Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO 7173. MORNING EDITION-SATURDAY, APRIL 19, 1856. PKICE TWO CENTS. UTEETI8BMESTS BttNfcWKD Efh.J MY. WIW ifllltutaiiunb. IA ^oaip5ic2riScfr<w*5r. APPLBTON A CO , 3sb anr- 348 hroadway, havi no# rcftdy APPLKT05S CYCLOPEDIA OP dIGGBAPHV, UttblSO'Dg [1 iyuy Or OBIUWAI. MEMUIIU) UP TUK MOOT DIZTINGCI-U*l> rr.nsoNs or iu timkm. Written to- the wrS by Sir Archibald Alison. D. C l., James a. tieraud. WilliamBalrd, M. D., P. Li 8 Kobe" "aai-eson, D.V., Sir I avid Brewster F. R. 8? Churn m RiugM, Jsmes Brype, A.M.F.O.S., Jatne- M nsoo, J "hn fc 111 Burton. Jsuie- sti-kmrwv . ___ _ _ Jsme- Hi'tooniichv, i-Prol. Creasy, A.M., Prrf .Meeol, LMC, I'rot. Kadie, Ir.ii., LL.D , E tbu --lob Prof. Ferauaaa, A.M , P-o' rtpmidlrg M A. Prof. Oorcon. F R 8 E , Mt.f boui'on, M I)., F.R.8., laiuea Hedderwick, Ralph ?. Wonmm. American edb'on "ed! ed by Fbakcis *, i awks, O 0 . cli D., With 600 wood ar.s'avlrga 3ne voL, royal 8vo., 106P pages frtce. In cloth, $4; sheep, $4 60, halt moroeo'i. *6; ha f call, S6; full ea f (6 A gcod blograpbljal dlc'to a-' baa n .s iawg a dssirmtntn trtth the public Bo book Sim eec o>tti t-hed tor a long time which gave In a ocmpaac tor u or rid efereaco memoir a o dl the dlatinguiahrd person* win hem Attired tn the world. Inch avoume It ol inestlmao e valu* < id nhou'i be placed Jde by side with a dictionary nt tee a: a idi aagu*?e. t he abolar, the merrhant, tbe staesm* <>r the mechanic. the armor or the lawyer, m?< ?? dispense with many o'her toots which are nevertheless of stand* d vn tie. but be cannot fhe reads a bonk, a magazine or * let'i mper, tall to have requent cause tor re erenca tn a btograolura didonvy. Ihe be ok now presented to be uuo In 11 nun <?h> ih bis been wj raietully prepared, and a* ?r> evidence of the ahtllt-, we teed only refer to the list of i amea wh > bsve a ?atstad in It* exe utlon. Particular oa e b?? been taken with toe amertesu 'or Ion. and It la believed that to ??at y important name ta knitted. 'the llluatratiuns have bees execu ed wi h great care, and tl'hadue regard to the gen itieie-e ot 'he portrait*, and vhere residences are lntioduo-d tr >m to ua. drawings of the laces made bv our own arties. and in o case ba? a oorira't. landscape view ot a reeldet ce, or a d -awing ol a monument een intrcduced, wi bout we coald s->tei t re y upon It for ac aracy. Will be read* In a f* v days. KARRATIYE OF IHrl icXPaDIil-rN F i*N AMERICAN 8QCADKON TO THE iKiul ".r. *8 .NuJsPaN, I-KKFOBMEP IN THE VEAB.* 1832 185V AND 1881. By order ot the government of the Untuu. elates, under the Boom and ot (fommcdnre M C Pe.rj 'i w N "omplled Irom the original no es and journals ot Commodore Perry, at Bis request, and nt.der his r Bap?rvi-ioq BY PFANCIS I. HAWKS, D IJ One volume Svo., with tvo cuudrsc etee. and wood engrav Rigs. maps. Ac. I This volume will be one of tbe meat Interesting works ever ubliahed. The new tie l of interna, which it opens to the eader will not fail to prove attia j tv*. esrec*iy a*ibe vo lume is tlli istraltd with nearly tw* huodret siee and wo-d iQfravlrgs. all ttom d.-awugs made on the spot by the rnughtsmen or the < xoedluoa To agents - The above are the must dcsirarle boaks that tve ever been nireCed to 'be pit site fc soectu-es of either if tbe books will be aent to agents eu the remittance of 76 centi stamps. B OCOACCIO'S DKCAMEaOlf; Oft, TEN D.tVft' ENTER t tainmert.?Beau Hut t9 mo pu fsKf with eighteen itlus ,Hons on steel. It; sent by matt, pm age free, ihe, iftiest and most gailaat st t* es ever wn.iec. in this trans la ?on are restored the passages em t ed io firmer ones. Pub ?shed by C. BLARCHAztit 82 r a-sa j street. nrAB8 A CO'8 ORE at ?Ir f UOJK 8Ai K, NOW J open, at 409 Braadwav. the -vest lberat Ind-cemacta e offered to insure a rapic sale. We sell to our oustoniera ? book and a gold watoh. for one ctO' >ar. A book eed a sliver >aten f v one uoltar A boek and a go d locket, for one o lar. A book and a sola pencil for oue dollar. A tcok and a go d ortaatptn, for me do lar. X book and a go d pen and peoalf tor one dollar. A book and a go d ring for one do! ar A book ant a parlor tlmepiete or one do iar ? book and a si k areas pattern, for one tollar. ? book and a pocket knife, for me drilar. A fcock and a gift nook, tor one dm a< A book and a portsm nnate for one dollar. Ac., Ac. All the new and popular ou* lcvmna ot the dav, that usually 1)1 tor Bland II 23 we are ee'toy'or ont> 90c. eaoh Call Rexamine our new method o> se'ltcg rooks, at 409 Broad , sign of the red flag and gin rook e ore -e kvans A CO. H' R8. HENTZ'8 (IKEA r W.iRK CtiCRTBUlP AN I) M'RKIaOH: OB,TBS JOTS AND SORIIOWS OF AUER10AM Lire, By Mrs. Oarolke ,s<i entz Is til." day published and tor sale oy all booksellers tn New o- k and elsewhere. Pnbliihudby T B. PETERSON, No, 109 Chee nuiafreet Ptduidelphla. THEY AM FOR AT,I, WMp7 NOW COMPLETE IN THIkTr rOPB VOLUMES, The People's rdftiro of CO 1'K.u'd NOVr.1,8. Publlihed this morning: TBI WAY* or l tl a lUt'B. KBeing volume XXXIV, comp'.e tng tne se le* of the new ind tproved edition of the ei lite works of the l-.te J. Frnlmore xiper, wttkalt bl- latest correctiois m.d rev ?iou hmorariDg: The Pilot?lie ar.ivo? 1 ne nt)>? Wing and? 'ing?Wish Ton Wish?W?ai doite Home as l oanu? iVatsr tu?b?LteneJi>itcoin-Chain deire*?Ja-.-k Tie -Headsman Afioat ana ashore- ? ilei IVa lng oro Kecttins?Heirten auer- Momxici?ced Mvers Homew .rd Board?8et Clone Msrcedts <ri Castile-Trove Hog t?.o-h lots Tbe Pioneers? is', oi the Moblcant?hed eover?PatnHnder?Dears nyer? ilanstoe?Crater?Two ? dmiraU?Pracsutlou?tra* Opening Pra rle, and Ways of the ti' nr. Price lor each separate volume, containing a comp ete work, The People's Pditlou will reported? a'l previous ed lions ? le'ofcie puo tibed. It hs been caretui'" -jriatcaon supe icr pypcr. is neatly hi uod m einbos*ed cloth m n Iform sty,e. ach work turnteh-d sop,ir ilei . T ecoaiple'eso? wi (be e fier t-e furslslud in ibe to.lowing p polar s t let of bin ll-.g i attra-tlve patterns of elegance and ceatness. uicer the de test ion of Is PEOPLE'S UBRARY E01 flu .9 OF COOPER'S COM Ft.EI'E W-- KKS ilio'ed cloth,34vols..434 imj -*i?ll ca.'f, nutlqui 135 <0 sep, Btyie 37 60 Full cu f extra 6 > 00 ,iilt cloth 60 00 Fullca.f, a ttque ....... ti.) 00 alflii 'key 60 00 Supsrm rx. got e.lgj*. 73 00 .ult caif, iuj gV backs 63 00 Super 1'kev, ex. gt. edg 73 00 ouncaL orxMon We nccord to Corper an cqua. degree of talent and power Plh Unit nacrlLed to heott, an. wouit place the origmkiity of 11 mertcan anther at a htgtier point, i nere ta ce- ta.nlr In oper more power of concentrad n a mire eyg-axm itlc j!c. ejd gieaier tcrseneaa ,0 exureaaion ? ? ? ? ?0 one the work* of Otopar without hetoy ciavinced oi lLnat? beauty of nia own iinnd t is ethical null ins nre rf highest order, his mora iiy is as pure a* that ot the men hose uniiffeeted religion be a ,o loud o- sort nvtog '? The rihilosophy o nu uund is of a iiigh order, and few can ' O dl.lA unsusceptible ot this. Ibe most o di.iAry reader must oo B>tscious ot a superiorly and e evattsnof toou;h'. whue hi eruies thewriiegsof kemmnre Coouer. ? be sect eieiv ot is own mind, its lefty at precision of eve-i thing taat vaa ?nod, its innate roetr., breamed forth h's graphic descriDtiena natvre, In tbe love with w hich he regards the forests, the oad pi nirles and the sun l.