Byrne Bridget C Chadwt k Mlaa De Carr MrafcizabehS Oonroy Mlaa Ann bt.rah Carroll Ann Cani-oy Mra Maty A Cain Mra. 2dth at ? aim Mr* A B CrombieMtaahizAM Cain Mr*. Water at CrawfordMi a."lh av Cook Ml?* Jane Cal lhan Mra Ann Crawlard Mlaa Jane Cor win Mine A C Ca dwe. Mlas B.iza Crawley Mia Ca'ha Coikery M;aSophro Ca dwe . Mra Kdey Creamer Catharine ..le Cammel (or (am Ceiee Ann Crrnaman Mr* A W met. M:** X M Oaten Ju ia Con don Mr* MaryA Campbell Cath E'lza Cbi latian M:m E Oonlter Mlaa Jane Campbell Mrs Re Codsy Mra, Hd'way Covert Mia E be oca E Coalman Mariaiet Oowe* Mlea Saina Camprell Sarah E Cola* Mra Snlden Crow Mir* HE Carpi.: Mra Mary Cohlen Mlaaiaahella Oowder Mra Mary Clark Mm Martha A Colllna Bridget Crezier Mra Adeline C'.aikaon MrtLnryP Cotiroy Mra, (Been- Cunmnghaa Mia* Ca ley Miaa Mary wlcfi at Annie Car.lne Mra A ice ^ OuahingkamMra.ldth ? ale Mlaa Mary Densinr Miaa Kate DohaonMniAngetlne Drake MraKilzabr'li Denrla Mra earn Ine lloberty Margaret DandrtdgeMrr-JanaA Deniaon Mlaa Jn lett Drome v Honora Danle.ann Mi?-*Ne e Durembnrg Mi* I. Doo y Mia* Mary MiiwMary C Derwi-i Ml** Merita Dorrey Mra Mareda Device Mn, 1-exmg DeSeoletMadLouia Doraey Mlaa. Clinton ton av Pennant Mia* ku rlace Dean Ml** Sarah A tenia Dunphy Mn John De a Cruata MraHC Dweaeaa Mlaa Mary Dnnn Margaret De ,.na:a MraDavId Ann Dutaoo Mn. Bd'way De anty Amy MlaaCalhermeXunvallo Mlaa Au Demereat Miaa Bar Dewttt Mia France* unit* net A DibbieMiaaHeneretiaftayli ilere Mn, Denning Mlaa C Church at Fdglnton Mra Jane Krnmona Mr* Mar Krenaoc Mis* S Eland" Mi* ''atha K care* Evan* Mra ti M hmerick MiaaAnnleF ^ Falley MtaaSophteF. Fee Mlaa Catherine Fltigeri ld Bridget Flanitao MlaiAanle Feliow* Mir* H D Folly M.e Edward Fraakel Mi?aBa>'ta F eman Mr* O W Fortune Miaa FraneeaMtraBarriet Flelda Mra Mary Fro*t Mr* Joeephme Farley Mlaa Julia Finn Mra C. 17th st Froft Mra char.ea H Far rail Mra M K Flab Mra Ansa H Froellgh Mlaa R A Ann Feiaby Mra Caroline Korem .n Mather FauIkne.-MrsSarahAFiaher MraMarlnetta Florenrt Miaa Fay Mra M M Fiaber Mi a Mary A Fortune Miaa Fay Mo'v Fl*her MraSaritDeU Flynn Mra Putty KiederlckaMraCha# ^ Fiaber M.a ClVah Oiiffenny M#a Mary Creene Sarah Oiiaon Ml*a Amelia Or. bam Miaa M A men Mian Margaiet ?tiiaon M a R Ormgei M>?* Margt r?e~ow MlsaLoniaa Ooodwln Mn t Ouynard Miaa Mury Oeryin Mn iarah (Jolden Mn Cface (ieses Mlaa Joita ciddlnga Mlia Mi- (iorman Catherine OieeneMia nerra Onye Miaa Marg' ret I* Halren Miaa Moot Harvey MraA tneJla tt.wklna Mi?*M*rgt I n i.ev Bridget Hay waid Mra Sai ah H?ya MrvMary Ana Hal! Mn O. J4'h at Hlggma Mra 17th *t Haybarne Ml** Anne 1 Hall Mlra 0#m*n- mil Mi*a H R Hea yMr* Llrpenard tir," E fill Mi a ('atha Healr Mlaa ilorora ! nau enbeck Mra'AthHlekbuinMnlreneMlleain Mia a?th at 1 Ha1 *i be k Mary B Hit hcoekMraAblgailHefr.-.nenMiaatlatha i Ha.>ey Miaa Mary ? Hltrm Mlaa JWia 0 Herman Mia Ellin i Han.rr.e Mt?a Harab Honra Miaa la.beiia Hemmen* Ella I llamtr irdM'rrMary Hoeg Marv H H* > n* Mad'le In Hamilton Cbar'otte HolberU.nMnKl'enL ICle i Mlaa M. i y Ho.ire Mi* Andrew Hopklua Mlaa.'rb ?t Hurle'Mary Holt Mra Lvdla Hom RbiabethJane Hani* MiaaFnuaaJ HartMrs KJIsahath Hor en Mlaa Ann n -rrtfon Mn F. Har'Ml?a Ma.y HoirhklaaMlaaMarrt Harriten Mra JraC HaakellMralanaeeR Hctehki*a Mra OeoF narr.n?t"nMnD*nl Haughtns Film H'ighe*M)a* Walker Hart i eibn Hawrtlns Miaa Ueor- Hie.t Ml?a Elluibeth Hen Mar* |>arna Hunter Miaa Harab He"h?*t Mlaa fall* . . . Byde Mra Bllrasch V clt J >vu< Mra Ba bel Johnaco Mary Jone* M*-r R ;*am KnK:.u Jttnr'.n Mrt AKiufl *i?e Margi A Jameson Ann JeoesMlmJulinJane JmIh MhU, Wh ? Jenkins Mrs Hlita Johnson MrsWeaiey Jourdaa Mra M L johneonMlaeLucrtUn H ^ Judge lira, 9lb at KeeganMlaaIIHz.VbthKeong h Mra Edwd King Mlaa Ruth ? Kelly Mlae M.try L Kerr Mlaa Louisa J Klrkham Mra Caro Kerwln Kliza Kemple Mia Win- line KUdMraMK aetred Kyle Miae Cathn Ka La Cnesta Mlaa Ida latwlon Mlaa Catbe Lochias Mra Cathe Ladd Mra Bather Lee Mlaa Sarah Long Mra Kilaaor Lattray Mrs, 3d av Leland Mlaa M J Long Mra Johanna Lamoue Mra F, Laalie Mlaa M Looaley Mra, How Brooma at Le Blue Mra SUa- ard at Lena Mra Abigail both B Levetoy Mra Joshua Latimer Mra Jaa Lewis Mra Leah Loveland Mra Jean Lavan Bridget Lewis Mrs Mary ette Lavender Margt Livingston Kliza AnnLnfher MMa Martha Lawrence Mlaa Mary Locke Mra W C Lynch Kiaa Mary Maeready Mias Mary Martin Mis, Ludlow Moles Bridget | Magee Mies Margt Martin Mrs France# Mo. ony Miss Mary i Maglnnesa Mis* Bet- Msstersoo Bridget Ann fey Maynard Mrs alia Moody Miss Auralia Mahony Ellen Mar hew Cathe P Manning Mrs B O Metgbn Mary Moor* Elizabeth A Marc use Sophia Meaerole Mrs MaryAMoore Mian M J. 27th Markoe Elizabeth B Middleton MIu Cor- Morgan Mrs, Beach Mareae Ann nella Id orange Mary Mar<iuesMiaa Jean-Mills Mrs, 12th at Mortally Mlae Jane ette Miller Mri Jane Mortarty Mary Mar ran Mln Cathe Miller Mrs Mary J Mnagrore Mias Bliaa Maraden Mrs Lucy Mtnglam Mrs, Mara hall Mrs Miranda Mrs Eme- Murphy Mias Ahee Marshall Mias Anne line O Murphy Miss Oathe Mai shall Mias Mar Mil Mias Helen 8 Murphy Miai Julia thaM Moise Mrs Philip Murphy Mias Mary Mylor Bridget M Me A lister Mies M MeOiff Mary MeLamarn Mies C m?a*3S Maw McOinnhThfiaeO McLauBbdta Mi . A McCabe Miss B MoGowan Mias Ann McLaughlto Marr A McClennen Mias A McKiernan Mrs A McMahon Mtaa |f McOermltt Miss 0 ^ MeMalien Miss Base Kills Miss Jane lfaughton Bridget Keunuc Mis N B Main Mln Elizabeth Mathery Mia* R, Hee Newmsn Mlae Cathe Naeh Mrs Elizabeth terit Blxoa Mary Nawore Mrs Eliza-Nicholsi Mi* Char- Nolan Jane keth J lotte C Norriah Mrs Mary Oakley Mrs Bsmh O'Brien Biddy O'Mara Mias Margt Oiler Mlaa Alice O'Conor Miss Asnle O'Neal Mm Margt O'Oonnell Mary O'Connor Mrs. City O'Rell r Mm Ann O'Bonde Mm Brldgt Hall place G'Sulllvan Mias Mary P Place Mm Sarah B Parmalee Mra Mary Pytram Mrs Jae Packard Mrs Julia Ferryman Miai Brid-PM lp. Kather Page Mrs Hnldah get _ PhllllpiMrs Phebe Palmer Mrs, 6th as Peek Mrs Loniea Prime Barsh Palmer Jane A Peck Mm HatUe Pitt Mm Eliza ^ Parker Anna M Peterson Mrs Ellen Poniard Mrs John Parker Mm Agnes Phelpa Mrs S A Powell Mrs Rl< 1 Parker Mm EbUly Pierce Mrs E Pratt Mm TTnrnet Parker Mra John Pilgrim Mm Alme- Puraell Mr. Mary PettinglU Mis Pan- din Ann nleM R Ransom Miss X D Benton Mrs David Roberta Mm AM Ravenbili Mrs M Bice Mm Marie T Robin, on Mr*H Ka< mond Lucr'a P Rice Mn George H Kogan Mias BHia'th Rsdnor Miss Eunice Rich Miss Ann Rosette Miss Busan Redmond Mias MaryRitfard MissAnnette Bourke Mm Cath'n

Reed Julia Riker Mr# Suian RoynAjma Reed Mm Raoh'l B Ring Hannah Rnsaeli Mrs Benj BeJly Anne Ritchie Mrs,Broome Ryan Johanna Reiordan Mm Julia st g Rytnon Mary J Stacy Mn Tbos Bkelton Mn Singer Mn Ann Salters Harriet Spencer Miss Helen Smith Mn A, 8th at banes Mrs, Bou'h st 8t eneer Mm Lizzie Bmtth Ann Stantcn ilra.Bleeck Shopley Mias 8.A Smith Miss HR or st Sheridan Mr?, Mon- Smith Mrs Luctnda ' Saroni Mrs Ad R roe st Smith Mm ftirah Shaw Mian Ellen Sherman Eliza Bootleld Mrs, Del an Shaw Mra P O Stewart Mm Culh'n cy at Shuy Mm Mitrg't Stewart Mm Julia Stone Mies Junipus Se.irse Miss M.irg't Stewart Mrs M L Scott Mm Emma E Record Cordelia Sldley Mm Cons'ce Scott Elizabeth SnedJcor Emma J Swift Mrs EC Sto well Mis M A Sheehan Margaret Simmons Mis.21st at Stuart Miss OB Steen t?t? Wcosier Simmnnd Miss Jniia Sutherland Mrs J Ht Sinclair Miss Ansa Shultz Miss F.imira Sheerin Mary Bzentpaly Madame J T Tracy Mn Mary J Tcdd. Jr. Mrs E Thempssn Miss H Tunly Mrs B, White Thomas Charlotte Thompson MmL?2 tl tbomas Mn F Thompson Miss J C Taylor Mrs Acatrf as Thompton Mn D Thornton Mrs John Taylor Mrs Lucy Thompson Mn HlizaTowle Mm, 4thas Tlesion Mn M B Taylor Mn 8, Stone Towneerd tin Ann Tobias Mrs Daniel at Tully Bridget C&T Udell Mm, leturens Van Marter Miss H Perron Madame,for st Viintaaiel Miss R merlyCaroline Is Van der WerkenMrs VUlett Miss kmlly genoil Albert W w Vmlng Miaa Ora A Walte Sarah A Wilson Mm M, Olfa Wolcott Mm C L Waite Mra fcophia B as Wood Miss ME Walker Mrs J b WilsonMm AmaadaWoodsMra W W Mn. Mott st Wilson Mm Emily R Woods Mn Emma A Walsh Mrs J orKatoWhipple MrsLydla Woods Mn RUm'th W m White Miss A Wcods Margaret A Watson Bertha White Mn M, 19th st Woods Susanna Wejinan Mrs B, White Caroline L Woodruff Mm H West Broadway Wkimore Mrs A H Wcodworth Miss C wpd Mrs Charlotte Whitney Miss M H Wyckoff B L Williams Mrs H B ^ York Mrs, veeallst GEETLEMBS'S LIST. A Adams Cant Tbcs B Alleot Wm Anthony AT 8 Adams Robert Abraham Robert CAnlhon J H Adams B S Allium Waehington Andrews A Boyle Adams Hunt Altmayer A Amos Niotala* Adams John W Alden Mr Andrews John 8 Aiken Abial AcnewBO Athburner John Alden BH Alezander John P Asbe T P Arena R L Alley John?3 Armstrong Ethan Aibirtron Joslah Allen J H Archer OA A.lo Marcllilno Alien Frank. Jr Ashe Dr W C Algler Stephen Allen R 8 Apperson R Alexander James W Alien A Armstrong Wm A A den Timothy Allen J J Arkenstedt F A Co Abbott R James Allen Albro A Armstrong Dayid ' Altman