-treo *a e-? ' It U rarely so many uualittei are combined In oue writer. llnhl-t ' Is tame la endeated In ni- cnuouy. nnd hut produe'-l ma will fnd it down to posterity wltn undlml'ifsh'd lrstac Corpar's vela will be standard ?o k-iha long us fiction con iauestr rite an Inten-st la the adnilreri ot literature uoltuary o Ice. Eclectic Review laiudon Altuii Her he le the nms' orlg n il writer that Amsr'cklisa B. produced, and one of whom she may well be proud.? onion ,ithCLiHum ihe ft sue ot' th t very floeurlform edl'loo Is a gre it service the tsrerv cli-u-actcr of the country, as wrilas an uaspeak ijlr toon to the reaiers ot t?atn and reeling, niosrly but snre y ? public veidc oar come to stamo the mice ot <)oo>er as ie hi be-v in our annals of g?plus. and to ..-la:e his works xtong the great achievements of ?rt which have the p eige of amort.i ;t?. ? e are n t aurprtivd tn see th*t ie ? and becet Pi'lots cf ttieis works a-e conti unity ctlel tor. and tint re adds only atu-acfon to -hem.?The Ec cell; Magazine, NEABAY ItESDT, THE NATAL BIS'ORY OF < HE UNITED FTATES. BY J. KEN1MORE COOPEK. Abridged by klmself, Iron thatu 1 work, for popular read ig witn his lateit correjtjon". aid a coutnustloti to 1836. am his ponhumous M.sft.. and otner auto? pc -sour-es, ia Inding ar, acoount ot the Japan xpedt'lm; preoared he the floor o-' the ocavo edition. Ii u-lra'cd with a fine portrait of e au'boi on steel, and fltleea 1 luArstlons ut the principal able scexe*. In me 12rao. volume, uniform wih Coope 's novels. Price 50. Published by PTBiNor.R a TowasEND. No ZBBroadway, N.T.. |Atd for sua- bv all tbe principal buok'e- era N. If.?Mailed free of p -stage on receipt ot price. J C. H *LL. NO, 110 FB NKU? dlHBitt, OFF<K8 r ? ltr ift'e, at verv reduced p tiea. 10,000 vugnil ho As esalec wi.ich a 111 c'.c<<e April 28. all iha deuas. at'vns. rnlture shelves. Ac . will be rold at nubile an tj m April 26 moBgthe book'. The i orooanoo of Gv.rge V . pnniud In d and colored equal to dra atngs. #10; The H MM fr*mils. 1 Mae e? graving* 4 vols , & n or.. #110; ahe Mtuae Rome, ?oia . 102Tine engravings I vol* . t .1 . #.'0 in abort work mtalne !he ilue.t c llec'lo* of engraving* ever published Sl.'ndon Illustrated Ne?g tr;di the e mmeacement. l^'l S6i in (he cr'gtnal binding. 2' tola boucd in VI vols #57; . do.. Ml; io 1842 III 1H?2. in vela , #43; alao vola. 4. 6. (i 7. #2 i^li: * Ola. 14. 17. IS. It Nh vnla 19 20. at ?, fwrowjj Irror of Parliament. 24 vnla . $1.*; Oodeley's An iter . 1758 liOT. 44 vola . #18; Hughe's Contlnnatioa < t" ar d ? mol rt'a Biatoryof bog and to 1837. 8 vola . platea, elo.h,#:i CO; . halfnal' #6 90; vluer'a a'i ,34 vol* . ?20; do 24 vola . fol. 2 Jaco- a Law Duty, 1 vol., #1; Oodaley's an. iter 1758 lo 17, line copy. 89 vola. #40; l'eto-ado' abridgment 20 vola, 0; Putter dnrf ban Radons. #8; itiackstiue's Com 4 vol*,. 60; Montetore Com. liuty, 76c. Universal History. Ancient id Mcde*. 62 vol" . *36; tlroiM l,re?t, 7 votit , |8; Went irlh on P eadlng, 10 vola, $?,: Hums' ecclestaaiicai Law. 4 Ik. #2.-.01 Pee re Win >0pa. 8 W# #H; Macon's Abrld.. 7 la. #8; llolllna on Unionise a> d other *orors. #1: Ta ilea >r irkiue. Popu'atlcc ard <;< mme-ce of Great MM# for 1834 1844. to; , talfcalt, ?4. H-ved'a Parliament try PrncedeutJ ro'a.. #.''; Burnt' J sMice 5 vola #1; Ibu Law-era' Mag .6 la., #3: jcolpbns A hi la* Kepor a I role $i. Uagel v's bew aetice, 1 vol . '94(. 92; anorolopa dta Brittanka, w.ili sup. 1824. 28 voia. #30 o $45 each Fpt POST OFKH K \t)Tl( ES. >OfiT OTfMB NOTICE ? THE MAILS K'ift kOROPR via Southampton and sretm-n. per irbed State* tieviT eahtPBiei', will clute at this office on rtvtnnluv April 19. at o'ciocl A. M lb A AC V. FOWLKB, roslmaat sr, 8WUM4 Mn,M\KllY. At . pBEHt If STRAW >1.0 WER8,~ krit AW HolMKTS Stbaw imaviaut, Matmhais ro;t FtouisT", > the trade I'uluaivcly, FOR CASH, i every variety and stale. at No*. 64 aid 86 John street enrne? rf William. rivM<K A KKICUI ML J" BAHN Ml 1 Has opened HkH KSW SHOW KOOM8, 701 Broadway, tap atalri.) With a varied * election of PARIS MILLINHkY. dILLlNIBT Mr*. RAIXINQK, 305 Broadway and 67 C.innl at-eet, as a rich assortment ot Hne ParisLn silk hnnnela; nIan ne uly n med str?ws. She rollclia u eu.ll from ihn lailiea. 'THAW OOtiPB, MILLINERY, MANTiLI.AS, 1 ALMAS J flowers, rthbnns. embroideries, trimmings, Ac., verych ipj ?oda low to who eanle buaers. ? Ladies, enme and see," ni u J'ee Hive, ;,27 Grand street. ne*r (trehard. aid at ifr! irial, near Sullivan street. New Toek. 8. V. HAWKfuf MISCEIXANEWS. >OR SAI.R?THE I.KAbF., STOCK ARD FIXTURES OF a liquor mora In the Fourth ward In a gors] location, Tn? aaon for eA'lleg out Utha owiar going to Caliioriiia, It wiii I ?uia cheap ior caiih. latiuire al 8U Jamei NKW8PAFBIM. - vvw^VwvwvvvvvvWVVV\V\\\VV\'VV At daylight, Th's morning, TUB NEW YORK uEDGEB WILL BE run SALS At nil tbe p>Tlodienl depot* throughout the country, TLo Letlg r is tilled with besuti ul utrri-s, tup rfily Ulustra F.A>N Y IERR '8 bKETCHES, MRS. BIGOHBKEY'S POEMS, Ecltorials an til current topics. And bust* o other thla (too numerous to men ion. Price only tour e-nts 12 per annum. SOUSE* HObKsU, Editor and Proprietor, 130 (iaaaau atr et. AMOIEL NUM-kK Clrculatim, one hundred thousand neon'Air. YANKfcE MOT1UM9 FO* UhY, This day puh'ished, contahlog THiBTT-rwo r*o*s ok nmaBocv heaping, Nearly all of w hich Is contributed oy TBE BET COMIC WKITKKS 1ST AME1UCA, Expressly Icr the NuUons and uoward* et Birmattriva ORIGINAL OOM.C ILLU-TBATIOX8, Drawn and engraved exciusi?e'v tor the NOIiObB By the most distinguished artists and original engravers. Air,org its c interna will be fnisd Ibe Delights of Moving Tbe Rdltor'a Chip Bas ket?How Mrs Grahema'l raved he author's lYlte -Ibvuprra o' "Ji Irovatort" done In versa Billy Vrkt s A Plennuit Revelation?A Good ? uastitute tor the Cat?The Log Ca >ln Prscticerf ii W eater n Mrdicvl Student -lit* Deacon's Lottery 'J tube's- Scenes in tbe Lite ot a uaguerreot?pl?t?Comp aint of Fat People hy "C'reof'rm" Ye nigl te Pieasscte au ' Kuter talnirg 8'orve of ye Suicide thin was not a t-ulclde-Ike Mo Feuxrm Guard'* Target excursion?Free Love, or Pae?loual AtiruelIon? >isldes hundreds of jokes, stories, c>uuadrum?. tundi savings, bon mots, and selections from the current lun ot (he day. Torino g tbe Cheapest. Handsomest Moat origtnal. Funniest, Host ootr.ictl. bide splitting, HUMOROUS MAGAZINE ever publlrhei either in this country or aurooe. 12V. cents per sirg'e copy, or it 26 per >e*r Fer sale en everv rail oar and tteamboat In tbe United S'ates nr. J Canada, by all the news went*, end bv T. W. BTagNG, Publisher. 9b b assail street. Hew York. AChTIN C. BUBDICK AN1> 8YLVAHUM OOBB, JB., LATELT COHKECnCD Willi TUB BOSTON PRESS, Are now exclusive y ergsger on THE NEW tOKK LEDGER. Tbey wi'l rot write aline here alter tor any other paoer. Thfti- iicveliettcs and stories wt;l all aopear in the I?dg?r, Price ol ihe l edger onlv four cents, and heautltuliy iliustra^d at that, hold by all newsmen. *P RAH K L* BL1 a'S r ILLUSTRATED NEW8PAPRB! No 20. Issued this morning. April lit, contains the following splendid engravings:? lhe great fire in PhTadelphia. fp et i! d mil page eogravlugof the Dramatic Fund dinner nt the Metropo itan Rotei, Hew York. Burning ot the Gcrrlsh Market building. Boston, irom a ske'eh during the e'nflagrtlwn. by our Bosion artt?. Full levytk portrait ri Ya en'ice Molt. M. !>., LL D. Railway celebration at Bu Halo?two sp endld engravings Portrait ot Krastus Corning. President Ot tho Hew York Cen tral Rai'rond Magnit cent iu'l page engraving?Costume of the French In lantry. imperial Guard. Ponlsnuient ol the wheel. Portrait of Major Gene-al Williams, C. F>. tbe hero of Ears. Per rait ot Joseph M'Keon, LL.D., late Superintendent of Public Schools, t ew Yu.-c b ird Asy urn, Ninth avenue, New York city- fourteen beau tiful iliusu aliens Chesa. by an experienced editor, and all thenewstf the week. Coptic, nation of the ihrilling romance, lhe Las', of HUBaie. Pries ten cent*, or S2 per vo ume. Ofllce 12 and it Spruce street, New York. For aa e at all news depots. lA Vt A1BA AND THE NEW YORK PiCAYUNK. Bee tbe comic illustrations of Hiawatha and the Ring of Nu bin in tfcJs ?? k's Picayune. Free three cents, and for sale throughout the whole Yankee na ion. _ FEKSOfiAJL. AB8IOSFF OF W. L. Br. a NC <3?FORMErTTy~rN~Tffk bU8inet8'^P"1136oaU?nJ U azz: E^.