A Anderson Joshua At*Ins Thomas Idler Wm Anderson Geo Argilagoi Don Juan Adler Kekan Anderson William Arblsta Alia Egracls Adderlr James Anderson John A At wood Jo>eph W Aaron J Anderson William Atkinson Thos M Altieck James A Co Anderson OaptWm Ater Edward Affleck J Anderson P W Ayerell Chas K AtwaierGeo R Brads haw John Keeker J Bryant William R H'ack'an Jesse Benjamin D A Co Brown J M Blags e Hamilton Benton W A Brown James Biactie d Wm Bien Francis Brown Andrew D Brsdy Kenners Alfred D Brown Jonothan C Bagiev Edwin H BenaerV Brown Moses C , Brae street N F Benson Rodney Brown Edward Brseken John H Benas Israel Brosm Julius I Brady James Benton James Brown A L Baker Luke Bennett, Jr, Abel Brown J E A J 8 Baird Ell Bent Charles Brown J C A Co Baker Isaac D Rentlcy Norman 8 Brown A V A Co Baliey HH Beddom 8 Brown Henry M Ball T Beebe B C Brown A Kills Baird Wm H Benedict, Jr. Chae Brown John J Barker RobeitD Beverly M Boy Ian Patrick Baker Idwoid L Beits Surwell Boncber Michael Braisied Thomas H Bertholf W W Best wick L Bli.keiie Henry Betta, Phillips A Co Boutette Oapt Wm Baldwin John A Brewer Cspt Ash- Borre Frederick Bancker Gerard ^belH, BowpOeoW Barnnm John Bertlne JasF Boyd John Branch Dr J B berry P G A Co Bojde Richard Blnnden Lewis Bertrsnd N Brewer J J Ban la J H Bergen Michael Boyd H W Banister L Bernard John Boyd Robert R Barnard 3 G Bridges Geo O Buck Lorenzo Barker C Bigwow A G Bui lock D D Barrows Thomas Bills James A Bus Henry Barry Chae B'cknell Geo A Bunting John A Barton Geo Wash'n Blge'ow J J Buchanan James Barker George Bright Isaac Burhanan James A Barboe Alfred Blggars John Bumsmann Gecrre Barnes Myron S Birdsy KM William W Bart es Daniel Bingham C R BullWL?2 Bar. datMons John BlxbyRP Bunker Charles Burke Aaron Bliah H M Ballard R F Barnard Ben Bliss A Drake Boll Henry _ Barber James Bishop P U Bruce Wm,W Barrows Frask Blzby Boberl BrubakerBP-J Barrett O R Bishop J W f'"baker H A-2 Barnwell Geo G BrtssellS B Bo chile Hugh M Barnes Monroe Bishop A It red H Bohl Martin B.irtley Mlehael Bird sdward L Butte L A Karnett J Birgham Mr, Hons- Butter Anthony Raesett Isaac H ton (t Rnt'erJohn Braun John BrognardA Co Butter B Balsa A Co Bol.ea Wm Butte* T C Bates H W Boiaalnger Michael Bnah Iiayid P BarsettFG Broadatreet N T Burton Dayid Bates iBenchllua Brcdeiick Micbi.el H itman Geo Batten B R Bon rt PL Burge L M , BrMf6H Fdmoud Boemum John H Burling John T | Beaumont fcamuel Boom H Burling John I Beak ley Henry Bond Frederick BrushenebenMlcbfte. Beal Tbomas H Brody Wm H Burke James Becker Henry Bonell M Button Capt Beach James brooks Charles T Bnley A Putnam?2 Becker J M Bond Wm Bughurst W R Beetty Wil'iam Bundles H.imuel Huuertied Dayid A Heckler John O Brocks Wm F Burk Cast John Hell Charles Boom G Burne I John Bell Robert O Horner Thomas Bunbam Capt Beldlng Dayid L Bloorofleld James Bornham Ethan A Bel ism v W H Bono .n Tkomas Burns William Belfy Wi'lism Brondage George W Bnrns Stephen Fee man warren Dr Robt Hurdett Stephen Bryan L> man H Byrne J.ts Callawsy Eltsha Clark Francis Ootil John fall Mooes H Clark < 'apt Daniel Congdon Thomas R Ca.'d well Ieroy P Cassiday W. M D Conklln J Cbadwick A Beach Cattleman GecrgeM Oozery Capt 8 8 calif nderJaa Cranshaw Samuel Conwey Geo ChafTeL Chay&nnes Albert Core iiani H Chalmers Robert Cawley Andrew Ctoper Edwanl B crate D Chase wL Cormere Wm a ciargetWC Casey W.l.tair Cook O D W Carb Thomas M Clai on Hev J W Cook capt James W i amnbe't A A Co-3 Cranell James N Cooke oiirer D lloTpbell R R Cass Dr K B Ocok William ampbell G W Casado Felipe N Cooke Edw R Jaropball A Fltzpat-Crawford A Hitch-Oodk Joeeph 0 rick eosk _ Ocok J J Campbell Daniel -2 Cavannagh Thomas Cook Alfred bance J O? 2 Ciayan Michael Cooser Frod Roth Chamberlain O H A Caaaaily Patrrek Cordons John Co Ciement Jesse Coran J A Chamberlain Geo Cheney Dartd B Crosby A Co Can fie Id Lemuel Clement A O Corrode Nestor Chaldron Fein E Clegg William Coszta flregor Chambert Nicholas Creemer J f)ornwell Elisha Ctmp Henry Oleverley Tbos Cormazk Moltew Csmp Wm A Co Crepln Rmeat Cord Riehard ?'rain I> Jones Cleary Ntrbolas C-irdeltsr Chae Cian?y Mtrhael Cberey J W Corcoran John Ciansy Hugh ilheek Bi-o A Co Oorbett Mr Clansy Albert Christian A Oornuer Joseph CrandalJ George B Cilley eherboin A (Oder James C'andall L R Chid William (Onrtney Eugene Crane John Orofet, T a eedy A Cto Con tine Cimrios t fcapmbn Wm II C- (Iln Joseph Col ton James chapman George Cobb Charles Corby Hanford CargilllenryA Coehian John Copland WlKonghby Car er Milt Choide O W A 00 P Carter Charles Cobden John C Cowley Charles or carlirg Jihn Cos Hesry Charles Smith Carruihers, Dixon A Onrhran H W (iooBer H Co ColleyJsmee Conrtrlgbt A 3*ACo Carpenter Nathan Cole Samuel Cunningham Wm J Csrr Bernard Ooh*n A N. Jr Cummtnga, M D, (Taney Wm kl A Co Calton John B Raiph Car ey John A lames Colgate A W Cnnnlsgham James t ariey, Swift A Co Crates B Cunningham (x>l csrrfiner O W Co e Isaae Jota P carpenterW H OnlePethL Cnmmlne Wtltom Chsppeli Harthol'w Cole 8 L Cunningham> Mmes i *hap|>el) J H Cohen P A ' T?"