^n.y&A'i^^giSBiRTO T7^P?]P>,'1' WdNfBO, OK THH Prtroii n *?i l.ert ll:-Bwge?nt Ueirge McLean and ?>rt pi?, ^ yf tb rcc n rr '"??n o Infantry; rrlvate Wm.How H\. er,i Al* '. of Private Daniel H John mo ' .war,?. p'??m addiess immediately E.' Boblnscn. Jr.. box 741, f>ew Yors Post oBlce '' FF;?5T *?,?*:L?os-CAuTrda lkit*k? o>~im" ?1 poruroe directed us jou reques'ed. Pleaw write imme' J' H. C. M. IP ^ BABLKS TULL WILL CALL AT CElATRiV square Poet cfflce, be will receive a note from a friend. TNFOBMaTIOJf WANtED? OF MARY HOYLAND W30 ik? i^ere *h'p Lucy ibompfon; the ii a native or twr.?,*T?! V1 ral'1D'1- A"?i information of her will bs SSSrjffW^ aumra uireiiia a cote addressed to Sa^kluUj ^ecelved ' Uraa,e county, New Yortf wll? be MA?5/JtIKckl58I8TiR T0 CALL 0N HE? to PK?on*-LTIF THR raiKUDS OF~KR~AiftBB .wun 'i .V? fcr wveral years past hie been utesfSM ? ilk Ball c o thing warehouse, will row call unon his ati^L cio ll|o? *rareh0'i,e. corner of Fu ton and Nassau .VuSfl'r ffvMAg?6 Heralcl0ffl^ bear "ime'SS fFHJh HKIRR'th ANTKD, OF JAMitB aNDMaKyTiRA fo tnes ?'i?P'iJ.n,ivMar'8 O'drieo, Junes Abraham* DAaneT Cr-fib*. J 'fan Waiter, Mm. Chair? Oera'j Afr< Mapv' theTth ?rLstrj^* moliler ?' ^lee McC.rty -boy. ia^ Attorney for United Btate* claims, 37C .ambers street. W AM-AD-^F.-bMATION Or W1 UtU PA ^TTS' fourteen years of aye, who left hi par* yds af W?iilim\i bridge, on Tuesday, the 15th Inst.: Uy . . u ? c? 4?l h?ii a prab, an old gray round jacket, cjenk ihlrt a1 . all mm P.*"'*- Anj in'ormilon othlm wi.i ,ethi>'- vreetlved br Cd/hiSr.80 at" m0lhe,'?or at 01 ?*e jffS Police^ ?PUC1AL HOTICKS. GBF.EN TURiLE~80CI' "AND" STVAKfl AT m n*et' fa-QU'cs *uPP"ed, as usual. Ly a! C. VTOMCR.--THB AKKUAL R^ktTTIOff .FOR flffjcRV ggifsi.."1? XlOllCh.?XDK BhOBLAS MrlrCTING or KTRKtra Brorn..,.S'l7i,ji? mHSiHl ISSSTSiSSlSi1 Vl .M. It. mtDEBHiiA, W. m7 OWAK, fleantary. \ (*? ICE.?A CONSTRUCTOR OF FI.OATlNt > nnv to needed"' [!?r??wh?? r?r <be Cfm6tr"1'"ion w' of ftrst r ast-, ?b needed tor whicb ooe cui orebent htmneif with en wi r* wlSreXl (i11!!??"ieconwroc:|oii> ' An architect thit ra.r r. Ott'rb * wooden bonne. To treat about yrlcchfi Fraace-, todoi Kj. a on afterrfoon c crock in the morning Ud 2 in the 0FaJiih 1HB MAriTaHruN. BMitH A HINCI AIR peering Company, foot of I wentr ninth iT epecla! meeting of the stockholders will hnheiA at the eompany's oflice, on Wed. the ad mat hl ihl ' ifv n?H?l?ieven tru?t?elA I'OII open from 9 to 10 a'cloek A M Mo?,AprUlt1i^AllUhit R"u ? ACHILLf, TRA.NPLATOH OK TUB ITALIA V Bible, wlu pre.ieh to mcrro * evctin g. r uodm 20th Ins ?'.)? o clock. In hi ps Ch.tpel Jio ?r..adw.* ?il_ I asw^aa ! (^?Ali, ftllAl). ?HAI). Hi The PfBLlt: _iaK msVa L ? bflA * heretofore landimr at the (ojt or Y?gev slreetwin terealter land beta sen Bmrolay and a tbirson .l ^'^XoTm T'A W MA NY PCC1 HTyTOR.^COLCM B FaNi'IiaI )E R~Zbro o- r fflrRF?~tnre,h1DU' rV>eUnK "f "he society for iheeleo ion t^-aar!6?rs, aujsaMKa1 f,,?? c, d,,?ls*k;;,v,"1"*i"D' <*""i! n- vt benBon of BJoatrornp. ttli Moon; Ye ir of Ileo,T,. lTVUll. Of litlepcaclenre. W); and of tioJnatttu.lOD, the ti*!h L'lVR PCINI6 MItSION. HI IF. OF THR OLD BK cWkRY tow.T.U r. Mr' aULWCH *"> pre"cb .t lhe M<aiii)n torpor-' T?,.BOtInKRrn:B8' i^R^KER.^r^O^RRSH^wT dor the nwnif i-V"?"y,)nfor,ued lhat M ? Baratoga" water,snd sal's under the name in th-Y .P ,illt5'nRr? ???lvely Imposed tipw the nnbMe In the bon hern and Southwestern Mates, where nersnnf h..? -aR.rtiC a" de'Lr? 'lrul thifik ,hef >r? rurchSSiI " C%. vwater, Ac.; whereas at 8&<wtoga 'here are waoTm nf ? r klntl^ from Congress down to ditch water- and the errictna i!I? posed It, this manner on the pu ilic are^ mSstly^VrtlHoiJf rrtWB-- an(1 ,,tten daiuero.iJ(o ne-soM d2 ?n*ct of Congress water, the effot of 'hem beios "rely different from that of the genuine Con.-rew water -2.' quentiy oroduoirui ffrinintr naiwA ,.er u? A?' _ qnently pr.slncing griping pii?TTUe?atro'K3 ettJUng In serious permanent ditlleiillies^iv weikenlnc!?r,? s? ?estire powers, and deetro^ the mnc of 5^ bowels, ceteD rendering a nRid case #f d, Hiiepsia in?rihnJ^ the effect being in no v i,a differeto from ti^pmd roed^ due catliariJcs dissolved In ordinary^hfte wster pnslnees netihei srmin? i..r....? . ? e tongreas wster pro<tiiees neither griping or Uijuriot^'efl^ct in atw^ssjT 5?l?ver drhintatod the patient may li,It *1n?tocfn5S'w w^^-'uT/^Wr^l p^r Vl^1nUthtb,,tpP^ soring wH?r u KiR,7rS' *?'"e hav# confounded to* niunr ?a,f ris *a& sswss ?&??wa strength ofthe repu aUou obtained by tie OwffMM.r.rins ie? antl finding either norllWortaj^rtou*^VfS>UPflSm i??S2' ss|?ssii agjsrasi' taftge-.?,.y^;a5fc iW'iiBt ordniTffd, you c/in have it a?foi? ? -ff drift fop '.hi ofthe world \ir> r?>\t*r*'*. tfcnBly tor wardBd to any pari IMPORTANT FROM MEX COl The Contemplate J Seizure o! tbe Aeenmnlated Chnrfh Property by the Gorrrmafnt, THE INDIAN WAR IN THE NORTH, Ac., &c., Sic, The steamship Texas, Captain Forbes, retched New (fcieans el tern ota of 11th instant, with full tiles of pa pers end correspondence from the city of Mexico to the Mh in.-tent, end from Vera Cruz to the 8th, the day of her leaving. OUR MEXICO CITY CORRESPONDENCE. Mkxro, April 4, I860. ttod of (If Puetita War?The City Stormtil ty Presiden Comonfrt?Tainan: and the Churchmen Prontralc? &ate of Che Treasury?Financial Report?Ike Church Property to l*- Sii:td J or Government 1 'u rpotet?Expotr of the Hccleeiatticat Revenuet?A Government Commit lion Ayimnted to Distribute the Diocesan Pixperly of PuetM. , The war at I'uebla of the Angels has been ended. Pre sident Comonfort is triumphant. Earn y Tamar'.z ia doing penance?involuntary, however?In turn* priestly cloister, where be lies hid to ^void seizure; aud the church, with all Its power and letinence, is prostrate, rhe conductci Comonfort in this last camfa'gc against the religious fanatic "m and the military despotism has boen admirable. He has crushed bcth at the same time, and be returns to tne capital with the consciousness of haviag wen,deservedly, the approbation of as imroene majority of the people. He took Paebia by storm, although for political reasons, it has been thought proper to repre sent the surrender es a capitulation on the part of the gnrrbon; but, on examination, it will be found that the terms of the convenio are all on one sida. The fact is he had them surrouDc"ed and in his power, bat to save the further effuei n ci blood, or rather, the difficulty to de cide what was to bo done with ao nuauy prisoners when taken, induced him to dictate his measures in advance, in the form cf a written agreement. The final triumph at Puebla did not come a moment too soon for tbe governmant; while it is doubtful, had tne struggle been protracted a week longer, it it would have come at all. President Comonfort was very hard up fir money; bis resouroes here were ooreplete' It was with tbe greatest difficulty the la? sand dollars were obtained; nor coul. new , source cf supply be imagined. The reci Into the treasury are inadequate to defray the currant penae.1 of the government in time of profound peace, w lioa will enable you to understand how.soon they wilt dry up in ' 'he limes of a revolu ion. In fact, cow that Puebla has surrendered, tbe question asked everywhere is, how can the government progress in the pietent desperate state ot the finances!' If you can solve this difficulty, yon would be hailed as a benefactor In this country ^ and in order that you may understand the point, I will endea vor to give yon a tew items in figures. According to a recent <*rpac of the present able Ml ale ter of Finance, it Is estimated that the current ex penses of the government for this year will be $14,228, 324 03. Nor is there in this any calculation foe the ex traordinary expenses of a revolution eaoh as has just terminated. Consequently it is evident that the sum is too low for the ac uai state of things. In addition, also. It must be considered that the recelp.s have re cently bean anticipated, which proceeding haa been attended with the usual aceompanimeats of \ try heavy discounts, or rather enormous shaves to the government bankers and brokers, lhe Minister has no. yet published his estimate of the probable reoeipts into the treasury for thii year, but h we mmy judge from tines past, they will not yield more than seven millions cf dollars. Here, then, Is a trigttful defi cit, which can only be overcome by a resort io some measure- not here toloro tiied. The only source ol supply now left to the government is to be found In the immense wealth of the ?' crch; and the only measure they can adopt is to seize f i funds heretofore appropriated to religious purposes i ublic opinkn here is so nearly unanimous as to tb justice axd wisdom of this policy, that it cannot be sail there is a party inits fevor. The wholec-untrydemand. It. The enly real trouble In the affair is, that differen modes of appropriation axe jriposea, and asyet no achem* bar. been adopted. In the meanwhile the treasury is bankrupt. It rs not intended, however, at this time to seize ail the real and personal properly ol the church ana the tunds at interest, as mat would be too muih tcr present purposes. Tax wealth of the church yields y elus annually about $12,000,000. Some wrnt-r; esti mate the amount at less by a million, inose who hsv? written on the subject, in order not to overstate the fi gures, have repotted the receipts at lese than they realty believed to be correct. Thus lerdo de ftjads, tue b >hl writer in Mexico on its statistics, sate that they exceed, at the lowest calculation, irom $8,000,000 to $10,000,000. He. however, privately believes the revenues to be larger. But Ceo. Almonte hai written on this suajtct that he thicks the estimate of lerdo too h gh. tarleus other writers, aid all who were Interested In the lore gn ilen, declare that the property of the church, of alt ccscrip tious, may be va ued in round numbers at about $400, 000,000. In this opini n I fully concur, after the mont careful examination given for )ears to the subject. Ic is well known that the interest on church property is gene rally accut three per cent ;that munh is not recoverea from negitct, mismanagement, and favoritism; and teat at least $100,000,000 are unpr jduclive, from these and other causes. An examination in full oi the snoject of tne church wealth of Mexico would require more space than could be given, even it yon were to use hatf ot y our colon, ns tor a week for this purpose. But as I saidaoove, it Is not intended at this time to appropriate all tne churoh piopertg. line snug lute pieoe ot It will sulice at presenl, and let me enlighten you '-orient'' the same. 'lhe fur.iis accumulated lor aifManiat, (chapeis) aud pit us works cinnitoie a portion of the cecleatastiral wealth In Mexico, and neariy all due to legacies from pious pe >ple desirous ot having prayers eaid tor their souls. Consequently, these have been founded, trout time to tune, in tho last three hundred years; ana in the parishes there are priests, who, with out peitormii-g any parochial duUei, are known simply as chaplains, and who perpetuate the beneficence aud piety ol raw testator. Cnaer the same head may he reckoned the fund or lunds set apart for masses and perpetual anniversaries, either tor the eonl ot the donor, or loi junciori&s to partieuiar taints, or tjr otber objects known as religious. All these, or nearly all, are alto legacies which the ciergy hare in duced tne testators to make at their last moments, as a recompense for their sins, or tor the tepise ot their souls, liaiou Humboldt, who bad an opportunity, in 1804, to examine the registers kept it every diocese of these re 1-pioua Inundations, estimate.! the whole amount of Chora ai more h*n $40,000,000. But Doctor J.ise Mora, one of the most eminent ana learned men of Mexico, afterwards thought mat Ifumoolct had not ascertained the extent ot fhete donations. Mora says that the learned llsron bad not inspected all the registers In the bishoprics; nor were they evsn, when Inspected, iirand to be complete and extct, inasmuch as a great pottlcu of these foundations are not to t>o seen in the registers, ills opinion was, that the soma total of them at that time was double the amount wbicn Humboldt itportrd. The fust pablioation of Humboldt's statis tics of Mexico was in January, 1804, and on the 2t>lh of December follow.og the King ot Spain issued a cecrte to seize the lunds in these religious foundations, in order to constitute a tuuu wherewltn te pay some ob ligations contracieu lor his royal benefit. The clergy In Mtxico temonstrated ag-tinst this measure as impolitic, rn lhe ground that it would deprive the country of neat ly all lhe money in it, with which to sustain commerce ana agriculture. The principal chatnpi m of tee church was tne learned and ab.e Bishop of Micheocan, wno esti mated t be amount at $41,600,000. The oppasitlon was lLtflsnuai: the de:ree was enforce], and the learned Btrhcp atoreiavl at'.or a aids declared that It so Impo veu?hed the country as to be one of the causes of the sue rem. em war of independence. The whole amount taken h. wever, by the royal government fail short o $7,100 000, and what remained wan untouched. Th? war tf ihcepeoaeiice soon afver somewhat impair td tlcse fuics; lmt when Doctor Mora drew up bis rep >rt for the Corgress ot Facateoas, fn the war 1811, he declared that tte foixure by the King sua the loss#s in tne war, were tally made up oy the sao Kqu lit loiinaaUi-ns, and by the careful conduct of th c eigv in tbeir mans gome at. "Notwithstanding there fore." says be, in hi* report, " the losses aforesaid, to tunes exlstu g form, at this time, a gri-e* amount ot no less tban from $76,C00,000 lo $80 000,000 " If th'.s wa the sum total in tec year 1881, what can be the nmoun at this time, as they have been constantly increasing';' You will observe that this Item of so many m J ions i? entirely distinct and apart trom the wealth in the regular clergy. that is to say. belonging to the riih monasteries