?a f hsuuell B H ' 'ole B B Dr era A BHss ( avar sngh O Cclemaa Rlehari Cnnnlngham 8 II Cranes' bar lea Coif man George Crnger John 0 I ai c Oliver M (Vileraan Adrian ?tssimina Simon <? ?rkP Natain M Cola Tom.. * A Co ^Hnao Fatric* c ?rk A Wufon Cole Russell Cu?(rk James c ?r? k p,tkin Cole Wllllsm A Churri Charles L c ark James U OolweU Chilftopher Cushing A White < srk Thi ms. C Collins Patrtck Clark I)r F Y Crouoh C R V;nr"* ? Hand ( ark F A Comstock A Casiidy Curtis John B Cinrk JAW Conger A Co Cnrr Wm A ML'oa C srk G Ibert A Cot verieHaringACo (^uppe s Gmrtay Sown Coadln Edwin rt Cutting Capt ( lark Henry Benton Conroy John H Onrtls Or ctark ? hfker Combe Adam Caetailo Jeremiah Citrt OW ? M .jar D H Daily A Works Deburg c n De^nJirnes DnggftlJao De Pad AnOC'tup Dpf JP fyuaUa Delton Hlrmaa Dasaea Thomas Dh O Dsily Thomas Detour Ed w Douglas ChaaB Dams B I DeBay O 0 [Journey Michael Darling W R Daianey John Dow Prentia Da mi- J oo F A Oo Dalmno Tbofl A Panning OaplBenjP DanJorth Oeone H Dempaey Michael Douglass Nerval Dandrldie M K Danny Perry Downer Edward Dariow Orrin 8 Dennlaon Henry A Downing Jos A Daly Edward 0 Denamore Wm Dougherty George Day tin A Dennehy Wm J Doaty James Davis 8amoel B Devo James ? Do ran Jackaoa Davktge W Derrel M Durand Chae A Cavles A Hands Dressier Wm Duffy P J K?? Davis Robert De Zeng Edward Drnmend James Davis Tbcmaa DUkes Joseph M Dunning Smith Davenport B R Dikemaa WJA Dunning Bent P Davis Rev Blmoo Dwlght S H Dunn Jas R Davis Pr R O Driggs Horace Deck Wm 8 Dayton Dr Jas S Dlcseraon John 8 Dun Lip i homae Dayton John C Dillingham D H Duke Stephen Davis J D Diefcndorf Kara Dunlap A F Dayton John A Dinneen Jamea Dunlap Jus W Day, Ayrea A Boag-Diaon Walter B Dunn Dan Wm land-2 Drtsooll John Dunning C Davis Dr D L Dixon Samuel DupuyHA Davis Andrew J Dtx A Fieemnn Deye Joseph Iiavles A Bros n Dulland Thomas Durkee F F Davenport O O Dobbins Thomas Drasgold Nicholas Davenport NBA CoDonohn John B Dyer John W Davison Wm R Dodge William DopuyBng Aublngsr Davis Alfred O Dodge Albert Duyator F Savidaon J B I loans Nathaniel 8 Dyer Samuel B Daahall A Co Donaldson John Darbrow John 8 Davis Mr. Bowery Donnelly Jamea Dyaden J Davidson John Dodge Robert Durand R A Dean H De Bomenrtlle Ar Duvarney 8r Dealy David thur Durall Sauits B Edwardi Getrge KHwood G mils Charlea Bales Wm KJaworth L Is Hgan Joseph Karl A Dodd KUrarWm Kamelt AH Eddy Sylvana| Ely WiUlam O Emery John Kdwarda R W kly A Koaa English W D Edmonds John Kgnen Peter Ernat George Jaoob Edwardi H H Eggleaton IIH Bvana Dr L B Edmanda N A Co Kdrldge Mr Byre Manuel Eddy Robert H Sldridg e J A Oo Beberg B Barf D P RUottOUvefW Etherage D * 0<J Eday George P KUott Thomaa Evans Alfred hdwarda ItrO KJdrldge L D A Cto Brana Geo A Fred EarL, Banleu A Go Xldridge Caleb H BrblgJO Evana Jamea _ F Fallon John Flaming L Forbea Col Hugtl Palkner Frederick FleoreUe John E Fory Geo F Flagg Jamea Fry William H Foote C J Fahey John FerrlsWL Fonyth George Franklin W Fleming Jamea Ford Stacy Farmer Mr?3 FeseerE M Formoaa Bertran Farrell H Fltzgibbona Wm Ford Maaon H Fagaa Mr. Canal at Finley Wr Forbea Joseph Eraser Joan Finch Am Fowler Prof W Wells Fanner Thrmaa G Fielder Kb Foster Henry Fay Bey B Ftaher Fred A Fowler Jamea W Freeman George Firman 8 Front Allen Feather* David Flaher A Lee Foster H Fellow* Jerome B Fisher Charlea X Foster W Felton A I'hlillpa RUher A Hood FloydlaaaeA Febrlrge T W A Oo Ftrk SeweU T Flood Patrick Fearing P H Folaom Levi, M D Flyan Peter J Freeman George Foggerty Jeremiah Fnrman Cornelius Freeman Benry Ferrand G W Funk F Freeman BraatusW Folly John Fuller Henry G Graham Dr Gavin Michl Goodrldge Fred Gall*gber Real Gray Richard Goist Isaac X Galbralth W A (ley ford Henry Goodmaan Oscar Graham Stephen Green D9 Auo Goodrich Samuel C Qalnes H B Gealston Samuel Goodrich Frank Greturn D X Geer George Goodman N