and convents, In fact, this item is at interest, and goes to support some chailaics, who are neither curate* or vice is, as secular e'ergy among the people, nor mont* or nuns, in the ^invents. These chiplafns are mere drones, whoeej ou'> religions dutic -are to say a certain number ot prayc.s . ad masses for the souls oi some per sons who, perhaps, died oentuiies ego, waose bones long since have buocme dnxt, and whose biographies aud des cendants me unknown. 1 have t< en has careful in firing you above s state ment of tee pie-ml postuieit publicaiflefr.*, but 1 am nr ; icc'lteJ to cpeeulate upon the probable policy that w!l. be adopted. fTie following document has been l*si ed:? Ybamitmo Iiuixa, OoNimxoR or ina $un or Pi am i, to iu of its 1> habit una:? 8 Be it kcowx, That the 1 topartmeat of War and Marine btf $0nui>u$iMiM WwoUw C?Uc wing 4eore$. W* Ueoi itecy he Ptceidsxt bubedtute hea been pleased to trans mit to me, upon the present dote, the decree which fol U w?:? Igoaeio Comonfort, President Substitute of the Mexican Republic. to the inhabitants of the Mice:?Be it known, That In the exercise of the fall piwe.s waich tee plea of o" Ayatra gramts to no, end considerirg thet ?h" first da y governirent is to p-event et any pi ice the neti w'<r again beirg mace to suffer the evils of civil war; that tal*, ehica has now enoed, and which has caused the repub is so meay calamities, 1' has been attempts 1 to invest with the coarae'er of a religious war; that pnbiio opinion ac I ousts he clergy of Pueola with <he encouraging of this war with all the means within their power; that proofs ex'it to make it belisvei that a Urge p >r ? o? the eco'esla-ticsl wealth has been n??d t> po st ote tbe revolution. Cnnu.-ering moreover, that woen the claseie la society who vxtnUe in it, by means or tluir p operty, the greatest influence permit themse've. to be ltd ?? lay by the spirit of senium. they c tenet 6 suppressed exoopt by measures of high p>iicy, sioee oiler eise they would elude alt punish<n6at anl sub j-ction to all autboriiy Considering, floaliy, in order to consolidate the peaoe and puollc order, it is requlsi e to let tbsee classes snow that there Is ? just a?d eoer tetic gcv<ri.&iCDt, to which they owe submission, re spect anc obedlenoe, it has ccme to the decreeing, and hereby is dscrsed the following:? Art 1. The Governor* of tae States of i'uebla and WinCim, and the political Chief of the Territory u' TlsxcaiU shall intervene in the name of the neti .n-il geverctuvnt in the ecc eslastical property of tne dl>oe-H of 1'ueb a, being subject wi b reepsct to it, t > a specie, Cto to which shall regulate this intervention. Art. 2. W 1th oue part of said property, and with out dlsiegardirg the religious otjscs to we'eh it Li dfotcaud, the republic shall oe indent a i tied foi the expenses incuried in repressing the revolution whlc i Las teimlna etl in this city. I lie inhaoltaou of the mum city *: oh be ltlcwise lciemmhec f r tabic ilansgse and I- sees suffertd during the war aud waich they have deviously proves; and tne widow- shall oe pen.-ioued, as well as th- orphans aud wounded, woe have b?en re. duced to their present cot,Juou in cansequtnoe of the (aid war. Art. 3. The interveo*ion decreed in article 1 shall con tinue un'il, in the opinion of the govern cue ut, peaoe aut purllc o der hove boon f-slablisbed i i ib? ua'l-wi. Whereupon, it Is oidered to be printed, pualished and cfrcu attd, and dus affest givta to same Headquarters in 1'ueb.a, "1st or March, 1856. IGN ACIO CO fiO MKOP.T lfAMTKL llARl.t DkPasdovai, ,Ofli .HI Mayor, in cha ge of the (fliceof the Department of War and 11 trine. And I ocmmumcui* it to vour F.xcel.eacy for your in otmalion ana consequent eitsc s. Cod and liberty 1 Headquarter* in "ueb'a. March 81, 1 18&6 MaNTEL MARIA BAS'JfiVAU To his Exeelloney, fvnor Governor ot tne State of I'uebla. Wheieupt n it is ordeied to be prlntel, pu > isbtd and ? iroula.ei to whom it corresponds, for iheu due oo eevvance. Giv n in I'uebla the 1st of April 1850. In the offioe otttecrotary, lcUilKO KOBUF'DU. IiLlMb'V lUAORA. F'RAMI*"0 lll.MtRA, GOVEXXOR 01- THE STATU ON 1'fKBLA, T'lAU. W'.IS ISTtABITAVni:? Bo it Ktown, that through the Depnrtiu -nt of War and M?-'ne has UencoiumuLija'.ei to me the decree which tolli<WB: ? Jynacio Comonfort. President Substitute of the Mexi can Republic, to the inhstd ants of the SiUio:?Be it known, that in the exercise or the mil purcT wnfch tae pian of Avulta grants to me, it his come to decrce iign and beieby i?decreed, the following:? *rt-1. To tender eflvetivs the iue.vntiin in the ecohsisstioal pioper'yof 'he 3loc??s of J'uiota, decr*ei on this cate, the Governors of the States cf i'ueoin and Vera Ctuz, and the political ciief ot' tne territory ol TUxoalla. shall name commissioners (inlav-nttrctj, u> ac it g that this appo ntment shall fah upon piteous o*' skill, honesty and integrity, and tr.e *nmo being subject to tie approval of the eupiime government. Art. 2. The au.ies ot those commissioners shall be: ? First, to draw up and pretent to the g.virnmeot an tract and dicununtaive statement of tbe real eft ate (fiitcaj), capitals fat'interest). and esc eilssdcal tuods, in wboneajmihistia ion they are to mtervere, second, totske care that the adwrirtistiailon or mayor dvniot, ot tnis erclesi aitical property co nil waste or <. us tract it Tom the reli gious or beneficent purposes to which (t is uadica -ed, hirJ, to keep an exact account of the prouuit of said prope-ty ar.d cf 1<h cxpeuditiue, aud requiring tne same account of tbe ma;ior dome? or adminutrwlcrs. Art. 8 ibec ttimicaicners can neither dispose of the eepnal, nor of the eoc;;-siastisal rem." whiob aresutject ?heMOv iihaige wt>|l nprm I Ms SMg?s en hr an asiss iliy of trie gvieral givernment, vrbirh i.sall de;iknute the portion of said pioper'.y that is neiicvted to the pay ment or the indemni its cecieed cp n thii day. Art. 4. From ihe date of Ibis decree no coo'.rar.t c*a be wade, under the j-enally of bsli g voio, in respect to tbe ecciKsisstioalproperty, wi hoiu hi approval of tbe respective commissioners; aod no pay utn of ecnlet isstical rent or interest or priccloal (hall be niao'e. without the approbation ot saiu coiamUniiuiers, uncer the penally or hnvirg to repay the same sum to the goveniLent. Art. 6 No proceeding cr judicial act relative to this pro per'y mrotloncu in this cccree shall be valid unless the reipinUve commissioner shall have besn c.ted anu beard as to hl.i tight. Art. 0. The governors and political chiefs charged tsi'h tlin i xeeeti.n of this decree i-r,all draw up lor It a regulatitn which will be revised by the proper depart ment. Whereupon it Is ordered to be prfot<*u, published, c:r, and due effect given to the B&roe. IGNALIO COMONKoRr. Masi iC PlAHtl t)E Sakdoval, Department of War and Merine. * - DyAis.r.iirrhRM, I'rxuia, March 81,1856. AliI 1 communicate it to ynur lis c.ienCT for year in formation and consequent efTent. God and Liberty MANTEI, MAtrA 1 11 8AN->OV AL. Tn his T xceilency Senor Governor of tee State of I'uebla. IfKAlMjrAMISS, Pi tnui, March 31. 1866. When upon it is ordered to be printed, published, cir culated, asd due effect given to the sane. Itfiimo Rosftsho. IRANcIsCO IBARRA. Mexico, April f>, 1966. the decree agalnft the retei oflricie, loduciug them J the labk^haa completely cisarmed the opposition in t a. i grem to President Comontort. A unenimous vote 01 thanks bee been accorded to bim, end other honors been shown ltd tipon liltn; but still Ocampo presumes to be a canridate lor Fiesioent in opposition. although a ma jority in CV.Dgre-s cannot now be said to be unfavorable to Ccmoulcrt. 1 enclose you translations of two important decree* a gain it the ecclesiastical property of the aitxtss of I'ue bia. This measure hae ma<ie tne I'uro party elm ?t unenimcue in favor of the President. fha value of the clerical prrperty taken may be eately estimated at 11 ty millioLS of uollara in rouna numbers. This waaiib h& no'hirg in common with the funds of the nttnastcriea acc oolrente ami oapilianiae, but is only in the fc tnisol the ltishop and canon* of the tiioceas. These are the most important decrees ever issued in Mexico, which will form a conspicuous chapter in the history of the country. Northern Mexico. ' [I rem the New Orleans Picayune, April 12.] FORTt LIFAN INDIANS Klt-LbD?ONE HONORED TAKEN PRISONERS. The Fen Antonio Texan. of the 3d Inst., publishes im-iiuctiuns from (len. Yidaurr! to the Mexican eom man>'ers on the lUo Graude frontier, to take strenuous nraauies against iho Ll^an Inuians in Msxieo, toorive *b?m Into submission before new diflicuitics arise wiih the State cf Icxa?, and al-io a ciiumunioation from Gen. Vidatmi to Litnt. Col. Buggies, commanding officer at Fort Mcintosh. Texas, covetteg the instructions, end exprtssing the hope that the friendly diapi .