W?2 Graham H A A Oo Green G?n Too* J Ooodnow J G (lager I hem ax Green halgh Andrew Goodwin B D?2 Graham Capt T Green J P Goodman Abraham Galbralth John Ar Green Dr David Goodman A Fralich thnr Gentry Dr W W Goodrich O Graman William A George Jamea W Gormlev John Gam W Gel*menu A Goodrich Wm Grant Capt Ben Grew Lef nerd Groves R Gannon John Gldlon William Grot Francis Grant C 8 Glbney A Furey Gordon John Gambol J A GlbbaJB Oonld Wm Reid Grant Prof R Gridley Chaa X Groton Isaaa X Grant George F Gibson Solamon D Groves H B B Gainer Rev H H Griffin Thomaa Gore Capt Samuel Gentian Dr H A Gisbitrne R William Gould Edward GaidnerA Gurmlanl Oilman C S Gordon Phillip Gardiner Thomaa Gilbert Geo T Guaan Frederick A Garlick Capt H Giiswald Ralph B Uunn Thomaa B Gaalln Capt L D Glrard P A A Co Gunn John Q Gardner D W Grimes Luke C Gutbrie Osstan-2 Garrata Wm T GUIs)an John Gueat W A A Oo Gardners Godfrey A Gurimurd Mr Garagan John R Ooddard Thomaa A Guth Conrad GrayM Goul Thomas Onth George Gay lor Jamea GoffDuel Gulilek R A Halstcad P W Hagen K Holmes Wm Hail J Hay den J W Hogan A Thompson Hallinan Joseph Hatcbscn J Boghls Wm Baggan William BavcmelrXr HoilDrWQ Hagan, Darling A Hawklna William Folder Theo Knight Hathaway Benry Hongland R F Hasan CJO, MD Hastings Bdw Hoggins R Hack ley FreoerlckA hatcher W Holier Charles Hadon Luther HaydenJX HolmanJasT Bale F A Co Haven H A BrO Holland Robert Hallock John C Hawea Ezra Hodtcka Francis Hairs Michael Hawlcy Gideon Hough John K Hadee Henry Hayden Richard X Homer Jacob HagamanJB Hazel Jno D Hopktn* John fc a jjln John Hawkins John Hooper Dr Hall Charles Hatfield A Cunant Hone umis Hall A W Inflow Heaps Lor em Hooper Geo Melvin Hall Fredk G Heller Mr HopkiitiADull'Meaars Hall Joseph Height George Hoakur Hermann BaU B A Oo Heddirg Wm Horn Wm Hall Lawrence Jr Healey Nicholas Hnonabaa Henry Hall C B Hmmville P Hoylea Wm Hampton Francis HeMXerby Geo W Howe Henry Hand MeUrs HendeeCX Houston Tboa Rev Hancock HBAOo Henry John F Howell Louis B Mamel Mncy Henry W Howard T Bancroft Hamilton Robert Her rich, Bh A Oo Howard W J Bannou Victor Henderson John Houghtalllng J B Hamilton Wm B Berea Wm A Howard E B Hamilton X B Hep wood Daniel Howe JonaF* Hnmblm W Bersent E House Henry W HaikinsHogb Hejward Henry Howard Alex BarperACo Hernandez Leon Howard Alfred?2 Harrison John A Derrick Alfred A Howard E B Harrison James M Hernandez J Ellas Bowser Andrew Hi rr.dan, Bleeker A Heylln Alfi Holbert Fredk Co Hess Benedict Howe Wm Harrison Wash Heraman J Hughes John Hantaan Ira W Heynen Herrman Buddleaton Wm? 2 Hants Jab W Hewitt Frank] Benj Hull Ell Haesgood Ass Bills James Hudson, Wellborn Hanolt Robert Bills AC A Co Mews Bart Dr Feth Blekcox Wm T Hugnemlnn G A?4 Harden B T Hildebra It wall Bubbell Chaa W Harrison H H'ggins I lb ridge Huflon Simon P Harrison, Breeee A Higgins CapUosepb Hudson Bollthia Oo H1U Wm H Hull E W Harriion A W Hicks Benry?2 Huntress Edmund Harrison Bey C B Hicks A Affleck Banter W R Harker J Hicks James Humphrey Oliver K Barker J W lllnkley John W Hunter J F Harris E Hinckley Asa Hungerford F H Hants James W?2 Hitch :ock Chaa B Hunter Robert Barkies C A J Hitchcock Geo B Hunt R M Hurl Julius BtntonG H Huntington F J Hart VulkatO Hinsdale J A-2 HurddtOUea Mesjr* Haakins C A Holden Charles H Hurd John Barner James E Holdan Owen Hunndon S H Hawkins John Hodfklne Charles Hnrat Oswald Bazelton J C Rohbs A Bro A Co Hunn John R Bates, Will Ins A B oilman W J HurtbutWHACo Chuck Hobrock G C Hyde Richard Hatch 8 N Holmes Reuben llyines Y HawklnaCharlesE? 2 ^ Imea Isaac Ires Enos Ives K D Irwin Wm S Ives Samuel Isulaweeky S, Mott Irwin Lewis C V Jackson Edward E Johnson B A G W Jonea E B Jackson Mr Joknson James Jones Wa X Jackson AHotchkiss Johnson A Tobey Jonea J J Jackson Peter Johnson Albion Jones Jerome B Jacobs Isaac Johnson Joseph Jonea John O Jacobs J Johnson Neu F Jones John J Jamea L L Johaaon G W Jonea R f Jamea Arnold Johnson Martin Jones J Waaler James J W Johnaoa Benj F Jones J X Jamea R Johnson J Jones Able Jamleson Capt Wm Johnson H L Jones A A OB Jamleeon A Johnson George G Jonea WS Jenniiga Wilfoid Johnston Capt Jones WO Jen nilg? Joseph H Johnston Jamea Jones John Jensen ( apt A Johnston Wm Joralman J W JerveUCW Jonea C Joyce James Jery J Jones Henry Jurnlan Jamea Johns Otto Jones Simeon R Judson A B Job Robert Jonea Alexander Jummlna John Johnson Luther A ^ Kane D L, Jr KelMy John A?3 Klnialla James Kane Martin J Kelley Wm M Ktaoerly John W Karaar A Co Ketchum A C Kimball Edmond Kiat p A Cammlnga Ketchum Dillaaon Klngsley Wm A Oo Karlaen K Ketchum J B Kings land K A J D Keiely Tbos Kemper Herman King Dean Kebsler George Kennedy David L King A W Keenan Wm J Kennedy Daniel H King B A Oo Kleberg E Kieman John Klssane George II Keep if Renney James Kipper Chr A Co Kneeland John Kerseler H F, Kb k A Staw Kieman John Kei Ins John Ktrkwood .Tared P Kellogg A Parker Kellett Prentice Klefer Konrad Kellogg Jsmee Kibbe George C Knowles D A Kellogg W W Kt.e Heary Knox B Kellogg CM Ketchum Tread well, Knenbin John Kellogg LP Jr KnrllaumXr Is Lary Waller Lett* J M Lovett R O Lacapere Mcng Levy Rltag Lord Wm Q B LafTiut- G I/ennoxWm-5 Longemeeker G W lAdtl W W Let is J M I/oeale Wm lAban N B Lenlgman Mr I/Orway Jotin Capt Lamtert 1> A Co Levi y Geo W Loemls Kdgar Lambert Jaroe* H Lewis Samuel ECapt Lord John Lalogban Lawrence Lennox Wm Long John Lstdca Myron P Lepo H Loreney, Stewart A I/ampsoD A C Lewi* Wm Corneas lane Daniel Lsnon L I Long Daniel M lampiran Norton Leon T Lothrop chaa D Umicn A C Levy Giutavua Lothrop H Darwin lawrenee Patrick Lemann L Lorall N W lawrenre Henry Letard Francois Ixiwe 8 Lawrence F L I a wis Richard I.owenateta Mr Iarned F Lsnnen Edward Loomasa P H larremoad Sidney Leon Y Lord Wm G?2 Uv ?r Edward Lewis FFCapl Wiring A Phllllpps lawson H T Llora Albro Meas Lawson R C Lindsay Jo* B Lyon H T la'brop W A Ltffe J W O Lyon Thoe Lre chrigbton W Llcsitro Giuseppe Luc dam A Watson Lee Leonard H Llr.demann T II Luoe Joaeph Leggeit James H Ltnoolm Joslah M Lyons James W Leeds Geo H Llnmark John Lynn Amass W Leland J F Livingston Robt?ol-2Ludlem M M Le Fene A D Little W-2 Lyon J K Leeds Timothy C Lockwood Rufue A Lyon D J Leitrsr CBlv Lock John A Lvnch Edward Lee Geo 8 I-ong T homas Lyon Jehn K Lee Aulas R 1/oaibard Frank Lynelt Jamea laddy Pstk Lloyd W Lnrgan Tinman Lee Chamberlain A Leedyord H Lyons John Oo Lipmnan, Jaoobsoo Lynn Rd ward Leal Lew ?Co Lotz G m Mallamppy Janeal Maples Benry Monterltlo George Mallary O H-3 Mason George Mnorehead William MsloneThomas F Mayor Isaac MolmAnrmkiD Mantouna A Moss Masoa Geo T Mooter A Co Meosrs Maaon Henry J Moore Abram Mahler Pblllipp Maaon Pantiage Moore Wm Manuel Horace Mayo George Moore David L Mannheim W Mathews Rteh'd Moore Wm Makene? Matthew Mayott Michael Moore Hush Mansfield John Magnln Dr KOrriaon J A Co Mackaeel W H Meagher Jamea Moreili Frederloo Xanclas Manuel Mallny W F F?2 Morrow M L Xacaliaster Charlea Melghen John Morse Dr 8'.uart Mac DorneilF.dward Megee Michael Morgan John Margnger Jamea Mershoa W Morgan George Macagen J W D?2 Merritt W H Morris A Co ' Mass F Meress Joseph Morris J Mscrombrey Antbo Men lit L T Morganthaler Fredk ny It Merrism C B Morrison JaaW Msgte Tbonaa Meyer J T Morgan Ready Marks John Merchant Henry Monltoa A Martin Lewis Ms ealle James Moe* A Man tone Marks < apt Robt Measman Iamis Motley H H Martin L Metsrs ABoMercler Eugene Mountain Chaa H Martin G A Broiler Miller Gntlop Mount A Moorlnn Walter K M'llsr George W Mulligan Romeyn Marve George S Milllkin Joha C AOo Mudd Alexia Marsh Wlblam Michel P H Mnlz Adam Mare Priedsrtefc Miller John J Mullen John Martlne C W L Mllltfan Jamea Mulligan Capt Joa J Martin Geo G Miller tlamuel Mn.ier G Martin Levi Mle,-John Mullen Ai-hard Martin Penry Miller John B Make John B Marvin W K Mtller William Murchlai n John Msrgnsevsnsal Dr Michel Peier Monroe John Fran MIsAlunn Murnhr Mr?, Jacob *t Marnr, Daniel Miller Christian Mtink John C Ksrih few U Ml.i#r Henry H Myer* Brtnkfttliotf *aJciJ OH Miijf Ldward Mutry A Mather Thomas W Minor a b Murey Joan May John MickleJahnB Murphy James Matson MSstman?2 Mitchell Cupt Murphy Robert| Maturtn Kdward Marring Kdward Murphy Jamag Malhewa Thcmas Mlllls N Mnlfctan A Mo MeOlura A A Co McDonnell Rdward Mclntlro Wra F McCollum Geo W M'-GuLre T .Mc dilution John MeCauley Daniel McDonald Charles McKlhatton Franoig McOarty EhjabB McDonotigb Henry BeKelvle P J?2 MeCreaThomae McGuire Patrick McLaogh'ln Paul McCoy James B McGale Frederic* McMillan J W MeCauley Wm McGlone Michael McMahonT W ? MeClear John MeDermott Patrick McNlcheJ Alexander MeClnnow Francis McAllister Robert MoVlcksr Fdrnf"! McOabe Andrew Mcffireary David McIIarray Fraud* McCormlck James McGrath Dennis McMuilsn 0 8 MeDermott John McKenna Francis MsTalge Patrick McGoMrlck Wm Mcllvaine. Son A Co McFey Bdw McDonnell M McK scanierthincanF MeMan Terry Noah Michael I Meafl John, M D Niehola Geo W Sw(ST' sscssa atsS1'* Malison Charles Newton G M Mw5fl>Rs-? a gMSR" BSiSS-Ua szSiSL "IStL. S?'5" KjaL* sassr* sisMtr ? O'Connell Patt Okely John M O'Nmu ? aSssT Spw-^atsiSf oWffisL 8%2ti?