-Kuu evinced by Mexico will not be misunderstood by our government. The 'ltxan also publishes a letter fated I <- March 2.">, whtcb Hays I know to a certainty that lot. Juan /ua/UA has left lAmpa/.os wirh abou. 180 men, by the orders of Vidaurri, to pursue the par y or tne i.ipar tribe who had come time since established tiiqtnsalve between the Kio Grance and the Saltdo, committing numberless depredations on both (tanks nt the river. It is said that the whole force wll. amount to an rut 400 men, who will concentrate in the t own of Roev to osg'n n campaign of extermination aga nst the ),ipai,.i. The 1'ixan also ha* the annexed important intelli gence : ? Byfiivcrof Mr. J. B. Rich*. a' mer chart of San For oandn, just art ived in our citt, we learo that the Mexican tol., with A force of 4(0 men. ha-1 surprised, at 'ho break ot d*y, a 1,1 pan camp, and taken pris u- rs the who's par1/, auounting to about 160 persons of evetysex and age. On his nay to Monteiey, the men haviti? evtneeu some disposition to mutiny, 4U ot them were shut on the spot. j It is assured that Vidaurri has ordered thrt the prison ers shall be kept in the for tiers at Perote and in ihecaet.e ot Mm Jtian ce Ulua. Tfe* civil and military authorities on the frontier of the Kio Bravo have ordered outall the men able to mouut on b'.'sebacK, to watcb the passer, and thus effect tbe exter mination of the i err, all,.1 of tbe Llpar. tribe. This u.Ulligince is gratifying, as giving evid"cce of a disposition < n the part of the Mexican authorities to do wbiuver they can to avvbl ciflijulties with us, growing out ct Indian il ear.ions from their territory ou tbe l ear*Hble settlers of the Texas frontier. Academy of Mi'sic,?The '?T'rovatore" was done last n'ght, to a very lull house. The only change in the cast was tbe substitution of Iloluionl as Maurico, vice Brig no i, recently disabled by a tali from a horse. Bolciom was unite as good, and in some respects better, than Btlgr.oli, and the audience had no oceanic n to r# grot the change. LaGrange, Aldinl, Amodle and Cjletti were ex cellent, as usual,? and the opera, which stems to grow in popularity, went off very nici'y. "n Monday "I >uan " announced, on Wednesday ''William Toll,1' anion Satnrfay Flotow's ''Martha'1 will It gives for the beDe fit of our Tuetonic opera gyre. M&ietzsa * campagn, thus Ur, l.oki well. ?aval Intelligence. The 1'nltefl otatee steamer Ifwpaton I.isut. Comraad tog Hiomas M. Cionsaa, from Weshirgton, arrive i at too Norfo.k Navy Yard on Tueso./, 'i.u> tie-spate j Is des tinec for l'tnse. ola, t>l)l t on ry. TiiiTCHfR Mac hin, nr., Hie liw i shipbuilder. of iiedfotd, tied at bte residence in that town, *. 6 o'oloex of tbe 'morning cf the Ifith inat. Ue war bora at Foot broae. Mars., t .0 battle ca Jluakar Hill, ?lua hundred and nuievy-lwncigs haihrt Midi SiMPi WSJC ?em from ButnM Ayrti and Monte videos By Use armr* at ihl* port, yesterday, of the bark. J T. Dodge, we aro pat in p<?*e?*ion of advice* from Buenos Ajree to arcb 1. Wo aro Indebted to Messrs W. W De Kortht & Co. for file* to that date. The news U not cipcrtant, politically or commercially. Toe HriHiK J'acktt says the aspect of public ailairs still remain* lowering. The danger* lrom the Camps Indians, and the difficulties wi b the Argentine Confederation. ?f r.oasiy at 'oct all interest*?tho disastrous c mse<iuences beiag In creased by the jealosies and bickering* constantly going on amorg tbe ciiirer i of Buenoa Ajrea. Tae difticultle with the A-gei tine Confederation, arising out of tbe in vasion of the territory of dunta Fe, have b.-en aggra va'ed by a warlike proclamation from t te ftaca ? Ayrean General Crtjulr*. froope have been seat to finish In dian deprtila'ionx on tbe southern and wee ern frontiers Ihf. f.iilowitg retro*, est of business fvr tie tmnth of Februaiy, is condensed fron the JSruuU racket, o lisrcts 1:? Considering the s't's of p'litlral excitement in which we b-ve b*en throughout the whole month the winter is that we have anything deserving the uame of c n.merce or bu-iress to think or talk aO'ut lu the oerartmvst of manu arttue-i gov*, tbe rhiet demand fell been tor ibe local irarVw? MM ban a f-i- aVSfSg* to ordinary time, but more u an we had a rig t to expec'. in om exceptional circuu -'anc-a. Prices have nut ral lied, nor do we u- e . nv Ukul.h od of <h lr d >iog so 'or hi me time to con e. Out-tatdiuge are got in vcri slowly, but tbere tove been no failures or any importance, auo upon the whole we consiaer the rate of t-ie local mar ket sounder than It wa- say a weWetmniL ago For tbe enter 1' ovlrree of the Confederation tbe demand bat been veiy l'uated; and nothing eist could be ex fee'ed. conhidrring the untoward ? a'e of our politi cal rhlatirnh. Tbe arrivals r uriig the month (F*braaryl have beer more inoi erate than in tnat of January. A glulUd tuu ket is a creeeni and p eitive evil fun a rivwls rem the lulled Stiiee ana the S.e iterranein have also t'-en more ui'd"rate th n in the preceding month; but ibe gercral miirtet is abacdan ly suppd-d and price* in geceral hare bosn traiatainsd with romgara tftely slight variations Verba, I'ar-guay wnaoct and ilrh baie all shown a do wo ward tendency, wbt ?f sugar and coffee, on the oontra-y, arebaoMnt The rise in sugar may pwhaps be asctibrd in part to an Hitltisial scarcity crea ?d by private sgecula ion The resnlts of tne harvest must now bs docided. It is taken for graot-c to be dsfioieit. A nam "wot causes have roi'curmi to giv? a lively irpulue to our saUdwos durtrg 'be month under review.. . oe oldest inhabitants car not recollect a esaaoo fqaal tithe present. Using to the ceasoL-abie raits tne deles have been olothen wits ve-dant pasture, even ourlcg th? searching mon'.os ol our protras'.ed tumaer. ace tbe herds have rarely beeD seen in such spiencia ooodi'toc. Tne saU eu.tas. therefore, can ati iu to pay a high p ice: and it wJt umiuee'lonably be fuunc that the quantity D>tb of btei and valiow is far above an o oinary average, evt in prop ?rtion totoe rsimber o ani-nals sl*"gbter?d. A) ither cause is tbe felt Insecurity of our rursi estab lisiuueLts, which has conipeLed many tc kill off even brteuing a.ock, that no o her oooiidsration ciul 1 have inouosc tbein to part with O wools a laige ptepjr ion has aueady been dsspaicbed: and on tile occasion they 'hat solo early In the season have farer the best. For ordinary and low quaHtitM priies have d'cllned, *a.v 26, perhaps io pev c-nt. from what the; would nave brought in Outubei or N>v? tuber. AFFAIRS IM MONTEVIDEO. A very exciting Is going on tor the Presidency, end assume* souie of the aspect.- of a cauvava ia the I nited ?states. It is generally belisvod that Heu >r Pe re? in wlh he successful. The election was to be hald the l?t of Hatch. Nothlrg else of importance. News from Uiiikli Boudnini, OCtt BELIZE COSttESPONIlENCE. Bki izE, Honduras, Much 22. 1866. n'h0t H"as nore *>???!> tht tariff, Dal, Trade, Lou, Prices and Po pular Discontent England's Itol i in the Bay Islands ^yofWatcr-lUnc^of Cattle- American jftmr. and Mints?Provinm and Product Market Oy? legislative Ammblyhaeat lest cms to a close its rr Iie,r,7 two months?and M tar a* the true iaWreat of ib, country is concerted it would tars ben as well for the pe0J?!e had they not met at all. It U not for mei to >ay why. or who is to Mamv tor what Las been cicce w:oLg, or what has teen omitted that the pu?lic la tore^. leouhed to be dono. No one, not oven the Saeer ?nfenuett, is fully s,u,tw3 with what has been dono. and "CC'U"'?S ? taajority of the members rniielren, feol that the. have been too hasty, and not t.fed etch cautton as might have ptweted thi? pubde Item what ail now fear wtil be saddled on them until toe next mtettng of the Afuemb:y, pchaps longer. Enclose i I send you a copy of the new schedule of duties which has tapped fjr the current rear - there i en increase of about ten per cent over last year, when there was an increase of abnut 20 per cen cn the foimer tariff. This bad been submitt-d toon the plea cf rebuilding the jail, poeihouse and o'her, which were destroyed in the groat fire of 1861 hut non tan increare hss been asked and received wi h r Isrga eiuphiH in the public clrett, anl in tn- ace of a very l>ad mhnou fcr our grea' s'anle rr,*l.r,,?