* O'DoooghueDanlel O.cutt jf SSSiM. Olmsted B J Ode?*(? o5J2aj?fc* ASS" K/gward ?kSv sSHT,L Packard Rev Levi Peacock Thomas l'm2?Mr ^ Parka???1^ham-2 Peck Mr, Broadway Pike Wm Ms pk*1b^IsKL. rSSkSflih8'U U ^n,Um 3 P?t? Conrad A a% P?tSimiTn0ma* Peebles A Augustus Pollock Daniel j??? ^sasw^ff^ fi-Sfl" rSH&Vo, Patterson Alan son p21??m A?* Pro'twJfmSlL S?ttThSaWmH pSSfi'l8 ssiik jest Patterwwi a rin d!i im Pntnam Sasnuel W Prat *""? J W Pc?hse JohnG 1 _ Plumer Mr QnnckenbushBASon Qninn James QulnP 0 (jolvrell Phillip Qulgley Mattbew Quick Mr Quibb Willliam R Raby R F Richmond Chas F Sogers Jsmes Kawton R B Bliey Patrick Rogers Henry Raphael Dr B J Richardson Samuel Robinson Wm B KalhooneA Kennedy Rlggs A Co SothbergerHenry A RamsdellWm Kind Mr Terber Hand Wm P Rice Edward Roatand B Rsab F A?2 Riley John Ronagbon John Ralcey M D Richards James J Ross Chae Ralaker Charles Robert W Rev Roes John W Ramsay John Roadmann Rob 8? 2 Boss Le sard ft Rambon Andrew Robinson Raloourn Rose Alyln Kereshlde George Robinson D K Rordon alflred Reed A McClora Robinson D 0 Rase William J Reolield J H Roberts-H Ross 0 P Reed W Robins W L Boney Thomas Rellly John O Rodman Wm H Bothhau Joseph KeletalaMr Robeits Wm Rev Roes John KeicbarcLJohn Robertson A K Km John R Reed Professor Roblnsodll) K Rome Phllllpp Retford J T RobertManodNunerfRomein Mervln Reynolds Saauel Robinson Wm Q Rothan Joseph J Bebard Ad toll e RobackCW Boss Geo Reeves M K A Cp Robinson Nathan L Roper Thomas Beady Patrick Robbies Robert Rose Moeea Reokert ch Robertson Alex Russell W H Rellly Henry Rock wood K N Rnshmore Wm H Betberford Dr T B RogersJNewtonHonRupp Goo Remington AlbeftQ Rogers Wm L Boss Squalr Reed Th O Rogers Joseph Russell 1 D Rellly John J Rogers John P Russell Mess A Co kief T Rogers W L Rnssell R Richardson J Roll Oeo W Rule Juan Rice, Chase k Co Rohr Tunis V Rutherford Wm Riley James, M D Holland k Turner Russell J B F Col Blsley H N Holtrd k Turner Ryan R Rlnnann Mr Rogues A Ryan Wm < Right Wm Rogers B W Rljen A Rlchlicn Phllo Rogers K F Roddy Wm Richsrds Qeo T Rollo James Rust Asa Kichey Joseph Robinson k Willecx Ryan Tbomat Richmond K Capt Messrs ^ Rummey John It Salisbury Rev Sa- Bpellman Rev Wm Smith Horace M muel Bfaeflleld James W Smith Francis Jr St cialr Robert Eemple William Smith John H Stafford R Q Skene Thomas Smith, Brothers k Ofl Btrall Mllo Stein Q Smith Isaac Safford Chester Steffan Edward Smith Samuel Stroller J Stevens 8 B Smith Charles 8 fihackleton John B Senclalr Mapolean Smith Mr, Nassau at Spalding A Rogers SchermerbornKllaaCSmtth H B Sseluer Benjamin Stewart Charles Smith J Kb Salisbury A F Steteon Edwin T?2 Smith, Lamb A OS balierg Solomon Scbermerborn E H Smith Joeeoh B StaiggRM Genl Smith JchaV Htratorch Max Stewart John Smith Juilns D rt Jshn Chauncy Sherwell Robert Smith Jacob Scbafer Qeorge Stevenson, Brown A Smith Caarles W bbafer John T Ne.smtth Srlnson B r lacker John Stewart John R?2 Shipley George Strang A Co Sherwood A Paulson Springer Charles la r amuela Capt Stephenson LewlsW seitz Joseph Schang Jean Michel ?2 Strologo A f anger Charles F BtevexsPJ Stokirger Jacob T itanlevWm Stewart NP Somers Richard O Stanley M W Stevens N P Bpombre Henry J ihsDDOn Derby Sevlsons William Schoonmaker BO | Swan F Eng hlevins Edwin Sommers Edward Eawtell Horace Stewart Samuel J Scott John Shaw Wm Jr Siearn* A Co Soott Qeo Sbaw Silas Seymour, Moore A Scott Ratal W B arkweather Henry Co Scott H F L Stephenson ( harles SStrong J M SUMeker Louis Steward Peter K M Short Edward Saner A S?hWlth>H Short AH Stralton Henry IMC A Allen Btrooght Capt SeulalerThrophlu^nKon A L Stroer koraw Stranbe, Anton kBtHcey A Pries Sbone 0 T chae) ^Beon H Stout Wm H Sard Mr MKles Frederick B Stopklet Samuel Scharff Ino P Bttllman B F 8tone Aaron Say brook A Curtis' Strtekne* N II Souper James Sharps Augustus P Slebeln J L Snow Alfred Khanuck B Slevers Henry Snow J A 0 Byatt Benry M Shipper Jacob Sullivan James Swent E M Simmons Tbomaa Sturgea Samuel Bevege Samuel Simpson Moua Buckley Tbos H Sharp J 8 Biles James Bsrilyvaa Humphrey Sutrto Olovanni Caa- Behmlesrde Henry ASchuaUer A Ren ten parlnl Slmson Moses SnnnaidTbos Seelye William Siller Lonchle Bchuu k Maaer Bears Hiram Smith Qeorge Bchupp PhlUlppe Slvert A L Smith Cant W B Sutter Jacob Speare Francis Smith 