\.? . the dullest times in the wholesale and re.aii ua/o over known in thut hetlioment. T,lr css&a a. wjkw SS2Sit: '2.' & c t, vsa."? s: SXl fm'.JtV"? h'i'h '""V Uic "h ?.<?P?r". very int Itgiut, industrious, hard working class mostly ng>rf?i,*iIeHn W1"8 '0r raat of *uffi cleat business to swiljort their lamiii.s and rnaae snits meet. None of this claws derecdlng entirely on their shops are holding Jieir own and it is suppose that none In town, eltbuf stcro or snopketpers, are now making their expenses The marsger of the Urgtst wholesale esrablisnment In town lnlorm.- ae that under the new ta.ilT of duties he b-s to pa*m cuties over thirty-three per cent J fhs.r iicc? the public chest and this ^ artioeathat t'a0?eetlOvg0 ;JUt-?' tL" C0UC,ry- ??KKK o- - ui .onL. .''lsrn trM? wiih tcis place. One of .l.e n embeis ot the Assembly when appiiea to to use his ?> ^ve a law allowing a d?wba ,kof au%on r ?U th* ?etll?inent, repird, "Oh we th.o t este for you merchants; waat guod aroyo i to u.t We tron-rt not care ff tbe.e was not a me^h?Un iowi " The cay has gone t v when any man of the least iuteiii ?.er ce ln t* litical afhtxF should make such an assertlra ^et that is the spirit in which tlie lawmaxers ol this place make laws for our mercantile interests n,r , tu0,dmr"ai C0U!t W.M h,!d the last week of last month. Btnee tueu tuo leglslaUve act making a new ?r. gar. /.st on or the courts has gone into effect. We now nave a mi n. ciary Court, with three judges sitting one n'ynt? '*? n,"inth- knfl n Supreme Cour. which sits each l ib . '"ff "'OUous, arguments, appeals K - anu will also hold quarterly siafloos lor the trial of aii K?d? "ueh ctyil 8ults M ??iuire the pre fence of e jurv 1 beUeve a new principle (ot a msjo ity ft the jury) being able to agree mates a verdict in cirH eaten, and Line out of twelve in criminal cases fne Jucges of the thipitme, and the Judges of the .Samm.ry Courts have the power to frame a code of reflations tLd^'nk P!' 10,1 rrI>tT' fUithw Utr of ana W h. <7Cb "" P"clu '? posslbi. f. D\ r barristsjs practising in that court It aJf. e7r,t .r cor,tct- 11 cauie . "n?l r^w'rules art?"*"'!1 ?8*'l>gfc the new court; and it the rew rules atrt regulations are wbn' is wanted if the tlw *brfa<1.that the Coiel li.H upset U old in leg fa order to get in the lawyers ft will create a great deal of clssatlStsction. ""J0"' " " ,'^Lt(,n ? tWbIVB *0&n' VM,tnia an l weil bu tl tblTo V? h?!" *x^nded tor ?>" srtesian weh,bu 11 theie efforts and avast sum of money have Cessfu nrth??rh PD viL0 800,1 done: ,n f*ct- to fx* ?"C eessfu., j1. that has bMn heretofore dono should be abandoned entirely, nnd a new s;,atom adopted. I have fr?mthl7.7'l'i 7 th' 'al'WRt?r fa,,r hundred yards from the natural shore or beach at Corlaers Hook, in ^' W"PI? ? sufficient supply of good water wis obtain, o at less llrao fif.y fe. t, as/l am fudy sa^Ue" tie same wors here wou'd proCuee tr.e same effei ts. So wi- t -utisf fd i rj 1 cn tbfs beau that I would be wilting to guawnti.. to get good water with less than three thon sand dollar/ expense, while what has already been done here has oost rnnriy more thousand pounds. biuce the first of Jauury we have had continued dry north winds, ;,ud until recently very csmfortable weather but although ??" wind holds at the north most of the t;n.e, the weather has been frsufferably hot and dry t.u.1 at this moment?the vrry commonoement of onr drv lesson?our Unks are all empty?our streets are as dry /nd dusty as the v should heln .Tune when our dry season will be over and our pasturage is all burn, ip.ehi.cour cattle ate <"? irg for want of food In the pastures near .own. 1 sr aw. / on the cfges of the savannhs and huroons I It is t*t>r, but rc|^?rts tell us the worki. g o*t??7Jn wh.choi.i- rnshcgajjy cutters depend-arc y, r/ poo, ?^d o ?? me very weak and meagre I In Hot.durss eain.rg has Ute.y beet- started by .nine y ,h*,v* BOt done *?H as they antic: pated t yet they are not d.scouriged, and say they are mVkT?, rcve morny tbsn the/ could In Ki3 iti-n?es here bstrg trilling. Tbsv hsw flni i quits plenty?g. Id in small .|uan J iae?b.,th bard at, end mce .ilfLcrit still to workT^1in U ^ < dsnt; ttey have aire found ooal and copper; ths they sa- is of gocd .(tiailty, exceeding j? ,, ? ctsy to be got at. Several tons of the oio have been ssn^ to ue const for sbiimSLt to the Lnited States 1 u" ^ Zn ',r?:t ra3e to s,-n I some on bjard the Win. O. Ale en. but bare not b>? d if sneonsaful icsrte s^cd h^gl mati,it ts vt .y- doh, provi de ar, st.U No Ameticac vessel- in port. Supreme Cunit?(.<-??? ro! vtrui. Hou. Jucges hloiy, K.K>?-velt ami Cie ? pr. sld'nr TUB UNKNOWN OWNKRP OF lUK CKNTAAL 1'AWK PB&rRKTT< diTiit 18?Tbe Cou-t appointed the foil mtng gentle men as referees under the ru ?s oi March d b. aiameS.lM IrVl:gst>:'-, Idvtn^^BSS? ton W. Robinson, f.ouvemnur, ki.ogdeu <"l*s A T>?J bu'y fdgar Netclinm. 1'alnh lock wood, ChrfSttwwrt" B. Mwrc sad i, w. b&g, ^ri, ' V#M SlMUJiig Aft?f bftwMO Two ftr babljr iTHlkl Uoonlt. About half-past nine o'clock loot night a deadly affray took plaoe at No. 4J Elm at root, between two IiwtUna, named Cuido Fassclo and Antciie Mondeli, in which Che latter ou ehot in two places, and it i* feared la (In a^f injured. It appears, u lark to eeuld aeoertalr, thai some quaarel relative to a business tranaac ion tooa place between the partie-, when Mondali g-aanea a alx-barref led rerolrer and presented It a. the bod* of Faa?ulo; a souffle then ensued between tue men, wdtii M weeA snapped the pistol at Fassulo \wice, bnt without efleet. The latter tben clutctied tbe weapon, and ceirg a nam powerful man ihm his ai-vereaiy, turned the muzlo toward the bieaet of If -i dell, when it waa again mapped twloe. Two barrels went iff, the c intents of euci lodg teg in Mondeli. One ball entered the jaw and pasted through the neck, 10 the right of the epfaai column; the second ore entered tbe abdomen, and i weed fhrt u^h the cavity of tne * omacb, ccmicg out a Utile to tbe light ot the rpine. Toe police were immediately irforamd of ih? fact, ween Fs-ku "? waa arrested aid conveyed to the 6iaib w? d etiUvu n ?uat), and there lo kec up in one of tbe eels. Th w -anted men was taken to the Ho-plul f a cie ie?l trea a?