8 N Button B 8 Sears J Newton Smith H ()?3 Suygeaa O W 0 Spear B Smith Capt Benja- StuyveaantT Spear l>r John W mln H Stuber John Sweet John W Smiths Buy dam Edgar O Begin B A Smith D W Stops Anthony Sherman William Smith Jamas 8 A OoStnrgls Charles ? Sleckell Ell Smith Chrlatopbsr 8 Shuts Philllop Sweeny John A Oeo Smith Qeorge F Sykee Thomas Seely Jonas Smith Jcseph L Smyth William Schenck O B Smith Capt Joshua Smyth Thomas Spencer Hon J si C Smith Enoch Henry V Taggard William Tlnfiord Qeorge Jr Thomson Pbllfip Tanyle James Tiers en lenrenee Toneey B M Talman J Titos Monisnre To urges Daniel Taaaant Dr Joseph Tingley Geo H Trowbridge, Noyaft Trantmann Capt H Tlupsr Henry T A Co D N Thomas M A Co Throop D S Taioott Col A Tbomaa A B Town send Cyras Trarer Phillip A Thomas John B Town scad Martin It Tbarp Qeorge Thomas J W-2 TownaendOol B L Trabe Qu stave A Thomas J H A Co Tour bush Her B Thatcher Martin Tbomaa Oeorge H Tbcughburn Jamil Tardlf Wm D Thomas Caleb Tyler Oapt D Taylor O Q Tomllnsoo W A Tyler Solomon Taylor David Thomson Samuel Tyler Jshn?2 Taylor, Fostsr A Co Thompson Robert Tattle A King Taylor Charles B Tbompson B A Co Tucker, Crawford A Taylor A Wauerman Thompson, Bell A Co Rector ?2 Thompson Homer Tulte James Taylor J Orvllle Thompson F Thurston Qeo B Thai low. Bugbs ACoThotnpsnn W W?3 Tuttie J L Theleroon John Thorn perm James Turner Henry W Ten Kyle R Thompson Capt WtnThurston frank A Trench Qeorge Thompson James M Tutor Jacob N Tew William Tbompeon Robert TnUle Charles B Tenrey l harles B Tompkins Daniel R Tuttie Qeo W Teny Charles M Thorns Ludwigt Truan J L Teepie Thu n Tooihaksr Capt S Q Trupllo franc be Tneyck Pavld Thou son MoBlsure Trueman Capt Dati* Tlbbetta J nines Uhr lei H C tTrger Sslomon Utter M W Ulmer Rev Qeorge Wnu A Bro ^ Usher Capt Benj II V alentlne W Vlnesnt Frederick Van Qnnton Jardb Valentine Louis Van Allen John Van RensellearC.DO Verncn Hdw, Jr Van Oleve, McKean Van Rath ASolph VretearBroa A Co Van Zandi R Vale Qeo Va> dallnda David Van Zandt Dr Peter Valentine John water J Van Alstyn N Q Vsllenie Forforto Vat nostrand Jas Van Every Dr J H VetvIn Tit Qrntti Vandensen, Norton VanrchalckSybranl VlnceotFrea 32dst-4 A Co Van ReaieUerKlU'tn W Water Thomas W Welch Patrick Williamson John?2 Wait Qeo M Weir Wm B Wiidman Rdwtn Wallace J W WelleJ W Wilton Jacob Walter F J Webb Capt W M Wilson Qeo Walker Thomas Webb Rulus Wright Andrew Wtdawonh DeeJus WebherChaaWUkinaWrlgbt. Weils A Co Wa lter A P Weed E A Wleiand J Wadawor h A Bro Weather*poonWalt'rWilron James Wsldron J K Weeks W H Wl'coxson Qeo Walkel Q L Welch Capt Alfia L Williams Qeo Welter Paul Well* Qeo O Williams Wm WaliCF Webber Max Williams Henry J Walls M C Welch Phlilp Williams K P Walsh Martin Weils J C Williams James Walden Hlrsm Welles OH Williams John Wallace J Wheeler Qcrvase Wililama Joseph H Weitrr W LABto-2 Wheeler A Williams .aaiah Walt Henry Whesler 1'airlek Williams This F?Jl Wales A Tucker Wells Albert Williams SM Walpo elbrmas West Job White Wm A Walte Francis D Wslsh Robert White Joel WarlrgJJ Westla'l John If White Robert Wardwell J W Wheelock Cha* White Dr D Warden Robert W Wetherbee Dr W A White Chas Waid William Wlnne John R White Richard O Wsrre Dr W?J Wilson <! 1). White John Warthen W E Willis, Churchill A Co White Qeo Warner Dr L T Wright Bro's A (Jo White Michael Ware John H Wilson Henry T Winner John Warren H 1 Wlllbsnk S P Wbitrldge Alooa) O Ward W? Wilder A M Wblttaker W W Warner El Wright T W Wjnslow A H Wsrd Robert Wllsie Win Q Wine Qeo S Wasner Oonrsd A Wright Chas 8 WlaeQeiM Watson Col Hdw H Wtlcoxson Felix Q WoodbrUae Jolm M | Waterhouse H A Wllet A M 11 Worth J W Way Qeo M Wright J Q Worst or A Walt W I, Wright H Allan Woodman Aaroa Warebirg John WUrkens capt P Worfleid Andy Warhburn F Wright R A <1 A Woodbrldge J M Watson JtmesR WlMeyJohnWetley Wolbnt Bro A Go Wheeler John Wilson Wm B Worth en W M W>hb C M Wllsoo .Isoab T Woostsr R W Wheeler David A Wbltlng Qeo Wyatt Wslter H Whiting C Beverly Whltrey J J Wyllle Alex Winchester hmbh Whttehouee S C Wynne Joseph Whitehead Wm K Wilson H WyiM T K A COr V AiZ Young Chta M Vonng Bev J F Ya'.ea Sani'tel Young C 0 Young William Zepler Jsoib gglarrl Inneoms. Osiitain of ship Ja?a Ro'?T Carriers' Dock and Hia Roiarv t-isoothlrg Iron Co tlonery Go Wsrhltgt/mLoogoRo2,f O O F Withe m, Ckatham square New York Lodge. I OOF Colt's Otin Store Tomt.kinsLodge No it, ? O OF Whltehal! Ferry Co Daidbbpil ISAAC V. FOWLER, Postmaster,