^ when the house surgeon eieuinet hi* w mno ai d gmwe (t ma his opirion that oeath won d soon take plane C> rrcer Coticery was notified of the oeecrterce, and at a late hour last night proceecid to the bedaice of ine cyirg men tor the purptet of taking his an'e-mortem -*? -ilea tion. A eU*ei in law of Mondell's, on heariDg bond ward# par" ug t*-tneecjhe parties, m'e-ed the ro-m, wr.eo she was orrerid to leave their presence by both of themes iimultenecup'j. The pib-oier is agmnmlth by o cupatloo, and la fartp years el age. The ball, wulrh entere.1 tha jaw of tbe w ictded mas, lodged in the ceiling after passing through tne hack ct his neck. The aister in law referred 'o says tbet tbs pistol used in the Ceaj'y affray was no. M0i.ieU1, but was Fassale'e. This in denied by the prisoner. Cliy liitclilgriee ? DlSMl&tL OF THE CuHPLAIVTS Araikot Ca stain T' ltrmwu, of the Eighth Ward I'ouci ?Some months egs, tew i-ba'gva were made egaintt Cap'aiu Tuinbull. of the Eighth ward police?one charging him wl li bti g ia tjsue'ec! on the 2oth if Feb ue'y 18 j?, and the other charging him with havlog aided, unlaw ui y, in the dtn cba-ge ot a prisoner from bin station home. The finrt d m plaint was p-effr-td oy an #xp-illcenan, who it ap 1 earn bad a grudge cgai at CapV Turtbul ; ani the an coni waa made by tbe keepers of a disorderly house, wbctu he bad It.dieted in two pivotal occ*doun. The cut-.W were btfoie the l'olice Commissioners some days ago, when Justice Bremen teatifiea that be ?m with Caot. furntu I Curing the whole of tbe night on vtlnoh it was all'ged ill- accu-wJ was ed, and l id cot n tice that be was in any way under the lofic ence of oiink, tut'on tbe c ntrary he bell-ved biaa to have been peneitly sober. In the case of the sejowi charge, it spi-eareu that Justice Hot, art he la aii opea c< urt in 'he Figh h ward ;-t? tlou house, and the ?? lawtl lv ?i-cba'ccd the prisoner re errec tola this caaige. fbe 1'ohce Commissioner! rtservd their i eirioae Ik eaeh ease until last Satu day, when C art. lurnsuli was cffieiaily informed tba' 'bey had been bits ai?mlasej. Tuii Lki.jfi.ativk Committee ok Trvakt Hoi-ha- Hie legislative Committee app< in ed to examine in o the coo dition of tbe tecant houses of Nev York are to resume their inves'igatious dur ug toe present recess. A mueh mere rgid anc ihirouih examination into the com J islam cf the ter-ant homes of tbe ci'y, and general phystead and moral c nditlon oi their eccupanta, wUl be Biace tban oula be it-tituied durinr the ta-pporarw visitaiiona from A1b?ny last re.wiou ihev tn-pe to rot ieei an array o' rta i <tl e hat wid lead t > *the pa ?age wl a bill ccrapoiliog greater regard on the par of UndiocAl fir the Met) and physical ntoersiiits of their tenant*, as well as establishing s t iocect rules to be ob'?rved bp tbe tenants respect'ng the eare anc cleanliness r.f thali apsnments. The ?*.rrc. tee, it ii understood, will hold its first mee'trg 'ha latter part if c-xt wtk iiADAMi Yai.fntim.?A g-aiid testimonial concert aad hall was given to this popular artUt aid exiollt-n; musi cal tutor by her pnptlg, at Constitullor Hail, last Thurs day tvemng. Tbe entertainments opened with vocal ex ercises by the pupils, who rendered the various tasks as sign d them in so creditable a manrer as toa3tomsh their immed'Rte f i' uds, acd elicit lively and rei'erated deaom strations of appr< baii< n from the ap-ecutois. It must have b<-*c truly grati'ytrg to Madame V. to hear tbe warm bpplau-e U do wed up-o these who had inpnveA porepicly ctder t<er txpoilenced guidance Af er tka concert came the dance, m wulcu pupils and speciaVm joi: ed and metrily et-.ioyed them-elves till a late hour. MkxiiAn Voi t .vTttiu-?A meeting of the Mexican To lunteere was hc-d la>t night tn the Mercer Hou??, Carrot liyktinan in the chair. The kat'-le of Cerro G <rdo, of which yesterday was the anniversary, wai talked over, and a resolution was r'"eed to celebrate it appropriately bsreafter. The c mini fee appointed to proceed to Al bsny to procure the back pay due 10 toe Volunteers, rw por-ed that they had performed their duty, nut bad faded in thiir mission, in consequence of the cremators er jourDmeut ot the I-eptslatuie. Next see-iin It would certainly pass. A resolution 'banking the members of Amenably who heo a- vocat?d tue measure was passed. Here was much en hnsisani manifested by these old veterans, and they adj nrned at a late hour. Mbthk of Tht. Mfmiikb.4 of nit Citt Giard.?A meet it g of the ex-mem berv boni.rary mem(?n?icl member* of the Cl'y Guard, ?u hi la last tight in the annory ot tlx company, (apt. l^eoaugh In the thai., to mate arrange ment* for rece via g the body of Wm. N. MrArdte, tnetr late Cantaln who die3 in Texas, whan it arrives tn thin city. It wax ann -n ice . that an extensive military pa rson would take place, in w . ch tbe iotlowing u'uud cimpanits wrl pailicipat*:?iJgit Guard, ('apt. Viocea^ IJgoth Company ; Nfctl rai Guard. Capt. t-huinway; Irtnch Battalion. Commandant l.e Clare: Tn>o Ragl meat of Hu.rarx, Cot. t'catlaj : Inr "pendenoc Guard, ('apt. Boy le: Tompkins Guard, National Greys GajJt. Raynor; tte light Guard anc. City Guard of Brooklyn. The oody will arrive to-moirow. The funeral .erem'tniee will take j late on the -itb in-t., at Grace chureh. at 13 A M. Yorxr. Men's BtiMncmnr CsiosCim Tin- body nak last night at thrlr rooms?Spencer B. Cone in the chair. 11. 1'. Carr Introduced a aeriee of resolution*, calling am the government to maintain theMrnroe iloctitoe with re. gatd to the non lutorvintinn cf European Powers la Ameri can affairs, which were laid ovor aud wade the special order for next week. A resolution was alto offered, pledglrg the club not to express any preterm jo as to any pellicular candidate, but agreeing to shoe by tne nomT nation made at Cioclnntai whoever it migat he. fbfe also was lcld oxer. when the club adjourned, to meet again next Wedceaday to hear the ]'ie?i<ien: lecture on the "Buty of Young Ihuno.rau at the eomicg 1'rueuen tial Flection." As Unknown Man Kiujsd.? I.aat night, at tbe alarm of fire, in the Sixth district, an unknown man wen run orer at the eorner of Columbia and Kivlngton streets, by a hose cn.risge, and died soon alter from toe injuries. The body was conveyed to the tbl teenh ward ponce nation house, to await the action of the Coroner. I'irk in Stanton StRi nr.?About half-pest 8 o'clock last night, a Are was discovered in the drying room attached to the printing Ink manufactory of John D. McCreary fc Co.. Noa. tllll and 3C.'lStanten street. The fietneu book arrived, when tne lire was extinguished. I>?mage to stock and building about $60. Insured for $1,1100 In seve ral city companies. Army Intelligence. THE W ILLAHl) COrRT OF INQCIRT. The open aes-lon o( this court was finally closed at 19 II. today. The material paints of the case are aa fol lows Mr. Fialdeiuan, after a lengthy trial by Court Martial, was acquitted, and soon after, ou the let February, 1866, resigned his comuisalca aa lieutenant In United States army. On the 4th of February he wrote the Department at Washington, making certain accusations againat Lieat. Geo. I. Wlliard, a principal witness in tbe former trial. At the request of the latter, the I'reaident directed m t'.iurt of Inquiry to cacvene in this city on the lOih mat., to investigate the charges and accusations af treaaii, aa also his accounts. The time has been mostly occupied in taking the trail niony of Mr. and Mrs. Hahleman, and in examining tte recorded testimony given on tt e late trial. As to the defence, Iient. Willard de-ired to examine several officer., aud soldiers as witnesses to disprove tte accusations against him, and to pr -duce bia books and accounts for investigation, and offered certain legal documents impeaching the character of Mr. Hatdsman; to which the Court replied that " they had corns to the conclusion to return the papers unexamined, as be ing unuen ssarv tn 'he investigation; aud beli g alr.aJy tn w aseseiuai of sufficient evidence to cover ihs grouad of the Inquiry, the Court wore of opinion that the invea tigatioo ah* "M hero close." No wlffceases were examined fnr the de'enee. The Preildent, however, stated thit if I.teut. Willafd had any written communication to offer, the I'aurl should receive If, which ofU.r was accepted, with the ra v.aik that tf witnesses for the defknes were allowed, they would prcve the utter fallacy of the charge* which had been mare. The proceeding* closed with a speech from Iient. WO lard, a cop* of which was appended to the record, Tte decision wfil be made public In a few days. IJeut. Wlliard U at pivlput Adiu\ua', $\ (opt WlUUr feu*, W$w Itflfe bdifeoG